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Updating the page on 23 June, 2005
So it's been about 7 years since I've updated this. A couple of moves and I've found myself on the opposite side of the planet. No ground space in the new place, so I've found myself container gardening.

Gardening Updates At The Daai Tou Laam Diary.

Some sites of possible interest to people (ed. note: a lot of the gardening sites come and go with regularity, so please bear with me if these links disappear.):

  • Hong Kong Herbarium
    - Database of Hong Kong plants as well as essays on native camellias, azaleas, gingers and a book on endangered species
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds
    - Besides being really helpful and friendly, they provide great seed, reading material, and general garden gadgets.
  • GardenWeb Forums
    Get your questions answered in forums covering a BROAD SPECTRUM of gardening interests
  • Urban Gardening Notes
  • The Garden Net
    Link No Longer Active
  • Johnny Mertus's page
    Link no longer active
    - This page contains a list of over 1600 catalogs broken down into 40 categories and other things of interest to gardeners.

This page was updated July 18, 1998.

[Feb 25, 1998]
Well the spring order just went out. I need to prepare the guest room for my new babies.

I haven't completely mapped out the small squares of growing space available to me yet. But expect several varieties of tomatoes and some new perennials and maybe a few annuals.

[March 3, 1998]
The first part of the order just arrived and I'm itching to get my hands off this keyboard and into some good dirty earth.

[July 18, 1998]
The spring was cold with annuals suffering cold damage in late May and early June. June was wet. Downpours had most of Eastern Massachusetts under flood warnings for about a week. July has brought an end to the rain, but substituted it with summer, dry and the temperatures around 90. The garden looks dismal, but there is still hope for a late summer renewal from the tomatoes and flowers.