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Updated News For Boing Boing Visitors

Original Post on Disney/KSFO vs. Spocko

List of MP3s of Disney/KSFO eliminationist rhetoric The actual clips are hosted back in the States. Spocko encourages folks to mirror these. This post of mine is a mirror of this post at Online Blogintegrity, which is a blogspot blog, so will have greater bandwidth and will avoid the undersea cable cut between the US and Hong Kong.

Now let me mirror some of the latest news as Spocko relates to El Gato Negro, since Boing Boing linked here and the Hong Kong government is still partners with Disney in the joint venture known as Disneyland Hong Kong.

So I guess it ISN"T fun and games. No it's all fine until they lose advertising dollars then it is SLAPP down the dirty hippies and YOU HAVE VIOLATED THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE AND YOU WILL ATONE! (Howard Beale in the board room with Ned Beaty)

My lawyer from EFF who is advising me said I should bring the site up at a new place and I have it in process, 23 hours till it is up again hopefully next news cycle.


It's good news that Spocko's Brain will reappear. But it also appears there is a sockpuppet out there being a Disney concern troll at various blogs that have picked up Spocko's story.

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