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Palestinians make up 2/3 of the population of the Western Galilee but do not merit a mention by @MissSooKim
added: Mon Oct 23 14:59:44 2017

Nationwide Salmonella infection rate has quadrupled
added: Mon Oct 23 14:58:18 2017

Tories must pause the roll out of Universal Credit now. Sign our petition if you're with us:
added: Mon Oct 23 14:17:40 2017

Copyright Trolls Hit Thousands of Swedish ‘Pirates’ With $550 ‘Fines’
added: Mon Oct 23 14:17:08 2017

I’m northern and working class – I was made to feel unwelcome at Cambridge
added: Mon Oct 23 14:15:01 2017

added: Mon Oct 23 14:10:10 2017

Kashmir’s forgotten women’s militia
added: Mon Oct 23 14:07:15 2017

Thousands of Chinese athletes doped through state-sponsored programme, exiled whistle-blower claims
added: Mon Oct 23 13:45:01 2017

Lindsey Graham fears next 9/11 will come from Africa. The Pentagon already war-gamed it. My latest @theintercept
added: Mon Oct 23 12:48:24 2017

Sad to hear, 401k tax expenditures are bad
added: Mon Oct 23 12:34:21 2017

By refusing to address the Catalan crisis, the EU shows itself at its worst
added: Mon Oct 23 12:32:01 2017

Literally everything you want to know about those super cool variable fonts from @jpamental:
added: Mon Oct 23 12:05:10 2017

Soldier's widow speaks out for first time on call with Trump: 'He couldn't remember my husband's name'
added: Mon Oct 23 12:04:50 2017

Less than 3% of suits go to trial w/public verdict. How legal world built a wall of silence around sexual harassment
added: Mon Oct 23 12:03:41 2017

Trump will face several challenges during his visit to Asia, the world's most important economic and political...
added: Mon Oct 23 12:01:25 2017

Only One in 10 Tokens Is In Use Following Initial Coin Offerings @olgakharif #ico
added: Mon Oct 23 12:00:07 2017
tags: ico

【更新版】【休班警員被襲身中八刀】 【據了解疑犯沒有精神病記錄】 葵涌安蔭邨發生傷人案,一名休班警員被人用刀襲擊,身中八刀,情況危殆,暫時沒有生命危險。...
added: Mon Oct 23 12:00:03 2017

What's perhaps most remarkable about Amazon's long history of public handouts is that the public has stood for it
added: Mon Oct 23 12:00:03 2017

Know what doesn't sound like deleveraging? The “Anbang Smooth Profit Double Complete”
added: Mon Oct 23 11:57:00 2017

【議事規則委員會閉門開會】 【非委員被拒列席 民主派門外抗議】 立法會議事規則委員會閉門開會,原定討論建制派提出修改議事規則的事。 部分並非委員的民主派議員要求列席被拒,一直在門外抗議,撓攘了兩小時直到會議結束。...
added: Mon Oct 23 11:22:56 2017

Passports and residency for sale in our October 2017 podcast
added: Mon Oct 23 11:21:43 2017

Stock investors enjoy record dividend payments in third quarter, reveals data
added: Mon Oct 23 11:21:32 2017

High-level black official of Stacey Abrams' campaign forced to resign: gave 1 interview to Sputnik about Confederacy
added: Mon Oct 23 11:09:56 2017

"Why on earth would you want somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun?" the Cub Scout, 11, had asked
added: Mon Oct 23 11:00:17 2017
added: Mon Oct 23 10:53:12 2017

Horrible news at Ekho Moskvy radio: deputy editor @t_felg is in critical condition after being stabbed in the throat
added: Mon Oct 23 10:53:06 2017

"To imagine #China will transform into .. #Singapore or Western style democracy is stuff of dreams"- @MrKRudd v @FT
added: Mon Oct 23 09:53:06 2017
tags: china, singapore

Child star arrested days after speaking out about Hollywood’s paedophilia problem
added: Mon Oct 23 09:53:00 2017

Why selling infant formula in China is such a tricky business — Heard on the Street
added: Mon Oct 23 09:42:09 2017

China summit sees dissidents take forced 'vacations'
added: Mon Oct 23 09:17:49 2017

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ warns ICOs are ‘biggest scam ever’ via @FT
added: Mon Oct 23 09:12:34 2017

Psst, not all those red armband "volunteers" are serving the people for free. My story:
added: Mon Oct 23 09:09:30 2017

Director claims it is 'biologically impossible' for him to have harassed 38 women who accuse him
added: Mon Oct 23 09:04:20 2017

Matthew Cheung: Govt not making life difficult for John Tsang. They do!
added: Mon Oct 23 09:02:34 2017

Good read: Ports, Pipelines, and Geopolitics: China's New Silk Road Is a Challenge for Washington via @pocket
added: Mon Oct 23 09:01:35 2017

Good read: 'Impossible To Save': Scientists Are Watching China's Glaciers Disappear via @pocket
added: Mon Oct 23 09:01:34 2017

China Sept sugar imports slide by two-thirds as tariffs bite
added: Mon Oct 23 09:01:00 2017

UCLA’s effort to patent a costly prostate cancer drug in India hurts the poor, critics say @Cancer_Union @KEI_DC
added: Mon Oct 23 08:53:55 2017

The Financial Secretary says there should be enough reserves to meet future public health expenditure
added: Mon Oct 23 08:45:17 2017

As landslides become more frequent due to extreme weather, this barrier system being developed in Hong Kong could...
added: Mon Oct 23 08:45:10 2017

#HongKong to shelve plan for new board for tech stock listing
added: Mon Oct 23 08:42:29 2017
tags: hongkong

Ports, pipelines and geopolitics: China's New Silk Road is a challenge for Washington
added: Mon Oct 23 08:40:17 2017

Women have been excluded from top leadership and men have abused their positions in sex scandals. My story: #19thCPC
added: Mon Oct 23 08:22:38 2017
tags: 19thcpc

Hun Sen says it's "a fact" Cambodia's main opposition party will be dissolved reports @prakchanthul
added: Mon Oct 23 07:26:51 2017

EPA cancels appearance by scientists at climate change conference
added: Mon Oct 23 07:10:03 2017

As Egypt’s Sisi crushes option of political Islam by elections, some Muslim Brotherhood seem to turn to violence.
added: Mon Oct 23 07:09:20 2017

Georgia lawmaker defends "provocative" comments suggesting quarantine for people with HIV
added: Mon Oct 23 06:55:05 2017

Developer R&F suspends application for China listing
added: Mon Oct 23 06:52:17 2017

In the world’s largest Muslim nation, Hindu epics survive and thrive via @qzindia
added: Mon Oct 23 06:52:02 2017

Fidelity chairman deals with fallout from sexual harassment claims
added: Mon Oct 23 06:50:04 2017

China won’t have a typical "Minsky Moment," says @elerianm via @bv
added: Mon Oct 23 06:48:46 2017

Returning Rohingya may lose land, crops under Myanmar plans #rohingyas
added: Mon Oct 23 06:46:38 2017
tags: rohingyas

Will China’s New Silk Road jump-start the World Economy? - Shang-Jin Wei | (Project Syndicate) | – – In recent ...
added: Mon Oct 23 06:46:12 2017

"a computer that is 100x more accurate than a human, and 1,000,000x faster, will make 10,000x as many mistakes"
added: Mon Oct 23 06:35:29 2017

"When I had the first bite, I thought this is so scary because it was so real...” Hong Kong's battle for the best...
added: Mon Oct 23 06:15:14 2017

Tesla reaffirms effort to build cars in China; mum on deal report
added: Mon Oct 23 06:12:19 2017

China's home price growth steadies in September as speculative curbs weigh
added: Mon Oct 23 06:11:44 2017

Tencent unit China Literature launches up to $1.1 billion HK IPO
added: Mon Oct 23 06:11:25 2017

China's recyclers eye looming electric vehicle battery mountain
added: Mon Oct 23 06:11:06 2017

Son Heung-min the perfect example of how Mauricio Pochettino utilises his different weapons at Spurs | @jonawils
added: Mon Oct 23 06:09:29 2017

The first episode of our #LivingWithTheGods series looks at the 40,000-year-old ‘Lion Man’
added: Mon Oct 23 06:05:09 2017
tags: livingwiththegods

added: Mon Oct 23 06:00:01 2017

Hong Kong can be next Silicon Valley: Carrie Lam
added: Mon Oct 23 05:58:25 2017

Chinese train maker falls after profit slashed 20%
added: Mon Oct 23 04:28:57 2017

Hollywood has become so entangled with authoritarian China that the movie industry can’t run without it
added: Mon Oct 23 04:24:12 2017

Sheriff demands that ICE stop linking California wildfires to undocumented immigrants
added: Mon Oct 23 04:15:09 2017

Reaching (for) the sound barrier: Mong Kong street performers prompts store to take action
added: Mon Oct 23 04:10:53 2017

How did China escape the poverty trap? Weak institutions helped, argues author Yuen Yuen Ang.
added: Mon Oct 23 04:07:19 2017

40% of 18- and 19-year-olds | Japan's youths back LDP; independents favor Constitutional Dems
added: Mon Oct 23 04:06:05 2017

This is truly insane. This is Putin’s biggest enemy and the US has just revoked his visa.
added: Mon Oct 23 04:01:00 2017

Huh: “Lindsey Graham ... didn’t know until recently that a thousand U.S. troops are stationed in Niger.”
added: Mon Oct 23 03:50:40 2017

Someone on reddit has produced an 'average face' of China's top 1000 officials
added: Mon Oct 23 03:45:19 2017

Outrageous: US State Dept prevented FBI from arresting Chinese security officials illegally in US over Guo Wengui
added: Mon Oct 23 03:18:01 2017

Jimmy Carter: Russians didn't steal the election from Hillary Clinton
added: Mon Oct 23 02:57:04 2017

‘Into the brains’ of China’s children: Xi Jinping’s ‘thought’ to become compulsory school topic @violazhouyi
added: Mon Oct 23 02:32:38 2017

Australia considering law that could put satirists in jail if they aren’t being “genuine”
added: Mon Oct 23 01:57:00 2017

Xi Jinping Pushes China’s Global Rise Despite Friction and Fear via @NYTimes
added: Mon Oct 23 00:33:09 2017

To defend its democracy, Australia will have to step up and defend liberalism in Asia. By @RHFontaine and me.
added: Mon Oct 23 00:12:43 2017

“Why on earth would you want somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun?” the Cub Scout, 11, had asked
added: Sun Oct 22 23:58:52 2017

China's being nice to foreign bankers. Too late by @nishagopalanhk and me via @gadfly
added: Sun Oct 22 22:51:41 2017

But wait! There's more… A quick-reference guide to the units (length, angle, & time) used in SVG & CSS:
added: Sun Oct 22 21:14:27 2017

@AnnPettifor Here it is.
added: Sun Oct 22 20:51:37 2017

UPDATE: 38 women contacted me for this story. That number has now doubled since it was published.
added: Sun Oct 22 20:50:19 2017

#Kosovo's Digital Leviathans Threaten a Crisis of Democracy
added: Sun Oct 22 19:17:29 2017
tags: kosovo

NEW: GOP Senators, Fueled by Industry $, Propose Bill to Expedite Small Scale #LNG Exports @NaomiAKlein @MarkRuffalo
added: Sun Oct 22 17:20:58 2017
tags: lng

Ga. town dedicates memorial to black residents buried in more than 1,000 unmarked graves in segregated cemetery.
added: Sun Oct 22 17:00:16 2017

Is it ever worth talking to racists?
added: Sun Oct 22 16:52:05 2017

Barclays sued for engineering the destruction of quarrying company Portland Stone. via @alexhawkes
added: Sun Oct 22 15:35:42 2017

Xi Jinping's eyes and ears in Beijing: Red-armband army of 'volunteers'
added: Sun Oct 22 14:12:23 2017

1/ The DNC has 7 million dollars in their account. This has to cover operations and several six figure salaries.
added: Sun Oct 22 13:41:41 2017

FBI kept a list of #DungeonsAndDragons players it deemed "Armed and Dangerous" #DnD
added: Sun Oct 22 13:40:01 2017
tags: dnd, dungeonsanddragons

DeVos, taking orders fr charter industry, deletes dozens of special Ed guidance documents @nysut @AFTunion
added: Sun Oct 22 13:37:36 2017

Mrs. T sent this to me. Spend some time clicking through it—you'll be utterly charmed:
added: Sun Oct 22 13:22:24 2017

Opioid lobbyist left a digital fingerprint on a campaign supposedly by “patient advocates” by @lhfang
added: Sun Oct 22 12:25:04 2017

Coin stash that puts new spin on China’s 100 years of humiliation incredible scholarship challenging narratives
added: Sun Oct 22 11:50:08 2017

🙉🙉🙉 【難忍大媽放聲高歌擾人 旺角商戶自設隔音屏障】
added: Sun Oct 22 11:35:02 2017

Spain urges Catalonia secessionists to obey Madrid
added: Sun Oct 22 11:05:29 2017

Scary stuff from the Sun Zhengcai corruption case quote from @bequelin via @austinramzy
added: Sun Oct 22 11:04:05 2017

"I think we're surprised by the result." via @npr
added: Sun Oct 22 11:03:01 2017

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has staged a coup d’état against democracy in Catalonia
added: Sun Oct 22 11:01:11 2017

China's anti-graft tsar Wang Qishan is to retire while party organisation chief Zhao Leji poises to take over
added: Sun Oct 22 10:50:07 2017

heads immigration & defence departments were opposed.. unwise to deepen Australia's dependence on China via @ABCNews
added: Sun Oct 22 10:49:52 2017

Trump to allow release of files on John F. Kennedy's assassination
added: Sun Oct 22 10:43:08 2017

Malta offers €1m reward for information on car bomb killing of Panama Papers journalist
added: Sun Oct 22 10:39:54 2017

One more example of why we need campaign finance reform in this country.
added: Sun Oct 22 10:07:01 2017

‘Retroactive effect for anthem law needed if pan-dems stall bill’
added: Sun Oct 22 10:05:18 2017

Whitehall preparing to shelve Theresa May's flagship energy bill
added: Sun Oct 22 08:05:51 2017

Collapsing academy trust ‘asset-stripped its schools of millions’
added: Sun Oct 22 07:40:00 2017

My friend the 50 cent-er: Why there is no place for moderation in Hong Kong politics
added: Sun Oct 22 05:04:20 2017

Racially insensitive video ends Virginia middle school’s football season
added: Sun Oct 22 03:20:00 2017

City of broken promises: Is self-determination the only way left for Hong Kong?…
added: Sun Oct 22 02:05:00 2017

Liquid Biopsy Passes Test for Early Cancer
added: Sat Oct 21 20:00:00 2017

This DA abused the vast power of the office, faked documents, jailed victims. Watch your DA. Justice depends on it.
added: Sat Oct 21 19:01:01 2017

The Yazidi genocide was carried out not by strangers but by their Sunni neighbors, teachers, coworkers, friends
added: Sat Oct 21 11:37:00 2017

India cenbank says linking national ID number to bank accounts mandatory
added: Sat Oct 21 11:04:47 2017

Possible Standing Committee member 國師 Wang Huning embraced neo-authoritarianism as academic in 80s @judeblanchette
added: Sat Oct 21 10:47:56 2017

#AllMale jury in #HK fails to reach verdict after one & half day in case of 15 yr-old allegedly raped by her uncle
added: Sat Oct 21 10:21:56 2017
tags: hk, allmale

added: Sat Oct 21 10:18:01 2017

As tech companies get richer, is it 'game over' for #startups?
added: Sat Oct 21 10:17:07 2017
tags: startups

added: Sat Oct 21 10:14:11 2017

#Proliferators3 Trilateral Nuclear Proliferation: Pakistan’s Euro-Chinese Bomb,IDSA Dec2006( )
added: Sat Oct 21 09:55:22 2017
tags: proliferators3

From sacred to sewer: the environmental horror that is India’s Yamuna River
added: Sat Oct 21 09:15:11 2017

SASAC chair Xiao Yaqing: CCP on board of listed SOEs protects shareholder interests, represents "whole people"
added: Sat Oct 21 07:50:49 2017

Xi's legal reforms: 双规 to be replaced, and a new 导小组 to strengthen law-based governance & compliance w/ constitution
added: Sat Oct 21 07:32:28 2017

Ancient skeleton with skin still attached unearthed after Storm Ophelia batters Irish coast
added: Sat Oct 21 07:12:00 2017

@KevinSlaten @Mary57353177 Typically, they forgot about the banned sites:
added: Sat Oct 21 07:01:36 2017

#IPJs FP is not abt Puppi Jhappi(embraces) but abt common or conflicting interests; A Leading Power(India) knows it:
added: Sat Oct 21 05:20:15 2017
tags: ipjs

橫瀾島懷疑遇劫船隻 調查後證實涉撞船非遇劫 #本地 Sat, 21 Oct 2017 13:08:37 +0800
added: Sat Oct 21 05:10:48 2017
tags: 本地

The WH staff spends a huge amount of time attempting to cover up for the president's lies
added: Sat Oct 21 02:24:19 2017

Forensic panel says Chilean poet Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer
added: Sat Oct 21 01:45:01 2017

Report from @PhillyANTIFA about how antifascists ruined 'Leif Erikson Day' for neo-Nazis scum, despite attack.
added: Sat Oct 21 01:44:51 2017

A few notes on launching FreeBSD/EC2 from our "Community AMIs" vs. using the AWS Marketplace:
added: Sat Oct 21 00:37:44 2017

The downgrade is a symptom of Wall Street’s maniacal obsession with labor costs.
added: Fri Oct 20 22:55:23 2017

VIMAGE enabled by default in #FreeBSD 😍 Now we can configure jail-vnet multitenant router/firewall out-of-the-box
added: Fri Oct 20 22:35:31 2017
tags: freebsd

New @DeptVetAffairs health care reform slammed as “a total dismantling” jeopardizing vets services by @AFGENational
added: Fri Oct 20 21:57:30 2017

[ICYMI] Int'l lawmakers group urges PHL authorities: Free Senator De Lima
added: Fri Oct 20 21:01:00 2017

The Great and the Good have lots of big ideas to revitalize the Midwest and they're all bad via @alexbaca
added: Fri Oct 20 14:17:25 2017

Uganda police arrest opposition leader Besigye on murder charges
added: Fri Oct 20 13:46:07 2017

Filipino Communists, youth blast 'arrogant fake' President Duterte's 'poor SOB' Jeepney insults
added: Fri Oct 20 13:45:02 2017

The Trump administration is using Hurricane Maria as an excuse to subsidize the coal industry
added: Fri Oct 20 13:44:11 2017

Steyer spending $10 million on impeachment ads likely signals that he's out as a Senate candidate
added: Fri Oct 20 13:42:10 2017

Legislation on same-sex marriage still possible this year: Taiwan premier. #youpromised
added: Fri Oct 20 13:30:36 2017
tags: youpromised

African debt worries intensify as levels near tipping point via @FT
added: Fri Oct 20 13:29:43 2017

Police fire 137 shots, kill *two unarmed black people* and get their jobs back. Here are details & what to do: (1/x)
added: Fri Oct 20 13:08:23 2017

2 Christians hospitalized after hindu mob attacks Indian church during sunday worship
added: Fri Oct 20 13:05:11 2017

A driver-owned alternative to Uber isn't wishful thinking – with the help of partners, we're building one right now:
added: Fri Oct 20 12:51:21 2017

This man did a PhD in threesomes and learned why women want them
added: Fri Oct 20 12:34:10 2017

Congrats @anx_intl, @BitsparkBTC and @CoinSimple for making it on this list!
added: Fri Oct 20 12:33:34 2017

Sen. Cochran had to “correct” his vote twice in two days and even got lost in the Senate. Time to step down.
added: Fri Oct 20 12:33:12 2017

The catastrophic collapse in insect numbers reveals the world’s most urgent environmental crisis:
added: Fri Oct 20 12:00:01 2017

The head of the CIA just warned North Korea is 'on the cusp' of nuclear strike on US
added: Fri Oct 20 11:46:01 2017

Progressive candidates are embracing clean energy as a campaign issue
added: Fri Oct 20 11:45:04 2017

Where the CIA comes out to say that the CIA Director is lying. Any other time this would be a national scandal.
added: Fri Oct 20 11:42:13 2017

Jailing of Hong Kong activists a failure to uphold international law via @SCMP_news
added: Fri Oct 20 10:52:07 2017

A new chapter for the disastrous United Nations mission in Haiti:
added: Fri Oct 20 10:30:18 2017

The US just accused Russia of an act of war
added: Fri Oct 20 10:30:08 2017

University of Florida allows white nationalist to control which journalists cover his event
added: Fri Oct 20 10:30:04 2017
added: Fri Oct 20 10:29:39 2017

The latest China trading craze: stocks with 'Shanghai' in name soar on city's free-trade port plan
added: Fri Oct 20 10:27:26 2017

These are the economists in play to lead PBOC after Zhou drops retirement hint v@business #China #19thPartyCongress
added: Fri Oct 20 10:26:06 2017
tags: china, 19thpartycongress

Kobe Steel crisis deepens as plant inspected for breach of industrial law
added: Fri Oct 20 10:20:09 2017

Rosneft to take control of Kurdistan oil pipeline
added: Fri Oct 20 10:10:12 2017

Six years since the overthrow of Gaddafi, rebels say the revolution was still worth it.
added: Fri Oct 20 09:52:49 2017

【私家車撞傷6人 司機棄車逃去無蹤】 一輛私家車在油麻地撞到多輛車及多名路人,司機棄車、逃去無蹤,有6人受輕傷,警方正搜捕司機。 #有線電視 #油麻地 #棄車 #撞傷人
added: Fri Oct 20 09:50:02 2017
tags: 撞傷人, 有線電視, 棄車, 油麻地

Italy is so overrun with fake news, the government is trying to teach students how to detect it. @jasondhorowitz
added: Fri Oct 20 09:44:48 2017

If you must use Prisma-style art filters on your photos, try Portra
added: Fri Oct 20 09:14:38 2017

Mega India-Russia military drill keeps China on tenterhooks
added: Fri Oct 20 09:10:00 2017

shoutout to rising star swear word “fuckboy”, popular on the coasts
added: Fri Oct 20 09:09:47 2017

China summons British official over Hong Kong remarks
added: Fri Oct 20 09:08:27 2017

What factor contributed to the introduction of cash and thus to a wage-based rural #economy in India?
added: Fri Oct 20 09:07:02 2017
tags: economy

China’s Party Congress Brings Crackdown on Critics, Nightclubs and Airbnb
added: Fri Oct 20 09:04:53 2017

His Holiness the #DalaiLama Expresses Grave Concern at Deterioration of #Tibet’s Fragile Environment
added: Fri Oct 20 09:02:23 2017
tags: tibet, dalailama

GQ has fired its political correspondent following online allegations
added: Fri Oct 20 08:26:05 2017

Former Tour de France champ Cadel Evans meeting with Taiwan's President Tsai ahead of today's Taiwan KOM race
added: Fri Oct 20 08:25:45 2017

Rights lawyer Li Boguang assaulted, dumped in the middle of nowhere, threatened by men believed 2 be police
added: Fri Oct 20 08:20:07 2017

Gigantic subterranean chasm on the moon is perfect spot for first lunar colony
added: Fri Oct 20 08:15:51 2017

Weinstein eyes Chinese actress Fan Bingbing at Cannes. Read our article
added: Fri Oct 20 08:15:35 2017

Important @nytimes article by @austinramzy. Hard to overestimate how significant this is. 新时代 indeed.
added: Fri Oct 20 08:15:04 2017

"The story that Israel was an empty land is completely false," Bude says, recalling Palestinian houses after Nakba
added: Fri Oct 20 08:14:41 2017

US Senators Ask Apple Why VPN Apps Were Removed in China
added: Fri Oct 20 08:02:03 2017

Why people are less likely to fact-check in a group or on social media
added: Fri Oct 20 07:38:54 2017

CIA director says a more powerful Xi could be a force for good
added: Fri Oct 20 07:20:21 2017

Oxbridge access: the data paints a picture of entrenched privilege. Things are getting worse. Change is well overdue
added: Fri Oct 20 06:49:43 2017

New H7N9 bird flu strain in China has pandemic potential: study
added: Fri Oct 20 06:29:32 2017

A film portrays scandals at S.Korea's wealthy, politically powerful Protestant churches often mocked as "Jesus Inc."
added: Fri Oct 20 06:17:00 2017

The DNC purges trans, POC members from party's left wing in the name of "diversity"
added: Fri Oct 20 06:15:04 2017

CIA's Pompeo asserts Russian meddling did not sway U.S. election result
added: Fri Oct 20 06:13:01 2017

Reading: Foreign Policy "Special Correspondent" with great backgrounder on Xi Jinping's ascendancy in China.
added: Fri Oct 20 05:34:39 2017

UN tells China to release human rights activists and pay them compensation
added: Fri Oct 20 05:29:21 2017

After Xi’s speech in Beijing, turning the page on China is no longer a serious option.
added: Fri Oct 20 05:21:18 2017

4 City Council members knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this week
added: Fri Oct 20 05:20:05 2017

All around us, Narendra Modi’s messiah image is quickly fading
added: Fri Oct 20 04:46:02 2017

Doubts Surround End of Abusive Shuanggui Detention
added: Fri Oct 20 04:45:53 2017

Trump forces Puerto Rico's governor to tell him how great he is
added: Fri Oct 20 04:45:11 2017

This Strange Sensor Russia Sent to the ISS Is Baffling US Military Experts
added: Fri Oct 20 04:38:24 2017

The editorial director of Vox has been fired for sexual misconduct.
added: Fri Oct 20 03:46:16 2017

Inexplicable Trump Chad travel ban decision preceded US military Niger exposure and subsequent tragedy via @msnbc
added: Fri Oct 20 03:42:26 2017

Alt-Right racists use @Facebook to spread lies about fires in NorCal, baselessly accusing Mexican immigrants
added: Fri Oct 20 03:42:18 2017

White nationalist Richard Spencer gives Israel as example of ethno-state he wants in U.S. @DannyPostel @jricole
added: Fri Oct 20 03:15:09 2017

"St. Louis police beat, pepper-sprayed and arrested them during recent protests “very, very concerning"
added: Fri Oct 20 03:05:12 2017

Everyone who goes to the podium for Trump eventually outright lies from it. Even John Kelly.
added: Fri Oct 20 03:03:44 2017

Luoyang University helped cover up Yang Jian's background at PLA universities according to newly released documents
added: Fri Oct 20 02:41:07 2017

More Japanese workers find something once thought rare: better jobs with better pay
added: Fri Oct 20 02:37:03 2017

Call to Action From Cascadia Forest Defenders.
added: Fri Oct 20 02:35:04 2017

Despite ban reports, Indian trade with North Korea continues #NorthKorea
added: Fri Oct 20 02:34:59 2017
tags: northkorea

More news about #HK being a money laundering center for powerful people in China, Russia, now South Africa
added: Fri Oct 20 02:29:08 2017
tags: hk

St. Louis police claim a black undercover cop they beat up during protest was resisting because of course they did.
added: Fri Oct 20 02:09:36 2017

Why China’s Xi Jinping is unlikely to anoint a successor
added: Fri Oct 20 02:08:23 2017

Global Times columnist: “we must re-educate the Western media to help them know the real China”
added: Fri Oct 20 02:07:30 2017

'Abandon biased views' of China: Beijing hits back at US secretary of state
added: Fri Oct 20 02:06:20 2017

Putin says US pressured IOC to ban Russia from Winter Games
added: Fri Oct 20 02:05:07 2017

Gawd, the magnitude of Kelly’s dishonest effort to humiliate Congresswoman Wilson is staggering. What a monster
added: Fri Oct 20 02:04:12 2017

Breaking: Senate passes budget proposal 51-49, setting the stage for a Republican push to overhaul the tax code
added: Fri Oct 20 01:45:59 2017

FEMA is spending billions, and some questionable companies are getting work
added: Fri Oct 20 01:32:16 2017

I was part of a community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Weinstein, says @Lupita_Nyongo
added: Thu Oct 19 23:08:14 2017

4300 rape investigations, 41 convictions. A paltry or inadequate legal response emboldens men, says @dvvic #VAW
added: Thu Oct 19 22:58:07 2017
tags: vaw

Improved #ZFS resilver and scrub times, coming soon to #FreeNAS 11.1!
added: Thu Oct 19 22:31:53 2017
tags: zfs, freenas

7,500 trafficked Turkish frogs returned to wild. France and China are centres of demand. #frogs @jodirowley #France
added: Thu Oct 19 22:26:30 2017
tags: frogs, france

When the Price of Reporting Is a Car Bomb #PanamaPapers
added: Thu Oct 19 21:08:26 2017
tags: panamapapers

NEW: Canada deploys submarine to Japan for the first time in nearly 50 years
added: Thu Oct 19 21:00:22 2017

A man wearing swastikas is punched at a protest against white nationalist #RichardSpencer…
added: Thu Oct 19 20:02:59 2017
tags: richardspencer

Tanzania: 128 poachers arrested in one year #EndWildlifeTrafficking
added: Thu Oct 19 19:12:00 2017
tags: endwildlifetrafficking

The US makes up 5% of the world’s population, crime is at an all-time low, yet we have 22% of the world’s prisoners.
added: Thu Oct 19 19:03:57 2017

A Cali racist group—the Rise Above Movement_is full of violent felons. Law enforcement pays it little attention:
added: Thu Oct 19 18:44:02 2017

for a rightist nationalist, remarkable how poor Trump is at the usual nationalist symbols and rhetoric by @ebruenig
added: Thu Oct 19 16:45:28 2017

My column in this week's NS: on the gap between Leavers in Westminster and Leavers in Walsall:
added: Thu Oct 19 15:38:52 2017

Wow. A top Communist Party official is saying that the Party fended off a coup:
added: Thu Oct 19 15:37:01 2017

Wisconsin’s voter ID law blocked tens of thousands from polls & tipped state to Trump. My cover story @motherjones
added: Thu Oct 19 14:33:18 2017

#ACLU sues #StLouis City 2 protect rights of protests #StockleyProtest #StockleyProtests…
added: Thu Oct 19 13:58:07 2017
tags: stockleyprotest, stockleyprotests, aclu, stlouis

#InfluenceOps#CCP: General requirements on deepening United Front Work ideology under General Secretary XJP
added: Thu Oct 19 13:28:10 2017

"Will William Lai's Popularity Last?" by @brianhioe Link:
added: Thu Oct 19 13:00:04 2017

Jeremy Corbyn just told the European left how to win again
added: Thu Oct 19 12:33:31 2017

Ohio police officer fired; video showed officer beating driver after traffic stop
added: Thu Oct 19 12:30:34 2017

【有線中國組:落馬高官原來要「篡黨奪權」?】 過去五年,中共總書記習近平大力反貪,被指控貪腐的「大老虎」相繼下馬。 但中證監主席劉士余,在十九大的小組會上,卻指他們陰謀「篡黨奪權」。 「篡黨奪權」這個詞,為何引起轟動?...
added: Thu Oct 19 12:30:03 2017

MUST READ: Is “growing the pie” overrated? - @M_C_Klein good piece on impact of macro on groups AND the whole
added: Thu Oct 19 12:23:22 2017

This transwoman's employer made her carry a large red sign every time she used the bathroom
added: Thu Oct 19 12:22:50 2017

“The reporters ask pre-arranged questions, and the delegates answer—only occasionally fumbling over their lines.”
added: Thu Oct 19 12:09:28 2017

This story has been fact-checked several times during and after the campaign as false.
added: Thu Oct 19 11:28:29 2017

Rigged: How voter suppression threw Wisconsin to Trump
added: Thu Oct 19 11:09:41 2017

Central players in a $232M initial coin offering (ICO) are at war. Via @SpecialReports…
added: Thu Oct 19 11:09:08 2017

*clears throat* some of us were weighing up the risk of a Chinese "Minsky moment" four years ago.
added: Thu Oct 19 11:06:24 2017

The producers behind "Founding of a Republic" want to buy part of Forbes
added: Thu Oct 19 11:06:03 2017

Didn't install a safety-critical #driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!
added: Thu Oct 19 11:03:28 2017
tags: driverless

Hunger-blocking injection lets fat monkeys quickly lose weight
added: Thu Oct 19 11:01:40 2017
added: Thu Oct 19 10:36:53 2017

Xi Jinping has punished more cadres for corruption than the population of San Antonio via @bpolitics #China
added: Thu Oct 19 10:21:34 2017
tags: china

HSBC-themed malspam uses ISO attachments to push Loki Bot malware, (Thu, Oct 19th) via…
added: Thu Oct 19 09:14:49 2017

China’s “digital Leninism” uses big data in hopes Big Brother can beat the invisible hand in a new planned economy
added: Thu Oct 19 09:13:26 2017

China says hopes U.S. can abandon bias, view China objectively
added: Thu Oct 19 09:10:04 2017

"I see a lot of anger among the youth today against the Indian state. They are politically more mature."
added: Thu Oct 19 09:10:00 2017

Thanks to @RedPeppermag for printing this excerpt from #TheEndofPolicing. you @VersoBooks
added: Thu Oct 19 09:05:13 2017
tags: theendofpolicing

ROFL! NY cops say they can't reveal figures on cash seized from people – their IBM DB2 is 'broken' via @theregister
added: Thu Oct 19 09:00:48 2017

#Spain: Central government to meet Saturday, move towards enacting Article 155…
added: Thu Oct 19 08:42:03 2017
tags: spain

'Traditional trade agreements are proving harder and harder to bed down' | @Greg__Earl's economic diplomacy brief
added: Thu Oct 19 08:39:01 2017

Newly Released Footage Shows 20,000 American Nazis Rallying At Madison Square Garden: @Gothamist
added: Thu Oct 19 08:34:27 2017

BREAKING: Spain set to trigger 'nuclear option' and impose direct rule on Catalonia
added: Thu Oct 19 08:32:35 2017

Well, I'm getting on a 14 hour flight, seems the best possible time to publish this:
added: Thu Oct 19 08:32:31 2017

Pakistani anti-corruption court indicts ousted PM Sharif and daughter
added: Thu Oct 19 08:31:47 2017

Spanish stocks slide, euro gains evaporate after Puigdemont letter
added: Thu Oct 19 08:26:23 2017

Sp!ked's vicious, cranky, nihilistic obsessions determining government policies.
added: Thu Oct 19 08:25:44 2017

BREAKING: Spain's government says it will suspend Catalonia's autonomy
added: Thu Oct 19 08:24:21 2017

SAP profits miss forecasts as cloud shift inflates costs
added: Thu Oct 19 08:23:46 2017

Declassified Files Lay Bare U.S. Knowledge Of Mass Murders In Indonesia
added: Thu Oct 19 08:05:24 2017

Junius Ho gives HKU ultimatum over Benny Tai row
added: Thu Oct 19 08:03:59 2017

Qian Gang: "Party" dropped from past phrase about "Party acting within the scope of constitution and laws"
added: Thu Oct 19 08:03:58 2017

Tillerson raps China as 'predatory' rule breaker (3 weeks ahead of Trump's first official visit to China)
added: Thu Oct 19 07:10:45 2017

Gujarat has only 2.33% of India’s Dalit population but ranks fourth on atrocities against the community.
added: Thu Oct 19 07:10:00 2017

St Kitts and Nevis deregisters sanctioned North Korean ship #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Thu Oct 19 07:09:05 2017
tags: northkorea, dprk

In New Zealand, neoliberal reforms have undermined the country's self-image as an egalitarian paradise.
added: Thu Oct 19 07:08:10 2017

Stealth web crypto-cash miner Coin Hive back to the drawing board as blockers move in
added: Thu Oct 19 07:04:02 2017

Beijing pulls out of #humanrights talks Australia's 3½ year struggle to restore talks unsuccessful
added: Thu Oct 19 06:36:04 2017
tags: humanrights

England's players are getting £22 grand each for their test against Manu Samoa - the Samoans are getting NZD...
added: Thu Oct 19 06:15:06 2017

Fake Democrat has deeply stupid idea for how to save the party
added: Thu Oct 19 06:15:05 2017

John McCain accuses Trump of 'not being up front' about how four US soldiers died in Niger
added: Thu Oct 19 06:14:14 2017

Quarter of low paid workers in UK permanently stuck in poorly paid jobs, research shows
added: Thu Oct 19 06:14:01 2017

Black and Muslim inmates twice as likely to have negative experiences in prison, report finds
added: Thu Oct 19 06:13:00 2017

U.S. Says Holds Myanmar Military Leaders Accountable in Rohingya Crisis
added: Thu Oct 19 06:12:41 2017

China dashes hopes of GM boost after Syngenta deal
added: Thu Oct 19 06:10:30 2017

China central bank Governor Zhou says likely to retire soon
added: Thu Oct 19 06:10:04 2017

Kobe Steel can only confirm by the end of this month whether the aluminium used in XRL trains was safe
added: Thu Oct 19 06:05:43 2017

SCMP predicts strong role for Shaanxi gang: Li Zhanshu at NPC and Zhao Leji at CCDI via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Oct 19 06:00:33 2017

Jeff Sessions again changes his story on meetings with Russian ambassador
added: Thu Oct 19 06:00:05 2017

Interesting note here on how migrants may drive future housing purchases, inland urbanization
added: Thu Oct 19 05:29:33 2017

North Korean media says superpowers “sponging off” the U.S. #NorthKorea
added: Thu Oct 19 05:25:02 2017
tags: northkorea

Senate poised for crucial vote related to tax reform measure
added: Thu Oct 19 05:20:43 2017

#Kenya’s election has now vanished from the polling booth only to reappear in the courtroom #Kenyadecides
added: Thu Oct 19 05:20:31 2017
tags: kenya, kenyadecides

Nazis based their rules turning Jews into 2nd class citizens on the way Jim Crow laws treated American blacks
added: Thu Oct 19 05:20:00 2017

Happy to announce that we're switching our #TenX community chat to @RiotChat
added: Thu Oct 19 05:18:38 2017
tags: tenx

This is big: FBI probes US links to South Africa’s #Guptas via @FT #statecapture #southafrica
added: Thu Oct 19 05:15:29 2017
tags: statecapture, southafrica, guptas

Judge orders Trump administration to release documents related to DACA repeal decision
added: Thu Oct 19 05:15:05 2017

"I was surprised that there were so many Americans surprised about the U.S. presence in West Africa."
added: Thu Oct 19 05:10:05 2017

WeChat, QQ and Weibo ban changes to users’ profiles
added: Thu Oct 19 05:05:00 2017

Watch these very good wolves cooperate perfectly for a snack
added: Thu Oct 19 05:00:00 2017

The one line that proves China wants to take over the world via @newscomauHQ
added: Thu Oct 19 04:43:19 2017

A rusty copper wire is now blamed for the hours-long delay that hit #MTR's Kwun Tong line in August
added: Thu Oct 19 04:23:07 2017
tags: mtr

Democrats beat pro-Beijing camp to submitting LegCo rules amendments
added: Thu Oct 19 04:08:36 2017

Police say at least 13 people still on the run after HK$2.3m Mong Kok hostel robbery
added: Thu Oct 19 03:48:34 2017

One of the biggest economic stories in China no one paying attention to: commodities. That's driving everything now
added: Thu Oct 19 03:47:56 2017

China's GDP was similar to results from recent quarters, a trend that makes many economists doubt its accuracy
added: Thu Oct 19 02:45:04 2017

I wrote about the new emperor of China & what might be motivating the Xi dynasty:
added: Wed Oct 18 19:35:44 2017

$1B, Apple for 2018 $2.5B, Hulu in 2017 $4.5B, Amazon in 2017 $6B, Netflix in 2017 $7-8B, Netflix in 2018
added: Wed Oct 18 14:16:26 2017

3 years ago, a TV executive sexually assaulted me. Finding it hard to write a pithy tweet, so here. Please share.
added: Wed Oct 18 14:05:51 2017

CCP in universities is a worldwide problem. Very serious.
added: Wed Oct 18 14:04:04 2017

We are expanding opportunities for Roma students at @UniofOxford Huge thanks to @BlavatnikSchool and @romaeducation
added: Wed Oct 18 13:24:26 2017

This former Nepali slave has 2 missions: - End child slavery - Become a lawyer…
added: Wed Oct 18 12:00:16 2017

There are more than 60 different versions of the Facebook app around the world
added: Wed Oct 18 12:00:07 2017

#SCMP Donald Tsang’s wife deposited HK$350,000 cash just before bank chairman withdrew same amount, trial hears
added: Wed Oct 18 11:41:23 2017
tags: scmp

Facebook and Google Helped Anti-Refugee Campaign in Swing States: Comments:
added: Wed Oct 18 11:30:02 2017

There's not even any volatility in Chinese stocks these days.
added: Wed Oct 18 10:26:13 2017

Status updates are going to start disappearing on Facebook
added: Wed Oct 18 10:20:07 2017

#China will try to avoid layoffs amid SOE reforms - asset regulator. This limits efficient & effective reform
added: Wed Oct 18 10:17:42 2017
tags: china

‘Sometimes you don’t feel human’ – how the gig economy chews up and spits out millennials
added: Wed Oct 18 09:47:52 2017

I hope the police are going to take an interest in this:
added: Wed Oct 18 08:34:03 2017

.@LizEconomy on Xi's vision: 'Xi sits on top of party. The party sits on top of China. China sits on top of world.'
added: Wed Oct 18 07:57:52 2017

Israeli naval forces open fire on Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast overnight, no injuries
added: Wed Oct 18 07:34:16 2017

"AutoML is better at coding machine-learning systems than the researchers who made it"
added: Wed Oct 18 07:06:06 2017

Taiwan says its 23 million people will decide their future
added: Wed Oct 18 06:52:09 2017

Taiwan, post-watchlist removal, to continue dialogue with U.S. Treasury: central bank
added: Wed Oct 18 06:51:43 2017

#EJI Lam under fire for putting rail link plan above stamp duty bill
added: Wed Oct 18 06:41:50 2017
tags: eji

Mingpao: Rumors suggest no successors on new Standing Committee
added: Wed Oct 18 06:34:44 2017

Kurdish independence aspirations appeared to stall — at least for now
added: Wed Oct 18 06:32:06 2017

Release of 39 documents shows US knew at time of Indonesia slaughter of 500K in 1965-66. CIA documents still hidden.
added: Wed Oct 18 06:32:05 2017

To Inspire Young Communists, China Turns to ‘Red Army’ Schools
added: Wed Oct 18 06:32:01 2017

Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook's association with Peter Thiel #1yrago
added: Wed Oct 18 06:30:14 2017
tags: 1yrago

Women's March organiser kicked off American Airlines flight accuses pilot of racial discrimination
added: Wed Oct 18 06:26:28 2017

French police arrest far-right militants suspected of plotting attacks on mosque, politician
added: Wed Oct 18 06:24:08 2017

Massive day for renewable energy in Scotland. World’s first floating windfarm opens off the coast of Peterhead.
added: Wed Oct 18 06:23:39 2017

German ambassador warns that internet controls could harm companies, isolate China
added: Wed Oct 18 06:23:01 2017

The Democrats are at their weakest point since the 1920s. They can't afford to spurn Wall Street.
added: Wed Oct 18 06:15:54 2017

8 members of #China’s party elite whose family members used offshore companies are revealed in the #PanamaPapers.
added: Wed Oct 18 06:09:52 2017
tags: china, panamapapers

"Houses built to be inhabited, not for speculation," Xi says in renewed stability call @business #China #19thCPC
added: Wed Oct 18 05:34:24 2017
tags: china, 19thcpc

DOJ indicts Chinese fentanyl distributors selling to Americans online kingpins of a large international conspiracy
added: Wed Oct 18 04:39:18 2017

Xi calls for a fairer distribution of wealth and harmonious labour relations through "collective negotiations"
added: Wed Oct 18 03:47:52 2017

Xi Says China’s Prospects Are Bright, Challenges Severe
added: Wed Oct 18 03:11:12 2017

Incredible story: We spoke to the Americans duped by Russian trolls into specific, real action in the US
added: Wed Oct 18 02:45:23 2017

I don't think we should let China continue making all our phones and electronics. Post-1995 globalization was bad.
added: Wed Oct 18 02:43:20 2017

#China: Xi only spent 96 words addressing #Taiwan issue in his speech at 19 People's Congress
added: Wed Oct 18 02:42:44 2017
tags: china, taiwan

.@FrontlinePBS's “War on the EPA” is an inside look at the triumphant ascent of the anti-regulatory movement in US
added: Wed Oct 18 02:41:00 2017

Xinjiang city Shihezi spends US$44 million to install 5000 smart security camera to provide complete surveillance
added: Wed Oct 18 02:38:56 2017

" ruined several romantic relationships in precisely this fashion" - @MoustacheClubUS on toxic nerd masculinity
added: Wed Oct 18 01:49:46 2017

North Korea link suspected in Taiwan bank cyberheist via @WSJ
added: Wed Oct 18 01:43:16 2017

74 students from Escuelas Normales Oficiales de Michoacán have been detained.
added: Wed Oct 18 01:42:24 2017

Seattle is the US city where bus ridership is rising most, thanks to efforts to provide lanes+whole transit streets
added: Wed Oct 18 01:41:09 2017

CIA Urges Trump To Delay Release Of 3,000 Never-Before-Seen Documents On JFK Assassination
added: Wed Oct 18 01:27:49 2017

The NYPD has stolen $68 million from poor New Yorkers but claims it can't account for it and has no backup.
added: Wed Oct 18 01:26:53 2017

Kidnapped by #CCP in Thailand, #HK bookseller #GuiMinhai now held 2yrs w/out trial,incommunicado,whereabouts unknown
added: Wed Oct 18 00:55:06 2017
tags: ccp, hk, guiminhai

Travel ban on North Koreans visiting the U.S. blocked by court #NorthKorea
added: Wed Oct 18 00:31:55 2017
tags: northkorea

Sales data suggests Carrie Lam's budget of HK$15 million (US$1.92m) would have left her with plenty of options in...
added: Wed Oct 18 00:30:19 2017

North Carolina Republicans ‘rig the system’ by cancelling 2018 judicial elections
added: Wed Oct 18 00:30:06 2017

China's Big Brother tech gives surveillance new reach
added: Wed Oct 18 00:28:01 2017

The 19th Party Congress opens today. Meanwhile, the ridiculous control of all aspects of the society: on
added: Wed Oct 18 00:26:45 2017

Look into my eyes. China is deleveraging... @nishagopalanhk @andymukherjee70 via @gadfly
added: Wed Oct 18 00:24:42 2017

#19thCPC begins. Speeches are made. 'Reform' promised. China carries on towards ever stricter Party control.
added: Wed Oct 18 00:24:27 2017
tags: 19thcpc

Very worthwhile dissection of the known unknowns in Chinese politics, from current and former State Dep’t analysts:
added: Tue Oct 17 23:50:07 2017

Why Didn't Mao Invade Taiwan? @Project2049's Ian Easton:
added: Tue Oct 17 23:50:06 2017

On the 19th Party Congress, & how the China lobby has been consistently, catastrophically wrong for three decades:
added: Tue Oct 17 20:26:07 2017

I wrote this for @TheCut months ago. Folks said I was reaching. Responses to him v Weinstein give yet more proof.
added: Tue Oct 17 19:26:14 2017

Renminbi’s share as international payment currency drops for second month in September: SWIFT - SCMP
added: Tue Oct 17 17:30:14 2017

Coming of age in an era of prosperity: Meet China's 'bubble generation'
added: Tue Oct 17 15:17:01 2017

Olympus 45mm F1.2 PRO and 17mm F1.2 PRO Pictures Leaked
added: Tue Oct 17 15:15:31 2017

The man bailing out the Weinstein Company is also a slumlord who's BFFs with Trump
added: Tue Oct 17 15:15:25 2017

China to take 70 percent stake in strategic port in Myanmar - official
added: Tue Oct 17 14:19:54 2017

Xi Jinping’s power plays set the stage for his long encore as China's paramount leader. (w/ @JNBPage, @Lingling_Wei)
added: Tue Oct 17 12:22:12 2017

Man guilty of murdering refugee after calling him a rapist and terrorist
added: Tue Oct 17 11:56:15 2017

Scientists just saw the most beautiful thing in the universe. But we learnt something even more important
added: Tue Oct 17 11:55:55 2017

Outrageous! Students are abusing/harassing this poet after her poem "Mango" appeared in an English exam.
added: Tue Oct 17 11:55:20 2017

Madrid, Catalonia clash over jailed pro-independence leaders as protests called
added: Tue Oct 17 11:55:04 2017

It takes over 2,000 words to understand how the MHRD confused Indian scientists with four words
added: Tue Oct 17 11:54:36 2017

"You can’t just fly an airplane to Alabama and say it’s made in America," says @ChadBown
added: Tue Oct 17 11:47:19 2017

Just out: documents obtained by PI show that UK intelligence agencies may analyse our Facebook & Twitter accounts
added: Tue Oct 17 11:00:58 2017

Madagascar struggles to contain plague outbreak
added: Tue Oct 17 10:50:11 2017

@MollyJongFast @swin24 @JAdomian prepare to enter the gorka zone:
added: Tue Oct 17 10:49:25 2017

David Brooks gets his numbers wrong providing yet another example of the skills shortage
added: Tue Oct 17 09:33:36 2017

"Myanmar presents a more worrying picture than at almost any time since the darkest days of military dictatorship"
added: Tue Oct 17 08:13:47 2017

Here's why HK's streets are fucked: our leaders think the 8% of population that owns cars is the norm
added: Tue Oct 17 07:29:33 2017

How Tech Firms Partner with Beijing to Punish and Reward Citizens
added: Tue Oct 17 07:23:47 2017

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart | George Monbiot
added: Tue Oct 17 07:15:47 2017

👍🏽This was 1 of the areas in which China had moved ahead of us in last 5yrs and gap needed to be filled urgently:
added: Tue Oct 17 07:14:19 2017

Why the boundary changes to parliamentary constituencies won't happen, in one easy chart
added: Tue Oct 17 07:09:34 2017

US-backed fighters seize infamous Raqa roundabout from IS
added: Tue Oct 17 07:00:06 2017

Macron’s visit to Iran would be the first by a French head of state or government since 1976.
added: Tue Oct 17 07:00:02 2017

David Bandurski's latest, for Forbes, on the gov't taking shares in tech firms.
added: Tue Oct 17 06:57:52 2017

Ex-England striker Emile Heskey hands out food to homeless on streets
added: Tue Oct 17 06:57:16 2017

How rooftop solar is saving billions on energy bills for all consumers via @renew_economy
added: Tue Oct 17 06:53:01 2017

A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years
added: Tue Oct 17 06:47:46 2017

Team reviewing historic sex abuse in football are having psychological counselling | @MiguelDelaney
added: Tue Oct 17 06:41:38 2017

Making anthem law retroactive is up for debate: CE
added: Tue Oct 17 05:36:12 2017

Concur w/ Norman Lear that @NomikiKonst has the leadership skills to make Americans care about government again
added: Tue Oct 17 05:34:40 2017

65.3% of out-of-pocket expenditure comes from outpatient costs, not covered by Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana:
added: Tue Oct 17 05:30:00 2017

What does ‘property long-term mechanism’ mean and how will it affect the Chinese market?
added: Tue Oct 17 05:25:03 2017

China state media attacks Western democracy ahead of Congress
added: Tue Oct 17 04:50:04 2017

Translation: National Anthem Law of the People’s Republic of China – NPC Observer
added: Tue Oct 17 04:49:33 2017

More than 50 police are sweeping Hong Kong's High Court complex (in Admiralty) in search of a knife-wielding man:
added: Tue Oct 17 04:48:46 2017

Elon Musk's Tesla Powerwalls have landed in Puerto Rico
added: Tue Oct 17 04:45:39 2017

Apartheid Occupier #Israel restricts Palestinians', particularly women's, right to education
added: Tue Oct 17 04:43:58 2017
tags: israel

#China's banks are still bingeing on bonds even as regulators intensify a crackdown on leverage via @business
added: Tue Oct 17 04:38:36 2017
tags: china

This is Xi Jinping’s China. Do yourself a favor and read what History will remember of this period. @anneapplebaum
added: Tue Oct 17 03:55:33 2017

Terrorists Are Using Chinese Grenades In Kashmir Now. The Good News Is They Aren’t Exploding
added: Tue Oct 17 02:10:09 2017

An outrage. Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist. Rest in Peace.
added: Tue Oct 17 02:03:13 2017

To understand Trump's Iran policy, follow the money trail of three pro-Israel oligarchs: Adelson, Marcus and Singer
added: Tue Oct 17 01:35:38 2017

Pressure on ILO to stop taking funds from Big Tobacco
added: Tue Oct 17 01:25:09 2017

China’s Xi Approaches a New Term With a Souring Taste for Markets
added: Tue Oct 17 00:43:00 2017

Factories to be taxed for PM2.5 emissions: #Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration - Taipei Times
added: Tue Oct 17 00:41:34 2017
tags: taiwan

Massive lake cracks open in #Antarctica
added: Tue Oct 17 00:40:08 2017
tags: antarctica

Our updated catalog of compact binaries...not just #BlackHoles anymore! #NeutronStars…
added: Tue Oct 17 00:40:00 2017
tags: blackholes, neutronstars

#Taiwan: #Taipei Mayor @KP_Taipei says 3,453 more #socialhousing projects to be completed in first term
added: Tue Oct 17 00:39:00 2017
tags: taipei, taiwan, socialhousing

#Taiwan President Tsai transit stops to be announced later: foreign ministry - Taipei Times
added: Tue Oct 17 00:37:09 2017
tags: taiwan

China's 'stability maintenance' agents move to silence critics before party congress
added: Tue Oct 17 00:36:40 2017

Hi @Vultr! Could you update this page to list which specific versions of FreeBSD 10 & 11 are available please: #VPS
added: Tue Oct 17 00:35:06 2017
tags: vps

#Cybersecurity firm: #NorthKorea was likely behind #Taiwan cyber heist
added: Tue Oct 17 00:34:38 2017
tags: cybersecurity, taiwan, northkorea

Rogue Chinese space station is on a collision course with Earth
added: Tue Oct 17 00:33:33 2017

There's now a near consensus in Washington that Xi won't liberalize the Chinese economy in his second term.
added: Tue Oct 17 00:33:14 2017

Land of the motherfuckin' FREE **beats chest**
added: Tue Oct 17 00:30:24 2017

"Functioning democracy erodes as a natural effect of the concentration of economic power."
added: Tue Oct 17 00:22:21 2017 #China #MeToo
added: Tue Oct 17 00:13:03 2017
tags: metoo, china

Senate confirms Callista Gingrich as U.S. Ambassador to Vatican
added: Tue Oct 17 00:10:58 2017

Kansas wins approval to continue private Medicaid system
added: Tue Oct 17 00:10:53 2017

For a fuller treatment of this point see my explainer on why the press normalizes Trump.
added: Tue Oct 17 00:09:13 2017

Doklam again: India must brace for a more dominant #China
added: Tue Oct 17 00:05:37 2017
tags: china

Voter suppression, not Russia, is the greatest threat to democracy in the US.
added: Tue Oct 17 00:00:12 2017

Physics Professor Xiaoxing Xi says learning he was unjustly surveilled felt like “being violated”
added: Tue Oct 17 00:00:02 2017

Children whose parents sheltered @Snowden ‘singled out’ claims lawyer after Hong Kong rejected asylum claim
added: Mon Oct 16 23:55:04 2017

Rick Pitino Fired As Louisville Basketball Coach Amid Massive Bribery Probe
added: Mon Oct 16 23:36:03 2017

“ICIJ condemns violence against journalists and is deeply concerned about freedom of the press in Malta."
added: Mon Oct 16 23:32:14 2017

I'm fine with firing someone hurting team morale like this, but management needs to take some responsibility here.
added: Mon Oct 16 22:53:30 2017

The New Orleans district attorney has locked up rape victims and served fake subpoenas to witnesses
added: Mon Oct 16 21:37:59 2017

After socialists win 17 of 23 states, US claims Venezuela elections not 'Free and Fair'
added: Mon Oct 16 21:20:00 2017

Superb evidence-based preview of Xi’s big day by @vshih2 and @judeblanchette. Putting so many canards to rest.
added: Mon Oct 16 20:21:17 2017

A man tortured in Chechnya for being gay dares to go public with his story
added: Mon Oct 16 19:34:39 2017

Top Trump official John Kelly ordered ICE to portray immigrants as criminals to justify raids by @alicesperi
added: Mon Oct 16 18:41:04 2017

These visits were almost never on the public schedule, done quietly, not boasted about.
added: Mon Oct 16 18:18:09 2017

A Sevier County deputy fired shots without warning, then had a panic attack. A couple is charged with causing it.
added: Mon Oct 16 18:00:44 2017

K-State Announces Campaign for New Baseball and Soccer Facilities
added: Mon Oct 16 15:00:39 2017

The shipping industry says current carp-blocking barriers are enough. This invasive fish’s story begs to differ.
added: Mon Oct 16 15:00:04 2017

Birds are flying ominously over Ireland
added: Mon Oct 16 14:59:58 2017

Scientists detect gravitational waves and light from star collision:
added: Mon Oct 16 14:58:04 2017

Federal judge rules handcuffing little kids above their elbows is unconstitutional. More at @HuffPost:
added: Mon Oct 16 14:58:01 2017

#BigStory | A new era in astronomy has dawned not with a whimper but with a bang via…
added: Mon Oct 16 14:37:05 2017
tags: bigstory

Vicky Kalogera: Hulse and Taylor found a binary pulsar, shrinking due to #GravitationalWaves. 1993 @NobelPrize
added: Mon Oct 16 14:34:57 2017
tags: gravitationalwaves

China factory inflation rises as PBoC boss sees strong H2 growth
added: Mon Oct 16 14:34:12 2017

In his inaugural speech, Jakarta Governor Anies: "It's time for pribumi to be master of their own land" #dogwhistle
added: Mon Oct 16 14:33:37 2017
tags: dogwhistle

Scientists have detected an entirely new type of gravitational wave
added: Mon Oct 16 14:12:30 2017

WPA2 Security Flaw Puts Almost Every Wi-Fi Device at Risk of Hijack, Eavesdropping
added: Mon Oct 16 14:12:25 2017

Read about the entire "multimessenger" observing effort in the Astrophysical Journal: #GravityAndLight
added: Mon Oct 16 14:11:57 2017
tags: gravityandlight

Scientists just found evidence of two stars making the universe wobble to produce gold
added: Mon Oct 16 14:00:39 2017

30 dead in drought-ridden Portugal, Spain as Ophelia's passing winds fan wildfires. Hot new world.
added: Mon Oct 16 14:00:39 2017

Last weekend, @DiEM25_FR held a gathering with @yanisvaroufakis. Here’s a quick report:
added: Mon Oct 16 14:00:21 2017

.@jendaskal, April 17, 2017 A Microsoft Ireland Fix: Time to Act is Now!
added: Mon Oct 16 13:46:35 2017

ICYMI. 👇🏻Excellent summary of Russia's cyber warefare👇🏻 cc @aliasvaughn @lulu_lemew @antonejohnson @conspirator0
added: Mon Oct 16 12:41:51 2017

This is Not Science Fiction. #NorthKorea EMP attack could ‘shut down US power grid and kill 90% of Americans’
added: Mon Oct 16 12:25:51 2017
tags: northkorea

How the drug industry captured the DEA and stalled the fight against opioids: via @washingtonpost
added: Mon Oct 16 12:23:11 2017

New Gorbachev biography profiles reformer who helped end Cold War but has no place in today's Russia
added: Mon Oct 16 12:19:24 2017

Wales scrap 'Gatland's Law' with new 60-cap policy set to exclude Rhys Webb from 2019 RWC | @JackdeMenezes
added: Mon Oct 16 12:19:03 2017

How the Freedom Party used anti-Islam rhetoric to win Austrian voters' hearts
added: Mon Oct 16 12:10:08 2017

Can Chinese banks identify North Korean sanctions evaders? @BulletinAtomic @aaron_m_arnold
added: Mon Oct 16 12:01:38 2017

@thejakartaglobe Anies Baswedan Sworn In as Jakarta Governor
added: Mon Oct 16 11:42:52 2017

IBM's Stellar Move: Tech Giant Uses Cryptocurrency in Cross-Border Payments via @CoinDesk
added: Mon Oct 16 11:38:02 2017

Police summon anti-kleptocracy secretariat member over rally
added: Mon Oct 16 11:28:16 2017

HK named world's ninth safest city
added: Mon Oct 16 11:26:58 2017
added: Mon Oct 16 11:26:36 2017

'China is laughing about this situation' -- @sbg1 talks Trump with exiled Chinese artist Ai Weiwei
added: Mon Oct 16 11:21:28 2017

In Puerto Rico, Disconnection and Chaos, but Grace Under Pressure
added: Mon Oct 16 10:21:14 2017

New from me: White House putting out some numbers behind its $4000 wage boost claim. via @WSJ
added: Mon Oct 16 10:13:37 2017

PHOTOS: Increased Security Causes Insanely Long Lines for Beijing Subway
added: Mon Oct 16 08:55:17 2017

▶️ Kenyan police shoot dead two protesters in Bondo as banned protests continue
added: Mon Oct 16 08:32:16 2017

Thirsty locals loot car carrying illegal booze after it crashes in Gujarat
added: Mon Oct 16 08:30:00 2017

Republicans fear a 'bloodbath' in midterm elections
added: Mon Oct 16 08:26:39 2017
added: Mon Oct 16 08:19:25 2017

incredibly toxic and dangerous stuff.
added: Mon Oct 16 07:16:57 2017

Taiwan visa-free entry for Filipinos begins November 1 | via @rapplerdotcom
added: Mon Oct 16 07:16:34 2017

South Korea, US begin naval drills amid North Korea's threat to fire missiles near Guam.
added: Mon Oct 16 06:55:05 2017

Govt says a planned Civil Service college won't be a local branch of the Communist Party school
added: Mon Oct 16 05:13:08 2017

Great piece:
added: Mon Oct 16 05:04:12 2017

Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping
added: Mon Oct 16 04:59:32 2017

Government Limit on Number of Baby Formulas Sets Off Stampede
added: Mon Oct 16 03:01:29 2017

Beijing targets gyms and kindergartens ahead of party congress via @FT
added: Mon Oct 16 03:00:41 2017

.@EFF: CA Police & Civil Liberties Groups Agreed on a Simple Transparency Measure. Gov. Brown Vetoed It Anyway.
added: Mon Oct 16 02:58:02 2017

Iraqi troops are assaulting Kurdish-held Kirkuk, as political tension over a Kurdish independence vote has escalated
added: Mon Oct 16 02:19:52 2017

As failures of anti-plaque drugs add up, so are questions about whether amyloid is really to blame for Alzheimer’s.
added: Mon Oct 16 02:08:51 2017

The Gui Minhai Case Two Years On: A Daughter’s Struggle by @jojjeols @angelagui_ #桂民海 #China
added: Mon Oct 16 02:08:12 2017
tags: 桂民海, china

Growing up with a helper in #HongKong: ‘I don’t know what her role is in my life’ via @SCMP_news #helpers
added: Mon Oct 16 02:07:45 2017
tags: helpers, hongkong

UK lawyers say Hong Kong rule of law under threat after jailing of activists
added: Mon Oct 16 02:07:10 2017
added: Mon Oct 16 02:06:13 2017

Nice mention of our work on North Korean targeting of cryptocurrency markets.
added: Mon Oct 16 02:05:22 2017

Oil rig explosion rocks Kenner, at least 6 people injured Sunday: Kenner PD
added: Mon Oct 16 01:46:20 2017

good summary of what is public so far regarding tomorrow’s protocol-level flaw in WPA2: KRACK
added: Mon Oct 16 01:29:28 2017

Awesome #crypto market map.
added: Mon Oct 16 00:49:14 2017
tags: crypto

Incredible and important interview with former member of the infamous Russian troll farm by…
added: Sun Oct 15 23:48:05 2017

SCOOP: At Zinke's behest, Interior works behind closed doors to authorize road through AK wilderness refuge
added: Sun Oct 15 23:40:18 2017

Xi Jinping is building a strongman regime. This @nytimes piece by @iandenisjohnson is superb, insightful.
added: Sun Oct 15 21:59:57 2017

.@TamikaDMallory, we are with you, always.
added: Sun Oct 15 21:43:01 2017

Federalism is good because it allows one or two states to serve as cautionary bad examples.
added: Sun Oct 15 18:16:03 2017

Pence draws embarrassingly tiny crowd at a rally in the reddest part of Virginia by @RVAwonk
added: Sun Oct 15 16:30:09 2017

There’s a LOT to take in from this incredible piece of reporting in today’s Post:
added: Sun Oct 15 16:10:28 2017

#London Met police investigate three new further sexual assault allegations against Harvey #Weinstein via @BBCNews
added: Sun Oct 15 14:38:23 2017
tags: weinstein, london

Scientists are investigating the body of the Las Vegas shooter
added: Sun Oct 15 14:37:57 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong’s budget won’t fix core problems of dominant cartels and lack of competitiveness
added: Sun Oct 15 12:20:12 2017
tags: scmp

Mainlandization: How the Communist Party works to control and assimilate Hong Kong via @hongkongfp
added: Sun Oct 15 11:52:20 2017

Tories could have chosen to spend £millions that they squandered on mindless #badgercull on improving bTB test
added: Sun Oct 15 10:40:55 2017
tags: badgercull

Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards highlight illegal pet trade in Indonesia.
added: Sun Oct 15 10:39:29 2017

Unlike the @Conservatives, Labour will clamp down on tax avoidance and build an economy which works for the many
added: Sun Oct 15 10:38:34 2017

Fruit, prawns off the menu at China's austere party Congress
added: Sun Oct 15 10:32:53 2017

Afraid of losing its grip on young minds, the Communist Party is reshaping education across China's 283,000 schools
added: Sun Oct 15 09:22:29 2017

@politicshome Never mind "close to Corbyn", #spycops targeted the man himself & many other Labour MPs
added: Sun Oct 15 09:04:41 2017
tags: spycops

PG&E power lines linked to wine country fires
added: Sun Oct 15 08:33:03 2017

Police rescue 11 stranded campers from island near Sai Kung
added: Sun Oct 15 08:32:41 2017

China steps up war on poverty, though some still left behind
added: Sun Oct 15 08:31:13 2017

It's been three months: #China says #LiuXia is free. Evidence suggests forced "disappearance." .@hrw
added: Sun Oct 15 08:19:50 2017
tags: liuxia, china

China’s next five years: ‘Only Xi is indispensable’
added: Sun Oct 15 07:03:33 2017
added: Sat Oct 14 23:42:20 2017

Scientists reveal the relationship between sugar and cancer
added: Sat Oct 14 23:28:25 2017

In some states inmates get solitary confinement or loss of family visitation if they refuse to work.
added: Sat Oct 14 15:57:29 2017

Hidden film treasures brought to life in British vault
added: Sat Oct 14 15:37:09 2017

Arabic words “Allah” & “Ali” found on Viking funeral costumes in boat graves in Sweden.
added: Sat Oct 14 15:29:39 2017

If you’re researching algorithmic discrimination, an anti-hacking law could be used against you. Some tips:
added: Sat Oct 14 14:14:00 2017

Chinese govt introduces #Insurance for #yaks -- but no takers among Tibetan #nomads. Read to know why?
added: Sat Oct 14 14:06:33 2017
tags: yaks, insurance, nomads

This Week in #Erlang @mgornstein @elbrujohalcon @CCP_Snorlax @rvirding @mononcqc @jlouis666 @PDX_TechEvents
added: Sat Oct 14 12:24:11 2017
tags: erlang

It’s not big trafficking rings. It’s mostly individuals and small groups dealing in guns in Chicago.
added: Sat Oct 14 12:00:05 2017

Supermarkets must stop using plastic packaging, says former Asda boss
added: Sat Oct 14 09:20:44 2017

In blow to Parrikar, Bombay high court stops transfer of Goa NGT cases to Delhi
added: Sat Oct 14 09:20:00 2017

North Korea may have nuked itself out of a nuclear test site
added: Sat Oct 14 09:20:00 2017

We spied on Trotskyists who now close to Corbyn – ex-MI5 head:
added: Sat Oct 14 08:19:03 2017

Carrie Lam reveals change of position on developing Hong Kong’s waterfront
added: Sat Oct 14 07:30:08 2017

PBOC Governor Zhou Says #China's 6.9% Growth `May Continue' @business #economy #yuan
added: Sat Oct 14 06:53:59 2017
tags: china, economy, yuan

The laywer was arrested in 2001 for allegedly spraypainting “KILLER” on the door of an abortion clinic
added: Sat Oct 14 06:04:01 2017

Someone Created a Tor Hidden Service to Phish Tor Hidden Service :
added: Sat Oct 14 06:03:10 2017

Why is Pakistan so paranoid about India's role in Afghanistan?
added: Sat Oct 14 06:00:00 2017

"I used to believe poverty was a matter of material limitations"
added: Sat Oct 14 05:05:02 2017

Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower. They're just not ready for prime time
added: Sat Oct 14 04:09:44 2017

Help free the #FBI files of prominent figures in the American Indian Movement
added: Sat Oct 14 04:04:03 2017
tags: fbi

Seriously does anyone realize China releases roughly 4X the CO2 of the US?What do you think EVs in China run on?
added: Sat Oct 14 03:29:10 2017

Credit Card-Grabbing Malware Hits Hyatt Hotels Once Again via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Oct 14 02:59:21 2017

One expert has noticed a troubling trend: Osprey nests are filled with more plastic garbage than ever before.
added: Sat Oct 14 02:15:06 2017

Trump’s pick to run White House environmental office says more CO2 is good for humanity
added: Sat Oct 14 02:15:06 2017

Pentagon identifying new areas to pressure Iran, reviewing plans
added: Sat Oct 14 01:20:08 2017

-a $2 billion racket -charging poor people 700% interest rates -lied, claimed business was run by Native Americans
added: Sat Oct 14 01:19:23 2017

‘Generation Wealth by Lauren Greenfield’ Review: Money Can’t Buy Class - WSJ
added: Sat Oct 14 01:19:11 2017

$26 million changed hands in the form of a loan between a company linked to Manafort and the oligarch Oleg Deripaska
added: Sat Oct 14 01:16:05 2017

GOP lawmaker suggests repealing the Johnson Amendment isn’t really about ‘religious freedom’
added: Sat Oct 14 01:15:05 2017

"Haley would become the administration’s most vocal public proponent of decertification."
added: Sat Oct 14 01:13:16 2017

How Trump's trade agenda would send auto jobs to China
added: Sat Oct 14 01:12:25 2017

Model village shows cracks in Pres. Xi Jinping's fight to end China poverty
added: Sat Oct 14 01:04:42 2017

DOE data shows #TitleIX reform was working - and #BetsyDeVos just killed it
added: Sat Oct 14 01:01:03 2017
tags: titleix, betsydevos

The family business: why Kim Jong Un promoted his sister
added: Sat Oct 14 01:00:51 2017

Taiwan should be more prepared to defend itself, says AIT chairman.
added: Sat Oct 14 00:45:41 2017

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher brings Holocaust denier to meeting with Rand Paul to discuss Julian Assange
added: Sat Oct 14 00:42:38 2017

“The Han-opticon: The hazards of China research in the Xi era”, via @LowyInstitute
added: Sat Oct 14 00:19:03 2017

DOJ said today it would drop its request for a list of people who liked the DisruptJ20 Facebook page, per ACLU.
added: Sat Oct 14 00:03:40 2017

What is going on at Tesla
added: Fri Oct 13 23:37:36 2017

The corporate Democratic Party appointed an anti-minimum wage lobbyist as a chair of its finance committee
added: Fri Oct 13 23:31:24 2017

New study shows Australian companies well behind when it comes to corporate social responsibility
added: Fri Oct 13 21:37:45 2017

Uyghurs in Xinjiang Re-Education Camps Forced to Express Remorse Over Travel Abroad
added: Fri Oct 13 21:22:31 2017

China takes on its new tycoons -- Essay
added: Fri Oct 13 21:05:07 2017

“in what amounted to extraordinary isolation of U.S., Macron, May & Merkel issued a statmnt in support of #IranDeal”
added: Fri Oct 13 20:41:50 2017
tags: irandeal

We have a copy of the Koch brothers' talking points on how to sell tax cuts. They say to ignore the deficit:
added: Fri Oct 13 20:31:49 2017

Toddler denied kidney transplant from 100% match dad because of probation violation
added: Fri Oct 13 19:35:05 2017

A man fleeing from the California wildfires stopped to take video of this tree full of fire
added: Fri Oct 13 19:00:48 2017

Fentanyl makes its way from Chinese labs to US streets, with deadly consequences naive to believe CCP not involved
added: Fri Oct 13 18:17:57 2017

added: Fri Oct 13 16:06:02 2017

Important landscapes under threat around the U.S. @Curbed @BARBARAELDREDGE
added: Fri Oct 13 15:40:29 2017

A U.S. Army strategist talks militarization of the police: "As in Baghdad, so in Baltimore." via @thenation
added: Fri Oct 13 15:40:01 2017
added: Fri Oct 13 15:39:42 2017

Who cleans up Scotland's shell firm mess?
added: Fri Oct 13 15:39:20 2017

House Dem IT aide threatened 'dire' harm to wife if she 'interfered.' Another woman said she's kept 'like a slave'
added: Fri Oct 13 15:37:57 2017

very apt that my review of the excellent Bible Nation ran today, the first day of #VVS17
added: Fri Oct 13 15:37:26 2017
tags: vvs17

Magic mushroom extract changes brains of people with depression
added: Fri Oct 13 15:26:52 2017

Chad has withdrawn from the battle against Boko Haram after Trump's travel ban
added: Fri Oct 13 13:48:52 2017

EU talks over carbon trading reforms hit impasse
added: Fri Oct 13 13:10:05 2017

Wake up call: How getting more sleep could protect you from Alzheimer’s
added: Fri Oct 13 13:08:21 2017

President Trump is scheduled to speak this morning to anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim groups #VVS17.
added: Fri Oct 13 13:07:39 2017
tags: vvs17

#PuertoRico could see ‘significant epidemics,’ health experts warn
added: Fri Oct 13 13:07:02 2017
tags: puertorico

When power elites are smugly (and selectively) innumerate
added: Fri Oct 13 13:07:00 2017

Absolutely horrific. Watch @MIJamjoom's chilling and powerful report from Cox's Bazar for @AJEnglish:
added: Fri Oct 13 12:44:16 2017

“Torture doesn’t work... British scientists have revolutionised the art of extracting the truth” via @TaniaArw
added: Fri Oct 13 12:41:01 2017

I strongly agree with @ciccmaher on this:
added: Fri Oct 13 12:28:11 2017

.@WSJ scoop: Hong Kong regulator drops lawsuit against UBS, Standard Chartered over 2009 IPO via @WSJ
added: Fri Oct 13 12:23:42 2017

Leaked ICE guide offers unprecedented view of agency’s asset forfeiture tactics by @rdevro @spencerwoodman
added: Fri Oct 13 12:05:53 2017

Democrats Revive Failed ‘Pied Piper’ Strategy for 2018 – Observer @msainat1
added: Fri Oct 13 12:05:02 2017

Intel ME Secrets : Hidden code in your chipset and how to discover what exactly it does : (Slides)
added: Fri Oct 13 12:01:44 2017

Solution to oversupply -> surfacing another prob? Chinese Cities Buy Off Housing Glut With Borrowed Money
added: Fri Oct 13 11:19:22 2017

"Considered the most beautiful antelopes, bongos are only found in Kenya and there are only 100 left in the wild"
added: Fri Oct 13 11:18:46 2017

Bank of America profit rises 15 percent on lower costs
added: Fri Oct 13 11:13:56 2017

A museum in China removed an exhibit that juxtaposed images of wild African animals with black African people
added: Fri Oct 13 11:05:09 2017

Securing Microservices (Part I) :
added: Fri Oct 13 10:50:11 2017

'Ideal biomarker' detects Alzheimer's disease before the onset of symptoms: Comments:
added: Fri Oct 13 10:50:03 2017

Boeing passenger jets have falsely-certified Kobe Steel products: source
added: Fri Oct 13 10:47:08 2017

Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists Are Recruiting Trump Supporters Who Are Mad at Colin Kaepernick
added: Fri Oct 13 09:42:27 2017

Is Xi a threat to foreign businesses in #China? MNCs say they fell "less welcome" via @BW
added: Fri Oct 13 08:55:00 2017
tags: china

Carrie Lam's position on UK activist 'undermines' Hong Kong's autonomy: Dennis Kwok
added: Fri Oct 13 08:52:47 2017

Electric cars: China’s highly charged power play
added: Fri Oct 13 08:48:35 2017

【特朗普向世界銀行施壓】 【要求全面檢視對華貸款政策】 世界銀行行長金墉早前提出,要增加財務資源,以滿足貸款需求增長,希望成員國在今週的年會就增加財務資源定出時間表。...
added: Fri Oct 13 08:45:04 2017

咁著Freedom或者搏盡無悔字嘅上衣,係咪要搞武裝革命呢? #刑事藐視法庭 【被告身穿「堅持到底」上衣 官指顯示選擇留守】
added: Fri Oct 13 08:45:03 2017
tags: 刑事藐視法庭

Turkish troops enter Syria in joint mission with Russia and Iran via @bpolitics
added: Fri Oct 13 08:35:56 2017

Chinese Authorities Jail Four Grandchildren of Party-Faithful Uyghur Former Imam
added: Fri Oct 13 08:35:52 2017

Chevron abandons plan to drill for oil in Great Australian Bight #SeaShepherdAustralia
added: Fri Oct 13 08:33:00 2017
tags: seashepherdaustralia

Twenty activists convicted by Hong Kong’s High Court on protest-related charge
added: Fri Oct 13 08:30:14 2017

#Yuan's Turnaround Is Re-Heating Appetites for Dim Sum Bonds via @markets @business
added: Fri Oct 13 07:49:54 2017
tags: yuan

On Gerrymandering
added: Fri Oct 13 07:46:26 2017

Profit by private companies can’t stand in the way of right to water: landmark ruling by Indonesia Supreme Court.
added: Fri Oct 13 07:45:58 2017

Japan is dealing with a 'time bomb' because of its sex habits
added: Fri Oct 13 07:45:00 2017

Japanese man indicted on unspecified charge in #China goes on trial behind closed doors
added: Fri Oct 13 07:34:09 2017
tags: china

It's time for a reality check - people in Hong Kong are paying abusively expensive prices for mediocre food, says...
added: Fri Oct 13 07:30:05 2017

Story gets weirder and weirder -- recording of possible sonic attacks against US diplomats and spies in Havana
added: Fri Oct 13 07:18:53 2017

BREAKING: @joshuawongcf and Lester Shum guilty of contempt over violating injunction at Mongkok protest site.
added: Fri Oct 13 07:16:31 2017
tags: raphaelwong

Cambodia bans Hollywood's 'Kingsman' for country's portrayal as... via @MailOnline
added: Fri Oct 13 06:56:18 2017

India eyes airport in Sri Lanka, near Chinese Belt and Road outpost
added: Fri Oct 13 06:33:25 2017

In a dramatic attempt to address pollution, Paris will ban all combustion engine cars by 2030
added: Fri Oct 13 06:32:45 2017

On Bronx streets, the epidemic’s devastation is next door, down the street, all around
added: Fri Oct 13 06:30:36 2017

Amazon Studios chief Roy Price suspended following harassment allegation
added: Fri Oct 13 06:30:14 2017

‘They are trying to coerce me to carry my pregnancy to term’: Texas detains teen immigrant
added: Fri Oct 13 06:30:07 2017

Donald Trump almost forgets to sign executive order before reminder from Mike Pence
added: Fri Oct 13 06:29:23 2017

Identify foreign nationals staying illegally in UP: CM Yogi Adityanath
added: Fri Oct 13 06:28:23 2017

City of Los Angeles Looks to Fully Decriminalize Street Vending as a Means of Protecting Undocumented Immigrants.
added: Fri Oct 13 06:28:02 2017

Opinion: See beyond developers’ farmland to help first-time Hong Kong homebuyers
added: Fri Oct 13 06:22:12 2017

China September imports blow past expectations as economy remains in high gear
added: Fri Oct 13 06:10:04 2017

#EJI Junius Ho urges fellow lawmaker Mo to drop censure motion
added: Fri Oct 13 05:46:21 2017
tags: eji

‘Matter of time’ before Hong Kong imports carers for elderly via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Oct 13 05:43:32 2017

Turns Out The Great Barrier Reef Can Actually Heal Itself, But We Have to Help It -
added: Fri Oct 13 05:40:50 2017

Don’t lionize China’s Xi Jinping as a “strong” leader when he’s terrified that free speech at home will topple him.
added: Fri Oct 13 05:32:20 2017

Why LA's DA Refuses to Prosecute Killer Cops @RUWithSonali #RisingUP
added: Fri Oct 13 05:30:00 2017
tags: risingup

Speech by Chief Executive at Symposium on Innovation & Technology 2017
added: Fri Oct 13 05:28:49 2017

Cheng Chung-tai, convicted of flag desecration, now faces disciplinary action at PolyU, where he's a teaching fellow
added: Fri Oct 13 05:28:28 2017

Rajasthan shocker: Shiv Sena radicals thrash Muslim man in Barmer for being with Hindu woman
added: Fri Oct 13 05:27:44 2017 A Glimpse of Hong Kong, March 1967
added: Fri Oct 13 05:08:38 2017

World must wake up to Cambodia - w. China as leader expect more countries to go this way. Its gonna get worse.
added: Fri Oct 13 04:13:36 2017

China September trade surplus with U.S. highest on record: Reuters calculations
added: Fri Oct 13 04:12:36 2017

Scholarly journal crashes as articles on JNU, Una dropped ‘under pressure’, editors quit
added: Fri Oct 13 04:10:00 2017

.@RevJJackson: There is no evidence of voter fraud in 2016 elections, "but much evidence of voter suppression"
added: Fri Oct 13 03:50:05 2017

Wireless upgrade would give Yellowstone a black eye: environmentalists
added: Fri Oct 13 03:50:05 2017

What the World Can Learn from #Taiwan's #China Experience | The National Interest
added: Fri Oct 13 03:49:43 2017
tags: taiwan, china

The latest The Patrick the Reporter Daily! Thanks to @luogl @HongKongHermit @hkchrislau #worldsightday #breaking
added: Fri Oct 13 03:45:32 2017
tags: worldsightday, breaking

It's all connected.#space #stardust
added: Fri Oct 13 03:44:27 2017
tags: space, stardust

Samsung Elec on track for record third quarter as chips soar
added: Fri Oct 13 03:20:10 2017

Camera Review: The Sony a9
added: Fri Oct 13 03:18:02 2017

#China withdraws candidate to lead #UNESCO, backs Egypt after US and Israel quit heritage body
added: Fri Oct 13 02:55:09 2017
tags: unesco, china

This is the pro-Trump propaganda being quietly broadcast on local stations across the country
added: Fri Oct 13 01:58:01 2017

Donald Trump is doing everything he possibly can to make your health care more expensive.
added: Fri Oct 13 01:45:44 2017

“For all the lip service Silicon Valley has given to changing the world, its focus has been on what it can monetize”
added: Fri Oct 13 01:28:08 2017

“He actively lobbied to privatize the National Weather Service"
added: Fri Oct 13 01:04:01 2017

Rending and gnashing (fixed link)
added: Fri Oct 13 01:03:05 2017

But the silver lining of it all, this farce that compromised your data, is that the IRS suspended their contract:
added: Fri Oct 13 01:02:21 2017

Jazz great, former Oscar Peterson drummer Alvin Queen, denied entry into USA.
added: Fri Oct 13 01:01:31 2017

Even if you realized that this was obviously malware, Equifax's site was still serving ads that linked to malware:
added: Fri Oct 13 01:00:49 2017

I'm asking for anyone who can to Please post this on FaceBook, Twitter, everywhere: A Comprehensive Report on MMIW:
added: Fri Oct 13 00:47:07 2017

This is #Zionism, but we will not be silenced: Many of the comments on the center’s page were written by people...
added: Fri Oct 13 00:46:17 2017
tags: zionism

Carrie Lam's housing schemes are going to benefit one group in particular: developers who own an estimated 1,000...
added: Fri Oct 13 00:07:22 2017

Mitch McConnell is destroying Senate rules to ram through federal judges. He needs to be stopped 🛑 RT if you agree!
added: Fri Oct 13 00:00:03 2017

#China Taps Former @UN Ambassador as Deputy Head of #Taiwan Affairs Office | The Diplomat
added: Thu Oct 12 23:50:32 2017
tags: china, taiwan

Republicans eye alternatives for getting to 20 percent corporate tax rate
added: Thu Oct 12 23:50:05 2017

Alarm in #Taiwan over triad ties to pro-#China groups
added: Thu Oct 12 23:49:56 2017
tags: china, taiwan

We're going to court to permanently block the government from conducting these illegal search and seizures again.
added: Thu Oct 12 23:20:00 2017

Why what happened in Sturgis needs to be addressed.
added: Thu Oct 12 22:45:30 2017

BBC News - UK 'concerned' as Hong Kong denies Benedict Rogers entry
added: Thu Oct 12 21:19:16 2017

40 years of worldwide policies designed to erode worker power and it's now a puzzle no one gets a raise anymore.
added: Thu Oct 12 21:06:10 2017

Rose McGowan says Harvey Weinstein raped her, finally throwing away the NDA
added: Thu Oct 12 21:02:22 2017

Facebook says it fixed CrowdTangle "bug" that let researcher see Russia-linked posts' reach
added: Thu Oct 12 16:36:37 2017

Check out the trailer for my mate @philjacobius aeon-long investigation into corruption in Indo. So rock n roll :-)
added: Thu Oct 12 15:26:12 2017

In June, Charlottesville police arrested their most vocal critic on the word of a leading white nationalist:
added: Thu Oct 12 15:24:39 2017

Hong Kong is the canary in the coal mine for how China will treat the rest of the world.
added: Thu Oct 12 15:15:20 2017

Foreign Affairs Committee passes @RepSteveChabot's Taiwan Travel Act
added: Thu Oct 12 15:11:21 2017

A great @chengela piece on asexuality & what we tend to miss about it when we talk about sex + the surrounding data:
added: Thu Oct 12 15:11:05 2017

Download New Storyboarding Software That's Free & Open Source
added: Thu Oct 12 15:11:00 2017

"Yang Kai, chairman of embattled Huishan Dairy - 66th last year - dropped off [China's richest] list entirely..."
added: Thu Oct 12 15:10:52 2017

Khrushchev's granddaughter just compared Trump to Stalin
added: Thu Oct 12 14:39:32 2017

RPA want blanket break, scupper plans of an 11-month season. Story:
added: Thu Oct 12 14:22:10 2017

Investment bank revenues from selling leveraged loans & junk bonds is close to surpassing the post-crisis peak.
added: Thu Oct 12 14:11:14 2017

Even 50 years later, #CheGuevara records in #CIA’s archives are still heavily redacted
added: Thu Oct 12 13:40:24 2017
tags: cia, cheguevara

This will keep happening because most of us are products, not customers, from @Equifax's point of view.
added: Thu Oct 12 13:39:08 2017

Here’s the @StateDept release on the US withdrawal from @UNESCO.
added: Thu Oct 12 13:38:25 2017

Gorbachev, last Soviet leader, wants Trump-Putin summit to save arms pact
added: Thu Oct 12 13:38:23 2017

Business community welcomes “pragmatic and inclusive” proposals in policy address - #PolicyAddress #HK
added: Thu Oct 12 13:24:49 2017
tags: policyaddress, hk

#China to build facial recognition database to identify any citizens within three seconds
added: Thu Oct 12 13:06:14 2017
tags: china

Trolls, Scammers, and Verified Facebook Pages Made This Combat-Wounded Vet an Anti-Kneeling Meme.
added: Thu Oct 12 12:56:13 2017

Congressman @keithellison asks the FTC to release material from their closed Google investigation from 2013.
added: Thu Oct 12 12:49:52 2017

U.S. jobless claims fall to more than one-month low
added: Thu Oct 12 12:42:30 2017

Theresa May declares open warfare on her own Chancellor as any pretence at unity crumbles #Brexit
added: Thu Oct 12 12:39:17 2017
tags: brexit

The FBI has 'opened a probe into Harvey Weinstein'
added: Thu Oct 12 12:36:53 2017

Very red districts that weren't supposed to be in play-- but are:
added: Thu Oct 12 12:36:31 2017

British activist barred from Hong Kong to start NGO watching city
added: Thu Oct 12 12:13:31 2017

Do you have a tip for us that requires anonymity and security? Send it via SecureDrop:
added: Thu Oct 12 11:30:18 2017

Can we consider “environmental-related sanctions”?
added: Thu Oct 12 11:29:35 2017

Visiting working class America via @BrookingsInst
added: Thu Oct 12 11:28:39 2017
added: Thu Oct 12 11:27:09 2017

The airport bomber from last week that you never heard about. Guess why not
added: Thu Oct 12 10:47:55 2017

Trump plans to sign an executive order Thursday to initiate unwinding the health-care law
added: Thu Oct 12 10:40:09 2017

U.S. seen withdrawing from U.N.'s cultural agency #UNESCO - diplomats tell @IrishJReuters -
added: Thu Oct 12 10:27:49 2017
tags: unesco

Privilege escalation with kill(-1, SIGKILL) in XNU kernel of macOS High Sierra
added: Thu Oct 12 09:33:48 2017

House considers bill to prohibit national monuments that protect oceans
added: Thu Oct 12 09:30:05 2017

Congress bags 16 seats, BJP trailing in Nanded
added: Thu Oct 12 09:30:01 2017

A man tried to mansplain Indiana Jones costumes to the Indiana Jones costume designer
added: Thu Oct 12 09:22:22 2017

Former defector back in North Korea describes “painful” life in the South #NorthKorea
added: Thu Oct 12 09:22:11 2017
tags: northkorea

China lodges 'solemn representation' w/ UK over criticism of decision to bar @benedictrogers from HK @BorisJohnson
added: Thu Oct 12 09:18:15 2017

Cambodia deports 74 Chinese arrested for telecom extortion scams
added: Thu Oct 12 09:14:27 2017

China’s Reform Canary - a WSJ editorial. via @WSJOpinion
added: Thu Oct 12 09:14:06 2017

Australia’s oddly absent Belt and Road Strategy | @NickBisley
added: Thu Oct 12 09:13:00 2017

Govt says it won't let plan to revitalise industrial buildings force artists and performers out due to high rents
added: Thu Oct 12 09:12:11 2017

#Myanmar Army chief denies military abuses in Rakhine
added: Thu Oct 12 08:49:17 2017
tags: myanmar

The Truth About the Chinese Students and Scholars Association from me and Wu Lebao @MerlotN
added: Thu Oct 12 08:48:09 2017

China says it has right to bar people from Hong Kong after British activist turned away
added: Thu Oct 12 08:45:47 2017

交通費補貼或變相鼓勵走水貨 陳帆稱日後若有需要再改
added: Thu Oct 12 08:24:40 2017

Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update
added: Thu Oct 12 08:22:03 2017

The Living Wage has helped 300,000 people out of low pay
added: Thu Oct 12 08:20:53 2017

Beijing lodges ‘solemn representations’ with UK in Hong Kong entry spat
added: Thu Oct 12 08:20:14 2017

Singapore scientists reveal origins of durian's pungent aroma
added: Thu Oct 12 08:20:06 2017

#China #America spy wars flare: “The things going on with Russia right now really have distracted from China.”
added: Thu Oct 12 08:17:47 2017
tags: china, america

GM warns Canadian union it could wind down striking SUV plant
added: Thu Oct 12 08:17:06 2017

Podcast 🎧: How fake news made two tribes go to war in rural Kenya
added: Thu Oct 12 08:15:07 2017

Trump’s Health Department declares that life begins at conception
added: Thu Oct 12 08:15:07 2017

Illegal #pangolin trade forces #Ghana to look at new #wildlife laws All pangolins in #CITES…
added: Thu Oct 12 08:10:23 2017
tags: pangolin, ghana, wildlife, cites

Four additional suspects in Kim Jong Nam murder case named in court #NorthKorea
added: Thu Oct 12 08:09:55 2017
tags: northkorea

Foreign investors may finally be losing their appetite for Egypt's $18 billion debt via @markets
added: Thu Oct 12 08:02:45 2017

Un-know your customer in Hong Kong
added: Thu Oct 12 07:59:04 2017

// 政府的責任,在於滿足市民的「住屋需求」,而不是「置業意願」,更不可能是協助「保值投資」、「炒賣投機」。// 【施政報告】 〈施政報告欠缺社會福利權的想像只會延續不公義〉— 盧浩元...
added: Thu Oct 12 07:25:08 2017

The Swiss sewage system is clogged with gold worth $2 million discarded by refineries and Swiss watch firms..
added: Thu Oct 12 07:21:49 2017

House considers bill to prohibit national monuments that protect oceans
added: Thu Oct 12 07:15:05 2017

長毛Leung Kwok Hung指20年前未成為議員,就是這樣突襲立法會,「後來香港人俾個議席我入去抗議,而家政府就DQ埋你,內外都唔准抗議。」 【答問大會】 林鄭拒評英人權領袖遭拒入境 陳志全抗議北京干預被逐...
added: Thu Oct 12 05:27:49 2017

Beijing’s closer embrace is bad news for Big Tech: overseas deals will attract even more scrutiny, warns @mak_robyn
added: Thu Oct 12 05:23:25 2017

.@hku_science study highlights scale of discrepancies in #hippo teeth trade
added: Thu Oct 12 05:01:26 2017
tags: hippo

@dude313123123 @BaldingsWorld Here’s a link to that
added: Thu Oct 12 04:53:05 2017

If the Democrats Don't Learn This Lesson, They Deserve to Lose Forever
added: Thu Oct 12 04:28:00 2017

How will the now mandatory course in Chinese history be taught in Hong Kong?
added: Thu Oct 12 04:27:24 2017

Beijing runs Hong Kong’s foreign affairs, says Carrie Lam, after Brit barred from city
added: Thu Oct 12 04:18:15 2017

Inequality increased in China, India and US: IMF
added: Thu Oct 12 04:15:00 2017

NBC had audio of purported Weinstein assault, as well as several on-the-record interviews — yet spiked the story.
added: Thu Oct 12 03:53:25 2017

Trump thought the bugle was to honor Sean Hannity's "ratings." It's to honor the flag. And he sat.
added: Thu Oct 12 03:34:05 2017

There are patterns in who rises and falls at the Communist Party’s twice-a-decade reshuffle like the one next week
added: Thu Oct 12 03:30:23 2017

Scientists just found a gnarly pesticide in 86% of North American honey samples
added: Thu Oct 12 03:15:08 2017

Investment banks ride leveraged loan boom
added: Thu Oct 12 03:14:53 2017

Junk Bond Boom Reaches Far Corners of the World Tajikistan at 7 1/8% for 10 yrs
added: Thu Oct 12 03:14:08 2017

South Korea’s Lotte to abandon China supermarkets chain
added: Thu Oct 12 03:06:00 2017

Carrie Lam says the central government is responsible for the Hong Kong's foreign affairs
added: Thu Oct 12 02:54:51 2017

Remarkable details, including on the U.S. official kidnapped in Chengdu: China's spy game is getting more aggressive
added: Thu Oct 12 02:49:40 2017

Hong Kong has a free-market reputation, but food trucks are failing because they're subject to so many regulations
added: Thu Oct 12 02:41:25 2017

UK 'concerned' as #HongKong denies Benedict Rogers entry
added: Thu Oct 12 02:41:19 2017
tags: hongkong

FEMA Says It’s Not Their Job to Distribute Food and Water to Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico
added: Thu Oct 12 01:58:02 2017

Germany: 'No evidence' Kaspersky software used by Russians for hacks
added: Thu Oct 12 01:10:04 2017

Great chart: @WSJ
added: Thu Oct 12 00:50:56 2017

Here’s the story of what Biden did when Anita Hill spoke out against Clarence Thomas
added: Thu Oct 12 00:48:11 2017

ethnic cleansing of the West Bank continues unabated
added: Thu Oct 12 00:46:08 2017

Gbps,pps, rps #DDoS attacks. Dima Beckerman explains the alphabet soup of the three different types of DDoS attacks.
added: Thu Oct 12 00:45:01 2017
tags: ddos

Beijing discussed stakes in China’s biggest tech firms. Great scoop by @LiYuan6
added: Thu Oct 12 00:44:35 2017

.@chrislhayes: Congress is "going to charge [Puerto Ricans] a leasing fee for the life raft as they drown." #inners
added: Thu Oct 12 00:32:12 2017
tags: inners

Fuming Qualcomm smashed with 23 BILLION DOLLAR fine in monopoly abuse probe
added: Thu Oct 12 00:31:34 2017

Trump has lit “the fuse of war” against North Korea: DPRK foreign minister #NorthKorea
added: Thu Oct 12 00:31:13 2017
tags: northkorea

Trump resists pressure to soften stance on Iran nuclear deal
added: Thu Oct 12 00:31:07 2017

Beijing already exerts sway over China’s big tech firms. Now, it wants a management role.
added: Thu Oct 12 00:30:10 2017

cut out and keep guide to CCP party congress from @FairbankCenter
added: Thu Oct 12 00:20:05 2017

The audacity of blaming "sex addiction," by @jameshamblin
added: Thu Oct 12 00:03:09 2017

ESPN’s public editor says he’s “perplexed” by the decision to suspend @jemelehill
added: Wed Oct 11 22:28:51 2017

The hazards of China research in the Xi era | @GraemeKSmith
added: Wed Oct 11 21:51:01 2017

Dumb bug of the week: Outlook staples together encrypted emails and their plaintext versions when sending messages
added: Wed Oct 11 21:17:25 2017

“‘I can only say: Look at Kansas.’” #ksleg
added: Wed Oct 11 20:58:27 2017
tags: ksleg

Cambridge Analytica, the Mercer-funded data firm, is now in House's Russia probe's crosshairs. @woodruffbets & me:
added: Wed Oct 11 19:34:34 2017

Researchers may have taken a major step in locating the universe’s missing baryonic matter (NOT dark matter)
added: Wed Oct 11 17:41:11 2017

Chinese government commands the stock market: <<Thou shalt not go down.>> via @WSJ
added: Wed Oct 11 16:44:15 2017

$5 billion in Puerto Rico "relief" in a new bill comes in the form of loans to the island, not grants
added: Wed Oct 11 16:13:51 2017

This news will please @VeraJourova & @EUinIsrael: Israel Cancels Ban on Racist Answers in Civics Exam
added: Wed Oct 11 15:01:13 2017

Pornhub to start using an AI-powered system to automatically identify porn stars, tag videos
added: Wed Oct 11 14:31:44 2017

For our new food issue, out tomorrow, @onesarahjones writes about the complicated story of Appalachian food.
added: Wed Oct 11 14:31:19 2017

Experts Raise Fresh Alarm: Catastrophic Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Could Be Only Decades Away
added: Wed Oct 11 14:30:37 2017

Lufthansa poised to buy parts of Air Berlin: source | Article [AMP] | Reuters @ReutersAero
added: Wed Oct 11 14:22:13 2017

Trump tax plan would marginalize primary government form of direct housing aid
added: Wed Oct 11 14:20:54 2017

“People didn’t die in the winds, they are dying now.” Puerto Rico’s health care in dire condition 3 weeks post Maria
added: Wed Oct 11 14:15:22 2017

There are members of Congress receiving drugs for Alzheimer's, according to this @statnews piece.
added: Wed Oct 11 13:04:23 2017

Twitter: From microblogging to the president's mouthpiece
added: Wed Oct 11 13:03:01 2017

Attacks on ‘militarized conservation’ are naive:
added: Wed Oct 11 13:02:52 2017

Qualcomm fined $773M by Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission for violating antitrust rules
added: Wed Oct 11 13:01:34 2017

"There’s no in-between in race/You got to find your natural place" - the politics of calypso music by @BenjaminRamm.
added: Wed Oct 11 13:00:25 2017

Human trafficking cases hit record high amid 'worrying' decline in conviction rates
added: Wed Oct 11 12:47:06 2017

I wrote about NJ's most powerful union endorsing a pro-Trump Republican over the state's most powerful Democrat
added: Wed Oct 11 12:45:25 2017

Wake-up call: How a lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s
added: Wed Oct 11 12:28:30 2017

The Maestro speaks: Alan Greenspan has returned to his libertarian intellectual roots.
added: Wed Oct 11 12:28:01 2017

The feds' grand plan to fix Chicago’s gun problem is not going well
added: Wed Oct 11 11:45:16 2017

Marching band protests immigration detention center in Boston
added: Wed Oct 11 11:45:04 2017

Transcript: Wolfgang Schäuble bids farewell to the eurogroup #interview
added: Wed Oct 11 10:36:51 2017
tags: interview

Govt must stick to fiscal consolidation, says PM's economic advisory council
added: Wed Oct 11 10:35:04 2017

Google shuts YouTube channel implicated in Kremlin political propaganda ops | TechCrunch
added: Wed Oct 11 10:34:15 2017

Opinion: We know it’s bad, so why is #HongKong so tied to overwork?
added: Wed Oct 11 10:30:28 2017
tags: hongkong

Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Beginners: Comments:
added: Wed Oct 11 10:30:02 2017

#China poised to become world’s biggest foreign aid donor via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Oct 11 10:07:01 2017
tags: china

Reform talks can start when all lawmakers greet CE with respect, says #CarrieLam
added: Wed Oct 11 09:14:48 2017
tags: carrielam

Wood-burners: air pollution is just tip of the iceberg
added: Wed Oct 11 09:13:20 2017

#Burma: Well-organized, coordinated, systematic attacks against #Rohingya aimed to prevent their return - UN report
added: Wed Oct 11 09:12:08 2017
tags: rohingya, burma

Pricey property leaves Hong Kong families struggling to buy own home
added: Wed Oct 11 09:10:27 2017

Russian cybercrime suspect in Greek court for second extradition request
added: Wed Oct 11 09:10:04 2017

Full text of my remarks at today's #Yushan Forum:
added: Wed Oct 11 09:09:25 2017
tags: yushan

#EJI Regina Ip gives Lam policy address ’60 marks’
added: Wed Oct 11 08:53:17 2017
tags: eji

Plenty of valid reasons to criticize Hezbollah... but what is the evidence they'd suddenly want to attack the US?
added: Wed Oct 11 08:09:25 2017

China complains after U.S. destroyer sails through South China Sea
added: Wed Oct 11 08:06:44 2017

Here is the world's shortest IQ test, made up of just three questions
added: Wed Oct 11 08:05:00 2017

Why do so many sci-fi depictions of future cities look like Asia – without any Asian characters?
added: Wed Oct 11 08:02:19 2017

Whether you’re for or against any given motion during a #debate, these are 5 tips all debaters should keep in mind:
added: Wed Oct 11 08:00:01 2017
tags: debate

It looks like Facebook bought Google ads to combat its Russian ad scandal
added: Wed Oct 11 07:25:04 2017

Regina Ip, Tanya Chan raise concerns over CE's new housing strategy
added: Wed Oct 11 07:22:37 2017

#Similipal, a formidable tiger stronghold, finally has the book it deserves
added: Wed Oct 11 07:19:36 2017
tags: similipal

Alibaba launches $15 billion overseas R&D drive
added: Wed Oct 11 07:19:04 2017

Airbnb cancels Beijing bookings for Communist party congress
added: Wed Oct 11 07:13:09 2017

Carrie Lam promised to 'connect,' yet engagement with NGOs is deteriorating on her watch…
added: Wed Oct 11 07:12:39 2017

“30mt [Chinese] steel production will be affected over the winter,” Serafino Capoferri, Macquarie #CRUGroupAlumni
added: Wed Oct 11 07:11:52 2017
tags: crugroupalumni

Court significantly reins in what data anti-Trump website must give to feds by @cfarivar
added: Wed Oct 11 07:10:53 2017

Accenture left a huge trove of highly sensitive data on exposed servers: Comments:
added: Wed Oct 11 07:10:02 2017

In Hong Kong, Folk Remedies Are Sickening Patients - @nytimes
added: Wed Oct 11 07:06:37 2017

培育人才怎可沒有專業認證?這是施政報告比較缺乏的地方。 Reviving HK's ICT professional recognition framework
added: Wed Oct 11 07:05:45 2017

Spanish government to hold crisis talks on Catalan independence
added: Wed Oct 11 07:05:21 2017

WATCH: Catalonia's regional leader proclaims independence, delays effects pending talks via…
added: Wed Oct 11 06:35:02 2017

The real reason why China is angry with South Korea
added: Wed Oct 11 06:32:00 2017

The Hong Kong leader's boldest moves, and what she steered clear of.
added: Wed Oct 11 06:30:18 2017

'The Chinese don’t just give loans. They are almost all tied to using Chinese companies as subcontractors.'
added: Wed Oct 11 06:30:07 2017

"Xi is almost certain to break the two-term and age-limit rules for top leaders," writes a current NPC member
added: Wed Oct 11 06:28:26 2017

Chairman of Joint Chiefs Equivalent sacked on eve of Party Congress
added: Wed Oct 11 06:12:40 2017

Chief Executive: Tax relief, new convention venues, I&T to boost Hong Kong's economy
added: Wed Oct 11 05:57:03 2017

UPDATE: Waves expected to reach 6m as authorities work to support those affected by the Durban storm.
added: Wed Oct 11 05:49:34 2017

Efforts to ban heavy fuel oil in the Arctic gather steam
added: Wed Oct 11 05:21:41 2017

Global Stocks Remain in Rally Mode
added: Wed Oct 11 05:17:07 2017

I literally cried watching this, for several reasons #pebblemine 'Worst place' you could build a mine #feedly
added: Wed Oct 11 05:16:56 2017
tags: pebblemine, feedly

added: Wed Oct 11 05:04:38 2017
tags: wherewasheradicalized

Your news about China depends on intrepid journalists whose names you’ll probably never know via @qz
added: Wed Oct 11 04:52:23 2017

A new study finds China's foreign aid is about taking care of business -- its own via…
added: Wed Oct 11 04:33:31 2017

Plan to knock down Wan Chai Sports Ground scrapped
added: Wed Oct 11 04:30:16 2017

Hong Kong football fans defy Beijing with anthem jeers
added: Wed Oct 11 04:24:36 2017

Hong Kong plans to set up anti-terror task force
added: Wed Oct 11 04:23:50 2017

Another country in limbo: #NewZealand election kingmaker delays govt formation announcement…
added: Wed Oct 11 04:22:18 2017
tags: newzealand

Stop Press: The Weinstein Company changes name to Bell Pottinger via @FT
added: Wed Oct 11 03:30:56 2017

Who cares for the carers? Third killing this year raises alarm via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Oct 11 03:30:54 2017

Depressing but important read on China's push for "Chinese characteristics" at UN via @chinachange_org
added: Wed Oct 11 03:28:52 2017

Secret F-35, P-8, C-130 data stolen in Australian defence contractor hack by @stilgherrian
added: Wed Oct 11 03:08:50 2017

In 2012, Chicago police seized well over $8 million in civil asset forfeiture funds
added: Wed Oct 11 03:01:11 2017

Asia Pulp & Paper Looms Over Asia’s Bond Market Again
added: Wed Oct 11 03:00:49 2017

Russia plans to block cryptocurrency exchanges
added: Wed Oct 11 03:00:02 2017
added: Wed Oct 11 01:25:08 2017

Under Xi Jinping, China is turning back to dictatorship via @FT
added: Wed Oct 11 00:58:39 2017

4th round of NAFTA talks start Oct 11. Trump’s threats to terminate seem closer than ever. Can he? | By GC Hufbauer
added: Wed Oct 11 00:52:38 2017

Kelly and Mattis discussed literally tackling Trump in the event he ‘lunges for the nuclear football’: report
added: Wed Oct 11 00:43:49 2017

U.S. warship sails near artificial islands built by China to create a claim in the South China Sea
added: Wed Oct 11 00:30:21 2017

Google is nerfing all Home Minis because mine spied on everything I said 24/7 - @aral will love this! ;)
added: Tue Oct 10 23:24:12 2017

Late afternoon story from @HunterMw and myself #ksleg
added: Tue Oct 10 22:06:38 2017
tags: ksleg

ROK amb. to China voices optimism THAAD feud will be resolved I hope he is correct. It's time for PRC to adjust
added: Tue Oct 10 21:56:54 2017

Only 3.1% Hongkongers aged 30 or under see themselves as "Chinese" or "Hong Kong Chinese", lowest % ever
added: Tue Oct 10 17:23:08 2017

Aggressive monetary easing isn't the problem. Eurozone setup makes the explosion of private sector debt inevitable.
added: Tue Oct 10 16:09:18 2017

Snapchat just completely changed
added: Tue Oct 10 15:00:42 2017

🇵🇷The Breach is back! Med anthro @Ethnography911 joins me to talk about how Trump is screwing over Puerto Rico: 🇵🇷
added: Tue Oct 10 15:00:31 2017

Permitting Tushar Mehta to represent Amit Shah in this case seems legally questionable on more than one count.
added: Tue Oct 10 15:00:01 2017

North Korea stole U.S.-South Korean war plan from 2016, lawmaker says – @vicenews
added: Tue Oct 10 14:59:40 2017

From aggressive overtures to sexual assault: Harvey Weinstein’s accusers end their silence:
added: Tue Oct 10 14:50:32 2017

Citing safety, NASA panel advises building a new, costly mobile launcher by @SciGuySpace
added: Tue Oct 10 14:30:54 2017

Kenyan opposition to boycott parliament, poll re-run in doubt
added: Tue Oct 10 14:30:17 2017

Many flash #floods in north Bihar go unreported, unrecorded as they are frequent and often non-seasonal
added: Tue Oct 10 14:30:03 2017
tags: floods

Pakistan building 'Berlin Wall' along Afghanistan border; Kabul opposes move
added: Tue Oct 10 14:30:00 2017

2 more dead from Florida nursing home that lost AC during Hurricane Irma
added: Tue Oct 10 14:28:01 2017

When the FBI was considering using Kaspersky software, the FSB told them to back off.
added: Tue Oct 10 14:24:51 2017

Fiji hooker Sunia Koto is determined to prevent further tragedies in France after Isireli Temo's suicide. Story:
added: Tue Oct 10 12:42:40 2017

North Korea suspected of hacking U.S.-South Korean war plans, including “decapitation strike” against Kim Jong Un.
added: Tue Oct 10 12:37:46 2017

My piece on China's attempts to stop HK footy fans booing the national anthem. #HKGMAS #ACQ2019 #ACQ
added: Tue Oct 10 12:33:13 2017
tags: acq2019, hkgmas, acq

UK National Security Adviser Mark Sedwill in Beijing to discuss bilateral cooperation and North Korea
added: Tue Oct 10 11:52:12 2017

mythril: Reversing & bug hunting framework for the Ethereum blockchain : , cc @muellerberndt
added: Tue Oct 10 11:49:31 2017

UN moves staff after mobs kill five in Malawi vampire scare
added: Tue Oct 10 11:48:38 2017

Brazil's fascist candidate, @jairbolsonaro, praised dictatorship & torture, condemned democracy, in 1999 interview
added: Tue Oct 10 11:47:48 2017

Other countries pay enough for their drugs to support innovation, may not pay enough for marketing
added: Tue Oct 10 11:46:40 2017

Hey @rolandsmartin. This story is right up your alley, and your followers will love it. How Chicago gets its guns
added: Tue Oct 10 11:40:44 2017

“He comes in and asks me about guns. I said that where I’m from, we don’t sell guns.” New from @ProPublicaIL:
added: Tue Oct 10 11:01:15 2017

1,000 leads later: Police still stumped by Vegas shooter's motive
added: Tue Oct 10 10:59:19 2017

The 15th-century doctrine that let Columbus ‘discover America’ is now the basis of Indian policy
added: Tue Oct 10 10:58:01 2017

Riddle of the primes: why do they come in pairs?
added: Tue Oct 10 10:56:31 2017

Liberia poll hoped to mark first transfer of power from one democratically elected leader to another in 70+ years
added: Tue Oct 10 10:15:05 2017

China crackdown on pollution and housing to hit excavator sales
added: Tue Oct 10 10:01:49 2017

Trying to build a competitor to Facebook in 2017 is "just insane, it doesn't make any sense."
added: Tue Oct 10 10:00:02 2017

Court action threatened over Link Reit sale plan
added: Tue Oct 10 09:59:53 2017

Companies overload balance sheets with debt, claim tax relief on interest payments and shift profits to avoid tax.
added: Tue Oct 10 09:20:53 2017

Chinese women held at South Korea airport unable to confirm identities after plastic surgery
added: Tue Oct 10 08:11:57 2017

Government documents reveal the relationship between the FBI and filmmakers
added: Tue Oct 10 08:04:00 2017

A joint NASA+Korea air quality study found the majority of South Korea's smog is homegrown, not from neighbors
added: Tue Oct 10 06:51:18 2017

China’s Baidu, checks 3 billion fake news claims a year via @technology @Davidramli
added: Tue Oct 10 05:58:39 2017
added: Tue Oct 10 05:39:43 2017

AIG expects billions in hurricane and other catastrophe related losses in the third quarter…
added: Tue Oct 10 05:36:11 2017

[Updated] Chinese court sentenced 16-yr-old juvenile Kunchok Dhondup to 12 years as adult
added: Tue Oct 10 05:35:04 2017

UN slaps global port ban on ships for North Korea sanctions violations
added: Tue Oct 10 05:10:03 2017

More trouble from #Cambodia: Interior Ministry tells NGOs they must inform gov of all "activities" 3 days in advance
added: Tue Oct 10 05:02:57 2017
tags: cambodia

North Korea said to have stolen US and SK's secret war plans
added: Tue Oct 10 04:47:55 2017

#China says will have no problem meeting 2017 growth target, may beat it says NBS @Reuters
added: Tue Oct 10 04:47:35 2017
tags: china

The stats are clear: the gun debate should be one mostly about how to prevent gun suicides.
added: Tue Oct 10 04:46:01 2017

Outgoing head of PBoC calls for urgent easing of capital controls
added: Tue Oct 10 04:45:55 2017

Carrie Lam says she wants to spend more time explaining her policy address
added: Tue Oct 10 04:09:03 2017

Segregation fans fears of fresh 'cleansing' in Myanmar's Rakhine
added: Tue Oct 10 04:05:40 2017

It's Candidates Week Inside The Shrunken, Shriveled Democratic Piece Of The Beltway-- DCCC Playing Favorites
added: Tue Oct 10 04:02:53 2017

Silwan demolitions: 'They're destroying Jerusalem'
added: Tue Oct 10 04:00:20 2017

Union Could Picket Clinton Event at Northeastern University
added: Tue Oct 10 03:58:06 2017

"#Taiwan people should prepare to be abandoned diplomatically" @Pontifex should read @hrw
added: Tue Oct 10 03:53:17 2017
tags: taiwan

#HongKong: Behind the glitzy skyline... More than 70,000 families survive on less than HK$15 (ab 2USD) a meal
added: Tue Oct 10 03:51:51 2017
tags: hongkong

NET core spies on users by default: Comments:
added: Tue Oct 10 03:50:02 2017

Read this to better understand the practical implications of Nobel Prize winning economist Richard Thaler's work.
added: Tue Oct 10 03:41:03 2017

ICYMI Sunday. Trump's immig "principles": Extreme nativist, hateful, illegal, irrational. Miller's prints everywhere
added: Tue Oct 10 03:21:35 2017

A sculpture on tribal land that honors women was vandalized with red paint & cross with "Columbus Day" written on it
added: Tue Oct 10 03:15:32 2017

“Xi wants to make China the number one global power by replacing USA but finds rising India a stumbling block”
added: Tue Oct 10 03:14:34 2017

Rogue McDonald’s in India defy global franchise overlords w/ Maharaja Macs, McAloo Tikki & McSpicy Paneer burgers
added: Tue Oct 10 03:12:22 2017

Australian High Court sits to resolve lawmakers' citizenship crisis
added: Tue Oct 10 02:50:05 2017

Allies’ North Korean war plans hacked by Pyongyang: lawmaker says via @FT
added: Tue Oct 10 02:43:21 2017

King of judicial review’ challenges blanket ban on applications for legal aid
added: Tue Oct 10 02:39:38 2017

Scientists in Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore unravel durian's smelly secrets | #AFP story
added: Tue Oct 10 02:37:20 2017
tags: afp

China has agents stalk and harass people who petition the government this women recorded an incident
added: Tue Oct 10 01:56:27 2017

Rich anti-contraception Republican mega-donor may run for U.S. senate
added: Tue Oct 10 01:45:04 2017

Cycling without a light & you get murdered?! Im tired of this! Utah police fatally shoot man from behind as he fled
added: Tue Oct 10 01:30:32 2017

Do not use userspace RNGs. Do NOT use userspace RNGs. If a kernel CSPRNG is available, fucking use that.
added: Tue Oct 10 01:17:01 2017

Catalan bank depositors flock to other regions to open new accounts
added: Tue Oct 10 01:00:11 2017

China continues its aggression in the South China Sea using its navy, coast guard & maritime militia via @ABSCBNNews
added: Tue Oct 10 00:38:43 2017

A warrant for the arrest of Deandre Shakur Harris has been issued for assault. That'd be the guy on the ground.
added: Tue Oct 10 00:36:24 2017

China denies cyber attack on US asylum-seeking tycoon as it denies Tiananmen Square via
added: Mon Oct 9 23:47:55 2017

Don't mistake China's leader for a reformer, says @BaldingsWorld.
added: Mon Oct 9 22:31:58 2017

New details make clear that the Sessions DOJ has effectively killed an Obama-era collaborative police reform program
added: Mon Oct 9 20:21:00 2017

Christopher Columbus did not "discover" America. He was not a hero, he was a war criminal. Today, let's remember...
added: Mon Oct 9 14:53:03 2017

Terrifying footage of a mob in Delhi viciously beating a Nigerian man they accuse of theft
added: Mon Oct 9 14:51:56 2017

World's most competitive countries: 1. Switzerland 2. U.S. 3. Singapore
added: Mon Oct 9 14:45:02 2017

Sedate expectations: will #BladeRunner2049 give birth to the slow-burn blockbuster? | Film | @guardian
added: Mon Oct 9 14:25:46 2017
tags: bladerunner2049

9 horror stories of people who’ve had their electronic devices searched at the border by @CustomsBorder.
added: Mon Oct 9 14:25:18 2017

If Trump wants real leverage on #China, he should stand up for #Tibet @washingtonpost
added: Mon Oct 9 14:23:30 2017
tags: china, tibet

In a rare historic moment, growth is picking up across the world Can it last? Good read by @Landonthomasjr
added: Mon Oct 9 14:21:44 2017

This. #cdnpoli #canlab
added: Mon Oct 9 14:20:13 2017
tags: canlab, cdnpoli

Wannabe YouTube stars/Trump supporters "Williams & Kalvin" from Atlanta are, in reality, working for the Kremlin
added: Mon Oct 9 14:15:11 2017

Chris Hedges sounds like me. Or I sound like him. Either way, this is the truth about @TheDemocrats.
added: Mon Oct 9 13:17:04 2017

Good news story from @wsj about crackdown on North Korea’s global finances
added: Mon Oct 9 12:56:29 2017

Trump's cabinet faces multiple controversies over wasteful, taxpayer-financed flights. Pence: Hold my beer.
added: Mon Oct 9 12:47:42 2017

@williamnee Commission Seeks to Shine Spotlight on Deteriorating Human Rights in China
added: Mon Oct 9 12:03:10 2017

Britain can't cope with a fall in house prices – here's why
added: Mon Oct 9 11:59:13 2017

Good read on how the myth of Columbus was created, and the political ends for which it was used:
added: Mon Oct 9 11:58:57 2017

Che Guevara's expedition in the Congo stands as a crucial example of anti-imperialist solidarity.
added: Mon Oct 9 11:55:42 2017

Ukraine’s scandals flow from its being a weak state gnawed by corruption and thrown off balance by Russian pressure
added: Mon Oct 9 11:50:02 2017

Here’s @laforgia_ on how vital repairs at the once-grand Penn Station were put off. - @laforgia_ on the repair
added: Mon Oct 9 11:06:48 2017

The Coalition for Marriage has confirmed the No campaign received a $1m donation from the Anglican Diocese of Sydney
added: Mon Oct 9 10:23:44 2017

Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit vindicated by @Ofcom on its 4-part film "The Lobby" about @IsraelinUK Verdict here:
added: Mon Oct 9 10:18:15 2017

Australian universities formal agreements with China by university (2016)
added: Mon Oct 9 10:03:33 2017

赤鱲角機場美航客機疑貨物起火 1人逃生墮地傷 #HKIA
added: Mon Oct 9 10:01:11 2017
tags: hkia

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to Richard H. Thaler
added: Mon Oct 9 10:00:56 2017

Lecture by Richard Thaler on Behavioral Economics (2016): ”Past, Present and Future”
added: Mon Oct 9 09:53:20 2017

Police press royal defamation charge against historian for criticising ancient King
added: Mon Oct 9 09:17:36 2017

Thai Air Operators Re-Certified by UN Aviation Authority
added: Mon Oct 9 09:12:15 2017

EU 🇪🇺 threatening Duterte to cancel trade deal. But it is only the biggest single market market worldwide. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
added: Mon Oct 9 09:04:44 2017

Spain and Catalonia can find a way forward. Here’s what they must do | Gerry Adams
added: Mon Oct 9 09:04:25 2017

Microsoft's foray into phones was a bumbling, half-hearted fiasco, and Nadella always knew it
added: Mon Oct 9 09:04:25 2017

U.S. and Turkey announce tit-for-tat travel restrictions, a sign of deteriorating alliance
added: Mon Oct 9 09:02:10 2017

Regulation of sales of cats to be broadened: #Taiwan’s Council of #Agriculture via @The China Post
added: Mon Oct 9 08:19:59 2017
tags: taiwan, agriculture

Don't be silenced, top diplomat tells Australian unis amid China concerns | SBS News
added: Mon Oct 9 08:17:20 2017

#Taiwan President Tsai stance on PRC policy expected later
added: Mon Oct 9 08:17:06 2017
tags: taiwan

90% drop in #Philippines foreign investment suggests #Duterte 's murderous drug war is also killing economic growth
added: Mon Oct 9 08:15:00 2017
tags: duterte, philippines

Silicon Valley's 'tech ceiling' for women
added: Mon Oct 9 08:14:05 2017

Jeremy Corbyn received loudest & longest ovation when he demanded “end to the oppression of the Palestinian people”
added: Mon Oct 9 08:05:39 2017

Expelled CPI (M) leader Ritabrata Banerjee accused of sexually exploiting woman; denies allegations
added: Mon Oct 9 07:48:45 2017

New massive 10 zone exhibition in Beijing latest bid to strengthen personal cult of Xi Jinping:
added: Mon Oct 9 07:43:16 2017

#foodsafety is a massive issue in #Taiwan, which has raised penalties for those involved in 2013-14 scandals.
added: Mon Oct 9 07:42:19 2017
tags: foodsafety, taiwan

The accusation, not to mention behavior, reads more like something out of China than a "European" country.
added: Mon Oct 9 07:41:53 2017

China to accept overseas trial data in bid to speed up drug approvals
added: Mon Oct 9 07:37:00 2017

Carers of elderly promised better support network by #HongKong government
added: Mon Oct 9 07:35:25 2017
tags: hongkong

Philippines apologized after using #Taiwan's logo in ceremony w/ Chinese ambassador h/t @kananishizawa
added: Mon Oct 9 07:31:11 2017
tags: taiwan

A smarter software is not a solution. Perhaps look at continental Europe: more exams and oral examinations.
added: Mon Oct 9 07:28:06 2017

If there’s a price crash in the cryptocurrency, it could hit the tech sector—and more
added: Mon Oct 9 07:00:15 2017

Lam Wing-kee: Booksellers Lui Por and Cheung Chi-ping are unable to re-enter HK, while Lee Bo can come and go freely
added: Mon Oct 9 06:52:30 2017

PostgreSQL says SCRAM to MD5 authentication
added: Mon Oct 9 05:03:48 2017

Economist @JeffDSachs working with Pritzker heir to fund local Democratic candidates,looks to turn conservative tide
added: Mon Oct 9 05:02:36 2017

Lawmaker Priscilla Leung says football fans who boo the anthem should be banned from games
added: Mon Oct 9 04:48:30 2017

Corker told NYT Trump was treating presidency like “reality show” and could set nation on path to World War III
added: Mon Oct 9 02:54:24 2017

Senator Bob Corker Says Trump’s Recklessness Threatens ‘World War III’
added: Mon Oct 9 02:53:03 2017

The #FBI, the Vatican, the Mafia, and the mysterious death of “God’s Banker”
added: Mon Oct 9 02:53:02 2017
tags: fbi

The Importance and Unimportance of S. Gurumurthy
added: Mon Oct 9 02:50:01 2017

BJP chief Amit Shah's son Jay Shah files Rs 100 crore defamation suit
added: Mon Oct 9 02:49:47 2017

"@nsitharaman directly faced the border problem. Very brave!" Chinese bloggers, experts welcome 'goodwill gesture':
added: Mon Oct 9 02:46:29 2017

All-conquering Xi: China heralds its leader in ecstatic Beijing exhibition search Cult of Personality on widipedia
added: Mon Oct 9 02:44:28 2017

HK leader Carrie Lam sets to announce measures to beef up primary care in maiden policy address @SCMP_News #ageing
added: Mon Oct 9 02:42:00 2017
tags: ageing

#China's congress could be good news for dollar bond issuers elsewhere in Asia via @markets @business
added: Mon Oct 9 02:36:44 2017
tags: china

HNA is Deutsche Bank's biggest shareholder, the German bank's CEO wishes it wasn't
added: Mon Oct 9 02:30:16 2017

These are very thoughtful ideas from @JohnQuiggin on what a modern non-nostalgic socialist program looks like
added: Mon Oct 9 02:12:12 2017

#Colombia lifts duties on #Taiwan #imports
added: Mon Oct 9 01:50:53 2017
tags: taiwan, colombia, imports

#FOIA release reveals security personnel for #UnuteTheRight
added: Mon Oct 9 01:38:40 2017
tags: unutetheright, foia

speaking of taking it back 49 years, brent's greatest miss:
added: Mon Oct 9 01:37:42 2017

Lessig, without an axe to grind, wields a scalpel
added: Mon Oct 9 01:35:40 2017

Nice work from @primroseriordan: China told ‘get used to scrutiny’
added: Mon Oct 9 01:33:46 2017

‘Bring Australian navy back’: #NorthKorea threat, China military expansion prompts former Admiral to speak out
added: Sun Oct 8 16:59:03 2017
tags: northkorea

FEMA administrator says San Juan mayor’s remarks are "political noise"
added: Sun Oct 8 13:31:03 2017

A few pics by Mark taken while filming Hurricane Irma & his good friend #ExtremeStorms chaser Jim Edds. The video...
added: Sun Oct 8 13:00:45 2017
tags: extremestorms

UPA hated development, didn't have any empathy for people, says PM Modi in Gujarat
added: Sun Oct 8 11:10:00 2017

"The United States is home to almost 400 species of crayfish, about half of which are considered endangered"
added: Sun Oct 8 11:02:05 2017

Think Tank Wants To Influence Climate Change Discussion In Kan. Classrooms
added: Sun Oct 8 11:01:51 2017

Spoil-share #Rohingyas #Myanmar State reclaim burned land & #Rakhines take goats & cows, b4 foreign investment.
added: Sun Oct 8 09:52:20 2017
tags: rakhines, rohingyas, myanmar

CSL hopes acquisition will fix blood supply problem in China
added: Sun Oct 8 09:48:49 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam promises to try to secure treatment for rare disease sufferer
added: Sun Oct 8 09:35:14 2017
tags: scmp

Re-upping my weekend essay on Russia's war for hearts and minds in Syria:
added: Sun Oct 8 09:15:56 2017

A disgrace: Ten million salmon thrown away by fish farm industry in last year alone…
added: Sun Oct 8 08:58:20 2017

Revenue from company owned by @AmitShah's son jumped from just Rs 50,000 to over Rs 80,00,00,000 in a single year.
added: Sun Oct 8 07:14:39 2017

Scientists mapping #Greenland have produced some surprising – and worrying – results
added: Sun Oct 8 07:12:36 2017
tags: greenland

Center versus periphery: unpacking Beijing’s approach to sanctions
added: Sun Oct 8 07:00:33 2017

How badly is Neil Gorsuch annoying the other Supreme Court Justices?
added: Sun Oct 8 07:00:22 2017

#Cambodia: Welcome to Asia's newest one-party state
added: Sun Oct 8 06:59:05 2017
tags: cambodia

HK's former Law Asso head/ current lawmaker, Junius Ho, said Chinese Communist Party is "a very democratic party"
added: Sun Oct 8 06:59:03 2017

Invoice reversal & reporting freq r seperable problems. Invoice matching is trivial with 1 rate(+exempt & surcharge)
added: Sun Oct 8 06:53:11 2017

Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Prosperity: Comments:
added: Sun Oct 8 06:50:02 2017

How the Chinese cyberthreat has evolved
added: Sun Oct 8 06:23:00 2017

Hurricane Nate floods streets as it slams U.S. Gulf Coast
added: Sun Oct 8 06:18:57 2017

Hosting Proms and Selling Cows: North Korean Embassies Scrounge for Cash
added: Sun Oct 8 06:08:10 2017

China trade sees donkeys killed on massive scale
added: Sun Oct 8 06:02:06 2017

Solar cars begin 3,000-kilometre (1,860-mile) epic race across the desert heart of Australia
added: Sun Oct 8 05:59:45 2017

Chinese watchdog says 1.34 million officials punished for graft since 2013
added: Sun Oct 8 05:40:03 2017

Trying to reopen Gandhi’s murder probe is part of an orchestrated campaign of lies
added: Sun Oct 8 05:40:00 2017

R&D for male contraceptives has been slow. The field is littered with abandoned and unfinished efforts. What's up?
added: Sun Oct 8 05:33:46 2017

Oriental Bank says under central bank 'corrective action' over bad loans
added: Sun Oct 8 05:30:12 2017

New Zealand's first Chinese angel investment fund, Zino Ventures, headed by David Wang
added: Sun Oct 8 05:29:16 2017

@CrisisGroup For more on #Tajikistan see @CrisisGroup research and follow @DeirdreTynan
added: Sun Oct 8 05:05:21 2017
tags: tajikistan

Why does America keep fighting gun deaths with more guns?
added: Sun Oct 8 05:05:06 2017

All bins to go from country parks by end of year
added: Sun Oct 8 05:04:16 2017

“Pope Francis Does Not Understand the CCP”
added: Sun Oct 8 05:02:52 2017

The conquest of the North: problems with reunification by absorption
added: Sun Oct 8 05:00:23 2017

Behind Rajasthan farmers’ burial protest, a story of bitterness over forced land sale
added: Sun Oct 8 05:00:01 2017

@CrisisGroup My new @CrisisGroup commentary warns about these challenges and offers ways to address them:
added: Sun Oct 8 04:59:26 2017

Despite #BeltandRoad political backing, #China is encountering challenges in #Tajikistan - quotes @CrisisGroup
added: Sun Oct 8 04:55:40 2017
tags: tajikistan, beltandroad, china

Connie Hawkins, Electrifying N.B.A. Forward Banned in His Prime, Dies at 75
added: Sun Oct 8 04:55:13 2017

"Blade Runner 2022" is a free anime prequel short with gorgeous animation from Cowboy Bebop's Shinichiro Watanabe:
added: Sun Oct 8 04:43:59 2017

Mongolia’s macho new PM is nicknamed ‘Fist’ – and he’s an admirer of Putin
added: Sun Oct 8 04:25:03 2017

Banned by Iran for not wearing hijab, teenage chess champion will play for US instead
added: Sun Oct 8 04:20:02 2017

On 'Black on the Air,' @mosesbread72 joined @larrywilmore to talk Kaepernick, NFL protests, and athlete activism
added: Sun Oct 8 03:52:18 2017

#Laos merely bystander as China pushes Belt and Road ambitions Railway project offers questionable benefits to host
added: Sun Oct 8 02:17:00 2017
tags: laos

This is maybe the most devastating Suu Kyi story yet, and that's a high bar via @WSJ
added: Sun Oct 8 01:48:42 2017

The most southerly Latin inscription in the Sahara comes from Ti-m-Missaou, Algeria: &…
added: Sat Oct 7 21:41:43 2017

Internal emails show ICE agents struggling to substantiate Trump’s lies about immigrants.
added: Sat Oct 7 20:54:34 2017

Gun control is America’s blind spot, but we also have things we would rather not see
added: Sat Oct 7 19:44:04 2017

Fantastic reporting by @CassVinograd on dynamics in the ‘parallel state’ of Ndele, Central African Republic.
added: Sat Oct 7 18:45:53 2017

A Michigan man raped a woman. She became pregnant and continued the pregnancy. He was just granted parental rights.
added: Sat Oct 7 17:02:40 2017

How hip hop became the force behind Gabon’s political activism via @qzafrica
added: Sat Oct 7 16:28:16 2017

Thousands protest across Australia against giant Adani coal mine
added: Sat Oct 7 14:19:38 2017

Putin's spending his b'day w/national security council trying to figure out how to deal w/ protests in 80 cities
added: Sat Oct 7 12:31:05 2017

Saharan and trans-Saharan contacts and trade in the Roman era — new post by me :)
added: Sat Oct 7 10:18:08 2017

Mass incarceration has raised the American poverty rate by an estimated 20%
added: Sat Oct 7 09:27:35 2017

Disqus Hacked: More than 17.5 Million Users' Details Stolen in 2012 Breach #security 看來真的得來把部落格上的 DISQUS 換掉了 $
added: Sat Oct 7 08:37:34 2017
tags: security

'Broken Tooth': The real-life Macau casino mobster planning a global crypto-currency coup.
added: Sat Oct 7 08:29:58 2017

Party Congress: 1000s of policemen from other provinces have been sent to the Chinese capital to reinforce security
added: Sat Oct 7 06:53:29 2017

IMF's Lagarde: US tax overhaul 'desperately needed'
added: Sat Oct 7 05:48:08 2017

Trump rolls back free birth control, hits out at LGBT rights
added: Sat Oct 7 05:48:07 2017

When do we start seeing segments about Xi as the next Buffet?
added: Sat Oct 7 05:45:27 2017

NZ election final tally leaves small nationalist party with balance of power
added: Sat Oct 7 05:40:05 2017

BJP, which was known to attack Congress for naming all its schemes after its leaders, is now doing exactly the same.
added: Sat Oct 7 05:40:00 2017

Australia: Kevin Rudd enrols at Oxford University to study Chinese President
added: Sat Oct 7 05:39:56 2017

Really good piece from @FTAlphaville by @M_C_Klein on bank bail ins. CC: Beijing
added: Sat Oct 7 05:36:01 2017
added: Sat Oct 7 02:41:30 2017

Animal cruelty police force needed in Hong Kong, experts say, after shocking cases exposed online
added: Sat Oct 7 02:28:46 2017

Calgary Flames wanted to use arena deal to morph into a real estate developer, demanded parking + casino cash: #yyc
added: Sat Oct 7 01:18:01 2017
tags: yyc

“Fuel security: Why the RAN should prioritise the Indo-Pacific” via @LowyInstitute
added: Fri Oct 6 23:25:44 2017

Tracked down 71 charter, military and other non-commercial flights taken by Cabinet members. Mapped them.
added: Fri Oct 6 20:12:21 2017

Made a tool that tracks not only data FEMA hid about Puerto Rico, but the day-to-day change.
added: Fri Oct 6 15:33:02 2017

Once done with chest thumping, explain how China built road in Doklam: Rahul Gandhi to PM Modi
added: Fri Oct 6 12:31:39 2017

Tibetan man jailed for protesting China receives hero’s welcome after release A Tibetan man named Kunchok...
added: Fri Oct 6 12:30:22 2017

As #FiFAU17WC begins, new report highlights poor air quality in 6 hosts: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata,Guwahati,Kochi, Goa
added: Fri Oct 6 12:30:03 2017
tags: fifau17wc

FDA approves first Zika test for blood donations
added: Fri Oct 6 12:29:49 2017

Dependent ML: An Approach to Practical Programming with Dependent Types - Xi PDF: #ats #types #ml #lambda
added: Fri Oct 6 12:29:10 2017
tags: lambda, ats, types, ml

Zuckerberg blocking public from viewing the Kremlin's Facebook ads, citing that they have "rules" on "user content."
added: Fri Oct 6 12:15:38 2017

U.S. secretly tested carcinogen in Western Canada during the Cold War, researcher finds
added: Fri Oct 6 12:12:02 2017

What a journey! We have massively improved our documentation what do you think?
added: Fri Oct 6 11:51:06 2017

Hong Kong aims to implement investor ID requirement next year
added: Fri Oct 6 11:34:44 2017

(In Chinese only) CitizenNews has compiled a transcript of @ManYuen_Ng cross-examining #CYLeung in court #HK
added: Fri Oct 6 10:56:37 2017
tags: cyleung, hk

"Facebook...featured xenophobic anti-migrant and anti-refugee posts...conspiracy theories...anti-Semitic campaigns"
added: Fri Oct 6 09:12:40 2017

While other countries have reckoned with their pasts, Italy has allowed relics erected under Mussolini to survive.
added: Fri Oct 6 09:10:01 2017

Oct 6 1995 - Ken Loach's film “Land and Freedom” about the Spanish Civil War is released.
added: Fri Oct 6 09:09:29 2017

Spotify Threatened Researchers Who Revealed ‘Pirate’ History
added: Fri Oct 6 09:09:04 2017

Neonicotinoid pesticides found in honey from every continent
added: Fri Oct 6 09:08:00 2017

In what could be a huge test case, ABC/Fairfax lawyers accuse Aust Chinese billionaire of spying for China 🇦🇺🇨🇳
added: Fri Oct 6 09:06:45 2017

Citigroup considering onshore cash equities business in China
added: Fri Oct 6 08:40:05 2017

#UK government announces public consultation on banning #ivory trade via @BBCNews
added: Fri Oct 6 08:31:08 2017
tags: uk, ivory

Anti-kleptocracy rally: Lukewarm response forces organiser to switch gears
added: Fri Oct 6 08:30:20 2017

Pakistan denies allegations of supporting armed groups
added: Fri Oct 6 08:30:11 2017

The GST regime is damaging, not helping, India’s crafts sector
added: Fri Oct 6 08:30:01 2017

Operation black money: 5,800 shell cos under govt glare over post note-ban deposits
added: Fri Oct 6 08:30:01 2017

#China sees no problem selling guns to murderous #Philippines National Police Appalling…
added: Fri Oct 6 08:30:00 2017
tags: china, philippines

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the making of a public intellectual
added: Fri Oct 6 08:28:55 2017

Unsealed documents reveal a Trump adviser’s secret plans to undermine voting rights
added: Fri Oct 6 07:15:06 2017

一地兩檢關注組召集人陳淑莊批評林鄭月娥是「新五無」,「公聽會無、新文件諮詢、口頭質詢無、公開會議無、大辯論都無」,最重要的公眾諮詢至今仍然缺席,她強調一地兩檢是制度問題,「一國兩制會被高鐵沖爛」。 「一地兩檢」關注組...
added: Fri Oct 6 07:14:21 2017

Chinese Australian billionaire accused of bribery and spying in court documents lodged Friday. #auspol
added: Fri Oct 6 07:11:27 2017
tags: auspol

'The economy, like other institutions in Xi’s China, is both evolving and decaying'
added: Fri Oct 6 07:09:00 2017

Las Vegas gunman 'may have planned a car bombing'
added: Fri Oct 6 07:04:40 2017

Britain’s housing crisis is not what it seems cracking column from @EdConwaySky
added: Fri Oct 6 06:36:58 2017

Latest from me: in defence of journalism (distance, asking awkward questions, staying out of the fray)
added: Fri Oct 6 06:08:54 2017

This manager of government finances spent ~$44k of your taxes on a flight he could have taken commercially for $688.
added: Fri Oct 6 04:30:33 2017

Something in the water: Life after Minamata’s mercury poisoning
added: Fri Oct 6 03:50:00 2017

NEW REPORT: States are cutting workers' retirement benefits -- while handing out huge corporate subsidies
added: Fri Oct 6 03:47:02 2017

Powerful and detailed response by John Fitzgerald: "The claims made by Drysdale and Denton have no merit."
added: Fri Oct 6 02:31:31 2017

Influential Australian Senator Nick Xenophon resigns
added: Fri Oct 6 02:10:04 2017

@NSAGov @kaspersky Additional details:
added: Fri Oct 6 02:09:51 2017

Young Worker Clocked 159 Hours of Overtime in a Month. Then She Died.
added: Fri Oct 6 02:07:27 2017

"@FEMA removes statistics about drinking water access and electricity in Puerto Rico from website"
added: Fri Oct 6 02:00:54 2017

Stoking Islamophobia and secession in Texas -- from an office in Russia
added: Fri Oct 6 01:30:41 2017

A handy guide — Step 1: shut down critical media commentary. Step 2: jail complainers. Step 3: brag about success.
added: Fri Oct 6 00:40:07 2017

added: Fri Oct 6 00:18:53 2017

BREAKING: This story is incredible. Trump personally ordering rates ⬆️ 4 American families in order to break ACA.
added: Fri Oct 6 00:08:25 2017

Dear crazies: it is fascinating that 500 innocent people get shot and your anger is directed at me. Think about that
added: Fri Oct 6 00:01:48 2017

CCP influence in Australia highlights a clash of values not races. My contribution to @TheVisionTimes special issue
added: Thu Oct 5 23:31:07 2017

Potential Delisting of #Tokens Pending Compliance Review #ICOs #bitcoin #BTC #ICO…
added: Thu Oct 5 23:02:02 2017
tags: bitcoin, tokens, icos, ico, btc

added: Thu Oct 5 21:15:32 2017

China sees difficulty meeting 2017 air quality targets: minister
added: Thu Oct 5 14:38:33 2017

Most Alabamians with prior felony convictions are barred from voting because of a debt they owe the state: @aldotcom
added: Thu Oct 5 14:37:00 2017

I wrote up how I implementing faceted search for my blog using Django and PostgreSQL
added: Thu Oct 5 14:36:08 2017

The impact of productivity over estimation on UK's coming budget....
added: Thu Oct 5 14:36:00 2017

Ever wonder who's in the Republican wing of the Democratic Party? 79 voted against the People's Budget last nite:
added: Thu Oct 5 14:34:36 2017

The biggest seller of bump stocks has halted sales on its website
added: Thu Oct 5 14:34:08 2017

PostgreSQL 10 has been released.
added: Thu Oct 5 14:32:41 2017

Inside the CCleaner Backdoor Attack via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Oct 5 14:32:31 2017

Authorities probe Las Vegas gunman's weapons stockpiling
added: Thu Oct 5 14:31:21 2017

Microcredit is nothing more than a socially validated way for financial elites to exploit the poor.
added: Thu Oct 5 14:31:04 2017

BJP intends to come back to power in 2019 by using states like Kerala which rejected them before. By @kartikeya_1975
added: Thu Oct 5 14:30:03 2017

Brexiters said time & again German industries wuld pressure Merkel. Now making provisions for “v hard Brexit” Pls RT
added: Thu Oct 5 14:25:00 2017

Nothing Divides Voters Like Owning a Gun via @NYTimes
added: Thu Oct 5 13:22:45 2017

Spain just banned Catalonia from declaring independence
added: Thu Oct 5 13:22:33 2017

Suspected terrorist bomb found in Paris under truck owned by firm linked to ISIS
added: Thu Oct 5 13:21:31 2017

British PM May is not considering resigning after ruined speech, Sky says
added: Thu Oct 5 13:20:09 2017

Tropical Storm Nate poses weekend threat to Gulf Coast
added: Thu Oct 5 13:18:26 2017

Spain's constitutional court suspends Monday session of Catalan parliament to preempt possible push for independence
added: Thu Oct 5 13:18:21 2017

In-depth report: White supremacy and ethno nationalism figured out how to become YouTube famous
added: Thu Oct 5 13:16:26 2017

Britain Moves To Criminalize Reading Extremist Material On The Internet via @JonathanTurley
added: Thu Oct 5 13:04:48 2017

My piece on Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant and Chan Koonchung’s The Fat Years" (16 Septemer 2015) @worldlittoday
added: Thu Oct 5 13:01:48 2017

Great news: ProPublica to cover costs of investigative reporter at newsrooms in 6 cities under 1 million pop. Apply!
added: Thu Oct 5 12:33:55 2017

Sex offender arrested for threats against Howard University students: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black’
added: Thu Oct 5 12:28:20 2017

TransCanada won't proceed with Energy East pipeline
added: Thu Oct 5 12:12:02 2017

Aadhaar conundrum: Three tests for a fool-proof identity
added: Thu Oct 5 12:10:00 2017

A woman driving through Manitoba, Canada, with her family couldn't believe this scene when she saw it.
added: Thu Oct 5 12:03:17 2017

OCTOBER: China Mieville's novelistic history of the Russian revolution
added: Thu Oct 5 11:30:19 2017

Pro-Israel group signals readiness to work with German far right
added: Thu Oct 5 11:16:36 2017

Indonesia: Pandas don't solve maritime disputes
added: Thu Oct 5 10:06:00 2017

Texas Officials Slam Red Cross for Unorganized, Inefficient Harvey Response
added: Thu Oct 5 10:03:47 2017

Booming demand for North Korean art helps Pyongyang raise cash abroad
added: Thu Oct 5 10:00:00 2017

Tesco whistleblower warned top bosses about accounting practices, fraud trial hears
added: Thu Oct 5 09:54:20 2017

Did China Use Water as a Weapon in the Doklam Standoff?
added: Thu Oct 5 09:53:08 2017

Chinese Fijians Are Role Models, says PM Bainimarama
added: Thu Oct 5 09:47:34 2017

Asteroid to skim past Earth at one-eighth the distance of the Moon
added: Thu Oct 5 09:43:38 2017

Inventor accused of killing journalist on homemade submarine ‘had videos of women being violently murdered’
added: Thu Oct 5 09:06:49 2017

Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps farms = military colonies (tuntian屯田)
added: Thu Oct 5 09:03:38 2017

China gives guns to Philippines to show it's a friend, not a foe
added: Thu Oct 5 09:00:40 2017

Amazon and Apple caught in latest EU tax crackdown
added: Thu Oct 5 09:00:00 2017

Dropping The Annual Border Meeting: China Continues To Squirm After Doklam
added: Thu Oct 5 08:57:23 2017

Xi gets the generals he wants - India News
added: Thu Oct 5 08:56:37 2017

My AP Story with My AP Photos today: Bain hoping to settle with Western Digital on Toshiba deal
added: Thu Oct 5 08:56:20 2017

China's Potential Transformations after the 19th Party Congress | Harvard College
added: Thu Oct 5 08:55:20 2017

▶️ 'A global disinformation campaign': Monsanto accused of influencing research on Roundup
added: Thu Oct 5 08:19:09 2017

This man woke up to find an entire family of lynx playing on his porch
added: Thu Oct 5 08:11:01 2017

added: Thu Oct 5 08:03:00 2017

Peter Guy thinks the people of mainland China are gullible and naive for fully embracing cashless transactions.
added: Thu Oct 5 08:00:51 2017

Philippines' military chief hails US as top ally, announces return of regular war games
added: Thu Oct 5 07:37:36 2017

A cashless society would destroy our privacy and freedom via @SCMP_news
added: Thu Oct 5 07:09:27 2017

Compelling story - Dodging Bullets, a Medical Coordinator Responds to a Crisis
added: Thu Oct 5 06:57:37 2017

Women use iron bars, umbrella in fight over cardboard boxes, police say
added: Thu Oct 5 06:45:01 2017

@BaldingsWorld Must read
added: Thu Oct 5 06:36:08 2017

@RedactedTonight For those wanting some more info on this kind of thing...…
added: Thu Oct 5 06:09:26 2017

FFS, a kara?
added: Thu Oct 5 05:02:30 2017

We spoke to Olivia, one of the #J20 protesters facing 80 yrs in unprecedented mass felony charges
added: Thu Oct 5 03:28:44 2017
tags: j20

4/5 And @blaineharden examined the family grudge keeping China from being able to control Kim Jong-un: #frontlinepbs
added: Thu Oct 5 02:36:00 2017
tags: frontlinepbs

Trump’s federal judge pick says Confederate ‘president’ portrait on his wall ‘has nothing to do with race’
added: Thu Oct 5 02:23:19 2017

“The O Project”: Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin wanted an Oscar so badly he tried to make it a contract guarantee
added: Thu Oct 5 02:13:54 2017

Little-Known Chinese Lawyer Disbarred for Defending Freedom of Speech
added: Thu Oct 5 02:13:11 2017

This is crazy.
added: Thu Oct 5 02:09:53 2017

.@SenSanders: Tax Bill Would Give $52 Billion Break to Walton Family
added: Thu Oct 5 02:05:08 2017

Whites living in predominantly white areas are 50% more likely to die from murder, guns, drugs than diverse areas.
added: Thu Oct 5 02:03:24 2017

All phones are basically the same now
added: Thu Oct 5 02:00:02 2017

Stormfront is up & running again with the help of internet companies that previously denied services to hate sites.
added: Thu Oct 5 02:00:02 2017

Washington and Seoul's first talks on KORUS didn't go so well. So they're trying again. @willmauldin @kwanwoo
added: Thu Oct 5 01:31:00 2017

NEWS: Treasury IG, revisiting IRS scandal, finds liberal groups got plenty of scrutiny alongside conservatives.
added: Thu Oct 5 00:20:39 2017

Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend says no advance knowledge of massacre
added: Thu Oct 5 00:20:22 2017

Cowboy v2.0 released: Comments:
added: Thu Oct 5 00:20:02 2017

"CUP censored on behalf of communist party, taking it a step beyond direct government censorship."
added: Thu Oct 5 00:19:00 2017

“Very likely” that American citizens helped Russia hack the 2016 election -@SenJeffMerkley on #TheBeat
added: Thu Oct 5 00:08:44 2017
tags: thebeat

One Puerto Rican creditor giving up. 50 or so to go
added: Wed Oct 4 22:59:51 2017

"Those eligible for a two-year extension of #DACA have to turn in an application (and a $495 check) by Thursday."
added: Wed Oct 4 22:21:24 2017
tags: daca

Donors to Barrett Brown's legal defense plausibly allege FBI violated First Amendment rights, judge rules
added: Wed Oct 4 22:17:57 2017

new from me: i walked through how YouTube is (still) spreading conspiracy theories about the Vegas shooting
added: Wed Oct 4 22:13:57 2017

Surprise! The Nazis of Seattle are all tech bros
added: Wed Oct 4 22:12:14 2017

Creditor requests for Puerto Rico include "militarization of the island to provide short to medium [term] security"
added: Wed Oct 4 21:32:35 2017

Find and delete content related to the South Korean film “A Taxi Driver”
added: Wed Oct 4 21:31:16 2017

Justice Sotomayor blew up Wisconsin's defense of partisan gerrymandering with one simple, devastating question.
added: Wed Oct 4 21:20:53 2017

Congress decided against repealing this climate rule. So @Interior is undoing it via @dino_grandoni
added: Wed Oct 4 19:43:07 2017

There's now a bill that would break up recidivist banks, and it should become a rallying point on the left
added: Wed Oct 4 17:43:51 2017

India's economy is in a 'downward spiral.' What did Modi get wrong?
added: Wed Oct 4 16:51:29 2017

To commemorate #BlackHistoryMonth check out this LSE History blog on Jomo Kenyatta, LSE & the independence of #Kenya
added: Wed Oct 4 15:36:01 2017
tags: blackhistorymonth, kenya

Thank you, Senator.
added: Wed Oct 4 14:28:11 2017

Las Vegas suspect was prescribed medication that can cause aggression: report
added: Wed Oct 4 14:07:18 2017

The 20-week abortion ban is the kind of staggering cruelty that is necessarily based in the desire not to know
added: Wed Oct 4 13:49:28 2017

Protesting land acquisition, farmers in Rajasthan are burying themselves neck-deep in mud
added: Wed Oct 4 13:49:15 2017

On @intercepted, I talked about our gun addiction & the Coalition of the Killing that profits from massacres:
added: Wed Oct 4 13:48:56 2017

Holy. The answers to why the #JasonStockley case was reopened six years later.
added: Wed Oct 4 13:48:43 2017
tags: jasonstockley

Murderer made chilling Facebook threats before destroying kind-hearted family
added: Wed Oct 4 13:48:32 2017

Good read: Nationalism Froze Japan In Time — Trump Falsely Thinks It Will Make America Great via @pocket
added: Wed Oct 4 13:46:30 2017

Algorithm Explains How Ants Create Trail Networks
added: Wed Oct 4 13:39:21 2017

.@realDonaldTrump Do you have the guts to really go after Wall Street? If so, let's do it.
added: Wed Oct 4 13:27:51 2017

Saudi Arabia carries out 100th execution so far this year
added: Wed Oct 4 13:13:07 2017

What will cause the next financial crisis?
added: Wed Oct 4 13:05:02 2017

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for seeing biomolecules in action [Podcast]
added: Wed Oct 4 12:36:29 2017

5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination
added: Wed Oct 4 12:31:07 2017

#Taiwan’s #HumanRights Revolution and #China’s Devolution @Diplomat_APAC
added: Wed Oct 4 12:30:18 2017
tags: china, humanrights, taiwan

What women have been saying about hacker cons all along. Here is the roadmap we keep getting asked for
added: Wed Oct 4 11:56:01 2017

Vegas Suspect Sent Girlfriend Out Of The Country Shortly Before Shooting, Her Sisters Say
added: Wed Oct 4 11:17:26 2017

San Juan Mayor Slams Donald Trump For 'Terrible And Abominable' Puerto Rico Stunt
added: Wed Oct 4 11:16:50 2017

#HKExpress chief Andrew Cowen sacked, two other executives of the budget carrier also booted out
added: Wed Oct 4 11:16:42 2017
tags: hkexpress

White House seeking $29 billion disaster aid package for hurricane relief efforts
added: Wed Oct 4 11:16:31 2017

EU orders Amazon to pay €250 million in owed taxes
added: Wed Oct 4 11:16:23 2017

Meet Jonathan Smith, The Man That Led 30 Others to Safety During the Las Vegas Shooting
added: Wed Oct 4 10:30:31 2017

The right kind of daydreaming can actually help you focus
added: Wed Oct 4 10:30:06 2017

The gun lobby is global: From Yemen to Las Vegas writes @HamidDabashi
added: Wed Oct 4 10:27:30 2017

European Commission refers Ireland to court over failure to collect €13bn in tax from Apple
added: Wed Oct 4 10:26:59 2017

USS Ronald Reagan wishes Hong Kong a happy mid-autumn festival in Cantonese:
added: Wed Oct 4 10:11:07 2017

Amazon ordered to pay €250m in back taxes: Comments:
added: Wed Oct 4 10:10:02 2017

Stephen Paddock may have been 'radicalised unbeknownst to us', warns Las Vegas sheriff
added: Wed Oct 4 10:09:46 2017

URGENT: HK Express CEO ‘future in doubt’ after cancellation chaos. Sources say he was sacked. My report @SCMP_News
added: Wed Oct 4 09:42:10 2017

Exposing server IPs behind CloudFlare via scanned SSL/TLS certificates #cloudflare #leak
added: Wed Oct 4 09:34:52 2017
tags: leak, cloudflare

Spanish assets hit hard by Catalan crisis
added: Wed Oct 4 09:28:51 2017

Ahmed Rashid: Why closing the Taliban’s Qatar office would be an error via @FT
added: Wed Oct 4 07:55:46 2017

#FakeNews hearing backgrounder: Blogger-propagandists, the new crisis managers via @rapplerdotcom
added: Wed Oct 4 07:33:26 2017
tags: fakenews

btc1 just merged the ability for segwit2x to disguise itself to not get banned by 0.15 nodes
added: Wed Oct 4 07:26:30 2017

“Oxfam rarely responds to humanitarian emergencies in the U.S. and other wealthy countries"
added: Wed Oct 4 06:04:00 2017

Movie Review: Zhao Liang's "Petition: The Court of Complaints" | China Law & Policy
added: Wed Oct 4 06:03:56 2017

CNN's @Acosta accurately describes Trump's behavior during #PuertoRico visit as "purely outrageous."
added: Wed Oct 4 06:01:53 2017
tags: puertorico

A bond cut short by a hail of bullets: story of Vegas shooting victim and the new friend who tried to save her
added: Wed Oct 4 06:01:52 2017

Selective deployment of missile defence around probable high value targets could make sense, writes @JohnBlaxland1
added: Wed Oct 4 05:13:00 2017

Scot faces jail in United Arab Emirates over fake banknote - Just another reason to avoid this backwards shit hole.
added: Wed Oct 4 05:10:10 2017

Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock transferred $100,000 overseas, set up cameras at hotel
added: Wed Oct 4 05:08:36 2017

FreeBSD gains eMMC support so … errr … watch out, Android
added: Wed Oct 4 05:04:20 2017

In a cover, Neil Young’s classic protest song “Ohio” becomes an expression of a grief that is all too common.
added: Wed Oct 4 05:00:23 2017

Death Toll in Puerto Rico Rises to 34.
added: Wed Oct 4 05:00:01 2017

Scientists found the paleolithic assholes who gave us all herpes
added: Wed Oct 4 05:00:00 2017

China diverts 10 billion cubic metres of water to drought-prone north in massive project
added: Wed Oct 4 05:00:00 2017

Surprise surprise. The #LasVegasShootings shooter was abusive to women.
added: Wed Oct 4 04:59:45 2017
tags: lasvegasshootings

Guest Workers' Unusual Strike in Washinton Shows New Labor Muscle
added: Wed Oct 4 04:58:00 2017

Exclusive: Big HNA stake was held in trust as a favor, company's dealmaker says
added: Wed Oct 4 04:55:24 2017

FBI Probing Las Vegas Shooter’s Video of Massacre; Reportedly Sent Live Feed Offshore
added: Wed Oct 4 04:35:29 2017

"Turmoil could have been avoided through negotiations"-SCMP editorial on Catalonia/Kurdistan (& Hong Kong too?)
added: Wed Oct 4 04:33:51 2017

. @ARSA_Official had no good links w int jihadis - but that will likely change thanks to Myanmar army's overreach
added: Wed Oct 4 03:31:45 2017

Top court dismisses appeal from the district councillor over her conviction over a noisy #Legco protest in 2014
added: Wed Oct 4 03:30:06 2017
tags: legco

He uttered “great” 10 times and used “incredible” and “amazing” seven times each.
added: Wed Oct 4 03:29:36 2017

Charlottesville WS protest organizer Jason Kessler indicted on perjury charges. @ProgressiveArmy
added: Wed Oct 4 03:23:52 2017

Trump endorses erasing Puerto Rico's debt -- which would be a huge blow to Wall St's vulture capitalists
added: Wed Oct 4 02:36:35 2017

Responsible Stakeholders: Why the United States Should Welcome China’s Economic Leadership | Cato Institute
added: Tue Oct 3 23:17:46 2017

Trump Says Puerto Rico Has Thrown the Budget ‘Out of Whack’, at presser goes on tangent about F-35 fighter jet
added: Tue Oct 3 23:02:58 2017

Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch | The New Yorker #SCOTUS here's the inside story!
added: Tue Oct 3 22:37:02 2017
tags: scotus

New York police training hotel staff on how to recognize gun cases in wake of Vegas shooting
added: Tue Oct 3 21:36:48 2017

Xinjiang cancels National Day holiday: a move that will further undermine Party boss Chen Quanguo’s local support
added: Tue Oct 3 21:20:39 2017

These people are criminals! Kushvanka moved account to Trump Org domain, days after private emails were discovered.
added: Tue Oct 3 21:20:35 2017

SOJ Aguirre & PAO Acosta launches "Citizen National Guard," a pro D30 group; targets oppositions. via @ABSCBNNews
added: Tue Oct 3 19:38:04 2017

SCOTUS could finally be ready to outlaw extreme partisan gerrymandering. My story on big voting rights case today
added: Tue Oct 3 16:38:03 2017

From @chadocl at @nknewsorg: Dual-use Chinese construction vehicles marketed at North Korean trade fair.
added: Tue Oct 3 15:32:04 2017

RT @andreaslandwehr: Staff called back to work as Xinjiang suddenly scraps National Day holiday
added: Tue Oct 3 15:19:39 2017

End Columbus Day in 2017! #Indigenous Rights #Radio October Newsletter #communityradio #podcast #SinkColumbus
added: Tue Oct 3 15:19:18 2017
tags: indigenous, radio, communityradio, podcast, sinkcolumbus

Defector: Chinese opened bank accounts in China for NK to pay for weapons, with funds personally controlled by NK
added: Tue Oct 3 15:18:21 2017
added: Tue Oct 3 14:16:48 2017

Sens. should be ready to counter Vaughan's false assertions before they toxify the immigration debate even further.
added: Tue Oct 3 14:16:25 2017

Documents reveal previously unknown contacts between Russia and Trump’s campaign
added: Tue Oct 3 14:15:24 2017

All over the country, festivals celebrate our feathered friends as they pass through on their fall migrations.
added: Tue Oct 3 14:15:20 2017

India’s millions of new Internet users are falling for fake news—sometimes with deadly consequences
added: Tue Oct 3 14:15:17 2017

US: 16 charged for trafficking in #eagle parts, South Dakota prosecutors say…
added: Tue Oct 3 14:15:12 2017
tags: eagle

Photos show Barbuda still in ruins weeks after Hurricane Irma
added: Tue Oct 3 12:37:44 2017

NHS privatisation exposed: Scale of treatment for paying patients at NHS hospitals revealed
added: Tue Oct 3 12:37:15 2017

Kansas State band halts song after vulgar chant breaks out
added: Tue Oct 3 12:36:29 2017

Potential evidence to prosecute #Philippines Prez #Duterte for crimes against humanity @hrw
added: Tue Oct 3 09:00:02 2017
tags: philippines, duterte

The free market here, functional as ever
added: Tue Oct 3 08:12:17 2017

Artificial organs used in operations without approval for humans
added: Tue Oct 3 07:34:12 2017

<20% #roads in Indian cities have stormwater drainage: Annual Survey of India’s City Systems 2016
added: Tue Oct 3 07:30:01 2017
tags: roads

RFA: Police Detain Journalist Who Wrote About Missing Wuhan Students worrying implications here
added: Tue Oct 3 07:23:42 2017

Tanzania: Chinese construction company saved 4 #elephants that were trapped in a pit
added: Tue Oct 3 07:14:41 2017
tags: elephants

Quebec City mosque shooter formally charged
added: Tue Oct 3 06:53:10 2017

Exclusive: Inside the clinic offering young blood to cure ageing
added: Tue Oct 3 06:52:54 2017

A close encounter with the first kind: the obnoxious thieves of good journalism via @1amnerd
added: Tue Oct 3 06:52:01 2017

Perry just made taxpayers invest in a $25-billion nuclear ‘financial quagmire’
added: Tue Oct 3 06:45:05 2017

Multiple-entry visas to Taiwan available for #HongKong permanent residents
added: Tue Oct 3 06:45:01 2017
tags: hongkong

How would Gandhi have responded to the glaring contradictions in India today?
added: Tue Oct 3 06:40:00 2017

Life began after meteorites splashed into warm ponds of water, say astronomers
added: Tue Oct 3 06:31:18 2017

After 40 years, local Chinese language political monthly Chengming to cease publication:
added: Tue Oct 3 06:17:20 2017

While the Tories' conference distracted us, they quietly gave a top government job to one of their own failed MPs
added: Tue Oct 3 06:15:00 2017

Online haven for China’s #LGBT community meets its end - China’s latest society and culture news via @supchinanews
added: Tue Oct 3 06:11:20 2017
tags: lgbt

oh wait, you *can* do political microtargetting on Facebook, using the same ad analytics available to businesses
added: Tue Oct 3 05:41:19 2017

#Pakistan’s Costly Plunge into #China Debt
added: Tue Oct 3 05:33:43 2017
tags: china, pakistan

#EJI Over HK$1 mln raised for Justice Defence Fund during Oct 1 rally
added: Tue Oct 3 05:32:41 2017
tags: eji

The lawmaker says organisers of local bazaars now have to seek permission from ten different departments
added: Tue Oct 3 05:22:19 2017

One student raised a fist. The other got down on one knee. Both were immediately told to hand in their uniforms.
added: Tue Oct 3 04:47:06 2017

Professor Paul Chu says 183 school buildings are just idling in #HongKong and many of them can be used for housing
added: Tue Oct 3 04:46:30 2017
tags: hongkong

Shotspotter surveillance device used by local police across U.S. found only 16% accurate in San Diego
added: Tue Oct 3 03:51:59 2017

Pan-blues make a stand for keeping current volume ratio of Classical Chinese teaching in Taiwan school curriculum
added: Tue Oct 3 03:46:39 2017

即係香港警察包庇何君堯恐嚇屠殺港人言論? 何君堯:「殺無赦」不涉暴力兼非嶺大內發表 學生與校方無權追究|852郵報 #post852 來自 @post852
added: Tue Oct 3 03:40:38 2017
tags: post852

+1: corporations that select information must take responsibility for outcomes. Cannot say “the algorithm did it”
added: Tue Oct 3 03:40:34 2017

Gov't moves to debate Express Rail Link joint checkpoint in legislature
added: Tue Oct 3 03:32:36 2017

Xi Jinping clears decks for top-level changes to China’s military
added: Tue Oct 3 03:25:33 2017

U.S. Supreme Court rejects New Zealand-based internet mogul's appeal
added: Tue Oct 3 02:40:05 2017

In the heart of China's coal country, a city bans most coal - Xinhua
added: Tue Oct 3 01:51:53 2017

China's northern cities face soot-free winter with gas revolution via Meng Meng & Josephine Mason @p1020
added: Tue Oct 3 01:50:26 2017

Officials examine emails linked with THIRD email account on Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s private domain @politico
added: Tue Oct 3 01:45:02 2017

My talk on concurrency from @PostgresOpen is now online:
added: Tue Oct 3 01:31:13 2017

The Chinese World Order via @nybooks. Nice piece by Andrew J. Nathan
added: Tue Oct 3 01:21:07 2017

Researching China's dustbin of history sensitive information about the cultural revolution found at swap meets
added: Tue Oct 3 01:02:00 2017

Patch your Android, peeps, it has up to 14 nasty flaws to flog
added: Tue Oct 3 01:01:52 2017

Homeland Security reaches new heights of #FOIA frustration with latest non-response
added: Tue Oct 3 01:01:23 2017
tags: foia

Marrying into a white family was harder than I thought via wearethetempest
added: Tue Oct 3 01:01:22 2017

The Supreme Court could finally end partisan gerrymandering
added: Tue Oct 3 01:00:52 2017

Will the Supreme Court finally crack down on gerrymandering?
added: Tue Oct 3 01:00:49 2017

The legacy of torture in Abu Ghraib prison
added: Tue Oct 3 01:00:26 2017

U.S. Interior Dept. watchdog launches probe into Zinke's travel
added: Tue Oct 3 01:00:11 2017

Serbia accuses EU of hypocrisy over Catalan independence.
added: Tue Oct 3 01:00:02 2017

Las Vegas gunman described as well-off gambler and a loner
added: Tue Oct 3 00:58:12 2017

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will serve a second term despite protests
added: Tue Oct 3 00:58:05 2017

How SWAT team located Las Vegas gunman in just 20 minutes - because of a fire alarm
added: Tue Oct 3 00:55:16 2017

"#China govt's current show trials recall the infamous ­Stalin purge trials of the 1930s" @jeromeacohen @yujiechentw
added: Tue Oct 3 00:45:00 2017
tags: china

After WI GOP redrew the Assembly, D's won 174,000 more votes statewide but Rs got 60-39 majority. #EndGerrymandering
added: Tue Oct 3 00:31:24 2017
tags: endgerrymandering

Remarkable new study: Without federal and state subsidies, nearly half of U.S. oil production would be unprofitable.
added: Tue Oct 3 00:06:28 2017

This sinister virus could cause the world's next flu pandemic
added: Mon Oct 2 23:55:52 2017

Totally agree with @JaredGenser Interpol is abused by China国际刑警组织被独裁者虐用 Interpol needs to stop helping dictators
added: Mon Oct 2 23:09:42 2017

Study: Medicaid expansion in CA associated with an 11% reduction in the number of payday loans taken out each month
added: Mon Oct 2 21:25:38 2017

聲稱男子涉刑事案索款兩萬 一名警員涉勒索被捕 #本地 Tue, 03 Oct 2017 00:40:42 +0800
added: Mon Oct 2 16:50:17 2017
tags: 本地

China’s agricultural exports to North Korea surge amid more sanctions
added: Mon Oct 2 15:15:10 2017

China’s Foreign Ministry Archive: Open or Closed?
added: Mon Oct 2 14:31:01 2017

Wall Street indexes open at record highs
added: Mon Oct 2 14:10:05 2017

Police believe #LasVegas shooter killed himself
added: Mon Oct 2 14:10:00 2017
tags: lasvegas

House GOP set to approve bill that could make mass shootings deadlier #LasVegas
added: Mon Oct 2 14:09:16 2017
tags: lasvegas

And kill their white landlord to send a message... "Transcripts detail plot to bomb Somali refugees in Kansas"
added: Mon Oct 2 14:08:26 2017

Miss.’s HB 1523, a discriminatory religious objections bill, is set to go into effect Friday.
added: Mon Oct 2 14:02:24 2017

Wow. After me, Malaysian Islamist party, PAS, wants to expel all speakers who may promote “liberalism, rationalism.”
added: Mon Oct 2 13:59:32 2017

Canada's Mounties uncover "massive money laundering" from China:
added: Mon Oct 2 12:43:33 2017

Before Europe approves Alibaba's new data center, shouldn't they insist on being able to do the same in China?
added: Mon Oct 2 12:31:10 2017

How Sweden's strong safety net, low corporate taxes, and more helped promote startup growth
added: Mon Oct 2 12:31:04 2017

Gun stocks are soaring after the deadliest mass shooting in US history
added: Mon Oct 2 12:28:21 2017

Iran deploys tanks at border with Iraq's Kurdish region: Kurdish official
added: Mon Oct 2 12:26:02 2017

US: Irish national pleads guilty for smuggling #rhino horn artifact #OperationCrash…
added: Mon Oct 2 12:22:45 2017
tags: rhino, operationcrash

#Myanmar makes proposal to take back #Rohingya refugees
added: Mon Oct 2 12:00:03 2017
tags: myanmar, rohingya

Police questioned suspect in Marseille knife killings prior to attack
added: Mon Oct 2 11:58:02 2017

Essential image optimization - a free ebook by @addyosmani
added: Mon Oct 2 11:51:44 2017

Difference in quality between two sets of homes in mixed compounds in China is described as “Africa versus Europe.”
added: Mon Oct 2 11:48:00 2017

At least 50 people dead, more than 200 wounded in Las Vegas music festival shooting
added: Mon Oct 2 11:22:29 2017

Minor league baseball players get paid little and enjoy even fewer labor rights. The only solution is organizing.
added: Mon Oct 2 11:21:58 2017

Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting #MandalayBay via…
added: Mon Oct 2 10:36:34 2017
tags: mandalaybay

The EU Commission just said the Catalan referendum was illegal
added: Mon Oct 2 10:26:37 2017

CCP corruption | The Diplomat
added: Mon Oct 2 10:14:06 2017

Why Corruption Is Here To Stay In China | HuffPost
added: Mon Oct 2 10:13:38 2017

Vietnam, China talk sea area off mouth of Tonkin Gulf
added: Mon Oct 2 10:13:00 2017

China reiterates support for Syria's sovereignty, unity and self-determination of the people.
added: Mon Oct 2 10:00:02 2017

Mysterious braid-chopping incident grips Kashmir, Police increases bounty to Rs 6 lakhs
added: Mon Oct 2 10:00:00 2017

Chongqing Iron & Steel , which warned of possible bankruptcy, said potential investors “optimistic” about revamp.
added: Mon Oct 2 09:57:19 2017

Facebook pulls page, limits posting for exiled Chinese tycoon Guo
added: Mon Oct 2 09:10:04 2017

The Stock Market Boom Coming to China - Daily Reckoning Australia Xi Jinping has scapegoat to take blame?
added: Mon Oct 2 09:04:47 2017

UPDATE: At least 20 killed and more than 100 wounded in Las Vegas Strip shooting
added: Mon Oct 2 09:01:27 2017

Police confirm Las Vegas shooting not terrorism, but "local individual"
added: Mon Oct 2 09:01:25 2017

"We have well in the excess of 100+ injured and excess of 20+ that have died at this point"- Las Vegas Police
added: Mon Oct 2 08:37:54 2017

Theresa May admits Jeremy Corbyn has 'changed the consensus' in British politics #CPC17
added: Mon Oct 2 07:45:27 2017
tags: cpc17

This map shows what white Europeans associate with race - and it makes for uncomfortable reading
added: Mon Oct 2 07:28:51 2017

Nigeria's comic book explosion: Why Lagos is the new Gotham
added: Mon Oct 2 07:25:38 2017

Cambodia's Hun Sen urges arrests of opposition 'rebels in the city'
added: Mon Oct 2 07:20:06 2017

Las Vegas shooting witness: "Lots of people got hit ... One guy ended up dying in my arms"
added: Mon Oct 2 07:15:10 2017

Snakes on a train: Chinese man found with 50 live vipers in suitcase
added: Mon Oct 2 07:12:12 2017

Police 'investigating shooter at new venue in Las Vegas'
added: Mon Oct 2 07:08:40 2017

"Magic dust" could completely change supercomputing
added: Mon Oct 2 07:00:00 2017

【外傭司法覆核強制住僱主家中 明天高院開審】 【僱主、外傭點睇?】 一名外傭申請司法覆核,挑戰入境處強制要求外傭住在僱主家中的規定,案件明天開審。這項實施了14年的政策,僱主及外傭分別有何看法? #有線新聞 #外傭 #僱主...
added: Mon Oct 2 06:45:02 2017
tags: 外傭, 僱主, 有線新聞
added: Mon Oct 2 06:29:54 2017

EU e-bike makers make complaint against Chinese imports
added: Mon Oct 2 05:55:46 2017

Tens of thousands march to defend Hong Kong's rule of law against China
added: Mon Oct 2 05:55:16 2017

Despite censorship, a former Chinese soldier brags of his war crimes online
added: Mon Oct 2 05:04:30 2017

Equifax reviews its top lawyer's role in executive stock sales: WSJ
added: Mon Oct 2 04:50:04 2017

Mumbai police to investigate incidents of molestation during Elphinstone stampede
added: Mon Oct 2 04:45:00 2017

A billionaire's accusations of government corruption were too much for China. Now, they are too much for Facebook.
added: Mon Oct 2 04:34:06 2017

China pay fees for students from struggling families in Samoa Meanwhile US threaten to 'totally destroy North Korea'
added: Mon Oct 2 04:23:01 2017

More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows via @sciam
added: Mon Oct 2 04:17:33 2017

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seeks forgiveness for division caused by his work
added: Mon Oct 2 04:11:52 2017

Ever wondered why Ho Man Tin station isn't in Ho Man Tin? Here is why 9 out of 10 MTR station names are inaccurate:
added: Mon Oct 2 04:11:31 2017

In Pictures: Mourners remember victims of Lamma ferry tragedy, five years on
added: Mon Oct 2 04:10:05 2017

New Zealand's 'kingmaker' to start talks with both major parties this week
added: Mon Oct 2 04:10:04 2017

‘It’s seen as a cool place to work’ – how China’s censorship machine is becoming a growth industry 😑 | @SCMP_News
added: Mon Oct 2 04:10:03 2017

this is a useful quote by Ron Johnson bc it's an example of Republicans saying what they really believe
added: Mon Oct 2 03:33:31 2017

"The greatest image of 'The Churning Of The Oceans' is in Angkor Wat." - @DalrympleWill on #Hindu culture in SE Asia
added: Mon Oct 2 03:26:24 2017
tags: hindu
added: Mon Oct 2 03:21:48 2017

"In a country as geographically and culturally diverse as Mexico, community radio stations provide local news and...
added: Mon Oct 2 03:11:58 2017

China's new law against disrespecting the national anthem takes effect.
added: Mon Oct 2 03:05:02 2017

Saskatchewanians need to read this: That rotten stench in the air? It’s the smell of deadly gas and secrecy #skpoli
added: Mon Oct 2 02:30:07 2017
tags: skpoli

Macau casinos hit 14 month revenue gain ahead of golden week boom
added: Mon Oct 2 02:20:07 2017

HK pro-dem mass rally vs rule by law on 1 Oct, call for Sec of Judiciary to resign
added: Mon Oct 2 02:17:41 2017

"It’s baby formula, strawberries, crackers...." Monopolies monopolies everywhere... from candidate @AustinFrerick
added: Mon Oct 2 02:13:44 2017

This story keeps getting worse.
added: Mon Oct 2 02:10:33 2017

Friend in industry tells me pesticides prices skyrocketing because producers in China being shut down in droves.
added: Mon Oct 2 02:07:53 2017

More #Philippines attacks on @UNHumanRights expert @AgnesCallamard Accountability fear @hrw
added: Mon Oct 2 02:04:55 2017
tags: philippines

HK Community Cinema: Providing an alternative space for independent films
added: Mon Oct 2 02:04:24 2017

House Democrats are calling for an investigation of Trump’s Puerto Rico response
added: Mon Oct 2 02:00:31 2017

Smartest take on NK is from @eosnos, who has been there! No Laughing Matter: Why Trump’s Words on North Korea Matter
added: Mon Oct 2 01:51:35 2017

At least 91 injured in Catalonia referendum clashes: regional govt
added: Mon Oct 2 01:37:00 2017

The president of the EPA’s employee union is concerned that the EPA’s mission is drifting under Pruitt
added: Mon Oct 2 01:36:00 2017

A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons @JobyWarrick @washingtonpost
added: Mon Oct 2 01:35:37 2017

celebrated national day by going to see this in a full house
added: Mon Oct 2 01:35:32 2017

This new cancer treatment ‘could replace chemotherapy in 10 years’, an expert claims.
added: Mon Oct 2 01:30:13 2017

Visiting Hyderabad and nearby places can satiate your travel appetite
added: Mon Oct 2 01:30:00 2017

“More and more #Taiwan NGOs are afraid that what we say or do on Twitter and Facebook will be a crime in #China,”
added: Mon Oct 2 01:27:44 2017
tags: taiwan, china

As officials tout N Korea sanctions, read @JobyWarrick on the arms trade (via Egypt) that keeps $$ flowing there
added: Mon Oct 2 01:25:47 2017

In the past decade, #fracking caused nearly 2 spills a day in four U.S. states #climate…
added: Mon Oct 2 01:04:02 2017
tags: fracking, climate

Three years after Umbrella Movement, Hong Kongers back on the streets
added: Mon Oct 2 00:56:01 2017

Senate GOP trying to push through Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil drilling via special process to ice out Dems
added: Mon Oct 2 00:36:06 2017

Behind Every Fascist, A Liberal: Report From Students At UC Berkeley
added: Sun Oct 1 18:45:00 2017

No hate crime charges in murder of mutilated transgender teen, prosecutor says - WGN-TV #transgender #glbt
added: Sun Oct 1 16:30:33 2017
tags: transgender, glbt

Occupy feels a long time ago and Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement is now searching for a new way forward.
added: Sun Oct 1 13:25:52 2017

There are at least 140 active police officers in MN who have been convicted of a crime
added: Sun Oct 1 13:23:36 2017

所以喇,就算被侵犯,都不要令對方不舒服,否則只會得不償失? 【管浩鳴「父子論」指港獨觸碰中央底綫:令內地政府不舒服只會得不償失】
added: Sun Oct 1 12:50:04 2017

1/n👇🏽supports my analysis of 1/4 channels through which demonetization shock operated(bt disagree on 2 MLT pts)..2/
added: Sun Oct 1 12:13:57 2017

#HongKong protesters rally against ‘authoritarian gov’t’ on #China #NationalDay Photos:…
added: Sun Oct 1 11:48:27 2017
tags: hongkong, china, nationalday

Travis Zadeh on the early hajj.
added: Sun Oct 1 11:47:53 2017

Pro-China Groups March in Taiwan To Celebrate China's National Day
added: Sun Oct 1 10:57:17 2017

A killer review of Ignatieff's book "A relatively minor objection to this [book] is that it gets the past all wrong"
added: Sun Oct 1 10:54:31 2017

Absolute car crash TV with @theresa_may on #Marr today
added: Sun Oct 1 10:51:06 2017
tags: marr

Thus, our position on Catalonia holds (, but we cannot see resolution of this conflict with Rajoy in office. 3/3
added: Sun Oct 1 10:48:39 2017

More mainlanders are spending their National Day holidays in Hong Kong this year but younger tourists plan to fly...
added: Sun Oct 1 10:30:17 2017

Here’s what they’re partially quoting
added: Sun Oct 1 09:31:15 2017

Ming Pao speaks to Oxford professor, who studied anti-Occupy Mongkok triads as part of study on organised crime:
added: Sun Oct 1 09:21:37 2017

@NaomiAKlein thank you for inspiring me to write this.
added: Sun Oct 1 08:52:46 2017

Apple quietly built a global network of R&D labs that doubles as employee poaching operation
added: Sun Oct 1 08:36:29 2017

Jagmeet Singh hopes to lead Canada's 'conscience of parliament' party as Canadians vote today.
added: Sun Oct 1 08:33:32 2017

Anti-abortion MP Jacob Rees-Mogg admits profiting from sale of abortion pills
added: Sun Oct 1 08:31:17 2017

#Baloch activists protest against China-Pakistan nexus in Germany
added: Sun Oct 1 08:30:00 2017
tags: baloch

游蕙禎 Yau Wai Ching認為現時身份尷尬,公開支持其他人參選,將是「死亡之吻」,但她認為重要的是將被DQ的理念重新帶入議會。 【十一反威權】 守護公義基金街站籌款 劉小麗:威權打壓加強,更須市民支持...
added: Sun Oct 1 08:29:34 2017

'Naked' and bound kidnap victims manages to escape car boot in Edinburgh
added: Sun Oct 1 08:25:40 2017

Suggested charges against Sun Zhengcai: "lost faith in communism", "lazy", "incompetent"...
added: Sun Oct 1 08:22:13 2017

As Baidu retreats, Alibaba and Tencent battle for online-to-offline dominance
added: Sun Oct 1 08:03:00 2017

#Taiwan approves visa-free entry for #Filipinos – report
added: Sun Oct 1 08:02:21 2017
tags: filipinos, taiwan

Why are so many Hongkongers moving to #Taiwan? | South China Morning Post #Hongkong
added: Sun Oct 1 08:01:53 2017
tags: taiwan, hongkong

📰China ban on waste imports leads to piles of paper abroad, surging prices in China |
added: Sun Oct 1 08:00:48 2017

Police seal off more than half of Catalonia's polling stations, security official says
added: Sun Oct 1 07:13:00 2017

Russia, China handed one-year doping bans
added: Sun Oct 1 07:12:03 2017

Bears' Trevathan suspended for two games for illegal hit
added: Sun Oct 1 07:10:03 2017

The brain’s 7D sandcastles could be the key to consciousness
added: Sun Oct 1 07:06:53 2017

Courting Chinese, Australian realtors hope new rules don't spoil Golden Week
added: Sun Oct 1 07:05:27 2017

After first tour of Puerto Rico, top general calls damage 'the worst he's ever seen' | PBS NewsHour #MAGA READ UP!
added: Sun Oct 1 06:07:54 2017
tags: maga

Zuck's "both sides" argument is a flimsy defense of Facebook's failures during 2016 election
added: Sun Oct 1 06:02:14 2017

Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico is higher than official count, experts say
added: Sun Oct 1 06:02:07 2017

In #CentralAfricanRepublic all intl mediators should agree on a coherent roadmap to resolve the crisis. #CAR
added: Sun Oct 1 06:00:00 2017
tags: centralafricanrepublic, car

US State Department Has Removed Taiwanese Flag From Its Website
added: Sun Oct 1 05:45:08 2017

Unidentified cop from elite Hong Kong unit arrested for nicking Macau casino chips worth HK$800,000 via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Oct 1 05:28:17 2017

Four times Facebook could have taken its Russia problem seriously, but didn’t
added: Sun Oct 1 05:03:18 2017

Xi Jinping's $678 billion push to reshape the world in China's image
added: Sun Oct 1 05:00:54 2017

Australia -Chinese students taught to ‘snitch’ on politically incorrect lecturers
added: Sun Oct 1 05:00:19 2017

Pyongyang shown no interest in talks - State Department
added: Sun Oct 1 05:00:13 2017

"Our belief is that freedom from harm trumps freedom of speech."
added: Sun Oct 1 05:00:00 2017

Xi Jinping's political win is likely to result in more giant state monopolies |
added: Sun Oct 1 04:59:33 2017

NTC owns 165 acres of mill land in Mumbai and the fight is not over @winterapples in @timesofindia #MumbaiTragedy
added: Sun Oct 1 04:48:06 2017
tags: mumbaitragedy

Measles outbreak: Eight of 11 cases linked to Docklands workplace
added: Sun Oct 1 04:48:03 2017

Everything you need to know about hash length extension attacks :
added: Sun Oct 1 04:45:28 2017

High school football players kicked off team for protesting during national anthem
added: Sun Oct 1 04:44:40 2017

Singapore asks: is China's Belt and Road good for our future?
added: Sun Oct 1 04:37:08 2017

Missouri officer cleared in fatal shooting at traffic stop
added: Sun Oct 1 04:20:06 2017

added: Sun Oct 1 03:19:20 2017

David De Cremer & Zhang Xiangcheng establish OBOR Centre at Judge Business School, Cambridge
added: Sun Oct 1 02:37:04 2017

China’s #bitcoin market alive and well as traders defy crackdown
added: Sun Oct 1 02:15:01 2017
tags: bitcoin

Justice & Support for the Family of Larnell Bruce (who was brutally murdered by neo-Nazis in #Oregon)
added: Sun Oct 1 01:15:05 2017
tags: oregon

Video: @demosisto protest at #NotMyNationalDay flag-raising, are tackled, spat on, removed #ThisIsHK
added: Sun Oct 1 00:43:57 2017
tags: thisishk, notmynationalday

Why China’s Growing Debt Load Worries the World @scottbrison @Bill_Morneau @CarlMinzner @JustinTrudeau
added: Sun Oct 1 00:11:27 2017

Insecurities exposed. Many Chinese look at India and wonder: how do they make this soft power thing look so easy?
added: Sat Sep 30 23:52:17 2017

“We won't tolerate manipulation of our democracy from abroad." Taipei charges Beijing with recruiting gang members:
added: Sat Sep 30 15:00:16 2017

Bullet train project will be demonetisation-like move: Chidambaram
added: Sat Sep 30 12:10:00 2017

Xi curbs disloyalty as Communist party expels former rising star
added: Sat Sep 30 12:02:31 2017

Moscow denies Ukraine's accusation that it left troops in Belarus
added: Sat Sep 30 11:50:05 2017

NYC offering to pay homeless a year’s worth of rent if they leave town: Comments:
added: Sat Sep 30 11:50:02 2017

Open season on bears: US considers ending protection for America's largest group of grizzly bears
added: Sat Sep 30 10:49:29 2017

This is fantastic
added: Sat Sep 30 07:31:52 2017

Paralysed Manchester bomb victim says firm sacked her for 'being blown up'
added: Sat Sep 30 07:26:00 2017

Okay so on the Laura Kuenssberg stuff. What I think can be found in here, but also gonna expand a bit.
added: Sat Sep 30 07:21:14 2017

I wrote about one of the worst atrocities the US government ever supported, and the legacy of violent anti-communism
added: Sat Sep 30 07:17:22 2017

【陳德霖:預期樓價「只升不跌」不理性】 金管局總裁陳德霖表示,目前未見到樓市進入下行周期的跡象,監管措施仍會持續。但他提醒預期樓價「只升不跌」是不理性,現在「牛氣沖天」,大家看不到信號。 #有線新聞 #陳德霖 #樓市 #加息
added: Sat Sep 30 07:15:01 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 陳德霖, 樓市, 加息

Study: Frogs in Pet Trade Carry Deadly Salamander Disease, Threatening Wild Populations:
added: Sat Sep 30 07:10:52 2017

Bali volcano evacuees outside danger zone told to go home
added: Sat Sep 30 07:01:08 2017

新思維主席狄志遠強調,建制派或民主派都會指摘新思維派人參選是鎅票,但若因此而不參選就所有選舉都不用參與。 【硬撼葉劉?新思維擬參加中西區區議會兩席補選】 早前報道:...
added: Sat Sep 30 07:00:05 2017

Trump tax records reveal "he could have paid no federal income tax for decades" #1yrago
added: Sat Sep 30 07:00:04 2017
tags: 1yrago

Colombian military kills FARC dissident in airstrike
added: Sat Sep 30 07:00:01 2017

Jeremy Corbyn: Neoliberalism Is Broken and We Are Now the Middle Ground
added: Sat Sep 30 06:58:03 2017

Xi Jinping tells Communist Party to keep innovating and contributing to Marxism
added: Sat Sep 30 06:45:00 2017

Royal Caribbean cancels cruise, sends ship to help Puerto Rico
added: Sat Sep 30 05:52:01 2017

BREAKING: 'Active shooter' at US Air Force Academy in Colorado base sparks lockdown
added: Sat Sep 30 05:50:31 2017

Q: Communications metadata is meaningless. A: It let researchers realize nightowls have larger social networks:
added: Sat Sep 30 05:48:50 2017

"Fake Antifa Twitter Account Busted For Tweeting from Russia"
added: Sat Sep 30 04:10:56 2017

Citigroup to settle dispute with Lehman Brothers for $1.74 billion: Bloomberg
added: Sat Sep 30 04:10:04 2017

Apple just open sourced every iOS and macOS kernel to date. What the hell.
added: Sat Sep 30 03:16:27 2017

Nude Mona Lisa? Sketch May Have Link to Masterpiece
added: Sat Sep 30 03:05:35 2017

"Rejected friend requests" and "Friend lists" are two examples of the information the administration wants:
added: Sat Sep 30 03:01:01 2017

China's factories grow at fastest pace in over five years as prices surge
added: Sat Sep 30 03:00:13 2017

Report: Countless PCs vulnerable to newly discovered firmware attack
added: Sat Sep 30 02:59:38 2017

Morocco defends expulsion of Guardian journalist
added: Sat Sep 30 02:58:07 2017

12th death reported from nursing home that lost power, AC during Irma
added: Sat Sep 30 02:58:00 2017

ICE Wants to Destroy Its Records of In-Custody Deaths, Sexual Assault, and Other Detainee Files
added: Sat Sep 30 02:55:03 2017

This is how barbaric the Philippines has become because Duterte rewards the police despite horrendous rights record
added: Sat Sep 30 02:54:48 2017

Trump to visit Asia in November, North Korea in spotlight
added: Sat Sep 30 02:50:05 2017

The SEC has charged two initial coin offerings with defrauding investors: Comments:
added: Sat Sep 30 02:50:02 2017

Militarized St Louis police in riot gear form line after tasing protester, spraying livestreamer. Watch live-
added: Sat Sep 30 02:45:51 2017

Oxford University has removed a portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi and replaced it with a Japanese painting.
added: Sat Sep 30 02:45:21 2017

@BenjaminPDixon Full video:
added: Sat Sep 30 01:21:36 2017

Plan to slash farm antibiotic use may stop spread of resistance
added: Sat Sep 30 01:17:32 2017

December 20, 2016 - Report: Interior secretary nominee, former SEAL committed travel fraud
added: Sat Sep 30 01:16:12 2017

"attended a Wimbledon championship tennis match, toured Westminster Abbey and taken a cruise on the Thames"
added: Sat Sep 30 01:14:55 2017

China Takes a New Tack it may narrow its claims slightly & use pseudo-UNCLOS terminology
added: Sat Sep 30 00:59:25 2017

This is worth reading. How the media and mayor treated a black man and richer non-black man shot the same day:
added: Sat Sep 30 00:59:14 2017

enjoyed reading - nice overview post
added: Sat Sep 30 00:50:37 2017

Not an episode of Veep, an actual thing that happened 😳🤔🙄
added: Sat Sep 30 00:49:52 2017

@chrislhayes I published a full list this afternoon ( ) and it sounded like you got most of…
added: Sat Sep 30 00:49:40 2017

I missed this @cnmediaproject special on how the Great Firewall has become a great atomised hive of propaganda
added: Sat Sep 30 00:49:34 2017

U.S. border agents can ransack travelers’ smartphones & laptops without probable cause. This bill would change that
added: Fri Sep 29 23:56:00 2017

BREAKING: The entire damn Trump White House exposed secrets through the use of private devices and emails.
added: Fri Sep 29 23:50:08 2017

U.S. regulatory council votes to remove AIG's systemically risky label
added: Fri Sep 29 23:50:05 2017

"The struggle of the Zapatistas to advance the rights of Indigenous communities now fuels Patricio’s campaign to...
added: Fri Sep 29 23:50:04 2017

Cuba sends doctors to help Mexico’s earthquake victims
added: Fri Sep 29 23:50:00 2017

added: Fri Sep 29 23:49:40 2017

New study finds antibiotic resistant gene MCR-1 is widespread in Chinese water supply, animals and people.
added: Fri Sep 29 23:46:57 2017

Blade Runner 2049 is a narcotic spectacle of eerie and pitiless vastness, by turns satirical, tragic and romantic
added: Fri Sep 29 23:41:46 2017

Puerto Ricans tell me they see racism and colonialism in Trump's talk of debt repayment as their families suffer:
added: Fri Sep 29 23:13:00 2017

IMF: "Countries looking to boost economic growth should concentrate their efforts on the lower segments of society."
added: Fri Sep 29 21:43:09 2017

Spent a month on this --> Trump delays rule to punish drugmakers for price gouging — breaking key pledge (via @mic):
added: Fri Sep 29 21:35:45 2017

Post-Basho: the NHS is directly investing in a number of improv... #video #erlang #databases
added: Fri Sep 29 21:35:20 2017
tags: databases, video, erlang

The Mutual Genocide of #Indian #Partition @DalrympleWill
added: Fri Sep 29 20:37:37 2017
tags: indian, partition

Golly if only someone had warned progressives that embracing anti-Russia hysteria would blowback on the left
added: Fri Sep 29 16:00:11 2017

There's reason to believe that the Equifax hack was a state-sponsored attack
added: Fri Sep 29 15:44:38 2017

The saga comes to an end, or does it? How I went from selling food in the street to working for top firms in tech .
added: Fri Sep 29 14:51:11 2017

Myanmar Rohingya hatred has roots in Buddhist nationalism
added: Fri Sep 29 13:55:15 2017

London house prices have fallen for first time in 8 years—despite Sterling knocking 20% off for foreign buyers:
added: Fri Sep 29 13:54:10 2017

Without fanfare, Equifax makes bankruptcy change that affects hundreds of thousands
added: Fri Sep 29 13:52:15 2017

Texas GOP Once Again Free To Fuck Houston In Ass, Now That TV Cameras Are Gone via @EvanHurst
added: Fri Sep 29 13:50:48 2017

This is encouraging. High school students — some too young to vote — are running for office.
added: Fri Sep 29 13:50:11 2017

Exclusive: AC Milan's Chinese owner seeks new investors - sources
added: Fri Sep 29 13:50:06 2017

How the CIA Stole a Soviet Satellite: Comments:
added: Fri Sep 29 13:50:02 2017

ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi still alive, new audio tape seems to suggest
added: Fri Sep 29 13:50:01 2017

Trump Meets With Kevin Warsh About Fed Chairman Job
added: Fri Sep 29 13:49:58 2017

After Puerto Rico crisis ends, invest in stable, cheap electric power for economic growth: By @baselinescene
added: Fri Sep 29 13:49:55 2017

Minor pay, minor labor rights, and minor respect. We need to organize minor league baseball.
added: Fri Sep 29 13:48:31 2017

The offer to Puerto Rico was worse in terms of debt relief than one the bondholder group made before the hurricanes.
added: Fri Sep 29 13:48:27 2017

"What do you want people in the rest of the US to know about Puerto Rico?" "We need help. We need help."
added: Fri Sep 29 11:54:54 2017

Paris, France: Anarchist Street Bulletin ‘Blasphegme’ is Taking a Break
added: Fri Sep 29 11:21:07 2017

VW's dieselgate bill hits $30 billion after another charge
added: Fri Sep 29 11:20:38 2017

Mark Carney cements impression of November interest rate hike
added: Fri Sep 29 11:20:38 2017

Former VW engine chief Hatz arrested in diesel investigation, reports say: Comments:
added: Fri Sep 29 11:20:02 2017

Packers put emphasis on patriotism not protests
added: Fri Sep 29 11:15:09 2017

The brain’s 7D sandcastles could be the key to consciousness
added: Fri Sep 29 11:12:53 2017

South Korean authorities are worried by a rise in criminal cases involving cryptocurrencies
added: Fri Sep 29 11:00:15 2017

Myanmar ministers make surprise visit by helicopter to bring aid to isolated Rohingya after @Reuters story.
added: Fri Sep 29 11:00:07 2017

Work on Chinese capital’s tallest tower stalls as officials fret about what can be seen from the top
added: Fri Sep 29 10:55:03 2017

The hateful vindictive politics in Trump's America: Immigrants targeted in Sanctuary Cities including Philly.
added: Fri Sep 29 10:04:08 2017

Surging sales and share prices - what's not to like in China property bonds? Plenty…
added: Fri Sep 29 09:02:00 2017

Hong Kong stocks ended Friday marginally higher
added: Fri Sep 29 09:01:54 2017

Furious Philippines decries West's joint stand on drug war killings
added: Fri Sep 29 09:00:12 2017

#Trump's Corporate Tax Would Trigger a Global Race to the Bottom: senior Tax Justice Network advisor @submergingmkt
added: Fri Sep 29 08:54:06 2017
tags: trump

#JeremyCobynSolidGoldStandard Every good leader must also be a housing defense activist.
added: Fri Sep 29 08:54:02 2017
tags: jeremycobynsolidgoldstandard

Planet-warming methane from livestock underestimated: study
added: Fri Sep 29 08:47:07 2017

China says one step forwards, two steps back no good for Japan ties
added: Fri Sep 29 08:45:16 2017

Extreme gusts of space gas made early black holes enormous
added: Fri Sep 29 08:44:52 2017

The Best Way To Represent The Overall Racial Wealth Gap
added: Fri Sep 29 08:36:43 2017

Fascinating piece on China's new censors/thought auditors. Tea and Tiananmen - Inside China's new censorship machine
added: Fri Sep 29 08:36:36 2017

.@NajibRazak: Infrastructure projects will raise economic status of rural folk
added: Fri Sep 29 08:35:05 2017

The original Wonder Woman is not happy with James Cameron
added: Fri Sep 29 08:34:00 2017

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong announces #scholarships for American students.
added: Fri Sep 29 08:19:45 2017
tags: scholarships

Corbynism is popular: voters do back nationalisation 23% want state-run travel agents.
added: Fri Sep 29 08:07:35 2017

Alarm as study reveals world’s tropical forests are huge source of CO2 emissions by…
added: Fri Sep 29 08:00:14 2017

China PLA air force flick 'Sky Hunter' releases today Not so for Feng Xiaogang’s ‘Youth’
added: Fri Sep 29 07:53:15 2017

Mumbai's suburban system India's most overcrowded, carries 14-16 passengers per sq ft of floor space. #elphinstone
added: Fri Sep 29 07:52:45 2017
tags: elphinstone, elphinstonestampede

‘The bridge is collapsing’: Eyewitnesses recall #MumbaiStampede horror
added: Fri Sep 29 07:46:11 2017
tags: mumbaistampede

Cheng Chung-tai convicted of desecrating PRC & HKSAR flags, fined $5k (which means he won't lose his Legco seat)
added: Fri Sep 29 07:45:23 2017

Mumbai stampede: 27 dead, over 30 injured at #Elphinstone railway station
added: Fri Sep 29 07:44:25 2017
tags: elphinstone

Buddhism in China – Reflections from Visit to China
added: Fri Sep 29 06:30:17 2017

Yanis Varoufakis: Schäuble Leaves but Schäuble-ism Lives On
added: Fri Sep 29 06:30:11 2017

Tsunami-driven rafting: Transoceanic species dispersal and implications for marine biogeography
added: Fri Sep 29 05:55:33 2017

#EJI Lawmakers slam EDB after mother, son found dead in Tuen Mun
added: Fri Sep 29 05:45:58 2017
tags: eji

在北京的国际警组织会.美国代表直接说明.国际警察组织已经论为政治工具!会议失败了😹 China's Spy Network in United States Includes 25,000 Intelligence Officers
added: Fri Sep 29 05:10:08 2017

#開心大發現 Maria Tam might be the person who first suggested @foreignoffice 6-Monthly reports on Hong Kong post-Handover
added: Fri Sep 29 05:02:53 2017
tags: 開心大發現

Ohio, a Union State, Will Reinstall Confederate Monument for Some Reason
added: Fri Sep 29 04:58:00 2017

Hundreds of immigrants arrested in sanctuary cities across US
added: Fri Sep 29 04:57:26 2017
added: Fri Sep 29 04:18:14 2017

Do government agencies ever leak information intentionally? Yes, and there's a form for it:
added: Fri Sep 29 03:49:01 2017

Brief: South Korea will ban ICOs too
added: Fri Sep 29 03:46:18 2017

Stop Beating Up On the Jones Act
added: Fri Sep 29 03:45:05 2017

Equifax CEO gets $15 million to retire after exposing 143 million to identity-theft
added: Fri Sep 29 03:40:16 2017

Former rugbymen suffer joint, bone problems: study
added: Fri Sep 29 03:40:09 2017

Illinois Republican governor signs controversial abortion bill
added: Fri Sep 29 03:40:05 2017

Incinerators not the only option to solve waste management crisis
added: Fri Sep 29 03:33:14 2017

Watchdog: OPM Denied 20 Percent of Agency Requests to Let Political Appointees 'Burrow In'
added: Fri Sep 29 03:30:14 2017

Animals sacrificed at Chhatar Jatra in Odisha despite Supreme Court ban
added: Fri Sep 29 03:30:01 2017

How did I miss the fact that Facebook's former Chief Privacy Officer has been Board Chairman at PredPol since 2014:
added: Fri Sep 29 03:27:41 2017

A two-fer from Ryan Zinke: he charged taxpayers $12,375 for a flight on a private plane *owned by oil executives*:
added: Fri Sep 29 03:18:04 2017

Puerto Ricans are living climate change right now. Here’s how they describe it. #PuertoRico…
added: Fri Sep 29 03:07:02 2017
tags: puertorico

China’s booming electric vehicle market is about to run into a mountain of battery waste via @qz
added: Fri Sep 29 03:07:01 2017

Two on-duty NYPD cops forced a teenager to perform sex acts on them. Now cops are trying to claim it was consensual.
added: Fri Sep 29 03:05:56 2017

China crackdown on intellectual property theft wasn't driven by outside pressure: Official hmmm
added: Fri Sep 29 03:04:22 2017

Xinhua praises Xi Jinping for draining the swamp (激浊扬清, i.e., to flush away filth and bring in fresh water):
added: Fri Sep 29 02:45:43 2017

Great power in decline, but neither party has idea what 2 do about it/ Democracy in realignment via @thenation
added: Fri Sep 29 01:14:09 2017

White House investigation looking at traffic to Ivanka and Jared's private email server
added: Fri Sep 29 00:30:29 2017

Treasury study says labor pays 18% of the corporate income tax. Mnuchin says 70%. Treasury study taken down.
added: Thu Sep 28 22:42:28 2017

Ohio to reinstall and rededicate Confederate monument to appease angry wypipo
added: Thu Sep 28 21:21:04 2017

Ingenious use of big data helped expose Chinese company illegally poaching thousands of sharks #overfishing #IUU
added: Thu Sep 28 21:09:45 2017
tags: iuu, overfishing

NEW: Roy Moore failed to disclose as much as $150,000 in income to senate ethics officials
added: Thu Sep 28 20:18:05 2017

All of the firms owned by #China's central government adopt charters affirming Party authority over company matters
added: Thu Sep 28 18:34:32 2017
tags: china

The NFL has officially whitewashed Colin Kaepernick’s protest
added: Thu Sep 28 17:08:01 2017

This is dangerous for democracy. Stacking primaries & moving up state w/expensive media market aids the richest only
added: Thu Sep 28 15:47:32 2017

We need tax-funded free adult education to reduce appalling nat'l ignorance + fully employ our hardworking scholars
added: Thu Sep 28 15:36:54 2017

#SOUTHAFRICA 18 rhino poaching suspects arrested; five others convicted get total 30 years in jail via @HeraldPE
added: Thu Sep 28 15:25:15 2017
tags: southafrica

Dear Left Comrades, Thank You For Being Allies. Now, Leave Bahujans Alone
added: Thu Sep 28 15:25:13 2017

"Similar bans have been steadily gaining more and more publicity all over the world"
added: Thu Sep 28 15:24:00 2017

NEW: Facebook users are fighting government search warrants for their account information
added: Thu Sep 28 15:17:17 2017

No Justice at the Settlement Celebration. But lots of absurdity. My latest @theprospect @sarahposner @addiestan
added: Thu Sep 28 14:55:00 2017

Landlords are right about Corbyn's crazy rent ideas - they work really hard to own those properties | Mark Steel
added: Thu Sep 28 14:32:51 2017

Lobbyists asked Trump admin to delay regs that protect construction workers from carcinogenic dust. This happened:
added: Thu Sep 28 14:30:28 2017

The NFL, the military, and the hijacking of Pat Tillman's story by @rdevro
added: Thu Sep 28 14:29:02 2017

Prominent anti-choice leader gushes that we're one Trump justice away from overturning Roe v. Wade
added: Thu Sep 28 14:09:28 2017

More ways to help #PuertoRicoStrong
added: Thu Sep 28 14:09:21 2017
tags: puertoricostrong

Man slips into irreversible coma after being left for nine hours in hospital waiting room
added: Thu Sep 28 14:08:36 2017

#Taiwan's @WeAreGogoro plans to ride into #Japan, to offer battery-sharing infra
added: Thu Sep 28 14:08:25 2017
tags: japan, taiwan

UK refuses to back UN inquiry into Saudi 'war crimes' amid fears it will damage trade
added: Thu Sep 28 14:07:30 2017

At least 13 dead after boat carrying Rohingya Muslim refugees capsizes
added: Thu Sep 28 14:07:07 2017

Brit caged in 'hell hole' Philippines jail after abuse claims
added: Thu Sep 28 14:06:56 2017

The 'ring finger' was once the 'leech finger.' Incidentally, doctors' methods have improved a LOT since the 1600s.
added: Thu Sep 28 14:06:39 2017

China’s border police will maintain the highest security on the country’s frontiers with North Korea.
added: Thu Sep 28 14:05:39 2017

Puget Sound's Southern Resident Orca Population Drops To 30-Year Low:
added: Thu Sep 28 14:01:47 2017

FBI considers white supremacist groups as much of a threat as Isis
added: Thu Sep 28 14:01:42 2017

Taiwan, Japan moving toward trade pact talks: official
added: Thu Sep 28 14:00:03 2017

Abdul-Jabbar tells @IBTimes Trump is an "entitled white man who thinks only he should be allowed to speak freely"
added: Thu Sep 28 12:32:05 2017

Japan calls snap election as new party roils outlook
added: Thu Sep 28 12:30:12 2017

Dalits in Telangana village celebrate Bathukamma for the first time, face social boycott threat
added: Thu Sep 28 12:30:03 2017

Aramco listing reshapes Saudi Arabia's OPEC oil policy
added: Thu Sep 28 11:47:25 2017

North Korean iron, lead exports stable before ban #DPRK #NorthKorea
added: Thu Sep 28 11:46:42 2017
tags: dprk, northkorea

Cut in tax rate on income from pass-through businesses is a tax cut for rich people, not businesses
added: Thu Sep 28 11:45:01 2017

▶️ United States: When sport becomes a political football
added: Thu Sep 28 11:42:12 2017

Video streamer Roku raises $219 million in IPO, prices at top of range
added: Thu Sep 28 11:41:32 2017

Japan deserves worldwide condemnation for commercial whaling masquerading as `science’. #whales #Japan
added: Thu Sep 28 11:40:09 2017
tags: japan, whales

The fossil finder extraordinaire who’s rewriting human evolution
added: Thu Sep 28 11:39:12 2017

Rising fear of volcanic eruption on Bali forces 100,000 to flee to shelters
added: Thu Sep 28 11:38:21 2017

Opinion | From My Detention in Malaysia, Thoughts on Islam and Tolerance by @AkyolinEnglish
added: Thu Sep 28 11:33:38 2017

▶️ Iraqi Kurdistan: All foreign flights to Iraq Kurd capital Erbil set to end Friday
added: Thu Sep 28 10:35:18 2017

All North Korean firms and joint ventures in #China to be closed
added: Thu Sep 28 10:30:43 2017
tags: china

India: #wildlife product seizures go up 90% according to data of Armed Border Force…
added: Thu Sep 28 09:02:13 2017
tags: wildlife

Hong Kong justice chief defends courts after judicial independence ranking falls
added: Thu Sep 28 09:01:38 2017

Police Raid Hot Cat Club in Beijing, Conduct Surprise Drug Tests -
added: Thu Sep 28 09:00:40 2017

Toshiba $18 billion sale of chip unit finally signed, legal challenges remain
added: Thu Sep 28 08:58:26 2017

Chinese moon missions delayed by rocket failure: report
added: Thu Sep 28 08:55:02 2017

Beijing rules out aid for ChemChina’s $44bn Syngenta acquisition
added: Thu Sep 28 08:48:28 2017

well look what we have here, more #CSS #grid goodness from the great folks at @Mozilla
added: Thu Sep 28 08:39:36 2017
tags: css, grid

Gravitational waves from colliding blackholes detected for fourth time – with many firsts |…
added: Thu Sep 28 08:02:03 2017

1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Guide to the Medicinal Use of Plants Now Digitized & Put Online
added: Thu Sep 28 08:01:00 2017

CUPP members beat up students w/ retractable baton outside NTU campus when they protest united front work frm China
added: Thu Sep 28 08:00:09 2017

Why do people take pride in destroying nature's wonders? via @AfricaGeo
added: Thu Sep 28 07:58:57 2017

Why Should Your Credit History Cost You a Job?
added: Thu Sep 28 07:28:12 2017

Prosecution Futures? Multibillion Dollar Orders in Coinbase Trading Platform
added: Thu Sep 28 07:23:11 2017

What India is witnessing today is not about cow protection
added: Thu Sep 28 07:20:00 2017

Labour conference was great until this grandma made life awkward. By @JoshuaChaffin
added: Thu Sep 28 07:19:49 2017

Chinese evacuees from Libya (2011) sung national anthem to be identified More nationalist propaganda post new law
added: Thu Sep 28 07:19:11 2017

Amazing. Pharma co Allergan transfers drug patent to Native American tribe, St Regis Mohawk, to avoid IP challenge.
added: Thu Sep 28 07:14:08 2017

High Sierra hijinks continue: Nasty apps can pull your passwords
added: Thu Sep 28 07:06:25 2017

China's yuan eases to over one-month low as dollar firms on Trump tax hopes
added: Thu Sep 28 07:05:30 2017

China ban on waste imports leads to piles of paper abroad, surging prices in China via @pakwayne
added: Thu Sep 28 07:05:01 2017

Russia and US agreed to cooperate on a Nasa-led programme to build the first lunar space station, en route to Mars:
added: Thu Sep 28 06:47:13 2017

#Uganda's parliament prepares to grant Museveni life presidency, reports @johnaglionby via…
added: Thu Sep 28 06:40:35 2017
tags: uganda

evennia - Python MUD/MUX/MUSH/MU* development system
added: Thu Sep 28 06:39:36 2017

#SriLanka condemns mob attack on #Rohingya refugees: "As a Buddhist I am ashamed at what happened."
added: Thu Sep 28 06:34:07 2017
tags: srilanka, rohingya

British film-maker killed by Isis militants in #Syria
added: Thu Sep 28 06:33:02 2017
tags: syria

On the latest round of ZOMG TENSHUNZ in the media... this time over Wm Lai
added: Thu Sep 28 06:29:34 2017

My latest @FT investigation, a year in the making. A hidden struggle over money, power and the truth
added: Thu Sep 28 06:15:33 2017

Fingers crossed but I’m hoping you’ll love this: Cheung Chau Bun Festival: Heritage or Spectacle? 長洲太...
added: Thu Sep 28 06:07:52 2017

"We cannot be silent." Jeremy Corbyn slams Saudi war in Yemen, Israeli oppression
added: Thu Sep 28 06:00:04 2017

Army conducts operation against ‘unidentified insurgents’ along India-Myanmar border |…
added: Thu Sep 28 06:00:02 2017

Bail plea denied, Honeypreet has no option but to surrender
added: Thu Sep 28 06:00:01 2017

EPA's Pruitt took flights costing taxpayers more than $58,000: Washington Post
added: Thu Sep 28 05:54:49 2017

No damage to Hong Kong's judicial independence over past year, says Justice Sec
added: Thu Sep 28 05:54:24 2017

James Person, Chinese-North Korean Relations: Drawing the Right Historical Lessons
added: Thu Sep 28 05:12:19 2017

Chinese online insurer ZhongAn jumps 18 percent in HK debut
added: Thu Sep 28 05:00:15 2017

Singapore and Indonesia to Jointly Register to the UN the third maritime boundary border treaty via @ChannelNewsAsia
added: Thu Sep 28 04:59:48 2017

Vancouver's run amok real estate boom resulting in demo of a 42 story tower..+fears city will erase 70s architecture
added: Thu Sep 28 04:57:59 2017

Critics raise questions about China’s reception for Canadian municipal leaders in British Columbia #ComradeJang
added: Thu Sep 28 04:44:25 2017
tags: comradejang

Two Bornean Elephants found dead with their tusks removed. @eljohn88 @kanithak_ #ivory #elephants #Sabah #wildlife
added: Thu Sep 28 04:39:47 2017
tags: ivory, elephants, wildlife, sabah

共享單車違泊嚴重 地政充公23架Gobee bike
added: Thu Sep 28 04:38:47 2017

'In a way, Junius Ho showed unusual originality and flair in demanding supporters of HK independence be killed'
added: Thu Sep 28 04:20:18 2017

In Jamia hostels, girls have to gt their parents- preferably father- to send a text messge 2 warden for a night out.
added: Thu Sep 28 04:16:21 2017

Ex-chief secretary Henry Tang says HK should forget 'waste of time' political reform and get back to making money
added: Thu Sep 28 04:00:53 2017

Hong Kong stock market takes on mainland traits as flows increase
added: Thu Sep 28 03:50:23 2017

Puerto Rico's debt problem is a product of US colonialism.
added: Thu Sep 28 03:48:48 2017

For Some Chinese Uighurs, Modeling Is A Path To Success
added: Thu Sep 28 03:47:55 2017

#Vancouver, global money laundering capital? via @ #vanre #bcpoli #cdnpoli
added: Thu Sep 28 03:47:48 2017
tags: bcpoli, vancouver, vanre, cdnpoli

Department of Justice won't collect data on Native human trafficking victims
added: Thu Sep 28 03:47:38 2017

U.S. Vetoes China Bid for Minority Stake in Mapping Company HERE #Tencent
added: Thu Sep 28 03:37:53 2017
tags: tencent

Without a shred of evidence, GOP Sen. James Lankford blames Russia for NFL #takeaknee protests
added: Thu Sep 28 03:24:40 2017
tags: takeaknee

seems... odd... that china would pour money into stealth development while publicly claiming "stealth killer" radar
added: Thu Sep 28 03:01:25 2017

NYT: Paul Horner, Fake News Writer Who Took Credit for Trump Victory, Dies at 38
added: Thu Sep 28 02:51:48 2017

Jared Kushner 'registered to vote as a woman'
added: Thu Sep 28 02:50:27 2017

Life on Earth may date back 3.95 bn years: study
added: Thu Sep 28 02:46:05 2017

Emerging market equities tear up the history book
added: Thu Sep 28 02:45:12 2017

Former KMT chair candidate Li Hsin fell to his death from 11 floor building today
added: Thu Sep 28 02:44:18 2017

Important @charlie_savage piece, with tremendous documents to back it up. EPA Threatens to Chop $ 4 DOJ Enviro Work
added: Thu Sep 28 02:39:04 2017

REPORT: Wall St firms whose donors bankrolled NM GOP Gov. Martinez's groups were paid $14 million by NM taxpayers
added: Thu Sep 28 02:35:00 2017

.@joshuawongcf writing from prison: Prison is an inevitable part of Hong Kong's exhausting path to democracy
added: Thu Sep 28 02:33:19 2017

Credit tightening contains China’s seasonal housing boost
added: Thu Sep 28 02:30:25 2017

China's Central Bank New Sales Equal to Amount Hitting Maturity
added: Thu Sep 28 02:30:23 2017

As China’s Economy Slows, ‘Business Cults’ Prey on Young Job Seekers
added: Thu Sep 28 02:27:06 2017

Otto Warmbier's body 'showed no signs of torture', US coroner says
added: Thu Sep 28 02:13:48 2017

China’s corn exports to North Korea are nearly 100 times the levels of a year earlier
added: Thu Sep 28 01:48:16 2017

Why it costs twice as much to ship something to Puerto Rico as to Jamaica
added: Thu Sep 28 01:15:01 2017

Japan has just ended its whaling season in the north Pacific Ocean after capturing and killing 177 whales:
added: Thu Sep 28 00:51:35 2017

#Veterans tired of being used as props in the #TakeAKnee controversy. "Actually do something to support us." ✋
added: Thu Sep 28 00:10:25 2017
tags: veterans, takeaknee

Fake Washington Post in China mixed stories from Xinhua with real WaPo content, all under US paper's masthead
added: Wed Sep 27 23:10:58 2017

China’s EMBA programmes: under government scrutiny
added: Wed Sep 27 23:04:52 2017

An investigation into the Bitcoin spam attacks. Looks like some Bitcoin pools were up to no good.
added: Wed Sep 27 22:12:04 2017

Tribes reject Yellowstone Park names that honor a war criminal and a white supremacist.
added: Wed Sep 27 21:44:52 2017

Fake news: Washington Post clone emerges in China
added: Wed Sep 27 21:08:33 2017

Who is Yang Jian? The mystery deepens, via Chinascope
added: Wed Sep 27 20:53:07 2017

A three-tonne ancestor of the koala is the first known marsupial to follow a migration pattern @ConversationEDU
added: Wed Sep 27 20:00:26 2017

Baltimore tenants file class-action suit vs Kushner Cos over its aggressive, lucrative pursuit of alleged late rent:
added: Wed Sep 27 18:05:51 2017

Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can REDUCE major crime Too counterintuitive for the Broken Windows cult.
added: Wed Sep 27 18:01:59 2017

China is now the world's third biggest exporter of weapons and the primary goal is to contain India.
added: Wed Sep 27 16:42:26 2017

#Pakistan, China sign MOU for construction of Gwadar East Bay expressway
added: Wed Sep 27 13:07:03 2017
tags: pakistan

But this is not limited to the South. Nationally, the bankruptcy system is failing black debtors.
added: Wed Sep 27 12:24:36 2017

Journo exposes ritual of bare-chested young girls paraded in front of a village - now gets death threats
added: Wed Sep 27 11:28:13 2017

Good reality check for those who are awed and inspired by China's tech culture. via @aspi_org
added: Wed Sep 27 10:35:02 2017

Photos have recently emerged online of adults and children climbing the centuries-old 60-metre wall in northern...
added: Wed Sep 27 09:30:13 2017

#Namibia: Four man in court for illegal possession of eight #elephant tusks via @allafrica #WildlifeJustice
added: Wed Sep 27 09:08:42 2017
tags: wildlifejustice, namibia, elephant

#Edradynate highland estate has licence restricted following wildlife crime allegations
added: Wed Sep 27 08:53:29 2017
tags: edradynate

Protesting girls who go out of campus after 8 pm complain about security: BHU VC
added: Wed Sep 27 07:54:29 2017

Jardines should have taken the money @nishagopalanhk via @gadfly
added: Wed Sep 27 07:53:18 2017

Why Hindutva groups criticised Hamid Ansari for inaugurating a conference in Kerala
added: Wed Sep 27 07:49:18 2017

Government will take over burned Myanmar land: minister
added: Wed Sep 27 07:48:24 2017

BHU V-C pushes for appointing hospital head indicted for sexual harassment
added: Wed Sep 27 07:48:09 2017

A Perth free-diver describes the consequences of our plastic addiction on the ocean. #Plastic #Oceans
added: Wed Sep 27 07:46:26 2017
tags: plastic, oceans

Taiwan premier announces plans to remove investment obstacles
added: Wed Sep 27 07:46:13 2017

#Indonesia pledged to attempt to reduce plastic junk in its waters by 70% by 2025
added: Wed Sep 27 07:45:13 2017
tags: indonesia

Madurai: Bare-chested girls paraded, made to live with priest for bizarre temple ritual
added: Wed Sep 27 07:45:12 2017

Very sad. British film-maker killed by #ISIS fighters in #Syria while covering battle for #Raqqa
added: Wed Sep 27 07:44:59 2017
tags: isis, syria, raqqa

Macau Asks Banks to Stop Virtual Currency Related Services #bitcoin #ICO
added: Wed Sep 27 07:39:35 2017
tags: ico, bitcoin

Hindu Matha Convention objected to the appt of a non-brahmin priest, thereby stalling the process.Ezhava priest wins
added: Wed Sep 27 07:22:59 2017

After spate of suicides, China targets predatory student lending via @shuzhang4 & Ryan Woo
added: Wed Sep 27 07:18:39 2017

China mulls Yangtze river curbs during Congress, pushing up chemical prices
added: Wed Sep 27 07:13:22 2017

¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to silence Catalan independence vote sites
added: Wed Sep 27 07:08:15 2017

LingU students warn it's not safe to let #JuniusHo on campus since he said independence advocates should be killed
added: Wed Sep 27 07:02:57 2017
tags: juniusho

Exclusive: 'We are not terrorists,' says Rohingya guerilla commander
added: Wed Sep 27 07:01:05 2017

Equifax CEO Steps Down Amid Hacking Scandal
added: Wed Sep 27 07:00:38 2017

State Department and Pentagon officials all opposed Trump's travel ban on Chad. Stephen Miller said do it anyway
added: Wed Sep 27 06:38:54 2017

Resisting China’s magic weapon
added: Wed Sep 27 06:37:32 2017

Japanese Banks Are Planning to Launch J-Coin, a Digital Currency Meant to Kill Off Cash - @techreview
added: Wed Sep 27 06:35:05 2017

Taiwan’s new premier risks Beijing’s wrath after affirming support for island’s independence
added: Wed Sep 27 06:31:04 2017

China’s Beige Book warns of 'darker story' ahead for economy
added: Wed Sep 27 06:30:24 2017

Uzbek dissident detained upon return from exile
added: Wed Sep 27 06:30:11 2017

Balochistan’s injustices need the world’s attention, writes @husainhaqqani
added: Wed Sep 27 06:30:01 2017

Wildlife pays the price of illegal grazing
added: Wed Sep 27 06:28:37 2017

The U.S.-China relationship is "too lopsided," commerce secretary Wilbur Ross stressed to Chinese leaders this week:
added: Wed Sep 27 06:21:04 2017

【曾蔭權案 早上仍處理陪審員事宜】 前行政長官曾蔭權被控一項行政長官接受利益罪。 九人陪審團今早返到法庭宣誓時,一名女陪審員未能準確讀出部分英文字,被法官免去職務,再抽出另一名男陪審員,令陪審團變成五男四女。...
added: Wed Sep 27 06:20:12 2017

Chelsea Manning (@xychelsea) Says She Was Blocked from Entering Canada
added: Wed Sep 27 06:20:11 2017

Factoid from Wilbur Ross press briefing: 360 of China's 400 robotics firms are only in it for subsidies/tax breaks
added: Wed Sep 27 05:51:17 2017

Kissinger calls for cooperative U.S.-China relationship: People's Daily
added: Wed Sep 27 05:50:53 2017

China's industrial profits jump most in four years on commodity price surge
added: Wed Sep 27 05:50:04 2017

Tech that taps into evaporation could produce a huge portion of the nation's energy needs—at least theoretically.
added: Wed Sep 27 05:46:50 2017

Shared battery company asks employees to relocate to Xinjiang, slashes wages, and refuses to cover transport costs
added: Wed Sep 27 05:45:04 2017

Otto Warmbier blind, deaf and 'jerking violently' on US return, parents say
added: Wed Sep 27 05:43:03 2017

Per @nytimes, Trump is using NFL to double down w/ his base
added: Wed Sep 27 05:42:54 2017

Polytechnic University head set to retire as 'Democracy Wall' free speech row escalates
added: Wed Sep 27 05:40:43 2017
tags: hk

Thousands flee as Vanuatu volcano verges on eruption
added: Wed Sep 27 05:30:02 2017

Debate arises over whether Trump will release secret JFK assassination papers
added: Wed Sep 27 05:27:02 2017

Per MasterCard index, Taipei ranks 8th globally in overnight visitor spending, is 10th fastest-growing destination.
added: Wed Sep 27 05:25:24 2017

'Absolutely not okay': Hanging noose Halloween display angers neighbors
added: Wed Sep 27 05:15:18 2017

Small shops in Hong Kong are being squeezed out as more customers turn to online shopping
added: Wed Sep 27 05:04:38 2017

Military action in Korea will lead to “catastrophic consequences”: Moscow
added: Wed Sep 27 05:00:15 2017

China’s Communist Party says it will support and protect entrepreneurs
added: Wed Sep 27 04:30:34 2017

The poor public end as victims on the altar of ineffective & misleading political strategies #Kalimpong #Darjeeling
added: Wed Sep 27 04:22:04 2017
tags: darjeeling, kalimpong

Europol warns banks ATM cyber attacks on the rise
added: Wed Sep 27 03:50:07 2017

How #Taiwan's currency became the dullest in the world via @markets @business @frostyhk @samsonellis
added: Wed Sep 27 03:48:11 2017
tags: taiwan

added: Wed Sep 27 03:46:43 2017
tags: neverchait

American in N. Korea tortured: "looked as if somebody had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged his bottom teeth.”
added: Wed Sep 27 03:40:41 2017

For every $3-$4 cup of #coffee farmers in poor countries get $0.05 @FT
added: Wed Sep 27 03:39:30 2017
tags: coffee

Good report on the Chinese economy and very much in line with my own thoughts
added: Wed Sep 27 03:37:09 2017

Mercer crony & trailer-park developer Robert San Luis financed Moore's SuperPAC
added: Wed Sep 27 03:36:38 2017

Academy of Sciences finds that 34% of China's national wetland nature reserves are in a poor state. Related read:
added: Wed Sep 27 03:20:04 2017

Spain to deploy police at polling stations to prevent #1Oct referendum on independence in Catalonia
added: Wed Sep 27 03:19:18 2017
tags: 1oct

屯門警區刑事調查隊及屯門分區特遣隊人員經調查後,昨晚在寶田邨一單位拘捕一名姓呂(53歲)男子,涉嫌殘酷對待動物,現正被扣留調查。 大家拍片真的很重要。
added: Wed Sep 27 03:16:28 2017

What mainstream economics gets wrong.
added: Wed Sep 27 03:12:12 2017

Global markets shrug off Yellen’s comments via @WSJ @ese_journo
added: Wed Sep 27 03:09:44 2017

"It’s depressing to think that I’ll be working most of my life just to buy a tiny flat," a 22-year-old University...
added: Wed Sep 27 02:20:32 2017

“Fifteen years ago, I actually went up against the Klan, and we won.” — Doug Jones by @JonathanLKrohn
added: Wed Sep 27 02:12:50 2017

"Puerto Ricans on the island are nobody’s constituents. Nobody is watching out for them," says @yarimarbonilla
added: Wed Sep 27 02:10:06 2017

Dollar supported by Yellen's rate hike talk, politics saps euro
added: Wed Sep 27 02:10:04 2017

Oracle corrals and patches Struts 2 vulnerabilities
added: Wed Sep 27 02:00:00 2017

The effective rulers of Puerto Rico #PROMESA #climatejustice #PuertoRicoSeLevanta #maria
added: Wed Sep 27 01:58:05 2017
tags: climatejustice, puertoricoselevanta, maria, promesa

We just published a newly-discovered short story by Kurt Vonnegut, never read before anywhere.
added: Wed Sep 27 01:58:02 2017

How Hong Kong's developers are abusing public space via @HongKongFP cc @cheekyangelHK
added: Wed Sep 27 01:58:02 2017

Women are 100 times more likely to be killed by a man with a gun than to use a firearm in self defense.
added: Wed Sep 27 01:57:05 2017

Strange + allies spent $15.5m in #ALSen (including $8m from McConnell) vs. $2.3m from Moore + allies. 7:1 advantage
added: Wed Sep 27 01:53:17 2017
tags: alsen

Amazon says YouTube no longer avail on Echo Show; Google says implementation violates TOS
added: Wed Sep 27 01:51:26 2017

Justice Dept. to argue for allowing the discrimination of LGBTQ workers
added: Wed Sep 27 01:45:00 2017

Joel Ward: "I've experienced a lot of racism myself in hockey," may kneel for anthem
added: Wed Sep 27 00:55:45 2017

The Puerto Rican government says only 18 of 69 hospitals are opening. They think. They haven't heard from most.
added: Wed Sep 27 00:54:27 2017

"Can you hear me now? No? Good." A $24,570 “privacy booth” for Scott Pruitt at EPA
added: Wed Sep 27 00:36:52 2017

DEA head resigns, citing "an obligation to speak out when something is wrong." Good for him! I know how hard that is
added: Wed Sep 27 00:34:30 2017

New Virginia monument will commemorate slave revolt leader Nat Turner
added: Wed Sep 27 00:30:07 2017

WhyOwhy is it still OK to build these types of building? @extinctsymbol #conservation #birds @ABCbirds1
added: Tue Sep 26 23:45:00 2017
tags: conservation, birds

This is the largest investigation into the relationship between meteorological conditions and mood.
added: Tue Sep 26 23:11:18 2017

.@BetsyDeVosED is headlining @Harvard’s Koch-backed conference on school choice—with no critics of school choice
added: Tue Sep 26 22:30:19 2017

NYT: The acting head of DEA will resign this week—says he has become convinced Trump has little respect for the law.
added: Tue Sep 26 21:18:41 2017

Dalai Lama accuses China of rewriting history in meeting with Baltic state MPs
added: Tue Sep 26 20:30:19 2017

Chris Mead, Spicer's lawyer, is an expert on money-laundering cases and the FCPA, per his bio
added: Tue Sep 26 20:14:44 2017

A #tiger reserve without any tigers in India will get its first three residents via…
added: Tue Sep 26 18:57:07 2017
tags: tiger

Before US state dept, Rex Tillerson was ceo of Exxon Mobil, fined $74 bln by Chad, now on the travel ban - @qzafrica
added: Tue Sep 26 18:52:05 2017

Another 'Fatberg:' Baltimore officials say a massive blob of congealed fat blocking sewer. #odd
added: Tue Sep 26 16:02:51 2017
tags: odd

Digital Currency Pilot: Uruguayan Central Bank is Converting Physical Cash
added: Tue Sep 26 15:43:45 2017

Climate solutions need cold, hard cash. This group aims to make those investments easier.
added: Tue Sep 26 15:07:13 2017

'Labour's 'rising stars' Angela Rayner and Rebecca Long-Bailey didn't shine very bright at conference today'
added: Tue Sep 26 15:06:45 2017

Sources: Google to create standalone unit for shopping unit to meet EU demands
added: Tue Sep 26 15:06:34 2017

Jar of toads found in Bronze Age tomb was snack on the way to the afterlife
added: Tue Sep 26 15:06:14 2017

Commerce Secretary Ross tells China to guarantee fairness for U.S. firms
added: Tue Sep 26 15:00:13 2017

A US Marine Vet shot at my mosque 30 times. We forgave him & asked the Judge to do the same. This is the result:
added: Tue Sep 26 14:59:20 2017

Two Chicago police officers will be reprimanded after kneeling in an Instagram post. More at @chicagotribune:
added: Tue Sep 26 14:59:01 2017

Whoa. This is explosive. Republicans plan to RAISE the lowest tax rate and LOWER the highest tax rate.
added: Tue Sep 26 14:53:16 2017

Latest sign that Qatari investors are quietly divesting from the UAE as the Gulf crisis rumbles on
added: Tue Sep 26 14:42:50 2017

added: Tue Sep 26 12:53:43 2017

@DelSchilling Pipeline 'man camps' loom over B.C.'s Highway of Tears via @NatObserver
added: Tue Sep 26 12:44:27 2017

just listened to this. I don't think @ThisAmerLife is equipped to deal with the Trump era.
added: Tue Sep 26 12:44:12 2017

This is from more thorough research than any journalist can do. Confirms the prevailing, grim narrative.
added: Tue Sep 26 12:16:36 2017

Does it matter if Islamists win local elections in the Middle East?
added: Tue Sep 26 11:56:48 2017

Corrupt fugitive fatcat or persecuted liberal reformer? @BDMurray on the curious Trinh Xuan Thanh affair
added: Tue Sep 26 11:55:48 2017

China is telling entrepreneurs they must put patriotism over profit
added: Tue Sep 26 11:46:05 2017

Vital read on #PuertoRico & the political roots of the current disaster by @yarimarbonilla
added: Tue Sep 26 11:44:37 2017
tags: puertorico

Pence warns Alaska that if Graham-Cassidy fails, they could end up with the health-care of "a place called Canada":
added: Tue Sep 26 11:36:48 2017

Soon, all of Hong Kong's dolphins will be dead:
added: Tue Sep 26 08:02:55 2017

Sexual harassment incident ‘created by outsiders’ with ‘vested interests’, says BHU VC
added: Tue Sep 26 08:02:49 2017

.@realDonaldTrump's administration has refused to waive fed restrictions on foreign ships carrying supplies to PR
added: Tue Sep 26 08:00:49 2017

More considering a move to Guangdong cities due to the high prices of homes in Hong Kong, says poll
added: Tue Sep 26 07:29:06 2017

How Housing Intensifies the Racial Wealth Gap
added: Tue Sep 26 07:28:29 2017

Turkey court orders top journalist's release after almost year in jail
added: Tue Sep 26 07:25:15 2017

#China's #Mining Industry Achieves Significant Results in Capacity Cuts, Profits Soar 7.5 Times
added: Tue Sep 26 07:22:39 2017
tags: china, mining

High turnout for Kurds voting in an independence referendum in northern Iraq via…
added: Tue Sep 26 07:19:58 2017

.@BritishVets prevaricate & refuse to withdraw support for #badgercull despite clear breaches of licence conditions
added: Tue Sep 26 07:19:48 2017
tags: badgercull

"An Irishman’s Diary on how the military shaped Hong Kong" by Oliver Farry (@ofarry):
added: Tue Sep 26 07:17:45 2017

China's Xi says will support Interpol raising its profile
added: Tue Sep 26 07:12:08 2017

China delays deadline for implementing food import rules after industry pushback
added: Tue Sep 26 07:11:49 2017

Rare criticism from top uni admin that policies are strangling China's high end education
added: Tue Sep 26 07:11:16 2017

Macron looks to stamp 'non' on banker-style jobless payouts
added: Tue Sep 26 07:10:04 2017

// 中共的言論審查已經不僅止於香港和台灣等鄰近國家。過去兩個月的四個事件描繪出北京對資訊的控制已經遠遠超過中國的疆域... // Freedom House
added: Tue Sep 26 07:10:03 2017

China-invested, biggest hydropower plant in Cambodia to launch
added: Tue Sep 26 07:09:56 2017

Alibaba takes control of logistics business, pledges $15 billion to expand network
added: Tue Sep 26 07:08:40 2017

China's iQiyi considers U.S. listing as early as 2018: source
added: Tue Sep 26 07:07:59 2017

#Uzbekistan: Cotton Slave Labor Out, Human Rights Ombudsman In? | via @eurasianet
added: Tue Sep 26 07:07:17 2017
tags: uzbekistan

Seoul urges US to avoid 'further escalation' with N. Korea
added: Tue Sep 26 07:07:08 2017

News shows ignore the humanitarian crisis in #PuertoRico
added: Tue Sep 26 07:07:02 2017
tags: puertorico

蠔涌製彈案 警稱見被告將粉末倒進兩啤酒樽 「施當時站於天台大水塔處並與2被告相距約30米處監視他們,當時鄭坐在淺色膠箱上,彭坐地上,2人身旁有……」 監視地點和作案地點配合得天衣無縫。不知道幾個被告有沒有事先打好燈、補好粉?
added: Tue Sep 26 07:04:51 2017

Chinese state-owned construction giant CCCC picks Kuala Lumpur as SE Asian hub
added: Tue Sep 26 07:00:53 2017

"Information that once routinely appeared in private trade tracking data has vanished”
added: Tue Sep 26 06:38:45 2017

We are still calling for sponsorship, contact us and making the event greater: #BSDTW17
added: Tue Sep 26 06:16:28 2017
tags: bsdtw17

This is also happening in Hong Kong. Banks closing accounts because they fear competition feels a bit like seppuku.
added: Tue Sep 26 05:39:05 2017

BHP says China’s Belt and Road plan could require 150m tonnes of steel
added: Tue Sep 26 05:38:42 2017

China's Xi says will support Interpol raising its profile
added: Tue Sep 26 05:36:11 2017

North Korea did not respond to U.S. bomber flight on Saturday: NIS #NorthKorea
added: Tue Sep 26 04:48:55 2017
tags: northkorea

added: Tue Sep 26 04:33:28 2017

Bullying the appellate body into ruling in favour of America would undermine its usefulness
added: Tue Sep 26 04:32:47 2017

@AditiJuneja3 @Taniel People Are Worried About DHS Plans To Gather Social Media Info - BuzzFeed News
added: Tue Sep 26 04:12:01 2017

#MumbaiMangroves For Flood’s Sake, Save Our Mangroves
added: Tue Sep 26 04:11:31 2017
tags: mumbaimangroves

China's is very successful at getting overseas fugitives to return because they harass & threaten their families
added: Tue Sep 26 04:08:21 2017

Vietnam's harsh summer: state launches largest crackdown on dissidents in years
added: Tue Sep 26 04:03:54 2017

Macau mobster’s ICO is ideal test for watchdogs, says @KatrinaHamlin: full view coming soon
added: Tue Sep 26 03:56:34 2017

Sunac’s spending spree leaves no room for error, says @cbeddor
added: Tue Sep 26 03:55:53 2017

China fines Baidu, Tencent, Weibo for not censoring banned content on social media platforms
added: Tue Sep 26 03:41:20 2017

added: Tue Sep 26 03:22:09 2017

It remains to be seen how pro-Taiwan civil society intends to leverage on outrage following the 'Sing! China' event.
added: Tue Sep 26 03:06:44 2017

China’s state-owned business reform a step in the wrong direction
added: Tue Sep 26 03:05:11 2017

Florida governor's staff deleted voicemails from the nursing home where 11 people died
added: Tue Sep 26 03:00:07 2017

The new "Star Trek" is the kind of television we need more of right now
added: Tue Sep 26 03:00:01 2017

Researchers promise demo of 'God-mode' pwnage of Intel mobos
added: Tue Sep 26 03:00:00 2017

Apparently, you can get paid huge Wall St speaking fees if you make sure Wall St doesn’t get prosecuted. Who knew?
added: Tue Sep 26 02:59:12 2017

Egyptian Authorities Forcibly Disappear 16 #Uyghur Students From Notorious Prison More impo…
added: Tue Sep 26 02:35:52 2017
tags: uyghur

ADB raises China's 2017 growth forecast to 6.7 percent on consumption, exports boost
added: Tue Sep 26 02:20:09 2017

"It’s the institutionalisation of the legitimacy of power. Xi Jinping is putting his imprimatur on the body politic"
added: Tue Sep 26 02:17:54 2017

Crypto-Mania Grips Hong Kong as City Looks Beyond Banking
added: Tue Sep 26 02:10:44 2017

China blocks WhatsApp - The Verge
added: Tue Sep 26 01:50:21 2017

Former Macau gangland boss enters into multibillion-dollar casino cryptocurrency deal
added: Tue Sep 26 01:46:25 2017

Breach at Deloitte Exposes Emails, Client Data via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Sep 26 01:45:26 2017

Statement—Due to safety concerns, the Guggenheim has decided against showing 3 art works in upcoming exhibition.
added: Tue Sep 26 01:22:55 2017

A new study shows tens of thousands were blocked from voting in Wisconsin last year
added: Tue Sep 26 01:15:14 2017

Huge space rocks could have helped start Earth’s plate tectonics
added: Tue Sep 26 01:07:42 2017

Story here:
added: Tue Sep 26 01:07:28 2017

Video: @pussyrrriot speaks out in support of jailed #OccupyHK #HongKong democracy activists.
added: Tue Sep 26 00:50:00 2017
tags: occupyhk, hongkong

Just the tip of the iceberg. They all use encrypted messaging apps and text to evade the Presidential Record Act.
added: Tue Sep 26 00:47:36 2017

.@DatelineSBS go to China to meet the unlikely stars live streaming and ask; why are people watching?
added: Tue Sep 26 00:36:17 2017

A Xiaomi representative told a room of students: “If you’re majoring in Japanese, you should leave”
added: Tue Sep 26 00:25:08 2017

Federal officials are planning to collect social media info on all immigrants—including naturalized citizens
added: Tue Sep 26 00:08:15 2017

New study: Wisconsin voter ID law blocked tens of thousands from polls in 2016. Clear evidence of disenfranchisement
added: Tue Sep 26 00:02:44 2017

Facebook Relents on React.js License Issue via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Sep 26 00:00:26 2017

"As was hoped by the legal community working on Indigenous Peoples’ rights, the Declaration is quickly evolving...
added: Mon Sep 25 23:57:09 2017

FINRA Fines Morgan Stanley For Supervision Failures #in
added: Mon Sep 25 23:56:34 2017
tags: in

#Taiwan: ruling DPP Chair Tsai stonewalls pardon proposal, calls for constitutional reform at party convention
added: Mon Sep 25 23:52:59 2017
tags: taiwan THAILAND: Ranong murder case with disturbing similarities to #KohTao murder case. #Torture scapegoats dodgy evidence
added: Mon Sep 25 23:42:34 2017
tags: kohtao, torture

"What really gets to me is the apparent sheer stupidity of it,” former US ambassador on including Chad in travel ban
added: Mon Sep 25 23:31:36 2017

Berlin moves to block Chinese cyberattacks
added: Mon Sep 25 23:24:36 2017

@pinko_snob @akahn @onthemedia Better link:
added: Mon Sep 25 23:15:09 2017

“If privacy and confidentiality are crimes, then the law stands condemned.”
added: Mon Sep 25 23:12:22 2017

THREAD: Some of you have been asking why we haven't taken down the Tweet mentioned here: 1/6
added: Mon Sep 25 22:05:57 2017

Philanthropy is a symptom of inequality, not a cure: as one goes up, so too does the other
added: Mon Sep 25 21:31:15 2017

⠀ your president: 'the flag & national anthem are sacred' me: []
added: Mon Sep 25 21:28:52 2017

Director of activist org for Gitmo detainees convicted after refusing to give up his phone's pin at Heathrow.
added: Mon Sep 25 19:15:29 2017

#Egypt is deeply politically polarized, but all factions are united in sexual prudery & moral hypocrisy.
added: Mon Sep 25 18:39:50 2017
tags: egypt

#China Seeks Vicious Circle of Violence Through United Front Activities in #Taiwan #UFW #UnitedFrontWork
added: Mon Sep 25 18:09:44 2017
tags: china, taiwan, ufw, unitedfrontwork

‘Boys will be boys’: #BHU VC; police file 1200 cases against protesting students in UP, where sexual attacks up 33%
added: Mon Sep 25 15:00:05 2017
tags: bhu

QT v Director of Immigration: In a landmark decision, the Court unanimously grants the appeal by a person in a…
added: Mon Sep 25 14:53:34 2017

Trump's threat a clear declaration of war, says North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho
added: Mon Sep 25 14:53:29 2017

Women rights activist attacked for ‘witchcraft’ #KathmanduPost
added: Mon Sep 25 14:45:01 2017
tags: kathmandupost

【首置貸款利率上調】 【外資:十九大前擺姿態非調控升級】 內地多個城市推出樓市調控措施,首套房貸利率亦有上升。 《新華社》的評論認為,當局希望表明樓市調控不會放鬆,以穩定市場預期。...
added: Mon Sep 25 14:00:04 2017

How Does "Fake" News Become News? from @Tolerance_org
added: Mon Sep 25 14:00:01 2017

Trump: Price's use of private jets is "different": "We’re looking into it"
added: Mon Sep 25 12:54:04 2017

Airport police demanded an activist’s passwords. He refused. Now he faces prison in the U.K. by @rj_gallagher
added: Mon Sep 25 12:53:51 2017

“It would be better if you kill me here”: @oslow99 talks to #Rohingya in Cox's about ASSK, returning to #Myanmar:
added: Mon Sep 25 12:52:37 2017
tags: myanmar, rohingya

Meet Shadowsocks, the underground tool that China’s coders use to blast through the Great Firewall via @qz
added: Mon Sep 25 12:05:07 2017

Yubico's new authentication key is super tiny and works with USB-C ports
added: Mon Sep 25 12:02:50 2017

With SB3 threatening Granite Staters' voting rights, we're opening up field offices in NH in 2018.
added: Mon Sep 25 12:01:25 2017

French unions block fuel depots in labour reform protests
added: Mon Sep 25 11:27:18 2017

Gauland: "...we have the right to reclaim not only our country but also our past.”
added: Mon Sep 25 11:24:35 2017

Bank of England asks banks to hold more capital on consumer loan risks
added: Mon Sep 25 11:20:09 2017

Police stop Mr Wally from Mong Kok performance
added: Mon Sep 25 11:19:19 2017

UK studio presents bold concepts for central waterfront site
added: Mon Sep 25 11:18:25 2017

Mainland authorities say they've deleted 20 million pornographic and obscene items from the web over a 40-day period
added: Mon Sep 25 10:15:03 2017

Per Trivium: Xi wants reformed military-industrial complex that harnesses private sector, drives PLA modernization.
added: Mon Sep 25 10:09:42 2017

John Oliver on monopolies, anti-trust and the death of real competitive markets
added: Mon Sep 25 10:08:17 2017

Why bet365 bought Basho’s Riak NoSQL key data store and set it free
added: Mon Sep 25 10:08:08 2017

// 今次「喊殺大會」令當權者十分尷尬,為特區政府添煩添亂,何君堯雖則未必能被定罪,但他的魯莽行為,以後他在建制陣營中很難再擔以重任。// 〈官商鄉黑新境界?〉— 八鄉朱凱廸 Chu Hoi Dick...
added: Mon Sep 25 08:45:09 2017

BBC political editor 'given bodyguards' at Labour party conference after online abuse
added: Mon Sep 25 08:42:41 2017

Vietnamese fishermen found dead after run-in with Philippine Navy #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Sep 25 08:41:08 2017
tags: southchinasea

Wealthy hunters pay $100,000 to kill this endangered species:
added: Mon Sep 25 08:38:26 2017

Tencent Puts Up Billboard for U.S. Advertisers #tencent #advertising #wechat
added: Mon Sep 25 08:24:08 2017
tags: advertising, wechat, tencent

QT司法覆核入境處長的上訴庭判決歡樂在 一、法庭認為同性婚姻唔係法庭應該干預的事—婚姻一夫一妻係天經地義,暗示如要改變請尋求立法渠道 二、同性伴侶依親簽證無關本地有否同性婚姻地位,因為從來多妻關係亦可以申請依親簽證(但只限一個)來港
added: Mon Sep 25 08:15:38 2017

Five to watch: the key players on Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench
added: Mon Sep 25 08:15:09 2017

Confidence from the UK financial services hasn't been this bad since 2007 credit crunch
added: Mon Sep 25 08:12:39 2017

Chinese consumers see economy in top shape
added: Mon Sep 25 08:11:12 2017

Angela Merkel faces complex task in assembling ruling coalition sophisticated analysis: @Steven Erlanger @meddynyt
added: Mon Sep 25 08:11:07 2017

One for the Sinophiles, China to overhaul top anti-corruption body, raising speculation about Wang Qishan's future
added: Mon Sep 25 08:09:35 2017
added: Mon Sep 25 08:06:51 2017

German far-right AfD MP quits hours after being elected
added: Mon Sep 25 08:01:34 2017

China calls for restraint over North Korea tensions
added: Mon Sep 25 08:00:14 2017

Cities are fighting for the opportunity to get screwed by Amazon
added: Mon Sep 25 08:00:05 2017

Proving once again why #China campaign isn't anti-corruption so much as endless political purge:
added: Mon Sep 25 07:58:45 2017
tags: china

#China understands intl rules on policing--just has zero intention of following them. .@hrw
added: Mon Sep 25 07:56:39 2017
tags: china

CCD raids: I-T unearths Rs 650-crore concealed income
added: Mon Sep 25 05:46:59 2017

China oil consumption helping to ease downturn but fears persist
added: Mon Sep 25 05:44:47 2017

As China piles on debt, consumers seek more, too Add more household debt to the mountains of SOE and local govt debt
added: Mon Sep 25 05:11:57 2017

Old news is so exciting: XRL will be named High-Speed cross border rail via trademark reg
added: Mon Sep 25 05:10:52 2017

DSE中文科改制 越改越弊 (中文導師 蕭源) 上一代取消了範文考核,造成十年浩劫,我不怪你;這一代欲撥亂反正,卻小肚雞腸,改得糊塗:佔分這麼少,怎教考生投入去學?只學文言範文,對我寫作有何幫助?沒有「比較題」,範文活力何在?
added: Mon Sep 25 05:10:35 2017

Central-bank-backed cryptocurrencies would be ironic, given that Bitcoin was created to circumvent banks.
added: Mon Sep 25 04:11:35 2017

Taiwan Picks Lesbian Documentary ‘Small Talk’ as Oscar Contender
added: Mon Sep 25 04:10:04 2017

What’s behind the Hong Kong-mainland feud on campus? via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Sep 25 04:07:45 2017

Tangshan Tells Steel Firms to Cut Production to Reduce Pollution
added: Mon Sep 25 03:59:58 2017

Hong Kong bus operator Citybus will not apologise publicly for a deadly crash that killed three people.
added: Mon Sep 25 03:58:08 2017

70% of brands in Malaysia and Singapore don't disclose palm oil use
added: Mon Sep 25 03:54:21 2017

On a weekend like this, we need @EdgeofSports more than ever. He filed twice this weekend. Piece 1:
added: Mon Sep 25 03:52:07 2017

Mass grave of 28 Hindus found in Myanmar: army
added: Mon Sep 25 03:51:04 2017

Mazu cult = key nexus of pro-annexation activities via temple associations, org crime etc. Gou signaling pres run?
added: Mon Sep 25 03:48:51 2017

Here's how bad racial wealth inequality is in the U.S.:
added: Mon Sep 25 03:48:01 2017

One of the most tragic events from #Sismo19S: a textile factory with around 100 female garment workers collapsed
added: Mon Sep 25 02:58:05 2017
tags: sismo19s

#China's Slice of This $48 Billion Fund Keeps Getting Bigger via @markets @business
added: Mon Sep 25 02:51:04 2017
tags: china

US reveals 9 secret locations housing Pakistan's nuclear weapons, raises 'takeover' alarm
added: Mon Sep 25 02:50:07 2017

Beijing's #HongKong policy unchanged despite personnel changes, says Zhang Xiaoming
added: Mon Sep 25 02:48:19 2017
tags: hongkong

Airlines are still struggling to get into devastated Puerto Rico (via @jackiewattles) #CNNAviation
added: Mon Sep 25 02:47:52 2017
tags: cnnaviation

China property developers dip on new sales restrictions
added: Mon Sep 25 02:46:15 2017

HKU law department replaces instructor following rape-related comments made in class
added: Mon Sep 25 02:46:13 2017

Case in point
added: Mon Sep 25 02:43:15 2017

I can't even... Observers now sit in university ideology classes??!! via @WSJ
added: Mon Sep 25 02:41:42 2017
tags: china

Battered Puerto Rico hospitals on life support after Hurricane Maria
added: Mon Sep 25 02:30:10 2017

one Puerto Rican farmer: "For as far as he could see, every one of his 14,000 trees was down"
added: Mon Sep 25 02:02:51 2017

Foreign firms locked out of swathes of China market, but not in the recession-hit rust belt. My story from Shenyang:
added: Mon Sep 25 02:01:26 2017

ASEAN chair Philippines didn't even use the word Rohingya in its statement that has been slammed by Malaysia.
added: Mon Sep 25 01:53:10 2017

Gun used in 19 drug-related killings in Philippines traced to slain neighborhood watchman
added: Mon Sep 25 01:26:16 2017

"This is a major disaster, not unlike Katrina or Sandy. There is going to be a hefty toll for us."
added: Mon Sep 25 01:23:40 2017

@pattymo All 1970s TV sign off, all day long.
added: Mon Sep 25 01:10:09 2017

CCleaner malware may be from Chinese hackers it targeted many Asian companies but none from China via @BowThemes
added: Mon Sep 25 00:02:24 2017

The belief has long endured that African-American entertainers are obliged to adopt a pose of ceaseless gratitude.
added: Sun Sep 24 22:53:26 2017

"Governments and judiciary in (Western) countries have been concerned that the Chinese don’t produce evidence...
added: Sun Sep 24 20:37:28 2017

cc every journalist who pretended to believe republicans who pretended to care about Hillary’s emails
added: Sun Sep 24 19:50:58 2017

Medical records show #Myanmar army soldiers systematically raped #Rohingya women & girls since Oct. | @Reuters
added: Sun Sep 24 16:12:35 2017
tags: rohingya, myanmar

'Catastrophic' lack of sleep in modern society is killing us, warns leading sleep scientist
added: Sun Sep 24 12:05:21 2017 Peer punishment promotes enforcement of bad social norms
added: Sun Sep 24 09:32:29 2017

Why do #China oppose measures to end #Myanmar genocide #Rohingya: Exploitation at any cost. @YangheeLeeSKKU @nslwin
added: Sun Sep 24 08:55:46 2017
tags: china, myanmar, rohingya

It's Banned Books Week: the Top Ten Challenged Books of 2016 (Plus- the good Doctor)
added: Sun Sep 24 08:02:27 2017

Hong Kong population according to "usual language"
added: Sun Sep 24 05:49:15 2017

More evidence of gender bias in student evals...time to find a new way to evaluate teaching. via @TheEconomist
added: Sat Sep 23 20:05:28 2017

Junius Ho bio on his law firm's site changed from "practising solicitor" in Eng/Wales/SG to "qualified to practise"
added: Sat Sep 23 14:52:37 2017

Iceland authorities weighing options after neo-Nazi site registers there by @binarybits
added: Sat Sep 23 12:11:12 2017

Genetic syndrome behind formation of tumours identified by scientists
added: Sat Sep 23 12:10:01 2017

Our article on Hasankeyf @RedPeppermag Save Hasankeyf and the Iraqi Marshes! #DunyaHasankeyfGunu2017
added: Sat Sep 23 12:01:34 2017
tags: dunyahasankeyfgunu2017

Climate Change’s Effect on Arctic Sea Ice, in 3 Charts
added: Sat Sep 23 11:56:15 2017

still have at least 2 Pro-CCP legislators at Legco who were caught red-handed misrepresenting their qualifications…
added: Sat Sep 23 11:28:25 2017

Guatemalans travel to Oklahoma to honor 1st US martyr
added: Sat Sep 23 11:23:10 2017

Junius Ho’s ‘killed mercilessly’ case to be probed ‘fairly’: police chief
added: Sat Sep 23 08:47:00 2017

And see for reference & much more information
added: Sat Sep 23 08:14:25 2017

Iran successfully tested new ballistic missile: state media
added: Sat Sep 23 08:14:15 2017

CM Yogi Adityanath Says Hindutva Soul of India, School Syllabus Needs Changes
added: Sat Sep 23 08:12:29 2017

"Troll Me a River: Alt-Lite Event Backed by Billionaires Implodes" #FreeSpeechWeek #Berkeley
added: Sat Sep 23 08:07:14 2017
tags: berkeley, freespeechweek

Ashok Vajpeyi sees RSS as threat to Hinduism
added: Sat Sep 23 08:05:17 2017

Ten university heads unite to write nonsense about Hong Kong independence
added: Sat Sep 23 06:04:15 2017

In Beijing, Bannon also met w/ an official who selects articles from the People’s Daily for the Chinese leadership
added: Sat Sep 23 04:00:03 2017

Breaking Discovery on New Impact Salmon Farms Have on the Wild #seashepherd #salmon #virus #opvirushunter
added: Fri Sep 22 23:16:03 2017
tags: virus, seashepherd, salmon, opvirushunter

China’s urban-rural educational divide might be the biggest threat to their economic prospects
added: Fri Sep 22 16:28:28 2017

Is this the beginning of the end for the arm's length principle? Signs of big, tectonic shifts in global tax
added: Fri Sep 22 16:02:36 2017

Avoiding Extinction @hakaimagazine #seashepherd #vaquita #porpoise #mexico #conservation #extinction
added: Fri Sep 22 13:56:33 2017
tags: vaquita, seashepherd, mexico, conservation, extinction, porpoise

The Seven-Decade Transnational Hunt for the Origins of a Strange Indian Disease (21/n)
added: Fri Sep 22 13:26:12 2017

British overseas territories devastated by Irma have yet to hear the Tories' plan to provide the support they need.
added: Fri Sep 22 13:19:40 2017

Imagine the out cry say if a Muslim school principal stood in front of an Isis flag. The AFP would have been called
added: Fri Sep 22 13:14:55 2017

WH admits "we really aren't sure what the impact will be” w Graham Cassidy. Just wants to pass something @jdawsey1
added: Fri Sep 22 12:11:59 2017

My column on the country that has done the best job in fighting the drug war--by ending it…
added: Fri Sep 22 11:05:16 2017

Uber stripped of London license
added: Fri Sep 22 11:05:12 2017

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan targets RSS for trying to create ‘Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan’ in India
added: Fri Sep 22 11:04:27 2017

The biggest volcano in Bali may be about to erupt
added: Fri Sep 22 11:03:28 2017

ARSA linked to foreign extremist groups: Bertil Lintner #Myanmar
added: Fri Sep 22 11:03:21 2017
tags: myanmar

Tax reform is on the agenda. Will Dems be willing to allow corporations to evade hundreds of billions in back taxes?
added: Fri Sep 22 11:03:00 2017

“Why are you smitten with teenagers? I’m having my doubts. Are you gay?” Duterte asks Philippine human rights chief.
added: Fri Sep 22 11:01:35 2017

Scientists are hopeful they can inject this gene-editing tech directly into the ear to stop hereditary deafness.
added: Fri Sep 22 11:00:29 2017
added: Fri Sep 22 11:00:29 2017

【嚴控內地樓市風險】 【人行、銀監會開始嚴查個人貸款】 傳人行和銀監會要求嚴防個人消費貸款流入樓市。 德銀推算,今年首八個月有約 4,000 億人民幣個人消費貸款流入樓市,但相信風險有限。...
added: Fri Sep 22 11:00:04 2017

Highlighting a national emergency Chaos in the heart of London as the government is accused of 'killing' its...
added: Fri Sep 22 11:00:02 2017

India's richest should attract personal income tax rate of 45%
added: Fri Sep 22 11:00:01 2017

Varadkar’s vision for Ireland ‘Thatcherism with a fresh coat of paint’ – @GerryAdamsSF
added: Fri Sep 22 09:50:34 2017

Breaking: Police arrest democracy political activist
added: Fri Sep 22 07:37:04 2017

Dinosaurs that seemed veggie also ate the odd bit of shellfish
added: Fri Sep 22 07:30:05 2017

When “Progressives” Make Palestinian Rights Taboo, They Are Coddling the Far Right
added: Fri Sep 22 07:28:01 2017

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho rebuts claims he is not 'solicitor in England and Wales'
added: Fri Sep 22 06:58:19 2017

Energy firms battle startups to provide power for Europe's electric cars
added: Fri Sep 22 06:58:00 2017

Vice Media video workers to unionize with writers and editors guilds
added: Fri Sep 22 06:58:00 2017

China is trying to convince everyone that the economy is doing fine. The downgrades cast doubts.
added: Fri Sep 22 06:53:26 2017

High court blames woman’s ‘mindset’, ‘promiscuous’ world while granting bail to rape accused
added: Fri Sep 22 06:43:06 2017

The "expert" looks exactly how you would expect someone that says "don't engage with the alt right" to look like
added: Fri Sep 22 06:42:25 2017

Deportations in Houston resume after Trump suspends them for Hurricane Harvey
added: Fri Sep 22 06:31:33 2017

Refusing Refuse: Counties Snubbed by Florida's Private Removal Firms
added: Fri Sep 22 06:28:01 2017

Quoting Hugh White & Geoff Raby.. Bob Carr questioned why 🇦🇺isn't more friendly/engaged with 🇨🇳@geoff_p_wade
added: Fri Sep 22 06:25:18 2017

Covering #Rohingyas crisis leaves indelible mark on @AgnesBun and Sam Jahan. @AFPblogs
added: Fri Sep 22 05:58:11 2017
tags: rohingyas

Nervous with the Hang Seng Index at 28,000? There's reason to be via @markets @bfly #HongKong #stocks
added: Fri Sep 22 05:51:08 2017
tags: hongkong, stocks

#Rakhine crisis dents #Myanmar hopes of Western investment boom
added: Fri Sep 22 05:48:23 2017
tags: rakhine, myanmar

China's Communist Party expels former provincial chief Wang Sunyun for graft
added: Fri Sep 22 05:45:06 2017

Ex-Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf claims Asif Ali Zardari killed Benazir Bhutto
added: Fri Sep 22 05:38:01 2017

North Korean diplomats involved in Africa wildlife smuggling via @FT
added: Fri Sep 22 05:10:11 2017

China's small factories fear 'rail Armageddon' with orders to ditch trucks via Meng Meng & Josephine Mason @p1020
added: Fri Sep 22 05:10:04 2017

Despite bleeding-heart rhetoric, the Democratic party has been directly complicit with corporate capitalism.
added: Fri Sep 22 05:09:01 2017

Rohingya refugees illegal, pose security threat, Centre tells Supreme Court
added: Fri Sep 22 05:07:49 2017

S&P says downgraded China as credit growth still too fast
added: Fri Sep 22 05:06:33 2017

China online insurer ZhongAn prices HK IPO at top end, raises $1.5 billion: IFR
added: Fri Sep 22 05:05:55 2017

NASA, wait, wait lemme put my drink down... NASA, you need to be searching for vanadium
added: Fri Sep 22 05:04:22 2017

Student protesters face increased risk, warns #HKU union leader 📻
added: Fri Sep 22 05:01:06 2017
tags: hku This is another expert bs. 2 cass papers turned into a BBG PR piece then this rubbish.
added: Fri Sep 22 05:01:05 2017

I’m just going to leave this here for a bit while I let it sink in:
added: Fri Sep 22 04:58:25 2017

Accrd Law Society HK's Chinese documents, "admitted as solicitor" is translated as 獲認許為律師, 執業 mean actual practicing
added: Fri Sep 22 04:30:17 2017

Summary of the CLKSCREW attacks against ARM TrustZone, a DFA using the chip's power management features to glitch it
added: Fri Sep 22 03:38:26 2017

Chinese foreign minister tells UN that talks are the 'only way' on North Korea
added: Fri Sep 22 03:24:16 2017

A key part of Sanders's speech was the linkage between domestic policy and foreign policy.
added: Fri Sep 22 03:22:19 2017

Hong Kong asks Australia to inspect horse training facility in China
added: Fri Sep 22 03:18:45 2017

Scans show former NFL star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez had severe brain damage
added: Fri Sep 22 03:15:07 2017
added: Fri Sep 22 03:10:22 2017

The RSS Doublespeak: Bhagwa for Itself and Tiranga for 'Others'
added: Fri Sep 22 03:08:34 2017

#China Securities Journal: PBOC will not follow FED to shrink balance sheet.
added: Fri Sep 22 03:07:55 2017
tags: china

S&P cuts #HongKong's credit rating, citing close ties to mainland China
added: Fri Sep 22 02:58:17 2017
tags: hongkong

A letter reveals that legislator Junius Ho's claim to be a solicitor in England and Wales is false.
added: Fri Sep 22 01:39:36 2017

Energy firms operating in the South China Sea face two options: Bow to Beijing or suffer
added: Fri Sep 22 01:39:11 2017

Statement of Catalan independence leader @KRLS #HKIsWatching #1Oct
added: Fri Sep 22 01:30:18 2017
tags: hkiswatching, 1oct

It might tear your soul apart, but you can NOT pet the radioactive puppies of Chernobyl
added: Fri Sep 22 01:30:00 2017

Chen Quanguo: The Strongman Behind Beijing’s Securitization Strategy in Tibet and Xinjiang…
added: Fri Sep 22 01:20:11 2017

Turkish President Erdogan’s bodyguards beat up US protesters—again
added: Fri Sep 22 01:20:10 2017

WHY? Steve Bannon traveled to Beijing for a “secret meeting” with a top CCP leader.
added: Fri Sep 22 01:15:09 2017

#官商勾黑 潛伏一排,又高調出場喇! 八鄉朱凱廸 Chu Hoi Dick 〈威權、愛國,與人格〉— 莫哲暐
added: Fri Sep 22 01:15:04 2017
tags: 官商勾黑

Sanders said the U.S. is “complicit” in Israel’s occupation and that he's willing to consider voting to cut U.S. aid
added: Fri Sep 22 00:30:56 2017

@Walldo Trump's digital guru says FB was a "hands-on partner"
added: Thu Sep 21 23:40:45 2017

'The policy is aimed at getting the most intelligent people to say positive things about the country'
added: Thu Sep 21 22:40:03 2017

An immigration lawyer says Amber Rudd could end up in jail for defying the courts multiple times
added: Thu Sep 21 16:27:53 2017

SIFI provides pro bono representation to immigrants detained in the Southeast. If you're a lawyer, you can help:
added: Thu Sep 21 15:44:54 2017

"Through the efforts of a lot of lawyers and negotiations, I am now able to go to Hong Kong," Wu Rongrong said
added: Thu Sep 21 15:44:05 2017

#Germany will strive to save #Iran #nucleardeal: Gabriel
added: Thu Sep 21 15:39:55 2017
tags: nucleardeal, iran, germany

Homeland Security detected 5 critical cyber security weaknesses in SEC's computers in January: confidential report.
added: Thu Sep 21 15:28:39 2017

China's central bank tells banks to stop doing business with North Korea: sources
added: Thu Sep 21 15:27:05 2017

Bella Abzug's *hat* did more to hold the #CIA accountable than most sessions of Congress
added: Thu Sep 21 15:27:03 2017
tags: cia

Israeli surveillance startup WiSpear says it's selling 'the longest range' Wi-Fi spying tool in the world
added: Thu Sep 21 15:18:07 2017

Five times the #CIA cloaked the jarring in jargon
added: Thu Sep 21 15:18:01 2017
tags: cia

Republican lawmaker loses job for saying running over protesters is a movement we can all support - DU
added: Thu Sep 21 14:44:20 2017

After Bernie's bill, where do things now stand in the long fight for health care justice?
added: Thu Sep 21 14:38:01 2017

‘Such creatures of passion, disloyalty and anarchy must be crushed’: Histories of dissent and repression in America
added: Thu Sep 21 14:35:39 2017

Redis 4.0.2 and 3.2.11 are out! Containing important bug fixes [critical level], please check the details here:
added: Thu Sep 21 14:28:43 2017

USAF's AC-130J Ghostrider will reach initial operational capability this month
added: Thu Sep 21 14:25:45 2017

Extraordinary story. Yang left China in 1994 but in 2004 the system told him how to fill in the form. CCP discipline
added: Thu Sep 21 14:14:11 2017

NEW from @bing_chris: Remember Rudy Giuliani's cyber push? Well, he's had virtually no input on cybersecurity policy
added: Thu Sep 21 14:07:34 2017

29 states, incl. #Thailand, have retaliated in past year against citizens who cooperated w/ it said the UN at #HRC36
added: Thu Sep 21 14:07:03 2017
tags: hrc36, thailand

Black Knight: Mortgage Delinquencies increase in Hurricane Affected Areas
added: Thu Sep 21 14:03:03 2017

No more Starlight? Singapore's soldiers might no longer train in Taiwan - the result of Lee Hsien Loong's visit...
added: Thu Sep 21 14:02:09 2017

USA, 2017 >> Jews in Texas Already in Hiding From Neo-Nazis; Holiday Service Held at Secret Location
added: Thu Sep 21 14:02:04 2017

How did the Persecution of Burma's Rohingya Arise? -
added: Thu Sep 21 14:01:59 2017

For more details on AI national development plan, see here:
added: Thu Sep 21 13:50:31 2017

China’s security boss wants AI to ‘predict and prevent’ terrorism via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Sep 21 13:46:04 2017

This lament from a GOP health care lobbyist should be read in full:
added: Thu Sep 21 13:30:15 2017

Full story on this ad, which features images of men from an El Salvadorian prison and not Virginia
added: Thu Sep 21 13:10:03 2017

【有線中國組:北京科學實踐課程 招標結果引爭議】 北京市政府三年前外判科學實踐活動予民間機構,提供課程讓初中生參加。 但是,今年的招標結果卻引起爭議。...
added: Thu Sep 21 12:30:05 2017

Ex-committee chairman of public housing estate charged over unauthorised support for DC election candidate: Source:…
added: Thu Sep 21 12:29:05 2017

To Type or Not to Type: Quantifying Detectable Bugs in JavaScript - Gao, et. al. PDF: #js #flowtype #typescript
added: Thu Sep 21 12:29:00 2017
tags: typescript, js, flowtype

South Korea approves plan for USD$8 million in aid to WFP and UNICEF FOR North Korea | NK News - North Korea News
added: Thu Sep 21 12:27:28 2017

Germany on guard against election hacks, fake news
added: Thu Sep 21 12:27:08 2017

The scale of repression over Catalonia is exposing the unpopularity of the Spanish government | @KateSB
added: Thu Sep 21 12:26:39 2017

From innovator to nuisance: China's big tech companies have a perception problem
added: Thu Sep 21 12:10:08 2017

KCPD refused family’s report of missing loved one who later turned up dead
added: Thu Sep 21 12:08:02 2017

My ex office mate at @merics_de writes an excellent ps abt differences btw reform and liberalization in China
added: Thu Sep 21 11:45:45 2017

U.S. college tuition is the highest in the world
added: Thu Sep 21 11:43:13 2017

In case you missed it, some of my Hurricane #Maria footage from San Juan Puerto Rico yesterday
added: Thu Sep 21 11:41:52 2017
tags: maria

China's central bank tells banks to stop doing business with North Korea: sources
added: Thu Sep 21 11:41:45 2017

Hony Capital-backed VC fund to invest in Hong Kong tech startups
added: Thu Sep 21 11:41:01 2017

Pilgrims bring boom times for Iraqi gem traders
added: Thu Sep 21 11:39:50 2017

Changing modus operandi of organized criminals trafficking #rhino horn. Read @julianrademeyer's Op Ed in @ipsnews
added: Thu Sep 21 11:39:38 2017
tags: rhino

Feminist activist to begin studies in Hong Kong after China lifts 10-year travel ban
added: Thu Sep 21 10:26:16 2017

Many on Third World Quarterly ed. board quit after piece defending colonialism published after failing peer review.
added: Thu Sep 21 10:25:09 2017

Everything that's wrong with that study which used AI to 'identify sexual orientation’
added: Thu Sep 21 10:25:01 2017

Koch network 'piggy banks' closed until Republicans pass health and tax reform | US news | The Guardian
added: Thu Sep 21 10:23:57 2017

Apple : Heap Overflow in AppleBCMWLANCore Driver :
added: Thu Sep 21 10:20:32 2017

Chanam’s family has demanded a thorough CBI investigation into his disappearance, death and cremation.
added: Thu Sep 21 10:20:01 2017

Equifax Confirms Another Data Breach Exposed Employee Tax Information #EquifaxBreach
added: Thu Sep 21 09:30:25 2017
tags: equifaxbreach

Toshiba, keen to seal $18 billion chips sale, wrestles with last-minute delays
added: Thu Sep 21 09:30:12 2017

Footage from 1800s shows Native Americans dancing for the US President
added: Thu Sep 21 09:29:28 2017

Acclaimed French chef asks to be stripped of three Michelin stars
added: Thu Sep 21 09:25:32 2017

Dogs are being silenced in horrific 'de-barking' roadside surgery in China
added: Thu Sep 21 09:21:32 2017

Samba Releases Security Updates via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Sep 21 09:20:30 2017

The magistrate ruled that he couldn't see any need to pass a deterrent sentence
added: Thu Sep 21 09:17:01 2017

You lost your ballpoint pen, Slack? Why's your Linux version unsigned?
added: Thu Sep 21 09:06:16 2017

Kaarel Moppel: Updates for the pgwatch2 Postgres monitoring tool
added: Thu Sep 21 09:01:08 2017

How Scottish people are showing their solidarity with Catalonia
added: Thu Sep 21 09:00:40 2017

North Korea sanctions hurt another victim - China's rust belt
added: Thu Sep 21 09:00:32 2017

Lightning storms triggered by exhaust from cargo ships
added: Thu Sep 21 08:54:36 2017

CBI arrests retired Orissa High Court Judge
added: Thu Sep 21 08:45:00 2017

Bitcoin ‘fugitives’ gather in Hong Kong to skirt China’s curbs via @WSJ
added: Thu Sep 21 08:44:43 2017

30 HK pro-dem academics joint statement: peaceful expressions on campus not a threat to national security
added: Thu Sep 21 08:43:58 2017

#Myanmar VP echoes ASSK's incredulity over why #Rohingya are fleeing at #UNGA, says "situation has improved":
added: Thu Sep 21 08:43:06 2017
tags: myanmar, unga, rohingya

Macron vows to ‘name and shame’ tech groups via @FT
added: Thu Sep 21 07:40:05 2017

Red Cross truck crashes into ditch killing nine relief workers amid claims mobs 'blocking' aid
added: Thu Sep 21 07:16:49 2017

Grenade attack on security forces in J&K's Tral, 2 dead
added: Thu Sep 21 07:15:33 2017

In Myanmar most Burmese people back Aung San Suu Kyi on the Rohingya crisis and CSOs are mostly silent: @poppymcp
added: Thu Sep 21 05:22:47 2017

@DeanBaker13 any thoughts on this article?
added: Thu Sep 21 05:07:25 2017

Longstanding assumptions that Macau and Beijing prefer mass market gambling look dubious via @asiatimesonline
added: Thu Sep 21 04:49:08 2017

Ornamental bird trade a threat to wild species in Vietnam: survey @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Thu Sep 21 04:37:49 2017

China to halt new projects in pollution 'red zones'
added: Thu Sep 21 04:19:30 2017

A Florida nursing home resident died after her temperature hit 108. The state says the home recorded it as 101.6.
added: Thu Sep 21 04:19:02 2017

Hong Kong central bank warns of capital outflow after Fed's plan
added: Thu Sep 21 04:18:31 2017

"Either You Go There or You Leave...This is For The General Public" - Homeless Bused to Separa… via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Thu Sep 21 04:17:12 2017

So proud of our Million Hoodies Cornell chapter! White Ivy League Student Arrested, Fraternity Chapter Closed!
added: Thu Sep 21 04:06:44 2017

CCleaner targeted top tech companies in attempt to lift IP
added: Thu Sep 21 04:06:21 2017

Canadian ex-mountie given 5 years over narwhal tusk smuggling
added: Thu Sep 21 04:05:11 2017

Colorado taxpayers are now paying insurance lobbyists to push a plan to give insurance CEOs more taxpayer subsidies
added: Thu Sep 21 04:05:01 2017

#Indonesia’s Plastic Trash Crisis
added: Thu Sep 21 03:59:00 2017
tags: indonesia

Failing Charter Schools Have a Reincarnation Plan
added: Thu Sep 21 03:58:02 2017

Bernie Sanders is taking on the foreign policy establishment by @AkbarSAhmed
added: Thu Sep 21 03:45:06 2017

Chinese intelligence and influence operations in the West: a few notes @Anne_MarieBrady @He_Shumei @peter_dutton
added: Thu Sep 21 03:17:00 2017

The CEO of Aetna, paid $41 million a year, slams single payer (also lies about it)
added: Thu Sep 21 03:13:55 2017

China lifts travel ban on feminist activist
added: Thu Sep 21 03:13:23 2017

Trump nominee for Texas federal judgeship has described transgender children as evidence of "Satan's plan."
added: Thu Sep 21 03:08:55 2017

US tries to enlist EU and Japan in China tech fight
added: Thu Sep 21 03:08:49 2017

Sept. HK #ivory seizures. Zimbabwe, Dubai & Computers. 9/9 12/9 16/…
added: Thu Sep 21 03:06:24 2017
tags: ivory

Taiwan suspends oil exports to North Korea, imports of clothing -
added: Thu Sep 21 02:42:37 2017

Google to pay $1.1B to HTC for non-exclusive license for HTC IP, Pixel hardware team
added: Thu Sep 21 02:41:22 2017

CUSU announces the controversial pro-independence banner at Cultural Square will be removed for procedural reasons
added: Thu Sep 21 02:25:28 2017

My thoughts about arts education in Hong Kong #ArtisTreeVoices #CulturalJournalismCampus
added: Thu Sep 21 02:08:08 2017
tags: culturaljournalismcampus, artistreevoices

China Liquidity Squeeze Spurs Debate Over Reserve Ratio Cut #finance #PBOC #liquidity
added: Thu Sep 21 01:19:47 2017
tags: pboc, finance, liquidity

An Emboldened Beijing Wields China’s Laws to Strike at Overseas Threats via @NYTimes
added: Thu Sep 21 00:47:56 2017

Notable reference to Manafort’s China business in the Kurdish lobbying scoop:
added: Thu Sep 21 00:44:01 2017

Oklahoma City cops fatally shot a deaf man as neighbors screamed, "He can't hear you!"
added: Thu Sep 21 00:41:22 2017

Great interview, @krislc! Patten misreads #HK's predicament, proposes no way forward in light of #CCP intransigence
added: Thu Sep 21 00:38:16 2017
tags: hk, ccp

#Trump’s billionaire vulture fund cronies refused to let #PuertoRico's power company fix their system #MariaPR
added: Thu Sep 21 00:08:16 2017
tags: trump, puertorico, mariapr

Simulated earthquakes are being used to test new bridge designs to minimize damage.
added: Wed Sep 20 23:56:59 2017

PD editor @GilbertBailon: Police arresting reporter @Mike_Faulk "violated basic tenets of our democracy."
added: Wed Sep 20 23:21:35 2017

Call for new uni standards in wake of @australian's stories on Chinese social media campaigns against lecturers
added: Wed Sep 20 22:37:24 2017

#Libya Reuters report on new UN "roadmap" for Libya
added: Wed Sep 20 21:24:28 2017
tags: libya

6 uyghur students(incl 3 fmls)who returned from turkey to Bortala sentenced 6-12 yrs 从土耳其返回博尔塔拉的六名维吾尔学生(3男3女)被判6-12年
added: Wed Sep 20 21:21:03 2017

Yo dawg, we heard you like leaks, so we leaked your leak memo
added: Wed Sep 20 20:51:29 2017

We've published a postmortem blog post for our Sept 6 - 11 macOS infrastructure incident:
added: Wed Sep 20 19:15:28 2017

#Seoul to allocate USD$99.7 million in additional humanitarian aid funds for DPRK @dagyumji @nknewsorg
added: Wed Sep 20 19:15:01 2017
tags: seoul

We did it: Intel ME 11.x arbitrary code execution, #BHEU
added: Wed Sep 20 18:12:16 2017
tags: bheu

EXCLUSIVE: State investment deals flowed to GOP Gov. Susana Martinez's donors, despite federal pay-to-play rules
added: Wed Sep 20 18:03:06 2017

Women are only included in 48% of decision making in non-diverse companies, e.g. Silicon Valley.
added: Wed Sep 20 17:59:28 2017

The people of the Greater Mexico City area, Puebla and Morelos have shared footage shot during the event.
added: Wed Sep 20 15:55:01 2017

#HardenedBSD 11-STABLE now ships with #LibreSSL:
added: Wed Sep 20 15:18:38 2017
tags: hardenedbsd, libressl

Easy mistake via @TheCanaryOTP DWP site taken down after May tells tech companies to get tough on terror
added: Wed Sep 20 14:45:01 2017

Sikh youth killed by Hindu for objecting to smoking, murderer let off
added: Wed Sep 20 14:43:38 2017

Package soon to boost economy; no cuts in petrol, diesel rates: #ArunJaitley
added: Wed Sep 20 14:42:19 2017
tags: arunjaitley

Swiss takeover panel demands China’s HNA clarify its ownership
added: Wed Sep 20 14:13:10 2017

Trump judicial nominee said transgender children are part of 'Satan's plan', defended 'conversion therapy'
added: Wed Sep 20 13:47:55 2017

Rising water levels, caused by Hurricane Irma, threaten Cuba's capital Havana
added: Wed Sep 20 13:30:25 2017

Police arrest high-ranking Catalan officials in raids
added: Wed Sep 20 13:10:04 2017

Escaping disillusion: The skilled youth quitting Turkey
added: Wed Sep 20 13:08:10 2017

China calls for understanding of #Myanmar's need to protect stability
added: Wed Sep 20 13:07:10 2017
tags: myanmar

One elderly Catholic's struggle for democracy in #HK: The story of 81-year-old Benedict Ng & his Gao Wu Group
added: Wed Sep 20 13:06:05 2017
tags: hk

Five men in court over Hong Kong explosives plot
added: Wed Sep 20 12:44:06 2017

Editor-in-chief of Global Chinese Press, based in CAN, was dismissed after his attempt to publish Liu Xiaobo obit.
added: Wed Sep 20 12:43:02 2017

Turkish officials try to shut down free speech at the @meforum event in Philly:
added: Wed Sep 20 12:40:32 2017

Toshiba says seals $18 billion deal to sell chip unit to Bain Capital group
added: Wed Sep 20 12:40:31 2017

That event that HHS' Price spent $25K to fly to was actually in Delaware County, even CLOSER to DC by land than PHL
added: Wed Sep 20 12:39:52 2017

How to stop sites from 'borrowing' your CPU to mine cryptocurrency
added: Wed Sep 20 12:39:26 2017

After election rout, split stalks France's National Front
added: Wed Sep 20 11:30:12 2017

Exclusive: From Russia with fuel - North Korean ships may be undermining sanctions
added: Wed Sep 20 11:21:11 2017

More than half of all species of sharks, rays, and sawfish are in some way threatened in the Arabian Gulf:
added: Wed Sep 20 10:52:00 2017

‘The Vietnam War’: Past All Reason via @thenation
added: Wed Sep 20 10:47:10 2017

China's crackdown on excess may target oil refiners next - govt think tank
added: Wed Sep 20 10:24:00 2017

How Bodega typifies Silicon Valley’s cultural ignorance: Comments:
added: Wed Sep 20 10:20:02 2017

600 skeletons discovered from mass grave in rapist Ram Rahim’s Dera in Sirsa
added: Wed Sep 20 10:17:14 2017

Global economy improving but lacks ‘self-sustaining upswing’
added: Wed Sep 20 10:15:25 2017

Meet Shadowsocks, the underground tool that China’s coders use to blast through the Great Firewall via @qz
added: Wed Sep 20 10:11:30 2017

#HongKong police say in the first half of the year, over 840,000 parking violation tickets were issued in the city
added: Wed Sep 20 09:36:26 2017
tags: hongkong

Naomi Klein: Climate change, deregulation and racial injustice contribute to "unnaturally catastrophic" disasters
added: Wed Sep 20 09:20:16 2017

ICYMI: Interactive map illustrating the national intelligence oversight bodies via @privacyint #FiveEyes #auspol
added: Wed Sep 20 06:22:13 2017
tags: fiveeyes, auspol

The revolution is coming. We have found their home base. Pray for humanity.
added: Wed Sep 20 05:58:16 2017

3 families at most per flat in new #HongKong shared housing plan
added: Wed Sep 20 05:45:54 2017
tags: hongkong

Maintaining full employment should be a central goal of any progressive movement, and of any responsible government
added: Wed Sep 20 05:44:06 2017

Manufacturing Muslim 'Criminals': The Hindutva Formula
added: Wed Sep 20 05:38:05 2017

Religious Cults, Godmen And Blind Faith
added: Wed Sep 20 05:37:37 2017

Admiral Ramdas' Open Letter To President Ram Nath Kovind
added: Wed Sep 20 05:36:37 2017

Airbus opens China A330 plant amid market push
added: Wed Sep 20 05:35:20 2017

My story on Foxconn was just published: Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come.
added: Wed Sep 20 04:05:35 2017

Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay legal bills from Russia probe: sources
added: Wed Sep 20 03:50:05 2017

Tungsten: The Perfect Metal for Bullets and Missiles (2014): Comments:
added: Wed Sep 20 03:50:02 2017

#ASEAN MPs blocked from visiting @SenLeiladeLima, worry over #HumanRights situation in #Philippines via @interaksyon
added: Wed Sep 20 03:49:01 2017
tags: philippines, asean, humanrights

Will the Indian Way of Seeing Outstare Toxic Hindutva Politics?
added: Wed Sep 20 03:48:45 2017

"If you destroy a village, you create a village of resistance." #VietnamWarPBS
added: Wed Sep 20 03:44:31 2017
tags: vietnamwarpbs

Google intensifies censorship of left-wing websites: Comments:
added: Wed Sep 20 03:40:01 2017

Hong Kong not equipping students for the future as well as Singapore or South Korea, study says
added: Wed Sep 20 02:45:22 2017

SCOOP with @rachanadixit: HHS secretary Tom Price has been taking charter jets to conduct government business.
added: Wed Sep 20 02:31:22 2017

He was 22 when he was charged with capital murder. 10 years later, he is still awaiting trial.
added: Wed Sep 20 02:17:07 2017

People with pre-existing conditions, pregnant women among those who lose out in GOP's latest health care bill.
added: Wed Sep 20 01:56:31 2017

American Red Cross fails to pay funds promised to many Harvey victims
added: Wed Sep 20 01:00:05 2017

My updated Timeline of European History (with added maps) is now available. #apeuro
added: Tue Sep 19 22:40:37 2017
tags: apeuro

Malaysia allows generics for Gilead’s Hepatitis C drug for which India issued patent
added: Tue Sep 19 17:00:01 2017

Report of @Caabu & @MedicalAidPal's most recent delegation to the West Bank
added: Tue Sep 19 16:15:45 2017

China, the largest and fastest-growing car market in the world, will ban the sale of new gasoline & diesel cars! 👏
added: Tue Sep 19 15:00:16 2017

Fishermen 'kept like slaves' in Taiwan
added: Tue Sep 19 15:00:11 2017

Why were 39 Burundian refugees shot dead in the Congo?
added: Tue Sep 19 15:00:06 2017

Isis murdered 80 Iraqis in a terror attack on Friday – but all anyone could talk about was Parsons Green
added: Tue Sep 19 15:00:04 2017

"'My American childhood was so disappointing,' Kingston writes, & of course so was mine": @chengela on WOMAN WARRIOR
added: Tue Sep 19 14:58:32 2017

The dystopian vision that Westerners have about China is pretty backward via @qz
added: Tue Sep 19 14:33:03 2017

Watch in amazement as Jonathan Cahn logically explains how the Monica Lewinsky scandal was foretold in the Bible.
added: Tue Sep 19 14:32:51 2017

Like the economic changes since the late 1970s, the politics of resentment will not disappear anytime soon:
added: Tue Sep 19 14:30:27 2017

Unlike Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn is taking a stand against Saudi Arabia
added: Tue Sep 19 14:30:05 2017

Farah Mendlesohn's book on Heinlein is too long for her academic publisher and is being crowdfunded, support now!
added: Tue Sep 19 12:32:07 2017

85% of USA wanted national healthcare in 1944, #FDR CALLED FOR IT but right & corp rich blocked it
added: Tue Sep 19 12:30:39 2017
tags: fdr

Helicopter mistakenly fires on parked vehicles in Russia war games: media
added: Tue Sep 19 12:30:12 2017

【有線中國組:北京馬拉松參賽者公然違規】 北京馬拉松已經舉行十多年,但具特色之處是,每年都發現有參賽者違反賽會規定,甚至找代跑。 今年公然違規的又有什麼招式? 留意稍後《有線中國組》節目,會有詳細報道。 今晚...
added: Tue Sep 19 12:30:04 2017

Police identifies suspect in Gurdwara vandalism case in US
added: Tue Sep 19 12:30:01 2017

WeChat privacy policy asks users to open wide.
added: Tue Sep 19 11:42:32 2017

This man will do and say anything for power. He has no self awareness and takes no responsibility for his actions.
added: Tue Sep 19 11:04:25 2017

NHS spending on private ambulances rises to £80 million
added: Tue Sep 19 08:22:00 2017

Activists jailed over northeast New Territories development protests lodge appeal
added: Tue Sep 19 08:16:27 2017

Coal consumption is expected to fall in China but previous predictions were pretty wrong
added: Tue Sep 19 07:51:16 2017

China’s CGN seeks stake in Toshiba-led UK nuclear project
added: Tue Sep 19 07:51:00 2017

U.S. hedge fund seeks Sina board seats, pushes for sale to Weibo
added: Tue Sep 19 07:49:15 2017

Landslides shut national highway in J&K
added: Tue Sep 19 07:45:01 2017

READ our investigation into Chinese funding at UNSW @primroseriordan @CUhlmann @tomiggulden @Ageinvestigates
added: Tue Sep 19 06:34:59 2017

Lashkar, Al-Qaeda has Rohingya links, say government sources
added: Tue Sep 19 06:33:28 2017

Genome of dry zone food stable pearl millet sequenced for first time
added: Tue Sep 19 05:53:05 2017

‘Ha ha ha, call the police, idiots’: Junius Ho hits back over calls to ‘mercilessly kill’ Hong Kong activists
added: Tue Sep 19 05:47:31 2017

Soros hatred is a global sickness: "For a new generation of nationalists, he become the perfect villain" via @FT
added: Tue Sep 19 05:43:37 2017

Social Security Disability Backlog Tops 1 Million; Thousands Die While on Wait List
added: Tue Sep 19 05:15:07 2017

The United Nations has called it “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” This is what it looks like from space.
added: Tue Sep 19 04:30:14 2017

唔知會唔會又出現合晒要求都俾人DQ嘅事件呢? 【網媒採訪政府開出4條件 須先註冊有編採人員每周更新最少5日】 另看: 【封殺民主牆】林鄭指有組織有系統掛港獨橫額 衝擊一國兩制...
added: Tue Sep 19 04:29:03 2017

The Struggalo Continues: Great Lakes Antifa Stands in Solidarity with Juggalo March
added: Tue Sep 19 04:27:35 2017

Togo ruling party calls rally to drown out opposition
added: Tue Sep 19 04:27:09 2017

New regulations forcing #China’s online ideas market out of business @east_asia_forum
added: Tue Sep 19 04:26:30 2017
tags: china

"Why not focus on the fact that the Party failed for 20 years to live up to its 1997 promises [on free elections]?"
added: Tue Sep 19 04:25:15 2017

goodbye, childhood
added: Tue Sep 19 03:46:54 2017

Influence activities under XI Jinping have gone into turbo drive: my new paper here @radionz @nzherald @NZStuff
added: Tue Sep 19 03:03:09 2017

'Free Balochistan' campaign in Switzerland irks #Pakistan
added: Tue Sep 19 02:45:00 2017
tags: pakistan

New York governor wants credit-reporting firms to follow cyber rules
added: Tue Sep 19 02:10:03 2017

Kobach's claims of voter fraud are built on a house of cards (or outright lies)
added: Tue Sep 19 02:05:07 2017

Hong Kong trial accusing five men of making smoke bombs with chemicals found in former television studio opens
added: Tue Sep 19 02:00:58 2017

"It’s important early on to strike terror in the hearts of people in Washington, or else you will be rolled."
added: Tue Sep 19 01:58:29 2017

Coinbase vulnerability is a good reminder that SMS-based 2FA can wreak havoc via @techcrunch
added: Tue Sep 19 01:55:42 2017

So hostility against bike-sharing isn't just an issue for Hong Kong alone
added: Tue Sep 19 01:54:02 2017

Trump's top trade negotiator calls China an unprecedented threat via @bpolitics
added: Tue Sep 19 01:45:49 2017

"undercutting their own interests, Chinese seem determined to give Abe and Modi every incentive to work together."
added: Tue Sep 19 01:40:47 2017

HAPPENING NOW: Senate probes illegal drugs from China. Watch live
added: Tue Sep 19 01:31:17 2017

How the Opposition Is Silenced in Hong Kong and Thailand #lawfare #HongKong #Democracy
added: Tue Sep 19 00:52:27 2017
tags: lawfare, hongkong, democracy

On his 1st day, Tillerson said he wanted to meet entire State Dept staff. They haven't seen him since: by @vmsalama
added: Mon Sep 18 23:00:58 2017

Watch @klustout‘s interview w/ @andreilankov : How #Russia & #China are coming close to their own #NK limit @cnni
added: Mon Sep 18 22:00:01 2017
tags: china, nk, russia

My latest: Despite Rising Seas and Bigger Storms, Florida’s Land Rush Endures
added: Mon Sep 18 21:41:18 2017

REVEALED: Obama helped Carlyle Group weaken enviro regs to help oil refineries - now Obama gets Carlyle speaking gig
added: Mon Sep 18 21:32:29 2017

Wow. @EFF just resigned from the W3C over DRM.
added: Mon Sep 18 18:19:53 2017

Pepe the Frog has issued legal notices to Richard Spencer, Baked Alaska, and Mike Cernovich
added: Mon Sep 18 17:53:24 2017

Folks asked me to turn rant on Spicer, SNL, and 40+ years of entertainment swamping democracy into a column. Ta-da!
added: Mon Sep 18 15:56:34 2017

Fox News Host Has A Meltdown Over 'Illegal Alien' Superman Defending Immigrants
added: Mon Sep 18 14:30:39 2017

The Great Hive of Propaganda
added: Mon Sep 18 14:24:21 2017

China to amend party constitution at October congress - Reuters
added: Mon Sep 18 14:01:47 2017

Faced with a trove of new evidence in Uber case, Waymo asks to delay trial by @joemullin
added: Mon Sep 18 13:54:12 2017

What psychologists learned from studying 5,000 genius kids for 45 years
added: Mon Sep 18 13:52:41 2017

Porsche's Mission E pricing might give Tesla buyers pause
added: Mon Sep 18 13:48:48 2017

In Massachusetts the governor is trying to make street drug dealing a crime equal to manslaughter. Meanwhile...
added: Mon Sep 18 13:09:33 2017

Spyware company that said it would leave spyware world shows up at arms fair
added: Mon Sep 18 13:00:03 2017

The orthodoxy:"there is nothing wrong with economics per se, problem is one of poor communication" (or teaching).
added: Mon Sep 18 12:58:03 2017

From Salwa Judum to gau rakshaks, Indian laws are giving vigilantes an out
added: Mon Sep 18 12:56:36 2017

Iraqi PM Abadi formally demands suspension of Kurdistan independence vote
added: Mon Sep 18 12:30:10 2017

早知如此……🤷🏻‍♂️ // 報警者之一的牧師劉先生,質疑言論涉嫌觸犯香港法例第212章《侵害人身罪條例》第5條串謀或唆使謀殺,認為局方必須正視問題嚴重性,避免社會出現暴力事件。// #港獨殺無赦?...
added: Mon Sep 18 12:30:05 2017
tags: 港獨殺無赦

A crime reporter gets investigated, with ugly results. “The truth is on my side, but who will seek out that truth?”
added: Mon Sep 18 12:23:27 2017

Female hedge funds outperform those run by men
added: Mon Sep 18 12:10:03 2017

Sepsis: the truth about this hidden killer
added: Mon Sep 18 12:09:50 2017

Hong Kong unveils bus with solar panels to cool air in parked vehicle
added: Mon Sep 18 12:01:26 2017

Karen govt shuns lawsuit against nationalist rally organizers #Myanmar
added: Mon Sep 18 11:48:30 2017
tags: myanmar

What? The Independent says IDS thinks bosses should be "killing" their workers. And it's not far wrong [IMAGES]
added: Mon Sep 18 11:45:02 2017

Wilful defaults surge past Rs 1 lakh crore
added: Mon Sep 18 11:40:40 2017

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims trapped in Burmese villages after mobs 'threaten to kill them all'
added: Mon Sep 18 11:39:41 2017

Of 6 keynote addresses open to the press at Nat'l Federation of Republican Women conference in Philly, 5 were by men
added: Mon Sep 18 11:30:42 2017

Declining backwater #HongKong joins military-ruled Thailand in a depressing @ForeignAffairs piece: via @HKBigLychee
added: Mon Sep 18 11:22:29 2017
tags: hongkong

Erin Moran and Harry Dean Stanton left out of Emmys In Memoriam segment
added: Mon Sep 18 11:22:03 2017

69% of people support Jeremy Corbyn's plan to cap 'fat cat' pay
added: Mon Sep 18 11:17:39 2017

The top official in charge of Brexit just quit
added: Mon Sep 18 11:10:46 2017

#Duterte accuses #Philippines human rights chief of pedophilia A war on accountability @hrw…
added: Mon Sep 18 08:15:00 2017
tags: duterte, philippines

Supply chain attack: CCleaner compromised, backdoor deployed in 5.33 build Aug- Sept - time to restore folks -
added: Mon Sep 18 07:54:14 2017

Sources say that the drugs found in the initial urine samples include amphetamine
added: Mon Sep 18 07:50:30 2017

Naroda Gam case: Amit Shah appears in court as defence witness for Maya Kodnani
added: Mon Sep 18 07:33:48 2017

A page from Trump's book? Pro-Beijing legislator's call for death of activists may have broken law, ExCo member
added: Mon Sep 18 07:32:47 2017

South Korean official accused of selling defectors’ personal information
added: Mon Sep 18 07:32:35 2017

China's new rules on domain names, management, and resolution.
added: Mon Sep 18 07:29:49 2017

Chinese software developer gets three days’ detention for selling VPNs
added: Mon Sep 18 07:23:48 2017

China, Russia begin naval drills near #NorthKorea
added: Mon Sep 18 07:21:26 2017
tags: northkorea

BBC stop filming serial killer drama after finding dead body on set
added: Mon Sep 18 07:21:23 2017

This is terrible. 2 Burmese journos may be jailed in Bangladesh on what appear to be trumped up espionage charges
added: Mon Sep 18 07:19:44 2017

Here is a link to a video that confirms what journalists heard, police chanting "Whose streets, our streets" 2X.
added: Mon Sep 18 07:19:43 2017

People overwhelmingly support Jeremy Corbyn's policies, poll finds
added: Mon Sep 18 06:05:00 2017

Britain will soon have a 'third world' military, former First Sea Lord warns
added: Mon Sep 18 06:04:09 2017

鼓吹殺無赦、鼓吹戰爭、鼓吹暴力鎮壓? :O #暴力到唔敢睇 #反冷血 【港獨殺無赦?何君堯:係嫉惡如仇 戰爭裏殺敵人有咩問題】 昨日報道:...
added: Mon Sep 18 06:00:41 2017
tags: 反冷血, 暴力到唔敢睇

Delhi's first ever 'Big Butterfly Count': Enthusiasts cover the city in search of different species
added: Mon Sep 18 06:00:00 2017

Jon Lansman interview: ‘It’s my objective to give Labour members more power'
added: Mon Sep 18 05:58:05 2017

Why lush Kashmir is losing its paddy fields and wetlands. Read the full story here:
added: Mon Sep 18 05:30:03 2017

Chinese capital bans winter construction to improve air quality
added: Mon Sep 18 05:18:07 2017

Why South Korean media so often misses the mark on North Korea
added: Mon Sep 18 05:00:12 2017

The Voice of Indigenous Resistance in Oaxacalifornia.
added: Mon Sep 18 05:00:00 2017

Shanghai’s mayor sees city’s future in being a global hi-tech hub
added: Mon Sep 18 04:46:48 2017

Brazilians toil for gold in illegal Amazon mines #Gold #illegal #Amazon @reuters
added: Mon Sep 18 04:46:48 2017
tags: amazon, gold, illegal

Blackbirding: Australia's history of luring, tricking and kidnapping Pacific Islanders.
added: Mon Sep 18 04:33:57 2017

The largest rental deal this year in #HongKong’s Central has been signed
added: Mon Sep 18 04:15:07 2017
tags: hongkong

Smugglers were caught disguising pangolin scales as potato chips, wrapping live turtles in socks
added: Mon Sep 18 04:05:00 2017

#Motel6 isn’t scared of the @ACLU by @_Tom_Nash_
added: Mon Sep 18 04:04:01 2017
tags: motel6

Pro-democracy campaigner Sulu Sou, 26, has become Macau's youngest-ever lawmaker.
added: Mon Sep 18 04:01:04 2017

#Vietnam’s Conservatives Purge Former PM Dungs Allies
added: Mon Sep 18 04:00:09 2017
tags: vietnam

Judge rules that Sessions can't withhold public safety funds from sanctuary cities
added: Mon Sep 18 04:00:02 2017

Singular 'they' was the 2015 @americandialect word of the year. Catch up.
added: Mon Sep 18 03:50:14 2017

Fight over electoral district boundaries heads to Supreme Court
added: Mon Sep 18 03:47:29 2017

Ruh roh! // "WH officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire"// via @NYTimes
added: Mon Sep 18 03:46:00 2017

.@c_ceily on China's huge generation gap, also some insights into the experience of Chinese students studying in Oz +
added: Mon Sep 18 03:44:21 2017

Junius Ho may have committed a crime with call to kill people who get involved in independence, says Ronny Tong
added: Mon Sep 18 03:43:19 2017

China's Cliff Climbing Spiderwoman. Miao minority tradition of climbing without ropes to collect herbs (piece by me)
added: Mon Sep 18 03:43:16 2017

On China's long game: 'What the World’s Emptiest International Airport Says About China’s Influence'
added: Mon Sep 18 03:41:09 2017

☀️🌎🌷🍊 EPISODE 142 - SCHLOCK DOCTRINE feat. @NaomiAKlein 🍊🌷🌎☀️
added: Mon Sep 18 03:01:36 2017

For some reason, the @NYTimes wants us to think North Korea can't make UDHM, a powerful rocket fuel. ¯
added: Mon Sep 18 00:42:32 2017

One photographer's quest to document every single bodega in Manhattan
added: Mon Sep 18 00:01:05 2017

FEMA auctioned off trailers for disaster victims at low prices days before Hurricane Harvey
added: Sun Sep 17 21:29:05 2017

US Sanctions Continue to Backfire: China Opens $10 Billion Credit Line for Iran: via @SputnikInt
added: Sun Sep 17 17:04:25 2017

THAAD deployment: South Korea's central bank reports a very steep drop in investment by S Korean companies in China.
added: Sun Sep 17 13:39:06 2017

China’s top think tank opens Hong Kong branch to boost understanding of city
added: Sun Sep 17 12:11:01 2017

Angry Trump supporters burn Trump hats to protest his supposed DACA deal
added: Sat Sep 16 13:13:33 2017

Sri Lanka's recent right-to-information law can be a vital tool in saving lives and taking on corruption.
added: Sat Sep 16 10:06:59 2017

Divide & Rule: Compartmentalizing d history as Hindu & Muslim whn it wasn't clearly d case…
added: Sat Sep 16 06:11:41 2017

If the NFL cares about Latino fans, why hasn’t it taken a stand on #DACA? Good piece by @LeftSentThis & @CFPetrella
added: Fri Sep 15 17:27:28 2017
tags: daca

When Amazon purchased Whole Foods, it didn’t just get the stores. It picked up Whole Foods’s baggage as well.
added: Fri Sep 15 14:26:49 2017

ICYMI/the morning read: Everyone knows about Otani but Kikuchi is also an elite pitcher who wants to go to MLB. #NPB
added: Fri Sep 15 14:12:12 2017
tags: npb

After 25 years of writing about her, my very last words on Hillary Clinton. Please shoot me if I violate this pledge
added: Fri Sep 15 14:02:02 2017

Cassini spacecraft ends 13-year Saturn odyssey by burning into planet
added: Fri Sep 15 13:39:30 2017

"Google stopped challenging search warrants from US judges in which the data is stored on overseas servers"
added: Fri Sep 15 13:38:37 2017

Excellent work by @HannahAllam on how @ManalOmar, VP of @USIP, felt she had to leave her job post-Trump :
added: Fri Sep 15 13:32:57 2017

Industrial Production Decreased 0.9% in August
added: Fri Sep 15 13:30:11 2017

"The Iran deal is not a fair deal to this country. It's a deal that should not have ever been made," says Trump
added: Fri Sep 15 13:30:02 2017

Supreme Court petitioners must be made to expunge their bigotry against the Rohingya
added: Fri Sep 15 13:30:01 2017

Girl found HIV positive after transfusion: Govt orders probe
added: Fri Sep 15 13:30:00 2017

Could you live on £22 a day for the rest of your life?
added: Fri Sep 15 09:39:37 2017

Google deletes Android backups without notification if you don't use phone
added: Fri Sep 15 09:39:35 2017

70% of recorded elasmobranch species inhabiting Fijian waters are globally threatened with extinction:
added: Fri Sep 15 09:35:33 2017

Chinese academics prod Beijing to consider North Korea contingencies
added: Fri Sep 15 09:30:09 2017

Taiwan has sentenced Chinese national Zhou Hongxu to 14mo in prison for attempting to organize a govt spy ring.
added: Fri Sep 15 09:29:57 2017

China used to harvest organs from prisoners. Under pressure, that practice is finally ending.
added: Fri Sep 15 09:29:28 2017

How US Regulators Created the Equifax Mess
added: Fri Sep 15 09:28:09 2017

China extends anti-subsidy duties on EU potato starch for 5 years
added: Fri Sep 15 08:27:21 2017

With tickets for @thethe going on sale this morning, here's an interview I did with Matt
added: Fri Sep 15 08:12:21 2017

Sanctions increase “urgency” of South Korean aid to North: MOU
added: Fri Sep 15 08:11:05 2017

Why Aren't Western Liberals Outraged Over Lee Ming-che? - Ketagalan Media #Taiwan #China #HumanRights
added: Fri Sep 15 08:07:58 2017
tags: taiwan, china, humanrights

This #HongKong IPO may have big implications for Jack Ma's Ant Financial via @gadfly @nishagopalanhk #fintech
added: Fri Sep 15 08:07:07 2017
tags: hongkong, fintech

Hong Kong launches HK$2 billion fund to support tech start-ups - South China Morning Post
added: Fri Sep 15 08:07:05 2017

Court drops charges against three journalists #Myanmar
added: Fri Sep 15 07:35:36 2017
tags: myanmar

#Samsung won’t partner with Korindo following outrage over forest destruction in #WestPapua…
added: Fri Sep 15 07:05:16 2017
tags: westpapua, samsung

Liquid cats, crocodile bets and didgeridoos win Ig Nobel science prizes
added: Fri Sep 15 07:04:24 2017

Statement on imprisoned student Alex Chow #HK #LSE
added: Fri Sep 15 07:03:38 2017
tags: hk, lse

These stunning photos of Saturn are a beautiful goodbye from NASA’s Cassini probe
added: Fri Sep 15 06:45:04 2017

Duterte is considering declaring Martial Law if protests get out of control next week, defense chief says
added: Fri Sep 15 05:45:09 2017

Mazda to make all models hybrid, electric by early 2030s: Kyodo
added: Fri Sep 15 05:40:05 2017

Govt is mobilising community recycling centres to collect waste paper as private firms start seven-day boycott
added: Fri Sep 15 05:12:00 2017

Asia's glaciers to shrink by a third by 2100, threatening water supply of millions
added: Fri Sep 15 05:04:07 2017

AWS users felt a great disturbance in the cloud, as S3 cried out in terror
added: Fri Sep 15 04:59:47 2017

added: Fri Sep 15 04:55:00 2017

唔要 #一地兩檢,仲可以兩地兩檢、一地兩檢設在內地、車上檢等選項呀。 撐傘落區運動 〈一地兩檢關注組周六辦研討會 陳帆拒絕出席〉— #獨媒報導
added: Fri Sep 15 04:35:27 2017
tags: 一地兩檢, 獨媒報導

Today a rally for Gui Minhai will be held outside CHN embassy in Sweden: @NewCenturyBaopu @aiww @hu_jia @iguangcheng
added: Fri Sep 15 04:34:07 2017

Congratulations to @nvanderklippe for winning 1st place in @icja_china’s investigative category! Read his work here
added: Fri Sep 15 03:59:24 2017

Cambodia Retaliates for Visa Ban, Suspends US MIA Searches
added: Fri Sep 15 03:33:40 2017

Facebook Enabled Advertisers To Reach 'Jew Haters'
added: Fri Sep 15 03:30:36 2017

China internet finance body suggests framework to support virtual currencies
added: Fri Sep 15 03:30:11 2017

Highflying Mnuchins Take the Country for a Ride - The New York Times
added: Fri Sep 15 03:23:22 2017

Editor of @MarshallProj @billkeller2014 calculates educating Michelle Jones saved taxpayers roughly a million bucks
added: Fri Sep 15 03:19:53 2017

Just out from @luluyilun China’s WeChat Crackdown Drives Bitcoin Devotees to Telegram via @technology
added: Fri Sep 15 03:12:16 2017

HP is once again caught sneaking code into printers to reject third-party ink
added: Fri Sep 15 03:03:01 2017

China’s new campaign to instil official historical narrative in Xinjiang via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Sep 15 02:36:06 2017

Top #China official says Uyghurs have "incorrect ideas" that must be "eliminated" See also:
added: Fri Sep 15 01:52:20 2017
tags: china

After Wilma, bills were pushed to ensure nursing homes had emergency AC. They were killed.
added: Fri Sep 15 01:50:49 2017

The Phoenician Alphabet in Archaeology by @josephinequinn
added: Fri Sep 15 00:07:00 2017

Roger Waters on visiting the West Bank: "I’d never seen that kind of repression in action"
added: Thu Sep 14 23:30:25 2017

CCP: “all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are racially linked family members of the Zhonghua minzu” #racial nationalism
added: Thu Sep 14 23:13:19 2017
tags: racial

Some pointed comments from @MikeFriday09 about missed opportunities for @Eagles7s in last season's @WorldRugby7s
added: Thu Sep 14 23:10:20 2017

Wisconsin approves an unprecedented $2.85 billion incentive package to lure Taiwan-based Foxconn to the state.
added: Thu Sep 14 19:58:37 2017

China Detains Dozens Of Ethnic Kazakhs Who Watched Kanat Islam Fight
added: Thu Sep 14 17:43:54 2017

Check out @MrChuckD and @tmorello's interview with @TrevorNoah on @TheDailyShow last night.
added: Thu Sep 14 15:51:26 2017

When web platforms put too much trust in automated filters, the most marginalized voices are the first to disappear.
added: Thu Sep 14 15:51:20 2017

American fighting with ISIS surrenders in Syria:
added: Thu Sep 14 15:50:26 2017

Custom Server Makers Set The Datacenter Pace
added: Thu Sep 14 15:49:56 2017

America's Most Secret Spy Sub Returned To Base Flying A Pirate Flag
added: Thu Sep 14 15:05:40 2017

'I'm Going To Strip You Naked and Whip You Like the Slave You Are': Man Sends Racist Messages Before Killing Innocen…
added: Thu Sep 14 15:05:18 2017

Baba Ramdev Under Scanner for Sending Expired Patanjali Goods to Flood Victims in Assam
added: Thu Sep 14 15:04:55 2017

SHOCK: Sponsors of Sanders' Medicare-for-all bill get less $$$ from insurance industry than Dem opponents & holdouts
added: Thu Sep 14 15:04:50 2017

Palestinian landowners following up w/ their efforts to stop the construction of the Amichai settlement. | @RZabaneh
added: Thu Sep 14 15:04:50 2017

Meet nobody, India's scariest serial killer, who lynched Pehlu Khan
added: Thu Sep 14 15:04:07 2017

Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens
added: Thu Sep 14 15:00:04 2017

World's most overvalued emerging market currency could be in for a reality check
added: Thu Sep 14 12:35:20 2017

HKIR could be without Australian representation with government to suspend direct travel over quarantine concerns.
added: Thu Sep 14 11:37:13 2017

#Cassini to live-stream its final moments in Saturn’s atmosphere
added: Thu Sep 14 11:21:56 2017
tags: cassini

Aramco says IPO on track after report it is preparing for possible delay
added: Thu Sep 14 11:21:38 2017

Mysterious letter written by nun 'possessed by the Devil' finally decoded by software 341 years later
added: Thu Sep 14 11:20:00 2017

labour activist #MengHan was released on 3 Sept after being detained for 21 months but he's still under surveillance
added: Thu Sep 14 11:19:57 2017
tags: menghan

Lotte Confirms Selling China Stores
added: Thu Sep 14 11:18:35 2017

That massive Equifax breach could have been easily avoided via @thenextweb
added: Thu Sep 14 11:18:09 2017

ChemChina's Pirelli plan is private equity in action @davidfickling for @gadfly via @BW
added: Thu Sep 14 09:40:00 2017

With high-performance cells, China takes aim at high-end solar market
added: Thu Sep 14 09:34:08 2017

Time for @brianacton to move on. He built an amazing team at @WhatsApp which will maintain his legacy. #erlang
added: Thu Sep 14 09:32:57 2017
tags: erlang

US sued over border searches of phones and computers
added: Thu Sep 14 09:31:10 2017

Lotte Shopping picks Goldman to manage sales of supermarkets in China
added: Thu Sep 14 09:30:13 2017

How rich Chinese use visa fixers to move to the U.S. via @BW
added: Thu Sep 14 09:28:23 2017

Journalists' Group Condemns Continued Detention of Kashmiri Photojournalist By NIA via @thewire_in
added: Thu Sep 14 09:25:46 2017

Jacob Rees Mogg says UK food bank use is 'rather uplifting'
added: Thu Sep 14 09:25:22 2017

Chinese officials targeted by rights groups under US sanctions law via @SCMP_News #GlobalMagnitskyAct
added: Thu Sep 14 09:24:36 2017
tags: globalmagnitskyact

Opinion: Democratic tradition of Hong Kong universities is in sad decline, writes Tian Feilong
added: Thu Sep 14 09:17:02 2017

Hong Kong's media must show more sensitivity when reporting on domestic violence
added: Thu Sep 14 09:03:23 2017

Equifax says web server vulnerability led to hack
added: Thu Sep 14 08:50:04 2017

Only 13% of women in the country own the land they work on.
added: Thu Sep 14 08:50:00 2017

China plans first dollar-denominated bond sale in a decade
added: Thu Sep 14 08:49:46 2017

【以港元交易已不切實際】 【任志剛:港股可引入以人民幣買賣】 前金管局總裁任志剛撰文,稱以港元作為本港主要交易貨幣,與內地交易資金融通,是不切實際。...
added: Thu Sep 14 08:47:31 2017

South Korea is readying a 'decapitation unit' to take out Kim Jong-un
added: Thu Sep 14 08:46:49 2017

China manufacturing investment growth at 6 month low in Aug. Our survey showed their lack of confidence in economy
added: Thu Sep 14 08:23:43 2017

Supreme Court hands huge win to GOP over Texas voting maps
added: Thu Sep 14 08:11:06 2017

Residents should have been consulted over the design of the multibillion-dollar project, local councillors say
added: Thu Sep 14 08:09:06 2017

Singaporeans—or at least those who voice opinions online—are really not happy about #PE2017: #notmypresident
added: Thu Sep 14 08:06:38 2017
tags: notmypresident, pe2017

"We wanted to see a bit of nature": aboard a smash-&-grab poverty cruise into North Korean waters w/ @kevinfrayer
added: Thu Sep 14 08:00:09 2017

機管局回覆獨媒指,中轉大樓計劃為旅客帶來最大方便,令大橋及機場發揮更大協同效應,拒考慮替代方案。 〈機管局30億建大樓 僅便利轉機客 團體斥大白象 提3億替代方案〉— #獨媒報導...
added: Thu Sep 14 08:00:04 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

Securities watchdog backs away from front-seat role in Hong Kong’s stock listing process
added: Thu Sep 14 07:50:12 2017

Good news! 4 Mozambicans sentenced to 20 years for poaching and smuggling of #rhino horns…
added: Thu Sep 14 07:49:16 2017
tags: rhino

The brave, vital @msf hospital in Khurram in Pakistan's tribal areas is being forced to close.
added: Thu Sep 14 06:43:41 2017

‘I’ve got nothing to lose. They’ve already got my son.’ Lawyer Who Worked for Egypt’s Disappeared Himself Vanishes
added: Thu Sep 14 06:11:11 2017

❤️ x 100 this profile of Stephon Marbury, who wanted to retire in Taiyuan but is now in Foshan. "It's like Florida!"
added: Thu Sep 14 05:43:22 2017

An open letter from Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting to the California State Senate @DAFOH_org #FalunGong
added: Thu Sep 14 05:16:09 2017
tags: falungong, transplant

2 Motel 6 Locations in Phoenix Suspected of Calling ICE on Undocumented Guests
added: Thu Sep 14 04:58:01 2017

Marshals Service Accused of Wasting Funds on Fancy Furniture, Excess Office Space
added: Thu Sep 14 04:57:19 2017

Equifax Breach: Ambulance Chasing, FireEye, and a News Roundup
added: Thu Sep 14 04:50:58 2017

Meanwhile, there is still anger over how Halimah became president #notmypresident #hardlymahpresident
added: Thu Sep 14 04:39:44 2017
tags: notmypresident, hardlymahpresident

Opinion: Lesson from Doklam - China and India can still become ‘Chindia’
added: Thu Sep 14 04:35:01 2017

Kim Jong Un is going “seriously capitalist” via @vicenews @melissakchan Big changes taking place in North Korea...
added: Thu Sep 14 03:56:44 2017

“Forget Harvard. I’ve already graduated from the toughest school there is.”
added: Thu Sep 14 03:56:01 2017

With Claims of Rampant Voter Fraud...Trump Election Commission Lays the Groundwork for New Restrictions
added: Thu Sep 14 03:55:05 2017

Nearly a third of portable battery chargers unsafe
added: Thu Sep 14 03:52:14 2017

@KTsDivaMom @ShaunKing Here's the update:
added: Thu Sep 14 03:49:26 2017

Facebook quietly released their Bonfire app in Denmark – and we found it
added: Thu Sep 14 03:48:09 2017

Debate about ending daylight saving time in California to continue in 2018
added: Thu Sep 14 03:45:06 2017

Good on you @aamer_rahman. Pathetic comments from Hellier, even more pathetic response from Australian media
added: Thu Sep 14 03:33:17 2017

A resident of St. Martin, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma, describes the storm and its aftermath.
added: Thu Sep 14 03:32:06 2017

Duterte has alleged one of his opponents has unregistered bank accounts – including some in Hong Kong – but now...
added: Thu Sep 14 03:32:04 2017

#Singapore steps up its fight against flab via @FT
added: Thu Sep 14 03:19:20 2017
tags: singapore

The rise of strongmen leaders may reflect a new chapter in history. Read more in my new article for @nytimes at
added: Thu Sep 14 02:35:31 2017

Official: Hurricane leaves 'nuclear landscape' in Caribbean @sarasidnerCNN has more;
added: Thu Sep 14 02:27:22 2017

Barclays sees $270 bln flows to #China #bonds on index inclusion | Reuters
added: Thu Sep 14 02:06:01 2017
tags: bonds, china

#HNA Faces Leery Banks as Refinancing for Hong Kong Project Looms @prudencehoho @business
added: Thu Sep 14 02:02:54 2017
tags: hna

#HongKong in a nutshell... … @karenklcheung … @krislc *@HKBigL…
added: Thu Sep 14 02:01:33 2017
tags: hongkong

Gov't land quietly leased to the wealthy for gardens, pools and tennis courts, watchdog says
added: Thu Sep 14 02:00:55 2017

Map of the Day: Each of Montreal's 68 metro stations, according to density, median rents, income and other data
added: Thu Sep 14 02:00:32 2017

I wrote about the redevelopment of Tokyo, and in particular Musashi Koyama, last year.
added: Thu Sep 14 01:26:57 2017

Trump blocks China-backed Lattice Semiconductor buyout
added: Thu Sep 14 00:33:18 2017

Former chief executive CY Leung took 11 days to tell the government he was appointed director for two companies -...
added: Thu Sep 14 00:32:13 2017

West Virginia files to revoke permits for a massive natural gas pipeline
added: Thu Sep 14 00:30:06 2017

I wrote down some of my thoughts on expectations and the perceived value of CSS and HTML in front end development.
added: Thu Sep 14 00:16:02 2017

Aaand @chrisgeidner scooped the secret memo ... on the new leak crackdown.
added: Thu Sep 14 00:04:00 2017

Analysis of the draft revisions to the Organic Law of People's Courts
added: Wed Sep 13 23:52:15 2017

Wow. Mnuchin asked for a government jet for his honeymoon.
added: Wed Sep 13 23:04:22 2017

China to launch new GPS rival satellites ‘accurate to within millimetres’, website says
added: Wed Sep 13 21:25:05 2017

BREAKING: Canadian Football League immediately ends full-contact practices - Now we're getting somewhere! #respect
added: Wed Sep 13 21:02:32 2017
tags: respect

She's pregnant. She tells the officer this. Officer proceeds to Taser the pregnant woman. Traffic stop.
added: Wed Sep 13 21:02:13 2017

This is very important: Facebook is still hiding crucial Russia intel from the public
added: Wed Sep 13 19:34:35 2017

One last look at the Clinton dead-enders before the rest of us move on
added: Wed Sep 13 18:48:50 2017

Very proud we threatened legal action and got hate radio to stop using my dad's music.
added: Wed Sep 13 15:40:35 2017

Move erts IO Polling to dedicated threads · Issue #1552 · erlang/otp ❤️
added: Wed Sep 13 15:39:07 2017

The US Federal Election Commission is completely broken
added: Wed Sep 13 15:32:20 2017

Fatalities in Florida Keys takes Hurricane Irma's death toll to 61
added: Wed Sep 13 15:30:17 2017

How Trump’s presidency reveals the true nature of Christian nationalism
added: Wed Sep 13 15:30:05 2017

5 elderly people dead Florida nursing home after the facility was left without electricity due to Hurricane Irma
added: Wed Sep 13 15:23:36 2017

As demand for chocolate booms, ‘dirty’ beans from deforested national parks are entering supply chains @guardian
added: Wed Sep 13 15:02:11 2017

Activists Send Postcards in Support of Detained Chinese Anti-Censorship Campaigner
added: Wed Sep 13 15:02:07 2017

▶️ Spain: Prosecutors threaten to arrest Catalan pro-referendum mayors
added: Wed Sep 13 15:00:20 2017

ICE Refuses To Release Basic Agency Documents #FOIA
added: Wed Sep 13 14:59:37 2017
tags: foia

Houston's segregated devastation after Hurricane Harvey is rooted in government-backed inequality dating to slavery.
added: Wed Sep 13 14:59:28 2017

The left wing of the Democratic Party has “gotten a louder voice and taken control,” the Allergan CEO warned.
added: Wed Sep 13 14:58:52 2017

The Trump administration’s wrecking ball is smashing into funds for HIV prevention
added: Wed Sep 13 14:58:00 2017

Concern mounts for detained #Chinese activists | - my latest -
added: Wed Sep 13 14:56:52 2017
tags: chinese

Kris Kobach's voter fraud commission is a carnival of the absurd. A dispatch from New Hampshire:
added: Wed Sep 13 14:55:00 2017

Hackers infect over 1.65 million computers with cryptocurrency miners, reaping up to $30,000 a month
added: Wed Sep 13 14:51:54 2017

Some #UK tax havens receive as much as 30% of their budget from EU aid. Will UK bail them out after #Brexit?
added: Wed Sep 13 14:40:03 2017
tags: brexit, uk

Canada has not appropriately implemented its obligations and duties towards Indigenous Peoples as laid down in...
added: Wed Sep 13 14:37:23 2017

.@TheJusticeDept: Baltimore officers won’t face federal civil right charges in Freddie Gray’s death @washingtonpost
added: Wed Sep 13 14:37:00 2017

Interviews Begin with Victims of Democratic Donor Involved in Scandal Related to Death of Black Gay Man #GemmelMoore
added: Wed Sep 13 14:32:05 2017
tags: gemmelmoore

"#Russia reduces parking spaces at #US consulates as diplomatic row continues"
added: Wed Sep 13 14:04:09 2017
tags: russia, us

They are probably re-training the K-9 sniffer teams at Beijing Airport:
added: Wed Sep 13 14:01:56 2017

WeWork Wants UrWork Out of Its Space #tech #coworking #WeWork #UrWork
added: Wed Sep 13 13:51:54 2017
tags: tech, wework, urwork, coworking

Chinese sub docks at Malaysian port for second time this year: Only third known visit by PLAN sub to foreign port.
added: Wed Sep 13 13:50:36 2017

Latest Online Cleanup Targets Chat Groups #WeChat #Weibo #QQ #VPN
added: Wed Sep 13 13:46:46 2017
tags: wechat, weibo, qq, vpn

China Moves to Evict Trademark Squatters #intellectualproperty #trademark #MichaelJordan
added: Wed Sep 13 13:37:25 2017
tags: intellectualproperty, trademark, michaeljordan

Maharashtra: BJP leader booked for allegedly raping a woman and filming the act to blackmail
added: Wed Sep 13 13:12:28 2017

Two ex-Googlers want to make bodegas and mom-and-pop corner stores obsolete
added: Wed Sep 13 13:03:17 2017

Retweet if you want action to stop voter suppression -- instead of lies about policies that make it harder to vote.
added: Wed Sep 13 12:57:28 2017

So Berkeley lets "deadlines slide" for Bannon event, but suspends Palestine course b/c of political viewpoint
added: Wed Sep 13 12:56:29 2017

Lawyer investigating death of Cambridge student killed in #Egypt disappears | via @telegraph
added: Wed Sep 13 12:44:03 2017
tags: egypt

Interesting to read. Chinese Discourse on the New North Korea Sanctions via @Sino_NK
added: Wed Sep 13 12:16:07 2017

Regional director of Prudential jailed for HK$30k commissions fraud: Source: ICAC | Source date: 12-Sep-2017 21:41
added: Wed Sep 13 12:15:34 2017

Ex-Yoshinoya Fast Food employees jailed for bribery and fraud: Source: ICAC | Source date: 11-Sep-2017 20:11
added: Wed Sep 13 12:15:33 2017

Latest issue of CSQ: Protect. Resist. Defend. Renew.  - #UNDRIP #10Years
added: Wed Sep 13 11:48:53 2017
tags: undrip, 10years

A surviving framer of the 1987 Constitution shares his thoughts on the House-approved Php1,000 budget for the CHR:
added: Wed Sep 13 11:34:21 2017

China to U.S.: Please stop sending us your junk
added: Wed Sep 13 10:59:29 2017

Japan explores options after Pyongyang threatens EMP blast
added: Wed Sep 13 10:58:48 2017

Exclusive: Syria calls off mysterious million tonne Russian wheat deal
added: Wed Sep 13 10:57:47 2017

Why favor PostgreSQL over MariaDB / MySQL
added: Wed Sep 13 10:56:00 2017

China exploits the vulnerability of open democracy
added: Wed Sep 13 10:53:36 2017

Superior batteries are on the way. via @technology
added: Wed Sep 13 10:52:44 2017

Amnesty slams Israeli threats to punish it over settlement boycott call
added: Wed Sep 13 10:51:48 2017

Zambia starts work on China-funded ‘mega road’ project
added: Wed Sep 13 10:10:50 2017

Amidst #NZ #China spy debate, let's recall .@BillEnglishMP blew off #Hongkong democrats. .@Zagzigger2 .@jgarnaut
added: Wed Sep 13 09:55:29 2017
tags: hongkong, china, nz

More shows of force in #Xinjiang : more than 10,000 people took part in "anti-terror exercise" #China
added: Wed Sep 13 09:06:40 2017
tags: xinjiang, china

#Water #privatisation looks little more than an organised rip-off" - brilliant article in FT via @FT
added: Wed Sep 13 09:00:05 2017
tags: privatisation, water

After what British immigration officials did to my Malaysian girlfriend, I'm done
added: Wed Sep 13 09:00:01 2017

India’s corporate debt hits seven-year-high in March 2017
added: Wed Sep 13 08:50:00 2017

"Man found with more than 200 teeth and claw parts from sun bears, claws from a Malayan tiger..."
added: Wed Sep 13 08:49:26 2017

US threat of China sanctions: companies in the crosshairs
added: Wed Sep 13 07:38:45 2017

Beijing And Hong Kong Schools Launch Partnership To Promote ‘Patriotic Education’
added: Wed Sep 13 07:36:33 2017

As Aung San Suu Kyi's biographer, I have to say that the only good thing she can do now is resign
added: Wed Sep 13 07:34:00 2017

Help arrives for seniors living without food or electricity via @10NewsWTSP
added: Wed Sep 13 07:29:42 2017

EU “copyright reform” threatens freedom of information, open access and open science
added: Wed Sep 13 07:04:45 2017

I am not a spy, says Chinese-born NZ lawmaker
added: Wed Sep 13 06:36:14 2017

#HongKong independence messages not a question of free speech - Chief Exec. Carrie Lam
added: Wed Sep 13 06:32:42 2017
tags: hongkong

Dharavi Diary: What happens when girls in one of the world's largest slums start coding and building apps — @qz
added: Wed Sep 13 05:45:05 2017

Don’t use activist’s trial to attack Chinese law, authorities warn Chinese authorities on #LeeMingCheh
added: Wed Sep 13 05:43:13 2017
tags: leemingcheh

Aging, scandal-plagued Middle Eastern leader says his people love him and vows to rule into the next decade:
added: Wed Sep 13 05:38:37 2017

Act now or wait? The Fed debate heats up after inflation misses its target
added: Wed Sep 13 05:38:18 2017

Myanmar's national leader Aung San Suu Kyi cancels trip to UN General Assembly
added: Wed Sep 13 05:33:25 2017

Steve Bannon sending signals to Beijing ahead of President Trump's visit in mid-November
added: Wed Sep 13 05:32:03 2017

A notice to people using Bitcoin for illicit purposes: you can run, but it’s getting a lot harder to hide.
added: Wed Sep 13 05:30:51 2017

Control is still the name of the game. #China is now trying to curb the #yuan's strength vi…
added: Wed Sep 13 05:28:04 2017
tags: china, yuan

Opinion: ‘Let me give you my invaluable insight from spending a whole week in China’ via @chinadailyshow
added: Wed Sep 13 05:23:46 2017

#EJI Conflict of interest feared after CY Leung joins two companies
added: Wed Sep 13 05:01:47 2017
tags: eji

Philippines MPs vote to slash budget of agency investigating drug war to £15
added: Wed Sep 13 05:00:32 2017

Americans still wait to be evacuated from Caribbean islands - Videos - CBS News
added: Wed Sep 13 04:26:29 2017

Brussels prepares powers to block foreign takeovers
added: Wed Sep 13 04:24:28 2017

VIDEO: @AP exclusive drone footage over the Florida Keys shows the devastation after Hurricane Irma.
added: Wed Sep 13 04:23:58 2017

.@TorontoSUNPromo published TWO pseudo-defences of a banana-pancakes bigot (sorry "heckler")
added: Wed Sep 13 04:19:29 2017

I will apply to appeal at court of final appeal of Hong Kong over jail sentence.
added: Wed Sep 13 04:18:22 2017

@kthalps full transcript here
added: Wed Sep 13 02:40:22 2017

Kobach & co keep lying about voter fraud in order to suppress votes. Huge threat to democracy
added: Wed Sep 13 01:49:45 2017

In a 31-point swing, Democrats just flipped another district in Oklahoma that had gone convincingly to Trump
added: Wed Sep 13 01:24:34 2017

Illegal wildlife seizures need to drive investigations, not just photo opportunities
added: Wed Sep 13 00:10:09 2017

All female dev team at with a new SVG editor & variations editor :) #womenintech…
added: Tue Sep 12 22:59:56 2017
tags: womenintech

BBC News - China banks fear US North Korea sanctions
added: Tue Sep 12 21:51:36 2017
tags: northkorea, china

In my latest @InfoQ story, I dig into the @awscloud Network Load Balancer and how to choose the right ELB option:
added: Tue Sep 12 20:26:13 2017

RFA Closes Phnom Penh Bureau Amid Crackdown by Hun Sen
added: Tue Sep 12 14:35:39 2017

From Credit Risk to Pipeline Risk: Why Loan Syndication is a Risky Business
added: Tue Sep 12 14:27:03 2017

Here's a story about one of the ways in which the British (and the war) impoverished India
added: Tue Sep 12 14:24:31 2017

You howled in protest, and Equifax had no choice but to respond
added: Tue Sep 12 14:11:12 2017

What’s the one big technical reason China won’t turn off North Korea’s oil tap?
added: Tue Sep 12 14:01:54 2017

Lawsuits, falsehoods, and a lot of white men: Trump's election commission meeting today will be messy
added: Tue Sep 12 13:38:24 2017

Damning account by BBC's @pakhead of Myanmar govt attempts to falsify evidence of who is burning Rohingya villages
added: Tue Sep 12 13:38:14 2017

警方一連4日狙擊超速駕駛 共派1579張牛肉乾 2司機被捕
added: Tue Sep 12 13:36:35 2017

Supreme Court Orders Replacement of Two Judges Posted as Observers at Babri Masjid Site
added: Tue Sep 12 13:35:35 2017

This thread about King James and his male lover is going viral
added: Tue Sep 12 13:35:00 2017

Researcher reveals D-Link router holes that might never be patched via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Sep 12 13:34:20 2017

How Russia quietly undercuts sanctions intended to stop North Korea’s nuclear program
added: Tue Sep 12 13:31:07 2017

Where are they now? Ezra Cohen-Watnick lands jobs at @Oracle while Derek Harvey rejoins @DevinNunes staff.
added: Tue Sep 12 13:30:48 2017

India Asks Australia to Withdraw ‘Offensive’ Ad of Ganesha Eating Lamb
added: Tue Sep 12 12:41:37 2017

Alleged Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake benchmarks leak online by @markalexwalton
added: Tue Sep 12 12:41:01 2017

'All Indians Originally Hindus', RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Says Hinduism's Door Open To All
added: Tue Sep 12 12:40:44 2017

Daimler CEO says migration to e-cars should be left up to market
added: Tue Sep 12 12:40:06 2017

Mughals Looted The Country, Were Not Our Ancestors: UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma
added: Tue Sep 12 12:39:41 2017

Twenty five yrs after he launched Behaviourial Economics, Nobel-winner Robert Shiller introduces Narrative Economics
added: Tue Sep 12 12:32:26 2017

Facebook staffs up in China despite being blocked
added: Tue Sep 12 12:14:04 2017

// 我們現在可以做的不多,唯有希望大家能聯署,讓聯合國教科文組織不要背上這裡破壞濕地的污名。//
added: Tue Sep 12 12:10:03 2017

‘We are allowed to kick’: Ohio Police defend brutal beating of unarmed black man
added: Tue Sep 12 12:10:02 2017

Antitrust enforcement against dominant tech platforms is being embraced by... No Labels. Yes, this is real.
added: Tue Sep 12 12:05:56 2017

Crackas With Attitude troll gets five years in prison for harassment via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Sep 12 12:04:37 2017

Full text of "ML for the Working Programmer" now online!
added: Tue Sep 12 12:02:17 2017

This letter just destroyed Jacob Rees-Mogg with a pic'n'mix metaphor
added: Tue Sep 12 11:08:20 2017

Labour to force vote on plan to increase tuition fees
added: Tue Sep 12 11:07:47 2017

Philippines House of Rep approved just US$20 budget to Comm on Human Rights. CHR been toughest human rights defender
added: Tue Sep 12 11:06:43 2017

Article 44 to Shred Departure Cards (For Thais): Gov’t
added: Tue Sep 12 11:06:04 2017

Scientists Are Finally Set to Mass-Produce The Active Compound Found in Magic Mushrooms
added: Tue Sep 12 11:01:55 2017

Donald Trump's lawyers 'recommended Jared Kushner resign from the White House'
added: Tue Sep 12 10:31:11 2017

numero (0.1.3): A micro library for converting non-english digits.
added: Tue Sep 12 10:30:17 2017

North Korea warns U.S. of 'greatest pain', rejects sanctions
added: Tue Sep 12 10:30:11 2017

Archive footage of 1930s 'summer camp' reveals horrifying truth
added: Tue Sep 12 09:47:10 2017

Western Digital and pals win Toshiba chip unit bid, claims report
added: Tue Sep 12 09:46:22 2017

China facing intensified threat of religious infiltration, extremism: Official
added: Tue Sep 12 09:45:00 2017

Blow me down with a feather! Turns out capital mobility isn't a problem at all... Such a surprise.@FTAlphaville
added: Tue Sep 12 09:03:02 2017

Yuan's 2017 advance has helped draw foreigners to China stocks, bonds
added: Tue Sep 12 09:01:06 2017

Railways to opt for reverse bidding to reduce procurement expenditure
added: Tue Sep 12 09:00:00 2017

Woman attacks Sikh politician for 'supporting Sharia Law'. His response is flawless
added: Tue Sep 12 08:58:00 2017

Ready for talks to reopen Nathu La pass, says China after Doklam stand-off resolved
added: Tue Sep 12 08:57:38 2017

#Riak #NoSQL snapped up by Bet365 via @computerweekly
added: Tue Sep 12 08:47:38 2017
tags: nosql, riak

Bonafide peer review of Professor Sung's letter to CUHK students. (Note: I did not write this. It was sent to me...
added: Tue Sep 12 08:43:44 2017

Beijing party sec Cai Qi mobilizes Chaoyang Masses and Xicheng Aunties to ensure order during 19th party congress
added: Tue Sep 12 08:43:16 2017

Baghdad is willing to negotiate on #Kurdish independence if the city #Kirkuk is not included, says @JoostHiltermann
added: Tue Sep 12 08:42:03 2017
tags: kirkuk, kurdish

US ambassador to #Cambodia rejected government accusations of interference as "inaccurate, misleading and baseless"
added: Tue Sep 12 08:41:02 2017
tags: cambodia

The courts’ recent rulings are a reminder of the judiciary’s importance
added: Tue Sep 12 08:40:00 2017

China backs Burma's efforts to 'safeguard stability' amid global outcry over Rohingya Muslim crisis
added: Tue Sep 12 08:39:57 2017

Oil prices steady as traders assess U.S. hurricane impact
added: Tue Sep 12 08:00:14 2017

#PE2017 demonstrates that the PAP isn’t above playing racial politics to hold on to (more) power:
added: Tue Sep 12 07:55:34 2017
tags: pe2017

Man beaten up for speaking in fluent English in #Delhi #india
added: Tue Sep 12 07:53:34 2017
tags: delhi, india

Macau's unused billions: booming casino taxes sit in government coffers by @farahmaster
added: Tue Sep 12 07:53:13 2017

Emergency satellite terminals + phones deployed to #Caribbean to assist in #HurricaneIrma relief + response efforts
added: Tue Sep 12 07:38:58 2017
tags: hurricaneirma, caribbean

Frustrations mount for Florida Keys residents post-Irma. More: via @ReutersTV #HurricaneIrma
added: Tue Sep 12 07:30:03 2017
tags: hurricaneirma

Chinese buyers are shunning Hyundai because of political tensions via @markets @business #China #Korea #cars
added: Tue Sep 12 07:24:19 2017
tags: korea, china, cars

300 tonnes of diseased pig carcasses – the latest example of China's pollution crisis
added: Tue Sep 12 07:22:35 2017

We interviewed #HongKong Financial Secretary Paul Chan at #BeltandRoad Forum. Read it NOW:…
added: Tue Sep 12 07:22:14 2017
tags: hongkong, beltandroad

Lotte founder's eldest son to sell most of stakes in four units
added: Tue Sep 12 07:20:09 2017

Great story on the invention of the Linotype from @GlennF - part of his excellent history of western printing series
added: Tue Sep 12 07:03:40 2017

Charles Ramble's talk at Columbia on Tibetan archives from south of the Himalayas - 12 noon Tuesday Sep12, SIPA 1219
added: Tue Sep 12 06:32:56 2017

The owner of China's biggest online lending fraud sentenced to life in prison via @business
added: Tue Sep 12 06:32:52 2017

#China sends the price of one of the most critical materials for the Western world soaring … @business #tungsten
added: Tue Sep 12 06:09:44 2017
tags: china, tungsten

Fact sheet: UNSC Resolution 2375 Strengthening sanctions on North Korea
added: Tue Sep 12 05:56:06 2017

Brilliant Article! Native American Students Face Ongoing Crises in Education - Via @IconicImagery
added: Tue Sep 12 05:54:15 2017

搵地建屋難? 本土研究社 Liber Research Community今日發表《租連阡陌:香港短期批租富豪用地研究》,調查31幅透過短期租約租用、用作網球場及游泳池等富豪設施,部份短租用地面積達原有地段面積10倍。...
added: Tue Sep 12 05:40:23 2017

[Interview] Varoufakis group may seek MEP posts in 2019
added: Tue Sep 12 05:39:42 2017

Most Rohingya have sought refuge in and around Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh
added: Tue Sep 12 05:31:05 2017

Unlike Florida and Texas, they don't get the same level of attention—let alone equal representation.
added: Tue Sep 12 04:51:05 2017

FT exclusive: How North Korea's trade keeps flowing via a murky web of ships and companies, many HK-registered
added: Tue Sep 12 04:48:06 2017

BJP spreading rumours about me, Rahul Gandhi tells students at Berkeley University
added: Tue Sep 12 04:45:00 2017

UPS Official Says “Yes” to Cannabis Delivery in Québec - #cannabis #iReadCulture
added: Tue Sep 12 04:40:11 2017
tags: cannabis, ireadculture

It's 2017 & this article not only 'makes the case' for past colonialism, but also promotes future 'recolonization'
added: Tue Sep 12 04:37:27 2017

Farm growth slows as flow of migrant workers dries up after Brexit
added: Tue Sep 12 04:35:56 2017

Watchdog received 213 cases alleging police misconduct in first half of 2017
added: Tue Sep 12 04:06:05 2017

almost exactly a scene from @bruces' Distraction
added: Tue Sep 12 04:05:33 2017

White Teens Lynch Biracial Eight-Year-Old Boy: via @YouTube
added: Tue Sep 12 04:03:15 2017

How Singapore elected a president without a vote #PassionMadePossible
added: Tue Sep 12 04:01:29 2017
tags: passionmadepossible

Power and dignity: the true cost of the PAP's EP bargain
added: Tue Sep 12 03:59:57 2017

A new study shows Trump fans can be easily coaxed into being more racist
added: Tue Sep 12 03:59:13 2017

Interesting piece. China seems unwilling to hold the talks Jia describes. The US, conversely, seems incapable.
added: Tue Sep 12 03:57:17 2017

U.N. rights chief says Rohingya crackdown ‘seems’ like ‘ethnic cleansing’
added: Tue Sep 12 03:15:07 2017

Plea bargain Brazilian businessmen surrender to the police.
added: Tue Sep 12 03:15:00 2017

Google Rival Yelp Claims Search Giant Broke Promise Made to Regulators: Comments:
added: Tue Sep 12 03:00:02 2017

Whistleblower Leads to ‘Mass Grave’ of Diseased Pigs
added: Tue Sep 12 02:59:00 2017

Berkeley hot dog vendor case now under investigation
added: Tue Sep 12 02:56:44 2017

What a story - part of the $100,000 Russian FB ad spend was to promote an anti-Muslim rally
added: Tue Sep 12 02:56:41 2017

The difference China makes - a WSJ editorial about Hun Sen's crackdown on Cambodian opposition. via @WSJOpinion
added: Tue Sep 12 02:52:17 2017

Mass outrage over Equifax breach | TheHill
added: Tue Sep 12 02:20:36 2017

U.S. Coast Guard, EPA cleaning up a dozen Texas chemical spills after Harvey
added: Tue Sep 12 01:40:05 2017

Confirmed: Oracle laid off 964 people from former Sun building
added: Tue Sep 12 01:39:30 2017

Undocumented workers will help rebuild after hurricanes #inners
added: Tue Sep 12 01:39:14 2017
tags: inners

I've been waiting over a year for someone to write this paper.
added: Tue Sep 12 01:39:13 2017

Steve Bannon: What Built America Was Economic Nationalism (60 Minutes Interview): via @YouTube
added: Tue Sep 12 01:38:10 2017

#China's ICO ban necessary but should not stop blockchain research: PBOC official
added: Tue Sep 12 01:34:00 2017
tags: china

What are the chances some of the "people familiar" w/efforts to oust Kushner are named Steve Bannon?
added: Tue Sep 12 01:32:59 2017

North Korea to be punished with oil and textile export curbs after UN council (incl. China, Russia) pass sanctions
added: Tue Sep 12 01:31:35 2017

Tuesday freakout read: Top Chinese scholar warning that it's "time to prepare for the worst in N. Korea."
added: Tue Sep 12 01:31:00 2017

2) Christie on Bannon: "this is his last 15 minutes of one is...going to care abt anything he has to say"
added: Tue Sep 12 01:30:47 2017

This is wow
added: Tue Sep 12 01:30:33 2017

To get this story, @BySheilaKaplan wrangled scientists and boats, set up lab tests. Not easy. Or cheap.
added: Tue Sep 12 01:19:47 2017

A Note on Political Accountability via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Tue Sep 12 01:18:55 2017

Democrats “spiked the ball in the end zone a little too early” in celebrating debt ceiling deal, McConnell said.
added: Tue Sep 12 00:10:11 2017

Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre | Patrick Barkham
added: Tue Sep 12 00:05:34 2017

The U.S. is now over $20 trillion in debt — here’s how it got there
added: Mon Sep 11 22:08:44 2017

Two prominent clerics who didn’t publicly back Saudi Arabia on Qatar are detained via @WSJ
added: Mon Sep 11 22:06:29 2017

Dual PRC-CAN citizen charged w/ trying to illegally access & steal secrets from Mass.-based medical tech. firm
added: Mon Sep 11 19:23:17 2017

BREAKING: Classified Intel Reports Reveal Trump Campaign Illegally Negotiated with the Russians During the Campaign
added: Mon Sep 11 18:11:36 2017

Comcast sues Vermont over the state's insistence that it actually provide decent internet
added: Mon Sep 11 14:44:37 2017

1. As Tories extend #badgercull to kill >30,000 badgers this autumn let's remind ourselves of the facts
added: Mon Sep 11 14:43:21 2017
tags: badgercull

NEW: Irma won’t “wake up” climate change denying Republicans. Their whole ideology is on the line.
added: Mon Sep 11 14:39:39 2017

My colleague @anjani_trivedi says Beijing's latest RMB move is all about optics:
added: Mon Sep 11 14:38:35 2017
added: Mon Sep 11 14:38:26 2017

Equifax, yet another leak: the old world can't get away with this anymore #Equifax
added: Mon Sep 11 14:37:24 2017
tags: equifax

Beijing Suspected in Hacking Yacht Owned by Chinese Billionaire
added: Mon Sep 11 14:32:41 2017

Felon disenfranchisement is enormous form of voter suppression in the United States, impacting 6.1 million Americans
added: Mon Sep 11 14:27:11 2017

Steve Bannon compares China to 1930s Germany and says US must confront Beijing
added: Mon Sep 11 13:51:03 2017

Florida AG who killed Trump University investigation gets cushy Trump admin job - #Shareblue
added: Mon Sep 11 13:49:59 2017
tags: shareblue

Sometimes a Pharma company does something so sleazy you have to respect it. Here's Allergan's evil performance art.
added: Mon Sep 11 13:44:35 2017

A man who's lived in the US legally for 15 years agreed to take in a nephew. Now ICE is calling him a human smuggler
added: Mon Sep 11 13:12:51 2017

I upgraded an @elixirphoenix app from 1.2 to 1.3, and I have some feelings on testing and contexts. #myelixirstatus
added: Mon Sep 11 12:51:51 2017
tags: myelixirstatus

The dye whisperer: Meet the chemist giving biologists worldwide new colors
added: Mon Sep 11 12:22:12 2017

"One common view in Beijing is that Trump’s war rhetoric has only made Kim more insecure" & accelerated WMD program
added: Mon Sep 11 12:16:20 2017

Here's the upside of the Equifax hack
added: Mon Sep 11 12:15:18 2017

We must urgently aid British Virgin Isles - but ensure their future is not tax secrecy haven. @RichardJMurphy in PEG
added: Mon Sep 11 12:14:18 2017

A man with a confederate flag on his truck tried to run down antifa protesters in Vancouver, Washington
added: Mon Sep 11 12:12:44 2017

May turning landlords, teachers, doctors, police, MPs & even driving instructors into immigration enforcement
added: Mon Sep 11 12:10:35 2017

Spanish DPA fines #FB €1.2M. FB likely say void as need only follow Irish law. But UK Courts have said otherwise!
added: Mon Sep 11 11:46:48 2017
tags: fb

China's big money trumps U.S. influence in Cambodia
added: Mon Sep 11 11:45:01 2017

Three reasons why Kobach's latest claim is completely bogus.
added: Mon Sep 11 11:28:01 2017

ICYMI: To understand Beijing's ambitions, read this. The Deep Roots of Chinese Technonationalism via @EvanFeigenbaum
added: Mon Sep 11 11:26:00 2017

Yair Netanyahu slammed for 'Classic Anti-Semitic" Cartoon, liked by Nazis -
added: Mon Sep 11 11:22:06 2017

The death of a Philippine teen was supposed to be a turning point. But kids keep getting killed. @emilyrauhala
added: Mon Sep 11 11:09:32 2017

.@thethe announce first live shows for 16 years
added: Mon Sep 11 10:56:08 2017

The New Territories East 13 judgement is out. This one doesn't seem to have as much irrelevant political commentary.
added: Mon Sep 11 10:54:09 2017

I bet she was persistent. Viking warrior found in Sweden was a woman, researchers confirm via @TheLocalSweden
added: Mon Sep 11 10:37:46 2017

China’s biggest banks ban new North Korean accounts
added: Mon Sep 11 10:33:40 2017

Regular bleach use 'linked to higher risk of fatal lung disease'
added: Mon Sep 11 07:29:38 2017

My new post Behavioural New-Keynesian Macroeconomics
added: Mon Sep 11 07:00:11 2017

elsewhere in Asia, south korea is opening a probe into the 1980 crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Gwangju
added: Mon Sep 11 06:08:56 2017

@mgerrydoyle @BeijingPalmer @dude313123123 We wrote a big story on this:
added: Mon Sep 11 06:03:31 2017

Sci-Fi titan Jerry Pournelle passes, aged 84
added: Mon Sep 11 06:03:27 2017

@BeijingPalmer @dude313123123 second to last graf:
added: Mon Sep 11 05:51:30 2017

NYT on taxi medallions in 2011: And in 2017: Implications left as exercise for the reader.
added: Mon Sep 11 05:43:28 2017

Written "evidence" (1) against #LeeMingCheh & Peng Yuhua
added: Mon Sep 11 05:36:52 2017
tags: leemingcheh

China Is Striving to Contain Its Once-Diving, Now-Thriving Yuan - WSJ
added: Mon Sep 11 05:36:26 2017

More accurate hurricane predictions require enormous investment in research — something the U.S. has failed to do.
added: Mon Sep 11 05:35:43 2017

China bans bitcoin for the 3rd time in the past week.
added: Mon Sep 11 05:35:36 2017

RIP wireless laptop docks as Intel bins WiGig parts
added: Mon Sep 11 05:33:07 2017

really eager to show "evidence" against #LeeMingCheh & Peng Yuhua. another video:
added: Mon Sep 11 05:33:07 2017
tags: leemingcheh

A Hong Kong professor has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his teenage daughter and wife.
added: Mon Sep 11 05:29:48 2017

South Korea retailers a casualty of political standoff
added: Mon Sep 11 05:28:22 2017

U.S. will pay “due price” if new UNSC sanctions approved: DPRK foreign ministry
added: Mon Sep 11 05:25:18 2017

America's 'THAAD' system can't protect South Korea from missiles by itself
added: Mon Sep 11 05:23:43 2017

Jail time tests mettle of Hong Kong democrats via @FT
added: Mon Sep 11 05:21:43 2017

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Are Reported Killed in Brazil
added: Mon Sep 11 05:21:23 2017

垃圾站就食環,回收就環保署,咁點搞? 八鄉朱凱廸 Chu Hoi Dick 〈隔靴搔癢的廢物回收政策〉— 街工勞工組
added: Mon Sep 11 05:20:02 2017

Minitrue: Rules for 19th Congress Media Coverage
added: Mon Sep 11 05:19:10 2017

Fascinating piece about the Chinese invention of paper money - in Sichuan, about 1000 years ago
added: Mon Sep 11 05:17:19 2017

What to Make of the Explosive New WeChat and QQ Spying Revelations? « China Change
added: Mon Sep 11 05:14:10 2017

"Those that ran were hacked to death. Others that got away were shot by the army" #Rohingya relive massacre #Myanmar
added: Mon Sep 11 05:06:07 2017
tags: rohingya, myanmar

The White House’s ethnonationalism is so retrograde that it had already been refuted more than a century ago.
added: Mon Sep 11 05:00:23 2017

ICYMI, my story on Fri: there are signs #China's easing FX controls as #yuan surges
added: Mon Sep 11 05:00:11 2017
tags: china, yuan

Opinion: Hong Kong’s shameful recycling efforts - the numbers don’t lie
added: Mon Sep 11 04:52:09 2017

UC Berkeley cop paws thru wallet of unlicensed street vendor, takes his money... makes me feel so much safer...
added: Mon Sep 11 04:48:52 2017

Cargill sells U.S. metals ops to Japan's Metal One as boosts focus on food
added: Mon Sep 11 03:10:04 2017

How Indian smartphone makers like Micromax lost the war for Indian market to Chinese firms
added: Mon Sep 11 03:06:05 2017

Creative industries need to start trusting their remote employees
added: Mon Sep 11 03:04:54 2017

Renminbi bulls should enjoy rally while it lasts
added: Mon Sep 11 03:04:26 2017

#Taiwan activist Lee Ming-che's trial gets underway in Hunan under tight security
added: Mon Sep 11 03:03:57 2017
tags: taiwan

UPDATE: Following dispute, Toutiao stops users signing in with their Weibo accounts
added: Mon Sep 11 03:00:21 2017

Using bleach just once a week could increase your risk of developing fatal lung disease.
added: Mon Sep 11 01:56:07 2017

Short piece on Vanderbilt home football games. K-Staters should make their presence felt in the stadium Saturday.
added: Mon Sep 11 01:55:42 2017

China’s Electric Car Push Lures Global Auto Giants, Despite Risks - @KeithBradsher MUST read on EVs and China
added: Mon Sep 11 01:54:39 2017

DOD just released this: 20 Rarely Seen Photos of the Events of Sept. 11, 2001
added: Mon Sep 11 01:35:09 2017

'the Hong Kong government has never been quite so blatant about its contempt for the interests of ordinary people'
added: Mon Sep 11 01:34:15 2017

Friends find unexpected casualty of the Hurricane Irma's 'disappearing' oceans - manatees
added: Mon Sep 11 01:33:14 2017

A doctor programming in @elixirlang / @elixirphoenix gave one of the best talks I've ever seen:
added: Mon Sep 11 00:24:00 2017

Australian researchers discover two ways to stop melanoma from spreading and killing patients via @theage
added: Sun Sep 10 23:01:50 2017

This satellite image of #Jose is *bonkers.* You can see white caps on waves thru the eye! A…
added: Sun Sep 10 20:29:37 2017
tags: jose

Eye wall of hurricane Irma starting to impact north Naples - GoPro shot
added: Sun Sep 10 20:05:21 2017

Dear @NFL, I won't be watching a single game this year. I'm with @theNFLboycott. #NFLBoycott #boycottNFL
added: Sun Sep 10 18:45:11 2017
tags: nflboycott, boycottnfl

"He continued to form businesses not only after winning in Nov., but also after assuming the presidency in January"
added: Sun Sep 10 17:40:04 2017

Another Japanese person arrested smuggling wildlife from Bangkok - demand for pets again to blame. @wildlifecrime
added: Sun Sep 10 17:05:30 2017

@Ammie508 @PickledEntropy This seems like a pretty thorough piece on it:
added: Sun Sep 10 14:32:43 2017

Globe in China: Taking a page from Mao's playbook to ‘re-educate’ Uyghurs by force From @nvanderklippe (subscribers)
added: Sun Sep 10 14:00:08 2017

Also note that the first chapter of the first programming book was called "The Elements of Program Design"
added: Sun Sep 10 12:48:36 2017

Saudi government allegedly funded a 'dry run' for 9/11 via @nypost
added: Sun Sep 10 12:48:03 2017

Havana flooded and 5,000 tourists evacuated from coast as Irma hits Cuba
added: Sun Sep 10 12:46:26 2017

North Korea: China wants to avoid nuclear war and keep its buffer — Quartz
added: Sun Sep 10 12:45:13 2017

“20 years ago, this village nearly disappeared,” says Slovak mayor. The plan to save it? Improve the lives of Roma.
added: Sun Sep 10 12:44:05 2017

Catalans to celebrate their nat'l day w/independence protests less than month before controversial referendum.
added: Sun Sep 10 12:40:47 2017

Hirricane Irma Big Pine Key eyewall approaching
added: Sun Sep 10 10:12:43 2017

China studying when to ban sales of traditional fuel cars: Xinhua
added: Sun Sep 10 06:40:04 2017

@crayoh And Boyle Heights in LA...etc etc etc
added: Sun Sep 10 03:44:47 2017

@PickledEntropy Very similar to Dallas' Little Mexico.
added: Sun Sep 10 03:38:36 2017

@black_N_sweet @RonnieCaudill78 @ShaunKing
added: Sat Sep 9 18:08:38 2017

Cambridge University Press headed for showdown with China over censorship
added: Sat Sep 9 15:47:59 2017

@ChrisArvinSF It wasn't by accident either.
added: Sat Sep 9 15:04:36 2017

"In retrospect, we knew too little of Myanmar...And we knew too little of Aung San Suu Kyi herself."
added: Sat Sep 9 06:01:59 2017

so they hacked a casino through its fish tank. wait, what? #iot #security
added: Sat Sep 9 05:34:53 2017
tags: iot, security

When clashing with Mainlanders over what should and shouldn't be displayed on a Democracy Wall, first question...
added: Fri Sep 8 23:55:46 2017

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show via @guardian
added: Fri Sep 8 23:07:19 2017

Here's the story. We tested Equifax's data breach checker — and it's basically useless.
added: Fri Sep 8 22:07:17 2017

Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever: Comments:
added: Fri Sep 8 14:20:02 2017

Flood insurance update from @c_m_dangelo
added: Fri Sep 8 14:13:08 2017

Local Chinese Government Debts Make Way Into Green-Bond Indexes
added: Fri Sep 8 13:49:52 2017

Brits who haven’t heard of Equifax, don’t worry: they’ve heard of you
added: Fri Sep 8 13:46:37 2017

Turning a debate about issues into a cheap attack on @ninaturner #Bernie. Don't try to silence debate, engage!
added: Fri Sep 8 13:18:41 2017
tags: bernie

Invisible #Houston: Full Interview With Robert Bullard, Father of Environmental Justice Movement @democracynow
added: Fri Sep 8 13:13:10 2017
tags: houston

Why Kim Jong Un wouldn’t be irrational to use a nuclear bomb first - @NarangVipin in the @washingtonpost
added: Fri Sep 8 13:11:13 2017

Something I wrote for @thenation a couple years ago on why we organize under the socialist, not the communist banner
added: Fri Sep 8 12:34:59 2017

SHA-1 hashes recovered for 320M breached passwords via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Sep 8 12:34:26 2017

Google is apparently ready to buy smartphone maker HTC
added: Fri Sep 8 12:00:44 2017

Invest in Greece, you won't regret it: Greek PM says
added: Fri Sep 8 12:00:13 2017

Togolese authorities block internet access protests continue against President Gnassingbe
added: Fri Sep 8 12:00:13 2017

Why Hindutva ideologues, and some liberals, love to hate Nehru
added: Fri Sep 8 12:00:03 2017

I was silenced when I tried to question Theresa May on her broken promise for free childcare
added: Fri Sep 8 11:59:00 2017

Trump Justice Department sides with anti-gay cake baker in the Supreme Court
added: Fri Sep 8 11:58:07 2017

Here's a mutual fund that invests in reinsurance products like catastrophe bonds. It just fell 8% in one day.
added: Fri Sep 8 11:56:53 2017

41 cities bidding for 2026 World Cup games
added: Fri Sep 8 10:55:11 2017

RSF appeals to Aung San Suu Kyi in open letter about #pressfreedom in #Myanmar
added: Fri Sep 8 10:55:09 2017
tags: pressfreedom, myanmar

China’s weary manufacturers unconvinced by economic recovery
added: Fri Sep 8 10:55:09 2017

The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea A great long read by @eosnos
added: Fri Sep 8 10:54:53 2017

Really interesting piece of the sort the BBC site does very well
added: Fri Sep 8 10:52:57 2017

Spectacular views of the Aurora Borealis over Scotland
added: Fri Sep 8 09:00:06 2017

CAC’s new rules: credit rating systems for chat group users on everything from WeChat to Weibo to Alipay
added: Fri Sep 8 08:32:09 2017

Ian Paisley denies £100K Sri Lankan holiday claim -
added: Fri Sep 8 07:19:54 2017

⚠️#China tightens control of chat groups ahead of party congress
added: Fri Sep 8 07:15:45 2017
tags: china

Qatar donating $30m to help people in Texas recover from Hurricane Harvey
added: Fri Sep 8 06:15:05 2017

'Lips and teeth' no more as China's ties with North Korea fray
added: Fri Sep 8 06:13:21 2017

Big blow for President Donald Trump, US appeals court rejects bid to bar most refugees
added: Fri Sep 8 05:45:00 2017

Most South Koreans doubt the North will start a war: poll
added: Fri Sep 8 05:44:38 2017

"Social Unrest in China: A bird’s eye perspective" by Christian Goebel
added: Fri Sep 8 05:31:23 2017

The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea | By Evan Osnos // The New Yorker
added: Fri Sep 8 04:24:00 2017

the 1.3 trillion dollar student debt iceberg is gonna be a doozy when it hits
added: Fri Sep 8 04:20:27 2017

Canada's top marijuana producer to double production
added: Fri Sep 8 04:20:09 2017

Atlassian launches its Slack-killer, Stride
added: Fri Sep 8 04:18:36 2017

Desmond Tutu condemns Aung San Suu Kyi: 'Price of your silence is too steep'
added: Fri Sep 8 04:16:27 2017

Germany’s voting system is frighteningly easy to hack, warns CCC
added: Fri Sep 8 04:07:30 2017

Bell Pottinger Asia rebrands as Klareco Communications #BellPottinger #SouthAfrica
added: Fri Sep 8 04:06:35 2017
tags: bellpottinger, southafrica

Duterte’s Son and Son-In-Law Implicated in Massive Drug Conspiracy
added: Fri Sep 8 04:05:09 2017

E-Damn! China banning some cheese imports
added: Fri Sep 8 03:54:26 2017

In scathing lawsuit, first responders describe vomiting, gasping at Texas chemical plant fire
added: Fri Sep 8 03:46:44 2017

Corpses in paddy fields: Myanmar troops and Buddhists drove us from our homes, Rohingya survivors tell @Simondlewis.
added: Fri Sep 8 03:44:40 2017

'You should consider our feelings': for Chinese students the state is an extension of family | @MLVarrall
added: Fri Sep 8 02:30:23 2017

Sanlitun, Beijing's famous bar street, finally hits the bricks #RIP @thebeijinger
added: Fri Sep 8 02:19:02 2017
tags: rip

Mar-a-Lago got $17M for nonexistent hurricane damage
added: Fri Sep 8 01:41:47 2017

My @ElixirConf talk about legacy databases and Ecto is up on YouTube. Give me your feedback! #elixirconf17
added: Fri Sep 8 00:16:05 2017
tags: elixirconf17

An unprecedented attempt to rig parliament and grab power by a Conservative government with no majority & no mandate
added: Thu Sep 7 21:20:00 2017

Secret Hitler, a Game That Simulates Fascism’s Rise, Becomes a Hit cc @fongyun 遊戲王
added: Thu Sep 7 17:43:24 2017

New study out today asserts 50% of temperature increase & 32% of sea level rise was caused by just 90 companies
added: Thu Sep 7 17:25:16 2017

Landmark stuff here: "Big Oil must pay for climate change. Now we can calculate how much"
added: Thu Sep 7 16:09:07 2017

added: Thu Sep 7 15:19:20 2017

Roger Goodell when asked about Colin Kaepernick: "I'm not a football expert."
added: Thu Sep 7 15:16:42 2017

5/ We’d like to change that – and you can help! We're launching a crowdsourcing tool to gather political ads on FB:
added: Thu Sep 7 15:16:41 2017

Black Bolt draws both strengths & weaknesses from his past in @saladinahmed @cjwardart & @frazerirving's issue 5:
added: Thu Sep 7 15:11:22 2017

We just published this bombshell investigation into how the DOJ is actually re-segregating schools.
added: Thu Sep 7 14:49:49 2017

“Netwar”: The unwelcome militarization of the Internet has arrived Free access in the Sept/…
added: Thu Sep 7 14:43:18 2017

Russia, Japan 'decisively condemn' North Korea missile launch: Putin
added: Thu Sep 7 12:30:06 2017

【有線中國組:十九大前再頌中國夢】 中共十九大下月中召開,在關鍵宣傳時期,新聞出版廣電總局找來群星拍廣告,宣傳中國夢,放在戲院電影開畫前播出。 留意稍後《有線中國組》節目,會有詳細報道。 今晚 9:30 凌晨 00:30...
added: Thu Sep 7 12:30:04 2017

24 #journalists killed in #India for their work since 1992, 96% murders unsolved #GauriLankesh via @FeminismInIndia
added: Thu Sep 7 11:36:11 2017
tags: journalists, india, gaurilankesh

Democrats dread Hillary's book tour via politico
added: Thu Sep 7 11:11:57 2017

Stunning reporting on lack of #HurricaineIrma preparation in Haiti from @Jacquiecharles of @MiamiHerald. She's...
added: Thu Sep 7 11:11:24 2017
tags: hurricaineirma

1st Amendment wins in self-proclaimed e-mail inventor’s Techdirt libel suit by @dmkravets
added: Thu Sep 7 11:11:02 2017

ECB to stand fast as squeeze on bond-buying nears
added: Thu Sep 7 11:10:11 2017

Germany has no right to block update of Turkey's EU customs union: minister
added: Thu Sep 7 11:10:03 2017

Another conflict of interest and another reason why Trump should sell his business and release his tax returns.
added: Thu Sep 7 11:09:15 2017

Hamas leader to JPost: We're ready for long-term cease-fire with Israel
added: Thu Sep 7 11:08:09 2017

Billionaire Who Accused Top Chinese Officials of Corruption Asks U.S. for Asylum
added: Thu Sep 7 10:52:01 2017

Suu Kyi, this is not fake news.
added: Thu Sep 7 10:30:34 2017

The worst hurricane in a British territory in a century just hit. Officials says UK's response is 'pathetic'
added: Thu Sep 7 09:47:11 2017

Theresa May accused of misquoting Constitutional Committee to back up her Brexit power grab
added: Thu Sep 7 09:42:54 2017

LIVE: Some outsiders are causing disruption on the CUHK campus, purportedly to protest #HK independence slogans
added: Thu Sep 7 09:39:08 2017
tags: hk

#Kenya is story of an institutional glass half-full: Supreme Court covered in glory, #IEBC in less fragrant stuff
added: Thu Sep 7 09:36:33 2017
tags: kenya, iebc

Meth, coke and oil: A drug boom in the Texas shale patch
added: Thu Sep 7 09:35:13 2017

BBC - Travel - India's mysterious glowing forests
added: Thu Sep 7 09:35:08 2017

Hunter tries to shoot grizzly bear, bear knocks gun out of his hand and badly mauls him
added: Thu Sep 7 09:33:56 2017

China sovereign fund says tougher U.S. stance may hit investments
added: Thu Sep 7 09:33:20 2017

Yorkshire pudding pizza is now a thing
added: Thu Sep 7 09:32:18 2017
added: Thu Sep 7 09:26:10 2017

China’s crackdown on grey rhinos won’t lighten its debt burden via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Sep 7 09:09:37 2017

These Are China's Shadow-Lending Hotspots (NE China, no surprise)
added: Thu Sep 7 09:09:22 2017

"The loss of this once widespread ecosystem is one of the most rapid on the planet."
added: Thu Sep 7 09:09:13 2017

corriente's mark hart throws in towel on rmb short-BBG: Investor Who Lost Millions Finally Gives Up on His China Bet
added: Thu Sep 7 09:09:00 2017

How #Myanmar public, media, politicians & generals justify "Buddhist" genocide of #Rohingya @YourAnonCentral
added: Thu Sep 7 09:08:43 2017
tags: rohingya, myanmar

Ex-bank manager to face charges in Philippines for cyber heist, others cleared
added: Thu Sep 7 09:08:34 2017

Irma missed Branson but at least it destroyed most of the houses on his private island
added: Thu Sep 7 09:04:01 2017

Cancer patient had months to live - but gets all clear 'thanks to cannabis oil'
added: Thu Sep 7 09:02:42 2017

Many have theorized that quantum processes may be behind some of the brain’s more mysterious activities.
added: Thu Sep 7 09:01:42 2017

Rare aerial footage shows North Korea capital as haunting ghost town
added: Thu Sep 7 08:58:03 2017

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index Closes Down 0.3% at 27522.92
added: Thu Sep 7 08:54:35 2017

Vancouver is looking to make several major streets car-free
added: Thu Sep 7 08:54:04 2017

China agrees more U.N. actions needed against North Korea after nuclear test
added: Thu Sep 7 08:53:06 2017

Esther Htusan is fliing for AP from the govt media trip... the Suu Kyi/govt narrative is unravelling today.
added: Thu Sep 7 08:52:08 2017

China recently announced it will invest $30bn in infrastructure in Haiti, one of 20 states that recognizes Taiwan
added: Thu Sep 7 08:43:29 2017

Hurricane Irma kills six on Caribbean island St Martin: official
added: Thu Sep 7 08:37:05 2017

More on the appearances of #HK independence banners at six HK universities in this, the first week of classes
added: Thu Sep 7 08:31:57 2017
tags: hk

Saddest thing about microplastics contamination is that people just don’t know it’s there because they can’t see it.
added: Thu Sep 7 08:30:46 2017

Moody’s downgrades China’s fifth-largest bank to junk
added: Thu Sep 7 08:30:14 2017

Ai Weiwei: 'Nationality And Borders Are Barriers To Our Intelligence And Imagination' | HuffPost
added: Thu Sep 7 08:24:21 2017

Mao’s grandson among ‘princelings’ to miss China’s party congress
added: Thu Sep 7 08:24:16 2017

The US has charged a former economy minister and three other Turks with conspiring to help Iran evade sanctions.
added: Thu Sep 7 08:23:55 2017

Eight low-lying Pacific islands swallowed whole by rising seas
added: Thu Sep 7 08:10:11 2017

.@TRAFFIC_WLTrade releases a decade-long investigation into Central Africa's ivory markets. Read the full report
added: Thu Sep 7 07:37:21 2017

"Is it wrong for me, a HK reader, to expect loyalty from people fleeing a sinking ship?" @holmeschan_ on Xu Xi
added: Thu Sep 7 07:37:17 2017

& another excellent @Reuters report from #Myanmar/Bangladesh: how a once-unthinkable #Rohingya insurgency was born:
added: Thu Sep 7 07:32:10 2017
tags: myanmar, rohingya

In China, there are bad banks and bad bad banks via @WSJ
added: Thu Sep 7 07:30:10 2017

Hong Kong’s expatriates ‘more satisfied’ but counterparts in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia are happier
added: Thu Sep 7 07:30:06 2017

“I saw a mortar hit a group of people”. Chilling report of #Myanmar military targeting civilians, looting villages
added: Thu Sep 7 07:06:49 2017
tags: myanmar

Euro inches higher ahead of ECB decision
added: Thu Sep 7 05:40:04 2017

Why Southeast Asia’s ethnic Chinese don’t owe their loyalty to China via @SCMP_news
added: Thu Sep 7 05:37:21 2017

Hackers Can Take Control of Siri and Alexa By Whispering To Them in Frequencies: (pdf) Demo:
added: Thu Sep 7 05:37:13 2017

Son of education undersecretary Christine Choi jumped to death, apple daily & oncc report 擎天半島男子墮樓亡 傳死者為教育局副局長蔡若蓮兒子
added: Thu Sep 7 05:34:44 2017

Content Security Policy bypass in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari :
added: Thu Sep 7 05:33:29 2017

CCTV shows man firing at Gauri Lankesh; brother wants Naxal, extremist angles probed
added: Thu Sep 7 05:30:01 2017

So @JoshMeyerDC should retract his article & go find a competent editor and factchecker. SAD!
added: Thu Sep 7 05:29:01 2017

Indeed, they rolled...right over and surrendered all their leverage on DACA.
added: Thu Sep 7 05:20:04 2017

Researchers uncover Chinese spyware used to target dissidents through #wechat
added: Thu Sep 7 05:14:23 2017
tags: wechat

BlackRock and Fidelity put China’s Communists into company laws
added: Thu Sep 7 04:58:55 2017

Former Clinton Aide Disingenuously Presents Herself As Bold ‘Fight For $15’ Advocate
added: Thu Sep 7 04:58:03 2017

Big Brother is alive and watching in #China as @lmurray75 discovered recently.
added: Thu Sep 7 04:50:00 2017
tags: china

1993 Mumbai serial blasts case: Sentencing of Abu Salem, four other convicts today
added: Thu Sep 7 04:14:55 2017

It seems the trip to China by Jared and Ivanka is off as Trump's China strategy evolves. @MarkLandler
added: Thu Sep 7 04:13:57 2017

Vietnam Seizes Over 1 Ton of Ivory Smuggled in From Africa
added: Thu Sep 7 04:10:33 2017

Verrit, the pro-Clinton 'media platform' that's looking worse and worse
added: Thu Sep 7 04:08:55 2017

Banks would be wise to tread carefully with HNA, says @qtwebb
added: Thu Sep 7 04:08:39 2017

Using AI to identify protestors hiding behind hats or scarves is entirely possible
added: Thu Sep 7 04:01:21 2017

@xinwenxiaojie Ah yes. That should be "listener" Or simply "Alex Lo"
added: Thu Sep 7 03:51:19 2017

India army chief: we must prepare for simultaneous war with China and Pakistan
added: Thu Sep 7 03:48:10 2017

Wind turbine manufacturers are dipping toes into energy storage projects by @MeganGeuss
added: Thu Sep 7 03:41:02 2017

US seeks to freeze assets of North Korea's Kim Jong-un
added: Thu Sep 7 03:41:00 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Russians choose Trump condos in Miami to have U.S.-born kids, @katiezavadski reports
added: Thu Sep 7 02:48:58 2017

Removal of independence banners ‘erosion of academic autonomy’ 來自 @SCMP_News
added: Thu Sep 7 02:26:41 2017

Airlines are price gouging in the path of Hurricane Irma—and algorithms are to blame
added: Thu Sep 7 02:23:46 2017

No end in sight for Big Agriculture's push to criminalize activists and whistleblowers
added: Thu Sep 7 02:23:40 2017

This is a big get by @SushantSin: At #Doklam: Troops stepped back 150 metres each side, remain on plateau
added: Thu Sep 7 02:18:26 2017
tags: doklam

Moon presses Putin for support to cut North Korea oil supplies
added: Thu Sep 7 02:15:00 2017

Solidarity to #Suciwati , the widow of #Indonesia rights defender #Munir on 13th anniversary of his unsolved murder
added: Thu Sep 7 01:45:00 2017
tags: munir, indonesia, suciwati

Deep-Sea Animals Eating Plastic Fibers From Clothing:
added: Thu Sep 7 01:44:28 2017

#EJI How Hengqin aims to capitalize on HK-Zhuhai-Macau bridge
added: Thu Sep 7 01:40:36 2017
tags: eji

How the assault on president Obama’s legacy explains Trump...If it's got Obama's name on it, he wants it gone. via
added: Thu Sep 7 01:35:09 2017

Behind North Korea’s nuclear advance: scientists who bring technology home via @WSJ
added: Thu Sep 7 01:34:17 2017

Solid piece. Only quibble is I'd bet tensions w/China would be higher, not lower, if policy was better coordinated.
added: Thu Sep 7 01:33:54 2017

Foxconn has a shot for Toshiba chip biz after all. @mochi_wsj & @Kubota_Yoko have scoop:
added: Thu Sep 7 01:32:35 2017

Reuters: Facebook gave Robert Mueller all data on the Russian ads.
added: Thu Sep 7 01:27:25 2017

Beijing’s Bold New Censorship
added: Thu Sep 7 01:10:48 2017

As Congress tries to criminalize BDS, @DemSocialists endorsed it
added: Thu Sep 7 01:02:06 2017

UN considering oil sales ban to North Korea, overseas laborer and textile freeze
added: Thu Sep 7 01:01:48 2017

Independence posters taken down at PolyU; university spokesperson said this was done in order to comply w/ Basic Law
added: Thu Sep 7 00:25:58 2017

Facebook's problem is pretty simple.
added: Thu Sep 7 00:14:38 2017

China holds military drill as North Korea tensions rise
added: Thu Sep 7 00:14:09 2017

#China: #Tibet Propaganda Masks Repression
added: Thu Sep 7 00:13:39 2017
tags: china, tibet

Trading in credit derivatives has surged in recent weeks, an indication some debt investors are getting nervous.
added: Thu Sep 7 00:12:45 2017

Republicans Begrudgingly Swallow Fiscal Deal They Clearly Don’t Like
added: Thu Sep 7 00:03:34 2017

City Council OKs $9.5M payout for Jose Lopez, man who fell, hit his head and became paralyzed after cops tased him.
added: Thu Sep 7 00:03:29 2017

Democratic socialist forced off campaign for criticism of Israel by @ZaidJilani
added: Thu Sep 7 00:03:08 2017

Historians: Donald Trump is definitely in violation of the Emoluments Clause -
added: Wed Sep 6 23:58:08 2017

Malware Author Uses Same Skype ID to Run IoT Botnet and Apply for Jobs
added: Wed Sep 6 23:55:03 2017

The Anti-Capitalist Politics of Antifa via @NatCounterPunch
added: Wed Sep 6 22:58:15 2017

Even Racists Got the Blues
added: Wed Sep 6 22:47:27 2017

China demands "immediate stop" to THAAD deployment - Xinhua
added: Wed Sep 6 22:00:50 2017

When it comes to biking, the Dutch find, if you build it, they will ride
added: Wed Sep 6 21:47:03 2017

Parker Space, the NJ assemblyman who posed with the confederate flag, actually has a confederate flag tattoo
added: Wed Sep 6 20:52:42 2017

this man is a Pynchon character
added: Wed Sep 6 20:41:24 2017

Huge news out of NYC. No stigma. Free lunch for all.
added: Wed Sep 6 18:32:30 2017

Indonesia: Stop Raids on Homes of ‘Suspected Lesbians’
added: Wed Sep 6 18:24:11 2017

@feministabulous @MichaelSkolnik According to the American immigration council... the proof.
added: Wed Sep 6 17:10:26 2017

China's air force conducts drills near Korean peninsula, citing need to defend a "surprise attack." Via @STcom
added: Wed Sep 6 17:01:43 2017
added: Wed Sep 6 16:17:00 2017

7 student unions issue joint statement: CUHK's removal of #HK independence banners is 'erosion of academic autonomy'
added: Wed Sep 6 14:22:32 2017
tags: hk

Scientists discover boron on Mars that points towards ancient habitability! - Read
added: Wed Sep 6 12:50:00 2017

Rise of fascism due to devastating effects of separate, self-regulating economic system on the tissue of society.
added: Wed Sep 6 12:48:59 2017

YES. Been hammering this home for 9 mos now. CBB data for past yr clear: net cap cuts are a mirage. @BaldingsWorld
added: Wed Sep 6 12:44:36 2017

Restoration of #Hyderabad British Residency - @DalrympleWill calls it best known #colonial building in south #India
added: Wed Sep 6 12:41:00 2017
tags: hyderabad, colonial, india

GOP Super PAC Expands Field Presence to 17 Districts
added: Wed Sep 6 12:31:30 2017

China imposes new regulations on money market funds
added: Wed Sep 6 12:31:03 2017

Great investigative work by USA Today here, h/t @lachlan
added: Wed Sep 6 12:30:02 2017

Stunning -- Wisc legislators to allow Foxconn to appeal lawsuits directly to Supreme Court; skipping appeals court
added: Wed Sep 6 12:30:01 2017

The Communist Party of Bangladesh has strongly condemned the atrocities faced by #Rohingya Muslims
added: Wed Sep 6 12:30:01 2017
tags: rohingya

Comfortable w social change of recent years? Dems 77% Republicans 30%
added: Wed Sep 6 12:28:29 2017

Americans Are Confronting an Alarming Question: Are Many of Our Fellow Citizens ‘Nazis?’, via @nytimes
added: Wed Sep 6 12:25:57 2017

Trump-era journalism genius: USA Today uses golf-handicap website to find out which lobbyists are at his clubs.
added: Wed Sep 6 12:21:54 2017

UN inquiry says Assad regime responsible for Khan Sheikhoun sarin attack & 27 others with chemical weapons
added: Wed Sep 6 12:17:16 2017

Li Keqiang to Meet With World Bank President and IMF in Beijing Tuesday: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
added: Wed Sep 6 11:42:05 2017

Mo money mo mobile payments... Security risks? Whatever!
added: Wed Sep 6 11:34:31 2017

Chicago just banned Donald Trump from the city
added: Wed Sep 6 10:08:00 2017

The plant identified flooding and hurricanes as risks almost a decade ago, but did little to address them. My latest
added: Wed Sep 6 09:24:53 2017

Supreme Court's Strong Message On Cow Vigilantism: States Must Act
added: Wed Sep 6 09:24:28 2017

Stop the celebration – GoGoVan is not a unicorn.
added: Wed Sep 6 09:23:31 2017

Officials took 4 days to react to complaint against Dera during Punjab polls
added: Wed Sep 6 09:20:28 2017

2017 Asia Rugby Sevens Series - #AR7s Hong Kong Highlights Show: via @YouTube
added: Wed Sep 6 09:19:34 2017
tags: ar7s

Some Reflections on Rohingya Muslims Crisis
added: Wed Sep 6 09:15:12 2017

Employer fined for wage offences and default on Labour Tribunal Award
added: Wed Sep 6 09:14:32 2017

China’s hawks find their voice as Kim infuriates Beijing via @FT
added: Wed Sep 6 09:12:50 2017

PODCAST: All about Hong Kong's disappointing draw in Malaysia and the upcoming #HKPL weekend
added: Wed Sep 6 09:11:05 2017
tags: hkpl

#HongKong Govt firm on #ivory ban, rejects compensation calls from traders
added: Wed Sep 6 09:10:40 2017
tags: hongkong, ivory

Suicide rates 'nearly double among UK university students' to all-time high
added: Wed Sep 6 09:10:05 2017

My letter about @Clintonswalk appeared in yesterday's Canberra Times: via @canberratimes
added: Wed Sep 6 09:09:20 2017

Wheel row: How bureaucrats are taking everyone for a ride -
added: Wed Sep 6 09:04:31 2017

"I turn my back and walk away from the PM", @clintonswalk said
added: Wed Sep 6 08:59:47 2017

Fox hunters vent fury at National Trust for publishing details of meets
added: Wed Sep 6 08:44:19 2017

Hookworm, a disease of extreme poverty, is thriving in the US south
added: Wed Sep 6 08:39:26 2017

Petition for #WestPapua independence vote to go to UN
added: Wed Sep 6 08:33:30 2017
tags: westpapua

.@ConnellyAL speaks with Milton Osborne on Cambodia's crackdown:
added: Wed Sep 6 08:33:00 2017

Facebook knows exactly where hundreds of millions of people live
added: Wed Sep 6 08:32:38 2017

(URGENT) Ministry: Four more THAAD rocket launchers will be installed on Thursday
added: Wed Sep 6 08:30:33 2017

China to spend over $1 trillion on planes over next 20 years: Boeing
added: Wed Sep 6 08:30:07 2017

This is just hideous. It's everywhere.
added: Wed Sep 6 08:28:21 2017

Of Lannisters, Greece, and paying our country's debts
added: Wed Sep 6 08:28:13 2017

Schoolgirl discovers mystery sword in same lake King Arthur's legendary Excalibur was thrown
added: Wed Sep 6 07:32:00 2017

.3/ A former senior gov official says he threw out some docs in order to protect another top official
added: Wed Sep 6 07:26:12 2017

Right wing spews venom on social media after Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh is shot dead
added: Wed Sep 6 07:14:40 2017

Besides CUHK, #HK independence banners also appeared at HKU & EduUni w messages of support for CUHK student union
added: Wed Sep 6 07:14:18 2017
tags: hk

Asian traders look to snap up U.S. crude in wake of Hurricane Harvey
added: Wed Sep 6 06:30:07 2017

Forget privatisation, Xi has other big plans for bloated state firms via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Sep 6 06:23:22 2017

Interesting Battle of Perspectives on the Failures of Demonetization
added: Wed Sep 6 06:20:12 2017

'War photographer' exposed as a fraud in shocking Photoshopped images
added: Wed Sep 6 06:20:00 2017

#Gazprom to annually supply 38bn cubic metres #gas to #China by 2025; to initially supply 4.6bn cubic metres in 2020
added: Wed Sep 6 06:12:56 2017
tags: gas, china, gazprom

The Little Red Podcast: Haters Gonna Hate: Nationalism on Demand in China and Japan
added: Wed Sep 6 06:12:44 2017

Murder of man investigating missing flight MH370 sparks conspiracy theories
added: Wed Sep 6 06:11:00 2017

South Korea's Moon discusses 'unpredictable' North Korea situation with Putin
added: Wed Sep 6 06:01:25 2017

North Koreans 'will eat grass but will not give up nukes', says Putin
added: Wed Sep 6 06:01:00 2017

Running #FreeBSD 11 amd64? Configure and run "pkg install/upgrade -r FrauBSD docker-freebsd…
added: Wed Sep 6 06:00:10 2017
tags: freebsd

Lovely Pettis explainer of China GDP illusion. Is China’s Economy Growing as Fast as China’s GDP? via @CarnegieEndow
added: Wed Sep 6 05:43:55 2017

.@crispinrovere on the dire consequences of not going to war with North Korea
added: Wed Sep 6 05:24:56 2017

whenever the hk gov't talks about importance of innovation, I am reminded of the hilarious story of nbition/arist:
added: Wed Sep 6 05:23:03 2017

On Gauri Lankesh, Karnataka Minister Says Can't Rule Out It's Like Kalburgi Murder
added: Wed Sep 6 05:16:23 2017

Retired man dies after fall from Whampoa building while cleaning windows
added: Wed Sep 6 05:15:47 2017

Gauri Lankesh, the fearless investigative journalist, I met
added: Wed Sep 6 05:15:00 2017

Fiery writer Gauri Lankesh 'silenced'
added: Wed Sep 6 05:09:10 2017

Abusing Apple's Call Relay Protocol (CVEs 2016-4635, 2016-4721, 2016-4722, 2016-7577) :
added: Wed Sep 6 05:06:29 2017

Prominent Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Bangalore
added: Wed Sep 6 05:02:12 2017

#Malaysia’s Kleptocrat-in-chief Visits The Donald
added: Wed Sep 6 05:01:54 2017
tags: malaysia

Great story on the despondency felt by many youth in China which I see a lot of. There is not a lot of hope
added: Wed Sep 6 04:29:47 2017

That Deutsche Bank position with all the financing bells and whistles HNA used looking increasingly ricketty
added: Wed Sep 6 04:27:06 2017

Betsy DeVos will reportedly announce plan to roll back Title IX enforcement this week
added: Wed Sep 6 03:37:24 2017

State Workers in Maine Drop Mandatory Union Fees in Favor of More Pay
added: Wed Sep 6 03:28:00 2017

Civil rights group appeals voting ban for 70,000 Louisiana felons on parole, probation
added: Wed Sep 6 03:26:44 2017

U.S. Desire for North Korea Oil Cutoff Puts China in a Tight Spot
added: Wed Sep 6 03:26:21 2017

China’s most dangerous bank — Heard on the Street via @WSJ
added: Wed Sep 6 03:26:16 2017

Digitalisation makes China's drive to rewrite history a lot easier
added: Wed Sep 6 02:49:04 2017

Yes, Virginia, #FEMA has a big board of open #WaffleHouses
added: Wed Sep 6 02:12:10 2017
tags: wafflehouses, fema

Russia to probe Canada’s aid to Chechens From @globepolitics #cdnpoli
added: Wed Sep 6 02:07:57 2017
tags: cdnpoli

Four Chinese Coast Guard vessels have been spotted off the #SenkakuIslands.
added: Wed Sep 6 01:23:05 2017
tags: senkakuislands

Very astute analysis from @MrKRudd re: Korean Peninsula and possible scenarios. Worth your time @Strategy_Bridge
added: Wed Sep 6 01:17:33 2017

Bacteria can use a second form of CRISPR as a backup defense against viruses.
added: Wed Sep 6 00:50:38 2017

Trump's Justice Dept won't defend Obama-era rule on overtime benefits for workers
added: Tue Sep 5 22:07:05 2017

If Trump starts a war w/Iran, Nikki Haley's speech to AEI may be remembered like Cheney's pre-Iraq war VFW speech.
added: Tue Sep 5 21:53:19 2017

Deporting DACA recipients is unpopular even among strong Trump approvers: 33% want to deport; 60% want them to stay.
added: Tue Sep 5 21:03:59 2017

White supremacists plotted to hack antifascist and progressive technical systems; some warned re breaking CFAA law
added: Tue Sep 5 20:36:18 2017

"...ethnic cleansing & crimes against humanity are taking place in the full view of the UN & gov'ts of the world."
added: Tue Sep 5 20:04:23 2017

A prime rule of PR is to not become the subject of the story. Bell Pottinger has shattered that maxim.
added: Tue Sep 5 19:55:53 2017

Yet another AWS S3 fumble: Time Warner Cable exposes 4 million subscriber records
added: Tue Sep 5 19:42:23 2017

Why labor rights are civil rights
added: Tue Sep 5 19:36:54 2017

Police say 2 hit-and-run crashes in #Oklahoma reported in less than 12 hours appeared to target #homeless people.
added: Tue Sep 5 19:09:08 2017
tags: oklahoma, homeless

Still relevant and important. TDSB schools now pay daily tribute to Indigenous lands they're built on
added: Tue Sep 5 17:34:51 2017

.@KhaderElyateem could be the first Socialist Palestinian Pastor on the City Council
added: Tue Sep 5 17:02:03 2017

NEW: US Intelligence: #NorthKorea's Sixth Test Was a 140 Kiloton 'Advanced Nuclear' Device
added: Tue Sep 5 16:33:06 2017
tags: northkorea

Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh was just murdered in her home. Opposed fascism in India and spoke out for Rohingya.
added: Tue Sep 5 16:32:18 2017

Keith Schiller says he feels John Kelly doesn't like Trump personally—only does job out of sense of duty to country.
added: Tue Sep 5 13:45:23 2017

At times during Harvey, the European model outperformed humans by @SciGuySpace
added: Tue Sep 5 13:41:05 2017

Cop who said 'we only kill black people' gets retirement
added: Tue Sep 5 13:40:15 2017

Potential security vulnerability affecting Estonia’s ID cards and digital IDs: Comments:
added: Tue Sep 5 13:40:02 2017

China blocking rights activists, harassing experts at UN: Human Rights Watch
added: Tue Sep 5 13:40:01 2017

Xi urges BRICS grouping to push for more 'just' international order
added: Tue Sep 5 13:32:11 2017

Clouds Darken Over Bonds Backed by Nonbank Loans, Receivables #Finance #ABS #CSRC
added: Tue Sep 5 12:37:10 2017
tags: finance, abs, csrc

China approves merger of state-owned energy firms
added: Tue Sep 5 12:36:46 2017

News reporter stops to film a traffic stop. The police officer shoots him without warning. Yeah, really.
added: Tue Sep 5 12:31:53 2017

China's powerful leader, Xi Jinping, is being held hostage by a cunning, wayward neighbor. @abrownewsj explains why.
added: Tue Sep 5 12:31:28 2017

Ohio deputy shoots news photographer during traffic stop
added: Tue Sep 5 12:05:45 2017

ICE mistakenly, illegally kept a US. citizen locked up for 1,273 days. Judges say he's owed nothing for that.
added: Tue Sep 5 11:47:42 2017

Facebook code makes for 16% of the average site… and that’s a problem
added: Tue Sep 5 11:44:38 2017

'I am regularly asked if the Kims are crazy, insane, war-mongers, and so on. They are not' | @Robert_E_Kelly
added: Tue Sep 5 11:43:01 2017

Can #China profit from #Trump’s hostility to #Mexico? It’s complicated via @qz
added: Tue Sep 5 11:37:00 2017
tags: china, mexico, trump

University of Utah Medical Center has barred police from direct contact with nursing staff, via @TODAYshow
added: Tue Sep 5 11:36:42 2017

British officials: 4 members of banned neo-Nazi group arrested on suspicion of terrorism are serving army members.
added: Tue Sep 5 11:19:57 2017

We are not going to witness a new era of Sunshine Policy on the Korean peninsula,here's why in my opinion @nknewsorg
added: Tue Sep 5 10:36:09 2017

Indonesia to bar Myanmar protest at world's biggest Buddhist temple
added: Tue Sep 5 08:57:13 2017

China is actively undermining the already weak United Nations' human rights system: New detailed report by @HRW
added: Tue Sep 5 08:38:17 2017

Robert Shiller wrote the book on bubbles. He says “the best example right now is bitcoin.”
added: Tue Sep 5 07:53:19 2017

What an amazing list. 19 Literary Translations from Arabic Coming This Fall --
added: Tue Sep 5 07:45:29 2017

In 2017, gay conversion therapy is no longer a debate. Even Dr Spitzer retracted his claim such a 'cure' is possible
added: Tue Sep 5 07:40:26 2017

Queen Elizabeth Hospital to open new medical ward
added: Tue Sep 5 07:37:54 2017

States that purport to stand for human rights must take a stand against China's rights crackdown: @KenRoth #HRC36
added: Tue Sep 5 07:34:54 2017
tags: hrc36

Clinton Pryor meets with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten @ClintonsWalk #auspol | NITV
added: Tue Sep 5 06:08:23 2017
tags: auspol

Autopsy shows pregnant mentally ill woman, #CharleenaLyles, hit 7 times by police
added: Tue Sep 5 05:12:57 2017
tags: charleenalyles

China to unleash flood of TV dramas singing party’s praises via @SCMP_News @_szheng Further to my previous tweet
added: Tue Sep 5 05:12:04 2017

Some rich homeowners are having to share their exclusive facilities with their poor neighbours - and they're not...
added: Tue Sep 5 05:11:15 2017

#BRICSSummit: @narendramodi, Jinping bilateral meeting underway in Xiamen
added: Tue Sep 5 05:03:48 2017
tags: bricssummit

“The result is that anyone who does research will come away misinformed or with a distorted view.” via @FT
added: Tue Sep 5 05:03:31 2017

Long Live The Grateful Dead !!! ALL WE WANT IS MORE !!! Please !!!
added: Tue Sep 5 05:02:45 2017

Found a piece by @jenny_f1014 of @supchinanews on this topic: "Hunan TV slammed for chasing ratings"
added: Tue Sep 5 05:01:58 2017

Seoul to focus on “punishment” rather than dialogue with North: defense chief
added: Tue Sep 5 05:00:20 2017 cool. Misinformation campaigns can be automated and done cheaply.
added: Tue Sep 5 04:48:53 2017

5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus [2014]: Comments:
added: Tue Sep 5 04:30:02 2017

What does the Supreme Court decision mean for the future of @westernforce players? #SuperRugby
added: Tue Sep 5 04:28:23 2017
tags: superrugby

Hyundai Motor hit again by supply disruption in China
added: Tue Sep 5 04:05:47 2017

China may be the real target of North Korea's pressure, analysts say
added: Tue Sep 5 04:04:08 2017

Teachers in #HongKong urged to help students who feel negatively towards #China to feel positive instead
added: Tue Sep 5 03:55:03 2017
tags: hongkong, china

Ten more years of Xi. Big call from @TheEIU on succession plans in China, and more specifically the lack of them:
added: Tue Sep 5 03:29:12 2017

Propaganda directive ordering comments closed, no "hyping" North Korea story:
added: Tue Sep 5 03:15:41 2017

Facebook code makes for 16% of the average site… and that’s a problem
added: Tue Sep 5 03:15:11 2017

BRICS 2017: India's diplomatic win, China's stand on terrorism will 'upset Pakistan'
added: Tue Sep 5 03:15:00 2017

South Korea looks to choke North with oil embargo
added: Tue Sep 5 03:13:56 2017

Achievement unlocked! Promoter of 'co-living' aka yuppie cage homes get banker to pay $8,500 p/m for shoebox
added: Tue Sep 5 03:03:53 2017

Dakar’s African Renaissance via @africasacountry
added: Tue Sep 5 01:12:59 2017

"Such women are single because of their high requirements from their spouse, such as... being treated as equals"
added: Tue Sep 5 00:53:51 2017

Could North Korea Annihilate Seoul with Its Artillery? | The National Interest Blog
added: Mon Sep 4 15:18:13 2017

U.S., South Korea agree to revise missile treaty in face of North Korean threats
added: Mon Sep 4 15:17:03 2017

China avoids Masood Azhar ban issue after BRICS declaration names JeM
added: Mon Sep 4 15:15:01 2017

Clinton Pryor is not done yet #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP @Clintonswalk @welkam2kantri
added: Mon Sep 4 15:15:00 2017
tags: tairp, indigenous

Crypto-busters reverse nearly 320 MEELLION hashed passwords via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Sep 4 12:07:40 2017

Behold the cameras destroyed by the solar eclipse
added: Mon Sep 4 12:05:38 2017

Who loves Kim Jong Un's provocative behavior? Gold bugs love Kim Jong Un's provocative behavior.
added: Mon Sep 4 12:01:01 2017

Stonewall Jackson’s Great-Great-Grandsons Call for Removal of Confederate Monuments
added: Mon Sep 4 12:00:59 2017

When it comes to violation of freedom of religion, can the state be held monetarily liable?
added: Mon Sep 4 09:10:01 2017

China August data to show economy solidly poised before key Party congress
added: Mon Sep 4 09:08:49 2017

Cosmic uncertainty: Five universal truths that might be wrong
added: Mon Sep 4 09:04:34 2017

Widow of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo 'fighting to stay in Beijing,' friend says | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
added: Mon Sep 4 09:04:21 2017

Bleak: @bbcburmese service severs ties with #Myanmar National TV over Rakhine coverage violating “state policy”
added: Mon Sep 4 07:34:51 2017
tags: myanmar

#HongKong is checking banks' loans to #China's #HNA Group and Wanda, sources say @business @alfredliuhk
added: Mon Sep 4 07:34:21 2017
tags: china, hna, hongkong

Indonesians going to fight in the Philippines: A disturbing development in Islamic militancy in Southeast Asia
added: Mon Sep 4 07:31:55 2017

Slow progress implementing ASEAN Economic Community means best hope for regional trade deal is China's RCEP
added: Mon Sep 4 07:31:06 2017

Me yesterday: Silicon Valley pitches itself as a caretaker of global capitalism but is likelier to be its undertaker
added: Mon Sep 4 07:28:08 2017

JUST IN: #China's Central Bank Says All Initial Coin Offerings Should Be Stopped via @business #ICO #tech
added: Mon Sep 4 07:25:15 2017
tags: ico, tech, china

Scholar suggests free-floating yuan as economic conditions stabilise - paper
added: Mon Sep 4 07:24:26 2017

UN agencies, 16 major NGOs, after accusations of colluding w/ 'terrorists', blocked from delivering vital food aid
added: Mon Sep 4 07:22:18 2017

"Whenever they kill anyone, they say he was a bandit." #StopExtraJudicialKillings
added: Mon Sep 4 07:22:08 2017
tags: stopextrajudicialkillings

Cambridge student who burned £20 note in front of homeless man speaks out
added: Mon Sep 4 07:22:00 2017

There are fewer than 50 Asiatic cheetahs remaining:
added: Mon Sep 4 06:10:40 2017

Thank you @Clintonswalk I love the spirit of this journey ... #alwayswasalwayswillbe ... #TimeToListen -
added: Mon Sep 4 06:05:04 2017
tags: alwayswasalwayswillbe, timetolisten

UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it
added: Mon Sep 4 06:03:10 2017

Young people in China have started a fashion movement built around nationalism and racial purity via @qz
added: Mon Sep 4 06:01:07 2017

China deepens overseas port holdings
added: Mon Sep 4 05:59:21 2017

On North Korea, @realDonaldTrump faces a stark, binary choice, argues @crispinrovere
added: Mon Sep 4 05:34:01 2017

#Hongkong independence banners fly at CUHK
added: Mon Sep 4 05:33:19 2017
tags: hongkong

For the past 30 years, Daryl Davis, a black man, has spent time befriending members of the Ku Klux Klan.
added: Mon Sep 4 05:31:00 2017

J&K: 2 Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists killed in Sopore, encounter underway
added: Mon Sep 4 05:30:20 2017

China’s position in the global economy is starting to resemble that of the US during the post-war period
added: Mon Sep 4 05:20:00 2017

Sunac China Vows to Cut Debt and Turn LeEco Around #LeEco #Sunac #debt
added: Mon Sep 4 05:18:32 2017
tags: sunac, leeco, debt

"Rest in peace, democracy in Cambodia. It was a nice one-generation ride." Amazingly frank @sophal_ear interview.
added: Mon Sep 4 05:17:05 2017

China-India spat signals last hurrah for BRICS by @UGalani #BRICSSummit
added: Mon Sep 4 04:38:04 2017
tags: bricssummit

Cabinet reshuffle: Modi, Shah's balance between rewarding performance and pleasing RSS
added: Mon Sep 4 04:30:00 2017

China to give S$103 million for Brics cooperation plan
added: Mon Sep 4 04:28:04 2017

Kansas Heritage: Labor Quotes: Eugene V. Debs
added: Mon Sep 4 04:28:03 2017

Hyundai Motor replaces China chief after supply disruption, diplomatic tensions
added: Mon Sep 4 04:20:06 2017

VIDEO: Proposal to protect blue sharks may hit #shark fin traders hard via @SCMP_news @ErnestKao
added: Mon Sep 4 04:19:11 2017
tags: shark

Is bilingualism really an advantage?
added: Mon Sep 4 04:12:40 2017

Badge of Honor. Chinese censors tried to pull my #Taiwan Sunflower article and more off JAS and Cambridge Uni Press
added: Mon Sep 4 04:09:07 2017
tags: taiwan

China wants India to go slow on Asia-Africa corridor to keep Japan out
added: Mon Sep 4 04:00:43 2017

2 Venezuela bank executives arrested after opposition leader found with cases of cash
added: Mon Sep 4 04:00:00 2017

VW, China JVs to recall 1.8 million vehicles over fuel pump issue: China quality watchdog
added: Mon Sep 4 03:55:53 2017

Investors move into haven assets and sell stocks via @WSJ @ese_journo
added: Mon Sep 4 03:53:20 2017

A DACA recipient was killed trying to rescue others during Harvey, his body was recovered earlier today
added: Mon Sep 4 02:36:38 2017

South Korean Environment Ministry gives conditional consent to additional THAAD anti-missile system deployment
added: Mon Sep 4 02:16:46 2017

Myanmar blocks all UN aid to civilians at heart of Rohingya crisis
added: Mon Sep 4 02:15:44 2017

Patient who Utah nurse was dragged in handcuffs for protecting revealed to be a cop
added: Mon Sep 4 00:21:05 2017

This senator once said that people dying from opioid overdoses “just removes them from the gene pool.”
added: Sun Sep 3 23:30:24 2017

Met Police 'to pay Lord Bramall and Lady Brittan £100,000 over doomed child abuse investigation'
added: Sun Sep 3 13:08:43 2017

You can read all about the work our @HoustonDSA chapter is doing to rebuild their community here:
added: Sun Sep 3 13:07:53 2017

. @cambodiadaily to close after tax row with Govt - latest sign of crackdown on free press Trump's global effect.
added: Sun Sep 3 13:07:06 2017

I Doubt Bernie Primary Voters Who Backed Trump (12%) Will Vote For Status Quo Democrats
added: Sun Sep 3 13:07:03 2017

Compensated dating: Social problem or a road to empowerment and easy cash?
added: Sun Sep 3 13:04:06 2017

The Time Machine: The elusive Jack the Ripper | @ts_cattiot
added: Sun Sep 3 12:45:53 2017

Burma: Satellite Shows Massive Arson against Muslims by Buddhists -
added: Sun Sep 3 12:45:15 2017

“Deregulation and deunionization has deeply degraded working conditions for truck drivers.”
added: Sun Sep 3 12:44:01 2017

Possible two-stage hydrogen bomb seen 'game changer' for North Korea
added: Sun Sep 3 12:40:04 2017

Strange Case of RSS/BJP Government – Preferring Defense over Education
added: Sun Sep 3 12:39:30 2017

Possible two-stage hydrogen bomb seen 'game changer' for #NorthKorea
added: Sun Sep 3 12:36:27 2017
tags: northkorea

"There really is an information war for your mind. And we’re losing it."
added: Sun Sep 3 12:15:30 2017

On Chinese border, North Korea nuclear test shakes ground, but not routines
added: Sun Sep 3 12:09:17 2017

NK detonates its most powerful nuke yet - WaPo Watch Beijing closely. Another test was a red line to many Chinese.
added: Sun Sep 3 11:31:53 2017

Chinese man jailed for 9 months for selling VPN software on his own website #Guangdong…
added: Sun Sep 3 11:20:47 2017
tags: guangdong

Myanmar says clearing of Rohingya is unfinished business from WWII via @WSJ
added: Sun Sep 3 09:21:28 2017

Bill Murray Visits 18th and Vine Ballpark - #GoogleAlerts
added: Sun Sep 3 01:10:09 2017
tags: googlealerts

Fun fact: Vidal Sassoon (yes, the hairdresser) was violent antifa in his time
added: Sat Sep 2 21:53:58 2017

McMillan (historian!) forgot to tell us what part of "liberal order" is bombing of VNM colonial wars war on Iraq
added: Sat Sep 2 19:49:55 2017

Antifa conducting violent food strikes, unauthorized "rescue" missions, and guerrilla medical services in Houston.
added: Sat Sep 2 17:54:01 2017

Philly police union president calls Black Lives Matter activists "a pack of rabid animals."
added: Sat Sep 2 17:11:43 2017

Palestinian school demolitions are destroying #Israel's future. They're destroying #Palestinians' present & future.
added: Sat Sep 2 11:08:02 2017
tags: israel, palestinians

#SCMP Metal-bar-wielding taxi driver arrested in Hong Kong over foul-mouthed tirade
added: Sat Sep 2 11:03:24 2017
tags: scmp

Amen. And, nb, to a particular NYer interview: there were clergy at Zuccotti Park & Occupy in every Southern city.
added: Sat Sep 2 11:03:17 2017

Nagpur-Mumbai train derailment: Alert driver felicitated by Lohani
added: Sat Sep 2 10:45:00 2017

Chinese Regulators Weigh New Rules for Major Money Market Funds
added: Sat Sep 2 10:44:00 2017

Labour MP who resigned over sex gang article in The Sun attacks 'floppy left'
added: Sat Sep 2 10:41:31 2017

Why can’t the left accept that prostitution is built on brutal racism? | @bindelj
added: Sat Sep 2 10:37:55 2017

Conservative NFL Owners Openly Back Trump As They Silence Kaepernick
added: Sat Sep 2 10:15:28 2017

Tens of thousands demand the return of missing Argentine activist Santiago Maldonado
added: Sat Sep 2 08:26:10 2017

'Fluent in Spanish, Tagalog, and street slang, Joaquin wrote in English but summoned a space between languages.'
added: Sat Sep 2 08:22:13 2017

The world’s narrowest fluid channel could transform filtration of water and gases. #TR35
added: Sat Sep 2 08:20:40 2017
tags: tr35

Cosmic uncertainty: Five universal truths that might be wrong
added: Sat Sep 2 08:20:18 2017

US sales of GM, Toyota stand out as others falter in August
added: Sat Sep 2 08:17:17 2017

Herbie Hancock to Teach His First Online Course on Jazz. Wow.
added: Sat Sep 2 07:02:50 2017

Our board member @IlariaMariaSala writes about how man-made political borders, Himalayan skirmishes impact wildlife:
added: Sat Sep 2 07:02:03 2017

Great piece on the oft forgotten North Korea diaspora in Japan
added: Sat Sep 2 06:55:39 2017

【「歪風」英文譯得好 (馮睎乾) 】 全文: //據港大98年版《Chinese Fiction of the Cultural Revolution》,作者楊嵐博士(Lan...
added: Sat Sep 2 06:35:07 2017

US to challenge China with more patrols in disputed waters #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Sep 2 06:32:11 2017
tags: southchinasea

India is world’s third-biggest beef exporter: FAO report
added: Sat Sep 2 06:30:00 2017

U.S. immigration policy: Damn those cosmopolitans - Cosmopolitanism is clearly a dirty word to nativist Trump admin
added: Sat Sep 2 06:23:59 2017

Trump, Moon agree to boost S.Korean missile capabilities
added: Sat Sep 2 06:23:08 2017

After a surreal month, Zimbabwe looks for Mugabe's successor
added: Sat Sep 2 06:20:00 2017

I briefly thought this was a spoof article. Nope: reality, 2017.
added: Sat Sep 2 05:40:47 2017

As #ArkemaChemicalPlant burns, @SierraClub maps 449 other oil, gas & chemical facilities in counties hit by #Harvey
added: Sat Sep 2 05:37:25 2017
tags: arkemachemicalplant, harvey

Using blockchain to distribute energy could make neighborhoods more resilient to power outages.
added: Sat Sep 2 05:06:33 2017

Vietnam says violations found at central bank in war on graft
added: Sat Sep 2 05:00:12 2017

一場颱風令到澳門千萬豪宅「寰宇天下 」多戶玻璃窗爆裂。同一座樓,五年前打風時已試過爆窗。有甚麼原因造成這麼大的破壞? 我們取了一些玻璃碎樣本回來找專家看過,專家認為可能與「風洞效應」有關。 #有線新聞 #澳門 #寰宇天下...
added: Sat Sep 2 04:57:10 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 澳門, 寰宇天下

#Breaking Timor-Leste and Australia achieve breakthrough in maritime boundary dispute
added: Sat Sep 2 04:44:05 2017
tags: breaking
added: Sat Sep 2 04:08:48 2017

Strike of non union Target workers in Rural Virginia wins firing of manager accused of sexual harassment
added: Sat Sep 2 03:49:45 2017
tags: 1u

Good read from @SushantSin, the reporter who absolutely owned the Doklam story: What not to learn from Doklam
added: Sat Sep 2 03:48:44 2017

.@JeremiahJenne tells of a lunatic populist figurehead given to delusions of grandeur & messianic hallucinations...
added: Sat Sep 2 02:02:39 2017

120.000 Rohingya in camps cut off from assistance. Government's unfounded allegations against aid agencies a factor
added: Sat Sep 2 01:54:48 2017

New images show massive destruction in Muslim village in Burma's Rakhine state. More than 700 buildings destroyed.
added: Sat Sep 2 01:40:27 2017

#NetBSD follows #HardenedBSD's example with #SafeStack development and integration:
added: Sat Sep 2 00:33:44 2017
tags: hardenedbsd, netbsd, safestack

SCMP: Suicides among Hong Kong children accounted for quarter of unnatural deaths in 2012 and 2013
added: Sat Sep 2 00:23:44 2017

The New America Foundation's president has promised staff a “deep internal discussion” about its donors' influence
added: Fri Sep 1 22:45:06 2017

@JustDKG @willbonds @NomikiKonst @ProgressiveArmy You can download a pdf
added: Fri Sep 1 21:46:47 2017

Before Hurricane #Harvey, Houston sought funding to mitigate floods — but Congress refused ---Isn't that interesting
added: Fri Sep 1 20:41:45 2017
tags: harvey

Yesterday's bond hearing for Cantwell was the weirdest thing I've ever seen in court. My piece for @thedailybeast
added: Fri Sep 1 18:58:00 2017

Shout out to @danielleiat making an auspicious NYT debut! On New Kings Democrats challenging BK Dem establishment
added: Fri Sep 1 17:41:21 2017

Ongoing disaster at Arkema plant in Crosby is a glimpse of life without "burdensome" regulations and disclosures.
added: Fri Sep 1 14:51:32 2017

New York sues Pruitt’s EPA for allowing dumping in the Long Island Sound. #FirePruitt #SaveTheEPA
added: Fri Sep 1 14:13:48 2017
tags: firepruitt, savetheepa

How Right-Wing Media Played the Mainstream Press in the 2016 Election
added: Fri Sep 1 14:11:24 2017

HPV vaccination rates in many places in the U.S. remain much lower than rates for other childhood vaccines.
added: Fri Sep 1 14:10:35 2017

Volvo shares jump on truck maker's new margin target
added: Fri Sep 1 14:10:03 2017

Young black Britons nine times more likely to end up in youth custody than white people
added: Fri Sep 1 14:09:31 2017

WDC to Toshiba: We're sorry about the memory thing (see you in court)
added: Fri Sep 1 14:09:30 2017

DOWN TO EARTH - Canada's Trudeau under fire for environmental record
added: Fri Sep 1 14:09:07 2017

Follow-up actions on Tai O taken by Islands District Office after Typhoon Hato
added: Fri Sep 1 14:09:04 2017

China is ramping up promotion of its ancient medical arts. That is dangerous for humans as well as rhinos
added: Fri Sep 1 14:07:59 2017

Typhoon's devastation has thrown Macau's inequality into sharp relief
added: Fri Sep 1 14:07:58 2017

Mavis Arnold, a journalist who revealed Catholic child abuse
added: Fri Sep 1 14:07:31 2017

With Indian rocket launch failure, 2017 seeing a higher accident rate by @SciGuySpace
added: Fri Sep 1 14:07:04 2017

Yesterday, Pres. Trump made deep cuts to the #ACA's advertising budget and enrollment assistance grant program.
added: Fri Sep 1 14:06:39 2017
tags: aca

BREAKING: Court rejects #Alabama move to dismiss our #votingrights case challenging method of electing state judges.
added: Fri Sep 1 13:48:27 2017
tags: alabama, votingrights

Trump voter fraud panel head confirms he’s a paid Breitbart columnist
added: Fri Sep 1 13:01:04 2017

Muslim chemists Al-Kindi and Al-Razi are considered to be amongst the first true scientists
added: Fri Sep 1 13:00:09 2017

【無電無空調除衫亦要賭】 【風暴期間澳門博彩收入按月微跌】 澳門博彩收入按月微跌,升幅是 4 月以來最少。 有澳門博彩工會指,上月風暴期間當地賭場暫停一兩日後,已盡快恢復營業,對生意影響不大。...
added: Fri Sep 1 13:00:04 2017

FIU Labor Day report: Florida in 'low-wage trap' with pre-recession household income levels
added: Fri Sep 1 12:58:19 2017

Forget Activate - this is how the Conservatives can really take control of the youth vote | @BenedictSpence
added: Fri Sep 1 12:58:08 2017

#Myanmar's racists including #AungSanSuuKyi, who told @KofiAnnan & UN "not to use #Rohingya", are BLIND to FACTS.
added: Fri Sep 1 12:57:06 2017
tags: myanmar, aungsansuukyi, rohingya

Are the people who hate PC censorship on college campuses outraged about this? Haven't heard much of that
added: Fri Sep 1 12:53:54 2017

Sean Hannity guest host: Heather Heyer was killed by a neo-Nazi, "but she was still marching with antifa"
added: Fri Sep 1 12:52:59 2017

大圍執勤時遇襲 食環署職員倒地
added: Fri Sep 1 12:43:08 2017

Political tensions in the Himalayas have made it hard for yaks to mate
added: Fri Sep 1 12:37:34 2017

This is terrifying. Only 1 sec to recognise. Implications for free speech & human rights in China are v concerning
added: Fri Sep 1 12:30:51 2017

Storm Shifts Political Winds in DC “They don’t need money to build wall in Texas, but to rebuild shoreline in Texas”
added: Fri Sep 1 12:27:39 2017

4/And I wrote about it here: And here:
added: Fri Sep 1 12:17:42 2017

3/We did a lot of research in the ‘00s about how designers make decisions. I spoke about it here:
added: Fri Sep 1 12:16:22 2017

@AJENews Kenya's Supreme Court annuls result of the August 8 presidential election
added: Fri Sep 1 12:02:35 2017

Neo-Confederate group that was out in force in Charlottesville embraces violent turn
added: Fri Sep 1 12:02:23 2017

The bat that feels no pain, and other incredible living things via @TheWireScience
added: Fri Sep 1 11:50:00 2017

COMMENTARY | Guatemala Stumbles in Central America’s Anti-corruption Fight
added: Fri Sep 1 11:49:55 2017

Huge step for rule of law in Kenya. Praying for all Kenyans and a peaceful resolution to this challenge.
added: Fri Sep 1 11:31:05 2017

3,000 Yazidis remain in ISIS captivity, but as ISIS has lost territory, international interest in them has faded.
added: Fri Sep 1 10:46:03 2017

Opinion: Trolling is not opinion Applies beautifully well to Alex Lo and Michael Chugani.
added: Fri Sep 1 10:21:41 2017

In North Carolina county, strong support for Confederate statue
added: Fri Sep 1 10:18:27 2017

Ex-Liaison Office chief Li Gang kicked out of NPC
added: Fri Sep 1 10:14:07 2017

China's cybersecurity law grants government 'unprecedented' control over foreign tech
added: Fri Sep 1 10:12:03 2017

Nothing new in DUP offer – O’Neill @moneillsf
added: Fri Sep 1 09:39:41 2017

Normal UK people can't cap their inc tax liability at £30,000 but govt allows millionaire non-doms to do that. Why?
added: Fri Sep 1 09:32:08 2017

Indian dam project will submerge tiger reserve:
added: Fri Sep 1 08:42:57 2017

US intends to work with Pakistan to take down terrorists: Jim Mattis
added: Fri Sep 1 08:30:00 2017

How @NarendraModi government kept changing #demonetisation’s goalposts
added: Fri Sep 1 08:30:00 2017
tags: demonetisation

The Koh-i-Noor diamond gets an updated history, but the problems of its ownership remain via @SmithsonianMag
added: Fri Sep 1 08:27:55 2017

Did you see #LEGOMASTERS? Find out how lego lends a hand to help us digitise via @NHM_London
added: Fri Sep 1 08:03:40 2017
tags: legomasters

Texas Republican turns down donated blankets, beds, manpower from Canada -- he wants prayers instead
added: Fri Sep 1 07:50:07 2017

Torrent Sites Suffer DDoS Attacks and Other Trouble
added: Fri Sep 1 07:48:07 2017

Biggest asteroid in 20 years is heading towards Earth
added: Fri Sep 1 07:44:10 2017

Estimated 1,200 people killed in that other flood you haven't heard so much about
added: Fri Sep 1 07:41:29 2017

China Weaponizes Medical Treatment Against Political Prisoners
added: Fri Sep 1 07:39:30 2017

Spiralling galaxy arms spread oxygen around for future planets
added: Fri Sep 1 07:38:12 2017

Opposition starts campaign for jailed activists
added: Fri Sep 1 07:36:05 2017

The Amazon is being relentlessly torn down, just as scientists have discovered 381 new species in it
added: Fri Sep 1 07:36:00 2017

Diplomatic spat casts long shadow over Hyundai factory town in China Good shoe leather reporting from @teamlipei
added: Fri Sep 1 07:27:57 2017

Anbang registers 20+ new products with China's regulator after 3-month ban is lifted
added: Fri Sep 1 07:21:27 2017

"Most Atlantic salmon is farmed — less than 1 percent comes from the wild." #salmon
added: Fri Sep 1 07:17:20 2017
tags: salmon

US rights advocate Kerry Kennedy – niece of JFK--writes to jailed @joshuawongcfin support
added: Fri Sep 1 07:15:04 2017

Thank you @NatObserver for a very thorough piece:
added: Fri Sep 1 07:13:27 2017

Indian navy received 1st missile jointly developed with Israel
added: Fri Sep 1 06:32:00 2017

Is Deregulation behind explosions at Texas Chem Plant, polluting of Air and Water?
added: Fri Sep 1 05:56:04 2017

A distant galaxy just sent us some bizarre radio signals
added: Fri Sep 1 05:54:00 2017

Netanyahu vows to rid Tel Aviv district of illegal migrants
added: Fri Sep 1 05:50:09 2017

HNA's first-half interest bill was 15.6bn yuan, the highest of any listed or unlisted Chinese company - Bloomberg.
added: Fri Sep 1 05:48:57 2017

Some TRAPPIST-1 planets may have the right conditions for water
added: Fri Sep 1 05:41:30 2017

Chinese students turning on #Australia university professors over how they teach history (on #Taiwan, #India) #China
added: Fri Sep 1 05:39:58 2017
tags: australia, taiwan, india, china

Hong Kong Police Bust Prostitution Rings In Wan Chai And The New Territories
added: Fri Sep 1 05:38:27 2017

Anarchists @scott_crow + @KitOConnell quoted in this piece about anti-authoritarian #Harvey relief efforts.
added: Fri Sep 1 05:12:15 2017
tags: harvey

Judge Linda Reade’s husband bought up to $100K of private prison stock 5 days before a huge immigration raid
added: Fri Sep 1 05:12:00 2017

DOJ shuts down an operation that was successfully combatting consumer fraud
added: Fri Sep 1 05:00:00 2017

Govt wary of 'tricky' weighted voting plan
added: Fri Sep 1 04:58:31 2017

Where Do "Alt-Right" Groups Get Their Money? -
added: Fri Sep 1 04:25:40 2017

@yennikwok Here it is:- It was a blog/commentary item.
added: Fri Sep 1 04:25:35 2017

Trump triggers new 'Great Game' in South Asia
added: Fri Sep 1 04:23:03 2017

Power company kills nuclear plant, plans $6 billion in solar, battery investment - this is the future #renewables
added: Fri Sep 1 04:19:32 2017
tags: renewables

China’s Leading Banks Post Higher Second-Quarter Profit
added: Fri Sep 1 04:15:12 2017

無人想負責「公共空間」的維修及保養費,於是就搞成咁…… 〈被隱藏的商場公共空間——屯門市廣場〉— 拓展公共空間 Hong Kong Public Space Initiative...
added: Fri Sep 1 04:15:04 2017

Full text of Xi's remarks on eradicating extreme poverty made public 习近平:在深度贫困地区脱贫攻坚座谈会上的讲话
added: Fri Sep 1 03:49:44 2017

In the ruling released today, judges say #Youngspiration's rights were not disproportionately affected the unseating
added: Fri Sep 1 03:20:23 2017
tags: youngspiration

A map of where the nine dashes line overlaps with Indonesia's EEZ, an area of 94,000 sq km
added: Fri Sep 1 03:17:37 2017

Baltimore Politicians Are Letting Union Jobs Die While Making Way for Luxury Real Estate:
added: Fri Sep 1 03:17:03 2017

#Taiwan #manufacturing sector grows at fastest pace in 5 months
added: Fri Sep 1 03:14:16 2017
tags: manufacturing, taiwan

WATCH| Image of the day: Plane manoeuvres through 3 tornadoes in Sochi, Russia
added: Fri Sep 1 03:13:45 2017

'Most prejudiced': Chinese academics react to possible US pick of PACOM chief Harry Harris for Australia
added: Fri Sep 1 03:13:38 2017

KKK allegedly threatens gay political candidate in Florida via @NBCOUT
added: Fri Sep 1 01:44:07 2017

Democrats need to wrap their heads around the reality of a President Zuckerberg.
added: Fri Sep 1 01:27:31 2017

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Confirms He is a Paid Columnist For Breitbart
added: Fri Sep 1 01:10:01 2017

This is a story I've long told at bars about the time Google's power really frightened me.
added: Thu Aug 31 23:47:33 2017

Gao Yu (@gaoyu200812) Tweets Show Continued Surveillance of Elderly, Politically Sensitive Beijingers
added: Thu Aug 31 23:42:38 2017

'It's a shocker': Red tape, inefficient interior leave 55/128 floors Shanghai Tower vacant. Good @AngusGrigg story.
added: Thu Aug 31 21:23:54 2017

Read @andreilankov on why sanctioning #NorthKorea’s elites won’t bring down #KimJongUn @nknewsorg
added: Thu Aug 31 20:00:01 2017
tags: northkorea, kimjongun
added: Thu Aug 31 19:46:07 2017

Insurgents claim to be “liberating” Myanmar's Rohingya, but they have only brought more rights abuses. @laignee
added: Thu Aug 31 18:45:19 2017

Project Orleans: Different than Erlang, Designed for a Broad Group of Developers from @thenewstack
added: Thu Aug 31 14:11:58 2017

#NairobiTaxHaven is a step closer following the signing into law of the #NIFC Bill. #endtaxhavens @oxfaminKE @EATGN
added: Thu Aug 31 13:24:07 2017
tags: nairobitaxhaven, endtaxhavens, nifc

How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code :
added: Thu Aug 31 12:57:03 2017

Grim outlook for the Florida grasshopper sparrow, because humans have almost entirely destroyed its habitat:
added: Thu Aug 31 12:56:58 2017

New Koch-backed institute at U of Utah raises questions about academic freedom - #darkmoney
added: Thu Aug 31 12:07:10 2017
tags: darkmoney

Really enjoyed this podcast from @samnewman and @InfoQ: Security Considerations and the State of Microservices
added: Thu Aug 31 12:05:01 2017

NEW: VTB bank denies Felix Sater "lined up" Trump Tower Moscow financing
added: Thu Aug 31 12:04:38 2017

WATCH: Giant billboard gets blown over in Dongguan, crushing parked cars
added: Thu Aug 31 11:46:41 2017

Patchy PCI compliance putting consumer credit card data at risk
added: Thu Aug 31 11:07:10 2017

Jeff Sessions reveals deadly misunderstanding of what public safety actually is
added: Thu Aug 31 11:05:44 2017

#China Announces Start Date for Twice-a-Decade Party Reshuffle @bpolitics @business @PeterMartin_PCM @BrendanScott
added: Thu Aug 31 11:03:24 2017
tags: china

Opinion: Civil disobedience loses its allure with jailing of Occupy trio
added: Thu Aug 31 11:00:54 2017

Over 700M email addresses were recently compromised. Was yours one of them?
added: Thu Aug 31 09:40:33 2017

「神譯」「歪風」變「unhealthy wind」 陶傑:中國人世紀可以任意改英文文法㗎 #HK
added: Thu Aug 31 09:37:45 2017
tags: hk

Kanye West counter-sued by Lloyd's of London over cancelled Saint Pablo tour
added: Thu Aug 31 09:08:07 2017

added: Thu Aug 31 08:40:08 2017

Deep in debt, the Kushners hunted for cash across the globe via @bbgvisualdata
added: Thu Aug 31 08:37:55 2017

'At Doklam, China was caught off balance by India's military response of deterrence by denial' | @Rory_Medcalf
added: Thu Aug 31 08:31:00 2017

Olympus' E-M10 Mark III adds 4K to one of the best cameras for beginners
added: Thu Aug 31 08:28:57 2017

Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund continues to process claims for shortfall in ex gratia payment on severance…
added: Thu Aug 31 08:26:04 2017

let's welcome the f-35 lightning ii to its very first (I think?) show of force over the korean peninsula:
added: Thu Aug 31 08:13:43 2017

Brazilian court blocks abolition of vast Amazon reserve - for now.
added: Thu Aug 31 08:11:43 2017

China says it will never allow war or chaos on its doorstep
added: Thu Aug 31 08:10:09 2017

Appropriately, this is making me laugh uncontrollably. The Psychoactive Substances Act is a complete trash fire
added: Thu Aug 31 08:05:32 2017

Gay marriage in Australia: ‘Vote no’ campaigner in ad promotes conversion therapy
added: Thu Aug 31 07:11:40 2017

@AP @KwokMiles Full story is now on the wire:
added: Thu Aug 31 06:57:51 2017

該《蘋果》攝記今早乘船往澳門採訪,但入境後被扣留,之後記者獲發一張拒絕入境通知書,指記者「對內部保安的穩定構成威脅」,需即時遣返香港。 【澳門今再禁《蘋果》記者入境 又指「對保安構成威脅」】...
added: Thu Aug 31 06:11:29 2017

Cameroon halts 'terror' trial of anglophone leaders
added: Thu Aug 31 06:10:07 2017

Fact check: #Demonetisation’s effect on increase in direct taxes and income tax base
added: Thu Aug 31 06:10:00 2017
tags: demonetisation

"The problem with detached, self-serving billionaires is they tend to be detached and self-serving" #HongKong
added: Thu Aug 31 06:04:23 2017
tags: hongkong

Anbang Insurance, Units Cut Stakes in Major Chinese Banks in Second Quarter
added: Thu Aug 31 06:04:14 2017

In 8 months of 2017, India has reported most cases of cow-related violence over 8 years starting 2010. Our database:
added: Thu Aug 31 05:57:19 2017

New act in the longest opera of the world which goes into its 53rd year: The Marcos family grabbing for power anew
added: Thu Aug 31 05:41:45 2017

this remains the best thing I've ever shared on this website
added: Thu Aug 31 05:40:27 2017

Pandemic in #Macao? Netizens complain of diarrhea after drinking tab water. #HK pay attn
added: Thu Aug 31 05:40:26 2017
tags: macao, hk

Greeners Action wants the four-in-one recycling bins moved from streets to the government buildings
added: Thu Aug 31 05:39:55 2017

Culture critic Ahkok Wong commented: "For certain kind of people, Sham Shui Po is the Poverty Disneyland."
added: Thu Aug 31 05:34:27 2017

Notting Hill Carnival should be banned, suggests police boss
added: Thu Aug 31 05:30:00 2017

Firms deny charges over police compound collapse
added: Thu Aug 31 05:29:26 2017

Hong Kong ferris wheel grinds to a halt as operator's land license expires
added: Thu Aug 31 05:28:38 2017

Despite the spin, #demonetisation simply wasn’t worth the time or effort | @mkvenu1
added: Thu Aug 31 05:25:38 2017
tags: demonetisation

Man born in UK receives letter from Home Office ordering him to leave country
added: Thu Aug 31 05:24:00 2017

This photography tool helps you find the ideal lens for your camera
added: Thu Aug 31 05:23:57 2017

A game of chicken
added: Thu Aug 31 05:23:11 2017

Meet Harry Harris, the tough-talking admiral predicted to be the next US ambassador via @smh
added: Thu Aug 31 05:12:47 2017

Hard border could spell the end for Northern Ireland’s dairy processors - of course; but #brexiters don't care
added: Thu Aug 31 05:12:30 2017
tags: brexiters

Toshiba to continue talks with bidders for chip unit: Jiji
added: Thu Aug 31 05:10:04 2017

Love In A Time Of Urbanization: The Twofold Vulnerability Of An East African Pop Hit
added: Thu Aug 31 05:01:52 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Singapore firm still denies links to North Korea, despite new evidence
added: Thu Aug 31 05:00:41 2017

'No way to prevent' chemical plant EXPLODING after it was flooded in Hurricane Harvey
added: Thu Aug 31 04:08:12 2017

Integrity of Hong Kong judiciary more important than politics via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Aug 31 04:06:27 2017

This is so SAD.
added: Thu Aug 31 04:06:22 2017

'#TPP 11' to freeze drug data protection demanded by US -
added: Thu Aug 31 04:04:48 2017
tags: tpp

#Bhutan has NO SECURITY PACT with India. For a change, let's listen to @TenzingLamsang a Bhutanese voice on #Doklam
added: Thu Aug 31 04:02:39 2017
tags: bhutan, doklam

Mumbai: 5-storey residential building collapses, many feared trapped
added: Thu Aug 31 04:02:28 2017

Fomenting Communal Conflict: BJP Claims Kerala Church to be Temple
added: Thu Aug 31 04:01:53 2017

France's Macron unveils 'mother of all reforms' to overhaul labor rules
added: Thu Aug 31 04:00:13 2017

Indian Coast Guard saves 40 fishermen from Gujarat coast
added: Thu Aug 31 04:00:00 2017

團體發現有路邊回收箱僅38%屬正確可回收類別物料 #本地 Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:31:16 +0800
added: Thu Aug 31 03:40:17 2017
tags: 本地

India demonetisation failed to curb black money. 99% of large denomination notes exchanged via FT
added: Thu Aug 31 03:11:15 2017

'Seek truth in a time of deception' urges @HKUniversity Student Union President
added: Thu Aug 31 03:10:50 2017

Officer to white woman: "we only kill black people right?" Is this not enough proof for you?
added: Thu Aug 31 03:07:50 2017

First signals that #China starting to corner in on #ICOs as state council-endorsed association warns of fraud, risk
added: Thu Aug 31 03:06:06 2017
tags: icos, china

The story of Yagan’s head is a shameful reminder of colonialism’s legacy @IndigenousX @croakeyblog @joewilliams_tew
added: Thu Aug 31 01:51:51 2017

BREAKING: Court blocks majority of Texas' anti-immigrant #SB4 2 days before it was to go into effect. More to come
added: Thu Aug 31 00:59:11 2017
tags: sb4

Degrading chemicals are expected to lead to a fire or explosion at the plant in Crosby within the next six days.
added: Thu Aug 31 00:32:53 2017

@glynmoody Australian Government Cracks Down on Patent Maximalism, Dealing a Blow to Parasitic Firms
added: Wed Aug 30 23:07:10 2017

This Stupid Patent of the Month 'winner' had to pay up after Kaspersky Lab refused to back down
added: Wed Aug 30 22:43:00 2017

Are businesses giving up on China?
added: Wed Aug 30 22:30:21 2017

11/ @RedCross has also serially misled donors on how much $$ goes to disaster relief. It’s not 91 cents per dollar:
added: Wed Aug 30 19:42:29 2017

10/ Then it stumbled in Mississippi:
added: Wed Aug 30 19:42:09 2017

9/ Then it failed in Louisiana:
added: Wed Aug 30 19:41:55 2017

8/ 8 months later, we reported that the @RedCross raised a half billion dollars for Haiti & built 6 homes. Just six.
added: Wed Aug 30 19:41:22 2017

7/ We kept reporting and got here: the @redcross botched its response to Superstorm Sandy and put PR over victims.
added: Wed Aug 30 19:40:59 2017

6/ A few years ago, we started looking into how millions in Sandy donations were spent. They wouldn’t tell us.
added: Wed Aug 30 19:40:34 2017

Stephen Fry on David Tang: 'A deep, almost bottomless well of kindness lay under all that strange surface nonsense'
added: Wed Aug 30 19:40:09 2017

House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers
added: Wed Aug 30 18:08:41 2017

President #MoonJaeIn named Noh Young-min as #SouthKorea’s next amb to #China @YonhapNews
added: Wed Aug 30 15:00:00 2017
tags: china, moonjaein, southkorea

What explains the popular support for #demonetisation?
added: Wed Aug 30 14:33:24 2017
tags: demonetisation

Demonetisation: Nearly 99% of scrapped notes came back into system
added: Wed Aug 30 13:22:05 2017

IPIC: 1MDB has paid up the first tranche of settlement due
added: Wed Aug 30 12:28:23 2017

Quick Take: China Wants to Wring the Swing Out of Coal Prices #commodities #coal
added: Wed Aug 30 12:07:23 2017
tags: commodities, coal

China's Censors Cut Off Social Media Access For Ethnic Mongolian Activist Couple
added: Wed Aug 30 12:07:00 2017

'Miracle' weed killer that was supposed to save farms is killing them instead
added: Wed Aug 30 12:05:22 2017

Why any "progressive" politics that depends on billionaire funding will fail, part 10,000
added: Wed Aug 30 12:04:50 2017

Another banking trojan is trying to loot your cryptocurrency wallets
added: Wed Aug 30 12:04:18 2017

Morocco's Rif activists 'fighting for our nation'
added: Wed Aug 30 12:01:38 2017

Thorium could power the next generation of nuclear reactors
added: Wed Aug 30 12:00:27 2017

In ‘a polarised nation and a violent world’, how relevant is the idea of non-violence?
added: Wed Aug 30 12:00:03 2017

Trump himself borrowed the "violent" "alt-left" line from a racist Pizzagate conspiracy theory promoter:
added: Wed Aug 30 11:56:01 2017

From this report by @shane_bauer, clear some press are all too eager to parrot Trump's "violence on all sides" line:
added: Wed Aug 30 11:50:32 2017

Dealership Remotely Disables A Car Over A $200 Fee
added: Wed Aug 30 10:00:38 2017

Elixir Umbrella - Microservices or Majestic Monolith? @gemcfadyen talk #ElixirLDN 2017 now live! #myelixirstatus
added: Wed Aug 30 10:00:16 2017
tags: myelixirstatus, elixirldn

Ahead of Modi's visit, China asks India to prevent Doklam-like incidents, encourage cooperation
added: Wed Aug 30 10:00:01 2017

Bank of China Net Profit Up by 11.5% in First Half
added: Wed Aug 30 09:13:57 2017

UP govt. wants 16000 madrassas under the state Madrassa Shiksha Parishad to be geo-tagged
added: Wed Aug 30 09:10:48 2017

Baseball club admits to paying umpire as scandal snowballs
added: Wed Aug 30 09:08:57 2017

Sidney Jones: Has Marawi killed the Philippines peace process in Mindanao?
added: Wed Aug 30 09:08:38 2017

We're not the 'world leader' in electric cars, Nissan insists
added: Wed Aug 30 09:04:13 2017

Banking landscape shifts as Chinese groups globalise
added: Wed Aug 30 09:03:59 2017

How a mysterious broadcast from KPA soldiers on the DMZ sparked panic in the South
added: Wed Aug 30 09:00:45 2017

Lost in Translation: Thailand offers course for women who marry foreigners
added: Wed Aug 30 08:59:05 2017

Premiership & Championship to trial new saliva test for concussion. Story:
added: Wed Aug 30 08:57:13 2017

New blog on why @HistoryToday is wrong about Cable Street and the battle against #fascism:…
added: Wed Aug 30 08:56:46 2017
tags: fascism

Channel 4 just released its viewing figures for Great British Bake Off
added: Wed Aug 30 08:56:24 2017

Japan continues making moves on the New Silk Road, countering China: #Japan #Kazakhstan #newsilkroad #China
added: Wed Aug 30 08:54:11 2017
tags: newsilkroad, china, japan, kazakhstan

A roadmap for breaking Malaysia's 'one party state'
added: Wed Aug 30 08:52:43 2017

In China, parking space prices soar as developers counter home price caps
added: Wed Aug 30 08:51:38 2017

Chinese authorities ban children going to churches Reports coming in from Zhejiang, Henan,…
added: Wed Aug 30 07:44:54 2017

China's style in territorial disputes: ambiguity, risk manipulation and controlling the narrative
added: Wed Aug 30 07:30:21 2017

Despite massive floods Bangladesh hasn't seen one diarrhoeal death: Major health achievement! @joydeepgupta
added: Wed Aug 30 07:01:03 2017

Malaysia: Sabah looking at making #pangolins completely protected #species All 8 species in…
added: Wed Aug 30 06:31:32 2017
tags: pangolins, species

Seoul to increase funds for inter-Korean economic projects, family reunions
added: Wed Aug 30 06:00:17 2017

New changes to @ISCdotORG ’s BIND aim for faster, more resilient #DNS system
added: Wed Aug 30 05:55:55 2017
tags: dns

Epic Mumbai Flooding: 21 million People told to stay Home
added: Wed Aug 30 05:52:08 2017
added: Wed Aug 30 05:44:44 2017

Long-awaited railways regulator gets department of personnel nod
added: Wed Aug 30 05:40:00 2017

#China discussing transferring part of unlisted SOEs with value >trillion yuan to the national social security fund.
added: Wed Aug 30 05:37:16 2017
tags: china

BGP,OT,198589,Al-Jazeera Al-Arabiya Company for Communication and Internet LTD,-,Outage affected 21 prefixes,
added: Wed Aug 30 05:33:51 2017

A transcript of a recent encounter between feminist activists and police in a southern Chinese city
added: Wed Aug 30 05:33:26 2017

"Virginia has asked for return of the flag for more than 100 years — and each time Minnesota has refused"
added: Wed Aug 30 05:13:45 2017

More Than 1,000 Died in South Asia Floods This Summer
added: Wed Aug 30 05:12:27 2017

Freelance arborist gets 18 months for bribery over tree survey projects: Lau Siu Yeung kicked back over HK$250k to…
added: Wed Aug 30 05:11:35 2017

Terry Pratchett's unfinished novels destroyed by streamroller
added: Wed Aug 30 05:08:25 2017

#BREAKING: Trump's Tower in Moscow Had Land & Plans—His Lawyer Michael Cohen Lied to Hide it #TrumpRussia #Resist
added: Wed Aug 30 04:20:02 2017
tags: breaking, trumprussia, resist

Good read: Hell and High Water (Full Text) via @pocket
added: Wed Aug 30 04:17:11 2017

#Taiwan Turnaround: An Asian Tiger catching up in the #internet sector - TechNode
added: Wed Aug 30 04:16:35 2017
tags: internet, taiwan

China Steps Up Supervision of Policy Lenders #banking #policybanks #CBRC #BeltandRoad
added: Wed Aug 30 04:14:13 2017
tags: policybanks, banking, beltandroad, cbrc

North Korea’s missile launch marks one of the first tests of the Japanese government’s national warning system
added: Wed Aug 30 04:13:52 2017

#China Tightens the Screws on Both #Koreas via @business
added: Wed Aug 30 04:11:41 2017
tags: koreas, china

U.N. condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile launch, Pyongyang says more to come
added: Wed Aug 30 04:10:04 2017

US container ports busier despite Trump trade protection threats
added: Wed Aug 30 04:05:53 2017

Will have zero impact for #KohTao case inside Thailand, but big ramifications for future cooperation w Thai police
added: Wed Aug 30 04:02:00 2017
tags: kohtao

States Consider Laws to Protect Drivers That Kill Protesters
added: Wed Aug 30 04:00:12 2017

Don’t demonise India over Rohingya deportation, official says #Burma #Myanmar
added: Wed Aug 30 04:00:04 2017
tags: burma, myanmar

To save coastline, Louisiana wants to punch a hole in the Mississippi River
added: Wed Aug 30 04:00:01 2017

Google accidentally broke the internet throughout Japan
added: Wed Aug 30 03:57:33 2017

"The Communist Party may shrug, as China is prospering despite its thuggery. Yet there is a cost."
added: Wed Aug 30 03:53:02 2017

Reporting from Foreign Ministry today. Focus is not on the supposed theme of the Brics summit though
added: Wed Aug 30 03:40:50 2017

Abandoned railroads of Hong Kong.
added: Wed Aug 30 03:30:54 2017

Apparently "Drain the Swamp" meant stack the cabinet w/ evangelicals, corporate CEOs, Generals & Koch Bros loyalists
added: Wed Aug 30 03:01:23 2017

Norway literally plans to profit from #LiuXiaobo's death
added: Wed Aug 30 01:37:26 2017
tags: liuxiaobo

Many #Taiwanese support more #crossStrait #exchanges but 75.2% reject #China's coercion on #Taiwan's int'l space
added: Wed Aug 30 01:00:17 2017
tags: china, taiwan, taiwanese, exchanges, crossstrait

A white officer seen punching a black man on video racked up many complaints in 3 years but faced little discipline
added: Tue Aug 29 22:19:28 2017

This is just absolute first-rate reportage from @mattdpearce
added: Tue Aug 29 22:13:07 2017

Exxon "would not say what was in the tank."
added: Tue Aug 29 21:23:42 2017

We are in the midst of a Presidency that will manipulate such situations, @jelani9 writes.
added: Tue Aug 29 20:00:34 2017

Mumbai, city of 18 million, 'brought to its knees' today by epic flooding--10x usual monsoon rain
added: Tue Aug 29 15:04:18 2017

This Twitter bot tracks bitcoin transactions by neo-Nazis
added: Tue Aug 29 14:47:05 2017

Dear Censor: A China Quarterly Contributor Speaks Out* - cc @Yangguobin @craigjcalhoun @isaacstonefish @eosnos
added: Tue Aug 29 14:43:32 2017

The future will be battery powered, so we'll need more lithium - luckily there's a lotta lithium in SUPERVOLCANOES
added: Tue Aug 29 14:37:39 2017

Listen to Talking Metal podcast 686: Vernon Reid Of Living Colour (at the 17min mark)...
added: Tue Aug 29 14:37:04 2017

Important: Gov Brown's amendments to CA "sanctuary" bill increase ICE's access to local law enforcement
added: Tue Aug 29 14:33:32 2017

It is profoundly tragic to see Suu Kyi and Myanmar hurtling dangerously, and unnecessarily, close to the precipice
added: Tue Aug 29 14:32:30 2017

"He could shoot anything--fashion to documentaries. I wanna be the Gordon Parks of my generation." @byDVNLLN
added: Tue Aug 29 14:29:00 2017

In 2012, a known bug in millions of hotel locks went unfixed. Now, meet the man who exploited it for >100 burglaries
added: Tue Aug 29 13:36:14 2017

China says weather a factor in building roads along disputed India border
added: Tue Aug 29 12:28:44 2017

Pruitt’s EPA repeals Obama administration emissions restrictions. #FirePruitt #SavetheEPA
added: Tue Aug 29 12:27:48 2017
tags: firepruitt, savetheepa

Indonesia's crackdown on illegal fishing has a dark side: Capricious prosecutions like this.
added: Tue Aug 29 12:27:47 2017

How Donald Trump and Elaine Chao Sold Off Flood-Control Policy to the Highest Bidders | The Nation
added: Tue Aug 29 12:22:38 2017

Kim Jong-un's theory of nuclear victory | @thomaswright08
added: Tue Aug 29 12:21:00 2017

#Myanmar Tatmadaw (army) did NOT spare "even a baby". Direct killings of #Rohingyas @Min_Aung_Hlaing .@KofiAnnan
added: Tue Aug 29 12:20:15 2017
tags: rohingyas, myanmar

What explains the failure of Punjab's green fields?
added: Tue Aug 29 12:20:01 2017

Updated: our #history of The great London dock strike, ongoing #OTD 1889 via @libcomorg
added: Tue Aug 29 12:02:12 2017
tags: otd, history

LME considers starting lithium contract to tap electric car boom via @FT
added: Tue Aug 29 10:41:18 2017

Scientists find languages not used since Dark Ages among ancient manuscripts recovered from monastery
added: Tue Aug 29 10:37:04 2017

Appeals Court Says Gov't Can't Seize Untainted Assets Ahead Of Trial
added: Tue Aug 29 10:34:11 2017

Liechtenstein's LGT Bank plays up princely ties to woo Asian clients
added: Tue Aug 29 10:31:18 2017

Modi confirms he will visit China next week to attend BRICS summit.
added: Tue Aug 29 10:25:14 2017

The Promise of Fiscal Money by Yanis Varoufakis via @ProSyn
added: Tue Aug 29 10:19:42 2017

The shift in the China-Russia power balance sharpen post-Dokalam challenges for India via @economictimes
added: Tue Aug 29 09:54:11 2017

FRANCE: Unions on edge as Macron prepares to unveil labour reforms
added: Tue Aug 29 09:45:08 2017

Recommended Read: “The Arithmetic of Party-Speak” on @Medium #goodread
added: Tue Aug 29 09:42:16 2017
tags: goodread

‘Mainland talent’ cheated out of millions in phone scam
added: Tue Aug 29 09:40:08 2017

Stainless steel sinks may up your risk of legionnaires’ disease
added: Tue Aug 29 09:37:17 2017

#Myanmar tries 2 shut @facebook rights defenders, including me. . @MarkZukerberg…
added: Tue Aug 29 09:35:08 2017
tags: myanmar

Politics played no part in Hong Kong court’s decision to jail Occupy activists, writes Grenville Cross.
added: Tue Aug 29 09:32:20 2017

#Macao HK press denied entry due to ‘attack on patriotism’, says expert
added: Tue Aug 29 09:31:29 2017
tags: macao

Striking remarks about Chinese party-state influence on Australian campuses
added: Tue Aug 29 09:16:54 2017

Gordon: “The shabu problem begins with China and ends with China."
added: Tue Aug 29 09:07:02 2017

The Clever Young Men whose data tells them that free tuition is socially regressive should reflect on this
added: Tue Aug 29 09:01:19 2017

Thailand's Yingluck ditched phones before escape: army chief -- @AFP
added: Tue Aug 29 08:56:25 2017

German right-wing populists AfD launch racist attack on one of Angela Merkel's ministers
added: Tue Aug 29 08:53:50 2017

At first I thought this was a joke--but no: #China Tells Women to ‘Go Home and Live Well’
added: Tue Aug 29 08:50:36 2017
tags: china

The stand-off began on June 16 when a Chinese PLA team was spotted constructing a road on the Dolam plateau.
added: Tue Aug 29 08:50:00 2017

Rule of law in China via @RadioNational
added: Tue Aug 29 08:48:06 2017

Belgium demands compensation from Israel for demolition of donated school equipment in occupied West Bank
added: Tue Aug 29 07:26:04 2017

Mexico president to visit China to boost trade amid NAFTA talks
added: Tue Aug 29 07:24:10 2017

FTC ready to give back tech support scamming money to the bilked
added: Tue Aug 29 06:29:36 2017

'In Nairobi in the 1990s, we walked past the [secret police] building quickly in case a body was falling'
added: Tue Aug 29 06:25:47 2017

FreeBSD Commit "Fix TCP blackhole detection. There were two bugs ..." Thanks tuexen & @Netflix @NetflixOSS!
added: Tue Aug 29 05:33:20 2017

Renault-Nissan alliance to set up new China electric vehicles JV with Dongfeng Motor
added: Tue Aug 29 05:30:13 2017

US Navy develops underwater wireless battery-charging tech
added: Tue Aug 29 05:29:09 2017

香港民用航空事業職工總會指,機場保安公司扣減員工的年假、法定假日或休息日,用來補償因8號或以上風球未能上班而損失的工作時間,做法是不合理、不合法。 天鴿襲港 【遲到逼員工扣假補鐘 機場保安公司涉違法】...
added: Tue Aug 29 05:20:04 2017

Brawl breaks out in Taiwan legislature again | Taiwan News
added: Tue Aug 29 05:16:16 2017

George Orwell Reviews Mein Kampf: “He Envisages a Horrible Brainless Empire” (1940)
added: Tue Aug 29 05:12:54 2017

Network Solutions shuts down (and parks) “” domain name: Comments:
added: Tue Aug 29 05:10:02 2017

After months of getting death threats from Alt-Right Berkeley Mayor wants to classify those who oppose them a gang.
added: Tue Aug 29 04:35:24 2017

Transcript of remarks by Chief Executive at media session before ExCo meeting
added: Tue Aug 29 04:35:03 2017

Political storm: Macanese rebuff judging eyes from Hong Kong, as army aids typhoon clean-up…
added: Tue Aug 29 04:28:54 2017

Superb piece by @haasbenjamin exposing the utterly appalling inequality in Hong Kong
added: Tue Aug 29 03:30:07 2017

China’s labour law is no use to those who need it most China=Italy, 1 country divided by a continent, item #8274653
added: Tue Aug 29 03:16:01 2017

Exclusive: White House staff warned not to admit Gorka
added: Tue Aug 29 02:18:26 2017

The future of sport is this Canadian rugby team that flies 3500 miles to play in England - #GoogleAlerts
added: Tue Aug 29 02:16:28 2017
tags: googlealerts

New plans to manage the iconic Greater Sage-Grouse disregard scientific consensus.…
added: Tue Aug 29 02:15:09 2017

Officials urge Harvey victims: Stay off social media
added: Tue Aug 29 01:46:30 2017
added: Tue Aug 29 01:25:32 2017

Doklam: How India refused to play Chinese checkers, and won - Times of India via @timesofindia
added: Tue Aug 29 01:14:36 2017

And he bought the knife himself
added: Tue Aug 29 01:11:47 2017

Antifa successfully push right-wing group out of Berkeley
added: Tue Aug 29 01:11:21 2017

ICYMI my @villagevoice column on conservatives' confederacy craze
added: Tue Aug 29 01:10:48 2017

“Aftermath" from "Wade: Hurricane Suite / Sippiana Hericane” 2005 (For the people of Texas and Louisiana this week.)
added: Tue Aug 29 01:10:14 2017

New tonight: Tillerson to abolish most special envoys, including #climatechange, absorb functions into other offices
added: Tue Aug 29 01:04:16 2017
tags: climatechange

The difference between forex and 1MDB losses
added: Tue Aug 29 00:55:10 2017

Evergrande’s ever more risky bet on Chinese housing via @WSJ
added: Tue Aug 29 00:53:41 2017

Mastering the Art of Diversion China fabricates 1 in 6 social media posts they operate on US social media as well
added: Tue Aug 29 00:44:46 2017

Huarong chief warns of bubble in China’s distressed debt market
added: Tue Aug 29 00:44:18 2017

Sea Shepherd says it will abandon pursuit of Japanese whalers
added: Tue Aug 29 00:35:04 2017

North Korea's missile technology is supplied by China
added: Tue Aug 29 00:25:06 2017

Roller-coaster ride for Malaysiakini starting anew
added: Tue Aug 29 00:23:14 2017

Exactly. @MrScarce
added: Tue Aug 29 00:22:10 2017

Local Klansman arrested for firing a gun in Charlottesville previously charged with assaults, rape, never convicted:
added: Mon Aug 28 23:52:38 2017

I wrote about problems with the Red Cross and the whole quick-hit donation model of aid in the midst of #Harvey
added: Mon Aug 28 23:32:00 2017
tags: harvey

Wow. @SDonnan & @Dimi report Trump uninterested in solving real steel problem Refuses China's offer to cut capacity
added: Mon Aug 28 23:03:57 2017

beginning to think a major flood in America's oil refinery heartland might be very, very bad
added: Mon Aug 28 23:02:01 2017

added: Mon Aug 28 20:44:42 2017

Cambodia threatens to shutter newspaper on tax evasion accusation
added: Mon Aug 28 15:33:37 2017

North-central Kansas farmer donates land to establish university’s Harold and Olympia…
added: Mon Aug 28 15:30:57 2017

Trump just shared an outrageous claim suggesting anti-fascists are to blame for all recent violence
added: Mon Aug 28 15:28:00 2017

"China said it would continue to patrol and garrison the area — as well as exercise its sovereign rights."
added: Mon Aug 28 15:27:00 2017

#BREAKING: Explosion rocks building in downtown Houston, witness says @eliuditito #HouNews #ABC13
added: Mon Aug 28 15:25:17 2017
tags: abc13, hounews, breaking

Israeli settler accused of running over and killing eight-year-old Palestinian girl
added: Mon Aug 28 15:14:07 2017

2003 cuts in Navy training took a long time to manifest, difficult to correct. Could become a lost generation.
added: Mon Aug 28 15:13:15 2017

CIA secretly destroyed one of its Black Sites rather than let it be used in evidence in military trial:
added: Mon Aug 28 15:13:08 2017

Money service operator convicted of operating without licence
added: Mon Aug 28 15:12:03 2017

Real-name registration now unavoidable for those who use Chinese internet. Does more damage than removal of VPNs.
added: Mon Aug 28 15:01:42 2017

An Update On DVR Malware: Results From A DVR Torture Chamber #mirai #telnet #wearedoomed
added: Mon Aug 28 15:00:54 2017
tags: wearedoomed, telnet, mirai

Is Hong Kong entering a new era of popular resistance? @nathanlawkc @joshuawongcf
added: Mon Aug 28 15:00:01 2017

And, of course, George W Bush made sure his close aide, Scooter Libby, never spent a day in jail for his crimes
added: Mon Aug 28 14:35:29 2017

George HW Bush pardoned numerous allies for Iran-Contra crimes - many in media cheered that
added: Mon Aug 28 14:34:43 2017

What strategies worked to stop and roll back a rising KKK in the Reagan 80s? via @jacobinmag
added: Mon Aug 28 14:02:13 2017

The tendency of Dems to want to show they’re tougher than Republicans has crippled the party, writes @ryanlcooper
added: Mon Aug 28 14:02:02 2017

Philippines' Duterte says police can kill 'idiots' who resist arrest Remember that when they come for you, Duterte.
added: Mon Aug 28 14:01:56 2017

German police discover plot 'to kill left-wing leaders'
added: Mon Aug 28 13:58:29 2017

(Updates with fresh comments from both sides, reaction) India, China pull back troops to resolve border dispute
added: Mon Aug 28 13:57:09 2017

#Rohingya insurgency declares ‘open war’ in #Myanmar; contends weekend raids on 20 police posts were "pre-emptive".
added: Mon Aug 28 13:06:08 2017
tags: myanmar, rohingya

Baltimore Police Busted Yet Again for Staging Body Cam Footage
added: Mon Aug 28 12:36:45 2017

Two top State Department officials resign
added: Mon Aug 28 12:36:01 2017

#China local media says #Taiwan #Javelin champion Cheng cheated in #Universiade2017 #sports
added: Mon Aug 28 12:30:59 2017
tags: universiade2017, china, taiwan, javelin, sports

Lower Castes, Bhakti Movement, and Failure of Ambedkarite Movement
added: Mon Aug 28 12:25:07 2017

Opposition KMT properties in #Taiwan valued at NT$865 million to be seized | Taiwan News
added: Mon Aug 28 12:23:05 2017
tags: taiwan

Domestic demand may save #Taiwan solar cell makers, says TSEC chairman #SolarEnergy
added: Mon Aug 28 12:22:48 2017
tags: taiwan, solarenergy

Land Registry Created to Protect Mayan Lands from Belizean Government
added: Mon Aug 28 12:20:08 2017

“The brainwashing elements of national education have continued to appear in different subjects:” via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Aug 28 11:59:27 2017

China developer Evergrande to cut debt by 2020, choose profits over scale
added: Mon Aug 28 11:58:55 2017

People wake up! Its Iraq all over again. Just like Bush on Iraq, Trump is starting war with Iran on a lie!
added: Mon Aug 28 11:51:57 2017

#China to boost rental housing supply by building on rural land | Reuters
added: Mon Aug 28 11:50:36 2017
tags: china

BREAKING NEWS: Eskom admits it lied about Trillian payments
added: Mon Aug 28 11:33:11 2017

Magazine misrepresents and demeans Bhutan
added: Mon Aug 28 10:53:43 2017

The disaster in Houston should cause people to take a moment to think about Bangladesh and global warming
added: Mon Aug 28 10:22:16 2017

Bravo to the journos & scholars taking risks to document the changes in Xinjiang. Also read @suelinwong on XJ econ:
added: Mon Aug 28 09:12:51 2017

Noisy Chinese tourists may be drowning out alien signals at the world’s biggest telescope
added: Mon Aug 28 08:49:30 2017

China and India have agreed to withdraw forces from the site of a heated border dispute
added: Mon Aug 28 08:45:02 2017

India and China agree to disengage troops after border stand-off
added: Mon Aug 28 07:28:10 2017

Macau gov apparently investigating "irresponsible comments" of people criticizing PLA typhoon #Hato relief efforts
added: Mon Aug 28 07:26:54 2017
tags: hato

民建聯立法會議員周浩鼎近日接近訪問時稱,對於被揭發任由梁振英修改立法會調查UGL文件,指現在回望覺得事件是上帝給他的歷練。 //周浩鼎UGL事件東窗事發後,黨友及姊妹李慧琼為他護短時說:「佢太梁粉,無向梁先生say...
added: Mon Aug 28 07:20:42 2017

It's been almost 2 years since Swede #GuiMinhai was kidnapped from #Thailand by #China & forced to "confess" on TV.
added: Mon Aug 28 06:15:33 2017
tags: guiminhai, thailand, china

#HK's loss of #ruleoflaw was never more obvious than during #LeeBo's kidnap by #China
added: Mon Aug 28 06:12:24 2017
tags: hk, china, ruleoflaw, leebo

Men vandalized a mosque in Arkansas, the Muslim community forgave them, asked the court to show them mercy
added: Mon Aug 28 06:11:48 2017

「(政府)起輕軌都用咗百幾億啦,起條堤壩都係20幾億,點解唔拿拿聲做咗佢丫?政府唔係冇錢,點解整嚟整去都整唔到呢?」 #澳門直擊 【老餅家水浸停產月餅 老闆:政府唔肯起堤壩】
added: Mon Aug 28 06:10:06 2017
tags: 澳門直擊

OpenJDK May Tackle Java Security Gaps With A Secretive New Group
added: Mon Aug 28 04:39:17 2017

".... disasters are economic and political in nature as much as, perhaps more than, they are natural events."
added: Mon Aug 28 04:37:33 2017

Doklam thaw at BRICS if both prepare well: Shivshankar Menon
added: Mon Aug 28 04:34:39 2017

Must read by @beijingpalmer/ China on the road to totalitarianism (again) trying to give Death Blow to the internet
added: Mon Aug 28 04:34:02 2017

From the archives: Should a judge with a serious moral flaw become Chief Justice of India?…
added: Mon Aug 28 04:30:01 2017

Danone Sends 5,000 Cows to #Siberia in Quest for Cheaper Milk via @business
added: Mon Aug 28 04:26:44 2017
tags: siberia

Oil prices crashed & Alaska economy tanked. They can't pay off hundreds of millions owed to oil firms.
added: Mon Aug 28 04:26:17 2017

#Taiwan: Empty home rate remains above 10% - Taipei Times
added: Mon Aug 28 04:14:25 2017
tags: taiwan

Fascinating. China has become a massive cannabis grower, using it to make fabric, snacks & more: "pure profit"
added: Mon Aug 28 04:12:08 2017

BREAKING: Trump Was Dealing With Russia on Business While He Ran for President, Including a Putin Backchannel
added: Mon Aug 28 04:11:15 2017

China’s quest to catch up with the west
added: Mon Aug 28 04:06:01 2017

“seriously hurt the feelings of Chinese ­students”
added: Mon Aug 28 03:59:49 2017

Guarding against "overseas infiltration via religious means,” local authorities step up to assault on Bach & Verdi.
added: Mon Aug 28 03:57:36 2017

Surprise! / Corruption is still a problem 10 months after India's cash ban via @bpolitics
added: Mon Aug 28 03:46:27 2017

#Fintech Contributes to 3 Trillion #Yuan Decline in #China Personal Current Accounts and Cash - China Banking News
added: Mon Aug 28 03:40:38 2017
tags: china, fintech, yuan

How to lessen Brahmaputra flooding? Listen to scientists...Start at the catchment area... only dredging is futile
added: Mon Aug 28 03:37:43 2017

Trump to Fully Restore Military Surplus Transfers to Police
added: Mon Aug 28 03:17:47 2017

According to leaked chats, #UniteTheRight attendees broached the idea of driving vehicles through opposition crowds
added: Mon Aug 28 02:49:18 2017
tags: unitetheright

Beijing has announced a plan to dominate the global industry for electric cars: #ThisWeekInAsia columnist Tom...
added: Mon Aug 28 02:42:23 2017
tags: thisweekinasia

Braving security fears, Chinese seek 'Silk Road' riches in Pakistan
added: Mon Aug 28 02:41:30 2017

China issues new rules banning anonymous posts in online communities and discussion forums
added: Mon Aug 28 02:41:03 2017

U.S. navy recovers remains of all sailors missing after USS McCain collision
added: Mon Aug 28 02:36:51 2017

Wanda unit dips 11% as company strikes out at “malicious rumours”
added: Mon Aug 28 02:36:07 2017

Why Amazon isn’t ready for prime time in China
added: Mon Aug 28 02:15:06 2017

Also add the impunity from serving #China in #HK e.g. Holden Chow escaping punishment & being rewarded for loyalty.
added: Mon Aug 28 01:48:24 2017
tags: china, hk

10 days ago Trump revoked Obama-era rules that roads/bridges be designed to survive rising sea levels
added: Mon Aug 28 01:31:11 2017

Got around to writing on the weird Scud/MRLS confusion: What Kind of Missiles Did #NorthKorea Launch on August 26?
added: Mon Aug 28 00:27:21 2017
tags: northkorea

(some good links):
added: Mon Aug 28 00:07:39 2017

First Amendment lawyers say leaked Discord chats obtained by @UR_Ninja could hurt the alt-right
added: Sun Aug 27 18:38:55 2017

Before you send money to the Red Cross (my advice: don't) re Texas read ProPublica's advice on disaster charity.
added: Sun Aug 27 18:05:46 2017

Hit app Sarahah quietly uploads your address book by @yaelwrites
added: Sun Aug 27 12:08:21 2017

79 days in 31 minutes. My 298 @Vine vids of #HongKong 2014 #Occupyhk Umbrella Movement protests - finally compiled:
added: Sun Aug 27 11:26:04 2017
tags: occupyhk, hongkong

Made in England: why some manufacturing is coming home from China
added: Sun Aug 27 11:23:34 2017

Hobby Lobby funds Israeli groups plundering Palestine's cultural heritage
added: Sun Aug 27 11:04:23 2017

More tourist controversy...this time, in Galicia's Cíes Islands
added: Sun Aug 27 11:00:36 2017

Anti-Semitism is rampant within neo-Nazi, 'alt-right' and fascist communities, even as they celebrate Israel
added: Sun Aug 27 10:45:04 2017

Arpaio pardon flouts constitution, ex-White House officials say
added: Sun Aug 27 10:39:46 2017

Um... there weren't any? So, good luck with that Pagans demand return of church buildings 'stolen' 1,300 years ago
added: Sun Aug 27 10:22:50 2017

The junta is killing everything we love in Thailand
added: Sun Aug 27 09:58:55 2017

Americans are largely as oblivious to the #Vietnam war's consequences as they are ignorant of its events.
added: Sun Aug 27 09:47:58 2017
tags: vietnam

Examining a vintage RAM chip, I find a counterfeit with an entirely different die inside :…
added: Sun Aug 27 09:46:36 2017

Video: ‘#Abandoned Courthouse’ – HKURBEX explores the former Fanling Magistracy #urbex @hongkongfp
added: Sun Aug 27 09:35:15 2017
tags: abandoned, urbex

Pakistan unabated alliance to Jihadi groups has serious ramifications to India's security: Army Chief
added: Sun Aug 27 09:30:01 2017

'Ancient villages lost at sea in East Riding' —
added: Sun Aug 27 09:17:57 2017

Inside the Kronos malware – (Part 1) : , Overview of the Kronos banking malware rootkit :…
added: Sun Aug 27 09:03:15 2017

I hadn’t realised that a quarter of Trump’s cybersecurity advisor resigned last week in a “moral protest”
added: Sun Aug 27 08:53:12 2017

Top anti-graft inspector at #China's finance ministry under investigation for graft |Reuters
added: Sun Aug 27 07:56:47 2017
tags: china

Chinese rights lawyer faces 20-year sentence
added: Sun Aug 27 07:48:53 2017

Changes to proposed U.S. anti-Hezbollah sanctions allay Lebanon's fears
added: Sun Aug 27 07:40:03 2017

Ukraine tricked North Korean spies into trying to steal fake nuke plans on camera
added: Sun Aug 27 07:38:00 2017

Germany's blockheaded insistence on punishing Greece w/economic humiliation has brought China in. Now it wants unity
added: Sun Aug 27 07:22:56 2017

State of most libraries in India. Thousands of rare books damaged as historic Iqbal library in Bhopal gets inundated
added: Sun Aug 27 07:17:38 2017

Lemons paddock rides: #cadillac #convertible #landyacht @TheRidgeMP #gm #generalmotors #purple…
added: Sun Aug 27 07:06:13 2017
tags: generalmotors, convertible, gm, purple, cadillac, landyacht

11 crew members rescued from sunken vessel
added: Sun Aug 27 06:42:18 2017

Protest erupts in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir; JKNAP, NSF demand release of political prisoners
added: Sun Aug 27 06:30:00 2017

Looking at ways to ‘more actively support’ India’s NSG bid: @WhiteHouse
added: Sun Aug 27 06:30:00 2017

South China Morning Post or People's Daily? "Youth must be fully engaged in society"
added: Sun Aug 27 06:18:59 2017

Sea ice loss dooms Pacific walrus:
added: Sun Aug 27 06:17:34 2017

“I began to realize that Hokkien was my real mother tongue and Mandarin was my stepmother tongue,” says Singaporean.
added: Sun Aug 27 06:07:05 2017

Police just announced a 'significant' investigation into Tory election call centre
added: Sun Aug 27 05:46:00 2017

Australia: Millions missing in Chinese visa fraud racket involving Teddy Junus
added: Sun Aug 27 05:34:29 2017

Citing ‘Internal Security Law’, they claimed journalists posed threat to 'stability of #Macau’s internal security’.
added: Sun Aug 27 05:34:22 2017
tags: macau

50 planes stuck on tarmac as Pakhar causes flight chaos in Hong Kong via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Aug 27 04:56:01 2017

About 600 Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence ops have promoted hashtags for Charlottesville -@iarnsdorf
added: Sun Aug 27 04:56:00 2017

18歲少女咁講:「臺灣嘅朋友同我講嘅一樣,『旺角大審』根本就係一場港版嘅『美麗島大審』。」 【旺角騷亂】棄保赴台18歲女流亡聲明網上流傳:早已唔再信香港有法治
added: Sun Aug 27 04:36:03 2017

China's Other New Security Concern -- Its Ethnic Kyrgyz
added: Sun Aug 27 04:34:55 2017

China demands internet platforms verify users' true identity
added: Sun Aug 27 04:34:05 2017

Ever wonder why #GHC continues to have its own native code generator? Wonder no more: #Haskell #LLVM
added: Sun Aug 27 04:05:34 2017
tags: ghc, haskell, llvm

Forget Mexico. The US is being flooded with illegal drugs by China & they can easily be bought on line
added: Sun Aug 27 04:00:21 2017

This is so obviously going to be abused. And will set a dangerous precedent.
added: Sun Aug 27 02:51:09 2017

States quietly ban laws about seeds. In an effort to stifle popular uprisings against corporate monopolies.
added: Sun Aug 27 02:29:57 2017

NYT: White supremacist fired bullet at counter protester during Charlottesville demonstration as police stood nearby
added: Sat Aug 26 23:02:38 2017

Shortsellers target China companies in HK & they are targeted with assaults, hacking & death threats @newscomauHQ
added: Sat Aug 26 22:53:03 2017

Trump asked Sessions about closing case against Arpaio, an ally since ‘birtherism’
added: Sat Aug 26 22:52:59 2017

ICE dumps women & kids w credible asylum claims at nonfunctioning bus station during storm; community orgs save them
added: Sat Aug 26 22:33:03 2017

Trump's new deputy chief of staff failed to act on warnings about Hurricane Katrina. #HurricaneHarvey
added: Sat Aug 26 16:47:09 2017
tags: hurricaneharvey

Thoughtful, expert, and compelling piece by @JohnDelury. Should be read by folks on all sides of North Korea debate.
added: Sat Aug 26 16:12:35 2017

At least eight Indian security personnel killed in Kashmir
added: Sat Aug 26 15:15:13 2017

SFT will host an online discussion on Hong Kong movement and why China feels threatened by the new waves of...
added: Sat Aug 26 15:03:09 2017

New bill in PA would force arrested protesters to pay police overtime, along with other fees. More at @intercept:
added: Sat Aug 26 15:03:01 2017

Brussels knifeman shot after 'terrorist' attack on soldiers
added: Sat Aug 26 13:48:09 2017

A prison food worker says he was fired Saturday after he refused to serve rotten potatoes to inmates at Kinross...
added: Sat Aug 26 13:04:02 2017

All The Swastikas And Broken Glass Since Charlottesville
added: Sat Aug 26 11:03:11 2017

Colyer Sidesteps Policy Specifics At Kansas Agriculture Summit
added: Sat Aug 26 11:01:40 2017

Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science
added: Sat Aug 26 11:01:06 2017

Jeremy Corbyn reveals that a federal government would be 'on the table' if Labour won power
added: Sat Aug 26 10:56:52 2017

#SCMP Any further delay to Hong Kong by-elections ‘risks favouring pro-Beijing camp’, government warned
added: Sat Aug 26 10:39:16 2017
tags: scmp

Nude blogger has Instagram account reinstated and says it's 'a win for body-positivity'
added: Sat Aug 26 09:36:30 2017

Exclusive: We may have detected a new kind of gravitational wave
added: Sat Aug 26 09:33:06 2017

There is no excuse for shipping crappy software
added: Sat Aug 26 09:31:54 2017

“When it comes to Kashmir, the institutions and justice system turns blind."
added: Sat Aug 26 09:30:02 2017

The “Hindu terror” unleashed by the Brahmins is a documented reality.
added: Sat Aug 26 09:25:05 2017

Check out this quote. "European history of the twentieth century shows us that societies can break, democracies c...
added: Sat Aug 26 09:16:53 2017

Mapping Africa's natural resources
added: Sat Aug 26 09:15:09 2017

The UK waves goodbye to civil liberties as Met commander admits he 'doesn’t care' why he’s arresting people
added: Sat Aug 26 09:15:00 2017

Workers building Trump golf courses in Dubai wait months for pay, have passports confiscated. My story from Dubai
added: Sat Aug 26 09:13:56 2017

Police pre-emptively arrest hundreds in pre-Notting Hill Carnival sweep
added: Sat Aug 26 09:10:23 2017

Rick Perry's energy grid study directly contradicts Trump’s budget priorities
added: Sat Aug 26 01:15:15 2017

GREAT GESTURE: Dodgers to honor only surviving umpire from baseball's Negro League - @Royals @jposnanski @kcstar RT
added: Sat Aug 26 01:09:26 2017

FBI Slow to Move on Photos Identifying Neo-Nazis in #Charlottesville, Filmmaker Says — by @Itayhod for @thewrap
added: Sat Aug 26 00:49:27 2017
tags: charlottesville

Former Indian diplomat says 'nothing can be ruled out' in border spat with China
added: Sat Aug 26 00:49:21 2017

Katy Perry Just Ripped Into The Treaty Of Westphalia For Setting The Stage For Eurocentric Imperialism
added: Sat Aug 26 00:48:16 2017

Hurricane #Harvey arrives as flood insurance deadline looms. #NFIP via @joelscataNRDC
added: Sat Aug 26 00:30:01 2017
tags: nfip, harvey

Here's how eating cheese can change human skull shape
added: Sat Aug 26 00:30:00 2017

After China, Russia defends Pakistan on Trump accusations, terms Islamabad a key regional player
added: Sat Aug 26 00:28:00 2017

Joe Arpaio to Alex Jones: Thanks for getting Donald Trump to pardon me!
added: Sat Aug 26 00:25:30 2017

President Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio sets an extremely troubling precedent.
added: Sat Aug 26 00:23:13 2017

This is one of the most genuine articles that you'll read about @Kaepernick7. Written by @LeftSentThis
added: Sat Aug 26 00:18:48 2017

The need for open access for China focused journals:
added: Fri Aug 25 23:16:50 2017

Philadelphia FOP sues to stop release of officers' names after shootings
added: Fri Aug 25 23:09:01 2017

Your #EmployeeFreedomWeek reminder: The US workplace is marked more by domination than democracy.
added: Fri Aug 25 22:59:00 2017
tags: employeefreedomweek

U.S. government cybersecurity is a mess, according to officials via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Aug 25 22:49:04 2017

US court sentences engineer in Volkswagen scandal to three years in jail
added: Fri Aug 25 20:30:08 2017

added: Fri Aug 25 14:44:10 2017

CA Supreme Court decided Proposition 66 didn't set strict deadlines for resolving death penalty appeals via @latimes
added: Fri Aug 25 14:42:45 2017

1. Let's talk one of the most important Trump nominees out there, Makan Delrahim for antitrust chief at the DOJ.
added: Fri Aug 25 14:22:37 2017

REPORT: Docs show 9 Trump officials are running federal agencies now being lobbied by their previous employers
added: Fri Aug 25 13:35:05 2017

【新巴城巴申請明年加價12%】 新巴和城巴向運輸署申請明年加價12% 指過去九年沒有調整票價,期間成本上升,乘客量及車費收入,亦因為港鐵新綫通車受到重大影響。 #有線新聞 #新巴 #城巴 #加價
added: Fri Aug 25 13:35:05 2017
tags: 加價, 城巴, 有線新聞, 新巴

Trump to push tax overhaul agenda next week in Missouri
added: Fri Aug 25 13:34:45 2017

"We were sent here to take over," televangelist Paula White said.
added: Fri Aug 25 13:34:07 2017

Today’s @Hatewatch Headlines: Daily Stormer kicked off the Internet a second time after hack by Anonymous, and more
added: Fri Aug 25 13:30:41 2017

Two major Hong Kong bus operators hike fares after nine years.
added: Fri Aug 25 13:30:41 2017

Saudi Arabia's foreign reserves resume falling in July
added: Fri Aug 25 13:30:28 2017

【發放數年前拘捕北韓間諜片段】 【否認北韓獲取烏克蘭導彈引擎】 烏克蘭發放數年前拘捕 2 名北韓間諜的片段,指兩人企圖盜取製造導彈的資料,被判監 8 年,仍在服刑。 烏克蘭指片段是 2011...
added: Fri Aug 25 13:30:05 2017

MUST-READ: 5 examples of how infrastructure privatization has fleeced taxpayers - and now Trump wants to expand them
added: Fri Aug 25 12:45:07 2017

Why America Can’t Fix Afghanistan me with @amandataub
added: Fri Aug 25 12:44:39 2017

India Probing Alibaba’s UC Web for Possible Privacy Leaks #India #Alibaba #mobile
added: Fri Aug 25 12:44:15 2017
tags: alibaba, india, mobile

UPDATE: Death toll rises to 13 in India after clashes over #RamRahimSingh rape verdict
added: Fri Aug 25 12:44:02 2017
tags: ramrahimsingh

AP releases restored footage of Charles and Diana's wedding (from @AP)
added: Fri Aug 25 12:42:29 2017

Quick Take: Zhu Shumin Named Vice Chairman of Banking Regulator #CBRC #banking #regulation
added: Fri Aug 25 12:42:18 2017
tags: banking, regulation, cbrc

Naval Vessels, Shadowy by Intent, Are Hard for Commercial Ships to Spot Comments enabled on my and @hkbeech's story
added: Fri Aug 25 12:42:12 2017

In dispute over statues, where do you draw the line? (from @AP)
added: Fri Aug 25 12:42:00 2017

Mummy autopsy reveals earliest known case of liver parasite
added: Fri Aug 25 12:41:46 2017

UPDATE: At least 13 killed in India in clashes over guru rape verdict #RamRahimSingh
added: Fri Aug 25 12:41:13 2017
tags: ramrahimsingh

U.S. diplomats suffer brain injuries after sonic attacks in Cuba
added: Fri Aug 25 12:40:17 2017

Landslides, erratic rainfall, flood & famine: climate change already ravaging Chin State. Great story by @LibbyHogan
added: Fri Aug 25 12:40:04 2017

It’s no surprise we’re refighting the Civil War — it never really ended:
added: Fri Aug 25 12:39:44 2017

Death toll at 71, many fleeing to Bangladesh, but Suu Kyi govt says 'Bengalis' burning their own homes (again)
added: Fri Aug 25 12:36:37 2017

What You Need To Know About Saturday's 'Patriot' Rally In San Francisco
added: Fri Aug 25 12:31:31 2017

【有線中國組:中國政府債務相當於全年生產總值】 中國政府債務一直都是具爭議性的問題。 內地社科院最新統計,單是涉及中央和地方政府債務,遠超過早幾年的估算,達到 71 萬億元人民幣,相當於全年的生產總值。...
added: Fri Aug 25 12:30:13 2017

Public defenders “did nothing for years. They would read newspapers all day. They would be gone all day.”
added: Fri Aug 25 12:29:18 2017

Caixin: #China Seeks to Regulate Fundraising Through Virtual Currencies #tech #ICO
added: Fri Aug 25 12:28:32 2017
tags: tech, china, ico

both (da19:mps2:0:12:0) and (da18:mps2:0:11:0) encountered 'CAM status: SCSI Status Error' messages this morning.
added: Fri Aug 25 12:27:09 2017

Think you know how broken Chicago's justice system is? You don't know the half of it. @BuzzFeedNews @MelissaDSegura
added: Fri Aug 25 12:26:21 2017

Classified memos show the CIA has sought to influence the US media and how journalism is taught since at least 1984.
added: Fri Aug 25 12:06:45 2017

LIVE | Bus torched in Delhi allegedly by #RamRahimSingh supporters, reports @PTI_News
added: Fri Aug 25 12:00:49 2017
tags: ramrahimsingh

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets Using Python
added: Fri Aug 25 11:59:07 2017

Medical experts fear for Conor McGregor's safety in fight against Floyd Mayweather
added: Fri Aug 25 11:56:03 2017

Two contrasting convictions, one of #Samsung heir Lee: & the other of #GurmeetRamRahimSingh:
added: Fri Aug 25 11:52:03 2017
tags: gurmeetramrahimsingh, samsung

THIS JUST IN! #HongKong's Siobhan Haughey WINS second gold medal at World University Games in 200m freestyle!!!
added: Fri Aug 25 11:51:18 2017
tags: hongkong

Astronauts' survival on Mars not a problem anymore! Scientists find a solution in human waste
added: Fri Aug 25 11:50:00 2017

Revealed: A secret spy base Australia's Human Rights Law Centre finds may be involved in war crimes. #PineGap
added: Fri Aug 25 11:41:31 2017
tags: pinegap

More Than 70 Killed in Fighting in Western Myanmar
added: Fri Aug 25 11:37:06 2017

EXCLUSIVE: In Charlottesville, black residents 9 times more likely to be stopped by police
added: Fri Aug 25 11:31:23 2017

Hurricane Harvey could dull the momentum for reforming flood insurance.
added: Fri Aug 25 11:22:44 2017

"How can the gov claim we are a first world city?" A deeper look into Macau's woes. Good story by @farahmaster
added: Fri Aug 25 11:07:35 2017

Graft-buster not on China leadership list - Yomiuri Shimbun
added: Fri Aug 25 10:50:39 2017

Share of Germans saying the advantages of the EU outweigh the disadvantages up to 64% in 2017, from 34% in 2015
added: Fri Aug 25 10:48:09 2017

Chinese authorities briefly detain Globe and Mail journalist in Xinjiang via @pressfreedom
added: Fri Aug 25 09:16:56 2017

Pan-dems aim to bag seats vacated by #Youngspiration, says Alvin Yeung
added: Fri Aug 25 09:15:58 2017
tags: youngspiration

FT's Undercover Economist @TimHarford punctures myths generated by zero-sum thinking:
added: Fri Aug 25 08:58:24 2017

▶️ Angola's ruling party says election victory ‘inescapable’
added: Fri Aug 25 08:41:12 2017

#China’s Grocery Trolls Make Giant Piggy Banks of Wal-Mart and Carrefour @business
added: Fri Aug 25 08:35:51 2017
tags: china

PLA soldiers have suspected heatstroke in Macau
added: Fri Aug 25 08:35:07 2017

"The worst employer I had in Hong Kong gave me no breakfast and only noodles for lunch."
added: Fri Aug 25 08:30:23 2017

U.S. Navy recovers second body in search for sailors missing after collision
added: Fri Aug 25 08:29:10 2017

Finland is testing universal basic income - and found it has had an unexpected side effect
added: Fri Aug 25 08:29:00 2017

Former Thai minister jailed for 42 years for falsifying rice deals with China
added: Fri Aug 25 08:23:50 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong domestic helpers call for 27.6 per cent pay rise, bringing monthly salary to HK$5,500
added: Fri Aug 25 08:19:09 2017
tags: scmp

Why Indians weren't exactly pleased with Deuba statement on #China in #Delhi? @omastharai
added: Fri Aug 25 08:14:05 2017
tags: china, delhi

China official says Xinjiang's Muslims are 'happiest in world'
added: Fri Aug 25 07:17:30 2017

A phrase not often seen in the NYT: "Always erect, often ejaculating" @stevenleemyers on Bhutan's love of phalluses
added: Fri Aug 25 07:15:51 2017

Xi Jinping's China Dream Includes The Return Of The Party Everywhere via @sinocism
added: Fri Aug 25 07:13:37 2017

China's confident 'silver fox' steps into diplomatic limelight
added: Fri Aug 25 07:10:03 2017

7! Russian ambassador Mirgayas Shirinskiy is seventh Russian diplomat to die since November - The Washington Post
added: Fri Aug 25 07:06:46 2017

USS McCain, designed to be hard for enemy ships to track, may also have been too hard for tanker crew to see
added: Fri Aug 25 07:04:43 2017

Wang Yi, China's charming/tough defender of national interests who loves the limelight Embodiment of China's rise?
added: Fri Aug 25 06:40:28 2017

Breaking: Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong convicted of bribery in South Korea political scandal, gets five-year jail term
added: Fri Aug 25 06:35:21 2017

this is how a Cthulhu happens
added: Fri Aug 25 06:10:31 2017

S. Korea's military seeks five indigenous spy satellites by 2023
added: Fri Aug 25 06:00:22 2017

A Christian evangelical group is converting Buddhists in holy Himalayan valleys. Read:…
added: Fri Aug 25 05:00:34 2017

A great look at one of Hong Kong's vanishing ways of life, written by @vickywong710
added: Fri Aug 25 04:58:47 2017

After threats of disruption, Delhi School of Economics scraps event on India’s democracy
added: Fri Aug 25 04:30:36 2017

Suing California for Throwing Out 45,000 Ballots Over Handwriting 'Mismatches': Comments:
added: Fri Aug 25 04:30:02 2017

US Experts: Strike on North Korea Would Not Need Seoul’s OK
added: Fri Aug 25 04:27:06 2017

Much about the Russian election interference can be traced back to a $230 million fraud scheme
added: Fri Aug 25 04:20:00 2017

Aaand it's confirmed
added: Fri Aug 25 04:12:35 2017

How #China's dealmaker #HNA raised billions from shadow banks, employing network of trusts and asset mgmt products
added: Fri Aug 25 03:56:10 2017
tags: china, hna

"By mentioning Muharram as the reason for this, ultimately the innocent Muslim will be blamed."
added: Fri Aug 25 03:53:56 2017

Retweeting this for more background: 'Undercover in Larung Gar, a year after demolitions’ -
added: Fri Aug 25 03:27:23 2017

Patriotic #Macao netizens can't stop thanking the #PLA. I feel like they're crying behind their phone screens😁😂😁😁
added: Fri Aug 25 03:26:14 2017
tags: macao, pla

Lack of Disclosures Raises Questions About Who Controls Chinese Conglomerate - New York Times via @nuzzel
added: Fri Aug 25 03:24:42 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Docs show 9 Trump officials are running federal agencies now being lobbied by their previous employers
added: Fri Aug 25 03:23:54 2017

'"Wolf Warrior 2" isn't just intellectually repugnant—it's also dramatically inert’ -
added: Fri Aug 25 03:20:03 2017
added: Fri Aug 25 03:16:43 2017
added: Fri Aug 25 03:11:39 2017

More detail on the Babylonian trigonometry tablet
added: Fri Aug 25 02:44:39 2017

Macau death toll rises to nine as city struggles with typhoon aftermath
added: Fri Aug 25 02:19:29 2017

INCREDIBLE: In meeting with oil/gas execs, GOP @SenCoryGardner slams Colorado towns for trying to regulate fracking
added: Fri Aug 25 02:18:22 2017 Very interesting.
added: Fri Aug 25 02:09:45 2017

Twitter has the technology to deal with this, but they see bots as a feature, not a bug.
added: Fri Aug 25 02:06:07 2017

Dem amendment to must-pass bill would ban spending taxpayer dollars on Trump businesses:
added: Fri Aug 25 02:01:04 2017

Post-Bannon, the US is likely to continue pursuing a harder line towards China, writes @ashleytownshend
added: Fri Aug 25 02:00:58 2017

The loss of permafrost in the Arctic is a dangerous result of #climatechange, scientists warn. via @nytimes
added: Fri Aug 25 02:00:02 2017
tags: climatechange

Border Patrol keeping checkpoints open during #HurricaneHarvey. Meanwhile, dozens of coloni…
added: Fri Aug 25 01:56:46 2017
tags: hurricaneharvey

What would our news reading be like when mainstream media die and censorship and AI kick in? Look to China.
added: Fri Aug 25 01:42:27 2017

Four more religious sect members arrested in New Mexico with vans full of children
added: Fri Aug 25 01:30:06 2017

Trump FEMA Chief Supports Cutting Coverage for Flood-Prone Homes
added: Fri Aug 25 01:09:52 2017

"They were young men, petty officers all, whose lives were lived at sea and then lost there."
added: Fri Aug 25 01:07:35 2017

China prepares for an era of asymmetric warfare - with fleets of drones
added: Fri Aug 25 01:07:15 2017

China prepares for an era of asymmetric warfare via @FT
added: Fri Aug 25 00:38:32 2017
added: Fri Aug 25 00:37:59 2017

#America Needs a #Taiwan Strategy for the 21st Century by @lcrhsiao of @globaltaiwan | The National Interest
added: Fri Aug 25 00:37:53 2017
tags: taiwan, america

Infrastructure decay is an increasingly expensive problem, and a fungus might be the solution.
added: Fri Aug 25 00:36:19 2017

How A Chinese Entrepreneur Evaded Sanctions And Financed Kim Jong Uns Nuclear Weapons Program
added: Fri Aug 25 00:35:18 2017

Black legislators from Reconstruction are the heroes who deserve to be memorialized
added: Fri Aug 25 00:35:07 2017

True cost of ECRL may exceed RM100b
added: Fri Aug 25 00:35:06 2017

First #Taiwan-built #satellite launched, East Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
added: Fri Aug 25 00:35:04 2017
tags: satellite, taiwan

US to limit visas from 4 nations (Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea & Sierra Leone) that won't take deportees.
added: Fri Aug 25 00:33:14 2017

Washington Post editorial board aggressively defends Trump admin's clamp down on #J20 protestors
added: Fri Aug 25 00:30:38 2017
tags: j20

Florida executes a white man for killing a black victim for the first time
added: Fri Aug 25 00:30:08 2017

Why officials are urging fishers to catch the salmon in the waters off Washington.
added: Fri Aug 25 00:15:12 2017

A source close to WH says "Don Jr. is a huge problem," because he passes questionable articles to the president.
added: Fri Aug 25 00:07:34 2017

Yet another study names Florida the most deadly place to be a cyclist
added: Thu Aug 24 23:58:02 2017

New Senate Intel bill *very* Russia heavy
added: Thu Aug 24 23:44:19 2017

Not a blip. Beijing tightening controls across higher ed. See central Party directive:
added: Thu Aug 24 23:42:05 2017

Chinese national arrested in Los Angeles on U.S. hacking charge
added: Thu Aug 24 22:56:24 2017

It's time for Hong Kong to think outside the shoebox @Nishagopalanhk via @gadfly
added: Thu Aug 24 22:55:24 2017

Gridzilla: A Responsive, Mobile-First Flexbox Grid System -
added: Thu Aug 24 22:54:00 2017

added: Thu Aug 24 22:50:52 2017

I went to Yokosuka base yesterday to check on the mood after the Fitz & McCain accidents. Lots of sailors asking why
added: Thu Aug 24 22:34:49 2017

A sociologist explores how racists paint themselves as the innocent ones via @TheAtlantic
added: Thu Aug 24 21:15:06 2017

OH: "Last time I checked being wrong wasn't a protected class." 🔥🔥🔥
added: Thu Aug 24 21:06:44 2017

Is Foggy Bottom kowtowing to Beijing? CFR's @elyratner says yes.
added: Thu Aug 24 20:53:08 2017

The normalization of genocide did not start in Syria, but Syria made it fully acceptable
added: Thu Aug 24 20:05:19 2017

The ghost of Shell's #Nigeria OPL245 scandal forces former top exec Malcolm Brinded off BHP Billiton's board: [1/2]
added: Thu Aug 24 16:39:16 2017
tags: nigeria

Retweeted Benedict Rogers (@benedictrogers): Chinese activist Jiang Tianyong's subversion trial dismissed as...
added: Thu Aug 24 15:06:57 2017

#INDIA 10 #redsanders logs seized in Tirupati via @thehansindiaweb
added: Thu Aug 24 15:01:22 2017
tags: india, redsanders

'We came to school & found the school destroyed': Israel demolishes West Bank school hours before children's 1st day
added: Thu Aug 24 15:01:03 2017

#SOUTHAFRICA Alleged #abalone kingpin and right-hand men appear in court via @IOL
added: Thu Aug 24 14:31:18 2017
tags: southafrica, abalone

Trump admin. disbanded a critical climate advisory committee—@NRDC's @drkimknowlton, a committee member, reports:
added: Thu Aug 24 14:30:03 2017

AIADMK chief whips calls for disqualification of 19 MLAs, Speaker Dhanapal sends notice to rebels
added: Thu Aug 24 14:30:00 2017

Foxconn plant hailed by Trump faces doubts in Wisconsin Locals question if large state subsidies will create jobs
added: Thu Aug 24 14:29:03 2017

Gold bulls rejoice: Gold is rising faster than the S&P 500 for the first time in six years
added: Thu Aug 24 14:28:16 2017

China’s reliance on infrastructure stimulus at record high
added: Thu Aug 24 14:25:42 2017

Sea change: Chinese fishing in Africa
added: Thu Aug 24 14:02:00 2017

Jared Golden Just Declared His Candidacy For Maine's 2nd Congressional District
added: Thu Aug 24 13:02:52 2017

Could hackers be behind the US Navy collisions? - USA TODAY via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Aug 24 12:38:09 2017

【大台業績】TVB純利跌44% 來自政府或半官方廣告倍增
added: Thu Aug 24 11:55:27 2017

#CHINA Embassy to help #SADC countries increase #enforcement & tackle #WildlifeCrime via @NewEraNewspaper
added: Thu Aug 24 11:54:11 2017
tags: china, sadc, enforcement, wildlifecrime

Mozambique expels 20 Tanzanian poachers from the north of the country.
added: Thu Aug 24 11:53:47 2017

Wall Street Journal Editor Admonishes Reporters Over Trump Coverage. (Wake up dude.)
added: Thu Aug 24 11:50:35 2017

Muslims integrate in Europe despite discrimination, study finds
added: Thu Aug 24 11:46:07 2017

‘Aridaman’, India’s potent, second nuclear-armed submarine, is now ready for its launch. @ThePrintIndia Exclusive
added: Thu Aug 24 11:42:41 2017

#UK Duke of Cambridge says fight against #ivory gangs ‘must be won for the sake of all of us’ @telegraphnews
added: Thu Aug 24 11:17:05 2017
tags: ivory, uk

Denise Y. Ho at @DissentMag: in Hong Kong, an insidious, uneasy "new normal" has taken root
added: Thu Aug 24 11:17:01 2017

Brazil's installed Govt opens vast Amazon reserve to mining: "biggest attack on the Amazon of the last 50 years"
added: Thu Aug 24 10:26:40 2017

Loudspeakers from 355 mosques in Qinghai removed to stop 'noise pollution' - literally silencing #FreedomofReligion
added: Thu Aug 24 10:25:34 2017
tags: freedomofreligion

State Supreme Court Says Digital Phones Can't Be Searched Without A Warrant
added: Thu Aug 24 10:23:20 2017

In China, the Party’s push for influence inside foreign firms stirs fears Great reporting by @michaelvmartina
added: Thu Aug 24 10:20:14 2017

China Recruits 30,000 Teachers, Police, Civil Servants to Move to Xinjiang
added: Thu Aug 24 10:20:05 2017

Chinese students are political tools of Chinese expansionism...
added: Thu Aug 24 10:17:47 2017

Louisiana Mayor Votes to Demolish Black Neighborhood to Build Highway
added: Thu Aug 24 10:15:02 2017

“Tax incentives present one of the largest leakages in the system” via @observerug
added: Thu Aug 24 10:10:15 2017

Can’t stop procrastinating? Try cognitive behaviour therapy
added: Thu Aug 24 10:10:13 2017

FOCUS - Spate of public lynchings in India: Mob rule the new rule?
added: Thu Aug 24 10:10:12 2017

Cambodia orders US NGO to close, expels foreign staff
added: Thu Aug 24 10:10:07 2017

It's a haunting fact that WW2 bombs that hit #Pompeii in 1943 were dropped on supposed anniversary of the eruption.
added: Thu Aug 24 09:19:49 2017
tags: pompeii

Fears over China’s push to extend party’s reach in foreign firms via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Aug 24 09:06:27 2017

.@davidpilling on the convulsions that may lie ahead for #Angola #Africa #Leadership via @FT
added: Thu Aug 24 08:10:12 2017
tags: leadership, africa, angola

Thousands of Atlantic salmon escape from fish farm into Pacific
added: Thu Aug 24 07:47:24 2017

In photos: A more consumer-friendly economy in North Korea
added: Thu Aug 24 07:47:04 2017

#Exclusive: Top #Trump aide's email sensation in #Russia inquiry proving contact with #Kremlin constant? V @CNN
added: Thu Aug 24 07:36:41 2017
tags: russia, kremlin, trump, exclusive

UPDATED: #Hato death toll climbs to 16
added: Thu Aug 24 07:36:04 2017
tags: hato

push to go cashless, but hurdles remain they make it sound like it's hip or "smart", but it's dumb. Enabling spying
added: Thu Aug 24 07:34:26 2017

All of LIGO's gravitational wave detections were caused by the same thing
added: Thu Aug 24 07:00:01 2017

China targets 15% cut in winter air pollution year-on-year - very ambitious and will take aggressive action to meet
added: Thu Aug 24 06:41:32 2017

ThoughtWorks acquired by British private equiteers Apax
added: Thu Aug 24 06:29:31 2017

Yang Jiechi defends Pakistan's role in Afghanistan
added: Thu Aug 24 06:28:22 2017

Cambodia accuses U.S. of political interference, calls U.S. democracy 'bloody and brutal'
added: Thu Aug 24 06:26:52 2017

Cambridge University censorship U-turn is censored by China
added: Thu Aug 24 06:22:53 2017

‘Secure Reed Bank now.’—Justice Carpio
added: Thu Aug 24 06:12:42 2017

#China says the #US probe into its IP policies 'sabotages' the global #trade system via @bpolitics
added: Thu Aug 24 05:55:28 2017
tags: trade, us, china

Trump's top spiritual adviser says opposing him is 'fighting against the hand of God'
added: Thu Aug 24 05:52:39 2017

Breitbart & Infowars drove news coverage of the election even in our most prestigious outlets, writes @Eric_Alterman
added: Thu Aug 24 05:52:00 2017

"I was detained for protesting Trump. Here’s what the Secret Service asked me."
added: Thu Aug 24 05:49:41 2017

U.S. Navy says remains found by Malaysia not of a USS McCain sailor
added: Thu Aug 24 05:46:38 2017

White House must respond to petition labeling Antifa as a terrorist group
added: Thu Aug 24 05:40:09 2017

New top GCSE grade harder to hit than A*s
added: Thu Aug 24 05:39:44 2017

Does everyone realize this trial is never going to happen?
added: Thu Aug 24 05:39:43 2017
added: Thu Aug 24 05:39:36 2017

One Belt One Road has now even spread to Hong Kong's Christian summer camps.
added: Thu Aug 24 05:34:24 2017

Historical Verdict: Individual privacy is a fundamental right, rules Supreme Court
added: Thu Aug 24 05:33:02 2017

"It's a slow death": with bombs, food shortages and cholera, the world's worst humanitarian crisis unfolds in Yemen.
added: Thu Aug 24 05:30:02 2017

China's Xi pledges to properly address differences with South Korea: Xinhua
added: Thu Aug 24 05:29:50 2017

China 'sorry' about U.S. seeking WTO panel on grain import quota dispute
added: Thu Aug 24 05:29:30 2017

I was surprised foreign publishers were honest about self-censoring to access China market, but they're conflicted.
added: Thu Aug 24 05:20:47 2017

ain’t no berniebros
added: Thu Aug 24 05:02:19 2017

Salamandra, a free software SDR-based tool to detect and locate hidden microphone bugs by .@eldracote #HITBGSEC
added: Thu Aug 24 04:42:04 2017
tags: hitbgsec Thai lawyer threatens legal action against anyone publishing his picture - SO DON'T RETWEET…
added: Thu Aug 24 04:14:03 2017

"The Communist Party’s policy on #HongKong is unsustainable bcuz in order to control it, it must destroy it."
added: Thu Aug 24 04:00:13 2017
tags: hongkong

.@realdonaldtrump is trying to take America back to the early 1960s, writes @Dr_CMGreer
added: Thu Aug 24 03:52:00 2017

A China-backed Singapore stock exchange has got the regulator's nod, sources tell @markets via @andreatanjourno
added: Thu Aug 24 03:30:33 2017

Remember the weepy Nazi from Charlottesville, Christopher Cantwell? He finally surrendered to police; and in jail
added: Thu Aug 24 03:30:09 2017

New internal poll shows Ryan's favorability with #WI01 REPUBLICANS is 29%. Approval with voters in general is 14%.
added: Thu Aug 24 03:27:47 2017
tags: wi01

Chinese Film Critic Feared Fired After Damning Review of 'Wolf Warrior II'
added: Thu Aug 24 03:08:47 2017

Here's how annoying AMP is: Apple built an OS-level feature to get rid of it.
added: Thu Aug 24 02:52:59 2017

Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin And Louise Linton Illegally Used A Government Plane To View The Eclipse #ImpeachTrump
added: Thu Aug 24 02:37:34 2017
tags: impeachtrump

Shirley Yam, whose article was pulled from @SCMP_News last month, is ending her column after 11 years (see footnote)
added: Thu Aug 24 02:19:18 2017

Trump's Scotland hotel given a £110K tax rebate as part of an emergency bailout to help struggling small businesses.
added: Thu Aug 24 02:19:01 2017

Damning New Harvard Study Confirms Exxon Knew It Was Destroying the Planet All Along
added: Thu Aug 24 02:00:01 2017

Autopsy confirms #Philippines cops executed 17-yr old #KianDelosSantos Child victims @hrw…
added: Thu Aug 24 02:00:00 2017
tags: kiandelossantos, philippines

DMARC anti-phishing standard adoption is lagging even in big firms
added: Thu Aug 24 01:55:33 2017

Document: New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Guide: Anarchist Extremists – Antifa via…
added: Thu Aug 24 01:18:11 2017

China demands U.S. immediately withdraw N. Korea sanctions, warns they will damage ties they never ask nicely
added: Thu Aug 24 01:17:01 2017

@ShaunKing This is Part 2 of the series, published today:
added: Thu Aug 24 01:16:23 2017

More than 1,000 supporters of quarterback Colin Kaepernick demonstrate outside NFL offices.
added: Thu Aug 24 01:15:00 2017

He was a witness in Charlottesville. Then the death threats and conspiracy theories began. @JoyAnnReid @pastortraci
added: Thu Aug 24 00:36:56 2017

Whatever felony or misdemeanor offense the protester was convicted of would come with its own independent penalty.
added: Wed Aug 23 23:57:14 2017

Chinese entrepreneur aided North Korean efforts to develop nuclear weapons, U.S. lawsuit says
added: Wed Aug 23 23:25:20 2017

Woodfin’s team knocked on 40,000 doors between February and the election, making contact with 15,000 voters.
added: Wed Aug 23 22:22:41 2017

Chinese police harass and briefly detain VOA journalist
added: Wed Aug 23 21:32:36 2017

First Nation Members Take Action on Salmon Farm; Sea Shepherd on Scene to Support #seashepherd #opvirushunter
added: Wed Aug 23 21:25:56 2017
tags: seashepherd, opvirushunter

Trump administration has not confirmed compliance with any of their self-imposed exec order deadlines since July 16
added: Wed Aug 23 20:31:46 2017

CREW is investigating whether Steve Mnuchin + Louise Linton inappropriately used a gov't plane to watch the eclipse
added: Wed Aug 23 20:27:06 2017

"It is time liberals recognized that defense of Taiwan is a worthy liberal enterprise, not a relic of the Cold War."
added: Wed Aug 23 18:08:56 2017

Imperial control board forcing US colony Puerto Rico to cut retired worker pensions up to 25%, reduce paid workdays
added: Wed Aug 23 17:38:42 2017

The police chief practically admits that his cops have been planting drugs as evidence.But we all know that already.
added: Wed Aug 23 12:27:17 2017

Three dead, 20 injured, hotels face two-day shutdown because of power outage, after Typhoon #Hato hits Macau
added: Wed Aug 23 09:15:37 2017
tags: hato

Avoid cow slaughter on Eid-ul-Azha: Darul Ifta Jamia Nizami to Muslims
added: Wed Aug 23 09:15:01 2017

British tourist arrested in Turkey after attempting to fly home with gold coins found while snorkelling
added: Wed Aug 23 09:07:50 2017

Essential: @SamRoggeveen interviews @GrahamTAllison about the 'Thucydides Trap' and US-China war: @LowyInstitute
added: Wed Aug 23 08:39:59 2017

Investors Wave Red Flags at #HongKong Dual-Class Shares Plan via @markets @BMMRobertson @andreatanjourno @SamMamudi
added: Wed Aug 23 06:36:31 2017
tags: hongkong

BJP’s real target in Triple Talaq is Nehru’s Hindu Code Bill. Beware Hindu women
added: Wed Aug 23 05:11:32 2017

Medium rolls out a payment model for writers based on engagement: Comments:
added: Wed Aug 23 05:10:01 2017

Oh and the icing? Maurice, pictured in all these photos with Fanta Fascist, used to be part of a cult. Truth:
added: Wed Aug 23 03:33:22 2017

The story behind Ted Hesser's #eclipse photo from Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon.
added: Wed Aug 23 02:25:40 2017
tags: eclipse

A huge transition for #Taiwan no one wants to talk about. Who's in line to be 1st new central bank chief in 20 years
added: Wed Aug 23 02:22:56 2017
tags: taiwan

U.S. Navy to relieve commander after collisions in Asia: source
added: Wed Aug 23 02:04:28 2017

US State Department budget for East Asia slated to be cut more than 46%, according to @RepTedYoho (31:59-32:50)
added: Wed Aug 23 01:57:44 2017

U.S. Navy to Relieve Admiral of Command After Collisions via @WSJ
added: Wed Aug 23 01:53:28 2017

Red Over Red, the Failure of U.S. Navy Leadership: Comments:
added: Wed Aug 23 01:50:02 2017

Burn the books, bury the scholars! | Geremie R Barmé
added: Wed Aug 23 01:35:27 2017

LexisNexis said withdrew two products from the Chinese market in March after it was asked to remove some content
added: Wed Aug 23 01:32:13 2017

Haunting article about Dylann Roof....
added: Tue Aug 22 21:35:42 2017

Big news for TV streamers: More Kansas State games are heading to ESPN3 this year
added: Tue Aug 22 16:44:08 2017

Breaking analysis: Proposed #NC #redistricting plans will give a large and durable advantage to Republicans:
added: Tue Aug 22 16:38:25 2017
tags: nc, redistricting

How Chicago's Japanese neighbourhood disappeared
added: Tue Aug 22 15:10:07 2017

Trump is either forgetting the mistakes of recent U.S. history in Afghanistan or — worse — he simply doesn’t care.
added: Tue Aug 22 15:09:44 2017

The most surprising collaboration ever? @rickastley rocks out with the @foofighters in Japan ht @niccijsmith
added: Tue Aug 22 14:38:22 2017

Keeping the carried interest loophole would be a huge handout to super super rich -
added: Tue Aug 22 14:31:38 2017

'.... the authorities claimed to be treating physical conditions that were, in fact, non-existent[.]'
added: Tue Aug 22 14:20:02 2017

Their faith in Trump can't be shaken.
added: Tue Aug 22 14:05:08 2017

#CAMBODIA 100s of animals to be sold into #illegal #wildlife #trade found at woman’s house via @KhmerTimes
added: Tue Aug 22 14:05:01 2017
tags: cambodia, illegal, trade, wildlife

Met Police accused of racism after inexplicably linking heroin seizure to Notting Hill Carnival
added: Tue Aug 22 14:04:30 2017

#China has more room to tackle debt - if it wants to | Reuters
added: Tue Aug 22 14:04:09 2017
tags: china

India grants Pfizer patent on pneumonia vaccine in blow to aid group
added: Tue Aug 22 14:00:06 2017

Russia Detains Theater Director Kirill Serebrennikov, Adding to Fears of a Crackdown
added: Tue Aug 22 13:59:18 2017

News for tax nerds: Big 6 coalescing around some controversial ideas on ways to pay for lowering tax rates: (1/2)
added: Tue Aug 22 13:59:00 2017

I forgot that I created a complete archive of Bill Lind's "On War" column -- all 326 articles are here.
added: Tue Aug 22 13:54:07 2017

Kickstarter-ed! 🚀 A comic about a teacher's pet's fall from grace. Based on mom's childhood stories. Set in 60s HK.
added: Tue Aug 22 13:52:59 2017

Cracking random number generators (xoroshiro128+) by @lemire
added: Tue Aug 22 13:01:15 2017

直指口罩男為林子健惹爭議 傳真社致歉刪改報道標題內容 改以「該男子走過鏡頭前方的路段時,無法見到男子的容貌,但其體型、衣服款式、左手上深色手錶、運動鞋款式、背囊肩帶設計,以至呈內八字的走路姿勢,都與之前拍攝到的林子健十分相似」
added: Tue Aug 22 11:42:24 2017

A reminder of the contempt the Trump administration has for Appalachia
added: Tue Aug 22 11:41:48 2017

The geometry that could reveal the true nature of space-time
added: Tue Aug 22 11:14:19 2017

Oh come on.. Republican lawmaker says it is ‘completely plausible’ Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally
added: Tue Aug 22 11:06:00 2017

USAF intelligence quietly removes Russian INF-violating missile from corrected report
added: Tue Aug 22 10:22:23 2017

A Hong Kong man claiming to be a 'living Buddha' is wanted in a HK$80 million scam.
added: Tue Aug 22 10:11:30 2017

Verizon to start throttling all smartphone videos to 480p or 720p by @JBrodkin
added: Tue Aug 22 10:11:02 2017

USGS: 4th earthquake in 3 days shakes Kansas
added: Tue Aug 22 10:10:48 2017

China’s cat-and-mouse game over capital outflows set to continue
added: Tue Aug 22 10:08:25 2017

#Taiwan's Tsai @iingwen bleeding support as key policy goals falter- Nikkei Asian Review
added: Tue Aug 22 10:06:23 2017
tags: taiwan

對於該報導,獨媒成員之間亦有討論,為互相砥礪,我們嘗試用引起爭議的報導原材料,重寫一遍。 FactWire News Agency 傳真社今日也就報導作出了更正,歡迎各位讀者比較。...
added: Tue Aug 22 10:04:26 2017

China launches Tibetan-language literature database
added: Tue Aug 22 10:01:46 2017

It could be snowing on Mars right now
added: Tue Aug 22 10:00:37 2017

people who see central systems as the answer to all have usually lived in a stable central system their whole lives
added: Tue Aug 22 09:54:43 2017

#China’s two biggest bitcoin exchanges helped themselves to $150 million in idle client funds
added: Tue Aug 22 09:52:52 2017
tags: china

How the US has well and truly lost Cambodia to China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:38:47 2017

"the EIB financed £6.9 billion of infrastructure projects in Britain last year"
added: Tue Aug 22 09:32:31 2017

China warns U.S. ahead of Taiwan defense minister's brief visit
added: Tue Aug 22 09:31:37 2017

'[U]nder the rule of China’s Chairman of Everything, Xi Jinping, [...] the noose has been tightening once more.'
added: Tue Aug 22 09:30:04 2017

MTR offers discount during national holiday
added: Tue Aug 22 09:29:08 2017

Video of #China rights activist Jiang Tianyong "confessing" Full story: @catherinehslai
added: Tue Aug 22 09:24:44 2017
tags: china

The primer you need on #混改: Here's why you're going to hear more about "mixed ownership" in #China via @markets
added: Tue Aug 22 09:22:29 2017
tags: 混改, china

The latest Wider Image via @ReutersPictures on cat and dog acupuncture therapy in China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:16:30 2017

Ford says signs MoU with Chinese automaker to build electric vehicles in China
added: Tue Aug 22 09:09:27 2017

North Korea vows 'merciless retaliation' after US and South Korea begin drills
added: Tue Aug 22 08:37:05 2017

Appointment of Under Secretary and Political Assistants
added: Tue Aug 22 08:35:06 2017

#Guangzhou poet @langzichn criminally detained for taking part in anthology of poems to commemorate #LiuXiaobo
added: Tue Aug 22 08:34:01 2017
tags: liuxiaobo, guangzhou

The visit took place after Beijing ratcheted up its official rhetoric on Doklam with the release of a position paper
added: Tue Aug 22 08:30:01 2017

Did China Hack US Seventh Fleet? Both Russia & China display glimpse of high-tech warfare & ability to GPS spoof
added: Tue Aug 22 08:24:28 2017

Kurdistan’s referendum just got more complicated as Yazidi-majority Sinjar declares autonomy. @AmberinZaman explains
added: Tue Aug 22 07:40:35 2017

Exclusive: China's 'big four' banks raise billions for Belt and Road deals - sources by @GeniusWu @julie_zhuli
added: Tue Aug 22 07:34:08 2017

Special Report: Refiner Valero's secret campaign against U.S. biofuels mandates via…
added: Tue Aug 22 07:30:40 2017

Yeah, don't worry... everyone read it just fine. 🙄 @catherinehslai #occupyhk…
added: Tue Aug 22 07:28:26 2017
tags: occupyhk

RealNetworks hits mother lode in China’s booming market for video streaming
added: Tue Aug 22 07:22:05 2017

China, Like U.S., Struggles to Revive Industrial Heartland
added: Tue Aug 22 07:19:31 2017

CUP's U turn: now let's all face down Xi Jin Ping's attack on critical thinking
added: Tue Aug 22 07:18:52 2017

Scrap the Lantau Link toll, demands Alice Mak
added: Tue Aug 22 07:16:28 2017

My new piece just out: Stop kowtowing to China: Basic rights & rule of law r under fire in Hong Kong via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Aug 22 06:44:48 2017

after a year of prod svc, we finally had our first global outage! here's to many more terrifically fun problems 🍾 🥂
added: Tue Aug 22 06:23:07 2017

Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Wanda scraps plans to buy a $606M land plot in #London amid Chinese govt's scrutiny
added: Tue Aug 22 05:31:21 2017
tags: london

Afghan envoy hails Trump for breaking silence on Pak's support to terror
added: Tue Aug 22 05:30:00 2017

Tampa: Second person resigns from Hillsborough diversity council after pro-slavery activist appointed
added: Tue Aug 22 05:28:05 2017

Second academic journal published by Cambridge University Press says China tried to block articles
added: Tue Aug 22 05:26:23 2017

U.S. military Pacific Commander says diplomacy more important on North Korea
added: Tue Aug 22 05:22:04 2017

Jiang Tianyong's "live" trial interesting re China's legal reform, approach to rights lawyers, foreign influence:
added: Tue Aug 22 05:20:07 2017

Hong Kong democracy leader Joshua Wong back in dock days after being jailed
added: Tue Aug 22 05:00:20 2017

Jammu & Kashmir: Encounter underway in Kupwara, 2 to 3 terrorists trapped
added: Tue Aug 22 03:26:50 2017

JUST IN: ‘Civic Square’ to reopen for first time since 2014 protests @SCMP_News
added: Tue Aug 22 03:25:45 2017

Working out details of opening Civic Square: govt
added: Tue Aug 22 03:22:49 2017

Boston's Anti-Fascist Protest Was Planned by Black, Queer, Radical Women.
added: Tue Aug 22 03:20:00 2017

Stan Grant is calling for the ‘great silence’ about inaccuracies in our indigenous history to end
added: Tue Aug 22 03:19:17 2017

China's Dalian Wanda sells Nine Elms Square in London to third party
added: Tue Aug 22 03:16:18 2017

China's Ponzi scheme still working - Metals Frenzy Sparks China Investor Rush to Smokestack Debt
added: Tue Aug 22 02:47:29 2017

What the US would need to deter China
added: Tue Aug 22 02:42:15 2017

DataRoom: New hope for Chinese deals in healthcare, education by @BridgetCarterb + @murdochsj #ausbiz
added: Tue Aug 22 02:22:31 2017
tags: ausbiz

Social platforms have many flaws, some of which are profit-driven. But that doesn't make them authoritarian spaces.
added: Tue Aug 22 01:48:59 2017

Hong Kong property prices to fall as Beijing tightens capital controls
added: Tue Aug 22 01:43:29 2017

corporations make fake think tanks so they can lie to you about their products and get your money while you get sick
added: Tue Aug 22 00:48:52 2017

Taiwan is suffering a huge brain drain and it is all part of Communist China's plans.
added: Tue Aug 22 00:38:48 2017

Hunter S. Thompson gave #LBJ plenty of unsolicited advice during his presidency
added: Mon Aug 21 22:51:10 2017
tags: lbj

SOUL SNATCHERS: How the NYPD's 42nd Precinct & the Bronx DA's Office conspire to destroy Black & Brown lives.
added: Mon Aug 21 20:40:42 2017

Lawyer for #Missouri inmate scheduled for #execution tomorrow: DNA evidence means "the actual killer is not him."
added: Mon Aug 21 17:03:43 2017
tags: execution, missouri

#CHINA Government aiming to create country’s first #National #Park, setting aside area size of Pennsylvania
added: Mon Aug 21 15:22:00 2017
tags: park, china, national

Italians mistake Samuel L Jackson and Magic Johnson for 'lazy migrants'
added: Mon Aug 21 14:34:11 2017

Brian Aldiss has died. I've been a fan ever since stumbling on FRANKENSTEIN UNBOUND in my early teens. RIP.
added: Mon Aug 21 14:31:01 2017

Sweden is introducing conscription over Russia fears
added: Mon Aug 21 14:30:05 2017

Sempra Energy to buy Oncor for $9.45 billion in blow for Berkshire
added: Mon Aug 21 14:30:05 2017

Man finally walks again after US police shooting left him paralysed
added: Mon Aug 21 14:27:05 2017

【河北男子寫食評招牢獄】 河北省涉縣有個男人,在網上批評一間醫院的餐廳價錢貴但食物質素不佳,被公安以「涉嫌虛構事實、擾亂公共秩序」行政拘留。 事件引來網民熱議,在輿論壓力下,警方重新調查。...
added: Mon Aug 21 14:26:56 2017

.@EmmaVigeland in Indianapolis this evening round 4pm est covering @SenSanders jobs rally on @TYTPolitics Facebook!
added: Mon Aug 21 14:16:43 2017

Five Books About Anarchism Margaret Killjoy
added: Mon Aug 21 14:07:11 2017

律政司長受政治任命倍添「政治檢控」疑雲 《基本法》未列明刑事檢控權在司長|甘樂宜|852郵報 #post852 來自 @post852
added: Mon Aug 21 13:39:22 2017
tags: post852

More than 1,000 Secret Service agents have already hit the federally mandated annual caps for salary and overtime:
added: Mon Aug 21 13:32:33 2017 Remove <applet> This removes support for the applet element from: ﹡ document.all[name] ﹡ document[name] ﹡ w...
added: Mon Aug 21 13:19:32 2017

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam defends jailing of democracy activists
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:45 2017

Mexico’s war on poppies: @Reuters reporter joins the army on an eradication mission.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:42 2017

Sempra snatches Oncor from Buffett with $9.45 billion bid: sources
added: Mon Aug 21 12:10:03 2017

It's official: Putin has appointed Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov as the new Russian ambassador to the US.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:07:43 2017

Man describes his ordeal as a child soldier in Burmese army, so he now faces two years in prison for defaming it.
added: Mon Aug 21 12:07:27 2017

One country, one system, says #Hongkong Rita Fan: 如不信一國兩制 范太:最好離開香港 -- 星島日報
added: Mon Aug 21 12:05:25 2017
tags: hongkong

#SCMP ‘Be vigilant with your talent’ organisations warned as Hongkongers’ desire to emigrate higher than global av…
added: Mon Aug 21 12:04:57 2017
tags: scmp

Don't like our rules? Then leave, #China newspaper says after journal censored
added: Mon Aug 21 12:03:04 2017
tags: china

Fabricated note introduced a toxic sense of uncertainty that undermined attempts to address serious social problems:
added: Mon Aug 21 12:02:01 2017

China-India border dispute spills over into Sydney University
added: Mon Aug 21 12:00:52 2017

British spy behind Trump-Russia dossier could be forced to talk after US court ruling
added: Mon Aug 21 11:14:11 2017

Bannon exit a reminder of China’s success in ‘containing Trump’
added: Mon Aug 21 11:13:26 2017

After campaign against #censorship, Indian political documentary passed without cuts/bleeps. Great #freespeech win.
added: Mon Aug 21 11:00:08 2017
tags: censorship, freespeech

Leading Chinese e-commerce founder says AI will make true communism a reality #China #Fintech #AI #Communism
added: Mon Aug 21 10:33:03 2017
tags: communism, china, fintech, ai

Bitcoin uses nearly 5% of total UK electricity consumption. This is ridiculous! (sources:,
added: Mon Aug 21 09:40:34 2017

Nasa reveals plan to drill a hole into a supervolcano
added: Mon Aug 21 08:49:01 2017

Chinese investors are buying into a London skyline that is past its peak via @ReutersTV
added: Mon Aug 21 08:43:43 2017

London's Hikma has hiked the price of some US medicines by up to 430%, the latest incidence of pharma 'gouging'
added: Mon Aug 21 08:31:32 2017

FIFA to include a requirement on human rights being respected to host the World Cup.
added: Mon Aug 21 07:23:49 2017

HK faces bigger risks from poor Asian meat production: study HK faces bigger risks from poor Asian meat...
added: Mon Aug 21 07:22:34 2017

The clouds are darkening for Australia's last listed steelmaker @davidfickling via @gadfly
added: Mon Aug 21 07:21:23 2017

Barcelona attack suspect Abouyaaqoub thought to be van driver: government official
added: Mon Aug 21 07:21:05 2017

China's Great Wall interested in Fiat Chrysler's Jeep brand: report
added: Mon Aug 21 07:20:04 2017

Hong Kong’s ATMs hit with surge in withdrawals in wake of facial recognition #tech being introduced at ATMs in Macau
added: Mon Aug 21 05:54:47 2017
tags: tech

University of Texas at Austin removing statues of four figures tied to Confederacy
added: Mon Aug 21 05:45:21 2017

Sacking fixed Hing Tak School problems, says board member
added: Mon Aug 21 04:13:09 2017

Exclusive: Sydney lecturer apologises for use of map offending an international student group #IndiaChinaStandoff
added: Mon Aug 21 04:09:33 2017
tags: indiachinastandoff

Student from Mainland #China pressures HKUST professor to give better grades
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:44 2017
tags: china

Will China buy Saudi Aramco?
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:06 2017

Louisiana records give insight into thousands of businesses that utilize prison labor
added: Mon Aug 21 04:04:02 2017

Replacement screens can be used to hijack your phone
added: Mon Aug 21 04:01:38 2017

Apple told to pay €13bn in back taxes to Ireland #1yrago
added: Mon Aug 21 04:00:08 2017
tags: 1yrago

Why is the Beijing embassy in Pyongyang showcasing ICBM launch photos outside its property?
added: Mon Aug 21 04:00:04 2017

US Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark
added: Mon Aug 21 03:48:48 2017

信口雌黃 #聲援良心犯 【何君堯稱非政治檢控否則囚廿年 促港大將戴耀廷革職】 【七警案鬧法官就冇問題?何君堯嘲諾貝爾和平獎滑稽】
added: Mon Aug 21 03:30:04 2017
tags: 聲援良心犯

A feel-good story to start the week.... "When Jack Daniel’s Failed to Honor a Slave, an Author Rewrote History"
added: Mon Aug 21 03:19:33 2017

Alipay vs WeChat: Challenges and strategies of two payment giants going global
added: Mon Aug 21 03:19:12 2017

Normally the fact that this is leaking would suggest intentional signaling by the White House. But in this WH? dunno
added: Mon Aug 21 03:04:30 2017

Benny Tai has been spreading his ideas of civil disobedience and misleading the students for years, says Junius Ho
added: Mon Aug 21 03:02:45 2017

New toll system causes 15km jam on way to Hong Kong airport - have you been caught out?
added: Mon Aug 21 02:40:42 2017

India upholds controversial marriage annulment amid ‘love jihad’ inquiry
added: Mon Aug 21 02:32:17 2017

Wife of top Texas anti-gay crusader divorces him to be with lesbian partner
added: Mon Aug 21 01:32:52 2017

No more global M&A in the sex industry: #China has codified a crackdown on `irrational' outbound investment
added: Mon Aug 21 01:20:04 2017
tags: china

Two US missile destroyers hit by merchant vessel weeks? Coincidence? Low cost way to disable missile defense sys :(
added: Mon Aug 21 01:19:45 2017

Further reading:
added: Mon Aug 21 01:19:31 2017

China propping up North Korea with continuous supply of oil via @ABCNews
added: Mon Aug 21 01:17:48 2017

Amid higher scrutiny of real estate & hotel deals,Chinese gov instructs regulators to encourage Belt & Road inv'ment
added: Mon Aug 21 01:15:47 2017

CIA's got nothing on Amtrak's redaction game:
added: Mon Aug 21 01:15:02 2017

Btw, here's an astonishing document by He Xingliang on pernicious influence of western academia via @adamcathcart
added: Mon Aug 21 01:14:26 2017

ICE insists it doesn’t use Stingrays to track undocumented immigrants
added: Mon Aug 21 01:12:44 2017

Good legalistic take on the flaws in the Court of Appeal resentencing of @joshuawongcf and co
added: Mon Aug 21 00:53:39 2017

One of the biggest criticisms against wind and solar energy has been quashed
added: Mon Aug 21 00:49:45 2017

The @cambodiadaily faces shuttering if it does not pay a huge tax bill by Sept 4, the Tax Dept’s Kong Vibol has said
added: Mon Aug 21 00:19:32 2017

"China is in transition. And not in a good way." How will Xi cement his power at party congress?
added: Sun Aug 20 23:54:23 2017

"They said [Kaepernick] disrespected law enforcement. Well, I’m law enforcement, and he didn’t disrespect me.”
added: Sun Aug 20 23:07:47 2017

Four devastating paragraphs by W.E.B. Du Bois, on Robert E. Lee:
added: Sun Aug 20 22:05:49 2017

Worth a read--Democrats Can Win Rural Voters by Taking on Big Agriculture via @thenation
added: Sun Aug 20 21:59:25 2017

Disco Showdown: Original Village People Frontman Returns, Sparking Feud Via @VinceSchilling
added: Sun Aug 20 21:42:29 2017

Karnataka BJP demands Siddaramaiah's resignation for 'misusing' ACB
added: Sun Aug 20 13:30:01 2017

‘Stop calling jailing of student leaders act of political persecution’
added: Sun Aug 20 10:00:01 2017

Diaspora federation protocol 0.2.0 paves the way for account migration: Comments:
added: Sun Aug 20 09:50:01 2017

Customs figures show rising demand for Chinese solar panels in NK. Traders say it's easy to deliver across the river
added: Sun Aug 20 09:44:10 2017

Despite political rivalries, brain drain feared as young #Taiwanese choose to work in #China | The Japan Times
added: Sun Aug 20 08:51:56 2017
tags: china, taiwanese

Facebook knows if you're left wing or right wing - here's how you can see it
added: Sun Aug 20 08:50:00 2017

'The more HK embraces authoritarianism, the less prosperous it will be': @washingtonpost on @joshuawongcf jailing
added: Sun Aug 20 07:39:54 2017

Everyone's dumping the pound, and they're only just getting started
added: Sun Aug 20 07:21:39 2017

Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate
added: Sun Aug 20 04:39:08 2017

the 1917 Houston mutiny loomed large in many ppl's minds about what the state would do if violence got out of hand
added: Sun Aug 20 04:31:18 2017

The US warship Indianapolis sunk in 12 minutes. No distress signal was sent. Seven decades later, the wreckage...
added: Sun Aug 20 04:30:08 2017

Comedian Dick Gregory, active in U.S. civil rights movement, dies at age 84
added: Sun Aug 20 04:30:07 2017

Goa's Catholic Church slams BJP, claims democracy under threat from Right-wing fanaticism
added: Sun Aug 20 03:35:53 2017

Oxford University employee charged with Chicago murder
added: Sun Aug 20 03:34:44 2017

BJP leader fumes, walks out after journalist asks meaning of Vande Mataram
added: Sun Aug 20 03:33:03 2017

A 2000-year-old inscription could shed new light on a critical point in ancient Chinese history.
added: Sun Aug 20 03:30:07 2017

Homeland Security's history of downplaying the threat of far right domestic terrorism
added: Sun Aug 20 02:12:02 2017

Palestinian foreign minister welcomes Egypt's warmer ties with Hamas
added: Sun Aug 20 02:10:03 2017

Chu Hoi-dick slams "colonial mentality" of Hong Kong's elites
added: Sun Aug 20 02:09:39 2017

Tell your university: Don't sell patents to trolls.
added: Sun Aug 20 02:04:00 2017

#China Raises Temperature Again in Spratly Islands - commentary by @graham_euan #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Aug 19 23:06:38 2017
tags: china, southchinasea

Injured comrades at Themistokleous 58 Squat need support.
added: Sat Aug 19 21:07:03 2017

It is almost physically painful to say, but here is my last piece from India.
added: Sat Aug 19 17:05:51 2017

The fable of the evil Antifa who drove the Nazis to fury and murder has become gospel in the right
added: Sat Aug 19 11:36:51 2017

"In excess of 150,000 African elephants have been slaughtered by poachers since 2012"
added: Sat Aug 19 10:35:48 2017

Rightscorp Bleeds Another Million, Borrows $200K From Customer BMG
added: Sat Aug 19 10:35:44 2017

Lester Shum says authorities are attempting to deter Hong Kong people from political participation
added: Sat Aug 19 09:39:42 2017

Couldn't stop giggling. Great reporting by @Tang_Ailin In China, Your Company’s Name Can’t Be a Mouthful
added: Sat Aug 19 09:36:08 2017

Last ditch attempt to save the orange-bellied parrot from extinction:
added: Sat Aug 19 09:35:12 2017

Knife attacker wounds eight in Russian town of Surgut before being killed by police
added: Sat Aug 19 09:10:57 2017

Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: 'I was invisible'
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:49 2017

The poisoning of Bangladesh: How arsenic is ravaging a nation
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:47 2017

Police arrest five after Finland stabbing spree that killed two people
added: Sat Aug 19 09:00:18 2017

Barclays installs sensors to see which bankers are at their desks
added: Sat Aug 19 08:34:41 2017

🔴 #BREAKING - Police investigating Finland stabbings as terror attack
added: Sat Aug 19 08:32:09 2017
tags: breaking

Iowa woman who tried to vote for Donald Trump twice gets two years probation and $750 fine
added: Sat Aug 19 08:26:46 2017

"This is worse than what happened in Scarborough Shoal."
added: Sat Aug 19 08:04:16 2017

LexisNexis said its service shut down in China since March because it refused to comply with similar requests
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:12 2017

Dolores Huerta's Life of Activism
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:02 2017

US DoD, Brit ISP BT reverse proxies can be abused to frisk internal systems – researcher
added: Sat Aug 19 07:28:00 2017

London to Sydney in two hours?
added: Sat Aug 19 07:27:56 2017

US Secret Service's ambitious IT modernisation plan: full interoperability based on a "private cloud" -
added: Sat Aug 19 07:22:30 2017

I rode London's famous Underground system for a week — and I saw why New York's subway will never catch up
added: Sat Aug 19 06:57:00 2017

Government will try to ensure power supply: #Taiwan premier - Taipei Times #energy #electricity
added: Sat Aug 19 06:54:44 2017
tags: electricity, taiwan, energy

A district councillor took part in this deal? Luxury Hong Kong home used as cover in aircraft carrier deal
added: Sat Aug 19 06:53:40 2017

Apparently TB is still a problem in Korea. Yikes.
added: Sat Aug 19 06:50:08 2017

There should be no place in India for Modi’s uncivil words against Hamid Ansari
added: Sat Aug 19 06:50:00 2017

Scientists find record 2.7-million-year-old ice core in Antarctica via @SmithsonianMag
added: Sat Aug 19 06:46:36 2017

[Repost] How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument
added: Sat Aug 19 06:44:29 2017

Environmentalists worried as UK sells off Green Investment Bank - outrageous: sold to fossil fuel investors
added: Sat Aug 19 06:44:14 2017

Boston braces for protests in wake of Charlottesville violence
added: Sat Aug 19 06:42:07 2017

Pop stars, models, and Hollywood: The crazy life of the man accused of siphoning $4.5bn from Malaysia's state fund
added: Sat Aug 19 06:02:00 2017

Psychobiotics: How gut bacteria mess with your mind
added: Sat Aug 19 06:01:06 2017

Kenya's opposition files challenge over election results
added: Sat Aug 19 06:00:08 2017

A stalemate in the Himalayas, a territorial struggle and dreams of a commercial invasion ... sound familiar?
added: Sat Aug 19 06:00:04 2017

Kenya opposition files challenge over election results
added: Sat Aug 19 05:59:05 2017

回應社運人士接連被改判入獄 張建宗指外媒看法偏頗
added: Sat Aug 19 05:55:59 2017

KKK Members Who Worked as Prison Guards Convicted of Plotting to Kill Black Prisoner
added: Sat Aug 19 05:45:05 2017

#China starts comparing their own #Culturalrevolution w/ #American one. Some say it's #Jews problem. #antifa
added: Sat Aug 19 05:44:03 2017
tags: china, culturalrevolution, american, antifa, jews

Seventh Australian senator referred to High Court as citizenship crisis deepens
added: Sat Aug 19 05:30:08 2017

Turkey to boost military cooperation with Iran after army chief's visit
added: Sat Aug 19 05:10:08 2017

🇹🇭Thailand announces 4-year digital nomad visa (via @reustle) 🎉🎉🎉
added: Sat Aug 19 04:29:14 2017

@WhatsApp is officially blocked in #China @telegram also not working. Signal @whispersystems WORKS!
added: Sat Aug 19 04:28:00 2017
tags: china

Death rates far higher for 'alternative' cancer cures: study
added: Sat Aug 19 04:25:07 2017

The biggest winner in Bannon's firing is... China.
added: Sat Aug 19 04:11:42 2017

"Kenya has been modeling a brand of electoral authoritarianism for the region and beyond over the last decade..."
added: Sat Aug 19 03:58:37 2017

Tiananmen Papers editor Andrew Nathan: '@CambridgeUP violated authors' trust & has compromised its integrity'
added: Sat Aug 19 03:54:56 2017

Rail Infrastructure and Neglected Public Transport in #Taiwan by @SOAS' Dafydd Fell
added: Sat Aug 19 03:45:53 2017
tags: taiwan

Australia: Chau Chak Wing takes ABC and Fairfax to court
added: Sat Aug 19 03:05:23 2017

Missed this amid everything going on today, but this story is highly likely to be overblown
added: Sat Aug 19 02:51:37 2017

KKK no show in Durham as counter-demonstrators rally
added: Sat Aug 19 02:40:00 2017

Organ harvesting in China in 2016: This is the brutal reality Support CCP = support brutality
added: Sat Aug 19 02:03:06 2017

India welcomes US blacklisting of Kashmir armed group
added: Sat Aug 19 02:00:11 2017

'A death knell for rule of law and human rights': 20 Int'l figures condemn jailing of Hong Kong democracy activists
added: Sat Aug 19 01:18:57 2017

@Rory_Medcalf And another China-India nationalist battlefield developing in universities
added: Sat Aug 19 01:16:54 2017

"The aggressive use of #Charlottesville tragedy to attack US system reflects more assertive foreign policy under Xi"
added: Sat Aug 19 01:14:12 2017
tags: charlottesville

Kobach complains on Breitbart about the "ritual where something happens [&] you have to say the right words." #ksleg
added: Sat Aug 19 01:11:02 2017
tags: ksleg

Cambridge University Press Removes Articles From Chinese Website w/ @peterlorentzen and @jonlsullivan
added: Sat Aug 19 01:11:01 2017

U.S. federal court finds online agreements are binding, regardless of whether customers read or understand them
added: Sat Aug 19 01:00:50 2017

U.S. Lawmakers Seek Kushner Company Records on Maryland Apartments
added: Sat Aug 19 00:58:01 2017

US troops call in airstrike after they come under fire in Somalia
added: Sat Aug 19 00:56:23 2017

"Student who attended Charlottesville white supremacist rally leaves Boston University after backlash"
added: Sat Aug 19 00:45:04 2017

China liver problems boost demand for US blood plasma
added: Sat Aug 19 00:28:14 2017

Keynote speaker at 1913 dedication of Confederate statue at UNC bragged he'd 'horse-whipped a negro wench'
added: Sat Aug 19 00:19:15 2017

Tensions flare during North Carolina protest as white supremacists warn KKK are coming back
added: Sat Aug 19 00:13:10 2017

FreeBSD Commit "Add support for @Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) ... <snip>"
added: Fri Aug 18 23:45:07 2017

1 Trump names bottled water industry lawyer to Interior. 2 Interior ends ban on bottled water in national parks.
added: Fri Aug 18 23:44:29 2017

Removing Philly's Rizzo statue would be a healthy reckoning with history, not "erasure":
added: Fri Aug 18 23:31:38 2017

In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened
added: Fri Aug 18 23:24:17 2017

This is how it could go down if China and India went to war — via @WeAreTheMighty via @bi_contributors
added: Fri Aug 18 23:22:04 2017

A pernicious presence has been ejected. But....
added: Fri Aug 18 23:20:32 2017

@realDonaldTrump Looks like you are in for one heck of a ride.
added: Fri Aug 18 23:19:51 2017

80% of Republicans back Trump on Charlottesville
added: Fri Aug 18 23:17:01 2017

"It isn't Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black. It's nervous White women in yoga pants...
added: Fri Aug 18 22:23:04 2017

#Dallas' four black councilmen call for removal of city's Confederate statues.
added: Fri Aug 18 22:17:28 2017
tags: dallas

Example of injection for non-HTTPS sites (including static): (ironically, unencrypted itself) #usesec17
added: Fri Aug 18 22:00:41 2017
tags: usesec17

Trump dumps controversial chief strategist Bannon in latest upheaval
added: Fri Aug 18 21:30:08 2017

"Secret" #UniteTheRight planning chat shows talk of runnin