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or I know what you did last summer tour

"It's an obsession,
But it's pleasin'."

-Weir, Barlow

As a freshman I didn't understand my roommate's tape collection or why his friends laughed at him for not going to Hartford in the fall of '83 (St. Stephen). By the fall of '89 I understood why my friends laughed at me for not going to Hampton (Help->Slip->Franklin's, Dark Star, Death Don't Have No Mercy). In the spring of '95 the boys broke out Unbroken Chain, which some said was an omen of the end.

In the Fall of 1995 the Grateful Dead didn't get in or out of the Garden due to Jerry's passing. But these are my tickets to see the Boys celebrate the tearing down of the Boston Garden.

Check out the index pages for some views of the Dead from my camera to you:
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Nassau Coliseum March 27, 1994
Boston Garden September 27, 1994

Since you have an internet connection, you should check out the Community Tracker of bittorrents of live music from bands that allow or even encourage trading their music, like The Grateful Dead, Ratdog, and Phil and Friends.

As an accompanying site for the Community Tracker, check out DeadBase online to find the setlists for the shows. There is also a nifty feature to find all of the shows played on a certain date and specifically "Tape du Jour".

The official Grateful Dead web site is up and running.

The computer archives about the band at one time could be ftp'd at No idea if they still are available, though I still have a copy of Stack o' Dead laying around here someplace I think {small data sorting and display application based on the old old old Apple Macintosh program HyperCard}.