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Zimbabwe: Chinese Arms Shipment Now?

Well the Chinese do have an acute sense of timing for such things. Mugabe's government has delayed and delayed on releasing election results that would likely show it lost power. Then it unleashes its paramilitaries to crack some heads to scare people in to believing that a run-off election is needed and that people should only vote for Mugabe in the run-off if they know what's good for them. So amid the election scams and violence by the government against their own people, who comes to Mugabe's rescue? The Chinese military establishment. Even with goons and thugs, birds of a feather flock together.

A Chinese ship police said contains arms destined for Zimbabwe has been cleared to dock and unload its cargo at a South African port, a transport utility spokesman said on Wednesday.

"We wish to confirm that this vessel with its cargo destined for Zimbabwe is at anchorage outside the Port of Durban," John Dludlu, spokesman for Transnet, said in a statement, according to SAPA news agency.

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