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Kowloon East As CBD 2 and the DAB

So has anyone thought about why the DAB asked the government to relocate government offices to Kai Tak and pushed so hard for redevelopment of property in East Kowloon?

Let me run through some thoughts of mine. First, there was a time when the DAB was just the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong. Now it's the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong. Where'd the Progress come from? It comes from when the DAB subsumed the Progressive Alliance in February 2005. What was the Progressive Alliance? It was a pro-Beijing pro-business political party. This merger I believe is one reason the DAB has strayed from the positions of the pro-Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, though being pro-CCP trumps all other thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The only time I ever saw a Progressive Alliance street-side banner was in the Ngau Tau Kok-Kwun Tong industrial area. There's big money to be made by redevelopment of Kowloon East for businesses that might be eligible for buy outs and for commercial property owners in the area that would have formed the core of support for the ex-Progressive Party.

So when Donald Tsang starts tossing around the "triad" epithet, make sure to follow his own actions and see who profits from his policies. If the beneficiaries are his political/financial cronies, we can see who's really running a triad-style fiefdom.