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North Korea says body of murder victim to return in deal with Malaysia; travel bans lifted
added: Thu Mar 30 12:54:08 2017

Why We Have No Confidence in Our Board Chairman: An Open Letter from Concerned Faculty at Morehouse College
added: Thu Mar 30 12:50:31 2017

People Want Melania Trump To Be Forced to Leave NYC
added: Thu Mar 30 12:50:14 2017

.@chinascio Yet disdain for humans: Ban on beards, veils - #Xinjiang passes more religious regulation via @SCMP_news
added: Thu Mar 30 12:25:38 2017
tags: xinjiang

#US Presents Jailed #Vietnam Blogger With Women of Courage Award in Absentia
added: Thu Mar 30 12:25:15 2017
tags: us, vietnam

A French scientist who predicted Donald Trump’s victory says turnout rates make Le Pen's election "very likely."
added: Thu Mar 30 12:04:31 2017

If the Obama admin took Russian meddling seriously, why did they shut down Comey when he wanted to write about it?
added: Thu Mar 30 11:43:04 2017

#China's central bank may raise money rates twice in 2017 to cut leverage via @markets
added: Thu Mar 30 07:59:01 2017
tags: china

A table of the shortest possible alphanumeric string that will be mapped to any #redis cluster slot. cc: @antirez
added: Thu Mar 30 07:57:44 2017
tags: redis

Bonkers. China has a 'Donkey Exchange' where prices for the live animal have quadrupled over past decade … via @BW
added: Thu Mar 30 06:54:03 2017

Santander USA to pay $26 mn in subprime auto settlement
added: Thu Mar 30 06:52:07 2017

Kuomintang struggles to cope with being the opposition party in Taiwan, as China watches closely
added: Thu Mar 30 06:51:39 2017

Measles outbreak spreads across Europe as parents shun vaccinations, World Health Organisation warns
added: Thu Mar 30 06:50:17 2017

State Department official charged with hiding contacts with Chinese agents via @usatoday
added: Thu Mar 30 06:48:19 2017

As a consummate leaver I can safely vouch for this. Have never been unhappy. I think that's more than most can say.
added: Thu Mar 30 06:45:57 2017

Daughter of #FengChongyi: ‘Don’t forget about my Dad’ h/t @kevincarrico Sign petition:…
added: Thu Mar 30 06:45:12 2017
tags: fengchongyi

Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirms Manchester United contract talks. Full story here:
added: Thu Mar 30 06:39:07 2017

Chase narrowed ads from 400,000 sites to 5,000 human-approved sites w/o hate speech, other problems;same ad results
added: Thu Mar 30 06:38:12 2017

#Letters Reject extension of Sosma detention powers
added: Thu Mar 30 06:38:07 2017
tags: letters

Bastian Schweinsteiger set for attacking midfield role at Chicago Fire after sealing United exit
added: Thu Mar 30 06:08:16 2017

This Chinese #stock soared 4,500% on #Nasdaq and no one knows why via @markets @business #US #China
added: Thu Mar 30 06:06:52 2017
tags: nasdaq, stock, us, china

Hong Kong government underspent on education and housing for past 20 years, study says
added: Thu Mar 30 06:06:07 2017

China sends message of supremacy in South China Sea — expert @PhilstarNews
added: Thu Mar 30 06:05:32 2017

Public Security Bureau's dismissive weibo response spawned a new slang term: "donkey people"
added: Thu Mar 30 05:59:44 2017

He had a name, @washingtonpost. Use it. You just reinforced how we treat immigrants as a nameless, faceless horde.
added: Thu Mar 30 05:45:09 2017

State Department drops human rights as condition for fighter jet sale to Bahrain
added: Thu Mar 30 05:11:54 2017

China sets rules on beards, veils to combat "extremism" in Xinjiang via @Reuters
added: Thu Mar 30 05:11:13 2017

#1MDB now debt-free: Finance Ministry
added: Thu Mar 30 05:10:30 2017
tags: 1mdb

2 prison sentences for contempt of court convictions related to Mong Kok clearance during #OccupyHK-1 to 3mo,1 to 1
added: Thu Mar 30 05:03:56 2017
tags: occupyhk

This is some big industry news - BBC drops AP; picks up AFP
added: Thu Mar 30 05:02:40 2017

Done Deal: How #HongKong's New Leader Reached the Top
added: Thu Mar 30 04:55:04 2017
tags: hongkong

US State Dept employee charged with lying over contact with Chinese spies via @WSJ
added: Thu Mar 30 04:50:31 2017

"CIA contributed funds to numerous respected magazines during the Cold subtly promote anti-communist views"
added: Thu Mar 30 04:45:01 2017

Web-app devs note: Google wants to banish JavaScript dialogues
added: Thu Mar 30 04:35:10 2017

Ivanka Trump becomes unpaid White House employee
added: Thu Mar 30 04:35:05 2017

As Toshiba's American nuclear unit files for bankruptcy protection, what does this mean for US nuclear energy?
added: Thu Mar 30 04:34:54 2017

Russian oligarch found to be... doing oligarchic things, rather than conspiring with Trump
added: Thu Mar 30 04:31:11 2017

2 elderly people injured after escalator malfunctions in Kwai Chung
added: Thu Mar 30 04:28:22 2017

China, Japan island fight reignites with population push #Senkakus
added: Thu Mar 30 04:23:02 2017
tags: senkakus

they're actually mocking you 🙃. Chinese people mean something very different when they send you a smiley emoji
added: Thu Mar 30 04:21:22 2017

"Only Phoenix TV and Chinese-language daily Ming Pao were allowed to cover Lam’s visit to the school."
added: Thu Mar 30 04:21:00 2017

House votes to restrict EPA’s use of science
added: Thu Mar 30 04:11:03 2017

Providence pipeline rupture: "Witnesses reported a loud, ongoing roar in the area and seeing a haze over Route 195."
added: Thu Mar 30 02:49:00 2017

Socialists think that the struggle against racism is central to undoing the ruling class’s power.
added: Thu Mar 30 02:04:58 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Bernie Sanders: "We are already a grassroots party"
added: Thu Mar 30 01:40:42 2017

Ohio Prisoner On Hunger Strike Against Punishment For Netflix Documentary Enters Infirmary
added: Wed Mar 29 22:59:25 2017

So the Energy Department’s climate office has banned the use of the phrase “climate change”
added: Wed Mar 29 21:34:05 2017

Here's how much Comcast paid members of Congress to sell your browser history
added: Wed Mar 29 20:24:02 2017

It's not just your imagination: Metro Vancouver breaks 61-year-old rainfall record
added: Wed Mar 29 16:30:48 2017

<Inside #NorthKorea> Alert for Drone! Ammunition Distributed to Shoot Down! #DPRK
added: Wed Mar 29 13:42:20 2017
tags: dprk, northkorea

David Tennant explains why @DonJuanInSoho stays so topical
added: Wed Mar 29 13:12:02 2017

#Update: @Disney exec behind unauthorized China projects 'no longer an employee,' says spokesperson
added: Wed Mar 29 12:10:37 2017
tags: update

Nearly Extinct Tigers Found Breeding in Thai Jungle
added: Wed Mar 29 12:07:26 2017

Samsung faces `biggest test` with Galaxy S8 launch
added: Wed Mar 29 11:50:01 2017

ICYMI: After discovering Florida didn't track its own legal bills, @fineout did - and tallied $240M in expenses.
added: Wed Mar 29 11:46:40 2017

Mysterious Buyer of Trump’s Childhood Home Said to Be From China.(Of fucking course.)
added: Wed Mar 29 11:45:44 2017

Ever hear of natural gas assholes?
added: Wed Mar 29 11:42:23 2017

How does it feel to play second fiddle to China motherfuckers?
added: Wed Mar 29 11:40:31 2017

China says detained Taiwanese community college worker is a threat to its national security. It has yet to say why.
added: Wed Mar 29 11:40:01 2017

Poll: Majority of Jewish Israelis oppose ending 50-year military occupation -
added: Wed Mar 29 11:38:56 2017

Visit to China office was not made to give thanks, Chief Exec.-elect Carrie Lam says
added: Wed Mar 29 11:38:34 2017

Kushner and China's Anbang end Manhattan investment talks amid media and Congressional scrutiny
added: Wed Mar 29 11:30:05 2017

Hong Kong convicts 2 men for ivory possession after radiocarbon dating
added: Wed Mar 29 11:24:01 2017

LeEco’s $2 billion Acquisition of Vizio Stalls #Leeco #Vizio
added: Wed Mar 29 11:19:16 2017
tags: leeco, vizio

Tom Lowenstein wanted to write a death-penalty book. Instead, he found Philly had sent an innocent man to death row
added: Wed Mar 29 11:05:17 2017

Soybeans could surpass corn plantings amid solvency concerns for US farmers
added: Wed Mar 29 11:05:07 2017

‘Made in China 2025’ Initiative Gets New Boost #madeinchina #PBOC #manufacturing
added: Wed Mar 29 10:42:14 2017
tags: madeinchina, pboc, manufacturing

My story on why the Philippines rejected past Chinese #BenhamRise research requests:
added: Wed Mar 29 07:34:12 2017
tags: benhamrise

Just what the Middle East needs: A Chinese firm will make killer drones for the region at a factory in Saudi Arabia
added: Wed Mar 29 03:11:41 2017

Deep in the Amazon, a tiny tribe is beating big oil
added: Wed Mar 29 03:00:37 2017

By tracking every search, website + app we use, ad companies may exploit all our desires + insecurities. Horrifying.
added: Wed Mar 29 01:51:13 2017

4 Chinese HRDs face court hearings on 30-31 March, 2 of them for supporting #OccupyHK (#SuChanglan & #ChenQitang)
added: Tue Mar 28 22:13:15 2017
tags: occupyhk, suchanglan, chenqitang

Exclusive: As Democratic attorneys general target Trump, Republican AGs target them
added: Tue Mar 28 11:16:48 2017

Wang: China will need to worry not only about nuclear waste from DPRK but social stability in border areas
added: Tue Mar 28 11:16:17 2017

More arrests of Occupy protesters on the cards
added: Tue Mar 28 11:12:59 2017

I'm going to be on @democracynow this morning at 8 am to talk #seekingsanctuary w/@GregCasar. Watch live here:
added: Tue Mar 28 10:42:04 2017
tags: seekingsanctuary

Beijing holds meeting with steel execs to discuss overcapacity
added: Tue Mar 28 10:04:28 2017

Beijing development plan calls for more green space, cap on population
added: Tue Mar 28 10:04:16 2017

"Last year, China excluded thousands of U.S. websites from China yet hardly a word of protest out of DC"
added: Tue Mar 28 10:01:02 2017

Dressed in dark jackets and wearing earpieces, the team was on protective duty as Lam began her meet-the-public...
added: Tue Mar 28 10:00:10 2017

High leverage, missing exec and mystery. Remarkable story from China dairy firm Huishan after stock plunge last week
added: Tue Mar 28 09:56:39 2017

Marine A, who killed unarmed Taliban fighter, set to be freed in two weeks
added: Tue Mar 28 09:51:48 2017

MUST READ & SHARE/ China’s Extraordinary Response to the 11-Nation Letter Over the Torture of Human Rights Lawyers
added: Tue Mar 28 09:51:28 2017

#Taiwan ex-President Ma found not guilty in leaks case | Taiwan News
added: Tue Mar 28 09:45:49 2017
tags: taiwan

Embattled Chinese dairy loses contact with co-owner via @WSJ
added: Tue Mar 28 09:45:21 2017

Bengal beef dealers to meet Mamata Banerjee over UP crackdown
added: Tue Mar 28 09:45:01 2017

#China's Tsinghua Unigroup secures $22 billion to expand globally via @technology @business #tech
added: Tue Mar 28 08:46:55 2017
tags: tech, china

Scientists develop new rapid blood test to accelerate TB diagnosis!
added: Tue Mar 28 08:45:57 2017

People's Daily editorial blames poor state of China-Taiwan relations squarely on the Sunflower Movement #Taiwan
added: Tue Mar 28 08:45:44 2017
tags: taiwan

【堵塞漏洞】 【北京禁個人名義購住房】 北京推出新的商住房限購令,規定商業、辦公樓應嚴格按照規劃用途開發、銷售及使用。 新規定要求未經批准不得擅自改變為居住用途,而銷售對象應當是合法登記的企事業單位、社會組織。...
added: Tue Mar 28 08:45:12 2017

Jing-Jin-Ji: China Planning Megalopolis the Size of New England - let’s hope they get the pollution problem sorted
added: Tue Mar 28 08:43:14 2017

Hong Kong’s ever-longer escalators and commuter etiquette ‘heightening risk of accidents’
added: Tue Mar 28 08:38:04 2017

Hayman, Hamilton, Daydream and Long Islands were hit directly by Cyclone Debbie. @SimoLove #TCDebbie #7News
added: Tue Mar 28 08:37:52 2017
tags: 7news, tcdebbie

Warning that Beijing's military bases in #SouthChinaSea are ready for use
added: Tue Mar 28 08:33:37 2017
tags: southchinasea

Gmail, Messenger and WhatsApp spark Google Play fake review conspiracy
added: Tue Mar 28 06:19:09 2017

No fare changes will be made according to the statutory fare adjustment mechanism that …
added: Tue Mar 28 06:16:00 2017

Indigenous rights defender @jim_anaya urged to cancel Israel lecture
added: Tue Mar 28 06:15:24 2017

China-led AIIB approves $60 mln to finance Bangladesh gas project
added: Tue Mar 28 06:12:02 2017

Update: Tickets can be used for Nelly show or refunded
added: Tue Mar 28 06:09:45 2017

'Hong Kong people don’t accept Hong Kong hip-hop': MastaMic's political rhymes @varsitycuhk
added: Tue Mar 28 06:00:23 2017

ICE agents ambush home and shoot father who’s legally lived in US for 30 years
added: Mon Mar 27 22:49:01 2017

My latest for @TeenVogue is up, on two-factor authentication
added: Mon Mar 27 22:39:14 2017

#STND I-Cable lures investor but has to meet terms
added: Mon Mar 27 20:09:42 2017
tags: stnd

wow, rarely-seen #IIS #0day #exploit in the wild So, no patch as this is Windows 2003? /CC @msftsecresponse
added: Mon Mar 27 18:38:32 2017
tags: iis, exploit, 0day

China likely grabbed a 81 year old dissident from HK
added: Mon Mar 27 15:22:41 2017

Secret Video of a Women’s Rights Demonstration in China - great piece by @dktatlow h/t @halfthesky49
added: Mon Mar 27 13:57:43 2017

2/Hoping to revive upstate NY’s economy, @NYGovCuomo put billions into subsidies. The resulting job growth? Modest.
added: Mon Mar 27 12:25:06 2017

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny gets 15-day jail sentence for resisting police orders during protest
added: Mon Mar 27 12:22:09 2017

"The lost “Roman Camp” underneath Heathrow’s runway"
added: Mon Mar 27 12:20:51 2017

#Taiwan #Navy refutes media report that its fleet, Mudun 睦敦, will visit #Singapore this year
added: Mon Mar 27 11:48:04 2017
tags: taiwan, navy, singapore

North Korea’s Rising Ambition Seen in Bid to Breach Global Banks
added: Mon Mar 27 11:46:24 2017

Dozens & dozens sent to prison on drug & other charges. Local police framed & made up every single charge.
added: Mon Mar 27 11:46:04 2017

Ban liquor for poor across the country, consumption resulting in crimes: YSR Congress MP
added: Mon Mar 27 11:45:01 2017

Life under Russia not all it was cracked up to be: Crimean ex-leader
added: Mon Mar 27 11:42:09 2017

Brother seeks retrial for China ex-police chief facing death lesser told side of corruption story by @gillianwong
added: Mon Mar 27 11:33:43 2017

Univision anchor: GOP Congress is shunning us...
added: Mon Mar 27 11:31:08 2017

A female engineer turned down a job opportunity at Uber. The company's response stunned her.
added: Mon Mar 27 11:31:01 2017

Many cultures create a pseudo-social distance through text that does not mirror reality. Roman v. Huns is 1 example.
added: Mon Mar 27 10:42:12 2017

Kremlin rejects U.S., EU calls to free detained opposition protesters
added: Mon Mar 27 10:23:50 2017

Official probe debunks claims that "Jew-hating festival" took place in British Parliament
added: Mon Mar 27 10:19:25 2017

Bulldozing History: Ancient Uzbek City's UNESCO Status At Risk
added: Mon Mar 27 10:18:20 2017

Anger at key rail franchise award to Anglo-Chinese consortium
added: Mon Mar 27 10:02:53 2017

Only illegal slaughter houses shut in UP: Commerce Minister
added: Mon Mar 27 10:00:01 2017

Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from Pickens County, Alabama and Chattooga County, Georgia in US
added: Mon Mar 27 09:59:05 2017

Carrie Lam vows a new path during walking tour
added: Mon Mar 27 09:58:00 2017

People from countries with high levels of corruption were more likely to cheat in a simple dice-based game
added: Mon Mar 27 09:36:42 2017

Tomb with 500-year-old mummies of ancient couple unearthed in China.
added: Mon Mar 27 09:12:45 2017

Mar 27 1912 – 8000 Canadian railway workers strike for 9-hr day & minimum wage. Joe Hill writes a song in support:
added: Mon Mar 27 09:10:03 2017

China Jan-Feb industrial profits surge most in nearly 6 years as commodities rally
added: Mon Mar 27 09:00:25 2017

Arctic sea ice peaks in the winter. For the third year in a row, it’s at a record low
added: Mon Mar 27 09:00:02 2017

China's synthetic drugs problem expanding, says gov't
added: Mon Mar 27 08:58:10 2017

HSBC reportedly sacks 120 people in Hong Kong
added: Mon Mar 27 08:51:50 2017

World's biggest dinosaur footprints found in north-western Australia
added: Mon Mar 27 08:51:35 2017

'Chinese-American co-productions just don’t work, and it’s about time Hollywood realized it.'
added: Mon Mar 27 08:31:38 2017

#Confucianism, Morality and Chinese Diplomacy by Michael Reilly
added: Mon Mar 27 08:30:45 2017
tags: confucianism

Boffins crowdsource hunt for 'Planet 9'
added: Mon Mar 27 08:04:28 2017

EU poised 4 total ban on bee-harming pesticides - great; will UK keep it post-#brexit, or throw out as “green tape”
added: Mon Mar 27 08:02:13 2017
tags: brexit

Trump reportedly gave Merkel a fake $374 billion invoice for NATO defense
added: Mon Mar 27 08:02:03 2017

Land rights activist shot dead in Brazilian Amazon hospital - appalling; #brazil must do more to protect them
added: Mon Mar 27 08:00:55 2017
tags: brazil

Dave Chappelle crashed Chris Rock's show and performed a surprise routine
added: Mon Mar 27 08:00:30 2017

How an 18th-century monk invented electronic music (seriously)
added: Mon Mar 27 08:00:02 2017

Scientists turn spinach leaf into working human heart tissue
added: Mon Mar 27 07:59:01 2017

Download 55 Free Online Literature Courses: From Dante and Milton to Kerouac and Tolkien
added: Mon Mar 27 07:50:59 2017

Unlucky Seven: New #HongKong Chief Executive Gets Unfortunate Nickname via @bpolitics
added: Mon Mar 27 07:45:42 2017
tags: hongkong

It's a selection not election #CEelection #HongKong
added: Mon Mar 27 07:45:21 2017
tags: hongkong, ceelection

#HK gov "purposely delayed the action until after the CE selection to make sure it didn’t damage Carrie Lam’s bid"
added: Mon Mar 27 07:41:27 2017
tags: hk

The #Chinese Exec whose mining company is choking the life out of #Tibetans, polluting rivers & soils in Amdo region
added: Mon Mar 27 07:27:02 2017
tags: tibetans, chinese

Hong Kong firm MTR to help run South West Trains franchise in the UK - BBC News
added: Mon Mar 27 07:23:43 2017

Astonishingly foreign tourists to #China, world's rising superpower, fell 37% from 2007-15 #SoftPower @TheEconomist
added: Mon Mar 27 07:23:09 2017
tags: softpower, china

Ah, remember the hype from the Third Plenum in 2013?
added: Mon Mar 27 07:22:56 2017

Huishan Dairy fallout spreads as Chinese bank Tumbles 10% in Hong Kong via @markets
added: Mon Mar 27 07:10:40 2017

New threat to shipping in Red Sea - large improvised naval mines. #USNavy #MENA
added: Mon Mar 27 07:10:35 2017
tags: mena, usnavy

Planning Department disseminates Territorial Population and Employment Data Matrix data
added: Mon Mar 27 07:06:05 2017

Uber's culture woes continue as employee's complaint about escort bar visit surfaces
added: Mon Mar 27 07:05:29 2017

Man leading Russia links investigation says he has 'duty and obligation' to Donald Trump
added: Mon Mar 27 07:04:00 2017

Former aviation chief Norman Lo dies
added: Mon Mar 27 07:03:35 2017

Just saying, the statement from the local EU office didn't use the word "election" either...
added: Mon Mar 27 06:53:54 2017

Tell us what you think of APNIC's new set of APIs
added: Mon Mar 27 06:48:58 2017

Home ownership now out of reach for most young people, study finds
added: Mon Mar 27 06:47:21 2017

Don't link arrests to Chief Executive election, says pro-govt lawmakers
added: Mon Mar 27 06:46:50 2017

Doctor says he's found cure for one of world's deadliest illnesses
added: Mon Mar 27 06:45:00 2017

Man acquitted of rape because the woman didn't scream
added: Mon Mar 27 06:44:00 2017

Tanya Chan: trial on THU at Eastern District Court. Supporters gathering tonight MON 7:30 at police HQ for arrests
added: Mon Mar 27 06:43:12 2017

Jodhpur: 20-year-old girl burnt alive for protesting against chopping of trees
added: Mon Mar 27 06:42:00 2017

Celebrating diversity... #Dinosaurs
added: Mon Mar 27 06:40:31 2017
tags: dinosaurs

Facebook activated my dormant account and won’t let me deactivate it: Comments:
added: Mon Mar 27 06:40:02 2017

“This isn’t just my case being prosecuted, it’s prosecution against Hong Kong’s democracy” HKpolice charge activists
added: Mon Mar 27 06:36:12 2017

China keeps finding millions of people who never officially existed
added: Mon Mar 27 06:33:13 2017

Santander employs hundreds in UK on 1-hr contracts "You'll be guaranteed to be paid for at least 1 hour a month" Yay?
added: Mon Mar 27 05:59:35 2017

Carrie Lam may not have known charges against occupy leaders. What will she do when she takes office? See Taiwan:
added: Mon Mar 27 05:43:55 2017

Lawmaker slams government's move to charge Occupy protesters, "reconcilation by politcal cleansing"
added: Mon Mar 27 05:05:30 2017

China stops individuals from buying Beijing commercial property
added: Mon Mar 27 05:05:06 2017

The Night When Miles Davis Opened for the Grateful Dead in 1970:
added: Mon Mar 27 05:03:25 2017

Is Cambodia careening towards a single party dictatorship? Is it there already?
added: Mon Mar 27 04:50:06 2017

A Singapore opposition politician's experience of dissident Amos Yee’s US asylum hearing
added: Mon Mar 27 04:44:33 2017

Former pro-democracy student activists outed as part of Carrie Lam's team
added: Mon Mar 27 04:44:29 2017

In China 1% hold 1/4 of all wealth, while 1/3 of the population (430 million) struggle to just get by #inequality
added: Mon Mar 27 04:40:56 2017
tags: inequality

Banks linked to Huishan Dairy mostly lower
added: Mon Mar 27 04:35:26 2017

this mainland scholar they cite has written pieces for SCMP before. like this one
added: Mon Mar 27 04:28:46 2017

Researchers Discover A Surprising New Role for Lungs: Making Blood
added: Mon Mar 27 04:24:19 2017

What do you want to bet they forget all the iCloud backups.
added: Mon Mar 27 04:23:56 2017

Chinese companies Baidu and Tencent rank low in global accountability index
added: Mon Mar 27 04:22:22 2017

#Expat outrage: Changes to nationality law irk #Taiwan's foreign-born residents
added: Mon Mar 27 04:22:15 2017
tags: expat, taiwan

Redshirt Firebrand ‘Ko Tee’ Says He’s Fled Laos
added: Mon Mar 27 04:17:42 2017

latest iteration of u.s. navy's railgun project is looking more and more like something you could stick on a ship:
added: Mon Mar 27 04:16:29 2017

In China, "reform has to some extent fallen into stalemate.” Source: China's own official thinktank @chubailiang
added: Mon Mar 27 04:16:07 2017

Turkey summons Swiss envoy over Kurdish rally
added: Mon Mar 27 04:10:05 2017

Fabulous new images of Ellora
added: Mon Mar 27 04:06:00 2017

Four Indigenous teens reported missing in Western Brisbane in one day | NITV
added: Mon Mar 27 03:53:26 2017

China is scrambling to keep money in its borders. The limits are hitting Chinese efforts to buy real estate globally
added: Mon Mar 27 03:47:40 2017

Rich Chinese rush to get US investor visas before costs may soar
added: Mon Mar 27 03:03:20 2017

Huge news--with complicated implications--for family of Ramarley Graham and advocates seeking justice on his behalf:
added: Mon Mar 27 02:44:05 2017

A Chinese court has overturned a ruling against Apple over iPhone patents
added: Mon Mar 27 02:30:07 2017

In China, consumers have to be on guard not just against fake food, but also fake news about food by @echohuangy
added: Mon Mar 27 01:37:20 2017

A failure for Trump? In Michigan and Ohio, his voters tell me the debacle was everyone else's fault:
added: Mon Mar 27 00:23:14 2017

Does Steve Bannon really believe that PE and VC investments drove China's growth?
added: Sun Mar 26 22:35:12 2017

New from @AndrewSErickson & @KennedyMaritime “Hainan’s Maritime Militia: China Builds a Standing Vanguard, Pt. 1"
added: Sun Mar 26 21:29:36 2017

I talked to Trump voters in Trumpland Ohio about his lying. It was something:
added: Sun Mar 26 15:47:07 2017

How Republicans can hobble Obamacare even without repeal
added: Sun Mar 26 12:18:51 2017

This....does not seem wise.
added: Sun Mar 26 12:14:10 2017

"..her election confirms that Beijing would rather mollify the discontent here with force than compromise" #HKisdead
added: Sun Mar 26 12:12:46 2017
tags: hkisdead

Anbang chairman: “We have 300m rural migrants...What if we moved some of them to Canada rather than Beijing?”
added: Sun Mar 26 11:14:00 2017

Why don’t White people care about missing Black girls?
added: Sun Mar 26 11:00:01 2017

The Death of Paul Ryan, Policy Genius
added: Sun Mar 26 10:42:17 2017

Labour could vote against Brexit deal, Corbyn reveals
added: Sun Mar 26 10:40:51 2017

"The central government has intervened again and again," said a student. "It's very unjust." @jamespomfret @wu_venus
added: Sun Mar 26 10:35:58 2017

Hong Kong has a controversial new leader. What happens next?
added: Sun Mar 26 10:18:30 2017

this is quite embarrassing - why rando fintechs are probably not going to replace banks any time soon
added: Sun Mar 26 09:49:35 2017

"End-to-end encryption on messaging services is unacceptable" says British interior minister -
added: Sun Mar 26 09:38:59 2017

Ohio nightclub shooting LIVE: At least one killed, 14 injured in Cincinnati
added: Sun Mar 26 09:10:56 2017

Donald Trump's rhetoric could spark war in Balkans, warns EU chief
added: Sun Mar 26 09:10:23 2017

Retweeted The Economist (@TheEconomist): America is alone among rich countries in not providing some form of...
added: Sun Mar 26 09:06:19 2017

Slash EU regulations on wildlife protection and drug safety trials after Brexit, Michael Gove urges
added: Sun Mar 26 09:03:51 2017

Bay Area tech executives accused of H-1B visa fraud
added: Sun Mar 26 09:02:56 2017

FULL TEXT: In victory speech, Hong Kong chief executive-elect Carrie Lam vows to heal divisions, reach out to young
added: Sun Mar 26 08:22:53 2017

portspider - 🕷 A lightning fast multithreaded network scanner framework with modules.
added: Sun Mar 26 08:16:37 2017

Teen Bosch stars as Sharks carry on winning
added: Sun Mar 26 08:14:52 2017

She thought she'd saved her daughter from El Salvador's gangs, but they found her in the US
added: Sun Mar 26 08:11:29 2017

#WEBB Duo in court over using bogus quotations to secure HK$470k inspection and repair works
added: Sun Mar 26 07:35:19 2017
tags: webb

The North Atlantic may get its first-ever named storm in March next week
added: Sun Mar 26 07:30:09 2017

Turkish artist Zehra Dogan sentenced to two years in prison for... a painting:
added: Sun Mar 26 07:00:01 2017

15 months' jail for bribing immigation officers for entry to HK: Source: ICAC | Source date: 22-Mar-2017 19:20
added: Sun Mar 26 06:58:05 2017

Scientists 3D print a robot that walks away when complete. #3dprinting #robotics
added: Sun Mar 26 06:55:56 2017
tags: 3dprinting, robotics

.@wsj editorial: Beijing is "gradually turning Hong Kong into another Chinese city" as it rolls back its autonomy
added: Sun Mar 26 06:50:43 2017

Please see our full English statement responding to Carrie Lam’s victory in the CE election today.
added: Sun Mar 26 06:29:52 2017

UTS says "no comment" to China's barring of its staff Feng Chongyi from returning to Australia. How shameless!
added: Sun Mar 26 05:30:42 2017

all the ways that carrie lam has endeared herself to the ppl of hong kong
added: Sun Mar 26 05:09:03 2017

Best Lemons theme of the weekend as voted by the dogs attending Sears Pointless at…
added: Sun Mar 26 05:08:46 2017

@mtracey It's hard to blame them when they're getting fake news from sources like this, still not retracted:
added: Sun Mar 26 04:25:25 2017

The burn rate of Trump's White House staff seems pretty high.
added: Sun Mar 26 02:58:02 2017

Election protestors complain designated zones are too far away
added: Sun Mar 26 02:30:18 2017

Taiwanese political party urges China to account for missing human rights activist
added: Sun Mar 26 02:20:07 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong’s housing squeeze: the easy fix for next chief executive is ...
added: Sun Mar 26 02:09:11 2017
tags: scmp

Fights erupt at pro-Trump rally on California beach
added: Sun Mar 26 02:05:06 2017

Chinese pursuit of MoneyGram raises espionage fears The company is partly owned by the Communist government
added: Sun Mar 26 01:57:41 2017

記者查詢帶領「紅衫軍」的男子,他自稱「福建嘅」,但未能回答是甚麼團體。記者再問他們是撐哪位候選人,他邊搔頭邊答「唔記得咗個名」。 #特首選戰 【國旗前合照嗌「要見頭見樣」 紅衫青年撐邊個都唔知】...
added: Sun Mar 26 01:46:54 2017
tags: 特首選戰

【09:40】 【選管會:投票保密】 選管會主席馮驊表示,高度重視投票保密。 對於有報導指部份選委收到中聯辦電話後,改變投票意向,馮驊表示,選管會一般會收到投訴才會調查。 #有線新聞 #行政長官 #選舉 #特首 #中聯辦
added: Sun Mar 26 01:42:58 2017
tags: 特首, 有線新聞, 行政長官, 選舉, 中聯辦

White supremacist who stabbed NYC black man says it was practice for Times Square massacre.
added: Sun Mar 26 01:41:02 2017

Democrats Question Potential Kushner Deal With China's Anbang via @business
added: Sun Mar 26 01:38:54 2017

(Hopewell Centre is where #JohnTsang’s campaign HQ is. He talked to @pnashjenkins & me there: #HK #CEelection
added: Sun Mar 26 01:28:14 2017
tags: ceelection, hk, johntsang

#Taiwan announces huge stimulus package in face of uncertain times
added: Sun Mar 26 01:28:04 2017
tags: taiwan

Alex Jones apologizes for promoting ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy
added: Sun Mar 26 00:46:01 2017

@HaidiLun Worth a read
added: Sun Mar 26 00:37:04 2017

CCTV-studded, teargas-shooting, water-cannon-ed riot-control killdozer
added: Sat Mar 25 23:31:52 2017

@github just flagged the account of a pro-democracy political group in Hong Kong one day before the Election (
added: Sat Mar 25 17:33:33 2017

No one will deny Carrie is a nightmare but it doesn't mean we can put aside principles & endorse ProChina candidate.
added: Sat Mar 25 15:38:42 2017

"Chinese banks have bought most of Chinese issuers’ offshore bonds." Just think about that
added: Sat Mar 25 14:20:19 2017

“Democracy and Civic Tech’s Hard Slog in Hong Kong” by @aaronwytze
added: Sat Mar 25 14:02:01 2017

Check out @BOSCityCouncil's recent transportation policy briefing on parking management for more details:
added: Sat Mar 25 13:18:48 2017

North Dakota justifies eviction at Standing Rock to prevent "environmental catastrophe"…
added: Sat Mar 25 13:18:12 2017

Slides: CSUN 2017: Developer versus user
added: Sat Mar 25 12:57:50 2017

Tracing His Roots, Georgetown Employee Learns University Sold His Ancestor
added: Sat Mar 25 12:56:09 2017

#Japan gov't may ban Toshiba from selling chip business stake to #Chinese firm citing national security concerns
added: Sat Mar 25 12:50:01 2017
tags: chinese, japan

U.S. judge grants Singaporean blogger's asylum request
added: Sat Mar 25 12:35:06 2017

AP stylebook now allows the "singular they" in some instances
added: Sat Mar 25 12:10:31 2017

Belarus detains opposition leader #Nekliayev ahead of planned protest
added: Sat Mar 25 11:20:32 2017
tags: nekliayev

17-year-old British teen detects NASA data error, earns appreciation
added: Sat Mar 25 11:15:01 2017

Armed robber in pig mask opens fire at Las Vegas hotel
added: Sat Mar 25 11:11:40 2017

A universal basic income could add as much as $2 trillion in annual expenses to the U.S. budget.
added: Sat Mar 25 10:20:54 2017

China’s soccer spending spree was fueled by one political push—and will be foiled by another
added: Sat Mar 25 10:15:34 2017

Black Man Stabbed to Death by White Supremacist–Then Smeared by Media
added: Sat Mar 25 09:58:34 2017

Ministers to reverse universal credit policy for homeless families
added: Sat Mar 25 09:46:40 2017

【17:30 更新】至今共16人受傷,分送廣華及伊利沙伯醫院治理。 【朗豪坊壞梯】直擊扶手梯溜後 人疊人驚險一刻曝光 <--有片 【旺角朗豪坊「通天梯」急停 至少12人跌傷】...
added: Sat Mar 25 09:43:06 2017

Scientists just made electronic skin that's better than human skin
added: Sat Mar 25 09:42:22 2017

Enav: Is #Asia Lurching Toward War? #NKorea #China #Taiwan #Japan
added: Sat Mar 25 09:40:51 2017
tags: asia, china, nkorea, taiwan, japan

Democrat senators troll Trump with MAR-A-LAGO Act
added: Sat Mar 25 09:39:31 2017

Flynn, Turkish foreign minister discussed a plot to nab and whisk away Gulen from Pennsylvania in the dead of night
added: Sat Mar 25 09:36:13 2017

For @asiatimesonline on Amos Yee getting asylum in the US:
added: Sat Mar 25 09:33:25 2017

Why are Chinese moving to Malaysia by the thousands?
added: Sat Mar 25 09:28:15 2017

Trump blames Democrats 4 stunning failure to repeal Obamacare - you don't get more absurd - or desperate - than that
added: Sat Mar 25 09:28:14 2017

#HKFP ‘I am a Hongkonger’: How China loses the hearts of the city’s young generation vars…
added: Sat Mar 25 03:27:06 2017
tags: hkfp

Scoop: House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes disappeared off the radar, night before he made Trump surveillance claims:
added: Sat Mar 25 01:25:15 2017

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Fact Check: Trump’s Misleading Claims on the Health Bill Failure, via @nytimes
added: Sat Mar 25 00:48:25 2017

Breaking: California just voted to uphold its car emissions standards, setting up a face-off with Trump
added: Fri Mar 24 21:15:42 2017

New tool to generate spatial climate projections spanning the last 21,000 years @DamienFordham @EcographyJourna
added: Fri Mar 24 15:04:47 2017

EXPOSED: GOP helped Russia steel giant kill Buy America bill that would’ve given US govt steel contracts to US firms
added: Fri Mar 24 12:45:06 2017

Indiana woman voted for Trump. Now her husband is being deported.
added: Fri Mar 24 11:50:57 2017

#HongKong govt orders recall of all Brazilian meat
added: Fri Mar 24 11:48:32 2017
tags: hongkong

Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggled smartphones
added: Fri Mar 24 10:59:37 2017

Blood money... Another blow for hepatitis C and HIV sufferers
added: Fri Mar 24 10:57:41 2017

A river of rubbish: the ugly secret threatening #China's most beautiful city - really regrettable
added: Fri Mar 24 10:53:11 2017
tags: china

Bitcoin’s civil war threatens to blow up the cryptocurrency itself via @qz
added: Fri Mar 24 10:49:28 2017

Twitter explores subscription-based option for first time
added: Fri Mar 24 10:07:57 2017

Dalai Lama's plans to travel to Tibetan community in India angers China as it seeks to control succession via @FT
added: Fri Mar 24 10:05:39 2017

Why #Hainan shouldn't rely on #PropertyMarket fed by "pollution-fleeing realtors" to keep the island's economy going
added: Fri Mar 24 09:45:04 2017
tags: propertymarket, hainan

Source: @ICEgov is targeting cities that uphold the Fourth Amendment with raids. #FixedItForYou
added: Fri Mar 24 09:24:41 2017
tags: fixeditforyou

Criticizing China's FNGO law, we always mentioned a hypothetical non-profit music group being unable to visit China
added: Fri Mar 24 08:16:14 2017

DJB's unprofessional, overly-personal response is even more disappointing. Nobody should work for these people.
added: Fri Mar 24 07:23:21 2017

Banana plantation breaches protected forests:
added: Fri Mar 24 04:58:26 2017

As Hong Kong Chooses Its Next Leader, China Still Pulls the Strings – New York Times
added: Fri Mar 24 04:55:16 2017

UnionPay bars Chinese buyers from swiping for Hong Kong property
added: Fri Mar 24 04:50:40 2017

The very dodgy trial of an apparent political assassin in Cambodia
added: Fri Mar 24 04:42:15 2017

Here's even a video of Heritage's top health guy bragging at the signing of Romneycare that he helped write the law
added: Fri Mar 24 04:39:09 2017

In Dec. short seller Muddy Waters said China Huishan is “worth close to zero”
added: Fri Mar 24 04:37:25 2017

Shares in China's (once) largest dairy firm plummet 85% in minutes
added: Fri Mar 24 04:33:29 2017

Great story behind the story of @theintercept's awesome report on the Yemen raid
added: Thu Mar 23 21:59:53 2017

That awkward moment when Trump campaign manager who replaced the Russian spy is also a Russian spy #Manafort #Bannon
added: Thu Mar 23 18:01:57 2017
tags: bannon, manafort

EU-Japan FTA #JEFTA leaks confirm #ISDS is included in the trade deal #JapanLeaks
added: Thu Mar 23 15:24:01 2017
tags: japanleaks, jefta, isds

BREAKING: Israeli-American teen arrested for bomb threats against Jewish institutions worldwide
added: Thu Mar 23 12:20:26 2017

Fake mobile base stations spreading malware in China via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Mar 23 12:20:18 2017

Parliament attacker British-born, had been investigated over extremism concerns #Westminster
added: Thu Mar 23 12:19:04 2017
tags: westminster

Uncertain fate of Obamacare causes some hospitals to halt projects, hiring
added: Thu Mar 23 12:19:02 2017

VIDEO - Reporters - Crimea: dissidents subdued into silence
added: Thu Mar 23 12:18:07 2017

As promised, I moved #Python Gini calculator to cc0! See and Yay! #opensource #openscience
added: Thu Mar 23 12:17:14 2017
tags: python, opensource, openscience

U.S. diplomatic missions to identify "populations warranting increased scrutiny" :
added: Thu Mar 23 12:17:03 2017

China’s riskiest corporate borrowers are raising a record amount of debt overseas while fundraising less at home.
added: Thu Mar 23 12:16:29 2017

This is pretty creepy:
added: Thu Mar 23 11:55:13 2017

America refused to sign a letter criticising China on human rights and won't say why
added: Thu Mar 23 11:54:31 2017

Shooting of Putin critic an act of Russian 'state terrorism', says Ukraine President
added: Thu Mar 23 11:53:46 2017

#London Prime Minister May confirms that attacker was British born
added: Thu Mar 23 11:53:06 2017
tags: london

Better grid systems in UI design tools – (via @ryanlucas)
added: Thu Mar 23 11:53:01 2017

"...the death rate of midlife non-Hispanic white Americans had risen steadily since 1999 and is not easing up.”
added: Thu Mar 23 11:52:00 2017

White woman says she was abducted & gang-raped by 3 Black men. It was all a staged hoax. She made it all up. 2017.
added: Thu Mar 23 11:51:23 2017

Manafort is gone, but his business associate remains a key part of Trump’s operation
added: Thu Mar 23 11:50:10 2017

Microsoft Word File Spreads Malware Targeting Both Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows :
added: Thu Mar 23 11:21:23 2017

Nearly 2,000 police on election duty in case of unrest via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Mar 23 11:21:05 2017

Once-Poor County Builds New Model for Property Development #property #developers
added: Thu Mar 23 11:20:18 2017
tags: developers, property

Reporter Eric Lipton explains how the Federalist Society & Judicial Crisis Network push to reshape the judiciary:
added: Thu Mar 23 11:20:13 2017

Brexit will only mean more money laundering scandals like ‘Global Laundromat’
added: Thu Mar 23 11:20:01 2017

Chinese cinemas punished for box office fraud
added: Thu Mar 23 11:19:07 2017

#london attacker: "some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism" -
added: Thu Mar 23 11:18:15 2017
tags: london

NEW COVER: Inside Alabama's auto jobs boom - cheap wages, little training and crushed limbs
added: Thu Mar 23 11:10:32 2017

White man traveled to New York to kill black men and ‘make a statement,’ police say
added: Thu Mar 23 10:54:48 2017

The charts in this piece are stark:
added: Thu Mar 23 10:30:44 2017

Good read: The Unlikely Populist: John Tsang's Fight For Hong Kong's Top Job via @pocket
added: Thu Mar 23 10:21:10 2017

Corporate #Taiwan trying to wean itself off #China- Nikkei Asian Review
added: Thu Mar 23 09:53:04 2017
tags: china, taiwan

#Taiwan unveils US$29 billion stimulus amid uncertainty over #US, #China
added: Thu Mar 23 09:52:43 2017
tags: china, us, taiwan

Republican governors have rapidly emerged as a bloc of opposition to President Trump's budget cuts
added: Thu Mar 23 09:41:07 2017

Little choice for Hong Kong as leadership change exposes tensions with China
added: Thu Mar 23 08:29:42 2017

Why is China investing in Silicon Valley start ups doing sensitive tech? Our story @janeperlez, @paulmozur
added: Thu Mar 23 08:28:28 2017

The FBI is still struggling to employ hackers because they’re all smoking weed
added: Thu Mar 23 07:35:00 2017

Twitter's cofounder wants Medium readers to pay $5 a month to fix ‘broken’ media
added: Thu Mar 23 07:33:49 2017

People making lots of noise on HK leadership election. But the fact that it never moved HSI by a bit is telling!
added: Thu Mar 23 07:32:11 2017

Wyclef Jean Calls on BLM and ACLU to Aid Investigation of Wrongful Detainment; Sheriff Issues Apology
added: Thu Mar 23 07:30:42 2017

India: Auto Workers Protest Life Sentences in 2012 Plant Uprising Case
added: Thu Mar 23 07:30:19 2017

China's coastal sea levels hit record highs in 2016, spelling disaster
added: Thu Mar 23 07:30:01 2017

Luxembourg court denies Iran demand to unblock assets
added: Thu Mar 23 07:29:07 2017

Zombie companies are #China's real problem, Peterson's Lardy says via @markets @business #Boao
added: Thu Mar 23 07:19:25 2017
tags: boao, china

Chief exec. candidate Carrie Lam finally visits twice-'snubbed' Tin Shui Wai town
added: Thu Mar 23 07:04:29 2017

Happiness report devastating for China: percap GDP up 5-fold, but "well-being today is probably less than in 1990"
added: Thu Mar 23 06:45:38 2017

Life should be good again for China’s insurance giants, writes @JYang_in_HK.
added: Thu Mar 23 06:29:40 2017

Spain to deport Taiwanese citizens to China
added: Thu Mar 23 06:25:41 2017

He was Pol Pot's personal secretary as Khmer Rouge turned Cambodia into killing fields. Now? A prosperous banker
added: Thu Mar 23 04:15:38 2017

A new amendment to the AHCA may allow insurers to stop covering doctor's visits, prescriptions, and hospital stays.
added: Thu Mar 23 03:40:35 2017

Newt Gingrich: America must defeat "left-wing mythology that you can be multicultural and still be a single country"
added: Thu Mar 23 02:58:06 2017

Urgent. Domestic Terrorism A white man traveled to NYC, fueled w/ hate for Black men, & killed #TimothyCaughman.
added: Thu Mar 23 02:35:43 2017
tags: timothycaughman Tourism chief urges media to tone down news on extrajudicial killings
added: Thu Mar 23 01:20:25 2017

It is absolutely wild that this has barely registered as a national story.
added: Thu Mar 23 01:03:12 2017

Detained in '14 for supporting #OccupyHK, #WangZang & family've been evicted 9 times, wife's mental health suffering
added: Thu Mar 23 00:55:04 2017
tags: occupyhk, wangzang

Fishing Cats Quietly Slink Out of Existence in Southeast Asia:
added: Thu Mar 23 00:16:22 2017

Interestingly, only three states required insurers to cover prescription drugs pre-ACA.
added: Wed Mar 22 23:01:01 2017

"The reality is #China has taken a U-turn from decades of reform and opening.”—@21CenturyChina Chair @SusanShirk1
added: Wed Mar 22 21:15:10 2017
tags: china

In other #SCOTUS news, justices debate police liability, victims’ rights in officer-involved shooting case
added: Wed Mar 22 21:06:19 2017
tags: scotus

Secretive EU-Japan trade deal to be finalised away from public eye. See civil society statement: #JEFTA #ISDS
added: Wed Mar 22 14:36:13 2017
tags: jefta, isds

NEW REPORT: From 2005-2014, Americans cut diet-related climate-warming pollution by 10%. vi…
added: Wed Mar 22 13:27:59 2017

Profits rise 6 percent at Li Ka-shing's CK Hutchison, beats forecast
added: Wed Mar 22 13:27:38 2017

Lithuanian scammer posed as Asian contractor to swindle US tech giants out of $100M
added: Wed Mar 22 13:26:40 2017

Unpaywall: The Browser Add-on That Finds (Legal) Free Copies Of Academic Papers You See As You Browse Web #rickypo
added: Wed Mar 22 13:14:06 2017
tags: rickypo

|@AP via @EdWeek: Plan to Shut Detroit's Failing Schools Reveals Lack of Options- SRO "move triggered panic" #MichEd
added: Wed Mar 22 12:35:28 2017
tags: miched

Ancient shrimp fossil named after David Attenborough
added: Wed Mar 22 12:35:01 2017

New estimates reveal the huge scale of tax avoidance by multinationals globally Here &here
added: Wed Mar 22 12:34:49 2017

#TressOfMumbai Green Souls ( ) show us how to use... used plastic bottles
added: Wed Mar 22 12:33:46 2017
tags: tressofmumbai

Note Sublette County, WY. Population 4500. Compare to LA with 4,500,000. 3 orders of magnitude. Same ozone.
added: Wed Mar 22 12:26:45 2017

Red-light camera grace period goes from 0.1 to 0.3 seconds, Chicago to lose $17M by @cfarivar
added: Wed Mar 22 11:11:08 2017

Situation appears dire in #Peru- very heavy rains still in the forecast too! 😭 🇵🇪
added: Wed Mar 22 11:08:12 2017
tags: peru

Legislative Council Question 5: Insulting public officers enforcing the laws
added: Wed Mar 22 11:08:08 2017

This 50 Year-Old Economics Book Helps Explain the Corporate Republic We Live In
added: Wed Mar 22 11:06:34 2017

China's Sinopec to buy stake in Chevron's S.African oil assets for $900 mln
added: Wed Mar 22 11:04:09 2017

Latest with @JeffHorwitz --> @AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
added: Wed Mar 22 11:01:29 2017

Shipping company, captain set to be charged for transporting Singapore military vehicles into Hong Kong from Taiwan.
added: Wed Mar 22 11:00:07 2017

Is the gig economy rigged?
added: Wed Mar 22 11:00:01 2017

Donald Trump just published a list of alleged crimes committed by immigrants. Hitler did this too
added: Wed Mar 22 10:58:41 2017

Money is not going to save the curlew in the rural Irish landscape, only a ban on neonicotinoid insecticides will
added: Wed Mar 22 10:56:53 2017

Beijing's trust vital than popularity, says tycoon Li Ka-shing
added: Wed Mar 22 10:55:23 2017

#Canada has removed genuflecting to the Iranian revolution from its foreign policy consensus, says @TerryGlavin.
added: Wed Mar 22 10:54:14 2017
tags: canada

Facebook demographics analysis reveals several startling truths
added: Wed Mar 22 10:40:52 2017

China Shelves Central Asia Gas Plan – Analysis
added: Wed Mar 22 10:39:55 2017

"...McCarthy-era lawyer Roy Cohn, who counseled Mr. Trump never to give in or concede error."
added: Wed Mar 22 10:39:46 2017

Philippines complains drug war reports hurting tourism > Interestingly, Thailand's failed drug war never hit tourism
added: Wed Mar 22 10:39:19 2017

Bangkok's officials continue shutting down one of the things that makes Bangkok special: vibrant street culture
added: Wed Mar 22 10:35:56 2017

A turnaround for the ages: Dislike for China outstrips Japan in South Korea #softpower
added: Wed Mar 22 10:34:40 2017
tags: softpower

A.I. Expert at Baidu, Andrew Ng, Resigns From Chinese Search Giant
added: Wed Mar 22 10:34:38 2017

Kansas Republicans Are Finally Embracing Obamacare—Just As Trump Is Trying to Kill It
added: Wed Mar 22 10:32:31 2017

Commenters who argued that chattel slavery was distinct from indentured servitude were marked w/ triple parentheses
added: Wed Mar 22 10:26:33 2017

196 ex #HK #CableNews staff write open letter to mgmt urging them to keep station going #tags via @twitterdev
added: Wed Mar 22 09:14:26 2017
tags: tags, hk, cablenews

#MYANMAR - Almost 1000 TONNES of illegal #timber seized by military in Northern Shan state: via @BurmaNewsInt
added: Wed Mar 22 09:06:18 2017
tags: timber, myanmar

China denies reports of building on disputed shoal
added: Wed Mar 22 09:04:54 2017

China steel, iron ore extend losses as speculators cut bets
added: Wed Mar 22 09:04:39 2017

Jesus's tomb is being reopened
added: Wed Mar 22 09:04:26 2017

South Koreans now hate China even more than Japan, new opinion polls says
added: Wed Mar 22 08:51:02 2017

No Charges In Death Of Inmate After Forced Prison Shower
added: Wed Mar 22 08:00:06 2017

Israel warns it will destroy Syria's air defense if they dare to attack Israeli jets again
added: Wed Mar 22 07:58:01 2017

Time to bury a long-held assumption. An assessment of protest-frequency in authoritarian regimes by Andreas Schedler
added: Wed Mar 22 07:54:10 2017

UNICEF decries sale of Cambodian breast milk to US mothers -- @AFP
added: Wed Mar 22 07:53:11 2017

Legislative Council Question 7: Charges for provision of services for search of registers and records through…
added: Wed Mar 22 07:49:09 2017

Legislative Council Question 4: Electricity charges for tenants of sub-divided units
added: Wed Mar 22 07:49:07 2017

Legislative Council Question 6: Support services for street sleepers
added: Wed Mar 22 07:49:06 2017

The standard involved is WAPI, Chinese WiFi standard rejected by the ISO and subject of a US-China trade dispute:
added: Wed Mar 22 07:47:51 2017

CentralDoc#4 allegedly proposes enshrining Xi Jinping thought in Party charter, lifting 2-term limitation for Presid
added: Wed Mar 22 07:44:48 2017

Jared Kushner lobbied UK to oppose UNSC settlements resolution—a month before Trump took office. (And he failed.)
added: Wed Mar 22 07:35:53 2017

2 years behind bars for student who set fire to bin outside Hong Kong legislature
added: Wed Mar 22 07:24:39 2017

#China's new bond rules fuel concerns that yield hunters may face losses via @markets @business
added: Wed Mar 22 06:13:23 2017
tags: china

Of 33 speakers at Maryland hearing who want stringent immigration laws, 27 were Chinese American.
added: Wed Mar 22 06:12:40 2017

Beset by delays, Myanmar-China oil pipeline nears start-up
added: Wed Mar 22 06:09:46 2017

Chinese developers post 2016 profit growth as bubble worries linger
added: Wed Mar 22 06:09:21 2017

Chuck Barris, ‘Gong Show’ Host, Dies at 87
added: Wed Mar 22 05:32:51 2017

Opinion: Hong Kong’s rule of law depends on people’s values, not foreign judges
added: Wed Mar 22 05:00:17 2017

Why Arendt Matters: Revisiting “The Origins of Totalitarianism” - Los Angeles Review of Books
added: Wed Mar 22 04:54:11 2017

Hong Kong fireman in coma after rescuing hikers in Ma On Shan | #hongkong #hiking #safetyfirst
added: Wed Mar 22 04:50:50 2017
tags: safetyfirst, hiking, hongkong

Exclusive: North Korea has no fear of U.S. sanctions move, will pursue nuclear arms - envoy
added: Wed Mar 22 04:44:04 2017

Love these comments: "There will be no uprising bc ppl in China approve of their govt." "Yes, we are awesome people"
added: Wed Mar 22 04:31:05 2017

This Is The Murky Story Behind The Stem Cell 'Clinical Trial' That Left Three Women Blind #bioethics
added: Wed Mar 22 03:54:22 2017
tags: bioethics

Breaking news @BBC: "A North Korean missile launch has failed, South Korean defence officials said."
added: Wed Mar 22 03:42:35 2017

Type Manipulation: Escaping Template Sandboxes : cc @snyksec
added: Wed Mar 22 03:37:30 2017

WSJ Op-ed: “Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”
added: Wed Mar 22 01:38:45 2017

Russian lawyer involved in corruption investigation falls from apartment
added: Wed Mar 22 00:48:01 2017

#Trump didn't lie, Jeffrey Lord says on CNN. He just speaks a different language — ‘Americanese.’ Holy shit.
added: Tue Mar 21 20:02:19 2017
tags: trump

Whoa. Turns out Trump Tower was 2011. 30 people were arrested. Guess who they were? Russians.
added: Tue Mar 21 18:38:55 2017

Dijsselbloem under fire for claiming southern eurozone spent money on ‘alcohol & women.’ The rest we just wasted
added: Tue Mar 21 16:41:37 2017

"No matter how aggressively Trump moves next, the strategic balance has shifted decidedly in Beijing’s favor"
added: Tue Mar 21 16:19:32 2017

China’s outrageous offer to India for settling the border dispute: Give us all the territory via @qzindia
added: Tue Mar 21 16:06:07 2017

“When Chinese people come to Hong Kong now, they like to act like they are operating in their colony."
added: Tue Mar 21 12:29:50 2017

Whiteboard problems in pure Lambda Calculus - Lambda calculus playground -…
added: Tue Mar 21 12:29:05 2017

While Nobody's Watching, Paul Ryan Is Taking A Sledgehammer To Medicaid's Promise To Seniors
added: Tue Mar 21 12:29:02 2017

6,000 people rescued from the Mediterranean in the last few days, IOM (@UNmigration) says
added: Tue Mar 21 12:28:49 2017

Related @DetNews: Detroit school district sues to head off closures (by Gov Snyder's School Reform Office) #MichEd
added: Tue Mar 21 12:27:20 2017
tags: miched

Focusing on international rather than local causes of #terrorism has been a mistake for Africa. ISS for @Newsweek
added: Tue Mar 21 12:22:01 2017
tags: terrorism

Read the tea leaves: D.Tsang started it, CY expanded it, but now CCP wants it gone. #purge #cronyism #HKiscorrupt
added: Tue Mar 21 12:17:53 2017
tags: purge, hkiscorrupt, cronyism

MTR clings to bitter formula, but offers sweetener
added: Tue Mar 21 11:53:42 2017

Trump’s proposed hike to military spending is bigger than all but two countries’ entire budgets
added: Tue Mar 21 11:40:01 2017

Police Investigate Guangdong Homeless Shelter Deaths #Homeless #Guangdong #shelter
added: Tue Mar 21 11:05:26 2017
tags: guangdong, shelter, homeless

Cisco Says CIA Can Exploit 318 of Its Switches, Promises Fix via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Mar 21 11:01:24 2017

@AJEnglish More info:
added: Tue Mar 21 11:01:10 2017

Is Trump Going to Punt on H-1B Visa Reform?
added: Tue Mar 21 10:30:28 2017

Jesus's tomb to be unveiled to public after $4m restoration
added: Tue Mar 21 10:30:07 2017

"Despite being illegal, clearing peat land by fire remains widespread in Indonesia" transmigration by fire.
added: Tue Mar 21 10:21:16 2017

HTML semantics @whatwg: developers contorting themselves to fit their code into alt-truth outline
added: Tue Mar 21 09:58:33 2017

Chansue, the vet: “At 10:10am she went with peace...She is my friend, teacher and patient.”
added: Tue Mar 21 09:55:39 2017

Investment by China's state-owned companies is resurgent via @WSJecon
added: Tue Mar 21 09:55:33 2017

A tragic milestone in the EU’s treatment of refugees #StopTheDeal
added: Tue Mar 21 09:49:06 2017
tags: stopthedeal

This map reveals Wi-Fi passwords for airports around the world
added: Tue Mar 21 09:36:22 2017

Stamp duty on pre-sold units is one of the factors that has spurred recent rise in Hong Kong house prices.
added: Tue Mar 21 09:13:51 2017

Chinese TV drama under fire for naming President Jinping as 'traitor' in a scene Read…
added: Tue Mar 21 09:11:14 2017

BREAKING: Manchester United confirm Bastian Schweinsteiger is leaving to join Chicago Fire
added: Tue Mar 21 09:08:56 2017

US to boycott UN meeting to discuss Israeli and Palestinian conflict, citing anti-Israel bias
added: Tue Mar 21 09:07:30 2017

#Africa: African governments learn to block the internet, but at cost #KeepItOn via @ABC
added: Tue Mar 21 09:07:02 2017
tags: africa, keepiton

Books for girls, about girls: the publishers trying to balance the bookshelves
added: Tue Mar 21 08:56:02 2017

Members of the ISIS-inspired group are not in the country's capital, based on military intelligence
added: Tue Mar 21 08:52:00 2017

Is it too late to save Hong Kong from Beijing’s authoritarian grasp?
added: Tue Mar 21 08:24:54 2017

Officially, Henryk Ross took propaganda photos for the Nazis. Unofficially, he recorded the realities of ghetto life
added: Tue Mar 21 08:21:02 2017

excellent & important piece on growing neo-fascist movements in central europe, by @ricklyman
added: Tue Mar 21 08:17:53 2017

Quick Take: HTC Sells Shanghai Factory #HTC #telecoms #Shanghai
added: Tue Mar 21 08:06:44 2017
tags: telecoms, shanghai, htc

What a touching and beautifully vibrant democracy! Israel compiling database of its own citizens who support BDS
added: Tue Mar 21 05:47:27 2017

Forest Ranger Sacked For Poaching in His Own Forest
added: Tue Mar 21 05:46:07 2017

A Jeep Wrangler can cost $30,000 more in China than the US. Why? Taxes on imported cars. by @KeithBradsher
added: Tue Mar 21 04:16:02 2017

International coalition of aluminum producers complains Beijing allowing output to explode. Who's surprised? Anyone?
added: Tue Mar 21 03:50:28 2017

Can any of the EU member states who decided not to sign this please explain their thinking? #RSDL
added: Tue Mar 21 01:44:47 2017
tags: rsdl

Czech zoo dehorns rhinos to save them from poachers
added: Mon Mar 20 23:40:15 2017

Crackdown against opposition politicians and activists in #Cambodia has cast a “dark shadow” ahead of elections
added: Mon Mar 20 23:38:03 2017
tags: cambodia

Study: Fake news more likely to be trusted if shared by the right person
added: Mon Mar 20 23:37:19 2017

The Netflix turnaround on net neutrality is exactly why you’d want net neutrality to exist.
added: Mon Mar 20 22:23:38 2017

Struts2 was not only vulnerable through Content-Type header. I reported a different vector via multipart filename
added: Mon Mar 20 15:07:56 2017

What do you think of these comments from Han writers on Han-Uyghur relations?
added: Mon Mar 20 14:48:10 2017

拍片呼籲市民將殘體字書下架 #鄭錦滿 正式被控盜竊周四上庭
added: Mon Mar 20 12:27:40 2017
tags: 鄭錦滿

Despite Carrie Lam’s nickname “CY 2.0”, I am reasonably optimistic that she would make a better chief executive...
added: Mon Mar 20 11:30:27 2017

A professor said women had the right to know the sex of their foetus and people were outraged
added: Mon Mar 20 10:27:56 2017

UN official 'pressured to withdraw report accusing Israel of apartheid by bosses'
added: Mon Mar 20 10:27:27 2017

Redshirt Fugitive Claims Junta Planted Guns in House
added: Mon Mar 20 10:24:24 2017

Pro-Beijing group demands charges against Occupy protest leaders
added: Mon Mar 20 10:22:17 2017

#Taiwan President Tsai @iingwen: govt attaches high importance to TW-@Japan ties
added: Mon Mar 20 10:19:20 2017
tags: taiwan

During campaign, Trump talked tough on anti-trust. Mkts say he'll be gentle as kitten. by…
added: Mon Mar 20 08:59:46 2017

7,000 underground gas bubbles poised to 'explode' in Arctic
added: Mon Mar 20 08:57:04 2017

Let mothers pick hospital, says Hong Kong woman who lost baby at overstretched ward by…
added: Mon Mar 20 08:56:54 2017

Go check our selection of photos from an incredible race at @Milano_Sanremo #UCIWT #MSR17
added: Mon Mar 20 07:58:30 2017
tags: uciwt, msr17

Donald Trump kicked One Direction out of his hotel after they refused to meet his daughter
added: Mon Mar 20 07:49:06 2017

REPORT: Dog meat in #SouthKorea: Has infamous Moran Market really closed?
added: Mon Mar 20 07:44:01 2017
tags: southkorea

海域裡面嘅生物都俾你哋炸死晒喇… :( 【擱淺抹香鯨海域 漁民雷管炸魚】 #動物蘋台
added: Mon Mar 20 07:42:20 2017
tags: 動物蘋台

#BREAKING 'Sustainably-certified' #Shrimp #Trawler arrested as part of #OpSolaStella:…
added: Mon Mar 20 07:38:21 2017
tags: trawler, shrimp, opsolastella, breaking

#Trump expected to announce new arms sales to #Taiwan after his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping next month
added: Mon Mar 20 07:32:08 2017
tags: taiwan, trump Fantastic reporting here, @nvanderklippe, a tour-de-force.
added: Mon Mar 20 07:31:29 2017

Carrie Lam's PR team apologized in Simplified Chinese after complaints of incommunicado with press
added: Mon Mar 20 07:28:21 2017

Qualcomm’s new mobile platform brings 4G to feature phones
added: Mon Mar 20 07:23:21 2017

China-Hong Kong "bond connect" will achieve double happiness @petesweeneypro
added: Mon Mar 20 07:21:37 2017

This is exactly what Stalin did in order to keep an eye on the Red Army
added: Mon Mar 20 07:19:09 2017

Suspicious cellular activity in D.C. suggests monitoring of individuals' smartphones - CBS News
added: Mon Mar 20 07:16:56 2017

No territorial disputes between Malaysia and China in South China Sea: Malaysia Minister
added: Mon Mar 20 06:58:30 2017

@nktpnd @JKynge good background on China's sway in Sri Lanka in this Quartz piece:
added: Mon Mar 20 04:59:59 2017

Meet the secretive billionaire whose smartphone brands outfoxed Apple in China. He's obsessed with Apple.
added: Mon Mar 20 04:55:48 2017

Note the evil foreign criminal (redundant) at 0:58. Thanks to faithful viewer Vik Tor for the heads up!
added: Mon Mar 20 04:53:08 2017

China is pretending like it didn’t just raise interest rates
added: Mon Mar 20 04:30:14 2017

US to confront China over 'unacceptable' auto policies: Report
added: Mon Mar 20 04:25:06 2017

Brazil Reassures Foreign Countries After Rotten Meat Scandal
added: Mon Mar 20 04:20:44 2017

Former Law Student: Gorsuch Told Class Women 'Manipulate' Maternal Leave
added: Mon Mar 20 04:19:05 2017

ISPs want to sell your web browsing history to advertisers, argue this is not sensitive data. #ami
added: Mon Mar 20 04:05:52 2017
tags: ami

Straight From the US State Department: The 'Pivot' to Asia Is Over
added: Mon Mar 20 03:55:30 2017

Sound familiar? Using Spec-Ops Against Terrorism, Trump Seeks to Avoid Big Ground Wars, via @nytimes @EricSchmittNYT
added: Mon Mar 20 03:52:18 2017

Income gains going to top 1% in 1954-7: 5% 1975-9: 25% 2009-12: 95%
added: Mon Mar 20 03:43:58 2017

It's a myth that nothing can be done to stop mass shootings
added: Mon Mar 20 03:25:49 2017

Whenever I see someone tout the benefits of privatization, a big "Citation needed" flashes in my head.
added: Mon Mar 20 03:24:49 2017

Just in! MND Confirms #China's DF-16 Medium-Range Ballistic Missile Deployed Against #Taiwan
added: Mon Mar 20 03:24:38 2017
tags: china, taiwan

GT claims Tillerson's use of "mutual respect" / "win-win" 'implicitly endorsed new model of major power relations':
added: Mon Mar 20 02:44:30 2017

A reader commented: "Do you sore fucking losers never give it a god damned rest? The bitch lost the election."
added: Sun Mar 19 18:36:24 2017

An annual Africa trade meeting was held with no Africans. Visas for all 100 African delegates were denied by the US.
added: Sun Mar 19 17:11:42 2017

"there's (still) no magic bullet": a deep dive into gory bits of AWS cost and resource optimization by @rbranson:
added: Sun Mar 19 17:00:13 2017

Sanders on Dem Party elites: "They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats.”
added: Sun Mar 19 16:32:16 2017

In China debut, Tillerson appears to hand Beijing a diplomatic victory Great quotes by @elyratner (and me).
added: Sun Mar 19 16:25:22 2017

Teenager murdered by ex-boyfriend after police fined her for wasting their time over fears about him
added: Sun Mar 19 16:09:56 2017

US charges #Russian intelligence agents with 2015 #YahooBreach @SCmagazineUK @MetzgerSC
added: Sun Mar 19 15:03:02 2017
tags: yahoobreach, russian

"We were all kind of like shocked. Like 'Oh no, not him.' " More at @teamtrace:
added: Sun Mar 19 15:03:01 2017

Skin creams containing paraffin 'causing people to catch fire and die'
added: Sun Mar 19 15:02:55 2017

.@FareedZakaria predicts a "handover of power from the US to China"
added: Sun Mar 19 14:15:36 2017

Oh look, another edition of "racist people (or people who voted for racism) angry at being called racist."
added: Sun Mar 19 14:04:20 2017

21 psychological tricks that will help you ace any job interview
added: Sun Mar 19 13:36:44 2017

Germany supports group behind Turkish coup attempt: Erdogan spokesman
added: Sun Mar 19 13:35:05 2017

US prison guards who held black, schizophrenic inmate in shower until he died won't be charged
added: Sun Mar 19 13:08:00 2017

The trolling of reviews is a big problem. Surprised it's taken this long to start to fix it.
added: Sun Mar 19 13:07:32 2017

【西安地鐵電纜被指不合規格】 陝西省西安市地鐵及市政府成立調查組,調查去年 11 月通車的地鐵三號線,涉嫌偷工減料事件。 早前有網民揭發,指三號線所用的電纜偷工減料,項生產指標都不符合地鐵施工標準,存在安全隱患 。...
added: Sun Mar 19 13:00:04 2017

China has finally developed a taste for lobster—and it’s keeping Maine fishermen flush with cash
added: Sun Mar 19 12:54:20 2017

Under trumpcare 64yr old low income trump voter now paying $1,700 for health insurance would see a rise to $14,600
added: Sun Mar 19 12:54:20 2017

China Kicks Property Tax to the Curb—For Now - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
added: Sun Mar 19 12:54:07 2017

An intricate web ties the woman who paid $16 million for Trump’s condo to China’s power elite
added: Sun Mar 19 12:51:37 2017

One way some governments prevent opposing groups from organizing online is by denying them Web access to begin with.
added: Sun Mar 19 12:07:01 2017

Draft rules from China's central bank would make Bitcoin exchanges verify clients' identity
added: Sun Mar 19 12:06:15 2017

North Korea tests newly developed high-thrust rocket engine
added: Sun Mar 19 12:05:24 2017

Hardline priest's elevation a sign Modi is moving toward Hindu India
added: Sun Mar 19 12:05:08 2017

China Reduces Number of Larung Gar Dwellings Marked For Destruction
added: Sun Mar 19 12:02:09 2017

G.O.P.’s Health Care Tightrope Winds Through the Blue-Collar Midwest, via @nytimes
added: Sun Mar 19 12:00:48 2017

【#曾俊華:香港是世界三大金融中心?】 #即時FactCheck不斷更新: 曾俊華:「作為世界三大金融中心之一,香港領袖除了要豐富行政經驗,擁護核心價值之外,還要了解經濟金融,有國際視野和網絡,帶領我們繼續發展。」
added: Sun Mar 19 12:00:05 2017
tags: 曾俊華, 即時factcheck不斷更新

Philippines' Duterte says can't stop China developing shoal
added: Sun Mar 19 11:55:52 2017

'Neo-Nazis' plan White Pride march on same day as Sikh religious festival
added: Sun Mar 19 10:46:58 2017

HK's TVB blurred out Taiwan flags in a program about Yuan Is Here (TW resto in Sai Ying Pun)
added: Sun Mar 19 07:23:44 2017

@kemc @melissakchan from the source at the top I re-drew the translated version
added: Sun Mar 19 05:32:28 2017

Chinese children protest against Seoul’s Thaad defence system
added: Sun Mar 19 05:10:36 2017

Palestinians shocked at craven UN climbdown from report on Israeli Apartheid
added: Sun Mar 19 05:05:04 2017

Not long ago Tillerson threatened naval blockade in South China Sea. Today, 'enhancing understanding' w/ Xi Jinping
added: Sun Mar 19 04:42:52 2017

Gab Battaglia at SCMP explains the linkage between Tibet, an ISIS vidoe, and China’s current crackdown in Xinjiang:
added: Sun Mar 19 04:25:58 2017

KMT declares existence of a billion US dollars in gold bonds issued to it by the ROC
added: Sun Mar 19 04:25:06 2017

Smashing Magazine Embarks on Radical #Redesign -
added: Sun Mar 19 04:25:03 2017
tags: redesign

Off the agenda? Ethnic minorities feel shut out of Hong Kong's political conversation
added: Sun Mar 19 04:14:03 2017

Tillerson shows cuddled CEO can't cut it in senior civil service jobs
added: Sun Mar 19 03:08:52 2017

Another day, another CSS Grid demo: I’d love to hear what you think of it.
added: Sun Mar 19 03:07:50 2017

You can now be fined for falling behind on student loans even if you’re trying to catch up
added: Sun Mar 19 03:01:00 2017

China & Russia block potential UNSC statement on Myanmar's military offensive in Rakhine state.
added: Sat Mar 18 18:30:08 2017

The revolutionary Paris Commune got underway 147 years ago today. Here's how:
added: Sat Mar 18 17:23:29 2017

Independent journalist Yevgeny Khamaganov dies in Russia. Conflicting reports about the cause.
added: Fri Mar 17 19:30:20 2017

PRC May Deploy Marines to Gwadar...but whatever the reason, CPEC is probably not it.
added: Fri Mar 17 13:13:12 2017

|@Freep @AP @DavidEggert00: Snyder will drop lead 'action level' below federal cap - to 15 ppb #FlintWaterCrisis
added: Fri Mar 17 12:46:50 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

In 2020 they'll be demanding to know why Obama cut head start and meals on wheels
added: Fri Mar 17 11:50:26 2017

US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump Tower via @telegraphnews
added: Fri Mar 17 11:23:47 2017

George Osborne named new London Evening Standard editor
added: Fri Mar 17 11:21:59 2017

ACROSS AFRICA - New scheme launched to tackle illegal logging in DR Congo
added: Fri Mar 17 10:23:42 2017

Court rejects challenge public housing policy is unfair to single people below 45
added: Fri Mar 17 10:22:04 2017

Germany could file suit against Trump at WTO over border tax, economy minister says
added: Fri Mar 17 10:19:41 2017

The results: Cost of 1-month nursing home stay =providing home-delivered meals five days a week for seven years,”
added: Fri Mar 17 10:16:51 2017

China’s New Industrial War
added: Fri Mar 17 10:14:45 2017

Explosive news if true: #China to build environmental monitoring station at #ScarboroughShoal? 海南三沙市委书记:推进黄岩岛环境监测站建设
added: Fri Mar 17 10:13:05 2017
tags: scarboroughshoal, china

Tillerson: "all options are on the table" when asked about possibility of using military force against N. Korea
added: Fri Mar 17 10:12:42 2017

"Data-opolies" - yes.
added: Fri Mar 17 09:37:10 2017

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post apologises for male columnist's extraordinarily sexist advice for women
added: Fri Mar 17 09:33:50 2017

Chinese Train Maker Starts Work on $100 Million Chicago Plant #CRRC #Chicago #
added: Fri Mar 17 09:15:42 2017
tags: crrc, chicago

And can we now please remove it, and all other overfished species, from the recipes newspapers publish every week?
added: Fri Mar 17 09:13:34 2017

China planning ‘monitoring station’ on hotly contested South China Sea shoal
added: Fri Mar 17 08:20:04 2017

Taiwan’s #indigenous people are on the cusp of winning hard-won land and rights, but not everyone is celebrating.
added: Fri Mar 17 08:16:10 2017
tags: indigenous

The U.S. government killed 2.7 million wild animals last year
added: Fri Mar 17 08:01:03 2017

Japan's School Lunch Program Puts Others to Shame
added: Fri Mar 17 08:00:35 2017

Trump promised to end the opioid epidemic, but his proposed budget will make it worse
added: Fri Mar 17 08:00:05 2017

Canadian First Nations battle pipelines on ground, in court.
added: Fri Mar 17 08:00:02 2017

Been playing with the UnPaywall browser extension: it finds #openAccess versions of paywalled articles. It's good.
added: Fri Mar 17 07:55:53 2017
tags: openaccess

China envoy visits Forest City amid debate over project
added: Fri Mar 17 07:53:11 2017

20,000 Worldclass University Lectures Made Illegal, So We Irrevocably Mirrored Them via @lbryio #rickypo
added: Fri Mar 17 07:32:32 2017
tags: rickypo

Can you spot the tiny hidden cameras in this cash machine?
added: Fri Mar 17 07:17:20 2017

Jack Ma's Ant Financial is ready for a bidding war over American remittance firm MoneyGram…
added: Fri Mar 17 07:15:04 2017

Apple says to add two more R&D centers in China
added: Fri Mar 17 07:14:14 2017

4 Charts on Wall Street’s Outsized Pay
added: Fri Mar 17 07:06:06 2017

This is an extraordinary story: Chinese tycoon claims to have lost $1bn with a London PE firm: by @simonwsj:
added: Fri Mar 17 07:04:47 2017

Comment: Is it morally right for John Tsang to contest Hong Kong chief executive election?
added: Fri Mar 17 07:00:42 2017

Trump Wrote Off $100 Million in Losses in 2005, Leaked Forms Show
added: Fri Mar 17 06:59:42 2017

So #journos w/ protective gear & salt & pepper at risk?>Chilli spray and BMX gear: how not ... Hong Kong protest
added: Fri Mar 17 06:30:37 2017
tags: journos

K-pop caught in the crossfire of China's missile rage
added: Fri Mar 17 06:27:31 2017

Two Hong Kong Tycoons and the Foreign Policy Pickle - Bloomberg
added: Fri Mar 17 06:00:48 2017

For forest elephants in Gabon, living near the border can be a death sentence.
added: Fri Mar 17 06:00:02 2017

Investigative journalist @DavidCayJ spoke to Democracy Now! about receiving Trump tax documents in the mail:
added: Fri Mar 17 05:55:02 2017

World's densest subsea fiber cable deployed in Hong Kong
added: Fri Mar 17 05:53:46 2017

Guotai Junan wins Hong Kong approval for $2 bln listing - IFR
added: Fri Mar 17 05:40:33 2017

UK's intelligence agency denied White House allegations it spied on Trump on behalf of Obama during 2016 election.
added: Fri Mar 17 05:36:03 2017

Premier Li settles land lease concerns; HK still seeks clarity by Ko Tin-yau
added: Fri Mar 17 05:35:26 2017

JFK Airport: Man attacks Muslim woman yelling, "Trump will get rid of all of you" Read…
added: Fri Mar 17 05:34:44 2017

Progressives slam Tom Perez's new DNC transition team via @HuffPostPol Same old insular crowd. Strike one for Perez.
added: Fri Mar 17 05:12:26 2017

Taiwan to ask US for stealth fighters to combat China threat also concerned about cyber warfare
added: Fri Mar 17 05:06:31 2017

抵制韩国游 中国客涌泰国扫货
added: Fri Mar 17 05:03:52 2017

Labour unrest took giant steps into the retail and service sectors in 2016
added: Fri Mar 17 05:03:29 2017

Steep drop in international applications to US colleges and universities attributed to "Trump effect."
added: Fri Mar 17 04:46:00 2017

Artificial retaina will bring vision to millions
added: Fri Mar 17 03:51:48 2017

Judge issues search warrant for anyone who Googled a victim's name in an entire US town: @TheRegister #Minnesota
added: Fri Mar 17 03:05:53 2017
tags: minnesota

Our story today: There are signs #China's capital restrictions may be paying off:
added: Fri Mar 17 02:38:14 2017
tags: china

On Chinese lessons and my son's small act of dissent in a Shanghai classroom
added: Fri Mar 17 01:41:35 2017

Horrific: US bombs mosque in rural Aleppo during prayer time w over 300 people in it, 42+ killed.
added: Fri Mar 17 00:40:54 2017

Mizuho: Losses on subprime auto loans have spiked in the last few months
added: Thu Mar 16 18:02:04 2017

Feminist Author Adichie Catches Flack for Implying Trans Women Are Not Women, Others Defend Her
added: Thu Mar 16 12:30:42 2017

The latest on Steve Bannon's weird Miami connection 👇
added: Thu Mar 16 12:27:54 2017

you know what's great? being a sexist jerk while clutching pearls of "political correctness" if called on it:
added: Thu Mar 16 12:26:47 2017

Did Donald Trump just leak his own tax return to make himself look good?
added: Thu Mar 16 12:10:00 2017

Syrian prisoner escaped with names of cellmates written in blood. Some did not survive. Their compelling story here:
added: Thu Mar 16 12:05:46 2017

Trump resets U.S.-Saudi relations, in Saudi Arabia’s favor says @joshrogin
added: Thu Mar 16 12:01:42 2017

Fed rate moves could spell end to Asian easing
added: Thu Mar 16 11:22:41 2017

Stayzilla founder’s arrest shocks Indian tech leaders
added: Thu Mar 16 11:06:10 2017

CSS Grid Layout is Here to Stay! 🚀 A blog post about @Bloomberg and @igalia collaboration around CSS Grid Layout
added: Thu Mar 16 10:36:12 2017

In #Australia, a Call for Closer Ties to #China Gains Support
added: Thu Mar 16 10:11:32 2017
tags: australia, china

An Indian American actor shares all the stereotypical roles he has been offered
added: Thu Mar 16 08:50:00 2017

Um, this isn't what free market means...
added: Thu Mar 16 08:48:14 2017

Yeah so safe #HKSAR #CCP has an extra 330 or so ready 2 go like #Legco>Secret ballots are safe, says Woo Kwok-hing
added: Thu Mar 16 08:43:11 2017
tags: ccp, hksar, legco

Come on #RTHK, "All-China Women's Federation"-a #CCP #UnitedFront outfit>More women want CE,finds poll
added: Thu Mar 16 08:41:53 2017
tags: ccp, unitedfront, rthk

Turkey says no difference between Netherlands liberals and anti-Islam candidate
added: Thu Mar 16 08:39:06 2017

Chinese state TV attacks Nike on consumer rights @nike
added: Thu Mar 16 08:34:36 2017

"[He] is likely to be someone whom money can't buy... This may not come across as a positive attribute to Beijing."
added: Thu Mar 16 08:15:02 2017

India’s startup ecosystem is living through a nightmare this week—and it deserves it
added: Thu Mar 16 08:02:30 2017

Conservatives referred to police by Electoral Commission over election expenses investigation
added: Thu Mar 16 07:47:43 2017

Microsoft Blocks Windows 7/8 Updates on AMD Ryzen and Intel Kaby Lake Systems: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 16 07:40:01 2017

Baidu fires head of group-buying arm citing ethics violations
added: Thu Mar 16 07:39:54 2017

#China #baby boom is overwhelming smaller cities, lawmaker says
added: Thu Mar 16 07:28:14 2017
tags: baby, china

Donald Trump on witness list for case involving billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein
added: Thu Mar 16 07:09:06 2017

Mong Kok unrest: Court hands down first rioting convictions against 3 protesters
added: Thu Mar 16 07:04:18 2017

AMD Announces Ryzen 5 Processors With 4 and 6-Core Chips Starting At $169
added: Thu Mar 16 07:00:37 2017

South Korea says China lacks understanding about THAAD
added: Thu Mar 16 06:57:23 2017

#JohnTsang shares photo of his (pretty awesome) team of photogs, inc @khc1013 @LamYikFei
added: Thu Mar 16 06:55:37 2017
tags: johntsang

Automation Is Coming for SEO Content Farmers - Motherboard
added: Thu Mar 16 06:54:14 2017

#Belarus: Dozens of anarchists arrested in #Minsk after anti-government protests
added: Thu Mar 16 06:36:36 2017
tags: minsk, belarus

White House proposes to privatize air traffic control
added: Thu Mar 16 06:35:06 2017

Cambodia is insisting that the US should drop a nearly 50-year old war debt
added: Thu Mar 16 06:33:42 2017

Why the BBC's follow-up to the viral video of Professor Kelly, his kids and his Korean wife left me with questions
added: Thu Mar 16 06:31:00 2017

FreeNAS sheds storage skin, tries on sexier hyperconverged garb
added: Thu Mar 16 06:30:23 2017

Google's new app lets parents control how kids are using their phones
added: Thu Mar 16 06:28:15 2017

Watch these declassified nuclear test films on YouTube
added: Thu Mar 16 06:27:00 2017

A river in New Zealand has been granted the same rights as a person after a 150-year battle by Maori people
added: Thu Mar 16 06:22:25 2017

Alinta Energy sold to Hong Kong's Chow Tai Fook Enterprises for $4 billion-plus - The Australian Financial Review
added: Thu Mar 16 06:20:46 2017

#China needs innovative finance mechanisms to addressing #soilpollution problem, although gov't is starting cleanup.
added: Thu Mar 16 06:16:54 2017
tags: soilpollution, china

BBC News - China's 'airpocalypse' linked to Arctic sea ice loss
added: Thu Mar 16 06:16:27 2017

Parents can evict abusive sons and daughters from house, rules Delhi High Court
added: Thu Mar 16 06:15:00 2017

Ex-LegCo president Jasper Tsang quizzes readers over Carrie Lam and the pro-Beijing camp
added: Thu Mar 16 06:11:07 2017

Aurangzeb's love of Rumi & mangoes:
added: Thu Mar 16 05:51:03 2017

1st convictions on problematic 'riot' charges for 8-9Feb'16 clashes between police & protesters in Mong Kok #HK
added: Thu Mar 16 05:43:14 2017
tags: hk

#China may finally be getting a handle on its biggest problem. via @bv @TomOrlik #economy
added: Thu Mar 16 05:38:56 2017
tags: china, economy

#China's Central Bank Raises Borrowing Costs in Step With #Fed via @business @RobinGNEWS…
added: Thu Mar 16 05:37:23 2017
tags: china, fed

Welp lol
added: Thu Mar 16 05:34:48 2017

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises makes Australian energy play for Alinta
added: Thu Mar 16 05:31:51 2017

Premier Li Keqiang's news conference signoff: just goodbye, a signal or a political Fruedian slip? @ByChunHan
added: Thu Mar 16 04:48:37 2017

.@privacyint exposes how police and NIS spy on Kenyans’ phone calls and texts through collaboration with telcos
added: Thu Mar 16 03:49:06 2017

Trump's Bureau of Land Management may lease 700,000 acres of California for drilling.
added: Thu Mar 16 03:35:00 2017

The Netherlands Green party had a big election day — their leader looks like Trudeau but sounds more like Bernie
added: Thu Mar 16 03:32:00 2017

A Chinese consumer rights show has taken aim at two global retail giants: Nike and Muji.
added: Thu Mar 16 03:30:14 2017

Being Indian in Trump’s America:
added: Thu Mar 16 03:30:12 2017

Marijuana ‘only slightly less awful’ than getting hooked on heroin, Sessions says
added: Thu Mar 16 03:30:02 2017

The Dutch progressive Green Party (@groenlinks) defeats fascism.
added: Thu Mar 16 03:29:30 2017

In the White House, staffers using encrypted tools common for journalists in China: Signal, Wickr, etc
added: Thu Mar 16 03:25:46 2017

Environmentalists are desperately calling for President Joko Widodo to put a stop to land clearing in Borneo.
added: Thu Mar 16 03:25:03 2017

China says that Singapore will lead ASEAN in jointly building OBOR
added: Thu Mar 16 03:23:28 2017

How did Yahoo get breached? Employee got spear phished, FBI suggests | Ars Technica
added: Thu Mar 16 03:20:44 2017

#SCMP University of Hong Kong to take action against unauthorised sale of student work
added: Thu Mar 16 03:17:11 2017
tags: scmp

With growing Chinese ambitions & expansionism in IOR, India must monitor all activities especially at Coco Is.
added: Thu Mar 16 02:08:16 2017

HHS Secretary Tom Price says it should be up to states to regulate whether immunizations are required
added: Thu Mar 16 01:58:25 2017

If you want to skip all the non-expert commentary... here is a direct link to the Russian hackers / Yahoo indictment
added: Wed Mar 15 21:05:59 2017

Sen. Feinstein on meeting with FBI Dir. Comey: "This briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified"
added: Wed Mar 15 21:01:17 2017

But what if... Anglea Merkel actually *isn't* good?
added: Wed Mar 15 19:42:15 2017

How has British colonialism shaped conflict and violence in India? @AjayVerghese weighs in #AAS17
added: Wed Mar 15 19:30:05 2017
tags: aas17

Last yr, after DCCC was hacked DHS prepared unclassified Intel assessment. We got it via #FOIA but ..
added: Wed Mar 15 19:05:55 2017
tags: foia

Mayo Clinic will prioritize patients with private insurance over those with Medicaid and Medicare
added: Wed Mar 15 16:14:31 2017

AIPAC gave $60k to Muslim ban architect and frequent Breitbart radio guest Frank Gaffney
added: Wed Mar 15 14:49:18 2017

McMaster tried to sideline a 30-year-old intelligence director, but was overruled by Bannon and Jared
added: Wed Mar 15 01:48:25 2017

Prudential raises dividend as Hong Kong and China drive profits
added: Tue Mar 14 12:43:35 2017

Many have been warning about Israeli connections to Europe’s neo-Nazis for years.
added: Tue Mar 14 12:42:55 2017

.@emilybazelon describes how @lawfareblog became a big hit after it joined the hippies!
added: Tue Mar 14 12:26:17 2017

Warped priorities:
added: Tue Mar 14 12:24:11 2017

4.8 million Twitter accounts are bots, study says - CNET via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Mar 14 12:23:25 2017

Hong Kong probing overseas property scams that cost buyers HK$500 million in losses.
added: Tue Mar 14 11:30:25 2017

How to Format Your WordPress Blog Posts (Insights Based on 2,500,000-Words of Experience Publishing Content)
added: Tue Mar 14 11:30:20 2017

Xenophobia Flourishes in Beijing
added: Tue Mar 14 11:30:14 2017

Police nets loan sharks who targeted Filipinos
added: Tue Mar 14 10:19:57 2017

Big in China: Murder Villages and Scam Towns
added: Tue Mar 14 10:19:11 2017

'City upon a City'- 6 ancient cities excavated in Kaifeng
added: Tue Mar 14 10:15:11 2017

As if she was not unpopular enough, #ParkGeunhye abandons her nine #Jindo dogs
added: Tue Mar 14 10:10:24 2017
tags: parkgeunhye, jindo

Tasmanian bill to extend wilderness logging sparks federal intervention call
added: Tue Mar 14 10:01:24 2017

The spiritual leader China appointed for Tibetan Buddhism urged monks to love the Communist Party
added: Tue Mar 14 09:59:45 2017

China is yanking on the U.S. chain of containment with an all-out effort on Thaad, writes columnist @abrownewsj
added: Tue Mar 14 09:35:04 2017

China's confirms sixth bird flu outbreak at duck farm in Hubei province
added: Tue Mar 14 09:19:51 2017

Facebook finally takes huge step to stop people being spied on
added: Tue Mar 14 09:19:17 2017

Malaysia was able to ID Kim Jong Nam's body thx to #Japan. Had his prints from that time tried to go to Tokyo Disney
added: Tue Mar 14 09:19:01 2017
tags: japan

That Fake Charger or Cable Is Killing Your Phone’s Battery
added: Tue Mar 14 09:15:00 2017

Sinn Fein calls for referendum on Northern Ireland leaving the UK ‘as soon as possible’
added: Tue Mar 14 08:54:45 2017

Turkey cancels all meetings with Dutch government officials as crisis escalates
added: Tue Mar 14 07:21:15 2017

awesome! new algorithms reveal 'optimized herding flows' origin of silk road HT @goretsky
added: Tue Mar 14 07:15:12 2017

Give Singapore credit for the most creative and diverse ways to silence critics.
added: Tue Mar 14 07:13:47 2017

Many of 200 German NGOs in #China "brought to a standstill" after Foreign NGO Law came into effect, says paper
added: Tue Mar 14 07:10:03 2017
tags: china

Time crystals really do exist, say physicists*
added: Tue Mar 14 07:04:18 2017

Vast volcanic eruption created giant snowball:
added: Tue Mar 14 07:03:46 2017

What’s happening? Hong Kong home prices at record even amid 2017’s three rate increases
added: Tue Mar 14 07:01:04 2017

U.S. to deploy attack drones to South Korea amid surging tensions with Pyongyang
added: Tue Mar 14 06:33:34 2017

China's economy gets off to strong start in 2017 as investment rebounds
added: Tue Mar 14 06:31:02 2017

Steve King Doubles Down On Racist Tweet (VIDEO): via @YouTube
added: Tue Mar 14 06:13:01 2017

China's chanting, washing-machine smashing, singing, boycotting, SthKorea-hating nationalists on the move. #China
added: Tue Mar 14 06:03:19 2017
tags: china

Berkeley Mayor: Officer in Monica Sykes case fired via @KSDKNEWS
added: Tue Mar 14 04:38:36 2017

Shellfish-inspired glue stays sticky underwater
added: Tue Mar 14 04:36:43 2017

Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope HELL nah!
added: Tue Mar 14 03:09:20 2017

Well, that'll help make things safer.
added: Tue Mar 14 02:29:42 2017

China writing war against "historical nihilism" into legal code, adds rule making defaming martyrs a civil offense:
added: Tue Mar 14 00:39:54 2017

Exclusive: Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role - sources
added: Mon Mar 13 22:58:53 2017

Develop a full iOS chat app using MongooseIM: part 1 and part 2
added: Mon Mar 13 12:23:23 2017

Trump to host ChinaPresident Xi at Mar-a-Lago: tentative dates are Thursday afternoon April 6 through Friday April 7
added: Mon Mar 13 10:40:04 2017

BREAKING: Racing 92 and Stade Francais set to merge from next season in radical Top 14 shake-up
added: Mon Mar 13 10:39:00 2017

Remember the Home Office spy unit I uncovered posing as a private citizen? The Home Office sent me a statement:
added: Mon Mar 13 10:38:48 2017

pyrasite - Inject code into running Python processes
added: Mon Mar 13 10:33:11 2017

Hostile rhetoric of "non-ethnic Chinese" we saw last year on refugees now used regarding "foreign judges" What next?
added: Mon Mar 13 10:32:24 2017

Deadly fungal infection that doctors have been fearing now reported in U.S.
added: Mon Mar 13 10:32:03 2017

UK Teenager Jailed For 5 Years For Downloading One Movie - nicely done; #digitaleconomyact must be fixed
added: Mon Mar 13 09:58:33 2017
tags: digitaleconomyact

Govt 'surprise' land waiver fee demand spells end of school
added: Mon Mar 13 09:56:56 2017

The report is said to recommend removing CE's role in appointing the chairman & members of HKU's governing council.
added: Mon Mar 13 09:56:17 2017

Video: Primary school children in #China shout anti-#Korea slogans amid #THAAD missile row: via @hongkongfp
added: Mon Mar 13 09:50:52 2017
tags: korea, china, thaad

Singapore, Hong Kong Property Marching in Opposite Directions ... - Bloomberg
added: Mon Mar 13 08:46:04 2017

Statistics on trade involving outward processing in the mainland of China, fourth quarter 2016
added: Mon Mar 13 08:45:36 2017

A nice collection of various grid layouts (by @w3unpocodetodo).
added: Mon Mar 13 08:45:26 2017

Addicted to Racism: Why Populists Literally get off on Bigotry
added: Mon Mar 13 06:46:49 2017

A psychologist explains why Chinese people only have the mental age of a six-month-old
added: Mon Mar 13 06:36:17 2017

Rejected donations will find way to policemen’s families, film industry groups say in…
added: Mon Mar 13 06:28:46 2017

#China fines trader $170 million in first #HongKong-#Shanghai #stock link penalty via @markets @business
added: Mon Mar 13 06:22:55 2017
tags: china, stock, shanghai, hongkong

Meet China's Sharp Sword, a stealth drone that can likely carry 2 tons of bombs
added: Mon Mar 13 05:23:00 2017

Amazing students put together this video. Thanks for sharing, @MeiMeiMemeMe!
added: Mon Mar 13 05:20:23 2017

Orders to "keep moving" are unconstitutional. This exact topic was ruled on in 2014 by fed judge. Cops never learn.
added: Mon Mar 13 05:04:53 2017

In Michigan, fire destroys Islamic Center of Ypsilanti. School tied to mosque had earlier been opposed by residents.
added: Mon Mar 13 04:16:35 2017

From @washingtonpost, Angry #Mexican fishermen attack officials trying to save the tiny #Vaquita porpoise:
added: Mon Mar 13 03:26:56 2017
tags: vaquita, mexican

Fake China data: was it just one province?
added: Mon Mar 13 03:20:46 2017

“Likely end of Cable News a blow to independent, quality reporting in…” — @xinwenxiaojie
added: Mon Mar 13 02:21:59 2017

Taiwan looking at "war of paralysis" defence strategy: "bloodshed wd damage China's claim of peaceful reunification"
added: Mon Mar 13 02:17:05 2017

China's Xi pushes advanced technology for military
added: Mon Mar 13 02:11:49 2017

THAAD row prompts Chinese copycat to change tactics
added: Mon Mar 13 02:11:17 2017

Iowa congressman's inflammatory statements seen as echoing principles of white nationalism.
added: Mon Mar 13 01:40:03 2017

Rogers Ailes' personal lawyer reportedly on shortlist to lead US attorney's office investigating Fox News
added: Mon Mar 13 01:27:32 2017

China plans 400 per cent increase to marine corps numbers as overseas ambitions expand
added: Mon Mar 13 00:49:54 2017

China's Communist Party hardens rhetoric on Islam -
added: Sun Mar 12 21:28:06 2017

I love #irony. Dr. Evil, aka Steve Bannon, is under criminal investigation for voter registration fraud.
added: Sun Mar 12 20:40:28 2017
tags: irony

CIA leak investigation "zeroing in on a small number of contractors possibly disgruntled over recent job losses"
added: Sun Mar 12 20:04:18 2017

Now temporarily out from behind paywall, 3 articles from latest @jas_tw including @iandenisjohnson 1 (w/color pics)
added: Sun Mar 12 18:27:20 2017

Why cassette tapes are making a comeback
added: Sun Mar 12 09:59:01 2017

Liberia asks as UN leaves: Who will pursue war's atrocities? ?
added: Sat Mar 11 11:18:05 2017

🔴 #BREAKING - The Netherlands bars plane carrying Turkish foreign minister from landing
added: Sat Mar 11 11:15:28 2017
tags: breaking

Investigation launched into nude photos of female US Marines being shared online
added: Sat Mar 11 11:15:21 2017

Modi leads BJP to landslide victory in state elections
added: Sat Mar 11 10:51:09 2017

China vows to strike against separatism on anniversary of Tibet uprising @freetibet #tibet
added: Sat Mar 11 00:44:03 2017
tags: tibet

State Department was 'unaware' of Mexico visit
added: Sat Mar 11 00:40:47 2017

Fairly strong intro.
added: Sat Mar 11 00:21:24 2017

Just another Friday ... Fox News Radio correspondent confronts Gateway Pundit reporter in White House briefing room
added: Sat Mar 11 00:07:21 2017

Sean Spicer accidentally wears flag pin upside down at start of press briefing
added: Fri Mar 10 23:52:04 2017

Fox News host Sean Hannity demands Trump "purge" prosecutor who is investigating Fox News. And Trump does it.
added: Fri Mar 10 23:15:10 2017

He tweeted about "some Muslim piece of shit" and said "exterminate them all"
added: Fri Mar 10 23:01:24 2017

State Department bars release of Russian U.N. ambassador's autopsy
added: Fri Mar 10 21:45:10 2017

Trump throws weight behind contested plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, battling Republican Party's right wing
added: Fri Mar 10 21:14:56 2017

U.S. aluminum group lodges complaint against China over foil prices via @usatoday
added: Fri Mar 10 19:03:14 2017

Extracting data from damaged NTFS drives #dfir
added: Fri Mar 10 16:17:51 2017
tags: dfir

One of the biggest oil companies in the world says faith in fossil fuels is 'disappearing'
added: Fri Mar 10 11:24:41 2017

【胎兒心跳急跌才被送入產房】 【婦產科主管:未能及早察覺情況】 威爾斯醫院去年有孕婦待產期間,胎兒心跳急跌才被送入產房,嬰兒出生後四天死亡。 婦產科部門主管表示當日非常繁忙,承認未能及早察覺,孕婦有胎盤剝落情況。...
added: Fri Mar 10 11:24:40 2017

Trump's Plan to Slash Weather Forecast Funding Is Terrible News for Farms
added: Fri Mar 10 11:24:22 2017

Americans oppose bathroom laws limiting transgender rights: poll
added: Fri Mar 10 11:24:01 2017

RTHK channels ‘not good enough’: Carrie Lam
added: Fri Mar 10 11:23:53 2017

"US $'s appreciation since the election could destroy almost 400,000 manufacturing jobs over time," Roubini argues.
added: Fri Mar 10 11:12:12 2017

Iran Revolutionary Guards 'opposite Israeli troops on ceasefire line'
added: Fri Mar 10 10:54:14 2017

Centre for Health Protection notified of human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland
added: Fri Mar 10 10:51:34 2017

A protest movement against the country's corrupt political elites forced the ouster of South Korea's Park Geun-hye.
added: Fri Mar 10 10:50:11 2017

This is the best thing I've read in a long time about Labour's travails & why dumping Corbyn wouldn't solve them
added: Fri Mar 10 10:39:01 2017

AMD Prepares 32-Core Naples CPUs for 1P and 2P Servers: Coming in Q2
added: Fri Mar 10 10:05:06 2017

China ships in Philippines-owned Benham Rise, scouting for subs' parking sites
added: Fri Mar 10 10:04:01 2017

Stunning Close-up of Saturn's Moon, Pan, Reveals a Space Empanada
added: Fri Mar 10 10:00:38 2017

Ms Samuel doesn't get it. British bosses are hooked on low pay for workers and big bonuses for themselves.
added: Fri Mar 10 09:57:28 2017

A godown in Kennedy Town, flattened by the 1906 typhoon.
added: Fri Mar 10 09:54:20 2017

U.S. job growth seen strong in February; wages to rebound:
added: Fri Mar 10 09:11:05 2017

17+ Remote Work Blogs and Resources to Follow in 2017 (including @Happy_Melly)
added: Fri Mar 10 09:10:00 2017

Carrie Lam makes digs at election rival John Tsang while pledging boost for RTHK
added: Fri Mar 10 09:09:27 2017

Neanderthal dental DNA shows us the true paleo diet (we've got it a bit wrong)
added: Fri Mar 10 09:08:43 2017

The world’s oldest population of humans is pushing back against unethical researchers
added: Fri Mar 10 09:05:34 2017

Everspin's new gig: a gig or two of non-volatile RAM on PCIe
added: Fri Mar 10 09:03:34 2017

Magic + demons in @BritishLibrary's papyri #buffyslays20
added: Fri Mar 10 08:59:45 2017
tags: buffyslays20

With an eye on China's cash, HNA turns from hotels to banks
added: Fri Mar 10 08:43:41 2017

Andy Tsang’s application for second job sparks crticism
added: Fri Mar 10 08:37:47 2017

Workers set for worst pay growth decade 'since the Napoleonic wars'
added: Fri Mar 10 08:37:00 2017

Singapore Eases Property Curbs After Housing Prices Decline
added: Fri Mar 10 08:33:11 2017

'That one day is all you have': how Hong Kong's domestic workers seized Sunday | The Guardian
added: Fri Mar 10 08:07:04 2017

Wikileaks shows CIA targeting some China gear including Huawei "Panda Poke", though less detail than Apple/Samsung
added: Fri Mar 10 07:45:43 2017

Beijing defends clampdown on ‘over the top’ outbound deals
added: Fri Mar 10 07:45:37 2017

How one hedge fund gained as China battled yuan speculators
added: Fri Mar 10 07:42:17 2017

Pharoah statues found in muddy Cairo pit
added: Fri Mar 10 07:35:33 2017

More on the 'Ramses II' statue.
added: Fri Mar 10 06:59:20 2017

Sources: Paramount's Chinese partners haven't paid a penny of promised $1 billion
added: Fri Mar 10 06:35:43 2017

Trump's economic team is packed with corporate and Koch brothers allies
added: Fri Mar 10 06:34:03 2017

Xi, the traitor: A prank on Chinese television shows dissidents’ wile
added: Fri Mar 10 06:18:01 2017

Labour Party is calling for the introduction of a tax on dividends
added: Fri Mar 10 05:34:33 2017

Taiwanese universities may be self-censoring political discussion to attract Chinese students via @qz
added: Fri Mar 10 05:07:03 2017

AP Interview: Alleged killer to testify in court vs. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
added: Fri Mar 10 05:00:17 2017

This is a very big deal: Obama Education Rules Are Swept Aside by Congress
added: Fri Mar 10 04:48:58 2017

【「要引發一場衝突甚至不需要中南海下令,有時也由不得政府控制。」】 路透社早前引述美國官員指,中國在南海人工島礁上設建築物,「我有相當的把握,這些是導彈收納建築。」 華盛頓智庫戰略與國際研究中心轄下機構主任Greg Poling說⋯
added: Fri Mar 10 04:30:04 2017

Ex-DBS trader convicted of spoofing Singapore market via @business @andreatanjourno
added: Fri Mar 10 03:24:52 2017

Does Asia's recurrent Nazi Chic puzzle and worry you too? I spoke to this group that tries to do something about it:
added: Fri Mar 10 03:21:36 2017

False Friends: How Fake Accounts and Crude Malware Targeted Dissidents in Azerbaijan
added: Fri Mar 10 00:04:12 2017

My preliminary thought on how distributed programming models need to embrace @eric_brewer's CAP conjecture:
added: Thu Mar 9 22:18:31 2017

New in the archives - book of illustrations from 1960 celebrating Beijing's urban communes
added: Thu Mar 9 21:19:15 2017

Canada has completed a program to use machine learning and big data to surveil social media and blogs in real-time.
added: Thu Mar 9 19:38:01 2017

Kleptocracy Daily: KI's round-up of leading news on #corruption #democracy #natsec
added: Thu Mar 9 15:42:11 2017
tags: natsec, corruption, democracy

California’s pay-to-stay jail system allows wealthier defendants to “upgrade” to cleaner, safer city jails. The...
added: Thu Mar 9 13:35:24 2017

These programs keep toxic algae out of drinking water—and Trump wants to gut them
added: Thu Mar 9 12:45:08 2017

President returns Delhi's minimum wages amendment bill
added: Thu Mar 9 12:45:02 2017

FIFA Slammed by Human Rights Defenders for Failure to Expel Israeli Football Clubs Based in Illegal Settlements
added: Thu Mar 9 12:43:32 2017

Spring Came Early. Scientists Say Climate Change Is a Culprit.
added: Thu Mar 9 12:42:40 2017

14 photos that Instagram doesn't want you to see
added: Thu Mar 9 12:42:29 2017

Monopolies hurt workers. Superstar Firms’ May Have Shrunk Workers’ Share of Income
added: Thu Mar 9 12:30:38 2017

'You were supposed to die tonight': US anti-terror strategy linked to torture in Africa
added: Thu Mar 9 12:21:56 2017

Black American actors slighted as Brits nab roles: 'we can't tell our own stories?'
added: Thu Mar 9 12:21:15 2017

Ivanka Trump's clothing line is booming, and I will never understand America
added: Thu Mar 9 12:19:32 2017

Filmmakers Take Dutch State to Court Over Lost Piracy Revenue
added: Thu Mar 9 12:17:06 2017

It's easy to push a budget cut past an agency head that can't tell the difference between slaves and immigrants
added: Thu Mar 9 12:12:29 2017

US planning to transfer frozen PA funds to Palestinian humanitarian organizations
added: Thu Mar 9 12:10:00 2017

China to augment military manpower in East, #SouthChinaSea(s)
added: Thu Mar 9 11:56:01 2017
tags: southchinasea

gungnir (0.1.0): Gives some useful functions. The idea is based on Ruby on Rails' Active Support.
added: Thu Mar 9 11:54:10 2017

My benefactor. "Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing gives Singapore a thumbs-up"
added: Thu Mar 9 11:53:18 2017

'Web Annotation' Now A Web Standard:
added: Thu Mar 9 11:53:01 2017

Special Report : Aircraft carriers, championed by Trump, are vulnerable to attack
added: Thu Mar 9 11:18:42 2017

How Three BSD Operating Systems Compare To Ten Linux Distributions - Phoronix
added: Thu Mar 9 11:12:03 2017

UK government to slap 20 percent tax on Brits using their phone abroad
added: Thu Mar 9 11:11:18 2017

Latest Arctic sea ice volume data shows large decrease due to warm Arctic winter [graphic:]
added: Thu Mar 9 11:02:43 2017

China lawyers play down suspicions over Trump trademarks
added: Thu Mar 9 10:49:07 2017

added: Thu Mar 9 10:48:57 2017

Chinese naval ships close to Australia? 'Get used to it', experts warn.
added: Thu Mar 9 10:30:10 2017

#SCMP Law enforcement at Hong Kong, mainland joint rail terminus still up for discussion, justice minister says
added: Thu Mar 9 09:37:27 2017
tags: scmp

#HKFP Chinese survey ships entering Philippine territory, Manila says
added: Thu Mar 9 09:20:11 2017
tags: hkfp

“chancellor has stashed away £1bn slush fund to provide for government’s free school and grammar school obsession.”
added: Thu Mar 9 09:01:50 2017

Red House gets temporary protection
added: Thu Mar 9 08:51:16 2017

SPC releases 10 new guiding cases to wild; previous similar attempts at reintroduction have been unsuccessful
added: Thu Mar 9 08:35:50 2017

China's MOFCOM says opposes U.S. sanctions on its firms under U.S. laws
added: Thu Mar 9 08:26:43 2017

Some Neanderthals were vegetarians who used natural forms of penicillin and aspirin as medicine
added: Thu Mar 9 08:22:18 2017

This is unlikely to leave you feeling better about the world, but you may understand it a bit more: via @broderick
added: Thu Mar 9 08:11:47 2017

China lawmaker expects debate over new civil code to intensify
added: Thu Mar 9 08:03:31 2017

Ombudsman criticises 'passive attitude' of gov't towards disabled transport services
added: Thu Mar 9 08:02:42 2017

Remembering 2-28 Across Culture, Distance and Time by @gracejackson #Taiwan
added: Thu Mar 9 08:02:08 2017
tags: taiwan

"Responsible, ethical disobedience aimed at challenging our norms, rules or laws to benefit society"
added: Thu Mar 9 08:00:43 2017

Philip Hammond's tax raid on the gig economy labelled 'potentially devastating'
added: Thu Mar 9 07:54:32 2017

Philip Hammond accused of back-door NHS privatisation by funding 'shady' reform plans
added: Thu Mar 9 07:54:01 2017

So, yeah, the Thiel-related OIAs have started coming through. Part one of many.
added: Thu Mar 9 07:53:20 2017

Baidu CEO defends state support of Chinese firms, following complaints from European businesses. @AFP:
added: Thu Mar 9 07:53:15 2017

We are saddenend by the passing of Ron Drever, gravitational wave pioneer and co-founder of @LIGO
added: Thu Mar 9 07:53:13 2017

ICYMI: Malaysia warns of long North Korea inquiry, China says no action yet
added: Thu Mar 9 07:51:22 2017

It's cover your ass time.
added: Thu Mar 9 07:49:03 2017

This article omits mentioning that the PRC candidate Meng Hongwei became president of Interpol last November.
added: Thu Mar 9 07:08:59 2017

Govt notice triggers removal of religious content from online audio, video platforms - Global Times
added: Thu Mar 9 06:43:57 2017

WikiLeaks have published the biggest set of CIA documents ever. Here's everything that's in them
added: Thu Mar 9 06:42:00 2017

New DNC CEO calls out party traitors! 😅 @jimmy_dore @saneprogressive @HAGOODMANAUTHOR @claudia_stauber @TheBpDShow
added: Thu Mar 9 06:36:08 2017

exq (0.8.4): Exq is a job processing library compatible with Resque / Sidekiq for the Elixir language.
added: Thu Mar 9 06:35:45 2017

This provides a clear explanation of why China is worried about THAAD. By Li Bin, physicist at Carnegie Endowment.
added: Thu Mar 9 06:33:28 2017

China's yuan weakens, prompting dollar sales by state banks
added: Thu Mar 9 06:10:45 2017

Unacceptable. The Trump administration is expected to undo vehicle rules that curb global warming. via @nytimes
added: Thu Mar 9 06:05:00 2017

#Apple cracks down further on #cobalt supplier in Congo as child labor persists
added: Thu Mar 9 06:03:34 2017
tags: apple, cobalt

UnCSS: Remove unused styles from CSS: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 9 06:00:01 2017

Electronics store RadioShack files for bankruptcy again
added: Thu Mar 9 05:57:48 2017

Perspective: China SOE grain and cotton strategic reserves (because you always need tshirts) have assets = 2% of GDP
added: Thu Mar 9 05:54:00 2017

【瑪麗醫院換錯心】 【專家證人:出錯是多方面】 2013年瑪麗醫院換錯心事件,死因庭繼續聆訊,專家證人作供指把AB血型心臟...
added: Thu Mar 9 05:38:32 2017

Honduran farmers accuse World Bank arm of ‘profiting from murder’ via @FT
added: Thu Mar 9 05:30:54 2017

African Americans more often wrongfully convicted, study finds
added: Thu Mar 9 05:30:06 2017

Congress just scrapped a bill to give the public a voice on public land decisions
added: Thu Mar 9 05:30:00 2017

"The Civil Guard dismantles an international organization dedicated to the illegal trade of eels"
added: Thu Mar 9 05:29:03 2017

Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade banned its only LGBT group because they have a small rainbow patch on their jackets
added: Thu Mar 9 04:30:26 2017

Ex-Utah Governor Huntsman accepts #Trump offer to be US ambassador to Russia: official
added: Thu Mar 9 04:17:46 2017
tags: trump

Historic house used by Sun Yat-sen to plot 1911 revolution vandalised as government negotiates its preservation
added: Thu Mar 9 03:36:51 2017

Don't want ISPs to share your private data with ad networks? Tell Congress to leave the FCC's privacy rules alone
added: Thu Mar 9 03:31:13 2017

Murray Energy’s PAC gave $100K to #Trump’s JFC on 6/28/2016 - 1 day before sending 4,400 layoff notices to workers
added: Thu Mar 9 03:29:01 2017
tags: trump

From this Kansas town, ‘it looked like the whole world was on fire’
added: Thu Mar 9 02:56:38 2017

28 ways to take better vacation photos
added: Thu Mar 9 02:39:19 2017

We’re fighting a warrant ordering Facebook to give police data on peaceful protesters’ FB group page #freespeech
added: Thu Mar 9 02:27:00 2017
tags: freespeech

Kudos to @thehill. Seriously. My personal crusade is over.
added: Thu Mar 9 02:09:46 2017

FBI censored documents to protect privacy of accused 9/11 mastermind, accomplice #FOIA
added: Thu Mar 9 01:13:53 2017
tags: foia

Sessions signals changes in works to federal charging policies in drug cases & others
added: Thu Mar 9 01:11:23 2017

Ranzau faces backlash for calling progressive moment the "enemy of the people" last week. #ksleg From @DionKansas:
added: Thu Mar 9 00:16:41 2017
tags: ksleg

As North Korea missile threat grows, Japan lawmakers argue for first strike options via @Reuters
added: Wed Mar 8 23:05:24 2017

Trump administration is looking at major cuts to @FEMA disaster programs and zeroing out floodplain maps.
added: Wed Mar 8 21:20:49 2017

5-year-old becomes youngest to qualify for Scripps National Spelling Bee via @HuffPostParents
added: Wed Mar 8 20:11:17 2017

The Dalai Lama is denounced, while privileged students get ego boost from defending the agenda of a real oppressor.
added: Wed Mar 8 05:15:33 2017

People Will Take a (Slight) Paycut for More Workplace Flexibility (Infographic) via @JustinDaveLee | @Entrepreneur
added: Wed Mar 8 05:14:58 2017

Tim Kaine Cheers on Son After His Arrest For Anti-Trump Rioting
added: Wed Mar 8 05:14:39 2017

For any foreigner who has worked in China or studied Chinese, this will resonate.
added: Wed Mar 8 05:12:46 2017

Scoop! Japan's SoftBank to sell $8bn stake in Arm to its $100bn Vision Fund. More here: w/@GeorgeWParker
added: Wed Mar 8 05:09:57 2017

Explosions and gunfire rock central Kabul near a military hospital and US embassy
added: Wed Mar 8 05:06:31 2017

BREAKING: Congress fast-tracks resolution to allow internet providers to sell consumer data without permission
added: Tue Mar 7 23:30:09 2017

BBC tells FB they're hosting child pornography -> FB says "prove it" -> 3) BBC does so -> FB reports BBC to police
added: Tue Mar 7 15:44:52 2017

Thanks to @WilliamHogeland for his help.
added: Tue Mar 7 15:35:45 2017

#LambdaDays 2017 highlights thanks again everyone! #OMGkrk #Erlang #Elixirlang #Clojure #Fsharp #Haskell #Scala
added: Tue Mar 7 15:15:09 2017
tags: erlang, clojure, fsharp, haskell, omgkrk, elixirlang, scala, lambdadays

#Thailand #Bangkok: 422 pieces - 330 kg - of elephant tusks seized & one arrest #WildlifeJustice
added: Tue Mar 7 12:32:39 2017
tags: wildlifejustice, bangkok, thailand

French anti-drug cop in court over cocaine heist at Paris police HQ
added: Tue Mar 7 12:32:35 2017

Can China afford to challenge the United States? by @sbabones
added: Tue Mar 7 12:30:10 2017

【有線中國組:THAAD系統運到南韓】 內地民間反南韓部署 THAAD 系統的示威持續,但美、韓仍然按原定計劃,將系統的裝備運到南韓。...
added: Tue Mar 7 12:30:07 2017

The Origin of the IMG Tag
added: Tue Mar 7 12:28:49 2017

#TrumpTravelBan 2.0 "gives the lie to...notion that any of this...a national security necessity in the first place"
added: Tue Mar 7 12:28:19 2017
tags: trumptravelban

How a spam superpower built a list of 1.4 billion emails - and leaked it for all to see
added: Tue Mar 7 12:25:52 2017

GOP Rep. Chaffetz: Americans may need to choose between "new iphone... they just love" and investing in health care
added: Tue Mar 7 12:21:59 2017

Xi Jinping visit sparks security crackdown in Hong Kong, says report
added: Tue Mar 7 12:11:36 2017

呢筆$7,777,777嘅巨額捐款來自16人,當中4人係特首選委會選委,其中3人提名林鄭月娥,另一位冇提名任何人。 #差佬晒馬 【捐款撐七犯演藝界3選委全提名林鄭】
added: Tue Mar 7 11:20:04 2017
tags: 差佬晒馬

Wahaha boss sees U.S. suffering more in any trade war with China via
added: Tue Mar 7 11:16:35 2017

Pakistan has temporarily reopens Torkham and Chaman border crossings with Afghanistan
added: Tue Mar 7 11:15:04 2017

Suspects behind murder of environmental activist #BertaCaceres trained at controversial US facility
added: Tue Mar 7 11:14:52 2017
tags: bertacaceres

China FX Reserves "Unexpectedly" Rebound Above $3 Trillion, First Increase Since June
added: Tue Mar 7 11:11:39 2017

Fantastic #XMPP features and where to use them.
added: Tue Mar 7 10:35:08 2017
tags: xmpp

WATCH VIDEO: MTR backpack video attracts a bag of complaints.
added: Tue Mar 7 10:20:30 2017

Hyperloop One shows off its first super fast test track in the Nevada desert: Comments:
added: Tue Mar 7 10:10:02 2017

Dramatic wave photo from Sydney ferry wows thousands online
added: Tue Mar 7 09:49:59 2017

In Pune, India lost 7 for 11. In Bengaluru, Australia lost 6 for 11 #INDvAUS
added: Tue Mar 7 09:45:10 2017
tags: indvaus

@extinctsymbol Poachers kill one of Africa's last remaining 'big tusker' elephants
added: Tue Mar 7 09:41:54 2017

My latest (w/ @cmirasola1 ): How China’s 2017 Fishing Moratorium May Rekindle Conflict with the Philippines
added: Tue Mar 7 09:14:53 2017

Iraqi forces retake main government offices in Mosul as offensive continues to oust so-called Islamic State
added: Tue Mar 7 06:43:50 2017

good history read on election integrity HT @MrMeritology
added: Tue Mar 7 06:39:52 2017

Oopsie: Soon-Shiong’s company stock falls 23 percent following STAT report via @statnews
added: Tue Mar 7 06:37:27 2017

Lawmaker accuses CY of 'Singapore tactics'
added: Tue Mar 7 06:36:32 2017

Don't let China swallow Taiwan:
added: Tue Mar 7 06:05:03 2017

The #WhiteHouse on "McCarthyism": #Bannon praises, #Trump dismisses via @Salon
added: Tue Mar 7 05:52:29 2017
tags: bannon, trump, whitehouse

Taiwan's master plan to defeat China in a war:
added: Tue Mar 7 05:05:04 2017

this is Charles Murray in 2014, btw.
added: Tue Mar 7 05:04:57 2017

The bill would ban all Howard Zinn books from Arkansas public schools, attempting to erase the people's history.
added: Tue Mar 7 03:50:01 2017

Namibia abandons Chinese airport loan
added: Tue Mar 7 03:47:29 2017

European businesses attack China high-tech push
added: Tue Mar 7 03:38:32 2017

Montana special election to replace Ryan Zinke shaping up to be super interesting via @AlexCKaufman
added: Tue Mar 7 03:30:37 2017

Incident of young man swearing at women and insulting them for not being #Beijingers on the subway goes viral
added: Tue Mar 7 03:30:06 2017
tags: beijingers

Follow up thoughts to @BV on reforming wealth management in China. Won't happen until deleveraging taken seriously
added: Tue Mar 7 03:27:02 2017

Understanding the emergence of modern humans and the disappearance of Neanderthals: Insights from Kaldar Cave
added: Tue Mar 7 03:09:58 2017

No defence spending number in China budget? No problem: finmin
added: Tue Mar 7 02:33:34 2017

@_cingraham Here's a link to the actual judgment of the appeals court in this case: Nobody's stories matched up.
added: Mon Mar 6 22:45:44 2017

And this in Ohio: Man stalks Indians, posts video saying they are taking away jobs (via @ishaantharoor)
added: Mon Mar 6 17:41:28 2017

Please check out this really cool space saving shape shifting chair by @jessicabanks and @RockPaperRobot #STEAM🚀🤖
added: Mon Mar 6 13:49:34 2017
tags: steam

「最低工資唔好加咁多,而家係佢人工高!」#隻隻字都咁難聽 【議員批公屋限額水平過時 張宇人:諗下最低工資唔好加咁多】
added: Mon Mar 6 13:45:07 2017
tags: 隻隻字都咁難聽

|@DetNews: Betsy DeVos' @GLEP_MI's Jim Barrett (frmr #MIChamber) fires broadside at Eli Broad #MIchEd #ResistDeVos
added: Mon Mar 6 13:44:51 2017
tags: resistdevos, miched, michamber

Iraqi forces announce capture of key Mosul bridge
added: Mon Mar 6 13:32:53 2017

NRI businessman Harnish Patel from Vadodara shot dead in South Carolina
added: Mon Mar 6 12:22:43 2017

China has the right to 'step in' to Hong Kong election, top official says
added: Mon Mar 6 11:33:22 2017

CNN/ORC poll: Most Americans say special prosecutor should investigate contacts between Russia and Trump campaign
added: Mon Mar 6 11:13:00 2017

New Movie Monday: my review of KUNG FU YOGA. Jackie Chan remains unforgivable.
added: Mon Mar 6 10:47:54 2017

#Taiwan plans to rename agency handling ties with @Japan | Politics | FocusTaiwan Mobile - CNA English News
added: Mon Mar 6 10:20:04 2017
tags: taiwan

Shipments of suspected scheduled dried shark fins seized by AFCD
added: Mon Mar 6 10:20:04 2017

"These kinds of criminalization campaigns have always preceded immigrant exclusion"
added: Mon Mar 6 10:15:21 2017

'Extraordinary' new cancer drug appears to cure a third of terminal patients
added: Mon Mar 6 10:07:53 2017

New Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Tied to Russian Oligarchs, Money- Laundering Bank #draintheswamp
added: Mon Mar 6 10:02:02 2017
tags: draintheswamp

'League of Legends' creator wins $10 million in cheating lawsuit
added: Mon Mar 6 09:12:34 2017

Reading between the lines on the yuan. Interesting...
added: Mon Mar 6 09:09:31 2017

Very comprehensive piece on difficulties created by implementation of new Foreign NGO Law.
added: Mon Mar 6 07:49:31 2017

Beware of China's wealth-management reforms, writes @BaldingsWorld.
added: Mon Mar 6 05:40:01 2017

How it feels at the State Department under the Trump administration...
added: Mon Mar 6 05:10:53 2017

3Par broke Australian Tax Office because ... >>REDACTED<<
added: Mon Mar 6 03:27:57 2017

Biggest Losers From #China’s Economic Sanctions Against South Korea @shuli_ren
added: Mon Mar 6 03:25:58 2017
tags: china

Just a remainder: AG Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford
added: Mon Mar 6 03:23:42 2017

.@NASA investigation into "stolen moon rocks" turns into the saddest short story
added: Mon Mar 6 03:23:13 2017

Alex Oronov, organizer of Russia-Ukraine blackmail plan sent to Donald Trump, dies suspiciously via @PalmerReport
added: Mon Mar 6 03:20:09 2017

Acupuncture improves outcomes in carpal tunnel syndrome in part by remapping the brain, according to a new study
added: Mon Mar 6 03:05:04 2017

China reportedly investigating more Korean companies, probing personal opinions on Thaad and attitudes toward China
added: Mon Mar 6 03:04:49 2017

DHS Secretary Kelly--a former Marine who people said would contain Trump--is set to deport a wounded Afghanistan vet
added: Mon Mar 6 02:37:36 2017

Public perceptions about crime in the U.S. often don’t align with the data
added: Mon Mar 6 01:07:02 2017

Egypt's secret police—notorious torturers—hired a lobbying firm that's run by a Harry Reid staffer. Good get @borzou
added: Mon Mar 6 00:59:12 2017

Ending free movement from EU is no 'quick fix' for low wages, Lords say
added: Mon Mar 6 00:06:48 2017

Several members of the Trump administration are living at Donald Trump's hotel in DC. by…
added: Mon Mar 6 00:03:02 2017

(URGENT) N. Korea test-launches what could be ICBM: military
added: Sun Mar 5 23:08:10 2017

Lots talk re White House "chaos." But something VERY big happening: Deconstruction of regulatory state. A NYT look
added: Sun Mar 5 18:35:28 2017

Hard to overstate what is happening in the Philippines. Duterte in office eight months. 7,000 people have died.
added: Sun Mar 5 18:18:05 2017

This is nuts. The White House's chief ideologue is an unabashed extremist
added: Sun Mar 5 16:44:44 2017

China's premier says it will 'never tolerate' Taiwan, Hong Kong independence -
added: Sun Mar 5 15:52:03 2017

Still seeing people believing that Trump was wiretapped himself. You're falling for Breitbart stuff.
added: Sun Mar 5 13:20:11 2017

Revealed: exported EU animals subject to abuse and illegal conditions - appalling; EU needs to monitor sales better
added: Sun Mar 5 11:07:42 2017

【中國工程院院士王夢恕:高鐵不需要研究一地兩檢】 【梁振英:不會取消兩地邊檢制度】 身兼全國人大代表的中國工程院院士王夢恕、批評高鐵香港段設計方案亂七八糟,導致進度落後,又說即使不做邊檢也可以,不需要研究一地兩檢。...
added: Sun Mar 5 11:01:50 2017

Here are most incredible life forms NOAA found on its latest deep sea dive
added: Sun Mar 5 11:00:58 2017

Father 'raped lesbian daughter to prove sex is better with men'
added: Sun Mar 5 10:48:58 2017

Pressure on for Hong Kong ‘sandwich generation’ as number of dependants rises
added: Sun Mar 5 10:45:02 2017

ActiveX is such a cancer on Korean websites that the leading prez candidate's getting attn for pledging to end it
added: Sun Mar 5 10:36:54 2017

Trump sons, planning expansion of family business, look to leverage campaign experience US taxpayers are helping!
added: Sun Mar 5 10:26:16 2017

"Natural extinction occurs at a rate of one to five species a year. We are currently losing dozens each day."
added: Sun Mar 5 10:23:31 2017

Who's this No. 1 enemy of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte? I talked to ppl who kw Leila de Lima to find out:
added: Sun Mar 5 10:20:12 2017

Forget the Great Firewall ... China is beefing up its ability to police all cyberspace
added: Sun Mar 5 10:20:07 2017

My breaking @AP story: #Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians
added: Sun Mar 5 10:10:09 2017
tags: bahrain

US deportations threaten gang violence in El Salvador
added: Sun Mar 5 10:00:13 2017

Looks like the pedestrian tunnel under the #Bosporus is going to happen.
added: Sun Mar 5 09:52:07 2017
tags: bosporus

#XiJinping likely to preside over military parade in #HongKong handover anniversary via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Mar 5 09:50:18 2017
tags: hongkong, xijinping

Another strong piece from @OllieHolt22 on Team Sky. Complete with On the Waterfront reference:
added: Sun Mar 5 09:44:41 2017

#INDvsAUS: Flying @ashwinravi99 takes stunning catch — WATCH
added: Sun Mar 5 09:36:44 2017
tags: indvsaus

數字節節上升… #差佬晒馬 【的士業界捐$45萬 向太代表演藝界交$777萬撐七警】
added: Sun Mar 5 09:35:03 2017
tags: 差佬晒馬

Trump adviser suggests campaign had back channel to Wikileaks in tirade
added: Sun Mar 5 09:33:57 2017

Sikh man shot in Washington state allegedly told to 'go back to your country' @CNN
added: Sun Mar 5 09:26:52 2017

Russian may ban Beauty and the Beast over gay character
added: Sun Mar 5 09:26:49 2017

Strong analysis by @strobetalbott on both sides of the Putin-Trump axis.
added: Sun Mar 5 09:25:40 2017

Tim Berners-Lee Endorses #DRM In HTML5, Offers Depressingly Weak Defense Of His Decision - </sigh> #EME
added: Sun Mar 5 09:18:44 2017
tags: drm, eme

China vows new steel, coal capacity cuts to make sky blue
added: Sun Mar 5 08:45:03 2017

Obama has a history of tapping & hacking his friends and rivals #NSA #PRISM #Merkel…
added: Sun Mar 5 08:00:23 2017
tags: prism, merkel, nsa

"Now China is a stabiliser rather than a destabiliser" @Bkerrychina on Beijing's new role in the world
added: Sun Mar 5 06:53:14 2017

Prefectly timed with crazy prez twitter rampage: Exxon, Rosneft unveil $500 billion offshore venture via @Reuters
added: Sun Mar 5 00:58:34 2017

In light of the hate-shooting of a Sikh, educate yourself and others about the Sikh religion. Here's a short intro:
added: Sun Mar 5 00:30:49 2017

Love that @charlesmok played this game wearing his glasses 👓 ⚽️
added: Sat Mar 4 11:19:23 2017

Al Jazeera’s Report on Dhammakaya Chopped by TrueVisions (Video)
added: Sat Mar 4 11:17:50 2017

Zeebrugge ferry disaster, 30 years on from Britain’s worst peacetime maritime disaster for decades
added: Sat Mar 4 11:13:28 2017

China's Xi Jinping ponders raising retirement age for top Communist officials. Is he aiming to prolong own reign?
added: Sat Mar 4 11:13:11 2017

London cinema pranks 'Moonlight' audience by playing start of 'La La Land' - NME
added: Sat Mar 4 11:12:08 2017

North Korean regime is finding new ways to stop information flows, report says
added: Sat Mar 4 11:01:01 2017

Senate Democrats in Pennsylvania Are Being Held Cyber-Hostage by Ransomware
added: Sat Mar 4 10:56:14 2017

#SCMP Cathay Dragon launches probe after plane suffers tail strike on landing in Cambodia
added: Sat Mar 4 10:38:18 2017
tags: scmp

#SCMP CY Leung’s seat reflects outgoing Hong Kong CE’s new status in Beijing
added: Sat Mar 4 10:08:24 2017
tags: scmp

Proposed #SandraBland Act would change processes for police, jails #BlackLivesMatter
added: Sat Mar 4 09:25:09 2017
tags: blacklivesmatter, sandrabland

Rep. @DevinNunes & CA GOP ask that federal funding for public transportation be DENIED:…
added: Sat Mar 4 08:45:06 2017

Latest poaching figure: African #elephants still in decline due to high levels of poaching.
added: Sat Mar 4 08:43:13 2017
tags: elephants

More inconvenient history on the sanitization of George W. Bush
added: Sat Mar 4 08:12:34 2017

Like Keystone XL, Much of Dakota Access Pipeline Steel Made by Russian Company Tied to Putin | DeSmogBlog MRGA
added: Sat Mar 4 08:06:28 2017

Cluster of Coronavirus cases of Siu Lam Hospital
added: Sat Mar 4 08:00:35 2017

Thiel’s chief of staff tapped as White House deputy CTO
added: Sat Mar 4 07:55:06 2017

Tony Blair, the 145,690th white male post-election to blame gender identity for Trump
added: Sat Mar 4 07:50:53 2017

China’s Neo-Imperialism in Africa: Perception or Reality? – Imperial & Global Forum
added: Sat Mar 4 06:55:15 2017

China's economic concerns mount as thousands gather for congress #NPC #TwoSessions
added: Sat Mar 4 06:42:52 2017
tags: twosessions, npc

Missing Bengaluru girl found dead, police suspect black magic
added: Sat Mar 4 04:40:00 2017

Trump to Undo Vehicle Rules That Curb Global Warming
added: Sat Mar 4 04:05:27 2017

ICE deporting guy who came here legally but had a misdemeanor pot charge. Wife six months pregnant. Believe it.
added: Sat Mar 4 02:34:15 2017

Trump administration planning massive expansion of family immigrant detention
added: Sat Mar 4 02:14:32 2017

Big immigration announcements today: 1)suspension of premium H-1B's 2)family separation at the border (so inhumane)
added: Sat Mar 4 02:11:29 2017

'Huge experiment' - The continent that climate change has not forgotten @P_Hannam via @smh #Antarctica #climate
added: Fri Mar 3 23:58:50 2017
tags: antarctica, climate

Right in time for the weekend 😎, two new videos 📹 solving common web problems with standards: @ChromiumDev
added: Fri Mar 3 22:12:05 2017

'There is no such thing as the “alt-left.”'
added: Fri Mar 3 19:56:07 2017

Native American Student Removed From Class After Refus... on Native Trailblazers will air 03/03. #BlogTalkRadio
added: Fri Mar 3 13:51:00 2017
tags: blogtalkradio

|@RonFonger: City of Flint tells EPA it needs 2 MORE YEARS to begin treating own water (use KWA) #FlintWaterCrisis
added: Fri Mar 3 13:50:34 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

This teenager walked miles to take care of his mother. His life changed in seconds
added: Fri Mar 3 13:35:54 2017

And in other news... George W. Bush explains his unlikely friendship with Michelle Obama - The Week
added: Fri Mar 3 13:35:18 2017

Is the jeepney phase-out plan just a disguise? #Philippine
added: Fri Mar 3 13:35:11 2017
tags: philippine

Futures dip ahead of Yellen's speech
added: Fri Mar 3 13:35:04 2017

Crying daughter recorded video. 💔 Monstrous. Undocumented dad taken by ICE while dropping kids off at school @abc7
added: Fri Mar 3 13:33:39 2017

European Parliament votes to end visa-free travel for Americans
added: Fri Mar 3 13:15:03 2017

This has been part of their wacko belief system for a long time
added: Fri Mar 3 13:13:22 2017

Can't get better than Patterson. Best of US diplomats. WH pushing back against Mattis appointment - POLITICO.
added: Fri Mar 3 13:11:51 2017

UN concerned over ongoing `serious` abuses, torture in Sri Lanka
added: Fri Mar 3 13:10:01 2017

Ordering officers be held, judge cites alleged intimidation, "unusual ability to find ways around" release rules.
added: Fri Mar 3 13:08:14 2017

👆🏽Montreal bomb threat turns out to be fake -police traced IP address to a PhD student of Lebanese origin 👇🏽
added: Fri Mar 3 13:03:55 2017

Skulls found in China were part modern human, part Neanderthal; possibly new species - The Washington Post
added: Fri Mar 3 12:56:54 2017

Why Carrie Lam can only look forward to a pyrrhic victory
added: Fri Mar 3 12:23:08 2017

Donald Trump’s election victory driving 'domestic terrorism', says Homeland Security
added: Fri Mar 3 12:21:40 2017

Perhaps China and North Korea are not on the verge of a nasty divorce?
added: Fri Mar 3 12:20:27 2017

One for my China followers RT @claremargetson:New research on Omega 3 protecting against air pollution
added: Fri Mar 3 12:18:42 2017

PWC Accountant Wanted to Perform Sketch at Oscars (EXCLUSIVE)
added: Fri Mar 3 12:13:03 2017

Ireland, your state is truly rotten to its very core. Broken hearted. #tuambabies
added: Fri Mar 3 11:38:47 2017
tags: tuambabies

Attitudes in Ireland to Unmarried Mothers and their Children (1900s-1970s) #storify
added: Fri Mar 3 11:35:49 2017
tags: storify

紐時消息指 #王岐山 留任機會大 #習近平 正設法改變政治局潛規則
added: Fri Mar 3 11:26:55 2017
tags: 王岐山, 習近平

Yahoo admits some employees knew about 2014 data breach at the time of the incident
added: Fri Mar 3 10:57:08 2017

Slides from today's #nullcon talk on PowerShell obfuscation are now live: Looking forward to talking w/more of you!
added: Fri Mar 3 10:43:52 2017
tags: nullcon

Catholic Diocese of HK to CE candidate Carrie Lam: firmly against setting up of religious affairs unit
added: Fri Mar 3 09:52:34 2017

Regulators Summon Baidu Over Chinese Search-Engine Crash #NPC #baidu #internet
added: Fri Mar 3 09:50:01 2017
tags: baidu, npc, internet

會計界議員梁繼昌指,特首針對議員的言論發律師信是「聞所未聞」,而立法會調查UGL案件的專責委員會下午才召開首次會議,梁特卻在首次會議前向議員發出律師信,做法不合適亦不合理, #UGL案...
added: Fri Mar 3 09:46:02 2017
tags: ugl案

15 years on - the Israeli law "prohibiting family unification when the family members in question are Palestinian"
added: Fri Mar 3 09:45:46 2017

Beijing's escalating condemnation of South Korea over a U.S. anti-missile system triggers protests.
added: Fri Mar 3 09:45:05 2017

#CYLeung thinks he's gonna "get made" into the CPPCC/Mafia & thus be protected from corruption charges, but in fact:
added: Fri Mar 3 09:24:21 2017
tags: cyleung

China hints at trade war strategy in South Korea standoff
added: Fri Mar 3 09:13:27 2017

My weekly mince is about the rise of mass participation sports events in Hong Kong
added: Fri Mar 3 09:02:12 2017

We reveal how mining giant @Glencore redirected over $75m to scandal-hit friend of #DRC President #Glencore
added: Fri Mar 3 08:26:49 2017
tags: drc, glencore

The scale is unforgivable: Making way for pilgrims: The destruction of Mecca via @TheEconomist
added: Fri Mar 3 06:54:40 2017

Matt Damon's 'The Great Wall' to Lose $75 Million; Future U.S.-China Productions in Doubt via @thr
added: Fri Mar 3 00:50:43 2017

Russia shrugs off Sessions uproar, says has daily contacts with U.S. partners
added: Thu Mar 2 15:05:03 2017

EU may require visas for Americans if USA doesn't give all EU citizens visa free access. Good.
added: Thu Mar 2 15:04:52 2017

China accuses western media of 'fake news' about human rights h/t @davidakaye
added: Thu Mar 2 14:55:11 2017

South Korea moves to close down biggest dog meat market in run up to the Olympics
added: Thu Mar 2 14:45:32 2017

Muslim teen found hanged in woods near Seattle; family seeks answers
added: Thu Mar 2 14:15:28 2017

CDC releases interactive neighborhood-level health data for 500 cities, including Cleveland
added: Thu Mar 2 14:03:13 2017

Deep Forest: Towards An Alternative to Deep Neural Networks
added: Thu Mar 2 14:01:53 2017

Berta Cáceres Court Papers Show Murder Suspects' Links to US-trained Elite Troops
added: Thu Mar 2 14:01:01 2017

A Giant Neuron Has Been Found Wrapped Around the Brain: Comments:
added: Thu Mar 2 14:00:03 2017

Toddlers left by grandmas in cages at Sham Shui Po playground
added: Thu Mar 2 08:47:41 2017

Update on @ChuHoiDick's intimidation case during #LegCo2016. Four men are due in court tomorrow on loitering charges
added: Thu Mar 2 08:45:17 2017
tags: legco2016

Under Xi, wealth of China's uber-rich lawmakers grew faster than economy
added: Thu Mar 2 08:42:14 2017

#China to beef up its ability to police cyberspace
added: Thu Mar 2 08:34:06 2017
tags: china

China proposes new world order for internet governance and international relations
added: Thu Mar 2 07:33:19 2017

Here are the first 3 startups to graduate PayPal’s Singapore incubator
added: Thu Mar 2 07:31:30 2017

I spent last week walking on the Irish border, talking about #Brexit. Here's what I found...
added: Thu Mar 2 07:26:57 2017
tags: brexit

My latest for @TWSentinel, on Chinese "refugee espionage" after spy arrested this week in Sweden: @joannachiu @niubi
added: Thu Mar 2 06:34:38 2017

Silicon Valley tech bro's solution for homeless: Getting himself in the news. Again.
added: Thu Mar 2 06:34:12 2017

‘Sri Lankan police statements confirm our fears’
added: Thu Mar 2 06:32:02 2017

Thailand's lese majeste law has become so broad historians writing about events 400 YEARS ago still face prosecution
added: Thu Mar 2 06:31:54 2017

Philippine police are falsifying evidence to justify unlawful killings in their drug war, says @HRW in a new report.
added: Thu Mar 2 06:03:38 2017

Just two days ago, Trump himself lied about his own contacts with Russia. A fish rots from the head.
added: Thu Mar 2 05:38:21 2017

Democrats call for Sessions’s resignation and a special prosecutor on alleged Trump Russia ties via @karoun
added: Thu Mar 2 05:36:01 2017

By Jeff Sessions’s standard for lying under oath, Jeff Sessions lied under oath:
added: Thu Mar 2 05:32:50 2017

Trump's treasury secretary also gave false information to Congress: All three were falsely denying something.
added: Thu Mar 2 05:30:21 2017

In #Gujarat #DalitMan Beaten to Death With Iron Rod For Becoming Sarpanch #DalitLiveMatter @AmbedkarCaravan @kuffir
added: Thu Mar 2 04:27:34 2017
tags: dalitman, dalitlivematter, gujarat

Private investor divests $34.8m from firms tied to Dakota Access pipeline #NoDAPL
added: Thu Mar 2 04:27:26 2017
tags: nodapl

Taiwan unlikely to be labeled currency manipulator by U.S. government: central bank chief
added: Thu Mar 2 04:16:45 2017

Interesting: #China deep-sea submersible probes northwestern Indian Ocean
added: Thu Mar 2 04:15:06 2017
tags: china

Risk prevention in China's banking sector to be a 2017 focus: new regulator
added: Thu Mar 2 04:13:49 2017

"What I know, having loved this country forever, is that the United States is no longer really the United States.”
added: Thu Mar 2 04:04:51 2017

Hong Kong police made 3,448 requests for user data from internet providers last year…
added: Thu Mar 2 03:24:28 2017

Previously untouched 600BC palace discovered under shrine demolished by Isil in Mosul' | via @telegraph
added: Thu Mar 2 03:22:32 2017

Art Bubble Bursting: Gauguin Painting Collapses 74% To $22 Million
added: Thu Mar 2 02:12:43 2017

#SCMP Former judge finds no evidence of political interference from chief executive in HKU governance: source
added: Thu Mar 2 01:40:24 2017
tags: scmp

#SCMP Carrie Lam seeks to quell concerns over proposed religious affairs unit
added: Thu Mar 2 01:10:19 2017
tags: scmp

Editor asked to resign from journal for saying he’ll review only papers whose data he can see
added: Wed Mar 1 23:17:03 2017

White House intentionally lied to journalists to get better play for Trump's speech.
added: Wed Mar 1 23:16:43 2017

“Al Qaeda propaganda is using Steve Bannon’s Islamophobia against the U.S.”
added: Wed Mar 1 21:35:52 2017

Why we've failed to save the vaquita from extinction
added: Wed Mar 1 16:22:31 2017

The raid in Yemen that cost Sgt. Owens his life also killed 30 other people, including at least nine children.
added: Wed Mar 1 14:55:46 2017

Weird pattern. IPv6 adoption seems to pulse upward on weekends. From
added: Wed Mar 1 14:55:28 2017

A tale of two factories: Why Foxconn's new China panel plant is beginning construction as US factory talks stall
added: Wed Mar 1 14:55:02 2017

Trump thinks America can’t be great until it gets into a war. And wins. Country/alleged reason TBD. via @Will_Bunch
added: Wed Mar 1 13:13:19 2017

And then read my latest column on how @TuesdaysToomey pulled off Operation Sit-in: via @phillydotcom
added: Wed Mar 1 13:00:31 2017

The #Tibet women's soccer team denied visa to US (for no reason) is getting incredible mainstream media coverage
added: Wed Mar 1 06:40:57 2017
tags: tibet

Don’t let ‘globalisation’ become a dirty word, Boris Johnson says
added: Tue Feb 28 14:58:17 2017

Ofcom forces BT to cut over two million monthly phone bills by £5
added: Tue Feb 28 13:48:57 2017

HR McMaster tried but failed to strike “radical Islamic terrorism” from tonight’s speech, sources say.
added: Tue Feb 28 13:45:02 2017

NYT mistakes Donald Trump and Paul Ryan for political philosophers, claims budget differences are "ideological"
added: Tue Feb 28 12:44:58 2017

Imation to fork out $11m in patent suit
added: Tue Feb 28 12:24:57 2017

Elon Musk's SpaceX programme shows how an elitist space race descended into uninspiring holidays for the ultra-rich
added: Tue Feb 28 12:23:27 2017

Let's compound our mistakes on vaccines, but in the name of football.
added: Tue Feb 28 11:57:35 2017

Tussle over Mon State bridge continues with revived naming bid #Burma #Myanmar
added: Tue Feb 28 11:23:16 2017
tags: burma, myanmar

Seems to be on schedule. Reuters: China considers paying couples to have a second child
added: Tue Feb 28 11:21:32 2017

These Bernie Alums Think They've Found the Secret to Reaching Trump Voters
added: Tue Feb 28 11:20:16 2017

齊章。 #差佬晒馬 【七警案全部被告已正式提上訴】 【撐警大聯盟搞燭光晚會撐七犯 護警自比猶太人屬言論自由】
added: Tue Feb 28 11:10:31 2017
tags: 差佬晒馬

"Each day massive trawlers are out in international waters with nets that are so large they can fit two 747s"
added: Tue Feb 28 11:10:27 2017

Trump looks for reset with speech to Congress
added: Tue Feb 28 11:09:05 2017

Scraping by on six figures? Tech workers feel poor in Silicon Valley's wealth bubble
added: Tue Feb 28 11:07:26 2017

DH endorses batch recall of mercury-tainted proprietary Chinese medicine
added: Tue Feb 28 11:06:04 2017

Police appeal for information on fatal traffic accident in Sai Kung
added: Tue Feb 28 11:06:02 2017

W3C publishes data model, vocabulary, and protocol recommendations for web annotations (W3C)
added: Tue Feb 28 09:51:11 2017

#Taiwan Group calls for 'concrete truth' on 228 incident - The China Post #History
added: Tue Feb 28 09:49:19 2017
tags: taiwan, history

Mi 5c is the first smartphone to use Xiaomi's own chipset
added: Tue Feb 28 09:48:32 2017

Oscars envelope handler was ‘too busy tweeting’ to do their job properly
added: Tue Feb 28 09:48:16 2017

Tibet women's football team denied visas to attend US games for 'no reason,' says organiser
added: Tue Feb 28 09:42:20 2017

Beijing earmarks 18 billion yuan for smog reduction.
added: Tue Feb 28 09:05:14 2017

// 面對學童自殺,教育局在這個年頭做了些什麼?對於只是提倡精神健康,而沒有改革危害青年健康的那個制度,這是為什麼我們仍然阻止不了學童選擇「自尋短見」。//
added: Tue Feb 28 09:05:03 2017

32 Animated Videos by Wireless Philosophy Teach You the Essentials of Critical Thinking
added: Tue Feb 28 09:01:01 2017

Brazil's love affair with Uber has been ruined by kidnapping, robbery, and murder
added: Tue Feb 28 09:00:02 2017

Beijing’s Hong Kong liaison office gains new deputy from Fujian via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Feb 28 08:54:11 2017

I know I tweeted this y'day but just repeating it. New York data: "Uber = the prime cause" of increased congestion
added: Tue Feb 28 08:32:41 2017

Hong Kong Election: Beijing Decides, Hong Kong Approves
added: Tue Feb 28 08:31:02 2017

Chinese stocks: don’t get fooled twice — Heard on the Street
added: Tue Feb 28 08:21:35 2017

Demand for #Sand Sucks Life From #China’s Largest Freshwater Lake - more human stupidity
added: Tue Feb 28 08:21:15 2017
tags: sand, china

Why Millions of Americans Never Finish College
added: Tue Feb 28 08:13:02 2017

After 130 Years, Harvard Law Review Elects a Black Woman President
added: Tue Feb 28 08:09:54 2017

German Consulate General stresses good relationship with police after Holocaust comparison
added: Tue Feb 28 08:02:42 2017

Shell Oil warned of the catastrophic risks of climate change in 1991, then opposed action against it for decades:
added: Tue Feb 28 07:43:44 2017

Black money: Govt may shut down 7 lakh shell companies
added: Tue Feb 28 07:42:20 2017

#China says economy faces global uncertainties, overcapacity at home via @Reuters
added: Tue Feb 28 07:41:27 2017
tags: china

Appeal for information on missing woman in Shatin
added: Tue Feb 28 07:40:35 2017

Are big data and psychological profiling actually transforming politics and mainstream media?
added: Tue Feb 28 07:39:22 2017

Theory of City Form: A Free Course from MIT Added to our list of 1,200 Free Online Courses:
added: Tue Feb 28 07:36:01 2017

China angrily reacts with threats after South Korean missile defense decision
added: Tue Feb 28 07:35:04 2017

911 Audio Reveals Kansas Bar Shooter Believed He Killed Two Iranians - BuzzFeed News
added: Tue Feb 28 07:32:22 2017

After doing same with US now Cambodia scraps Australia drills, says military "too busy" with elections this year
added: Tue Feb 28 07:30:22 2017

Jeff Sessions Issues Ominous Warning On State Marijuana Legalization
added: Tue Feb 28 07:30:15 2017

Small Cdn city of Medicine Hat now reaping the benefits of a smart decision not to privatize its natural gas bounty
added: Tue Feb 28 07:30:04 2017

台商染H7N9不治 台歷來第2宗死亡個案 #大中華 Tue, 28 Feb 2017 15:05:42 +0800
added: Tue Feb 28 07:10:17 2017
tags: 大中華

'The president always gets something': Spicer suggests Trump gained concession from China
added: Tue Feb 28 07:09:43 2017

Image of the Day: European Buddhists (?) & Zoroastrians, c. 1650
added: Tue Feb 28 07:09:35 2017

Can't wait for shills to call bernie's excellent speech on Israel/Palestine a racist, sexist dudebro screed.
added: Tue Feb 28 07:08:42 2017

Man arrested in Sweden for spying on Tibetan refugees 瑞典情报局:一名男子涉嫌为一外国势力非法在瑞典监视藏人难民,已遭拘留
added: Tue Feb 28 07:00:14 2017

Colombia's paramilitaries continue killing human rights leaders
added: Tue Feb 28 07:00:01 2017

China central bank says foreign firms able to repatriate profits normally
added: Tue Feb 28 06:59:30 2017

Breaking News - Air China to acquire Cathay Pacific Airways
added: Tue Feb 28 06:40:57 2017

WATCH: Dust devil spotted on #Mars
added: Tue Feb 28 06:20:00 2017
tags: mars

China Considers Incentives for Having Second Child #onechild#policy #population
added: Tue Feb 28 05:47:39 2017
tags: population, malaysia, sme, trade, alibaba, property, transactions, cxflash

Editorial: Trump’s silence on deadly Olathe shooting is disquieting No compassion. No billionaires were hurt.
added: Tue Feb 28 05:47:10 2017

Hong Kong Rewards the Property Oligarchs – Asia Sentinel | Asia Sentinel
added: Tue Feb 28 05:39:44 2017

In retaliation for critical report, India's Tiger Conservation Authority bans the BBC from its reserves for 5 years
added: Tue Feb 28 05:32:08 2017

Day 42 of the Internet shutdown in Cameroon 🇨🇲 affecting English-speaking regions. #BringBackOurInternet
added: Tue Feb 28 05:19:20 2017
tags: bringbackourinternet

California demands details of Trump administration immigration arrests
added: Tue Feb 28 03:41:04 2017

DNC Trying To Hide Who Voted Against Ellison: via @YouTube
added: Tue Feb 28 03:39:49 2017

Appointments to new term of Council for Sustainable Development
added: Tue Feb 28 03:39:04 2017

The Trump Administration today signaled its plan to drastically slash the EPA's budget -- by as much as 24%.
added: Tue Feb 28 03:37:39 2017

DNC Chair Pick Is A Zombie Head-Shot To The Democratic Party w/ HA Goodman
added: Tue Feb 28 03:36:45 2017

Technology makes it difficult to trace bomb threats to Jewish community
added: Tue Feb 28 03:35:30 2017

Being pro-refugee must also mean being antiwar.
added: Tue Feb 28 03:34:59 2017

Irene Clennell faces a 10-year ban from the UK - where her family is - because she was deported at the UK's expense:
added: Tue Feb 28 03:34:25 2017

The Justice Department dropped a crucial objection to Texas’ strict voter-identification law
added: Tue Feb 28 02:49:09 2017

Three Unicorn Riot Journalists Face Trial This Week From #DAPL Coverage #NoDAPL…
added: Mon Feb 27 22:48:35 2017
tags: nodapl, dapl

$100B in losses later, business media now mildly interested in idea that Wall St may be fleecing millions of people
added: Mon Feb 27 17:13:37 2017

Americans who get healthcare thru govt programs are the most satisfied with their healthcare services
added: Mon Feb 27 15:53:56 2017

Carrie Lam announces Hong Kong leadership election platform amid protests
added: Mon Feb 27 10:46:14 2017

Food safety experts probe contaminated salmon imports
added: Mon Feb 27 10:43:38 2017

CE election: Beijing should take its thumb off the scale
added: Mon Feb 27 10:43:12 2017

#HongKong Rewards the Property Oligarchs
added: Mon Feb 27 10:39:35 2017
tags: hongkong

Fascinating lecture on how Arakan/Rakhine not long term indigenous to W Myanmar (just like Rohingya) ht @drzarni
added: Mon Feb 27 10:35:16 2017

Mostl dismiss claims of Cambridge Analytica's having turned Big Data into a political weapon. Look again.
added: Mon Feb 27 09:57:44 2017

#China Mull Curbs on Private Bonds Sold by #Property Firms @business @Phatjet
added: Mon Feb 27 09:57:26 2017
tags: china, property

This @BBCCarrie podcast on China’s Bo Xilai murder-mystery meltdown is fantastic! I’m on the edge of my seat.
added: Mon Feb 27 09:56:30 2017

This belongs to Theresa May, @BorisJohnson, @AmberRudd_MP and the rest of the #Tories
added: Mon Feb 27 09:53:50 2017
tags: tories

VIDEO - White House silence over Kansas bar shooting angers India
added: Mon Feb 27 09:51:13 2017

Just saying Carrie Lam's manifesto is a unsearchable jpeg pdf and there is no English version
added: Mon Feb 27 09:07:39 2017

The inside story of THAT ruckless tactic at Twickenham... Genius or anti-rugby?
added: Mon Feb 27 08:51:53 2017

"During meetings, [Spicer] has repeatedly berated his aides, launching expletive-filled tirades" about leaks.
added: Mon Feb 27 08:50:00 2017

Chinese companies seek cheaper offshore debt after rule change by @Umesh_Desai
added: Mon Feb 27 08:48:29 2017

It took less than a minute of satellite time to catch these thieves red-handed - such important work by @SkyTruth
added: Mon Feb 27 08:47:19 2017

Analysis of MS16-104 : .URL files Security Feature Bypass : (CVE-2016-3353)
added: Mon Feb 27 08:46:58 2017

A phone call between Washington & Moscow is followed by violence in eastern Ukraine. My report on the possible link
added: Mon Feb 27 08:46:31 2017

#SCMP Lack of legal protection is driving sexual minorities out of Hong Kong
added: Mon Feb 27 08:36:07 2017
tags: scmp

UK 103rd out of 112 in global ranking for real wage growth since the crisis
added: Mon Feb 27 08:30:41 2017

There were nearly 10 attacks on refugees a day in Germany in 2016
added: Mon Feb 27 07:53:10 2017

John Tsang on FB on the Oscars gaff "You never know until the end"
added: Mon Feb 27 07:47:30 2017

'Where's your f---ing face?' The shocking insight into Australian racism and intolerance
added: Mon Feb 27 07:19:48 2017

Theresa May 'to end EU citizens rights to live permanently in UK within days'
added: Mon Feb 27 07:18:16 2017

Trump claims he saved a billion dollars on Air Force One. The military don't know what he's talking about
added: Mon Feb 27 07:14:00 2017

LSD and Demosisto want to "connect" with Carrie Lam in her manifesto press conference.
added: Mon Feb 27 07:10:00 2017

Uproar after school bans male students from donning dresses on 'dress casual day'
added: Mon Feb 27 07:00:16 2017

Beijing hails CY for curbing Occupy, separatists, says CPPCC member
added: Mon Feb 27 06:36:06 2017

Comment: Scrap loss-making Hong Kong Disneyland and put public housing on the site instead
added: Mon Feb 27 06:25:44 2017

Explainer: Why Hong Kong's leadership race is neither free, fair, nor representative
added: Mon Feb 27 06:22:54 2017

Britain now a place where being married to a Brit for 27 YEARS is no bar to getting deported
added: Mon Feb 27 05:54:14 2017

India Just Broke a World Record With Its New #Solar Farm @IndiaSolarMarkt #solarpower @gautam_adani @PiyushGoyal
added: Mon Feb 27 05:54:09 2017
tags: solar, solarpower

What happened when one school banned homework — and asked kids to read and play instead
added: Mon Feb 27 04:53:03 2017

North Korea spy agency runs arms operation out of Malaysia, U.N. says
added: Mon Feb 27 04:05:06 2017

"If you transform Kansas as I know you can, we’re going to transform this country." We can - and we will. #ksleg
added: Mon Feb 27 04:02:53 2017
tags: ksleg

81 people have accused former USA Gymnastics coach of sexual abuse
added: Mon Feb 27 04:02:15 2017

In Indiana, where Trump got huge attention for preserving some Carrier jobs, a plant quietly shuts down for Mexico:
added: Mon Feb 27 03:59:48 2017

Former NASA Mathematician, 98, Gets Her Moment at Oscars
added: Mon Feb 27 03:40:06 2017

Washington needs to investigate entire U.S. strategy in Yemen, not just one failed raid in isolation from the whole
added: Mon Feb 27 03:39:57 2017

Iranian film 'The Salesman' wins best Oscar in biggest political statement of the night
added: Mon Feb 27 03:37:17 2017

Mystery deepens over Chinese forces in Afghanistan
added: Mon Feb 27 03:00:47 2017

+500 workers protests at Volkswagen plant in China, protesting working 10 yrs as temps for low pay via @dajiyuan
added: Mon Feb 27 01:31:57 2017

My buddy just sent me this, but Trump did not put in a Muslim travel ban, right?!
added: Sun Feb 26 23:04:25 2017

Hard from the outside to tell what was moving DNC chair voters. This @daveweigel summary is clarifying on election:
added: Sun Feb 26 23:03:06 2017

After Fang, 2nd investor in Asia Pacific Aviation Leasing is HK company whose CEO was jailed for share price rigging
added: Sun Feb 26 23:01:41 2017

MUST READ. SO GOOD: "How America Lost Faith in Expertise" by @RadioFreeTom:
added: Sun Feb 26 23:00:59 2017

Five things to take away from reactive programming by @gregheo: Concise and to the point.
added: Sun Feb 26 18:02:44 2017

Chinese private security goes global
added: Sun Feb 26 15:29:24 2017

This brilliant piece by Tom Holland describes the deplorable state of #HK today in a nutshell
added: Sun Feb 26 11:50:49 2017
tags: hk

Greek island of Naxos celebrates Carnival with Torch Parade
added: Sun Feb 26 11:50:06 2017

Cops confirm chemicals found at condominium #KimJongNam @IntelOperator @BRZRKR_US @meanlin1 @thesecurityguy1
added: Sun Feb 26 01:23:59 2017
tags: kimjongnam

DISPATCH 3: Inside a so called "NO GO ZONE"
added: Sat Feb 25 23:23:58 2017

2 days before #ElliottWilliams died, a nurse tried to give him water. She said jailers wouldn't open the door.
added: Sat Feb 25 17:51:35 2017
tags: elliottwilliams

Spear Phishing Techniques Used in Attacks Targeting the Mongolian Government :
added: Sat Feb 25 12:45:49 2017

Good follow-up on the scathing “Docker in Production” article from a while back. [CW: abelism, self-harm, violence]
added: Sat Feb 25 12:44:53 2017

Hate Crime Is Feared as 2 Indian Engineers Are Shot in Kansas
added: Sat Feb 25 12:41:52 2017

Donald Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants may cost $500,000,000,000
added: Sat Feb 25 12:40:56 2017

I'm confused on why @iowademocrats endorsed Perez given your own Dem leaders endorsed Ellison and all major unions
added: Sat Feb 25 12:40:36 2017

Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby'
added: Sat Feb 25 12:40:09 2017

'Churning', stagnating economies, dark money, Trump's Kleptocrat Act + more in this month's @TaxJusticeNet podcast
added: Sat Feb 25 12:37:00 2017

Issa Calls for Special Prosecutor on Russia Ties via @politicalwire
added: Sat Feb 25 12:09:31 2017

President Trump's administration has quickly leapt to say his talk and actions have nothing to do with this crime.
added: Sat Feb 25 04:01:46 2017

Betsy DeVos and Republicans Plan to Cut Free and Reduced Lunch Programs:
added: Sat Feb 25 01:03:56 2017

The army sent a lone specialist to the Arctic to investigate a mysterious ping
added: Sat Feb 25 00:30:02 2017

Confidence in "one-country, two systems" model is low in Hong Kong, @BorisJohnson suggests in British report
added: Sat Feb 25 00:28:36 2017

On-demand companies are building their fortunes on the backs of “independent contractors.”
added: Sat Feb 25 00:00:15 2017

Los Angeles Officials To ICE: Stop Identifying Yourselves As Police by @rhersher
added: Sat Feb 25 00:00:03 2017

Fake Sweden expert on Fox News – has criminal convictions in US, no connection to Swedish security - DN.SE
added: Fri Feb 24 23:53:59 2017

China muzzles feminist group after criticism of Trump 'misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist policies| HKFP
added: Fri Feb 24 23:43:59 2017

So help me out, while #therealdonaldtrump rants about China, US tech firms ramp up chip production in China
added: Fri Feb 24 23:18:20 2017
tags: therealdonaldtrump

This Trump-backing sheriff wants to prosecute the mayors of sanctuary cities
added: Fri Feb 24 23:15:12 2017

The popularity of Korean beauty products is a trend that looks like it's here to stay.
added: Fri Feb 24 23:15:03 2017

NYPD Links Hate Crimes Spike to 'Ethnic Bias and Xenophobia' Sparked By 2016 Presidential Campaign via @bpolitics
added: Fri Feb 24 23:14:33 2017

He does not live in Sweden, has a US criminal conviction, has no credentials.That makes him a @FoxNews "expert"
added: Fri Feb 24 23:14:21 2017

Trump administration withdrew memo that found 'ample legal justification' to halt Dakota Access pipeline via @ABC
added: Fri Feb 24 23:08:44 2017

My thoughts on the difference between Chrome's approach to security and Edge's approach.
added: Fri Feb 24 23:07:09 2017

Fox's Shepard Smith defends outlets barred from press conference: CNN is not "fake news"
added: Fri Feb 24 23:05:04 2017

Dow Jones/WSJ statement on the briefing today:
added: Fri Feb 24 22:33:42 2017

China ratchets up criticism of US missile plans, while speeding up its own arsenal
added: Fri Feb 24 21:51:25 2017

HORRIBLE: China's First Killer Whale Breeding Base is now in Operation in Guandong Province…
added: Fri Feb 24 20:22:16 2017

Heartache in Hyderabad after the senseless shooting in Kansas
added: Fri Feb 24 17:42:42 2017

When ICE doesn't know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens....
added: Fri Feb 24 16:29:07 2017

Trump White House asked FBI to shoot down a story violating rules on communication
added: Fri Feb 24 15:07:06 2017

Donald Trump just said he may use the military to deport undocumented immigrants
added: Fri Feb 24 15:06:31 2017

Good read 👉🏼 Trump voters won. Why should liberals be nice to them?
added: Fri Feb 24 15:00:57 2017

Judge Allows Testimony of Another Accuser in Cosby Case, via @nytimes
added: Fri Feb 24 14:51:51 2017

Chinese investment adds to Sri Lankan debt pile
added: Fri Feb 24 14:51:13 2017

China promotes former Xi colleagues in a revamp of its economic team; Zhong Shan, ex trade rep, is commerce minister
added: Fri Feb 24 13:57:28 2017

"Nerve agents like VX cause muscles to experience constant stimulation." via @WSJ
added: Fri Feb 24 13:56:18 2017

Hong Kong tries to reduce ownership of private cars by killing the electric car market pushing owners back to...
added: Fri Feb 24 13:53:45 2017

China regulator bans Foresea chief from insurance business for 10 years
added: Fri Feb 24 13:53:26 2017

#NJ04- Chris Smith's last town hall was in 1992. Constituents wanted to do one at his home but he lives in Virginia
added: Fri Feb 24 13:48:34 2017
tags: nj04

Electric carmakers on battery alert after hedge funds stockpile cobalt via @FT
added: Fri Feb 24 13:37:54 2017

[News5] Duterte says China misunderstood Yasay's remarks on South China Sea
added: Fri Feb 24 13:22:13 2017

China to tighten oversight of asset management industry - central bank official
added: Fri Feb 24 13:22:06 2017

|@Freep: State of MI pushes back time line for (Snyder SRO) school closures - for "analysis" #MichEd #SaveOurSchools
added: Fri Feb 24 13:14:17 2017
tags: saveourschools, miched

Indian history is much like the Game Of Thrones: William Dalrymple @DalrympleWill
added: Fri Feb 24 13:00:01 2017

Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’
added: Fri Feb 24 12:27:28 2017

Facebook scoffed at $500m damages. Now Oculus faces nerd goggles injunction
added: Fri Feb 24 12:26:50 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Socialist Party of America
added: Fri Feb 24 12:22:22 2017

This week,101 East learns why #Chinese dissidents living in Thailand no longer feel safe:
added: Fri Feb 24 12:16:37 2017
tags: chinese

New piece: Norway, Mongolia and ‘normalising’ Chinese sanctions
added: Fri Feb 24 12:10:01 2017

Congressional climate deniers are getting called on their BS at town halls this week
added: Fri Feb 24 12:07:07 2017

Help support CIA and NSA whistleblowers, putting money where your mouth is!
added: Fri Feb 24 12:06:38 2017

When Hate Haunts a Graveyard
added: Fri Feb 24 12:06:37 2017

North Dakota Dismantles #NoDAPL Oceti Camp
added: Fri Feb 24 12:05:24 2017
tags: nodapl

Logan & KWG beat 13 other bidders including Hong Kong stalwarts Cheung Kong and Sun Hung Kai @Frederikbalfour
added: Fri Feb 24 12:04:45 2017

Sheldon Adelson says Trump will be "the best president ever" for Israel. He meets privately with Pence today.
added: Fri Feb 24 11:40:30 2017

Chinese Luxury Market Slowly Recovers From Setbacks via @caixin
added: Fri Feb 24 11:40:01 2017

The photographer who filmed the documentary Donald Trump watched on Sweden says it was edited 'unethically'
added: Fri Feb 24 11:40:00 2017

The may be an almost 50% chance of sudden & rapid cooling in part of N. Atlantic before the end of this century
added: Fri Feb 24 11:32:51 2017

Japan is telling employees to leave work early for once
added: Fri Feb 24 10:49:33 2017

How to Capture All Errors Returned by a Function Call in Elixir #erlangcentral
added: Fri Feb 24 10:49:19 2017
tags: erlangcentral

Introduction to Erlang and Elixir #erlangcentral
added: Fri Feb 24 10:49:18 2017
tags: erlangcentral

Red Bull Salzburg forward Soriano allegedly finalizing transfer to #CSL giant Beijing Guoan @LAOLA1tv @90minutenat
added: Fri Feb 24 10:47:50 2017
tags: csl

In #Tibet and #Xinjiang , officials look to tourism as a salve. In both regions their hopes have been dashed.
added: Fri Feb 24 10:46:30 2017
tags: tibet, xinjiang

The hardest lesson for Labour to learn? This Copeland defeat isn't Corbyn's fault & can't be solved by him leaving
added: Fri Feb 24 10:45:01 2017

Ap Lei Chau site sold for HK$16.8 billion
added: Fri Feb 24 10:44:07 2017

Lawmaker calls for sacking of jailed policemen
added: Fri Feb 24 10:43:54 2017

"UN-OPCW team said that between December 2015 and August 2016...four VX nerve gas" attacks in Syria
added: Fri Feb 24 10:43:26 2017

Exclusive: How money flowed to Gambia's ex president
added: Fri Feb 24 10:25:13 2017

Richard Spencer calls Depeche Mode 'the official band of the alt-right', band immediately denounces him
added: Fri Feb 24 10:25:01 2017

Remarkable letter on the .@UCSD #DalaiLama #CSSA commencement controversy via @Triton_News
added: Fri Feb 24 10:17:05 2017
tags: cssa, dalailama

Don’t let Beijing push us around, warns ‘frustrated’ former ambassador to China
added: Fri Feb 24 10:15:58 2017

Pro-democracy activists fear 'police infiltrators' are eavesdropping on internal chats
added: Fri Feb 24 09:46:17 2017

Cats don't cause mental illness - according to a new study
added: Fri Feb 24 09:26:40 2017

China's NGO regulations discourage foreigners and suppress critical voices
added: Fri Feb 24 09:26:15 2017

Fury as Norway rushes legal change to massacre wolf population:
added: Fri Feb 24 09:25:52 2017

Fordham student faces punishment for organizing rally supporting Students for Justice in Palestine via @norabf
added: Fri Feb 24 09:24:44 2017

CE candidates: Ethnic Minority and Non-Chinese Policy Manifesto Recommendations
added: Fri Feb 24 09:18:52 2017

#China says no intention of using currency devaluation to its advantage via @Reuters #yuan
added: Fri Feb 24 09:17:18 2017
tags: china, yuan

Unaccompanied refugee kids in Calais tent city have developed their own pan-European pidgin
added: Fri Feb 24 09:15:15 2017

#QUARTZ Hong Kong’s love affair with Tesla vehicles looks set to grind to a halt
added: Fri Feb 24 09:00:42 2017
tags: quartz

Daily Mail’s own special way of showing a change from 0.6% to 0.7%
added: Fri Feb 24 08:56:39 2017

Bug causes personal data leak, but no sign of hackers exploiting: Cloudflare
added: Fri Feb 24 08:33:01 2017

Donald Trump's former campaign chairman 'faced blackmail attempts over Russia ties'
added: Fri Feb 24 08:31:50 2017

Our new piece in @slate @FutureTenseNow on US gov hacking devices outside USA More reading…
added: Fri Feb 24 08:31:41 2017

China Railway Corp. Struggles to Adapt in Era of Air Travel #CRC #CRH #chinarailways
added: Fri Feb 24 08:28:10 2017
tags: crc, crh, chinarailways

The Collision that forced @bensmithotago to leave the pitch ( Failed the concussion test) get well soon Ben!! ✊
added: Fri Feb 24 08:26:23 2017

CUHK Chinese lecturer "Ben Sir"'s book exploring #Canto profanities labelled obscene, barred from sale to under 18's
added: Fri Feb 24 08:24:06 2017
tags: canto

Claudio Ranieri's sacking seems brutal and desperately sad, writes @StuartJamesGNM
added: Fri Feb 24 08:15:12 2017

Chinese man arrested after driving off with policeman hanging on to car
added: Fri Feb 24 08:15:04 2017

Labour suffers historic defeat in Cumbria
added: Fri Feb 24 08:13:38 2017

#China considers faster IPO approval to lure large #tech deals.
added: Fri Feb 24 07:52:19 2017
tags: china, tech

<1% of #asylum claims in #HK are successful. These fortunate few enter the long & uncertain process of resettlement
added: Fri Feb 24 07:49:15 2017
tags: hk, asylum

Toshio Suzuki says that Hayao Miyazaki has indeed been working on a new feature film since last July
added: Fri Feb 24 07:45:27 2017

There was no need to make it public as it did not involve extra expenses, says official
added: Fri Feb 24 07:35:36 2017

Kansas man charged in shooting of two Indians in possible hate crime
added: Fri Feb 24 07:34:30 2017

"Purinton reportedly yelled 'get out of my country' before shooting Madasani and Kuchibhotla and fleeing."
added: Fri Feb 24 07:32:34 2017

ATF agents used a web of shadowy cigarette sales to funnel tens of millions of dollars into a secret bank account
added: Fri Feb 24 07:29:09 2017

Uncovering a network of fake Trump supporters set up to make money from clicks
added: Fri Feb 24 07:25:12 2017

H.R. McMaster discussed Russia, China, and cyber when he spoke at CSIS in May.
added: Fri Feb 24 07:18:00 2017

#China's New Banking Regulator Chief Faces Daunting Challenges @business @darrenboey
added: Fri Feb 24 07:13:39 2017
tags: china

Immigration from Bulgaria and Romania rises to highest level on record following Brexit referendum
added: Fri Feb 24 07:10:37 2017

DNA evidence proves a maternal dynasty existed in North America 1,200 years ago
added: Fri Feb 24 07:10:07 2017

Xinjiang Attack Spurs GPS Car Tracking, Military Rallies via @CDT
added: Fri Feb 24 07:10:03 2017

Snapchat Founders’ Grip Tightened After a Spat with an Early Investor: Comments:
added: Fri Feb 24 07:10:01 2017

WH demanded FBI to announce it found nothing in the ongoing investigation of Russia-Trump. FBI refused. Amazing.
added: Fri Feb 24 07:07:54 2017

Republicans vote to give police powers to arrest people planning peaceful protests
added: Fri Feb 24 07:03:51 2017

China to name new planning chief, commerce minister: sources
added: Fri Feb 24 07:03:23 2017

China's coal imports from North Korea ease after sanctions
added: Fri Feb 24 07:03:11 2017

Bees show unexpected ability to learn
added: Fri Feb 24 07:00:10 2017

BBC journalist faces five years jail for Thailand reporting - Yahoo7 via @Yahoo7
added: Fri Feb 24 06:59:14 2017

Avoid hefty stamp duty in Hong Kong by buying property in parent’s name
added: Fri Feb 24 06:58:33 2017

Israel joins countries like Cuba and North Korea by refusing to grant a work permit to an @HRW official.
added: Fri Feb 24 06:23:27 2017

Trump's strategist & white supremacist Bannon lifted his mask of death at CPAC. It wasn't a pretty sight.
added: Fri Feb 24 06:21:25 2017

Indian shot dead by American spewing racial slurs in Kansas: Comments:
added: Fri Feb 24 06:20:01 2017

Open space per person is about the size of a toilet cubicle, finds survey
added: Fri Feb 24 06:16:52 2017

Emails Show Cozy Relationship Between EPA Head #Pruitt and Energy Executives
added: Fri Feb 24 06:15:06 2017
tags: pruitt

Tiger Temple to Reopen 9 Months After Raid
added: Fri Feb 24 06:09:12 2017

White supremacist in Georgia charged with possessing deadly ricin
added: Fri Feb 24 06:01:29 2017

CY Leung sends second legal letter to Apple Daily in six months over UGL payment
added: Fri Feb 24 05:54:14 2017

"At least one witness reportedly heard him say 'get out of my country' before the shooting." @KCStar
added: Fri Feb 24 04:37:05 2017

#China overtakes #US #France as #Germany's most important trading partner #Reuters
added: Fri Feb 24 02:11:03 2017
tags: us, china, germany, reuters, france

Trump's #FakeTerrorismExpert is basically Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins in the White House
added: Fri Feb 24 02:02:29 2017
tags: faketerrorismexpert

Caixin reports that respected pro-reform figure Guo Shuqing, will lead China's bank regulator. Article now censored
added: Fri Feb 24 01:58:07 2017

AFL-CIO leaders announced as part of Trump manufacturing initiative weren't invited to today's manufacturing meeting
added: Thu Feb 23 23:07:35 2017

Film refuge #humanflow: To those who say the boat is full: "the boat is never full, only our heart is full". @aiww
added: Thu Feb 23 22:52:49 2017
tags: humanflow

Killings last week in Xinjiang were sparked by anger at gov forbidding prayer in private homes
added: Thu Feb 23 22:40:41 2017

Attorney General Sessions rescinds Obama-era memo intended to reduce federal government use of private prisons.
added: Thu Feb 23 21:54:29 2017

Edge adds the option for mandatory code signing enforcement and blocking of new executable pages. Killer with cfg.
added: Thu Feb 23 19:22:49 2017

Xi didn't say China should "lead a new world order." He said it should guide the existing order's changes. By me.
added: Thu Feb 23 18:20:04 2017

To protest xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Nigerians are attacking South African businesses in Nigeria...
added: Thu Feb 23 14:11:46 2017

Why CEOs apparently never use the word "revenue" & how they re-frame their missions to motivate people ht @rchrd_h
added: Thu Feb 23 14:11:42 2017

Gee, What's So Wrong With Milo That's Not Just As Wrong With Señor Trumpanzee?
added: Thu Feb 23 14:02:18 2017

Poll gages how America sees Señor Trumpanzee's first month
added: Thu Feb 23 13:40:57 2017

Twitter's React-Based Mobile Web Stack Rivals Native Performance
added: Thu Feb 23 13:40:00 2017

Anthem gave $100K to Trump -- now Trump appoints Anthem lobbyist to top legal post as Anthem seeks merger approval
added: Thu Feb 23 13:37:03 2017

"This was never about the First Amendment — it was about plausible deniability for weaponized prejudice."
added: Thu Feb 23 13:34:12 2017

Generating SHA1 collisions: this is a big deal for security.
added: Thu Feb 23 13:33:17 2017

threatmeter: The Facebook Algorithm Is Watching You
added: Thu Feb 23 13:33:16 2017

The filing was downloaded by Reuters on Feb. 3 and replaced by a redacted version removing the Clintons' names.
added: Thu Feb 23 13:31:00 2017

The world says "nope" to traveling to America under Trump. Travel losses are already steep, will only get worse.
added: Thu Feb 23 13:28:18 2017

Cashed up Glencore heads back into the fray -- Heard on the Street via @WSJ #Commodities
added: Thu Feb 23 13:10:08 2017
tags: commodities

The fantasy of beneficial tax competition:
added: Thu Feb 23 12:49:20 2017

Trump Critic Poised for Senior State Department Job
added: Thu Feb 23 12:47:45 2017

Google's Jigsaw unveils Perspective, a tool for publishers to weed out abusive comments
added: Thu Feb 23 12:46:07 2017

Chinese companies want to ensure cybersecurity of "industrial internet" (a network combined w/advanced machinery)
added: Thu Feb 23 12:45:56 2017

Kansas is imploding. That's bad news for Donald Trump.
added: Thu Feb 23 12:45:14 2017

From last night on MSNBC, my comments on how to stop Donald Trump:
added: Thu Feb 23 12:17:51 2017

at least 36 arrests in 2yrs | Pedophile sting ops roil US forces on Okinawa @JapanTimes
added: Thu Feb 23 12:17:47 2017

Inside Breitbart, the far-right news network at the centre of the Trump presidency
added: Thu Feb 23 12:16:18 2017

Eating meat causes species extinction:
added: Thu Feb 23 12:16:15 2017

#Myanmar seizes record amounts of illegal #timber #WildlifeJustice
added: Thu Feb 23 12:15:50 2017
tags: wildlifejustice, timber, myanmar

【大坑西新邨重建修訂規劃 其中一幢560伙轉租】 私營出租屋邨石硤尾大坑西新邨,業主平民屋宇有限公司修訂首階段重建規劃, 重建後興建的兩幢樓宇,由原本全數出售,改為其中一幢560伙出租。 #有線新聞 #大坑西新邨...
added: Thu Feb 23 12:15:09 2017
tags: 大坑西新邨, 有線新聞

Muslims raise $100,000 to repair Jewish cemetery attacked by vandals
added: Thu Feb 23 12:13:33 2017

New - Amazon argues Echo's Alexa has free speech rights, as it fights government overreach in murder trial.
added: Thu Feb 23 12:11:12 2017

Ivanka Trump Is Pushing Her $500 Billion Child Care Plan on Hill - Bloomberg
added: Thu Feb 23 12:01:10 2017

Philly's Melissa Byrne: from sit-ins to running for a seat on the DNC.
added: Thu Feb 23 12:00:03 2017

Uber grovels for sympathy after #DeleteUber
added: Thu Feb 23 11:56:48 2017
tags: deleteuber

Nigel Farage says millennials 'have become fascists'
added: Thu Feb 23 11:56:32 2017

Dakota pipeline protesters leave site after year-long occupation
added: Thu Feb 23 11:56:30 2017

The injection that 'can give a woman her first orgasm'
added: Thu Feb 23 11:55:13 2017

Problems you never knew existed: illegal sand mining for construction + telecoms is stripping African beaches
added: Thu Feb 23 11:53:08 2017

Self-driving cars should be liable for accidents, not the passengers—UK gov’t by @mrseb
added: Thu Feb 23 11:52:12 2017

No-Shows to Retain Their Jobs on Legislature
added: Thu Feb 23 11:51:30 2017

The Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V West Wing.
added: Thu Feb 23 10:45:50 2017

Meitu’s new T8 phone gave me baby skin
added: Thu Feb 23 10:34:01 2017

The Future of Serverless Compute
added: Thu Feb 23 10:31:53 2017

BPA says calls for independence show the need for national education
added: Thu Feb 23 10:30:05 2017

Ex-civil servant challenges decision not to pursue two key figures in trial of former Hong…
added: Thu Feb 23 09:12:48 2017

@ACLU FYI Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent
added: Thu Feb 23 08:14:46 2017

Intel scales Atom to 16 cores, updates Xeon SoCs
added: Thu Feb 23 08:04:05 2017

Four #China Regulators Acting as One Shows Shift in Curbing Shadow Banking Risk
added: Thu Feb 23 07:45:39 2017
tags: china

BBC journalist @pakhead facing up to 5 years in jail for reporting on Thailand property scams - @AFP
added: Thu Feb 23 07:28:35 2017

Okinawa politician calls on Japan to seek UNCLOS arbitration over Chinese activities in East China Sea.
added: Thu Feb 23 07:13:47 2017

Good piece, lines them up as pathetic beyond words, with society ready to frame as youthful adventure at every step.
added: Thu Feb 23 06:37:09 2017

GOP is shameless and openly corrupt. The age of Trump is going to be a troubling time. Home our democracy survives:
added: Thu Feb 23 06:28:41 2017

nerves_ssdp_server (0.2.2): Client for Simple Service Discovery Protocol
added: Thu Feb 23 06:13:11 2017

用老師學生比喻警察市民? 咁市民見到警察應該要鞠躬講聲「當更警午安」 #差佬晒馬 【梁美芬擬就辱警罪提草案:如學生侮辱老師都要記過】
added: Thu Feb 23 06:13:00 2017
tags: 差佬晒馬

Interesting feature on relation between seats of power/democracy (Parliament) and architecture around the world.
added: Thu Feb 23 06:09:49 2017

Congressional climate deniers are getting called on their BS at town halls this week
added: Thu Feb 23 06:07:02 2017

Chinese commerce minister abruptly postpones Philippines trip: sources
added: Thu Feb 23 06:05:07 2017

Samajwadi Party candidate's son shot in Uttar Pradesh
added: Thu Feb 23 05:30:01 2017

"Thoughts on police yelling Fuck Your Mum en masse?" Police union leader: It was orderly and there was no garbage.
added: Thu Feb 23 05:28:09 2017

Hong Kong's hidden human trafficking @CNNI
added: Thu Feb 23 05:26:52 2017

Hong Kong halts stock's 543% debut in volatile equity market - The Straits Times
added: Thu Feb 23 05:03:16 2017

Chinese State Fund's Broker Says It's Buying Hong Kong Stocks - Bloomberg
added: Thu Feb 23 05:02:36 2017

Lessons from the policemen, Donald Tsang verdicts
added: Thu Feb 23 04:50:19 2017

Policemen rally to express support for jailed officers
added: Thu Feb 23 04:49:08 2017

ICE removes detainee diagnosed with brain tumor from the hospital:
added: Thu Feb 23 04:36:03 2017

#HKFP China offers huge anti-terror awards in Xinjiang -
added: Thu Feb 23 04:06:05 2017
tags: hkfp

Republicans set to kill resolution demanding details on Trump’s ties to Russia: report
added: Thu Feb 23 03:31:08 2017

Bad drivers are a good indicator of a corrupt government
added: Thu Feb 23 02:25:00 2017

Important but depressing read by @davidpilling on corruption, oil, Dodd-Frank & #Trump
added: Thu Feb 23 01:47:27 2017
tags: trump

Add space around SVG <use> elements, otherwise you get a super weird bug in Safari when tabbing. #a11y
added: Thu Feb 23 00:08:40 2017
tags: a11y

Slides from our "New vulnerabilities in Coreboot and UEFI based firmware" talk at @reconbrx : [pdf]
added: Wed Feb 22 19:16:47 2017

How one Chinese region shows risks of relying on heavy borrowing
added: Wed Feb 22 02:22:41 2017

CPAC booted Milo but the lineup is still filled with people that say awful things:
added: Wed Feb 22 02:22:13 2017

Exclusive: China finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles - U.S. officials
added: Wed Feb 22 02:19:52 2017

Kim Jong Nam Assassination Caught On Tape
added: Tue Feb 21 15:21:29 2017

TransferWise launches Facebook Messenger bot for easy global money transfers (@psawers)
added: Tue Feb 21 15:21:20 2017

ex Flynn associate leading bannon-linked data firm effort to pursue DHS, got State contract,
added: Tue Feb 21 15:21:20 2017

Survey Results: The State of Database #DevOps - Download the Full Report, @redgate sponsored
added: Tue Feb 21 15:21:01 2017
tags: devops

Five arrested suspected of assassinating Sri Lankan journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge
added: Tue Feb 21 15:20:44 2017

Alabama could lose Medicaid funding for allegedly rejecting eligible enrollees by @MHvdickson
added: Tue Feb 21 15:20:12 2017

The Impeachment of Hillary Clinton:
added: Tue Feb 21 15:20:08 2017

Some stories from our colleagues last trip to #Beijing!
added: Tue Feb 21 12:16:23 2017
tags: beijing

What are you afraid of Mr Draghi? By Yanis Varoufakis (DiEM25) & Benoit Hamon (French Presidential candidate)
added: Tue Feb 21 12:13:54 2017

#China's top #coal miners push for Beijing to cap output again - sources
added: Tue Feb 21 12:10:45 2017
tags: china, coal

Meet Trump’s senior advisor on counterterrorism, who sees terror at the heart of Islam.
added: Tue Feb 21 12:10:44 2017

CIA analyst quits after 11 years because of 'disturbing' Donald Trump behaviour
added: Tue Feb 21 12:10:41 2017

Fooling the masses with performance results on parallel computers (2010): Comments:
added: Tue Feb 21 12:10:01 2017

Bank of England admits to trace of animal fat in UK pound notes; Hindu groups say their values have been compromised
added: Tue Feb 21 12:10:00 2017

Malaysia: No cause of death yet for exiled North Korean (from @AP)
added: Tue Feb 21 11:28:19 2017

New: The weaker sex? Violence and the suffragette movement via @libcomorg
added: Tue Feb 21 11:24:46 2017

Hong Kong Developers Advance Ahead of City's Budget Speech - Bloomberg
added: Tue Feb 21 11:10:54 2017

Slides for "GenStage and Flow" by @josevalim are now available on our website
added: Tue Feb 21 11:10:09 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos book deal cancelled they paid this utter trash $250,000 advance? Being a cockmuppet seems to pay.
added: Tue Feb 21 10:26:37 2017

Heterosexual couples should not be allowed civil partnerships, court rules
added: Tue Feb 21 10:25:09 2017

Bizarre story. Soccer player face gambling probe for eating a pie
added: Tue Feb 21 10:24:06 2017

Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from Province of Verona in Italy and Bac Lieu Province in Vietnam
added: Tue Feb 21 10:21:05 2017

Two more teens take own lives, as no. of student suicides rises to 5 in 17 days
added: Tue Feb 21 09:46:10 2017

By obsessing over Trump the media risks underplaying the issues which he played on to get elected via @Independent
added: Tue Feb 21 09:43:18 2017

18 million #methamphetamine pills seized by police in #ArakanState last year
added: Tue Feb 21 09:42:40 2017
tags: arakanstate, methamphetamine

China iron ore hits record high, tracks rally in steel
added: Tue Feb 21 09:42:35 2017

China's Ant to invest $200 mln in Korea's Kakao Pay amid global push
added: Tue Feb 21 09:36:13 2017

The butterfly effect: Extinction of fluttering moth puts your child's life in danger, affects balance of nature:
added: Tue Feb 21 09:34:56 2017

MPs say housing benefit is being wrongly stripped from jobseekers, threatening them with eviction and homelessness
added: Tue Feb 21 09:33:56 2017

China opposes U.S. naval patrols in South China Sea
added: Tue Feb 21 09:30:56 2017

【專向手機低頭族埋手】 【匪幫扮挖耳被撞受傷屈錢】 內地匪幫「屈錢」手法層出不窮,有騙徒事先在耳朵塗抹紅色物料,鎖定目標後,迅速從後行近並假裝掏耳,擦肩而過之際碰撞目標人物,然後訛稱耳膜受傷出血,向對方索償一百至六百元不等。...
added: Tue Feb 21 09:30:13 2017

EU worse at dealing with Russia now than decade ago: Polish MEP
added: Tue Feb 21 09:27:09 2017

Girl survives 34 snakebites over 3 years, father says it's "routine" Read @ANI_news story in @dna
added: Tue Feb 21 09:26:25 2017

#McMaster as NSA is big shift from #Flynn. He headed Russia New Generation Warfare Study on tackling RU hybrid war
added: Tue Feb 21 09:26:09 2017
tags: mcmaster, flynn

After OPEC cuts heavy oil, China teapot refiners pull U.S. supply to Asia
added: Tue Feb 21 09:22:24 2017

Breitbart employees threaten to leave if Milo Yiannopoulos is not fired
added: Tue Feb 21 09:21:05 2017

Two eminent scientists give up US nationality to become Chinese citizens
added: Tue Feb 21 09:10:33 2017

"In Putin's Russia, you now face harsher penalties for questioning the existence of God... than for wife beating"
added: Tue Feb 21 08:55:34 2017

UK publisher cancels Milo Yiannopoulos' book 'Dangerous'
added: Tue Feb 21 08:54:18 2017

Lena Hendry convicted of airing uncensored documentary @pusatkomas @LenaRH
added: Tue Feb 21 08:53:25 2017

Mary Berry was never asked by Channel 4 to remain a Bake Off judge
added: Tue Feb 21 08:51:56 2017

Should Bannon Resign? He and Milo Fake-Newsed Hillary as Pedophile
added: Tue Feb 21 08:48:39 2017

Meet the U.S. Nonprofit That Funds the Israeli Guards Who Terrorize Palestinians via @alexbkane
added: Tue Feb 21 08:46:16 2017

On this day in 1848, the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels was published. Widely read by...
added: Tue Feb 21 08:45:05 2017

HSBC 2016 profits plunge 62% to £5.7bn
added: Tue Feb 21 08:43:38 2017

Golden Globes flop could tarnish Chinese bidders @petesweeneypro
added: Tue Feb 21 08:29:26 2017

A guide to spreading fake news about Paris riots via @Observers
added: Tue Feb 21 08:29:21 2017

People's Daily reporter defects to Australia:
added: Tue Feb 21 07:56:34 2017

PBOC to Cut Reserve Requirement for Qualifying Banks #RRR #PBOC #centralbank
added: Tue Feb 21 07:31:36 2017
tags: pboc, rrr, centralbank

What’s the End Game for Trump’s Baseless Voter Fraud Obsession?
added: Tue Feb 21 07:30:04 2017

China’s move to ban fentanyl could help curb drug addiction crisis in US | after years of being asked to do so
added: Tue Feb 21 07:28:17 2017

What killed Kim Jong Nam? Deadly poison remains a mystery
added: Tue Feb 21 07:26:03 2017

Foreign investment is not leaving China: commerce minister
added: Tue Feb 21 07:21:33 2017

British Muslim teacher denied entry to US on school trip
added: Tue Feb 21 07:11:48 2017

China orders hundreds of thousands of private cars to have GPS trackers installed for monitoring
added: Tue Feb 21 04:51:39 2017

White House press office says appearances at Mar-a-Lago, w 6-figure fee, make Trump accessible2 "regular Americans."
added: Tue Feb 21 00:54:45 2017

Texas hunters accidentally shot each other and tried to blame Mexican immigrants
added: Mon Feb 20 19:43:16 2017

If you're interested at all in government hacking, vuln disclosure, the exploit industry, this vid is worth watching
added: Mon Feb 20 17:38:42 2017

Probe urged over artificial island wall collapse
added: Mon Feb 20 08:43:31 2017

#Philippines: President Duterte’s role in Davao death squad a basis for impeachment, FLAG lawyers say
added: Mon Feb 20 08:41:10 2017
tags: philippines

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom wins some, loses some in latest court ruling
added: Mon Feb 20 07:17:16 2017

Son of PLA general under fire over reward to beat up Hong Kong judge
added: Sun Feb 19 13:45:19 2017

Terrifying if true: The Founder Of Blackwater Is Setting Up A Private Army For #China, Sources Say via @aramroston
added: Sun Feb 19 13:43:57 2017
tags: china

Chinese media low-key about #DengXiaoping 20 years aft paramount leader’s death @SCMP_news 鄧小平去世20週年,中國媒體低調處理
added: Sun Feb 19 13:39:48 2017
tags: dengxiaoping

#Taiwan ‘regrets’ #Spanish decision to deport Taiwanese fraud suspects to mainland #China | South China Morning Post
added: Sun Feb 19 13:34:55 2017
tags: china, taiwan, spanish

How do you fight an enemy that's just kidding? How jokes won the election:
added: Sun Feb 19 13:30:12 2017

"50 years of industrial fishing has depleted fish stocks, especially large predators, to the point of extinction"
added: Sun Feb 19 13:27:20 2017

Cultural aggrievement a helpful distraction from conservative failure to govern. When does War on Xmas start?
added: Sun Feb 19 13:24:15 2017

@elson_tong i.e. expect heavy congestion, unable to get off bus until it's parked totally within the square
added: Sun Feb 19 13:16:41 2017

HERCULES : a special payload generator that can bypass antivirus softwares :
added: Sun Feb 19 12:45:28 2017

Is China on a collision course with world football's governing body? | Hong Kong Free Press
added: Sun Feb 19 12:43:13 2017

Pro-Beijing lawyer under fire for justifying police misconduct in Ken Tsang assault case -
added: Sun Feb 19 12:26:02 2017

Dropped charges & turned convicts into witnesses? Unbelievable! This is the most crooked justice in Phil history.
added: Sun Feb 19 12:22:37 2017

“4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump” by @DaleBeran
added: Sun Feb 19 12:21:13 2017

Apparently, some bus drivers to only board/alight after stopping "in line" at bus stops. 📷…
added: Sun Feb 19 11:58:45 2017

The best - and worst - countries for air pollution and electricity use #climate
added: Sun Feb 19 11:30:04 2017
tags: climate

Mitch McConnell Just Reached a New Low "total abdication of the Senate's constitutional responsibility."
added: Sun Feb 19 11:16:16 2017

25 civilians beheaded in DR Congo ethnic attack: official
added: Sun Feb 19 10:08:34 2017

#Japan to build new hi-tech fleet as East China Sea conflict heats up #Senkakus
added: Sun Feb 19 10:04:00 2017
tags: japan, senkakus

Jack Ma’s Ant Financial makes first investment in the Philippines
added: Sun Feb 19 10:02:10 2017

Plans to extend Right To Buy 'will prevent councils building new homes for poorer families'
added: Sun Feb 19 09:52:00 2017

Trump's sons open golf resort in Dubai, and it's costing the US tax payer millions
added: Sun Feb 19 09:48:08 2017

Scientists develop 'proof of principle' that memories can be erased
added: Sun Feb 19 09:47:37 2017

Salmonella can help fight cancer, scientists discover
added: Sun Feb 19 09:46:41 2017

If it dies, where will FB get its free content? Zuckerberg's manifesto Is a blueprint for destroying journalism
added: Sun Feb 19 09:43:33 2017

Nice story on Garbage by @robotopia #ShoutOut
added: Sun Feb 19 09:39:31 2017
tags: shoutout

SCMP: Hong Kong police smash suspected cross-border smuggling operation
added: Sun Feb 19 09:31:03 2017

Criminal. Site of former Dorchester prison sold off. Affordable housing of any kind = 0%
added: Sun Feb 19 09:21:06 2017

#SINGAPORE TRAFFIC market surveys find 14058 birds in 4 days as trade Summit opens…
added: Sun Feb 19 08:47:49 2017
tags: singapore

#WestPapua Satellite Data Shows Korindo Violates #Deforestation Moratorium #palmoil via @StandMighty #StandMighty
added: Sun Feb 19 08:45:00 2017
tags: westpapua, palmoil, standmighty, deforestation

#WestPapua Satellite Data Shows Korindo Violates #Deforestation Moratorium #palmoil via @StandMighty #StandMighty
added: Sun Feb 19 08:45:00 2017
tags: palmoil, westpapua, deforestation, standmighty

South Sudan: "Your regime committed sundry war crimes ... genocidal acts and ethnic cleansing."
added: Sun Feb 19 08:30:01 2017

Trump family trips cost taxpayers $11.3m in one month – almost as much as Obama’s cost in a year
added: Sun Feb 19 08:18:52 2017

Senior Chinese official: "Safeguarding authority of Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core".
added: Sun Feb 19 07:44:58 2017

The Economy Is Free in Hong Kong. Running a Food Truck Isn’t (See Annex C).
added: Sun Feb 19 07:40:23 2017

Hong Kong’s richest man Li Ka-shing breaks habit in refusing to back anyone for chief executive race via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Feb 19 07:37:35 2017

"Today’s China is an ugly place if you’re a rights lawyer, activist, outspoken scholar, feminist or NGO worker."
added: Sun Feb 19 07:36:00 2017

All of 2016’s top mobile apps are owned by either Google or Facebook
added: Sun Feb 19 07:32:36 2017

Republicans Charge Into Resistance at Tumultuous Town Halls
added: Sun Feb 19 07:30:02 2017

The Democratic Republic of Congo says it can’t afford to hold a presidential election
added: Sun Feb 19 06:25:06 2017

In this month's least shocking news, Netanyahu isn't actually serious about wanting a "regional peace summit."
added: Sun Feb 19 06:19:00 2017

What happens when a researcher deep in #coal country argues that mountaintop mining endangers the entire community?
added: Sun Feb 19 06:17:00 2017
tags: coal

Why did ICE detain Daniel Ramirez Medina, a recipient of DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?
added: Sun Feb 19 06:15:06 2017

Former D.C. schools chief takes on DeVos: 'Sorry lady … this is so amateur and unprofessional'
added: Sun Feb 19 05:53:22 2017

#PCB charge #SharjeelKhan , #KhalidLatif in #PakistanSuperLeague corruption probe
added: Sun Feb 19 05:44:50 2017
tags: pakistansuperleague, sharjeelkhan, khalidlatif, pcb

Bellingcat identified Russian GRU officer linked to the downing of #MH17 - @bellingcat
added: Sun Feb 19 05:38:02 2017
tags: mh17

Paul Ryan's Obamacare Repeal Proposal Is Here, and It Doesn't Even Pretend to Care About Poor People | GQ
added: Sun Feb 19 05:31:05 2017

How an Afghan refugee’s path to freedom took another twist in France From @markmackinnon
added: Sun Feb 19 05:08:56 2017

62商場食肆持外賣牌充餐廳 食環署零檢控|即時新聞|港澳|on.cc東網
added: Sun Feb 19 04:25:15 2017

Violence agst another Chinese judge heating up #Wechat, judge writing as"Paddyfrog"-why must we sacrifice our lives?
added: Sun Feb 19 02:51:38 2017
tags: wechat

Trump administration to expand groups of immigrants to be deported: documents
added: Sun Feb 19 02:49:36 2017

Carrier Strike Group 1, incl USS Carl Vinson, USS Wayne Meyer, & Carrier Air Wing 2, begins South China Sea patrol
added: Sat Feb 18 22:56:40 2017

Trump admin setting GDP growth targets, pushing bureaucrats to produce data to support. Exactly what Beijing does.
added: Sat Feb 18 22:01:43 2017

Nasa revive "weird life forms" living inside crystals for 60,000 years, raising hopes of finding alien organisms
added: Sat Feb 18 10:30:31 2017
added: Sat Feb 18 10:27:55 2017

696 executive branch positions require Senate confirmation. For 662, Trump has not yet nominated anyone
added: Fri Feb 17 14:51:19 2017

a project that is drawing comparisons to “Roots,” :sigh:
added: Fri Feb 17 13:06:00 2017

#India might start taxing over-the-top #weddings
added: Fri Feb 17 13:05:11 2017
tags: weddings, india

Supreme Court to set guidelines for Trump treatment of non-citizens
added: Fri Feb 17 13:05:08 2017

Danish party demands that immigrants celebrate Christmas
added: Fri Feb 17 13:03:46 2017

Unease over WH trade agenda arose after Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro met with lawmakers. via @WSJ
added: Fri Feb 17 12:47:18 2017

“ICE agents arrest 6 people seeking shelter from the cold at a church” by @jackmjenkins
added: Fri Feb 17 12:28:01 2017

Now, refugees aren't coming to America. They're fleeing it. From NPR:
added: Fri Feb 17 12:27:43 2017

Pentagon finds it has no records approving Mike Flynn’s Russian-TV pay via @WSJ
added: Fri Feb 17 12:27:29 2017

State Dept. carries out layoffs under Rex Tillerson
added: Fri Feb 17 12:23:12 2017

BuzzFeed published an article explaining that only fringe conspiracists believe the *USA* could have a Deep State
added: Fri Feb 17 12:22:06 2017

The Economist | Intellectual debate: An illiberal dose via @TheEconomist
added: Fri Feb 17 12:20:20 2017

Donald Tsang guilty of misconduct in office, making him first Hong Kong leader convicted in criminal trial
added: Fri Feb 17 12:19:13 2017

Federal immigration raids net many without criminal records, sowing fear
added: Fri Feb 17 12:17:32 2017

Parents told to destroy baby doll because of spying fears
added: Fri Feb 17 12:11:16 2017

Chainsaw Injuries in Myanmar Tied to Illegal Logging
added: Fri Feb 17 12:10:04 2017

傅振中表示:「法官或其司法人員見到facebook有咁多人鬧佢,佢哋唔係應該檢討下咩?」傅認為市民應稱呼律政司司長袁國強為「狗官」。 :0) #七警判刑 【藍絲遊行撐警「非常冤枉」要求特首特赦】...
added: Fri Feb 17 12:10:03 2017
tags: 七警判刑

Video: Protests disrupt Vienna talk by Israeli genocide advocate Ayelet Shaked
added: Fri Feb 17 12:06:41 2017

Flexible Trains Coming to China’s High-Speed Rail #chinarail #transport #infrastructure
added: Fri Feb 17 11:30:01 2017
tags: chinarail, infrastructure, transport

Senior General Warns U.S. Government in "Unbelievable Turmoil"
added: Fri Feb 17 10:40:10 2017

The Surprisingly Early Settlement of the Tibetan Plateau | via @sciam
added: Fri Feb 17 10:32:04 2017

Cold as ICE
added: Fri Feb 17 09:32:00 2017

Anti-Muslim groups 'tripled in US since Trump campaign'
added: Fri Feb 17 09:30:10 2017

【被指受賄一億一】 【最高法院副院長判無期徒刑】 最高人民法院原副院長奚曉明,受賄超過 1 億 1 千萬元案,周四一審宣判。 奚曉明被判無期徒刑,剝奪政治權利終身。 他當庭表示服從判決,不上訴, 奚曉明被控由 1996...
added: Fri Feb 17 09:30:07 2017

Monopoly is ditching the thimble, a token of the past | @NewsHour
added: Fri Feb 17 09:27:43 2017

Exclusive: Family of Kim Jong-nam, fearing for their safety after his murder in Malaysia, placed under police...
added: Fri Feb 17 09:25:13 2017

A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question. It Didn’t Go Well.
added: Fri Feb 17 09:25:12 2017

Hard to detect, China bird flu virus may be more widespread
added: Fri Feb 17 08:50:58 2017

Venezuela opposition parties fear election ban as Socialists dig in
added: Fri Feb 17 08:50:58 2017

Teacher gets 24 years' jail, 12 lashes for raping student
added: Fri Feb 17 08:45:06 2017

Hong Kong police smash smuggling of CITES-listed red sandalwood, 11 arrested via @SCMP_News…
added: Fri Feb 17 08:39:43 2017

Cogent’s Broad Pirate Site Block Was ‘Collateral Damage’ of a Court Order
added: Fri Feb 17 08:38:06 2017

US senators reintroduce bill to punish those suppressing freedom in Hong Kong via @hongkongfp
added: Fri Feb 17 08:37:41 2017

#China govt targets human rights activists as "criminals": New @CHRDnet rpt "Draconian laws…
added: Fri Feb 17 08:00:02 2017
tags: china

Jeremy Scahill cancels appearance on Bill Maher’s show to protest Milo Yiannopoulos
added: Fri Feb 17 08:00:00 2017

McDonald’s finds a flaw in Chinese recipe @qtwebb
added: Fri Feb 17 07:55:20 2017

Little Caesars founder paid Rosa Parks' rent for years
added: Fri Feb 17 07:54:10 2017

London's new high-tech phone boxes have one problem: they don't work
added: Fri Feb 17 07:54:00 2017

Can you imagine mainland China ever jailing police thugs caught beating a democracy protester?
added: Fri Feb 17 07:53:58 2017

Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich
added: Fri Feb 17 07:53:48 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote a 6k-word manifesto that boils down to: Please all use my website more.
added: Fri Feb 17 07:52:02 2017

Donald Trump denies links to Russia and rages against media in rambling press conference
added: Fri Feb 17 07:51:26 2017

Union leader says some officers wanted to hold a public protest aganist the sentence
added: Fri Feb 17 07:51:06 2017

Samajwadi Party's prestige at stake in capital Lucknow's 9 seats
added: Fri Feb 17 07:50:00 2017

Yes, JavaScript can defeat ASLR security mechanisms, making it easier to exploit bugs in web browsers – from Tuesday
added: Fri Feb 17 07:48:44 2017

After years of requests, blocks and appeals, it has been leaked. How UBC grades broad-based admissions essays
added: Fri Feb 17 07:00:35 2017

Secretary of State Tillerson in Talks with Russian Counterpart
added: Fri Feb 17 06:40:08 2017

Donald Trump says he will unveil overhauled immigration order next week
added: Fri Feb 17 06:40:00 2017

Story from yesterday - Swiss banks face withdrawals due to tax clampdown
added: Fri Feb 17 06:20:03 2017

See Berlin Before and After World War II in Startling Color Video. Harrowing footage:
added: Fri Feb 17 06:06:48 2017

Dead cockroaches make excellent magnets – now what are we supposed to do with this info?
added: Fri Feb 17 06:03:41 2017

Report: Cops want DNA sample from kin before releasing Jong-nam's body
added: Fri Feb 17 05:05:08 2017

【台灣禽流感肆虐】 【家禽禁宰、禁運七天】 台灣禽流感肆虐,本月至今出現 9 宗個案。 行政院農業委員會為免情況惡化,宣布周五凌晨至 24 日凌晨禁運家禽,屠宰場亦要在周五中午 12 時起禁宰七天。...
added: Fri Feb 17 05:00:08 2017

#ICYMI: @NRDC sued the Trump Administration for suspending protections for an endangered bumble bee. via @Reuters
added: Fri Feb 17 04:59:08 2017
tags: icymi

Unlike 50 yrs ago when Russia was a different kind of ideological threat, this is not a drill, warns @MichaelWinship
added: Fri Feb 17 04:58:00 2017

China holds 'anti-terrorism' mass rally in Xinjiang's Uighur heartland
added: Fri Feb 17 04:51:44 2017

Donald Trump May Have Just Committed (yet another) an Impeachable Offense #thanksChina
added: Fri Feb 17 04:51:29 2017
tags: thankschina

This is an extraordinary paragraph.
added: Fri Feb 17 04:51:24 2017

HK gov to copy Alibaba's Single's Day sales event...conveniently slated for 20th anniv of HK return to China
added: Fri Feb 17 04:51:01 2017

"he also revealed how crushing he is finding the onslaught of criticism ...he has long preferred the business media"
added: Fri Feb 17 04:48:40 2017

Fact-checking President Trump's news conference
added: Fri Feb 17 04:22:10 2017

Malaysian report: "there is a likelihood that one of Kim Jong-nam's assailants was a man disguised as a woman"
added: Fri Feb 17 04:22:03 2017

Samsung chief arrested in corruption investigation
added: Fri Feb 17 04:21:36 2017

re-upping this @nytimes ode to copy editors, apropos of nothing. cc @yennikwok | h/t…
added: Fri Feb 17 04:20:34 2017

How are lawmakers LITERALLY trying to make it legal to kill protesters? @NaomiKaravani has the info on REDACTED
added: Fri Feb 17 04:20:00 2017
added: Fri Feb 17 04:18:46 2017

They thought all Thai swamp cats were dead. They were wrong.
added: Fri Feb 17 04:18:26 2017

China imposing more oversight on foreigners who live-stream
added: Fri Feb 17 04:15:05 2017

“We can sell but we can’t make money, said Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing
added: Fri Feb 17 04:00:10 2017

Erik Prince now reportedly training ex-PLA security personnel in Xinjiang (!). Not what he told me back in 2014:
added: Fri Feb 17 03:49:27 2017

BREAKING: Police officers jailed for 2 years for assault against Occupy activist Ken Tsang
added: Fri Feb 17 02:02:43 2017

Chinese scientist convicted in U.S. of theft of engineered rice
added: Thu Feb 16 22:24:51 2017

Hispanic Dems say they were kicked out of meeting with top immigration enforcement official
added: Thu Feb 16 20:16:49 2017

David Plouffe fined $90,000 for illegally lobbying Rahm Emanuel on behalf of Uber (h/t @McCormickJohn)
added: Thu Feb 16 20:05:01 2017

.@realDonaldTrump has already done the impossible: he got the Arab League to give a statement in less than 24 hours.
added: Thu Feb 16 14:58:53 2017

Tremendous Overview of the Hong Kong Fintech Ecosystem #fintech #HongKong…
added: Thu Feb 16 14:26:43 2017
tags: hongkong, fintech

Wow. Trump calls Lockheed CEO to berate him about jet's costs - and Boeing CEO is with PEOTUS, quietly listening in
added: Thu Feb 16 12:48:38 2017

Exclusive: Big U.S. banks to push for easing of money laundering rules
added: Thu Feb 16 12:35:26 2017

Rooting Android conference phones :
added: Thu Feb 16 12:10:13 2017

It should surprise no one that the Oversight Committee under Chaffetz suddenly can't find a reason to investigate
added: Thu Feb 16 12:09:51 2017

#China to Relax Curbs on Stock-Index Futures Trading. Link to statement:
added: Thu Feb 16 12:08:33 2017
tags: china

NEWS: International spotlight brings hope for Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo bears
added: Thu Feb 16 12:08:24 2017

Reporters Without Borders: #WestPapua an information black hole
added: Thu Feb 16 12:07:05 2017
tags: westpapua

The GOP sees no reason to investigate POTUS's Russia conflicts But whoever LEAKED about it? Investigation Time!
added: Thu Feb 16 11:55:29 2017

#Taiwan Premier orders examination of low-cost tours | Politics | FocusTaiwan Mobile - CNA #tourism
added: Thu Feb 16 11:29:04 2017
tags: taiwan, tourism

US Endangered Species Act could be facing extinction
added: Thu Feb 16 11:26:33 2017

France’s most wanted Isis fighter reportedly killed in US air strike in Iraq
added: Thu Feb 16 11:26:08 2017

Jury begins deliberations in corruption trial of Hong Kong ex-leader Donald Tsang
added: Thu Feb 16 11:24:06 2017

New research shows that a lack of monetary sovereignty and austerity made euro crisis much worse @ObsoleteDogma
added: Thu Feb 16 11:22:39 2017

New study: Federal anti-poverty programs lift more blue-collar whites out of poverty than any other group
added: Thu Feb 16 11:21:45 2017

Just Published: [Elm 037.4] SVG Editor Images
added: Thu Feb 16 11:19:30 2017

Citizens United in Action statement:#HK CE Civil Referendum to reopen 20Feb using different system,extended to 24Feb
added: Thu Feb 16 11:19:25 2017
tags: hk

Everybody should read this American footballer's reason for refusing to travel to Israel with the NFL
added: Thu Feb 16 10:05:01 2017

read @dorothyk98's Unbearable Whiteness of Medieval Studies: #cygnalboost #medievaltwitter
added: Thu Feb 16 07:52:00 2017
tags: cygnalboost, medievaltwitter

Part 2: @AndrewBRElliott on the footnote-free Middle Ages of the far right: #cygnalboost #medievaltwitter
added: Thu Feb 16 07:47:57 2017
tags: medievaltwitter, cygnalboost

Part 1: @drdarkage on the "Dark Enlightenment", the white supremacists' answer to the "Dark Ages": #cygnalboost
added: Thu Feb 16 07:33:36 2017
tags: cygnalboost

Highly recommended: @PublicMedieval's series on white supremacy & medieval studies: #medievaltwitter #cygnalboost
added: Thu Feb 16 07:27:29 2017
tags: cygnalboost, medievaltwitter

US Navy may be about to check Beijing in the #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu Feb 16 07:21:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

UPDATE: Police cut locks and enter temple, saying negotiations failed
added: Thu Feb 16 07:20:27 2017

Master all things Amazon Web Services and earn the certification to prove it for just $39
added: Thu Feb 16 07:13:44 2017

Snap sets valuation at lower end of expectation: WSJ
added: Thu Feb 16 07:07:26 2017

Troubled @LeEco sells TV business shares in a deal worth USD 105M #smarttv
added: Thu Feb 16 07:00:37 2017
tags: smarttv

A deeply disturbing trend: anti-Trump campaigners resorting to irregular acts of sabotage
added: Thu Feb 16 03:11:26 2017

So @ICEgov arrested a DV victim. At a courthouse. On a tip from her abuser. I'm stunned. So much for decency.
added: Thu Feb 16 01:35:11 2017

Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. We did the research.
added: Wed Feb 15 21:34:54 2017

Need motivation to move your 2FA from SMS to an app? Read this.
added: Wed Feb 15 14:09:11 2017

New HK Football Podcast klaxon! Enjoy it, football fans
added: Wed Feb 15 12:50:15 2017

Only 75 of India's 450 airports are operational via @CNNMoney
added: Tue Feb 14 17:11:32 2017

Apropos of nothing, my last book was about the crisis of authority in American life.
added: Tue Feb 14 14:50:29 2017

"“red” America is an illusion: Small and medium-size postindustrial U.S. towns routinely vote for Democrats "
added: Tue Feb 14 14:48:23 2017

Congressman: Children are "in cahoots with drug users, with drug pushers...the drug trade" @clarebaldwin @Journotopia
added: Tue Feb 14 14:37:58 2017

Don't forget: Trump was warned Flynn lied weeks ago. It's only b/c of news stories he felt compelled to bounce him.
added: Tue Feb 14 14:20:57 2017

Essential read from @Univision on the EXTENSIVE & VERIFIABLE racism/bigotry of Stephen Miller. A dangerous man.
added: Tue Feb 14 12:35:44 2017

You're more likely to die from air pollution in India than China, study says
added: Tue Feb 14 12:12:07 2017

China's grand plan: Floating nuclear plants in South China Sea
added: Tue Feb 14 12:12:04 2017

FT first take, more to come: Kim Jong Un brother reportedly assassinated in Malaysia by female agents with needles
added: Tue Feb 14 12:11:57 2017

Rohith Vemula was not Dalit, family obtained SC certificate through 'fraudulent' means: Guntur collector
added: Tue Feb 14 12:11:53 2017

#UPDATE Kim Jong-Un's half-brother poisoned by two unidentified female agents in Kuala Lumpur
added: Tue Feb 14 12:09:42 2017
tags: update

Flynn: "I feel it is unfair that I have been made the sole scapegoat for what happened." Interesting choice of words
added: Tue Feb 14 12:08:04 2017

"Mr. Trump retires upstairs to the residence to recharge, vent and intermittently use Twitter”
added: Tue Feb 14 12:08:02 2017

Kim Jong Nam: Prodigal Son or Chinese Ally? (2012)
added: Tue Feb 14 11:35:17 2017
added: Tue Feb 14 11:35:13 2017

Shanghai's South Bund skatepark, on a freezing February evening. Not a soul in sight.
added: Tue Feb 14 11:33:06 2017

‘Extraordinary’ pollution found in deepest depths of the ocean
added: Tue Feb 14 10:43:40 2017

Build a car remote jamming detector for a couple of bucks : cc @AndrewMohawk
added: Tue Feb 14 10:39:13 2017

Strict rules for 'panda diplomacy', but pandas in Chinese Lanzhou zoo are seemingly suffering from neglect:
added: Tue Feb 14 10:36:08 2017

Police officers convicted in Occupy assault case ask for 'mercy' from court
added: Tue Feb 14 10:32:22 2017

India is willing to privatize its loss-making national airline @airindiain via @CNNMoney
added: Tue Feb 14 10:02:27 2017

Chief exec. contenders cannot ignore Beijing's power over Hong Kong, says CY Leung
added: Tue Feb 14 09:58:10 2017

Protests in China over proposed aluminium plant
added: Tue Feb 14 09:55:52 2017

"French Presidential Front-Runner Macron Claims Russia Interfering In Election"
added: Tue Feb 14 09:52:41 2017

Foreign passports offer little protection for #China’s elite via @FT
added: Tue Feb 14 09:47:45 2017
tags: china

'The dirty secret of machine learning'
added: Tue Feb 14 09:45:14 2017

Playboy turns back to nudity: #NakedIsNormal
added: Tue Feb 14 09:40:04 2017
tags: nakedisnormal

Syngenta: U.S. regulators' new request won't delay ChemChina deal
added: Tue Feb 14 09:38:50 2017

How China’s Insatiable Demand for Timber Threatens Congo’s Rainforests - come on, #china, sort this please
added: Tue Feb 14 09:37:09 2017
tags: china

Petraeus will have to notify his probation officer if Trump taps him to replace Flynn
added: Tue Feb 14 09:33:41 2017

1,500 Sanders tickets for KS event sold so far, leading to move to bigger venue
added: Tue Feb 14 09:18:38 2017

On inequality in China. New study available on
added: Tue Feb 14 08:37:42 2017

African cities are 29% more expensive than cities in countries w. similar income - unsurprising World Bank stat
added: Tue Feb 14 08:17:35 2017

Intel #KabyLake Core i7-7700K review: Is the desktop CPU dead? by @markalexwalton
added: Tue Feb 14 08:00:02 2017
tags: kabylake

Russian lawmakers mount fierce defense of Michael Flynn, who resigned as Trump's national security adviser.
added: Tue Feb 14 07:55:21 2017

[more on Xiao Jianhua affair] Employees of Missing Hong Kong Billionaire Are Barred From Leaving China, via @nytimes
added: Tue Feb 14 06:52:30 2017

Our summary of #Eastern's ticket chaos for @TheAFCCL home games #hkfootball #HK
added: Tue Feb 14 06:46:26 2017
tags: eastern, hkfootball, hk

The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump
added: Tue Feb 14 05:55:30 2017

Brazil’s two largest newspapers forced by president and judge to delete reporting; we’re publishing it here
added: Tue Feb 14 01:56:04 2017

I was a democrat of 30 years till hope and change turned into thousands of war crimes. #DemExit #HandsOffDC #AMJoy
added: Tue Feb 14 01:12:55 2017
tags: amjoy, handsoffdc, demexit

Conservatives want to slash FEMA’s disaster budget
added: Mon Feb 13 14:45:09 2017

#SOUTHAFRICA Johannesburg - 12 arrested for suspected #rhino poaching in Kruger naional park: via @ewnupdates
added: Mon Feb 13 10:22:57 2017
tags: southafrica, rhino

#DRC gov cancels 2 illegal logging concessions covering 4000 km2 in response to action from @Greenpeace via @VOANews
added: Mon Feb 13 10:17:20 2017
tags: drc

Chinese Luxury Goods Market Stabilizes
added: Mon Feb 13 10:17:04 2017

Ousted Hong Kong lawmakers apply to Court of Final Appeal, hope to hire Brexit lawyer
added: Mon Feb 13 10:16:22 2017

The future of the Web is in the hands of one guy-and he's set to make a decision soon…
added: Mon Feb 13 10:09:17 2017

The Awful Chinese Writing System – Lingua Franca - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
added: Mon Feb 13 09:50:16 2017

Oh my GOD, this is depressing.
added: Mon Feb 13 09:42:15 2017

Lotte China Theme-Park Project Halted Amid Geopolitical Tensions
added: Mon Feb 13 09:29:03 2017

Dwarf star's atmosphere holds the ingredients for life
added: Mon Feb 13 09:28:07 2017

Australia’s leader dissed renewables amid the kind of heat wave climate scientists warn about
added: Mon Feb 13 09:21:58 2017

Israel Loaned Settlement Group Over $1 Million to Build Illegal Outposts on Palestinian-owned Land
added: Mon Feb 13 09:19:49 2017

In an Indian national park, ruthless rangers have reduced rhino poaching by simply gunning down poachers at sight
added: Mon Feb 13 09:18:00 2017

China upset at disputed islands mention in Japan-U.S. meeting
added: Mon Feb 13 09:13:15 2017

Secret footage has revealed the frightening extent of damage in the worst prison revolt in Victorian history. #7News
added: Mon Feb 13 09:13:11 2017
tags: 7news

Coalition to change native title laws to protect mining and agriculture deals
added: Mon Feb 13 08:59:28 2017

'Beaten, hit with an iron, doused in bleach: the #hongkong domestic helpers facing systemic abuse' #domesticworkers
added: Mon Feb 13 08:36:48 2017
tags: domesticworkers, hongkong

Donald Trump's policy adviser says the judiciary is not supreme
added: Mon Feb 13 07:44:42 2017

China seeks to calm capital control fears
added: Mon Feb 13 07:44:13 2017

Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago: Comments:
added: Mon Feb 13 07:40:02 2017

Woman, who accused SP MLA Arun Verma of rape, found dead; police suspect strangulation
added: Mon Feb 13 07:40:00 2017

Geert Wilders vows to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands
added: Mon Feb 13 07:35:08 2017

The Tehran Times speculates about Iran becoming the next big Bitcoin market after the government abandons the USD.
added: Mon Feb 13 07:32:30 2017

【內地每年廚餘夠幾千萬人食足一年】【農民:他們不知這糧食是怎麼生產的!】新年期間內地傳媒走訪多間有名氣的餐廳,發現顧客食剩飯菜的情況普遍,除了因為眼闊肚窄,最重要的是面子問題。 「點少了也不好看,大家還沒伸筷就沒了,面子上過不去。」
added: Mon Feb 13 07:31:49 2017

#BREAKING Hong Kong Disneyland building evacuated after suspect package found @SCMP_News
added: Mon Feb 13 07:29:56 2017
tags: breaking

Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown
added: Mon Feb 13 07:29:10 2017

Malaysia and Singapore police cripple internet love scam syndicates
added: Mon Feb 13 07:28:49 2017

The American public has largely soured on China in recent years
added: Mon Feb 13 07:19:02 2017

Texas judge scapegoats immigrant who didn't know she was voting illegally, gives her 8 years in prison, deportation:
added: Mon Feb 13 07:01:41 2017

Inside the 'Red Army' schools being funded by the 'Red nobility' in China: "If you don’t instil kids these days...
added: Mon Feb 13 07:00:54 2017

Michael Paquier (@michaelpq): Postgres 10 highlight - Password file paths as libpq connection parameter
added: Mon Feb 13 07:00:36 2017

added: Mon Feb 13 07:00:23 2017
tags: 梁錦松

An armchair discussion with Carrie Lam What is the Future of Ethnic Minorities and Non-Chinese in Hong Kong?...
added: Mon Feb 13 06:58:01 2017

In 2 years, the company behind DAPL reported 69 accidents, polluting rivers in 4 states. via @colorlines #NoDAPL
added: Mon Feb 13 06:54:05 2017
tags: nodapl

PCCW sells family silver, chases something shinier @mak_robyn
added: Mon Feb 13 06:53:10 2017

The 36-year-old heir who's being groomed to take over world's largest jewelry empire and one of HK's property giants
added: Mon Feb 13 06:49:30 2017

#USA #Politics #Americans aren't as attached to #democracy as you might think
added: Mon Feb 13 06:44:50 2017
tags: americans, politics, democracy, usa

The Night When Charlie Parker Played for Igor Stravinsky (1951)
added: Mon Feb 13 06:12:27 2017

Exclusive: China mulls radical steps targeting metals, coal in war on smog - document
added: Mon Feb 13 06:05:06 2017

When an immigrant's "felony" is use of a fake Social Security number, remember their "crime" gave US citizens $12B.
added: Mon Feb 13 06:00:23 2017

This is what constant, permanent exposure to alternative reality does: it deafens and deadens you.
added: Mon Feb 13 06:00:20 2017

Beijing Newspaper Investigated for Links to Tycoon More on #XiaoJianhua case
added: Mon Feb 13 05:57:45 2017
tags: xiaojianhua

Nobody's Scared of Hong Kong's Mortgage War - Bloomberg
added: Mon Feb 13 05:54:24 2017

So far, no official confirmation: Two men jailed in China for selling Hong Kong-published books, sources say
added: Mon Feb 13 05:54:14 2017

The reports of the Taiwan tourism industry's woes are greatly exaggerated.
added: Mon Feb 13 04:08:31 2017

'The darkest time': Hong Kong reels over bizarre disappearance of Chinese billionaire
added: Mon Feb 13 03:23:44 2017

#HKFP 15-year-old boy dies in third Hong Kong student suicide in 8 days
added: Mon Feb 13 03:08:09 2017
tags: hkfp

This detail shouldn't be missed amongst other jaw droppers: a scuttled Mattis plan to intercept & board Iranian ship
added: Mon Feb 13 03:05:35 2017

How Mongolia, once the world's fastest-growing economy, went bust via @BV
added: Mon Feb 13 02:15:21 2017

Trump reportedly got call about N. Korea during dinner at Mar-a-Lago and discussed it there in a public dining room.
added: Mon Feb 13 02:08:05 2017

They let Stephen Miller chair a meeting of the national security deputies.
added: Mon Feb 13 01:55:05 2017

Refugee centre in Winnipeg, Canada says it's full and can take in no more refugees fleeing the United States
added: Sun Feb 12 21:27:20 2017

White House: Deportations will "prevent crime before it happens."
added: Sun Feb 12 20:11:00 2017

This @GOP quote from Lincoln is actually fake
added: Sun Feb 12 19:52:24 2017

Germans outraged as U.S. plays wrong version of their anthem
added: Sun Feb 12 17:35:05 2017

New Jersey congressman invokes 1924 tax law giving Congress power to examine Trump's tax returns #uspoli #cdnpoli
added: Sun Feb 12 17:00:16 2017
tags: uspoli, cdnpoli

My @InfoQ Q&A with @ufried and @adrianfcole "The Future of Microservices: Functional Service Design & Observability"
added: Sun Feb 12 15:30:18 2017

Senior DoD intel official: “since January 20, we’ve assumed that the Kremlin has ears inside the SITROOM"
added: Sun Feb 12 15:14:28 2017

#Taiwan #Manufacturers experience minor production stoppages after Saturday's #earthquake | Economics | FocusTaiwan
added: Sun Feb 12 08:15:32 2017
tags: earthquake, manufacturers, taiwan

Something is very, very wrong with the Arctic climate. via @Mashable #ActOnClimate
added: Sun Feb 12 08:15:03 2017
tags: actonclimate

#Taiwan's National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) 清華大學planning to set up more Taiwan #Education Centers in #India
added: Sun Feb 12 08:14:47 2017
tags: education, taiwan, india

The results of Podemos's congress will be known in a few hours and the stakes couldn't be higher.
added: Sun Feb 12 08:13:31 2017

Homeless women turned away by local councils 'trying to keep numbers down'
added: Sun Feb 12 08:06:16 2017

Interwoven with Banks: Shadow Banking in China
added: Sun Feb 12 08:03:24 2017

Hong Kong fire attack brings back memories of 2004 rush-hour MTR explosion
added: Sun Feb 12 08:02:25 2017

過去寫書的被判,現在賣書的被判;過去寫推的被判,現在轉推的被判。這文字獄也在與時俱進呀! [良知媒體] 大陆编辑转售铜锣湾书店禁书 被中共判5年监禁
added: Sun Feb 12 07:54:49 2017

DP says it does not want another version of CY
added: Sun Feb 12 07:53:30 2017

Chu Hoi-dick to back Leung Kwok-hung for CE
added: Sun Feb 12 07:38:43 2017

Despite the cash crisis, India's central bank is confident of a rebound. Via @Iyengarish
added: Sun Feb 12 07:32:00 2017

Panama arrests partners at Mossack-Fonseca, firm at centre of 'Panama Papers' scandal
added: Sun Feb 12 06:00:35 2017

Old drug gets an absurd price hike to $89,000 per year
added: Sun Feb 12 04:04:18 2017

Tremors felt in Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir
added: Sun Feb 12 04:01:59 2017

城市論壇live:今日同你講特首選舉! 論題: 參選特首定造王,選委提名添迷惘? 未有政綱先綑綁,中央意志不可擋? 嘉賓: 林偉強、詹劍崙、朱凱廸、方保僑
added: Sun Feb 12 04:01:32 2017

Indigenous woman shot dead in Colombia as activists targeted.
added: Sun Feb 12 03:47:35 2017

@geoff_p_wade @DanGarrett97 2016 Article from "The Strategist" on China's moves in the S. Pacific
added: Sun Feb 12 03:43:27 2017

Local Progressives Continue Working Toward 'Political Revolution'
added: Sun Feb 12 01:40:06 2017

Maryane was beaten over a period of four months by her Hong Kong employer, who made her work 16 hours a day and...
added: Sun Feb 12 01:15:19 2017

Xiao Jianhua's family, company executives & lawyers wrote a statement in his name "in a rush" after he disappeared
added: Sat Feb 11 11:14:35 2017

Le Pen: French Jews will have to give up Israeli citizenship
added: Sat Feb 11 10:41:47 2017

Mumbai AIU seizes gold bars worth Rs 54 lakh
added: Sat Feb 11 10:40:00 2017

1830 Trains on Urban Lines may need to hold at station platforms to let signalling system switch to backup …
added: Sat Feb 11 10:38:11 2017

Reading thread about a systemd race randomly creating /run/nologin & locking out users. What a perfect horror story!
added: Sat Feb 11 07:08:09 2017

Apparently systemd causes sshd to lock out users after an update: Trying to comprehend it..
added: Sat Feb 11 04:39:43 2017

Chinese envoy wants emergency powers for Duterte
added: Fri Feb 10 23:40:00 2017

No to Abrams: Trump Overrules Tillerson, Rejecting Elliott Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State
added: Fri Feb 10 22:54:50 2017

A Video, a Wheelchair, a Suitcase: Mystery of Vanished Tycoon Deepens me & @paulmozur
added: Fri Feb 10 22:26:44 2017

Comey ran interference for Trump & his lackeys again. Why did FBI claim there was nothing untoward in Flynn's calls?
added: Fri Feb 10 16:42:58 2017

Odd story: Chinese embassy in London asks Durham Uni to stop an anti-China Miss World candidate speaking on campus.
added: Fri Feb 10 16:18:09 2017

Half-Life developer Valve is making 3 full-length VR games
added: Fri Feb 10 14:52:06 2017

Transcript of SCMA's remarks at media session
added: Fri Feb 10 14:51:37 2017

Chief Executive's response to fire incident at MTR train
added: Fri Feb 10 14:51:34 2017

New blogpost: F is for Fake - How the political centre created the alt-right
added: Fri Feb 10 14:48:12 2017

'Nature abhors a vacuum': China steps up to pit "adult leadership” against “deranged, ignoramus” Trump, says @niubi
added: Fri Feb 10 14:05:29 2017

Continued persecution of Anwar Ibrahim symbolizes crackdown on human rights @n_izzah @anwaribrahim
added: Fri Feb 10 13:39:52 2017

"Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought" Words fail. Thanks, Comey
added: Fri Feb 10 13:39:12 2017

|@DetNews: Michigan Dems face liberal revolt at Michigan convention (Sat) - @BrandonDillon75 'a lock' tho #SaveMI
added: Fri Feb 10 13:38:09 2017
tags: savemi

Injuries in #MTR fire now reported to be 15, two critical and six in serious condition
added: Fri Feb 10 13:37:15 2017
tags: mtr

Google coding champion whose Cameroon hometown is cut off from the internet
added: Fri Feb 10 13:19:18 2017

5 Ways Knicks Owner James Dolan May Have Contributed to Charles Oakley's Arrest
added: Fri Feb 10 13:15:45 2017

Jeremy Corbyn to remove elections chief less than a fortnight before two crucial by-elections
added: Fri Feb 10 13:13:40 2017

How Chinese is Bitcoin? — Part 1: Trade Volume In bitcoin, not all is as it first appears
added: Fri Feb 10 13:13:15 2017

Journalists covering security issues in UK face being treated as spies @pressfreedom @snowden
added: Fri Feb 10 13:12:11 2017

Oil overhang points to need for extended OPEC output cuts
added: Fri Feb 10 13:05:05 2017

Not the 1st time protestors treated as terrorists > FBI terrorism task force investigating Standing Rock activists
added: Fri Feb 10 12:57:01 2017

What the phony election campaign has inadvertently revealed
added: Fri Feb 10 12:40:23 2017

much like the white house, the wsj's u.s. operation seems pretty leaky at the moment:
added: Fri Feb 10 12:36:44 2017

Man attempts to throw ‘Molotov cocktail’ on Hong Kong MTR train
added: Fri Feb 10 12:32:06 2017

Now trendy in #WestPapua: Killing teenagers. West Papuan indigenous teenagers
added: Fri Feb 10 11:21:16 2017
tags: westpapua

Donald Trump had to ask aides what nuclear treaty with Russia was during call with Vladimir Putin
added: Fri Feb 10 11:19:47 2017

Fears of ‘2-tier NHS’ as GPs allow fee-paying patients to jump queue - & it starts; #brexit will make this the norm
added: Fri Feb 10 11:19:06 2017
tags: brexit

"They weren’t coming from a country ravaged by war, civil strife, famine or disease. They were fleeing the US."
added: Fri Feb 10 11:17:16 2017

Tim Scott Reads Out Tweets Calling Him 'House Negro', 'Traitor' on Senate Floor - Was This the Counter to Warren's …
added: Fri Feb 10 11:15:39 2017

French election: with Fillon in trouble, Russia working to discredit Macron to stop him from entering second round.
added: Fri Feb 10 11:06:49 2017

Trump’s Obsession With Manufacturing Is About Politics, Not Jobs
added: Fri Feb 10 11:02:59 2017

“The One #China policy is not a card on the bargaining table — it is the table itself”. via @FT
added: Fri Feb 10 11:02:55 2017
tags: china

Chinese money is pouring into Seattle and making homes incredibly expensive
added: Fri Feb 10 11:02:01 2017

Heavy snow cuts power, disrupts transport along Sea of Japan coast | The Japan Times -
added: Fri Feb 10 11:01:12 2017

Chinese hospital infects five with HIV by reusing equipment -
added: Fri Feb 10 11:00:19 2017

Toronto activists target elite military event backing Indigenous abuses.
added: Fri Feb 10 11:00:02 2017

If Sunnis of Falluja given no reason to trust government, they may once again embrace ISIS reports @davidzucchino
added: Fri Feb 10 10:59:51 2017

Documentary director hopes to ignite Hongkongers’ empathy
added: Fri Feb 10 10:59:14 2017

Youth detained for allegedly insulting Agong on Facebook
added: Fri Feb 10 10:58:25 2017

The U.S. Air Force could be about to make dozens of whales go deaf.
added: Fri Feb 10 10:58:01 2017

Duterte hates drugs... but The majority of the world's meth begins in China -
added: Fri Feb 10 10:26:19 2017

In response to rumors that former Taiwan Prez Lee Teng-hui has passed away, Chinese netizens wish Lee an early death
added: Fri Feb 10 10:23:56 2017

Veterinary drug chloramphenicol found in mud crab sample
added: Fri Feb 10 10:23:33 2017

It'd be funny if Obama left Trump a briefing book that said "gift Bibi some cigars when he visits, he'll love it."
added: Fri Feb 10 10:20:23 2017

Nine young children killed: The full details of botched US raid in Yemen
added: Fri Feb 10 10:19:38 2017

#Ivory trade "pretty much all dead now" via @chanman @APBusiness Best quote:- "No one's bu…
added: Fri Feb 10 09:32:50 2017
tags: ivory

Xiaomi begins phone manufacturing in Indonesia
added: Fri Feb 10 09:32:28 2017

Thor Harris was banned from Twitter after posting a video tutorial on 'how to punch a Nazi'
added: Fri Feb 10 09:32:26 2017

Universal secures exclusive rights to Prince's private music archive
added: Fri Feb 10 09:28:42 2017

#SOUTHAFRICA @SANParksKNP: several suspected #rhino poachers arrested by anti-poaching task force via @TimesLiveNews
added: Fri Feb 10 09:26:47 2017
tags: rhino, southafrica

China turns out to be tougher to deal with than Nordstrom: Trump quickly caves on Taiwan. Via @PekingMike
added: Fri Feb 10 09:15:47 2017

Judge Sides with Activists, Orders NYPD to Hand Over Spy Files on Black Lives Matter
added: Fri Feb 10 09:15:17 2017

Why Twitter is vital and struggling at the same time
added: Fri Feb 10 08:52:00 2017

Chinese and American warplanes in 'unsafe' encounter over the South China Sea
added: Fri Feb 10 08:51:08 2017

Can worn-out themes solve Hong Kong’s real economic woes?
added: Fri Feb 10 08:49:59 2017

Fund manager rallies against 'terrible' Hong Kong property deal: 'I'm getting sick of investing in Asia' - CNBC
added: Fri Feb 10 08:45:42 2017

Trapped China Cash Breathes Life Into Hong Kong Yuan Banking - Bloomberg
added: Fri Feb 10 08:45:10 2017

Soaring sales, healthy fat profits... Simply not good enough, Nvidia
added: Fri Feb 10 08:44:40 2017

Donald Trump's America just deported its first undocumented migrant
added: Fri Feb 10 08:35:53 2017

Government ethics website crashes from people complaining about Kellyanne Conway
added: Fri Feb 10 08:32:56 2017

Police, hospital under fire over deaf patient row
added: Fri Feb 10 08:32:10 2017

#DonaldTrump Reaffirms ‘One-#China’ Stance in First Call With Xi via @bpolitics @business @tshinflux @RosMathieson
added: Fri Feb 10 08:04:42 2017
tags: china, donaldtrump

Did Trump just lose his first fight with China? In apparent climbdown, he agrees to honor one-China policy
added: Fri Feb 10 07:58:01 2017

OFM. "Own Force Monitoring" is a tool to catch American spies communicating w/our enemies. Seems we caught one.
added: Fri Feb 10 07:57:19 2017

Oh dear God. "Grab pussy" takes on new meaning in Singapore.
added: Fri Feb 10 07:55:31 2017

Taiwanese woman sentenced for shark-fin haul in Costa Rica
added: Fri Feb 10 07:49:05 2017

Barely six month on, Rio Olympic venues already falling into state of disrepair
added: Fri Feb 10 07:46:38 2017

Express rail checkpoint row could end in Beijing interpretation, says Michael Tien;
added: Fri Feb 10 07:42:08 2017

Now it's the crickets that are vanishing...
added: Fri Feb 10 07:41:57 2017

Images reveal three more Japanese WWII shipwrecks torn apart for scrap
added: Fri Feb 10 07:41:22 2017

Apple met with Chinese regulators to discuss the iPhone’s mysterious battery drain problem
added: Fri Feb 10 07:40:00 2017

Three #Fed rate hikes reasonable for 2017, Evans says - Reuters -
added: Fri Feb 10 07:29:09 2017
tags: fed

This loss cannot be understated: Egypt shuts down Nadeem Centre, a heroic organisation supporting torture victims:
added: Fri Feb 10 07:23:04 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong will present plan on co-location of checkpoints for Guangzhou rail link before new government take…
added: Fri Feb 10 07:15:40 2017
tags: scmp

How the "Flash Crash Trader" lost his $50 million fortune
added: Fri Feb 10 06:44:25 2017

[TECH NEWS] Kansas City likes sharing its smart city data so other cities benefit too…
added: Fri Feb 10 06:32:15 2017

China faces liquidity test as $151 billion set to exit the financial system next week.
added: Fri Feb 10 06:31:48 2017

Instapaper in 31-hour outage, says it needs a week to restrore all data
added: Fri Feb 10 06:30:28 2017

The GOP’s National Right to Work Bill Is a Smokescreen—The Threat Is What Comes Next
added: Fri Feb 10 06:30:24 2017

Trump tells Xi he's confident relations w/China can reach a "new high" in "extremely cordial" phone call
added: Fri Feb 10 06:27:44 2017

Nine (9!!!!) current & former intelligence officials, who were in senior positions spoke on condition of anonymity
added: Fri Feb 10 06:04:10 2017

"President Trump agreed, at the request of President Xi, to honor our 'one China' policy"
added: Fri Feb 10 05:01:37 2017

Top Hollywood talent agency cancels Oscar party, donates to ACLU to protest Trump
added: Fri Feb 10 04:11:05 2017

Got something in @Cif_Australia on Latham appearing on alt right podcasts, Bernardi, and the far right in Australia.
added: Fri Feb 10 04:08:14 2017

New air traffic system issued 30 false alarms in first month @FactWireWorld
added: Fri Feb 10 03:54:11 2017

The WaPo has nine sources here that Flynn either lied or had Pence lie for him.
added: Fri Feb 10 03:10:07 2017

California farmers who voted for Trump are surprised they can't hire undocumented field workers.
added: Fri Feb 10 02:44:15 2017

A quick repo of some HTML validation tests - for those old folks who care about well formed HTML: #html
added: Fri Feb 10 02:41:04 2017
tags: html

Trump spent the Vietnam War partying in NYC. "When I graduated from college, I had a net worth of perhaps $200,000"
added: Thu Feb 9 15:51:59 2017

Amid Economic Slowdown, China Faces Challenge of Creating Quality Jobs
added: Thu Feb 9 13:55:51 2017

London-bound MEPs to uncover truth at ‘empire’ of offshore finance
added: Thu Feb 9 12:40:46 2017

The confirmation of DeVos may be historic but it’s also a sign of how far the Capitol's warfare has sunk
added: Thu Feb 9 12:40:01 2017

“Bacteria resistant to … last resort antibiotic, are probably being transferred to humans from poultry“ RT @FT: Eek.
added: Thu Feb 9 12:33:15 2017

Leaked Trump presidential memo would free companies to buy conflict minerals from Congo's warlords by @lhfang
added: Thu Feb 9 12:30:53 2017

TSA screening program risks racial profiling amid shaky science – study
added: Thu Feb 9 12:00:36 2017

Could the terms of the pact that Paul Ryan has made with Donald Trump be any clearer?
added: Thu Feb 9 12:00:30 2017

Number of Romani people forcibly evicted over the past five years in France
added: Thu Feb 9 12:00:11 2017

US researchers say further expansion in the future could help Beijing consolidate its presence and project its...
added: Thu Feb 9 11:59:05 2017

Chinese bitcoin exchanges says to strengthen scrutiny of customers, sources of funds
added: Thu Feb 9 11:57:48 2017

Julian Assange 'to be kicked out of embassy'
added: Thu Feb 9 11:57:26 2017

China's state-run media reports 1st home-made carrier could start patrolling #SouthChinaSea by 2019
added: Thu Feb 9 11:56:01 2017
tags: southchinasea

If we stopped means-testing, half of my job, the filling-in-forms-bit, would be obsolete. #isyourjobreallynecessary
added: Thu Feb 9 09:38:08 2017
tags: isyourjobreallynecessary

My latest @AJEnglish: Socialist groups see huge surge under Trump's far-right presidency
added: Thu Feb 9 09:09:52 2017

HSBC plans to make wealth management acquisitions this year with a focus on #China, sources say via @business
added: Thu Feb 9 08:18:31 2017
tags: china

IBM’s crackdown on remote workers is biz-wide – US, Euro staff must move to major hub offices or be axed #exclusive
added: Thu Feb 9 08:10:36 2017
tags: exclusive

Sean Spicer cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened @CNNPolitics
added: Thu Feb 9 07:41:36 2017

Call me, maybe? Trump reaches out to China’s president in a letter
added: Thu Feb 9 07:41:09 2017

Since story ytd Tianjin fire department has quietly deleted quoted Weibo that blamed lithium batteries for fire
added: Thu Feb 9 07:32:49 2017

💸 Hong Kong can't seem to stop home prices from rising as buyers rush to new units
added: Thu Feb 9 07:29:36 2017

How scary are slings and arrows from #papertiger? Ccp says US to 'brush up on' SC Sea history via @hongkongfp
added: Thu Feb 9 07:26:16 2017
tags: papertiger

I wouldn't hand mine over. What is happening? How do we stop this?
added: Thu Feb 9 07:21:01 2017

Carl Sagan Presents His “Baloney Detection Kit”: 8 Tools for Skeptical Thinking
added: Thu Feb 9 07:21:00 2017

Alibaba's Ant Financial to raise $2-$3 billion in debt: source by @sumeet_chat @SijiaJ
added: Thu Feb 9 07:19:15 2017

How Democratic Socialists Are Building on Bernie's Momentum via @RollingStone
added: Thu Feb 9 07:16:18 2017

added: Thu Feb 9 06:55:13 2017

China bankers are becoming an asset with diminishing returns. @LJucca
added: Thu Feb 9 06:46:23 2017

Problem is, few ppl (about 6.5k) nominating on so far- at this rate, only 1 candidate would get 37,790
added: Thu Feb 9 06:17:06 2017

Toxic Smog in Mongolia's Capital Worsens Amid Harsh Winter
added: Thu Feb 9 05:48:37 2017

Mississippi moves closer to adding the firing squad as a method of execution.
added: Wed Feb 8 23:54:14 2017

Commercial Daily's Long Zhenyang confirms to @RadioFreeAsia that he resigned. He left HK last year to seek US asylum
added: Wed Feb 8 23:17:49 2017

House passes bill to allow firing squads in executions
added: Wed Feb 8 22:37:03 2017

Trump admin may demand social media *passwords* to enter the US. This would endanger countless reporters & sources.
added: Wed Feb 8 22:16:01 2017

Trump endorsed civil asset forfeiture — amazing exchange via @ryanjreilly @nickpwing
added: Wed Feb 8 14:29:08 2017

India scraps funding ties with Gates Foundation on immunization
added: Wed Feb 8 14:05:07 2017

Will this set Armchair Warrior McCain straight? /Russia's apparent meddling in U.S. election is not an act of war
added: Wed Feb 8 13:47:45 2017

Rio Tinto hands over diamond discovery to Indian government via @CNNMoney
added: Wed Feb 8 13:47:25 2017

The public land planning process is broken. Congress is voting to keep it that way.
added: Wed Feb 8 13:46:50 2017

China corn demand lifted by anti-dumping move on distiller's grains: think tank
added: Wed Feb 8 13:46:49 2017

Exclusive: White House eying executive order targeting 'conflict minerals' rule - sources via @Reuters
added: Wed Feb 8 13:46:24 2017

Spicer has repeatedly cited an Atlanta Islamist terror attack. There's never been an Islamist attack in Atlanta.
added: Wed Feb 8 13:45:21 2017

The BBC just tried to call out Wikileaks. It did not end well. #wikileaks #BBC
added: Wed Feb 8 12:45:02 2017
tags: bbc, wikileaks

Are We On the Verge of Another Civil War?
added: Wed Feb 8 12:39:37 2017

#ASEAN begins talks on Code of Conduct in #SouthChinaSea amid continued tensions
added: Wed Feb 8 12:39:20 2017
tags: asean, southchinasea

'@ACLU: Spotting terrorists by behavior at airports doesn't work'
added: Wed Feb 8 12:39:13 2017

China should learn from Russia and stop burning up its foreign reserves via @markets
added: Wed Feb 8 12:39:08 2017

Flattered to see @BleacherReport recommending @ErlangSolutions for their #elixirlang work:
added: Wed Feb 8 12:38:46 2017
tags: elixirlang

China global trade settled in yuan drops to more than three-year lows: StanChart
added: Wed Feb 8 12:38:17 2017

Oil prices fall on bloated U.S. fuel inventories, stalling China demand
added: Wed Feb 8 12:37:48 2017

The Senate is set to confirm as Attorney General, a man once deemed too racist to be a judge
added: Wed Feb 8 12:37:19 2017

The silencing of Elizabeth Warren and an old Senate rule prompted by a fistfight
added: Wed Feb 8 12:23:34 2017

#Russia warns other states against interfering in #SouthChinaSea dispute #Trump
added: Wed Feb 8 11:56:00 2017
tags: trump, southchinasea, russia

Today in "Our government is run by Breitbart"
added: Wed Feb 8 11:55:56 2017
added: Wed Feb 8 11:52:41 2017

Wild bison are roaming Canada's oldest national park for first time in a century
added: Wed Feb 8 11:49:15 2017

Popular Dating App Backs Down After Public Uproar over Porn Exposure
added: Wed Feb 8 11:36:50 2017

Except from 'China and the New Maoists ' out now in Zed Books:
added: Wed Feb 8 11:35:49 2017

.@POTUS had another bumpy phone call with a foreign leader, this time ranting to Hollande about the U.S.'s money
added: Wed Feb 8 10:47:59 2017

After almost 6 years, Marissa Alexander, Florida Woman Whose ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense Was Rejected, Is Released
added: Wed Feb 8 10:43:38 2017

Congressional Republicans reject #Science seek advice from their owners, chemical and fossil fuel industries.
added: Wed Feb 8 10:43:34 2017
tags: science

"Forest loss is one of the major causes of species extinction in South-East Asia"
added: Wed Feb 8 10:42:27 2017

Can rational arguments actually change people's minds?
added: Wed Feb 8 10:41:38 2017

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny found guilty of embezzlement, local media report
added: Wed Feb 8 10:39:01 2017

openmaize (2.8.0): Authentication library for Elixir using Plug
added: Wed Feb 8 10:37:07 2017

Donald Trump's "fake news" radar sometimes hits the mark. Like with unemployment.
added: Wed Feb 8 10:35:55 2017

Mexicans back president's Trump snub despite mounting disapproval
added: Wed Feb 8 10:35:05 2017

Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from Myanmar and areas in Poland
added: Wed Feb 8 10:33:08 2017

Rio Tinto announces $500m share buyback as profits hit $5.1bn
added: Wed Feb 8 10:32:41 2017

RT @gabyhinsliff: @MartinBelam on Trump vs media, & how it's easier to start crap conspiracy theory than disprove it
added: Wed Feb 8 10:32:17 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong temple worshippers balk at prices for offerings from food trucks in Wong Tai Sin
added: Wed Feb 8 10:30:29 2017
tags: scmp

The man who led the 3D printed gun effort is back in a controversial new documentary
added: Wed Feb 8 10:30:05 2017

#Thailand: Civil society under attack as authorities criminalize dissent. Must-read new @amnesty report v @bughermk1
added: Wed Feb 8 10:29:42 2017
tags: thailand

China credit flood set to persist despite rate rises
added: Wed Feb 8 10:28:32 2017

Migrant worker’s father kills son’s former employer in broad daylight in northern China for unpaid wages
added: Wed Feb 8 10:18:52 2017

As economy slows down, China's State Council's 13th 5-year plan targets to create 50 million new urban jobs by 2020
added: Wed Feb 8 09:27:19 2017

After last month's botched raid, Yemen bars the United States from conducting any more ground missions.
added: Wed Feb 8 06:25:00 2017

Banning Muslims from America... in the 16th century. ("The decree had little effect.")
added: Wed Feb 8 05:53:16 2017

Rahm Emanuel to Dems preparing for 2018 battle: Take a chill pill
added: Tue Feb 7 22:16:03 2017

hello i am terrified
added: Tue Feb 7 22:01:12 2017

No words 'French MP accuses Transparency International of lacking transparency' @Francoisf24 @TI_EU @anticorruption
added: Tue Feb 7 20:29:42 2017

Suicide bomber at Kabul supreme court kills at least 20, with 45 or more injured, officials say
added: Tue Feb 7 12:50:10 2017

How Trump could put U.S.-China relations on the right track
added: Tue Feb 7 12:44:30 2017

Amnesty report on systematic torture+mass murder in Syria's prisons on industrial scale. #newsthatsnotTrump #syria
added: Tue Feb 7 12:44:10 2017
tags: newsthatsnottrump, syria

Here's my profile of Keith Ellison for the magazine.
added: Tue Feb 7 12:42:13 2017

“There’s a myth of the North as free, but her story shows how complicated that was."
added: Tue Feb 7 12:42:02 2017

Why the Higgs Boson found at the Large Hadron Collider could be an "impostor"
added: Tue Feb 7 12:27:30 2017

A return to nature: How to make your own soap and shampoo the desi way
added: Tue Feb 7 12:20:01 2017

It'll be a real shame if NYCers don't primary these [expletive]ers out of their jobs next year:
added: Tue Feb 7 12:14:36 2017

Becoming Steve Bannon’s Bannon Trump's WH is run by a bunch of racists in their 20's.
added: Tue Feb 7 11:31:53 2017

Supermicro boasts of secret super server Silicon Valley win
added: Tue Feb 7 11:30:44 2017

Andy Puzder Is an Indefensible Nominee Who Can and Must Be Stopped | The Nation
added: Tue Feb 7 11:30:27 2017

Affordable Care Act Allowed Millions of People to Work Part-Time Rather Than Full-Time
added: Tue Feb 7 11:30:05 2017

Outcry Grows Against Bangladesh Coal Plant and Threat to Rare Bengal Tiger:
added: Tue Feb 7 11:27:59 2017

China, United States cannot afford conflict: Chinese foreign minister
added: Tue Feb 7 11:26:53 2017

"Writing history in Taiwan is a democratic practice that confronts authoritarianism." - Mark Harrison
added: Tue Feb 7 11:06:19 2017

Hong Kong bans import of poultry meat and products from State of Thuringia and State of Saxony in Germany
added: Tue Feb 7 10:30:04 2017

The Maasai are fighting back against cultural appropriation
added: Tue Feb 7 10:27:43 2017

My dispatch from tour of old #HongKong with a group of masked urban explorers: #HKUrbex @nytimesworld Pix @LamYikFei
added: Tue Feb 7 10:27:32 2017
tags: hongkong, hkurbex

The denialism of those saying trade has not cost manufacturing jobs really rivals global warming denialism
added: Tue Feb 7 10:27:27 2017

JUST IN . FELDA 's acquisition of 37% stake in Eagle High Plantation has been approved by Indonesian authority
added: Tue Feb 7 10:26:37 2017

#Taiwan to upgrade indigenous missile capabilities #military
added: Tue Feb 7 10:14:10 2017
tags: taiwan, military

Evidence for a false signaling theory of why we hate hypocrisy, from @Jill_Jord @rosesomm @paulbloomatyale @DG_Rand
added: Tue Feb 7 09:56:11 2017

數名樹仁學生在會場高處,用大聲公向台上的曾俊華高聲抗議:「我哋要真正一個可以尊重人表達權益的社會,我哋要普選,我哋要公民提名」。 #特首選戰 【曾俊華樹仁講talk遇學生示威】
added: Tue Feb 7 09:45:03 2017
tags: 特首選戰

曾俊華政綱建議重組決策局,除新增文化及體育局外,還要留意勞工及福利局被取消,與教育局合併為教育及人力局,財政司司長轄下的局亦有所增加。 鄭司律 CHENG SZE LUT 〈短評曾俊華政綱〉— 思言財雋 Financier...
added: Tue Feb 7 09:45:03 2017

“We don’t see any other explanation.” Doctors confirm Russian opposition leader poisoned, my latest
added: Tue Feb 7 09:43:57 2017

Palestinians urge sanctions over Israel's settlement law | @AP
added: Tue Feb 7 09:40:59 2017

Chengdu man detained after posting air pollution warning on social media
added: Tue Feb 7 09:36:59 2017

China plans islands near Scarborough Shoal, warns Manila
added: Tue Feb 7 09:32:55 2017

China downplays significance of senior official at Vatican
added: Tue Feb 7 09:28:39 2017

Developers want to dispel charges of collusion, says CE-contender Regina Ip
added: Tue Feb 7 09:03:16 2017

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe set to press on in legal battle against #DAPL. They've also called on allies to join
added: Tue Feb 7 08:56:32 2017
tags: dapl

#HongKong Foreign Exchange Reserves at $391.5B
added: Tue Feb 7 08:52:16 2017
tags: hongkong

😱Suspected human skeleton found in bushes under a flyover in Kowloon Bay
added: Tue Feb 7 08:51:10 2017

Appreciate the irony, but don't call a 39-yr old division-level judge "top judge" just b/c he works at supreme court
added: Tue Feb 7 08:41:05 2017

White nationalists are ecstatic over Trump’s proposed policy change on terrorism
added: Tue Feb 7 08:30:17 2017

Is Mao actually the more accurate historical analogue for Trump? Maoist Zhang Hongliang thinks so by @JEPomfret
added: Tue Feb 7 08:15:42 2017

Gene therapy allows deaf mice to hear: study
added: Tue Feb 7 08:07:50 2017

Watch the Earliest Surviving Filmed Version of The Wizard of Oz (1903)
added: Tue Feb 7 08:07:00 2017

Images of Trump in a bathrobe flood Twitter after Sean Spicer says he 'doesn't own one'
added: Tue Feb 7 08:05:48 2017

As costs fall and revenues rise, offshore windfarms have attracted investors' attention
added: Tue Feb 7 08:05:44 2017

IMF says Greece should meet lower fiscal surplus target
added: Tue Feb 7 08:05:07 2017

Another reason to treat with caution gold mining company claims they don't pollute
added: Tue Feb 7 08:03:22 2017

What a surprise: flagship 'HK property for HK people' scheme turns into a farce
added: Tue Feb 7 08:02:22 2017

"FBI axes #FOIA requests by email, so dust off your #fax machine" #FOI #opengov
added: Tue Feb 7 07:53:49 2017
tags: foi, foia, fax, opengov

Hubei draft social credit rules translated.
added: Tue Feb 7 07:13:53 2017

With Trump in White House - and Pax Americana seemingly over - the Balkans whisper of war. My report from Kosovo
added: Tue Feb 7 07:13:31 2017

Gov. Sam Brownback slams plan as push for tax hikes starts in Kansas Senate Susan can't punish more than you did!
added: Tue Feb 7 06:46:20 2017

Carrie Lam finally joins Facebook, only to receive storm of 72,000 'angry' emojis
added: Tue Feb 7 06:30:25 2017

How to persuade the elderly to move out of large family houses - interesting piece by @JudithREvans
added: Tue Feb 7 06:25:10 2017

The first royal defamation case brought under Thailand's new monarch is slammed by a top United Nations envoy
added: Tue Feb 7 06:08:19 2017

NASA's Curiosity puts cat among the climate pigeons: Lack of CO2 drowns water theory
added: Tue Feb 7 06:05:42 2017

China's #biotech sector is booming: my take on WuXi Biologics' upcoming IPO.
added: Tue Feb 7 06:04:38 2017
tags: biotech

As Chinese factories invest in technology, U.S. manufacturers have cut R&D spending and are filing fewer patents
added: Tue Feb 7 06:01:53 2017

CY Leung questions John Tsang's housing policy
added: Tue Feb 7 06:01:45 2017

My Heart Bodibra listing goes tits-up: HKEX/SFC are apparently requiring a different distribution of the placing -…
added: Tue Feb 7 05:57:32 2017

Hacker reveals dark arts of Russian blackmail and spies - via @FT
added: Tue Feb 7 05:40:56 2017

May refuses Netanyahu's call to impose new sanctions on Iran
added: Tue Feb 7 05:36:45 2017

#China's censors suppress report on air pollution deaths: via @CDT
added: Tue Feb 7 05:11:06 2017
tags: china

"Think about it! We're talking about Waka Flocka, that greasy black n*gger son of a bitch."
added: Tue Feb 7 05:06:19 2017

Genes point to who develops lung disease, study finds
added: Tue Feb 7 05:06:07 2017

New research shows hummingbirds have brains unlike any other bird, letting them manage multidirectional flight.
added: Tue Feb 7 05:05:06 2017

Mock referendum on Chief Executive nomination kicks off
added: Tue Feb 7 05:03:56 2017

Calls for 'Good Samaritan' law after 8,000 just-expired boxes of crisps dumped
added: Tue Feb 7 05:02:43 2017

China proposes further tightening of internet oversight via @Reuters
added: Tue Feb 7 04:58:25 2017

Japanese engineer sought out by concert halls to shape sound (from @AP)
added: Tue Feb 7 04:56:08 2017

Why Trump should give nuclear-armed North Korea a shot at peace | South China Morning Post
added: Tue Feb 7 04:50:05 2017

Read this explainer to understand how China's central bank manages liquidity. Impress your friends. via @markets
added: Tue Feb 7 04:45:42 2017

New @ChathamHouse research paper: The Critical Transition: China’s Priorities for 2021
added: Tue Feb 7 04:30:10 2017

NASA's Juno spots cyclones swirl, white oval storms near Jupiter's limb
added: Tue Feb 7 04:30:00 2017

Russia banned from London World Athletics Championships: #IAAF
added: Tue Feb 7 04:29:58 2017
tags: iaaf

Badass band of 20 rabbis arrested protesting #MuslimBan outside Trump Tower. Makes me proud to be an American.
added: Tue Feb 7 04:29:13 2017
tags: muslimban

Beijing mayor to banish parts of city to provinces
added: Tue Feb 7 04:26:46 2017

I have a feeling the entire cast of SNL is going to be in drag this coming weekend
added: Tue Feb 7 04:23:26 2017

A Kremlin Critic Is In A Coma After A Suspected Second Poisoning
added: Tue Feb 7 04:16:58 2017
added: Tue Feb 7 03:52:59 2017

Lawsuit says Louisiana's public defender system is woefully inadequate, leaving defendants in dire situations.
added: Tue Feb 7 03:28:30 2017

Portland International Airport is now requiring a "Free Speech Permit" for protests.
added: Tue Feb 7 03:09:16 2017

Trump's left-right jujitsu: matching moral relativism to political cynicism to chauvinism. My WSJ column: via @WSJ
added: Tue Feb 7 02:22:03 2017

D.C. police slaps Facebook with subpoena for Trump protesters' data
added: Tue Feb 7 02:21:53 2017

Trump Labor nominee was already facing Q's on labor violations at his burger chains. Now in his own household, too.
added: Tue Feb 7 02:21:22 2017

Extreme Vetting, But Not for Banks - Rolling Stone - More proof Trump is from the swamp.
added: Tue Feb 7 02:21:17 2017

Beijing’s New Scorched-Earth Policy Against the Uighurs - Jamestown
added: Tue Feb 7 01:28:07 2017

Helpful @jacobinmag on the risks of calling for a General Strike in the current environment:
added: Tue Feb 7 01:14:49 2017

Prepare to Lose Your Smartphone - very useful tips to make sure you get your phone back if you lose it. via @WSJ
added: Tue Feb 7 00:49:36 2017

SE Asia haze from #PalmOil & other plantations: 100K may have died from health impacts, still no justice for victims
added: Mon Feb 6 23:16:05 2017
tags: palmoil

How liberal websites pushed a dubious claim that Trump “turned off” the recorder for his call with Putin:
added: Mon Feb 6 22:25:59 2017
added: Mon Feb 6 22:23:38 2017

First deal w/UAE company to build new #Egypt capital failed, now deal w/Chinese contractors fails via @ahramonline
added: Mon Feb 6 22:21:58 2017
tags: egypt

Dodd-Frank reality show vs reality
added: Mon Feb 6 20:14:47 2017

Chinese students of UCSD fiercely fight back on my Dalai Lama op-ed & threaten Editor @ZhouFengSuo @badiucao
added: Mon Feb 6 20:10:58 2017

#Greece: Anarchists attack Turkish Consulate at Komotini in solidarity with arrested & dissapeared comrade (GR)
added: Mon Feb 6 17:30:52 2017
tags: greece

Syrian military & IS are still going at it. Clearly, there's been no shortage of fake news about their relationship.
added: Mon Feb 6 15:35:39 2017

|@SmithsonianMag: Scientists Know Exactly How Lead Got n2 Flint's Water - Snyder legacy on display #FlintWaterCrisis
added: Mon Feb 6 13:36:08 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

Don't Side With Neoliberalism in Opposing Trump
added: Mon Feb 6 13:30:26 2017

Afghan diplomat shot dead by a private security guard inside Karachi consulate
added: Mon Feb 6 13:30:04 2017

Pentagon Failed to Disclose up to Thousands of Air Strikes.
added: Mon Feb 6 13:23:13 2017

added: Mon Feb 6 12:29:19 2017

"This government is organised from the high level to the low like a mafia..."
added: Mon Feb 6 12:27:18 2017

Trump travel ban: States urge retention of temporary block
added: Mon Feb 6 12:20:57 2017

Apple is getting pushed around in China by local phone brands like Oppo and Huawei
added: Mon Feb 6 12:06:09 2017

In my last week's article for @AlMonitor I argued Russia wants Jordan to join Astana. And it's exactly what happened
added: Mon Feb 6 12:00:51 2017

Why some Indians are reluctant to help accident victims.
added: Mon Feb 6 11:26:13 2017

A growing number of officials in Germany are asking whether they need a Plan B for a post-American Europe
added: Mon Feb 6 11:22:02 2017

Of course, child rape by Kenyan legislators is a time-honored tradition.
added: Mon Feb 6 10:20:54 2017

"distrust is high" - US-China war would be a disaster for the world, says Communist party #GiveWarAChance #Trump
added: Mon Feb 6 10:20:37 2017
tags: givewarachance, trump

Philippines: Govt closes 23 mines & suspends 5 ... via @BHRRC
added: Mon Feb 6 10:18:25 2017

"Inside the government's mad plan to catalog every video on the Internet" Me for @OpenRightsGroup at NS: Please RT.
added: Mon Feb 6 10:17:15 2017

Wash-Minn Appeal for Stay of Trump Terror
added: Mon Feb 6 10:17:04 2017

uncensored ver is online | Fox forced co to remove Trump wall image from Super Bowl ad
added: Mon Feb 6 10:17:03 2017

Trump’s attempts to gut environmental protections will be devastating. But they’re far from unprecedented.
added: Mon Feb 6 10:16:01 2017

Half of UK small businesses set to increase prices because of weak pound sterling
added: Mon Feb 6 10:15:48 2017

Toyota, Suzuki to work together in green, safety technology (from @AP)
added: Mon Feb 6 10:14:18 2017

SC to Centre: Link all mobile numbers to Aadhaar card within one year #UID
added: Mon Feb 6 10:05:59 2017
tags: uid

For those who say protests are pointless: protests in the US are rattling Donald Trump
added: Mon Feb 6 09:32:55 2017

Afghan diplomat shot dead at Karachi consulate in Pakistan
added: Mon Feb 6 08:59:05 2017

Deleted postings about missing Chinese billionaire hint at tensions
added: Mon Feb 6 08:58:21 2017

China Insurers Jump in Hong Kong Amid Pension Fund Speculation - Bloomberg
added: Mon Feb 6 08:58:01 2017

"Bannon cites Jackson as a role model for Trump. He declared martial law, jailed a judge and suspended habeas corpus"
added: Mon Feb 6 08:56:57 2017

亞洲電視(ATV)前投資者司榮彬遭勞工處發出44張傳票,指他涉嫌同意或縱容亞視拖欠包括合約演員蔡國威及袁潔儀在內共29名員工共73萬的薪金,案件今日於沙田法院開審。 【為司榮彬涉縱容欠薪案作供 亞視前副總監圖搶記者相機】...
added: Mon Feb 6 08:10:02 2017

Donald Trump hasn't spoken with China's president Xi Jinping since taking office
added: Mon Feb 6 07:46:40 2017

anyway this is a great review by @theseantcollins about 24 ushering in the Trump era w/another racist WoT commercial
added: Mon Feb 6 07:27:33 2017

#ICYMI: After outcry, GOP bill to sell off 3.3 million acres of public land has been withdrawn via @ThinkProgress
added: Mon Feb 6 07:20:03 2017
tags: icymi

China now have a household leverage prob? Li Gan says 7.8% households w/ mortgage at risk of default, via @SixthTone
added: Mon Feb 6 07:17:46 2017

Lorry owner convicted of illegal waste disposal in Pui O
added: Mon Feb 6 07:13:35 2017

The mortgage-bond whale that everyone is suddenly worried about via @business
added: Mon Feb 6 07:11:08 2017

JPMorgan gets China corporate bond underwriting license
added: Mon Feb 6 07:10:46 2017

Angry batsman hurls stump, kills Bangladeshi teen during friendly cricket game
added: Mon Feb 6 07:01:20 2017

Australian PM under threat from party split as shift to the right grows
added: Mon Feb 6 06:35:08 2017

Donald Trump admits he is cutting Wall Street regulations to help his capitalist ruling-class friends
added: Mon Feb 6 06:11:16 2017

Sources: Feds identify Philly woman in probe of secret recordings at GOP retreat
added: Mon Feb 6 05:40:01 2017

DAB plays down Beijing official's planned meeting in Shenzhen
added: Mon Feb 6 05:02:25 2017

Regina Ip slams John Tsang for failing to mention August 31 proposal
added: Mon Feb 6 04:53:41 2017

BBC's stronger stance on fighting online spread of misinformation - launches dedicated lie-debunking newsroom unit
added: Mon Feb 6 04:50:55 2017

Trump was not fully briefed on the executive order he signed giving Bannon a seat on the National Security Council
added: Mon Feb 6 04:44:07 2017

The gov't's food truck ploy is an insult to Hong Kong's venerable street food culture
added: Mon Feb 6 03:48:18 2017

In a new piece by @dktatlow, junk builder describes the “beautiful harmony” of his craft
added: Mon Feb 6 03:44:31 2017

That thing where a Supreme Court nominee made up his pro bono work in law school.
added: Mon Feb 6 02:40:30 2017

but #HK threshold for protecting #refugees remains unreasonably high(2009-2015,32/6628cases considered substantiated)
added: Mon Feb 6 02:40:06 2017
tags: refugees, hk

#Cambodia PM Bans #Taiwan Flag, Reaffirms ‘One China’ Stance
added: Mon Feb 6 02:33:05 2017
tags: cambodia, taiwan

1st day back at school after LNY, 2 #HK students kill themselves. Will Eddie Ng blame poor life planning again? …
added: Mon Feb 6 02:16:59 2017
tags: hk

Ice Age tusks vs. blood ivory: the NE state fossil and the global ivory trade.
added: Mon Feb 6 00:30:46 2017

Google’s Super Bowl ad accidentally set off a lot of Google Homes
added: Mon Feb 6 00:10:48 2017

Chilling story by @AndrewKramerNYT. Be careful what you say abt Russia. Could cost your life.
added: Sun Feb 5 21:19:48 2017

While the far-Right was tweeting, American anarchists have been fighting and dying in the fight against #ISIS
added: Sun Feb 5 20:44:52 2017
tags: isis

'personal information will be allowed to flow freely around gov departments, councils, schools and police forces.'
added: Sun Feb 5 20:26:18 2017

The real #BowlingGreenMassacre: when white Christians dismembered native babies in front of their refugee parents
added: Sun Feb 5 17:13:11 2017
tags: bowlinggreenmassacre

‘I love Trump. He’s doing what he said.’ President’s supporters keep the faith
added: Sun Feb 5 12:13:03 2017

Evolution of Earth delayed by 2 million years due to plummet in level of atmospheric oxygen!
added: Sun Feb 5 12:10:01 2017

RT @ono: We've just opensourced our recent work with Elixir at SQUARE ENIX✌️ #myelixirstatus
added: Sun Feb 5 12:05:04 2017
tags: myelixirstatus

Canada Lose Sludge Match at Westhills: Argentina 20 - Canada 6 (photo by @islandwavephoto)
added: Sun Feb 5 07:22:28 2017

Scott Pruitt wants to overturn rules that save lives and improve health—especially children’s health.
added: Sun Feb 5 07:18:04 2017

Cooking the Planet: GOP Congress quietly allows Methane Emissions on Public Land
added: Sun Feb 5 07:14:07 2017

Chinese govt. proposals on more Internet censorship, including a new Internet Security and Censorship Commission.
added: Sun Feb 5 07:00:19 2017

Opinion: The reality is that all successful economies grew up behind walls of protectionism
added: Sun Feb 5 07:00:08 2017

Chinese industry wants 'win-win' end to U.S. anti-dumping duties on washing machines
added: Sun Feb 5 06:37:52 2017

China vows strong punishments for illegal financing activities
added: Sun Feb 5 06:37:21 2017

China punishes 11 for dereliction of duty after deadly bus fire
added: Sun Feb 5 06:35:50 2017

Scientists of the soil | Business Line
added: Sun Feb 5 06:35:05 2017

Thailand's new king is making a power grab:
added: Sun Feb 5 05:36:00 2017

In #Japan, U.S. defense chief reaffirms commitment to treaty
added: Sun Feb 5 05:09:00 2017
tags: japan

'Hooligan Sparrow' Oscar nomination would have been kind of news that state censorship would struggle to manage
added: Sun Feb 5 05:08:05 2017

‘Ray of hope’ as Hong Kong recognises first Syrian refugee in the city/ via @SCMP_news via @ARaquelCarvalho
added: Sun Feb 5 05:07:14 2017

You mean you thought Steve Bannon wouldn't use his position to get rich too?
added: Sun Feb 5 04:40:05 2017

Snap’s offer of voteless shares angers big investors via @FT
added: Sun Feb 5 04:39:42 2017

No dickhead, we suffer because of ongoing genocide. Author says American Indians suffer because of dependency
added: Sun Feb 5 04:35:48 2017

RETWEET THIS if you think more people should stand up to Trump's pet nazi Steve Bannon:
added: Sun Feb 5 04:21:25 2017

"Why Nobody Cares the President Is Lying." via @nytopinion
added: Sun Feb 5 04:15:21 2017

The #Trump admin thinks they’ll overwhelm us with their blitzkrieg strategy, writes @NaomiAKlein
added: Sun Feb 5 03:43:01 2017
tags: trump

'Sources' & #HK police head say #XiaoJianhua incident normal but: Why did wife call police? Why say he was overseas?
added: Sun Feb 5 01:05:05 2017
tags: xiaojianhua, hk

How high street clothes were made by children in Myanmar for 13p an hour
added: Sun Feb 5 00:09:18 2017

Poor US oil companies complain about not being able to pay corrupt foreign officials. Now US Congress will let them.
added: Sat Feb 4 23:12:59 2017

Really enjoyed write a fuzzy match algorithm in Elixir #myelixirstatus
added: Sat Feb 4 22:47:52 2017
tags: myelixirstatus

USDA abruptly purges animal welfare information from its website
added: Sat Feb 4 17:04:33 2017

Sky News presenter accidentally talked about Trump's p***k for the Supreme Court
added: Sat Feb 4 13:50:02 2017

The lonely ice volcano. Just when we think we know everything:
added: Sat Feb 4 13:49:20 2017

IMDb is shutting down its message boards
added: Sat Feb 4 13:22:16 2017

iOS cracking tools reportedly used by FBI released to public
added: Sat Feb 4 13:18:56 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong’s Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung calls for more young blood in aged care and nursing
added: Sat Feb 4 12:54:26 2017
tags: scmp

#Trump and team needlessly raising tensions over matters where American interests are not even clear #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Feb 4 12:39:00 2017
tags: trump, southchinasea

Hong Kong bank’s ‘inconvenient’ disclosure demands extend to hurt local NGO
added: Sat Feb 4 12:35:42 2017

Alibaba Group expands presence in Australia, New Zealand
added: Sat Feb 4 12:35:06 2017

deathWish'n Michigan GOp official calls for "another Kent State" after Berkeley protest- via @HuffPostPol
added: Sat Feb 4 12:34:17 2017

U.S. National Security Agency's deputy director is retiring
added: Sat Feb 4 12:30:05 2017

Bar Association chairman warns that faith in judicial system could be undermined if criticism of judges continues
added: Sat Feb 4 07:25:01 2017

China lashes out at Mattis remarks on #EastChinaSea islands
added: Sat Feb 4 07:21:00 2017
tags: eastchinasea

Trump to meet with airline CEOs on Thursday: White House
added: Sat Feb 4 06:05:07 2017

Did Wikileaks selectively release Dems' emails?
added: Sat Feb 4 04:16:11 2017

The top 10 Weibo posts on international affairs censored by China in 2016 - #censorship…
added: Sat Feb 4 04:08:04 2017
tags: censorship

Biscayne Bay’s Warm Water Temperatures Shatter Records @UMiamiRSMAS @CBSMiami #Miami
added: Sat Feb 4 01:12:38 2017
tags: miami

Many from the Washington Power Elite Are United in Their Dismay About Trump's White House
added: Sat Feb 4 01:12:15 2017

Netizen in China's Sichuan Jailed Over Tweet About 'Worst Smog in 2,000 Years'
added: Sat Feb 4 00:58:33 2017

Immediately after Tillerson became Sec of State, the Trump admin & GOP made moves that could enrich Exxon
added: Sat Feb 4 00:58:03 2017

Incredible work by @ElonMusk! Looks like he really gave Trump the business, as promised, by quietly drinking wine
added: Sat Feb 4 00:51:15 2017

Unlawful for @realDonaldTrump to Fire @CFPB Consumer Bureau's Director Like It's His Reality Show #DefendCFPB
added: Sat Feb 4 00:39:29 2017
tags: defendcfpb

Tweeting Out Falsehoods Isn’t OK Just Because It Makes Trump Look Bad
added: Sat Feb 4 00:39:19 2017

#BREAKING Federal judge in Seattle issues nationwide restraining order blocking Trump travel ban, AP and CNN report
added: Sat Feb 4 00:37:36 2017
tags: breaking

@JonathanCohn @AjitPaiFCC also stopped the cap for prisoner phone calls that can cost up to $14 min.
added: Sat Feb 4 00:35:37 2017

Vermont’s US attorney resigns, quotes Sally Yates in his exit statement
added: Sat Feb 4 00:22:08 2017

This would make it legal to fire union organizers with no repercussions. Federal organizer blacklists next.
added: Fri Feb 3 23:59:42 2017

Chinese student organizations denounce Dalai Lama as commencement speaker | UCSD better not back down
added: Fri Feb 3 21:30:01 2017

Reminder that @benshapiro called for the mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians…
added: Fri Feb 3 20:43:18 2017

NYPD officer was physically attacked, called a "Muslim bitch" as colleagues attempted to rip off her hijab
added: Fri Feb 3 20:31:54 2017

State Department reports 60,000 visas revoked after travel ban; Justice says 100,000
added: Fri Feb 3 20:21:34 2017

Arkansas just passed a law that will let rapists sue victims who want an abortion
added: Fri Feb 3 15:12:26 2017

Chinese government issues document on rural property reform, including land & biz, 5 year timeline
added: Fri Feb 3 14:51:32 2017

Court says web #accessibility settlement doesn't bar further lawsuits (PA, USA) #a11y #law #pa
added: Fri Feb 3 14:44:05 2017
tags: pa, law, a11y, accessibility

High school students give Nazi salute and shout ‘Heil Trump' during class photo, principal calls it 'a poor choice':
added: Fri Feb 3 14:05:26 2017

How Cold War rivalry helped launch the Chinese computer – via @aeonmag FYI @paolobory @gabriele_balbi
added: Fri Feb 3 11:45:30 2017

Kaarel Moppel: A more detailed look at Pgwatch2 PostgreSQL monitoring tool
added: Fri Feb 3 09:45:43 2017

China May Base Carrier Near South China Sea
added: Thu Feb 2 10:14:16 2017

First discussion of the day: Bind 2.0 #XMPP2017
added: Thu Feb 2 09:41:40 2017
tags: xmpp2017

Pirate Party’s Pirate Site Was Legal Under EU Law, Court Rules
added: Thu Feb 2 09:35:07 2017

“Something about #China’s torture and forced confessions” — @patrickpoon
added: Thu Feb 2 09:32:39 2017
tags: china

Good on @SebDance. Someone needs to follow @Nigel_Farage and @realDonaldTrump w/ a sign like this all the time.
added: Thu Feb 2 09:30:08 2017

Snapchat owner Snap's secrecy frustrates banks' pursuit of IPO glory:
added: Thu Feb 2 09:29:56 2017

180 federal employees sign up for "civil disobedience" class against Trump
added: Thu Feb 2 09:11:05 2017

🚀 So I've built a test case page: “CSS & SVG Masks on HTML content”
added: Thu Feb 2 09:09:52 2017

Important & worrying new research on the latest artemisinin resistant malaria strains in the Mekong -- @AFP
added: Thu Feb 2 08:31:36 2017

Facebook is pulling out all the stops to re-enter China. Nothing is working. via @WSJ
added: Thu Feb 2 08:31:09 2017

XMPP Summit 21 will start soon...
added: Thu Feb 2 08:31:01 2017

EU: Israel's announcement that it will build thousands of new settler homes "marks a very worrying trend"
added: Thu Feb 2 08:30:08 2017

South Korea president's office to block search of residence (from @AP)
added: Thu Feb 2 08:10:53 2017

Peter Thiel's New Zealand citizenship stokes political debate
added: Thu Feb 2 08:05:09 2017

Reddit drops the ban hammer on popular alt-right subreddits
added: Thu Feb 2 08:04:55 2017

"look, 80 out of 100 percent is still a B, guys" -- trump spox on deep background
added: Thu Feb 2 07:59:32 2017

Extreme monitoring technology used in Xinjiang and Tibet, by @jleibold via @ForeignAffairs
added: Thu Feb 2 07:54:19 2017

Donald Trump considering deportation of welfare-reliant immigrants
added: Thu Feb 2 07:52:18 2017

I just published “Gorsuch and the Senate — and the ghost of Garland”
added: Thu Feb 2 07:39:45 2017

China's 'Silk Road' Push Stirs Resentment, Protest in Sri Lanka
added: Thu Feb 2 07:37:57 2017

Uber says will suspend its ride-hailing service in Taiwan from Feb. 10
added: Thu Feb 2 07:37:11 2017

Protesters force UC Berkeley to cancel far-right speaker's speech
added: Thu Feb 2 07:36:02 2017

#Trump strategist Bannon claims South China Sea borders US territory
added: Thu Feb 2 07:16:13 2017
tags: trump

胡官就重申,自己建議「容許丁屋以多層大厦形式興建」,認為唔會涉及公共資源,亦唔會對違法事情視而不見。 #特首選戰 【胡官轟薯片奶媽冧鄉事:爭取選票要正當!】 ←短片...
added: Thu Feb 2 07:10:02 2017
tags: 特首選戰

Long working hours plague transport sector, finds CTU survey
added: Thu Feb 2 07:08:42 2017

Assyrian dictionary. Tick.
added: Thu Feb 2 06:56:29 2017

.@wang_maya criticizes global elite for looking to Xi for 'responsible...leadership', disregarding dictatorship
added: Thu Feb 2 06:50:39 2017

#Ghana finds a USD1.6bn hole in budget via @markets
added: Thu Feb 2 06:31:03 2017
tags: ghana

DRC police 'fire tear gas' on supporters after Tshisekedi death
added: Thu Feb 2 06:30:02 2017

BGP,OT,IQ,Iraq,-,Outage affected 452 prefixes,
added: Thu Feb 2 06:20:38 2017

Steve Bannon: 'we're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'
added: Thu Feb 2 06:15:27 2017

#Cambodia: Ruling CPP to propose amendments to election laws to ban convicts from serving as president of a party
added: Thu Feb 2 06:14:19 2017
tags: cambodia

Residents might be stuck paying for San Francisco's $750 million tilting tower via @luxury
added: Thu Feb 2 05:37:58 2017

Mischievous things teens get up to: 1. Get drunk 2. Skip class 3. Establish a Fascism Forever Club
added: Thu Feb 2 05:31:11 2017

Lam backs aggressive land development policy
added: Thu Feb 2 05:23:30 2017

"He hung up on Australia...That’s like hanging up on your Mum. Diplomatically, you just don’t do it." @overingtonc
added: Thu Feb 2 04:25:29 2017

Elliot Sperling: "I have no intention of conforming to authoritarian norms for the sake of a visa."
added: Thu Feb 2 02:07:19 2017

Australia has been with US in every war since start of 20th century. I'll just leave this here -->
added: Thu Feb 2 01:11:54 2017

Told @guardian: to look strong, this admin risks stumbling into a war that would make Iraq war look like a cake walk
added: Wed Feb 1 23:06:52 2017

(Last RT): It's been THREE DAYS and there's still barely any coverage of this oil spill off the Chennai coast:
added: Tue Jan 31 18:15:54 2017

Apparent PLA assesment of SCS: "China can only effectively control some parts, so China "cannot be optimistic".”
added: Tue Jan 31 14:06:02 2017

Today's front page: BANANAS! @POTUS fires @TheJusticeDept boss for defying him on Muslim t…
added: Tue Jan 31 13:17:07 2017

What an article... read at least the last three paragraphs where Bannon talks about Trump being a "blunt instrument"
added: Tue Jan 31 13:14:58 2017

Court got quite... heated.
added: Tue Jan 31 13:04:18 2017

Despite anti-profiling rules, the FBI uses race and religion when deciding who to target by @coracurrier
added: Tue Jan 31 12:57:03 2017

Is Hong Kong giving Chinese carriers a way in? - Nikkei Asian Review
added: Tue Jan 31 12:56:23 2017

News of another abduction by Chinese agents will alarm Hong Kongers & other tycoons self-exiled at Four Seasons
added: Tue Jan 31 12:52:03 2017

Secret docs reveal: President Trump has inherited an FBI with vast hidden powers
added: Tue Jan 31 12:42:59 2017

Chinese billionaire reportedly seized from HK
added: Tue Jan 31 12:38:18 2017

Poland's Walesa collaborated with communist secret police: institute
added: Tue Jan 31 12:35:06 2017

Isolationist America and expansionist Russia sing the same tunes on the EU: single out Germany and sow doubt on Euro
added: Tue Jan 31 12:28:27 2017

More Than #React: Why You Shouldn’t Use #ReactJS For Complex Interactive #FrontEnd Projects…
added: Tue Jan 31 12:04:01 2017
tags: reactjs, react, frontend

Chinese investment aid to Sri Lanka has been a major success—for China via @qz
added: Tue Jan 31 11:53:55 2017

Our "online fight" against ISIS: "translators repeatedly mix up the Arabic words for salad and authority."
added: Tue Jan 31 11:48:46 2017

Navarro says Germany exploits the undervalued euro, but is not worried about a stronger dollar. OK then.
added: Tue Jan 31 11:42:14 2017

Gotta keep that powder dry!
added: Tue Jan 31 11:41:28 2017

From our archive: how to radicalise young people. Step one: make them feel unwanted and alienated
added: Tue Jan 31 11:30:31 2017

Unresearched fake news op-eds on Medium are the next big media problem. @PatBlanchfield skewers them in this piece:
added: Tue Jan 31 11:29:20 2017

The War on Facts Is a War on Democracy -
added: Tue Jan 31 11:17:19 2017

The IBM Link to Auschwitz via @_VoiceNews_
added: Tue Jan 31 11:15:10 2017

Kiev and Kremlin trade blame over surge in east Ukraine fighting
added: Tue Jan 31 11:14:59 2017

Changing the game: @SaraSoueidan on new web technologies
added: Tue Jan 31 11:07:08 2017

Le Pen already taking le sword to French stocks and bonds
added: Tue Jan 31 11:00:53 2017

EU set to meet green energy goal; UK trails: document:
added: Tue Jan 31 10:54:20 2017

David Leonhardt says the future of the free world depends on longer copyrights for Mickey Mouse
added: Tue Jan 31 10:51:02 2017

Trump, like Mao, was adept at mobilizing the masses to gain power. But, like Mao, his governance is a disaster.
added: Tue Jan 31 10:49:57 2017

Top Iraqi general working with US in anti-ISIS fight: “After this ban how are we supposed to deal with each other?”
added: Tue Jan 31 10:49:27 2017

When Gangs Killed Gay Men for Sport: Australia Reviews 88 Deaths
added: Tue Jan 31 09:40:46 2017

Six other times the US has banned immigrants: -- We’ll discuss on Tuesday’s show.
added: Tue Jan 31 09:40:10 2017

“They’re doing a witch hunt now to find out how that got out... there is zero room for dissenting opinion.”
added: Tue Jan 31 08:01:41 2017

Acting Attorney General Fired After Refusing To Uphold Immigration Ban
added: Tue Jan 31 06:21:50 2017

Breaking: obscure law requires Sen confirmation for WH aide like Bannon to serve on NSC. 50 U.S. Code § 3021
added: Tue Jan 31 04:22:58 2017

Hong Kong: The worst place in the world for a startup to open a bank account? -…
added: Tue Jan 31 04:10:01 2017

Jeff Sessions praised the 1924 ban on all Asian immigration as "good for America."
added: Tue Jan 31 03:55:25 2017

Historian Mae Ngai draws comparisons between the #MuslimBan and the Chinese Exclusion Act:
added: Tue Jan 31 02:53:04 2017
tags: muslimban

.@AP learns Donald Trump's voter fraud expert was registered in 3 states during 2016 presidential election.
added: Tue Jan 31 01:31:09 2017

Cardinals lose top 2 picks, pay Astros $2M for hacking @nlbmprez @kenthinguy @Scott_V8Ford
added: Tue Jan 31 01:17:47 2017

Via @theintercept
added: Mon Jan 30 21:24:17 2017

old and busted password choice: "hunter2" new hot secure password choice: "p"
added: Mon Jan 30 19:20:11 2017

First Experiences with Deploying Elixir Applications — Patrick Mühlbauer #erlangcentral
added: Mon Jan 30 15:49:38 2017
tags: erlangcentral

NYT: "The demands for purity from Democratic leaders.." Purity? Really?
added: Mon Jan 30 15:22:51 2017

MEP's in discussion over how much info should be disclosed on benefitial, true owners of anonymous companies
added: Mon Jan 30 15:22:11 2017

UPDATE: At least one suspect in Quebec shooting is a student at Laval University, near the mosque - source.
added: Mon Jan 30 15:21:53 2017

Apply Daily reports that Chinese Police once again illegally kidnapped businessmen in HK: 共匪再次绑架香港居民 …
added: Mon Jan 30 15:20:30 2017

The sick rationalizations of twisted people living in an alternate reality: the White House
added: Mon Jan 30 13:33:48 2017

the other primates need us to care...and to act wisely
added: Mon Jan 30 13:32:54 2017

U Ko Ni was working on constitutional amendments that would challenge role of military & an Interfaith Harmony Bill
added: Mon Jan 30 11:19:00 2017

How a Kashmiri ‘merchant and spy’ finally got out of prison in 19th century Tibet via @scroll_in
added: Mon Jan 30 11:17:25 2017

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down
added: Mon Jan 30 11:15:58 2017

European Commission Dismisses Privacy Shield Concerns Over Trump Executive Order
added: Mon Jan 30 11:15:01 2017

JudasDNS : Nameserver DNS poisoning attacks made easy :
added: Mon Jan 30 10:17:56 2017

Hundreds take to the streets of the Colombian capital to protest the return of bullfighting
added: Mon Jan 30 10:05:04 2017

Archaeological excavations at Treblinka and Sobibór concentration camps added new physical evidence to testimony.
added: Mon Jan 30 10:01:13 2017

Why are Islamist armed groups clashing in Syria? by @ramikhouri
added: Mon Jan 30 10:01:09 2017

Hiker dies after falling about 300 metres down a cliff on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island.
added: Mon Jan 30 10:00:24 2017

"[Bannon] repeatedly pressed me to say we could expect a conflict at least as big as [WW2] in the [near term]."
added: Mon Jan 30 08:44:18 2017

Couching opposition to Trump in anti-Russia histrionics will only end up benefiting the Right.
added: Mon Jan 30 02:50:43 2017

Carter, Nixon and Deng Xiaoping celebrate US-China normalization, January 29, 1979
added: Mon Jan 30 01:14:06 2017

Nissan taken to task for treatment of workers: Charlotte protest part of Southeast effort
added: Mon Jan 30 00:00:10 2017

Community Center That Received Threats To ‘Blow Up’ Refugees Isn’t Backing Down
added: Mon Jan 30 00:00:00 2017

Social media and fake news in the 2016 election
added: Sun Jan 29 23:55:00 2017

We can have a trade war with Mexico where everyone wins (except the pharmaceutical companies)
added: Sun Jan 29 14:43:12 2017

British Companies Are Using a Tracking Device That Monitors Their Workers' Voices, Steps and Stress Levels #uk
added: Sun Jan 29 14:42:42 2017
tags: uk

Christian Leaders Denounce Trump’s Plan to Favor Christian Immigrants @lauriegnyt
added: Sun Jan 29 14:21:11 2017

An Iowa oil spill underscored pipeline risks the day after Trump revived major projects. via @guardian
added: Sun Jan 29 14:00:16 2017

Two Sri Lankan nationals held with foreign currency at Mumbai airport Read @ANI_news story in @IndianExpress
added: Sun Jan 29 13:56:43 2017

Syrian Christian family, visas in hand, turned back at US airport
added: Sun Jan 29 13:39:29 2017

Key aspect of US-China relationship China says U.S. concerns over its semiconductor ambitions are overblown via @WSJ
added: Sun Jan 29 13:28:43 2017

84% of Filipinos want government to assert sovereignty rights to the #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun Jan 29 12:39:01 2017
tags: southchinasea

The president of the United States explicitly endorses torture — a crime against humanity by @AlexanderEmmons
added: Sun Jan 29 12:36:44 2017

AFP: The first US raid on AQ in Yemen under Trump kills 56 people, including 16 civilians.
added: Sun Jan 29 12:32:49 2017

Respected lawyer (and Muslim) Ko Ni was has been shot dead at Yangon Airport.
added: Sun Jan 29 11:57:50 2017

George Washington promised that refugees would find “safe and agreeable asylum” in the United States
added: Sun Jan 29 11:21:23 2017

.@WinonaLaduke: "The person who’s going to benefit most from Keystone is Rex Tillerson"
added: Sun Jan 29 11:20:10 2017

California Could Cut Off Feds In Response To Trump Threats
added: Sun Jan 29 11:16:21 2017

Hours after Trump signs Muslim ban, Texas mosque goes up in flames
added: Sun Jan 29 11:15:53 2017

US border agents checking social media of detained green card holders for political beliefs before allowing entry.
added: Sun Jan 29 10:58:04 2017

Trump's inner circle, including Bannon, overruled the DHS and decided that the order applied to permanent residents
added: Sun Jan 29 10:55:07 2017

Brexiteers - read the 'Trump Trade Doctrine' and weep. A trade deal with Trump will harm Britain | @BenChu_
added: Sun Jan 29 10:46:02 2017

This piece (, which accuses Barack Obama(!) of stoking anti-semitism, is not serious.
added: Sun Jan 29 10:40:38 2017

Giles Ji Ungpakorn on "Guided Democracy"
added: Sun Jan 29 10:40:23 2017

Hutterite community in Canada, similar to Mennonites and Amish, sponsored the Al Hamoud family from Syria.
added: Sun Jan 29 10:39:28 2017

Christofascism - so, that's a thing. If that doesn't send you chills, you're dead.
added: Sun Jan 29 10:36:20 2017

So, this and Bannon on NSC.
added: Sun Jan 29 10:31:46 2017

@froomkin @thegarance Steve Bannon appears to have taken the place of the CIA director, h/t @jacklgoldsmith
added: Sun Jan 29 01:42:45 2017

Steve Bannon said media needs to keep its mouth shut. I've published Bannon's entire divorce file instead.
added: Sun Jan 29 00:17:49 2017 ... if the VPN doesn't go to a server you control, it's probably garbage.
added: Sat Jan 28 22:43:42 2017

R dominance of states & US House through gerrymandering. Now a federal panel calls gerrymandering unconstitutional.
added: Sat Jan 28 15:11:05 2017

Russians Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking
added: Sat Jan 28 13:18:57 2017

This week: How is #trade with #China turning out different than economists expected?
added: Sat Jan 28 12:56:00 2017
tags: trade, china

China's capital controls are working, and that's bursting the global real-estate bubble
added: Sat Jan 28 12:45:48 2017

There’s an environmental argument against Trump’s #borderwall, too
added: Sat Jan 28 12:07:01 2017
tags: borderwall

Endangered animals are already cut off by a border wall. Trump wants it much bigger
added: Sat Jan 28 12:03:48 2017

Spectre of empty forests looming for Cambodia and in most forests in Vietnam there’s nothing left bigger than a rat:
added: Sat Jan 28 11:40:36 2017

Osaka dig yields 140 tombs likely from Yayoi Period | The Japan Times -
added: Sat Jan 28 11:27:17 2017

Nobody Wanted to Take Us In: @lizzyratner on how America refused to admit Jewish refugees during WWII @DalrympleWill
added: Sat Jan 28 11:26:36 2017

Moondog: The vagabond who became a countercultural icon
added: Sat Jan 28 11:25:10 2017

Trump aides divided over policy shielding 'dreamer' immigrants: sources
added: Sat Jan 28 11:18:27 2017

This amazes me every time I see it!! // Direct imaging of four planets orbiting the star HR 8799 129
added: Sat Jan 28 11:00:46 2017

Charges dropped against journalist arrested at Trump's inauguration
added: Sat Jan 28 10:30:35 2017

Again, all these excerpt are from this developing story from New Zealand on Peter Thiel
added: Sat Jan 28 10:19:05 2017

Thailand 2017. Man jailed for a decade over online comments about royal family. One comment wasn't even public
added: Sat Jan 28 10:13:34 2017

Man Kicked J.F.K. Airport Worker Wearing Hijab, citing Trump, Prosecutor Says
added: Sat Jan 28 10:07:54 2017

Empathy is biased: people tend to feel for those who look like themselves
added: Sat Jan 28 09:34:43 2017

Donald Trump Will Prioritize Christian Refugees to the U.S. (Everyone Else is Screwed)
added: Sat Jan 28 09:00:15 2017

Mark Zuckerberg is dropping his Hawaiian land lawsuits, calling them ‘a mistake’
added: Sat Jan 28 08:55:17 2017

62 years after Emmett Till, 14, was lynched for being fresh to a white woman, she admits she lied.
added: Sat Jan 28 08:54:19 2017

Donald Trump's immigration ban doesn't include countries where he's conducted business
added: Sat Jan 28 08:30:18 2017

Two black holes merged into one—and 1.3 billion years later, news arrived here #econarchive
added: Sat Jan 28 07:34:29 2017
tags: econarchive

Cool! The Who’s Who of China’s Leading Small Groups via @dtiffroberts
added: Sat Jan 28 07:18:04 2017

Curiosity, not knowledge, is how you change your mind
added: Sat Jan 28 07:00:08 2017

Canada beckons international students with a path to citizenship
added: Sat Jan 28 02:47:05 2017

Ex-KGB agent believed to have helped gather Trump dossier was found dead in his car. Think about that.
added: Sat Jan 28 01:58:44 2017

This #FirstNation Just Banned Industrial Logging and Mining from #VancouverIsland Territory…
added: Sat Jan 28 01:43:00 2017
tags: vancouverisland, firstnation

Hundreds of thousands of people currently have no idea if they can come into the United States
added: Sat Jan 28 01:41:38 2017

Breaking: Trump exec order so broad it could bar 500k *legal residents* from traveling
added: Sat Jan 28 01:13:50 2017

The President has made demonizing the press a central part of his political strategy.
added: Sat Jan 28 00:50:59 2017

There was less network TV coverage of foreign news in 2016 than at any time in 29-year history of Tyndall data base
added: Sat Jan 28 00:49:40 2017

I’ve worked in and around several White Houses, but I’ve never, ever, come across the amount of negative leaks as...
added: Sat Jan 28 00:47:44 2017

Nobel Peace winner Malala 'heartbroken' by Trump order
added: Fri Jan 27 23:28:36 2017

NBC bounces Roker & Tamron Hall for the woman who said the Ferguson PD’s racist Obama jokes were just “office humor”
added: Fri Jan 27 23:22:05 2017

Germans were ready to offer Theresa May an EEA-style deal on free movement, says Clegg via…
added: Fri Jan 27 22:49:01 2017

Association of Facebook Use With Compromised Well-Being: A Longitudinal Study /by…
added: Fri Jan 27 22:07:05 2017

#Tibet locked down, travelers banned during sensitive anniversary:
added: Fri Jan 27 17:58:49 2017
tags: tibet

Carl Sagan’s terrifyingly accurate prediction about the future has resurfaced
added: Fri Jan 27 08:50:00 2017

Another MSF proud moment. 'Global gag rule': stop playing politics with women's lives, MSF tells Trump
added: Fri Jan 27 07:51:49 2017

How long till we run out of shipping related puns on #container stories?
added: Fri Jan 27 07:49:00 2017
tags: container

Israel approves 153 illegal settler homes in occupied East Jerusalem
added: Fri Jan 27 07:00:06 2017

Time-resolved 2M old supernova activity discovered in Earth’s microfossil: Comments:
added: Fri Jan 27 07:00:02 2017

Here's @firstdogonmoon: Science and the Raccoons of the Resistance 💕❤️💕
added: Fri Jan 27 06:59:00 2017

Carrie Lam brushes away John Tsang's claim that he is better to run Hong Kong
added: Fri Jan 27 06:35:11 2017

China's crackdown on outflows is sending shudders through global housing markets
added: Fri Jan 27 00:40:58 2017

In a rare interview, President Trump's strategist Stephen Bannon said the media should "keep its mouth shut"
added: Thu Jan 26 20:12:06 2017

Matt Taibbi explains how 'Trump made idiots of us all': @mtaibbi #InsaneClownPresident on @thenation podcast
added: Thu Jan 26 19:22:01 2017
tags: insaneclownpresident

Celebrity heartthrob Justin Trudeau backs Trump on the Keystone XL pipeline
added: Thu Jan 26 18:45:55 2017

Settler leaders find warm welcome in Trump’s Washington
added: Thu Jan 26 15:45:05 2017

EXPOSED: Docs show Trump admin quietly killing ethics rule that blocks Cabinet officials from enriching fmr clients
added: Thu Jan 26 15:24:45 2017

A march on Washington is being nationally organized to advocate the importance of science to Trump #sciencemarch
added: Thu Jan 26 10:49:38 2017
tags: sciencemarch

Chinese defence of "economic openness" could be preparing ground to pull up drawbridge if Trump goes full trade war.
added: Thu Jan 26 10:48:50 2017

No grounds to prosecute bookseller Lee Bo, says Immigration Department head
added: Thu Jan 26 10:45:10 2017

#China to Step Up Authenticity Checks of Outbound Investments.
added: Thu Jan 26 10:04:23 2017
tags: china

Personality Traits Are Linked To Differences In Brain Structure, Says Researchers
added: Thu Jan 26 10:00:38 2017

Trump Push to Help Small-Town Workers Leaves Farmers Behind via @business
added: Thu Jan 26 08:37:35 2017

June 4th mini-museum draws big crowds
added: Thu Jan 26 08:36:50 2017

RAND's Christopher Paul Discusses the Russian 'Firehose of Falsehood' About that
added: Thu Jan 26 08:35:40 2017

Trump team deletes apology to gay people over mass government discrimination in the 1950s
added: Thu Jan 26 08:34:00 2017

Radical Monk Sues Muslim Group for Calling Him Fake on Facebook
added: Thu Jan 26 08:32:44 2017

A Chinese Nuclear Site, Hidden in a Mountain, Is Reborn as a Tourist Draw - The New York Times
added: Thu Jan 26 08:32:18 2017

A great post by @beep. As designers we forget to include the story, the why of #ui design patterns. #ux
added: Thu Jan 26 07:50:44 2017
tags: ux, ui

China’s premier just extolled the virtues of openness on a news site blocked by China
added: Thu Jan 26 07:49:08 2017

D-Wave has its first customer for a $15 million quantum computer
added: Thu Jan 26 07:34:29 2017

100% agree
added: Thu Jan 26 07:15:37 2017

Roxane Gay Pulls Book From Simon & Schuster In Response To Milo Yiannopoulos Controversy via @jarry
added: Thu Jan 26 07:15:29 2017

.@RBS sets aside further $3.8bn (£3.1bn) to handle fines related to subprime crisis
added: Thu Jan 26 07:15:19 2017

Rescued after 10 years in a cage, sun bear Kaffe is learning how to make friends (PICS)
added: Thu Jan 26 07:15:09 2017

Mook is Clinton's former campaign manager.
added: Thu Jan 26 07:15:00 2017

Blog post: IPv6 on FreeBSD/EC2:
added: Thu Jan 26 07:13:49 2017

Rare example of a Twitter troll being unmasked
added: Thu Jan 26 07:04:21 2017

Boeing Unveils New NASA Spacesuits For Starliner Austronaut Taxi
added: Thu Jan 26 07:00:39 2017

This Awesome Periodic Table Shows the Origins of Every Atom in Your #Body
added: Thu Jan 26 07:00:04 2017
tags: body

Our private calls aren’t so private after all – .@Skype isn’t protecting our privacy.
added: Thu Jan 26 06:32:25 2017

NEW: Peter Thiel is leading the search for the government's top antitrust officials
added: Thu Jan 26 05:53:16 2017

Next HK leader needs Beijing’s help on inequality, says @LJucca.
added: Thu Jan 26 05:51:08 2017

Entire transcript, much of which wasn't aired. He's a total loon.
added: Thu Jan 26 04:55:46 2017

Trump executive order, cutting billions in UN funding, singles out peacekeeping, International Criminal Court, UNFPA
added: Wed Jan 25 19:56:01 2017

#Beijing: More than 50 illegal #ivory products have been seized & 2 men arrested by #China #WildlifeJustice
added: Wed Jan 25 13:44:43 2017
tags: beijing, wildlifejustice, china, ivory

We’ve taken steps to make sure that government employees can leak to us as safely as possible.
added: Wed Jan 25 13:19:52 2017

China gives details of items banned from export to North Korea
added: Wed Jan 25 13:17:45 2017

China's banking regulator issues guidelines on outbound investment
added: Wed Jan 25 13:09:08 2017

AP, citing Kommersant: Kaspersky manager, FSB officer arrested, charged w/ treason via @CherylRofer @LemonSlayerUS
added: Wed Jan 25 13:07:57 2017

Uh Oh, Drone Operators Can't Tell a Weapon From a Shovel (old article still relevant)
added: Wed Jan 25 07:59:16 2017

Chinese military newspaper takes a swipe at HK pop singer Hins Cheung over alleged support for independence via
added: Wed Jan 25 07:00:10 2017

Senate Banking Committee unanimously votes to approve Ben Carson as HUD Secretary
added: Wed Jan 25 06:56:33 2017

Blind-eye claim on dump plans – The Standard – Chan Ho-him
added: Wed Jan 25 06:46:57 2017

Kommersant reporting head of cyber investigation at Kaspersky Lab arrested for treason:
added: Wed Jan 25 05:05:09 2017

Our podcast "Intercepted" premieres tomorrow! Subscribe here to get it on your device first thing in the morning:
added: Wed Jan 25 04:22:10 2017

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest
added: Wed Jan 25 01:48:48 2017

Air pollution in London passes levels in Beijing...and wood burners are making problem worse via @TelegraphSci
added: Tue Jan 24 22:19:33 2017

Jack Ma has been barnstorming abroad at Davos and in meeting Trump, but Alibaba's growth is still all about China:
added: Tue Jan 24 12:47:34 2017

Final 7s call (for now) for Boks superstar Seabelo Senatla as he aims to tear it up one more time in Welly & Sydney
added: Tue Jan 24 12:24:01 2017

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem "would signal end of two-state solution" says ex-diplomat who scouted moving Canada's
added: Tue Jan 24 12:18:06 2017

China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty
added: Tue Jan 24 10:52:16 2017

The Chinese government has a long road ahead for rebuilding fisheries and conserving resources #conservation
added: Tue Jan 24 10:50:16 2017
tags: conservation

MFA says release of SAF terrex vehicles is a "positive outcome"
added: Tue Jan 24 10:45:33 2017

To flush or not to flush...Is Taiwan ready to change its toilet habits?
added: Tue Jan 24 10:25:57 2017

Chinese Feminist 'Hooligan Sparrow' Camping in Freezing Home Amid Eviction Threats…
added: Tue Jan 24 10:21:28 2017

Gambia's former president, a loyal but odd friend of China, flees into exile with his Rolls-Royce
added: Tue Jan 24 09:36:51 2017

Kaarel Moppel: Running production PostgreSQL systems on ARM architecture?
added: Tue Jan 24 09:31:30 2017

Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed -
added: Tue Jan 24 09:31:17 2017

China vows to boost farmland protection as grain output falls
added: Tue Jan 24 09:26:48 2017

Notice how article 148 redefines public spaces to include online spaces, opening door for further content limits
added: Tue Jan 24 09:26:26 2017

Toure criticises players who swap top leagues for China cash
added: Tue Jan 24 09:26:07 2017

Singapore platform BandLab wins award in the US for their next-gen music tool
added: Tue Jan 24 09:25:05 2017

Alright, it's international news now. @BBC News - Hong Kong chortles over Carrie Lam toilet paper hunt
added: Tue Jan 24 09:05:53 2017

Samsung Electronics warns of political risks as chips boost Q4 profit
added: Tue Jan 24 09:05:10 2017

Trump's inauguration hats were made in China
added: Tue Jan 24 09:05:01 2017

For years, Israeli interrogators have kept quiet about what happens during questioning – until now
added: Tue Jan 24 09:03:50 2017

Trump officially won't release his tax returns — so now Wikileaks is after them
added: Tue Jan 24 09:03:00 2017

Trump Global Gag Rule on Abortion 'Will Cost Women Their Lives'
added: Tue Jan 24 09:00:02 2017

Hong Kong Regulator Seeks to Bar Hanergy Founder, Four Directors From Company’s Board
added: Tue Jan 24 09:00:01 2017

Banned from boats in #Myanmar, #Rohingya fish on rafts of junk
added: Tue Jan 24 08:57:57 2017
tags: myanmar, rohingya

@SaraSoueidan As you found out, definitely an agreement. And I even blogged about it recently:
added: Tue Jan 24 08:57:16 2017

China urges U.S. to act and speak cautiously on #SouthChinaSea #Trump
added: Tue Jan 24 08:57:00 2017
tags: trump, southchinasea

Baseball performance takes a hit from jet lag: US study
added: Tue Jan 24 08:56:09 2017

Up to three-quarters of Nigeria’s prison population is serving time without being sentenced by @TheYomiKazeem
added: Tue Jan 24 08:55:35 2017

BT shares plunge after it slashed forecasts on 'inappropriate behaviour in the Italian business'
added: Tue Jan 24 08:51:54 2017

Henry David Thoreau on When Civil Disobedience and Resistance Are Justified (1849)
added: Tue Jan 24 08:51:18 2017

Having attended UN committees meetings on China and having a taste of the review of ICCPR and ICESCR in Taiwan...
added: Tue Jan 24 08:21:11 2017

Pan-dems oppose plan to develop country parks
added: Tue Jan 24 08:18:26 2017

Theresa May sees the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, as a potential economic ally.
added: Tue Jan 24 08:18:19 2017

Cock of the walk: Hong Kong geomancers predict Donald Trump will thrive in Year of the ...…
added: Tue Jan 24 08:16:01 2017

Donald Trump signs anti-abortion executive order surrounded by white men
added: Tue Jan 24 08:09:13 2017

Trump's Trade Policy Has $1 Trillion Manager Buying the Yen
added: Tue Jan 24 08:07:30 2017

South #Korea: no delay for #THAAD #missile deployment, despite Beijing’s objections #China
added: Tue Jan 24 07:19:03 2017
tags: korea, missile, china, thaad

Australia's smash hit cricket competition, the Big Bash, could be coming to Hong Kong
added: Tue Jan 24 07:16:00 2017

.@pjthum issues takedown of Ong Ye Kung’s spew on how a multi-party political system doesn’t work for Singapore.
added: Tue Jan 24 07:15:58 2017

Australia Pushes for TPP Without U.S. After Trump Exits Deal via @bpolitics
added: Tue Jan 24 07:14:55 2017

Wow. British cops use a taser on a black man they thought was a robber; he was their race-relations adviser
added: Tue Jan 24 07:12:18 2017

On, Trump claims killings in DC up 50%, but in fact they're down 17%…
added: Mon Jan 23 21:52:11 2017

There was a secret URL in WebEx that allowed any website to run arbitrary code. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
added: Mon Jan 23 21:23:03 2017

My Latest. The @realDonaldTrump White House ushers in the frightening normalization of downright dishonesty.
added: Mon Jan 23 20:08:37 2017

Wyoming is a big state with lots of howling wind. Investing in renewables would seem like a no brainer, but...
added: Mon Jan 23 19:50:56 2017

Man walking across country barefoot on the side of highways killed #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Mon Jan 23 16:00:04 2017
tags: tairp, indigenous

I like this blog by @lhoguin, #Erlang "Let it crash" only sounds cool and catchy *when *you know what it means
added: Mon Jan 23 12:47:40 2017
tags: erlang

Foxconn CEO says investment for display plant in U.S. would exceed $7 billion
added: Mon Jan 23 09:27:09 2017

Seriously, this is probably the best assessment of "post-truth" I have read since election.
added: Mon Jan 23 08:55:38 2017

Archaeologists just removed the last coin in a £10 million hoard which was buried for 2,000 years
added: Mon Jan 23 08:48:00 2017

"Captain" of China hedge fund club the ‘Limit-up Kamikaze Squad’ jailed for five years with reported fine of $1.6bn
added: Mon Jan 23 08:44:12 2017

Carrie Lam could face crisis if she wins CE race only with help of pro-Beijing camp, rival Regina Ip says @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jan 23 08:39:42 2017

That was fast. Chinese #bitcoin traders respond to gov't crackdown. @Chao_Deng has the news.
added: Mon Jan 23 07:35:57 2017
tags: bitcoin

China's bitcoin exchanges, eyed by regulators, slap on trading fees
added: Mon Jan 23 07:30:05 2017

Protesters hurl hell money in rally against #Taiwan plan to reform pension schemes
added: Mon Jan 23 07:30:00 2017
tags: taiwan

Xiaomi’s Barra Leaves Phonemaker to Return to Silicon Valley via @technology @edwininla #China #tech
added: Mon Jan 23 07:19:32 2017
tags: tech, china

Meet the Chinese investor who says female bosses are bad for business
added: Mon Jan 23 07:16:51 2017

Foxconn’s $7 bln U.S. bet goes beyond politics @mak_robyn
added: Mon Jan 23 06:47:57 2017

US counterintelligence agents have looked into contacts between Russia and Donald Trump's national security adviser.
added: Mon Jan 23 06:06:32 2017

Buzzfeed's article on the Bloomberg terminal - is it the least Buzzfeed story Buzzfeed has every written?
added: Mon Jan 23 06:04:55 2017

China tightens Great Firewall by declaring unauthorised VPN services illegal | South China Morning Post
added: Mon Jan 23 06:03:26 2017

In just 3 years the war on science in Canada resulted in an 80% reduction in media coverage of climate change.
added: Sun Jan 22 18:57:15 2017

Lady Gaga has reportedly been banned from talking about Donald Trump during her Super Bowl performance next month.
added: Sun Jan 22 11:30:22 2017

Taco Bell exec is suing the Uber driver he beat up for $5 million #1yrago
added: Sun Jan 22 04:00:25 2017
tags: 1yrago

Costs for wind and solar energy have been cut roughly in half since 2008.
added: Sun Jan 22 03:53:00 2017

Rereading this @camanpour speech at the @pressfreedom gala again today.
added: Sun Jan 22 03:30:55 2017

Women hate Donald Trump so much they are even marching against him in Antarctica
added: Sun Jan 22 01:43:40 2017

Tyrant in Code: Coders Don't Represent Society; 1st Adopters Are a Skewed Sample; and Moral Implications Are Ignored
added: Sat Jan 21 23:40:52 2017

Huge turnout for the #womensmarchsiouxfalls. More than 3,300 - quite the feat for a city our size.
added: Sat Jan 21 19:31:10 2017
tags: womensmarchsiouxfalls

Daniel Barenboim’s mission for better music education via @WSJ
added: Sat Jan 21 14:35:19 2017

#OTD 1946 largest #strike in #USA #history took place - 750000 steelworkers part of a massive strike wave after WWII
added: Sat Jan 21 14:34:07 2017
tags: usa, otd, history, strike

1st it was cos God said do it,now it's to avoid constitutional crisis if BJ refuses to appt other winner #CarrieLam
added: Sat Jan 21 14:28:17 2017
tags: carrielam

1st it was cos God said do it,now it's to avoid constitutional crisis if BJ refuses to appt other winner #CarrieLam
added: Sat Jan 21 14:28:17 2017
tags: carrielam

嘩,好驚囉,得你任命得囉,原來習帝主動同反對中央份子扼兩次手囉 【特首選戰】自稱獲欽點?林鄭:參選為阻中央不能任命者當選
added: Sat Jan 21 14:26:04 2017

Buses for #WomensMarch arrive in Washington, DC (via @EricWeisbrod)
added: Sat Jan 21 14:21:11 2017
tags: womensmarch

@matthewstoller it is a long essay in New Left Review
added: Sat Jan 21 13:45:14 2017

Metallica celebrates Hong Kong arrival with songs banned during mainland dates via @SCMP_News
added: Sat Jan 21 13:45:05 2017

Friendly reminder: I'm trying to improve #erlang docs, please check the improvements here and provide feedback:
added: Sat Jan 21 12:24:15 2017
tags: erlang

In Pictures: Hong Kong's subdivided 'mini' flats boom as CY's gov't fails to rein in record-high prices @hongkongfp
added: Sat Jan 21 11:31:39 2017

#GOVHK Employers to get MPF grace period
added: Sat Jan 21 11:27:22 2017
tags: govhk

Marine Le Pen takes the lead in French presidential race, major poll shows
added: Sat Jan 21 09:30:06 2017

Ancient poop of astonishing creatures that once roamed Oz indicates humans cause of their extinction 45k years ago
added: Sat Jan 21 09:26:42 2017

Asian media decry isolationist Trump, fear economic, diplomatic turmoil
added: Sat Jan 21 09:17:46 2017

Didi guts Shanghai fleet following anti-migrant rules; 3% of 410,000 drivers in Shanghai have a local hukou via @FT
added: Sat Jan 21 08:37:05 2017

Ballots and threat of bullets force Jammeh to go in #Gambia via @FT
added: Sat Jan 21 06:38:08 2017
tags: gambia

Macau rogue transactions see five-fold increase, but insiders say it could be ten times higher via @SCMP_news
added: Sat Jan 21 03:32:44 2017

molasses (0.3.1): A feature toggle library using redis. It allows to roll out to users based on a percen...
added: Sat Jan 21 03:32:00 2017

Trump has been enormously successful at making people irrationally afraid of crime:
added: Fri Jan 20 23:00:58 2017

Of the 209 counties that flipped Obama to Trump, 75% saw more businesses close than open 2010-2014. @InnovateEconomy
added: Fri Jan 20 14:20:29 2017

Ship avoid new 'pirate hot spot' in waters west of the Philippines
added: Fri Jan 20 09:18:41 2017

ChemChina seeks U.S. anti-trust approval for Syngenta deal
added: Fri Jan 20 09:14:40 2017

#Apple wants 15yr tax holiday & customs duties waiver to make #iPhones in India: Greedy #MNCs?Govt resources 4 #SDGs?
added: Fri Jan 20 08:49:05 2017
tags: mncs, sdgs, apple, iphones

Could China's system replace democracy? My thoughts in a piece by the @AsiaSociety
added: Fri Jan 20 08:45:28 2017

JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon just got a rise - to $28m
added: Fri Jan 20 08:42:38 2017

Why Hollywood’s wholesome American heroes need help from China to save the world these days
added: Fri Jan 20 08:40:17 2017

Beijing censors: 'It is forbidden for websites to carry out live streaming or picture reports of the inauguration'
added: Fri Jan 20 08:36:33 2017

Government sues America’s largest student loan company for cheating borrowers
added: Fri Jan 20 08:35:05 2017

Facebook’s Zuckerberg sues to force land sales via @staradvertiser
added: Fri Jan 20 08:34:44 2017

2,000 GM workers to lose jobs on #TrumpInauguration Day; area voted heavily for @realDonaldTrump in election
added: Fri Jan 20 08:30:24 2017
tags: trumpinauguration

What Became of #HongKong (Part 1) @jojjeols
added: Fri Jan 20 08:26:47 2017
tags: hongkong

Vietnamese Authorities Suppress South China Sea Demonstrations marking anniversary of 1974 Paracels battle
added: Fri Jan 20 07:59:45 2017

"I don't think Trump understands how much damage China could do if we provoke it unnecessarily" says @SusanShirk1
added: Fri Jan 20 07:59:05 2017

Marine Le Pen holds lead in latest first round French election poll
added: Fri Jan 20 07:57:00 2017

Australia in firing line if US and China go to war, experts warn w/ Peter Jennings, Sow Keat Tok, @captainbrown
added: Fri Jan 20 07:55:19 2017

Snowman level: Japan. ☃🇯🇵
added: Fri Jan 20 07:43:04 2017

An Eloquent Testimony of Life Under Authoritarian Rule - Taiwan Sentinel
added: Fri Jan 20 07:36:03 2017

Senegal troops to advance at noon if Gambia’s Jammeh refuses to cede power
added: Fri Jan 20 07:33:10 2017

Taiwan fears becoming a pawn in Donald Trump’s emerging battle with China
added: Fri Jan 20 07:32:52 2017

Concluding observations by int'l experts for Taiwan's self-created human rights treaty review, Chinese
added: Fri Jan 20 07:30:19 2017

“Not sustainable”: What economists have to say about China's latest economic growth numbrers
added: Fri Jan 20 07:28:06 2017

#香港警察 #警訊 #提防警賊 #警隊非常重視人員的操守 警車調頭撞鐵欄 兩男私了即閃 [2017-01-20]...
added: Fri Jan 20 07:26:34 2017
tags: 香港警察, 提防警賊, 警隊非常重視人員的操守, 警訊

Asian stocks, dollar drop as Trump caution outweighs China GDP
added: Fri Jan 20 07:24:47 2017

Donald Trump announces plans for military parades in US cities
added: Fri Jan 20 07:24:00 2017

Villagers are knitting jumpers for elephants to protect them from near-freezing temperatures
added: Fri Jan 20 07:21:00 2017

Faced with hostility from Washington, London and Moscow, the EU looks towards Beijing | via @gideonrachman
added: Fri Jan 20 07:21:00 2017

China's GDP last year was 6.7% but do you believe the statistics?
added: Fri Jan 20 07:16:36 2017

Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates
added: Fri Jan 20 07:16:31 2017

Here's a police force that thinks the law doesn't apply to it. The driver needs to be charged with careless driving.
added: Fri Jan 20 07:15:08 2017

Jailed Chinese lawyer Xie Yang offers a remarkably detailed account of his abuse in police custody [corrects link]
added: Fri Jan 20 06:48:02 2017

Fabulous blog written on Ancient Indian Art. MUST READ.. #IndianArt @DalrympleWill @DapperHistorian @HistorianHelen
added: Fri Jan 20 06:21:14 2017
tags: indianart

World Health Organization's head pledges to uphold one-China principle
added: Fri Jan 20 06:06:11 2017

Jho Low's relatives allowed to transfer US$370m worth of assets to new trustee
added: Fri Jan 20 05:57:09 2017

Congress moves to give away national lands #ResistTrump #publiclands
added: Fri Jan 20 05:16:06 2017
tags: publiclands, resisttrump

Concussion is most commonly reported Premiership match injury - #RugbyUnited
added: Fri Jan 20 02:09:25 2017
tags: rugbyunited

Hughes Returns to Captain Eagles 7's #rugbyunited
added: Thu Jan 19 20:22:24 2017
tags: rugbyunited

Vancouver 7's Officially Sold Out #rugbyunited
added: Thu Jan 19 19:15:34 2017
tags: rugbyunited

Fair points raised #rugbyunited - New tackle laws may restrict Pacific players, says former Samoa captain Dan Leo
added: Thu Jan 19 18:58:19 2017
tags: rugbyunited

@FourOctets @Laughing_Mantis I decompiled the APK and it is getting a more info than just your IMEI -
added: Thu Jan 19 17:33:26 2017

30 missing after avalanche buries hotel in Italy
added: Thu Jan 19 14:40:02 2017

Paid insert in Wall Street Journal carries #CCP #propaganda #China
added: Thu Jan 19 14:35:31 2017
tags: china, ccp, propaganda

This is great.
added: Thu Jan 19 14:28:37 2017

England the Latest on Board to Change Eligibility Law to 5 Years #rugbyunited
added: Thu Jan 19 12:57:14 2017
tags: rugbyunited

Old memories and recent encounters from a Kashmir we have irretrievably lost…
added: Thu Jan 19 12:40:00 2017

Google loses Android friends with Pixel exclusivity
added: Thu Jan 19 12:27:52 2017

Chelsea Manning will 'no longer be receiving gender assignment surgery'
added: Thu Jan 19 12:27:36 2017

China’s Local Governments Boost Oversight of Regional Exchanges
added: Thu Jan 19 12:25:54 2017

$30 billion Nanjing chip factory is latest China investment in semiconductors. U.S. govt has been watching closely
added: Thu Jan 19 12:25:30 2017

Facebook bans Russian state broadcaster RT from posting articles
added: Thu Jan 19 12:24:46 2017

Davos CEOs 'go local' on supply chain in Trump era: #WEF17
added: Thu Jan 19 11:58:26 2017
tags: wef17

Choice for Health Secretary Is Vague on Replacing Affordable Care Act, via @nytimes
added: Thu Jan 19 11:57:54 2017

China to Issue Negative List for State Firms’ Outbound Investment
added: Thu Jan 19 11:57:22 2017

Assessing the China Challenge for Trump’s Presidency via @CarnegieEndow
added: Thu Jan 19 11:56:48 2017

#Vietnam signals softer stance on contested #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu Jan 19 11:56:04 2017
tags: southchinasea, vietnam

Jewish centres across US evacuated after hoax bomb threats
added: Thu Jan 19 11:55:54 2017

Why it’s such a bad idea for Trump to use an off-the-shelf smartphone
added: Thu Jan 19 11:54:14 2017

Forgotten audio formats: 8-track tapes
added: Thu Jan 19 11:54:03 2017

Bernie Sanders Just Showed the Country How Wrong Tom Price Is for HHS | The Nation
added: Thu Jan 19 11:35:05 2017

Can Democrats Count on Demographic Shifts to Put Them Back in Power? | The Nation
added: Thu Jan 19 11:34:44 2017

Israeli navy opens fire towards Gazan fishermen
added: Thu Jan 19 11:34:01 2017

Senegalese troops are poised to cross the border into The Gambia
added: Thu Jan 19 11:33:42 2017

At least 75 people injured in Tehran building collapse: Iranian state TV
added: Thu Jan 19 11:32:35 2017

EU might loose Moldova to Putin's Eurasian Union. Bad news, particularly for Moldova...
added: Thu Jan 19 11:32:10 2017

Chinese plans to blow up Mekong rapids and islets for shipping could cause multiple species extinctions:
added: Thu Jan 19 10:48:49 2017

Rights Groups @hrw + @amnesty Ask #China to Free Tibetan Education Advocate | @comradewong via @nytimes
added: Thu Jan 19 10:44:49 2017
tags: china

Tehran fire: dozens of firefighters killed after tower collapses:
added: Thu Jan 19 10:40:29 2017

China calls for 'cool-headed' resolution of Gambia crisis
added: Thu Jan 19 10:04:37 2017

Actress sues model over Facebook posts under Article 66(d). #Burma #Myanmar
added: Thu Jan 19 10:04:17 2017
tags: burma, myanmar

#Taiwan Ex-Deputy #Defense Minister Lin Chong-pin 林中斌 : 4,000 #Chinese #spies in Taiwan | Taiwan News
added: Thu Jan 19 10:03:09 2017
tags: chinese, taiwan, defense, spies

More snow falls across Mediterranean countries
added: Thu Jan 19 10:00:47 2017

Dozens wounded in Tehran as iconic building collapses after fire
added: Thu Jan 19 10:00:08 2017

Jammu-Srinagar National Highway open for one-way traffic
added: Thu Jan 19 10:00:01 2017

U.S. Commerce nominee Ross calls China 'most protectionist' country
added: Thu Jan 19 09:59:02 2017

Photos show 'weaponised commercial drones' in Iraq // a news everybody in the industry dreads to read.
added: Thu Jan 19 09:58:25 2017

This is how young Republicans pay off student loans these days? Writing fake news?
added: Thu Jan 19 09:57:45 2017

#China EV startup Future Mobility to build a $1.7 billion factory via @business
added: Thu Jan 19 09:57:34 2017
tags: china

Listeners lukewarm to CY's phone-in programme on Policy Address
added: Thu Jan 19 09:56:59 2017

Bernie Sanders and Trump’s Pick for Health and Human Services Face Off Right to Health Care
added: Thu Jan 19 09:56:04 2017

#義大利 地震引發雪崩,旅社約30人生死不明 #Italy #earthquake
added: Thu Jan 19 09:00:01 2017
tags: 義大利, italy, earthquake

#Trump inauguration: #Taiwan delegation could 'disturb Sino-US relations' #SouthChinaSea
added: Thu Jan 19 08:57:02 2017
tags: southchinasea, trump, taiwan

Authorities urged to arrest Jho Low after new revelations in Singapore court
added: Thu Jan 19 08:54:18 2017

Be like Daphnis.
added: Thu Jan 19 08:50:28 2017

‘Like Being in Prison with a Salary’: The Secret World of the Shipping Industry…
added: Thu Jan 19 08:50:08 2017

Dean suggested that students name the group something else – "something a little less controversial"
added: Thu Jan 19 08:49:28 2017

The terrifying Gmail scam that's incredibly difficult to spot
added: Thu Jan 19 08:49:01 2017

BREAKING: Video shows #Tehran’s iconic Plasco building collapsing after serious fire
added: Thu Jan 19 08:48:16 2017
tags: tehran

Unsolved problems hang over Hong Kong leader's last policy address
added: Thu Jan 19 08:45:56 2017

Breaking: Alibaba’s UCWeb bets $30m on its news aggregator business in India, Indonesia
added: Thu Jan 19 08:45:26 2017

"Xi's unwavering support on climate great encouragement to those thinking of wavering" spin docs enjoying UN speech
added: Thu Jan 19 08:45:17 2017

Pictures from the avalanche which buried a hotel in central Italy emerge; 30 people missing
added: Thu Jan 19 08:42:33 2017

#Centrelink staff told not to fix mistakes in debt notices – whistleblower
added: Thu Jan 19 08:34:19 2017
tags: centrelink

Boris Johnson attacks French President using Nazi comparison
added: Thu Jan 19 08:09:00 2017
added: Thu Jan 19 08:08:00 2017

China says can resolve trade disputes with new U.S. government
added: Thu Jan 19 08:05:09 2017

'Up to 30' dead found in Italian hotel after avalanche
added: Thu Jan 19 08:04:15 2017

Mexican anti-logging activist Isidro Baldenegro killed #GoldmanPrize #Mexico #environment #logging #murder #Isidro
added: Thu Jan 19 07:35:16 2017
tags: mexico, logging, goldmanprize, isidro, environment, murder

China's methodical squeeze on South Korea to stall installation of Theatre High Altitude Air Defence (Thaads) system
added: Thu Jan 19 07:28:54 2017

China's propaganda organs order media to "handle Trump carefully"
added: Thu Jan 19 07:08:31 2017

Jerry Cohen, the renown China legal scholar, dubs a speech by its top judge "the most enormous ideological setback"
added: Thu Jan 19 05:33:45 2017

Not only is a Taiwanese delegation attending Trump's inauguration, its been led by a longtime independence advocate
added: Thu Jan 19 05:04:18 2017

Corruption "is not a show of ruthless strength and power, but rather of weakness and vulnerability"- @ZephyrTeachout
added: Thu Jan 19 04:20:17 2017

I am not 'CY Leung 2.0,' says Hong Kong leadership contender Carrie Lam -
added: Thu Jan 19 04:06:02 2017

Trump team is *asking lobbyists who to hire.* [via @thegarance]
added: Thu Jan 19 03:41:27 2017

You're Smart Enough for Elixir
added: Thu Jan 19 02:31:04 2017
added: Thu Jan 19 02:12:11 2017

Passwords used by Trump’s incoming cyber security adv Giuliani &13 other top staff members leaked in mass hacks
added: Wed Jan 18 22:03:26 2017

The Future of GenStage and Flow
added: Wed Jan 18 19:08:03 2017

MakerBot’s CEO resigns, President appointed to lead desktop 3D printing division of Stratasys - - #3dprinting
added: Wed Jan 18 18:54:38 2017
tags: 3dprinting

What has the Cultural Revolution done to the Chinese soul? We hardly know.
added: Wed Jan 18 14:50:06 2017

How to read a UTF-8 encoded file with Erlang
added: Wed Jan 18 13:36:04 2017

"Donald Trump’s team wants to restructure the State Department to focus more heavily on counterterrorism."
added: Wed Jan 18 13:13:04 2017

.@John_Hudson with the scoop: Congresswoman @TulsiGabbard just departed Damascus after a secret visit.
added: Wed Jan 18 13:00:33 2017

Remember the #PanamaPapers? Corruption is so last year
added: Wed Jan 18 12:30:10 2017
tags: panamapapers

"China is threatening to, and is preparing to, take steps in retaliation"
added: Wed Jan 18 11:58:47 2017

White House: "Stark Difference" Between @xychelsea, @Snowden
added: Wed Jan 18 10:15:17 2017

China province admits falsifying fiscal data via @FT
added: Wed Jan 18 08:55:58 2017

Hall of Fame first baseman Willie McCovey pardoned by Obama | Sport | The Guardian
added: Wed Jan 18 08:08:36 2017

Rabbi Arik Ascherman: Israel has decided to evict a 100-year-old Israeli citizen because he's not Jewish
added: Wed Jan 18 07:25:07 2017

Marco Rubio to introduce "the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in the coming days” #HK
added: Wed Jan 18 07:24:24 2017
tags: hk

Boffins link ALIEN STRUCTURE ON VENUS to Solar System's biggest ever grav wave
added: Wed Jan 18 07:21:26 2017

U.S. lobby says China protectionism fuelling foreign business pessimism
added: Wed Jan 18 07:20:47 2017

China's Xi says willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis
added: Wed Jan 18 07:20:30 2017

Florida saw 32 percent more gun homicides because of “stand your ground”
added: Wed Jan 18 07:03:01 2017

'Found: A 400-Year-Old Buddha Statue, Hidden Under a Manmade Lake' @atlasobscura
added: Wed Jan 18 06:55:08 2017

Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for 'a couple more years'
added: Wed Jan 18 06:28:55 2017

"The way to secure the #chiru’s future is to guarantee remaining unpopulated areas don't become grazing territory"
added: Wed Jan 18 06:00:15 2017
tags: chiru

China's December home price growth moderates, bubble fears abate
added: Wed Jan 18 05:58:23 2017

Remember this, from Nov 2015? Wondering if that committee was ever set up - let alone produced anything (or minutes)
added: Wed Jan 18 05:55:09 2017

An update from the front lines against the Sabal Trail Sinkhole Pipeline. Water Protectors uniting. #ProgressForAll
added: Wed Jan 18 05:50:01 2017
tags: progressforall

China orders local meteorological bureaus to stop issuing smog alerts
added: Wed Jan 18 05:46:10 2017

Modern Art Was Used As a Torture Technique in Prison Cells During the Spanish Civil War
added: Wed Jan 18 05:40:29 2017

Nice round up of the latest "action" in the semi-official campaign. Wishing Woo had been covered too.
added: Wed Jan 18 05:35:57 2017

Palestinian killed in Israeli home demolition
added: Wed Jan 18 05:15:09 2017

How is this even possible?! FP&L permitted to dump radioactive waste water under the water table. Poisoning 4profit.
added: Wed Jan 18 05:12:37 2017

A Long List of What We Know Thanks to Private Manning
added: Wed Jan 18 05:11:33 2017

Wan Chai Sports Ground to be redeveloped
added: Wed Jan 18 05:10:16 2017

More U.S. companies shelving China investments amid trade uncertainty, AmCham annual survey says
added: Wed Jan 18 05:04:34 2017

If you plan to be in a seething mass of humans at some point here's how to keep yourself safe.
added: Wed Jan 18 04:45:08 2017

Qualcomm to contest FTC charge, says it has not withheld, threatened to withhold chip supply
added: Wed Jan 18 04:41:06 2017

Adrian Lamo (@6)'s statement today on Manning: "I remain confident in my 2010 decision... She committed a crime..."
added: Wed Jan 18 04:38:49 2017

“Hong Kong is an inalienable part of China. There is no space for Hong Kong independence," says C.Y. Leung
added: Wed Jan 18 04:37:08 2017

#PolicyAddress2017 full report: #HongKong #施政報告
added: Wed Jan 18 04:30:40 2017
tags: 施政報告, policyaddress2017, hongkong

And #cyclabliity for bicycle lovers #policyaddress2017
added: Wed Jan 18 04:28:13 2017
tags: policyaddress2017, cyclabliity

#Walkability on menu in #hongkong in 2017 #policyaddress2017
added: Wed Jan 18 04:27:20 2017
tags: walkability, hongkong, policyaddress2017

China talks a lot about "lifting" 700 million out of poverty, but only in English. Interesting piece by @rob_schmitz
added: Wed Jan 18 04:05:46 2017

#China breaks a human rights lawyer w 500+ days secret detention, torture #China owes famil…
added: Wed Jan 18 03:55:05 2017
tags: china

~4:00 is where DeVos says the states (!) should get to decide on the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act:
added: Wed Jan 18 02:26:42 2017

Will engaging China promote good governance? | Brookings Institution By colleague Jamie Horsley
added: Wed Jan 18 02:26:11 2017

Devastating critique of WTO fallback option from @jpmorgan
added: Tue Jan 17 22:44:56 2017

Catch the latest ep w/ @gausby talking about going from @elixirlang to #erlang #myelixirstatus
added: Tue Jan 17 18:36:53 2017
tags: erlang, myelixirstatus

A recent NYT article chose stereotypes about people using food stamps instead of facts by @rebeccavallas @kfgrobbins
added: Tue Jan 17 15:09:37 2017

Facebook is now reportedly "pushing publishers to create longer, premium video content" instead of live video.
added: Tue Jan 17 13:48:12 2017

Does the current rail dispute justify yet more reform to strike legislation?
added: Tue Jan 17 12:50:05 2017

5 places in India even Indians can't visit without permits
added: Tue Jan 17 12:50:00 2017

Flying cars are going into testing this year
added: Tue Jan 17 12:24:08 2017

Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs visits Hong Kong Sports Institute
added: Tue Jan 17 12:24:05 2017

Israeli Soldiers Uproot Hundreds Of Olive Tree For Illegal Colonialist Road -
added: Tue Jan 17 12:21:03 2017

A UX Designer’s Guide to Improving Speed of Use #design #ux #ui
added: Tue Jan 17 12:20:20 2017
tags: design, ui, ux

UPDATE: Pound gains more than 1.5pct, on track for best daily rise in six months.
added: Tue Jan 17 12:06:09 2017

JUST IN: UK PM May says government will put the final Brexit deal to a vote in both Houses of Parliament:
added: Tue Jan 17 12:05:17 2017

Wal-Mart to add 10,000 U.S. jobs in 2017
added: Tue Jan 17 12:03:06 2017

Why Paul Chan was picked to replace John Tsang
added: Tue Jan 17 11:35:11 2017

One in Six Accounts Secured With Password '123456' via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jan 17 11:12:25 2017

Jersey's addiction to the proceeds of kleptocrats, tax evaders, and organised crime is having a bitter aftertaste:
added: Tue Jan 17 11:03:42 2017

Profit is the motor of capitalism. What would it be under socialism?
added: Tue Jan 17 10:40:05 2017

Female shark conceives offspring asexually in world first
added: Tue Jan 17 10:10:19 2017

Chinese Embassy organizes street protests against #ivory trade in Tanzania #elephant…
added: Tue Jan 17 10:03:23 2017
tags: elephant, ivory

Dalit struggles and choice
added: Tue Jan 17 10:02:20 2017

Rock'n'roll! Here are some of The Best Live Rock Music Venues in Hong Kong #music
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:59 2017
tags: music

Scientists Turn Docile Mice Into Ruthless Hunters
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:37 2017

With their threats to China, Trump and Tillerson are making rookie blunders that will only hurt US credibility,...
added: Tue Jan 17 10:00:15 2017

HSBC attacked by Greenpeace over financing palm oil companies via @FT
added: Tue Jan 17 09:58:21 2017

China Orders Registration of App Stores
added: Tue Jan 17 09:48:00 2017

Top diplomatic negotiator in Cuba warns Trump: 'aggression doesn't work'
added: Tue Jan 17 09:03:07 2017

Russia expects dialogue with Trump on nuclear weapons: Lavrov
added: Tue Jan 17 09:02:55 2017

The racist, anti-Semitic origins of right-to-work
added: Tue Jan 17 09:01:09 2017

Devastating report on Evergrande. "We wonder whether its auditors, PWC, are asleep." h/t @n_gough
added: Tue Jan 17 08:59:56 2017

Outcry after Chinese tourists ‘steal’ Donald Duck’s sweets at Disneyland
added: Tue Jan 17 08:59:54 2017

Pacific conflict looms between America and China If #Trump confronts Chinese govt he cannot rely on allies’ support
added: Tue Jan 17 08:57:00 2017
tags: trump

Former #Taiwan premier to attend #Trump inauguration
added: Tue Jan 17 08:55:33 2017
tags: taiwan, trump

As the Earth Shook, They Stood Firm - The New York Times
added: Tue Jan 17 08:55:14 2017

Weaseling Out of Things Is A Core Trump Skill
added: Tue Jan 17 08:43:39 2017

What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali Had in Common - By Lonnie Ali, The New York Times
added: Tue Jan 17 08:41:40 2017

Underwater search for MH370 ends with no trace of missing jet
added: Tue Jan 17 08:41:34 2017

Plans for Hong Kong's controversial Palace Museum project revealed
added: Tue Jan 17 08:36:20 2017

【西九故宮】傳真社稱獲初步設計圖 外型呈鼎狀高8層 (15:06) 大家都知,呢d圖擺明就係自己行出則房啦。
added: Tue Jan 17 08:33:08 2017

Top Chinese official to meet Philippines' Duterte
added: Tue Jan 17 08:31:08 2017

Hackers behind infamous Locky ransomware are still on vacation...
added: Tue Jan 17 08:31:03 2017

#SCMP ‘It has to be whiter than white’: Donald Tsang interviews played at misconduct trial reveal efforts to shift…
added: Tue Jan 17 08:30:36 2017
tags: scmp

China's critics have critics: a committee for 'healthy development of online filmcritics' via @chinarealtime
added: Tue Jan 17 08:23:34 2017

Court rejects loggers' bid to dismantle Orang Asli blockade
added: Tue Jan 17 08:00:05 2017

Oops, Australian Immigration Department illegally spent $1 billion on illegal detention: audit #auspol via @abcnews
added: Tue Jan 17 07:39:37 2017
tags: auspol

3 arrests made on Backwater Bridge #NoDAPL
added: Tue Jan 17 05:53:47 2017
tags: nodapl

ChinaThwarts Effort to Appeal Recent Wukan Sentences A son was held at gunpoint to sign away right to appeal for mom
added: Tue Jan 17 05:37:12 2017

The EPA analysis indicates that honey bees can be harmed by the widely-used pesticides clo…
added: Tue Jan 17 03:23:13 2017

Chief Exec. hopeful Regina Ip admits some of her supporters switched to Carrie Lam's camp
added: Tue Jan 17 02:40:23 2017

"America has unthinkingly succumbed to [China's 'One China' wordplay" says John Bolton
added: Tue Jan 17 02:38:13 2017

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity, via @PIIE
added: Tue Jan 17 00:05:08 2017

Moody's pays $864m to settle US allegations of inflated credit ratings. UK govt apes the 3 unwise monkeys.
added: Mon Jan 16 18:35:23 2017

83% found outside information to be "of greater impact on their lives than decisions by the N. Korean government."
added: Mon Jan 16 17:05:28 2017

The Treasure Guardian: Keeping the Kremlin Jewels Safe:
added: Mon Jan 16 13:36:52 2017

This has been going on for 7 years!
added: Mon Jan 16 13:01:58 2017

Chinese, US team invent air filter made of soya beans that blocks almost all harmful pollutants.
added: Mon Jan 16 13:01:00 2017

Looking Back On Tsai's Central America Visit by @brianhioe Link:
added: Mon Jan 16 13:00:03 2017

FBI's pre-election sweep of Muslim Americans raises surveillance fears
added: Mon Jan 16 12:58:04 2017

Five Books About Surviving Surveillance via @tordotcom
added: Mon Jan 16 12:57:22 2017

CIA boss says Trump 'doesn't understand Russia' in scathing attack on President-elect
added: Mon Jan 16 12:55:36 2017

"‘Kompromat’ and the Danger of Doubt and Confusion in a Democracy." Good analysis in The Interpreter/NYT.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:55:20 2017

6 best vlogging cameras
added: Mon Jan 16 12:43:01 2017

The yuan will keep on falling, according to the currency's top forecaster Predicts RMB at 7.26 by September
added: Mon Jan 16 12:41:57 2017

Low-key reaction from Phillipines after China places anti-aircraft weapons on 7 man-made islands in South China Sea.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:40:35 2017

US and Switzerland agree new data transfer framework
added: Mon Jan 16 12:39:47 2017

Bill paving way for Turkish 'strongman' presidency passes first vote in parliament
added: Mon Jan 16 12:35:03 2017

shorter Paul Krugman: we don't gotta respect shit.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:30:07 2017

Judge booted off NY Supreme Court after cursing out prosecutor via @nypmetro
added: Mon Jan 16 12:24:23 2017

Preserve access to others markets, capital while restricting their access to China. Globaliz w Ch characteristics.
added: Mon Jan 16 12:24:12 2017

Police street check data shows we need more journalists, more news organizations by @skimber (behind paywall)
added: Mon Jan 16 12:23:47 2017

Accessibility Testing in Angular 1 and 2 by @MarcySutton #webdev #a11y #angularJS
added: Mon Jan 16 12:20:18 2017
tags: angularjs, a11y, webdev

Interesting look at history of the phrase "political correctness" and how it is used
added: Mon Jan 16 12:07:19 2017

Hong Kong tycoon Li to buy Australian energy firm Duet - Fox News
added: Mon Jan 16 12:06:57 2017

Allianz's El-Erian says strong U.S. dollar biggest risk in 2017
added: Mon Jan 16 12:05:05 2017

#Ukraine bans independent Russian TV channel Dozhd #PressFreedom
added: Mon Jan 16 12:05:01 2017
tags: pressfreedom, ukraine

Tech moguls dominate Oxfam's rich people Hateful 8
added: Mon Jan 16 12:04:58 2017

【電器下半年收循環再造徵費】 【最終轉嫁給消費者?】 全港每年產生約 7 萬公噸棄置的電器和電子產品。 環保署計劃下半年開始,向電器及電子產品供應商,收取每件產品十多元至百多元的循環再造徵費。...
added: Mon Jan 16 12:00:07 2017

"In Caribbean alone, more than half of the mammal species went extinct after human colonisation"
added: Mon Jan 16 12:00:06 2017

Trump cybersecurity advisor taken to task over his own insecure we... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Jan 16 11:42:25 2017

Obama uses final interview as President to slam Israeli policy on settlements
added: Mon Jan 16 11:39:44 2017

A warning for the losers of the liberal elite: If you make the same mistakes in 2017, populists will win everywhere
added: Mon Jan 16 11:38:15 2017

Israel's attorney general, a Netanyahu appointee, is doing his part to jam up the Netanyahu investigation.
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:20 2017

Cathay Pacific shares jump on new business strategy via @markets @business #HongKong #aviation #stocks
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:00 2017
tags: stocks, hongkong, aviation

Wisconsin considers easing teacher licensing rules. via @WEAU13News
added: Mon Jan 16 11:35:00 2017

$30 Israeli “GPS anti-jammer” hits market [targets UAS reqs; counter-acts w null steering…
added: Mon Jan 16 11:30:06 2017

Rare 19th Century Bird Art Discovered In China
added: Mon Jan 16 11:25:26 2017
added: Mon Jan 16 10:55:49 2017

"Rich countries aren’t developing poor countries; poor countries are developing rich ones." #globaldev
added: Mon Jan 16 10:44:06 2017
tags: globaldev

Water is a human right - Stop water privatization in Greece! Sign the petition! #Right2Water
added: Mon Jan 16 10:31:51 2017
tags: right2water

#CHANNELNEWS Taiwan probing gang links to protest against HK activists
added: Mon Jan 16 10:10:08 2017
tags: channelnews

How do we know what 'dead' languages sounded like?
added: Mon Jan 16 10:05:18 2017

As #Trump era looms, Beijing fortifies the #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Jan 16 10:04:04 2017
tags: trump, southchinasea

Martin Luther King, Jr. Left Behind a Subversive Legacy
added: Mon Jan 16 10:00:03 2017

The effort to protect environmental data from Trump
added: Mon Jan 16 10:00:01 2017

Africa’s 2017 will be tough, but a Trump presidency could have a silver lining by @YinkaWrites
added: Mon Jan 16 09:59:05 2017

Understanding SVG Radial Gradients
added: Mon Jan 16 09:57:52 2017

Viewers declare Sherlock finale 'incomprehensible bollocks' and a poor version of Black Mirror
added: Mon Jan 16 09:57:32 2017

Alibaba bids $2.6B for a controlling stake in Chinese mall operator Intime, a 42% premium
added: Mon Jan 16 09:56:09 2017

Protesters shut down Milo Yiannopoulos and Martin Shkreli event
added: Mon Jan 16 08:42:00 2017

The book "Heavy Metal Africa" documents the flourishing heavy metal scenes throughout Africa
added: Mon Jan 16 08:36:44 2017

Carrie Lam has shown she will exacerbate, not heal, Hong Kong's deep political divisions…
added: Mon Jan 16 08:34:12 2017

Controls put China property market on roller-coaster ride: Wanda's Wang
added: Mon Jan 16 08:32:10 2017

China sovereign wealth fund CIC plans more U.S. investments: chairman
added: Mon Jan 16 08:31:44 2017

A woman dies of a superbug resistant to every available antibiotic in the US: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:30:01 2017

Donald Trump's "improvisational" style won't help him in dealing with China:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:05:11 2017

Teen drug use is declining as more states legalize marijuana
added: Mon Jan 16 08:02:01 2017

OPPS. Shenzhen #Stocks Sink Most in 10 Months in Sudden Afternoon Drop via @markets @business #china
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:21 2017
tags: stocks, china

Phone numbers are no proper verification /rant: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:02 2017

From @guardiannews, @JoshFrydenberg criticises #Japan after #Whale slaughtered in #Australian waters: #OpNemesis
added: Mon Jan 16 08:00:01 2017
tags: japan, whale, australian, opnemesis

Singapore central bank warns of risks if Trump sparks trade war
added: Mon Jan 16 07:54:13 2017

【醜聞連連 民望尾二】陳茂波接任財政司司長
added: Mon Jan 16 07:48:39 2017

Construction of 9 new airports will start or be completed in 2017 in NW #China's #Xinjiang
added: Mon Jan 16 07:39:50 2017
tags: xinjiang, china

Google reveals its servers all contain custom security silicon
added: Mon Jan 16 07:30:05 2017

Young people are more educated and paid less than baby boomers
added: Mon Jan 16 07:30:01 2017

Nasa have released a stunning new image of Jupiter's megastorm
added: Mon Jan 16 07:28:24 2017

We reverse engineered 16k apps, here’s what we found: Comments:
added: Mon Jan 16 07:20:02 2017

Comparison of how South Korea & Taiwan have faced their authoritarian pasts
added: Mon Jan 16 07:18:32 2017

Andrew Leung says the Youngspiration duo will be pursued in court for return of salaries after their appeals finish
added: Mon Jan 16 07:17:45 2017

Germany urges China to match anti-protectionist talk with action
added: Mon Jan 16 07:17:21 2017

Taiwan police've now arrested 14 re @joshuawongcf attack; #HK police 4 for @nathanlawkc attack but none yet charged
added: Mon Jan 16 07:16:20 2017
tags: hk

Samsung investigation reportedly finds batteries at fault for Note 7 fires
added: Mon Jan 16 07:13:06 2017

Video shows police tackling and beating a black man suspected of stealing a car. It was his.
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:51 2017

Catalan separatists launch new independence campaign
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:07 2017

Dateline Mongolia: An American journalist in nomad’s land
added: Mon Jan 16 07:12:02 2017

Are Djibouti & Ethiopia's leaders realistic in thinking their railway can be the start of a pan-African network? @FT
added: Mon Jan 16 07:11:06 2017

NO indictments for nationalistic arson, but the nasty legend will live on.
added: Mon Jan 16 07:10:41 2017

LeEco’s rescue is rewarding bad habits. @mak_robyn
added: Mon Jan 16 06:46:35 2017

Acting Hong Kong finance chief KC Chan deflects talk Beijing won’t elevate him to succeed John Tsang via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jan 16 05:33:17 2017

Cheyenne River Chairman Asks President Obama to Grant Clemency to Leonard Peltier via @Native_NewsNet
added: Mon Jan 16 05:06:36 2017

Reverse Engineer any android app to look for secrets leak :
added: Mon Jan 16 05:05:38 2017

latest: prosecutor seeks arrest of Samsung’s Jay Y. Lee, scion of SKorea’s richest family
added: Mon Jan 16 05:05:31 2017

'Turok' source code will be sold on eBay soon, thanks to lucky warehouse find:
added: Mon Jan 16 05:01:03 2017

The The Trump Dossier Is Real Enough To Investigate
added: Mon Jan 16 04:59:00 2017

Seal of approval: Pro-Beijing newspapers back Carrie Lam’s Chief Executive bid @krislc…
added: Mon Jan 16 04:30:39 2017

#China's thugs try to stamp out ties between pro-democracy groups in HK, Taiwan by @stegersaurus & @IlariaMariaSala
added: Mon Jan 16 04:28:56 2017
tags: china

Rhetoric on Trump and Taiwan is beginning to ramp up @jruwitch @ReutersChina
added: Mon Jan 16 04:25:16 2017

Can't easily summarize what Su Chi says about Taiwanese in this tweet but it is neither good nor smart
added: Mon Jan 16 04:23:23 2017

Stunningly surreal situation @Revkin @billmckibben @350action @ClimateMuseum @ClimateOfGavin @bruneski
added: Mon Jan 16 04:22:06 2017

KC Chan stays mum on reports about Paul Chan becoming financial secretary
added: Mon Jan 16 04:18:32 2017

Tibet protesters detained in Swiss capital during Xi Jinping visit
added: Mon Jan 16 04:17:43 2017

Chinese shares are heading for the longest losing streak since August 2015
added: Mon Jan 16 04:00:36 2017

China’s ‘Success Story’ in Perspective/Not so successfulI/Good summary by @jojjeols of Stein Ringen's latest book/
added: Sun Jan 15 16:51:11 2017

#Elixir and #Phoenix will be the hip #programming language and web #framework of 2017
added: Sun Jan 15 15:21:39 2017
tags: phoenix, framework, elixir, programming

'McDonald's unveils the mother of all localisation: The masala dosa burger' — @qz
added: Sun Jan 15 13:05:31 2017

Brexiteers caught out as €60m in flood aid announced
added: Sun Jan 15 12:16:44 2017

Leadership change looms for armed group key to Myanmar's peace process
added: Sun Jan 15 08:05:06 2017

New York State will shut down its dangerously placed Indian Point nuclear plant
added: Sun Jan 15 04:07:01 2017

Contrary to what you read in NYT, Davos Man is a Neanderthal protectionist who rigs rules to get ever richer
added: Sun Jan 15 04:05:33 2017

2 MIN VID- U.S. & WTO Stopped India From Using Solar Power [WATCH from @LeeCamp ] : by #LeeCamp
added: Sun Jan 15 03:05:38 2017
tags: leecamp

China renews its rejection of Trump suggestion he might use Taiwan as bargaining chip
added: Sun Jan 15 02:56:03 2017

Hierarchy of 50 non-transactional consistency models [survey paper ; see also…
added: Sun Jan 15 01:24:07 2017

"Pro Trump" websites now shifting to attack Merkel. It begins.
added: Sat Jan 14 23:05:35 2017

Beijing to crack down on shared bikes littering pavements
added: Sat Jan 14 19:04:53 2017

China, #Vietnam agree to manage differences on #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Jan 14 16:07:05 2017
tags: southchinasea, vietnam

‘Rogue One’ Star Jiang Wen Attributes Hollywood’s Success to US Naval Superiority
added: Sat Jan 14 14:00:03 2017

Canada's foreign policy hit by "blast of uncertainty named Donald Trump."A look at the challenges facing @cafreeland
added: Sat Jan 14 10:07:22 2017

Japan and Australia agree to strengthen defense ties
added: Sat Jan 14 10:05:06 2017

US border tax threatens Asian growth via @FT
added: Sat Jan 14 10:02:01 2017

Ukraine locked in conflict over borders @CNNI
added: Sat Jan 14 09:59:30 2017

For 100 dogs sheltered in Sai Kung, Ansh Sahay may be their last hope.
added: Sat Jan 14 09:59:02 2017

Russian yoga teacher arrested for 'spreading non-traditional religion'
added: Sat Jan 14 09:56:22 2017

U.S. posts second-warmest year on record, breadth of warmth "unparalleled"
added: Sat Jan 14 09:44:05 2017

There is no WhatsApp "backdoor."
added: Fri Jan 13 21:29:35 2017

Israeli settler group 'invited to Donald Trump's inauguration'
added: Fri Jan 13 13:25:14 2017

Europe's far right parties are having a conference and banned media from it
added: Fri Jan 13 13:24:57 2017

Get into the chaotic and vibrant world of #microservices at @netflix
added: Fri Jan 13 13:24:00 2017
tags: microservices

WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages
added: Fri Jan 13 12:23:00 2017

The usual suspects – and Nate Parker – up for Directors Guild of America awards
added: Fri Jan 13 11:59:27 2017

Last Living Akwesasne Mohawk Code Talker Honored in Front of a Crowd of 6,000
added: Fri Jan 13 05:56:55 2017

Great @matthewstoller analysis of how Obama's missteps after the financial crisis contributed to the Dems' downfall:
added: Fri Jan 13 05:12:54 2017

Nude French Artist Performs in Faux Headdress @MoMAPS1 Apologizes, Creates Native Program Via @VinceSchilling
added: Fri Jan 13 04:43:22 2017

It’s a flavorless food dye not a spice >> Forget what you’ve heard: Turmeric seems to have zero medicinal properties
added: Thu Jan 12 13:18:00 2017

Home Secretary is being investigated for hate incident after Tory party conference speech
added: Thu Jan 12 12:19:01 2017

Would be nice if this wasn't run by a corporate lawyer who let the banksters off scot-free when he was AG:
added: Thu Jan 12 12:17:31 2017

UK a top destination for Chinese New Year tourists. Flight bookings up 81% on Jan last year #tourism #VisitBritain
added: Thu Jan 12 12:16:25 2017
tags: visitbritain, tourism

"His disclosure does little to unwrap the mystery of just what the company does and manages."
added: Thu Jan 12 12:13:18 2017

China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship
added: Thu Jan 12 11:25:03 2017

Donald Trump Concedes Russia’s Interference in Election
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:36 2017

6 things that should be taught in school but aren't
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:28 2017

Polarized societies fuel risks at Davos after year of upheaval: via @ReutersTV
added: Thu Jan 12 11:24:20 2017

Tippi Hedren Recounts Alleged Sexual Assault by Hitchcock in New Memoir This picture was ta…
added: Thu Jan 12 11:22:14 2017

Godaddy has issued at least 8850 SSL certificates without validating anything :
added: Thu Jan 12 10:46:41 2017

New post: "REPORT: China will merge media outlets to increase influence 'in the area of financial information'"
added: Thu Jan 12 10:42:14 2017

In China, it's a thing to be sentenced in your pajamas.
added: Thu Jan 12 10:30:44 2017

This panda is a pro.
added: Thu Jan 12 10:17:38 2017

Carrie Lam will bring back CYLeung's style, says James To
added: Thu Jan 12 10:16:21 2017

Report: Jho Low used 'Eric Tan' as proxy name for banks and companies
added: Thu Jan 12 10:16:12 2017

Albert Cheng: Attack on Nathan Law at #HongKong airport by pro-China protesters a serious security breach
added: Thu Jan 12 10:14:34 2017
tags: hongkong

#China's foreign direct investments surged 40% to record in 2016: study
added: Thu Jan 12 10:09:23 2017
tags: china

KMB vows fare concessions – if franchise extended
added: Thu Jan 12 09:48:07 2017

Fiji dredging by China Railway gives rise of local opposition
added: Thu Jan 12 09:47:03 2017

Philip Hammond took stake in company shortly before it received government grant
added: Thu Jan 12 09:44:13 2017

#China scholars need #US backing on #humanrights via @timeshighered
added: Thu Jan 12 09:43:59 2017
tags: us, humanrights, china

Jan 12 2006 – Greenpeace activists board French warship Clemenceau protesting abt toxic materials on-board the ship
added: Thu Jan 12 09:38:46 2017

World Economic Forum says capitalism needs urgent change to counter growth of populist movements.
added: Thu Jan 12 09:35:41 2017

Jeremy Corbyn's defence spokeswoman is 'absolutely furious' with him
added: Thu Jan 12 09:35:21 2017

Good piece by @markmackinnon. Best writing on Trump leak being done by (ex)Moscow journos, others seem to miss point
added: Thu Jan 12 09:21:50 2017

Who killed the curry house?: "a national attachment to Indian food did not extend to the people who made it."
added: Thu Jan 12 09:19:50 2017

LGBT alliance urge govt to speed up rights law
added: Thu Jan 12 08:54:48 2017

China rejects U.S. trade claims, says outlook challenging, complicated
added: Thu Jan 12 08:52:03 2017

Report: #CarrieLam said "God told her to run in #ceelection" #JoanofArc
added: Thu Jan 12 08:51:28 2017
tags: ceelection, joanofarc, carrielam

Swings in the yuan haven't hit Chinese stocks. @saumvaish and I explain why:
added: Thu Jan 12 08:49:44 2017

【因政治立場遭網民「封殺」】 【張敬軒否認港獨:我是中國人】 內地流行一句說話:「國家面前無偶像」,評論歌手往往要先看看是否「愛國」,其次才是唱功。 生於廣州的流行歌手張敬軒,近年捲入政治漩渦,源於他唱了一首香港社運歌曲。...
added: Thu Jan 12 08:45:07 2017

I suspect Xi Jinping in Davos will act like a terrified tyrant, allowing questions only by corporate sycophants.
added: Thu Jan 12 08:44:37 2017

Microsoft staff with 'god-mode' access police OneDrive data for illegal material – and they’re traumatized
added: Thu Jan 12 08:42:46 2017

Hong Kong Customs conducts special operation against illicit cigarette activities before Chinese New Year
added: Thu Jan 12 08:42:05 2017

"China is not Cuba, and the South China Sea is not the Caribbean. The South China Sea is not under the US sphere...
added: Thu Jan 12 08:15:05 2017

China To Seal Border With Pakistan To Curb Terror, But No Action Against Masood Azhar via @TimesNow
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:39 2017

#EJI Palace Museum consultation only for show, says retired judge
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:29 2017
tags: eji

Air quality over Delhi continues to remain 'very poor', says traffic police Read @ANI_news story in @dna
added: Thu Jan 12 08:11:14 2017

South Korea considering complaint to China over 'THAAD retaliation': minister
added: Thu Jan 12 08:10:28 2017

Guetzli JPEG encoder: Comments:
added: Thu Jan 12 08:10:01 2017

Turns out community gardening might be pretty good rehab
added: Thu Jan 12 08:07:01 2017

Peace-sign selfie fools menaced by fingerprint-harvesting tech
added: Thu Jan 12 08:05:20 2017

German-backed Israeli occupier gangs rampage through Palestinian homes, kidnap 25
added: Thu Jan 12 07:47:38 2017

King of judicial review wants court to look into #CYLeing's 2012 oath
added: Thu Jan 12 07:46:34 2017
tags: cyleing

Some wise words in this piece from @ggreenwald on what has been a tawdry week
added: Thu Jan 12 07:46:00 2017

Israel advances a bill that would ban supporters of a settlement boycott from entering the country.
added: Thu Jan 12 07:00:17 2017

In Jerusalem's "African Quarter," little-known community of Arab families of African descent forges its identity.
added: Thu Jan 12 07:00:08 2017

#Nigeria kowtows to #China, orders closure of #Taiwan office in capital: via @TheNewsLens
added: Thu Jan 12 06:56:33 2017
tags: taiwan, china, nigeria

Prominent Chinese university bans staff from criticising Communist Party in class: (@SCMP_News, #China)
added: Thu Jan 12 06:54:24 2017
tags: china

Nigeria orders Taiwan's office to move out of capital
added: Thu Jan 12 06:38:48 2017

Japan reports a tragic die-off of most of the coral in its largest coral reef
added: Thu Jan 12 06:23:41 2017

New piece: Homeland Security nominee Gen. John Kelly failed to disclose position at lobbying firm on ethics filing
added: Thu Jan 12 06:06:31 2017

Senior Tibetan monk in Tibet openly criticises China's ban on #DalaiLama's teachings #KalachakraTeachings
added: Thu Jan 12 06:04:27 2017
tags: dalailama, kalachakrateachings

Tribal warfare in economics is over. @Noahpinion explains the terms for peace
added: Thu Jan 12 06:03:48 2017

Bill of Indictment Against Human Rights Lawyer Xie Yang « China Change
added: Thu Jan 12 06:02:45 2017

Crims shut off Ukraine power in wide-ranging anniversary hacks
added: Thu Jan 12 05:58:07 2017

"Xi Jinping will not be seen as weak in the face of pressure from the US" @BonnieGlaser on Tillerson's SCS comments
added: Thu Jan 12 05:27:30 2017

More activists arrested for allegedly participating in November protest at Liaison Office
added: Thu Jan 12 05:24:26 2017

Vanke says No. 2 shareholder China Resources mulling plan involving its stock
added: Thu Jan 12 05:12:45 2017

Study finds China maintains cache of data on citizens; new report says all data up for sale
added: Thu Jan 12 05:06:39 2017

Alchemy 101: The last week in Issue #27 #myelixirstatus #beam4ever
added: Thu Jan 12 05:05:33 2017
tags: beam4ever, myelixirstatus

Clear and helpful NYT blow-by-blow on how the Trump dossier came to be.
added: Thu Jan 12 04:24:29 2017

"If they bother my father, should I give in?” How China pressures dissidents abroad by punishing family at home
added: Thu Jan 12 04:14:56 2017

#China media: new rules which may bar all foreign sites unless approved "nearing release."
added: Thu Jan 12 03:23:57 2017
tags: china

According to @BuzzFeed, "Rape Melania" sign at anti-Trump protest was planted by his supporters to discredit protest
added: Thu Jan 12 03:21:19 2017

US attacks China's subsidies directly - through WTO dispute - not indirectly through CVDs? | @WillMauldin exclusive
added: Thu Jan 12 03:00:13 2017

Wake up: Taxing remittances is morally outrageous: it punishes poor people for supporting for their poorer families.
added: Wed Jan 11 22:07:58 2017

Bill banning boycotters from Israel advances in Knesset #BDS
added: Wed Jan 11 21:59:43 2017
tags: bds

Rugby 7s Olympic Stadium in Rio to close only 5 months after dramatic golden 2016 scenes -
added: Wed Jan 11 15:55:00 2017

The pound just hit a new 31 year low
added: Wed Jan 11 15:54:49 2017

China finally renames the "Eight-Year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression" -- and ups it to 14 years.
added: Wed Jan 11 15:02:55 2017

Resurgence of State-Led Growth in China? via @PIIE
added: Tue Jan 10 15:30:31 2017

Afghanistan Cricket Board keen for full member status from #ICC
added: Tue Jan 10 11:21:08 2017
tags: icc

Once-prosperous #Gaza merchants are using their entry permits into #Israel to search for odd jobs @shlomieldar
added: Tue Jan 10 11:20:00 2017
tags: gaza, israel

Japan's Takeda to acquire US cancer drugmaker for over $5bn
added: Tue Jan 10 10:58:34 2017

Consistent with its view of Israeli settlement goods, EU court says goods from occupied WSahara aren't from Morocco.
added: Tue Jan 10 10:57:40 2017

Some Facebook recruiters 'stopped trying' for diversity after candidates were blocked by engineer... via @YahooNews
added: Tue Jan 10 10:57:39 2017

早幾日先有人「自命有為」。 【回帶】林鄭自命「有為」 突諮詢「補鑊」佢話唔係 ←短片 【蘋果fb live】西九故宮館記者會
added: Tue Jan 10 10:03:04 2017

98 Percent of College Programs That Flunked Performance Test are For-Profit
added: Tue Jan 10 10:00:55 2017

AMD Announces X300 and X370 AM4 Motherboards For Ryzen, All CPUs Unlocked
added: Tue Jan 10 10:00:36 2017

noted | Wild supercows return to Europe
added: Tue Jan 10 09:35:11 2017

Taiwan police arrest gang member in connection w attacks on Joshua Wong
added: Tue Jan 10 09:32:58 2017

Scientists discover an Alzheimer's drug can regrow teeth
added: Tue Jan 10 08:54:00 2017

The numbers on the Trump-Ma job deal don't add up. "Theatrics," per @duncanclark
added: Tue Jan 10 08:53:51 2017

Florida: 7 from Food Not Bombs Arrested Feeding People in City Park
added: Tue Jan 10 08:50:19 2017

New Thai king already meddling in politics.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:47:40 2017

News article mentions that .de counterintel has seen "spectactular rise" in spear phishing attempts in recent weeks.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:24:19 2017

"There has never been liberal Hollywood when it comes to the portrayal of Muslims on TV"
added: Tue Jan 10 08:11:07 2017

Alibaba to help China’s retailer Intime go private in $2.6 billion deal
added: Tue Jan 10 08:09:35 2017

Alibaba's Ma meets Trump, promises to bring one million jobs to U.S.
added: Tue Jan 10 08:04:28 2017

Is it a genuine change of approach in China's state economy - or a trick to lure money into a financial black hole?
added: Tue Jan 10 08:00:23 2017

Government report says education system not to blame for student deaths:
added: Tue Jan 10 08:00:00 2017

#China's Unsustainable Semblance Of Stability And The U.S. #Economic Decoupling ... #economy #emergingmarket $vwo
added: Tue Jan 10 07:50:17 2017
tags: emergingmarket, china, economic, economy

#Tanzania: end of the road for kingpin smuggling as UWA nets 6 tons of smuggled #Pangolin #WildlifeJustice
added: Tue Jan 10 07:26:06 2017
tags: wildlifejustice, pangolin, tanzania

How HK's richest avoid property taxes in city with the least affordable homes again & again
added: Tue Jan 10 07:21:47 2017

#Russia - #Japan joint activity on South Kurils to contribute to peace treaty – Abe
added: Tue Jan 10 07:20:52 2017
tags: russia, japan

China vows to contain corporate debt levels as inflation heats up
added: Tue Jan 10 07:20:16 2017

ChemChina, Syngenta submit remedy proposals to EU antitrust watchdog
added: Tue Jan 10 07:19:30 2017

WKCDA member defends lack of public consultation over Palace Museum
added: Tue Jan 10 07:15:43 2017

Four years ago tomorrow, Aaron Swartz committed suicide. #RIPAaronSwartz
added: Tue Jan 10 05:53:46 2017
tags: ripaaronswartz

Important article from Fred Bergsten RT China Is No Longer Manipulating Its Currency via @PIIE
added: Mon Jan 9 22:53:54 2017

Energy executives, secretive nonprofit raise money to back Pruitt
added: Mon Jan 9 13:22:38 2017

// 今時今日嘅學生,之所以會絕望、尋死,固然有好多原因。但可肯定嘅係教育制度係其中一個好重要嘅因素。對學生黎講,特別係香港學生,教育幾乎佔據哂佢地嘅24小時,佢地選擇離開點會同教育制度無關?// 教育實驗學社 The...
added: Mon Jan 9 13:22:08 2017

【大律師公會:人大釋法倉卒弊多於利】 對於人大就立法會議員宣誓案釋法,大律師公會主席譚允芝在法律年度開啟禮中批評,釋法倉卒、是弊多於利。 #有線新聞 #人大 #釋法 #立法會 #宣誓 #大律師 #譚允芝
added: Mon Jan 9 13:20:56 2017
tags: 立法會, 大律師, 人大, 譚允芝, 有線新聞, 宣誓, 釋法

|@POLITICO: What New Orleans Can Teach Betsy DeVos About Charters- MI's "Wild West" even WORSE OFF #MichEd #NotMySOE
added: Mon Jan 9 13:20:38 2017
tags: miched, notmysoe

"In 2016, US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations, 138 countries..."
added: Mon Jan 9 13:10:37 2017

CNN hosts a town hall with Bernie Sanders tonight at 9 p.m. ET
added: Mon Jan 9 13:02:01 2017

As terrorist threat intensifies, Turkey's Pres Erdogan still devotes enormous attention to locking up critics.
added: Mon Jan 9 11:48:13 2017

China launches small satellites on "commercial" Kuaizhou-1A rocket
added: Mon Jan 9 11:44:54 2017

#CHANNELNEWS Protesters vow Tiananmen crackdown memorial at Hong Kong Palace Museum site
added: Mon Jan 9 10:00:36 2017
tags: channelnews

Ho Ming-sho: A Mafia 5th Column in #Taiwan: The Significance of Mobster Attacks on #HongKong Opposition Politicians
added: Mon Jan 9 06:33:13 2017
tags: taiwan, hongkong

Offshore renminbi overnight lending rate tumbles
added: Mon Jan 9 03:28:00 2017

Italian populist urges abandoning UKIP in EU Parliament
added: Mon Jan 9 03:27:05 2017

“If Donald Trump targets journalists, thank Obama.” What do you think?
added: Mon Jan 9 03:27:02 2017

UK shadow secretary calls Israeli embassy's subversion plots "a national security issue," demands investigation
added: Mon Jan 9 03:24:20 2017

Shocking images from Moria refugee camp of migrants forced to live in the snow #Lesbos #Greece #Refugees #prv
added: Mon Jan 9 00:59:03 2017
tags: prv, lesbos, refugees, greece

My Latest! I expect tonight to be a historic night for African Americans at the Golden Globes.
added: Mon Jan 9 00:16:46 2017

It's 2017. We're a team of investigative journalists. Leak to us:
added: Sun Jan 8 19:32:59 2017

Critics can bite me. I saw it every night of it's run at @svilletheatre and loved it
added: Sun Jan 8 08:12:08 2017

These are the indigenous-led climate movements to watch out for in 2017
added: Sun Jan 8 08:06:54 2017

Alongside Sanders, New York Governor Announces First-in-Nation Free Tuition Plan
added: Sun Jan 8 08:00:21 2017

China is offering to remove IUDs after abandoning the "one-child" policy. Women are outraged.
added: Sun Jan 8 05:28:36 2017

UN officially changes Status of Baltic states from Eastern Europe to Northern Europe. This is where we belong.
added: Sat Jan 7 21:11:54 2017

Kushner Cos. says Anbang not state-owned so no emoluments issue. The truth: We don't know who REALLY owns Anbang.
added: Sat Jan 7 16:27:39 2017

📷 the-movemnt: The Senate just named a supporter of the Dakota pipeline to head its Indian Affairs...
added: Sat Jan 7 02:56:26 2017

Russia scales down military presence in Syria with its sole aircraft carrier to leave first
added: Fri Jan 6 11:20:22 2017

“Paradise Lost: My Mac2Win journey” by @scottjenson
added: Fri Jan 6 11:20:10 2017

InfluxDB is hiring a director of engineering, golang, DB expert (remote U.S.): Comments:
added: Fri Jan 6 11:10:02 2017

If Russia Hacked Podesta, Then Russia Knew Hillary Used a Private Server to Email Obama @Hagoodmanauthor
added: Fri Jan 6 11:09:07 2017

#Taiwanese independence must be fought on all fronts, says former #Chinese official | South China Morning Post
added: Fri Jan 6 10:36:15 2017
tags: chinese, taiwanese

Exclusive: China's ZTE to slash about 3,000 jobs: sources
added: Fri Jan 6 10:33:28 2017

Council run schools pushed to breaking point by levy...
added: Fri Jan 6 10:02:36 2017

Also well worth reading Yang Su's powerful book on collective killings in rural China in Cultural Revolution
added: Fri Jan 6 09:56:36 2017

RT @iandenisjohnson: Genocide in China: Tan Hecheng's The Killing Wind on the Dao County massacre. @nybooks
added: Fri Jan 6 09:55:27 2017

Taiwanese director is now being accused of bowing to Chinese pressure.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:53:36 2017

Hong Kong to open new mountain bike trails on South Lantau.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:52:01 2017

South Africa’s ‘stunning’ Taiwan-China shift on display amid mayor visit furor
added: Fri Jan 6 09:51:40 2017

"It's fine to smear me. But please don't belittle the value of Palace Museum’s relics" #HurtRelicFeelings
added: Fri Jan 6 09:05:12 2017
tags: hurtrelicfeelings

French mayor sends police to school to stop arabic classes.
added: Fri Jan 6 09:00:02 2017

Taibbi: Trump Pick Jay Clayton Will Be Most Conflicted SEC Chair Ever via @RollingStone
added: Fri Jan 6 08:59:51 2017

Russia willing to equip Philippines with sophisticated weapons #SouthChinaSea
added: Fri Jan 6 08:56:53 2017
tags: southchinasea

Archaeologists discover 2,300-year-old sword that's still shiny
added: Fri Jan 6 08:54:00 2017

Rather than justifying skepticism, the spotty govt response is feeding "trutherism"
added: Fri Jan 6 08:52:39 2017

"A sudden splash of brilliance": how Mycenaean civilisation began...
added: Fri Jan 6 08:39:38 2017

Epic headline, followed by disclosure: "officials said no major new bombshell disclosures in the classified report"
added: Fri Jan 6 08:25:46 2017

Silverstone could ditch British Grand Prix - report
added: Fri Jan 6 08:21:37 2017

Mumbai woman, 28, reported to have been stabbed yesterday actually hurt herself after a fight with boyfriend.
added: Fri Jan 6 08:16:51 2017

China to invest £292bn in renewable power by 2020
added: Fri Jan 6 08:08:01 2017

Nabokov skewered everything wrong with art and film today in 1956
added: Fri Jan 6 07:36:01 2017

#China Will Curb ‘Irrational’ Soccer Spending, Government Says via @business
added: Fri Jan 6 07:32:53 2017
tags: china

Top Prosecutor in Leonard Peltier Case Urges Clemency in 'Extraordinary' Move
added: Fri Jan 6 07:29:53 2017

#ICYMI India’s Move to Cut Borrowing Is First Sign That War on Cash Could Be Working |
added: Fri Jan 6 07:23:40 2017
tags: icymi

MPs to raise questions on detention of SAF vehicles when Parliament sits
added: Fri Jan 6 07:02:54 2017

Japan to recall envoy from South Korea over 'comfort women' statue
added: Fri Jan 6 06:21:29 2017

China state tabloid scolds New York Times for investigative reports
added: Fri Jan 6 06:17:29 2017

U.S. employment growth seen strong in December, wages up
added: Fri Jan 6 06:17:04 2017

4 years after Rana Plaza, experts say Bangladesh clothing rebound is damaging its economy
added: Fri Jan 6 06:13:59 2017

屯門連續兩年空氣最差 Tuen Mun tops worst air qulaity for 2nd yr 更恐怖係,幾年前路政署報告講明起完港珠澳大橋及西繞道後,空氣會更差
added: Fri Jan 6 06:09:37 2017

Goldman's bet on emerging markets is BRICS - but without ChIna via @markets
added: Fri Jan 6 06:04:35 2017

#Russiansdidit CNN BREAKING NEWS: DNC Refuses to Let FBI Analyze Hacked Servers. Denies Multiple FBI Requests
added: Fri Jan 6 05:24:29 2017
tags: russiansdidit

Trump owes AT LEAST $1.5B more than previously disclosed. Can't put his wig on w/out creating a conflict of interest
added: Fri Jan 6 04:52:06 2017

The pay hike to a minimum of $13.50 an hour is intended to attracting and retaining talent. $WFC $BAC
added: Fri Jan 6 02:33:00 2017

In unrelated news, the Breitbart information dissemination platform is moving to France & Germany
added: Fri Jan 6 01:46:17 2017

Smog anger pours out in China: "This is the land that we live on. How did it turn into something like this?"
added: Thu Jan 5 21:27:30 2017

Christian protestors hospitalized after authorities collude with local gangs - #humanrights…
added: Thu Jan 5 21:06:59 2017
tags: humanrights

Shares can now be signed using Merkle signing to help w/ corrupt/forged shares & error msgs.
added: Thu Jan 5 20:43:19 2017

Every US bomb dropped in 2016:
added: Thu Jan 5 20:26:21 2017

Why was this 16-year-old U.S. citizen killed in a drone strike authorized by the president of the United States?
added: Thu Jan 5 19:58:41 2017

Fleet of 12 Nuclear Submarines in Line for Pentagon Approval: Comments:
added: Thu Jan 5 12:20:02 2017

Can farmers in Iowa help save the world's seafood supply?
added: Thu Jan 5 12:15:21 2017

China, US should maintain proper direction of relations: Minister
added: Thu Jan 5 12:15:01 2017

Taiwan planning to bring in workers from India: official
added: Thu Jan 5 12:11:02 2017

Mexicans Are the Nafta Winners? It’s News to Them
added: Thu Jan 5 12:01:46 2017

Donald Trump Nominates Wall Street Lawyer to Head S.E.C.
added: Thu Jan 5 12:00:19 2017

ASUS unveils ZenFone AR, world's first smartphone with 8GB RAM
added: Thu Jan 5 12:00:04 2017

Google is now actively uninstalling Chrome extensions it does not like
added: Thu Jan 5 11:30:51 2017

95% of caught tuna are less than 3 years old which means they haven’t had a chance to reproduce via @FT
added: Thu Jan 5 11:24:07 2017

Istanbul nightclub attacker is ethnic Uighur from central Asia, possibly Kyrgyzstan, officials believe
added: Thu Jan 5 11:19:36 2017

Tough assessment of Obama's human rights record by @KenRoth @hrw
added: Thu Jan 5 11:18:56 2017

Man who fired laser pointer at Washington ferry to only pay $9,500 by @cfarivar
added: Thu Jan 5 11:18:07 2017

Roughly a million Chinese live in Africa. And David Dollar argues, they are an economic force for good.
added: Thu Jan 5 11:15:11 2017

Some evidence for Greeks in 10thC and 11thC England:
added: Thu Jan 5 10:12:05 2017

It’s begun: Internet providers are pushing to repeal Obama-era privacy rules Make gov-com-o…
added: Thu Jan 5 10:08:00 2017

By @pingroma and me, quick take on declassifies cables: people knew, it was still terrible:
added: Thu Jan 5 10:07:54 2017

#INDIA Chittoor: Three #redsanders smugglers held with 1.5 tonnes via @the_hindu
added: Thu Jan 5 10:07:29 2017
tags: india, redsanders

China probes party officials in Xinjiang for ‘discipline breaches’
added: Thu Jan 5 10:05:28 2017

Astronomers Pinpoint Location of Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:38 2017

Losers in Haitian election cry foul
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:07 2017

NASA announces exotic asteroid missions, fueling space mining hopes
added: Thu Jan 5 10:00:01 2017

Strong words from @medium as they move away from trad media business model
added: Thu Jan 5 09:09:32 2017

New higher education bill which could allow for 'scam' universities
added: Thu Jan 5 09:08:50 2017

A Mega-lifer In Maharashtra
added: Thu Jan 5 09:07:41 2017

Black teen files $5m lawsuit against white police officer who pinned her to ground at pool party
added: Thu Jan 5 09:07:26 2017

Citizen's group seeks judicial review over govt's decision on Palace Museum
added: Thu Jan 5 09:03:42 2017

The UK knew China was planning a massacre at Tiananmen Square two weeks before it happened
added: Thu Jan 5 08:54:53 2017

w/ my take on @Apple kowtowing to #China's censorship in this @CNN report Apple yanks New York Times apps in China
added: Thu Jan 5 08:52:37 2017
tags: china

America sends troops to Russia's border
added: Thu Jan 5 07:54:23 2017

China says hit with record retaliatory trade measures in 2016
added: Thu Jan 5 07:53:23 2017

Mysterious "Master" defeats China's top Go players one by one, then reveals itself to be computer program
added: Thu Jan 5 07:46:29 2017

Obama’s Administration Sold More Weapons Than Any Other Since World War II
added: Thu Jan 5 07:44:54 2017

US spec ops numbers surge in Africa's shadow wars
added: Thu Jan 5 07:41:04 2017

[TECH NEWS] Faraday Future unveils first production car, but all doesn't go well: #Tech…
added: Thu Jan 5 07:30:32 2017
tags: tech

The Swiss man who tried to save Sarawak... and then mysteriously disappeared via @cilisosmy
added: Thu Jan 5 07:30:31 2017

The Baffling Makeover of CCTV global. by @cmphku
added: Thu Jan 5 07:28:59 2017

China commerce min says globalisation an 'inevitable choice' which can't be stopped by nationalism or protectionism
added: Thu Jan 5 07:25:12 2017

Dodging the matrix. Anti-surveillance clothing aims to hide wearers from facial recognition.
added: Thu Jan 5 06:43:11 2017

French judges decline to charge French soldiers accused of raping children in #CAR
added: Thu Jan 5 06:22:48 2017
tags: car

India's air is so toxic that schools are closing and expats are fleeing
added: Thu Jan 5 06:10:04 2017

Here's the take you were, or weren't, wating for Left Renewal: Is it the end of the Greens as we know them?
added: Thu Jan 5 06:05:47 2017

Elixir v1.4.0 is out:
added: Thu Jan 5 00:53:03 2017

Data from suggests that most web traffic to executive branch .gov websites is now encrypted…
added: Wed Jan 4 21:59:39 2017

'every dollar of Mexican goods exported to America contains 40 cents of American goods embedded within it'
added: Wed Jan 4 15:11:39 2017

Rough Start For U.S. Republicans On First Day Of Trump-Era Congress - good
added: Wed Jan 4 12:44:48 2017

Primer by @ChuBailiang on challenges for NGOs in China. Uncertainty Over New Chinese Law Rattles Foreign Nonprofits
added: Wed Jan 4 12:42:32 2017

Don't ever click this link on WhatsApp
added: Wed Jan 4 12:41:08 2017

India 'plans to give every citizen a universal basic income'
added: Wed Jan 4 12:39:41 2017

Canadian taxpayers applying for offshore amnesty will be forced to name their advisors
added: Wed Jan 4 12:39:09 2017

No longer ‘Mayberry’: A small Ohio city fights an epidemic of self-destruction Excellent report @washingtonpost
added: Wed Jan 4 12:31:05 2017

【有線中國組:誰來監察中紀委?】 中共中央紀律檢查委員會制作新一輯反貪腐紀錄片,一連三日在中央電視台的黃金時段播出。...
added: Wed Jan 4 12:30:06 2017

Walden Bello: Duterte supporters are stupid, delusional, and sick
added: Wed Jan 4 12:18:24 2017

Designing and implementing robust systems in production? #ElixirLang
added: Wed Jan 4 12:13:28 2017
tags: elixirlang

Futuristic FF91 Set to Give Beleaguered Backer LeEco Much-Needed Boost
added: Wed Jan 4 11:40:31 2017

Rampant poaching in Mugu endangers many species:
added: Wed Jan 4 11:32:47 2017

Israel’s ‘flying car’ passenger drone moves closer to delivery
added: Wed Jan 4 11:30:21 2017

Head injury education and prevention: New tougher approach is now in effect. Find out more here #rugby
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:51 2017
tags: rugby

What do JP Morgan and Australian army have in common? Both have "upset the feelings of the Indonesian people"
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:28 2017

Unlike Trump, China prefers "long, tranquilizing disquisitions. Open sarcasm is rare. Sad!” says @ChuBailiang Ha.
added: Wed Jan 4 09:43:17 2017

Dystopia now. In China, Big Brother isn’t just watching your every move. He may be selling your personal data.
added: Wed Jan 4 09:38:05 2017

Why is #China ′protecting′ the #Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad militant group?
added: Wed Jan 4 08:03:31 2017
tags: pakistan, china

HK prepares for ‘20 Years of Joyous Yippee Fun’ celebrations via @hkbiglychee
added: Wed Jan 4 07:21:41 2017

China Mobile apologises for major phone service distruption across Hong Kong
added: Wed Jan 4 06:48:05 2017

Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist nabbed in J&K's Handwara
added: Wed Jan 4 06:13:12 2017

Indonesia’s rapidly disappearing forests, in four charts
added: Wed Jan 4 06:00:25 2017

Congressional Resistance to Trump Begins Now
added: Wed Jan 4 06:00:12 2017

In Banning Ivory Trade, China Saw Benefits for Itself, Too
added: Wed Jan 4 05:47:50 2017

China’s Football Club Buying Spree And Its Quest For Soft Power by @merlinlinehan
added: Wed Jan 4 05:45:00 2017

Tang Yinghong: China's smog is the result of "greed without the slightest scruple."
added: Wed Jan 4 05:19:29 2017

Israel has spent $260 million rounding up and detaining African refugees, categorizing it as “foreign aid”
added: Wed Jan 4 05:12:07 2017

An Ancient City Emerges in a Remote Rain Forest
added: Wed Jan 4 05:04:38 2017

Really excellent FT report on why Chinese economy both stronger and weaker than seems from afar.
added: Wed Jan 4 04:38:39 2017

Chuck Schumer on Trump's tweet hitting intel community: "He's being really dumb to do this."
added: Wed Jan 4 04:24:57 2017

Otkritie, a private Russian bank, doubled its assets overnight after loans from the central bank
added: Tue Jan 3 20:03:12 2017

Britain’s view of China is but mere fantasy
added: Tue Jan 3 12:59:31 2017

Investing in Chinese Stocks—投资大中华地区股市: Central Planning Fails Again: Electric Cars Editio...
added: Tue Jan 3 12:19:30 2017

Want To Disrupt The Music Business In India? Here’s How via @medianama
added: Tue Jan 3 12:18:27 2017

VIDEO - US - Remembering the Harlem Hellfighters
added: Tue Jan 3 12:18:14 2017

Happy New Year from Obama’s vibrant democracy: 87 Bedouins homeless by Israeli demolitions near occupied Jerusalem
added: Tue Jan 3 12:17:09 2017

One of Elon Musk's rockets spectacularly, mysteriously exploded. Now he thinks he knows why
added: Tue Jan 3 12:16:34 2017

New China rules target money laundering and channeling of money into overseas property
added: Tue Jan 3 12:10:34 2017

China's New Yuan Basket Is Sparking Stability Debate
added: Tue Jan 3 10:44:41 2017

China's forex fiddles show Beijing is increasingly nervous about the yuan. via @petesweeneypro
added: Tue Jan 3 10:42:42 2017

Philippines “seriously studying” possibility of joint exploration of natural resources with China in #SouthChinaSea
added: Tue Jan 3 10:04:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

Finland is now giving citizens a basic income
added: Tue Jan 3 09:52:21 2017

Big challenges remain but Congo may have averted crisis as Pres Kabila seems to have agreed to step down by end 2017
added: Tue Jan 3 09:50:25 2017

I am in Jubilee Party to stay – MP Mwiti
added: Tue Jan 3 09:45:44 2017

MUST READ by @tomphillipsin/ A human rights activist, a secret prison and a tale from Xi Jinping's new China
added: Tue Jan 3 09:44:18 2017

Brilliant! #Taiwan mulls ban on controversial gay conversion therapy - “Sexual orientation…
added: Tue Jan 3 09:12:40 2017
tags: taiwan

Chinese investors shrug off forex scrutiny
added: Tue Jan 3 09:03:28 2017

😡Holiday campers leave behind piles of rubbish at nature spots
added: Tue Jan 3 08:57:24 2017

The ‘1992 Consensus’: A Failed Political Doctrine for #Taiwan's KMT
added: Tue Jan 3 08:52:07 2017
tags: taiwan

Singapore military vehicles still detained, says Hong Kong customs
added: Tue Jan 3 08:51:09 2017

How Leung loses his second term
added: Tue Jan 3 08:46:24 2017

The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese
added: Tue Jan 3 08:35:25 2017

"Anies' public destruction of his liberal image says a lot about where wind is blowing ideologically in Indonesia."
added: Tue Jan 3 08:25:15 2017

Analysts: North Korea not bluffing on ICBM launch
added: Tue Jan 3 08:15:03 2017

Syria rebels freeze talks on Russia-backed peace conference due to ceasefire violations
added: Tue Jan 3 08:13:22 2017

Housing Authority forecasts cash crunch ahead
added: Tue Jan 3 08:11:15 2017

Twitter's China boss Kathy Chen quits after eight months
added: Tue Jan 3 08:05:08 2017

Canadian Couple Held in #China Are Free, but ‘Even Now We Live Under a Cloud’.
added: Tue Jan 3 08:04:39 2017
tags: china

#Myanmar blames fake stories, misleading pictures about #Rakhine state #rohingya
added: Tue Jan 3 08:04:22 2017
tags: myanmar, rakhine, rohingya

Lenovo built its own Amazon Echo for some reason
added: Tue Jan 3 08:03:13 2017

kendal company exports baby milk powder to China. Who needs to leave the EU to do this stuff?
added: Tue Jan 3 08:02:17 2017

Discover the Oldest Beer Recipe in History From Ancient Sumeria, 1800 B.C.
added: Tue Jan 3 07:20:27 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Hong Kong and Shenzhen set to partner for innovation and technology park in Lok Ma Chau Loop
added: Tue Jan 3 07:20:05 2017

Computer outage disrupts customs at US airports
added: Tue Jan 3 07:15:40 2017

Disturbing video appears to show police brutality against Rohingya in Myanmar
added: Tue Jan 3 07:15:08 2017

Facebook 'censors' naked statue of sea god Neptune
added: Tue Jan 3 07:13:59 2017

Orientalism lives! So, so sad that Winchester's go-to is Peyrefitte: review of Pomfret book on US-China relations
added: Tue Jan 3 07:05:58 2017

Dinosaur eggs reveal one possible reason why they went extinct
added: Tue Jan 3 07:04:46 2017

With No Warning? Steve Pearce introduced an amendment to completely defund the OCE in June. No warning my ass.
added: Tue Jan 3 06:58:19 2017

Too many forex fiddles make Beijing look nervous, @petesweeneypro
added: Tue Jan 3 06:56:13 2017

Raymond’s tomb, Paigah tombs, & Qutb Shahi tombs to be added to Swadesh Darshan circuit. @DalrympleWill @nickfdrake
added: Tue Jan 3 06:26:41 2017

.@ChinaLawTransl8 have translated the “Guiding Opinion on the Establishment of a Personal Creditworthiness System”
added: Tue Jan 3 03:06:15 2017

As new NGO law takes effect cops attack Beijing worker rights gr'p @RadioFreeAsia report @chinalabour @handongfang
added: Tue Jan 3 02:43:26 2017

The next time your libertarian buddy talks about how it would be great to privatize stuff like roads, send them this
added: Tue Jan 3 02:11:11 2017

China says Hong Kong must not be used to infiltrate or subvert mainland
added: Tue Jan 3 01:24:02 2017

"let's delete information that's not popular" seems like a very efficient way to destroy civilization
added: Mon Jan 2 22:28:30 2017

Chinese president accuses fallen top officials of ‘political conspiracies’
added: Mon Jan 2 17:00:07 2017

Airbnb (like most other "sharing" tech companies) largely a tax dodging business, FT finds
added: Mon Jan 2 16:08:47 2017

Lam Wing-kee received most votes in @appledaily_hk Person of the Yr vote. Our yr-end essay traces the choice he made
added: Mon Jan 2 04:38:11 2017

Bank of AQI400+ smog rolling into Beijing just now - within 20 minutes #beijing…
added: Mon Jan 2 03:58:39 2017
tags: beijing

HK government, with its unlimited resources, will use legal procedures to bully lawmakers with fewer resources
added: Mon Jan 2 02:58:08 2017

Some researchers say seasonal affective disorder might not be a real thing
added: Sun Jan 1 16:02:01 2017

An ancient city emerges in a remote rain forest:
added: Sun Jan 1 16:00:14 2017

Owner of Istanbul nightclub says he received warning from 'American intelligence' before Santa attack.
added: Sun Jan 1 15:59:38 2017

Lords revolt over plans for ‘free-market’ universities
added: Sun Jan 1 14:07:07 2017

Rare 'sabre-tusked' elephant killed by poachers in Sabah
added: Sun Jan 1 10:43:57 2017

Humpback whale spotted in New York's East River
added: Sun Jan 1 10:33:37 2017

The prime minister is out of touch with his own citizens | Opinion
added: Sun Jan 1 10:30:00 2017

#SCMP Thousands join New Year’s Day march against government push to disqualify Hong Kong lawmakers
added: Sun Jan 1 10:29:09 2017
tags: scmp

White House fails to make case that Russian hackers tampered with election - Ars Technica
added: Sun Jan 1 10:25:46 2017

~The recorded history of their exploits, especially prior to the mutiny of 1857, supports this effusive...
added: Sun Jan 1 07:37:25 2017

shout out to erlang:monotonic_time/0
added: Sun Jan 1 07:22:17 2017

Another leap second, another slew of outages. Handling time correctly is hard!
added: Sun Jan 1 06:21:20 2017

Eve Babitz’s Famous Nude Chess Match Against Marcel Duchamp, the Full Story (NSFW)
added: Sun Jan 1 03:51:01 2017

Island Lions vs Peninsula Dragons - Boys under 12: via @YouTube
added: Sun Jan 1 03:46:31 2017
added: Sun Jan 1 03:42:20 2017

US may put weapons in #SouthChinaSea New tactic involves artillery historically used in offensive land-attack
added: Sat Dec 31 20:21:01 2016
tags: southchinasea

Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems:
added: Sat Dec 31 17:09:28 2016

India activates seventh landing ground near disputed Chinese border | IHS Jane's 360
added: Sat Dec 31 17:09:09 2016

Rich people and corporations pay an estimated $330 billion less in taxes than they owe every year. #BestOf2016
added: Sat Dec 31 15:55:00 2016
tags: bestof2016

Syria rebels: ceasefire 'void' if government violations persist
added: Sat Dec 31 14:35:05 2016

Russian hackers penetrated Vermont electric utility by @eilperin @ adamentous
added: Sat Dec 31 14:18:39 2016

.@RealTimBlack UH OH THE DEMS ARE LOSING THE LYING MSM'S SUPPORT-> Something About This Russia Story Stinks ->
added: Sat Dec 31 14:13:46 2016

"In Hong Kong there is no such thing as a ‘common law’ wife or husband. In broad terms, the unmarried mother of a...
added: Sat Dec 31 13:00:16 2016

SSHLock – SSH on Steroids! - New BSD Mag Issue is OUT! Interview with @lattera Founder of…
added: Sat Dec 31 13:00:03 2016

GitHub is over
added: Sat Dec 31 12:17:31 2016

Bill & John proving history has shown: you don’t drop 0hdays to own people #33c3
added: Sat Dec 31 12:15:14 2016
tags: 33c3

Hong Kong #refugee family who offered refuge to @Snowden targeted by government, no hope for waiver from deportation
added: Sat Dec 31 12:06:29 2016
tags: refugee

Duterte looks forward to China’s help for Metro infrastructure.
added: Sat Dec 31 12:06:17 2016

Chinese firms ordered to pay Disney, Pixar $194,000 for copying 'Cars': Xinhua
added: Sat Dec 31 12:05:08 2016

Tibet: Tensions on the roof of the world
added: Sat Dec 31 11:26:38 2016

At times it feels like Myanmar is doing all it can to place itself in the crosshairs of the global jihadist cause
added: Sat Dec 31 11:24:47 2016

Following the Links From Russian Hackers to the U.S. Election
added: Sat Dec 31 11:20:56 2016

Methbot: Russian botnet steals millions from US companies every da... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat Dec 31 11:20:18 2016

Firefox 52 Borrows One More Privacy Feature from the Tor Browser
added: Sat Dec 31 11:17:34 2016

For #SunshineWeek, MuckRock tours the #FOIA redaction hall of shame #FOIA2016
added: Sat Dec 31 11:15:02 2016
tags: foia, sunshineweek, foia2016

#Taiwan leader urges #China for ‘calm’ talks as pressure grows - The Hindu
added: Sat Dec 31 10:36:38 2016
tags: taiwan, china

China considering strong measures to contain Taiwan: sources War games, economic sanctions under consideration.
added: Sat Dec 31 10:33:03 2016

osmnx - Retrieve and construct spatial geometries and street networks from OpenStreetMap
added: Sat Dec 31 10:15:20 2016

China is angry at #Japan over unauthorized photos of its new aircraft carrier #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Dec 31 10:03:54 2016
tags: japan, southchinasea

Thatcher wanted to infest Peru with Coca-eating moths: New docs.
added: Sat Dec 31 10:00:02 2016

Facebook temporarily bans author after he calls Trump fans 'nasty fascistic lot'
added: Sat Dec 31 09:37:32 2016

Ring-tailed lemurs face #extinction amid sapphire-mining rush in Madagascar #Lemur #ExtinctIsForever @extinctsymbol
added: Sat Dec 31 08:17:21 2016
tags: extinctisforever, lemur, extinction

With China’s Ivory market closed, Hong Kong can become a preferred market for traffickers to launder illegal ivory -
added: Sat Dec 31 07:14:14 2016

Taiwan to be Tested in 2017: President Tsai
added: Sat Dec 31 05:38:52 2016

Apple Daily says a blacklist of politically incorrect TW & HK performers is circulating PRC entertainment industry
added: Sat Dec 31 05:37:29 2016

Loophole in new Syria ceasefire deal: excludes those "linked" to terrorists. Has meant civilians in opposition area.
added: Sat Dec 31 05:35:39 2016

China's water grab in Tibet: water from Tibet's Drichu (Yangtze) diverted to Beijing's suburbs
added: Sat Dec 31 05:02:56 2016

San Francisco crab fishers join West Coast strike after unloading catch
added: Sat Dec 31 05:01:56 2016

Take the Hong Kong film challenge: Edmund Lee ranks 50 films made locally this year, from the worst to the very...
added: Sat Dec 31 05:00:03 2016

.@Abhinav_Bindra lauds Sports Ministry's decision to suspend Indian Olympic Association
added: Sat Dec 31 04:54:56 2016

Chinese regime would reject any separate democratically-based Hong Kong identity: Lee Kwan-yew via @hongkongfp
added: Sat Dec 31 03:07:05 2016

Duke Energy says coal-ash clean-up has cost $725M to date; could seek to have customers pay: Duke Energy says it…
added: Fri Dec 30 19:49:38 2016

“Users who don’t want that information to be available to Facebook should contact the data brokers directly”
added: Fri Dec 30 18:45:38 2016

Something about this Russia story stinks. Read Matt Taibbi's latest
added: Fri Dec 30 17:05:08 2016

Great account of @Fahrenthold 's investigative reporting in this modern age of social media
added: Fri Dec 30 15:50:40 2016

The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang's Tour-De-force: Comments:
added: Fri Dec 30 15:50:03 2016

A statistical analysis on tattoos in one Florida prison: via @TheEconomist
added: Fri Dec 30 15:37:01 2016

US military says Mosul hospital airstrike may have killed civilians
added: Fri Dec 30 13:52:10 2016

Turkey just took another step towards authoritarian rule
added: Fri Dec 30 13:17:15 2016

Conflict of interest, environmental degradation, and desecration of sacred/cultural sites all in one:
added: Fri Dec 30 13:17:11 2016

Russia expels 35 US diplomats in tit-for-tat move
added: Fri Dec 30 12:04:25 2016

Read the tragic true story of the last UK men hanged for gay sex
added: Fri Dec 30 11:20:06 2016

#OMG --- #May attacked @JohnKerry calling #Netanyahu govt "most right wing in #Israel/i history" - But fact Mrs May!
added: Fri Dec 30 10:55:31 2016
tags: omg, may, israel, netanyahu

Saudi Arabia jails man for saying men shouldn't be able to control women
added: Fri Dec 30 10:54:22 2016

" Is Malaysia Tilting Towards China?" Yang Razali Kassim
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:19 2016

Student arrested near Legco last year found guilty of posessing smoke bomb material
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:04 2016

Ben Mendelsohn says a 'vastly different' version of Rogue One exists
added: Fri Dec 30 10:53:00 2016

Syria ceasefire holds after initial clashes:
added: Fri Dec 30 10:46:43 2016

One-Belt-One Road is every single China offshore infrastructure project, including Lat America.
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:44 2016

Theresa May's criticism of John Kerry's Israel speech has not gone down well with the US
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:22 2016

Trump loves Israelis so much he sells them Trump Vodka & tells them it's kosher. But it isn't. He just got caught
added: Fri Dec 30 10:42:21 2016

China’s Artificial Islands No Cause for Concern in Philippines – Duterte
added: Fri Dec 30 10:12:28 2016

India to Station Special Ops Aircraft on Border With China
added: Fri Dec 30 10:09:38 2016

The BRICS aren’t anti-colonial counterweights. They’re looking for new markets and resources, just like the West.
added: Fri Dec 30 09:14:01 2016

Hong Kong’s 13-month battle to cut its bill for the British garrison in last decade of colonial rule
added: Fri Dec 30 09:07:56 2016

Career scientist and cyber-security expert appointed as deputy chief of Beijing’s liaison…
added: Fri Dec 30 09:07:03 2016

Fix loopholes to end abuse of catering staff: CTU
added: Fri Dec 30 09:05:15 2016

“Under the right circumstances, if conditions allow, we can consider a rate hike,” PBOC adviser Sheng tells Reuters
added: Fri Dec 30 09:02:29 2016

本港上月人民幣存款減少逾半成 #財經 Fri, 30 Dec 2016 16:37:06 +0800
added: Fri Dec 30 08:40:23 2016
tags: 財經

Zero hours workers £1,000 a year worse off than those on permanent contracts doing the same work...
added: Fri Dec 30 08:32:04 2016

Patrice Lumumba: the most important assassination of the 20th century | Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
added: Fri Dec 30 08:30:47 2016

Department of Justice releases "Prosecutions Hong Kong 2015"
added: Fri Dec 30 07:06:34 2016

200 dead could bring 20 years of peace, ex-China leader Deng said ahead of Tiananmen massacre via @hongkongfp
added: Fri Dec 30 07:06:10 2016

Exclusive: Chinese education giant helps its students game the SAT @stecklow via @Reuters @thechinaprice
added: Fri Dec 30 06:41:18 2016

China to relax curbs on foreign investment in banking, securities - state planner
added: Fri Dec 30 06:35:07 2016

After “fake news” played such a prominent role in an election, the need for news literacy has never been greater.
added: Fri Dec 30 06:34:01 2016

Independence issue has been dealt with, says Wang Guangya
added: Fri Dec 30 05:32:31 2016

Why are island birds losing their ability to fly?
added: Fri Dec 30 00:21:06 2016

U.S. names two Russians as the DNC hackers
added: Thu Dec 29 19:05:41 2016

"The Guardian’s Summary of Julian Assange’s Interview Went Viral and Was Completely False"
added: Thu Dec 29 18:52:18 2016

Bounty of perks, tax breaks and subsidies supports Apple in China. "Corporate diplomacy" plays off governments.
added: Thu Dec 29 18:14:35 2016

Much abt @realDonaldTrump reminds me of Singapore, like press freedom. @jayrosen_nyu @sarahkendzior @ggreenwald
added: Thu Dec 29 16:52:52 2016

“Million Dollar Dissidents and the Rest of Us,” #33c3 talk @jsrailton @billmarczak
added: Thu Dec 29 15:54:58 2016
tags: 33c3

NSA doc in Snowden leak shows Russian intel hacked into email of Anna Politkovskaya a year before she was killed
added: Thu Dec 29 15:53:28 2016

港鐵公司就早前南港島綫事故,所發的延遲證明書 Delay certificate issued by #MTR for earlier incident on South Island Line
added: Thu Dec 29 10:57:13 2016
tags: mtr

State media rails against film review websites for giving new Chinese movies poor marks
added: Thu Dec 29 10:54:03 2016

Tsai wades in on Nazi skit; China upset by Japan on Taiwan; Veterans told to avoid China ...and more
added: Thu Dec 29 10:50:53 2016

A popular Bahraini sports journalist is shot/killed point-blank. Sources say the suspect is a royal family member.
added: Thu Dec 29 10:48:26 2016

What an irresponsible and partisan headline #Xinjiang #China via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Dec 29 10:39:45 2016
tags: china, xinjiang

“Everybody is scared” in Hong Kong's book industry - bookshops, publishers, authors alike
added: Thu Dec 29 10:39:19 2016

Angela Merkel and the history book that helped inform her worldview
added: Thu Dec 29 10:38:26 2016

Man admits Brexit electoral fraud live on radio
added: Thu Dec 29 10:36:48 2016

How #blockchains could change the world | @McKinsey | Pie-in-the-sky nonsense twaddle from another consultant.
added: Thu Dec 29 10:33:46 2016
tags: blockchains

No curbs planned to end construction of 'nano flats', says Paul Chan
added: Thu Dec 29 10:31:04 2016

China's CCB signs $4.3 billion of debt/equity swaps with coal, steel firms via @ReutersUK
added: Thu Dec 29 09:32:42 2016

Toshiba shares have lost more than $6bn in just three days
added: Thu Dec 29 09:06:06 2016

Court rules police can shoot barking or moving dogs when entering a home
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:45 2016

French woman pardoned for killing decades-long violent husband.
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:03 2016

#HongKong bans poultry imports from three more regions after #BirdFlu outbreaks:
added: Thu Dec 29 09:00:02 2016
tags: hongkong, birdflu

'Hidden Figures' elevates NASA's human computers to a realm as rarefied as the astronauts'
added: Thu Dec 29 08:59:55 2016

"The purpose of the drug war is to castrate dissent." How Duterte nationalized a bloody campaign. @SpecialReports
added: Thu Dec 29 08:10:58 2016

Chinese prosecutors ask court for more time in 'separatism' case against #TashiWangchuk, already detained since JAN
added: Thu Dec 29 08:09:53 2016
tags: tashiwangchuk

BREAKING: Julie Bishop backs #Israel rather than the #US over #UN resolution
added: Thu Dec 29 08:04:43 2016
tags: un, israel, us

It's telling that political stability comes before critical infrastructure in China's list of cybersecurity threats
added: Thu Dec 29 07:24:16 2016

"BJ says Catholic Patriotic Assoc can appoint bishops - Vatican says only the Pope": telling Pope how 2 b Catholic:
added: Thu Dec 29 07:12:11 2016

Beijing takes aim at indy ‘flies’
added: Thu Dec 29 07:05:58 2016

Gone but not forgotten.
added: Thu Dec 29 07:03:11 2016

Beijing liberalizes salt trade
added: Thu Dec 29 07:02:05 2016

A “terror attack” struck a county in China’s restive region of Xinjiang on Wednesday, local authorities said,...
added: Thu Dec 29 07:01:11 2016

Lawmaker urges reassessment of Central tenements before URA developemnt
added: Thu Dec 29 07:00:58 2016

Catholics told to make beliefs fit reality
added: Thu Dec 29 07:00:58 2016

China says party control over religion in Tibet will only increase via @ReutersIndia
added: Thu Dec 29 06:22:28 2016

#FT Chinese keep buying London property despite Brexit
added: Thu Dec 29 05:44:06 2016
tags: ft

#MALABAR naval exercise aimed at PLA submarines in #SouthChinaSea: Chinese media
added: Thu Dec 29 05:09:00 2016
tags: southchinasea, malabar

Taiwan's Tsai to transit in U.S. in move bound to anger China
added: Thu Dec 29 04:50:46 2016

Yuan drops to new lows in Hong Kong
added: Thu Dec 29 04:30:58 2016

Family forced to drop case over #Beijing custody death
added: Thu Dec 29 04:11:22 2016
tags: beijing

Jailed Chinese activist awakes from coma; says he did not attempt suicide, despite claims
added: Thu Dec 29 02:48:16 2016

If China wants RCEP to succeed it must open its markets, like US did post-WW2; see latest Nikkei Asia Review op-ed,
added: Thu Dec 29 02:36:07 2016

#FreeBSD #Foundation Receives Another $500,000 USD Gift
added: Wed Dec 28 22:53:24 2016
tags: foundation, freebsd

5. How technology disrupted the truth, by @KathViner #mostread2016
added: Wed Dec 28 17:48:01 2016
tags: mostread2016

Enbridge Line #5 Pipeline Threatens Great Lakes; Public Comment Needed #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Wed Dec 28 14:15:01 2016
tags: tairp, indigenous

Chinese traders arrested in Hong Kong charged with insider trading on hacked information in the USA
added: Wed Dec 28 14:08:35 2016

How utterly clueless does a pundit have to be to look at Patrick Murphy & think he sees a Democratic superstar?
added: Wed Dec 28 13:54:44 2016

Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016
added: Wed Dec 28 12:36:21 2016

FIFA boss says football federations back expanded World Cup
added: Wed Dec 28 12:35:06 2016

Taiwanese party riles China by inviting Hong Kong lawmakers to forum on self-determination
added: Wed Dec 28 10:50:15 2016

BREAKING: President of ad giant Dentsu will step down to take responsibility for suicide of overworked employee
added: Wed Dec 28 10:37:18 2016

The walls have ears: Warrant granted for #Amazon Echo recordings
added: Wed Dec 28 07:20:01 2016
tags: amazon

Emboldened by its total impunity after decades of illegally colonizing occupied Palestinian land, Israel continues
added: Tue Dec 27 02:49:41 2016

Hong Kong, where history has become a battleground for Beijing.
added: Tue Dec 27 01:59:23 2016

“The normalization of China-Norway ties is the result of years of quiet diplomacy.”
added: Tue Dec 27 01:15:01 2016

How Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert blazed a trail for Trump
added: Mon Dec 26 21:54:51 2016

Now more than ever, must reading from the great Tony Judt in 2006: "The Country That Wouldn't Grow Up"
added: Mon Dec 26 19:47:30 2016

Jabbing left and right, the Anti-Defamation League defends space for American Jews in the political center.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:54:22 2016

The Christmas bird count, a ‘citizen science project,’ thrives in B.C.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:31:09 2016

Apple Pulls Nokia Products from Apple Stores: Comments:
added: Mon Dec 26 14:30:03 2016

#MondayBlues In this album, blues musician Memphis Slim interprets some of his favorite blues singers.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:30:02 2016
tags: mondayblues

Trump’s administration will embolden the Right to harass, suppress, and silence any criticism of Israel.
added: Mon Dec 26 14:28:46 2016

China wages cyber war against dharamsala
added: Mon Dec 26 14:22:22 2016

#Cambodia currently principally indebted to China, still has decades-old $458m debt to #Russia and US at $162m
added: Mon Dec 26 14:00:55 2016
tags: cambodia, russia

If you liked @Nate_Cohn's NYT election analysis, my piece had the same conclusions, worse graphics & better politics
added: Mon Dec 26 13:36:25 2016

@democracynow @WarOnWarOff Bernie is right! BTW we can thank Bill Clinton and the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
added: Mon Dec 26 13:33:53 2016

Dec 26 1907 - New York City Rent Strike begins. Lasts until Jan 9 & 2000 families receive reduced rents as a result.
added: Mon Dec 26 13:27:16 2016

The graffiti kids who sparked the Syrian war – @markmackinnon's telling of the Syrian revolution –
added: Mon Dec 26 09:53:35 2016

FAKE NEWS OR FAKE RICE? "China produces fake rice ...mixed with plastic for exportation to African countries"
added: Mon Dec 26 09:35:58 2016

Chinese Carrier Enters South China Sea Amid Renewed Tension
added: Mon Dec 26 09:12:03 2016

Carrie Lam to fly back to Beijing
added: Mon Dec 26 08:26:35 2016

#Museum director under investigation because he opposed #commercialdevelopment in area around ancient temple
added: Mon Dec 26 07:30:09 2016
tags: commercialdevelopment, museum

"Palestinians know that they have been offered only stale crumbs from the UN Security Council's table."
added: Mon Dec 26 07:30:05 2016

A small planet in our solar system might have been a home for aliens
added: Mon Dec 26 07:29:01 2016

prometheus (3.1.1): Prometheus monitoring system and time series database client in Erlang.
added: Mon Dec 26 07:15:43 2016

Chinese tourists riot after flight delays in Hokkaido
added: Mon Dec 26 07:06:16 2016

Duped by fake news story, Pakistani minister threatens nuclear war with Israel @CNNI
added: Mon Dec 26 07:06:03 2016

China's property curbs set to stay in place in 2017: government think tank
added: Mon Dec 26 07:05:05 2016

Bengal batsman #PankajShaw smashes 413 not out; hits 44 fours, 23 sixes en route
added: Mon Dec 26 06:16:15 2016
tags: pankajshaw

Filmmaker Arrested At Pipeline Protest Facing 45 Years In Felony Charges
added: Mon Dec 26 02:58:08 2016

China lease renewals ease homeowner fears
added: Mon Dec 26 02:43:34 2016

Sound familiar? Xinhua raises concerns about absence of secretive ruler due to health fears
added: Mon Dec 26 02:20:03 2016

The belligerent persecution complex of the American Christian supermajority:
added: Mon Dec 26 02:07:48 2016

Trump’s chief ethics lawyer has a long history of destroying campaign finance regulations.
added: Mon Dec 26 01:55:01 2016

Major Veterans Groups Are Rattled By Trump’s Plans To Gut The VA
added: Mon Dec 26 00:38:00 2016

CA AG files new charges against Backpage CEO, shareholders for pimping and money laundering
added: Mon Dec 26 00:31:09 2016

Sudan steps up efforts to save historical landmarks
added: Mon Dec 26 00:30:10 2016

TIL: Pokemon Go users are editing/vandalizing OpenStreetMap since it seems to use OSM data for spawn locations. m(
added: Sun Dec 25 20:24:44 2016

Israel's prime minister pledged to exact a "diplomatic and economic price" over the UN Security Council resolution
added: Sun Dec 25 19:48:05 2016

I caught up with Latino leaders who quit supporting Trump during his campaign. They're...back on board:
added: Sun Dec 25 19:18:42 2016

#HKFP Chinese whispers: How China is using the media as a form of soft power in Australia
added: Sun Dec 25 16:41:24 2016
tags: hkfp

MINDEF makes formal representation to Hong Kong on detention of SAF’s Terrex ICVs – The…
added: Sun Dec 25 16:40:02 2016

Behind the scenes: The mainland journalist who writes about China's human rights
added: Sun Dec 25 16:36:08 2016

#HKFP Approval to resign? Finance Sec. John Tsang is answerable Hongkongers, not Beijing
added: Sun Dec 25 16:31:24 2016
tags: hkfp

China needs to regulate 'money gates' but guard against financial stress: state media
added: Sun Dec 25 15:35:04 2016

Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders: How To Remake the Democratic Party - In These Times:
added: Sun Dec 25 15:30:09 2016

Nigerian fake rice update: apparently it was meant for display all along cc @shelbygrossman
added: Sun Dec 25 15:30:05 2016

Scared For Her Life, Afghanistan's First Female Pilot Seeks Asylum.
added: Sun Dec 25 15:00:11 2016

An earthquake registering a magnitude of 7.7 struck southern Chile. Region under tsunami watch
added: Sun Dec 25 14:54:48 2016

Silencing dissent is going to become the American way. History will judge @SpeakerRyan harshly.
added: Sun Dec 25 13:50:30 2016

Egypt confirms Al Jazeera producer's arrest for 'provoking sedition'
added: Sun Dec 25 13:15:36 2016

"It’s not just about my brother’s case, it is… about the horrible colonial situation between Puerto Rico & the US"
added: Sun Dec 25 13:05:09 2016

"At this pace, conservationists fear that the vaquita will be extinct by 2022."
added: Sun Dec 25 13:03:37 2016

Beijing imposes anti-independence rules on Hong Kong deputies to China’s top legislature
added: Sun Dec 25 12:43:26 2016

New report from House lawmakers rejects backdoors, says weakening encryption is against national interest :
added: Sun Dec 25 12:41:35 2016

Merry XMAS from the NYPD
added: Sun Dec 25 11:55:41 2016

Hackers breached the “The Standard Hong Kong” newspaper via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sun Dec 25 11:20:16 2016

The brainless slime mould that can solve problems and teach what it has learnt to other slimes via @theage
added: Sun Dec 25 11:18:48 2016

'Friends don't take friends to the UN': Netanyahu accuses Obama over settlements vote
added: Sun Dec 25 10:39:52 2016

@Tibetans My ‘Ruins Photography’ By Woeser @degewa #Tibet
added: Sun Dec 25 10:08:13 2016
tags: tibet

Singapore government still unsuccessful in securing release of seized armoured vehicles - The Independent
added: Sun Dec 25 09:59:22 2016

Queen too ill to attend Christmas Day church service
added: Sun Dec 25 09:58:51 2016

China to levy new taxes in bid to strengthen pollution fight
added: Sun Dec 25 09:35:04 2016

Millennials are living with their parents at a rate not seen since the Great Depression
added: Sun Dec 25 09:32:02 2016

Woman techie hacked to death with sharp-edged weapon in Pune
added: Sun Dec 25 09:15:00 2016

After "despotism of absolute monarchy &...terror of revolution, liberalism warns that uninterrupted power corrupts."
added: Sun Dec 25 09:05:44 2016

China's aircraft carrier to drill in Western Pacific
added: Sun Dec 25 09:05:06 2016

Dozens of UK banks and financial firms 'looking at moving to Ireland'
added: Sun Dec 25 09:04:10 2016

China to mobilise 'hundreds' of missiles to disputed #SouthChinaSea islands in coming months, US officials say
added: Sun Dec 25 08:56:55 2016
tags: southchinasea

Bernie Supporters Seem to Be Staging a Revolt in the Washington Democratic Party -
added: Sun Dec 25 08:35:05 2016

Climate deniers? @DanRather prefers "reality deniers": via @grist
added: Sun Dec 25 04:35:01 2016

China Cracks Down on Christmas Celebrations, Bans Protestant Services
added: Sun Dec 25 02:15:27 2016

Today, only one political party is leading the fight for a voting-justice movement: the Green Party.
added: Sat Dec 24 17:00:45 2016

Interview: 'King of Votes' Eddie Chu says it’s time for a real Hong Kong democratic movement
added: Sat Dec 24 16:02:25 2016

As a holiday gift, we’re bringing GitLab Pages to Community Edition Happy holidays!
added: Sat Dec 24 14:22:51 2016

nice xmas present-the first fruits of my collaboration w/ @adrianzenz on the beefed up security posture in Xinjiang
added: Fri Dec 23 20:54:14 2016

Liberal elites are "resistant to the 'Hillary failed' narrative in part because they are directly indicted by it."
added: Fri Dec 23 12:22:01 2016

A 30min aerial footage of World's largest gold mine. #WestPapua #genocide continuous while a mountain is plundered
added: Fri Dec 23 11:49:13 2016
tags: westpapua, genocide

Limerick city food bank runs out of supplies and turns over 100 people away
added: Fri Dec 23 11:44:21 2016

Chinese Companies Announce Plans to Buy 49% of European Data Center Operator Global Switch
added: Fri Dec 23 11:24:47 2016

Not only did Democrats lose the White House, they have few governorships and state legislatures
added: Fri Dec 23 10:08:16 2016

#Taiwan meeting would be a real #Asia pivot - Washington Times
added: Fri Dec 23 10:07:59 2016
tags: taiwan, asia

Costly debt, tepid equities nudge China Inc to convertibles by @Umesh_Desai
added: Fri Dec 23 10:07:20 2016

Last week @paulkrugman wrote interestingly on Fall of Roman Republic & relevance now. Here are further reflections
added: Fri Dec 23 10:05:06 2016

US sues Barclays over crisis-era mortgage securities
added: Fri Dec 23 09:17:33 2016

U.S. companies want to play China’s game. They just can’t win it.
added: Fri Dec 23 09:15:56 2016

Continuous Delivery: A Christmas Tale via @circleci
added: Fri Dec 23 09:13:58 2016

Beijing prosecutors: five #police officers involved in the #LeiYang #deathincustody case won't be charged #China
added: Fri Dec 23 09:09:42 2016
tags: leiyang, china, deathincustody, police

Chinese state newspaper accuses @realDonaldTrump's trade adviser pick, Peter Navarro, of "anti-China alarmism"
added: Fri Dec 23 09:03:39 2016

LeEco just fired 60 people in Hong Kong right before the holidays. Stay classy, @LeEcoGlobal!
added: Fri Dec 23 08:38:23 2016

Uber’s self-driving cars threaten to squish bike riders
added: Fri Dec 23 08:35:03 2016

Police report filed on 'missing' allocation for Chinese schools
added: Fri Dec 23 08:32:38 2016

Fire destroys section of scenic wetland spot
added: Fri Dec 23 08:31:33 2016

What if NPCSC interpretation deviates from Basic Law?
added: Fri Dec 23 08:07:29 2016

Goldman Sachs is investigated in 1MDB case.
added: Fri Dec 23 08:05:03 2016

John Tsang’s popularity dips as his CE plans still in limbo
added: Fri Dec 23 08:04:22 2016

shock | China's name + shame campaign fails to deter polluters
added: Fri Dec 23 08:03:09 2016

China to relax foreign investment rules for aged care: State Council
added: Fri Dec 23 08:00:08 2016

Earth's core is squirting a jetstream of liquid metal under the planet's surface
added: Fri Dec 23 08:00:01 2016

China auditor says 3,000 punished for 2015 budget irregularities
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:53 2016

China expresses disappointment at EU favoring continued limits on Chinese solar panels
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:40 2016

Deepening commercial ties with U.S. won't change under Trump presidency: China
added: Fri Dec 23 07:57:22 2016

More like overworked
added: Fri Dec 23 07:56:46 2016

China foreign minister says U.S. ties face new uncertainties
added: Fri Dec 23 07:56:36 2016

.@DuneLawrence @xinwenfan on China's eco-destruction at sea See also
added: Fri Dec 23 07:54:19 2016

Humla, the last district not yet connected by road, is closer to China than mainland Nepal
added: Fri Dec 23 07:45:01 2016

China's scored a diplomatic hat trick after flexing its economic muscle via @bpolitics
added: Fri Dec 23 07:31:23 2016

New MTR line will not ease Southern District transport woes, says DAB
added: Fri Dec 23 07:11:56 2016

Philippines Publisher Murdered Amid Brutal Drug War
added: Fri Dec 23 07:10:09 2016

I'm really not convinced Italy has the means to bail out Monte Dei Paschi. Even at 900 USD, I keep buying Bitcoin.
added: Fri Dec 23 07:05:43 2016

China's Diplomatic Achievements Based on Economic Power which means monopoly money via @theworldpost
added: Fri Dec 23 07:03:05 2016

#Facebook break can boost wellbeing, study suggests
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:07 2016
tags: facebook

Hate fake news? This site is for you
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:02 2016

#ICYMI @BP_plc finally withdraws application to drill for oil in #GreatAustralianBight: #SeaShepherd #OpJeedara
added: Fri Dec 23 07:00:02 2016
tags: icymi, greataustralianbight, opjeedara, seashepherd

Shanghai water supply hit by 100-tonne wave of garbage
added: Fri Dec 23 06:54:06 2016

race to bottom | If you think air pollution in China is bad, take a look at Mongolia
added: Fri Dec 23 06:26:24 2016

Isis is using terror to eliminate multicultural countries like Germany – and the far-right is helping them
added: Fri Dec 23 06:23:00 2016

Fund established to support four pro-democracy lawmakers targeted in gov’t legal action
added: Fri Dec 23 06:18:57 2016

Skip to 3:30. Peter Navaroo cites Charles Glazer: "Trade Taiwan for peace everywhere else"
added: Fri Dec 23 06:11:49 2016

This Hong Kong developer is selling apartments that are smaller than parking spaces
added: Fri Dec 23 06:05:04 2016

New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection: Comments:
added: Fri Dec 23 05:10:02 2016

Revealed: New book exposes Koh-i-Noor diamond's bloody history via @economictimes
added: Fri Dec 23 05:04:50 2016

RSF calls for release of website founder abducted last month
added: Fri Dec 23 04:53:10 2016

#China’s 2% Inflation Doesn’t Tell Whole Story as #Yuan Slumps via @markets @business @SandyHendry
added: Fri Dec 23 04:43:49 2016
tags: yuan, china

Someend of year thoughts on approaching China and risk
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:23 2016

#Taiwan Cabinet declares 7 April as "Freedom of Expression Day" 言論自由日
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:23 2016
tags: taiwan

Under fire, Eric Trump suspends charitable foundation: Washington Post
added: Fri Dec 23 04:35:07 2016

Chandran Nair on Consumptionomics: China’s dilemma on moderate prosperity
added: Fri Dec 23 04:32:56 2016

Bolivia continues to be an example for other countries. ✊✊✊
added: Fri Dec 23 04:30:01 2016

GovHK - such technology, very innovation: but it also says it cannot recognise online news sources. Odd that...
added: Fri Dec 23 04:15:34 2016

Not unrelated: This piece by @R_Egreteau @NAR explores the total lack of oversight for Myanmar's army
added: Fri Dec 23 04:14:00 2016

Limited room for China to tighten policy as debt fear grows
added: Fri Dec 23 04:05:07 2016

Huawei very happy to be on Map Of Tasmania
added: Fri Dec 23 04:04:48 2016

Facebook sees 68% rise in Hong Kong gov't data requests in first half of 2016
added: Fri Dec 23 03:16:03 2016

A $45m default leaves doubts about Alibaba fintech affiliate's investment offerings. by @yifanxie @jamestareddy
added: Fri Dec 23 03:14:45 2016

Thai boats using #humantrafficking fishing illegally off E Africa. More #supplychain safeguards needed @giobrouss
added: Fri Dec 23 02:50:31 2016
tags: humantrafficking, supplychain

Facebook should delete the Muslim registry it already has - Ars Technica
added: Fri Dec 23 02:10:10 2016

Editorial @WSJopinion: Taiwan Fails the Uber Test
added: Fri Dec 23 01:23:21 2016

Shanghai, Shanghai. We look at the city's soaring property market - @vicenews @isobelyeung
added: Fri Dec 23 00:21:49 2016

i wrote about referenda and why they're not nearly as democratic as they claim
added: Fri Dec 23 00:18:36 2016

Reminder: Obama is 1st US prez since 1967 to not allow a single UNSCR opposed by Israel. Full data:
added: Thu Dec 22 22:01:03 2016

"Mistakes were made:" Less than 24 hours after releasing report claiming I lied, HPSCI is walking back its report.
added: Thu Dec 22 21:14:07 2016

Uber, a $68 billion firm, dismantled a homeless encampment & displaced 30 people so its autonomous cars could park.
added: Thu Dec 22 18:49:55 2016

@immolations Never mind, found it.
added: Thu Dec 22 15:40:10 2016

iQiyi sets up 1 Billion Yuan Fund to Support High-Quality, Homegrown Content
added: Thu Dec 22 12:49:00 2016

"For the first time in my life, this liberal technocrat is considering going to jail."
added: Thu Dec 22 12:48:05 2016

In Myanmar, profit clouds army pledge to return seized land
added: Thu Dec 22 12:39:17 2016

Beijing holds fire -- at least for now -- and weighs options after Trump names China-trade skeptic Peter Navarro.
added: Thu Dec 22 10:46:47 2016

醫管局今次並無公佈有關事件,直至死者丈夫向傳媒投訴才令事件曝光。 【伊院再爆事故 33歲產婦催生後心跳停頓大出血死亡】 另看昨日報道:...
added: Thu Dec 22 10:10:03 2016

Philippines watchdog to investigate Duterte's killing brag
added: Thu Dec 22 09:49:33 2016

“To see that my skin was healed was just shocking.”
added: Thu Dec 22 09:48:20 2016

Don't use flexbox for page layout: Comments:
added: Thu Dec 22 09:40:02 2016

Snow falls on Sahara; Arctic ice tethers near melting point
added: Thu Dec 22 09:37:26 2016

Tilda Swinton releases Margaret Cho emails about film role diversity
added: Thu Dec 22 09:34:36 2016

Home ownership among 25-year-olds in England and Wales has halved in 20 years
added: Thu Dec 22 09:30:38 2016

#Thailand seeks to develop military production facilities with #China.
added: Thu Dec 22 09:30:11 2016
tags: china, thailand

A cross-party group of senior politicians call to cut the prison population by half
added: Thu Dec 22 09:28:06 2016

Misty Copeland Speaks On Her Experience in Cuba With Non-white Ballet Dancers: 'It's Proving People Wrong'
added: Thu Dec 22 09:00:29 2016

Good read about the corrosive effects of celebrity on society- weapon of mass distraction
added: Thu Dec 22 08:58:13 2016

A CNN journalist filmed the 'invasive' airport security pat-down that made her cry
added: Thu Dec 22 08:57:01 2016

Report of another pregnant woman's death at Queen Elizabeth Hospital emerges
added: Thu Dec 22 08:55:01 2016

#Mongolia says Dalai Lama won't be invited again
added: Thu Dec 22 08:51:26 2016
tags: mongolia

University student takes her own life in third student suicide in four days
added: Thu Dec 22 08:51:01 2016

Fake plastic rice seized in Nigeria amid rocketing food prices
added: Thu Dec 22 08:50:28 2016

“Cooperation is the only correct choice" - Beijing's response to Trump's appointment of China hawk Peter Navarro
added: Thu Dec 22 08:49:19 2016

U.S. returns #China's Taobao shopping website to market blacklist
added: Thu Dec 22 08:48:38 2016
tags: china

Playing The American Card: the Realpolitik Game With China and Russia That Trump Doesn't Get
added: Thu Dec 22 08:47:12 2016

‘Cheating, rapacious, venal, disease incubator': here’s what Trump’s new trade tsar thinks of China
added: Thu Dec 22 08:40:37 2016

“Email is not a technical problem. It’s a people problem. And you can’t fix people.”
added: Thu Dec 22 08:05:18 2016

North Carolina rebuffs transgender bathroom law repeal
added: Thu Dec 22 08:05:08 2016

Delivery Drivers Sue Amazon Over Misclassification, Failure to Pay Overtime and the Minimum Wage
added: Thu Dec 22 08:00:00 2016

China foreign minister says U.S. ties face new uncertainties
added: Thu Dec 22 07:58:26 2016

Fentanyl has driven Duterte to 'madness'
added: Thu Dec 22 07:56:06 2016

Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques Violations of…
added: Thu Dec 22 07:52:47 2016

Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman
added: Thu Dec 22 07:47:44 2016

DAB's Starry Lee 'emotionally supports' ex-LegCo pres. Jasper Tsang to run for top job
added: Thu Dec 22 07:42:16 2016

#RAshwin named #ICC's Test Cricketer, Cricketer of the Year after brilliant run in 2016
added: Thu Dec 22 07:41:15 2016
tags: icc, rashwin

FBI search warrant into Hillary Clinton emails unsealed
added: Thu Dec 22 07:21:01 2016

Man who was wrongly imprisoned for 31 years gets $75 in compensation
added: Thu Dec 22 07:19:29 2016

How Republics End
added: Thu Dec 22 07:19:24 2016

Delta defended kicking 'Arabic-speaking' man off plane
added: Thu Dec 22 07:17:11 2016

"Dad, next time I break my arm and you won't take me to the ER, doctor said I should call Child Protective Services"
added: Thu Dec 22 07:14:40 2016

Hong Kong police allegedly mistreated and threatened detainee
added: Thu Dec 22 07:14:03 2016

#Thailand: The Amended Computer Crime Act and the State of Internet Freedoms via @EFF #NetFreedom
added: Thu Dec 22 07:04:18 2016
tags: thailand, netfreedom

Arrest of @64tianwang founder #HuangQi blowback from @RSF_inter prize, "sends signal" ahead of foreign NGO law #AFP
added: Thu Dec 22 07:03:53 2016
tags: huangqi, afp

OBJ said he was fined for wearing Craig Sager cleats that were then auctioned off with proceeds to cancer research.
added: Thu Dec 22 06:21:25 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong court warns two policemen accused of leaking murder case details not to interfere with key figures
added: Thu Dec 22 06:12:20 2016
tags: scmp

Sinica prof on Sao Tome: much of TWs money was used for vote buying. most cocoa farmers have never tasted chocolate.
added: Thu Dec 22 05:45:41 2016

‘A Notice to Foreign Forces: We’ve Captured #JiangTianyong!’ — Commy Youth League Video Denigrates Rights Lawyer
added: Thu Dec 22 05:32:58 2016
tags: jiangtianyong

2016 -- "the first election since 1796 in which more than six individuals received electoral votes for president"
added: Thu Dec 22 03:28:37 2016

"Taken literally, this would mean the end of independent reporting on national security policy."
added: Thu Dec 22 02:18:28 2016

The CIA is rebranding as a rational, progressive arm of the US state. And some liberals are buying it.
added: Thu Dec 22 01:41:43 2016

Bank of China (HK) opens 1st branch in #Brunei Xi pitches for oil and greater leverage over #ASEAN #SouthChinaSea
added: Wed Dec 21 22:54:48 2016
tags: brunei, asean, southchinasea

Mother Jones' Legacy Is Haunting Mother Jones as the Magazine Embraces Neoliberalism
added: Wed Dec 21 19:42:22 2016

Pakistan conducts live anti-ship missile test in North Arabian Sea
added: Wed Dec 21 14:30:02 2016

"Class Struggle and the Fight for Freedom" by Thomas Wells via Democratic Left
added: Wed Dec 21 14:30:01 2016

#Russia leaves #India stunned by backing 2000 Km China-Pakistan business corridor
added: Wed Dec 21 14:01:24 2016
tags: russia, india

China to tighten green car subsidy program following scandal
added: Wed Dec 21 09:25:08 2016

Japan's TDK is buying U.S.-based Apple-sensor-supplier @InvenSense for $1.3bn in cash
added: Wed Dec 21 08:46:43 2016

Missing Zhang back in action
added: Wed Dec 21 06:41:24 2016

Nassim Nicholas Taleb attacks #China printers’ censorship of his book-but 1000s of authors remain silent? @nntaleb
added: Wed Dec 21 06:40:40 2016
tags: china

China’s anticorruption campaign churns ensnares the innocent: A pig farmer's tale. Great reporting by @tepingchen
added: Wed Dec 21 06:36:45 2016

Apple is reportedly putting Mac development on the back burner: Comments:
added: Wed Dec 21 05:50:01 2016

* * * WILDAID PRESS RELEASE * * * Hong Kong Government Announces Ivory Ban Legislation
added: Wed Dec 21 05:47:42 2016

nvda - NVDA, the free and open source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows
added: Wed Dec 21 05:46:58 2016

Stray Bullet Forces McKinney (TX) Couple To Evacuate Their Home
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:10 2016

After the Ghost Ship fire, Tupac's old lawyer is helping Oakland artists fight eviction.
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:07 2016

Researchers link processed meat consumption with asthma; say could worsen the condition!
added: Wed Dec 21 05:45:00 2016

#China Cheers as #Taiwan Splits With One of Last Few Friends - Bloomberg
added: Wed Dec 21 05:42:54 2016
tags: china, taiwan

@CHRDnet if you prefer English: We put out a translation
added: Wed Dec 21 05:42:42 2016

Tech leaders' Trump sitdown: "...the humiliating normalization of a bigot, a fascist and a tyrant."
added: Wed Dec 21 05:41:26 2016

And then there were 21: Taiwan says goodbye to tiny São Tomé and Príncipe by @pingroma @stegersaurus
added: Wed Dec 21 05:41:15 2016

European regulators are mad at Facebook and WhatsApp over sharing data
added: Wed Dec 21 05:40:41 2016

2018 Governor of Cal... a Taiwanese-American??
added: Wed Dec 21 05:37:11 2016

China’s bond warning - a WSJ editorial. via @WSJ
added: Wed Dec 21 05:36:13 2016

microscope (0.4.0): A simple static web server written in Elixir
added: Wed Dec 21 05:35:57 2016

Shinzo Abe’s act of peace at Pearl Harbor masks a hawkish intent via @FT
added: Wed Dec 21 05:34:55 2016

Look! US "fear of upsetting Beijing" policies discussed, dissed by veteran reporter @keithrichburg . Finally...
added: Wed Dec 21 05:33:25 2016

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies
added: Wed Dec 21 05:27:58 2016

Trumpian Absurdism and US-China relations by Adam Cathcart | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Dec 21 05:25:36 2016

The Army under Obama tried kicked out a soldier for beating up a pedophile to protect a child. Why?
added: Wed Dec 21 05:24:57 2016

Smog refugees flee Chinese cities as 'airpocalypse' blights half a billion
added: Wed Dec 21 05:20:58 2016

"Om Telolet Om": How viral Indonesian meme confounded the dance music world
added: Wed Dec 21 03:30:06 2016

Seizing a U.S. drone, China hardly bothers with a legal rationale
added: Wed Dec 21 03:30:03 2016

I must have touched a nerve. Shenzhen TV runs a whole segment rebutting my @lawfareblog post on the drone seizure.
added: Wed Dec 21 02:34:59 2016

Feel the need to reiterate—Mike Flynn met w/ the head of a party founded by Nazis. We need more reporting on this.
added: Wed Dec 21 02:12:58 2016

Studio behind "The Great Wall" lashes out and accuses critic of libel towards Zhang Yimou
added: Wed Dec 21 02:00:01 2016

.@karaswisher one of the few tech journalists eating their Wheaties post election. (In edtech it's @audreywatters)
added: Tue Dec 20 17:38:22 2016

Police notice to Overseas NGOs: Find out which gov body supervises & monitors your org's activities in #China:
added: Tue Dec 20 15:42:42 2016
tags: china

Congress Syria resolution described by @joshrogin seems more aimed at pushing Trump than strengthening his hand
added: Mon Dec 19 14:52:07 2016

Trump team trying to convince everyone Jeff Sessions does not hate black people
added: Mon Dec 19 14:51:37 2016

Dems must look in the mirror. We need bold leadership now more than ever. #DontGiveUp
added: Mon Dec 19 14:51:09 2016
tags: dontgiveup

Evergreen Museum displays portraits of Civil War soldiers history overlooked
added: Mon Dec 19 14:23:19 2016

Muted U.S. Response to China’s Seizure of Drone Worries Asian Allies
added: Mon Dec 19 10:47:41 2016

Very good read.
added: Mon Dec 19 09:58:30 2016

All our e-books are on sale until the end of the year. Merry Christmas!
added: Mon Dec 19 09:57:51 2016

Barclays is dropping 7,000 clients who don't make them enough money
added: Mon Dec 19 09:57:09 2016

Norway, China normalize ties after Nobel Peace Prize row via @Reuters
added: Mon Dec 19 09:48:17 2016

A must read in light of the GOPs North Carolina power grab.
added: Mon Dec 19 08:58:10 2016

HKT decries HK government's handling of mobile spectrum issues
added: Mon Dec 19 08:35:41 2016

Obama said Russian hack stopped after he told Putin to 'cut it out'. That is not true, says DNC chair
added: Mon Dec 19 08:32:00 2016

Fusion reactor endurance record hints at our energy future
added: Mon Dec 19 08:29:28 2016

Pope Francis confirms that evolution and Big Bang theory are real, and God is not 'a magician with a magic wand':
added: Mon Dec 19 08:07:30 2016

Wikileaks offers to help Obama authenticate Russia hacking claims
added: Mon Dec 19 07:37:00 2016

Media battles over CE election as power struggle overshadows Hong Kong's welfare
added: Mon Dec 19 07:31:07 2016

By Joseph Lian: Hong Kong’s Leader, Loyal to a Fault
added: Mon Dec 19 07:24:08 2016

#Malaysia - #Vietnam concerned about reports of China's military deployment in #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon Dec 19 07:21:00 2016
tags: southchinasea, vietnam, malaysia

Jail sentence for taxpayer falsely claiming deductions of expenses of self-education and approved charitable…
added: Mon Dec 19 07:20:34 2016

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei @aiww finds home too dangerous, but he may go to Syria
added: Mon Dec 19 07:18:38 2016

How Digital Nomads Went From Niche to Normal @WriterSnyder #digitalnomad #remotework
added: Mon Dec 19 07:05:59 2016
tags: remotework, digitalnomad

Is war between the United States and China unavoidable?
added: Mon Dec 19 07:05:09 2016

China holds ‘first ever’ underwater drone symposium two days after it seizes US device ... Quite some timing, no?
added: Mon Dec 19 06:49:59 2016

As yuan weakens, Chinese rush to open foreign currency accounts by Winni Zhou & @jruwitch
added: Mon Dec 19 06:23:58 2016

(Warning: very long read) Is Taiwan Really a Beacon of Freedom?
added: Mon Dec 19 05:42:43 2016

Police probe complaints of sexual harassment by inspector, indecent assault at drinks party
added: Mon Dec 19 05:30:09 2016

Craig Choy of the Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思, who focuses on privacy issues, told HKFP that it showed a...
added: Mon Dec 19 05:28:12 2016

Ousted lawmaker urges legislature to 'be just' and await final court verdict as ...
added: Mon Dec 19 05:18:20 2016

#SCMP Consultation on retirement scheme ‘like staging a show’, former lawmaker Frederick Fung says
added: Mon Dec 19 04:55:04 2016
tags: scmp

Media speculate Chief Sec. Carrie Lam may meet Chinese officials during visit to ...
added: Mon Dec 19 04:08:05 2016

Jim Crow lives in the courtroom, writes @nytopinion: Same crime, same record - but twice the time behind bars.
added: Sat Dec 17 23:24:04 2016

@KatrinaNation @sdut Report on this instead of defending Russia
added: Sat Dec 17 20:19:07 2016

Smart editorial/ San Diego Union Tribune editorial board-- Is Russian election hack just the beginning for America?
added: Sat Dec 17 19:30:36 2016

Putin and Erdogan push for Syria talks without U.S. or U.N.
added: Fri Dec 16 13:33:11 2016

🎁>£20/$25 🎁>£50/$75 🎁>£100/$125 🎁<£100/$100…
added: Fri Dec 16 13:31:01 2016

Friedman op-ed from August: "There has never been a 'two-state solution' – only a 'two-state narrative.'"
added: Fri Dec 16 13:20:50 2016

Hundreds of Mao's Cultural Revolution 'Urban Youth' Protest Over Low Pensions
added: Fri Dec 16 13:16:03 2016

Denying benefits to Hong Kong civil servant's gay partner a matter of law, not discrimination, court...
added: Fri Dec 16 13:16:01 2016

Aleppo evacuation suspended amid dispute over villages
added: Fri Dec 16 12:16:48 2016

CORNERED: Judge Orders Trump To Testify Over Remarks About Immigrants
added: Fri Dec 16 12:15:38 2016

'Infuriating': John Podesta Unleashes On 'Deeply Broken' FBI
added: Fri Dec 16 12:15:08 2016

China Railway Corp.'s Gag Order Targets Social Media Users
added: Fri Dec 16 12:14:25 2016

This 1986 video is worth watching: NBC Reports On Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing
added: Fri Dec 16 12:08:25 2016 > wonder what's wrong with the PS? Read. Moscovici bashes the IMF for saying a 3.5% Gk primary surplus is too much
added: Fri Dec 16 12:08:19 2016

What we found: odds of having a child born during/after the war w/ birth defects was 30% higher for exposed veterans
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:43 2016

Oil glut to end by mid 2017 if producers stick to deal, says IEA
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:17 2016

Infrastructure investments driving ‘impressive’ growth in Ethiopa, says World Bank report
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:17 2016

The next Standing Rock-style protest could be this Navajo oil battle in New Mexico
added: Fri Dec 16 12:07:06 2016

UK govt's broadband bid: "We must acknowledge that there will be areas that it is not economical to connect"
added: Fri Dec 16 12:06:56 2016

Questions about ATC system remain, says Jeremy Tam
added: Fri Dec 16 11:30:09 2016

How price-gouging of opioid overdose cure costs lives: 'There's never enough'
added: Fri Dec 16 11:04:07 2016

China's top man in Hong Kong travels to Beijing as rumours swirl that he may be removed
added: Fri Dec 16 10:00:52 2016

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton wrong on #refugees' citizenship, Federal Court finds
added: Fri Dec 16 09:40:38 2016
tags: refugees

Computer Crime Act 2.0 Unanimously Passed by Rubber-Stamp Assembly via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Fri Dec 16 09:22:43 2016

"European colonists built farms and suburbs over them, but the monuments of Mississippian civilization still endure"
added: Fri Dec 16 09:22:35 2016

Philippines says won't protest China actions in Spratly Islands
added: Fri Dec 16 09:20:10 2016

The Thin Line Between Political Censorship and Fighting Fake News in Iran
added: Fri Dec 16 09:20:08 2016

China Military Tells Burma to Ensure Border Stability
added: Fri Dec 16 09:19:20 2016

Evacuations from eastern Aleppo suspended by Syrian government side, accusing rebels of breaking terms of deal
added: Fri Dec 16 09:17:12 2016

Ted Hui wins appeal against good-behaviour bond
added: Fri Dec 16 09:13:52 2016

Speech by Chief Executive at Signing Ceremony for the Collaboration between Hong Kong International Aviation…
added: Fri Dec 16 09:13:35 2016

In which I slag off Hong Kong chief executive candidate Regina Ip via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Dec 16 09:09:45 2016

#ClimateChange Half of #Japan's biggest coral reef wiped out by hot summer
added: Fri Dec 16 09:09:29 2016
tags: japan, climatechange

Man discovers 1,500-year-old ancient city in Turkey
added: Fri Dec 16 09:05:25 2016

HK stocks continue fall, Nikkei hits a new high
added: Fri Dec 16 09:01:52 2016

Oh Great, China's Legal Daily is publishing articles about disorder in U.S. law
added: Fri Dec 16 09:01:43 2016

Hong Kong judges dismiss murderer’s landmark appeal, disagreeing with UK Supreme Court ruling on Joint Enterprise
added: Fri Dec 16 07:11:55 2016

As Trump riles China, Taiwan tallies defense costs
added: Fri Dec 16 07:10:15 2016

Iraq boosts oil sales to China, U.S., India before OPEC supply cuts bite: sources
added: Fri Dec 16 07:09:53 2016

Dang that's harsh
added: Fri Dec 16 07:07:38 2016

Beijing now categorizes its smog as a "natural meteorological disaster."
added: Fri Dec 16 07:07:26 2016

New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature
added: Fri Dec 16 07:06:50 2016

China's $8.6 billion P2P fraud trial starts: Xinhua
added: Fri Dec 16 07:05:06 2016

U.S. Fed's interest rate hike has caught Chinese bonds off-guard, @petesweeneypro
added: Fri Dec 16 06:17:59 2016

My @AP story about an Aboriginal woman's brutal death and Australia's deep racial divide
added: Fri Dec 16 05:14:44 2016

North Carolina update: Public barred from viewing legislative coup; reporter arrested.
added: Fri Dec 16 04:15:06 2016

#Cambodia: Brother of exiled KNLF president dies in Prey Sar prison from heart attack aged 30
added: Fri Dec 16 02:18:24 2016
tags: cambodia

#Vietnam: Political blogger Nguyen Ngoc Gia tortured in Ho Chi Minh City’s Chi Hoa prison
added: Fri Dec 16 02:17:35 2016
tags: vietnam

Federal law embraces New Mexico model for rural health care
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:50 2016

#AirForce nearly spent $8.8 billion on #drones it didn't need:
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:01 2016
tags: drones, airforce

#ProjectRunway, the verdict is in: @MichaelKors clothes is NOT fabulous when it destroys forests for fabric
added: Fri Dec 16 02:15:01 2016
tags: projectrunway

CREDO was under gag order for yrs re: national security letters. Now it’s lifted & they talk to @jessicaschulb
added: Fri Dec 16 01:58:59 2016

Clueless Trump Roils Relations iin the Pacific
added: Fri Dec 16 01:56:01 2016

How China could craft world’s first digital totalitarian state: dangers of a system meant to promote 'social trust'
added: Fri Dec 16 01:43:02 2016

Holy crap. Swedish citizens told to prepare for possible war with Russia
added: Fri Dec 16 01:37:36 2016

China says no country can be exception to 'one China' principle
added: Fri Dec 16 01:26:41 2016

The muzzel comes off: Miss World Contestant Who Challenged China Is Allowed to Speak Once More
added: Thu Dec 15 17:56:27 2016

Democracy Now! used my Red Fawn Arrest video this morning.
added: Thu Dec 15 16:49:18 2016

#ElectionFraud Proven at Audit flipped precinct by 18pts from Bernie to Hillary @JordanChariton @BernieSanders
added: Thu Dec 15 16:34:41 2016
tags: electionfraud

Pro Tip: #ElectionFraud Never flip party affiliations of Sec of State employees @JordanChariton @BernieSanders
added: Thu Dec 15 16:33:51 2016
tags: electionfraud

South Korea Approves Alibaba Affiliate-Backed Internet Bank
added: Thu Dec 15 11:56:00 2016

Windows 10 tip: Create a full image backup using this hidden tool:
added: Thu Dec 15 11:55:38 2016

Top US Republican Senator Graham accuses Russia of hacking his email
added: Thu Dec 15 11:54:55 2016

Korean activists pressured Hyundai over equipment used by Israel for home demolitions
added: Thu Dec 15 11:49:16 2016

Neutron stars generating gravitational waves continuously, say Indian scientists
added: Thu Dec 15 11:40:01 2016

White Students Hold 'Trump' Sign, Turn Backs On Black Basketball Team
added: Thu Dec 15 11:39:44 2016

raxx (0.7.1): A Elixir webserver interface. 1. An interface specification for Elixir webservers and Elixir...
added: Thu Dec 15 11:37:06 2016

Rex Tillerson will have to figure out how to deal with China. He already has lots of experience in one area:
added: Thu Dec 15 11:36:05 2016

【美元陰司紙存銀行換真人民幣】 四川遂寧市有名女子,在街頭地攤買了 9,100 元類似美元的冥幣,之後到銀行分兩次存入戶口,再經櫃員機轉走,提取現金共六萬多元人民幣。 銀行到晚上將現金放入保險庫時,才發現是冥幣。...
added: Thu Dec 15 10:49:01 2016

An Unfettered Strong Dollar Could Spell Problems for Other Currencies
added: Thu Dec 15 10:44:10 2016

Forget Products. Build Ecosystems via @angelorep
added: Thu Dec 15 10:43:56 2016

More Firmware Backdoor Found In Cheap Android Phones via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Dec 15 10:43:26 2016

Bruce Schneier calls for fighting Trump, cops, spies, corps Not IBM.
added: Thu Dec 15 10:13:53 2016

Breaking news on Jiang Tianyong: Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau raided Jiang Tianyong and his younger...
added: Thu Dec 15 10:12:06 2016

Chief Secretary visits Housing Department
added: Thu Dec 15 10:08:36 2016

The predicament of Egypt's Copts - by @mwhanna1
added: Thu Dec 15 10:07:47 2016

Are those magic sponges terrible for the environment?
added: Thu Dec 15 10:06:57 2016

Why do GOP Presidents get to go Hard Right, and Dems are just GOP Lite?
added: Thu Dec 15 10:06:07 2016

#Japan - #Russia braced for an island challenge Abe and Putin seek to end territorial dispute over Kuril archipelago
added: Thu Dec 15 10:03:56 2016
tags: russia, japan

Lack of Penis Bone In Humans Linked To Monogamous Relationships and Quick Sex, Study Says
added: Thu Dec 15 10:00:37 2016

California governor Jerry Brown vows his state will be a haven for science under Trump
added: Thu Dec 15 10:00:02 2016

Justice Department won't send officers to Dakota Access pipeline protest #NoDAPL 😄
added: Thu Dec 15 09:59:16 2016
tags: nodapl

Four years, #Laos? Time to Come Clean on Sombath ‘Disappearance’ -
added: Thu Dec 15 09:57:06 2016
tags: laos

Rogue One turns Star Wars' biggest plot hole into a crucial part of its history [mild-ish spoilers]
added: Thu Dec 15 09:56:05 2016

The neo-Nazi murder trial revealing Germany's darkest secrets
added: Thu Dec 15 09:11:24 2016

Biodefense challenges for PEOTUS: Antimicrobial resistance, biotech oversight, zoonotic diseases, pandemic readiness
added: Thu Dec 15 09:10:16 2016

Fraudsters convicted of rigging English language tests for 800 bogus overseas students
added: Thu Dec 15 09:07:47 2016

Hong Kong's Gross National Income and external primary income flows for third quarter of 2016
added: Thu Dec 15 08:38:36 2016

No first day pop: shares of Meitu close at the offer price on their Hong Kong debut. My take from today #chinatech
added: Thu Dec 15 08:34:46 2016
tags: chinatech

Archaeologist uncovers 'the world's oldest drawings'
added: Thu Dec 15 08:34:01 2016

Good for more than just knocking out horses
added: Thu Dec 15 08:30:01 2016

China ambassador to DC urges American business to act as "stabilizer" in relations "at a crucial transition period."
added: Thu Dec 15 08:24:28 2016

Video: Intense bust-up between lawmaker Ann Chiang and Helena Wong unfolds at Legislature
added: Thu Dec 15 08:02:30 2016

How Twitter led a woman to leave the Westboro Baptist Church:
added: Thu Dec 15 08:00:10 2016

Truth is a lost game in Turkey. Don’t let the same thing happen to you | Ece Temelkuran
added: Thu Dec 15 07:33:22 2016

Groundbreaking coach set for biggest challenge yet. #sbsfootball @PaulWilliams_85
added: Thu Dec 15 07:20:21 2016
tags: sbsfootball

NEW blogpost: On the trail of Jain heritage in Tamil Nadu #Madurai #Kanchipuram #Travel
added: Thu Dec 15 07:15:32 2016
tags: kanchipuram, travel, madurai

Tamil Nadu fishermen chased away by Sri Lankan navy, fishing nets cut
added: Thu Dec 15 07:15:01 2016

Official who called Michelle Obama ‘ape in heels’ back at work
added: Thu Dec 15 07:14:00 2016

Pharma execs charged in US for fixing prices on generics
added: Thu Dec 15 06:20:06 2016

Govt bid for early trial of four lawmakers rejected
added: Thu Dec 15 06:14:25 2016

PH cancels visit by UN rapporteur on extrajudicial killings via @ABSCBNNews
added: Thu Dec 15 06:11:19 2016

James Tien throws his weight behind John Tsang
added: Thu Dec 15 06:10:07 2016

China's air force says recent long-range drills routine
added: Thu Dec 15 06:09:01 2016

Hong Kong faces new rules on illegal timber flooding China by @farahmaster
added: Thu Dec 15 06:08:19 2016

After Hong Kong’s Leader is Cast Aside, Beijing Guns for Liaison Office Chief
added: Thu Dec 15 06:06:19 2016

Australia's Crown Resorts leaves Las Vegas, sells down Macau
added: Thu Dec 15 06:05:07 2016

#Thailand: Approval of amendments to Computer Crimes Act postponed to December 16
added: Thu Dec 15 05:45:51 2016
tags: thailand

Julie Bishop accuses China (without naming it) of fuelling 'tension and mistrust' by weaponising artificial islands
added: Thu Dec 15 05:25:47 2016

House GOP tax plan would mean a huge tax hike for businesses that import - and they don't like it one bit.
added: Thu Dec 15 04:35:12 2016

Trump team disavows survey seeking names of climate workers
added: Thu Dec 15 04:35:05 2016

Help save government data sets from being lost in the coming transition:
added: Thu Dec 15 04:30:57 2016

Police crack Spain-based phone scam ring that swindled HK$10 million from victims in Hong Kong
added: Thu Dec 15 04:29:50 2016

Multiple foreign nonprofits in China operating without full-time foreign staff in the country as new law looms
added: Thu Dec 15 04:18:33 2016

Star Trek: Discovery casts The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green as its lead
added: Thu Dec 15 04:15:45 2016

North Carolina G.O.P. Moves to Curb Power of New Democratic Governor
added: Thu Dec 15 04:12:22 2016

Of all things to hate, the white nationalist movement known as the alt-right has targeted 'Rogue One':
added: Thu Dec 15 02:19:09 2016

Eight States Have Fewer Than 10 Girls Take AP Computer Science Exam #womenintech #girlsinstem #diversityintech
added: Thu Dec 15 02:00:04 2016
tags: girlsinstem, diversityintech, womenintech

BREAKING: Putin "personally directed" US election hacking, say officials:
added: Thu Dec 15 00:08:46 2016

More details in new article from @washingtonpost as the alleged silencing of Anastasia Lin develops plot twists
added: Wed Dec 14 23:42:29 2016

For Tillerson, South China Sea Storms Aren’t New - China Real Time Report - WSJ
added: Wed Dec 14 23:11:56 2016

Popular Chinese Muslim Website Down After Posting Letter Critical of Xi — by Christian Shepherd — via @reuters
added: Wed Dec 14 21:05:00 2016

Appalling footage from Italy of a tackle on referee Beatrice Benvenuti, has to be a severe, if not, lifetime ban
added: Wed Dec 14 20:16:26 2016

Here’s the original source for a chart I retweeted the other day.
added: Wed Dec 14 16:39:58 2016

“The icons in our software interfaces are whispering stories to us from the history of clothing and fashion.”
added: Wed Dec 14 11:30:22 2016

Australian Firm to Give Up Thai Gold Mines via @KhaosodEnglish
added: Wed Dec 14 11:28:42 2016

China tells Japan it opposes unilateral North Korea sanctions
added: Wed Dec 14 11:24:09 2016

Popular Chinese Muslim website down after posting letter critical of Xi
added: Wed Dec 14 11:06:31 2016

CY's going but perhaps Hongkongers should delay the champagne, writes @VivienneChow .
added: Wed Dec 14 11:06:30 2016

Criticism is growing of the 'natural rate' of interest that central banks depend upon for their analysis #economics
added: Wed Dec 14 11:05:17 2016
tags: economics

China bank lending heads for record as November new loans rise despite debt fears
added: Wed Dec 14 11:05:15 2016

Taiwan today: LGBT suicide; Chinese censorship in U.S. over Taiwan; Bloomberg’s currency manipulation accusation...
added: Wed Dec 14 11:04:00 2016

A report has found that Albania and Peru have better mobile phone coverage than the UK
added: Wed Dec 14 11:02:49 2016

Open Source Insider: OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision
added: Wed Dec 14 11:02:03 2016

China said to raise the sales tax on small #cars to 7.5%, curbing a key incentive via @business
added: Wed Dec 14 11:01:33 2016
tags: cars

Every grain of rice: Air Pollution and Food Security in China
added: Wed Dec 14 11:01:19 2016

【競爭條例實施一年】 【千九宗投訴近半涉圍標】 競爭條例實施一年,競委會指收到近 1,900 宗投訴及查詢,有近一半是圍標。 當中有 5個個案、當局要出動搜查令,到明年初,有個案會在競爭事務審裁處提出訴訟。...
added: Wed Dec 14 11:00:27 2016

US execs caught bribing doctors to prescribe drug unnecessarily.
added: Wed Dec 14 11:00:03 2016
added: Wed Dec 14 10:52:23 2016

Ohio Anti-Abortion Bill a Travesty for Women’s Rights -
added: Wed Dec 14 10:49:38 2016

New low for #China authorities: Pageant Silences Beauty Queen, a Critic of China, at U.S. Contest
added: Wed Dec 14 10:42:54 2016
tags: china

新民黨傍晚舉行特別大會 葉劉料大部分黨員支持出選 #本地 Wed, 14 Dec 2016 18:17:52 +0800
added: Wed Dec 14 10:20:20 2016
tags: 本地

Haskell in the Datacentre: how we tuned the GHC runtime to make Haskell run better at scale:
added: Wed Dec 14 10:18:16 2016

#SCMP Hong Kong government seeks views on whether rules should be tightened on election opinion polls
added: Wed Dec 14 10:10:20 2016
tags: scmp

US to operate F-22 Raptors out of Darwin in apparent show of strength to #China
added: Wed Dec 14 09:38:59 2016
tags: china

People's Daily blames pro-democracy camp for helping 'fake refugees' abuse system in ...
added: Wed Dec 14 08:03:13 2016

China’s Sinopec revives plan for up to $10 billion IPO of retail unit w/@ByVenkat @GeniusWu @JBSteins via @WSJ
added: Wed Dec 14 05:03:07 2016

Admiral Harry Harris says the US will not back down from its position on the South China Sea dispute
added: Wed Dec 14 02:21:01 2016

EPA: Remember when we said #fracking doesn't contaminate drinking water? Yeah, forget all that
added: Tue Dec 13 19:27:42 2016
tags: fracking

Scientists say we shouldn't make our beds
added: Tue Dec 13 13:08:28 2016

If he doesn't sell his businesses, Trump could be subject to impeachment for violating the Emoluments Clause.
added: Tue Dec 13 13:07:01 2016

Possible agreement on the Cyprus issue postponed until 2017
added: Tue Dec 13 13:01:05 2016

Audrey Jiajia Li says both governments rely heavily on strict controls and the willingness of their people to...
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:36 2016

PwC Sends Legal Threats To Researchers Who Found Critical Security Flaw
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:35 2016

Google has reportedly stopped developing its own self driving car: Comments:
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:02 2016

Devops with Chef on FreeBSD - Module 3 has been uploaded! >> #DevOps #FreeBSD #opensource…
added: Tue Dec 13 13:00:01 2016
tags: freebsd, devops, opensource

XJP demand fusion of Jiang Zemin's "rule by virtue" and "ruling country according to law" at politburo session:
added: Tue Dec 13 12:52:57 2016

DDoS: Thirty-four arrested after international probe
added: Tue Dec 13 12:51:40 2016

Family’s Shipping Company Could Pose Problems for Trump’s Transportation Pick
added: Tue Dec 13 11:21:22 2016

Giraffes, the safari animal long taken for granted, are close to extinction once again, bravo humans!
added: Tue Dec 13 11:19:19 2016

Interesting take by AmCham on possibilities for Taiwan trade with US now that TPP is all but dead.
added: Tue Dec 13 11:18:07 2016

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam turns up the heat on presumed chief executive rival John Tsang over report via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Dec 13 11:16:42 2016

excellent piece by @ggreenwald on the need to publicly disclose all evidence of Russian hacking
added: Tue Dec 13 11:13:13 2016

Iran to build nuclear marine propulsion after U.S. 'violation' of deal
added: Tue Dec 13 11:12:51 2016

Iran just started building nuclear ships in response to America
added: Tue Dec 13 11:11:30 2016

China's richest man #WangJianlin warns #Trump against protectionism
added: Tue Dec 13 11:10:18 2016
tags: trump, wangjianlin

Merkel says sanctions against Russia over Ukraine must be extended
added: Tue Dec 13 11:01:37 2016

#SCMP HK Electric to slash electricity tariffs by 17pc, while CLP Power will freeze charges
added: Tue Dec 13 11:01:05 2016
tags: scmp

Evictions on the rise as renters struggle
added: Tue Dec 13 11:00:58 2016

They came too close to a town ... of three people.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:59:01 2016

Expert: We caught Russian hackers in the act
added: Tue Dec 13 10:53:24 2016

B/c of Ghost Ship fire, cities are cracking down on other warehouse venues, like Burnt Ramen. You can prevent that:
added: Tue Dec 13 10:31:53 2016

HK Electric to reduce tariffs by 17 per cent
added: Tue Dec 13 10:28:29 2016

The real reason unions have taken industrial action in Southern rail
added: Tue Dec 13 10:27:45 2016

The UN says regime forces are entering homes in E. Aleppo and gunning down men women and children, at least 82 dead.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:24:44 2016

This is why Southern Rail has descended into complete disaster
added: Tue Dec 13 10:24:16 2016

This account points out everything wrong with Instagram’s nipple policy
added: Tue Dec 13 10:21:01 2016

低收入在職家庭津貼推行至今兩年,成功申請個案只有約27,000宗,遠不及預期受惠家庭數目20萬。有街坊指出,低津門檻過高,難以申請。 爭取低收入家庭保障聯席 #獨媒報導 Telegram...
added: Tue Dec 13 10:19:04 2016
tags: 獨媒報導

EYE ON AFRICA - Gambian elections: President Jammeh urged to peacefully cede power
added: Tue Dec 13 10:01:14 2016

Quest Diagnostics Says Personal Health Information of 34,000 Customers Hacked
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:39 2016

Israel singled out African scholar for deportation, world church group says #BDS #Palestine
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:39 2016
tags: palestine, bds

A new book by the author of “Moneyball” shows how, together, two psychologists made the world a better place.
added: Tue Dec 13 10:00:17 2016

Dollar retreats, euro rallies on worries over next Fed statement | Reuters
added: Tue Dec 13 09:56:02 2016

“It would be useful to be able to transition to or from height: auto”
added: Tue Dec 13 09:55:35 2016

This is how corrupt officials under Duterte rationalize their corrupt deeds when discovered.- via @ABSCBNNews
added: Tue Dec 13 09:52:57 2016

Youngspiration pair to take their disqualification case to top court
added: Tue Dec 13 09:25:25 2016

Pan-democrats have tough choices to make ahead of chief executive vote | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Dec 13 09:22:42 2016

Small Tweet storm about this picture and post supposedly showing insider trading ahead of Trump Tweets and legality
added: Tue Dec 13 09:10:31 2016

137 days since @realDonaldTrump held a press conference 0 post-election. Unprecedented for…
added: Tue Dec 13 04:37:32 2016

At least 2,473 people have been killed (since july 2015) according to @CrisisGroup
added: Tue Dec 13 03:08:00 2016

China about to Launch the World’s Biggest Guided Missile Destroyer
added: Tue Dec 13 01:33:30 2016

Barclays, JPMorgan, Citi Help U.S. Broaden #Currency Probe via @markets
added: Tue Dec 13 01:11:47 2016
tags: currency

Good news! @Medium launched a new "membership program" today, and I've now got one. Sign up! Fund journalism! Thanks
added: Tue Dec 13 01:00:24 2016

Trump may have the wrong Asia #currency in his crosshairs #Taiwan seen as more of a manipulator than #China
added: Tue Dec 13 00:55:55 2016
tags: china, currency, taiwan

Brave 0.12.14 released to address (Certificate Transparency timebomb):
added: Tue Dec 13 00:51:28 2016

Bernie Sanders calls Trump a "pathological liar" in a scorching interview.
added: Tue Dec 13 00:51:03 2016

China's Housing Market Isn't a Bubble, Says One Strategist
added: Mon Dec 12 23:18:35 2016

Cherokee Nation attorney general legalizes same-sex marriage and adoption within the tribe by same-sex couples.
added: Mon Dec 12 23:08:05 2016

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp #NODAPL
added: Mon Dec 12 22:56:04 2016
tags: nodapl

Serverless Conf 2016 (Part 2) Data Governance, Mobile Challenges and the Future of Serverless @SkeltonThatcher
added: Mon Dec 12 22:01:16 2016

It's not enough to simply observe that we live in frightening times. These incidents are not a demonstration of...
added: Mon Dec 12 18:33:22 2016

Surely another hefty ban coming up for the England skipper
added: Mon Dec 12 14:58:57 2016

Syria: 'Battle for Aleppo is over' as rebels withdraw, monitor claims
added: Mon Dec 12 14:55:16 2016

My ebook on American political films is out today! pass it on...
added: Mon Dec 12 14:21:12 2016

Carl Bernstein: Donald Trump's Disdain For Facts Worse Than Nixon
added: Mon Dec 12 13:58:34 2016

When 9.4M followers isn’t enough:NBC will shut down the Breaking News app: Comments:
added: Mon Dec 12 13:50:02 2016

Cut salaries of MPs disrupting proceedings in Parliament: Kashi Shankaracharya
added: Mon Dec 12 13:50:00 2016

#BREAKING: election report from Nevada recount.
added: Mon Dec 12 13:29:30 2016
tags: breaking

#SCMP Hong Kong pay increases fall as fewer employers seek to boost workforce, survey finds
added: Mon Dec 12 13:29:24 2016
tags: scmp

PRC: “the two countries will have “nothing to discuss” if the US...decides to discard the...“One China” policy.”
added: Mon Dec 12 13:24:21 2016

No End In Sight For China's Political Purges In Hong Kong? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Mon Dec 12 13:00:03 2016

"59% of anthropologists & 53% of English profs would be less likely to hire someone they found out was evangelical"
added: Mon Dec 12 12:59:05 2016

Nantero raises $21M for ultra-dense carbon nanotube memory, brings total raised to $110M+
added: Mon Dec 12 12:51:09 2016

Do Sputnik and Global Times now cooperate? GT content, typical #Dandong photos.
added: Mon Dec 12 12:49:25 2016
tags: dandong

If Trump wants to go where Kiribati and Liberia have been, it is Taiwan that would suffer: by me:
added: Mon Dec 12 12:39:45 2016

This female Muslim politician is risking her freedom to fight Malaysia’s corruption
added: Mon Dec 12 12:10:01 2016

How To Stop Telling Yourself Stories That Hold You Back by @DrLeslieCarr via @mindbodygreen
added: Mon Dec 12 12:09:36 2016

Taiwan frets at being pawn in any Trump re-set of U.S.-China ties
added: Mon Dec 12 12:09:35 2016

#LuxLeaks whistleblower appeal trial now on - support these brave folk in any way you can
added: Mon Dec 12 12:04:01 2016
tags: luxleaks

Via @NPR: Trump Says He Won't Sell His Businesses To Address Conflicts Of Interest
added: Mon Dec 12 10:44:08 2016

The state has helped poor pupils into private schools before – did it work?
added: Mon Dec 12 10:44:06 2016

Daya Bay nuclear plant says incident was no radioactive leak
added: Mon Dec 12 10:43:46 2016

Unsure about what to put in the alt attribute? #HTML5 has you covered #webdevelopment
added: Mon Dec 12 10:41:01 2016
tags: webdevelopment, html5

China dismisses claim of military vehicles in Afghanistan, points to "joint law enforcement ops in border regions":
added: Mon Dec 12 10:30:58 2016

【稱為達夢想】 【樂視賈躍亭將八成股權抵押】 樂視創辦人賈躍亭承認,已將大部份股權抵押,但平倉價遠低於 35 元人民幣。 「其實的確如此,我願以把我自己全部的身家,甚至生命,都投入到夢想當中。」...
added: Mon Dec 12 10:30:07 2016

European Surveillance Companies Were Eager to Sell Syria Tools of Oppression
added: Mon Dec 12 10:29:49 2016

Good read: Reprisals, Rape, and Children Burned Alive: Burma’s Rohingya Speak of a Near-Genocidal Terror via @pock…
added: Mon Dec 12 10:29:31 2016

China's Wanda chairman warns possible US protectionism could cost jobs of 20k people his company employs in the US
added: Mon Dec 12 10:28:17 2016

Indonesia takes new step to combat loss of forests, fires
added: Mon Dec 12 09:36:14 2016

Indonesia Strengthens Peatlands Moratorium via @ValueWalk
added: Mon Dec 12 09:36:08 2016

Confident of winning more votes than John Tsang, says Regina Ip
added: Mon Dec 12 09:21:44 2016

Another ranger is dead at the hands of ivory poachers. Via @KarlMathiesen
added: Mon Dec 12 09:18:02 2016

China should aim for stable yuan, no rate hike needed adviser
added: Mon Dec 12 09:08:43 2016

Cyclone Vardah : Heavy rains, squally winds uproot trees in Chennai; landfall by 3 PM, to hit phone and power lines
added: Mon Dec 12 09:06:17 2016

#Interview Let's talk about NVMe, let's talk to Dell EMC: Let's talk about $1bn baby DSSD
added: Mon Dec 12 09:04:26 2016
tags: interview

Hong Kong stocks fall over US rate hike fear
added: Mon Dec 12 09:03:59 2016

Donald Trump has just appointed a key architect of the 2008 global financial crisis
added: Mon Dec 12 09:02:17 2016

Treasure trove of HK construction project photos MTRC Tseung Kwan O Extension here:
added: Mon Dec 12 09:02:01 2016

Macau-based writer says his sold-out screening at Macau Film Fest only had 10 people in attendance
added: Mon Dec 12 09:00:31 2016

The long history of the U.S. interfering with elections elsewhere - The Washington Post
added: Mon Dec 12 08:55:56 2016

6.7! 6.7 ! 6.7 ! 【遊日注意】Yen跌到6.7啦!一個月打88折 2月初以來最平
added: Mon Dec 12 08:55:03 2016

#China’s #Stocks, Bonds, #Yuan Slump in Unison on Liquidity Concern @business @frostyhk @justinaknope
added: Mon Dec 12 08:47:23 2016
tags: china, yuan, stocks

#China Warns #DonaldTrump Against Using #Taiwan for Leverage on Trade @business @QiZHAI @dantenkate@tshinflux #US
added: Mon Dec 12 08:46:37 2016
tags: donaldtrump, us, china, taiwan

Capacity of #MTR's new South Island Line worries Michael Tien
added: Mon Dec 12 08:05:26 2016
tags: mtr

Oil prices soar on global producer deal to cut crude output
added: Mon Dec 12 08:05:06 2016

"The CIA maneuvers the press on an international scale" - Malcolm X in 1964 #MondayMotivation
added: Mon Dec 12 08:04:51 2016
tags: mondaymotivation

China Opens Its Markets to World—World Says No Thanks - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 12 08:02:29 2016

Trump's doubting of 'One China' has sparked both hope and fear in Taiwan
added: Mon Dec 12 08:00:53 2016

ISIL 'recaptures' Palmyra from Syrian forces
added: Mon Dec 12 08:00:05 2016

Can #minimumwage work in developing countries? via @wef
added: Mon Dec 12 07:58:45 2016
tags: minimumwage

Trump on China: Beijing 'seriously concerned' over policy
added: Mon Dec 12 07:58:28 2016

culture subsector continues to be dominated by pro-establishment camp
added: Mon Dec 12 07:55:21 2016

As @SCMP_News now Chinese state media, this is an astounding piece on poor quality of infrastructure building abroad
added: Mon Dec 12 07:54:37 2016

How to block the ultrasonic signals you didn’t know were tracking you
added: Mon Dec 12 07:51:50 2016

Pro-democracy camp wins 325 seats - RTHK
added: Mon Dec 12 07:33:50 2016

Pro-democracy camp wins more than a quarter of seats on Chief Exec. Election Committee | Hong Kong Free Press
added: Mon Dec 12 07:33:31 2016

ARIA 1.1 use with SVG 1.1, SVG2 & #HTML5 & <Hx> in <legend> now added to @W3C validator
added: Mon Dec 12 07:32:07 2016
tags: html5

US National Defense Authorization Act to include "senior military exchanges" between US, Taiwan.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:31:33 2016

Hunger-striking writer jailed over poem dies in Algeria
added: Mon Dec 12 07:30:05 2016

Thousands of Invisible Oil Spills Are Destroying The Gulf
added: Mon Dec 12 07:30:00 2016

Syrian army takes Aleppo district under intense bombardment
added: Mon Dec 12 07:27:59 2016

Excellent article by Glen Cary going beyond the urban elites and examining attitudes to change in rural Saudi Arabia
added: Mon Dec 12 07:22:32 2016

How exactly is a powerless #Gambia opposition meant to have rigged results? Jammeh to contest defeat in court
added: Mon Dec 12 07:10:34 2016
tags: gambia

.@HongKongFP: Regina Ip said she will ‘definitely’ implement controversial Article 23 security law if elected #23條
added: Mon Dec 12 07:07:53 2016
tags: 23條

If bombing Coptic church was work of Islamist militants, that's a horrible, lawless way to fight Sisi's repression.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:06:31 2016

Fed turns to Trump agenda with rate hike nearly in the bag
added: Mon Dec 12 07:05:05 2016

Watch Bryan Cranston bring Walter White back to mock Trump on SNL
added: Mon Dec 12 07:04:00 2016 It's time someone acted like a responsible adult.
added: Mon Dec 12 07:00:43 2016

US ambassador rejects 'human rights with Chinese characteristics'
added: Mon Dec 12 06:30:03 2016

"The Mosul Dam, the fourth largest in the Middle East, is built on unstable grounds and its collapse is inevitable."
added: Mon Dec 12 06:00:19 2016

US court hands Standing Rock another victory #NoDAPL
added: Mon Dec 12 06:00:01 2016
tags: nodapl

#China #Stocks Sink Most in Six Months as #Property Concerns Build @business @frostyhk
added: Mon Dec 12 05:57:48 2016
tags: property, china, stocks

Pan-dems now target Ip
added: Mon Dec 12 05:57:45 2016

Methane emissions are now tracking the worst-case scenario for greenhouse gases
added: Mon Dec 12 04:22:30 2016

Worse than Watergate? Russia hacking is massive cloud over Trump presidency, and America. What caused this big mess?
added: Mon Dec 12 02:33:23 2016

"Regarding...what the Russians did & didn't do, we have...allegations & hysteria & almost no facts being produced"
added: Mon Dec 12 02:30:29 2016

Mystery Communist Party commission ‘may expand role in China’s national security’
added: Mon Dec 12 01:05:55 2016

World’s worst corporate tax havens exposed: new report reveals dangerous race to the bottom…
added: Mon Dec 12 00:20:46 2016

"China’s senior foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flyn"
added: Sun Dec 11 23:03:17 2016

First story I've seen on Japan's johatsu (evaporated people) phenom in US media. Families vanish overnight. @nypost
added: Sun Dec 11 21:40:45 2016

#Trump says U.S. not necessarily bound by 'one China' policy #SouthChinaSea
added: Sun Dec 11 16:32:40 2016
tags: southchinasea, trump

My year-long story on how the former head of Pepsi China found asylum in the US, on @ProPublica and @MiamiHerald
added: Fri Dec 9 13:37:12 2016

|@MIChronicle: City of Detroit launches Municipal ID program ("with perks") - Can't vote w it tho #MIchEd #MILeg
added: Fri Dec 9 13:21:14 2016
tags: mileg, miched

@Liberationtech Not on fake news per se but behavioral data infrastructures used to target it by susceptibilities
added: Fri Dec 9 13:12:08 2016

Civil rights group condemns move to block Trump inauguration protests
added: Fri Dec 9 12:25:15 2016

2 Ex-Chinese Diplomats Charged With Running Forced-Labor Ring - The New York Times
added: Fri Dec 9 12:23:13 2016

China is telling Donald Trump to toe the line via @bpolitics
added: Fri Dec 9 11:52:06 2016

Former Tory foreign secretary says Boris Johnson is 'dangerous' and may need to move jobs
added: Fri Dec 9 11:23:38 2016

Breaking: Ousted Hong Kong lawmaker Yau Wai-ching receives death threat and blade in ...
added: Fri Dec 9 11:22:05 2016

AMD packs more horsepower into GPUs with new Radeon ReLive softwar... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Dec 9 10:55:18 2016

Major upset throws the 2017 SAR People’s Dog Show into confusion
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:59 2016

India's cash crisis is 'a mammoth tragedy' via @CNNMoney
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:58 2016

America's first Somali politician branded 'Isis' in taxi ride to White House
added: Fri Dec 9 10:54:15 2016

New UN treaty aims to facilitate paperless cross-border trade in Asia
added: Fri Dec 9 10:53:41 2016

"Leung's legacy is a polarised and divided society," says Ivau Choy, a CUHK politics professor. #HongKong
added: Fri Dec 9 10:53:39 2016
tags: hongkong

Statement by ExCo Non-official Members
added: Fri Dec 9 10:52:35 2016

#TVB cites “authoritative Beijing source,” says China supports neither John nor Jasper Tsang for #CEelection #HK
added: Fri Dec 9 10:52:15 2016
tags: hk, ceelection, tvb

1) Regarding the economists v historians on slavery article in the Chronicle of Higher Education
added: Fri Dec 9 10:45:15 2016

Aleppo men and boys 'missing' - UN
added: Fri Dec 9 10:35:23 2016

In case you missed it: #Greece falls back into #deflation.
added: Fri Dec 9 10:34:16 2016
tags: deflation, greece

CY Leung set to leave post, but Hong Kong must not relax, democrats warn
added: Fri Dec 9 10:20:04 2016

Poignant piece from @BBC News: What happened to #China's arrested rights lawyers?
added: Fri Dec 9 09:40:06 2016
tags: china

@chainsawriot 其實佢可能知
added: Fri Dec 9 08:11:09 2016

Hong Kong leader says will not run for chief executive at next election
added: Fri Dec 9 08:09:25 2016

2,000 disabled people wrongly declared ‘fit to work’ by DWP in just three months
added: Fri Dec 9 06:38:16 2016

Top human rights lawyer faces being struck off for bringing war crimes claims against British troops
added: Fri Dec 9 06:37:21 2016

Vietnamese fisheries clash with China in the South China Sea via @ABCNews
added: Fri Dec 9 06:35:14 2016

On-Call: Sysadmin told to spend 20+ hours changing user names, for no reason
added: Fri Dec 9 06:32:55 2016

Taiwan govt will meet w toilet paper makers as it switches to allowing flushing TP instead of throwing it in bin
added: Fri Dec 9 06:32:01 2016

Dramatic relief for industrial borrowers in China. But creates other complications. via…
added: Fri Dec 9 06:31:51 2016

How China’s quick blue-sky fixes make pollution worse | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Dec 9 06:29:37 2016

China universities must become Communist party 'strongholds', says Xi Jinping
added: Fri Dec 9 05:31:05 2016

Wisconsin municipalities saw a strange spike in traffic since March from Russia. #RecountWI
added: Fri Dec 9 04:52:14 2016
tags: recountwi

Trump blocks women's March in DC. "Massive omnibus blocking permit" filed by Trump - no protest for months
added: Fri Dec 9 03:59:21 2016

Democrats may soon be launching a few unorthodox, mega-rich candidates of their own via…
added: Thu Dec 8 21:59:07 2016

Why the German spoken by these Mennonites in Mexico is not just non-standard dialect
added: Thu Dec 8 14:47:03 2016

Clanwilliam cedar could be extinct within the 21st century:
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:43 2016

The 2016 election illustrated that the struggle for the right to vote is not over.
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:14 2016

Assad has ruled out the possibility of a negotiated ceasefire with rebel forces
added: Thu Dec 8 12:30:08 2016

The Michigan 2016 presidential election recount is OVER. For now.
added: Thu Dec 8 12:27:14 2016

Corporate #Japan warns of global trade contraction under Trump: @ReutersPolls
added: Thu Dec 8 10:02:59 2016
tags: japan

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective
added: Thu Dec 8 09:00:04 2016

Ireland calls for investigation into Troubles legacy to support victims 'let down' by historic inquests
added: Thu Dec 8 08:58:00 2016

Oil prices shed early gains amid doubts over OPEC output cut
added: Thu Dec 8 08:56:32 2016

Hebei, Tianjin Handed Control of Urban Planning amid Beijing's Push to Decentralize
added: Thu Dec 8 08:55:18 2016

Yes please stop the epistemic marginalization of Taiwan
added: Thu Dec 8 08:54:54 2016

申訴專員公署就網媒被拒採訪政府活動調查報告摘要 | 獨媒編輯部 | 香港獨立媒體
added: Thu Dec 8 08:52:53 2016

Opposition rapped for blaming PM @NajibRazak for Dr Mahathir’s royal rebuff
added: Thu Dec 8 08:17:41 2016

Israel Deports African Theologian over BDS Advocacy
added: Thu Dec 8 08:15:20 2016

Leader of Sunflower movement in Taiwan wonders why Americans won't stand for democracy and human rights
added: Thu Dec 8 08:11:18 2016

Hong Kong gov't 'conducting a review' of its online media ban following years-long battle
added: Thu Dec 8 08:08:37 2016

This story doesn't get any better - 'Outrage as heritage board says remains near new development have no value'
added: Thu Dec 8 08:00:57 2016

China denies alliance w/ Islamic extremists even as at Security Council it defends Assad whose atrocities fuel ISIS.
added: Thu Dec 8 07:34:17 2016

Hating on “Foreigners” a key Plank of Trumpism: Can it be Fought?
added: Thu Dec 8 07:34:08 2016

Hebei plans to build a replica Iowa farm, just like the one Xi visited “I think it will be like a Disney World.”
added: Thu Dec 8 07:30:53 2016

My reflection on Chan Yuen-ting’s success and how it still highlights the huge gender divide in football
added: Thu Dec 8 07:29:10 2016

US, EU help China's exports notch a return to growth - if only just
added: Thu Dec 8 06:02:41 2016

This is a decadeslong economic catastrophe with serious political consequences that we've basically given up on
added: Wed Dec 7 23:08:58 2016

This, from Dana Rohrabacher, is pretty extraordinary
added: Wed Dec 7 22:40:13 2016

How Ole Roemer discovered the speed of light
added: Wed Dec 7 13:24:11 2016

The Passwords You Should Never Use
added: Wed Dec 7 13:15:51 2016

Trump's Taiwan phone call and the future of the US-China relationship: @comradewong Q&A with @paulhaenle
added: Wed Dec 7 13:15:22 2016

China-Linked Spies Target Taiwan With #IE #Exploit |
added: Wed Dec 7 13:00:00 2016
tags: exploit, ie

Chris Grayling scrapped TfL Overground expansion because he didn't want Labour to control it, leaked letter reveals
added: Wed Dec 7 12:56:38 2016

#China's foreign reserves - the world's largest - fall the most since January via @markets @business
added: Wed Dec 7 11:28:19 2016
tags: china

China FX reserves drop $70bn as PBoC supports RMB
added: Wed Dec 7 09:12:06 2016

for more background, check recent insight by @newbloommag
added: Wed Dec 7 08:54:58 2016

Environmental Protection Department's landfill monitoring draws flak
added: Wed Dec 7 08:53:52 2016

There’s a new dystopian show to channel all your real-life fears: @IncSyfy
added: Wed Dec 7 08:34:59 2016

#FEATURE China and Russia aren't ready to go it alone on tech, but their threats are worryingly plausible
added: Wed Dec 7 08:31:36 2016
tags: feature

No law to stop @anwaribrahim from speaking to the press, Prisons DG told @nsurendrann…
added: Wed Dec 7 08:07:07 2016

Iowa governor Branstad is Trump's pick as China ambassador: Bloomberg
added: Wed Dec 7 08:05:06 2016

House Freedom Caucus leader is not on board with plan to delay replacing Obamacare
added: Wed Dec 7 08:03:02 2016

Photographers blend nature and the human form through 19th century photo technique
added: Wed Dec 7 08:00:20 2016

[TECH NEWS] China teams up with HSBC, Arup to launch smart cities hub: #Tech #News #IoT…
added: Wed Dec 7 08:00:18 2016
tags: iot, tech, news

Chief Justice's statement on Government's decision on enhancing remuneration packages for Judges and Judicial…
added: Wed Dec 7 07:38:51 2016

Rejection of the voluntary naked scanner. My experience this morning at Schönefeld airport:
added: Wed Dec 7 07:20:50 2016

Govt lying to public about runway funding, says Chu Hoi-dick
added: Wed Dec 7 06:44:39 2016

Empty villages and more allegations of rape - our latest piece. Myanmar: Inside the closed Rakhine region
added: Wed Dec 7 06:15:45 2016

Cool JS visualization of the HyParView protocol that's used as a basis of our implementation of Partisan for Lasp:
added: Wed Dec 7 06:14:43 2016

#HongKong can expect more economic gloom next year, surveys find | South China Morning Post via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Dec 7 06:14:09 2016
tags: hongkong

Multinationals Rethink China Strategy in Changing Market - Caixin
added: Wed Dec 7 06:10:11 2016

More from the "Everyone Is A Taiwan Expert Now" Pile That Tsai, didn't she know it was risky?
added: Wed Dec 7 06:09:58 2016

Trump 'lied his a-- off,' says Carrier union leader as terms of deal are revealed
added: Wed Dec 7 06:06:05 2016

Trump's China ambassador pick is old friends with Xi "mutual love of agriculture (bridging) the gap on human rights"
added: Wed Dec 7 05:48:25 2016

Two top EMCers bail from Dell EMC
added: Wed Dec 7 05:47:32 2016

After Ghost Ship Fire, Oakland DIY Grapples With a Broken System
added: Wed Dec 7 05:47:22 2016

U.S., state courts issue conflicting rulings on Michigan vote recount
added: Wed Dec 7 05:35:06 2016

"Gambia's 2016 elections is reminiscent of political earthquakes like the fall of the Berlin Wall." #GambiaDecides
added: Wed Dec 7 05:30:00 2016
tags: gambiadecides

Here's that filing on Bob Dole's paid work for Taiwan
added: Wed Dec 7 05:28:14 2016

Legislative Council Question 22: Public housing development projects
added: Wed Dec 7 05:26:34 2016

And so it begins.
added: Wed Dec 7 05:20:45 2016

Gambia Poised For Peaceful Transition After 22 Years Under Authoritarian Ruler
added: Wed Dec 7 05:13:09 2016

हे प्रभु, जो बंबई का गला घोंट दे, अपनी धरा को चोट दे नदी नाले कचोट दे ऐसी बुद्धि, ऐसी लालच किसी को ना दे।
added: Wed Dec 7 05:07:31 2016

FT Exclusive: China to bail out 1MDB with payment to Abu Dhabi fund #breaking
added: Wed Dec 7 02:49:35 2016
tags: breaking

The People's Republic of the Disappeared: @michaelcaster on the #CCP's attempts to normalize enforced disappearances
added: Wed Dec 7 01:16:37 2016
tags: ccp

Paul Ryan is a sick sick fuck
added: Tue Dec 6 15:36:44 2016
added: Tue Dec 6 14:58:48 2016

A Cheat Sheet on the Deglobalization of the Financial World @business
added: Tue Dec 6 14:38:29 2016

Wearing sexy clothing is not consent to sex. No justification for rape.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:37:54 2016

When less coal is burned, less mercury is emitted.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:36:52 2016

The Real Voting Scandal of 2016 via @JeffreyToobin
added: Tue Dec 6 14:36:36 2016

Nearly third of those surveyed say they see fake news stories more than once a day on internet or Facebook/Twitter
added: Tue Dec 6 14:29:44 2016

What to make of Egypt court striking down part of the repressive NGO law? Nathan Brown and Amr Hamzawy explain.
added: Tue Dec 6 14:12:35 2016

Remember when Christie was considered a popular politician?
added: Tue Dec 6 14:04:17 2016

AFN chief facing resignation calls over ‘sick’ naked legs photo with emoji by crotch…
added: Tue Dec 6 13:45:01 2016

LAPD officers will not face charges in death of homeless man on Skid Row
added: Tue Dec 6 12:50:03 2016

North Korea hacks South Korea's hi-tech cyber command
added: Tue Dec 6 12:50:01 2016

Galactic gold rush: the tech companies aiming to make space mining a reality
added: Tue Dec 6 12:49:16 2016

UN fears Chinese human rights lawyer has been 'disappeared' by authorities #709Crackdown #FreeLawyers #FreeHRDs
added: Tue Dec 6 12:49:14 2016
tags: freehrds, freelawyers, 709crackdown

“…you owe it to yourself to study the tactics that lie outside your comfort zone.” — @fakebaldur,
added: Tue Dec 6 12:43:22 2016

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations
added: Tue Dec 6 12:34:42 2016

My op-ed on #HK's Election Committee subsector elections and why so many pro-democrats are running @AJEnglish
added: Tue Dec 6 12:34:16 2016
tags: hk

John Kerry slams Israeli settlement expansion and proposed 'formalization' bill -
added: Tue Dec 6 12:33:58 2016

Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount via @detroitnews
added: Tue Dec 6 12:29:03 2016

Wow, EPA says they have only talked to Trump transition once
added: Tue Dec 6 12:22:15 2016

Angela Merkel calls for ban on full-face coverings for women in Germany #CDUpt2016
added: Tue Dec 6 12:20:16 2016
tags: cdupt2016

Police rack up an almost perfectly deadly record in Duterte's drug war 97% kill rate is pre…
added: Tue Dec 6 12:10:29 2016

DeVos will get oversight of $1+ trillion student loan system she's profiting from a company her money helped fund
added: Tue Dec 6 11:48:48 2016

Recording of the new #ErlangSolutions webinar is now available! Learn all about #MongooseIM 2.0.0 features
added: Tue Dec 6 11:40:15 2016
tags: erlangsolutions, mongooseim

獨家調查:深圳義工隊赴港反港獨,包吃包玩遊西貢 | 端傳媒 Initium Media
added: Tue Dec 6 11:30:33 2016

The Dangerous Myth That Hillary Clinton Ignored the Working Class
added: Tue Dec 6 11:30:24 2016

MUST-READ: How Assyrian Christians worldwide raised ransom $ to free 226 brethren from IS group, @lhinnant
added: Tue Dec 6 11:12:41 2016

"We waited 4 Aleppo to rise & it didn't ... so we had to bring the revolution to them," said rebel commander in 2012
added: Tue Dec 6 11:06:21 2016

Malta passes law to jail any 'doctor' who attempts to prescribe 'gay cures' via…
added: Tue Dec 6 11:02:24 2016

Veterans at Standing Rock just announced they're heading to Flint
added: Tue Dec 6 10:23:11 2016

400 syringes, medical waste collected on beach near Disco Bay Govt too busy reversing elect…
added: Tue Dec 6 10:18:44 2016

Vietnamese man charged for killing 4,000 rare turtles for souvenir business:
added: Tue Dec 6 10:16:17 2016

China hopes U.S. will not allow transit by Taiwan president
added: Tue Dec 6 10:15:50 2016

A review of 2 important books: @degewa's Tibet on Fire, & Tsering Topgyal's China & Tibet: The Perils of Insecurity
added: Tue Dec 6 10:15:26 2016

Linux kernel local root exploit existed since 2011. It was fixed today Ubuntu user can appl…
added: Tue Dec 6 10:11:23 2016

China limits sale of video game items and ¥$; Restricts 'Freemium' buy-in games; and spreads liability broadly.
added: Tue Dec 6 09:41:25 2016

Cheers! The Chinese have bought a U.K. pub after Xi Jinping had a beer there
added: Tue Dec 6 09:38:19 2016

India could face #smartphone #patent wars like those in US in recent years, #antitrust regulator says: @MLexclusive
added: Tue Dec 6 09:37:38 2016
tags: antitrust, patent, smartphone

"The simplest thing the RMT can do is to call off the strike," said the halfwit
added: Tue Dec 6 09:36:56 2016

Confessions Made Under Duress Tarnish China’s Graft Fight, @ChuBailiang on @hrw shuanggui report
added: Tue Dec 6 09:35:50 2016

#Trump can resolve #Kashmir impasse with ‘dealmaking skills'- Pence
added: Tue Dec 6 09:19:46 2016
tags: trump, kashmir

Defence casts doubt about victim's identity in Ken Tsang case
added: Tue Dec 6 09:12:42 2016

This seems to solve the mystery of why Chinese tourists are in the village of Kidlington.
added: Tue Dec 6 09:12:13 2016

Congrats to all the Flint water poisoning whistleblowers for making TIME magazine's shortlist for Person of the Year
added: Tue Dec 6 09:11:59 2016

Don't cut yourself on that Edge: Nexenta containerises DevOps
added: Tue Dec 6 09:10:11 2016

I cannot remember if Democrats were outraged over this or not?
added: Tue Dec 6 09:04:11 2016

Do you approve of HSBC's rainbow lions? Yes. What do you think?
added: Tue Dec 6 08:19:05 2016

Deal advice DIY by major Chinese firms threatens banks' rain making by @julie_zhuli
added: Tue Dec 6 08:09:49 2016

Several compiants about iPhones exploding, says Shanghai watchdog
added: Tue Dec 6 08:09:33 2016

Informed, measured piece on US-Taiwan relations by @JEPomfret
added: Tue Dec 6 08:06:08 2016

My talk on Localism and Civic identity in HK at Academia sinica this Thursday, all welcome!
added: Tue Dec 6 07:45:23 2016

Muslim woman pushed down stairs and called terrorist in New York City
added: Tue Dec 6 07:20:54 2016

Love this piece of analysis about the Taiwan call
added: Tue Dec 6 07:19:04 2016

Russia, China veto UN resolution demanding Aleppo truce
added: Tue Dec 6 07:16:09 2016

Dalian Wanda executive in charge of relisting plan resigns
added: Tue Dec 6 07:16:00 2016

House G.O.P. breaks with Trump Will Congressional Democrats be willing to tax companies that move jobs overseas?
added: Tue Dec 6 07:13:58 2016

A hypnotic, nausea-inducing time-lapse capturing 72 hours of smog last week in Shijiazhuang, NE China blehhhh
added: Tue Dec 6 07:11:56 2016

Interracial Couple's Home Destroyed By Racist Vandals: via @YouTube
added: Tue Dec 6 07:10:05 2016

It doesn't matter how many times these people are proven wrong. They still believe their own bullshit.
added: Tue Dec 6 06:47:49 2016

"Like a puritan’s sexual fears, the obsession w belittling TW's status actually ends up drawing constant attn to it"
added: Tue Dec 6 06:30:47 2016

My latest piece in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper on Trump-China-Hong Kong:
added: Tue Dec 6 06:24:47 2016

China's media, rattled by Trump, suggested on Tuesday he could build a 'quasi-alliance' with India aimed at Beijing
added: Tue Dec 6 05:38:48 2016

Torture in secret prisons: The dark side of China's anti-corruption crackdown
added: Tue Dec 6 05:36:22 2016

Donald Trump sells his stake in Dakota Access Pipeline company
added: Tue Dec 6 03:57:55 2016

#HKSAR gov officials/BJ camp hv called 4 investigation of students,teachers,civil servants & families-sum freedom>
added: Tue Dec 6 02:03:44 2016
tags: hksar

Veterans join Native elders in #NoDAPL celebration ceremony and ask for forgiveness
added: Mon Dec 5 20:26:36 2016
tags: nodapl

The Democrats' reliance on billionaire funders like Saban is a key reason that debate over Israel is not permitted.
added: Mon Dec 5 18:57:38 2016

Exclusive: #XiJinping is going to Davos, latest sign of China seeking leadership on global stage in Trump era
added: Mon Dec 5 14:37:59 2016
tags: xijinping

Chesapeake to sell Haynesville asset for $450 million
added: Mon Dec 5 14:05:03 2016

Matteo Renzi: "My experience of government finishes here."
added: Mon Dec 5 13:45:07 2016

‘Why, like New Zealand, aren’t we more proud of our indigenous people?’ #INDIGENOUS #TAIRP
added: Mon Dec 5 13:45:01 2016
tags: indigenous, tairp

Ma admin health min Yaung Chih-liang joins KMT call for referendum to decide whether to allow Tohoku food imports
added: Mon Dec 5 13:44:26 2016

New research suggests that seabird poop helps keep the Arctic cool. 🐦💩
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:17 2016

Best Human Rights Books of 2016 An American Genocide, Benjamin Madley @yalepress
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:15 2016

#Singapore MT @kixes: Flexing our democratic muscles: a little guide on how to write to your elected officials
added: Mon Dec 5 13:35:14 2016
tags: singapore

Austrians' pro-EU views scupper far-right bid for presidency
added: Mon Dec 5 13:28:26 2016

China: Trump Team Is ‘Clear’ on Taiwan’s Importance to Beijing - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 5 13:27:38 2016

Saudi Arabia bans a prominent journalist for his critical remarks about Trump.
added: Mon Dec 5 13:26:24 2016

That viral graph about millennials’ declining support for democracy? It’s very misleading. - The Washington Post
added: Mon Dec 5 13:26:18 2016

Dakota victory brings powerful message for Trump resistance If we organize and outlast them, we can win @Will_Bunch
added: Mon Dec 5 12:12:41 2016

USA, 2016
added: Mon Dec 5 12:00:16 2016

Being religious is like being on drugs
added: Mon Dec 5 11:53:10 2016

被控無牌經營旅館 露營車負責人脫罪
added: Mon Dec 5 11:41:32 2016

Washington gunman motivated by fake news 'Pizzagate' conspiracy
added: Mon Dec 5 11:37:35 2016

Yuan, #Taiwan Dollar Slip After @realDonaldTrump Tweets Criticism of #China - WSJ
added: Mon Dec 5 10:44:42 2016
tags: taiwan, china

Three Things to Know About #Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, Who Rattled #China by Phoning @realDonaldTrump | TIME
added: Mon Dec 5 10:44:06 2016
tags: china, taiwan

Shinzo Abe to visit Pearl Harbor later this month, becoming the first Japanese leader to visit since the attack
added: Mon Dec 5 10:39:23 2016

'They want us to be silent': Hong Kong lawmaker under threat @nathanlawkc vows to fight by @jgriffiths ht @KamVivian
added: Mon Dec 5 10:07:27 2016

Federal judge orders Michigan to conduct a statewide recount.
added: Mon Dec 5 09:55:14 2016

ProtonMail deploying SRP authentication, using 2048-bit safe primes
added: Mon Dec 5 08:47:45 2016

'A storm is gathering on the horizon': Chinese scholars fret about Trump
added: Mon Dec 5 08:40:06 2016

S.Korean business tycoons including Samsung & Hyundai bosses to be grilled at hearings over Pres.Park's scandal @AFP
added: Mon Dec 5 07:58:00 2016

The euro is at a 20-month low
added: Mon Dec 5 07:57:56 2016

Donald Trump just made everything even worse with China
added: Mon Dec 5 07:53:37 2016

As Indonesia seeks Chinese investment, it has shied away from intl leadership on South China Sea, writes @ConnellyAL
added: Mon Dec 5 07:53:00 2016

A conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton running paedophile ring led a man to open fire in a pizza shop
added: Mon Dec 5 07:52:48 2016

JUST IN: ‘King of judicial review’ to challenge Finance Sec’s refusal to answer lawmaker questions, HKFP has learned
added: Mon Dec 5 07:50:20 2016

I'm genuinely scared. You should be too.
added: Mon Dec 5 07:49:05 2016

If you're just waking here's what you missed with the #HFTHrescue - catch up here:
added: Mon Dec 5 07:29:21 2016
tags: hfthrescue

Theresa May says human rights abuses shouldn't affect trade policy
added: Mon Dec 5 07:24:20 2016

Ming Pao staff demands quicker probe into assault on reporter during Mong Kok clashes
added: Mon Dec 5 07:21:52 2016

Italian PM Matteo Renzi resigns after crushing 20-point defeat in constitutional referendum
added: Mon Dec 5 07:20:40 2016

Breitbart Has Landed in Beijing by @MrRFH
added: Mon Dec 5 05:41:53 2016

Not a lot of suspense in Uzbekistan as dictator Karimov's sidekick PM for past 13 years prepares to assume his role.
added: Mon Dec 5 05:41:02 2016

This piece by Ezekiel Kweku @theshrillest is so good. "What The Democrats Must Do To Win" via @MTVNews
added: Mon Dec 5 05:39:24 2016

@GreatDismal Thankfully, probably won't work: Turns out the old just need to get their shit together
added: Mon Dec 5 05:36:44 2016

My latest @InfoQ news -> "Amazon Release 'AWS X-Ray' Distributed Tracing Service in Preview" #zipkin #opentracing
added: Sun Dec 4 18:46:21 2016
tags: zipkin, opentracing

More microservices experiences @InfoQ
added: Sun Dec 4 15:56:35 2016

Hindu temples ban new 'animal fat' £5 note
added: Sun Dec 4 15:17:01 2016

No US president or president-elect has spoken to a Taiwanese leader since then-president Richard Nixon agreed in...
added: Sun Dec 4 15:09:54 2016

Chinese media blame Donald Trump's 'inexperience' over Taiwan call
added: Sun Dec 4 15:08:59 2016

Why nine Island First Nations signed Trans Mountain deals #yyj #PortAlberni
added: Sun Dec 4 15:04:11 2016
tags: yyj, portalberni

Audio shows Standing Rock Sioux tribe objected to pipeline two years ago via @NewsHour #NODAPL
added: Sun Dec 4 15:01:34 2016
tags: nodapl

Beijing aggressively targets Chinese diaspora w/political reorg of 中国侨联 All-China Fed. of Returned Overseas Chinese
added: Sun Dec 4 14:52:25 2016

It's not "fascist" to demand that Hillary be treated equitably under the law, and not be granted special privileges
added: Sun Dec 4 14:51:24 2016

#Taiwan, #Indonesia cooperation on #immigration bears fruit | Society | FocusTaiwan Mobile - CNA English News
added: Sun Dec 4 14:50:53 2016
tags: immigration, taiwan, indonesia

North Dakota fracking co slapped with $2.1mn fine over pollution of Fort Berthold reservation
added: Sun Dec 4 14:24:48 2016

Vanessa Dundon 'Sioux Z' permanently blind after being shot in the face by a tear gas canister
added: Sun Dec 4 14:21:02 2016

Singapore minister urges U.S. focus on strategic interest in Asia
added: Sun Dec 4 14:06:03 2016

Global Times chief pundit Hu Xijin: "Trump doesn't have the guts for strategic confrontation with China."
added: Sun Dec 4 14:05:59 2016

SQL injections vulnerabilities in Stack Overflow PHP questions :
added: Sun Dec 4 13:52:02 2016

Reminder Nazi-linked Austrian far-rightist set to win presidency loves Israel. Zionism and anti-Semitism are allies.
added: Sun Dec 4 13:51:30 2016

Listen to Amy Goodman's latest podcast: "How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win"
added: Sun Dec 4 13:50:14 2016

A Failure Of Solidarity In Taiwan After The Trump-Tsai Call? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Sun Dec 4 13:00:02 2016

How come the Western press never for a second considers Taiwan's point of view? Two people were on the call, right?
added: Sun Dec 4 12:12:42 2016

#SriLanka Sri Lanka to buy Chinese Xian Y20 military-cum-civil transport planes - The New Indian Express
added: Sun Dec 4 12:02:18 2016
tags: srilanka

// 一些建制人士就將問題歸因於新一代欠缺中國歷史教育。於是有親建制人士期望將中國歷史科列為必修科目,幫助學生培養民族情感、培養愛國觀念、為邁向民族團結及國家統一而奮鬥。...
added: Sun Dec 4 11:21:03 2016

A blow against net neutrality: #DirecTV Now service could trigger a sponsored-data arms race killing #NetNeutrality
added: Sun Dec 4 11:20:30 2016
tags: directv, netneutrality

Dec 4 1969 – Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton & Mark Clark killed while asleep during raid by Chicago police
added: Sun Dec 4 11:12:58 2016

These Big Native American Facebook Pages Are Actually Being Run By People In #Kosovo And #Vietnam
added: Sun Dec 4 11:10:45 2016
tags: kosovo, vietnam

The Latest: Stein urges federal judge to get recount moving not easy when a corrupt billionaire pushes back
added: Sun Dec 4 11:07:36 2016

JOB-KILLING $15 Minimum Wage Fails To Kill Jobs
added: Sun Dec 4 11:00:33 2016

5 #tech giants harvested our #data. This treasure must be shared among the people who provide it @evgenymorozov
added: Sun Dec 4 10:46:12 2016
tags: data, tech

U.S. Navy aims to buy more Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets: source
added: Sun Dec 4 10:35:04 2016

Xinjiang Police Hold Uyghur Hostage Against Brother’s ‘Crime’ #China
added: Sun Dec 4 09:54:05 2016
tags: china

Human Rights Defenders held in unknown locaction, 'at risk of torture'
added: Sun Dec 4 09:50:13 2016

#Japan defence budget could rise to record $44.64 billion in 2017 amid security challenges from China & #NorthKorea
added: Sun Dec 4 08:57:01 2016
tags: japan, northkorea

Chinese health fad for donkey skin derived serum is impacting donkey populations worldwide, opens new farming opps
added: Sun Dec 4 08:52:44 2016

British students will have to pay to go to German universities after Brexit
added: Sun Dec 4 08:51:00 2016

"It would be a mistake to think he got a pass. You don’t get a pass on Taiwan" @JohnDelury on Trump & 'The Call'
added: Sun Dec 4 08:49:32 2016

The US election is officially over
added: Sun Dec 4 08:46:00 2016

A brilliant explainer. Trump, Taiwan and China: The Controversy, Explained
added: Sun Dec 4 08:42:30 2016

Carrier's workers union was shut out of negotiations between company and Donald Trump
added: Sun Dec 4 08:38:52 2016

excellent A Surprise Shift On Taiwan Policy By Trump?
added: Sun Dec 4 08:04:59 2016

Michigan's effort to drug test welfare recipients catches zero bad actors
added: Sun Dec 4 07:47:58 2016

Anti-junta activist accused of defaming King Rama X freed
added: Sun Dec 4 07:40:04 2016

Q&A: The next step following Trump’s Taiwan call
added: Sun Dec 4 07:17:13 2016

China carried out 10 ballistic missile (DF-21C) flight tests in a show of force via @MailOnline
added: Sat Dec 3 22:55:20 2016

The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence via @qz
added: Sat Dec 3 22:54:59 2016

Why crony capitalism is as American as apple pie. Some historical perspective is useful.
added: Sat Dec 3 21:16:46 2016

Leviathan would have been better if Hobbes had discussed pet monkies
added: Sat Dec 3 15:39:35 2016

Super @hirokotabuchi piece linking big banks & Indonesian #PalmOil-driven forest loss:
added: Sat Dec 3 13:25:00 2016
tags: palmoil

Nikola unveils its hydrogen-powered semi-truck
added: Sat Dec 3 13:22:45 2016

MFA Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Remarks on US President-elect Trump's Phone Call with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen
added: Sat Dec 3 13:21:07 2016

A Surprise Shift On Taiwan Policy By Trump? by @brianhioe Link:
added: Sat Dec 3 13:00:03 2016

Off grid solar is solving power problems in rural Africa - via @techreview @Liberationtech @autom8
added: Sat Dec 3 11:10:31 2016

The "Econ 101" theory of labor supply and demand has been falsified. It does not work. So will we stop using it?
added: Sat Dec 3 09:08:29 2016

Harrison lobbied for Cintas, the uniform supply firm, to defeat EFCA, legislation to make it easier to form a union
added: Fri Dec 2 22:14:40 2016

Jaime Harrison, DNC chair candidate, lobbied for coal firms working to defeat Obama's cap & trade proposal
added: Fri Dec 2 22:10:13 2016

By releasing his killer w/ no charges the State of Louisiana just said that Joe McKnight's Black life didn't matter
added: Fri Dec 2 19:25:59 2016

Forest fire blamed on Palestinians may have been started by Israeli forces chasing them
added: Fri Dec 2 14:43:49 2016

I wrote about the rebirth of MTV News and the commodification of diversity in media for @thenation
added: Fri Dec 2 14:07:57 2016

I used to work for Cadbury - this is what has really happened since the Kraft takeover
added: Fri Dec 2 13:20:59 2016

These are the six elections that are about to change Europe forever
added: Fri Dec 2 13:20:01 2016

DeVos now targets MI police,fire & teachers-trying to eliminate their retirement security-so wrong 4 so many reasons
added: Fri Dec 2 13:18:21 2016

2016 world champion Nico Rosberg has announced his retirement from Formula One #F1
added: Fri Dec 2 13:17:39 2016
tags: f1

Duterte will be visiting Singapore; let's also name an orchid after him & not mention extrajudicial killings, yeah?
added: Fri Dec 2 13:16:13 2016

As China warships 'clutter' Indian Ocean, India says it's ready for any eventuality
added: Fri Dec 2 13:15:01 2016

Shameless water-carrying by NYT & @jmartnyt for these guys:
added: Fri Dec 2 13:13:53 2016

Foreclosing on a 90-year-old woman over 27 cents: Working at Goldman is the least evil thing about Steve Mnuchin
added: Fri Dec 2 12:45:33 2016

A US government science body promoted an article denying climate change and Bernie Sanders destroyed them
added: Fri Dec 2 12:40:05 2016

Psychedelics have now been proven to help terminal cancer patients as well as people with mental health problems
added: Fri Dec 2 12:40:01 2016

British fighter jets to overfly #SouthChinaSea; carriers in Pacific after 2020 | via @KimDarroch
added: Fri Dec 2 12:39:02 2016
tags: southchinasea

China rescues Filipinos near disputed South China Sea shoal
added: Fri Dec 2 12:38:48 2016

Le Carré meets Tom Sharpe, as the German intelligence agency is penetrated by an Islamist who's also a gay porn star
added: Fri Dec 2 11:10:24 2016

Accusations of lying, spying and Nazism in Austria's final presidential debate
added: Fri Dec 2 11:09:55 2016

Myanmar is burning. Where is Aung San Suu Kyi?
added: Fri Dec 2 11:09:32 2016

Trees planted to commemorate the deaths of 513 Sheffield men at the Somme threatened by @SheffCouncil. Very shoddy.
added: Fri Dec 2 11:07:06 2016

#Germany: Two comrades from #Spain arrested in #HambachForest and imprisoned in #Cologne
added: Fri Dec 2 11:06:23 2016
tags: spain, cologne, germany, hambachforest

#Cambodia: King pardons deputy opposition leader Kem Sokha
added: Fri Dec 2 10:06:40 2016
tags: cambodia

A friend's blog post about her first - and last - business trip to China.
added: Fri Dec 2 10:06:18 2016

Lawmaker queries youth group’s speedy approval – RTHK
added: Fri Dec 2 07:48:07 2016

GovHK's 2017, 20 years since Handover website: inc. poster contest co-organised by SCMP & M…
added: Fri Dec 2 07:41:08 2016

Golang’s Real-time GC in Theory and Practice
added: Fri Dec 2 07:37:43 2016

PBoC slashes X-border RMB quota for intercompany loans
added: Fri Dec 2 07:37:14 2016

A new treatment seems to have ‘cured’ a man’s cancer
added: Fri Dec 2 07:21:00 2016

Ming Pao: Regina Ip told people Beijing has given her a "green light" to run for Hong Kong's top office.
added: Fri Dec 2 07:17:22 2016

Ming Pao to replace its controversial boss
added: Fri Dec 2 07:16:58 2016

News of Chinese lawyer's beatings in prison 'only tip of the iceberg,' wife told | Hong Kong Free Press
added: Fri Dec 2 07:13:09 2016

Carrie Lam presser on preparation works for celebrating 20th anniversary of Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China
added: Fri Dec 2 07:07:11 2016

Chinese Official Warns Disastrous Impact From Domestic Venture Fund Explosion
added: Fri Dec 2 06:56:26 2016

Cornel West: Unlike Bernie Sanders, I'm Not Convinced the Democratic Party Can Be Reformed via
added: Fri Dec 2 06:48:02 2016

Mainland's top court finally clears man executed wrongly in 1995
added: Fri Dec 2 06:16:25 2016

Obama poised to block Chinese takeover of Germany's Aixtron, sources say via @technology
added: Fri Dec 2 06:14:14 2016

Two men involved in Mong Kok riots sentenced to jail
added: Fri Dec 2 06:10:16 2016

SCMP tells Singapore to pick sides btw Beijing and Taiwan ... "On sovereignty, there can be no compromise."
added: Fri Dec 2 05:17:00 2016

Britain values its business ties with Hong Kong thanks to the freedoms enshrined in the ...
added: Fri Dec 2 02:46:04 2016

sweet zombie Jesus there's to be a TAXPAYER FUNDED BAILOUT of the FUCKING INSURANCE INDUSTRY
added: Fri Dec 2 02:27:26 2016

The week of Sand Creek Massacre anniversary #WaterProtectors issue emergency proclamation:…
added: Fri Dec 2 00:40:28 2016
tags: waterprotectors

Jon Stewart: The American media has become an “information-laundering scheme”
added: Fri Dec 2 00:40:00 2016

VA administrators say a hospital in Wisconsin may have accidentally infected 592 veterans with hepatitis and HIV
added: Thu Dec 1 16:12:27 2016

Beware of How Technology Amplifies Every Deadly Sin -->
added: Thu Dec 1 14:57:57 2016

Bernie Sanders: Carrier just showed corporations how to beat Donald Trump
added: Thu Dec 1 14:50:18 2016

ThinkProgress: Keith Ellison’s radical plan to save the Democratic Party: ‘Organize, organize, organize.’
added: Thu Dec 1 14:40:15 2016

A MUST READ by @DadyChery: "Haiti Rejects Election Under Occupation"
added: Thu Dec 1 14:40:13 2016

HTTP/2 : In-depth analysis of the top four flaws of the next generation web protocol : (pdf)
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:40 2016

【踢出境】加國逾800中國富人 涉移民欺詐面臨遣返 「在2006至2013年間,逾1,200名中國籍移民經無牌移民中介王迅……目前有320人正受查,並將面臨被遣返中國的結局……」 (按:瓦努阿圖的大門永遠為你打開。)
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:34 2016

Pound hits three-month high after hints UK won't be heading for a Hard Brexit
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:01 2016

Hacking WPA Enterprise with Kali Linux :
added: Thu Dec 1 12:34:00 2016

Cash-strapped Chinese dairies are selling and then renting back their cows
added: Thu Dec 1 12:30:13 2016

Kansas school board will now decide fate of of indian mascot
added: Thu Dec 1 11:36:10 2016

Magic mushrooms may ease anxiety
added: Thu Dec 1 11:35:28 2016
added: Thu Dec 1 11:13:22 2016

THANK YOU, @ShaunKing! This is exactly what we deal with in Missouri! Sickening!So much comes to mind.
added: Thu Dec 1 11:05:37 2016

"Many of the companies that buy palm oil from Wilmar tell consumers it is "sustainable."... "anything but. "
added: Thu Dec 1 08:39:13 2016

Beaten up by thugs and receiving death threats: hard life of a Chinese hunter of counterfeits. By @suilee
added: Thu Dec 1 07:43:49 2016

Justice Sec: Legal challenges filed against lawmakers are unrelated to Beijing's ruling
added: Thu Dec 1 07:38:25 2016

不評論會否向其他議員提司法覆核 #袁國強:跟進行動沒有政治考慮
added: Thu Dec 1 07:23:29 2016
tags: 袁國強

Reddit: Trying to train neural network using cuda on AWS g2x2 instance but I keep getting error #LuaLang
added: Thu Dec 1 07:22:05 2016
tags: lualang

Day 1 - Deploy your AWS Infrastructure Continuously By: @hellomichibye
added: Thu Dec 1 07:19:20 2016

Schoolboys recreate $750 HIV drug for $2
added: Thu Dec 1 07:14:13 2016

As public anger mounts over Park, memorial hall for her late father/ex-president was burned down in arson fire (KO)
added: Thu Dec 1 07:14:07 2016

Tibetan nuns dancing to Maoist pop in "Monks & Nuns' Law & Politics Training Course." Public humiliation. @degewa
added: Thu Dec 1 07:10:44 2016

The pathos of cultural critics is that their opinions are usually doomed to quick oblivion. So why do they do it?
added: Thu Dec 1 07:05:39 2016

'Talking nonsense': China tells Taiwan to stay out of Hong Kong debate
added: Thu Dec 1 07:04:08 2016

Censorship on China's WeChat: One app, two systems great work by @citizenlab h/t @wanga2z
added: Thu Dec 1 07:02:42 2016

Obama just missed a big chance to boost wind power
added: Thu Dec 1 07:00:03 2016

How a PA senator treats his state's largest economic engine. Horrible.
added: Thu Dec 1 05:14:13 2016

Cassini's grand finale: NASA's probe begins 'ring-grazing' orbits to study Saturn's rings
added: Thu Dec 1 05:11:44 2016

#China tells #Taiwan to stay out of debate over disqualified #HongKong lawmakers
added: Thu Dec 1 05:10:33 2016
tags: taiwan, hongkong, china

Malaysians worry Trump will drop a US investigation probing his “favorite prime minister”
added: Thu Dec 1 05:04:15 2016

HKU Council chairman Arthur Li: Supporting HK independence is no different to supporting Brexit or Donald Trump
added: Thu Dec 1 05:03:52 2016

CY Leung was not behind mainland travel permit relaxation, says pro-Beijing veteran Rita Fan
added: Thu Dec 1 05:00:14 2016

THIS! A must read for @TheDemocrats & anyone who wants to see the party of FDR and MLK be just that. #OurRevolution
added: Thu Dec 1 04:53:21 2016
tags: ourrevolution

China is censoring people’s chats without them even knowing about it @horwitzjosh
added: Thu Dec 1 01:50:06 2016

#SCMP Another 19 ill in Hong Kong after Thanksgiving meal at Dan Ryan’s
added: Thu Dec 1 01:36:15 2016
tags: scmp

"Yet again, as w promises of universal suffrage, the public sees that Basic Law loopholes are good for CCP not #HK"
added: Thu Dec 1 00:46:33 2016
tags: hk

A dark day for digital rights: Congress fails to stop expansive new government hacking powers.
added: Wed Nov 30 21:45:09 2016

The 100% Correct Way to Do CSS Breakpoints:
added: Wed Nov 30 21:08:03 2016

The No-BS Inside Guide to the Presidential Vote Recount #JillStein #GreenParty #Recount #AuditTheVote #Election2016
added: Wed Nov 30 17:29:34 2016
tags: jillstein, recount, election2016, greenparty, auditthevote

This piece by @DavidKaib is very good, and you should read it.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:56:20 2016

#VIETNAM Cat Lai: 539kg #ivory seized en route #NIGERIA to #CAMBODIA via @thenation @WWF_WLCrime
added: Wed Nov 30 14:36:28 2016
tags: cambodia, nigeria, ivory, vietnam

Insisting on China's stance that sanctions won't hurt common NKoreans: "中方的核心立场是,制裁是专门针对朝鲜核计划的,不能针对朝鲜人民,不能引起人道主义灾难"
added: Wed Nov 30 14:34:05 2016

During border search, US Customs seized journalist's encrypted phones, tampered with them.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:33:25 2016

JP Verzosa and his wife are being used as a bargaining chip for the state in peace negotiation in the Philippines.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:32:41 2016

Unclear what the Carrier thing really means. Workers still have no details. But the bar is very low.
added: Wed Nov 30 14:09:35 2016

Does the Carrier sort-of-deal also include the Rexnord plant down the road also moving to Mexico?
added: Wed Nov 30 14:07:18 2016 << Gov't admits "changes" re: print media... yet still refuses to recognise anyone at digit…
added: Wed Nov 30 13:43:58 2016

Plan to turn old Hong Kong airport site into hub for government facilities confirmed
added: Wed Nov 30 13:43:25 2016

|@DetNews @SEIU Robinson: The fight for a #livingwage must go on - Arrests at #Fightfor15 DA's this week in Detroit
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:43 2016
tags: fightfor15, livingwage

"Every single case wants to do the same thing. They say we shouldn't offer a service that allows users to block ads"
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:40 2016

Growing far-right nationalistic movements are dangerously anti-Muslim — and pro-Israel by @ggreenwald
added: Wed Nov 30 13:41:09 2016

Bernie Sanders Challenges Trump To Admit He's A Liar Or Nominate A Decent HHS Secretary | Crooks and Liars
added: Wed Nov 30 13:40:17 2016

How the Active Many Can Overcome the Ruthless Few
added: Wed Nov 30 12:42:15 2016

The hidden havens on rooftops around the world, from Singapore to Milan
added: Wed Nov 30 12:40:55 2016

Putting animal fat in the new £5 note isn't just an insult to vegetarians - it should concern everyone
added: Wed Nov 30 12:40:00 2016

Can the Democrats Move Right?, via @nytimes WTF?!?
added: Wed Nov 30 12:31:55 2016

Statement by HKSAR Government on issues relating to Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents
added: Wed Nov 30 12:31:36 2016

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan Hinges on American Stupidity. Prove Him Wrong.
added: Wed Nov 30 12:30:18 2016

China says it wants smooth military ties with Trump
added: Wed Nov 30 11:36:05 2016

Beijing untypically quiet on Taiwan drills in South China Sea
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:41 2016

China steps up quality checks on state-owned overseas assets
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:16 2016

Chinese court tries former senior provincial official for graft
added: Wed Nov 30 11:35:00 2016

The @FT special report on the future of the food industry and my piece on fishery eco-labels
added: Wed Nov 30 11:26:48 2016

1000 years ago #OnThisDay, Edmund Ironside died and Cnut became king of England
added: Wed Nov 30 11:24:47 2016
tags: onthisday

Ibrahim El-Bakraoui had bribed Turkish authorities to deport him to the Netherlands instead of Belgium.
added: Wed Nov 30 11:07:57 2016

added: Wed Nov 30 11:00:30 2016
tags: 幫黨出聲, 幫港出聲, 劉細良

"There was nothing one cd do but watch & wait for it to happen" - yet another Chinese lawyer vanishes amid crackdown
added: Wed Nov 30 10:59:54 2016

#Indonesia Jakarta Post: Support grows for #WestPapua #referendum
added: Wed Nov 30 10:53:25 2016
tags: indonesia, westpapua, referendum

In a final betrayal of Cadbury's, their new US owners have abandoned their Fairtrade and organic promises
added: Wed Nov 30 10:53:00 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 10:51:08 2016

(Fixes typo) Air conditioning company confirms deal with Trump to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Reported by @jpaceDC:
added: Wed Nov 30 10:45:15 2016

Watch Airileke's Powerful Video for #WestPapua (1 December) Independence Day
added: Wed Nov 30 10:40:41 2016
tags: westpapua

President Erdogan explains why he sent Turkish troops into Syria
added: Wed Nov 30 10:37:59 2016

Oh right, about those LEDs: Comments:
added: Wed Nov 30 10:20:01 2016

700,000 Irish passports have been issued in the year of Brexit - a new record
added: Wed Nov 30 10:20:00 2016

Useful Chinese expression of the day: "老鼠过街、人人喊打" - ‘No mercy’ for HK pro-independence ‘rats’ says Beijing official
added: Wed Nov 30 10:19:55 2016

Beijing targets Taiwan crooks – The Standard
added: Wed Nov 30 09:16:18 2016

China home return permits may soon be reissued to pro-democracy lawmakers - report
added: Wed Nov 30 09:16:15 2016

VIDEO - Dozens arrested during US minimum wage protests
added: Wed Nov 30 09:15:10 2016

Monetary Statistics for October 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 09:14:35 2016

International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
added: Wed Nov 30 09:14:34 2016

Palm Oil and human rights: What you need to know - by @amnesty
added: Wed Nov 30 09:10:55 2016

It's been snowing in Saudi Arabia and this guy's response was amazing
added: Wed Nov 30 09:10:01 2016

added: Wed Nov 30 09:09:48 2016

Refusing to engage with Trump’s base will only guarantee the growth of the far right.
added: Wed Nov 30 09:09:00 2016

Illegal gold mining in Colombia is killing the rainforest
added: Wed Nov 30 09:07:49 2016

Porsche given the job of helping build the new fast charger electric car network with partners.
added: Wed Nov 30 09:05:43 2016

People get ahead in life by using one of these two strategies
added: Wed Nov 30 09:05:07 2016

Chernobyl cover-up: Giant shield rolled over nuclear reactor remains
added: Wed Nov 30 09:04:12 2016

Theresa May signs up to unitary patent, accepts supremacy of top EU court - well, that's awkward #brexit #UPC
added: Wed Nov 30 09:03:48 2016
tags: brexit, upc

Rise in blackmail-related suicides over sexual images shared online
added: Wed Nov 30 09:01:41 2016

"If we go over a course of 25 years, it's possible there are about 25 million women in the statistics that...
added: Wed Nov 30 09:00:35 2016

稅務大樓擬遷往啟德 騰出逾4萬平方米甲級寫字樓用地 #本地 Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:56:35 +0800
added: Wed Nov 30 09:00:17 2016
tags: 本地

Beijing determined to crack down on HK independence after meeting 'Silent Majority' ...
added: Wed Nov 30 08:40:24 2016
added: Wed Nov 30 07:20:43 2016

Pepper: Independence movement battered 1 yr since it came out, HK doomed if "self-determination" punished same way
added: Wed Nov 30 07:05:34 2016

If you thought only #Delhi is battling #pollution, think again. #Bengaluru #Mumbai #Ahmedebad are as bad: @JoseyJohn
added: Wed Nov 30 06:59:41 2016
tags: pollution, delhi, mumbai, ahmedebad, bengaluru

Legislative Council Question 9: Follow-up actions on incidents of excess lead found in drinking water
added: Wed Nov 30 05:16:03 2016

Watch Hong Kong's rule of law disappear in real time:
added: Wed Nov 30 05:13:17 2016
tags: oathgate

Barrett Brown released after 4+ years in prison following charges after the Stratfor hack
added: Wed Nov 30 05:11:08 2016

Is @BarackObama happy with Trump's Treasury pick? Recall Summers Geithner Goolsbee Rubin. The more things change...
added: Wed Nov 30 05:10:35 2016

Taiwan protests against Malaysia's deportation of fraud suspects to China
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:55 2016

Interesting analysis of Singaporean APCs seized in Hong Kong. h/t @mgerrydoyle
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:47 2016

Russia wants to step up its ability to censor the Internet, and it’s turning to China for help.
added: Wed Nov 30 04:58:20 2016

Shameful what Hardball is peddling tonight/@chrismatthews knows better/ Putin didn’t undermine the election. We did.
added: Wed Nov 30 04:48:11 2016

A 'coup d'etat': Pro-democracy camp slam gov't legal effort to overthrow lawmaker Lau ...
added: Wed Nov 30 04:42:06 2016

When Stein was talking about lobbyists influence o