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Thoughts on Trump Supporters

Wake up to Dennis Miller providing unsolicited advice to Bernie Sanders fans. The punchline is "They're trying to ram her down your throat." Throat ramming is a popular motif in conservative netroots vocabulary. Google search for "Obama throat ram" or "democrats throat ram" and you'll hundreds of thousands of hits. It also points to the true rationale for the rise of Donald Trump in the GOP primaries.

Now a lot has been written about the psyche of Trump fans, but it seems most of the comments miss the heart of the matter. Fascist? Racist? Misogynist? Xenophobic? Hate government so much they now hate the GOP leadership? Yes, but there's nothing here that really provides a rationale. Why? Surveys say they love authoritarians or feel as if no one speaks for them. Yes, but why?

Look back at Dennis Miller's choice of words and you'll find the reason Trump has huge support at the GOP primary polls and why the GOP Senate will refuse to confirm Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Throat ramming shows the speaker feels like a victim violated by a superior power forcing themselves on the victim. This GOP victim-speak has been around my entire life with Spiro T Agnew and Nixon complaining that America was a victim of hippies and African-Americans ripping apart the American fabric. Reagan had America being held back by Cadillac welfare queens and granola-eating enviro-terrorists. And in the post-Reagan era the conservative talk/netroots have pursued the rehabilitation of Archie Bunker.

Archie wasn't an unlovable character in All In The Family despite being a small-minded bigot. In the 80s the efforts to rehabilitate Archie's bigotry started with the phrase Politically Correct. Why should it be wrong to suggest hurricane landings are the product of accepting gays or that AIDS was a gay plague as God's punishment for behavior destroying America? Why can't I be pissed when brown people come and take away Merkins' jobs that Merkins don't take? Why shouldn't I protect my penis from withering to nothingness when Femme-nazis won't recognize they're hear to be servants to my manhood? How can I feel superior to them when socialists keep taking all my money as taxes to give them the same welfare I take? You must be incredibly naive to not be terrorized by the secret Muslim invasion to install Sharia law. Thankfully I've got my collection of security AR-15s to cuddle while sucking my thumb in fear.

This fear of somehow losing power and position when other groups were becoming more empowered was what drove Archie's bigotry. It's this fear of losing power that's caused the GOP Senate to refuse to handle Obama's Supreme Court nominee or face the wrath of a GOP base that would see this as a bunch of RINOs allowing Obama to ram his choice down their throats. Compromise is appeasement. Reopening the US government instead of shutting it down until Obama crawled to Boeher and begged to be cock-slapped in the face (cock-slapping faces is a golden oldie from RWNJ blog Protein Wisdom). These RINOs have allowed the vast leftist conspiracy to ram goat-fuckers (RWNJ blog Red State) and vaginas and baby-murdering apologists down our throats and onto the Supreme Court. These RINOs have failed to repeal Obamacare and allowed the vast leftist socialist communist conspiracy to cripple America and force it to lose in the field of combat. And this is where Trump steps in.

Make America great again? Tick. Swings a big dick at all challengers? Tick. Has spoken all of the anti-PC shibboleths? Tick. Not beholden to a bunch of RINOs in Washington that have allowed that gay Kenyan-born negro muslim commie socialist terrorist terrorist-appeasing usurper that has rammed so much down my throat in the last 8 years? Yes. Primary ballot? Tick.

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