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Liberal Party Has Got No Clothes

In the last popular election the association of rural kingpins, the Heung Yee Kuk, withdrew their support from the Liberal Party. This meant that the Liberal Party ended up with ZERO popularly elected Legislative Representatives. (Under HK's proportional list system, this is pretty damn difficult.) What this shows is that the Liberal Party has ZERO popular base. It is the party of Hong Kong's tycoons.

So it's hardly suprising that they would resost to populist racism in economically uncertain times. (Racism in Hong Kong?!? Unpossible! Yeah, yeah, and the moon is made of cake. My favourite lines from One China, Many Paths was the admission that there were no minority authors in the book and that an honest discussion of minority issues was impossible in China.)

HK's Civic Party should acknowledge peoples' sense of economic insecurity but remind people Liberal Party are cheerleaders for the policies that have created this economic uncertainty (high land prices, high rents, no wage growth for non-C*Os, high skimming costs on joke retirement funds). The Liberal Party would love to refocus the bottom half's anger towards another group of poor people, so you aren't angry at the real people pulling your economic strings.