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"Donald Trump’s team wants to restructure the State Department to focus more heavily on counterterrorism."
added: Wed Jan 18 13:13:04 2017

Remember the #PanamaPapers? Corruption is so last year
added: Wed Jan 18 12:30:10 2017
tags: panamapapers

"China is threatening to, and is preparing to, take steps in retaliation"
added: Wed Jan 18 11:58:47 2017

White House: "Stark Difference" Between @xychelsea, @Snowden
added: Wed Jan 18 10:15:17 2017

China province admits falsifying fiscal data via @FT
added: Wed Jan 18 08:55:58 2017

Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey pardoned by Obama | Sport | The Guardian
added: Wed Jan 18 08:08:36 2017

Rabbi Arik Ascherman: Israel has decided to evict a 100-year-old Israeli citizen because he's not Jewish
added: Wed Jan 18 07:25:07 2017

Marco Rubio to introduce "the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the coming days” #HK
added: Wed Jan 18 07:24:24 2017
tags: hk

Boffins link ALIEN STRUCTURE ON VENUS to Solar System's biggest ever grav wave
added: Wed Jan 18 07:21:26 2017

U.S. lobby says China protectionism fuelling foreign business pessimism
added: Wed Jan 18 07:20:47 2017

China's Xi says willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis
added: Wed Jan 18 07:20:30 2017

Florida saw 32 percent more gun homicides because of “stand your ground”
added: Wed Jan 18 07:03:01 2017

'Found: A 400-Year-Old Buddha Statue, Hidden Under a Manmade Lake' @atlasobscura
added: Wed Jan 18 06:55:08 2017

Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for 'a couple more years'
added: Wed Jan 18 06:28:55 2017

"The way to secure the #chiru’s future is to guarantee remaining unpopulated areas don't become grazing territory"
added: Wed Jan 18 06:00:15 2017
tags: chiru

China's December home price growth moderates, bubble fears abate
added: Wed Jan 18 05:58:23 2017

Remember this, from Nov 2015? Wondering if that committee was ever set up - let alone produced anything (or minutes)
added: Wed Jan 18 05:55:09 2017

An update from the front lines against the Sabal Trail Sinkhole Pipeline. Water Protectors uniting. #ProgressForAll
added: Wed Jan 18 05:50:01 2017
tags: progressforall

China orders local meteorological bureaus to stop issuing smog alerts
added: Wed Jan 18 05:46:10 2017

Modern Art Was Used As a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War
added: Wed Jan 18 05:40:29 2017

Nice round up of the latest "action" in the semi-official campaign. Wishing Woo had been covered too.
added: Wed Jan 18 05:35:57 2017

Palestinian killed in Israeli home demolition
added: Wed Jan 18 05:15:09 2017

How is this even possible?! FP&L permitted to dump radioactive waste water under the water table. Poisoning 4profit.
added: Wed Jan 18 05:12:37 2017

A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning
added: Wed Jan 18 05:11:33 2017

Wan Chai Sports Ground to be redeveloped
added: Wed Jan 18 05:10:16 2017

More U.S. companies shelving China investments amid trade uncertainty, AmCham annual survey says
added: Wed Jan 18 05:04:34 2017

If you plan to be in a seething mass of humans at some point here's how to keep yourself safe.
added: Wed Jan 18 04:45:08 2017

Qualcomm to contest FTC charge, says it has not withheld, threatened to withhold chip supply
added: Wed Jan 18 04:41:06 2017

Adrian Lamo (@6)'s statement today on Manning: "I remain confident in my 2010 decision... She committed a crime..."
added: Wed Jan 18 04:38:49 2017

“Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China. There is no space for Hong Kong independence," says C.Y. Leung
added: Wed Jan 18 04:37:08 2017

#PolicyAddress2017 full report: #HongKong #施政報告
added: Wed Jan 18 04:30:40 2017
tags: 施政報告, hongkong, policyaddress2017

And #cyclabliity for bicycle lovers #policyaddress2017
added: Wed Jan 18 04:28:13 2017
tags: cyclabliity, policyaddress2017

#Walkability on menu in #hongkong in 2017 #policyaddress2017
added: Wed Jan 18 04:27:20 2017
tags: policyaddress2017, hongkong, walkability

China talks a lot about "lifting" 700 million out of poverty, but only in English. Interesting piece by @rob_schmitz
added: Wed Jan 18 04:05:46 2017

#China breaks a human rights lawyer w 500+ days secret detention, torture #China owes famil…
added: Wed Jan 18 03:55:05 2017
tags: china

~4:00 is where DeVos says the states (!) should get to decide on the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act:
added: Wed Jan 18 02:26:42 2017

Will engaging China promote good governance? | Brookings Institution By colleague Jamie Horsley
added: Wed Jan 18 02:26:11 2017

Devastating critique of WTO fallback option from @jpmorgan
added: Tue Jan 17 22:44:56 2017

A recent NYT article chose stereotypes about people using food stamps instead of facts by @rebeccavallas @kfgrobbins
added: Tue Jan 17 15:09:37 2017

Facebook is now reportedly "pushing publishers to create longer, premium video content" instead of live video.
added: Tue Jan 17 13:48:12 2017

Does the current rail dispute justify yet more reform to strike legislation?
added: Tue Jan 17 12:50:05 2017

5 places in India even Indians can't visit without permits
added: Tue Jan 17 12:50:00 2017

Flying cars are going into testing this year
added: Tue Jan 17 12:24:08 2017

Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs visits Hong Kong Sports Institute
added: Tue Jan 17 12:24:05 2017

Israeli Soldiers Uproot Hundreds Of Olive Tree For Illegal Colonialist Road -
added: Tue Jan 17 12:21:03 2017

A UX Designer’s Guide to Improving Speed of Use #design #ux #ui
added: Tue Jan 17 12:20:20 2017
tags: ui, ux, design

UPDATE: Pound gains more than 1.5pct, on track for best daily rise in six months.
added: Tue Jan 17 12:06:09 2017

JUST IN: UK PM May says government will put the final Brexit deal to a vote in both Houses of Parliament:
added: Tue Jan 17 12:05:17 2017

Wal-Mart to add 10,000 U.S. jobs in 2017
added: Tue Jan 17 12:03:06 2017

Why Paul Chan was picked to replace John Tsang
added: Tue Jan 17 11:35:11 2017

One in Six Accounts Secured With Password '123456' via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jan 17 11:12:25 2017

Jersey's addiction to the proceeds of kleptocrats, tax evaders, and organised crime is having a bitter aftertaste:
added: Tue Jan 17 11:03:42 2017

Profit is the motor of capitalism. What would it be under socialism?
added: Tue Jan 17 10:40:05 2017

Female shark conceives offspring asexually in world first
added: Tue Jan 17 10:10:19 2017

Chinese Embassy organizes street protests against #ivory trade in Tanzania #elephant…
added: Tue Jan 17 10:03:23 2017
tags: ivory, elephant

Dalit struggles and choice
added: Tue Jan 17 10:02:20 2017

Rock'n'roll! Here are some of The Best Live Rock Music Venues in Hong Kong #music
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:59 2017
tags: music

Scientists Turn Docile Mice Into Ruthless Hunters
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:37 2017

With their threats to China, Trump and Tillerson are making rookie blunders that will only hurt US credibility,...
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:15 2017

HSBC attacked by Greenpeace over financing palm oil companies via @FT
added: Tue Jan 17 09:58:21 2017

China Orders Registration of App Stores
added: Tue Jan 17 09:48:00 2017

Top diplomatic negotiator in Cuba warns Trump: 'aggression doesn't work'
added: Tue Jan 17 09:03:07 2017

Russia expects dialogue with Trump on nuclear weapons: Lavrov
added: Tue Jan 17 09:02:55 2017

The racist, anti-Semitic origins of right-to-work
added: Tue Jan 17 09:01:09 2017

Devastating report on Evergrande. "We wonder whether its auditors, PWC, are asleep." h/t @n_gough
added: Tue Jan 17 08:59:56 2017

Outcry after Chinese tourists ‘steal’ Donald Duck’s sweets at Disneyland
added: Tue Jan 17 08:59:54 2017

Pacific conflict looms between America and China If #Trump confronts Chinese govt he cannot rely on allies’ support
added: Tue Jan 17 08:57:00 2017
tags: trump

Former #Taiwan premier to attend #Trump inauguration
added: Tue Jan 17 08:55:33 2017
tags: trump, taiwan

As the Earth Shook, They Stood Firm - The New York Times
added: Tue Jan 17 08:55:14 2017

Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill
added: Tue Jan 17 08:43:39 2017

What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali Had in Common - By Lonnie Ali, The New York Times
added: Tue Jan 17 08:41:40 2017

Underwater search for MH370 ends with no trace of missing jet
added: Tue Jan 17 08:41:34 2017

Plans for Hong Kong's controversial Palace Museum project revealed
added: Tue Jan 17 08:36:20 2017

【西九故宮】傳真社稱獲初步設計圖 外型呈鼎狀高8層 (15:06) 大家都知,呢d圖擺明就係自己行出則房啦。
added: Tue Jan 17 08:33:08 2017

Top Chinese official to meet Philippines' Duterte
added: Tue Jan 17 08:31:08 2017

Hackers behind infamous Locky ransomware are still on vacation...
added: Tue Jan 17 08:31:03 2017

#SCMP ‘It has to be whiter than white’: Donald Tsang interviews played at misconduct trial reveal efforts to shift…
added: Tue Jan 17 08:30:36 2017
tags: scmp

China's critics have critics: a committee for 'healthy development of online filmcritics' via @chinarealtime
added: Tue Jan 17 08:23:34 2017

Court rejects loggers' bid to dismantle Orang Asli blockade
added: Tue Jan 17 08:00:05 2017

Oops, Australian Immigration Department illegally spent $1 billion on illegal detention: audit #auspol via @abcnews
added: Tue Jan 17 07:39:37 2017
tags: auspol

3 arrests made on Backwater Bridge #NoDAPL
added: Tue Jan 17 05:53:47 2017
tags: nodapl

ChinaThwarts Effort to Appeal Recent Wukan Sentences A son was held at gunpoint to sign away right to appeal for mom
added: Tue Jan 17 05:37:12 2017

The EPA analysis indicates that honey bees can be harmed by the widely-used pesticides clo…
added: Tue Jan 17 03:23:13 2017

Chief Exec. hopeful Regina Ip admits some of her supporters switched to Carrie Lam's camp
added: Tue Jan 17 02:40:23 2017

"America has unthinkingly succumbed to [China's 'One China' wordplay" says John Bolton
added: Tue Jan 17 02:38:13 2017

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity, via @PIIE
added: Tue Jan 17 00:05:08 2017

Moody's pays $864m to settle US allegations of inflated credit ratings. UK govt apes the 3 unwise monkeys.
added: Mon Jan 16 18:35:23 2017

83% found outside information to be "of greater impact on their lives than decisions by the N. Korean government."
added: Mon Jan 16 17:05:28 2017

The Treasure Guardian: Keeping the Kremlin Jewels Safe:
added: Mon Jan 16 13:36:52 2017

This has been going on for 7 years!
added: Mon Jan 16 13:01:58 2017

Chinese, US team invent air filter made of soya beans that blocks almost all harmful pollutants.
added: Mon Jan 16 13:01:00 2017

Looking Back On Tsai's Central America Visit by @brianhioe Link:
added: Mon Jan 16 13:00:03 2017

FBI's pre-election sweep of Muslim Americans raises surveillance fears
added: Mon Jan 16 12:58:04 2017

Five Books About Surviving Surveillance via @tordotcom
added: Mon Jan 16 12:57:22 2017

CIA boss says Trump 'doesn't understand Russia' in scathing attack on President-elect
added: Mon Jan 16 12:55:36 2017

"‘Kompromat’ and the Danger of Doubt and Confusion in a Democracy." Good analysis in The Interpreter/NYT.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:55:20 2017

6 best vlogging cameras
added: Mon Jan 16 12:43:01 2017

The yuan will keep on falling, according to the currency's top forecaster Predicts RMB at 7.26 by September
added: Mon Jan 16 12:41:57 2017

Low-key reaction from Phillipines after China places anti-aircraft weapons on 7 man-made islands in South China Sea.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:40:35 2017

US and Switzerland agree new data transfer framework
added: Mon Jan 16 12:39:47 2017

Bill paving way for Turkish 'strongman' presidency passes first vote in parliament
added: Mon Jan 16 12:35:03 2017

shorter Paul Krugman: we don't gotta respect shit.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:30:07 2017

Judge booted off NY Supreme Court after cursing out prosecutor via @nypmetro
added: Mon Jan 16 12:24:23 2017

Preserve access to others markets, capital while restricting their access to China. Globaliz w Ch characteristics.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:24:12 2017

Police street check data shows we need more journalists, more news organizations by @skimber (behind paywall)
added: Mon Jan 16 12:23:47 2017

Accessibility Testing in Angular 1 and 2 by @MarcySutton #webdev #a11y #angularJS
added: Mon Jan 16 12:20:18 2017
tags: webdev, a11y, angularjs

Interesting look at history of the phrase "political correctness" and how it is used
added: Mon Jan 16 12:07:19 2017

Hong Kong tycoon Li to buy Australian energy firm Duet - Fox News
added: Mon Jan 16 12:06:57 2017

Allianz's El-Erian says strong U.S. dollar biggest risk in 2017
added: Mon Jan 16 12:05:05 2017

#Ukraine bans independent Russian TV channel Dozhd #PressFreedom
added: Mon Jan 16 12:05:01 2017
tags: ukraine, pressfreedom

Tech moguls dominate Oxfam's rich people Hateful 8
added: Mon Jan 16 12:04:58 2017

【電器下半年收循環再造徵費】 【最終轉嫁給消費者?】 全港每年產生約 7 萬公噸棄置的電器和電子產品。 環保署計劃下半年開始,向電器及電子產品供應商,收取每件產品十多元至百多元的循環再造徵費。...
added: Mon Jan 16 12:00:07 2017

"In Caribbean alone, more than half of the mammal species went extinct after human colonisation"
added: Mon Jan 16 12:00:06 2017

Trump cybersecurity advisor taken to task over his own insecure we... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Jan 16 11:42:25 2017

Obama uses final interview as President to slam Israeli policy on settlements
added: Mon Jan 16 11:39:44 2017

A warning for the losers of the liberal elite: If you make the same mistakes in 2017, populists will win everywhere
added: Mon Jan 16 11:38:15 2017

Israel's attorney general, a Netanyahu appointee, is doing his part to jam up the Netanyahu investigation.
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:20 2017

Cathay Pacific shares jump on new business strategy via @markets @business #HongKong #aviation #stocks
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:00 2017
tags: stocks, hongkong, aviation

Wisconsin considers easing teacher licensing rules. via @WEAU13News
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:00 2017

$30 Israeli “GPS anti-jammer” hits market [targets UAS reqs; counter-acts w null steering…
added: Mon Jan 16 11:30:06 2017

Rare 19th Century Bird Art Discovered In China
added: Mon Jan 16 11:25:26 2017
added: Mon Jan 16 10:55:49 2017

"Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones." #globaldev
added: Mon Jan 16 10:44:06 2017
tags: globaldev

Water is a human right - Stop water privatization in Greece! Sign the petition! #Right2Water
added: Mon Jan 16 10:31:51 2017
tags: right2water

#CHANNELNEWS Taiwan probing gang links to protest against HK activists
added: Mon Jan 16 10:10:08 2017
tags: channelnews

How do we know what 'dead' languages sounded like?
added: Mon Jan 16 10:05:18 2017

As #Trump era looms, Beijing fortifies the #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jan 16 10:04:04 2017
tags: trump, southchinasea

Martin Luther King, Jr. Left Behind a Subversive Legacy
added: Mon Jan 16 10:00:03 2017

The effort to protect environmental data from Trump
added: Mon Jan 16 10:00:01 2017

Africa’s 2017 will be tough, but a Trump presidency could have a silver lining by @YinkaWrites
added: Mon Jan 16 09:59:05 2017

Understanding SVG Radial Gradients
added: Mon Jan 16 09:57:52 2017

Viewers declare Sherlock finale 'incomprehensible bollocks' and a poor version of Black Mirror
added: Mon Jan 16 09:57:32 2017

Alibaba bids $2.6B for a controlling stake in Chinese mall operator Intime, a 42% premium
added: Mon Jan 16 09:56:09 2017

Protesters shut down Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli event
added: Mon Jan 16 08:42:00 2017

The book "Heavy Metal Africa" documents the flourishing heavy metal scenes throughout Africa
added: Mon Jan 16 08:36:44 2017

Carrie Lam has shown she will exacerbate, not heal, Hong Kong's deep political divisions…
added: Mon Jan 16 08:34:12 2017

Controls put China property market on roller-coaster ride: Wanda's Wang
added: Mon Jan 16 08:32:10 2017

China sovereign wealth fund CIC plans more U.S. investments: chairman
added: Mon Jan 16 08:31:44 2017

A woman dies of a superbug resistant to every available antibiotic in the US: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:30:01 2017

Donald Trump's "improvisational" style won't help him in dealing with China:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:05:11 2017

Teen drug use is declining as more states legalize marijuana
added: Mon Jan 16 08:02:01 2017

OPPS. Shenzhen #Stocks Sink Most in 10 Months in Sudden Afternoon Drop via @markets @business #china
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:21 2017
tags: china, stocks

Phone numbers are no proper verification /rant: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:02 2017

From @guardiannews, @JoshFrydenberg criticises #Japan after #Whale slaughtered in #Australian waters: #OpNemesis
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:01 2017
tags: opnemesis, whale, japan, australian

Singapore central bank warns of risks if Trump sparks trade war
added: Mon Jan 16 07:54:13 2017

【醜聞連連 民望尾二】陳茂波接任財政司司長
added: Mon Jan 16 07:48:39 2017

Construction of 9 new airports will start or be completed in 2017 in NW #China's #Xinjiang
added: Mon Jan 16 07:39:50 2017
tags: xinjiang, china

Google reveals its servers all contain custom security silicon
added: Mon Jan 16 07:30:05 2017

Young people are more educated and paid less than baby boomers
added: Mon Jan 16 07:30:01 2017

Nasa have released a stunning new image of Jupiter's megastorm
added: Mon Jan 16 07:28:24 2017

We reverse engineered 16k apps, here’s what we found: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 07:20:02 2017

Comparison of how South Korea & Taiwan have faced their authoritarian pasts
added: Mon Jan 16 07:18:32 2017

Andrew Leung says the Youngspiration duo will be pursued in court for return of salaries after their appeals finish
added: Mon Jan 16 07:17:45 2017

Germany urges China to match anti-protectionist talk with action
added: Mon Jan 16 07:17:21 2017

Taiwan police've now arrested 14 re @joshuawongcf attack; #HK police 4 for @nathanlawkc attack but none yet charged
added: Mon Jan 16 07:16:20 2017
tags: hk

Samsung investigation reportedly finds batteries at fault for Note 7 fires
added: Mon Jan 16 07:13:06 2017

Video shows police tackling and beating a black man suspected of stealing a car. It was his.
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:51 2017

Catalan separatists launch new independence campaign
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:07 2017

Dateline Mongolia: An American journalist in nomad’s land
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:02 2017

Are Djibouti & Ethiopia's leaders realistic in thinking their railway can be the start of a pan-African network? @FT
added: Mon Jan 16 07:11:06 2017

NO indictments for nationalistic arson, but the nasty legend will live on.
added: Mon Jan 16 07:10:41 2017

LeEco’s rescue is rewarding bad habits. @mak_robyn
added: Mon Jan 16 06:46:35 2017

Acting Hong Kong finance chief KC Chan deflects talk Beijing won’t elevate him to succeed John Tsang via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jan 16 05:33:17 2017

Cheyenne River Chairman Asks President Obama to Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier via @Native_NewsNet
added: Mon Jan 16 05:06:36 2017

Reverse Engineer any android app to look for secrets leak :
added: Mon Jan 16 05:05:38 2017

latest: prosecutor seeks arrest of Samsung’s Jay Y. Lee, scion of SKorea’s richest family
added: Mon Jan 16 05:05:31 2017

'Turok' source code will be sold on eBay soon, thanks to lucky warehouse find:
added: Mon Jan 16 05:01:03 2017

The The Trump Dossier Is Real Enough To Investigate
added: Mon Jan 16 04:59:00 2017

Seal of approval: Pro-Beijing newspapers back Carrie Lam’s Chief Executive bid @krislc…
added: Mon Jan 16 04:30:39 2017

#China's thugs try to stamp out ties between pro-democracy groups in HK, Taiwan by @stegersaurus & @IlariaMariaSala
added: Mon Jan 16 04:28:56 2017
tags: china

Rhetoric on Trump and Taiwan is beginning to ramp up @jruwitch @ReutersChina
added: Mon Jan 16 04:25:16 2017

Can't easily summarize what Su Chi says about Taiwanese in this tweet but it is neither good nor smart
added: Mon Jan 16 04:23:23 2017

Stunningly surreal situation @Revkin @billmckibben @350action @ClimateMuseum @ClimateOfGavin @bruneski
added: Mon Jan 16 04:22:06 2017

KC Chan stays mum on reports about Paul Chan becoming financial secretary
added: Mon Jan 16 04:18:32 2017

Tibet protesters detained in Swiss capital during Xi Jinping visit
added: Mon Jan 16 04:17:43 2017

Chinese shares are heading for the longest losing streak since August 2015
added: Mon Jan 16 04:00:36 2017

China’s ‘Success Story’ in Perspective/Not so successfulI/Good summary by @jojjeols of Stein Ringen's latest book/
added: Sun Jan 15 16:51:11 2017

#Elixir and #Phoenix will be the hip #programming language and web #framework of 2017
added: Sun Jan 15 15:21:39 2017
tags: programming, framework, phoenix, elixir

'McDonald's unveils the mother of all localisation: The masala dosa burger' — @qz
added: Sun Jan 15 13:05:31 2017

Brexiteers caught out as €60m in flood aid announced
added: Sun Jan 15 12:16:44 2017

Leadership change looms for armed group key to Myanmar's peace process
added: Sun Jan 15 08:05:06 2017

New York State will shut down its dangerously placed Indian Point nuclear plant
added: Sun Jan 15 04:07:01 2017

Contrary to what you read in NYT, Davos Man is a Neanderthal protectionist who rigs rules to get ever richer
added: Sun Jan 15 04:05:33 2017

2 MIN VID- U.S. & WTO Stopped India From Using Solar Power [WATCH from @LeeCamp ] : by #LeeCamp
added: Sun Jan 15 03:05:38 2017
tags: leecamp

China renews its rejection of Trump suggestion he might use Taiwan as bargaining chip
added: Sun Jan 15 02:56:03 2017

Hierarchy of 50 non-transactional consistency models [survey paper ; see also…
added: Sun Jan 15 01:24:07 2017

"Pro Trump" websites now shifting to attack Merkel. It begins.
added: Sat Jan 14 23:05:35 2017

Beijing to crack down on shared bikes littering pavements
added: Sat Jan 14 19:04:53 2017

China, #Vietnam agree to manage differences on #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Jan 14 16:07:05 2017
tags: vietnam, southchinasea

‘Rogue One’ Star Jiang Wen Attributes Hollywood’s Success to US Naval Superiority
added: Sat Jan 14 14:00:03 2017

Canada's foreign policy hit by "blast of uncertainty named Donald Trump."A look at the challenges facing @cafreeland
added: Sat Jan 14 10:07:22 2017

Japan and Australia agree to strengthen defense ties
added: Sat Jan 14 10:05:06 2017

US border tax threatens Asian growth via @FT
added: Sat Jan 14 10:02:01 2017

Ukraine locked in conflict over borders @CNNI
added: Sat Jan 14 09:59:30 2017

For 100 dogs sheltered in Sai Kung, Ansh Sahay may be their last hope.
added: Sat Jan 14 09:59:02 2017

Russian yoga teacher arrested for 'spreading non-traditional religion'
added: Sat Jan 14 09:56:22 2017

U.S. posts second-warmest year on record, breadth of warmth "unparalleled"
added: Sat Jan 14 09:44:05 2017

There is no WhatsApp "backdoor."
added: Fri Jan 13 21:29:35 2017

Israeli settler group 'invited to Donald Trump's inauguration'
added: Fri Jan 13 13:25:14 2017

Europe's far right parties are having a conference and banned media from it
added: Fri Jan 13 13:24:57 2017

Get into the chaotic and vibrant world of #microservices at @netflix
added: Fri Jan 13 13:24:00 2017
tags: microservices

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages
added: Fri Jan 13 12:23:00 2017

The usual suspects – and Nate Parker – up for Directors Guild of America awards
added: Fri Jan 13 11:59:27 2017

Last Living Akwesasne Mohawk Code Talker Honored in Front of a Crowd of 6,000
added: Fri Jan 13 05:56:55 2017

Great @matthewstoller analysis of how Obama's missteps after the financial crisis contributed to the Dems' downfall:
added: Fri Jan 13 05:12:54 2017

Nude French Artist Performs in Faux Headdress @MoMAPS1 Apologizes, Creates Native Program Via @VinceSchilling
added: Fri Jan 13 04:43:22 2017

It’s a flavorless food dye not a spice >> Forget what you’ve heard: Turmeric seems to have zero medicinal properties
added: Thu Jan 12 13:18:00 2017

Home Secretary is being investigated for hate incident after Tory party conference speech
added: Thu Jan 12 12:19:01 2017

Would be nice if this wasn't run by a corporate lawyer who let the banksters off scot-free when he was AG:
added: Thu Jan 12 12:17:31 2017

UK a top destination for Chinese New Year tourists. Flight bookings up 81% on Jan last year #tourism #VisitBritain
added: Thu Jan 12 12:16:25 2017
tags: visitbritain, tourism

"His disclosure does little to unwrap the mystery of just what the company does and manages."
added: Thu Jan 12 12:13:18 2017

China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship
added: Thu Jan 12 11:25:03 2017

Donald Trump Concedes Russia’s Interference in Election
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:36 2017

6 things that should be taught in school but aren't
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:28 2017

Polarized societies fuel risks at Davos after year of upheaval: via @ReutersTV
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:20 2017

Tippi Hedren Recounts Alleged Sexual Assault by Hitchcock in New Memoir This picture was ta…
added: Thu Jan 12 11:22:14 2017

Godaddy has issued at least 8850 SSL certificates without validating anything :
added: Thu Jan 12 10:46:41 2017

New post: "REPORT: China will merge media outlets to increase influence 'in the area of financial information'"
added: Thu Jan 12 10:42:14 2017

In China, it's a thing to be sentenced in your pajamas.
added: Thu Jan 12 10:30:44 2017

This panda is a pro.
added: Thu Jan 12 10:17:38 2017

Carrie Lam will bring back CYLeung's style, says James To
added: Thu Jan 12 10:16:21 2017

Report: Jho Low used 'Eric Tan' as proxy name for banks and companies
added: Thu Jan 12 10:16:12 2017

Albert Cheng: Attack on Nathan Law at #HongKong airport by pro-China protesters a serious security breach
added: Thu Jan 12 10:14:34 2017
tags: hongkong

#China's foreign direct investments surged 40% to record in 2016: study
added: Thu Jan 12 10:09:23 2017
tags: china

KMB vows fare concessions – if franchise extended
added: Thu Jan 12 09:48:07 2017

Fiji dredging by China Railway gives rise of local opposition
added: Thu Jan 12 09:47:03 2017

Philip Hammond took stake in company shortly before it received government grant
added: Thu Jan 12 09:44:13 2017

#China scholars need #US backing on #humanrights via @timeshighered
added: Thu Jan 12 09:43:59 2017
tags: humanrights, us, china

Jan 12 2006 – Greenpeace activists board French warship Clemenceau protesting abt toxic materials on-board the ship
added: Thu Jan 12 09:38:46 2017

World Economic Forum says capitalism needs urgent change to counter growth of populist movements.
added: Thu Jan 12 09:35:41 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's defence spokeswoman is 'absolutely furious' with him
added: Thu Jan 12 09:35:21 2017

Good piece by @markmackinnon. Best writing on Trump leak being done by (ex)Moscow journos, others seem to miss point
added: Thu Jan 12 09:21:50 2017

Who killed the curry house?: "a national attachment to Indian food did not extend to the people who made it."
added: Thu Jan 12 09:19:50 2017

LGBT alliance urge govt to speed up rights law
added: Thu Jan 12 08:54:48 2017

China rejects U.S. trade claims, says outlook challenging, complicated
added: Thu Jan 12 08:52:03 2017

Report: #CarrieLam said "God told her to run in #ceelection" #JoanofArc
added: Thu Jan 12 08:51:28 2017
tags: ceelection, joanofarc, carrielam

Swings in the yuan haven't hit Chinese stocks. @saumvaish and I explain why:
added: Thu Jan 12 08:49:44 2017

【因政治立場遭網民「封殺」】 【張敬軒否認港獨:我是中國人】 內地流行一句說話:「國家面前無偶像」,評論歌手往往要先看看是否「愛國」,其次才是唱功。 生於廣州的流行歌手張敬軒,近年捲入政治漩渦,源於他唱了一首香港社運歌曲。...
added: Thu Jan 12 08:45:07 2017

I suspect Xi Jinping in Davos will act like a terrified tyrant, allowing questions only by corporate sycophants.
added: Thu Jan 12 08:44:37 2017

Microsoft staff with 'god-mode' access police OneDrive data for illegal material – and they’re traumatized
added: Thu Jan 12 08:42:46 2017

Hong Kong Customs conducts special operation against illicit cigarette activities before Chinese New Year
added: Thu Jan 12 08:42:05 2017

"China is not Cuba, and the South China Sea is not the Caribbean. The South China Sea is not under the US sphere...
added: Thu Jan 12 08:15:05 2017

China To Seal Border With Pakistan To Curb Terror, But No Action Against Masood Azhar via @TimesNow
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:39 2017

#EJI Palace Museum consultation only for show, says retired judge
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:29 2017
tags: eji

Air quality over Delhi continues to remain 'very poor', says traffic police Read @ANI_news story in @dna
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:14 2017

South Korea considering complaint to China over 'THAAD retaliation': minister
added: Thu Jan 12 08:10:28 2017

Guetzli JPEG encoder: Comments:
added: Thu Jan 12 08:10:01 2017

Turns out community gardening might be pretty good rehab
added: Thu Jan 12 08:07:01 2017

Peace-sign selfie fools menaced by fingerprint-harvesting tech
added: Thu Jan 12 08:05:20 2017

German-backed Israeli occupier gangs rampage through Palestinian homes, kidnap 25
added: Thu Jan 12 07:47:38 2017

King of judicial review wants court to look into #CYLeing's 2012 oath
added: Thu Jan 12 07:46:34 2017
tags: cyleing

Some wise words in this piece from @ggreenwald on what has been a tawdry week
added: Thu Jan 12 07:46:00 2017

Israel advances a bill that would ban supporters of a settlement boycott from entering the country.
added: Thu Jan 12 07:00:17 2017

In Jerusalem's "African Quarter," little-known community of Arab families of African descent forges its identity.
added: Thu Jan 12 07:00:08 2017

#Nigeria kowtows to #China, orders closure of #Taiwan office in capital: via @TheNewsLens
added: Thu Jan 12 06:56:33 2017
tags: nigeria, china, taiwan

Prominent Chinese university bans staff from criticising Communist Party in class: (@SCMP_News, #China)
added: Thu Jan 12 06:54:24 2017
tags: china

Nigeria orders Taiwan's office to move out of capital
added: Thu Jan 12 06:38:48 2017

Japan reports a tragic die-off of most of the coral in its largest coral reef
added: Thu Jan 12 06:23:41 2017

New piece: Homeland Security nominee Gen. John Kelly failed to disclose position at lobbying firm on ethics filing
added: Thu Jan 12 06:06:31 2017

Senior Tibetan monk in Tibet openly criticises China's ban on #DalaiLama's teachings #KalachakraTeachings
added: Thu Jan 12 06:04:27 2017
tags: kalachakrateachings, dalailama

Tribal warfare in economics is over. @Noahpinion explains the terms for peace
added: Thu Jan 12 06:03:48 2017

Bill of Indictment Against Human Rights Lawyer Xie Yang « China Change
added: Thu Jan 12 06:02:45 2017

Crims shut off Ukraine power in wide-ranging anniversary hacks
added: Thu Jan 12 05:58:07 2017

"Xi Jinping will not be seen as weak in the face of pressure from the US" @BonnieGlaser on Tillerson's SCS comments
added: Thu Jan 12 05:27:30 2017

More activists arrested for allegedly participating in November protest at Liaison Office
added: Thu Jan 12 05:24:26 2017

Vanke says No. 2 shareholder China Resources mulling plan involving its stock
added: Thu Jan 12 05:12:45 2017

Study finds China maintains cache of data on citizens; new report says all data up for sale
added: Thu Jan 12 05:06:39 2017

Alchemy 101: The last week in Issue #27 #myelixirstatus #beam4ever
added: Thu Jan 12 05:05:33 2017
tags: myelixirstatus, beam4ever

Clear and helpful NYT blow-by-blow on how the Trump dossier came to be.
added: Thu Jan 12 04:24:29 2017

"If they bother my father, should I give in?” How China pressures dissidents abroad by punishing family at home
added: Thu Jan 12 04:14:56 2017

#China media: new rules which may bar all foreign sites unless approved "nearing release."
added: Thu Jan 12 03:23:57 2017
tags: china

According to @BuzzFeed, "Rape Melania" sign at anti-Trump protest was planted by his supporters to discredit protest
added: Thu Jan 12 03:21:19 2017

US attacks China's subsidies directly - through WTO dispute - not indirectly through CVDs? | @WillMauldin exclusive
added: Thu Jan 12 03:00:13 2017

Wake up: Taxing remittances is morally outrageous: it punishes poor people for supporting for their poorer families.
added: Wed Jan 11 22:07:58 2017

Bill banning boycotters from Israel advances in Knesset #BDS
added: Wed Jan 11 21:59:43 2017
tags: bds

Rugby 7s Olympic Stadium in Rio to close only 5 months after dramatic golden 2016 scenes -
added: Wed Jan 11 15:55:00 2017

The pound just hit a new 31 year low
added: Wed Jan 11 15:54:49 2017

China finally renames the "Eight-Year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression" -- and ups it to 14 years.
added: Wed Jan 11 15:02:55 2017

Resurgence of State-Led Growth in China? via @PIIE
added: Tue Jan 10 15:30:31 2017

Afghanistan Cricket Board keen for full member status from #ICC
added: Tue Jan 10 11:21:08 2017
tags: icc

Once-prosperous #Gaza merchants are using their entry permits into #Israel to search for odd jobs @shlomieldar
added: Tue Jan 10 11:20:00 2017
tags: gaza, israel

Japan's Takeda to acquire US cancer drugmaker for over $5bn
added: Tue Jan 10 10:58:34 2017

Consistent with its view of Israeli settlement goods, EU court says goods from occupied WSahara aren't from Morocco.
added: Tue Jan 10 10:57:40 2017

Some Facebook recruiters 'stopped trying' for diversity after candidates were blocked by engineer... via @YahooNews
added: Tue Jan 10 10:57:39 2017

早幾日先有人「自命有為」。 【回帶】林鄭自命「有為」 突諮詢「補鑊」佢話唔係 ←短片 【蘋果fb live】西九故宮館記者會
added: Tue Jan 10 10:03:04 2017

98 Percent of College Programs That Flunked Performance Test are For-Profit
added: Tue Jan 10 10:00:55 2017

AMD Announces X300 and X370 AM4 Motherboards For Ryzen, All CPUs Unlocked
added: Tue Jan 10 10:00:36 2017

noted | Wild supercows return to Europe
added: Tue Jan 10 09:35:11 2017

Taiwan police arrest gang member in connection w attacks on Joshua Wong
added: Tue Jan 10 09:32:58 2017

Scientists discover an Alzheimer's drug can regrow teeth
added: Tue Jan 10 08:54:00 2017

The numbers on the Trump-Ma job deal don't add up. "Theatrics," per @duncanclark
added: Tue Jan 10 08:53:51 2017

Florida: 7 from Food Not Bombs Arrested Feeding People in City Park
added: Tue Jan 10 08:50:19 2017

New Thai king already meddling in politics.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:47:40 2017

News article mentions that .de counterintel has seen "spectactular rise" in spear phishing attempts in recent weeks.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:24:19 2017

"There has never been liberal Hollywood when it comes to the portrayal of Muslims on TV"
added: Tue Jan 10 08:11:07 2017

Alibaba to help China’s retailer Intime go private in $2.6 billion deal
added: Tue Jan 10 08:09:35 2017

Alibaba's Ma meets Trump, promises to bring one million jobs to U.S.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:04:28 2017

Is it a genuine change of approach in China's state economy - or a trick to lure money into a financial black hole?
added: Tue Jan 10 08:00:23 2017

Government report says education system not to blame for student deaths:
added: Tue Jan 10 08:00:00 2017

#China's Unsustainable Semblance Of Stability And The U.S. #Economic Decoupling ... #economy #emergingmarket $vwo
added: Tue Jan 10 07:50:17 2017
tags: china, economic, emergingmarket, economy

#Tanzania: end of the road for kingpin smuggling as UWA nets 6 tons of smuggled #Pangolin #WildlifeJustice
added: Tue Jan 10 07:26:06 2017
tags: pangolin, tanzania, wildlifejustice

How HK's richest avoid property taxes in city with the least affordable homes again & again
added: Tue Jan 10 07:21:47 2017

#Russia - #Japan joint activity on South Kurils to contribute to peace treaty – Abe
added: Tue Jan 10 07:20:52 2017
tags: japan, russia

China vows to contain corporate debt levels as inflation heats up
added: Tue Jan 10 07:20:16 2017

ChemChina, Syngenta submit remedy proposals to EU antitrust watchdog
added: Tue Jan 10 07:19:30 2017

WKCDA member defends lack of public consultation over Palace Museum
added: Tue Jan 10 07:15:43 2017

Four years ago tomorrow, Aaron Swartz committed suicide. #RIPAaronSwartz
added: Tue Jan 10 05:53:46 2017
tags: ripaaronswartz

Important article from Fred Bergsten RT China Is No Longer Manipulating Its Currency via @PIIE
added: Mon Jan 9 22:53:54 2017

Energy executives, secretive nonprofit raise money to back Pruitt
added: Mon Jan 9 13:22:38 2017

// 今時今日嘅學生,之所以會絕望、尋死,固然有好多原因。但可肯定嘅係教育制度係其中一個好重要嘅因素。對學生黎講,特別係香港學生,教育幾乎佔據哂佢地嘅24小時,佢地選擇離開點會同教育制度無關?// 教育實驗學社 The...
added: Mon Jan 9 13:22:08 2017

【大律師公會:人大釋法倉卒弊多於利】 對於人大就立法會議員宣誓案釋法,大律師公會主席譚允芝在法律年度開啟禮中批評,釋法倉卒、是弊多於利。 #有線新聞 #人大 #釋法 #立法會 #宣誓 #大律師 #譚允芝
added: Mon Jan 9 13:20:56 2017
tags: 大律師, 宣誓, 釋法, 人大, 譚允芝, 有線新聞, 立法會

|@POLITICO: What New Orleans Can Teach Betsy DeVos About Charters- MI's "Wild West" even WORSE OFF #MichEd #NotMySOE
added: Mon Jan 9 13:20:38 2017
tags: miched, notmysoe

"In 2016, US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations, 138 countries..."
added: Mon Jan 9 13:10:37 2017

CNN hosts a town hall with Bernie Sanders tonight at 9 p.m. ET
added: Mon Jan 9 13:02:01 2017

As terrorist threat intensifies, Turkey's Pres Erdogan still devotes enormous attention to locking up critics.
added: Mon Jan 9 11:48:13 2017

China launches small satellites on "commercial" Kuaizhou-1A rocket
added: Mon Jan 9 11:44:54 2017

#CHANNELNEWS Protesters vow Tiananmen crackdown memorial at Hong Kong Palace Museum site
added: Mon Jan 9 10:00:36 2017
tags: channelnews

Ho Ming-sho: A Mafia 5th Column in #Taiwan: The Significance of Mobster Attacks on #HongKong Opposition Politicians
added: Mon Jan 9 06:33:13 2017
tags: taiwan, hongkong

Offshore renminbi overnight lending rate tumbles
added: Mon Jan 9 03:28:00 2017

Italian populist urges abandoning UKIP in EU Parliament
added: Mon Jan 9 03:27:05 2017

“If Donald Trump targets journalists, thank Obama.” What do you think?
added: Mon Jan 9 03:27:02 2017

UK shadow secretary calls Israeli embassy's subversion plots "a national security issue," demands investigation
added: Mon Jan 9 03:24:20 2017

Shocking images from Moria refugee camp of migrants forced to live in the snow #Lesbos #Greece #Refugees #prv
added: Mon Jan 9 00:59:03 2017
tags: greece, lesbos, refugees, prv

My Latest! I expect tonight to be a historic night for African Americans at the Golden Globes.
added: Mon Jan 9 00:16:46 2017

It's 2017. We're a team of investigative journalists. Leak to us:
added: Sun Jan 8 19:32:59 2017

Critics can bite me. I saw it every night of it's run at @svilletheatre and loved it
added: Sun Jan 8 08:12:08 2017

These are the indigenous-led climate movements to watch out for in 2017
added: Sun Jan 8 08:06:54 2017

Alongside Sanders, New York Governor Announces First-in-Nation Free Tuition Plan
added: Sun Jan 8 08:00:21 2017

China is offering to remove IUDs after abandoning the "one-child" policy. Women are outraged.
added: Sun Jan 8 05:28:36 2017

UN officially changes Status of Baltic states from Eastern Europe to Northern Europe. This is where we belong.
added: Sat Jan 7 21:11:54 2017

Kushner Cos. says Anbang not state-owned so no emoluments issue. The truth: We don't know who REALLY owns Anbang.
added: Sat Jan 7 16:27:39 2017

📷 the-movemnt: The Senate just named a supporter of the Dakota pipeline to head its Indian Affairs...
added: Sat Jan 7 02:56:26 2017

Russia scales down military presence in Syria with its sole aircraft carrier to leave first
added: Fri Jan 6 11:20:22 2017

“Paradise Lost: My Mac2Win journey” by @scottjenson
added: Fri Jan 6 11:20:10 2017

InfluxDB is hiring a director of engineering, golang, DB expert (remote U.S.): Comments:
added: Fri Jan 6 11:10:02 2017

If Russia Hacked Podesta, Then Russia Knew Hillary Used a Private Server to Email Obama @Hagoodmanauthor
added: Fri Jan 6 11:09:07 2017

#Taiwanese independence must be fought on all fronts, says former #Chinese official | South China Morning Post
added: Fri Jan 6 10:36:15 2017
tags: chinese, taiwanese

Exclusive: China's ZTE to slash about 3,000 jobs: sources
added: Fri Jan 6 10:33:28 2017

Council run schools pushed to breaking point by levy...
added: Fri Jan 6 10:02:36 2017

Also well worth reading Yang Su's powerful book on collective killings in rural China in Cultural Revolution
added: Fri Jan 6 09:56:36 2017

RT @iandenisjohnson: Genocide in China: Tan Hecheng's The Killing Wind on the Dao County massacre. @nybooks
added: Fri Jan 6 09:55:27 2017

Taiwanese director is now being accused of bowing to Chinese pressure.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:53:36 2017

Hong Kong to open new mountain bike trails on South Lantau.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:52:01 2017

South Africa’s ‘stunning’ Taiwan-China shift on display amid mayor visit furor
added: Fri Jan 6 09:51:40 2017

"It's fine to smear me. But please don't belittle the value of Palace Museum’s relics" #HurtRelicFeelings
added: Fri Jan 6 09:05:12 2017
tags: hurtrelicfeelings

French mayor sends police to school to stop arabic classes.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:00:02 2017

Taibbi: Trump Pick Jay Clayton Will Be Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever via @RollingStone
added: Fri Jan 6 08:59:51 2017

Russia willing to equip Philippines with sophisticated weapons #SouthChinaSea
added: Fri Jan 6 08:56:53 2017
tags: southchinasea

Archaeologists discover 2,300-year-old sword that's still shiny
added: Fri Jan 6 08:54:00 2017

Rather than justifying skepticism, the spotty govt response is feeding "trutherism"
added: Fri Jan 6 08:52:39 2017

"A sudden splash of brilliance": how Mycenaean civilisation began...
added: Fri Jan 6 08:39:38 2017

Epic headline, followed by disclosure: "officials said no major new bombshell disclosures in the classified report"
added: Fri Jan 6 08:25:46 2017

Silverstone could ditch British Grand Prix - report
added: Fri Jan 6 08:21:37 2017

Mumbai woman, 28, reported to have been stabbed yesterday actually hurt herself after a fight with boyfriend.
added: Fri Jan 6 08:16:51 2017

China to invest £292bn in renewable power by 2020
added: Fri Jan 6 08:08:01 2017

Nabokov skewered everything wrong with art and film today in 1956
added: Fri Jan 6 07:36:01 2017

#China Will Curb ‘Irrational’ Soccer Spending, Government Says via @business
added: Fri Jan 6 07:32:53 2017
tags: china

Top Prosecutor in Leonard Peltier Case Urges Clemency in 'Extraordinary' Move
added: Fri Jan 6 07:29:53 2017

#ICYMI India’s Move to Cut Borrowing Is First Sign That War on Cash Could Be Working |
added: Fri Jan 6 07:23:40 2017
tags: icymi

MPs to raise questions on detention of SAF vehicles when Parliament sits
added: Fri Jan 6 07:02:54 2017

Japan to recall envoy from South Korea over 'comfort women' statue
added: Fri Jan 6 06:21:29 2017

China state tabloid scolds New York Times for investigative reports
added: Fri Jan 6 06:17:29 2017

U.S. employment growth seen strong in December, wages up
added: Fri Jan 6 06:17:04 2017

4 years after Rana Plaza, experts say Bangladesh clothing rebound is damaging its economy
added: Fri Jan 6 06:13:59 2017

屯門連續兩年空氣最差 Tuen Mun tops worst air qulaity for 2nd yr 更恐怖係,幾年前路政署報告講明起完港珠澳大橋及西繞道後,空氣會更差
added: Fri Jan 6 06:09:37 2017

Goldman's bet on emerging markets is BRICS - but without ChIna via @markets
added: Fri Jan 6 06:04:35 2017

#Russiansdidit CNN BREAKING NEWS: DNC Refuses to Let FBI Analyze Hacked Servers. Denies Multiple FBI Requests
added: Fri Jan 6 05:24:29 2017
tags: russiansdidit

Trump owes AT LEAST $1.5B more than previously disclosed. Can't put his wig on w/out creating a conflict of interest
added: Fri Jan 6 04:52:06 2017

The pay hike to a minimum of $13.50 an hour is intended to attracting and retaining talent. $WFC $BAC
added: Fri Jan 6 02:33:00 2017

In unrelated news, the Breitbart information dissemination platform is moving to France & Germany
added: Fri Jan 6 01:46:17 2017

Smog anger pours out in China: "This is the land that we live on. How did it turn into something like this?"
added: Thu Jan 5 21:27:30 2017

Christian protestors hospitalized after authorities collude with local gangs - #humanrights…
added: Thu Jan 5 21:06:59 2017
tags: humanrights

Shares can now be signed using Merkle signing to help w/ corrupt/forged shares & error msgs.
added: Thu Jan 5 20:43:19 2017

Every US bomb dropped in 2016:
added: Thu Jan 5 20:26:21 2017

Why was this 16-year-old U.S. citizen killed in a drone strike authorized by the president of the United States?
added: Thu Jan 5 19:58:41 2017

Fleet of 12 Nuclear Submarines in Line for Pentagon Approval: Comments:
added: Thu Jan 5 12:20:02 2017

Can farmers in Iowa help save the world's seafood supply?
added: Thu Jan 5 12:15:21 2017

China, US should maintain proper direction of relations: Minister
added: Thu Jan 5 12:15:01 2017

Taiwan planning to bring in workers from India: official
added: Thu Jan 5 12:11:02 2017

Mexicans Are the Nafta Winners? It’s News to Them
added: Thu Jan 5 12:01:46 2017

Donald Trump Nominates Wall Street Lawyer to Head S.E.C.
added: Thu Jan 5 12:00:19 2017

ASUS unveils ZenFone AR, world's first smartphone with 8GB RAM
added: Thu Jan 5 12:00:04 2017

Google is now actively uninstalling Chrome extensions it does not like
added: Thu Jan 5 11:30:51 2017

95% of caught tuna are less than 3 years old which means they haven’t had a chance to reproduce via @FT
added: Thu Jan 5 11:24:07 2017

Istanbul nightclub attacker is ethnic Uighur from central Asia, possibly Kyrgyzstan, officials believe
added: Thu Jan 5 11:19:36 2017

Tough assessment of Obama's human rights record by @KenRoth @hrw
added: Thu Jan 5 11:18:56 2017

Man who fired laser pointer at Washington ferry to only pay $9,500 by @cfarivar
added: Thu Jan 5 11:18:07 2017

Roughly a million Chinese live in Africa. And David Dollar argues, they are an economic force for good.
added: Thu Jan 5 11:15:11 2017

Some evidence for Greeks in 10thC and 11thC England:
added: Thu Jan 5 10:12:05 2017

It’s begun: Internet providers are pushing to repeal Obama-era privacy rules Make gov-com-o…
added: Thu Jan 5 10:08:00 2017

By @pingroma and me, quick take on declassifies cables: people knew, it was still terrible:
added: Thu Jan 5 10:07:54 2017

#INDIA Chittoor: Three #redsanders smugglers held with 1.5 tonnes via @the_hindu
added: Thu Jan 5 10:07:29 2017
tags: redsanders, india

China probes party officials in Xinjiang for ‘discipline breaches’
added: Thu Jan 5 10:05:28 2017

Astronomers Pinpoint Location of Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:38 2017

Losers in Haitian election cry foul
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:07 2017

NASA announces exotic asteroid missions, fueling space mining hopes
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:01 2017

Strong words from @medium as they move away from trad media business model
added: Thu Jan 5 09:09:32 2017

New higher education bill which could allow for 'scam' universities
added: Thu Jan 5 09:08:50 2017

A Mega-lifer In Maharashtra
added: Thu Jan 5 09:07:41 2017

Black teen files $5m lawsuit against white police officer who pinned her to ground at pool party
added: Thu Jan 5 09:07:26 2017

Citizen's group seeks judicial review over govt's decision on Palace Museum
added: Thu Jan 5 09:03:42 2017

The UK knew China was planning a massacre at Tiananmen Square two weeks before it happened
added: Thu Jan 5 08:54:53 2017

w/ my take on @Apple kowtowing to #China's censorship in this @CNN report Apple yanks New York Times apps in China
added: Thu Jan 5 08:52:37 2017
tags: china

America sends troops to Russia's border
added: Thu Jan 5 07:54:23 2017

China says hit with record retaliatory trade measures in 2016
added: Thu Jan 5 07:53:23 2017

Mysterious "Master" defeats China's top Go players one by one, then reveals itself to be computer program
added: Thu Jan 5 07:46:29 2017

Obama’s Administration Sold More Weapons Than Any Other Since World War II
added: Thu Jan 5 07:44:54 2017

US spec ops numbers surge in Africa's shadow wars
added: Thu Jan 5 07:41:04 2017

[TECH NEWS] Faraday Future unveils first production car, but all doesn't go well: #Tech…
added: Thu Jan 5 07:30:32 2017
tags: tech

The Swiss man who tried to save Sarawak... and then mysteriously disappeared via @cilisosmy
added: Thu Jan 5 07:30:31 2017

The Baffling Makeover of CCTV global. by @cmphku
added: Thu Jan 5 07:28:59 2017

China commerce min says globalisation an 'inevitable choice' which can't be stopped by nationalism or protectionism
added: Thu Jan 5 07:25:12 2017

Dodging the matrix. Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition.
added: Thu Jan 5 06:43:11 2017

French judges decline to charge French soldiers accused of raping children in #CAR
added: Thu Jan 5 06:22:48 2017
tags: car

India's air is so toxic that schools are closing and expats are fleeing
added: Thu Jan 5 06:10:04 2017

Here's the take you were, or weren't, wating for Left Renewal: Is it the end of the Greens as we know them?
added: Thu Jan 5 06:05:47 2017

Elixir v1.4.0 is out:
added: Thu Jan 5 00:53:03 2017

Data from suggests that most web traffic to executive branch .gov websites is now encrypted…
added: Wed Jan 4 21:59:39 2017

'every dollar of Mexican goods exported to America contains 40 cents of American goods embedded within it'
added: Wed Jan 4 15:11:39 2017

Rough Start For U.S. Republicans On First Day Of Trump-Era Congress - good
added: Wed Jan 4 12:44:48 2017

Primer by @ChuBailiang on challenges for NGOs in China. Uncertainty Over New Chinese Law Rattles Foreign Nonprofits
added: Wed Jan 4 12:42:32 2017

Don't ever click this link on WhatsApp
added: Wed Jan 4 12:41:08 2017

India 'plans to give every citizen a universal basic income'
added: Wed Jan 4 12:39:41 2017

Canadian taxpayers applying for offshore amnesty will be forced to name their advisors
added: Wed Jan 4 12:39:09 2017

No longer ‘Mayberry’: A small Ohio city fights an epidemic of self-destruction Excellent report @washingtonpost
added: Wed Jan 4 12:31:05 2017

【有線中國組:誰來監察中紀委?】 中共中央紀律檢查委員會制作新一輯反貪腐紀錄片,一連三日在中央電視台的黃金時段播出。...
added: Wed Jan 4 12:30:06 2017

Walden Bello: Duterte supporters are stupid, delusional, and sick
added: Wed Jan 4 12:18:24 2017

Designing and implementing robust systems in production? #ElixirLang
added: Wed Jan 4 12:13:28 2017
tags: elixirlang

Futuristic FF91 Set to Give Beleaguered Backer LeEco Much-Needed Boost
added: Wed Jan 4 11:40:31 2017

Rampant poaching in Mugu endangers many species:
added: Wed Jan 4 11:32:47 2017

Israel’s ‘flying car’ passenger drone moves closer to delivery
added: Wed Jan 4 11:30:21 2017

Head injury education and prevention: New tougher approach is now in effect. Find out more here #rugby
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:51 2017
tags: rugby

What do JP Morgan and Australian army have in common? Both have "upset the feelings of the Indonesian people"
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:28 2017

Unlike Trump, China prefers "long, tranquilizing disquisitions. Open sarcasm is rare. Sad!” says @ChuBailiang Ha.
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:17 2017

Dystopia now. In China, Big Brother isn’t just watching your every move. He may be selling your personal data.
added: Wed Jan 4 09:38:05 2017

Why is #China ′protecting′ the #Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group?
added: Wed Jan 4 08:03:31 2017
tags: pakistan, china

HK prepares for ‘20 Years of Joyous Yippee Fun’ celebrations via @hkbiglychee
added: Wed Jan 4 07:21:41 2017

China Mobile apologises for major phone service distruption across Hong Kong
added: Wed Jan 4 06:48:05 2017

Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist nabbed in J&K's Handwara
added: Wed Jan 4 06:13:12 2017

Indonesia’s rapidly disappearing forests, in four charts
added: Wed Jan 4 06:00:25 2017

Congressional Resistance to Trump Begins Now
added: Wed Jan 4 06:00:12 2017

In Banning Ivory Trade, China Saw Benefits for Itself, Too
added: Wed Jan 4 05:47:50 2017

China’s Football Club Buying Spree And Its Quest For Soft Power by @merlinlinehan
added: Wed Jan 4 05:45:00 2017

Tang Yinghong: China's smog is the result of "greed without the slightest scruple."
added: Wed Jan 4 05:19:29 2017

Israel has spent $260 million rounding up and detaining African refugees, categorizing it as “foreign aid”
added: Wed Jan 4 05:12:07 2017

An Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest
added: Wed Jan 4 05:04:38 2017

Really excellent FT report on why Chinese economy both stronger and weaker than seems from afar.
added: Wed Jan 4 04:38:39 2017

Chuck Schumer on Trump's tweet hitting intel community: "He's being really dumb to do this."
added: Wed Jan 4 04:24:57 2017

Otkritie, a private Russian bank, doubled its assets overnight after loans from the central bank
added: Tue Jan 3 20:03:12 2017

Britain’s view of China is but mere fantasy
added: Tue Jan 3 12:59:31 2017

Investing in Chinese Stocks—投资大中华地区股市: Central Planning Fails Again: Electric Cars Editio...
added: Tue Jan 3 12:19:30 2017

Want To Disrupt The Music Business In India? Here’s How via @medianama
added: Tue Jan 3 12:18:27 2017

VIDEO - US - Remembering the Harlem Hellfighters
added: Tue Jan 3 12:18:14 2017

Happy New Year from Obama’s vibrant democracy: 87 Bedouins homeless by Israeli demolitions near occupied Jerusalem
added: Tue Jan 3 12:17:09 2017

One of Elon Musk's rockets spectacularly, mysteriously exploded. Now he thinks he knows why
added: Tue Jan 3 12:16:34 2017

New China rules target money laundering and channeling of money into overseas property
added: Tue Jan 3 12:10:34 2017

China's New Yuan Basket Is Sparking Stability Debate
added: Tue Jan 3 10:44:41 2017

China's forex fiddles show Beijing is increasingly nervous about the yuan. via @petesweeneypro
added: Tue Jan 3 10:42:42 2017

Philippines “seriously studying” possibility of joint exploration of natural resources with China in #SouthChinaSea
added: Tue Jan 3 10:04:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

Finland is now giving citizens a basic income
added: Tue Jan 3 09:52:21 2017

Big challenges remain but Congo may have averted crisis as Pres Kabila seems to have agreed to step down by end 2017
added: Tue Jan 3 09:50:25 2017

I am in Jubilee Party to stay – MP Mwiti
added: Tue Jan 3 09:45:44 2017

MUST READ by @tomphillipsin/ A human rights activist, a secret prison and a tale from Xi Jinping's new China
added: Tue Jan 3 09:44:18 2017

Brilliant! #Taiwan mulls ban on controversial gay conversion therapy - “Sexual orientation…
added: Tue Jan 3 09:12:40 2017
tags: taiwan

Chinese investors shrug off forex scrutiny
added: Tue Jan 3 09:03:28 2017

😡Holiday campers leave behind piles of rubbish at nature spots
added: Tue Jan 3 08:57:24 2017

The ‘1992 Consensus’: A Failed Political Doctrine for #Taiwan's KMT
added: Tue Jan 3 08:52:07 2017
tags: taiwan

Singapore military vehicles still detained, says Hong Kong customs
added: Tue Jan 3 08:51:09 2017

How Leung loses his second term
added: Tue Jan 3 08:46:24 2017

The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese
added: Tue Jan 3 08:35:25 2017

"Anies' public destruction of his liberal image says a lot about where wind is blowing ideologically in Indonesia."
added: Tue Jan 3 08:25:15 2017

Analysts: North Korea not bluffing on ICBM launch
added: Tue Jan 3 08:15:03 2017

Syria rebels freeze talks on Russia-backed peace conference due to ceasefire violations
added: Tue Jan 3 08:13:22 2017

Housing Authority forecasts cash crunch ahead
added: Tue Jan 3 08:11:15 2017

Twitter's China boss Kathy Chen quits after eight months
added: Tue Jan 3 08:05:08 2017

Canadian Couple Held in #China Are Free, but ‘Even Now We Live Under a Cloud’.
added: Tue Jan 3 08:04:39 2017
tags: china

#Myanmar blames fake stories, misleading pictures about #Rakhine state #rohingya
added: Tue Jan 3 08:04:22 2017
tags: rohingya, rakhine, myanmar

Lenovo built its own Amazon Echo for some reason
added: Tue Jan 3 08:03:13 2017

kendal company exports baby milk powder to China. Who needs to leave the EU to do this stuff?
added: Tue Jan 3 08:02:17 2017

Discover the Oldest Beer Recipe in History From Ancient Sumeria, 1800 B.C.
added: Tue Jan 3 07:20:27 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong and Shenzhen set to partner for innovation and technology park in Lok Ma Chau Loop
added: Tue Jan 3 07:20:05 2017

Computer outage disrupts customs at US airports
added: Tue Jan 3 07:15:40 2017

Disturbing video appears to show police brutality against Rohingya in Myanmar
added: Tue Jan 3 07:15:08 2017

Facebook 'censors' naked statue of sea god Neptune
added: Tue Jan 3 07:13:59 2017

Orientalism lives! So, so sad that Winchester's go-to is Peyrefitte: review of Pomfret book on US-China relations
added: Tue Jan 3 07:05:58 2017

Dinosaur eggs reveal one possible reason why they went extinct
added: Tue Jan 3 07:04:46 2017

With No Warning? Steve Pearce introduced an amendment to completely defund the OCE in June. No warning my ass.
added: Tue Jan 3 06:58:19 2017

Too many forex fiddles make Beijing look nervous, @petesweeneypro
added: Tue Jan 3 06:56:13 2017

Raymond’s tomb, Paigah tombs, & Qutb Shahi tombs to be added to Swadesh Darshan circuit. @DalrympleWill @nickfdrake
added: Tue Jan 3 06:26:41 2017

.@ChinaLawTransl8 have translated the “Guiding Opinion on the Establishment of a Personal Creditworthiness System”
added: Tue Jan 3 03:06:15 2017

As new NGO law takes effect cops attack Beijing worker rights gr'p @RadioFreeAsia report @chinalabour @handongfang
added: Tue Jan 3 02:43:26 2017

The next time your libertarian buddy talks about how it would be great to privatize stuff like roads, send them this
added: Tue Jan 3 02:11:11 2017

China says Hong Kong must not be used to infiltrate or subvert mainland
added: Tue Jan 3 01:24:02 2017

"let's delete information that's not popular" seems like a very efficient way to destroy civilization
added: Mon Jan 2 22:28:30 2017

Chinese president accuses fallen top officials of ‘political conspiracies’
added: Mon Jan 2 17:00:07 2017

Airbnb (like most other "sharing" tech companies) largely a tax dodging business, FT finds
added: Mon Jan 2 16:08:47 2017

Lam Wing-kee received most votes in @appledaily_hk Person of the Yr vote. Our yr-end essay traces the choice he made
added: Mon Jan 2 04:38:11 2017

Bank of AQI400+ smog rolling into Beijing just now - within 20 minutes #beijing…
added: Mon Jan 2 03:58:39 2017
tags: beijing

HK government, with its unlimited resources, will use legal procedures to bully lawmakers with fewer resources
added: Mon Jan 2 02:58:08 2017

Some researchers say seasonal affective disorder might not be a real thing
added: Sun Jan 1 16:02:01 2017

An ancient city emerges in a remote rain forest:
added: Sun Jan 1 16:00:14 2017

Owner of Istanbul nightclub says he received warning from 'American intelligence' before Santa attack.
added: Sun Jan 1 15:59:38 2017

Lords revolt over plans for ‘free-market’ universities
added: Sun Jan 1 14:07:07 2017

Rare 'sabre-tusked' elephant killed by poachers in Sabah
added: Sun Jan 1 10:43:57 2017

Humpback whale spotted in New York's East River
added: Sun Jan 1 10:33:37 2017

The prime minister is out of touch with his own citizens | Opinion
added: Sun Jan 1 10:30:00 2017

#SCMP Thousands join New Year’s Day march against government push to disqualify Hong Kong lawmakers
added: Sun Jan 1 10:29:09 2017
tags: scmp

White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election - Ars Technica
added: Sun Jan 1 10:25:46 2017

~The recorded history of their exploits, especially prior to the mutiny of 1857, supports this effusive...
added: Sun Jan 1 07:37:25 2017

shout out to erlang:monotonic_time/0
added: Sun Jan 1 07:22:17 2017

Another leap second, another slew of outages. Handling time correctly is hard!
added: Sun Jan 1 06:21:20 2017

Eve Babitz’s Famous Nude Chess Match Against Marcel Duchamp, the Full Story (NSFW)
added: Sun Jan 1 03:51:01 2017

Island Lions vs Peninsula Dragons - Boys under 12: via @YouTube
added: Sun Jan 1 03:46:31 2017
added: Sun Jan 1 03:42:20 2017

US may put weapons in #SouthChinaSea New tactic involves artillery historically used in offensive land-attack
added: Sat Dec 31 20:21:01 2016
tags: southchinasea

Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems:
added: Sat Dec 31 17:09:28 2016

India activates seventh landing ground near disputed Chinese border | IHS Jane's 360
added: Sat Dec 31 17:09:09 2016

Rich people and corporations pay an estimated $330 billion less in taxes than they owe every year. #BestOf2016
added: Sat Dec 31 15:55:00 2016
tags: bestof2016

Syria rebels: ceasefire 'void' if government violations persist
added: Sat Dec 31 14:35:05 2016

Russian hackers penetrated Vermont electric utility by @eilperin @ adamentous
added: Sat Dec 31 14:18:39 2016

.@RealTimBlack UH OH THE DEMS ARE LOSING THE LYING MSM'S SUPPORT-> Something About This Russia Story Stinks ->
added: Sat Dec 31 14:13:46 2016

"In Hong Kong there is no such thing as a ‘common law’ wife or husband. In broad terms, the unmarried mother of a...
added: Sat Dec 31 13:00:16 2016

SSHLock – SSH on Steroids! - New BSD Mag Issue is OUT! Interview with @lattera Founder of…
added: Sat Dec 31 13:00:03 2016

GitHub is over
added: Sat Dec 31 12:17:31 2016

Bill & John proving history has shown: you don’t drop 0hdays to own people #33c3
added: Sat Dec 31 12:15:14 2016
tags: 33c3

Hong Kong #refugee family who offered refuge to @Snowden targeted by government, no hope for waiver from deportation
added: Sat Dec 31 12:06:29 2016
tags: refugee

Duterte looks forward to China’s help for Metro infrastructure.
added: Sat Dec 31 12:06:17 2016

Chinese firms ordered to pay Disney, Pixar $194,000 for copying 'Cars': Xinhua
added: Sat Dec 31 12:05:08 2016

Tibet: Tensions on the roof of the world
added: Sat Dec 31 11:26:38 2016

At times it feels like Myanmar is doing all it can to place itself in the crosshairs of the global jihadist cause
added: Sat Dec 31 11:24:47 2016

Following the Links From Russian Hackers to the U.S. Election
added: Sat Dec 31 11:20:56 2016

Methbot: Russian botnet steals millions from US companies every da... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Dec 31 11:20:18 2016

Firefox 52 Borrows One More Privacy Feature from the Tor Browser
added: Sat Dec 31 11:17:34 2016

For #SunshineWeek, MuckRock tours the #FOIA redaction hall of shame #FOIA2016
added: Sat Dec 31 11:15:02 2016
tags: sunshineweek, foia2016, foia

#Taiwan leader urges #China for ‘calm’ talks as pressure grows - The Hindu
added: Sat Dec 31 10:36:38 2016
tags: china, taiwan

China considering strong measures to contain Taiwan: sources War games, economic sanctions under consideration.
added: Sat Dec 31 10:33:03 2016

osmnx - Retrieve and construct spatial geometries and street networks from OpenStreetMap
added: Sat Dec 31 10:15:20 2016

China is angry at #Japan over unauthorized photos of its new aircraft carrier #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Dec 31 10:03:54 2016
tags: japan, southchinasea

Thatcher wanted to infest Peru with Coca-eating moths: New docs.
added: Sat Dec 31 10:00:02 2016

Facebook temporarily bans author after he calls Trump fans 'nasty fascistic lot'
added: Sat Dec 31 09:37:32 2016

Ring-tailed lemurs face #extinction amid sapphire-mining rush in Madagascar #Lemur #ExtinctIsForever @extinctsymbol
added: Sat Dec 31 08:17:21 2016
tags: lemur, extinction, extinctisforever

With China’s Ivory market closed, Hong Kong can become a preferred market for traffickers to launder illegal ivory -
added: Sat Dec 31 07:14:14 2016

Taiwan to be Tested in 2017: President Tsai
added: Sat Dec 31 05:38:52 2016

Apple Daily says a blacklist of politically incorrect TW & HK performers is circulating PRC entertainment industry
added: Sat Dec 31 05:37:29 2016

Loophole in new Syria ceasefire deal: excludes those "linked" to terrorists. Has meant civilians in opposition area.
added: Sat Dec 31 05:35:39 2016

China's water grab in Tibet: water from Tibet's Drichu (Yangtze) diverted to Beijing's suburbs
added: Sat Dec 31 05:02:56 2016

San Francisco crab fishers join West Coast strike after unloading catch
added: Sat Dec 31 05:01:56 2016

Take the Hong Kong film challenge: Edmund Lee ranks 50 films made locally this year, from the worst to the very...
added: Sat Dec 31 05:00:03 2016

.@Abhinav_Bindra lauds Sports Ministry's decision to suspend Indian Olympic Association
added: Sat Dec 31 04:54:56 2016

Chinese regime would reject any separate democratically-based Hong Kong identity: Lee Kwan-yew via @hongkongfp
added: Sat Dec 31 03:07:05 2016

Duke Energy says coal-ash clean-up has cost $725M to date; could seek to have customers pay: Duke Energy says it…
added: Fri Dec 30 19:49:38 2016

“Users who don’t want that information to be available to Facebook should contact the data brokers directly”
added: Fri Dec 30 18:45:38 2016

Something about this Russia story stinks. Read Matt Taibbi's latest
added: Fri Dec 30 17:05:08 2016

Great account of @Fahrenthold 's investigative reporting in this modern age of social media
added: Fri Dec 30 15:50:40 2016

The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang's Tour-De-force: Comments:
added: Fri Dec 30 15:50:03 2016

A statistical analysis on tattoos in one Florida prison: via @TheEconomist
added: Fri Dec 30 15:37:01 2016

US military says Mosul hospital airstrike may have killed civilians
added: Fri Dec 30 13:52:10 2016

Turkey just took another step towards authoritarian rule
added: Fri Dec 30 13:17:15 2016

Conflict of interest, environmental degradation, and desecration of sacred/cultural sites all in one:
added: Fri Dec 30 13:17:11 2016

Russia expels 35 US diplomats in tit-for-tat move
added: Fri Dec 30 12:04:25 2016

Read the tragic true story of the last UK men hanged for gay sex
added: Fri Dec 30 11:20:06 2016

#OMG --- #May attacked @JohnKerry calling #Netanyahu govt "most right wing in #Israel/i history" - But fact Mrs May!
added: Fri Dec 30 10:55:31 2016
tags: netanyahu, may, omg, israel

Saudi Arabia jails man for saying men shouldn't be able to control women
added: Fri Dec 30 10:54:22 2016

" Is Malaysia Tilting Towards China?" Yang Razali Kassim
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:19 2016

Student arrested near Legco last year found guilty of posessing smoke bomb material
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:04 2016

Ben Mendelsohn says a 'vastly different' version of Rogue One exists
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:00 2016

Syria ceasefire holds after initial clashes:
added: Fri Dec 30 10:46:43 2016

One-Belt-One Road is every single China offshore infrastructure project, including Lat America.
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:44 2016

Theresa May's criticism of John Kerry's Israel speech has not gone down well with the US
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:22 2016

Trump loves Israelis so much he sells them Trump Vodka & tells them it's kosher. But it isn't. He just got caught
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:21 2016

China’s Artificial Islands No Cause for Concern in Philippines – Duterte
added: Fri Dec 30 10:12:28 2016

India to Station Special Ops Aircraft on Border With China
added: Fri Dec 30 10:09:38 2016

The BRICS aren’t anti-colonial counterweights. They’re looking for new markets and resources, just like the West.
added: Fri Dec 30 09:14:01 2016

Hong Kong’s 13-month battle to cut its bill for the British garrison in last decade of colonial rule
added: Fri Dec 30 09:07:56 2016

Career scientist and cyber-security expert appointed as deputy chief of Beijing’s liaison…
added: Fri Dec 30 09:07:03 2016

Fix loopholes to end abuse of catering staff: CTU
added: Fri Dec 30 09:05:15 2016

“Under the right circumstances, if conditions allow, we can consider a rate hike,” PBOC adviser Sheng tells Reuters
added: Fri Dec 30 09:02:29 2016

本港上月人民幣存款減少逾半成 #財經 Fri, 30 Dec 2016 16:37:06 +0800
added: Fri Dec 30 08:40:23 2016
tags: 財經

Zero hours workers £1,000 a year worse off than those on permanent contracts doing the same work...
added: Fri Dec 30 08:32:04 2016

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century | Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
added: Fri Dec 30 08:30:47 2016

Department of Justice releases "Prosecutions Hong Kong 2015"
added: Fri Dec 30 07:06:34 2016

200 dead could bring 20 years of peace, ex-China leader Deng said ahead of Tiananmen massacre via @hongkongfp
added: Fri Dec 30 07:06:10 2016

Exclusive: Chinese education giant helps its students game the SAT @stecklow via @Reuters @thechinaprice
added: Fri Dec 30 06:41:18 2016

China to relax curbs on foreign investment in banking, securities - state planner
added: Fri Dec 30 06:35:07 2016

After “fake news” played such a prominent role in an election, the need for news literacy has never been greater.
added: Fri Dec 30 06:34:01 2016

Independence issue has been dealt with, says Wang Guangya
added: Fri Dec 30 05:32:31 2016

Why are island birds losing their ability to fly?
added: Fri Dec 30 00:21:06 2016

U.S. names two Russians as the DNC hackers
added: Thu Dec 29 19:05:41 2016

"The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False"
added: Thu Dec 29 18:52:18 2016

Bounty of perks, tax breaks and subsidies supports Apple in China. "Corporate diplomacy" plays off governments.
added: Thu Dec 29 18:14:35 2016

Much abt @realDonaldTrump reminds me of Singapore, like press freedom. @jayrosen_nyu @sarahkendzior @ggreenwald
added: Thu Dec 29 16:52:52 2016

“Million Dollar Dissidents and the Rest of Us,” #33c3 talk @jsrailton @billmarczak
added: Thu Dec 29 15:54:58 2016
tags: 33c3

NSA doc in Snowden leak shows Russian intel hacked into email of Anna Politkovskaya a year before she was killed
added: Thu Dec 29 15:53:28 2016

港鐵公司就早前南港島綫事故,所發的延遲證明書 Delay certificate issued by #MTR for earlier incident on South Island Line
added: Thu Dec 29 10:57:13 2016
tags: mtr

State media rails against film review websites for giving new Chinese movies poor marks
added: Thu Dec 29 10:54:03 2016

Tsai wades in on Nazi skit; China upset by Japan on Taiwan; Veterans told to avoid China ...and more
added: Thu Dec 29 10:50:53 2016

A popular Bahraini sports journalist is shot/killed point-blank. Sources say the suspect is a royal family member.
added: Thu Dec 29 10:48:26 2016

What an irresponsible and partisan headline #Xinjiang #China via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Dec 29 10:39:45 2016
tags: china, xinjiang

“Everybody is scared” in Hong Kong's book industry - bookshops, publishers, authors alike
added: Thu Dec 29 10:39:19 2016

Angela Merkel and the history book that helped inform her worldview
added: Thu Dec 29 10:38:26 2016

Man admits Brexit electoral fraud live on radio
added: Thu Dec 29 10:36:48 2016

How #blockchains could change the world | @McKinsey | Pie-in-the-sky nonsense twaddle from another consultant.
added: Thu Dec 29 10:33:46 2016
tags: blockchains

No curbs planned to end construction of 'nano flats', says Paul Chan
added: Thu Dec 29 10:31:04 2016

China's CCB signs $4.3 billion of debt/equity swaps with coal, steel firms via @ReutersUK
added: Thu Dec 29 09:32:42 2016

Toshiba shares have lost more than $6bn in just three days
added: Thu Dec 29 09:06:06 2016

Court rules police can shoot barking or moving dogs when entering a home
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:45 2016

French woman pardoned for killing decades-long violent husband.
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:03 2016

#HongKong bans poultry imports from three more regions after #BirdFlu outbreaks:
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:02 2016
tags: hongkong, birdflu

'Hidden Figures' elevates NASA's human computers to a realm as rarefied as the astronauts'
added: Thu Dec 29 08:59:55 2016

"The purpose of the drug war is to castrate dissent." How Duterte nationalized a bloody campaign. @SpecialReports
added: Thu Dec 29 08:10:58 2016

Chinese prosecutors ask court for more time in 'separatism' case against #TashiWangchuk, already detained since JAN
added: Thu Dec 29 08:09:53 2016
tags: tashiwangchuk

BREAKING: Julie Bishop backs #Israel rather than the #US over #UN resolution
added: Thu Dec 29 08:04:43 2016
tags: israel, un, us

It's telling that political stability comes before critical infrastructure in China's list of cybersecurity threats
added: Thu Dec 29 07:24:16 2016

"BJ says Catholic Patriotic Assoc can appoint bishops - Vatican says only the Pope": telling Pope how 2 b Catholic:
added: Thu Dec 29 07:12:11 2016

Beijing takes aim at indy ‘flies’
added: Thu Dec 29 07:05:58 2016

Gone but not forgotten.
added: Thu Dec 29 07:03:11 2016

Beijing liberalizes salt trade
added: Thu Dec 29 07:02:05 2016

A “terror attack” struck a county in China’s restive region of Xinjiang on Wednesday, local authorities said,...
added: Thu Dec 29 07:01:11 2016

Lawmaker urges reassessment of Central tenements before URA developemnt
added: Thu Dec 29 07:00:58 2016

Catholics told to make beliefs fit reality
added: Thu Dec 29 07:00:58 2016

China says party control over religion in Tibet will only increase via @ReutersIndia
added: Thu Dec 29 06:22:28 2016

#FT Chinese keep buying London property despite Brexit
added: Thu Dec 29 05:44:06 2016
tags: ft

#MALABAR naval exercise aimed at PLA submarines in #SouthChinaSea: Chinese media
added: Thu Dec 29 05:09:00 2016
tags: southchinasea, malabar

Taiwan's Tsai to transit in U.S. in move bound to anger China
added: Thu Dec 29 04:50:46 2016

Yuan drops to new lows in Hong Kong
added: Thu Dec 29 04:30:58 2016

Family forced to drop case over #Beijing custody death
added: Thu Dec 29 04:11:22 2016
tags: beijing

Jailed Chinese activist awakes from coma; says he did not attempt suicide, despite claims
added: Thu Dec 29 02:48:16 2016

If China wants RCEP to succeed it must open its markets, like US did post-WW2; see latest Nikkei Asia Review op-ed,
added: Thu Dec 29 02:36:07 2016

#FreeBSD #Foundation Receives Another $500,000 USD Gift
added: Wed Dec 28 22:53:24 2016
tags: freebsd, foundation

5. How technology disrupted the truth, by @KathViner #mostread2016
added: Wed Dec 28 17:48:01 2016
tags: mostread2016

Enbridge Line #5 Pipeline Threatens Great Lakes; Public Comment Needed #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Wed Dec 28 14:15:01 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

Chinese traders arrested in Hong Kong charged with insider trading on hacked information in the USA
added: Wed Dec 28 14:08:35 2016

How utterly clueless does a pundit have to be to look at Patrick Murphy & think he sees a Democratic superstar?
added: Wed Dec 28 13:54:44 2016

Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016
added: Wed Dec 28 12:36:21 2016

FIFA boss says football federations back expanded World Cup
added: Wed Dec 28 12:35:06 2016

Taiwanese party riles China by inviting Hong Kong lawmakers to forum on self-determination
added: Wed Dec 28 10:50:15 2016

BREAKING: President of ad giant Dentsu will step down to take responsibility for suicide of overworked employee
added: Wed Dec 28 10:37:18 2016

The walls have ears: Warrant granted for #Amazon Echo recordings
added: Wed Dec 28 07:20:01 2016
tags: amazon

Emboldened by its total impunity after decades of illegally colonizing occupied Palestinian land, Israel continues
added: Tue Dec 27 02:49:41 2016

Hong Kong, where history has become a battleground for Beijing.
added: Tue Dec 27 01:59:23 2016

“The normalization of China-Norway ties is the result of years of quiet diplomacy.”
added: Tue Dec 27 01:15:01 2016

How Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert blazed a trail for Trump
added: Mon Dec 26 21:54:51 2016

Now more than ever, must reading from the great Tony Judt in 2006: "The Country That Wouldn't Grow Up"
added: Mon Dec 26 19:47:30 2016

Jabbing left and right, the Anti-Defamation League defends space for American Jews in the political center.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:54:22 2016

The Christmas bird count, a ‘citizen science project,’ thrives in B.C.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:31:09 2016

Apple Pulls Nokia Products from Apple Stores: Comments:
added: Mon Dec 26 14:30:03 2016

#MondayBlues In this album, blues musician Memphis Slim interprets some of his favorite blues singers.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:30:02 2016
tags: mondayblues

Trump’s administration will embolden the Right to harass, suppress, and silence any criticism of Israel.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:28:46 2016

China wages cyber war against dharamsala
added: Mon Dec 26 14:22:22 2016

#Cambodia currently principally indebted to China, still has decades-old $458m debt to #Russia and US at $162m
added: Mon Dec 26 14:00:55 2016
tags: russia, cambodia

If you liked @Nate_Cohn's NYT election analysis, my piece had the same conclusions, worse graphics & better politics
added: Mon Dec 26 13:36:25 2016

@democracynow @WarOnWarOff Bernie is right! BTW we can thank Bill Clinton and the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
added: Mon Dec 26 13:33:53 2016

Dec 26 1907 - New York City Rent Strike begins. Lasts until Jan 9 & 2000 families receive reduced rents as a result.
added: Mon Dec 26 13:27:16 2016

The graffiti kids who sparked the Syrian war – @markmackinnon's telling of the Syrian revolution –
added: Mon Dec 26 09:53:35 2016

FAKE NEWS OR FAKE RICE? "China produces fake rice ...mixed with plastic for exportation to African countries"
added: Mon Dec 26 09:35:58 2016

Chinese Carrier Enters South China Sea Amid Renewed Tension
added: Mon Dec 26 09:12:03 2016

Carrie Lam to fly back to Beijing
added: Mon Dec 26 08:26:35 2016

#Museum director under investigation because he opposed #commercialdevelopment in area around ancient temple
added: Mon Dec 26 07:30:09 2016
tags: museum, commercialdevelopment

"Palestinians know that they have been offered only stale crumbs from the UN Security Council's table."
added: Mon Dec 26 07:30:05 2016

A small planet in our solar system might have been a home for aliens
added: Mon Dec 26 07:29:01 2016

prometheus (3.1.1): Prometheus monitoring system and time series database client in Erlang.
added: Mon Dec 26 07:15:43 2016

Chinese tourists riot after flight delays in Hokkaido
added: Mon Dec 26 07:06:16 2016

Duped by fake news story, Pakistani minister threatens nuclear war with Israel @CNNI
added: Mon Dec 26 07:06:03 2016

China's property curbs set to stay in place in 2017: government think tank
added: Mon Dec 26 07:05:05 2016

Bengal batsman #PankajShaw smashes 413 not out; hits 44 fours, 23 sixes en route
added: Mon Dec 26 06:16:15 2016
tags: pankajshaw

Filmmaker Arrested At Pipeline Protest Facing 45 Years In Felony Charges
added: Mon Dec 26 02:58:08 2016

China lease renewals ease homeowner fears
added: Mon Dec 26 02:43:34 2016

Sound familiar? Xinhua raises concerns about absence of secretive ruler due to health fears
added: Mon Dec 26 02:20:03 2016

The belligerent persecution complex of the American Christian supermajority:
added: Mon Dec 26 02:07:48 2016

Trump’s chief ethics lawyer has a long history of destroying campaign finance regulations.
added: Mon Dec 26 01:55:01 2016

Major Veterans Groups Are Rattled By Trump’s Plans To Gut The VA
added: Mon Dec 26 00:38:00 2016

CA AG files new charges against Backpage CEO, shareholders for pimping and money laundering
added: Mon Dec 26 00:31:09 2016

Sudan steps up efforts to save historical landmarks
added: Mon Dec 26 00:30:10 2016

TIL: Pokemon Go users are editing/vandalizing OpenStreetMap since it seems to use OSM data for spawn locations. m(
added: Sun Dec 25 20:24:44 2016

Israel's prime minister pledged to exact a "diplomatic and economic price" over the UN Security Council resolution
added: Sun Dec 25 19:48:05 2016

I caught up with Latino leaders who quit supporting Trump during his campaign. They're...back on board:
added: Sun Dec 25 19:18:42 2016

#HKFP Chinese whispers: How China is using the media as a form of soft power in Australia
added: Sun Dec 25 16:41:24 2016
tags: hkfp

MINDEF makes formal representation to Hong Kong on detention of SAF’s Terrex ICVs – The…
added: Sun Dec 25 16:40:02 2016

Behind the scenes: The mainland journalist who writes about China's human rights
added: Sun Dec 25 16:36:08 2016

#HKFP Approval to resign? Finance Sec. John Tsang is answerable Hongkongers, not Beijing
added: Sun Dec 25 16:31:24 2016
tags: hkfp

China needs to regulate 'money gates' but guard against financial stress: state media
added: Sun Dec 25 15:35:04 2016

Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders: How To Remake the Democratic Party - In These Times:
added: Sun Dec 25 15:30:09 2016

Nigerian fake rice update: apparently it was meant for display all along cc @shelbygrossman
added: Sun Dec 25 15:30:05 2016

Scared For Her Life, Afghanistan's First Female Pilot Seeks Asylum.
added: Sun Dec 25 15:00:11 2016

An earthquake registering a magnitude of 7.7 struck southern Chile. Region under tsunami watch
added: Sun Dec 25 14:54:48 2016

Silencing dissent is going to become the American way. History will judge @SpeakerRyan harshly.
added: Sun Dec 25 13:50:30 2016

Egypt confirms Al Jazeera producer's arrest for 'provoking sedition'
added: Sun Dec 25 13:15:36 2016

"It’s not just about my brother’s case, it is… about the horrible colonial situation between Puerto Rico & the US"
added: Sun Dec 25 13:05:09 2016

"At this pace, conservationists fear that the vaquita will be extinct by 2022."
added: Sun Dec 25 13:03:37 2016

Beijing imposes anti-independence rules on Hong Kong deputies to China’s top legislature
added: Sun Dec 25 12:43:26 2016

New report from House lawmakers rejects backdoors, says weakening encryption is against national interest :
added: Sun Dec 25 12:41:35 2016

Merry XMAS from the NYPD
added: Sun Dec 25 11:55:41 2016

Hackers breached the “The Standard Hong Kong” newspaper via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sun Dec 25 11:20:16 2016

The brainless slime mould that can solve problems and teach what it has learnt to other slimes via @theage
added: Sun Dec 25 11:18:48 2016

'Friends don't take friends to the UN': Netanyahu accuses Obama over settlements vote
added: Sun Dec 25 10:39:52 2016

@Tibetans My ‘Ruins Photography’ By Woeser @degewa #Tibet
added: Sun Dec 25 10:08:13 2016
tags: tibet

Singapore government still unsuccessful in securing release of seized armoured vehicles - The Independent
added: Sun Dec 25 09:59:22 2016

Queen too ill to attend Christmas Day church service
added: Sun Dec 25 09:58:51 2016

China to levy new taxes in bid to strengthen pollution fight
added: Sun Dec 25 09:35:04 2016

Millennials are living with their parents at a rate not seen since the Great Depression
added: Sun Dec 25 09:32:02 2016

Woman techie hacked to death with sharp-edged weapon in Pune
added: Sun Dec 25 09:15:00 2016

After "despotism of absolute monarchy &...terror of revolution, liberalism warns that uninterrupted power corrupts."
added: Sun Dec 25 09:05:44 2016

China's aircraft carrier to drill in Western Pacific
added: Sun Dec 25 09:05:06 2016

Dozens of UK banks and financial firms 'looking at moving to Ireland'
added: Sun Dec 25 09:04:10 2016

China to mobilise 'hundreds' of missiles to disputed #SouthChinaSea islands in coming months, US officials say
added: Sun Dec 25 08:56:55 2016
tags: southchinasea

Bernie Supporters Seem to Be Staging a Revolt in the Washington Democratic Party -
added: Sun Dec 25 08:35:05 2016

Climate deniers? @DanRather prefers "reality deniers": via @grist
added: Sun Dec 25 04:35:01 2016

China Cracks Down on Christmas Celebrations, Bans Protestant Services
added: Sun Dec 25 02:15:27 2016

Today, only one political party is leading the fight for a voting-justice movement: the Green Party.
added: Sat Dec 24 17:00:45 2016

Interview: 'King of Votes' Eddie Chu says it’s time for a real Hong Kong democratic movement
added: Sat Dec 24 16:02:25 2016

As a holiday gift, we’re bringing GitLab Pages to Community Edition Happy holidays!
added: Sat Dec 24 14:22:51 2016

nice xmas present-the first fruits of my collaboration w/ @adrianzenz on the beefed up security posture in Xinjiang
added: Fri Dec 23 20:54:14 2016

Liberal elites are "resistant to the 'Hillary failed' narrative in part because they are directly indicted by it."
added: Fri Dec 23 12:22:01 2016

A 30min aerial footage of World's largest gold mine. #WestPapua #genocide continuous while a mountain is plundered
added: Fri Dec 23 11:49:13 2016
tags: genocide, westpapua

Limerick city food bank runs out of supplies and turns over 100 people away
added: Fri Dec 23 11:44:21 2016

Chinese Companies Announce Plans to Buy 49% of European Data Center Operator Global Switch
added: Fri Dec 23 11:24:47 2016

Not only did Democrats lose the White House, they have few governorships and state legislatures
added: Fri Dec 23 10:08:16 2016

#Taiwan meeting would be a real #Asia pivot - Washington Times
added: Fri Dec 23 10:07:59 2016
tags: asia, taiwan

Costly debt, tepid equities nudge China Inc to convertibles by @Umesh_Desai
added: Fri Dec 23 10:07:20 2016

Last week @paulkrugman wrote interestingly on Fall of Roman Republic & relevance now. Here are further reflections
added: Fri Dec 23 10:05:06 2016

US sues Barclays over crisis-era mortgage securities
added: Fri Dec 23 09:17:33 2016

U.S. companies want to play China’s game. They just can’t win it.
added: Fri Dec 23 09:15:56 2016

Continuous Delivery: A Christmas Tale via @circleci
added: Fri Dec 23 09:13:58 2016

Beijing prosecutors: five #police officers involved in the #LeiYang #deathincustody case won't be charged #China
added: Fri Dec 23 09:09:42 2016
tags: leiyang, china, deathincustody, police

Chinese state newspaper accuses @realDonaldTrump's trade adviser pick, Peter Navarro, of "anti-China alarmism"
added: Fri Dec 23 09:03:39 2016

LeEco just fired 60 people in Hong Kong right before the holidays. Stay classy, @LeEcoGlobal!
added: Fri Dec 23 08:38:23 2016

Uber’s self-driving cars threaten to squish bike riders
added: Fri Dec 23 08:35:03 2016

Police report filed on 'missing' allocation for Chinese schools
added: Fri Dec 23 08:32:38 2016

Fire destroys section of scenic wetland spot
added: Fri Dec 23 08:31:33 2016

What if NPCSC interpretation deviates from Basic Law?
added: Fri Dec 23 08:07:29 2016

Goldman Sachs is investigated in 1MDB case.
added: Fri Dec 23 08:05:03 2016

John Tsang’s popularity dips as his CE plans still in limbo
added: Fri Dec 23 08:04:22 2016

shock | China's name + shame campaign fails to deter polluters
added: Fri Dec 23 08:03:09 2016

China to relax foreign investment rules for aged care: State Council
added: Fri Dec 23 08:00:08 2016

Earth's core is squirting a jetstream of liquid metal under the planet's surface
added: Fri Dec 23 08:00:01 2016

China auditor says 3,000 punished for 2015 budget irregularities
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:53 2016

China expresses disappointment at EU favoring continued limits on Chinese solar panels
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:40 2016

Deepening commercial ties with U.S. won't change under Trump presidency: China
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:22 2016

More like overworked
added: Fri Dec 23 07:56:46 2016

China foreign minister says U.S. ties face new uncertainties
added: Fri Dec 23 07:56:36 2016

.@DuneLawrence @xinwenfan on China's eco-destruction at sea See also
added: Fri Dec 23 07:54:19 2016

Humla, the last district not yet connected by road, is closer to China than mainland Nepal
added: Fri Dec 23 07:45:01 2016

China's scored a diplomatic hat trick after flexing its economic muscle via @bpolitics
added: Fri Dec 23 07:31:23 2016

New MTR line will not ease Southern District transport woes, says DAB
added: Fri Dec 23 07:11:56 2016

Philippines Publisher Murdered Amid Brutal Drug War
added: Fri Dec 23 07:10:09 2016

I'm really not convinced Italy has the means to bail out Monte Dei Paschi. Even at 900 USD, I keep buying Bitcoin.
added: Fri Dec 23 07:05:43 2016

China's Diplomatic Achievements Based on Economic Power which means monopoly money via @theworldpost
added: Fri Dec 23 07:03:05 2016

#Facebook break can boost wellbeing, study suggests
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:07 2016
tags: facebook

Hate fake news? This site is for you
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:02 2016

#ICYMI @BP_plc finally withdraws application to drill for oil in #GreatAustralianBight: #SeaShepherd #OpJeedara
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:02 2016
tags: icymi, opjeedara, greataustralianbight, seashepherd

Shanghai water supply hit by 100-tonne wave of garbage
added: Fri Dec 23 06:54:06 2016

race to bottom | If you think air pollution in China is bad, take a look at Mongolia
added: Fri Dec 23 06:26:24 2016

Isis is using terror to eliminate multicultural countries like Germany – and the far-right is helping them
added: Fri Dec 23 06:23:00 2016

Fund established to support four pro-democracy lawmakers targeted in gov’t legal action
added: Fri Dec 23 06:18:57 2016

Skip to 3:30. Peter Navaroo cites Charles Glazer: "Trade Taiwan for peace everywhere else"
added: Fri Dec 23 06:11:49 2016

This Hong Kong developer is selling apartments that are smaller than parking spaces
added: Fri Dec 23 06:05:04 2016

New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection: Comments:
added: Fri Dec 23 05:10:02 2016

Revealed: New book exposes Koh-i-Noor diamond's bloody history via @economictimes
added: Fri Dec 23 05:04:50 2016

RSF calls for release of website founder abducted last month
added: Fri Dec 23 04:53:10 2016

#China’s 2% Inflation Doesn’t Tell Whole Story as #Yuan Slumps via @markets @business @SandyHendry
added: Fri Dec 23 04:43:49 2016
tags: china, yuan

Someend of year thoughts on approaching China and risk
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:23 2016

#Taiwan Cabinet declares 7 April as "Freedom of Expression Day" 言論自由日
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:23 2016
tags: taiwan

Under fire, Eric Trump suspends charitable foundation: Washington Post
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:07 2016

Chandran Nair on Consumptionomics: China’s dilemma on moderate prosperity
added: Fri Dec 23 04:32:56 2016

Bolivia continues to be an example for other countries. ✊✊✊
added: Fri Dec 23 04:30:01 2016

GovHK - such technology, very innovation: but it also says it cannot recognise online news sources. Odd that...
added: Fri Dec 23 04:15:34 2016

Not unrelated: This piece by @R_Egreteau @NAR explores the total lack of oversight for Myanmar's army
added: Fri Dec 23 04:14:00 2016

Limited room for China to tighten policy as debt fear grows
added: Fri Dec 23 04:05:07 2016

Huawei very happy to be on Map Of Tasmania
added: Fri Dec 23 04:04:48 2016

Facebook sees 68% rise in Hong Kong gov't data requests in first half of 2016
added: Fri Dec 23 03:16:03 2016

A $45m default leaves doubts about Alibaba fintech affiliate's investment offerings. by @yifanxie @jamestareddy
added: Fri Dec 23 03:14:45 2016

Thai boats using #humantrafficking fishing illegally off E Africa. More #supplychain safeguards needed @giobrouss
added: Fri Dec 23 02:50:31 2016
tags: humantrafficking, supplychain

Facebook should delete the Muslim registry it already has - Ars Technica
added: Fri Dec 23 02:10:10 2016

Editorial @WSJopinion: Taiwan Fails the Uber Test
added: Fri Dec 23 01:23:21 2016

Shanghai, Shanghai. We look at the city's soaring property market - @vicenews @isobelyeung
added: Fri Dec 23 00:21:49 2016

i wrote about referenda and why they're not nearly as democratic as they claim
added: Fri Dec 23 00:18:36 2016

Reminder: Obama is 1st US prez since 1967 to not allow a single UNSCR opposed by Israel. Full data:
added: Thu Dec 22 22:01:03 2016

"Mistakes were made:" Less than 24 hours after releasing report claiming I lied, HPSCI is walking back its report.
added: Thu Dec 22 21:14:07 2016

Uber, a $68 billion firm, dismantled a homeless encampment & displaced 30 people so its autonomous cars could park.
added: Thu Dec 22 18:49:55 2016

@immolations Never mind, found it.
added: Thu Dec 22 15:40:10 2016

iQiyi sets up 1 Billion Yuan Fund to Support High-Quality, Homegrown Content
added: Thu Dec 22 12:49:00 2016

"For the first time in my life, this liberal technocrat is considering going to jail."
added: Thu Dec 22 12:48:05 2016

In Myanmar, profit clouds army pledge to return seized land
added: Thu Dec 22 12:39:17 2016

Beijing holds fire -- at least for now -- and weighs options after Trump names China-trade skeptic Peter Navarro.
added: Thu Dec 22 10:46:47 2016

醫管局今次並無公佈有關事件,直至死者丈夫向傳媒投訴才令事件曝光。 【伊院再爆事故 33歲產婦催生後心跳停頓大出血死亡】 另看昨日報道:...
added: Thu Dec 22 10:10:03 2016

Philippines watchdog to investigate Duterte's killing brag
added: Thu Dec 22 09:49:33 2016

“To see that my skin was healed was just shocking.”
added: Thu Dec 22 09:48:20 2016

Don't use flexbox for page layout: Comments:
added: Thu Dec 22 09:40:02 2016

Snow falls on Sahara; Arctic ice tethers near melting point
added: Thu Dec 22 09:37:26 2016

Tilda Swinton releases Margaret Cho emails about film role diversity
added: Thu Dec 22 09:34:36 2016

Home ownership among 25-year-olds in England and Wales has halved in 20 years
added: Thu Dec 22 09:30:38 2016

#Thailand seeks to develop military production facilities with #China.
added: Thu Dec 22 09:30:11 2016
tags: thailand, china

A cross-party group of senior politicians call to cut the prison population by half
added: Thu Dec 22 09:28:06 2016

Misty Copeland Speaks On Her Experience in Cuba With Non-white Ballet Dancers: 'It's Proving People Wrong'
added: Thu Dec 22 09:00:29 2016

Good read about the corrosive effects of celebrity on society- weapon of mass distraction
added: Thu Dec 22 08:58:13 2016

A CNN journalist filmed the 'invasive' airport security pat-down that made her cry
added: Thu Dec 22 08:57:01 2016

Report of another pregnant woman's death at Queen Elizabeth Hospital emerges
added: Thu Dec 22 08:55:01 2016

#Mongolia says Dalai Lama won't be invited again
added: Thu Dec 22 08:51:26 2016
tags: mongolia

University student takes her own life in third student suicide in four days
added: Thu Dec 22 08:51:01 2016

Fake plastic rice seized in Nigeria amid rocketing food prices
added: Thu Dec 22 08:50:28 2016

“Cooperation is the only correct choice" - Beijing's response to Trump's appointment of China hawk Peter Navarro
added: Thu Dec 22 08:49:19 2016

U.S. returns #China's Taobao shopping website to market blacklist
added: Thu Dec 22 08:48:38 2016
tags: china

Playing The American Card: the Realpolitik Game With China and Russia That Trump Doesn't Get
added: Thu Dec 22 08:47:12 2016

‘Cheating, rapacious, venal, disease incubator': here’s what Trump’s new trade tsar thinks of China
added: Thu Dec 22 08:40:37 2016

“Email is not a technical problem. It’s a people problem. And you can’t fix people.”
added: Thu Dec 22 08:05:18 2016

North Carolina rebuffs transgender bathroom law repeal
added: Thu Dec 22 08:05:08 2016

Delivery Drivers Sue Amazon Over Misclassification, Failure to Pay Overtime and the Minimum Wage
added: Thu Dec 22 08:00:00 2016

China foreign minister says U.S. ties face new uncertainties
added: Thu Dec 22 07:58:26 2016

Fentanyl has driven Duterte to 'madness'
added: Thu Dec 22 07:56:06 2016

Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques Violations of…
added: Thu Dec 22 07:52:47 2016

Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman
added: Thu Dec 22 07:47:44 2016

DAB's Starry Lee 'emotionally supports' ex-LegCo pres. Jasper Tsang to run for top job
added: Thu Dec 22 07:42:16 2016

#RAshwin named #ICC's Test Cricketer, Cricketer of the Year after brilliant run in 2016
added: Thu Dec 22 07:41:15 2016
tags: rashwin, icc

FBI search warrant into Hillary Clinton emails unsealed
added: Thu Dec 22 07:21:01 2016

Man who was wrongly imprisoned for 31 years gets $75 in compensation
added: Thu Dec 22 07:19:29 2016

How Republics End
added: Thu Dec 22 07:19:24 2016

Delta defended kicking 'Arabic-speaking' man off plane
added: Thu Dec 22 07:17:11 2016

"Dad, next time I break my arm and you won't take me to the ER, doctor said I should call Child Protective Services"
added: Thu Dec 22 07:14:40 2016

Hong Kong police allegedly mistreated and threatened detainee
added: Thu Dec 22 07:14:03 2016

#Thailand: The Amended Computer Crime Act and the State of Internet Freedoms via @EFF #NetFreedom
added: Thu Dec 22 07:04:18 2016
tags: netfreedom, thailand

Arrest of @64tianwang founder #HuangQi blowback from @RSF_inter prize, "sends signal" ahead of foreign NGO law #AFP
added: Thu Dec 22 07:03:53 2016
tags: afp, huangqi

OBJ said he was fined for wearing Craig Sager cleats that were then auctioned off with proceeds to cancer research.
added: Thu Dec 22 06:21:25 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong court warns two policemen accused of leaking murder case details not to interfere with key figures
added: Thu Dec 22 06:12:20 2016
tags: scmp

Sinica prof on Sao Tome: much of TWs money was used for vote buying. most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate.
added: Thu Dec 22 05:45:41 2016

‘A Notice to Foreign Forces: We’ve Captured #JiangTianyong!’ — Commy Youth League Video Denigrates Rights Lawyer
added: Thu Dec 22 05:32:58 2016
tags: jiangtianyong

2016 -- "the first election since 1796 in which more than six individuals received electoral votes for president"
added: Thu Dec 22 03:28:37 2016

"Taken literally, this would mean the end of independent reporting on national security policy."
added: Thu Dec 22 02:18:28 2016

The CIA is rebranding as a rational, progressive arm of the US state. And some liberals are buying it.
added: Thu Dec 22 01:41:43 2016

Bank of China (HK) opens 1st branch in #Brunei Xi pitches for oil and greater leverage over #ASEAN #SouthChinaSea
added: Wed Dec 21 22:54:48 2016
tags: brunei, asean, southchinasea

Mother Jones' Legacy Is Haunting Mother Jones as the Magazine Embraces Neoliberalism
added: Wed Dec 21 19:42:22 2016

Pakistan conducts live anti-ship missile test in North Arabian Sea
added: Wed Dec 21 14:30:02 2016

"Class Struggle and the Fight for Freedom" by Thomas Wells via Democratic Left
added: Wed Dec 21 14:30:01 2016

#Russia leaves #India stunned by backing 2000 Km China-Pakistan business corridor
added: Wed Dec 21 14:01:24 2016
tags: russia, india

China to tighten green car subsidy program following scandal
added: Wed Dec 21 09:25:08 2016

Japan's TDK is buying U.S.-based Apple-sensor-supplier @InvenSense for $1.3bn in cash
added: Wed Dec 21 08:46:43 2016

Missing Zhang back in action
added: Wed Dec 21 06:41:24 2016

Nassim Nicholas Taleb attacks #China printers’ censorship of his book-but 1000s of authors remain silent? @nntaleb
added: Wed Dec 21 06:40:40 2016
tags: china

China’s anticorruption campaign churns ensnares the innocent: A pig farmer's tale. Great reporting by @tepingchen
added: Wed Dec 21 06:36:45 2016

Apple is reportedly putting Mac development on the back burner: Comments:
added: Wed Dec 21 05:50:01 2016

* * * WILDAID PRESS RELEASE * * * Hong Kong Government Announces Ivory Ban Legislation
added: Wed Dec 21 05:47:42 2016

nvda - NVDA, the free and open source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows
added: Wed Dec 21 05:46:58 2016

Stray Bullet Forces McKinney (TX) Couple To Evacuate Their Home
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:10 2016

After the Ghost Ship fire, Tupac's old lawyer is helping Oakland artists fight eviction.
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:07 2016

Researchers link processed meat consumption with asthma; say could worsen the condition!
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:00 2016

#China Cheers as #Taiwan Splits With One of Last Few Friends - Bloomberg
added: Wed Dec 21 05:42:54 2016
tags: china, taiwan

@CHRDnet if you prefer English: We put out a translation
added: Wed Dec 21 05:42:42 2016

Tech leaders' Trump sitdown: "...the humiliating normalization of a bigot, a fascist and a tyrant."
added: Wed Dec 21 05:41:26 2016

And then there were 21: Taiwan says goodbye to tiny São Tomé and Príncipe by @pingroma @stegersaurus
added: Wed Dec 21 05:41:15 2016

European regulators are mad at Facebook and WhatsApp over sharing data
added: Wed Dec 21 05:40:41 2016

2018 Governor of Cal... a Taiwanese-American??
added: Wed Dec 21 05:37:11 2016

China’s bond warning - a WSJ editorial. via @WSJ
added: Wed Dec 21 05:36:13 2016

microscope (0.4.0): A simple static web server written in Elixir
added: Wed Dec 21 05:35:57 2016

Shinzo Abe’s act of peace at Pearl Harbor masks a hawkish intent via @FT
added: Wed Dec 21 05:34:55 2016

Look! US "fear of upsetting Beijing" policies discussed, dissed by veteran reporter @keithrichburg . Finally...
added: Wed Dec 21 05:33:25 2016

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
added: Wed Dec 21 05:27:58 2016

Trumpian Absurdism and US-China relations by Adam Cathcart | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Dec 21 05:25:36 2016

The Army under Obama tried kicked out a soldier for beating up a pedophile to protect a child. Why?
added: Wed Dec 21 05:24:57 2016

Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion
added: Wed Dec 21 05:20:58 2016

"Om Telolet Om": How viral Indonesian meme confounded the dance music world
added: Wed Dec 21 03:30:06 2016

Seizing a U.S. drone, China hardly bothers with a legal rationale
added: Wed Dec 21 03:30:03 2016

I must have touched a nerve. Shenzhen TV runs a whole segment rebutting my @lawfareblog post on the drone seizure.
added: Wed Dec 21 02:34:59 2016

Feel the need to reiterate—Mike Flynn met w/ the head of a party founded by Nazis. We need more reporting on this.
added: Wed Dec 21 02:12:58 2016

Studio behind "The Great Wall" lashes out and accuses critic of libel towards Zhang Yimou
added: Wed Dec 21 02:00:01 2016

.@karaswisher one of the few tech journalists eating their Wheaties post election. (In edtech it's @audreywatters)
added: Tue Dec 20 17:38:22 2016

Police notice to Overseas NGOs: Find out which gov body supervises & monitors your org's activities in #China:
added: Tue Dec 20 15:42:42 2016
tags: china

Congress Syria resolution described by @joshrogin seems more aimed at pushing Trump than strengthening his hand
added: Mon Dec 19 14:52:07 2016

Trump team trying to convince everyone Jeff Sessions does not hate black people
added: Mon Dec 19 14:51:37 2016

Dems must look in the mirror. We need bold leadership now more than ever. #DontGiveUp
added: Mon Dec 19 14:51:09 2016
tags: dontgiveup

Evergreen Museum displays portraits of Civil War soldiers history overlooked
added: Mon Dec 19 14:23:19 2016

Muted U.S. Response to China’s Seizure of Drone Worries Asian Allies
added: Mon Dec 19 10:47:41 2016

Very good read.
added: Mon Dec 19 09:58:30 2016

All our e-books are on sale until the end of the year. Merry Christmas!
added: Mon Dec 19 09:57:51 2016

Barclays is dropping 7,000 clients who don't make them enough money
added: Mon Dec 19 09:57:09 2016

Norway, China normalize ties after Nobel Peace Prize row via @Reuters
added: Mon Dec 19 09:48:17 2016

A must read in light of the GOPs North Carolina power grab.
added: Mon Dec 19 08:58:10 2016

HKT decries HK government's handling of mobile spectrum issues
added: Mon Dec 19 08:35:41 2016

Obama said Russian hack stopped after he told Putin to 'cut it out'. That is not true, says DNC chair
added: Mon Dec 19 08:32:00 2016

Fusion reactor endurance record hints at our energy future
added: Mon Dec 19 08:29:28 2016

Pope Francis confirms that evolution and Big Bang theory are real, and God is not 'a magician with a magic wand':
added: Mon Dec 19 08:07:30 2016

Wikileaks offers to help Obama authenticate Russia hacking claims
added: Mon Dec 19 07:37:00 2016

Media battles over CE election as power struggle overshadows Hong Kong's welfare
added: Mon Dec 19 07:31:07 2016

By Joseph Lian: Hong Kong’s Leader, Loyal to a Fault
added: Mon Dec 19 07:24:08 2016

#Malaysia - #Vietnam concerned about reports of China's military deployment in #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Dec 19 07:21:00 2016
tags: southchinasea, vietnam, malaysia

Jail sentence for taxpayer falsely claiming deductions of expenses of self-education and approved charitable…
added: Mon Dec 19 07:20:34 2016

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei @aiww finds home too dangerous, but he may go to Syria
added: Mon Dec 19 07:18:38 2016

How Digital Nomads Went From Niche to Normal @WriterSnyder #digitalnomad #remotework
added: Mon Dec 19 07:05:59 2016
tags: digitalnomad, remotework

Is war between the United States and China unavoidable?
added: Mon Dec 19 07:05:09 2016

China holds ‘first ever’ underwater drone symposium two days after it seizes US device ... Quite some timing, no?
added: Mon Dec 19 06:49:59 2016

As yuan weakens, Chinese rush to open foreign currency accounts by Winni Zhou & @jruwitch
added: Mon Dec 19 06:23:58 2016

(Warning: very long read) Is Taiwan Really a Beacon of Freedom?
added: Mon Dec 19 05:42:43 2016

Police probe complaints of sexual harassment by inspector, indecent assault at drinks party
added: Mon Dec 19 05:30:09 2016

Craig Choy of the Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思, who focuses on privacy issues, told HKFP that it showed a...
added: Mon Dec 19 05:28:12 2016

Ousted lawmaker urges legislature to 'be just' and await final court verdict as ...
added: Mon Dec 19 05:18:20 2016

#SCMP Consultation on retirement scheme ‘like staging a show’, former lawmaker Frederick Fung says
added: Mon Dec 19 04:55:04 2016
tags: scmp

Media speculate Chief Sec. Carrie Lam may meet Chinese officials during visit to ...
added: Mon Dec 19 04:08:05 2016

Jim Crow lives in the courtroom, writes @nytopinion: Same crime, same record - but twice the time behind bars.
added: Sat Dec 17 23:24:04 2016

@KatrinaNation @sdut Report on this instead of defending Russia
added: Sat Dec 17 20:19:07 2016

Smart editorial/ San Diego Union Tribune editorial board-- Is Russian election hack just the beginning for America?
added: Sat Dec 17 19:30:36 2016

Putin and Erdogan push for Syria talks without U.S. or U.N.
added: Fri Dec 16 13:33:11 2016

🎁>£20/$25 🎁>£50/$75 🎁>£100/$125 🎁<£100/$100…
added: Fri Dec 16 13:31:01 2016

Friedman op-ed from August: "There has never been a 'two-state solution' – only a 'two-state narrative.'"
added: Fri Dec 16 13:20:50 2016

Hundreds of Mao's Cultural Revolution 'Urban Youth' Protest Over Low Pensions
added: Fri Dec 16 13:16:03 2016

Denying benefits to Hong Kong civil servant's gay partner a matter of law, not discrimination, court...
added: Fri Dec 16 13:16:01 2016

Aleppo evacuation suspended amid dispute over villages
added: Fri Dec 16 12:16:48 2016

CORNERED: Judge Orders Trump To Testify Over Remarks About Immigrants
added: Fri Dec 16 12:15:38 2016

'Infuriating': John Podesta Unleashes On 'Deeply Broken' FBI
added: Fri Dec 16 12:15:08 2016

China Railway Corp.'s Gag Order Targets Social Media Users
added: Fri Dec 16 12:14:25 2016

This 1986 video is worth watching: NBC Reports On Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing
added: Fri Dec 16 12:08:25 2016 > wonder what's wrong with the PS? Read. Moscovici bashes the IMF for saying a 3.5% Gk primary surplus is too much
added: Fri Dec 16 12:08:19 2016

What we found: odds of having a child born during/after the war w/ birth defects was 30% higher for exposed veterans
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:43 2016

Oil glut to end by mid 2017 if producers stick to deal, says IEA
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:17 2016

Infrastructure investments driving ‘impressive’ growth in Ethiopa, says World Bank report
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:17 2016

The next Standing Rock-style protest could be this Navajo oil battle in New Mexico
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:06 2016

UK govt's broadband bid: "We must acknowledge that there will be areas that it is not economical to connect"
added: Fri Dec 16 12:06:56 2016

Questions about ATC system remain, says Jeremy Tam
added: Fri Dec 16 11:30:09 2016

How price-gouging of opioid overdose cure costs lives: 'There's never enough'
added: Fri Dec 16 11:04:07 2016

China's top man in Hong Kong travels to Beijing as rumours swirl that he may be removed
added: Fri Dec 16 10:00:52 2016

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton wrong on #refugees' citizenship, Federal Court finds
added: Fri Dec 16 09:40:38 2016
tags: refugees

Computer Crime Act 2.0 Unanimously Passed by Rubber-Stamp Assembly via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Fri Dec 16 09:22:43 2016

"European colonists built farms and suburbs over them, but the monuments of Mississippian civilization still endure"
added: Fri Dec 16 09:22:35 2016

Philippines says won't protest China actions in Spratly Islands
added: Fri Dec 16 09:20:10 2016

The Thin Line Between Political Censorship and Fighting Fake News in Iran
added: Fri Dec 16 09:20:08 2016

China Military Tells Burma to Ensure Border Stability
added: Fri Dec 16 09:19:20 2016

Evacuations from eastern Aleppo suspended by Syrian government side, accusing rebels of breaking terms of deal
added: Fri Dec 16 09:17:12 2016

Ted Hui wins appeal against good-behaviour bond
added: Fri Dec 16 09:13:52 2016

Speech by Chief Executive at Signing Ceremony for the Collaboration between Hong Kong International Aviation…
added: Fri Dec 16 09:13:35 2016

In which I slag off Hong Kong chief executive candidate Regina Ip via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Dec 16 09:09:45 2016

#ClimateChange Half of #Japan's biggest coral reef wiped out by hot summer
added: Fri Dec 16 09:09:29 2016
tags: climatechange, japan

Man discovers 1,500-year-old ancient city in Turkey
added: Fri Dec 16 09:05:25 2016

HK stocks continue fall, Nikkei hits a new high
added: Fri Dec 16 09:01:52 2016

Oh Great, China's Legal Daily is publishing articles about disorder in U.S. law
added: Fri Dec 16 09:01:43 2016

Hong Kong judges dismiss murderer’s landmark appeal, disagreeing with UK Supreme Court ruling on Joint Enterprise
added: Fri Dec 16 07:11:55 2016

As Trump riles China, Taiwan tallies defense costs
added: Fri Dec 16 07:10:15 2016

Iraq boosts oil sales to China, U.S., India before OPEC supply cuts bite: sources
added: Fri Dec 16 07:09:53 2016

Dang that's harsh
added: Fri Dec 16 07:07:38 2016

Beijing now categorizes its smog as a "natural meteorological disaster."
added: Fri Dec 16 07:07:26 2016

New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature
added: Fri Dec 16 07:06:50 2016

China's $8.6 billion P2P fraud trial starts: Xinhua
added: Fri Dec 16 07:05:06 2016

U.S. Fed's interest rate hike has caught Chinese bonds off-guard, @petesweeneypro
added: Fri Dec 16 06:17:59 2016

My @AP story about an Aboriginal woman's brutal death and Australia's deep racial divide
added: Fri Dec 16 05:14:44 2016

North Carolina update: Public barred from viewing legislative coup; reporter arrested.
added: Fri Dec 16 04:15:06 2016

#Cambodia: Brother of exiled KNLF president dies in Prey Sar prison from heart attack aged 30
added: Fri Dec 16 02:18:24 2016
tags: cambodia

#Vietnam: Political blogger Nguyen Ngoc Gia tortured in Ho Chi Minh City’s Chi Hoa prison
added: Fri Dec 16 02:17:35 2016
tags: vietnam

Federal law embraces New Mexico model for rural health care
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:50 2016

#AirForce nearly spent $8.8 billion on #drones it didn't need:
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:01 2016
tags: airforce, drones

#ProjectRunway, the verdict is in: @MichaelKors clothes is NOT fabulous when it destroys forests for fabric
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:01 2016
tags: projectrunway

CREDO was under gag order for yrs re: national security letters. Now it’s lifted & they talk to @jessicaschulb
added: Fri Dec 16 01:58:59 2016

Clueless Trump Roils Relations iin the Pacific
added: Fri Dec 16 01:56:01 2016

How China could craft world’s first digital totalitarian state: dangers of a system meant to promote 'social trust'
added: Fri Dec 16 01:43:02 2016

Holy crap. Swedish citizens told to prepare for possible war with Russia
added: Fri Dec 16 01:37:36 2016

China says no country can be exception to 'one China' principle
added: Fri Dec 16 01:26:41 2016

The muzzel comes off: Miss World Contestant Who Challenged China Is Allowed to Speak Once More
added: Thu Dec 15 17:56:27 2016

Democracy Now! used my Red Fawn Arrest video this morning.
added: Thu Dec 15 16:49:18 2016

#ElectionFraud Proven at Audit flipped precinct by 18pts from Bernie to Hillary @JordanChariton @BernieSanders
added: Thu Dec 15 16:34:41 2016
tags: electionfraud

Pro Tip: #ElectionFraud Never flip party affiliations of Sec of State employees @JordanChariton @BernieSanders
added: Thu Dec 15 16:33:51 2016
tags: electionfraud

South Korea Approves Alibaba Affiliate-Backed Internet Bank
added: Thu Dec 15 11:56:00 2016

Windows 10 tip: Create a full image backup using this hidden tool:
added: Thu Dec 15 11:55:38 2016

Top US Republican Senator Graham accuses Russia of hacking his email
added: Thu Dec 15 11:54:55 2016

Korean activists pressured Hyundai over equipment used by Israel for home demolitions
added: Thu Dec 15 11:49:16 2016

Neutron stars generating gravitational waves continuously, say Indian scientists
added: Thu Dec 15 11:40:01 2016

White Students Hold 'Trump' Sign, Turn Backs On Black Basketball Team
added: Thu Dec 15 11:39:44 2016

raxx (0.7.1): A Elixir webserver interface. 1. An interface specification for Elixir webservers and Elixir...
added: Thu Dec 15 11:37:06 2016

Rex Tillerson will have to figure out how to deal with China. He already has lots of experience in one area:
added: Thu Dec 15 11:36:05 2016

【美元陰司紙存銀行換真人民幣】 四川遂寧市有名女子,在街頭地攤買了 9,100 元類似美元的冥幣,之後到銀行分兩次存入戶口,再經櫃員機轉走,提取現金共六萬多元人民幣。 銀行到晚上將現金放入保險庫時,才發現是冥幣。...
added: Thu Dec 15 10:49:01 2016

An Unfettered Strong Dollar Could Spell Problems for Other Currencies
added: Thu Dec 15 10:44:10 2016

Forget Products. Build Ecosystems via @angelorep
added: Thu Dec 15 10:43:56 2016

More Firmware Backdoor Found In Cheap Android Phones via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Dec 15 10:43:26 2016

Bruce Schneier calls for fighting Trump, cops, spies, corps Not IBM.
added: Thu Dec 15 10:13:53 2016

Breaking news on Jiang Tianyong: Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau raided Jiang Tianyong and his younger...
added: Thu Dec 15 10:12:06 2016

Chief Secretary visits Housing Department
added: Thu Dec 15 10:08:36 2016

The predicament of Egypt's Copts - by @mwhanna1
added: Thu Dec 15 10:07:47 2016

Are those magic sponges terrible for the environment?
added: Thu Dec 15 10:06:57 2016

Why do GOP Presidents get to go Hard Right, and Dems are just GOP Lite?
added: Thu Dec 15 10:06:07 2016

#Japan - #Russia braced for an island challenge Abe and Putin seek to end territorial dispute over Kuril archipelago
added: Thu Dec 15 10:03:56 2016
tags: japan, russia

Lack of Penis Bone In Humans Linked To Monogamous Relationships and Quick Sex, Study Says
added: Thu Dec 15 10:00:37 2016

California governor Jerry Brown vows his state will be a haven for science under Trump
added: Thu Dec 15 10:00:02 2016

Justice Department won't send officers to Dakota Access pipeline protest #NoDAPL 😄
added: Thu Dec 15 09:59:16 2016
tags: nodapl

Four years, #Laos? Time to Come Clean on Sombath ‘Disappearance’ -
added: Thu Dec 15 09:57:06 2016
tags: laos

Rogue One turns Star Wars' biggest plot hole into a crucial part of its history [mild-ish spoilers]
added: Thu Dec 15 09:56:05 2016

The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets
added: Thu Dec 15 09:11:24 2016

Biodefense challenges for PEOTUS: Antimicrobial resistance, biotech oversight, zoonotic diseases, pandemic readiness
added: Thu Dec 15 09:10:16 2016

Fraudsters convicted of rigging English language tests for 800 bogus overseas students
added: Thu Dec 15 09:07:47 2016

Hong Kong's Gross National Income and external primary income flows for third quarter of 2016
added: Thu Dec 15 08:38:36 2016

No first day pop: shares of Meitu close at the offer price on their Hong Kong debut. My take from today #chinatech
added: Thu Dec 15 08:34:46 2016
tags: chinatech

Archaeologist uncovers 'the world's oldest drawings'
added: Thu Dec 15 08:34:01 2016

Good for more than just knocking out horses
added: Thu Dec 15 08:30:01 2016

China ambassador to DC urges American business to act as "stabilizer" in relations "at a crucial transition period."
added: Thu Dec 15 08:24:28 2016

Video: Intense bust-up between lawmaker Ann Chiang and Helena Wong unfolds at Legislature
added: Thu Dec 15 08:02:30 2016

How Twitter led a woman to leave the Westboro Baptist Church:
added: Thu Dec 15 08:00:10 2016

Truth is a lost game in Turkey. Don’t let the same thing happen to you | Ece Temelkuran
added: Thu Dec 15 07:33:22 2016

Groundbreaking coach set for biggest challenge yet. #sbsfootball @PaulWilliams_85
added: Thu Dec 15 07:20:21 2016
tags: sbsfootball

NEW blogpost: On the trail of Jain heritage in Tamil Nadu #Madurai #Kanchipuram #Travel
added: Thu Dec 15 07:15:32 2016
tags: madurai, kanchipuram, travel

Tamil Nadu fishermen chased away by Sri Lankan navy, fishing nets cut
added: Thu Dec 15 07:15:01 2016

Official who called Michelle Obama ‘ape in heels’ back at work
added: Thu Dec 15 07:14:00 2016

Pharma execs charged in US for fixing prices on generics
added: Thu Dec 15 06:20:06 2016

Govt bid for early trial of four lawmakers rejected
added: Thu Dec 15 06:14:25 2016

PH cancels visit by UN rapporteur on extrajudicial killings via @ABSCBNNews
added: Thu Dec 15 06:11:19 2016

James Tien throws his weight behind John Tsang
added: Thu Dec 15 06:10:07 2016

China's air force says recent long-range drills routine
added: Thu Dec 15 06:09:01 2016

Hong Kong faces new rules on illegal timber flooding China by @farahmaster
added: Thu Dec 15 06:08:19 2016

After Hong Kong’s Leader is Cast Aside, Beijing Guns for Liaison Office Chief
added: Thu Dec 15 06:06:19 2016

Australia's Crown Resorts leaves Las Vegas, sells down Macau
added: Thu Dec 15 06:05:07 2016

#Thailand: Approval of amendments to Computer Crimes Act postponed to December 16
added: Thu Dec 15 05:45:51 2016
tags: thailand

Julie Bishop accuses China (without naming it) of fuelling 'tension and mistrust' by weaponising artificial islands
added: Thu Dec 15 05:25:47 2016

House GOP tax plan would mean a huge tax hike for businesses that import - and they don't like it one bit.
added: Thu Dec 15 04:35:12 2016

Trump team disavows survey seeking names of climate workers
added: Thu Dec 15 04:35:05 2016

Help save government data sets from being lost in the coming transition:
added: Thu Dec 15 04:30:57 2016

Police crack Spain-based phone scam ring that swindled HK$10 million from victims in Hong Kong
added: Thu Dec 15 04:29:50 2016

Multiple foreign nonprofits in China operating without full-time foreign staff in the country as new law looms
added: Thu Dec 15 04:18:33 2016

Star Trek: Discovery casts The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green as its lead
added: Thu Dec 15 04:15:45 2016

North Carolina G.O.P. Moves to Curb Power of New Democratic Governor
added: Thu Dec 15 04:12:22 2016

Of all things to hate, the white nationalist movement known as the alt-right has targeted 'Rogue One':
added: Thu Dec 15 02:19:09 2016

Eight States Have Fewer Than 10 Girls Take AP Computer Science Exam #womenintech #girlsinstem #diversityintech
added: Thu Dec 15 02:00:04 2016
tags: diversityintech, womenintech, girlsinstem

BREAKING: Putin "personally directed" US election hacking, say officials:
added: Thu Dec 15 00:08:46 2016

More details in new article from @washingtonpost as the alleged silencing of Anastasia Lin develops plot twists
added: Wed Dec 14 23:42:29 2016

For Tillerson, South China Sea Storms Aren’t New - China Real Time Report - WSJ
added: Wed Dec 14 23:11:56 2016

Popular Chinese Muslim Website Down After Posting Letter Critical of Xi — by Christian Shepherd — via @reuters
added: Wed Dec 14 21:05:00 2016

Appalling footage from Italy of a tackle on referee Beatrice Benvenuti, has to be a severe, if not, lifetime ban
added: Wed Dec 14 20:16:26 2016

Here’s the original source for a chart I retweeted the other day.
added: Wed Dec 14 16:39:58 2016

“The icons in our software interfaces are whispering stories to us from the history of clothing and fashion.”
added: Wed Dec 14 11:30:22 2016

Australian Firm to Give Up Thai Gold Mines via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Wed Dec 14 11:28:42 2016

China tells Japan it opposes unilateral North Korea sanctions
added: Wed Dec 14 11:24:09 2016

Popular Chinese Muslim website down after posting letter critical of Xi
added: Wed Dec 14 11:06:31 2016

CY's going but perhaps Hongkongers should delay the champagne, writes @VivienneChow .
added: Wed Dec 14 11:06:30 2016

Criticism is growing of the 'natural rate' of interest that central banks depend upon for their analysis #economics
added: Wed Dec 14 11:05:17 2016
tags: economics

China bank lending heads for record as November new loans rise despite debt fears
added: Wed Dec 14 11:05:15 2016

Taiwan today: LGBT suicide; Chinese censorship in U.S. over Taiwan; Bloomberg’s currency manipulation accusation...
added: Wed Dec 14 11:04:00 2016

A report has found that Albania and Peru have better mobile phone coverage than the UK
added: Wed Dec 14 11:02:49 2016

Open Source Insider: OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision
added: Wed Dec 14 11:02:03 2016

China said to raise the sales tax on small #cars to 7.5%, curbing a key incentive via @business
added: Wed Dec 14 11:01:33 2016
tags: cars

Every grain of rice: Air Pollution and Food Security in China
added: Wed Dec 14 11:01:19 2016

【競爭條例實施一年】 【千九宗投訴近半涉圍標】 競爭條例實施一年,競委會指收到近 1,900 宗投訴及查詢,有近一半是圍標。 當中有 5個個案、當局要出動搜查令,到明年初,有個案會在競爭事務審裁處提出訴訟。...
added: Wed Dec 14 11:00:27 2016

US execs caught bribing doctors to prescribe drug unnecessarily.
added: Wed Dec 14 11:00:03 2016
added: Wed Dec 14 10:52:23 2016

Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill a Travesty for Women’s Rights -
added: Wed Dec 14 10:49:38 2016

New low for #China authorities: Pageant Silences Beauty Queen, a Critic of China, at U.S. Contest
added: Wed Dec 14 10:42:54 2016
tags: china

新民黨傍晚舉行特別大會 葉劉料大部分黨員支持出選 #本地 Wed, 14 Dec 2016 18:17:52 +0800
added: Wed Dec 14 10:20:20 2016
tags: 本地

Haskell in the Datacentre: how we tuned the GHC runtime to make Haskell run better at scale:
added: Wed Dec 14 10:18:16 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong government seeks views on whether rules should be tightened on election opinion polls
added: Wed Dec 14 10:10:20 2016
tags: scmp

US to operate F-22 Raptors out of Darwin in apparent show of strength to #China
added: Wed Dec 14 09:38:59 2016
tags: china

People's Daily blames pro-democracy camp for helping 'fake refugees' abuse system in ...
added: Wed Dec 14 08:03:13 2016

China’s Sinopec revives plan for up to $10 billion IPO of retail unit w/@ByVenkat @GeniusWu @JBSteins via @WSJ
added: Wed Dec 14 05:03:07 2016

Admiral Harry Harris says the US will not back down from its position on the South China Sea dispute
added: Wed Dec 14 02:21:01 2016

EPA: Remember when we said #fracking doesn't contaminate drinking water? Yeah, forget all that
added: Tue Dec 13 19:27:42 2016
tags: fracking

Scientists say we shouldn't make our beds
added: Tue Dec 13 13:08:28 2016

If he doesn't sell his businesses, Trump could be subject to impeachment for violating the Emoluments Clause.
added: Tue Dec 13 13:07:01 2016

Possible agreement on the Cyprus issue postponed until 2017
added: Tue Dec 13 13:01:05 2016

Audrey Jiajia Li says both governments rely heavily on strict controls and the willingness of their people to...
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:36 2016

PwC Sends Legal Threats To Researchers Who Found Critical Security Flaw
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:35 2016

Google has reportedly stopped developing its own self driving car: Comments:
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:02 2016

Devops with Chef on FreeBSD - Module 3 has been uploaded! >> #DevOps #FreeBSD #opensource…
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:01 2016
tags: freebsd, opensource, devops

XJP demand fusion of Jiang Zemin's "rule by virtue" and "ruling country according to law" at politburo session:
added: Tue Dec 13 12:52:57 2016

DDoS: Thirty-four arrested after international probe
added: Tue Dec 13 12:51:40 2016

Family’s Shipping Company Could Pose Problems for Trump’s Transportation Pick
added: Tue Dec 13 11:21:22 2016

Giraffes, the safari animal long taken for granted, are close to extinction once again, bravo humans!
added: Tue Dec 13 11:19:19 2016

Interesting take by AmCham on possibilities for Taiwan trade with US now that TPP is all but dead.
added: Tue Dec 13 11:18:07 2016

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam turns up the heat on presumed chief executive rival John Tsang over report via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Dec 13 11:16:42 2016

excellent piece by @ggreenwald on the need to publicly disclose all evidence of Russian hacking
added: Tue Dec 13 11:13:13 2016

Iran to build nuclear marine propulsion after U.S. 'violation' of deal
added: Tue Dec 13 11:12:51 2016

Iran just started building nuclear ships in response to America
added: Tue Dec 13 11:11:30 2016

China's richest man #WangJianlin warns #Trump against protectionism
added: Tue Dec 13 11:10:18 2016
tags: wangjianlin, trump

Merkel says sanctions against Russia over Ukraine must be extended
added: Tue Dec 13 11:01:37 2016

#SCMP HK Electric to slash electricity tariffs by 17pc, while CLP Power will freeze charges
added: Tue Dec 13 11:01:05 2016
tags: scmp

Evictions on the rise as renters struggle
added: Tue Dec 13 11:00:58 2016

They came too close to a town ... of three people.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:59:01 2016

Expert: We caught Russian hackers in the act
added: Tue Dec 13 10:53:24 2016

B/c of Ghost Ship fire, cities are cracking down on other warehouse venues, like Burnt Ramen. You can prevent that:
added: Tue Dec 13 10:31:53 2016

HK Electric to reduce tariffs by 17 per cent
added: Tue Dec 13 10:28:29 2016

The real reason unions have taken industrial action in Southern rail
added: Tue Dec 13 10:27:45 2016

The UN says regime forces are entering homes in E. Aleppo and gunning down men women and children, at least 82 dead.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:24:44 2016

This is why Southern Rail has descended into complete disaster
added: Tue Dec 13 10:24:16 2016

This account points out everything wrong with Instagram’s nipple policy
added: Tue Dec 13 10:21:01 2016

低收入在職家庭津貼推行至今兩年,成功申請個案只有約27,000宗,遠不及預期受惠家庭數目20萬。有街坊指出,低津門檻過高,難以申請。 爭取低收入家庭保障聯席 #獨媒報導 Telegram...
added: Tue Dec 13 10:19:04 2016
tags: 獨媒報導

EYE ON AFRICA - Gambian elections: President Jammeh urged to peacefully cede power
added: Tue Dec 13 10:01:14 2016

Quest Diagnostics Says Personal Health Information of 34,000 Customers Hacked
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:39 2016

Israel singled out African scholar for deportation, world church group says #BDS #Palestine
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:39 2016
tags: palestine, bds

A new book by the author of “Moneyball” shows how, together, two psychologists made the world a better place.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:17 2016

Dollar retreats, euro rallies on worries over next Fed statement | Reuters
added: Tue Dec 13 09:56:02 2016

“It would be useful to be able to transition to or from height: auto”
added: Tue Dec 13 09:55:35 2016

This is how corrupt officials under Duterte rationalize their corrupt deeds when discovered.- via @ABSCBNNews
added: Tue Dec 13 09:52:57 2016

Youngspiration pair to take their disqualification case to top court
added: Tue Dec 13 09:25:25 2016

Pan-democrats have tough choices to make ahead of chief executive vote | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Dec 13 09:22:42 2016

Small Tweet storm about this picture and post supposedly showing insider trading ahead of Trump Tweets and legality
added: Tue Dec 13 09:10:31 2016

137 days since @realDonaldTrump held a press conference 0 post-election. Unprecedented for…
added: Tue Dec 13 04:37:32 2016

At least 2,473 people have been killed (since july 2015) according to @CrisisGroup
added: Tue Dec 13 03:08:00 2016

China about to Launch the World’s Biggest Guided Missile Destroyer
added: Tue Dec 13 01:33:30 2016

Barclays, JPMorgan, Citi Help U.S. Broaden #Currency Probe via @markets
added: Tue Dec 13 01:11:47 2016
tags: currency

Good news! @Medium launched a new "membership program" today, and I've now got one. Sign up! Fund journalism! Thanks
added: Tue Dec 13 01:00:24 2016

Trump may have the wrong Asia #currency in his crosshairs #Taiwan seen as more of a manipulator than #China
added: Tue Dec 13 00:55:55 2016
tags: china, currency, taiwan

Brave 0.12.14 released to address (Certificate Transparency timebomb):
added: Tue Dec 13 00:51:28 2016

Bernie Sanders calls Trump a "pathological liar" in a scorching interview.
added: Tue Dec 13 00:51:03 2016

China's Housing Market Isn't a Bubble, Says One Strategist
added: Mon Dec 12 23:18:35 2016

Cherokee Nation attorney general legalizes same-sex marriage and adoption within the tribe by same-sex couples.
added: Mon Dec 12 23:08:05 2016

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp #NODAPL
added: Mon Dec 12 22:56:04 2016
tags: nodapl

Serverless Conf 2016 (Part 2) Data Governance, Mobile Challenges and the Future of Serverless @SkeltonThatcher
added: Mon Dec 12 22:01:16 2016

It's not enough to simply observe that we live in frightening times. These incidents are not a demonstration of...
added: Mon Dec 12 18:33:22 2016

Surely another hefty ban coming up for the England skipper
added: Mon Dec 12 14:58:57 2016

Syria: 'Battle for Aleppo is over' as rebels withdraw, monitor claims
added: Mon Dec 12 14:55:16 2016

My ebook on American political films is out today! pass it on...
added: Mon Dec 12 14:21:12 2016

Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump's Disdain For Facts Worse Than Nixon
added: Mon Dec 12 13:58:34 2016

When 9.4M followers isn’t enough:NBC will shut down the Breaking News app: Comments:
added: Mon Dec 12 13:50:02 2016

Cut salaries of MPs disrupting proceedings in Parliament: Kashi Shankaracharya
added: Mon Dec 12 13:50:00 2016

#BREAKING: election report from Nevada recount.
added: Mon Dec 12 13:29:30 2016
tags: breaking

#SCMP Hong Kong pay increases fall as fewer employers seek to boost workforce, survey finds
added: Mon Dec 12 13:29:24 2016
tags: scmp

PRC: “the two countries will have “nothing to discuss” if the US...decides to discard the...“One China” policy.”
added: Mon Dec 12 13:24:21 2016

No End In Sight For China's Political Purges In Hong Kong? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Mon Dec 12 13:00:03 2016

"59% of anthropologists & 53% of English profs would be less likely to hire someone they found out was evangelical"
added: Mon Dec 12 12:59:05 2016

Nantero raises $21M for ultra-dense carbon nanotube memory, brings total raised to $110M+
added: Mon Dec 12 12:51:09 2016

Do Sputnik and Global Times now cooperate? GT content, typical #Dandong photos.
added: Mon Dec 12 12:49:25 2016
tags: dandong

If Trump wants to go where Kiribati and Liberia have been, it is Taiwan that would suffer: by me:
added: Mon Dec 12 12:39:45 2016

This female Muslim politician is risking her freedom to fight Malaysia’s corruption
added: Mon Dec 12 12:10:01 2016

How To Stop Telling Yourself Stories That Hold You Back by @DrLeslieCarr via @mindbodygreen
added: Mon Dec 12 12:09:36 2016

Taiwan frets at being pawn in any Trump re-set of U.S.-China ties
added: Mon Dec 12 12:09:35 2016

#LuxLeaks whistleblower appeal trial now on - support these brave folk in any way you can
added: Mon Dec 12 12:04:01 2016
tags: luxleaks

Via @NPR: Trump Says He Won't Sell His Businesses To Address Conflicts Of Interest
added: Mon Dec 12 10:44:08 2016

The state has helped poor pupils into private schools before – did it work?
added: Mon Dec 12 10:44:06 2016

Daya Bay nuclear plant says incident was no radioactive leak
added: Mon Dec 12 10:43:46 2016

Unsure about what to put in the alt attribute? #HTML5 has you covered #webdevelopment
added: Mon Dec 12 10:41:01 2016
tags: html5, webdevelopment

China dismisses claim of military vehicles in Afghanistan, points to "joint law enforcement ops in border regions":
added: Mon Dec 12 10:30:58 2016

【稱為達夢想】 【樂視賈躍亭將八成股權抵押】 樂視創辦人賈躍亭承認,已將大部份股權抵押,但平倉價遠低於 35 元人民幣。 「其實的確如此,我願以把我自己全部的身家,甚至生命,都投入到夢想當中。」...
added: Mon Dec 12 10:30:07 2016

European Surveillance Companies Were Eager to Sell Syria Tools of Oppression
added: Mon Dec 12 10:29:49 2016

Good read: Reprisals, Rape, and Children Burned Alive: Burma’s Rohingya Speak of a Near-Genocidal Terror via @pock…
added: Mon Dec 12 10:29:31 2016

China's Wanda chairman warns possible US protectionism could cost jobs of 20k people his company employs in the US
added: Mon Dec 12 10:28:17 2016

Indonesia takes new step to combat loss of forests, fires
added: Mon Dec 12 09:36:14 2016

Indonesia Strengthens Peatlands Moratorium via @ValueWalk
added: Mon Dec 12 09:36:08 2016

Confident of winning more votes than John Tsang, says Regina Ip
added: Mon Dec 12 09:21:44 2016

Another ranger is dead at the hands of ivory poachers. Via @KarlMathiesen
added: Mon Dec 12 09:18:02 2016

China should aim for stable yuan, no rate hike needed adviser
added: Mon Dec 12 09:08:43 2016

Cyclone Vardah : Heavy rains, squally winds uproot trees in Chennai; landfall by 3 PM, to hit phone and power lines
added: Mon Dec 12 09:06:17 2016

#Interview Let's talk about NVMe, let's talk to Dell EMC: Let's talk about $1bn baby DSSD
added: Mon Dec 12 09:04:26 2016
tags: interview

Hong Kong stocks fall over US rate hike fear
added: Mon Dec 12 09:03:59 2016

Donald Trump has just appointed a key architect of the 2008 global financial crisis
added: Mon Dec 12 09:02:17 2016

Treasure trove of HK construction project photos MTRC Tseung Kwan O Extension here:
added: Mon Dec 12 09:02:01 2016

Macau-based writer says his sold-out screening at Macau Film Fest only had 10 people in attendance
added: Mon Dec 12 09:00:31 2016

The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere - The Washington Post
added: Mon Dec 12 08:55:56 2016

6.7! 6.7 ! 6.7 ! 【遊日注意】Yen跌到6.7啦!一個月打88折 2月初以來最平
added: Mon Dec 12 08:55:03 2016

#China’s #Stocks, Bonds, #Yuan Slump in Unison on Liquidity Concern @business @frostyhk @justinaknope
added: Mon Dec 12 08:47:23 2016
tags: china, yuan, stocks

#China Warns #DonaldTrump Against Using #Taiwan for Leverage on Trade @business @QiZHAI @dantenkate@tshinflux #US
added: Mon Dec 12 08:46:37 2016
tags: china, us, taiwan, donaldtrump

Capacity of #MTR's new South Island Line worries Michael Tien
added: Mon Dec 12 08:05:26 2016
tags: mtr

Oil prices soar on global producer deal to cut crude output
added: Mon Dec 12 08:05:06 2016

"The CIA maneuvers the press on an international scale" - Malcolm X in 1964 #MondayMotivation
added: Mon Dec 12 08:04:51 2016
tags: mondaymotivation

China Opens Its Markets to World—World Says No Thanks - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 12 08:02:29 2016

Trump's doubting of 'One China' has sparked both hope and fear in Taiwan
added: Mon Dec 12 08:00:53 2016

ISIL 'recaptures' Palmyra from Syrian forces
added: Mon Dec 12 08:00:05 2016

Can #minimumwage work in developing countries? via @wef
added: Mon Dec 12 07:58:45 2016
tags: minimumwage

Trump on China: Beijing 'seriously concerned' over policy
added: Mon Dec 12 07:58:28 2016

culture subsector continues to be dominated by pro-establishment camp
added: Mon Dec 12 07:55:21 2016

As @SCMP_News now Chinese state media, this is an astounding piece on poor quality of infrastructure building abroad
added: Mon Dec 12 07:54:37 2016

How to block the ultrasonic signals you didn’t know were tracking you
added: Mon Dec 12 07:51:50 2016

Pro-democracy camp wins 325 seats - RTHK
added: Mon Dec 12 07:33:50 2016

Pro-democracy camp wins more than a quarter of seats on Chief Exec. Election Committee | Hong Kong Free Press
added: Mon Dec 12 07:33:31 2016

ARIA 1.1 use with SVG 1.1, SVG2 & #HTML5 & <Hx> in <legend> now added to @W3C validator
added: Mon Dec 12 07:32:07 2016
tags: html5

US National Defense Authorization Act to include "senior military exchanges" between US, Taiwan.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:31:33 2016

Hunger-striking writer jailed over poem dies in Algeria
added: Mon Dec 12 07:30:05 2016

Thousands of Invisible Oil Spills Are Destroying The Gulf
added: Mon Dec 12 07:30:00 2016

Syrian army takes Aleppo district under intense bombardment
added: Mon Dec 12 07:27:59 2016

Excellent article by Glen Cary going beyond the urban elites and examining attitudes to change in rural Saudi Arabia
added: Mon Dec 12 07:22:32 2016

How exactly is a powerless #Gambia opposition meant to have rigged results? Jammeh to contest defeat in court
added: Mon Dec 12 07:10:34 2016
tags: gambia

.@HongKongFP: Regina Ip said she will ‘definitely’ implement controversial Article 23 security law if elected #23條
added: Mon Dec 12 07:07:53 2016
tags: 23條

If bombing Coptic church was work of Islamist militants, that's a horrible, lawless way to fight Sisi's repression.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:06:31 2016

Fed turns to Trump agenda with rate hike nearly in the bag
added: Mon Dec 12 07:05:05 2016

Watch Bryan Cranston bring Walter White back to mock Trump on SNL
added: Mon Dec 12 07:04:00 2016 It's time someone acted like a responsible adult.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:00:43 2016

US ambassador rejects 'human rights with Chinese characteristics'
added: Mon Dec 12 06:30:03 2016

"The Mosul Dam, the fourth largest in the Middle East, is built on unstable grounds and its collapse is inevitable."
added: Mon Dec 12 06:00:19 2016

US court hands Standing Rock another victory #NoDAPL
added: Mon Dec 12 06:00:01 2016
tags: nodapl

#China #Stocks Sink Most in Six Months as #Property Concerns Build @business @frostyhk
added: Mon Dec 12 05:57:48 2016
tags: china, property, stocks

Pan-dems now target Ip
added: Mon Dec 12 05:57:45 2016

Methane emissions are now tracking the worst-case scenario for greenhouse gases
added: Mon Dec 12 04:22:30 2016

Worse than Watergate? Russia hacking is massive cloud over Trump presidency, and America. What caused this big mess?
added: Mon Dec 12 02:33:23 2016

"Regarding...what the Russians did & didn't do, we have...allegations & hysteria & almost no facts being produced"
added: Mon Dec 12 02:30:29 2016

Mystery Communist Party commission ‘may expand role in China’s national security’
added: Mon Dec 12 01:05:55 2016

World’s worst corporate tax havens exposed: new report reveals dangerous race to the bottom…
added: Mon Dec 12 00:20:46 2016

"China’s senior foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flyn"
added: Sun Dec 11 23:03:17 2016

First story I've seen on Japan's johatsu (evaporated people) phenom in US media. Families vanish overnight. @nypost
added: Sun Dec 11 21:40:45 2016

#Trump says U.S. not necessarily bound by 'one China' policy #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun Dec 11 16:32:40 2016
tags: southchinasea, trump

My year-long story on how the former head of Pepsi China found asylum in the US, on @ProPublica and @MiamiHerald
added: Fri Dec 9 13:37:12 2016

|@MIChronicle: City of Detroit launches Municipal ID program ("with perks") - Can't vote w it tho #MIchEd #MILeg
added: Fri Dec 9 13:21:14 2016
tags: mileg, miched

@Liberationtech Not on fake news per se but behavioral data infrastructures used to target it by susceptibilities
added: Fri Dec 9 13:12:08 2016

Civil rights group condemns move to block Trump inauguration protests
added: Fri Dec 9 12:25:15 2016

2 Ex-Chinese Diplomats Charged With Running Forced-Labor Ring - The New York Times
added: Fri Dec 9 12:23:13 2016

China is telling Donald Trump to toe the line via @bpolitics
added: Fri Dec 9 11:52:06 2016

Former Tory foreign secretary says Boris Johnson is 'dangerous' and may need to move jobs
added: Fri Dec 9 11:23:38 2016

Breaking: Ousted Hong Kong lawmaker Yau Wai-ching receives death threat and blade in ...
added: Fri Dec 9 11:22:05 2016

AMD packs more horsepower into GPUs with new Radeon ReLive softwar... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Dec 9 10:55:18 2016

Major upset throws the 2017 SAR People’s Dog Show into confusion
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:59 2016

India's cash crisis is 'a mammoth tragedy' via @CNNMoney
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:58 2016

America's first Somali politician branded 'Isis' in taxi ride to White House
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:15 2016

New UN treaty aims to facilitate paperless cross-border trade in Asia
added: Fri Dec 9 10:53:41 2016

"Leung's legacy is a polarised and divided society," says Ivau Choy, a CUHK politics professor. #HongKong
added: Fri Dec 9 10:53:39 2016
tags: hongkong

Statement by ExCo Non-official Members
added: Fri Dec 9 10:52:35 2016

#TVB cites “authoritative Beijing source,” says China supports neither John nor Jasper Tsang for #CEelection #HK
added: Fri Dec 9 10:52:15 2016
tags: ceelection, tvb, hk

1) Regarding the economists v historians on slavery article in the Chronicle of Higher Education
added: Fri Dec 9 10:45:15 2016

Aleppo men and boys 'missing' - UN
added: Fri Dec 9 10:35:23 2016

In case you missed it: #Greece falls back into #deflation.
added: Fri Dec 9 10:34:16 2016
tags: deflation, greece

CY Leung set to leave post, but Hong Kong must not relax, democrats warn
added: Fri Dec 9 10:20:04 2016

Poignant piece from @BBC News: What happened to #China's arrested rights lawyers?
added: Fri Dec 9 09:40:06 2016
tags: china

@chainsawriot 其實佢可能知
added: Fri Dec 9 08:11:09 2016

Hong Kong leader says will not run for chief executive at next election
added: Fri Dec 9 08:09:25 2016

2,000 disabled people wrongly declared ‘fit to work’ by DWP in just three months
added: Fri Dec 9 06:38:16 2016

Top human rights lawyer faces being struck off for bringing war crimes claims against British troops
added: Fri Dec 9 06:37:21 2016

Vietnamese fisheries clash with China in the South China Sea via @ABCNews
added: Fri Dec 9 06:35:14 2016

On-Call: Sysadmin told to spend 20+ hours changing user names, for no reason
added: Fri Dec 9 06:32:55 2016

Taiwan govt will meet w toilet paper makers as it switches to allowing flushing TP instead of throwing it in bin
added: Fri Dec 9 06:32:01 2016

Dramatic relief for industrial borrowers in China. But creates other complications. via…
added: Fri Dec 9 06:31:51 2016

How China’s quick blue-sky fixes make pollution worse | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Dec 9 06:29:37 2016

China universities must become Communist party 'strongholds', says Xi Jinping
added: Fri Dec 9 05:31:05 2016

Wisconsin municipalities saw a strange spike in traffic since March from Russia. #RecountWI
added: Fri Dec 9 04:52:14 2016
tags: recountwi

Trump blocks women's March in DC. "Massive omnibus blocking permit" filed by Trump - no protest for months
added: Fri Dec 9 03:59:21 2016

Democrats may soon be launching a few unorthodox, mega-rich candidates of their own via…
added: Thu Dec 8 21:59:07 2016

Why the German spoken by these Mennonites in Mexico is not just non-standard dialect
added: Thu Dec 8 14:47:03 2016

Clanwilliam cedar could be extinct within the 21st century:
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:43 2016

The 2016 election illustrated that the struggle for the right to vote is not over.
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:14 2016

Assad has ruled out the possibility of a negotiated ceasefire with rebel forces
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:08 2016

The Michigan 2016 presidential election recount is OVER. For now.
added: Thu Dec 8 12:27:14 2016

Corporate #Japan warns of global trade contraction under Trump: @ReutersPolls
added: Thu Dec 8 10:02:59 2016
tags: japan

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective
added: Thu Dec 8 09:00:04 2016

Ireland calls for investigation into Troubles legacy to support victims 'let down' by historic inquests
added: Thu Dec 8 08:58:00 2016

Oil prices shed early gains amid doubts over OPEC output cut
added: Thu Dec 8 08:56:32 2016

Hebei, Tianjin Handed Control of Urban Planning amid Beijing's Push to Decentralize
added: Thu Dec 8 08:55:18 2016

Yes please stop the epistemic marginalization of Taiwan
added: Thu Dec 8 08:54:54 2016

申訴專員公署就網媒被拒採訪政府活動調查報告摘要 | 獨媒編輯部 | 香港獨立媒體
added: Thu Dec 8 08:52:53 2016

Opposition rapped for blaming PM @NajibRazak for Dr Mahathir’s royal rebuff
added: Thu Dec 8 08:17:41 2016

Israel Deports African Theologian over BDS Advocacy
added: Thu Dec 8 08:15:20 2016

Leader of Sunflower movement in Taiwan wonders why Americans won't stand for democracy and human rights
added: Thu Dec 8 08:11:18 2016

Hong Kong gov't 'conducting a review' of its online media ban following years-long battle
added: Thu Dec 8 08:08:37 2016

This story doesn't get any better - 'Outrage as heritage board says remains near new development have no value'
added: Thu Dec 8 08:00:57 2016

China denies alliance w/ Islamic extremists even as at Security Council it defends Assad whose atrocities fuel ISIS.
added: Thu Dec 8 07:34:17 2016

Hating on “Foreigners” a key Plank of Trumpism: Can it be Fought?
added: Thu Dec 8 07:34:08 2016

Hebei plans to build a replica Iowa farm, just like the one Xi visited “I think it will be like a Disney World.”
added: Thu Dec 8 07:30:53 2016

My reflection on Chan Yuen-ting’s success and how it still highlights the huge gender divide in football
added: Thu Dec 8 07:29:10 2016

US, EU help China's exports notch a return to growth - if only just
added: Thu Dec 8 06:02:41 2016

This is a decadeslong economic catastrophe with serious political consequences that we've basically given up on
added: Wed Dec 7 23:08:58 2016

This, from Dana Rohrabacher, is pretty extraordinary
added: Wed Dec 7 22:40:13 2016

How Ole Roemer discovered the speed of light
added: Wed Dec 7 13:24:11 2016

The Passwords You Should Never Use
added: Wed Dec 7 13:15:51 2016

Trump's Taiwan phone call and the future of the US-China relationship: @comradewong Q&A with @paulhaenle
added: Wed Dec 7 13:15:22 2016

China-Linked Spies Target Taiwan With #IE #Exploit |
added: Wed Dec 7 13:00:00 2016
tags: ie, exploit

Chris Grayling scrapped TfL Overground expansion because he didn't want Labour to control it, leaked letter reveals
added: Wed Dec 7 12:56:38 2016

#China's foreign reserves - the world's largest - fall the most since January via @markets @business
added: Wed Dec 7 11:28:19 2016
tags: china

China FX reserves drop $70bn as PBoC supports RMB
added: Wed Dec 7 09:12:06 2016

for more background, check recent insight by @newbloommag
added: Wed Dec 7 08:54:58 2016

Environmental Protection Department's landfill monitoring draws flak
added: Wed Dec 7 08:53:52 2016

There’s a new dystopian show to channel all your real-life fears: @IncSyfy
added: Wed Dec 7 08:34:59 2016

#FEATURE China and Russia aren't ready to go it alone on tech, but their threats are worryingly plausible
added: Wed Dec 7 08:31:36 2016
tags: feature

No law to stop @anwaribrahim from speaking to the press, Prisons DG told @nsurendrann…
added: Wed Dec 7 08:07:07 2016

Iowa governor Branstad is Trump's pick as China ambassador: Bloomberg
added: Wed Dec 7 08:05:06 2016

House Freedom Caucus leader is not on board with plan to delay replacing Obamacare
added: Wed Dec 7 08:03:02 2016

Photographers blend nature and the human form through 19th century photo technique
added: Wed Dec 7 08:00:20 2016

[TECH NEWS] China teams up with HSBC, Arup to launch smart cities hub: #Tech #News #IoT…
added: Wed Dec 7 08:00:18 2016
tags: news, iot, tech

Chief Justice's statement on Government's decision on enhancing remuneration packages for Judges and Judicial…
added: Wed Dec 7 07:38:51 2016

Rejection of the voluntary naked scanner. My experience this morning at Schönefeld airport:
added: Wed Dec 7 07:20:50 2016

Govt lying to public about runway funding, says Chu Hoi-dick
added: Wed Dec 7 06:44:39 2016

Empty villages and more allegations of rape - our latest piece. Myanmar: Inside the closed Rakhine region
added: Wed Dec 7 06:15:45 2016

Cool JS visualization of the HyParView protocol that's used as a basis of our implementation of Partisan for Lasp:
added: Wed Dec 7 06:14:43 2016

#HongKong can expect more economic gloom next year, surveys find | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Dec 7 06:14:09 2016
tags: hongkong

Multinationals Rethink China Strategy in Changing Market - Caixin
added: Wed Dec 7 06:10:11 2016

More from the "Everyone Is A Taiwan Expert Now" Pile That Tsai, didn't she know it was risky?
added: Wed Dec 7 06:09:58 2016

Trump 'lied his a-- off,' says Carrier union leader as terms of deal are revealed
added: Wed Dec 7 06:06:05 2016

Trump's China ambassador pick is old friends with Xi "mutual love of agriculture (bridging) the gap on human rights"
added: Wed Dec 7 05:48:25 2016

Two top EMCers bail from Dell EMC
added: Wed Dec 7 05:47:32 2016

After Ghost Ship Fire, Oakland DIY Grapples With a Broken System
added: Wed Dec 7 05:47:22 2016

U.S., state courts issue conflicting rulings on Michigan vote recount
added: Wed Dec 7 05:35:06 2016

"Gambia's 2016 elections is reminiscent of political earthquakes like the fall of the Berlin Wall." #GambiaDecides
added: Wed Dec 7 05:30:00 2016
tags: gambiadecides

Here's that filing on Bob Dole's paid work for Taiwan
added: Wed Dec 7 05:28:14 2016

Legislative Council Question 22: Public housing development projects
added: Wed Dec 7 05:26:34 2016

And so it begins.
added: Wed Dec 7 05:20:45 2016

Gambia Poised For Peaceful Transition After 22 Years Under Authoritarian Ruler
added: Wed Dec 7 05:13:09 2016

हे प्रभु, जो बंबई का गला घोंट दे, अपनी धरा को चोट दे नदी नाले कचोट दे ऐसी बुद्धि, ऐसी लालच किसी को ना दे।
added: Wed Dec 7 05:07:31 2016

FT Exclusive: China to bail out 1MDB with payment to Abu Dhabi fund #breaking
added: Wed Dec 7 02:49:35 2016
tags: breaking

The People's Republic of the Disappeared: @michaelcaster on the #CCP's attempts to normalize enforced disappearances
added: Wed Dec 7 01:16:37 2016
tags: ccp

Paul Ryan is a sick sick fuck
added: Tue Dec 6 15:36:44 2016
added: Tue Dec 6 14:58:48 2016

A Cheat Sheet on the Deglobalization of the Financial World @business
added: Tue Dec 6 14:38:29 2016

Wearing sexy clothing is not consent to sex. No justification for rape.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:37:54 2016

When less coal is burned, less mercury is emitted.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:36:52 2016

The Real Voting Scandal of 2016 via @JeffreyToobin
added: Tue Dec 6 14:36:36 2016

Nearly third of those surveyed say they see fake news stories more than once a day on internet or Facebook/Twitter
added: Tue Dec 6 14:29:44 2016

What to make of Egypt court striking down part of the repressive NGO law? Nathan Brown and Amr Hamzawy explain.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:12:35 2016

Remember when Christie was considered a popular politician?
added: Tue Dec 6 14:04:17 2016

AFN chief facing resignation calls over ‘sick’ naked legs photo with emoji by crotch…
added: Tue Dec 6 13:45:01 2016

LAPD officers will not face charges in death of homeless man on Skid Row
added: Tue Dec 6 12:50:03 2016

North Korea hacks South Korea's hi-tech cyber command
added: Tue Dec 6 12:50:01 2016

Galactic gold rush: the tech companies aiming to make space mining a reality
added: Tue Dec 6 12:49:16 2016

UN fears Chinese human rights lawyer has been 'disappeared' by authorities #709Crackdown #FreeLawyers #FreeHRDs
added: Tue Dec 6 12:49:14 2016
tags: 709crackdown, freelawyers, freehrds

“…you owe it to yourself to study the tactics that lie outside your comfort zone.” — @fakebaldur,
added: Tue Dec 6 12:43:22 2016

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations
added: Tue Dec 6 12:34:42 2016

My op-ed on #HK's Election Committee subsector elections and why so many pro-democrats are running @AJEnglish
added: Tue Dec 6 12:34:16 2016
tags: hk

John Kerry slams Israeli settlement expansion and proposed 'formalization' bill -
added: Tue Dec 6 12:33:58 2016

Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount via @detroitnews
added: Tue Dec 6 12:29:03 2016

Wow, EPA says they have only talked to Trump transition once
added: Tue Dec 6 12:22:15 2016

Angela Merkel calls for ban on full-face coverings for women in Germany #CDUpt2016
added: Tue Dec 6 12:20:16 2016
tags: cdupt2016

Police rack up an almost perfectly deadly record in Duterte's drug war 97% kill rate is pre…
added: Tue Dec 6 12:10:29 2016

DeVos will get oversight of $1+ trillion student loan system she's profiting from a company her money helped fund
added: Tue Dec 6 11:48:48 2016

Recording of the new #ErlangSolutions webinar is now available! Learn all about #MongooseIM 2.0.0 features
added: Tue Dec 6 11:40:15 2016
tags: mongooseim, erlangsolutions

獨家調查:深圳義工隊赴港反港獨,包吃包玩遊西貢 | 端傳媒 Initium Media
added: Tue Dec 6 11:30:33 2016

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class
added: Tue Dec 6 11:30:24 2016

MUST-READ: How Assyrian Christians worldwide raised ransom $ to free 226 brethren from IS group, @lhinnant
added: Tue Dec 6 11:12:41 2016

"We waited 4 Aleppo to rise & it didn't ... so we had to bring the revolution to them," said rebel commander in 2012
added: Tue Dec 6 11:06:21 2016

Malta passes law to jail any 'doctor' who attempts to prescribe 'gay cures' via…
added: Tue Dec 6 11:02:24 2016

Veterans at Standing Rock just announced they're heading to Flint
added: Tue Dec 6 10:23:11 2016

400 syringes, medical waste collected on beach near Disco Bay Govt too busy reversing elect…
added: Tue Dec 6 10:18:44 2016

Vietnamese man charged for killing 4,000 rare turtles for souvenir business:
added: Tue Dec 6 10:16:17 2016

China hopes U.S. will not allow transit by Taiwan president
added: Tue Dec 6 10:15:50 2016

A review of 2 important books: @degewa's Tibet on Fire, & Tsering Topgyal's China & Tibet: The Perils of Insecurity
added: Tue Dec 6 10:15:26 2016

Linux kernel local root exploit existed since 2011. It was fixed today Ubuntu user can appl…
added: Tue Dec 6 10:11:23 2016

China limits sale of video game items and ¥$; Restricts 'Freemium' buy-in games; and spreads liability broadly.
added: Tue Dec 6 09:41:25 2016

Cheers! The Chinese have bought a U.K. pub after Xi Jinping had a beer there
added: Tue Dec 6 09:38:19 2016

India could face #smartphone #patent wars like those in US in recent years, #antitrust regulator says: @MLexclusive
added: Tue Dec 6 09:37:38 2016
tags: antitrust, smartphone, patent

"The simplest thing the RMT can do is to call off the strike," said the halfwit
added: Tue Dec 6 09:36:56 2016

Confessions Made Under Duress Tarnish China’s Graft Fight, @ChuBailiang on @hrw shuanggui report
added: Tue Dec 6 09:35:50 2016

#Trump can resolve #Kashmir impasse with ‘dealmaking skills'- Pence
added: Tue Dec 6 09:19:46 2016
tags: trump, kashmir

Defence casts doubt about victim's identity in Ken Tsang case
added: Tue Dec 6 09:12:42 2016

This seems to solve the mystery of why Chinese tourists are in the village of Kidlington.
added: Tue Dec 6 09:12:13 2016

Congrats to all the Flint water poisoning whistleblowers for making TIME magazine's shortlist for Person of the Year
added: Tue Dec 6 09:11:59 2016

Don't cut yourself on that Edge: Nexenta containerises DevOps
added: Tue Dec 6 09:10:11 2016

I cannot remember if Democrats were outraged over this or not?
added: Tue Dec 6 09:04:11 2016

Do you approve of HSBC's rainbow lions? Yes. What do you think?
added: Tue Dec 6 08:19:05 2016

Deal advice DIY by major Chinese firms threatens banks' rain making by @julie_zhuli
added: Tue Dec 6 08:09:49 2016

Several compiants about iPhones exploding, says Shanghai watchdog
added: Tue Dec 6 08:09:33 2016

Informed, measured piece on US-Taiwan relations by @JEPomfret
added: Tue Dec 6 08:06:08 2016

My talk on Localism and Civic identity in HK at Academia sinica this Thursday, all welcome!
added: Tue Dec 6 07:45:23 2016

Muslim woman pushed down stairs and called terrorist in New York City
added: Tue Dec 6 07:20:54 2016

Love this piece of analysis about the Taiwan call
added: Tue Dec 6 07:19:04 2016

Russia, China veto UN resolution demanding Aleppo truce
added: Tue Dec 6 07:16:09 2016

Dalian Wanda executive in charge of relisting plan resigns
added: Tue Dec 6 07:16:00 2016

House G.O.P. breaks with Trump Will Congressional Democrats be willing to tax companies that move jobs overseas?
added: Tue Dec 6 07:13:58 2016

A hypnotic, nausea-inducing time-lapse capturing 72 hours of smog last week in Shijiazhuang, NE China blehhhh
added: Tue Dec 6 07:11:56 2016

Interracial Couple's Home Destroyed By Racist Vandals: via @YouTube
added: Tue Dec 6 07:10:05 2016

It doesn't matter how many times these people are proven wrong. They still believe their own bullshit.
added: Tue Dec 6 06:47:49 2016

"Like a puritan’s sexual fears, the obsession w belittling TW's status actually ends up drawing constant attn to it"
added: Tue Dec 6 06:30:47 2016

My latest piece in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper on Trump-China-Hong Kong:
added: Tue Dec 6 06:24:47 2016

China's media, rattled by Trump, suggested on Tuesday he could build a 'quasi-alliance' with India aimed at Beijing
added: Tue Dec 6 05:38:48 2016

Torture in secret prisons: The dark side of China's anti-corruption crackdown
added: Tue Dec 6 05:36:22 2016

Donald Trump sells his stake in Dakota Access Pipeline company
added: Tue Dec 6 03:57:55 2016

#HKSAR gov officials/BJ camp hv called 4 investigation of students,teachers,civil servants & families-sum freedom>
added: Tue Dec 6 02:03:44 2016
tags: hksar

Veterans join Native elders in #NoDAPL celebration ceremony and ask for forgiveness
added: Mon Dec 5 20:26:36 2016
tags: nodapl

The Democrats' reliance on billionaire funders like Saban is a key reason that debate over Israel is not permitted.
added: Mon Dec 5 18:57:38 2016

Exclusive: #XiJinping is going to Davos, latest sign of China seeking leadership on global stage in Trump era
added: Mon Dec 5 14:37:59 2016
tags: xijinping

Chesapeake to sell Haynesville asset for $450 million
added: Mon Dec 5 14:05:03 2016

Matteo Renzi: "My experience of government finishes here."
added: Mon Dec 5 13:45:07 2016

‘Why, like New Zealand, aren’t we more proud of our indigenous people?’ #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Mon Dec 5 13:45:01 2016
tags: indigenous, tairp

Ma admin health min Yaung Chih-liang joins KMT call for referendum to decide whether to allow Tohoku food imports
added: Mon Dec 5 13:44:26 2016

New research suggests that seabird poop helps keep the Arctic cool. 🐦💩
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:17 2016

Best Human Rights Books of 2016 An American Genocide, Benjamin Madley @yalepress
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:15 2016

#Singapore MT @kixes: Flexing our democratic muscles: a little guide on how to write to your elected officials
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:14 2016
tags: singapore

Austrians' pro-EU views scupper far-right bid for presidency
added: Mon Dec 5 13:28:26 2016

China: Trump Team Is ‘Clear’ on Taiwan’s Importance to Beijing - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 5 13:27:38 2016

Saudi Arabia bans a prominent journalist for his critical remarks about Trump.
added: Mon Dec 5 13:26:24 2016

That viral graph about millennials’ declining support for democracy? It’s very misleading. - The Washington Post
added: Mon Dec 5 13:26:18 2016

Dakota victory brings powerful message for Trump resistance If we organize and outlast them, we can win @Will_Bunch
added: Mon Dec 5 12:12:41 2016

USA, 2016
added: Mon Dec 5 12:00:16 2016

Being religious is like being on drugs
added: Mon Dec 5 11:53:10 2016

被控無牌經營旅館 露營車負責人脫罪
added: Mon Dec 5 11:41:32 2016

Washington gunman motivated by fake news 'Pizzagate' conspiracy
added: Mon Dec 5 11:37:35 2016

Yuan, #Taiwan Dollar Slip After @realDonaldTrump Tweets Criticism of #China - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 5 10:44:42 2016
tags: taiwan, china

Three Things to Know About #Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, Who Rattled #China by Phoning @realDonaldTrump | TIME
added: Mon Dec 5 10:44:06 2016
tags: china, taiwan

Shinzo Abe to visit Pearl Harbor later this month, becoming the first Japanese leader to visit since the attack
added: Mon Dec 5 10:39:23 2016

'They want us to be silent': Hong Kong lawmaker under threat @nathanlawkc vows to fight by @jgriffiths ht @KamVivian
added: Mon Dec 5 10:07:27 2016

Federal judge orders Michigan to conduct a statewide recount.
added: Mon Dec 5 09:55:14 2016

ProtonMail deploying SRP authentication, using 2048-bit safe primes
added: Mon Dec 5 08:47:45 2016

'A storm is gathering on the horizon': Chinese scholars fret about Trump
added: Mon Dec 5 08:40:06 2016

S.Korean business tycoons including Samsung & Hyundai bosses to be grilled at hearings over Pres.Park's scandal @AFP
added: Mon Dec 5 07:58:00 2016

The euro is at a 20-month low
added: Mon Dec 5 07:57:56 2016

Donald Trump just made everything even worse with China
added: Mon Dec 5 07:53:37 2016

As Indonesia seeks Chinese investment, it has shied away from intl leadership on South China Sea, writes @ConnellyAL
added: Mon Dec 5 07:53:00 2016

A conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton running paedophile ring led a man to open fire in a pizza shop
added: Mon Dec 5 07:52:48 2016

JUST IN: ‘King of judicial review’ to challenge Finance Sec’s refusal to answer lawmaker questions, HKFP has learned
added: Mon Dec 5 07:50:20 2016

I'm genuinely scared. You should be too.
added: Mon Dec 5 07:49:05 2016

If you're just waking here's what you missed with the #HFTHrescue - catch up here:
added: Mon Dec 5 07:29:21 2016
tags: hfthrescue

Theresa May says human rights abuses shouldn't affect trade policy
added: Mon Dec 5 07:24:20 2016

Ming Pao staff demands quicker probe into assault on reporter during Mong Kok clashes
added: Mon Dec 5 07:21:52 2016

Italian PM Matteo Renzi resigns after crushing 20-point defeat in constitutional referendum
added: Mon Dec 5 07:20:40 2016

Breitbart Has Landed in Beijing by @MrRFH
added: Mon Dec 5 05:41:53 2016

Not a lot of suspense in Uzbekistan as dictator Karimov's sidekick PM for past 13 years prepares to assume his role.
added: Mon Dec 5 05:41:02 2016

This piece by Ezekiel Kweku @theshrillest is so good. "What The Democrats Must Do To Win" via @MTVNews
added: Mon Dec 5 05:39:24 2016

@GreatDismal Thankfully, probably won't work: Turns out the old just need to get their shit together
added: Mon Dec 5 05:36:44 2016

My latest @InfoQ news -> "Amazon Release 'AWS X-Ray' Distributed Tracing Service in Preview" #zipkin #opentracing
added: Sun Dec 4 18:46:21 2016
tags: opentracing, zipkin

More microservices experiences @InfoQ
added: Sun Dec 4 15:56:35 2016

Hindu temples ban new 'animal fat' £5 note
added: Sun Dec 4 15:17:01 2016

No US president or president-elect has spoken to a Taiwanese leader since then-president Richard Nixon agreed in...
added: Sun Dec 4 15:09:54 2016

Chinese media blame Donald Trump's 'inexperience' over Taiwan call
added: Sun Dec 4 15:08:59 2016

Why nine Island First Nations signed Trans Mountain deals #yyj #PortAlberni
added: Sun Dec 4 15:04:11 2016
tags: yyj, portalberni

Audio shows Standing Rock Sioux tribe objected to pipeline two years ago via @NewsHour #NODAPL
added: Sun Dec 4 15:01:34 2016
tags: nodapl

Beijing aggressively targets Chinese diaspora w/political reorg of 中国侨联 All-China Fed. of Returned Overseas Chinese
added: Sun Dec 4 14:52:25 2016

It's not "fascist" to demand that Hillary be treated equitably under the law, and not be granted special privileges
added: Sun Dec 4 14:51:24 2016

#Taiwan, #Indonesia cooperation on #immigration bears fruit | Society | FocusTaiwan Mobile - CNA English News
added: Sun Dec 4 14:50:53 2016
tags: indonesia, taiwan, immigration

North Dakota fracking co slapped with $2.1mn fine over pollution of Fort Berthold reservation
added: Sun Dec 4 14:24:48 2016

Vanessa Dundon 'Sioux Z' permanently blind after being shot in the face by a tear gas canister
added: Sun Dec 4 14:21:02 2016

Singapore minister urges U.S. focus on strategic interest in Asia
added: Sun Dec 4 14:06:03 2016

Global Times chief pundit Hu Xijin: "Trump doesn't have the guts for strategic confrontation with China."
added: Sun Dec 4 14:05:59 2016

SQL injections vulnerabilities in Stack Overflow PHP questions :
added: Sun Dec 4 13:52:02 2016

Reminder Nazi-linked Austrian far-rightist set to win presidency loves Israel. Zionism and anti-Semitism are allies.
added: Sun Dec 4 13:51:30 2016

Listen to Amy Goodman's latest podcast: "How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win"
added: Sun Dec 4 13:50:14 2016

A Failure Of Solidarity In Taiwan After The Trump-Tsai Call? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Sun Dec 4 13:00:02 2016

How come the Western press never for a second considers Taiwan's point of view? Two people were on the call, right?
added: Sun Dec 4 12:12:42 2016

#SriLanka Sri Lanka to buy Chinese Xian Y20 military-cum-civil transport planes - The New Indian Express
added: Sun Dec 4 12:02:18 2016
tags: srilanka

// 一些建制人士就將問題歸因於新一代欠缺中國歷史教育。於是有親建制人士期望將中國歷史科列為必修科目,幫助學生培養民族情感、培養愛國觀念、為邁向民族團結及國家統一而奮鬥。...
added: Sun Dec 4 11:21:03 2016

A blow against net neutrality: #DirecTV Now service could trigger a sponsored-data arms race killing #NetNeutrality
added: Sun Dec 4 11:20:30 2016
tags: netneutrality, directv

Dec 4 1969 – Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton & Mark Clark killed while asleep during raid by Chicago police
added: Sun Dec 4 11:12:58 2016

These Big Native American Facebook Pages Are Actually Being Run By People In #Kosovo And #Vietnam
added: Sun Dec 4 11:10:45 2016
tags: vietnam, kosovo

The Latest: Stein urges federal judge to get recount moving not easy when a corrupt billionaire pushes back
added: Sun Dec 4 11:07:36 2016

JOB-KILLING $15 Minimum Wage Fails To Kill Jobs
added: Sun Dec 4 11:00:33 2016

5 #tech giants harvested our #data. This treasure must be shared among the people who provide it @evgenymorozov
added: Sun Dec 4 10:46:12 2016
tags: tech, data

U.S. Navy aims to buy more Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets: source
added: Sun Dec 4 10:35:04 2016

Xinjiang Police Hold Uyghur Hostage Against Brother’s ‘Crime’ #China
added: Sun Dec 4 09:54:05 2016
tags: china

Human Rights Defenders held in unknown locaction, 'at risk of torture'
added: Sun Dec 4 09:50:13 2016

#Japan defence budget could rise to record $44.64 billion in 2017 amid security challenges from China & #NorthKorea
added: Sun Dec 4 08:57:01 2016
tags: japan, northkorea

Chinese health fad for donkey skin derived serum is impacting donkey populations worldwide, opens new farming opps
added: Sun Dec 4 08:52:44 2016

British students will have to pay to go to German universities after Brexit
added: Sun Dec 4 08:51:00 2016

"It would be a mistake to think he got a pass. You don’t get a pass on Taiwan" @JohnDelury on Trump & 'The Call'
added: Sun Dec 4 08:49:32 2016

The US election is officially over
added: Sun Dec 4 08:46:00 2016

A brilliant explainer. Trump, Taiwan and China: The Controversy, Explained
added: Sun Dec 4 08:42:30 2016

Carrier's workers union was shut out of negotiations between company and Donald Trump
added: Sun Dec 4 08:38:52 2016

excellent A Surprise Shift On Taiwan Policy By Trump?
added: Sun Dec 4 08:04:59 2016

Michigan's effort to drug test welfare recipients catches zero bad actors
added: Sun Dec 4 07:47:58 2016

Anti-junta activist accused of defaming King Rama X freed
added: Sun Dec 4 07:40:04 2016

Q&A: The next step following Trump’s Taiwan call
added: Sun Dec 4 07:17:13 2016

China carried out 10 ballistic missile (DF-21C) flight tests in a show of force via @MailOnline
added: Sat Dec 3 22:55:20 2016

The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence via @qz
added: Sat Dec 3 22:54:59 2016

Why crony capitalism is as American as apple pie. Some historical perspective is useful.
added: Sat Dec 3 21:16:46 2016

Leviathan would have been better if Hobbes had discussed pet monkies
added: Sat Dec 3 15:39:35 2016

Super @hirokotabuchi piece linking big banks & Indonesian #PalmOil-driven forest loss:
added: Sat Dec 3 13:25:00 2016
tags: palmoil

Nikola unveils its hydrogen-powered semi-truck
added: Sat Dec 3 13:22:45 2016

MFA Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Remarks on US President-elect Trump's Phone Call with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen
added: Sat Dec 3 13:21:07 2016

A Surprise Shift On Taiwan Policy By Trump? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Sat Dec 3 13:00:03 2016

Off grid solar is solving power problems in rural Africa - via @techreview @Liberationtech @autom8
added: Sat Dec 3 11:10:31 2016

The "Econ 101" theory of labor supply and demand has been falsified. It does not work. So will we stop using it?
added: Sat Dec 3 09:08:29 2016

Harrison lobbied for Cintas, the uniform supply firm, to defeat EFCA, legislation to make it easier to form a union
added: Fri Dec 2 22:14:40 2016

Jaime Harrison, DNC chair candidate, lobbied for coal firms working to defeat Obama's cap & trade proposal
added: Fri Dec 2 22:10:13 2016

By releasing his killer w/ no charges the State of Louisiana just said that Joe McKnight's Black life didn't matter
added: Fri Dec 2 19:25:59 2016

Forest fire blamed on Palestinians may have been started by Israeli forces chasing them
added: Fri Dec 2 14:43:49 2016

I wrote about the rebirth of MTV News and the commodification of diversity in media for @thenation
added: Fri Dec 2 14:07:57 2016

I used to work for Cadbury - this is what has really happened since the Kraft takeover
added: Fri Dec 2 13:20:59 2016

These are the six elections that are about to change Europe forever
added: Fri Dec 2 13:20:01 2016

DeVos now targets MI police,fire & teachers-trying to eliminate their retirement security-so wrong 4 so many reasons
added: Fri Dec 2 13:18:21 2016

2016 world champion Nico Rosberg has announced his retirement from Formula One #F1
added: Fri Dec 2 13:17:39 2016
tags: f1

Duterte will be visiting Singapore; let's also name an orchid after him & not mention extrajudicial killings, yeah?
added: Fri Dec 2 13:16:13 2016

As China warships 'clutter' Indian Ocean, India says it's ready for any eventuality
added: Fri Dec 2 13:15:01 2016

Shameless water-carrying by NYT & @jmartnyt for these guys:
added: Fri Dec 2 13:13:53 2016

Foreclosing on a 90-year-old woman over 27 cents: Working at Goldman is the least evil thing about Steve Mnuchin
added: Fri Dec 2 12:45:33 2016

A US government science body promoted an article denying climate change and Bernie Sanders destroyed them
added: Fri Dec 2 12:40:05 2016

Psychedelics have now been proven to help terminal cancer patients as well as people with mental health problems
added: Fri Dec 2 12:40:01 2016

British fighter jets to overfly #SouthChinaSea; carriers in Pacific after 2020 | via @KimDarroch
added: Fri Dec 2 12:39:02 2016
tags: southchinasea

China rescues Filipinos near disputed South China Sea shoal
added: Fri Dec 2 12:38:48 2016

Le Carré meets Tom Sharpe, as the German intelligence agency is penetrated by an Islamist who's also a gay porn star
added: Fri Dec 2 11:10:24 2016

Accusations of lying, spying and Nazism in Austria's final presidential debate
added: Fri Dec 2 11:09:55 2016

Myanmar is burning. Where is Aung San Suu Kyi?
added: Fri Dec 2 11:09:32 2016

Trees planted to commemorate the deaths of 513 Sheffield men at the Somme threatened by @SheffCouncil. Very shoddy.
added: Fri Dec 2 11:07:06 2016

#Germany: Two comrades from #Spain arrested in #HambachForest and imprisoned in #Cologne
added: Fri Dec 2 11:06:23 2016
tags: cologne, hambachforest, spain, germany

#Cambodia: King pardons deputy opposition leader Kem Sokha
added: Fri Dec 2 10:06:40 2016
tags: cambodia

A friend's blog post about her first - and last - business trip to China.
added: Fri Dec 2 10:06:18 2016

Lawmaker queries youth group’s speedy approval – RTHK
added: Fri Dec 2 07:48:07 2016

GovHK's 2017, 20 years since Handover website: inc. poster contest co-organised by SCMP & M…
added: Fri Dec 2 07:41:08 2016

Golang’s Real-time GC in Theory and Practice
added: Fri Dec 2 07:37:43 2016

PBoC slashes X-border RMB quota for intercompany loans
added: Fri Dec 2 07:37:14 2016

A new treatment seems to have ‘cured’ a man’s cancer
added: Fri Dec 2 07:21:00 2016

Ming Pao: Regina Ip told people Beijing has given her a "green light" to run for Hong Kong's top office.
added: Fri Dec 2 07:17:22 2016

Ming Pao to replace its controversial boss
added: Fri Dec 2 07:16:58 2016

News of Chinese lawyer's beatings in prison 'only tip of the iceberg,' wife told | Hong Kong Free Press
added: Fri Dec 2 07:13:09 2016

Carrie Lam presser on preparation works for celebrating 20th anniversary of Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China
added: Fri Dec 2 07:07:11 2016

Chinese Official Warns Disastrous Impact From Domestic Venture Fund Explosion
added: Fri Dec 2 06:56:26 2016

Cornel West: Unlike Bernie Sanders, I'm Not Convinced the Democratic Party Can Be Reformed via
added: Fri Dec 2 06:48:02 2016

Mainland's top court finally clears man executed wrongly in 1995
added: Fri Dec 2 06:16:25 2016

Obama poised to block Chinese takeover of Germany's Aixtron, sources say via @technology
added: Fri Dec 2 06:14:14 2016

Two men involved in Mong Kok riots sentenced to jail
added: Fri Dec 2 06:10:16 2016

SCMP tells Singapore to pick sides btw Beijing and Taiwan ... "On sovereignty, there can be no compromise."
added: Fri Dec 2 05:17:00 2016

Britain values its business ties with Hong Kong thanks to the freedoms enshrined in the ...
added: Fri Dec 2 02:46:04 2016

sweet zombie Jesus there's to be a TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUT of the FUCKING INSURANCE INDUSTRY
added: Fri Dec 2 02:27:26 2016

The week of Sand Creek Massacre anniversary #WaterProtectors issue emergency proclamation:…
added: Fri Dec 2 00:40:28 2016
tags: waterprotectors

Jon Stewart: The American media has become an “information-laundering scheme”
added: Fri Dec 2 00:40:00 2016

VA administrators say a hospital in Wisconsin may have accidentally infected 592 veterans with hepatitis and HIV
added: Thu Dec 1 16:12:27 2016

Beware of How Technology Amplifies Every Deadly Sin -->
added: Thu Dec 1 14:57:57 2016

Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump
added: Thu Dec 1 14:50:18 2016

ThinkProgress: Keith Ellison’s radical plan to save the Democratic Party: ‘Organize, organize, organize.’
added: Thu Dec 1 14:40:15 2016

A MUST READ by @DadyChery: "Haiti Rejects Election Under Occupation"
added: Thu Dec 1 14:40:13 2016

HTTP/2 : In-depth analysis of the top four flaws of the next generation web protocol : (pdf)
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:40 2016

【踢出境】加國逾800中國富人 涉移民欺詐面臨遣返 「在2006至2013年間,逾1,200名中國籍移民經無牌移民中介王迅……目前有320人正受查,並將面臨被遣返中國的結局……」 (按:瓦努阿圖的大門永遠為你打開。)
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:34 2016

Pound hits three-month high after hints UK won't be heading for a Hard Brexit
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:01 2016

Hacking WPA Enterprise with Kali Linux :
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:00 2016

Cash-strapped Chinese dairies are selling and then renting back their cows
added: Thu Dec 1 12:30:13 2016

Kansas school board will now decide fate of of indian mascot
added: Thu Dec 1 11:36:10 2016

Magic mushrooms may ease anxiety
added: Thu Dec 1 11:35:28 2016
added: Thu Dec 1 11:13:22 2016

THANK YOU, @ShaunKing! This is exactly what we deal with in Missouri! Sickening!So much comes to mind.
added: Thu Dec 1 11:05:37 2016

"Many of the companies that buy palm oil from Wilmar tell consumers it is "sustainable."... "anything but. "
added: Thu Dec 1 08:39:13 2016

Beaten up by thugs and receiving death threats: hard life of a Chinese hunter of counterfeits. By @suilee
added: Thu Dec 1 07:43:49 2016

Justice Sec: Legal challenges filed against lawmakers are unrelated to Beijing's ruling
added: Thu Dec 1 07:38:25 2016

不評論會否向其他議員提司法覆核 #袁國強:跟進行動沒有政治考慮
added: Thu Dec 1 07:23:29 2016
tags: 袁國強

Reddit: Trying to train neural network using cuda on AWS g2x2 instance but I keep getting error #LuaLang
added: Thu Dec 1 07:22:05 2016
tags: lualang

Day 1 - Deploy your AWS Infrastructure Continuously By: @hellomichibye
added: Thu Dec 1 07:19:20 2016

Schoolboys recreate $750 HIV drug for $2
added: Thu Dec 1 07:14:13 2016

As public anger mounts over Park, memorial hall for her late father/ex-president was burned down in arson fire (KO)
added: Thu Dec 1 07:14:07 2016

Tibetan nuns dancing to Maoist pop in "Monks & Nuns' Law & Politics Training Course." Public humiliation. @degewa
added: Thu Dec 1 07:10:44 2016

The pathos of cultural critics is that their opinions are usually doomed to quick oblivion. So why do they do it?
added: Thu Dec 1 07:05:39 2016

'Talking nonsense': China tells Taiwan to stay out of Hong Kong debate
added: Thu Dec 1 07:04:08 2016

Censorship on China's WeChat: One app, two systems great work by @citizenlab h/t @wanga2z
added: Thu Dec 1 07:02:42 2016

Obama just missed a big chance to boost wind power
added: Thu Dec 1 07:00:03 2016

How a PA senator treats his state's largest economic engine. Horrible.
added: Thu Dec 1 05:14:13 2016

Cassini's grand finale: NASA's probe begins 'ring-grazing' orbits to study Saturn's rings
added: Thu Dec 1 05:11:44 2016

#China tells #Taiwan to stay out of debate over disqualified #HongKong lawmakers
added: Thu Dec 1 05:10:33 2016
tags: hongkong, china, taiwan

Malaysians worry Trump will drop a US investigation probing his “favorite prime minister”
added: Thu Dec 1 05:04:15 2016

HKU Council chairman Arthur Li: Supporting HK independence is no different to supporting Brexit or Donald Trump
added: Thu Dec 1 05:03:52 2016

CY Leung was not behind mainland travel permit relaxation, says pro-Beijing veteran Rita Fan
added: Thu Dec 1 05:00:14 2016

THIS! A must read for @TheDemocrats & anyone who wants to see the party of FDR and MLK be just that. #OurRevolution
added: Thu Dec 1 04:53:21 2016
tags: ourrevolution

China is censoring people’s chats without them even knowing about it @horwitzjosh
added: Thu Dec 1 01:50:06 2016

#SCMP Another 19 ill in Hong Kong after Thanksgiving meal at Dan Ryan’s
added: Thu Dec 1 01:36:15 2016
tags: scmp

"Yet again, as w promises of universal suffrage, the public sees that Basic Law loopholes are good for CCP not #HK"
added: Thu Dec 1 00:46:33 2016
tags: hk

A dark day for digital rights: Congress fails to stop expansive new government hacking powers.
added: Wed Nov 30 21:45:09 2016

The 100% Correct Way to Do CSS Breakpoints:
added: Wed Nov 30 21:08:03 2016

The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Vote Recount #JillStein #GreenParty #Recount #AuditTheVote #Election2016
added: Wed Nov 30 17:29:34 2016
tags: auditthevote, greenparty, recount, election2016, jillstein

This piece by @DavidKaib is very good, and you should read it.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:56:20 2016

#VIETNAM Cat Lai: 539kg #ivory seized en route #NIGERIA to #CAMBODIA via @thenation @WWF_WLCrime
added: Wed Nov 30 14:36:28 2016
tags: cambodia, nigeria, vietnam, ivory

Insisting on China's stance that sanctions won't hurt common NKoreans: "中方的核心立场是,制裁是专门针对朝鲜核计划的,不能针对朝鲜人民,不能引起人道主义灾难"
added: Wed Nov 30 14:34:05 2016

During border search, US Customs seized journalist's encrypted phones, tampered with them.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:33:25 2016

JP Verzosa and his wife are being used as a bargaining chip for the state in peace negotiation in the Philippines.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:32:41 2016

Unclear what the Carrier thing really means. Workers still have no details. But the bar is very low.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:09:35 2016

Does the Carrier sort-of-deal also include the Rexnord plant down the road also moving to Mexico?
added: Wed Nov 30 14:07:18 2016 << Gov't admits "changes" re: print media... yet still refuses to recognise anyone at digit…
added: Wed Nov 30 13:43:58 2016

Plan to turn old Hong Kong airport site into hub for government facilities confirmed
added: Wed Nov 30 13:43:25 2016

|@DetNews @SEIU Robinson: The fight for a #livingwage must go on - Arrests at #Fightfor15 DA's this week in Detroit
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:43 2016
tags: fightfor15, livingwage

"Every single case wants to do the same thing. They say we shouldn't offer a service that allows users to block ads"
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:40 2016

Growing far-right nationalistic movements are dangerously anti-Muslim — and pro-Israel by @ggreenwald
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:09 2016

Bernie Sanders Challenges Trump To Admit He's A Liar Or Nominate A Decent HHS Secretary | Crooks and Liars
added: Wed Nov 30 13:40:17 2016

How the Active Many Can Overcome the Ruthless Few
added: Wed Nov 30 12:42:15 2016

The hidden havens on rooftops around the world, from Singapore to Milan
added: Wed Nov 30 12:40:55 2016

Putting animal fat in the new £5 note isn't just an insult to vegetarians - it should concern everyone
added: Wed Nov 30 12:40:00 2016

Can the Democrats Move Right?, via @nytimes WTF?!?
added: Wed Nov 30 12:31:55 2016

Statement by HKSAR Government on issues relating to Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents
added: Wed Nov 30 12:31:36 2016

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Hinges on American Stupidity. Prove Him Wrong.
added: Wed Nov 30 12:30:18 2016

China says it wants smooth military ties with Trump
added: Wed Nov 30 11:36:05 2016

Beijing untypically quiet on Taiwan drills in South China Sea
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:41 2016

China steps up quality checks on state-owned overseas assets
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:16 2016

Chinese court tries former senior provincial official for graft
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:00 2016

The @FT special report on the future of the food industry and my piece on fishery eco-labels
added: Wed Nov 30 11:26:48 2016

1000 years ago #OnThisDay, Edmund Ironside died and Cnut became king of England
added: Wed Nov 30 11:24:47 2016
tags: onthisday

Ibrahim El-Bakraoui had bribed Turkish authorities to deport him to the Netherlands instead of Belgium.
added: Wed Nov 30 11:07:57 2016

added: Wed Nov 30 11:00:30 2016
tags: 幫黨出聲, 劉細良, 幫港出聲

"There was nothing one cd do but watch & wait for it to happen" - yet another Chinese lawyer vanishes amid crackdown
added: Wed Nov 30 10:59:54 2016

#Indonesia Jakarta Post: Support grows for #WestPapua #referendum
added: Wed Nov 30 10:53:25 2016
tags: referendum, westpapua, indonesia

In a final betrayal of Cadbury's, their new US owners have abandoned their Fairtrade and organic promises
added: Wed Nov 30 10:53:00 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 10:51:08 2016

(Fixes typo) Air conditioning company confirms deal with Trump to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Reported by @jpaceDC:
added: Wed Nov 30 10:45:15 2016

Watch Airileke's Powerful Video for #WestPapua (1 December) Independence Day
added: Wed Nov 30 10:40:41 2016
tags: westpapua

President Erdogan explains why he sent Turkish troops into Syria
added: Wed Nov 30 10:37:59 2016

Oh right, about those LEDs: Comments:
added: Wed Nov 30 10:20:01 2016

700,000 Irish passports have been issued in the year of Brexit - a new record
added: Wed Nov 30 10:20:00 2016

Useful Chinese expression of the day: "老鼠过街、人人喊打" - ‘No mercy’ for HK pro-independence ‘rats’ says Beijing official
added: Wed Nov 30 10:19:55 2016

Beijing targets Taiwan crooks – The Standard
added: Wed Nov 30 09:16:18 2016

China home return permits may soon be reissued to pro-democracy lawmakers - report
added: Wed Nov 30 09:16:15 2016

VIDEO - Dozens arrested during US minimum wage protests
added: Wed Nov 30 09:15:10 2016

Monetary Statistics for October 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 09:14:35 2016

International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
added: Wed Nov 30 09:14:34 2016

Palm Oil and human rights: What you need to know - by @amnesty
added: Wed Nov 30 09:10:55 2016

It's been snowing in Saudi Arabia and this guy's response was amazing
added: Wed Nov 30 09:10:01 2016

added: Wed Nov 30 09:09:48 2016

Refusing to engage with Trump’s base will only guarantee the growth of the far right.
added: Wed Nov 30 09:09:00 2016

Illegal gold mining in Colombia is killing the rainforest
added: Wed Nov 30 09:07:49 2016

Porsche given the job of helping build the new fast charger electric car network with partners.
added: Wed Nov 30 09:05:43 2016

People get ahead in life by using one of these two strategies
added: Wed Nov 30 09:05:07 2016

Chernobyl cover-up: Giant shield rolled over nuclear reactor remains
added: Wed Nov 30 09:04:12 2016

Theresa May signs up to unitary patent, accepts supremacy of top EU court - well, that's awkward #brexit #UPC
added: Wed Nov 30 09:03:48 2016
tags: upc, brexit

Rise in blackmail-related suicides over sexual images shared online
added: Wed Nov 30 09:01:41 2016

"If we go over a course of 25 years, it's possible there are about 25 million women in the statistics that...
added: Wed Nov 30 09:00:35 2016

稅務大樓擬遷往啟德 騰出逾4萬平方米甲級寫字樓用地 #本地 Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:56:35 +0800
added: Wed Nov 30 09:00:17 2016
tags: 本地

Beijing determined to crack down on HK independence after meeting 'Silent Majority' ...
added: Wed Nov 30 08:40:24 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 07:20:43 2016

Pepper: Independence movement battered 1 yr since it came out, HK doomed if "self-determination" punished same way
added: Wed Nov 30 07:05:34 2016

If you thought only #Delhi is battling #pollution, think again. #Bengaluru #Mumbai #Ahmedebad are as bad: @JoseyJohn
added: Wed Nov 30 06:59:41 2016
tags: ahmedebad, pollution, delhi, mumbai, bengaluru

Legislative Council Question 9: Follow-up actions on incidents of excess lead found in drinking water
added: Wed Nov 30 05:16:03 2016

Watch Hong Kong's rule of law disappear in real time:
added: Wed Nov 30 05:13:17 2016
tags: oathgate

Barrett Brown released after 4+ years in prison following charges after the Stratfor hack
added: Wed Nov 30 05:11:08 2016

Is @BarackObama happy with Trump's Treasury pick? Recall Summers Geithner Goolsbee Rubin. The more things change...
added: Wed Nov 30 05:10:35 2016

Taiwan protests against Malaysia's deportation of fraud suspects to China
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:55 2016

Interesting analysis of Singaporean APCs seized in Hong Kong. h/t @mgerrydoyle
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:47 2016

Russia wants to step up its ability to censor the Internet, and it’s turning to China for help.
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:20 2016

Shameful what Hardball is peddling tonight/@chrismatthews knows better/ Putin didn’t undermine the election. We did.
added: Wed Nov 30 04:48:11 2016

A 'coup d'etat': Pro-democracy camp slam gov't legal effort to overthrow lawmaker Lau ...
added: Wed Nov 30 04:42:06 2016

When Stein was talking about lobbyists influence on FDA everyone freaked out - here's Warren on same exact issue.
added: Wed Nov 30 04:38:59 2016

First, Wisconsin gerrymandering thrown out, now North Carolina. Courts are on a roll!
added: Wed Nov 30 04:31:00 2016

NEW #BestoftheLeft: "The divide at the heart of #progressive politics" @FAIRmediawatch @TheBpDShow @BitchMedia +
added: Wed Nov 30 04:25:56 2016
tags: bestoftheleft, progressive

Surprising no one- Ant Financial adds social network function to Alipay, promptly inundated w/ inappropriate photos
added: Wed Nov 30 04:21:00 2016

#India -- Demonetised Currency: Apple sales shoot up as customers rush to buy iPhones with demonetised notes
added: Wed Nov 30 04:04:35 2016
tags: india

Indonesian Lower Court Rejects Bid to Protect Prized Forest via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Wed Nov 30 04:04:30 2016

Our deep dive on the 21st Century Cures Act
added: Wed Nov 30 04:03:58 2016

Spinning rust supply chain seizes up after BIG disk demand spike
added: Wed Nov 30 04:03:12 2016

荷蘭跟比利時同意互換領土,以簡化邊境。 相關地帶是以一條河流做邊境,但之後河流人工拉直,邊界又沒有相應改變,導致某些地方的居民必須乘船,才能在不跨越邊境下往自己國家其他地方。 這次換地中,比利時交出的領土較拿回的多。
added: Wed Nov 30 04:02:57 2016

"Yours" It's a bloodbath in Chinese commodity futures (via @BIAUS) #ausbiz
added: Wed Nov 30 03:45:33 2016
tags: ausbiz

China 'concerned' over Philippines' detention of Chinese in gambling crackdown via @Reuters
added: Wed Nov 30 03:35:59 2016

This casino on a remote Pacific island is run by a former Trump exec and looks like a money laundering op.
added: Wed Nov 30 03:16:34 2016

Nearly 900 hate incidents documented after presidential election, group says #splc #election
added: Wed Nov 30 03:11:06 2016
tags: splc, election

Children as young as eight worked in "hazardous" conditions at plantations run by Singapore's Wilmar
added: Wed Nov 30 02:50:58 2016

Hackers hit China-owned Liechtenstein bank
added: Wed Nov 30 01:02:39 2016

Abusing language is a sign of creeping authoritarianism. That's why we must deep-six the term "alt-right." My column
added: Wed Nov 30 00:52:55 2016

McConnell says he won’t recuse himself from wife’s cabinet confirmation
added: Wed Nov 30 00:39:03 2016

China as climate change savior? Not so fast. By @KeithBradsher
added: Wed Nov 30 00:15:46 2016

The new nationalism is rising. It is a dangerous threat to prosperity, security & democracy.
added: Tue Nov 29 19:13:48 2016

#Sharper has been convicted of drugging and raping 9 women across the country. Wonder how many others are out there?
added: Tue Nov 29 18:58:17 2016
tags: sharper

Now online, "Project X," the full short film on NSA's New York spy hub: Story:…
added: Tue Nov 29 18:24:55 2016

Great back story to Trump's pick of Devos via @MotherJones
added: Tue Nov 29 17:21:46 2016

I negged David Brock for @jacobinmag. Enjoy.
added: Tue Nov 29 17:16:05 2016

VIDEO: Fans of @ChapecoenseReal gather at home stadium to mourn, pray | #ForçaChapecoense #ForçaChape
added: Tue Nov 29 15:36:32 2016
tags: forçachapecoense, forçachape

Anti-immigrant hate group FAIR hopes to guide #Trump’s #immigration policies
added: Tue Nov 29 15:34:51 2016
tags: trump, immigration

University's failure to investigate first rape ‘allowed attacker to commit second’
added: Tue Nov 29 12:57:38 2016

Plane that crashed with Brazilian football team was used by Argentina national team two weeks ago
added: Tue Nov 29 12:40:08 2016

Warning for Syria: Libya's welcome victory over ISIS has proved hollow, not a catalyst to unify still-warring nation
added: Tue Nov 29 12:08:40 2016

China Mobile 4G User Base Exceeds 500 Million
added: Tue Nov 29 12:07:23 2016

5 ways learning a second language will make you a better person.
added: Tue Nov 29 12:07:01 2016

Meet the #CowgirlsofColor. The 1st and only all-Black female rodeo team:
added: Tue Nov 29 12:04:02 2016
tags: cowgirlsofcolor

Berlin exhibit of #Iran's modern #art collection postponed-politics on both sides challenging art diplomacy
added: Tue Nov 29 11:54:59 2016
tags: art, iran

'Modified scanner software reason why new passports can't be read'
added: Tue Nov 29 11:26:09 2016

"most important caucus formation will be the ideological center." He acts like he discovered that. We're here. 🙄
added: Tue Nov 29 11:25:34 2016

ATC snag forces temporary halt of outbound flights
added: Tue Nov 29 11:25:06 2016

Aides of Philippines' Duterte attacked in ambush. But Duterte says he will push through with a visit to the south
added: Tue Nov 29 11:19:12 2016

6 Potential Brain Benefits Of Bilingual Education
added: Tue Nov 29 11:04:06 2016

Due to discrepancies in numbers: Wildlife Institute of #India to conduct #tiger and snow #leopard estimations
added: Tue Nov 29 10:34:08 2016
tags: india, leopard, tiger

"APL has accumulated yrs of experience in transporting militry equipment, including for the US, not only Singapore."
added: Tue Nov 29 10:27:42 2016

The world's first food waste supermarket is so popular it has opened a new store
added: Tue Nov 29 10:25:48 2016

Why do Singapore troops train in Taiwan - and why does China care?
added: Tue Nov 29 10:22:36 2016

Why Elm? - #functionalprogramming #elm
added: Tue Nov 29 10:22:00 2016
tags: functionalprogramming, elm

Labour must not respond to Ukip threat with reckless pledge to cut immigration, warns MP Stephen Kinnock
added: Tue Nov 29 10:21:46 2016

Flipkart now worth just $6b, says Morgan Stanley
added: Tue Nov 29 09:48:49 2016

#Jolla #Slush2016 announcement is here! Read more at:
added: Tue Nov 29 09:44:13 2016
tags: jolla, slush2016

How Stable Are Democracies? ‘Warning Signs Are Flashing Red’
added: Tue Nov 29 09:35:41 2016

#HKFP The purge continues: Chief Executive to start legal challenge over lawmaker Lau ...
added: Tue Nov 29 09:33:18 2016
tags: hkfp

The Mouse always wins: Vines sets out in detail just what a bad deal #HK government suckers got from #Disney
added: Tue Nov 29 09:22:18 2016
tags: disney, hk

9 members of the Philippines President's security team were hurt after their convoy was hit by an explosive device.
added: Tue Nov 29 09:21:45 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong government seeks legal advice on leak of confidential data on contentious housing project
added: Tue Nov 29 09:01:31 2016
tags: scmp

SFC seeks more accountability for financial firms
added: Tue Nov 29 08:50:35 2016

HK consumers oppose spectrum fee hike: HKT
added: Tue Nov 29 07:43:06 2016

Fun borough by borough breakdown of how London housing mkt has changed over past year
added: Tue Nov 29 07:42:29 2016

To stop relying on Western hand-me-downs, African countries are importing Chinese textile companies via @qzafrica
added: Tue Nov 29 07:41:30 2016

#HKFP Reformists win landslide victory in Arts Development Council election
added: Tue Nov 29 07:28:20 2016
tags: hkfp

China forex regulator tightens controls to stem capital outflows: sources
added: Tue Nov 29 07:06:30 2016

New magnetic field theory gets us closer to nuclear fusion
added: Tue Nov 29 07:02:56 2016

NASA X-Ray Tech Could Enable Superfast Communication In Deep Space
added: Tue Nov 29 07:00:38 2016

Almost out of Africa – You can help stop Grauer’s gorillas from going extinct.…
added: Tue Nov 29 07:00:13 2016

Electoral College member resigns rather than vote for Donald Trump
added: Tue Nov 29 06:59:00 2016

Mainland Chinese pair who cooked cat to feed dog fined and told to embrace Hong Kong’s respect for animal rights
added: Tue Nov 29 06:58:20 2016

"Even as the public acknowledges the need for more trustworthy reporting, newsrooms are being decimated"
added: Tue Nov 29 06:55:12 2016

So far Duterte is only threatening, but the last thing the Philippines needs is revival of Marcos-style martial law.
added: Tue Nov 29 06:54:26 2016

This is why Netgate's central mgmt for @pfsense will not require reaching the router. Instead the router reaches out
added: Tue Nov 29 06:54:20 2016

A Rowhammer ban-hammer for all, and it's all in software
added: Tue Nov 29 06:54:01 2016

Privacy eyeglasses use reflective material to avoid surveillance cameras.
added: Tue Nov 29 06:43:16 2016

Who are these 1 in 6 Americans who believe that army rule would be a "good" or "very good" thing?
added: Tue Nov 29 06:42:28 2016

One Belt, One Road, one utterly absurd-sounding theme park. Your move, Disney:
added: Tue Nov 29 06:22:39 2016

Plane carrying 72 people including a Brazilian football team crashes
added: Tue Nov 29 06:22:34 2016

India not so happy with recent international political developments, it seems:
added: Tue Nov 29 06:22:25 2016

Trump's Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Could Face His Own Conflict-of-Interest Questions.
added: Tue Nov 29 05:39:16 2016

Attempted murder charges against a Standing Rock protestor were dropped to make way for federal charges #FreeRedFawn
added: Tue Nov 29 05:25:49 2016
tags: freeredfawn

The hacker who installed ransomware on thousands of San Fran light rail systems on Friday has himself been hacked
added: Tue Nov 29 05:21:00 2016

We need to talk about the online radicalisation of young, white men
added: Tue Nov 29 05:14:28 2016

Is #Yemen falling into an abyss?
added: Tue Nov 29 04:27:01 2016
tags: yemen

Texan quits Electoral College rather than vote for Trump, 'bring dishonor to God' |
added: Tue Nov 29 04:00:16 2016

Pregnant dolphin released off Gold Coast after weekend surgery to remove drumline hook
added: Tue Nov 29 03:55:03 2016

Check out the presentation by Rod Grimes, FreeBSD: A Brief History of the Early Days, from #MeetBSDCA.
added: Mon Nov 28 22:27:49 2016
tags: meetbsdca

How China plans to reboot its rule for the 21st century using big data. Our deep dive into "social credit":
added: Mon Nov 28 18:01:57 2016

Bravo to @meifongwriter. Her acclaimed book spooked Chinese publishers, so she hired translator, released it online
added: Mon Nov 28 17:11:16 2016
tags: hk

Exclusive: Chinese government money backs buyout firm’s deal for U.S. chip maker
added: Mon Nov 28 15:04:07 2016

Ransomware scams cost Brits £4.5m per year
added: Mon Nov 28 12:45:06 2016

Confirmation of who constitutes an average consumer of whisky helps resolve trade mark dispute
added: Mon Nov 28 12:43:09 2016

Third party funders as liable for indemnity costs as any other fees, appeal court rules
added: Mon Nov 28 12:43:08 2016

LIVE on #Periscope: Comments on Patten's visit to Hong Kong
added: Mon Nov 28 12:43:00 2016
tags: periscope

This poll is inspired by many leading Democrats who seem to be suggesting this outcome, such as @thinkprogress
added: Mon Nov 28 12:13:32 2016

Criticism of Fidel Castro as failed communist leader is being censored by Chinese authorities on WeChat and Weibo:
added: Mon Nov 28 11:03:27 2016

Ethnic armed groups claim control of border town #Burma #Myanmar
added: Mon Nov 28 11:01:40 2016
tags: myanmar, burma

France flirts with a free-market revolutionary via @WSJ
added: Mon Nov 28 11:01:14 2016

ATM Insert Skimmers: A Closer Look — Krebs on Security via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Nov 28 11:00:34 2016

Imagined communities and the zeitgeist of Cantonese
added: Mon Nov 28 11:00:26 2016

What Snapchat might learn from Facebook:
added: Mon Nov 28 11:00:24 2016

This aspect of the Syria conflict is underreported: "rebel backers appear to be losing interest."
added: Mon Nov 28 11:00:11 2016

It's now normal to date six people at once, according to a study
added: Mon Nov 28 10:55:35 2016

Activists continue to pressure Chinese authorities over missing activist Jiang Tianyong
added: Mon Nov 28 10:54:09 2016

Google Street Maps to re-capture HK's roads - includes major Lantau roads south of Shek Mun Kap for the first time
added: Mon Nov 28 10:53:32 2016

#DonaldTrump’s Foreign Policy and #China by Alek Chance
added: Mon Nov 28 10:51:35 2016
tags: china, donaldtrump

OECD sees Trump effect: add 0.25-0.5% to GDP in 2nd half of 2017 mostly from infrastructure;1% in 2018 from tax cuts
added: Mon Nov 28 10:50:54 2016

RELEASE: Over 500k US diplomatic cables on the Iranian revolution & seige of Mecca Guide:…
added: Mon Nov 28 10:48:38 2016

Indonesia off Suu Kyi's itinerary; Myanmar embassy among potential bomb plot targets via @WSJ
added: Mon Nov 28 10:46:47 2016

“Recent evolution of bilateral frictions suggests that #China might test #Trump by using [its] Maritime Militia...”
added: Mon Nov 28 10:43:07 2016
tags: china, trump

【足本】28NOV2016 鍾國斌:經民聯處理强積金「對沖」建議書複雜,未有諮詢商界,功效不明,一年需要230億成本,但每年對冲總額為三十多億,倒不如政府承擔對冲全額,放棄經民聯建議,更能善用公帑 記者:Peter Au
added: Mon Nov 28 10:32:48 2016

【九龍灣12名小學生送院】 【下午陸續出現嘔吐、頭暈】 九龍灣啟晴邨保良局何壽南小學有 12 名學生不適送院。 救護員到小學為不適學生檢查,其中 8 女 4 男學生送到伊利沙伯醫院治理,有幾名學生要坐輪椅入院。...
added: Mon Nov 28 10:31:05 2016

Are the neo-liberal elite behaving like Mary Antoinette?
added: Mon Nov 28 09:55:56 2016

Suspected bomb safely detonated near U.S. Embassy in Manila
added: Mon Nov 28 08:25:42 2016

Carrie Lam sets out her vision for Hong Kong in a "farewell speech"
added: Mon Nov 28 08:18:33 2016

Meanwhile, Bolivia declares state of emergency because shrinking glaciers have left cities with no water.
added: Mon Nov 28 08:16:23 2016

Drone photography captures the dramatic inequality of Nairobi via @qzafrica
added: Mon Nov 28 07:48:15 2016

Syrian government forces capture key Aleppo district, splitting rebel-held territory
added: Mon Nov 28 07:38:07 2016

Chinese paper warns Singapore military 'hypocrisy' could harm relations
added: Mon Nov 28 07:35:06 2016

I would first wonder if HK will introduce an accurate programme about post-1949 China, to start with.
added: Mon Nov 28 07:33:06 2016

14 police officers and 41 rebels reportedly killed in clashes in the town of Kasese
added: Mon Nov 28 07:30:09 2016

A great journal from Myanmar's Mandalay, where Chinese dominate the economy
added: Mon Nov 28 07:21:20 2016

#Pakistan to retaliate if #India sends submarine again: Naval chief
added: Mon Nov 28 07:21:03 2016
tags: india, pakistan

Blood-soaked man rushes into moving traffic outside Cross-Harbour Tunnel in #HongKong
added: Mon Nov 28 07:20:24 2016
tags: hongkong

Dakota Access pipeline protesters told to leave by Dec. 5.
added: Mon Nov 28 06:46:44 2016

Pressure mounting on Taiwan’s DPP. Religious lobby threatens to derail marriage equality legislation.#LGBT
added: Mon Nov 28 05:29:56 2016
tags: lgbt

auto-image-renamer - Rename images using deep learning
added: Mon Nov 28 04:57:02 2016

Video: CY Leung sworn at during forum, as he invites youth to visit him for 'late-night ...
added: Mon Nov 28 04:22:16 2016

This is Spinal Tap fan? @theharryshearer suing the French company who now owns rights for his share of royalties.
added: Mon Nov 28 04:04:38 2016

Icelandic Pirate Party's coalition talks run aground
added: Mon Nov 28 03:55:41 2016

Trump FCC adviser Mark Jamison argued last month FCC should only regulate spectrum licenses
added: Mon Nov 28 03:50:52 2016

The latest The Patrick the Reporter Daily! Thanks to @KP_Taipei @daaitoulaam @whitebison66 #icymi #omgb
added: Mon Nov 28 03:50:10 2016
tags: omgb, icymi

'anyone with such an impressive sense of Mainland nouveau-riche style must deserve our rapt attention'
added: Mon Nov 28 03:48:27 2016

China Has Quietly Hiked Borrowing Costs With PBOC Operations
added: Mon Nov 28 03:47:15 2016

Chinese authorities detain executives for power plant where 74 died in construction scaffolding collapse.
added: Mon Nov 28 03:42:36 2016

Cheap housing is possible if gov't can develop country parks, Chief Exec. CY Leung suggests
added: Mon Nov 28 03:24:03 2016

In four charts: how axing large notes is hitting corporate India
added: Mon Nov 28 03:23:01 2016

(2) For myself, it was constant referencing the #PatriotAct for why the #NSL and #RSDL is not bad via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Nov 28 02:48:56 2016
tags: patriotact, rsdl, nsl

Pope's possible deal with China would 'betray Christ', says Hong Kong cardinal
added: Mon Nov 28 01:13:31 2016

5000 fake votes for Trump found in Wisc so far. This is not some conspiracy theory - it is a fact.
added: Sun Nov 27 23:14:30 2016

I was worried that Trump would expand the drone campaign, but looks like Obama will do it for him.
added: Sun Nov 27 23:14:27 2016

The US is unlikely to see the use of private prison operators diminish any time soon.
added: Sun Nov 27 21:55:31 2016

#SouthKorea develops electromagnetic weapon to use against North’s drones
added: Sun Nov 27 16:07:07 2016
tags: southkorea

Can Senate Dems Save the Party? My comment: Schumer invited Visigoths into Rome, gives spee…
added: Sun Nov 27 15:37:23 2016

"Ecologically it is a disaster because we're essentially losing a whole genus of trees"
added: Sun Nov 27 14:21:25 2016

Dakota pipeline activists say police grenade blew up woman's arm, cops disagree #DALP
added: Sun Nov 27 14:20:13 2016
tags: dalp

Paul Ryan Doesn’t Give A Damn About Struggling Americans: via @YouTube
added: Sun Nov 27 14:18:02 2016

The New Dems Are Electing Their Leaders Now Too
added: Sun Nov 27 14:16:07 2016

India is displaying classic signs that foreshadow fascism: Comments:
added: Sun Nov 27 13:50:02 2016

Indigenous Expel Evangelical Churches for Attacks on Their Culture #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Sun Nov 27 13:45:01 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

"one common substitute for sugar actually blocks the function of an enzyme that is essential for preventing obesity"
added: Sun Nov 27 13:44:18 2016

12 timeless UI patterns analyzed
added: Sun Nov 27 13:44:16 2016

And here we see SafeStack working flawlessly in #HardenedBSD. Full img: … #llvm
added: Sun Nov 27 13:39:00 2016
tags: hardenedbsd, llvm

The crusade against "fake news" is an attempt to punish media entities that deviate from the establishment consensus
added: Sun Nov 27 13:28:08 2016

Plus #2: Many unions required employees to campaign for HRC; "volunteers" NOT. "What Unions Got Wrong About Trump."
added: Sun Nov 27 13:25:21 2016

Rural By-election: results for Indigenous Inhabitant Representative By-election
added: Sun Nov 27 12:51:05 2016

Rural By-election: results for Resident Representative By-election
added: Sun Nov 27 12:51:04 2016

In its quest to root out "fake news," WaPo promotes a faked group of anonymous propagandists. Just amazing.
added: Sun Nov 27 12:49:15 2016

India's rural economy hit hard as informal lending breaks down
added: Sun Nov 27 12:35:06 2016

I am still basically at the denial stage that we just had an autumn statement without the words 'social care' in it.
added: Sun Nov 27 12:35:01 2016

Celebrating 70yrs CCP management of Yellow River. Now one of most polluted in China & often runs dry from overuse
added: Sun Nov 27 12:02:44 2016

“Organised loot, legalised plunder”: The man who opened up India’s economy trashes Modi’s demonetisation move
added: Sun Nov 27 08:00:42 2016

The Forgotten Exodus: 7 Facts About the Black Loyalists and 3,600 Refugee Negroes Escaping American Wars to Canada …
added: Sun Nov 27 07:59:58 2016

Hong Kong seized armored vehicles from Taiwan on China tip: media
added: Sun Nov 27 07:40:00 2016

I'm kickstarting a project: reboot elixirsips, create a bunch of free content, and build an opensource forum engine
added: Sun Nov 27 06:42:55 2016

China freezes diplomacy with Mongolia over Dalai Lama visit
added: Sun Nov 27 06:29:46 2016

Some fake news publishers just happen to be Donald Trump's cronies by @lhfang
added: Sun Nov 27 06:23:59 2016

yes, that's Trump's immigration adviser, writing that police pound confidence into an economy using an iron fist
added: Sun Nov 27 06:22:35 2016

[#PODCAST] @lilkuo explains how Rwanda attracts Chinese money & migrants without the lure of natural resources:
added: Sun Nov 27 06:21:21 2016
tags: podcast

Had missed this great piece by @KhurramHusain on the Gwadar "re-launch". Still a long way till commercial viability:
added: Sun Nov 27 06:13:35 2016

Dietary combination of protein and carbohydrate good for gut health
added: Sun Nov 27 06:10:00 2016

Mars hides a gigantic ice sheet that may help astronauts
added: Sun Nov 27 06:06:54 2016

The 47 countries moving to 100% fossil free energy
added: Sun Nov 27 06:05:01 2016

Most VPN services are terrible
added: Sun Nov 27 04:38:49 2016

Jeonbuk Hyundai win Asian Champions League
added: Sun Nov 27 04:38:37 2016

Good, clear analysis of Trump's legal risks on conflicts of interest, suggesting his comment to @nytimes was wrong.
added: Sun Nov 27 03:51:17 2016

Please take a moment to read this propaganda from the president of the sheriffs association.
added: Sun Nov 27 03:48:09 2016

How #Mirai Uses STOMP Protocol to Launch #DDoS Attacks. Read more
added: Sun Nov 27 03:45:03 2016
tags: mirai, ddos

My friend Haryo nails it: China’s freedom of navigation
added: Sun Nov 27 01:51:10 2016

Mike Flynn apparently told Japanese officials Trump's campaign remarks were " secure an election win."
added: Sun Nov 27 01:35:20 2016

@colinheilbut More details: including quote from Muni
added: Sun Nov 27 01:00:27 2016

BREAKING The Men's Eagles Sevens 13-man travel squad for the start of @WorldRugby7s season is on its way to @Dubai7s
added: Sat Nov 26 20:08:33 2016

#CY says appointing fasicst calling 4 camps 4 refugees gd 4 #HKSAR>Appointments to Exco for the good of society: CE
added: Sat Nov 26 15:13:03 2016
tags: hksar, cy

#DAPL isn’t the first time the oil and gas industry has abused regulatory loopholes. But it needs to be the last.
added: Sat Nov 26 15:11:05 2016
tags: dapl

Muslim woman harassed, screamed at while shopping, called a terrorist
added: Sat Nov 26 15:07:17 2016

'They Raped Us One By One,' Says #Rohingya Woman Who Fled #Myanmar - #AungSanSuuKyi de facto head of state complicit
added: Sat Nov 26 15:06:42 2016
tags: myanmar, rohingya, aungsansuukyi

A developer's journey through DevOps @opensourceway #developer #developers #DevOps #opensource #tech
added: Sat Nov 26 15:04:01 2016
tags: devops, tech, developer, developers, opensource

Gabriel García Márquez on Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, and creating a government which would make the poor happy.
added: Sat Nov 26 13:44:41 2016

Article réjouissant si vous êtes aigri et n'aimez plus les effets de mode en informatique : Hype Driven Development
added: Sat Nov 26 09:00:45 2016

China recalls millions of passports With my comment that this is latest move to control the…
added: Sat Nov 26 05:36:00 2016

The Guardian view on independence for Hong Kong: made in Beijing
added: Sat Nov 26 03:40:13 2016

Corruption festers as neoliberalism takes root in Brazil.
added: Sat Nov 26 03:35:01 2016

Hundreds in NC march against planned natural gas pipeline via @wncn
added: Sat Nov 26 03:34:19 2016

#Thailand: Deputy PM says "factors" could delay the planned 2017 general election
added: Sat Nov 26 03:32:39 2016
tags: thailand

The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced Friday it would hold a statewide recount of the presidential vote.
added: Sat Nov 26 03:26:42 2016

DAB's only answer to 港独 talk seems to be stuffing kids' heads with BJ's version of Chinese history:
added: Sat Nov 26 03:18:36 2016

BBC News - Dutch race hate row engulfs presenter Sylvana Simons
added: Sat Nov 26 03:07:21 2016

Here's some sense
added: Sat Nov 26 02:17:18 2016

How Hong Kong football turned a globally significant good news story into an embarrassing farce
added: Sat Nov 26 02:14:09 2016

yes, we really needed a Russian psyop for this
added: Sat Nov 26 02:03:31 2016

Tulsi Gabbard, along with 600 Veterans, will join Water Protectors at Standing Rock ~…
added: Sat Nov 26 02:02:57 2016

Absolutely shameful what whistleblowers go through in this country. Also, Theranos and Ms. Holmes were super evil:
added: Fri Nov 25 22:20:05 2016

@EmilyGorcenski @bennett_nj You know about Diebold 2004 in Ohio yes?
added: Fri Nov 25 19:23:26 2016

François Fillon attacks 'Paris elite' before second-round primary
added: Fri Nov 25 16:35:21 2016

The GeoCities Cage at Exodus Communications. More here #History #Yahoo #Hosting #Sysadmin
added: Fri Nov 25 15:22:14 2016
tags: sysadmin, yahoo, history, hosting

The US media’s commercial nature is great for business, terrible for democracy.
added: Fri Nov 25 15:21:00 2016

76% of 15730 non-HK students in 8 gov funded universities were from China in 2015
added: Fri Nov 25 15:20:57 2016

As Zimbabwe's money runs out, so does Mugabe's power
added: Fri Nov 25 15:20:36 2016

In Brazil, major new corruption scandals engulf the faction that impeached Dilma by @ggreenwald
added: Fri Nov 25 15:18:22 2016

Watch now on #CLTV
added: Fri Nov 25 14:37:05 2016
tags: cltv

Oh god, they’ve discovered even more oil in Texas
added: Fri Nov 25 14:37:03 2016

How to protect your library with medieval book curses
added: Fri Nov 25 14:16:14 2016

Passenger trains collide in Iran, at least 36 killed:
added: Fri Nov 25 14:05:05 2016

Michael Gove tried to challenge the official Brexit economic forecast. He got publicly dismissed
added: Fri Nov 25 14:04:43 2016

"Engineering Culture Podcast: GitHub’s Phil Haack on Moving from Engineering to Management"
added: Fri Nov 25 14:03:50 2016

Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig says the electoral college should make Hillary Clinton president
added: Fri Nov 25 14:01:19 2016

ecto_mnesia (0.5.0): Ecto adapter for Mnesia erlang term storage.
added: Fri Nov 25 13:43:41 2016

"We demand the reversal of the burial and for Duterte to once and for all abandon his alliance with the Marcoses."
added: Fri Nov 25 13:37:00 2016

Scoop by @adamgoldmannyt and @ericSchmittnyt
added: Fri Nov 25 13:28:26 2016

#Vietnam: 619kg of #ivory smuggled from Africa seized in Cat Lai port in Ho Chi Minh City #WildlifeJustice
added: Fri Nov 25 13:28:18 2016
tags: wildlifejustice, ivory, vietnam

“It’s easy to be critical of China with some degree of justification, but the Chinese were not acting...
added: Fri Nov 25 13:27:07 2016

Retail booming, says CBI as Black Friday gets under way
added: Fri Nov 25 13:09:26 2016

Thanksgiving traffic jam in Los Angeles is 'most epic'
added: Fri Nov 25 12:45:22 2016

"We strongly believe that the fires could have been started by individuals who fled the scenes"
added: Fri Nov 25 12:45:07 2016

An upgraded 4-bay model of our NAS pick with more drive bays, the QNAP TS-451+, is available for $354 (from $440)
added: Fri Nov 25 12:34:47 2016

Accession on Tuesday The evil will start ruling over his slaves! Obey Thailand, on your knees!
added: Fri Nov 25 12:34:40 2016

Cash Crackdown Escalates: India May Impose 60% Tax On "Unaccounted" Deposits, Curbs On Gold Holdings
added: Fri Nov 25 12:32:16 2016

【有線中國組:西藏阿里地區冰川崩塌】 過往在全球暖化世界各地多處冰川都出現融化的大環境下,西藏阿里地區的冰川,過去數十年都基本保持原狀。 但今年 7...
added: Fri Nov 25 12:30:04 2016

In rebuke to Hong Kong independence movement, Chris Patten draws line between campaigns for independence & democracy
added: Fri Nov 25 12:23:42 2016

Our pick for the best electric cooker, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60, is available for $69 (from $120)
added: Fri Nov 25 12:12:46 2016

Distributed Jamming with Sonic Pi and Erlang (Code Mesh Keynote): Comments:
added: Fri Nov 25 12:10:02 2016

People displaced by the Nepal earthquake are still living in rundown camps 18 months later
added: Fri Nov 25 12:08:22 2016

Uncomfortable at times, but this article on 'patriotism' is poignant & a brutal reminder of some tragic realities.
added: Fri Nov 25 11:33:02 2016

China slams US military build-up in Asia
added: Fri Nov 25 11:04:16 2016

Berlin and Beijing forge football “treaty” aimed at mutual global dominance in the beautiful game
added: Fri Nov 25 11:03:25 2016

Mystery over #HongKong seizure #Singapore army vehicles, threatens exposure military secrets @benjaminbland via @FT
added: Fri Nov 25 11:03:05 2016
tags: hongkong, singapore

AT&T Labs unveils wireless broadband over power lines #IoT #Tech #ATT
added: Fri Nov 25 11:00:59 2016
tags: tech, iot, att

You Will Be Shocked at Forest Whitaker's Incredibly Insightful Take on Why He Believes Racism and Segregation Exist…
added: Fri Nov 25 11:00:45 2016

Illuminating piece on attitudes of Chinese students studying overseas and returnees
added: Fri Nov 25 10:56:05 2016

Clarkson responds to Netflix's accusation Amazon spent $250 million on The Grand Tour
added: Fri Nov 25 10:39:52 2016

#Indonesia: Tough talk on #deforestation but full of bullshit. #WestPapua #palmoil
added: Fri Nov 25 10:22:19 2016
tags: deforestation, indonesia, westpapua, palmoil

The Mainstream Liars want to "patent" TRUTH. .@RenieriArts .@Navsteva .@21WIRE
added: Fri Nov 25 09:34:26 2016

China central bank warns against outflows via Shanghai FTZ disguised as investment: sources by Li Zheng & @jruwitch
added: Fri Nov 25 09:22:38 2016

Amazing. Still-covered parts of Terracotta Army tomb complex hold thousands of animals sculptures, mostly horses:
added: Fri Nov 25 09:21:29 2016

CY Leung appoints two pro-Beijing heavyweights to Executive Council
added: Fri Nov 25 09:20:20 2016

Burning Paradise: Palm Oil in the Land of the Tree Kangaroo -
added: Fri Nov 25 08:49:20 2016

Kiev claims Russian military preparing for fresh offensive in eastern Ukraine
added: Fri Nov 25 08:49:11 2016

Vietnam abandons plan for first nuclear power plants via @Reuters
added: Fri Nov 25 08:46:36 2016

Trump will pursue 'regional hegemony' in South China Sea - Chinese academics
added: Fri Nov 25 08:45:24 2016

China will "deploy its naval ships in coordination with Pakistan Navy to safeguard" Gwadar port and CPEC trade:
added: Fri Nov 25 08:41:28 2016

Misogynists more likely to be mentally ill, study shows
added: Fri Nov 25 08:41:00 2016

Chris Patten hits out at ‘reckless’ Hong Kong democracy activists – The Guardian
added: Fri Nov 25 08:40:34 2016

China continues to court on Myitsone project ahead of commission presser:
added: Fri Nov 25 08:35:32 2016

Myanmar hydropower review taskforce stalls, waiting for instructions:
added: Fri Nov 25 08:35:06 2016

"Plans to build dams on the Salween by the Burma government, China & Thailand threatens millions of villagers" -
added: Fri Nov 25 08:34:41 2016

Pursuit of bioenergy for EU #renewables targets lead to felling of protected forests in Slovakia & Italy
added: Fri Nov 25 08:30:09 2016
tags: renewables

The UK is a hotbed of cocaine and gonorrhoea, study finds
added: Fri Nov 25 08:11:01 2016

Changing Mekong Currents Compound Dam Anxieties in Southeast Asia @Diplomat_APAC
added: Fri Nov 25 08:10:28 2016

"Washington and Beijing handle volatile regional issues very differently" @CarnegieEndow report
added: Fri Nov 25 08:10:11 2016

A larger size value pick we like in our SSD guide, the Crucial MX300 750GB, is available for $120 (from $180)
added: Fri Nov 25 08:09:54 2016

Nikkei: strike a "worker revolt" that highlights "China exit hazards", Sony has "legally done nothing wrong"
added: Fri Nov 25 07:22:55 2016

Scare stories about RT and Russian trolls warping the US election have infinitely more reach than these weak efforts
added: Fri Nov 25 07:09:42 2016

#Taiwan to export $500-mn #textile products to #India in 5 years - The Economic Times on Mobile
added: Fri Nov 25 07:07:34 2016
tags: india, taiwan, textile

My first in what is going to be a regular feature for Taiwan News Many thanks to Keoni Everington and Taiwan News!
added: Fri Nov 25 07:06:24 2016

Burmese and Chinese officials hold talks over Shan State conflict.
added: Fri Nov 25 07:05:53 2016

Overheated Arctic: Climate Change ‘Vicious Circle’
added: Fri Nov 25 07:05:35 2016

Scientists find bacteria in Beijing smog that lead to antibiotic resistance
added: Fri Nov 25 07:03:01 2016

but mostly it reminds me of 1890s anthropological views based on the Kwakiutl
added: Fri Nov 25 07:02:23 2016

On-Call: Sysadmin denies boss' request to whitelist smut talk site of which he was a very happy member
added: Fri Nov 25 06:57:07 2016

"There is a danger that Democrats are learning all the wrong lessons from the election."
added: Fri Nov 25 06:51:12 2016

By exploiting pressure points beyond the workplace, indigenous people are expanding political possibilities.
added: Fri Nov 25 06:37:16 2016

Florence Henderson, 'The Brady Bunch' mum, dies
added: Fri Nov 25 06:37:08 2016

Legal aid cuts have created a 'two-tier justice system' benefiting the wealthy
added: Fri Nov 25 06:37:00 2016

Microsoft shares telemetry data collected from Windows 10 users with FireEye?
added: Fri Nov 25 06:36:51 2016

Wells Fargo asks U.S. court to dismiss account scandal lawsuit
added: Fri Nov 25 06:35:07 2016

Big machines, small signs of recovery in China
added: Fri Nov 25 06:34:25 2016

Raining Bombs: Mosul Fight hits Trapped Civilians
added: Fri Nov 25 06:31:08 2016

No place for government in theme parks
added: Fri Nov 25 06:04:13 2016

Donald Trump is making Mike Pence go to his daily national security briefings
added: Fri Nov 25 06:04:00 2016

Shocking. HK denies work permits simply because the appl can't holds a Nepali passport
added: Fri Nov 25 05:55:22 2016

Indian-American man is called "sand n-----" by white man who punched head,face, shouting: "things are different now"
added: Fri Nov 25 05:45:53 2016

Cornel West is a mensch and a saint
added: Fri Nov 25 05:19:25 2016

Customs raid tutorial centre over copyright violation of text books
added: Fri Nov 25 05:19:12 2016

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich Calls on President Obama to Reroute Dakota Access Pipeline
added: Fri Nov 25 05:01:37 2016

Chris Patten says oath-taking is a "serious matter" & "turning it into a sort of student game is not very sensible"
added: Fri Nov 25 04:39:59 2016

Sulfuric Acid Vapor Cloud Sends 30 to Hospital via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Fri Nov 25 04:39:23 2016

China About to Start $35B of Silk Road Plan in Pakistan: Comments:
added: Fri Nov 25 02:50:01 2016

ABC to launch Mandarin-language Chinese news service altho sounds like execs don't understand censorship in China
added: Fri Nov 25 02:06:01 2016

Singapore says it's trying to free shipment of troop carriers held in Hong Kong
added: Fri Nov 25 01:45:51 2016

Chinese legal activist goes missing after being tracked by state agents: wife
added: Fri Nov 25 01:44:55 2016

China unofficially banned Hallyu (aka Korean Wave) on 11/24 in response to THAAD
added: Fri Nov 25 01:43:48 2016

China to probe illegal expansion in coal, steel sectors
added: Fri Nov 25 01:43:07 2016

The new deal introduces some 50 changes intended to assuage critics led by still-powerful former President Uribe
added: Fri Nov 25 01:30:08 2016

A discussion of current relevance of FDR's Four Freedoms with @harveyjkaye and other scholars.
added: Fri Nov 25 01:23:45 2016

liked css visualized - it's a keeper bookmark for devheads
added: Fri Nov 25 01:19:02 2016

@ZephyrTeachout My New Thanksgiving Interview on FDR's Four Freedoms in a Divided America - The Takeaway - WNYC
added: Fri Nov 25 01:01:11 2016

China Seeks to Seal Regional Trade Deal as TPP Falters:
added: Fri Nov 25 01:00:59 2016

The police sergeant who shot #KajuanRaye said he pointed a gun in his direction but no weapon can be found
added: Fri Nov 25 00:35:50 2016
tags: kajuanraye

"Dubbed 'the King of Bankruptcy,' Ross cut jobs, wages, pensions, and health benefits … and reaped the profits."
added: Thu Nov 24 21:20:52 2016

Reddit's CEO edited users comments through the database and left no trace. Scary legal implications.
added: Thu Nov 24 18:26:19 2016

Fake news creator: "We've tried liberals. It never worked. You'll get debunked within the first 2 comments." @NPR
added: Thu Nov 24 17:42:57 2016

Wonderful interview by @ComradeWong of @JEPomfret on his new book on US-China relations from historical perspective.
added: Thu Nov 24 15:02:25 2016

.@NASA Building Cost-Effective 100-Gbps Firewalls for #HPC with FreeBSD Nice write up…
added: Thu Nov 24 14:26:54 2016
tags: hpc

【有線中國組:外資工廠出售予中資現工潮】 內地近期有多間外資工廠出售給中資公司後發生工潮。 其中今月初 SONY 宣布出售後,更引發過千人罷工,要求補償及結算工齡。...
added: Thu Nov 24 12:30:05 2016

#Michigan Gov argues literacy not a right wth 47% of adults in #Detroit functionality illiterate #US @CBSNews #Obama
added: Thu Nov 24 12:29:25 2016
tags: obama, us, michigan, detroit

Chinese school slammed for awarding top students with millions in cash
added: Thu Nov 24 12:15:15 2016

@MassAGO sues three county district attorneys who refused to provide records to the @GlobeSpotlight Team. @TWallack.
added: Thu Nov 24 12:13:24 2016

Microsoft's Chinese chatbot won't talk about Tiananmen or Xi Jinping via @CNNMoney
added: Thu Nov 24 11:36:43 2016

#Singapore MINDEF statement on SAF Terrex vehicles detained in Hong Kong.
added: Thu Nov 24 11:18:40 2016
tags: singapore

#Demonetisation: AP govt to distribute free mobiles for cashless transactions
added: Thu Nov 24 11:15:00 2016
tags: demonetisation

Kurds, Shi'ite fighters to coordinate after sealing off Mosul
added: Thu Nov 24 11:10:17 2016

He would have been prosecuted by Wang Qishan and the CCDI but for 1 Country 2 Systems
added: Thu Nov 24 11:08:57 2016

Wisconsin’s gerrymander being struck down should scare Republicans nationwide
added: Thu Nov 24 10:51:36 2016

EU parliament motion on #GuiMinhai blasts China in harsher than normal wording. A small but important step forward.
added: Thu Nov 24 10:48:13 2016
tags: guiminhai

The crash landing on Mars of the Schiaparelli probe last month was caused by a computer glitch
added: Thu Nov 24 10:40:12 2016

Hackers stole personal data belonging to more than 130,000 US Navy sailors
added: Thu Nov 24 10:26:21 2016

ICYMI: Trump Adviser Kobach Accidentally Reveals "Strategic Plan" for DHS
added: Thu Nov 24 10:25:11 2016

So if my son is chasing Pokémon and bumps into a white man, he can die.
added: Thu Nov 24 09:11:52 2016

Boy, 8, Hospitalized After Protecting His 4-Year-Old Sister in Racist Altercation
added: Thu Nov 24 06:20:36 2016

DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Has Steered Money From Public Schools - NYT - How will she help working class people?
added: Thu Nov 24 06:02:59 2016

Another billion $ acquisition by Chinese private sector into the UK. Post Brexit decision, many Chinese companies h…
added: Thu Nov 24 06:00:49 2016

"So this is Facebook’s corporate value system?" A Chinese internet user asked. via @CDT
added: Thu Nov 24 05:59:47 2016

Gun Sales to Blacks and Minorities Quadruple After Trump Win
added: Thu Nov 24 05:59:12 2016

A white man shot and killed Black 15-year-old James Means for bumping into him at a store
added: Thu Nov 24 05:50:06 2016

Amnesty estimates that Nigerian security forces have killed 150 mostly peaceful protesters in last few months
added: Thu Nov 24 05:48:24 2016

ouch: "Certainly, Mr. Kushner knows the region and players better than Mr. Trump, who has little experience here."
added: Thu Nov 24 05:47:50 2016

#Breaking At least 40 people were killed and an unknown number are still trapped under debris after cranes...
added: Thu Nov 24 05:38:02 2016
tags: breaking

Basic Law ‘trumps’ common law, judge says as localist duo appeal against Legco disqualification
added: Thu Nov 24 05:33:12 2016

Ben Stopford - Streaming, Database & Distributed Systems: Bridging the Divide
added: Thu Nov 24 05:31:33 2016

Did CY Leung help daughter get JP Morgan internship when she was in secondary school? Another day, another scandal
added: Thu Nov 24 05:29:07 2016

Flynn “had technicians secretly install an Internet connection in his Pentagon office, even though it was forbidden"
added: Thu Nov 24 02:54:04 2016

In #HongKong, Just Who Is an #Expat, Anyway? Great insight on the intricacies: via @dewolfleloup @wsj
added: Thu Nov 24 02:53:22 2016
tags: hongkong, expat

Our interview with @liuhuizhen2016 This time, we weren't stopped.
added: Thu Nov 24 02:22:27 2016

It's not only science focused on Earth - studying other planets also helps us understand climate change.
added: Thu Nov 24 02:19:02 2016

East Bay hate-crime slaying has musician’s kin seeking justice
added: Thu Nov 24 00:44:11 2016

Check out the "History of ZFS and OpenZFS" by @mahrens1 from #MeetBSDCA:
added: Wed Nov 23 19:57:27 2016
tags: meetbsdca

Coca-Cola workers strike in 3 Chinese cities over sale of bottling operations
added: Wed Nov 23 16:12:47 2016

When an application is built as a single-page when it doesn't need to be, bad things happen to good people.
added: Wed Nov 23 15:49:16 2016

A nice VIM cheat sheet, by @vgod
added: Wed Nov 23 15:16:40 2016

AWESOME @joeerl interviews Alan Kay:
added: Wed Nov 23 14:12:10 2016

Here's a Picture of a Phone-Tracking Device That We've Never Seen in the Wild
added: Wed Nov 23 14:10:02 2016

Why Native Apps Really Are Doomed: Native Apps Are Doomed Pt 2: Comments:
added: Wed Nov 23 12:50:01 2016

Islamophobic attacks in the US are now as high as post-9/11 levels
added: Wed Nov 23 12:50:00 2016

Will Turkey leave NATO for Sino-Russian Shanghai Cooperation Council?
added: Wed Nov 23 12:48:26 2016

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ I hope calmer heads prevail. @NASA
added: Wed Nov 23 12:32:34 2016

A reminder of how top Obama officials in 2009 breached prosecutorial/DOJ independence to protect torturers
added: Wed Nov 23 12:31:55 2016

The NHS is being destroyed by political vanity projects. It cannot go on being Westminster’s chew toy
added: Wed Nov 23 12:31:17 2016

Obama's Big Overtime Reform Just Got Blocked In Court, by @jamieson
added: Wed Nov 23 12:30:18 2016

Donald Trump is going to cost taxpayers $1 million per day because he wants to stay in his gold apartment
added: Wed Nov 23 12:28:07 2016

Bob Johnson Explains Why Black People Should Find Common Ground with Trump
added: Wed Nov 23 12:00:39 2016

Twitch commenters talk about games on men’s streams, "boobs" on women’s
added: Wed Nov 23 12:00:04 2016

Fear and humiliation at the job centre
added: Wed Nov 23 11:47:41 2016

AP Sources: Trump taps Gov. Nikki Haley for ambassador to UN.
added: Wed Nov 23 11:47:33 2016

Trump won with lowest minority vote in decades, fueling divisions
added: Wed Nov 23 11:40:30 2016

Kerala's LDF govt cancels order for Aranmula airport project
added: Wed Nov 23 11:40:01 2016

@nytimes “Last Supper radiates its new life without losing Vasari’s original strength in portraiture” #SantaCroce
added: Wed Nov 23 11:37:41 2016
tags: santacroce

China FTZ to expand net money inflows - PBOC Shanghai branch
added: Wed Nov 23 11:37:02 2016

Much more nuanced analysis from Halderman himself.
added: Wed Nov 23 11:36:58 2016

3 Australian employees of Crown casino are formally arrested in China for gambling related offences.
added: Wed Nov 23 11:26:53 2016

Japan's Shinzo Abe gifted a golden golf club to Donald Trump. It was made by a Chinese-owned company.
added: Wed Nov 23 11:02:33 2016

Breitbart News banned by major ad company for hate speech
added: Wed Nov 23 11:02:22 2016

Nuon Chea, 90, and Khieu Samphan, 85, belong to a regime responsible for deaths of up to two million Cambodians
added: Wed Nov 23 11:00:01 2016

@WeiDuCNA this is worth a read
added: Wed Nov 23 10:59:01 2016

Mark Sutcliffe sets record straight with #Kitchee: "#HK football shot itself in the foot." Full statement here:
added: Wed Nov 23 10:58:52 2016
tags: hk, kitchee

I have never used a thermoelectric paint... Thermoelectric paint enables walls to convert heat into electricity
added: Wed Nov 23 10:58:30 2016

The failure of mandated #CSR:4,195 companies in India spend nothing; show cause notices to 496 firms
added: Wed Nov 23 10:41:40 2016
tags: csr

#GOVHK Kai Tak site sold
added: Wed Nov 23 10:36:26 2016
tags: govhk

Austerity in 8 minutes: Why it does not work. Why it is still practised.
added: Wed Nov 23 10:29:10 2016

【旺角騷亂】科技組警員作供講「gail break」 官:「哦,jail break」 #HKpolice
added: Wed Nov 23 10:09:36 2016
tags: hkpolice

Continent-wide survey by @HannesSvardal et al: Ancient hybridization and adaptation to viruses in vervet monkeys
added: Wed Nov 23 07:09:06 2016

#Facebook has built a censorship tool but is no closer to getting into #China via @technology @business #tech
added: Wed Nov 23 01:55:15 2016
tags: facebook, tech, china

Team of computer scientists presented Clinton campaign with evidence that WI voting machines may have been hacked
added: Tue Nov 22 23:22:51 2016

Bullshit "cops say this, protestors say this, we're too lazy 2 find out truth, u figure it out!" "reporting" #NoDAPL
added: Tue Nov 22 15:18:06 2016
tags: nodapl

#China, most populous nation on Earth has only 1,448 naturalised Chinese in total. Even Japan naturalises 10,000/ yr
added: Tue Nov 22 14:10:27 2016
tags: china

South Korea approves intel sharing deal with Japan
added: Tue Nov 22 12:33:58 2016

Philippines appoints Trump business partner as special trade envoy to US
added: Tue Nov 22 12:32:18 2016

JUST IN: Trump won't pursue Clinton email investigations: report
added: Tue Nov 22 12:32:16 2016

Obama criticizes "dangerous" misinformation on social media.
added: Tue Nov 22 12:07:03 2016

White House stays quiet after police confrontation at #StandingRock #NoDAPL
added: Tue Nov 22 12:07:02 2016
tags: nodapl, standingrock

RabbitMQ 3.6.6 is out, includes a security vulnerability fix in the MQTT plugin
added: Tue Nov 22 12:06:21 2016

China's #NextEV producing electric racing cars in UK #innovation #technology #jobs #China
added: Tue Nov 22 12:06:20 2016
tags: china, technology, innovation, nextev, jobs

How to fix your Facebook News Feed (Includes following @TheEconomist) ht @AdamCommentism
added: Tue Nov 22 12:05:53 2016

If you are super rich, you probably live in the U.S. via @ZSchneeweiss
added: Tue Nov 22 12:05:12 2016

Testimony to where we're at that Bernie's banal comments here are at all controversial.
added: Tue Nov 22 12:01:23 2016

Iceland struggling with tourism boom
added: Tue Nov 22 12:00:12 2016

A hacker took over Tel Aviv’s public Wi-Fi network to prove that he could
added: Tue Nov 22 12:00:02 2016

"A worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests," says leading Israeli journalist
added: Tue Nov 22 11:58:34 2016

Pregnant by rape and forced to co-parent @CNNI
added: Tue Nov 22 11:53:01 2016

#Philippine, #US Military Chiefs Say Ties Remain Robust following defense & security cooperation talks in Manila @AP
added: Tue Nov 22 11:22:39 2016
tags: us, philippine

How China’s latest economic stimulus plan undid Beijing’s efforts to clean its air
added: Tue Nov 22 11:19:06 2016

Trump is killing US political drama and it must adapt to stay relevant
added: Tue Nov 22 11:10:37 2016

Electoral Commission opens investigation into UKIP's finances after allegations it misspent EU funds
added: Tue Nov 22 09:46:02 2016

Read this piece by @ShaunKing Blatant Nazi propaganda happening "Not in the 1930s, but this weekend."
added: Tue Nov 22 07:59:45 2016

India's Misguided War on Cash: Comments:
added: Tue Nov 22 07:20:02 2016

China Construction Bank in talks with foreign investors on debt-for-equity swap deals - exec
added: Tue Nov 22 07:19:38 2016

#BREAKING - Turkey withdraws bill that would pardon men who sexually abuse underage girls
added: Tue Nov 22 07:16:05 2016
tags: breaking

Incredible video of seabed lifted above water by #nzquake - complete with fish trapped on land! via @YouTube
added: Tue Nov 22 07:14:17 2016
tags: nzquake

Trump’s pick for attorney general could be bad news for Silicon Valley
added: Tue Nov 22 07:12:37 2016

Japan to unify tax rates on wine, sake #nhk_world_news
added: Tue Nov 22 07:06:01 2016
tags: nhk_world_news

#EJI Home Affairs chief under fire over donation to cadets group
added: Tue Nov 22 06:45:24 2016
tags: eji

#EJI Window closing fast on CY Leung
added: Tue Nov 22 06:45:23 2016
tags: eji

One million flats needed to meet growing demand in Hong Kong by 2046
added: Tue Nov 22 06:39:34 2016

Hong Kong businessman bids HK$18.8 million for calligraphy by Beijing official at DAB fundraiser
added: Tue Nov 22 06:38:31 2016

Ok, ok, I got the message. Here's an overview of how we use Let's Encrypt inside the #FreeBSD cluster
added: Tue Nov 22 04:27:43 2016
tags: freebsd

North Carolina should be the biggest story in the country right now. This is unconscionable:
added: Mon Nov 21 22:07:36 2016

The recording of "Using FreeBSD in the Cloud, Development to Prod" by @SeanChittenden is now available.
added: Mon Nov 21 19:48:13 2016

We've just uploaded the recording of @freebsdfrau's talk, Jail Networking, from #MeetBSDCA 2016.
added: Mon Nov 21 19:46:00 2016
tags: meetbsdca

Hong Kong debt levels double in a decade as property boom takes its toll
added: Mon Nov 21 15:00:06 2016

"Plan to block porn websites ‘to go ahead’, government confirms" article features criticism from @OpenRightsGroup
added: Mon Nov 21 14:22:28 2016

Top #Israeli scientist says #Ashkenazi #Jews came from Khazaria-not Palestine & calls his peers liars
added: Mon Nov 21 13:52:05 2016
tags: jews, ashkenazi, israeli

little-doctor : A JavaScript worm that can exfiltrate files, microphone, webcam, and other data : cc @infosec_au
added: Mon Nov 21 13:27:29 2016

Trump’s big infrastructure plan? It’s a trap. - The Washington Post
added: Mon Nov 21 13:27:07 2016

U.S. #banks less worried by too-big-to-fail stigma, writes @DominicElliott at $C $BAC $HSBC…
added: Mon Nov 21 13:26:14 2016
tags: banks

Native Americans domesticated turkeys hundreds of years before Thanksgiving
added: Mon Nov 21 13:15:19 2016

Ex-French leader Nicolas Sarkozy soundly defeated for presidential nomination despite promises to mistreat Muslims
added: Mon Nov 21 12:57:34 2016

How a poor churchman began a homelessness charity which has now helped over 100,000 people
added: Mon Nov 21 12:51:58 2016

Black voter turnout low for same reason white voter turnout was: a "tired" electorate is sick of bad choices.
added: Mon Nov 21 12:51:44 2016

added: Mon Nov 21 12:51:22 2016

Basic NYT media analyst Jim Rutenberg demands FB combat fake news, cites extremes doesnt earnestly parse grey areas
added: Mon Nov 21 12:46:42 2016

Interesting: Panama publishes 23-page-PanamaPapers-report - and "Mossack" & "Fonseca" were not mentioned ONCE....
added: Mon Nov 21 12:32:19 2016

With democracy at risk here and around the world, a Hong Kong student reminds us of why it may survive. My column.
added: Mon Nov 21 12:14:51 2016

this is the most hong kong paragraph ever
added: Mon Nov 21 10:44:06 2016

Taiwanese student: 'At least being 'stateless' means #Iceland officials agree #Taiwan is not part of #China.'
added: Mon Nov 21 10:42:05 2016
tags: china, iceland, taiwan

Eiger's Po-Hsiang OU to speak on #offshore #windfarms #Taiwan 11/25 at NTHU; More info:
added: Mon Nov 21 06:28:53 2016
tags: windfarms, taiwan, offshore

Cartoonist in @nytimes brings the hammer down on Sixtus Leung
added: Mon Nov 21 03:53:35 2016

Left populism is the answer to Trumpism. But all Chuck Schumer has is more favors for Wall Street.
added: Sat Nov 19 14:18:03 2016

Obama cancels oil lease sales in Arctic through 2022 #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Sat Nov 19 14:00:04 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

In Other BSDs for 2016/11/19: A much more well-rounded crop of BSD links this week. FreeBSD status r...
added: Sat Nov 19 13:59:40 2016

"In Gaza, we aren't mourning Clinton's loss" writes @yelkhoudary
added: Sat Nov 19 13:00:07 2016

box-decoration-break Demos: (How to use the CSS `box-decoration-break` property for multi-line padded text.)
added: Sat Nov 19 12:09:05 2016

Jamal, 2 red-shirt activists remanded 4 days
added: Sat Nov 19 08:23:11 2016

Thai Navy steps up air, sea watch at Andaman Sea for fleeing Rohingya
added: Sat Nov 19 08:23:08 2016

More Alarms Over Next Hydropower Dam in #Laos
added: Sat Nov 19 08:19:20 2016
tags: laos

#Bhutan's Trump! Journalist @namgayzam may face imprisonment or hefty fine for exposing a corrupt local businessman.
added: Sat Nov 19 08:09:24 2016
tags: bhutan

After Mong Kok riot, could district see street food made legal next Lunar New Year?
added: Sat Nov 19 08:08:03 2016

Thousands of Indonesians rally against racial, religious intolerance
added: Sat Nov 19 08:05:09 2016

Digg: Making the Switch from Node.js to Golang: Comments:
added: Sat Nov 19 08:00:02 2016

Bersih chief Maria detained under Sosma
added: Sat Nov 19 07:08:08 2016

Republican senators Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton introduced bill to punish Chinese officials…
added: Sat Nov 19 07:05:47 2016

Somebody needs to tell the #HongKong Island police African isn't a nationality
added: Sat Nov 19 05:53:32 2016
tags: hongkong

#Taiwan: Watch as Gay Marriage Opposition Storms Legislative Building | Unicorn Booty
added: Sat Nov 19 03:06:37 2016
tags: taiwan

#Taiwan Pres. Tsai Ing-wen 'regrets' not learning #Cantonese, says it is an important #language. #HongKong
added: Sat Nov 19 03:05:34 2016
tags: cantonese, hongkong, language, taiwan

I give it a month before the pejorative "mainstream media" has been replaced with "fake news"
added: Sat Nov 19 02:31:33 2016

The @weaveworks platform is less restrictive than PaaS & easier to operate than DIY OSS. DevOps for the rest of us?
added: Fri Nov 18 23:43:29 2016

From before the election: How Trump won the Rust Belt
added: Fri Nov 18 23:39:00 2016

Thousands expected at Malaysian anti-government rally despite arrests
added: Fri Nov 18 23:38:00 2016

Trump’s CIA Pick Supports Domestic Surveillance, Opposes Iran Deal
added: Fri Nov 18 23:35:20 2016

Facebook sets $6 billion buyback; accounting chief to leave
added: Fri Nov 18 23:35:04 2016

Was a Native @GoogleDoodles Enough? Indian Country Responds via @VinceSchilling -
added: Fri Nov 18 23:31:11 2016

"There is a strong risk of violence escalating along ethnic lines with a potential for genocide"
added: Fri Nov 18 23:30:13 2016

It’s a pretty good time to catch up on your environmental justice reading
added: Fri Nov 18 23:30:12 2016

France is shutting down all coal-fired power plants by 2023
added: Fri Nov 18 23:30:01 2016

Surveillance camera compromised in 98 seconds
added: Fri Nov 18 23:29:01 2016

Where have all the lutungs gone? Mystery monkeys fast disappearing:
added: Fri Nov 18 23:28:47 2016

Appalling deeds by #Putin and #Assad > #Aleppo's children's hospital bombed as it treats chlorine gas victims #syria
added: Fri Nov 18 23:19:22 2016
tags: putin, aleppo, syria, assad

“The trends in this space are troubling and don’t show any signs of abating,” a federal official said of drug costs:
added: Fri Nov 18 23:08:01 2016

When a City Has Gigabit Internet, Prices For Slower Speed Tiers Drop: Study
added: Fri Nov 18 23:00:38 2016

Whistleblowers often face espionage charges for divulging classified information. Petraeus never went to jail.
added: Fri Nov 18 22:37:53 2016

#NativeAmericanHeritageMonth PLEASE watch this! Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School
added: Fri Nov 18 20:47:38 2016
tags: nativeamericanheritagemonth

Need a simple resource on the political use of bots on Twitter and elsewhere? I just wrote one up. Available here:
added: Fri Nov 18 19:51:45 2016

Background: Amazon #Indigenous Block #Peru River Traffic to Protest #OilSpill. #ParoIndigenaAmazonico
added: Fri Nov 18 18:57:24 2016
tags: paroindigenaamazonico, oilspill, peru, indigenous

Hard to believe there isn't lots of coercion here: #China officials giving themselves in -
added: Fri Nov 18 18:44:37 2016
tags: china

China Warns It Is Ready To Slow Yuan Plunge On Capital Outflow Fears
added: Fri Nov 18 17:51:04 2016

ep 25 of @deleteuracct: @roqchams and I get an opsec 101 on tech use for organizers from activist, hacker @B_Meson
added: Fri Nov 18 17:20:43 2016

#SCMP Expect more ‘one-country’ focus in Hong Kong policy and appreciate preferential treatment, mainland defence …
added: Fri Nov 18 15:59:05 2016
tags: scmp

BREAKING: Donald Trump has selected Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general, a source says
added: Fri Nov 18 13:04:22 2016

A Detailed Description of CVE-2016-0176 and Its Exploitation : cc @long123king || @keen_lab
added: Fri Nov 18 12:10:38 2016

#Vietnam: Two activists charged under Article 79 of the Criminal Code (activities aimed at overthrowing the gov’t)
added: Fri Nov 18 05:45:36 2016
tags: vietnam

Foreign journalists working in China face increased harassment
added: Fri Nov 18 05:45:11 2016

Thanks to red-shirts, @bersih2 has won #Bersih5
added: Fri Nov 18 05:44:43 2016
tags: bersih5

Scientists say they have found a direct link between fracking and earthquakes in Canada
added: Fri Nov 18 03:56:02 2016

.@WesClarkjr & hundreds of vets will be #StandingwithStandingRock in December. Help them get there if u can #NoDAPL
added: Fri Nov 18 01:30:16 2016
tags: standingwithstandingrock, nodapl

US president-elect Trump has had his first meeting with a world leader... and it went OK.
added: Fri Nov 18 01:30:08 2016

All too often, #police footage ends where police use of force begins
added: Fri Nov 18 01:30:00 2016
tags: police

Supposed Trump critic Erick Erickson already sucking up to Trump nonstop on his radio show
added: Fri Nov 18 01:29:10 2016

I worked on our dev VMs for years and learning how our designers use it was one of the most fascinating things
added: Fri Nov 18 01:28:15 2016

#Vietnam extends runway for spy flights on #SouthChinaSea outpost Builds 2 large hangars on #Spratly Island
added: Fri Nov 18 01:28:02 2016
tags: vietnam, spratly, southchinasea

Goodbye, Neoliberalism. Join the @GreenPartyUS to create a new future—one for the 99 percent.
added: Fri Nov 18 01:27:49 2016

For years Facebook has been a medium for the spread of fake news and propaganda, impacting politics around the world
added: Fri Nov 18 01:27:39 2016

Anti-CY protests at CUHK over #oathgate (by @ETemily, who knows a thing or two about graduation ceremony protests)
added: Fri Nov 18 01:25:01 2016
tags: oathgate

BlackRock to launch "Hong Kong’s cheapest Hang Seng Index ETF": The fund (3115) will charge 0.09% p.a. compared…
added: Fri Nov 18 01:24:06 2016

.@BernieSanders: If Trump has the 'guts' to take on corporate America, he's got an ally #FeeltheBern
added: Fri Nov 18 01:22:53 2016
tags: feelthebern

Georgia drops anti-hijab bill.
added: Fri Nov 18 01:21:00 2016

Norway’s largest bank just pulled its assets from the North Dakota pipeline #noDAPL…
added: Fri Nov 18 01:17:46 2016
tags: nodapl

You can add another indicator to the financial warning signs flashing in China via @business
added: Fri Nov 18 01:17:17 2016

This is pretty great, I'd love to see the program's results.
added: Fri Nov 18 01:17:02 2016

With the election now in the rearview mirror, Bloomberg is terminating John Heilemann and Mark Halperin’s show.
added: Fri Nov 18 00:44:02 2016

Giuliani Can’t Stand the Constitution /Remember when he was Mayor? via @thenation
added: Thu Nov 17 22:03:43 2016

Study reveals how hydraulic fracturing induces tremors. #UCalgary
added: Thu Nov 17 20:30:19 2016
tags: ucalgary

Must-read: "I think Trump is in the White House because of me.” Paul Horner makes $10K+ per month writing fake news.
added: Thu Nov 17 19:28:05 2016

How MSNBC's @aseitzwald colluded with the failed Clinton campaign to smear Sanders and parrot government propaganda
added: Thu Nov 17 18:29:49 2016

Powell on Flynn's firing from DIA: "Abusive with staff, didn't listen, worked against policy, bad management, etc."
added: Thu Nov 17 17:25:18 2016

uefireverse : Tools to help with Reverse Engineering UEFI-based firmware :
added: Thu Nov 17 10:16:50 2016

面對暴政,我們定要堅守良心和善良。 //當地非政府組織Community Action Network(CAN)稱,余澎杉在獄中受到威嚇,遭人摑打背部,並在上樓梯時被人用腳踢。CAN又稱新加坡當局已收到投訴,並承諾將調查事件。//
added: Thu Nov 17 10:00:23 2016

Sarah Lee Wai-sze takes sprint gold at track #WorldCup:
added: Thu Nov 17 10:00:02 2016
tags: worldcup

China, U.S. must avoid excessive mutual suspicion: Chinese envoy
added: Thu Nov 17 09:59:06 2016

Senate Democrats’ Surprising Strategy: Trying to Align With Trump, via @nytimes @jestei
added: Thu Nov 17 09:58:43 2016

Lawyer who helped draft Basic Law says Beijing interpretation has destroyed ‘one country, two systems’
added: Thu Nov 17 09:58:10 2016

China's Great Wall Asset to seek 5-8 strategic investors in pre-IPO funding
added: Thu Nov 17 09:57:41 2016

Err, you can't charge me, I quit. Taking a cue from Putin, Duterte wants to ditch the International Criminal Court
added: Thu Nov 17 09:56:15 2016

Huge moment in US-Japan alliance: #Abe to meet Trump in first bilateral with foreign leader #Japan
added: Thu Nov 17 09:55:35 2016
tags: japan, abe

#China's interference in #HongKong reaching alarming levels: U.S. congressional panel via @Reuters
added: Thu Nov 17 09:53:15 2016
tags: hongkong, china

Don’t share anything on Facebook without reading this first
added: Thu Nov 17 09:48:06 2016

India's rupee crisis: Modi accused of raiding rivals' coffers before key election
added: Thu Nov 17 09:07:31 2016

China is such a "market" economy the government tells coal mines how many days they can work. Yep, that's a market
added: Thu Nov 17 09:03:59 2016

A senior Breitbart editor just got in a stand up argument on the Today programme
added: Thu Nov 17 09:01:08 2016

"We firmly oppose any foreign government interfering in Hong Kong affairs in any way, undermining Hong Kong's...
added: Thu Nov 17 09:00:42 2016

Across China, Walmart Faces Labor Unrest as Authorities Stand Aside
added: Thu Nov 17 09:00:20 2016

The iPhone will never be made in the United States
added: Thu Nov 17 09:00:01 2016

【再有選委會參選人提名無效】 【張秀賢被指與高等教育界連繫不足】 再有選委會參選人被裁定提名無效,他是中大學生張秀賢,。 張秀賢與另外 6 人組成「學界同盟 2017」的參選名單,他以中大教務會學生成員身份參選,但今年...
added: Thu Nov 17 08:45:03 2016

@joshuawongcf is in the U.S. seeking support, while the HK government has told foreign countries not to interfere.
added: Thu Nov 17 08:44:38 2016

Russia begins process to block Linkedin website
added: Thu Nov 17 08:42:51 2016

China relaxes curbs on coal mine operations
added: Thu Nov 17 08:42:24 2016

Zuckerman slate trounced Hoffa slate in Central region, 58% to 42%, a 10,000 vote margin
added: Thu Nov 17 08:34:51 2016

#Singapore tells #Taiwan to customize New Southbound Policy to individual #ASEAN states:
added: Thu Nov 17 08:32:27 2016
tags: singapore, asean, taiwan

Syria’s al-Assad: Trump “a natural ally”
added: Thu Nov 17 08:32:08 2016

Tax havens should be 'quarantined' from global economy
added: Thu Nov 17 08:26:10 2016

French law on digital versions of out-of-print books flouts EU directive by @glynmoody
added: Thu Nov 17 08:25:00 2016

EU-US trade deal “not realistic” under Trump presidency, says Germany - #TTIP is dead; #TPP is dead; #CETA next?
added: Thu Nov 17 08:10:20 2016
tags: ttip, ceta, tpp

Twitter suspends high-profile accounts associated with white supremacist alt-right movement
added: Thu Nov 17 08:09:04 2016

Henry David Thoreau on When Civil Disobedience and Resistance Are Justified (1849) via @OpenCulture, Nov15th 2016).
added: Thu Nov 17 08:05:30 2016

No, the viral image of 2016 election results and 2013 crime rates is not real
added: Thu Nov 17 08:02:01 2016

#Jordan slams Israeli ban on call to prayer in #Jerusalem | #Palestine
added: Thu Nov 17 08:01:04 2016
tags: jordan, jerusalem, palestine

Meet PoisonTap, the $5 tool that ransacks password-protected computers
added: Thu Nov 17 07:46:16 2016

'Black box affair': 6 engineering nominees disqualified from running for Chief Exec. ...
added: Thu Nov 17 07:22:05 2016

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline stops—for now
added: Thu Nov 17 07:15:11 2016

.@marcorubio: freeze US-based assets & deny entry into the US of those responsible for abducted booksellers case
added: Thu Nov 17 07:10:43 2016

#CCP protests weak US comment on Youngspiration duo disqualification, @joshuawongcf #HK self-determination advocacy
added: Thu Nov 17 07:10:03 2016
tags: ccp, hk

The disappearing stick shift: less than 3% of cars sold in the U.S. have manuals: Comments:
added: Thu Nov 17 07:10:01 2016

Prof Hung Ho-fung of Johns Hopkins says:
added: Thu Nov 17 07:09:13 2016

Awful lot of rich white men been visiting Trump in the last few days
added: Thu Nov 17 07:07:54 2016

Thugs rough up @thejohnsudworth as he tries to intv an independent political candidate for office in china. This i…
added: Thu Nov 17 07:02:59 2016

More on #HK Human Rights & Democracy Act (this is 3rd session of Congress it's been presented;got nowhere in 1st 2)
added: Thu Nov 17 07:00:38 2016
tags: hk

Australia Snubs Obama, Dumps TPP, Opts For China-Sponsored Trade Deal
added: Thu Nov 17 07:00:27 2016

Pan-democrat group says members unfairly disqualified from EC
added: Thu Nov 17 06:31:37 2016

Dems recruiting New York Rep. Crowley to challenge Pelosi for leadership spot
added: Thu Nov 17 06:21:05 2016

Lee Teng-hui accuses Tsai of being too timid and indecisive... also says she should be more pro-independence
added: Thu Nov 17 05:22:47 2016

Anson Chan: 'If HK bankers think interference in judicial process limited to politics, they’re sadly mistaken'
added: Thu Nov 17 04:06:06 2016

US cancels 15 oil, gas leases in an area bordering Glacier National Park that's considered sacred to Blackfoot:
added: Wed Nov 16 19:30:26 2016

Any encrypted database, if queried sufficiently often, reveals many of its secrets:
added: Wed Nov 16 16:50:09 2016

Dems’ first post-election move: promoting one of Wall St’s favorite senators to the position of Democratic leader
added: Wed Nov 16 16:11:29 2016

Tencent Q3 profit misses forecasts, expenses offset revenue surge
added: Wed Nov 16 13:45:30 2016

In a not-unrelated development, it turns out economist scholars at top universities shill for monopolies.
added: Wed Nov 16 13:42:46 2016

Sorry, 'heterodoxers', but tip-toeing around neoclassical and New Keynesian economics as fake science isn't enough.
added: Wed Nov 16 13:39:26 2016

Under-exploited #HTML5 Features
added: Wed Nov 16 13:35:08 2016
tags: html5

Milan official wants clarity on AC Milan's Chinese owners
added: Wed Nov 16 13:34:48 2016

In Trump’s China, industrial subsidies loom large -- Heard on the Street via…
added: Wed Nov 16 13:01:16 2016

Why the corrupt rich will welcome Modi’s ‘surgical strike on corruption’
added: Wed Nov 16 13:00:36 2016

Mystery as wrecks of three Dutch WWII ships vanish from Java seabed
added: Wed Nov 16 13:00:07 2016

Racist fliers warning white women not to date black men posted in dorms at Texas university
added: Wed Nov 16 12:58:50 2016

China's flurry of gas measures to lift investment, third-party access
added: Wed Nov 16 12:58:28 2016

We must rethink globalization, or Trumpism will prevail — Thomas Piketty
added: Wed Nov 16 12:57:34 2016

A post-election prediction markets post-mortem from @skominers:
added: Wed Nov 16 12:52:01 2016

Pro-democracy camp urged to host primaries for potential by-elections after localist ...
added: Wed Nov 16 12:28:03 2016

Iceland breaks taboo with world's largest penis museum
added: Wed Nov 16 12:12:08 2016

China calls for new private bank to rejuvenate northeast
added: Wed Nov 16 12:12:04 2016

I've released PoisonTap; attacks *locked* machines, siphons cookies, exposes router & backdoors browser w/RasPi&Node
added: Wed Nov 16 11:58:55 2016

CHAOS: Trump Transition Runs Off The Rails
added: Wed Nov 16 11:55:40 2016

How the vegan movement broke out of its echo chamber and finally started disrupting things
added: Wed Nov 16 11:52:49 2016

Suspected Hong Kong triad leader arrested for 2009 acid attack on lawyer | South China Morning Post
added: Wed Nov 16 11:46:56 2016

總之為咗政治,擦共產黨鞋,難為教育界,難為老師,難為學生。 不過,不能說的秘密,梗係有人想香港效法澳門,將中史科連教材赤化,講完。 崔世安:政府與大陸出版社合編中史統一教材 全澳中學將全面使用 (2/2)
added: Wed Nov 16 11:46:55 2016

Syrian government and Russian warplanes pound rebel-held parts of northern Syria including Aleppo
added: Wed Nov 16 11:41:02 2016

#Philippines: Davao City judge says there are no extrajudicial killings under President #Duterte #InterestingRead
added: Wed Nov 16 11:31:40 2016
tags: duterte, interestingread, philippines

Report: Cities across the US enact more bans on sitting on pavements and sleeping in cars
added: Wed Nov 16 11:30:14 2016

Only 4% of doctors, 6% of barristers, and 11% of journalists are from working class backgrounds... 😕
added: Wed Nov 16 11:14:35 2016

Pig heart survives in monkey for at least 51 days
added: Wed Nov 16 11:10:31 2016

#PanamaPapers Law firm hit with record fine for financial improprieties in British Virgin Islands
added: Wed Nov 16 11:07:56 2016
tags: panamapapers

This shall prompt deeper thinking about role of social networks in this age -- Twitter suspends alt-right accounts
added: Wed Nov 16 11:07:39 2016

On law banning BDS supporters from entering Israel, Tzipi Livni: "How will I defend Israeli democracy abroad?"
added: Wed Nov 16 10:59:00 2016

Chagos Islanders denied right to return home
added: Wed Nov 16 10:56:19 2016

Dramatic discovery of early Christian cemetery at Great Ryburgh via @EDP24
added: Wed Nov 16 10:53:41 2016

Native title holders propose parks expansion to create hundreds of Indigenous jobs – video
added: Wed Nov 16 10:52:34 2016

When swastikas were sprayed near a Jewish school in London, a local Muslim man was first to respond
added: Wed Nov 16 10:49:12 2016

And The Rest Of The World? How Will It Survive Trumpism?
added: Wed Nov 16 10:48:25 2016

The mood on Twitter suggested Hillary Clinton would lose
added: Wed Nov 16 10:48:03 2016

A first of its kind, this marine plant is pollinated by zooplankton and invertebrates.
added: Wed Nov 16 10:46:43 2016

A digital levy on #Google and Facebook isnt the answer to UK newspaper woes by @glynmoody
added: Wed Nov 16 10:46:33 2016
tags: google

I heard same thing in Moscow - Trump may say nice things about Putin, but Russia sees DT as completely unpredictable
added: Wed Nov 16 10:41:44 2016

I spoke to the former Democrat voters who made Donald Trump president, and this is what they actually want
added: Wed Nov 16 10:40:01 2016

Snapchat to use data from Foursquare's 90M+ locations to power its geofilters
added: Wed Nov 16 10:31:20 2016

Court's ambiguity over Beijing's power to interpret Hong Kong's constitution is ...
added: Wed Nov 16 10:30:10 2016

Twitter's new anti-harassment tools are good but still not enough
added: Wed Nov 16 10:30:02 2016

As in New Delhi and Beijing, Tehran finds a noxious blanket of pollution becomes a way of life. @ThomasErdbrink
added: Wed Nov 16 10:30:00 2016

Indonesia police to pursue blasphemy case against capital's Christian governor
added: Wed Nov 16 10:16:12 2016

Google releases app to digitize boxes of old photo prints #jakpost
added: Wed Nov 16 10:10:01 2016
tags: jakpost

"I told conservatives to work for Trump. One talk with his team changed my mind." @EliotACohen watches with horror
added: Wed Nov 16 10:01:38 2016

VIDEO - Syria: Russia resumes air strikes in rebel-held East Aleppo after ceasefire
added: Wed Nov 16 10:01:22 2016

【又係不誠實使用電腦!?】 加部針孔攝錄機,好似未用到人哋部電腦喎?警察不只濫用條例,真hea 土瓜灣中銀櫃機被裝針孔攝錄機 警跟進列不誠實取用電腦 中銀ATM被裝偷拍鏡頭 入密碼小心
added: Wed Nov 16 10:01:10 2016

Sec. for Justice says gov't will decide as soon as possible whether to lodge other ...
added: Wed Nov 16 10:00:18 2016

Iran: Pressured by Revolutionary Guards, Court Orders Teachers Union Leader Back to Prison
added: Wed Nov 16 10:00:14 2016

Police in Shanghai, Beijing Detain More Independent Election Candidates
added: Wed Nov 16 09:55:56 2016

New Zealand earthquake lifted seabed by several metres, impacting some fisheries, tourism industries via @business
added: Wed Nov 16 09:46:46 2016
added: Wed Nov 16 09:46:09 2016

Over 100 tigers "killed and trafficked each year", says report
added: Wed Nov 16 09:45:07 2016

The Bolshevik-Menshevik split.
added: Wed Nov 16 09:45:02 2016

Highest proportion of service sector jobs is in London at 91.4%, Wales has highest proportion in production at 13.2%
added: Wed Nov 16 09:43:04 2016

1,800-Year-Old Mosaic Portraits of the Dead Unearthed in Turkey
added: Wed Nov 16 08:47:51 2016

Just take the bloody tram: Happy Valley demands $1 billion 'driverless train' to connect to MTR (by @shirleyZhaoXY)
added: Wed Nov 16 08:34:35 2016

This story is a pick-the-most-amazing-paragraph competition, and the competition is fierce.
added: Wed Nov 16 04:41:17 2016

Tech CEOs, call your offices
added: Wed Nov 16 02:57:16 2016

.@fccchina latest report: In China, foreign correspondents continue to face harassment, restrictions
added: Tue Nov 15 22:40:35 2016

300 hate crimes since the election. Here are some of them. This is NOT normal.
added: Tue Nov 15 22:26:27 2016

Kyiv Locked Down As Hundreds Protest #Ukraine's Government. My report from today's odd events.
added: Tue Nov 15 18:07:18 2016
tags: ukraine

Japan's 10-year bond climbs back above zero.
added: Tue Nov 15 12:35:34 2016

“Do progressives even want to win?” by @JeanetteJing Top notch writing, political or otherwise; not a word wasted.
added: Tue Nov 15 12:13:17 2016

Secret Backdoor in Some U.S. Phones Sent Data to China, Analysts Say - NYT sounds like for ads
added: Tue Nov 15 11:45:05 2016

“There will be a trend for more Hongkongers to be localists,” HK independence activist @yauwaiching told us on Fri
added: Tue Nov 15 11:19:33 2016

Need to generate memorable passphrases or convert random bytes into readable phrases? I made you a js library.
added: Tue Nov 15 10:56:54 2016

A detailed, on-the-ground take on how online shopping reaches deep into rural China by @joannachiu
added: Tue Nov 15 10:56:45 2016

Worst of the Worst: China ranks last in #netfreedom2016 report for the second year running
added: Tue Nov 15 10:37:10 2016
tags: netfreedom2016

Rumour has it Disney is going to purchase Netflix
added: Tue Nov 15 10:32:19 2016

Interesting story about judicial review into Hong Kong's perennially strained public housing system.
added: Tue Nov 15 10:29:45 2016

Japan’s permanent residency rules may be loosened to lure global talent
added: Tue Nov 15 10:20:10 2016

Isis destroys 3,000 years of history in two months of destruction
added: Tue Nov 15 10:18:32 2016

China: Apple (and others) 'will suffer' under Trump's proposed trade war
added: Tue Nov 15 10:17:52 2016

Donald Trump may push African countries away from America and closer to China @stadenesque on @qzafrica
added: Tue Nov 15 10:17:14 2016

Politically motivated? Elected lawmakers barred from Hong Kong legislature as gov wins legal challenge @hongkongfp
added: Tue Nov 15 10:10:53 2016

Another supermarket fruit supplier caught allegedly underpaying migrants via @theage
added: Tue Nov 15 10:03:32 2016

Hong Kong court disqualifies pro-independence lawmakers as crackdown on burgeoning separatist movement intensifies
added: Tue Nov 15 09:47:58 2016

Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung were barred by court from the Legislative Council today. My profile of the former:
added: Tue Nov 15 09:20:29 2016

Hong Kong court rules pro-independence lawmakers barred from legislature
added: Tue Nov 15 09:12:37 2016

Kentucky. Where hepatitis C rates are seven times the US average — and a cure is kept out of reach via @statnews
added: Tue Nov 15 09:08:27 2016

Justin Trudeau Visits Cuba 40 Years After His Father Befriended Fidel
added: Tue Nov 15 09:00:02 2016

Is Party Members too political to handle? Tom Carter lets loose at @LAReviewofBooks for not reviewing it.
added: Tue Nov 15 08:58:05 2016

Redditor uses drone to catch cheating wife in action
added: Tue Nov 15 08:44:09 2016

Wang Chau consultants got off easy over confidential leak, Hong Kong lawmakers tell…
added: Tue Nov 15 08:41:41 2016

Hong Kong court rules that pro-independence activists cannot become lawmakers
added: Tue Nov 15 08:40:06 2016

Hong Kong police hunt for man who punched internet radio host more than 10 times in possible road rage incident
added: Tue Nov 15 08:38:33 2016

Hong Kong lawmakers who insulted China have been officially disqualified from office
added: Tue Nov 15 08:38:01 2016

Hong Kong court bans pro-democracy politicians from office
added: Tue Nov 15 08:37:07 2016

Newly elected Hong Kong separatist lawmakers lose legal battle over oaths as court disqualifies them from office.
added: Tue Nov 15 08:31:46 2016

Hong Kong court bans pro-democracy politicians from office
added: Tue Nov 15 08:28:22 2016

#HK High Court ruling disqualifying Youngspiration duo from Legco is based on NPCSC Basic Law interpretation- see p9
added: Tue Nov 15 08:12:35 2016
tags: hk

#DRC has signed away rights to potentially huge flows of cash from mining that should go towards its building future
added: Tue Nov 15 08:00:01 2016
tags: drc

Trump & China: fears that deal-making will consign #humanrights to political 'roadkill' @orvilleschell, @niubi, 沈丁立
added: Tue Nov 15 07:15:52 2016
tags: humanrights

Nepal police arrests 41 Tibetans on a pilgrimage to India. They'll be handed to Chinese police & face persecution
added: Tue Nov 15 07:07:47 2016

A minibus driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death after a fatal collision with a...
added: Tue Nov 15 06:01:02 2016

Michigan police officer suspended for driving with Confederate flag resigns
added: Tue Nov 15 05:45:01 2016

Chuck Schumer: The worst possible Democratic leader at the worst possible time by @tinyrevolution
added: Tue Nov 15 05:35:30 2016

Obama promises to veto bill that would block aircraft exports to Iran
added: Tue Nov 15 05:05:09 2016

Japanese workers fix Fukuoka city sinkhole in two days
added: Tue Nov 15 05:04:29 2016

GSMA: 5G at risk if government's don't get their acts together
added: Tue Nov 15 05:04:27 2016

Vietnamese village a supermarket for illegal wildlife trade - on #WJCVietnam Public Hearing @STcom
added: Tue Nov 15 05:03:13 2016
tags: wjcvietnam

China’s A-share equity markets a good long-term bet
added: Tue Nov 15 05:01:51 2016

Trump "shows that support for Israel can serve as a cover, if not actually as an accelerator, for anti-Semitism"
added: Tue Nov 15 04:43:25 2016

And so it begins - our government is looking underground to develop new retail space, promising cheaper rents and...
added: Tue Nov 15 04:01:06 2016

Exploiting CORS Misconfigurations for Bitcoins and Bounties : cc @albinowax
added: Tue Nov 15 04:01:00 2016

First woman to fly China's J-10 fighter jet dies mid-air during a training accident
added: Tue Nov 15 03:59:24 2016

Over 300 Trump-Related Hate Crimes Since Election Day in US
added: Tue Nov 15 03:58:23 2016

Demand for Chinese coal and steel isn't rising. Why are prices? via @BV
added: Tue Nov 15 03:57:23 2016

17 Arrested at Schumer's Office
added: Tue Nov 15 03:55:10 2016

CCP mouthpiece People's Daily rolls out red carpet for Trump, fascinating logical gymnastics re campaign claims (Cn)
added: Tue Nov 15 03:51:45 2016

Russian MIG-29 fighter jet crashes into Mediterranean off Syrian coast while trying to land on aircraft carrier
added: Tue Nov 15 03:24:01 2016

Welcome to Haryana, India, where women are bought and sold like cattle:
added: Tue Nov 15 03:00:05 2016

Days before Trump won National Labor Relations Board ruled against his Vegas hotel. Now he appoints NLRB. Conflict?
added: Tue Nov 15 02:59:31 2016

Trump earns trademark victory in China, but others still own his name for aquarium products, explosives and condoms.
added: Tue Nov 15 01:54:53 2016

Despite efforts to curb the spread of #Korean culture, or #Hallyu, across the world, its fan base grows and grows
added: Tue Nov 15 01:44:02 2016
tags: hallyu, korean

More than half of anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn't vote
added: Tue Nov 15 01:38:23 2016

The most amazing thing about this story is that the Facebook employees are "renegade" and have to meet in secret
added: Tue Nov 15 00:11:54 2016

"It's a Hail Mary": Two presidential electors encourage colleagues to sideline Trump | AP P…
added: Mon Nov 14 23:35:07 2016

"the white working class (WWC) resents professionals but admires the rich" 😮🤔💡 Super eye-opening read:
added: Mon Nov 14 23:24:23 2016
added: Mon Nov 14 23:24:13 2016

Judge denies request to delay Trump University trial by five weeks one good thing
added: Mon Nov 14 22:46:47 2016

Posters In Toronto Are Encouraging White People To “Join The Alt-Right”
added: Mon Nov 14 21:05:35 2016

Judith Stein on the dangers of privileging identity politics over class solidarity
added: Mon Nov 14 20:39:04 2016

Party like it’s 1999: Comeback of VBA #Malware Downloaders [Part 3]
added: Mon Nov 14 18:51:16 2016
tags: malware

NEW: CIA official who destroyed waterboarding tapes wants Trump to try new torture methods
added: Mon Nov 14 18:35:45 2016

US bombs & military operations w/ #Saudi coalition have massacred lots of civilians in #Yemen. Where is the outrage?
added: Mon Nov 14 16:12:46 2016
tags: saudi, yemen

Modi trumples on Indian lives with a rupee diktat that causes mass misery and disruption via @JElliottIndia
added: Mon Nov 14 14:47:51 2016

|@DetNews: #MIGOP benefits from straight-party voting it opposes - Voting like Zombies, that will "#MAGA"? Nope.
added: Mon Nov 14 14:38:16 2016
tags: maga, migop

China: We’ll block iPhone sales if Trump imposes tariffs by @Tom_Mendelsohn
added: Mon Nov 14 14:37:06 2016

Relaunch of writers group PEN to defend freedom of expression in Hong Kong | Hong Kong Free Press @hongkongpen
added: Mon Nov 14 14:34:33 2016

Heavy pollution shuts schools in Iran's capital
added: Mon Nov 14 14:14:38 2016

"Be grateful he wore a condom" - advice to rape victims from Singapore, twinned with the neolithic era
added: Mon Nov 14 14:13:11 2016

Some good reading today:
added: Mon Nov 14 14:13:11 2016

The human cost of wage theft in Massachusetts
added: Mon Nov 14 14:12:04 2016

Swedish officials quiz WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Ecuador embassy in London
added: Mon Nov 14 14:10:01 2016

Cathay Pacific’s union tells management that they need to stop treating staff as a ‘commodity’ that will ‘expire’...
added: Mon Nov 14 14:09:54 2016

Olympia, WA: North Dakota Fracking Equipment Blocked, Train Tracks Barricaded
added: Mon Nov 14 14:08:57 2016

Personnel will matter more in a Trump presidency than usual, and usually they're critical.
added: Mon Nov 14 14:08:33 2016

How Breitbart News rose on the darkest of money to hijack the conservative media—and how liberals helped them do it.
added: Mon Nov 14 10:16:28 2016

'Idiots' claim as Beijing man steps up attack
added: Mon Nov 14 10:15:28 2016

After Indian Army hits back hard, Pakistan says seven soldiers killed in LoC firing
added: Mon Nov 14 10:15:01 2016

Pro-Beijing group member asks Hong Kong court to disqualify 11 lawmakers over Legco oaths
added: Mon Nov 14 10:14:05 2016

China State Council:Local govts shoulder full responsibility for paying debts & central gov principle of no bailouts
added: Mon Nov 14 10:01:47 2016

Assad's 'final battle' for Aleppo has begun
added: Mon Nov 14 10:01:01 2016

While we worry about Trump, Turkey is being taken over
added: Mon Nov 14 10:00:38 2016

Israel's Netanyahu backs to limit the volume of calls to prayer as citizens complain about excessive "noise"
added: Mon Nov 14 10:00:04 2016

I was so glad to finally read what I've long been thinking: The 'White Working Class' Can Kiss My Brown Ass
added: Mon Nov 14 09:22:51 2016

Hong Kong benchmark index hits lowest since August, hurt by strong US dollar
added: Mon Nov 14 09:20:06 2016

Oh my. @Microsoft: Introducing Visual Studio for Mac #programming
added: Mon Nov 14 09:19:12 2016
tags: programming

Freedom, democracy, rule of law and now patriotism for Hong Kong's core values
added: Mon Nov 14 09:06:04 2016

Protesters halt pipeline work by crawling into pipe
added: Mon Nov 14 08:39:56 2016

Yanis Varoufakis: After Donald Trump's awful victory, the left must be more ambitious
added: Mon Nov 14 07:38:09 2016

Taiwan reaches out to Southeast Asian students to help cut economic reliance on Beijing
added: Mon Nov 14 07:19:49 2016

Swedish neo-Nazis stage biggest ever march in wake of Donald Trump victory
added: Mon Nov 14 07:19:47 2016

China state-run Global Times on Trump's threat of a trade war? Bring it on
added: Mon Nov 14 07:12:14 2016

added: Mon Nov 14 07:00:01 2016
tags: absarchives

12 Things You Need To Know About Keith Ellison For DNC Chair - 11) Funded by Soros 12) Silent on Primary Rigging
added: Mon Nov 14 06:46:05 2016

@ILO says #China's arrest of #Labour activists is "serious interference" with #InternationalLaw:, @ituc @chinalabour
added: Mon Nov 14 06:40:11 2016
tags: internationallaw, china, labour

Progressive Lawyers Group OpEd on #Oathgate: China Is Rapidly Squandering the Unique Opportunity That #HK Represents
added: Mon Nov 14 05:54:17 2016
tags: hk, oathgate

Beijing Tightens Its Grip in Hong Kong Again - New York Times
added: Mon Nov 14 05:42:09 2016

India is planning to set up regulations that will prevent matrimonial websites from being used for casual dating.
added: Mon Nov 14 05:10:01 2016

China's Xi tells Trump cooperation is only choice
added: Mon Nov 14 04:47:51 2016

That looks pretty subdued.
added: Mon Nov 14 04:46:40 2016

Study shows women in China make 22.3% less than men on average
added: Mon Nov 14 04:28:46 2016

Sikh Harvard Law School Student Followed, Called "F***ing Muslim" #HateHurts
added: Mon Nov 14 04:14:38 2016
tags: hatehurts

Surprise surprise: demonstrators at pro#CCP rally in support of NPCSC interpretation of #HK Basic Law were paid
added: Mon Nov 14 03:55:15 2016
tags: hk

From this weekend: Bernie would've won On Jim Webb On Neera Tanden
added: Mon Nov 14 03:53:38 2016

Bernie's empire strikes back
added: Mon Nov 14 03:50:52 2016

WSJ: Confronted with Trump team ignorance about executive branch, Obama plans extra time to tutor President elect.
added: Mon Nov 14 01:54:29 2016

Leon Russell, Hit Maker and Musicians’ Musician, Dies at 74, via @nytimes
added: Sun Nov 13 17:33:33 2016

"It's 'I wouldn't have hurt you if you just behaved.'"
added: Sun Nov 13 15:48:56 2016

China is the obstacle to Google’s plan to end internet censorship @greatfirechina
added: Sun Nov 13 15:30:23 2016

Israeli arrested in Thailand after body of compatriot - a former copper who was missing - found in home - @AFP
added: Sun Nov 13 12:17:30 2016

Hong Kong writers relaunch literary group in face of ‘unprecedented’ threat to free speech
added: Sun Nov 13 11:41:53 2016

India central bank says enough cash available as crowds throng banks
added: Sun Nov 13 11:35:04 2016

Kasie Hunt is excellent here. HRC came across as fake because of course she was fake.
added: Sun Nov 13 11:34:57 2016

New Zealand hit by 7.5 magnitude earthquake just outside Christchurch.
added: Sun Nov 13 11:33:58 2016

The links between South Africa minister and illegal Rhino horn trade #RhinoKillers
added: Sun Nov 13 11:30:04 2016
tags: rhinokillers

Bernie Sanders got more write-in votes in Vermont than Gary Johnson and Jill Stein combined
added: Sun Nov 13 11:10:19 2016

Trump normalization underway. Racists and bigots among his supporters will surely appreciate.
added: Sun Nov 13 08:45:53 2016

Oathgate latest: China's top man in HK says Beijing cannot "appease treason" & calls for more "patriotic education"
added: Sun Nov 13 07:20:19 2016

#NODAPL: Concrete Truck Driver Drives into a Crowd of Water Protectors & Fires Seven Shots…
added: Sun Nov 13 05:33:49 2016
tags: nodapl

Oh no!! How 4 million donkeys are slaughtered every year to make Chinese serum via @MailOnline
added: Sun Nov 13 04:39:12 2016

#MeetBSD has motivated my coworker to finish his work on pycapsicum! Now you can sandbox your python code!
added: Sun Nov 13 01:40:40 2016
tags: meetbsd

“Facebook was the single most important platform to help grow our fundraising base” - Trump’s digital director
added: Sat Nov 12 23:48:07 2016

These Rust Belt Democrts saw the Trump wave coming
added: Sat Nov 12 07:45:09 2016

Good read: Hong Kong on the Brink via @pocket
added: Sat Nov 12 07:36:16 2016

Serbia deports Russians suspected of plotting Montenegro coup
added: Sat Nov 12 07:35:21 2016

New fossils shed some intriguing light on the earliest history of dinosaurs
added: Sat Nov 12 07:33:17 2016

Maybe you can overlook the pussy grabbing & racism but you can't really ignore the fact he's a MONUMENTAL IDIOT.
added: Sat Nov 12 06:44:30 2016

Mexico wins 1st World Cup qualifier in US since 1972 (from @AP)
added: Sat Nov 12 06:27:27 2016

Ex-Autonomy CFO indicted in U.S., accused of deceiving HP
added: Sat Nov 12 06:05:08 2016

Tunku Aziz: 1MDB a 'non issue' just to prop Mukhriz as PM
added: Sat Nov 12 06:03:14 2016

Explosion hits US airbase in Bagram
added: Sat Nov 12 05:58:38 2016

Please read RE: the lie Sanders was never attacked.
added: Fri Nov 11 23:37:19 2016

Nooksack Tribe moves to disenroll 306 after holding referendum #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Fri Nov 11 14:45:00 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

Big manufacturing changes: GE says 35% of its new turboprop engine will be made using 3-D printing. via @WSJ
added: Fri Nov 11 14:44:26 2016

#CLTV Sen. Merkley: Denying Garland A SCOTUS Hearing Is A 'Theft Being Delivered To The Koch Brothers'
added: Fri Nov 11 14:01:13 2016
tags: cltv

The Wrong People to Drain the Swamp, via @nytimes
added: Fri Nov 11 14:00:25 2016

.@AlecMacGillis spent much of this year chronicling the white working class dislocation that paved the way for Trump
added: Fri Nov 11 14:00:24 2016

Army Corps wants more cooperation from Dakota Access company #NoDAPL @POTUS #INDIGENOUS…
added: Fri Nov 11 14:00:02 2016
tags: indigenous, nodapl

Thoughts for the Horrified, via @nytimes
added: Fri Nov 11 13:59:34 2016

The Democratic Party’s abandonment of the working class cleared the space for Trump.
added: Fri Nov 11 13:57:02 2016

China's Xi urges unity amid challenges in Taiwan, Hong Kong - Fox News
added: Fri Nov 11 13:56:49 2016

Terrific piece on the tremendous shift that drove Trump's rise via @newyorker
added: Fri Nov 11 13:55:40 2016

Russia moves to block LinkedIn
added: Fri Nov 11 13:54:17 2016

Trump’s lawyers seek to delay fraud case — until after he is sworn into office
added: Fri Nov 11 12:26:14 2016

Silicon Valley Braces for Uncertainty After Donald Trump’s Victory
added: Fri Nov 11 12:25:07 2016

“The backwardness of China was the modernity of Hong Kong.” A look back at how Hongkongers’ attitudes towards...
added: Fri Nov 11 12:11:27 2016

Pay attention to Michigan. We are a predictive microcosm of what is happening nationally.
added: Fri Nov 11 12:11:18 2016

Mark Zuckerberg responds to accusations Facebook helped Donald Trump win
added: Fri Nov 11 12:11:02 2016

Zimbabwe court drops charges against hunter who helped kill Cecil the lion
added: Fri Nov 11 11:04:30 2016

Trump is already blocking press access. This is unprecedented. And this is how it starts.
added: Fri Nov 11 11:02:08 2016

#India may suffer 'great losses' if it joins #Japan to speak on #SouthChinaSea: Chinese media
added: Fri Nov 11 10:41:01 2016
tags: japan, india, southchinasea

OAuth 2.0 Hack Exposes 1 Billion Mobile Apps to Account Hijacking via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Nov 11 10:15:36 2016

Singaporean banker jailed for role in 1MDB scandal
added: Fri Nov 11 09:59:12 2016

Israel will authorize construction of 7,000 housing units in Jerusalem over the Green Line in aftermath of Trump win
added: Fri Nov 11 09:58:01 2016

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: His Economic Philosophy and State Socialism
added: Fri Nov 11 09:55:25 2016

Endangered species database ‘outdated’, underestimates risk of extinction: new study:
added: Fri Nov 11 09:22:18 2016

China's household debt a growing risk to economy
added: Fri Nov 11 09:19:00 2016

HSI tumbles on renewed concerns over Trump
added: Fri Nov 11 08:54:22 2016

Speech by Chief Executive at 55th Orient & Southeast Asian Lions Forum
added: Fri Nov 11 08:47:42 2016

'Worse than expletives': Chief Sec. Carrie Lam criticised for disrespecting lawmakers
added: Fri Nov 11 08:08:18 2016

Brad DeLong was right in 2003 when he said Hillary Clinton was incompetent. @billmon1…
added: Fri Nov 11 08:06:35 2016

Hong Kong courts should reject Beijing's Basic Law ruling, says legal heavyweight 來自 @hongkongfp
added: Fri Nov 11 06:50:06 2016
tags: hkfp

"Ever heard of a logistics company that reported the value of the goods they shipped?"
added: Fri Nov 11 06:47:19 2016

UN sold Hong Kong down the river, now it's time to shrug off Beijing yoke - The Australian
added: Fri Nov 11 06:40:43 2016

On why #Vietnam is a hub for #rhinohorn trade, inc details on our #WJCVietnam investigation. Thanks @mongabay :)
added: Fri Nov 11 06:03:50 2016
tags: wjcvietnam, rhinohorn, vietnam

Mass transit wins big in ballot initiatives
added: Fri Nov 11 06:00:09 2016

Voters raise the minimum wage in four states and pass paid sick leave in two
added: Fri Nov 11 05:45:33 2016

ICT positions are hardest-to-fill roles for HK employers
added: Fri Nov 11 05:42:44 2016

【就梁振英、建制派入稟高院】 【市民要求法庭頒令宣誓無效】 有市民入稟高等法院,就行政長官梁振英、立法會議員石禮謙、黃定光及蔣麗芸的就職宣誓,申請司法覆核,要求法庭頒令 4 人宣誓無效,喪失就任公職的資格。 #有線新聞...
added: Fri Nov 11 05:00:04 2016
tags: 有線新聞

Hillary Clinton will be remembered as the most incompetent person to ever run for president
added: Fri Nov 11 04:59:49 2016

長洲覆核王郭卓堅指不希望社會撕裂,想兩邊都輸。 //「想法庭用同一標準,判兩邊(即自己及的士司機)都輸,兩邊都不獲法庭受理。」// #宣誓風波 【挑戰梁振英就職宣誓無效 覆核王:想兩邊都輸】...
added: Fri Nov 11 04:42:46 2016
tags: 宣誓風波

Spotify app on PC, Mac, and Linux writing gigabytes of junk data to storage drives when idle
added: Fri Nov 11 04:41:36 2016

#SCMP Mystery odour at Hong Kong secondary school sends nine students to hospital
added: Fri Nov 11 04:40:07 2016
tags: scmp

Government re-introduces Private Columbaria Bill
added: Fri Nov 11 04:40:05 2016

Xi: China must not let Any one, Any group, Any party, at Any time, in Any form, split Any piece of land from China.
added: Fri Nov 11 04:37:18 2016

James Woolsey proposes grand bargain: US will accept China’s rise as long as it doesn’t challenge Asian status quo
added: Fri Nov 11 04:32:44 2016

#Maine State Police "can neither confirm nor deny" use of #StingRays #surveillance tech
added: Fri Nov 11 04:30:00 2016
tags: surveillance, stingrays, maine

added: Fri Nov 11 04:28:55 2016

With Trump as president, China will be the world’s biggest champion of fighting climate change
added: Fri Nov 11 04:21:53 2016

The Economist argues Beijing increasingly sees Hong Kong as "a better-washed version of Tibet or Xinjiang"
added: Fri Nov 11 04:17:14 2016

Clarity as Always: Beijing remarks on ‘insincere oaths’ not laws but a ‘persuasive explanation’, Maria Tam says
added: Fri Nov 11 03:57:32 2016

The Public Loves Myanmar’s New War on Muslims - spot on by @poppymcp
added: Fri Nov 11 03:57:09 2016

John Bolton is being considered as a S of S for Trump because he's the peace candidate, amirite?
added: Fri Nov 11 03:54:40 2016

Trump's policies will help China's economy, not America's. My latest on @BV
added: Fri Nov 11 03:38:56 2016

Road works in Wang Chau endorsed
added: Fri Nov 11 03:37:07 2016

Proposed sewerage works for development at Wang Chau, Yuen Long approved
added: Fri Nov 11 03:37:07 2016

Maine Votes for #RankedChoiceVoting, Opening Door for More 3rd-Party Candidates
added: Fri Nov 11 03:35:06 2016
tags: rankedchoicevoting

[News5] Duterte support for CIDG 8 version of Espinosa slay ‘encourages impunity’ - Bayan
added: Fri Nov 11 03:27:47 2016

BREAKING: Election Experts Explain How The Election Was Stolen! Via @LeeCamp : With... by #LeeCamp
added: Fri Nov 11 03:11:42 2016
tags: leecamp

Are Trump's advisors shopping for $ financing from China's AIIB & OBOR to fund his promised new US infrastructure?
added: Fri Nov 11 03:09:58 2016

Massive cyberattack hits five top Russian banks: Kaspersky via @YahooTech
added: Fri Nov 11 03:09:05 2016

@ggreenwald you see this yet?
added: Fri Nov 11 02:47:40 2016

DAPL Ignores 2nd Army Corps Request to Stop Construction for 30 Days
added: Fri Nov 11 02:47:25 2016

it's not normal. it's not okay. it's far worse than you think. you're still in denial. make yourself look at it
added: Fri Nov 11 02:41:09 2016

#PleikuBearRescue We've got to get her out. She needs a lot of help. 📺 LIVE: 🐻 DONATE:…
added: Fri Nov 11 02:40:05 2016
tags: pleikubearrescue

Rats giggle when tickled — but only when the mood is right via @statnews
added: Fri Nov 11 02:39:55 2016

#COMMENT The fault, dear friends, lies in democracy
added: Fri Nov 11 02:38:33 2016
tags: comment

市民提出司法覆核 要求裁定梁振英及3名議員宣誓無效 #本地 Fri, 11 Nov 2016 10:28:47 +0800
added: Fri Nov 11 02:30:08 2016
tags: 本地

Australia reportedly close to Obama deal to end offshore detention, shut down Manus and Nauru via @theage
added: Fri Nov 11 02:24:01 2016

So someone at Fox was leaking debate questions too? This time to Trump
added: Fri Nov 11 02:21:03 2016

As Trump Staffs Up, Many Foreign Policy Pros May Be Ruled Out
added: Fri Nov 11 02:04:27 2016

#Philippine's Rodrigo Duterte says a shift toward #China will continue despite #DonaldTrump win via @business
added: Fri Nov 11 02:04:16 2016
tags: china, donaldtrump, philippine

Chinese bishop ordained, with approval of both Rome and Beijing – Bishop Peter Ding Lingbin of Changzhi, China,...
added: Fri Nov 11 02:01:47 2016

This species may soon become extinct due to climate change:
added: Fri Nov 11 01:28:56 2016

Delete all of your accounts
added: Fri Nov 11 01:28:39 2016

Of Littoral Mission Ships deal and Najib’s visit to China
added: Fri Nov 11 01:28:17 2016

Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank #NoDAPL
added: Fri Nov 11 01:28:04 2016
tags: nodapl

New Philippine ambassador says China is complying with arbitration ruling #SouthChinaSea
added: Fri Nov 11 01:28:00 2016
tags: southchinasea

Interesting names here: Trump Admin Looks To "Mainstream Republicans" — And A Trade Skeptic — For #Asia Policy
added: Fri Nov 11 01:27:52 2016
tags: asia

Lobbying industry expects a boom under Trump: Financial industry also seeing anti-globalist campaign as a ruse
added: Fri Nov 11 01:26:32 2016

Exit polls in 4 of the 5 swing states — before they were "conformed" — showed Clinton winning #Election2016 @LeeCamp
added: Fri Nov 11 01:07:39 2016
tags: election2016

DNA expert's testimony casts doubt on idea that black motorist shot by white S.C. officer was fighting with him.
added: Thu Nov 10 23:45:15 2016

Occupy Inauguration: Join the Movement of the 99% to Demand a Progressive Platform…
added: Thu Nov 10 23:28:20 2016

Police: Woman who reported being attacked by men wearing 'TRUMP' hat 'made the entire story up,' may be charged
added: Thu Nov 10 22:50:43 2016

Howard Dean says he's running for DNC chair, here's a reminder that he's a lobbyist & Newt Gingrich's coworker
added: Thu Nov 10 22:29:51 2016

La. college student acknowledges fabricating story about being beaten, robbed by 2 men, one wearing a "Trump" hat.
added: Thu Nov 10 22:11:11 2016

Steve Bannon of Breitbart News is a leading candidate to become Trump's chief of staff, sources say
added: Thu Nov 10 21:45:07 2016

#NCGov: Tens of 1000s of provisionals left. Cooper up 5,000—a good place to be for a D with only provisionals left.
added: Thu Nov 10 21:10:44 2016
tags: ncgov

Labor is ENRAGED: "We’ve been saying this for 30 years and...the leadership of the Democratic Party didn’t listen"
added: Thu Nov 10 15:56:57 2016

Asia Society, whose senior execs include Kevin Rudd, pulled HK democracy film because of political concerns
added: Thu Nov 10 14:49:11 2016

【助槳視網等公司上市】 【證監高官收賄700萬】 中國證劵監督管理委員會投資者保護局原局長李量,涉嫌受賄一案,周四在江蘇揚州市中級人民法院開庭審理。 控方指李量利用職務上便利,為包括樂視網在內等 9...
added: Thu Nov 10 14:47:03 2016

Meet the dapper white nationalist behind the alt-right movement
added: Thu Nov 10 14:45:23 2016

Trump Tower Is Now Heavily Fortified Behind Big Concrete Barriers.
added: Thu Nov 10 14:39:01 2016

|@FlintJournal Dems: We will hold Trump to #FlintWaterCrisis, infrastructure promoses - "We'll make Flint great"#DJT
added: Thu Nov 10 13:47:40 2016
tags: flintwatercrisis, djt

"Taking these animals from the wild for our own enjoyment is driving them toward extinction"
added: Thu Nov 10 13:45:02 2016

Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press
added: Thu Nov 10 13:25:01 2016

【有線中國組:中國公安任國際刑警主席】 中國公安部副部長孟宏偉,當選國際刑警組織主席,是首名出任這個職位的中國人。...
added: Thu Nov 10 12:30:07 2016

Trump won. Could France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen be next?
added: Thu Nov 10 12:30:06 2016

Rounded up all the Trump & Taiwan & China Commentary
added: Thu Nov 10 12:26:31 2016

HK citizen files judicial review against CY Leung after he was found omitting the words "Hong Kong" when taking oath
added: Thu Nov 10 12:07:39 2016

Here's why no one should be shamed for falling behind on student loan payments
added: Thu Nov 10 12:07:16 2016

Native American religion and Standing Rock: What you need to know #NoDAPL
added: Thu Nov 10 12:07:02 2016
tags: nodapl

Georgians Reject Amendment 1, Government Takeover of Failing Schools
added: Thu Nov 10 12:01:27 2016

China Loses $32.8 Billion a Year to Extreme Weather Events #disaster
added: Thu Nov 10 11:23:37 2016
tags: disaster

Two Top Power Producers Sign One-Year Coal-Supply Deals #coal #China #power
added: Thu Nov 10 11:22:37 2016
tags: china, power, coal

Acquisitive Chip Aspirant Unigroup Buys 5% of SMIC on Open Market #China #MergersAndAcquisitions
added: Thu Nov 10 11:20:23 2016
tags: mergersandacquisitions, china

Was the replacement of defective Rs 1,000 notes the real motive behind making it illegal tender overnight?
added: Thu Nov 10 11:20:01 2016

Russia says it was in contact with Donald Trump's team during election campaign
added: Thu Nov 10 11:17:26 2016

Israeli minister to Arab MK: your national rights can be attained elsewhere
added: Thu Nov 10 11:06:12 2016

Authorities to accept old Rs. 500, Rs 1,000 notes for electricity, water bills: Centre
added: Thu Nov 10 10:48:56 2016

I’m not afraid at all..It’s not a personal issue.It’s an issue that everyone in Hong Kong should be concerned about
added: Thu Nov 10 10:48:10 2016

BGP,OT,48646,CHATTR Chattr Ltd.,-,Outage affected 15 prefixes,
added: Thu Nov 10 10:47:31 2016

#CHINA 2 arrested after 1000 wild birds destined for Buddhist "merit release" seized via @globaltimesnews
added: Thu Nov 10 10:02:30 2016
tags: china

Leaked emails drag top Rio bosses into Guinea mine woes via @Reuters
added: Thu Nov 10 10:01:36 2016

@HongKongHermit It's a response to this:
added: Thu Nov 10 09:45:36 2016

Cool! #China Activists Welcome Press Freedom Award to Bloggers, Rights Website
added: Thu Nov 10 09:06:35 2016
tags: china

Chuck D & The Impossebulls ..- Bernie Got Berned (World Premiere) via @YouTube
added: Thu Nov 10 08:54:57 2016

This is the nub of @DougSaunders's excellent analysis from on the ground in Florida
added: Thu Nov 10 08:54:26 2016

New Interpol head is Chinese former deputy head of paramilitary police. Amnesty: "This is extraordinarily worrying"
added: Thu Nov 10 08:06:07 2016

China already using Trump to bash western press: "US media's support for Clinton shows how it tramples integrity"
added: Thu Nov 10 08:04:32 2016

2️⃣ @HadleyFreeman says misogyny won the election - we have to stop indulging angry white men
added: Thu Nov 10 08:03:55 2016

China state media warns Trump against isolationism, calls for status quo
added: Thu Nov 10 08:02:50 2016

Claudia Mo has apparently taken to calling pro-Beijing lawmaker "the non-democratic camp" #LegCo #HK
added: Thu Nov 10 08:01:38 2016
tags: hk, legco

This terrifying homemade USB killer will instantly kill your computer
added: Thu Nov 10 07:12:02 2016

execs (0.4.0): Provides an interface for reading and writing data in an Entity Component System. Note that...
added: Thu Nov 10 07:11:10 2016

The Obama administration has been quietly rewriting the US Arctic policy - Business Insider
added: Thu Nov 10 07:05:40 2016

K. Cohn-Gordon et al. "A Formal Security Analysis of the Signal Messaging Protocol". Used Signal. Checked Crypto.
added: Thu Nov 10 06:47:52 2016

What do you call it when tycoon pledges company shares for loan then plows money back into company shares? via @WSJ
added: Thu Nov 10 06:27:02 2016

Israeli Minister: Era of Palestinian State is over, w/ Trump Victory
added: Thu Nov 10 06:26:14 2016

Here's the Global Times commentary comparing Trump's win and divisions in US society to China's Cultural Revolution:
added: Thu Nov 10 06:16:03 2016

Wow -- that voter purge in Brooklyn may have targeted 1 politician...but it WASN'T Bernie Sanders
added: Tue Jun 21 15:43:36 2016

#Erlang 19.0 HiPE is #FreeBSD ready. Thx OTP Team for PoC suggestions!
added: Tue Jun 21 15:26:15 2016
tags: erlang, freebsd

FAA unveils new rules for low-altitude drones weighing less than 55 pounds (@benpopper)
added: Tue Jun 21 15:26:08 2016

Exclusive: U.S. attorney general opposes Obama proposal over Guantanamo video guilty pleas.
added: Tue Jun 21 15:25:09 2016

Chinese official on Indian NSG entry: "we are now talking about non-NPT members joining as a whole", not just India:
added: Tue Jun 21 15:24:27 2016

US Defense Secretary has "good and practical" meeting w/ Israeli counterpart who called for beheading Palestinians
added: Tue Jun 21 15:23:31 2016

#HongKong #fire: It is reported that a group of firemen beat up a senior fireman, as they believe he made a wrong...
added: Tue Jun 21 15:21:04 2016
tags: hongkong, fire

Chinese GT op-ed defends Pak govt prolif record, says should benefit from any NSG exemption:
added: Tue Jun 21 15:20:56 2016

Former Honduran soldier: Berta Cáceres's name on hitlist of US-trained Honduran special forces by @ninalakhani
added: Tue Jun 21 14:56:34 2016

Key Details about the Mitch McConnell Bid to Expand FBI Surveillance
added: Tue Jun 21 14:34:55 2016

Trump paying Trump, Clinton paying Clinton and more key takeaways from #FECFilingDay
added: Tue Jun 21 14:28:11 2016
tags: fecfilingday

New interactive platform Maps Allegations of an American War Crime via @thenation
added: Tue Jun 21 14:18:01 2016

New Bloom: Can China really shut off trade to Taiwan?
added: Tue Jun 21 13:12:53 2016

BREAKING: California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear plant to be replaced with 100% clean energy!
added: Tue Jun 21 13:10:47 2016

New boa species “on its way to extinction” discovered in the Bahamas:
added: Tue Jun 21 13:09:35 2016

Building for a future mobile web, by @paul_kinlan: #progressivewebapps
added: Tue Jun 21 13:09:33 2016
tags: progressivewebapps

Viral Video: Oouch! Chinese bank employees publicly spanked for poor performance
added: Tue Jun 21 12:50:09 2016

#BREAKING - ICC sentences DR Congo’s Jean-Pierre Bemba to 18 years in jail for Central…
added: Tue Jun 21 12:42:36 2016
tags: breaking

Leaked email confirms Obama admin, along w/Hillary Clinton, orchestrated a civil war in Syria to benefit Israel.
added: Tue Jun 21 12:42:36 2016

.@Tuniekc @hoosierworld @MsNonoESQ THIS IS LAUGHABLE & SHAMEFUL-> Are Black Voters Invisible to Democratic Party
added: Tue Jun 21 12:30:42 2016

Transitioning DWS duties to another Hillary Clinton crony will NOT reform the party
added: Tue Jun 21 12:02:01 2016

“The Party’s goal is to dominate the message, both at home and abroad” — @cmphku
added: Tue Jun 21 11:23:16 2016

PBoC may ease currency controls
added: Tue Jun 21 11:20:59 2016

With eyes on 2017 UP polls, mafia don-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari's party merges with Samajwadi Party
added: Tue Jun 21 11:20:08 2016

#Saiga antelope numbers on the rise after mass die-off.
added: Tue Jun 21 11:20:06 2016
tags: saiga

Exclusive: Justice Department opposes new Obama proposal on Guantanamo
added: Tue Jun 21 11:18:10 2016

Terrible situation. striking how little Beijing understood the Venezuelan economy, potential risks, and workoutst
added: Tue Jun 21 10:57:07 2016

FYI: A <script> in SVG isn't treated as character data, even by HTML parser. Need <![CDATA[…]]> if markup in script.
added: Tue Jun 21 09:43:26 2016

#QuMingxue criminally detained 4 "disrupting elections" bc nominated independent candidate
added: Tue Jun 21 09:07:40 2016
tags: qumingxue

Detained lawyer #XiaLin reportedly subjected to extensive interrogation + other mistreatment
added: Tue Jun 21 08:57:41 2016
tags: xialin

LSD protest at Liaison Office in #HK in support of #Wukan villagers
added: Tue Jun 21 07:56:48 2016
tags: hk, wukan

Great Barrier Reef: tourists will go elsewhere if bleaching continues – poll
added: Tue Jun 21 03:27:41 2016

1905-1930: The Seattle regrade -
added: Tue Jun 21 03:14:03 2016

Bullets and Smartphones Fascinating look at the use of phrase #枪杆子和笔杆子 over past 30 years
added: Tue Jun 21 03:12:14 2016
tags: 枪杆子和笔杆子

Listen in folks, let me explain how Bernie Won CA: The official un-count #BernieSanders #podcast
added: Tue Jun 21 03:12:10 2016
tags: podcast, berniesanders

By adopting the "Stop Terror" framing to advance policy goals, Dems forfeit grounds to object when GOP does the same
added: Tue Jun 21 02:53:40 2016

How Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer Are Teaming Up With the NYPD to Push Police Militarization
added: Tue Jun 21 02:52:20 2016

Watch: the island where 13% of the world's shark attacks take place on 40 miles of coast
added: Tue Jun 21 02:30:09 2016

My thoughts for @BV on RMB deinternationalization which has gone into complete reverse and its consequences
added: Tue Jun 21 02:29:58 2016

Yellow fever epidemic declared in Congo
added: Tue Jun 21 02:29:44 2016

玉林殺狗血腥過節 習訪波蘭受聲討 「習在數千公里外的尷尬遭遇無礙玉林人過節。《蘋果》記者昨抵玉林直擊,見有外國記者遭暴力阻擋,記者鏡頭更遭民眾持刀敲打恐嚇。」(按:玉林的本土膠説這叫本土核心價值,相對於他們嗤之以鼻的普世價值。)
added: Tue Jun 21 02:15:16 2016

Sotomayor writes searing indictment of majority decision in illegal-stop-and-search case
added: Tue Jun 21 02:06:11 2016

.@SenWarren betrayed the #PoliticalRevolution, destroyed her reputation & got left behind with #GoldmanHandcuffs.
added: Tue Jun 21 01:32:54 2016
tags: politicalrevolution, goldmanhandcuffs

last governor of HK on referendum - and a v good title that reminds us that democracy can never be taken for granted
added: Tue Jun 21 01:32:30 2016

New Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission minister sounds resigned to the demotion or dissolution of her agency
added: Tue Jun 21 01:32:29 2016

Russian Bill Requires Encryption Backdoors In All Messenger Apps
added: Tue Jun 21 01:30:34 2016

#BI China's graft-busters are struggling to catch fugitive officials
added: Tue Jun 21 01:30:14 2016
tags: bi

Senate Votes Down 4 Measures Meant to Curb Gun Sales
added: Tue Jun 21 01:25:15 2016

Why Did White Workers Leave the Democratic Party? - via @Shareaholic
added: Tue Jun 21 01:13:16 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong ivory traders to be given five-year grace period before full ban imposed
added: Tue Jun 21 01:09:38 2016
tags: scmp

The Use of Error-Prone and Unfair Watchlists Is Not the Way to Regulate Guns in America
added: Mon Jun 20 21:53:39 2016

New: Venus has surprisingly strong electric field. Can eject O, help explain loss of H2O.
added: Mon Jun 20 16:10:37 2016

Civil Rights protesters would train on how to endure harassment from counter-protesters.
added: Mon Jun 20 14:15:18 2016

"Erwiana:Justice for all" is difficult to watch but a must-see; Gabe McKail's doc is screening @fcchk this Wednesday
added: Mon Jun 20 12:22:51 2016

Five years later, Wukan’s battle with the CCP is still going.
added: Mon Jun 20 12:14:09 2016

Ideology Command Center Wages 'Online Struggle' in China's Henan bonkers and believable story from @RadioFreeAsia
added: Mon Jun 20 12:12:29 2016

Attackers Used Nearly One Million IPs to Brute-Force a Financial Institution
added: Mon Jun 20 12:11:17 2016

#China Banks Buy More Dollar Forwards as Bets on Weak #Yuan Wane via @business #economy
added: Mon Jun 20 12:10:43 2016
tags: economy, china, yuan

Hong Kong bookseller thinks his detention was related to rooting out anti-Xi Jinping cliques, my interview
added: Mon Jun 20 12:08:01 2016

CA is one of 23 states that deem police misconduct records confidential and that's not apt to change anytime soon
added: Mon Jun 20 12:01:01 2016

Skygazers have already found the US government's new spy satellite
added: Mon Jun 20 12:00:42 2016

FreeBSD Based Dual -Controller Storage System Concept-epubs have been added! #FreeNAS #tech
added: Mon Jun 20 12:00:11 2016
tags: tech, freenas

Can't stop the shale:
added: Mon Jun 20 11:37:28 2016

Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up Featuring Brother Ali [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube
added: Mon Jun 20 11:36:03 2016

Britain First just used a picture of Czech WWII pilots to tell people to leave the EU
added: Mon Jun 20 11:35:05 2016

ectograph (0.1.1): Ectograph is a set of utility functions for using Ecto in combination with GraphQL
added: Mon Jun 20 11:33:27 2016

If you thought it's OK to work as an unlicensed street hawker on the night of Chinese New Year's eve... the...
added: Mon Jun 20 11:31:20 2016

Cambodia to deport Taiwan telecoms fraud suspects to China: Cambodia does not have official relations with se...
added: Mon Jun 20 11:30:58 2016

Developer Mortgages Draw Hong Kong Central Bank's Scrutiny - Bloomberg goog
added: Mon Jun 20 11:28:28 2016

European Union concerned bout deforestation #WestPapua Merauke restricts #palmoil investment
added: Mon Jun 20 11:23:16 2016
tags: westpapua, palmoil

The Panama Canal Expands: Comments:
added: Mon Jun 20 11:20:03 2016

Toyota to build artificial intelligence-based driving systems in five years: Comments:
added: Mon Jun 20 11:20:02 2016

Propaganda official maps out all-encompassing media control in the People's Daily
added: Mon Jun 20 11:10:01 2016

Dalit women and child imprisoned for challenging the CPIM worker's antiDalit remark.
added: Mon Jun 20 11:08:54 2016

Former ambassador Robert Ford speaks out about the State Department mutiny on Syria:
added: Mon Jun 20 11:04:05 2016

And as a goodwill gesture gifted China with 13 Taiwanese nationals for alleged fraud
added: Mon Jun 20 11:01:15 2016

Everyone whom I have talked to in an ASEAN foreign ministry says Cambodia scuttled the consensus statement.
added: Mon Jun 20 10:53:54 2016

Phoenix says on Facebook he's made it past the border control & that friend would post for him tonight if he's fine.
added: Mon Jun 20 10:39:12 2016

#China limits foreign TV show remakes to inspire more original local content
added: Mon Jun 20 10:38:49 2016
tags: china

I can't get enough of @TulsiGabbard Leading With Integrity #MilitaryMonday #AmericanHero #Vets4Bernie #NotMeUs
added: Mon Jun 20 10:32:57 2016
tags: notmeus, americanhero, vets4bernie, militarymonday

Coal and steel production in China to be slashed, with energy consumption checks to target the most inefficient
added: Mon Jun 20 10:25:24 2016

Shareholder steps up opposition to China Vanke's $6.9 billion white knight deal
added: Mon Jun 20 10:13:11 2016

China outbound M&A beats 2015 record with 6 months to spare by @tden10
added: Mon Jun 20 10:12:22 2016

China banks brace for storm in face of calm
added: Mon Jun 20 10:12:14 2016

Nice reminder that Kim Jong-un's recent jovial economic-oriented visits don't represent any step-back from nukes.
added: Mon Jun 20 10:10:34 2016

Is it possible to bring back a strategy of "cap, roll back, & eliminate" for North Korea's #nukes? #DPRK
added: Mon Jun 20 10:10:18 2016
tags: dprk, nukes

On Air: China tightens rules on adapting foreign TV shows
added: Mon Jun 20 10:08:58 2016

A Brief History of How Kansas Republicans Destroyed Their State
added: Mon Jun 20 10:08:30 2016

As a scientist who researches false memories, I find talk of ‘the good old days’ before the EU very familiar
added: Mon Jun 20 09:59:59 2016

HSBC strategist slams Beijing's equities intervention via @AsianInvestor
added: Mon Jun 20 09:55:05 2016

#Brazil plans budget freeze for up to 20 years; plan to eliminate real increases in budget spending for ~2 decades
added: Mon Jun 20 09:54:01 2016
tags: brazil

China says it will keep promoting consumption by high income group
added: Mon Jun 20 09:52:31 2016

圖衝入中大校董會會議 促檢討特首任校監 學生與校外人士與保安衝突: 中大校董會今日開會,開會前夕,部分學生及校外人士趁學生會會長周竪峰向校長沈祖堯及校董會主席梁乃鵬遞交請願信時,衝擊會場,與保安發生衝突,有人受傷流血。...
added: Mon Jun 20 09:51:49 2016

#HKFP Guangxi quarry dispute results in standoff with police, 99 arrests
added: Mon Jun 20 09:47:28 2016
tags: hkfp

One of the most Chinese stories ever: we own the South China Sea but can't find the paper work
added: Mon Jun 20 09:18:00 2016

EU referendum jitters see London house prices fall
added: Mon Jun 20 08:58:06 2016

Trump Tower has a secret garden—that is supposed to be open to the public @InTheMkts
added: Mon Jun 20 08:57:52 2016

2015 was the deadliest year yet for people fighting to save the planet
added: Mon Jun 20 08:55:54 2016

China activists hound dog meat festival
added: Mon Jun 20 08:53:29 2016

#HongKong cabbies plan 100-car siege of government headquarters to protest proposed premium taxi scheme @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 20 08:45:31 2016
tags: hongkong

Campaign to smear bookseller 'adding fuel to the fire,' says former lawmaker Ronny Tong
added: Mon Jun 20 08:44:16 2016

Beijing: "..China and Indonesia have overlapping claims for maritime rights and interests" | end hollow neutrality!
added: Mon Jun 20 08:40:19 2016

"Kroeber's take on the worries over burgeoning public debt in China are sanguine"
added: Mon Jun 20 08:21:51 2016

Politico dares to publish @BenEhrenreich saying occupation fosters terror, & @CameraOrg goes haywire via @Mondoweiss
added: Mon Jun 20 07:26:34 2016

The first Orthodox Christian summit for over 1,000 years is happening without Russia
added: Mon Jun 20 07:26:07 2016

South China Sea: The mystery of missing books and maritime claims -
added: Mon Jun 20 07:25:24 2016

Clare Short: ‘The Chilcot report is longer than the Harry Potter books put together’
added: Mon Jun 20 07:22:38 2016

CIA releases graphic torture details after FOI request
added: Mon Jun 20 07:22:08 2016

Jo Cox was working on report on anti-Muslim violence before her death
added: Mon Jun 20 07:21:55 2016

Israel destroys Palestinian dwellings in Susya, the occupied West Bank, leaving 26 people homeless
added: Mon Jun 20 07:11:14 2016

Remember China's "ironclad proof" that it owns South China Sea? It's been, er, "destroyed".
added: Mon Jun 20 06:48:59 2016

My latest, for @guardian: Cluster bombs used in #SriLanka 's civil war, leaked photos suggest
added: Mon Jun 20 04:52:43 2016
tags: srilanka

Uncertain future for Hong Kong’s red and green minibuses, born of 1967 riots via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 20 04:45:58 2016

#Yuan Outpaced by #Euro, Pound Sees #China’s Currency at 2014 Low @business @frostyhk #forex
added: Mon Jun 20 04:45:41 2016
tags: yuan, euro, forex, china

Missing booksellers case may involve 'state secrets', says pro-establishment lawmaker ...
added: Mon Jun 20 03:48:24 2016

Israel reportedly constructing an underground wall around Gaza - The Washington Post
added: Mon Jun 20 03:47:25 2016

Yay, @BSDCan videos: mine is here:
added: Mon Jun 20 03:23:39 2016

Breaking Band - Reverse Engineering and exploiting the shannon baseband : (pdf)
added: Mon Jun 20 03:23:09 2016

BREAKING: Leung addresses bookseller case, says there is room to 'review' ...
added: Mon Jun 20 03:20:17 2016

Some thoughts on the so called political intrigue in Beijing: primarily reflection of bad economic choices
added: Mon Jun 20 02:35:16 2016

#Mexican Police Kill 3 in Clashes with Striking #Oaxaca Teachers
added: Mon Jun 20 02:30:54 2016
tags: mexican, oaxaca

Why China's Developers Can't Stop Overpaying for Property
added: Mon Jun 20 02:24:14 2016

My latest blog: Abduction of Hong Kongers by the Party
added: Mon Jun 20 02:16:24 2016

Congressional Black Caucus frames Bernie Sanders' call for open primaries & abolishing super delegates as anti-black
added: Mon Jun 20 02:15:57 2016

The death toll went up to six and since the authorities are still denying that cops shot at people, here it is.
added: Mon Jun 20 01:47:50 2016

Three cigarettes and a long wait at HK train station pushed bookseller into turning away from border via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 20 01:36:22 2016

Video shows L.A. probation officers brutally beating teenager in detention center
added: Mon Jun 20 00:00:23 2016

Mystery solved: famed PLA singer tied to senior officials emerges after vanishing five years ago via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jun 19 23:38:17 2016

Looks like the individual videos of BSDCan 2016 are slowly going up: #BSD #OpenBSD #FreeBSD
added: Sun Jun 19 22:24:08 2016
tags: openbsd, bsd, freebsd

The audio is clear. We filmed Israelis calling to “Worship God By NAKBA”, to commit ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
added: Sun Jun 19 21:35:00 2016

#factwirenews has created an english edition on Facebook
added: Sun Jun 19 16:47:56 2016
tags: factwirenews

In US, "the top 1% saw their income grow far faster than others over the past three decades"
added: Sun Jun 19 15:37:29 2016

PRC and experts on SCSea: “Govt. must stop treating academics as its handmaids and surrounding itself with yes-men."
added: Sun Jun 19 15:35:41 2016

Jakarta, Manila agree with aborted Asean statement over #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun Jun 19 14:35:40 2016
tags: southchinasea

Ottawa seeks top court ruling on residential school records #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Sun Jun 19 14:15:12 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

Korean project battles desertification in Myanmar - Korea JoongAng Daily #Burma
added: Sun Jun 19 14:14:43 2016
tags: burma

NYPD fatally shot a BX man this morning. 31 shots. There's video. Hasn't been released:
added: Sun Jun 19 14:14:14 2016

2/ Earlier this year we crunch the numbers of shooters inspired by Columbine:
added: Sun Jun 19 14:08:29 2016

Between 2000 and 2015, democracy broke down in 27 countries:
added: Sun Jun 19 13:55:09 2016

Hear this #ArrestedDevelopment banger #LIVING Performing it LIVE in #Nashville June 20th!
added: Sun Jun 19 13:45:27 2016
tags: living, nashville, arresteddevelopment

#Monaco7s Men: FT:Game 38 @HongKongRugby 24-5 @chilerugby1 follow LIVE here: #Monaco7s
added: Sun Jun 19 13:38:41 2016
tags: monaco7s

India seen pressing ahead with bank clean-up despite Rajan exit
added: Sun Jun 19 13:35:05 2016

Israel allocates another 72 million shekels to settlements for "security" reasons, like promoting tourism.
added: Sun Jun 19 13:20:48 2016

Clinton opposed pro-gay State Dept. via @washblade #LGBTQ #Pride #FathersDay #ImWithHer
added: Sun Jun 19 13:18:57 2016
tags: lgbtq, imwithher, pride, fathersday

Police in Belgium are hunting for missing explosives
added: Sun Jun 19 13:12:28 2016

Intel x86 CPUs Come with a Secret Backdoor That Nobody Can Touch or Disable
added: Sun Jun 19 13:11:10 2016

Wu Jianmin: China’s most influential ‘dove’ dies in car crash
added: Sun Jun 19 13:06:24 2016

Stranger and stranger: Hong Kong Bookseller Finds Associates Challenging His Account of Detention
added: Sun Jun 19 12:59:06 2016

#HK’s rulers, like #Sweden & #UK, have been depressingly timid in response to #China’s violations of civilized norms
added: Sun Jun 19 12:43:31 2016
tags: uk, sweden, hk, china

Former Guantanamo prisoner has vanished in South America
added: Sun Jun 19 12:42:28 2016

Fake. The star is a photoshop addition
added: Sun Jun 19 12:39:21 2016

‘The Chinese buyers are already disappearing’: Australia taxes foreigners as home affordability bites via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jun 19 12:14:11 2016

U.S. ‘hypocrisy’ and Chinese cash strengthen Beijing’s hand in South China Sea
added: Sun Jun 19 12:04:28 2016

"Terrorist" has little meaning other than “a Muslim who engages in violence against westerners or their allies.”
added: Sun Jun 19 12:04:10 2016

More African countries allow visa-free entry of Americans (20) than other Africans (13).
added: Sun Jun 19 11:50:16 2016

US aircraft carriers start drills off Philippines as pressure mounts in #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun Jun 19 11:39:15 2016
tags: southchinasea

Sweden Tests Blockchain-Based Land Registry
added: Sun Jun 19 11:28:04 2016

“The pressure is growing and the fear is growing.” Singer Denise Ho draws Hong Kong crowd after Lancôme cowed
added: Sun Jun 19 11:16:05 2016

Indus dolphin threatened by increasing pollution as well as indiscriminate killing by villagers:
added: Sun Jun 19 10:39:46 2016

.@juangon68: "The damage has been done to the activists and the dissidents that were involved in these movements."
added: Sun Jun 19 10:25:07 2016

Vietnamese fishermen report being hit by Chinese boat in Paracels
added: Sun Jun 19 08:57:27 2016

America's new ally in fighting terrorism: tiny Senegal
added: Sun Jun 19 07:23:00 2016

Once #Britain is free of the EU’s shackles, there’s nothing it cannot achieve --- #unitedkingdom #brexit #UK #EU
added: Sun Jun 19 07:08:42 2016
tags: unitedkingdom, brexit, eu, britain, uk

CIA knew it detained wrong man but some wanted to hold him because he "knew he was 'bad.'"
added: Sun Jun 19 06:20:46 2016

This is where PetCo and PetSmart get their animals – and it's not pretty.
added: Sun Jun 19 05:01:10 2016

Israel plans to destroy only water source of shepherds in West Bank village
added: Sun Jun 19 05:00:16 2016

This just in: You may only watch the news for the suspense, not the info. Listen:
added: Sun Jun 19 05:00:03 2016

[youtube重溫] 18JUNE2016香港人有底線遊行(香港眾志周庭訪問) 記者ching
added: Sun Jun 19 04:55:49 2016

Will Kotewall development soar or is the market still spooked by landslide tragedy
added: Sun Jun 19 04:44:05 2016

Where do extreme right-wing anti-immigration views come from?
added: Sun Jun 19 04:43:52 2016

Lamma disaster relatives want officials punished
added: Sun Jun 19 04:43:07 2016

. @lantaumama, here it is: some cargo caught fire at Chik Wan Port in Shekou about 1hr ago.
added: Sun Jun 19 04:11:14 2016

Bookseller brainwashed me: mainland 'girlfriend'
added: Sun Jun 19 03:37:33 2016

#HKFP HKFP Lens: Exploring Hong Kong's abandoned refugee detention camp
added: Sun Jun 19 03:08:25 2016
tags: hkfp

How much does corporate influence affect how politicians handle climate change? Two case studies:
added: Sun Jun 19 03:05:01 2016

"Man Fatally Shot in Accident During Class at Ohio Gun Shop." @nbcwashington
added: Sun Jun 19 02:42:15 2016

Refuting Lam's claims, if untrue, fine. But bit unnatural for other booksellers to mention 1 country 2 systems
added: Sun Jun 19 02:36:13 2016

Kumbaya over: Bernie Sanders NJ Chair Wisniewski summarily dropped as DNC member | Blue Jersey
added: Sun Jun 19 02:36:01 2016

AUDIO: Hillary Clinton Speaks of Defense of Child Rapist in Newly Unearthed Tapes #NeverHillary via @sharethis
added: Sun Jun 19 02:27:27 2016
tags: neverhillary

Yang Zhen, wife of Wukan Village Chief Lin Zuluan. Yang says her husband was taken away by more than 10 police...
added: Sun Jun 19 01:30:56 2016

Most new funds for Kansas schools would lessen local taxes
added: Sun Jun 19 01:01:13 2016

NASA’s new X-plane and the future of electric aircraft: Comments:
added: Sun Jun 19 01:00:02 2016

IT worker at law firm Mossack Fonseca arrested in Geneva
added: Sun Jun 19 00:41:17 2016

Hong Kong rugby team three wins away from Olympics - but powerhouse Samoa stand in their way
added: Sun Jun 19 00:06:29 2016

Officials "say Mateen's profile..more like that of.."typical mass shooter" than..individual radicalized by ISIS" #pt
added: Sat Jun 18 21:18:28 2016
tags: pt

Singtao: 2 more booksellers, Lui Po & Cheung Chi-ping, accuse Lam Wing-kee of lying
added: Sat Jun 18 14:37:18 2016

Mystery Solved: "The pro-Beijing Sing Tao Newspaper Group" is owned by @TorontoStar - #topoli #ows @torstareditor
added: Sat Jun 18 14:35:48 2016
tags: topoli, ows

After over 250 nights on an abandoned casino ship, these sailors are leaving Hong Kong harbor
added: Sat Jun 18 11:43:49 2016

Acer alerts 34,500 customers of its online store that hackers stole their credit card data
added: Sat Jun 18 11:41:10 2016

Greece could lift capital controls by year-end: bank association head
added: Sat Jun 18 11:35:49 2016

Kochs' Victory: House of Reps. Votes to Protect Anonymous 'Dark Money' Donors -
added: Sat Jun 18 11:30:55 2016

The shooter had quarrelled with village officials over housing renovation, then returned with a hunting gun
added: Sat Jun 18 11:30:23 2016

PM: Israeli cut-off of West Bank water supplies in Ramadan 'inhumane and outrageous' -
added: Sat Jun 18 11:17:10 2016

【黎智英寓所遭擲玻璃樽】 壹傳媒創辦人黎智英的住所,被人投擲玻璃樽,警方列做刑事毀壞案處理。 現場是嘉道理道 81 號,消息指兩名可疑男子清晨四時許,用玻璃樽擲向正門大閘,之後乘車逃去。...
added: Sat Jun 18 11:15:51 2016

Australian scientists find world's oldest brewing yeast, make it into beer, get drunk
added: Sat Jun 18 11:14:58 2016

The Hong Kong government's failure to respond with appropriate concern is staggering.
added: Sat Jun 18 11:01:59 2016

Chicago man shot dead while live-streaming himself on Facebook, police say
added: Sat Jun 18 10:44:24 2016

Wong Tai Sin to stay in #HKPL for the new season, invitation of GZ R&F satellite team put on hold #hkfootball
added: Sat Jun 18 09:10:34 2016
tags: hkpl, hkfootball

How nature turned failed communist plan into Bucharest's unique park - amazing what nature can do if you let it
added: Sat Jun 18 09:09:03 2016

Home foreclosures in Hong Kong are double what they were last year, and the situation is likely to get worse.
added: Sat Jun 18 09:06:46 2016

Russia ordered doping cover-up at 2013 worlds - WADA investigator
added: Sat Jun 18 09:03:35 2016

French President Threatens to Outlaw Protests Against Labor Reforms: An update on the labor protests in France.
added: Sat Jun 18 08:56:04 2016

China 'democracy' village chief arrested for graft, riot police deployed @jamespomfret
added: Sat Jun 18 08:40:14 2016

Suspected CCP-paid antagonist @PRHacks on #Periscope:Hong Kong kidnapped bookseller protest
added: Sat Jun 18 08:38:49 2016
tags: periscope

Numerous questions about Lam Wing-kee at Foreign Ministry briefing Friday. Every single one scrubbed from transcript
added: Sat Jun 18 08:35:14 2016

#HongKong district councillors battle it out with residents over #Stanley car park plan
added: Sat Jun 18 08:35:02 2016
tags: stanley, hongkong

No-tipping experiment at Costa Mesa restaurants axed: Comments:
added: Sat Jun 18 08:30:02 2016

Police smother Chinese village Wukan, detain local chief, ahead of planned protest | by @AP's @gerryshih
added: Sat Jun 18 08:17:11 2016

The absurdity of doong business in China. Apple barred from selling iPhones 6 in Beijing
added: Sat Jun 18 08:13:59 2016

Beijing IP tribunal orders Apple to freeze Iphone6 sales because it looks like sth made by tiny Shenzhen co
added: Sat Jun 18 07:25:43 2016

All websites delete Global Times' editorial, “Bookstore Manager’s ‘Confession Retraction’ is Without Real Substance"
added: Sat Jun 18 06:10:46 2016

Hong Kong government tells residents and tourists you're not welcome in Sai Kung @SCMP_News via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Jun 18 05:57:17 2016

Powerful reflections from @YaxueCao: ‘China Is the Biggest Mad House in the World and CCP the Worst Lunatic’
added: Sat Jun 18 05:51:47 2016

#Wukan village chief detained, villagers warned they will face ‘an iron fist’ if they protest via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Jun 18 05:33:31 2016
tags: wukan

And it's not like the Clintons would ever get involved in shady business deals with Russian insiders...oh, wait...
added: Sat Jun 18 05:17:01 2016

AFR's China journos making good use of easier access to Chinese court documents
added: Sat Jun 18 05:06:30 2016

New #Guciffer2 docs show @HillaryClinton camp skating damn close 2 line of legality for coordinating w/ Super Pacs
added: Sat Jun 18 05:03:58 2016
tags: guciffer2

Hong Kong pro-establishment candidates could lose votes following bookseller revelations
added: Sat Jun 18 04:32:28 2016

Outrage expressed in Hong Kong over missing bookseller, but no answers forthcoming
added: Sat Jun 18 04:31:44 2016

This 1981 interview may be my favorite version of these guys: Kesey, Garcia, Weir, Mickey & Billy via @youtube
added: Sat Jun 18 04:30:35 2016

New book challenges ideas about New Deal, labor unions, and movement for racial equality.
added: Sat Jun 18 03:24:33 2016

added: Sat Jun 18 03:19:59 2016
tags: seeyouinphilly, ourrevolution, guccifer2

Dana Loesch: Banning The AR-15 'Is A War On Women'
added: Sat Jun 18 02:16:41 2016

#FeelTheBern Bernie Sanders on Twitter | Bernie supporters want to run for office in: 🐦 51% of state house dis...
added: Sat Jun 18 01:03:23 2016
tags: feelthebern

WTF: "one of the civil engineering profs wrote soil simulations in postscript"
added: Sat Jun 18 00:43:23 2016

For amazingly well-informed tips on Chinese politics, skip Beijing. Head to Long Island
added: Sat Jun 18 00:16:15 2016

CCP's "Foxhunt" bringing back prize crooks from overseas isn't always what it seems: a case study from Australia.
added: Sat Jun 18 00:01:47 2016

Support anyone but the Communist Party in China, you're looking at 10 years behind bars. By @ChuBailiang
added: Sat Jun 18 00:00:46 2016

Brownback has engineered the failure of govt in KS 2 prove 2 himself & to the world that government inevitably fails.
added: Fri Jun 17 23:51:44 2016

The SEC approved IEX’s bid to be a new US stock exchange and fight high-frequency traders by @onyxfish
added: Fri Jun 17 23:48:10 2016

RIP Attrell Cordes, aka Prince Be of P.M. Dawn: The singer has died at age 46 💔
added: Fri Jun 17 23:46:44 2016

Trump, Reagan and Fascism: Frank Rich and the Pitfalls of Historical Analogy
added: Fri Jun 17 23:46:41 2016

Two courtside seats to Game 7 of the NBA Finals sold for a record amount on Friday.
added: Fri Jun 17 23:09:17 2016

Shots Fired: Republican Delegates Are Openly Plotting To Overthrow Trump At Convention
added: Fri Jun 17 22:44:15 2016

.@BSDCan 2016 videos online (day1 and day2): #FreeBSD #bsd
added: Fri Jun 17 21:37:28 2016
tags: bsd, freebsd

@ILDannyMoore @lorenzoFB @thegrugq @pwnallthethings —some more details
added: Fri Jun 17 21:30:02 2016

It's that Bernie is all about himself that I can't stand. (h/t @akarl_smith)
added: Fri Jun 17 20:57:41 2016

DNC Tight-Lipped About Authenticity Of Documents From Guccifer 2.0 Hack
added: Fri Jun 17 19:49:01 2016

Veteran Oakland Homicide Investigator Gantt Mishandled Evidence in Ongoing Murder Case #oakmtg
added: Fri Jun 17 18:53:32 2016
tags: oakmtg

A study by researchers at @Stanford slams the Oakland, CA police department for racial bias. We got a first look:
added: Fri Jun 17 18:00:31 2016

#China issues demolition order on world’s largest religious town in Tibet. Ludicrous!!
added: Fri Jun 17 17:56:27 2016
tags: china

China refutes India's allegations of 'transgression', claims it was a regular patrol - Firstpost
added: Fri Jun 17 16:09:19 2016

A neo-Nazi killed a beloved humanitarian to send a violent political message. So why don't we call it "terrorism?"
added: Fri Jun 17 16:00:20 2016

China is now running an FDI deficit for first time in 3 decades.
added: Fri Jun 17 14:00:42 2016

According to @USRepRodney, the DOD is worried that cluster bombs have an image problem:
added: Fri Jun 17 13:19:05 2016

Another thing that isn’t denting health care costs: price transparency tools to encourage consumers to shop around.
added: Fri Jun 17 13:15:16 2016

青年診症咁快就咁? 鄺葆賢退出青政 前發言人周世傑籲盡快扭回正軌
added: Fri Jun 17 13:14:02 2016

|@FlintJournal: Flint needs $300K+ for civil, criminal #FlintWaterCrisis lawyers - Take pipes out, put lawyers in?
added: Fri Jun 17 12:53:19 2016
tags: flintwatercrisis

The hackers that broke into the Democratic Party may show that Russia is really good at cyberspying
added: Fri Jun 17 12:47:51 2016

post: Is Serverless just the same as PaaS? does it mean No Ops? @mikebroberts 's article tackles those questions
added: Fri Jun 17 12:31:32 2016

And now for amazing, hilarious example of freedom of expression during election season How I treasure 1st amendment!
added: Fri Jun 17 12:30:41 2016

Former Auschwitz guard, aged 94, convicted to 5 years in prison.
added: Fri Jun 17 12:30:40 2016

【有線中國組:企業騙銀行貸款】 雲南有大型企業,獲得國有銀行近十億貸款後,經營大計就因資金短缺而無疾而終。 留意稍後《有線中國組》節目,會有詳細報道。 今晚 9:30 凌晨 00:30 有線新聞台 #有線新聞 有線中國組
added: Fri Jun 17 12:30:02 2016

This Art Basel video was banned in China via @qz #artbasel #art #singapore #hongkong #china
added: Fri Jun 17 12:16:13 2016
tags: china, artbasel, art, hongkong, singapore

Me on how Donald Trump Will Be Buried in An Electoral Avalanche
added: Fri Jun 17 12:10:10 2016

China is clamping down on discourse at a level not seen since the Cultural Revolution.
added: Fri Jun 17 11:39:26 2016

The #Orlando shooter was a good, old fashioned, home-grown American murderer Deal with this America Its important
added: Fri Jun 17 11:30:50 2016
tags: orlando

'Yo! MTV Raps' Host Doctor Dré Loses His Sight to Diabetes
added: Fri Jun 17 11:30:39 2016

Kenyan court rejects challenge to degrading & pointless anal exams as test of homosexuality.
added: Fri Jun 17 11:30:24 2016

Very proud to be part of this moving tribute last evening in #Orlando with my @phimualpha brothers. #OrlandoUnited
added: Fri Jun 17 11:30:00 2016
tags: orlandounited, orlando

I just blogged about recursion and pattern matching in Elixir #myelixirstatus #elixirlang
added: Fri Jun 17 11:15:39 2016
tags: myelixirstatus, elixirlang

Jo Cox suspect bought gun manuals from US neo-Nazis, group claims
added: Fri Jun 17 10:47:53 2016

Steem: Comments:
added: Fri Jun 17 10:40:02 2016

Critical Flash vulnerability is being exploited in the wild
added: Fri Jun 17 10:37:35 2016

Another example why Vatican's insistence it is owning up to errors of the past should be taken with a pinch of salt
added: Fri Jun 17 10:32:42 2016

Education ruling has Kan. lawmakers pondering courts’ power
added: Fri Jun 17 10:19:48 2016

Lam was transferred from Ningbo to work in a library in Shaoguan. cable tv tracked down the library to corroborate
added: Fri Jun 17 09:58:06 2016

Post mentions 3 poss burials of African women in 9th-11thC England, incl N. Elmham burial discussed here: pp.224-6
added: Fri Jun 17 09:36:30 2016

Filibustering Dem senator: We may have enough votes to pass gun ban for terror watch list
added: Fri Jun 17 09:31:04 2016

China's new draft rules for regulating domestic non-profits are translated to be read alongside rules on foundations
added: Fri Jun 17 09:25:21 2016

China imposes blackout on Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-kee's explosive revelations via @TIMEWorld
added: Fri Jun 17 09:24:11 2016

Brazil's tourism chief quits amid graft scandal, less than two months before Olympics via @TIMEWorld
added: Fri Jun 17 09:21:56 2016

HSBC ends Household International legal fight by agreeing to pay record $1.6bn
added: Fri Jun 17 09:17:29 2016

Largest-ever Viking gold collection found in Denmark
added: Fri Jun 17 08:49:45 2016

China says almost 60 nations back it on S.China Sea tribunal. We found 8 saying so publicly
added: Fri Jun 17 08:45:44 2016

Dentists refusing to fix their mistakes costing patients hundreds of pounds, new analysis finds
added: Fri Jun 17 08:02:24 2016

J&K temple desecration: Internet services suspended in Jammu
added: Fri Jun 17 08:01:07 2016

US reports cases of babies born with Zika-Related birth defect
added: Fri Jun 17 08:01:00 2016

Acting #HK CE only repeats govt press statement on #LamWingKee-no public demand to #CCP,no guarantee of Lam's safety
added: Fri Jun 17 07:59:21 2016
tags: ccp, lamwingkee, hk

On Facebook, #LeeBo denies #LamWingKee claims LB went to mainland involuntarily or gave #CCP customer info
added: Fri Jun 17 07:56:31 2016
tags: ccp, lamwingkee, leebo

Israel to build underground wall around Gaza Strip walls fucking walls!!!!
added: Fri Jun 17 07:51:51 2016

#HKSAR #CCP united front work passing as think tanks>Think tanks in Hong Kong will only thrive if they show...value
added: Fri Jun 17 06:24:43 2016
tags: hksar, ccp

Oakland mayor denies firing police chief over officers who statutorily raped teen sex-worker
added: Fri Jun 17 06:24:39 2016

#Chinese #panel supply glut plagues #Taiwan rival AUO- Nikkei Asian Review
added: Fri Jun 17 05:42:47 2016
tags: panel, taiwan, chinese

Norway kills more whales than Japan and Iceland combined, report finds via @TIMEWorld
added: Fri Jun 17 05:39:16 2016

Beijing’s claims of South China Sea support may not hold water
added: Fri Jun 17 05:30:19 2016

Relevant to Central Asia: Why do nations that share the Himalayas have a problem sharing weather data? @GlacierHub
added: Fri Jun 17 05:20:02 2016

Did the FBI Tell Orlando Shooter’s ex-Wife Not to reveal He Was Gay to Media?
added: Fri Jun 17 04:42:11 2016

China behaving like 'gangster' state with bookseller kidnap, say Hong Kong politicians
added: Fri Jun 17 04:41:16 2016

Debris found after #Vietnam Coast Guard plane crashes during rescue mission.
added: Fri Jun 17 04:34:10 2016
tags: vietnam

US Navy lifts temporary drinking ban on its sailors in Japan
added: Fri Jun 17 04:30:11 2016

'Only one side of the story': Pro-Beijing lawmakers says bookseller press con ...
added: Fri Jun 17 04:28:04 2016

Singtao says Lam was seeking help from Chinese police since it's difficult to live in HK due to problems with family.
added: Fri Jun 17 04:26:07 2016

Former US trade envoy Robert Zoellick urges Australian caution on China
added: Fri Jun 17 04:25:20 2016

Fierce gun battle underway between security forces, militants in J&K's Sapore
added: Fri Jun 17 03:58:43 2016

Entire buildings are being deleted from China's 'Street View' and no-one knows why
added: Fri Jun 17 03:34:01 2016

"Antarctic CO2 Hit 400 PPM for First Time in 4 Million Years" But I'm sure there's nothing to worry about...
added: Fri Jun 17 03:31:03 2016

#China Probes Brokerages’ Futures Units Amid Frenzies in Trading via @business @Panckhurst #stocks
added: Fri Jun 17 03:22:17 2016
tags: stocks, china

NYPD surveillance of 1960s Young Lords activists found.
added: Fri Jun 17 03:20:00 2016

Media language double standards where someone like Omar Mateen is described as a terrorist, but Dylan Roof isn't
added: Fri Jun 17 02:41:26 2016

Defying China, Vanished Bookseller Describes Custody by @alanwongw, @PekingMike & @AndrewJacobsNYT
added: Fri Jun 17 02:29:14 2016

Homeless group gatecrashes Vinnies CEO Sleepout event in Whitmore Square via abcnews
added: Fri Jun 17 02:19:56 2016

lol what? The CIA and State Dept backing rebels for 4 years isn't being "drawn in"?
added: Fri Jun 17 02:14:45 2016

Full transcript of missing bookseller Lam Wing-kee’s opening statement at his HK press conference via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jun 17 01:32:05 2016

Magazine claims Stanford swimmers knew Brock Turner had problems but school pressed them not to speak up
added: Fri Jun 17 01:30:43 2016

Londoners mourn @Jo_Cox1 at Parliament Square #London
added: Fri Jun 17 01:30:16 2016
tags: london

As #FBI director, J Edgar Hoover saw threats everywhere - but missed the fact his pen pal was a #spy
added: Fri Jun 17 01:30:12 2016
tags: spy, fbi

American kills himself in Taiwan courtroom after drug conviction on @WashingtonPost
added: Fri Jun 17 01:30:01 2016

Alleged killer of Jo Cox had right-wing links
added: Fri Jun 17 01:29:53 2016

Network support for TCP Fast Open : (pdf)
added: Fri Jun 17 01:26:17 2016

"The Blob" speaks -- and of course, it says it wants more bombing.
added: Fri Jun 17 01:08:17 2016

Please go to my website at to learn more about how you can effectively run for office. #OurRevolution
added: Fri Jun 17 00:49:33 2016
tags: ourrevolution

Vikings in Morocco & Africans in 9th-11thC Ireland and England:
added: Thu Jun 16 22:51:31 2016

Obama's own DHS has 72 employees on a terror watch list. Tell me again how the NRA is the problem. #MakeItStop
added: Thu Jun 16 20:52:52 2016
tags: makeitstop

A look at seven microservice anti patterns at #API360 (with an existing article on @InfoQ
added: Thu Jun 16 16:07:55 2016
tags: api360

Massachusetts bill would force employers to pay half-salary to laid off employees for duration of noncompetes
added: Thu Jun 16 13:41:01 2016

Authorities Arrest an IT Worker From the Panama Papers Law Firm via @WIRED
added: Thu Jun 16 13:40:51 2016

This is so twisted, if true. Trump Using Presidential Run to Launch TV Network? Come on: @vanityfair
added: Thu Jun 16 13:40:48 2016

MP Jo Cox injured following reports of shooting and stabbing in Birstall, West Yorkshire
added: Thu Jun 16 12:58:01 2016

The conservative backlash against minimum wage and paid sick leave victories sweeping the nation
added: Thu Jun 16 12:15:09 2016

The Electoral Affairs Commission is the public’s last line of defence in an undemocratic system. Unfortunately,...
added: Thu Jun 16 12:01:40 2016

Shawn Webb Tells You All About HardenedBSD Project – Interview #pfSense #hardnedBSD #DevOps
added: Thu Jun 16 12:00:18 2016
tags: devops, pfsense, hardnedbsd

Albert Ho demands HK govt ask Beijing about #LamWingkee's detention
added: Thu Jun 16 11:51:31 2016
tags: lamwingkee

Sad I don't see Goldman Sachs' trademark "shitty deal" on list of things their email system scans for.
added: Thu Jun 16 11:40:20 2016

Ohio governor poised to make voters pay to keep polls open late
added: Thu Jun 16 11:40:02 2016

No, Americans are not abandoning the U.S. via @BV
added: Thu Jun 16 11:30:48 2016

Guccifer 2.0 Documents Reveal DNC Collusion With Clinton, Mainstream Media #BernieOrBust #Guccifer2
added: Thu Jun 16 11:25:03 2016
tags: bernieorbust, guccifer2

@stegersaurus Reminds me of notoriously secretive 中央專案組 formed during Cultural Revolution to carry out Mao's orders
added: Thu Jun 16 11:24:57 2016

MSCI brush-off for China shares spells more pain for Hong Kong brokers
added: Thu Jun 16 11:23:15 2016

During Ramadan in Xinjiang, "the Chinese government has been forcing Uighurs to eat and drink 'by all means.'"
added: Thu Jun 16 11:20:08 2016

#KYRGYSTAN ~$7400 fine for #SnowLeopard poacher via news agency @WWF_WLCrime
added: Thu Jun 16 11:18:20 2016
tags: snowleopard, kyrgystan

Interesting quote from state council briefing on Chinese debt
added: Thu Jun 16 11:01:56 2016

Top Literary Award Winner Working on 'African Game of Thrones,' Says 'African Folklore is Just as Rich as That  S**…
added: Thu Jun 16 11:01:42 2016

Causeway Bay bookseller to talk about detention #HK #booksellers #LeeBo #China #governance #ruleoflaw
added: Thu Jun 16 10:47:30 2016
tags: hk, china, governance, ruleoflaw, leebo, booksellers

Illegal #ivory production +66% & seizure +71% after @CITES one-off ivory sales in 2008.
added: Thu Jun 16 10:46:42 2016
tags: ivory

OMG Here's the full video of yesterday's python capture at Pak Tam Chung. "4.3m & 22kg". #hk
added: Thu Jun 16 10:42:20 2016
tags: hk

16th June in Dalit History - Dr. Ambedkar advised Gandhi to focus on securing full rights for … via @AmbedkarCaravan
added: Thu Jun 16 10:38:27 2016

North Korea stole F-15 blueprints and 42,000 defense-related documents from South Korea
added: Thu Jun 16 10:37:36 2016

Asian countries aim for new cybersecurity regulations as losses incurred from attacks grow
added: Thu Jun 16 10:35:57 2016

Chinese university puts students under constant CCTV surveillance to promote “good study habits”
added: Thu Jun 16 09:14:45 2016

Expiration Date on China Promises Stokes Unease in Hong Kong Housing Will banks give mortgages extending past 2047?
added: Thu Jun 16 08:54:21 2016

Israel denies cutting water supplies to West Bank
added: Thu Jun 16 08:30:11 2016

Holy moly Bataman. That is one hell of a big monitor lizard
added: Thu Jun 16 08:10:04 2016

Watchdog given more powers to monitor surveillance, but regulations co not cover instant messages
added: Thu Jun 16 08:09:19 2016

Beijing calls for restoration of Stillwell Road connecting India, China, Myanmar - The Hindu #Burma
added: Thu Jun 16 08:08:05 2016
tags: burma

Director of Immigration met officials in Beijing but media not notified
added: Thu Jun 16 07:18:06 2016

Nigel Farage admits he has 'absolutely no idea' what will happen if Britain leaves the EU
added: Thu Jun 16 07:16:13 2016

WPD 728 • Filament Group’s library for image carousels • Long polling over HTTP/2 • Firefox’s new container tabs
added: Thu Jun 16 07:15:05 2016

Facebook site in #Malaysia selling illegal wildlife shut down. Congrats @annamiticus. But growing trade online
added: Thu Jun 16 07:11:34 2016
tags: malaysia

China to strictly control new metals capacity, boost state reserves: cabinet
added: Thu Jun 16 07:10:06 2016

A Chinese spy ship is creeping on a US aircraft carrier near the #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu Jun 16 06:52:25 2016
tags: southchinasea

The UAE says the 'war is over' for Emirati troops in Yemen
added: Thu Jun 16 06:51:32 2016

Hong Kong Customs detects suspected smartphone smuggling case at Lok Ma Chau Control Point
added: Thu Jun 16 06:45:17 2016

Abused and publicly flogged: the UK child migrants sent for a better life in Australia
added: Thu Jun 16 06:43:29 2016

Glut of job-seekers allows Indian companies to pay white-collar workers half what their counterparts make in China
added: Thu Jun 16 06:42:19 2016

Brazil’s acting President Temer implicated in Petrobras scandal
added: Thu Jun 16 06:31:36 2016

Poll: Do redesigns do more harm than good?
added: Thu Jun 16 06:30:31 2016

(Heartbreaking) 20 Children Among 34 Bodies Found in Niger's Desert @VOANews
added: Thu Jun 16 06:28:59 2016

#HongKong: Hang Seng Developers Slump as Slow Sales Spur Aggressive Tactics @business @Frederikbalfour #property
added: Thu Jun 16 06:02:39 2016
tags: property, hongkong

Wreckage from EgyptAir MS804 has finally been found
added: Thu Jun 16 06:00:07 2016

A second chirp. Now it seems that black hole collisions may be frequent facts of nature.
added: Thu Jun 16 05:55:24 2016

The security of undersea fiber optic cables: Improved submarine #tech poses a threat:
added: Thu Jun 16 05:55:07 2016
tags: tech

#Indonesia govt stonewalling #Singapore on cross-border #pollution producers #environment
added: Thu Jun 16 05:11:01 2016
tags: pollution, indonesia, singapore, environment

Mainland cancels invitation to Taiwan choir which sang in presidential inaugration
added: Thu Jun 16 05:04:13 2016

White House officials: Funding for Israeli missile defense should be part of new aid deal
added: Thu Jun 16 03:04:17 2016

#China will reject any outside ‘disturbance’ to Southeast Asia’s peace and stability - FM Wang Yi tells @ASEAN |
added: Thu Jun 16 02:40:11 2016
tags: china

#NV04- A Berniecrat didn't win but many saw Kihuen as MORE progressive, not less. And Susie Lee was solidly rejected
added: Thu Jun 16 01:36:16 2016
tags: nv04

Something to share with any teenagers in your life: the job scammers are out on the streets looking for fresh...
added: Thu Jun 16 01:35:26 2016

China’s newest bubble: food for pigs via @WSJ
added: Thu Jun 16 01:35:26 2016

thoughtbot ♥️ Elixir. See our growing open source work, read our blogs, and learn why.
added: Thu Jun 16 00:41:09 2016

.@Mel1612ancholia Guccifer 2.0 DNC hack
added: Thu Jun 16 00:18:03 2016

Free at last! IRS 990 Filing Data Now Available as an AWS Public Data Set
added: Wed Jun 15 21:59:01 2016

Florida man falsely connected by Fox News to Orlando shooter receives death threats by @mazmhussain
added: Wed Jun 15 21:46:09 2016

BREAKING: Majority of Clinton’s campaign staff is now on the DNC’s payroll
added: Wed Jun 15 19:57:25 2016

Article of the week: French archive records show Bashar al-Assad's grandfather was actually pro-Syrian unionist
added: Wed Jun 15 14:04:01 2016

Kerry and Iran's Zarif discuss ways to renew Syrian truce, deliver aid
added: Wed Jun 15 13:35:06 2016

Wow: Republican Ohio Sen. @robportman says he’s ready to support a bill that would ban gun sales to terror suspects
added: Wed Jun 15 13:34:25 2016

Bad news for China's central bank: Anxiety is building around the yuan via @WSJ
added: Wed Jun 15 12:44:26 2016

Net to overtake TV as top ad revenue generator in 2016: PwC via @instapaper
added: Wed Jun 15 11:58:12 2016

Off Xi goes on his travels again - new countries to pull into the fold
added: Wed Jun 15 11:50:37 2016

Some thoughts on Differential Privacy and Apple:
added: Wed Jun 15 11:42:33 2016

Greek recession to hit 0.3%, lower fiscal targets needed – Bank of Greece via @FT
added: Wed Jun 15 11:09:11 2016

Says multimillionaire @Nigel_Farage ( who in 2009 said he claimed £2 million in EU expenses.
added: Wed Jun 15 11:04:29 2016

Chicago Police Officer Sparks Investigation After Video Shows Him Brutally Stomping Black Man's Head
added: Wed Jun 15 11:03:02 2016

As a proud Muslim, I'd like to clear a few things up: this is what Allah would have thought of Orlando
added: Wed Jun 15 11:02:19 2016

It's #KeepRugbyClean day here at the #WorldRugbyU20s! Find out more about Anti-Doping in rugby with our new video!
added: Wed Jun 15 11:00:34 2016
tags: keeprugbyclean, worldrugbyu20s

.@POTUS hosts picnic for members of Congress, reflects on how democracy can be "messy"
added: Wed Jun 15 11:00:34 2016

Opinion: A defeated sanctions vote in the US should worry Israel writes @ramikhouri
added: Wed Jun 15 11:00:07 2016

Elizabeth Warren Slams SEC’s Mary Jo White for Putting “Information Overload” Project Ahead of Dodd Frank Rul...
added: Wed Jun 15 10:47:29 2016

First Mammal Goes Extinct Due to Human-Caused Climate Change:
added: Wed Jun 15 10:46:35 2016

Madurai Muslim party wants death sentence for gays, calls them 'cultural terrorists'
added: Wed Jun 15 10:40:33 2016

Putin Knows Hillary's Secrets #NeverHillary #IndictHillary #RiskyHillary #DropOutHillary #HillaryLostMe #NotMeUs
added: Wed Jun 15 10:38:37 2016
tags: notmeus, dropouthillary, indicthillary, riskyhillary, hillarylostme, neverhillary

Iran cuts multi-billion $ deal w/ Boeing to purchase ~100 passenger planes; biggest sale US goods to Iran in decades
added: Wed Jun 15 10:13:44 2016

Jun 15 1975 -Anti-fascist Kevin Gately killed by police during protest in Red Lion Sq London
added: Wed Jun 15 10:12:48 2016

Legislative Council Question 13: Tenants affected by URA's redevelopment projects
added: Wed Jun 15 10:12:03 2016

#OpAlbacore #Update from #Captain Peter Hammarstedt #IUU #FisheriesCrimes #SeaShepherd
added: Wed Jun 15 10:11:35 2016
tags: seashepherd, fisheriescrimes, captain, opalbacore, iuu, update

New study finds evidence for a 'fast' dinosaur extinction | Howard Lee
added: Wed Jun 15 10:03:11 2016

Almost 1 year to the day after his father was jailed for life for corruption:
added: Wed Jun 15 10:01:51 2016

Book of curiosities: Medieval Islamic View of the Cosmos. MS. Arab. c 90. Bodleian Library.,
added: Wed Jun 15 09:45:05 2016

High Court: community benefits from wind farm 'did not serve planning purpose'
added: Wed Jun 15 09:44:45 2016

Kenyans block roads after pro-government MP appears to say opposition leader can be killed.
added: Wed Jun 15 09:44:25 2016

MSCI Delays Adding China Stock to Emerging Markets Benchmark
added: Wed Jun 15 09:44:06 2016

Hong Kong start-up Neoma to fill customer data gap for shopping malls via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Jun 15 09:43:30 2016

Lawmakers Reject Proposal That Would’ve Schooled Them on Tech
added: Wed Jun 15 09:37:31 2016

China's 'naked loans' force female students to bare all in return for more cash
added: Wed Jun 15 09:32:54 2016

Democrats blast #ICAC for dropping probe against wife of Home Affairs secretary, #LauKongwah
added: Wed Jun 15 09:30:59 2016
tags: laukongwah, icac

Very hot drinks can cause cancer; coffee OK at normal temperatures: @UN body
added: Wed Jun 15 09:29:39 2016

Brexit flotilla’s star trawler was involved in £63m fishing fraud - - via @GreenpeaceUK
added: Wed Jun 15 09:25:53 2016

Danny Dorling: "We are a country which has its own social class system, which is all about disrespect."
added: Wed Jun 15 09:25:40 2016

Germany, China plan to pursue joint business efforts in Africa, Asia
added: Wed Jun 15 09:03:22 2016

#EJI How ‘one country, two systems’ lost its meaning
added: Wed Jun 15 08:56:42 2016
tags: eji

The world’s oldest computer is still revealing its secrets
added: Wed Jun 15 08:56:25 2016

Interesting how India is negotiating with Apple, which wants to open its own retail stores in the country
added: Wed Jun 15 08:56:04 2016

#Germany to mediate between #EU, #China after bloc’s refusal to classify China as market economy | #MES
added: Wed Jun 15 08:39:15 2016
tags: china, eu, mes, germany

Pro-democracy singer Denise Ho to hold concert on same day as cancelled Lancôme gig
added: Wed Jun 15 05:24:04 2016

This is what Obama meant when he called Hillary Clinton "Bush-Cheney lite."
added: Wed Jun 15 03:57:24 2016

The dark art of the frozen ball. Sepp Blatter reveals how football draws are cheated (though not on his watch)
added: Wed Jun 15 02:44:27 2016

By committing suicide, guilty officials who have amassed an illegal fortune can shield their families from scrutiny.
added: Wed Jun 15 02:44:11 2016

China's yuan hits weakest in more than five years after PBOC fix, MSCI disappointment
added: Wed Jun 15 02:28:31 2016

Some facts about #hornbills from my @SaevusWildlife column this month. Full poster on
added: Wed Jun 15 02:27:35 2016
tags: hornbills

Another inmate accuses San Jose Jail guards of beating so severe, boot prints were stomped into his back.
added: Wed Jun 15 02:22:34 2016

added: Wed Jun 15 01:27:54 2016

CONFIRMED: Treasurer of this pro-Trump PAC is notorious Ponzi schemer Steven Hoffenberg, convicted of a $460M fraud.
added: Tue Jun 14 22:13:42 2016

His name is Imran Yousef. Marine vet's quick actions saved dozens of lives during Orlando nightclub shooting
added: Tue Jun 14 21:54:29 2016

DOJ charges Chinese nat'l with stealing source code of unnamed US firm & planning to share it with Chinese govt:
added: Tue Jun 14 21:41:59 2016

A Language for the Next 10 Years
added: Tue Jun 14 19:09:45 2016

Elites and corruption have played havoc with Nairobi’s housing #Kenya
added: Tue Jun 14 18:01:06 2016
tags: kenya

US Air Force database with no backups corrupted, losing over 100,000 investigations into fraud and abuse since 2004
added: Tue Jun 14 16:37:19 2016

Great talk by @beep - "Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design" - An Event Apart video on @Vimeo
added: Tue Jun 14 12:12:32 2016

For the First Time in Decades, Herring are Spawning in a Hudson River Tributary
added: Tue Jun 14 12:11:57 2016

Jon Keyser, a ‘conservationist’ running to be senator with big oil and gas money
added: Tue Jun 14 12:08:15 2016

|@DetNews: Growing school year for Michigan students sparks backlash - going from 165 days of class to 185 #MichEd
added: Tue Jun 14 12:07:53 2016
tags: miched

Slap in the chops for China from an unusually bold ASEAN over the South China Sea
added: Tue Jun 14 12:06:36 2016

.@NaomiAKlein: The left has won the fight within the Democratic Party. Clinton lost the battle of ideas. #TheSplit
added: Tue Jun 14 12:04:43 2016
tags: thesplit

Well we sure have spent a lot of time this election season not talking about the end of the fucking world
added: Tue Jun 14 12:02:48 2016

How Gun Laws Change After Mass Shootings --- SPOILER: after killings, GOP makes laws LOOSER, not tougher. #Orlando
added: Tue Jun 14 11:57:45 2016
tags: orlando

How China Won the Keys to Disney’s Magic Kingdom
added: Tue Jun 14 11:57:40 2016

Why Microsoft, With $100 Billion, Wants a Loan for LinkedIn - helps tech giant avoid 35% tax to repatriate cash
added: Tue Jun 14 11:57:35 2016

The “Barack Boom”: The explosive growth of America’s gun industry
added: Tue Jun 14 11:55:05 2016

#Taiwan opposition KMT hoping to see Chair Hung meet with #China CCP leader #xijinping
added: Tue Jun 14 11:41:03 2016
tags: china, taiwan, xijinping

This is the OTHER Heavily-Armed White Terrorist Who Targeted LGBT Pride Festival Sunday
added: Tue Jun 14 11:17:02 2016

British cannibalistic capitalism: 70s £10 in every £100 profits went to shareholders; now £60-70 @chakrabortty
added: Tue Jun 14 11:00:36 2016

For every Navalny & Pavlensky, dozens of Russian political prisoners you've never heard of
added: Tue Jun 14 07:24:40 2016

Causeway Bay Bookstore's Lam Wing-kee (or Lin Rongji), missing in Shenzhen since October, is back in Hong Kong: RTHK
added: Tue Jun 14 06:23:37 2016

Pol retribution like KMT going aft DPP? #PRC intel penetration of #Taiwan vy substantial prob:many senior cases
added: Tue Jun 14 06:19:29 2016
tags: prc, taiwan

Jack Ma: Chinese-made fake goods are better than the real thing.
added: Tue Jun 14 05:59:23 2016

Journalists Association files complaint with Ombudsman over online media ban
added: Tue Jun 14 05:22:18 2016

Last two protesters leave community farm as development company moves to repossess land
added: Tue Jun 14 05:12:16 2016

Top 7 ways to tell if Someone is lying about being a ‘Salafi Jihadi’
added: Tue Jun 14 05:12:10 2016

US once investigated Orlando shooter Omar Mateen over ties to bombing in Syria, but did not arrest him
added: Tue Jun 14 05:11:16 2016

American cultural institutions continue to buckle & decay under the weight of late capitalism
added: Tue Jun 14 05:10:41 2016

Top Sanders Backer On Email List: "He Doesn't Want To Hand It Over" via @cora_lew @buzzfeednews
added: Tue Jun 14 04:44:28 2016

Indonesia plans to execute 16 convicts after next month's Eid holiday:
added: Tue Jun 14 04:39:53 2016

this by @karpmj was v good too
added: Tue Jun 14 04:32:01 2016

the best articles written about the Bernie Sanders Generation:,,
added: Tue Jun 14 04:30:14 2016

#China wants to destroy one of the biggest Buddhist monastery in #Tibet w/ 7K monks & nuns
added: Tue Jun 14 04:29:34 2016
tags: tibet, china

The bullishness with which Western tolerance is asserted may be about compensating for the shallowness of its roots.
added: Tue Jun 14 03:10:14 2016

Steps to Turn Off the Nagging Self-Doubt in Your Head: Comments:
added: Tue Jun 14 03:10:01 2016

Our story from Brazil on the Zika virus : Australia could hold solution to the Zika virus - Yahoo7
added: Tue Jun 14 03:09:01 2016

China’s Ridiculously Weak Legal Argument Against Complying with the South China Sea Arbitration Award - Lawfare
added: Tue Jun 14 03:08:53 2016

Not sure how the laws of karma apply to releasing imported carnivorous fish into Victoria Harbour. Especially...
added: Tue Jun 14 02:31:12 2016

Airbus finalises deal to build helicopter plant in China
added: Tue Jun 14 02:28:20 2016

Law scholar warns rise in number of Basic Law court cases threatens Hong Kong’s government system
added: Tue Jun 14 02:19:18 2016

After taking million$ from Nigerian investors, #Hillary2016 refused to designate Boko Haram as terrorists.
added: Tue Jun 14 02:04:29 2016
tags: hillary2016

New Device Sold On The Dark Web Can Clone Up To 15 Contactless Cards Per Second
added: Tue Jun 14 01:51:18 2016

Looks like Bernie is not going to hand over his email list to Hillary Clinton, which makes complete sense
added: Tue Jun 14 01:47:50 2016

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was gay, former classmate says
added: Tue Jun 14 01:47:12 2016

#MSCI Is About to Make Its Big Call on World’s Worst Stock Market via @business #China @frostyhk
added: Tue Jun 14 01:18:35 2016
tags: msci, china

"Do you think he was gay?" The shooter's ex-wife was silent for three seconds. "I don't know."
added: Tue Jun 14 00:06:38 2016

Appeals court sides with Boeing in whistleblower lawsuit
added: Tue Jun 14 00:01:35 2016

.@HenryRollins talked to us about #BlackFlag, Lemmy, and playing a serial killer:
added: Mon Jun 13 21:02:21 2016
tags: blackflag

Over-Extraction, Chinese Slowdown Blamed for Jade Price Slump - The Irrawaddy News Magazine #Burma
added: Mon Jun 13 13:23:30 2016
tags: burma

Waves of democratization, waves of disillusionment - Charles Kurzman offers perspective on Arab experience
added: Mon Jun 13 13:22:50 2016

RIAA-Approved File-Sharing Service Hacked, 51m User Details Leaked
added: Mon Jun 13 13:19:08 2016

connexion - Python Flask Framework to automagically handle REST API requests based on Swagger
added: Mon Jun 13 13:18:23 2016

Last chance for Hong Kong as rugby sevens squad head for final Olympic Games qualifier in Monaco
added: Mon Jun 13 13:17:54 2016

“…the main problem is [tech] enables impact not just beyond human scale, but without human correction.” — @jkriss,
added: Mon Jun 13 11:54:21 2016

The Tiahrt Amendments significantly weaken law enforcement efforts to prevent gun crimes and prosecute gun offenders
added: Mon Jun 13 11:50:57 2016

Human rights are an excuse to harbour corrupt officials, says China
added: Mon Jun 13 11:48:30 2016

There Are No “Buts” In Progressive Enhancement (YouTube) #webdev #webdesign #ui #rwd #mvp #performance
added: Mon Jun 13 11:45:16 2016
tags: webdesign, rwd, performance, webdev, mvp, ui

Talks with Chinese over AC Milan sale extended to June 30 - source
added: Mon Jun 13 11:44:41 2016

NEW! UN Working Group report on #humanrights obligations of state-owned enterprises: #bizhumanrights #procurement
added: Mon Jun 13 11:27:41 2016
tags: bizhumanrights, procurement, humanrights

'CIA chief: Saudis not linked to 9/11 attacks'
added: Mon Jun 13 11:25:27 2016

'The earth is speaking, but man won't listen.' Choctaw members fight to reclaim their relationship with the land
added: Mon Jun 13 11:24:44 2016

Fake $50 bank notes found in #HongKong
added: Mon Jun 13 11:20:38 2016
tags: hongkong

The "Pepsi vs Coke" comparisons are now in full swing:
added: Mon Jun 13 11:00:56 2016

Documentaries go hand-in-hand with democracy - so no one should be excluded by high prices, writes @monstris
added: Mon Jun 13 11:00:08 2016

Sink or swim: Hong Kong company defies the doomsayers on Nicaragua Canal project via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 13 08:41:46 2016

UK: Christie's auction house fined for trying to sell #ivory in violation of @CITES & EU law
added: Mon Jun 13 08:34:55 2016
tags: ivory

This by @mePadraigReidy is superb on the resemblances between Omar Mateen & David Copeland - angry losers both...
added: Mon Jun 13 08:32:34 2016

Environmental crime reaches new record of $258b, report finds:
added: Mon Jun 13 08:31:30 2016

From @NatGeo #WildlifeCrime: stolen #Tortoises, seized #Lion parts & #Bear paws, 4 sentenced for #Pangolin trade via
added: Mon Jun 13 08:30:08 2016
tags: lion, bear, pangolin, tortoises, wildlifecrime

Low and slow. China FAI slows again in May after showing signs of life. Our take:
added: Mon Jun 13 08:20:53 2016

1. Gibberish aside, China NOT nor becoming democracy 2. @GIGA_Institute delete your account
added: Mon Jun 13 08:15:32 2016

An unusual spy-versus-spy battle is being playing out on a dusty old computer in Wisconsin.
added: Mon Jun 13 07:59:05 2016

Chinese police recommend 709 rights lawyer #ZhouShifang be prosecuted for subversion of state power #FreeTheLawyers
added: Mon Jun 13 07:44:47 2016
tags: freethelawyers, zhoushifang

As India's power grows, China's containment strategy will get frenetic #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jun 13 07:43:12 2016
tags: southchinasea

Step up promotion on 'One Country' to battle independence calls, says #Tung
added: Mon Jun 13 07:30:23 2016
tags: tung

At a mosque attended by the Florida gunman, prayers were offered for the dead
added: Mon Jun 13 07:26:12 2016

:o) Iceland’s Lars Lagerback: Portugal’s Pepe and Ronaldo could be in Hollywood
added: Mon Jun 13 06:51:26 2016

China slams on the stimulus brakes: #construction growing at weakest pace in 16 yrs, @AngusGrigg reports.
added: Mon Jun 13 06:50:32 2016
tags: construction

#Indonesia: disturbing video of hooded man publicly caning an 18-year old woman for "lustful conduct" in Aceh
added: Mon Jun 13 06:48:56 2016
tags: indonesia

Hong Kong lawmakers vow to reject HK$1 billion funding request for 'Belt and Road' scholarship if concer... goog
added: Mon Jun 13 06:48:01 2016

China's plan to expand higher education to students from poor regions has set off an intense class conflict.
added: Mon Jun 13 06:44:28 2016

Orlando shootings: Club attacker 'disturbed' says ex-wife
added: Mon Jun 13 06:03:07 2016

L’Oréal Hong Kong chief may retire soon amid Denise Ho concert row @hoccgoomusic @krislc
added: Mon Jun 13 04:44:03 2016

#China May Home Sales Rose 32.9% Amid Policy Tightening Measures via @business @sreebloomberg #property
added: Mon Jun 13 04:40:03 2016
tags: china, property

Nigeria: 2 Chinese men arrested over attempt to smuggle out ivory tusks and pangolin scales
added: Mon Jun 13 04:24:58 2016

brick and mortar stores using mannequin spies to raise stakes against online-only surveillance companies
added: Mon Jun 13 03:59:43 2016

On the shift from "beliefs and ideologies" to "propensity to violence" in terrorist profiling:
added: Mon Jun 13 03:54:50 2016

Jaguar Land Rover sues Chinese automaker over Evoque copycat: source via @Reuters
added: Mon Jun 13 03:52:38 2016

Last year SCMP exposed a system to manipulate voting in district elections - groups of elderly people bussed from...
added: Mon Jun 13 01:22:50 2016

41% of European Co are re-evaluating their China Ops & planning to cut costs through headcount cuts @TheAnalytic
added: Mon Jun 13 01:08:31 2016

St. Louis police secretly paid thousands to victims’ families without prosecutors’ knowledge
added: Mon Jun 13 01:01:54 2016

Woman breaks silence among Fukushima thyroid cancer patients
added: Sun Jun 12 23:24:33 2016

Another #climatechange record: Greenland hits 75°F, 24°C in June. …
added: Sun Jun 12 23:21:28 2016
tags: climatechange

The Daughter of Dawn, a rediscovered Native American silent film from 1920, is on Netflix:
added: Sun Jun 12 18:23:48 2016

Palau puts in place measures to control Chinese ‘takeover’ h/t Andrew J Phelan (@ajphelo)
added: Sun Jun 12 12:48:56 2016

Links are not buttons. Neither are DIVs and SPANs #webdev #links #buttons #html
added: Sun Jun 12 12:45:14 2016
tags: webdev, html, links, buttons

Many people killed in Orlando club shooting, 42 injured, attacker had two guns and "some kind of device", police say
added: Sun Jun 12 11:16:17 2016

Uefa opens case against Russia but not England after Euro 2016 fan violence
added: Sun Jun 12 10:57:59 2016

OXYCONTIN: Purdue Pharma has been funding HILLARY CAMPAIGN for yrs WE CAN'T REPORT THIS
added: Sun Jun 12 08:00:30 2016

added: Sun Jun 12 07:47:03 2016

The Chinese hackers in the back office: NYT tags along w security firm Area1 to see how they try to stop them
added: Sat Jun 11 14:53:43 2016

#HongKong: Red #sandalwood worth US$45,000 seized by customs, smugglers escaped. @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Sat Jun 11 13:19:18 2016
tags: sandalwood, hongkong

I've been saying we should get rid of boy and girl bathrooms. Here's a history lesson in same.
added: Sat Jun 11 12:52:53 2016

Let's not forget how women's suffrage movement was rampant with racism
added: Sat Jun 11 12:46:27 2016

The day payday loan sharks feared is here, but it’s consumer groups who are outraged
added: Sat Jun 11 12:15:07 2016

80 per cent of self-employed people in Britain are living in poverty
added: Sat Jun 11 12:11:34 2016

The Clinton University Problem: Laureate Education Lawsuits Present Problem For Clintons [Upda… via @JonathanTurley
added: Sat Jun 11 12:05:05 2016

Besieged Syrian Town Gets First Food Aid Since 2012 -
added: Sat Jun 11 12:03:12 2016

The curious case of the DAB Party and Christopher 'Tree Gun' Chung Shu-kun @francochrisn
added: Sat Jun 11 12:02:26 2016

From overnight: Alabama's political crisis deepened after the House speaker was convicted on 12 felony counts.
added: Sat Jun 11 11:57:10 2016

Developers from South Florida promised paradise, delivered disaster #PanamaPapers
added: Sat Jun 11 11:44:30 2016
tags: panamapapers

China accused of buying influence over Australian universities #highereducation #china
added: Sat Jun 11 11:43:33 2016
tags: china, highereducation

"In Ms. Ibarra’s case, the outrage over her tweet led her to delete her Twitter account."
added: Sat Jun 11 11:30:50 2016

灣仔北海濱設計展開次階段諮詢 公眾貨物裝卸區擬引入嬉水設施
added: Sat Jun 11 11:28:08 2016

10th Circuit: Kansas can't block voters from casting ballots via @KSNTNews More activist judges. 50K in KS say T.Y.
added: Sat Jun 11 11:03:04 2016

Newest Inflation Expectations Likely to Trouble the Fed so bang goes any rate rise in 2016 next move likely a cut?
added: Sat Jun 11 11:02:10 2016

Reimagining Single-Page Applications With Progressive Enhancement by @heydonworks #webdev #a11y
added: Sat Jun 11 11:01:06 2016
tags: webdev, a11y

A well-meaning but error-strewn article on Taiwan identity from the Diplomat
added: Sat Jun 11 10:53:22 2016

In "judicial coup," Erdogan reassigns 3,746 judges/prosecutors who try to uphold rule of law
added: Sat Jun 11 10:53:17 2016

#China reportedly to reduce number of #tourists heading for #Taiwan in 3 stages
added: Sat Jun 11 10:51:04 2016
tags: taiwan, china, tourists

CSD says uploaded footage may be from data leak
added: Sat Jun 11 10:44:32 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong does not need anti-trafficking law, government insists
added: Sat Jun 11 09:59:15 2016
tags: scmp

Far-right vigilantes in Europe finding few refugees to beat up. So they're intimidating Roma
added: Sat Jun 11 08:09:39 2016

Snowden emails reveal that the NSA used notoriously insecure Microsoft Word macros
added: Sat Jun 11 06:30:10 2016

No wonder people are concerned about health care costs - Obamacare shifted lots of costs to individuals and families
added: Sat Jun 11 04:55:58 2016

My @AP story: Prominent activist freed in #Bahrain, @angryarabiya, leaves for #Denmark:
added: Sat Jun 11 04:11:38 2016
tags: bahrain, denmark

IMF's David Lipton: Chinese state-owned firms account for 22% of economic output but owe 55% of all corporate debt.
added: Sat Jun 11 04:02:48 2016

China leads resistance to #India joining #nuclear export club
added: Sat Jun 11 03:34:02 2016
tags: nuclear, india

Haiti Presidential Election Saga Continues as Officials Decide to Scrap Votes
added: Sat Jun 11 03:30:55 2016

Where the remaining presidential candidates stand on public lands
added: Sat Jun 11 03:30:13 2016

Arrest of Dalit writer Durai Guna a ploy to punish him for his anti-caste message, activists claim via @scroll_in
added: Sat Jun 11 02:48:55 2016

People's Daily overseas edition: Venezuela will not default on loans from China, because all sides there like China.
added: Sat Jun 11 02:45:07 2016

"So far, he has not supported either slogan with much substance." The @nytimes on Mr. Eleven promises of reform
added: Sat Jun 11 02:41:23 2016

This 17-year-old was tased until his heart stopped – and he caught the whole thing on his cellphone.
added: Sat Jun 11 01:53:08 2016

This Stanford rapist story just keeps getting worse.
added: Sat Jun 11 01:47:58 2016

ACT cancels entrance exam in South Korea, Hong Kong after test leak
added: Sat Jun 11 01:38:41 2016

Property taxes on Manhattan's ritziest real estate are discounted by 95% by @JParrott10007
added: Sat Jun 11 01:35:07 2016

The Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton rivalry haunted the imagination of N.Y.C. long before Lin-Manuel Miranda got to it
added: Sat Jun 11 01:35:02 2016

Hillary Approved Assassinations On Unsecured Cell Phone. #HillarySecretServiceCodeName: Affluenza #DeleteYourAccount
added: Sat Jun 11 00:51:24 2016
tags: deleteyouraccount, hillarysecretservicecodename

Crafty plan to give FBI warrantless access to browser histories axed
added: Sat Jun 11 00:22:14 2016

Say goodbye to the old Yahoo Messenger on August 5th
added: Sat Jun 11 00:20:08 2016

Last batch of CA ballots flipped Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties from narrow H to narrow B wins
added: Sat Jun 11 00:20:03 2016

Insurance companies fight to keep California women from having easy access to birth control.
added: Sat Jun 11 00:15:10 2016

Appeals court rules that a prisoner punished for HuffPost blog has no 1st Amendment rights. @cristianafarias:
added: Sat Jun 11 00:13:57 2016

Lawyer who had his clothes torn by China court police refuses to accept court apology @JustinTrudeau @MinCanadaFA
added: Sat Jun 11 00:07:18 2016

If Chen Hongtian had paid the roughly HK$170 million in stamp duty for buying Asia’s most expensive property at...
added: Sat Jun 11 00:00:34 2016

How Google Manipulates Search Results In Favor Of Hillary Clinton?
added: Fri Jun 10 21:15:44 2016

China’s propaganda department not good enough at propaganda – gov’t via @hongkongfp
added: Fri Jun 10 21:03:31 2016

The growth of the Mongol Empire 1206-1294 -
added: Fri Jun 10 18:59:02 2016

DEA wants to look at millions of people's private medical records without a warrant
added: Fri Jun 10 18:12:15 2016

Malaysian palm oil giant IOI drops lawsuit against green group
added: Fri Jun 10 17:33:28 2016

Today, we learn Clinton aides pushed to install an unqualified Clinton Fnd. donor onto a sensitive gov board.
added: Fri Jun 10 17:19:55 2016

The arms sales for #CiintonFoundation cash scam involves many - & at $165B, will FBI ever prosecute #HillaryClinton?
added: Fri Jun 10 16:10:48 2016
tags: hillaryclinton, ciintonfoundation

Shock Poll: Gary Johnson leads Hillary Clinton among independents
added: Fri Jun 10 15:13:07 2016

All but one person looking for financial advice was ready to work with him SCARY
added: Fri Jun 10 14:26:36 2016

Uh... @bsdcan?
added: Fri Jun 10 14:25:30 2016

BREAKING: Obama's fmr HHS sec warns consumers could be hurt if fed & state regulators approve pending health mergers
added: Fri Jun 10 14:25:10 2016

The source for Fox News' anti-refugee fearmongering is a white nationalist writer
added: Fri Jun 10 14:09:07 2016

One of the greatest ice hockey players of all time, Gordie Howe, has died at the age of 88, US media reports say
added: Fri Jun 10 14:08:08 2016

Chinese Embassy Refuse to Accept Petition w/ 11M Signatures to #StopYulin dog meat festival
added: Fri Jun 10 05:13:16 2016
tags: stopyulin

@OccupyThDream67 @PoliticalMindFk @saracohennyc ummm...ok then...explain this "lie"...
added: Fri Jun 10 05:09:47 2016

Thousands of hunters received duplicate Kansas deer permits
added: Fri Jun 10 03:01:52 2016

Sea creatures are being drowned out by noise pollution
added: Fri Jun 10 03:00:42 2016

Judge Who Sentenced #Stanford Rapist to 6 Months Quietly Starts New 6-Year Term
added: Fri Jun 10 03:00:29 2016
tags: stanford

Inspector General: Secretary of State's office routinely ignored FOIA requests.
added: Fri Jun 10 02:58:57 2016

Gov. Malloy gives subsidy to hedge fund Then he vetoes Dem bill to scrutinize corp welfare
added: Fri Jun 10 02:56:24 2016

Woman speaks out about how KU handled sexual assault report
added: Fri Jun 10 02:01:13 2016

Hong Kong City University green roof collapse contractor faces possible lawsuit
added: Fri Jun 10 02:00:37 2016

The 'browning' of the US working class
added: Fri Jun 10 02:00:21 2016

The more Trump emphasizes vanished prosperity, the more dissatisfied voters may take a risk on him to get it back:
added: Fri Jun 10 02:00:19 2016

Trangender Teen Athlete Causes Controversy
added: Fri Jun 10 02:00:05 2016

#Erlang HiPE on FreeBSD doesn't work on 19.0-rc2. A quick fix and the proposed PR:
added: Fri Jun 10 01:59:17 2016
tags: erlang

The Benghazi Committee finally interviews the elusive “John from Iowa” who called into Sean Hannity’s show in 2013
added: Fri Jun 10 01:49:34 2016

Nothing "sustainable' about #childlabor + chemicals at @PepsiCo #palmoil partner. @dmosbergen on new @RAN report.
added: Fri Jun 10 01:45:01 2016
tags: palmoil, childlabor

New tax rules may help #HongKong close gap with #Singapore in the "headquarters economy" @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jun 10 01:43:51 2016
tags: singapore, hongkong

Neera Tanden the type of progressive that partners with AEI, home to the "Bell Curve" promoting racial eugenics
added: Fri Jun 10 01:42:23 2016

State Dept. Official Undermines Key Clinton Email Claim In Judicial Watch Deposition via @dailycaller
added: Fri Jun 10 01:42:04 2016

A Steel Mill Lives Again, in a Setback for China, my latest in The New York Times
added: Fri Jun 10 01:35:03 2016

New Fox national poll: Clinton slightly ahead. Trump down 6 points from last month.
added: Thu Jun 9 22:01:03 2016

@jensimmons this works on our development branch. we have a resourcing problem with libsass.
added: Thu Jun 9 18:34:26 2016

Yes! Clinton's brother caught in McAuliffe FBI investigation. New Pay for play scandal:
added: Thu Jun 9 13:25:02 2016

Baylor football keeping assistant coaches despite scathing report. @jimvertuno
added: Thu Jun 9 13:17:07 2016

#SCOTUS link of the day: @dorfonlaw on security of Scalia’s legacy in statutory interpretation cases --
added: Thu Jun 9 12:23:08 2016
tags: scotus

On the other hand, this is cool news, fam.
added: Thu Jun 9 11:23:18 2016

Clinton's campaign mum on waivers for #SouthSudan child soldiers. My latest
added: Thu Jun 9 11:18:44 2016
tags: southsudan

You'd think Hollywood learned from #OscarsSoWhite. But with the latest DiCaprio casting line-up, you'd be wrong
added: Thu Jun 9 10:30:31 2016
tags: oscarssowhite

WTF Chart Of The Day: Chinese Trade Data Lies Exposed (Again) | Zero Hedge
added: Thu Jun 9 09:17:20 2016

Mervyn King's Alarmist Warning: "All China's Assets In The US Might Be Annulled" | Zero Hedge
added: Thu Jun 9 09:14:14 2016

44 Years Ago, Shirley Chisholm Became the First Black Woman to Run For President | Smart News | Smithsonian -
added: Thu Jun 9 08:06:23 2016

Grassley "wasn't meaning to equate" Sotomayor's "wise Latina" comments with Trump attacks
added: Thu Jun 9 07:59:01 2016

Diplomat reveals Britain's betrayal of Tibet
added: Thu Jun 9 07:56:55 2016

Ex-official and businessmen in #HongKong have been occupying #GovernmentLand for >30 years.
added: Thu Jun 9 07:48:17 2016
tags: hongkong, governmentland

#HKFP Lancôme's new unofficial brand ambassador? Pro-gov't activist Leticia Lee
added: Thu Jun 9 07:20:33 2016
tags: hkfp

#WATCH: Student abducted in broad daylight in Patna (June 7: CCTV visuals)
added: Thu Jun 9 07:20:10 2016
tags: watch

The micropayment wars have begun
added: Thu Jun 9 07:18:05 2016

WPD 723 • Handling a fork on GitHub • Debugging PWAs (new DevTools features) • Web Storage vs. cookies
added: Thu Jun 9 07:15:07 2016

Was told recently by marketing person at selective uni that widening participation doesn't fit upmarket uni brand.
added: Thu Jun 9 07:12:22 2016

#SCMP Luxury squatters? Probe over 89,000 sq ft of government land occupied by former Hong Kong civil servant and …
added: Thu Jun 9 07:01:11 2016
tags: scmp

Police officer 'recorded raping a woman on her iPhone's sleep app'
added: Thu Jun 9 06:17:04 2016

China’s propaganda chiefs rapped by government inspectors over ‘weak’ efforts to control the internet via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Jun 9 06:07:34 2016

This is the China read of the day. Almost every sentence packed with truth about China and the problems
added: Thu Jun 9 05:24:03 2016

Police in Bangladesh describe a general acceptance of killing of secularists and gay people.
added: Thu Jun 9 05:21:03 2016

A First: Chinese Naval Vessel Enters Senkaku Contiguous Zone in East China Sea
added: Thu Jun 9 03:41:56 2016

Exclusive 360 degree photos take you inside Kublai Khan's palace recently discovered buried beneath Beijing
added: Thu Jun 9 03:21:28 2016

Microsoft open-sourced their WebGL engine from their Edge browser
added: Thu Jun 9 03:03:54 2016

New York City man spent 5 months in Rikers for outstanding payment of $2
added: Thu Jun 9 02:30:17 2016

Plus ça change-->After another big bust, Bharara says he's finding corruption 'everywhere we look'
added: Thu Jun 9 02:28:39 2016

At Bernie Sanders's alma mater, student body president faces expulsion for leading protest over $15 wage, climate
added: Thu Jun 9 02:25:10 2016

BREAKING: Shooting reported at Sydney shopping center, reports of multiple victims
added: Thu Jun 9 02:15:07 2016

There is no federal statute or policy in the United States that ensures access to water for the poor.
added: Thu Jun 9 01:57:00 2016

的确牛逼! @zmt0516 微博上我最喜欢的漫画家 y雅痞p 因为前几天画铁皮车被抓起来了,至今没有活着回来,不知道推上民主斗士有没有兴趣帮帮他
added: Thu Jun 9 01:56:39 2016

Huge. 2257 "is now unenforceable due to its violation of the 4th Amendment" < link might be NSFW for some
added: Thu Jun 9 01:53:55 2016

.@CapehartJ dusts off 2016's laziest take, Sanders = Trump.
added: Thu Jun 9 01:45:37 2016

Airstrikes hit 3 Aleppo hospitals including 1 aided by @UNICEF in what rights groups call new atrocity @hwaida_saad
added: Thu Jun 9 01:13:26 2016

Gold mining has devastated the Peruvian Amazon
added: Thu Jun 9 01:10:04 2016

Japan protests after Chinese navy ship sails near disputed islands
added: Thu Jun 9 01:09:56 2016

Taking over 17000 hosts by typosquatting package managers like PyPi or npmjs : , Pdf :
added: Wed Jun 8 13:43:39 2016

“The koala is on its way to extinction."
added: Wed Jun 8 11:11:31 2016

Friend of Stanford rapist blamed victim, urged judge not to be ‘politically correct’
added: Wed Jun 8 11:10:04 2016

What lies beneath Jupiter's swirling robes? On the 4th of July, Juno arrives to look & see.
added: Wed Jun 8 11:05:39 2016

Millions of 'must be firewalled' services are open to the entire internet – research
added: Wed Jun 8 11:03:19 2016

Sports Direct docked 15 minutes of workers' pay for turning up one minute late - but the DWP would sanction you more
added: Wed Jun 8 11:02:42 2016

Top French cosmetic brand Lancôme is facing a democracy backlash in Hong Kong via @TIMEWorld
added: Wed Jun 8 10:51:26 2016

Turn Smartphone Vibration Motor into Microphone to Spy on You : (pdf)
added: Wed Jun 8 10:38:18 2016

FBI Arrests Corrections Union President on Corruption Charges via @nbcnewyork
added: Wed Jun 8 10:37:46 2016

Watchdog Highlights Role of Lapis Lazuli in Destabilizing Afghanistan
added: Wed Jun 8 10:35:11 2016

ICAC urged to probe Christopher Chung's claims against DAB, FTU
added: Wed Jun 8 10:34:45 2016

Saudi police are notorious for torture, but that doesn't stop UK police from training them.
added: Wed Jun 8 10:30:50 2016

Police Claim There’s No Evidence Staten Island Teen Died After Fleeing Racist Mob, Family Challenges Investigation …
added: Wed Jun 8 10:30:18 2016

Gravity measuring spacecraft LISA Pathfinder exceeds expectation, ESA says.
added: Wed Jun 8 09:38:51 2016

Finally, America has broken the glass-ceiling. Why should men alone get to organise all the US-backed coups?
added: Wed Jun 8 09:38:23 2016

領展加租迫走禾輋邨34年茶餐廳 街坊三代光顧難捨人情味 見證沙田新市鎮發展、至今已開業34年的禾輋邨金禾茶餐廳,不敵領展大幅加月租至20萬元,將於7月20日光榮結業⋯領展除要求大幅加租至20萬元,更要店主花逾100萬元重新裝修。
added: Wed Jun 8 09:35:57 2016

U.S. says China fighter made 'unsafe' intercept of spy plane
added: Wed Jun 8 09:31:07 2016

Watch Denise Ho's interview with @BBC on Lancome's decision to cancel her concert
added: Wed Jun 8 09:27:06 2016

Video contradicts pro-establishment lawmaker who denied requesting special hospital ...
added: Wed Jun 8 09:24:05 2016

Investing in Chinese Stocks—投资大中华地区股市: Ministry of Finance Owned Cinda Real Estate Become...
added: Wed Jun 8 09:23:31 2016

Royal Navy intercepts Russian submarine heading for English waters
added: Wed Jun 8 09:17:48 2016

China’s rulers do not just suppress history, they recreate it to serve the present, by @IanDenisJohnson
added: Wed Jun 8 09:14:41 2016
tags: china

The #China police officers who beat a lawyer did "not intend harm"? Really? What did they intend?
added: Wed Jun 8 09:08:59 2016
tags: china

Now, why would those media barons want to leave the EU… ah, yes. CASH, big piles of it.
added: Wed Jun 8 08:44:05 2016

.@TheBug0815 @TTIPBeware @MalmstromEU they already have - #TTIP
added: Wed Jun 8 08:10:58 2016
tags: ttip

Net neut: Equal treatment of traffic doesn't mean equal service quality for users
added: Wed Jun 8 08:10:12 2016

#WorldOceansDay: A Statement from Captain Alex Cornelissen, CEO of Sea Shepherd Global: #SeaShepherd #SeaWorld
added: Wed Jun 8 08:09:31 2016
tags: seaworld, worldoceansday, seashepherd

Note that CVE-2016-2178 / most severely actually impacts OpenSSH, which uses the OpenSSL library.
added: Wed Jun 8 08:05:08 2016

Fish can recognise human faces
added: Wed Jun 8 08:01:39 2016

The Trans-Pacific Shell Game - "grossly exaggerating the deal’s projected benefits" #TPP
added: Wed Jun 8 07:49:48 2016
tags: tpp

.@ISHRglobal statement on China in its alert to 32nd session of Human Rights Council
added: Wed Jun 8 07:49:26 2016

Langkawi MP stands by 'salaries of MPs not paid by people' remark
added: Wed Jun 8 07:37:12 2016

Petition: Ban driven grouse shooting
added: Wed Jun 8 07:36:41 2016

ICYMI Anson Chan's 9Apr speech to TuftsU US-China symposium
added: Wed Jun 8 07:36:29 2016

Totally possible Hillary gets a prominent Republican to leave party, join her as veep. Grand neocon-pro-biz ticket.
added: Wed Jun 8 07:22:35 2016

Saudis threatened to cut $100Ms if UN listed them as child abuser in Yemen. UN changed list.
added: Wed Jun 8 07:22:13 2016

Immunotherapy 'cures' man with more than 26 cancer tumours in his abdomen
added: Wed Jun 8 07:22:05 2016

#DPRK believed back to nuclear bomb-making. My @VOANews report:
added: Wed Jun 8 07:20:53 2016
tags: dprk

Legislative Council Question 4: Prevention of abusive use of personal data contained in public registers
added: Wed Jun 8 07:18:34 2016

Legislative Council Question 10: Security measures when Standing Committee of National People's Congress Chairman…
added: Wed Jun 8 07:18:33 2016

The coral meltdown is not restricted to the Great Barrier Reef. Look at what's happening in Florida: Horrible
added: Wed Jun 8 06:57:28 2016

L’Oreal is setting a dangerous global precedent by bowing to China over free speech
added: Wed Jun 8 06:56:24 2016

'We are all Denise Ho': Lawmakers and activists protest against Lancôme 'censorship', ...
added: Wed Jun 8 06:50:19 2016

Singapore will cut off public servants' Internet access next year // Boring job just got more boring.
added: Wed Jun 8 06:36:10 2016

Firefox 48 beta brings 'largest change ever' thanks to 'Electrolysis'
added: Wed Jun 8 06:35:38 2016

Newcomers face big hurdles in challenging Asia’s big three banks via @FT
added: Wed Jun 8 06:31:12 2016

Daily Meditation Boosts & Revitalizes the Brain and Reduces Stress, Harvard Study Finds
added: Wed Jun 8 06:31:05 2016

After #SkyNews interview I was contacted by person who filmed the vid. More on #Morgan HERE
added: Wed Jun 8 06:26:39 2016
tags: skynews, morgan

When you promised to #SayHerName you did. That's integrity. #ThankYouBernie
added: Wed Jun 8 06:24:50 2016
tags: thankyoubernie, sayhername

Cache of Hasmonean-era silver coins uncovered in Modiin via @timesofisrael
added: Wed Jun 8 06:24:48 2016

Eerie images show America's deserted theme parks, shopping malls and train stations
added: Wed Jun 8 06:17:04 2016

James Zogby says the #MSM has done a disservice in presenting his life's work as a one-dimensional caricature
added: Wed Jun 8 06:03:05 2016
tags: msm

#SCMP Mainland Chinese housewife accused of assaulting Hong Kong mother and daughter pleads not guilty
added: Wed Jun 8 05:59:58 2016
tags: scmp

"But you cannot just ignore it forever". (My interview with Gawker)
added: Wed Jun 8 05:47:21 2016

In paperback version of her book, @HillaryClinton excised the part from the hardcover touting her work on the TPP
added: Wed Jun 8 05:36:14 2016

Leading US senator asks why there's no human rights dialogue with India: @SenatorCardin.
added: Wed Jun 8 05:19:12 2016

#ICC Int Criminal Court cont investigation of #Israel's horrific #Gaza warcrimes #BDS… #EU
added: Wed Jun 8 05:13:55 2016
tags: bds, gaza, icc, israel, eu

'My life was threatened today': Elderly people hurt in scuffles amid forced eviction at ...
added: Wed Jun 8 04:54:16 2016

Red Guards of the #CulturalRevolution look back and reflect on the freedoms and the fury that swept China
added: Wed Jun 8 04:41:48 2016
tags: culturalrevolution

'They almost shot me': Audio captures chaos of PNG shooting via @ABCNews
added: Wed Jun 8 04:34:36 2016

Was Hillary Caught Colluding With AP To Announce Delegate Win Before California #bernieorbust #feelthebern
added: Wed Jun 8 04:33:43 2016
tags: feelthebern, bernieorbust

U.S. tech giants are removing ~70% of harmful content from social media in #Israel, says justice minister
added: Wed Jun 8 04:33:06 2016
tags: israel

'Throwing a tantrum': Pro-Beijing newspaper blasts Denise Ho after Lancôme controversy
added: Wed Jun 8 04:06:04 2016

Booklet instructs pro-Israel activists how to smear supporters of Palestinian rights
added: Wed Jun 8 03:39:56 2016

#Fashion Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein Wrote a Special Kinky Boots Song to Fight NC Bathroom Bill #style
added: Wed Jun 8 03:09:09 2016
tags: style, fashion

Not sure about some of the humans I know, but...
added: Wed Jun 8 03:08:54 2016

Moderate pro-dem ADPL manifesto calls for #HK self-determination (their def is more circumscribed than @demosisto's)
added: Wed Jun 8 03:06:07 2016
tags: hk

China is dreaming of building a massive sea lab 10,000 feet deep in the South China Sea
added: Wed Jun 8 03:02:03 2016

Day 6 of trial of 7 #HK police who beat #KenTsang: After challenging TVB video, 2 officers doubt police's own video
added: Wed Jun 8 02:59:05 2016
tags: hk, kentsang

“If you believe her, you’re a sucker.” —@cenkuygur to @Publici about @HillaryClinton’s campaign $ reform proposals
added: Wed Jun 8 02:57:03 2016

Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls in CA leave some wondering whether their ballots will count via @mattdpearce
added: Wed Jun 8 02:54:54 2016

Hong Kong government accused of interfering in Legco polls after think tank quizzes electors via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Jun 8 02:45:52 2016

Social mobility in Hong Kong in one chart Cited by LegCo: Study:
added: Wed Jun 8 02:39:20 2016

Western themed auction includes objects that belong to Oglala Lakhota (Sioux) sovereign tribal nation
added: Wed Jun 8 02:23:13 2016

If Hillary is so pro-woman, why isn't their a single female labor leader on DNC platform committee
added: Wed Jun 8 02:22:56 2016

This is actually positive if China had to be dragged into the international payment system kicking and screaming
added: Wed Jun 8 02:14:34 2016

“I want to be a knight so I can rescue my dad!”-daughter of detained lawyer vows to fight on
added: Wed Jun 8 02:10:50 2016

Bernie laying off have of his staff on weds - @PaydayReport is hoping to hire on so send the contributions our way
added: Wed Jun 8 02:10:09 2016

Chinese border region asks for DNA for travel documents
added: Wed Jun 8 01:59:02 2016

Took decades after 1929-33 for Wall Street's pimps to come out openly for rolling back regulation. Now, just 8 years
added: Wed Jun 8 01:45:51 2016

"China to have timetable by year's end to cease all domestic trade in ivory"
added: Wed Jun 8 01:41:14 2016

Mango’s Interesting History in India
added: Wed Jun 8 01:28:14 2016

Excellent long interview w JoshuaWong on how to achieve #HK self-determination,an #HK Charter,#HK independence &more
added: Wed Jun 8 01:20:08 2016
tags: hk

Join Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society – Membership is Free! #WorldOceansDay!
added: Wed Jun 8 00:54:10 2016
tags: worldoceansday

.@RaniaKhalek @MaxBlumenthal removed from @Newseum event for speaking out against murder of Palestinian journalists.
added: Wed Jun 8 00:08:43 2016

Hipster FBI agent was in your browser history before it was cool – pre-2008, in fact
added: Tue Jun 7 23:48:11 2016

Largest health merger in history threatens to raise ur premiums, and the govt is now blocking FOIA requests about it
added: Tue Jun 7 23:41:15 2016

FBI wants access to Internet browser history without a warrant: Comments:
added: Tue Jun 7 23:40:02 2016

The State Department defends claim that it will take 75 years to release emails from three Clinton aides.
added: Tue Jun 7 23:38:13 2016

Dutch Book From 1692 Documents Every Color Under the Sun: A Pre-Pantone Guide to Colors
added: Tue Jun 7 23:36:23 2016

U.S. Green Party presidential candidate calls for ending military aid to Israel
added: Tue Jun 7 23:10:11 2016

Cell phone account hijacking is so frighteningly easy, it happened the the FTC's chief technologist
added: Tue Jun 7 18:34:18 2016

EU parliament slams aid scheme that uses big agribusiness to 'feed Africa'
added: Tue Jun 7 13:19:30 2016

Unsealed fed lawsuit: DoJ says "impossible" 2 trace holders of majority of securitized loans
added: Tue Jun 7 12:57:36 2016

Syrian government still holding up food aid for besieged Daraya: U.N.
added: Tue Jun 7 11:57:40 2016

London schoolgirl subjected to 'appalling' abuse after making pro-Palestinian speech
added: Tue Jun 7 11:55:23 2016

James Meredith on what today's activism needs via @TIMEHistory
added: Tue Jun 7 11:42:58 2016

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media
added: Tue Jun 7 11:42:39 2016

Bath White | 50FOOTWAVE
added: Tue Jun 7 10:25:50 2016

Former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi in hospital for heart problem
added: Tue Jun 7 10:19:34 2016

Lenovo users must uninstall Accelerator app due to dangerous security hole
added: Tue Jun 7 10:11:03 2016

Five men in India have been convicted for the gang rape of a Danish tourist via @TIMEWorld
added: Tue Jun 7 10:10:15 2016

Culling operation completed
added: Tue Jun 7 10:09:11 2016

Planned Parenthood asking feds to block Medicaid cutoff in Kansas
added: Tue Jun 7 10:04:18 2016

Survey says 22 percent of disciplinary forces and families feel cyber-bullied
added: Tue Jun 7 10:04:07 2016

U.S. presses China on steel dumping and SouthChinaSea
added: Tue Jun 7 09:41:30 2016

Police blocked journalists to interview 7 polices assaulted Ken Tsang when they left court 【7警案開審】被告離庭 警突阻記者離開法院採訪
added: Tue Jun 7 09:32:52 2016

Another major blow to Congress as six Tripura MLAs quit party, to join TMC
added: Tue Jun 7 09:30:47 2016

Myanmar court sentences BBC reporter to jail, hard labor
added: Tue Jun 7 09:28:22 2016

New Caledonia rights campaigner found dead on nudist beach
added: Tue Jun 7 09:28:11 2016

StraitsTimes with comical pro-China "letter" from alleged Taiwan fisherman's daughter, Ms Woe be gone...
added: Tue Jun 7 09:27:49 2016

British man sunbathing in speedos arrested for public indecency. Have we suddenly returned to the 19th C?
added: Tue Jun 7 09:27:22 2016

1715 See the pic below for areas with reduced lighting at Central Station Meanwhile, …
added: Tue Jun 7 09:19:44 2016

Scientists could be about to take an actual picture of a real black hole for the first time
added: Tue Jun 7 09:19:31 2016

Winter is coming. It is time to talk directly about naval combat. .@janinedavidson .@CNORichardson .@SECNAV
added: Tue Jun 7 09:19:03 2016

China tells U.S. to play constructive South China Sea role
added: Tue Jun 7 09:18:22 2016

"Whistleblowers have warned agencies are drowning in data. Now we have it confirmed from the heart of UK government"
added: Tue Jun 7 09:17:20 2016

#DYK #EcoCrime is rising at a rate up to 3 times the global economy? More w/ @ASteiner >
added: Tue Jun 7 09:05:10 2016
tags: dyk, ecocrime

Airlines suspend 6 routes between Taichung Airport and China
added: Tue Jun 7 09:00:32 2016

Lawmakers describe Coombe Road land swap as a scandal, and plan investigation. Background:
added: Tue Jun 7 06:49:00 2016

Pheasant escapes gov live poultry cull (due to H7N9) at market, only to be run over by truck
added: Tue Jun 7 05:57:44 2016

China’s property prices rebound, but stocks tell another story—Heard on the Street
added: Tue Jun 7 05:45:07 2016

Residents are required to have their DNA samples, fingerprints, voiceprints and a three-dimensional image collected
added: Tue Jun 7 05:31:20 2016

MSNBC coverage of @BernieSanders #FeeltheBern #VoteforBernie #StillSanders @trumpvsbernie
added: Tue Jun 7 04:39:13 2016
tags: stillsanders, voteforbernie, feelthebern

Is A Congressional Bloodbath Coming For GOP Candidates Who Hopped Aboard The Trump Train? Oh Yes
added: Tue Jun 7 04:00:09 2016

'Very sorry': Chief Executive apologises for lead water scandal after release of report
added: Tue Jun 7 03:34:11 2016

Democratic leaders in Puerto Rico play the blame game while voters are disenfranchised
added: Tue Jun 7 03:21:02 2016

Texas’ largest jail accused of jailing poor people because they don’t have money
added: Tue Jun 7 03:11:03 2016

Investigation update: Goldman probed over Malaysia fund 1MDB
added: Tue Jun 7 03:10:04 2016

Hi @doctorow Need some exposure for KS campaign “The Old West had black heroes who have been forgotten or ignored."
added: Tue Jun 7 03:05:45 2016

Researchers find a way to snoop on you through your phone’s vibration motor
added: Tue Jun 7 02:30:20 2016

here's @meltzere, an excellent journalist you should be reading no matter what topic, on denver's "revitalization":
added: Tue Jun 7 02:26:21 2016

Inside Beijing's first stock exchange building, where eight families now live. by @shenlulushen #Beijing
added: Tue Jun 7 02:25:24 2016
tags: beijing

My thoughts on @BV on why China needs to think of shadow banking as a systemic risk: spillovers and risk management
added: Tue Jun 7 02:23:57 2016

Hong Kong, where a house bought for $21m in 2006 now sells for $271m. A 29% annual return, not including leverage.
added: Tue Jun 7 02:18:41 2016

Chinese buy Germany's Hahn airport for tourists, freight
added: Tue Jun 7 02:16:31 2016

Solid CNN report on Obama admin new move to block release of Clinton's TPP-related emails until after the election
added: Tue Jun 7 01:17:01 2016

APNewsBreak: Cargill gets $10M tax breaks to stay in Kansas #ksed #ksleg
added: Tue Jun 7 01:13:47 2016
tags: ksed, ksleg

#HKFP Youngsters 'happy to see CY', says his spin doctor as polls hit record low
added: Tue Jun 7 01:08:22 2016
tags: hkfp

FTW: China tells US overcapacity cuts aren't that easy, as economy isn't 'centrally planned'
added: Tue Jun 7 00:09:29 2016

The US subpoenaed Huawei and China’s internet went nuts
added: Mon Jun 6 15:27:22 2016

|@WSJ: Funding Fights Vex School Districts - in #ALEC infested KS, IL & MI (Detroit Schools) #MILeg #MichEd #TBATs
added: Mon Jun 6 12:50:26 2016
tags: tbats, mileg, alec, miched

Just explored Richard Saunders' Taiwan 101 guide to hiking and essential sights Fantastic work, beautiful detailed.
added: Mon Jun 6 12:24:24 2016

Rescued whale sharks released back into the ocean – in pictures
added: Mon Jun 6 12:22:42 2016

ABBA reunited in Stockholm for first performance in 30 years
added: Mon Jun 6 12:19:44 2016

32 men from Texas were held in a bunkhouse in Iowa for 35 years, earning pennies to gut turkeys
added: Mon Jun 6 12:17:01 2016

#China restricts Ramadan fasting in Muslim region: Govt websites
added: Mon Jun 6 12:12:23 2016
tags: china

Legislative Council continues to consider amendments to Interception of Communications and Surveillance (Amendment)…
added: Mon Jun 6 12:09:06 2016

Norway wants to ban gas-powered car sales by 2025 via @bgr
added: Mon Jun 6 12:08:40 2016

Human rights advocates are increasingly concerned about the conditions in the Maldives:
added: Mon Jun 6 10:55:10 2016

In Mongolia, Kerry seeks closer ties with democracy 'oasis'
added: Mon Jun 6 10:52:59 2016

Hong Kong’s Murder Mystery: Who Is Poisoning the Dogs?
added: Mon Jun 6 10:38:58 2016

There's a Stuxnet copycat, and we have no idea where it came from
added: Mon Jun 6 10:30:07 2016

Court Dumps Hastily-Granted Restraining Order, Says MuckRock Can Publish Smart Meter Documents
added: Mon Jun 6 10:28:48 2016

On the meaning of democracy (& the difference from majoritarianism) – interview with Huff Post
added: Mon Jun 6 10:28:46 2016

Part 2 of @YaxueCao's excellent interview w Wen Renhua,the best historian of the #June4 movement& #TiananmenMassacre
added: Mon Jun 6 10:27:00 2016
tags: tiananmenmassacre, june4

Tourists are harming endangered penguins in New Zealand:
added: Mon Jun 6 10:08:59 2016

The Mongol Unification of China
added: Mon Jun 6 10:08:40 2016

KMT news organ: Tsai gov't to break Taipower into 4 parts
added: Mon Jun 6 09:46:57 2016

Legco president sees 'widening gap between mainland and Hong Kong'
added: Mon Jun 6 09:46:07 2016

"The Chinese are coming!" Long Xinhua article denies Chinese speculation driving up housing prices abroad
added: Mon Jun 6 09:39:56 2016

Drone images show the “architecture of apartheid” in Cape Town is still firmly in place
added: Mon Jun 6 09:34:03 2016

Chinese lapis sales funding Taliban in contrast to China govt’s position as Afghanistan peace-broker @Global_Witness
added: Mon Jun 6 09:19:37 2016

PI releases letters that show ‘cosy’ relationship between watchdog & intelligence operations
added: Mon Jun 6 09:01:46 2016

By me @TheRegister Wi-Fi hack can disable Mitsubishi Outlander's anti-theft alarm (research by @PenTestPartners)
added: Mon Jun 6 09:00:07 2016

My @latrobe Asia podcast with @Dave_Brophy on the subject of his fantastic new book Uyghur Nation
added: Mon Jun 6 08:58:42 2016

4yrs after suspicious death of #LiWangyang(21yrs in prison for political 'crimes')#HK groups repeat call for inquiry
added: Mon Jun 6 08:58:41 2016
tags: liwangyang, hk

#Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council to watch closely if #China reduces the number of CN #students studying in TW.
added: Mon Jun 6 08:55:49 2016
tags: china, taiwan, students

Germany: Customs seize 625kg of #elephant #ivory destined for Vietnam #wildlifecrime
added: Mon Jun 6 08:51:40 2016
tags: ivory, wildlifecrime, elephant

Revisit @varsitycuhk's 2015 story abt what #HK stars stand to lose by speaking up on politics #hocc #Lancome
added: Mon Jun 6 08:42:45 2016
tags: lancome, hk, hocc

"Feminist porn director in landmark fetish website ruling" Congrats to client @PandoraBlake
added: Mon Jun 6 08:32:38 2016

Extensive Archive of Avant-Garde & Modernist Magazines (1890-1939) Now Available Online
added: Mon Jun 6 07:37:39 2016

Fernando Cheung questions immigration law changes
added: Mon Jun 6 07:36:58 2016

Partygoers watch in horror as man climbs 10-m-tall ledge in apparent suicide attempt in Lan Kwai Fong
added: Mon Jun 6 07:35:09 2016

China to submit 'negative list' for U.S. investment treaty talks next week
added: Mon Jun 6 07:29:07 2016

Shocking defence of rapist son
added: Mon Jun 6 07:24:16 2016

Beijing urges marriage license applicants not to wear shorts, because it may lead to divorce
added: Mon Jun 6 07:11:15 2016

Had this happen to me in 2010:
added: Mon Jun 6 06:21:43 2016

On southwestern fringe, China's Silk Road ambitions face obstacles via @Reuters
added: Mon Jun 6 05:58:21 2016

Hundreds of Chinese lawyers condemn police attack after attorney #WuLiangshu has clothes ripped off him in court
added: Mon Jun 6 05:53:26 2016
tags: wuliangshu

The moment a lion charges at little boy before smashing into glass wall
added: Mon Jun 6 05:52:05 2016

Sweden hasn't been given consular access to #GuiMinhai since 24Feb; now 8mths w/out charges since #CCP kidnapping
added: Mon Jun 6 05:51:45 2016
tags: ccp, guiminhai

Foreign students seen cheating more than locals in US
added: Mon Jun 6 05:51:31 2016

Very interesting and important post regarding the #PRPrimary #PuertoRico by @RBReich :
added: Mon Jun 6 05:47:13 2016
tags: puertorico, prprimary

We can now 'cut and paste' RNA in addition to DNA, and it could disable viruses | @davidnield
added: Mon Jun 6 05:40:16 2016

I loved this @daveweigel piece about Bernie Sanders trying in vain to get reporters to ask him about climate change
added: Mon Jun 6 05:39:12 2016

Sanders movement will go on as ‘People’s summit’ is planned
added: Mon Jun 6 05:38:42 2016

Israel destroyed 150 EU-funded structures in 3 months this year and EU officials have done nothing about it
added: Mon Jun 6 05:38:07 2016

U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty
added: Mon Jun 6 05:35:53 2016

CityU panel pins blame on greening project
added: Mon Jun 6 05:35:43 2016

Activists lose bid for govt papers over new runway
added: Mon Jun 6 05:35:30 2016

"Bill Clinton essentially ripped the heart out of the Democratic Party."
added: Mon Jun 6 05:30:10 2016

Bernie Sanders Went To Drag Brunch In West Hollywood via @claudiakoerner @buzzfeednews
added: Mon Jun 6 05:28:26 2016

#China’s Xi Opens #US Talks With Plea Not to Fear Disagreements @business @tshinflux @RosMathieson #Beijing
added: Mon Jun 6 05:25:41 2016
tags: us, beijing, china

Good overview of the whole #Lancome fiasco in #HongKong from @VivienneChow:
added: Mon Jun 6 05:21:09 2016
tags: hongkong, lancome

commenters say that Lancome keeps deleting their comments, especially Chinese ones
added: Mon Jun 6 05:18:13 2016

Netanyahu says the 1 million euros he got from an allegedly corrupt French businessman was for "public diplomacy."
added: Mon Jun 6 05:17:10 2016

Emergency exit? Migration to Canada from Hong Kong up 85%
added: Mon Jun 6 05:08:17 2016

China's jobless rate may be 3 times the official estimate, a report says
added: Mon Jun 6 03:15:21 2016

Firms Paid Bill Clinton Millions As They Lobbied Hillary Clinton
added: Mon Jun 6 00:29:35 2016

added: Sun Jun 5 23:34:00 2016

First step on road to American Authoritarianism/ Trump Could Threaten U.S. Rule of Law, Scholars Say, via @nytimes
added: Sun Jun 5 15:30:33 2016

#ProgressiveNotProgressive by @triblondon
added: Sun Jun 5 13:07:39 2016
tags: progressivenotprogressive

A total money pit:
added: Sun Jun 5 13:04:26 2016

It's over: Switzerland's unconditional #basicincome proposal fails to draw a majority. #CHvote
added: Sun Jun 5 12:50:59 2016
tags: basicincome, chvote

Street performer got attack by Chinese at Mong Kok SYC street.
added: Sun Jun 5 12:50:05 2016

On negative narratives about #poverty — Linda Tirado (@KillerMartinis): & @miabirdsong:
added: Sun Jun 5 10:34:13 2016
tags: poverty

In pushback to U.S., China says 'has no fear of trouble' in South China Sea
added: Sun Jun 5 09:35:03 2016

Humans are taking over and destroying the last habitats of critically endangered bird species in India:
added: Sun Jun 5 09:33:11 2016

Committee on Delhi Traffic Decongestion says no to more flyovers, gated communities
added: Sun Jun 5 09:30:12 2016

Forest to Cover Nearly a Quarter of China by 2020: UNEP Report - good news
added: Sun Jun 5 09:19:58 2016

Rahul is de facto Cong chief, he should become de jure: Jairam Ramesh
added: Sun Jun 5 09:15:06 2016

"When it comes to bug reduction, I think it’s fair to say: Static types are overrated."
added: Sun Jun 5 08:44:40 2016

Wow. Something really has changed in the Chinese economy.
added: Sun Jun 5 08:28:40 2016

#HKFP Long-awaited judgment in police race discrimination case is a missed opportunity
added: Sun Jun 5 08:10:00 2016
tags: hkfp

Leaked texts allegedly between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's assistant 'were doctored'
added: Sun Jun 5 07:43:02 2016

This Facebook video shows well what NYT reports as "being refused entry":
added: Sun Jun 5 07:09:48 2016

‘Obscene’ bears removed from outside China Securities Commission building via hongkongfp
added: Sun Jun 5 06:52:06 2016

Via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jun 5 05:55:05 2016

This story might interest you @felicitygerry - in HK, 600 days on remand without trial. Will be 750 when he does
added: Sun Jun 5 05:02:57 2016

Detained Chinese lawyer wins Ludovic Trarieux rights prize
added: Sun Jun 5 04:52:37 2016

After Canada complaint, China says has nothing more to add
added: Sun Jun 5 04:51:41 2016

Canada complains to China after foreign minister blasts reporter via @Reuters
added: Sun Jun 5 04:15:29 2016

This video is being blocked on FB; they're saying too many shares and it may be spam. Zuckerberg sucks.
added: Sun Jun 5 03:51:21 2016

Hundreds of bodies of migrants wash up on Libyan shore
added: Sun Jun 5 03:40:08 2016

Keyword Tankman being blocked on FB, a few HK netizens found
added: Sun Jun 5 03:16:17 2016

Startups can’t explain what they do because they’re addicted to meaningless jargon
added: Sun Jun 5 03:00:52 2016

Yes. It's that bad. @CassandraRules @kulturtod
added: Sun Jun 5 02:57:34 2016

.@BernieSanders campaign accuses Puerto Rico Dem officials of fraud #Feelthebern
added: Sat Jun 4 19:14:33 2016
tags: feelthebern

"Chicago econ is a pseudo-scientific zombie ideology that relies on the poor having to pay for mistakes of the rich"
added: Sat Jun 4 17:00:30 2016

Great story by @arwaCNN, @HamdiAlkhshali & @BryonyCNN on Abdullah Shrem, the man saving #Yazidi slaves from #ISIS
added: Sat Jun 4 15:55:07 2016
tags: isis, yazidi

Is the universe expanding faster than we thought?
added: Sat Jun 4 15:03:48 2016

While one man spent months at Rikers unaware of $2 bail, another prisoner has been awaiting trial for almost 6 years
added: Sat Jun 4 14:11:30 2016

.@SenatorTomUdall is having trouble finding bipartisan support for his amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited
added: Sat Jun 4 14:03:08 2016
tags: citizensunited

Nature keeps cities from making us dead inside:
added: Sat Jun 4 14:03:00 2016

#Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on the 4 June 27th anniversary of Tiananmen Square (via Facebook) #digitaldiplomacy
added: Sat Jun 4 13:33:58 2016
tags: digitaldiplomacy, taiwan

Paul Simon announces Ali's death while performing "The Boxer" last night in L.A.
added: Sat Jun 4 13:10:47 2016

Gotta love Dick Van Dyke. "Isolation is a thing of the past." Damn right.
added: Sat Jun 4 12:12:06 2016

Pre-Hispanic tombs found in Colombia are over 2,000 years old
added: Sat Jun 4 10:16:37 2016

Facebook likely to scrap messaging in its mobile web app!
added: Sat Jun 4 10:15:04 2016

How Muhammad Ali secured the release of 15 US hostages in Iraq. One of the Ali stories you rarely hear about.
added: Sat Jun 4 08:49:41 2016

Muhammad Ali on white feminism in response to being told that he is "too arrogant"..
added: Sat Jun 4 08:01:40 2016

Almost 30 percent of Sanders donors are unemployed people giving small donations
added: Sat Jun 4 06:49:28 2016

FREE today - PDF of Gregory LEE's CHINA'S LOST DECADE - culture and politics from Democracy Wall to 1989.
added: Sat Jun 4 06:40:44 2016

Hillary Comes Out as the War Party Candidate by @NatCounterPunch
added: Sat Jun 4 06:17:55 2016

British MPs’ private emails are routinely accessed by GCHQ: Comments:
added: Sat Jun 4 06:10:01 2016

"Mobocracy." Ghosts of an entire generation of Southern antebellum pols nod their approval.
added: Sat Jun 4 04:35:01 2016

Amazing story of Chinese funded Sri Lankan airport costing $209m receiving "10-20 passengers a day"
added: Sat Jun 4 04:18:10 2016

Treasury's Lew: China pause on reforms would have 'very bad consequences'
added: Sat Jun 4 03:35:03 2016

Genetic study suggests dogs emerged independently from two wolf populations
added: Sat Jun 4 03:32:10 2016

For excellent argument why Vic Park vigil is not (and should not be) only show in town, see this by @RichScotford
added: Sat Jun 4 03:23:53 2016

Orca who was once free beaches herself after performing 😭 #emptythetanks
added: Sat Jun 4 02:09:02 2016
tags: emptythetanks

Take a moment to remember the many young people who died on this day 27 years ago
added: Sat Jun 4 02:08:42 2016

Standard Chartered is now suggesting China may need to bail out its banks to the tune of $1.5 trillion. China's...
added: Sat Jun 4 01:42:33 2016

WordPress Sites Under Attack From New Zero-Day In WP Mobile Detector Plugin
added: Sat Jun 4 01:27:20 2016

Hong Kong Jockey Club in a big spat with Australian partners over bettering agreement.
added: Sat Jun 4 00:25:38 2016

Judicial Watch on Cheryl Mills Email Lawsuit Deposition; Clearly in Legal Jeopardy #CAPrimary #ShesWithUs #ImWithHer
added: Fri Jun 3 23:55:01 2016
tags: caprimary, imwithher, sheswithus

I've now read this three times and it is such an astounding and morally urgent document. Please please read & share
added: Fri Jun 3 23:39:55 2016

Here are five of the clearest videos in the Chicago police use-of-force release
added: Fri Jun 3 23:32:06 2016

Hillary Clinton turned a stable, developed nation into an ISIS safe haven... #VoteWisely #CAprimary
added: Fri Jun 3 22:39:16 2016
tags: caprimary, votewisely

Lunar Lemon takes Index of Effluency and called "Future Legends in the @24HoursOfLeMons race wrapup:
added: Fri Jun 3 22:21:50 2016

Restoring indigenous languages key to preventing youth suicides, Trudeau says
added: Fri Jun 3 22:00:01 2016

Harry Reid has been actively reviewing Mass. rules for filling a US Senate vacancy
added: Fri Jun 3 19:53:35 2016

One of the best reasons to use Elixir/Erlang from Elixir in Action by @sasajuric.
added: Fri Jun 3 18:08:21 2016

DWS puts up the white flag on payday lending: #ProgressforAll
added: Fri Jun 3 18:00:55 2016
tags: progressforall

Tibetans march down the main street in Amchok calling for mining to cease at Gong-Ngon Lari:
added: Fri Jun 3 17:49:08 2016

Taiwan holds first Tiananmen massacre commemoration in parliament
added: Fri Jun 3 16:02:22 2016

Have you seen the @VanityFair #Olympics Portfolio yet? Check out some of the familiar faces!
added: Fri Jun 3 15:11:23 2016
tags: olympics

Thanks to ruthless govt outsourcing, we have a neoliberal farce -Isabella Yun Siu-wai
added: Fri Jun 3 15:10:34 2016

Alibaba's Jack Ma with his version of "你不了解中国" - Amid SEC probe, Jack Ma says hard for U.S. to understand Alibaba
added: Fri Jun 3 10:13:33 2016

People shorting the RMB through massive amounts of fake trade? Seems to ring a bell
added: Fri Jun 3 10:06:30 2016

Egypt's former top auditor has been charged with "disturbing the public order" for his reports on corruption.
added: Fri Jun 3 09:56:48 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong’s URA announces ambitious HK$10 billion renewal plan for To Kwa Wan
added: Fri Jun 3 09:24:46 2016
tags: scmp

BBC News - Two Weeks in January: America's secret engagement with Khomeini
added: Fri Jun 3 08:56:38 2016

Kremlin-backed study blames condoms for HIV epidemic in Russia
added: Fri Jun 3 08:56:00 2016

Asia's Largest Commodity Trader Just Sold Stock At A 63% Discount | Zero Hedge
added: Fri Jun 3 08:54:59 2016

Solar power is supplying so much electricity in Chile that they have to give it away
added: Fri Jun 3 08:54:32 2016

Mahatma Gandhi’s List of the 7 Social Sins; or Tips on How to Avoid Living the Bad Life
added: Fri Jun 3 08:47:04 2016

#HongKong Rail Operator MTR Said to Raise Loan to $3.2 Billion via @business @andrewmonahan #finance
added: Fri Jun 3 08:44:39 2016
tags: finance, hongkong

【失群的白鹤带给台湾人意外惊喜】一只偶然来到台湾的西伯利亚白鹤受到明星一样的欢迎,当地政府派专人24小时保护这只罕见的鸟,农民也不再使用农药。by @austinramzy
added: Fri Jun 3 08:40:08 2016

BP pays $175m to settle claims it hid size of Gulf of Mexico spill
added: Fri Jun 3 08:31:50 2016

#StorageBod Storage greybeard: DevOps, plagiarism and horrible wrongness
added: Fri Jun 3 08:30:23 2016
tags: storagebod

What is Ripple?
added: Fri Jun 3 08:10:20 2016

Pentagon: Drone strike targets senior al-Shabab leader in Somalia
added: Fri Jun 3 08:08:51 2016

Council becomes first in England to cut school summer holidays
added: Fri Jun 3 08:08:25 2016

Microplastics killing fish before they reach reproductive age, study finds
added: Fri Jun 3 07:58:28 2016

LambdaConf 2015 @bltroutwine: Fault Tolerance on the Cheap Making Systems That Probably Won't Fall Over #erlang
added: Fri Jun 3 07:50:29 2016
tags: erlang

India’s smartphone giant eyes China role reversal: @ugalani's latest
added: Fri Jun 3 07:38:31 2016

Bouthaina Shaaban in her DC speech: there's no moderate opposition, we don't buy ISIS oil, nobody starving in Syria.
added: Fri Jun 3 07:27:09 2016

A Page of Madness: The Avant Garde Masterpiece from the Early Days of Japanese Cinema. 1926
added: Fri Jun 3 07:25:33 2016

China slams Philippines' definition of South China Sea 'reef'
added: Fri Jun 3 07:21:25 2016

Cinda Real Estate buys Shanghai land for RMB 5.8 bil
added: Fri Jun 3 07:05:13 2016

Huawei Technologies says it complies with export control laws as US investigates via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jun 3 06:48:39 2016

A delightful, sometimes enraging, ultimately thought-provoking read:
added: Fri Jun 3 06:38:45 2016

#China Said to Seek New Global Economic Summits for Bigger Voice via @business #economy
added: Fri Jun 3 05:31:16 2016
tags: economy, china

Obama tells Congress to ratify U.N. maritime rules in bid to back #SouthChinaSea position #SLD16
added: Fri Jun 3 05:31:13 2016
tags: southchinasea, sld16

Watch - Bright fireball lights up pre-dawn sky over Arizona!
added: Fri Jun 3 05:30:49 2016

NASA satellite finds 39 unreported "major" sources of air pollution
added: Fri Jun 3 05:22:15 2016

FBI's tattoo recognition program exploited prisoners, profiled on religion, gave sensitive info to contractors
added: Fri Jun 3 05:21:17 2016

.@wurenhua's 3 books form a complete history of 89 movement & June 4th Massacre, book on Martial Law troops singular
added: Fri Jun 3 05:17:05 2016

The effect Facebook has on your brain
added: Fri Jun 3 05:16:36 2016

Baghdad advances on Fallujah but “slows down” for fear of Civilian Casualties
added: Fri Jun 3 05:09:10 2016

8 groups with LegCo election votes share address of a pro-China businessman - report
added: Fri Jun 3 05:02:14 2016

Aboriginal sacred site up to 8,000 years old destroyed by 'cultural vandals'
added: Fri Jun 3 03:43:28 2016

Touted as a great leveler, China's college entrance exam discriminates against rural students. Can it be fixed?
added: Fri Jun 3 03:15:18 2016

U.S. Subpoenas Huawei Over Its Dealings in Iran and North Korea - another scoop from the amazing @paulmozur
added: Fri Jun 3 01:44:22 2016

Chinese Traders Can’t Get Enough Hong Kong Stocks as Yuan Falls via @business // 港股大牛市?
added: Thu Jun 2 23:25:42 2016

Good news for the open web: @Medium acquires @superfeedr congrats @julien51
added: Thu Jun 2 23:09:14 2016

Ken Tsang case: Prosecution to bring in TVB staff to prove authenticity of news footage
added: Thu Jun 2 21:30:48 2016

All those GOPers who want to dismantle the Clean Power Plan without knowing its proper name should watch this:
added: Thu Jun 2 15:58:28 2016

Congressmen question voter registration actions in Kansas, elsewhere
added: Thu Jun 2 15:19:56 2016

Wong Kar-wai to Produce and Co-Direct 18-Episode Drama Series
added: Thu Jun 2 14:40:24 2016

Big news! Announcing the near-total ban on commercial trade of African elephant ivory in US:
added: Thu Jun 2 14:22:42 2016

@chrislhayes The state of Kansas won't have schools open this fall either,
added: Thu Jun 2 14:21:53 2016

Chicago Public Schools CEO says without state funding schools won’t open in fall
added: Thu Jun 2 14:08:12 2016

Assailants tried to kill him after reforming immigration in Guatemala. Some of what he did:
added: Thu Jun 2 12:17:19 2016

Random Shark Trapped and killed in WA After Surfer Loses Leg in Attack
added: Thu Jun 2 12:13:52 2016

#INDIA Tirupati: 3 arrested on suspicion #RedSanders smuggling via @thehansindiaweb
added: Thu Jun 2 12:12:55 2016
tags: redsanders, india

Currents are the secret to an Antarctic climate change mystery
added: Thu Jun 2 12:12:06 2016

#Thailand: #Tiger temple monk caught fleeing with skins, fangs #bears #birds #lion
added: Thu Jun 2 10:06:04 2016
tags: birds, bears, tiger, lion, thailand

China adds these weapons to the South China Sea conflict.
added: Thu Jun 2 09:30:25 2016

Indian court convicts 24 over Muslim massacre during 2002 Gujarat riots via @TIMEWorld
added: Thu Jun 2 08:35:37 2016

The RFU is to work with the Drake Foundation on a major brain health study. Read more:
added: Thu Jun 2 07:38:12 2016

Japan's big 3 automakers built more cars in U.S. than Detroit 3 last year via @columbusbiz1st
added: Thu Jun 2 06:27:16 2016

Chris ‘Tree Gun’ Chung 'very disappointed' after failing to secure party support for ree ...
added: Thu Jun 2 06:26:25 2016

Pics and video: Plutonian 'lava lamp' seas give dwarf planet a regular face lift
added: Thu Jun 2 06:05:13 2016

If sending besieged Daraya 1st aid convoy since 2012, you'd fill up truck, right? Not Assad.
added: Thu Jun 2 06:05:08 2016

Leader of Kenya university attack killed in Somalia: local official
added: Thu Jun 2 05:59:07 2016

In China, Homeowners Find Themselves in a Land of Doubt
added: Thu Jun 2 05:58:51 2016

Hong Kong and Taiwan to be on docket when US Secretary of State John Kerry meets China's top officials in Beijing
added: Thu Jun 2 05:30:09 2016

A universal cancer vaccine might be closer than you think
added: Thu Jun 2 05:30:08 2016

China tells U.S., don't let allies set South China Sea policy
added: Thu Jun 2 05:30:00 2016

Taiwan Ruling Party’s Website Hacked in Cyberspying Campaign via @technology
added: Thu Jun 2 05:29:35 2016

#Tibet : #Tibetan homes,shops are torn down by Police near lake.Hundreds of police officers accompanied by heavy...
added: Thu Jun 2 05:26:50 2016
tags: tibet, tibetan

Trudeau, Guarding Family Legacy, Woos #China Amid #Japan Standoff via @business @josh_wingrove
added: Thu Jun 2 05:22:03 2016
tags: china, japan

When Chinese students are encouraged to study & stay in Hong Kong, CY govt entices #HK students to study in China
added: Thu Jun 2 05:06:26 2016
tags: hk

Saturday is usually China’s worst day for internet censorship, but this year could be different #digital #asia
added: Thu Jun 2 05:03:22 2016
tags: asia, digital

Watch: Damning New Report Reveals Clinton Foundation May Have Mishandled $6B Meant to Help Haitians After Earthquake
added: Thu Jun 2 05:00:51 2016

China vice finance minister says Fed should communicate better on rates
added: Thu Jun 2 04:57:19 2016

Archived U.S. State Department briefing video deliberately cut
added: Thu Jun 2 04:44:37 2016

3 pleasantly surprising PostgreSQL Indexing tricks
added: Wed Jun 1 15:12:39 2016

This DOJ IG review could be fun.
added: Wed Jun 1 14:52:17 2016

Awesome: someone drew up a marathon course in each #HK district! Some plans look quite funny:
added: Wed Jun 1 14:51:49 2016
tags: hk

Cambodia’s #Leopards Facing Extinction by 2018.
added: Wed Jun 1 13:23:08 2016
tags: leopards

PC hardware is physically leaking your encryption keys
added: Wed Jun 1 13:20:24 2016

A brief case study explaining how a responsive retrofit can take longer than you expect:
added: Wed Jun 1 13:20:20 2016

Three's company: Micron intros first 3D and triple-level cell SSDs
added: Wed Jun 1 12:59:22 2016

You cannot make this up
added: Wed Jun 1 12:55:31 2016

BBC News - UK's oldest hand-written document 'at Roman London dig'
added: Wed Jun 1 12:54:56 2016

"China to Mandates State-Private Management Model to Censor the Internet" by @oiwan for Global Voices Online
added: Wed Jun 1 11:46:16 2016

A new barrier to voting in #Election2016: Proof of United States citizenship.
added: Wed Jun 1 11:46:03 2016
tags: election2016

Why Telegram's security flaws may put Iran's journalists at risk via @pressfreedom
added: Wed Jun 1 11:44:25 2016

Google is quietly recording everything you say. Here’s how to hear it
added: Wed Jun 1 11:41:41 2016

HK world’s most competitive economy in Swiss ranking, but loses to Shenzhen in Chinese poll via @hongkongfp
added: Wed Jun 1 11:33:05 2016

Surfer has leg ripped off and board snapped in half by '15ft great white shark'
added: Wed Jun 1 11:32:57 2016

“This is an open area. There is no sign. Suddenly [police officers] came and gave me a ticket... no warning.”
added: Wed Jun 1 11:30:50 2016

Worrying. Ukraine says it has detained two ISIS fighters, trying to cross from Syria to W. Europe to stage attacks
added: Wed Jun 1 11:30:26 2016

Poll shows majority against same sex marriage: DAB
added: Wed Jun 1 11:29:23 2016

Tories moves to block police inquiry into alleged election fraud
added: Wed Jun 1 11:23:15 2016

Breaking up is hard—especially with your cable company
added: Wed Jun 1 11:23:09 2016

Glimpses into the world of Jeremy Corbyn and his circle of men. He comes over as friendly, entitled, incurious.
added: Wed Jun 1 11:22:27 2016

Xi meets North Korean delegation, says visit shows their tradition of "strategic communication on major issues."
added: Wed Jun 1 11:17:54 2016

New video available! Francesco Cesarini - Interview at OSCon
added: Wed Jun 1 11:00:41 2016

Interpreter for Bangkok bomb suspects said he was attacked by men telling him to "stop helping Uighurs"
added: Wed Jun 1 10:53:36 2016

#Analysis Kraftwerk versus a cheesy copycat: How did the copycat win?
added: Wed Jun 1 10:51:47 2016
tags: analysis

#DadriLynching: How lab report confirming beef from Akhlaq's fridge triggered war of words
added: Wed Jun 1 10:45:52 2016
tags: dadrilynching

The Writer's Guide to Making Accessible Web Content #web #a11y #content #writing
added: Wed Jun 1 10:45:18 2016
tags: content, web, writing, a11y

Trump's ability to suck up media oxygen is problem for Ds. A top Hillary adviser discusses it at length:
added: Wed Jun 1 10:44:58 2016

Taiwan's new gov't drops 'China-centric' curriculum after widespread protests
added: Wed Jun 1 10:04:05 2016

Good read: China's banks ramp up compliance as global push hits snags @Reuters 1/2
added: Wed Jun 1 07:23:43 2016

Big donors wary, but some ready to back Trump candidacy
added: Wed Jun 1 07:22:39 2016 hacked, may have lost crypto keys and some user data
added: Wed Jun 1 07:22:14 2016

Kaisa #Bonds are ‘Extremely Cheap,’ Hedge Fund BFAM’s Fuchs Says via @business @BeiHu1 #Sohn2016 #HongKong #China
added: Wed Jun 1 07:19:33 2016
tags: china, sohn2016, bonds, hongkong

Hands-on with ASUS' (so, so thin) ZenBook 3
added: Wed Jun 1 07:19:02 2016

The TUC says wages would be £38 a week lower by 2030 if the UK votes to leave the EU - but the RMT union says...
added: Wed Jun 1 07:18:15 2016

Hong Kong political party seeks ‘powerful middleman’ status in Legco by winning at least 7 seats
added: Wed Jun 1 07:16:24 2016

None of these are good excuses for using a personal email account for gov work.
added: Wed Jun 1 07:07:50 2016

Trail in Ecuador cyberheist leads to gamers’ crash pad in Hong Kong
added: Wed Jun 1 06:41:15 2016

Secret WW2 code machine from #Germany found on @eBay | @BBCNews @bbcpaddy
added: Wed Jun 1 06:00:26 2016
tags: germany

The Age of the GPU Is Upon Us: Comments:
added: Wed Jun 1 06:00:03 2016

Government rules out new water tests for at least six months
added: Wed Jun 1 05:53:37 2016

Coral bleaching spreads to Maldives, devastating spectacular reefs by @MikeySlezak
added: Wed Jun 1 05:49:08 2016

Hard to believe GDP is growing at 6.5%-7%: Earnings fall betrays shaky state of China’s economy
added: Wed Jun 1 05:43:59 2016

Animal behaviour experts suggests zoo did not have to shoot gorilla
added: Wed Jun 1 05:42:03 2016

#China releases new action plan to tackle soil #pollution via @Reuters
added: Wed Jun 1 05:41:40 2016
tags: china, pollution

You don't need no STEEENKING GPU, you says Intel
added: Wed Jun 1 05:32:10 2016

Doping clouds IOC meet ahead of Rio Olympics
added: Wed Jun 1 05:32:09 2016

Facebook is ‘using your phone to listen to everything you say’
added: Wed Jun 1 05:32:04 2016

ICBC's veteran chief to step down as profits slump
added: Wed Jun 1 05:31:31 2016

#SouthChinaSea controversy: territorial dispute cannot be resolved with ‘might is right’ idea
added: Wed Jun 1 05:31:27 2016
tags: southchinasea

Firm proposes salary cut due to slowdown in Macau, HK, China
added: Wed Jun 1 05:30:44 2016

In this terrific @vice video, @Snowden does radical anti-surveillance surgery on a phone to make it 'go black.'
added: Wed Jun 1 05:21:02 2016

NGO 'far from surprised' after HK ranks alongside North Korea, Iran, Eritrea in slavery ...
added: Wed Jun 1 05:04:14 2016

Beijing might soon declare an air defense zone in the disputed South China Sea
added: Wed Jun 1 04:30:02 2016

China's surplus steel is more than the entire steel production of Japan, Germany and the US
added: Wed Jun 1 04:22:05 2016

"The mission of our generation is to build #China into a great power." > Strong hearts needed in changing world
added: Wed Jun 1 04:14:58 2016
tags: china @stanleyrogouski @carlstone @spudmonkey66 @SazeracLA
added: Wed Jun 1 04:13:22 2016

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Sun Ra - Arkestra - Live at Montreux 1976
added: Wed Jun 1 03:38:06 2016

Why does Clinton poll so low in trustworthiness?
added: Wed Jun 1 03:05:49 2016

First day of trial of seven Hong Kong policemen charged with beating activist Ken Tsang comes to early end
added: Wed Jun 1 02:59:23 2016

#CA23- No debate between Wendy Reed (D) & Kevin McCarthy (R) tonight... because McCarthy tried sending a surrogate
added: Wed Jun 1 02:55:07 2016
tags: ca23

One of HK's very few live music venues under threat again @undergroundhk @karenklcheung
added: Wed Jun 1 02:50:54 2016

S.C. cops raided a guy over pot, then shot him to pieces. Video shows they lied about it all. Yet no discipline.
added: Wed Jun 1 02:41:04 2016

China's three major operators deny merger rumor
added: Wed Jun 1 02:21:59 2016

China Mobile said 5G era will weed out SMS
added: Wed Jun 1 02:21:53 2016

'Sorry' the hardest word: Apologies all around for lead water scandal, except from Chief Sec
added: Wed Jun 1 02:18:19 2016

China’s Xiaomi to buy 1,500 patents from Microsoft
added: Wed Jun 1 02:15:03 2016

Beijing police seize 3 after private event commemorating 27th anniv of #June4 on 5/31
added: Wed Jun 1 02:15:00 2016
tags: june4

Insiders Involved In Bangladesh Bank Cyber Theft?
added: Wed Jun 1 02:10:07 2016

View From Taiwan: tourists from China not falling, so PRC businesses & local govts may be ignoring Beijing directive
added: Wed Jun 1 02:07:02 2016

Australian MP who shot elephant says he also ate it.
added: Wed Jun 1 02:06:57 2016

Demolition of HK Fanling farm a symbol of blind adherence to sketchy development policy via @wordpressdotcom
added: Wed Jun 1 02:03:04 2016

Chinese firm announces $18m plan on Darwin Port
added: Wed Jun 1 02:00:34 2016

NYT on Brazil's installed Pres Temer: "another blow to a government that seems to limp from one scandal to the next"
added: Wed Jun 1 01:54:23 2016

Hk police corrupt useless twats.
added: Wed Jun 1 01:45:48 2016

They couldn't find the owner of this car. They went ahead anyway.
added: Wed Jun 1 01:39:52 2016

Smart Responsive Design Patterns, Or When Off-Canvas Isn’t Good Enough via @smashingmag
added: Wed Jun 1 01:35:08 2016

Woman who filmed child being dragged by gorilla says child joked about going in enclosure
added: Wed Jun 1 01:32:49 2016

I took an interesting trip to Shandong to see China's coal-power binge up close. This problem isn't going away soon.
added: Wed Jun 1 01:32:40 2016

Mainland manufacturing may be stabilising
added: Wed Jun 1 01:30:10 2016

Chief Executive CY Leung receives lowest ratings since taking office
added: Wed Jun 1 01:02:24 2016

Terrific review of Cal Low Carbon Fuel Standard - in understandable language! @Sonia_Yeh
added: Tue May 31 22:07:22 2016

These are the gains Verizon workers won after a historic 45-day strike
added: Tue May 31 17:37:55 2016

Amazing how this left-for-dead socialist keeps drawing 20,000+ to hear the same old speech abt wealth redistribution
added: Tue May 31 16:40:06 2016

China detains man for producing liquor bottles with famous pro-democracy "tank man" photo.
added: Tue May 31 15:37:25 2016

Yehuda Glick’s meteoric rise from messianic margins to Israeli parliament
added: Tue May 31 15:23:22 2016

Asia's largest tech trade show COMPUTEX kicks off in Taipei
added: Tue May 31 15:22:44 2016

Vegan cafe in Tbilisi attacked by sausage-wielding protesters
added: Tue May 31 15:22:19 2016

More Americans feel disconnected from U.S. political parties, according to an AP-NORC poll:
added: Tue May 31 12:45:02 2016

The scum also rises. "@AmbassadorPower to Receive Prize from Henry Kissinger" Belongs with Obama's Nobel -- in hell.
added: Tue May 31 06:46:56 2016

The Amish understand a crucial thing about modern medicine that most don’t.
added: Tue May 31 06:44:03 2016

good Democrats unite the party by providing Breitbart with new material
added: Tue May 31 05:50:35 2016

Animal rights activists briefly interrupt Bernie Sanders rally in N. California, attempting to rush podium.
added: Tue May 31 05:20:46 2016

Big cats removed from #Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple
added: Tue May 31 05:10:43 2016
tags: thailand

Mother of boy who fell into gorilla enclosure says 'accidents happen'
added: Tue May 31 05:07:05 2016

The report EDB doesn't want you to see: No evidence to show teaching Chinese in PTH educationally better than Canto
added: Tue May 31 05:02:05 2016

June 4 veteran offers advice to HK students: build bridges, not walls via @SCMP_News
added: Tue May 31 05:00:15 2016

Driver runs over motorcyclists in dramatic hit-and-run in #Tampa, #Florida
added: Tue May 31 05:00:14 2016
tags: tampa, florida

#RememberJune4: At least 18 former participants in jail for continued advocacy after 1989
added: Tue May 31 04:54:06 2016
tags: rememberjune4

Son'gun Korea's 4th Musudan missile launch ends in failure
added: Tue May 31 04:53:09 2016

#HongKong home prices rebound, but rents keep falling
added: Tue May 31 04:53:06 2016
tags: hongkong

The 'Chinese Taipei' WHA Controversy: Time to Think Strategically @thenewslensintl #Taiwan
added: Tue May 31 04:48:27 2016
tags: taiwan

Here is Chinese leader Xi Jinping's message to Philippine president-elect Duterte. Decode.
added: Tue May 31 04:44:51 2016

Air passengers to be charged up to HK$180 to fund third runway amid legal challenges
added: Tue May 31 03:34:10 2016

Hong Kong ranks alongside North Korea and Iran as one of worst places in world at dealing with modern slavery
added: Tue May 31 03:13:21 2016

Sacked journalist Michael West to launch own investigative journalism website Great news, I'd subscribe. #auspol
added: Tue May 31 01:03:43 2016
tags: auspol

It's been six years since they said they would stop transporting shark fin as cargo... Let's make some noise...
added: Tue May 31 00:43:03 2016

Ethan Marcotte's outstanding new book 'Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles'
added: Mon May 30 20:10:34 2016

SMM unchecked pointer vulnerability : cc @BrunoPujos
added: Mon May 30 13:01:42 2016

Experts: Audit justifies FBI’s push for Hillary Clinton indictment
added: Mon May 30 12:05:33 2016

The fares will rise again, by 2.65 per cent, in a hike expected to rake in another HK$400 million for the...
added: Mon May 30 11:59:23 2016

Sobering piece on use of commercial spyware against dissidents and journalists in UAE - and elsewhere too, no doubt
added: Mon May 30 11:59:21 2016

Police could prosecute boy's parents for gorilla's death
added: Mon May 30 11:12:04 2016

WaPo runs another Uber commercial doesnt disclose its owner owns $1B+ of Uber cc @ErikWemple
added: Mon May 30 10:58:14 2016

Some must-read stuff on #Brazil's coup too
added: Mon May 30 10:22:14 2016
tags: brazil

Trireme sails again. Replica of ancient wooden warship repaired Greek Navy Video: #Greece
added: Mon May 30 09:58:33 2016
tags: greece

When Two Choices for President Aren’t Enough
added: Mon May 30 09:55:12 2016

Here's a big surprise: mining in China's Xinjiang region is destroying animal habitats writes Chinese journalist
added: Mon May 30 09:55:08 2016

Tentative information on statutory fare adjustments in 2016 as announced by the #MTR …
added: Mon May 30 09:03:18 2016
tags: mtr

Protesters rail against maker of #Pokemon over Chinese name of Pikachu via @SCMP_News
added: Mon May 30 09:00:28 2016
tags: pokemon

So how many passwords got stolen from Tumblr? Over 68 million, says @troyhunt
added: Mon May 30 09:00:18 2016

Bran's latest visions on Game of Thrones explained, and why they're so important [SPOILERS]
added: Mon May 30 08:49:52 2016

A judge, called a "hater" by Donald Trump unseals documents in Trump University case:
added: Mon May 30 08:02:14 2016

Vanessa Paradis responds to Amber Heard claims about Johnny Depp
added: Mon May 30 07:07:06 2016

WARNING: MAY LOWER IQ: You thought X-Strait analysis couldn't get dumber after recent remarks on Tsai's gender...
added: Mon May 30 06:53:37 2016

Researchers Might Have Accidentally Made Batteries Last 400 Times Longer: Comments:
added: Mon May 30 06:50:03 2016

XSS Hunter is now open source, here's how to set it up:
added: Mon May 30 06:49:11 2016

Lantau development - it's all about Leung's reelection.
added: Mon May 30 06:35:45 2016

Beijing tracks the elderly as they take buses, go shopping - by @AP's @louise_watt
added: Mon May 30 06:26:43 2016

Skimmers Found at @Walmart: A Closer Look
added: Mon May 30 06:00:18 2016

"Bodies floating in the sea." Upsetting eyewitness account of the deadliest wk in the Mediterranean for over a year
added: Mon May 30 05:56:27 2016

Why China still can’t make sense of the Cultural Revolution
added: Mon May 30 05:28:17 2016

E-commerce delivery drivers protest wage arrears, layoffs at company building in Shanghai
added: Mon May 30 04:57:48 2016

Qualcomm will make China-customized chips thru Chinese venture as Beijing tightens tech controls | @WSJ's @evadou
added: Mon May 30 04:50:28 2016

Cracks in other parts of Central Police Station (not next to collapsed one) found in 2012, but not sure if related
added: Mon May 30 04:35:59 2016

The Warcraft movie is taking a great sci-fi director down with it:
added: Mon May 30 04:30:06 2016

What Happens to the Brain During Cognitive Dissonance? (2015): Comments:
added: Mon May 30 04:30:02 2016

baboons in the boardroom
added: Mon May 30 04:28:16 2016

US defence secretary Ash Carter says China "pressing excessive maritime claims contrary to international law".
added: Mon May 30 04:15:54 2016

To ppl who r gonna dilute us, this 3-hr documentary tells everything from event 26April, 4May to bloody 4June.
added: Mon May 30 03:58:45 2016

.@BernieSanders has been learning about farmworker conditions in central Cali for the past 2 days. My story:
added: Mon May 30 03:58:43 2016

China bets on duty-free paradise to keep luxury spenders at home by @farahmaster
added: Mon May 30 03:58:23 2016

hey @Amy_Siskind, remember when you went on Fox News & said Obama didn't have a single idea & wasn't vetted?
added: Mon May 30 03:45:21 2016

The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2010, transforming how energy is produced
added: Mon May 30 02:59:13 2016

Millions of left-wingers distrust Democratic Party, & they're right. Sanders' legacy should be a new people's party
added: Sun May 29 23:56:31 2016

Attacks on African nationals: MOS VK Singh calls them 'minor scuffle', stokes controversy
added: Sun May 29 14:10:03 2016

In which Pat Buchanan complains children are being taught abt genocide & slavery in school.
added: Sun May 29 11:52:24 2016

On and on it goes. Shipwrecks off Italy leave estimated 700 migrants dead in past few days alone.
added: Sun May 29 11:51:05 2016

In '41, a young couple embarked for Africa on an American cargo ship. The voyage inadvertently shaped U.S. history.
added: Sun May 29 09:28:24 2016

In case you missed it: my column on Thiel/Gawker and our world where gossip sites have more teeth than tech media
added: Sun May 29 09:15:27 2016

Indonesia detains Chinese boat suspected of illegal fishing in Natuna waters. China Coast Guard is said in proximity
added: Sun May 29 07:44:02 2016

MTR Director's Dodgy Degree (updated): Choo-choo! From yesterday's story on Barrington University, we move do...
added: Sun May 29 07:41:16 2016

Tony Blair thinks this is the real reason people hate him (and it's not Iraq)
added: Sun May 29 07:30:13 2016

Do you know GWEN? Preparing for nuclear war w/ the Pentagon’s Ground Wave Emergency Network
added: Sun May 29 06:33:16 2016

Are Black Folks Being 'Pushed Out' of Austin? New Report Suggest Tech Start-Ups and Hipsters Are Taking Over.
added: Sun May 29 06:00:17 2016

Modern Mongols: Sunni Arabs outraged at Iran role in Iraqi Gov’t Fallujah Campaign
added: Sun May 29 05:51:11 2016

The Democrats have no idea what's gonna even hit 'em.
added: Sun May 29 05:48:19 2016

Chinese firm says sorry for harm caused by foreign media's "over-amplification" of ad.
added: Sun May 29 05:15:38 2016

"Enough with looking to the legal system or to City Hall to provide justice for us." #FreddieGray
added: Sun May 29 04:15:09 2016
tags: freddiegray

World’s Worst #Property Market Confronts #Taiwan’s New President via @business
added: Sun May 29 04:08:37 2016
tags: taiwan, property

@zachvega They've paid almost $200 billion so far to stay out of jail, it's not a conspiracy
added: Sun May 29 03:53:03 2016

Brits get it. "A plea to Hillary’s Democrat critics: don’t hand the White House to Trump | Jonathan Freedland"
added: Sun May 29 03:42:25 2016

New satellite imagery shows Chinese #drone on contested island #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun May 29 03:34:05 2016
tags: southchinasea, drone

Is Hillary Clinton the last Democratic presidential candidate to support the death penalty?
added: Sun May 29 03:00:51 2016

Day 4: Day 5: Day 6: Day 7:
added: Sun May 29 02:37:18 2016

And with that I have the full trial Storified: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3:
added: Sun May 29 02:36:18 2016

Pamela Samuelson on Java and Fair Use - Test For Prospective Employers @doctorow #FairUse @Oracle
added: Sun May 29 01:45:18 2016
tags: fairuse

Constructing a Clinton campaign theme around ridiculing Trump for being "poor" is about as tone-deaf as it gets
added: Sun May 29 01:28:33 2016

FBI raids home of security researcher who discovered data of 22K patients on a public server
added: Sun May 29 01:21:37 2016

Posing for ‘poverty porn’: The murky ethics of NGO fundraising ‘hero shots’ #povertyporn
added: Sun May 29 00:42:10 2016
tags: povertyporn

Yemen shows US, despite vow, is exporting cluster munitions with dangerous >1% dud rate.
added: Sun May 29 00:37:53 2016

#CA23- Wendy Reed is a progressive Berniecrat running against GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy w/out any DCCC help
added: Sun May 29 00:34:14 2016
tags: ca23

China tells US to stop aircraft surveillance over #SouthChinaSea #ADIZ
added: Sun May 29 00:28:00 2016
tags: adiz, southchinasea

The Greens are right to ask questions about a foreign government guiding curriculum in NSW high schools
added: Sat May 28 23:31:17 2016

Op-ed: Oracle Attorney Says Google's Court Victory Might Kill the GPL
added: Sat May 28 23:30:43 2016

Trudeau convinces G7 to oppose ransoms, as multi-billion dollar kidnapping industry booms:
added: Sat May 28 23:30:10 2016

Mold infestations in prison buildings are yet another form of punishment that affect both inmates and guards.
added: Sat May 28 23:17:38 2016

Kansas grain elevators bracing for big winter wheat harvest
added: Sat May 28 23:01:42 2016

Virginia’s strict voter ID law upheld by federal judge
added: Sat May 28 23:01:21 2016

Clinton’s aides are considering calling Trump “Poor Donald”
added: Sat May 28 21:56:14 2016

.@HillaryClinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race
added: Sat May 28 19:49:40 2016

Wow. She calls for Bernie to "GTFO of our party" but in 2008 she voted McCain over Obama!
added: Sat May 28 19:19:10 2016

75 Amazing restored old photos of China via @China Underground
added: Sat May 28 17:58:45 2016

This is the terrible plight you suffer if you leak Top Secret docs & have power in DC
added: Sat May 28 16:17:24 2016

A failing electric grid and cheap panels from China are creating a solar boom in North Korea
added: Sat May 28 14:30:43 2016

After the rediscovery of a 19th-century novel, our view of black female writers is transformed via @ConversationUS
added: Sat May 28 14:11:16 2016

#NYPD Cop Maintains “Race Baiting Cop Haters” List of Activists by @KeeganNYC
added: Sat May 28 13:38:22 2016
tags: nypd

Obama administration fighting to prevent Clinton deposition in email case
added: Sat May 28 13:31:06 2016

@JeanetteJing more info from fraud Jeanette aka Oli
added: Sat May 28 13:10:56 2016

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
added: Sat May 28 12:33:17 2016

George #Osborne, get your privatising hands off the #LandRegistry #corruption #offshore | John Healey
added: Sat May 28 11:46:53 2016
tags: corruption, offshore, landregistry, osborne

"Tough choices limiting global #antibiotic resistance" especially when 2/3 used to boost growth in # agriculture
added: Sat May 28 11:45:39 2016
tags: antibiotic

Glee star charged with child pornography offences
added: Sat May 28 11:44:35 2016

Thailand, in rare step, shuts 10 dive sites over coral bleaching crisis via @SCMP_News
added: Sat May 28 11:40:53 2016

This Yogurt Manufacturer Is Trying to Create Demand for an Ingredient Everyone Else Throws Away
added: Sat May 28 11:35:09 2016

T.I. Expresses Grief Over Deadly Concert Shooting, Police Release Footage of Rapper Troy Ave Firing Gun
added: Sat May 28 11:02:09 2016

Kansas Water office cuts could delay projects
added: Sat May 28 11:01:25 2016

The scale of Tory election fraud claims, in one map
added: Sat May 28 10:59:34 2016

The new Earth-like planet discovered by scientists that could 'be suitable for life'
added: Sat May 28 10:58:11 2016

China's plans for financial district in Tianjin remain in question
added: Sat May 28 10:41:43 2016

If You Talk to Bots, You’re Talking to Their Bosses: Comments:
added: Sat May 28 10:30:01 2016

Keeping Secrets: Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald and the privatization of Snowden's leaks via @pandodaily
added: Sat May 28 10:21:18 2016

These Gripping Images From Legendary Photographers Were Supposed to Be Thrown Away
added: Sat May 28 10:18:11 2016

5 elephants die of cyanide poisoning
added: Sat May 28 10:14:59 2016

Abingdon fish pond man in 'trespasser risk row' - Englishman's home is his castle? not so much
added: Sat May 28 10:05:24 2016

Gang #rape posted to social media is forcing #Brazil to confront violence against #women #Olympics via @TheWorldPost
added: Sat May 28 10:05:23 2016
tags: rape, olympics, women, brazil

Girl forgives man who kept her captive in an 'anti-bark shock dog collar' for nine months
added: Sat May 28 10:03:02 2016

108 qualified teachers have left their jobs in the city since last year to seek work back in the Philippines.
added: Sat May 28 10:01:05 2016

Blocklist of all Facebook domains: Comments:
added: Sat May 28 10:00:02 2016

Police 'regret' wording over missing bail money, reassure public
added: Sat May 28 09:59:16 2016

Thousands of suicidal children are being turned away by NHS clinics
added: Sat May 28 09:48:19 2016

Top mathematicians, physicists joined global calls on Israel to free Palestinian astrophysicist
added: Sat May 28 09:44:33 2016

The loss of English dialects. What people called piece of wood under the skin, 1950 vs 2016
added: Sat May 28 09:35:43 2016

Even #US Amb condemns #Israel brutal discrimination against Palestinians whh sustains apartheid occupation #BDS #EU
added: Sat May 28 09:34:41 2016
tags: eu, us, bds, israel

Authorities confirm #stingray use in UK—in Scottish prisons - but prisoners discovered "innovative countermeasures"
added: Sat May 28 08:47:12 2016
tags: stingray

Thinking in @reactjs with a bunch of @jsfiddle examples –
added: Sat May 28 07:39:12 2016

Europe will make publicly funded scientific research public
added: Sat May 28 07:05:04 2016

Roof collapse shows risks of 'greening': expert
added: Sat May 28 06:24:10 2016

More than 80% #Taiwan ppl identity themselves as #Taiwanese, 8.1% #Chinese: Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation.
added: Sat May 28 06:14:22 2016
tags: taiwan, taiwanese, chinese

Hong Kong Customs detects suspected smartphone and powdered formula smuggling case at Lok Ma Chau Control Point
added: Sat May 28 06:07:04 2016

Look alikes spotted at Wanda-land: Snow White, Pirates of Carribean music, Star Wars. Chinese mogul takes on Disney.
added: Sat May 28 05:51:48 2016

"We leave our country to beg elsewhere" says Gina, Roma beggar in Sweden -
added: Sat May 28 05:41:30 2016

Pizzlies, narlugas, and other creatures from our weird changing world
added: Sat May 28 05:02:06 2016

Hilarious 󾌴 "The photographer dressing dicks up as world leaders" via @Dazed #culture
added: Sat May 28 04:57:23 2016
tags: culture

Seven charged with bribery over referral of mortgage clients: 6 former agents of Centaline Property Agency we...
added: Sat May 28 04:14:03 2016

Learning Chinese a "cognitive traffic jam": will, should China one day go phonetic to truly progress?
added: Sat May 28 04:09:09 2016

Eight Wildcats punch tickets to the #NCAATF Championships on Friday. RECAP --> #KStateTF
added: Sat May 28 04:07:10 2016
tags: ncaatf, kstatetf

The end of @jakeadelstein's dispatch from Oabama's Hiroshima visit is delightful.
added: Sat May 28 03:24:37 2016

With 45 days of a 40,000-strong #verizonstrike, a deal in principle has been struck, but is short on detail. @Law360
added: Sat May 28 02:50:16 2016
tags: verizonstrike

.@varsitycuhk Ch. Ed's statement stresses she's fighting 1st/foremost for student reporters
added: Sat May 28 02:41:46 2016

Lao authorities arrest 3 for criticizing the state on social media while in Thailand:
added: Sat May 28 02:19:55 2016

Officers charged in Freddie Gray case sue over their damaged reputations
added: Sat May 28 02:01:13 2016

A new genetic map will help show how genes influence African-Americans' risk for disease
added: Sat May 28 02:00:10 2016

#NY03- Will Berniecrat Jonathan Clarke replace Steve Israel as the congressman from Long Island's North Shore?
added: Sat May 28 01:55:53 2016
tags: ny03

Philippine arrests 10 Chinese fishermen in latest sea spat #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat May 28 01:53:00 2016
tags: southchinasea

Jolla's new €169 Sailfish OS phone is already sold out
added: Sat May 28 01:51:14 2016

Get that moose a jersey. Another beautiful pitch, this one is from Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds
added: Sat May 28 01:33:56 2016

"I didn't know I could do it." Dr Henry Heimlich, 96, uses his maneuver for the first time to save a choking woman.
added: Sat May 28 01:28:03 2016

New incentives needed to develop antibiotics to fight superbugs
added: Sat May 28 01:12:57 2016

Texas Builds a Wildlife Highway to Help Endangered Ocelots Survive via @TakePart
added: Sat May 28 01:11:48 2016

in case you haven't heard, IMF has just announced, "all that austerity stuff? on second thought: never mind."
added: Fri May 27 23:56:37 2016

Chinese student growth curve! Biggest beneficiary=Australia where 7% of students are Chinese
added: Fri May 27 22:02:16 2016

Howard W. French on life under Mao via @WSJ Thank you @hofrench for shout-out of my book!
added: Fri May 27 22:00:33 2016

#FL25- Another Debbie Wasserman Schultz GOP ally has a progressive opponent. Alina Valdes takes on Mario Diaz-Balart
added: Fri May 27 21:57:52 2016
tags: fl25

Hillary Clinton won't say how much Goldman Sachs CEO invested with her son-in-law by @lhfang
added: Fri May 27 19:20:34 2016

Flexbox spec update: Absolutely positioned children of a flexbox ignore the `order` property.
added: Fri May 27 18:16:20 2016

Advisor to USA Cycling calls for legalization of EPO and blood transfusions
added: Fri May 27 18:07:42 2016

Apologists (@dailykos) for the failing two-party system are now resorting to censorship:
added: Fri May 27 17:15:11 2016

China: actress jailed 10 years for selling #elephant #ivory & #rhino horn on social media
added: Fri May 27 14:44:20 2016
tags: elephant, rhino, ivory

Likely Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson: "There's more to agree with Bernie Sanders than to disagree."
added: Fri May 27 14:40:44 2016

Appropriately cynical Chinese factory mass-producing Trump masks (the photos, the photos)
added: Fri May 27 14:40:08 2016

DAB pressures Chief Secretary over Link REIT
added: Fri May 27 14:31:19 2016

Hear Red Hot Chili Peppers' new song, "The Getaway":
added: Fri May 27 13:54:31 2016

“Game-changing” study links cellphone radiation to cancer
added: Fri May 27 11:45:08 2016

Pirated WordPress Plugin Leads to Hidden Malvertising, Black Hat SEO Spam
added: Fri May 27 11:37:25 2016

The pundits are wrong. Bernie Sanders is the most electable candidate this November.
added: Fri May 27 11:35:04 2016

Wildlife rangers around the world warn they are losing the battle against illegal poaching
added: Fri May 27 11:30:04 2016

Olympic chiefs announce 23 competitors at #London2012 have failed retrospective doping tests
added: Fri May 27 11:28:59 2016
tags: london2012

Once upon a time we spoke of an open innovation ecosystem driven by social media platforms. Dead, dead, all dead.
added: Fri May 27 11:14:49 2016

Islamic State drives Syria rebels from near Turkish border
added: Fri May 27 11:14:26 2016

'Political reward': CY's latest CUHK governing council appointment attracts criticism
added: Fri May 27 11:14:14 2016

FreeBSD Commit "Import Dummynet AQM version 0.2.1 (CoDel, FQ-CoDel, PIE and FQ-PIE)" via @lattera
added: Fri May 27 10:09:53 2016

'Leung Chun-ying is a liar': David Chu reveals 'evidence' suggesting Chief Exec. made ...
added: Fri May 27 09:56:25 2016

Far and away the most devastating 10 minutes on @HillaryClinton you will EVER see. From lifelong Democrats. It's bad
added: Fri May 27 05:31:22 2016

HK #startup @GoGoVan CEO: 'I’m the bottleneck of the company, because the company is growing much faster than I am'
added: Fri May 27 05:10:23 2016
tags: startup

Wall St got Congress to fix policy in its favor via riders, which would trigger public outcry if openly debated
added: Fri May 27 05:05:03 2016

5 clients that will destroy your design business
added: Fri May 27 04:50:05 2016

How Ad Blockers Have Triggered an Arms Race on the Web -
added: Fri May 27 04:49:06 2016

#BREAKING All four refugees transferred from Nauru to Cambodia last June have left the country. @abcnews #auspol
added: Fri May 27 04:45:53 2016
tags: auspol, breaking

Gary Johnson could launch the Libertarians on a big third-party run
added: Fri May 27 04:44:42 2016

U.S. panel launches trade secret theft probe into China steel
added: Fri May 27 04:28:14 2016

U.S. sees first case of bacteria resistant to all antibiotics
added: Fri May 27 04:27:33 2016

#MPF boss defends delay in making changes
added: Fri May 27 04:25:56 2016
tags: mpf

pytablewriter - pytablewriter is a python library to write a table in various formats: CSV/H...
added: Fri May 27 04:22:55 2016

HT @poneilinOttawa: Chinese K-12 students a booming demographic for B.C. schools #BC cc: @sanverde
added: Fri May 27 04:16:41 2016
tags: bc

#AusCERT Quiet cryptologist Bill Duane's war with Beijing's best
added: Fri May 27 03:59:58 2016
tags: auscert

Australia govt scrubbed all mentions in UN climate change report that Great Barrier Reef in deep trouble
added: Fri May 27 03:56:00 2016

deeply reported story by @mollyhc on the California college that has no real faculty (spoiler: it's a visa mill)
added: Fri May 27 03:45:07 2016

BREAKING: WSJ releases crucial central bank letter in 1MDB controversy
added: Fri May 27 03:42:20 2016

As China's army modernizes, its singing and dancing troops get the axe great stuff @JNBPage
added: Fri May 27 02:44:29 2016

Pentagon says China aircraft intercept violated 2015 agreement
added: Fri May 27 02:41:46 2016

Can't they afford own security? HK police launch counter-insurgency operation – to root out burglars on the Peak
added: Fri May 27 02:19:27 2016

Beijing picks London for first yuan-bond outside China
added: Fri May 27 02:18:09 2016

Tons of sand and cement now bury reefs in the South China Sea. Beijing says it's environmentally friendly.
added: Fri May 27 02:15:21 2016

A few square feet under a stairwell saved Tom and Janet Whitehair during a tornado. #kswx
added: Fri May 27 01:42:04 2016
tags: kswx

China among 10 countries blocking press freedom watchdog from UN status @pressfreedom
added: Fri May 27 01:28:18 2016

New footage by @laubacht of the storms in Russell KS #KSWX #TornadoWatch is up from IA to Colorado to Texas #SCVWX
added: Fri May 27 00:32:24 2016
tags: scvwx, tornadowatch, kswx

No One Is Auditing Alibaba's Auditors via @WSJ
added: Fri May 27 00:08:46 2016

#kswx Here's several videos showing a tornado approaching KDOT Wamego Area Office today >
added: Fri May 27 00:04:53 2016
tags: kswx

Not bad: "In office less than a week, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has already defused a potential conflictual …
added: Fri May 27 00:00:45 2016

Re:, i went a step further and untrusted the root that signed the bluecoat CA. let's see how it goes!
added: Thu May 26 23:22:16 2016

This completely racist ad for washing detergent just aired on Chinese TV and at cinemas.
added: Thu May 26 22:40:08 2016

added: Thu May 26 22:39:38 2016

Exclusive: Did the Clinton Email Server Have an Internet Based Printer? Historic records suggests yes
added: Thu May 26 21:52:44 2016

Say you support preventing the worst effects of climate change through the Keep it in the Ground Act. Add your name:
added: Thu May 26 14:51:05 2016

Muslim mob attacked Christian homes in Egyptian province
added: Thu May 26 14:39:35 2016

Pope Francis says Christians have a mission to 'convert' Isis terrorists
added: Thu May 26 14:26:53 2016

Bank in the UK? Plans afoot to make YOU liable for bank fraud #infosec
added: Thu May 26 14:23:17 2016
tags: infosec

Peyton Manning Has Decided Not To Sue Al Jazeera For Defamation For One Obvious Reason via @OTMSportsBOS
added: Thu May 26 14:06:21 2016

U.S. jobless claims fall more than expected last week
added: Thu May 26 14:06:01 2016

Utah dad says man sucker-punched him for bringing 5-yr-old daughter into Walmart men's room
added: Thu May 26 14:05:46 2016

Vegas judge handcuffs public defender in court to teach her a "lesson"
added: Thu May 26 13:51:32 2016

Corey Feldman: I was a victim of Hollywood's 'paedophile ring'
added: Thu May 26 13:49:33 2016

New Study: 41% of all private voucher schools operating in Milwaukee between 1991-2015 failed #SchoolChoice
added: Thu May 26 13:48:39 2016
tags: schoolchoice

3 key allies of installed govt caught on tape plotting to kill corruption investigation: worried more coming #Brazil
added: Thu May 26 12:49:33 2016
tags: brazil

Brazil's installed Foreign Minister deeply worried international media is accurately reporting how he got empowered
added: Thu May 26 12:47:49 2016

|@FlintJournal Flint water plant stops handing out test kits after (@FlintRising) "die-in" protest #FlintWaterCrisis
added: Thu May 26 12:47:28 2016
tags: flintwatercrisis

NYC council set to vote on legislation intended to help decriminalize broken windows offenses.
added: Thu May 26 12:40:23 2016

How to open trade: (a) release positions in Fed Reg, (b) open ITACs to FOIA, (c) open ITACS to FACA.
added: Thu May 26 12:37:59 2016

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Desktop-Based Ad Retargeting Exchange (@martyswant / Adweek)
added: Thu May 26 12:31:26 2016

an actor system in ES6
added: Thu May 26 12:30:45 2016

NYPD Commissioner says "so-called rap artists" are "basically thugs" after one person was killed at a T.I. concert
added: Thu May 26 12:29:28 2016

SF Chronicle not happy with Hillary for breaking debate promise, questions her “honesty” & “trustworthiness”
added: Thu May 26 12:21:16 2016

Midnight curfew, other liberty restrictions being imposed for @IIIMEF on #Okinawa. via @starsandstripes
added: Thu May 26 12:21:06 2016
tags: okinawa

Koshik the elephant turned to his keepers and said "hello" in Korean. No, really.
added: Thu May 26 12:15:04 2016

I really hope @michelleinbklyn & @mtomasky read @adamjohnsonNYC's thorough exploration of attacks on @BernieSanders.
added: Thu May 26 12:07:07 2016

Study explains why some emotional combinations are so effective at making stories go viral
added: Thu May 26 11:51:17 2016

Judge questions if "the plethora of post-sentence punishments imposed upon felons is truly warranted" @BenWeiserNYT
added: Thu May 26 11:40:10 2016

Reddit is killing off Imgur
added: Thu May 26 11:22:59 2016

One of the most aggressive gerrymanders in the country just lost in the Supreme Court
added: Thu May 26 11:21:02 2016

China warns G7 not to ‘escalate tensions’ in Asia: via @FT
added: Thu May 26 11:12:09 2016

Outrageous ⚠ #Poland starts logging UNESCO #BialowiezaForest despite protests. Pls help @KarmenuVella #NatureAlert
added: Thu May 26 10:40:38 2016
tags: naturealert, bialowiezaforest, poland

Chinese state media pixelates Taiwanese flag in news clip again: #streisandeffect
added: Thu May 26 10:16:31 2016
tags: streisandeffect

Digging the Global Times' old school rhetoric:
added: Thu May 26 08:44:54 2016

Chinese state media warns G7 against South China Sea 'meddling'
added: Thu May 26 07:42:10 2016

Should it be legal to resell software, e-books, and other digital goods? by @superglaze
added: Thu May 26 07:39:06 2016

Vietnam's 'Queen of hip hop' was put on the spot by Obama and pulled it off brilliantly
added: Thu May 26 07:36:07 2016

‘Proud’ mothers filmed their two little boys destroying a dangling art piece
added: Thu May 26 07:00:18 2016

A new level of dark pattern from Microsoft. You have 3 options on this requester!
added: Thu May 26 06:49:39 2016

China online lending crackdown shutters Guangdong P2P site
added: Thu May 26 06:22:01 2016

Revealed: The State Department’s Hidden Hillary Donors via @thedailybeast
added: Thu May 26 06:21:41 2016

China students who cheat to get into US college need to cheat to stay in @thechinaprice bringd the hammer again
added: Thu May 26 06:16:16 2016

Beginning of the end? Security guards clear land, remove guard post at Fanling ...
added: Thu May 26 06:14:15 2016

China accuses the U.S. of hampering trade after Washington imposed duties of up to 450 percent on Chinese steel.
added: Thu May 26 06:12:54 2016

Media Startup The News Lens Raises US$1-2m To Grow Global Viewership Investors include ex-WSJ editor Marcus Brauchli
added: Thu May 26 06:07:04 2016

Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'
added: Thu May 26 06:06:48 2016

Trump fires his national political director: campaign sources
added: Thu May 26 06:06:01 2016

Tornado footage from our chase on May 25th, 2016 #kswx
added: Thu May 26 05:50:30 2016
tags: kswx

India red-faced as MPs skip #Taiwan president inauguration function
added: Thu May 26 05:31:21 2016
tags: taiwan

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US
added: Thu May 26 05:30:57 2016

DDOS-as-a-service offered for just five dollars
added: Thu May 26 05:30:00 2016

Hong Kong’s international law problem reflects a broader pattern of ignorance & contempt among HK & China officials
added: Thu May 26 05:29:31 2016

#alibaba uh-oh
added: Thu May 26 05:26:06 2016
tags: alibaba

Crow takes off with knife from crime scene in #Vancouver
added: Thu May 26 05:03:13 2016
tags: vancouver

Here is the violent tornado we probed successfully tonight! #kswx @weatherchannel @WeatherNation
added: Thu May 26 04:27:31 2016
tags: kswx

Bernie Sanders picks activists to be his DNC platform team. Hillary Clinton and Wasserman Schultz annoint lobbyists
added: Thu May 26 03:42:53 2016

China's finance ministry misspent 332,000 yuan in first quarter: watchdog
added: Thu May 26 03:32:28 2016

oh tight
added: Thu May 26 02:45:37 2016

Oligarchs rake in billions betting on other people's lawsuits. It's a big new unregulated finance play
added: Thu May 26 02:16:01 2016

PLEASE READ, #KSwx #Chapman #Kansas! Bodybags/requested on scanner - county of Chapman....
added: Thu May 26 02:15:13 2016
tags: kswx, kansas, chapman

.@Jeff_Piotrowski on #Periscope: Tornado warning new developing tornado now.#kswx @nwstopeka
added: Thu May 26 01:37:05 2016
tags: periscope, kswx

Video of tornado as it was starting and strengthening near Solomon ,KS #kswx
added: Thu May 26 01:12:55 2016
tags: kswx

Everything about @howardfineman's interview with Trump's campaign chairman is kind of amazing.
added: Thu May 26 00:58:29 2016

Beijing planning to deploy rescue vessel to the #Spratlys #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu May 26 00:28:03 2016
tags: spratlys, southchinasea

Here's the latest in the Hillary Clinton email saga (and it doesn't bode well for her):
added: Wed May 25 23:54:47 2016

COURTS | Donald Trump loses Macau court case over trademark
added: Wed May 25 23:52:22 2016

Delete the article “Scrutinizing Tsai Ing-wen.” Its wording is inappropriate.
added: Wed May 25 23:52:08 2016

here's the piece I wrote last summer about the fight over Amnesty's sex work policy
added: Wed May 25 23:37:20 2016

The fake high school transcript that got a Chinese student into UC Davis:
added: Wed May 25 23:06:08 2016

Here's the order chucking out all evidence
added: Wed May 25 21:12:05 2016

Breaking: judge throws out all evidence in child porn case after FBI refuses to hand over its Tor Browser exploit
added: Wed May 25 21:10:29 2016

wrote a thing about visiting Chelsea Manning in prison at Fort Leavenworth:
added: Wed May 25 15:19:25 2016

House Republicans are using Zika as an excuse to allow more pesticides in water
added: Wed May 25 14:30:30 2016

Fact that China thinks anyone "sets" prices for world's commodities is precisely what's at the root of its problems
added: Wed May 25 14:18:48 2016

NYT says no layoffs in 2016 — but it will offer voluntary buyout packages to employees by the end of the month
added: Wed May 25 14:18:05 2016

New video available! Ben Tyler - Experimenting with Superpowered Web Services: Phoenix on(...)
added: Wed May 25 13:54:51 2016

"Clinton’s support among young voters ages 18 to 29 has dropped 19% since March — and Trump has gained 17%."
added: Wed May 25 13:51:25 2016

Is Facebook eavesdropping on phone conversations?
added: Wed May 25 13:14:04 2016

Rahm Emanuel is still scrambling to fix Chicago’s police problem
added: Wed May 25 12:25:11 2016

Afghan Pres Ghani should honor pledge to stop arresting women who run away from home abuse.
added: Wed May 25 12:22:19 2016

Evaluating Cognitive Web Accessibility with WAVE #a11y #testing
added: Wed May 25 11:20:20 2016
tags: testing, a11y

Indonesian birds face extinction due to pet trade – study
added: Wed May 25 11:17:00 2016

Obama 'weak and compromising' on China human rights, Chinese journalist says @rosetangy
added: Wed May 25 10:15:16 2016

The archaeology of a 12,000-year-old funeral feast in Israel @DrLindseyFitz @LoveArchaeology
added: Wed May 25 08:04:05 2016

Electricty Rates Spike in Laos, the 'Battery' for Southeast Asia
added: Wed May 25 08:03:37 2016

Jeremy Corbyn to call for Tony Blair investigated for war crimes. Corbyn needs to sit down with Bernie on FP.
added: Wed May 25 07:41:27 2016

90,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico last week and no one is talking about it
added: Wed May 25 07:26:05 2016

California Sec. of State: Historic Number of Voters Register, Update Info on Final Day via @ivn
added: Wed May 25 07:12:43 2016

As mobile carriers ramp up bribery program, Internet coalition says no to "zero rating"
added: Wed May 25 07:11:03 2016

Chatbots means no end-to-end encryption. #privacy /via @daringfireball
added: Wed May 25 07:09:19 2016
tags: privacy

Priscilla Leung quits foundation over karaoke row
added: Wed May 25 07:06:19 2016

“The Enduring Whiteness of the American Media.” @hofrench on race in the newsroom — including at NYT.
added: Wed May 25 07:01:54 2016

China Is Executing To Plan: Foxconn Replaces 60,000 Workers With Robots
added: Wed May 25 07:00:46 2016

Taiwan's new government has no schedule for resuming China trade talks: minister
added: Wed May 25 06:32:56 2016

'I'm not with her': why women are wary of Hillary Clinton #Clinton #HillaryClinton #USElection
added: Wed May 25 06:25:55 2016
tags: clinton, hillaryclinton, uselection

Kindle screen-maker E Ink has announced a new full colour display technology
added: Wed May 25 05:26:31 2016

Nizam era dam unearthed during desilting of a lake in Aurangabad dist @indiawater @builthistories @anuradhagoyal
added: Wed May 25 05:21:54 2016

Smart meter (electric energy monitoring) vendor says if we know how their system works, terrorists will win
added: Wed May 25 05:21:09 2016

China letting brokerages almost double leverage ratios. Chew on that. via @anjani_trivedi
added: Wed May 25 05:20:41 2016

WeChat’s global expansion has been a disaster
added: Wed May 25 05:18:13 2016

Banker ignored red flags on @1MDB-linked accounts, became top paid
added: Wed May 25 05:15:23 2016

Global Times runs editorial in English and Chinese on deletion of U.S. Embassy's Zhihu Q&A.
added: Wed May 25 05:13:14 2016

Hillary Clinton’s camp thinks it’s time for voters to step into line and stop criticizing their candidate.
added: Wed May 25 05:03:02 2016

"They broke the rules": but what if the rules are wrong? Quartz story on the censorship of political art:
added: Wed May 25 04:56:22 2016

Zhou,fm a HK-based SOE,complements Wang's mass line call up 2 go aft #HK indy in show of good faith 4 "Olive Branch"
added: Wed May 25 04:33:47 2016
tags: hk

#HKSAR #CCP priming da pump 4 hammer of dubious legality 2 come down on #HK #independence post-Zhang's Big Adventure
added: Wed May 25 04:30:03 2016
tags: ccp, hksar, independence, hk

Regina Ip slams Link Reit for 'ignoring community's welafre'
added: Wed May 25 03:31:28 2016

"This should be the norm." Filipino fishermen haven't been harassed by Chinese coast guard for weeks, say officials
added: Wed May 25 03:29:33 2016

In China, it pays to ask twice whether something is really on the right side of the law:
added: Wed May 25 03:07:31 2016

Renminbi trading band fixed to weakest since 2011 via @fastFT
added: Wed May 25 02:57:18 2016

From 3 wks ago by me: Separating Super PACs From ‘Campaign Spending,’ Media Embrace Core Myth of Citizens United
added: Wed May 25 02:10:46 2016

China's wary lenders force rust-belt country to take expensive shadow bank loans
added: Wed May 25 02:10:03 2016

Taiwan banks explore promise, peril of Southeast Asia
added: Wed May 25 02:09:26 2016

Pointless features add to browser bloat and insecurity
added: Wed May 25 02:07:54 2016

Hong Kong’s Top 10 Billionaires Worth 35% of City’s GDP: Chart - Bloomberg
added: Wed May 25 02:05:08 2016

India is closer to becoming the first country with a reusable crewed space vehicle since the space shuttle in 2011
added: Wed May 25 02:00:42 2016

The SCMP spotted an announcement quietly made last night: a brand new green roof safety guideline. Emily Tsang...
added: Wed May 25 01:57:48 2016

Universal pension is ‘not the #HongKong spirit’, retirement forum told @SCMP_News
added: Wed May 25 01:45:06 2016
tags: hongkong

Dope! I met @JaneKim at the last @policylink summit & was inspired hearing her talk about integrity & racial justice
added: Wed May 25 01:43:46 2016

Taipei prosecutors' questioning of Ma on the 24 cases in which he's implicated could begin as early as next month
added: Wed May 25 01:29:13 2016

McDonald’s ex-CEO: $15/hr minimum wage will unleash the robot rebellion
added: Wed May 25 01:28:53 2016

Taiwan rep to WHO translates his remarks into English himself bc most WHO translators are Chinese
added: Wed May 25 01:27:09 2016

@CassandraRules - according to this article she recently changed her mind and wants it rescheduled to #2 like heroin
added: Wed May 25 00:08:02 2016

In which Ken Thompson's exploit, which we always knew *could* happen in hardware, does. With one gate. Oh god.
added: Tue May 24 23:42:48 2016

The digital media culling continues, this time with VICE News:
added: Tue May 24 21:04:15 2016

Thank you @BernieSanders for endorsing my campaign for CA state senate! #FeeltheBern
added: Tue May 24 20:05:05 2016
tags: feelthebern

My @railsconf presentation From Rails to @elixirphoenix is up!
added: Tue May 24 19:23:00 2016

I am endorsing eight progressive candidates for state legislatures across this country. Chip in to help elect them:
added: Tue May 24 16:44:53 2016

Ordinary people can defeat the Right, but doing so will require ending our subservience to the Democratic Party.
added: Tue May 24 14:30:30 2016

"People are hungering for more choices." Dr. Jill Stein on how our two-party system is broken:
added: Tue May 24 12:26:05 2016

'Worst case of gross misconduct' in SIngapore: regulators crack down on Swiss private bank BSI over #1MDB scandal
added: Tue May 24 09:22:07 2016
tags: 1mdb

Mexico mass grave: Exhumation of 116 bodies in Morelos -
added: Tue May 24 09:21:22 2016

Hardliner elected as head of Iran's top clerical body
added: Tue May 24 07:55:02 2016

Thomas Becket bone fragment arrives in UK from Hungary after 800 years #twitterstorians
added: Tue May 24 07:52:09 2016
tags: twitterstorians

What Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Iran means for Asia by @iyengarish via @TIMEWorld
added: Tue May 24 07:47:04 2016

Russia in dispute with Mongolia about a bunch of dams that may harm Baikal
added: Tue May 24 07:34:41 2016

Far-right candidate narrowly defeated in Austria
added: Tue May 24 07:12:05 2016

SCMP: Populist or liberal: What kind of democracy does Hong Kong really want?
added: Tue May 24 06:53:12 2016

Take-Two Says Tattoo Artist Can't Get Statutory Damages Because He Only Registered Copyright In 2015
added: Tue May 24 06:34:38 2016

Programmers' stress levels can accurately predict the quality of their code
added: Tue May 24 06:32:34 2016

Riot police move in on tents in #Idomeni #refugeesGR
added: Tue May 24 06:30:44 2016
tags: refugeesgr, idomeni

Zimmerman Reneges on Lower Deal with First Bidder For Woman Offering $250K to Purchase Gun For Son's Birthday
added: Tue May 24 06:30:24 2016

Why the price of quinoa has fallen
added: Tue May 24 06:22:06 2016

Elijah Wood claims Hollywood gripped by Jimmy Savile style sex abuse
added: Tue May 24 06:22:04 2016

Appeals court throws out $1.2 billion fraud penalty against Bank Of America
added: Tue May 24 06:21:01 2016

New Geo-Blocking on Youtube?
added: Tue May 24 06:17:11 2016

Woman faces prosecution for blocking Light Rail train by standing on tracks witness posted clip of incident on FB
added: Tue May 24 06:10:17 2016

A great opening for Clinton in the ideological enter. But right now she is trapped in the backfield by Sanders.
added: Tue May 24 06:07:00 2016

Not to mention ballooning non-bank WMP. "Biggest near term #China #credit risk is banks’ WMP, up 73% last year."
added: Tue May 24 05:55:22 2016
tags: china, credit

Getting caught for election fraud is easier than you think -Charles Mok
added: Tue May 24 05:42:45 2016

Shanghai Land Prices Soar Past HK and More Greater China Real Estate Headlines
added: Tue May 24 05:16:13 2016

Al Gore still won't support Hillary Clinton via @nypost
added: Tue May 24 05:15:46 2016

CBS's #MorleySafer posed as a rich archaeologist to get into China in 1967. Learn more at
added: Tue May 24 05:08:43 2016
tags: morleysafer

Hong Kong Exchange to work quickly to build a China bond connect scheme
added: Tue May 24 04:35:52 2016

#China 's newest toxic milk formula scandal Deja vu cover-up @hrw
added: Tue May 24 04:33:04 2016
tags: china

China has essentially ditched plans to make its currency more market-based after getting spooked by selloff via @WSJ
added: Tue May 24 04:31:59 2016

A Vietnam activists told @AFP this morning he was stopped from meeting @POTUS by local security forces
added: Tue May 24 04:15:14 2016

Norway will reopen Barents Sea for drilling exploration
added: Tue May 24 04:08:02 2016

Judge halts Ohio law that blocked funds for Planned Parenthood
added: Tue May 24 04:06:01 2016

China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works. @simondenyer with the first in a new series
added: Tue May 24 03:46:52 2016

Oldest Chinese Beer Brewery Found #science
added: Tue May 24 03:35:41 2016
tags: science

Bangladesh Bank heist trail goes cold in Manila as probes falter via @Reuters
added: Tue May 24 03:20:18 2016

Cold Feet: China's experiment with freer yuan again gets cut short
added: Tue May 24 03:18:55 2016

#SCMP Political heavyweight Maria Tam quits Hong Kong organisation after KTV scandal breaks
added: Tue May 24 02:53:07 2016
tags: scmp

Govt to review building safety policies after roof collapse
added: Tue May 24 02:47:33 2016

Rift between Hong Kong billionaire and secret lover over soured Macau casino deal laid bare in court via @SCMP_News
added: Tue May 24 02:40:28 2016

Fisher militia? Maritime units put humble fishermen on front line in South China Sea via @SCMP_News
added: Tue May 24 02:39:18 2016

IMF tells EU it must give Greece unconditional debt relief
added: Tue May 24 01:42:25 2016

The full text of Facebook's letter to Senators about its newsfeed is here and worth a read
added: Tue May 24 01:35:17 2016

North Korean envoy rejects Trump overture to meet leader
added: Tue May 24 01:35:12 2016

Look closer: 57% of #China AAA bond issuers have junk-like risks via @business
added: Tue May 24 01:34:53 2016
tags: china

Leaked tape forces Brazil minister out
added: Tue May 24 01:14:17 2016

Drinking Milk At School While Black: Student arrested for larceny over 65-cent milk, which was actually free for him
added: Tue May 24 01:02:23 2016

Insect poo turning the Taj Mahal green
added: Tue May 24 01:02:06 2016

Four Gun Safety Initiatives to Watch in #Election2016
added: Tue May 24 00:55:06 2016
tags: election2016

How important are URLs in progressive web apps? An essay, prompted by @adactio/@slightlylate/@brucel discussions
added: Tue May 24 00:36:42 2016

Removal of '2047 Countdown' shows how routine censorship has become in #HK (& Arts Council reason is ludicrous)
added: Tue May 24 00:35:06 2016
tags: hk

Coal magnate Bob Murray won't be charged by FEC for pressuring employees to support Republicans
added: Mon May 23 22:36:15 2016

The explainer you didn't know you needed: Karl Polanyi and politics in 2016, by @rortybomb and me, up at @DissentMag
added: Mon May 23 20:15:23 2016

New emails show Hillary Clinton's energy initiative used Poland as a "laboratory" for exporting US-style fracking
added: Mon May 23 19:39:31 2016

Hillary Clinton just named @NeeraTanden to DNC platform team. What leaked emails revealed:
added: Mon May 23 19:39:06 2016

This experimental electronics material does just what it promises -- repairs itself
added: Mon May 23 15:33:45 2016

New video available! Comparing Erlang and Go Concurrency
added: Mon May 23 15:33:25 2016

Leaked transcripts provide proof that Brazil’s military, Supreme Court were colluding to remove President Rousseff.
added: Mon May 23 15:33:07 2016

Watchdog snaps: Privatise the Land Registry? What a terrible idea!
added: Mon May 23 14:57:33 2016

The entire Trump phenomenon has nothing to do with policy or ideology, says Robert Kagan:
added: Mon May 23 14:30:03 2016

Egyptians “shocked” at Lieberman Appointment, note Barak’s accusation of “fascism” in Tel...
added: Mon May 23 13:32:01 2016

Data-driven "risk assessments" in the criminal justice system are racially biased. Amazing @propublica project.
added: Mon May 23 12:46:53 2016

Land Sales Scrapped in #China’s Suzhou as Bids Exceed Ceilings @business @darrenboey @sreebloomberg #property
added: Mon May 23 12:45:39 2016
tags: property, china is creating a new open source microservice deployment platform w/ “platform-agnostic microservices DSL”
added: Mon May 23 12:44:01 2016

Interesting: Among American manufacturers, domestically oriented companies faring better than exporters.
added: Mon May 23 12:43:27 2016

BREAKING Virgin Atlantic Dreamliner #VS24 from LAX to London is declaring an emergency
added: Mon May 23 12:40:27 2016
tags: vs24

Thousands marched yesterday on the home of Brazil interim President Temer. Police removed resulting camp by force
added: Mon May 23 12:39:44 2016

Legislative Council continues to consider Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2015
added: Mon May 23 12:24:07 2016

Related @Freep also posted database of expulsions, suspensions (around 1,300/yr) for 2014-2015 school year: #MichEd
added: Mon May 23 12:21:21 2016
tags: miched

This software was meant to take bias out of decisions on bail, parole, sentencing. We studied it. It’s still biased.
added: Mon May 23 12:15:51 2016

Two climbers go missing on Mount Everest a day after two others are killed
added: Mon May 23 12:13:38 2016

#China's overseas #coal projects emit CO2 equivalent to 11% of the US' total emissions
added: Mon May 23 11:57:13 2016
tags: coal, china

Al-Arabiya solves the #MS804 mystery: "Turkish Airlines pilots saw UFO above plane on same day of EgyptAir crash"
added: Mon May 23 11:17:35 2016
tags: ms804

Insanely beautiful video of Hong Kong that is making me miss this mad city more than ever via @Iyengarish
added: Mon May 23 10:06:10 2016

Next Media fined HK$3m over BaWang shampoo article
added: Mon May 23 08:24:58 2016

Taiwan Drops Charges Against Protesters in Government Sit-In
added: Mon May 23 07:25:48 2016

Did you know that the same person can be quoted as a named source and an unnamed anonymous source in the same story?
added: Mon May 23 07:23:58 2016

#Taiwan to launch futures contracts for #US, #India benchmark indexes via @YahooFinance
added: Mon May 23 07:23:47 2016
tags: india, us, taiwan

Average pay for China's migrant workers still just over 3,000 yuan per month
added: Mon May 23 07:18:31 2016 via @youtube Comrade Z's incredibly long motorcade.
added: Mon May 23 07:17:56 2016

Jeremy Corbyn's pet 'El Gato' just threw some glorious shade at David Cameron. Yes, really
added: Mon May 23 07:13:04 2016

“My bosses are all afraid of me now" — Romanian traffic cop's Facebook chronicles resonate with frustrated citizenry
added: Mon May 23 07:13:02 2016

Everyone take a look at Harvard's ChinaX online courses on EdX
added: Mon May 23 06:39:47 2016

Vietnam: Man arrested with 553 kg of #elephant #ivory, tried to bribe police #wildlifecrime
added: Mon May 23 06:14:52 2016
tags: elephant, ivory, wildlifecrime

New method uses sunlight to turn seawater into hydrogen peroxide to be used in fuel cells that generate electricity
added: Mon May 23 06:07:23 2016

#Vietnam and the #US sign multiple agreements #ObamaVietnam @POTUS
added: Mon May 23 05:37:13 2016
tags: vietnam, us, obamavietnam

The rise of just-in-time labor in China. "Every additional (permanent) worker I hire is an additional risk."
added: Mon May 23 05:34:32 2016

Top Civil Rights Attorney Offers Compelling Argument on Why the Justice System Is an Expensive Continuation of Slav…
added: Mon May 23 05:09:09 2016

As Obama begins Vietnam visit, BBC reporter @pakhead says he's been ordered to stop reporting
added: Mon May 23 05:09:07 2016

Oregon fascist groups after hiatus in 1990s are back to their talk about killing federal gov
added: Mon May 23 05:07:04 2016

#HongKong-Listed #China City Construction to Repay #Yuan Debt Early at 101 Yuan via @business @andrewmonahan #bonds
added: Mon May 23 04:55:20 2016
tags: bonds, yuan, china, hongkong

Atlassian sold $320M worth of software with no sales staff: Comments:
added: Mon May 23 03:50:02 2016

Staff leader blames #CityU for shoddy maintenance
added: Mon May 23 03:44:52 2016
tags: cityu

FT: Munchau proposes debt relief, realistic surplus & reforms to end the Greek crisis. Exactly my Jun 2015 proposals
added: Mon May 23 03:24:05 2016

BREAKING: Trump Lied On Candidate Disclosure Form #gop slime @realDonaldTrump #trumpmymiddlefinger
added: Mon May 23 03:22:50 2016
tags: gop, trumpmymiddlefinger

Video: Gluing down the sidewalks? HK’s security circus for Zhang mocked on The Daily Show
added: Mon May 23 03:19:43 2016

@GreatDismal This 10 minute 1946 doco on democracy vs despotism appears more and more prescient..
added: Mon May 23 02:53:09 2016

MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word
added: Mon May 23 02:52:53 2016

Let's Talk About the Toxic Way South Korea Is Handling its Rape Problem
added: Mon May 23 02:33:29 2016

China Said to Push for More State Control Over Video Websites
added: Mon May 23 02:32:50 2016

Mentally ill man in Mississippi jail 11 years w/o trial. @splcenter @ACLU
added: Mon May 23 02:06:03 2016

Blogger detained over claim that Putian hospital investors also control Buddhist temples
added: Mon May 23 01:33:50 2016

479 #Tibetans detained from 2013-15 under #Chinese crackdown, 14 reportedly dead soon after. New @hrw report
added: Mon May 23 01:30:13 2016
tags: tibetans, chinese

When does moderation become censorship: Comments:
added: Mon May 23 01:30:02 2016

Hong Kong plays a leading role in the ivory black market as a transit point for ivory smuggled from Africa to Asia.
added: Mon May 23 01:08:48 2016

Philosopher Jacques Derrida Interviews Jazz Legend Ornette Coleman (1997)
added: Mon May 23 01:07:27 2016

"Domestic workers, like any other worker, need to have their own lives: they have sold their labour but not their...
added: Mon May 23 01:05:34 2016

Wondered what would happen to the 2047 countdown? "No longer be part of the Exhibition".
added: Mon May 23 00:53:24 2016

Any way you look at it, a huge story. A surveillance state insider goes on the record.
added: Sun May 22 23:15:48 2016

Over a third of North America's bird species need 'urgent conservation action' #StateoftheBirds
added: Sun May 22 22:30:29 2016
tags: stateofthebirds

No guns or cannons to be afraid of, says Maria Tam Wai-chu after Zhang Rongshun uproar
added: Sun May 22 22:00:44 2016

Genocide in California. Why is this not taught? We know why, but must pose the question to each other, to teachers..
added: Sun May 22 20:15:05 2016

ZFS, BTRFS, XFS, EXT4 and LVM with KVM – A Storage Performance Comparison (2015): Comments:
added: Sun May 22 16:10:02 2016

I downloaded my data from Facebook and found all of the people I unfriended over 10 years
added: Sun May 22 16:08:12 2016

Latest #DNS #bug is terrifying, & reveals deep flaws in #Internetsecurity from @doctorow
added: Sun May 22 16:01:41 2016
tags: dns, bug, internetsecurity

Crackdown looms for India's super-rich tax avoiders
added: Sun May 22 15:41:10 2016

Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: Local fisherman can freely fish in disputed Scarborough Shoal
added: Sun May 22 14:46:10 2016

Chinese officials had stopped their immigration clearance work before and caused an overcrowding at Lok Ma Chau …
added: Sun May 22 13:39:39 2016

UK volunteer reveals state of SA predator breeding farm #LionsBetrayed #YearoftheLion
added: Sun May 22 13:37:56 2016
tags: lionsbetrayed, yearofthelion

Canned hunting 'ethically repugnant': SA hunters' assoc. #LionsBetrayed #YearoftheLion
added: Sun May 22 13:35:56 2016
tags: yearofthelion, lionsbetrayed

Beijing will use law and public opinion to handle Hong Kong independence issue, not guns, insists prominent lawyer
added: Sun May 22 13:19:57 2016

Student Who Found Flaws in Police Communications Protocol Gets Prison Sentence
added: Sun May 22 12:57:25 2016

2023 Chinese officials had stopped their immigration clearance work and caused an overcrowding at Lok Ma Chau …
added: Sun May 22 12:33:52 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers recruit robot player: by @davidszondy #sportstech
added: Sun May 22 12:30:20 2016
tags: sportstech

Let's face it, Australia's political donations regime is buggered. New revelations by @gcmccoll and
added: Sun May 22 11:34:12 2016

Lawmakers with Brownback ties could be in for rough time on campaign trail
added: Sun May 22 11:01:53 2016

Key G.O.P. Donors Still Deeply Resist Donald Trump’s Candidacy via @mc_naves
added: Sun May 22 10:32:17 2016

some folks veritably guzzle the cool aid "Docker ... dominant global architecture model"
added: Sun May 22 10:20:04 2016

Not-So-Soft Spot: U.S. Embassy Q&A Scrubbed from Chinese Social Media Site
added: Sun May 22 10:19:17 2016

An "entrenched web of corruption" in Zambia is pushing a rare tree species toward extinction:
added: Sun May 22 09:50:36 2016

The US army’s big guns go to the #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun May 22 09:41:04 2016
tags: southchinasea

Israeli legal plan for settlements raises red flag in West Bank
added: Sun May 22 09:32:05 2016

Liu Yuan chooses this resonant time to publicize father, Liu Shaoqi, persecuted to death in Cultural Revolution.
added: Sun May 22 09:25:32 2016

Out of the #BRICS, China is the most closed to foreign direct investment:
added: Sun May 22 09:00:06 2016
tags: brics

Why I Hate Vivekananda - 16 Castiest Quotes of Vivekananda via @AmbedkarCaravan
added: Sun May 22 07:51:25 2016

Where were all these "civility" concerned liberals when @neeratanden gave a friendly platform to racist Netanyahu?
added: Sun May 22 07:25:33 2016

A new design challenge from @USDOT aims to reconnect communities that have been isolated by infrastructure
added: Sun May 22 07:25:11 2016

Only 44% of Trump's backers say their vote is mainly for Trump. 53% say its because they're against Hillary.
added: Sun May 22 06:39:55 2016

Beijing warns will cut contacts if Taiwan doesn't toe line
added: Sun May 22 05:36:07 2016

Public consultation for Hong Kong's largest sports park begins
added: Sun May 22 05:26:08 2016

It's ok everyone. Niall Ferguson has been to China for 2 weeks and got it all sussed
added: Sun May 22 05:08:54 2016

Released Alembic 2.0.0 ( Matches exactly what we are using in production @ThisIsCSD #myelixirstatus
added: Sun May 22 04:06:07 2016
tags: myelixirstatus

Trump Pays Christie’s Debt, Insists ‘You’re Not Eating Oreos Anymore’
added: Sun May 22 01:08:04 2016

Actor sues Facebook after ex-girlfriend sends nude pics to fake profile
added: Sun May 22 01:07:47 2016

'NYT' blames Hamas for all civilian deaths in Gaza in front-page article that sounds like…
added: Sun May 22 01:06:02 2016

#HKgov says no to a human rights commission while UN & rights advocates point to multiple gaps in rights protection
added: Sun May 22 00:55:23 2016
tags: hkgov

.@MattBruenig critics haven't stopped w/Demos; they're trying to go after his main gig, too.
added: Sat May 21 21:53:37 2016

Here's what @SenatorBoxer did while Palestinians testified re*real*violence,life-threatening initimidatn by Israel.
added: Sat May 21 17:15:35 2016

Sweeping claim: PRC AMB UK—"the islands and reefs in the #SouthChinaSea have belonged to China since ancient times."
added: Sat May 21 14:11:27 2016
tags: southchinasea

Another reason to be critical of NFL's tax free status as it relates to #changethename
added: Sat May 21 13:28:46 2016
tags: changethename

"If we need guns, we have guns": Beijing cadre on HK Independence, according to Lawrence Ma
added: Sat May 21 08:31:42 2016

The Week The Entire Media Became Fox News via @mediaite
added: Sat May 21 04:27:57 2016

Lawyers for the city of Chicago formally acknowledged CPD's code of silence for the 1st time in federal court today
added: Sat May 21 03:10:16 2016

Oil company gets the go-ahead to explore for oil in wildlife-rich preserve
added: Sat May 21 03:10:09 2016

Lessons learned from building a website for a small non-profit using Drupal 8 /cc @lullabot
added: Sat May 21 02:24:59 2016

#Malaysia May Bar Overseas Travel for Those Who Insult Government
added: Sat May 21 01:40:11 2016
tags: malaysia

Executives running collapsing coal companies award themselves millions while laying off workers
added: Sat May 21 00:41:01 2016

Airbnb stealth-updated its terms of service to say it's not an insurer, and requires binding arbitration from hosts
added: Sat May 21 00:24:01 2016

We cannot allow an unelected control board handpicked by Republicans to determine the fate of Puerto Rico!
added: Sat May 21 00:20:27 2016

i spoke with a former Facebook Trending staffer on the record -- and multiple others off -- about their experience.
added: Sat May 21 00:16:49 2016

#Winners #RealHooptiesOfNJ @NJMP @RoadkillShow @TheRustyHub.
added: Fri May 20 23:25:02 2016
tags: winners, realhooptiesofnj

I watched Hillary Clinton’s forces swipe Nevada: This is what the media’s not telling you via @Salon #Sanders2016
added: Fri May 20 23:09:29 2016
tags: sanders2016

U.S. beekeepers lost 44% of their colonies in the past year: via @climateprogress
added: Fri May 20 22:59:08 2016

.@BernieSanders actually outraised @HillaryClinton in April, contra the headlines. @iarnsdorf & I break down the #s:
added: Fri May 20 22:27:41 2016
tags: s

90,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico last week & no one is talking about it.
added: Fri May 20 17:45:49 2016

Looks like TN Dems got $176k from the Hillary Victory Fund on 4/25. And sent $176,000 to the DNC 4/25. cc @kenvogel
added: Fri May 20 15:12:39 2016

.@MattBruenig is a rarity: a "wonk" who actually stands up for the working class. Give him your support.
added: Fri May 20 14:39:22 2016

the last 8 years have been a spectacular validation of left-wing arguments
added: Fri May 20 14:34:25 2016

Hedge funds took home $728M of NJ pension $ in 2015. Enough is enough. SIGN the petition #1u
added: Fri May 20 13:50:19 2016
tags: 1u

Sogou & Bing Cooperate on English Search - Exclude Results for Penis, Not Vagina
added: Fri May 20 13:47:31 2016

Albuquerque Man Dies While Restrained by K-Mart Employees Who Then Order Witness with Camera to Leave Store
added: Fri May 20 13:34:29 2016

Sanders' position on Israel more in sync with Democratic base-- & true security for Middle East/
added: Fri May 20 13:20:58 2016

NEW POST: A peek into the stock photography industry from @giorgishka's ethnography
added: Fri May 20 13:12:06 2016

American working at U.S. base in Okinawa arrested after missing woman's body found
added: Fri May 20 13:12:05 2016

U.S. Can’t Detect When Cyber Attacks Are Under Way, Survey Finds
added: Fri May 20 13:10:37 2016

#誰為廣告定分界 ? 當然唔可以由 ICAC 等執法機關所決定,那個不願意像外國其他Election Commission般提出專業意見的選管會都唔得。而且應該由民選的議會制定,而且不能踰越選舉公平目的之界限。
added: Fri May 20 12:56:14 2016

Just too sad & horrible for words. FL Man Says He Killed Sick Wife Because He Couldn’t Afford Her Medicine @nytimes
added: Fri May 20 12:06:02 2016

"Voters and analysts alike should beware of polls that show implausible, eye-catching results."
added: Fri May 20 11:05:21 2016

Norway awards licenses to 13 oil companies to explore virgin part of Arctic. Hello, narwhals
added: Fri May 20 10:44:03 2016

Taiwan's presidential inauguration ceremony took on 1947 massacre of Taiwanese intellectuals
added: Fri May 20 10:31:48 2016

Search for MH370 likely to end by August
added: Fri May 20 10:08:11 2016

tirexs (0.8.1): An Elixir flavored DSL for building JSON based queries to Elasticsearch engine
added: Fri May 20 09:55:37 2016

Five Things That People Should Stop Saying About Bernie Sanders | Trevor Timm
added: Fri May 20 09:50:24 2016

In warning to Tsai Ing-wen, People's Daily cannot bring itself to use her name. Warns no compromise on principles.
added: Fri May 20 09:48:01 2016

Duke Energy will have to clean up its filthy coal ash sites … eventually
added: Fri May 20 09:07:10 2016

China sec regulator says drafting rules to regulate fund companies' subsidiaries
added: Fri May 20 09:05:42 2016

Oil price rally boosts Hong Kong, Shanghai stocks
added: Fri May 20 09:05:16 2016

Learn about 21 of our planet's most #endangered animals for #EndangeredSpeciesDay. PDF: @WWF
added: Fri May 20 08:52:03 2016
tags: endangeredspeciesday, endangered

@heguisen Check this out. In their rush to do a deal, Kissinger and Nixon gave away far more than they needed to
added: Fri May 20 08:39:14 2016

Often overlooked in many articles about Taiwan: the KMT pol who coined "1992 Consensus" admitted he made it up.
added: Fri May 20 08:36:03 2016

“The most frustrating part of this election has been watching purported 'experts' dictate to us our own colonization"
added: Fri May 20 08:06:04 2016

Vietnam rights record puts Obama in a fix as U.S. seeks new Asian alliance
added: Fri May 20 08:06:02 2016

✎ What's new in the web industry? Accessible Web Components and Impact of CSS/SVG filters. via @helloanselm
added: Fri May 20 08:05:45 2016

Poll: 'Redskins' unoffensive to most Native Americans
added: Fri May 20 08:00:36 2016

Russian athletes likely to have tested positive for doping at Beijing Olympics: agency
added: Fri May 20 08:00:01 2016

Animals Asia launches campaign to #EndYulinFestival and #EndTheDogMeatTrade #SignShare
added: Fri May 20 07:59:55 2016
tags: signshare, endthedogmeattrade, endyulinfestival

This is quite amazing!
added: Fri May 20 07:42:31 2016

1 in every 50 workers in China's cities now sells insurance (7.2 million total). All highly qualified, of course.
added: Fri May 20 07:39:17 2016

Wendy's plans to replace workers with self-service kiosks: Comments:
added: Fri May 20 07:10:01 2016

Hong Kong businesses suffer amid tight security during Zhang visit
added: Fri May 20 07:09:44 2016

#HongKong customs officers seize 110kg of ivory, hornbill beak and other contraband
added: Fri May 20 07:08:47 2016
tags: hongkong

ON-CALL: 'Acts of war in a combat zone are not covered by your laptop warranty'
added: Fri May 20 07:04:25 2016

Israel defence minister resigns because he doesn't trust Benjamin Netanyahu
added: Fri May 20 07:00:40 2016

Welcome to the Fleetwood Mac economy
added: Fri May 20 06:58:47 2016

Who says old-style Maoism is dead and buried? Not in Hong Kong -Stephen Vines
added: Fri May 20 06:56:52 2016

DevOps Days Kiel Day 2
added: Fri May 20 05:25:54 2016

Activists released on bail after attempting to block #ZhangDeJiang motorcade @joshuawongcf
added: Fri May 20 05:19:52 2016
tags: zhangdejiang

DNC to offer Sanders more seats on key convention platform committee: report
added: Fri May 20 04:50:07 2016

Israel: Netanyahu replies to Officers’ charges of Fascism, makes far Right Lieberman their boss
added: Fri May 20 04:42:14 2016

.@Trevornoah is responsible for Donald Trump now
added: Fri May 20 04:40:20 2016

Democratic Convention Hosted by Republican Donors, Anti-Obamacare Lobbyists
added: Fri May 20 04:38:31 2016

#Rohingya leader found murdered, stuffed in plastic bag in Yangon. Not declared hate crime. #Burma
added: Fri May 20 04:38:29 2016
tags: burma, rohingya

Mainland news outlets ignore Taiwan president's inaugration
added: Fri May 20 04:17:02 2016

#China Eyes #PBOC Veteran Zhang Tao as Next IMF Deputy, Caixin Reports via @business @MalcolmScott8 #yuan
added: Fri May 20 04:16:17 2016
tags: china, yuan, pboc

#HKSAR #police hv #security prob w/ leaky officer UNLESS its ALL pro-cop #propaganda>Elite officers... #ZhangDejiang
added: Fri May 20 04:15:58 2016
tags: police, hksar, security, zhangdejiang, propaganda

Uyghur Teenager Convicted of Plotting to Leave China, Join Separatist Group Gets 20 Years — RFA
added: Fri May 20 03:31:37 2016

Temer orders military to surround residence of Dilma Rousseff
added: Fri May 20 03:30:12 2016

Pink Floyd Performs on US Television for the First Time: American Bandstand, 1967
added: Fri May 20 03:21:06 2016

Ron Wyden and Rand Paul want to limit judges’ ability to approve government mass hacking
added: Fri May 20 02:32:03 2016

Sanders Philly platform push might include "more balanced" stance on Israel/Palestine-I'm sure reaction will be calm
added: Fri May 20 02:22:47 2016

China coins Orwellian term "soil improvement program" to root out extremism in Xinjiang.
added: Fri May 20 02:22:16 2016

83-year old writer taken by police for not writing "reports of his thinking" and failing "to participate in studies"
added: Fri May 20 02:20:43 2016

Study shows China’s online propaganda is more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’
added: Fri May 20 02:06:31 2016

@librab103 @LarryWebsite @fakeKevinDJ In many ways, the media has just been an extension of HRC campaign.
added: Fri May 20 01:12:53 2016

Bill Weld, hoping to run for V.P. on the Libertarian ticket, takes aim at Donald Trump
added: Fri May 20 00:16:12 2016

Plans for a new railway line into Tibet pose a huge technological challenge—and a political one via @TheEconomist
added: Thu May 19 21:30:47 2016

#FreeBSD packaged base will not be production-ready for 11.0-RELEASE:
added: Thu May 19 20:37:00 2016
tags: freebsd

#Zambia: Two Air Force (ZAF) officials are among four arrested with #rhino horns #Africa
added: Thu May 19 19:20:15 2016
tags: rhino, africa, zambia

@joanwalsh quotation from Randy Brown of Edison Research in this NPR piece
added: Thu May 19 18:24:54 2016

Tibet closed again: No foreign tourists Jun 18-23. Probably due to a top leader from the motherland visiting Lhasa?
added: Thu May 19 16:33:20 2016

Has the Internet changed what it means to be Chinese? Great piece by @jleibold for the @UoNCPI blog
added: Thu May 19 12:20:06 2016

The huge joke Brazil's media tried to sell the world- impeachment was about corruption - gets more exposed every day
added: Thu May 19 11:42:28 2016

Green groups slam Nam Sang Wai developer
added: Thu May 19 11:41:49 2016

"Building Multiplayer Games with #Phoenix and #Phaser" by @ktec is now available on our webiste
added: Thu May 19 11:20:34 2016
tags: phoenix, phaser

Australian Federal Police raid Labor party offices over alleged NBN leaks
added: Thu May 19 10:47:26 2016

#BREAKING: 3 illegal trawlers arrested in night raid by #SeaShepherd & Gabonese authorities:
added: Thu May 19 08:07:00 2016
tags: seashepherd, breaking

In which me and @tomphillipsin find that not all hongkongers were equally impressed by Zhang's state visit:
added: Thu May 19 07:49:52 2016

An ayatollah's daughter meets a member of the persecuted Bahai minority, touching off an angry debate in Iran:
added: Thu May 19 07:45:09 2016

ICYMI: #HK must work toward a #PanamaPapers Ordinance to end automatic recognition of offshore firms
added: Thu May 19 07:14:37 2016
tags: hk, panamapapers

Hong Kong launches fresh plan to fortify security after HKD629 million SWIFT heist
added: Thu May 19 07:12:37 2016

OK fine I actually threw up a storify very quickly, I want to go back and reorganize it later.
added: Thu May 19 06:40:35 2016

HK police "thanks" for your support to #DJZhang 's visit & the reality via #屌你老母張德江
added: Thu May 19 06:29:05 2016
tags: djzhang

only 15% of us adults have used uber/lyft good reminder that things sv thinks are mainstream still very much aren't
added: Thu May 19 05:40:30 2016

#PanamaPapers mysterious company in the British Virgin Islands
added: Thu May 19 05:36:34 2016
tags: panamapapers

Offshore companies in #PanamaPapers linked to homes in expensive areas
added: Thu May 19 05:33:48 2016
tags: panamapapers

Intercept of US recon aircraft could have violated existing bilateral procedures between US and China #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu May 19 05:31:08 2016
tags: southchinasea

This is how China works. #fact
added: Thu May 19 05:28:40 2016
tags: fact

Chinese ambassador to UK tells Tibetans their cause is ‘doomed’ @freetibetorg #freetibet
added: Thu May 19 05:28:13 2016
tags: freetibet

A parting message for Zhang as the League of Social Democrats hope their messages will finally be heeded
added: Thu May 19 05:23:32 2016

Aston Villa takeover: Chinese businessman Dr Tony Xia agrees £60m deal
added: Thu May 19 05:18:41 2016

The subtle change in language that proves Beijing no longer respects Hong Kong’s special status
added: Thu May 19 05:16:09 2016

No need for internal guidelines says Home Affairs Sec. after Taiwan naming controversy
added: Thu May 19 05:12:29 2016

Author Thomas Frank Talks Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and His New Book, ‘Listen Liberal’
added: Thu May 19 05:02:06 2016

The $10bn question: what happened to the Marcos millions?
added: Thu May 19 04:49:44 2016

This article is almost laughably unballanced
added: Thu May 19 04:47:08 2016

#China netizens respond to death of man in #Beijing police custody Tough questions dodged
added: Thu May 19 04:06:06 2016
tags: china, beijing

NPCSC Chairman visits public rental housing estate
added: Thu May 19 04:06:04 2016

Trying to figure out why Clinton SuperPAC @CorrectRecord paid Media Matters for "flu shots"?
added: Thu May 19 04:02:19 2016

It’s time to ditch the ‘one #China’ fiction and normalize relations with Taiwan
added: Thu May 19 03:58:18 2016
tags: china

Chinese fighter jets intercept US spy plane 'unsafely' over West Philippine Sea. PLA shows lack of discipline again
added: Thu May 19 03:31:03 2016

Online charters=dropout factories + make edupreneurs rich despite failure educate kids - but hey that's disruption!
added: Thu May 19 03:29:23 2016

Taiwan says panda alive & ok, despite Chinese reports to contrary & a picture to prove it...
added: Thu May 19 03:17:29 2016

#PegasusFC clinched a cup double by defeating #SouthChina in dramatic Sapling Cup final. Pics & report: #hkfootball
added: Thu May 19 02:46:30 2016
tags: southchina, pegasusfc, hkfootball

It looked like #China's new credit dropped in April. That misses 1tril yuan of bond sales:
added: Thu May 19 02:41:20 2016
tags: china

Donald Trump promises to ‘dismantle’ Wall Street reform
added: Thu May 19 02:40:01 2016

Chinese jets intercept U.S. recon plane, almost colliding over South China Sea
added: Thu May 19 02:34:20 2016

Chinese jets intercept U.S. spy plane over South China Sea:
added: Thu May 19 02:21:24 2016

Hillary actually beats Trump in 1 category - she has a MORE negative rating. Congrats, Hill! #DropOutHillary
added: Thu May 19 00:12:22 2016
tags: dropouthillary

21 House Dems voted to keep Gitmo open:
added: Wed May 18 22:57:53 2016

#Mao and I: Like gum on the sidewalk, the elephant in the room, Mao is still everywhere in #China #Queen #HongKong
added: Wed May 18 22:56:30 2016
tags: china, hongkong, queen, mao

New magnetic storage technique gives six bits per memory cell
added: Wed May 18 22:48:43 2016

WAT?! TeslaCrypt shuts down and Releases Master Decryption Key
added: Wed May 18 21:33:36 2016

Every day in America, people continue to be kicked out of their homes based on false documents.
added: Wed May 18 19:54:35 2016

I worked @CIA. I wrote the Emergency Destruction Plan for Geneva. When CIA destroys something, it's never a mistake.
added: Wed May 18 17:47:30 2016

New research: Audio, Battery, WebRTC APIs in HTML5 are all being abused by third-party scripts for fingerprinting
added: Wed May 18 16:20:59 2016

Zhang called for 'continued dialogue', pro-democracy lawmakers say after meeting ...
added: Wed May 18 15:02:23 2016

A Subversive Message in Hong Kong Goes Up in Lights - amazing story by @amyyqin
added: Wed May 18 13:42:19 2016

US Supreme Court’s decision to seize Iranian assets could undermines US business interests @comprehendiran
added: Wed May 18 12:33:02 2016

Small group against mainland ties, says #ZhangDeJiang
added: Wed May 18 12:25:49 2016
tags: zhangdejiang

Multinationals beware! China Plans to Get Tough on Corporate Tax Evasion.
added: Wed May 18 11:57:59 2016

SEC says cyber security biggest risk to financial system
added: Wed May 18 11:21:43 2016

Sonny Palacios is the progressive in the #TX15 race. Next Tuesday is the runoff
added: Wed May 18 11:20:31 2016
tags: tx15

The @WorldBank is eliminating the term “developing country” from its data vocabulary!
added: Wed May 18 10:24:35 2016

Paid protestors who've never held a flag in their life try to figure out how they work. Flappy bit at the t...
added: Wed May 18 10:13:05 2016

Coincidence?Li Ka-shing unwell & expected to miss work/engagements till #DJZhang visit ends
added: Wed May 18 10:04:05 2016
tags: djzhang

Wrong way around, folks: #HK Pan-democrats must seize this chance for dialogue with #China via @SCMP_News
added: Wed May 18 09:54:20 2016
tags: hk, china

China says to support steel exports as U.S. imposes hefty tariffs
added: Wed May 18 09:49:16 2016

Feels like conventional wisdom is finally turning against idea that arbitrary borders explain all of MidEast history
added: Wed May 18 09:36:15 2016

How cute #屌你老母張德江 #DLLMDJZhang
added: Wed May 18 09:27:13 2016

New video up! See "#Phoenix 1.2 and Beyond" by @chris_mccord
added: Wed May 18 09:20:49 2016
tags: phoenix

Megaupload Hard Drives Are Unreadable, Hosting Company Warns
added: Wed May 18 09:01:33 2016

This is cool - - from our main man @ccrisccris making #OCaml mainstream with @fb_engineering #reason
added: Wed May 18 09:00:58 2016
tags: reason, ocaml

US raises duties on Chinese steel
added: Wed May 18 08:45:42 2016

CIA Internal Watchdog Admits It Destroyed Copy of Senate Torture Report
added: Wed May 18 08:45:15 2016

Linkedin 117 million account leaked and up for sale.
added: Wed May 18 08:40:21 2016

Legislative Council Question 6: Impacts of filibusters on Government's implementation of policies and HK society
added: Wed May 18 08:39:08 2016

Chinese state leader shown mysterious Lantau development model 'absent' from public ...
added: Wed May 18 08:32:15 2016

A masterful column from Martin Wolf: 'Failing elites are to blame for the rise of Donald Trump'
added: Wed May 18 07:32:29 2016

Taiwanese-American Navy Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin has pleaded not guilty of espionage and requested a trial by jury
added: Wed May 18 07:24:09 2016

Family of missing British man found after six years aren't legally allowed to know where he is
added: Wed May 18 07:22:03 2016

Kristen Stewart's new film booed at Cannes despite positive reviews
added: Wed May 18 07:22:02 2016

Kafkaesque encounters w officials in China are common, but this accusation takes the cake.
added: Wed May 18 07:17:53 2016

Bayer is suing the EU for saving the bees. Don't let it! #petition #signnow
added: Wed May 18 06:52:15 2016
tags: signnow, petition

Attention, all Beijingers: 'How long can you cycle before the harm from po