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Oh, Pantless Ones!

So somewhere along the line I got tagged by the folks at Online Blogintegrity {though I seem to have fallen off the list, presumably due to a lack of Online Blogintegrity and posting extensively on Doug Flutie. Also note "NTODD NOT INCLUDED!!!!"}

NTodd had this to say about blogintegrity:

I have no integrity, refuse to sign Thers' stupid motherfucking pledge, and I skipped the ethics part of the information security class I teach, so I have hacked this site. I also, like, like commas, and wear no pants.

Realising of course that the first plank of the Online Blogintegrity reads as follows:

PRIVATE PERSONS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PRIVATES ONLINE. If your pants go missing, don't go whining to us. We don't know where they are. Your pants are not a matter of Civil Discourse.

So it was with great amusement that I was watching McDull, The Alumni during the rainy weekend. The kindergarten class was discussing "pillars of society" as every little boy and girl and pig and cow should want to grow up to be a "pillar of society". The teacher, Miss Chan, tells the pupils that tomorrow they should come to class dressed as the "pillar" they want to grow up as. A discussion between May and McDull begins on their costumes, when May states the ultimate question for Online Blogintegrity fans.

See the extended entry for the screen cap from the movie for the question.

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