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SCMP Gets It Before ESWN

I know that the Hong Kong press gets beaten up on a lot. So I'd like to pat them on the back when they get things right. Letters from China posts on the sins of Sina and says that SCMP has picked up on the open letter of four lawyers to Sina.com for censoring their blogs.

As I pointed out in comments there, there is one small issue with the timeline that he's proposed. SCMP published their story with a partial translation on the front page of Sunday's edition. Roland Soong published his translation on Monday, after the SCMP.

So the statement by Letters from China in the earlier post that, "Again it is ESWN's full translation and comment which bring the story to the English-speaking world" is just plain wrong. But I don't expect a correction, because folks are extremely hesitant to allow reality get in the way of pursuit of blog traffic.

P.S. So Mr. Doug Crets, are you willing to take back your ridiculous comment here based on this timeline? "The press in China is so much more boundary breaking and risk-taking than the highest levels of Hong Kong journalism." *crickets chirping*

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