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  • Anti-Japan riots in China

    The anti-Japan riots in China over the weekend are an indication of both the depths of feeling amongst the Chinese public and the difficulty the Chinese Government is having in putting a lid on the nationalist frenzy it has whipped up. Ironically Japan is now demanding an apology from China. Tom points out China's definition of "internal affairs" is very flexible. On Sunday the riots continued in both Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The US Consul General in Shanghai was worried enough to issue an alert to American citizens. On the flipside Japan-China friendship groups are staging a counter-offensive. Other reading Plenty of photos (via ESWN) here and photos and news wire reports here. Danwei also has plenty of first-hand photos of the demonstrations. Jeremy also notes hints of official involvement in the riots. CDT has a different first-hand account of the protests in Beijing. Fons has estimates of the crowds...

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  • Chinamerican Threat Roundup 1

    This news story recounts recent riots in China over Japanese textbooks. At the Riding Sun (a must-read on Far Eastern affairs), the Gaijin Biker points to a good blog roundup on the anti-Japanese protests at Simon World.

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  • First Hand Account From Shanghai Anti-Japan March

    I'd been waiting for Fons to wake up and update his first hand accounts of the protest march in Shanghai yesterday. First let me rewind a bit for the week to point to Fons' write-ups this week on government action on the protests. Government intervention

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