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When Social Media Meets Beijing's Money Advantage In HK Politics

So how do you know when the effects of social media are providing an equalising effect to the CCP's money being funneled in to the pro-Beijing political parties? When the pro-Beijing puppets in the HK government outlaw social media in politics.

So when the HK/DAB government's economic policy leave greater than 15% of the population in Kowloon/NT in poverty, Beijing's money can ensure the DAB's gift bags and services to old people will win votes. When the pan-Dems successfully find equalizers to Beijing's money funding DAB electioneering, the DAB doesn't have to worry. The HK government will do whatever it takes to ensure that free and fair elections with universal suffrage will never be seen in Hong Kong, because that might leave the rich subject to the rule of people that are supposed to be grateful for a gift bag of rice and crackers after being denied an economy that provides meaningful gainful employment for the vast majority of the territory.