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The Lyin' Constitutional Affairs Moron

So beyond my previous statement about the rationale for the By-election Proposals in Hong Kong being the product of control freaks who hate the fact that the people will elect the people they hate, there's the preposterous bullshit about the government favouring "rational debate".

A rational debate would have both sides represented presenting their views. But given the Hong Kong government is run by insecure, unpopular control freaks, rational debate is tossed out the window in favour of "only our side gets to frame the debate from the podium" on tv and at public forums.

Dear Stephen Lam... Dear Donald Tsang... If you're truly commited to rational debate, redo your TV commercials by removing all of that framing bullshit from the intro or allow the script to include text provided by the targeted parties. Secondly rather than locking the agrieved parties outside the public forums invite them on stage and let them debate you.

Now I realize given the Hong Kong Courts' shoe-shining decision on the Constitutional Reform ads that you don't have to do either of these things. Rational debate has been rewritten with the HK courts' stamp of approval to mean the government gets to speak and the opposition is locked out and muzzled. And that rational no longer means discerning truth from facts, but speaking in a "genteel fashion dressed in a suit and tie" as is the habit of "radical Centrists" who can't win an actual rational debate based on the facts on the ground.