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How Chicago's Japanese neighbourhood disappeared
added: Tue Aug 22 15:10:07 2017

Trump is either forgetting the mistakes of recent U.S. history in Afghanistan or — worse — he simply doesn’t care.
added: Tue Aug 22 15:09:44 2017

The most surprising collaboration ever? @rickastley rocks out with the @foofighters in Japan ht @niccijsmith
added: Tue Aug 22 14:38:22 2017

Keeping the carried interest loophole would be a huge handout to super super rich -
added: Tue Aug 22 14:31:38 2017

Their faith in Trump can't be shaken.
added: Tue Aug 22 14:05:08 2017

#CAMBODIA 100s of animals to be sold into #illegal #wildlife #trade found at woman’s house via @KhmerTimes
added: Tue Aug 22 14:05:01 2017
tags: cambodia, illegal, wildlife, trade

Met Police accused of racism after inexplicably linking heroin seizure to Notting Hill Carnival
added: Tue Aug 22 14:04:30 2017

#China has more room to tackle debt - if it wants to | Reuters
added: Tue Aug 22 14:04:09 2017
tags: china

India grants Pfizer patent on pneumonia vaccine in blow to aid group
added: Tue Aug 22 14:00:06 2017

Russia Detains Theater Director Kirill Serebrennikov, Adding to Fears of a Crackdown
added: Tue Aug 22 13:59:18 2017

News for tax nerds: Big 6 coalescing around some controversial ideas on ways to pay for lowering tax rates: (1/2)
added: Tue Aug 22 13:59:00 2017

I forgot that I created a complete archive of Bill Lind's "On War" column -- all 326 articles are here.
added: Tue Aug 22 13:54:07 2017

Kickstarter-ed! 🚀 A comic about a teacher's pet's fall from grace. Based on mom's childhood stories. Set in 60s HK.
added: Tue Aug 22 13:52:59 2017

直指口罩男為林子健惹爭議 傳真社致歉刪改報道標題內容 改以「該男子走過鏡頭前方的路段時,無法見到男子的容貌,但其體型、衣服款式、左手上深色手錶、運動鞋款式、背囊肩帶設計,以至呈內八字的走路姿勢,都與之前拍攝到的林子健十分相似」
added: Tue Aug 22 11:42:24 2017

A reminder of the contempt the Trump administration has for Appalachia
added: Tue Aug 22 11:41:48 2017

The geometry that could reveal the true nature of space-time
added: Tue Aug 22 11:14:19 2017

Oh come on.. Republican lawmaker says it is ‘completely plausible’ Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally
added: Tue Aug 22 11:06:00 2017

USAF intelligence quietly removes Russian INF-violating missile from corrected report
added: Tue Aug 22 10:22:23 2017

A Hong Kong man claiming to be a 'living Buddha' is wanted in a HK$80 million scam.
added: Tue Aug 22 10:11:30 2017

Verizon to start throttling all smartphone videos to 480p or 720p by @JBrodkin
added: Tue Aug 22 10:11:02 2017

USGS: 4th earthquake in 3 days shakes Kansas
added: Tue Aug 22 10:10:48 2017

China’s cat-and-mouse game over capital outflows set to continue
added: Tue Aug 22 10:08:25 2017

#Taiwan's Tsai @iingwen bleeding support as key policy goals falter- Nikkei Asian Review
added: Tue Aug 22 10:06:23 2017
tags: taiwan

對於該報導,獨媒成員之間亦有討論,為互相砥礪,我們嘗試用引起爭議的報導原材料,重寫一遍。 FactWire News Agency 傳真社今日也就報導作出了更正,歡迎各位讀者比較。...
added: Tue Aug 22 10:04:26 2017

China launches Tibetan-language literature database
added: Tue Aug 22 10:01:46 2017

It could be snowing on Mars right now
added: Tue Aug 22 10:00:37 2017

people who see central systems as the answer to all have usually lived in a stable central system their whole lives
added: Tue Aug 22 09:54:43 2017

#China’s two biggest bitcoin exchanges helped themselves to $150 million in idle client funds
added: Tue Aug 22 09:52:52 2017
tags: china

How the US has well and truly lost Cambodia to China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:38:47 2017

"the EIB financed £6.9 billion of infrastructure projects in Britain last year"
added: Tue Aug 22 09:32:31 2017

China warns U.S. ahead of Taiwan defense minister's brief visit
added: Tue Aug 22 09:31:37 2017

'[U]nder the rule of China’s Chairman of Everything, Xi Jinping, [...] the noose has been tightening once more.'
added: Tue Aug 22 09:30:04 2017

MTR offers discount during national holiday
added: Tue Aug 22 09:29:08 2017

Video of #China rights activist Jiang Tianyong "confessing" Full story: @catherinehslai
added: Tue Aug 22 09:24:44 2017
tags: china

The primer you need on #混改: Here's why you're going to hear more about "mixed ownership" in #China via @markets
added: Tue Aug 22 09:22:29 2017
tags: china, 混改

The latest Wider Image via @ReutersPictures on cat and dog acupuncture therapy in China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:16:30 2017

Ford says signs MoU with Chinese automaker to build electric vehicles in China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:09:27 2017

North Korea vows 'merciless retaliation' after US and South Korea begin drills
added: Tue Aug 22 08:37:05 2017

Appointment of Under Secretary and Political Assistants
added: Tue Aug 22 08:35:06 2017

#Guangzhou poet @langzichn criminally detained for taking part in anthology of poems to commemorate #LiuXiaobo
added: Tue Aug 22 08:34:01 2017
tags: guangzhou, liuxiaobo

The visit took place after Beijing ratcheted up its official rhetoric on Doklam with the release of a position paper
added: Tue Aug 22 08:30:01 2017

Did China Hack US Seventh Fleet? Both Russia & China display glimpse of high-tech warfare & ability to GPS spoof
added: Tue Aug 22 08:24:28 2017

Kurdistan’s referendum just got more complicated as Yazidi-majority Sinjar declares autonomy. @AmberinZaman explains
added: Tue Aug 22 07:40:35 2017

Exclusive: China's 'big four' banks raise billions for Belt and Road deals - sources by @GeniusWu @julie_zhuli
added: Tue Aug 22 07:34:08 2017

Special Report: Refiner Valero's secret campaign against U.S. biofuels mandates via…
added: Tue Aug 22 07:30:40 2017

Yeah, don't worry... everyone read it just fine. 🙄 @catherinehslai #occupyhk…
added: Tue Aug 22 07:28:26 2017
tags: occupyhk

RealNetworks hits mother lode in China’s booming market for video streaming
added: Tue Aug 22 07:22:05 2017

China, Like U.S., Struggles to Revive Industrial Heartland
added: Tue Aug 22 07:19:31 2017

CUP's U turn: now let's all face down Xi Jin Ping's attack on critical thinking
added: Tue Aug 22 07:18:52 2017

Scrap the Lantau Link toll, demands Alice Mak
added: Tue Aug 22 07:16:28 2017

My new piece just out: Stop kowtowing to China: Basic rights & rule of law r under fire in Hong Kong via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Aug 22 06:44:48 2017

after a year of prod svc, we finally had our first global outage! here's to many more terrifically fun problems 🍾 🥂
added: Tue Aug 22 06:23:07 2017

Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Wanda scraps plans to buy a $606M land plot in #London amid Chinese govt's scrutiny
added: Tue Aug 22 05:31:21 2017
tags: london

Afghan envoy hails Trump for breaking silence on Pak's support to terror
added: Tue Aug 22 05:30:00 2017

Tampa: Second person resigns from Hillsborough diversity council after pro-slavery activist appointed
added: Tue Aug 22 05:28:05 2017

Second academic journal published by Cambridge University Press says China tried to block articles
added: Tue Aug 22 05:26:23 2017

U.S. military Pacific Commander says diplomacy more important on North Korea
added: Tue Aug 22 05:22:04 2017

Jiang Tianyong's "live" trial interesting re China's legal reform, approach to rights lawyers, foreign influence:
added: Tue Aug 22 05:20:07 2017

Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong back in dock days after being jailed
added: Tue Aug 22 05:00:20 2017

Jammu & Kashmir: Encounter underway in Kupwara, 2 to 3 terrorists trapped
added: Tue Aug 22 03:26:50 2017

JUST IN: ‘Civic Square’ to reopen for first time since 2014 protests @SCMP_News
added: Tue Aug 22 03:25:45 2017

Working out details of opening Civic Square: govt
added: Tue Aug 22 03:22:49 2017

Boston's Anti-Fascist Protest Was Planned by Black, Queer, Radical Women.
added: Tue Aug 22 03:20:00 2017

Stan Grant is calling for the ‘great silence’ about inaccuracies in our indigenous history to end
added: Tue Aug 22 03:19:17 2017

China's Dalian Wanda sells Nine Elms Square in London to third party
added: Tue Aug 22 03:16:18 2017

China's Ponzi scheme still working - Metals Frenzy Sparks China Investor Rush to Smokestack Debt
added: Tue Aug 22 02:47:29 2017

What the US would need to deter China
added: Tue Aug 22 02:42:15 2017

DataRoom: New hope for Chinese deals in healthcare, education by @BridgetCarterb + @murdochsj #ausbiz
added: Tue Aug 22 02:22:31 2017
tags: ausbiz

Social platforms have many flaws, some of which are profit-driven. But that doesn't make them authoritarian spaces.
added: Tue Aug 22 01:48:59 2017

Hong Kong property prices to fall as Beijing tightens capital controls
added: Tue Aug 22 01:43:29 2017

corporations make fake think tanks so they can lie to you about their products and get your money while you get sick
added: Tue Aug 22 00:48:52 2017

Taiwan is suffering a huge brain drain and it is all part of Communist China's plans.
added: Tue Aug 22 00:38:48 2017

Hunter S. Thompson gave #LBJ plenty of unsolicited advice during his presidency
added: Mon Aug 21 22:51:10 2017
tags: lbj

SOUL SNATCHERS: How the NYPD's 42nd Precinct & the Bronx DA's Office conspire to destroy Black & Brown lives.
added: Mon Aug 21 20:40:42 2017

Lawyer for #Missouri inmate scheduled for #execution tomorrow: DNA evidence means "the actual killer is not him."
added: Mon Aug 21 17:03:43 2017
tags: execution, missouri

#CHINA Government aiming to create country’s first #National #Park, setting aside area size of Pennsylvania
added: Mon Aug 21 15:22:00 2017
tags: china, national, park

Italians mistake Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson for 'lazy migrants'
added: Mon Aug 21 14:34:11 2017

Brian Aldiss has died. I've been a fan ever since stumbling on FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND in my early teens. RIP.
added: Mon Aug 21 14:31:01 2017

Sweden is introducing conscription over Russia fears
added: Mon Aug 21 14:30:05 2017

Sempra Energy to buy Oncor for $9.45 billion in blow for Berkshire
added: Mon Aug 21 14:30:05 2017

Man finally walks again after US police shooting left him paralysed
added: Mon Aug 21 14:27:05 2017

【河北男子寫食評招牢獄】 河北省涉縣有個男人,在網上批評一間醫院的餐廳價錢貴但食物質素不佳,被公安以「涉嫌虛構事實、擾亂公共秩序」行政拘留。 事件引來網民熱議,在輿論壓力下,警方重新調查。...
added: Mon Aug 21 14:26:56 2017

.@EmmaVigeland in Indianapolis this evening round 4pm est covering @SenSanders jobs rally on @TYTPolitics Facebook!
added: Mon Aug 21 14:16:43 2017

Five Books About Anarchism Margaret Killjoy
added: Mon Aug 21 14:07:11 2017

律政司長受政治任命倍添「政治檢控」疑雲 《基本法》未列明刑事檢控權在司長|甘樂宜|852郵報 #post852 來自 @post852
added: Mon Aug 21 13:39:22 2017
tags: post852

More than 1,000 Secret Service agents have already hit the federally mandated annual caps for salary and overtime:
added: Mon Aug 21 13:32:33 2017 Remove <applet> This removes support for the applet element from: ﹡ document.all[name] ﹡ document[name] ﹡ w...
added: Mon Aug 21 13:19:32 2017

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends jailing of democracy activists
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:45 2017

Mexico’s war on poppies: @Reuters reporter joins the army on an eradication mission.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:42 2017

Sempra snatches Oncor from Buffett with $9.45 billion bid: sources
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:03 2017

It's official: Putin has appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov as the new Russian ambassador to the US.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:07:43 2017

Man describes his ordeal as a child soldier in Burmese army, so he now faces two years in prison for defaming it.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:07:27 2017

One country, one system, says #Hongkong Rita Fan: 如不信一國兩制 范太:最好離開香港 -- 星島日報
added: Mon Aug 21 12:05:25 2017
tags: hongkong

#SCMP ‘Be vigilant with your talent’ organisations warned as Hongkongers’ desire to emigrate higher than global av…
added: Mon Aug 21 12:04:57 2017
tags: scmp

Don't like our rules? Then leave, #China newspaper says after journal censored
added: Mon Aug 21 12:03:04 2017
tags: china

Fabricated note introduced a toxic sense of uncertainty that undermined attempts to address serious social problems:
added: Mon Aug 21 12:02:01 2017

China-India border dispute spills over into Sydney University
added: Mon Aug 21 12:00:52 2017

British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk after US court ruling
added: Mon Aug 21 11:14:11 2017

Bannon exit a reminder of China’s success in ‘containing Trump’
added: Mon Aug 21 11:13:26 2017

After campaign against #censorship, Indian political documentary passed without cuts/bleeps. Great #freespeech win.
added: Mon Aug 21 11:00:08 2017
tags: censorship, freespeech

Leading Chinese e-commerce founder says AI will make true communism a reality #China #Fintech #AI #Communism
added: Mon Aug 21 10:33:03 2017
tags: china, fintech, communism, ai

Bitcoin uses nearly 5% of total UK electricity consumption. This is ridiculous! (sources:,
added: Mon Aug 21 09:40:34 2017

Nasa reveals plan to drill a hole into a supervolcano
added: Mon Aug 21 08:49:01 2017

Chinese investors are buying into a London skyline that is past its peak via @ReutersTV
added: Mon Aug 21 08:43:43 2017

London's Hikma has hiked the price of some US medicines by up to 430%, the latest incidence of pharma 'gouging'
added: Mon Aug 21 08:31:32 2017

FIFA to include a requirement on human rights being respected to host the World Cup.
added: Mon Aug 21 07:23:49 2017

HK faces bigger risks from poor Asian meat production: study HK faces bigger risks from poor Asian meat...
added: Mon Aug 21 07:22:34 2017

The clouds are darkening for Australia's last listed steelmaker @davidfickling via @gadfly
added: Mon Aug 21 07:21:23 2017

Barcelona attack suspect Abouyaaqoub thought to be van driver: government official
added: Mon Aug 21 07:21:05 2017

China's Great Wall interested in Fiat Chrysler's Jeep brand: report
added: Mon Aug 21 07:20:04 2017

Hong Kong’s ATMs hit with surge in withdrawals in wake of facial recognition #tech being introduced at ATMs in Macau
added: Mon Aug 21 05:54:47 2017
tags: tech

University of Texas at Austin removing statues of four figures tied to Confederacy
added: Mon Aug 21 05:45:21 2017

Sacking fixed Hing Tak School problems, says board member
added: Mon Aug 21 04:13:09 2017

Exclusive: Sydney lecturer apologises for use of map offending an international student group #IndiaChinaStandoff
added: Mon Aug 21 04:09:33 2017
tags: indiachinastandoff

Student from Mainland #China pressures HKUST professor to give better grades
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:44 2017
tags: china

Will China buy Saudi Aramco?
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:06 2017

Louisiana records give insight into thousands of businesses that utilize prison labor
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:02 2017

Replacement screens can be used to hijack your phone
added: Mon Aug 21 04:01:38 2017

Apple told to pay €13bn in back taxes to Ireland #1yrago
added: Mon Aug 21 04:00:08 2017
tags: 1yrago

Why is the Beijing embassy in Pyongyang showcasing ICBM launch photos outside its property?
added: Mon Aug 21 04:00:04 2017

US Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark
added: Mon Aug 21 03:48:48 2017

信口雌黃 #聲援良心犯 【何君堯稱非政治檢控否則囚廿年 促港大將戴耀廷革職】 【七警案鬧法官就冇問題?何君堯嘲諾貝爾和平獎滑稽】
added: Mon Aug 21 03:30:04 2017
tags: 聲援良心犯

A feel-good story to start the week.... "When Jack Daniel’s Failed to Honor a Slave, an Author Rewrote History"
added: Mon Aug 21 03:19:33 2017

Alipay vs WeChat: Challenges and strategies of two payment giants going global
added: Mon Aug 21 03:19:12 2017

Normally the fact that this is leaking would suggest intentional signaling by the White House. But in this WH? dunno
added: Mon Aug 21 03:04:30 2017

Benny Tai has been spreading his ideas of civil disobedience and misleading the students for years, says Junius Ho
added: Mon Aug 21 03:02:45 2017

New toll system causes 15km jam on way to Hong Kong airport - have you been caught out?
added: Mon Aug 21 02:40:42 2017

India upholds controversial marriage annulment amid ‘love jihad’ inquiry
added: Mon Aug 21 02:32:17 2017

Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner
added: Mon Aug 21 01:32:52 2017

No more global M&A in the sex industry: #China has codified a crackdown on `irrational' outbound investment
added: Mon Aug 21 01:20:04 2017
tags: china

Two US missile destroyers hit by merchant vessel weeks? Coincidence? Low cost way to disable missile defense sys :(
added: Mon Aug 21 01:19:45 2017

Further reading:
added: Mon Aug 21 01:19:31 2017

China propping up North Korea with continuous supply of oil via @ABCNews
added: Mon Aug 21 01:17:48 2017

Amid higher scrutiny of real estate & hotel deals,Chinese gov instructs regulators to encourage Belt & Road inv'ment
added: Mon Aug 21 01:15:47 2017

CIA's got nothing on Amtrak's redaction game:
added: Mon Aug 21 01:15:02 2017

Btw, here's an astonishing document by He Xingliang on pernicious influence of western academia via @adamcathcart
added: Mon Aug 21 01:14:26 2017

ICE insists it doesn’t use Stingrays to track undocumented immigrants
added: Mon Aug 21 01:12:44 2017

Good legalistic take on the flaws in the Court of Appeal resentencing of @joshuawongcf and co
added: Mon Aug 21 00:53:39 2017

One of the biggest criticisms against wind and solar energy has been quashed
added: Mon Aug 21 00:49:45 2017

The @cambodiadaily faces shuttering if it does not pay a huge tax bill by Sept 4, the Tax Dept’s Kong Vibol has said
added: Mon Aug 21 00:19:32 2017

"China is in transition. And not in a good way." How will Xi cement his power at party congress?
added: Sun Aug 20 23:54:23 2017

"They said [Kaepernick] disrespected law enforcement. Well, I’m law enforcement, and he didn’t disrespect me.”
added: Sun Aug 20 23:07:47 2017

Four devastating paragraphs by W.E.B. Du Bois, on Robert E. Lee:
added: Sun Aug 20 22:05:49 2017

Worth a read--Democrats Can Win Rural Voters by Taking on Big Agriculture via @thenation
added: Sun Aug 20 21:59:25 2017

Disco Showdown: Original Village People Frontman Returns, Sparking Feud Via @VinceSchilling
added: Sun Aug 20 21:42:29 2017

Karnataka BJP demands Siddaramaiah's resignation for 'misusing' ACB
added: Sun Aug 20 13:30:01 2017

‘Stop calling jailing of student leaders act of political persecution’
added: Sun Aug 20 10:00:01 2017

Diaspora federation protocol 0.2.0 paves the way for account migration: Comments:
added: Sun Aug 20 09:50:01 2017

Customs figures show rising demand for Chinese solar panels in NK. Traders say it's easy to deliver across the river
added: Sun Aug 20 09:44:10 2017

Despite political rivalries, brain drain feared as young #Taiwanese choose to work in #China | The Japan Times
added: Sun Aug 20 08:51:56 2017
tags: china, taiwanese

Facebook knows if you're left wing or right wing - here's how you can see it
added: Sun Aug 20 08:50:00 2017

'The more HK embraces authoritarianism, the less prosperous it will be': @washingtonpost on @joshuawongcf jailing
added: Sun Aug 20 07:39:54 2017

Everyone's dumping the pound, and they're only just getting started
added: Sun Aug 20 07:21:39 2017

Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate
added: Sun Aug 20 04:39:08 2017

the 1917 Houston mutiny loomed large in many ppl's minds about what the state would do if violence got out of hand
added: Sun Aug 20 04:31:18 2017

The US warship Indianapolis sunk in 12 minutes. No distress signal was sent. Seven decades later, the wreckage...
added: Sun Aug 20 04:30:08 2017

Comedian Dick Gregory, active in U.S. civil rights movement, dies at age 84
added: Sun Aug 20 04:30:07 2017

Goa's Catholic Church slams BJP, claims democracy under threat from Right-wing fanaticism
added: Sun Aug 20 03:35:53 2017

Oxford University employee charged with Chicago murder
added: Sun Aug 20 03:34:44 2017

BJP leader fumes, walks out after journalist asks meaning of Vande Mataram
added: Sun Aug 20 03:33:03 2017

A 2000-year-old inscription could shed new light on a critical point in ancient Chinese history.
added: Sun Aug 20 03:30:07 2017

Homeland Security's history of downplaying the threat of far right domestic terrorism
added: Sun Aug 20 02:12:02 2017

Palestinian foreign minister welcomes Egypt's warmer ties with Hamas
added: Sun Aug 20 02:10:03 2017

Chu Hoi-dick slams "colonial mentality" of Hong Kong's elites
added: Sun Aug 20 02:09:39 2017

Tell your university: Don't sell patents to trolls.
added: Sun Aug 20 02:04:00 2017

#China Raises Temperature Again in Spratly Islands - commentary by @graham_euan #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Aug 19 23:06:38 2017
tags: southchinasea, china

Injured comrades at Themistokleous 58 Squat need support.
added: Sat Aug 19 21:07:03 2017

It is almost physically painful to say, but here is my last piece from India.
added: Sat Aug 19 17:05:51 2017

The fable of the evil Antifa who drove the Nazis to fury and murder has become gospel in the right
added: Sat Aug 19 11:36:51 2017

"In excess of 150,000 African elephants have been slaughtered by poachers since 2012"
added: Sat Aug 19 10:35:48 2017

Rightscorp Bleeds Another Million, Borrows $200K From Customer BMG
added: Sat Aug 19 10:35:44 2017

Lester Shum says authorities are attempting to deter Hong Kong people from political participation
added: Sat Aug 19 09:39:42 2017

Couldn't stop giggling. Great reporting by @Tang_Ailin In China, Your Company’s Name Can’t Be a Mouthful
added: Sat Aug 19 09:36:08 2017

Last ditch attempt to save the orange-bellied parrot from extinction:
added: Sat Aug 19 09:35:12 2017

Knife attacker wounds eight in Russian town of Surgut before being killed by police
added: Sat Aug 19 09:10:57 2017

Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: 'I was invisible'
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:49 2017

The poisoning of Bangladesh: How arsenic is ravaging a nation
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:47 2017

Police arrest five after Finland stabbing spree that killed two people
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:18 2017

Barclays installs sensors to see which bankers are at their desks
added: Sat Aug 19 08:34:41 2017

🔴 #BREAKING - Police investigating Finland stabbings as terror attack
added: Sat Aug 19 08:32:09 2017
tags: breaking

Iowa woman who tried to vote for Donald Trump twice gets two years probation and $750 fine
added: Sat Aug 19 08:26:46 2017

"This is worse than what happened in Scarborough Shoal."
added: Sat Aug 19 08:04:16 2017

LexisNexis said its service shut down in China since March because it refused to comply with similar requests
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:12 2017

Dolores Huerta's Life of Activism
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:02 2017

US DoD, Brit ISP BT reverse proxies can be abused to frisk internal systems – researcher
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:00 2017

London to Sydney in two hours?
added: Sat Aug 19 07:27:56 2017

US Secret Service's ambitious IT modernisation plan: full interoperability based on a "private cloud" -
added: Sat Aug 19 07:22:30 2017

I rode London's famous Underground system for a week — and I saw why New York's subway will never catch up
added: Sat Aug 19 06:57:00 2017

Government will try to ensure power supply: #Taiwan premier - Taipei Times #energy #electricity
added: Sat Aug 19 06:54:44 2017
tags: electricity, taiwan, energy

A district councillor took part in this deal? Luxury Hong Kong home used as cover in aircraft carrier deal
added: Sat Aug 19 06:53:40 2017

Apparently TB is still a problem in Korea. Yikes.
added: Sat Aug 19 06:50:08 2017

There should be no place in India for Modi’s uncivil words against Hamid Ansari
added: Sat Aug 19 06:50:00 2017

Scientists find record 2.7-million-year-old ice core in Antarctica via @SmithsonianMag
added: Sat Aug 19 06:46:36 2017

[Repost] How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument
added: Sat Aug 19 06:44:29 2017

Environmentalists worried as UK sells off Green Investment Bank - outrageous: sold to fossil fuel investors
added: Sat Aug 19 06:44:14 2017

Boston braces for protests in wake of Charlottesville violence
added: Sat Aug 19 06:42:07 2017

Pop stars, models, and Hollywood: The crazy life of the man accused of siphoning $4.5bn from Malaysia's state fund
added: Sat Aug 19 06:02:00 2017

Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind
added: Sat Aug 19 06:01:06 2017

Kenya's opposition files challenge over election results
added: Sat Aug 19 06:00:08 2017

A stalemate in the Himalayas, a territorial struggle and dreams of a commercial invasion ... sound familiar?
added: Sat Aug 19 06:00:04 2017

Kenya opposition files challenge over election results
added: Sat Aug 19 05:59:05 2017

回應社運人士接連被改判入獄 張建宗指外媒看法偏頗
added: Sat Aug 19 05:55:59 2017

KKK Members Who Worked as Prison Guards Convicted of Plotting to Kill Black Prisoner
added: Sat Aug 19 05:45:05 2017

#China starts comparing their own #Culturalrevolution w/ #American one. Some say it's #Jews problem. #antifa
added: Sat Aug 19 05:44:03 2017
tags: china, culturalrevolution, american, jews, antifa

Seventh Australian senator referred to High Court as citizenship crisis deepens
added: Sat Aug 19 05:30:08 2017

Turkey to boost military cooperation with Iran after army chief's visit
added: Sat Aug 19 05:10:08 2017

🇹🇭Thailand announces 4-year digital nomad visa (via @reustle) 🎉🎉🎉
added: Sat Aug 19 04:29:14 2017

@WhatsApp is officially blocked in #China @telegram also not working. Signal @whispersystems WORKS!
added: Sat Aug 19 04:28:00 2017
tags: china

Death rates far higher for 'alternative' cancer cures: study
added: Sat Aug 19 04:25:07 2017

The biggest winner in Bannon's firing is... China.
added: Sat Aug 19 04:11:42 2017

"Kenya has been modeling a brand of electoral authoritarianism for the region and beyond over the last decade..."
added: Sat Aug 19 03:58:37 2017

Tiananmen Papers editor Andrew Nathan: '@CambridgeUP violated authors' trust & has compromised its integrity'
added: Sat Aug 19 03:54:56 2017

Rail Infrastructure and Neglected Public Transport in #Taiwan by @SOAS' Dafydd Fell
added: Sat Aug 19 03:45:53 2017
tags: taiwan

Australia: Chau Chak Wing takes ABC and Fairfax to court
added: Sat Aug 19 03:05:23 2017

Missed this amid everything going on today, but this story is highly likely to be overblown
added: Sat Aug 19 02:51:37 2017

KKK no show in Durham as counter-demonstrators rally
added: Sat Aug 19 02:40:00 2017

Organ harvesting in China in 2016: This is the brutal reality Support CCP = support brutality
added: Sat Aug 19 02:03:06 2017

India welcomes US blacklisting of Kashmir armed group
added: Sat Aug 19 02:00:11 2017

'A death knell for rule of law and human rights': 20 Int'l figures condemn jailing of Hong Kong democracy activists
added: Sat Aug 19 01:18:57 2017

@Rory_Medcalf And another China-India nationalist battlefield developing in universities
added: Sat Aug 19 01:16:54 2017

"The aggressive use of #Charlottesville tragedy to attack US system reflects more assertive foreign policy under Xi"
added: Sat Aug 19 01:14:12 2017
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Kobach complains on Breitbart about the "ritual where something happens [&] you have to say the right words." #ksleg
added: Sat Aug 19 01:11:02 2017
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Cambridge University Press Removes Articles From Chinese Website w/ @peterlorentzen and @jonlsullivan
added: Sat Aug 19 01:11:01 2017

U.S. federal court finds online agreements are binding, regardless of whether customers read or understand them
added: Sat Aug 19 01:00:50 2017

U.S. Lawmakers Seek Kushner Company Records on Maryland Apartments
added: Sat Aug 19 00:58:01 2017

US troops call in airstrike after they come under fire in Somalia
added: Sat Aug 19 00:56:23 2017

"Student who attended Charlottesville white supremacist rally leaves Boston University after backlash"
added: Sat Aug 19 00:45:04 2017

China liver problems boost demand for US blood plasma
added: Sat Aug 19 00:28:14 2017

Keynote speaker at 1913 dedication of Confederate statue at UNC bragged he'd 'horse-whipped a negro wench'
added: Sat Aug 19 00:19:15 2017

Tensions flare during North Carolina protest as white supremacists warn KKK are coming back
added: Sat Aug 19 00:13:10 2017

FreeBSD Commit "Add support for @Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) ... <snip>"
added: Fri Aug 18 23:45:07 2017

1 Trump names bottled water industry lawyer to Interior. 2 Interior ends ban on bottled water in national parks.
added: Fri Aug 18 23:44:29 2017

Removing Philly's Rizzo statue would be a healthy reckoning with history, not "erasure":
added: Fri Aug 18 23:31:38 2017

In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened
added: Fri Aug 18 23:24:17 2017

This is how it could go down if China and India went to war — via @WeAreTheMighty via @bi_contributors
added: Fri Aug 18 23:22:04 2017

A pernicious presence has been ejected. But....
added: Fri Aug 18 23:20:32 2017

@realDonaldTrump Looks like you are in for one heck of a ride.
added: Fri Aug 18 23:19:51 2017

80% of Republicans back Trump on Charlottesville
added: Fri Aug 18 23:17:01 2017

"It isn't Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black. It's nervous White women in yoga pants...
added: Fri Aug 18 22:23:04 2017

#Dallas' four black councilmen call for removal of city's Confederate statues.
added: Fri Aug 18 22:17:28 2017
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Example of injection for non-HTTPS sites (including static): (ironically, unencrypted itself) #usesec17
added: Fri Aug 18 22:00:41 2017
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Trump dumps controversial chief strategist Bannon in latest upheaval
added: Fri Aug 18 21:30:08 2017

"Secret" #UniteTheRight planning chat shows talk of running over counter-protesters, shooting them with guns, etc
added: Fri Aug 18 21:05:52 2017
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Special bonus content - we figured out why Mastodon is so big in Japan... and it's a little disturbing.
added: Fri Aug 18 20:06:15 2017

Our report "Back to the Future: the Decentralized Web" investigates appcoins, Steemit, Mastodon and other fun stuff:
added: Fri Aug 18 20:02:57 2017

Arkansans, Arkansawyers... however you prefer to be called, if you're not outraged - you're not paying attention! 😤
added: Fri Aug 18 19:12:00 2017

Tonight, we ride to Burton, MI to oppose #KKK attack on black #UAW family. #Michigan
added: Fri Aug 18 19:04:30 2017
tags: kkk, michigan, uaw

The way that Taiwan, India, and other countries deal with statues that symbolize ugly pasts
added: Fri Aug 18 15:28:11 2017

A French Hindu Writer Believed That Hitler Was An Avatar Of Lord Vishnu, Here's Her Story
added: Fri Aug 18 15:17:06 2017

Woah.. people are creating fake Twitter accounts of white women to push anti-feminist/racist shit via @tanya_chen
added: Fri Aug 18 15:10:39 2017

Organizers of a counter-protest to what's being called a free speech rally in Boston expect as many as 30,000
added: Fri Aug 18 14:48:01 2017

Accept censorship of 300 articles today and how many more will you be asked to censor tomorrow? via @FT
added: Fri Aug 18 14:47:32 2017

In his keynote, @jezhumble guts the heart of Damore's manifesto, gives stronger explanation for gender imbalance
added: Fri Aug 18 14:40:48 2017

Susan Bro to Trump: “You can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying ‘I’m sorry.’”
added: Fri Aug 18 14:32:55 2017

Trump is losing 'friends,' but not losing Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell
added: Fri Aug 18 14:32:33 2017

Why Republicans Can’t Ditch David Duke
added: Fri Aug 18 14:31:51 2017

Rare, remarkable footage of a blue whale’s eating habits, shot by drone:
added: Fri Aug 18 14:31:34 2017

Japan to provide $500 mil. for Indo-Pacific maritime security - The Mainichi
added: Fri Aug 18 14:31:06 2017

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 may have even smaller bezels
added: Fri Aug 18 14:30:55 2017

Bronx cops can steal anything they want by calling it "evidence" #1yrago
added: Fri Aug 18 14:30:40 2017
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Jailed #HongKong democracy leaders should be source of pride, says last colonial governor Chris Patten
added: Fri Aug 18 14:30:01 2017
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many interesting points in this from @emptywheel inc.rohrbacher story changing, & don jr newly following assange
added: Fri Aug 18 14:07:00 2017

Revealed: Wen Jiabao's family is behind Cambridge University professorship - Telegraph
added: Fri Aug 18 13:42:49 2017

Truly surreal. The rubber hits the belt road initiative on the streets of Sydney
added: Fri Aug 18 12:19:33 2017

Jack Ma works his magic with MassMutual bid via @WSJ
added: Fri Aug 18 12:10:55 2017

FT showing its age here..."Youth oriented media company"
added: Fri Aug 18 10:53:24 2017

Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security
added: Fri Aug 18 10:52:49 2017

Chilling academic censorship. 300+ articles & reviews pulls from China Quarterly, most relate to 'sensitive' topics:
added: Fri Aug 18 10:51:38 2017

#Malawi's ruling party held a fundraiser & state agencies made donations. Civil society demands refunds of public $:
added: Fri Aug 18 10:05:13 2017
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Bannon trying to oust respected diplomat Susan Thornton at State & replace her w hawks who take a hard line on China
added: Fri Aug 18 09:46:18 2017

Beijing defends jailing of #HongKong activists, saying "so-called democracy" can't be used as an excuse for violence
added: Fri Aug 18 09:43:29 2017
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"Security implications of systemd compared to other inits" Yep, attack surface is the most important aspect.
added: Fri Aug 18 09:42:09 2017

Some early findings from the bastard translation of DOJ v. Wong et al: First: a key definition that I can't...
added: Fri Aug 18 09:40:13 2017

17-year-old's death jolts senators to speak vs killings
added: Fri Aug 18 09:25:44 2017

Monkeys can be tricked into thinking all objects are familiar
added: Fri Aug 18 08:54:04 2017

Judge who jailed Joshua Wong et al attended an anti-Umbrella Movement group's party in 2015 with pro-Beijing figures
added: Fri Aug 18 08:52:16 2017

A pillar of Chinese growth starts to show cracks -- Heard on the Street via @WSJ
added: Fri Aug 18 07:27:24 2017

Winning at any cost the new normal in Indian politics: Election Commissioner
added: Fri Aug 18 07:13:11 2017

China tech's sexual discrimination problem runs deeper than Silicon Valley's, and is often more explicit:
added: Fri Aug 18 07:05:21 2017

Greensboro, NC Apologizes over Its Role in 1979 Killings by Neo-Nazis
added: Fri Aug 18 07:05:11 2017

Most important poll I've seen in 2017. 60% of Trump supporters say NOTHING could EVER make them end their support
added: Fri Aug 18 07:03:40 2017

Theresa May rejects appeal from 9/11 survivors to release suppressed Saudi terror report
added: Fri Aug 18 07:01:25 2017

Brazilian supreme court upholds land rights of indigenous people
added: Fri Aug 18 07:00:53 2017

You won't read a clearer explanation of what makes Chilesaurus so fascinating than @Laelaps':
added: Fri Aug 18 06:57:27 2017

The @guardian view on imprisonment of @joshuawongcf, @nathanlawkc & @alexchow18 "Beijing wants compliance, not love"
added: Fri Aug 18 06:52:54 2017

Instead of that clueless #ElectionsKE piece just published in the New Yorker, read this.
added: Fri Aug 18 06:22:37 2017
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My essay on the #HK government's attempts to eviscerate @demosisto & League of Social Democrats
added: Fri Aug 18 06:22:08 2017
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I'm going to upload a Google doc that allows people to turn the Chinese official version of the ruling into...
added: Fri Aug 18 06:14:30 2017

How Syria continued to gas its people as the world looked on @anotherdeutsch via @SpecialReports
added: Fri Aug 18 05:54:07 2017

Nice chart of shifting factors behind China's economic growth
added: Fri Aug 18 05:53:55 2017

China's top party school urges cadres to learn from Xi's teenage travails
added: Fri Aug 18 05:50:04 2017

'All anyone can do is stay sane while we wait for the Communists to fail ... all they have done is earn more hatred'
added: Fri Aug 18 05:46:35 2017

A man carrying a samurai sword and a Chinese flag has attacked a guard outside the #Taiwan presidential palace
added: Fri Aug 18 05:45:03 2017
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Opinion: #HongKong's history is skewed by single-language barrier
added: Fri Aug 18 05:37:25 2017
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For those who want to learn how fake news, Cambridge Analytica and social media affected our election, press play!
added: Fri Aug 18 05:20:52 2017

Chinese state media just released a terribly racist video mocking Indians
added: Fri Aug 18 05:15:05 2017

"We work in the shadows of Kenyan society and what happens in the shadows never sees the light."
added: Fri Aug 18 04:30:23 2017

Trump drops plan to create infrastructure council: White House
added: Fri Aug 18 04:30:12 2017

More fallout from this week's power outages across Taiwan: CPC Corporation (中油公司) CEO Chen Chin-te has just resigned
added: Fri Aug 18 04:28:42 2017

Vitamin C helps genes to kill off cells that would cause cancer
added: Fri Aug 18 04:28:41 2017

US wants 'full investigation' into DRCongo death of UN experts
added: Fri Aug 18 04:24:07 2017

Excerpts from judgement on Joshua Wong et al translated by @karenklcheung In full (Chinese):
added: Fri Aug 18 04:07:28 2017

Beyond the pale: #China’s cheerful racists
added: Fri Aug 18 03:38:23 2017
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Shout out to @thetrillbillies. My father spent most of his life in Harlan County:
added: Fri Aug 18 03:37:57 2017

Report: MACC @SPRMMalaysia probing a third FIC-owned hotel in Sabah
added: Fri Aug 18 03:16:05 2017

China's new home price growth continues to slow in July
added: Fri Aug 18 03:13:20 2017

Even in regions where China invests generously, things have not changed dramatically.
added: Fri Aug 18 03:12:19 2017

China launches probe into Brazilian broiler chicken imports
added: Fri Aug 18 03:11:25 2017

According to #World #Rugby, 92% of #players with #concussion have been correctly #diagnosed...
added: Fri Aug 18 03:04:29 2017
tags: world, rugby, players, concussion, diagnosed

China's outflow problem is here to stay, says @BaldingsWorld via @bv
added: Fri Aug 18 02:37:52 2017

Sri Lanka cuts taxes to lift disaster-hit economy
added: Fri Aug 18 02:29:08 2017

Here you go - the top 10 tries of the 2017 #SuperRugby season: #Rugby
added: Fri Aug 18 02:15:00 2017
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ACLU will no longer defend hate groups protesting with firearms.
added: Fri Aug 18 02:10:59 2017

Be prepared. The racists might travel here either way.
added: Fri Aug 18 01:43:40 2017

Kyle Chapman, aka Based Stickman, organizer of Aug 27 white supremacist rally in Berkeley, charged with felony
added: Fri Aug 18 00:51:55 2017

Islamic State claims responsibility for Barcelona van attack
added: Fri Aug 18 00:46:57 2017

Johnson and Weev worked with GOP operative who commit suicide on scheme to get Hillary emails 6/
added: Fri Aug 18 00:42:09 2017

johnson organized three hour meeting with assange for rohrhbacher yesterday, attended meeting 4/
added: Fri Aug 18 00:40:34 2017

who weev is, hacker associate of johnson turned neo mazi in prison 3/
added: Fri Aug 18 00:38:58 2017

IWW basics of organizing doesn't mention avoiding fascists specifically, but does talk about identifying weak links.
added: Fri Aug 18 00:37:41 2017

Beautifully told story of San Francisco’s housing crisis
added: Thu Aug 17 23:27:54 2017

US Navy is getting a 'game-changing' upgrade that could turn the tables on China and Russia via @BI_Defense
added: Thu Aug 17 22:46:37 2017

Maine governor: Removing Confederate statues is like taking down a 9/11 memorial
added: Thu Aug 17 22:07:05 2017

@geoffrey_newton @emilyywu Likewise Memento Park in Budapest
added: Thu Aug 17 21:48:29 2017

Uyghur Veterinarian Jailed For Treating Suspect Wounded in Xinjiang Violence
added: Thu Aug 17 20:05:12 2017

#UPDATE: Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway monument tarred and feathered near Gold Canyon.
added: Thu Aug 17 19:16:36 2017
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Why were confederate monuments built? Often to intimidate uppity black folks. Amazing piece from a historian.
added: Thu Aug 17 16:44:46 2017

Crackdown on Kenya civil society 'like the 1990s' say activists, as they thwart office raid @AfriCOG @johngithongo
added: Thu Aug 17 16:13:08 2017

@emilyywu Lithuania did the same thing for Soviet-era statues, call it "Stalin's World"
added: Thu Aug 17 14:44:22 2017

4 the folks who slammed me 4 critiquing @adamschiffman's bill 2 overturn Cit United as inconsistent w/ his ACTIONS
added: Thu Aug 17 13:50:31 2017

Polish police break up feminist rally to clear way for far-right march
added: Thu Aug 17 13:50:29 2017

Remembering Karamchedu Dalits’ Massacre – Many Lessons
added: Thu Aug 17 12:37:40 2017

Roy Moore, Luther Strange, and the lessons of the Alabama Senate primary.
added: Thu Aug 17 12:37:32 2017

#VIETNAM #Customs officer caught trying to steal more than 150kg #ivory from #smugglers via @vietnamenglish
added: Thu Aug 17 12:36:14 2017
tags: vietnam, customs, ivory, smugglers

NYT gets it wrong, currency rules in NAFTA would not just be "symbolic," they would be a big deal
added: Thu Aug 17 12:35:41 2017

China and Japan’s postwar truce has always been an uneasy one
added: Thu Aug 17 12:31:37 2017

#Alibaba's Sales Beat Estimates on Surging Consumer Demand @business @technology @luluyilun @edwininla #China #tech
added: Thu Aug 17 11:18:23 2017
tags: tech, china, alibaba

A K Roopanwal Commission submits #BJPs report on #RohithVemula suicide #DalitLivesMatter via @IndianExpress
added: Thu Aug 17 11:11:37 2017
tags: rohithvemula, bjps, dalitlivesmatter

Philippines war on drugs and crime intensifies, at least 58 killed in three days
added: Thu Aug 17 10:35:57 2017

Human rights group slams Philippines president Duterte's threat to kill them | World news | The Guardian
added: Thu Aug 17 10:35:41 2017

Cathay Pacific isn't going to embrace the discount-fare revolution
added: Thu Aug 17 09:30:49 2017

Ma Ngok: Mainland Affairs Secretary discussing local elections with BJ officials in breach of Basic Law
added: Thu Aug 17 09:06:52 2017

DoJ v. @joshuawongcf @alexchow18 @nathanlawkc 律政司司長 訴 黃之鋒及另二人 CAAR4/2016 (CHINESE ONLY)
added: Thu Aug 17 09:06:04 2017

North Korean ICBM launched July 28 “failed to re-enter atmosphere: expert”
added: Thu Aug 17 09:03:51 2017

Scientists discover peanut allergy cure
added: Thu Aug 17 09:02:59 2017

Joshua Wong and two other Umbrella Movement leaders jailed in Hong Kong
added: Thu Aug 17 09:02:07 2017

Hong Kong this summer got its first political prisoners. Worrying development, glad to have moved from this city:
added: Thu Aug 17 09:01:29 2017

Woman Banned from US After Border Agent Finds Proof of Drug Use on Phone: Comments:
added: Thu Aug 17 09:00:02 2017

Twitter just took down accounts belonging to neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer
added: Thu Aug 17 08:50:32 2017

Peanut allergy cured in majority of children in immunotherapy trial: Comments:
added: Thu Aug 17 08:50:02 2017

Umbrella Movement leaders jailed for >6 months after Beijing-backed Hong Kong government pushed for tough punishment
added: Thu Aug 17 08:30:23 2017

I was in Charlottesville. Trump was wrong about violence on the left | Jason Wilson
added: Thu Aug 17 08:17:20 2017

Booming thermal coal price on China demand cheers miners
added: Thu Aug 17 08:10:03 2017

China's menswear maker is swapping stitching for lithium batteries
added: Thu Aug 17 08:09:56 2017

Top Chinese VC Neil Shen gives @EconomistRadio silent treatment when asked if AI facilitates suppression from 07.50
added: Thu Aug 17 08:01:05 2017

Sale of mid-levels luxury flats boosts first half profits of Swire Properties
added: Thu Aug 17 07:56:34 2017

Chinese watchdog warns #Alibaba about the sale of internet access tools via @technology @business #China #tech
added: Thu Aug 17 07:52:16 2017
tags: alibaba, china, tech

Uganda struggles to cope as one million South Sudanese refugees pour in
added: Thu Aug 17 06:50:04 2017

US: War would be “horrific” but North Korea nukes “unimaginable.”'
added: Thu Aug 17 06:38:37 2017

Iran reform leader on hunger strike over 6-year house arrest
added: Thu Aug 17 06:21:09 2017

Jellyfish galaxies may feed black holes with their long tendrils
added: Thu Aug 17 06:19:52 2017

Today's Morning Paper is "On the design of distributed programming models” by @cmeik
added: Thu Aug 17 06:16:41 2017

Bannon Mocks Colleagues and ‘Alt-Right’ in Interview - The New York Times
added: Thu Aug 17 05:50:29 2017

Houston, TX: No Charges for Officers over Public Body Cavity Search #CharnesiaCorley
added: Thu Aug 17 05:45:06 2017
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SC law protects Confederate monuments; some leaders want to change that
added: Thu Aug 17 05:41:33 2017

Thousands of Mexicans march to scrap NAFTA, as government fights to save it
added: Thu Aug 17 05:40:03 2017

Ever wonder how those Taiwanese telecom fraud rings operate? Two of the men working to stop them explain here.
added: Thu Aug 17 04:07:38 2017

Our Hong Kong Foundation says tax reforms for SME has to be a balanced one
added: Thu Aug 17 03:39:53 2017

how about... no
added: Thu Aug 17 03:38:55 2017

Sydney couple shocked after opening a tin of baby formula they had bought at Big W to find it full of dirt. #9News
added: Thu Aug 17 03:38:45 2017
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Inside India's First Partition Museum @DalrympleWill @Pupulmimi @JAJafri @iamrana @atiyaz @WhiteMughalsFan @calamur
added: Thu Aug 17 03:35:06 2017

Some of Bangladesh’s Urdu speakers dream of being resettled in Pakistan Who is responsible for them?
added: Thu Aug 17 03:10:05 2017

U.S. ends program for Central American minors fleeing violence
added: Thu Aug 17 03:10:03 2017

A child's game provides a great metaphor for what America needs now
added: Thu Aug 17 03:09:49 2017

The camo dudes with big guns are these guys:
added: Thu Aug 17 03:08:36 2017

Shenzhen Opens First Local Asset Manager to Deal With Distressed Assets
added: Thu Aug 17 01:55:17 2017

Confederate Monuments Are Coming Down Across the Country. Here’s a List.
added: Thu Aug 17 01:55:11 2017

Also curious when meeting got scheduled? Before NYer profile? B4 news of cooperating UKR?
added: Thu Aug 17 01:54:04 2017

"We shouldn't be tip-toeing around Nazis. They should tip-toe around us"
added: Thu Aug 17 01:50:03 2017

Securities Regulator Reaffirms Support for Merger Deals
added: Thu Aug 17 01:49:40 2017

not that it's relevant or anything, but a federal judge ruled this spring that Trump incited violence at his rallies
added: Thu Aug 17 01:43:26 2017

The chasm between GOP voters & electeds is growing But the former are still constraining the latter Our story >
added: Thu Aug 17 01:35:09 2017
added: Thu Aug 17 01:28:56 2017

Antifa: A Look at the Antifascist Movement Confronting White Supremacists in the Streets
added: Thu Aug 17 01:28:01 2017

China says its bullet train technology was stolen, days after US trade probe move
added: Thu Aug 17 01:21:56 2017

He’s coming after #TheResistance, ladies and gents. Let your Congresspersons know how you feel about this. 🚨🚨🚨
added: Thu Aug 17 01:20:40 2017
tags: theresistance

Not surprisingly, Kelly's finding his boss difficult to rein in @ashleyrparker @costareports
added: Thu Aug 17 01:17:30 2017

Hoods and “Henbleep” - FBI files on Whitey Bulger and the Winter Hill Gang
added: Thu Aug 17 01:15:13 2017

Meet war hero General Li Zuocheng - one of Xi Jinping’s hand-picked rising military stars.
added: Thu Aug 17 01:15:10 2017

Haunted by unification: A Bangladeshi view of partition How is 1947 Partition remembered & learned by Bangladeshis?
added: Thu Aug 17 01:15:09 2017

Takiyah Thompson on her arrest for taking down Confederate statue: "They want to make an example of me"
added: Thu Aug 17 01:10:09 2017

Cached version of remarkable Steve Bannon interview where he says "the economic war with China is everything"
added: Thu Aug 17 00:57:36 2017

A SUPER INSANE letter Trump's lawyer forwarded to journalists.
added: Thu Aug 17 00:08:47 2017

@Limerick1914 @NuclearTakes Here's a debunking article:
added: Wed Aug 16 23:22:25 2017

@digitalocean you were quoted in an article by @TechCrunch
added: Wed Aug 16 22:41:45 2017

Philadelphia's first public statue honoring a black person to be unveiled this September
added: Wed Aug 16 22:01:45 2017

Much of what once made Finland an exceptional place to live is being systematically dismantled.
added: Wed Aug 16 22:00:03 2017

'He was radicalized online': Nephew of white nationalist speaks - CNN
added: Wed Aug 16 19:14:41 2017

The Daily Caller has a White Nationalist Problem
added: Wed Aug 16 17:31:31 2017

68% of Trump voters say there is "a lot of discrimination against white people".
added: Wed Aug 16 14:35:09 2017

added: Wed Aug 16 11:56:35 2017

Must read from an expert. Frightening. Trump Rhetoric Empowers Dangerous Fringe Violence - The Cipher Brief
added: Wed Aug 16 11:06:43 2017

“Right now, there a lot of well-meaning people, people who desperately want to believe in their own goodness.”
added: Wed Aug 16 11:00:14 2017

China's Geely beats expectations as Volvo pays off
added: Wed Aug 16 09:51:16 2017

Lincoln Memorial in Washington defaced with expletive
added: Wed Aug 16 09:41:36 2017

Under Tories' flagship welfare reform, Universal Credit, some parents will lose £3,100 each year. It must be halted.
added: Wed Aug 16 09:39:18 2017

Silent Witness star stabbed in head by man wielding scissors
added: Wed Aug 16 09:39:09 2017

Geneticists trace humble apple's exotic lineage all the way to the Silk Road - #kazakhstan
added: Wed Aug 16 09:38:56 2017
tags: kazakhstan

Workers 'begging their managers for more hours' as millions of people struggle on flexible contracts, study reveals
added: Wed Aug 16 09:30:13 2017

India and China troops clash along Himalayan border
added: Wed Aug 16 09:25:44 2017

Vegetarian Chilesaurus a 'missing link' in dinosaur evolution, researchers say
added: Wed Aug 16 08:53:12 2017

BREAKING: Baby dolphin dies after sunbathers pull it from water and pose for selfies
added: Wed Aug 16 08:51:43 2017

“Stop the BS behind paid-subscription apps!” By a well informed economist:
added: Wed Aug 16 08:39:57 2017

Millions of energy customers overcharged by £102m because of company errors
added: Wed Aug 16 07:23:55 2017

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Kasatka at SeaWorld San Diego.“ - Sea World #CaptivityKills #EmptyTheTanks
added: Wed Aug 16 07:21:06 2017
tags: captivitykills, emptythetanks

China debt: "IMF said debt as a proportion of gross domestic product would rise from 235% to almost 300% by 2022."
added: Wed Aug 16 07:20:34 2017

.@AngNagle says the alt-right has suffered a defeat and that the path forward requires a robust politics of the left
added: Wed Aug 16 06:11:45 2017

3 (some reports say 5) labourers buried alive, 2 injured as coal heap collapses in Adani-managed Dhamra port:
added: Wed Aug 16 05:32:44 2017

Why you shouldn't restrict dual citizenship in a diverse country: 50% of Aussies may be ineligible for Parliament
added: Wed Aug 16 05:07:35 2017

Pretty wild that Taiwan's economics minister was sacked over a power outage
added: Wed Aug 16 04:46:07 2017

Liu Xia left Beijing to escape summer, family told #LiuXia #LiuXiaobo
added: Wed Aug 16 04:34:11 2017
tags: liuxia, liuxiaobo

"Beijing is certainly losing patience with #KimJongUn" ... but is not quite ready for a full break with #NorthKorea.
added: Wed Aug 16 04:25:42 2017
tags: northkorea, kimjongun

Commandant of the Marine Corps Breaks With Trump And Denounces His Support For Racism
added: Wed Aug 16 04:25:40 2017

#CIA came up with 126 reasons to deny your #FOIA request
added: Wed Aug 16 03:49:02 2017
tags: cia, foia

added: Wed Aug 16 03:48:02 2017

According to alt-right, Ashkenzai Jews are half-white, Sephardic Jews not white at all
added: Wed Aug 16 03:47:10 2017

Hanoi is convinced that China's charm offensive in South China Sea is smoke & mirrors Good analysis by @GregPoling.
added: Wed Aug 16 02:46:50 2017

The Columbia Journalism Review examines that appalling @DailyProgress editorial about Wes Bellamy from last week.
added: Wed Aug 16 02:38:50 2017

How Krishna was transformed from a tribal deity to a supreme god in the Puranic tradition
added: Wed Aug 16 02:30:04 2017

From The @AP ~ How to describe extremists who rallied in Charlottesville
added: Wed Aug 16 02:08:18 2017

#Alibaba to cash in on Japan's nascent e-payment market, to offer a version of the #Alipay tailored for Japanese
added: Wed Aug 16 02:08:05 2017
tags: alibaba, alipay

The American conversation on race is critical, but Native Americans are missing from it.
added: Wed Aug 16 01:35:53 2017

Top US military officer notes 'difficult issues' with China - ABC News - via @ABC
added: Wed Aug 16 01:32:23 2017

Staff "never expected to hear such a voluble articulation of opinions that POTUS had long expressed in private"
added: Wed Aug 16 01:28:40 2017

Chinese ship found carrying endangered species from Galapagos
added: Wed Aug 16 01:25:00 2017

Let Japan develop nuclear weapons to lessen North Korea threat, former US Navy commander says
added: Wed Aug 16 00:51:15 2017

Trump is lying about what happened in Charlottesville, says witness and counter-protester @pastortraci #inners
added: Wed Aug 16 00:50:50 2017
tags: inners

Flood of Chinese imports may hurt struggling Indian factories via @business #China #India
added: Wed Aug 16 00:50:10 2017
tags: china, india

The City of Yarra will replace its citizenship ceremony with an event "marking the loss of Indigenous culture" #yes
added: Wed Aug 16 00:47:23 2017
tags: yes

"Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is," one of the slogans on a car read.
added: Wed Aug 16 00:45:00 2017

This isn’t going to be any old trade negotiation. It touches some of the deepest roots of the Chinese system
added: Wed Aug 16 00:43:25 2017

Group still plans to hold white nationalist rally in Toronto | #OpDomesticTerrorism | #IntelGroup
added: Wed Aug 16 00:42:26 2017
tags: intelgroup, opdomesticterrorism

Earning the racists' praise crosses every line.
added: Wed Aug 16 00:39:37 2017

New by me: I spent months inside the alt-right's private chat rooms, and saw the epicenter of an emerging movement.
added: Wed Aug 16 00:35:48 2017

"In the case of war between India and China, we would be the meat in the sandwich." On Bhutan, with @GillSabrie
added: Wed Aug 16 00:32:51 2017

'Bernie Bros' and 'Alt-Left' Are Propaganda Terms Meant to Disempower via @NatCounterPunch
added: Tue Aug 15 23:39:32 2017

Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests
added: Tue Aug 15 22:16:54 2017

My student, Takiyah Thompson, was arrested. Please donate to her legal defense fund.
added: Tue Aug 15 21:58:04 2017

📷 “The Serpent explains Erlang process isolation to developers in a Java shop” @ErlangSolutions @elixirlang
added: Tue Aug 15 20:13:24 2017

Here's who Third Way gets it's cash from:
added: Tue Aug 15 15:21:55 2017

This happened same week Trump shuttered the State Department's anti-Semitism monitoring office. # via @HuffPostPol
added: Tue Aug 15 14:19:06 2017

Trump is deleting tweets this morning. Legally, they must be archived. CREW & @NSArchive are suing him to make sure.
added: Tue Aug 15 12:43:54 2017

Experts explain how white people should talk to other white people about Charlottesville
added: Tue Aug 15 11:52:01 2017

Saudi Arabia and Iraq to re-open border crossing after 27 years
added: Tue Aug 15 11:50:04 2017

State Leaders Call for Confederate Monuments to Be Removed, via @nytimes
added: Tue Aug 15 11:42:22 2017

Full description of how @factwirenews obtained the CCTV footage that was the focus of last night's Howard Lam story
added: Tue Aug 15 10:43:37 2017

Enough is enough. It's time for rail services to be publicly owned, saving money for passengers and taxpayers alike.
added: Tue Aug 15 10:31:01 2017

New blog post about a #WW2 diary from the #Rakhine front at the border of #Myanmar/#Burma and today's #Bangladesh
added: Tue Aug 15 09:02:23 2017
tags: myanmar, bangladesh, rakhine, burma, ww2

South Korea's Moon says no military action without Seoul's consent
added: Tue Aug 15 08:20:03 2017

Sony and IBM created 330TB data tapes for a massive analog archive
added: Tue Aug 15 08:20:01 2017

Baltic Sea Campaign: Another porpoise found dead @SeaShepherdDe
added: Tue Aug 15 08:15:31 2017

Following GoDaddy & Google, Neo-Nazi Site's Email Provider Zoho Drops It as Customer
added: Tue Aug 15 08:15:13 2017

60 Habbits You Formed In Japan That Will Never Work In Other Country
added: Tue Aug 15 08:15:05 2017

Trump’s China Trade Sally - a WSJ editorial. via @WSJOpinion
added: Tue Aug 15 08:14:33 2017

Still another 10 ppl waiting for prison after attempting to storm LegCo, funny how pan-dems easily change their tune
added: Tue Aug 15 08:12:27 2017

Rouhani threatens to quit nuclear deal if new sanctions imposed
added: Tue Aug 15 08:11:14 2017

Bombing Plot in Oklahoma City Is Thwarted With Arrest, F.B.I. Says
added: Tue Aug 15 07:21:20 2017

Is Howard Lam lying through his teeth? – SC Yeung
added: Tue Aug 15 06:35:05 2017

Stuntwoman killed filming Deadpool 2 in Canada
added: Tue Aug 15 06:28:11 2017

CCP finally comes clean about its control of SOEs on HK bourse. "Time for the magician to come out and take a bow."
added: Tue Aug 15 05:57:10 2017

10 years after: me on the start of the GFC, 9 August, 2007 'debtonation day'. Correct link.
added: Tue Aug 15 05:37:00 2017

Hong Kong court is sending activists to jail. Judge said it's a 'deterrent sentence'
added: Tue Aug 15 05:32:17 2017

Google canceled the domain registration for a neo-Nazi website that GoDaddy also banned - Recode
added: Tue Aug 15 05:31:37 2017

Clergy in Charlottesville Were Trapped by Torch-Wielding Nazis @democracynow #FSTVDN
added: Tue Aug 15 05:30:35 2017
tags: fstvdn

EXCLUSIVE Another Lib MP Is urgently seeking to confirm citizenship status #auspol
added: Tue Aug 15 05:00:30 2017
tags: auspol

Oil prices steady after overnight tumble on dollar strength, China concerns
added: Tue Aug 15 03:40:03 2017

#Cambodia: After independent media, Tax Department targets NGOs @ADHOC__Cambodia, @licadho, and @COMFREL
added: Tue Aug 15 03:38:40 2017
tags: cambodia

Hong Kong decorators ‘fixed public housing estate prices’ #competitionCommission #price-rigging
added: Tue Aug 15 03:35:57 2017
tags: competitioncommission, price

Confederate statue toppled in Durham, NC – But 1,000 still standing across the US.
added: Tue Aug 15 03:35:00 2017

That Vulnerability is "Theoretical"! - (Updated with the "theoretical" L0phtcrack!)
added: Tue Aug 15 03:32:37 2017

China says it will defend interests if U.S. harms trade ties
added: Tue Aug 15 03:19:29 2017

Could you imagine 700 statues praising Hitler in 2017 Germany? 2017 USA has 700+ statutes praising White Supremacy😐
added: Tue Aug 15 03:02:29 2017

North Korean ruler stands down on threat to Guam w/ @wjhenn
added: Tue Aug 15 03:00:41 2017

Trump orders probe of China's intellectual property practices
added: Tue Aug 15 03:00:08 2017

However, Kim Jong-un appears to signal a pause in the escalating war of words.
added: Tue Aug 15 02:57:00 2017

Can anyone tell me whats going on...Democracy activist arrested for misleading police over kidnap claim @SCMP_News
added: Tue Aug 15 02:52:40 2017

It's hard out here for a wimp. @LoopEmma #altright #richardspencer #whitesupremacist #charlottesville
added: Tue Aug 15 02:07:47 2017
tags: altright, richardspencer, whitesupremacist, charlottesville

#HKSAR #CCP cops mv w/ exceptional speed considering past actions-BJ ordered?>Howard Lam arrested...abduction claim
added: Tue Aug 15 02:06:25 2017
tags: hksar, ccp

you should really read yesha callahan's interview of how corey long got that canister
added: Tue Aug 15 01:50:31 2017

Boston Holocaust Memorial vandalized
added: Tue Aug 15 01:19:03 2017

This search warrant is a deeply disturbing attack on our privacy and right to association
added: Tue Aug 15 01:14:13 2017

Chinese businessman buys stake in Premier League club Southampton
added: Tue Aug 15 01:10:12 2017

Herbalife, Nu Skin shares fall on worries about China market
added: Tue Aug 15 01:10:04 2017

Trump to sign executive order Tuesday on infrastructure projects
added: Tue Aug 15 01:04:05 2017

Robert E. Lee was a terrible human being -->
added: Tue Aug 15 01:02:25 2017

Ten Nobel Peace Laureates urge Saudi king not to execute 14 Shia convicted for protest actions after unfair trial.
added: Tue Aug 15 00:57:30 2017

Canada looking to add environmental protections to NAFTA
added: Tue Aug 15 00:53:13 2017

China Steel Output Hits All Time High, Setting Stage For Escalating Trade War
added: Tue Aug 15 00:43:41 2017

Solomon Islands PM hopes new security treaty with Australia will "collect dust" and won't be needed
added: Tue Aug 15 00:19:52 2017

Nice. Will be interestig if to see if this will or won't get the censorship axe.
added: Mon Aug 14 23:50:19 2017

With police union backing, lawmakers are standing by controversial driver immunity bills
added: Mon Aug 14 23:14:04 2017

"We're going to be more active than ever before." - Matthew Heimbach, a white nationalist leader.
added: Mon Aug 14 23:04:43 2017

North Korea says Kim Jong Un has been briefed on plans to launch missiles in waters near Guam.
added: Mon Aug 14 22:53:50 2017

@CherylRofer was right. This is a direct invitation to talk reciprocal constraints on exercises & missile launches.
added: Mon Aug 14 22:42:46 2017

The Rebel's sudden condemnation of the alt-right comes after it give them a platform for the past year.
added: Mon Aug 14 22:30:54 2017

Audit: High turnover, caseloads in Louisiana foster care program caused safety questions (from @AP) #lalege
added: Mon Aug 14 22:23:15 2017
tags: lalege

China, India are preparing for full-scale war over Himalayan border dispute — via @SCMP_News via @bi_contributors
added: Mon Aug 14 21:12:13 2017

establishment democrats are accelerating an inevitable break from the left, new piece up at @outline
added: Mon Aug 14 19:33:28 2017

Hong Kong Imprisons More Women Per Capita Than Any Other Country my @womengirlshub story w/ reporting by @kevinluikf
added: Mon Aug 14 17:06:54 2017

For those who want to read the 17 page document, I've uploaded here:
added: Mon Aug 14 17:06:40 2017

Depressing. Devastating, to be honest. This is the price of inaction and appeasement, as Eastern Europe well knows.
added: Mon Aug 14 16:06:36 2017

Great project: Visualizing the actual output of mines with 3d renderings via @mrdoob
added: Mon Aug 14 15:35:24 2017

閉路電視證 #林子健 安全離開 #砵蘭街 未見有人 #被擄走 林子健: 匪夷所思 #民主黨 #林子健被擄 #強力部門 #林卓廷 #HowardLam #kidnapping
added: Mon Aug 14 15:23:30 2017
tags: 林子健, 砵蘭街, 被擄走, 民主黨, 林子健被擄, 強力部門, 林卓廷, howardlam, kidnapping

Enjoyed @mungaikihanya explainer on Uhuru's fixed lead during vote tally. Would love more stats folks to weigh in!
added: Mon Aug 14 13:43:19 2017

"Really, can't we all just agree that the Nazis were only partly to blame for their violence this weekend?"
added: Mon Aug 14 13:37:32 2017

China issues order to implement U.N. sanctions on North Korea
added: Mon Aug 14 12:50:04 2017

The German government’s condemnation of German-inspired Nazi terrorism in the US was disturbingly slow in coming
added: Mon Aug 14 12:29:42 2017

@Will_Bunch @jfagone It was just over a month ago
added: Mon Aug 14 12:24:42 2017

China sets its banks on scramble for funding—Heard on the Street
added: Mon Aug 14 12:19:48 2017

China introduces new rules to "purify" online video content Updates
added: Mon Aug 14 11:26:44 2017

The RD-250 theory in the Times: #NorthKorea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say
added: Mon Aug 14 11:25:48 2017
tags: northkorea

律政司指案件嚴重,示威者恃著人多勢眾,「或會頃刻越過臨界點,引發成暴動」,認為需要以嚴刑達致阻嚇作用。 〈東北案刑期覆核開審 村民示威者斥政治打壓〉...
added: Mon Aug 14 11:24:04 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Otaiba emails show Saudi Prince MbS telling ex US diplomats he "wants out" of #Yemen @davidahearst
added: Mon Aug 14 10:41:09 2017
tags: yemen

Nazi website made up hack to stir up anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Anonymous account suggests
added: Mon Aug 14 08:35:14 2017

In memory of #HeatherHeyer the Daily Stormer now belongs to #Anonymous #Antifa…
added: Mon Aug 14 07:33:30 2017
tags: heatherheyer, anonymous, antifa

BREAKING: Anonymous takes over neo-nazi site The Daily Stormer
added: Mon Aug 14 07:28:09 2017

#NorthKorea recalls key ambassadors to China, Russia and @UN as tensions with US continue to escalate
added: Mon Aug 14 07:23:45 2017
tags: northkorea

Thousands of mirrors. US firm Solar Reserve to build $650m solar thermal plant in SA #ausbiz via @FinancialReview
added: Mon Aug 14 07:17:18 2017
tags: ausbiz

Now into the final five orbits, and finally getting a sniff of Saturn's atmosphere after 13 years of @CassiniSaturn
added: Mon Aug 14 07:09:41 2017

The people have spoken. Fuck the police. Support your local antifa!
added: Mon Aug 14 06:50:09 2017

Anonymous now in control of Nazi website, which they say will be permanently shut down & server data released:
added: Mon Aug 14 06:45:05 2017

Ban late-night parties in the state, demands Goa minister Vinod Palienkar
added: Mon Aug 14 06:15:01 2017

N. Korea has kept Kim Jong Un hidden from the public eye for two weeks—and that's probably not a good sign.
added: Mon Aug 14 06:01:00 2017

Jharkhand man gets shock of his life after he receives electricity bill of Rs 38 billion
added: Mon Aug 14 05:45:00 2017

Trump's NAFTA autos goals to collide with industry as talks start
added: Mon Aug 14 05:43:46 2017

Lovely jubbly. Risk-averse Thai companies have accumulated a record $34 billion in cash, reports @chayutset
added: Mon Aug 14 05:40:29 2017

This is the alt-right memes right now > This isn't a game guys, it really is time you pick a side and actually fight
added: Mon Aug 14 05:38:16 2017

#HongKong will forgo HK$5 billion in tax revenues and ease the burden on SMEs
added: Mon Aug 14 05:32:14 2017
tags: hongkong

More than half of these folding stools went missing – presumed stolen – on the first day.
added: Mon Aug 14 05:31:12 2017

China's Fosun says unit bidding for U.S. speciality drugmaker Arbor
added: Mon Aug 14 05:30:07 2017

Why we need to be wary of the political centrists
added: Mon Aug 14 05:30:00 2017

Hong Kong police hunt rapist and attacker who struck on same night
added: Mon Aug 14 05:11:30 2017

Best watch your mouth in Hong Kong if you're a social worker: ...or a lifeguard:
added: Mon Aug 14 05:11:26 2017

#HK police are well-known for victim-blaming, but is public defamation of a victim a new trick for them? #LamTszkin
added: Mon Aug 14 05:04:08 2017
tags: hk, lamtszkin

More than 13,000 items of antique #ivory were shipped from the UK to Hong Kong and China between 2010 and 2015 📻
added: Mon Aug 14 04:53:31 2017
tags: ivory

"A hoe that produces no value is useless" People's Daily criticizing LeEco, Wanda, Fosun, Sunac
added: Mon Aug 14 02:42:37 2017

Why the Nazis loved America
added: Mon Aug 14 01:39:40 2017

Exciting new website for our illegal wildlife trade project, thanks to @NafeesaEsmail! @IWTnet @oxmartinschool
added: Sun Aug 13 15:30:22 2017

Peter Cvjetanovic says, "I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo"
added: Sun Aug 13 12:59:04 2017

Stop-and-search in the UK is fundamentally flawed, and disproportionally affects people of colour
added: Sun Aug 13 12:41:01 2017

Another fiduciary rule delay would cost retirement savers $10.9 billion over 30 years
added: Sun Aug 13 12:38:05 2017

Ravers 'barricade themselves inside office block' as cops storm 'illegal rave'
added: Sun Aug 13 12:37:05 2017

Thought most were familiar with the full video, but lots of replies asking where to find it. "Don't Be a Sucker"
added: Sun Aug 13 12:24:49 2017

Cyberattacks at sea prompt return of radio ship navigation via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sun Aug 13 10:48:20 2017

Meet the conservationists who believe that burning is good for wildlife | George Monbiot
added: Sun Aug 13 10:29:34 2017

@soledadobrien @JRCpda @politico @deray @analuciaraujo_ Fort Pillow Massacre, 1864…
added: Sun Aug 13 10:11:04 2017

女子八鄉行山期間暈倒送院後不治 #本地 Sun, 13 Aug 2017 18:07:32 +0800
added: Sun Aug 13 10:10:16 2017
tags: 本地

@soledadobrien @JRCpda @politico @deray Christiana, Pennsylvania, 1851 #Charlottesville…
added: Sun Aug 13 10:08:19 2017
tags: charlottesville

Most read this week: #China sentences journalist Lu Yuyu to four years in prison
added: Sun Aug 13 10:05:04 2017
tags: china

@soledadobrien @JRCpda @politico Philadelphia, 1834 #Charlottesville #ThisIsNotUS @deray
added: Sun Aug 13 10:04:31 2017
tags: thisisnotus, charlottesville

Science has shown that 'once a cheater, always a cheater' could actually be true
added: Sun Aug 13 10:02:28 2017

The music industry uses your social data to predict it’s next big artists
added: Sun Aug 13 10:01:07 2017

@soledadobrien @JRCpda Cincinnati, 1829 #Charlottesville #SundayMorning @politico
added: Sun Aug 13 10:00:34 2017
tags: sundaymorning, charlottesville

Yum, @Comcast! Cable-Hungry Rodents Blamed for Internet & Phone Line Outages in South #London #UK
added: Sun Aug 13 10:00:04 2017
tags: london, uk

Attempts to monitor #socialmedia revealed in new PI research on #Kenya #cybersecurity
added: Sun Aug 13 10:00:02 2017
tags: socialmedia, kenya, cybersecurity

Wrong A-level choices prevent poorer students gaining elite university places
added: Sun Aug 13 09:59:44 2017

The US Forest Service website since *2014* has been heavily promoting preservation of Confederate victory sites
added: Sun Aug 13 09:58:56 2017

@soledadobrien Chicago Race Riot, 1919 #Charlottesviille #ScholarSunday @JRCpda
added: Sun Aug 13 09:58:20 2017
tags: charlottesviille, scholarsunday

Health inequality gap ‘is still growing’ in England, new Department of Health data shows
added: Sun Aug 13 09:58:10 2017

Chicago Race Riot, 1919 #Charlottesville #WhiteTerrorism @soledadobrien
added: Sun Aug 13 09:57:03 2017
tags: charlottesville, whiteterrorism

@Dr_E_Kendall @thegrugq The US researched this in 1944. Turns out it's not that easy:
added: Sun Aug 13 09:50:55 2017

China seeks to drive wedge between India and Bhutan
added: Sun Aug 13 09:03:21 2017

AP's version of events: that victims = counter-protesters mentioned in para3, that attacker = right wing in para5 -7
added: Sun Aug 13 08:55:45 2017

Pyongyang can miniaturize, so let’s move on to what’s important: Negotiations
added: Sun Aug 13 08:55:03 2017

Beijing still expanding #SouthChinaSea islands
added: Sun Aug 13 08:41:02 2017
tags: southchinasea

Daily Stormer: "We are now at war" & "Trump comments were condemnation at all"
added: Sun Aug 13 08:29:09 2017

Documents showing huge profits for Trump's Washington hotel deleted after being posted online by accident
added: Sun Aug 13 08:19:15 2017

China increasingly vital to big car groups’ profits via @FT
added: Sun Aug 13 08:17:56 2017

China increasingly vital to big car groups’ profits
added: Sun Aug 13 07:33:31 2017

Food groups target China’s surging single economy
added: Sun Aug 13 07:33:31 2017

Reminder: Hung Hom's a mess, but XRL for local services is pointless. Demolishing Kowloon Station was a huge mistake
added: Sun Aug 13 07:33:23 2017

Theresa May to insist on post-Brexit border between Northern Ireland and the Republic
added: Sun Aug 13 07:32:17 2017

HKFP Lens: 'The Hongkongers' - Nicolas Petit's candid street photography project
added: Sun Aug 13 07:04:30 2017

What's behind the success of satirical media in Hong Kong?
added: Sun Aug 13 07:04:27 2017

#跨境酷刑 【林子健指壓力大只想家人平安:以後會收聲】 【沖涼毀證據? 林子健fb解釋疑團:原本諗住睇私家醫生算】
added: Sun Aug 13 06:18:04 2017
tags: 跨境酷刑

“I’ve never been called a kike before in my life,” said one rabbinical student at the Charlottesville rally
added: Sun Aug 13 06:10:03 2017

Trump Administration to Begin Probe of Alleged Chinese Technology Theft
added: Sun Aug 13 06:06:47 2017

.@AriBerman reports on new dangers to voting rights
added: Sun Aug 13 06:05:00 2017

Prosecutors in #HongKong should drop charges against Mak Ying-Sheung, who was arrested for simply doing her job
added: Sun Aug 13 06:05:00 2017
tags: hongkong

Anti-Fascist Syllabus (Introduction) – Twin Cities General Defense Committee
added: Sun Aug 13 05:31:48 2017

Expecting tourists to pay more than locals can be controversial—but it’s the right thing to do
added: Sun Aug 13 04:37:48 2017

fundraiser for the family of the woman killed today in charlottesville
added: Sun Aug 13 04:27:37 2017

The Trump administration is ending teen pregnancy prevention grants two years early, with little justification
added: Sun Aug 13 04:24:14 2017

'White Lives Matter' protest planned at Texas A&M following violent clash in Virginia. -->
added: Sun Aug 13 04:03:43 2017

.@ProPublica on scene: "Police wearing protective gear watched silently from behind metal barricades--& did nothing"
added: Sun Aug 13 03:31:12 2017

The @WashingtonPost unwittingly profiled the #CIA’s 1963 Women’s Softball Team
added: Sun Aug 13 03:09:01 2017
tags: cia

Far-right rally in Virginia erupts in violent clashes
added: Sun Aug 13 03:08:12 2017

Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists was no accident. And it shouldn't have been a surprise, either.
added: Sun Aug 13 03:05:17 2017

Reminder that up-and-coming young GOP candidate for SC gov said she was "proud of the confederacy" a few weeks ago
added: Sun Aug 13 02:20:03 2017

Prominent neo-Nazis praise Trump for not condemning white supremacists
added: Sun Aug 13 02:14:56 2017

North Korea factories humming with 'Made in China' clothes, traders say
added: Sun Aug 13 01:40:03 2017

Hong Kong’s Cinematic Style by @anrizzy
added: Sat Aug 12 23:36:22 2017

Very, very sobering day here in Charlottesville. My report. I can't help but wonder: What is our country coming to?
added: Sat Aug 12 23:10:34 2017

Trump makes opening move on China intellectual property theft, and it's a cautious one. w/ @GlennThrush
added: Sat Aug 12 18:56:20 2017

More on YouTube's out of control anti-ISIS campaign
added: Sat Aug 12 13:46:47 2017

Seven White Helmet volunteers were shot dead in northwest Syria. Inexcusable and indescribably inhumane.
added: Sat Aug 12 13:30:05 2017

Ukip allows campaigner who claimed Islam is 'evil' to stand as leader
added: Sat Aug 12 12:56:42 2017

Amazing pics of Scott's Antarctic Hut where officers & men ate separately. Class rules even at South Pole
added: Sat Aug 12 12:48:01 2017

【困維修中升降機】 【美八旬翁死後逾月才被發現】 美國丹佛市一名老翁,上月初在寓所附近失蹤,警方和家人搜索不果,到近日屋苑一部維修中的升降機傳出屍臭味,才發現他原來誤入升降機被困。 #有線新聞 #丹佛 #Denver...
added: Sat Aug 12 10:10:10 2017
tags: denver, 丹佛, 有線新聞

Child rapist paid £10,000 by police to spy on Newcastle grooming gang 'considering suing'
added: Sat Aug 12 10:09:27 2017

After Tuesday's contested elections Kenyans must take further steps to overcome ethnic divisions & work toward unity
added: Sat Aug 12 10:08:17 2017

Trump delayed the probe in favor of securing China's support for expanded U.N. sanctions against North Korea
added: Sat Aug 12 10:02:00 2017

Penang gov't denies manipulating figure on low cost housing units.
added: Sat Aug 12 09:40:11 2017

‘Young girl shot dead’ in Kenyan election riots
added: Sat Aug 12 09:37:41 2017

Firmware update blunder bricks hundreds of home 'smart' locks via @theregister
added: Sat Aug 12 09:36:09 2017

Forget Thucydides's Trap; it's all about the Thucydides Tango.
added: Sat Aug 12 09:35:58 2017

40 years on - The 'Battle of #Lewisham' and the anti-fascist challenge to the Communist Party #antifa #antifascism
added: Sat Aug 12 09:35:47 2017
tags: antifa, antifascism, lewisham

Americans are drinking themselves to death at record rates
added: Sat Aug 12 09:30:06 2017

Jharkhand government is misusing Gandhi, public funds to fuel anti-Christian hate
added: Sat Aug 12 08:50:00 2017

Stories like Tep Vanny’s are the flip side of Cambodia’s economic boom. Read why investors should tread carefully:
added: Sat Aug 12 08:30:01 2017

Kamala Harris has matched every one of her progressive achievements with conservative ones.
added: Sat Aug 12 07:58:24 2017 for the excellent reference
added: Sat Aug 12 07:55:12 2017

Kathmandu benefitted tremendously from ties with New Delhi: Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba
added: Sat Aug 12 07:50:00 2017

Unusual deposits of Rs 1.7 lakh crore during demonetisation: RBI
added: Sat Aug 12 07:50:00 2017

How did South Africa's President Zuma survive yet another no-confidence vote?
added: Sat Aug 12 07:45:02 2017

Muslim community 'absolutely disgusted' by Newcastle grooming gang
added: Sat Aug 12 07:44:42 2017

Narendra Modi may visit Myanmar in Sept to boost ties as China shadow looms
added: Sat Aug 12 02:46:22 2017

Nissan Promoted Hundred of Temps to Swing Vote – Littler Mendelson Did Union Busting Job
added: Sat Aug 12 02:28:01 2017

#Thailand: US approves missiles sale to Thai navy
added: Sat Aug 12 02:22:49 2017
tags: thailand

Prepare the gallows?
added: Sat Aug 12 02:22:34 2017

China should stop regime change in North Korea: state media
added: Sat Aug 12 02:20:00 2017

East Palo Alto has been left out of tech boom. Now Amazon is setting up shop but got around a local hiring policy
added: Sat Aug 12 02:15:19 2017

Group of Pyin Oo Lwin farmers and activists sent to jail on Thurs on criminal charges over land confiscation protest
added: Sat Aug 12 01:58:54 2017

Asset stripping? Tory government has quietly doubled the number of NHS properties it is selling off:
added: Fri Aug 11 23:04:33 2017

Thank you for coming, @dvlpdnvr! Here are the slides for my "SVG can do THAT?!" speech!
added: Fri Aug 11 20:51:16 2017

Long interview @CDT with @JeremyJierong about his research on the history of accidents & disasters in the PRC
added: Fri Aug 11 20:14:03 2017

very interesting...In China, Facebook Tests the Waters With a Stealth App
added: Fri Aug 11 19:22:53 2017

Re-upping this in anticipation of tomorrow's alt-right/neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville. We're a city in denial.
added: Fri Aug 11 16:03:50 2017

@IlhanMN Wants to Make America Decent Again #BlackWomenLead
added: Fri Aug 11 15:10:16 2017
tags: blackwomenlead

支援抗爭者,大家都可以做得更多。 〈東北刑期覆核案——「政治犯」判社會服務令可能嗎?〉— 法夢
added: Fri Aug 11 12:40:03 2017

The Anti-Refugee Ship Run By Far-Right YouTubers Got Into Trouble And Was Helped By A Refugee Rescue Boat
added: Fri Aug 11 12:37:28 2017

Is it normal for an unprofitable company to spend billions of dollars buying other startups?
added: Fri Aug 11 12:28:08 2017

MUST READ on the mail order PhD in the White House pushing Trump to embrace authoritarianism - here and in Saudi
added: Fri Aug 11 12:26:20 2017

《回歸‧回望二十年》 【第十集嘉賓:李國章】 香港過渡已近二十年,現在回頭看,當年《中英聯合聲明》所承諾的「五十年不變」,有沒有落空?「一國兩制、港人治港、高度自治」是否可以「不走樣、不變形」?...
added: Fri Aug 11 12:15:04 2017

"We are not against #China 's developmental projects in #Tibet per se, but we propose that the real beneficiaries...
added: Fri Aug 11 12:14:45 2017
tags: china, tibet

Don't rehabilitate people with terrible records just because they like to criticize Donald Trump. HT @Lowenaffchen
added: Fri Aug 11 12:12:56 2017

could david brooks take his gourmet italian sandwiches and go away please
added: Fri Aug 11 12:11:56 2017

First implants derived from stem cells to ‘cure’ type 1 diabetes
added: Fri Aug 11 12:10:06 2017

Morgan Stanley predicts euro parity with pound for 2018
added: Fri Aug 11 12:10:03 2017

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says the US media is ignoring anti-Israel sentiment: 'It comes from above’
added: Fri Aug 11 12:10:00 2017

Susan Rice says pre-emptive war with North Korea would be "catastrophic"
added: Fri Aug 11 12:05:07 2017

China police arrest 5 for online post that sparked bank run
added: Fri Aug 11 10:54:17 2017

Scientists teach chimps to play Rock Paper Scissors
added: Fri Aug 11 10:35:35 2017

India Ranks 15th (Highest Ever!) Most Dangerous Place to Live for Christians
added: Fri Aug 11 08:53:39 2017

Live updates: 'China will defend North Korea if America strikes first'
added: Fri Aug 11 08:53:13 2017

Perhaps time to renew the Renaissance's appreciation for history? #adfontes! From @ChrisKissane
added: Fri Aug 11 08:48:48 2017
tags: adfontes

New sanctions spark a China-North Korea diplomatic row | Justin Hastings
added: Fri Aug 11 07:33:36 2017

Chinese startup Toutiao raising at least $2 billion in funding round: sources
added: Fri Aug 11 06:40:03 2017

Ousted lawmakers start street campaign for funds
added: Fri Aug 11 06:38:23 2017

Alien 'lava lamp' with dying magnetic field orbited Earth a billion years ago – science
added: Fri Aug 11 06:33:03 2017

#Shame — BJP Govt firm on deporting 40,000 Rohingya Muslims
added: Fri Aug 11 06:29:10 2017
tags: shame

[One Country, One System?] Hong Kong Democratic Party says member was 'grabbed, assaulted' by Chinese agents in HK
added: Fri Aug 11 05:47:32 2017

Puerto Rican Protests Call for Investigation into PR's Debt #PuertoRicoCrisis
added: Fri Aug 11 05:45:08 2017
tags: puertoricocrisis

North Korean jitters spook HK, mainland markets
added: Fri Aug 11 05:41:50 2017

Chinese paper says China should stay neutral if North Korea attacks first
added: Fri Aug 11 05:37:38 2017

[Popular Science Article] Very Hot Weather Ahead of an Approaching Tropical Cyclone
added: Fri Aug 11 04:33:16 2017

Despite Narendra Modi’s condolences, many Chinese Weibo users brought up the border flare-up.
added: Fri Aug 11 04:32:13 2017

Parents press for help finding reporter son Austin Tice who vanished in Syria
added: Fri Aug 11 04:18:30 2017

Jared Kushner was fined by the Office of Government Ethics for late reporting of a financial transaction
added: Fri Aug 11 04:16:08 2017

Indian-born US federal judge orders new searches for Clinton's Benghazi emails
added: Fri Aug 11 04:15:00 2017

Overturned Blackwater conviction evokes darkest days of Iraq War
added: Fri Aug 11 04:13:46 2017

Anyone still willing to take the Uber will be $100B bet anymore? How about $60B? Do I hear $40B?
added: Fri Aug 11 04:11:11 2017

It's a good article, but the comments section has real insight into how out of touch most people are with reality
added: Fri Aug 11 04:09:47 2017

Australian prof apologizes to angry Chinese students after posting"do not cheat" message in Mandarin
added: Fri Aug 11 03:51:27 2017

Caltech's 'lensless camera' could make our phones truly flat
added: Fri Aug 11 03:41:02 2017

Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chief, drops legal team
added: Fri Aug 11 03:40:03 2017

"ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Turks."
added: Fri Aug 11 03:35:24 2017

#China Mulls Curbs on Money Market Fund Investments in some negotiable certificate of deposits
added: Fri Aug 11 03:33:19 2017
tags: china

Tencent dips 5 per cent as Beijing announces cyber security probe
added: Fri Aug 11 03:33:18 2017

As many expats leaves China, what could Taiwan do to make them come here instead? @Focus_Taiwan @niccijsmith
added: Fri Aug 11 03:32:20 2017
tags: china, taiwan

.@WeChatApp @SinaWeibo @Baidu_Inc's #BaiduBar accused of violating #CybersecurityLaw: content w/ violence, rumour...
added: Fri Aug 11 03:28:43 2017
tags: baidubar, cybersecuritylaw

Watch live: The alleged victim is Howard Lam Chi-kin of the Democratic Party
added: Fri Aug 11 03:26:24 2017

We just announced that we have plans to run #kubernetes on #FreeBSD
added: Fri Aug 11 03:22:00 2017
tags: kubernetes, freebsd

Empty houses in 400-year-old Hakka village could become holiday homes
added: Fri Aug 11 03:08:42 2017

Indiana's GOP want a new state law closing "hundreds of polling locations in areas with large minority populations."
added: Fri Aug 11 02:40:14 2017

《社區公民約章》運動 #一地兩檢 講堂,吳靄儀由西九這一片因八九六四事件後的玫瑰園計劃談起。 〈張達明:湯家驊講得啱 梁家傑:要好似反 23 條咁撻著香港人〉— 朝雲...
added: Fri Aug 11 02:40:02 2017
tags: 一地兩檢

Big data and A.I. harnessed to perfect the police state in China.
added: Fri Aug 11 02:37:15 2017

"Not likely" China will step up on North Korea
added: Fri Aug 11 02:31:48 2017

North Korea attack on US would invoke ANZUS says Turnbull via @FinancialReview
added: Fri Aug 11 02:28:50 2017

“It’s not normal for an unprofitable company to do this." Great look at Didi's latest investment moves by @liyuan6.
added: Fri Aug 11 02:26:15 2017

China Unicom Denies Investment Deals With Tencent, Alibaba #ChinaUnicom #Tencent #Alibaba
added: Fri Aug 11 02:01:46 2017
tags: alibaba, chinaunicom, tencent

Man @IronStache I was gonna come to Atlanta for #NN17 but @LynnInTheTrees gave me $300 to stay in Miss reporting
added: Fri Aug 11 02:00:05 2017
tags: nn17

Malware Encoded in DNA Can Hack Gene-Sequencing Software :
added: Fri Aug 11 01:59:46 2017

Third Point's Daniel Loeb, previously best known for cheeky open letters in SEC filings, has milkshake duck'd.
added: Fri Aug 11 01:59:25 2017

工聯會拍片被踢爆「呃鐘」 幫割地兩檢倒米 再用「割地」作為宣傳材料,只會弄巧反拙。
added: Fri Aug 11 01:59:20 2017

QEMU qontemplates qleanup of old qode
added: Fri Aug 11 01:58:16 2017

Priorities Foundation is already taking Indiana to court for voter suppression. It looks like 1 case isn't enough.
added: Fri Aug 11 01:54:38 2017

With Bank Subpoenas, Mueller Turns Up the Heat on Manafort
added: Fri Aug 11 01:11:23 2017

'Released' Rights Lawyer Still Held in Northern China Cave Under Police Guard
added: Fri Aug 11 01:11:04 2017

#Indonesia: In the past two years, military and police have stopped 61 gatherings on the 1965 massacres
added: Fri Aug 11 01:10:21 2017
tags: indonesia

Excellent and chilling Kim-linology, by Choe Sang-hun (NYT): "Meet Kim Jong-un, Moody Young Man w a Nuclear Arsenal"
added: Fri Aug 11 01:05:29 2017

Oxford’s Free Course Critical Reasoning For Beginners Will Teach You to Think Straight
added: Fri Aug 11 01:01:01 2017

Former sheriff's deputies Logan August and Derrick Penney will do no prison time. More at @Bakersfieldcali:
added: Fri Aug 11 00:59:00 2017

ECRL folly bound to fail and burden the nation
added: Fri Aug 11 00:43:13 2017

Anbang's Ownership Secrets Subject of U.S. Labor Group Complaint
added: Fri Aug 11 00:08:33 2017

Another amazing @PekingMike deep dive into how big money works in China.
added: Thu Aug 10 23:38:04 2017

Just so proud of you @Clintonswalk, and proud of the people & communities who've rallied with you aX Australia 👣👣🐘
added: Thu Aug 10 23:30:47 2017

FP obtained a copy of a new massive immigration bill, heavy on surveillance powers: by me+@Ksurana6
added: Thu Aug 10 22:23:32 2017

The risks faced by China's human rights lawyers -- my interview with @UofTNews: @SocResearchUT @UTMsoc @ABFResearch
added: Thu Aug 10 22:18:13 2017

I spoke w so many engaging, motivated comrades @DemSocialists con, none of them Bernie Bros. Here are just a few:
added: Thu Aug 10 20:01:05 2017

Ep. 5: Anarchy in Asia! We talk about Taoism, the anarchist revolution in Manchuria, Fumiko Kaneko & Zengukaren
added: Thu Aug 10 15:27:45 2017

How Identity Became A Weapon Against The Left: the erasure of leftist people of color...
added: Thu Aug 10 13:52:53 2017

Recall that in January a source close to Podesta told me that his leak came from the inside, too.
added: Thu Aug 10 12:37:56 2017

Yoga studios and underwear stores are among places feeding surveillance video to Chinese live-streaming platforms
added: Thu Aug 10 11:43:00 2017

#Tajikistan writes off debts to Iran, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan #CentralAsia
added: Thu Aug 10 11:12:07 2017
tags: tajikistan, centralasia

A real ‘Truman Show’: In China, surveillance feeds become reality TV - Fascinating story by @joshchin via @WSJ
added: Thu Aug 10 10:26:40 2017

Xiong'an LGFV registered, look out for massive bond floats and IPOs
added: Thu Aug 10 08:42:10 2017

What If We Enter #Kashmir Or Uttarakhand, Asks A Defiant China
added: Thu Aug 10 08:41:03 2017
tags: kashmir

"Beijing irritated" at the growing relationship? Hell, they've done more than anybody to create it.
added: Thu Aug 10 08:40:09 2017

Kauri trees dying off in New Zealand:
added: Thu Aug 10 08:38:16 2017

Makarrata is much more than a synonym for treaty. It's conflict resolution, peacemaking and justice. @LukeLPearson
added: Thu Aug 10 08:38:04 2017

"China isn't so much deleveraging as changing who borrows"
added: Thu Aug 10 08:35:20 2017

Piece of work this guy... 'Domestic workers need rules to govern air-con use, claims politi…
added: Thu Aug 10 08:31:08 2017

Border Standoff: Bhutan rejects Beijing's claim that Doklam belongs to China
added: Thu Aug 10 08:30:02 2017

One of the world’s most reliable currency bets is suddenly looking like less of a sure thing
added: Thu Aug 10 08:24:29 2017

'House price growth on the verge of collapsing' - and it's about to get worse
added: Thu Aug 10 08:23:38 2017

Plse do not forget the #Yazidi genocide. It is a crime against humanity, not just a little-known religious minority
added: Thu Aug 10 06:59:42 2017
tags: yazidi

25 years ago, @IsraelMFA and Mossad reached out to Pyongyang: The curious tale of Israel’s courtship of North Korea
added: Thu Aug 10 06:34:50 2017

Salesforce sacks two top security engineers for their DEF CON talk
added: Thu Aug 10 05:03:47 2017

Cambodia to open maid pipeline to Hong Kong
added: Thu Aug 10 05:01:54 2017

Hear Sun Ra, the Avant-Garde Jazz Legend, Play on a 1966 Batman and Robin Album for Kids
added: Thu Aug 10 05:01:00 2017

World’s 1st containerized solar power plant launched in #Switzerland
added: Thu Aug 10 05:00:13 2017
tags: switzerland

Uyghur scholar, praised & supported by authorities, given 10 years in prison upon return from Egypt
added: Thu Aug 10 04:15:04 2017

Monsanto Was Its Own Ghostwriter for Some Safety Reviews
added: Thu Aug 10 03:54:42 2017

“One hundred years later, DSA stand in that same tradition, at a time no less perilous.”
added: Thu Aug 10 03:47:44 2017

Saudi security forces flatten old quarter of Shi'ite town.
added: Thu Aug 10 03:47:12 2017

【中印邊境對峙之際】 【滬男網上杜撰中國撤僑被捕】 中印邊境局勢緊張之際,上海一名的士司機為炫耀關注時事,周日在微信杜撰「中國開始從印度撤僑了」。 他的訊息引發大量網友關注,有人信以為真,並廣泛轉發。...
added: Thu Aug 10 03:45:05 2017

Scaling Event Sourcing for Netflix Downloads
added: Thu Aug 10 03:43:46 2017

Suspicious object found in Amritsar-bound Akal Takhat Express, bomb disposal squad called in
added: Thu Aug 10 03:36:08 2017

The future isn’t all-electric just yet. At least not according to Mazda, which has announced a new gas engine.
added: Thu Aug 10 03:35:59 2017

#BREAKING Al Qaeda-linked terrorist arrested in New Delhi
added: Thu Aug 10 03:34:37 2017
tags: breaking

Liu Xia, widow of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, missing for 26 days via @hongkongfp
added: Thu Aug 10 03:24:19 2017

孔令平 《 血纪》英文翻译 Translation of Kong LIngping's rightist memoir "Blood Chronicle"
added: Thu Aug 10 03:22:42 2017

"We are the same". Beautiful film. 92yo Indian Hindu revisits his now Pakistan-based home 70-years after #Partition
added: Thu Aug 10 03:22:16 2017
tags: partition

Toshiba wins auditor sign-off, likely avoiding delisting for now
added: Thu Aug 10 03:15:17 2017

China's Wanda restructures Australian developments, moving them to a private company.
added: Thu Aug 10 03:14:11 2017

Former Exco member Barry Cheung arrested for fraud
added: Thu Aug 10 03:13:11 2017

Alan Leong challenges Priscilla Leung to a debate over rail terminus plan
added: Thu Aug 10 03:09:13 2017

How a Billionaire-Funded, Anti-Union Think Tank in Nevada Shapes Bay Area News Media Coverage of Public Employee Pay
added: Thu Aug 10 03:09:12 2017

The #FBI felt #RayBradbury’s #scifi was part of a commie plot to sap American resolve
added: Thu Aug 10 03:09:01 2017
tags: fbi, scifi, raybradbury

.@MattBruenig on how the rich have gotten so rich.
added: Thu Aug 10 03:08:25 2017

US Treasury links former Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez to drug cartel
added: Thu Aug 10 03:06:31 2017

China's VPN ban exposes its citizens to cyber-attacks
added: Thu Aug 10 03:06:02 2017

Ronna sides with Trump, not McConnell: "The President’s expectations mirror the sentiments of the American people."
added: Thu Aug 10 02:44:37 2017

Quantum Key-Recovery on full AEZ Encryption : (pdf)
added: Thu Aug 10 02:31:44 2017

80 Chinese tents pitched one km behind the standoff location in Doklam, Indian army advances its Op Alert. My report
added: Thu Aug 10 02:28:18 2017

Disney Sued For Allegedly Spying On Children Through 42 Gaming Apps :
added: Thu Aug 10 02:24:03 2017

Carrie "mend-the-rift" Lam: zero compromise and zero delay on cross-border arrangement.
added: Thu Aug 10 02:20:18 2017

Meet the expert who helps Texas cops justify extreme behavior: via @texasobserver
added: Thu Aug 10 02:20:01 2017

Chicago's Centennial Prairie Garden provides a glimpse of the city's prairie past & a haven for insects and birds.
added: Thu Aug 10 02:05:07 2017

South Korea ready to "act immediately" over North Korean aggression - latest
added: Thu Aug 10 02:03:05 2017

This is one quirky descriptor: "a copper processor looking to expand into film and television"
added: Thu Aug 10 02:02:49 2017

China is exporting risk to the Asia Pacific: via its massive property bubble
added: Thu Aug 10 02:00:56 2017

A Washington-based think tank releases photos that show China didn't stop its reclamation activities in 2015.
added: Thu Aug 10 01:59:24 2017

Great story on Facebook’s xeroxing of others’ products. Onavo still an amazing acquisition.
added: Thu Aug 10 01:58:33 2017

Judiciary asked WH detailed questions about Kushner security clearance, but instead got letter from his attorney.
added: Thu Aug 10 01:39:13 2017

Tone Police after @ninaturner Run Nina Run!!!Such a trite& transparent anti Sanders maneuver.
added: Thu Aug 10 00:59:17 2017

Find out why Xi Jinping's mentioned more in Chinese newspapers than Chairman Mao was. My latest for @LAReviewofBooks
added: Thu Aug 10 00:54:29 2017

#Japan warns over #Taiwan's #defense - Taipei Times
added: Thu Aug 10 00:53:28 2017
tags: taiwan, japan, defense

KMT claims it's now declared all its assets, challenges public to find more to claim govt-offered reward
added: Thu Aug 10 00:48:10 2017

U.N. Warns of Early Signs of Genocide in Central African Republic
added: Thu Aug 10 00:45:07 2017

US urges #Russia to withdraw forces and respect sovereignty of #Georgia.
added: Thu Aug 10 00:44:37 2017
tags: russia, georgia

A historian argues that the financial crisis has become an excuse for authoritarian behavior. Here’s why
added: Thu Aug 10 00:44:01 2017

Asset committee: Central Motion Pictures Corp seriously & suspiciously undervalued by accountants when sold in 2006
added: Thu Aug 10 00:42:40 2017

Trouble with robots on your VoIP and video calls? I wrote about how I solved it with @opnsense
added: Thu Aug 10 00:37:05 2017

Nissan sells its China battery business to Chinese investors to make it easier to align with Chinese government poli…
added: Thu Aug 10 00:08:51 2017

SEC postpones approval of Chinese consortium’s Chicago Stock Exchange takeover
added: Wed Aug 9 23:59:11 2017

Terrific FT piece reads #China's crackdown on outbound investment, mergers & acquisitions, as Xi power play via @FT
added: Wed Aug 9 23:59:00 2017
tags: china

CSIS's Chris Johnson writes that Xi's leadership is best described as "political shock and awe":
added: Wed Aug 9 22:06:47 2017

700-year-old church bell will be returned to Turkey as part of new Iranian initiative to boost neighborly ties
added: Wed Aug 9 17:39:55 2017

DON'T MISS screening of The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire, followed by a panel discussion @spiderswebfilm
added: Wed Aug 9 17:34:56 2017

Whitewash: The accountancy sector is trying to gloss over its role in tax avoidance
added: Wed Aug 9 17:27:53 2017

Fascinating read on the history of Web development: “The Languages Which Almost Became CSS”
added: Wed Aug 9 16:05:09 2017

At town hall that focused on health care, Michael Bennet says single-payer system isn’t best option via @thbackes
added: Wed Aug 9 15:07:00 2017

Draft Climate Change Special Report thoroughly undermines Trump administration’s climate change claims & policies.
added: Wed Aug 9 14:24:51 2017

LGBT fighting unit in Syria 'kicked out of Raqqa offensive'
added: Wed Aug 9 14:19:35 2017

NotBeingPetya: UK critical infrastructure firms face huge fines for lax security via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Aug 9 14:19:26 2017

My op-ed on my ending the War on Drugs starting with my new bill that will end the prohibition on marijuana:
added: Wed Aug 9 13:29:44 2017

Here's the source for that chart:
added: Wed Aug 9 13:08:18 2017

All top 1 percent income growth after 2000 came from ownership of capital.
added: Wed Aug 9 13:00:38 2017

Amazon reveals a typical Londoner's food shop - and it's so posh it hurts
added: Wed Aug 9 12:40:34 2017

陳永棋又認為不通過高鐵一地兩檢是「自己撼頭埋牆」,如在此事上拉布是「精神上有少少問題」。 #一地兩檢 【陳永棋:法律界反對係讀書讀到懵 若拉布屬精神有問題】
added: Wed Aug 9 12:40:05 2017
tags: 一地兩檢

NEW REPORT: Pence's Indiana road privatization benefitted Wall St & his big donors - now the roads have big problems
added: Wed Aug 9 12:37:00 2017

Statement on a Comprehensive Policy to Constrain #Iran
added: Wed Aug 9 12:34:53 2017
tags: iran

'If the Soldiers Who Killed My Son in Machil Are Let Off, Please Just Hang Us Instead' | @AmitSinghVisen reports
added: Wed Aug 9 12:28:23 2017

Tencent Begins Testing Credit-Rating Service
added: Wed Aug 9 11:58:15 2017

North Korea Says it Has Released Korean-Canadian Pastor
added: Wed Aug 9 11:57:14 2017

Instagram now lets two people go Live in the same stream
added: Wed Aug 9 11:56:12 2017

“This was the moment many Americans, along with the rest of the world, feared. “
added: Wed Aug 9 11:55:57 2017

Stocks in Hong Kong, Mainland Connect Program More Than Double in First Half
added: Wed Aug 9 11:55:44 2017

This piece by Aisha Ahmad on ISIS and how insurgencies merge with illicit economies is terrific.
added: Wed Aug 9 11:55:28 2017

India is building a highway to Thailand to counter China's Silk Road ambitions
added: Wed Aug 9 11:21:05 2017

@dimitribouniol Wish it was only chargers: - That's a USB Cable with SIM and GPS
added: Wed Aug 9 11:07:02 2017

High Court judge asks whether @inmediahk (香港獨立媒體) supports Hong Kong independence (香港獨立). See a flaw in his logic?
added: Wed Aug 9 10:58:41 2017

interesting on hostage taking as a negotiating/debt recovery tactic in China
added: Wed Aug 9 10:22:41 2017

Anyone else slightly freaked out by all the Banking Crisis: Ten Years On pieces?
added: Wed Aug 9 10:20:35 2017

Blink: Intent to Implement: Signature-based Resource Loading Restrictions
added: Wed Aug 9 09:55:46 2017

Largest ever dinosaur may have been as long as 7 elephants
added: Wed Aug 9 09:08:11 2017

J&K Machhil encounter: Grenades, food products with China, Pakistan markings recovered from slain terrorists
added: Wed Aug 9 09:03:34 2017

Chinese mining firm studying nickel site in Palawan via @gmanews
added: Wed Aug 9 09:01:46 2017

Here's what you need to know about Spain's violent protests against tourists
added: Wed Aug 9 09:01:42 2017

#INDIA #Pet shops in Bhubaneswar involved in #illegalwildlifetrade via @OrissaPost
added: Wed Aug 9 09:00:02 2017
tags: india, pet, illegalwildlifetrade

PBOC chief economist Ma Jun is leaving. Not surprised.
added: Wed Aug 9 08:58:10 2017

Trump Takes Credit for Redistributing From Workers and Communities to Corporations
added: Wed Aug 9 08:58:00 2017

“It’s about who UK works for” £18bn pa income tax cuts mainly benefiting better-off, £9bn corp tax cuts @TorstenBell
added: Wed Aug 9 08:49:28 2017

Freelancers! @splicenewsroom wants your stories on media trends & innovation in newsrooms across Asia #pitchme
added: Wed Aug 9 08:45:00 2017
tags: pitchme

@alexisbromero PNA posts Xinhua editorial hitting South China Sea arbitration
added: Wed Aug 9 08:21:34 2017

ACLU: absent warrant standard, police could monitor anyone via location data by @cfarivar
added: Wed Aug 9 08:11:01 2017

Mosque can be built at distance from Ayodhya site: Shia Waqf Board tells SC
added: Wed Aug 9 08:10:00 2017

Discovery of biggest dinosaur ever hailed by scientists as fossilised bones of Patagotitan unearthed in Argentina
added: Wed Aug 9 08:07:59 2017

.@DalianWanda Sells Stakes in Financial Firms to China @UnionPay_Intl
added: Wed Aug 9 08:05:18 2017

Kenyan election was 'hacked' and results represent 'massive fraud', says opposition leader
added: Wed Aug 9 08:00:33 2017

"Deportation or forced transfers of any part of the population of an occupied territory can amount to war crimes."
added: Wed Aug 9 07:59:04 2017

Disney to pull movies from Netflix and launch its own streaming service via @ReutersTV
added: Wed Aug 9 07:51:05 2017

French police say a vehicle slammed into soldiers guarding a Paris suburb, injuring 6 of them, before getting away.
added: Wed Aug 9 07:48:32 2017

Evidence of Google blacklisting of left and progressive sites continues to mount - World Socialist Web Site:
added: Wed Aug 9 07:40:27 2017

Road to a new future: The Chinese-built Bingu Highway in Malawi
added: Wed Aug 9 07:16:17 2017

Hong Kong cleans up 93 tonnes of palm oil, shuts 13 beaches after huge spill via @ReutersTV
added: Wed Aug 9 07:11:21 2017

Kenya’s president has a clear lead in votes counted so far, but the opposition says it’s “fake” via @qzafrica
added: Wed Aug 9 06:54:07 2017

The Little Red Podcast: Cooking the News: Xi’s Digital Future
added: Wed Aug 9 06:50:00 2017

Voice of America distances itself and the US government from exiled tycoon Guo Wengui's claims
added: Wed Aug 9 06:15:03 2017

#Bhutan Acknowledges that Doklam Belongs to #China: #Chinese Official
added: Wed Aug 9 05:47:03 2017
tags: bhutan, china, chinese

Trump appears to grant China banks sanctions reprieve after U.N. deal
added: Wed Aug 9 05:44:30 2017

Scant oversight, corporate secrecy preceded U.S. weed killer crisis
added: Wed Aug 9 05:40:14 2017

Leung Kwok-hung says he believes the government is trying to bankrupt him and three other disqualified lawmakers
added: Wed Aug 9 05:35:44 2017

witchcraft (1.0.0-rc.0): Monads and other dark magic (monoids, functors, traversables, &c)
added: Wed Aug 9 05:35:14 2017

Wanda’s U.S. Theater Flagship Offloads Oscar-Winning Studio #wanda
added: Wed Aug 9 05:18:09 2017
tags: wanda

#HK govt appeal of non-custodial sentences of @joshuawongcf @nathanlawkc #AlexChow begins- it wants prison terms
added: Wed Aug 9 05:13:22 2017
tags: alexchow, hk

Attlee and Roosevelt built a fairer world off the back of economic catastrophe. We’ve failed at that today
added: Wed Aug 9 05:12:50 2017

The people must lead, so that leaders can follow. Me on 10yrs since start of Great Financial Crisis, 09082007.
added: Wed Aug 9 05:10:00 2017

Kenya opposition leader rejects election results displayed so far
added: Wed Aug 9 04:50:06 2017

By not penalising Barala, the @BJP4India and @NarendraModi are sending out a very retrograde message
added: Wed Aug 9 04:50:00 2017

Stunning. “We did one event in Beijing recently with high-net-worth clients and sold 600 trunks,”. @SCMP_News
added: Wed Aug 9 04:45:49 2017

Hormone shows promise for treating neurodegenerative conditions: study
added: Wed Aug 9 04:39:14 2017

What the CCP slogan will tell us about Xi Jinping:
added: Wed Aug 9 04:25:15 2017

#China Factory Inflation Holds Up on Steady Demand, Capacity Cuts @business #economy
added: Wed Aug 9 03:37:50 2017
tags: china, economy

Wanda Hotel Development suspends trading on possible asset restructuring
added: Wed Aug 9 03:35:42 2017

Argentina activist missing after indigenous people evicted from Benetton land
added: Wed Aug 9 03:33:42 2017

Mao would have called this "thought work," a special kind of preparation of the public mind.
added: Wed Aug 9 03:31:35 2017

Interesting: "arable land in other parts of the world are important to China and they are looking around for it"
added: Wed Aug 9 03:30:47 2017

The Real History of American Immigration
added: Wed Aug 9 03:28:02 2017

19 Best New Portfolio Sites, August 2017
added: Wed Aug 9 03:25:04 2017

Copycat turned innovator: Pony Ma's rise to become the richest man in Asia and what it tells us about China
added: Wed Aug 9 03:22:41 2017

Iowa Democrat Phil Miller wins by 10 points in special election in House District 82 that Trump carried by 22
added: Wed Aug 9 03:22:24 2017

Sichuan quake update: Two Hongkongers are still missing, tour groups are cancelling trips.
added: Wed Aug 9 03:20:53 2017

Read about the #Haudenosaunee women’s national lacrosse team's World Cup trip & struggle for passport recognition:
added: Wed Aug 9 03:20:05 2017
tags: haudenosaunee

ICYMI: Chinese firm expelled from trade association days before takeover of Canadian #hightech company #Norsat
added: Wed Aug 9 03:15:23 2017
tags: norsat, hightech

#China Is Taking on the ‘Original Sin’ of Its Mountain of Debt @business
added: Wed Aug 9 02:48:38 2017
tags: china

Nick Ayers has arrived in the White House and is making waves. Here's @elianayjohnson on Pence's new chief of staff
added: Wed Aug 9 02:47:58 2017

Philippines admits wanting land reclamation, militarization out of ASEAN communique
added: Wed Aug 9 02:42:42 2017

A wealth of details in this first-hand account of a Red Guard's experience in Lhasa. By @degewa, trans by @hpeaks.
added: Wed Aug 9 02:24:33 2017

Designer picks 20 years of newspaper keywords for #HKSAR20 exhibition; gov asks him to delete 'Li Wangyang' for 2012
added: Wed Aug 9 02:07:56 2017
tags: hksar20

China Sets Guidelines on Debt-Relief Program for Struggling Corporations
added: Wed Aug 9 01:50:22 2017

The culture of professional liars: a fantasy world gaining ever increasing traction here. How the U.S. Lost Its Mind
added: Tue Aug 8 23:23:39 2017

Yesterday my company found the most terrifying data leak I've ever seen and no one is going to hear about it
added: Tue Aug 8 20:22:41 2017

About 90% of US House members don’t pay their interns. A @Mic investigation:
added: Tue Aug 8 20:01:08 2017

AirBnB is huge issue in many Boston neighborhoods too. Thoughts on new Cambridge regs? #bospoli
added: Tue Aug 8 19:49:57 2017
tags: bospoli

The @pbpost checked the fax line listed for US workers to apply to @realDonaldTrump's Mar-a-Lago. It doesn't work.
added: Tue Aug 8 18:41:23 2017

Incredible: Journalists used machine learning to unmask secret surveillance flights inside the US.
added: Tue Aug 8 17:49:48 2017

Analysis: China's New Security Concern – The Kazakhs
added: Tue Aug 8 17:01:14 2017

The International Trade Union Confederation has found that the US & UK commit systematic violations of labor rights.
added: Tue Aug 8 16:19:22 2017

@bascule There's some prime shitlording on this topic:
added: Tue Aug 8 15:06:28 2017

Earthquake hits Zitsa Degu (Ch: Jiuzhaigou) in eastern #Tibet:
added: Tue Aug 8 14:16:26 2017
tags: tibet

Google CEO slams fired employee’s viral memo on gender differences
added: Tue Aug 8 13:54:34 2017

#Taiwan urged to use its strengths to promote ties with SE Asia | Politics | FocusTaiwan
added: Tue Aug 8 13:54:12 2017
tags: taiwan

We've spent nine months tracking every condo, penthouse or property that Trump's companies sell -- and every buyer.
added: Tue Aug 8 13:49:09 2017

Diplomacy to defuse India, China border crisis slams into a wall: sources
added: Tue Aug 8 12:36:39 2017

"I have experienced a case in which five Chinese tourists sat on a chair meant for one person and broke it."
added: Tue Aug 8 11:30:39 2017

#Doklam row: Don't ignore China's threats as Nehru did in 1962, Chinese daily warns Narendra Modi govt
added: Tue Aug 8 11:30:02 2017
tags: doklam

Classic cat ladies share the spotlight with their feline friends #InternationalCatDay
added: Tue Aug 8 10:37:01 2017
tags: internationalcatday

Next time someone demands Corbyn condemn Venezuela, ask them what Theresa May has said about Saudi Arabia recently
added: Tue Aug 8 10:31:32 2017

China's debt management is like moving deck chairs on the Titanc @baldingsworld via @bv
added: Tue Aug 8 10:20:30 2017

Beijing hails success in battle against capital flight via @FT
added: Tue Aug 8 09:49:41 2017

平機行動聯盟批評,平機會未能有效處理投訴,申請法律援助的門檻太高,令很多投訴人感到求助無門,提出6宗個案要求平機會「翻案」。 _________________ 請支持我們繼續 #獨媒報導...
added: Tue Aug 8 09:47:28 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

Slap on the wrist for Chinese man caught with brother's severed arms in luggage
added: Tue Aug 8 09:46:14 2017

German June exports post sharpest fall in almost two years
added: Tue Aug 8 09:45:08 2017

“That whoosh you just heard? It's Chinese money pulling back from property in London to New York.”
added: Tue Aug 8 09:44:38 2017

Mountain lion makes rare successful crossing of L.A.-area freeways
added: Tue Aug 8 09:40:08 2017

Mazda announces breakthrough in long-coveted engine technology
added: Tue Aug 8 09:38:51 2017

Commentary: Hong Kong, a cautionary tale for Singapore, a lesson for the future -
added: Tue Aug 8 09:37:31 2017

A must-read Unlearning the myth of American innocence
added: Tue Aug 8 09:36:24 2017

HTML 5.2 is now a Candidate Recommendation:
added: Tue Aug 8 09:32:28 2017

Snowflake attack on Airb&b goes awry
added: Tue Aug 8 09:19:38 2017

Inequality and the broken economy demonstrated in one graph
added: Tue Aug 8 09:09:41 2017

Weak Chinese imports cast doubt on the big iron and copper rallies via @WSJ
added: Tue Aug 8 08:44:38 2017

Report on how FireMcMaster spread, w/its faults (I'll come back to) shows hashtag came from far right, NOT RU.
added: Tue Aug 8 08:36:59 2017

// 中共對港統戰工作長期不能收歸人心,除了是它自己未能發財立品,其作為及口臉令人討厭之外,其中一個最大敗筆便是長期任用這些好像范太水平而且毫無社會政治公信力的人作打手。...
added: Tue Aug 8 08:35:03 2017

Ousted pro-democracy lawmaker 'Long Hair' to file appeal against disqualification
added: Tue Aug 8 08:33:17 2017

The Nigerian community in China has evolved to protect Nigerians in an unfamiliar and often hostile environment.
added: Tue Aug 8 07:46:46 2017

Visa Seeks Direct Access to China’s Bank-Card Clearing Market #visa #MasterCard #bankcard
added: Tue Aug 8 07:17:19 2017
tags: visa, mastercard, bankcard

New gene study rewrites Neanderthal history
added: Tue Aug 8 07:17:09 2017

Nissan/NEC sell rechargeable electric battery business
added: Tue Aug 8 07:15:18 2017

#UPDATED Report: 1MDB gets extension, must settle US$603m debt by Aug 31
added: Tue Aug 8 07:14:04 2017
tags: updated

Opinion: What museums won't tell us about the provenance and plunder of antiquities by…
added: Tue Aug 8 07:03:03 2017

Court Rejects CIA Torture Psychologists’ Final Bid to Avoid Standing Trial | American Civil Liberties Union
added: Tue Aug 8 06:44:50 2017

Congress facing deep existential crisis, must reinvent itself: Jairam Ramesh
added: Tue Aug 8 06:40:00 2017

Gold Coast woman savaged by similar 'sea creatures' to Melbourne teen. #9News
added: Tue Aug 8 06:38:18 2017
tags: 9news

你呃人! #政府誤導市民 【一地兩檢】又話快過飛機?譚文豪實測高鐵上廣州要幾耐 ←短片
added: Tue Aug 8 06:36:58 2017
tags: 政府誤導市民

This obscure Chinese #stock is suddenly trading more than JPMorgan via @markets @business #China
added: Tue Aug 8 06:29:51 2017
tags: stock, china

Tech giants warp eco standards to greenwash electronics, rake in cash
added: Tue Aug 8 06:29:17 2017

China's Dalian Wanda denies reports on sale of Australian projects
added: Tue Aug 8 06:26:52 2017

Asia stocks deflate as China trade disappoints
added: Tue Aug 8 06:26:30 2017

Now hearing they will attempt to get Rocky back to the sanctuary but she's clearly a very sick bear. More info soon:
added: Tue Aug 8 06:19:52 2017

My AP Story today updated: Haruo Nakajima, actor who played original Godzilla, dies
added: Tue Aug 8 06:18:23 2017

Designer’s Guide to Flexbox and Grid. If you don't know CSS, this article won't make much sense despite the title.
added: Tue Aug 8 06:12:26 2017

Mass deportation of Chinese from Fiji in latest offshore crackdown by Beijing | World news | The Guardian
added: Tue Aug 8 06:03:10 2017

Deep Water Bay Beach and Turtle Cove Beach are the latest to be closed since the massive palm oil spillage last week
added: Tue Aug 8 03:22:34 2017

Wal-Mart, insurers settle lawsuits over 2014 Tracy Morgan crash
added: Tue Aug 8 03:20:04 2017

The ‘Belt and Road’ projects China doesn’t want anyone talking about great report from Yunnan cc @heguisen
added: Tue Aug 8 02:37:47 2017

Belgian prince defies ban to attend Chinese army event
added: Tue Aug 8 02:32:37 2017

Cultural historian says new 'historical info' signs at Beimen MRT station include numerous errors
added: Tue Aug 8 02:20:30 2017

U.S. orangutan Chantek, 'the ape who went to college,' dies at 39
added: Tue Aug 8 02:20:05 2017

NPP to run 1 candidate in each city/county council district, effectively replacing TSU as DPP's green competition
added: Tue Aug 8 02:19:17 2017

.@RonWyden and other elite Democrats happily choose AIPAC over the most basic American civil liberties:
added: Tue Aug 8 02:14:51 2017

Vicious fact free smear on @ACLU and @Faiz by @tabletmag. How low will they go?
added: Tue Aug 8 02:13:28 2017

Most China observers focus on united front work in Taiwan, but the mission is both foreign and domestic
added: Tue Aug 8 02:11:20 2017

"QQ Chatbots Re-Educated After Political Faux Pas"
added: Tue Aug 8 02:11:17 2017

Mass Grave Of Dozens Of Tortured Black Men Found In Deceased KKK Leaders Estate
added: Tue Aug 8 02:07:04 2017

A fascinating test case on the question of foreign influence and interference, as Prof Huang Jing denies intel ties:
added: Tue Aug 8 01:57:39 2017

ICYMI my latest @villagevoice column
added: Tue Aug 8 01:54:55 2017

With #ASEAN now largely toothless against China, it was US/JPN/AUS most critical of Beijing over #SCS this week @AFP
added: Tue Aug 8 01:52:18 2017
tags: scs, asean

A new phase of financialization has emerged from the Great Financial Crisis.
added: Tue Aug 8 01:49:03 2017

China cancels meeting with Vietnam after challenge on #SouthChinaSea
added: Tue Aug 8 01:45:28 2017
tags: southchinasea

Oh, so Google DID fire that sexist dumbass. via @technology
added: Tue Aug 8 01:40:56 2017

It is lovely to see Democrats be pummeled over their anti-civil liberties, anti-BDS bill.
added: Tue Aug 8 01:08:19 2017

`China has no intention to rein in North Korea'
added: Tue Aug 8 00:58:48 2017

US federal department is censoring use of term 'climate change', emails reveal
added: Tue Aug 8 00:47:40 2017

"F**k Zuck 2020" Posters Appear In California As Facebook CEO Hires Hillary Strategist
added: Tue Aug 8 00:36:44 2017

Climate report awaiting Trump approval says we are in a very bad situation, highest temperatures in 1,500 years
added: Tue Aug 8 00:25:38 2017

Also, tucked into a footnote: guidance on motor-voter law also changed. "Updated August 7, 2017."
added: Tue Aug 8 00:21:51 2017

Find out how China's media landscape is being reshaped w @cmphku @dbandurski and @QianGang in Little Red Podcast
added: Tue Aug 8 00:19:15 2017

Brand new CNN poll just came out. Trump's approval rating stands at 38%. Disapprove: 56%
added: Tue Aug 8 00:01:06 2017

What DOJ thought until today: (6th Cir.) & (N.D. Ga.). Full disclosure: I worked on these.
added: Mon Aug 7 23:27:25 2017

Blackballing of Kaepernick is a growing NFL disgrace
added: Mon Aug 7 21:13:02 2017

Hmmm. 'Unfit for purpose'? Do tell more @AffinitySutton
added: Mon Aug 7 20:41:40 2017

98% of felony arrests ending in conviction are pleas. Major reason: NY law *allows* prosecutors to withhold evidence
added: Mon Aug 7 18:56:30 2017

Tina Lam and Michael Cheng of San Jose drink the milkshakes of SF's rich homeowners
added: Mon Aug 7 18:06:50 2017

#RFA Muslim Ethnic Minority Students 'Incommunicado' After Repatriation to China
added: Mon Aug 7 17:07:10 2017
tags: rfa

Google Is Embroiled in an Internal Diversity Row
added: Mon Aug 7 14:01:22 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is planning on criminalizing reporting of classified government information.
added: Mon Aug 7 12:25:27 2017

“This is probably among the most complex behaviour I’ve seen from a chatbot to date.”
added: Mon Aug 7 12:24:50 2017

Is there a word for an optimistic country that most wealthy people hope to emigrate from?
added: Mon Aug 7 12:18:07 2017

Trump has followed the same manipulative script over and over again.
added: Mon Aug 7 12:17:00 2017

Well, as we all know, if anything scares the hell out of the establishment, it's Bernie Sanders... imagine what...
added: Mon Aug 7 12:15:57 2017

How Midwestern farmers could help save the Gulf of Mexico
added: Mon Aug 7 12:15:17 2017

So is Donald Trump about to launch that trade war with China? My latest @FT "Free Trade" column.
added: Mon Aug 7 12:03:15 2017

A new middle east?
added: Mon Aug 7 11:58:04 2017

And @XHNews took issue with the BBC's digital video on 🐼 ...
added: Mon Aug 7 11:42:16 2017

Let's talk about who leftists distrust — and why
added: Mon Aug 7 11:18:07 2017

Saudi Arabia is to execute 14 young men for protesting - where is Theresa May's condemnation? via @nuzzel
added: Mon Aug 7 11:17:10 2017

Patriotic action film set to break China blockbuster record
added: Mon Aug 7 10:04:15 2017

The message is loud and clear: Do not indulge in activism; do not dare to raise your voices against our authority.
added: Mon Aug 7 07:10:00 2017

It's often impossible to explain how “deep learning” algorithms reach decisions—that's a problem in some industries.
added: Mon Aug 7 06:39:33 2017

As short sellers target Chinese companies in Hong Kong, hostility mounts by @michelleprice36
added: Mon Aug 7 05:56:18 2017

A quarter of Kenya’s electronic voting stations won’t have network coverage to send the results
added: Mon Aug 7 05:49:27 2017

"For some marine life, two days could be too late."
added: Mon Aug 7 05:30:15 2017

Food fraud costs the global industry $40 billion a year via @technology
added: Mon Aug 7 05:26:50 2017

When is a border not a border? In Hong Kong | Vivienne Chow
added: Mon Aug 7 05:01:20 2017

The grad students conducting the experiment texted their advisor: "So, something weird is happening."
added: Mon Aug 7 05:00:00 2017

China Tears Down the Tibetan City in the Sky
added: Mon Aug 7 04:54:04 2017

Carrie Lam says only co-location arrangement can fully unravel the economic benefit of the high-speed rail link
added: Mon Aug 7 04:32:17 2017

Addictive Chinese online game labelled "poison" & "drug" by state media, said to "sap fighting power" from the army:
added: Mon Aug 7 04:15:00 2017

Meet Kwon Chol-nam, the North Korean defector who wants to be repatriated from South Korea back to his old country:
added: Mon Aug 7 04:13:34 2017

Researchers used CRISPR to create experimental skin grafts capable of regulating insulin production in mice.
added: Mon Aug 7 04:02:15 2017

China's bank regulator lets crackdown deadline slip over stability worries: sources
added: Mon Aug 7 03:21:18 2017

HKMA asked #HongKong banks to submit data on UnionPay ATM withdrawals #蘋果日報
added: Mon Aug 7 03:20:58 2017
tags: hongkong, 蘋果日報

#UA beef is back on China's shelves - but @China doesn't care via @bpolitics @business
added: Mon Aug 7 03:18:38 2017
tags: ua

A deep dive on how multilevel marketing scams drive women, esp. in rural America, into debt and crisis
added: Mon Aug 7 03:15:59 2017

Investigate journo in China: Caijing used to be able to publish 90% of its material, now only 10% @akuhnNPRnews
added: Mon Aug 7 03:15:20 2017

Never forget Mao Zedong's crime of mass murder
added: Mon Aug 7 03:12:54 2017

How China’s billion savers embarked on a household debt binge
added: Mon Aug 7 03:11:39 2017

North Korea foreign minister says South Korea approach lacks sincerity: Yonhap
added: Mon Aug 7 03:10:04 2017

Georgia ends funding for many AP tests for low income students. Thanks to these I graduated year early from UGA.
added: Mon Aug 7 03:07:17 2017

How to use Signal without giving out your phone number
added: Mon Aug 7 03:06:56 2017

Doklam stand-off means the current process of settling the China border has run its course
added: Mon Aug 7 03:02:15 2017

WeWork to invest $500m in South Korea and Southeast Asia
added: Mon Aug 7 02:23:45 2017

Key statistics on service demand of A&E Departments and occupancy rates of medical wards in public hospitals
added: Mon Aug 7 02:21:05 2017

Ban on ivory in China leading to demand for extinct mammoth tusk -- taken from melting permafrost in Russian Arctic
added: Mon Aug 7 02:20:43 2017

added: Mon Aug 7 02:18:32 2017

Vietnam defies China's maritime aggression Rest of #ASEAN shrugs its shoulders at #SouthChinaSea issue
added: Mon Aug 7 02:17:04 2017
tags: asean, southchinasea

How a small team of graft-busters closed the net on Rafael Hui
added: Mon Aug 7 02:15:46 2017

"Qualcomm’s president...flew to Guizhou to meet Chen Miner, a confidant of the Chinese president."
added: Mon Aug 7 02:14:48 2017

Trump says he spoke to South Korean president about U.N. sanctions on North Korea
added: Mon Aug 7 02:14:28 2017

How deep-pocketed political donors invest in internet meme production to sway the masses
added: Mon Aug 7 02:11:05 2017

Trump representatives apply for Macau trademark 來自 @SCMP_News
added: Mon Aug 7 02:08:50 2017

China scores diplomatic coup in sea row
added: Mon Aug 7 02:07:08 2017

Let's make this perfectly clear: Chinese household debt to household income is above 100%. This is not debatable
added: Mon Aug 7 00:55:37 2017

The FBI has a $5 million reward for information about looted materials from Syria and Iraq. No one has come forward
added: Sun Aug 6 23:42:36 2017

What a graph. Deregulation and bankers pay. Great stuff from FT.
added: Sun Aug 6 21:33:42 2017

Poor immigrants are the least likely group to use welfare, despite Trump’s claims:
added: Sun Aug 6 19:15:01 2017

In Pictures: Demonstrations and demolition - 10 years since the Queen's Pier was pulled down
added: Sun Aug 6 18:04:05 2017

Trump’s Interior Department is drawing up plans to reduce wilderness and historic areas protected as monuments
added: Sun Aug 6 17:15:08 2017

Photographer Stephane Granzotto captures incredible image of adult sperm whales sleeping.
added: Sun Aug 6 16:24:57 2017

In Pictures: 10 Hong Kong beaches closed after cargo ship collision causes palm oil spill
added: Sun Aug 6 15:38:05 2017

No member state purchases N. Korean coal for three months: UN
added: Sun Aug 6 11:00:53 2017

#MostRead this week: #Philippine radio commentator critically wounded in shooting
added: Sun Aug 6 11:00:16 2017
tags: mostread, philippine

Former Pak PM Nawaz Sharif to hold massive road show for political mileage
added: Sun Aug 6 11:00:00 2017

#Newsweek article on poaching of rare Siamese rosewood trees shows scale of threat #CITES r…
added: Sun Aug 6 10:31:10 2017
tags: newsweek, cites

No matter how safely, conservatively centrist you are, they will come after you. So maybe stand for something?
added: Sun Aug 6 07:28:00 2017

OU to begin using Open Textbook Network, a free textbook resource
added: Sun Aug 6 07:27:25 2017

Wiki warriors: activists fighting to keep truth of brutal Marcos regime in Philippines alive
added: Sun Aug 6 06:46:51 2017

Control freak Theresa May caused Tory Brexit chaos, says John Prescott
added: Sun Aug 6 06:39:53 2017

#Vietnam, yielding to Beijing, backs off #SouthChinaSea drilling
added: Sun Aug 6 06:32:05 2017
tags: vietnam, southchinasea

The discovery of a new mathematical structure could lead to a unified theory of everything
added: Sun Aug 6 06:31:49 2017

Award-winning Chinese civil rights blogger handed 4 years in jail for 'picking quarrels and provoking trouble'
added: Sun Aug 6 06:31:42 2017

Did a climate of fear keep Rwandan president Paul Kagame in power? via @AJInsideStory
added: Sun Aug 6 06:30:10 2017

Syrian army takes last ISIL-held town in Homs: monitor
added: Sun Aug 6 04:00:09 2017

An NYC Council candidate in Brooklyn is running as an unabashed socialist by @ZaidJilani
added: Sun Aug 6 01:48:51 2017

jesus, @ztsamudzi came through with this piece:
added: Sun Aug 6 01:30:51 2017

We've spent the entire day speaking to Googlers. Anti-diversity views are not isolated:
added: Sat Aug 5 23:27:46 2017

Race to renew #India submarine force amid rising China threat
added: Sat Aug 5 22:26:00 2017
tags: india

And, here's the full 10-page doc from the Google dude that started this thread: via @Gizmodo
added: Sat Aug 5 21:20:20 2017

Police officials in Baltimore are leaving the door open to letting cops off the hook despite the video evidence.
added: Sat Aug 5 20:06:13 2017

Also, these are some of the same white dudes driving the so-called "alt-right"
added: Sat Aug 5 13:51:38 2017

Inaugural WaPo column by @DavidVonDrehle was doing OK til he lashed out at $15 min wage and “minority caucus rooms”
added: Sat Aug 5 13:35:32 2017

Huang Jing's troubles began when a school administrator passed a paper of his to high-level officials by @RCPaddock
added: Sat Aug 5 13:30:36 2017

added: Sat Aug 5 13:30:05 2017

Will any court punish Pervez Musharraf for subverting constitution, asks Nawaz Sharif
added: Sat Aug 5 13:30:01 2017

UN votes on U.S. drafted sanctions to block DPRK exports
added: Sat Aug 5 13:30:00 2017

"there's a lot of pushback from white dudes who genuinely feel like diversity is lowering the bar"
added: Sat Aug 5 13:26:13 2017

How to create an animated loader with CSS:
added: Sat Aug 5 13:25:05 2017

Russia and the Syrian government are trying to flip U.S.-backed fighters based at Tanf, using defectors. @rabrowne75
added: Sat Aug 5 13:13:57 2017

The corporate-industrial hell being inflicted on rural communities:
added: Sat Aug 5 13:09:52 2017

Missouri law that prompted NAACP's travel advisory sponsored by legislator facing discrimination suit
added: Sat Aug 5 13:07:43 2017

Chinese yew contain a cancer-fighting compound but homemade remedies can be extremely dangerous
added: Sat Aug 5 13:05:08 2017

Thousands of people from the Asia and the Pacific region were refused entry to Hong Kong last year because the...
added: Sat Aug 5 13:01:07 2017

12 million young people entered Africa’s labor force in 2015, but only 3.1 million jobs were created
added: Sat Aug 5 11:45:00 2017 - about what needs to follow.
added: Sat Aug 5 10:41:50 2017

Here's an insightful doco for Clinton's Walk for Justice @Clintonswalk @NITV @sbs #ClintonsWalk #Australia
added: Sat Aug 5 10:01:03 2017
tags: australia, clintonswalk

Russia: Eight missing in flooded diamond mine
added: Sat Aug 5 09:56:43 2017

Gold could have been forged by primordial black holes devouring neutron stars.
added: Sat Aug 5 08:58:02 2017

needs wider attention: "computer expert claims he single-handedly changed results of major elections for a decade"
added: Sat Aug 5 07:37:06 2017

Beijing’s resolve to build a world-class microchip sector touches off $100 billion spending spree.
added: Sat Aug 5 07:33:00 2017

UnionPay struggles in increasingly cashless China
added: Sat Aug 5 07:30:00 2017

How fugitive billionaire Guo Wengui lured Abu Dhabi investors into the mire
added: Sat Aug 5 07:28:00 2017

Nano aluminium offers fuel cells on demand – just add water
added: Sat Aug 5 07:25:47 2017

Germany accuses Vietnam of Cold War-style kidnapping of businessman
added: Sat Aug 5 07:20:05 2017

"'Made in Germany' label badly damaged by car scandal":About the deep ties between German politicians and carmakers.
added: Sat Aug 5 07:16:39 2017

Human trafficking generates about $150bn a year in illegal profits
added: Sat Aug 5 07:15:04 2017

BrickerBot Dev Claims Cyber-Attack That Affected Over 60,000 Indian Modems
added: Sat Aug 5 07:15:01 2017

U.S. Army halts use of drones made by Chinese manufacturer DJI, citing "cyber vulnerabilities" (via @Reuters)
added: Sat Aug 5 07:02:03 2017

ICE held this US citizen for 3.5 years, then dumped him in rural Alabama with no money and no explanation
added: Sat Aug 5 06:40:04 2017

added: Sat Aug 5 06:34:28 2017

Special counsel Mueller asks White House for Flynn documents: New York Times
added: Sat Aug 5 06:10:04 2017

Stephen Bannon once guided a global firm that made millions helping gamers cheat
added: Sat Aug 5 06:09:19 2017

Journalists detained, harassed, & beaten covering #Congo protests | @pressfreedom
added: Sat Aug 5 06:00:13 2017
tags: congo

Asia security forum to push social media use to fight extremism
added: Sat Aug 5 06:00:07 2017

'Downward spiral': UK slips to 40th place in press freedom rankings The UK is sinking into the mire with the Torys
added: Sat Aug 5 05:59:44 2017

1st Amendment RIP: 50 Senators want to make Boycotting Israel a Felony
added: Sat Aug 5 05:54:09 2017

Rwanda’s Kagame wins third presidential term in landslide poll
added: Sat Aug 5 05:36:12 2017

Foreign influence: how a Chinese businessman funneled $1.3M to Jeb Bush's campaign #1yrago
added: Sat Aug 5 05:30:05 2017
tags: 1yrago

"Sri Lanka’s case is text-book example of Chinese modus operandi in pursuing strategic interests" writes Harsh Pant:
added: Sat Aug 5 05:10:00 2017

#HongKong Legco chief defends reclaiming ousted members’ 11 mil HKD cash. Political intimidation #香港 via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Aug 5 04:45:00 2017
tags: hongkong, 香港

URGENT: Up to 17 West Papuans reportedly shot by the Indonesian military & police in Deiyai, 1 killed #WestPapua
added: Sat Aug 5 04:42:25 2017
tags: westpapua

Looks like it's time to once again remind centrist Dems that 84.1% of black voters DID NOT vote for Hillary in 2016:
added: Sat Aug 5 04:22:36 2017

How is FDI faring in the Indian economy?
added: Sat Aug 5 04:20:00 2017

Traveling through Ethiopia I found that in many ways, China's no longer an emerging superpower; it's already arrived
added: Sat Aug 5 03:31:13 2017

China has used music as propaganda since 1949.
added: Sat Aug 5 03:15:35 2017

If Clinton been in White House, executives were told, she would have understood and everything would be different.
added: Sat Aug 5 02:52:20 2017

LATE NIGHT UPDATE to a story I reported in May: "If You Keep Fucking With Mr. Trump We Know Where You Live” 1/
added: Sat Aug 5 02:45:30 2017

Black Women Murdered at Higher Rates than Any Other Race Due to Intimate Partner Violence
added: Sat Aug 5 02:32:07 2017

US army stops use of Chinese-made drones
added: Sat Aug 5 02:30:04 2017

Our story thus far: @UAW union filed claims that @Nissan broke labor law in election campaign as ballots counted.
added: Sat Aug 5 02:19:13 2017

Key statistics on service demand of A&E Departments and occupancy rates of medical wards in public hospitals
added: Sat Aug 5 02:15:09 2017

Stephen Miller’s strange insult of a reporter is very familiar to white supremacists
added: Sat Aug 5 02:00:15 2017

Is China going for territorial concessions overseas like a 19th century colonial power? Sri Lanka's port, Nicaragua:
added: Sat Aug 5 01:38:56 2017

The New York nonprofit that is set to own 30% of HNA Group's shares says it isn't taking outside money, for now
added: Sat Aug 5 01:38:29 2017

Vietnam Builds Up Its Remote Outposts | Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative
added: Sat Aug 5 01:32:51 2017

China set for easy ride from ASEAN on disputed South China Sea "CoC Framework neither binding nor enforceable"
added: Sat Aug 5 01:32:04 2017

Same week Australia and US foreign ministers visit. Thailand clearly knows it won't get its knuckles rapped
added: Sat Aug 5 01:08:10 2017

Foreign diplomats blocked by security staff at Liu Xia’s home via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Aug 5 00:54:28 2017

Opinion: Beijing claims Liu Xia is "free." It’s clear she’s detained illegally, writes @JaredGenser
added: Sat Aug 5 00:42:03 2017

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli is convicted at securities fraud trial
added: Fri Aug 4 22:58:03 2017

More #brexit job losses for #Britain :
added: Fri Aug 4 22:28:35 2017
tags: brexit, britain

Mnuchin denied that his former bank robo-signed foreclosure documents. The evidence that he's lying is overwhelming.
added: Fri Aug 4 20:39:38 2017

This crypto backdoor is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night. Hard to detect, passes many simple tests.
added: Fri Aug 4 20:36:25 2017

37 mega drug companies are funding the opposition to Issue 2—learn more:
added: Fri Aug 4 18:32:32 2017

KAHUMBU: As long as there is demand for ivory, success in one country will only move the killing fields elsewhere."
added: Fri Aug 4 18:30:11 2017

The Home Office really is staffed by c*nts who deliberately fail valid applications. There's no other explanation.
added: Fri Aug 4 18:20:44 2017

Fairtrade only really benefits supermarkets. A rethink is needed | Ndongo Samba Sylla
added: Fri Aug 4 17:29:53 2017

Foxconn says it's investing in Wisconsin, but similar photo-ops around the world haven't materialized @melodymjiang
added: Fri Aug 4 16:02:02 2017

•Trump: Immigrants drain welfare •Fact: Immigrants Fund welfare. We —Earn $240B —Pay $90B in taxes —Use $5B welfare
added: Fri Aug 4 15:28:44 2017

In 1969, a "Moratorium" protest took the antiwar movement mainstream. Could a similar action drive Trump from power?
added: Fri Aug 4 15:27:19 2017

Franklin Graham: "He offended everybody! And he became president of the United States. Only God could do that.”
added: Fri Aug 4 13:40:41 2017

Death toll rises in northern Vietnam flash floods
added: Fri Aug 4 13:31:34 2017

Journalist Sues FCC For Hiding Details About Its Alleged, Phantom DDOS Attack
added: Fri Aug 4 13:30:34 2017

Group of U.S. Senators look to normalize relations with Cuba and undo Trump's “backwards” vision of U.S.
added: Fri Aug 4 13:30:02 2017

@amandamull @haircut_hippie yeeep. Big part of Corbyn's appeal. Also:
added: Fri Aug 4 13:28:06 2017

Egyptologists go high tech to unlock ancient mysteries
added: Fri Aug 4 13:26:13 2017

China stages emergency censorship drill with ISPs over “harmful” web sites
added: Fri Aug 4 13:25:12 2017

Some of our favorite classic fantasies are loosely adapted from British/Irish mythology:
added: Fri Aug 4 13:24:59 2017

Notes on the 19th Century: The Functions of Victorian Manners #Victorians #nineteenthcentury #inequality
added: Fri Aug 4 13:21:30 2017
tags: victorians, inequality, nineteenthcentury

Another Indo-Greek coin from Britain, prob Apollodotus I, c.180–160 BC:
added: Fri Aug 4 13:21:10 2017

After 6 months, Mike Pence has now turned over all emails from his personal AOL account involving state business.
added: Fri Aug 4 13:02:52 2017

Jeff Flake's Cosmetic Trump "Resistance"
added: Fri Aug 4 12:33:41 2017

Wild @AliWatkins on the hunt for the author of the infamous dossier by House Intel R staff
added: Fri Aug 4 12:33:32 2017

Update: Estimated 600 Rohingya villagers confronted security forces, who fired warning shots. 4 said to be wounded
added: Fri Aug 4 12:26:08 2017

This Cannabis Company Plans to Turn a California Desert Town Into a Pot Paradise
added: Fri Aug 4 12:24:17 2017

Netanyahu's former aide turns state's witness in bribery case
added: Fri Aug 4 12:10:03 2017

Grandpa Had a Pension. This Generation Has Cryptocurrency: Comments:
added: Fri Aug 4 12:10:02 2017

Neuerscheinung: Karl Ubl, Sinnstiftungen eines Rechtsbuchs. Die Lex Salica im Frankenreich
added: Fri Aug 4 12:09:54 2017

Sickening new footage of black man being 'forced into coffin by white farmers'
added: Fri Aug 4 12:09:42 2017

“Control of the party, government and military are all in his hands”: Xi Jinping makes it clear who’s boss.
added: Fri Aug 4 12:05:47 2017

Wow! Storied Singapore-based Chinese scholar, formerly of Harvard, declared "agent" of foreign power and kicked out:
added: Fri Aug 4 12:05:16 2017

Doklam standoff: India's objective of peace and tranquillity will be accomplished through diplomacy, says MEA
added: Fri Aug 4 12:00:00 2017
added: Fri Aug 4 11:48:19 2017

Corbyn’s Labour just won a historic victory. But you wouldn’t know it from the media
added: Fri Aug 4 11:47:23 2017

We may finally be able to slow Parkinson’s, with a diabetes drug
added: Fri Aug 4 11:46:09 2017

Similar-looking individuals are more likely to form groups with one another.
added: Fri Aug 4 11:42:07 2017

China’s Communist Party Issues Strict Cyber Rules For Party Members @Diplomat_APAC
added: Fri Aug 4 10:50:31 2017

So Turkey admits it no longer has any freedom of speech? Or else how is this implementable?
added: Fri Aug 4 09:49:01 2017

Donald Trump blocked by US Senate from making government appointments during summer recess
added: Fri Aug 4 09:46:53 2017

Facebook exec who quit job to live as a recluse says machines 'destroy jobs'
added: Fri Aug 4 09:35:59 2017

Volvo Cars to share engine technology and more with parent Geely: sources
added: Fri Aug 4 09:35:20 2017

China says India is massing troops and supplies along disputed border
added: Fri Aug 4 09:34:07 2017

Christopher DeWolf (@dewolfleloup) and his BORROWED SPACES are featured in @mingpaocom!…
added: Fri Aug 4 09:13:36 2017

Xinjiang Authorities Convert Uyghur Mosques Into Propaganda Centers as services focus on patriotic teaching
added: Fri Aug 4 07:23:20 2017

Law Chi-kwong says the controversial system has to be ended quickly
added: Fri Aug 4 07:06:20 2017

Researchers are using Google Maps and satellite images to track slaves in India
added: Fri Aug 4 07:05:08 2017

'Anonymous' browsing data can be easily exposed, researchers reveal
added: Fri Aug 4 07:04:02 2017

No bad behavior please: Grammys cleans up act to meet China demands
added: Fri Aug 4 07:01:17 2017

Plus crash tests show luxury cars are less safe | #Cybersecurity vulnerabilities found in modems used by luxury cars
added: Fri Aug 4 07:00:50 2017
tags: cybersecurity

U.S. ban on visiting North Korea a 'sordid' limit on exchanges: KCNA
added: Fri Aug 4 07:00:07 2017

In illustrations: Why we should worry about Aadhaar-related privacy concerns
added: Fri Aug 4 07:00:00 2017

Chinese rebel robots apparently re-educated after rogue rants
added: Fri Aug 4 06:59:22 2017

U.S. businesses fear Trump mishandling of China IP, trade probe
added: Fri Aug 4 06:57:07 2017

Roman Ruins Found in France Are Called ‘Exceptional’
added: Fri Aug 4 06:50:32 2017

Exclusive: China in talks to sell electricity to Myanmar amid warming ties
added: Fri Aug 4 06:49:35 2017

Upscale Israeli country club changes membership rules to prevent Arabs from joining
added: Fri Aug 4 06:38:01 2017

Cash versus culture: tourism projects hit trouble in Greece
added: Fri Aug 4 05:50:03 2017

Party first, country second: Xi's parade breaks flag law
added: Fri Aug 4 05:42:04 2017

Hot yoga classes reduce emotional eating and negative thoughts
added: Fri Aug 4 05:41:40 2017

China blacklists nine HSBC mutual funds for IPO violations
added: Fri Aug 4 05:39:58 2017

added: Fri Aug 4 05:04:23 2017

Crown profit tumbles as China VIP gamblers dwindle
added: Fri Aug 4 04:54:00 2017

No time for public consultation, says Horace Cheung, but Tanya Chan disputes the claim #XRL
added: Fri Aug 4 04:53:55 2017
tags: xrl

South Korea spy agency admits attempting to manipulate voters in order to help conservatives win elections
added: Fri Aug 4 04:29:49 2017

This points to China speeding up its efforts to challenge the US in the South China Sea.
added: Fri Aug 4 04:27:24 2017

Raytheon wins end to whistleblower's $1 billion satellite lawsuit
added: Fri Aug 4 04:20:04 2017

China to Punish Communist Party Members Who Visit 'Illegal Websites'
added: Fri Aug 4 04:16:13 2017

#Thailand: Authorities order ISPs to remove 1,786 “illicit web pages” from Facebook and YouTube by August 7
added: Fri Aug 4 04:14:37 2017
tags: thailand

A former Vietnamese oil exec, who is believed to be abducted & taken from Germany by Vietnam, confesses on state TV
added: Fri Aug 4 04:10:45 2017

CCP vs Holy Romans via @hkbiglychee
added: Fri Aug 4 04:06:10 2017

215 Chinese suspects arrested in Cambodia over nude photo extortion scam
added: Fri Aug 4 04:06:04 2017

Saudi-led coalition is blocking the jet fuel needed for UN humanitarian flights to famine-stricken Yemenis.
added: Fri Aug 4 04:03:12 2017

Beijing toughens stance on Bhutan border row
added: Fri Aug 4 03:34:00 2017

My piece in @the_hindu today on India's changing Middle East relations: The Iran Question
added: Fri Aug 4 03:13:31 2017

.@PaydayReport Exclusive: Nissan Workers Talk Their Struggles With One-on-One Anti-Union Meetings #DoBetterNissan
added: Fri Aug 4 03:03:28 2017
tags: dobetternissan

Good reminder from @HestrPryn about Deval. His admin advocated for both of these.
added: Fri Aug 4 02:51:27 2017

‘A tragic, forgotten place.' Poverty and death in Indonesia's land of gold
added: Fri Aug 4 02:27:19 2017

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn files amended disclosure report with new details about his contracts
added: Fri Aug 4 02:25:05 2017

Nearly all the world’s fake products come from China. America’s oldest private detective agency is on the case.
added: Fri Aug 4 02:20:41 2017

China holds drill to shut down 'harmful' websites
added: Fri Aug 4 02:20:15 2017

Chinese PLA Rocket Force Staged a Massive Missile Drill Against a THAAD Mockup & other US Targets @Diplomat_APAC
added: Fri Aug 4 02:18:06 2017

My AP Story today. Update coming soon. Source: Toyota, Mazda plan EV partnership, possible US plant (from @AP)
added: Fri Aug 4 02:11:13 2017

A Look at JS_POWMET - a Completely Fileless Malware :
added: Fri Aug 4 02:10:34 2017

Air France extends no-fly zone around North Korea
added: Fri Aug 4 02:10:15 2017

Great piece detailing how lazy, reductive & ignorant @bariweiss editorial against leaders of @womensmarch really is
added: Fri Aug 4 02:02:36 2017

Gulf of Mexico dead zone, mostly caused by upstream farm pollution, is bigger than ever this year — the size of N.J.
added: Fri Aug 4 01:50:00 2017

Senators propose legislation to protect special counsel from Trump
added: Fri Aug 4 01:40:04 2017

McMaster, Bannon had big fight over Afghanistan broken up by Mattis. Bannon wants McMaster out. Kelly may save him.
added: Fri Aug 4 00:44:01 2017

West Virginia’s governor is switching parties. And Democrats just hit a new low. via the sharp @byamberphillips
added: Fri Aug 4 00:40:15 2017

Cisco Fixes DoS, Authentication Bypass Vulnerabilities, OSPF Bug via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Aug 4 00:32:01 2017

#Russia unveils new Sukhoi Su-57 fifth generation stealth fighter
added: Fri Aug 4 00:28:10 2017
tags: russia

A Nissan Victory Could Usher in a New Era of Southern Organizing
added: Fri Aug 4 00:28:01 2017

FBI arrests security expert who stopped WannaCry ransomware attack
added: Fri Aug 4 00:24:32 2017

Crown doubles profit as Melco sale proceeds offset high roller hit #ausbiz $CWN
added: Fri Aug 4 00:15:36 2017
tags: ausbiz

#BREAKING: Dubai’s 86-story Torch tower, one of the world’s tallest residential buildings, catches fire.
added: Thu Aug 3 22:53:42 2017
tags: breaking

AP: Flynn updated his financial disclosure to include Cambridge Analytica (run by major Trump donors the Mercers).
added: Thu Aug 3 22:46:30 2017

An internal EPA document obtained by The Intercept details the energy industry's wish list for regulatory rollbacks.
added: Thu Aug 3 21:47:33 2017

How hard is it to fire "bad apple" officers? We analyzed hundreds of cases where fired officers won their jobs back
added: Thu Aug 3 16:19:43 2017

We are pleased that Mexico City has banned the display of Captive Orcas and dolphins #EmptyTheTanks
added: Thu Aug 3 14:20:59 2017
tags: emptythetanks

#China is helping the US search for a #missing Navy sailor "in the spirit of humanitarianism." What we know:
added: Thu Aug 3 13:49:37 2017
tags: china, missing

Declaring Zombie Companies Bankrupt Can Solve Financial Risks, #China’s Supreme Court Says
added: Thu Aug 3 12:30:43 2017
tags: china

Fosun Purchase of Indian Drug-Maker Remains in Limbo #Pharmaceutical #acquisition
added: Thu Aug 3 12:28:41 2017
tags: pharmaceutical, acquisition

WannaCrypt victims paid out over $140k in Bitcoin to get files unscrambled
added: Thu Aug 3 12:27:02 2017

Panelists claim no issue around raw material supply as decades of reserves exist. 1/2
added: Thu Aug 3 12:26:57 2017

UpVote: Turkish regime jails IT trainers in encryption clampdown by @kellyfiveash
added: Thu Aug 3 12:12:02 2017

*drops mic* New Chinese baby formula plant to buy Canadian milk - but at what price?
added: Thu Aug 3 11:19:40 2017

Based on the common values of a #democratic society, transformation of CKS Memorial Hall is now underway #Taiwan
added: Thu Aug 3 11:15:01 2017
tags: taiwan, democratic

Turkey promises to eliminate anti-China media reports
added: Thu Aug 3 11:10:05 2017

Why leftists don't trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick
added: Thu Aug 3 09:59:09 2017

Legal & General moves Asian fund team from London and Chicago to Hong Kong
added: Thu Aug 3 09:35:12 2017

Chinese AI calls Communist Party 'incompetent' - News - NHK WORLD - English
added: Thu Aug 3 09:33:48 2017

What do you think is the root problem of #oBike?
added: Thu Aug 3 09:33:39 2017
tags: obike

How the unchecked sale of prescription drugs in India is devastating lives
added: Thu Aug 3 09:30:08 2017

Rosneft CEO: U.S. sanctions will backfire, hurt U.S. energy majors
added: Thu Aug 3 09:30:06 2017

CE says HK civil servants need training in leadership skills and shaking up to get them to think outside of the box
added: Thu Aug 3 09:26:29 2017

Australia welcomed the sale of its largest dairy to a Chinese investor. Then came questions about his finances.
added: Thu Aug 3 09:15:01 2017

Police arrest drivers over unlicensed airport runs
added: Thu Aug 3 08:51:05 2017

唔做公眾諮詢,就當聽咗公眾意見? 〈【一地兩檢】工聯會:萬事俱備只欠東風 民主黨:引狼入室後患無窮〉 _________________...
added: Thu Aug 3 08:50:11 2017

London: Workers at Bank of England Go on Strike for First Time in 50 Years #BankStrike
added: Thu Aug 3 08:50:08 2017
tags: bankstrike

#China eyes widening #yuan band amid reform pressures:
added: Thu Aug 3 08:46:57 2017
tags: china, yuan

China set for easy ride from ASEAN on disputed South China Sea
added: Thu Aug 3 08:45:04 2017

For the first time, scientists have obtained and analysed genome sequences from the ancient Minoans and Mycenaeans
added: Thu Aug 3 08:43:10 2017

The two ways a psychopath's brain is different to other people's
added: Thu Aug 3 08:43:00 2017

This is why so called deleveraging in China is bs: tons of "equity" investment in govt projects
added: Thu Aug 3 08:31:17 2017

Restraint needed in response to N. Korean ICBM test: Chinese FM
added: Thu Aug 3 08:30:14 2017

In a first, Hubble detects hot exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere
added: Thu Aug 3 08:30:00 2017

Fyre Festival founder negotiates with prosecutors over allegations he duped investors
added: Thu Aug 3 08:28:37 2017

Tiny flats are flooding #HongKong - and piling up unsold via @business #property
added: Thu Aug 3 08:23:23 2017
tags: hongkong, property

Gulag grave hunter unearths uncomfortable truths in Russia
added: Thu Aug 3 08:21:46 2017

#LiuXia's foreign lawyer reports her case to UN as one of 'enforced disappearance', asking it to act urgently
added: Thu Aug 3 07:35:56 2017
tags: liuxia

Newly appointed HK Catholic cardinal on #June4th : If you know the wall is hard, why smash your head against it.
added: Thu Aug 3 06:57:47 2017
tags: june4th

The urban legend of the safe city trough Duterte: Davao has highest murder and second highest rape figures in PH.
added: Thu Aug 3 05:50:50 2017

Bitcoin Cash is essentially printing money via @smh
added: Thu Aug 3 04:54:14 2017

Toshiba to invest in chip line without JV partner Western Digital
added: Thu Aug 3 04:40:03 2017

Australia, US and NZ military co-operation augurs well | Greg Colton
added: Thu Aug 3 04:37:26 2017

Nigeria:"gargantuan theft at the state oil company"...“missing billions washed up scarcely created a ripple" via @FT
added: Thu Aug 3 04:37:25 2017

With the release of an official document, China ups the ante again on Doklam
added: Thu Aug 3 04:24:49 2017

Why is Oxford holding a summit on OBOR, copying-and-pasting Beijing's preferred description of the initiative?
added: Thu Aug 3 04:20:55 2017

"Jim Comey gets fired. And within days, Fox News presents… Seth Rich’s involvement in the leaked emails"
added: Thu Aug 3 04:05:05 2017

ICYMI, this is the strangest news you'll read today
added: Thu Aug 3 04:03:09 2017

A Home Prison Is Being Built for Recently Released Human Rights Lawyer #XieYang #谢阳
added: Thu Aug 3 04:02:57 2017
tags: 谢阳, xieyang

In rare bipartisan display, Democrats back Trump on China trade probe
added: Thu Aug 3 03:30:07 2017

China’s VPN Crackdown Weighs on Foreign Companies There
added: Thu Aug 3 03:27:38 2017

Japan might be what equality in education looks like, writes @AlanaSemuels
added: Thu Aug 3 03:12:39 2017

Top officials face grilling over Express Rail plan
added: Thu Aug 3 03:09:11 2017

The Chinese billionaire who tried to sell Australia's largest dairy before buying it #agchatoz #ausag @AngusGrigg
added: Thu Aug 3 03:06:04 2017
tags: ausag, agchatoz

Managing Data in Microservices
added: Thu Aug 3 02:29:50 2017

China's fear of a Japan-style economic bust drives the crackdown on deals, source says via @bpolitics
added: Thu Aug 3 02:26:28 2017

WSJ: The New York property development business owned by Jared Kushner's family has been subpoenaed.
added: Thu Aug 3 02:22:18 2017

Hong Kong New Board Won’t Be Hotbed of Shell Companies, Stock Exchange Chief Says #HKstock
added: Thu Aug 3 02:19:56 2017
tags: hkstock

Why #Indonesia’s new map is not (all) about the #SouthChinaSea | via @EvanLaksmana
added: Thu Aug 3 02:17:00 2017
tags: indonesia, southchinasea

Cyber security professionals - you're in huge demand in China (and companies are paying).
added: Thu Aug 3 02:16:35 2017

Another NSC fanatic bites the dust. Is McMaster getting close to aspiring Bond villain @SebGorka's secret lair?
added: Thu Aug 3 02:16:25 2017

McMaster wanted to ax his intel director for months but Jared blocked it. Until Kelly took over. Me & @peterbakernyt
added: Thu Aug 3 02:14:09 2017

Quick Take: China to Curb Coal-Fired Power Capacity by 2020 #power #coal #ChinaReform
added: Thu Aug 3 02:13:30 2017
tags: coal, chinareform, power

A guide to the secretive resort meeting for #China's political elite: Beidahe via @bpolitics
added: Thu Aug 3 02:12:32 2017
tags: china

LeEco Says It Has Cash to Buy Back Up to $287 Million Worth of Bonds #LeEco
added: Thu Aug 3 02:11:05 2017
tags: leeco

US wants China to decide on North Korea sanctions soon, diplomats say
added: Thu Aug 3 02:10:43 2017

New Web tool tracks Russian “influence ops” on Twitter
added: Thu Aug 3 01:34:08 2017

Samsung heir denies bribery charges in a corruption trial, citing his "limited role" in the group's decision-making
added: Thu Aug 3 01:33:29 2017

Beijing defends #EastChinaSea activities after Japan protests. See @CrisisGroup for context:
added: Thu Aug 3 01:28:32 2017
tags: eastchinasea

Wonder how many people read the transcript of the Clinton camp's crisis management on her Nancy Reagan/AIDS line
added: Thu Aug 3 01:26:10 2017

Trump said he got flattering calls from the Boy Scouts and Mexico's president. He didn't, the White House conceded.
added: Thu Aug 3 01:17:06 2017

Tesla completed its first solar roof installations, including on @elonmusk's house
added: Thu Aug 3 01:03:09 2017

Round 4 of my ongoing exchange w/Hugh White on South China Sea. Here I examine U.S. policymaking under uncertainty.
added: Wed Aug 2 23:23:45 2017

Another sign that the bad old days are coming back to Ukraine
added: Wed Aug 2 23:11:36 2017

Gerrymandering Is Crucial to G.O.P.’s Hold on House @Nate_Cohn via @UpshotNYT
added: Wed Aug 2 22:30:57 2017

Pakistani men are being trafficked and turned into domestic slaves in Hong Kong
added: Wed Aug 2 22:08:40 2017

This trap was deployed to great effect against the Sanders campaign during the whole Gerald Friedman episode. 10/X
added: Wed Aug 2 21:40:27 2017

Ivy League schools admit more legacy students than black students. #AffirmativeAction
added: Wed Aug 2 20:33:16 2017
tags: affirmativeaction

Attack Uses Docker Containers To Hide, Persist, Plant Malware
added: Wed Aug 2 20:15:09 2017

The Dragon Arrives: 1st Chinese overseas Military Base in Djibouti -
added: Wed Aug 2 13:53:33 2017

#US: American firms may be fuelling #illegallogging in #PapuaNewGuinea via @yahoonews
added: Wed Aug 2 13:52:01 2017
tags: illegallogging, us, papuanewguinea

#China Post: Renowned school for the blind in #Tibet 'is being threatened with closure'
added: Wed Aug 2 13:49:24 2017
tags: tibet, china

EPA: Senior official quits, decrying 'triumph of myth over truth' --
added: Wed Aug 2 13:48:52 2017

Following Apple's willingness to help the Chinese regime with censorship, Amazon now following suit:
added: Wed Aug 2 13:47:55 2017

A few words on this short article on the reentry vehicle of North Korea's Hwasong-14 ICBM, by @StuckinArabia.
added: Wed Aug 2 13:42:15 2017

Emily rain pounds South Florida and Beach pumps fail without power
added: Wed Aug 2 12:25:01 2017

PRC MFA releases 15 page statement on border stand-off with India [PDF]
added: Wed Aug 2 11:44:08 2017

China's total outstanding credit to grow by RMB26tn ($3.8tn) this year to reach RMB223tn, according to Charlene Chu
added: Wed Aug 2 11:23:30 2017

#Thailand: Veteran journalist @PravitR accused of sedition over Facebook posts via…
added: Wed Aug 2 10:44:28 2017
tags: thailand

China Leaves Lone Bruise on Apple’s Earnings #Apple
added: Wed Aug 2 08:56:08 2017
tags: apple

#OtD 1917 a multi-ethnic armed uprising took place in rural Oklahoma against WW1 conscription - Green Corn rebellion
added: Wed Aug 2 08:52:12 2017
tags: otd

How Toshiba's sale of $18 billion chip unit stalled, and what's next
added: Wed Aug 2 08:48:26 2017

Book Review: Dear Hong Kong: An Elegy for a City spans five decades, two husbands, a dozen other lovers, a handover
added: Wed Aug 2 08:48:15 2017

Rex Tillerson: risk of 'open conflict' if US-China relations continue to grate #SouthChinaSea
added: Wed Aug 2 08:41:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

Sputtering bit-blasters! IBM's just claimed densest tape ever record
added: Wed Aug 2 08:38:21 2017

Beckham team 'at the finish line' says MLS boss: report
added: Wed Aug 2 08:34:13 2017

The new head of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong says he hopes to help bridge Vatican-mainland ties
added: Wed Aug 2 08:33:43 2017

"World's 'highest' village runs dry as warming hits the Himalayas" via @nitabhalla
added: Wed Aug 2 07:15:09 2017

This article makes absolutely no sense: an unnamed Iranian official saying that Iran smuggles drugs into Yemen?
added: Wed Aug 2 06:26:32 2017

【議員參觀高鐵總站與車廠 馬時亨不明民主派為何缺席】 港鐵安排立法會議員,到高鐵西九總站地盤及石崗列車停放處視察。港鐵主席馬時亨表示不明白為何民主派議員不來,稍後會考慮是否安排再參觀。 #有線新聞 #高鐵 #港鐵 #議員...
added: Wed Aug 2 06:25:40 2017
tags: 港鐵, 有線新聞, 議員, 高鐵

民建聯徐英偉升任勞福局副局長月薪最少逾21萬元。被問到現時法定最低工資水平、三人家庭每月綜援是多少時,均未能回答,僅稱未來日子與持份者接觸…… 可以「做咗先,再慢慢學」,香港政府,即香港納稅人,可算是香港最佳僱主。
added: Wed Aug 2 06:25:25 2017

South Korea may start making their own weapons as they can't trust the US
added: Wed Aug 2 05:58:23 2017

Taxmen recover Rs 5 crore from Karnataka minister's home who helped 44 Congress Gujarat MLAs
added: Wed Aug 2 05:52:45 2017

#China promises support to new African ally #Gambia | Reuters
added: Wed Aug 2 05:52:29 2017
tags: china, gambia

Republican makes first move to work with Democrats on healthcare
added: Wed Aug 2 05:50:04 2017

Religious people are less analytical, study finds
added: Wed Aug 2 05:50:00 2017

Another day, another looted object leaves the Met: Museum Turns Over Another Relic With Disputed Past to Prosecutors
added: Wed Aug 2 05:11:51 2017

A Thai activist was put in a car in Laos and driven away to an unknown location, writes @BradMAdams for @hrw.
added: Wed Aug 2 04:59:57 2017

Sarah Sanders loses it over Trump role in Don Jr. letter: ‘Democrats actually colluded with foreign government’ 🤣😂
added: Wed Aug 2 04:54:45 2017

Hong Kong photographer comes 2nd in NatGeo contest with bird's eye view of Whampoa
added: Wed Aug 2 04:54:19 2017

China expels anti-graft inspector from party for corruption
added: Wed Aug 2 04:53:17 2017

Chinese military contractor CETC joins Belarus-China industrial park, looking at data processing and artificial int
added: Wed Aug 2 04:43:00 2017

China credit is a $33 trillion headache for Xi jinping via @alfredliuhk @fion_li @Phatjet
added: Wed Aug 2 04:22:04 2017

Somber but accurate diagnostic: "Democracy is dying". Authoritarians rejoice now, but are they ever truly stable?
added: Wed Aug 2 04:19:43 2017

added: Wed Aug 2 04:07:01 2017

The interns were warned not to record Jared Kushner, but the one-hour tape leaked anyway. Here's what it said
added: Wed Aug 2 04:04:00 2017

China’s waste policy may sink plastic recycling in Hong Kong via @SCMP_News #hongkong #recycling #plastic
added: Wed Aug 2 03:52:31 2017
tags: recycling, plastic, hongkong

難到聖人又有工作需要? #當更警又加1分 【警員涉報案室偷拍性感女 高層震怒】 ←短片
added: Wed Aug 2 03:50:04 2017
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#CIA ignored report that the best way to fight leaks was to stop doing illegal activities
added: Wed Aug 2 03:49:02 2017
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Read @specialreports on a money laundering probe and China's biggest bank. Part 1: Part: 2…
added: Wed Aug 2 03:48:41 2017

"If u don’t see evidence engagement is efficacious then u have to say: ‘OK, then what? Are we back in the Cold War?'
added: Wed Aug 2 03:48:25 2017

State Dept weighs getting rid of "promoting democracy" from its mission statement: report
added: Wed Aug 2 03:46:04 2017

Whoever compiled this list is a legend - Here are all the words Chinese state media has banned via @supchinanews
added: Wed Aug 2 03:45:39 2017

Amazon is developing an alt-history show called 'Black America' with @willpowerpacker Aaron McGruder...
added: Wed Aug 2 03:45:22 2017

Facebook introduces new tool to kill off fake news leading up to Kenya elections
added: Wed Aug 2 03:41:08 2017

'To see Stalin': Latest World War II film aims to stir up Russians
added: Wed Aug 2 03:40:44 2017

Trump is everything his supporters say they voted against - on steroids.
added: Wed Aug 2 03:39:54 2017

URGENT: 42 innocent gay men arrested in Nigeria. Ask @asorock to drop the charges and release them NOW #OwodeArrest:
added: Wed Aug 2 03:39:40 2017
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Johannes Chan is worried that mainland control of areas within Hong Kong will expand once the #XRL sets a precedent
added: Wed Aug 2 03:39:07 2017
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New U.S. sanctions against the DPRK: A North Korean perspective
added: Wed Aug 2 03:28:33 2017

Xi Jinping: China Won't 'Swallow The Bitter Fruit' Of Attacks On Its Interests OK Then
added: Wed Aug 2 03:05:59 2017

Potus expects Iran to be declared noncompliant in 90 days. Big mistake to create crisis w Iran given real one w NK.
added: Wed Aug 2 03:05:09 2017

高院裁定港府違反《人權法》,未有保障人口販運受害人。有人權律師及非政府組織表示,本港人口販賣問題嚴峻,有南美少女被誘騙來港賣淫。 法律界立法會議員郭榮鏗表示,政府應立法打擊人口販運,他計劃提交私人草案,將販運人口刑事化。
added: Wed Aug 2 02:05:59 2017

Trump admin readying broad trade case against China, @KeithBradsher learns
added: Wed Aug 2 02:00:17 2017

SPOILER ALERT: They're all white.
added: Wed Aug 2 01:58:46 2017

Smart take - China’s VPN Crackdown: In Defence of Apple, Sort Of
added: Wed Aug 2 00:47:17 2017

Chinese tourists rein in their shopping sprees
added: Tue Aug 1 21:50:46 2017

Lawsuit: Fox News concocted Seth Rich story with oversight from White House
added: Tue Aug 1 18:58:05 2017

Covered California health insurers announce 12.5% price increase
added: Tue Aug 1 18:20:13 2017

This is unacceptable. And it could lead to a tragedy – the kind of tragedy Minnesotans know all too well.
added: Tue Aug 1 14:43:44 2017

Harvard-Yenching Library has digitized their *entire* Chinese Rare Book Collection 📚😍
added: Tue Aug 1 14:11:33 2017

Google X's utility-scale energy storage project using salt and anti-freeze: Comments:
added: Tue Aug 1 13:50:01 2017

Greece’s austerity wages drama: The generation of 265 euros
added: Tue Aug 1 13:49:18 2017

This year 16 DCCC "Democrats" have more vile right-wing voting records than Justin Amash (R-MI). How about a trade?
added: Tue Aug 1 13:47:03 2017

Deng Xiaoping-inspired peace plan for the South China Sea @Richeydarian on joint development
added: Tue Aug 1 13:47:00 2017

As I've written, Beijing likes to pretend its a democracy. Ignoring their lies strengthens their system of govt.
added: Tue Aug 1 13:37:56 2017

#China has officially opened its first military base in #Africa: via @qz
added: Tue Aug 1 13:27:04 2017
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The unending horror of #Philippines Prez #Duterte 's drug war. Cops refer to their victims as "trash"
added: Tue Aug 1 10:45:01 2017
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#US #Louisiana authorities seize more than 1t of #illegal #shrimp on 2 separate boats via @NOLAnews
added: Tue Aug 1 10:45:00 2017
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NASA dashes hopes of life on Proxima b, says habitability is unlikely
added: Tue Aug 1 10:45:00 2017

"It’s hard to be a serious writer in Singapore without [censorship] touching you."
added: Tue Aug 1 08:58:48 2017

Strong words from Xi dada today
added: Tue Aug 1 08:57:17 2017

10-year-old finds error in the Natural History Museum dinosaur display
added: Tue Aug 1 08:41:50 2017

President Xi says China loves peace but won't compromise on sovereignty
added: Tue Aug 1 08:37:10 2017

Passengers facing four-hour security queues at some European airports
added: Tue Aug 1 08:36:05 2017

In Australia, Chinese agents are said to be monitoring students who do not toe the CCP line. @nytimes @MLVarrall
added: Tue Aug 1 08:34:22 2017

#UPDATED #1MDB misses noon deadline to pay IPIC Read more at
added: Tue Aug 1 08:33:34 2017
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North Korea's ‘Hotel of Doom’ might finally open after 30 years
added: Tue Aug 1 08:32:30 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Police drop ADM Case- Coming Clean: The Great Russian Dirty-Money Caper That Wasn't me and @PatrickGower
added: Tue Aug 1 06:55:50 2017

Driver for HK reporters arrested after #LiuXiaobo service @gzmimi @jeffielam Serious attack on freedom of the press
added: Tue Aug 1 06:41:56 2017
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What’s in a name? A lot, says Ford Motor, especially when it comes to China. via @WSJ
added: Tue Aug 1 06:36:32 2017

BREAKING: #1MDB said to miss $603m payment to Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund via @markets
added: Tue Aug 1 05:58:47 2017
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China targets Muslim Uighurs studying abroad
added: Tue Aug 1 05:13:40 2017

China’s Panchen asked Tibetans to be patriotic
added: Tue Aug 1 05:10:53 2017

Anbang denies regulators told it to sell overseas assets
added: Tue Aug 1 05:10:03 2017

Exclusive: #NorthKorea's Second ICBM Test Introduced New Features to the Missile's Second Stage
added: Tue Aug 1 04:49:23 2017
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As for failing to prosecute OneWest, I think that speaks for itself.
added: Tue Aug 1 04:33:50 2017

How a police raid in Madrid on a branch of China's biggest bank sparked a diplomatic fallout via @specialreports
added: Tue Aug 1 04:23:32 2017

China’s three leading tech platforms are beginning to compete with Amazon, Facebook & Google
added: Tue Aug 1 04:17:00 2017

India raises concerns around Chinese firm Fosun's takeover of Gland-source
added: Tue Aug 1 04:15:01 2017

Nestlé Milk-Powder Barred at China Customs for Excessive Nutrition Enrichment via @caixin
added: Tue Aug 1 04:13:44 2017

New Navy report says they'll continue to produce 2 Virginia-class subs annually during SSBN years
added: Tue Aug 1 04:11:39 2017

Controversial senior bishop Michael Yeung to head Hong Kong's Catholic Church
added: Tue Aug 1 04:10:38 2017

"It was one of the most amazing moments in my life."
added: Tue Aug 1 04:04:06 2017

Massachusetts' fifth largest city doesn't keep track of its #rapekit backlog #MApoli
added: Tue Aug 1 04:04:01 2017
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Bill Browder's Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Could Explain Anthony Scaramucci's Bizarre Behaviour | HuffPost UK
added: Tue Aug 1 04:02:22 2017

"Some students ask to be placed in tutorial groups without other Chinese citizens so they can speak openly."
added: Tue Aug 1 03:54:50 2017

Scaramucci drama has no bearing on pending SkyBridge sale: HNA
added: Tue Aug 1 03:50:04 2017

#吴淦 Activist #WuGan raises doubt about the passing of #LiuXiaobo and believes it's a deliberate act
added: Tue Aug 1 03:49:01 2017
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I had thought that China's internet crackdown wouldn't touch foreign multinationals. But that's no longer the case.
added: Tue Aug 1 03:40:31 2017

Why Southeast Asia and ASEAN are a strategic problem, By Paul Dibb.
added: Tue Aug 1 03:33:15 2017

While everyone focused on #MoochOut @USTreasury sanctioned sitting Prez of Venezuela for undermining own democracy.
added: Tue Aug 1 03:30:38 2017
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R. Kelly tour dates canceled, allegedly because of poor ticket sales.
added: Tue Aug 1 03:17:54 2017

I really thought that the Scaramucci/Lizza interview would be peak comedy born of incompetence. I was wrong.
added: Tue Aug 1 02:42:39 2017

Only 42% of economists believe they need other disciplines to understand the world.
added: Tue Aug 1 02:11:31 2017

Two nuclear power projects abandoned as high costs and cheap gas make the industry uneconomical
added: Tue Aug 1 01:58:54 2017

Harvard lists Anthony #Scaramucci as dead in alumni directory, apologises for error
added: Tue Aug 1 01:57:25 2017
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Concerns over similarities between CUHK Sha Tin and Shenzhen graduation certificates
added: Tue Aug 1 00:54:21 2017

Amazon suspends sales of Blu phones due to privacy concerns by @RogerWCheng
added: Mon Jul 31 22:04:32 2017

Some Chinese students told me in private that they were afraid to express their views in class
added: Mon Jul 31 20:29:06 2017

Many at Google don't have SRE support and will never have. My take on why it works. And no, not everyone is ops:
added: Mon Jul 31 14:29:01 2017

Chinese warn toxic solar waste is "ticking time bomb." Recycling panels "more expensive than raw materials" to make
added: Mon Jul 31 13:16:01 2017

Democrats really don't care about torpedoing Obama's greatest diplomatic achievement, the #IranDeal: #DumpChuck
added: Mon Jul 31 11:58:53 2017
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Trump plan on China may come as soon as this week? 來自 @politico
added: Mon Jul 31 11:57:02 2017

Sound engineering: the clever chemistry behind sound absorption Sponsored by @BASF
added: Mon Jul 31 11:55:06 2017

Missing #Kenya election official found dead ahead of election: poll official
added: Mon Jul 31 11:52:20 2017
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Can turmeric fight cancer in children? US scientists give an affirmative answer!
added: Mon Jul 31 11:50:00 2017

Rangers' Beltre notches 3,000th career hit
added: Mon Jul 31 11:22:07 2017

Ethics chief who quit over Donald Trump has a chilling warning
added: Mon Jul 31 11:21:00 2017

#BRI: 46 Special Economic Zones under #CPEC to Boost Industrial Production in #Pakistan
added: Mon Jul 31 11:18:13 2017
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Our investigation into how China’s biggest bank, ICBC, got ensnared in a vast money laundering probe just went live
added: Mon Jul 31 11:08:03 2017

"An ominous signal of @jokowi govt's disregard for rights of the #LGBT community & religious minorities" warns @hrw
added: Mon Jul 31 07:15:00 2017
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US corporate borrowing, completely out of control & totally divorced from corp investment, is headed to Japan-crisis
added: Mon Jul 31 06:02:22 2017

Who Hacked the Election? Ad Tech did. Through “Fake News,” Identify Resolution & Hyper-Personalization | @d1gi
added: Mon Jul 31 06:00:27 2017

Chinese national attacked: Bengaluru Police arrests five accused
added: Mon Jul 31 06:00:01 2017

Removal of minority family planning exceptions in XJ a victory for advocates of 2nd gen of ethnic policy in China
added: Mon Jul 31 05:53:25 2017

Joint checkpoint plan for rail link grants #HongKong more power, not less, legal scholar says
added: Mon Jul 31 05:51:43 2017
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"There is a vociferous personality cult around Xi in the PLA"
added: Mon Jul 31 05:50:25 2017

Hackers show proof of concepts to beat hardware-based 2FA:
added: Mon Jul 31 05:48:56 2017

Bizarre Chinese companies play dead to avoid price falls & trap small investors which protects large shareholders
added: Mon Jul 31 05:35:10 2017

Canadian heavy oil plugs gap left by OPEC, Latam
added: Mon Jul 31 05:30:07 2017

China-U.S. Trade and North Korea Are Unrelated Issues, Chinese Official Says
added: Mon Jul 31 05:25:37 2017

Still pretty emotional about this potential for vinyl life
added: Mon Jul 31 05:03:11 2017

Hong Kong’s internet culture reflects the deep state of pessimism of its youth
added: Mon Jul 31 04:59:09 2017

HSBC says first-half profit rose 5 percent, announces up to $2 billion share buyback
added: Mon Jul 31 04:50:04 2017

Someone finally got around to asking whether private-equity owned retail failures were a bug or a feature
added: Mon Jul 31 04:48:47 2017

1) email hacks again & 2) seems like an ominous trend
added: Mon Jul 31 04:08:05 2017

【廣州有軌觀光電車改變用途】 【再建新線以應付交通及人流】 廣州的有軌電車由 2014 年年底已經開始運行,以旅遊觀光為主,沿着江邊行駛看風景,來回廣州塔與萬勝圍。 隨著廣州交通負荷愈來愈大,有軌電車的功能不再是旅遊觀光。...
added: Mon Jul 31 03:45:16 2017

From stealth fighters to ballistic missiles, here are China's weapons of war.
added: Mon Jul 31 03:38:44 2017

#Russia To Expel 755 #U.S. Diplomatic Staff From Russia In Response To New Sanctions :
added: Mon Jul 31 03:38:11 2017
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Iron ore rally in China affirms Asian markets’ bullish tone
added: Mon Jul 31 03:35:35 2017

Hutchison Telecom’s sell-off is a risky call, says @AlecMac11 - full view is coming soon
added: Mon Jul 31 03:34:52 2017

China-India border dispute: A grim sign for stability in Asia
added: Mon Jul 31 03:34:41 2017

A Sino-German joint venture that manufactured PRC passports was dissolved in March after a Chinese security decision
added: Mon Jul 31 03:22:31 2017

What's great about HK's urban space – and what isn't. @aevanshk1 talks #BorrowedSpaces with me on RTHK
added: Mon Jul 31 03:12:33 2017
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#Singapore & #HK bourses in race to the bottom on dual-class listings 🏁. By @silver_nicole for @FinanceAsia
added: Mon Jul 31 03:06:15 2017
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Petition aims to save Adobe Flash by open-sourcing it
added: Mon Jul 31 03:00:35 2017

5,000 FARC members receive Colombian 'Peace' bank accounts:
added: Mon Jul 31 03:00:01 2017

#China is betting Trump won't make good on his threats of a military strike against #NorthKorea via @bpolitics
added: Mon Jul 31 02:53:13 2017
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Too challenging to contact Chinese listed companies chief for preventing corruption: ICAC 中資高層難接觸 廉署難助防貪
added: Mon Jul 31 02:46:16 2017

The world's highest home prices just got even higher.
added: Mon Jul 31 02:45:39 2017

With all power cut, tens of thousands flee North Carolina Outer Banks Islands
added: Mon Jul 31 02:44:12 2017

Exclusive: MSCI warns Chinese companies about suspending trading of shares
added: Mon Jul 31 02:40:04 2017

"Rules" of the rules-based global order not so clear! // “Chinese spy ships: The devil in the detail” #ausdef
added: Mon Jul 31 02:21:41 2017
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Growing tomatoes in Kansas led to SWAT-style weed raid. Judge says gardeners can sue. via @cannabist
added: Mon Jul 31 02:16:55 2017

Mainland manufacturing data disappoints
added: Mon Jul 31 02:16:20 2017

Long Hair acquitted of misconduct in public office
added: Mon Jul 31 02:10:55 2017

Zambia arrests 3 Chinese for rhino horn trafficking
added: Mon Jul 31 02:08:08 2017

#Taiwan: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) urges public not to use #Chinese passports - Taipei Times
added: Mon Jul 31 00:21:05 2017
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Attacks on Hong Kong's legal aid system show breathtaking creativity and imagination
added: Mon Jul 31 00:04:11 2017

Bill Shorten has asked ALP national secretary Noah Carroll to investigate how this happened. Surely will pay it back
added: Sun Jul 30 23:05:45 2017

ALP takes 'illegal' tobacco donations from big Chinese cigarette importer
added: Sun Jul 30 21:00:38 2017

New York now has more bike commuters than any other American city
added: Sun Jul 30 20:17:38 2017

Claire Smith hits home run with Hall of Fame speech - #HOF #HOF2017…
added: Sun Jul 30 16:18:43 2017
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6,000 Muslims have been killed by Christian extremists, and 436 mosques destroyed since 2013.
added: Sun Jul 30 16:00:37 2017

Gene–culture coevolution in whales and dolphins - by Hal Whitehead @PNASnews special edition
added: Sun Jul 30 11:50:01 2017

Hamburg locals who cornered and overwhelmed Islamist knifeman on Friday: Afghan, Egyptian, German, Turkish
added: Sun Jul 30 08:44:49 2017

Virtually every expert now says North Korea has managed its survival too cannily to be anything but coldly rational.
added: Sun Jul 30 08:31:30 2017

唔好再話無地,其實市區已有多塊閒置空地,而且可以用來發展作公共空間。 拓展公共空間 Hong Kong Public Space Initiative
added: Sun Jul 30 08:20:02 2017

Chester Bennington's wife has written a heartbreaking letter about her husband's death
added: Sun Jul 30 08:14:03 2017

More Vietnamese dissidents arrested today. In wake of recent convictions, it's clear a major crackdown is underway.
added: Sun Jul 30 07:44:32 2017

What's more shocking? That R. Kelly Has a sex cult or that Buzzfeed published a long form journalism essay?
added: Sun Jul 30 07:11:13 2017

How to Take Down Kim Jong Un without firing a shot
added: Sun Jul 30 06:54:36 2017

Playboy, bon vivant and the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai chafed at his role as France’s puppet | Post Magazine |
added: Sun Jul 30 06:47:06 2017

"Xi Jinping wants to position himself as the Mao Zedong of the 21st century"
added: Sun Jul 30 06:45:28 2017

Shows why Vanished Archives on the 1967 riots - and not Ten Years - is the most important indie HK film to watch
added: Sun Jul 30 06:43:24 2017

Liz Smith was the most powerful gossip columnist in the '80s and could turn anyone into a star. Until she couldn’t.
added: Sun Jul 30 06:34:01 2017

Is Amazon too big? Great @washingtonpost longread on monopoly.
added: Sun Jul 30 05:30:49 2017

There's always a way. 1 day after Apple removed VPNs from App Store tutorials on registering elsewhere making rounds
added: Sun Jul 30 05:21:05 2017

How to Transfer Land Tax-Free Under New Thai Law
added: Sun Jul 30 05:18:11 2017

Railways plans to do away with providing blankets in AC coaches after CAG report
added: Sun Jul 30 05:15:00 2017

Tibetan govt-in-exile slams China over Doklam
added: Sun Jul 30 04:21:31 2017

China and Russia responsible for North Korea threat, says US Sec. of State Tillerson
added: Sun Jul 30 04:04:20 2017

Up to 500 safer subdivided flats for needy under HK$100m plan
added: Sun Jul 30 03:14:35 2017

Pakistan is not the creator of unrest in Kashmir, says former CM Omar Abdullah
added: Sun Jul 30 03:13:35 2017
added: Sun Jul 30 03:05:20 2017

Three more Taiwanese fraud suspects deported from Cambodia to China
added: Sun Jul 30 03:00:01 2017

Real estate booms in China's small cities, but construction outpaces demand
added: Sun Jul 30 02:48:27 2017

Wells Fargo at It Again, Stuck Over 800,000 Customers With Unnecessary Car Insurance
added: Sat Jul 29 22:58:01 2017

Note: by the turn of the 20th Century, fusion voting had been banned in 18 states, and now only 8 remaining...
added: Sat Jul 29 22:30:50 2017

The lesson learned from Libya is: “If you had nukes, never give them up. If you don’t have them, get them.”
added: Sat Jul 29 22:06:07 2017

The two psychologists who designed the CIA torture program and received $81 million to expand it will face trial
added: Sat Jul 29 20:20:02 2017

Trump threatens once more to end required payments to insurance companies unless lawmakers overhaul health law.
added: Sat Jul 29 19:40:05 2017

War between China and India might not be limited or short.
added: Sat Jul 29 12:03:27 2017

#CGI and #AI make creation of digital 'fake news' easier. Required: debunking skills and tech Via @BenjaminBathke
added: Sat Jul 29 10:54:04 2017
tags: cgi, ai

Northwestern University refuses to bargain with non-tenured faculty union due to contested ballots
added: Sat Jul 29 09:58:00 2017

【袁國強、李家超:內地機關在西九執法可有彈性】 【陳帆:明文保障不可行】 律政司司長袁國強及保安局局長李家超表示會與內地商討,高鐵實施一地兩檢後,內地機關在西九口岸區的執法可以有彈性。...
added: Sat Jul 29 09:56:15 2017

Pro-Israel advocates in Australia targeted three journalists, new book claims - this bullying is unacceptable
added: Sat Jul 29 09:50:37 2017

Terrorism should not be used as 'card' by some nations: India
added: Sat Jul 29 09:50:00 2017

#India turns #Taiwanese travelers from the border after mistaking them for #Chinese - The China Post
added: Sat Jul 29 09:45:15 2017
tags: india, taiwanese, chinese

Apple has taken down most foreign VPNs from its China app store. Get used to Beijing pulling the strings more often
added: Sat Jul 29 09:44:48 2017

The Top 10: Worst Policy Decisions | @JohnRentoul
added: Sat Jul 29 09:43:57 2017

Facebook, Seeking to Satisfy Publishers, May Let Them Charge for Articles
added: Sat Jul 29 09:43:14 2017

#Taiwan Ministry of Labor condemns railway workers’ actions - Taipei Times
added: Sat Jul 29 09:40:16 2017
tags: taiwan

#Taiwan taken off regional money-laundering list - Taipei Times #moneylaundering
added: Sat Jul 29 09:40:02 2017
tags: taiwan, moneylaundering

New crystal can suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into a source of energy
added: Sat Jul 29 09:39:39 2017

"Gas production from the world's largest gas field takes centre stage in Qatar-Iran relations and the GCC crisis"
added: Sat Jul 29 09:36:48 2017

Researchers are stress-testing machine-learning algorithms—and it's not going well for the algorithms.
added: Sat Jul 29 09:32:54 2017

Building blocks of alien cells found on Saturn’s largest moon
added: Sat Jul 29 09:31:20 2017

There are 150 million registered pets in Guangdong alone, 50 million more than the human population.
added: Sat Jul 29 09:30:22 2017

Brawls in #Taiwan’s legislature: A blemish, yes, but hardly a way of life via @hongkongfp
added: Sat Jul 29 08:20:12 2017
tags: taiwan

Thanks for attending my talk @DevRelCon! (and sorry about the tech difficulties. bummer.) My slide deck is avail at:
added: Sat Jul 29 08:14:46 2017

This week Chinese social media users lashed out at an Indian magazine over a 'map' that left out Tibet and...
added: Sat Jul 29 08:00:34 2017

#Censorship of ‘Time’ magazine in #China sparks outrage and ridicule on the Web @glynmoody
added: Sat Jul 29 07:50:33 2017
tags: taiwan, censorship, china, freedomofthepress

South Korea to deploy more THAAD units after North Korea ICBM launch
added: Sat Jul 29 07:50:05 2017

Health-blogger’s side by side photos show the difference between Instagram and real life
added: Sat Jul 29 07:50:00 2017

My scoop - Saudi investor buys share of @Independent website, to dismay of rights groups and journalists
added: Sat Jul 29 07:12:47 2017

The Peer-To-Peer Bonus System (especially great for #remote teams, imho) via @JurgenAppelo | @Forbes
added: Sat Jul 29 07:10:05 2017
tags: remote

Now Kruger ele's r in the line of fire, I'm predicting poachers will go after Botswana elephants next
added: Sat Jul 29 07:07:56 2017

Oh no :(
added: Sat Jul 29 07:07:52 2017

The interior secretary warned Sen. Murkowski that if she didn’t behave, he might attempt to protect the environment
added: Sat Jul 29 07:07:40 2017

How Britain's top diplomat went to Asia and annoyed the Chinese
added: Sat Jul 29 06:44:15 2017

The Rise of Dystopian Fiction: From Soviet Dissidents to 70's Paranoia to Murakami
added: Sat Jul 29 06:38:00 2017

Great piece by @FlipChartRick on UK property ownership levels. h/t @TheoEsc
added: Sat Jul 29 06:13:09 2017

Much hinging on Tesla's lower-cost Model 3 as customer deliveries begin. 500,000 people have already reserved one.
added: Sat Jul 29 06:10:10 2017

.@nathanlawkc: “It’s a very clear message to society – please don’t treat us as if we’re not mature citizens.”
added: Sat Jul 29 06:05:45 2017

When your vacant concrete space needs protection The Great Fences of Lantau via @wordpressdotcom
added: Sat Jul 29 05:29:36 2017

How a typeface brought down a Prime Minister #nawazsharif #calibrigate via @FutureTenseNow
added: Sat Jul 29 05:01:58 2017
tags: nawazsharif, calibrigate

Rob Martin - Teaching functional programming to noobs (Lambda Days 2016) via @YouTube
added: Sat Jul 29 04:52:13 2017

「現時的「一國兩制」,在實行上,已使香港在事實上與殖民地無異,這種殖民地狀態,是今日香港一般大眾痛苦的根源,只有實施一國一制,才能令香港普通百姓擺脫殖民主義的枷鎖。」 毛來由:盡快一國一制,終結香港殖民困局
added: Sat Jul 29 04:36:10 2017

#Duterte wants to abolish constitutionally protected #HumanRights Commission. #Philippines
added: Sat Jul 29 04:23:46 2017
tags: duterte, humanrights, philippines

It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines
added: Sat Jul 29 03:35:50 2017

Why Is Beijing Afraid of Chinese Feminists?
added: Sat Jul 29 03:32:14 2017

Democrats have set out to tap the anger towards the Trump administration:
added: Sat Jul 29 03:30:12 2017

Philippine communist leader vows to fight ‘puppet’ Duterte
added: Sat Jul 29 03:30:00 2017

Using Viewport Units to Scale Fixed Layouts:
added: Sat Jul 29 03:23:02 2017

Vyapam Scam Exposes the Underbelly of RSS's Brand of Corruption
added: Sat Jul 29 03:20:07 2017

Orange Order: Protestants told not to use ‘RIP’ as it is Catholic superstition
added: Sat Jul 29 02:53:05 2017

New iocage release: 0.9.9 out! Massive one, 277 commits since for the details
added: Sat Jul 29 02:19:15 2017

Generation HK leaves a "lasting impression with its powerful stories and memorable insights"-review by @kevincarrico
added: Sat Jul 29 01:30:00 2017

86% killed in cow-related violence since 2010 are Muslim, 97% attacks after Modi govt came to power #BrahminismKills
added: Fri Jul 28 23:46:08 2017
tags: brahminismkills

Top party mag confirms Xi personally behind island-building in the South China Sea via @SCMP_news
added: Fri Jul 28 23:37:49 2017

100 Cancer-Causing Contaminants Found in U.S. Drinking Water @EPAwater @Waterkeeper
added: Fri Jul 28 22:50:09 2017

197 ppl mass-arrested at Trump inauguration protest still face 75-80yrs as judge weighs motion to dismiss indictment
added: Fri Jul 28 22:19:03 2017

Federal court: Public officials can’t block social media users because of their criticism. via @FutureTenseNow
added: Fri Jul 28 21:56:07 2017

Scrap lawmakers' power to raise unprepared motions, Finance Committee chair says
added: Fri Jul 28 20:08:06 2017

#DPRK missile test today likely HS-14 with improved second stage, says Mike Elleman @StuckinArabia
added: Fri Jul 28 19:46:32 2017
tags: dprk

Video shows US Border officers pressured a Mexican teenager into drinking liquid meth, which resulted in his death.
added: Fri Jul 28 18:11:53 2017

British rule in India, cruel, rapacious & racist but read my review of @ShashiTharoor Inglorious Empire 4 full story
added: Fri Jul 28 15:27:43 2017

People have right to criticize govt, says Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
added: Fri Jul 28 14:44:19 2017

How Scott Pruitt Is Gutting the @EPA on Behalf of the Fossil-Fuel Industry via @RollingStone
added: Fri Jul 28 14:43:00 2017

Eight years after the end of #SriLanka’s armed conflict, women are still seeking justice for wartime violations
added: Fri Jul 28 14:25:01 2017
tags: srilanka

Official DOE account tweets praise for Rick Perry’s ‘fight’ against climate scientists
added: Fri Jul 28 14:07:39 2017

Hipster-bashing in California: angry residents fight back against gentrification
added: Fri Jul 28 14:07:24 2017

Porsche takes its racing heritage to Formula E
added: Fri Jul 28 14:07:18 2017

Great read from Lisa Monaco, one of the smartest people I worked with at DOJ, on the rule of law and public service.
added: Fri Jul 28 14:06:41 2017

The head of the Arab League just warned Israel they risked starting a religious war
added: Fri Jul 28 13:32:06 2017

The curious case of missing tycoon Xiao Jianhua, who’s known as the financier to China’s elites, investing in Wanda.
added: Fri Jul 28 13:30:34 2017

Delhi Police seizes fake new currency notes worth Rs 40,000; one arrested
added: Fri Jul 28 13:30:00 2017

An obvious analytic mind
added: Fri Jul 28 13:18:29 2017

I have heard variations on this story SO MANY TIMES. it must be MADDENING.
added: Fri Jul 28 13:16:42 2017

LibreOffice 5.4 released with new features for Writer, Calc and Impress: Comments:
added: Fri Jul 28 12:30:11 2017

The woman had a suicide note in her pocket that said, "Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them"
added: Fri Jul 28 12:19:45 2017

Time to bust the myth that Ada Lovelace was an overhyped aristo
added: Fri Jul 28 12:12:05 2017

Mongolians' best friend: saving herder dogs on the steppes
added: Fri Jul 28 12:11:12 2017

Women raped daily by Isis are so damaged they are falling into deep sleeps and not getting up
added: Fri Jul 28 12:10:38 2017

#Taiwan: TSMC will not follow Foxconn’s example | Taiwan News #US #investment
added: Fri Jul 28 12:10:24 2017
tags: taiwan, us, investment

#Taiwan Economy Grows Less Than Forecast as Investment Slides - Bloomberg
added: Fri Jul 28 12:09:58 2017
tags: taiwan

U.S. regulators approved a fix for 326,000 VW diesel cars by @davidshepardson #ReutersEnergy
added: Fri Jul 28 12:01:55 2017
tags: reutersenergy

Regulator Remains Toothless in Bid to Rein In Shell-Company Trading
added: Fri Jul 28 12:01:38 2017

1m20s - Too many paper/plastic cups for someone who got DQed for adding 'sustainable development' to his oath!
added: Fri Jul 28 11:53:15 2017

She ripped up her clothes, bruised her own body, walked into a church in her underwear saying 3 black men raped her
added: Fri Jul 28 11:41:39 2017

Last words "Justice has never advanced by taking a human life. I love my wife and kids always" State murder
added: Fri Jul 28 11:21:59 2017

Congressman calls for investigation into threats made by the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION against Senator Murkowski.
added: Fri Jul 28 10:59:37 2017

Illusions of Victory, Carter Malkasian's book on how Anbar Awakening won for a while and then failed, is good 2/3
added: Fri Jul 28 10:58:57 2017

Around 100 Israeli settlers forcibly took over a Palestinian home in Hebron
added: Fri Jul 28 10:57:55 2017

U.S. antitrust and competition policy amid the new merger wave US is waking up to this. UK, Europe are asleep
added: Fri Jul 28 10:50:01 2017

Trump, who 2'wks ago insisted Reince would stay, has turned, been floating names of replacement/
added: Fri Jul 28 10:40:50 2017
added: Fri Jul 28 10:38:20 2017

In New York, Trump to use gang violence to press for deportations
added: Fri Jul 28 10:37:34 2017

Russia to seize two U.S. properties, orders reduction in American embassy staff in Moscow
added: Fri Jul 28 10:35:53 2017

Amazon wobble creates ripples across worldwide stock markets
added: Fri Jul 28 10:35:06 2017

So, I spent hours hiking through abandoned "Ghost Villages" in HK and had a blast. Here's how you can do the same:
added: Fri Jul 28 10:33:58 2017

EXCLUSIVE: LBC under pressure to sack Nigel Farage over false on-air statements via @BIUK_Politics
added: Fri Jul 28 10:00:20 2017

"He is no more eligible to be an honest member of the parliament," judge says of Sharif in #PanamaPapers verdict
added: Fri Jul 28 09:50:03 2017
tags: panamapapers

Black Hat speaker denied entry to US in another needless hit to security research via…
added: Fri Jul 28 09:42:27 2017

DUP warns of 'very hard border' over tougher Dublin stance on Brexit
added: Fri Jul 28 08:50:03 2017

Food in Chinese jail ‘wasn’t great’, but US student could order in via @SCMP_News Interesting read....
added: Fri Jul 28 08:49:25 2017

@MaxBlumenthal Israel is still banning Palestinians under the age of 50 from entering the holy site.
added: Fri Jul 28 08:47:46 2017

Thank you John Doe. The #PanamaPapers claim another scalp: Pakistani court disqualifies PM Nawaz Sharif from office
added: Fri Jul 28 08:47:18 2017
tags: panamapapers

#SCMP Is the new financial information swapping scheme a ticking bomb for China’s richest?
added: Fri Jul 28 08:46:14 2017
tags: scmp

Tax incentives, a dent on economies - says @TaxJusticeAfric
added: Fri Jul 28 08:26:23 2017

These days, econ/finance leading group driving policy so worth listening. Here saying deleveraging focus to stay.
added: Fri Jul 28 06:55:44 2017

P&G pulled $100 million of its digital spend and its business was unaffected
added: Fri Jul 28 06:54:20 2017

China Won't Help America Subdue North Korea
added: Fri Jul 28 05:56:25 2017

BREAKING: Republicans defect, kill Senate effort to repeal Obamacare
added: Fri Jul 28 05:37:14 2017

U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy agenda, data shows
added: Fri Jul 28 05:35:08 2017

US Senate attempt to repeal Obama healthcare act fails after late-night drama and disarray
added: Fri Jul 28 05:34:37 2017

Ex-Top Planning Official Offered Lantau Conservation Lead Job Without Open Recruitment
added: Fri Jul 28 04:59:15 2017

German envoy demands answers over China’s internet crackdown via @SCMP_news
added: Fri Jul 28 04:22:52 2017

Video catches man lighting an #LGBT center on fire via @abc7newsbayarea #LGBTQ #NOH8
added: Fri Jul 28 04:18:32 2017
tags: lgbt, lgbtq, noh8

Hillary Clinton to release book on 2016 presidential election defeat
added: Fri Jul 28 03:45:00 2017

Billionaire Wang Jianlin dreamed of creating a filmmaking empire—and then reality set in via @WSJ
added: Fri Jul 28 03:41:43 2017

He's just reading from this book to kill time
added: Fri Jul 28 03:26:10 2017

A far-right group chartered a boat to repel migrants on the Mediterranean. Then part of its crew filed for asylum.
added: Fri Jul 28 03:24:01 2017

A survey of BSD kernel vulnerabilities (DEFCON) : (Slides)
added: Fri Jul 28 03:08:17 2017

A major glacier in Greenland might be breaking apart
added: Fri Jul 28 03:07:03 2017

The health bill senators are voting on tonight has finally been published. Here’s how it’ll affect you:
added: Fri Jul 28 03:03:28 2017

When Women Stopped Coding
added: Fri Jul 28 03:03:16 2017

Hong Kong sauce firm Lee Kum Kee buys London skyscraper for record-breaking GBP1.3 billion
added: Fri Jul 28 03:02:10 2017

#ICYMI N. Koreans who cross into China “not refugees”: Chinese FM
added: Fri Jul 28 03:00:30 2017
tags: icymi

Gerrymandering Case Heads To Supreme Court
added: Fri Jul 28 03:00:02 2017

Good, important story
added: Fri Jul 28 02:59:44 2017

Lam Chiu-ying says filling in Plover Cove Reservoir for housing would be a nightmare for water security.
added: Fri Jul 28 02:59:28 2017

Kenting considers cleaning & lowering prices of street markets to bring back tourists Building rail line would help
added: Fri Jul 28 02:14:13 2017

Full text of the Boris Johnson Lowy lecture @LowyInstitute from last night - substantive and entertaining
added: Fri Jul 28 02:12:50 2017

I just published “Porosity”
added: Thu Jul 27 20:01:01 2017

"Ops people are really good at picking up whatever it is that they need to know" never gets old by @mipsytipsy
added: Thu Jul 27 18:39:17 2017

'If one only read corp media reporting... you would think the termination of the CIA program was an abject tragedy'
added: Thu Jul 27 16:11:54 2017

Pre-Existing Conditions: Americans Scared of Healthcare Bill | Money
added: Thu Jul 27 12:13:05 2017

North Korea’s Army of Hackers Has a New Target: Bank Accounts - WSJ
added: Thu Jul 27 12:11:34 2017

Private prison threatens to close unless state or federal officials fill up 300 more beds:
added: Thu Jul 27 11:57:45 2017

China's Huawei says first half revenue climbs 15 percent, slowest in four years
added: Thu Jul 27 11:21:35 2017

Somebody asked for a link to BBC Scaramucci interview. Sorry I lost your tweet.
added: Thu Jul 27 11:20:59 2017

Hong Kong Exchange Fund H1 investment income nearly triples on year to HK$126.5 bln
added: Thu Jul 27 11:20:56 2017

This is everything Facebook knows about you. There’s far more than you think
added: Thu Jul 27 11:20:30 2017

Britain and Australia urge China to do more on North Korea threat
added: Thu Jul 27 11:20:27 2017

辯方問及,當時被告身上有沒有手機,警員表示「唔記得」,而沒有沒收電話是否偏離拘捕程序,警員只一再回答「唔記得」。 _________________ 請支持我們繼續 #獨媒報導...
added: Thu Jul 27 11:20:04 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

CIA chief hints agency is working to change Venezuelan government
added: Thu Jul 27 11:16:00 2017

Whoah! Big scoop from @EricaMartinson: Trump administration threatens Alaska after Murkowski's Obamacare vote
added: Thu Jul 27 10:58:29 2017

This country breaks my heart @amymcquire @MartinGHodgson
added: Thu Jul 27 10:31:58 2017

#OtD 1913, 20,000 #textile workers in #Barcelona, mostly women & children, #strike against low wages & long hours
added: Thu Jul 27 10:00:02 2017
tags: otd, textile, strike, barcelona

中國官媒禁用慎用詞,不準陳日君樞機「榮休」 | 天亞社中文網
added: Thu Jul 27 09:49:43 2017

Seagate offloads ClusterStor data-nomming plaything on Cray
added: Thu Jul 27 09:47:27 2017

#HNA is facing lender questions on $1 billion CWT takeover, sources say via @business #China
added: Thu Jul 27 09:44:17 2017
tags: hna, china

The employee sounded the alarm to alert police before passing out
added: Thu Jul 27 09:04:03 2017

New "Co-location Concern Group" formed to fight #CCP & #HK govt's plans to cede HK land to CCP
added: Thu Jul 27 09:02:53 2017
tags: ccp, hk

Photoshoot to celebrate the beauty of black women goes viral
added: Thu Jul 27 09:02:33 2017

#Italy's largest bank #Unicredit says 400K+ have been maliciously hacked
added: Thu Jul 27 09:00:38 2017
tags: unicredit, italy

What it's like to get laid off at the Carrier plant Trump said he'd save.
added: Thu Jul 27 09:00:27 2017

“Bhutan as a buffer country shares 477km of its northern border with China— which India doesn’t have to worry about”
added: Thu Jul 27 08:58:50 2017

Philippines: Duterte Threatens to Bomb Indigenous Filipino School
added: Thu Jul 27 08:40:11 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu vows to remove Al Jazeera from Israel 'for inciting violence'
added: Thu Jul 27 08:38:36 2017

Slack: Messaging startup raises valuation as it seeks £190m of new funding
added: Thu Jul 27 08:37:34 2017

Britain's new aircraft carriers to test Beijing in South China Sea
added: Thu Jul 27 08:31:40 2017

Right to privacy not fundamental right: Centre to Supreme Court
added: Thu Jul 27 08:30:01 2017

Female teacher, 28, has sex with pupil in toilet on flight home from school trip
added: Thu Jul 27 08:29:12 2017

China's LKK to buy London's "Walkie Talkie" skyscraper
added: Thu Jul 27 08:26:49 2017

China's exiled tycoon Guo 'fabricated' corruption claims: Xinhua
added: Thu Jul 27 08:25:51 2017

China industrial profits jump most in three months, weather higher financing costs
added: Thu Jul 27 08:25:10 2017

Badly written spon content disguised as legit. What's a rec list of asian shakespeare without Kurosawa/Takarazuka?
added: Thu Jul 27 08:21:55 2017

Limited liquidity in #Evergrande shares is a warning for investors, writes @shuli_ren for @gadfly
added: Thu Jul 27 08:01:03 2017
tags: evergrande

Taiwan's freedom of speech came at a high cost, as embodied by the 1989 self-immolation of publisher Deng Nan-jung
added: Thu Jul 27 08:00:12 2017

50 years ago today homosexuality was decriminalised. The struggle for equality continues - my article in @PinkNews
added: Thu Jul 27 07:46:57 2017

QLD police propose allowing installation of surveillance software on any private device during public emergencies
added: Thu Jul 27 07:14:59 2017

China's greening of the Kubuqi Desert is a model for land restoration projects everywhere
added: Thu Jul 27 07:10:24 2017

Human rights defenders, activists & media under threat across #Libya. @HananMSalah looks @ situation in Tripoli/west
added: Thu Jul 27 07:07:38 2017
tags: libya

Quite incredible that Gov waited 13months to ask MAC these basic questions. @CommonsHomeAffs heard from MAC in Jan
added: Thu Jul 27 06:19:52 2017

The US-China audit pact needs some rethinking, says @LJucca
added: Thu Jul 27 06:00:37 2017

Police in #Italy Detain #Uyghur Exile Group Leader at China’s Behest Approached by 15-20 pl…
added: Thu Jul 27 05:38:51 2017
tags: uyghur, italy

All the annoying things Venice just banned tourists from doing
added: Thu Jul 27 05:24:00 2017

Intern who threw water balloons is Communist member | Taiwan News
added: Thu Jul 27 05:15:24 2017

Did Adelson just dump Netanyahu? This unprecedented front page speaks volumes
added: Thu Jul 27 05:15:00 2017

Never thought it would happen but it has-- I've written about the Bieber
added: Thu Jul 27 05:02:12 2017

June Foray, Voice of ‘Bullwinkle Show’s’ Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99
added: Thu Jul 27 04:35:11 2017

China's Baidu enters strategic partnership with Paypal to tap Chinese tourists
added: Thu Jul 27 04:20:05 2017

CPI(M) cannot remain silent as China seeks to unilaterally re-wire multilateral rules & norms for Asia and beyond.
added: Thu Jul 27 04:15:12 2017

Fmr CN vice-FM Liu Zhenmin, who famously dismissed SCS arbitration as "waste paper", is now a @UN Under Sec-Gen. 1/2
added: Thu Jul 27 04:11:27 2017

Let rural land leases expire if developers won’t build, report urges
added: Thu Jul 27 04:07:36 2017

Socialism: Converting Hysterical Misery into Ordinary Unhappiness
added: Thu Jul 27 03:23:35 2017

SEC Settles Offering Fraud Tied to Cellphone App #in
added: Thu Jul 27 03:23:32 2017
tags: in

San Francisco State clears students of Israel lobby group’s charge
added: Thu Jul 27 03:18:09 2017

Banks are lowering credit allowances for LeEco employees bc of financial risks??
added: Thu Jul 27 03:16:57 2017

Australia refuses submarine internet cable from Solomons to Sydney due to spying concerns around provider Huawei
added: Thu Jul 27 03:08:21 2017

A Beijing diktat, and a Hong Kong judge's ruling, that disqualified lawmakers could strip more rights of...
added: Thu Jul 27 03:05:24 2017
added: Thu Jul 27 02:52:55 2017

The Battle for Influence in Asia: How India and China Have Come to the Brink Over a Remote Mountain Pass
added: Thu Jul 27 02:14:12 2017

Erlang/OTP キャッチアップとして、20.0 のリリースノートを一部翻訳してみた。すげー色々変わっててボリューミーだった。highlights/incompatibilities は全部だけどアプリ個別は適当。
added: Thu Jul 27 02:09:55 2017

UK to ban sale of all diesel & gas cars by 2040. 1st France, the UK today, and now Germany and more are considering!
added: Thu Jul 27 01:48:06 2017

Hutchison Telecom deal on line -
added: Thu Jul 27 01:35:10 2017

The U.K. ban on internal combustion engines is part of a £3 billion effort to improve air quality in the nation.
added: Thu Jul 27 01:30:03 2017

We don't want a “Better Deal.” We want socialism.
added: Thu Jul 27 01:28:20 2017

Tables turned as ‘aggressive’ checkpoint deal forged #XRL #colocation #hongkong @SCMP_News
added: Thu Jul 27 01:24:29 2017
tags: hongkong, xrl, colocation

Senators Collins and Reed Caught on Hot Mic Worrying Trump is "Crazy"
added: Thu Jul 27 01:20:07 2017

They tried this before & it did not work, Duterte's dangerous joint venture moves w/ China
added: Thu Jul 27 01:01:59 2017

"In Beijing, 20 Million People Pretend to Live": 在北京,有2000万人假装在生活 (translation of the controversial, censored essay)
added: Thu Jul 27 01:00:02 2017

Google May Have Just Uncovered An Israeli Surveillance Start-Up Spying On Androids @Forbes
added: Thu Jul 27 00:41:25 2017

Add China to the list of those selling arms to Saudi Arabis and UAE for war in Yemen.
added: Thu Jul 27 00:29:06 2017

A lot of people are asking us about the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. Here's some answers.
added: Thu Jul 27 00:10:00 2017

We're moving in early 2018!
added: Wed Jul 26 23:10:29 2017

This is good. #elixir #myelixirstatus
added: Wed Jul 26 19:56:05 2017
tags: myelixirstatus, elixir

NBC News: DOJ IDs ex-biz associate of Paul Manafort as an "upper-echelon [associate] of Russian organized crime."
added: Wed Jul 26 19:31:36 2017

Behind every right-on electric car lies the tragedy of #Congo via FT
added: Wed Jul 26 19:11:09 2017
tags: congo

Reuters scoop: Confidential UN report says Saudi Arabia-led coalition attacked boat carrying Somali refugees.
added: Wed Jul 26 19:03:46 2017

Young evangelical white women were surprisingly more pro-Trump than men. @kateshellnutt dug into data.
added: Wed Jul 26 16:56:49 2017

"The harsh reality is that China is turning into a trade tyrant that rides roughshod over international rules."
added: Wed Jul 26 16:08:51 2017

Bankers Ditch Fat Salaries to Chase Digital Currency Riches: Comments:
added: Wed Jul 26 12:40:10 2017

China Powers Ahead With Electricity Reform #electricity #Power #marketreform
added: Wed Jul 26 10:43:16 2017
tags: electricity, power, marketreform

#Thailand: 2 Vitenamese men arrested with 75kg #ivory at Suvarnabhumi Airport, en route from #Ethiopia to #Laos
added: Wed Jul 26 10:02:23 2017
tags: ivory, ethiopia, laos, thailand

Ex-@CIA chief: U.S. President's Speech to Boy Scouts Felt Like "3rd-World Authoritarian's Youth Rally"
added: Wed Jul 26 10:00:49 2017

Taliban claims to kill three US Marines in huge army base attack in Afghanistan
added: Wed Jul 26 09:55:42 2017

Moscow warns new U.S. sanctions take ties into uncharted waters
added: Wed Jul 26 09:05:11 2017

Fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims are unlawful, Supreme Court rules
added: Wed Jul 26 09:04:21 2017

Thailand bucks trend by repatriating Taiwanese fraud suspects to Taiwan, not China.
added: Wed Jul 26 09:03:38 2017

About 45 Indonesian domestic workers have been radicalised while living in Hong Kong, a report warns.
added: Wed Jul 26 09:01:45 2017

Nine out of 10 people call for 'plastic-free aisle' in supermarkets, finds survey
added: Wed Jul 26 09:01:36 2017

US won't benefit from escalation of Sino-Indian confrontation: Chinese media
added: Wed Jul 26 09:00:01 2017

Dissidents voice fears that China will Use Interpol to come after peaceful critics
added: Wed Jul 26 08:56:30 2017

China detains 12-year-old Uyghur boy on return to Xinjiang from Egypt
added: Wed Jul 26 08:54:44 2017

From last night - Are aliens using a star as a nuclear megadump?
added: Wed Jul 26 08:52:07 2017

Daimler stands by diesel despite growing controversy (from @AP)
added: Wed Jul 26 08:51:20 2017

Australian government can't seem to stop its relentless barbaric onslaught against the natural world:
added: Wed Jul 26 08:22:36 2017

What are the various ways in which privacy in a setup like Aadhaar may be breached?
added: Wed Jul 26 08:20:00 2017

#US bill of congress considers banning #SharkFin trade
added: Wed Jul 26 08:15:00 2017
tags: sharkfin, us

Anti-depressants linked to 28 murders in three decades, investigation finds
added: Wed Jul 26 08:11:46 2017

Iran will respond to any new U.S. sanctions: deputy foreign minister
added: Wed Jul 26 08:08:26 2017

Mixed signals. The Government are cutting back on rail electrification in favour of #diesel trains.
added: Wed Jul 26 08:06:09 2017
tags: diesel

"PLA missile force submitted DF-41 missile to “canister ejection test” from railway-mounted mobile launcher Dec 5"
added: Wed Jul 26 08:04:50 2017

Study,carry out Xi Jinping's thinking on democracy & rule of law 王晨:学习贯彻习近平民主法治思想 Not many…
added: Wed Jul 26 07:51:01 2017

Gove says chlorinated chicken would be banned under any UK-US trade deal - Politics live
added: Wed Jul 26 07:45:59 2017

#Taiwan Cabinet dismisses rumour that DPP heavyweight recommends @KaohsiungCity Mayor Chen Chu to be next Premier
added: Wed Jul 26 07:45:32 2017
tags: taiwan

HNA’s $416m Global Eagle deal in US collapses
added: Wed Jul 26 06:43:27 2017

Li Ka-shing’s smart meter play in Germany looks smart for CK Infrastructure investors, too, says @AlecMac11
added: Wed Jul 26 06:22:07 2017

Nationalistic patriotism awakens in a generation of young Chinese who says now it's China's turn: WSJ @tepingchen
added: Wed Jul 26 06:12:14 2017

US spies hacked our phones over the air, claim pipeline protesters
added: Wed Jul 26 06:04:14 2017

늦어도 내년 3월 THAAD 배치 완료 될것이다. THAAD deployment likely to be completed by March 2018 before KR & Foal Eagle exercises.
added: Wed Jul 26 05:49:24 2017

#SwineFlu: Delhi sees as many as 320 H1N1 virus cases amid battle with vector-borne diseases
added: Wed Jul 26 05:45:00 2017
tags: swineflu

China’s military tech is becoming less of a joke and more of a threat
added: Wed Jul 26 05:15:00 2017

Interesting @NAR piece by Joe Zhang - How China has defied the gravity of debt
added: Wed Jul 26 04:44:26 2017

Doklam part of pattern of China's aggressive behavior, w/South China Sea as Exhibit A. My interview w/ @sushantSin
added: Wed Jul 26 04:44:17 2017

Probed launched into use of public housing space
added: Wed Jul 26 04:43:52 2017

Rosa is the youngest member of Chicago's city council and a socialist gaining lots of national attention
added: Wed Jul 26 04:30:56 2017

Bruce Momjian: Recent Podcast
added: Wed Jul 26 04:30:49 2017

Palestine envoy wants UN protection from Israel's 'reckless and destructive agenda'
added: Wed Jul 26 04:30:06 2017

How Russia Mercilessly Played Trump for a Fool. He and his coterie of idiots were the perfect prey for Putin’s spell
added: Wed Jul 26 04:29:44 2017

An all male team is about 4x more likely to get funding than teams with any women on them:
added: Wed Jul 26 04:29:31 2017

CMU repo of vintage code of AI, cogsci, hacking, etc
added: Wed Jul 26 04:27:12 2017

I was so disappointed when I learned that this wasn't actually about rhinos.
added: Wed Jul 26 03:57:52 2017

What's Driving the India-China Standoff at Doklam? @Diplomat_APAC
added: Wed Jul 26 03:56:59 2017

陳帆教路:如何「合法地」翻牆。 #陳帆會否被消失 #一地兩檢 【fb問題考起袁國強 陳帆搶答教點翻牆】 【陳帆不忿袁國強被鬧急護航:親眼見到有良心】...
added: Wed Jul 26 03:35:38 2017
tags: 陳帆會否被消失, 一地兩檢

The oath lawsuit against @ChuHoiDick @chengchungtai has been deferred because the applicant's deposit cheque bounced
added: Wed Jul 26 03:23:56 2017

"Mainlandisation" often dismissed by HK officials as an exaggeration. But Chinese academics say it's the policy
added: Wed Jul 26 02:50:08 2017

French police routinely using pepper spray on kids and adults in Calais: new @hrw report "Like Living in Hell"
added: Wed Jul 26 02:20:46 2017

Middlesex want Hong Kong’s Anshuman Rath but visa hitch may affect his English County chances
added: Wed Jul 26 01:17:55 2017

"If you are worried about your family's safety, put good tyres on your car and teach your children to swim."
added: Wed Jul 26 00:44:16 2017

Grenfell Tower TMO spent millions on management fees rather than refurbishment via @heliaebrahimi
added: Tue Jul 25 23:29:16 2017

Hong Kong thwarts IPO backed by one of Asia’s richest men as the IPO hub slips to 3rd spot via @WSJ w @gregorhunter
added: Tue Jul 25 20:59:02 2017

Liverpool FC wade into controversial partnership w Chinese company selling out Tibetan water
added: Tue Jul 25 16:26:20 2017

Oral histories capture details not part of the official record, but securing interviews are tricky:
added: Tue Jul 25 14:22:01 2017

.@IanHaneyLopez on why the @TheDemocrats reboot is not a reboot at all: He's 100% correct.
added: Tue Jul 25 14:13:05 2017

no, bicyclists in DC are not required to ride single-file
added: Tue Jul 25 14:11:03 2017

If the health-care vote were to go McConnell’s way, it would be another sign that American democracy is failing.
added: Tue Jul 25 13:47:05 2017

Over 10,000 acres of defence land under encroachment: Govt
added: Tue Jul 25 13:30:01 2017

Tanzania hands Mining Company $190 Billion Tax Bill
added: Tue Jul 25 13:29:41 2017

The insidious creep of pseudo-public space in London: Comments:
added: Tue Jul 25 13:20:10 2017

Caterpillar smashes profit estimates, raises 2017 forecast again
added: Tue Jul 25 13:20:05 2017

An expert believes that gay porn at Pompeii could change how the world thinks about religion and sex
added: Tue Jul 25 13:20:00 2017

'My patients tell me "I’d rather die at sea than be brought back to Libya"' - Dr Craig on the EU's deadly policies
added: Tue Jul 25 13:18:32 2017

@rweingarten that laid out the arguments and the facts. You should read the CAP report, it’s true. We all know it. -
added: Tue Jul 25 13:18:31 2017

#China banned the sale of tiger bones so traders are importing South #African lion parts instead: via @qz
added: Tue Jul 25 13:13:43 2017
tags: china, african

Google just ruined search forever
added: Tue Jul 25 12:52:17 2017

"For example, Hong Kong’s pro democracy Umbrella Movement should be referred to as :illegal Occupy Central" via @qz
added: Tue Jul 25 12:51:53 2017

Spacecraft sends back stunning images before crashing into Saturn
added: Tue Jul 25 12:48:09 2017

This fancy keyboard overlay shows all the commands you need in Vim
added: Tue Jul 25 12:46:50 2017

Panic, depression and stress: The case against meditation
added: Tue Jul 25 12:45:04 2017

The Great Explosives Heist That Has Europe on Edge
added: Tue Jul 25 12:44:06 2017

Judge tells man to 'sell his wife if he can't fund a toilet'
added: Tue Jul 25 12:43:55 2017

Shenzhen's Skyscraper Boom Shows No Signs of Slowing
added: Tue Jul 25 12:22:27 2017

Another scam & another of George Osborne's legacies: Leaseholds on new houses via @FT
added: Tue Jul 25 12:13:51 2017

My latest @BV post: the recent $ fall is a transitory tailwind for 2018-19 inf that the Fed will have to look thru:
added: Tue Jul 25 12:13:18 2017

Heartbreaking account of systematic harassment, abuse and control of civil rights #lawyers by #CCP... #709 #China
added: Tue Jul 25 12:11:39 2017
tags: ccp, china, lawyers

The history, dilemmas and dangers of Karnataka’s flag debate
added: Tue Jul 25 12:07:41 2017

AP previously reported how church leaders ordered congregants to lie to authorities investigating reports of abuse.
added: Tue Jul 25 12:00:08 2017

Jerusalem cameras 'more dangerous than metal detectors'
added: Tue Jul 25 12:00:07 2017

中文大學唯一校長候聘人、生物醫學教授段崇智本月初首次與學生及校友會面時,承諾會捍衞學術自由及言論自由,又稱學生可合法地討論港獨。 【中大校董會拍板段崇智做校長】
added: Tue Jul 25 12:00:03 2017

Florian advocates use of Hack, HHVM, XHP, Collections instead of arrays (because PHP arrays ಠ_ಠ), and more.
added: Tue Jul 25 11:59:08 2017

Quad goals: Western Digital clambers aboard the 4bits/cell wagon
added: Tue Jul 25 11:53:38 2017

China urges halt to oil drilling in disputed South China Sea
added: Tue Jul 25 11:46:47 2017

Scottish cathedral becomes first in the UK to allow same-sex marriages
added: Tue Jul 25 11:36:22 2017

Ponzi scheme uses communist ideology to attract followers, shows that real communist still has appeal in China
added: Tue Jul 25 11:34:28 2017

Think a Strong Currency Hammers Trade? Don’t Tell Switzerland my view: a weak currency subsidizes marginal business
added: Tue Jul 25 11:34:13 2017

遲啲唔使去羅湖橋咁遠,去西九就得,係咪好方便呢? 【懶人包】西九站四分一歸大陸管 部份公安有佩槍
added: Tue Jul 25 11:33:03 2017

Researchers use hundreds of fake ducks to show that drones beat humans at counting birds
added: Tue Jul 25 11:33:00 2017

"Ban VPNs and almost everybody is a dissident." It would be one control too far, writes @abrownewsj
added: Tue Jul 25 11:32:53 2017

Leasing out part of HK to Beijing is incredible story that @scmp_news manages to make dull via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Jul 25 11:30:38 2017

Sinkhole opens up on Queen's Road Central
added: Tue Jul 25 11:10:57 2017

Widow of Nobel Laureate Feared 'Disappeared' #刘晓波 #LiuXiaobo #FreeLiuXia #自由刘霞
added: Tue Jul 25 10:43:27 2017
tags: liuxiaobo, 刘晓波, 自由刘霞, freeliuxia

Girls Trip: How the R-rated comedy starring a black female cast proved Hollywood wrong
added: Tue Jul 25 10:12:38 2017

Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner exposes Republicans for the frauds that they are.
added: Tue Jul 25 10:11:05 2017

A love affair that saved Portuguese from Mughals - Times of India via @timesofindia
added: Tue Jul 25 10:10:55 2017

Electric car that can recharge in moments being developed by Toyota
added: Tue Jul 25 10:08:58 2017

Ursine defecatory habits generally sylvan, suggests study.
added: Tue Jul 25 09:14:07 2017

Chinese officials to enforce mainland laws in Hong Kong train station
added: Tue Jul 25 08:48:36 2017

Drinking alcohol improves your memory
added: Tue Jul 25 08:28:00 2017

One of the oddest efforts at `transparency' I've seen @davidfickling HNA's answers raise questions via @gadfly
added: Tue Jul 25 07:29:42 2017

Massachusetts jail is first in state to end in-person visits, allow only video calls
added: Tue Jul 25 06:49:20 2017

Prospect of Trump tariff casts pall over U.S. solar industry
added: Tue Jul 25 06:35:05 2017

@whitebison66 The e-book is public:
added: Tue Jul 25 06:10:22 2017

lympic National Park officials weighing options to remove mountain goats from the park, including shooting them.
added: Tue Jul 25 05:59:55 2017

US Plane Dodges Chinese Jet; China’s ‘Unhackable’ Internet; Singapore Link to North Korea Probed
added: Tue Jul 25 05:56:21 2017

China has a trillion-dollar push to link East and West, and Iran is at the "center of everything"
added: Tue Jul 25 05:55:05 2017

#Taiwan looks back on 130-year railway legacy initiated by colonial ruler #Japan | The Japan Times
added: Tue Jul 25 05:53:14 2017
tags: taiwan, japan

From 2016 China’s top bankers who “disappeared,” were detained, or died unnaturally in the past year via @qz
added: Tue Jul 25 05:47:35 2017

This May's government is trying to drive a rail passenger group 'bankrupt' for daring to take it to court
added: Tue Jul 25 05:45:00 2017

My long review of @hofrench's last book recaps the reasons behind Chinese expansionism: @BonnieGlaser @patrikoksanen
added: Tue Jul 25 05:44:00 2017

Highly developed countries canalise almost 50% of equity flows to tax havens -- University of Amsterdam
added: Tue Jul 25 05:28:55 2017

#Google Fights Against #Canada's Order to Change Global Search Results
added: Tue Jul 25 05:15:26 2017
tags: google, canada

Indian Ocean level rising faster than the global estimate
added: Tue Jul 25 05:15:00 2017

#Vietnam: Prominent dissident Le Dinh Luong arrested for "conducting activities aimed at overthrowing the gov't"
added: Tue Jul 25 05:14:18 2017
tags: vietnam

Disgraced head of Met museum in New York spent his final week on the job in Hong Kong h/t @rpogrebin
added: Tue Jul 25 05:10:03 2017

Not highly biased official teaching material about the Basic Law from the EDB, my arse!
added: Tue Jul 25 04:47:00 2017

Wanda Will Keep Major Investments in China, Chairman Says #Wanda
added: Tue Jul 25 04:46:05 2017
tags: wanda

UN is sick and tired of Australia shirking its responsibilities under international law
added: Tue Jul 25 04:41:16 2017

Chinese warships join Russia in Baltic naval drill
added: Tue Jul 25 04:30:20 2017

HNA says stake in group held offshore for decades
added: Tue Jul 25 04:03:41 2017

I did a bit of a study on how sites use Timing-Allow-Origin: #webperf #perfmatters #rum #resource-timing
added: Tue Jul 25 03:59:54 2017
tags: webperf, resource, perfmatters, rum

#HK ExCo has just endorsed the plan & officials would meet the press at 3:30pm. read our earlier story here:
added: Tue Jul 25 03:40:17 2017
tags: hk

Mattis bristles at Pentagon waste of $28 million on Afghan uniforms
added: Tue Jul 25 03:20:06 2017

Justin Bieber abruptly cancels the rest of his tour, including his concert in Hong Kong
added: Tue Jul 25 03:19:23 2017

Navy spox: "No truth to Vietnam's statement" 👇🏻 Indonesian navy denies it shot and wounded four Vietnamese fishermen
added: Tue Jul 25 03:15:13 2017

【大陸封網將令人才外流】 VPN crackdown 'unthinkable' trial by firewall for China's research world
added: Tue Jul 25 03:06:18 2017

'The internet’s favorite fact checker @snopes is in deep trouble' @mashable
added: Tue Jul 25 03:00:33 2017

Criminologist Phil Stinson: Police Kill Three People Every Single Day in the United States
added: Tue Jul 25 03:00:12 2017

187 women murdered in Honduras in 2017:
added: Tue Jul 25 03:00:00 2017

The Reagan Show is both a valiant exposé and a victim of the president’s publicity machine.
added: Tue Jul 25 02:59:07 2017

Tencent Shares Jump to Historic High #Tencent
added: Tue Jul 25 02:57:58 2017
tags: tencent

Accused of throttling Netflix, Verizon starts site to explain how Wi-Fi works
added: Tue Jul 25 02:55:47 2017

How prepared is #HongKong for a nuclear attack or accident? We talk to the experts
added: Tue Jul 25 02:47:06 2017
tags: hongkong

Colombia's FARC rebels to launch as political party on September 1
added: Tue Jul 25 02:45:10 2017

HNA's charity finds one unsurprising place to donate money, @DavidBarboza2 reports.
added: Tue Jul 25 02:44:45 2017

Theresa May warned that slashing food standards to win US trade deal could spell disaster for farmers
added: Tue Jul 25 02:35:00 2017

'Any opening of the Chinese market will be selective and will serve state industrial policy'
added: Tue Jul 25 02:30:06 2017

Democrats Are Waking Up To The Monopoly Problem
added: Tue Jul 25 02:28:00 2017

Per @Fahrenthold's story, looks like Trump paid his son's $7 Boy Scout reg fee, in 1989, using foundation funds
added: Tue Jul 25 02:27:46 2017

Protests erupt in Beijing after arrest of self-proclaimed 'charity' founder for fraud
added: Tue Jul 25 02:18:26 2017

Philippines Pokes China With Intent to Drill for Oil in Disputed Sea #China #Philippines Je…
added: Tue Jul 25 02:05:09 2017
tags: china, philippines

Getting flashbacks of 2001
added: Tue Jul 25 02:04:20 2017

@KlHumpf @EricBoehlert @TPM @RedState @dailykos 2007 Huckabee’s son caught a stray dog/hung…
added: Tue Jul 25 01:43:27 2017

The GOP is on the precipice of ramming through a bill that will harm tens of millions of people. We must stop them.
added: Tue Jul 25 01:23:33 2017

Whether govt will return privately-held land to Taiwan indigenous a big, unresolved question
added: Tue Jul 25 01:23:01 2017

#HongKong may appoint yet another pro-Beijinger in top govt posts
added: Tue Jul 25 01:21:50 2017
tags: hongkong

Cheers to the 500 cafeteria workers at Facebook who unionized today; jeers to the Zucc
added: Tue Jul 25 00:58:39 2017

Trump’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division once represented one of Russia’s largest banks
added: Tue Jul 25 00:02:02 2017

New footage from Colombia, where scientists are exploring mangroves home to “saltwater jaguars.” #JourneyoftheJaguar
added: Mon Jul 24 23:03:33 2017
tags: journeyofthejaguar

This story has gotten a little attention over the past few days, and I wanted to share some thoughts on it.
added: Mon Jul 24 22:19:01 2017

Computer scientists reveal the hidden architecture of tax havens—and how to beat them via @qz CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH
added: Mon Jul 24 20:38:17 2017

2017: your vacuum cleaner is quietly mapping your home........ and selling that to the highest bidder
added: Mon Jul 24 20:09:24 2017

'Everything' bagels caused positive drug test for Oregon refuge occupier, attorney says
added: Mon Jul 24 19:43:13 2017

NSA whistleblower says forensic analysis proves that the DNC emails were leaked, not hacked
added: Mon Jul 24 17:46:59 2017

The dumbest Philippine idea ever becomes now example for other police bozos in Indonesia. The world is doomed.
added: Mon Jul 24 16:18:29 2017

Facebook worker living in garage to Zuckerberg: challenges are right outside your door
added: Mon Jul 24 15:10:02 2017

Two excellent recent pieces on state use of Big Data in China: @dbandurski on Facial recognition: via @cmphku
added: Mon Jul 24 15:05:01 2017

@linamkhan @briansfeldman 12. The Evidence is Piling Up - Silicon Valley is Being Destroyed by @matthewstoller
added: Mon Jul 24 14:38:41 2017

added: Mon Jul 24 14:38:24 2017

@linamkhan @briansfeldman 9. Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom by Barry Lynn
added: Mon Jul 24 14:37:09 2017
added: Mon Jul 24 14:36:34 2017

@linamkhan @briansfeldman 7. Return of Monopoly by @matthewstoller
added: Mon Jul 24 14:35:36 2017

@linamkhan @briansfeldman 6. Estates of Mind (patents and innovation) by Barry Lynn
added: Mon Jul 24 14:34:42 2017

@linamkhan @briansfeldman 5. Bloom and Bust (regional inequality) by Phil Longman.
added: Mon Jul 24 14:34:21 2017

@linamkhan 4. Decline of Black Business by @briansfeldman
added: Mon Jul 24 14:33:59 2017

@linamkhan 3. The Slow-Motion Collapse of American Entrepreneurship by Barry Lynn and @linamkhan
added: Mon Jul 24 14:32:03 2017

2. Terminal Sickness by @linamkhan and Phil Longman on airline concentration and regulation.
added: Mon Jul 24 14:31:11 2017

Construction to detour traffic College Avenue and Claflin Road
added: Mon Jul 24 14:25:19 2017

CITI predicts 100 *TRILLION* dollars in stranded fossil fuel assets between now and 2050. (26 minutes in)
added: Mon Jul 24 14:19:47 2017

US student freed in #China after arrest over taxi dispute
added: Mon Jul 24 14:15:03 2017
tags: china

What was Liu Xiaobo's central critique of contemporary China and why was it so sharp and important:
added: Mon Jul 24 14:07:23 2017

Netanyahu asked for help to undermine a provision of a trade agreement that obliges Israel to respect human rights.
added: Mon Jul 24 14:07:20 2017

New technology will help to prevent fraud in coming Kenya election but no guarantee against determined subversion.
added: Mon Jul 24 14:07:13 2017

Chairs urge Ambassador Branstad to invite #LiuXia to the U.S. Embassy in #Beijing.
added: Mon Jul 24 14:06:47 2017
tags: beijing, liuxia

China’s HNA reveals ownership details after US stake transfer
added: Mon Jul 24 14:04:19 2017

Activists decry Temer's Amazon deforestation bill
added: Mon Jul 24 13:37:40 2017

Palm oil plantation. #boycottnutella
added: Mon Jul 24 12:36:59 2017
tags: boycottnutella

New talks to halve staff payouts if #HongKong bosses leave pension pots alone
added: Mon Jul 24 12:36:04 2017
tags: hongkong

New York Times demand apology from Fox News over 'malicious and inaccurate segment'
added: Mon Jul 24 12:36:00 2017

Kushner to tell lawmakers of 4 mtgs w Russian officials in 2016, but will say ‘I did not collude’ @philiprucker
added: Mon Jul 24 12:32:46 2017

Your complaints about work on Glassdoor are not strictly anonymous, a new court case shows. by @MoniFierce
added: Mon Jul 24 11:29:17 2017

Brexit Britain could be forced to accept chlorinated chicken and lactic acid-sprayed pork as part of US trade deal.
added: Mon Jul 24 08:37:36 2017

Ousted lawmaker Edward Yiu says he may consider running for direct elections to regain seat
added: Mon Jul 24 07:38:39 2017

Revealed: the insidious creep of pseudo-public space in London
added: Mon Jul 24 07:37:51 2017

Authorities in #China & #Indonesia Threaten @Whatsapp & @Telegram Over Political Content | @GlobalVoices @Advox
added: Mon Jul 24 07:00:05 2017
tags: china, indonesia

Syrian govt. makes demands before UN that U.S. coalition bear 'legal responsibility' for attacks:
added: Mon Jul 24 07:00:01 2017

"This might raise howls in the US, but would be perfectly normal for the culture of the people we'd be sanctioning”
added: Mon Jul 24 07:00:00 2017

Hong Kong cop accused of using position to hit on woman via WhatsApp
added: Mon Jul 24 06:40:00 2017

技術文 again,讓大家了解財委會會議程序究竟係點。 〈黃碧雲動議縮短表決鐘聲前後 發生咩事?〉— 黃俊邦 〈陳健波:好多議員非善男信女...
added: Mon Jul 24 06:39:45 2017

Full document available via the Margaret Thatcher Foundation, first declassified in 2013:
added: Mon Jul 24 06:34:15 2017

Sri Lanka navy rescues two elephants washed out to sea | TODAYonline
added: Mon Jul 24 06:33:42 2017

IMF Sees World Relying Less on #US and #UK for Global Growth @business @economics
added: Mon Jul 24 06:30:58 2017
tags: us, uk

S. Korean police ordered to track down 900 missing N. Korean defectors
added: Mon Jul 24 06:21:32 2017

IMF maintains global growth forecasts; China, eurozone revised higher
added: Mon Jul 24 06:20:05 2017

Hundreds of circuit boards found on Tai Po beach
added: Mon Jul 24 06:17:57 2017

बहनजी का आरोप साबित हुआ कि बीजेपी ने यूपी चुनाव जीतने के लिए EVM में हेराफेरी की थी। सर्वदलीय संसदीय समिति जाँच करे।
added: Mon Jul 24 06:15:32 2017

Germans in the race to bring electric cars to market: Comments:
added: Mon Jul 24 06:10:10 2017

SE Asia’s future looks prosperous but illiberal. My gut feeling is for now people will largely accept that deal
added: Mon Jul 24 06:07:45 2017

China’s intelligence gathering at sea: Some implications | James Goldrick
added: Mon Jul 24 06:04:02 2017

Chinese banks that funded #HNA's growth are halting new loans, sources say via @business #China #finance
added: Mon Jul 24 05:47:50 2017
tags: hna, china, finance

#SCMP Hong Kong man taken to hospital after Putonghua-speaking trio wave tissue with ‘unusual smell’ at him
added: Mon Jul 24 05:42:16 2017
tags: scmp

and @wework looking to move into Hotel LKF
added: Mon Jul 24 05:39:40 2017

Hong Kong governance in all its glory: sensitive arrangement widely rejected by population, but "there's no plan B"
added: Mon Jul 24 05:17:29 2017

Taiwanese LGBTQ publisher slams Hong Kong Book Fair over 'indecent' book ban
added: Mon Jul 24 04:24:13 2017

"China had threatened to attack Vietnamese bases in the Spratly Islands if the drilling did not stop" #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jul 24 04:23:33 2017
tags: southchinasea

Pentagon asks #India, China to reduce tension through direct dialogue which is ‘free of coercion’
added: Mon Jul 24 04:23:00 2017
tags: india

Secretary Tillerson may be shuttering the State Department war crimes office
added: Mon Jul 24 04:20:00 2017

Google Earth images show it would be extremely difficult for China's new facility to build next gen nuclear subs
added: Mon Jul 24 04:19:14 2017

China's debt specter could haunt Fed's policy meetings - via
added: Mon Jul 24 04:13:47 2017 #反日 #Chinese #Propaganda wherein a #Japanese ... bank? really? is part of a sinister plot to conquer Asia again
added: Mon Jul 24 04:13:09 2017
tags: 反日, propaganda, chinese, japanese

Snooty, the oldest manatee living in captivity, dies at 69
added: Mon Jul 24 04:12:46 2017

CNN moving office in HK?
added: Mon Jul 24 04:10:50 2017

Spit hints ancient humans interbred with ‘ghost’ species @FuturityNews
added: Mon Jul 24 04:10:04 2017

Black Tigers: Detroit and the 1967 Rebellion
added: Mon Jul 24 04:01:37 2017

Woman arrested for allegedly swindling pedestrian outside Mong Kok MTR station
added: Mon Jul 24 03:32:17 2017

In China, Herd of ‘Gray Rhinos’ Threatens Economy By @KeithBradsher & @suilee
added: Mon Jul 24 03:30:10 2017

No-shows for Legco panel meetings hit a record high
added: Mon Jul 24 03:30:04 2017

#aviation B737 freighter in #WestPapua runway excursion
added: Mon Jul 24 03:25:28 2017
tags: aviation, westpapua

Headline aside, what I learned reporting this story is that the livestream economy is much like a pyramid scheme
added: Mon Jul 24 03:08:56 2017

interesting war of words between netizens in Korea and Brazil...basically over who is more racist.
added: Mon Jul 24 03:08:03 2017

Shariah scholars argue 12-yr-old rape victim must carry to term—Oh wait n/m it's Christian lawyers in Alabama🙄😳
added: Mon Jul 24 02:36:11 2017

Wealthy Asian nationals have snapped up Thai apartments in soaring numbers
added: Mon Jul 24 02:30:13 2017

Not "a single new project finance loan that went towards expanding coal mining since late 2015" via @smh
added: Mon Jul 24 02:22:13 2017

15 Democrats Just Joined House Republicans in Undermining Wildlife Protections
added: Mon Jul 24 02:20:27 2017

Local governments keep using this software — but it might be a back door for Russia. Me and @byaaroncdavis team up
added: Mon Jul 24 01:29:47 2017

HK01: Mainland staff at West Kowloon Terminus will be allowed to carry firearms due to counter-terrorism concerns
added: Mon Jul 24 01:25:59 2017

WSJ: In the Indian Ocean, countering China Proves Tall Order for Japan and India.
added: Mon Jul 24 00:47:37 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Homeless booted from subway stations for de Blasio photo op
added: Mon Jul 24 00:46:12 2017

Minneapolis police union silent after Justine Damond shooting
added: Sun Jul 23 23:07:12 2017

media kept quiet re May’s grubby ‘golden handshakes’ to 20 Tory ministers.So we’re naming them via @thecanarysays
added: Sun Jul 23 22:18:21 2017

Monitor AMD Ryzen Temperatures In Linux with latest kernel modules
added: Sun Jul 23 21:30:41 2017

iPhone smuggler caught with 102 phones strapped to her body - The Verge via @nuzzel
added: Sun Jul 23 20:11:03 2017

Kid Rock's candidacy makes sense to me too
added: Sun Jul 23 14:39:53 2017

"a lot of software has been written to assume slow networks." How Google Wants To Rewire The Internet
added: Sun Jul 23 13:27:27 2017

Dems + GOP finally come together, to criminalize protest. #BDS #AIPAC
added: Sun Jul 23 12:09:40 2017
tags: bds, aipac

China considers sending peacekeeping troops to disputed Djibouti-Eritrea border region: via…
added: Sun Jul 23 12:00:15 2017

Democrats need to be for something and about something to make gains with voters.
added: Sun Jul 23 11:38:50 2017

A Tory MP accused Jeremy Corbyn of lying. Funnily enough, here’s the proof he wasn’t [TWEETS]
added: Sun Jul 23 09:30:29 2017

U.S. message to China: hands off our companies via @WSJ
added: Sun Jul 23 09:29:15 2017

Jeremy Corbyn backs BBC female presenters in gender pay gap dispute
added: Sun Jul 23 09:26:18 2017

Jeremy Corbyn promises a 'statement' soon on row over scrapping all student debt
added: Sun Jul 23 09:24:16 2017

Driving for more than two hours a day makes you less intelligent, study finds
added: Sun Jul 23 09:09:26 2017

China Unicom says talks with strategic investors ongoing, no agreements signed
added: Sun Jul 23 09:05:08 2017

Walesa urges Poles to protect democracy by 'all means'
added: Sun Jul 23 08:56:09 2017

Blackstone in talks to buy 40 percent of Israel cyber firm NSO: report
added: Sun Jul 23 08:50:04 2017

Underwater robot captures footage of suspected melted nuclear fuel at Fukushima for first time since 2011
added: Sun Jul 23 08:46:52 2017

China embraces era of staff-free shopping; Wide use of mobile payments propels country’s vendors past Amazon Go
added: Sun Jul 23 08:42:22 2017

Hong Kong Aiming To Create Legacy At World Cup
added: Sun Jul 23 08:41:59 2017

@KenRoth These farmers in southern Russia had no cost overruns building their straw stadium
added: Sun Jul 23 08:39:39 2017

‘King of New Territories’ #Lau Wong-fat dies at age 80 via @SCMP_news
added: Sun Jul 23 05:48:28 2017
tags: lau

Why India must go beyond loan waivers to free farmers from debt
added: Sun Jul 23 05:46:23 2017

劉皇發逝世 享年80歲
added: Sun Jul 23 05:25:01 2017

Thailand chases Chinese money, but at what cost?
added: Sun Jul 23 05:24:04 2017

Trump just approved a plan for the US Navy to check Beijing in the South China Sea via @BI_Defense
added: Sun Jul 23 05:22:38 2017

Indigenous children are dying while Ottawa fights a ruling that calls for action
added: Sun Jul 23 05:19:40 2017

First Nation dealing with wildfires shocked outgoing B.C. government granted mining permits during crisis
added: Sun Jul 23 05:09:46 2017

China dominates global production and export of plastic, but halts taking back trash for recycling
added: Sun Jul 23 03:45:39 2017

Co-located checkpoint is more to do with 'trust'
added: Sun Jul 23 03:42:55 2017

Bolivia is on the outs with the IMF and social spending is up by 45%:
added: Sun Jul 23 03:11:56 2017

GOP chairman: Susan Rice unmasking claims were “created by Devin Nunes”
added: Sun Jul 23 02:53:03 2017

【中移動漫遊死網】內地禁VPN翻牆 疑連累香港用家
added: Sun Jul 23 02:46:37 2017

'Web cleansing': China's Xinjiang residents forced to install surveillance apps on their mobile phones
added: Sun Jul 23 02:45:53 2017

Umberto Eco Makes a List of the 14 Common Features of Fascism
added: Sun Jul 23 02:31:00 2017

In China, Silicon Valley Giants Confront New Walls - The New York ... - via
added: Sun Jul 23 02:21:16 2017

Intelligence intercepts indicate Sessions lied about why he didn’t disclose Russia contacts
added: Sun Jul 23 01:45:14 2017

American soldier charged with trying to pass classified military documents to Isis
added: Sun Jul 23 01:45:00 2017

【中移動漫遊死網】內地禁VPN翻牆 疑連累香港用家 //資訊科技界的立法會議員莫乃光表示...他指近日已從內地朋友收到消息,北京外資酒店發出備忘錄,提醒客戶因應政府要求,未來將不能使用VPN程式上網...//
added: Sun Jul 23 01:37:59 2017

It'll at best rectify some radar gaps, but nothing beats mobile assets. Maritime surveillance planes still needed.
added: Sun Jul 23 00:53:23 2017

BREAKING Top city deputy says he was fired for protesting @NYCMayor intervening for big donor
added: Sun Jul 23 00:39:45 2017

Research indicates that urban bees produce more honey than rural bees, with fewer pesticide traces.
added: Sun Jul 23 00:00:01 2017

At the State Department only two of 26 senior posts have been filled
added: Sat Jul 22 22:44:34 2017

Philippines' Duterte vows to not come to the U.S.: "I've seen America, and it's lousy"
added: Sat Jul 22 16:09:43 2017

Trump is shutting down ACA call centers. He's trying to MAKE it fail, making it harder to get coverage on purpose.
added: Sat Jul 22 15:52:41 2017

China insurance regulator urges industry to show more 'self-discipline'
added: Sat Jul 22 11:43:45 2017

Delta passengers can now use their fingerprints as a boarding pass - The Verge
added: Sat Jul 22 11:43:31 2017

A Florida town requires solar on new homes
added: Sat Jul 22 11:07:02 2017

In Kansas City, Education Choices Still Divide Schools By Race
added: Sat Jul 22 11:02:09 2017

Earth's Tectonic Activity May Be Crucial for Life--and Rare in Our Galaxy -->
added: Sat Jul 22 11:02:05 2017

China unveils official policy to build a domestic AI industry worth about $150B by 2030
added: Sat Jul 22 11:01:44 2017

Putin: I may stay as Russia's president for life
added: Sat Jul 22 11:01:07 2017

The struggle for Hong Kong’s old and sick to die with dignity
added: Sat Jul 22 11:00:53 2017

HIGHLIGHTS: Watch the best moments of @crusadersrugby & @Highlanders rain soaking affair #SuperRugby #CRUvHIG
added: Sat Jul 22 10:52:26 2017
tags: superrugby, cruvhig

#Burma: Two NLD members arrested under Article 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law over Facebook post #Myanmar
added: Sat Jul 22 10:52:03 2017
tags: burma, myanmar

Old NASA computers and space probe data tapes found in dead engineer's basement
added: Sat Jul 22 10:52:00 2017

The curious case of China’s ‘ban’ on Winnie the Pooh
added: Sat Jul 22 10:50:34 2017

The view from Nepal on the Doklam standoff
added: Sat Jul 22 10:50:00 2017

60% of Chinese equities belong to the Chinese government, just 30% to private Chinese owners & 10% to foreigners
added: Sat Jul 22 09:56:40 2017

What It Takes to Clean the Ganges
added: Sat Jul 22 06:10:36 2017

You've got nothing on the best rugby players:…
added: Sat Jul 22 05:48:58 2017

Dick Van Dyke has apologised for the “most atrocious cockney accent in the history of cinema”
added: Sat Jul 22 05:35:32 2017

Maybe it is time to start polishing the old CV
added: Sat Jul 22 05:34:33 2017

China’s Global Times criticises Swaraj’s statements on Doklam stand-off
added: Sat Jul 22 05:30:01 2017

This lede (and this life) is extraordinary.
added: Sat Jul 22 01:50:46 2017

BREAKING: Minneapolis police chief resigns. Police kill a white woman and heads are rolling like never before.
added: Fri Jul 21 23:21:36 2017

Remembering Hair-Raising Landings at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport - Atlas Obscura. Ah...Remember these well!
added: Fri Jul 21 22:51:11 2017

On Thursday, the first round of layoffs began at the Carrier plant that Trump said he'd save.
added: Fri Jul 21 22:50:11 2017

My summary of the surveillance app in Xinjiang story, as reported by @rfa_chinese, @oiwan, & @CDT:
added: Fri Jul 21 22:43:55 2017

PRESS RELEASE: Scottish Labour holding Corbyn back – change is needed.
added: Fri Jul 21 18:43:03 2017

Exclusive: Chinese Spy Ship deployed off Queensland coast to monitor Australian-US war games
added: Fri Jul 21 14:05:31 2017

The Democratic gov of North Carolina backed a new anti-trans bathroom law. Now he's got to defend it.
added: Fri Jul 21 13:35:52 2017

Italian tax police ask Switzerland for details on 10,000 banking clients
added: Fri Jul 21 12:18:57 2017 is a gorgeous visual guide to CSS
added: Fri Jul 21 12:17:36 2017

China crushing (its own) record for solar installations, as the phrase 'developing country' takes on a new meaning
added: Fri Jul 21 12:17:25 2017

GOP senators confirm controversial Trump judicial pick. Using fake name, he blogged conspiracy theories & false info
added: Fri Jul 21 12:15:52 2017

REPORT: Trump & Putin may have met more times says Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov @KeirSimmons @SaphoraSmith
added: Fri Jul 21 11:28:20 2017

Jerks at @Esso_GB and UGL will deprive working families of income but they're intimidated by a blow-up rat. Nice. 🙄
added: Fri Jul 21 09:32:27 2017

Sotto is always in first row of bozos, when it comes to say the most stupid things closely followed by Koko Pimentel
added: Fri Jul 21 06:38:38 2017

North Korea 2016 economic growth at 17-year high despite sanctions: South Korea
added: Fri Jul 21 05:35:07 2017

Govt denies more delays for Macau-Zhuhai bridge
added: Fri Jul 21 05:34:35 2017

Hong Kong shares drop on profit taking
added: Fri Jul 21 05:33:33 2017

Refusing to mention ROC? Respect facts, please: #Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council #China
added: Fri Jul 21 05:32:45 2017
tags: taiwan, china

#China added 37 gigawatts of #renewable #energy capacity in 1H, ~ 70% of the total new power capacity.
added: Fri Jul 21 05:32:28 2017
tags: energy, renewable, china

Report: #Taiwan start-ups’ future is in mainland #China - South China Morning Post #startup
added: Fri Jul 21 05:28:23 2017
tags: taiwan, china, startup

深圳嚴查「翻牆」 公安斷網約「喝茶」 公安:一直有法律限制 // shadowsocks都拉,鎖國算啦!
added: Fri Jul 21 05:25:45 2017

If any Welsh burglars are reading this, his house is 23 Glan Rheidol and it is empty till Sept 15. Just sayin'
added: Fri Jul 21 05:04:24 2017

Electronic music superhero Aphex Twin unearths massive, free music vault by @samred
added: Fri Jul 21 04:53:02 2017

Chinese courier ZTO sued for "untrue statements" in $1.4 billion U.S. IPO
added: Fri Jul 21 04:40:44 2017

Seems to be more opposition to Chinese immigration at rail station (like Eurostar) than abductions by Chinese agents
added: Fri Jul 21 04:39:26 2017

Faith that "big data" will keep #China safe is dangerous, sez @cmphku, if no scrutiny over how tech is used:
added: Fri Jul 21 04:38:15 2017
tags: china

Former vice chairman of China’s securities regulator found guilty of taking bribes
added: Fri Jul 21 04:24:46 2017

China's soft landing is hitting some new bumps via @BV
added: Fri Jul 21 04:08:33 2017

Like Prima Nocta?
added: Fri Jul 21 03:57:56 2017

#Kazakhstan Bets Big On #China's #SilkRoad
added: Fri Jul 21 03:56:33 2017
tags: china, kazakhstan, silkroad

Breaking: Trump expected to name financier Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director
added: Fri Jul 21 03:45:04 2017

Thailand-based founder of #AlphaBay had laptop open & unencrypted when US/TH cops came knocking
added: Fri Jul 21 03:31:52 2017
tags: alphabay

Still want to call them "Democrats"? 🗳🗳🗳🗳🗳 #DemExit #StayWoke #BWHW
added: Fri Jul 21 02:39:04 2017
tags: bwhw, demexit, staywoke

pay close attention to this case:
added: Fri Jul 21 01:23:01 2017

Bac-for good: Bacteria passed between generations benefits you more than others
added: Thu Jul 20 22:14:27 2017

During 'Made in America Week,' President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club applies to hire 70 foreign workers.
added: Thu Jul 20 21:05:13 2017

Here’s why pipeline companies almost always get their way
added: Thu Jul 20 15:07:10 2017

U.S. Justice Department shuts down dark web bazaar AlphaBay
added: Thu Jul 20 15:05:06 2017

Former UK business secretary Sir Vince Cable becomes new leader of the @LibDems
added: Thu Jul 20 15:04:52 2017

Boss of coal-hauling railroad @CSX says ‘fossil fuels are dead’ ... but still plans to help burn everything down ...
added: Thu Jul 20 15:04:14 2017

"it's not a game, Kate! This is a scale model of WAR!"
added: Thu Jul 20 15:00:23 2017

The new @CFPB arbitration rule allows the public to seek justice against financial institutions.
added: Thu Jul 20 15:00:00 2017

Senate set to confirm unhinged right-wing blogger to powerful court
added: Thu Jul 20 14:14:46 2017

Dutch police secretly ran a huge dark web drug marketplace for a month
added: Thu Jul 20 14:13:46 2017

Basque leader @ArnaldoOtegi discusses the path forward for the independence movement after ETA's disarmament.
added: Thu Jul 20 14:13:42 2017

Liu Xiaobo's death has renewed concern in Taiwan for activist Lee Ming-cheh, who is also facing subversion charges.
added: Thu Jul 20 14:13:30 2017

9/9. You can read more about this here. Our latest for @TheMantle:
added: Thu Jul 20 14:06:58 2017

Class is back on the agenda of the European left. That is good news. The reasons, however, are unfortunate.
added: Thu Jul 20 14:06:21 2017

Not wise to 'misunderestimate' #Bhutan, writes @OmairTAhmad #doklamstandoff
added: Thu Jul 20 13:15:41 2017
tags: bhutan, doklamstandoff

added: Thu Jul 20 12:40:08 2017

China Moves Again to Rein in Insurers #finance #insurance #Anbang
added: Thu Jul 20 12:39:27 2017
tags: finance, insurance, anbang

added: Thu Jul 20 12:38:04 2017

We still have no idea why humans speak over 7,000 languages
added: Thu Jul 20 12:30:03 2017

Maersk applies new IT security systems after malware attack
added: Thu Jul 20 12:24:51 2017

.@NRA nudniks, excited by violent fantasies, increase their stockpiles; gunmakers increase profits. Nice racket!
added: Thu Jul 20 12:21:38 2017

GOP Rep. Simpson: "I don't even pay any attention to what is going on with the administration because I don't care."
added: Thu Jul 20 12:16:45 2017

Late Chinese Nobel laureate's friends hold defiant memorial in Beijing #LiuXiaobo
added: Thu Jul 20 12:14:47 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Hong Kong stocks lifted by tide of money from mainland investors
added: Thu Jul 20 11:00:45 2017

A legal victory for the kickstarted Star Trek mashup censored by Dr Seuss's estate
added: Thu Jul 20 07:31:19 2017

India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches that’ll save thousands of litres of diesel
added: Thu Jul 20 07:30:01 2017

Yazidi 'sex slave' returns home to take revenge on Isis
added: Thu Jul 20 07:21:55 2017

The whole campaign is starting to look like an effort by PM and DJT to get laundered Kremlin cash to pay off debt!
added: Thu Jul 20 06:54:03 2017

Paul Ryan Quietly Strips Democratic Amendment to Force a Vote on the President's Authority to Wage War
added: Thu Jul 20 05:55:52 2017

Three Democratic Senators Call for 'Immediate Review' of Kushner's Security Clearance
added: Thu Jul 20 05:55:33 2017

Fortify Rights New Release: Thailand- Government Officials Convicted of Human Trafficking, Organized Crime
added: Thu Jul 20 05:54:41 2017

Brazil judge freezes ex-president Lula's assets after conviction
added: Thu Jul 20 05:41:09 2017

This POTUS Will Trash His Entire Team: Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions, via @nytimes
added: Thu Jul 20 05:40:43 2017

Remember that Citadel bank-slurping malware? Its main man was just jailed for five years
added: Thu Jul 20 05:39:19 2017

Top Rohrabacher Aide, Ousted After Russia Revelations
added: Thu Jul 20 05:36:07 2017

Liu Xiaobo and the Meaning of Chinese Patriotism. via @newyorker
added: Thu Jul 20 05:35:37 2017

North Korea dismisses South Korea's attempts at warmer ties, calling it "nonsense".
added: Thu Jul 20 05:32:52 2017

Goldman's rotten trading quarter is a familiar smell on Wall Street
added: Thu Jul 20 05:30:51 2017

Hong Kong stocks remain upbeat, Shanghai edges up
added: Thu Jul 20 05:04:37 2017

Iraq revenge killings: Iraqi troops admit killing ISIS suspects in extrajudicial executions - CBS News
added: Thu Jul 20 05:04:08 2017

RadioShack is somehow still alive and under new management
added: Thu Jul 20 04:55:58 2017

Dodging Chinese Police in Kashgar, a Silk Road Oasis Town police briefly detain other, undercover police by mistake
added: Thu Jul 20 04:53:42 2017

Wow, this fact: 84% of today’s elite in China are direct descendants of the elite from pre-1949. via @limlouisa
added: Thu Jul 20 04:41:49 2017

'Thailand 'most welcoming' for Chinese travellers'
added: Thu Jul 20 04:29:17 2017

Get out! Chinese agents bar access to the 'free' wife of Liu Xiaobo
added: Thu Jul 20 04:26:37 2017

scrappy exemplar of meritocracy Joe Kennedy III "reviewing" anti-BDS law after backlash
added: Thu Jul 20 04:09:29 2017

Video: “Why would we be dragged into local politics?” @AsiaSociety co-chair Ronnie Chan, at…
added: Thu Jul 20 04:05:02 2017

Immigration detained activist from Bangladesh, claims Suaram
added: Thu Jul 20 03:52:14 2017

Ex-student leader Billy Fung acquitted of criminal intimidation over HKU siege, but guilty of disorderly conduct
added: Thu Jul 20 03:39:45 2017

It must have taken a lot of painstaking work for the NYT reporter to pull the story together. Still, the story...
added: Thu Jul 20 03:35:25 2017

Trump ends CIA arms support for anti-Assad Syria rebels: U.S. officials
added: Thu Jul 20 03:35:06 2017

Full h/t to @NarangVipin for pointing me toward this. From this interview at @scroll_in with Ashok Kantha
added: Thu Jul 20 03:31:40 2017

政府帶頭搞劏房,租金竟是和市價相約,其實是想在劏房市場分一杯羹? //...
added: Thu Jul 20 03:10:18 2017

8th Person at Don Jr. Meeting with Russians is Accused Money Launderer
added: Thu Jul 20 03:10:07 2017

Tibetan activists fear World Heritage Site status for Hoh Xil may lead to displacement of Tibetan population.
added: Thu Jul 20 03:05:04 2017

Coal and nuclear are uneconomic — more bombshells from Perry’s draft grid study
added: Thu Jul 20 03:01:50 2017

Quick Take: #Wanda, #Sunac, R&F Shares Soar on Restructured Asset Sale
added: Thu Jul 20 03:01:48 2017
tags: wanda, sunac

In major policy announcement, S. Korea says it will draw "new economic map" of Korea
added: Thu Jul 20 03:00:02 2017

Stone axes and the remains of fireplaces found in northern Australia appear to date to 65,000 years ago
added: Thu Jul 20 02:56:54 2017

Why the US doesn't understand Chinese thought – and must via @ConversationUS
added: Thu Jul 20 02:35:17 2017

#hkproblems: Judge forced to "teach" jury member meaning of "acquit" 陪審團唔識「Acquit」 法庭變英語教室 - 20170720 - 港聞 - 明報新聞網
added: Thu Jul 20 02:09:29 2017
tags: hkproblems

Trump's honeymoon with #China appears to be over. No joint statement after economic talks. News briefing cancelled.
added: Thu Jul 20 02:09:13 2017
tags: china

How the CCP makes history. @Project2049
added: Thu Jul 20 02:09:09 2017

Big German Bank, Key to Trump’s Finances, Faces New Scrutiny - the kicker is killer. Read until the end.
added: Thu Jul 20 02:06:21 2017

Bahrain charges activist with 'terrorism': Amnesty
added: Thu Jul 20 02:06:04 2017

It's nearly the weekend, so it's obviously time for a crackdown on dirty money in Macau! by @MeOldChina64
added: Thu Jul 20 02:04:58 2017

#Cambodia: Sixteen more Montagnards to be sent back to #Vietnam after government rejects their asylum appeals
added: Thu Jul 20 02:04:06 2017
tags: cambodia, vietnam

U.S. says China acknowledged goal of reducing bilateral trade deficit
added: Thu Jul 20 02:02:52 2017

History will eventually catch up with this guy
added: Thu Jul 20 01:26:49 2017

But this comes at a cost amid rising anti-Semitism in Hungary:
added: Thu Jul 20 01:26:31 2017

Manafort appears to have been in debt to pro-Russia interests before joining Trump campaign. By as much as $17mil:
added: Thu Jul 20 01:25:53 2017

In Pics: A week on, 1,500 Hongkongers pay tribute to dissident Chinese Nobel winner…
added: Thu Jul 20 01:25:02 2017

六四坦克人新消息──叫張為民 仍在服刑 | #TankMan is still in prison & named Zhang Weimin
added: Thu Jul 20 01:24:08 2017
tags: tankman

港大學生會前會長馮敬恩去年圍堵校委會而被控刑事恐嚇罪名的案件今天裁決。馮撰文承認對自己可能成為港大首名因爭取院校自主而留案底的學生會會長感到不安。為了親人他暫時會退出本地政治運動。 不是,你是因為喊了一句「隊冧佢」而留案底的蠢材。
added: Thu Jul 20 01:23:32 2017

Canadian mosque where 6 worshippers were killed is already getting hate mail
added: Thu Jul 20 01:17:32 2017

#NewYork Attorney General opens inquiry into student loan collection
added: Thu Jul 20 01:17:12 2017
tags: newyork

Dalian Wanda's big deal with Sunac seems to have gone out the window
added: Thu Jul 20 01:16:55 2017

Finally, the #DQ2 & the #DQ4 become the #DQ6! Fight for justice in #HK- support the #DQ6!
added: Thu Jul 20 01:15:12 2017
tags: dq2, dq4, dq6, hk

PEN Hong Kong has a new website:
added: Thu Jul 20 00:36:52 2017

NYT—Banking regulators are reviewing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Trump businesses from Deutsche Bank
added: Thu Jul 20 00:36:22 2017

Clarification regarding ‘Singaporean’ investor Money Matters column via @SCMP_News deletes article naming Li Zhanshu
added: Wed Jul 19 22:06:24 2017

Response to Jeet's latest: Liberalism and the politics of passive-aggression
added: Wed Jul 19 19:46:19 2017

The bipartisan bill, spearheaded by AIPAC, would be one of the most authoritarian congressional measures in years.
added: Wed Jul 19 18:33:14 2017

@marlinsmuller Working paper from researchers at Stanford, Harvard UPenn and Microsoft
added: Wed Jul 19 18:10:28 2017

#UmbrellaRevolution - The Movie. A two hour compilation of all my Vines from Hong Kong's democracy protests 2014-16
added: Wed Jul 19 15:14:07 2017
tags: umbrellarevolution

@nedprice See this also:
added: Wed Jul 19 14:24:34 2017

Even without including federal prisons, the US is spending 48 billion a year on prisons. American Exceptionalism.
added: Wed Jul 19 14:12:27 2017

FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality complaints. #FOIA
added: Wed Jul 19 14:12:23 2017
tags: foia

【財委會最後25分鐘會議通過三項撥款】 財委會在最後25分鐘會議中,除了36億元教育撥款外,亦通過了屯門醫院、威爾斯親王醫院及啟德醫院的擴建及興建,涉及55億, 又通過了開設民航處職位等撥款申請。 #有線新聞 #財委會...
added: Wed Jul 19 13:56:52 2017
tags: 財委會, 有線新聞

Puerto Rico: Court rules in favor of Fortune 500 company's toxic coal ash dumping
added: Wed Jul 19 13:55:58 2017

In Berkeley, one of the bastions of the "Left Coast", city cops are in denial they systematically profile black folk
added: Wed Jul 19 13:41:38 2017

China’s Clean Energy Powers Up #cleanenergy #Solar #nuclear #electricity
added: Wed Jul 19 12:47:09 2017
tags: solar, cleanenergy, nuclear, electricity

Secretary for Education on FC approval for new resources to support quality education
added: Wed Jul 19 12:38:03 2017

Chicago judge tries to stop the practice of detaining suspects just because they are too poor to post bail.
added: Wed Jul 19 12:37:21 2017

France's armed forces chief resigns after clash with Macron over budget cuts via @ReutersTV
added: Wed Jul 19 12:35:18 2017

Nurses crowd-funding their parking fines after working unpaid overtime sums up everything wrong with the NHS
added: Wed Jul 19 12:34:50 2017

The U.S. is the world’s largest steel importer. What happens if we add an import tariff? LIVE today 10/9c
added: Wed Jul 19 12:33:01 2017

Hong Kong stocks hit fresh 2-year high, powered by Shenhua Energy
added: Wed Jul 19 12:32:29 2017

Callista Gingrich’s nomination to the Vatican stinks to high heaven - The Washington Post
added: Wed Jul 19 12:32:16 2017

Here is what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admires about Chinese smartphones.
added: Wed Jul 19 12:30:23 2017

【有線中國組:廣州「租售同權」同校網】 為了鼓勵民眾租樓,廣州政府破天荒推出多項「租售同權」措施。 即租樓、買樓享有同樣權利,租客的子女都可以在該區就近入學,並允許將商業樓宇改造成租賃住宅,業主出租單位還可以減稅。...
added: Wed Jul 19 12:30:05 2017

Local scientists find new ways to fight malaria in The Gambia
added: Wed Jul 19 12:30:04 2017

Sadhvi's ''hang beef-eaters'' remark has no religious issue: Manohar Parrikar
added: Wed Jul 19 12:30:02 2017

There is little chance of China not blocking Netflix if viewership starts increasing domestically.
added: Wed Jul 19 12:29:53 2017

Secret recording reveals one of the powerbrokers of Olympic sport demanded commissions worth $millions
added: Wed Jul 19 12:23:13 2017

Remarkably, every Republican I talked to said they were *already* doing all they could to hold Trump accountable.
added: Wed Jul 19 12:12:28 2017

Retweeted Louisa Lim (@limlouisa): In HK, the legislature now has the votes to restrict civil liberties....
added: Wed Jul 19 12:06:31 2017

Podcast (and it's a good one)t: Viva Baseball: The Latino Pageantry of the MLB’s 2017 All-Star Game
added: Wed Jul 19 12:06:29 2017

Discovery and Scripps in merger talks - sources via @ReutersTV
added: Wed Jul 19 12:05:40 2017

An explainer on the HK$3.6 billion education funding which was passed by Legco amid chaos today
added: Wed Jul 19 12:05:24 2017

The same characters who met w/ Don Jr. nearly hijacked a congressional hearing/turned it into a pro-Putin spectacle
added: Wed Jul 19 11:44:22 2017

Lawmakers approve extra cash for education after angry final session
added: Wed Jul 19 11:20:17 2017

Iran's Rouhani says new U.S. sanctions violate nuclear accord: state TV
added: Wed Jul 19 11:20:04 2017

#BREAKING: Germany summons Turkish ambassador over activists' arrests
added: Wed Jul 19 11:17:46 2017
tags: breaking

Extraordinary dispatch from James Verini, who spent months with Iraqi special forces as they fought to retake Mosul:
added: Wed Jul 19 11:07:08 2017

Guilty Verdicts for Ringleader and Others Behind Rohingya Death Camp
added: Wed Jul 19 08:26:54 2017

In US you can legally have same-sex wedding but still get fired for being gay: no protection from job discrimination
added: Wed Jul 19 07:18:25 2017

China adds 36 drugs to key insurance list after agreeing price cuts
added: Wed Jul 19 07:12:43 2017

Newspapers cause outrage for publishing nude photos of new Doctor Who
added: Wed Jul 19 07:12:01 2017

Garbage levy plan is rubbish, say poll respondents
added: Wed Jul 19 07:11:45 2017

A Chinese student damaged art worth US$200,000 while taking a selfie, but the artist says: "It’s no big deal....
added: Wed Jul 19 07:00:52 2017

Super trippy #music video made with #cats is a true masterpiece
added: Wed Jul 19 07:00:43 2017
tags: music, cats

The further we get into the Duterte term, the worse our country looks to the rest of the world:
added: Wed Jul 19 06:50:03 2017

China's Second-Richest Man Becomes Liability for Cinema Chain AMC
added: Wed Jul 19 06:47:58 2017

Extra charges for paying by credit card outlawed - and it could save you masses
added: Wed Jul 19 06:44:27 2017

South Korea is investigating after a defector from the North 'abducted' and returned home
added: Wed Jul 19 06:43:29 2017

Ringleader Gets Life in Prison Over Phone Scams #phonescam
added: Wed Jul 19 05:52:54 2017
tags: phonescam

.@algore thinks it's time for #SinglePayer:
added: Wed Jul 19 05:25:12 2017
tags: singlepayer

U.S., China talks seen offering small-scale market access deals
added: Wed Jul 19 05:25:12 2017

Delete your old Myspace account right now
added: Wed Jul 19 05:24:00 2017

涂謹申:議員提問基於對政策不滿 籲政府勿用撥款做人質 【即時】(13:20)...
added: Wed Jul 19 05:22:15 2017

今日立法會財委會舉行本年度最後一次四節合共八小時會議,工黨張超雄在第一節會上站立抗議遭驅逐,但第二節會議返回會議室繼續行動並發言,抗議政府DQ議員。 在民主派議員連番提問下,首兩節四小時會議未通過36億教育新資源撥款。...
added: Wed Jul 19 05:08:24 2017

40 yrs ago, NYC was close to collapse; Daily News headline: "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD." via @MichaelWinship
added: Wed Jul 19 05:07:00 2017

City Hall Dismisses Concerns Over Chao Phraya Footbridge
added: Wed Jul 19 05:05:34 2017

Latest Pew poll: Which nations name US vs. China as world's leading economic power?
added: Wed Jul 19 05:04:53 2017

Was China’s military drill in Tibet an exercise in logistics?
added: Wed Jul 19 05:04:09 2017

Chinese Estates buys 5% stake in Evergrande for $1bn
added: Wed Jul 19 05:00:22 2017

Australia releases MH370 sea floor data but search is still off
added: Wed Jul 19 04:59:45 2017

Chinese Estates buys 5% stake in Evergrande for $1bn
added: Wed Jul 19 04:58:08 2017

Hyundai Motor to begin production at fifth China factory in August
added: Wed Jul 19 04:57:36 2017

Zhongyuan Bank rises on debut in Hong Kong
added: Wed Jul 19 04:25:07 2017

#LiuXiaobo Relatives say the #Nobel laureate's wife had been taken by the authorities to Yunnan "for a vacation"
added: Wed Jul 19 04:18:35 2017
tags: liuxiaobo, nobel

The remarkable thing about this story is how Trump relied on Putin's interpreter (!) to translate an hour-long chat.
added: Wed Jul 19 04:17:46 2017

Here's why parts of Hong Kong still face the threat of flash floods.
added: Wed Jul 19 04:16:21 2017

Post discusses how China uses distraction to stop dissent it misses censorships key role delete & distract
added: Wed Jul 19 04:08:40 2017

Ombudsman slams election office for carelessness in missing laptop incident
added: Wed Jul 19 04:08:11 2017

大陸市場大商機多?發夢啦。連喺香港嘅佢都屈機屈到獨市呀。香港市場開放,大陸繼續封閉,香港人走出去啦,#真海闊天空! 快圖美「投降」 停影回鄉證相
added: Wed Jul 19 04:06:35 2017
tags: 真海闊天空

Will Trump's Interference Hand The Dems The Arizona Senate Seat-- And A Senate Majority?
added: Wed Jul 19 04:05:15 2017

Surge in dollar bonds helps push total issuance by Japanese borrowers to $195bn, a YTD record with @JennHughes13
added: Wed Jul 19 03:43:08 2017

Why Brahmins Started Worshipping the Cow and Stop Eating Beef? – What Dr Ambedkar Said
added: Wed Jul 19 03:25:04 2017

Dollar's decline, China optimism cheer Asia stocks, commodities
added: Wed Jul 19 03:24:15 2017

Tai Po councillor calls for streams to be cleared
added: Wed Jul 19 03:24:14 2017

Throw in Mandarin-speaking staff and translated travel guides and everyone’s happy.
added: Wed Jul 19 03:23:10 2017

Malaysia power IPO of 1MDB assets by Chinese owners will be a hard sell, writes @ugalani
added: Wed Jul 19 03:17:28 2017

onya @Clintonswalk :)
added: Wed Jul 19 03:06:55 2017

Malala condemns China over death of fellow Nobel laureate #Liuxiaobo
added: Wed Jul 19 03:00:40 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Uh-Oh: Russian Lobbyist Was ALSO in Trump, Jr. Meeting
added: Wed Jul 19 03:00:15 2017

“They're not necessarily Democratic voters, but they are Obama voters.”
added: Wed Jul 19 02:54:00 2017

Brawling in parliament is a political way of life in Taiwan.
added: Wed Jul 19 02:50:23 2017

This is really useful: how to make a pip-installable package both importable from Python and cimportable from Cython
added: Wed Jul 19 02:39:37 2017

WH staffer: Trump was growing bored in selling the health care bill, often undermined the best-laid plans of aides.
added: Wed Jul 19 02:31:44 2017

Why won’t China help with North Korea? Remember 1956
added: Wed Jul 19 02:20:00 2017

US govt pays $130k a month for 3,475 sq ft space in Trump Tower, But 3,725 sq ft space was up for $50k last year:
added: Wed Jul 19 02:19:23 2017

Top Chinese and US executives make urgent call to avoid trade war
added: Wed Jul 19 02:14:15 2017

This piece by @rortybomb is good.
added: Wed Jul 19 02:06:38 2017

Taiwan’s China Dilemma: A Review Review of @syaru's book by @gracejackson #Taiwan #China
added: Wed Jul 19 02:05:52 2017
tags: china, taiwan

.@realDonaldTrump Had Negative Impact on 2017 U.S. Women's Open, @GolfChannel says: lower ratings, smaller crowds.
added: Wed Jul 19 01:11:00 2017

My NYT story : Behind a Chinese Powerhouse, a Web of Family Financial Ties, via @nytimes
added: Wed Jul 19 01:00:56 2017

#Taiwan: The Transportation Ministry wants Ko @KP_Taipei to shut his 'alarmist' mouth - The China Post
added: Wed Jul 19 00:45:57 2017
tags: taiwan

Thailand eating too much #sharkfin, a worrying sign for #shark populations worldwide
added: Wed Jul 19 00:30:00 2017
tags: sharkfin, shark

Trump had undisclosed hour-long meeting with Putin at G-20 summit
added: Wed Jul 19 00:12:54 2017

You don't have to be Bernie Madoff to use London as laundromat
added: Tue Jul 18 22:57:56 2017

Ineffective and humiliating: As Liu Xiaobo Dies in Isolation, It’s Time to Abandon ‘Quiet Diplomacy’ by @chang_ping
added: Tue Jul 18 22:52:15 2017

WATCH: GOP lawmaker presses NASA about whether there were ancient civilizations on Mars
added: Tue Jul 18 21:43:03 2017

China’s railway diplomacy hits the buffers via @FT
added: Tue Jul 18 21:04:17 2017

One day after her high school graduation, Christian man allegedly kills daughter over her relationship w/ Muslim man
added: Tue Jul 18 20:42:02 2017

On what would have been his eightieth birthday, a look at Hunter S. Thompson’s original moment of fear and loathing:
added: Tue Jul 18 19:44:49 2017

Debt problems are sinking three major Chinese companies
added: Tue Jul 18 18:38:50 2017 "Sorry but this very bad lizard has just eaten all the DNA evidence ..." Fatal flaws in prosecution case #KohTao
added: Tue Jul 18 17:46:47 2017
tags: kohtao

Loves Thatcher. Loves Farage. Anti-gay. Anti-abortion. Meet Jacob Rees-Mogg, who could be the next Tory leader
added: Tue Jul 18 17:12:26 2017

For those interested in why Taiwanese legislators brawl, I did a series of posts on this a couple years ago:
added: Tue Jul 18 16:49:41 2017

FBI Issues Warning and Recommendations on Internet-Connected Toys via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jul 18 14:32:36 2017

Democratic leader admits his party doesn’t yet have a core message
added: Tue Jul 18 14:31:32 2017

An anti-violence activist was among those killed in a weekend of shootings on the streets of Chicago, according...
added: Tue Jul 18 14:30:31 2017

National Archives tentatively approves proposal to let CIA get rid of files that don’t have "historical value"
added: Tue Jul 18 14:30:01 2017

China’s censors can now erase images mid-transmission via @WSJ
added: Tue Jul 18 14:18:40 2017

Justine Damond was shot through the door of a squad car in Minneapolis over the weekend. More at @startribune:
added: Tue Jul 18 14:08:01 2017

SHAMEFUL #FlintWaterCrisis
added: Tue Jul 18 14:07:02 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

居東莞5歲女童染甲型流感 情況嚴重
added: Tue Jul 18 13:56:59 2017

World's northernmost coral reef in Japan bleached
added: Tue Jul 18 13:55:09 2017

Remember when body cameras were supposed to reign in police power? Turns out they're doing the opposite. Oops.
added: Tue Jul 18 13:54:47 2017

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau site of PLA war games brigade-level, under Tibetan Regional Command
added: Tue Jul 18 13:47:04 2017

Here is the excellent story about the princeling's purchases in HK. Kudos to @SCMP_News
added: Tue Jul 18 13:46:00 2017

Chinese authorities close In on Huang Qifan, Communist Party 'elder' in Chongqing @China
added: Tue Jul 18 13:45:48 2017

China’s propaganda apparatus steps up efforts to burnish Xi Jinping’s image with a documentary series.
added: Tue Jul 18 13:39:46 2017

ATM skimmers using infrared to steal data via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jul 18 13:02:32 2017

This scary Android malware can record audio, video and steal your data
added: Tue Jul 18 13:02:22 2017

Security guard robot ends it all by throwing itself into a watery grave by @mrseb
added: Tue Jul 18 13:02:02 2017

China wins when Washington’s inability to disarm North Korea makes America look weak, writes Hugh White.
added: Tue Jul 18 13:01:27 2017

“Will be no surprise if WhatsApp gets complete block, forcing users to unencrypted, monitored and censored WeChat.”
added: Tue Jul 18 12:49:05 2017

Another one bites the dust? Facebook's last app standing, WhatsApp, starts to get hit by blockages in China:
added: Tue Jul 18 12:30:00 2017

Of ~3,700 Coloradans who recently unregistered to vote, ~2,000 are Democrats, 367 Republicans, 1,255 unaffiliated
added: Tue Jul 18 12:25:47 2017

Dairy Maker Milked for Information After Stock Plunges #Dairy #earnings #trading
added: Tue Jul 18 12:04:01 2017
tags: dairy, earnings, trading

Xi pours cold water on China's "creativity" rally via @Breakingviews
added: Tue Jul 18 11:07:07 2017

Power of the Pen: a Singapore manga artist takes on a half-century of whiting out unpleasant history.
added: Tue Jul 18 09:10:04 2017

There are three big reasons South Korea’s new president wants talks with North Korea - The @washingtonpost
added: Tue Jul 18 06:14:01 2017

Five park rangers killed in DRC in tragic weekend for wildlife defenders via @naomilars @guardian
added: Tue Jul 18 04:11:33 2017

Labour union fears outspoken Next Magazine may face censorship after HK$500m sale
added: Tue Jul 18 04:10:06 2017

Australia port project highlights schism over Chinese investment
added: Tue Jul 18 04:04:56 2017

Hong Kong legal experts say Beijing's actions damaged rule of law and may have violated human rights in oathgate
added: Tue Jul 18 04:03:20 2017

水浸都係黃雨?傻豬嚟嘅,水浸先會掛黃雨㗎嘛! 【大尾篤如澤國 西沙路近泥涌一度全封】 【新界東雨量達黑雨 大埔西貢多處水浸】
added: Tue Jul 18 03:50:23 2017

At least $5 billion in private student loan debts may be wiped away as paperwork goes missing
added: Tue Jul 18 03:32:04 2017

Powder found inside UP Vidhan Sabha was not explosive, confirms forensic lab
added: Tue Jul 18 03:13:12 2017

姚松炎喺宣誓嘅時候加入「定當守護香港制度公義,爭取真普選,為香港可持續發展服務」等字句,被法庭裁定違反「嚴格形式和內容規定」。 #DQ四議員 【被撤資格引以為榮 姚松炎:揭露了中共邪惡面】...
added: Tue Jul 18 03:11:55 2017
tags: dq四議員

人大一聲令下,所有白紙黑字都可以重新演譯,這就是法律和司法精神? // 聯合國人權委員會在《第25...
added: Tue Jul 18 03:11:03 2017

A big story that really flew under the radar: Massive Price Hike for Lifesaving Opioid Overdose Antidote #science
added: Tue Jul 18 03:08:35 2017
tags: science

Harvard just moved to end frats, sororities, and final clubs entirely
added: Tue Jul 18 03:02:34 2017

Why is the US silent? Saudi Arabia to Behead and Crucify Three Innocent Juveniles via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Tue Jul 18 03:01:26 2017

Big news. Defendants Can’t Be Jailed Solely Because of Inability to Post Bail, Judge Says, via @nytimes
added: Tue Jul 18 02:57:03 2017

Sikkim standoff: China is angry because India has changed the rules of the game
added: Tue Jul 18 02:47:23 2017

Texas slashed funding for Planned Parenthood and ended up with more teen abortions
added: Tue Jul 18 02:45:03 2017

The China factor in global governance: via @east_asia_forum
added: Tue Jul 18 02:42:25 2017

If only Dems had created Medicare - the most popular program in history - and now could campaign on expanding it...
added: Tue Jul 18 02:41:01 2017

Tai Po, Sha Tin and Sai Kung have reported getting more than 70 millimetres of rain in one the past hour
added: Tue Jul 18 02:40:52 2017

TDB Vol. 1 No. 10: #Taiwan Confirms #China’s ‘Black Hand’ Behind Anti-Reform Protests @TFDemocracy by @JMichaelCole1
added: Tue Jul 18 02:37:42 2017
tags: taiwan, china

AG Jeff Sessions wants to step up -- not curb -- seizure of assets w/o conviction or even charges. He's dead wrong.
added: Tue Jul 18 02:20:40 2017

#LiuXiaobo, the disqualification of pro-democracy Legco members in #HK, & the risks of the #CCP hardline
added: Tue Jul 18 02:07:49 2017
tags: liuxiaobo, hk, ccp

China’s high-speed rail ambitions are running off the tracks
added: Tue Jul 18 02:00:02 2017

Breaking News: The health bill has collapsed with 2 more Republican senators opposed
added: Tue Jul 18 01:08:51 2017

How tf did I miss this?!? 🔥🔥🔥
added: Tue Jul 18 00:30:51 2017

(Report) John Woo's MANHUNT may move its release date up to Sept 30th to dodge Lunar New Year competition
added: Mon Jul 17 11:35:21 2017

#China plans to cut off some funding for #Wanda after concluding it had breached limits on overseas investments
added: Mon Jul 17 11:35:10 2017
tags: china, wanda

Beijing Village Imposes Arbitrary Levies in Quest for ‘Zero Migrants’
added: Mon Jul 17 11:31:16 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong private hospitals asked to help as public wards overflow amid flu peak
added: Mon Jul 17 11:26:22 2017
tags: scmp

The fact that there hasn't been any direct, or, real election of the top positions doesn't help
added: Mon Jul 17 07:28:29 2017

【消委會調查】【41款食油樣本含塑化劑】 【消委會:一般食用不會有問題】...
added: Mon Jul 17 05:18:48 2017

【消委會調查】 【新學年教科書平均加價3.2% 高過通脹】 消委會檢視20間出版社542本中小學教科書,11本沒有加價,小學教科書平均加3%,初中及高中分別平均加價3.1%及3.3%,連續5年沒有教科書減價。...
added: Mon Jul 17 05:17:50 2017

2 killed, 9 hurt in cleaver attack at Chinese Walmart store.
added: Mon Jul 17 05:14:49 2017

What is driving Hong Kong-China tensions? via @TalktoAlJazeera
added: Mon Jul 17 05:00:21 2017

#Colombia Court Demands Password to Journalist’s @Facebook Account
added: Mon Jul 17 05:00:16 2017
tags: colombia

China's great game: Tibet occupation means strategic depth and control over Asia river waters
added: Mon Jul 17 04:12:27 2017

Govt urged to cut red tape on family welfare
added: Mon Jul 17 04:04:54 2017

#China Should Prevent Risk From Abnormal Capital Mkt Move:
added: Mon Jul 17 04:04:32 2017
tags: china

Now we know why, all of a sudden, Wanda has a money problem Previously NYT: by @suilee
added: Mon Jul 17 04:03:28 2017

The shortage of doctors in rural America, especially of primary care providers, has grown worse in recent years.
added: Mon Jul 17 04:02:01 2017

David Harvey on what neoliberalism actually is — and why the concept matters. cc @jonathanchait
added: Mon Jul 17 03:54:24 2017

The stench from a fishy business in Mozambique |
added: Mon Jul 17 03:54:00 2017

Strong trade & consumption, falling dollar helped China post great H1. Confidence = yes; complacency = no.
added: Mon Jul 17 03:52:54 2017

Iran says jails U.S. dual national for 10 years for spying
added: Mon Jul 17 03:50:04 2017

Hmm, @jonathanchait should be thanking me for that Times column, it's giving him a lot to write about! May respond.
added: Mon Jul 17 03:40:22 2017

Recruiters exploit Guatemalan farm workers in Canada: report
added: Mon Jul 17 03:40:01 2017

“A number of [DPRK] fishing boats often gather around the Yamatotai area in the central part of the Sea of Japan”
added: Mon Jul 17 03:39:06 2017

建制派指責「台港連線」「違反」《社團條例》,然而這又會違反《基本法》? 〈四名議員在宣誓時「辱國」嗎?〉— 越界華文答問 #雖然講法治好似有個那點 法夢
added: Mon Jul 17 03:38:04 2017
tags: 雖然講法治好似有個那點

China's top graft buster attacks "unhealthy" political culture
added: Mon Jul 17 03:35:05 2017

Bank lending, heavy spending on infrastructure and strong retail sales propel Chinese economy in second quarter
added: Mon Jul 17 03:01:42 2017

The biggest news is that Trump is underwater in “flip counties.” Only at 44%.
added: Mon Jul 17 02:47:40 2017

Hong Kong's cartel cop struggles to stem staff exits as it fights for change via @markets @prudencehoho
added: Mon Jul 17 02:15:57 2017

Great piece by @paulmozur about China's astonishing disappearance of cash and its replacement by pixelated squares
added: Mon Jul 17 02:04:22 2017

Iran sentences Princeton graduate student to 10 years on spying charges.
added: Sun Jul 16 23:23:11 2017

Oliver & Colbert wonder when colluding with a foreign power became a partisan issue:
added: Sun Jul 16 22:06:09 2017

On Contradiction: The PRC Foreign Ministry & 'China Responsibility Theory' by @adamcathcart #translation #PRC
added: Sun Jul 16 20:50:06 2017
tags: translation, prc

#ELB: 150,000 Attempts on Election Day to Hack into South Carolina Voter Database
added: Sun Jul 16 15:12:22 2017
tags: elb

1/Many products that we later learn are dangerous have benign, ignorant, or well-intentioned beginnings. Not lead.
added: Sun Jul 16 15:04:10 2017

How did the DPRK's extreme leader-worship emerge - and where is it going?
added: Sun Jul 16 14:00:42 2017

We need Quebec to protect the #boreal forest & the woodland caribou that rely on it. #SaveTheBoreal
added: Sun Jul 16 14:00:06 2017
tags: boreal, savetheboreal

Mongolia’s Election Outcome is a Win for Putin
added: Sun Jul 16 13:50:08 2017

75 per cent of human gene is junk DNA: Study
added: Sun Jul 16 13:50:01 2017

This is an amazing thread
added: Sun Jul 16 13:39:30 2017

The armed left-wing resistance group called the three Palestinian citizens who had waged the attack martyrs.
added: Sun Jul 16 13:25:00 2017

U.S.-China trade talks sputtering at 100-day deadline
added: Sun Jul 16 13:20:04 2017

China may match or beat America in AI
added: Sun Jul 16 13:19:49 2017

Back on his pedestal: the return of Friedrich Engels - via @FT
added: Sun Jul 16 13:16:53 2017

ADA lawsuits spark concerns over accessibility of recruitment websites: #a11y #ada
added: Sun Jul 16 13:00:57 2017
tags: a11y, ada

South China Sea ruling – though inert – still part of history via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jul 16 12:44:53 2017

The Electronic Music That Tom Wolfe and the Kennedys Frugged To, via @nytimes
added: Sun Jul 16 12:10:25 2017

China frequently cracking down on expressions of Muslim identity over terror fears
added: Sun Jul 16 12:08:00 2017

Cowed Chinese football clubs desist in face of 100% levy
added: Sun Jul 16 11:27:07 2017

Where have all the insects gone?
added: Sun Jul 16 11:27:02 2017

Community in Oaxaca Burns Machinery to Stop Wind Farm
added: Sun Jul 16 11:26:34 2017

#SCMP Two arrested after illegal worker electrocuted in Hong Kong factory
added: Sun Jul 16 11:16:48 2017
tags: scmp

Moroccans eye Spanish enclave across tiny border
added: Sun Jul 16 11:11:09 2017

‘Slap in the face’: grassroots music venues face closure as funding bid fails
added: Sun Jul 16 11:08:39 2017

Xi Jinping's possible successor, Chongqing's top official Sun Zhengcai placed under investigation
added: Sun Jul 16 10:43:18 2017

被問到醫院人手不足、急症室及內科病房緊張問題已長期存在,她沒有正面回應。 #你叫人點答啫 :'( #流感爆發 【林鄭巡伊院 醫管局CEO:連續多日逾千長者入院超負荷】
added: Sun Jul 16 10:22:09 2017
tags: 你叫人點答啫, 流感爆發

US-China rifts widen despite economic headway
added: Sun Jul 16 10:06:07 2017

GOP squarely behind Presidency of amorality, greed, demagoguery, deception, vulgarity, race-baiting, misogyny
added: Sun Jul 16 10:05:30 2017

Police said that the 73-year-old woman had received a call from people claiming to be a law enforcement officers...
added: Sun Jul 16 10:00:24 2017

I'm supporting @crowdfunderuk
added: Sun Jul 16 09:51:35 2017

It’s not that I don’t want to treat overdose victims, it’s that the city cannot afford to treat overdose victims
added: Sun Jul 16 09:49:06 2017

Prospects of the Western Balkans joining the European Union any time soon are fading. @ValbonaZeneliTo
added: Sun Jul 16 09:45:06 2017

'Our students aren't failing us. We're failing them.': How can Hong Kong’s youth dream when school is a nightmare?
added: Sun Jul 16 09:45:02 2017

Refugees in limbo after Tunisia shuts desert camp
added: Sun Jul 16 09:07:32 2017

Finance firms fitting 'kill switches' to immobilise drivers' cars if they miss a payment
added: Sun Jul 16 09:03:00 2017

Carlson Tong told The Peak magazine that “Stock listings should be aimed at raising funds to expand businesses....
added: Sun Jul 16 09:00:28 2017

The Price of Grouse . . . Badgers 'illegally killed' on shooting estate in Peak District
added: Sun Jul 16 08:52:38 2017

Expose on how Trump properties kept serving as a conduit for wealthy Russians looking to launder their money.
added: Sun Jul 16 08:31:04 2017

Real reason Murdoch wants Sky? For 'richest dataset in the country'?Terrifying consequences for democracy, say Lords
added: Sun Jul 16 08:25:02 2017

被問到如再機會進行宣誓,會否繼續作出類似行為時,長毛明言,如果知道政府會如此「離譜」,不會再給機會政府濫用司法程序,民事入稟DQ議員。 #DQ四議員 【長毛稱如上訴失敗要孭債300萬 或破產不能再選】...
added: Sun Jul 16 08:20:04 2017
tags: dq四議員

When the KKK came to this city, communities mobilized for collective self-defense. Police were not on their side
added: Sun Jul 16 08:16:40 2017

Canadian Nursing Home Deal Spurs Questions About Chinese Money |
added: Sun Jul 16 08:00:20 2017

有醫生直言,對目前困境感到無奈及絕望,又批評香港是個發達社會,竟然可以容得下如此的醫療制度。 #流感爆發 【伊院3醫生中招!急症室瀕崩潰 等14小時未上病房】
added: Sun Jul 16 07:42:19 2017
tags: 流感爆發

Opposition cries foul as Congo-Brazzaville goes to polls
added: Sun Jul 16 07:33:05 2017

In late September – for only the second time in its history – China will host the general assembly of the...
added: Sun Jul 16 07:30:21 2017

It's time to clean up China's box office fraud @Variety
added: Sun Jul 16 07:21:58 2017

Papua New Guinea PM wins seat in general election as votes are tallied
added: Sun Jul 16 07:20:04 2017

大和解?不了。 #DQ四議員 【朱凱廸斥北京想立會變人大 謝偉俊:前朝事盡化淡】 【囂張劉國勳話可上訴 涂謹申:人大釋法冇得上訴㗎】
added: Sun Jul 16 07:16:34 2017
tags: dq四議員

People of Kashmir are between two maximalist positions: P Chidambaram
added: Sun Jul 16 07:00:01 2017

Fast track security coming to #HongKong airport but may push up airfares #aviation @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jul 16 06:58:54 2017
tags: aviation, hongkong

Ms Coppola on how QE delayed bursting of asset bubbles with a prolonged 10 yr depression, but created pol risks.
added: Sun Jul 16 06:58:15 2017

Senegal football stadium crush kills eight
added: Sun Jul 16 06:55:31 2017

Chinese Finance Meeting’s Meager Results Reflect Nation’s Problems By @KeithBradsher
added: Sun Jul 16 06:28:34 2017

WWF Report: #WestPapua will account for over 80% of forest loss globally by 2030
added: Sun Jul 16 06:24:14 2017
tags: westpapua

#Taiwan, #Poland sign MoU on #agriculture | Taiwan News
added: Sun Jul 16 06:20:39 2017
tags: taiwan, agriculture, poland

Man gets 9 days in jail because he couldn't pay bail after arrest at bus station for wearing saggy jeans
added: Sun Jul 16 06:17:08 2017

Vale, Wm Theodore de Bary (1919-2017), a giant in the study and translation of East Asian literature.
added: Sun Jul 16 06:13:25 2017

This @nytimes is perfect example of manufacturing a narrative. Not long since media clique invented the "Bernie Bro"
added: Sun Jul 16 05:37:32 2017

Sanskrit is not the only ancestor of Indian languages. And Santhali, Munda, and Khasi, might be even older
added: Sun Jul 16 05:33:08 2017

@MotherJones What’s really disgusting is some people can’t bathe regularly because they don’t have homes.
added: Sun Jul 16 05:30:50 2017

SCMP Editorial: Oaths judgement "welcome"; "provided clarity"; Yau & Baggio should reflect on "trouble" caused.
added: Sun Jul 16 05:28:00 2017

Telegram blocks terror content after Indonesia threatens ban
added: Sun Jul 16 05:16:56 2017

Amarnath attack: Woman pilgrim succumbs to injuries, death toll climbs to eight
added: Sun Jul 16 05:15:01 2017

The disproportion in wealth and power is key, not the label, or even the intentions.
added: Sun Jul 16 05:13:39 2017

"Moral obtuseness," interesting piece by @hmryder. (5m story by @hmryder)
added: Sun Jul 16 05:12:33 2017

In #SouthSudan #China has resources & access that others lack, but is constrained by own limitations & risk aversion
added: Sun Jul 16 05:00:01 2017
tags: china, southsudan

#China says no room for negotiations on Sikkim standoff, adds Ladakh to dispute with #India
added: Sun Jul 16 04:55:31 2017
tags: china, india

Xi orders debt crackdown for China’s state-owned groups
added: Sun Jul 16 04:48:14 2017

Mathematics genius Maryam Mirzakhani dies after long battle with cancer
added: Sun Jul 16 04:45:00 2017

China air force says conducted 'multiple' long-range missions this week
added: Sun Jul 16 04:44:26 2017

The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq
added: Sun Jul 16 04:43:36 2017

After dissident's death, Ted Cruz hopeful about changing Chinese Embassy address
added: Sun Jul 16 04:41:55 2017

Apple removing ad blockers that work in 3rd-party iOS apps, allowing only Safari ad blockers
added: Sun Jul 16 04:36:19 2017

Hong Kong vigil for Liu Xiaobo sends powerful message to Beijing
added: Sun Jul 16 04:28:51 2017

Chinese purchases of overseas ports top $20bn in past year
added: Sun Jul 16 04:23:11 2017

Chinese purchases of overseas ports top $20bn in past year
added: Sun Jul 16 04:23:11 2017

#China is no colonizer, but it would be a mistake to assume that its growing global footprint is purely benign
added: Sun Jul 16 04:07:00 2017
tags: china

HongKong marches 4 #LiuXiaobo: "This proves he deserved @NobelPrize: he spoke of peace, Beijing knows only violence"
added: Sun Jul 16 03:23:08 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Why Shanghai’s best-known liberal bookshop is closing down @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jul 16 02:51:29 2017

Wolrld's largest floating solar farm
added: Sun Jul 16 02:49:20 2017

I went to the China-NK border and found that China still isn't enforcing sanctions it agreed to 4 years ago
added: Sun Jul 16 01:59:52 2017

This is just one of the ways taxpayers subsidize monopoly and the destruction of their own retail tax base.
added: Sun Jul 16 01:56:36 2017

Soviet Veteran Who Met With Trump Jr. Is a Master of the Dark Arts, via @nytimes
added: Sun Jul 16 01:34:04 2017

added: Sat Jul 15 23:44:01 2017

Thank You Roger - Pink Floyd's Roger Waters defends his anti-GOP(R)Trump tour @realDonaldTrump
added: Sat Jul 15 23:18:10 2017

Victoria to privatise land titles registry. Not just about privacy - it's about the role of the state via @theage
added: Sat Jul 15 23:15:14 2017

When you think gentrifiers couldn't get more cruel and utterly appalling...
added: Sat Jul 15 20:51:00 2017

Do Spy Agencies Hold Answer to Dag Hammarskjold’s Death? U.N. Wants to Know., via @cowellcnd
added: Sat Jul 15 19:50:17 2017

American journalist, at least 9 Congolese security guards missing after militia attacks nature reserve in Congo.
added: Sat Jul 15 16:51:03 2017

People power — not politicians — put Taiwan on path to democracy, island’s president says
added: Sat Jul 15 16:00:37 2017

@meghara quotes @MichaelKovrig "has Beijing made decision not to enforce, or...failure to enforce...down the chain?"
added: Sat Jul 15 14:50:46 2017

If you buy a cheap plan, get sick, and your illness isn't covered, you're banned from buying a new plan for 6 months
added: Sat Jul 15 14:37:40 2017

China's dirty little secret - it's wealth gap is growing! Income inequality worsened for the first time in 5 years.
added: Sat Jul 15 13:35:07 2017

Drilling for oil in Reed Bank may resume this year: Philippines Department of Energy official
added: Sat Jul 15 11:26:40 2017

Bodies flowing downriver from #Mosul to Qayyara ("most [were] bound and blindfolded, some mutilated").
added: Sat Jul 15 10:33:07 2017
tags: mosul

The meaning of sacrifice: will anyone remember Liu Xiaobo's decision to stay and fight? My piece in @nybooks
added: Sat Jul 15 09:05:04 2017

New Citizens Movement Leader Xu Zhiyong Released From Prison 许志永已经出狱
added: Sat Jul 15 05:29:41 2017

'There was a time when the West was much firmer [with China] about dissidents but now it's gone.'—Sylvie Kauffmann
added: Sat Jul 15 05:16:47 2017

Beijing’s aggressive geopolitical goals are at odds with Singapore's policies regarding Taiwan, Asean and the...
added: Sat Jul 15 05:00:40 2017

Ravens are better at planning ahead than four-year-old children, study suggests
added: Sat Jul 15 05:00:00 2017

China Orders Xinjiang's Android Users to Install App That Deletes 'Terrorist' Content
added: Sat Jul 15 04:24:48 2017

Stranded elephant saved in dramatic sea rescue 8 miles from Sri Lanka shore
added: Sat Jul 15 04:00:23 2017

#Biometrics catches violent fugitive 25 years on the run | @dkravets
added: Sat Jul 15 04:00:23 2017
tags: biometrics

Rooftop Solar is Growing Like a Weed, Despite Fossil Fuel Billionaires trying to Crush It
added: Sat Jul 15 04:00:19 2017

83 people and three rare one-horned rhinoceros were killed by floods in northeast India
added: Sat Jul 15 04:00:05 2017

Hong Kong court removes democratically legislator from office. His crime? Saying “China” with an upward inflection.
added: Sat Jul 15 03:40:24 2017

Concerns Mount Over Safety and Health of Liu Xia, Liu Xiaobo’s Wife
added: Sat Jul 15 03:40:08 2017

China political star Chen Miner appointed Chongqing party boss
added: Sat Jul 15 03:37:25 2017

Congolese authorities insist calm has returned to Tanganyika Province. But on the ground, the killing continues
added: Sat Jul 15 03:26:00 2017

"The relevant side should not make a fuss about nothing or over-interpret, it will be fine once they get used to it"
added: Sat Jul 15 03:13:16 2017

Seattle Makes History - Passes ‘#TaxTheRich’ Income Tax by @SubvertingPower via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Sat Jul 15 03:07:57 2017
tags: taxtherich

Govt briefs Opposition parties on Dokalam standoff, says crisis will be resolved diplomatically
added: Sat Jul 15 02:39:00 2017

Bizarre & telling @rebeccaludavis piece on trying to report the death of a man China wants to airbrush from history
added: Sat Jul 15 02:37:40 2017

NRCC blows off DCCC request to team up against foreign hackers - Washington Post via…
added: Sat Jul 15 02:37:21 2017

.@RepDonBeyer has offered his party an opportunity to rise above partisanship & stand on principle -@NicholsUprising
added: Sat Jul 15 02:37:00 2017

China says Nobel laureate cremated and his wife is 'free'
added: Sat Jul 15 02:35:06 2017

Anbang's Fall Ends Wild Chapter in China Insurance Industry - Bloomberg
added: Sat Jul 15 02:26:20 2017

When is speech violence? Brain science distinguishes abusiveness from mere offensiveness
added: Sat Jul 15 02:12:23 2017

Canada's Trudeau warns against 'tempting shortcuts' in NAFTA renegotiations
added: Sat Jul 15 01:50:04 2017

China says Taiwan remarks on dissident Liu 'very dangerous'
added: Sat Jul 15 01:46:37 2017

作家質疑禁言風波元兇 《福布斯》疑接陳啟宗投訴跪低刪文
added: Sat Jul 15 01:46:17 2017

Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo's death sparked an outpouring of grief online. Then came the censors
added: Sat Jul 15 01:42:23 2017

Philippines' Duterte makes fresh rape joke
added: Sat Jul 15 00:28:06 2017

The US had a clear shot at killing Kim Jong Un on July 4 — here's why it didn't strike #NorthKorea
added: Sat Jul 15 00:28:02 2017
tags: northkorea

War for the Planet of the Apes is a genuinely satisfying morality tale by @annaleen
added: Fri Jul 14 23:57:03 2017

Siemens Patches Authentication Bypass Flaw in SiPass Server - Threatpost via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Jul 14 23:52:39 2017

My piece on the real estate firm tt is China's biggest white knight. The only problem? It's taking on too much debt
added: Fri Jul 14 23:50:17 2017

Plans to shut down Al Jazeera have been dropped: UAE official
added: Fri Jul 14 23:46:39 2017

Turkey dismisses thousands more police, civil servants and academics
added: Fri Jul 14 23:45:27 2017

NEW REPORT: GOP inserts language into spending bill designed to help corporations conceal political spending
added: Fri Jul 14 23:45:03 2017

Hypersonic travel closer to reality after new ceramic discovery
added: Fri Jul 14 23:40:09 2017

Another Breach? CIA Employee Disclosed Classified Code to a Contractor (coverage of @BuzzFeedNews scoop)
added: Fri Jul 14 23:40:00 2017

.@ShivshankaMenon suggests how India can deal with the recent border dispute tensions w/ China:
added: Fri Jul 14 23:00:18 2017

Privacy International Sues US Government Over Denied Access To Five Eyes Surveillance Agreements
added: Fri Jul 14 22:58:37 2017

Save the RAW gist contents as the “URL” portion of a bookmarklet to remove the sign-in banner from LinkedIn pages:
added: Fri Jul 14 22:33:48 2017

"Lie after lie after lie": Fox News’ Shepard Smith has a Cronkite moment on Russia
added: Fri Jul 14 21:58:20 2017

By killing teacher pensions & striking sweetheart deal lawmakers go full on Orwell via @MichiganRadio #MIchED #TBATs
added: Fri Jul 14 21:02:25 2017
tags: tbats, miched

The former coal exec who went to prison after he got 29 coal miners killed wants to run for Senate in West Virginia
added: Fri Jul 14 20:06:33 2017

Translator Anatoli Samochornov declined to comment on if he was at the meeting
added: Fri Jul 14 19:47:03 2017

Perspective: Democrats, get a grip — Emmanuel Macron is not your progressive savior
added: Fri Jul 14 19:27:06 2017

THEY'R PILING UP: Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami. Remember Haiti Scandal?
added: Fri Jul 14 18:51:05 2017

Why speak out against China's repression? 1. For principle. 2. To show it's unacceptable. 3. To embolden victims.
added: Fri Jul 14 17:34:56 2017

#SouthKorea to mass produce air defense radars to counter #NorthKorea drones: DAPA @dagyumji @nknewsorg
added: Fri Jul 14 17:30:01 2017
tags: southkorea, northkorea

Hong Kong court expels four pro-democracy lawmakers
added: Fri Jul 14 16:35:25 2017

This is the kind of thing that makes it look like Trump/associates aren't the only ones hiding something.
added: Fri Jul 14 16:10:52 2017

4 Hong Kong lawmakers disqualified, fueling worries about Beijing's influence #HKPLG Antony…
added: Fri Jul 14 15:25:43 2017
tags: hkplg

The illiberal government in Warsaw is about to deliver a huge blow to Poland’s constitutional system
added: Fri Jul 14 14:32:39 2017

Tsinghua University cancels professor's Cultural Revolution history class
added: Fri Jul 14 11:34:20 2017

British backpacker who couldn't swim drowns in Cambodia while using rubber ring
added: Fri Jul 14 10:24:05 2017

North Korea continuing to breach UN sanctions in Warsaw: investigation
added: Fri Jul 14 09:30:14 2017

【新加坡興建中天橋倒塌 一死十傷】 新加坡一條興建中的天橋倒塌,一名中國工人死亡,另外十人受傷。 事發於凌晨時份,樟宜機場附近一條興建中的行車天橋,初步相信是承托橫樑的托臂倒塌。...
added: Fri Jul 14 09:30:04 2017

又打走幾個反對派議員,政府同立法會嘅關係一定會變得更加好啫~ #你話係咪呀哈姆太郎 #DQ四議員 【張建宗稱是個別事件:清楚確認議員宣誓嘅法律規定】
added: Fri Jul 14 09:30:03 2017
tags: 你話係咪呀哈姆太郎, dq四議員

And in the Blue Corner...Taiwan's Parliament Descends into Chaos
added: Fri Jul 14 09:29:12 2017

#SCMP Macau’s former chief prosecutor Ho Chio-meng jailed 21 years for crimes including fraud and abuse of power
added: Fri Jul 14 09:25:16 2017
tags: scmp

Another one for 'Rees-Mogg is no joke' files. He's a big investor in tobacco, oil and gas and lobbied for them
added: Fri Jul 14 09:19:02 2017

The @NPR newsroom may strike in its struggle against a two-tier wage system and cuts to salary floors #WeMakeNPR
added: Fri Jul 14 09:17:40 2017
tags: wemakenpr

China rejects foreign condemnation over Liu Xiaobo's death
added: Fri Jul 14 09:16:15 2017

Yuan Stable Against Dollar, Will Stop Depreciating After 2019: Societe Generale #RMB #dollar
added: Fri Jul 14 09:10:37 2017
tags: rmb, dollar

Kendrick Lamar fans know his songs so well he just let the crowd rap 'Humble' a cappella and watched in awe
added: Fri Jul 14 09:07:46 2017

@DrRimmer: Philip Morris waging global effort to hobble anti-smoking treaty, files show (1/2)
added: Fri Jul 14 09:06:12 2017

Ravens are better at planning ahead than four-year-old children, study suggests
added: Fri Jul 14 09:03:39 2017

Snap out of it: top index providers take issue with dual-class shares. Won't stop HK tho ... by @BMMRobertson et al
added: Fri Jul 14 09:00:39 2017

Liquidity Risk Remains Threat to Insurers, Official Says #finance #insurance #CIRC #risk
added: Fri Jul 14 08:59:50 2017
tags: finance, insurance, circ, risk

American History Myths Debunked:
added: Fri Jul 14 08:56:06 2017

Opioid use is tied to declining labor participation, Janet Yellen says
added: Fri Jul 14 08:52:26 2017

Democratic Lawmaker Introduces Article of Impeachment Against Trump #BradSherman
added: Fri Jul 14 08:40:10 2017
tags: bradsherman

#Taiwanese fishermen safe after robbery by Chinese boat | Society | FocusTaiwan Mobile - CNA English News
added: Fri Jul 14 08:12:02 2017
tags: taiwanese

.@ggreenwald: Brazil's domestic oligarchs are desperate to "impose extremely harsh austerity measures" on the poor
added: Fri Jul 14 08:10:13 2017

HongKong MP Claudia Mo wrote in Nov it was "the beginning of the end" Now 4 more pro democracy MPs have been ejected
added: Fri Jul 14 08:02:34 2017

#Russia & #China gov'ts vow to kill off virtual private networks & @torproject browser
added: Fri Jul 14 08:00:28 2017
tags: russia, china

The Labour party is in desperate need of sweeping constitutional reform (handclaps in between every letter)
added: Fri Jul 14 06:35:27 2017

Oil dips on ample supply despite OPEC pledge to cut output
added: Fri Jul 14 06:35:06 2017

行政長官林鄭月娥的50億「教育新資源」,先行的36億中的11.87億用作推行資助學生修讀自資學位,每年資助3萬元,但不包括八大院校,措施受 民主黨 The Democratic Party、劉小麗及 姚松炎 Edward...
added: Fri Jul 14 05:25:04 2017

"As #Canada signed pacts with #China, Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo died in custody..." @nvanderklippe
added: Fri Jul 14 04:28:35 2017
tags: china, canada

Seychelles finds possible plane debris, tells Malaysia #MH370
added: Fri Jul 14 04:28:10 2017
tags: mh370

Dem. NC Governor Signs Anti-Farmworker Union Bill, Opening Door to More Attacks
added: Fri Jul 14 04:28:03 2017

BREAKING: Hawaii judge rules grandparents are exempt from Trump's Muslim ban
added: Fri Jul 14 04:27:38 2017

Brazil's Lula innocent, conviction attacks democracy: Rousseff
added: Fri Jul 14 03:15:00 2017

Trump praises Xi soon after death of Chinese dissident
added: Fri Jul 14 03:14:57 2017

立法會財委會今早續審議南港島綫基建工程逾2億超支撥款,上一次會議, 姚松炎 Edward Yiu揭發當局文件指額外繳付予港鐵的2,910萬管理費只是2010年價格而非實際需付金額。...
added: Fri Jul 14 03:10:06 2017

1) White guy follows Muslim couple for 2 miles yelling racial slurs 2) Cries like baby when charged with hate crime
added: Fri Jul 14 03:08:20 2017

The sad truth. Liu Xiaobo’s Fate Reflects Fading Pressure on China Over Human Rights
added: Fri Jul 14 02:44:26 2017

Australia's Shameful Silence on Liu Xiaobo Timely piece by @hrw Australia director @PearsonElaine
added: Fri Jul 14 02:43:11 2017

Why China’s government is blocking the candle emoji
added: Fri Jul 14 02:42:14 2017

India rejects China's mediation offer over Kashmir, says heart of the matter is cross-border terrorism
added: Fri Jul 14 02:39:54 2017

Asia Society and One of Its Leaders Are at Odds Over Hong Kong
added: Fri Jul 14 02:38:48 2017

EU chiefs urge China to free political prisoners after Xiaobo's death & to stop harassing his family
added: Fri Jul 14 02:36:23 2017

Scientists just stored an entire film clip in DNA
added: Fri Jul 14 02:32:03 2017

#China censorship following the death in custody here of Noble Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo:
added: Fri Jul 14 02:25:56 2017
tags: china

Ordered by court to disclose his Russia contacts, Sessions releases blank sheet of paper
added: Fri Jul 14 02:15:14 2017

由中國建築承建的荃灣尚翠苑,2個頭浸水水辦均驗出含鉛量超出標準。 【尚翠苑新入伙 即驗出食水含鉛超標4成半】 【尚翠苑疑趕工多甩漏 廁所門有罅外牆鑽錯窿恐漏水】...
added: Fri Jul 14 02:08:21 2017

Imagine living in a space smaller than a car parking lot - and paying rents well above market rates.
added: Fri Jul 14 01:52:33 2017

UK spookhaüs GCHQ can crack end-to-end encryption says Australian A-G
added: Fri Jul 14 01:51:59 2017

HNA to Pay $16 Mln for Controlling Stake in Brazil Airport #HNA #aviation #Airport #Brazil
added: Fri Jul 14 01:49:51 2017
tags: airport, aviation, hna, brazil

Early #FBI investigative techniques relied heavily on ethnic stereotypes
added: Fri Jul 14 01:33:01 2017
tags: fbi

Trump on how to limit steel imports: "There are two ways — quotas and tariffs. Maybe I’ll do both."
added: Fri Jul 14 01:30:42 2017

Newly released video captured a Georgia officer beating a homeless woman with a baton. More at @HuffPost:
added: Fri Jul 14 01:14:01 2017

N. Korean ferry arrived in Russia with 34 safety deficiencies
added: Fri Jul 14 01:13:43 2017

Hong Kong’s plan to control global superbug crisis lacks bite via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jul 14 01:13:15 2017

Taiwan president mourns Liu Xiaobo, says China won't be great until it accepts his ideas
added: Fri Jul 14 01:11:03 2017

Australia's shameful silence on Liu Xiaobo | Elaine Pearson
added: Fri Jul 14 01:10:17 2017

Steve Bannon failed to properly disclose more than $2 million in mortgage debt on financial disclosure form.
added: Fri Jul 14 01:05:29 2017

TRUMP LIES AGAIN! He knew about Diaper Donny's meetin' THREE weeks ago. #ImpeachTrump
added: Fri Jul 14 00:34:43 2017
tags: impeachtrump

Absolute must read: If you read only one piece about Liu Xiaobo, this is the one.
added: Fri Jul 14 00:24:02 2017

The #NAVY has contaminated drinking water in #Washington state with toxic chemicals. #PugetSound
added: Fri Jul 14 00:00:01 2017
tags: pugetsound, navy, washington

I wrote about American liberals, "resistance" role play, and attacks on leftists for @shadowproofcom
added: Thu Jul 13 23:16:03 2017

Vox: Senate Republicans included a provision that exempts Congress, their staff from part of their new health plan.
added: Thu Jul 13 22:59:35 2017

The CBO says Trump policies will do next to nothing to spur economic growth.
added: Thu Jul 13 22:21:08 2017

BREAKING STORY: Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, died in suicide
added: Thu Jul 13 22:11:43 2017

CBB's Scissors: "What most #China observers call deleveraging is actually slower, modified, additional leveraging"
added: Thu Jul 13 22:00:15 2017
tags: china

Confused by the selfie monkey lawsuit? So is everyone else. @sarahjeong mercifully breaks it down for us.
added: Thu Jul 13 21:31:29 2017

@maddow 13/ Here’s the whole story:
added: Thu Jul 13 20:52:32 2017

2/Yesterday we reported Trump lawyer Kasowitz isn’t seeking security clearance. Even if he did, he might not get it.
added: Thu Jul 13 20:48:11 2017

"Right to be secure in our persons" includes biometric data #4thAmend #missioncreep #surveillance
added: Thu Jul 13 18:25:23 2017
tags: missioncreep, surveillance, 4thamend

UN chief,'saddened' by Liu Xiaobo's death, but steers clear of faulting China
added: Thu Jul 13 17:58:27 2017

behind every right-wing "iconoclast" or "rebel" is a rich person vigorously defending the existing power structure
added: Thu Jul 13 17:41:13 2017

I just published “Murdered, Betrayed but Unconquered”
added: Thu Jul 13 17:23:37 2017

Female sex offenders are more common than you think
added: Thu Jul 13 14:21:48 2017

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo dies
added: Thu Jul 13 14:11:10 2017

I got doxxed by a stranger — and the online harassment quickly took over my life
added: Thu Jul 13 14:05:33 2017

On today's Daily: The dark art of opposition research, with incomparable @jmartNYT and @BenLaBolt:
added: Thu Jul 13 11:51:20 2017

“Most of what we think of as ‘love’ is bullshit” by Kris Gage
added: Thu Jul 13 11:48:03 2017

Prosecutor demands withdrawal of Paris Match over Nice attack photos
added: Thu Jul 13 10:45:10 2017

Belonging to a union is a form of education that the current national political regime opposes and that states...
added: Thu Jul 13 10:41:42 2017

How To Apply Consistency in Web Design - A new article on Designmodo.
added: Thu Jul 13 10:02:59 2017

In the interest of fairness: China says no forced relocations after UNESCO listing of Tibetan area -
added: Thu Jul 13 10:01:18 2017

One billion tonnes of iron ore are headed to #China's mills in 2017 via @business
added: Thu Jul 13 09:35:34 2017
tags: china

Dog drags blanket over for her homeless friend
added: Thu Jul 13 09:35:01 2017

For, I think, 4th day running China foreign ministry uses same 'internal affairs' line to reject #LiuXiaobo release
added: Thu Jul 13 09:20:20 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

A popular Tibetan singer imprisoned for defending Tibetan unity and language has been released from prison after...
added: Thu Jul 13 09:18:24 2017

Peru tells three N. Korean diplomats to scram. @nknewsorg @hmacd1
added: Thu Jul 13 07:31:00 2017

"The decline & fall of real pay under UK's flexible labour market system" by J Smith. Since 1990, it's downhill!
added: Thu Jul 13 07:01:01 2017

Very positive take on Trump's China policy by @michaelauslin
added: Thu Jul 13 05:18:49 2017

Having your cake and eating it: Brexiter celebrates winning EU protection for his product.
added: Thu Jul 13 05:12:07 2017

Significant busts in Kenya break up #IWT networks with links to Hong Kong @WildAidHK @WLTradeNews @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Thu Jul 13 04:54:05 2017
tags: iwt

China envoy says North Korea trade growth picture ‘distorted’
added: Thu Jul 13 04:41:09 2017

China's Uighur Muslims struggle under 'police state'
added: Thu Jul 13 04:39:06 2017

劉廼強又叫建制派議員向林鄭「施壓」,話50億新增教育資源,大部分都落咗教協會員度,林鄭洗幾百萬請蔡若蓮向建制派回禮都不為過喎! #用公帑回禮 #會點樣無好日子過 🤔 【劉廼強吹雞撐紅底校長入教局:不然親中選民議員沒好日子過】...
added: Thu Jul 13 04:26:02 2017
tags: 用公帑回禮, 會點樣無好日子過

China's aircraft carrier Liaoning has a huge problem with rust, is not maintained properly, says military expert:
added: Thu Jul 13 04:15:33 2017

Jackie Chan shows off home converted from a Fotan industrial building unit, which is illegal
added: Thu Jul 13 03:56:45 2017

The more China tries to rein in home prices, the more obsessed buyers get @lingling_wei @dominiquefong investigate
added: Thu Jul 13 03:34:25 2017

Another 38 probable mass graves found in DR Congo, says UN
added: Thu Jul 13 03:00:03 2017

Hate-based incidents surge in suburban school system in Maryland
added: Thu Jul 13 03:00:02 2017

Trump Education Dept. official: 90% of campus rape complaints "fall into the category of 'we were both drunk'".
added: Thu Jul 13 02:50:31 2017

"Mass GPS Spoofing Attack in Black Sea?" @steffanwatkins
added: Thu Jul 13 02:47:56 2017

Nice piece by @JonathanEmont on Indonesia's dilemma of disbanding mass organisations. @nytimes
added: Thu Jul 13 02:22:14 2017

Glad to see more media attention to Russia's ties to the US Christian Right as in this piece by @jackmjenkins:
added: Thu Jul 13 02:22:07 2017

This is North America’s most endangered bird. Only 50 to 60 remain in the wild:
added: Thu Jul 13 02:20:11 2017

Never heard of Sunac? Watch this space.
added: Thu Jul 13 01:50:49 2017

These workers came to Hong Kong for a better life. Instead, they missed out on China's boom
added: Thu Jul 13 01:31:45 2017

Joshua Wong seeks HK$45,000 payout after protest handcuffing
added: Thu Jul 13 01:14:21 2017

More Uyghurs Detained in Cairo as Students Appeal to Al-Azhar For Help
added: Thu Jul 13 01:06:23 2017

Give the Finance Sector an Inch, and Let Fly the Mile-- IPO Transparency Takes a Hit
added: Thu Jul 13 01:04:19 2017

The tremble in his voice here
added: Thu Jul 13 01:04:12 2017

New Calif. Bill Would Require General Release of Body Cam Videos; As Expected, Police Depts. Opposed
added: Thu Jul 13 01:00:45 2017

After 50 years, an activist group returns to stop predatory land contracts from being sold in Detroit
added: Thu Jul 13 01:00:43 2017

I haven't really been keeping up on ShadowBrokers nonsense, but apparently Monero transaction IDs aren't encrypted.
added: Thu Jul 13 00:57:23 2017

佔旺人士涉刑事藐視法庭案,昨在高院續審。辯方播出警方及傳媒拍下的清場片段,見到多名頭戴紅帽的代理人清拆鐵馬,黃浩銘要求他們出示授權書不果,反遭紅帽人士手持𠝹刀及鐵鉗威嚇,並以粗口辱罵「X你老母」。 偏偏沒有拘捕這班人。
added: Thu Jul 13 00:53:56 2017

AIT's chairman isn't optimistic that 'dangerous' #US navy port calls will happen: report - The China Post #Taiwan
added: Thu Jul 13 00:52:39 2017
tags: us, taiwan

Insider Trading, Research on Evading Detection Yields SEC, DOJ Charges #in
added: Thu Jul 13 00:51:59 2017
tags: in

Sitting comfortably? Activist owner of parody website receives call from cor…
added: Thu Jul 13 00:45:01 2017

Trump's top immigration aide, Stephen Miller, is working with senators to slash legal immigration by 50%.
added: Thu Jul 13 00:12:34 2017

In light of the Sally Hemings "mistress" bullshit, I thought it may be a good time to repost this
added: Thu Jul 13 00:06:44 2017

Choppier Waters Ahead in the South China Sea? warranted skepticism from Ian Storey
added: Wed Jul 12 23:55:14 2017

Chinese Loan does not come with conditions. It comes with a noose to hang ourselves.
added: Wed Jul 12 23:29:37 2017

Cryptography prof finds typewriter for sale for €100. Realizes it's an Engima. Buys it & sells it for €45,000
added: Wed Jul 12 23:24:21 2017

North Korean embassy in Beijing building “hotel” for visiting citizens
added: Wed Jul 12 23:00:03 2017

Still shocked an Iranian man in the UK was burned alive by an angry mob and there was no national dialogue about it.
added: Wed Jul 12 19:58:24 2017

The Murdochs take full control of Sky & it becomes like Fox News.Think it can't happen. It just Australia
added: Wed Jul 12 19:58:16 2017

Tibetans Defy Chinese Bans to Celebrate Dalai Lama's Birthday
added: Wed Jul 12 18:43:59 2017

this is wild considering the Dirtbag Left emerged in large part bc of @Bro_Pair's takedown of Yglesias lol
added: Wed Jul 12 15:35:27 2017

Tom Wheeler didn't mix words when we talked to him on his last day at the FCC #netneutrality
added: Wed Jul 12 14:31:31 2017
tags: netneutrality

Hackers Attack Trump Hotels, Steal Credit Card Details and Personal Data via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Jul 12 14:30:38 2017

Very important story. Russian help for Trump extended beyond leaking emails. Kremlin also spread fake news.
added: Wed Jul 12 14:08:41 2017

Hack PR removed the article about “hacking Reddit”:
added: Wed Jul 12 13:20:07 2017

Oregon bill decriminalizes possession of heroin, cocaine and other drugs Gov. Kate Brown likely to sign it into law.
added: Wed Jul 12 13:15:16 2017

This was a huge data leak — at least 14 million Verizon subscribers, including phone numbers and account PINs.
added: Wed Jul 12 13:09:35 2017

Power under capitalism is ultimately located outside the electoral arena, and must be defeated at its source.
added: Wed Jul 12 13:01:19 2017

It's easy to avoid focusing on the real threat to democracy - monopoly power. Who is really threatening the news?
added: Wed Jul 12 12:51:41 2017

.@RRD_Davao admits Agurrie told him Mayor Espinosa was murdered, but he didn't care: He'd pardon the killers anyway
added: Wed Jul 12 12:47:10 2017

TrumpCare is helping change the face of Texas politics
added: Wed Jul 12 12:35:43 2017

【瑪麗醫院漏處方抗乙肝藥物】 公立醫院再次發生開漏藥事件。瑪麗醫院一名乙型肝炎帶菌的癌症病人,接受化療後其中三次覆診,醫生都沒有處方抗乙肝藥物。 病人其後肝酵素上升入院,目前留醫,情況嚴重。 #有線新聞 #瑪麗醫院...
added: Wed Jul 12 12:35:21 2017
tags: 瑪麗醫院, 有線新聞

'I’ve lived in my hospital for my entire life': Never-say-die success stories of Hong Kong students who overcame...
added: Wed Jul 12 12:34:06 2017

All you need to know about #Kitchee's plans for 2017/18 #ACL #HKPL #hkfootball
added: Wed Jul 12 12:33:41 2017
tags: hkfootball, acl, kitchee, hkpl

New Details Emerge in Wanda’s Planned Asset Sales #Wanda #Sunac #deleveraging
added: Wed Jul 12 12:32:58 2017
tags: sunac, deleveraging, wanda

Great piece. I have a more negative take here.
added: Wed Jul 12 12:19:58 2017

One year ago today, an int'l tribunal found China's nine-dash line claim in the #SouthChinaSea invalid (& more)
added: Wed Jul 12 12:19:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

Plan to scrap Hong Kong’s controversial MPF offset mechanism could see a “breakthrough” by the end of the year.
added: Wed Jul 12 12:17:19 2017

Mao Zedong literary notes sold at auction for £704,750 ($910,000)
added: Wed Jul 12 12:17:01 2017

Proving yet again that GOP can't stand healthcare, here's @PAGOP adding a work requirement to Medicaid. #PAbudget
added: Wed Jul 12 11:53:39 2017
tags: pabudget

Authentication bypass on Uber’s Single Sign-On via subdomain takeover PoC:…
added: Wed Jul 12 11:53:19 2017

The 3 reasons why fake news exists, according to SCMP's CEO Gary Liu.
added: Wed Jul 12 11:36:08 2017

Bill Hayton: Beijing changes tack after South China Sea ruling
added: Wed Jul 12 11:30:47 2017

Girl saw police officer shooting family's emotional support dogs in their garden
added: Wed Jul 12 11:25:38 2017

Trump, Macron to seek common ground during Paris visit
added: Wed Jul 12 11:25:16 2017

New music to listen to this week: Aadae
added: Wed Jul 12 11:17:09 2017

Legislative Council Question 9: Policies and statistics of Mainland residents coming to study, work and settle in…
added: Wed Jul 12 11:14:03 2017

When is a black hole not a black hole? When it’s a boson star
added: Wed Jul 12 11:13:06 2017

Here's a great report on the photon teleportation
added: Wed Jul 12 11:12:50 2017

Djokovic joins growing condemnation of state of the courts at Wimbledon
added: Wed Jul 12 10:47:07 2017

#Taiwan: National Palace Museum offers free access to images of precious artworks
added: Wed Jul 12 10:46:11 2017
tags: taiwan

Chinese troops set sail for new Djibouti base
added: Wed Jul 12 10:46:11 2017

Big pharma is ripping off our NHS – and it is costing us our lives
added: Wed Jul 12 10:45:55 2017

India's Supreme Court suspends a government ban on sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter
added: Wed Jul 12 10:45:08 2017

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Bigg Boss’: Hindu Makkal Katchi demands ban on show, wants actor to be arrested
added: Wed Jul 12 10:45:00 2017

Sci-hub loses 15 million dollar lawsuit. Boooooo.
added: Wed Jul 12 10:38:25 2017

After Petya, NATO will provide Cybersecurity Help to Ukraine via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Jul 12 10:30:36 2017

really good piece, with empathy but also critical, on how Chinese make sense of the world
added: Wed Jul 12 10:24:40 2017

The Russian who met with Donald Trump Jr. was peddling information on the Ziffs, source says
added: Wed Jul 12 10:20:33 2017

In my prev job at Adobe we looked a lot at interactive storytelling. We came to similar conclusions on scrolljacking:
added: Wed Jul 12 10:17:43 2017

When @jonny_browning and I aren't discussing breadless burgers: Bain to seek RISE education sale at $1b valuation
added: Wed Jul 12 10:11:06 2017

Taming the Web with Cowboy & Coyote @johnny_rugger #EUC17 #myelixirstatus
added: Wed Jul 12 10:11:01 2017
tags: euc17, myelixirstatus

How a card trading site became the center of an Bitcoin embezzlement scandal
added: Wed Jul 12 10:10:40 2017

Trump’s crusade against Qatar isn’t about terrorism – it’s revenge for a failed business deal
added: Wed Jul 12 10:09:45 2017

Groundbreaking Media Critic Jack Shaheen Dies at 81
added: Wed Jul 12 10:05:12 2017

Ryanair threatens to cancel flights between UK and EU after Brexit
added: Wed Jul 12 10:01:28 2017

‘Exiled tycoon Guo Wengui told property firm executives to fraudulently obtain loans’
added: Wed Jul 12 10:00:31 2017

China's $800 billion sovereign wealth fund wants more access to the United States, @suilee writes
added: Wed Jul 12 10:00:01 2017

German workers could have a day off on Friday and still produce more than UK workers in a whole week
added: Wed Jul 12 09:56:58 2017

MIIT Says Reports That It Will Block All Personal VPNs by February Untrue #vpn
added: Wed Jul 12 09:56:32 2017
tags: vpn

James To said there was a lot of evidence to show mainland interference in Hong Kong affairs.
added: Wed Jul 12 09:54:38 2017

Two Palestinians killed in Israeli army raid in Jenin
added: Wed Jul 12 09:45:50 2017

Adobe, Microsoft Push Critical Security Fixes via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Jul 12 09:45:35 2017

Why Djibouti is strategically important for global military powers | The Indian Express
added: Wed Jul 12 09:33:03 2017

RT @cliffordcoonan: Ailing Chinese dissident Liu critically ill, breathing failing: hospital via @Reuters
added: Wed Jul 12 09:32:48 2017

綠色和平又被踢爆 早把台灣列中國 召募員工問統獨 #greenpeace
added: Wed Jul 12 09:32:02 2017
tags: greenpeace

Shouldn't have used it in 1st place | U.S. @WhiteHouse limits @USAgov use of @Kaspersky software
added: Wed Jul 12 09:31:54 2017

BBC News - 'Incredible' burial mound near Stonehenge to be excavated
added: Wed Jul 12 09:29:03 2017

Singapore ex-banker Yeo Jiawei admits to money-laundering in #1MDB-linked probe. via @markets @andreatanjourno
added: Wed Jul 12 09:24:16 2017
tags: 1mdb

Era of ‘Biological Annihilation’ Is Underway, Scientists Warn #SixthMassExtinction #Anthropocene @extinctsymbol
added: Wed Jul 12 09:22:30 2017
tags: anthropocene, sixthmassextinction

The "global banking alternative" Revolut has raised $66 million in a fund-raising round…
added: Wed Jul 12 09:13:03 2017

Choose a service where with strong #DataProtection law. For #CloudStorage, I choose Swiss based @Tresorit #Privacy
added: Wed Jul 12 09:08:34 2017
tags: privacy, dataprotection, cloudstorage

#China’s degree of involvement in #SouthSudan would have been beyond imagination even a few years ago @crisisgroup
added: Wed Jul 12 08:50:41 2017
tags: china, southsudan

Report reveals extent Hollywood does bidding of US Empire—Pentagon exerted influence in over 1,800 movies & TV shows
added: Wed Jul 12 05:16:06 2017

Devotion amid despair: the great contemporary love story of Liu Xia and Liu Xiaobo
added: Wed Jul 12 04:04:32 2017

To ensure high quality, safe patient care in various ways, 1200 @TuftsMedicalCtr will hit the streets tmrw. Details:
added: Wed Jul 12 00:55:38 2017

This week's article is about more Graph stuff! We'll solve the bi-partite matching problem with FGL! #Haskell
added: Tue Jul 11 20:44:05 2017
tags: haskell

Governor Moonbeam betrays his base again
added: Tue Jul 11 17:00:53 2017

A Call to Arms: Supporting @matrixdotorg ! Critically important open communication networ…
added: Tue Jul 11 15:34:53 2017

Worried mum sleeps on the streets alongside her homeless drug addict son
added: Tue Jul 11 12:53:13 2017

Chinese doctors scramble to 'rescue' ailing Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo
added: Tue Jul 11 12:16:20 2017

China in lockdown/pushback/spin mode 85-yo Bao Tong learning to use Twitter because party won't let him write ab LXB
added: Tue Jul 11 12:15:40 2017

Russian lawyer denies having Clinton dirt, Kremlin ties: NBC
added: Tue Jul 11 12:07:58 2017

Key to avoiding ISIS or replacement returning will be reining in Iraq's abusive Shia Popular Mobilization Forces.
added: Tue Jul 11 10:19:29 2017

GOP impatience grows over stalled Russia sanctions bill via @RachaelMBade, @eschor &…
added: Tue Jul 11 10:15:11 2017

Quantum cheques could be a forgery-free way to move money
added: Tue Jul 11 10:12:06 2017

【工黨 X 社民連:警黑聯手】 被打示威者陳文威︰我不退縮,但想跟屋企人講 sorry | 工黨 | 香港獨立媒體
added: Tue Jul 11 09:58:23 2017

China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop
added: Tue Jul 11 09:46:15 2017

1/ The Irish government is bullishly pushing ahead proposals for internet surveillance which it knows to be illegal:
added: Tue Jul 11 09:26:17 2017

LegCo Pres. Andrew Leung's British citizenship renunciation stamp matches official sample
added: Tue Jul 11 08:38:34 2017

Marks & Spencer improves clothing business performance as turnaround plan starts paying off
added: Tue Jul 11 08:36:00 2017

Family Mourns Death of African-American Graduate Beaten to Death in Greece #BakariHenderson
added: Tue Jul 11 08:35:07 2017
tags: bakarihenderson

British households limit spending to essentials as inflation rises
added: Tue Jul 11 08:34:18 2017

#Brazil's indigenous affairs agency barely functioning after drain of resources - Big Ag attacks - dreadful news
added: Tue Jul 11 08:33:09 2017
tags: brazil

Supreme Court stays Centre's notification on sale of cattle for slaughter
added: Tue Jul 11 08:30:36 2017

The White House recruited Erik Prince to come up with a plan for Afghanistan. Apparently Mattis said 'no thanks'
added: Tue Jul 11 08:16:03 2017

Liu Xiaobo and the history of the Chinese Communist Party denying medical treatment to its enemies — Quartz
added: Tue Jul 11 06:06:54 2017

#Music #History: incredible ancient Egyptian music notation, based on circles colors&sizes ►
added: Tue Jul 11 06:06:01 2017
tags: music, history

GitHub acknowledges autocrats with 'code owner' feature
added: Tue Jul 11 06:04:05 2017

China VPN ban about "highest levels of political struggle & different factions using internet as their battlefield"
added: Tue Jul 11 05:47:07 2017

Bedouin communities in the occupied West Bank:
added: Tue Jul 11 05:00:24 2017

Revolution and American Indians: “Marxism is as Alien to My Culture as Capitalism”
added: Tue Jul 11 03:54:33 2017

2 held in #China 4 giving flight passenger data 2 dissident tycoon who alleges China's top officials of corruption
added: Tue Jul 11 03:45:03 2017
tags: china

Electric Carmaker Faraday Future Halts Work on $1bn Nevada Plant via @technology
added: Tue Jul 11 03:24:06 2017

Catalonia to declare independence if 'si' vote wins referendum
added: Tue Jul 11 03:05:11 2017

運輸及房屋局局長 #陳帆 即使痛哭,又有咩用? //...
added: Tue Jul 11 03:05:03 2017
tags: 陳帆

Will Trump Kill the CFPB?
added: Tue Jul 11 03:03:03 2017

Study: cities rely more on fines for revenue if they have more black residents.
added: Tue Jul 11 03:02:15 2017

An important language initiative that needs support:
added: Tue Jul 11 02:42:37 2017

NYT: Email shows Don Jr was told before mtg that Clinton dirt was part of Russian govt effort to aid Trump candidacy
added: Tue Jul 11 01:12:56 2017

added: Mon Jul 10 20:27:42 2017

Purely functional data structures in #elmlang
added: Mon Jul 10 20:00:30 2017
tags: elmlang

Albuquerque Police refuse to say if they have stingrays, so ACLU sues
added: Mon Jul 10 17:01:38 2017

Painful choice that has always confronted civil libertarians from dictatorial regimes – exile or extermination
added: Mon Jul 10 15:06:42 2017

Analysis: Here are the times that Trump allies have denied or obscured links to Russian agents
added: Mon Jul 10 14:41:13 2017

Police corruption has always been a core feature of the #WarOnDrugs. @radleybalko @SanhoTree @Kassandra_Fred
added: Mon Jul 10 13:28:42 2017
tags: warondrugs

Ready or not, New York commuters to get taste of 'summer of hell'
added: Mon Jul 10 10:17:38 2017

Wikibon drops bomb, says Intel's Optane could be a flop...tane
added: Mon Jul 10 09:37:38 2017

#BIGDEALCHINA, literally: Wanda Turns Over Its Theme Parks to Sunac China in $9.3b Deal @variety
added: Mon Jul 10 09:16:44 2017
tags: bigdealchina

"Mr. Modi’s economic promises are so extraordinary they must be taken with a deep slurp of salty lime juice."
added: Mon Jul 10 09:06:49 2017

France to push ahead with tax cuts in 2018 after Macron overrules PM
added: Mon Jul 10 09:05:06 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Not to Park Your Scooter in Taipei
added: Mon Jul 10 08:54:53 2017

A premium deal from Cosco via @gadfly @sbanjo #HongKong #China #shipping #stocks
added: Mon Jul 10 08:52:42 2017
tags: china, hongkong, shipping, stocks

Josh Walker fought against ISIS. He almost got killed. Now he's charged with terrorism. by @rj_gallagher
added: Mon Jul 10 08:52:37 2017

Corruption & weakened legislation to blame for widespread illegal logging in #Romania putting locals at risk
added: Mon Jul 10 08:52:05 2017
tags: romania

#Taiwan: Ex-EVA Air chairman's new airline, "Starlux", preparing to hit market | Economics #airlines
added: Mon Jul 10 08:29:04 2017
tags: taiwan, airlines

Linux kernel v4.12 was published last week! Here are my notes on interesting security things for this release:
added: Mon Jul 10 08:27:18 2017

An unsettling video made at the bedside of ailing Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo is circulating
added: Mon Jul 10 08:24:33 2017

AIIB: Lean, Mean, Funding Machine #infrastructure #AIIB #investment
added: Mon Jul 10 08:23:36 2017
tags: aiib, investment, infrastructure

Cambodia's recent drug war initiative has no discernible impact on drug traffic: @UNODC But…
added: Mon Jul 10 08:10:20 2017

WeChat, Weibo, QQ and 40 other apps targeted by Android malware
added: Mon Jul 10 08:06:17 2017

Fugitive Guo Wengui to Face Another Lawsuit Over Alleged Unpaid Debt #fugitiive #guowengui
added: Mon Jul 10 08:03:39 2017
tags: fugitiive, guowengui

#China's Producer Price Inflation Steadies as Demand Remains Robust @business @jeffkearns @Jeffrey_Black #economy
added: Mon Jul 10 08:03:13 2017
tags: china, economy

Google and Facebook are changing journalism forever
added: Mon Jul 10 08:02:03 2017

Bond sell-off eases and equities find support
added: Mon Jul 10 08:00:18 2017

#Education minister suggests clarifying the role of #HK's associate degrees before considering a subsidy for them:
added: Mon Jul 10 07:59:45 2017
tags: education, hk

涉跟蹤女子返家強姦 疑犯荔枝角收押所上吊命危 在這段新聞的註腳上加上撒瑪利亞防止自殺會的熱線號碼有什麼作用?
added: Mon Jul 10 07:56:22 2017

Brexit: claims Britain facing a shortage of nuclear inspectors if we insist on pulling out of Euratom
added: Mon Jul 10 07:41:37 2017

Chemotherapy 'could spread cancer cells and lead to more advanced tumours'
added: Mon Jul 10 07:24:00 2017

Ten Years: What happened to the filmmakers behind the dystopian Hong Kong indy film?
added: Mon Jul 10 07:08:10 2017

#PNG “Chaos” surrounds Papua New Guinea election outcome.
added: Mon Jul 10 06:58:39 2017
tags: png

A decade of climate policy chaos has not been a good environment for #cleantech R & D & investment
added: Mon Jul 10 06:33:53 2017
tags: cleantech

The lynx could be back in the UK within months after a 1,300-year absence
added: Mon Jul 10 06:18:44 2017

Amid India, China stand-off on Doklam, Congress denies Rahul Gandhi's meeting with Chinese envoy Luo Zhaohui
added: Mon Jul 10 06:15:01 2017

The European Parliament urges May to fundamentally change her citizens proposal.
added: Mon Jul 10 06:01:50 2017

.@anderscorr on the larger implications of the recent @AsiaSociety HK/@hongkongpen self-censorship controversy
added: Mon Jul 10 05:36:52 2017

What has changed? For China, Chen Guangcheng’s Exile Is One Less Headache - The New York Times
added: Mon Jul 10 05:36:36 2017

Trump backtracks on U.S.-Russia cyber unit, says it cannot happen
added: Mon Jul 10 05:35:06 2017

so someone duped lots of ppl with fake #July1 “pro-China crowd” “job offers”, then doxxed them on #LIHKG forum #HK
added: Mon Jul 10 05:34:11 2017
tags: hk, july1, lihkg

Here's why one of China's richest men is selling most of his hotels and resorts to a rival.
added: Mon Jul 10 05:30:10 2017

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says
added: Mon Jul 10 05:28:43 2017

Govt ideas on cold calls too feeble: Charles Mok
added: Mon Jul 10 05:24:50 2017

Big financial woes linger in Illinois' new budget
added: Mon Jul 10 05:22:00 2017

Pythons Strike Same Toilet Twice (Photos)
added: Mon Jul 10 05:21:04 2017

Trump’s eldest son arranged a June 2016 meeting between top campaign aides and a Russian lawyer
added: Mon Jul 10 05:20:06 2017

"Democrats suffered a greater loss of power during Obama’s tenure than under any other 2-term president since WWII"
added: Mon Jul 10 05:19:11 2017

Dying dissident Liu Xiaobo must be allowed to travel, UK and EU urge China
added: Mon Jul 10 05:18:45 2017

A video of some of the harassment our reporter and news assistant have been dealing with in Shenyang #LiuXiaobo
added: Mon Jul 10 05:08:27 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Mahathir Mohamad, strongman grandfather of Malaysia, is 92 today. @ZAbdoolcarim spoke to him last summer:
added: Mon Jul 10 04:04:16 2017

Balanced view of Guo Wengui neither bashing him nor hailing him as anti-CCP hero [fist emoji x3] Jiang Qisheng @CDT
added: Mon Jul 10 03:07:15 2017

US vows to press China to enforce sanctions on North Korea
added: Mon Jul 10 01:52:25 2017

Teslas are very popular in Hong Kong--or at least they were popular
added: Mon Jul 10 01:30:03 2017

An important story: The silencing of Leila de Lima – Duterte’s “first political prisoner” @5050oD by @amgoetz
added: Sun Jul 9 15:28:00 2017

UPDATE: Trump confirms Putin's account, sides with Russian autocrat over own national security team
added: Sun Jul 9 14:22:55 2017

U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks
added: Sun Jul 9 14:18:17 2017

#Trump administration’s proposed #Mexicanwolf recovery plan would speed extinction #wildlife #conservation #wolves
added: Sun Jul 9 14:16:24 2017
tags: trump, mexicanwolf, wolves, conservation, wildlife

Ruth could hardly believe she'd been sued over such a weird patent. “It seemed like a scam.”
added: Sun Jul 9 14:16:00 2017

#Vietnam: 3tonnes of #ivory seized in the back of a truck on the way to #Hanoi. @kanithak_ @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Sun Jul 9 12:11:12 2017
tags: vietnam, ivory, hanoi

An oldie but still worth sharing: a list of MPs with links to private healthcare companies
added: Sun Jul 9 11:40:18 2017

Wrong China policy: White House calls Xi Jinping president of #Taiwan | The Guardian #US #XiJinping
added: Sun Jul 9 06:59:51 2017
tags: taiwan, us, xijinping

This is exactly how Hong Kong's 'government' operates. No, I mean it. Please read, RT, and share.
added: Sun Jul 9 06:55:11 2017

No one can explain why this map of the world exists
added: Sun Jul 9 06:50:00 2017

Study finds that the most popular people on Twitter are white men and Asian women sure follow a lot of black guys.
added: Sun Jul 9 06:49:19 2017

Child tooth is fourth fossil clue to mysterious Denisovan humans
added: Sun Jul 9 06:42:13 2017

Michael Gove faces growing scandal over badger cull secrecy as DEFRA faces legal action in High Court
added: Sun Jul 9 06:21:12 2017

Travel to China for organ transplants must be banned, Oireachtas hears
added: Sun Jul 9 04:41:23 2017

G-20 Shut Trump Out on Climate, Strike Deal on Trade
added: Sun Jul 9 04:35:31 2017

Hong Kong's mortgage lenders doing booming business in the shadows
added: Sun Jul 9 04:35:05 2017

HK20: Hong Kong's fourth estate at stake - Trials of the city's free press @IFEX…
added: Sun Jul 9 04:34:05 2017

Maharashtra Police will soon have beef detection kits
added: Sun Jul 9 04:33:49 2017

China aims to establish a multi-pronged warfare approach called unrestricted warfare via @economictimes
added: Sun Jul 9 04:30:33 2017

Is anti-Qatar quartet spreading hate speech in mosques?
added: Sun Jul 9 04:29:03 2017

Dissident Liu Xiaobo asks to leave China for medical treatment
added: Sun Jul 9 04:21:40 2017

As expected, Beijing now using foreign doctors' visit to Liu Xiaobo to justify denying him the right to go abroad.
added: Sun Jul 9 02:19:15 2017

Indian navy to splurge on hundreds of helicopters for warships
added: Sun Jul 9 02:17:00 2017

U.S. Government Returns Stolen Royal Seals to South Korea 🇰🇷
added: Sun Jul 9 02:16:16 2017

New Orleans charter that suspended homeless students for lack of monogrammed uniforms is a repeat offender
added: Sat Jul 8 13:09:10 2017

【內地拍片題材限制多】 【觀眾懶理主旋律用腳投票】 內地年初實施《電影產業促進法》,加強審查電影劇本,禁絕所有危害國家安全和社會穩定的內容,電影的題材就越來越窄,影響觀眾入戲院的意欲。...
added: Sat Jul 8 12:45:09 2017

High doses of vitamin D can cure symptoms of sunburn, says study!
added: Sat Jul 8 12:45:00 2017

Ivanka Trump takes her father’s seat at the world leaders’ table during a G-20 meeting
added: Sat Jul 8 12:02:50 2017

Disabled MP ‘forced to miss debates because there are no seats for him'
added: Sat Jul 8 09:30:22 2017

"Under Israeli military law, I am already convicted ... It is a racist court in an apartheid system” -@IssaAmro
added: Sat Jul 8 09:30:16 2017

Woman pleads guilty to voting twice for Donald Trump
added: Sat Jul 8 08:54:40 2017

Why You Should Never Use a Supply and Demand Diagram for Labor Markets
added: Sat Jul 8 08:27:06 2017

Revealed in @FT: the VIP phone service for sports stars, from Mike Ashley to Rio Ferdinand (& not for "plebs")
added: Sat Jul 8 07:30:44 2017

Jet blast shatters IndiGo plane's window, five injured
added: Sat Jul 8 07:20:00 2017

Interesting, Moody's lowered China's sovereign rating recently, but gives AIIB highest rating, on par with WB & ADB
added: Sat Jul 8 07:15:35 2017

cuttlefish - never lose your childlike sense of wonder baby cuttlefish, promise me?
added: Sat Jul 8 07:00:46 2017

It was a hot summer day in 2010, when 72-year-old Lau Ping-yin decided to drop in at the air-conditioned Tseung...
added: Sat Jul 8 06:58:31 2017

Manny Ramirez is coming back to Taiwan!!
added: Sat Jul 8 06:34:36 2017

The ‘sub-prime’ market is back in business
added: Sat Jul 8 06:12:04 2017

Vietnam drills for oil in South China Sea - by @bill_hayton block 136-03, well inside the 9 dash line
added: Sat Jul 8 06:05:22 2017

Memo in #CIA’s Kissinger archive hints Jack Anderson was informing on Bob Woodward by…
added: Sat Jul 8 03:49:01 2017
tags: cia

'Starbucks of #Taiwan' opens Houston location |
added: Sat Jul 8 03:45:18 2017
tags: taiwan

What Is In The Name? Everything Is In Surname - Velivada
added: Sat Jul 8 03:45:04 2017

A Tangled Web in the Himalayas by @NMenonRao via @IndianExpress
added: Sat Jul 8 03:43:58 2017

Meanwhile, back in the real world, HKFP reports this outdated, second-hand boat burns heavy fuel, polluting our air
added: Sat Jul 8 03:23:30 2017

KKK terrorists say they will be armed at pro-confederacy rally in Charlottesville, VA Saturday. #IntelGroup
added: Sat Jul 8 03:10:18 2017
tags: intelgroup

Footage of Comfort Women in Yunnan Made Public after 73 Years | What's on Weibo
added: Sat Jul 8 02:52:50 2017

Monsanto just got hit with a lawsuit it did not see coming
added: Sat Jul 8 02:45:06 2017

Watchdog alleges Tom Price improperly used congressional campaign fund to promote his confirmation as HHS Secretary
added: Sat Jul 8 02:44:04 2017

‘Everyone in China has the American Dream’ – and a popular path to it may disappear
added: Sat Jul 8 01:38:43 2017

Vice President Pence's Office Plans to Control Voter Roll Data
added: Sat Jul 8 01:35:06 2017

Just another bad relationship... Trump’s Indonesian business partner summoned by police #impeachtrump
added: Sat Jul 8 01:29:15 2017
tags: impeachtrump

Survivors of deadly oil train derailment 4 yrs ago tell their stories #RememberLacMégantic #StopOilTrains
added: Sat Jul 8 01:03:54 2017
tags: rememberlacmégantic, stopoiltrains

ffs, tax the 1% h/t @JonathanCohn
added: Sat Jul 8 01:02:41 2017

Students can discuss Hong Kong independence, says proposed head of Chinese University
added: Sat Jul 8 01:02:39 2017

The Left's? Hate to tell you, buddy...
added: Sat Jul 8 00:56:48 2017

To punish North Korea, US weighs sanctions on Chinese companies-AP
added: Sat Jul 8 00:53:06 2017

EFF argued that we all have a right to use digital devices to record the police. Today an appeals court agreed.
added: Sat Jul 8 00:46:24 2017

Hats off to @Joshua_Pollack who has been making this point for years. 16/END
added: Sat Jul 8 00:43:45 2017

Indian scientists use drone seed-bombing to plant a forest
added: Sat Jul 8 00:40:07 2017

Beijing never pressured me in office, former @WHO chief Margaret Chan says | South China Morning Post #Taiwan #China
added: Sat Jul 8 00:38:40 2017
tags: taiwan, china

Dear SEC: More Companies Warn on Financial Impact from Petya Infection via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Jul 8 00:32:53 2017

Socialism for the 1%. Trump Treasury loosens rules on corporate debt, corporate inversions & off-shore tax avoidance
added: Sat Jul 8 00:32:21 2017

For decades, the films sat idle in high-security vaults, gathering dust and decomposing.
added: Sat Jul 8 00:25:03 2017

Fugitive Guo Wengui faces US$1.5 billion in new claims via @SCMP_news
added: Fri Jul 7 23:44:42 2017

Borneo's orangutans in 'alarming' decline:
added: Fri Jul 7 23:17:06 2017

Tim Berners-Lee Sells Out His Creation: Officially Supports DRM In HTML
added: Fri Jul 7 23:13:16 2017

Another amazing, heartbreaking view of the opioid epidemic from @MikeNewall, pictures by @davidmaialetti
added: Fri Jul 7 23:09:47 2017

China's bid to squeeze RTI out of int'l radio orgs fails
added: Fri Jul 7 23:09:15 2017

When a headline says it all: "Private Equity Sees No End to the Drug and Mental-Health Gold Rush"
added: Fri Jul 7 23:08:57 2017

a very quick take on @snyksec, serverless and the high cost of free from @jeffconf
added: Fri Jul 7 23:08:28 2017

Watch now on #CLTV
added: Fri Jul 7 23:06:04 2017
tags: cltv

Facebook to build housing in Silicon Valley for first time
added: Fri Jul 7 23:05:06 2017

#Russia Hackers Suspected in Cyber-Attacks on 12+ U.S. Nuclear Sites; Attacks Aimed at Disrupting U.S. Electric Grid
added: Fri Jul 7 23:00:09 2017
tags: russia

Footage has emerged showing that US tennis star Venus Williams "drove lawfully" during fatal car crash in Florida
added: Fri Jul 7 22:56:31 2017

Travel feud cancels 9/11 case hearing at Guantanamo. This is so insane.
added: Fri Jul 7 22:55:15 2017

US, Russia disagree over what Trump and Putin actually said to each other
added: Fri Jul 7 22:53:07 2017

A great assessment: How China Misread Donald Trump via @politicomag
added: Fri Jul 7 22:50:12 2017

Zillow's baseless threats against @mcmansionhell demonstrate a major problem with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
added: Fri Jul 7 22:40:23 2017

Trump administration wants to prospect the Atlantic for oil & gas using loud explosive blasts that will seriously...
added: Fri Jul 7 20:07:11 2017

Inside Raqqa's Old City (just). With Mark Phillips & @SalmaCNN
added: Fri Jul 7 18:35:52 2017

Fascist fuck
added: Fri Jul 7 16:55:33 2017

#China is trying to ensure #LiuXiaoBo doesn't die during the #G20Summit.
added: Fri Jul 7 15:17:12 2017
tags: china, liuxiaobo, g20summit

WSJ: Mueller has added 15 attorneys to probe, known for work in nat'l security, public corruption, financial crimes.
added: Fri Jul 7 13:51:30 2017

Massive cyber-attack could cost Nurofen and Durex maker £100m via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Jul 7 13:32:32 2017

Trump hails NAFTA progress, says Mexico will pay for wall
added: Fri Jul 7 13:32:14 2017

Resistance to oppression can be violent and non-violent struggle. Clearly, @lsarsour was talking about the latter.
added: Fri Jul 7 13:24:17 2017

Scientists are testing bomb-sniffing technology to create a weed breathalyzer
added: Fri Jul 7 12:00:03 2017

Why the end of Trump's bromance with Xi might allow actual progress on North Korea (by me)
added: Fri Jul 7 11:59:21 2017

Tory government urges Sadiq Khan to move Notting Hill carnival away because of Grenfell Tower
added: Fri Jul 7 11:52:35 2017

【追債不果 車撞途人洩憤】 【河南檢察院退休官員判死刑】 河南南陽市檢察院正處級退休官員馬高潮,與他人合共借出 1,200 萬元予一地產商,但因催債無望而報復社會。...
added: Fri Jul 7 11:30:06 2017

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency intercepts Chinese ship with stolen sand
added: Fri Jul 7 11:00:49 2017

'Democracy vouchers' aim to amplify low-income voices, to conservative ire
added: Fri Jul 7 10:41:22 2017

@alexhofford Good news from Japan: Rakuten bans ivory trade. Keep up the good fight in HK.
added: Fri Jul 7 10:17:01 2017

China deploys submarine in Indian Ocean Region even as India-China standoff continues @indiatoday
added: Fri Jul 7 10:05:11 2017

David Runciman on how climate scepticism turned into something much more dangerous: climate cynicism
added: Fri Jul 7 09:23:07 2017

Of Interest: Hey, moms: eating your placenta could sicken or kill your baby
added: Fri Jul 7 09:23:00 2017

HK stocks fall in global retreat, Shanghai gains
added: Fri Jul 7 09:22:03 2017

Here's a new topical song, the first of a number I intend to release in coming months in response to recent events
added: Fri Jul 7 09:21:15 2017

In a never-ending battle against TRUTH #KohTao officials filed criminal charges against @Samuitimes david & GOLIATH
added: Fri Jul 7 08:49:20 2017
tags: kohtao

Bodies of Dutch pilot & four Indonesian victims found in #WestPapua plane crash #Netherlands
added: Fri Jul 7 07:55:16 2017
tags: westpapua, netherlands

Woman killed herself over Tory pension policy after general election, claims Mhairi Black
added: Fri Jul 7 07:54:00 2017

Xi and Modi decline meeting as border dispute hots up
added: Fri Jul 7 07:44:23 2017

New paper! 📓 “Verifying Strong Eventual Consistency in Distributed Systems” — checking CRDTs with a theorem prover 😎
added: Fri Jul 7 07:37:42 2017

How Paul Robeson Found His Political Voice in the Welsh Valleys
added: Fri Jul 7 07:28:00 2017

"Xi Jinping has no strong reason to object to a North Korean nuclear insurance policy": What CN diplomats also said.
added: Fri Jul 7 07:27:46 2017

The Economist | Dog days of CCP
added: Fri Jul 7 07:25:56 2017

【董建華:98年錢其琛拒絕中央派人來港協助打擊炒家】 前行政長官董建華在一個午餐會上透露,1998年特區政府入市打擊炒家前,曾致電當時的國務院副總理錢其琛詢問中央是否可派人來港協助,錢其琛拒絕,認為不符合一國兩制。...
added: Fri Jul 7 07:24:49 2017

No halt in medication for China's Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, relative says
added: Fri Jul 7 07:23:27 2017

'just one of many contradictions as Beijing hammers the cosmopolitan Hong Kong peg into the CCP’s xenophobic hole'
added: Fri Jul 7 07:17:41 2017

So I just found this thing...and I want it xD
added: Fri Jul 7 06:55:54 2017

Turkey arrests Amnesty International Director via @New_Europe #EUpol
added: Fri Jul 7 06:37:25 2017
tags: eupol

Federal agents listened to over 3M phone calls, scored zero convictions
added: Fri Jul 7 06:18:11 2017

China to Build up to 20 Marine Economy Demonstration Zones by 2020 :
added: Fri Jul 7 06:17:21 2017

German police find underground child porn website with nearly 90,000 users
added: Fri Jul 7 06:15:09 2017

State school pupils are beating Eton students at science exams
added: Fri Jul 7 06:12:00 2017

Tory minister says women who lose their pensions 'should do an apprenticeship'
added: Fri Jul 7 06:11:24 2017

Taiwan & China's parallel spy/activist against nat'l sec cases continue. CH nat'l indicted. What's next for TW nat'l
added: Fri Jul 7 06:08:16 2017

Chinese “wealth clusters” show how good it is when the government stays out of things
added: Fri Jul 7 05:45:00 2017

The detention of 3 journalists shows a disturbing lack of press freedom in democratic Myanmar
added: Fri Jul 7 05:40:16 2017

Liu Shaoming convicted for writing on Tiananmen says @amnesty. We support freedom of expression, ask for his release
added: Fri Jul 7 04:59:25 2017

Illegal Chinese gold mines in #Ghana become the focus again as gov't calls off search for 17 trapped miners:
added: Fri Jul 7 04:47:46 2017
tags: ghana

Centrist Congressman Dan Lipinski D-Illinois admits a United lobbyist ghostwrote his anti-Gulf airlines letter
added: Fri Jul 7 04:29:25 2017

Why the RBI wants a Public Credit Registry with Aadhaar and CIN linkage
added: Fri Jul 7 04:26:24 2017

#China companies must diversify funding as banks deleverage: vice-minister via @Reuters
added: Fri Jul 7 04:25:04 2017
tags: china

Today's WTF has to be Los Alamos gathering a bunch of plutonium rods together for a photo shoot. Yes, seriously.
added: Fri Jul 7 04:14:42 2017

Deporting Uighurs has become a kind of diplomatic currency for regimes keen to ingratiate themselves w Beijing.
added: Fri Jul 7 04:14:41 2017

El Salvador teen rape victim sentenced to 30 years in prison after stillbirth
added: Fri Jul 7 03:48:57 2017

U.S. judge rejects Hawaii's bid to exempt grandparents from Trump travel ban
added: Fri Jul 7 03:07:28 2017

Google patches pwnable 'droids for Wi-Fi vuln
added: Fri Jul 7 03:07:19 2017

The New York headquarters says ban on #JoshuaWong was “an error in judgement made at the staff level” in Hong Kong
added: Fri Jul 7 03:05:27 2017
tags: joshuawong

Illinois lawmakers override vetoes to enact first budget in two years
added: Fri Jul 7 03:05:09 2017

Despite ban reports, N. Korean tankers used CNPC terminals in May, June
added: Fri Jul 7 03:00:08 2017

Russia objects to calls for UN action on North Korea after Tuesday's missile test
added: Fri Jul 7 03:00:06 2017

Taiwan thanks European Parliament's support for detained activist
added: Fri Jul 7 03:00:01 2017

This article places Bill Snyder 3rd on a list of Big 12 coaches. OK then.
added: Fri Jul 7 02:55:12 2017

To The Left, Democrats. To The Left! by @BenjaminPDixon via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Fri Jul 7 02:50:03 2017

China OKs More Mergers in June #China #M&As #mergers #SAC #securities
added: Fri Jul 7 02:27:11 2017
tags: sac, china, securities, m, mergers

所以大家咪會咁樣稱呼警察囉 :O #好似係 #警二哥退休 【嘆政治環境令同袍變磨心:冇警察鍾意處理公眾集會】 【警二哥憶捉悍匪險甩轆:衝入屋見到睇緊世界盃】...
added: Fri Jul 7 02:24:23 2017
tags: 好似係, 警二哥退休

Apparently objecting to kowtowing is a western, imperialist concept (wonder which way this one's going ... 🙄)
added: Fri Jul 7 01:48:44 2017

If anything, the whole past week of Xu's visit to Hong Kong looks more like a show of force to the world
added: Fri Jul 7 01:24:40 2017

How #China is rewriting the rulebook on capital flows via @markets @business @jeffkearns @Jeffrey_Black #yuan
added: Fri Jul 7 01:24:11 2017
tags: china, yuan

The Aboriginal History Archive Project is seeking a Research Archivist to work with Prof Gary Foley #archives #job
added: Fri Jul 7 01:02:25 2017
tags: archives, job

‘It’s too late’: Seven signs Australia can’t avoid economic apocalypse via @newscomauHQ
added: Fri Jul 7 00:56:05 2017

Committed to FreeBSD 11.1 release branch: Add Amazon Elastic Network Adapter driver and turn it on in EC2 AMI builds
added: Fri Jul 7 00:49:11 2017

Activist short sellers are swarming Hong Kong, but few else are following.
added: Fri Jul 7 00:30:07 2017

New Hong Kong education chief defends enrolling own children in int'l school
added: Fri Jul 7 00:04:22 2017

"Trump minimized ideals in American identity, maximized importance of 'civilization' - ties of ethnicity and blood"
added: Thu Jul 6 23:43:11 2017

BREAKING: Nuclear plant operators, including Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp. in Kansas, hit with cyberattacks:
added: Thu Jul 6 23:21:08 2017

"I believe that Deccani Urdu has influenced what we speak as Urdu in today's world". - @vidyasings @DalrympleWill
added: Thu Jul 6 23:16:28 2017

Four Arab states leading Qatar boycott say initial demands void, vow more measures via @Reuters
added: Thu Jul 6 22:38:41 2017

Republican lawmakers buy health insurance stocks as repeal effort moves forward by @lhfang
added: Thu Jul 6 21:38:06 2017

Should journalists expose trolls?
added: Thu Jul 6 21:00:03 2017

Per Daily Beast, Andrew Kaczynski's wife & parents are getting dozens of harassing phone calls. This needs to stop.
added: Thu Jul 6 20:23:38 2017

#KrisKobach knows #Crosscheck's just a con. If Crosscheck's legit, why hide the lists?…
added: Thu Jul 6 19:26:26 2017
tags: crosscheck, kriskobach

New study says Clinton lost because states with highest casualty rates in Iraq & Afghanistan saw her as too pro-war
added: Thu Jul 6 14:42:22 2017

The EU wants to stop gadgets having glued-in batteries // Yes, please!
added: Thu Jul 6 13:49:03 2017

Hong Kong Customs smashes upstairs showroom selling suspected counterfeit products
added: Thu Jul 6 13:21:05 2017

Negev Bedouins used to routinely serve in the Israeli army. Now, they've grown alienated from the state. My column.
added: Thu Jul 6 13:09:30 2017

Pyongyang will likely soon start testing new ICBMs, with even greater ranges
added: Thu Jul 6 13:00:29 2017

How emperors in imperial #China were assessed after their death
added: Thu Jul 6 12:45:05 2017
tags: china

Australia urges Hong Kong to get on with open skies as it eyes Chinese tourists via @SCMP_News #aviation
added: Thu Jul 6 12:34:04 2017
tags: aviation

Dalit-Bahujans Guide to Understand Caste in Hindu Vedas and Scriptures
added: Thu Jul 6 12:20:10 2017

At PMQs, Theresa May chose to insult doctors and nurses on the 69th anniversary of the NHS
added: Thu Jul 6 12:20:00 2017

South Africa's Eskom signs $1.5 billion loan agreement with China
added: Thu Jul 6 12:18:04 2017

How a lack of access to reliable weather data is hurting African farmers
added: Thu Jul 6 12:15:54 2017

Globe editorial: China has a lot to answer for in North Korea
added: Thu Jul 6 11:10:54 2017

Spots and Stripes: Will a Dragon Save a Tiger?
added: Thu Jul 6 11:10:09 2017

More like Westeros Wing: White House aides are building their own tiny fiefdoms
added: Thu Jul 6 11:04:06 2017

Explore #Taiwan's sustainable development in 120 hours | Taiwan News
added: Thu Jul 6 10:57:19 2017
tags: taiwan

This, by Mark Penn and Andy Stein is Mark Penn-level bad. One clue? Literally no sources, references, data
added: Thu Jul 6 10:29:05 2017

Super Lulz 😂 Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment, via @nzherald
added: Thu Jul 6 10:14:21 2017

added: Thu Jul 6 10:11:38 2017

Daimler Puts $735 Million Jolt Into China Electric-Car Drive #Daimler #EVs #electricvehicles
added: Thu Jul 6 09:47:08 2017
tags: daimler, evs, electricvehicles

#Singapore’s luxury home prices may finally be showing signs of a recovery via @markets @business #property
added: Thu Jul 6 09:37:19 2017
tags: singapore, property

Backdoor built in to widely used tax app seeded last week’s NotPetya outbreak via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Jul 6 09:32:34 2017

holy hell. people with brain implants can't walk through those theft scanning systems.
added: Thu Jul 6 09:32:16 2017

#Tibet : #Tibetan monk missing in custody sentenced to a 3 year prison term
added: Thu Jul 6 09:31:57 2017
tags: tibetan, tibet

#Chinese man indicted for espionage in #Taiwan | Cross-Strait | FocusTaiwan
added: Thu Jul 6 08:55:03 2017
tags: chinese, taiwan

Serious head injuries nearly double your risk of dementia
added: Thu Jul 6 08:53:53 2017

Two jobs just to eat: that’s life for workers in low-wage Britain | Frances Ryan
added: Thu Jul 6 08:51:16 2017

Analysis: Trump has been to his golf club in Virginia 11 times as president — and beyond the Mississippi once
added: Thu Jul 6 08:51:08 2017

PRC ambassador to India: "The Chinese people are very angry...The Chinese government is facing great pressure"
added: Thu Jul 6 06:34:01 2017

Elephant tusks weighing 7.2 tonnes were found concealed in a container from Malaysia.
added: Thu Jul 6 06:33:28 2017

#Ukraine police seize company’s servers that allegedly spread malware #Kiev
added: Thu Jul 6 06:30:00 2017
tags: ukraine, kiev

Tomorrow Holdings' forced subsidiary sale after exec vanishes begs question: who's next? Anbang? @petesweeneypro
added: Thu Jul 6 06:26:31 2017

Minority Hindus of Pakistan's Punjab told to vacate houses
added: Thu Jul 6 05:45:00 2017

We should focus limited resources to those with financial needs, says new welfare secretary
added: Thu Jul 6 05:42:52 2017

Cancer vaccines could prime our own bodies to fight tumours
added: Thu Jul 6 05:40:34 2017

Defending your website with ZIP bombs. It's as nasty as it sounds
added: Thu Jul 6 05:40:25 2017

#JoshuaWong is worried a prison term of three months or more will stop him standing in the next Legco elections
added: Thu Jul 6 05:37:42 2017
tags: joshuawong

No-fly zone, online ticket quests as Liaoning nears Hong Kong
added: Thu Jul 6 05:36:58 2017

It is not a particularly complex path to get there
added: Thu Jul 6 04:56:14 2017

My report on China's bustling trade with #NorthKorea, including gold, which should be sanctioned.
added: Thu Jul 6 04:36:39 2017
tags: northkorea

@RealGeneKim reading about the code that Toyota used is a bit terrifying
added: Thu Jul 6 04:35:27 2017

Hobby Lobby to forfeit ancient Iraqi artifacts in settlement with DOJ
added: Thu Jul 6 04:35:06 2017

SC ruling: Duterte can put 'entire PH' under martial law via @rapplerdotcom
added: Thu Jul 6 04:19:31 2017

【進口貨櫃來自香港】 【日本:發現紅火蟻蟻后】 日本當局上周在來自香港的貨櫃發現紅火蟻,翌日緊急搜查卸貨的大阪南港,檢獲數十隻紅火蟻屍體,當中包括蟻后,未知有否結巢繁殖。 日本 5...
added: Thu Jul 6 02:45:14 2017

Hobby Lobby's excuse for 5,000 illegally smuggled artifacts: we're new at this via @TPM
added: Thu Jul 6 02:43:14 2017

Scalise back in intensive care via @politico
added: Thu Jul 6 02:37:26 2017

I mean, it's just hard to take some people seriously.
added: Thu Jul 6 02:37:05 2017

Ahoy! #HongKong plans more moorings for private vessels. #boating #boatlife #Yacht #yachtlife
added: Thu Jul 6 02:36:54 2017
tags: hongkong, boating, boatlife, yacht, yachtlife

Even if you don't know what 18F is, read this piece for what it says abt Trump's politicization of govt.
added: Thu Jul 6 01:53:25 2017 Why so much document.write? Ads. Google uses document.write in their DFP passback example:…
added: Thu Jul 6 01:35:07 2017

U.S. proposes cutting total biofuels requirements in 2018
added: Thu Jul 6 01:35:05 2017

U.S. to introduce new N. Korea resolution, major powers still at odds
added: Thu Jul 6 00:46:58 2017

Theaters in China now showing mandatory patriotic clips ("Chinese Dream") prior to film screenings. via @staronline
added: Thu Jul 6 00:15:51 2017

Memory chipmaker Micron says operations at #Taiwan plant recovering after output hiccup | Reuters #IC #tech
added: Thu Jul 6 00:15:31 2017
tags: taiwan, tech, ic

Indiana GOP's Call for 'Obamacare Horror Stories' Backfires Spectacularly
added: Thu Jul 6 00:15:00 2017

#China halves student quota for #Taiwan: official | Cross-Strait |
added: Thu Jul 6 00:14:05 2017
tags: china, taiwan

Italy agrees €1.2bn deal to build Iranian railway #IranDeal
added: Thu Jul 6 00:12:30 2017
tags: irandeal

#Taiwan Parliamentary Delegation to visit #US to express thanks - Taipei Times
added: Thu Jul 6 00:07:58 2017
tags: taiwan, us

Labor law amendments affecting #Taiwan Presidential Office Building: sources - Taipei Times
added: Thu Jul 6 00:04:03 2017
tags: taiwan

Updates to NotPetya Lead to Server Seizure at Ukrainian Software Firm via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Jul 6 00:02:47 2017

Christie, Trump July 4 antics were a warning: Declaration of Independence rings hollow in land w/ no accountability
added: Wed Jul 5 23:35:05 2017

US chides China over North Korea: 'That's not going to happen', @realDonaldTrump, writes @Johnkehoe23.
added: Wed Jul 5 22:50:00 2017

Election integrity comm member:“We should have predicted” backlash; Kris Kobach addresses defiant officials via @mic
added: Wed Jul 5 21:44:32 2017

With all this talk of magic money trees, austerity & paycaps, I'm reposting my review of @AnnPettifor 's great book
added: Wed Jul 5 19:47:44 2017

CNN, Doxing, And A Few Ways In Which We Are Full of Shit As A Political Culture
added: Wed Jul 5 19:39:15 2017

The Beijing ambassador's rich fantasy life occludes the gangland brutality of the dirty regime he serves.
added: Wed Jul 5 17:20:31 2017

Why was no one prosecuted for causing the 2008 financial crisis? A new book blames a fearful elite establishment.
added: Wed Jul 5 17:00:23 2017

#Yazd, the city of #windcatchers, under @UNESCO's assessment to become one of #Iran's #WorldHeritage sites.
added: Wed Jul 5 14:22:09 2017
tags: iran, worldheritage, yazd, windcatchers

NEW: Insider Info: An intrusion campaign targeting Chinese language news sites @grayops @cybersteez @cmatthewbrooks
added: Wed Jul 5 13:05:52 2017

Top U.S. general in South Korea says self-restraint is only thing keeping U.S. and South Korea from war with North
added: Wed Jul 5 09:34:05 2017

"We have probably spent £40 million and yet we have no evidence to suggest there's been any lowering of Bovine TB...
added: Wed Jul 5 09:33:10 2017

Hackers connected to NotPetya ransomware surface online, empty bitcoin wallet
added: Wed Jul 5 09:15:44 2017

Bedouin communities in the occupied West Bank:
added: Wed Jul 5 09:15:08 2017

Intel laying off 140 in California and Ireland IOT TANKING… well we always knew it would… Intel can’t build shit..
added: Wed Jul 5 09:13:27 2017

Don't blame #China for this Korean car crash via @gadfly @sbanjo
added: Wed Jul 5 09:12:49 2017
tags: china

WSUXploit : A Weaponized WSUS Exploit Script : , Paper : , Slides :
added: Wed Jul 5 09:10:17 2017

Rail companies agree to sell advance tickets on day of journeys
added: Wed Jul 5 09:10:01 2017

On the 69th #NHSBirthday, a nurse writes: I urge the Government to reverse cuts and pay staff a salary they deserve.
added: Wed Jul 5 09:10:00 2017
tags: nhsbirthday

Ants can move stocks: Fire ant fears in #Japan boost shares of pesticide maker to 30-year high @markets @business
added: Wed Jul 5 09:06:55 2017
tags: japan

Shareable luxury handbags arrive in China
added: Wed Jul 5 09:04:23 2017

Chinese deities flown on business class to Malaysia
added: Wed Jul 5 09:03:09 2017

Russia and China condemn launch, call for dual suspension, criticize THAAD
added: Wed Jul 5 09:00:45 2017

HTTPS Certificate Revocation is broken, & it’s time for some new tools | @Scott_Helme
added: Wed Jul 5 09:00:10 2017

The future of tickets might be ultrasonic audio from your phone
added: Wed Jul 5 08:57:18 2017

'Music is a time machine. Proust knew it.' —Ivan Delazari, who writes about King Crimson
added: Wed Jul 5 08:55:44 2017

#China opens ratings market after #BondConnect launch @GlobalRMB @GlobalCapAsia #markets #news #investment
added: Wed Jul 5 08:42:03 2017
tags: bondconnect, news, investment, markets, china

Protester charged in court and remanded at Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric assessment:
added: Wed Jul 5 08:41:39 2017

Getting scrappy: China iron ore demand may falter as steel recycling grows
added: Wed Jul 5 08:40:34 2017

Principia nearly didn't get published because @royalsociety funded a book on the history of fish which cost 💰💰
added: Wed Jul 5 08:39:02 2017

Geely's Volvo to go all electric with new models from 2019
added: Wed Jul 5 07:25:40 2017

Moscow extends tit-for-tat sanctions banning imports of some food & other goods from US, EU, Canada, and others
added: Wed Jul 5 07:25:23 2017

Mob kills Muslim man with bricks in street attack as police look on
added: Wed Jul 5 07:22:45 2017

G20 public finance for fossil fuels 'is four times more than renewables' - UK even worse...
added: Wed Jul 5 07:22:38 2017

Civil servants may have to decide whether to obey the Catalan government, or Madrid and the Constitutional Court
added: Wed Jul 5 07:20:01 2017

The huge NHS strike you probably haven't heard about
added: Wed Jul 5 07:14:19 2017

Three-quarters of graduates will never pay off their student loans, finds report
added: Wed Jul 5 07:09:00 2017

Intel Core i9-7900X review: The fastest chip in the world, but too darn expensive by…
added: Wed Jul 5 07:07:01 2017

This is good: @nickjbarlow on the importance of not confusing the concepts of "liberalism" and "centrism" #feedly
added: Wed Jul 5 07:01:01 2017
tags: feedly

Tory austerity declared 'dead in the water' after firefighters offered cap-busting pay rise
added: Wed Jul 5 06:22:54 2017

Electronics ban on flights from Turkey to U.S. lifted: Dogan agency
added: Wed Jul 5 06:10:24 2017

In Neanderthal DNA, Signs of a Mysterious Human Migration, via @nytimes
added: Wed Jul 5 06:09:35 2017

added: Wed Jul 5 05:47:36 2017

If fed Comm. wants Wisconsin voter info they can have it the price is $12,500 for the entire statewide voter file
added: Wed Jul 5 05:47:20 2017

Dokalam stand-off: 'Indian military can choose to return with dignity or be kicked out by China's PLA'
added: Wed Jul 5 05:45:00 2017

Moody's downgrades Qatar's economic outlook to "negative" because of the ongoing feud in the Gulf.
added: Wed Jul 5 05:43:14 2017

Poorest students will finish university with £57,000 debt, says IFS
added: Wed Jul 5 05:43:05 2017

Philippine troops find beheaded Vietnamese captives in south
added: Wed Jul 5 05:12:38 2017

If someone who has been here a long time like Pendery doesn't quality, no one can.
added: Wed Jul 5 04:58:46 2017

Iran’s ‘Trumpism’ Cartoon Contest Draws 1,600 Submissions
added: Wed Jul 5 04:43:06 2017

Two decades after the handover to China, Hong Kong is losing its special luster
added: Wed Jul 5 04:30:05 2017

U.S. prosecutors ask judge to silence Shkreli during trial
added: Wed Jul 5 04:05:08 2017

The U.S. message to Beijing is clear: “Get your house in order"
added: Wed Jul 5 04:00:21 2017

London investigators say obscure Chinese town is world’s biggest hub for illegal ivory
added: Wed Jul 5 04:00:19 2017

Video: Chief Exec. Carrie Lam lays out HK$3.6bn education plan at legislature
added: Wed Jul 5 04:00:19 2017

Babe's farmer faces jail after protesting against power plant
added: Wed Jul 5 03:58:00 2017

#China cuts use of dirty #coal by 40 percent, Wood Mackenzie says
added: Wed Jul 5 03:57:53 2017
tags: china, coal

Chinese banks' short-term debt is fall for first time this quarter via @markets @business #China #bonds
added: Wed Jul 5 03:55:19 2017
tags: china, bonds

Interesting: how #Cathay's devaluation of its frequent flyer programme hit, not helped, its bottom line
added: Wed Jul 5 03:48:23 2017
tags: cathay

Experts from the United States and Germany have been "invited" to the mainland to treat #LiuXiaobo
added: Wed Jul 5 03:30:02 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

#China’s record steel futures bets risk a sharp retreat if the market weakens via @markets @business
added: Wed Jul 5 03:29:32 2017
tags: china

China and Russia sidelines the US, vows to work together to "peacefully defuse" North Korea nuclear crisis:
added: Wed Jul 5 03:29:15 2017

This #HongKong hedge fund is thanking the short sellers, and betting against them @business @taylor_a_hall @natbaker
added: Wed Jul 5 03:27:54 2017
tags: hongkong

'Police face a lot of stress': Chief Exec. Carrie Lam says no evidence of abuse by officers…
added: Wed Jul 5 03:22:20 2017

Thinking Parallel, Part I: Collision Detection on the GPU: Comments:
added: Wed Jul 5 03:10:07 2017

@alanwongw should've gone on RTHK for a livefeed man ;)
added: Wed Jul 5 03:07:15 2017

Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream encounters reality check in Hong Kong via @FT
added: Wed Jul 5 03:06:02 2017

qatar strikes back at its neighbors with... increased natural gas production
added: Wed Jul 5 02:57:47 2017

Shanghai Gorgeous上海国之杰集团 tied to Anxin Trust, Minsheng & Neil Bush
added: Wed Jul 5 02:57:34 2017

China's electric cars are actually pretty dirty via @bv
added: Wed Jul 5 02:57:22 2017

japan, it seems, has a backup plan after america abandoned the tpp
added: Wed Jul 5 02:55:22 2017

林鄭月娥提到要為經濟發展「拆牆鬆綁」,梁國雄打斷指出全民退保獲9成人支持,卻不見「鬆綁」,被主席梁君彥趕出議事廳。 〈林鄭:發展難免有人犧牲 「橫洲黑幕」僅朱凱廸個人指控〉...
added: Wed Jul 5 02:54:05 2017

"Using the archaic Unlawful Associations Act to incarcerate journalists is an affront to democracy in Myanmar"
added: Wed Jul 5 02:51:00 2017

Trolls aren't as safe as they think. Very few ppl are online
added: Wed Jul 5 02:49:11 2017

Shanghai Gorgeous announces $1.8 billion investment in Panama ports etc or $900 million?…
added: Wed Jul 5 02:41:43 2017

Cars 700% less likely to stop for blacks in the middle of a road than whites: Comments:
added: Wed Jul 5 02:40:06 2017

China's rising consumer class is slowly losing interest in foreign brands
added: Wed Jul 5 01:53:26 2017

China'd probably never agree to reuniting Korea unless US withdrew troops, but might be interested in deposing Kim.
added: Wed Jul 5 01:53:05 2017

Vietnam for greater Indian role in South China Sea Asia via @the_hindu
added: Wed Jul 5 01:46:25 2017

EU approves bailout of Italy's Monte dei Paschi bank
added: Wed Jul 5 01:43:10 2017

tough, anonymous internet racist becomes immediately supine when his identity is discovered
added: Wed Jul 5 01:30:35 2017

〈社民連不是黨派?〉 林鄭到立會,即標榜當選後已聯絡不同黨派議員「破冰」,長毛馬上舉手提出規程問題,反駁「佢無搵我喎!」但被主席梁君彥駁回。 【答問大會 內容重點】
added: Wed Jul 5 01:20:02 2017
added: Wed Jul 5 01:15:21 2017

Beijing delays licensing tech groups to give consumers credit scores
added: Wed Jul 5 00:45:33 2017

EU edges toward agreed policy on hormone disrupting chemicals
added: Wed Jul 5 00:40:14 2017

Tick saliva contains proteins that could cure heart disease
added: Wed Jul 5 00:40:08 2017

#China struck deal after deal abroad over the last few years. Now the bill is due via @business
added: Wed Jul 5 00:39:24 2017
tags: china

Saudi Arabia has 'clear link' to UK extremism, report says
added: Wed Jul 5 00:38:32 2017

Citing #Taiwan, #XiJinping tells #Trump 'negative factors' hurting ties - The China Post #China
added: Wed Jul 5 00:38:15 2017
tags: trump, xijinping, taiwan, china

#Taiwan conducted military drills as #Chinese battleships sailed through its defense zone: report - The China Post
added: Wed Jul 5 00:37:32 2017
tags: taiwan, chinese

EU seeks to outlaw 'backdoors' in new data privacy proposals
added: Wed Jul 5 00:37:12 2017

@caitlinrgreen The marks on #Tanzania reminded me of this: Iranians of of #Zanzibar | #Shiraz
added: Wed Jul 5 00:24:48 2017
tags: shiraz, tanzania, zanzibar

Fourth largest Bitcoin exchange. Bithumb, hacked for billions of Won (& 30,000 customer credentials)
added: Wed Jul 5 00:23:27 2017

Mylan is @Sen_JoeManchin 's second top donor. We can connect the dots. #InvestingInOurselves #PaulaJean2018
added: Wed Jul 5 00:08:08 2017
tags: paulajean2018, investinginourselves

US Senate Strikes for Russian Equality – The Oligarchs Targeted in New Sanctions Bill
added: Tue Jul 4 23:29:04 2017

Sen Ron Johnson's draconian stance on health care obscured by lazy media coverage. #wiunion #wiright #wipolitics
added: Tue Jul 4 23:02:04 2017
tags: wiright, wipolitics, wiunion

I knew this was BS from day one but it teaches everyone a lesson "consider the source."
added: Tue Jul 4 22:53:31 2017

Chicago library seeks help transcribing magical manuscripts
added: Tue Jul 4 19:10:26 2017

Chinese Grammar Matters: A Response to Julian Ku | The China CollectionThe China Collection
added: Tue Jul 4 19:07:08 2017

added: Tue Jul 4 18:56:40 2017
tags: notinmyname

France gives commercial builders a choice: from now on, new roofs must either be covered in plants, or solar panels
added: Tue Jul 4 18:32:39 2017

Here's a piece I wrote on the anniversary of the handover on art, censorship & the future of creativity in Hong Kong
added: Tue Jul 4 18:31:35 2017

Ringling Bros want to export 15 tigers from the US to a German circus:
added: Tue Jul 4 14:01:58 2017

Civilians Emerge From Mosul’s Rubble Starving, Injured and Traumatized
added: Tue Jul 4 13:58:54 2017

Astronomers are watching one galaxy destroy another - for a very good reason
added: Tue Jul 4 12:29:18 2017

"Kim Jong Nam's son did not want body handed over to N. Korea."
added: Tue Jul 4 12:28:35 2017

A man who held up a sign calling for PM @leehsienloong’s resignation has been arrested under the Public Order Act:
added: Tue Jul 4 09:40:48 2017

New Florida law lets any resident challenge what’s taught in science classes
added: Tue Jul 4 07:31:48 2017

Philippines Supreme Court backs Duterte's martial law
added: Tue Jul 4 07:30:07 2017

Recovering Africa’s Stolen Assets: from Jersey to Kenya
added: Tue Jul 4 07:17:54 2017

"Christian" worship ceremony held at MTR Nam Cheong station construction site after spate of industrial accidents 🤔🤔
added: Tue Jul 4 07:14:11 2017

The move to Zhengzhou follows a spate of suicides in 2010 at Foxconn’s other iPhone production facility in Shenzhen
added: Tue Jul 4 06:31:26 2017

"ruling junta continuing to drag its feet on the country’s full restoration to democratic governance" #Thailand #US
added: Tue Jul 4 06:29:36 2017
tags: us, thailand

Grandad battling deadly cancer trials new drug - and the results are astonishing
added: Tue Jul 4 06:23:23 2017

Why Roman concrete still stands strong while modern version decays
added: Tue Jul 4 06:14:31 2017

Bond Connect to speed up #China entry in global bond indices @GlobalRMB #China #markets #news #bonds #investment
added: Tue Jul 4 06:08:33 2017
tags: china, markets, news, bonds, investment

Right-to-Work laws are associated with $1,558 lower annual wages for a typical full-time, full-year worker.
added: Tue Jul 4 06:08:13 2017

Vince Cable vows to fight the 'irrational cult of youth'
added: Tue Jul 4 06:07:00 2017

UK should request single market membership with suspension of freedom of movement - Clegg.
added: Tue Jul 4 05:58:57 2017

Puerto Rico’s Power Authority Effectively Files for Bankruptcy
added: Tue Jul 4 05:56:16 2017

A war or recession might be needed to break low volatility, Goldman says
added: Tue Jul 4 05:51:20 2017

Greece legalises marijuana for medical purposes
added: Tue Jul 4 05:37:22 2017

Tencent shares drag HSI down, Shanghai falls
added: Tue Jul 4 05:20:11 2017

A Remote Chinese Province Uses Its Climate To Grow A Big-Data Industry
added: Tue Jul 4 04:44:53 2017

#Uyghur Human Rights Activist #IlhamTohti Has Received Weimar 2017 Human Rights Prize
added: Tue Jul 4 04:43:49 2017
tags: uyghur, ilhamtohti

#Taiwan: #Taipei mayor @KP_Taipei calls trip to #Shanghai 'very successful' | Taiwan News
added: Tue Jul 4 04:39:55 2017
tags: taiwan, shanghai, taipei

#Taiwan National Palace Museum (NPM), San Francisco museum forge sister #museum agreement | #Culture |
added: Tue Jul 4 04:37:07 2017
tags: culture, taiwan, museum

Mexico will use trained dolphins to try to save an endangered species of porpoise
added: Tue Jul 4 03:37:02 2017

Scientists are now peering inside the only complete library that has survived from antiquity.
added: Tue Jul 4 03:36:54 2017

Xinhua's new, horrifying "Canto" song "My Hong Kong", in which nothing is in the right tone.
added: Tue Jul 4 03:34:45 2017

LeEco Assets Frozen Due to Overdue Loan Payments #LeEco #LeShi #JiaYueting
added: Tue Jul 4 03:09:09 2017
tags: leeco, jiayueting, leshi

Medicare data leaks, but who was breached?
added: Tue Jul 4 03:06:34 2017

Stumbled onto an interesting video about the growing labor rights problems (& recent strike) in videogame voiceovers
added: Tue Jul 4 02:49:02 2017

US manufacturing activity expands in June: ISM
added: Tue Jul 4 02:47:09 2017

Bob Mueller keeps adding prosecutors who must not have anything better to do with their time.
added: Tue Jul 4 02:47:03 2017

@uCanWorkfr0mhom @RealTimBlack I was lucky. Tim was one of the first few who interviewed me
added: Tue Jul 4 02:41:35 2017

Merit, My Foot: An Attack on an Intellectual Bankruptcy and Backwardness of the Nation
added: Tue Jul 4 02:40:06 2017

Cloud-based #AI system will track cadres' every move, from attendance at Party events to comments on social media
added: Tue Jul 4 02:40:05 2017
tags: ai

BBC explains why they use 「主權移交」(“transfer of sovereignty”) and never「回歸」(“homecoming”) when reporting on Hong Kong
added: Tue Jul 4 02:40:00 2017

Local Democrats Demand End to Superdelegates by @SubvertingPower via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Tue Jul 4 02:21:13 2017

African Migrants in Israel struggle under new tax, racism
added: Tue Jul 4 02:20:01 2017

America's history is littered with the failures of utopian planned communities
added: Tue Jul 4 02:15:43 2017

China failed to gauge "the minimum necessary action required to satisfy the Trump administration"
added: Tue Jul 4 02:06:49 2017

Ro Khanna has introduced a bill that would tax wealthy corporations if they don’t pay their employees a living wage
added: Tue Jul 4 01:21:00 2017

Studies clearly link gun ownership and opposition to certain gun-control laws with expressions of racism.
added: Tue Jul 4 01:20:34 2017

3 good recent articles on the economic #mainlandization of #HK
added: Tue Jul 4 01:20:04 2017
tags: mainlandization, hk

Journalist Beatriz Sanchez beats sociologist Alberto Mayol to lead the left-wing Broad Front coalition
added: Tue Jul 4 01:20:00 2017

#China warns against "negative" turn in U.S. relationship as Trump raises heat via @bpolitics
added: Tue Jul 4 01:19:19 2017
tags: china

China says "Pacts must be respected - this is a basic principle of international law," via @Reuters
added: Tue Jul 4 01:18:19 2017

Court rejects Trump administration move to delay methane regulation
added: Tue Jul 4 01:05:06 2017

NPLs & China's court system, although there are more issues than the authors say
added: Tue Jul 4 01:00:57 2017

Notorious Jersey child home should be demolished: inquiry
added: Tue Jul 4 00:41:09 2017

That said, commercial UAS (and even the Raven) are notoriously susceptible to jamming.
added: Tue Jul 4 00:39:14 2017

Good blog post w/ maps on the Doklam plateau India, Bhutan and China stand-off
added: Tue Jul 4 00:37:55 2017

Terror attacks receive five times more media coverage if perpetrator is Muslim, study finds!
added: Tue Jul 4 00:33:43 2017

The Endangered Species Act protects vulnerable species. Now, the ESA itself is threatened.
added: Tue Jul 4 00:30:02 2017

No, Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Is Not Hurting Workers
added: Tue Jul 4 00:26:28 2017

#China's restraint two decades ago heralded the start of a new economic order @business @endacurran #economy
added: Tue Jul 4 00:25:21 2017
tags: economy, china

Why do some seabirds eat so much plastic? Because it smells like food. #WorldSeabirdDay
added: Tue Jul 4 00:25:07 2017
tags: worldseabirdday

The Sunset of American Exceptionalism
added: Tue Jul 4 00:24:05 2017

Stefano Boeri Architetti builds tree-covered skyscrapers in Liuzhou, China
added: Tue Jul 4 00:22:24 2017

Norway PM Solberg cuts off interview after she was asked on Liu Xiaobo. Foreign Minister also has nothing to say.
added: Tue Jul 4 00:18:38 2017

German e-gov protocol carries ancient vulns via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jul 4 00:17:23 2017

China tipped to give its spooks a licence to haunt foreign lands
added: Tue Jul 4 00:16:47 2017

Beijing remaking Hong Kong in its image. My latest..... #XiJinping #HongKong #UmbrellaRevolution
added: Tue Jul 4 00:14:14 2017
tags: umbrellarevolution, xijinping, hongkong

Exposed: The Chinese town at the centre of global #ivory smuggling
added: Mon Jul 3 23:44:14 2017
tags: ivory

Chinese envoy to UN warns of 'disastrous' consequences unless talks reopen with N. Korea
added: Mon Jul 3 23:35:39 2017

A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country:
added: Mon Jul 3 14:00:03 2017

#freebsd stack clash commit is now in CURRENT.
added: Mon Jul 3 12:37:04 2017
tags: freebsd

Why it’s so easy to lose money in bonds--Heard on the Street via @WSJ
added: Mon Jul 3 12:36:22 2017

Background on the HDV housing privatisation plan being opposed in light of Grenfell:
added: Mon Jul 3 11:33:43 2017

Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility with posters! #design #a11y #tips
added: Mon Jul 3 11:20:09 2017
tags: design, a11y, tips

Just walked past tolerated on-street sex workers in Chinatown meanwhile this in Swindon. Where's the logic?
added: Mon Jul 3 11:11:53 2017

Japan, India and China Facing Off in Africa
added: Mon Jul 3 11:10:10 2017

Macron redefines tradition with contested speech at Versailles
added: Mon Jul 3 10:32:19 2017

Sun’s gravity could power interstellar video streaming
added: Mon Jul 3 09:55:39 2017

Would-be jaywalkers in Shanghai beware!
added: Mon Jul 3 09:33:00 2017

Thailand's new labor rules send thousands of migrant workers fleeing @Reuters @MimiSawitta @ShoonNaing @Simondlewis
added: Mon Jul 3 09:30:33 2017

Bus bursts into flames after collision in Germany, killing 17: report
added: Mon Jul 3 09:27:44 2017

China, Russia share opposition to U.S. THAAD in South Korea: Xi
added: Mon Jul 3 08:11:05 2017

Trump: We are renegotiating a trade deal right now.. Korea: no, we are not.
added: Mon Jul 3 08:10:12 2017

Donald Trump's business dealings in Indonesia unearthed via @abcnews
added: Mon Jul 3 08:03:07 2017

'Severe' Systemd Bug Allowed Remote Code Execution For Two Years
added: Mon Jul 3 07:36:32 2017

Drivers are the top consumers of #palmoil in Europe - this is utter insanity; we must end it now
added: Mon Jul 3 07:35:36 2017
tags: palmoil

Excited to announce that Jools Holland will be joined by @RealSirTomJones, @Beverleyknight & more in our #Stax Prom!
added: Mon Jul 3 06:49:35 2017
tags: stax

"Malaysia’s Priority is to Manage, not Stop, China’s Investments" By Wan Saiful Wan Jan
added: Mon Jul 3 06:33:02 2017

BBC News - Avignon shooting: Eight injured near French mosque
added: Mon Jul 3 06:13:30 2017

#EJI Carrie Lam to reject CY plan on MPF offsetting mechanism
added: Mon Jul 3 06:06:42 2017
tags: eji

#EJI ‘Red money’ poses a threat to HK media independence: HKJA
added: Mon Jul 3 06:06:42 2017
tags: eji

More credible China bond ratings are the key to attracting foreign inflows, says @LJucca
added: Mon Jul 3 05:42:58 2017

Getting around China's Great Firewall just got tougher as a popular VPN is shut down
added: Mon Jul 3 05:34:01 2017

Beijing's Mystery Canal: Centuries-Old Brook Reimagined in Qianmen Neighborhood h/t @chinarhyming @earth2jo
added: Mon Jul 3 05:04:26 2017

郭卓堅(長洲覆核王)說只要是不公義、不合理的事,便會提出司法覆核,不會退縮,「無法援、無律師咪自己上庭囉。」 〈智障牙科服務瀕結束 團體七一收集聯署促常規化〉...
added: Mon Jul 3 04:58:05 2017

Good report on how Dems are making a process argument to help the insurance industry block single payer
added: Mon Jul 3 04:54:40 2017

20 yrs on from Asia crash, lots of piece like this lamenting that Thailand is once more an economic sick man
added: Mon Jul 3 04:53:02 2017

Ram Temple issue: SC to hear plea filed by Swamy seeking intervention
added: Mon Jul 3 04:45:00 2017

Tokyo Governor’s Party Heads for Big Win in City Election
added: Mon Jul 3 04:44:17 2017

A VICE journalist has gained access to Chechnya’s prisons for gay men
added: Mon Jul 3 04:42:47 2017

Etihad says laptop ban lifted on flights from Abu Dhabi International Airport to US
added: Mon Jul 3 04:40:04 2017

Microalgae Can Power Buses and Trucks: Chilean Scientists
added: Mon Jul 3 04:40:00 2017

Global coalition from five nations demands “Five Eyes” respect encryption
added: Mon Jul 3 04:35:45 2017

As India boosts soldiers in Sikkim's Doka La, China calls for withdrawal of troops to de-escalate tension
added: Mon Jul 3 04:35:16 2017

Woman and gorilla share touching moment at zoo watching videos on her phone in viral photo
added: Mon Jul 3 04:32:38 2017

China issues map to play 'victim', cover PLA's encroachment bid via @economictimes
added: Mon Jul 3 04:17:27 2017

Kaspersky repeats offer: America can see my source code
added: Mon Jul 3 04:07:27 2017

SFC bans Mr Fok Chi Kin for 8 months: For taking a sales presentation and a client list with him when he moved from…
added: Mon Jul 3 04:02:05 2017

Just put this out: Toshiba hasn’t revealed that SK Hynix could get stake in its chip business
added: Mon Jul 3 03:40:04 2017

Aid Helicopter Crash Kills 8 After Indonesian Volcano Erupts
added: Mon Jul 3 03:26:59 2017

【行政長官林鄭月娥首天到特首辦上班】 行政長官林鄭月娥第一天到特首辦上班,她表示作為帶領香港的「第一責任人」任重道遠,又預告明天行政會議會審議新增50億教育開支的分配,相信立法會很大機會通過。 #有線新聞 #行政長官...
added: Mon Jul 3 03:23:36 2017
tags: 行政長官, 有線新聞

China’s interbank bond market in five charts
added: Mon Jul 3 03:18:27 2017

South China floods kill 15, thousands evacuated
added: Mon Jul 3 03:15:13 2017

China widens investor access as bond trading link launches @AP's @chanman
added: Mon Jul 3 03:14:15 2017

In the shadows of the opioid epidemic, meth is surging via @jonschuppe
added: Mon Jul 3 03:13:44 2017

The electoral roll will be the critical issue as dust on #PNG elections settles. Even Morauta wasn't on the roll...
added: Mon Jul 3 02:42:27 2017
tags: png

The Alan Lomax Sound Archive Now Online: Features 17,000 Blues & Folk Recordings
added: Mon Jul 3 02:21:00 2017

4-Time Acid Attack Survivor Targeted Again in India
added: Mon Jul 3 02:20:00 2017

Don't Get Suckered By More Republicans Pretending To Run For Office As Democrats
added: Mon Jul 3 01:58:28 2017

4th of July China reading: the American voices at the heart of PRC's natl anthem
added: Mon Jul 3 01:53:51 2017

China, Hong Kong launch bond trading link
added: Mon Jul 3 01:50:33 2017

China claims territories of 23 countries, even though it only has borders with 14 via @CraigHillNet
added: Mon Jul 3 01:23:40 2017

My thoughts for @BV on why Chinese firms can compete internationally in financial markets and the benefits
added: Mon Jul 3 01:09:22 2017

What the heck is happening in Xinjiang?! AQI is 'beyond scale'.
added: Mon Jul 3 01:02:21 2017

Intel AMT bug bit Siemens industrial PCs
added: Mon Jul 3 00:58:17 2017

Good piece about Chinese capital outflows but always remember: major crack down on outflows changed everything
added: Mon Jul 3 00:46:59 2017

@LeeCamp Clinton Made Student Loans Non-Discharable - Student debt has reached $1.3 trillion
added: Mon Jul 3 00:42:47 2017

Jack Ma's Bank Deepens Push for Business Big Lenders Won't Touch @technology @business @darrenboey #finance #China
added: Mon Jul 3 00:37:48 2017
tags: china, finance

Trump tweets mock video of himself tackling, punching CNN logo
added: Mon Jul 3 00:35:05 2017

Regretfully, we're shutting down the blog. A look back at some of the best China stories it served up the last 9 yrs
added: Sun Jul 2 22:45:12 2017

BREAKING: DoJ's corporate crime watchdog resigns, says Trump officials make it impossible to enforce compliance laws
added: Sun Jul 2 22:02:56 2017

MY LATEST: July Fourth holiday brings mixed feelings for minorities (from @AP) #July4th #4thofJuly #blm #immigration
added: Sun Jul 2 21:34:19 2017
tags: immigration, blm, july4th, 4thofjuly

#mercyforMorva Op-Ed piece by @SteveCooperEsq @MercyforMorva
added: Sun Jul 2 17:07:04 2017
tags: mercyformorva

Japan PM's party on track for big defeat in Tokyo election: exit polls
added: Sun Jul 2 15:35:04 2017

China's industrial overcapacity, slowing growth and One Belt One Road.
added: Sun Jul 2 15:23:15 2017

Fluentd For Centralizing Logs Andrey Ferriyan In this article, Andrey will talk about how to manage diverse and...
added: Sun Jul 2 15:23:04 2017

MINIX3: A Promising Diamond in the Rough Jean-Baptiste Boric From its humble beginnings 30 years ago, as a...
added: Sun Jul 2 15:23:04 2017

I spoke to @eff’s @evacide about how Israeli malware can turn your smartphone into a device that spies on you
added: Sun Jul 2 15:22:30 2017

A bus that runs on formic acid: Comments:
added: Sun Jul 2 14:30:06 2017

As usual @PinkDotSG's video brings a tear to my eye: So proud to have been part of it yesterday. #pinkdot2017
added: Sun Jul 2 14:28:43 2017
tags: pinkdot2017

Traditional Chinese medicine seeks clinical legitimacy
added: Sun Jul 2 11:43:18 2017

ANU prof has "anonymized online discussion boards" for intimidated Chinese students to contribute to politics class:
added: Sun Jul 2 10:35:48 2017

Syria, Seymour Hersh, and the sarin denialists who lap up his dubious reporting, by @Brian_Whit:
added: Sun Jul 2 10:09:49 2017

Why are so many more Australians ending up with only a car roof over their heads? via @theage
added: Sun Jul 2 09:51:08 2017

Kuznets waves in Mexico 1850-2015 (based on Bleynat et al paper)
added: Sun Jul 2 09:30:57 2017

Not only have the windows of Britain's power shattered, but the ceiling has fallen in
added: Sun Jul 2 09:01:25 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon sails destroyer near disputed island in South China Sea, officials say by @LucasFoxNews
added: Sun Jul 2 08:26:26 2017

NPR Continues To Find Hundreds Of Cases Of Advanced Black Lung
added: Sun Jul 2 07:59:17 2017

Sinn Fein leader 'not expecting Northern Ireland powersharing deal on Monday'
added: Sun Jul 2 07:50:00 2017

Anxiety in HK is linked to appearance of things that were once associated with Mainland: @IlariaMariaSala @jwassers
added: Sun Jul 2 06:48:30 2017

China's Consumer Economy to Add Nearly Two Trillion Dollars by 2021:
added: Sun Jul 2 06:46:49 2017

The 'mainland edit' of the TST incident. You can see me in it. Be sure to leave a comment!
added: Sun Jul 2 06:44:56 2017

I liked a @YouTube video The DNC Is STILL Sinking and Third Parties Stand To Benefit
added: Sun Jul 2 06:12:44 2017

An interesting read on This Week in Asia-- Helping Liu is perfect timing for new US ambassador to China @SCMP_News
added: Sun Jul 2 05:06:36 2017

1st fruits of an ongoing research collaboration with 2 super smart & amiable guys: Ben Hillman & @GJosephRoche
added: Sun Jul 2 05:01:06 2017

HIGHLIGHTS: @THESTORMERS beat @CheetahsRugby in a thrilling affair that saw two red cards and three yellow cards
added: Sun Jul 2 04:17:56 2017

Bianca Roberson was preparing for college. She was shot in the head by an unidentified white man over a lane change.
added: Sun Jul 2 04:10:18 2017

A Friday evening with my friend Roger "I'm going to fuck you" Olausen and his friends in TST. #HK20
added: Sun Jul 2 03:50:37 2017
tags: hk20, asiasworldcity, hksar20, hongkong, thisischina

Tough one . " Shady Malaysian billionaire gave millions to celebs’ charities" | New York Post
added: Sun Jul 2 03:41:05 2017

Grand Bauhinia award recipient, CYLeung buddy tycoon Vincent Lo: CY did many good things for #HK, history will judge
added: Sun Jul 2 03:40:52 2017
tags: hk

Are Dalits, as a Society, Trapped in the Time Warp?
added: Sun Jul 2 03:31:39 2017

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants almost 1/2 of new capacity
added: Sun Jul 2 03:24:37 2017

North Korea is a threat to the US and so is China |
added: Sun Jul 2 03:14:13 2017

Hong Kong immigrants in Vancouver take a grim view of the SAR
added: Sun Jul 2 02:00:05 2017

Wanna tap 3 MEELLION phone calls? All it takes is one measly warrant via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sun Jul 2 01:17:18 2017

Five N. Koreans sail across tense border to S. Korea
added: Sun Jul 2 00:55:08 2017

Transition to Democracy tm "Detained Myanmar journalists to be charged under colonial era law: officials" -
added: Sun Jul 2 00:51:10 2017

massive power failure hits Panama hospitals, water treatment, transit
added: Sun Jul 2 00:48:28 2017

Some wise words from former Le Monde Editor Natalie Nougayrède
added: Sun Jul 2 00:30:24 2017

#NorthKorea sitting on $7 trillion worth of minerals
added: Sun Jul 2 00:28:01 2017
tags: northkorea

Philippines, US hold joint patrol in Sulu Sea, known as a hunting ground for local militants
added: Sun Jul 2 00:27:43 2017

"Canadian Dainty" is the most Canada thing I've heard in my life
added: Sun Jul 2 00:25:45 2017

#Taiwan: #Taipei mayor @KP_Taipei reiterates ‘equality and dignity’ on #Shanghai visit - Taipei Times #China
added: Sun Jul 2 00:06:35 2017
tags: china, taiwan, shanghai, taipei

You're all under arrest: How Hong Kong's gov't changed its policy on political protests via @hongkongfp @krislc
added: Sat Jul 1 23:39:00 2017

China issues map to claim Indian troops' 'incursion' in Doklam
added: Sat Jul 1 23:30:01 2017

Has China miscalculated on the border? Or, is this a deliberate provocation? China's latest border dispute
added: Sat Jul 1 23:04:22 2017

Palo Alto, the suburb that refuses to fix its 3-to-1 jobs-to-housing ratio, punishes the victims of its policies.
added: Sat Jul 1 22:24:41 2017

Important study abt gender bias in VC funding (no the ?s aren't requests for dates); shd have included race:
added: Sat Jul 1 21:51:23 2017

China as climate leader? My latest, on how the Chinese are still building hundreds of coal plants at home and abroad
added: Sat Jul 1 20:53:40 2017

Reading the Office of Legal Counsel on Emoluments: Do Super-Rich Presidents Get a Pass? Jane Chong via @lawfareblog
added: Sat Jul 1 19:59:53 2017

Xi Jinping's narrative of national rejuvenation has resonated deeply among today’s Chinese.
added: Sat Jul 1 17:45:07 2017

Plague is found in New Mexico. Again.
added: Sat Jul 1 16:32:55 2017

Azam Khan booked for sedition; saffron bodies bay for his blood
added: Sat Jul 1 14:10:00 2017

Vernon Reid Added To 2017 Newport Jazz Festival Lineup Living Colour founder Vernon Reid will perform a special...
added: Sat Jul 1 13:43:26 2017

Boss of company that provided Grenfell tower cladding 'is a Government adviser'
added: Sat Jul 1 13:43:13 2017

Nice story. You might say that the real reason for decline of US aluminum is a generation gap -- as in electricity
added: Sat Jul 1 13:40:53 2017

Is Trump demanding AT&T fire CNN's Jeff Zucker as a condition of its Time Warner merger approval?
added: Sat Jul 1 13:38:12 2017

This year, Iceland is on pace to produce more aluminum than the entire United States.
added: Sat Jul 1 13:08:34 2017

Police tried to stop Demosisto handing out leaflets at the 1 July rally. When confronted, a uniform police said,...
added: Sat Jul 1 12:49:12 2017

Good to see this: State Dept reinstates Rangel and Pickering fellowships reports @GardinerHarris
added: Sat Jul 1 12:47:43 2017

US, #ROK leaders agree to respond strongly to #DPRK provocations. My @VOANews TV report:…
added: Sat Jul 1 12:40:53 2017
tags: dprk, rok

#HongKong's rule of law now officially dead? Sino-British Jnt Declaratn was “history & of no practical significance”
added: Sat Jul 1 12:22:13 2017
tags: hongkong

The evolution of scalable microservices
added: Sat Jul 1 12:08:00 2017

Adele has been forced to cancel her final two Wembley shows
added: Sat Jul 1 11:59:22 2017

In Hong Kong, a 20-Year-Old Activist Demands Democracy nice video report by @alanwongw
added: Sat Jul 1 11:46:32 2017

Hong Kong protesters are fighting for the rights Britain assured them
added: Sat Jul 1 11:45:28 2017

Amazing change on Staten Island: What had been world's largest garbage dump now a 2200-acre park with wildlife
added: Sat Jul 1 11:13:24 2017

"He redefined what folklore was, in every sense." On Roger D. Abrahams:
added: Sat Jul 1 10:58:08 2017

As house prices continue to rise, are tiny homes the big idea that could take some heat out of the housing crisis?
added: Sat Jul 1 10:55:00 2017

Netanyahu apparently manipulated Trump by showing him an anti-Abbas video calculated to stir an emotional reaction
added: Sat Jul 1 10:50:04 2017

Pan-democrats cast doubt on Xi’s softer approach on talks via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Jul 1 10:18:53 2017

Everybody wants more democracy: Carrie Lam
added: Sat Jul 1 10:14:59 2017

When Muslims are the victims, we refuse to call it terrorism
added: Sat Jul 1 10:08:29 2017

#GOVHK CE signs Bay Area deal
added: Sat Jul 1 07:18:12 2017
tags: govhk

Demosisto say a police officer threatened to use his gun during a standoff in Causeway Bay
added: Sat Jul 1 06:57:40 2017

You're all under arrest: How Hong Kong's gov't changed its policy on political protests…
added: Sat Jul 1 05:47:00 2017

Xi Jinping: any challenge to China's power in Hong Kong 'crosses a red line'
added: Sat Jul 1 05:31:06 2017

Xi says #HongKong should profit from #China -- not defy it. @bpolitics @tshinflux @DavidTweed @BrendanScott #hk20
added: Sat Jul 1 05:29:32 2017
tags: hongkong, china, hk20

ARPA-E is a federal agency that gets stuff done. Cutting its budget would be foolish. Killing it would be tragic.
added: Sat Jul 1 05:25:00 2017

Hong Kong activists, alleging police brutality and harassment from thugs, called on people to take to the streets
added: Sat Jul 1 05:19:16 2017

Fiancée Opens Up About Detained Irrawaddy Reporter - The Irrawaddy
added: Sat Jul 1 05:17:44 2017

動用盲毛及社團去滋擾示威活動的手法愈來愈純熟,也愈來愈過份,皆因警方縱容! 他們有申請集會嗎?有不反對通知書嗎?警方過去會分隔人群,而家就放任?...
added: Sat Jul 1 05:15:08 2017

KYLE BASS: banking system is fragile total value of bad loans grossly out sizing total assets via @clusterstock
added: Sat Jul 1 05:10:13 2017

Hong Kong insurance sector grows ninefold since 1997
added: Sat Jul 1 05:08:43 2017

added: Sat Jul 1 05:05:58 2017

Violent crime increases in right-to-carry states | Stanford News
added: Sat Jul 1 04:19:40 2017

愛國團嘅人搶嘢、施襲,警察拉嘅反而係社民連嘅人。 //社民連透露,警察指揮官在警車內毆打已扣上手扣的吳文遠,並以粗口辱罵「X你老母」,連續踢他下體兩次。// #習總訪港 【吳文遠被捕 投訴警車上被踢下體】...
added: Sat Jul 1 04:03:04 2017
tags: 習總訪港

#HKPLG member Antony Dapiran quoted in The Australian "One China, two pathways" #HKSAR20
added: Sat Jul 1 03:02:55 2017
tags: hkplg, hksar20

Hong Kong police release localist graffiti artist and two 'family members' on bail #HKSAR20
added: Sat Jul 1 03:00:17 2017
tags: hksar20

Boom (2/2)
added: Sat Jul 1 02:51:11 2017

Manhattan Prosecutor Joins Inquiry Into Russian Meddling in Election
added: Sat Jul 1 02:47:13 2017

Intel's new budget SSDs offer more performance for the same price
added: Sat Jul 1 02:45:03 2017

UK says Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong remains in force via @Reuters
added: Sat Jul 1 02:31:06 2017

Strange Noise in Gravitational-Wave Data Sparks Debate: Comments:
added: Sat Jul 1 02:30:06 2017

What did Xi truly meant when he stressed "national security" in HK speech? (任何危害國家主權安全...是觸碰底線絕不允許) @amnesty's take:
added: Sat Jul 1 02:26:40 2017

Thanks to @EJInsightHK for allowing me the chance to write something:
added: Sat Jul 1 02:24:27 2017

Joshua Wong op-ed on HKKP @joshuawongcf "Beijing has shown it will do anything to suppress…
added: Sat Jul 1 02:21:21 2017

Good read: Meet Hong Kong as it really is, with Mainlanders moving in, Hong Kongers emigrating via @pocket
added: Sat Jul 1 01:59:21 2017

China attacks Boris Johnson over 'incorrect' views on Hong Kong
added: Sat Jul 1 01:53:53 2017

Good read: Twenty Years After the Handover to China, Hong Kong Remains a City on the Edge via @pocket
added: Sat Jul 1 01:39:06 2017

A headline for the ages.
added: Sat Jul 1 00:37:28 2017

China energy demand may already have peaked: researchers
added: Sat Jul 1 00:34:31 2017
added: Sat Jul 1 00:33:32 2017

Google Gives Up Scanning Personal Gmail via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Jul 1 00:32:25 2017

China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses any UK role
added: Sat Jul 1 00:31:34 2017

China sanguine as Trump-Xi 'bromance' sours over North Korea, Taiwan
added: Sat Jul 1 00:30:13 2017

Closer Hong Kong, China ties creates corporate governance challenges by @michelleprice36
added: Sat Jul 1 00:28:08 2017

#HongKong faces reality of stronger #China 20 years after return @bpolitics @DavidTweed @tshinflux @BrendanScott
added: Sat Jul 1 00:21:31 2017
tags: hongkong, china

Mississippi Secretary of State tells Trump commission 'go jump in the Gulf' on voter records
added: Fri Jun 30 23:37:09 2017

hope - A quest for a "standard" Erlang library with uniform, composable abstractions.
added: Fri Jun 30 22:43:13 2017

MAC calls out Beijing for failing #HongKong, lying about #Taiwan blocking mainland tourists - The China Post
added: Fri Jun 30 20:46:17 2017
tags: hongkong, taiwan

Germany’s misguided social media law is a minefield for U.S. tech. A legal & practical mess via @CFR_org #NetzDG
added: Fri Jun 30 19:53:02 2017
tags: netzdg

Republicans are officially deputizing militias. Republicans Are Officially Deputizing Militias.
added: Fri Jun 30 19:47:19 2017

Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are leaving @HawaiiFive0CBS over a pay equality dispute.
added: Fri Jun 30 19:30:01 2017

Molotov cocktails fly in Athens after protest ban sparks backlash
added: Fri Jun 30 17:35:33 2017

China attacks Boris Johnson over 'incorrect' views on Hong Kong
added: Fri Jun 30 17:22:04 2017

Fire breaks out in forest surrounding Chernobyl exclusion zone
added: Fri Jun 30 14:29:43 2017

The government wants spies to monitor the chat apps that everyone uses
added: Fri Jun 30 14:26:32 2017

NotPetya developers obtained NSA exploits weeks before their public leak by @dangoodin001
added: Fri Jun 30 14:24:03 2017

HSBC ends 20-month wait for China securities JV approval
added: Fri Jun 30 13:58:06 2017

Blogger Mother Mushroom jailed for 10 years after 'criticising the government'
added: Fri Jun 30 13:49:32 2017

Pan Dems hand over letter addressed to Xi Jinping
added: Fri Jun 30 13:48:55 2017

Ghana Signs a $10 billion MOU with China to Develop Its Bauxite Industry :
added: Fri Jun 30 13:46:45 2017

all jokes aside, this is possibly the biggest news of a crowded week. thank you @emilyhholden for paying attention.
added: Fri Jun 30 13:45:30 2017

Mexican spy scandal escalates as study shows software targeted opposition #GobiernoEspia
added: Fri Jun 30 13:43:38 2017
tags: gobiernoespia

A white sushi chef is speaking English in a fake Japanese accent during service. It is not okay
added: Fri Jun 30 13:22:47 2017

#US arms sale to #Taiwan & sanctions on Chinese bank leaves no room for #China to save face, says @MichaelKovrig
added: Fri Jun 30 13:21:10 2017
tags: us, taiwan, china

3/ ...The UK has no sovereignty, no power to rule and no power to supervise Hong Kong after the handover."-China FM
added: Fri Jun 30 13:21:06 2017

One of the last arguments used by climate change deniers was just disproved
added: Fri Jun 30 13:18:16 2017

@JohnHultquist bugs? what bugs? and of course they follow their MO, exactly as chinese
added: Fri Jun 30 13:03:19 2017

DCCC head Ben Ray Lujan wants Trump to release his taxes-- but he refuses to release his own. I wonder why
added: Fri Jun 30 12:40:30 2017

Kentucky secretary of state rejects "election integrity" commission request
added: Fri Jun 30 12:38:37 2017

Grenfell cladding approved by residents was swapped for cheaper version -
added: Fri Jun 30 12:38:35 2017

TVB suddenly pulls RTHK's political satire show "Headliner" from prime time slot, replaces it with a fung shui show
added: Fri Jun 30 12:13:51 2017

China loves the Singapore model -- except as a possible model for Hong Kong to become a city state
added: Fri Jun 30 11:58:35 2017

Week began with uproar over Italy and banking union. Italian bank shares rallied 6% this week and 10.8% for quarter.
added: Fri Jun 30 11:48:22 2017

Marking a shift in tone, Germany now wary of companies becoming overdependent on China #BRI
added: Fri Jun 30 11:37:17 2017
tags: bri

Designing Safer Web #Animation For Motion Sensitivity (2015) by @vlh #ui #a11y
added: Fri Jun 30 11:20:12 2017
tags: animation, ui, a11y

Meet Hong Kong as it really is, with Mainlanders moving in, Hong Kongers emigrating #HK20 v…
added: Fri Jun 30 11:06:22 2017
tags: hk20

@GrahamPerrettMP @SenWarren Shocking cases
added: Fri Jun 30 11:04:09 2017

At HK$1 million, Hong Kong parents spend three times global average on children’s education
added: Fri Jun 30 11:00:48 2017

A million bottles a minute: world’s plastic binge ‘as dangerous as climate change’ - the human race is rubbish
added: Fri Jun 30 11:00:31 2017

Watch @JamilAnderlini & I discuss Xi's visit to HK and my new book Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China's Shadow
added: Fri Jun 30 10:58:15 2017

Strongest evidence yet that neonicotinoids are killing bees
added: Fri Jun 30 10:57:51 2017

British man is jailed after hurling insults and hitting a Muslim teen with a slab of bacon
added: Fri Jun 30 10:40:39 2017

Land Can Now Be Transferred to a Company Tax-Free (Opinion)
added: Fri Jun 30 09:23:23 2017

#China #PMI another signal worries on weakening global growth momentum overdone
added: Fri Jun 30 09:11:47 2017
tags: china, pmi

#NEWS Sea Shepherd's M/V John Paul DeJoria surrounded by 5 fishing vessels and rammed in the Coiba Marine Reserve.
added: Fri Jun 30 08:57:42 2017
tags: news

Don’t worry! Your PAN card will not become invalid if you don't link it with Aadhaar
added: Fri Jun 30 08:53:01 2017

Ending #Occupy protests by students without PLA's help was vital, says outgoing #HongKong chief
added: Fri Jun 30 08:47:26 2017
tags: occupy, hongkong

Beijing's new military facilities in the South China Sea
added: Fri Jun 30 08:25:49 2017

LeEco's Coolpad delays financial report again, cites audit problems
added: Fri Jun 30 08:09:40 2017

China M&A slowdown hurts Asian lending
added: Fri Jun 30 08:09:03 2017

Leeds hack 'weaponising' Ubuntu for NHS Windows take out
added: Fri Jun 30 08:02:21 2017

U.S. likely to bar Japan investigators from interviewing warship crew, official says
added: Fri Jun 30 08:00:46 2017

Arkansas: Driver Destroys Ten Commandments Monument Outside Capitol
added: Fri Jun 30 08:00:38 2017

Illegal short sales under scrutiny in HK's 'Enigma' Crash: If Charles Li has any evidence of this, he should…
added: Fri Jun 30 08:00:10 2017

"The implication is: ‘We will come out in the streets and put you down if we have to.’"
added: Fri Jun 30 07:46:21 2017

"I don't feel safe," Wong tells CNN, in the run up to this weekend's 20th anniversary of the handover of...
added: Fri Jun 30 07:31:51 2017

Republicans consider dropping healthcare bill's tax cut for rich in order to pass Senate hurdle
added: Fri Jun 30 07:30:28 2017

As is often the case, Trump's policies will hurt those who support him the most:
added: Fri Jun 30 07:19:43 2017

Up to 5% of Hong Kong and Chinese listed companies could be fake:
added: Fri Jun 30 07:19:09 2017

Chinese online insurer ZhongAn files for up to $1.5 bln HK IPO-IFR
added: Fri Jun 30 07:11:35 2017

Hong Kong: A two-stage economic experiment
added: Fri Jun 30 06:42:04 2017

〈老友記最開心〉 要不是中國照顧,老友記邊有咁長命。 【中國駐英大使︰當然不是一國一制】
added: Fri Jun 30 06:31:42 2017

Another reminder of how some Singaporeans are happy to dehumanise migrant workers and suggest outrageous conditions.
added: Fri Jun 30 06:31:06 2017

A tiny Indian publisher is translating hidden gems of world literature for global readers
added: Fri Jun 30 06:27:01 2017

“You can't force people to love you". Great 👀 from @BBCCarrie on Beijing's struggle to win Hong Kong's young hearts.
added: Fri Jun 30 06:19:28 2017

#Breaking @SCMP_News : Activists try to catch #Xi's eye w/ banner (we almost missed the pic, police is quick)
added: Fri Jun 30 06:07:23 2017
tags: breaking, xi

運輸署網上交通情況影像一度故障 已回復正常 #本地 Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:30:57 +0800
added: Fri Jun 30 05:40:42 2017
tags: 本地

Ancient Native American canoe hundreds of years old found in Louisiana via the @FoxNews App
added: Fri Jun 30 05:25:42 2017

China sends Liaoning aircraft carrier to Hong Kong for Handover anniversary
added: Fri Jun 30 05:20:05 2017

“If you are born and raised in Hong Kong, you care about Hong Kong’s future more than anything”
added: Fri Jun 30 05:00:20 2017

For years, most China experts argued that China was not manipulating its currency. Now it's accepted that it did
added: Fri Jun 30 04:41:32 2017

Myanmar says it will refuse entry to U.N. investigators probing Rohingya abuses
added: Fri Jun 30 04:39:53 2017

#Greece: Anarchists Defend #Exarcheia's Autonomous Zone From Police
added: Fri Jun 30 04:37:10 2017
tags: greece, exarcheia

Somehow I missed this: CBRC now accused of tipping of Chinese banks to unload targeted firms bonds before crackdown
added: Fri Jun 30 04:36:03 2017

Goodbye CY: Ten unprecedented events under Hong Kong's outgoing leader, Part I
added: Fri Jun 30 04:34:05 2017

US admiral slams China over South China Sea via @SkyNewsAust
added: Fri Jun 30 04:32:26 2017

Green bonds could help build new Silk Road, ready soon here: @LJucca
added: Fri Jun 30 04:17:12 2017

Chinese telecom firm ZTE to double 5G research spending
added: Fri Jun 30 04:10:00 2017

Hong Kong's last governor, Chris Patten, says Beijing is increasingly stepping over the line with Hong Kong and...
added: Fri Jun 30 04:08:15 2017

.@ajaishukla “learns ... that the [Sikkim-Tibet border] clash was unusually acrimonious.”
added: Fri Jun 30 04:08:06 2017

Medical waste is continuing to plague the beaches in Discovery Bay. A local resident, Moran Zukerman, collected...
added: Fri Jun 30 04:07:53 2017

Iron ore enters bull market as Chinese mills up purchases
added: Fri Jun 30 03:53:17 2017

Hong Kong's civil servant Regina Ip said HK residents should pause and reflect. "Hong Kong’s Democracy Dreams"
added: Fri Jun 30 03:40:12 2017

"This is more a time-bomb than a toy," says a parent
added: Fri Jun 30 03:38:01 2017

Majority backs #infrastructure plan: #Taiwan ruling DPP poll - Taipei Times
added: Fri Jun 30 03:23:12 2017
tags: infrastructure, taiwan

1/2 Always risky experiment: 20 years ago, day before Hong Kong reverted to China, I wrote this for Times.
added: Fri Jun 30 03:21:36 2017

"Hongkongers should not forget PLA will suddenly turn hostile if Beijing orders them to maintain social stability"
added: Fri Jun 30 03:21:21 2017

China reacted angrily to a bill that would allow U.S. Navy vessels to make regular stops in Taiwan ports
added: Fri Jun 30 03:15:14 2017

A new problem for Keystone XL: Oil companies don’t want it #NoKXL via @WSJ
added: Fri Jun 30 03:14:11 2017
tags: nokxl

Don't count on #China to bail out schlocky mega-productions forever. via @bv @AdamMinter
added: Fri Jun 30 03:12:12 2017
tags: china

The US is becoming increasingly wary of Chinese investments in technology. @paulmozur & @ceciliakang
added: Fri Jun 30 03:07:36 2017

Hans von Spakovsky, newest member of Trump election commission, is longtime vote suppressor & ally of Neil Gorsuch
added: Fri Jun 30 03:07:17 2017

Seeking comments on Art. 2, making March of the Volunteers the anthem, does not mean you should suggest other songs.
added: Fri Jun 30 02:45:10 2017

China says Liu Xiaobo cannot be moved from China for treatment: source
added: Fri Jun 30 02:45:06 2017

Myanmar govt orders embassies not to issue visas to UN mission - members will need to travel to bordering countries.
added: Fri Jun 30 02:43:26 2017

India, China Stand-Off At Border Tri-Junction With Bhutan Continues
added: Fri Jun 30 02:17:50 2017

All Golden Bauhinia protesters released, but some allege being followed home
added: Fri Jun 30 02:16:15 2017

Supposedly Cha picked by Tillerson but not yet nominated by WH @lrozen @FrankJannuzi
added: Fri Jun 30 02:12:18 2017

China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands: think tank
added: Fri Jun 30 02:08:22 2017

China factory growth fastest in 3 months as new orders, output rise
added: Fri Jun 30 02:07:52 2017

Australia ex-foreign minister turned China academic rebukes Beijing critic
added: Fri Jun 30 02:07:39 2017

$7.5 Billion Kemper Power Plant Suspends Coal Gasification
added: Fri Jun 30 02:06:19 2017

Beijing's struggle to win the young hearts of Hong Kong. (via @BBCCarrie)
added: Fri Jun 30 01:50:00 2017

Hackers breached a US nuclear power plant's network, and it could ... - AOL via…
added: Fri Jun 30 01:47:28 2017

PLA sending out Made in Japan ballpen as gift to journalists. Woah【習近平訪港】逾百中外記者軍營守候 解放軍大派禮物袋 有日製筆、藥油、乾糧
added: Fri Jun 30 01:47:07 2017

My early thoughts: Arms to #Taiwan and Action Against a Chinese Bank: Is Trump's US-China 'Honeymoon' Over?
added: Fri Jun 30 01:45:43 2017
tags: taiwan

The idea that many Hong Kong residents want to become independent is overblown
added: Fri Jun 30 01:43:52 2017

China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands, says US think tank
added: Fri Jun 30 01:36:43 2017

#FORBES Twenty Years After The Handover, Is Hong Kong Losing Its Shine in China?
added: Fri Jun 30 01:29:23 2017
tags: forbes

Studies show vouchers may not produce special ed gains #EdChat
added: Fri Jun 30 01:27:13 2017
tags: edchat

New York Times newsroom walks out after editors, reporters send letters decrying direction of paper:
added: Fri Jun 30 01:13:28 2017

The faces of Hong Kong: A timeline of the 20 years since the handover via @qz
added: Fri Jun 30 00:50:14 2017

Breaking: MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren Agree to Part Ways
added: Fri Jun 30 00:44:39 2017

How #China is Demoting Human Rights at the United Nations by @jojjeols @UN
added: Fri Jun 30 00:44:34 2017
tags: china

Tweetrage overshadowing Russia news. Donald ordered his courtiers to come up with deliverable concessions to Putin.
added: Fri Jun 30 00:32:42 2017

With Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, who died this week, depicted the struggles that a new arrival to any land faces.
added: Fri Jun 30 00:30:16 2017

.@NRDCEnergy report suggests @SecretaryPerry should stop trying to support "baseload" & focus on #grid flexibility.
added: Fri Jun 30 00:30:03 2017
tags: grid

How Xi Jinping’s Occupy challenge echoes father’s experience
added: Fri Jun 30 00:23:57 2017

A win!
added: Thu Jun 29 23:45:14 2017

Even states not in Kris Kobach's #Crosscheck program will find their lists used for the lynching by laptop.
added: Thu Jun 29 23:44:24 2017
tags: crosscheck

“There is no ‘trick’ to making one image more ‘cinematic,’” Deakins writes, “other than what you see.”
added: Thu Jun 29 23:17:00 2017

Many experts think nPetya was a smokescreen, pretending to be ransomware. I disagree
added: Thu Jun 29 23:04:27 2017

Chlorpyrifos is a commonly used pesticide with serious risks to human health. via @MensJournal
added: Thu Jun 29 23:00:02 2017

China spent $100 billion on reforestation. So why does it have 'green deserts'? via @csmonitor
added: Thu Jun 29 22:50:56 2017

Vietnamese blogger jailed for 10 years for 'defaming' regime
added: Thu Jun 29 22:06:09 2017

Does Hong Kong need another Murray MacLehose? How a colonial governor became the unlikely father of modern HK
added: Thu Jun 29 21:56:07 2017

a lot of talk about China's pollution and leapfrogging renewables, but not enough said about its changing climate
added: Thu Jun 29 21:38:31 2017

Large area of northern China is suffering from the worst drought on record. China hit hard…
added: Thu Jun 29 21:32:20 2017

HK democracy campaign cannot be ignored - Chris Patten
added: Thu Jun 29 18:48:22 2017

How to build a simple neural network in 9 lines of Python code (and numpy)
added: Thu Jun 29 18:37:59 2017

Big changes expected for renters & landlords across #SanFrancisco: @JaneKim @AaronPeskin @MarkFarrellSF
added: Thu Jun 29 18:34:33 2017
tags: sanfrancisco

BREAKING Jeremy Corbyn sacks frontbench rebels after 49 Labour MPs defy him over Brexit -
added: Thu Jun 29 17:24:36 2017

Good reading as #Xi arrives for #HK20 & tensions build. @antd's "City of Protest" is concise, insightful. My review
added: Thu Jun 29 16:40:58 2017
tags: xi, hk20

John Wetton & Steve @HackettOfficial - Afterglow Genesis Revisited Live at Hammersmith, London - 2013
added: Thu Jun 29 15:40:47 2017

CEEI (0986) dumps Luen Wong (8217) on day 2 of Enigma Network meltdown: Proceeds were $18.66m, or $1.046 per share.…
added: Thu Jun 29 13:50:04 2017

Siu Yam Yam.
added: Thu Jun 29 13:49:00 2017

Koh Tao ‘death island’ riddle strikes again as backpacker becomes the seventh to die ELISE DALLEMANGE (3) BELGIUM
added: Thu Jun 29 13:33:59 2017

'If Xi doesn’t reverse, Hong Kong will become just another Chinese city. No dissent. No @joshuawongcf . Depressing'
added: Thu Jun 29 13:28:04 2017

Pope Francis' longtime adviser charged with sex abuse
added: Thu Jun 29 12:45:19 2017

Former NATO ambassador shoots down Republican attempts to blame Obama for the Russian election hack
added: Thu Jun 29 12:45:15 2017

Sooo the lawyer advising Donald Trump on potential Russia charges has a $296m Kushner deal: (@guardian)
added: Thu Jun 29 12:42:42 2017

Man spent 6 months in Rikers because no one told him bail was $1: suit via @nypmetro
added: Thu Jun 29 12:14:38 2017

Workers complain of harassment by Chinese superiors - Daily Nation
added: Thu Jun 29 12:04:14 2017

Road closures in #HongKong ahead of anniversary and presidential visit
added: Thu Jun 29 11:45:00 2017
tags: hongkong

Why Hong Kong is becoming less and less of a destination for mainlanders, by @joannachiu #HKSAR20
added: Thu Jun 29 11:15:21 2017
tags: hksar20

New Trump travel ban guidelines say "close family" does not include nieces, nephews, grandparents or fiancés.
added: Thu Jun 29 11:10:33 2017

When would it take for a Nobel winner to have his sentence reduced or be paroled? Check the early release chart!
added: Thu Jun 29 10:16:37 2017

Caixin: #China’s Power Pricing Reform Burns 56-Billion-Yuan Hole in State Grid’s Earnings
added: Thu Jun 29 10:15:49 2017
tags: china

依照台灣毒品危害防制條例第4條規定,運輸第一級毒品者,處死刑或無期徒刑。 【港女帶$2600萬毒品闖桃園機場 台最大宗走私可卡因案】 ←短片
added: Thu Jun 29 09:50:09 2017

China’s high-frequency traders in retreat after court verdict
added: Thu Jun 29 09:48:18 2017

Trains run on time. Crime and taxes are low. The skyline dazzles. But Hong Kong’s democratic prospects are at risk.
added: Thu Jun 29 09:46:07 2017

It's OK, go for it. Tourism to the US has already nosedived anyway, esp. due to #trump
added: Thu Jun 29 09:41:08 2017
tags: trump

Hong Kong, long a model city, now deeply troubled as 20th anniversary of handover approaches: an overview of issues
added: Thu Jun 29 09:33:17 2017

"It’s a long walk for Indigenous justice. But I’m crossing Australia one step at a time" ~ Clinton Pryor
added: Thu Jun 29 09:33:02 2017

China's Xi tells Hong Kong he seeks 'far-reaching future' for its autonomy @Reuters
added: Thu Jun 29 09:28:34 2017

No other way to describe #UK @FCO on #China: British minister accused of 'appeasing' China during human rights talks
added: Thu Jun 29 09:05:31 2017
tags: china, uk

Is there any point in keeping up this pretence. Grenfell inquiry judge has controversial history in housing cases
added: Thu Jun 29 08:21:26 2017

.@aronlund on the tricky politics and apparent game-playing surrounding chemical weapons inspections in Syria:
added: Thu Jun 29 07:27:03 2017

Disabled passenger forced by Japanese airline to crawl up stairs to board plane
added: Thu Jun 29 06:32:24 2017

【回歸廿年】議員促港府正視7.1遊行訴求 籲周六上街:奇蹟皆來自累積 //專業議政莫乃光亦強調,一國兩制「唔係話邊個大過邊個」,而是應兩者並存。他炮轟建制派毋須教民主派如何當民主派,「你識教你就唔係民建聯啦」。//
added: Thu Jun 29 06:17:18 2017

Struggle for Control Underlies Xi Jinping’s Visit to Hong Kong
added: Thu Jun 29 06:15:10 2017

HTC is doing so much right with the U11. Read @alexdobie's review for the details!
added: Thu Jun 29 06:11:00 2017

‘Am I in China?’ – Hongkongers decry ‘ugly’ Handover decorations welcoming Xi Jinping…
added: Thu Jun 29 05:50:07 2017

Activist investor David Webb, who called HK small-cap rout, says regulators failed investors: Source: CNBC | Source…
added: Thu Jun 29 05:18:09 2017

Stupidly Simple DDoS Protocol (SSDP) Generates 100 Gbps DDoS: Comments:
added: Thu Jun 29 01:50:06 2017

China just unveiled 1st of 18 massive new warships that will soon patrol #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu Jun 29 00:28:05 2017
tags: southchinasea

This new NRA ad is barely a whisper shy of a call for full civil war.
added: Wed Jun 28 23:46:06 2017

"Clean coal" showcase forced to stick with natural gas. Southern halts carbon capture work at Mississippi plant
added: Wed Jun 28 23:32:39 2017

John Fitzgerald pointed questions over wh Australia is willing to negotiate in accommodating an authoritarian China
added: Wed Jun 28 23:31:50 2017

It will take years for Kansas to recover from Brownback's devastating tax cuts
added: Wed Jun 28 23:30:25 2017

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong detained by police before Xi visit
added: Wed Jun 28 23:26:19 2017

a new statement from our National Political Committee on police violence and the continued failures of our system
added: Wed Jun 28 19:40:41 2017

Hopkins' Steve Palumbi and Elora Lopez are exploring how corals that re-colonized Bikini Atoll after nuclear bomb...
added: Wed Jun 28 16:03:05 2017

Betelgeuse is lumpy! Well, it *looks* lumpy. The truth is actually weirder.
added: Wed Jun 28 15:12:40 2017

#News #Jolla #Finance 70M USD funding reached after five rounds
added: Wed Jun 28 15:09:52 2017
tags: news, jolla, finance

#KState likes the versatility that Tyrick James brings to the field. @GPCwallace has the update on the 2018 target.
added: Wed Jun 28 15:08:02 2017
tags: kstate

Liu Xiaobo in prison video surfaces on the Youtube 刘晓波在狱中视频曝光(应该是官方特意放出) - YouTube
added: Wed Jun 28 15:04:09 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

The NBA evolved in the 3 years since Phil Jackson became a front-office executive, and the Knicks never adapted.
added: Wed Jun 28 14:58:47 2017

Latest HKU polling results on the suitability of Carrie Lam's new cabinet.
added: Wed Jun 28 13:57:44 2017
added: Wed Jun 28 13:49:08 2017 #AbLeg #abpoli
added: Wed Jun 28 13:45:56 2017
tags: ableg, abpoli

Year-old vulnerability allowed pro-ISIS hackers to hack US Government websites via…
added: Wed Jun 28 13:14:54 2017

added: Wed Jun 28 13:06:03 2017

US lawmakers’ new tactic to finally target secretive shell companies: link them to Russia…
added: Wed Jun 28 12:58:34 2017

North Korean ambassador in Beijing; fascinating career & an outstanding biographical sketch by @Michael_NKLW
added: Wed Jun 28 12:58:27 2017

The New York subway is a victim of its own success, and the city's resurgence.
added: Wed Jun 28 12:50:29 2017

"Nearly half of the species of small mammals disappeared from small fragments of preserved habitat within 14 years"
added: Wed Jun 28 12:49:57 2017

Hong Kong police bans pro-independence group's Handover eve vigil
added: Wed Jun 28 12:10:19 2017

UK's May says 120 failed fire tests in apartment blocks show wider issue
added: Wed Jun 28 12:03:29 2017

Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond has died, aged 91
added: Wed Jun 28 12:02:43 2017

Debate over US Confederate monuments intensifies
added: Wed Jun 28 12:00:30 2017

Knicks, Phil Jackson to part ways Wednesday, sources say - via @espn . (Bye Philecia.)
added: Wed Jun 28 11:50:55 2017

Petya ransomware victims can't get their files back even if they pay up
added: Wed Jun 28 11:50:20 2017

How Governors From Both Parties Plotted to Derail the Senate Health Bill, via @nytimes
added: Wed Jun 28 11:50:11 2017

One strength of the right that the left could learn is its self-confidence & aggressiveness, writes @BruceBartlett
added: Wed Jun 28 11:50:00 2017

This is what Europe would look like if all the ice in the world melted
added: Wed Jun 28 11:50:00 2017

Police officer in charge of Hillsborough charged with 95 counts of manslaughter
added: Wed Jun 28 11:37:17 2017

Former Pegasus Players charged with match fixing #HKPL #hkfootball
added: Wed Jun 28 11:35:07 2017
tags: hkpl, hkfootball

This woman says she was sacked for not wearing a bra
added: Wed Jun 28 11:35:00 2017

Trump Is China’s Chump: Threw away most valuable tool America had for shaping the geo-economic future of the region
added: Wed Jun 28 11:25:57 2017

Hong Kong 20/20: Reflections On A Borrowed Place
added: Wed Jun 28 11:07:28 2017

6-18 Apr 1984: the UK's first draft to China of the Joint Declaration was flatly rejected as an attempt to make...
added: Wed Jun 28 10:37:55 2017

Newest ICIJ members come from 20 countries, including 5 where we haven't had members before. Welcome to the team!
added: Wed Jun 28 09:50:10 2017

Seymour Hersh says Trump knew Syria didn't use chemical weapons.
added: Wed Jun 28 09:00:02 2017

Cory @Doctorow on how to fix the poisonous ecosystem that is online advertising. "Not complicated - just hard."
added: Wed Jun 28 08:37:09 2017

"Fujitsu HPC & AI Processors", Fujitsu, Jun 20 2017, ISC 2017 PDF 31 pages SPARC Post-K Dee…
added: Wed Jun 28 08:30:16 2017

Activist investor calls Hong Kong market rout by @michelleprice36
added: Wed Jun 28 08:11:38 2017

Exiled daughter of slain Honduran activist exposes coup legacy.
added: Wed Jun 28 08:00:00 2017

"When the monkey’s day to die draws nigh, all trees become slippery" via @qzafrica
added: Wed Jun 28 07:41:32 2017

Donald R. Rothwell from @ANUasiapacific proposes "sovereignty neutral" Commission to settle #SouthChinaSea disputes.
added: Wed Jun 28 07:28:06 2017
tags: southchinasea

TheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service - July 2017 — Steemit #shadowbrokers #Petya #NotPetya
added: Wed Jun 28 06:50:24 2017
tags: shadowbrokers, petya, notpetya

Three of Ken Tsang’s attackers freed on bail
added: Wed Jun 28 06:39:30 2017

20 years after the handover, the Chinese military garrison here is taking on a more active role, according to a...
added: Wed Jun 28 06:27:36 2017

Who will be Hong Kong’s real boss: Carrie Lam or still CY Leung? – SC Yeung
added: Wed Jun 28 06:09:09 2017

Hen harrier population crashes in UK as illegal killing takes its toll
added: Wed Jun 28 05:45:08 2017

My photo essay on Hong Kong's historic ethnic minorities for @TIME
added: Wed Jun 28 05:34:36 2017

One Hong Kong, two sentiments after 20 years of Chinese rule (from @AP) with comment from @nathanlawkc & others
added: Wed Jun 28 05:11:03 2017

Patten: #HongKong people calling for #democracy & #autonomy may get them locked up
added: Wed Jun 28 04:58:10 2017
tags: autonomy, hongkong, democracy

Why China fears lawyers via @@WSJOpinion
added: Wed Jun 28 04:23:10 2017

Lawmaker Paul Tse says he's heard he was never on the guest list for Xi Jinping's events this week
added: Wed Jun 28 04:15:57 2017

Fair Work Ombudsman investigates Uber over potential breach of labour laws
added: Wed Jun 28 04:08:36 2017

added: Wed Jun 28 03:57:47 2017

Macau Billionaire Heads to Trial in U.N. Bribery Case /really just exchange of philanthropy for govt responsiveness
added: Wed Jun 28 03:52:12 2017

FIFA discloses damaging Qatar World Cup bid report
added: Wed Jun 28 03:15:01 2017

Hong Kong's youth press campaign despite China's rejection of full democracy by @jamespomfret & Benjamin Kang Lim
added: Wed Jun 28 03:12:09 2017

Investigation on corporate misconduct is not a crime, Hua Haifeng, Li Zhao and Su Hen should be released immediately
added: Wed Jun 28 02:36:09 2017

Indigenous Oaxacan farm workers win themselves a union in the Pacific Northwest:
added: Wed Jun 28 02:30:15 2017

Renminbi firms to two-week high as PBoC sets trading band stronger
added: Wed Jun 28 02:25:38 2017

FBI agent indicted for alleged false statements in LaVoy Finicum shooting #oregonstandoff
added: Wed Jun 28 01:47:15 2017
tags: oregonstandoff

Jailed FARC members continue hunger strike for promised amnesty.
added: Wed Jun 28 01:45:00 2017

Trump EPA chief met with Dow Chemical CEO before deciding not to ban pesticide studies show harms children's brains
added: Wed Jun 28 01:38:06 2017

‘Enigma Network’ rocks Hong Kong markets with sudden 90% losses: Source: Bloomberg | Source date: 28-Jun-2017 00:00
added: Wed Jun 28 01:33:42 2017

QPL (0243) dumps 3 stocks in Enigma Network meltdown: We knew they had shares in GCPS (8193), but this announcement…
added: Wed Jun 28 01:33:42 2017

Lerado (1225) dumps China Jicheng (1027): The average sale price of $0.0169 is less than the market average of…
added: Wed Jun 28 01:33:41 2017

Big scoop from Reuters: China's CNPC suspends fuel sales to North Korea via @Reuters
added: Wed Jun 28 01:33:37 2017

China swiftly passes and promulgates a law to undergird state spying Privacy discussion in China near non-existent
added: Wed Jun 28 01:32:31 2017

Massive cyberattack hits Europe with widespread ransom demands; uses flaw exploited by NSA
added: Wed Jun 28 01:24:15 2017

US criticises Hong Kong over trafficking
added: Wed Jun 28 01:22:24 2017

I discussed #CityOfProtest with @PhillipAdams_1 last night on Radio National @LNLonRN, now available for download:
added: Wed Jun 28 01:04:15 2017
tags: cityofprotest

Pg BN raps DAP excos for conflicting tunnel project info
added: Wed Jun 28 00:35:11 2017

Travelers from nine states will need passports to travel domestically starting in 2018
added: Tue Jun 27 23:49:56 2017

My new piece on urbanization in Tibet with @jleibold & Ben Hillman, complete with misleading title
added: Tue Jun 27 23:43:29 2017

Black Americans Have Lost Untold Acres of Land Over the Last Century -- often due to an obscure legal loophole
added: Tue Jun 27 23:18:39 2017

Police search apartment of three feminist activists behind recent anti-sexual harassment campaign
added: Tue Jun 27 22:35:03 2017

This article about scientists going through airport security is a delight
added: Tue Jun 27 18:06:19 2017

Sunrise, reborn? 📆✨ An early Github employee is building a new calendar app. First look 👀
added: Tue Jun 27 14:46:06 2017

Job killing robot myth has no evidence to support it, but is widely repeated. It's climate denialism for the elites
added: Tue Jun 27 14:01:47 2017

#CIA’s 60 year war with the Government Accountability Office: the ‘40s to the ‘60s Part 1 b…
added: Tue Jun 27 14:01:30 2017
tags: cia

Why supporting Saudi Arabia over Qatar would risk America's security | Opinion
added: Tue Jun 27 14:01:18 2017

Donald Trump's attorney has personally taken $3.3 million out of his nonprofit "Christian charity"
added: Tue Jun 27 13:56:16 2017

Nicola Sturgeon just backtracked on a new Scottish independence referendum
added: Tue Jun 27 13:41:56 2017

Baseline assumption of China scholars now enshrined in law
added: Tue Jun 27 13:33:55 2017

Re Google's sycophants/shills: a great story just hit about how tried & failed to astroturf favorable narrative
added: Tue Jun 27 12:20:03 2017

DOJ's new moral compass 1) backed Christie AFTER Bridgegate 2) almost got Sheriff off for bribery 3) charged Bonds
added: Tue Jun 27 11:59:21 2017

Kansas lawmakers adjourn session notable for battles with Brownback The 2017 session reviews have started.
added: Tue Jun 27 11:40:02 2017

Liu Xiaobo’s Fate Is a Grim Reflection of His Cause
added: Tue Jun 27 11:36:37 2017

D.C. Councilman Wonders If 'Different Children' (Read: White) Would've Been Handcuffed for Selling Lemonade
added: Tue Jun 27 11:30:33 2017

Update: T411, France’s Most-Visited Torrent Site, Has Been Shut Down
added: Tue Jun 27 11:13:47 2017

Why wealthy Chinese are rushing to buy Hong Kong properties before July 1.
added: Tue Jun 27 11:00:39 2017

How Reddit ranking algorithms work
added: Tue Jun 27 10:58:06 2017

Why exactly were the police spying on Jeremy Corbyn?
added: Tue Jun 27 10:17:08 2017

#Ecuador removes 'ROC' from the name of #Taiwan's trade mission - The China Post
added: Tue Jun 27 10:12:23 2017
tags: ecuador, taiwan

習總大晒?戒嚴吖笨! #習總訪港 【警預告金鐘灣仔北周四五塞爆!冇必要唔好去】 【警繼續保安佈防 檢查紅綠燈延長水馬陣】
added: Tue Jun 27 10:10:05 2017
tags: 習總訪港

US imposes second round of tariffs on Canadian lumber
added: Tue Jun 27 10:05:09 2017

There is absolutely no national interest in Theresa May's dishonest deal with the DUP
added: Tue Jun 27 10:05:00 2017

@IlariaMariaSala on #LiuXiaobo and sorrow: "a #China that can't cherish its finest." @hrw @hrw_chinese
added: Tue Jun 27 09:53:21 2017
tags: china, liuxiaobo

Meet China’s newest high-speed train – the Fuxing Hao via @asiatimesonline
added: Tue Jun 27 09:52:24 2017

China rejects 'irresponsible' US criticism over treatment of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo…
added: Tue Jun 27 09:44:25 2017

Student unions of 13 tertiary education institutions will not join the July 1 march, to host forum separately
added: Tue Jun 27 09:25:16 2017

Hong Kong's last colonial governor talks to TIME, 20 years on from the city's handover
added: Tue Jun 27 09:15:08 2017

Watchdog slaps NHS for failure to tackle correspondence backlog
added: Tue Jun 27 08:03:50 2017

Here's Anson Chan on the steady deterioration of "One Country, Two Systems" and the betrayal of Hong Kong. #HKSAR20
added: Tue Jun 27 08:00:16 2017
tags: hksar20

China’s premier talks about "stability" and economic growth, not Liu Xiaobo, at #WEF
added: Tue Jun 27 07:58:45 2017
tags: wef

For the community, and hence needs input from the community. Please read, get involved and test?! #metasploit
added: Tue Jun 27 07:57:56 2017
tags: metasploit

Will LGFV bonds be the next to rattle the markets? Rising risk in Chinese local government debt
added: Tue Jun 27 07:57:14 2017

U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders
added: Tue Jun 27 06:31:41 2017

Hong Kong youths turn their back on Chinese identity
added: Tue Jun 27 06:17:35 2017

Amazing to think that the first generation of Chinese tycoons are now retiring
added: Tue Jun 27 05:46:02 2017

Shenhua, China Guodian Set Up Team for latest #China SOE Merger:
added: Tue Jun 27 05:41:58 2017
tags: china

Shahu Maharaj - Maharaja Who Willed to Abdicate His Throne for Social Democracy in India
added: Tue Jun 27 05:39:52 2017

Theresa May's threats against human rights law is a ‘gift for dictators’, says UN chief
added: Tue Jun 27 05:39:04 2017

China’s premier rules out ‘massive stimulus’
added: Tue Jun 27 05:38:58 2017

Liu Xia on Liu Xiaobo: "because we cannot meet the doctors treating him, we have no way to tell if" diagnosis true
added: Tue Jun 27 05:38:38 2017

Bank branches will be 'as common as a Blockbuster' store, ex-Barclays CEO Anthony Jenkins says
added: Tue Jun 27 05:34:45 2017

Are merging black holes born from stellar collapse or previous mergers? #physics
added: Tue Jun 27 05:34:13 2017
tags: physics

Hong Kong in Beijing's shadow 20 years after handover
added: Tue Jun 27 05:32:42 2017

California to list glyphosate as cancer-causing; Monsanto vows fight
added: Tue Jun 27 05:05:07 2017

Hong Kong in Beijing's shadow 20 years after handover |
added: Tue Jun 27 05:03:15 2017

Li Keqiang says there are “some risks” in the financial system but said they are “generally under control"
added: Tue Jun 27 05:01:43 2017

#EJI Chinese white dolphin population dwindling, says govt report
added: Tue Jun 27 05:00:55 2017
tags: eji

Aust-China (pt 1): If Aust leaders are flummoxed by simple problem like donations, how will they solve hard ones?
added: Tue Jun 27 04:57:01 2017

Liang Jing: Political Logic of the Fu Zhenghua Case
added: Tue Jun 27 04:54:06 2017

CY Leung says he made great strides when it comes to poverty alleviation and boosting land supply
added: Tue Jun 27 04:53:40 2017

Security to be critical in Industry 4.0 era: HKPC
added: Tue Jun 27 04:13:35 2017

Trump Son-In-Law did not declare $285m Loan from Deutsche Bank
added: Tue Jun 27 04:13:10 2017

Great article on past analogies of current discontent and their resolutions
added: Tue Jun 27 04:11:44 2017

Just Wow...From Big Lychee. Go down to 'Now for Some Real Fun' and start reading. (I've written about Alibaba...
added: Tue Jun 27 04:07:28 2017

Trump high court pick Gorsuch shows conservative credentials
added: Tue Jun 27 04:05:08 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong and mainland China have cooperated on healthcare – but new partnership is no instant cure
added: Tue Jun 27 04:04:28 2017
tags: scmp

Amazon Is Trying to Control the Underlying Infrastructure of Our Economy via @motherboard
added: Tue Jun 27 04:03:31 2017

Nice @joshchin and @Liz_in_Shanghai look at China's alacrity for the tech that could enable a dystopian panopticon:
added: Tue Jun 27 03:59:32 2017

No Brexit deal ‘unacceptable’, UK insurers warn - highlighting cross border health @healthyBrexit via @FT
added: Tue Jun 27 03:55:20 2017

China's pension gap is growing - but nobody wants to talk about it
added: Tue Jun 27 03:36:23 2017
added: Tue Jun 27 03:25:51 2017

Extraordinary editorial in HK01 claims BJ more lenient to dissidents, #LiuXiaoBo's medical parole a sign of largesse
added: Tue Jun 27 02:41:57 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

This is grim: watch as 17 people from Lufeng, China's "meth village", are publicly sentenced to death in Guangzhou
added: Tue Jun 27 02:19:47 2017

Liu Xiaobo's unbearable fate is stark symbol of where China is heading | Tania Branigan
added: Tue Jun 27 01:56:33 2017

CNN accepted the resignations Monday of three journalists involved in a retracted story about a supp...
added: Tue Jun 27 01:34:10 2017

Growing scepticism challenges the blockchain hype
added: Tue Jun 27 01:32:43 2017

China Vanke founder leaves mixed legacy
added: Tue Jun 27 01:30:26 2017

Noam Chomsky on How Neoliberalism Is Destroying Our Democracy
added: Tue Jun 27 01:30:14 2017

Redneck Revolt Builds Anti-Racist, Anti-Capitalist Movement With Working Class Whites
added: Tue Jun 27 01:28:02 2017

Did you know: there are documents on Hong Kong so sensitive, the Brits won't let us see them until AFTER the...
added: Tue Jun 27 00:30:04 2017

Land-locked Laos on track for controversial China rail link
added: Tue Jun 27 00:28:01 2017

立法會昨討論工廈劏房刑事化,然而咁樣就「解決」咗問題? //...
added: Tue Jun 27 00:25:03 2017

Remarkable transcript of interview with CIA Director Mike Pompeo
added: Tue Jun 27 00:22:26 2017

Coal on the rise in China, US, India after major 2016 drop
added: Tue Jun 27 00:13:49 2017

Radio New Bloom: Interview With Alexander Synaptic, blogger, web developer, photographer of Taiwan urban exploration
added: Tue Jun 27 00:10:05 2017

Media selling us on image that they're a fearless counterpoint to Trump, so why are they afraid to turn on camera?
added: Tue Jun 27 00:00:15 2017

Information overload fuels 'fake news': US study
added: Mon Jun 26 23:56:11 2017

Ralph Miliband describes how the "reasonable men of capitalism" orchestrated horror in Chile in 1973.
added: Mon Jun 26 23:54:38 2017

This Chinese effort to fight climate change has the global shipping industry on edge via @BW
added: Mon Jun 26 23:54:18 2017

Vietnamese blogger stripped of citizenship, deported - Committee to Protect Journalists
added: Mon Jun 26 23:50:33 2017

That Seattle minimum wage study has some curious results. via @econjared
added: Mon Jun 26 23:46:53 2017

@jgriffiths @JeromeTaylor #British Colony #Hongkong 1997 #China
added: Mon Jun 26 23:37:04 2017
tags: british, hongkong, china

Breaking: Brazil president Temer has been charged with corruption by chief prosecutor.
added: Mon Jun 26 23:28:23 2017

It's time to ask--is China deliberately engaging in torture/death sentences by deliberate medical neglect?
added: Mon Jun 26 23:05:01 2017

Man slams into cars at Tampa mosque during Eid prayers - then speeds off.…
added: Mon Jun 26 22:47:45 2017

The British Virgin Islands is trying to prove its not a tax haven -- campaigners aren't buying it #PanamaPapers
added: Mon Jun 26 22:30:34 2017
tags: panamapapers

Jackson Diehl defines the intersection of neoconservatism and liberal interventionism ‘US Not the Problem’ in Yemen.
added: Mon Jun 26 21:39:47 2017

As Dems slam Trump/GOP on healthcare, they just blocked a single-payer bill in Cali, where they have a supermajority
added: Mon Jun 26 20:13:21 2017

Check out Tank Watch, a mobile app to protect coral reefs & marine wildlife! @4thefishes
added: Mon Jun 26 20:00:03 2017

VIDEO: The "Progressive Liberal" is maybe the perfect wrestling heel
added: Mon Jun 26 19:10:04 2017

98-Year-Old Activist Frances Crowe Arrested Blockading Pipeline in Massachusetts
added: Mon Jun 26 18:50:10 2017

Trump 'insists on meeting with Putin despite team's advice' #TrumpRussia
added: Mon Jun 26 17:19:33 2017
tags: trumprussia

Breaking news: Scientists in limbo as US Supreme Court allows modified travel ban
added: Mon Jun 26 17:10:29 2017

“Because one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.” Read Anita's post on her experience at VidCon:
added: Mon Jun 26 15:22:28 2017

US Supreme Court allows part of Trump travel ban to go into effect and will hear full case in October
added: Mon Jun 26 14:43:50 2017

Imposing safeguards will not bring one textile job back to the US Wilbur Ross on new tariffs in 2005 By @HornbyLucy
added: Mon Jun 26 12:52:01 2017

Okay, basic email server brute forcing is now a "state-sponsored cyberattack". Arbitrary blame wheel lands on Russia
added: Mon Jun 26 12:36:00 2017

.@AWiderBridge is an anti-Palestinian group whose agenda is to smear Palestine solidarity as anti-Semitism.
added: Mon Jun 26 12:31:09 2017

#HONGKONG Authorities seize 48kg sandalwood, 45kg birds nests, 300kg fur & more via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 26 12:30:48 2017
tags: hongkong

The Unaffordable Urban Paradise: Comments:
added: Mon Jun 26 12:30:05 2017

Expert reveals how you can get yourself the cheapest flights
added: Mon Jun 26 12:29:00 2017

Police ask young school kids to shoot 'terrorist targets' and give them toy guns
added: Mon Jun 26 11:54:42 2017

Poland makes emergency contraception a prescription-only drug — even for rape survivors
added: Mon Jun 26 11:52:02 2017

Grant approved for cyclone victims in Bangladesh
added: Mon Jun 26 11:49:05 2017

Best evidence yet that Parkinson’s could be autoimmune disease
added: Mon Jun 26 11:32:45 2017

There's an ocean deep inside the earth
added: Mon Jun 26 10:50:30 2017

#Taiwan: International passengers urged to heed new money laundering legislation | Economics | FocusTaiwan
added: Mon Jun 26 10:26:10 2017
tags: taiwan

Hong Kong (CNN)The Hong Kong Crown Colony was founded on January 26, 1841, when Britain's Union Flag was raised...
added: Mon Jun 26 10:25:30 2017

Man jailed for 2 years for having consensual sex with 19-year-old daughter
added: Mon Jun 26 10:00:13 2017

Prohibitory orders imposed in Tripura after CPI(M), BJP clash
added: Mon Jun 26 10:00:01 2017

立法會今早討論動物友善政策,關注牛隻的作者提出數項建議,包括設立牛公園、改善垃圾桶設計、設立友善通道、種植合適食用的植物等。 〈團體到立法會申訴西貢幼牛調遷 促成立委員會調查〉— #獨媒報導...
added: Mon Jun 26 09:13:03 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

Where's Rody? Duterte goes AWOL during his presidency's biggest crisis. via @Reuters
added: Mon Jun 26 09:09:25 2017

Government faces £600 million bill for fire checks after Grenfell Tower blaze
added: Mon Jun 26 09:09:09 2017

What will life be like for those who live along the Crossrail route?
added: Mon Jun 26 09:08:57 2017

ICYMI: What it’s like to campaign against the #deathpenalty in Singapore
added: Mon Jun 26 08:19:44 2017
tags: deathpenalty

⑨🐻 #9LivesPoor Chom Chom's "Joker" smile - most likely from bar chewing ➡️
added: Mon Jun 26 08:18:45 2017
tags: 9livespoor

Lawyer of #LiuXiaobo says he hasn't been able to get in touch with his client's wife who may not know Liu is sick
added: Mon Jun 26 08:15:49 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Chinese official denies Beijing vetoed incoming leader Carrie Lam's ministerial choices
added: Mon Jun 26 08:02:43 2017

The word “women” literally never appears in the US Senate’s 142-page health-care bill
added: Mon Jun 26 07:54:23 2017

China closely following Modi Trump meet, with some in Beijing 'concerned' by surveillance drones deal @indiatoday
added: Mon Jun 26 07:40:48 2017

Netherlands PM Rutte's emulating Geert Wilders's anti-refugee policy leaves him without a parliamentary majority.
added: Mon Jun 26 07:21:05 2017

If anyone needs proof that Europe's Banking Union is a joke:
added: Mon Jun 26 07:16:58 2017

Scientists may have solved a key barrier to fusion power
added: Mon Jun 26 07:15:03 2017

The Tale of Two Emergencies – Indira Gandhi vs Narendra Modi
added: Mon Jun 26 07:08:39 2017

Interesting @InfoQ article on choreographing event-based microservices
added: Mon Jun 26 06:23:11 2017

The amazing doodles left by Darwin's children on the manuscript of Origin Of Species:
added: Mon Jun 26 06:21:39 2017

Thanks to Hong Kong, defiance against CCP China goes global.
added: Mon Jun 26 06:08:00 2017

See who will be most affected by the Senate health-care bill’s subsidy cuts
added: Mon Jun 26 06:05:26 2017

A choice for Trump: either go to war with #NorthKorea, or learn to live w/ its nukes via @Robert_E_Kelly
added: Mon Jun 26 05:58:41 2017
tags: northkorea

The Senate GOP hid the meanest things very deeply in its Obamacare repeal bill. We found them
added: Mon Jun 26 05:56:13 2017

China court hands jail terms to Australians in Crown Resorts trial
added: Mon Jun 26 05:45:16 2017

China’s booming bike-sharing sector beset by theft
added: Mon Jun 26 05:34:44 2017

Activist Cites Chinese Rail Project as Reason for His Arrest #Thailand
added: Mon Jun 26 05:30:18 2017
tags: thailand

Tradeweb to be main offshore trading platform for China 'Bond Connect'
added: Mon Jun 26 05:24:18 2017

China court sentences Crown Resorts senior executive to 10 months in prison via @WSJ
added: Mon Jun 26 05:18:36 2017

China's netizens v excited that foreign ministry used phrase "long arm jurisdiction" to describe US sanctions (中文)
added: Mon Jun 26 05:17:32 2017

The latest The Liberationtech Daily! #uk #madagascar
added: Mon Jun 26 05:16:37 2017
tags: uk, madagascar

Facebook keeps deleting this video. I can't imagine why...
added: Mon Jun 26 05:08:52 2017

The Latest: 3 Australian Crown Resorts employees sentenced.
added: Mon Jun 26 04:52:49 2017

Govt's plan to scrap MPF offset mechanism is the best deal possible, says Stephen Sui
added: Mon Jun 26 04:12:25 2017

Chad leader says Glencore oil contract was irresponsible
added: Mon Jun 26 04:11:07 2017

What does the #CIA have to do with a black bear that died of a cocaine overdose?
added: Mon Jun 26 04:04:01 2017
tags: cia

Here’s why HNA paid so much for land at Kai Tak via @SCMP_news "East India Company"
added: Mon Jun 26 03:40:34 2017

'They’d rather a dysfunctional city controlled by cronies than a functional one run by pro-democracy people'
added: Mon Jun 26 03:34:31 2017

Legal scholar Johannes Chan says "worrying features" have developed in the One Country, Two Systems principle
added: Mon Jun 26 03:33:11 2017

Corporate rentals are complicating Boston’s housing market via @BostonGlobe
added: Mon Jun 26 03:30:07 2017

Why #China's Secretive Regulators Are An Issue for Asian Dollar Debt @business @carriehong61 @nkim132
added: Mon Jun 26 03:24:02 2017
tags: china

Joshua Wong reflects on Hong Kong’s 1997 handover: via @qz trans by @jasonyng excerpt from new @hongkongpen book
added: Mon Jun 26 03:13:47 2017

#QUARTZ Hong Kong’s disillusioned youth feel they’re worse off 20 years after the handover
added: Mon Jun 26 02:35:06 2017
tags: quartz

Excellent @tomphillipsin report on emerging police state in Xinjiang w/ comments by @adrianzenz & @NickHoldstock
added: Mon Jun 26 01:57:56 2017

‘Alt-right’ pro-Trump rallies in Washington drew less than 100 marchers combined
added: Sun Jun 25 23:58:21 2017

Xi Jinping is slaughtering the chickens to warn the monkeys. *Chickens = China's wealthiest tycoons #purge
added: Sun Jun 25 23:45:33 2017
tags: purge

China urges officials to revive "comrade" in addressing each other to "create harmony among all levels of the Party"
added: Sun Jun 25 23:29:37 2017

Muslim knocked unconscious by thugs who then quoted Katie Hopkins' "final solution" tweet in their graffiti
added: Sun Jun 25 18:47:15 2017

Here's my review of the new Bonnie Prince Charlie show @ntlMuseumsScot for the @FT
added: Sun Jun 25 18:17:52 2017

Facebook could secretly watch users through webcams, patent reveals
added: Sun Jun 25 17:24:54 2017

Elite anti-high rise rhetoric uses the Grenfell Tower fire to justify more gentrification.
added: Sun Jun 25 15:33:18 2017

Tory councillor who managed Grenfell Tower refurbishment 'flees luxury £1.2m home after threats from residents'
added: Sun Jun 25 12:06:31 2017

Assailants destroy 45 olive trees and spray paint 'revenge' on Palestinian land
added: Sun Jun 25 12:02:14 2017

Verified functional algorithms. ~ A.W. Appel #Coq #Algorithms
added: Sun Jun 25 11:13:26 2017
tags: algorithms, coq

Car crashes into group of Muslims leaving Eid prayers in Newcastle
added: Sun Jun 25 10:28:00 2017

Blog On a communicative politics for late capitalism, by way of mortality rates, Rawls and Habermas
added: Sun Jun 25 09:01:33 2017

Martin Wolf @FT : “A tragedy because Varoufakis was–and is– right. The bulk of Greek debt should be cancelled...”
added: Sun Jun 25 08:45:32 2017

Did a new planet just reveal itself? Scientists discover Mars-sized object at the edge of the solar system!
added: Sun Jun 25 08:15:00 2017

This koala was killed when its habitat was destroyed by industrial logging:
added: Sun Jun 25 08:08:46 2017

Hong Kong's 'umbrella movement' casts shade on 20 years handover celebration 來自 @telegraphnews
added: Sun Jun 25 08:01:58 2017

Uranus’s crooked, messy magnetic field might open and shut daily
added: Sun Jun 25 07:59:51 2017

"This is a simple case," says court official about Crown employees by @angusgrigg
added: Sun Jun 25 07:48:44 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Amid family feud, Lee Hsien Yang in Hong Kong with wife to "see some friends".…
added: Sun Jun 25 07:45:57 2017

This is so worrying. It's bad enough products even need to be labelled this way to begin with.
added: Sun Jun 25 06:35:38 2017

Beijing can’t wash its hands of the fatalism that’s feeding the “independence threat” in Hong Kong, writes Alice Wu.
added: Sun Jun 25 06:30:15 2017

sitesx (0.10.4): A Phoenix SubDomainer which makes subdomain using DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, etc. API and...
added: Sun Jun 25 06:22:08 2017

Fake news is already disrupting Kenya’s high-stakes election campaign via @qzafrica
added: Sun Jun 25 06:00:01 2017

Charles Koch (@Koch_Industries + the Koch Brothers) thinks he's a classical liberal. So why do most Dems hate him?
added: Sun Jun 25 05:03:00 2017

Perspective | Hong Kong was supposed to liberalize China. How did the opposite happen?
added: Sun Jun 25 04:32:04 2017

Australia to seek greater powers on encrypted messaging at 'Five eyes' meeting
added: Sun Jun 25 04:30:06 2017

Is the UN tackling sex abuse by peacekeepers in the Central African Republic?
added: Sun Jun 25 04:30:05 2017

#SCMP Do recent Hong Kong hit-and-run cab incidents signal the return of ‘shadow taxis’?
added: Sun Jun 25 04:24:20 2017
tags: scmp

China refuses to budge, says no to India’s #NSG membership
added: Sun Jun 25 04:23:00 2017
tags: nsg

China's Xi to attend Hong Kong handover anniversary
added: Sun Jun 25 04:14:09 2017

The 1st @nytimes article my 8 yr old has read with intense, sustained interest & now she wants contact lens solution
added: Sun Jun 25 04:09:02 2017

From Muhanga, Rwanda, @lilkuo reports on how Africa is now the world’s testing ground for commercial drones.
added: Sun Jun 25 03:55:54 2017

The globalization of #China's currency is no longer “remorseless and unstoppable"
added: Sun Jun 25 03:25:00 2017
tags: china

Woah: More than $1 billion that Mozambique raised in international markets can't be accounted for via @MatinaStevis
added: Sun Jun 25 03:02:10 2017

"Thirty years ago, when it became clear builders would start using more of this type of cladding, he says, the...
added: Sun Jun 25 02:20:34 2017

'No aluminium cladding has ever passed the test'... Why Grenfell Tower Burned: Regulators Put Cost Before Safety
added: Sun Jun 25 02:17:16 2017

Private landlords not forced to check fire safety of cladding
added: Sun Jun 25 01:53:35 2017

Death of a Hong Kong pop star: when city mourned Beyond singer Wong Ka-kui in 1993
added: Sun Jun 25 01:30:13 2017

Trump just ended a long tradition of celebrating Ramadan at the White House
added: Sat Jun 24 23:18:41 2017

The Philippine people must be forewarned about the dangerous China deal. Buyer beware. Caveat emptor.
added: Sat Jun 24 22:12:20 2017

“Monitoring Serverless Architectures” @RafalGancarz ,Lead Consultant @OpenCredo #qconlondon 2017 live on @infoq
added: Sat Jun 24 19:40:01 2017
tags: qconlondon

Outrage: Calif. Democrat Pulls Plug on #HealthyCA #SinglePayer #SB562 @NationalNurses…
added: Sat Jun 24 19:13:48 2017
tags: sb562, healthyca, singlepayer

Republicans said they're too busy to meet with patient groups. They're busy with fundraisers.
added: Sat Jun 24 16:11:12 2017

HK20: Looking back - The Hongkongers who emigrated before the handover
added: Sat Jun 24 14:04:23 2017

Joshua Wong has called for “demonstration instead of celebration” to mark President Xi’s visit.
added: Sat Jun 24 12:01:11 2017

@andrealeadsom Erdogan also had some troubles with "unpatriotic" media but I think he's got a handle on it now.
added: Sat Jun 24 11:26:59 2017

"Sci-Hub as necessary, effective civil disobedience" Malgré le titre, un article équilibré et nuancé, prospectif
added: Sat Jun 24 11:21:39 2017

Lincoln Memorial Originally Built on Marsh Land #rerun - This is what the Lincoln Memorial looked like in its e...
added: Sat Jun 24 11:15:42 2017
tags: rerun

Intel gives up on competing against Raspberry Pi
added: Sat Jun 24 09:15:02 2017

Via @TheAtlantic, an AI confirms a @Kurt_Vonnegut hypothesis re: stories But AI won't write one as good as Kurt's.
added: Sat Jun 24 09:05:50 2017

China's top banking regulator tells banks to push forward with reform
added: Sat Jun 24 09:05:09 2017

Still work to be done for city’s democracy, say British ex-governors
added: Sat Jun 24 08:30:08 2017

REVEALED: Mike Pence just had a secret meeting with GOP money-man Charles Koch
added: Sat Jun 24 06:00:26 2017

JUST IN: California's Dem House Speaker @Rendon63rd blocks single-payer healthcare bill that passed the senate
added: Sat Jun 24 01:01:08 2017

US Copyright Office recommends sweeping, welcome changes to America's DRM laws
added: Fri Jun 23 14:09:52 2017

An alicublog commenter reminds us that, contrary to legend, Nixon wasn't so hot on the environment, either
added: Fri Jun 23 13:58:59 2017

What? No. Something stinks. -->> USS Fitzgerald did not detect container ship
added: Fri Jun 23 13:51:23 2017

China's Xi visit to Hong Kong confirmed: report
added: Fri Jun 23 13:48:12 2017

How The Guardian Lost America
added: Fri Jun 23 13:48:10 2017

Air conditioning plant to send 700 jobs President Trump bragged about saving to Mexico
added: Fri Jun 23 13:47:27 2017

Poll: Most Americans Unaware GOP Plans Would Make Deep Funding Cuts To Medicaid via @KHNews @shefalil
added: Fri Jun 23 13:09:10 2017

China hopes India, US won't disturb South China Sea peace, play constructive role
added: Fri Jun 23 13:02:07 2017

President Moon’s decision to delay full THAAD deployment: a closer look
added: Fri Jun 23 13:00:37 2017

‘I took off Royal Hong Kong Police badge and got on with job’ via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jun 23 12:16:41 2017

Russian hackers 'traded stolen passwords of British MPs and public servants' - The Guardian…
added: Fri Jun 23 12:09:25 2017

立法會財委會審議沙中線超支撥款時,立法會議員姚松炎要求當局交代價格調整準備金的單據,但當局未能提供。 姚松炎 Edward Yiu翌日發信致廉政公署及審計署,本網及後轉載。運輸及房屋局在今日去信本網回應,全文如下。...
added: Fri Jun 23 12:02:03 2017

.@KenroLtd unveil new @Saramonic_intl VMic range of microphones
added: Fri Jun 23 12:01:20 2017

Firebrand Anti-leftist Group, Which Slams Foreign Funding of Israeli NGOs, Received Over $1M From U.S. Donors
added: Fri Jun 23 12:01:06 2017

Imagine having a vision so uninspiring that you have to pay people to canvass. Sad and illegal.
added: Fri Jun 23 12:01:03 2017

The history of the Grenfell Tower disaster stretches back into mid-century housing policy.
added: Fri Jun 23 12:00:19 2017

Choi Soon-sil, friend of South Korea's ex-president Park, sentenced to three years in prison
added: Fri Jun 23 12:00:11 2017

Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China
added: Fri Jun 23 11:54:47 2017

China's authorities tighten noose around online video content Via @ReutersTV
added: Fri Jun 23 11:41:00 2017

Turkey to stop teaching evolution in secondary schools
added: Fri Jun 23 11:39:24 2017

Plots are in Tai Po, Lantau and Cheung Sha Wan will in total generate more than 1,300 flats
added: Fri Jun 23 11:31:23 2017

Can China Really Rein in Credit? via @CarnegieEndow
added: Fri Jun 23 09:44:22 2017

Banksy identity 'accidentally revealed by Goldie' during interview
added: Fri Jun 23 09:23:50 2017

interesting feature @bbcchinese on HK ppl emigrating to TW. a family of 3 now lives in a 4-storey house in Taoyuan
added: Fri Jun 23 05:25:17 2017

#CA39- How Pelosi's corrupt, incompetent DCCC picks a House race to lose-- Ed Royce must feel so very special
added: Fri Jun 23 05:24:43 2017
tags: ca39

Chinese Automaker Buys Stake in Malaysia’s Proton
added: Fri Jun 23 03:40:20 2017

Srinagar mob lynches senior cop to death outside Jamia Masjid
added: Fri Jun 23 03:39:49 2017

After Taiwan, staff at Hong Kong's Apple Daily also urged to leave and become freelancers…
added: Fri Jun 23 03:38:12 2017

China joins with PNG in building new Western Pacific University
added: Fri Jun 23 02:33:14 2017

Under the banner of consumer choice, Virginia's Dominion Energy has locked in a monopoly on electricity — and power.
added: Fri Jun 23 02:30:15 2017

Shifting Dollars From Poor to Rich Is a Key Part of the Senate Health Bill, via @nytimes
added: Fri Jun 23 00:56:31 2017

China deploys new anti-submarine aircraft to fringes of South China Sea @thebaseleg reports
added: Thu Jun 22 22:11:06 2017

For most of Asia, Chinese espionage like this remains the norm.
added: Thu Jun 22 18:44:26 2017

The mighty @IronStache talked to me about his campaign and explained his positions on Fight for 15 and single-payer:
added: Thu Jun 22 12:14:36 2017

Exclusive: South Korea president calls on China's Xi to do more on North Korea nuclear program
added: Thu Jun 22 09:14:07 2017

Pakistan Reviews Conditions for Issuance of Visas for Chinese Nationals
added: Thu Jun 22 08:38:57 2017

New legal theory would basically destroy the key protection for of online free speech in the U.S.
added: Thu Jun 22 08:38:57 2017

大學老師薪高糧準好過癮?不了,教資會將規定八大教師填報工作時數,並列明相關工作是否屬於學術及相關學科範圍;有教師抗議和呼籲罷填。 #獨媒報導
added: Thu Jun 22 08:33:06 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

FBI investigating Michigan airport stabbing as 'terrorism'
added: Thu Jun 22 08:32:36 2017

Caltech's 'lensless camera' could make our phones truly flat
added: Thu Jun 22 08:32:13 2017

Western M&A bankers are going to have to find some other names to put on their list of prospective bidders.
added: Thu Jun 22 08:16:10 2017

Will Corruption Doom China? via @ForeignAffairs by @Dali_Yang
added: Thu Jun 22 07:35:58 2017

China's Dalian Wanda Group denies 'rumors' of bond sales
added: Thu Jun 22 06:24:00 2017

Council chief resigns amid Grenfell Tower fire criticism
added: Thu Jun 22 06:23:00 2017

Jerusalem court rules that El Al cannot force women to change seats to accommodate men who don't realize it's 2017.
added: Thu Jun 22 06:22:53 2017

Elite universities found to have second rate teaching
added: Thu Jun 22 06:22:52 2017

Macron loses four ministers in a week
added: Thu Jun 22 06:21:14 2017

ICE enforcement in Boston targets head of Irish Assn: ‘If John Cunningham is not safe, no one is safe’ @GlobeCullen
added: Thu Jun 22 06:17:19 2017

Investors flee from Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin's Wanda shares and bonds
added: Thu Jun 22 06:01:40 2017

Thailand has long served as a transit hub for trafficked animals and wildlife products bound for major markets
added: Thu Jun 22 05:47:47 2017

Meet The Hand-Picked Garbage Pelosi And Hoyer Want To Turn The Democratic Party Over To
added: Thu Jun 22 05:39:09 2017

Egypt sends a shipment of fuel to Gaza—and Mahmoud Abbas pressures the strip's power plant not to use it.
added: Thu Jun 22 05:36:08 2017

Handheld crossbows that can fire out needles and nails are the latest must-have toy in #China
added: Thu Jun 22 05:36:06 2017
tags: china

Trump says 'we have a great relationship with China' after critical tweet
added: Thu Jun 22 05:35:06 2017

North Korea deemed 'top security threat' to the US, as China urged to increase pressure
added: Thu Jun 22 05:32:18 2017

West Coast late read: So what, Ossoff lost? It's all about the long game, Democrats.
added: Thu Jun 22 05:28:00 2017

As China tramples on Hong Kong's freedom, a feeble Britain avoids its glance | Angela Gui
added: Thu Jun 22 05:19:00 2017

CICC, Goldman to lead China Tower Hong Kong IPO worth up to $10 billion: sources by @julie_zhuli @ReutersLZO
added: Thu Jun 22 05:00:30 2017

【指中國法制不善】 【日本投資者:較越南差】 日本對華投資連續四年下降,不過跌幅已經大為收窄。 中國日本商會形容,低谷已經過去,不少在華日資企業會擴大業務。...
added: Thu Jun 22 05:00:04 2017

Cisco's 'encrypted traffic fingerprinting' turned into a product
added: Thu Jun 22 04:59:45 2017

#China Bad Debt Prices Up 30% as New Gold Rush Gets Under Way via @business
added: Thu Jun 22 04:58:21 2017
tags: china

@limkitsiang #UPDATED Forex scandal RCI earns no credit for cabinet, claims @limkitsiang
added: Thu Jun 22 04:57:41 2017
tags: 1mdb, updated

ANALYSIS: New cabinet, new woes for incoming HK government even before Day 1
added: Thu Jun 22 04:57:27 2017

New therapy for macular degeneration shows promise: study
added: Thu Jun 22 04:04:09 2017

updated story on Young Pioneer about UN doctors in Pyongyang, guns getting pulled, the whole stag party thing
added: Thu Jun 22 03:33:53 2017

EU to resist Macron's call to curb Chinese takeovers - diplomats
added: Thu Jun 22 03:12:54 2017

How #HongKong’s government takes from the poor and gives to the rich
added: Thu Jun 22 02:54:33 2017
tags: hongkong

Next Step on North Korea. PRC failure to deliver (what a shock) should end US curbs on support for TW. False choice
added: Thu Jun 22 02:32:56 2017

Trump White House is trying to get House GOP to water down the new Russia sanctions bill that passed the Senate 98-2
added: Thu Jun 22 01:44:53 2017

Trump said he'll ban welfare for immigrants for the first five years. That is current law.
added: Thu Jun 22 01:06:41 2017

Media companies are getting sick of Facebook
added: Thu Jun 22 00:17:06 2017

Lighthizer fires warning shot at @wto. My @FT take on today's fascinating testimony before senate finance committee.
added: Wed Jun 21 21:45:42 2017

Must read on the NYPD's too-cozy relationship with area media
added: Wed Jun 21 21:22:37 2017

The dark side of China’s national renewal
added: Wed Jun 21 16:04:35 2017

Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats
added: Wed Jun 21 15:54:13 2017

Release of Dashcam Video of Philando Castile Killing Days After Ex-Cop is Acquitted Is In Poor Taste
added: Wed Jun 21 12:01:32 2017

All transport in London to be zero emissions by 2050
added: Wed Jun 21 11:58:59 2017

China aims to boost services share in GDP to 60 percent by 2025
added: Wed Jun 21 11:58:45 2017

#BreakingNews Viet Nam approves new Penal Code, details to follow: #wildlife
added: Wed Jun 21 11:55:00 2017
tags: breakingnews, wildlife

Oil is now officially in a bear market — and there’s no catalyst in sight #business
added: Wed Jun 21 11:52:27 2017
tags: business

This will be the first time Labour Party staff at HQ have ever cared about workers' rights.
added: Wed Jun 21 11:47:36 2017

British company boards cannot be trusted on pay
added: Wed Jun 21 11:45:32 2017

UK dormice might be about to go extinct
added: Wed Jun 21 11:39:50 2017

Gov digitisation plans happening too slowly, say IfG policy wonks. Hear that, GDS?
added: Wed Jun 21 11:37:42 2017

New @intercepted: Dispatch from the Dirtbag Left
added: Wed Jun 21 11:29:09 2017

Pelosi was a huge drag on Ossoff. Internal GOP polling showed she had 98% name ID, was 35 points underwater. #GA06
added: Wed Jun 21 11:28:59 2017
tags: ga06

Uber Investors Said Enough via @MikeIsaac while you were sleeping
added: Wed Jun 21 11:28:21 2017

Boston Police Officer Back on Job After Controversial Video via @NECN
added: Wed Jun 21 11:25:38 2017

China's neighbors brace for outflows from their markets after MSCI inclusion
added: Wed Jun 21 11:15:22 2017

The Queen's Speech lays bare Theresa May’s chronic lack of power
added: Wed Jun 21 11:13:48 2017

#HKarchitecture - one more pic of #CheungShaWan Wholesale market built around 1965:
added: Wed Jun 21 10:26:11 2017
tags: hkarchitecture, cheungshawan

One #China, Dual Recognition: A Solution to the #Taiwan Impasse | The Diplomat
added: Wed Jun 21 10:25:38 2017
tags: china, taiwan

#Taiwan May export orders beat forecast as #China and #US demand jump - Business News | The Star Online
added: Wed Jun 21 10:25:05 2017
tags: china, us, taiwan

#Taiwan Officials Eyeing Republican Plan for #Tax Code Overhaul
added: Wed Jun 21 10:23:25 2017
tags: taiwan, tax

MSCI may be indulging in some wishful thinking with China via @gadfly
added: Wed Jun 21 10:20:09 2017

US security depends on development as well as diplomacy and defense says Stephen Krasner
added: Wed Jun 21 10:12:09 2017

After 6years of obstructing in civil courts, police trying to strike out this human rights #spycops case
added: Wed Jun 21 10:00:03 2017
tags: spycops

Biased use of vox pops allowed broadcasters to create and reinforce anti-Corbyn bias - despite clear OFCOM rules
added: Wed Jun 21 09:44:31 2017

The Tories have deleted their manifesto from their website
added: Wed Jun 21 09:44:00 2017

Photos and story of Russian mammoth tusk hunters:
added: Wed Jun 21 09:41:04 2017

Gin and tonics can help cure hayfever
added: Wed Jun 21 09:33:55 2017

Scoop: John Godfrey, Theresa May's policy chief at Number 10 is leaving. His deputy left last week.
added: Wed Jun 21 09:22:03 2017

Day of the Rope #OtD 1877, 10 Irish 'Molly Maguire' miners hanged for a militant wave of terror against mine bosses
added: Wed Jun 21 09:21:35 2017
tags: otd

China Counters Trump, Says North Korea Efforts 'Indispensable' - Bloomberg
added: Wed Jun 21 09:19:58 2017

Super-speed Hyperloop coming to South Korea as it signs licensing deal to build the system
added: Wed Jun 21 09:14:07 2017

Hong Kong's next security chief John Lee says he'll be getting the city ready for Article 23 national security laws
added: Wed Jun 21 09:13:44 2017

Zayn Malik interrogated for three hours at US airport because 'his name was flagged up on the system'
added: Wed Jun 21 09:05:50 2017

12 things you might want to delete from your Facebook page
added: Wed Jun 21 08:35:01 2017

Must read, esp after @EU #HRC35 #China debacle: Why the West treats China with kid gloves
added: Wed Jun 21 08:35:01 2017
tags: china, hrc35

Most Australians see China as an economic blessing, despite concerns about spying
added: Wed Jun 21 08:30:13 2017

Great account of the intrigue & geopolitics behind the Saudi succession shake up, by @davidahearst
added: Wed Jun 21 08:24:45 2017

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam: 'I am no puppet of Beijing'
added: Wed Jun 21 08:15:18 2017

Carrie Lam tells the press her cabinet is "the most desirable team"
added: Wed Jun 21 07:52:16 2017

Index compilers today are like ratings agencies in 2007: accidental arbiters whose clout far exceeds their ability.
added: Wed Jun 21 07:32:46 2017

Donald Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for programme that brings him millions
added: Wed Jun 21 07:32:07 2017

Beijing has not interfered to change the city's school curriculum, says the incoming education chief
added: Wed Jun 21 07:31:58 2017

Tenement building balcony collapses in Hung Hom during Amber Rainstorm
added: Wed Jun 21 07:31:57 2017

Engineered algae puts half of its carbon into fats for biofuels the old guard will fight this...
added: Wed Jun 21 07:14:23 2017

Joshua Wong fears push for Communist Party loyalty
added: Wed Jun 21 07:10:12 2017

A battle royale has broken out between clean power purists and pragmatists
added: Wed Jun 21 07:07:01 2017

The year of living with autocracy and incompetence via @rapplerdotcom
added: Wed Jun 21 07:05:36 2017

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing says retirement won't stop him working
added: Wed Jun 21 06:47:40 2017

15 Muslim men arrested in India for celebrating Pakistan's Champions Trophy win
added: Wed Jun 21 06:47:30 2017

S&P says "real possibility" of China downgrade, Russia sanctions would threaten upgrade hopes via @ReutersIndia
added: Wed Jun 21 06:46:28 2017

The shadow chancellor tells @bbcnickrobinson Labour's main aim will be reversing austerity…
added: Wed Jun 21 06:42:51 2017

Wind-power costs have dropped 66% since 2009 and cost to install solar by 70% since 2010
added: Wed Jun 21 06:22:54 2017

South Korea stocks may see outflow of up to 4.3 trillion won after MSCI includes China: official
added: Wed Jun 21 04:20:29 2017

HKU poll: Only 3.1% of young Hongkongers identify as Chinese, marking 20 year low
added: Wed Jun 21 04:04:05 2017

Internal DCCC memo shows lobbyists that fund the group use their influence to pressure Dems from adopting populism
added: Wed Jun 21 03:10:11 2017

Spending for #HKSAR20 (HK$640 million) is 71 times higher than for the handover celebrations in 1998. Staggering.
added: Wed Jun 21 00:45:10 2017
tags: hksar20

Zoo in Henan, China denies claims of animal abuse as photos of skinny bear circulate online…
added: Wed Jun 21 00:40:16 2017

Costa Rica complains of US govt harassment over Pirate Bay domain via @theregister
added: Wed Jun 21 00:05:50 2017

Revealed the Tory hit-list of NHS cuts - the 'capped expenditure process'. When did Ministers authorise these cuts?
added: Tue Jun 20 19:08:13 2017

No 10 in "chaos" with young aides who "probably couldn't find N Ireland on a map." This @garygibbonblog is a banger
added: Tue Jun 20 18:17:27 2017

Swiss diplomats, w/ unusual access to China during the Cultural Revolution, repeatedly likened Red Guards to Nazis.
added: Tue Jun 20 15:46:09 2017

Los Alamos lab violated safety rules for years but didn’t halt its plutonium work until Washington intervened.
added: Tue Jun 20 15:07:00 2017

President Trump congratulated himself when Ford scuttled a Mexican car plant. Turns out it's going to China instead.
added: Tue Jun 20 14:34:30 2017

The experts we talked to came back to the same analogy again and again: sharecropping.
added: Tue Jun 20 14:04:02 2017

$28 Chinese app is a browser for insecure webcams
added: Tue Jun 20 13:47:22 2017

A company is charging $3,252 for their magical drug. It's a mix of Aleve & Nexium, which cost $40 at stores.
added: Tue Jun 20 13:46:04 2017

Unbelievable that police are saying that "road rage" would make someone beat a teen with a bat. #JusticeForNabra
added: Tue Jun 20 13:21:26 2017
tags: justicefornabra

You knew things weren't great for millennials, but this is just how bad
added: Tue Jun 20 12:32:01 2017

Good article on the real issue with Uber (the utterly exploitative contractor model):
added: Tue Jun 20 12:09:20 2017

Hong Kong youths turn their backs on Chinese identity: survey
added: Tue Jun 20 12:02:12 2017

The hunt for Gadhafi's missing billions: the latest clues point to Ghana, Burkina Faso, South Africa & Kenya
added: Tue Jun 20 11:52:54 2017

Excellent analysis of yesterday's free speech ops by @NoahRFeldman.
added: Tue Jun 20 11:42:11 2017

Chevron prevails in Ecuador pollution battle at US Supreme Court
added: Tue Jun 20 11:33:13 2017

Mosul Battle: Mine Blast Kills French, Iraqi Journalists
added: Tue Jun 20 11:31:41 2017

The worrying rise of the far-right in the last 12 months
added: Tue Jun 20 11:31:28 2017

Newly Released Audio of the Killing of Charleena Lyles by Seattle Police Paints a Disturbing Picture of the Last Mo…
added: Tue Jun 20 11:30:32 2017

In Greece, China Finds an Ally Against Human Rights Criticism, via @nytimes
added: Tue Jun 20 11:27:50 2017

Israel starts work on new West Bank settlement
added: Tue Jun 20 11:27:38 2017

Obstacles at Bay, Beijing Steps up Control Over Disputed South China Sea
added: Tue Jun 20 11:24:42 2017

Japan sends biggest warship on Southeast Asia mission
added: Tue Jun 20 11:23:33 2017

Philippines Eyes Russia-Made Attack Helicopters, Smart Weapons - Ambassador
added: Tue Jun 20 11:22:13 2017

London council to immediately install sprinklers in 25 tower blocks
added: Tue Jun 20 11:22:08 2017

People are pointing out a BBC series that 'predicted' the Grenfell Tower tragedy 25 years ago
added: Tue Jun 20 11:21:22 2017

The fishermen saving refugee lives in Lesbos #WorldRefugeeDay
added: Tue Jun 20 11:20:07 2017
tags: worldrefugeeday

Daddy's empire isn't as safe as houses, Victor via @gadfly @nishagopalanhk #HongKong
added: Tue Jun 20 11:18:39 2017
tags: hongkong

Brazil president to sue tycoon for slander
added: Tue Jun 20 10:26:44 2017

Oh look, family of the man who hired out the van used in the Finsbury Park attack has same beliefs as the terrorist
added: Tue Jun 20 10:09:05 2017

Reversing the Huawei Balong M3/MCU Console
added: Tue Jun 20 09:46:05 2017

Li Ka-shing’s successor faces big disruptions – Breakingviews
added: Tue Jun 20 09:41:42 2017

Why Weren’t We Told? - Velivada
added: Tue Jun 20 09:35:16 2017

#Gabon: Masked men with machetes and knives attack four media outlets
added: Tue Jun 20 09:35:01 2017
tags: gabon

I am your Big Brother and I am watching you in your home with my new $28 app. Stop this now! @doctorow
added: Tue Jun 20 07:41:34 2017

Concern group slams gov't plan to redevelop Sheung Wan site ahead of deliberation
added: Tue Jun 20 06:22:14 2017

Hong Kong's apartments get even smaller as minuscule microflats boom amid soaring property prices, @chanman writes.
added: Tue Jun 20 06:04:04 2017

Rule of law so strict in HK that elderly selling 1$ cardboard got trouble. Destroying public land for greed is A-Ok:
added: Tue Jun 20 03:07:08 2017

British scientist stabbed to death after research incriminated Putin. Cops called it suicide. Spies suspect a hit
added: Mon Jun 19 17:18:25 2017

Joint Strike Failure F-35 soon sold to 35 unsuspecting countries stupid enough to buy it
added: Mon Jun 19 12:49:09 2017

#Bali dogs brutally killed, meat sold to unsuspecting tourists, investigation reveals via @ABCNews
added: Mon Jun 19 12:32:29 2017
tags: bali

'Chinese banks may raise mortgage rates in tightening drive'
added: Mon Jun 19 11:45:02 2017

A study has demolished the biggest myth about gender quotas
added: Mon Jun 19 11:39:11 2017

9/11 recovery worker from Queens targeted by ICE for deportation
added: Mon Jun 19 11:25:53 2017

Russia to shoot down any planes flying over Syria
added: Mon Jun 19 11:24:14 2017

How Chinese unicorn Tujia altered the Airbnb model – and why Airbnb hasn’t adapted, yet
added: Mon Jun 19 11:23:56 2017

Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb And Confirms There Is Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia ????
added: Mon Jun 19 11:07:36 2017

UAE minister says Qatar's blockade could 'last years'
added: Mon Jun 19 10:56:15 2017

Rust as a gateway drug to Haskell
added: Mon Jun 19 10:56:00 2017

Philippines military says seizes drugs worth millions of dollars in besieged city
added: Mon Jun 19 10:53:09 2017

Average property asking prices drop £1,000 for the first time in almost a decade:
added: Mon Jun 19 10:49:45 2017

“There's nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong” - Junta to push new intrusive cyber security bill #Thailand
added: Mon Jun 19 10:32:20 2017
tags: thailand

Telegram chat app founder claims Feds offered backdoor bribe via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Jun 19 10:30:24 2017

Presumed death toll in London tower blaze rises to 79
added: Mon Jun 19 10:12:21 2017

食環署決定撤銷對拾紙皮75歲婆婆檢控 #本地 Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:57:42 +0800
added: Mon Jun 19 10:00:18 2017
tags: 本地

Victims and families of Grenfell Tower will not get justice if records, documents and emails are being destroyed
added: Mon Jun 19 08:50:48 2017

The (utterly nonsensical) case is put forward of how the PLA has helped keep the peace in Hong Kong via @bpolitics
added: Mon Jun 19 08:38:57 2017

1st prize! The most idiotic, tasteless, vile comment on the London fire that killed 58 people. Bravo, Rowan Dean.
added: Mon Jun 19 05:37:35 2017

The secret negotiations that sealed Hong Kong's fate
added: Sun Jun 18 23:56:06 2017

Cladding used on Grenfell Tower IS banned in UK, claims Philip Hammond
added: Sun Jun 18 13:34:09 2017

The Chinese labor activist who wants Ivanka Trump to "take responsibility"
added: Sun Jun 18 13:18:24 2017

added: Sun Jun 18 13:04:20 2017

China's Isolation Of The DPP Feeds Taiwanese Independence by @jlewr Link:
added: Sun Jun 18 13:00:02 2017

Grenfell fire victims can't access funds raised for them and council only giving them a tenner, volunteer claims
added: Sun Jun 18 12:57:37 2017

Revealed: the tower block fire warnings that ministers ignored
added: Sun Jun 18 12:48:04 2017

WI DNR science services bureau is being dissolved because their research related to climate change
added: Sun Jun 18 12:46:09 2017

#China stock regulator says would be happy for MSCI index inclusion via @Reuters
added: Sun Jun 18 12:43:55 2017
tags: china

Greece blocks EU statement on China human rights at U.N.
added: Sun Jun 18 12:35:06 2017

Fewer than 18% of voters turned out for the second round of the French parliamentary election
added: Sun Jun 18 12:04:14 2017

Coincidence? Trump does business in UAE & SaudiArabia, but not Qatar. Is US policy driven by his business interests?
added: Sun Jun 18 11:43:22 2017

#Arctic #plastic #pollution kills animals thru tangling & seriously harms those mistaking it for food @extinctsymbol
added: Sun Jun 18 11:29:06 2017
tags: arctic, plastic, pollution

Or My.... Mark Callaghan finds MySQL 5.7 is up to 50% slower than MySQL 5.0 in single thread performance
added: Sun Jun 18 10:08:10 2017

#China Minsheng is still selling Anbang insurance products. Loan exposure $100mn.
added: Sun Jun 18 03:44:55 2017
tags: china

More questions arise over Mr Lee's final will
added: Sun Jun 18 02:40:00 2017

Civil War Museum sues St. Louis over Confederate memorial
added: Sun Jun 18 02:26:13 2017

How the Communist Party controls China’s state-owned industrial titans
added: Sun Jun 18 02:25:43 2017

Louisiana releases list of thousands of local businesses that utilize cheap inmate labor
added: Sun Jun 18 02:23:02 2017

Seven U.S. Sailors Confirmed Dead After Collision With Cargo Ship
added: Sun Jun 18 02:22:31 2017

Unedited Putin interview reveals Megyn Kelly's amateurism. Great scoop by @yashar.
added: Sun Jun 18 00:54:20 2017

N.Y. Woman Files Suit Against Casino That Offered Her Steak Dinner Instead of $43M Jackpot
added: Sun Jun 18 00:45:53 2017

Article on migration from #Senegal fails to explain that rich nations nearly destroyed the local fishing industry.
added: Sat Jun 17 23:44:15 2017
tags: senegal

Yep, as we reported, Trump's Education Dept really is stopping investigations into systematic discrimination.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:56:37 2017

Read this.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:56:03 2017

Supply-Side Economics, but for Liberals
added: Sat Jun 17 11:52:05 2017

近來不斷有「研究機構」倡「釋放」貨櫃碼頭用地,大家看到這與「大灣區」的關係嗎? 未來香港可能不會再有貨櫃碼頭,貨船去內地啦! 〈大灣區的用意〉— 吳廣明
added: Sat Jun 17 11:45:03 2017
added: Sat Jun 17 11:42:34 2017

Govt found £32m (+ previous £140m) last Dec. for council estate privatisation. Use it to rehouse Grenfell survivors
added: Sat Jun 17 11:23:03 2017

£2.5m into tax avoidance schemes. Not got £5k for a sprinkler system or two measly quid for fireproof cladding tho.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:13:16 2017

Gigaba's alleged to have collaborated with the Guptas by placing those loyal to the family in key positions in SOEs.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:00:32 2017

@JohnJCrace @thetimes So now @LiamFox has hired a cut-price NZer to nego for us?
added: Sat Jun 17 10:50:04 2017

London fire: A tale of two tower blocks #GrenfellTower
added: Sat Jun 17 10:44:30 2017
tags: grenfelltower

#SaturdayRead: @pritishbehuria analyses the mild renaissance of #importsubstitution among some Africa countries
added: Sat Jun 17 10:30:17 2017
tags: importsubstitution, saturdayread

WH hardliners pushing to expand war against Iran in Syria over Pentagon objections | escalation always so easy
added: Sat Jun 17 10:03:32 2017

Teodorin Obiang is accused of using his government’s treasury as a personal bank account in a trial starting Monday:
added: Sat Jun 17 10:02:04 2017

Lynched man was protecting wife and daughter, eyewitnesses say govt official yelled ‘kill him’
added: Sat Jun 17 09:58:48 2017

The Chinese have a dilemma in Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal h/t @AbhijnanRej
added: Sat Jun 17 09:55:47 2017

Lantau blueprint is just another sly sales pitch for East Lantau Metropolis
added: Sat Jun 17 09:52:47 2017

Palestinian militants deny IS group claim of Jerusalem attack
added: Sat Jun 17 08:39:16 2017

@mikko After multiple requests, I decided to put the ePub version of my book #helpfulhackers online. For free:
added: Sat Jun 17 08:35:10 2017
tags: helpfulhackers

Hard to overstate the destructive impact of "killology" classes and the Force Science Institute. #PhilandoCastile
added: Sat Jun 17 08:29:03 2017
tags: philandocastile

Kensington and Chelsea Council threatened Grenfell Tower blogger with legal action after he brought up fire safety
added: Sat Jun 17 08:14:14 2017

An 18-year-long excavation is unveiling an Aztec temple in the heart of Mexico City
added: Sat Jun 17 06:31:47 2017

HUGE SCOOP: Money Sergei Magnitsky exposed & was killed over has now been linked to Syrian chemical weapons program
added: Sat Jun 17 06:28:40 2017

Navy says flooding is stabilized on USS destroyer involved in collision; Search on for 7 missing sailors.
added: Sat Jun 17 05:46:34 2017

Those hardware backdoors are getting out of control. Can't find the time to understand them and do actual work too.
added: Sat Jun 17 05:11:41 2017

“This Is Red Alert”: Inside the Left's Game Plan for Beating the GOP Health Bill
added: Sat Jun 17 04:28:01 2017

Chalk Girl: a protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Two years since her arrest made her an...
added: Sat Jun 17 04:19:57 2017

Opening Keynote - Celebrating 20 Years of The HKSAR, Jun 8
added: Sat Jun 17 03:58:26 2017

Seven missing after US destroyer in collision with container ship via @FT
added: Sat Jun 17 03:42:30 2017

One of the #CIA’s private press contacts was a suspected Soviet spy by @NatSecGeek
added: Sat Jun 17 03:30:06 2017
tags: cia

That's interesting. was created by Ezra Levant at 6pm UTC, 2pm EDT. Laura crashed the play…
added: Sat Jun 17 03:26:21 2017

U.S. farmers slam Trump's Cuba clampdown, press forward with trade visit
added: Sat Jun 17 03:05:07 2017

HKFP Lens: The ruins of Taiwan's abandoned flying saucer holiday homes
added: Sat Jun 17 03:04:33 2017

EXCLUSIVE: In 2016, the FBI allowed 300,000 gun sales before completing a background check
added: Sat Jun 17 03:02:32 2017

"Zambia, like the rest of Africa, needs a new deal to recover its stolen wealth" writes…
added: Sat Jun 17 03:00:15 2017

China has a covert naval fleet disguised as fishing boats @AndrewSErickson
added: Sat Jun 17 02:53:03 2017

Chinese billionaire’s detention was just the beginning 来自 @SCMP_news
added: Sat Jun 17 02:48:19 2017

Beijing Lied Again: Goldman Finds Chinese FX Outflows Are Accelerating, Hitting 4 Month Highs CCP committing fraud
added: Sat Jun 17 02:40:03 2017

Trump's Cuba directive seems to be a deliberate attempt to dismantle Obama’s legacy.
added: Sat Jun 17 02:38:44 2017

Revealed: Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists @Liberationtech @autom8
added: Sat Jun 17 02:35:28 2017

Shakespeare Dallas gets angry emails from MORONS irked about 'Julius Caesar' in New York via @dallasnews
added: Sat Jun 17 02:31:21 2017

U.S. commander says ships on course for more days in #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Jun 17 02:17:08 2017
tags: southchinasea

Takeaway: @realDonaldTrump is worth a fraction of what he claims & he has a shit-ton of debt. His own filing. Fact.
added: Sat Jun 17 02:08:32 2017

ICE is now targeting women charged with prostitution offenses; tried to detain a woman at Queens court today.
added: Sat Jun 17 01:39:45 2017

These Senate Republicans Seemingly Have No Clue What's in the New Health Care Bill
added: Sat Jun 17 00:55:00 2017

Gay activist condemns ‘outrageous’ treatment of #LGBT issues in Hong Kong schools
added: Sat Jun 17 00:18:26 2017
tags: lgbt

Trump attacks Clinton over emails, but his companies destroyed docs in defiance of court orders. #trump #resist 3rt
added: Sat Jun 17 00:00:45 2017
tags: resist, trump

Fed Chair Janet Yellen raises the possibility of increasing inflation target above 2%
added: Fri Jun 16 23:23:55 2017

#LeftWingTerrorism #Fact In past 10 years 74% of political murders are from the right-wing, only 2% from the left.
added: Fri Jun 16 23:11:08 2017
tags: fact, leftwingterrorism

Canadian banks can accept collateral from China to back home loans in BC, which raises "ghost collateral" fraud risk
added: Fri Jun 16 23:03:22 2017

NEW DOCS: Trump owes at least $315 million to creditors — some who are lobbying to shape financial regs & tax policy
added: Fri Jun 16 22:40:19 2017

Finland's basic income experiment is already making people feel better after just 4 months
added: Fri Jun 16 22:00:38 2017

Video: Hong Kong taxi driver launches epic expletive-ridden diatribe against foreigner
added: Fri Jun 16 21:52:05 2017

Chinese influence. Australia today, Canada tomorrow (or yesterday?)
added: Fri Jun 16 21:16:07 2017

.@Guardian #hongkong documentary: The Infamous Chalk Girl
added: Fri Jun 16 19:17:26 2017
tags: hongkong

Fake news for Jesus, from former 700 Club EP @TerryHeaton:
added: Fri Jun 16 18:13:13 2017

As the Qatar crisis ends its second week, this analysis from Gary Sick is the best I've yet seen on the issue
added: Fri Jun 16 15:30:11 2017

"When I worked for KCTMO I had nightmares about burning tower blocks" - read this
added: Fri Jun 16 14:14:08 2017

France & Germany have agreed we can remain in EU & reverse the damage - it's down to young protestors now.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:39:14 2017

added: Fri Jun 16 10:38:24 2017

#China removes 27 restrictions for foreign investment in free-trade zones via @Reuters
added: Fri Jun 16 10:38:17 2017
tags: china

UK’s hunger for prawns is killing thousands of turtles a year
added: Fri Jun 16 10:36:14 2017

Thailand has high rate of ownership. Doesn't make them safer. Look at the Philippines too.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:33:15 2017

Man arrested over stabbing two strangers in Yau Ma Tei
added: Fri Jun 16 10:33:02 2017

"After Grenfell, we need to change how we talk about council housing." Wrote a thing.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:32:53 2017

Theresa May is a zombie. June will be the end of May.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:19:20 2017

Artist Draws Nine Portraits on #LSD During 1950s Research Experiment via @openculture
added: Fri Jun 16 06:44:00 2017
tags: lsd

Legislature rejects non-binding motion to set up HK$100bn 'baby fund'
added: Fri Jun 16 06:34:23 2017

Private equity puts $600m into Mobike ahead of UK expansion
added: Fri Jun 16 06:03:57 2017

Exclusive: U.S. nears decisions on resettlement of Australian-held refugees
added: Fri Jun 16 06:02:19 2017

Adele hugged and comforted people at the scene of the Grenfall fire
added: Fri Jun 16 05:12:00 2017

In "unprecedented" attack on humanitarian relief, US Border Patrol raids @NoMoreDeaths aid site on US-Mexico border
added: Fri Jun 16 04:35:05 2017

US moves to seize Leonardo DiCaprio’s Picasso, ‘stolen’ funds in 1MDB case @NajibRazak #1MDB @cynthia_gabriel
added: Fri Jun 16 04:33:14 2017
tags: 1mdb

1993 Mumbai blasts: Verdict against Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa, 4 other accused likely today
added: Fri Jun 16 04:30:01 2017

60 Percent of Friday pray preachers in Jakarta spreading hate: government researcher
added: Fri Jun 16 04:30:00 2017

The factory making Ivanka Trump clothing among worst facilities China Labour Watch's Li Qiang had documented
added: Fri Jun 16 04:29:26 2017

Here's how Gulf states try to buy influence in Washington by funding think tanks. (@HRW refuses ALL gov't funding).
added: Fri Jun 16 04:28:29 2017

Rare release of a usage log show how often cops are cracking phones
added: Fri Jun 16 04:04:01 2017

@OurRevolution @zachhaller You call yourself a journalist? Jesus.
added: Fri Jun 16 04:02:34 2017

Lee Wei Ling disputes PM Lee Hsien Loong’s account of her reaction to changes to her father’s will via @staronline
added: Fri Jun 16 03:59:01 2017

Where would Anbang be now if its bids for Starwood, Kushner building succeeded? As sales dry up, lucky to have cash
added: Fri Jun 16 03:21:27 2017

The Washington Post has updated the Kushner story to reflect the officials cited are indeed US officials.
added: Fri Jun 16 03:11:19 2017

What does it say about HK as a community that this kind of environmental horror stories keep coming up?
added: Fri Jun 16 02:46:49 2017

A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country
added: Fri Jun 16 02:28:13 2017

China bounced an unhackable quantum signal between cities
added: Fri Jun 16 02:19:40 2017

Land exchange for conservation should become government policy - Roy Ng from the Conservancy Association 📻
added: Fri Jun 16 02:18:58 2017

Chinese UofI student gets in car & disappears: FBI investigating as a kidnapping via @WGNNews
added: Fri Jun 16 02:17:37 2017

"Gas pipes were fitted into the emergency stairs exit" Watch this full account of #GrenfellTower #latimerroad fire
added: Fri Jun 16 02:17:30 2017
tags: latimerroad, grenfelltower

China freezes green car licences amid ongoing quality issues
added: Fri Jun 16 02:14:49 2017

China sends quantum particles from space to Earth, one step toward building unhackable network @joshchin
added: Fri Jun 16 02:01:51 2017

China likely biggest influence on North Korea missile program, says Israeli expert
added: Fri Jun 16 02:00:16 2017

Democrats Don't Give a Damn About Your Health Care #AHCA via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Fri Jun 16 01:57:50 2017
tags: ahca

'Cannot be acceptable u hv luxury flats kept as land banking for future while the poor look for somewhere to live"
added: Fri Jun 16 01:48:14 2017

Classicist Receives Death Threats from Alt-Right over Art Historical Essay
added: Fri Jun 16 01:38:03 2017

The on the ground, unofficial estimate of total death toll is 150. Not 17. 150. This is unbelievable.
added: Thu Jun 15 20:14:59 2017

Japan passes controversial anti-terror conspiracy law
added: Thu Jun 15 14:37:04 2017

Berlin hits back at US move to tighten sanctions on Russia
added: Thu Jun 15 14:36:52 2017

Joint border checkpoint discussions in final stage
added: Thu Jun 15 14:35:53 2017

SCOOP: Paul Manafort tried to broker deal for Chinese to invest $30 BILLION in Puerto Rican debt, infrastructure.
added: Thu Jun 15 13:45:31 2017

.@ProPublica on consent decree changes at DOJ and narrowed civil rights complaint investigations at Education Dept:
added: Thu Jun 15 13:36:58 2017

"Maybe we can’t change China, but we can at least keep China from changing us" - @acoyne on Trudeau, China & Norsat
added: Thu Jun 15 11:47:33 2017

Steve Scalise remains in critical condition, Trump asks Americans to "pray for Steve"
added: Thu Jun 15 11:46:40 2017

Non-bailable warrant against Ramdev in 'beheading remark' case
added: Thu Jun 15 11:45:00 2017

朝脱北大使曝灭朝唯一途径 痛批中国 Thae Yong Ho says China largest obstacle to restricting DPRK @nknews….
added: Thu Jun 15 11:41:23 2017

Hong Kong's declining English proficiency is an alarm bell @appledaily_hk #任建峰
added: Thu Jun 15 11:17:16 2017
tags: 任建峰

Soldier dies after 'incident' with tank at firing range, MoD says
added: Thu Jun 15 10:38:40 2017

Gunman who shot GOP congressman was a 'loner'
added: Thu Jun 15 10:18:55 2017

Event driven services - a nice overview (and kinda old-hat if you're from the Functional/Actor world...)
added: Thu Jun 15 10:17:25 2017

SCMP: ‘At least 100 dead bodies’ reported in embattled city, Philippine politician says
added: Thu Jun 15 10:15:46 2017

A Labour MP, personally affected, calls the Grenfell Tower fire ‘corporate manslaughter’ live on the BBC #grenfell
added: Thu Jun 15 10:15:01 2017
tags: grenfell

The Queen's speech will happen on Wednesday - two days late after Theresa May lost her majority
added: Thu Jun 15 10:14:18 2017

Supercharge your SVG animated banners with GSAP
added: Thu Jun 15 10:13:16 2017

Watch this twisted short sci-fi film from the director of 'District 9'
added: Thu Jun 15 10:08:32 2017

Microsoft Patches Windows XP Again As Part of June Patch Tuesday via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Jun 15 10:08:24 2017

Pension funds are lending directly to companies. This is a dangerous and growing trend. via @WSJ
added: Thu Jun 15 10:07:34 2017

Macron might be liberal, but he is still, y'know, French.
added: Thu Jun 15 09:55:35 2017

A new mess for Wells Fargo: Lawsuits say it quietly modified home loans to leave debtors owing more
added: Thu Jun 15 09:47:55 2017

Macron thoughts
added: Thu Jun 15 09:46:00 2017

This girl had an eight foot tapeworm living inside her after eating sushi
added: Thu Jun 15 09:46:00 2017

In this article, I try to explain the ideological roots of the deregulation that threatens our lives. #GrenfellTower
added: Thu Jun 15 09:32:20 2017
tags: grenfelltower

Russian space launch death stirs Kazakh resentment
added: Thu Jun 15 09:15:00 2017

Gripped tightly on the head and legs, the bird couldn't get away.
added: Thu Jun 15 07:00:04 2017

Dying woman ‘dragged naked below waist through aisle’ of American Airlines flight
added: Thu Jun 15 06:54:00 2017

Fire Services Department says it's planning charges against several mini-storage sites refusing to improve safety
added: Thu Jun 15 06:53:13 2017

Death toll of 12 expected to rise in London tower block fire
added: Thu Jun 15 06:38:05 2017

'quite optimistic' 😑 Hong Kong likely to maintain high degree of autonomy, top US envoy to city says
added: Thu Jun 15 06:37:57 2017

American prisoners are usually not physically beaten in North Korea. Otto Warmbier was an exception.
added: Thu Jun 15 06:24:07 2017

How ASIO views this substantial development.. compared with a couple of blatant attention seekers via @LowyInstitute
added: Thu Jun 15 06:15:31 2017

Sources: Amazon expressed interest in acquiring Slack, in deal valuing company at $9B+
added: Thu Jun 15 06:01:43 2017

Japan passes 'brutal' new terror law which opponents fear will quash freedoms
added: Thu Jun 15 06:00:38 2017

Hackers steal 6 million user accounts for cash-for-surveys site via @motherboard
added: Thu Jun 15 06:00:25 2017

Amid shutdown across Darjeeling Hills, GJM chief Bimal Gurung's residence raided, weapons recovered
added: Thu Jun 15 05:53:45 2017

Hong Kong’s Airport Authority says dolphins will simply avoid construction noise. Biologists aren’t convinced.
added: Thu Jun 15 05:43:05 2017

Once expected to start in 2017 China-HK ETF link is still at discussion stage via @markets @SamMamudi @virenvaghela
added: Thu Jun 15 05:26:47 2017

State labor judge finds Uber an 'employer'
added: Thu Jun 15 05:25:50 2017

Australian ABC journalist Adam Harvey hit in the neck by a bullet in Marawi, Philippines via @brisbanetimes
added: Thu Jun 15 05:09:43 2017

Progressive Army Special: Aaron Bowersock Talks #PPLSUMMIT w/Brandon Sutton & Alexan3rTheMeh: via @YouTube
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:45 2017
tags: pplsummit

Beijing removes assistant chair of China’s banking regulator
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:11 2017

The announcement comes after Bolivia repeatedly demanded Chile to clear up their shared border of land mines.
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:01 2017

A kinder man and better journo you will not find. Farewell @mgordon_fairfax via @theage
added: Thu Jun 15 03:55:53 2017

Abbott and Hanson are outraged by the Manus settlement, but detention has cost Australia $14 BILLION in recent years
added: Thu Jun 15 03:37:15 2017

Conservatives want you to believe that regulations on powerful banks are destroying the economy
added: Thu Jun 15 03:30:14 2017

Rex Tillerson warns against labelling entire Muslim Brotherhood as "terror" group
added: Thu Jun 15 03:30:09 2017

Cornwall Street currently blocked off due to fake bomb threat
added: Thu Jun 15 03:29:17 2017

very well said. many beef eating communities are hindus too and non hindus indians too.
added: Thu Jun 15 03:20:51 2017

One in five children in rich countries lives in relative poverty, according to a UNICEF report
added: Thu Jun 15 03:18:43 2017

Anti-Trump gunman attacks US lawmakers, dies in shootout
added: Thu Jun 15 03:15:20 2017

A fascinating look at how a couple became victims of contradictory legislation. Story by @kixes, photos by me.
added: Thu Jun 15 03:07:43 2017

Student film on black baseball barnstorming to benefit Admiral Theater mural restoration - #GoogleAlerts @Mariners
added: Thu Jun 15 02:35:14 2017
tags: googlealerts

Microdosers say tiny hits of LSD make your work and life better
added: Thu Jun 15 02:15:37 2017

He is among those who became massively rich by taking advantage of his ties with those in power.
added: Thu Jun 15 02:09:36 2017

US Senate punishes Russia with sanctions over election via @FT
added: Thu Jun 15 02:07:45 2017

A Qatari businessman plans to airlift 4,000 pregnant cows(!) after Saudi-led diplomatic row leads to food shortage
added: Thu Jun 15 02:06:39 2017

China just built a little fish farm for Norway. It can raise 1.5 million salmon a year.
added: Thu Jun 15 02:01:52 2017

Handover anniversary: Hong Kong gov't asks for journalists' personal data @cpjasia @…
added: Thu Jun 15 01:42:32 2017

Wednesday's shooting put Bernie Sanders and his followers under an uncomfortable spotlight…
added: Thu Jun 15 01:40:08 2017

"The country coming out of Nashville today is just hip-hop for people who are afraid of black people."
added: Thu Jun 15 00:47:03 2017

China's vanishing billionaires and bosses some reappear some turn up incarcerated others are found dead
added: Thu Jun 15 00:06:03 2017
added: Wed Jun 14 23:17:02 2017

NYT: U.S. to announce charges against 12 of Erdoğan's guards in beating of Turkish Embassy protesters via @npfandos
added: Wed Jun 14 21:38:54 2017

'CY Leung’s crony network’: Gov’t think tank slammed for rising role in adviser appointments
added: Wed Jun 14 20:24:10 2017

A spy satellite buzzed the space station this month, and no one knows why by @SciGuySpace
added: Wed Jun 14 20:18:03 2017

The People’s Sum Up
added: Wed Jun 14 19:37:48 2017

4 years ago @jeremycorbyn wrote this article for us. It's about tenants' rights in the face of landlords' neglect
added: Wed Jun 14 18:20:24 2017

@thehill Gingrich on Giffords' shooter: “In a country with free speech, people occasionally use strong language.”
added: Wed Jun 14 17:19:39 2017

A Hong Kong parking space just sold for USD664K
added: Wed Jun 14 17:04:19 2017

Undocumented immigrant workers now fear reporting #wagetheft, making it easier for employers to rip them off.
added: Wed Jun 14 15:00:07 2017
tags: wagetheft

#Thailand: As #CEDAW67 review approaches, all-male junta says female singer's dancing style is to blame for rape
added: Wed Jun 14 14:40:16 2017
tags: thailand, cedaw67

Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May's chief of staff who received tower block safety review must be questioned
added: Wed Jun 14 14:39:14 2017

Woman sends distressing goodbye Snapchat video from burning west London tower
added: Wed Jun 14 14:38:07 2017

Michigan health chief charged with involuntary manslaughter for role in Flint water crisis via @HuffPostPol
added: Wed Jun 14 14:37:58 2017

"The business of business is business, the business of government is not." #StopTheNeoLiberals
added: Wed Jun 14 14:37:09 2017
tags: stoptheneoliberals

Billionaires are stockpiling land that could be used in the apocalypse — here's where they're going
added: Wed Jun 14 14:35:27 2017

Tillerson trying to arrange emergency Arab peace summit in DC @washingtonpost
added: Wed Jun 14 13:24:41 2017

Destroying a Philippine City to Save It From ISIS Allies Day 23 and counting 😔 #MarawiClash
added: Wed Jun 14 13:16:29 2017
tags: marawiclash

Brain images display the beauty and complexity of consciousness
added: Wed Jun 14 12:51:51 2017

Member of Congress Steve Scalise Among 5 Reportedly Shot at Baseball Field
added: Wed Jun 14 12:51:14 2017

Supreme Court rules that Northern Ireland residents are not entitled to access free NHS abortions in England
added: Wed Jun 14 12:45:19 2017

.@KimZetter reporting important new details of Georgia election security breach
added: Wed Jun 14 12:45:04 2017

Eldest children are 'more successful' than their younger siblings, study says
added: Wed Jun 14 11:35:00 2017

Trump called the mayor of a VA island that's shrinking due to rising sea levels and told him not to worry about that
added: Wed Jun 14 11:31:50 2017

Colin Jenkins: "Colin Kaepernick: Patriotism and the Owning Class" #p2
added: Wed Jun 14 11:22:00 2017
tags: p2

HACL* - Verified modern C crypto lib [NSS lib in FF; git ; Everest…
added: Wed Jun 14 11:12:33 2017

Theresa May's chief of staff 'sat on' report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire
added: Wed Jun 14 10:35:33 2017

Not all market participants are pleased with China’s #BondConnect. Here's why: @GlobalRMB #China #Investment
added: Wed Jun 14 10:24:38 2017
tags: investment, bondconnect, china

HK property market "irrationally stimulated": FS
added: Wed Jun 14 10:23:55 2017

If the planning documents are correct, the cladding at #GrenfellTower was identical to that used in the Lacross fire
added: Wed Jun 14 10:21:32 2017
tags: grenfelltower

Activists plan march from Chater Garden to the Legco building on Saturday for animal rights
added: Wed Jun 14 10:13:45 2017

Food trucks on a level playing field, says Greg So
added: Wed Jun 14 10:13:01 2017

US-backed air strikes on IS "capital" Raqqa in Syria cause "staggering loss of civilian life" - UN investigators
added: Wed Jun 14 10:06:27 2017

Here it comes --> Noble lawsuit lifts lid on boardroom struggle via @FT
added: Wed Jun 14 10:03:48 2017

Interview: Hong Kong trimmed to 'one country, 1.5 systems'
added: Wed Jun 14 10:01:14 2017

Activist investor Elliott Management: BHP Billiton board members didn’t prevent the wasting of billions of dollars
added: Wed Jun 14 10:00:52 2017

Rapper Saskilla explains why Jeremy Corbyn did so well in 18 words
added: Wed Jun 14 09:20:01 2017

#Pakistan: reporter threatened, attacked for coverage of religious minorities!…
added: Wed Jun 14 09:18:04 2017
tags: pakistan

"With exception of mild statements of concern, crackdown seems to be almost entirely consequence-free" @skystallard
added: Wed Jun 14 08:58:45 2017

A QuickTake Q&A Guide to Anbang: Who are they and how did a deal-hungry Chinese mogul find trouble via @bpolitics
added: Wed Jun 14 08:51:37 2017

12 Palestinians detained, 4 shot and injured, in overnight Israeli military raids
added: Wed Jun 14 08:50:47 2017

China welcomes Rodman's visit to N. Korea
added: Wed Jun 14 08:43:36 2017

This Is How Chinese Spying Inside the U.S. Government Really Works (On PRC's Ministry of State Security)
added: Wed Jun 14 08:42:50 2017

Qatar closes its two helium plants because of the Gulf diplomatic spat. (Already enough hot air in the region...)
added: Wed Jun 14 08:42:00 2017

"The extinction of vultures would result in dire ecological, economic and human costs."
added: Wed Jun 14 08:32:01 2017

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose`s grandnephew demands respect for Gorkhas
added: Wed Jun 14 08:30:00 2017

Blue Chips Vs. Small Caps: Same Market, Different Fate #bluechips #smallcaps #chinastocks
added: Wed Jun 14 08:07:57 2017
tags: bluechips, smallcaps, chinastocks

Ghana leader favors constitutional change to boost finances
added: Wed Jun 14 07:15:16 2017

Top S.Korean director urges new rules on screening Netflix films in cinemas as local chains boycott his movie. #Okja
added: Wed Jun 14 07:12:56 2017
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Essays on the Hong Kong Umbrella and Taiwan Sunflower Movements (new book chapters)
added: Wed Jun 14 07:10:54 2017

"British rule was good, but it was a total failure politically – and the consequences are still with us."
added: Wed Jun 14 06:30:10 2017

Labour Party membership soars by 35,000 since general election
added: Wed Jun 14 06:20:46 2017

Don't worry, white people. I will not engage in collective blame here. That would be unsavo…
added: Wed Jun 14 05:15:50 2017

林卓廷稱終院駁回新地案上訴向公眾發出清晰訊息 #本地 Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:09:54 +0800
added: Wed Jun 14 05:10:31 2017
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David Trimble says critics should 'grow up' and accept DUP's demands to cut Sinn Fein funding
added: Wed Jun 14 05:08:00 2017

@BillHumphreyMA @patrickwinegar @grylxndr @ramsincanon #1 Alabama fwiw
added: Wed Jun 14 05:05:57 2017

There are two types of households in Hong Kong: those with bed bugs, and those who will have bed bugs.
added: Wed Jun 14 05:00:24 2017

#Russia attacked vote systems in 39 US states, accessed campaign finance databases & tried to delete & alter data
added: Wed Jun 14 05:00:20 2017
tags: russia

#Japan accused of eroding #pressfreedom by UN special rapporteur
added: Wed Jun 14 04:39:01 2017
tags: japan, pressfreedom

Sai Ying Pun sets world record with a HK$5.18 million car parking lot
added: Wed Jun 14 04:32:05 2017

#Trump administration threatens sanctions on China over support for #NorthKorea: Report
added: Wed Jun 14 04:23:01 2017
tags: trump, northkorea

Anson Chan rejects US envoy’s ‘one country, two systems’ view over #hongkong via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Jun 14 04:17:18 2017
tags: hongkong

Photographer documents Hong Kong's 'shoebox' flats. My?: do these meet int'l human rts standards? via @hongkongfp
added: Wed Jun 14 03:58:51 2017

Five of the best lines from #AllenGinsberg's #FBI file
added: Wed Jun 14 03:49:01 2017
tags: fbi, allenginsberg

The motion was filed by the anti-austerity party Podemos.
added: Wed Jun 14 03:40:00 2017

Hong Kong tycoon Thomas Kwok and ex-deputy leader Rafael Hui lose graft appeal
added: Wed Jun 14 03:38:10 2017

The CIA classified a bunch of blurry photos of UFOs because they're the CIA
added: Wed Jun 14 02:53:03 2017

V interesting. Was a big issue in Victorian marginals in the fed election
added: Wed Jun 14 02:17:35 2017

【許仕仁、郭炳江等終極上訴被駁回】 前政務司司長許仕仁、前新地聯席主席郭炳江等貪污案終極上訴,終審法院駁回四人上訴。 今次終極上訴,只針對「串謀公職人員行為失當」罪,終審法院五位法官駁回上訴。...
added: Wed Jun 14 02:16:35 2017

Microsoft Patches Two Critical Vulnerabilities Under Attack via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Jun 14 02:16:30 2017

My review of the must-read book Ethnic Conflict & Protest in Tibet and Xinjiang. Articles by @jleibold & @TMJCliff
added: Wed Jun 14 02:15:34 2017

Australian Chinese community forms group to mobilise against SSM & Safe Schools. My exclusive today: #auspol
added: Wed Jun 14 02:13:46 2017
tags: auspol

Worryingly prescient blog from tenants, warning that Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road was a huge fire risk:
added: Wed Jun 14 02:11:37 2017

U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence, responding to "China's predatory practices"
added: Wed Jun 14 01:45:12 2017

Firm that co-owns buildings with Trump and Kushner family is finalist to build new $1.7B FBI headquarters.
added: Wed Jun 14 01:44:01 2017

In the Philippines, a Vietnam War-era plane takes center stage fighting ISIS
added: Wed Jun 14 01:42:52 2017

Life in #HongKong Is Harder Than Ever - Unless You're a Tycoon via @business @prudencehoho @MattCampbel #hk20 #Asia
added: Wed Jun 14 01:33:31 2017
tags: asia, hk20, hongkong

added: Wed Jun 14 01:12:47 2017

Xi commends elite PLA squad based in HK via @SCMP_news Watch them in action h/t @niubi…
added: Wed Jun 14 01:11:56 2017

Court Strikes Caps On The Cost Of Prison Phone Calls, In A Major Loss For Prisoner Advocates
added: Wed Jun 14 01:00:02 2017

#Taiwan opposition KMT ordered to pay NT$864 million for Japanese properties - Taipei Times
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:46 2017
tags: taiwan

#Taiwan ex Vice President Annette Lu 呂秀蓮 calls for Taipei Bank takeover probe - Taipei Times
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:25 2017
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Chugani prefers demented racism over accepting simple point 中华人≠中国人
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:17 2017

"The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) procured by the [HK] Police is a broadcasting system, not a weapon." #6C
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:05 2017
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#KamalaHarris Got Shut Down After Asking an Incredibly Important Question. Again. #SessionsHearing
added: Wed Jun 14 00:53:42 2017
tags: sessionshearing, kamalaharris

Going, going, gone - the great #NHS hospital sell-off
added: Wed Jun 14 00:52:25 2017
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"Over last 12 mos, ~70% of buyers of Trump properties were[d] with about 4% of buyers in 2 years b4"
added: Wed Jun 14 00:49:49 2017

'Dear PM: My name is Isiah and I am 6yo. I hope you have a yarn with Clinton'…
added: Tue Jun 13 23:36:11 2017

Kamala Harris just handed Jeff Sessions his ass
added: Tue Jun 13 22:43:25 2017

Chairman of Chinese Firm Who Tried to Forge Ties With Jared Kushner Is Detained by me and @jotted
added: Tue Jun 13 21:54:04 2017

DHS identifies North Korean hacking infrastruc