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Dongzhou Incident Update 1

So with the publication of news in the New York Times, the story out of Dongzhou becomes an item in the blogosphere.

Peking Duck {Martyn} ran with the story when it first appeared in the SCMP a few days ago. Lisa at the Peking Duck follows with a post concerning the NY Times story. Check the comments for more from readers in China.

The InstaParrot links to the GatewayPundit who comments on the same NY Times article.

Guangdong Map
Map from Apple Daily

This morning's South China Morning Post runs another article {paid subscription only}.

While police hunted for those involved in Tuesday's riot in Dongzhou village, Shanwei city , families of some victims hid the bodies of their loved ones, fearing the authorities would take them in a bid to cover up the deaths.

Villagers say dozens of people were killed or injured when police opened fire on protesters.

One villager gave the South China Morning Post a photograph of one victim, Lin Yutui, a bullet hole clearly showing in his chest.


Several hundred police - carrying shields but apparently not armed - guarded the main entries to the village and patrolled the streets. Officers carrying photos of villagers involved in the riots were on the lookout for suspects trying to leave the village and checked the identity of anyone entering. All outsiders were barred from entry.

Half-a-dozen armoured personnel carriers and vehicles with water cannon were deployed across the village and near the site of Tuesday's clash.


Another villager whose relative, 31-year-old Wei Jin, was killed in the shooting, said local officials had offered the family hush money if they surrended Wei's body.

"They offered us a sum but said we would have to give up the body," the villager said. "We are not going to agree."


Rumours circulated in the village yesterday that a vice-director of the local public security bureau had been suspended and that senior provincial leaders had arrived to investigate.

On Thursday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang declined to confirm the Dongzhou incident but said the government would investigate and deal with matters in accordance with the law.

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