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well, no, not really - #obor
added: Thu Aug 16 09:14:04 2018
tags: obor

Italy's new government says that state schools will no longer require written proof that children are vaccinated
added: Thu Aug 16 08:03:12 2018

The consolation prize, two days after Andy Chan's FCC talk: Mainland unveils new permits for Hongkongers
added: Thu Aug 16 07:43:50 2018

Today's @HKBigLychee column begs a rather big question: who is Andy Ho? Any relation to Andy Chan?
added: Wed Aug 15 04:21:15 2018

Outcry in Malaysia over two women sentenced to caning for lesbian sex
added: Tue Aug 14 12:40:37 2018

Trump hires the worst people, according to Trump
added: Tue Aug 14 12:33:59 2018

secrex (0.1.0): Mix tasks to encrypt and decrypt files to safely keep them in the repo
added: Tue Aug 14 12:23:15 2018

BREAKING: Italian news agency ANSA citing Interior Ministry says 11 dead in bridge collapse in Genoa.
added: Tue Aug 14 12:21:54 2018

Google is tracking your every move even when you tell it to stop - here's how to fix it
added: Tue Aug 14 12:20:36 2018

Erdogan says Turkey will boycott U.S. electronics, lira steadies
added: Tue Aug 14 12:15:27 2018

The Ultra-Wealthy World of Crazy Rich Asians Is a Real Thing. Here’s Why
added: Tue Aug 14 12:03:56 2018

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Aug 14 09:39:40 2018

Pune-based Cosmos bank duped of Rs 94 crore in 2 days in cyber attack
added: Tue Aug 14 09:38:10 2018

Pro-Peking legislation demands #HongKong government to terminate the lease with @fcchk 建制派議員聯署要求政府考慮終止外國記者協會租約
added: Tue Aug 14 08:47:21 2018
tags: hongkong

Pro-Beijing groups protest outside press club against talk by pro-independence activist Andy Chan via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Aug 14 07:39:15 2018

TBF I deeply regret some of my FCC luncheon talk on occasion...
added: Tue Aug 14 06:38:32 2018

Full text: FCC speech as given by Andy Chan Ho-Tin
added: Tue Aug 14 06:13:34 2018

Huawei likely to be spared Australia 5G ban
added: Tue Aug 14 05:58:03 2018

Why Hong Kong judge rejects bid to halt a controversal joint-checkpoint plan for high-speed rail link
added: Tue Aug 14 04:52:32 2018

China's creeping aggression continues The Times of India
added: Mon Aug 13 23:14:58 2018

As Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross met with the head of a company in which he still had a financial stake.
added: Mon Aug 13 22:30:06 2018

The 2008 crisis cost every American $70,000, Fed study finds
added: Mon Aug 13 17:29:17 2018

US investigating purchase of Mexican AM radio station near Los Angeles for links to Beijing propaganda outlet
added: Mon Aug 13 12:12:29 2018

China rejects allegations of detaining million Uighurs in camps in Xinjiang
added: Mon Aug 13 11:10:06 2018

Malaysia seeks financier's $35 million jet linked to 1MDB scandal
added: Mon Aug 13 10:10:43 2018

One state-run company has more than 18,000 employees working on the production of paper notes and coins.
added: Mon Aug 13 10:00:38 2018

That makes Ross “among the biggest grifters in American history.”
added: Mon Aug 13 10:00:00 2018

“There are places where there’s still no running water, but you can stream a video” -
added: Mon Aug 13 09:58:30 2018

The Chinese Street's View of the #TradeWar: 28% of Consumers in #China Already Saying They Won't Buy US Products
added: Mon Aug 13 09:39:00 2018
tags: tradewar, china

As Hong Kong's rents continue to skyrocket, so too does the number of people sleeping rough.
added: Mon Aug 13 09:30:24 2018

My story today: Europe finally gets its share of mega buybacks as profits grow via @markets…
added: Mon Aug 13 09:30:02 2018

China printing foreign currency on massive scale to boost influence via @SCMPNews
added: Mon Aug 13 09:26:29 2018

Prominent Chinese videos sites vow to cap actors' pay amid tax evasion probe
added: Mon Aug 13 07:24:05 2018

Multi-Cultural Crowd Rallies in Tel Aviv against Likud Apartheid Law
added: Mon Aug 13 07:23:06 2018

西沙農地變黃金,住多近三萬人,馬鞍山西貢居民有排塞。 土地正義聯盟
added: Mon Aug 13 07:15:06 2018

Turkey's central bank launches economic-stability plan
added: Mon Aug 13 07:00:15 2018

Carrie Lam doing a policy address consultation facebook live on Friday 8pm... hmmmm
added: Mon Aug 13 02:40:06 2018

According to this study western media are much less critical in their China coverage compar…
added: Mon Aug 13 01:26:27 2018

Police Chief’s Son Charged in Attack on Sikh Man in California
added: Fri Aug 10 12:39:34 2018 is now open source cheers @bendhalpern
added: Fri Aug 10 12:38:42 2018

Jared Kushner must be thrilled that he's no longer the most disastrous son-in-law in the world any more.
added: Fri Aug 10 12:24:44 2018

SCOOP: E.P.A. Staff Objected to Agency’s New Rules on Asbestos Use, Internal Emails Show
added: Fri Aug 10 12:17:38 2018

Pakistan PM convicted but no investigation in Raman Singh's son's case: @RahulGandhi
added: Fri Aug 10 12:01:05 2018

When can cops legally shoot someone running away from them?
added: Fri Aug 10 12:01:00 2018

In leaked audio, Devin Nunes gives up the game on collusion
added: Fri Aug 10 12:00:35 2018

Facebook is shutting down Friend List Feeds via @techcrunch
added: Fri Aug 10 12:00:01 2018

Qualcomm settles antitrust dispute with Taiwan regulators
added: Fri Aug 10 09:43:49 2018

'This is China ... leave immediately': @USNavy plane warned over #SouthChinaSea Jet flew pa…
added: Fri Aug 10 09:33:55 2018
tags: southchinasea

Stocks dive, euro falls, as Turkey turmoil ripples out
added: Fri Aug 10 09:32:15 2018

The China drug connection - #opoidcrisis #actofwar #victimsofcommunism - @washtimes
added: Fri Aug 10 09:31:22 2018
tags: victimsofcommunism, actofwar, opoidcrisis

In Zimbabwe, pre-election optimism has quickly given way to a bleak ― albeit all too familiar — aftermath.
added: Fri Aug 10 09:30:18 2018

Grant approved for Gansu flood victims in Mainland
added: Fri Aug 10 09:28:33 2018

China move to drop crude off tariff list a relief for Sinopec
added: Fri Aug 10 08:29:02 2018

New People's Party lawmaker Eunice Yung, married party CEO Derek Yuen
added: Fri Aug 10 06:08:32 2018

The world is getting a harsh taste of China’s unsafe medicine supply chain via @qz
added: Fri Aug 10 00:45:12 2018

Practical Web Cache Poisoning: Redefining 'Unexploitable'
added: Thu Aug 9 23:51:41 2018

Rogue goat may have helped dozens of farm animals escape
added: Thu Aug 9 23:48:30 2018

Peer-to-peer lending crisis in China fuels outcry
added: Thu Aug 9 21:13:43 2018

China’s Belt and Road is conduit for polluting investments
added: Thu Aug 9 17:33:36 2018

Thousands of people are standing up to BBC bias against Jeremy Corbyn By @ElfreaLockley #BBCswitchoff
added: Thu Aug 9 15:33:58 2018
tags: bbcswitchoff

Why Kenyans have been banned from hotels in China
added: Thu Aug 9 15:32:12 2018

Chinese leadership is facing a rare backlash for its handling of the US trade dispute
added: Thu Aug 9 13:29:02 2018

One from our archive by @unkowthe: How the resurgence of white supremacy in the US sparked a war over free speech
added: Wed Aug 8 14:59:26 2018

China’s leaders’ secretive summer HQ: a brief history of Beidaihe
added: Wed Aug 8 14:59:23 2018

Pieds-a-terre for rich suburbanites
added: Wed Aug 8 14:58:57 2018

China Strikes Back With Second Tranche of Tariffs
added: Wed Aug 8 14:58:46 2018

I am doing as much as I can as a captain: @imVkohli
added: Wed Aug 8 14:58:45 2018

Saudi Arabia is disposing of Canadian assets ‘no matter the cost’, FT reports
added: Wed Aug 8 14:58:28 2018

Palestinian-American. Muslim. Woman. In Congress. Amazing.
added: Wed Aug 8 13:54:05 2018

Centrist MPs are in secret talks about forming a new cross-party alliance, reports @adampayne26
added: Wed Aug 8 07:54:09 2018

Russian think tank calls for sale of Su-35 fighters to Pakistan in retaliation to India opting out of FGFA
added: Wed Aug 8 07:34:35 2018
added: Wed Aug 8 07:33:00 2018

China is using criminal gangs as proxies in its war on democracy via @hongkongfp
added: Wed Aug 8 06:36:58 2018

@JuanApilluelo @simonting Another big investor try to sell his HK property worth 0.79B hk dollars.
added: Wed Aug 8 05:18:12 2018

Sea Mines in Amphibious Operations
added: Wed Aug 8 04:01:04 2018

Lie back and think of China: People's Daily says having children is a "national issue", not just a family one
added: Wed Aug 8 01:32:23 2018

'Why is Theresa May silent about Boris's burqa remarks?'
added: Tue Aug 7 12:50:20 2018

Lawmakers Rebuke Construction Ministry Over Handling of Road Contracts
added: Tue Aug 7 12:32:33 2018
added: Tue Aug 7 12:07:46 2018

#china PBoC said to have met with #Yuan fixing banks; urges to avoid ‘herd behaviour’
added: Tue Aug 7 11:58:26 2018
tags: china, yuan

Kris Kobach won’t accept report that Trump’s voter fraud commission found no voter fraud
added: Tue Aug 7 11:45:24 2018

SpiderOak warrant canary to be replaced by 'transparency report'
added: Tue Aug 7 10:49:00 2018

#StVincent stands by #Taiwan despite #China’s pressure - Nikkei Asian Review
added: Tue Aug 7 10:13:57 2018
tags: stvincent, china, taiwan

China needs better policy coordination to spur lending: PBOC adviser
added: Tue Aug 7 08:26:29 2018

'Holy crap!': NASA awestruck by Melbourne team's virtual space station
added: Tue Aug 7 06:37:08 2018

MTR Corp just announced a suspension of trading until tomorrow morning. Big news coming?
added: Tue Aug 7 04:56:55 2018

Jho Low’s Super Yacht #Equanimity Back in #Malaysia
added: Tue Aug 7 01:35:07 2018
tags: equanimity, malaysia

Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen seeks US$11bn defence budget as China threat grows via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Aug 7 00:38:55 2018

A photo of Liu Xia enjoying a drink in Berlin, courtesy of @liaoyiwu1
added: Mon Aug 6 23:19:41 2018

Trade of China-Kazakhstan Horgos Int'l Border Cooperation Center enters busy season
added: Mon Aug 6 12:31:22 2018

Wildfire burns in Portugal for fourth day, 1,150 firefighters mobilize
added: Mon Aug 6 12:30:55 2018

LED lighting and the destruction of night is a global blight to health
added: Mon Aug 6 12:28:14 2018

China's July exports growth still seen holding up despite U.S. tariffs: Reuters poll
added: Mon Aug 6 12:25:17 2018

Great article from @amyyqin on Chinese political influence and the United Front Work Department in Singapore:
added: Mon Aug 6 12:06:36 2018

The spot where Emmett Till’s body was found is marked by this sign. Someone just shot it up — again.
added: Mon Aug 6 11:46:55 2018

China dictatorship occupying Tibet is a threat to Asia future.
added: Mon Aug 6 10:50:38 2018

OBOR is not opt-in, apparently. 一帶一路才是硬道理
added: Mon Aug 6 10:20:28 2018

Will it be enough to pressure Netanyahu to backtrack on the Jewish Nation-State Law?
added: Mon Aug 6 09:44:00 2018

Police lock down Beijing’s financial district to thwart protests
added: Mon Aug 6 09:43:24 2018

#Tradewar storm clouds loom over #China leaders’ annual ummer getaway in Beidaihe via @SCMPNews
added: Mon Aug 6 09:43:00 2018
tags: tradewar, china

Wells Fargo yet again
added: Mon Aug 6 09:42:07 2018

Apple removes most of Alex Jones's Infowars podcasts from iTunes, apps
added: Mon Aug 6 09:40:26 2018

Germany upholds export, investment guarantees for Iran business despite U.S. pressure
added: Mon Aug 6 09:24:26 2018

This essay, by @jgarnaut, on China's influence operations is a must-read. (h/t: @DrIanHall)
added: Mon Aug 6 08:52:53 2018

Consultation prize: U.S.-China trade war fires bonanza for advisory firms
added: Mon Aug 6 08:10:38 2018

German factory orders slump as trade war intensifies – business live
added: Mon Aug 6 07:12:11 2018

Taiwan considering countermeasures against airlines referring to island as part of China…
added: Mon Aug 6 06:40:18 2018

Chinese government steals family home in Tahiti... Not Taiwan, however the lesson is never never never trust the CCP
added: Mon Aug 6 06:06:10 2018

Another Chinese Drug Maker Finds Carcinogen in Blood Pressure Treatment Products
added: Mon Aug 6 04:42:07 2018

@Dalzell60 @tombschrader From the MCLC Resource Centre:
added: Sun Aug 5 23:02:12 2018

The closure of Mong Kok's pedestrian zone exposes one of Hong Kong's dirty little secrets
added: Sun Aug 5 16:04:02 2018

Dubai to Hong Kong, follow the money (laundering) State sponsored money laundering
added: Sun Aug 5 00:46:37 2018

Are We Ready If China Suddenly Collapsed?
added: Sat Aug 4 18:30:44 2018

Is Trumpism Fascism?
added: Thu Aug 2 10:09:28 2018

Turkey's ancient Roman bath to open for tourists soon
added: Thu Aug 2 08:45:00 2018

Lieberman bans entry of fuel, gas into besieged Gaza
added: Thu Aug 2 08:21:00 2018

Twenty-one immigration offenders arrested
added: Thu Aug 2 07:58:40 2018

Cracking down while opening up. The paradox that is Saudi reform. via @margheritamvs
added: Thu Aug 2 07:47:52 2018

Jane Austen’s fiction was uncomfortably close to the urban, middle-class India I despised.
added: Thu Aug 2 07:08:01 2018

IN PHOTOS: 6 Chinese ships guarding Panatag Shoal via @rapplerdotcom
added: Thu Aug 2 01:23:01 2018

Taiwan refutes rumour that airlines no longer accepting Republic of China passports
added: Wed Aug 1 14:34:06 2018

Howard Schultz might be determined to set his own money on fire in 2020.
added: Wed Aug 1 14:31:14 2018

Automatic gunfire heard on streets of Harare after election protests
added: Wed Aug 1 13:54:32 2018

▶️ Ghost guns: plastic weapons that kill
added: Wed Aug 1 13:54:13 2018

Where is the emerging left's foreign policy? Sarah Jones, @onesarahjones, for @newrepublic:
added: Wed Aug 1 13:47:21 2018

'Nothing' will halt migrant rescues, says NGO behind Aquarius missions
added: Wed Aug 1 12:59:08 2018

Throughout France, grassroots groups sprung up in late 1940 and 1941, independently of de Gaulle and of one another.
added: Wed Aug 1 12:58:47 2018

Alibaba Discloses Increase in Ofo Stake
added: Wed Aug 1 12:42:41 2018

Good take, among other things, on what an IMF program for Pakistan will mean for China as creditor.
added: Wed Aug 1 11:56:13 2018

Backdoors in Cisco Routers
added: Wed Aug 1 11:41:01 2018

Thieves nab two 17th century royal crowns and an orb from Swedish cathedral, remain at large
added: Wed Aug 1 11:40:00 2018

DR Congo ex-warlord Bemba returns home to mount election challenge
added: Wed Aug 1 11:07:29 2018

Remembering #AIM, 50 years later.
added: Wed Aug 1 11:03:12 2018
tags: aim

Koch-backed study finds ‘Medicare for All’ would save U.S. trillions
added: Wed Aug 1 11:00:29 2018

China names new internet watchdog
added: Wed Aug 1 11:00:22 2018

BlackRock is snapping up Turkish bonds that have been derided by Goldman Sachs via @markets @business
added: Wed Aug 1 10:30:48 2018

The Secret Ingredient to China’s Aggression? Sand. And sand that they stole from Zambales.
added: Wed Aug 1 10:26:44 2018

The Yazidi crisis is not over | @CNNOpinion
added: Wed Aug 1 10:16:07 2018

From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America by @londonoe
added: Wed Aug 1 10:10:21 2018

Exploited @amazon workers need better working conditions and the right to form a #union!
added: Wed Aug 1 09:52:55 2018
tags: union

Iran's parliament summons Rouhani as economy falters under U.S. pressures
added: Wed Aug 1 09:50:20 2018

From 10 years in an ICC slammer to vying for #DRCongo presidency - in less than 2 months.
added: Wed Aug 1 09:49:01 2018
tags: drcongo

Amnesty: We were targeted with Israeli NSO cyberweapons “Human rights group claims maliciou…
added: Wed Aug 1 09:46:15 2018

The Bank of England should not raise rates: here's why - written earlier, but still relevant.
added: Wed Aug 1 09:45:57 2018

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson freed on bail after winning legal challenge against contempt of court finding
added: Wed Aug 1 09:41:30 2018

Tesla Plans $5 Billion Investment in China Factory
added: Wed Aug 1 09:40:45 2018

The IMF shouldn't underwrite China's reckless lending in Pakistan, says @BaldingsWorld via @bopinion
added: Wed Aug 1 09:34:22 2018

Corbyn apologises over event where Israel was compared to Nazis Full circle? @jeremycorbyn…
added: Wed Aug 1 09:24:07 2018

▶️ Opposition blames far-right government for wave of racist attacks in Italy
added: Wed Aug 1 08:59:05 2018

@AdamRamsay Anti-mafia journalist Roberto Saviano was talking about money laundering UK…
added: Wed Aug 1 08:55:16 2018

75% of press coverage misrepresents Corbyn. We can’t ignore the media bias against Jeremy Corbyn anymore
added: Wed Aug 1 07:57:32 2018

China’s Plan to Win Friends and Influence Includes Ski Slopes and Spas
added: Wed Aug 1 07:54:04 2018

Useful CSS techniques to keep in mind. ↬ Fixing 100vh scrollbar issue. ↬ Dynamic SVG plac…
added: Wed Aug 1 07:22:00 2018

And MPs probably wonder why people don't like them.
added: Wed Aug 1 07:11:48 2018

.@HKBigLychee nailing it
added: Wed Aug 1 06:45:30 2018

Turkey banks want faster loan restructuring as lira plunge bites via @markets @business by…
added: Wed Aug 1 06:45:15 2018

Thousands of people in Cambodia were displaced by the flooding from a dam failure in neighboring Laos
added: Wed Aug 1 06:44:02 2018

#CyberDigest | Russian secret-spilling site ‘Dossier’ steps into spotlight | @razhael |
added: Wed Aug 1 05:21:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

The latest The Liberationtech Daily!
added: Wed Aug 1 05:18:03 2018

Planet Earth, the mothership, is sinking …
added: Wed Aug 1 05:16:04 2018

@leahmcelrath @jjmacnab this helped me understand it
added: Wed Aug 1 04:02:19 2018

Since reading her NYT piece a few weeks ago (, I've become transfixed by @Sarah_Smarsh's wr…
added: Wed Aug 1 03:25:25 2018

Tibetan nuns claim sexual abuse at re-education centers- La Croix International
added: Wed Aug 1 03:19:34 2018

Xi requires resolute ending of military's paid services - Xinhua interesting that Xi would…
added: Wed Aug 1 01:49:55 2018

Ousted lawmaker 'Long Hair' defiant as Hong Kong legislature seeks HK$3m repayment in court
added: Wed Aug 1 00:42:20 2018

Manafort had more than 30 overseas bank accounts: prosecutors
added: Tue Jul 31 23:45:39 2018

Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life via @siberian_times
added: Tue Jul 31 22:19:30 2018

Bank of Nanjing’s $2 Billion Fundraising Rejected
added: Tue Jul 31 21:00:14 2018

@Billbrowder Just leaving this here -- another #Russian journalist, dead earlier this year, investigating #Wagner
added: Tue Jul 31 19:17:06 2018
tags: wagner, russian

Vince Cable says campaign for Final Say on Brexit has 'momentum that will be very hard to stop'
added: Tue Jul 31 10:40:57 2018

Yuan weakens, set for fourth straight monthly loss in July
added: Tue Jul 31 10:19:16 2018

NGO task force identifies 63 victims of human trafficking in Hong Kong using new toolkit…
added: Tue Jul 31 10:18:29 2018

An unsolved murder at Italy’s most notorious tower block
added: Tue Jul 31 09:40:41 2018

Climate change denial won’t even benefit oil companies soon
added: Tue Jul 31 09:39:50 2018

A film probes the legendary screen siren Hedy Lamarr’s other career: groundbreaking but often thwarted inventor.
added: Tue Jul 31 09:39:40 2018

LA mayor vows to strengthen China ties despite trade war fears
added: Tue Jul 31 09:38:35 2018

Read our May 2018 story to find out more: #WorldRangerDay
added: Tue Jul 31 09:09:00 2018
tags: worldrangerday

Top values of Singapore society include ‘kiasu’, ‘complaining’, ‘self-centred’: survey
added: Tue Jul 31 09:06:51 2018

New #Malaysia Government Drops Sedition Charges Against Cartoonist, Others
added: Tue Jul 31 05:00:09 2018
tags: malaysia

Report: Trump administration considers bypassing Congress to approve tax cut for the rich
added: Tue Jul 31 04:47:44 2018

Be warned: Your passion for unagi may lead you to eels smuggled from Europe.
added: Tue Jul 31 04:45:42 2018

“Even in Canada, people have no problem referring to Taiwan as #Taiwan. But there’s...
added: Tue Jul 31 04:01:21 2018
tags: taiwan

Australia: Foreign Affairs ministry opts for secrecy over China infrastructure agreement
added: Tue Jul 31 03:49:19 2018

This is an attack on surviving rural belief systems in China, not just about land.
added: Tue Jul 31 03:28:43 2018

Just launched today, is a user-friendly guide to help identify local snakes without having…
added: Tue Jul 31 02:47:41 2018

China uses threats about relatives at home to control and silence expats and exiles abroad via @businessinsider
added: Tue Jul 31 02:20:20 2018

Yet another attempt by the Chinese government to repair the ever-widening cracks in its social welfare system
added: Tue Jul 31 02:00:59 2018

UPDATED: @RSPBScotland issues response to news of suspension of Scottish Raven cull:
added: Mon Jul 30 15:49:31 2018

It’s time to confront Amazon's secret monopolies
added: Mon Jul 30 14:09:58 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen used a “pedophile detecting machine” Roy Moore. It went off — and then so did Moore.
added: Mon Jul 30 14:09:36 2018

“Facebook was doing exactly what it was built for, that’s why it was worth $600 billion."
added: Mon Jul 30 14:07:26 2018

This is a staggering story: “PM personally approved $443m fund for tiny Barrier Reef foundation”
added: Mon Jul 30 12:15:31 2018

The #MarshallIslands has signed a visa-free entry agreement with #Taiwan.
added: Mon Jul 30 10:31:53 2018
tags: taiwan, marshallislands

From torture in Egypt to detention in Hong Kong - harrowing piece on Coptic Christian refugees. By @ARaquelCarvalho
added: Mon Jul 30 04:13:55 2018

China loves sucking blood out of Africa via @qzafrica
added: Sun Jul 29 19:29:39 2018

Scientists say they revived 42,000-year-old frozen worms via @engadget
added: Sun Jul 29 03:06:51 2018

Trade war casualty in US: cheap prices for everyday goods
added: Sun Jul 29 02:50:00 2018

If you ever want drive a Chinese patriot berserk, send them this link.
added: Sun Jul 29 01:08:32 2018

Polar bear killed for acting like a wild animal:
added: Sat Jul 28 23:03:33 2018

Let’s build it in Britain
added: Sat Jul 28 18:54:54 2018

An ICE detainee diagnosed with schizophrenia spent 21 days in solitary confinement — then took his own life
added: Sat Jul 28 18:44:19 2018

‘Politically sanctioned extinction’ of koalas happening in Australia:
added: Sat Jul 28 07:52:09 2018

Michael Cohen Says Trump Knew in Advance About Meeting with Russians
added: Sat Jul 28 07:50:04 2018

House Republicans Aren't Ignoring Trump And Russia, They're Actively Blocking The Truth | By; Kurt Bardella
added: Sat Jul 28 07:48:14 2018

Mangled boats, bikes all that remain in wake of California fire
added: Sat Jul 28 07:45:22 2018

CBS boss accused by 6 women of sexual harassment
added: Sat Jul 28 06:04:05 2018

Fear in the rice fields - Cambodia's controversial election
added: Sat Jul 28 06:00:09 2018

Austerity, not just climate change, is to blame for Greece’s deadly fires /via @globeandmail
added: Sat Jul 28 05:59:12 2018

On this day last year, @htTweets launched its 'Hate Tracker' ... and then this happened: [From @thewire_in archives]
added: Sat Jul 28 05:50:05 2018

@jennycohn1 @ericgeller No one has actually looked
added: Sat Jul 28 05:32:58 2018

Cambodia sets up polling stations, officials expect 60 percent turnout
added: Sat Jul 28 05:30:56 2018

一哥咁講就OK,發展局長咁講就唔OK? #個感受真係 #因人而異 【講事實都玻璃心?警行動處長:他人感受或有別前線】
added: Sat Jul 28 05:20:02 2018
tags: 因人而異, 個感受真係

US-Backed Leftist Kurds Holds talks with Damascus on Future of Northeast
added: Sat Jul 28 04:57:04 2018

China disputes infrastructure projects are swamping #Pakistan with debt
added: Sat Jul 28 04:23:00 2018
tags: pakistan

Wages were supposed to rise after Trump's tax cuts. Instead, they’ve fallen via @bopinion
added: Sat Jul 28 04:06:05 2018

Blockchain company Tron buys BitTorrent
added: Sat Jul 28 04:03:15 2018

U.S. Labels China the World's Most Protectionist Economy - Bloomberg
added: Sat Jul 28 03:47:48 2018

Ecologists left hopping mad after Hong Kong politician calls for tadpole cull because ‘frogs are too noisy’
added: Sat Jul 28 02:33:56 2018

US urged to sanction Chinese officials overseeing sweeping crackdown in Muslim region via @hongkongfp
added: Sat Jul 28 01:50:25 2018

Beijing is wrong to think other countries will roll over when confronted
added: Sat Jul 28 00:11:26 2018

@BethanyAllenEbr Same happened at torch relay in Canberra (Australia) in 2008…
added: Fri Jul 27 23:27:04 2018

139 House Democrats Join Republicans to Approve $717 Billion in Military Spending
added: Fri Jul 27 21:17:38 2018

Counterintelligence report details aggressive cyber economic espionage by China
added: Fri Jul 27 20:39:48 2018

Huge news! State utility regulator votes to revoke Charter, Time Warner merger.
added: Fri Jul 27 19:03:06 2018

Return rate of Chinese students studying abroad: 1987: 5% 2007: 30% 2017: 79%
added: Fri Jul 27 14:02:25 2018

U.S. touts EU trade truce, attention now turns to China
added: Fri Jul 27 13:59:16 2018

Garlanding Murderers & Felicitating Rapists: Political Impunity In India
added: Fri Jul 27 12:00:54 2018

Twitter beats estimates on revenue but monthly usage falls
added: Fri Jul 27 12:00:24 2018

David Beckham's quest to find the best egg tart in Macau has not been well-received. Here's why.
added: Fri Jul 27 12:00:05 2018

Wake up to the security risks in Chinese tech dominance
added: Fri Jul 27 11:59:56 2018

A former Google engineer has become #China's 12th richest person via @markets @business
added: Fri Jul 27 11:59:03 2018
tags: china

Vaccine scandal gripping China could cause serious problems for the Communist Party
added: Fri Jul 27 01:41:57 2018

Pakistan election results: Imran Khan claims victory, wants to settle Kashmir dispute with India
added: Thu Jul 26 12:50:57 2018

These six species are about to be sacrificed for the oil and gas industry:
added: Thu Jul 26 12:10:24 2018

China solar manufacturers raise first-half output despite capacity cap: association
added: Thu Jul 26 12:04:22 2018

Hindus Must Have 5 Children or They’ll Become a Minority: BJP MLA
added: Thu Jul 26 11:34:54 2018

Sean Spicer heckled at book signing: 'It's a garbage book and you're a garbage person'
added: Thu Jul 26 11:34:34 2018

From the moment you were born, The Man With The Data knew you better than you knew yourself. Omar Hamdi explains
added: Thu Jul 26 11:33:28 2018

UK Court of Appeal rejects Vijay Mallya’s attempt to appeal
added: Thu Jul 26 11:33:23 2018

Photos Show Chinese Factory Workers Making 'Trump 2020' Flags
added: Thu Jul 26 11:28:01 2018

In latest rapprochement, China defense minister to visit India
added: Thu Jul 26 11:08:55 2018

China needs nearly $150 billion to treat severe river pollution: official
added: Thu Jul 26 11:08:48 2018

France says any U.S. trade deal should be reciprocal: Le Maire
added: Thu Jul 26 10:15:58 2018

U.S. races to meet deadline to reunite immigrant families
added: Thu Jul 26 10:15:58 2018

"Trump may have struck deal with Putin regarding Kosovo"
added: Thu Jul 26 10:13:33 2018

Government gives final approval for Vodafone-Idea merger.
added: Thu Jul 26 09:06:02 2018

The $1.5 billion real estate wager that went horribly wrong via @luxury
added: Thu Jul 26 09:04:30 2018

The lights are going out.
added: Thu Jul 26 07:22:37 2018

Qualcomm's $44 billion NXP offer deadline passes, no word from China
added: Thu Jul 26 04:50:12 2018

Qualcomm to scrap NXP deal as deadline passes for China approval
added: Thu Jul 26 04:47:06 2018

We’re finally finished removing jQuery from frontend. What did we replace it with? No frame…
added: Wed Jul 25 09:57:37 2018

#Laos dam failed after desperate 24-hour fight to avert collapse via @markets
added: Wed Jul 25 09:54:42 2018
tags: laos

Final U.S. Defense Spending Bill Expands Pushback Against China - Bloomberg via @GoogleNews
added: Wed Jul 25 08:23:08 2018

There is an article in @lemonde (in French): thanks @martin_u / @pixelsfr And the preprin…
added: Wed Jul 25 07:30:22 2018

"Screaming Channels" paper #CCS18/@BlackHatEvents is online Electromagnetic side channels…
added: Wed Jul 25 07:30:20 2018
tags: ccs18

China's Xi pledges $14.7 billion investment on South Africa visit
added: Wed Jul 25 07:04:03 2018

Housing downturn puts $20 billion in Indian bank loans at risk
added: Wed Jul 25 03:14:51 2018

oh this is so good.
added: Wed Jul 25 02:13:56 2018

China Not Just Sponsor but Ringleader of Terrorism #JAPANForward
added: Wed Jul 25 01:00:14 2018
tags: japanforward

For decades, the US adopted policies toward China that played down or ignored the growing threat. That is ending.
added: Tue Jul 24 12:31:24 2018

Satellites and blogs: BlackRock to raise game in China stock picking via Samuel Shen & @jruwitch
added: Tue Jul 24 11:27:44 2018

In Hong Kong's gig economy, freedom remains elusive for most ‘slashies’ "Without a fixed in…
added: Tue Jul 24 10:42:02 2018

Protect hummingbirds from #climatechange by helping scientists study these feisty fliers:
added: Tue Jul 24 10:20:10 2018
tags: climatechange

Pakistan: Many CPEC projects in Pakistan hit due to financial crisis
added: Tue Jul 24 10:15:17 2018

China bond yields, stocks rise as Beijing signals policy shift
added: Tue Jul 24 09:23:11 2018

Jammu and Kashmir: All office bearers of Peoples Democratic Party resign
added: Tue Jul 24 08:08:02 2018

Can I even say LOL? #China day traders turn to bleak humor as stock losses mount via @markets
added: Tue Jul 24 07:37:35 2018
tags: china

Damascus returning to normal
added: Tue Jul 24 07:09:57 2018

Montenegro and why it wouldn’t start WW3 despite what ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ said
added: Tue Jul 24 07:08:59 2018

China shares hit one-month high on stimulus hopes, bonds tire
added: Tue Jul 24 06:33:58 2018

Violent coup in Nicaragua fails but the US continues its regime change efforts via @KBZeese
added: Tue Jul 24 06:33:27 2018

Reuters reporter says Myanmar police planted 'secret' papers
added: Tue Jul 24 06:24:23 2018

Pro-reservation Maratha outfits call for shutdown in Maharashtra after protestor dies
added: Tue Jul 24 06:18:02 2018

Background to the chaos
added: Tue Jul 24 05:44:34 2018

added: Tue Jul 24 05:42:36 2018

#China seeking to ban #Taiwan flag from @GayGames: Taiwan Activists #LGBTQ
added: Tue Jul 24 05:42:19 2018
tags: taiwan, china, lgbtq

Under pressure to find tenants quickly, investors may have to lower rents by about 10 per cent.
added: Tue Jul 24 05:40:23 2018

China vaccine maker Changsheng plunges again after police launch probe
added: Tue Jul 24 05:32:07 2018

Woman Who Splashed Xi Jinping Poster Sent to Psychiatric Hospital
added: Tue Jul 24 05:23:37 2018

Hawaii eruption could last years, destroy new areas: geologists
added: Tue Jul 24 04:10:15 2018

Pakistan’s election outcome will not change the military’s pivotal role
added: Tue Jul 24 04:10:00 2018

New from MapLight: Private Prison Company Geo Group Donates To Rick Scott Super PAC Despite Contribution Ban
added: Tue Jul 24 04:05:28 2018

Incels celebrate death of 10-year-old girl in Toronto mass shooting: "Legit put a smile on my face" .
added: Tue Jul 24 02:52:21 2018

Chinese freight companies struggle with falling rates
added: Tue Jul 24 02:01:19 2018

China can't count on consumers to get through trade war
added: Tue Jul 24 02:01:11 2018

we love this by @AlbertBurneko
added: Tue Jul 24 01:57:25 2018

蘇屋邨拆咗重建,條區界仲停留在重建前既年代。 〈【Byebye希雲街?】(技術比較長文注意)〉— 楊雪盈 Clarisse Yeung 江貴生—李鄭屋工作團隊
added: Tue Jul 24 01:05:03 2018

Important article from @EastBayTimes on how John Cowell has been an absolutely horrible man his entire adult life.
added: Tue Jul 24 00:31:20 2018

Hundreds of parents separated from children at border already deported
added: Tue Jul 24 00:30:32 2018 more details not yet available via MSM to come
added: Mon Jul 23 20:12:01 2018

It’s not just bail: Many people detained pretrial are charged daily “pay to stay” fees, as high as $50 per day.
added: Mon Jul 23 18:34:01 2018

Here is the article. Very much worth reading in full. Great gaphs and maps.
added: Mon Jul 23 17:50:10 2018

The Arctic Circle is on fire. If you're not worrying about the future of the planet, now is a good time to start.
added: Mon Jul 23 17:09:37 2018

Great piece by @LizEconomy. ​
added: Mon Jul 23 14:38:30 2018

Meet the US officials who now lobby for China. My latest for @thedailybeast:
added: Mon Jul 23 12:34:42 2018

It's thought thieves used scaffolding to climb into the man's Mong Kok flat before making off with HK$180,000.
added: Mon Jul 23 12:10:40 2018

Blackstone wins EU approval to buy Thomson Reuters unit
added: Mon Jul 23 12:10:24 2018

Are people who sign up for Aadhaar actually who they say they are? UIDAI may not know
added: Mon Jul 23 12:10:00 2018

Tommy Robinson supporters' pictures released by police after violence
added: Mon Jul 23 12:10:00 2018

Kuwaiti star faces backlash over Filipino worker comments
added: Mon Jul 23 12:09:47 2018

snatch (0.4.4): An Erlang Lightweight XMPP Client library
added: Mon Jul 23 12:09:18 2018

BBC News - Islamic State 'Beatles' duo: UK 'will not block death penalty'
added: Mon Jul 23 10:35:43 2018

Beijing battles public anger over fresh vaccine scandal
added: Mon Jul 23 10:35:37 2018

Think you can solve this maths problem for seven-year-olds? Prove it
added: Mon Jul 23 10:35:00 2018

China says it won't devalue currency to bolster exports
added: Mon Jul 23 09:55:20 2018

Sony unveils world's first 48-megapixel smartphone sensor
added: Mon Jul 23 09:27:34 2018

Exclusive: China Huarong trying to recall some loans as cash crunch bites - sources
added: Mon Jul 23 09:26:43 2018

China Tower secures cornerstones, sets price range for $8.7 bln HK IPO - sources via Fiona…
added: Mon Jul 23 09:25:37 2018

People want to drink the red liquid from the dark sarcophagus - CNET via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Jul 23 09:24:52 2018

This audit of Old Kent Rd businesses under threat of 'regeneration' is very informative
added: Mon Jul 23 09:01:09 2018

#Nepal Brings its Dalits into its Forest Preservation Plan
added: Mon Jul 23 09:00:16 2018
tags: nepal

China says it has ‘no desire’ to devalue yuan amid trade war
added: Mon Jul 23 08:57:27 2018

#Taiwan vulnerable to #Chinese invasion without #US, ⁦@MOFA_Taiwan⁩ foreign minister Joseph Wu says
added: Mon Jul 23 08:51:49 2018
tags: us, chinese, taiwan

Are there too many trail races in Hong Kong? via @SCMP_news
added: Mon Jul 23 07:34:11 2018

Wages were supposed to rise after Trump's tax cuts. Instead, they’ve fallen via @bopinion
added: Sat Jul 21 12:22:22 2018

... won't identify the states and counties where it did this. I am also alarmed that ES&S…
added: Sat Jul 21 04:22:11 2018

‘When criminals become terrorists: declassified CSIS report lays out how Canadians move to terrorism’
added: Thu Jul 19 10:27:42 2018

Don't discriminate against LGBT at work, says Malaysian Islamic affairs minister
added: Thu Jul 19 09:12:24 2018

Chinese 'Highway to Nowhere' Haunts Montenegro
added: Thu Jul 19 08:59:37 2018

Rand Paul could be unexpected “no” vote on Trump’s Supreme Court pick by @ZaidJilani @AlexEmmons
added: Tue Jul 17 11:31:08 2018

Oliver Farry (@ofarry) writes about learning Cantonese in Hong Kong :
added: Tue Jul 17 07:05:29 2018

Don't panic about domain fronting, an SNI fix is getting hacked out
added: Tue Jul 17 07:05:26 2018

Like a red sock that sneaks into a load of whites.
added: Tue Jul 17 07:05:25 2018

Chinese authorities are sampling sewage to flush out drug users
added: Tue Jul 17 06:36:16 2018

Tehran: Anarchist prisoner, Soheil Arabi is still under torture via @Enough14
added: Tue Jul 17 05:43:24 2018

China big-budget movie pulled after box office flop
added: Tue Jul 17 05:37:56 2018

Alternate headline: Xi Tones Down Stalker Approach to Taiwan That Clearly Isn't Working
added: Tue Jul 17 03:36:59 2018

JUST IN: Police have advised Hong Kong government to ban pro-independence party, convener says via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Jul 17 03:24:15 2018

Panic is roiling #China's peer-to-peer lenders as savers rush to withdraw cash via @markets @business
added: Tue Jul 17 03:04:32 2018
tags: china
added: Mon Jul 16 19:31:26 2018

After a while, the EU and China may find that the only way to win a tariff war with Donald Trump is not to play. Me:
added: Mon Jul 16 15:05:38 2018

"There's no 'WE' in 'Indictments'"
added: Mon Jul 16 11:55:53 2018

Chinese media declares Philippines as part of China via @Modern Tribune
added: Mon Jul 16 11:39:04 2018

Some small studies suggest that spending time in nature, specifically in lush forests, might improve your health
added: Sat Jul 14 22:45:52 2018

Eight critically endangered black rhinos have died after a botched relocation attempt in Kenya:
added: Fri Jul 13 18:28:39 2018

Elle’s declaring for communism, what have I done 😂😂😂
added: Fri Jul 13 09:48:53 2018

German doctors tell Liu Xia to stop taking drugs prescribed in China via @SCMPNews
added: Fri Jul 13 03:49:36 2018

"Yubbies": The world of young urban birders: Community, activism and Instagram Independent New York City.
added: Thu Jul 12 03:41:31 2018

Bangladesh looks at India to fulfil its ‘power for all’ promise
added: Thu Jul 12 03:27:10 2018

Where should light rail stations go and how should the areas them be planned in Snohomish County? Have your say:
added: Thu Jul 12 03:26:40 2018

Ripping apart families and torturing children? That's okay. But tariffs? HAVE YOU NO DECENCY???
added: Thu Jul 12 03:26:27 2018

WATCH: Chicago cop caught on video telling young black men "I kill motherf-ckers"
added: Thu Jul 12 03:26:03 2018

#CyberDigest | A landmark legal shift opens pandora’s box for diy guns |
added: Thu Jul 12 03:25:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

China welcomes central, eastern European countries to include yuan in reserves
added: Thu Jul 12 03:23:14 2018

It's the UNCLOS ruling's birthday in the Philippines today and someone is trolling Duterte's comments
added: Thu Jul 12 03:21:51 2018

How Fracking Companies Use Facebook Surveillance To Ban Protest
added: Tue Jul 10 03:30:39 2018

Britain's emergency committee to meet after woman dies from nerve agent poisoning
added: Mon Jul 9 10:54:30 2018

George Orwell’s 1984 didn’t happen, but now 2084 is coming. In China.
added: Mon Jul 9 07:33:37 2018

Fyre Festival attendees win $5m lawsuit
added: Thu Jul 5 02:37:40 2018

Is Bezos holding Seattle hostage? The cost of being Amazon's home
added: Wed Jul 4 10:10:25 2018

Exclusive: Japanese helicopter carrier to tour South China Sea, Indian Ocean for two months
added: Wed Jul 4 08:48:14 2018

Clarence Thomas is the most important legal thinker in America
added: Wed Jul 4 06:45:31 2018

Nigerians turn to a radio show for justice via @ReutersTV
added: Wed Jul 4 06:43:05 2018

Ecuador court orders arrest of Brussels-based ex-president Correa
added: Wed Jul 4 06:42:07 2018

Legislative Council Question 1: Policy on and support for street sleepers
added: Wed Jul 4 06:42:02 2018

BSDCan 2018 Recap | FreeBSD Foundation
added: Wed Jul 4 06:25:43 2018

Michael Cohen Indicates He Will Work with Prosecutors
added: Wed Jul 4 06:25:08 2018

China firm develops 'laser gun' that can set fire to protesters' hair from kilometer away 😑
added: Wed Jul 4 06:22:03 2018

China breaks into Samsung's OLED dominance
added: Wed Jul 4 05:34:11 2018

Oil rises near $75 a barrel on signs that stockpiles dropped
added: Wed Jul 4 05:01:54 2018

Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week - The Washington Post
added: Wed Jul 4 04:49:16 2018

\9 Here's Ho's interminable pro-CCP harangue at a LaRouche event; also part of CCP cultivat…
added: Wed Jul 4 03:53:59 2018

Judgement in full: Some nuggets: first, an argument from the Immigration Department was th…
added: Wed Jul 4 02:52:14 2018

Happy #HumpDay! Who else thinks @DrEugeniaCheng's #YLJ18 keynote 'Category Theory and Life' was amazing?
added: Wed Jul 4 01:00:12 2018
tags: ylj18, humpday

Would love to know how @paulkrugman reconciles this take with everything he wrote about Bernie Sanders in 2016
added: Tue Jul 3 20:28:51 2018

China’s Didi faces new challenge after Uber routed
added: Tue Jul 3 14:41:37 2018

Islamic State sold oil to Syrian regime and Turkey
added: Tue Jul 3 09:11:37 2018

Durian prices drop due to abundant supply
added: Mon Jul 2 23:53:04 2018

Michigan judge rules kids don't have a fundamental right to learn how to read or write
added: Mon Jul 2 20:52:06 2018

Pound and euro fall again, with concerns about the futures of Brexit and Merkel respectively
added: Mon Jul 2 12:47:09 2018

Finland has practically ended homelessness
added: Mon Jul 2 12:41:23 2018

ICYMI, this essay by Jessie Kindig on the various meanings of US "peace" with Korea since World War II is powerful:
added: Mon Jul 2 11:12:51 2018

"Kim has never offered to disarm. Not once," Lewis said. "He's arming, not disarming."
added: Mon Jul 2 10:03:09 2018

運輸及房屋局局長陳帆今在電台節目承認,日後的填海範圍,起碼會大過沙田,「我相信會」。 #娥特放風 【局長料填海面積 起碼大過沙田】
added: Mon Jul 2 08:35:01 2018
tags: 娥特放風

Analyst View: Mexican leftist wins landslide, peso wobbles
added: Mon Jul 2 07:52:21 2018

White woman arrested for 'racially harassing' a 15-year-old
added: Mon Jul 2 07:50:01 2018

Avoid reclamation in certain areas: Wong Kam-sing
added: Mon Jul 2 07:49:04 2018

Gov't dissolve offices of special envoys, advisors to ex-PM
added: Mon Jul 2 07:00:53 2018

"We are certain that we will be able to sell as much oil as we want."
added: Mon Jul 2 07:00:02 2018

After the Fall: Ten Years After the Crash: Comments:
added: Mon Jul 2 07:00:02 2018

Japan's Uzabase buys Quartz from Atlantic Media
added: Mon Jul 2 06:57:08 2018

China shares slip anew, Mexico peso up as Obrador wins
added: Mon Jul 2 03:55:35 2018

估中!又係禮頓呀! #蘋果踢爆 【港珠澳大橋再爆醜聞 旅檢大樓瀑布淋機房 電櫃冒黑煙或爆炸】 【又係禮頓! 承建工程連環爆事故】
added: Mon Jul 2 03:50:03 2018
tags: 蘋果踢爆

Page Six ran the absolute dumbest hit piece on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
added: Mon Jul 2 03:23:29 2018

Huge equity funds outflow has awkward echoes of 1998 Asian crisis
added: Sun Jul 1 04:02:58 2018

【專訪 #吳靄儀:她走過的路,是 #香港 97前後法治興衰的剪影】 香港立法會前議員吳靄儀說:「我們不維護她,誰維護?全世界沒有一個地方是屬於我們的,唯有香港。不是我們屬於香港,而是香港屬於我們。」
added: Sun Jul 1 03:16:39 2018
tags: 吳靄儀, 香港

North Korea Reportedly Duped Trump as It Ramps Up Production of Nuclear Fuel: 'They Are Trying to Deceive the U.S.’
added: Sun Jul 1 03:13:00 2018

The mainstream media didn't see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez coming
added: Sat Jun 30 14:37:01 2018

Trump Administration doesn't have enough qualified people to carry on nuclear negotiations with North Korea.
added: Sat Jun 30 14:36:21 2018
added: Sat Jun 30 13:47:22 2018
added: Sat Jun 30 13:45:20 2018

Sad news, but what a career and what a character 😪
added: Sat Jun 30 13:13:05 2018

【解放軍駐港部隊開放軍營 演練模擬對抗恐怖分子】 解放軍駐港部隊一連三日,分別開放三個軍營給持有門票的市民參觀。其中在石崗軍營,有獵人戰鬥演練,模擬對抗恐怖分子。 #有線新聞 #解放軍駐港部隊 #石崗軍營 #軍營開放
added: Sat Jun 30 12:48:53 2018
tags: 石崗軍營, 解放軍駐港部隊, 軍營開放, 有線新聞

[Archives] It’s different now, but Muslims have a long history of accepting homosexuality…
added: Sat Jun 30 12:48:04 2018

Protesters Block Expressway After Officer Who Shot Antwon Rose Granted Bail via…
added: Sat Jun 30 12:48:03 2018

Americans are dying from FENTANYL --> why no economic sanctions with #China??
added: Sat Jun 30 12:47:59 2018
tags: china

Sony announces a new super tele lens and it looks awesome for bird photography | SzimiStyle Birding
added: Sat Jun 30 12:47:51 2018

Indigenous Mexicans spurn presidential vote with blockades, bulldozers
added: Sat Jun 30 12:46:55 2018

FBI posts 334 pages out of 9,000 from their file on the @splcenter #FOIA
added: Sat Jun 30 12:31:19 2018
tags: foia

Azizah ready to step down as DPM when Anwar becomes PM
added: Sat Jun 30 12:21:04 2018

聽吓婆婆點講☹️ 【擺地攤為照顧百歲母 婆婆現身控訴:執法專蝦老人家!】 【婆婆街邊擺賣拒上警車 15警抬上車】 ←短片
added: Sat Jun 30 12:20:08 2018

Woman who called police on black girl selling water quits as CEO of marijuana company
added: Sat Jun 30 12:20:00 2018

Just wrote a quickie article on the Airline Site/Taiwan issue and Social Credit.
added: Sat Jun 30 11:39:58 2018

Italy clears Roma camp weeks after Interior Minister Matteo Salvini called for census
added: Sat Jun 30 11:39:01 2018

Why Sexism and Racism Never Diminish–Even When Everyone Becomes Less Sexist and Racist
added: Sat Jun 30 11:32:37 2018

Trump after summit with Kim: "No longer a nuclear threat"
added: Sat Jun 30 11:04:57 2018

Sandstorm batters Senegal leaving livestock dead and damaging newly-opened airport
added: Sat Jun 30 10:45:07 2018

Opinion: What I Learned From Long Months Of North Korea Talks
added: Sat Jun 30 10:41:48 2018

Did I tell you yesterday my slides for my talk at @ampersandconf are up at Well, they are.…
added: Sat Jun 30 10:41:47 2018

Exclusive: Accused Annapolis shooter had deep, dark links to the alt-right
added: Sat Jun 30 10:22:33 2018

Oh please oh please oh please
added: Sat Jun 30 09:43:48 2018

All aboard! Hello Kitty bullet train debuts in Japan
added: Sat Jun 30 08:48:06 2018

Beijing’s meddling in Hong Kong affairs has eased under Carrie Lam – for now via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Jun 30 03:31:57 2018

Exclusive: North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites with @ckubenbc and @carolelee
added: Fri Jun 29 22:15:20 2018

Here is the new draft 1040 “postcard” and the new draft schedules. 4/7
added: Fri Jun 29 20:16:06 2018

@ggreenwald Here's something we really haven't been told about. Big surprise.
added: Fri Jun 29 18:13:54 2018

@ZaneSelvans This is a good book about the time immediately preceding:
added: Fri Jun 29 16:43:07 2018

Get a first look at the new 1040 coming out today, right here @WSJ:
added: Fri Jun 29 12:44:55 2018

China and Russia Move to Cut Human Rights Jobs in U.N. Peacekeeping
added: Fri Jun 29 05:36:34 2018

“Inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory Party” @andrew_helms
added: Fri Jun 29 00:45:23 2018

Local Officials Threaten Banks Reluctant to Keep Lending
added: Thu Jun 28 11:54:23 2018

China’s Orwellian social credit system will interfere in other nations sovereignty
added: Thu Jun 28 00:49:08 2018

Politically motivated factors interfered with efforts to settle loan dues: Vijay Mallya
added: Tue Jun 26 13:20:00 2018

‘Suspected bin Laden bodyguard held for deportation after years of safe haven in Germany’
added: Tue Jun 26 13:18:32 2018

Srinagar: Journalists hold protest rally against Shujaat Bukhari’s murder, former BJP MLA’s comments
added: Tue Jun 26 13:18:01 2018

Hyperthreading under scrutiny with new TLBleed crypto key leak via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jun 26 13:17:48 2018

A major tobacco company donated $1.5 million to the dark money group working to pass Trump’s agenda. Story @MapLight
added: Tue Jun 26 13:14:04 2018

VAR stirs World Cup drama and endless debate
added: Tue Jun 26 12:14:08 2018

Freedom Caucus fires warning shots, urges Trump to leave Sanford alone
added: Tue Jun 26 12:13:04 2018

Seen as out of touch, Macron hits new low in poll ratings: JDD
added: Sun Jun 24 13:40:08 2018

#FBI continues to delay release of files on the 1981 “Octopus Murders”
added: Sun Jun 24 13:40:02 2018
tags: fbi

Oregon State Supreme Court Denies Request from Bigoted Bakers for Case Review
added: Sun Jun 24 13:40:00 2018

The White House tried to suppress a bombshell study because they were afraid of the PR
added: Sun Jun 24 13:25:39 2018

New Blockade in California’s Mattole Forest Protects Old Growth from Timber Harvest Plans
added: Sun Jun 24 13:25:06 2018

Arizona Cop Beats Up Blind Man in Bathroom Because He Accidentally Ran Into Him. #FTP #ACAB
added: Sat Jun 23 15:16:15 2018
tags: ftp, acab

The Republican Tax Act provides Democrats with some powerful lines of attack for upcoming elections.
added: Sat Jun 23 03:00:20 2018

Incels: Force "beta cucks" to become women so we can have sex with them . . ..
added: Fri Jun 22 16:10:05 2018

New from me today: "ETFs Holding Guns, Opioids & Prisons" A look at which ETFs hold stocks…
added: Fri Jun 22 12:57:34 2018

Self-proclaimed baba ‘Daati Maharaj’ booked for rape after disciple accuses him of sexual assault
added: Fri Jun 22 02:53:46 2018

Why did Scott Pruitt spend $1500 on "tactical pants"? #inners #thing1thing2
added: Fri Jun 22 02:53:03 2018
tags: thing1thing2, inners

Greece gets debt relief from euro zone
added: Fri Jun 22 02:50:17 2018

This Is Why Our Brains See the World As 'Us' Versus 'Them'
added: Thu Jun 21 15:59:23 2018

British television host censored in China after he criticised Xi Jinping and human rights abuses by his government
added: Thu Jun 21 15:50:15 2018

Rampant benefit fraud is officially a right-wing fairy tale By @MrTopple
added: Thu Jun 21 13:45:00 2018

Algeria blocks internet in an attempt to prevent cheating in high school exams
added: Thu Jun 21 08:41:36 2018

US defence chief Jim Mattis to head to China amid #Taiwan, #SouthChinaSea turmoil
added: Thu Jun 21 08:41:00 2018
tags: southchinasea, taiwan

Malaysia to inject $698 million to complete 1MDB-linked financial district
added: Thu Jun 21 08:40:13 2018

好團結喎~🙊 【40建制派聯署反對彈劾梁君彥 斥民主派濫用程序阻開會】
added: Thu Jun 21 08:40:02 2018

‘I just want justice’: Filipino domestic worker beaten savagely by professional boxer during brawl in Central
added: Thu Jun 21 08:39:31 2018

My initial @AP story: Imprisoned #Bahrain opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman, 2 colleagues acquitted in spy case:
added: Thu Jun 21 08:39:03 2018
tags: bahrain

Legislature Reports Widespread Fabrication of Official Data
added: Thu Jun 21 08:39:00 2018

Eurozone ministers seek end to Greece bailout odyssey
added: Thu Jun 21 07:33:06 2018

Beijing Review: 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up Xinhua: President Xi hails 40 yea…
added: Thu Jun 21 07:33:04 2018

Bravo to Ho-fung for putting together a set of compelling papers on “China in the Global South”
added: Thu Jun 21 06:51:57 2018

Kim, Xi discuss “strategic and tactical cooperation” in Beijing: KCNA #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Thu Jun 21 06:51:36 2018
tags: dprk, northkorea

Today, an EU committee voted to destroy the [I}nternet. Now what? "
added: Thu Jun 21 06:15:50 2018

U.S. withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council will embolden Beijing as China loses a prominent critic, experts say
added: Wed Jun 20 22:05:09 2018

Malaysia Leader Says Firms That Hire Locals, Invest Are Welcome
added: Wed Jun 20 12:55:00 2018

Home Office urged to disclose nationalities of people referred to Windrush taskforce
added: Wed Jun 20 07:40:24 2018

Vedanta moves Madras High Court seeking to restore power supply to Sterlite Copper plant
added: Wed Jun 20 07:38:01 2018

McConnell claims all Republican senators support ending family separation. We have receipts.
added: Wed Jun 20 07:15:19 2018

// 當人人都認為議會再不是能夠公平地擺平紛爭的地方之後,政治對立便只能被帶回街頭。出現更激烈的政治對抗,甚至暴力對抗的可能性便只會更大了。 如此下去,香港社會今天面對的社會撕裂甚至中港矛盾,都只會進一步惡化。//
added: Wed Jun 20 07:15:01 2018

PM agrees to re-investigate Beng Hock's death
added: Wed Jun 20 07:14:16 2018

Russia continued gasoline shipments to North Korea in March: UN #NorthKorea
added: Wed Jun 20 07:12:08 2018
tags: northkorea

Protesters taunt US homeland security secretary as she eats Mexican meal
added: Wed Jun 20 06:37:58 2018

North Korea expected to begin transferring remains of U.S. troops soon: officials
added: Wed Jun 20 05:40:19 2018

GitHub and Medium take down database of ICE employee LinkedIn accounts: Comments:
added: Wed Jun 20 05:40:02 2018

Is the EU really committed to halt the decline of our farmland birds? Animal Conservation #ornithology
added: Wed Jun 20 05:23:57 2018
tags: ornithology

Breaking: White House releases report detailing Chinese economic aggression
added: Wed Jun 20 01:54:14 2018

Inquiring minds wanna know
added: Tue Jun 19 20:25:55 2018

A climate lawsuit in Colorado says Exxon and Suncor conspired to deceive the public, my latest for @ClimateLawNews
added: Tue Jun 19 14:30:07 2018

Central Africa says Boris Becker's diplomatic passport is 'fake'
added: Tue Jun 19 14:19:04 2018

China says will 'fight back firmly' if U.S. publishes additional tariffs
added: Tue Jun 19 10:40:17 2018

Does Elon Musk really understand Iain M Banks's 'utopian anarchist' Culture?
added: Tue Jun 19 10:36:34 2018

China Consolidates Property Ownership Data on National Platform
added: Tue Jun 19 10:36:21 2018

Yubico snatched my login token vulnerability to claim a $5k Google bug bounty, says bloke
added: Tue Jun 19 10:30:01 2018

China's Communist Party is using thuggish proxies to disrupt Taiwan and Hong Kong.
added: Tue Jun 19 10:06:15 2018

#DHS Chief is Confronted With #ProPublica Tape of Wailing Children Separated from Parents…
added: Tue Jun 19 09:28:19 2018
tags: propublica, dhs

China has reportedly suggested holding a three-way summit with South Korea and Japan in December
added: Tue Jun 19 07:50:57 2018

@paulkrugman on the economics of trade wars | Thinking About a Trade War (Very Wonkish)
added: Tue Jun 19 07:21:08 2018

Two men killed in Malmo shooting: Swedish police
added: Tue Jun 19 07:00:45 2018

Sun Tzu would be smiling at Trump's latest tariff threat. @davidfickling explains via…
added: Tue Jun 19 06:48:07 2018

The Supreme Court punted on partisan gerrymandering. The fight to kill it is far from over.
added: Tue Jun 19 06:40:49 2018

China’s new aircraft carrier is in for repairs — and its project manager faces corruption charges
added: Tue Jun 19 05:44:10 2018

Now Microsoft ports Windows 10, Linux to homegrown CPU design
added: Mon Jun 18 21:53:18 2018

Ohio Man sentenced after attempting to seduce undercover officer with chicken Alfredo
added: Mon Jun 18 20:36:20 2018

People around the world used to envy us for having such a star railway operator. But now...
added: Mon Jun 18 14:10:36 2018

Don't know which products belong to Nestle? We got you.
added: Mon Jun 18 14:10:06 2018

SJC strikes down 'millionaire's tax' ballot question
added: Mon Jun 18 13:59:41 2018

How a dam on the Volga river almost killed off the caviar fish
added: Mon Jun 18 13:00:01 2018

All that is green is not forest
added: Mon Jun 18 12:03:33 2018

Student In Turkey 'Tricked Back' To Turkmenistan And Imprisoned
added: Mon Jun 18 08:47:06 2018

Disputed Immigration Policies Are Top Threat to EU Unity
added: Sun Jun 17 07:45:11 2018

With new pro-Iran Iraq Coalition, Tehran Outmaneuvers Trump-Saudi-Israeli Axis
added: Sun Jun 17 06:42:02 2018

‘Once in a lifetime shot’: Auckland cameraman captures incredible image of rare bolts of red lightning in the sky -
added: Sun Jun 17 06:39:51 2018

Harvard rated Asian-American applicants lower on personality traits, claims lawsuit
added: Sun Jun 17 06:38:16 2018

Metamorphosis: Egypt after the Revolution
added: Sun Jun 17 06:38:11 2018

“Police say selling children as brides is rife in provinces near the border with China and is on the rise.”
added: Sun Jun 17 06:12:13 2018

Trump sets tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods; Beijing strikes back
added: Sun Jun 17 05:31:42 2018

ICYMI: Chinese cyber attacks on Taiwan government becoming harder to detect: source by @jessmacyyu
added: Sun Jun 17 05:30:08 2018

University of Otago discovery could pave way for bowel cancer vaccine
added: Sun Jun 17 05:30:07 2018

It takes up to 11 generations for lower-class families in certain Latin American nations to reach average #income.
added: Sun Jun 17 05:30:00 2018
tags: income

China surprises with threat on U.S. energy exports
added: Sun Jun 17 05:28:14 2018

South Korea, U.S. to announce suspension of major military drills this week: Yonhap
added: Sun Jun 17 05:27:32 2018

All you need to know (concisely) about a supposed ‘Brexit dividend’ for National Health Service via @financialtimes
added: Sun Jun 17 05:16:55 2018

The latest The Pearlher Daily! Thanks to @EricShapiro3 #indigenous
added: Sun Jun 17 04:57:47 2018
tags: indigenous

Opinion | Opioids come from China in the U.S. mail. Here’s how to stop it.
added: Sun Jun 17 04:36:26 2018

S. Korea proposes movement of N.K. long-range artillery away from border: sources
added: Sun Jun 17 00:39:19 2018

De Lima asks, 'Where is the Catholic Church?'
added: Sat Jun 16 13:31:00 2018

Have you ever wondered how music was typed before computers? Well... With music typewriters
added: Sat Jun 16 13:30:08 2018

China state media attack U.S. tariffs, leave scope for negotiation
added: Sat Jun 16 10:34:51 2018

In US, Chinese lawyer Teng Biao is on mission to warn of China’s “influence operations” & threat to Western values.
added: Fri Jun 15 17:30:31 2018

@LisaMColby @bosslady2898 @DenverMike81 @Dowens8490 @KL04655767 @JaggedStar1 @frsimmons
added: Fri Jun 15 10:17:44 2018

Taliban leader killed in US airstrike in Afghanistan
added: Fri Jun 15 09:54:33 2018

Good point by ⁦@blakehounshell⁩
added: Fri Jun 15 09:49:01 2018

Never a good sign
added: Fri Jun 15 09:29:19 2018

Why Hongkongers are leaving for Canada – for a second time via @SCMP_News #hongkong #canada
added: Fri Jun 15 09:24:02 2018
tags: hongkong, canada

Fingerprint and facial recognition project scrapped after budget blowouts
added: Fri Jun 15 09:04:09 2018

FIFA says acting over Palestinan FA chief's Messi comment
added: Fri Jun 15 07:46:06 2018

Earliest Rainforest Frogs Preserved in Amber @DiscoverMag
added: Fri Jun 15 05:52:43 2018

Asian shares falter as U.S. readies China tariffs, euro at 2-weel low on ECB
added: Fri Jun 15 04:14:59 2018

Shujaat Bukhari’s assassination is aimed at disrupting any move towards peace
added: Fri Jun 15 04:10:00 2018

Another woman arrested for allegedly taking photos inside Hong Kong court, in fourth case this year via @hongkongfp
added: Fri Jun 15 04:06:28 2018

New fossils offer first evidence of four-legged aquatic ancestors in Africa
added: Fri Jun 15 04:06:21 2018

Witness is a no-show as @Reuters reporters mark six months in Myanmar detention Read more o…
added: Fri Jun 15 04:05:42 2018

U.S. Insists Sanctions Will Remain Until North Korea Denuclearizes
added: Fri Jun 15 02:51:22 2018

New Zealand announces tourist tax to fund straining infrastructure
added: Fri Jun 15 02:50:23 2018

Decades-old PGP bug allowed hackers to spoof just about anyone's signature - Ars Technica v…
added: Fri Jun 15 02:47:03 2018

Former Bank of Canada governor says pipeline protestors will die.
added: Fri Jun 15 02:46:10 2018

Michael Cohen Asks for a Restraining Order to Bar Michael Avenatti from Media Appearances About Stormy Daniels
added: Fri Jun 15 02:46:04 2018

BREAKING: President Trump agrees to impose tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese goods. With @PeterWSJ via @WSJ
added: Thu Jun 14 23:15:22 2018

added: Thu Jun 14 21:56:19 2018

Who Should Pay for Transportation Infrastructure and Services?
added: Thu Jun 14 21:02:47 2018

Exclusive: China's Lufax targets $2 billion in fresh funding amid IPO delay - sources
added: Thu Jun 14 10:45:38 2018

U.N. calls for inquiry into human rights violations in Kashmir
added: Thu Jun 14 09:00:42 2018

Fox News now says criticizing Kim Jong Un amounts to criticizing Trump
added: Thu Jun 14 09:00:23 2018

AT&T wins in court, and consumer protections are down the toilet
added: Thu Jun 14 09:00:11 2018

China's Use of Coercive Economic Measures via @CNASdc
added: Thu Jun 14 08:58:11 2018

#CyberDigest | National labs will probe election tech for vulnerabilities under planned DHS program | @Bing_Chris |
added: Thu Jun 14 03:44:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

“Scanning immigrants’ old fingerprints, U.S. threatens to strip thousands of citizenship”
added: Thu Jun 14 03:24:04 2018

Plastic waste export tide turns to south-east Asia after China ban
added: Thu Jun 14 03:03:15 2018

Fox News' Shep Smith Is Completely Incredulous About Trump's Negotiations with North Korea
added: Thu Jun 14 03:03:00 2018

'Don’t Associate With Known Dirtbags!’ CNN's Chris Cuomo Shuts Down Racist Republican Senate Candidate
added: Thu Jun 14 03:02:47 2018

Mainstream media culture must change from within newsroom
added: Thu Jun 14 02:03:04 2018

China's Surveillance State Will Soon Track Cars
added: Thu Jun 14 00:52:37 2018

North Korea's Illegal Weapons Trade via @ForeignAffairs
added: Thu Jun 14 00:50:45 2018

US prepares to slap tariffs on $50bn in Chinese goods
added: Thu Jun 14 00:28:01 2018

Big news, if confirmed - Aus gov’t reportedly likely to shut out Huawei from new 5G network
added: Wed Jun 13 23:11:44 2018

Now this is an excellent piece
added: Wed Jun 13 22:15:35 2018

No big surprise here: when Foxconn and Amazon team up, workers aren't going to do well.
added: Wed Jun 13 20:12:39 2018

議案在下午3時許二讀通過,進入全體委員審議階段。 立法會信號直播: #割地兩檢 【二讀通過!場面混亂狂叠聲5泛民被逐 梁君彥被轟濫權】…
added: Wed Jun 13 07:40:31 2018
tags: 割地兩檢

UK motor industry faces extinction if Britain leaves EU customs union, business chief warns
added: Wed Jun 13 07:39:26 2018

AT&T wins legal battle against United States government over Time Warner deal
added: Wed Jun 13 07:38:02 2018

“The leader of an entity involved in serious human rights abuse,” according to the U.S. Treasury Department
added: Wed Jun 13 07:33:57 2018

China hails its 'indisputable' role in outcome of Trump-Kim summit
added: Wed Jun 13 07:22:13 2018

Swiss vote overwhelmingly IN FAVOR of Internet censorship in June 10 referendum --
added: Wed Jun 13 07:20:24 2018

30歲牙醫助理早前承認兩項公眾地方作出猥褻行為罪,今被判接受15個月感化令。 【兩度向女童露械今判感化令 官提醒被告:你唔係畜生,你係人】
added: Wed Jun 13 06:55:02 2018

Opinion: If Obama had held this summit, we know how the GOP would’ve reacted
added: Wed Jun 13 04:05:03 2018

The President of the United States reportedly considering construction of a prison camp to hold up to 5,000 children
added: Tue Jun 12 22:32:44 2018

Trump’s affinity for dictators over democrats
added: Tue Jun 12 11:27:28 2018

To avoid Iranian troops on its border, Israel seems willing to cut a deal with Syria's ruthless Assad.
added: Tue Jun 12 11:08:27 2018

Here is the Hollywood-trailer-style video that Trump showed Kim. “The future remains to be written.”
added: Tue Jun 12 11:03:23 2018

Trump and Kim's joint statement
added: Tue Jun 12 10:40:21 2018

SCOTUS moves to suppress the vote
added: Tue Jun 12 10:40:04 2018

Citic Metal Eyes African Copper With Ivanhoe Stake
added: Tue Jun 12 10:39:51 2018

當時盧建民表示在電視畫面見到消防員疲於奔命出入火場,故特地買水到火場附近為消防員打氣。 #旺角騷亂 【最重刑期被告盧建民 迷你倉大火曾為消防員低調送水】 【旺角騷亂重判7年 盧建民…
added: Tue Jun 12 10:15:07 2018
tags: 旺角騷亂

China Oceanwide Wins Rare U.S. Approval to Buy U.S. Insurer
added: Tue Jun 12 09:27:32 2018

The last bat: the mystery of Britain’s most solitary animal
added: Tue Jun 12 09:24:52 2018

With rate hike in the bag, focus turns to Fed's policy language
added: Tue Jun 12 09:22:25 2018

Trump-Kim summit: full text of the letter
added: Tue Jun 12 07:14:22 2018

Trump says summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un went 'better than anybody expected' Follow…
added: Tue Jun 12 06:01:06 2018

In Pittsburgh, an unprecedented blow to editorial cartoonist via @cjr
added: Tue Jun 12 05:58:20 2018

MCA is looking into quitting BN, says a former veep
added: Tue Jun 12 05:58:07 2018

Part of China's Master Plan is exporting its model of authoritarian mercantilism. via @bopinion
added: Tue Jun 12 05:51:36 2018

How a powerful spy camera invented at Duke ended up in China’s hands via @WSJ
added: Tue Jun 12 05:21:25 2018

#CyberDigest | How a Powerful Spy Camera Invented at Duke Ended Up in China’s Hands | @WSJ |
added: Tue Jun 12 05:21:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

Big U.S. firms are digging into healthcare as they are fed up with rising costs by…
added: Mon Jun 11 14:53:04 2018

Hackers target payment transfer system at Chile's biggest bank, grab '$10m'
added: Mon Jun 11 14:52:59 2018

From trade war to class war: screw Pfizer's patents!
added: Mon Jun 11 14:52:49 2018

Holy shit, did the US just put @_embedi_ and @erpscan on the entities list??
added: Mon Jun 11 14:51:59 2018

Donald Trump Has an Ugly Midterm Strategy
added: Mon Jun 11 14:51:55 2018

Pure id in foreign affairs: “The Trump Doctrine is, ‘We’re America, Bitch.’ That’s the Trump Doctrine.”
added: Mon Jun 11 14:51:25 2018

The new Deep Fakes are in and they're spookily good
added: Mon Jun 11 14:51:15 2018

Will the EPA allow the Line 5 Pipeline to remain in the Straits of Mackinac?
added: Mon Jun 11 14:41:22 2018

Hurricanes are moving more slowly than they used to by @SJvatn
added: Mon Jun 11 14:41:02 2018

'He was a titan, a grandmaster': How late novelist Liu Yichang invented modern Hong Kong…
added: Mon Jun 11 12:32:24 2018

Nuns in Mexico Are Keeping a Sacred Salamander From Going Extinct —
added: Mon Jun 11 12:23:03 2018

House panel questions FDA's track record combating illegal opioids
added: Mon Jun 11 11:42:47 2018

Jesus Christ. What a pathetic farce. Will have premiere as a musical soon?
added: Mon Jun 11 11:41:57 2018

something to get started with: Baker (2006) Using Corpora in Discourse Analysis - Chapter 5
added: Mon Jun 11 11:41:18 2018

Trade tensions drive Chinese auto investors from U.S. to Europe
added: Mon Jun 11 11:07:51 2018

President Trump keeps trying to make coal happen.
added: Mon Jun 11 11:07:00 2018

What a waste
added: Mon Jun 11 11:06:03 2018

Finance Apps in Hot Water for Trading Loans for Phones
added: Mon Jun 11 10:30:37 2018

Trump speaks to South Korea's Moon by phone ahead of U.S.-North Korea summit
added: Mon Jun 11 10:30:32 2018

Leading SNP supporter defects in protest over party’s backing for live animal exports
added: Mon Jun 11 10:30:18 2018

Xiaomi to Consider Seeking $5 Billion From Sale of CDRs, Sources Say @business #China #tech #HongKong
added: Mon Jun 11 10:28:46 2018
tags: china, hongkong, tech

'I'm glad I was the first guardsman to wear a turban'
added: Mon Jun 11 10:26:04 2018

Rescue boat drifts at sea as Italy takes anti-migrant stance
added: Mon Jun 11 09:46:23 2018

Horse racing industry riding roughshod over the habitat of endangered species in Australia:
added: Mon Jun 11 09:45:58 2018

Teenage boy fighting for life after three stabbings in under two hours across London
added: Mon Jun 11 09:43:14 2018

Oil prices slip as U.S. and Russian supplies grow
added: Mon Jun 11 09:40:35 2018

Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron
added: Mon Jun 11 09:38:15 2018

Is it time we stop ignoring the plastic problem in #Thailand ?
added: Mon Jun 11 09:27:11 2018
tags: thailand

White House confirms its chief of staff was hacked
added: Mon Jun 11 09:08:12 2018

Poundworld set to collapse into administration putting over 5,000 jobs at risk
added: Mon Jun 11 09:06:24 2018

Planning consent for this development required 76 social rented homes; only 45 were provided
added: Mon Jun 11 09:00:57 2018

BBC News - India WhatsApp 'child kidnap' rumours claim two more victims
added: Mon Jun 11 08:59:10 2018

Sad news --> Exclusive: The Dalai Lama is terminally ill suffering from advanced prostate cancer
added: Mon Jun 11 08:49:49 2018

Keeping secrets will help China get deals done in the U.S., says @nishagopalanhk via…
added: Mon Jun 11 08:22:00 2018

With apology for ‘Quantico’, Priyanka Chopra is latest victim of flimsy nationalism
added: Mon Jun 11 08:21:05 2018

KPMG fined $4.3 million in Britain over audit of Quindell
added: Mon Jun 11 08:20:23 2018

Renationalising railways supported by almost two thirds of Britons, exclusive poll reveals
added: Mon Jun 11 07:22:12 2018

China's Xiaomi books $1 billion quarterly loss ahead of blockbuster IPO
added: Mon Jun 11 07:10:58 2018

Row over cleaning up Romanian politics literally heads onto the streets.
added: Mon Jun 11 06:51:21 2018

Palermo defies populist coalition to offer safe port to migrant ship
added: Mon Jun 11 06:51:05 2018

Report: Cops raid Najib’s Putrajaya ‘safe house’
added: Mon Jun 11 06:50:09 2018

The man managed to fill the pool with over 40 tonnes of water before authorities discovered it.
added: Mon Jun 11 06:47:45 2018

All you need to know about China’s new stealth destroyer #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jun 11 06:32:00 2018
tags: southchinasea

This is a human rights catastrophe happening before our eyes. #AbolishICE NOW.
added: Mon Jun 11 06:03:03 2018
tags: abolishice

As funding dries up, Umno cybertroopers fade away or switch sides
added: Mon Jun 11 06:01:16 2018

EU will act against U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum: Merkel
added: Mon Jun 11 05:40:23 2018

Chinese EV battery maker soars on debut
added: Mon Jun 11 05:35:04 2018

China's provocations against Taiwan are “a little like a dog peeing to mark his territory"
added: Mon Jun 11 05:23:43 2018

Firmware Vulnerabilities Disclosed in Supermicro Server Products
added: Mon Jun 11 05:15:02 2018

Navajo Nation Council Chamber Selected for Arizona’s Prestigious Cultural Preservation Award
added: Mon Jun 11 04:46:17 2018

Heads, we all lose - high tackles a horrible look for game
added: Mon Jun 11 04:45:04 2018

Well that is quite the nugget to drop into conversation....
added: Mon Jun 11 04:20:29 2018

'There are so many mini 1MDBs', notes Daim
added: Mon Jun 11 04:08:02 2018

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau: The empire of diminishing returns -
added: Mon Jun 11 03:31:37 2018

A whole lot of words in the SCO's Qingdao Declaration, signifying very little:
added: Mon Jun 11 02:35:57 2018

Why Won’t Chicago Say What It’s Offering Amazon?
added: Mon Jun 11 00:32:12 2018

China's Long Game for the #Singapore Summit #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jun 11 00:28:03 2018
tags: singapore, southchinasea

Trump Blows Up The G-7
added: Sun Jun 10 14:31:09 2018

In Mahathir's Malaysia, Japan is back amid doubts over Chinese funding
added: Sun Jun 10 07:30:37 2018

#US-#China: Why #Taiwan is back on the agenda
added: Sun Jun 10 05:44:10 2018
tags: taiwan, us, china

While G7 ends in disarray, China and Russia spearhead enlarged Central Asian bloc
added: Sun Jun 10 05:41:39 2018

One 'rant,' rough talks sour G7 mood in confrontations with Trump
added: Sun Jun 10 05:40:28 2018

Teen from Iowa killed after ICE returns him to Mexico
added: Sun Jun 10 05:14:11 2018

Ex-NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. was house hunting for his mother-in-law when a neighbor called police, rep says.
added: Sun Jun 10 05:01:17 2018

Are we China’s slaves? Filipino fishermen ask via @inquirerdotnet
added: Sat Jun 9 03:16:45 2018

Newspaper publisher gunned down in the Philippines via @pressfreedom
added: Sat Jun 9 01:01:29 2018

Hell of an interview. And the Remain in Light stuff is boss.
added: Fri Jun 8 15:42:15 2018

Very smart take on the obstacles to European bank consolidation and how the Yanks win out. via @WSJ
added: Fri Jun 8 11:45:15 2018

Japan: New rules to tighten #ivory trade controls come into force via @MofaJapan_en…
added: Fri Jun 8 09:57:18 2018
tags: ivory

Ant Financial raises $14 billion in world's largest-ever single fundraising
added: Fri Jun 8 09:19:59 2018

U.S. house prices to rise at twice the speed of inflation and pay: Reuters poll
added: Fri Jun 8 08:47:43 2018

A minimally nuclear-armed North Korea makes a virtue of necessity for China
added: Fri Jun 8 08:20:06 2018

Georgia official takes oath of office on Malcolm X autobiography instead of bible
added: Fri Jun 8 08:18:00 2018

Speculation and the importance of data Are our summer migrants faring badly this year? Are…
added: Fri Jun 8 07:55:40 2018

Mick Mulvaney Fires Advisory Board of Consumer Financial Watchdog
added: Fri Jun 8 07:50:06 2018

Watch: Majority of land claims by tribals rejected in Maharashtra
added: Fri Jun 8 07:50:00 2018

Facebook's latest blunder made private posts public for 14M users
added: Fri Jun 8 07:13:41 2018

My tweets hit a nerve. This is pretty commonplace and nothing new for my family.
added: Fri Jun 8 07:13:11 2018

Plan to pedestrianise London's Oxford Street scrapped
added: Fri Jun 8 06:05:27 2018

WaPo Study Finds More Than Half of Urban U.S. Murders Go Unsolved
added: Fri Jun 8 06:05:06 2018

Myanmar Times Founder Ross Dunkley Arrested in Meth Seizure
added: Fri Jun 8 06:04:50 2018

Event launched a Signature Campaign for the Liberation of Tibet from China dictatorship occupation.
added: Fri Jun 8 04:57:11 2018

"Algorithms don't make things fair. They repeat our past practices, our patterns. They automate the status quo."
added: Thu Jun 7 14:13:02 2018

My AP Story today Honda, GM to develop electric vehicle batteries together (from @AP)
added: Thu Jun 7 14:09:13 2018

The NFL could've saved themselves from themselves.
added: Thu Jun 7 13:24:20 2018

Trump and Bolton spurn top-level North Korea planning
added: Thu Jun 7 13:21:44 2018

China backed off from hacking U.S. companies. Now it is at it again.
added: Thu Jun 7 12:32:39 2018

NASA extends the Juno spacecraft mission for three more years via @engadget
added: Thu Jun 7 12:00:43 2018

印尼抵港貨櫃檢獲乾海馬魚翅 兩名上環海味店董事被捕
added: Thu Jun 7 11:58:31 2018

Pollution is killing off the essential fungi that nourish trees:
added: Thu Jun 7 11:40:45 2018

Billions in U.S. solar projects shelved after Trump panel tariff
added: Thu Jun 7 11:40:18 2018

Andhra Pradesh: Honeybees attack YSR Congress Party workers, 10 hospitalised
added: Thu Jun 7 11:38:21 2018

BREAKING Car rams into gates of US Embassy in Seoul 'by man seeking asylum from North Korea'
added: Thu Jun 7 11:23:28 2018

Kim Jong-un’s Image Shift: From Nuclear Madman to Skillful Leader “The whole world is being…
added: Thu Jun 7 10:23:17 2018

1,300 customers of Brit bank TSB defrauded because of botched IT migration
added: Thu Jun 7 09:47:06 2018

China is expanding its military footprint in Africa by @Lattif on @qzafrica
added: Thu Jun 7 09:43:42 2018

Guan Eng continues to tread cautiously with Chinese media
added: Thu Jun 7 09:39:51 2018

Israeli bulldozers raze lands in southern Gaza Strip
added: Thu Jun 7 09:32:37 2018

Federal prosecutors lose another case in the #J20 witch-hunt
added: Thu Jun 7 09:15:12 2018
tags: j20

China's love affair with oak a mixed blessing for France
added: Thu Jun 7 09:15:02 2018

Legislators in many states can push bills they’d profit from.
added: Thu Jun 7 09:13:00 2018

China offers to buy $70 billion in US goods: official
added: Thu Jun 7 09:07:10 2018
added: Thu Jun 7 08:55:55 2018

HIV 'game changer' drug linked with fall in condom use among gay men
added: Thu Jun 7 08:21:43 2018

Scientists discover 'oldest footprints on Earth' in southern China dating back 500 million years
added: Thu Jun 7 08:20:38 2018

The social politics of Hong Kong’s old cemeteries
added: Thu Jun 7 07:26:35 2018

More than 100 wedge-tailed eagles found dead on Victorian farm - digusting - the guilty must go to prison
added: Thu Jun 7 07:25:30 2018

Disneyland workers face ruthless exploitation. Their fight is our fight | Bernie Sanders
added: Thu Jun 7 07:24:49 2018

Iraqi parliament orders manual election recount
added: Thu Jun 7 07:23:56 2018

[Full-time] Senior Back End Engineer at Keyteo
added: Thu Jun 7 07:23:37 2018

While Japan's Indian Ocean strategy clearly competes with China's, there is considerable potential for cooperation
added: Thu Jun 7 06:00:32 2018

Trade tension and rising rates hit Asian investment banking fees
added: Thu Jun 7 06:00:32 2018

Despite stricter sanctions, signs of overland oil trade on DPRK-Russian border
added: Thu Jun 7 06:00:18 2018

認真回應 #土地大辨論 的文章! 〈有得揀,其實咪又係比佢玩〉 — 本土研究社 Liber Research Community
added: Thu Jun 7 06:00:04 2018
tags: 土地大辨論

Just when they need leadership, India’s state banks are headless
added: Thu Jun 7 05:52:38 2018

Wan Azizah: Fair allocations to all states, regardless of party rule
added: Thu Jun 7 05:52:07 2018

〈消息轉自 現場 - 蘋果突發〉 㩒入去前請做好心理準備...😢 #慎入 #極冷血 【牛B疑遭劏肚挖空內臟 掛屍大帽山路邊標距柱】
added: Thu Jun 7 05:51:14 2018
tags: 慎入, 極冷血

Top Maldives politician accuses India of bullying after he is sent back from Chennai airport
added: Thu Jun 7 05:48:05 2018

VPNFilter router malware from Russia affects way more devices - check yours now
added: Thu Jun 7 05:46:46 2018

Macau clamps down on use of UnionPay cards to dodge currency controls
added: Thu Jun 7 05:40:23 2018

DHS to deploy facial recognition AI at US/Mexico border
added: Thu Jun 7 05:16:47 2018

Freeport, Indonesia at loggerheads over mine's waste disposal methods #WestPapua #mining
added: Thu Jun 7 04:50:45 2018
tags: westpapua, mining

China eyes Tencent, Alibaba listings with new rules
added: Thu Jun 7 04:50:12 2018

Navajo Nation’s Credit Rating Raised, Provides Stability for Financing
added: Thu Jun 7 04:49:17 2018

Solidarity with the 260,000 @Teamsters who are fighting for a fair contract.
added: Thu Jun 7 04:46:11 2018

Impact of GST on credit card charges, mutual fund exit loads
added: Thu Jun 7 04:27:10 2018

Green peer Jenny Jones explains why Lush’s #spycop campaign is so important. #spycops
added: Thu Jun 7 04:15:05 2018
tags: spycop, spycops

Israel knew exactly how to flatter Donald Trump
added: Thu Jun 7 02:56:39 2018

Trump attorney says Kim Jong Un 'begged' for summit: report
added: Thu Jun 7 02:55:08 2018

Name shame: China’s trouble with Taiwan | Charlie Lyons Jones, Merriden Varrall
added: Thu Jun 7 02:37:17 2018

奇女子出沒注意! 【奇女子深圳骨場度宿 遭遣返無回鄉「想享受私人空間」】
added: Thu Jun 7 01:31:35 2018

MIT scientists created a "psychopath" AI by feeding it violent content from Reddit
added: Thu Jun 7 01:20:05 2018

Andrew Cuomo has consistently disappointed, often standing in the way of vital reforms.
added: Thu Jun 7 01:09:02 2018

Congratulations @mariaressa and and @rapplerdotcom. The Philippines can be proud of you and your team. ❤️
added: Wed Jun 6 23:41:35 2018

Government approves Rs8,500 crore sugar bailout package
added: Wed Jun 6 08:53:47 2018

Legislative Council Question 12: Parking spaces
added: Wed Jun 6 07:41:50 2018

Beijing Is the Real Junkie in High-Yield Debt Muddle @bopinion @shuli_ren
added: Wed Jun 6 05:54:22 2018

Democrats bite their nails as California primary results trickle in
added: Wed Jun 6 04:53:32 2018

Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese companies
added: Wed Jun 6 04:52:26 2018

Security breach at MyHeritage website leaks details of over 92 million users
added: Wed Jun 6 04:50:24 2018

Deb Haaland Wins Congressional District Nomination; Could Become First American Indian Congresswoman Ever!
added: Wed Jun 6 04:49:10 2018

Chinese burn will only make the world's solar industry stronger, says @davidfickling via…
added: Wed Jun 6 04:47:13 2018

How Chinese Communist Party officials can find 'honour' in returning home for dinner…
added: Wed Jun 6 01:40:11 2018

NEW via @LaForgia_ @gabrieldance @nickconfessore @paulmozur
added: Tue Jun 5 23:14:56 2018

Chinalco Launches $1.3 Billion Expansion of Peru Copper Mine
added: Tue Jun 5 21:47:17 2018

This is the third time this guy has climbed a tower looking for attention. He did it in 2015:
added: Tue Jun 5 17:06:03 2018

Check out my @ridecannondale race winning chariot in @bikeradar
added: Tue Jun 5 16:19:38 2018

South Africa: 40 arrested in past 3 weeks for poaching #MarineSpecies via @IOL Today is 1s…
added: Tue Jun 5 13:31:35 2018
tags: marinespecies

There are ecological limits to growth – just look at Himachal Pradesh
added: Tue Jun 5 13:30:01 2018

A gas banned by the Montreal Protocol has resurfaced in the atmosphere
added: Tue Jun 5 12:55:12 2018

Italy's Conte promises radical change in address to parliament
added: Tue Jun 5 12:10:09 2018

Is there Too Much Democracy in the Middle East? -
added: Tue Jun 5 12:04:09 2018

Australia charges former local heads of Citi, Deutsche, ANZ for alleged cartel practices
added: Tue Jun 5 07:56:40 2018

Thousands of turtles killed each year by small-scale fisheries, scientists warn
added: Tue Jun 5 07:55:47 2018

Overscripted Web: a Mozilla Data Analysis Challenge
added: Tue Jun 5 07:53:48 2018

Citi, Deutsche Bank, ANZ served with criminal cartel charges in Australia
added: Tue Jun 5 07:36:09 2018

Intel claims it’s halved laptop display power slurpage
added: Tue Jun 5 07:03:46 2018

An obscure Chinese firm has taken over London’s black cabs. Its next target? Beat Uber at its own game
added: Tue Jun 5 06:20:44 2018

一对夫妇乘坐吉尔吉斯斯坦奥什到新疆喀什的航班,入境喀什机场后,中国边防警察在夫妻俩的 Android 手机上安装了应用,应用安装完成后,该应用会自动隐藏应用图标,警察确定应用和系统服务通信后,才让这两位游客离开。
added: Tue Jun 5 04:00:42 2018

#CyberDigest | That calm Chinese stock market? It’s engineered by the State |
added: Tue Jun 5 02:55:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

Strikes and lockouts will be banned during bargaining negotiations under the Government's new Fair Pay Agreement
added: Tue Jun 5 02:51:46 2018

GitHub Billionaires Will Own More Microsoft Stock Than Its CEO: Comments:
added: Tue Jun 5 02:40:03 2018
added: Tue Jun 5 02:36:58 2018

Suspected Arizona serial killer kills self as officers close in: police
added: Tue Jun 5 02:20:40 2018

Exclusive: At delicate moment, #US weighs warship passage through #Taiwan Strait
added: Tue Jun 5 00:22:15 2018
tags: taiwan, us

Entertaining to look back at a conversation I had with @flobikes 3 months prior to #DK200.
added: Mon Jun 4 23:27:00 2018
tags: dk200

The @DirtyKanza200 is super super difficult. @sven_nys and @thejensie will agree. Evidence located here:
added: Mon Jun 4 17:35:21 2018

According to the latest numbers from @NewsEditors (, the newsroom staff at both of these ne…
added: Mon Jun 4 15:41:47 2018

California Dems fear they could be shut out of bid to take down GOP lawmaker
added: Mon Jun 4 11:11:04 2018

China's Xiaomi eyes $3 billion CDRs in $10 billion July listing plan: sources
added: Mon Jun 4 10:10:10 2018

Centre-right in Sweden says it will do a deal with the populist right on immigration ( &…
added: Mon Jun 4 10:07:00 2018

Georgia police officer fired for intentionally hitting suspect with car
added: Mon Jun 4 09:00:23 2018

In one small Chinese village, hundreds of thousands of famous artworks are reproduced and sold all over the world.
added: Mon Jun 4 08:44:01 2018

China's debt crackdown to hurt emerging markets, oil, metals: Fitch
added: Mon Jun 4 08:42:11 2018

Bangladesh has at least seven million drug addicts, five million of whom are hooked on meth.
added: Mon Jun 4 07:08:02 2018

.@AyoCaesar has become the poster girl for the radical left — and @JeremyCorbyn won’t tame her
added: Mon Jun 4 06:10:00 2018

#EJI Mock regulation proved success in pedestrian zone: Civic Party
added: Mon Jun 4 05:59:34 2018
tags: eji
added: Mon Jun 4 05:07:38 2018

U.S. urges China to come clean on Tiananmen anniversary
added: Mon Jun 4 05:01:37 2018

China's corporate debt challenges a key downside risk to growth: Fitch
added: Mon Jun 4 05:01:29 2018

Afghan Archaeologist Killed Near Buddhist Site, Giant Copper Reserve
added: Mon Jun 4 05:00:59 2018

China to take aim at diesel vehicles in new smog push
added: Mon Jun 4 05:00:46 2018

Exclusive: U.S. may soon claim up to $1.7 billion penalty from China's ZTE - sources
added: Mon Jun 4 04:15:50 2018

@j2bryson @drkjjeffery @DanaGoldstein This:
added: Sun Jun 3 06:37:14 2018

How India loves silencing its secular intellectuals #HindutvaTerror #SaffronTerror
added: Sun Jun 3 06:36:43 2018
tags: saffronterror, hindutvaterror

ICYMI: Endangered Iberian lynx spotted in Catalonia for first time in over 100 years
added: Sun Jun 3 06:01:12 2018

This is @Scholars_Stage's sobering assessment of Xinjiang
added: Sun Jun 3 05:30:04 2018

Fox's Maria Bartiromo, once a titan of apolitical financial reporting, has gone full MAGA
added: Sun Jun 3 05:00:06 2018

The ghettoisation of Indian education via @livewire
added: Sun Jun 3 04:30:00 2018

Monkeys evolve a new way to communicate with humans
added: Sun Jun 3 04:30:00 2018

Screening of documentary film "Ritoma"
added: Sun Jun 3 02:03:08 2018

"The truth is that truth has always been a contested idea," @SalmanRushdie writes.
added: Sun Jun 3 02:00:16 2018

Boulder-Size Clues to How Humans Settled the Americas: Comments:
added: Sun Jun 3 02:00:03 2018

Dead Humpback Whale Washes Up on Queens Beach, Conservation Group Says
added: Sun Jun 3 01:58:59 2018

Feudalism, not overpopulation or land shortage, is to blame for Hong Kong's housing problems
added: Sat Jun 2 17:04:03 2018

Texas high court rules state must reveal supplier of execution drugs
added: Sat Jun 2 03:20:32 2018

Italy: Anti-Immigrant Party Joins Euroskeptics in Coalition Government
added: Sat Jun 2 03:20:04 2018

US Defense Secretary Mattis accused China of "intimidation and coercion" in the Indo-Pacific
added: Sat Jun 2 03:19:43 2018

Palestinian woman killed by Israeli fire on Gaza border: ministry
added: Sat Jun 2 03:09:17 2018

Facebook to swap 'trending' topics for breaking news
added: Sat Jun 2 01:47:22 2018

Mattis slams China on South China Sea, leaves door open for 'results oriented relationship'
added: Sat Jun 2 01:30:34 2018

Analysis: Proposed changes to the Volcker rule would allow banks to take some advantage of rising global volatility
added: Fri Jun 1 12:04:46 2018

Civil society steps in as Ukraine struggles to tame corruption
added: Fri Jun 1 11:50:24 2018

Advertising watchdog reviewing complaints over Lush 'anti-police campaign'
added: Fri Jun 1 11:32:29 2018

AMD's Epyc server encryption is the latest security system to fall - Network World via…
added: Fri Jun 1 11:31:58 2018

Government Steps In to Stop DunAn Default
added: Fri Jun 1 11:31:50 2018

No, Trump’s “family separation” policy at the border is not the same as Obama’s
added: Fri Jun 1 11:21:08 2018

Two Koreas make progress, agree to talks on military, family reunions
added: Fri Jun 1 11:06:20 2018

Going vegan is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce our impact on the planet, study finds
added: Fri Jun 1 10:38:28 2018

YouTuber calls gay people 'an abomination' and celebrates Orlando mass shooting
added: Fri Jun 1 10:38:14 2018

Highland golf development plans receive major blow:
added: Fri Jun 1 10:37:46 2018

Quick Take: LeEco Founder Banned From Trains, Planes
added: Fri Jun 1 10:36:05 2018

Footage of Morgan Freeman making inappropriate comments to female journalists is unearthed
added: Fri Jun 1 10:35:00 2018

Lots happened in the policy world this week in China - here's what you need to know...
added: Fri Jun 1 10:32:48 2018

Google Quietly Files Back Into China
added: Fri Jun 1 10:32:01 2018

The Morning After: Xiaomi's (maybe not-so) transparent phone
added: Fri Jun 1 10:31:32 2018

India stresses free navigation, 'rules-based order' for Asian seas
added: Fri Jun 1 09:20:24 2018

Taiwan Plans Sculpture Honoring Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel-Winning Activist
added: Fri Jun 1 09:17:24 2018

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy faces defeat in no-confidence vote
added: Fri Jun 1 09:17:18 2018

'Truly selfish' Canon says bye to film cameras
added: Fri Jun 1 09:17:01 2018

Republicans are very mad that automated Google summaries tie them to Nazism
added: Fri Jun 1 09:15:13 2018

EPA Taps Chemical Industry Lawyer to Oversee Superfund Sites
added: Fri Jun 1 07:50:08 2018

Australian banking in shock as ANZ faces criminal charges
added: Fri Jun 1 07:00:50 2018

Ram abducted Sita, says Gujarat board Sanskrit school book; text replete with errors
added: Fri Jun 1 07:00:50 2018

NASA Spacecraft Finds Methane Ice Dunes On Pluto
added: Fri Jun 1 07:00:41 2018

Snapping a photo impairs our ability to remember the subject (and scientists can't figure out why)
added: Fri Jun 1 07:00:16 2018

Z Energy goes from 2.5 million plastic carrier bags for customers to zero
added: Fri Jun 1 07:00:11 2018

Dr M denies pre-empting cabinet on HSR, says honouring promise
added: Fri Jun 1 05:42:18 2018

Italy has a new Prime Minister
added: Fri Jun 1 05:41:48 2018

How have all sectors contributed to headline GDP growth of Q4? Read all about it here by Manas Chakravarty
added: Fri Jun 1 05:38:17 2018

Someone is experimenting with the use of doctored video in a Moldovan election campaign
added: Fri Jun 1 05:14:16 2018

Hong Kong leader denies handing fugitive to mainland China against US request @StateDept
added: Fri Jun 1 03:30:17 2018

"A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it."
added: Fri Jun 1 03:22:17 2018

The potential benefits to the world economy from an Italian government that contemplates leaving the euro
added: Thu May 31 15:11:04 2018

CJR asked me to make the case that journalism school should not exist, so I did:
added: Thu May 31 14:45:43 2018

Google and Uber are straight-up paying a British newspaper for positive coverage. This is fine.
added: Thu May 31 14:20:27 2018

Trump announces he's pardoning irredeemable asshole Dinesh D'Souza
added: Thu May 31 14:08:28 2018

Dark matter halos may leave twinkling wake in galaxies by @exMamaku
added: Thu May 31 14:08:01 2018

California State Senate passes bill to create state-owned bank for marijuana businesses
added: Thu May 31 14:07:30 2018

VOA Exclusive: Pakistan Mulls Blocking US Supply Lines Into Afghanistan
added: Thu May 31 11:59:49 2018

It was not the racist comment that made the president angry. It was the apology from ABC.
added: Thu May 31 10:28:00 2018

German spy agency can keep tabs on internet hubs: court
added: Thu May 31 10:12:52 2018

plug_ip_whitelist (1.1.0): Plug to Enforce IP Whitelisting in Elixir/Phoenix applications
added: Thu May 31 10:11:20 2018

Ahead of November election, old voting machines stir concerns among U.S. officials
added: Thu May 31 10:10:23 2018

Bye-polls results: BJP concedes defeat in Kairana Lok Sabha seat NCP wins Bhandara-Gondiya…
added: Thu May 31 09:52:41 2018

US to shorten length of Chinese visas amid concerns over intellectual property theft
added: Thu May 31 09:42:50 2018

Diokno on high fuel prices: ‘We should be less of a crybaby’
added: Thu May 31 07:55:55 2018

China: Beijing Customs foils 13 attempts of smuggling #elephant #ivory so far this year via…
added: Thu May 31 07:53:58 2018
tags: elephant, ivory

Four years on, the BJP hasn’t kept its promise to urban India
added: Thu May 31 07:10:00 2018

More China firms invest in M'sia after new gov't established, says envoy
added: Thu May 31 07:04:58 2018

Constitutional Court Greenlights Key Bill, Paving Way for Elections
added: Thu May 31 05:13:54 2018

Ed Witten, string theorist and mathematician extraordinaire, turns his sights to information theory.
added: Thu May 31 00:24:42 2018

Papua New Guinea has imposed a month-long Facebook ban
added: Wed May 30 13:40:50 2018

The Trump comms team has descended into Lord of the Flies factionalism and backstabbing Via @lachlan and @swin24
added: Wed May 30 13:40:45 2018

Incredible story of fraud and dizzying exercise in name-dropping
added: Wed May 30 13:40:21 2018

Laramie County, #Wyoming withholds #prison phone contract under “trade secret” clause…
added: Wed May 30 13:40:05 2018
tags: wyoming, prison

Chuck Palahniuk 'close to broke' as agent's accountant faces fraud charges
added: Wed May 30 13:39:08 2018

Germany: brutal treatment of arrested antifascists
added: Wed May 30 07:01:00 2018

MixtecApp let's you translate from Spanish to Mixtec!
added: Wed May 30 07:00:24 2018

France shed 1 million daily smokers in 2017: Health Ministry
added: Wed May 30 07:00:16 2018

Crazy story on the AR-15 armed Moonie splinter group.
added: Wed May 30 06:45:04 2018

IAF Su-30 MKIs to get indigenous infrared tracking system to locate Chinese J-20 jets
added: Wed May 30 06:15:00 2018

Legislative Council Question 20: Vetting and approval of applications for various funding schemes under ITC
added: Wed May 30 04:17:17 2018

Russia refuses to take responsibility for the downing of Flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014…
added: Wed May 30 04:15:22 2018

The Death of Islamophobia: The Rise of Islamo-Racism — Jaideep Singh
added: Wed May 30 03:58:29 2018

The Racialization of Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism in the United States — Khyati Joshi (PDF)
added: Wed May 30 03:51:36 2018

As Australia rose on China's construction explosion, so it will fall on the decline:
added: Tue May 29 11:58:36 2018

China’s Weibo microblogging site deletes posts by embassies, says report via @financialtimes
added: Tue May 29 01:45:20 2018

Italy president names ex-IMF official as interim PM to form government
added: Mon May 28 12:50:21 2018

Great White Sharks Have a Secret 'Cafe,' and They Led Scientists Right to It: Comments:
added: Mon May 28 12:50:02 2018

China rejects U.S. charge of 'forced technology transfer' at WTO
added: Mon May 28 11:54:43 2018

The Coal Industry is Dying, and It’s Leaving Communities Like This One to Pick Up the Pieces
added: Mon May 28 11:53:37 2018

Why Were Muslims in Temple With Hindu Girl, Asks BJP MLA After Man Assaulted
added: Mon May 28 11:19:26 2018

U.S. record oil exports bite into Russia, OPEC market share in Asia
added: Mon May 28 10:07:34 2018

Here's the @BoardofDeputies on far-right Tommy Robinson: “Tommy Robinson’s record of anti-…
added: Mon May 28 09:45:23 2018

Flood or dud? Inflows from China MSCI entry are anybody's guess
added: Mon May 28 09:33:51 2018

China not allowing us to take holy dip in Mansarovar lake, allege Indian pilgrims
added: Mon May 28 09:32:02 2018

After a decade of dithering, the US east coast went all in on offshore wind power this week
added: Mon May 28 09:22:56 2018

Hunting down runaway slaves: The cruel ads of Andrew Jackson and 'the master class'
added: Mon May 28 08:47:21 2018

港鐵6月30日加價3.14% 首半年八達通每程有3%折扣
added: Mon May 28 08:45:28 2018

An outcry over DIY period pads has sparked a national menstruation conversation in Korea
added: Mon May 28 08:43:05 2018

Domestic workers march to lawmaker’s office to demand apology over ‘nuisance’ comments
added: Mon May 28 08:42:36 2018
added: Mon May 28 08:42:00 2018

#Malaysia renegotiating terms of major Belt-and-Road rail project: PM Mahathir
added: Mon May 28 08:41:01 2018
tags: malaysia

Beijing is all over Foxconn's China listing, @tculpan writes via @bopinion
added: Mon May 28 08:40:54 2018

Without any evidence, right wing Indian TV channel tries to link Mississauga blast to Sikhs #HindutvaAbroad
added: Mon May 28 07:11:15 2018
tags: hindutvaabroad

【海關記者會】 海關檢獲354部懷疑非法電視機頂盒,估計市值約三十二萬,並拘捕八人。 #有線新聞 #海關 #電視機機頂盒
added: Mon May 28 07:07:17 2018
tags: 海關, 有線新聞, 電視機機頂盒

// 撤走一個行人專用區,意味着一個很重要的公共空間也會失去。這裏涉及的損失恐怕也是難以彌補的。真的沒有其他方法嗎?// 〈公地悲劇——旺角行人專用區〉— 林勉一
added: Mon May 28 07:00:04 2018

Malaysians make record bust of crystal meth, shipped from Myanmar
added: Mon May 28 06:42:36 2018 He owns 60%, his wife & 3 children own 10% each but he has no say in the company? Yes and…
added: Mon May 28 06:31:49 2018

The Wenchuan earthquake, ten years on | Graeme Smith
added: Mon May 28 06:26:20 2018

Sikh cop hailed as hero for saving Muslim man from Hindu lynch mob
added: Mon May 28 06:24:56 2018

N. Korea to pursue new party line, denuclearization on own “timetable”: Rodong
added: Mon May 28 06:22:19 2018

Trading in Samsonite shares halted, pending statement
added: Mon May 28 06:20:26 2018

Lava covers potentially explosive well at Hawaii geothermal plant
added: Mon May 28 06:08:15 2018

China Surveillance Equipment-Maker Hits Back at Proposed U.S. Government Ban
added: Mon May 28 05:57:01 2018

New Zealand's Five Eyes membership called into question over 'China links'
added: Mon May 28 05:54:49 2018

Notice to Gujarat over Dalit Man’s Lynching: NHRC
added: Mon May 28 05:35:45 2018

Erdogan economy isn't tanking like lira as Turkey heads to polls via @markets @business @bpolitics
added: Mon May 28 05:29:10 2018

Is the Modi govt of tampering with UPSC structure to induct RSS persons into Civil Services?
added: Mon May 28 05:29:00 2018

Targeted Violence Against a Dalit Youth, Thrashed for adding ‘sinh’ to name: Gujarat
added: Mon May 28 05:28:42 2018

Again, Muslim Man lynched in MP, Allegations of Cowslaughter
added: Mon May 28 05:28:14 2018

India protests Pakistan’s so-called Gilgit-Baltistan order
added: Mon May 28 04:29:58 2018

維修軌道設計出問題 【高鐵出軌】承辦商計錯數?港鐵指路軌無法承受列車壓力致變形
added: Mon May 28 04:25:46 2018

Power Eludes Italy’s Populists, Angry Over President’s Veto
added: Mon May 28 04:19:30 2018

China says to end 'one size fits all' environmental policies
added: Mon May 28 04:18:33 2018

@rhokilpatrick Don’t forget the empty schools
added: Mon May 28 04:03:34 2018

Qualcomm to Meet China Regulators in Push to Clear $44 Billion NXP Deal – Sources
added: Mon May 28 03:34:53 2018

India to send at least 4-5 Su-30MKIs to Pitch Black 2018 -
added: Mon May 28 01:35:43 2018

Native bird numbers double during 20-year Department of Conservation pest control study
added: Mon May 28 00:47:19 2018

Realtors warn that if Toronto housing market continues to collapse everyone could one day afford house
added: Sun May 27 21:18:53 2018

New Zealand's 'anti-China' Foreign Minister visits China on charm offensive As part of its…
added: Sun May 27 21:07:00 2018

added: Sun May 27 16:23:32 2018

Boko Haram survivors starved and raped by Nigeria's military — #AJOpinion
added: Sun May 27 03:30:04 2018
tags: ajopinion

@WintersGene @nlbmprez
added: Sun May 27 03:20:57 2018

Nearly 63% of Instagram users report being miserable, a higher share than for any other social network
added: Sat May 26 23:25:21 2018

Thousands protest Argentina's negotiations with IMF
added: Sat May 26 08:50:23 2018

Jeff Bezos announces Amazon is picking up 'The Expanse': Comments:
added: Sat May 26 08:50:02 2018

Humans 0.01% of all life - responsible for eradicating 50% of plants and 83% of mammals. Quite an achievement.
added: Sat May 26 07:59:00 2018

#ornithology | How an invasive insect can change a forest bird community:
added: Sat May 26 07:55:11 2018
tags: ornithology

嘥咗幾多罐午餐肉 【工務小組通過撥款17.85億建元朗行人天橋 下月財委會闖關】
added: Sat May 26 04:17:21 2018

70% OFF Haymarket Books for Resisting Empire this #MemorialDayWeekend
added: Fri May 25 14:24:20 2018
tags: memorialdayweekend

Mussels off the coast of Seattle test positive for opioids - CBS News
added: Fri May 25 14:12:06 2018

thankful for lifestyle-enabling medical studies
added: Fri May 25 07:11:21 2018

Tencent's WeChat drops 'sugar daddy' dating website
added: Fri May 25 07:10:43 2018

Sushma Swaraj has tweeted out an emergency number for families of those affected in the Toronto bomb blast.
added: Fri May 25 07:10:39 2018

Welcome to your sci-fi dystopia: Sonic firewalls to crumble inaudible ad-tracking phone cookies
added: Fri May 25 06:05:10 2018

Sina Plans Secondary Listing in Hong Kong: Sources
added: Fri May 25 06:04:49 2018

5 myths about personal finance and how to deal with them
added: Fri May 25 06:04:03 2018

Birds ‘had to learn to fly again’ after meteor strike that killed dinosaurs
added: Fri May 25 03:50:29 2018

Malaysia's commercial crime chief set to give statement on 1MDB
added: Fri May 25 03:50:24 2018

USA Today investigation reveals the truth about mysterious LLC that made Trump $107,000
added: Fri May 25 03:45:12 2018

so is anyone going to do anything to stop this obviously cruel and destructive policy? anyone? senator bueller?
added: Fri May 25 03:40:30 2018

International cricket struggles as T20 nomads chase white ball gold
added: Fri May 25 03:40:18 2018

U.S. Senate defense bill would bar Turkey from buying F-35 jets
added: Fri May 25 03:40:17 2018

What if you applied the logic of today's @NYTOpinion columnists to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising?
added: Thu May 24 19:39:48 2018

So far, of 160 samples tested, 14 people have tested positive for #Nipah virus. (9/n)
added: Thu May 24 14:31:00 2018
tags: nipah

Deutsche Bank axes at least 7,000 jobs in trading retreat
added: Thu May 24 14:20:13 2018

Councils are ‘screening millions of older people out of accessing benefits’, says charity By @nyejones92
added: Thu May 24 12:40:33 2018

Envisioning a hypothetical Chinese 'trust attack' against Defense Department personnel
added: Thu May 24 12:40:09 2018

Staying in EU customs union into next decade likely to be 'only viable option', pro-Brexit Tory MPs agree
added: Thu May 24 12:09:27 2018

How to conquer the Chinese market, according to 9GAG's Ray Chan
added: Thu May 24 12:07:23 2018

1984 anti-Sikh riots: Will quit party if AAP joins Congress-led alliance, warns HS Phoolka
added: Thu May 24 12:07:00 2018

Deutsche Stock Crashes As Bank Confirms Massive Layoffs, Issues Profit Warning
added: Thu May 24 12:05:48 2018

New evidence suggests Iran may be planning development of an ICBM - @EllemanIISS
added: Thu May 24 12:03:50 2018

New data highlights a China reef building boom: via @ReutersTV @GregTorode
added: Thu May 24 11:54:15 2018

Burkina Faso cuts diplomatic ties with Taiwan
added: Thu May 24 11:48:35 2018

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
added: Thu May 24 11:47:59 2018

Why facts don’t matter – Scientific Scribbles
added: Thu May 24 11:45:39 2018

The propublica reporting on this has been incredible:
added: Thu May 24 11:40:51 2018

How the compound used to make nonstick pans snared the maker of Teflon in a sticky battle over pollution
added: Thu May 24 11:30:05 2018

Distraction or disaster? #Freeport ’s giant #Indonesia mine haunted by @bpkri audit report…
added: Thu May 24 10:38:21 2018
tags: freeport, indonesia

US disrupts Russian botnet of 500,000 hacked routers
added: Thu May 24 10:17:17 2018

Academic accused of inflating resume is named Italy's prime minister
added: Thu May 24 10:13:35 2018

Is it coincidence that most of Aust's prominent China advocates are self-satirising egomaniacs? @SpectatorOz
added: Thu May 24 09:46:35 2018

The trouble with charitable billionaires
added: Thu May 24 09:45:57 2018

Indian copper smelter deaths: Anger grows as police open fire for second day | SBS News
added: Thu May 24 09:44:32 2018

Airlines face China deadline over Taiwan references
added: Thu May 24 09:44:09 2018

Why farmers are trying to turn 'craft beef' into the next craft beer
added: Thu May 24 09:43:07 2018

Australia- World's longest cat-proof fence built in central Australia | SBS News
added: Thu May 24 09:43:04 2018

China dismisses report claiming Xi Jinping asked Pakistan PM to relocate Hafiz Saeed
added: Thu May 24 09:18:02 2018

China says finds no clues to explain U.S. sonic incident
added: Thu May 24 09:16:56 2018

Bitcoin is getting pulverized again today
added: Thu May 24 09:14:21 2018

Omar Siddiqui, face of the blue wave: Former FBI adviser, patriot, Democrat and Muslim
added: Thu May 24 09:14:20 2018

Govt may levy windfall tax on oil producers to soften fuel prices: Report
added: Thu May 24 09:14:18 2018

Video Footage Shows Stark Reality of Physical attacks on #India’s Religious Minorities…
added: Thu May 24 08:55:47 2018
tags: india

Concrete and coral: Tracking expansion in the South China Sea via @ReutersGraphics
added: Thu May 24 08:51:09 2018

Exclusive: Israeli minister says U.S. may soon recognize Israel's hold on occupied Syrian Golan
added: Thu May 24 08:46:45 2018

【不滿新到任同事】 【小官落毒 換來行政拘留和罰款】
added: Thu May 24 08:45:10 2018

Smartphone overindulgence blamed for weapons snatching in J&K; on-duty sentries banned from using it.
added: Thu May 24 08:45:00 2018

The Amazon rainforest is not for sale, says Ecuador's Waorani community
added: Thu May 24 08:00:09 2018

Journalists deny reports of $10,000 visa fee to enter North Korea
added: Thu May 24 08:00:09 2018

The ‘suprasecular’ stagnation
added: Thu May 24 07:54:50 2018

I'm not crying, you're crying: a theoretical dinosaur genome reconstruction
added: Thu May 24 07:08:03 2018

Red Arrows alter flight path for rare bird colonies
added: Thu May 24 07:06:47 2018

Hawaii’s rarest plants are in crisis. 237 species have fewer than 50 single plants left in the wild:
added: Thu May 24 06:08:02 2018

Cut power supply to Sterlite Copper's smelter: TN Pollution Control Board
added: Thu May 24 06:03:23 2018

Jeremy Corbyn backs reunification of Ireland as he heads to Belfast for first official visit
added: Thu May 24 06:02:12 2018

Why the NYT is really wrong on Kashmir — #AJOpinion
added: Thu May 24 06:00:04 2018
tags: ajopinion

Controversy, closure, chaos– Vedanta's Sterlite plant has seen it all
added: Thu May 24 06:00:01 2018

'Nut rage' Korean Air heiress questioned for illegal maids
added: Thu May 24 05:58:51 2018

An app that matches sugar daddies and babies is suddenly China’s hottest social network
added: Thu May 24 05:57:40 2018

China Mobile Sees First-Ever Drop in 4G Users
added: Thu May 24 05:51:45 2018

China's Premier Li says China and Germany uphold free trade
added: Thu May 24 05:50:24 2018
added: Thu May 24 05:47:38 2018

Trump's tariffs would hurt not help U.S. carmakers, says @anjani_trivedi via @bopinion
added: Thu May 24 05:47:03 2018

A dispatch from SEAsia with @prakchanthul - In Cambodia's capital, Chinese buyers pump luxury property bubble
added: Thu May 24 05:37:04 2018

China's Lenovo swings to biggest loss in almost a decade
added: Thu May 24 05:18:47 2018

Brief piece by me in @OverlandJournal, taking up some talk that's emerging in the debate on China
added: Thu May 24 05:14:08 2018

Kevin Rudd's meeting with political donor Chau Chak Wing by @ageinvestigates @angusgrigg via @FinancialReview
added: Thu May 24 04:45:01 2018

U.S. launches auto import probe, China says will defend interests
added: Thu May 24 04:44:42 2018

Najib's gov't used money raised from Khazanah to pay 1MDB dues - sources
added: Thu May 24 04:43:55 2018

China fines Muji for packaging that lists Taiwan as a country:The Asahi Shimbun:朝日新聞デジタル
added: Thu May 24 04:32:43 2018

Rusal CEO, board members quit as company warns on debt payments
added: Thu May 24 04:21:22 2018

A war footing emerges in the South China Sea via @asiatimesonline
added: Thu May 24 02:04:02 2018

#CyberDigest | China Shutters Top Leftist Website | @dbandurski |
added: Thu May 24 01:13:01 2018
tags: cyberdigest

Following National Security Review, Trudeau Government Blocks China's Takeover Of Aecon - via @spencerfernando
added: Thu May 24 00:10:53 2018

Concrete and coral: Beijing's South China Sea building boom fuels concerns
added: Thu May 24 00:08:40 2018

Subramanian Swamy shares fake email about church involvement in Lingayat issue
added: Thu May 24 00:08:04 2018

Its directors confirmed that the fund was insolvent and "unable to repay its debts".
added: Thu May 24 00:07:40 2018

Better headline: “Young Black organizers show Rahm they aren’t gonna let him play with their lives.” #NoCopAcademy
added: Wed May 23 23:34:54 2018
tags: nocopacademy

.@NYTOpinion column argues that Palestinians need to be shot for their own good. From @Mondoweiss:
added: Wed May 23 20:45:56 2018

Sebastian Heilmann: "#Germany needs #China to save the global order from Trump’s attacks." New #MericsBlog:
added: Wed May 23 16:01:13 2018
tags: mericsblog, china, germany

Uh, abstaining isn’t “pushing back.” Voting against is. #China #Australia @PearsonElaine
added: Wed May 23 14:37:08 2018
tags: china, australia

#Trump blames #China for problems with Kim summit via @financialtimes
added: Wed May 23 08:55:59 2018
tags: trump, china

Pollution incident in India kills threatened fish species:
added: Wed May 23 07:20:23 2018

New York judge orders man, 30, to move out of family home after parents sue
added: Wed May 23 07:19:26 2018

Professor Bernard Lewis, historian of Islam – obituary via @Telegraph
added: Wed May 23 07:18:53 2018

#JammuKashmir: Four civilians killed, 30 injured as shelling from Pakistan continues
added: Wed May 23 07:18:02 2018
tags: jammukashmir

Breakthrough solar panel can harvest power from raindrops — day or night
added: Wed May 23 07:15:16 2018

好誇張😱😱😱 //當列車駛至大學站時,持刀者匆匆落車,警方正在場搜捕。// 【東鐵綫列車內爭執亮刀 警方大學站搜捕持刀乘客】
added: Wed May 23 06:33:02 2018

New bill to introduce 'one of the toughest bans on ivory sales'
added: Wed May 23 06:31:38 2018

Molten lava flows onto Hawaii power plant site
added: Wed May 23 06:30:01 2018

Scoop from FT: Chinese banks are behind $1bn in loans given to Pakistan in April
added: Wed May 23 06:26:40 2018

China: Lawyer Xie Yanyi assaulted, detained during impending disbarment proceedings via @wordpressdotcom
added: Wed May 23 05:53:46 2018

‘The Congress should give up trying to peddle ‘soft Hindutva’, and stitch a Bahujan coalition
added: Wed May 23 05:52:28 2018

Gov't won't buy back Proton, says Dr M
added: Wed May 23 05:50:02 2018

Pakistan turns to China to avoid foreign currency crisis
added: Wed May 23 05:49:35 2018

Saudi Arabia arrests drive home message: change comes from the top
added: Wed May 23 05:49:17 2018

Scott Pruitt’s EPA Claims It Can’t Timely Comply With FOIA Requests, Smart Lawyers Know That’s A Lie
added: Wed May 23 05:05:12 2018

China says eastern European summits are good for EU
added: Wed May 23 04:19:54 2018

What? Pakistani military intelligence can't be trusted? I am shocked, shocked
added: Wed May 23 03:33:01 2018

Eight South Korean journalists denied entry into North Korea
added: Wed May 23 01:00:19 2018

NFL may call 15-yard penalties on players who kneel during national anthem: report
added: Tue May 22 21:58:05 2018

.@chellaney argues that China and the US are proving that, in today's world, strength respects only strength
added: Tue May 22 21:30:00 2018

In #India, Kashmiri photojournalist faces harassment, threats
added: Tue May 22 18:41:18 2018
tags: india

#Pakistan: Authorities disrupt distribution of @Dawn_com newspaper
added: Tue May 22 16:36:12 2018
tags: pakistan

How businesses are really spending their tax cuts. Hint: Not creating jobs.
added: Tue May 22 14:31:05 2018

BBC News - Tibet activist jailed in China over language campaign
added: Tue May 22 13:12:08 2018

First Politico piece published by SCMP: How China acquires ‘the crown jewels’ of US technology
added: Tue May 22 11:07:32 2018

Trump's threats are empowering hardliners in Iran — #AJOpinion
added: Tue May 22 10:30:11 2018
tags: ajopinion

South Korean President Moon Jae-in visits US amid uncertainty over Trump-Kim summit
added: Tue May 22 10:30:11 2018

How We Screwed Up Nuclear Power: Comments:
added: Tue May 22 10:30:02 2018

Deadly Nipah virus claims 10th victim in India
added: Tue May 22 10:29:58 2018

Two Anti-war Demonstrators Jailed for 2 Months Over Yangon Protest. #Myanmar
added: Tue May 22 10:28:09 2018
tags: myanmar

Najib summoned for statements on 1MDB subsidiary, not for arrest: Malaysia anti-graft chief
added: Tue May 22 08:04:34 2018

Crackdown on wood-burning stoves with 'no-burn days' and ban on most toxic fuels
added: Tue May 22 08:03:41 2018

Africa's green revolution stumbles at Congo project to solve food shortages
added: Tue May 22 08:03:33 2018

Why the Left needs to start preparing for the next recession now.
added: Tue May 22 08:02:00 2018

Am I wrong that there's, like, a 100% chance the phone has been hacked?
added: Mon May 21 23:11:46 2018

Dirty money amnesties Always a bad idea. Angola's problem isn't a lack of capital @Naomi_Fowler @TaxJusticeNet
added: Mon May 21 15:14:24 2018

Birding on St Lucia:
added: Mon May 21 11:18:00 2018

A smart piece by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on how to move forward with North Korea
added: Mon May 21 11:17:19 2018

Can China Stop Wars Once They Start?
added: Mon May 21 11:00:06 2018

China relieved U.S. trade war is 'on hold'; U.S. business ambivalent
added: Mon May 21 09:37:39 2018

China is winning Trump’s trade war, argues @byHeatherLong
added: Mon May 21 09:35:29 2018

Questions about those on the 1MDB task force
added: Mon May 21 09:11:00 2018

Italy’s policies make sense, it’s eurozone rules that are absurd | Larry Elliott
added: Mon May 21 09:10:29 2018

#China could potentially strike anywhere in Southeast Asia from its island bases.
added: Mon May 21 09:08:36 2018
tags: china

Two more Fortis directors quit ahead of crucial EGM tomorrow
added: Mon May 21 08:48:21 2018

Abuses pushed Malaysia's debt over 1 trillion ringgit says Mahathir
added: Mon May 21 08:40:19 2018

Hong Kong parties condemn 'threat' against jurors in Mong Kok unrest trial
added: Mon May 21 08:02:33 2018

NSE to delist Kingfisher Airlines, 17 others from 30 May
added: Mon May 21 08:01:18 2018

New Zealand Has Its Own Genetically Distinct Population of Blue Whales:
added: Mon May 21 07:59:25 2018

India on Monday successfully test fired BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from test range along Odisha coast.
added: Mon May 21 07:59:10 2018

Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in China’s ‘re-education’ camps, former inmate claims | The Independent
added: Mon May 21 07:15:04 2018

Collisions attributed to poor on-board standards have damaged the US Navy’s credibility, writes Sam Bateman
added: Mon May 21 07:15:00 2018

Yangon residents oppose development plan, cite environmental threats
added: Mon May 21 07:13:33 2018

A star turned into a black hole before Hubble’s very eyes
added: Mon May 21 07:13:08 2018

Claims of Violence Attempt to Discredit Democracy Backers: Protest Leader #Thailand
added: Mon May 21 06:07:01 2018
tags: thailand

South Korea rushes to implement $3.5bn jobs-focused budget
added: Mon May 21 06:03:29 2018

Credit Donkey is spot on with their research on telecommuting. For more info: #remote…
added: Mon May 21 05:53:28 2018
tags: remote

China’s repugnant campaign to destroy a minority people - The Washington Post
added: Mon May 21 05:45:25 2018

Why the future is uncertain for Hong Kong’s money laundering task force via @SCMP_News
added: Mon May 21 05:44:35 2018

The Pentagon Can't Account for $21 Trillion (That's Not a Typo): Comments:
added: Mon May 21 05:20:02 2018

A U.S.-China trade détente kicks nearly every can down the road, says @cbeddor
added: Mon May 21 05:16:41 2018

Abuses pushed Malaysia's debt over 1 trillion ringgit says Mahathir
added: Mon May 21 04:50:25 2018

Rents across New Zealand soar, hit new highs
added: Mon May 21 04:40:03 2018

National debt now more than RM1 trillion: Dr M
added: Mon May 21 04:38:17 2018

U.S. will not recognize Venezuela election result: State Department
added: Mon May 21 04:30:43 2018

BJP govt using discretionary grants for RSS benefit: Abhay
added: Mon May 21 04:30:23 2018

US and China halt imposing import tariffs - BBC News Has CCP China discovered that brandish…
added: Mon May 21 04:23:35 2018

#CyberDigest | Hundreds of Apps Can Empower Stalkers to Track Their Victims |
added: Mon May 21 04:23:06 2018
tags: cyberdigest

How #Indonesia’s leader sailed the #SouthChinaSea, made a point to China
added: Mon May 21 04:23:00 2018
tags: southchinasea, indonesia

“Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang ‘Re-education Camp’ №1 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 1” by @shawnwzhang
added: Mon May 21 03:44:09 2018

Want to know where Jho Low has been? Read this! #billiondollarwhale
added: Mon May 21 00:03:22 2018
tags: billiondollarwhale

Multinationals bow to the Peoples Republic of China’s political demands via @financialtimes
added: Sun May 20 21:16:55 2018

Israeli defense minister says a secretive cabal of powerful Muslims control the media
added: Sun May 20 17:17:25 2018

Know of a catalogue of unpublished online reports relating to conservation (see Check an…
added: Sun May 20 16:09:47 2018

“Gone in 55 hours”, one newspaper said about Yeddyurappa's reign as chief minister.
added: Sun May 20 09:18:01 2018

YouTube's paid commenting system Is being used to monetize racism and hate speech
added: Sun May 20 08:09:05 2018

Cougar mauls cyclist to death and drags him away to den
added: Sun May 20 08:08:01 2018

Leaks show how Boston ‘free speech’ group acts as a front for far-right organizing
added: Sun May 20 03:28:03 2018

Subang MP urges buyout of toll concessionaires
added: Sun May 20 03:26:22 2018

Tuan Ibrahim urges Harapan to continue with ECRL
added: Sun May 20 03:26:18 2018

Film director Luc Besson accused of rape by actress: French judicial sources
added: Sun May 20 02:39:19 2018

China, U.S. agree to abandon trade war, threatened tariffs via @rapplerdotcom
added: Sun May 20 02:28:44 2018

Joint Statement of the United States and China Regarding Trade Consultations
added: Sat May 19 17:35:23 2018

Mike Pence is reportedly pissing the White House off
added: Sat May 19 14:35:06 2018

Things are getting steadily worse for 'racist' lawyer who shouted at women for speaking Spanish
added: Sat May 19 06:50:00 2018

The Tempest: An evaporation of fear in Kashmir
added: Sat May 19 06:50:00 2018

Indian Navy Gains Access to Port on Strait of Malacca...more of the story. Well done, India.
added: Fri May 18 12:13:18 2018

This is where India just gained Naval rights from Indonesia...a former Dutch naval base. Quite a strategic move.
added: Fri May 18 12:12:48 2018

Socially responsible funds dump or rethink Facebook over data privacy
added: Fri May 18 11:51:47 2018

倫敦HK Watch對梁天琦「暴動」罪成的睇法(曾焯文譯)HK Watch’s View of Edward Leung’s Riot Conviction (Trans. Chapman Chen)
added: Fri May 18 11:50:47 2018

China's buyers balk at U.S. corn on trade fears, GMO controls
added: Fri May 18 11:50:23 2018

Indonesia’s balancing act: A road with China, a port with India
added: Fri May 18 11:50:00 2018

'Smuggled' hand grenades and guns 'found stuck to bottom of lorry with magnets'
added: Fri May 18 11:46:33 2018

Canadian doctor shot in both legs while treating patients in Gaza
added: Fri May 18 11:45:54 2018

Designing For Accessibility And Inclusion #inclusive #design #a11y
added: Fri May 18 11:45:14 2018
tags: inclusive, design, a11y

The DWP left one man so ‘destitute’ that the police had to step in to help him By @MrTopple
added: Fri May 18 11:45:00 2018

C4 urges entry ban on French lawyer on Scorpene case be lifted
added: Fri May 18 11:44:12 2018

#NorthKorea about-face complicates South Korea's pitch to #Trump @joshjonsmith
added: Fri May 18 11:38:49 2018
tags: northkorea, trump

U.S. driven by self-interest in wanting to block Russia pipeline: German minister
added: Fri May 18 10:40:11 2018

Brooklyn Man Exonerated 27 Years After Murder Conviction #JohnBunn
added: Fri May 18 10:40:09 2018
tags: johnbunn

點解要同佢買返?咪大量發牌,放寬出租車限制,網約車合法化,增加供應,咪得囉。政府無責任托佢價嗰喎! 的士司機扣分制不治本 問題根源還在天價牌照 的士業議會提8大改善建議 倡收回所…
added: Fri May 18 10:38:25 2018

Trump to withhold funding from family planning clinics that discuss abortions
added: Fri May 18 10:36:03 2018

In Pictures: #WestPapua Massive deforestation linked to major consumer brands #palmoil #deforestation …
added: Fri May 18 08:49:22 2018
tags: deforestation, westpapua, palmoil

Bitmain's CEO Jihan Wu says the company had booked $3.5B in revenues in 2017 (Bloomberg)
added: Fri May 18 08:46:40 2018

France freezes company assets over Syria chemical weapons
added: Fri May 18 08:46:22 2018

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won
added: Fri May 18 08:38:52 2018

Why is there so little on thee 50th anniversary of 1968? Some thoughts:
added: Fri May 18 08:37:03 2018

added: Fri May 18 08:33:33 2018

Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen under mid-term pressure over economic woes, as Beijing tightens screws
added: Fri May 18 08:24:03 2018

Dalit man, witness in father's murder case shot dead
added: Fri May 18 07:44:47 2018

It's Kitty chaos post-Drupalgeddon 2.0. Lucky for you we're dog people. Click here:
added: Fri May 18 07:41:01 2018

China halts U.S. sorghum dumping probe amid signs of trade thaw
added: Fri May 18 07:40:21 2018

Lord Ram’s birthplace can’t be shifted, deity’s counsel tells SC
added: Fri May 18 07:06:25 2018

1984 Sikh genocide: Congress leader Sajjan Kumar to undergo lie detection test on May 30
added: Fri May 18 07:04:30 2018

"If crimes go unpunished, it will happen again. There must be a strong deterrent against these crimes."
added: Fri May 18 07:03:00 2018

A white woman called the police on a black man inspecting his own house
added: Fri May 18 06:20:00 2018

US rejects Hong Kong flats as Ho’s bail surety, ‘fearing Chinese interference’ #BestNewsOfTheDay
added: Thu May 17 12:25:31 2018
tags: bestnewsoftheday

Trump discloses payment to attorney who paid off porn star
added: Thu May 17 12:25:18 2018

MSCI warns of investors facing challenges over China A-shares
added: Thu May 17 12:25:11 2018

added: Thu May 17 12:09:38 2018

China Warns It Won’t Trade Away Core Interests
added: Thu May 17 10:50:15 2018

Falling through the cracks: Homelessness in Hong Kong
added: Thu May 17 09:59:59 2018

From the Golan Heights, the tragic legacy of the West’s botched response to the Arab spring is all too visible
added: Thu May 17 09:59:50 2018

TVB challenges fried chicken fine, lawyer says it intrudes on freedom of expression
added: Thu May 17 09:58:35 2018

Ten kids rescued from filthy home were 'waterboarded by their father'
added: Thu May 17 09:58:16 2018

A-shares, B-shares and now D-shares via @markets @business #China
added: Thu May 17 09:54:25 2018
tags: china

LIVE: Black Maria leaves @NajibRazak’s mansion with one man and boxes
added: Thu May 17 09:24:03 2018

Malaysian police have raided two residences of former PM Najib Razak in Kuala Lumpur
added: Thu May 17 09:23:12 2018

Malaysian police search five places linked to ousted PM Najib by @AnanthalakshmiA…
added: Thu May 17 08:12:06 2018

“The Once and Future Tsar” by @wmilam
added: Thu May 17 08:11:43 2018

Desperate millennials turn to group mortgages to get on the property ladder
added: Thu May 17 08:10:22 2018

Exclusive: RBS lawyers ask ex-staffer to destroy documents, DOJ informed
added: Thu May 17 08:10:12 2018

Is Mumbai’s new development plan viable? Well researched @ChitnisPurva
added: Thu May 17 08:09:04 2018

Great news for Yorkshire wildlife as @NosterfieldLNR gets significant expansion:
added: Thu May 17 08:06:37 2018

Palestinians' Great March of Return — the human cost
added: Thu May 17 07:45:04 2018

立法會辯論譴責鄭松泰議案 公民黨表明反對 #本地 Thu, 17 May 2018 15:33:41 +0800
added: Thu May 17 07:40:18 2018
tags: 本地

Israel army targets 'Hamas positions' in overnight air raids.
added: Thu May 17 07:16:11 2018

Australia's Treasury Wine facing China customs delay amid diplomatic rift
added: Thu May 17 07:15:31 2018

Watch Scott Pruitt accidentally admit to violating federal law
added: Thu May 17 07:15:15 2018

Tesla signs lithium supply deal with Australia’s Kidman Resources
added: Thu May 17 07:13:15 2018

It's not too late to stop the global decline of #CoralReefs via @the_inertia #ClimateChange
added: Thu May 17 06:10:03 2018
tags: climatechange, coralreefs

A clash over fairways, and fairness, during a crippling housing crisis. Here’s my latest:
added: Thu May 17 05:04:18 2018

The days of strutting their stuff in Mong Kok are numbered for street performers, due to noise and safety issues.
added: Thu May 17 05:03:36 2018

The Racism in Government-Funded Korean Language Course Material
added: Thu May 17 05:02:57 2018

#Vatican appreciates #Taiwan’s '#freedom and #religious tolerance' via @asianewsen
added: Thu May 17 04:07:34 2018
tags: vatican, freedom, taiwan, religious

(Reuters) - Rosneft Vietnam BV, a unit of Russian state oil firm Rosneft (, is concerned th…
added: Thu May 17 03:38:27 2018

China Threatens Taiwan Again
added: Thu May 17 03:27:07 2018

#HongKong spends $1.2 billion defending its currency overnight via @markets @business @frostyhk
added: Thu May 17 03:24:59 2018
tags: hongkong

Cambridge Analytica shared data with Russia: whistleblower
added: Thu May 17 03:12:16 2018

The rise in the dollar and U.S. interest rates has drawn attention on some of the weakest links in emerging markets
added: Thu May 17 03:08:42 2018

Anwar on Australia: “countries supposed to be beacons of democracy must not appease corrupt,authoritarian leaders”
added: Thu May 17 02:58:34 2018

Kobach campaign shake-up: Consultant, aide are out as race intensifies A man who is never…
added: Thu May 17 01:24:55 2018

'Ballistic blocks' shoot from Hawaii volcano, may mark start of violent eruptions
added: Thu May 17 01:24:33 2018

Risa Hontiveros: "All storms pass and all tyrants fall, and darkness will give way to a bright dawn."
added: Wed May 16 22:00:01 2018

UN experts question Nepal’s lack of protection for Tibetan refugees @UNHumanRights…
added: Wed May 16 19:05:52 2018

On Trade, the U.S. and China Consider the Unthinkable: Breaking Up
added: Wed May 16 17:26:19 2018

De Lima on China shielding Duterte: Who would not protect a valuable puppet?
added: Wed May 16 13:21:00 2018

【旺角騷亂案 陪審團開始退庭商議】 前年農曆新年旺角騷亂案,梁天琦等五人分別被控暴動、煽惑暴動及非法集結等六項罪名,法官完成引導,陪審團早上約11時半開始退庭商議。 #有線新聞 #旺角騷亂 #梁天琦 #暴動 #煽惑暴動
added: Wed May 16 09:45:03 2018
tags: 梁天琦, 旺角騷亂, 有線新聞, 暴動, 煽惑暴動

Home Price Decline Accelerates in First-Tier Cities in April
added: Wed May 16 09:03:05 2018

Nikki Haley walks out of U.N. Security Council meeting as Palestinian envoy begins to speak
added: Wed May 16 09:00:19 2018

Doctor Held for Three Months in Inner Mongolia Develops PTSD
added: Wed May 16 08:31:11 2018

Malaysian PM Mahathir says government will pay 1MDB debt that it has guaranteed
added: Wed May 16 08:30:47 2018

North Carolina tells environmental group it’s illegal to sell solar power to Black church
added: Wed May 16 08:30:19 2018

Harapan to discuss Anwar's role in gov't tomorrow
added: Wed May 16 08:28:17 2018

Government admits it is checking to see if Theresa May's Brexit customs plan is even legal
added: Wed May 16 08:26:18 2018

The PLA making menacing gestures against the Solar System.
added: Wed May 16 08:24:41 2018

Scientists declare octopi life from another world - "possibility that cryopreserved Squid a…
added: Wed May 16 08:20:14 2018

Greenpeace: Paper giant cut forests during conservation pact
added: Wed May 16 08:19:05 2018

China’s WeChat weighs banker-friendly messaging via @financialtimes
added: Wed May 16 07:46:10 2018

Chimpanzees have much cleaner beds than humans do, scientists find
added: Wed May 16 07:45:52 2018

'UK considering third option over customs. The new option, as ever, is delay and capitulation
added: Wed May 16 07:29:01 2018

Novartis ditches lawyer as head rolls over Trump lawyer deal
added: Wed May 16 06:10:14 2018

Sen. Leila M. de Lima on President Duterte’s claim that China will protect him from ouster…
added: Wed May 16 06:09:24 2018

Exclusive: China's Tianqi nears $4.3 billion deal to buy stake in Chile's SQM - sources by @julie_zhuli & John Tilak
added: Wed May 16 06:07:46 2018

China says differences with U.S. should settled through dialogue
added: Wed May 16 06:06:47 2018

Very difficult to handle sudden wealth. My column on the money mistakes to avoid. @livemint
added: Wed May 16 06:05:05 2018

Korean Air family suspected of illegally hiring Filipino housekeepers
added: Wed May 16 06:00:58 2018

An ice core from Greenland records the economic state of the Roman Empire
added: Tue May 15 18:58:43 2018

A tale of two zero-days
added: Tue May 15 13:01:55 2018

Operator of World’s Largest Telecom Tower Network Applies for Hong Kong IPO
added: Tue May 15 12:31:00 2018

Here's a good article about the women Harvard Computers by @ngeiling
added: Tue May 15 12:26:55 2018

Former #Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou given four-month prison term for leaking confidential information
added: Tue May 15 03:40:34 2018
tags: taiwan

BREAKING: Duterte asked Assistant Secretaries from DOJ, DPWH to resign – Roque
added: Tue May 15 03:39:30 2018

US blocks call for independent Gaza inquiry at UN: diplomats
added: Tue May 15 02:50:17 2018

more from the New York Times
added: Tue May 15 02:39:48 2018

"Israel seeks to defend itself": Australia takes White House view of Gaza clashes
added: Tue May 15 02:06:21 2018

Hundreds arrested as activists pick up where Martin Luther King left off
added: Tue May 15 01:35:52 2018

Kuok may not come to M'sia, shares views from Hong Kong
added: Mon May 14 12:04:07 2018

Trump: trade warrior or happy dealmaker?
added: Mon May 14 12:04:05 2018

A new Wi-Fi standard could let different mesh routers work together
added: Mon May 14 12:02:22 2018

18 Great Prime Lenses for Full Frame, Medium Format and APS-C Cameras
added: Mon May 14 11:11:02 2018

In Opening its Embassy in Jerusalem, the US Has Slammed the Door on the Peace Process
added: Mon May 14 11:09:48 2018

Mueller investigating funds used for Trump inauguration
added: Mon May 14 10:30:20 2018

Malaysia investors shift to Mahathir's camp from Najib-linked losers
added: Mon May 14 09:47:33 2018

AFP vows to protect PH claims in Spratlys amid China buildup via @inquirerdotnet
added: Mon May 14 09:39:35 2018

Horrible! #798beating in China: security guards assault women attending LGBT event
added: Mon May 14 09:15:02 2018
tags: 798beating

話要開發郊野公園建屋前,可先讀讀此文。 〈房屋不足非土地供應問題 郊野公園絕非建屋選項〉— 長春社 林超英 Lam Chiu Ying
added: Mon May 14 09:00:04 2018

Kim Jong Un understands phased denuclearization ‘failed repeatedly’ – Pompeo
added: Mon May 14 09:00:04 2018

Sex toy gang paraded in front of dozens of banned dildos in bizarre stunt by cops
added: Mon May 14 09:00:00 2018

A gRPC based Elixir client for the Dgraph graph database #elixirlang
added: Mon May 14 08:24:43 2018
tags: elixirlang

BJP's @SuPriyoBabul demands President’s rule in West Bengal as violence mars panchayat polls.
added: Mon May 14 07:41:51 2018

PSA: PGP and S/MIME are broken and leaking encrypted emails - stop using them right now
added: Mon May 14 07:41:37 2018

Mao Zedong quotes calling for democracy appear on banners outside China Liaison Office via @hongkongfp
added: Mon May 14 07:01:38 2018

Wildlife poachers in Kenya 'to face death penalty'
added: Mon May 14 07:00:32 2018

US-based company suspends Indian employee for abusive tweets against Kashmiri women
added: Mon May 14 06:58:02 2018

Former anti-graft officer lodges report against ex-Malaysian PM Najib #najibrazak #Malaysia
added: Mon May 14 06:57:25 2018
tags: najibrazak, malaysia

Dollar dips as sagging U.S. yields sap momentum, Malaysia ringgit drops
added: Mon May 14 05:47:39 2018

Aretha Franklin in Studio and Rehearsals ◊ 1967 - YouTube
added: Mon May 14 05:45:55 2018

The curious disappearance of Myanmar's Rohingya rebels | By David Scott Mathieson / Asia Times
added: Mon May 14 05:31:11 2018

Peace talks ignite land buying frenzy along South Korea's fortified border
added: Mon May 14 05:31:05 2018

North Korea will never completely give up its nuclear weapons, top defector says…
added: Mon May 14 05:29:16 2018

Researchers question conservation community's acceptance of trophy hunting
added: Mon May 14 05:28:41 2018

As flat prices soar in Hong Kong, investors park money down in the lot
added: Mon May 14 05:26:53 2018

RWANDA NEWS | Why conservation of wetlands is vitally important
added: Mon May 14 05:25:01 2018

【高鐵】西九到廣州48分鐘? 《南方都市報》:1小時18分 哇哈哈哈哈哈吹啦繼續吹
added: Mon May 14 05:06:05 2018

Cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis found in NZ's dairying heartland, MPI confirms.
added: Mon May 14 05:05:13 2018

Anbang: the downfall of China’s global dealmaker
added: Mon May 14 04:04:59 2018

Housing estate changes 8964 door code after resident complains about 'political advocacy'
added: Mon May 14 04:04:15 2018

added: Sun May 13 23:14:12 2018

Why poachers persist in hunting bushmeat - even though it's dangerous #wildlife…
added: Sun May 13 17:10:09 2018
tags: wildlife

'You must not let that happen': Clinton tells #Australia to stand up to China #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun May 13 04:23:01 2018
tags: australia, southchinasea

Pence’s call for the special counsel to ‘wrap it up’ echoed Nixon nearly word for word
added: Sat May 12 00:45:10 2018

China Three Gorges launches $10.8 billion bid for Portuguese power firm EDP
added: Sat May 12 00:10:12 2018

China Daily: SOEs urged to reduce heavy debt
added: Sat May 12 00:06:16 2018

Comparative literature via @mondoweiss
added: Fri May 11 13:52:35 2018

added: Fri May 11 12:10:05 2018
tags: journalismisnotacrime

Cisco pulls all online ads from YouTube due to fears of ads appearing on sensitive content
added: Fri May 11 12:09:07 2018

Dear America: Please stop embarrassing us. Sincerely, We the People
added: Fri May 11 12:07:20 2018

It Appears Gina Haspel Destroyed the Tapes in 2005 to Hide What She Destroyed in 2002
added: Fri May 11 12:06:24 2018

Seven dead, including four children, in 'worst mass shooting' in Australia for 24 years
added: Fri May 11 12:05:21 2018

Your Interactive Makes Me Sick #webdesign #a11y #ui
added: Fri May 11 12:05:14 2018
tags: webdesign, a11y, ui

As Credit Tightens at Home, Property Developers Turn Overseas
added: Fri May 11 11:48:48 2018

Thousands Dead, Hundreds More Dogs Now Dying Due to Scare: Foundation
added: Fri May 11 10:36:39 2018

China advisor for @usairforce’s Checkmate office @lowsen88 in @Diplomat_APAC: Why Is China…
added: Fri May 11 10:36:37 2018

Lawmaker Claudia Mo says she managed to flag up the issue of executive intrusion into #Legco
added: Fri May 11 10:36:11 2018
tags: legco

Nepal at top in India’s Neighbourhood First policy, says PM Modi
added: Fri May 11 10:35:50 2018

Today's top tech news; May 11: Didi to halt services for one week after rider murdered
added: Fri May 11 10:35:05 2018

#China flies fighters and bombers around #Taiwan in another threatening display via @businessinsider
added: Fri May 11 10:32:53 2018
tags: china, taiwan

Sainsbury’s and Asda could be forced to sell 245 stores if £15bn merger is successful
added: Fri May 11 10:32:51 2018

Hong Kong democracy activists facing three years in jail
added: Fri May 11 10:32:15 2018

Russia, after Netanyahu visit, backs off Syria S-300 missile supplies
added: Fri May 11 10:30:38 2018

The S.C. Conservation Bank is about to receive less money while taking on more responsibilities. #scnews
added: Fri May 11 10:30:01 2018
tags: scnews

‘The MS-13 guys, they’re not working at a 7-Eleven.’ The return of worksite raids by ICE.
added: Fri May 11 10:29:11 2018

From P&C: South Carolina's Conservation Bank given second life #chsnews
added: Fri May 11 10:11:30 2018
tags: chsnews

#Powerchip plans NT$300 billion wafer plant in northern Taiwan
added: Fri May 11 10:00:02 2018
tags: powerchip

Stratfor: China US Trade War Just The Start. China could back down on some sectors. #TradeWar #China #TrumpTrain
added: Fri May 11 09:32:41 2018
tags: trumptrain, tradewar, china

First round results of Public Policy Research Funding Scheme 2018-19 announced
added: Fri May 11 09:16:02 2018

Xiaomi IPO came sooner than planned amid reforms in listing regulations; but valuation remains questionable
added: Fri May 11 09:10:58 2018

Trump, having Violated Iran Treaty, Insists Tehran Continue to Submit to Inspections
added: Fri May 11 08:05:04 2018

added: Fri May 11 08:05:02 2018

Shining lasers at planes in the UK could now get you to 5 years in the clink
added: Fri May 11 08:04:54 2018

“He said, ‘I’m sorry, we literally only have 5 in stock right now, we can only give you one.’ It’s kind of scary.”
added: Fri May 11 08:02:01 2018

Thousands of Russia-linked Facebook adverts aimed at influencing 2016 presidential election released by Congress
added: Fri May 11 07:30:41 2018

Donald Trump-led White House 'quietly' kills NASA program on greenhouse gas: Report
added: Fri May 11 07:30:00 2018

China plans central custody accounts for payment platforms to trim risks: state media
added: Fri May 11 07:18:45 2018

Eurovision terminated its contract with the Chinese broadcaster in response, effective immediately💪🏻🏳️‍🌈:
added: Fri May 11 07:14:17 2018

PSA: Saving passwords in public Trello boards is a really, really bad idea
added: Fri May 11 04:57:39 2018

Ban the exotic pet trade Origins of amphibian-killing fungus uncovered
added: Fri May 11 04:56:38 2018

Lawmaker Chu Hoi-dick says it will be good if the people being relocated gets a village style housing also
added: Fri May 11 04:55:18 2018

I’m in Malaysia for a few days to help with post-election coverage led by my colleague @RCPaddock Here’s his latest
added: Fri May 11 03:43:41 2018

@thehill 😂😂 #MAGA Under @realDonaldTrump, US jobs are moving overseas even faster than before via @qz
added: Fri May 11 02:20:55 2018
tags: maga

Harley Davidson to open plant in Thailand after closing one in Kansas City
added: Fri May 11 02:19:05 2018

China proves Marx right,
added: Fri May 11 01:53:47 2018

Re-Orienting American Seapower for the China Challenge
added: Thu May 10 23:39:38 2018

The Hill Scrubs Articles By Pro-Trump Group Adviser After Mediaite Report on Nazi Remarks
added: Thu May 10 21:35:26 2018

Surging Chinese demand drives global pilot shortage
added: Thu May 10 21:08:30 2018

Since for no reason a lot of people are wondering about previous examples of Presidential corruption...
added: Thu May 10 15:10:31 2018

EU must give up 'nightmares' of United States of Europe: Hungarian PM
added: Thu May 10 14:17:13 2018

'Everything' in Argentina is 20% to 30% overvalued and a crisis is on the way, according to an economist
added: Thu May 10 12:12:35 2018

NC cop chokes, slams black man in tuxedo to the ground at Waffle House, video shows
added: Thu May 10 12:01:39 2018

Ohio Voters Just Overturned Anti-Democratic Gerrymandering via @thenation
added: Thu May 10 11:54:14 2018

4 Dalit kids beaten up by upper caste Hindus in Ujjain
added: Thu May 10 11:20:57 2018

AT&T: Mueller contacted us about payments to Cohen
added: Thu May 10 11:01:04 2018

From robust to bust: Argentina shows that a mound of currency reserves can’t always prevent an economic crisis
added: Thu May 10 10:55:02 2018

NYT: #Trump Now Says #China Has Been Very Helpful on #NorthKorea
added: Thu May 10 10:46:00 2018
tags: china, trump, northkorea

Michelin-star French chef creates vegan foie gras
added: Thu May 10 10:45:26 2018

Trump is expected to veto farm bill unless it imposes tough work requirements
added: Thu May 10 10:45:11 2018

North Korea broadcasts historic moment Kim Jong-un meets Mike Pompeo
added: Thu May 10 10:20:52 2018

GOP opponent says Tammy Baldwin is on ‘Team Terrorists’ for not supporting Trump CIA nominee
added: Thu May 10 09:45:13 2018

Government forced to stop making NHS give patient data to immigration officials
added: Thu May 10 09:43:50 2018

Strike Breaks Out at Angola Prison As Momentum Builds for National Prison Strike
added: Thu May 10 09:42:59 2018

'Humbling' U.S. settlement clears crisis-era hangover for RBS
added: Thu May 10 09:42:36 2018

China sentences Anbang's ex-boss to 18 years in jail
added: Thu May 10 08:50:16 2018

Confused by what’s happening in Malaysia? Read this:
added: Thu May 10 08:49:30 2018

Ex-chief exec. CY Leung defends calls for Hongkongers to embrace 'Daya Bay people' identity…
added: Thu May 10 08:44:14 2018

American cars, pork, even pet food are being held up at customs as trade tensions simmer between the US and China
added: Thu May 10 08:25:59 2018

Israel hits nearly all Iran infrastructure in Syria, says ‘if it rains on us, it’ll storm on them’.
added: Thu May 10 08:18:05 2018

General Motors, Seoul agree to $7 billion bailout for S. Korea unit
added: Thu May 10 08:01:20 2018

US to decide best site option for nuclear weapons production (from @AP)
added: Thu May 10 08:01:08 2018

Malaysia's former leader set to become world's oldest PM at 92
added: Thu May 10 08:00:21 2018

The young Israelis imprisoned for refusing to serve in the IDF
added: Wed May 9 10:30:45 2018

Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy? Polanyi in the New Yorker...
added: Wed May 9 09:28:50 2018

Vietnam demands that China withdraw missiles from Spratly Islands
added: Wed May 9 07:30:31 2018

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit girl set on fire in Azamgarh for refusing to share her phone number
added: Wed May 9 07:28:08 2018

‘Philippines to build in Benham Rise to assert claim’
added: Wed May 9 06:32:04 2018

Winklevoss Brothers Win Crypto Exchange Patent
added: Wed May 9 06:01:34 2018

Mike Braun wins Indiana's insane Republican Senate primary
added: Wed May 9 06:00:14 2018

Tax-haven transparency won’t stop money laundering in Britain | Prem Sikka
added: Wed May 9 04:48:57 2018

Mirai botnet cost you $13.50 per infected thing, say boffins
added: Wed May 9 02:34:45 2018

Indigenous children are dying in Canada’s foster care system
added: Wed May 9 00:54:50 2018

ZFS on Windows? All I can say is ZoW! Thanks @michaeldexter
added: Tue May 8 20:23:49 2018

Private island with golden beaches is on sale for half the price of London flat
added: Tue May 8 15:23:00 2018

NYT got copies of the Black Cube reports on Rhodes and Kahl
added: Tue May 8 12:45:07 2018

well this is legit terrifying
added: Tue May 8 12:26:12 2018

The Tory councillor described Diane Abbott as a “filthy, bulbous pig". He's just been reinstated.
added: Tue May 8 12:24:26 2018

Whose Appalachia Is It, Anyway?
added: Tue May 8 11:57:08 2018

去到最後,何君堯會唔會都係安然無恙,然後用番呢個態度、呢個手勢去嘲諷大家呢? 【何君堯接連漏報 尹兆堅質疑有潛在利益:仲有幾多無報?】 2018年4月26日報道: 【何君堯立會反…
added: Tue May 8 10:10:02 2018

🔴 BREAKING - Armenia parliament elects protest leader Pashinyan as Prime Minister
added: Tue May 8 09:40:20 2018

Hong Kong cabbie held after HK$1.1 million left in car by currency exchange owner
added: Tue May 8 09:38:03 2018

#HongKong Govt scheme to help firms find IT experts from outside
added: Tue May 8 09:31:07 2018
tags: hongkong

UCLA staff members struck by vehicle during AFSCME strike protest
added: Tue May 8 09:29:49 2018

Based on the labels and what is in the bags, most of the suitcases are abandoned by Chinese travellers.
added: Tue May 8 08:24:32 2018

.@NASA telescope runs into fresh problems as officials keep an eye on finances via…
added: Tue May 8 08:23:17 2018

Australian government’s koala strategy dismissed ‘as a total sham’
added: Tue May 8 08:18:17 2018

Kim Jong Un said to be visiting China's Dalian city #NorthKorea
added: Tue May 8 08:06:29 2018
tags: northkorea

Tourism is four times worse for the climate than we thought
added: Tue May 8 06:48:02 2018

China will sign a currency swap agreement with Japan: Chinese government
added: Tue May 8 06:20:39 2018

Dinosaur footprints keep being thrown in lake by tourists because they think they are just rocks
added: Tue May 8 06:16:01 2018

Sydney and Melbourne house prices set to drop shocking analysts, millennials
added: Tue May 8 05:48:33 2018

China’s vice premier Washington-bound for trade talks
added: Tue May 8 05:34:49 2018

Just a day before #GE14, @SUHAKAM warns of "epic breach" of democratic election principles
added: Tue May 8 05:28:14 2018
tags: ge14

New ideas about how stars die help solve a decades-old mystery via @AddThis
added: Tue May 8 05:19:00 2018

Why indeed. And who paid for it? Read @michelleinbklyn
added: Tue May 8 04:45:41 2018

Louisiana Law Enforcement Has Been Abusing An Unconstitutional Law To Arrest People For Trying To File Complaints
added: Mon May 7 10:28:22 2018

U.S. oil cracks $70, dollar heads towards 2018 high
added: Mon May 7 10:24:20 2018

Giuliani says Trump may invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to speak to Mueller
added: Mon May 7 10:00:21 2018

US-Philippine war games open under pro-China Duterte
added: Mon May 7 10:00:00 2018

China’s Forex Reserves Fall to Five-Month Low in April
added: Mon May 7 09:50:15 2018

@sarahbeesaysx @ABC
added: Mon May 7 09:36:28 2018

Chinese investment may help Greenland become independent from Denmark
added: Mon May 7 09:25:42 2018

on the bullshitization of academic life
added: Mon May 7 08:49:33 2018

Hundreds of Lottemart workers hold protest demanding compensation in Beijing, after the company was sold to Wu Mart
added: Mon May 7 08:46:24 2018

The Zubin Foundation’s Kindergarten Report Launch: Part II
added: Mon May 7 08:45:51 2018

'US Embassy' road signs installed in Jerusalem
added: Mon May 7 08:45:04 2018

#Nmap 101! Top 32 Nmap Command Examples #CyberSecurity #Toolchain
added: Mon May 7 08:25:04 2018
tags: nmap, cybersecurity, toolchain

Chip designer Mediatek gets Taiwan nod to export goods to ZTE
added: Mon May 7 07:16:44 2018

Workers protest wage arrears owed by construction company in Xianyang, Shaanxi
added: Mon May 7 07:15:29 2018

China's iron ore rises on renewed steel output; second day of foreign trade
added: Mon May 7 07:15:09 2018

ZTE asks U.S. Commerce Department to suspend business ban
added: Mon May 7 07:14:50 2018

.@nytimes reports on Michael Cohen's long history of working with Russian mafia and as a fixer for their deals
added: Mon May 7 06:39:43 2018

The sheriff fought the video release, fearing it "will further traumatize a wounded community.”
added: Mon May 7 06:27:00 2018

erlsom (1.4.2): XML parser. Supports SAX style parsing as well as XML Schema based data mapping: create re...
added: Mon May 7 06:24:26 2018

Bonds rise after India RBI announces $1.5 billion debt purchase
added: Mon May 7 06:21:05 2018

"He was the bane of my life." Priyanka Chopra weighs in on the Simpsons' Apu controversy
added: Mon May 7 06:00:06 2018

Taiwan’s Cabinet mulling basic wage increase to solve low wage issue plaguing young people
added: Mon May 7 05:55:46 2018

One year on, Macron governs as a right-wing French president
added: Mon May 7 05:54:20 2018

Warning issued after multiple sightings of 'hungry' great white sharks in Houhora Harbour
added: Mon May 7 04:20:03 2018

Bats could guide humans to clean drinking water in places where it’s scarce via @TheWireScience
added: Mon May 7 04:10:00 2018

China's trade imbalance with U.S. a long-term problem, says central bank governor: Caixin
added: Mon May 7 04:08:17 2018

Even White Nationalists Know Mike Peinovich Is A Bumbling Ignoramus via @wordpressdotcom
added: Mon May 7 02:38:37 2018

Regular reminder that John McCain still uses the word "gook" and is not worth your thoughts or prayers.
added: Sun May 6 23:41:27 2018

Render Unto the Emperor, on China Heritage:
added: Sun May 6 21:22:58 2018

Lawyer Veysel Ok who defends journalists on trial for criticizing Turkish judiciary
added: Sun May 6 13:10:22 2018

ICAO reviewing North Korean proposal for new flight routes to South Korea
added: Sun May 6 07:00:14 2018

The Left needs a revolution via @livewire
added: Sun May 6 07:00:00 2018

My latest report: Police crackdown shakes Chinese city’s ‘Little Africa’ @AFP #Africa #Guangzhou
added: Sun May 6 06:57:00 2018
tags: africa, guangzhou

How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows
added: Sun May 6 06:16:03 2018

Hidden writing invisible to the naked eye discovered on the Dead Sea Scrolls
added: Sun May 6 06:03:57 2018

Sabah no longer a 'fixed deposit' in election for Malaysia's Najib, says party rebel
added: Sun May 6 05:09:43 2018

Air India may face closure if divestment fails, says aviation consultancy
added: Sat May 5 12:18:06 2018

“I remember thinking [the professor] had just taught me something deep about race relations using an object.”
added: Sat May 5 12:02:00 2018

The illegal guns and ammunition were shipped to Taiwan via Hong Kong by a Guangzhou-based courier.
added: Sat May 5 12:00:47 2018

The Mysterious Disappearance of Reticulated Giraffes
added: Sat May 5 11:50:30 2018
added: Sat May 5 11:10:28 2018

Opinion | Why Trump Supporters Don’t Mind His Lies - The New York Times
added: Sat May 5 04:57:35 2018

Reluctant Stakeholder: Why China’s Highly Strategic Brand of Revisionism is More Challenging Than Washington Thinks
added: Sat May 5 04:55:53 2018

Lawmaker Ted Hui arrested over Legco phone grab
added: Sat May 5 04:55:40 2018

Indian Railways to build walls along high-speed corridors, generate revenue through ads
added: Sat May 5 04:48:51 2018

Police called on two Native American students taking college tour
added: Sat May 5 04:48:04 2018

Using stones, Palestinian protestors shoot down Israeli drone [+VIDEO] #Gaza #Israel #Palestine
added: Sat May 5 04:44:35 2018
tags: palestine, israel, gaza
added: Fri May 4 23:39:20 2018

Some of my thoughts about #OBOR #BRI aka #BeltandRoad: Is China a Colonial Power?
added: Fri May 4 21:17:55 2018
tags: obor, bri, beltandroad

The People’s Republic of Protectionism <-- my column on Made in China 2025 as an aggressi…
added: Fri May 4 16:17:55 2018

She Was Accepted to 113 Colleges: ‘I Could Go Anywhere, and Discover Who I Am’ Way to go!…
added: Fri May 4 14:09:23 2018

he tells his story for the first time after getting close to billions dollars.
added: Fri May 4 11:40:22 2018

For more on the YJ-12, see: @WarOnTheRocks
added: Fri May 4 10:51:10 2018

Months after Parkland shooting, Trump to embrace NRA in rally-like speech
added: Fri May 4 10:15:20 2018

Former CIA director says Russian bots amplified Jade Helm conspiracies
added: Fri May 4 10:15:13 2018

Apropos nothing in particular.
added: Fri May 4 08:13:21 2018

JUST IN: #US Asks #China to Cut Trade Deficit by $200 Billion by 2020 via @business
added: Fri May 4 07:40:46 2018
tags: us, china

HSBC first-quarter profit misses estimate, unveils $2 billion new share buyback
added: Fri May 4 06:10:13 2018

Rising rates aren't enough to feed a beast like HSBC via @bopinion
added: Fri May 4 06:09:11 2018

Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata via @theregister
added: Fri May 4 06:07:23 2018

就算對方唔想,都無問題?🤔🤔🤔 //私隱專員公署認為,議員身處的環境並不屬於私隱期望高的地方,故不涉及議員私隱問題。// #涉搶手機 【私隱公署稱狗仔隊監察議員行蹤無違法】
added: Fri May 4 05:30:03 2018
tags: 涉搶手機

【學生的訴求校方聽不懂?還是校方不想聽懂?】閱讀全文: 沈陽事件映照了北大的兩個平行世界,當學生不斷要求真相與檢討,校方卻只關注有無境外勢力,用約談埋沒學生對校園進步的追求。學校出了問…
added: Fri May 4 05:30:03 2018

PRESS STATEMENT: Major discrepancies found in postal voter electoral roll in Taman Medan.
added: Fri May 4 05:28:52 2018

U.S. Returns Looted Iraqi Artifacts Acquired by Hobby Lobby
added: Fri May 4 05:20:06 2018

Send in the drones: Probing White Island's toxic plume
added: Fri May 4 05:20:05 2018

And in terms of swamp dwellers, Pruitt is the Creature from the Black Lagoon:
added: Fri May 4 05:15:54 2018

U.S. freezes funding for Syria's "White Helmets.”
added: Fri May 4 02:05:37 2018

Survivors of the Omarska concentration camp tell chilling stories of torture at the start of the Bosnian War.
added: Fri May 4 01:30:12 2018

梁耀忠 Leung Yiu Chung 就街工裁減勞工組作出回應,稱當中有不少地方不符合事實和存在誤解。 〈澄清有關梁耀忠在會員大會發言的不實報導〉— 蘇耀昌 〈工人唔係話炒就炒…
added: Fri May 4 01:30:03 2018

Sam Clovis is leaving USDA
added: Fri May 4 00:54:05 2018

Part 2 is out. Watch it, share it, organize. #Namibia #neocolonialism
added: Thu May 3 20:35:31 2018
tags: namibia, neocolonialism

The last slave ship survivor gave an interview in the 1930s. It just surfaced.
added: Thu May 3 19:27:09 2018

Branford Marsalis to reunite with Grateful Dead members at Lockn' Festival 2018!
added: Thu May 3 15:45:18 2018

A proposed database of food stamp recipients is not just cruel, it's a security risk
added: Thu May 3 15:45:00 2018

PRC MOFA Spokesperson response to reports of missile deployments on Spratlys let's recap: a…
added: Thu May 3 15:11:03 2018

Giuliani says release of U.S. captives from North Korea will happen Thursday
added: Thu May 3 12:23:35 2018

Beijing 'installs missiles' on South China Sea islands
added: Thu May 3 12:21:52 2018

Australia’s ancient language shaped by sharks
added: Thu May 3 12:19:06 2018

Ex-Official Organizing Winter Olympics Charged With Corruption
added: Thu May 3 11:11:45 2018

Don't dignify it as "soft economic power." This is #China 's economic blackmail aimed to isolate #Taiwan
added: Thu May 3 10:18:49 2018
tags: china, taiwan

#USA succulent plant smuggling ring busted in northern California via @MotherNatureNet
added: Thu May 3 09:50:44 2018
tags: usa

For all of China's power, it still won't be able to move some of Taiwan's unofficial allies, says Michal Thim.
added: Thu May 3 09:47:46 2018

Sikhs and Muslims are identical in the eyes of Islamaphobes
added: Thu May 3 09:47:18 2018

Goodbye Cambridge Analytica, hello Emerdata? via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu May 3 09:12:50 2018

China braced for surprises in US trade talks
added: Thu May 3 07:58:25 2018

Who wants to join me in a tour through Xiaomi's early IPO filing? This may be what the kids call a "tweetstorm."
added: Thu May 3 02:34:39 2018

Over 80% of Hongkongers support conservation of Nam Sang Wai wetland
added: Thu May 3 00:32:18 2018

I wrote a thing, and they called it: Filter Bubbles Are Only Part of the Problem.
added: Wed May 2 23:06:08 2018

Trump’s top China expert is making his first known trip to China this week headline says it all
added: Wed May 2 19:02:21 2018

Wintering warblers choose agriculture over forest American Ornithological Society CONDOR #ornithology MEXICO
added: Wed May 2 17:45:42 2018
tags: ornithology

Georgia gubernatorial candidate points gun at teen in campaign ad
added: Wed May 2 12:43:02 2018

Germany has had another one of its 100 per cent renewables days
added: Wed May 2 12:07:00 2018

China says Xi-Modi summit break ‘new ground’ for bilateral ties
added: Wed May 2 11:32:43 2018

She stood against the pipelines. Meet Yaqui campaigner Anabela Carlón Flores
added: Wed May 2 11:30:35 2018

Fake antifa posts reportedly tricked police into massive show of force for neo-Nazi rally
added: Wed May 2 11:30:18 2018

Forget the Eiffel Tower – these are the best things to do in Paris, according to a local
added: Wed May 2 11:29:13 2018

Islamophobia Watch: Muslim mother knocked unconscious in racist attack. #HateHurts
added: Wed May 2 11:28:55 2018
tags: hatehurts

Liu Xia's most recent phonecall to Liao Yiwu: It's easier to die than to live
added: Wed May 2 11:28:40 2018

How Troll Farms & Fake News are being Weaponized against Iraq's Women Politicians -
added: Wed May 2 11:28:04 2018

7-Zip : From Uninitialized Memory to Remote Code Execution :
added: Wed May 2 11:27:38 2018

Members of Hindu Yuva Vahini forcibly try to enter AMU
added: Wed May 2 11:27:01 2018

Pelosi says she’ll run for speaker, as more swing-district Democrats look for alternative
added: Wed May 2 11:26:15 2018

Protest in Puerto Rico Over Austerity Measures Ends in Tear Gas
added: Wed May 2 11:15:25 2018

One chilling story shows how far China will go to silence critics
added: Wed May 2 10:06:38 2018

Apple plows U.S. tax cuts into record share buybacks
added: Wed May 2 04:40:18 2018

Historic day in Britain as UK Parliament passes a full scale Magnitsky Act
added: Wed May 2 00:14:13 2018

Lawyers, doctors and city professionals are Britain's most frequent drinkers
added: Tue May 1 12:14:46 2018

Pompeo agrees with Netanyahu and claims Iran is lying about its nuclear programme.
added: Tue May 1 12:14:28 2018

PM vetoed Cabinet pleas over visa quotas for overseas doctors to fill NHS posts
added: Tue May 1 12:12:13 2018

Rewriting the history of Hong Kong, one phrase at a time via @SCMP_News
added: Tue May 1 12:00:58 2018

Police urgently reviewing security of defected Russian spies in UK after Salisbury nerve agent attack
added: Tue May 1 11:33:51 2018

Great piece by @timwig on folly of a 10-team WC. As for GC's infamous DOAG quote, I actuall…
added: Tue May 1 10:37:51 2018

Grandson of Chinese leader Mao Zedong killed in North Korea crash: reports | Taiwan News
added: Tue May 1 09:46:27 2018

Graceful 404 Pages in Phoenix #elixirlang
added: Tue May 1 07:28:55 2018
tags: elixirlang

U.S. stock futures edge up as Washington extends tariff exemptions
added: Tue May 1 06:28:47 2018

Macau gambling revenue jumps 28% in April
added: Tue May 1 06:06:03 2018

Young mum 'driven to suicide attempt' over debts while working at McDonald's
added: Tue May 1 05:53:48 2018

#CyberDigest | Over a million vulnerable fiber routers can be easily hacked | @ZDNet @zackwhittaker |
added: Tue May 1 05:52:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

The myth that civilian gun ownership prevents tyranny
added: Tue May 1 05:15:16 2018

Why is Israel Summarily Expelling Tens of Thousands of African Refugees?
added: Tue May 1 05:12:55 2018

Firefox to feature sponsored content as of next week
added: Tue May 1 05:02:18 2018

#CyberDigest | Are our online lives about to become 'private' again? |
added: Tue May 1 05:01:17 2018
tags: cyberdigest

Patrick Little says he was suspended from Twitter in December for "trying to debate whether the Holocaust happened."
added: Tue May 1 05:01:00 2018

Several Democratic officials want Hillary Clinton to return money the DNC paid for her campaign email list and data.
added: Tue May 1 04:00:09 2018

Seriously you people are killing me
added: Tue May 1 03:21:06 2018

British Columbia considers halt to exclusive access for condo presales
added: Tue May 1 01:26:53 2018

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum quits over privacy disagreements with Facebook
added: Mon Apr 30 22:44:58 2018

China Steps Up Scrutiny of Public-Private Partnerships in Fight Against Hidden Debt
added: Mon Apr 30 21:11:57 2018

HNA Group’s Debt Overhang Expanded in 2017
added: Mon Apr 30 21:10:51 2018

梁振英發律師信予4名民主黨成員 指言論不實 #本地 Mon, 30 Apr 2018 22:39:58 +0800
added: Mon Apr 30 14:40:48 2018
tags: 本地

US citizen sues France over France-dot-com brouhaha
added: Mon Apr 30 13:58:28 2018

After Swearing in, J&K Dy CM Calls Kathua Rape a ‘Small Incident’
added: Mon Apr 30 13:58:24 2018

Kogan created Global Science Research, which was granted access to Twitter data.
added: Mon Apr 30 13:58:03 2018
added: Mon Apr 30 13:55:01 2018

Upper caste men attack Dalit groom for riding horse in Rajasthan
added: Mon Apr 30 13:52:06 2018

Why The DCCC Always Fails-- And How They Can Turn The Beat Around
added: Mon Apr 30 13:50:47 2018

Delighted to announce a landmark deal across the UK with @PremierSportsTV and @FreeSportsUK @PRO14Official
added: Mon Apr 30 13:23:13 2018

China Prepares a Hard-Line Stance on Trump’s Trade Demands via @keithbradsher
added: Mon Apr 30 12:54:50 2018

Fushun Special Steel Sinks Deeper Into Trouble
added: Mon Apr 30 11:53:17 2018

Karnataka demotes 3,000 SC/ST officials
added: Mon Apr 30 11:26:25 2018

Why this year’s insane graphics-card price surge might be over by @binarybits
added: Mon Apr 30 11:26:02 2018

Security Vulnerabilities in VingCard Electronic Locks
added: Mon Apr 30 11:25:57 2018

Exclusive: U.S. EPA grants biofuels waiver to billionaire Icahn's oil refinery - sources
added: Mon Apr 30 11:16:54 2018

Blue Origin successfully launches its passenger spaceship
added: Mon Apr 30 11:07:11 2018

Windrush immigration papers scandal: What it didn't teach UKgov about data compliance
added: Mon Apr 30 10:07:36 2018

Huawei may face criminal probe from US DoJ
added: Mon Apr 30 10:05:22 2018

well, now you mention it...
added: Mon Apr 30 10:02:58 2018

Baidu to Spin Off Financial Services Arm
added: Mon Apr 30 10:02:47 2018

China ad claiming vitamin increases chances of having a boy sparks outrage | SBS News
added: Mon Apr 30 10:02:38 2018

Submarine Surfaces Off Phuket, Navy Says ‘Not Ours’ (Video) #Thailand
added: Mon Apr 30 10:02:22 2018
tags: thailand

N. Korea to allow international observation of nuke test site dismantling: Seoul
added: Mon Apr 30 10:00:29 2018

‘I Feel Pretty’ and the Rise of Beauty-Standard Denialism Coursing through pop culture, thi…
added: Mon Apr 30 10:00:16 2018

Researchers are livestreaming the sound of the bottom of the sea
added: Mon Apr 30 10:00:14 2018

Review | Swarovski CL Companion 8x30 B binocular:
added: Mon Apr 30 10:00:01 2018

NEW: Former Alpharetta police officer faces child porn charges Details NEXT on Channel 2 at…
added: Mon Apr 30 09:59:53 2018

Why maths is abuzz with the work of one 30-year-old prodigy
added: Mon Apr 30 09:53:40 2018

Syrian army says its forces have captured a string of villages from US-backed rebels
added: Mon Apr 30 08:29:49 2018

It's a tech war, and it takes a fortune in capital spending to wage it. via @gadfly
added: Mon Apr 30 08:27:07 2018

Merkel says EU ready to hit back over Trump's tariffs, after talks with Macron and May
added: Mon Apr 30 08:26:53 2018

Iran to Pompeo: Seriously? You’re accusing *us* of destabilizing the Middle East?
added: Mon Apr 30 08:19:56 2018

Flight attendant 'calls cops over black woman's arms touching white woman'
added: Mon Apr 30 08:19:27 2018

Carrie Lam says she reads nine newspapers every day and she's motivated by the reports of the local media
added: Mon Apr 30 08:18:37 2018

Looming $10 billion IPO has #HongKong bracing for a cash crunch via @technology @business
added: Mon Apr 30 07:13:53 2018
tags: hongkong

AMD is gearing up for 7-nanometer CPUs and graphics cards
added: Mon Apr 30 07:12:41 2018

Asian shares extend gains as tensions in the Korean Peninsula ease, earnings boom by…
added: Mon Apr 30 07:06:10 2018

Japan fugitive nabbed after massive three-week manhunt
added: Mon Apr 30 07:05:56 2018

Tree planted at White House by Trump and Macron appears to have vanished - symbolic much?
added: Mon Apr 30 07:04:50 2018

'Sidelined' China seeks to maintain influence as ties between North Korea and US improve
added: Mon Apr 30 07:04:38 2018

added: Mon Apr 30 06:47:22 2018

Hong Kong scrambles for talent in battle for Nasdaq's biotech crown by @julie_zhuli…
added: Mon Apr 30 06:43:04 2018

Malaysia’s new fake news law used against Danish national
added: Mon Apr 30 06:30:18 2018

#CyberDigest | Nuclear power plants have a 'blind spot' for hackers. Here's how to fix that. | @snlyngaas |
added: Mon Apr 30 06:30:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

It is unfair to gorillas to compare them to alpha men via @financialtimes
added: Mon Apr 30 05:39:38 2018

The case of Long Hair in prison: Court overturns ‘discrimination’ verdict for haircut rule
added: Mon Apr 30 05:38:10 2018

That's an excellent technical overview paper on "Securing Email": [PDF]
added: Mon Apr 30 05:37:09 2018

India leads in vaccine production but not in vaccination | @JoChopra
added: Mon Apr 30 05:22:55 2018

Five Key Points for Understanding China’s New Asset Management Rules #China #AssetManagement
added: Mon Apr 30 03:40:27 2018
tags: china, assetmanagement

Video here
added: Mon Apr 30 02:39:31 2018

Myanmar policeman who testified Reuters reporters were framed is sentenced to prison: police
added: Mon Apr 30 02:27:58 2018

China has big plans for a modern bomber via @PopSci
added: Mon Apr 30 02:17:55 2018

Guevarra orders DOJ top officials to resign via @rapplerdotcom
added: Mon Apr 30 02:16:44 2018
added: Mon Apr 30 00:28:32 2018

Pill testing at #GroovinTheMoo seemed to enjoy a successful trial in #Canberra.
added: Sun Apr 29 20:51:24 2018
tags: groovinthemoo, canberra

#Zimbabwe becomes second #Africa-n nation to license #marijuana cultivation, following #Lesotho's 2017 lead
added: Sun Apr 29 17:37:31 2018
tags: lesotho, zimbabwe, marijuana, africa

“They thought we could read their mind. This caused some discomfort and resistance in the beginning.”
added: Sun Apr 29 14:30:31 2018

The history of Christianity in Kerala, and its Syrian roots
added: Sun Apr 29 12:36:51 2018

Hand-reared Black-tailed Godwit returns to Norfolk:
added: Sun Apr 29 12:20:00 2018

This rural Wisconsin county is famous in China. A trade war could take it all away.
added: Sun Apr 29 11:44:14 2018

Chinese Android OEM Leagoo Says Pre-Installed Malware Is False Virus Alert via…
added: Sun Apr 29 11:01:49 2018

N. Korea to close nuke test site in May, unify time zone with the South
added: Sun Apr 29 11:00:40 2018

Ryan asked House chaplain to resign because Republicans didn’t like him
added: Sun Apr 29 11:00:22 2018

Exodus of skilled workers to Western Europe forces Poland to look east for manpower
added: Sun Apr 29 09:15:00 2018

Horrifying Russian website is challenging users to hunt and torture gay men
added: Sun Apr 29 09:13:00 2018

Some much-needed scepticism on the Xi-Modi love-in at the weekend
added: Sun Apr 29 09:12:24 2018

Looks like @realDonaldTrump was watching our exclusive reporting on Friday.
added: Sun Apr 29 08:32:22 2018

Everybody we talked to in this Nepal village says the state doesn't care about them
added: Sun Apr 29 07:31:03 2018

S. Korea says Kim Jong Un willing to hold talks with Japan “at any time” #NorthKorea
added: Sun Apr 29 07:07:33 2018
tags: northkorea

"I felt like a stray dog."
added: Sun Apr 29 06:45:00 2018

the 3rd time this year
added: Sun Apr 29 05:24:00 2018

Mark Lister: The truth about Chinese economic growth
added: Sun Apr 29 04:38:35 2018

World’s biggest active geyser erupts for the third time in matter of weeks
added: Sun Apr 29 04:38:19 2018

Free speech: Hong Kong's new limits, new punishments, and the fate of academic Benny Tai…
added: Sun Apr 29 04:32:19 2018

China plans to build manned 'lunar palace' powered by the sun
added: Sun Apr 29 04:23:01 2018

#Dalits - Mystery and History of Merit! In #India
added: Sat Apr 28 09:48:32 2018
tags: dalits, india

Still my favourite #LaTeX package ☕️ #coffee
added: Sat Apr 28 08:16:14 2018
tags: coffee, latex

Their feelings hurt, patriotic hackers strike back at the renegade province of Taiwan!
added: Sat Apr 28 06:57:17 2018

New US envoy Pompeo targets Germany over NATO spending
added: Sat Apr 28 06:55:05 2018

BBC News - North Korea: Otto Warmbier's family sues over son's death
added: Sat Apr 28 06:53:48 2018

Mars 2020 spacecraft heat shield damaged in test, launch date not affected: NASA
added: Sat Apr 28 06:50:21 2018

Judge puts Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump lawyer on hold
added: Sat Apr 28 05:40:21 2018

added: Sat Apr 28 05:34:22 2018

Cross-border radio propaganda broadcasts could cease with Friday's inter-Korean summit agreement:
added: Sat Apr 28 05:24:32 2018

Wanda opens doors to Chinese film metropolis but turns focus back home
added: Sat Apr 28 04:59:10 2018

Both The Leaders have agreed to issue specific guidelines to their respective armies. @narendramodi
added: Sat Apr 28 04:54:38 2018

Population trends, threats, and conservation recommendations for waterbirds in China Open A…
added: Sat Apr 28 04:54:37 2018

‘Dead zone’ larger than Scotland found by underwater robots in Arabian sea
added: Sat Apr 28 04:13:51 2018

Three dead and hundreds injured as Israeli troops open fire on Gaza border
added: Sat Apr 28 04:13:50 2018

The Agalarovs and the Trumps—Thick as Thieves
added: Sat Apr 28 04:02:21 2018

House agrees: No tax dollars for Kobach to spend for being found in contempt of court
added: Fri Apr 27 22:34:01 2018

Man 'run over by hundreds of Tube trains after staff mistook body for fox'
added: Fri Apr 27 18:02:06 2018

Thousands of ethnic Uighurs rally outside European Commission against China
added: Fri Apr 27 16:53:00 2018

The tech innovations in smartphone cameras have been blowing our minds lately. Here's why
added: Fri Apr 27 13:03:02 2018

The FBI just threw a wrench in the White House's Rob Porter timeline
added: Fri Apr 27 12:13:35 2018

Kelis claims Nas abused her during marriage - and Rihanna played a part in their divorce
added: Fri Apr 27 12:12:39 2018

'Bigly bad' for Cohen as it emerges FBI seized 16 mobile phones belonging to lawyer
added: Fri Apr 27 11:21:08 2018

Australia targets trash-burning plants and recycling in face of China rubbish ban
added: Fri Apr 27 11:20:59 2018

What is China's A-share MSCI inclusion?
added: Fri Apr 27 11:20:46 2018

Exclusive: U.S. considers tightening grip on China ties to Corporate America
added: Fri Apr 27 11:20:29 2018

Wisconsin: City Evacuated, State of Emergency Declared Following Oil Refinery Explosion
added: Fri Apr 27 11:12:07 2018

Read the historic declaration from the Korea summit in full
added: Fri Apr 27 11:03:13 2018

A Massacre Frozen in Time: Skeletons in Sweden Reveal Ancient Attack
added: Fri Apr 27 10:42:12 2018

North, South Korea agree to end war, pursue denuclearization
added: Fri Apr 27 10:22:33 2018

Fitch maintains India sovereign rating with stable outlook
added: Fri Apr 27 10:22:17 2018

EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides - EU leads the way again...
added: Fri Apr 27 10:21:57 2018

UK's abandoned tin mines could be reopened to help build EVs
added: Fri Apr 27 10:21:22 2018

China’s #ivory sales ban shows need for Asia-wide strategy via @chinadialogue #elephant…
added: Fri Apr 27 10:17:00 2018
tags: elephant, ivory

Selling the Country to China? Debate Spills Into Malaysia's Election
added: Fri Apr 27 09:41:48 2018

In remote China, a high-tech auto plant flags global challenge
added: Fri Apr 27 09:40:17 2018

Two black men ejected from gym by police despite being paying members
added: Fri Apr 27 09:39:36 2018

Two Koreas Agree to End War This Year, Pursue Denuclearization via @bpolitics #KoreaSummit
added: Fri Apr 27 09:36:03 2018
tags: koreasummit

Tribal protesters march on Brazil congress over land threats
added: Fri Apr 27 08:23:29 2018

UN raises concerns over 'structural racism' among British police
added: Fri Apr 27 08:21:45 2018

Selling the country to China? Debate spills into Malaysia's election
added: Fri Apr 27 08:20:33 2018

China's smartphone market sees its largest drop in five years
added: Fri Apr 27 07:56:17 2018

Rail franchising is ‘broken’ say MPs
added: Fri Apr 27 07:55:40 2018

"The ongoing persecution of Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles could push the endangered bird of prey to extinction."
added: Fri Apr 27 07:54:49 2018

Former chief justices criticise Centre’s decision not to elevate Justice Joseph
added: Fri Apr 27 07:40:00 2018

This Parisian bikeshare program is a hot mess
added: Fri Apr 27 06:00:09 2018

Crypto Billionaire Sued by Sequoia After Funding Deal Goes Awry
added: Fri Apr 27 06:00:06 2018

The #SouthChinaSea: Reality is slowly sinking in ’s Finally clear that the United States is…
added: Fri Apr 27 02:17:05 2018
tags: southchinasea

According to FBI texts, "catastrophuck" Trump nearly drove agents to quit. From @woodruffbets and @ScottBix:
added: Fri Apr 27 01:24:44 2018

Wall Street set for gains as tech earnings impress, yields pull back
added: Thu Apr 26 13:30:26 2018

Didn’t say it’s mandatory to link Aadhaar with mobile numbers: Supreme Court
added: Thu Apr 26 13:30:00 2018

All I can say something fishy with his Chinese friends in China via @raissawriter
added: Thu Apr 26 13:29:26 2018

The USDA has proposed a new rule for hog slaughter factories that would harm worker and food safety
added: Thu Apr 26 13:27:26 2018

There's been much talk of a 'reset' in relations between the two rivals. What can we expect from the Modi-Xi summit?
added: Thu Apr 26 12:00:14 2018

Flashes of past paradise as Philippines' Boracay empties for makeover
added: Thu Apr 26 11:58:17 2018

Russian hackers take down Amazon DNS, steal $160K in cryptocurrency
added: Thu Apr 26 11:45:04 2018

Pro-Choice GOP Senators Keep Voting For Trump's Anti-Abortion Judges = Collins and Murkowski
added: Thu Apr 26 10:54:27 2018

Taiwan accuses China of compromising global health over WHO ban
added: Thu Apr 26 10:52:12 2018

Barclays boss Staley stronger than he looks in face of activist attack
added: Thu Apr 26 10:51:34 2018

A Chinese Developer’s Pile of Overdue Loans Raises Fears It’s Just the Beginning
added: Thu Apr 26 10:48:13 2018

Global carmakers say China liberalisations are of little help
added: Thu Apr 26 10:13:38 2018

#China's trolls are coming to divide #Taiwan in a major way.
added: Thu Apr 26 10:12:34 2018
tags: taiwan, china

EU starts monitoring aluminum imports after U.S. tariffs
added: Thu Apr 26 10:10:09 2018

Exclusive: Chip wars - China closing in on second $19 billion semiconductor fund: sources -…
added: Thu Apr 26 10:05:51 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Defence confirms Australia won't take part in Exercise Malabar this yr amid warming India-China ties
added: Thu Apr 26 09:49:32 2018

HKU researchers have high hopes for new HIV drug
added: Thu Apr 26 08:52:06 2018

Windrush immigration papers scandal is a big fat GDPR fail for UKgov
added: Thu Apr 26 08:50:01 2018

Tencent has now lost almost $120 BILLION in 3 months @markets @technology
added: Thu Apr 26 08:01:27 2018

‘Beholden unis fear offending Chinese’
added: Thu Apr 26 08:00:03 2018

Trump's lawyer says he will plead the Fifth Amendment in Stormy Daniels case
added: Thu Apr 26 07:43:56 2018

Morrisons pledges to make all its packaging recyclable by 2025
added: Thu Apr 26 07:43:08 2018

'We're doomed': Mayer Hillman on the climate reality no one else dare mention: Comments:
added: Thu Apr 26 07:40:02 2018

Madagascar officials discover 10,000 stolen tortoises crawling in home after reports of ‘rancid’ stench:
added: Thu Apr 26 07:39:39 2018

How Mandela's political heirs grow rich off corruption
added: Thu Apr 26 07:39:25 2018

London housing crisis forcing workers to quit their jobs, says CBI survey
added: Thu Apr 26 07:37:56 2018

Despite all your rage, Wall Street still doesn't give a fuck
added: Thu Apr 26 07:18:24 2018

EU Readies More Sanctions Against Myanmar
added: Thu Apr 26 07:15:18 2018

Two China biotechs drop U.S. IPO plans for $800 million Hong Kong floats: sources by @julie_zhuli & Fiona Lau
added: Thu Apr 26 06:22:57 2018

How everyday Facebook users become real-world extremists
added: Thu Apr 26 06:15:10 2018

HK HSI "elephant" Tecent ( retreats >20% from high... Also below 200DMA...
added: Thu Apr 26 06:11:40 2018

A Majority of Americans Don't Know That Facebook Owns Instagram 🤦‍♂️ via @DuckDuckGo …
added: Thu Apr 26 06:06:30 2018

CIA seeking new ways to protect officers’ secret identities online, says official |
added: Thu Apr 26 06:04:59 2018

Niger report: one jr officer copied-and-pasted the op order from another mission to get ill-fated Niger op approved.
added: Wed Apr 25 23:33:55 2018

China, Nepal invite India to join trans-Himalayan railway project under OBOR h/t…
added: Wed Apr 25 21:56:41 2018

Italy’s continuing struggle with its Fascist past.
added: Wed Apr 25 13:21:04 2018

Apple will start paying $21B in back taxes to Ireland: Comments:
added: Wed Apr 25 13:20:02 2018

Hindus unsafe in West Bengal: BJP MLA
added: Wed Apr 25 12:49:45 2018

Switzerland: Multiple Businesses Targeted
added: Wed Apr 25 12:49:42 2018

#BigNews | Jammu and Kashmir: Congress leader #GhulamNabiPatel shot dead in Pulwama district
added: Wed Apr 25 11:26:41 2018
tags: ghulamnabipatel, bignews

‘The dead also have dignity’: Supreme Court asks why media often names rape victims
added: Wed Apr 25 10:38:01 2018

Sandinista bastion calls for Nicaragua leader to end repression
added: Wed Apr 25 10:37:28 2018

After sorghum spat, U.S.-China trade fears halt soybean imports
added: Wed Apr 25 10:36:17 2018

Why I Hate Vivekananda - 16 Castiest Quotes of Vivekananda
added: Wed Apr 25 10:35:05 2018

Tigers lose out to human 'development' in India:
added: Wed Apr 25 09:55:41 2018

Amazonian people use drumming language to communicate long distances
added: Wed Apr 25 09:49:10 2018

With Putin's S-300, Assad's army could even 'lock-on' IAF aircraft as they take off from bases within Israel
added: Wed Apr 25 09:46:45 2018

added: Wed Apr 25 09:42:45 2018

Oregon doctors warned that a killer and rapist would likely attack again. The state released him. He killed again.
added: Wed Apr 25 09:33:00 2018

Opinion: Data protection laws are useless if most of us can't locate the information we're agreeing to
added: Wed Apr 25 08:34:52 2018

Global banks fear China will limit JV control through new rules by @sumeet_chat @EngenTham
added: Wed Apr 25 08:34:10 2018

Ford hopes China easing will speed up Zotye venture approval
added: Wed Apr 25 08:33:35 2018

Exclusive: Covert flights from Damascus to Russia carry civilians helping Assad
added: Wed Apr 25 08:33:05 2018

Recycling tech biz bosses get years for VAT fraud, money laundering
added: Wed Apr 25 08:31:39 2018

China warns of more action after military drills near Taiwan
added: Wed Apr 25 07:41:59 2018

US trade officials to visit China soon, Trump says
added: Wed Apr 25 07:34:58 2018

Immigration scandal expected to spread beyond Windrush group
added: Wed Apr 25 07:23:52 2018

China and nearby nations are at unprecedented risk of radioactive exposure.
added: Wed Apr 25 07:22:58 2018

interesting. contradicts analysis from @38NorthNK yesterday:
added: Wed Apr 25 07:22:04 2018

US Commerce Secretary calls China 2025 plan 'frightening'
added: Wed Apr 25 07:18:59 2018

Aluminium shares skid on US concessions to United Company Rusal
added: Wed Apr 25 07:02:29 2018

140,000 Arizona residents weren’t sent voter ID cards, official calls it a ‘little hiccup’
added: Wed Apr 25 06:15:16 2018

Asian shares rattled by rising U.S. yields, cost worries
added: Wed Apr 25 06:14:25 2018

Senators push banks for information on Russian 'oligarchs'
added: Wed Apr 25 05:40:23 2018

#anarchism #SouthAfrica: Abahlali Continues to Grow and to Occupy and Hold Land
added: Wed Apr 25 05:11:38 2018
tags: southafrica, anarchism

China carmaker GAC says trade war could hurt plans to enter U.S. market
added: Wed Apr 25 04:48:48 2018

Police in Chinese city seize 600 computers used to mine bitcoin
added: Wed Apr 25 04:48:37 2018

#HRW #Israel: Army Demolishing West Bank Schools
added: Wed Apr 25 04:45:32 2018
tags: israel, hrw

Modi-Xi summit to be used as shield by #China in its trade war with #US #India #TradeWar
added: Wed Apr 25 03:47:36 2018
tags: us, india, tradewar, china

叫「結束一黨專政」不可參選立會。 【王光亞指叫喊「結束一黨專政」違法 應該不可以參選立會】
added: Wed Apr 25 03:33:56 2018

Student loan expert widely cited in the U.S. media is no expert. In fact, he's not even a real person.
added: Wed Apr 25 02:38:39 2018

Pruitt signs order to limit use of science at EPA
added: Wed Apr 25 01:49:04 2018

Senate passes motion condemning China’s ‘hostile behaviour’ in South China Sea #cdnpoli #SouthChinaSea #china
added: Wed Apr 25 01:09:33 2018
tags: southchinasea, china, cdnpoli

First hand-reared Black-tailed Godwit returns to Britain: via @BirdGuides
added: Tue Apr 24 21:58:05 2018

AWI researchers measure a record concentration of microplastic in arctic sea ice
added: Tue Apr 24 15:52:57 2018

Al Jazeera denies it canceled US Israel lobby film << My latest
added: Tue Apr 24 15:22:35 2018

Congress filed impeachment motion to intimidate judiciary, says Arun Jaitley
added: Tue Apr 24 14:50:00 2018

IMF should focus on private sector debt
added: Tue Apr 24 14:49:58 2018

How Reflexive Hostility to Russia Harms U.S. Interests --DC needs a more realistic approach/ via @ForeignAffairs
added: Tue Apr 24 14:49:15 2018

U.S. consumer confidence rebounds; new home sales rise
added: Tue Apr 24 14:48:58 2018

Angola's first satellite, which cost $300m, defunct four months after launch
added: Tue Apr 24 14:48:44 2018

Supreme Court prohibits further unauthorised construction in illegal colonies in Delhi
added: Tue Apr 24 14:48:05 2018

No need for me to comment. This is @DanaBashCNN:
added: Tue Apr 24 14:07:08 2018

United Nations Security Council unable to respond to new challenges, says Sushma Swaraj
added: Tue Apr 24 13:48:16 2018

Worrying signs China is moving backward on reforms, warns U.S. official
added: Tue Apr 24 11:50:16 2018

Today in 1st case, Texas redistricting battles return to #SCOTUS; @ahoweblogger covers Abbott v. Perez
added: Tue Apr 24 11:50:02 2018
tags: scotus

Trump administration plans to scrap spouse work visas for H-1B holders
added: Tue Apr 24 11:50:00 2018

Iran warns Trump it might withdraw from Non-Proliferation Treaty
added: Tue Apr 24 10:17:27 2018

#China’s demand for elephant skin decimating Myanmar population
added: Tue Apr 24 10:06:56 2018
tags: china

For the First Time, Facebook Spells out What It Forbids
added: Tue Apr 24 09:51:25 2018

Chain reaction: How a Soviet A-bomb test led the US into climate science via @TheWireScience
added: Tue Apr 24 09:50:00 2018

Report: Chinese Ties to US Tech Firms put Federal Supply Chain at Risk via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 24 09:47:05 2018

Sikhs won’t tolerate any ruling against turban: Akal Takht jathedar
added: Tue Apr 24 09:47:05 2018

Aluminum prices look sane when you see what's hiding in the refinery attic via @gadfly…
added: Tue Apr 24 09:21:48 2018

Colorado Supreme Court rules longtime GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn ineligible for primary ballot
added: Tue Apr 24 09:15:11 2018

Thomas Piketty: "We don't need 19th century-style inequality to generate growth in the 21st century"
added: Tue Apr 24 09:15:10 2018

Top Foreign Office official apologises for mistakenly calling famous Sikh temple a 'mosque'
added: Tue Apr 24 09:14:40 2018

Nasa scientists baffled by unexplained strange shapes found in the Arctic
added: Tue Apr 24 09:10:58 2018

Mass penguin deaths in New Zealand a climate change ‘wake-up call’
added: Tue Apr 24 08:58:59 2018

Google reveals it's sitting on about $11 billion worth of investments in startups.
added: Tue Apr 24 08:44:52 2018

Startup Says It Wants to Fight Poverty; Food Stamp Giant Conduent Blocks It: Comments:
added: Tue Apr 24 08:40:03 2018

Myth making and imagining of a Brahminical Manipur since 18th century CE
added: Tue Apr 24 08:39:30 2018

China airs video confessions from alleged associates of runaway tycoon Guo Wengui via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Apr 24 07:33:22 2018

Erdogan blasts opposition for bolstering new party
added: Tue Apr 24 07:22:29 2018

Chinese Ride-Hailing Giant Hits Accelerator on Talks for Potential IPO @JBSteins
added: Tue Apr 24 07:18:05 2018

Martial Law allows military in Patani to arrest civilian for merely taking pictures
added: Tue Apr 24 07:16:27 2018

South Africa: Kruger National Park rangers gun down 3, arrest 9 alleged poachers via @IOL…
added: Tue Apr 24 07:15:14 2018

Facebook sued by personal finance guru Martin Lewis over ‘scam’ adverts
added: Tue Apr 24 07:13:13 2018

Summit for the Flyways
added: Tue Apr 24 06:34:12 2018

#BREAKING Police are searching for a passenger who has a knife at Auckland International Airport
added: Tue Apr 24 06:24:40 2018
tags: breaking

U.S. sorghum ship bound for China switches destination to Saudi Arabia: Eikon data
added: Tue Apr 24 06:01:02 2018

Citizen science and wildlife biology: Synergies and challenges
added: Tue Apr 24 06:00:16 2018

Diane Abbott MP: 'Entire immigration department not fit for purpose'
added: Tue Apr 24 05:57:27 2018

TheNewsLens on Cambridge Analytica’s tangled Singapore connections
added: Tue Apr 24 05:26:15 2018

Chinese tech companies spooked about becoming 'next ZTE'
added: Tue Apr 24 04:43:37 2018

Google's chief executive is about to get a $380m pay day
added: Tue Apr 24 04:42:30 2018

Complex life started a billion years earlier than we thought
added: Tue Apr 24 04:42:28 2018

How the U.S. became Troll Nation: From Gamergate to the rise of Trump
added: Tue Apr 24 03:25:05 2018

added: Mon Apr 23 23:41:13 2018

Ancient virus lurking in remote Australia, affecting thousands of Aboriginal adults. via @abcnews
added: Mon Apr 23 22:53:16 2018

A new study finds that status anxiety, not poverty, motivated support for Trump. @olgakhazan reports:
added: Mon Apr 23 19:02:54 2018

What did Hannah Arendt really mean by the banality of evil?
added: Mon Apr 23 18:21:09 2018

Latest Piece: "Donald Trump and Jack Johnson Would Have Despised One Another"
added: Mon Apr 23 15:31:39 2018

Armenia's Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigns after days of protests against him
added: Mon Apr 23 12:32:23 2018

Remittance payments hit record in 2017: World Bank
added: Mon Apr 23 12:32:01 2018

For an in-depth take on China’s $2.5bn+ spending spree on European football clubs, check out the @FT big read
added: Mon Apr 23 12:31:21 2018

New Satellite Animations of Earth Show How Quickly Humans Are Changing the Planet:
added: Mon Apr 23 12:28:45 2018

They do it deliberately
added: Mon Apr 23 11:51:16 2018

Unarmed soldiers join anti-government protests in Armenia
added: Mon Apr 23 11:50:25 2018

Chinese Investors Are Getting Fed Up With Their Country’s Dollar Debt via @WSJ
added: Mon Apr 23 11:49:58 2018

Aldi launch exact replica of Old El Paso mexican range - but for a lot cheaper
added: Mon Apr 23 11:40:32 2018

China is buying its way into Europe - and that's causing alarm
added: Mon Apr 23 11:21:16 2018

Quick Take: China Sets 2018 Targets for Cutting Coal, Steel Capacities
added: Mon Apr 23 10:15:24 2018

The oldest English writing in the British Library?
added: Mon Apr 23 08:12:50 2018

US sanctions on Turkey for Russian canoodling could ground Brit F-35s
added: Mon Apr 23 08:11:40 2018

Brands say Alibaba punished them for refusing exclusivity dirty dirty
added: Mon Apr 23 08:07:49 2018

China fund managers slash ZTE valuation after U.S. sanction
added: Mon Apr 23 07:13:47 2018

The United States and Saudi Arabia were the only two countries to object outright to any emissions cap.
added: Mon Apr 23 07:07:07 2018

Sysadmin unplugged wrong server, ran away, hoped nobody noticed
added: Mon Apr 23 07:06:21 2018

A porn star may just have exposed a 'major European sex trafficking operation'
added: Mon Apr 23 07:05:00 2018

Police launch preliminary probe into Korean Air chief's wife over alleged assaults
added: Mon Apr 23 07:01:55 2018

Siege Over: Last Residents of Fort Community to Leave #Thailand
added: Mon Apr 23 05:29:18 2018
tags: thailand

Merkel, Mexican president hail benefits of free trade
added: Mon Apr 23 05:26:58 2018

Police investigate as three more dogs found dead in Yau Tong
added: Mon Apr 23 05:16:14 2018

How Islamophobia haunts Southeast Asian Muslim students in Britain's universities #HigherEd
added: Mon Apr 23 04:30:00 2018
tags: highered

World Bank shareholders approve $13 bln capital increase
added: Sun Apr 22 11:54:59 2018

Facebook and Google threatened with new age-limit laws
added: Sun Apr 22 10:31:54 2018

UK opposition likely to seek broader BoE mandate if in power
added: Sun Apr 22 10:10:08 2018

Man asked taxi to halt, then exited cab and jumped
added: Sun Apr 22 10:04:35 2018

Pata Zoo is notorious for its mistreatment of animals.
added: Sun Apr 22 10:03:03 2018

Of ALL the people to be speaking on this topic, Zervos should not. < he tried to scrub his…
added: Sun Apr 22 09:35:49 2018

Japan ambassador’s Brexit warning: there won’t be a deal better than the single market
added: Sun Apr 22 09:00:14 2018

‘Rapes cannot always be stopped, we shouldn’t hype them up so much’: Union minister
added: Sun Apr 22 08:38:01 2018

For Taiwanese, Democracy is the Only Game in Town — And They Would Fight to Defend it
added: Sun Apr 22 07:42:02 2018

AI generation of fake celeb images: Comments:
added: Sun Apr 22 07:40:02 2018

Ganesh Kamble, an Account holder of Punjab National Bank #PNB, was suffering from paralysis.
added: Sun Apr 22 07:39:13 2018
tags: pnb

Carlo Rovelli: physics’ literary superstar makes us rethink time
added: Sun Apr 22 07:38:28 2018

Home Office under Theresa May was urged to act on problems facing Windrush generation in 2014
added: Sun Apr 22 07:37:03 2018

From May 1968 to the miners strike BBC reporting was distorted by recruiting only people loyal to establishment (..)
added: Sun Apr 22 07:27:49 2018

In rural Tennessee, a big ICE raid makes aome conservative voters rethink Trump’s immigration agenda
added: Sun Apr 22 06:02:08 2018

KPMG has over the past year been hit by three scandals that have dealt serious blows to its reputation.
added: Sun Apr 22 06:00:25 2018

【何等諷刺!】 【環境工業園成長江污染源頭】
added: Sun Apr 22 06:00:08 2018

These alien diamonds belonged to a lost Mars-sized world
added: Sun Apr 22 06:00:03 2018

New unofficial boundary of Chinese waters in #SouthChinaSea draws on ‘historic rights’ via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Apr 22 05:58:10 2018
tags: southchinasea

中年漢伏屍麥理浩徑 疑因失足墮引水道
added: Sun Apr 22 05:56:56 2018

Right-wing migration demo blocks France-Italy border crossing
added: Sun Apr 22 04:17:00 2018

Dog lovers demand tougher laws on animal abuse
added: Sun Apr 22 04:16:41 2018

Kenya has proposed a new tax for "idle" agricultural land
added: Sun Apr 22 04:15:42 2018

‘Fake news’: the mainstreaming of Syria conspiracy theories
added: Sun Apr 22 04:12:59 2018

Toshiba eyes cancelling chip unit sale if no China approval by May: media
added: Sun Apr 22 04:10:18 2018

Sand dredging could be part of the problem But the rare finless porpoise may have to face a…
added: Sun Apr 22 03:53:55 2018

Japan may soften trade stance as U.S. keeps up pressure
added: Sun Apr 22 03:50:19 2018

London 'pollution pods' let you sample the smog in Beijing and Delhi
added: Sun Apr 22 03:14:05 2018

Europe not choosing sides in U.S.-China trade dispute
added: Sun Apr 22 02:00:25 2018

This YouTuber fixes up ugly websites and the results are really satisfying
added: Sun Apr 22 02:00:05 2018

What began as a minor collision escalated into a full-blown fist fight.
added: Sun Apr 22 01:59:26 2018

Will Chinese Depository Receipts Lure Tech Giants Back to Domestic Bourses?
added: Sun Apr 22 01:58:47 2018

Pruitt personally met with lobbyist whose wife rented him condo, contradicting past claims
added: Sun Apr 22 01:53:05 2018

"Brothers Linked To Assad Gave Thousands To Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio Political Machine" via @HuffPostPol
added: Sun Apr 22 01:51:42 2018

Balotelli hints at Nice exit
added: Sun Apr 22 01:48:59 2018

I see a brilliant future for our democracy under the @Conservatives: "POLLING STATION - NO BLACKS NO IRISH NO DOGS"
added: Sun Apr 22 01:00:32 2018

'Marry first, then fall in love': The evolution of love and #marriage in #China via @ABCNews
added: Sat Apr 21 23:13:01 2018
tags: china, marriage

@edmeyer_able @xshularx Did you catch this when it happened?
added: Sat Apr 21 21:24:40 2018

HSBC is facilitating the genocide of Palestinians by investing in the 19 factories that supply Israel's weapons
added: Sat Apr 21 20:52:52 2018

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria cross oceans hidden in cargo ships
added: Sat Apr 21 10:11:48 2018

An autopsy showed the cause of death to be a ruptured kidney.
added: Sat Apr 21 10:08:00 2018

Two-thirds of U.S. Senate pushes Turkey to release American pastor |@Reuters #Turkey
added: Sat Apr 21 10:00:14 2018
tags: turkey

I will guarantee you, nobody told any of these people what to think or write either.
added: Sat Apr 21 09:13:58 2018

.@CAIRMI has filed a civil rights lawsuit over the treatment of jailed Detroit activist and mother Siwatu-Salama Ra:
added: Sat Apr 21 09:10:06 2018

"After six tests, the mountain hosting North Korea's nuclear blasts may be exhausted" by…
added: Sat Apr 21 09:09:45 2018

Fighting infectious disease can encourage the development of more inclusive cities.
added: Sat Apr 21 09:08:05 2018

Grange Road Bermondsey: 41 new homes, 8 of which approved as social rent but never provided
added: Sat Apr 21 09:01:04 2018

Czech leftwing party returns to coalition talks
added: Sat Apr 21 08:35:03 2018

Palestinian lecturer shot dead in Kuala Lumpur
added: Sat Apr 21 06:53:51 2018

【財爺:最快出年4月派$4000】 財政司司長陳茂波表示向合資格人士派發4千元,預計最快可以在明年4月收到錢。 他又形容今次是用得其所,要用3億元行政費亦都合理。 #有線新聞 #陳茂波 #派錢 #4000
added: Sat Apr 21 06:53:08 2018
tags: 派錢, 有線新聞, 陳茂波

Missouri governor charged with felony computer data tampering
added: Sat Apr 21 06:50:23 2018

Global economy: It is just a cold, or something more serious
added: Sat Apr 21 06:48:54 2018

NY to ban cars from Manhattan's Central Park
added: Sat Apr 21 05:21:08 2018

U.S., Europe order emergency checks on engine type in Southwest accident
added: Sat Apr 21 05:20:32 2018

CBC is destroying its broadcast archives after they’re digitized: Comments:
added: Sat Apr 21 05:20:03 2018

#MeToo was sputtering in Japan—until today, when two government officials resigned
added: Sat Apr 21 05:15:26 2018
tags: metoo

How poor regulation is killing the vibe on #HongKong’s streets
added: Sat Apr 21 05:12:32 2018
tags: hongkong

France rejects 'vain and pointless' trade fight with China
added: Sat Apr 21 04:29:03 2018

Now, Tripura CM claims India’s space programme proves internet existed in Mahabharata era
added: Sat Apr 21 04:28:02 2018

The Eskimo Curlew Hasn't Been Seen in 55 Years. Is It Time to Declare It Extinct? Audubon #ornithology
added: Sat Apr 21 03:31:03 2018
tags: ornithology

The potential impacts of the songbird trade on mixed-species flocking in south east Asia ab…
added: Sat Apr 21 03:26:34 2018

Family Planning Assoc. to restrict HPV vaccination to local residents amid high demand
added: Sat Apr 21 02:52:16 2018

BREAKING: The CIA Says Mike Pompeo Didn't Fight in the Gulf War, He’s Been Lying About it For Years #VoteNoPompeo
added: Fri Apr 20 19:22:10 2018
tags: votenopompeo

@tqbf Here, found it.
added: Fri Apr 20 17:08:44 2018

BJP youth leader allegedly admits burning Rohingya camp, complaint filed
added: Fri Apr 20 06:35:59 2018

ZTE to USA: Sure, ban us, but you cannot afford such victories
added: Fri Apr 20 06:34:21 2018

Chinese-American immigrants fall prey to WeChat’s misinformation problem - Cheng Zhi - Columbia Journalism Review
added: Fri Apr 20 06:12:30 2018

A Worrying Number of Amazon’s Warehouse Workers Are Reportedly Living Off Food Stamps
added: Fri Apr 20 02:58:00 2018

Just curious @vpnmentor, whose box in South Korea was that you popped to demonstrate your vulnerability?
added: Fri Apr 20 02:55:52 2018

Swaziland's king renames his country 'eSwatini' to shed British colonial link
added: Fri Apr 20 02:52:20 2018

vaultex (0.6.2): A very simple read only client that authenticates and reads secrets from HashiCorp's Vault.
added: Thu Apr 19 12:55:24 2018

Yup! "Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UX — these are simply a**hole designs" #design #ux #ui
added: Thu Apr 19 11:45:11 2018
tags: ux, design, ui

A majority of those surveyed believe that Hongkongers are prejudiced against people of colour.
added: Thu Apr 19 09:41:12 2018

Researchers find 'catastrophic' coral die-off on Great Barrier Reef
added: Thu Apr 19 09:40:36 2018

Pyro-brainiacs set new record with waste-heat-into-electricity study
added: Thu Apr 19 09:39:20 2018

What would Prince want? Two years later, his estate is a mess and his legacy unclear.
added: Thu Apr 19 09:38:21 2018

Reup: The Fire Rosenstein Squad among Trump's Buddies For some reason Trump's lawyer budd…
added: Thu Apr 19 09:38:16 2018

Members of Trump’s inner circle are actively discussing the possibility that Michael Cohen may flip
added: Thu Apr 19 09:30:10 2018

Elixir: Do you Have HTTP Requests? You are Doing Them Wrong! #elixirlang
added: Thu Apr 19 09:05:01 2018
tags: elixirlang

Netflix considering buying cinemas to appease Oscar voters
added: Thu Apr 19 09:04:27 2018

Traders riding the aluminum rally should take care, says @gadfly's @davidfickling
added: Thu Apr 19 09:04:11 2018

The nature of time is the greatest mystery of physics. Have we solved it?
added: Thu Apr 19 09:03:38 2018

The reptiles and amphibians stolen from the wild to be sold into the pet trade
added: Thu Apr 19 09:00:43 2018

Very good piece on the weirdness in the VIX yesterday.
added: Thu Apr 19 09:00:30 2018

Modi, May at odds over West’s approach to chemical weapons charges
added: Thu Apr 19 08:40:00 2018

US admiral warns against sanctioning India over Russia defence purchase
added: Thu Apr 19 08:38:19 2018

China investors believe in M'sia's prudent economic policies
added: Thu Apr 19 08:38:00 2018

Kindergarten teachers in Baoding go on strike, they haven't been paid for 4 months
added: Thu Apr 19 08:34:25 2018

Japan's renewable energy puzzle: solar push threatens environment - not hard to solve: use…
added: Thu Apr 19 08:32:52 2018

Scientists say the Great Barrier Reef is unlikely to recover after ‘catastrophic die-off’
added: Thu Apr 19 07:30:17 2018

Initial evidence for probabilistic reasoning in a grey parrot
added: Thu Apr 19 07:30:15 2018

《港鐵附例》不准抗議加價,所以大家只能乖乖俾錢了。 〈港鐵絕無加價需要 - 因為佢係比九巴更勁的國際官商地產霸權〉— 周諾恆 社會民主連線 #獨媒報導
added: Thu Apr 19 07:30:04 2018
tags: 獨媒報導

Lenders to the Kolkata-based steelmaker, which owes Rs 13,395 crore, will take a 60% haircut.
added: Thu Apr 19 07:30:01 2018

Taiwan to apply for U.S. Navy visits. #Taiwan #China #EastChinaSea #US #Asia #IndoPacific #AsiaPacific
added: Thu Apr 19 07:06:21 2018
tags: eastchinasea, indopacific, asia, asiapacific, us, china, taiwan

#HongKong's $6.5 Billion Intervention Mops Up 30% of Cash in Local Banking System via @markets @business
added: Thu Apr 19 04:20:35 2018
tags: hongkong

@BBCNewsnight @SirBobKerslake Here’s May promoting “the hostile environment” in 2012
added: Thu Apr 19 00:14:33 2018

Australia: "China influence: in defence of parliamentary sovereignty" by John Fitzgerald
added: Thu Apr 19 00:12:31 2018

I went to Coachella for 10 hours to report this story, and I was groped 22 times.
added: Wed Apr 18 22:11:16 2018

In new computer experiments, artificial-intelligence algorithms can tell the future of chaotic systems:
added: Wed Apr 18 19:55:04 2018

New research shows freshwater mussels in danger:
added: Wed Apr 18 07:34:51 2018

Facebook says it wants to give you control over your data, but it won't
added: Wed Apr 18 07:33:38 2018

OPCW experts unlikely to enter Douma on Wednesday: U.N. source
added: Wed Apr 18 07:31:20 2018

Get into the bin, auto-playing vids and Symantec certs!
added: Wed Apr 18 07:30:10 2018

India takes US steel tariff issue to WTO’s safeguards committee
added: Wed Apr 18 05:42:14 2018

Delay in ATMs' recalibration for Rs 200 notes led to cash crunch
added: Wed Apr 18 05:33:18 2018

Report: Sean Hannity used two other Trump-connected lawyers
added: Wed Apr 18 05:33:04 2018

Huawei CEO sings 'Bye, bye, mister American Pai', trims US C-suite
added: Wed Apr 18 05:32:20 2018 & Cambridge Analytica: more cynical and unscrupulous than you think possible, even after ac…
added: Wed Apr 18 05:26:26 2018

Trump says he is now opposed to re-joining TPP via @financialtimes
added: Wed Apr 18 04:59:07 2018

Lucky for some: Chinese city launches wind power lottery to ease grid strains
added: Wed Apr 18 04:51:37 2018

Independent journalism in Singapore - yes, it's a thing, but not always an easy thing, says @kixes of @NewNaratif.
added: Wed Apr 18 04:34:00 2018

Newly signed MOU between #Japan and #India takes relationship to new heights., via @LowyInstitute
added: Wed Apr 18 03:04:13 2018
tags: india, japan

CEO of Cambridge Analytica owner: Trump used same tactics as Hitler to get elected
added: Tue Apr 17 23:10:08 2018

China Huarong Chairman Falls Under Graft Probe
added: Tue Apr 17 15:25:25 2018

#USChinaTechColdWar Trade war or not, China is closing the gap on U.S. in technology IP race
added: Tue Apr 17 12:41:26 2018
tags: uschinatechcoldwar

this is devastating
added: Tue Apr 17 12:41:10 2018

Watch a swarm of underwater drones hunt and surround a boat
added: Tue Apr 17 12:17:04 2018

my first at the @NYDailyNews: on the waning utility of Andrew Cuomo's threats
added: Tue Apr 17 12:16:56 2018

European Court of Justice rules that Poland breached #EU nature laws in ancient #forest #environment #ECJ
added: Tue Apr 17 11:20:16 2018
tags: environment, forest, ecj, eu

Theresa May makes grovelling apology to Caribbean leaders for Windrush scandal
added: Tue Apr 17 11:18:39 2018

The ghost streets of 1960s Birmingham – in pictures
added: Tue Apr 17 10:41:58 2018

In Afrin, the UK Has Blood on Its Hands Article here:
added: Tue Apr 17 10:41:53 2018

Beijing announces ‘monthly’ South China Sea combat exercises Will CCP China close down sect…
added: Tue Apr 17 10:39:16 2018

Governor to sign school finance bill at 3 Kansas schools
added: Tue Apr 17 10:38:22 2018

People With Depression Use Language Differently -- Here's How to Spot It
added: Tue Apr 17 10:38:04 2018

ZTE no, Huawei ok?
added: Tue Apr 17 10:37:25 2018

Exclusive: Chinese exporters concerned about U.S.-China trade spat - survey
added: Tue Apr 17 10:36:11 2018

BREAKING: Board of Deputies and JLC will not attend Corbyn's antisemitism round table
added: Tue Apr 17 10:35:11 2018

ZTE can no longer buy Qualcomm chips after US ban - The Verge
added: Tue Apr 17 10:14:04 2018

Chinese IPOs declined 74 percent. Beijing has a plan to kickstart more listings
added: Tue Apr 17 09:53:37 2018

Rebels suspend handover of Ecuador press team's bodies: ICRC
added: Tue Apr 17 09:50:35 2018

For Sydney's sake, I hope this story is not as bad as it looks
added: Tue Apr 17 09:24:14 2018

Colbert couldn't contain his joy when he discovered Sean Hannity was Cohen's mystery client
added: Tue Apr 17 09:23:00 2018

France's Macron slams temptation of 'illiberal democracy' in Europe
added: Tue Apr 17 09:13:14 2018

Poland broke the law by logging in an ancient forest, EU court rules
added: Tue Apr 17 09:00:39 2018

Russia responded harshly to the news of sanctions before learning that President Trump had canceled them
added: Tue Apr 17 09:00:14 2018

Fears that Syria and Russia delayed UN inspectors to scrub Douma attack site of chemical-weapons residue.
added: Tue Apr 17 08:59:44 2018

IN THE PRESS - Damn! Kendrick Lamar makes history with music Pulitzer
added: Tue Apr 17 08:57:34 2018

The Hong Kong government is soliciting public input into its third report the #UPR: Deadline: 7 May 2018.
added: Tue Apr 17 08:57:33 2018
tags: upr

Facebook has been scanning through your photos. Now that has become a big problem
added: Tue Apr 17 08:55:41 2018

如果撤銷晒6條控罪,刑期就會由85年減至10年😮😮 #為咗撤控 #家屬層樓都要押 #何志平涉貪 【申撤6控罪 加碼抵押家屬住所再求保釋】 【若撤6控罪 監禁可由85年減至10年】…
added: Tue Apr 17 08:54:22 2018
tags: 何志平涉貪, 為咗撤控, 家屬層樓都要押

Castro set to step aside as Cuban president, his reforms incomplete
added: Tue Apr 17 08:50:20 2018

#China to remove foreign ownership limits on commercial car makers by 2020
added: Tue Apr 17 08:45:31 2018
tags: china

Here Are the Far-Right Conspiracists the Quebec City Mosque Shooter Followed
added: Tue Apr 17 08:41:34 2018

A clearer understanding of how growth happens could raise the living standards of billions of people
added: Tue Apr 17 08:33:51 2018

India may give freer rein to rupee after making into US forex list
added: Tue Apr 17 07:39:18 2018

Typhoid superbug in Pakistan raises fears of global antibiotic failure
added: Tue Apr 17 06:44:02 2018

A "disgraceful decision" The DWP and HMRC just 'betrayed' hundreds of their own workers
added: Tue Apr 17 06:10:00 2018

Trump hopes attorney-client privilege will shield his private communications. He shouldn’t bet on it.
added: Tue Apr 17 06:09:00 2018

Most people still don’t care about buying plastic bottles
added: Tue Apr 17 06:05:52 2018

Exclusive: Singapore's Temasek interested in buying into HNA's Hong Kong airlines - source
added: Tue Apr 17 06:05:00 2018

@synthesiastica @bratton took a while but
added: Tue Apr 17 05:21:51 2018

Wrote a blog post about using Python 3.7's __getattr__ support for modules to do lazy importing
added: Tue Apr 17 04:50:38 2018

added: Tue Apr 17 04:27:04 2018

The best people.
added: Tue Apr 17 03:40:52 2018

@KittyWillBite @chuckyoutwo @Pappiness @yesica Here is fascinating background......
added: Mon Apr 16 22:42:48 2018

#HongKong democracy activists 'freeze' for national anthem in Mong Kok stunt. Full story:…
added: Mon Apr 16 16:00:03 2018
tags: hongkong

Windows 10 Works Incorrectly with Large Memory Pages (2 MB) Bug Found by 7-Zip: Comments:
added: Mon Apr 16 15:20:02 2018

Porn star Stormy Daniels and Trump's lawyer who 'paid her off' to meet in court
added: Mon Apr 16 15:18:08 2018

Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan alleges conspiracy behind ‘missing Rs 2,000 notes’
added: Mon Apr 16 15:18:01 2018

The Kittiwake situation in Berlevåg made it to the big media in Norway: "Nests of threatene…
added: Mon Apr 16 15:17:55 2018

Missouri lawmakers told they’ll lose donors unless they support embattled governor
added: Mon Apr 16 15:17:15 2018

JOCELYN CHEY: China Watchers Are Not China Stooges.
added: Mon Apr 16 15:16:05 2018
added: Mon Apr 16 15:00:30 2018

How Charles Koch Is Helping Neo-Confederates Teach College Students via @thenation @alexkotch
added: Mon Apr 16 13:57:40 2018

"Families of Chinese activists face house arrest, harassment from 'smiling tigers'" -
added: Mon Apr 16 13:24:11 2018

The historical evidence that Jesus didn't exist
added: Mon Apr 16 12:48:01 2018

The Cleaner: The true story of one of the world’s most successful money launderers
added: Mon Apr 16 12:47:53 2018

Collection of Xi Jinping's thoughts on the holistic state security concept (2012-18) published:
added: Mon Apr 16 12:14:02 2018

These states want to make planning a pipeline protest a criminal offense
added: Mon Apr 16 12:11:00 2018

These guys are two-weeks-old. Behind-the-scenes at the breeding in center in Japan:
added: Mon Apr 16 11:29:17 2018

7 myths about the battle of Culloden busted HistoryExtra
added: Mon Apr 16 11:19:37 2018

US: Seven inmates die after fights break out in maximum-security prison in South Carolina
added: Mon Apr 16 11:18:03 2018

Give Your Site Some Focus! Tips for Designing Useful and Usable Focus Indicators #webdesign #a11y
added: Mon Apr 16 11:15:14 2018
tags: webdesign, a11y

Why chances of India being named a currency manipulator are slim
added: Mon Apr 16 11:14:20 2018

Lost shark seen for first time in a decade – in a fish market
added: Mon Apr 16 10:42:48 2018

You can poach an egg in the microwave - here's how
added: Mon Apr 16 10:40:25 2018

Real-time Distributed Messaging On FreeBSD With NSQ
added: Mon Apr 16 10:38:03 2018

India's Ola wants to put a million electric vehicles on the road via @CNNMoney
added: Mon Apr 16 10:36:26 2018

crucial voices speak up for the forest resources of adivasis
added: Mon Apr 16 10:01:28 2018

Bond yields rise, oil prices drop after Syria strikes
added: Mon Apr 16 10:00:35 2018

Meghalaya: One arrested after group of men assault woman in ‘moral policing’ case
added: Mon Apr 16 09:58:31 2018

Sky-High Rents at Vanke Rental-Only Project Raise Eyebrows
added: Mon Apr 16 09:57:59 2018

MPs urge May to resolve immigration status of Windrush children
added: Mon Apr 16 09:56:32 2018

@mamokete30 look waht I saw on Zimbabwe's Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Ministry website
added: Mon Apr 16 09:54:47 2018

Britain is far from full employment, former BOE official @D_Blanchflower says
added: Mon Apr 16 08:54:55 2018

'Boiled frog syndrome': Germany's China problem via @ReutersTV
added: Mon Apr 16 08:45:00 2018

The real events of Culloden are far more interesting than the myths surrounding the battle.
added: Mon Apr 16 08:41:08 2018

Mecca Masjid blast case accused acquitted: A timeline of the case
added: Mon Apr 16 08:15:00 2018

1MDB - Anina's suit against Najib struck out
added: Mon Apr 16 08:11:30 2018

Here’s George V & Queen Mary touring the human zoo aspect of the exhibition in 1924
added: Mon Apr 16 07:58:50 2018

Loved this interview with Senegalese filmmaker Fatou Kandé Senghor about her feminist and pan-African icons
added: Mon Apr 16 07:22:39 2018

France's President Macron says he has 'convinced' Trump to keep US troops in Syria
added: Mon Apr 16 07:20:50 2018

Tokyo fears Trump could link security with trade at summit with Abe
added: Mon Apr 16 07:20:23 2018

Australia- White South African farmers don't need Australia's help, UNHCR says - ABC News P…
added: Mon Apr 16 07:18:46 2018

I'm behind on this news, but it's very encouraging to see that S. Sudan appears to have eradicated guinea worms
added: Mon Apr 16 07:16:24 2018

公私營合作開放土地,不就是明益地產商?到時南生圍計劃就上硬馬。 〈地產商從來冇心保育南生圍〉— 八鄉朱凱廸 Chu Hoi Dick 長春社
added: Mon Apr 16 07:15:03 2018

Police officer fired after not writing enough traffic tickets
added: Mon Apr 16 02:13:46 2018

Cambridge mayor calls video of Harvard student’s arrest ‘disturbing’
added: Mon Apr 16 02:08:22 2018

Pennsylvania’s head-spinning redistricting politics took another disturbing turn this week.
added: Sun Apr 15 22:04:00 2018

Cancer risks elevated in areas near oil and gas wells, per new study (@thinkprogress @ngeiling)
added: Sun Apr 15 18:00:03 2018

Canada's Trudeau faces election risk after firm's pipeline surprise
added: Sun Apr 15 13:22:59 2018

Cop won’t be charged in “swatting” death of #Kansas man #police
added: Sun Apr 15 12:33:46 2018
tags: police, kansas

Posters in Kerala homes with young girls ask BJP vote seekers to not enter
added: Sun Apr 15 12:05:21 2018

If it's Sunday, it's the Republican Party destroying democracy one norm at a time and the media who enable them.
added: Sun Apr 15 12:05:18 2018

Not a list you want to be on. #RememberPuertoRico
added: Sun Apr 15 12:04:32 2018
tags: rememberpuertorico

The French rail strikes are doing a pretty good job of shutting the country down
added: Sun Apr 15 12:04:31 2018

4 leaders of Hindu outfits arrested after violent clashes with Dalits in Phagwara
added: Sun Apr 15 12:03:08 2018

Neither Jammu,nor Kashmir: Bakkarwals who’ve come into focus after the Kathua rape case need to be given citizenship
added: Sun Apr 15 12:02:43 2018

Labour sets its sights on the only Tory borough in Greater Manchester
added: Sun Apr 15 12:02:00 2018

"Epidemic" of sexual harassment in the workplace in Canada: report
added: Sun Apr 15 11:00:07 2018

I-T dept seizes Rs440 crore dividend income of Cairn Energy
added: Sun Apr 15 09:47:08 2018

Is this the first use of "renegade province" to describe Taiwan?
added: Sun Apr 15 09:11:58 2018

To mark the 106th anniversary of the sinking the Titanic, learn a bit about the ship’s forgotten Chinese passengers
added: Sun Apr 15 09:09:19 2018

fantastic episode of Little Red Podcast on United Front Work @limlouisa @GraemeKSmith
added: Sun Apr 15 08:29:38 2018

ICYMI, one for @nytopinion: @realDonaldTrump is learning from #Singapore, and vice versa
added: Sun Apr 15 07:25:43 2018
tags: singapore

India Needs Full-time NSA in Maldives to Keep China, Pakistan in Check
added: Sun Apr 15 06:32:00 2018

Socotra Has Been Captured By The United Arab Emirates
added: Sun Apr 15 04:06:16 2018

Paul Chan urges calm over capital outflow
added: Sun Apr 15 04:05:33 2018

US Trade War Fears Ripple Through China's 'Workshop of the World' via @thejakartaglobe
added: Sun Apr 15 03:48:58 2018

Crushing a rose under foot: Chinese authorities target internet chat groups #china
added: Sun Apr 15 03:46:17 2018
tags: china

'Too busy, too much pressure': an ageing China and the erosion of filial piety @hwclarence…
added: Sun Apr 15 02:02:44 2018

Syria Strike Puts Lockheed Martin's Stealthy New Missile to Test
added: Sun Apr 15 02:00:56 2018

Asia’s Bastion of Free Speech? Move Aside, Hong Kong, It’s Taiwan Now.
added: Sun Apr 15 01:54:38 2018

唔通又係上帝叫佢哋玩生命嘅?😮 #懺悔咗未 【網民hot talk】強國教友烏溪沙滅絕式掘蜆 居民趕到制止 ←短片
added: Sun Apr 15 01:40:03 2018
tags: 懺悔咗未

'I will arrest you': Duterte warns ICC lawyer to steer clear of Philippines
added: Sun Apr 15 01:39:40 2018

Former FBI head: assumption Clinton would win a factor in email probe
added: Sun Apr 15 01:10:12 2018

Facebook has a lot more data about us than it lets on—and its tools for providing ‘complete control’ don’t do enough
added: Sun Apr 15 00:50:04 2018

Martin Sorrell quits as head of world's biggest ad group WPP
added: Sat Apr 14 23:50:28 2018

The message from the UK's top enlisted soldier: If you’re a Nazi, get out fast.
added: Sat Apr 14 23:20:05 2018

A Hard Lesson in Syria: Assad Can Still Gas His Own People
added: Sat Apr 14 22:40:26 2018

This would have been so cool if it had gone ahead. Unbuilt London: The “figure of eight” tube line
added: Sat Apr 14 19:24:19 2018

Top Trump fundraiser resigns over hush deal he made with an impregnated Playboy Playmate
added: Sat Apr 14 13:40:00 2018

Russia likely to call U.N. meeting over Syria attack: Russian lawmaker
added: Sat Apr 14 09:50:24 2018

R.N.C. Official Who Agreed to Pay Playboy Model $1.6 Million Resigns
added: Sat Apr 14 09:49:00 2018

@witchhouseki @gucci_marxist Feels pretty fascist to require internet routers to be approved by cops:
added: Sat Apr 14 05:43:24 2018

死不認錯 【人肉路障司機變被告? 盧偉聰:屬一貫既定程序】 另看: 【虐待動物案頻生 警方:已擴充調查專隊至全港各警區】
added: Sat Apr 14 05:16:06 2018

UPDATE: Iran warns of "regional consequences" following the attacks in Syria.
added: Sat Apr 14 05:11:58 2018

added: Sat Apr 14 04:39:59 2018
tags: china, taiwan

Poll finds majority in #Taiwan back the government's response to #China's 31 measures
added: Sat Apr 14 04:39:36 2018
tags: taiwan, china

#China's economic "nuclear option" against the U.S. is basically a bluff.
added: Sat Apr 14 04:31:00 2018
tags: china

Weibo to ban gay, violent content from platform
added: Sat Apr 14 03:58:03 2018

U.S. refrains from labeling China, others as currency manipulators
added: Sat Apr 14 03:57:04 2018

Taliban Destroy #Pylon, Leaving #Kabul In The Dark
added: Sat Apr 14 03:55:30 2018
tags: pylon, kabul

I was against this Syria bullshit in 2013 and I'm against it now.
added: Sat Apr 14 03:53:34 2018

The escalator is officially closed. via Reddit.
added: Sat Apr 14 03:02:53 2018

China’s Communists Rewrite the Rules for Foreign Businesses - @jotted on the increasingly pervasive Party
added: Sat Apr 14 02:37:46 2018

#FBI's investigation into #GamerGate at one point included the threat of "nuclear extortion"
added: Sat Apr 14 02:12:01 2018
tags: fbi, gamergate

Young Saturn gave Jupiter the building blocks for its big moons
added: Sat Apr 14 01:56:34 2018

Trump Says American Farmers Will Understand If His Trade War Destroys Them Financially via @The Ring of Fire Network
added: Sat Apr 14 01:26:32 2018

Columnist Shaun King Detained at Airport and Questioned over Activism
added: Sat Apr 14 01:20:05 2018

EpiPen shortages seen in Canada, UK but U.S. supply intact
added: Fri Apr 13 23:00:52 2018

NBC News: Internal investigation hits McCabe for misleading statements
added: Fri Apr 13 23:00:26 2018

NEW: Sources tell us that Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of the dossier
added: Fri Apr 13 22:54:11 2018

Part of castle closed off due to 'very angry badger'
added: Fri Apr 13 19:35:45 2018

Government pipeline purchase won't solve Trans Mountain stalemate, say analysts #StopKM #ProtecttheInlet
added: Fri Apr 13 13:35:14 2018
tags: protecttheinlet, stopkm

Tourism, Iceland's main source of income, becomes its epidemic — in pictures
added: Fri Apr 13 12:55:15 2018

Going deep to show how Bitcoin is fueling the opioid crisis. @ylanmui takes you into that dark web world: @cnbc
added: Fri Apr 13 12:55:03 2018

Premier League clubs vote against the introduction of VAR for the 2018/19 season
added: Fri Apr 13 12:53:41 2018

India exports in March fall 0.7%, trade deficit widens
added: Fri Apr 13 12:53:27 2018

Illinois LB Luke Weerts humbled by #KState offer - more from @DYoungRivals
added: Fri Apr 13 12:49:00 2018
tags: kstate

Extremists compare so-called ‘Must Stay Gay’ bans on conversion therapy to Jim Crow
added: Fri Apr 13 11:00:20 2018

Facebook is Watching you and You Have No Privacy
added: Fri Apr 13 11:00:17 2018

Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen watches naval drill as China tensions grow
added: Fri Apr 13 11:00:04 2018

‘A Commons vote on Syrian airstrikes puts both May and Corbyn in a tricky situation’
added: Fri Apr 13 11:00:03 2018

Syntax in functions; pattern matching and guards #Erlang
added: Fri Apr 13 08:52:59 2018
tags: erlang

Singapore central bank's first tightening in six years comes with trade warning
added: Fri Apr 13 03:57:52 2018

Sri Lanka president suspends parliament
added: Fri Apr 13 03:13:38 2018

Multiple news outlets knew about the story of Trump’s alleged “love child" for months, but they didn't publish it.
added: Fri Apr 13 03:12:00 2018

Curious to read about space junk? Here you go! It could use an update, but I can still rea…
added: Fri Apr 13 03:10:28 2018

added: Fri Apr 13 02:55:25 2018

Trump Plans to Pardon Scooter Libby in C.I.A. Leak Case via @NYTimes
added: Fri Apr 13 02:54:23 2018

@JMSCHKU student @natlungfy on being saddled with an awkward name:
added: Fri Apr 13 02:51:57 2018

House will suspend rules, vote on Ryan's last sop to the Freedom Caucus, a balanced budget amendment
added: Thu Apr 12 15:21:49 2018

Many crimes may look motivated by hate. Proving it can be a different story.
added: Thu Apr 12 14:51:36 2018

"We had buses in the parking lot ready to haul 1,500 offenders away to other institutions." via @nprillinois
added: Thu Apr 12 14:50:38 2018

Central bank tightening as the curve flattens and growth slows
added: Thu Apr 12 14:49:02 2018

16 million households owed money back from energy firms - how to claim it back
added: Thu Apr 12 14:46:12 2018
added: Thu Apr 12 14:32:42 2018

Gaza's humanitarian crisis began long before Hamas
added: Thu Apr 12 12:20:00 2018

South Korean basketball league ousts foreign players for being too tall. Some attempt shrinking.
added: Thu Apr 12 12:19:01 2018

出手了! 【首次接錢】港滙觸發弱方保證 金管局出手買入8.16億港元
added: Thu Apr 12 12:17:52 2018

Facebook says it sees competition, and competitors, everywhere. Is it a monopoly as some in Congress suggest?
added: Thu Apr 12 12:13:39 2018

41% percent of Americans cannot say what Auschwitz was, a survey found
added: Thu Apr 12 12:04:04 2018

Good morning! I reviewed last night's #TheExpanse season 3 premiere, and it was good:
added: Thu Apr 12 12:02:27 2018
tags: theexpanse

中港5傳媒助京拍「認罪片」 via @蘋果日報
added: Thu Apr 12 11:56:15 2018

Beijing's Trade Straddle - a WSJ editorial. via @WSJOpinion
added: Thu Apr 12 11:54:13 2018

UK stance on Skripal attack supported by chemical weapons agency via @financialtimes
added: Thu Apr 12 11:54:05 2018

Chinese man convicted of spying on Tibetan refugees faces four years in Swedish prison via @hongkongfp
added: Thu Apr 12 11:26:43 2018

Homeless woman attacked in street explains why sleeping rough is worse for women
added: Thu Apr 12 10:48:28 2018

Russian state TV is telling viewers to stockpile food
added: Thu Apr 12 10:47:31 2018

@NewNaratif I would invite people to check out @NewNaratif ( and decide for themselves. We’…
added: Thu Apr 12 09:57:27 2018

Jack Ma wrote an op-ed warning against a trade war, saying China is open for business Here's my rebuttal
added: Thu Apr 12 09:49:03 2018

Debt distress and insider dealing: two problems with China's Belt and Road initiative that has IMF chief concerned
added: Thu Apr 12 09:25:28 2018

Power supplies are a data exfiltration vector ( So, to sum up: to properly defend your se…
added: Thu Apr 12 08:39:42 2018

The $105 billion ‘ghost stock' blunder rocking markets in #Korea via @markets @business
added: Thu Apr 12 08:24:53 2018
tags: korea

What You Don’t Know About How Facebook Uses Your Data
added: Thu Apr 12 08:23:55 2018

Australian PM Says Foreign Interference Bill Has Soured Ties With #ChinatownYVR
added: Thu Apr 12 08:23:00 2018
tags: chinatownyvr

There is little to belie the impression that the current strategy is centered around containment of China
added: Thu Apr 12 08:20:09 2018

There are lots of positives from the world's longest trial of negative rates
added: Thu Apr 12 08:17:06 2018

HK dollar at new 33-year low, hits weaker end of band; eyes on HKMA
added: Thu Apr 12 07:35:32 2018

Nikolas Cruz and his brother might have $1 million in bank, attorney says
added: Thu Apr 12 07:35:16 2018

In Kanagawa, homeless grow crops and confidence
added: Thu Apr 12 07:30:06 2018

It took 20 years to convict Salman Khan. That's normal – but it shouldn't be
added: Thu Apr 12 07:30:00 2018

Sebi amends norms for REITs, InvITs to make them more attractive
added: Thu Apr 12 07:09:13 2018

astonishing, considering the complex relationship between the u.s. and vietnam
added: Thu Apr 12 07:09:12 2018

Reddit takes down accounts suspected of ties to Russian propaganda
added: Thu Apr 12 07:05:26 2018

China doing much more than India to tap resource-rich African continent: Zambia’s energy minister
added: Thu Apr 12 07:01:29 2018

Australia: Bob Carr cited on China’s own human rights website “习主席是一位富有远见、充满睿智的领导人” Chair…
added: Thu Apr 12 06:20:11 2018

Rare earths, never rare, even less so now via @WSJ
added: Thu Apr 12 03:53:48 2018

This is weird. Why would Robert Hormats sit down for a critical interview on US policy with Xinhua of all places?
added: Thu Apr 12 03:40:26 2018

Pennsylvania school district gives teachers mini baseball bats to fight back against school shooters
added: Thu Apr 12 03:06:18 2018

Far from reducing support for tech, China is on the verge of nationalizing it, says @BaldingsWorld via @BV
added: Thu Apr 12 02:44:34 2018

Moscow likely behind hack on German govt, spy chief says
added: Wed Apr 11 12:25:34 2018

An eager beaver
added: Wed Apr 11 12:22:24 2018

Beijing just shut down a Reddit-like social media site, no hearing given. Did you see that, Zuck?
added: Wed Apr 11 12:03:39 2018

For nearly as long as Palestinians have resisted their displacement, small groups of Jews have joined them.
added: Wed Apr 11 11:49:25 2018

BREAKING Death toll of Algerian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 accident has risen to 257 - defense ministry says
added: Wed Apr 11 11:30:04 2018

Australian union officials who ran fake Black Lives Matter Facebook page fired
added: Wed Apr 11 11:28:03 2018
added: Wed Apr 11 10:58:18 2018

Group Sues State Grid Unit for Refusing to Buy Clean Energy
added: Wed Apr 11 10:55:29 2018

This year’s Contraception Atlas A clear challenge to improve availability&accessibility of…
added: Wed Apr 11 10:54:41 2018

I wrote about how Zuckerberg's Facebook hearing was a show trial.
added: Wed Apr 11 10:44:09 2018

The way this is being built up, you can't help think this is the excuse that drags us into this war.
added: Wed Apr 11 09:54:53 2018

Facebook Fallout Deals Blow to Mercers’ Political Clout via @NYTimes
added: Wed Apr 11 08:44:43 2018

US bid for Rugby World Cup 'sooner rather than later' - Gosper
added: Wed Apr 11 08:44:00 2018

How #Indonesia could be a bridge between China and the US in Asia
added: Wed Apr 11 08:41:00 2018
tags: indonesia

California sheriff says killing suspects is ‘better financially’ than just injuring them:
added: Wed Apr 11 08:13:52 2018

added: Wed Apr 11 08:09:43 2018

Alabama elections chief calls losing the right to vote a ‘minor disability’
added: Wed Apr 11 08:00:17 2018

Trinity Mirror and Express newspaper merger under investigation by competition watchdog
added: Wed Apr 11 08:00:10 2018

Severe concussion in your 20s increases risk of dementia by more than two thirds, study warns
added: Wed Apr 11 08:00:09 2018

Russian ambassador says any US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down and their launch sites targeted
added: Wed Apr 11 07:21:18 2018

‘Love hormone’ identified in birds that makes them more generous
added: Wed Apr 11 07:20:44 2018

可能係用嚟防300年一遇嘅水底浪呢?🤔 #大誤 【港珠澳大橋人工島防波堤消失!工程師:無浪都浸晒點防波?】 ←短片 【早1年施工?官網指2013年已開始安裝扭工字塊】…
added: Wed Apr 11 07:20:07 2018
tags: 大誤

On April 8, Phoenix reporter forcibly kissed while Live at Pride Fest
added: Wed Apr 11 06:15:46 2018

April 8, Hong Kong sports reporter forcibly kissed by two men while live at Rugby 7s game
added: Wed Apr 11 06:14:52 2018

#CyberDigest | Civil-Military Fusion and the PLA’s Pursuit of Dominance in Emerging Technologies | @lorandlaskai |
added: Wed Apr 11 05:40:01 2018
tags: cyberdigest

India, China hold disarmament talks in Beijing but NSG standoff continues
added: Wed Apr 11 05:38:05 2018

Tanzania imposes strict social media regulations to stop 'moral decadence'
added: Wed Apr 11 05:30:57 2018

Oklahoma Teachers Enter Second Week of Strike Demanding Better Education Funding #OklaEd
added: Wed Apr 11 05:30:13 2018
tags: oklaed

China freezes out Tencent and Toutiao apps as online crackdown widens
added: Wed Apr 11 05:11:17 2018

India’s grip on strategic port, Chabahar, loosens as Iran turns to China
added: Wed Apr 11 05:04:05 2018

Pacific Islands links: Vanuatu base talk, PNG unplugged, medals, and more | Jonathan Pryke
added: Wed Apr 11 05:01:44 2018
added: Wed Apr 11 05:01:38 2018

BJP MLA Tries To Disturb Communal Harmony, Asks Hindus To Not Allow Muslims Into Their Homes
added: Wed Apr 11 05:01:18 2018

William Dalrymple reveals the dark secrets of the Koh-i-Noor diamond via @TheNationalUAE
added: Wed Apr 11 04:59:03 2018

“#Taiwan is one the strongest democracies because is it so threatened.”
added: Wed Apr 11 04:56:31 2018
tags: taiwan

UK could create 5,000 jobs by moving to sustainable fishing, says report
added: Wed Apr 11 04:32:57 2018

Huge outrage after thugs masquerading as lawyers shame humanity in Jammu and Kashmir
added: Wed Apr 11 04:10:41 2018

Facebook Can’t Be Fixed, It Needs to Be Broken Up: Comments:
added: Wed Apr 11 04:10:02 2018

China speeds up reforms to open finance sector to foreign ownership
added: Wed Apr 11 04:09:16 2018

Healthcare: Cancer breakthrough leads China’s biotech boom
added: Wed Apr 11 04:06:14 2018

Chad taken off US travel ban list
added: Wed Apr 11 04:04:35 2018

"We have, essentially, chosen cancer as the model of our social system."
added: Wed Apr 11 04:04:34 2018

#ICYMI New Jersey is secretly killing its iconic wild foxes.
added: Wed Apr 11 04:04:10 2018
tags: icymi

#CyberDigest | It Was A Company With A Lot Of Promise. Then A Chinese Customer Stole Its Technology | @JimZarroli |
added: Wed Apr 11 04:03:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

College basketball powerhouse Kansas is among four schools named by prosecutors in corruption probe
added: Wed Apr 11 03:50:08 2018

John Robson: Do we have rule of law in this country? Do we have a functional government?
added: Tue Apr 10 21:23:17 2018

Martin Wolf: US-China rivalry will shape the 21st century
added: Tue Apr 10 17:45:51 2018

Congress holds fast for communal harmony in presence of 1984 Sikh genocide accused leaders in Delhi
added: Tue Apr 10 15:12:26 2018

The Supreme Court Gives Police a Green Light to ‘Shoot First and Think Later’ via @aclu
added: Tue Apr 10 14:56:15 2018

Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian through rifle scope– and celebrates vi…
added: Tue Apr 10 12:37:05 2018

Zuckerberg hearings presage end of ‘move fast, break things’ era
added: Tue Apr 10 12:36:28 2018

Anti-Pipeline Demonstrators Again Shut Down Louisiana Construction Site
added: Tue Apr 10 12:35:09 2018

Google appeals Indian #antitrust watchdog's 'search bias' verdict: sources by…
added: Tue Apr 10 12:34:03 2018
tags: antitrust

What is palm oil and why Iceland is axing it from its own-brand range
added: Tue Apr 10 12:33:28 2018

Six questions Mark Zuckerberg will not like from Congress via @financialtimes
added: Tue Apr 10 12:10:12 2018

It was no accident: the federal gov’t deliberately segregated the U.S. - and kept the suburbs white
added: Tue Apr 10 12:07:33 2018

North Korea’s concept of “denuclearization” bears no resemblance to the American definition, Evans Revere explains
added: Tue Apr 10 12:05:07 2018

#Russia Axes Bond Auction as Sanctions, Syria Risk Batter Ruble via @markets
added: Tue Apr 10 10:55:27 2018
tags: russia

On Google and Facebook: 'The Finest Intelligence Operation on Earth'
added: Tue Apr 10 10:12:18 2018

Here we go again: Financial chief Paul Chan and wife face defamation retrial via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Apr 10 09:34:18 2018

Accepting Payments with Stripe - ElixirCasts #elixirlang
added: Tue Apr 10 09:33:50 2018
tags: elixirlang

Socialism at Home Is Not Enough - It’s Time for a Corbynite Foreign Policy
added: Tue Apr 10 09:31:58 2018

Portugal reaches 100% renewables, ends fossil fuel subsidies: Comments:
added: Tue Apr 10 08:30:03 2018

Historically the courts have been the greatest hindrance to (bad) loan recovery, will this continue or change now?
added: Tue Apr 10 08:26:28 2018

Doubts over U.S. bank capital payouts may cloud strong earnings
added: Tue Apr 10 08:26:27 2018

Voter turnout concerns emerge after Malaysia announces election will be on weekday
added: Tue Apr 10 08:24:38 2018

Jack Dorsey expects bitcoin to become the world's 'single currency' in about 10 years.
added: Tue Apr 10 08:10:53 2018

Xi's olive branch to Trump had one notable omission via @gadfly @shuli_ren
added: Tue Apr 10 07:36:45 2018

this is a fun read:
added: Tue Apr 10 07:34:28 2018

UPDATE: Activists have been protesting by cutting roads and obstructing toll booths in the past few weeks
added: Tue Apr 10 07:12:54 2018

Yulia Skripal discharged from hospital after Salisbury attack, reports say
added: Tue Apr 10 07:09:20 2018

Hong Kong can accede to India's request to arrest Nirav Modi: China
added: Tue Apr 10 07:09:13 2018

India to decide on action against Facebook, Cambridge Analytica
added: Tue Apr 10 07:06:41 2018

They Documented a Massacre. Their Prize Is a Prison Cell in Myanmar.
added: Tue Apr 10 07:06:19 2018

A defector says that Marie Colvin was hunted and assassinated by the Syrian regime, who were targeting journalists
added: Tue Apr 10 07:05:20 2018

Is This China's Stealth Bomber? - Popular Mechanics - Popular Mechanics
added: Tue Apr 10 06:57:58 2018

When China’s tech titans fumble, their users make them eat their words
added: Tue Apr 10 06:21:05 2018

Scientists find signs of new brain cells in adults as old as 79
added: Tue Apr 10 05:25:03 2018

Alibaba’s Jack Ma challenges Mark Zuckerberg to ‘fix’ Facebook
added: Tue Apr 10 04:39:31 2018

West Papuan group wants #PNG #earthquake collection returned by police #WestPapua
added: Tue Apr 10 04:17:05 2018
tags: png, earthquake, westpapua

Inside the quest to use neuroscience to influence which brands consumers buy |…
added: Tue Apr 10 04:10:58 2018

Experts warn that Kim Jong Un is not actually willing to relinquish his nuclear arsenal
added: Tue Apr 10 04:01:00 2018

Scott Pruitt had another scandal-ridden day
added: Tue Apr 10 04:00:14 2018

Feds Praise Backpage Takedown as Sex Workers Fear for Their Lives
added: Tue Apr 10 03:58:13 2018

WATCH: Duterte denies knowing about planned Boracay casino. Full story:
added: Tue Apr 10 03:32:11 2018

Meet Givati's Operational Unit 13:
added: Tue Apr 10 01:42:07 2018

Breaking: China bans news
added: Mon Apr 9 23:48:04 2018

Bin chickens: the grotesque glory of the urban ibis – in pictures
added: Mon Apr 9 19:47:30 2018

@NatGeo @HondurasARCC Here's link to limited (so far) info. on ambush deaths of five rangers and a driver:
added: Mon Apr 9 18:52:09 2018

columbo (1.0.1): Erlang service discovery and tracking system for clusters
added: Mon Apr 9 15:16:17 2018

Kendzior is so wildly off-base she was included in our feature on, well, conspiracy theorists
added: Mon Apr 9 15:16:00 2018

Finger fossil 'shows humans went east of Africa earlier than thought'
added: Mon Apr 9 15:13:35 2018

Interior official compared Parkland students to Nazis, promoted conspiracies
added: Mon Apr 9 14:07:14 2018

FDA Worried Drug Was Risky; Now Reports of Deaths Spark Concern
added: Mon Apr 9 14:06:19 2018

Design principles could point to better electrolytes for next-generation lithium batteries.
added: Mon Apr 9 14:05:10 2018

He isn't wrong
added: Mon Apr 9 12:20:36 2018

New software by MIT, dubbed 'Squad box,' hopes to combat cyberbullying
added: Mon Apr 9 12:20:09 2018

‘Unless Dalits build bridges with oppressed people across castes, there is no future for Dalit politics’
added: Mon Apr 9 12:18:28 2018

Belgian cyclist Michael Goolaerts dies after cardiac arrest in Paris-Roubaix
added: Mon Apr 9 12:17:23 2018

Why Hamas is protesting in Gaza — and why it will continue. By Imad Alsoos
added: Mon Apr 9 12:16:21 2018

Extra! Extra! Read all about the 2018 Primary Dates and Deadlines! #2018Primary
added: Mon Apr 9 11:58:39 2018
tags: 2018primary

Exclusive: As elections near, older, educated, white voters shifting away from Trump's party
added: Mon Apr 9 11:49:05 2018

Brit expat in Thailand 'stabbed by girlfriend when he tried to dump her'
added: Mon Apr 9 11:49:00 2018

'Saffron' Ambedkar Statue Installed in Uttar Pradesh's Badaun
added: Mon Apr 9 11:47:22 2018

Alexey Lesovsky: Waiting for PostgreSQL 11: Covering + unique indexes.
added: Mon Apr 9 11:46:28 2018

Stuart Bishop: Protected: PostgreSQL Charm Cross Model Support
added: Mon Apr 9 11:46:27 2018

Taiwan's exports rebound in March, hit record high
added: Mon Apr 9 11:45:57 2018

Orbán blames all of Hungary’s problems on a Jew – and wins big
added: Mon Apr 9 11:32:45 2018

Parent groups say YouTube defies underage data-collection laws
added: Mon Apr 9 11:07:39 2018

No escape: The fearful life of China's exiled dissidents @AJEnglish
added: Mon Apr 9 11:07:21 2018

Tatmadaw Kills Indigenous Karen Community Leader, Local Groups Say
added: Mon Apr 9 11:05:59 2018

A newly identified protein may allow birds to "see" Earth’s magnetic field
added: Mon Apr 9 11:05:14 2018

One St. Louis Condo Tower Is Worth More Than Whole City Neighborhoods
added: Mon Apr 9 11:03:00 2018

U.S.-China Ratchet Up Tariff Threats- Trump Instructs Perdue to Implement Plan to Protect Farmers via @farmpolicy
added: Mon Apr 9 10:30:20 2018

How to keep your ISP’s nose out of your browser history with encrypted DNS :
added: Mon Apr 9 10:21:56 2018

IDF to Palestinian women: Don't go to protests, your place is at home
added: Mon Apr 9 10:20:00 2018

A dependency-free neural network library in 200 lines of C :
added: Mon Apr 9 10:19:21 2018
added: Mon Apr 9 10:15:25 2018

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he’s quitting Facebook — he’d rather pay and keep his data
added: Mon Apr 9 10:14:46 2018

"Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in March 2018":
added: Mon Apr 9 10:13:31 2018

#Taiwan needs to reinvent itself, not view #China as the sole culprit of its stagnation.
added: Mon Apr 9 09:34:07 2018
tags: taiwan, china

Somalia seizes $9.6m from UAE plane in Mogadishu
added: Mon Apr 9 09:30:07 2018

Fears parts of world longest sea bridge are floating away
added: Mon Apr 9 09:25:22 2018

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong joins Chinese dissident Wang Dan's think tank…
added: Mon Apr 9 09:22:03 2018

According to Milan Kundera, the Prague Spring was ‘a brief flowering of openness behind the Iron Curtain’
added: Mon Apr 9 08:56:35 2018

Demolition of 173ft tower goes wrong when it falls on top of cultural centre
added: Mon Apr 9 08:55:36 2018

Deutsche Bank's new CEO faces familiar questions over strategy
added: Mon Apr 9 08:51:38 2018

Syria says U.S. suspected of attacking air base but Pentagon denies it
added: Mon Apr 9 08:50:17 2018

Behind the demolition of Ambedkar’s statues lies a fear of justice
added: Mon Apr 9 08:50:00 2018

China’s Tax Revenue Grows Faster, Nontax Revenue Shrinks
added: Mon Apr 9 08:49:53 2018

Chinese man caught smuggling 5 #rhino horns is jailed by Dutch court via @guardian…
added: Mon Apr 9 08:44:29 2018
tags: rhino

Will you use sanitary pads made from banana waste? Read about how this works in Rwanda.
added: Mon Apr 9 08:30:00 2018

China blames US for trade frictions, says negotiations currently impossible
added: Mon Apr 9 08:15:39 2018

Almost 20% of Tesla's earnings come from China. They just recalled almost 9,000 Model S units. #replug
added: Mon Apr 9 08:14:25 2018
tags: replug

"There's a real risk that Trump's trade war with China won't change anything"
added: Mon Apr 9 07:45:06 2018

added: Mon Apr 9 07:20:17 2018

'We know we may be killed': the rangers risking their lives for Virunga's gorillas via…
added: Mon Apr 9 07:09:31 2018

Junot Díaz’s Syllabi for His MIT Writing Classes, and the Novels on His Reading List
added: Mon Apr 9 06:14:25 2018

The drug known to calm the nerves may actually be fixing them as well.
added: Mon Apr 9 06:10:45 2018

Game was also convicted of ABH and assault. Here is the CPS guidelines on controlling or coercive behaviour
added: Mon Apr 9 05:45:17 2018

As "duplicitous" Male runs circles around New Delhi over #dornier issue, Yameen's China-tilt is clear...
added: Mon Apr 9 05:39:55 2018
tags: dornier

Vegan protein is healthier for your heart than meat, study claims
added: Mon Apr 9 05:37:00 2018

Borneo oil spill costs Indonesia’s poor | Kate Walton
added: Mon Apr 9 05:33:34 2018

'McRefugees' urge Hong Kong gov't to address homelessness, as NGO says issue has worsened
added: Mon Apr 9 05:16:14 2018

Donald Trump is standing up for American interests
added: Mon Apr 9 04:03:15 2018

In China Daily: A Chinese vision of a shared global future and what it might mean:
added: Sun Apr 8 07:50:28 2018

More on Rui Guozhong 芮国忠 here here and here…
added: Sun Apr 8 07:40:31 2018

Burglar killed by raid victim caught on CCTV casing home 36 hours before death
added: Sun Apr 8 07:13:29 2018

Preprints: An underutilized mechanism to accelerate outbreak science
added: Sun Apr 8 07:12:00 2018

@cayenneteresa @Pdx_resistance 1 dead in officer-involved shooting in SE Portland
added: Sun Apr 8 06:41:04 2018

Mark Zuckerberg says the world is much more divided than he ever expected #division
added: Sat Apr 7 20:03:02 2018
tags: division

Come again?
added: Sat Apr 7 10:54:56 2018

Molly Ringwald revisited John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club and didn't like what she found
added: Sat Apr 7 09:43:32 2018

Mysterious crystals may have helped the Vikings cross the Northern Seas
added: Sat Apr 7 09:43:10 2018

ICYMI, Manafort's lawyer submits motion to suppress evidence obtained from a storage unit.
added: Sat Apr 7 09:37:02 2018

What happens when private hospitals pay off patients out of court?
added: Sat Apr 7 07:10:00 2018

China’s Hardened Stance on Hong Kong and Taiwan @Diplomat_APAC
added: Sat Apr 7 07:09:58 2018

"The eigenvector of "Why we moved from language X to language Y"" # 到底有多少從 X 語言換成 Y 語言的數據分析,真有趣 # 去年的文章 # Go 勝
added: Sat Apr 7 07:07:14 2018

H-1B visa: US says 65,000 visa cap reached for fiscal year 2019
added: Sat Apr 7 07:06:50 2018

Japan activates first marines since WW2 to bolster defenses against China
added: Sat Apr 7 06:54:06 2018

【海關檢獲兩隻龜疑屬瀕危物種拘一男子】 海關昨日在落馬洲管制站,檢獲兩隻以膠紙綑綁、懷疑屬瀕危物種的活龜,估計市值約一千元,一名27歲男子被捕。 #有線新聞 #海關 #瀕危物種 #活龜
added: Sat Apr 7 06:10:34 2018
tags: 瀕危物種, 有線新聞, 活龜, 海關

Michigan to end free bottled water for Flint, saying water crisis over
added: Sat Apr 7 06:00:42 2018

Well this is an incredibly cowardly piece
added: Sat Apr 7 05:54:24 2018

Good example of local journalism done well by @HongKongFP
added: Sat Apr 7 03:11:27 2018

Facebook retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes
added: Fri Apr 6 08:00:21 2018

What the tragic story of the extinct Carolina parakeet can tell us about parrot conservation
added: Fri Apr 6 07:58:02 2018

If you want an ad-free Facebook you're going to have to pay for it, says Sheryl Sandberg
added: Fri Apr 6 06:41:05 2018

After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, can we talk about data privacy in Africa now?
added: Fri Apr 6 03:07:46 2018

The White House gave Scott Pruitt a chance to prove himself on Fox News. It didn't go well.
added: Thu Apr 5 12:12:14 2018

Exclusive: Yellen gets post-Fed payday in private meetings with Wall St. elite
added: Thu Apr 5 12:10:16 2018

Someone please make a movie about this incredible black woman riding her Harley through the south in the 1950s.
added: Thu Apr 5 12:10:13 2018

Uber just pulled its service in Greece after a government clamp down
added: Thu Apr 5 12:09:49 2018

South Korean carriers face 5G ‘dilemma’ due to Huawei security issues via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Apr 5 10:44:28 2018

@_hhandoko @ErlangSolutions @skillsmatter @kjnilsson @joeerl @FrancescoC
added: Thu Apr 5 10:19:40 2018

Chemchina's Syngenta mandates banks for $4.8 billion financing round
added: Thu Apr 5 10:10:18 2018

World's first vending machine exclusively for homeless people is axed after just three months
added: Thu Apr 5 10:07:20 2018

Defense: FBI Informant Pushed Men To Stay Involved In Kan. Bomb Plot
added: Thu Apr 5 10:03:00 2018

These sectors and stocks could suffer the most collateral damage from China trade war - MarketWatch
added: Thu Apr 5 09:22:14 2018

“The U.S. is forcing countries in the region to choose between the U.S. and China”
added: Thu Apr 5 09:17:21 2018

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan convicted of killing two endangered antelope
added: Thu Apr 5 08:25:33 2018

The Department of Defense should immediately conduct planning for how to operate with a compromised power grid
added: Thu Apr 5 08:20:10 2018

HKFP Venture: Bamboo-lined paths and misty ancient trails connect Ma On Shan to Sai Kung
added: Thu Apr 5 08:02:44 2018

Hill fire near Lau Fan Shan
added: Thu Apr 5 07:15:41 2018

Robert Mugabe pioneered Zimbabwe's 'Look East' policy― and his successor is just as enthusiastic about China.
added: Thu Apr 5 07:15:09 2018

Lovesick birds living near noisy oil fields change their songs to find a mate
added: Thu Apr 5 07:13:34 2018

New York police shoot black man holding pipe after reports he had firearm
added: Thu Apr 5 07:10:14 2018

#Uyghur Official Arrested For Sympathizing With Political ‘Re-Education Camp’ Detainees
added: Thu Apr 5 07:03:20 2018
tags: uyghur

Sierra Leone’s new president doesn’t mince words. He called China infrastructure projects ‘a sham’
added: Thu Apr 5 07:00:34 2018

China is likely to soon announce measures to boost consumption and investment via @BV
added: Thu Apr 5 05:20:40 2018

Penang's Fishermen Under Siege By Land Reclamation And Environmental Destruction by @WadeShepard #penang #stp
added: Thu Apr 5 05:10:02 2018
tags: stp, penang

Carlyle snaps up Australia’s biggest winemaker
added: Thu Apr 5 05:09:22 2018

Philippines hands 78 Taiwanese fraud suspects over to China
added: Thu Apr 5 04:23:02 2018

Intel says it won't patch Spectre variant 2 for certain processors: via @NeowinFeed
added: Thu Apr 5 04:19:03 2018

BBC News - Eight dead in massive India caste protests
added: Thu Apr 5 03:54:23 2018

Pruitt says here that Steve Hart "has never represented" Cheniere Energy. Uhh
added: Thu Apr 5 03:38:46 2018

#CyberDigest | U.S. says Russian suspect in LinkedIn hack tried to escape | @kartikayM |
added: Thu Apr 5 03:36:00 2018
tags: cyberdigest

HyD's response to media enquiries on seawall of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Main Bridge artificial island
added: Thu Apr 5 03:33:58 2018

While you weren't looking -- Official linked to customs corruption appointed to BOC via @rapplerdotcom
added: Thu Apr 5 00:22:16 2018

mpengine contains unrar code forked from unrar prior to 5.0, introduces new bug while fixing others
added: Wed Apr 4 16:03:34 2018

Zambia slaps miner First Quantum with $8 billion tax bill
added: Wed Apr 4 14:52:13 2018

Navy chief denies assets incapable of being deployed
added: Wed Apr 4 14:44:01 2018

Yet another Tory councillor suspended after Islamophobic tweet ("Muslim parasites")
added: Wed Apr 4 14:35:01 2018

Wow. Someone actually does the right thing despite Chinese pressure. This happened only because of counterpressure.
added: Wed Apr 4 14:16:09 2018

Boeing, Ford lead list of casualties in China-U.S. trade spat
added: Wed Apr 4 12:28:33 2018

China retaliates with its own set of tariffs after US raises duty on goods worth $50 billion
added: Wed Apr 4 12:28:06 2018

Aboriginal activists target Commonwealth Games opening ceremony (via @thefield_in) #GC2018
added: Wed Apr 4 12:28:05 2018
tags: gc2018

'Hundreds' of illegal hunts have taken place in Britain since last autumn
added: Wed Apr 4 12:27:34 2018

Metals and mining shares hit by escalating US-China trade spat
added: Wed Apr 4 12:13:28 2018

Shocking statistics reveal the gap between Martin Luther King's dream and America's reality
added: Wed Apr 4 12:12:36 2018

A fierce opponent of the Endangered Species Act is picked to oversee Interior’s wildlife policy
added: Wed Apr 4 12:11:45 2018

Walker warns of "#BlueWave" coming to Wisconsin after Dem wins state high court race
added: Wed Apr 4 11:58:52 2018
tags: bluewave

Full text of joint statement released by #Iran, #Turkey, #Russia presidents on Syria peace
added: Wed Apr 4 11:25:57 2018
tags: turkey, russia, iran

China retaliates for US tariffs, slaps duties on soybeans, planes, autos
added: Wed Apr 4 11:00:03 2018

As soldiers, we too were told to open fire at protesters in Gaza
added: Wed Apr 4 11:00:02 2018

Unacceptable We need to talk about the ‘flat out lie’ the BBC told last night. Because it was appalling.
added: Wed Apr 4 11:00:00 2018

Advisers Want Tougher Russia Policy. Trump Is Not Convinced. via @NYTimes
added: Wed Apr 4 10:59:33 2018

China Approves Tencent-, Wanda-Backed Private University
added: Wed Apr 4 10:59:29 2018

Non-Dalit criminals sparked Muzaffarnagar violence: Uttar Pradesh Police
added: Wed Apr 4 10:58:16 2018

Corbyn agrees to meet Jewish leaders for antisemitism talks
added: Wed Apr 4 10:56:43 2018

“China is stirring up U.S. farmers to put pressure on the White House."
added: Wed Apr 4 10:56:26 2018

Hanged by Gaurakshaks, Denied Justice by the State
added: Wed Apr 4 10:26:15 2018

Soybean prices dive as China announces $50 billion of trade tariffs against U.S.
added: Wed Apr 4 07:51:41 2018

[HKO's News]: The Weather of Mar 2018 - An unseasonably warm and sunny March
added: Wed Apr 4 07:20:56 2018

HKEX clears path for China biotech challenge to New York with @EmDunks
added: Wed Apr 4 07:19:12 2018

Even James Bond only lived twice. Don't push your luck, Fosun via @gadfly @nishagopalanhk
added: Wed Apr 4 07:18:10 2018

China vows countermeasures as U.S. issues extensive tariff list
added: Wed Apr 4 07:17:26 2018

NASA hires Lockheed Martin to build quiet, supersonic plane
added: Wed Apr 4 07:17:00 2018

Ready to fight trade war till the end: China to US
added: Wed Apr 4 06:10:49 2018

Mexico vets and disperses Central American migrant 'caravan'
added: Wed Apr 4 06:10:10 2018

Trump administration ramps up trade war with China by releasing list of new tariffs
added: Wed Apr 4 04:50:03 2018

The Chinese economy is rebalancing, at last
added: Wed Apr 4 03:59:00 2018 IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee Five units totalling about 800 people inside…
added: Wed Apr 4 03:30:33 2018

Facebook CEO says no plans to extend all of European privacy law (GDPR) globally
added: Wed Apr 4 02:01:57 2018

Facebook Blames a 'Bug' for Not Deleting Your Seemingly Deleted Videos
added: Wed Apr 4 01:43:48 2018

You may or may not be surprised that the Guardian view is that the French unions must be defeated
added: Tue Apr 3 17:49:39 2018

Our Statement On Our Seder
added: Tue Apr 3 12:37:13 2018

Instagram limits access to user data for unofficial apps
added: Tue Apr 3 12:36:45 2018

"Roughly 500 species once found in the USA have not been seen in decades, and are now feared extinct."
added: Tue Apr 3 12:07:45 2018

China's President Xi Jinping will attend Boao Forum
added: Tue Apr 3 12:05:06 2018

Full report calling for improved conditions & rights in #HK prisons (in Chinese):
added: Tue Apr 3 10:45:33 2018
tags: hk

Singapore fines two Airbnb hosts over £30,000 in first case under new rules
added: Tue Apr 3 10:45:32 2018

Why are u.s. consumers taking a breather? It's harder to get a credit card. via @AaronBack
added: Tue Apr 3 10:45:17 2018

No evidence that most complaints under SC, ST Atrocities Act were fake: Police tells Maha govt
added: Tue Apr 3 10:44:26 2018

Honda's China sales fall in March as quality issue threatens growth run
added: Tue Apr 3 10:43:48 2018

Microsoft issues update to fix flaw in earlier Meltdown patch via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 3 10:42:45 2018

Water Protectors Construct Longhouse to Block Doors of Puget Sound Energy HQ in Bellevue
added: Tue Apr 3 10:41:30 2018

Indonesia declares state of emergency as oil spill spreads
added: Tue Apr 3 10:38:09 2018

Rushed anti-fake news bill an act of cowardice
added: Tue Apr 3 10:06:07 2018

Lawmakers and activists say the rights of prisoners shouldn't be overridden or ignored for security reasons
added: Tue Apr 3 10:05:20 2018
tags: hk

Guns are now responsible for three quarters of killings in America
added: Tue Apr 3 10:05:10 2018

My AP Story today Toshiba CEO promises turnaround in 5 years, beefed up ethics (from @AP)
added: Tue Apr 3 10:02:50 2018

6-month Boracay closure to have minimal impact on economy – NEDA - via @rapplerdotcom…
added: Tue Apr 3 10:00:48 2018

Sotomayor rips Supreme Court for playing to right-wing gutter politics on police violence
added: Tue Apr 3 10:00:19 2018

#9 Before you decide on tools to collaborate with, do a threat modeling assessment #ddj…
added: Tue Apr 3 10:00:02 2018
tags: ddj

Our @IEEESSP paper is finally on #ArXiv: We've shown how training data poisoning can signi…
added: Tue Apr 3 09:58:09 2018
tags: arxiv

Pakistan: Armed men shoot dead four members of Christian family in Quetta
added: Tue Apr 3 09:28:01 2018

The prosecutor in the German land of Schleswig-Holstein requests Carles Puigdemont’s extradition to Spain ➡️
added: Tue Apr 3 09:26:22 2018

Mistaking Him for 'Dalit Protester', Noida Police Abuse RSS Leader Rakesh Sinha
added: Tue Apr 3 09:25:42 2018

Must-read account from the NYT. Lam Wing-kee is a brave, brave man / The Case of Hong Kong’s Missing Booksellers
added: Tue Apr 3 09:25:42 2018

Former Conservative health secretary blames Tory NHS cuts for failure to diagnose his bowel cancer
added: Tue Apr 3 09:23:29 2018

Democratic congressional candidate stands up to Sinclair, pulls ads from local station
added: Tue Apr 3 09:15:11 2018

// 扣政治帽子、貼政治標籤、打政治棍子,甚至是鼓動一些義和團式的嘍囉搞對人不對事的鬥爭,這些都是中共政治鬥爭慣用的伎倆。這樣的手段不是一再用上嗎?//
added: Tue Apr 3 08:45:02 2018

China, Philippines seek to share #SouthChinaSea Proposed joint development agreement for co…
added: Tue Apr 3 08:41:02 2018
tags: southchinasea

ECRL to use China workers due to language, says gov't
added: Tue Apr 3 08:38:35 2018

China denies detaining underground bishop Vincent Guo via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Apr 3 08:04:14 2018
tags: china

McDonald’s stiffs employees on promised pay raise
added: Tue Apr 3 08:00:19 2018

千億工程…🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ 【港珠澳大橋人工島防波堤被沖散?專家憂隧道被壓影響結構】 【千億工程風波】港珠澳大橋人工島防波堤疑被沖散 網民憂行車安全…
added: Tue Apr 3 08:00:18 2018

Australia opens vast swaths of famed marine parks to fishing via @Mongabay @Seasaver…
added: Tue Apr 3 07:42:38 2018

Live Streaming for this year's #HK10s April 4-5 on the following channels:👏🏉 Facebook Live:…
added: Tue Apr 3 07:17:35 2018
tags: hk10s

In rare comment, PetroVietnam says South China Sea tension to hurt offshore operations
added: Tue Apr 3 07:12:47 2018

Facebook data scandal has left Mark Zuckerberg isolated in tech industry
added: Tue Apr 3 07:03:22 2018

Haul of feudal coins in Saitama could total up to 260,000:The Asahi Shimbun:朝日新聞デジタル
added: Tue Apr 3 07:03:18 2018

added: Tue Apr 3 07:02:18 2018
tags: ivory

Revealed: Facebook hate speech exploded in Myanmar during Rohingya crisis
added: Tue Apr 3 06:51:02 2018

China says it has made real efforts toward establishing Vatican relations
added: Tue Apr 3 06:50:22 2018

North Korean satellite launch in 2018 could trigger U.S. military action: expert #NorthKorea
added: Tue Apr 3 06:49:10 2018
tags: northkorea

Renowned French mountain doctor killed in Alps avalanche
added: Tue Apr 3 06:48:00 2018

Why I’m glad Jeremy Corbyn came to the Jewdas Seder
added: Tue Apr 3 06:15:02 2018

Reintroducing the Clouded Leopard to #Taiwan
added: Tue Apr 3 05:00:18 2018
tags: taiwan

Top story: The killing of nonviolent Palestinian protesters is turning into a P…, see more
added: Tue Apr 3 02:23:54 2018

I just introduced Intrinsic Web Design at An Event Apart Seattle. Notes 1: (thanks…
added: Tue Apr 3 01:29:16 2018

Malaysia moves to ban “fake news” but critics say it is intended to stifle free speech
added: Tue Apr 3 01:14:00 2018

SEC Asset Valuation Claims Rejected on Summary Judgment #in
added: Tue Apr 3 01:11:21 2018
tags: in

"A deepening dictatorship promises a grim future for China" by @kevincarrico
added: Mon Apr 2 22:37:07 2018

China casts off the shadow of imperialism – or tries to – in Robert Bickers' new book, reviewed by @JeremiahJenne
added: Mon Apr 2 17:39:32 2018

ESPN's @JemeleHill Voted The Most Annoying Person In Sports Media
added: Mon Apr 2 14:29:09 2018

Secret Communist Party document reveals how China is stepping up efforts to steal American high technology
added: Mon Apr 2 13:43:25 2018

Costa Rica: Carlos Alvarado wins presidency in vote fought on gay rights
added: Mon Apr 2 12:07:24 2018

Health Department removes breast cancer and Obamacare info from women's health website
added: Mon Apr 2 12:05:01 2018

Sebi bans First Financial Services, 28 others from markets for 3 years
added: Mon Apr 2 12:03:10 2018

No, America would not benefit from authoritarian central planning <-- Me vs the silly peo…
added: Mon Apr 2 12:01:00 2018

Zinke’s Interior Dept disproportionately reassigned Native American workers
added: Mon Apr 2 10:08:17 2018

Dalits in India hold protests against dilution of SC/ST Act @AJENews
added: Mon Apr 2 10:07:09 2018

India loses contact with communication satellite - BBC News Disappointing but it is not The End.
added: Mon Apr 2 10:00:44 2018

Diminishing returns: heat maps show North Korea’s shrinking trade routes
added: Mon Apr 2 10:00:13 2018

These maps on economic complexity are really interesting: this one is Kenya
added: Mon Apr 2 09:22:01 2018

IN THE PRESS - Macron "The Invader" : Italian papers lash out at France over border row
added: Mon Apr 2 09:20:58 2018

Drugs, fast trains killing vultures, the ‘sanitary workers’ of the animal kingdom |…
added: Mon Apr 2 09:20:53 2018

Dalits in India hold protests against dilution of SC/ST Act
added: Mon Apr 2 09:20:36 2018

Malaysia puts Grab on anti-competition watchlist after Uber stake buy
added: Mon Apr 2 08:44:52 2018

India's border provocations will 'destroy' mutual trust: Chinese analyst
added: Mon Apr 2 08:30:01 2018

How referendums break democracies by @TimHarford
added: Mon Apr 2 07:42:43 2018

Chinese rebels among 7 dead in Badakhshan offensive 2 Chinese amongst dead, 1 reported 'dep…
added: Mon Apr 2 07:22:00 2018

FPI inflows into stocks more than halved to Rs 26,000 crore in FY18
added: Mon Apr 2 07:15:00 2018

How truth lost its meaning in Trump's America
added: Mon Apr 2 07:03:01 2018

As Hungary roars ahead, Orbanomics leaves some of the poorest behind
added: Mon Apr 2 07:00:37 2018

Antarctica is threatened by Hong Kong’s healthy appetite for diet supplements
added: Mon Apr 2 06:20:00 2018

【四川自然保護區】 【野生大熊貓出沒】
added: Mon Apr 2 06:00:28 2018

Alibaba gobbles up China food delivery app in $9.5bn deal
added: Mon Apr 2 05:59:41 2018

China hammers U.S. goods with tariffs as 'sparks' of trade war fly
added: Mon Apr 2 05:43:27 2018

Good read: Corruption, Not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability via @pocket
added: Mon Apr 2 05:19:42 2018

No, America would not benefit from authoritarian central planning
added: Mon Apr 2 04:04:10 2018

Tiangong-1 crash: China says space station came down in Pacific Ocean
added: Mon Apr 2 01:32:02 2018

US-China trade war would affect one in five Hong Kong jobs, finance secretary says
added: Mon Apr 2 01:10:05 2018

Gov’t meddling in Chinese soccer, Pt 28: tattoo ban
added: Sun Apr 1 23:06:02 2018

A silent war is being waged on Philippine indigenous communities
added: Sun Apr 1 21:36:35 2018

Confirmed: New @Cloudflare DNS service filtered in #Turkey on day of launch
added: Sun Apr 1 21:28:49 2018
tags: turkey

BJP leaders attend Dalai Lama’s Dharamsala event, Tibetan leader in exile takes on China
added: Sun Apr 1 18:14:02 2018

Human rights group calls for immediate downgrade of SA embassy in Israel
added: Sun Apr 1 15:55:06 2018

‘Thank You India’: Don’t know how many more years of struggle for homeland, says #DalaiLama via @IndianExpress
added: Sun Apr 1 14:42:56 2018
tags: dalailama

Sorry America, Cthulhu tried to save you from yourselves. #CthulhuForChina
added: Sun Apr 1 14:00:24 2018
tags: cthulhuforchina

The Patriot Missile Interceptor Doesn’t Work, But Raytheon Still Makes Billions
added: Sun Apr 1 03:15:22 2018

Indian reporter hit by truck, dies after investigating 'sand mafia'
added: Sun Apr 1 02:28:00 2018

Facebook is being sued for discriminatory ad targeting
added: Sun Apr 1 02:00:16 2018

舖租不斷上升,令回收業收縮,後果誰負? 〈在拾荒者與食環執法人員之間做一個「架倆」〉— 鄧永謙
added: Sun Apr 1 02:00:03 2018

Lula: 'Latin American Elite Doesn't Want Democracy'
added: Sun Apr 1 01:52:55 2018

China Aims For Near-Total #Surveillance, Including in People's Homes (@RFAChinese)
added: Sun Apr 1 00:46:25 2018
tags: surveillance

Anxious Hong Kong Catholics told to make leap of faith over China deal #catholic #china
added: Sun Apr 1 00:41:36 2018
tags: china, catholic

A Hong Kong Newspaper on a Mission to Promote China’s Soft Power #china
added: Sun Apr 1 00:41:03 2018
tags: china

&van der zwaan tried to hide evidence of ongoing ties btw kilimnik & gates in sept’16, when gates working for trump
added: Sat Mar 31 22:34:23 2018

Mueller team sentencing rec says defendant Alex van der Zwaan “lied,” “lying” “lies” “lie” “not truthful” 14 times
added: Sat Mar 31 22:01:28 2018
added: Sat Mar 31 05:34:38 2018

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, scholars say
added: Sat Mar 31 05:33:20 2018

Home ministry says granting Lingayats minority tag will ‘deprive’ them of SC status: Indian Express
added: Sat Mar 31 05:32:19 2018

News websites blocked, journalists threatened as #Egypt lashes out at critical election coverage
added: Fri Mar 30 20:24:08 2018
tags: egypt

'There’s nowhere that China can’t threaten you'
added: Fri Mar 30 11:00:19 2018

From Hashimpura to Kashi Vishwanath – State Policing Serving the Brahminical Hindutva
added: Fri Mar 30 09:22:07 2018

#戴耀廷 稱香港可考慮成立獨立國家 港府感震驚予以強烈譴責
added: Fri Mar 30 09:20:39 2018
tags: 戴耀廷

What is Good Friday? Traditions and meaning behind the day and where Jesus was buried
added: Fri Mar 30 09:20:14 2018

Autopsy results for Stephon Clark to be announced: lawyer
added: Fri Mar 30 08:42:53 2018

Man Who Claims His Daughter Was Tortured for Dowry in Australia Loses RTI Battle via @thewire_in
added: Fri Mar 30 08:42:23 2018

Beijing's message for young Taiwanese: We mean business Xi Jinping, paranoid psychopathic L…
added: Fri Mar 30 08:41:23 2018

China driving #Malaysia's rail ambitions
added: Fri Mar 30 08:41:03 2018
tags: malaysia

"Our Planet's Largest Mass Extinction Had Warning Signs - And They're Happening Again"
added: Fri Mar 30 08:40:15 2018

Russia test launches terrifying 4,000mph "invincible" hypersonic missile
added: Fri Mar 30 08:39:16 2018

Blind man reduced to tears as entire train refuse to give up a seat for him and his dog
added: Fri Mar 30 08:19:40 2018

Ohtani singles in first career at-bat as DH; to pitch Sunday (from @AP)
added: Fri Mar 30 08:14:06 2018

Stunning drops in solar, wind costs mean economic case for coal, gas is ‘crumbling’
added: Fri Mar 30 08:00:17 2018

Taiwan president to visit old African ally amid China pressure
added: Fri Mar 30 07:59:52 2018

Only 7 out of 160 social housing blocks made safe since Grenfell Tower tragedy
added: Fri Mar 30 07:58:37 2018

Financial Risks at Some Banks Are ‘High and Rising’
added: Fri Mar 30 07:57:49 2018

China Construction Bank’s 2017 Consumer Loans Soar 157%
added: Fri Mar 30 07:57:00 2018

cachex (3.0.2): Powerful in-memory key/value storage for Elixir
added: Fri Mar 30 06:05:39 2018

Bihar: 57 in custody, 2 BJP leaders among 12 detained in Rosera, 34 held in Nalanda
added: Fri Mar 30 06:05:27 2018

H1B visa holders’ spouses make US more attractive for foreign talent: report
added: Fri Mar 30 06:02:14 2018

AI touch myself: Scientists create self-replicating neural network
added: Fri Mar 30 06:00:25 2018

No more queuing up at the cash register.
added: Fri Mar 30 06:00:14 2018

China enlists richer provinces in tie-ups to revive rustbelt northeast
added: Fri Mar 30 05:59:52 2018

China funds slash equity exposure to 18-month low amid trade war fears, boost cash: poll
added: Fri Mar 30 05:59:29 2018

China's big banks reduce bad loans for the first time since 2013
added: Fri Mar 30 04:23:00 2018

Chinese authorities close Catholic-run kindergarten in Henan - report @patrickpoon #china…
added: Fri Mar 30 03:32:17 2018
tags: china

EPA poised to announce rejection of Obama vehicle fuel efficiency rules
added: Fri Mar 30 03:20:26 2018

Friends of Temer arrested in Brazil graft raids
added: Fri Mar 30 03:08:04 2018

China backs Philippines' withdrawal from ICC
added: Fri Mar 30 03:01:49 2018

Sessions Tries To Appease Trump By Naming Prosecutor To Look At Clinton, FBI Matters
added: Fri Mar 30 01:03:56 2018

“She only apologized after we went after her advertisers,” David Hogg said. “It kind of speaks for itself.
added: Thu Mar 29 18:55:07 2018

this is a very trenchant reality check in @guardian by @materialist_jew
added: Thu Mar 29 15:35:29 2018

Congratulations @paulkiel and @hannahfresques!
added: Thu Mar 29 15:34:45 2018

Nicolas Sarkozy to face trial for corruption, influence peddling
added: Thu Mar 29 15:15:31 2018

This is what it's like inside Kim Jong-un's armoured train
added: Thu Mar 29 15:14:03 2018

Snap lays off another 100 employees
added: Thu Mar 29 14:31:48 2018

Netanyahu's government is trying to expel 38,000 African refugees:
added: Thu Mar 29 14:30:15 2018

HKU’s plan to change pay system for staff would encourage a culture of ‘shoe shining’, union says.
added: Thu Mar 29 14:30:06 2018

Man cleared of sexually abusing two girls because he was sleepwalking
added: Thu Mar 29 14:30:01 2018

5 incidents of blatant discrimination the Conservative Party got away with this week
added: Thu Mar 29 14:30:01 2018

ICYMI Facebook’s announcement that it is shutting down relationships with data brokers is a big deal. /1
added: Thu Mar 29 14:22:44 2018

Facebook test gives users a private comment option for public posts
added: Thu Mar 29 14:06:20 2018

【真本土】拆牌改街名?馬冠堯:街道名字代表了整個香港的歷史 - 明周文化
added: Thu Mar 29 14:05:59 2018

Private details you don't realise you're giving away - and how to protect them
added: Thu Mar 29 14:05:57 2018

Mark Zuckerberg won't lose his job any time soon
added: Thu Mar 29 14:05:39 2018

Chinese bishop released, but banned from celebrating Chrism Mass |
added: Thu Mar 29 14:05:32 2018

This woman took the man who put videos of her having sex online to court and won. Now she has a powerful message
added: Thu Mar 29 14:04:00 2018

The ACLU is advising cities to build their own broadband in order to protect democracy
added: Thu Mar 29 14:03:20 2018

Opinion | A lawyer in China fought for the vulnerable. Was he killed for it?
added: Thu Mar 29 14:03:18 2018

China bans mentioning Kim Jong-un's wife on social media
added: Thu Mar 29 13:57:22 2018

There's a big issue in rugby that's set to break the surface and it's kind of complicated 👨‍💼 - writes Ian Cameron
added: Thu Mar 29 13:56:52 2018

Paypal blacklists payments for a World Socialists pamphlet about the Iranian opposition
added: Thu Mar 29 13:56:51 2018

A Second Palestine? Neo-Ottoman “Sultan” Erdogan Captures Syria’s Kurdish Enclave of Afrin -
added: Thu Mar 29 13:56:32 2018

Trump vilifies Amazon, claims it uses Postal Service as its "delivery boy"
added: Thu Mar 29 13:42:41 2018

Barclays agrees to pay $2bn to settle a US fraud case
added: Thu Mar 29 13:41:42 2018

ISRO successfully launches GSAT-6A satellite Read @ANI Story |
added: Thu Mar 29 13:40:40 2018

PEOPLE & PROFIT - Big bother: Facebook scandal highlights how firms manage user data
added: Thu Mar 29 13:40:40 2018

In Pictures: Temple Street building inspires artist to create meticulously detailed model C…
added: Thu Mar 29 12:11:01 2018

So, why would we want to JSX instead of any of the other template definitions? Here's an answer:
added: Thu Mar 29 12:10:11 2018

Congratulations to @Reuters on their two triumphs at the #AmnestyMediaAwards18 last night
added: Thu Mar 29 11:55:31 2018
tags: amnestymediaawards18

FBI Informant expected to take stand in Kan. bomb case
added: Thu Mar 29 11:36:17 2018

#chinesetourists exceeding in #zerodollartours = zero profit for destination countries:
added: Thu Mar 29 11:02:03 2018
tags: zerodollartours, chinesetourists

Docs reveal links between Trump aide and Russian intelligence via @ReutersTV
added: Thu Mar 29 10:38:00 2018

The book dispels the notion that Partition was the result of imperial policies of divide and rule.
added: Thu Mar 29 10:08:18 2018

China pollution sources up by more than half since 2010: official
added: Thu Mar 29 10:06:53 2018

China central bank will launch crackdown on virtual currencies
added: Thu Mar 29 10:06:42 2018

China's leaders approve rules to rein in $15 trillion asset management sector
added: Thu Mar 29 10:06:21 2018

Consumer Genetic Tests May Have a Lot of False Positives
added: Thu Mar 29 10:00:37 2018

Autoimmune disorder lupus may be triggered by body’s bacteria
added: Thu Mar 29 09:25:43 2018

Toyota and Suzuki announce deal on mutual supply of cars in India
added: Thu Mar 29 09:21:26 2018

Taiwan Travel Act: Use it Wisely⎟by J. Michael Cole #Taiwan #TaiwanTravelAct #台灣旅行法
added: Thu Mar 29 07:20:34 2018
tags: taiwan, taiwantravelact, 台灣旅行法

SCOOP: Nissan and Renault in Talks to Merge, Create a New Company via @business
added: Thu Mar 29 07:20:13 2018

Chicago city officials are trying to prevent the public from seeing what taxpayer goodies they offered Amazon
added: Thu Mar 29 07:15:14 2018

Tencent boss Liu Chiping cashes in one million shares via @asiatimesonline
added: Thu Mar 29 07:13:24 2018

China to cut VAT tax rates for manufacturing and other sectors: state media
added: Thu Mar 29 07:10:13 2018

U.K. House Prices Fall With London Again the Weakest Region via @markets
added: Thu Mar 29 07:09:11 2018

Reposting that Posco story from April: Curious Case of Billion-Dollar Lithium Mine Sold for a Song @majenterprise
added: Thu Mar 29 07:07:25 2018

Justice with Chinese characteristics
added: Thu Mar 29 07:04:30 2018

Michigan university paid firm to monitor Nassar victims' social media: report
added: Thu Mar 29 05:50:16 2018

Facebook is changing what data advertisers can use to target you with ads
added: Thu Mar 29 05:43:27 2018

You guys really need to learn about “Market Socialism” ( ) & China’s version (…
added: Thu Mar 29 05:33:09 2018

Pope Francis, who refused 3 times to meet with HH Dalai Lama, keeps his apologies for China dictatorship...
added: Thu Mar 29 05:02:17 2018

The Simple Algorithm That Ants Use to Build Bridges: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 29 04:50:03 2018

China Is Building a Rain-Making System Three Times as Big as Spain: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 29 04:50:02 2018

Something is happening on the investment front
added: Thu Mar 29 04:45:36 2018

What's at stake with Shulkin's firing: the Koch brothers plan to privatize the VA
added: Thu Mar 29 04:42:18 2018

Home prices in #HongKong have gone up 34 percent in last two years, government data show
added: Thu Mar 29 03:50:50 2018
tags: hongkong

I know Donald Trump probably slipped on a hamburger or something but this is also huge fucking news.
added: Thu Mar 29 03:03:38 2018

Trump’s Gateway grudge match against the aura of Obama and Schumer, the tunnel’s current champion, continues:
added: Thu Mar 29 03:00:26 2018

Tired of having to check work email after hours? New Yorkers may not have to, if this bill passes
added: Thu Mar 29 02:37:01 2018

China home sales spring back but credit tightens
added: Thu Mar 29 02:04:08 2018

.@Microsoft's disastrous chatbot Tay might have actually been a boon to the field of AI helpers. #EmTechDigital
added: Thu Mar 29 00:07:05 2018
tags: emtechdigital

This is nothing less than the summary execution of a mentally ill person for being a slight inconvenience
added: Wed Mar 28 18:36:25 2018

23% of VPNs are leaking users' IPs via WebRTC 🤦‍♂️ #privacy #VPN
added: Wed Mar 28 17:52:35 2018
tags: vpn, privacy

Texas teacher suspended after talking about sexual orientation with elementary students
added: Wed Mar 28 17:19:02 2018

This is a well-argued story on how building lots of housing isn't enough to bring down affordability for all.
added: Wed Mar 28 16:53:16 2018

Tesla stock falls 12% after NTSB announces fatal crash investigation by @binarybits
added: Wed Mar 28 14:16:01 2018

Judge Reinforces Government’s Sourcing ‘on Background’ #FOIA
added: Wed Mar 28 14:15:37 2018
tags: foia

Catalan fugitive politician hands herself in to police in Scotland
added: Wed Mar 28 13:48:44 2018

Donald Trump says Second Amendment 'will never be repealed'
added: Wed Mar 28 13:48:10 2018

What Happens To A One-Industry Town When The One Industry Is The Military? via…
added: Wed Mar 28 13:47:49 2018

A great summary of @SWIMSHKU work w. @TaraExpeditions during their visit to HK via…
added: Wed Mar 28 13:20:08 2018

It disturbs me greatly that you continue to make no effort to understand gun culture.
added: Wed Mar 28 12:34:26 2018

Wilbur Ross overruled Census bureau officials to add citizenship question
added: Wed Mar 28 12:33:00 2018

Theresa May refuses to step in to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland
added: Wed Mar 28 12:32:25 2018

Gooey nitrogen ice may make Pluto’s crater-free heart look young
added: Wed Mar 28 12:30:49 2018

Four days that reshaped D.C.
added: Wed Mar 28 12:25:06 2018

Creating Accessible HTML: A Crash Course in ARIA Landmark Regions — #a11y
added: Wed Mar 28 12:04:05 2018
tags: a11y

Facebook promised to end discriminatory adverts, this lawsuit says it hasn't
added: Wed Mar 28 12:03:06 2018

Dept. Of Education Fail: Teachers Lose Grants, Forced To Repay Thousands In Loans
added: Wed Mar 28 12:03:02 2018

Many politicians, parties used Cambridge Analytica's services in India, whistleblower tweets
added: Wed Mar 28 12:02:16 2018

India seeks waiver from US steel, aluminium tariffs
added: Wed Mar 28 12:02:09 2018

We have the details inside Trump's plan to rig American politics for the next decade
added: Wed Mar 28 12:01:10 2018

An unintended consequence of Bitcoin: Ransomware and the hobbling of Atlanta. #WhySoftwareMatters
added: Wed Mar 28 11:59:31 2018
tags: whysoftwarematters

Imageboard-Users donating thousends of € to protest against KrebsOnSecurity:
added: Wed Mar 28 11:50:03 2018

Effect of Urbanization and Seasonality in Bird Communities of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal a…
added: Wed Mar 28 11:42:45 2018

State on high alert after hackers target 2 agencies in 'phishing ... - Hawaii News Now via…
added: Wed Mar 28 11:41:03 2018

Former Conservative minister condemns ‘racist’ Tory election leaflet
added: Wed Mar 28 11:39:52 2018

Roth: “What is the reason for this great silence on Afrin?”
added: Wed Mar 28 10:55:50 2018

Congress activist to face EC inquiry for Karnataka poll date leak, but BJP leader won't
added: Wed Mar 28 10:38:00 2018

A star has been seen exploding faster than any other on record
added: Wed Mar 28 10:37:28 2018

In Kenya, Election Manipulation Is a Matter of Life and Death
added: Wed Mar 28 10:37:02 2018

More than 200 of the papers at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference have a summary in form of a haiku
added: Wed Mar 28 10:34:03 2018

Redlining was banned 50 years ago. It’s still hurting minorities today.
added: Wed Mar 28 10:06:00 2018

China bans Taiwanese film Missing Johnny over 'pro-independence' actor @catherinehslai…
added: Wed Mar 28 09:10:11 2018

Australian Indigenous languages come from just one common ancestor, researchers say
added: Wed Mar 28 09:07:10 2018

Royal blue diamond hits public market for the first time after 300 years via @CNNStyle
added: Wed Mar 28 08:31:27 2018

Russia holds day of national mourning after deadly mall fire
added: Wed Mar 28 08:29:01 2018

Asia’s great river is under growing threat from hydropower, writes Tom Fawthrop
added: Wed Mar 28 08:04:00 2018

Staunch Suu Kyi ally elected Myanmar president
added: Wed Mar 28 08:00:30 2018

The Trade Issue That Most Divides U.S. and China Isn’t Tariffs - great piece by @KeithBradsher
added: Wed Mar 28 07:49:45 2018

added: Wed Mar 28 07:35:44 2018

Legislators criticise MTR fare increase amid big profits reported by railway operator…
added: Wed Mar 28 07:20:12 2018

Howard Stern tells Donald Trump to 'get the f*** out of the White House'
added: Wed Mar 28 07:15:59 2018

Chile court strikes down ban on for-profit universities
added: Wed Mar 28 07:14:05 2018

U.N. chief 'shocked' by top Myanmar general's comments on Rohingya
added: Wed Mar 28 07:13:37 2018

On China trade clash, Wall Street embraces Trump's poker face
added: Wed Mar 28 06:36:36 2018

Zimbabwe Parks Authority submits documents to police linking former first lady Grace Mugabe to #wildlife poaching
added: Wed Mar 28 06:35:17 2018
tags: wildlife

The art of the unenforceable deal
added: Wed Mar 28 05:50:02 2018

The Xinhua English report on the Xi-Kim meeting weighs in at an impressive 2,646 words
added: Wed Mar 28 05:47:43 2018

Unprofitable coal plants now play ‘game of chicken’ to survive, says Bloomberg
added: Wed Mar 28 05:45:25 2018

Is Hong Kong about to ‘cede’ land to Beijing at the joint checkpoint?
added: Wed Mar 28 05:40:01 2018

BRI-backed Rail Link Set to Transform Sri Lanka's Transport Network | HKTDC #beltandroad
added: Wed Mar 28 05:06:24 2018
tags: beltandroad

With secretive China trip, North Korea's Kim builds bargaining power
added: Wed Mar 28 04:55:03 2018
added: Wed Mar 28 04:54:18 2018

Egypt’s Electoral Farce: Polls show Al-Sisi lacks legitimacy & gov’t is Unstable
added: Wed Mar 28 04:39:06 2018

Facebook Deletes Gaza-Based Safa News, which had 1.3 mn Followers
added: Wed Mar 28 04:39:03 2018

Massachusetts halts five ICOs for defying financial rules
added: Wed Mar 28 04:39:01 2018

Russia Upholds Ban on Video About ‘Nastya Rybka’ and Oligarch Affair
added: Wed Mar 28 04:37:36 2018

Chinese diaspora defends Australia influence crackdown
added: Wed Mar 28 04:25:58 2018

Great look at one of baseball's greatest DYNAMIC DUOS: Buck Leonard & Josh Gibson…
added: Wed Mar 28 01:30:59 2018

Chinese interference in Australia is real, racism not the issue, academics warn
added: Tue Mar 27 22:50:38 2018

Fancy Bear suspected in United Kingdom's Anti-Doping Agency cyberattack
added: Tue Mar 27 22:16:02 2018

New York-Delisted WuXi AppTec Gets Speedy Approval for Shanghai IPO
added: Tue Mar 27 22:10:00 2018

For every 1 of these we hear about there's 100 we don't.
added: Tue Mar 27 21:08:23 2018

OECD: Fossil fuel subsidies added up to at least $373bn in 2015 | @jloistf
added: Tue Mar 27 20:15:05 2018

My "Top 10 List" of limits on Chinese industrial policy that the US should seek in its negotiations with China:
added: Tue Mar 27 18:23:58 2018

I promise it was more than one cancer-causing chemical.
added: Tue Mar 27 14:14:31 2018

Polk Audio's $150 Signa S1 soundbar upgrades your living room on the cheap
added: Tue Mar 27 14:14:27 2018

Firefox Frontier - Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you’re being tracked
added: Tue Mar 27 13:21:47 2018

Anglo-Saxon settlement and Roman army camp found in A14 bypass dig
added: Tue Mar 27 12:51:39 2018

#LindaBrown Half-century of US civil rights gains have stalled or reversed, report finds
added: Tue Mar 27 12:42:04 2018
tags: lindabrown

Angola: Son of Angola's former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos charged with fraud
added: Tue Mar 27 12:30:06 2018

Canadian Firm Linked to Cambridge Analytica Exposed Source Code via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Mar 27 12:26:53 2018

U.S. Republicans press for F-35 fighter jet sales to Taiwan amid China threat
added: Tue Mar 27 12:26:06 2018

Qatar denies accusations of intercepting two of the United Arab Emirates' passenger flights
added: Tue Mar 27 11:45:08 2018

Police arrest members of billion-dollar banking cybercrime gang via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Mar 27 11:40:52 2018

Uh so New Zealand says it can't find any Russian spies to expel
added: Tue Mar 27 10:56:00 2018

Pence secretly drafted Trump’s latest transgender military ban
added: Tue Mar 27 10:45:11 2018

Silkworms now have a bacterial superpower thanks to CRISPR
added: Tue Mar 27 10:37:32 2018

More than 6,700 people leave Syria's Eastern Ghouta in the largest evacuation to date
added: Tue Mar 27 10:13:45 2018

Jakarta found to be a hotspot for the illegal tortoise trade:
added: Tue Mar 27 10:12:06 2018

‘Witness proved Guan Eng didn’t buy bungalow below market value’
added: Tue Mar 27 10:09:56 2018

Defending Taiwan against China’s united front | @lfdickey
added: Tue Mar 27 10:03:41 2018

Train believed carrying top North Korean delegation leaves Beijing
added: Tue Mar 27 09:36:44 2018

Chrome OS looks to replace Android on tablets. Good riddance
added: Tue Mar 27 09:36:16 2018

Declaring war was one thing. Finding somewhere to fight it was quite another.
added: Tue Mar 27 09:35:28 2018

Exclusive: Satellite images reveal show of force by Chinese navy in South China Sea
added: Tue Mar 27 09:34:11 2018

"Why the Torture Cases of Anarchists and Antifascists in Russia Matters." From @crimethinc
added: Tue Mar 27 09:31:11 2018

But the rail operator says a discount it will offer to Octopus card users will reduce most passengers' burden
added: Tue Mar 27 09:30:52 2018

Russia: Demand for resignations over Siberia shopping centre fire
added: Tue Mar 27 09:30:03 2018

Zuckerberg will not answer UK lawmakers' questions over data scandal
added: Tue Mar 27 09:29:40 2018

Facebook says you allowed it to snoop on your call logs
added: Tue Mar 27 09:26:50 2018

Ancient Egyptian priestess mummy discovered in 'empty' coffin
added: Tue Mar 27 09:26:16 2018

Taiwan chipmakers rise despite China threat to favour US suppliers
added: Tue Mar 27 07:11:35 2018

Wow, who'd of thunk it
added: Tue Mar 27 07:11:15 2018

67 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump
added: Tue Mar 27 06:29:38 2018

Exclusive: UK anti-doping agency hit by cyber attack
added: Tue Mar 27 06:21:18 2018

U.S. Asks China to 'Immediately Halt' Ban on Foreign Waste
added: Tue Mar 27 06:19:28 2018

Nothing matters: how the invention of zero helped create modern mathematics
added: Tue Mar 27 06:00:30 2018

Disgraced President Kuczynski Signs 5 Oil Deals Before Quitting.
added: Tue Mar 27 06:00:01 2018

#Doklam row: #China says it is committed to settling disputes through negotiation
added: Tue Mar 27 05:58:03 2018
tags: doklam, china

added: Tue Mar 27 05:53:12 2018
tags: gpjs, glie, glimps

China’s central bank sends yuan surging via @WSJ @saumvaish
added: Tue Mar 27 05:44:06 2018

While apologising to journalists, the @DelhiPolice seemed to justify roughing up and even molesting protesters.
added: Tue Mar 27 05:30:00 2018

Stocks cheered by chance of trade detente, dollar downcast
added: Tue Mar 27 05:20:47 2018

Well, at least they admitted they conduct the tests, officially.
added: Tue Mar 27 05:12:44 2018

Emily Lau for Sen. Leila de Lima: via @YouTube
added: Tue Mar 27 05:12:43 2018

Foxconn snaps up Belkin—including Linksys, Wemo brands—for $866 million by @cfarivar
added: Tue Mar 27 04:51:01 2018

South Korea says watching China closely as senior North Korean visits
added: Tue Mar 27 04:47:14 2018

Former radio jockey hacked to death at his studio in Kerala
added: Tue Mar 27 04:47:12 2018

Facebook tracking is present in 41% of the most popular Android apps
added: Tue Mar 27 04:45:18 2018

William Strampel, the longtime boss of Larry Nassar at Michigan State, has been arrested
added: Tue Mar 27 04:45:07 2018

annnnnd another one:
added: Tue Mar 27 04:05:55 2018

Spies Posing as Diplomats Have a Long History
added: Tue Mar 27 03:53:17 2018

After three years of relentless effort, India’s democracy has finally succeeded in breaking Arvind Kejriwal’s back.
added: Tue Mar 27 03:50:00 2018

The solicitor General has asked to defend Texas’s maps, which a lower court has ruled to be discriminatory
added: Tue Mar 27 03:49:13 2018

Passenger’s Harness May Have Tripped Switch in Deadly Helicopter Crash
added: Tue Mar 27 03:48:37 2018

I published a new article, entitled "UEFI Fun" ( detailing the path taken to all of my rece…
added: Tue Mar 27 03:22:04 2018

This is a horrendous situation that makes a mockery of the Party’s claim that it is pursuing the “rule of law”.
added: Tue Mar 27 03:11:29 2018

Malaysian Election: protests called as @NajibRazak carves up constituency boundaries. @bersih2
added: Tue Mar 27 02:31:13 2018

Chinese blockbuster pulled from Vietnamese theaters 'Operation Red Sea' stirrs controversy…
added: Tue Mar 27 00:28:01 2018

ANNOUNCED: USA Rugby restructures the American Rugby Model 🇺🇸 FIND OUT HOW »
added: Mon Mar 26 18:03:12 2018

Tariffs on paper will hurt newspapers, media and their readers
added: Mon Mar 26 15:23:46 2018

IETF approves new TLS 1.3 transport layer security standard via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Mar 26 14:26:50 2018

One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.
added: Mon Mar 26 14:07:19 2018

SFC fines UBS HK$4.5m in relation to facilitation trading activities: Source: SFC | Source date: 21-Mar-2018 16:37
added: Mon Mar 26 14:06:04 2018

Ex-Thomson Reuters manager guilty of HK$19m works orders fraud: Source: ICAC | Source date: 26-Mar-2018 21:27
added: Mon Mar 26 14:06:03 2018

Ex-bar bender gets 13 months for HK$360k wages fraud and perversion: Source: ICAC | Source date: 21-Mar-2018 19:39
added: Mon Mar 26 14:06:02 2018

How come Mauritius is the biggest foreign investor in India? via @taxjusticenet
added: Mon Mar 26 13:46:19 2018

Meet Delhi’s contract killers: A mother of seven, a science graduate and a property dealer via @htTweets
added: Mon Mar 26 13:35:46 2018

Sebi plans new framework to check non-compliance of listing rules
added: Mon Mar 26 11:31:14 2018

Greens turn on Lam for stirring the pot – Sophie Hui The Standard
added: Mon Mar 26 11:05:37 2018

Huawei wins IP injunction against Samsung in China
added: Mon Mar 26 11:02:45 2018

#China Rearranges Its Bureaucracy to Aid Regional Hegemony
added: Mon Mar 26 10:38:28 2018
tags: china

Interesting: A turnabout in the GOP on education, with Republicans now bragging about their investments in education
added: Mon Mar 26 10:37:19 2018

US denies leaving air bases in Turkey and Qatar
added: Mon Mar 26 10:34:06 2018

BREAKING: Court rejects Ahok's blasphemy appeal #jakpost
added: Mon Mar 26 10:30:17 2018
tags: jakpost

You probably don’t use these photography apps for Android and iOS
added: Mon Mar 26 10:29:04 2018

"This movie is in deviation from the policy environment in China." (via @thereel_in)
added: Mon Mar 26 10:28:01 2018

Another woman says she was paid to be quiet about her affair with Trump before the election
added: Mon Mar 26 10:27:00 2018

The alien seas on Saturn's largest moon could host weird life. Now it's time to find out...
added: Mon Mar 26 10:26:45 2018

張建宗到訪荃灣區議會遇請願 團體要求暫緩 #國歌法 立法
added: Mon Mar 26 10:22:07 2018
tags: 國歌法

More than 4 in 10 IoT attacks come from China
added: Mon Mar 26 09:53:15 2018

Proxy wars: 'rock' bombs in Yemen point to Iranian aid, in CAR's latest Frontline Perspective via @smh
added: Mon Mar 26 09:47:04 2018

Facebook confirms Cambridge Analytica stole its data; it’s a plot, claims former director v…
added: Mon Mar 26 09:41:58 2018

Beijing festival pulls award-winning gay film amid content squeeze
added: Mon Mar 26 09:40:16 2018

China launches oil futures to stake claim on its own benchmark
added: Mon Mar 26 09:14:03 2018

This awful. Via @Sabine75006
added: Mon Mar 26 09:12:23 2018

#Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from #Android phones
added: Mon Mar 26 09:12:03 2018
tags: facebook, android

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-based Delivery System by @wearsy
added: Mon Mar 26 09:12:02 2018

China willing to hold talks with U.S. to resolve trade differences
added: Mon Mar 26 09:04:27 2018

Mekong River Bird Species Being Threatened By China’s Dam Discharges:
added: Mon Mar 26 09:04:05 2018

We need to go deeper: Meltdown and Spectre flaws will force security further down the stack
added: Mon Mar 26 09:02:25 2018

Investigating the strange intelligence-related goings-on at Link Campus University in Italy.
added: Mon Mar 26 08:43:48 2018

Alexey Lesovsky: PostgreSQL Bloatbusters.
added: Mon Mar 26 08:31:04 2018

Remarkable secrets of the Romans’ time in Scotland unveiled
added: Mon Mar 26 08:30:13 2018

Shanghai residents won't have to make this tough choice.
added: Mon Mar 26 08:30:07 2018

Trump officials encouraged George Papadopoulos to build 'partnership with Russia'
added: Mon Mar 26 08:29:36 2018

Tory MP Aidan Burley who threw Nazi-themed stag party not racist or anti-semitic, inquiry finds #EnoughIsEnough
added: Mon Mar 26 07:27:12 2018
tags: enoughisenough

China steps up push to avert looming US trade war
added: Mon Mar 26 07:18:23 2018

Bihar: Two journalists killed in Bhojpur district
added: Mon Mar 26 07:18:01 2018

JSW Steel to set up facility in Texas with $500 million investment
added: Mon Mar 26 07:16:20 2018

From my live stream of the arrest of the smash and grab robber in Hong Kong.
added: Mon Mar 26 07:16:03 2018

From my live stream of the arrest of the smash and grab robber in Hong Kong.
added: Mon Mar 26 07:16:03 2018

Party school prof explains why 法制 was changed to 法治 in China's constitution 从“法制”到“法治”,体现了一…
added: Mon Mar 26 07:12:03 2018

Labour to seek removal of Theresa May's power to crash UK out of EU if MPs reject Brexit deal
added: Mon Mar 26 06:50:41 2018

Leave-voting areas have seen biggest falls in pay.
added: Mon Mar 26 06:49:14 2018

imagineer (0.3.2): Image processing in Elixir
added: Mon Mar 26 06:25:47 2018

Man convicted of shooting dead two Muslim men outside mosque, but killings not classed as hate crime
added: Mon Mar 26 06:22:00 2018

Facebook logs texts and calls, users find as they delete accounts
added: Mon Mar 26 06:08:45 2018

Vanilla is currently more expensive than silver.
added: Mon Mar 26 06:08:07 2018

How to spot fake news.
added: Mon Mar 26 05:08:01 2018

Beijing officials have given Baidu license plates for its self-driving cars.
added: Mon Mar 26 05:07:02 2018

Fake photo of Parkland shooting survivor tearing up US constitution is spread online
added: Mon Mar 26 05:05:00 2018

Meet Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Iceland’s Left-Wing, Environmentalist, Feminist Prime Minister
added: Mon Mar 26 04:33:28 2018

Ronny Tong warns that calls for cash handouts may repeat every time there is a surplus
added: Mon Mar 26 04:33:11 2018

Bird enthusiasts move to save migratory birds blown off course by #CycloneMarcus #darwin
added: Mon Mar 26 04:16:14 2018
tags: darwin, cyclonemarcus

New species of cherry tree in Japan named “Kumano-zakura” discovered 🌸
added: Mon Mar 26 04:15:05 2018

Why I took legal action against Cambridge Analytica
added: Mon Mar 26 04:00:12 2018

Sanctions against the firms may dent Pakistan's attempts of projecting itself as a responsible nuclear country.
added: Mon Mar 26 04:00:01 2018

Using the name Bob Jovi Msft’s investigator rooted out bootlegs. The suit cost > award w @Julien_Girault @LThometAFP
added: Mon Mar 26 03:51:30 2018

US sanctions seven Pakistani firms for ‘nuclear trade’
added: Mon Mar 26 03:12:56 2018

@DalrympleWill fortunate to be able to visit the unbelievably beautiful mountain valleys of northern Pakistan.
added: Mon Mar 26 00:37:53 2018

An open letter from concerned scholars of China and the Chinese diaspora
added: Mon Mar 26 00:27:31 2018

Missing Lincs? Some lost islands along the Lincolnshire coast:
added: Sun Mar 25 20:05:42 2018

Supermarket self-service till cheats to be targeted by new secret weapon
added: Sun Mar 25 09:48:04 2018

*Buries head in hands*
added: Sun Mar 25 09:00:25 2018

400 yuan (US$63) a day is about five times the national average working wage in China.
added: Sun Mar 25 09:00:15 2018

Following reported bans, Southeast Asian trade with North Korea continued last year
added: Sun Mar 25 09:00:09 2018

China outbound investment set to grow despite roadblocks
added: Sun Mar 25 08:28:50 2018

「老大哥在監視你」👁👁 #大學要查是必須的 【習權風暴】大學、銀行要求員工自查 網上轉發信息要上報
added: Sun Mar 25 07:25:03 2018
tags: 大學要查是必須的

Can Wee sell us TRX land 4,200pct below market price, like 1MDB?
added: Sun Mar 25 07:23:47 2018

Denmark is building a 40-mile border fence to keep out German wild boars
added: Sun Mar 25 07:22:00 2018

Nunavut premier wants mandatory Inuktut fluency for government employees within 4 years -
added: Sun Mar 25 07:19:06 2018

Inuit girls and women in Nunavik preyed upon by some workers from the south, police say -
added: Sun Mar 25 07:18:35 2018

return-to-csu : A New Method to Bypass 64-bit Linux ASLR : (Slides)
added: Sun Mar 25 06:21:35 2018

咁又係,相比其他大白象,嗰幾個%真係唔算啲乜~ #派錢4千 【派110億料明年初申請 陳茂波指行政費只佔幾個%】 【剔選項就得?張建宗:當年派6千都要交表】…
added: Sun Mar 25 05:05:46 2018
tags: 派錢4千

The hidden suffering behind cloned dogs:
added: Sat Mar 24 18:00:23 2018

State Department seemingly buys $15,000 iPhone cracking tech GrayKey:
added: Sat Mar 24 17:10:51 2018

The world's most trafficked mammal: Hong Kong shops defy ban on trade in pangolin scales…
added: Sat Mar 24 12:34:03 2018

聶德權承認目前難以定義和列出何謂「侮辱」和「貶損」。 #點信你 #國歌法 【聶德權指非洪水猛獸 只針對存心挑戰國歌者】 昨日報道: 【《球迷奇遇記》仲播得? 聶德權:睇唔到有貶損…
added: Sat Mar 24 03:51:44 2018
tags: 國歌法, 點信你

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sacks Owen Smith from shadow cabinet after he called for second EU referendum
added: Fri Mar 23 18:30:02 2018

Russia says it 'doesn't understand' why the EU decided to withdraw ambassador
added: Fri Mar 23 09:10:01 2018

The Communist Party: Still stifling laughter after all these years.
added: Fri Mar 23 09:09:21 2018

China Acknowledges Sale Of Advanced Missile Technology To Pakistan:
added: Thu Mar 22 14:24:28 2018

5 Budget-Friendly Cine Lenses
added: Thu Mar 22 14:24:08 2018

Seems like the Turkish state considers real democracy more threatening than the forces of ISIS.
added: Thu Mar 22 13:53:48 2018

'Palooka' is a classic boxing term for an inexperienced or incompetent fighter.
added: Thu Mar 22 13:53:33 2018

Good ol’ Margin Collapsing
added: Thu Mar 22 13:50:54 2018

Futures sharply lower as trade war fears, tech woes persist
added: Thu Mar 22 13:50:05 2018

@mojobojo @eastdakota Yes, it is
added: Thu Mar 22 13:23:26 2018

Research: Cryptocurrency exchanges have pretty weak password security
added: Thu Mar 22 12:01:06 2018

Samsung's new Exynos chip boosts photo-taking in mid-tier phones
added: Thu Mar 22 12:00:44 2018

It's one or the other, and Shanghai residents are now being forced to choose.
added: Thu Mar 22 12:00:10 2018

China aims to challenge Brent, WTI oil with crude futures launch
added: Thu Mar 22 10:10:15 2018

Trump praising Putin is no surprise, but Juncker should know better | Jonathan Freedland
added: Thu Mar 22 10:08:37 2018

China blames U.S. for staggering trade surplus as tariffs loom
added: Thu Mar 22 10:06:57 2018

Stephon Clark Shooting Video Released By Police
added: Thu Mar 22 09:50:54 2018

旺角騷亂案開槍警員指當時情況危急 等不及上級請示 #本地 Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:56:34 +0800
added: Thu Mar 22 09:00:25 2018
tags: 本地

Charlottesville prosecutor loses cases against hate rally organizer for the dumbest reason
added: Thu Mar 22 06:15:08 2018

Cambridge academics fought man at centre of Facebook furore via @financialtimes
added: Thu Mar 22 06:14:57 2018

Chinese paper says China should prepare for military action over Taiwan
added: Thu Mar 22 05:50:05 2018

U.S. retailer Best Buy cuts ties with China's Huawei: source
added: Thu Mar 22 05:49:51 2018

Australia joins UN condemnation of Cambodia at Human Rights Council, but at home, refugee deal remains
added: Thu Mar 22 05:40:56 2018

FBI raids home of white supremacist who claims he trained Parkland shooter
added: Wed Mar 21 21:28:05 2018

added: Wed Mar 21 19:34:30 2018

Lawmakers in 30 states have introduced 56 bills to restrict public protest since Trump’s election.
added: Wed Mar 21 14:13:35 2018

UK PM May's party was approached by Cambridge Analytica, but no work undertaken: spokesman
added: Wed Mar 21 14:09:24 2018

First, Brazilian activist is shot -- then the lies start
added: Wed Mar 21 13:54:35 2018

Leaked docs show UK long worried about Russian nerve agent
added: Wed Mar 21 13:52:45 2018

My Wednesday column: Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes:
added: Wed Mar 21 13:50:57 2018

The Sharpeville massacre became a reference point for the world’s assessment of the apartheid system.
added: Wed Mar 21 13:49:12 2018

Forget the big bang – an eternal roiling chaos could have spawned the universe
added: Wed Mar 21 13:48:32 2018

Cryptocurrency Miners Set Sights on Docker via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Mar 21 13:28:30 2018

On #IntlForestDay, find out how mangroves are doing in #Senegal. Green represents forest re…
added: Wed Mar 21 13:28:22 2018
tags: intlforestday, senegal

Google blurred house of Austin bombing suspect hours ago
added: Wed Mar 21 13:21:53 2018

America: Where your healthcare literally boils down to a computer generated number
added: Wed Mar 21 13:19:01 2018

Here we examine why so few of Sappho's works survive, for #WorldPoetryDay
added: Wed Mar 21 12:15:09 2018
tags: worldpoetryday

Opposition MPs in Kosovo release tear gas into Parliament to prevent a vote
added: Wed Mar 21 12:04:52 2018

#MediaTek denies reports of takeover talks with #Broadcom
added: Wed Mar 21 12:00:05 2018
tags: broadcom, mediatek

China Lures Foreigners to Crude-Oil Futures Trading
added: Wed Mar 21 11:51:51 2018

Motherboard makers banking on new Intel, AMD processsors #DIGITIMES
added: Wed Mar 21 11:17:43 2018
tags: digitimes

In the Heart of Chicago, the Democratic Machine Is Defeated by An Insurgent Candidate Battling Municipal Inequality
added: Wed Mar 21 10:28:01 2018

Cogent comments from Kevin Rudd. What the West Doesn’t Get About Xi Jinping, via @nytimes
added: Wed Mar 21 10:25:42 2018

Singapore passes media blackout law, raising concerns about crackdown on press
added: Wed Mar 21 10:24:19 2018

Ravi Shankar Prasad warns Facebook of action if it sways Indian electoral process
added: Wed Mar 21 09:42:24 2018

Global fund managers eye trillion dollar pension business in China
added: Wed Mar 21 09:40:30 2018

Singapore mobilised riot police for a drug abuse suspect #TuesdayThoughts #society…
added: Wed Mar 21 09:07:43 2018
tags: society, tuesdaythoughts

After selling his company to Facebook for $19 billion, Brian Acton joins #deleteFacebook
added: Wed Mar 21 09:07:02 2018
tags: deletefacebook

Asia a key battleground in fight against killer air pollution: U.N. Staggering--> "about 5…
added: Wed Mar 21 09:05:35 2018

Researcher demonstrates how vulnerable Ledger Nano S wallets are to hacking
added: Wed Mar 21 08:41:58 2018

Suicide bomber kills at least 26 in Kabul: official
added: Wed Mar 21 08:41:17 2018
added: Wed Mar 21 08:39:04 2018

Schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist militants freed in Nigeria
added: Wed Mar 21 08:32:15 2018

#FBI not only spied on the Black activists but has actively surveilled the anti-racism activists since 2014.
added: Wed Mar 21 08:30:00 2018
tags: fbi

Koreans Increasingly Resent the Elderly
added: Wed Mar 21 08:25:07 2018

HKT found to have skirted land-use restrictions using temporary waivers for 32 years
added: Wed Mar 21 07:54:03 2018

SCMP discusses role of United Front Work Department
added: Wed Mar 21 07:49:27 2018

Blind people could have sight restored after stem cell trial success
added: Wed Mar 21 07:45:00 2018

"It is shocking that Europe has reached the point of criminalising rescue at sea."
added: Wed Mar 21 07:36:49 2018

‘Doklam under complete surveillance, Chinese activity hasn’t crossed Red Lines’ | 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
added: Wed Mar 21 07:33:35 2018

US slaps anti-dumping duty on Chinese, Indian steel flanges
added: Wed Mar 21 07:11:19 2018

Fitch affirms China’s A+ rating, says commitment to debt stabilisation key
added: Wed Mar 21 07:11:18 2018

Privatisation of public sector banks in taxpayers interest: Nandan Nilekani
added: Wed Mar 21 07:11:09 2018

Indian farmers call for free markets
added: Wed Mar 21 07:10:13 2018

Banks tap vibrant IPO market to unlock value of subsidiaries
added: Wed Mar 21 07:06:12 2018

The African continent is splitting in two and it's happening faster than we thought
added: Wed Mar 21 07:05:00 2018

Company boss took his own life after he was sacked for lying on his CV
added: Wed Mar 21 07:01:42 2018

Betsy DeVos publicly failed to answer questions about her job again
added: Wed Mar 21 07:01:00 2018

Model 'arrested after jumping from hotel room to escape man trying to rape her'
added: Wed Mar 21 07:01:00 2018

Hey #deletefacebook, here's how to stop being tracked as an ex-user
added: Wed Mar 21 07:00:51 2018
tags: deletefacebook

WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook
added: Wed Mar 21 07:00:17 2018

How to avoid getting sick on a plane, according to science
added: Wed Mar 21 07:00:13 2018

#UPDATED Gov't: All unverified information related to 1MDB are fake news
added: Wed Mar 21 06:48:28 2018
tags: updated

Photo bought on Ebay for £7 turns out to be worth millions
added: Wed Mar 21 06:35:00 2018

Democratic Rep. Lipinski wins Illinois congressional primary: AP
added: Wed Mar 21 06:34:56 2018

Myanmar's president resigns 'to take rest from duties'
added: Wed Mar 21 06:32:58 2018

Actor Cynthia Nixon, NY Governor Hopeful, attacked over Israel Boycott
added: Wed Mar 21 06:30:35 2018

US slaps anti-dumping duty on Chinese, Indian steel flanges
added: Wed Mar 21 06:25:48 2018

China's Geely 2017 net profit soars amid global push
added: Wed Mar 21 06:24:22 2018

Taiwan shadows China carrier group after Xi warning
added: Wed Mar 21 06:20:49 2018

added: Wed Mar 21 06:18:51 2018

Another Chinese tycoon vanishes as business empire begins to crumble via @SCMP_news
added: Wed Mar 21 06:17:50 2018

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner promised a criminal justice revolution. He’s exceeding expectations. by @ShaunKing
added: Wed Mar 21 05:50:07 2018

Cooking the Books podcast: Should you help your kids buy a house?
added: Wed Mar 21 05:20:04 2018

Hong Kong's top court clears the way for 13 land protesters to appeal
added: Wed Mar 21 05:20:03 2018

China Sends Carrier Through Taiwan Strait After Xi Warning: Report
added: Wed Mar 21 05:20:00 2018

Having a hard time believing this is real Incredible. Honestly never thought we’d see the day
added: Wed Mar 21 02:27:54 2018

Philadelphia spends $360 million a year to keep 6,000 people in prison. New DA says enough.
added: Tue Mar 20 23:33:39 2018

And surprise, the bottom 50% of the world's population saw no increase in wealth.
added: Tue Mar 20 14:39:15 2018

𝐑𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 Black holes belch energy proportional to the stars it just ate
added: Tue Mar 20 14:38:21 2018

Netanyahu ally Yuval Steinitz to @Jerusalem_Post: Iran deal should be extended, not nixed @Gil_Hoffman
added: Tue Mar 20 14:29:32 2018

added: Tue Mar 20 13:22:59 2018

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises and Your Vagus Nerve (2017): Comments:
added: Tue Mar 20 11:30:02 2018

Good read: Exclusive: Trump to boost exports of lethal drones to more U.S. allies via @pocket
added: Tue Mar 20 10:40:36 2018

The pint-sized pygmy sloth found only on one island in the world
added: Tue Mar 20 10:38:59 2018

Taiwan's export orders post first decline in 19 months on Lunar New Year effects
added: Tue Mar 20 10:37:21 2018

▶️ Turkey vows to expand operation against Kurds: "It's a frightening scenario"
added: Tue Mar 20 10:34:44 2018

Who owns the Vikings? Pagans, neo-Nazis and advertisers tussle over symbols
added: Tue Mar 20 10:09:06 2018

The universe may end in a collision with a bubble of nothingness
added: Tue Mar 20 10:03:37 2018

ICYMI: How #ParadisePapers data helped reveal the offshore connections of a Illinois Governor Candidate.
added: Tue Mar 20 10:00:25 2018
tags: paradisepapers

#Macau police arrest a 13-year-old girl and two other teens from #HongKong on suspicion of drug trafficking
added: Tue Mar 20 09:22:25 2018
tags: macau, hongkong

BREAKING: Parcel explodes at FedEx building as police in Texas probe serial bombings
added: Tue Mar 20 09:21:36 2018

This man is appalled at American Airlines' price-gouging (he helped design the systems behind it)
added: Tue Mar 20 09:21:04 2018

Pakistan's rupee is tumbling today. Here's some context from December:
added: Tue Mar 20 09:09:05 2018

Black Harvard graduates have the same shot at a job call-back as white state college grads via @qz
added: Tue Mar 20 09:03:53 2018

Using less water, it turns out, just makes good business sense.
added: Tue Mar 20 09:00:23 2018

US spy lab hopes to geotag every outdoor photo on social media
added: Tue Mar 20 08:57:24 2018

Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China ( "We will consider buying some assets #HNA is selling i…
added: Tue Mar 20 08:56:51 2018
tags: hna

Rumours of demise exaggerated says Phnom Penh Post chief executive
added: Tue Mar 20 08:55:59 2018

Armenian President Drops Hint He Intends to Extend Rule
added: Tue Mar 20 08:46:10 2018

Israeli soldier who killed wounded Palestinian to get early prison release within weeks
added: Tue Mar 20 08:22:00 2018

😱😠😡Shanxi College Wants To Track Students’ Menstrual Cycles To Stop Truancy From Morning Exercises at 6 am
added: Tue Mar 20 08:21:43 2018

Federal appeals court strikes down Obama rule protecting retirees’ savings
added: Tue Mar 20 08:15:07 2018

.@amnesty's statement with @bequelin's comments: #China: New Supervision Law a systemic threat to human rights
added: Tue Mar 20 07:51:49 2018
tags: china

Cambridge Analytica in Australia deregisters business name
added: Tue Mar 20 07:43:11 2018

We are helping, not infiltrating other countries, says Chinese premier. via @smh
added: Tue Mar 20 07:16:59 2018

Pharma firms under scanner for selling drugs without safety trials
added: Tue Mar 20 07:11:24 2018

How liberal democracies are born
added: Tue Mar 20 07:10:22 2018

World's last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya
added: Tue Mar 20 07:10:14 2018

“The tactic was tasteless and racist, plain and simple.”
added: Tue Mar 20 07:07:02 2018

Sebi may tell exchanges to raise fees for trading in illiquid stocks
added: Tue Mar 20 07:06:10 2018

‘Two Meetings’ not fun any more via @hkbiglychee
added: Tue Mar 20 07:04:48 2018

Xi Speech Escalates #Taiwan Tensions with Warning on Attempts to 'Split' #China
added: Tue Mar 20 07:04:29 2018
tags: china, taiwan

Faraday Future Affiliate Eyes China for Assembly Plant
added: Tue Mar 20 07:03:37 2018

HNA unit takes stake in Ghana’s Africa World Airlines (via @ReutersAero)
added: Tue Mar 20 03:44:35 2018

Two post 1949 Chinese leaders are featured in this People's Daily video: Xi and Mao:
added: Tue Mar 20 03:43:38 2018

Muslim Engineer Sues After Kansas Flap Over Malaysian Flag
added: Tue Mar 20 03:43:02 2018

Trump is right to sign the Taiwan Travel Act, and it leaves the 'One China' principle intact
added: Tue Mar 20 03:30:05 2018

Government Spying on Immigrants in America is Now Fair Game. What Next?
added: Tue Mar 20 03:28:02 2018

added: Tue Mar 20 03:26:37 2018

The #CCP is Our Adversary, Not the Chinese People ⎜By J. Michael Cole #China #UFW #propaganda
added: Tue Mar 20 03:23:52 2018
tags: ccp, china, propaganda, ufw

Cambodia Joins China for Military Drills as US Relations Cool
added: Tue Mar 20 03:23:49 2018

Xi warns Taiwan will face 'punishment of history' for separatism
added: Tue Mar 20 03:20:08 2018

Fake Hepatitis B Vaccines Found at Ugandan Health Facilities
added: Tue Mar 20 03:00:10 2018

___人所到之處寸草不生 【向日葵浩劫】強國客賞花「又睇又拎」 似蝗蟲過境! ←短片
added: Tue Mar 20 02:00:03 2018

No exceptions for rape or incest. Mississippi making the Taliban look fairly liberal here
added: Tue Mar 20 01:59:41 2018

#TimesUp prompts investigation into @ManhattanDA declining to prosecute Weinstein.
added: Tue Mar 20 01:58:07 2018
tags: timesup

Cambridge Analytica caught on video bragging about lying, dirty tricks | @Liberationtech…
added: Tue Mar 20 01:57:40 2018

Emails allegedly show the White House planned a purge of the State Department
added: Tue Mar 20 01:52:18 2018

【新公屋無得打? 1 】曾參選啟晴邨 民協李庭豐:「搵財團資助濾水器,你點頂?」 | 獨媒報導 | 香港獨立媒體網
added: Tue Mar 20 01:39:36 2018

Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money
added: Tue Mar 20 00:49:15 2018

Thoughtful piece from @BWJ777 on crumbling pillars of the liberal international order.
added: Tue Mar 20 00:29:48 2018

They are criminals. And they will end where they belong. cc @jimrice_
added: Tue Mar 20 00:20:00 2018

Whats the value of a rare bird? Ever twitched a rarity? Then please take part in this new study and share it around
added: Mon Mar 19 21:08:29 2018

.@ToysRUs sent this letter to employees of liquidating stores
added: Mon Mar 19 19:21:58 2018

The Washington Post Wants to Cut Social Security and Medicare but Doesn't Have the Courage to Say It
added: Mon Mar 19 14:28:00 2018

Mexicali's 'Water Defenders' Take the Fight to Big Alcohol #BoycottConstellationBrands #MniWiconi
added: Mon Mar 19 14:12:24 2018
tags: mniwiconi, boycottconstellationbrands

Facebook: The Cambridge Analytica thing wasn’t a “data breach,” it’s just totally how our platform works
added: Mon Mar 19 14:02:44 2018

Bill Clinton gutted welfare and criminalized the poor, all while funneling more money into the carceral state.
added: Mon Mar 19 12:49:17 2018

"Mama Mochila has made it possible for Arhuaco women to be fairly compensated for their skill and the time...
added: Mon Mar 19 12:23:08 2018

【《台灣旅行法》剛生效】 【高雄市長陳菊訪美 傳將會見相關官員】 高雄市長陳菊到了美國訪問,是美國的《台灣旅行法》生效後,第一位訪問美國的市長。 據稱陳菊還會與華府官員會面,但不會有正式安排,以測試北京的反應。...
added: Mon Mar 19 12:00:32 2018

'I don’t know who attacked Sergei Skripal, but my work with Litvinenko makes me think that we’re also to blame'
added: Mon Mar 19 12:00:00 2018

Yang Faming: Persevere in the Sinicization of Islam h/t @CCPWatch Weekly Report:…
added: Mon Mar 19 11:58:26 2018

Israeli Security Attacks AMD by Publishing Zero-Day Exploits
added: Mon Mar 19 11:57:41 2018

NEW: Dems back off demands for Dreamer protections
added: Mon Mar 19 11:41:06 2018

Powell's Fed to show policy caution, shun political friction
added: Mon Mar 19 11:10:14 2018

#PanamaPapers Peru president says he used offshore firm to legally avoid U.S. taxes
added: Mon Mar 19 11:09:51 2018
tags: panamapapers

Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes From Republicans via @NYTimes
added: Mon Mar 19 11:07:18 2018

Centre to fight #illegalfishing to be set up via @Biz_Legal #Mozambique
added: Mon Mar 19 10:40:25 2018
tags: illegalfishing, mozambique

"Everyone is accepted; you walk in the door and you're safe, you're warm."
added: Mon Mar 19 08:45:06 2018

After 20-odd years of “marriage” in China, Ford is having relationship issues $F
added: Mon Mar 19 08:37:02 2018

Regulator shopping in vogue as China's shadow banks evade Beijing's grip @EngenTham and Shu Zhang
added: Mon Mar 19 08:07:57 2018

Fourth Austin bombing possibly triggered by trip wire, police chief says
added: Mon Mar 19 07:57:35 2018

Pro-Turkish forces pillage Afrin after taking Syrian city
added: Mon Mar 19 07:44:09 2018

Ever more so clear now, nothing that comes from the mouth of the CCP in Beijing is the truth
added: Mon Mar 19 07:42:09 2018

China picks rising star to run new natural resources ministry
added: Mon Mar 19 07:40:14 2018

'Islam does not belong to Germany,' says country's new interior minister
added: Mon Mar 19 07:37:00 2018

ICYMI: Lunch with the @FT
added: Mon Mar 19 06:42:47 2018

I am sure that it was just luck of the Irish, huh, @SpeakerRyan?
added: Mon Mar 19 05:35:38 2018

The Chinese central bank's departing governor, Zhou Xioachuan, leaves a legacy of reform - and debt via @markets
added: Mon Mar 19 05:10:48 2018

Tillerson’s departure will embolden Saudi adventurism
added: Mon Mar 19 05:10:00 2018

“We’re going to go after them, and we’re going to be in there like an Alabama tick,” @Schwarzenegger promised.
added: Mon Mar 19 05:07:00 2018

American indigenous communities are some of the hardest hit by the opioid crisis
added: Mon Mar 19 05:01:00 2018

China's new home price growth slows as big cities decline
added: Mon Mar 19 05:00:24 2018

Civic Party leader Alvin Yeung questions how a legislation can have two set of rules
added: Mon Mar 19 04:34:06 2018

How investigative journalists helped turn the tide against corruption in South Africa
added: Mon Mar 19 04:30:00 2018

K-State forward Dean Wade '98 percent sure' he will play against Kentucky in Sweet 16
added: Mon Mar 19 04:28:56 2018

China’s “silver fox” foreign minister promoted
added: Mon Mar 19 04:25:27 2018

India issues thirteenth note verbale to Pakistan over harassment of diplomats
added: Mon Mar 19 04:24:49 2018

A Uyghur reporter keeps going even as the Chinese govt arrests 20 members of her family in a worsening crackdown
added: Mon Mar 19 04:15:02 2018
added: Mon Mar 19 02:58:30 2018

China pharma boosts generics exports to US
added: Mon Mar 19 01:45:10 2018

Crucial storyline in Asia: U.S. allies stepping up in absence of American leadership.
added: Mon Mar 19 00:30:24 2018

Moving a large and old codebase to Python3 –
added: Sat Mar 17 14:07:02 2018

China's Economy, Unfair Trade, And The Role Of Government #China
added: Sat Mar 17 13:15:43 2018
tags: china

For more on what Cambridge Analytica did to get banned from Facebook, check out @d1gi’s post from Nov 2016 (!)
added: Sat Mar 17 11:52:59 2018

Could rising tides put the "Venice of Hong Kong' underwater?
added: Sat Mar 17 11:00:05 2018

"It is expected that an additional 100,000 hectares of native forest will be re-zoned for clear felling."
added: Sat Mar 17 10:56:28 2018

A very riveting book review by the great @keithrichburg
added: Sat Mar 17 10:55:54 2018

Evangelical conservative leads Costa Rica election race: poll
added: Sat Mar 17 09:10:21 2018

【小三TSA今年復考】 【林鄭月娥:申請全級應考屬學校自主決定 不存在教育局干預】...
added: Sat Mar 17 08:54:02 2018

Turkish military denies it hit Syrian hospital
added: Sat Mar 17 08:50:09 2018

The fraud continues of course (see ) but that really isn't the concern.
added: Fri Mar 16 16:38:32 2018

China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains
added: Fri Mar 16 15:37:41 2018

Theming With Variables: Globals and Locals
added: Fri Mar 16 14:05:03 2018

Affordable 4K Video Cameras For Any Filmmaking Need:
added: Fri Mar 16 03:18:08 2018

China sets up new foreign aid agency to better project influence abroad
added: Fri Mar 16 03:17:02 2018

The Interior Secretary just can't help making an ass of himself. @MrScarce
added: Fri Mar 16 02:53:07 2018

High turnover rate is a key indicator of a bad management system
added: Fri Mar 16 01:43:23 2018
added: Fri Mar 16 00:22:53 2018

Taiwan committed to role in new 'Indo-Pacific Security Strategy'...says ready to work with region’s democracies
added: Thu Mar 15 14:22:31 2018

19 more women accuse Northwestern professor Alec Klein of misconduct, group says
added: Thu Mar 15 14:20:45 2018

Bypassing Payments Using Webhooks : cc @jackhcable
added: Thu Mar 15 14:20:37 2018

Cambodia is not at a "turning point," it is well beyond the corner toward one-party pseudo-democracy.
added: Thu Mar 15 14:14:41 2018

【美國研究發現】 【樽裝水逾九成有塑膠微粒】 美國有傳媒機構委託大學實驗室,化驗了 259 支樽裝水,發現當中超過九成含有塑膠微粒,包括香港有售的牌子。 研究人員暫時無法確定,飲用這些有微粒的水會否損害健康。...
added: Thu Mar 15 14:14:14 2018

Follow these five women illustrators with unique styles on Instagram!
added: Thu Mar 15 12:30:01 2018

Clock Runs On Perjury Charges For James Clapper, Ensuring He Won't Be Punished For Lying To Congress
added: Thu Mar 15 10:32:08 2018

Joshua Wong supporter acquitted of police assault
added: Thu Mar 15 10:21:29 2018

China becomes first foreign country allowed to invest in Russian uranium mining
added: Thu Mar 15 09:41:02 2018

Nobel prize winner hospitalized, wife found deceased in Illinois
added: Thu Mar 15 09:40:06 2018

A map of Europe's medieval universities from 1923. Why does England only have two?
added: Thu Mar 15 09:36:15 2018

Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca shuts down operations
added: Thu Mar 15 09:04:23 2018

#Cartoon celebrates #sunflower movement protesters acquittal by #Taiwan's High Court.
added: Thu Mar 15 09:04:12 2018
tags: taiwan, sunflower, cartoon

Could the recent fire in #NamSangWai be more than just an unfortunate event? #PropertyHegemony #CronyCapitalism...
added: Thu Mar 15 09:03:54 2018
tags: cronycapitalism, namsangwai, propertyhegemony

Hong Kong's judges voice fears over China influence in judiciary
added: Thu Mar 15 08:50:12 2018

Hong Kong’s pan-democrats might find their missing by-election voters among indifferent young people
added: Thu Mar 15 08:50:00 2018

Next #China Central Bank Chief's Hands May Be Tied – by Xi: BNP
added: Thu Mar 15 08:35:24 2018
tags: china

This is #Brazil today. Human rights defenders killed at no political cost for Temer and allies.
added: Thu Mar 15 08:21:23 2018
tags: brazil

Maverick Thai tycoon woos youth with new progressive political party, by @AFP’s @ssmairs
added: Thu Mar 15 08:14:31 2018

Microplastics found in more than 90% of bottled water, study says - another good reason to avoid bottled water...
added: Thu Mar 15 08:07:58 2018

National Geographic magazine admits it used to be racist all the time
added: Thu Mar 15 08:01:00 2018

Migratory hummingbirds make their own rules: the decision to resume migration along a barrier
added: Thu Mar 15 08:00:15 2018

U.S. pressing China to cut trade surplus by $100 billion: White House
added: Thu Mar 15 07:23:39 2018

A look at Po Kong, one of Kowloon's vanished villages
added: Thu Mar 15 07:20:24 2018

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever, maker of Marmite and Dove soap, is to abandon its London HQ
added: Thu Mar 15 07:19:54 2018

Rand Paul and John McCain just threw the nomination of Trump’s CIA pick into jeopardy
added: Thu Mar 15 07:15:05 2018

Goldman’s Sheila Patel says emerging-market stocks are world’s best bet
added: Thu Mar 15 07:14:20 2018

India eying Boeing's Super Hornet in latest twist to air force procurement
added: Thu Mar 15 06:40:08 2018

Top bottled water brands are contaminated with plastic particles, study finds: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 15 06:40:02 2018

Facebook defends its position after UN officials call it out for spreading fear and hatred in Myanmar #myanmar
added: Thu Mar 15 05:40:41 2018
tags: myanmar

Nobel prize winner hospitalized, wife found deceased in Illinois
added: Thu Mar 15 05:40:18 2018

Review: Anarchists Never Surrender by Victor Serge
added: Thu Mar 15 05:40:06 2018

Senators to grill Trump's pick for NSA chief on Russia, privacy
added: Thu Mar 15 05:38:41 2018 Interesting report out from @CrisisGroup w/ @DeirdreTynan looking at Chinese security prese…
added: Thu Mar 15 01:32:53 2018

HNA Misses Fuel Bill Payments Amid Liquidity Concerns
added: Thu Mar 15 00:42:53 2018

Don't. Even. Ask.
added: Thu Mar 15 00:15:12 2018

@Felicea @JerusalemGreer @hopefulleigh Apparently it's down to 22 states. So less than half. Still quite a lot.
added: Thu Mar 15 00:12:10 2018

NASA study: Astronaut's DNA no longer the same as his identical twin's after year in space
added: Wed Mar 14 22:04:06 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg firm manages nearly £100m invested in Russia | Political Scrapbook
added: Wed Mar 14 20:50:09 2018

While the UK takes action over Russia, America’s president remains in Putin’s pocket.
added: Wed Mar 14 14:04:35 2018

Factbox: Barrier to entry - China's restrictions on U.S. imports
added: Wed Mar 14 12:00:27 2018

Asian shares, dollar fall as U.S. trade fears eclipse strong China data by @Swatisays
added: Wed Mar 14 10:45:28 2018

Michigan colleges worry new Nassar-inspired bills might be too effective
added: Wed Mar 14 10:45:06 2018

Russian embassy 'to ask Britain for access' to daughter of poisoned spy
added: Wed Mar 14 10:05:14 2018

Chinese steelmakers shrug off tariffs on exports to US
added: Wed Mar 14 10:04:28 2018

Russia warns UK over plans for retaliation after ex-spy's poisoning
added: Wed Mar 14 10:03:07 2018

US police search for Texas package bomber
added: Wed Mar 14 10:01:07 2018

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's visit to Sydney stirs up anger in expat community via @abcnews
added: Wed Mar 14 10:00:04 2018

China says Sino-U.S. trade relations should not be a zero-sum game
added: Wed Mar 14 09:19:35 2018

China Wants Its Own Version of the X-37B Spaceplane via @warisboring #war
added: Wed Mar 14 09:19:08 2018
tags: war

Inside the world of Chinese bitcoin "mining pools"
added: Wed Mar 14 09:18:46 2018
added: Wed Mar 14 09:18:30 2018

Russian media accuses UK of trying to meddle in presidential elections
added: Wed Mar 14 09:15:47 2018

Police contact driver who filmed Jamie Carragher spitting at him as he receives ‘death threats’
added: Wed Mar 14 09:13:45 2018

Seoul to launch project assessing N. Korean deforestation, environmental damage #NorthKorea
added: Wed Mar 14 09:12:56 2018
tags: northkorea

Improving Performance by Writing a Custom Static Asset Server in Rust:
added: Wed Mar 14 09:08:09 2018

China should serve as an example for how the rest of the world can sustainably power-up
added: Wed Mar 14 09:04:59 2018

Laurenz Albe: Three reasons why VACUUM won’t remove dead rows from a table
added: Wed Mar 14 08:46:14 2018

College administrator resigns rather than cut ties with assault rifle manufacturer
added: Wed Mar 14 08:45:07 2018

Most Australian Indigenous languages came from just one place, research claims - "as recent…
added: Wed Mar 14 08:40:39 2018

"I fear, this will harm the Bangladeshi society in a severe way."
added: Wed Mar 14 08:40:00 2018

tandem - Typing in Tandem. Decentralized, cross-editor, collaborative text-editing!
added: Wed Mar 14 08:38:24 2018

‘India’s GPS’ delayed by deadline overruns, @ISRO’s ‘administrative laxity’: CAG
added: Wed Mar 14 08:30:00 2018

The new Raspberry Pi has 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2
added: Wed Mar 14 08:07:25 2018

Idaho lawmakers pass bill championing scientifically unproven “abortion reversal”
added: Wed Mar 14 08:05:04 2018

India sounds alarm on Chinese infra projects in neighbourhood
added: Wed Mar 14 08:01:57 2018

What Stephen Hawking’s Indian student, Somak Raychaudhury, has to say about the physicist
added: Wed Mar 14 07:22:24 2018

China steel mills boost output despite winter curbs
added: Wed Mar 14 07:20:23 2018

Trump installs former ‘Fox and Friends’ host as under secretary of state
added: Wed Mar 14 07:15:06 2018

Missed connection? Video claims to show Navy pilot’s close encounter with a freaky #UFO.
added: Wed Mar 14 07:15:05 2018
tags: ufo

Fed finds ‘serious deficiencies’ at China’s ICBC
added: Wed Mar 14 07:14:48 2018

The curious case of rising electronic imports
added: Wed Mar 14 07:14:38 2018

"China’s Economy Is Not Normal. It Doesn’t Have to Be."
added: Wed Mar 14 07:12:17 2018

Russia's Hypersonic Missiles Didn't Surprise America But They Awed The World
added: Wed Mar 14 06:00:02 2018

Legal reform, Xi-style: “What is really being abolished may be the pretense of separation of party and state.”
added: Wed Mar 14 05:48:40 2018

Kobach witness doesn't back Kobach claims that illegal votes cost Trump popular vote
added: Tue Mar 13 22:50:02 2018

@thereisnohurry @JessicaHuseman @Celia_LJ We'll get to the contempt hearing eventually:
added: Tue Mar 13 19:58:23 2018

NEW: MPs vote down Labour bid to stop 1.1 million children losing their free school meals
added: Tue Mar 13 18:55:00 2018

@STOPXIJINPING @badiucao @zhongguowenhua1 @Free_Liu_Xiaobo Xi's is the Alzheimer Presiden…
added: Tue Mar 13 15:52:18 2018

@__apf__ @roessler Actually mirroring has much deeper effects. Interesting story.
added: Tue Mar 13 15:50:37 2018

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte says that UN human rights workers should be fed to crocodiles.
added: Tue Mar 13 14:15:00 2018

New CIA director just presided over torture, is all. Oh, and her name is on the cable ord…
added: Tue Mar 13 14:11:14 2018

Hackers are targeting DADI ICO investors with phishing emails
added: Tue Mar 13 13:54:53 2018

Anyway, congrats Pompeo, guessing your job interview a few months ago went well.
added: Tue Mar 13 13:17:03 2018

BREAKING: Tillerson out. @PhilipRucker @AshleyRParker
added: Tue Mar 13 12:47:57 2018

Regional Govt Says Weekly Journal Violated Media Ethics With Satirical Piece
added: Tue Mar 13 12:28:23 2018

India to take up duty hike issue with US administration: Prabhu
added: Tue Mar 13 12:26:19 2018

S. Sudanese refugees in Uganda are wary of donors' plans to switch from food rations to cash transfers
added: Tue Mar 13 11:46:20 2018

All references to Akie’s ties to Moritomo erased from documents:The Asahi Shimbun:朝日新聞デジタル
added: Tue Mar 13 11:46:14 2018

Wander (1974) — a lost mainframe game is found!
added: Tue Mar 13 11:31:30 2018

#UPDATE European Court of Human Rights rules that burning pictures of Spain's monarch is freedom of expression
added: Tue Mar 13 11:17:01 2018
tags: update

Chinese dissident: Even changing leaders won't change China
added: Tue Mar 13 11:14:42 2018

The article removed from Forbes, "Why White Evangelicalism Is So Cruel" via @ChrisALadd
added: Tue Mar 13 10:52:47 2018

In Myanmar, the current population of elephants is estimated at just 1,400-2,000, compared to 10,000 in 1997.
added: Tue Mar 13 10:48:01 2018

added: Tue Mar 13 10:47:43 2018
tags: banklobbyistact

Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggled goods
added: Tue Mar 13 10:46:05 2018

Indian forest fires kills nine hikers
added: Tue Mar 13 10:15:12 2018

Great long read. So many comments but I would just say read
added: Tue Mar 13 09:30:04 2018

The military delegation to China National Congress exudes diversity.
added: Tue Mar 13 09:26:28 2018

Police Say Options Exhausted to Bring ‘Boss Red Bull’ to Justice #Thailand
added: Tue Mar 13 09:25:52 2018
tags: thailand

The Drop: How an Australian bank laundered money for Hong Kong drug gangs - rpt by @JamieSmythF @benjaminbland
added: Tue Mar 13 09:25:30 2018

The 'splinternet' is coming: Why countries will break away from today’s internet
added: Tue Mar 13 09:25:17 2018

The Lazarus Effect: protect one species, resurrect a whole forest | #Ornithology news from @Birdlife_News
added: Tue Mar 13 09:22:33 2018
tags: ornithology

Punjab National Bank says will honour banks’ claims, but with conditions
added: Tue Mar 13 09:20:00 2018

Trump administration broke law by not identifying parts of America with dangerous smog levels, judge says
added: Tue Mar 13 09:19:47 2018

U.N. expert says Myanmar government employs starvation policy in Rakhine
added: Tue Mar 13 09:19:08 2018

Sumatran tiger being hunted to extinction:
added: Tue Mar 13 09:18:36 2018

It's past 2am and I think I can finally launch my new website..
added: Tue Mar 13 09:16:53 2018

Virus from lake water saves patient when antibiotics fail
added: Tue Mar 13 09:15:20 2018

China bars foreign fund managers from selling products that invest offshore via @WSJ
added: Tue Mar 13 09:10:32 2018

China shake-up gives climate change responsibility to environment ministry
added: Tue Mar 13 08:52:56 2018

Australia to stress international law in South China Sea dispute
added: Tue Mar 13 08:51:31 2018

China central bank gains more power in Xi Jinping’s regulatory shift
added: Tue Mar 13 08:11:58 2018

Turkish army says it has surrounded northern Syrian town of Afrin as part of offensive against Kurdish fighters
added: Tue Mar 13 08:11:44 2018

Developers love trendy new languages, but earn more with functional programming by @drpizza
added: Tue Mar 13 07:11:01 2018

China’s esports market is booming – and now it’s going mobile
added: Tue Mar 13 07:10:38 2018

French bank Natixis buying into three M&A boutiques, bolsters China presence
added: Tue Mar 13 07:10:03 2018

China unveils cabinet reshuffle plan “Among the new entities are a ministry of natural reso…
added: Tue Mar 13 07:09:26 2018

IBM thinks Notes and Domino can rise again
added: Tue Mar 13 07:03:58 2018

Trump’s China whisperer: How billionaire Stephen Schwarzman has sought to keep the president close to Beijing
added: Tue Mar 13 07:03:51 2018

The #BlueLivesMatter folks like @sheriffclarke are real quiet! Monterey Park police officer is convicted of...
added: Tue Mar 13 07:02:25 2018
tags: bluelivesmatter

Parsing rhetoric from reality in Modi government’s anti-corruption efforts
added: Tue Mar 13 06:00:01 2018

How labour regulations affect manufacturing in India
added: Tue Mar 13 05:58:15 2018

Kathmandu crash seemingly followed confusion over plane’s path
added: Tue Mar 13 05:55:35 2018

India cuts Bt cotton seed prices to Rs740 per packet
added: Tue Mar 13 05:55:35 2018

On the Chinese Communist Party’s Tactics for Stealing Western Military Technologies: Part 2 of 2 via @epochtimes
added: Tue Mar 13 05:34:06 2018

On the Chinese Communist Party’s Tactics for Stealing Western Military Technologies: Part 1 of 2 via @epochtimes
added: Tue Mar 13 05:33:04 2018

Breakingviews - Death of Broadcom's bid leaves worrying fog
added: Tue Mar 13 05:00:21 2018

Chinese buyers to pay $847k after failing to get consent for property sold for $6.15m
added: Tue Mar 13 05:00:17 2018

America v China: How trade wars become real wars via @financialtimes
added: Tue Mar 13 04:57:29 2018

One Year In, Adityanath Has Struggled to Articulate an Economic Vision for Uttar Pradesh via @thewire_in
added: Tue Mar 13 04:55:59 2018

Enough iron ore at China ports to build Sydney Harbour Bridge 1,900 times over
added: Tue Mar 13 04:47:27 2018

China to Merge Banking, Insurance Regulators, Caixin Has Learned
added: Tue Mar 13 02:15:47 2018

Range sits at the heart of so many US military vulnerabilities
added: Tue Mar 13 02:00:31 2018

Xi Jinping calls for military loyalty to new constitution via @TOIWorld
added: Tue Mar 13 01:36:12 2018

Australia: Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Healthcare
added: Tue Mar 13 01:27:46 2018

This Is Why You Don't See People-Size Salmon Anymore
added: Tue Mar 13 01:20:07 2018

Security spending ramped up in China’s restive Xinjiang region
added: Mon Mar 12 21:04:31 2018

leading Chinese scholar discusses Greenland’s independence
added: Mon Mar 12 12:16:59 2018

“A torture for the eyes”: #Chinese moviegoers think #BlackPanther is just too black: via @qz
added: Mon Mar 12 12:09:48 2018
tags: blackpanther, chinese

Four sick bears 'left abandoned in car park after circus went bankrupt'
added: Mon Mar 12 11:37:26 2018

added: Mon Mar 12 10:51:58 2018

Microsoft Helps Get A Computer Recycler Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison For Offering Unapproved Recovery Disks
added: Mon Mar 12 10:21:21 2018

Cape Town Cycle Tour organisers have confirmed the death of a third person related to Sunday’s race.
added: Mon Mar 12 10:21:12 2018

Oil prices rise on reduced U.S. drilling activity, booming job market by @hgloystein More f…
added: Mon Mar 12 10:20:10 2018

The real death toll from the Spanish flu of 1918 might be as high as 100 million.
added: Mon Mar 12 10:14:15 2018

"#UK lawmaker says spy poisoning looks to be 'state-sponsored'"
added: Mon Mar 12 10:09:25 2018
tags: uk

Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill to cover wide-ranging economic offences
added: Mon Mar 12 09:45:04 2018

#India gets access to #French bases in Indian and southern Pacific oceans
added: Mon Mar 12 09:41:04 2018
tags: india, french

Researchers produce nearly-pure rare earth concentrates from coal: Comments:
added: Mon Mar 12 09:40:02 2018

China to revise criminal law to accommodate powerful anti-graft commission This is a real b…
added: Mon Mar 12 09:39:48 2018

Jeremy Corbyn under pressure from Labour’s left and right wings to make party adopt more pro-European stance
added: Mon Mar 12 08:52:00 2018

I walked 40 KM with the farmers in Maharashtra, here’s what I learnt
added: Mon Mar 12 08:50:00 2018

China’s acute water shortage imperils economic future from last month but worth a read if you missed it
added: Mon Mar 12 08:49:35 2018

#Athens: Cops Evicted #SquatsGR in #Exarchia and #Koukaki this Morning - #antireport
added: Mon Mar 12 08:45:03 2018
tags: athens, antireport, koukaki, exarchia, squatsgr

Hainan Airlines to take over HNA stakes in seven businesses via @Flightglobal_ET
added: Mon Mar 12 08:30:00 2018

#Tanzania #Taiwan national in court charged with unlawful possession >90kg shark fins via @allafrica
added: Mon Mar 12 07:44:13 2018
tags: taiwan, tanzania

China's attendance at Vatican organ conference hailed as boon to ties, peace
added: Mon Mar 12 07:42:09 2018

UBS sees 'business as normal' as it contests Hong Kong suspension
added: Mon Mar 12 07:41:23 2018

On Liberty: the sanctioned company working with South Korea and Japan #NorthKorea
added: Mon Mar 12 05:41:06 2018
tags: northkorea

Australia's Defence Department bans staff and serving personnel from downloading Chinese app WeChat
added: Mon Mar 12 00:48:37 2018

@samstein Dropped universal background checks too
added: Mon Mar 12 00:28:23 2018

Pennsylvania speech shows again that Trump badly wants to be a dictator.
added: Sun Mar 11 14:50:08 2018

#America is waking up to the stupidity of being wasteful with #plastic. #plasticfree #plasticpollution #plasticwaste
added: Sun Mar 11 14:25:00 2018
tags: plasticwaste, plasticpollution, america, plasticfree, plastic

China mocks #Australia over 'Indo-Pacific' concept it says will 'dissipate'
added: Sun Mar 11 14:07:01 2018
tags: australia

#Pentagon moves to restrict public knowledge of progress in #Afghanistan
added: Sun Mar 11 13:40:02 2018
tags: pentagon, afghanistan

The Future of Microservices and Distributed Systems by @janstenberg
added: Sun Mar 11 13:38:59 2018

Russia test-fires hypersonic missile that Vladimir Putin has called an ‘ideal weapon’
added: Sun Mar 11 13:38:01 2018

More on Macau literary festival programme director’s resignation after immigration row over 3 writers
added: Sun Mar 11 13:08:35 2018

The quest to preserve the ‘Lotus Sutra’, Buddha’s final teaching on salvation
added: Sun Mar 11 13:08:05 2018

Jeremy Clarkson's The Grand Tour 'axed' by Amazon after just three series
added: Sun Mar 11 13:03:22 2018

China Removes Presidential Term Limits, Enabling Xi Jinping To Rule Indefinitely
added: Sun Mar 11 11:45:08 2018

Zizzi diners told to wash clothing after nerve agent traces found
added: Sun Mar 11 11:41:17 2018

'Workers, not shareholders, bear the burden of taxes in the UK. Here’s how we can fix this broken system'
added: Sun Mar 11 11:41:12 2018

"The Indian solar program cannot be blindly dependent on China." via @CNNMoney #InternationalSolarAlliance #ISA
added: Sun Mar 11 11:40:22 2018
tags: internationalsolaralliance, isa

Expect more chaos over waste paper collection, Hong Kong recyclers against ‘unfair’ mainland import policy warn.
added: Sun Mar 11 11:30:18 2018

Simone van Nieuwenhuizen for CPI: Xi Jinping and the end of #China's term limits via @UoNCPI
added: Sun Mar 11 11:14:27 2018
tags: china

These penguins must be millennials.
added: Sun Mar 11 04:48:00 2018

How Victor Stinner fixed a very old GIL race condition in Python 3.7
added: Sun Mar 11 03:41:03 2018

@joshuawongcf @demosisto @nathanlawkc 🔴 #ByElection Live: #HongKong Pro-dem candidate…
added: Sun Mar 11 02:59:48 2018
tags: hongkong, byelection

China issues "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2016" The great majority of evide…
added: Sun Mar 11 02:57:19 2018

See youth in court.
added: Sat Mar 10 12:07:12 2018

Your average FT reader apparently has quite a good grasp of China's botanic history.
added: Sat Mar 10 10:44:20 2018

Commercial bank shareholders targeted as #China steps up scrutiny
added: Sat Mar 10 08:16:36 2018
tags: china

What did the Neanderthals ever do for us?
added: Sat Mar 10 07:53:08 2018

Outstanding piece from @jgarnaut
added: Sat Mar 10 00:51:13 2018

China to Allow Foreign Control of Securities Firms
added: Sat Mar 10 00:00:56 2018

A handy dandy guide for meeting with your Chinese military counterparts
added: Fri Mar 9 13:20:09 2018

“Singapore’s new public order bill is excessive and dangerous.” — @kixes
added: Fri Mar 9 02:41:51 2018

Dark DNA: We've found the hidden genes that drive evolution
added: Thu Mar 8 15:55:01 2018

Lawmakers were rushing to pass it before the end of the state’s legislative session on Friday. via @HuffPostPol
added: Thu Mar 8 15:53:39 2018

“And you should've seen their faces when they saw it was by a woman.” #IWD2018
added: Thu Mar 8 15:06:46 2018
tags: iwd2018

A timeline of developments in the $2 billion PNB fraud
added: Thu Mar 8 14:28:13 2018

Dozens treated for breathing problems after raids on Syria's Ghouta
added: Thu Mar 8 14:26:14 2018

Cotton seed companies threaten supply halt over potential price cut
added: Thu Mar 8 14:26:14 2018

This is a fantastic illustration of interdependence: "The political conflict has electric consequences"
added: Thu Mar 8 14:26:14 2018

Activists Protesting Against Govt. Tax on Langar Manhandled by Police Near Darbar Sahib
added: Thu Mar 8 12:51:36 2018

The Blue Wave that wasn’t, and will not be:
added: Thu Mar 8 12:28:58 2018

DHS fail: the department for securing things doesn't secure its own things:
added: Thu Mar 8 12:28:41 2018

Good news: @Corero has found a kill switch to fix Memcached bug which led to recent record-breaking DDoS attacks :
added: Thu Mar 8 12:27:50 2018

Republicans signal end is near for House Russia probe after Lewandowski testimony, via @jeremyherb & @mkraju
added: Thu Mar 8 12:22:30 2018

Here's how the lawyers representing a Yale student who was accused of rape convinced a jury to acquit
added: Thu Mar 8 12:20:08 2018

Donald Trump obtains a restraining order to silence porn star Stormy Daniels
added: Thu Mar 8 12:01:21 2018

Retweeted William Nee (@williamnee): China Moves to Shutter Law Firm -- Fengrui law firm-- at Center of...
added: Thu Mar 8 11:37:37 2018

Sri Lanka: Mobs continue to run amok, authorities lift curfew in Kandy for a few hours
added: Thu Mar 8 11:18:01 2018

Health insurer Cigna to buy Express Scripts in $67 billion deal
added: Thu Mar 8 11:14:13 2018

Around 90 percent of the rail operator's HK$16 billion profit came from real estate deals
added: Thu Mar 8 10:32:41 2018

Two persons convicted for illegal disposal of construction waste in Tseung Kwan O and Sai Kung
added: Thu Mar 8 10:31:37 2018

Oops! White House accidentally confirms Trump’s involvement in Stormy Daniels hush payment
added: Thu Mar 8 10:30:13 2018

Xi Jinping's latest tag: living Buddhist deity, Chinese official says
added: Thu Mar 8 10:25:01 2018

What was the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal?
added: Thu Mar 8 10:23:48 2018

Exclusive: Five banks open up trillion dollar gold club
added: Thu Mar 8 09:42:47 2018

Ministry of Public Security WeChat Posts—February 1, 2018...on our China NGO Project website
added: Thu Mar 8 09:41:00 2018

BUSINESS DAILY - Coolar: the solar-powered fridge attracting international attention
added: Thu Mar 8 09:02:03 2018

"Broidy appears to be an unregistered agent of a foreign principal in violation of federal law."
added: Thu Mar 8 09:00:26 2018

White Woman's Reason for Hitting African Actor with Bottle is Puzzling
added: Thu Mar 8 09:00:23 2018

German industrial orders plunge in 'horrible start' to year
added: Thu Mar 8 09:00:23 2018

Petrobras ex-oil executive gets 11 years prison for corruption
added: Thu Mar 8 08:57:05 2018

In Sri Lanka an upsurge of attacks against Muslims by Sinhala Buddhist militants has raised fears | @CrisisGroup
added: Thu Mar 8 08:04:13 2018

Police officer poisoned by nerve agent along with Russian spy is 'talking and engaging', Amber Rudd reveals
added: Thu Mar 8 08:04:07 2018

Precautions are being boosted as experts warn of possible human-to-human transmission.
added: Thu Mar 8 08:00:46 2018

HKFP History: Wounds not healed by time - the anniversary of the Tibetan uprising
added: Thu Mar 8 07:55:46 2018

Xi Jinping and China’s ‘good emperor, bad emperor’ problem by @tmitchpk and yours truly
added: Thu Mar 8 07:19:29 2018

China searches for point person to manage relationship with Trump via @financialtimes
added: Thu Mar 8 07:18:32 2018

How Xi Jinping made his power grab: with stealth, speed and guile
added: Thu Mar 8 07:17:36 2018

【基滙資本購入多個領展公屋商場 商戶憂大幅加租】 私募基金管理公司「基滙資本」上月購入十多個由領展持有的公屋商場,有部分商戶指租約已到期,但新業主仍未與他們洽談續約,擔心會大幅加租。...
added: Thu Mar 8 07:15:13 2018

Hate groups using similar online recruiting methods as ISIS, experts say
added: Thu Mar 8 07:12:30 2018

In embarrassing leak, details of top secret India-Seychelles military agreement made public…
added: Thu Mar 8 07:12:09 2018

Curfew in Sri Lankan tourist town of Kandy to be temporarily lifted
added: Thu Mar 8 07:10:05 2018

お大事に、#小澤征爾 さん!! .@Reuters
added: Thu Mar 8 07:00:07 2018
tags: 小澤征爾

U.S. special counsel probes Seychelles meeting with Russian: Washington Post
added: Thu Mar 8 06:40:14 2018

Balkrishna Doshi: Indian wins prestigious Pritzker Prize
added: Thu Mar 8 06:30:30 2018

U.S. destroyer McCain collision which killed 10 sailors caused by 'sudden turn': Singapore
added: Thu Mar 8 06:30:21 2018

Another man accused of taking photos in courtroom during Mong Kok trial
added: Thu Mar 8 04:04:04 2018

國歌法列明規範場合 擬納入中小學教育指引條文 補選後啟動本地程序 比國民教育更過分的迫上馬
added: Thu Mar 8 02:43:44 2018

Absolutely infuriating and only protects animal cruelty. Words can’t express how angry we should all be
added: Thu Mar 8 02:02:55 2018

#Norway boosts #whaling quota despite international opposition #whales
added: Wed Mar 7 15:00:45 2018
tags: whales, whaling, norway

How Beavis and Butt-Head did America and changed comedy forever
added: Wed Mar 7 13:24:00 2018

@xinwenxiaojie @varsitycuhk Two words: BLEEDING STEEL.
added: Wed Mar 7 13:23:45 2018

HHS official returns after suspended for spreading conspiracies on social media
added: Wed Mar 7 13:02:37 2018

Mississippi politicians approve ban on abortions after 15 weeks
added: Wed Mar 7 13:02:11 2018

Last Night In Texas
added: Wed Mar 7 13:01:37 2018

Billionaires Suggest Legislation on Belt and Road, ‘Digital China’
added: Wed Mar 7 12:30:22 2018

EFF: Geek Squad has been working with the FBI for a decade
added: Wed Mar 7 12:19:45 2018

Russian Billionaire linked to Trump, Manafort Has New Cyprus Passport
added: Wed Mar 7 12:19:45 2018

Macedonia: ex Anti-Graft Chief in Corruption Scandal via @OCCRP
added: Wed Mar 7 12:18:55 2018

Forex Reserves Take First Dip in 13 Months
added: Wed Mar 7 11:49:06 2018

Ayodhya case: Shiv Sena slams Sri Sri for ‘interfering’ in Ram temple issue
added: Wed Mar 7 11:47:18 2018

▶️ Argentina: Lawmakers propose legalising elective abortion
added: Wed Mar 7 11:47:09 2018

A US court has upheld a determination that cryptocurrencies can be deemed as commodities and be regulated as such.
added: Wed Mar 7 11:46:30 2018

Railway Operator Denies Spending Cuts Will Hinder Economic Growth
added: Wed Mar 7 11:46:20 2018

On sexual harassment and assault, and the meager response from higher-ups to it, in the Forest Service
added: Wed Mar 7 11:45:17 2018

Senators inquire whether Scott Pruitt’s security chief steered EPA contract to associate
added: Wed Mar 7 11:45:07 2018

U.S. Approves China-Made Biological HIV Drug
added: Wed Mar 7 11:44:53 2018

Stronger global growth and booming stock markets have been great for the super rich via…
added: Wed Mar 7 11:35:06 2018

How the RSS has reduced history to a morality play between Hindu ‘heroes’ and ‘other’ villains
added: Wed Mar 7 10:26:13 2018

China dominant in Djibouti port spat
added: Wed Mar 7 10:24:26 2018

'House of Horrors' teen kept secret YouTube account before escaping 'captivity'
added: Wed Mar 7 10:22:26 2018

New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Mar 7 10:22:07 2018

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland has pled guilty to fraud
added: Wed Mar 7 10:21:40 2018

A high energy physicist in Odisha probes into the interrelated universe
added: Wed Mar 7 10:20:00 2018

How our cities are being stifled by the impulse to control every aspect of urban life
added: Wed Mar 7 09:38:59 2018

BSF Jawan loses 7 days’ pay for not using ‘Shri’ & ‘Honourable’ while referring to PM Modi.
added: Wed Mar 7 09:18:02 2018

'Significant' consequences if China takes key port in Djibouti: U.S. general
added: Wed Mar 7 09:13:45 2018

Trump's Hardball on Trade to Test China's ‘Strategic Composure’
added: Wed Mar 7 09:13:30 2018

#China's getting closer to a game-changing #property tax via @business
added: Wed Mar 7 08:50:10 2018
tags: china, property

Philippines' Duterte says 'not in a million years' does ICC have right to try him
added: Wed Mar 7 08:48:43 2018

New government report affirms India’s patient-first commitment on Pharma patents
added: Wed Mar 7 08:40:00 2018

#China ‘unhappy’ with US aircraft carrier’s visit to Vietnam
added: Wed Mar 7 08:36:29 2018
tags: china

A quick examination of Taiwan's unequal economics:
added: Wed Mar 7 07:29:23 2018

China’s Xi Jinping readies sweeping government overhaul to empower party
added: Wed Mar 7 07:28:19 2018

South Korea's Moon says North Korea sanctions stay, too early to be optimistic about talks
added: Wed Mar 7 07:27:23 2018

Trump Confronted Cohn on Trade Hours Before Resignation, Sources Say - Bloomberg
added: Wed Mar 7 07:24:16 2018

The oldest ever message in a bottle found on beach in Australia
added: Wed Mar 7 07:22:00 2018

Why are so many Chinese car accidents fatal?
added: Wed Mar 7 07:05:00 2018

At least 18 killed as second earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
added: Wed Mar 7 06:30:18 2018

'The Wolf of Wall Street' producers to pay $60 million to U.S. in lawsuit settlement
added: Wed Mar 7 06:00:22 2018

‘Police: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS’
added: Wed Mar 7 03:45:05 2018

Seahawks looking to trade outspoken DE Michael Bennett to ‘quiet things down’ (Rapoport)
added: Wed Mar 7 01:54:12 2018

Final story on Day 1 of the trial. (Expletive) sandwich is included #ksleg
added: Wed Mar 7 01:29:36 2018
tags: ksleg

Wow. Facebook's VPN service Onavo Protect still collects personal data — even when it's switched off.
added: Tue Mar 6 17:26:02 2018

Chinese owner to sell controlling stake in House of Fraser
added: Tue Mar 6 17:03:45 2018

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE Meltdown/SpectreV2 patch call for testing
added: Tue Mar 6 16:45:37 2018

When I always hear that this scumbag is "warning the courts". All noticed, all recorded, Duterte.
added: Tue Mar 6 16:13:48 2018

BREAKING: Smiling daughter fighting for life alongside Russian spy after 'poisoning'
added: Tue Mar 6 12:46:02 2018

Rodrik on top form as usual..
added: Tue Mar 6 12:45:58 2018

#ElSalvador | Right-Wing ARENA set to keep majority in Assembly.
added: Tue Mar 6 12:30:00 2018
tags: elsalvador

Chinese space station could emit highly toxic vapours when it crashes to earth within weeks
added: Tue Mar 6 11:51:33 2018

WhatsApp rolling out major change to 'delete for everyone' feature
added: Tue Mar 6 11:51:22 2018

Emails show UAE-linked lobbying effort to oust Tillerson: reports
added: Tue Mar 6 10:21:39 2018

Lawmakers weigh compensation for victims of forced sterilization under Japan’s defunct eugenics law
added: Tue Mar 6 10:20:08 2018

Israeli Ministers Address Pro-settler Event on AIPAC Sidelines: 'Israel Can't Survive' Without Settlements
added: Tue Mar 6 10:19:51 2018

時任西九龍機動部隊指揮官莫慶榮指,警方將人群掃蕩返行人路,但不成功,當時只可以繼續向前推進,希望將人群驅散。 _________________ 請支持 #獨媒報導...
added: Tue Mar 6 10:16:59 2018
tags: 獨媒報導

Sure looks like another Russian assassination attempt on British soil.
added: Tue Mar 6 10:16:09 2018

Wise warnings from the FT....Emerging markets under pressure as debt mounts via @FT
added: Tue Mar 6 10:12:31 2018

Fun fact: Xi Jinping proposed ending term limits the same day he kicked Sun Zhengcai out of the party
added: Tue Mar 6 10:02:23 2018

Kobe Steel CEO to quit over data fraud scandal
added: Tue Mar 6 09:41:25 2018

U.S. Pacific Fleet commander says China's military budget lacks transparency
added: Tue Mar 6 09:40:09 2018

#INPHOTOS Turkey’s ‘fairy chimneys’ await Chinese tourists as part of ‘Chinadocia’ project
added: Tue Mar 6 09:38:03 2018
tags: inphotos

Kremlin says has 'no info' on 'tragic' ex-spy illness in Britain
added: Tue Mar 6 09:37:58 2018

Neo4j graph database boss: 'The mainstream is always under attack'
added: Tue Mar 6 09:01:36 2018

'Plastic, plastic, plastic': British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali - so sad: Bali use…
added: Tue Mar 6 09:01:24 2018

Rising debt, an aging workforce, and falling productivity could be China's downfall.
added: Tue Mar 6 09:00:07 2018

Former Russian double agent critically ill in Britain, police says 'alive to fact of state threats'
added: Tue Mar 6 08:59:08 2018

“We will break your world…. The change has already begun, and we will win.” @kwau38
added: Tue Mar 6 08:58:55 2018

HNA Group's Swiss airline caterer Gategroup says to seek public listing
added: Tue Mar 6 08:55:18 2018

What we know so far about the former Russian spy found 'in critical condition' in Salisbury
added: Tue Mar 6 08:54:58 2018

【傳拖欠航油款項】 【海航或被停止供油】 內地傳媒報道,海航集團旗下海南航空,自去年 10 月起,一直未有支付航空燃油公司款項,嚴重違反合約。 航空燃油公司要求海航在本月 16...
added: Tue Mar 6 08:45:03 2018

Harrowing escape from North Korea leads to activism for freedom via @msnbc
added: Tue Mar 6 08:08:24 2018

added: Tue Mar 6 08:07:06 2018

In China, solving conversational computing means overcoming challenging complexities of the Chinese language.
added: Tue Mar 6 08:07:05 2018

Hong Kong's rare dragon kiln is under threat from a proposed housing development…
added: Tue Mar 6 07:12:03 2018

Asia's biggest currency run in two decades may be about to end via @markets
added: Tue Mar 6 03:59:02 2018

"That pressure has intensified in recent weeks amid indications that China is trying to tackle its debt and...
added: Tue Mar 6 03:07:59 2018

We have orcas, volcanoes, legal pot, and net neutrality. We rock.
added: Tue Mar 6 03:01:00 2018

The city had to clarify: “They’re not cleaners."
added: Tue Mar 6 03:00:04 2018

Ice going after thousands of Vietnamese refugees in the country for decades:
added: Tue Mar 6 02:33:30 2018

'Forgetful' Myanmar witness in Reuters reporters' case writes key detail on his hand
added: Tue Mar 6 00:31:15 2018

China's global trade plan is piling huge debt on smaller nations - CNNMoney
added: Tue Mar 6 00:23:46 2018

How Religion Has Been ‘Aggressively Politicized’ in Muslim-Majority Indonesia
added: Mon Mar 5 20:26:39 2018

Freedom of press concerns prompt changes to foreign interference laws via @smh
added: Mon Mar 5 20:22:23 2018

A Man Reported To Be A Former Russian Spy Is Critically Ill After Being Exposed To An Unknown Substance via @psmith
added: Mon Mar 5 20:18:13 2018

"It is unlikely that BRI will be plagued with widescale debt sustainability problems."
added: Mon Mar 5 15:48:46 2018

Xiaomi eyes U.S. market for its smartphones: will they be allowed in? by @liz_in_shanghai @DanStrumpf
added: Mon Mar 5 15:20:29 2018

Trump tweets that steel and aluminum tariffs may hinge on NAFTA deal
added: Mon Mar 5 12:43:11 2018

Gauri Lankesh Case:Frequent Caller To Hindu Outfit Under SIT Scanner,Killers Planning To Target Another Writer?
added: Mon Mar 5 12:42:27 2018

Bongbong, Imee Marcos slammed for gatecrashing, ‘politicking’ Panagbenga Festival
added: Mon Mar 5 12:30:55 2018

Talib Kweli Gets Death Threats After Writing Letter About Alt-Right
added: Mon Mar 5 12:00:02 2018

U.S. security panel orders delay of Broadcom-Qualcomm showdown
added: Mon Mar 5 11:59:57 2018

Spring break! Critical vuln in Pivotal framework's Data parts patched
added: Mon Mar 5 11:59:19 2018

Soon passengers in Hong Kong will be able to tap their Octopus cards on a taxi driver’s phone to pay fares.
added: Mon Mar 5 11:58:58 2018

Opinion: Italy's centre cannot govern without the support of populist parties
added: Mon Mar 5 11:58:24 2018

The Lessons Our Comunidad Can Learn From the East LA Blowouts
added: Mon Mar 5 11:58:03 2018

Note to #UN #HRC37: this “win-win” from #China is anything but—don’t fall for it! @hrw…
added: Mon Mar 5 09:34:36 2018
tags: china, un, hrc37

Guerrillas for God: How Hong Kong’s Pastors Are Delivering the Message to China’s Christians
added: Mon Mar 5 09:17:03 2018

Five facts about Italy's anti-establishment upstarts
added: Mon Mar 5 08:40:46 2018

Toll in Papua New Guinea earthquake rises to 67 as highlands feel strong aftershocks
added: Mon Mar 5 08:38:05 2018

Citic boosts stake in Erik Prince’s security group Frontier
added: Mon Mar 5 08:36:09 2018

Premier's report omits '#HK people ruling the SAR'
added: Mon Mar 5 08:27:35 2018
tags: hk

Taiwan slams Swedish tax agency after it reclassifies the island as a 'province of China'…
added: Mon Mar 5 08:26:10 2018

China warns Taiwan it won't tolerate separatist activities
added: Mon Mar 5 07:40:11 2018

The Brands That Kowtow to China via @nybooks
added: Mon Mar 5 07:38:57 2018

elitism or science? 🤔 Who you hate depends on how smart you are, study finds
added: Mon Mar 5 07:20:19 2018

added: Mon Mar 5 07:16:29 2018

Thieves Steal 600 Powerful Bitcoin-Mining Computers In Iceland
added: Mon Mar 5 07:09:21 2018

Sysadmin left finger on power button for an hour to avert SAP outage
added: Mon Mar 5 07:07:40 2018

Fifa said Iran promised women would be allowed into football stadiums, the same day 35 female fans are arrested
added: Mon Mar 5 05:36:09 2018

China’s plans to allow overseas-listed tech firms to trade shares at home could fire up stocks, says @AlecMac11
added: Mon Mar 5 05:31:13 2018

Racists aren’t used to this generation of Asian-Americans getting in their face when they talk shit.
added: Mon Mar 5 05:23:40 2018

‘T’Challa’ Activists Protest Black Panther Killing (Video)
added: Mon Mar 5 05:22:27 2018

少得來有點多。🤔 #預算案 【羅致光稱少數人想派錢 難全部一樣:17歲點解唔派?】 【羅致光擬補漏拾遺助基層主婦 葉劉批違原意】
added: Mon Mar 5 05:20:03 2018
tags: 預算案

Safety railings could be stripped from UK roads following TfL study via @ThisIsMoney
added: Mon Mar 5 05:19:19 2018

The Navajo Nation Treaty is now on view @SmithsonianNMAI via @SmithsonianMag
added: Mon Mar 5 05:14:41 2018

“We seem to have decided as a country to abdicate responsibility for healthy workplaces to the court system.”
added: Mon Mar 5 05:00:03 2018

Netflix wins an Oscar for sports doping documentary 'Icarus'
added: Mon Mar 5 04:23:24 2018

China military spending quickens as Xi Jinping seeks ‘world class’ force
added: Mon Mar 5 04:21:15 2018

'Decolonise' Hong Kong street names, suggests member of Beijing's top advisory body
added: Mon Mar 5 04:14:03 2018

As Western banks leave, China adds Brunei to new silk road
added: Mon Mar 5 04:12:34 2018

How Kenya is harnessing geothermal energy to power its growing economy
added: Mon Mar 5 04:12:33 2018

長毛搶馬紹祥文件一案,今早裁定《立法會權力及特權條例》不能用於控告立法會議員! 當日會議 #獨媒報導: 〈橫洲項目顧問公司挪用政府資料 發展局:看不到涉及刑事〉...
added: Mon Mar 5 03:25:51 2018
tags: 獨媒報導

With Goa’s MLAs set to ask for mining lease extensions, the politician-miner nexus comes full circle
added: Mon Mar 5 03:10:00 2018

How the West got #China wrong: Decades of optimism about China’s rise have been discarded via @TheEconomist
added: Mon Mar 5 03:08:38 2018
tags: china

Hillary Clinton campaign's multi-million dollar troll farm:
added: Sun Mar 4 18:54:41 2018

More evidence that “BRI fever” may have reached its peak, at least among Western democracies.
added: Sun Mar 4 16:30:41 2018

China Loosens Grip on Long-term VC Investors’ Equity Disposal
added: Sun Mar 4 13:59:00 2018

BAM! Taiwan to ban all single use plastics! Who’s next? #BreakFreeFromPlastic #useless…
added: Sun Mar 4 13:41:45 2018
tags: breakfreefromplastic, useless

Despite ‘outrageous and regressive attacks’, the DUP is refusing to give Irish people language rights
added: Sun Mar 4 13:15:00 2018

“There’s nothing wrong with you that pills from my old pals at Eli Lilly won’t fix.”
added: Sun Mar 4 13:13:18 2018

Narkomfin: can a utopian housing project survive in modern Moscow? via @calvertjournal
added: Sun Mar 4 13:12:24 2018

The myth of The Madness Of King George via @denofgeek
added: Sun Mar 4 13:10:00 2018

Far-right vigilantism in #Greece
added: Sun Mar 4 12:59:54 2018
tags: greece

First 'Belt and Road' Asset-Backed Security Gets Go-Ahead
added: Sun Mar 4 11:55:00 2018

Honduras Police Arrest Executive in Killing of Berta Cáceres, Indigenous Activist
added: Sun Mar 4 01:49:02 2018

I just wrote Pierre Menard, Inventor of LISP
added: Sun Mar 4 01:45:45 2018

@BenjaminPDixon So where are the people that opposed the anthem protest?? Where’s the outrage on this one?
added: Sun Mar 4 01:40:38 2018

BJP sheds ‘Hindi belt party’ tag, becomes only national party of stature | @AjoyAshirwad
added: Sat Mar 3 13:40:00 2018

Canada lent the Gupta family $41 million to buy a luxury jet. Now the jet is missing.
added: Sat Mar 3 07:23:33 2018

Melania Trump reportedly entered the US with 'the Einstein visa' – and people are making the same point
added: Sat Mar 3 07:05:00 2018

30 states want to take guns away from people with "troubling" behavior
added: Sat Mar 3 07:03:01 2018

U.S. stresses trade concerns with China after Trump announces tariff plan
added: Sat Mar 3 04:40:06 2018

#Taiwan: Ministry warns fishermen operating near #Indonesia
added: Sat Mar 3 04:39:38 2018
tags: taiwan, indonesia

An excellent excellent proposal on tax reform in HK How Hong Kong’s ‘simple, low’ tax regime short-changes residents
added: Sat Mar 3 04:39:25 2018

Clean coal is an oxymoron. Just like compassionate conservatism.
added: Sat Mar 3 03:01:49 2018

And they say anti-pipeline activism doesn't accomplish anything...
added: Fri Mar 2 18:56:34 2018

How Krishna was transformed from a tribal deity to a supreme god in the Puranic tradition
added: Fri Mar 2 14:38:08 2018

But the education system must change to nurture the kind of talent needed for the future, said Chen Yidan.
added: Fri Mar 2 13:01:01 2018

Only three members of staff remain at the DPRK’s embassy in Mexico, report reveals
added: Fri Mar 2 13:00:16 2018

Ukraine switches power plants to fuel oil, closes schools to save gas
added: Fri Mar 2 13:00:13 2018

The VR film Carriberrie is a vital face-to-face experience of threatened Indigenous culture
added: Fri Mar 2 11:36:35 2018

WHAAT!?!?! Not possible! SHOCKED. Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment, racism and anti-Semitism
added: Fri Mar 2 10:50:23 2018

Six Indian universities turned up in the top 400 in the well-regarded QS World Universities Rankings for 2018.
added: Fri Mar 2 10:50:00 2018

China’s HNA unwinds part of its Hilton stake
added: Fri Mar 2 10:49:21 2018

Young Italians vote with their feet ahead of election
added: Fri Mar 2 10:49:10 2018

Gunfire and explosion heard near army headquarters and French embassy in Burkina Faso capital
added: Fri Mar 2 10:47:35 2018

One month from today, the #UK reintroduces #censorship . Here’s why you should be on the barricades.
added: Fri Mar 2 10:46:32 2018
tags: uk, censorship

Exclusive: GM plants to cut 5,000 South Korean jobs, keep production at current level - document
added: Fri Mar 2 10:46:03 2018

Conservative writer selectively edits Chuck Schumer to accuse him of racism
added: Fri Mar 2 10:45:06 2018

GSA's plans for modernizing IT infrastructure via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Mar 2 10:34:23 2018

German Police Arrest Suspected Mastermind in Russian Embassy Cocaine Scandal:
added: Fri Mar 2 10:33:31 2018

Is it time to nationalise academic publishers? via @timeshighered
added: Fri Mar 2 10:18:26 2018

Previously unknown 'supercolony' of 1.5 million penguins discovered in Antarctica
added: Fri Mar 2 10:08:21 2018

Mueller reportedly prepping charges against more Russians - New York Post via…
added: Fri Mar 2 10:07:03 2018 : a binary substring searchable malware catalog (containing terabytes of malicious code) :
added: Fri Mar 2 10:04:56 2018

I'm launching an immediate leak inquiry: the staff who did this must be rewarded!! #CleanEnergyEU
added: Fri Mar 2 09:57:37 2018
tags: cleanenergyeu How did Andrew Forrest describe Preisdent-for-Life Xi Jinping on ABC radio in 2014? "He's a…
added: Fri Mar 2 08:48:52 2018

Berta Cáceres Murder Unveiled Network of Impunity for Honduras. Two years, no answers:
added: Fri Mar 2 08:37:49 2018

Malaysian top cop has $320k seized by Australian Federal Police, doesn't want it back
added: Fri Mar 2 08:27:06 2018

Whither CEFC's $9 billion Rosneft stake, if the Chinese company goes the way of Anbang? via…
added: Fri Mar 2 08:26:54 2018

Chinese steel association slams Trump’s ‘stupid’ protectionism, but trade war viewed as unlikely
added: Fri Mar 2 08:02:36 2018

The unwelcome revival of ‘race science’
added: Fri Mar 2 08:01:03 2018

Update to this story: RFA now says at least five of its journalists in the US have had family detained in Xinjiang
added: Fri Mar 2 06:07:42 2018

Postal Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon
added: Fri Mar 2 05:28:04 2018

Panasonic Launches 50-200mm f/2.8-4.0 Telephoto Lens
added: Fri Mar 2 05:28:02 2018

Equifax identifies 2.4 mln more affected by massive hack
added: Fri Mar 2 04:30:55 2018

Who may swim in the ocean of knowledge? | @carlmalamud Students should be able to access m…
added: Fri Mar 2 04:30:40 2018

A suspected Russian troll in the U.S. tries to erase her past. Read the full story here…
added: Fri Mar 2 04:01:30 2018

Ramanjit Singh, wanted by Interpol for his alleged links to terrorism, political killings and a prison break in...
added: Fri Mar 2 03:31:11 2018

'If you have HIV, you deserve it. That's the mentality'
added: Fri Mar 2 03:30:21 2018

Is there a country more arrogant and barbaric than China?
added: Fri Mar 2 02:49:12 2018

Brexiteers like Boris Johnson are prepared to sacrifice the Good Friday Agreement for their project | Andrew Grice
added: Thu Mar 1 16:00:01 2018

Palantir deployed a predictive policing system in New Orleans
added: Thu Mar 1 16:00:00 2018

Wall Street reverses course to move higher after Powell comments
added: Thu Mar 1 15:59:48 2018

US carriers testing replacement for two-factor authentication
added: Thu Mar 1 12:08:53 2018

Putin: Moscow would regard nuclear attack on allies as attack on Russia
added: Thu Mar 1 11:22:55 2018

Putin threatens US arms race with new missiles announcement
added: Thu Mar 1 11:22:43 2018

Temperatures plunge so low that sea freezes over
added: Thu Mar 1 11:22:08 2018

Citic Bank Suspends Mortgages in Beijing
added: Thu Mar 1 10:46:57 2018

Big pharma, big data: why drugmakers want your health records
added: Thu Mar 1 10:42:00 2018

Embattled Huishan Dairy Sells Stake in Joint Venture to Dutch Partner
added: Thu Mar 1 10:41:58 2018

China's Anbang Takeover: What Comes Next?
added: Thu Mar 1 10:22:08 2018

Here's a Herculaneaum project that needs your help!
added: Thu Mar 1 09:38:28 2018

Kushner’s Business Got Loans After White House Meetings - stunning reporting by @JesseDrucker @katekelly @benprotess
added: Thu Mar 1 09:18:11 2018

Major U.S. solar company blames job cuts on Trump’s solar import tariff
added: Thu Mar 1 09:15:07 2018

Cyber attack on German government sought more sensitive data than 2015 hack: lawmaker
added: Thu Mar 1 09:13:48 2018

Video: Treatment of student sparks questions over Hong Kong police training on autism
added: Thu Mar 1 09:12:03 2018

Man involved in shooting cop and was found via stingray given 20 years by @cfarivar
added: Thu Mar 1 09:11:11 2018

Two non-registered contractors convicted for illegal removal of asbestos roofs
added: Thu Mar 1 09:10:03 2018

Exxon quits some Russian joint ventures citing sanctions
added: Thu Mar 1 09:09:40 2018

Not everything you read on Google is true. This Georgia Republican just learned that the hard way.
added: Thu Mar 1 08:15:06 2018

Condoms from China are too small, says Zimbabwe’s health minister
added: Thu Mar 1 07:42:55 2018

Please S&S: Stop the mass slaughter of dolphins by the fishing industry in EU waters #bycatch #overfishing
added: Thu Mar 1 07:40:00 2018
tags: bycatch, overfishing

US Olympics chief resigns in wake of abuse scandal
added: Thu Mar 1 07:33:55 2018

Exclusive: Xi confidant set to become China's new spy master - sources by @baibinbeijing &…
added: Thu Mar 1 07:33:18 2018

WATCH: Billionaire investor William Ackman ends a six-year crusade against Herbalife via…
added: Thu Mar 1 07:30:50 2018

Chongqing University Mao Zedong Thought study group oath swearing ceremony in 1968
added: Thu Mar 1 07:30:12 2018

China's making the Belt and Road a reality one European port at a time.
added: Thu Mar 1 06:30:01 2018

Our statement on right to fair trial
added: Wed Feb 28 13:47:00 2018

HNA Unit to Set Up $3.2 Billion ‘Belt and Road’ Funds
added: Wed Feb 28 11:13:04 2018

Edinburgh zoo closed due to snow - but the penguins are loving it
added: Wed Feb 28 10:44:25 2018

Read Letter Offering Evidence of Russian Meddling Just Delivered to US Embassy
added: Wed Feb 28 10:30:31 2018

Indonesia seizes luxury yacht linked to 1MDB investigation: police
added: Wed Feb 28 10:30:18 2018

Why Is It So Hard for Clothing Manufacturers to Pay a Living Wage? via @Racked
added: Wed Feb 28 10:28:19 2018

Pro-establishment camp dismayed at CE’s olive branch to pan-dems
added: Wed Feb 28 10:26:27 2018

New on, A #Myanmar newsroom that covers Buddhist extremism @JershCarroll @splicenewsroom…
added: Wed Feb 28 09:40:42 2018
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#HongKong budget places HK$20b for upgrade of Arts and culture facilities, HK$70 million for Cantonese Opera
added: Wed Feb 28 09:32:26 2018
tags: hongkong

.@limkitsiang: Chinese tsunami unlikely? Come out from Umno ‘protectorates’, MCA told
added: Wed Feb 28 08:58:16 2018

China's military flexes muscles for domestic objective: more funding by @baibinbeijing @michaelvmartina
added: Wed Feb 28 08:19:08 2018

added: Wed Feb 28 08:18:27 2018

Fascinating.... (via @ArchaeologyRR)
added: Wed Feb 28 08:17:38 2018

World's first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket
added: Wed Feb 28 08:14:12 2018

ExxonMobil says no indication of damage to Papua New Guinea gas pipeline
added: Wed Feb 28 07:40:06 2018

The dogs fighting wild boars in illegal pits in Indonesia
added: Wed Feb 28 07:40:03 2018

Woman raped at Labour conference found 'no one cared'
added: Wed Feb 28 07:36:14 2018

Xi Jinping Dreams of World Power for Himself and China
added: Wed Feb 28 07:34:31 2018

China's ocean observatory in #Maldives sparks fresh security concerns
added: Wed Feb 28 07:32:03 2018
tags: maldives

Labour told to check prospective MPs' criminal records following new dossier of sexual abuse allegations
added: Wed Feb 28 07:30:43 2018

N.J. Cop Accused of Lewdness, Exposing Himself to Black Boys Found Not Guilty
added: Wed Feb 28 07:30:41 2018

Lebanon's Hariri leaves for Riyadh on first visit since 'resignation'
added: Wed Feb 28 07:30:17 2018

These Small Asian Markets Are Emerging As Stock Havens via @WSJ
added: Wed Feb 28 07:17:43 2018
added: Wed Feb 28 07:06:28 2018

Asian stocks slip. Via @kenanwsj via @WSJ
added: Wed Feb 28 07:05:34 2018

Rare frontal criticism of State policies in Mingpao main editorial
added: Wed Feb 28 07:03:32 2018

Scientists Find Life In 'Mars-Like' Chilean Desert
added: Wed Feb 28 07:00:41 2018

Trump administration kills agency that studies chemicals harmful to children
added: Wed Feb 28 07:00:32 2018

How cosmologists determined that the universe is expanding faster than anyone thought
added: Wed Feb 28 07:00:28 2018

Hours after the Florida shooting, a conspiracy was brewing in the dark corners of the Internet
added: Wed Feb 28 07:00:13 2018

Why the US isn’t ready for a full-blown trade war with East Asia via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Feb 28 06:56:10 2018

Amazon acquires Ring's home security business for $1 billion
added: Wed Feb 28 05:26:57 2018

Indian Officials Order Stop to Eviction of Tribal People from Tiger Reserves
added: Wed Feb 28 05:26:29 2018

Hong Kong unveils expansionary budget, push into innovative industries
added: Wed Feb 28 05:07:14 2018

China expresses 'strong dissatisfaction' with U.S. duties on Chinese aluminum foil
added: Wed Feb 28 04:33:18 2018

China manufacturing gauge suffers sharpest fall in 6 years
added: Wed Feb 28 04:28:59 2018

Teng Biao warns that “if the West is reluctant to anger China, there will be no hope.”
added: Wed Feb 28 04:19:40 2018

Hong Kong expects GDP growth of 3 to 4 percent in 2018
added: Wed Feb 28 03:58:56 2018

how Kim Jong-il once auditioned for Eraserhead while impersonating Brendan Behan
added: Wed Feb 28 00:50:04 2018

Max Mosley questioned over racist leaflet
added: Tue Feb 27 20:06:00 2018

Xi Jinping’s power grab puts China on path to Mao’s personality-cult style of leadership. My take
added: Tue Feb 27 16:23:42 2018

'New era': How China hailed the abolition of 'lifelong tenure' for leaders... in 1980…
added: Tue Feb 27 15:24:07 2018

#EskomInquiry: Board shut down damning probe of billions paid to Trillian | Business | M&G
added: Tue Feb 27 13:17:42 2018
tags: eskominquiry

Lebanon's Saad Hariri accepts invitation to visit Saudi Arabia
added: Tue Feb 27 12:33:27 2018

🖖 (OK, it's Vulkan with a K, but still)
added: Tue Feb 27 12:31:21 2018

New research reveals how deep YouTube’s conspiracy rabbit hole goes
added: Tue Feb 27 12:30:13 2018

Antisemitic incidents in US soar to highest level in two decades
added: Tue Feb 27 12:26:26 2018

Exclusive: Chinese investor pulls out of $5.2 billion Hong Kong skyscraper deal - sources Good story @clarejim !
added: Tue Feb 27 12:25:33 2018

The Shadow of Deng Xiaoping on Chinese Elite Politics @WarOnTheRocks
added: Tue Feb 27 11:45:09 2018

Ban all oilers!
added: Tue Feb 27 11:40:34 2018

(3rd LD) Chinese plane enters S. Korea's air defense zone: JCS
added: Tue Feb 27 11:40:11 2018

Xi Jinping is giving his behind-the-scenes economic steward the reins of China’s economy
added: Tue Feb 27 11:34:46 2018

A tour that ought to involve apologies to #Tibetans everywhere for disgraceful behavior. @Daimler @MercedesBenz
added: Tue Feb 27 10:54:34 2018
tags: tibetans

China Wants Police to Stop Locking Up Activists in Mental Hospitals
added: Tue Feb 27 10:44:19 2018

Liquefaction map of Taiwan Areas esp threatened by quakes
added: Tue Feb 27 10:32:32 2018

Killing a Parasite — Canceling Student Debt, Part 1
added: Tue Feb 27 10:26:33 2018

Couple filmed being evicted on Channel 5 TV show win damages Grim, grim look at how reality TV works
added: Tue Feb 27 10:25:21 2018

Covert 'Replay Sessions' Have Been Harvesting Passwords by Mistake via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Feb 27 10:18:49 2018

China drops U.S. broiler chicken import duties amid growing trade tensions
added: Tue Feb 27 10:06:13 2018

China is upset with Interpol, which ironically is headed by a Chinese police official
added: Tue Feb 27 10:05:07 2018

Maldives declines India’s invite for naval exercise Milan, says Navy chief
added: Tue Feb 27 10:03:37 2018

Taiwan and HK fear China’s harder line after Xi Jinping power play
added: Tue Feb 27 09:58:25 2018

Bank of China prices largest dim sum bond in over 2 years
added: Tue Feb 27 09:34:12 2018

AxonDB, a New Implementation of an Event Store by @janstenberg
added: Tue Feb 27 09:31:27 2018

Chinese capital dangles carrots to lure foreign talent to its Silicon Valley
added: Tue Feb 27 09:13:25 2018

Crew exploitation uncovered in Western Indian Ocean fishing fleet - Stop Illegal Fishing:
added: Tue Feb 27 09:09:59 2018

Breakdown of the vast amount of Alt-Right and white nationalist players who were out at #CPAC2018.
added: Tue Feb 27 09:08:31 2018
tags: cpac2018

France's Dirty Little Secret: thousands of dolphins killed each year.
added: Tue Feb 27 09:04:39 2018

"...democracy, for all its flaws and shortcomings, is a safety valve for society when things become frustrating...
added: Tue Feb 27 08:51:43 2018

Is #Cambodia’s Sleepy Kampot in for a Rude Chinese Awakening?
added: Tue Feb 27 08:45:11 2018
tags: cambodia

Ancient 'gate to hell' kills all who get too close - and scientists finally know why
added: Tue Feb 27 08:45:00 2018

China's defense industry is innovating, and making a name for itself abroad
added: Tue Feb 27 08:40:09 2018

StanChart resumes dividend payout as 2017 profit soars
added: Tue Feb 27 08:40:05 2018

Huawei reveals Windows MateBook X Pro laptop and Android MediaPad M5 Series tablets
added: Tue Feb 27 08:35:05 2018

Brazil military's growing role in crime crackdown fuels fears among poor
added: Tue Feb 27 08:12:50 2018

Lawmaker urges Hong Kong to better target potential HK$2K cash handouts for poor students…
added: Tue Feb 27 08:10:15 2018

Interesting LLVM utility pass to check programs at the IR-level for Spectre variant 1
added: Tue Feb 27 08:08:40 2018

China defends controversial detention measure of new anti-graft ministry The 留置 system was…
added: Tue Feb 27 08:03:22 2018

Antarctica's king penguins 'could disappear' by the end of the century:
added: Tue Feb 27 07:48:15 2018

Hong Kong Catholics condemn any Vatican deal with China. By yours truly....
added: Tue Feb 27 06:33:21 2018

Cambodia's ruling party just held Senate elections. It won every seat
added: Tue Feb 27 06:15:11 2018

Operation Gunnerside: The Norwegian attack on heavy water that deprived the Nazis of the atomic bomb
added: Tue Feb 27 05:45:59 2018

This is bonkers
added: Tue Feb 27 05:45:45 2018

US President Donald Trump is not a happy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
added: Tue Feb 27 05:45:00 2018

Nazri glad Kuok denies funding DAP, but not sorry for attacks
added: Tue Feb 27 05:36:04 2018

Clean Energy Finance chief raises doubts about 'clean coal' solution - and ARENA chief bows out: via @smh
added: Tue Feb 27 05:09:50 2018

China: Big Data Fuels Crackdown in Minority Region
added: Tue Feb 27 05:06:35 2018

Investigative reporter, girlfriend found shot dead in Slovakia
added: Tue Feb 27 05:00:21 2018

@JohnDPMorgan Eagle vs Drone - 2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone. Watch it Punch it out of the sky - YouTube -
added: Tue Feb 27 04:15:39 2018

Turkey's Zorlu Holding signs $4.5 billion battery deal with China's GSR Capital 金沙江资本
added: Tue Feb 27 04:12:57 2018

Xi’s power grab demands a clear western response via @financialtimes
added: Tue Feb 27 03:36:24 2018

Exclusive: Secretive U.S. security panel discussing Broadcom's Qualcomm bid - sources
added: Tue Feb 27 03:36:19 2018

Preparing to strike, West Virginia teachers made sure that their kids would have enough to eat while on strike
added: Tue Feb 27 03:03:24 2018

Liberals in Hong Kong fear future as China falls back on strongman rule via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Feb 27 03:02:23 2018

China Flooding Congress With Dark Money: via @YouTube
added: Tue Feb 27 03:02:09 2018

Company tax cuts: America versus Australia | Stephen Grenville
added: Tue Feb 27 03:01:12 2018
added: Tue Feb 27 02:54:36 2018

Scenes from Ballard's "High-Rise"
added: Tue Feb 27 02:50:16 2018

Chinese trawlers travel farthest and fish the most: study
added: Tue Feb 27 02:50:07 2018

// 部份反對全民平等派錢的人士表示,應該將有限的資源集中於最有需要的弱勢群體身上。但奇怪的是,這批人士大多數都同時主張退稅、退差餉,究竟他們是否知道退稅、退差餉這些所謂的「紓緩措施」,其實是「濟富」政策、會加劇貧富懸殊?//
added: Tue Feb 27 02:50:03 2018

India Canada relations remain frozen in time
added: Tue Feb 27 02:44:10 2018

Midtown commissioned Ryo Takemasa to make a guide to birds in Tokyo.
added: Tue Feb 27 02:23:04 2018

Russia vetoes UN resolution targeting Iran over arms to Yemen
added: Tue Feb 27 01:49:06 2018

Georgia Lt. Governor makes unconstitutional threat against Delta for severing NRA contract
added: Tue Feb 27 01:45:06 2018

As usual, @eosnos with a brilliant and must-read take on Xi’s ascendancy. Perceptive quotes from @CarlMinzner
added: Tue Feb 27 01:43:47 2018

AIIB approves $60mn loan for Bangladesh power project via @dailystarnews
added: Tue Feb 27 01:37:13 2018

#CPP spokesman touts one-party rule, points to #China’s one-party model and rapid economic development #Cambodia
added: Tue Feb 27 01:11:38 2018
tags: cpp, cambodia, china

Increasing #financialization in higher education is worth your worries. From @DeanBaker13 at @beat_the_press
added: Tue Feb 27 01:00:53 2018
tags: financialization

Report: No progress for African Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years
added: Mon Feb 26 22:55:04 2018

This illegitimate act is a facepunch for all who stand for democracy in Europe, the Middle East.. #FreeSalehMuslim!
added: Mon Feb 26 18:34:03 2018
tags: freesalehmuslim

@Mr_DrinksOnMe @Mummydoc1 Check out “brushing”.
added: Mon Feb 26 16:54:22 2018

浸大政治及國際關係學系助理教授黃偉國今日收到校方通知不與他續約,他認為與自己為工會主席,以及在普通話畢業試事件中支持學生有關。 _________________ 🔅社區新聞眾籌計劃🖊📸...
added: Mon Feb 26 14:34:25 2018

America's secret nuclear ice base is melting
added: Mon Feb 26 14:34:21 2018

After a first trial ended in a hung jury, "we had a new judge who I think was determined to get a conviction"
added: Mon Feb 26 14:16:19 2018

Here’s how Tammy Baldwin, one of the Senate’s most liberal members, aims to win over rural Trump country
added: Mon Feb 26 14:15:45 2018

As Russia demonizes environmental groups as “foreign agents,” forcing them to shut down, guess what suffers.
added: Mon Feb 26 13:58:20 2018

"Toilet paper apocalypse"
added: Mon Feb 26 13:56:27 2018

I did not know that filing taxes could be free and incredibly easy if not for lobbyists from @turbotax and @HRBlock:
added: Mon Feb 26 13:34:12 2018

One from our archive by @dicklp: The school beneath the wave: the unimaginable tragedy of Japan’s tsunami
added: Mon Feb 26 13:29:31 2018

Here is my full argument:
added: Mon Feb 26 13:29:15 2018

RIP Scott Westgarth: The latest anonymous sacrifice to give his life for a couple of thousand pounds
added: Mon Feb 26 13:29:03 2018

Home ministry says it is not aware of complaints of sexual misconduct against governor
added: Mon Feb 26 13:28:02 2018

Rifle purchase age increase "on the table" for RNC, despite NRA opposition
added: Mon Feb 26 13:27:26 2018

Why would you give clean needles to someone who uses drugs? Because it’s a good idea.
added: Mon Feb 26 13:26:05 2018

CPEC's Gwadar: A bane or boon for Pakistan? Read @ANI story |
added: Mon Feb 26 13:24:49 2018

Court finds John Oliver has the right to hire giant squirrels to insult coal barons:
added: Mon Feb 26 13:18:14 2018

Janus has nothing to do with workers' rights to free speech, it is about denying them freedom of contract
added: Mon Feb 26 12:57:16 2018

Researchers prove that microplastics can move up the marine food chain for the first time
added: Mon Feb 26 12:27:50 2018

The future of American unions hangs in the balance
added: Mon Feb 26 12:20:14 2018

Voda big cheese: 5G! What is it good for? Bringing an end to populism. Er, what? #mwc18
added: Mon Feb 26 12:20:06 2018
tags: mwc18

Prison Food Is Making U.S. Inmates Disproportionately Sick #CivicDocket
added: Mon Feb 26 12:05:10 2018
tags: civicdocket

Jolla's alternative Sailfish OS is coming to more phones
added: Mon Feb 26 11:47:15 2018

Power grab strengthens Xi’s influence on China economic reforms
added: Mon Feb 26 11:46:14 2018

How can India help its farmers? #economics
added: Mon Feb 26 11:45:02 2018
tags: economics

Wedgetailed Eagles are ripping $80,000 drones out of the sky. This makes me ridiculously happy
added: Mon Feb 26 11:31:03 2018

China bans Winnie the Pooh, Xi Jinping's proxy, from social media via @technology
added: Mon Feb 26 10:42:57 2018

@tomgrundy @NickKristof Indeed he was not...
added: Mon Feb 26 10:23:35 2018

No Value of Human Life – Why Lynching is Normal in India?
added: Mon Feb 26 10:18:44 2018

Gov't admits China surveyed Benham Rise without permit | via @rapplerdotcom
added: Mon Feb 26 09:50:31 2018

Border-Straddling Lisu Gather to Celebrate – And Fret Over Future
added: Mon Feb 26 09:46:57 2018

Bulldozing Rohingya villages was not 'demolition of evidence', Myanmar official says
added: Mon Feb 26 09:32:29 2018

Pattaya Cops Crash Sex Class by Russian Coitus Coach #Thailand
added: Mon Feb 26 09:11:38 2018
tags: thailand

Contested boundaries: Eviction in the sixth addition of Kaziranga National Park
added: Mon Feb 26 09:09:35 2018

Geely covets Daimler tech with $9 billion stake, shares surge
added: Mon Feb 26 09:06:12 2018

" worried about a China led by Xi Jinping. Because if he’s happy to do this at home, then boy is he going to...
added: Mon Feb 26 09:04:23 2018

China leader's top economic adviser heads to the U.S. for trade talks
added: Mon Feb 26 09:03:45 2018

Most pan-dems stay away from Legco lunch for CE
added: Mon Feb 26 08:59:22 2018

What an extension of Xi Jinping's reign in #China means for investors via @business
added: Mon Feb 26 08:59:16 2018
tags: china

China steel and iron ore futures soar on new pollution curbs
added: Mon Feb 26 08:53:17 2018

A NGO group which helps people from ethnic minorities has accused some schools of not giving a clear picture of...
added: Mon Feb 26 08:47:08 2018

The west has enabled Xi Jinping, says @wuerkaixi “Now he has become this monster that we are about to see"
added: Mon Feb 26 08:45:29 2018

【事發5年前】 【平民坐台軍F-16駕駛艙拍照】 台灣軍方再傳醜聞,有軍人私自讓平民與軍機拍照。 近日有人在網上分享照片,顯示一名女子坐在 F-16 戰機駕駛艙內。...
added: Mon Feb 26 08:45:06 2018

In news that'll surprise no one...Pro-Russian Czech president wants hacking suspect extradited to Russia, not U.S.
added: Mon Feb 26 08:40:12 2018

Legislators say royalties and management fees that #HongKong #Disney collects should be used to offset the losses
added: Mon Feb 26 08:38:32 2018
tags: hongkong, disney

Stinging defeat for Orban's party in local Hungary vote
added: Mon Feb 26 08:32:08 2018

After takeover by government, Anbang says committed to overseas subsidiaries
added: Mon Feb 26 08:00:14 2018

Civil society in Central Asia is fighting to let the region decide its own future:
added: Mon Feb 26 08:00:04 2018

Xi Jinping sweeps away consensus rule in China
added: Mon Feb 26 07:58:17 2018

How Hong Kong students' long commutes to school affect their daily lives:
added: Mon Feb 26 07:55:51 2018

Archaeologists discover ancient necropolis in Egypt with mummified remains of high priest
added: Mon Feb 26 07:52:00 2018

Tindle, the man shot by BART police, was shot in the back. Family of Man Shot by BART Police Press for Charges
added: Mon Feb 26 07:09:57 2018

Modi and Jaitley Cannot Pretend Over-Invoicing Doesn’t Happen in India at a Massive Scale via @thewire_in
added: Mon Feb 26 07:07:31 2018

"Survey confirms 94% of SMEs are remoaner snowflakes" - @DavidDavisMP
added: Mon Feb 26 07:07:19 2018

Anbang takeover puts China's companies on notice by @EngenTham @jruwitch
added: Mon Feb 26 07:04:07 2018

Should I keep my laptop plugged in while I use it?
added: Mon Feb 26 07:00:39 2018

U.S. releases advisory on North Korea’s deceptive maritime practices
added: Mon Feb 26 07:00:29 2018

Despite free tuition, some children in Ghana still struggle to get an education
added: Mon Feb 26 07:00:18 2018

PNB had only bought a basic banker's indemnity policy, which covers employee fraud, to the extent of Rs 2 crore.
added: Mon Feb 26 07:00:01 2018

Corporate America’s new dilemma: raising prices to cover higher transport costs
added: Mon Feb 26 06:59:36 2018

Mexico slaps billionaire's steel company with fine for stock manipulation
added: Mon Feb 26 06:59:36 2018

Iowa pushes for sentences of 25 years for sabotage of pipeline infrastructure. Climate change as State ideology.
added: Mon Feb 26 06:37:57 2018

We told you so!!! Well-Heeled Investors Reap the Republican Tax Cut Bonanza
added: Mon Feb 26 06:35:20 2018

Remember that fire on Ekaterinburg Delta IV ballistic missile submarine in December 2011? R…
added: Mon Feb 26 06:14:00 2018

The Dark Arts of Foreign Influence-Peddling - The Atlantic
added: Mon Feb 26 05:48:48 2018

In New York City, about 4,000 people are arrested each year for the crime of carrying a common folding knife
added: Mon Feb 26 05:27:00 2018

China corruption punishments jump 44% in January
added: Mon Feb 26 05:25:21 2018

Priests close Church of Holy Sepulchre over Israeli “attack on Christians”
added: Mon Feb 26 05:25:07 2018

#HongKong's got a dilemma: what to do with its massive pile of cash via @markets
added: Mon Feb 26 05:24:40 2018
tags: hongkong

【九巴薪酬調整方案只與兩工會商討】 【有未獲會面工會要求統一車長薪酬制度】 九巴現時有五個車長工會,但早前公布將車長的獎金撥入底薪,只與其中兩個工會商討。...
added: Mon Feb 26 05:23:03 2018

Golden Eagles make for gorgeous subjects—if you follow these ethical guidelines.
added: Mon Feb 26 05:10:08 2018

Western banks race to win China’s Belt and Road Initiative deals
added: Mon Feb 26 05:05:08 2018

CBI has registered Rs 97 crore loan default case against Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.
added: Mon Feb 26 04:15:00 2018

九巴職員權益工會理事長李國華警告,如果為車長發聲的葉蔚琳遭公司解僱,五間工會均要挺身而出。他們會全力支持她並發起相應行動。 #獨媒報導
added: Mon Feb 26 04:13:56 2018
tags: 獨媒報導

China launches propaganda push for Xi after social media criticism
added: Mon Feb 26 03:57:24 2018

Morgan Tsvangirai was the hope of many Zimbabweans and the man Mugabe feared most, but he failed at the last hurdle.
added: Mon Feb 26 03:00:23 2018

Footage of the incident shows more than a dozen officers closing in on the suspect as they urge him to drop the...
added: Mon Feb 26 03:00:05 2018

#BoycottNRA: NRA retaliates as dozens of US companies severe ties with gun-lobbying group.
added: Mon Feb 26 03:00:01 2018
tags: boycottnra

“Where does one ever see the ‘president for life’ model end well?” #dictatorship...
added: Mon Feb 26 02:55:20 2018
tags: dictatorship

Free: The Best Books for Learning Modern Statistics
added: Mon Feb 26 02:54:03 2018

‘Essentially, he has become emperor for life.’ @ChuBailiang @KeithBradsher
added: Mon Feb 26 02:26:08 2018

@yonatanzunger this is also why we have sri
added: Mon Feb 26 01:33:09 2018

25 years ago, Bill Clinton wanted to execute major drug dealers.
added: Mon Feb 26 01:32:48 2018

How some Alabama hospitals quietly drug test new mothers – without their consent
added: Sun Feb 25 22:01:53 2018

一於支持特首跟習總,刪除任期上限!永續習總!永續林鄭! #習權時代 【西環疑干預新聞界 晤傳媒高層促撐港府施政】 【國家主席任期不限? 新華社:中央委員會建議刪除任期上限】...
added: Sun Feb 25 15:52:13 2018
tags: 習權時代

Hurt feelings: How foreign brands are proving to be a soft target as China wields its power…
added: Sun Feb 25 01:32:25 2018

How all of Perth's sewage could be turned into drinking water #perth #perthnews
added: Sat Feb 24 22:37:19 2018
tags: perthnews, perth

Harvard sexism scandal reveals larger concerns over how female athletes are treated
added: Sat Feb 24 18:18:59 2018

@_erincon Sociometry of Morale. Leslie Day Zeleny. American Sociological Review. Vol. 4, No…
added: Sat Feb 24 10:43:22 2018

Several statements by @DiEM_25 about Catalan independence&Castilian Spain democratic problem in a European context:
added: Sat Feb 24 09:52:26 2018

Hacking Serverless Runtimes: Profiling AWS Lambda Azure Functions & More via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Feb 24 09:06:27 2018

Mass shooting victims reveal what Trump said to them in hospital and it's pretty shocking
added: Sat Feb 24 09:05:00 2018

These women are the only reason some people in Mexico City get any water
added: Sat Feb 24 09:04:04 2018

Memo to Australians: It's up to us whether we live in a Chinese world via @smh
added: Sat Feb 24 09:02:36 2018

US takes China's VPN ban to WTO via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Feb 24 09:01:34 2018

A KMB drivers union says drivers will take industrial action starting from 8pm tonight
added: Sat Feb 24 08:54:34 2018

#SCMP From Hong Kong IT worker to Canadian plumber: the path of those seeking escape from ‘hopeless’ city
added: Sat Feb 24 08:45:28 2018
tags: scmp

Tough journey for Nepal’s new communist PM playing China against India | Tibetan Review
added: Sat Feb 24 07:13:43 2018

Trump company settles lawsuit over disputed golf club deposits
added: Sat Feb 24 07:12:59 2018

Cory @doctorow on Trump and the weird attention economy of Facebook
added: Sat Feb 24 07:07:00 2018

Russian interference in US polls: Former Trump aide pleads guilty to conspiracy, lying
added: Sat Feb 24 06:58:01 2018

Grievance Politics for Insecure Majorities: Trumpism Worldwide
added: Sat Feb 24 06:54:07 2018

Australian PM declines to offer Trump any advice on gun control
added: Sat Feb 24 06:50:05 2018

“A one-party state that accepts and propagates anti-democratic values and practices — where little diversity of...
added: Sat Feb 24 06:49:22 2018

US to open embassy in Jerusalem in May for Israel’s 70th anniversary
added: Sat Feb 24 06:47:08 2018

Middle-class families to get ‘massive’ tax breaks in Hong Kong budget via @SCMP_news
added: Sat Feb 24 06:46:05 2018

Wikipedia Releases List Of Philippine Fake News Sites #FHMPhil via @FHMPhil
added: Sat Feb 24 06:45:22 2018
tags: fhmphil

Retweeted Green Queen (@GreenQueenHK): 💯 HK's First Plastic-Free Grocery + Best Barre Studios + Our Fave Vegan...
added: Sat Feb 24 06:18:14 2018

📹 The economy in HK is booming, especially retail, that’s why so many shops are for lease.
added: Sat Feb 24 05:35:05 2018

This seems important.
added: Fri Feb 23 23:36:13 2018

W. E. B. Du Bois speaks in 1960 on "Socialism and the American Negro"
added: Fri Feb 23 22:35:57 2018

W. E. B. Du Bois understood Reconstruction as an attempt to create democracy in America.
added: Fri Feb 23 21:17:42 2018

Bill Gates is adorably terrible at guessing the cost of everyday groceries
added: Fri Feb 23 15:25:06 2018

United States tells WTO of concerns over China's new web access rules
added: Fri Feb 23 14:00:14 2018

“Hemlock might not be strong enough” via @SpearsMagazine
added: Fri Feb 23 13:45:03 2018

Scoop: In 2017, the Department of Education Saw a major uptick in complaints of racial harassment in schools
added: Fri Feb 23 13:39:42 2018

Governments must act now to protect migratory birds:
added: Fri Feb 23 11:55:44 2018

400 kilos of cocaine found in Russian embassy in Argentina
added: Fri Feb 23 11:52:09 2018

Last residents hold on in Tunisia's underground houses
added: Fri Feb 23 11:50:04 2018

Justin Trudeau is dressing so spectacularly wrong in India it has become a meme
added: Fri Feb 23 11:50:00 2018

U.S. Microchip Tester Scraps Sale to Chinese Buyer
added: Fri Feb 23 11:38:34 2018
added: Fri Feb 23 11:38:30 2018

Chinese Trawlers Dominate World Fishing Industry
added: Fri Feb 23 11:38:00 2018

Inside Budapest's abandoned Soviet military hospital
added: Fri Feb 23 10:46:37 2018

French court denies request to release Tariq Ramadan on health grounds
added: Fri Feb 23 10:45:04 2018

Myanmar bulldozes what is left of Rohingya Muslim villages
added: Fri Feb 23 10:44:49 2018

Spectre and Meltdown Mitigations Now Available for FreeBSD and OpenBSD Systems via…
added: Fri Feb 23 10:34:13 2018

U.S. shale investors still waiting on payoff from oil boom
added: Fri Feb 23 10:33:39 2018

Russia’s Stealth-Fighter Deployment in Syria Is a Dangerous Farce via @warisboring #war
added: Fri Feb 23 10:20:53 2018
tags: war

红色权贵吴小晖被公诉 涉集资诈骗及职务侵占
added: Fri Feb 23 10:06:58 2018

HKEX to offer concessions for U.S., UK-listed firms to list in Hong Kong
added: Fri Feb 23 09:50:05 2018

A new building adds around 2,000 square metres of gallery space to the existing 11,000 square metres
added: Fri Feb 23 09:19:56 2018

Missouri governor indicted on felony invasion of privacy charge
added: Fri Feb 23 08:56:07 2018

NIS: Kim Yong-chol Cannot Be Directly Pinpointed as Mastermind of Cheonan Sinking
added: Fri Feb 23 08:26:07 2018

Blackstone's flurry of deals with Chinese buyers from 2013 to 2017 (source:
added: Fri Feb 23 08:12:54 2018

Hong Kong activist says Australia should speak up on Beijing influence 來自 @FinancialReview
added: Fri Feb 23 07:32:11 2018

I know someone who could get them a good deal
added: Fri Feb 23 06:34:06 2018

Gov't study suggests New Territories North development could house up to 350,000 people…
added: Fri Feb 23 05:26:12 2018

Police hold two men over illegal Lunar New Year fireworks displays
added: Fri Feb 23 04:00:06 2018

New Zealand is the least corrupt country on earth, finds @anticorruption #CPI2017
added: Thu Feb 22 21:35:00 2018
tags: cpi2017

Nation's Largest Wind Farm Coming to Oklahoma
added: Thu Feb 22 16:47:21 2018

Joshua Wong wants Hong Kong to be famous for its democracy, not its dim sum
added: Thu Feb 22 08:25:02 2018

'A very scary movie': how China snatched Gui Minhai on the 11.10 train to Beijing
added: Thu Feb 22 04:01:04 2018

Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides
added: Wed Feb 21 21:41:45 2018

centrist anti-Medicare for all Dem candidate for governor in Michigan is fundraising from Blue Cross employees
added: Wed Feb 21 19:30:41 2018

Intel plans $5 billion investment in Israel by 2020: minister
added: Wed Feb 21 14:00:13 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s message to Britain’s billionaire, tax exile press barons: ‘Change is coming’
added: Wed Feb 21 14:00:03 2018

Iran finds wreckage of crashed plane on top of mountain
added: Tue Feb 20 09:30:22 2018

Chinese warships enter East Indian Ocean amid Maldives tensions
added: Tue Feb 20 09:30:09 2018

Man admits keeping owls heads in jam jars to sell to pagans
added: Tue Feb 20 08:49:28 2018

Westminster councillor receives more than 500 gifts in three years
added: Tue Feb 20 08:49:21 2018

'The 'traitor' accusations against Jeremy Corbyn are nothing but baseless right-wing propaganda'
added: Tue Feb 20 08:46:54 2018

Prestigious Science Journals Struggle to Reach Even Average Reliability
added: Tue Feb 20 08:14:46 2018

Mong Kok unrest: Jury of nine selected for case involving activist Edward Leung @krislc…
added: Tue Feb 20 07:51:36 2018

Alleged hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited to US
added: Tue Feb 20 07:45:05 2018

Robert Mueller expands interest in Jared Kushner to include financial dealings with Qatari and Chinese investors
added: Tue Feb 20 07:40:35 2018

There's going to church, and then there's going to church. A holy man to warm the heart of Peter Brown...
added: Tue Feb 20 07:38:38 2018

New blood test can detect autism in children
added: Tue Feb 20 07:22:00 2018

Understanding Hong Kong’s Smart City Aspirations -- Charles Ng Invest HK via @YouTube Video…
added: Tue Feb 20 07:21:43 2018

Japan hopes U.S. returns to TPP but overhaul tough: negotiator
added: Tue Feb 20 07:10:05 2018

The neuro-philosophy of international relations -
added: Tue Feb 20 06:27:16 2018

Seismic Surveys Planned Off U.S. Coast Pose Risk To Marine Life
added: Tue Feb 20 04:47:20 2018

JUST IN: HSBC more than doubles pre-tax profits to HK$134 billion in 2017
added: Tue Feb 20 04:46:10 2018

Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal boarded a train himself to ascertain the plights of a regular train traveller.
added: Tue Feb 20 04:45:00 2018

Draft paper on new listing rules to be issued soon, says #HongKong stock exchange chief
added: Tue Feb 20 04:20:11 2018
tags: hongkong

Russian magnate Deripaska to quit roles at his two biggest firms
added: Tue Feb 20 03:14:37 2018

Major GOP donor steps up effort to change his party's stance on guns via @nbcnews
added: Tue Feb 20 02:57:25 2018

please read @EoinHiggins_ piece. just in case one needs reminding you Al Giordano is.
added: Tue Feb 20 01:17:57 2018

You'll be shocked (shocked!) to know the guy in this picture is a convicted child molester:…
added: Tue Feb 20 01:06:52 2018

What have we learned about finance and macroeconomics over the last 10 years? New study by @AtifRMian and I:
added: Mon Feb 19 14:17:52 2018

Rotomac loan fraud swells to Rs 3,695 crore; CBI, ED register case
added: Mon Feb 19 13:48:19 2018

Posters had warned residents that they would be shot if they voted for Jonathone Sangma.
added: Mon Feb 19 13:48:01 2018

UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world, says study
added: Mon Feb 19 13:46:06 2018

"You are next." via @nzherald
added: Mon Feb 19 10:44:23 2018

Gujarat civic election results 2018: Initial trends show neck-and-neck fight between BJP and Congress
added: Mon Feb 19 04:03:23 2018

Two US grocery chains are on the verge of bankruptcy as Amazon moves in #SmartNews
added: Mon Feb 19 03:35:25 2018
tags: smartnews

A Dance for Tibetan New Year, Then 17 Hours in Custody @stevenleemyers on how China makes i…
added: Mon Feb 19 00:00:31 2018

Punishment, deterrence and the Joshua Wong case: How the Hong Kong gov't turned defeat into victory 來自 @hongkongfp
added: Sun Feb 18 16:21:46 2018

Australia squeezed as US seeks China's pressure point writes @Johnkehoe23
added: Sun Feb 18 14:57:10 2018

China’s authoritarian influence is a direct threat to European democracies via @financialtimes
added: Sun Feb 18 08:50:42 2018

Oxfam 'tip of the iceberg' of aid worker misconduct, Haiti president says
added: Sun Feb 18 06:51:00 2018

U.S. still unsure who directed Syria attack, despite Russian dead
added: Sun Feb 18 06:47:32 2018

Did India need to demonetise at all? No, said a BJP government-commissioned report |…
added: Sun Feb 18 03:38:01 2018

Ancient city's LiDAR scans reveal as many buildings as Manhattan
added: Sun Feb 18 01:37:21 2018

A potent botnet is exploiting a critical router bug that may never be fixed via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Feb 17 14:25:56 2018

How Apple is paving the way to a ‘cloud dictatorship’ in China
added: Sat Feb 17 13:04:02 2018

Independent publishing in Hong Kong - a once-flourishing industry annihilated by fear
added: Sat Feb 17 12:57:58 2018

MCA’s misplaced priority: Praising China, attacking Dr M
added: Sat Feb 17 12:57:56 2018

First UK live music census warns of threats to small venues
added: Sat Feb 17 12:49:53 2018

Public accounts 'clearly show' Assad's continuing use of chemical weapons: McMaster (Reuters)
added: Sat Feb 17 12:43:18 2018

One antidote is to inoculate citizens @DavidVonDrehle See @wiczipedia
added: Sat Feb 17 12:21:16 2018

Things get real.
added: Sat Feb 17 11:50:48 2018

Jean-Luc Mélenchon's France Insoumise has become the leading opposition to Macron's neoliberal agenda.
added: Sat Feb 17 11:44:51 2018

The women of Atari spoke. Why isn't the gaming industry listening?
added: Sat Feb 17 11:44:50 2018

After the Parkland shooting, pro-Russian bots are pushing false-flag allegations again
added: Sat Feb 17 11:43:47 2018

Czech snowboarder Ledecka stuns Alpine world with super-G gold
added: Sat Feb 17 11:40:05 2018

Gibson guitar company facing imminent bankruptcy
added: Sat Feb 17 11:40:03 2018

Philippines seethes over #China's build-up in #SouthChinaSea via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Feb 17 11:40:00 2018
tags: china, southchinasea

China's HNA pares back big stake in Deutsche Bank
added: Sat Feb 17 11:32:14 2018

White House has weird response to Trump’s alleged affair with Playboy model
added: Sat Feb 17 11:30:21 2018

#Ethiopia says state of emergency will last six months
added: Sat Feb 17 10:34:23 2018
tags: ethiopia

Whose family first? Seollal depicts gender inequality at its rawest
added: Sat Feb 17 10:02:08 2018

Exclusive: Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns
added: Sat Feb 17 03:30:17 2018

SaltStack’s $15.5M series A funding round is largest ever for an IT automation firm
added: Fri Feb 16 22:27:06 2018

CBI Under Modi Ensures the Accused Are Free And the Investigator is on Trial
added: Fri Feb 16 13:13:19 2018

Intel just put a quantum computer on a silicon chip
added: Fri Feb 16 11:32:27 2018

‘I was locked inside a steel cage’: Peter Humphrey on his life inside a Chinese prison via @financialtimes
added: Fri Feb 16 10:54:59 2018

Trump bragged about a General Motors plant relocation that he made up
added: Fri Feb 16 10:45:07 2018

Chrome adblockalypse will 'accelerate Google-Facebook duopoly'
added: Fri Feb 16 10:41:12 2018

Sinn Fein accuses DUP of walking away from Northern Ireland deal after talks collapse
added: Fri Feb 16 10:40:09 2018

Coinbase promises refunds after repeatedly charging crypto fees
added: Fri Feb 16 09:05:00 2018

Marcus Noland explains the North Korean economy
added: Fri Feb 16 09:04:39 2018

This startup is bringing transparency to the weed industry — with blockchain
added: Fri Feb 16 09:04:25 2018

Surgical instruments may spread Alzheimer’s proteins
added: Fri Feb 16 09:03:46 2018

White Folks Lose Their Collective Minds Over Farmer's Roadside Sign Urging People to 'Resist White Supremacy'
added: Fri Feb 16 09:00:57 2018

Banks Across U.S. Caught Systematically Rejecting People of Color for Home Loans
added: Fri Feb 16 09:00:50 2018

The East Bay's Changing Demographics
added: Fri Feb 16 08:58:50 2018

Aid in reverse: how poor countries develop rich countries by @JasonHickel
added: Fri Feb 16 08:56:28 2018

Why the new direct Eurostar service to Amsterdam won't beat flying
added: Fri Feb 16 08:56:11 2018

'100,000 orangutans' killed in 16 years #Deforestation #PalmOil #Anthropocene @extinctsymbol
added: Fri Feb 16 08:17:10 2018
tags: deforestation, anthropocene, palmoil

Scientists just discovered a new antibiotic in dirt
added: Fri Feb 16 07:44:34 2018

Middle-income millennials priced out of homes market via @financialtimes
added: Fri Feb 16 07:43:26 2018

Why are Hong Kong bureaucrats such miserly fiscal spenders?
added: Fri Feb 16 06:58:30 2018

UC Berkeley CSSA: "report to China Embassy and apply funds"
added: Fri Feb 16 06:02:26 2018

Lunar New Year: Chinese TV gala includes 'racist blackface' sketch
added: Fri Feb 16 05:51:50 2018

Loyola University Chicago CSSA: "regularly apply funding from China Consulate"
added: Fri Feb 16 05:20:42 2018

‘I was locked inside a steel cage’: corporate investigator Peter Humphrey
added: Fri Feb 16 04:04:00 2018

SEC blocks Chicago Stock Exchange sale to China-based investors
added: Fri Feb 16 03:12:59 2018

North Carolina State University CSSA: "our funding is from China Embassy grant..."
added: Thu Feb 15 20:28:45 2018

#Taiwan's rep. to #US: Taiwan stands with world in fight against 'sharp power'
added: Thu Feb 15 11:46:13 2018
tags: us, taiwan

A year into OPEC's production cuts, Asia's oil markets have tightened
added: Thu Feb 15 08:10:07 2018

The latest The Catitude Daily! Thanks to @mic @ylanmui @wildwong #scmp #sportsbiz
added: Thu Feb 15 08:07:48 2018
tags: sportsbiz, scmp

SpaceX is launching its broadband satellites into orbit this weekend
added: Thu Feb 15 07:19:09 2018

Hong Kong stocks wing higher as year of the rooster ends
added: Thu Feb 15 07:15:11 2018

#Nagaland assembly election 2018: No women representative in 60-member house
added: Thu Feb 15 07:15:00 2018
tags: nagaland

WATCH: Jacob Zuma resigns as President of South Africa via @ReutersTV
added: Thu Feb 15 07:14:07 2018

For China’s Catholics, state-controlled church is ‘like a tree with no roots’ - characteri…
added: Thu Feb 15 06:43:39 2018

CNN host debunks GOP congressman’s FBI conspiracy in just 2 minutes
added: Thu Feb 15 05:45:09 2018

China's ZTE says is trusted partner after U.S. concern
added: Thu Feb 15 05:44:07 2018
added: Thu Feb 15 05:40:20 2018

australia's winemakers are in high spirits as chinese demand surges:
added: Thu Feb 15 05:39:56 2018

#Myanmar policeman who detained Reuters pair “did not know arrest procedures”
added: Thu Feb 15 05:37:55 2018
tags: myanmar

NBC publishes database of 200,000 tweets by Russian trolls that were deleted by Twitter
added: Thu Feb 15 05:31:05 2018

Wanda’s hopes for global lifestyle empire fade as it beats a retreat
added: Thu Feb 15 05:04:20 2018

Waddawewant? Free video codecs! When dowe .. oh, look, the last MPEG-2 patent expired!
added: Thu Feb 15 05:03:48 2018

added: Thu Feb 15 05:03:21 2018

Fifteen Russian mercenaries working in Syria were killed in an explosion at an arms depot in Deir ez-Zor.
added: Thu Feb 15 05:00:00 2018

Yes, some people are really advocating this nonsense.
added: Thu Feb 15 04:46:29 2018

#UnitedKingdom interested in joining China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Boris Johnson.
added: Thu Feb 15 04:30:46 2018
tags: unitedkingdom

Egypt jails another prominent Sisi critic. At this point, we could have a fascinating presidential debate in prison.
added: Thu Feb 15 04:12:11 2018

Xinjiang Authorities Push Uyghurs to Marry Han Chinese or Take in State-Assigned Chinese ‘Relatives’
added: Thu Feb 15 04:11:42 2018

"The world's oldest Christian institution, it seems, with 2,000 years of history, has been outmaneuvered by a...
added: Thu Feb 15 04:11:03 2018

Jailed ex-Panama president released from US jail on $1 mn bond
added: Thu Feb 15 03:38:08 2018

added: Thu Feb 15 03:29:35 2018

Former Cyber Czar expelled from Communist Party & prosecuted for corruption ‌
added: Wed Feb 14 19:31:00 2018

Media release: Alton Gas CRIMINALIZING grassroots Mi’kmaq water protectors - #StopAltonGas
added: Wed Feb 14 06:52:22 2018
tags: stopaltongas

Annie Rice beat Paul Fehler to win the 8th ward seat in a special election
added: Wed Feb 14 02:55:00 2018

Thinking strategically about China and the U.S. in Latin America: A riposte to Evan Ellis
added: Wed Feb 14 00:31:41 2018

Israeli police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu. What happens next?…
added: Wed Feb 14 00:31:05 2018

US budget outline calls for huge Pentagon increase, cuts to State
added: Tue Feb 13 12:42:08 2018

Jumping Air Gaps
added: Tue Feb 13 12:42:05 2018

#Taiwan ranked as 3rd smartest country in world by UK-based Alltime10sm, edging out #Singapore #台灣
added: Tue Feb 13 10:47:53 2018
tags: singapore, 台灣, taiwan

Chinese prosecutors have charged disgraced senior politician Sun Zhengcai with bribery
added: Tue Feb 13 10:06:02 2018

DIY ARM Debugger for Wi-Fi Chips : (Slides)
added: Tue Feb 13 10:02:35 2018

Police officer fired for not shooting suicidal black man wins $175,000 settlement
added: Tue Feb 13 09:18:07 2018

Improving the way kids are taught to read: Comments:
added: Tue Feb 13 08:50:02 2018

One year to the day since Kim Jong Nam was murdered. South Koreans haven't forgotten via @financialtimes
added: Tue Feb 13 08:50:00 2018

Western Australia uranium mine could lead to the extinction of underground fauna:
added: Tue Feb 13 08:48:44 2018

ICYMI: Commission’s Battery Alliance holds its second summit to supercharge Europe’s position in the industry
added: Tue Feb 13 08:46:23 2018

#Cambodia: Mother Nature activists Hun Vannak and Doem Kundy released after completing their prison terms
added: Tue Feb 13 08:41:14 2018
tags: cambodia

Carillion: accountants accused of 'feasting' on company The question has to be asked: in wh…
added: Tue Feb 13 07:25:24 2018

On @Breakingviews – Chinese gold mining IPO is a dubious prospect, says @ClaraMarquesRTR
added: Tue Feb 13 07:15:12 2018

China continued sanctioned commodities trade with N. Korea in December: data #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Tue Feb 13 07:09:14 2018
tags: dprk, northkorea

Yeh. But why not? Watchdog’s departure does not mean Cheng should have resigned over illegal structures, Lam says
added: Tue Feb 13 07:08:26 2018

First openly gay US winter Olympian will boycott Team USA's White House visit
added: Tue Feb 13 07:05:29 2018

American TV presenter mocked for extraordinary comments about Dutch speed skating
added: Tue Feb 13 07:05:00 2018

Cypriot Maronites: The ancient island community that's about to vanish
added: Tue Feb 13 06:46:18 2018

New technology can detect Isis videos before they are uploaded
added: Tue Feb 13 06:45:47 2018

Sea level rise is accelerating: study
added: Tue Feb 13 06:40:08 2018

Guess Hilldale, Utah will have to find eleven new staffers who aren't sexist a-holes. Bye, Felicia!
added: Tue Feb 13 03:05:08 2018

Rattled by U.S. fiscal, monetary tug-of-war, investors start looking abroad
added: Mon Feb 12 22:50:07 2018

Xinjiang Authorities Launch Anti-Religion Propaganda Drive Through Local Police Stations
added: Mon Feb 12 21:22:33 2018

What a battle over Virginia's most powerful monopoly can teach Democrats everywhere, by @danielmarans:
added: Mon Feb 12 20:25:20 2018

I reported and wrote a story about opioids, my hometown, and my best friend, who died six and a half years ago.
added: Mon Feb 12 14:54:34 2018

Hindu Communalism Is The Real Threat To India - Velivada
added: Mon Feb 12 12:40:10 2018

A culprit for financial site glitches: you and your apps
added: Mon Feb 12 12:40:06 2018

Unsurprisingly, this article downplays the culpability of Israel in creating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
added: Mon Feb 12 12:38:04 2018

N.Y. Teamsters form ‘sanctuary union’ to fight ICE agents
added: Mon Feb 12 12:27:24 2018

The predominant traits of psychopathy differ between cultures, experts claim
added: Mon Feb 12 12:10:42 2018

Iran President Hassan Rouhani to visit India this week
added: Mon Feb 12 12:10:21 2018

Figure skating: Triumph after tears as Nagasu makes skating history
added: Mon Feb 12 12:10:05 2018

Support constructive, responsible, realistic disobedience in Greece. Support DiEM25’s new political party in Greece
added: Mon Feb 12 12:09:15 2018

Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 845 is a graphics powerhouse
added: Mon Feb 12 12:08:48 2018

BJP leader Ramesh Saxena asks farmers to chant Hanuman Chalisa to prevent natural disaster
added: Mon Feb 12 12:08:29 2018

Japan is cracking down on Chinese translators of manga, anime, and games
added: Mon Feb 12 11:25:34 2018

Tracing the tangled tracks of humankind's evolutionary journey by @hannahdev
added: Mon Feb 12 11:04:42 2018

Is Facebook for old people? Over-55s flock in as the young leave
added: Mon Feb 12 11:01:59 2018

Smartphone data tracking is even creepier than you think
added: Mon Feb 12 11:01:08 2018

Here are the Key Findings in the 2017 State of Telecommuting Report via @FlexJobs
added: Mon Feb 12 11:00:27 2018

This map of shadow banking in China (from @BIS_org) is a sight to behold.
added: Mon Feb 12 10:42:22 2018

Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat joined the party's campaign in poll-bound Tripura on Monday.
added: Mon Feb 12 09:48:47 2018

The African Union plans to set up an office in Beijing, in a sign of deepening China-Africa ties
added: Mon Feb 12 09:44:40 2018

Picture of single atom suspended in electric fields wins top science photography prize
added: Mon Feb 12 09:44:10 2018

US–Vietnamese cooperation: current, not past, issues are the limiting factor
added: Mon Feb 12 09:41:00 2018

Robert De Niro destroys Trump on climate change: I'm from 'backward' country suffering 'temporary insanity'
added: Mon Feb 12 09:40:28 2018

A deadly bus crash in Hong Kong has revived a debate about long hours worked by drivers
added: Mon Feb 12 09:17:08 2018

Driver in fatal Tai Po double-decker crash was previously convicted of dangerous driving…
added: Mon Feb 12 08:54:16 2018

Rahul Gandhi says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s speech an insult to every Indian
added: Mon Feb 12 08:53:44 2018

Labour says nationalisation will cost taxpayers 'absolutely nothing'
added: Mon Feb 12 08:53:29 2018

Oxfam staff 'who threw sex parties with prostitutes in Haiti' went to work for other aid agencies
added: Mon Feb 12 08:53:23 2018

Top cleric says women in Saudi Arabia no longer need to wear the abaya
added: Mon Feb 12 08:51:28 2018

Pakistan warns against any Indian cross-border raid after Kashmir attack
added: Mon Feb 12 08:50:05 2018

For those excited about #whatsapppayments, well... it is yet to be rolled out officially @WhatsApp
added: Mon Feb 12 08:48:16 2018
tags: whatsapppayments

Yay, the #smashingconf talk @una and I did together on image optimisations is online:
added: Mon Feb 12 08:45:48 2018
tags: smashingconf

Here's something bigger to worry about in China than stocks: Property via @gadfly…
added: Mon Feb 12 08:43:03 2018

The Trump administration wants to turn the International Space Station into a commercially run venture
added: Mon Feb 12 07:46:21 2018

Russia warns Israel on Syria strikes, danger to Russian Troops
added: Mon Feb 12 07:11:06 2018

Iran breached a red line by sending a drone into Israel airspace, and the response was swift, writes @RodgerShanahan
added: Mon Feb 12 07:01:00 2018

Doping row because US 'can't beat us fairly': Russia FM
added: Mon Feb 12 07:00:10 2018

Bus company shares blame for fatal crash, KMB staff union representative says
added: Mon Feb 12 06:46:01 2018

Chloe Kim is pushing halfpipe snowboarding forward. She makes it look easy.
added: Mon Feb 12 04:35:30 2018

Slides for my talk 'Shipping a Replacement Architecture in Elixir at @empexco are online now: #myelixirstatus
added: Sun Feb 11 18:44:27 2018
tags: myelixirstatus

China detention law to roll back legal protections for suspects
added: Sun Feb 11 16:34:22 2018

@Econ_Marshall my graphs are better!
added: Sun Feb 11 12:12:41 2018

UK threatens to cut off aid cash to charities after Oxfam sex report
added: Sun Feb 11 12:10:05 2018

'I just met an Albanian girl who was sex trafficked across Europe. This is her story'
added: Sun Feb 11 12:02:45 2018

Kansas bill to teach gun safety to students requires NRA program
added: Sun Feb 11 12:02:03 2018

““Publishing is an upper-middle class industry whose output caters to upper-middle class tastes.””
added: Sun Feb 11 12:01:24 2018

Gabriela slams Duterte for order to shoot female NPAs in vagina
added: Sun Feb 11 11:14:57 2018

'Visitors from Mexico jailed for smuggling illegal fish bladders' @thestandardhk In the pr…
added: Sun Feb 11 11:04:36 2018

Anti-fascist protesters rally in flashpoint Italian town
added: Sun Feb 11 04:23:07 2018

My fresh story about the Russian spy who was exchanged today. Includes a VIDEO of the exchange.
added: Sat Feb 10 19:35:27 2018

I wrote about how Bitcoin Redditors terrorized a 16-year-old female app developer
added: Sat Feb 10 18:43:42 2018

ICE to deport Arizona father whose 5-year-old son is battling cancer
added: Sat Feb 10 17:16:17 2018

Now Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people #Syria #HandsOffSyria
added: Sat Feb 10 17:08:29 2018
tags: syria, handsoffsyria

London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert
added: Sat Feb 10 13:44:07 2018

In an information age, success depends not only on whose army wins, but also on whose story wins | @Joe_Nye
added: Sat Feb 10 12:56:00 2018

Why did the list of India’s top public intellectuals consist only of upper-caste men?
added: Sat Feb 10 12:29:02 2018

At least two people have been killed and scores wounded in a bombing at a mosque in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi
added: Sat Feb 10 02:00:25 2018

Russian activist alleges new link between the Kremlin and Paul Manafort
added: Sat Feb 10 02:00:09 2018

US immigration agents seem once again to be wielding their badges as instruments of political repression.
added: Sat Feb 10 02:00:01 2018

FULL STORY: Speechwriter David Sorensen suddenly resigned after his ex-wife aired accusations of domestic violence.
added: Sat Feb 10 01:54:15 2018

If you want to see the Internet of Shit house of horrors, @kashhill beat me to it
added: Sat Feb 10 00:29:06 2018

Limiting Chinese Aggression: A Strategy of Counter-Pressure via @aminterest
added: Fri Feb 9 20:03:45 2018

Punmeo can clearly be seen in photos and video stabbing multiole people.
added: Fri Feb 9 18:20:05 2018

.@RSF_inter: China must stop harassing foreign reporters
added: Fri Feb 9 17:17:28 2018

My piece on watching the Opening Ceremony and searching for the Olympic Spirit in a post-Nassar world
added: Fri Feb 9 17:09:21 2018

In 'interview,' detained bookseller Gui Minhai says he wants Sweden to stop hyping his case…
added: Fri Feb 9 14:22:56 2018

Some say China’s new marching orders will backfire. But a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single goose-step
added: Fri Feb 9 11:10:15 2018

Trump offshore oil drilling plan draws protest in California
added: Thu Feb 8 14:16:25 2018

Trump tax cuts trickle across America, bringing glee and skepticism
added: Thu Feb 8 14:16:25 2018

Wall Street set to rise as volatility eases from record levels
added: Thu Feb 8 14:16:24 2018

CNN decides to give a Nazi a national TV platform
added: Thu Feb 8 14:15:20 2018

Hungarian authorities open fraud investigation into EU-funded lighting projects
added: Thu Feb 8 14:06:29 2018

Revealing exchange: “You guys want me to send troops everywhere,” Trump said, according to…
added: Thu Feb 8 14:05:04 2018

Gaza hospitals, clinics to reopen after Emirati grant: WHO
added: Thu Feb 8 12:40:03 2018

US teacher accused of assaulting pupil who refused to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
added: Thu Feb 8 12:11:30 2018

Oil slides as U.S. output soars and North Sea crude flows restart
added: Thu Feb 8 10:50:05 2018

Police Complaints Authority to be constituted to deal with custodial violence charges
added: Thu Feb 8 10:50:00 2018

Maldives sends envoys to China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to update them on its situation
added: Thu Feb 8 10:48:07 2018

Secretary for Education on early Chinese New Year holidays for kindergartens and primary schools
added: Thu Feb 8 10:05:03 2018

The Vibrant Color Wheels Designed by Goethe, Newton & Other Theorists of Color (1665-1810)
added: Thu Feb 8 10:01:00 2018

Study that claimed humans arrived in the Americas more than 100,000 years ago facing mounting criticism:
added: Thu Feb 8 09:59:47 2018

Government propose ban of puppy sales by pet shops
added: Thu Feb 8 09:00:33 2018

North Korea’s illicit activities in Africa remain pervasive, UN report shows
added: Thu Feb 8 09:00:04 2018

Exports of India and Russia's BrahMos missile could worry China Only if you ignore CCP Chin…
added: Thu Feb 8 08:58:20 2018

North Korea says no intention of meeting U.S officials during the Winter Olympics @HeeShin…
added: Thu Feb 8 08:20:05 2018

Freemasons call for end to 'discrimination' of members
added: Thu Feb 8 08:19:03 2018

The endless, vicious "collateral damage" of #Philippines Prez #Duterte 's "war on the poor"…
added: Thu Feb 8 08:15:00 2018
tags: duterte, philippines

India: Six arrested for #rhino poaching in Jaldapara National Park, including a teacher via…
added: Thu Feb 8 07:49:21 2018
tags: rhino

China aims to meet 2020 target for steel capacity cuts this year, warns on resumption
added: Thu Feb 8 06:49:41 2018

Chinese media “spoiled the atmosphere” of inter-Korean rapprochement: DPRK media #NorthKorea
added: Thu Feb 8 06:47:14 2018
tags: northkorea

Nancy Pelosi tells US House immigrant stories for eight hours
added: Thu Feb 8 06:23:36 2018

In “Seven Chinas” @davidkpolicycn provides a pithy and well-researched framework for analyzing #China today
added: Thu Feb 8 06:22:22 2018
tags: china

China revives QDLP outbound investment scheme in boost for foreign funds: sources
added: Thu Feb 8 06:20:12 2018

@EoinHiggins_ Here's the story on the victim (obvious warning for media bias in favor of police narrative)
added: Thu Feb 8 06:19:47 2018

Huge levels of antibiotic use in US farming revealed
added: Thu Feb 8 05:05:02 2018

Hong Kong, Japan stocks higher despite Wall Street drop
added: Thu Feb 8 04:55:28 2018

U.N. rights chief urges Indonesia not to outlaw gay sex and resist attempts to introduce discrimination into law
added: Thu Feb 8 04:50:03 2018

Anyone interested in these issues should read @ClareAngelyn's work with @GeorgetownCPT:
added: Thu Feb 8 04:05:09 2018

Hong Kong the Pirate Capital – Part V: Hijacked on the High Seas
added: Thu Feb 8 02:01:17 2018

Israel's chief of police getting the "Rod Rosenstein treatment" from Bibi
added: Wed Feb 7 23:36:06 2018

The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.
added: Wed Feb 7 22:27:51 2018

@bucketoftongues That’s from 20 years ago, and yes...they did
added: Wed Feb 7 20:32:04 2018

Here's a long conversation I had with Quincy Jones -- via @vulture
added: Wed Feb 7 15:46:07 2018

Dave Whelan agrees deal to sell Wigan Athletic to Hong Kong-based company | By @david_conn
added: Wed Feb 7 15:16:13 2018

Theresa May refuses to exclude NHS contracts from US trade deals
added: Wed Feb 7 14:30:05 2018

Rio Tinto: steel yourselves
added: Wed Feb 7 13:41:52 2018

EU leaders to host Turkey's Erdogan, the estranged uncle they can't shut out
added: Wed Feb 7 13:41:48 2018

Patreon's new Lens should avoid being too much like Snapchat
added: Wed Feb 7 13:33:54 2018

Preposterous !
added: Wed Feb 7 13:03:45 2018

HPE Spins Out US Data Center Engineering Practice via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Feb 7 13:03:43 2018

Alexis Sanchez sentenced to 16 months in prison in Spain
added: Wed Feb 7 13:03:23 2018

Embracing far-right parties doesn't pry away their supporters but legitimizes and reinforces their ideas.
added: Wed Feb 7 13:02:35 2018

ICYMI --> Stunning new pictures show the scope of Chinese building in the South China Sea.
added: Wed Feb 7 12:53:01 2018

Futures fall again after Tuesday's bounce
added: Wed Feb 7 12:50:05 2018

An interesting read...
added: Wed Feb 7 12:49:41 2018

New @intercepted — Memo and Memoer: The bipartisan love affair with mass surveillance
added: Wed Feb 7 12:15:06 2018

Funny Capital Markets: they are down because…the US Economy is up
added: Wed Feb 7 11:36:27 2018

Frost killing crops in the New Territories as farmers warn of food price rises
added: Wed Feb 7 11:34:06 2018

All Ledger hardware wallets vulnerable to man in the middle attack
added: Wed Feb 7 11:33:26 2018

Internal FBI documents show White House lied about Comey firing
added: Wed Feb 7 11:30:09 2018

【指去槓桿過程快】 【瑞信陶冬:內地經濟或硬著陸】 瑞士信貸亞太區私人銀行董事總經理陶冬憂慮,內地金融去槓桿過程過快,會觸發經濟硬著陸風險。 他又指市場低估了美國稅改令資金回流,對中港以及新興市場的影響。...
added: Wed Feb 7 11:30:06 2018

America First Actually Means China First via @thenation
added: Wed Feb 7 11:29:49 2018

US abdication in Africa hands political opportunities to China
added: Wed Feb 7 11:29:36 2018

One publisher went 'cold Turkey' on FB for a fortnight with some interesting insights
added: Wed Feb 7 11:12:14 2018

France says Turkey, Iran violating international law in Syria
added: Wed Feb 7 10:40:06 2018

In 2017, a total 111 killed in 822 communal incidents: Government
added: Wed Feb 7 10:40:00 2018

Lawyer urges medical parole for detained Chinese Umbrella Movement supporter Ji Sizun…
added: Wed Feb 7 10:20:17 2018

Indonesia: Man arrested for selling Sumatran #tiger and sun bear body parts on Facebook…
added: Wed Feb 7 10:07:33 2018
tags: tiger

▶️ Investors brace as markets continue rollercoaster ride
added: Wed Feb 7 09:55:15 2018

What a coincidence.
added: Wed Feb 7 09:54:00 2018

Is the paradigm of individualism vs. collectivism just a way to fleece workers of their wages?
added: Wed Feb 7 09:53:00 2018

North Korea suspected of Coincheck heist
added: Wed Feb 7 09:49:04 2018

More than four months after Germans went to the polls, main parties clinch deal on forming a government, reports say
added: Wed Feb 7 09:35:36 2018

First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals
added: Wed Feb 7 07:57:25 2018

Donald Trump adviser suggests the flu can be avoided if you 'inoculate yourself with the word of God'
added: Wed Feb 7 07:56:04 2018

Cambridge University admits to sexual misconduct 'problem' after 173 complaints in nine months
added: Wed Feb 7 06:05:18 2018

China Defense Spending to Eclipse Rest of Asia Pacific by 2030 - Bloomberg Does CCP China a…
added: Wed Feb 7 06:04:14 2018

US news groups hit by bogus email claiming #HongKong #bitcoin crackdown via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Feb 7 06:02:00 2018
tags: hongkong, bitcoin

Flash News: Supreme Court Upholds Tep Vanny Conviction #Cambodia #humanrights #HRD #landrights @licadho
added: Wed Feb 7 04:54:52 2018
tags: humanrights, landrights, hrd, cambodia

Samsung to begin investing in new domestic memory chip line: Yonhap
added: Wed Feb 7 04:20:12 2018

It's not about a few rotten apples. The whole orchard is rotten.
added: Wed Feb 7 04:18:09 2018

City’s embattled justice chief let off the hook as pan-dems back down on illegal structures scandal
added: Wed Feb 7 03:30:22 2018

'Think of your family. Get out now.' When doing business in China goes horribly wrong
added: Wed Feb 7 02:51:32 2018

This @nytimes map of toxic sites vulnerable to flooding looks bad. The reality is actually worse.
added: Tue Feb 6 18:45:43 2018

Nikki Haley accuses #Russia of shielding #Syria over chemical attacks via @CBSNews
added: Tue Feb 6 14:37:40 2018
tags: syria, russia

Alphabet claims to be able to use AI to predict possible deaths of hospital patients two days earlier than doctors
added: Tue Feb 6 14:22:06 2018

The red and green specialists: why human colour vision is so odd
added: Tue Feb 6 14:01:09 2018

Sweden condemns China's 'brutal' snatching of Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai @angelagui_…
added: Tue Feb 6 13:32:06 2018

Bond bears smell blood, others claw for buying opportunity
added: Tue Feb 6 12:30:16 2018

In Myanmar, scientists find an ancient spider with a whip-like tail via @TheWireScience
added: Tue Feb 6 10:10:00 2018

Something the government is considering this #fluseason. Let us know if your school is affected!
added: Tue Feb 6 10:05:00 2018
tags: fluseason

#China confirms #Swedish citizen and #HongKong bookseller Gui Minhai in detention
added: Tue Feb 6 10:04:21 2018
tags: hongkong, swedish, china

India puts troops on standby, weighs options as Maldives breaks into chaos. @manupubby break
added: Tue Feb 6 09:23:16 2018

‘Troubled’ by Maldives crisis, US urges Abdulla Yameen to respect rule of law
added: Tue Feb 6 09:23:06 2018

A billion gallons of raw sewage and industrial waste currently pour into the Ganges every day
added: Tue Feb 6 09:01:00 2018

Kasganj’s violence led to blaze door of mosque, two policemen suspended
added: Tue Feb 6 09:00:35 2018

Shanghai stocks post worst day in two years, more companies suspend shares
added: Tue Feb 6 09:00:16 2018

Chile: Far-right lawmakers ask to restore death penalty.
added: Tue Feb 6 09:00:02 2018

This is what the illegal bushmeat trade does to baby animals like this little guy.
added: Tue Feb 6 08:57:02 2018

“Everyone is just running for the hills"
added: Tue Feb 6 08:55:23 2018

Small but important step: Sweden bans microplastics in certain cosmetics as off July 2018
added: Tue Feb 6 08:44:05 2018

"The perils to democracy are often insidious. Lines are repeatedly crossed by people allowed to get away with it...
added: Tue Feb 6 08:23:49 2018

Occupy trio freed after appeal against jail term over 2014 protest via @SCMP_news
added: Tue Feb 6 08:21:36 2018

Trump's lawyers 'advise him to refuse interview in Russia inquiry'
added: Tue Feb 6 07:26:32 2018

Trump supporters are spreading the majority of phony news, a new study finds via @MotherJones
added: Tue Feb 6 07:25:53 2018

French Police Arrest Tariq Ramadan on Rape Charges
added: Tue Feb 6 07:25:04 2018

WATCH: Asian stocks sink as global sell-off continues via @ReutersTV
added: Tue Feb 6 07:24:13 2018

Veteran who parked in bus lane to give clothes to homeless man is fined £70
added: Tue Feb 6 07:24:05 2018

Brave teen praised for stopping to help bloodied woman after others walked by
added: Tue Feb 6 07:18:07 2018

Hero & Villains on #KohTao 💀🏝DEATH ISLAND 🏝💀 A female apprentice diving instructor saved…
added: Tue Feb 6 07:14:57 2018
tags: kohtao

Crew of US Navy ship seized by North Korea sues Pyongyang @CNNI
added: Tue Feb 6 06:34:08 2018

Cathay's move comes a day after China advised its citizens not to visit the tropical nation.
added: Tue Feb 6 06:30:25 2018

Growing number of killings tied to young white supremacists
added: Tue Feb 6 06:30:20 2018

Chinese paper says diplomatic ties with Vatican inevitable
added: Tue Feb 6 06:30:15 2018

String Theory Meets Loop Quantum Gravity (2016): Comments:
added: Tue Feb 6 06:30:02 2018

Stocks Plunge and Traders Panic: ‘We Don’t See Anywhere to Hide’ via @WSJ
added: Tue Feb 6 06:29:50 2018

Cops find ATM spewing cash, car with dodgy plates, stack of $20 bills and hacking kit inside
added: Tue Feb 6 06:29:15 2018

India test-fires nuclear-capable Agni-I missile off Odisha coast
added: Tue Feb 6 06:28:01 2018

#China bans exports of more dual-use goods to #NorthKorea
added: Tue Feb 6 05:59:34 2018
tags: northkorea, china

Hong Kong’s Courts Have Defended Its Freedoms. Is Beijing Changing That?
added: Tue Feb 6 05:57:35 2018

China making new inroads in Indian Ocean with cheap subs
added: Tue Feb 6 05:23:00 2018

As to the grandees who attended the CCB New Zealand launch, they are noted herewith:
added: Tue Feb 6 04:56:00 2018

This Zhengzhou cop is sporting facial recognition glasses hooked up to a police database. h…
added: Tue Feb 6 03:53:24 2018

The WSJ is doing very good work on the "Guys set up LLCs to try and quietly pay women so stories go away" beat
added: Tue Feb 6 00:33:11 2018

She killed 115 people before the last Korean Olympics. Now a former spy wonders: "Can my sins be pardoned?"
added: Tue Feb 6 00:21:51 2018

Threat of Re-Education Camp Drives Uyghur Who Failed Anthem Recitation to Suicide
added: Tue Feb 6 00:07:04 2018

Younger people have lower incomes, higher debts, and virtually no wealth to speak of.
added: Mon Feb 5 19:45:43 2018

World’s top #ivory trade investigator murdered yesterday in Kenya via @guardian #elephant…
added: Mon Feb 5 17:16:15 2018
tags: elephant, ivory

Why abnormal relations with #China are essential... .@hrw .@hrw_chinese
added: Mon Feb 5 15:51:38 2018
tags: china
added: Mon Feb 5 12:50:23 2018

Must read: #HongKong’s Courts Have Defended Its Freedoms. Is Beijing Changing That? #China
added: Mon Feb 5 12:07:49 2018
tags: china, hongkong

Era of trillion-dollar budget deficits is making a comeback
added: Mon Feb 5 12:06:07 2018

More Flexibility Coming for Rural Land-Use Rights, Government Document Says
added: Mon Feb 5 12:05:24 2018

The 'Slave Power' Behind Florida's Felon Disenfranchisement
added: Mon Feb 5 11:58:02 2018

Hugh Grant wins damages from Mirror in phone-hacking case
added: Mon Feb 5 11:57:40 2018

U.S. agriculture will be in China’s crosshairs if a trade war erupts—Heard on the Street via @WSJ
added: Mon Feb 5 11:49:21 2018

China puts the final nail in the cryptocurrency coffin // Good luck China
added: Mon Feb 5 10:43:34 2018

Alibaba will invest 4.68 billion yuan of the total, Wanda Group said in a statement.
added: Mon Feb 5 10:21:33 2018

Israeli court rules pregnant settler's murder was political, not personal via @DanWilliams
added: Mon Feb 5 07:18:31 2018

Between Poland's Holocaust revisionism and Israel's Nakba denial via @972mag
added: Mon Feb 5 07:16:57 2018

Microplastics are exposing whales and sharks to toxic chemicals
added: Mon Feb 5 07:14:22 2018

The land buying spree by mainland developers in #Hong Kong is running out of steam via…
added: Mon Feb 5 07:09:57 2018
tags: hong

Israel demolishes EU-funded Palestinian classrooms
added: Mon Feb 5 06:50:55 2018

Downing Street says UK is ‘categorically leaving customs union’
added: Mon Feb 5 06:50:44 2018

U.S. asset managers shake up equity research as banks cut back
added: Mon Feb 5 06:50:04 2018

Pyramid schemes causing social harm in China – crackdowns may not be working: Comments:
added: Mon Feb 5 06:50:02 2018

Investigation into death of poisoned lion at controversial British zoo
added: Mon Feb 5 06:48:00 2018

I love this book and I love the story of this book, by Gulbadan Begum via @FeminismInIndia #womenshistory
added: Mon Feb 5 06:13:53 2018
tags: womenshistory

South Korea says North stole cryptocurrency worth billions of won last year
added: Mon Feb 5 06:00:13 2018

Exoplanets from another galaxy spotted - take that, Kepler fatigue!
added: Mon Feb 5 06:00:13 2018

Letter from Carter Page undercuts central thesis of Nunes memo
added: Mon Feb 5 06:00:05 2018

Indonesia palm exports to India seen at record on strong demand
added: Mon Feb 5 05:57:27 2018

Perfect storm: China's blizzard exposes flaws in rail, coal policies
added: Mon Feb 5 05:39:13 2018

China seeks to rejuvenate countryside with 2018 rural policy
added: Mon Feb 5 05:37:31 2018

Paul Ryan deletes tax bill tweet after being dragged for not understanding math
added: Mon Feb 5 05:30:34 2018

Time to renovate the rules on illegal structures in Hong Kong via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Feb 5 04:41:10 2018

Good read: With Sri Lankan port acquisition, China adds another 'pearl' to its 'string' via @pocket
added: Sun Feb 4 02:38:19 2018

7 benefits of eating sorghum, don't forget the great taste of @GrainBerry ONYX sorghum!
added: Sat Feb 3 17:01:01 2018

果然無官一身輕🙊🙊🙊 #司長僭建 【袁國強拒評鄭若驊是否勝任:不在其位唔方便評論】 【民陣動員全民2.11上街 DQ鄭若驊】
added: Sat Feb 3 13:10:04 2018
tags: 司長僭建

How to build your customer happiness chatbot — according to people who do this everyday
added: Sat Feb 3 13:09:01 2018

#Taiwan’s representative to #Japan @FrankctHsieh calls to lift food ban #foodsafety
added: Sat Feb 3 13:08:41 2018
tags: taiwan, japan, foodsafety

Tesla will sell solar panels and Powerwalls at Home Depot
added: Fri Feb 2 14:07:14 2018

Spurned lover who deleted model ex's Instagram pics banned from Essex for a year
added: Fri Feb 2 14:07:06 2018

#Russia approves warplane deployment on disputed [Kuril] island near #Japan
added: Fri Feb 2 14:07:06 2018
tags: russia, japan

Fewer British people are using tanning beds because of Donald Trump
added: Fri Feb 2 14:05:34 2018

“They think they can get away with it if they keep it under a certain level."
added: Fri Feb 2 14:03:34 2018

@ClintSmithIII Unemployment for African-Americans ticked back up to 7.7% (National 4.1%) If…
added: Fri Feb 2 14:03:15 2018

Reality Check: How does China-UK trade compare globally?
added: Fri Feb 2 13:59:47 2018

A judge just delivered a huge win for voting rights in Florida
added: Fri Feb 2 13:28:25 2018

Exxon fourth-quarter profit spikes; sees $5.9 billion tax gain
added: Fri Feb 2 13:27:58 2018

Insect die-off: Even common species are becoming rare:
added: Fri Feb 2 13:25:27 2018

West Virginia teachers striking—which won’t get nearly the coverage that reports on Trump voters do
added: Fri Feb 2 12:31:42 2018

Well, this is dystopian.
added: Fri Feb 2 12:31:08 2018

China wants local investors to have a share of success of its US-listed tech giants
added: Fri Feb 2 12:05:04 2018
added: Fri Feb 2 11:47:56 2018

This is treated as somehow an aberration, rather than the norm of US foreign policy.
added: Fri Feb 2 11:45:45 2018

Trump ends Twitter silence with blatant lie, gets corrected by Fox News
added: Fri Feb 2 11:45:08 2018

THE POLITICAL BRIEF - French authorities concerned at 'violent new form of anti-Semitism'
added: Fri Feb 2 11:28:07 2018

Clashes in South Kashmir’s Shopian after police detain separatist leader Yasin Malik
added: Fri Feb 2 11:28:01 2018

Legco motion over barred councillors voted down
added: Fri Feb 2 11:27:28 2018

Bar owners say they are ‘too busy’ to curb smokers
added: Fri Feb 2 11:26:39 2018

Disengage, disengage! Cali DMV reports show how often human drivers override robot cars
added: Fri Feb 2 11:23:40 2018

Russia approves warplane deployment on disputed island near Japan
added: Fri Feb 2 11:20:14 2018

Big rise in IPv6-enabled domain names: Comments:
added: Fri Feb 2 11:20:02 2018

Exclusive: Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017 new @Global_Witness data reveals
added: Fri Feb 2 11:06:14 2018

Roman Polanski will play ‘key role’ in Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Family Murders film
added: Fri Feb 2 08:58:50 2018

No. 3 U.S. diplomat quits in latest departure under Trump
added: Fri Feb 2 07:42:36 2018

Americans are hurting under high drug prices. We aim to fix that.
added: Fri Feb 2 03:38:20 2018

Steve Bell on Theresa May's meeting with Xi Jinping – cartoon
added: Thu Feb 1 20:09:13 2018

Help me out, @washingtonpost, I'm not seeing the phrase "first reported by The Intercept" in this story
added: Thu Feb 1 19:59:28 2018

Migration by humans out of Africa may have taken place earlier than we thought
added: Thu Feb 1 14:38:04 2018

Budget 2018: It’s the rural economy, stupid Read:
added: Thu Feb 1 12:32:40 2018

The Year of Love Jihad in India
added: Thu Feb 1 12:20:16 2018

Kenya high court suspends government shutdown of three TV channels
added: Thu Feb 1 12:20:07 2018

Trump has proposed the most racist immigration policy since the KKK wrote our laws
added: Thu Feb 1 12:20:00 2018

Update: Telegram and Telegram X vanish from the App Store
added: Thu Feb 1 12:16:44 2018

RSF urges #Kenya to end broadcast ban on four TV channels
added: Thu Feb 1 11:33:54 2018
tags: kenya

Republicans Cassidy, Flake, Dunn aid wounded after GOP train crash
added: Thu Feb 1 11:33:41 2018

These photos reveal what it's like to shop at Walmart in China
added: Thu Feb 1 11:33:26 2018

Israel's "If you boycott us, we'll boycott you" law is childish and dumb.
added: Thu Feb 1 11:32:55 2018

China Exporting Its Surveillance Tech And Philosophy To Other Countries, Helped By Equipment Donations
added: Thu Feb 1 11:32:22 2018

#Russia: RSF condemns “unjustified” search of Russian #journalist’s home
added: Thu Feb 1 11:31:40 2018
tags: journalist, russia

Virginia Woolf's personal photograph album has been digitised and is now available online. #archives #digitization
added: Thu Feb 1 10:49:00 2018
tags: archives, digitization

@old_sound Don't think there's one that covers everywhere and in all periods. This is good…
added: Thu Feb 1 10:43:56 2018

Hong Kong authorities on alert as ATM withdrawals surge
added: Thu Feb 1 09:40:04 2018

New Tesla-based electric GT series gets FIA approval:
added: Thu Feb 1 09:33:42 2018

Onshore Yuan Ends Trading Weaker Against Dollar
added: Thu Feb 1 09:17:03 2018

BREAKING: West Ham United suspend head of transfers Tony Henry over comments about club's African players
added: Thu Feb 1 09:16:18 2018

黎智英捐款案廉署決定不檢控 律政司:證據不足 lucky escape @HKMarkSimon
added: Thu Feb 1 09:15:34 2018

NHS worker given £100 parking fine - even though she was saving man's life
added: Thu Feb 1 09:14:42 2018

Indonesian traffickers sell crocodiles, pythons and other protected species on social media:
added: Thu Feb 1 09:14:31 2018

#HongKong Citizens Move to #Taiwan in Waves After Political Upsets
added: Thu Feb 1 09:13:02 2018
tags: taiwan, hongkong

Inspector in Ken Tsang beating gets nod to appeal
added: Thu Feb 1 09:12:56 2018

US defence test fails to shoot down dummy missile via @ABCNews A misguided missile?
added: Thu Feb 1 09:11:37 2018

China offers new five-year visas to people of Chinese ancestry via @ABCNews CCP China dangl…
added: Thu Feb 1 09:11:00 2018

My paper on 40 years of reform and opening up in China And the blog on the same topic…
added: Thu Feb 1 09:10:41 2018

This simple script renders data collected by your ISP unusable
added: Thu Feb 1 08:03:33 2018

Hacking Team is still alive, thanks to a mysterious Saudi Arabian investor
added: Thu Feb 1 08:00:24 2018

Passengers' terror as fire erupts on plane when portable power unit "explodes"
added: Thu Feb 1 07:23:24 2018

Oxford English Dictionary adds Ransomware, EULA and 1000 other new words
added: Thu Feb 1 07:21:52 2018

Theresa May to give China’s President Xi a Blue Planet 2 box set with message from Sir David Attenborough
added: Thu Feb 1 07:20:35 2018

Saudi Arabia steps up efforts to end $22-billion debt dispute - sources
added: Thu Feb 1 07:20:12 2018

【申訴專員建議檢討違例吸煙法例】 申訴專員公署主動調查食衞局及控煙辦處理違例吸煙的工作,認為執法、協調機制及法例上都有不足。公署建議可考慮檢討法例,令縱容吸煙的場地管理人負上刑責。 #有線新聞 #申訴專員公署 #食衞局...
added: Thu Feb 1 07:20:11 2018
tags: 有線新聞, 申訴專員公署, 食衞局

Inside the Shenzhen village that once ruled Hong Kong
added: Thu Feb 1 06:46:57 2018

Another Hong Kong neon sign bites the dust
added: Thu Feb 1 06:46:40 2018

The latest 和而不彤! Thanks to @williamnee @guchuan81 @senthorun #china #hongkong
added: Thu Feb 1 06:46:33 2018
tags: hongkong, china

South Korea: $600 million uncovered in Illegal cryptocurrency Forex trading
added: Thu Feb 1 05:37:02 2018

Formula 1 to get rid of grid girls
added: Wed Jan 31 13:30:31 2018

Sentenced to Life After One-Day Trial In 1979, Man Freed and Cleared of Charges
added: Wed Jan 31 13:30:14 2018

Turkey, Russia agree to speed up establishing observation posts in Syria's Idlib: source
added: Wed Jan 31 13:30:14 2018

Employee who triggered bogus missile alert in Hawaii has been fired
added: Wed Jan 31 12:21:31 2018

Here’s the Democratic Response to Trump’s First State of the Union
added: Wed Jan 31 12:20:35 2018

Airbus A321LR long-range jet takes maiden flight
added: Wed Jan 31 12:20:06 2018

Patchwork/Scuttlebutt – a decentralized secure gossip platform: Comments:
added: Wed Jan 31 12:20:02 2018

Trump isn't a Bug in our US Software, he's a Feature -
added: Wed Jan 31 12:19:34 2018

India’s infrastructure output grows 4% year-on-year in December: govt data
added: Wed Jan 31 12:18:29 2018

South Korea detects $600m of illegal cryptocurrency trading as it steps up regulation
added: Wed Jan 31 12:17:41 2018

Unity? Trump further united the White House and white supremacists
added: Wed Jan 31 12:17:25 2018

Bacteria in milk associated with risk of rheumatoid arthritis
added: Wed Jan 31 12:17:23 2018

What's "clean coal"?
added: Wed Jan 31 12:07:03 2018

Xi: an editor for the next 20 years @rustlang
added: Wed Jan 31 12:06:20 2018

'The right to be unpopular is important – that’s what academic freedom is about[.]' —Mary Beard
added: Wed Jan 31 12:06:06 2018

🐛Live Region not speaking in 🦈 JAWS 2018 - Chrome specific issue now fixed in internal re…
added: Wed Jan 31 12:05:14 2018

A look inside the Angola Prison Rodeo:
added: Wed Jan 31 11:40:10 2018

added: Wed Jan 31 11:24:55 2018

The U.S. Coast Guard Could Arm Its New Icebreakers via @warisboring #war
added: Wed Jan 31 10:23:43 2018
tags: war

Australian trees 'sweat' to survive extreme heatwaves, researchers reveal
added: Wed Jan 31 10:20:05 2018

The calm before the storm? U.S. North Korea policy after the Olympics #NorthKorea
added: Wed Jan 31 09:48:21 2018
tags: northkorea

Understanding and practising sovereignty
added: Wed Jan 31 08:27:11 2018

Cardinal Zen: "Do I think that the Vatican is selling out the Catholic Church in China? Yes, definitely."
added: Wed Jan 31 07:53:52 2018

Chinese Solar Giant Announces U.S. Plant Week After Trump Tariffs
added: Wed Jan 31 07:53:44 2018

Prime Minister forced to insist she isn't a tortoise as she lands on a trade mission in China
added: Wed Jan 31 07:53:28 2018

Apple is reportedly launching 3 new Macs with custom chips this year
added: Wed Jan 31 07:29:03 2018

Shopian Army firing: Third civilian succumbs to bullet wounds
added: Wed Jan 31 07:28:02 2018

China responds to ( "If any of you believes that the FCCC has spoken your mind.. raise you…
added: Wed Jan 31 07:26:07 2018

Brazil: Landless Workers’ Movement Leader Márcio Oliveira Matos Assassinated
added: Wed Jan 31 07:25:05 2018

【一地兩檢條例草案 交付立法會首讀二讀】 高鐵一地兩檢條例草案,提交立法會首讀二讀。 陳帆強調人大常委會已經確認一地兩檢合憲合法,奠定了堅實法律基礎,希望議員務實理性審議,早日通過。 #有線新聞 #高鐵 #一地兩檢...
added: Wed Jan 31 07:23:48 2018
tags: 高鐵, 有線新聞, 一地兩檢

China's Leshi drops 10% for sixth straight session
added: Wed Jan 31 07:21:42 2018

#DefendAfrin #Rojava: Statement by Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF) via @Enough14
added: Wed Jan 31 07:20:29 2018
tags: defendafrin, rojava

Crumbling bridges? Fret not America, it's not that bad
added: Wed Jan 31 07:20:06 2018

"In India, 80 percent of frogs are facing the risk of extinction"
added: Wed Jan 31 07:19:19 2018

New transistor design combines best of high and low performance versions
added: Wed Jan 31 05:42:22 2018

Gene Sharp, Advocate For Nonviolent Resistance, Dies At 90 via @WBUR
added: Wed Jan 31 05:11:47 2018

I think about this @AdamSerwer piece all the time
added: Wed Jan 31 04:44:31 2018

Default kernel config changes: The default kernel config for DragonFly has changed: Sascha Wildner has add...
added: Wed Jan 31 04:17:22 2018

Read Joe Kennedy’s full Democratic response to the State of the Union. #SOTU #SOTUResponse
added: Wed Jan 31 04:00:56 2018
tags: soturesponse, sotu

This week's show is uuuuuuuuup! Features @jw_sec, @swagitda_ and @Metlstorm
added: Wed Jan 31 03:14:34 2018

Disqualified: How the gov't compromised Hong Kong's only free and fair election by…
added: Wed Jan 31 00:52:15 2018

Chinese envoy tells Vanuatu that PRC expects support at the UN in return for its aid
added: Wed Jan 31 00:30:13 2018

On the hunt for North Korea’s last Siberian tigers
added: Tue Jan 30 23:00:25 2018

“The key to more subscribers is increasing quality." And that's why most newspaper paywalls don't work.
added: Tue Jan 30 23:00:18 2018

RT @variety: AEG Founder Who Funded Anti-LGBT Agendas Is Now Fighting Legal Pot
added: Tue Jan 30 21:03:51 2018

China's Secret Police 'Recruit Students as Agents' to Spy on Activists Overseas
added: Tue Jan 30 19:19:47 2018

In 1948, the U.S. rolled out bold plan for global order. It’s now ceded the field. Great take @abrownewsj
added: Tue Jan 30 15:00:03 2018

China denies report it hacked African Union headquarters
added: Tue Jan 30 12:34:07 2018

#SOUTHAFRICA Chinese nationals, Du Plessis couple plead guilty in #rhino case via @TheCitizen_News @WWF_WLCrime
added: Tue Jan 30 11:49:20 2018
tags: rhino, southafrica

Health insurer Aetna quarterly profit soars 75.5 percent
added: Tue Jan 30 11:48:36 2018

'Bitcoin has revealed some interesting things about the alt-right while gifting them enormous windfalls'
added: Tue Jan 30 11:45:36 2018

Angola terminates “all contracts” with North Korea’s Mansudae company: report #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Tue Jan 30 10:22:50 2018
tags: dprk, northkorea

Chinese military paper urges increase in nuclear deterrence capabilities
added: Tue Jan 30 10:22:41 2018

Humanity: “Wow, 2017 was pretty messed up. Can’t get much worse.” 2018: “Hold my hypermutating leprosy bacteria ...”
added: Tue Jan 30 10:21:39 2018

Former Finance Chief Suggests Direction for Supply-Side Reform
added: Tue Jan 30 10:21:02 2018

Taiwan readies military planes for holiday flights amid Beijing row via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Jan 30 09:35:16 2018

Vatican accused of ‘selling out’ Church to Beijing via @financialtimes
added: Tue Jan 30 09:34:58 2018

Financial risk facing China ‘worse than in US before global crash’, says its own official.
added: Tue Jan 30 09:06:42 2018

We’ve embedded images of some installations picked up on the Strava map
added: Tue Jan 30 09:01:00 2018

Russian billionaires are scrambling to stay off a new US 'black list'
added: Tue Jan 30 09:00:28 2018

What happens when a Chinese coin-mining giant swoops in on your tiny cryptocurrency
added: Tue Jan 30 09:00:25 2018

GOP congressman who refused to meet with constituents announces retirement
added: Tue Jan 30 09:00:11 2018

Simple decision rules underlie collaborative hunting in yellow saddle goatfish
added: Tue Jan 30 08:00:54 2018

Scientists are warning coral reefs might be gone by the end of the century. We examine why they matter.
added: Tue Jan 30 08:00:24 2018

48 Senate Republicans just voted for a radical abortion ban. And so did a few Democrats.
added: Tue Jan 30 08:00:13 2018

Ex-official Michael Wright, who reformed public housing in Hong Kong, dies at 105 @krislc
added: Tue Jan 30 07:58:11 2018

Here's CLB's article on Shanghai's unionisation initiative for food delivery workers:
added: Tue Jan 30 07:37:28 2018

Beijing attacks Hong Kong’s rule of law, writes Martin Lee via @WSJOpinion
added: Tue Jan 30 06:48:26 2018

China's Shanxi province asks coal miners to cut or shorten holidays: document
added: Tue Jan 30 05:41:10 2018

Video: Scandal-hit Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng says she is determined to serve the city,…
added: Tue Jan 30 05:40:37 2018

Eric Cheung: RO appears to have circumvented advisory committee in going to SecJustice for ‘advice’ on Agnes DQ
added: Tue Jan 30 04:43:04 2018

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down
added: Tue Jan 30 04:30:18 2018

China’s new network of Indian Ocean bases - important new piece by my @NSC_ANU colleague David Brewster
added: Tue Jan 30 02:37:01 2018

Cupper (nee Infusion) is our inclusive documentation builder that also outputs as PWAs: Great for pattern libraries.
added: Mon Jan 29 21:25:55 2018

Trump Made It Easier for Oil Companies to Get Away With Killing Migratory Birds
added: Mon Jan 29 15:07:09 2018

“We manage the poor so that we do not have to eradicate poverty.”
added: Mon Jan 29 14:52:34 2018

SC dismisses petition over Padmaavat scene deletion
added: Mon Jan 29 14:31:59 2018

The divide between the two Koreas grows with each generation - and is already much wider than in Cold War Germany
added: Mon Jan 29 13:41:20 2018

Asian markets surge following Wall Street records
added: Mon Jan 29 13:41:06 2018

"“The government is trying to get rid of all the political parties who are against them,” said Chow, who was...
added: Mon Jan 29 13:40:34 2018

港鐵督導員在值勤期間駕駛其黑色雷諾,駛至彌敦道時與一輛福士汽車相遇。兩車將雙線車路變成賽道,互相爬頭,又超速左穿右插。 【與不相識司機於彌敦道上賽車 港鐵督導員判服務令】
added: Mon Jan 29 13:40:08 2018

Big new theory emerges about the 2017 election - and changes the game for Corbyn
added: Mon Jan 29 13:39:01 2018

Former GOP State Chairman Sentenced for Voter Fraud via @lawcrimenews
added: Mon Jan 29 13:37:40 2018

Leaked documents reveal the Trump administration's plan to sell off our public lands
added: Mon Jan 29 13:37:13 2018

First Lady’s Military Flights Before Washington Move Cost More Than $675,000
added: Mon Jan 29 13:37:03 2018

Suspects in five killings reportedly linked to macabre neo-Nazi group
added: Mon Jan 29 13:29:29 2018

Protect your magic: A survival guide for journalists of color
added: Mon Jan 29 13:27:51 2018

æternity and Erlang Team up to Tackle Blockchain Scalability - Blockchain News via BTCnews #Bitcoin
added: Mon Jan 29 12:58:34 2018
tags: bitcoin

K-State Rallies Late to defeat Kansas in overtime
added: Mon Jan 29 12:39:35 2018

Philippines to phase out its beloved cheap but rickety jeepneys
added: Mon Jan 29 12:10:05 2018

Persistently high oil prices is a nascent threat to Indian economy, says #EconomicSurvey2018
added: Mon Jan 29 12:08:02 2018
tags: economicsurvey2018

New study: companies that pay more tax deliver shareholders better returns
added: Mon Jan 29 12:07:06 2018

Timber production slashed, private operators banned
added: Mon Jan 29 10:45:08 2018

Local police in #China are protecting hometown criminal #entrepreneurs.
added: Mon Jan 29 10:06:06 2018
tags: entrepreneurs, china

WATCH: GOP senators urge revisiting bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller via…
added: Mon Jan 29 10:04:06 2018

Best Foreign Language Courses for Adults in Hong Kong:
added: Mon Jan 29 10:00:40 2018

More than 750 American communities have built their own internet networks
added: Mon Jan 29 10:00:38 2018

Report: Dutch security services infiltrated Russian DNC hackers
added: Mon Jan 29 10:00:13 2018

Bottom of the housing ladder: 'I feel like a squatter in my home' Awful conditions in rented properties.
added: Mon Jan 29 09:55:48 2018

Hundreds of thousands living in squalid rented homes in England
added: Mon Jan 29 09:53:02 2018

心中富有🤗 【天價高鐵按兩地每公里收費攤分收入 陳帆:香港段有錢賺】
added: Mon Jan 29 09:15:04 2018

It is high time we reclaim Hinduism from Hindutva, says Shashi Tharoor
added: Mon Jan 29 07:15:15 2018

Hung out to dry twice, Tennessee city stumped by Trump's washer tariffs
added: Mon Jan 29 06:49:15 2018

記者等候其間,至少5名自稱來自「特遣隊」的便衣警員上前查問,主動問本報和其他在場記者:「你地要嚟等選舉主任?」、「你哋嚟採訪選舉主任?」,更有警員問記者:「你地嚟等周小姐?」。 #立會補選...
added: Mon Jan 29 06:20:12 2018
tags: 立會補選

China coal futures hit record high as utilities warn of shortages
added: Mon Jan 29 06:17:38 2018

Weibo temporarily removed its trending feature after criticism from Beijing by me
added: Mon Jan 29 05:44:58 2018
added: Mon Jan 29 05:19:02 2018

UPDATE 1-Ford China chief in abrupt departure, a blow to recovery hopes
added: Mon Jan 29 05:16:11 2018

Chinese Investors Keep Losing Billions Online. Here’s Why. @jotted on the latest Ponzi scheme in China.
added: Mon Jan 29 05:14:19 2018

Troubled Los Angeles Times Picking New Editor Amid Unrest
added: Mon Jan 29 04:07:36 2018

The Trump administration just axed a decades-old air pollution policy.
added: Mon Jan 29 04:07:02 2018

Let's respectfully introduce @mcuban to @mozilla's Coral Project findings on The Real Name Fallacy:
added: Mon Jan 29 04:06:27 2018

'Tears in Heaven' as Grammy performers remember Las Vegas victims
added: Mon Jan 29 04:04:00 2018

We went hunting for a rare congolese weed strain with the "Kings of Cannabis"
added: Mon Jan 29 04:02:01 2018

This certainly puts things into perspective: The Propaganda I See on My Morning Commute
added: Mon Jan 29 04:01:03 2018

Important read on Papuan health crisis by @stepvaessen. ‘The hollow eyes of hunger in Indonesia's Papua @AJENews
added: Mon Jan 29 04:00:11 2018

Pacific nations drowning in Chinese debt
added: Mon Jan 29 03:41:23 2018

What makes Greek classics relevant
added: Sun Jan 28 18:58:57 2018

People also buy Twitter bots to harass journalists. We know because it happened to us.
added: Sun Jan 28 18:38:38 2018

Russian same-sex couple who had their marriage recognised after finding 'legal loophole' charged
added: Sun Jan 28 13:39:09 2018

Hindu Priests Know How To Throw Stones And Soda Bottles On Those Who Offend Hinduism: Tamil Nadu Pontiff
added: Sun Jan 28 13:38:42 2018

Finance ministry to conduct performance review of heads of 12 banks
added: Sun Jan 28 13:36:57 2018

The American writer’s candid conversation with Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi is the only highlight of the JLF so far.
added: Sun Jan 28 13:30:00 2018

The Rule of Law Without Lawyers
added: Sun Jan 28 12:40:44 2018

With elections coming up, India's government will aim to woo rural voters in budget
added: Sun Jan 28 12:40:06 2018

$2M loan may save Berkeley-based radio station KPFA from closure
added: Sun Jan 28 12:39:12 2018

No. Did Tax Reform Really Give Walmart Employees a Raise? via @CFR_org
added: Sun Jan 28 12:38:40 2018

How Raffles stole the jewel of Singapore
added: Sun Jan 28 12:38:12 2018
added: Sun Jan 28 12:31:33 2018

On the stump at 92: Malaysia's Mahathir woos key rural voters
added: Sun Jan 28 12:18:05 2018

Organized by the Massachusetts Native Peoples Working Group, the goal of this event is to educate communities...
added: Sun Jan 28 12:16:11 2018

Kasganj violence: No one is safe from Hindutva storm troopers
added: Sun Jan 28 12:12:43 2018
added: Sun Jan 28 11:47:03 2018

Saudi's Kingdom Holding shares soar after Prince Alwaleed freed
added: Sun Jan 28 11:44:58 2018

Hundreds evacuated and museums threatened in Paris floods
added: Sun Jan 28 11:42:47 2018

Hawkish-tilting Fed could move rates quicker in 2018
added: Sun Jan 28 11:42:36 2018
added: Sun Jan 28 11:41:23 2018

“It’s difficult to run a school where religious leaders feel they can set school policy.”
added: Sun Jan 28 11:01:55 2018

ICYMI, Russia denies involvement in North Korean coal smuggling
added: Sun Jan 28 11:00:02 2018

Russian police raid opposition HQ as election protests begin
added: Sun Jan 28 10:59:52 2018

Billionaire prince released from detention in Saudi Arabia
added: Sun Jan 28 10:58:00 2018

Swedish founder of Ikea furniture chain, Ingvar Kamprad, has died at 91, company announces
added: Sun Jan 28 10:41:07 2018

空中樓閣? 【獨家專訪】貨櫃碼頭上蓋起樓容納30萬人 麥齊光:難推冧樓市
added: Sun Jan 28 10:40:04 2018

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi is 'isolated' and 'living in a bubble', says US diplomat
added: Sun Jan 28 10:24:00 2018

In defence of Dalit politics (and emancipation)
added: Sun Jan 28 10:22:11 2018

Mysterious 15th century manuscript finally decoded 600 years later
added: Sun Jan 28 10:21:00 2018

IT 'heroes' saved Maersk from NotPetya with ten-day reinstallation bliz via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sun Jan 28 10:19:24 2018

Afghan capital in shock after ambulance bomb kills over 100
added: Sun Jan 28 10:17:49 2018

Cost of avg US House seat: $1.5 mil Cost of avg Senate seat: $10.6 mil
added: Sun Jan 28 08:02:02 2018

China and Japan have long sparred over their painful history, and now Beijing wants to put things right.
added: Sun Jan 28 08:00:13 2018

Entire board of USA Gymnastics resigns after enabling Nassar abuse
added: Sun Jan 28 08:00:12 2018

added: Sun Jan 28 07:44:39 2018

China's Weibo social media site suspends portals after reprimand
added: Sun Jan 28 07:44:30 2018

Coincheck promises 46bn yen refund after cryptocurrency theft
added: Sun Jan 28 07:44:28 2018

Good read (Swedish) "Stormakten Kina är ett fängelse" - China is a prison itself - Oped in DN today.
added: Sun Jan 28 07:28:34 2018

Michelle Yeoh, Malaysian star of Aung San Suu Kyi biopic, calls Rohingya conditions in Bangladesh ‘despicable
added: Sun Jan 28 07:00:30 2018

Lessons from Boulder’s bad breakup
added: Sun Jan 28 07:00:13 2018

Connections between high blood sugar and dementia: Comments:
added: Sun Jan 28 07:00:02 2018

Czech President Milos Zeman beats Jiri Drahos to win presidential race
added: Sun Jan 28 06:58:34 2018

India likely to put pedal to metal on asset sales
added: Sun Jan 28 06:50:06 2018

South India is the final frontier in the contest between Hinduism and Hindutva
added: Sun Jan 28 06:50:00 2018

Haunted trains and railway stations have a long history in Bengal – and its literature Gho…
added: Sun Jan 28 06:48:00 2018

At least 95 people have been killed and 158 were wounded.
added: Sun Jan 28 06:42:46 2018

Gui Minhai: US calls on China to release Swedish bookseller
added: Sun Jan 28 05:25:26 2018

My report on Hong Kong's iconic skyline blanketed by thick toxic smog @TRTWorld
added: Sun Jan 28 04:43:10 2018

We Israeli Palestinian MKs Protested Mike Pence's Speech, And Israel Could Not Tolerate It
added: Sun Jan 28 04:25:15 2018

The NYPD is building a system to predict crimes — and trying to keep the public unaware of what it’s doing.
added: Sun Jan 28 04:11:06 2018

For those following China's Arctic strategy, @Anne_MarieBrady had this insightful analysis
added: Sun Jan 28 03:58:31 2018

34 year old Pakistani surgeon invents new heart surgery technique, wins prestigious award 🥇 🇵🇰
added: Sun Jan 28 03:50:41 2018

Even some people I know in the pro-Beijing establishment are questioning the basis and tactics behind this decision
added: Sun Jan 28 03:46:56 2018

Hillary Clinton ‘dismayed’ by sexual harassment claims against former adviser
added: Sun Jan 28 03:44:00 2018

Krewe du Vieux, Delusion roll: See photos from the parades
added: Sun Jan 28 03:43:21 2018

China says hopes to get Japan ties back on track
added: Sun Jan 28 03:40:06 2018

Great stuff by @aaronMCN!
added: Sun Jan 28 03:16:23 2018

#Coincheck has announced they will pay back their customers' funds in a press release.
added: Sun Jan 28 03:10:42 2018
tags: coincheck

Why UST students lost their chill with Mocha’s award - via @rapplerdotcom
added: Sun Jan 28 02:19:12 2018

JUST IN: Ginsburg won't attend Trump's first State of the Union
added: Sun Jan 28 01:45:04 2018

Social media is giving us Trypophobia: Comments:
added: Sun Jan 28 00:50:02 2018

@HeerJeet I expanded on my concerns about his philo of edu here:
added: Sat Jan 27 16:26:19 2018

How a Dutch intelligence agency secretly hacked into the Kremlin’s most notorious hacking group
added: Sat Jan 27 15:05:34 2018

依家係選舉定考試?要答到標準答案先算合格? #立會補選 【選舉主任去信姚松炎 查問對台灣政黨睇法】 【籲港人接受現實 田二少:提自主禁參政】...
added: Sat Jan 27 14:30:04 2018
tags: 立會補選

A long-forgotten 19th century opera about tabasco sauce gets a revival.
added: Sat Jan 27 14:02:50 2018

Out of control.
added: Sat Jan 27 13:32:09 2018

India, Cambodia to expand ties in IT, infrastructure sectors
added: Sat Jan 27 13:30:53 2018

72 percent of Republicans say Trump is a good role model for children. #realnews
added: Sat Jan 27 13:26:36 2018
tags: realnews

#Thailand Reuters Thai pro-democracy activists protest against junta delaying polls Pic TLHR
added: Sat Jan 27 13:11:05 2018
tags: thailand

Chinese tourists misbehaving in Japan. Seems their budget airline let them down.
added: Sat Jan 27 11:01:32 2018

Ivory Coast seizes huge haul of #elephant #ivory tusks & #pangolin scales via @Reuters…
added: Sat Jan 27 09:18:48 2018
tags: pangolin, ivory, elephant

Why building more homes will not solve Britain’s housing crisis | - by yours truly.
added: Sat Jan 27 08:20:49 2018

Australia is Not on the Fence Between America and China @WarOnTheRocks
added: Sat Jan 27 05:13:36 2018

.@chowtingagnes banned from running for Legco, undermining what little integrity #HK elections still had
added: Sat Jan 27 04:07:40 2018
tags: hk

This is Your Brain on Jazz Improvisation: The Neuroscience of Creativity
added: Sat Jan 27 02:41:00 2018

New from @Jake_Hanrahan, @awinston and I.
added: Sat Jan 27 00:49:09 2018

Turkey's Erdogan says military operation to make big sweep east across Syria
added: Fri Jan 26 13:54:45 2018

BTW, this looks like an extraterrestrial's idea of what an American political candidate should look like.
added: Fri Jan 26 13:53:19 2018

Puerto Rico’s government has proposed $450 million in cuts over the next three years for its only public university.
added: Fri Jan 26 13:53:09 2018

With John Solomon (evidently) sidelined, The Hill has brought in Sharyl Attkisson to talk the FBI.
added: Fri Jan 26 13:50:55 2018

'Space graffiti': astronomers angry over launch of fake star into sky: Comments:
added: Fri Jan 26 13:50:03 2018

Ariane rocket suffers from rare launch anomaly: Comments:
added: Fri Jan 26 13:50:02 2018

U.S. economic growth slows in fourth-quarter on surging imports
added: Fri Jan 26 13:49:43 2018

China unveils its plan for a Polar Silk Road through the Arctic
added: Fri Jan 26 13:48:02 2018

Looking for an easier way to query across a diverse set of microservices? Check out #RestQL
added: Fri Jan 26 13:37:32 2018
tags: restql

Labour’s Laura Pidcock just secured a crucial debate in parliament. Here’s what she wants you to know.
added: Fri Jan 26 12:50:12 2018

UK defence minister says Russia looking to cause thousands of deaths in Britain
added: Fri Jan 26 12:50:06 2018

More than 20,000 teenagers will be subjected to ‘gay conversion therapy’ in US
added: Fri Jan 26 12:48:49 2018

Analysis | These are probably the media reports that made Trump want to fire Mueller @callumborchers
added: Fri Jan 26 12:47:28 2018

I know the ocean is a big place, but what happens to the immediate area when 915 kg of heroin dissolves?
added: Fri Jan 26 12:43:57 2018

The Constitution Has Not Failed Us, We Have Failed The Constitution
added: Fri Jan 26 12:43:45 2018

Taxes Stunt REIT Growth in China, Report Says
added: Fri Jan 26 11:38:31 2018

Facebook isn't working properly
added: Fri Jan 26 11:36:35 2018

The Women Of Karni Sena And Their Rage Against "Padmaavat"
added: Fri Jan 26 11:33:53 2018

Exclusive: China to name Harvard-trained Liu He as vice premier overseeing economy - sources
added: Fri Jan 26 09:16:23 2018
added: Fri Jan 26 08:33:43 2018

New review from Yang & Fu on ancient DNA contributions to understanding human prehistory: A…
added: Thu Jan 25 21:08:47 2018

USDA chief to people on food stamps: Get a job
added: Thu Jan 25 19:36:12 2018

( the donald) Administration Just Gutted Payday-Lending Regulations via @thenation #GOPTaxScam
added: Thu Jan 25 18:14:03 2018
tags: goptaxscam

Japan spots what looks like another DPRK ship-to-ship transfer. (see: The Yuk Tung has had…
added: Thu Jan 25 14:26:45 2018

U.S. sparks fears of trade war as Trump arrives in Davos | Article [AMP] | Reuters
added: Thu Jan 25 12:49:41 2018

#WeAreBijan #Justice4Bijan
added: Thu Jan 25 12:31:04 2018
tags: justice4bijan, wearebijan

Georgia 2018: Evans faces criticism for ‘tone deaf’ MLK video #gapol
added: Thu Jan 25 10:55:23 2018
tags: gapol

Japan releases images of possible North Korean ship-to-ship transfers #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Thu Jan 25 09:41:21 2018
tags: northkorea, dprk

India is a religious country and the dharma should also be an important aspect of business.
added: Thu Jan 25 09:40:00 2018

This Republican #DOJ conspiracy theory is little more than a bad-faith reading of an obvious joke.
added: Thu Jan 25 09:40:00 2018
tags: doj

Asian Exchanges Woo Firms With Two Classes of Stock—But Investors, Companies Are Wary via @WSJ @journosaurabh
added: Thu Jan 25 09:36:04 2018

Star Chinese Entrepreneur Dies at 35
added: Thu Jan 25 09:35:53 2018

Skype, Slack and Other Popular Windows Apps Vulnerable to Critical Framework Bug via…
added: Thu Jan 25 09:34:02 2018

Diplomatic breakthrough fails to lift Korean brands in China
added: Thu Jan 25 09:32:39 2018

“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral
added: Thu Jan 25 09:26:21 2018

Mnuchin says not concerned where dollar is in short-term
added: Thu Jan 25 09:04:24 2018

China Reaches Into the Heart of Europe My OpEd in @NYTimes today. Germany must start talkin…
added: Thu Jan 25 09:03:26 2018

Turkey official disputes Trump-Erdogan call readout
added: Thu Jan 25 08:14:37 2018

At least two people are killed and scores injured after train derails near Milan in northern Italy
added: Thu Jan 25 08:12:57 2018

Flu virus could be used to treat pancreatic cancer, researchers find
added: Thu Jan 25 08:12:32 2018

Hyundai Motor Q4 net profit rises 3%, meets consensus
added: Thu Jan 25 07:48:16 2018

Dastyari resigns from parliament
added: Thu Jan 25 07:39:11 2018 Breaking tradition, Trump team unleashes verbal assault on the dollar
added: Thu Jan 25 07:32:48 2018

As Stripe ditches Bitcoin, it's time to rethink what the cryptocurrency is good for
added: Thu Jan 25 07:07:41 2018

Hyundai Motor’s profits tumble as China sales slashed
added: Thu Jan 25 07:03:13 2018

its deal with uber made didi king of the road in china, but that doesn't mean there are no more obstacles
added: Thu Jan 25 07:02:49 2018

Trump Administration Wants To End NASA Funding For ISS By 2025
added: Thu Jan 25 07:00:37 2018

The NAACP is bringing renewable energy to communities of color.
added: Thu Jan 25 07:00:23 2018

First nonhuman primates cloned in China
added: Thu Jan 25 07:00:00 2018

China, Myanmar launch joint oceanographic research on Xiang Yang Hong 03 向阳红 03
added: Thu Jan 25 06:57:19 2018

As Trump abandons free trade deals, Beijing is racking up them up Chinese FTAs currently co…
added: Thu Jan 25 05:46:02 2018

我昨天在纽约时报谈苹果公司把中国用户存储在iCloud 上的信息交给中共独裁者的文章。原来的题目是:苹果变软了。
added: Wed Jan 24 15:36:13 2018

Death by 'stolen' Rolls Royce – Dr Mahathir @chedetofficial drives home the need to vote
added: Wed Jan 24 10:57:16 2018

Battle of the beans: Monsanto faces a fight for soy market
added: Wed Jan 24 10:20:11 2018

Man Bites Into iPhone Battery Causing it to Explode | News & Opinion |
added: Wed Jan 24 10:18:13 2018

How Pakistan let down my Nana Abu, the man who led the first Indian unit at #Dunkirk
added: Wed Jan 24 10:18:02 2018
tags: dunkirk

▶️ 'We might start an operation in Syria's Manbij,' says Turkish FM
added: Wed Jan 24 10:17:16 2018

UK employment just hit a record high - but real wages are still falling
added: Wed Jan 24 10:16:29 2018

Another Key Figure Ejects From Baidu’s Self-Driving Car Unit
added: Wed Jan 24 10:16:14 2018

Please wake me up from this nightmare
added: Wed Jan 24 09:47:01 2018

#China's beleaguered #HNA is facing a debt wall in the second half via @business
added: Wed Jan 24 09:04:19 2018
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Exclusive: China's state-owned firms to face more mergers, bankruptcies