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China joins with PNG in building new Western Pacific University
added: Fri Jun 23 02:33:14 2017

Exclusive: South Korea president calls on China's Xi to do more on North Korea nuclear program
added: Thu Jun 22 09:14:07 2017

Pakistan Reviews Conditions for Issuance of Visas for Chinese Nationals
added: Thu Jun 22 08:38:57 2017

New legal theory would basically destroy the key protection for of online free speech in the U.S.
added: Thu Jun 22 08:38:57 2017

大學老師薪高糧準好過癮?不了,教資會將規定八大教師填報工作時數,並列明相關工作是否屬於學術及相關學科範圍;有教師抗議和呼籲罷填。 #獨媒報導
added: Thu Jun 22 08:33:06 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

FBI investigating Michigan airport stabbing as 'terrorism'
added: Thu Jun 22 08:32:36 2017

Caltech's 'lensless camera' could make our phones truly flat
added: Thu Jun 22 08:32:13 2017

Western M&A bankers are going to have to find some other names to put on their list of prospective bidders.
added: Thu Jun 22 08:16:10 2017

Will Corruption Doom China? via @ForeignAffairs by @Dali_Yang
added: Thu Jun 22 07:35:58 2017

China's Dalian Wanda Group denies 'rumors' of bond sales
added: Thu Jun 22 06:24:00 2017

Council chief resigns amid Grenfell Tower fire criticism
added: Thu Jun 22 06:23:00 2017

Jerusalem court rules that El Al cannot force women to change seats to accommodate men who don't realize it's 2017.
added: Thu Jun 22 06:22:53 2017

Elite universities found to have second rate teaching
added: Thu Jun 22 06:22:52 2017

Macron loses four ministers in a week
added: Thu Jun 22 06:21:14 2017

ICE enforcement in Boston targets head of Irish Assn: ‘If John Cunningham is not safe, no one is safe’ @GlobeCullen
added: Thu Jun 22 06:17:19 2017

Thailand has long served as a transit hub for trafficked animals and wildlife products bound for major markets
added: Thu Jun 22 05:47:47 2017

Meet The Hand-Picked Garbage Pelosi And Hoyer Want To Turn The Democratic Party Over To
added: Thu Jun 22 05:39:09 2017

Egypt sends a shipment of fuel to Gaza—and Mahmoud Abbas pressures the strip's power plant not to use it.
added: Thu Jun 22 05:36:08 2017

Handheld crossbows that can fire out needles and nails are the latest must-have toy in #China
added: Thu Jun 22 05:36:06 2017
tags: china

Trump says 'we have a great relationship with China' after critical tweet
added: Thu Jun 22 05:35:06 2017

North Korea deemed 'top security threat' to the US, as China urged to increase pressure
added: Thu Jun 22 05:32:18 2017

West Coast late read: So what, Ossoff lost? It's all about the long game, Democrats.
added: Thu Jun 22 05:28:00 2017

As China tramples on Hong Kong's freedom, a feeble Britain avoids its glance | Angela Gui
added: Thu Jun 22 05:19:00 2017

CICC, Goldman to lead China Tower Hong Kong IPO worth up to $10 billion: sources by @julie_zhuli @ReutersLZO
added: Thu Jun 22 05:00:30 2017

【指中國法制不善】 【日本投資者:較越南差】 日本對華投資連續四年下降,不過跌幅已經大為收窄。 中國日本商會形容,低谷已經過去,不少在華日資企業會擴大業務。...
added: Thu Jun 22 05:00:04 2017

Cisco's 'encrypted traffic fingerprinting' turned into a product
added: Thu Jun 22 04:59:45 2017

#China Bad Debt Prices Up 30% as New Gold Rush Gets Under Way via @business
added: Thu Jun 22 04:58:21 2017
tags: china

@limkitsiang #UPDATED Forex scandal RCI earns no credit for cabinet, claims @limkitsiang
added: Thu Jun 22 04:57:41 2017
tags: updated, 1mdb

ANALYSIS: New cabinet, new woes for incoming HK government even before Day 1
added: Thu Jun 22 04:57:27 2017

New therapy for macular degeneration shows promise: study
added: Thu Jun 22 04:04:09 2017

updated story on Young Pioneer about UN doctors in Pyongyang, guns getting pulled, the whole stag party thing
added: Thu Jun 22 03:33:53 2017

EU to resist Macron's call to curb Chinese takeovers - diplomats
added: Thu Jun 22 03:12:54 2017

How #HongKong’s government takes from the poor and gives to the rich
added: Thu Jun 22 02:54:33 2017
tags: hongkong

Next Step on North Korea. PRC failure to deliver (what a shock) should end US curbs on support for TW. False choice
added: Thu Jun 22 02:32:56 2017

Trump White House is trying to get House GOP to water down the new Russia sanctions bill that passed the Senate 98-2
added: Thu Jun 22 01:44:53 2017

Trump said he'll ban welfare for immigrants for the first five years. That is current law.
added: Thu Jun 22 01:06:41 2017

Media companies are getting sick of Facebook
added: Thu Jun 22 00:17:06 2017

The dark side of China’s national renewal
added: Wed Jun 21 16:04:35 2017

Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats
added: Wed Jun 21 15:54:13 2017

Release of Dashcam Video of Philando Castile Killing Days After Ex-Cop is Acquitted Is In Poor Taste
added: Wed Jun 21 12:01:32 2017

All transport in London to be zero emissions by 2050
added: Wed Jun 21 11:58:59 2017

China aims to boost services share in GDP to 60 percent by 2025
added: Wed Jun 21 11:58:45 2017

#BreakingNews Viet Nam approves new Penal Code, details to follow: #wildlife
added: Wed Jun 21 11:55:00 2017
tags: wildlife, breakingnews

Oil is now officially in a bear market — and there’s no catalyst in sight #business
added: Wed Jun 21 11:52:27 2017
tags: business

This will be the first time Labour Party staff at HQ have ever cared about workers' rights.
added: Wed Jun 21 11:47:36 2017

British company boards cannot be trusted on pay
added: Wed Jun 21 11:45:32 2017

UK dormice might be about to go extinct
added: Wed Jun 21 11:39:50 2017

Gov digitisation plans happening too slowly, say IfG policy wonks. Hear that, GDS?
added: Wed Jun 21 11:37:42 2017

New @intercepted: Dispatch from the Dirtbag Left
added: Wed Jun 21 11:29:09 2017

Pelosi was a huge drag on Ossoff. Internal GOP polling showed she had 98% name ID, was 35 points underwater. #GA06
added: Wed Jun 21 11:28:59 2017
tags: ga06

Uber Investors Said Enough via @MikeIsaac while you were sleeping
added: Wed Jun 21 11:28:21 2017

Boston Police Officer Back on Job After Controversial Video via @NECN
added: Wed Jun 21 11:25:38 2017

China's neighbors brace for outflows from their markets after MSCI inclusion
added: Wed Jun 21 11:15:22 2017

The Queen's Speech lays bare Theresa May’s chronic lack of power
added: Wed Jun 21 11:13:48 2017

#HKarchitecture - one more pic of #CheungShaWan Wholesale market built around 1965:
added: Wed Jun 21 10:26:11 2017
tags: hkarchitecture, cheungshawan

One #China, Dual Recognition: A Solution to the #Taiwan Impasse | The Diplomat
added: Wed Jun 21 10:25:38 2017
tags: taiwan, china

#Taiwan May export orders beat forecast as #China and #US demand jump - Business News | The Star Online
added: Wed Jun 21 10:25:05 2017
tags: us, taiwan, china

#Taiwan Officials Eyeing Republican Plan for #Tax Code Overhaul
added: Wed Jun 21 10:23:25 2017
tags: taiwan, tax

MSCI may be indulging in some wishful thinking with China via @gadfly
added: Wed Jun 21 10:20:09 2017

US security depends on development as well as diplomacy and defense says Stephen Krasner
added: Wed Jun 21 10:12:09 2017

After 6years of obstructing in civil courts, police trying to strike out this human rights #spycops case
added: Wed Jun 21 10:00:03 2017
tags: spycops

Biased use of vox pops allowed broadcasters to create and reinforce anti-Corbyn bias - despite clear OFCOM rules
added: Wed Jun 21 09:44:31 2017

The Tories have deleted their manifesto from their website
added: Wed Jun 21 09:44:00 2017

Photos and story of Russian mammoth tusk hunters:
added: Wed Jun 21 09:41:04 2017

Gin and tonics can help cure hayfever
added: Wed Jun 21 09:33:55 2017

Scoop: John Godfrey, Theresa May's policy chief at Number 10 is leaving. His deputy left last week.
added: Wed Jun 21 09:22:03 2017

Day of the Rope #OtD 1877, 10 Irish 'Molly Maguire' miners hanged for a militant wave of terror against mine bosses
added: Wed Jun 21 09:21:35 2017
tags: otd

China Counters Trump, Says North Korea Efforts 'Indispensable' - Bloomberg
added: Wed Jun 21 09:19:58 2017

Super-speed Hyperloop coming to South Korea as it signs licensing deal to build the system
added: Wed Jun 21 09:14:07 2017

Hong Kong's next security chief John Lee says he'll be getting the city ready for Article 23 national security laws
added: Wed Jun 21 09:13:44 2017

Zayn Malik interrogated for three hours at US airport because 'his name was flagged up on the system'
added: Wed Jun 21 09:05:50 2017

Must read, esp after @EU #HRC35 #China debacle: Why the West treats China with kid gloves
added: Wed Jun 21 08:35:01 2017
tags: china, hrc35

12 things you might want to delete from your Facebook page
added: Wed Jun 21 08:35:01 2017

Most Australians see China as an economic blessing, despite concerns about spying
added: Wed Jun 21 08:30:13 2017

Great account of the intrigue & geopolitics behind the Saudi succession shake up, by @davidahearst
added: Wed Jun 21 08:24:45 2017

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam: 'I am no puppet of Beijing'
added: Wed Jun 21 08:15:18 2017

Carrie Lam tells the press her cabinet is "the most desirable team"
added: Wed Jun 21 07:52:16 2017

Index compilers today are like ratings agencies in 2007: accidental arbiters whose clout far exceeds their ability.
added: Wed Jun 21 07:32:46 2017

Donald Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for programme that brings him millions
added: Wed Jun 21 07:32:07 2017

Beijing has not interfered to change the city's school curriculum, says the incoming education chief
added: Wed Jun 21 07:31:58 2017

Tenement building balcony collapses in Hung Hom during Amber Rainstorm
added: Wed Jun 21 07:31:57 2017

Engineered algae puts half of its carbon into fats for biofuels the old guard will fight this...
added: Wed Jun 21 07:14:23 2017

Joshua Wong fears push for Communist Party loyalty
added: Wed Jun 21 07:10:12 2017

A battle royale has broken out between clean power purists and pragmatists
added: Wed Jun 21 07:07:01 2017

The year of living with autocracy and incompetence via @rapplerdotcom
added: Wed Jun 21 07:05:36 2017

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing says retirement won't stop him working
added: Wed Jun 21 06:47:40 2017

15 Muslim men arrested in India for celebrating Pakistan's Champions Trophy win
added: Wed Jun 21 06:47:30 2017

S&P says "real possibility" of China downgrade, Russia sanctions would threaten upgrade hopes via @ReutersIndia
added: Wed Jun 21 06:46:28 2017

The shadow chancellor tells @bbcnickrobinson Labour's main aim will be reversing austerity…
added: Wed Jun 21 06:42:51 2017

Wind-power costs have dropped 66% since 2009 and cost to install solar by 70% since 2010
added: Wed Jun 21 06:22:54 2017

South Korea stocks may see outflow of up to 4.3 trillion won after MSCI includes China: official
added: Wed Jun 21 04:20:29 2017

HKU poll: Only 3.1% of young Hongkongers identify as Chinese, marking 20 year low
added: Wed Jun 21 04:04:05 2017

Internal DCCC memo shows lobbyists that fund the group use their influence to pressure Dems from adopting populism
added: Wed Jun 21 03:10:11 2017

Spending for #HKSAR20 (HK$640 million) is 71 times higher than for the handover celebrations in 1998. Staggering.
added: Wed Jun 21 00:45:10 2017
tags: hksar20

Zoo in Henan, China denies claims of animal abuse as photos of skinny bear circulate online…
added: Wed Jun 21 00:40:16 2017

Costa Rica complains of US govt harassment over Pirate Bay domain via @theregister
added: Wed Jun 21 00:05:50 2017

Revealed the Tory hit-list of NHS cuts - the 'capped expenditure process'. When did Ministers authorise these cuts?
added: Tue Jun 20 19:08:13 2017

No 10 in "chaos" with young aides who "probably couldn't find N Ireland on a map." This @garygibbonblog is a banger
added: Tue Jun 20 18:17:27 2017

Swiss diplomats, w/ unusual access to China during the Cultural Revolution, repeatedly likened Red Guards to Nazis.
added: Tue Jun 20 15:46:09 2017

Los Alamos lab violated safety rules for years but didn’t halt its plutonium work until Washington intervened.
added: Tue Jun 20 15:07:00 2017

President Trump congratulated himself when Ford scuttled a Mexican car plant. Turns out it's going to China instead.
added: Tue Jun 20 14:34:30 2017

The experts we talked to came back to the same analogy again and again: sharecropping.
added: Tue Jun 20 14:04:02 2017

$28 Chinese app is a browser for insecure webcams
added: Tue Jun 20 13:47:22 2017

A company is charging $3,252 for their magical drug. It's a mix of Aleve & Nexium, which cost $40 at stores.
added: Tue Jun 20 13:46:04 2017

Unbelievable that police are saying that "road rage" would make someone beat a teen with a bat. #JusticeForNabra
added: Tue Jun 20 13:21:26 2017
tags: justicefornabra

You knew things weren't great for millennials, but this is just how bad
added: Tue Jun 20 12:32:01 2017

Good article on the real issue with Uber (the utterly exploitative contractor model):
added: Tue Jun 20 12:09:20 2017

Hong Kong youths turn their backs on Chinese identity: survey
added: Tue Jun 20 12:02:12 2017

The hunt for Gadhafi's missing billions: the latest clues point to Ghana, Burkina Faso, South Africa & Kenya
added: Tue Jun 20 11:52:54 2017

Excellent analysis of yesterday's free speech ops by @NoahRFeldman.
added: Tue Jun 20 11:42:11 2017

Chevron prevails in Ecuador pollution battle at US Supreme Court
added: Tue Jun 20 11:33:13 2017

Mosul Battle: Mine Blast Kills French, Iraqi Journalists
added: Tue Jun 20 11:31:41 2017

The worrying rise of the far-right in the last 12 months
added: Tue Jun 20 11:31:28 2017

Newly Released Audio of the Killing of Charleena Lyles by Seattle Police Paints a Disturbing Picture of the Last Mo…
added: Tue Jun 20 11:30:32 2017

In Greece, China Finds an Ally Against Human Rights Criticism, via @nytimes
added: Tue Jun 20 11:27:50 2017

Israel starts work on new West Bank settlement
added: Tue Jun 20 11:27:38 2017

Obstacles at Bay, Beijing Steps up Control Over Disputed South China Sea
added: Tue Jun 20 11:24:42 2017

Japan sends biggest warship on Southeast Asia mission
added: Tue Jun 20 11:23:33 2017

Philippines Eyes Russia-Made Attack Helicopters, Smart Weapons - Ambassador
added: Tue Jun 20 11:22:13 2017

London council to immediately install sprinklers in 25 tower blocks
added: Tue Jun 20 11:22:08 2017

People are pointing out a BBC series that 'predicted' the Grenfell Tower tragedy 25 years ago
added: Tue Jun 20 11:21:22 2017

The fishermen saving refugee lives in Lesbos #WorldRefugeeDay
added: Tue Jun 20 11:20:07 2017
tags: worldrefugeeday

Daddy's empire isn't as safe as houses, Victor via @gadfly @nishagopalanhk #HongKong
added: Tue Jun 20 11:18:39 2017
tags: hongkong

Brazil president to sue tycoon for slander
added: Tue Jun 20 10:26:44 2017

Oh look, family of the man who hired out the van used in the Finsbury Park attack has same beliefs as the terrorist
added: Tue Jun 20 10:09:05 2017

Reversing the Huawei Balong M3/MCU Console
added: Tue Jun 20 09:46:05 2017

Li Ka-shing’s successor faces big disruptions – Breakingviews
added: Tue Jun 20 09:41:42 2017

Why Weren’t We Told? - Velivada
added: Tue Jun 20 09:35:16 2017

#Gabon: Masked men with machetes and knives attack four media outlets
added: Tue Jun 20 09:35:01 2017
tags: gabon

I am your Big Brother and I am watching you in your home with my new $28 app. Stop this now! @doctorow
added: Tue Jun 20 07:41:34 2017

Concern group slams gov't plan to redevelop Sheung Wan site ahead of deliberation
added: Tue Jun 20 06:22:14 2017

Hong Kong's apartments get even smaller as minuscule microflats boom amid soaring property prices, @chanman writes.
added: Tue Jun 20 06:04:04 2017

Rule of law so strict in HK that elderly selling 1$ cardboard got trouble. Destroying public land for greed is A-Ok:
added: Tue Jun 20 03:07:08 2017

British scientist stabbed to death after research incriminated Putin. Cops called it suicide. Spies suspect a hit
added: Mon Jun 19 17:18:25 2017

Joint Strike Failure F-35 soon sold to 35 unsuspecting countries stupid enough to buy it
added: Mon Jun 19 12:49:09 2017

#Bali dogs brutally killed, meat sold to unsuspecting tourists, investigation reveals via @ABCNews
added: Mon Jun 19 12:32:29 2017
tags: bali

'Chinese banks may raise mortgage rates in tightening drive'
added: Mon Jun 19 11:45:02 2017

A study has demolished the biggest myth about gender quotas
added: Mon Jun 19 11:39:11 2017

9/11 recovery worker from Queens targeted by ICE for deportation
added: Mon Jun 19 11:25:53 2017

Russia to shoot down any planes flying over Syria
added: Mon Jun 19 11:24:14 2017

How Chinese unicorn Tujia altered the Airbnb model – and why Airbnb hasn’t adapted, yet
added: Mon Jun 19 11:23:56 2017

Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb And Confirms There Is Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia ????
added: Mon Jun 19 11:07:36 2017

UAE minister says Qatar's blockade could 'last years'
added: Mon Jun 19 10:56:15 2017

Rust as a gateway drug to Haskell
added: Mon Jun 19 10:56:00 2017

Philippines military says seizes drugs worth millions of dollars in besieged city
added: Mon Jun 19 10:53:09 2017

Average property asking prices drop £1,000 for the first time in almost a decade:
added: Mon Jun 19 10:49:45 2017

“There's nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong” - Junta to push new intrusive cyber security bill #Thailand
added: Mon Jun 19 10:32:20 2017
tags: thailand

Telegram chat app founder claims Feds offered backdoor bribe via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Jun 19 10:30:24 2017

Presumed death toll in London tower blaze rises to 79
added: Mon Jun 19 10:12:21 2017

食環署決定撤銷對拾紙皮75歲婆婆檢控 #本地 Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:57:42 +0800
added: Mon Jun 19 10:00:18 2017
tags: 本地

Victims and families of Grenfell Tower will not get justice if records, documents and emails are being destroyed
added: Mon Jun 19 08:50:48 2017

The (utterly nonsensical) case is put forward of how the PLA has helped keep the peace in Hong Kong via @bpolitics
added: Mon Jun 19 08:38:57 2017

1st prize! The most idiotic, tasteless, vile comment on the London fire that killed 58 people. Bravo, Rowan Dean.
added: Mon Jun 19 05:37:35 2017

The secret negotiations that sealed Hong Kong's fate
added: Sun Jun 18 23:56:06 2017

Cladding used on Grenfell Tower IS banned in UK, claims Philip Hammond
added: Sun Jun 18 13:34:09 2017

The Chinese labor activist who wants Ivanka Trump to "take responsibility"
added: Sun Jun 18 13:18:24 2017

added: Sun Jun 18 13:04:20 2017

China's Isolation Of The DPP Feeds Taiwanese Independence by @jlewr Link:
added: Sun Jun 18 13:00:02 2017

Grenfell fire victims can't access funds raised for them and council only giving them a tenner, volunteer claims
added: Sun Jun 18 12:57:37 2017

Revealed: the tower block fire warnings that ministers ignored
added: Sun Jun 18 12:48:04 2017

WI DNR science services bureau is being dissolved because their research related to climate change
added: Sun Jun 18 12:46:09 2017

#China stock regulator says would be happy for MSCI index inclusion via @Reuters
added: Sun Jun 18 12:43:55 2017
tags: china

Greece blocks EU statement on China human rights at U.N.
added: Sun Jun 18 12:35:06 2017

Fewer than 18% of voters turned out for the second round of the French parliamentary election
added: Sun Jun 18 12:04:14 2017

Coincidence? Trump does business in UAE & SaudiArabia, but not Qatar. Is US policy driven by his business interests?
added: Sun Jun 18 11:43:22 2017

#Arctic #plastic #pollution kills animals thru tangling & seriously harms those mistaking it for food @extinctsymbol
added: Sun Jun 18 11:29:06 2017
tags: pollution, plastic, arctic

Or My.... Mark Callaghan finds MySQL 5.7 is up to 50% slower than MySQL 5.0 in single thread performance
added: Sun Jun 18 10:08:10 2017

#China Minsheng is still selling Anbang insurance products. Loan exposure $100mn.
added: Sun Jun 18 03:44:55 2017
tags: china

More questions arise over Mr Lee's final will
added: Sun Jun 18 02:40:00 2017

Civil War Museum sues St. Louis over Confederate memorial
added: Sun Jun 18 02:26:13 2017

How the Communist Party controls China’s state-owned industrial titans
added: Sun Jun 18 02:25:43 2017

Louisiana releases list of thousands of local businesses that utilize cheap inmate labor
added: Sun Jun 18 02:23:02 2017

Seven U.S. Sailors Confirmed Dead After Collision With Cargo Ship
added: Sun Jun 18 02:22:31 2017

Unedited Putin interview reveals Megyn Kelly's amateurism. Great scoop by @yashar.
added: Sun Jun 18 00:54:20 2017

N.Y. Woman Files Suit Against Casino That Offered Her Steak Dinner Instead of $43M Jackpot
added: Sun Jun 18 00:45:53 2017

Article on migration from #Senegal fails to explain that rich nations nearly destroyed the local fishing industry.
added: Sat Jun 17 23:44:15 2017
tags: senegal

Yep, as we reported, Trump's Education Dept really is stopping investigations into systematic discrimination.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:56:37 2017

Read this.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:56:03 2017

Supply-Side Economics, but for Liberals
added: Sat Jun 17 11:52:05 2017

近來不斷有「研究機構」倡「釋放」貨櫃碼頭用地,大家看到這與「大灣區」的關係嗎? 未來香港可能不會再有貨櫃碼頭,貨船去內地啦! 〈大灣區的用意〉— 吳廣明
added: Sat Jun 17 11:45:03 2017
added: Sat Jun 17 11:42:34 2017

Govt found £32m (+ previous £140m) last Dec. for council estate privatisation. Use it to rehouse Grenfell survivors
added: Sat Jun 17 11:23:03 2017

£2.5m into tax avoidance schemes. Not got £5k for a sprinkler system or two measly quid for fireproof cladding tho.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:13:16 2017

Gigaba's alleged to have collaborated with the Guptas by placing those loyal to the family in key positions in SOEs.
added: Sat Jun 17 11:00:32 2017

@JohnJCrace @thetimes So now @LiamFox has hired a cut-price NZer to nego for us?
added: Sat Jun 17 10:50:04 2017

London fire: A tale of two tower blocks #GrenfellTower
added: Sat Jun 17 10:44:30 2017
tags: grenfelltower

#SaturdayRead: @pritishbehuria analyses the mild renaissance of #importsubstitution among some Africa countries
added: Sat Jun 17 10:30:17 2017
tags: saturdayread, importsubstitution

WH hardliners pushing to expand war against Iran in Syria over Pentagon objections | escalation always so easy
added: Sat Jun 17 10:03:32 2017

Teodorin Obiang is accused of using his government’s treasury as a personal bank account in a trial starting Monday:
added: Sat Jun 17 10:02:04 2017

Lynched man was protecting wife and daughter, eyewitnesses say govt official yelled ‘kill him’
added: Sat Jun 17 09:58:48 2017

The Chinese have a dilemma in Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal h/t @AbhijnanRej
added: Sat Jun 17 09:55:47 2017

Lantau blueprint is just another sly sales pitch for East Lantau Metropolis
added: Sat Jun 17 09:52:47 2017

Palestinian militants deny IS group claim of Jerusalem attack
added: Sat Jun 17 08:39:16 2017

@mikko After multiple requests, I decided to put the ePub version of my book #helpfulhackers online. For free:
added: Sat Jun 17 08:35:10 2017
tags: helpfulhackers

Hard to overstate the destructive impact of "killology" classes and the Force Science Institute. #PhilandoCastile
added: Sat Jun 17 08:29:03 2017
tags: philandocastile

Kensington and Chelsea Council threatened Grenfell Tower blogger with legal action after he brought up fire safety
added: Sat Jun 17 08:14:14 2017

An 18-year-long excavation is unveiling an Aztec temple in the heart of Mexico City
added: Sat Jun 17 06:31:47 2017

HUGE SCOOP: Money Sergei Magnitsky exposed & was killed over has now been linked to Syrian chemical weapons program
added: Sat Jun 17 06:28:40 2017

Navy says flooding is stabilized on USS destroyer involved in collision; Search on for 7 missing sailors.
added: Sat Jun 17 05:46:34 2017

Those hardware backdoors are getting out of control. Can't find the time to understand them and do actual work too.
added: Sat Jun 17 05:11:41 2017

“This Is Red Alert”: Inside the Left's Game Plan for Beating the GOP Health Bill
added: Sat Jun 17 04:28:01 2017

Chalk Girl: a protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s democracy movement. Two years since her arrest made her an...
added: Sat Jun 17 04:19:57 2017

Opening Keynote - Celebrating 20 Years of The HKSAR, Jun 8
added: Sat Jun 17 03:58:26 2017

Seven missing after US destroyer in collision with container ship via @FT
added: Sat Jun 17 03:42:30 2017

One of the #CIA’s private press contacts was a suspected Soviet spy by @NatSecGeek
added: Sat Jun 17 03:30:06 2017
tags: cia

That's interesting. was created by Ezra Levant at 6pm UTC, 2pm EDT. Laura crashed the play…
added: Sat Jun 17 03:26:21 2017

U.S. farmers slam Trump's Cuba clampdown, press forward with trade visit
added: Sat Jun 17 03:05:07 2017

HKFP Lens: The ruins of Taiwan's abandoned flying saucer holiday homes
added: Sat Jun 17 03:04:33 2017

EXCLUSIVE: In 2016, the FBI allowed 300,000 gun sales before completing a background check
added: Sat Jun 17 03:02:32 2017

"Zambia, like the rest of Africa, needs a new deal to recover its stolen wealth" writes…
added: Sat Jun 17 03:00:15 2017

China has a covert naval fleet disguised as fishing boats @AndrewSErickson
added: Sat Jun 17 02:53:03 2017

Chinese billionaire’s detention was just the beginning 来自 @SCMP_news
added: Sat Jun 17 02:48:19 2017

Beijing Lied Again: Goldman Finds Chinese FX Outflows Are Accelerating, Hitting 4 Month Highs CCP committing fraud
added: Sat Jun 17 02:40:03 2017

Trump's Cuba directive seems to be a deliberate attempt to dismantle Obama’s legacy.
added: Sat Jun 17 02:38:44 2017

Revealed: Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists @Liberationtech @autom8
added: Sat Jun 17 02:35:28 2017

Shakespeare Dallas gets angry emails from MORONS irked about 'Julius Caesar' in New York via @dallasnews
added: Sat Jun 17 02:31:21 2017

U.S. commander says ships on course for more days in #SouthChinaSea
added: Sat Jun 17 02:17:08 2017
tags: southchinasea

Takeaway: @realDonaldTrump is worth a fraction of what he claims & he has a shit-ton of debt. His own filing. Fact.
added: Sat Jun 17 02:08:32 2017

ICE is now targeting women charged with prostitution offenses; tried to detain a woman at Queens court today.
added: Sat Jun 17 01:39:45 2017

These Senate Republicans Seemingly Have No Clue What's in the New Health Care Bill
added: Sat Jun 17 00:55:00 2017

Gay activist condemns ‘outrageous’ treatment of #LGBT issues in Hong Kong schools
added: Sat Jun 17 00:18:26 2017
tags: lgbt

Trump attacks Clinton over emails, but his companies destroyed docs in defiance of court orders. #trump #resist 3rt
added: Sat Jun 17 00:00:45 2017
tags: resist, trump

Fed Chair Janet Yellen raises the possibility of increasing inflation target above 2%
added: Fri Jun 16 23:23:55 2017

#LeftWingTerrorism #Fact In past 10 years 74% of political murders are from the right-wing, only 2% from the left.
added: Fri Jun 16 23:11:08 2017
tags: fact, leftwingterrorism

Canadian banks can accept collateral from China to back home loans in BC, which raises "ghost collateral" fraud risk
added: Fri Jun 16 23:03:22 2017

NEW DOCS: Trump owes at least $315 million to creditors — some who are lobbying to shape financial regs & tax policy
added: Fri Jun 16 22:40:19 2017

Finland's basic income experiment is already making people feel better after just 4 months
added: Fri Jun 16 22:00:38 2017

Video: Hong Kong taxi driver launches epic expletive-ridden diatribe against foreigner
added: Fri Jun 16 21:52:05 2017

Chinese influence. Australia today, Canada tomorrow (or yesterday?)
added: Fri Jun 16 21:16:07 2017

.@Guardian #hongkong documentary: The Infamous Chalk Girl
added: Fri Jun 16 19:17:26 2017
tags: hongkong

Fake news for Jesus, from former 700 Club EP @TerryHeaton:
added: Fri Jun 16 18:13:13 2017

As the Qatar crisis ends its second week, this analysis from Gary Sick is the best I've yet seen on the issue
added: Fri Jun 16 15:30:11 2017

"When I worked for KCTMO I had nightmares about burning tower blocks" - read this
added: Fri Jun 16 14:14:08 2017

France & Germany have agreed we can remain in EU & reverse the damage - it's down to young protestors now.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:39:14 2017

added: Fri Jun 16 10:38:24 2017

#China removes 27 restrictions for foreign investment in free-trade zones via @Reuters
added: Fri Jun 16 10:38:17 2017
tags: china

UK’s hunger for prawns is killing thousands of turtles a year
added: Fri Jun 16 10:36:14 2017

Thailand has high rate of ownership. Doesn't make them safer. Look at the Philippines too.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:33:15 2017

Man arrested over stabbing two strangers in Yau Ma Tei
added: Fri Jun 16 10:33:02 2017

"After Grenfell, we need to change how we talk about council housing." Wrote a thing.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:32:53 2017

Theresa May is a zombie. June will be the end of May.
added: Fri Jun 16 10:19:20 2017

Artist Draws Nine Portraits on #LSD During 1950s Research Experiment via @openculture
added: Fri Jun 16 06:44:00 2017
tags: lsd

Legislature rejects non-binding motion to set up HK$100bn 'baby fund'
added: Fri Jun 16 06:34:23 2017

Private equity puts $600m into Mobike ahead of UK expansion
added: Fri Jun 16 06:03:57 2017

Exclusive: U.S. nears decisions on resettlement of Australian-held refugees
added: Fri Jun 16 06:02:19 2017

Adele hugged and comforted people at the scene of the Grenfall fire
added: Fri Jun 16 05:12:00 2017

In "unprecedented" attack on humanitarian relief, US Border Patrol raids @NoMoreDeaths aid site on US-Mexico border
added: Fri Jun 16 04:35:05 2017

US moves to seize Leonardo DiCaprio’s Picasso, ‘stolen’ funds in 1MDB case @NajibRazak #1MDB @cynthia_gabriel
added: Fri Jun 16 04:33:14 2017
tags: 1mdb

1993 Mumbai blasts: Verdict against Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa, 4 other accused likely today
added: Fri Jun 16 04:30:01 2017

60 Percent of Friday pray preachers in Jakarta spreading hate: government researcher
added: Fri Jun 16 04:30:00 2017

The factory making Ivanka Trump clothing among worst facilities China Labour Watch's Li Qiang had documented
added: Fri Jun 16 04:29:26 2017

Here's how Gulf states try to buy influence in Washington by funding think tanks. (@HRW refuses ALL gov't funding).
added: Fri Jun 16 04:28:29 2017

Rare release of a usage log show how often cops are cracking phones
added: Fri Jun 16 04:04:01 2017

@OurRevolution @zachhaller You call yourself a journalist? Jesus.
added: Fri Jun 16 04:02:34 2017

Lee Wei Ling disputes PM Lee Hsien Loong’s account of her reaction to changes to her father’s will via @staronline
added: Fri Jun 16 03:59:01 2017

Where would Anbang be now if its bids for Starwood, Kushner building succeeded? As sales dry up, lucky to have cash
added: Fri Jun 16 03:21:27 2017

The Washington Post has updated the Kushner story to reflect the officials cited are indeed US officials.
added: Fri Jun 16 03:11:19 2017

What does it say about HK as a community that this kind of environmental horror stories keep coming up?
added: Fri Jun 16 02:46:49 2017

A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country
added: Fri Jun 16 02:28:13 2017

China bounced an unhackable quantum signal between cities
added: Fri Jun 16 02:19:40 2017

Land exchange for conservation should become government policy - Roy Ng from the Conservancy Association 📻
added: Fri Jun 16 02:18:58 2017

Chinese UofI student gets in car & disappears: FBI investigating as a kidnapping via @WGNNews
added: Fri Jun 16 02:17:37 2017

"Gas pipes were fitted into the emergency stairs exit" Watch this full account of #GrenfellTower #latimerroad fire
added: Fri Jun 16 02:17:30 2017
tags: latimerroad, grenfelltower

China freezes green car licences amid ongoing quality issues
added: Fri Jun 16 02:14:49 2017

China sends quantum particles from space to Earth, one step toward building unhackable network @joshchin
added: Fri Jun 16 02:01:51 2017

China likely biggest influence on North Korea missile program, says Israeli expert
added: Fri Jun 16 02:00:16 2017

Democrats Don't Give a Damn About Your Health Care #AHCA via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Fri Jun 16 01:57:50 2017
tags: ahca

'Cannot be acceptable u hv luxury flats kept as land banking for future while the poor look for somewhere to live"
added: Fri Jun 16 01:48:14 2017

Classicist Receives Death Threats from Alt-Right over Art Historical Essay
added: Fri Jun 16 01:38:03 2017

The on the ground, unofficial estimate of total death toll is 150. Not 17. 150. This is unbelievable.
added: Thu Jun 15 20:14:59 2017

Japan passes controversial anti-terror conspiracy law
added: Thu Jun 15 14:37:04 2017

Berlin hits back at US move to tighten sanctions on Russia
added: Thu Jun 15 14:36:52 2017

Joint border checkpoint discussions in final stage
added: Thu Jun 15 14:35:53 2017

SCOOP: Paul Manafort tried to broker deal for Chinese to invest $30 BILLION in Puerto Rican debt, infrastructure.
added: Thu Jun 15 13:45:31 2017

.@ProPublica on consent decree changes at DOJ and narrowed civil rights complaint investigations at Education Dept:
added: Thu Jun 15 13:36:58 2017

"Maybe we can’t change China, but we can at least keep China from changing us" - @acoyne on Trudeau, China & Norsat
added: Thu Jun 15 11:47:33 2017

Steve Scalise remains in critical condition, Trump asks Americans to "pray for Steve"
added: Thu Jun 15 11:46:40 2017

Non-bailable warrant against Ramdev in 'beheading remark' case
added: Thu Jun 15 11:45:00 2017

朝脱北大使曝灭朝唯一途径 痛批中国 Thae Yong Ho says China largest obstacle to restricting DPRK @nknews….
added: Thu Jun 15 11:41:23 2017

Hong Kong's declining English proficiency is an alarm bell @appledaily_hk #任建峰
added: Thu Jun 15 11:17:16 2017
tags: 任建峰

Soldier dies after 'incident' with tank at firing range, MoD says
added: Thu Jun 15 10:38:40 2017

Gunman who shot GOP congressman was a 'loner'
added: Thu Jun 15 10:18:55 2017

Event driven services - a nice overview (and kinda old-hat if you're from the Functional/Actor world...)
added: Thu Jun 15 10:17:25 2017

SCMP: ‘At least 100 dead bodies’ reported in embattled city, Philippine politician says
added: Thu Jun 15 10:15:46 2017

A Labour MP, personally affected, calls the Grenfell Tower fire ‘corporate manslaughter’ live on the BBC #grenfell
added: Thu Jun 15 10:15:01 2017
tags: grenfell

The Queen's speech will happen on Wednesday - two days late after Theresa May lost her majority
added: Thu Jun 15 10:14:18 2017

Supercharge your SVG animated banners with GSAP
added: Thu Jun 15 10:13:16 2017

Watch this twisted short sci-fi film from the director of 'District 9'
added: Thu Jun 15 10:08:32 2017

Microsoft Patches Windows XP Again As Part of June Patch Tuesday via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Jun 15 10:08:24 2017

Pension funds are lending directly to companies. This is a dangerous and growing trend. via @WSJ
added: Thu Jun 15 10:07:34 2017

Macron might be liberal, but he is still, y'know, French.
added: Thu Jun 15 09:55:35 2017

A new mess for Wells Fargo: Lawsuits say it quietly modified home loans to leave debtors owing more
added: Thu Jun 15 09:47:55 2017

Macron thoughts
added: Thu Jun 15 09:46:00 2017

This girl had an eight foot tapeworm living inside her after eating sushi
added: Thu Jun 15 09:46:00 2017

In this article, I try to explain the ideological roots of the deregulation that threatens our lives. #GrenfellTower
added: Thu Jun 15 09:32:20 2017
tags: grenfelltower

Russian space launch death stirs Kazakh resentment
added: Thu Jun 15 09:15:00 2017

Gripped tightly on the head and legs, the bird couldn't get away.
added: Thu Jun 15 07:00:04 2017

Dying woman ‘dragged naked below waist through aisle’ of American Airlines flight
added: Thu Jun 15 06:54:00 2017

Fire Services Department says it's planning charges against several mini-storage sites refusing to improve safety
added: Thu Jun 15 06:53:13 2017

Death toll of 12 expected to rise in London tower block fire
added: Thu Jun 15 06:38:05 2017

'quite optimistic' 😑 Hong Kong likely to maintain high degree of autonomy, top US envoy to city says
added: Thu Jun 15 06:37:57 2017

American prisoners are usually not physically beaten in North Korea. Otto Warmbier was an exception.
added: Thu Jun 15 06:24:07 2017

How ASIO views this substantial development.. compared with a couple of blatant attention seekers via @LowyInstitute
added: Thu Jun 15 06:15:31 2017

Sources: Amazon expressed interest in acquiring Slack, in deal valuing company at $9B+
added: Thu Jun 15 06:01:43 2017

Japan passes 'brutal' new terror law which opponents fear will quash freedoms
added: Thu Jun 15 06:00:38 2017

Hackers steal 6 million user accounts for cash-for-surveys site via @motherboard
added: Thu Jun 15 06:00:25 2017

Amid shutdown across Darjeeling Hills, GJM chief Bimal Gurung's residence raided, weapons recovered
added: Thu Jun 15 05:53:45 2017

Hong Kong’s Airport Authority says dolphins will simply avoid construction noise. Biologists aren’t convinced.
added: Thu Jun 15 05:43:05 2017

Once expected to start in 2017 China-HK ETF link is still at discussion stage via @markets @SamMamudi @virenvaghela
added: Thu Jun 15 05:26:47 2017

State labor judge finds Uber an 'employer'
added: Thu Jun 15 05:25:50 2017

Australian ABC journalist Adam Harvey hit in the neck by a bullet in Marawi, Philippines via @brisbanetimes
added: Thu Jun 15 05:09:43 2017

Progressive Army Special: Aaron Bowersock Talks #PPLSUMMIT w/Brandon Sutton & Alexan3rTheMeh: via @YouTube
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:45 2017
tags: pplsummit

Beijing removes assistant chair of China’s banking regulator
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:11 2017

The announcement comes after Bolivia repeatedly demanded Chile to clear up their shared border of land mines.
added: Thu Jun 15 04:30:01 2017

A kinder man and better journo you will not find. Farewell @mgordon_fairfax via @theage
added: Thu Jun 15 03:55:53 2017

Abbott and Hanson are outraged by the Manus settlement, but detention has cost Australia $14 BILLION in recent years
added: Thu Jun 15 03:37:15 2017

Conservatives want you to believe that regulations on powerful banks are destroying the economy
added: Thu Jun 15 03:30:14 2017

Rex Tillerson warns against labelling entire Muslim Brotherhood as "terror" group
added: Thu Jun 15 03:30:09 2017

Cornwall Street currently blocked off due to fake bomb threat
added: Thu Jun 15 03:29:17 2017

very well said. many beef eating communities are hindus too and non hindus indians too.
added: Thu Jun 15 03:20:51 2017

One in five children in rich countries lives in relative poverty, according to a UNICEF report
added: Thu Jun 15 03:18:43 2017

Anti-Trump gunman attacks US lawmakers, dies in shootout
added: Thu Jun 15 03:15:20 2017

A fascinating look at how a couple became victims of contradictory legislation. Story by @kixes, photos by me.
added: Thu Jun 15 03:07:43 2017

Student film on black baseball barnstorming to benefit Admiral Theater mural restoration - #GoogleAlerts @Mariners
added: Thu Jun 15 02:35:14 2017
tags: googlealerts

Microdosers say tiny hits of LSD make your work and life better
added: Thu Jun 15 02:15:37 2017

He is among those who became massively rich by taking advantage of his ties with those in power.
added: Thu Jun 15 02:09:36 2017

US Senate punishes Russia with sanctions over election via @FT
added: Thu Jun 15 02:07:45 2017

A Qatari businessman plans to airlift 4,000 pregnant cows(!) after Saudi-led diplomatic row leads to food shortage
added: Thu Jun 15 02:06:39 2017

China just built a little fish farm for Norway. It can raise 1.5 million salmon a year.
added: Thu Jun 15 02:01:52 2017

Handover anniversary: Hong Kong gov't asks for journalists' personal data @cpjasia @…
added: Thu Jun 15 01:42:32 2017

Wednesday's shooting put Bernie Sanders and his followers under an uncomfortable spotlight…
added: Thu Jun 15 01:40:08 2017

"The country coming out of Nashville today is just hip-hop for people who are afraid of black people."
added: Thu Jun 15 00:47:03 2017

China's vanishing billionaires and bosses some reappear some turn up incarcerated others are found dead
added: Thu Jun 15 00:06:03 2017
added: Wed Jun 14 23:17:02 2017

NYT: U.S. to announce charges against 12 of Erdoğan's guards in beating of Turkish Embassy protesters via @npfandos
added: Wed Jun 14 21:38:54 2017

'CY Leung’s crony network’: Gov’t think tank slammed for rising role in adviser appointments
added: Wed Jun 14 20:24:10 2017

A spy satellite buzzed the space station this month, and no one knows why by @SciGuySpace
added: Wed Jun 14 20:18:03 2017

The People’s Sum Up
added: Wed Jun 14 19:37:48 2017

4 years ago @jeremycorbyn wrote this article for us. It's about tenants' rights in the face of landlords' neglect
added: Wed Jun 14 18:20:24 2017

@thehill Gingrich on Giffords' shooter: “In a country with free speech, people occasionally use strong language.”
added: Wed Jun 14 17:19:39 2017

A Hong Kong parking space just sold for USD664K
added: Wed Jun 14 17:04:19 2017

Undocumented immigrant workers now fear reporting #wagetheft, making it easier for employers to rip them off.
added: Wed Jun 14 15:00:07 2017
tags: wagetheft

#Thailand: As #CEDAW67 review approaches, all-male junta says female singer's dancing style is to blame for rape
added: Wed Jun 14 14:40:16 2017
tags: thailand, cedaw67

Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May's chief of staff who received tower block safety review must be questioned
added: Wed Jun 14 14:39:14 2017

Woman sends distressing goodbye Snapchat video from burning west London tower
added: Wed Jun 14 14:38:07 2017

Michigan health chief charged with involuntary manslaughter for role in Flint water crisis via @HuffPostPol
added: Wed Jun 14 14:37:58 2017

"The business of business is business, the business of government is not." #StopTheNeoLiberals
added: Wed Jun 14 14:37:09 2017
tags: stoptheneoliberals

Billionaires are stockpiling land that could be used in the apocalypse — here's where they're going
added: Wed Jun 14 14:35:27 2017

Tillerson trying to arrange emergency Arab peace summit in DC @washingtonpost
added: Wed Jun 14 13:24:41 2017

Destroying a Philippine City to Save It From ISIS Allies Day 23 and counting 😔 #MarawiClash
added: Wed Jun 14 13:16:29 2017
tags: marawiclash

Brain images display the beauty and complexity of consciousness
added: Wed Jun 14 12:51:51 2017

Member of Congress Steve Scalise Among 5 Reportedly Shot at Baseball Field
added: Wed Jun 14 12:51:14 2017

Supreme Court rules that Northern Ireland residents are not entitled to access free NHS abortions in England
added: Wed Jun 14 12:45:19 2017

.@KimZetter reporting important new details of Georgia election security breach
added: Wed Jun 14 12:45:04 2017

Eldest children are 'more successful' than their younger siblings, study says
added: Wed Jun 14 11:35:00 2017

Trump called the mayor of a VA island that's shrinking due to rising sea levels and told him not to worry about that
added: Wed Jun 14 11:31:50 2017

Colin Jenkins: "Colin Kaepernick: Patriotism and the Owning Class" #p2
added: Wed Jun 14 11:22:00 2017
tags: p2

HACL* - Verified modern C crypto lib [NSS lib in FF; git ; Everest…
added: Wed Jun 14 11:12:33 2017

Theresa May's chief of staff 'sat on' report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire
added: Wed Jun 14 10:35:33 2017

Not all market participants are pleased with China’s #BondConnect. Here's why: @GlobalRMB #China #Investment
added: Wed Jun 14 10:24:38 2017
tags: china, investment, bondconnect

HK property market "irrationally stimulated": FS
added: Wed Jun 14 10:23:55 2017

If the planning documents are correct, the cladding at #GrenfellTower was identical to that used in the Lacross fire
added: Wed Jun 14 10:21:32 2017
tags: grenfelltower

Activists plan march from Chater Garden to the Legco building on Saturday for animal rights
added: Wed Jun 14 10:13:45 2017

Food trucks on a level playing field, says Greg So
added: Wed Jun 14 10:13:01 2017

US-backed air strikes on IS "capital" Raqqa in Syria cause "staggering loss of civilian life" - UN investigators
added: Wed Jun 14 10:06:27 2017

Here it comes --> Noble lawsuit lifts lid on boardroom struggle via @FT
added: Wed Jun 14 10:03:48 2017

Interview: Hong Kong trimmed to 'one country, 1.5 systems'
added: Wed Jun 14 10:01:14 2017

Activist investor Elliott Management: BHP Billiton board members didn’t prevent the wasting of billions of dollars
added: Wed Jun 14 10:00:52 2017

Rapper Saskilla explains why Jeremy Corbyn did so well in 18 words
added: Wed Jun 14 09:20:01 2017

#Pakistan: reporter threatened, attacked for coverage of religious minorities!…
added: Wed Jun 14 09:18:04 2017
tags: pakistan

"With exception of mild statements of concern, crackdown seems to be almost entirely consequence-free" @skystallard
added: Wed Jun 14 08:58:45 2017

A QuickTake Q&A Guide to Anbang: Who are they and how did a deal-hungry Chinese mogul find trouble via @bpolitics
added: Wed Jun 14 08:51:37 2017

12 Palestinians detained, 4 shot and injured, in overnight Israeli military raids
added: Wed Jun 14 08:50:47 2017

China welcomes Rodman's visit to N. Korea
added: Wed Jun 14 08:43:36 2017

This Is How Chinese Spying Inside the U.S. Government Really Works (On PRC's Ministry of State Security)
added: Wed Jun 14 08:42:50 2017

Qatar closes its two helium plants because of the Gulf diplomatic spat. (Already enough hot air in the region...)
added: Wed Jun 14 08:42:00 2017

"The extinction of vultures would result in dire ecological, economic and human costs."
added: Wed Jun 14 08:32:01 2017

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose`s grandnephew demands respect for Gorkhas
added: Wed Jun 14 08:30:00 2017

Blue Chips Vs. Small Caps: Same Market, Different Fate #bluechips #smallcaps #chinastocks
added: Wed Jun 14 08:07:57 2017
tags: chinastocks, bluechips, smallcaps

Ghana leader favors constitutional change to boost finances
added: Wed Jun 14 07:15:16 2017

Top S.Korean director urges new rules on screening Netflix films in cinemas as local chains boycott his movie. #Okja
added: Wed Jun 14 07:12:56 2017
tags: okja

Essays on the Hong Kong Umbrella and Taiwan Sunflower Movements (new book chapters)
added: Wed Jun 14 07:10:54 2017

"British rule was good, but it was a total failure politically – and the consequences are still with us."
added: Wed Jun 14 06:30:10 2017

Labour Party membership soars by 35,000 since general election
added: Wed Jun 14 06:20:46 2017

Don't worry, white people. I will not engage in collective blame here. That would be unsavo…
added: Wed Jun 14 05:15:50 2017

林卓廷稱終院駁回新地案上訴向公眾發出清晰訊息 #本地 Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:09:54 +0800
added: Wed Jun 14 05:10:31 2017
tags: 本地

David Trimble says critics should 'grow up' and accept DUP's demands to cut Sinn Fein funding
added: Wed Jun 14 05:08:00 2017

@BillHumphreyMA @patrickwinegar @grylxndr @ramsincanon #1 Alabama fwiw
added: Wed Jun 14 05:05:57 2017

There are two types of households in Hong Kong: those with bed bugs, and those who will have bed bugs.
added: Wed Jun 14 05:00:24 2017

#Russia attacked vote systems in 39 US states, accessed campaign finance databases & tried to delete & alter data
added: Wed Jun 14 05:00:20 2017
tags: russia

#Japan accused of eroding #pressfreedom by UN special rapporteur
added: Wed Jun 14 04:39:01 2017
tags: japan, pressfreedom

Sai Ying Pun sets world record with a HK$5.18 million car parking lot
added: Wed Jun 14 04:32:05 2017

#Trump administration threatens sanctions on China over support for #NorthKorea: Report
added: Wed Jun 14 04:23:01 2017
tags: northkorea, trump

Anson Chan rejects US envoy’s ‘one country, two systems’ view over #hongkong via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Jun 14 04:17:18 2017
tags: hongkong

Photographer documents Hong Kong's 'shoebox' flats. My?: do these meet int'l human rts standards? via @hongkongfp
added: Wed Jun 14 03:58:51 2017

Five of the best lines from #AllenGinsberg's #FBI file
added: Wed Jun 14 03:49:01 2017
tags: fbi, allenginsberg

The motion was filed by the anti-austerity party Podemos.
added: Wed Jun 14 03:40:00 2017

Hong Kong tycoon Thomas Kwok and ex-deputy leader Rafael Hui lose graft appeal
added: Wed Jun 14 03:38:10 2017

The CIA classified a bunch of blurry photos of UFOs because they're the CIA
added: Wed Jun 14 02:53:03 2017

V interesting. Was a big issue in Victorian marginals in the fed election
added: Wed Jun 14 02:17:35 2017

【許仕仁、郭炳江等終極上訴被駁回】 前政務司司長許仕仁、前新地聯席主席郭炳江等貪污案終極上訴,終審法院駁回四人上訴。 今次終極上訴,只針對「串謀公職人員行為失當」罪,終審法院五位法官駁回上訴。...
added: Wed Jun 14 02:16:35 2017

Microsoft Patches Two Critical Vulnerabilities Under Attack via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Wed Jun 14 02:16:30 2017

My review of the must-read book Ethnic Conflict & Protest in Tibet and Xinjiang. Articles by @jleibold & @TMJCliff
added: Wed Jun 14 02:15:34 2017

Australian Chinese community forms group to mobilise against SSM & Safe Schools. My exclusive today: #auspol
added: Wed Jun 14 02:13:46 2017
tags: auspol

Worryingly prescient blog from tenants, warning that Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road was a huge fire risk:
added: Wed Jun 14 02:11:37 2017

U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence, responding to "China's predatory practices"
added: Wed Jun 14 01:45:12 2017

Firm that co-owns buildings with Trump and Kushner family is finalist to build new $1.7B FBI headquarters.
added: Wed Jun 14 01:44:01 2017

In the Philippines, a Vietnam War-era plane takes center stage fighting ISIS
added: Wed Jun 14 01:42:52 2017

Life in #HongKong Is Harder Than Ever - Unless You're a Tycoon via @business @prudencehoho @MattCampbel #hk20 #Asia
added: Wed Jun 14 01:33:31 2017
tags: hongkong, hk20, asia

added: Wed Jun 14 01:12:47 2017

Xi commends elite PLA squad based in HK via @SCMP_news Watch them in action h/t @niubi…
added: Wed Jun 14 01:11:56 2017

Court Strikes Caps On The Cost Of Prison Phone Calls, In A Major Loss For Prisoner Advocates
added: Wed Jun 14 01:00:02 2017

#Taiwan opposition KMT ordered to pay NT$864 million for Japanese properties - Taipei Times
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:46 2017
tags: taiwan

#Taiwan ex Vice President Annette Lu 呂秀蓮 calls for Taipei Bank takeover probe - Taipei Times
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:25 2017
tags: taiwan

Chugani prefers demented racism over accepting simple point 中华人≠中国人
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:17 2017

"The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) procured by the [HK] Police is a broadcasting system, not a weapon." #6C
added: Wed Jun 14 00:54:05 2017
tags: 6c

#KamalaHarris Got Shut Down After Asking an Incredibly Important Question. Again. #SessionsHearing
added: Wed Jun 14 00:53:42 2017
tags: kamalaharris, sessionshearing

Going, going, gone - the great #NHS hospital sell-off
added: Wed Jun 14 00:52:25 2017
tags: nhs

"Over last 12 mos, ~70% of buyers of Trump properties were[d] with about 4% of buyers in 2 years b4"
added: Wed Jun 14 00:49:49 2017

'Dear PM: My name is Isiah and I am 6yo. I hope you have a yarn with Clinton'…
added: Tue Jun 13 23:36:11 2017

Kamala Harris just handed Jeff Sessions his ass
added: Tue Jun 13 22:43:25 2017

Chairman of Chinese Firm Who Tried to Forge Ties With Jared Kushner Is Detained by me and @jotted
added: Tue Jun 13 21:54:04 2017

DHS identifies North Korean hacking infrastructure used by Lazarus Group
added: Tue Jun 13 21:52:21 2017

The deceit and rank incompetence of SloMo Morrison laid bare as he doubles Labor's debt.
added: Tue Jun 13 21:22:35 2017

Jeremy Corbyn to tour 60 Tory marginal seats as he puts Labour on 'permanent campaign mode' + gen election footing.
added: Tue Jun 13 19:15:46 2017

New: Microsoft confirms it has fixed three remaining NSA exploits, after previously saying it wouldn't fix them.
added: Tue Jun 13 18:31:01 2017

Labour's offering "strong and stable" leadership when @Theresa_May's "coalition of chaos" collapses. My full speech:
added: Tue Jun 13 18:03:12 2017

Egypt could start banning 'foreign' names
added: Tue Jun 13 15:23:38 2017

@colleen_chien We agree with @farenthold: patent trolls shouldn't block U.S. imports.
added: Tue Jun 13 15:08:29 2017

Our galaxy may be sitting in a massive cosmic void, one billion light years across @jasondaley608 @SmithsonianMag
added: Tue Jun 13 15:04:02 2017

This is how scared Republicans are of their own health care bill
added: Tue Jun 13 14:45:09 2017

HKFP: Hong Kong set for MDMA flood amid July 1 legalisation. Happy 20th handover anniversary
added: Tue Jun 13 14:45:04 2017

Wow, this article by @LeeCamp is a good takedown of shoddy journalism: How to Write Propaganda for the NY Times
added: Tue Jun 13 14:44:36 2017

U.S. producer prices unchanged as energy costs drop
added: Tue Jun 13 14:41:34 2017

.@DomEnergyVA is trying to buy the #VAGov race -fight back! #GoTomGo
added: Tue Jun 13 14:41:21 2017
tags: vagov, gotomgo

The TC Heartland decision brought a modicum of fairness to a broken patent litigation system.
added: Tue Jun 13 14:25:02 2017

@mgerrydoyle @arawnsley @CSBiggers AFAIK, it is fairly large. Not sure what else you would hit it with.
added: Tue Jun 13 14:24:56 2017

We're watching the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on the Supreme Court's TC Heartland decision.
added: Tue Jun 13 14:24:18 2017

Fake Percocet Pills Blamed for String of Deadly Overdoses In Georgia In Matter of Days
added: Tue Jun 13 14:18:52 2017

McConnell's misdirection on Trumpcare continues, as he steamrolls ahead toward the vote
added: Tue Jun 13 14:18:50 2017

The American kid released by North Korea is in a coma and has been for a year.
added: Tue Jun 13 14:12:17 2017

How Instagram's 'Rich Kids of Hong Kong' spend their fortunes
added: Tue Jun 13 14:11:42 2017

If Trump Fires Mueller (Or Orders His Firing) - Lawfare
added: Tue Jun 13 14:11:23 2017

A Record Number Of Market Participants Says The Market Is Overvalued, Surpassing 1999 Bubble Highs
added: Tue Jun 13 14:07:49 2017

Taibbi: Goodbye, and Good Riddance, to Centrism - Rolling Stone
added: Tue Jun 13 14:00:44 2017

John Major tells Theresa May to drop DUP deal in unprecedented intervention
added: Tue Jun 13 12:41:43 2017

Tanzania: Over 3,000 poachers arrested, 1,539 prosecuted since July 2016…
added: Tue Jun 13 12:21:25 2017

Ulster Party's Price for Support in 2015: 1 Billion Pounds via @bpolitics
added: Tue Jun 13 12:13:54 2017

Right-wing talk radio is still popular — but as a business model, it's melting down
added: Tue Jun 13 12:13:03 2017

‘Nobody at #Yahoo understood Tumblr’: Why #MarissaMayer’s big bet on #Tumblr never panned out via @digiday
added: Tue Jun 13 12:12:40 2017
tags: yahoo, tumblr, marissamayer

Saudi Arabia plans its lowest level of crude exports toU.S. since the 1980s this summer as it tries to boost prices.
added: Tue Jun 13 12:11:39 2017

【市建局調高重建特惠補償金】 市建局為加快重建項目進度,即日起調高受影響住宅租戶及商戶特惠金補償。其中租戶特惠金增加超過一倍,二人或以上家庭由8萬元增至18萬元。市建局沒有透露帶來多少額外成本,重申財政上可行。 #有線新聞...
added: Tue Jun 13 12:11:15 2017
tags: 有線新聞

#EU insists on power to control euro clearing after #Brexit - massive threat to jobs + investment in #London via @FT
added: Tue Jun 13 12:11:10 2017
tags: eu, london, brexit

Hong Kong’s low-paid to get contracts guaranteeing overtime pay
added: Tue Jun 13 11:41:24 2017

Study finds Alabama has second most contaminated drinking #water sites @MarkRuffalo @WaterDefense @jlpratt4
added: Tue Jun 13 11:36:53 2017
tags: water

Microsoft New Zealand re-homed in Bermuda after heat turned on Luxembourg
added: Tue Jun 13 10:40:19 2017

Anti-diabetes drug also 'lessens kidney, heart disease' risk
added: Tue Jun 13 10:40:08 2017

FTU blasts contracts plan, but businesses positive
added: Tue Jun 13 10:13:23 2017

Kim Dotcom can’t get back millions worth of assets US seized, feds say by @dmkravets
added: Tue Jun 13 10:11:10 2017

Putin-critic Navalny jailed in Russia protests: via @Reuters TV
added: Tue Jun 13 10:11:01 2017

China Plugs Holes in Share-Dumping Rules #sharedumping #hedgefunds #stocks
added: Tue Jun 13 10:10:01 2017
tags: hedgefunds, stocks, sharedumping

U.S. shale firms more exposed to falling oil prices as hedges expire
added: Tue Jun 13 10:05:08 2017

Andrew Sheng Says #China Undergoing Creative Destruction via @business
added: Tue Jun 13 10:04:00 2017
tags: china

Trickle-down economics is a nightmare. Kansas proved it. - The Washington Post
added: Tue Jun 13 10:01:15 2017

Flight attendants on Hong Kong’s flagship airline are fighting a plan to make them use their Chinese names
added: Tue Jun 13 10:00:02 2017

Senator Al Franken: They've intercepted contacts between Kislyak & Sessions #RESIST #TrumpRussia #SessionsHearing
added: Tue Jun 13 09:45:02 2017
tags: sessionshearing, resist, trumprussia

Papua movement challenges Jakarta on #climate #WestPapua #deforestation #palmoil
added: Tue Jun 13 09:42:09 2017
tags: westpapua, palmoil, deforestation, climate

Chinese man caught with 500 imprisoned cats destined for restaurants
added: Tue Jun 13 09:40:32 2017

Lord Buckethead has ‘agreed to lead Brexit negotiations’
added: Tue Jun 13 09:40:04 2017

Rajasthan: Cow vigilantes arrested for assault on Tamil Nadu govt officials
added: Tue Jun 13 09:40:00 2017

Urgent appeal after woman 'chased by man at traffic lights and bundled into white van'
added: Tue Jun 13 09:37:35 2017

Chinese company exported $790,000 worth of radio apparatus to North Korea : National : News : The Hankyoreh
added: Tue Jun 13 09:37:16 2017

URA unveils sharp hike in tenant compensation
added: Tue Jun 13 09:35:26 2017

Prayuth Criticizes Teen Singer’s Sexy Dancing, Blames Farangs
added: Tue Jun 13 09:35:01 2017

@HongKongFP or anyone - do you know what happened to this guy after the "trial"? There hav been no updates since Feb
added: Tue Jun 13 09:34:19 2017

Five Chinese firms failed to register overseas bond issuances - state planner
added: Tue Jun 13 09:32:06 2017

First Malware Designed Solely for Electric Grids Caused 2016 Ukraine Outage via…
added: Tue Jun 13 09:31:30 2017

Top official apologises for loss of laptops containing Hong Kong voters' private details…
added: Tue Jun 13 08:04:27 2017

Brit scientist could be about to cure MS and provide hope for millions
added: Tue Jun 13 07:33:00 2017
added: Tue Jun 13 07:32:26 2017

Hong Kong juvenile inmates forced to lick urine, burned with boiling food - report
added: Tue Jun 13 07:12:14 2017

This review by Arthur Waldron of Graham Allison's new book is simply devastating:
added: Tue Jun 13 06:30:36 2017

Beijing steps up pressure on Taipei -- but will it backfire? @BonnieGlazer @JMichaelCole weigh in
added: Tue Jun 13 06:29:51 2017

Report: Jho Low laundered US$50m 'stolen' 1MDB funds via US energy firm
added: Tue Jun 13 06:08:18 2017

Pakistan: Quash conviction and death sentence for alleged blasphemy in Facebook post Commen…
added: Tue Jun 13 06:07:39 2017

U.S. senators reach deal on Russia sanctions
added: Tue Jun 13 06:05:10 2017

Britain: The End of a Fantasy (I'd add '...maybe') by @fotoole is a devastating read on Brexit inconsistencies.
added: Tue Jun 13 05:50:18 2017

Myanmar Pongpipat Co tries to sue @nationnews twice4story about pollution at its Heinda Mine in Tanintharyi #coverup
added: Tue Jun 13 05:45:39 2017
tags: coverup

Israel's intelligence minister: "[we] have no policy for Gaza."
added: Tue Jun 13 05:45:00 2017

The EPD's Samson Lai plays down concerns of recyclers who fear new e-waste policy will force them out of business 📻
added: Tue Jun 13 05:41:10 2017

oh ffs labor
added: Tue Jun 13 05:38:37 2017

I broke the story of #Perepilichnyy's death back in '12. Delighted to see how much @BuzzFeed have recently uncovered
added: Tue Jun 13 05:37:43 2017
tags: perepilichnyy

#Demosisto leader @JoshuaWong stressed the two sides won’t touch on issues like Hong Kong's independence
added: Tue Jun 13 05:33:25 2017
tags: demosisto

An angry Taiwan is accusing mainland China of stoking confrontation as Panama switches ties.
added: Tue Jun 13 05:32:08 2017

US senator slammed for posing with anti-Muslim militia
added: Tue Jun 13 04:30:06 2017

@HongKongFP Story here:
added: Tue Jun 13 04:16:28 2017

What the Chinese city of the future might look like via @bv @AdamMinter #China #economy #property
added: Tue Jun 13 04:07:02 2017
tags: china, economy, property

Just over half of young Hongkongers want children - study
added: Tue Jun 13 04:06:10 2017

#DEA cites "getting arrested" as the leading danger of marijuana use
added: Tue Jun 13 04:04:01 2017
tags: dea

DPP statement: Beijing's suppression of Taiwan's diplomatic space damages cross-strait SQ & angers TW public [CH]
added: Tue Jun 13 03:34:58 2017

This Is How Much #HongKong #Property Has Surged Since British Rule @business @sreebloomberg @hannahdormido #hk20
added: Tue Jun 13 03:34:49 2017
tags: property, hongkong, hk20

China and Panama to cooperate on trade, investment, maritime affairs, tourism
added: Tue Jun 13 03:33:38 2017

CY Leung says even the notion of self-determination violates the Basic Law
added: Tue Jun 13 03:32:56 2017

Conspiracy Theorists, Do Nothings, and Contrarians: via @YouTube
added: Tue Jun 13 03:30:08 2017

Merbok aftermath leaves Hong Kong drenched
added: Tue Jun 13 03:29:08 2017

Great multimedia work with @wu_venus and Tyrone Siu
added: Tue Jun 13 03:16:56 2017

Simplified Chinese plan sets off July 1 fireworks storm
added: Tue Jun 13 03:02:04 2017

A neo-Nazi with explosives and a framed photo of Timothy McVeigh is not a threat, judge rules
added: Tue Jun 13 03:00:01 2017

Panama just dropped Taiwan for China. @FT warned in January that Beijing was eyeing Taiwan's Central American allies
added: Tue Jun 13 02:40:32 2017

#RESIST Corporate Democrats that Keep Selling Us Out
added: Tue Jun 13 02:00:14 2017
tags: resist

Elites in Georgia are trying to write libertarian ideology into the country’s constitution.
added: Tue Jun 13 01:52:59 2017

I never thought I'd see this kind of king worship in the United States. It betrays a vulnerable leader.
added: Tue Jun 13 01:49:40 2017

Wealthy China more insecure, less open, less intellectually curious, says ex-EU China chamber pres via @SCMP_News
added: Tue Jun 13 01:42:43 2017

'No Such Thing as Justice' in Fight Over Chemical Pollution in China - New York Times
added: Tue Jun 13 01:35:06 2017

When employees sell a small % of stock back to Uber, Travis Kalanick gets 100% of the employees' voting rights
added: Tue Jun 13 01:34:20 2017

Try not to immediately jump to nefarious explanations, but how can Presidents business partner bid on $2b project?
added: Tue Jun 13 01:14:23 2017

#BREAKING Former President of Panama arrested in Miami, U.S. Marshals confirmed to NBC 6
added: Tue Jun 13 01:05:31 2017
tags: breaking

Millionth identical Alt-Universe discourse on what Beijing should do to win Hrts&Mnds in Taiwan. Audience = unicorns
added: Tue Jun 13 01:04:04 2017

Putin REALLY Doesn't Like Anti-Corruption Protests: via @YouTube
added: Tue Jun 13 01:03:16 2017

U.S. Cancels New Protection for Endangered West Coast Whales Just because they could.
added: Tue Jun 13 01:02:34 2017

Risky Business fascinating report on DPRK's trade flows and proliferation financing
added: Tue Jun 13 01:01:51 2017

Trump’s National Security Team Could Make a Comeback | @joshrogin @washingtonpost
added: Tue Jun 13 00:59:01 2017

Crown Resorts says China employees charged with gambling offences
added: Tue Jun 13 00:58:13 2017

Photos of Taiwan from 1896
added: Tue Jun 13 00:57:10 2017

China’s New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt fantastic piece by @chubailiang
added: Tue Jun 13 00:55:31 2017

Revealed: Explosive Evidence Of A Russian Assassination On British Soil That The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read
added: Tue Jun 13 00:53:43 2017

Reup: The Privacy community let DNI Coats off easy in letter accusing him of reneging on a promise.
added: Tue Jun 13 00:51:00 2017

Watching an Ethereum bank robbery in realtime as someone drains all of the @freewalletorg wallets...$8m and counting
added: Mon Jun 12 23:58:15 2017

With the heavy guns diverted to #TrumpRussia front, GOPers on Hill front are crushing the American Dream. My column
added: Mon Jun 12 23:41:46 2017
tags: trumprussia

China's new ramjet air to air missile will outspeed, out distance America's via us @PopSci…
added: Mon Jun 12 23:29:00 2017

Chinese citizen allegedly given personal information on 5 Voice of America journalists – BBG Watch uglier & uglier
added: Mon Jun 12 23:04:23 2017

ICE has arrested and is planning to deport dozens of Iraqi Christians
added: Mon Jun 12 21:39:30 2017

Just to be clear. @Delta supported the exact same play, with the same words, with Obama as Caesar. #weareonepublic
added: Mon Jun 12 21:13:06 2017
tags: weareonepublic

SCOOP: UK govt is suppressing intel that Alexander Perepilichnyy was likely assassinated on direct orders of Putin
added: Mon Jun 12 19:48:51 2017

Here's the full, 11-minute video of Trump going around the table listening to each of his Cabinet members praise him
added: Mon Jun 12 19:42:23 2017

"It is not shock. It is the horror of recognition." @sarahljaffe + @truthout + @NaomiAKlein ✊
added: Mon Jun 12 18:08:56 2017

Ancient football match where fighting is allowed abandoned after 40-man brawl
added: Mon Jun 12 12:20:23 2017

【六成內地人不買商業保險】 【調查: 保險公司缺乏誠信】 內地媒體發佈的調查顯示,六成內地人不願意購買商業保險,主要原因是保險公司缺乏誠信。 調查顯示,13% 受訪者因不清楚繳費方式,導致保單失效。36%...
added: Mon Jun 12 10:00:09 2017

The high voter abstention showed the boycott movement by independence advocates and others was successful.
added: Mon Jun 12 10:00:00 2017

Social stigma around periods & high prices of maxi-pads "expose the truth of poor social welfare in #Korea"
added: Mon Jun 12 09:57:31 2017
tags: korea

T8 typhoon signal raised: MTR services increased as commuters head home #hongkong
added: Mon Jun 12 09:57:25 2017
tags: hongkong

Teen sex declining in #HongKong, finds survey
added: Mon Jun 12 09:55:37 2017
tags: hongkong

Obamacare gave older workers freedom to work part-time or retire early, who could have known?
added: Mon Jun 12 09:55:11 2017

Ruthless India demolish South Africa in Champions Trophy
added: Mon Jun 12 09:10:11 2017

Who will save us from voice recog foolery from scumbags? Magnetometer!
added: Mon Jun 12 09:05:37 2017

Britain's high street stores have just taken a sharp hit
added: Mon Jun 12 08:58:00 2017

A fascinating read about the 'kingmaker clan' behind Xi Jinping
added: Mon Jun 12 08:38:33 2017

Beijing, First-Tier City #property prices Are Set to Decline, Says Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
added: Mon Jun 12 08:38:17 2017
tags: property

Part of the engine on a China Eastern Airlines jet tears away after takeoff
added: Mon Jun 12 08:37:24 2017

Arrests as Yangon authorities tear down shantytown - @AFP First major eviction under NLD govt
added: Mon Jun 12 08:19:24 2017

#China’s internet regulator rebuked by Communist Party for ‘lax’ oversight
added: Mon Jun 12 08:17:02 2017
tags: china

#infographic The rise of Islamic State in Southeast Asia @SCMP_News #IS #Malawi…
added: Mon Jun 12 07:56:46 2017
tags: is, infographic, malawi

added: Mon Jun 12 07:49:48 2017

Scale of tax breaks in one major economy: 15,080 profitable Indian companies paid no tax in 2015-16 via @abdulmc
added: Mon Jun 12 07:40:36 2017

Labour MP calls for probe into Tory use of voter data
added: Mon Jun 12 06:21:53 2017

Uber, Airbnb show Hong Kong’s inability to adapt to changing times and technology
added: Mon Jun 12 06:12:58 2017

French Socialists face 'unprecedented' losses
added: Mon Jun 12 05:58:07 2017

Little help as most of the problems in #HK come from BJ>Xie Feng becomes new Hong Kong foreign ministry commissioner
added: Mon Jun 12 05:05:42 2017
tags: hk

Chefs receive HK$200k in unpaid wages after management threaten to sue protesters
added: Mon Jun 12 04:40:32 2017

The loss of Madagascar's unique palm trees will devastate ecosystems:
added: Mon Jun 12 04:38:53 2017

On the changing roles of Hong Kong & Shenzhen: (also: finally got to work on a story w/ the…
added: Mon Jun 12 04:36:02 2017

Reminds me of how the NY Democratic Party doesn't even have a platform of its own.
added: Mon Jun 12 04:03:28 2017

N.Korea, Ethiopia to step up bilateral ties, state media says
added: Mon Jun 12 04:00:05 2017

The US shot down a mysterious enemy drone over Syria
added: Mon Jun 12 04:00:00 2017

Dozens arrested as South Korean military conducts 'gay witch-hunt' by @PHancocksCNN with @Amnesty's Roseanne Rife
added: Mon Jun 12 03:56:51 2017

'We face a similar problem': Taiwanese lawmakers set up Hong Kong democracy ...…
added: Mon Jun 12 03:10:22 2017

Oil prices driven up by futures bets, but market remains bloated
added: Mon Jun 12 03:05:07 2017

The Kobach Commission represents an assault on basic voting rights, writes @MilesRapoport
added: Mon Jun 12 02:52:00 2017

Iraqi Christians targeted in Detroit-area immigration raids
added: Mon Jun 12 02:49:20 2017

Indonesia’s ‘militant moderates’ fight religious intolerance
added: Mon Jun 12 02:25:24 2017

起飛後發現引擎外殼穿大窿 #中國東方航空 班機急折返
added: Mon Jun 12 02:22:08 2017
tags: 中國東方航空

Government urged to plug loophole allowing wetland destruction - stop destroying Lantau already!
added: Mon Jun 12 02:22:00 2017

China’s $10 billion Strategic Project in Burma Sparks Local Ire
added: Mon Jun 12 02:21:35 2017

Hong Kong stocks fall in regional sell-off
added: Mon Jun 12 02:15:42 2017

中国超级大桥热潮背后:债务沉重、腐败丛生 by @ChuBailiang
added: Mon Jun 12 02:13:56 2017

Floating tidal turbine off Orkney Islands smashes generation records
added: Mon Jun 12 01:59:36 2017

Aldi fires $3.4 billion shot in U.S. supermarket wars
added: Mon Jun 12 01:44:26 2017

Dems need 24 seats to retake the House in 2018—but at least two-thirds of those may be permanently out of reach
added: Mon Jun 12 01:42:01 2017

A new state?
added: Mon Jun 12 01:40:07 2017

Spy Charges for Australian Filmmaker in Cambodia; Panama Papers Revelations in Japan; China Wants Human Rights Cuts
added: Mon Jun 12 01:37:44 2017

Know that actuarial and financial risk of insurance companies isn't headline grabbing stuff but these are weaknesses
added: Mon Jun 12 01:34:41 2017

Indian Navy looks to dominate Malacca Straits...China didn't really have a Malacca dilemma till it chose competition
added: Mon Jun 12 01:30:31 2017

Chinese banks are actively trying to get private investors to recapitalize them but NPLs only 1.7% HT @Umesh_Desai
added: Mon Jun 12 01:16:41 2017

For Democrats to succeed, both pragmatists and progressives must work together.
added: Mon Jun 12 01:14:19 2017

If there are tapes, can the White House be forced to turn them over?
added: Mon Jun 12 01:07:44 2017

Tim Black with @Ninaturner @jimmy_dore #pplsummit
added: Mon Jun 12 01:07:37 2017
tags: pplsummit

#China Finds Fake Economic Data in Jilin and Inner Mongolia.
added: Mon Jun 12 01:06:34 2017
tags: china

Bret Stephens' nasty contempt for democracy/ The Year of Voting Recklessly, via @nytimes
added: Mon Jun 12 01:05:32 2017

#China’s recent slowdown in IPO approvals positive change in regulatory stance that will stabilize capital markets
added: Mon Jun 12 01:05:28 2017
tags: china

.@instagram Stories is officially more popular than @Snapchat. Here's why one millennial user made the switch.
added: Mon Jun 12 01:05:01 2017

This is the second Democrat, by my count, to withdraw from a race due to death threats. Really, really worrying.
added: Mon Jun 12 01:04:15 2017

Rare public protest this weekend in Shanghai over property rule change @apgalbraith @ywchen1 @Reuters
added: Mon Jun 12 01:04:10 2017

this is still one of the very best ideas
added: Mon Jun 12 01:02:26 2017

When the EPA discovered high levels of lead in #EastChicago soils, it waited 2 years to tell residents.
added: Mon Jun 12 01:00:02 2017
tags: eastchicago

For those of you saying "The left would be livid if Caesar was played as Obama": It happened. We weren't.
added: Mon Jun 12 00:57:21 2017

China’s $5 trillion asset pile could still expand, observers say
added: Mon Jun 12 00:41:22 2017

Delta has pulled its sponsorship from New York’s Shakespeare in the Park over a production of Julius Caesar
added: Mon Jun 12 00:34:08 2017

Filling in the gaps in Bob Carr's view of Four Corners-Fairfax investigation into Beijing's power and influence here
added: Sun Jun 11 23:32:37 2017

Fresno State cancels a Middle East studies professorship after pressure from a pro-Israel group.
added: Sun Jun 11 20:30:24 2017

Kris Kobach, who hosts a radio program where he indulges dangerous conspiracy theories, is running for #KS governor.
added: Sun Jun 11 20:02:00 2017
tags: ks

Fantastic journalism: Tribune proves Chicago property tax system is wildly skewed for the rich and against the poor:
added: Sun Jun 11 18:21:58 2017

Barbara Walter (the political scientist, not the journalist) is so brilliant
added: Sun Jun 11 17:27:28 2017

This is the article about the "army of well-paid trolls" hired to spread pro-Trump propaganda. @amjoyshow #AMJoy
added: Sun Jun 11 14:59:05 2017
tags: amjoy

May the Democrats be torn apart with the same results as the GOP's bitter Tea Party civil war
added: Sun Jun 11 14:53:59 2017

Mum who stole £35k of school fundraising money spared jail on account of her son
added: Sun Jun 11 14:48:12 2017

Pilgrim prayers on the road to Lhasa - incredible pic #tibet
added: Sun Jun 11 14:47:27 2017
tags: tibet

72 year old woman who was 'bodyshamed' in naked Snapchat posted by Playboy model speaks out
added: Sun Jun 11 14:47:22 2017

Jon Ossoff says no to single payer, no to upper-income tax hikes, TBD on Pelosi – & raises $23mm from small donors!
added: Sun Jun 11 14:35:39 2017

You can view the documentary about Ousmane Sembene for free. Here's our review. The film is worth it.
added: Sun Jun 11 14:10:20 2017

Israeli regime has new plan to limit academics expressing "political" (=liberal) views in Israeli "universities"
added: Sun Jun 11 14:08:53 2017

Which one is right for you? Nikon D7500 and Canon EOS 80D compared
added: Sun Jun 11 13:43:01 2017

Qatar willing to listen to Gulf concerns, Kuwait says
added: Sun Jun 11 13:36:59 2017

Qatar hosted Taliban 'at request of US government'
added: Sun Jun 11 13:34:31 2017

#China needs a new breed of companies @NAR
added: Sun Jun 11 13:24:24 2017
tags: china

香港堅離地數都應該世界數一數二 【貧富懸殊】蕭偉強反駁堅尼系數無計資產 未完全反映社會財政
added: Sun Jun 11 13:15:08 2017

Women hold most of the US’s student loan debt via @BostonGlobe
added: Sun Jun 11 13:14:18 2017

avocado (0.0.1): A graph domain library for Elixir.
added: Sun Jun 11 13:14:00 2017

Trump told Theresa May he does not want to go ahead with a state visit to UK until British public supports his visit
added: Sun Jun 11 13:12:54 2017

Trump and Congress are about to devastate the Census Bureau.
added: Sun Jun 11 13:00:30 2017

US rep @DanaRohrabacher applauds ISIS attack on Iran, calling it "a good thing"
added: Sun Jun 11 12:29:08 2017

The Tories' failed £1.2m social smear ads reveal callouses on our tender attention-spots
added: Sun Jun 11 12:27:27 2017

Lawmaker admits 'public are morons' comment #HK
added: Sun Jun 11 12:27:10 2017
tags: hk

Labour could win the next general election – but only if we keep fighting just as hard | @AbiWilks
added: Sun Jun 11 11:48:26 2017

Residents and commanders alike aren't clear what martial law means. But they know they like it. My report from Davao
added: Sun Jun 11 10:37:53 2017

U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria
added: Sun Jun 11 08:10:43 2017

Here's more on the unflattering Japan report by the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression:
added: Sun Jun 11 07:23:52 2017

Goodbye to values: America’s foreign policy: embrace thugs, dictators and strongmen. @TheEconomist via @TheEconomist
added: Sun Jun 11 05:58:05 2017

#Taiwan: DPP, NPP Lawmakers call for cuts to Examination Yuan - Taipei Times
added: Sun Jun 11 05:54:32 2017
tags: taiwan

Jill Stein says nothing happened during her bizarre dinner with Putin
added: Sun Jun 11 01:30:09 2017

Bernie Sanders At the People's Summit 2017
added: Sun Jun 11 00:42:13 2017

Indictment: Kan. man faces hate crime in fatal sports-bar shooting
added: Sun Jun 11 00:28:28 2017

#Japan races China to secure Asian port rights
added: Sun Jun 11 00:28:00 2017
tags: japan

The actual number of fifth-wave #H7N9 infections is likely closer to 4,470 than 447
added: Sun Jun 11 00:15:09 2017
tags: h7n9

#SCMP Another Hong Kong hotel likely to close to make way for commercial development
added: Sun Jun 11 00:08:11 2017
tags: scmp

Because of counter-protests, anti-Sharia activists were unable to March in Austin today…
added: Sat Jun 10 22:31:19 2017

Justice Department argues Trump can accept payments from foreign governments
added: Sat Jun 10 20:41:06 2017

The Six Day War was launched because Israel wanted to annex new territory, not because it faced an imminent threat.
added: Sat Jun 10 19:08:26 2017

Why Did the Union Movement Split Over Supporting #BernieSanders? @OurRevolution #PPLSummit
added: Sat Jun 10 17:26:59 2017
tags: berniesanders, pplsummit

Sex, naps and meditation: men caught misusing workplace breastfeeding rooms
added: Sat Jun 10 15:12:31 2017

Most Ocean Pollution Comes From Asian Rivers, Study Says
added: Sat Jun 10 15:06:44 2017

What a tale.
added: Sat Jun 10 15:06:15 2017

Interior Secretary to make proposal on Bears Ears monument in test for protected land
added: Sat Jun 10 15:05:07 2017

The lack of boat moorings in Hong Kong is a potential problem for the city's luxury yacht sellers.
added: Sat Jun 10 15:02:14 2017

Turkey jails local head of Amnesty pending trial in post-coup probe - group
added: Sat Jun 10 14:44:14 2017

An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn: Labour needs to act fast. By me and J Smith...
added: Sat Jun 10 14:41:57 2017

US criticises Qatar over extremism while trying to calm escalating Gulf row
added: Sat Jun 10 14:26:16 2017

Delusional May's unholy alliance with the grasping Orangemen from Northern Ireland proves she's finally lost it
added: Sat Jun 10 14:25:36 2017

South Korea celebrates 30 years of democracy
added: Sat Jun 10 14:20:06 2017

Porn isn't to blame for erectile dysfunction, relationships are, study finds
added: Sat Jun 10 14:06:07 2017

#OtD 1927 #Italy, the trial of #anarchist Gino Lucetti concluded he attempted to assassinate Mussolini on 11/09/1926
added: Sat Jun 10 14:04:00 2017
tags: anarchist, otd, italy

When Miami fires cops, they almost always get their jobs back
added: Sat Jun 10 14:02:26 2017

US senator Bernie Sanders on socialism and Donald Trump
added: Sat Jun 10 13:24:11 2017

Marawi siege: US special forces aiding Philippine army - BBC News
added: Sat Jun 10 13:06:01 2017

Val McDermid: why Westminster should copy the Scottish electoral system
added: Sat Jun 10 13:05:46 2017

Trump Expected to Unveil New Cuba Policy as Early as Next Friday: Sources
added: Sat Jun 10 13:05:07 2017

Toshiba to pay $3.7 billion to keep building U.S. reactors
added: Sat Jun 10 13:05:06 2017

.@timstelloh takes a look at the fascinating evolution of mugshots over the decades:
added: Sat Jun 10 13:03:04 2017

Saudi Arabia showers Trump Hotel with cash
added: Sat Jun 10 13:01:34 2017

'Standing ovation' in Iqaluit bar greets milestone gay marriage in Nunavut
added: Sat Jun 10 13:00:08 2017

@cstross 6kg of semtex found in Dublin since Stormont collapsed
added: Sat Jun 10 12:54:42 2017

U.S. joins battle as Philippines takes losses in besieged city #ISIS #Philippines
added: Sat Jun 10 12:39:26 2017
tags: isis, philippines

More trouble: Scottish Tories tell BuzzFeed they're loyal to Ruth Davidson over May and will be party-within-party.
added: Sat Jun 10 10:39:21 2017

Ruth Davidson could mangle May DUP deal by 13 Scots Tory MPs voting anti Hard Brexit (& getting married in church)
added: Sat Jun 10 09:07:24 2017

I'm just going to leave this here.
added: Sat Jun 10 07:47:40 2017

McConnell wants to pass #trumpcare before the July 4 recess so he doesn’t have to face YOU at town halls. 🚨CALL.🚨
added: Sat Jun 10 02:01:52 2017
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Protective mother bear cuts off Dracula's castle
added: Sat Jun 10 00:55:11 2017

shocker: petulant neocon hatchet man James Kirchick doesn't like democracy
added: Sat Jun 10 00:30:40 2017

In the heart of tea party country, Kansas faces a new revolution: The rise of moderate Republicans
added: Fri Jun 9 23:42:33 2017

Labour rounds off remarkable election with narrow win in Kensington
added: Fri Jun 9 23:40:56 2017

Gov't ban on elderly man applying for legal aid may be unconstitutional, legal experts say
added: Fri Jun 9 23:06:07 2017

Hong Kong household income inequality rises to record high, census shows
added: Fri Jun 9 22:24:06 2017

President Trump: “The nation of Qatar, unfortunately, has historically been a funder of terrorism”
added: Fri Jun 9 19:01:28 2017

A 60-year-old living on poverty wages would have to pay ≥45% of her income on health insurance under the GOP bill:
added: Fri Jun 9 18:23:22 2017

An ex-cop was involuntary committed by police after he said he'd kill his ex, but he got his guns back—and shot her.
added: Fri Jun 9 14:17:14 2017

Hospital operator IHH eyes China expansion, seeks M&A targets
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:54 2017

China's Xi tells India's Modi issues should be managed 'appropriately'
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:42 2017

@chrislhayes There's a good doc about this that came out last year
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:31 2017

China's easing factory gate prices hint at broader economic slowdown
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:31 2017

Say hello to Dvmap: The first Android malware with code injection
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:22 2017

In China, stocks-for-loans under stress as markets slide
added: Fri Jun 9 13:49:18 2017

My latest for @guardian "Los Angeles has perfect chance to push back against troubled IOC" #Olympics @guardian_sport
added: Fri Jun 9 13:04:54 2017
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EPA political appointees reflect Trump's anti-regulation zeal
added: Fri Jun 9 12:57:18 2017

Pandora sells Ticketfly for $200 million, ~18 months after buying it for $450 million $P @pandoramusic
added: Fri Jun 9 12:56:43 2017

Why is productivity stalled? Corps "focus on looting assets & gaining monopoly” not innovating, says @matthewstoller
added: Fri Jun 9 12:55:01 2017

From climate denial to abortion: six DUP policies you should know about
added: Fri Jun 9 12:54:32 2017

What the country needs is certainty, says May in Downing Street, seemingly unaware of the election results.
added: Fri Jun 9 11:55:37 2017

'History will be kind' to Nick Clegg, says Tim Farron
added: Fri Jun 9 11:08:14 2017

May reaches deal with DUP to form government after shock election result
added: Fri Jun 9 11:06:42 2017

But only dependent states (Egypt/Bahrain) and full proxies (Yemen/Libya) have joined UAE-Saudi anti-Qatar campaign
added: Fri Jun 9 11:05:18 2017

Trump’s Judicial Picks Are Keeping Republicans Happy—and Quiet
added: Fri Jun 9 10:28:01 2017

Mitsubishi Lancer to switch to #Taiwan production -
added: Fri Jun 9 10:25:45 2017
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紅館林敏驄演唱會塌工作台 至少10人傷 「消息指演唱會首場嘉賓,草蜢3名成員蔡一智、蔡一傑及蘇志威受傷。」
added: Fri Jun 9 10:12:38 2017

Franklin Chu's defence counsel, former policeman. Jesus Christ.
added: Fri Jun 9 09:21:36 2017

FBI Was Not Given Access to DNC Servers for Hacking Investigation
added: Fri Jun 9 09:12:06 2017

Arlene Foster, leader of #DUP says it's “difficult” for May to be PM & "too soon" to say how coalition govt might go
added: Fri Jun 9 09:09:51 2017
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You can now experience firsthand the kind of surveillance technology that tracks you on a daily basis
added: Fri Jun 9 09:05:18 2017

‘Bogus marriage rings woo HK youth with huge sums’
added: Fri Jun 9 08:57:21 2017

The Langham Place escalator incident was caused by ‘human negligence’; two contractor staff have licences...
added: Fri Jun 9 08:24:15 2017

China Buys Kazakhstan Bank as Xi Pushes Trade 'Belt and Road' - Bloomberg
added: Fri Jun 9 08:24:11 2017

The OBOR China-Kazakhstan Border Called China's New Tax Haven
added: Fri Jun 9 08:22:28 2017

Defiant Theresa May has "no intention" of resigning
added: Fri Jun 9 07:27:52 2017

DUP website crashes under surge of interest in Northern Irish political party
added: Fri Jun 9 07:25:14 2017

Hong Kong, Singapore rivalry hobbling Asia in $100 billion fintech race: lobby group via @Reuters #fintech
added: Fri Jun 9 07:24:44 2017
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Retweeted Dan Garrett (@DanGarrett97): #CCP moves 2 turn #HKSAR #LegCo into a #NPC rubber-stamp-maybe #pandems...
added: Fri Jun 9 07:10:43 2017
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.@pollytoynbee says Theresa May’s visionless, empty negativism deserved to fail
added: Fri Jun 9 06:59:55 2017

They told young people we couldn't change things. This election shows we can
added: Fri Jun 9 06:47:44 2017

Exiled Chinese tycoon, Guo Wengui, fraudulently obtained big loans, employees tell court in Dalian @Reuters
added: Fri Jun 9 06:47:34 2017

Key Republican demands subsidies for consumers as insurers balk at Obamacare as Trump withholds federal money
added: Fri Jun 9 06:46:55 2017

@Bencjacobs Nope - look at Miliband 2015. Huge youth vote was more for corbyn than the Labour Party
added: Fri Jun 9 06:25:22 2017

「平機會主席陳章明早前直指周浩鼎多次發表反對性傾向歧視立法的言論,令平機會感到尷尬後,任內表現備受好評的平機會前主席周一嶽,今日出席公開活動時,指周浩鼎有關言論不只令平機會尷尬,『甚至整個社會同立法會都會尷尬……』」 #泰山壓鼎
added: Fri Jun 9 06:22:26 2017
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NASA shows off its new 'Batmobile' to explore Mars
added: Fri Jun 9 06:20:55 2017

Jim Messina is much more at home with the UK Conservatives than the current Dems. Case in point:
added: Fri Jun 9 06:19:56 2017

Labour says they will try to form a minority government
added: Fri Jun 9 06:14:00 2017

Surprise result means there could be another general election this year
added: Fri Jun 9 06:10:04 2017

RAW VIDEO: Federal judge orders accused NSA leaker to remain in jail.
added: Fri Jun 9 05:34:03 2017

Owen Jones on 3/20/2017: "My passionate and sincere view is Jeremy Corbyn should stand down as soon as possible"
added: Fri Jun 9 05:07:15 2017

Senior Conservatives are refusing to appear on TV
added: Fri Jun 9 04:39:53 2017

Kurdish referendum would distract from IS fight, US warns
added: Fri Jun 9 04:38:12 2017

Reporter Covering Inauguration Protests Indicted for Felony Rioting #AaronCantu
added: Fri Jun 9 04:25:05 2017
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Woman accused of being Xi ally’s secret child considers lawsuit against exiled tycoon Guo Wengui
added: Fri Jun 9 04:00:42 2017

I dare the GOP Senate to confirm this guy --> Donald Trump's new FBI director pick has Russian ties of his own
added: Fri Jun 9 03:53:05 2017

I wrote this on the @inthesetimesmag roof after drinking for three hours.
added: Fri Jun 9 03:51:55 2017

Birds scared by Tai Po tree pruning area are abandoning nests, leaving chicks in danger, says #HongKong activist
added: Fri Jun 9 03:50:17 2017
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The real hero of the UK election is the country's underground rap scene
added: Fri Jun 9 03:49:52 2017

According to this, DAPL mercs are self described Meth addicts & violent criminals who do anything for a buck #NoDAPL
added: Fri Jun 9 03:49:15 2017
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#EJI What we learned from loss of REO laptop computers
added: Fri Jun 9 03:31:20 2017
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Fake news: Hong Kong Journalists Association condemns impersonator's attack on media boss
added: Fri Jun 9 03:30:22 2017

Revealed: China's claims about antiquities 'stolen' during the 1860 sacking of Beijing's Summer Palace are often...
added: Fri Jun 9 03:15:34 2017

Tory housing minister who wrote book on how to win marginal seat loses marginal seat
added: Fri Jun 9 03:08:41 2017

After 35 Years in Prison, Puerto Rican Activist Oscar López Rivera on Freedom & Decolonization
added: Fri Jun 9 02:59:27 2017

Meet the Radical Workers’ Cooperative Growing in the Heart of the Deep South
added: Fri Jun 9 02:59:02 2017

美國務院發表報告 對北京干預香港自治表憂慮 來自 @蘋果日報
added: Fri Jun 9 02:55:50 2017

Every paragraph of this, by @NickCohen4 just 4 months ago, is incomparably delightful
added: Fri Jun 9 02:16:15 2017

Guangdong has a plan B ready in case Hong Kong does not get its act together, mainland experts warn.
added: Fri Jun 9 02:03:46 2017

African states band together to defeat crime on high seas
added: Fri Jun 9 01:44:05 2017

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to replace Jason Chaffetz as House Oversight Chair:
added: Fri Jun 9 01:20:01 2017

There may be no coral reefs left in 33 years.
added: Fri Jun 9 01:15:58 2017

Taiwan's Indigenous People Win Back Hunting Rights
added: Fri Jun 9 01:15:08 2017

China Breaks Promise, Starts Arming Its Fake "Islands" via @PopMech
added: Fri Jun 9 00:48:12 2017

.@benjaminwittes is unsparing in @lawfareblog.
added: Fri Jun 9 00:45:20 2017

China Embeds Cadres in #Uyghur Homes During #Ramadan This is really an egregious violation of freedom of religion
added: Fri Jun 9 00:38:44 2017
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US F-15 warplane 'shoots down' armed drone in Syria
added: Fri Jun 9 00:13:36 2017

Economic Anxiety Didn’t Make People Vote Trump, Racism Did
added: Fri Jun 9 00:12:01 2017

Baby Bird from Time of Dinosaurs Found Fossilized in Amber via @NatGeo
added: Fri Jun 9 00:04:51 2017

Montana congressman-elect to be sentenced for altercation with reporter
added: Thu Jun 8 23:42:43 2017

Exclusive: Deutsche Bank says privacy laws prevent Trump disclosures
added: Thu Jun 8 23:22:16 2017

Economic tensions between China and South Korea show signs of easing
added: Thu Jun 8 23:10:10 2017

US Navy looking at bringing retired carrier USS Kitty Hawk out of mothballs:
added: Thu Jun 8 22:14:37 2017

People aren't great at assessing diversity because they generalize distinct dimensions of it, @MaggieNeale found.
added: Thu Jun 8 20:34:04 2017

China disappears activists then systematically destroys the lives of their families
added: Thu Jun 8 16:19:06 2017

The shady for profit firm Crowdstrike is co-directed by a Russian exile housed at the militaristic Atlantic Council:
added: Thu Jun 8 14:42:52 2017

New piece on voter profiling in the 2017 Kenyan election
added: Thu Jun 8 14:26:07 2017
tags: cambridgeanalytica, kenya

LIVE: Comey says he has no doubt Russia interfered with U.S. election
added: Thu Jun 8 14:25:52 2017

50 years ago I was a 19-year-old kid in Vietnam sitting on a mountaintop near the Cambodian border.
added: Thu Jun 8 14:24:31 2017

Canada pushes for #oil sales to China as it seeks climate leadership, via/ @nvanderklippe
added: Thu Jun 8 14:18:14 2017
tags: oil

China accusing Apple employees selling computer and phone users personal data 🤔 #privacy
added: Thu Jun 8 14:00:32 2017
tags: privacy

China Coal (1898) argues it doesn't have to pay damages ordered by a Hong Kong court, as Hong Kong is part of China.
added: Thu Jun 8 13:47:21 2017

London Bridge attack: Spanish victim's heroic last moments revealed - honour to spain's hero
added: Thu Jun 8 12:37:06 2017

The US coalition just bombed pro-Assad forces on the ground in Syria
added: Thu Jun 8 12:36:21 2017

"There is zero good news for President Donald Trump in this survey, just a continual slide into a chasm of doubt"
added: Thu Jun 8 12:33:44 2017

I like how people threaten something grossly illegal and from the police we hear... [crickets].
added: Thu Jun 8 12:33:32 2017

Roma cultural center launched in Berlin
added: Thu Jun 8 12:33:00 2017

Judge hands Sandy Hook truther prison sentence for threatening victim's parent
added: Thu Jun 8 12:26:02 2017

China isn't Israel say @GraemeKSmith: China must be told to stop interfering in Australian affairs via @abcnews
added: Thu Jun 8 12:16:08 2017

I'm an Arab actor and I've been asked to audition for the role of terrorist 30 times
added: Thu Jun 8 12:15:42 2017

Massive blast at Indian fireworks factory kills 25
added: Thu Jun 8 12:15:10 2017

《回歸‧回望二十年》 香港過渡已近二十年,現時回頭看,是不是如當年《中英聯合聲明》所承諾一樣「五十年不變」?「一國兩制、港人治港、高度自治」是否可以「不走樣、不變形」?...
added: Thu Jun 8 12:15:03 2017

Theresa May suggested NHS could be part of huge US trade deal
added: Thu Jun 8 12:15:00 2017

Hack of Password Manager OneLogin Exposes User Info via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Jun 8 12:14:30 2017

China Rail Freight Sees Booming 2017 After Five Years of Contractions :
added: Thu Jun 8 12:12:55 2017

Graham: Comey’s statement shows there’s no obstruction of justice case (VIDEO)
added: Thu Jun 8 12:11:52 2017

Draft OGI regs, china's FOIA, are now translated here
added: Thu Jun 8 10:14:03 2017

#semiconductor maker TSMC will consider #Taiwan sites ahead of offshore ones for new foundry | Reuters
added: Thu Jun 8 10:12:22 2017
tags: semiconductor, taiwan

Exposure to pollutants inside #HongKong homes was also high, says study by #CivicExchange, #CityUHongKong
added: Thu Jun 8 10:06:33 2017
tags: cityuhongkong, hongkong, civicexchange

IMPORTANT The Democratic Party Is in Worse Shape Than You Thought, via @nytimes
added: Thu Jun 8 10:05:07 2017

Administration trying to control damage from Trump's Qatar tweets, but problems are built into his Mideast strategy
added: Thu Jun 8 09:16:55 2017

Qatar and other allies shocked by Trump as alliances thrown into doubt - grim NYT roundup of blundering White House
added: Thu Jun 8 09:15:35 2017

Rahul Gandhi detained near MP border on his way to Mandsaur, slams Modi govt for not waving farmers' loan
added: Thu Jun 8 08:54:45 2017

Reading> How a Chinese investment boom is changing the face of Djibouti | South China Morning Post
added: Thu Jun 8 08:53:03 2017

The US "must rethink its policy toward Iran which fought against IS in Iraq & Syria, & is now victim to IS terror."
added: Thu Jun 8 08:27:29 2017

Lawmaker's quick reaction saves Tiananmen massacre debate from being blocked at legislature
added: Thu Jun 8 08:22:19 2017

Google blocker to eliminate bad ads and let users go ad-free
added: Thu Jun 8 07:33:30 2017

China Pushes to Cut UN #HumanRights Posts Must read piece by @hrw's @loucharbon.
added: Thu Jun 8 07:30:36 2017
tags: humanrights

Middle Eastern Migrants Live the Chinese Dream
added: Thu Jun 8 07:16:34 2017

【賣酒予未成年人士罰5萬 業界認為罰則太重】 政府計劃修例,全面禁止向未成年人士售賣和供應酒類,否則要罰款5萬元,星期五刊憲。 有賣酒的店舖認為罰則太重。 #有線新聞 #酒 #未成年
added: Thu Jun 8 07:12:39 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 酒, 未成年

#Myanmar authorities have banned a film about Rohingya plight & situation in Rakhine state from showing at festival:
added: Thu Jun 8 07:09:53 2017
tags: myanmar

Wow. 75% of land-borne marine pollution comes from just 10 rivers, predominantly in Asia.
added: Thu Jun 8 07:07:15 2017

#China '...jailing more and more #Tibetans' US Congressman Calls for New US Policy on #Tibet
added: Thu Jun 8 06:52:00 2017
tags: tibet, tibetans, china

Pro-Beijing lawmakers block motion to impeach Hong Kong's leader, following fierce debate
added: Thu Jun 8 06:22:15 2017

Iran minister rejects Trump's condolences for attacks as 'repugnant'
added: Thu Jun 8 06:20:10 2017

Uber exec fired only after reporters found he obtained medical records of 2014 rape victim & used to discredit her.
added: Thu Jun 8 06:15:55 2017

ROFL Gotta luv Southern Communist Morning Post hdlns>North Korea launches warship-killing cruise missiles @SCMP_News
added: Thu Jun 8 06:07:21 2017

Did #HK cops run out of hoods 4 suspects after arresting so many #pandems?>Duo from mainland China arrested after...
added: Thu Jun 8 06:05:12 2017
tags: hk, pandems

#EJI Six in 10 Hongkongers say society worse off after handover: poll
added: Thu Jun 8 05:54:18 2017
tags: eji

Trump offers to mediate Qatar crisis in call with emir
added: Thu Jun 8 05:42:08 2017

Qatar reveals preliminary results of QNA hacking probe
added: Thu Jun 8 05:35:15 2017

Of course not, the imperial #CCP is "all or nothing">S.Korea can’t strike a balance between #China and #US on #THAAD
added: Thu Jun 8 05:35:06 2017
tags: us, china, ccp, thaad

Comey confirms Trump told him to let Flynn probe go
added: Thu Jun 8 05:27:07 2017

History of Electronic Music, 1800-2015. Great Catalog of Instruments That Changed Music
added: Thu Jun 8 05:18:34 2017

Muslims less likely to Commit Terrorism & other Reality-Based Statistics
added: Thu Jun 8 04:41:08 2017

Police detains three workers paid by foreign organizations for filming factory
added: Thu Jun 8 04:40:03 2017

Bernie Sanders made over $1 million last year and has joined the 1%
added: Thu Jun 8 04:31:02 2017

Jury awards $6.7M to inmate raped by guard in Milwaukee County Jail, chained childbirth What sayeth @SheriffClarke
added: Thu Jun 8 04:29:46 2017

Madhya Pradesh continues to be on boil; govt announces measures for farmers
added: Thu Jun 8 04:00:01 2017

White-box webcam scatters vulnerabilities though multiple OEMs
added: Thu Jun 8 03:59:17 2017

@RealTimBlack @YouTube What is wrong with @JerseyCityPOBA? Kicking a man that's on fire?
added: Thu Jun 8 03:57:47 2017

China exports, imports surprise with growth rebound in May
added: Thu Jun 8 03:56:38 2017

Michael Tien says Kai Tak Sports Park operator should be made to pay around HK$100,000 every year
added: Thu Jun 8 03:53:08 2017

Letter to th IFC on its proposed financing of crony-owned cement factory & coal mine n Myanmar via @earthrightsintl
added: Thu Jun 8 03:48:01 2017

【回歸20年】 每年2,000萬公帑去咗邊 李健和嘆香港足球好恐怖 當年斷了外援,玩「本土」,就已經玩死球市,之後就算知錯重新有外援制度,球賽已經不是主要娛樂項目,以往對斑霸的loyalty,無法挽回。
added: Thu Jun 8 03:47:10 2017

#China and the ‘Cold War Mentality’ #propaganda #ColdWar #authoritarianism
added: Thu Jun 8 03:46:45 2017
tags: coldwar, authoritarianism, china, propaganda

Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story
added: Thu Jun 8 03:45:08 2017

Myanmar`s military finds crashed Chinese-made plane, bodies in Andaman Sea
added: Thu Jun 8 03:23:44 2017

libgraph (0.4.1): A pure Elixir implementation of a directed graph data structure
added: Thu Jun 8 03:22:11 2017

Two year delay expected for southbound flows in Hong Kong-China Bond Connect
added: Thu Jun 8 03:19:55 2017

what purpose does this serve other than punishing the poor and the people who serve them. this is violence.
added: Thu Jun 8 03:19:22 2017

Authentication bypass and OEM backdoors in WiMAX routers :
added: Thu Jun 8 03:15:15 2017

The top player in Africa’s expanding smartphone market isn’t Apple or Samsung. It's an obscure Chinese manufacturer
added: Thu Jun 8 03:15:09 2017

Many Chinese already are accustomed to having their faces scanned daily. But there are deepening privacy concerns
added: Thu Jun 8 03:15:09 2017

Trump’s giant Saudi arms deal was all sizzle and no substance
added: Thu Jun 8 03:15:04 2017

National Commission of Scheduled Castes (NCSC) - A Trojan Horse
added: Thu Jun 8 03:15:04 2017

Cory Bernardi says he was told Liberals received money from donors with links to China
added: Thu Jun 8 02:53:41 2017

In FT op-ed, @ConnellyAL calls for tougher US policy in the South China Sea
added: Thu Jun 8 02:46:39 2017

Hutchison's fixed-line biz draws interest from PEs, Hong Kong's HKBN: sources
added: Thu Jun 8 02:45:03 2017

Nerd culture still has a massive racism problem: D.Va Cosplayer Reveals The Harsh Truth About Being A POC Cosplayer
added: Thu Jun 8 02:44:41 2017

Quinta Jurecic: Highlights on the Russia Investigation from Today's Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing
added: Thu Jun 8 02:38:56 2017

沙田單車徑驚現穿山甲 不斷挖泥覓食|即時新聞|港澳|on.cc東網 受保護動物嚟,唔好搞佢吖
added: Thu Jun 8 00:47:06 2017

The Omaha Police Department names four officers involved in Taser incident where man died
added: Thu Jun 8 00:27:21 2017

Wow. To say the media bias against @UKLabour has been extreme would be an understatement. (…
added: Thu Jun 8 00:26:28 2017

"CCP political operations in Australia: a popular pro-CCP reading" by @zhubochubo
added: Thu Jun 8 00:02:07 2017

A bolder China is now purging Hong Kong critics 20 years after the handover via @bpolitics @DavidTweed
added: Wed Jun 7 23:50:30 2017

I won’t back down. We need the truth.
added: Wed Jun 7 21:37:33 2017

I spent last week travelling around with Thomas Frank for this article :)
added: Wed Jun 7 21:23:42 2017

this is absolutely fucking pathetic.
added: Wed Jun 7 13:29:42 2017

They were detained while investigating brand Ivanka. Now China claims they stole trade secrets. via @WashingtonPost
added: Wed Jun 7 13:19:16 2017

Top intelligence official told associates Trump asked him if he could intervene with Comey on FBI Russia probe
added: Wed Jun 7 13:13:52 2017

Diane Abbott suffering from 'serious, long-term condition'
added: Wed Jun 7 13:10:30 2017

List of Printers Which Do or Do Not Display Tracking Dots :
added: Wed Jun 7 13:09:54 2017

Comparative chart showing proposed reforms to Open government Information rules. Many hurdles cleared, some codified
added: Wed Jun 7 13:07:29 2017

Does a bear 💩 in the woods? None of your business.
added: Wed Jun 7 13:07:04 2017

US, India pitch for freedom of navigation in #SouthChinaSea irks China
added: Wed Jun 7 13:07:02 2017
tags: southchinasea @tedcruz boosts air traffic control privatization 'cuz it reduces global warming, which he doesn't believe exists.
added: Wed Jun 7 12:46:46 2017

CONMEBOL accuses ex-presidents of money laundering
added: Wed Jun 7 10:33:18 2017

Researchers see growing risk of asteroid from #Taurids hitting Earth via @physorg_com
added: Wed Jun 7 10:09:27 2017
tags: taurids

Read this excellent analysis from @davidfickling who was writing about HNA before the rest of us.
added: Wed Jun 7 10:00:37 2017

IN THE PAPERS - Could Russian hackers be behind the Gulf crisis?
added: Wed Jun 7 09:55:09 2017

We see a steady erosion of incentives for #Israel to end the #Palestine conflict, says @NathanThrall
added: Wed Jun 7 09:27:10 2017
tags: israel, palestine

🔴 #BREAKING - Islamic State group claim attacks on Teheran, says propaganda organ Amaq
added: Wed Jun 7 09:18:09 2017
tags: breaking

What prompted Saudis & UAE to lay siege to Qatar? Some thoughts in my latest column.
added: Wed Jun 7 09:08:36 2017

In light of Tehran shootings today, read @GEsfandiari from yesterday on ISIS propaganda increasingly targeting Iran.
added: Wed Jun 7 08:04:01 2017

1 Dead, 4 Injured as Suicide Bomber Attacks Khomeini Shrine
added: Wed Jun 7 07:57:55 2017

UPDATE: Sofa maker plunges after it's revealed as Muddy Waters' latest short target
added: Wed Jun 7 06:35:23 2017

China just flew a 130-foot, solar-powered drone designed to stay in the air for months via…
added: Wed Jun 7 05:58:00 2017

Fearing for his life, militant seen at slain Hizbul terrorist Sabzar Bhat's funeral surrenders
added: Wed Jun 7 05:50:00 2017

China to set up military bases in Pakistan – Pentagon report
added: Wed Jun 7 05:46:29 2017

Xi Jinping and China's Role in the Asian and Global Order: article in the Journal of Diplomacy:
added: Wed Jun 7 05:45:31 2017

I enjoyed this, but like many pieces in this general direction, the critical analysis stops short
added: Wed Jun 7 05:39:31 2017

as always Amber Frost is the socialist talisman wielded against the liberal left moral panic rotting our brains
added: Wed Jun 7 05:30:24 2017

Suspicion confirmed
added: Wed Jun 7 05:30:00 2017

My latest: How Republicans are trying to tarnish Comey's credibility before he even speaks.
added: Wed Jun 7 02:47:42 2017

Best. News. Ever. Take that weird feather people.
added: Wed Jun 7 00:04:11 2017

There's another reason for Hong Kong's sky high property prices - divorce
added: Tue Jun 6 23:52:01 2017

China attempting to influence Australian society through students, politics: Reports via @ChannelNewsAsia
added: Tue Jun 6 22:00:26 2017

Kinda looks like the President stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity for kids with cancer?
added: Tue Jun 6 18:39:12 2017

By any standards this is a bombshell of a story
added: Tue Jun 6 18:15:43 2017

Inter Press Service: Global South Calls for International Body to Fight Tax Havens
added: Tue Jun 6 18:05:14 2017

Now we learn that Trump can't get competent legal representation bc he has a history of stiffing providers.
added: Tue Jun 6 14:48:37 2017

DEVELOPING: Paris police fire at man in Notre-Dame cathedral area
added: Tue Jun 6 14:46:35 2017

The real reason working-class whites continue to support Trump.
added: Tue Jun 6 14:46:24 2017

One super-effective tactic of authoritarian governments: Pretend that free exercise of rights is an unearned gift
added: Tue Jun 6 14:41:43 2017

Leonhardt: Trump and Louis XIV’s notion of “L’état, c’est moi”: The state is me — I’ll decide which laws to follow.
added: Tue Jun 6 12:38:35 2017

Shenhua, China Guodian said to mull 1.82t yuan power giant
added: Tue Jun 6 12:38:24 2017

Al-Idrisi's twelfth-century map & description of eastern England -- brief post by me :)
added: Tue Jun 6 12:36:28 2017

#China Ready to Buy More #Treasuries as #Yuan Stabilizes
added: Tue Jun 6 12:13:04 2017
tags: yuan, china, treasuries

British police name third London Bridge attacker as Youssef Zaghba
added: Tue Jun 6 11:55:01 2017

Hmm. 340,000 solar energy jobs. 51,000 coal jobs. "Solar’s blue-collar workers are [belatedly] worried about Trump."
added: Tue Jun 6 11:30:37 2017

Studiously apolitical in the past, some career Foreign Service Officers are beginning to speak (/tweet) their minds
added: Tue Jun 6 11:17:01 2017

A high school student walked out of a documentary: "It was just so biased toward saying climate change is real."
added: Tue Jun 6 11:01:04 2017

UPDATE: Kuwait's ruler to meet Saudi King over Qatar row
added: Tue Jun 6 10:23:10 2017

Walking the walk: #Banks line up for #BeltandRoad business - via @GlobalRMB @GlobalCapAsia #China #markets
added: Tue Jun 6 10:22:23 2017
tags: markets, banks, china, beltandroad

According to data submitted to lawmakers by the Highways Department, the concrete cubes in question have been...
added: Tue Jun 6 10:18:05 2017

Leaked NSA report says Russian military intelligence hacked US voting machine manufacturer weeks before election:
added: Tue Jun 6 09:50:31 2017

Chinese consumerism will reshape the world, and maybe even destroy it — Quartz
added: Tue Jun 6 09:50:18 2017

Declare offshore wealth? Russia tycoons would rather ship themselves off shore
added: Tue Jun 6 09:46:15 2017

EGO MARKET: When People's Greed for Fame Benefits Large-Scale Botnets via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Jun 6 09:44:30 2017

Saudi Arabia revokes all Qatar Airways licences as row escalates
added: Tue Jun 6 09:43:31 2017

Hutong demolish: “Officials believe that modernity means more skyscrapers and more air-conditioned shopping malls.”
added: Tue Jun 6 09:41:52 2017

We recently wrote this piece on political profiling of voters
added: Tue Jun 6 09:40:58 2017

US Dollar hits seven-month low
added: Tue Jun 6 09:38:08 2017

Working class Trump voters need good economic policy, not empathy
added: Tue Jun 6 09:36:51 2017

UAE banks stop providing leverage to clients on Qatari bonds-sources via @Reuters
added: Tue Jun 6 09:34:24 2017

US-led strike kills 21 civilians fleeing Syria's Raqa: monitor
added: Tue Jun 6 09:20:09 2017

Mexican peso nearly trades as if Trump never happened
added: Tue Jun 6 09:19:49 2017

Billionaire investor TimDraper has stopped investing in #China because of difficulty getting money out the country:
added: Tue Jun 6 09:17:55 2017
tags: china

Undersecretary for Security says not all people of non-Chinese origin are problematic, but more are being arrested
added: Tue Jun 6 08:48:01 2017

UPDATE: UAE demands guarantees before mending Qatar ties
added: Tue Jun 6 08:46:28 2017

For better or worse, that $110 billion arms deal with the Saudis appears to be a lot of hot air
added: Tue Jun 6 08:30:37 2017

#China Labor Activist Who Probed Ivanka Trump Supplier 'Meets With Accident' in Detention
added: Tue Jun 6 08:30:29 2017
tags: china

#LondonAttack jihadis may have thought they were god's soldiers. But 130+ UK imams think otherwise
added: Tue Jun 6 08:29:28 2017
tags: londonattack

ICBC has 260:1 leverage in UST repo business. This will virtually never be a problem, but if it ever is...BOOM!
added: Tue Jun 6 08:28:18 2017

The world's freest economy? Just take a look at Hong Kong's supermarkets, utility firms or taxis! via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Jun 6 08:25:54 2017

Dalits Don’t Sit or Stand with Brahminical Media, Build Your Own Media
added: Tue Jun 6 08:22:51 2017

Terry Gilliam denies damaging Portuguese convent during filming
added: Tue Jun 6 08:22:00 2017

District councillor Bill Tang says outsourced companies have their eyes only on profits
added: Tue Jun 6 07:33:31 2017

UP Police Misusing National Security Act and Gangster Act to Harass Dalits-Muslims
added: Tue Jun 6 06:57:01 2017

Today I reveal over 45,000 children's operations cancelled in last 4 yrs. This is reality of Tory neglect of our NHS
added: Tue Jun 6 06:40:54 2017

The forgotten blue-collar workers that power Silicon Valley's “world-changing” tech companies #AJStream
added: Tue Jun 6 06:13:00 2017
tags: ajstream

A couple of useful Flexbox-related things to know. E.g. the margins of adjacent flex items don't collapse.
added: Tue Jun 6 05:43:38 2017

Philippine troops find stash of banknotes as fighters pull back
added: Tue Jun 6 05:43:37 2017

China Bashing: China Buying Influence of Australian Political Parties by Donations .
added: Tue Jun 6 05:40:49 2017

Australia warns China to keep out of its affairs
added: Tue Jun 6 05:03:55 2017

With Ebola crisis over, 4,000 West Africans granted temporary immigration status in the U.S. are told to leave:
added: Tue Jun 6 04:39:37 2017

Liberal Andrew Robb took $880k China job as soon as he left Parliament
added: Tue Jun 6 04:04:47 2017

Worse Than Fox! Trump’s FCC Revives Outmoded Rule To Let Sinclair Become The Fox Of Local TV News
added: Tue Jun 6 04:01:17 2017

Postal votes missing in 2x critical marginals. Student votes wiped out. Council responsible is Tory-UKIP.
added: Tue Jun 6 04:01:03 2017

#China's Banks Are Reshaping the Sovereign Dollar-Bond Market @markets @business @nkim132 @ek_obrien @AnsteyAsia
added: Tue Jun 6 03:46:27 2017
tags: china

‘The bats must be put away immediately’ @collegefix
added: Tue Jun 6 03:37:06 2017

Trump Grows Discontented With Attorney General Jeff Sessions
added: Tue Jun 6 03:00:35 2017

IBM's 5nm chip could quadruple battery life
added: Tue Jun 6 03:00:03 2017

China dominates entire SCS without a shot being fired. via @smh
added: Tue Jun 6 02:58:06 2017

What's happening in Aus, per @jleibold, is happening all over the world. China's soft power isn't subtle
added: Tue Jun 6 02:55:40 2017

China Evergrande shares jump 9% to record high on debt redemption plans
added: Tue Jun 6 02:55:21 2017

Attorney: Video shows 'illegal chokehold' used by deputy's husband on man
added: Tue Jun 6 02:54:29 2017

US threatens to quit UN Human Rights Council via @FT
added: Tue Jun 6 02:45:33 2017

Will Qatar sacrifice Al Jazeera to mend regional ties?
added: Tue Jun 6 02:39:46 2017

Russian agents hacked US voting system manufacturer before US election – report
added: Tue Jun 6 02:34:27 2017

Tremendous piece. "China Looks to Capitalize on Clean Energy as U.S. Retreats"
added: Tue Jun 6 02:29:03 2017

Dastyari has “questions to answer” over reports he lobbied immigration department on behalf of donor: Turnbull
added: Tue Jun 6 02:06:57 2017

Trying to make history disappear Pro-Beijing newspapers bury or ignore Hong Kong's Tiananmen vigil via @hongkongfp
added: Tue Jun 6 02:06:04 2017

Republican Congressman on Suspected Islamic Radicals: "Kill Them All"
added: Tue Jun 6 01:16:23 2017

A major change in direction: Korean govt likely announce its nuclear power phase-out plan next month #pulse
added: Tue Jun 6 01:01:11 2017
tags: pulse

Not an isolated incident. More career Asia hands at State already planning to resign in coming months. Big losses.
added: Tue Jun 6 00:38:41 2017

China just went full-on Big Brother on its credit card system all is not well in China's economy via @
added: Mon Jun 5 23:54:37 2017

And so the leak prosecutions begin. Will @realDonaldTrump go after journalists next?
added: Mon Jun 5 23:42:03 2017

PH fishermen reportedly "bullied" into sharing their catch w/China Coast Guard during fishing trip to Scarborough
added: Mon Jun 5 21:39:54 2017

Corporate casualties will rise as China and US tighten policy
added: Mon Jun 5 20:28:57 2017

How an eager Chinese tech group stumbled in America
added: Mon Jun 5 20:03:27 2017

A content-recommendation ad co. launched a "Truth in Media Initiative" at same time it's working w/ fake news sites:
added: Mon Jun 5 19:59:36 2017

China’s changed priorities signal end to stimulus
added: Mon Jun 5 14:25:25 2017

Harvard withdraws 10 acceptances for 'offensive' memes in private group chat
added: Mon Jun 5 12:39:55 2017

Iran just blamed Donald Trump for the Qatari diplomatic crisis
added: Mon Jun 5 12:39:00 2017

Speech by Chief Executive at World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong
added: Mon Jun 5 12:38:08 2017

Trumpcare in the UK? Theresa May is bringing in US companies to privatise the NHS.
added: Mon Jun 5 12:25:08 2017

Trump ignored his own national security team (Tillerson, McMaster, Mattis) on NATO Article 5 and listened to Bannon.
added: Mon Jun 5 12:22:48 2017

New OECD paper: globalisation has made tax systems less progressive
added: Mon Jun 5 12:15:51 2017

Excellent and devastating: One family. Four generations of disability benefits. Will it continue?
added: Mon Jun 5 12:02:23 2017

Waking up to news of the Gulf's deepening rift? Here's what's happened so far...
added: Mon Jun 5 11:42:40 2017

Sudden cardiac death: New imaging technology offers hope for people at risk via @abcnews
added: Mon Jun 5 11:40:06 2017

Trump blindsided his NatSec team by removing Article 5 pledge from NATO speech, apparently deleting it himself @sbg1
added: Mon Jun 5 11:39:58 2017

Murray-Darling Basin's water birds in dramatic decline, study shows via @abcnews
added: Mon Jun 5 11:39:54 2017

Ivanka Trump is asking for new Chinese trademarks
added: Mon Jun 5 11:38:03 2017

Intel announces Core X line of high-end processors, including new Core i9 chips
added: Mon Jun 5 11:37:02 2017

A man who knew one of the #London attackers says he reported him to the anti-terrorist hotline two years ago.
added: Mon Jun 5 11:28:02 2017
tags: london

Liberal Andrew Robb takes $880k China job as soon as he finishes in parliament via @FinancialReview
added: Mon Jun 5 11:25:44 2017

US poised to withdraw from UN Human Rights Council over ‘anti-Israel bias’
added: Mon Jun 5 11:10:01 2017

3.200 photographs from Tiananmen Square 1989 in the Getty archive. #June4
added: Mon Jun 5 11:09:49 2017
tags: june4

Saudi Arabia has lavished Tory MPs w/ gifts, travel expenses, consulting fees as Yemen starves."Strategic interest"
added: Mon Jun 5 11:00:45 2017

How is the world reacting after Arab states cut ties with #Qatar?
added: Mon Jun 5 10:53:34 2017
tags: qatar

Kushner family company seeking $250 million loan to repay Chinese investors via @bpolitics
added: Mon Jun 5 09:53:59 2017

.@DanStrumpf on how Tencent quietly become China’s top corporate investor in Silicon Valley:
added: Mon Jun 5 09:32:23 2017

The Harvard Classics: Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks
added: Mon Jun 5 09:31:01 2017

US reassures Asia-Pacific allies on regional commitment @StateDept
added: Mon Jun 5 09:30:10 2017

【市府刪簡介3月後再無公開露面】 【重慶市公安局局長何挺去向成謎】 重慶市似乎有人事異動,政府網站近日將副市長兼公安局局長何挺的簡介刪除。 網上有傳,他在 3 月 31 日已被中共中央紀律檢查委員會帶走。...
added: Mon Jun 5 09:30:07 2017

#Burma: Human rights activist arrested under Telecommunications Law for live-streaming play critical of the military
added: Mon Jun 5 09:26:50 2017
tags: burma

Embattled Huishan Dairy in more trouble. Finances a mess and won't meet deadline for annual report #debt
added: Mon Jun 5 09:08:07 2017
tags: debt

Chinese City With a Russian Past Struggles to Preserve Its Legacy
added: Mon Jun 5 07:33:07 2017

#Qatar reacts to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen cutting diplomatic ties
added: Mon Jun 5 07:31:35 2017
tags: qatar

added: Mon Jun 5 07:17:35 2017

China hits back at Taiwan leader's offer of help on democracy
added: Mon Jun 5 07:13:46 2017

#China says 31 nationals detained in #Zambia for illegal #mining via @Reuters
added: Mon Jun 5 06:44:30 2017
tags: china, zambia, mining

For those wanting a longer backstory to the latest Gulf spat see my chapter on GCC foreign Policy post 2011:
added: Mon Jun 5 06:21:32 2017

In brilliant Freudian slip, Taiwan Affairs Office tells Taiwan "only Chinese have the right to speak" about June 4th
added: Mon Jun 5 05:38:44 2017

HKICPA fines CCIF CPA Ltd HK$30k, Betty Tse Po Chu & Lawrence Leung Man Chiu HK$10k each: Again, HKICPA fails to…
added: Mon Jun 5 04:56:06 2017

【保安局︰香港恐襲風險維持中度水平】 保安局局長黎棟國說,香港受恐怖襲擊的風險,維持中度水平,會盡全力做好七一回歸二十周年慶典的保安工作。 #有線新聞 #保安局 #七一回歸 #回歸二十周年
added: Mon Jun 5 04:53:36 2017
tags: 保安局, 有線新聞, 七一回歸, 回歸二十周年

JPMorgan's Dimon says China has made "huge progress" on reforms
added: Mon Jun 5 04:46:03 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Flint Official Says Water Crisis Caused By ‘Ni**ers Not Paying Their Bills’
added: Mon Jun 5 04:34:59 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

China 'enabling' North Korea: Beazley via @SkyNewsAust
added: Mon Jun 5 03:37:53 2017

Saudi newspaper claims @theintercept is "a website with links to Iran" (pointing out Omidyar is Iranian-American)
added: Mon Jun 5 03:33:50 2017

Jingoistic outlet Global Times (环球) pre-empts #FourCorners #China report, calls it 'an inexplicable one off attack'
added: Mon Jun 5 03:02:20 2017
tags: china, fourcorners

Police accidentally shoots civilian during response to London terror attack
added: Mon Jun 5 02:56:06 2017

$267b merger of coal miner and coal fired electricty generator=market reform with Chinese characteristics
added: Mon Jun 5 02:54:28 2017

People's Daily trying again today to calm investors. The regulatory clampdown isn't about "suppressing the market"
added: Mon Jun 5 02:51:50 2017

Long Read: Part 1 of #China and #Burma: Not Only Pauk-Phaw #Myanmar
added: Mon Jun 5 02:38:24 2017
tags: myanmar, burma, china

"tolerance" and fighting "jihad" are presented as mutually exclusive by Daily Beast
added: Mon Jun 5 02:32:35 2017

Indians opt to travel to unexplored destinations – Here’s why
added: Mon Jun 5 02:30:00 2017

great summary of post-Piketty econ research by @Econ_Marshall
added: Mon Jun 5 02:21:58 2017

Trump supporters confront counter-protests in Portland, Oregon
added: Mon Jun 5 02:05:06 2017

Independent China services gauge bounces back in May
added: Mon Jun 5 02:04:54 2017

In a vitriolic piece condemning Trump for his Paris move, Der Spiegel reveals it got the G7 meeting notes
added: Mon Jun 5 01:40:16 2017

It turns out that to defend fossil fuel at this point you have to just flat-out make stuff up. Pruitt is not honest.
added: Mon Jun 5 01:21:09 2017
added: Mon Jun 5 01:20:12 2017

#Forensic analysis of wood chemical signatures can trace #timber's origin.
added: Mon Jun 5 01:18:42 2017
tags: forensic, timber

Weibo blocked overseas users from posting pix on June 4. So much for China's principle of web sovereignty @SCMP_News
added: Mon Jun 5 01:16:36 2017

#Taiwan president @iingwen wants to speed up flood prevention | Taiwan News
added: Mon Jun 5 01:15:23 2017
tags: taiwan

Harrowing article by @shane_bauer & @MotherJones on the realities of the militia movement #AmericanGods @BryanFuller
added: Mon Jun 5 01:10:01 2017
tags: americangods

PRC's TopStar now owns 60% shares in Zambian National Broadcasting Corp
added: Mon Jun 5 01:06:57 2017

China upset at Mattis' "irresponsible remarks" on South China Sea
added: Mon Jun 5 01:05:06 2017

Why #Taiwan was blocked (From HeraldScotland)
added: Mon Jun 5 01:02:01 2017
tags: taiwan

#Taiwan: Efforts to penalize retired top brass for acts in #China stall - Taipei Times
added: Mon Jun 5 00:59:23 2017
tags: china, taiwan

Judge Bennett says that 80% of the sentences he hands down are unjust. We must end mandatory minimums.
added: Mon Jun 5 00:33:50 2017

Excl: claims China asked uni to rethink Tiananmen forum
added: Mon Jun 5 00:23:28 2017

BGP,OT,134121,RAINBOW-HK -- Rainbow network limited,-,Outage affected 16 prefixes,
added: Sun Jun 4 23:26:12 2017

BGP,OT,PG,Papua New Guinea,-,Outage affected 26 prefixes,
added: Sun Jun 4 23:26:10 2017

The Biggest, Strangest ‘Batteries’ Very nice summary of technologies, no discussion of costs though.
added: Sun Jun 4 21:54:32 2017

Labour vows to suspend UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia
added: Sun Jun 4 21:49:19 2017

"Ban Official Chinese Student Organizations Abroad" by @anderscorr
added: Sun Jun 4 21:28:52 2017

27 Heartbreaking Pictures From The Tiananmen Square Massacre
added: Sun Jun 4 17:40:56 2017

How are psychologists using coloring books to fight dementia? #coloringbook #ActiveLiving
added: Sun Jun 4 16:30:53 2017
tags: coloringbook, activeliving

A Singaporean man was arrested for assaulting a police officer in Hong Kong over the weekend after creating a...
added: Sun Jun 4 15:14:16 2017

Uber slammed for its ‘surge pricing’ after the London terror attack
added: Sun Jun 4 14:44:39 2017

Tiananmen Mothers: 28 years later, we are still waiting for justice for our lost children
added: Sun Jun 4 14:12:05 2017

My op-ed on national military origins and America expansionism, in @latimes:
added: Sun Jun 4 13:24:03 2017

Algorithm Accurately Reconstructs Faces From A Monkey’s Brain Waves Monkeys can recognize y…
added: Sun Jun 4 12:48:30 2017

Statement from Secretary Tillerson on the 28th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square. Full Statement:
added: Sun Jun 4 12:45:41 2017

Children under 16 told ‘overly religious’ names such as Saddam, Hajj and Jihad must be changed
added: Sun Jun 4 10:48:08 2017

“Jerusalem Day flag parade” was disturbing not only because of its calls to “wipe out” Palestine, but also because…
added: Sun Jun 4 10:44:30 2017

India to tax gold sales at 3% | Articles u've missed |
added: Sun Jun 4 10:10:10 2017

Puntung the rhino euthanised this morning - With Puntung's death, there are only two known Sumatran rhinoceros ...
added: Sun Jun 4 10:00:51 2017

Police "arrest five people" in Barking following morning raids
added: Sun Jun 4 09:56:57 2017

Theresa May: London terror attack shows Britain too tolerant of extremism
added: Sun Jun 4 09:49:36 2017

Nigeria needs to start talking about the horrors of the Biafra war, fifty years on via @qzafrica
added: Sun Jun 4 09:47:39 2017

U.S.-backed Syrian forces seize dam west of Raqqa from Islamic State: SDF
added: Sun Jun 4 09:07:17 2017

My column on Tiananmen vigil and Xi Jinping visit to Hong Kong. #HongKong #XiJinping #June4th
added: Sun Jun 4 08:49:33 2017
tags: june4th, xijinping, hongkong

Shanghai United to invest A$1bn in Australia
added: Sun Jun 4 08:43:44 2017

"For many years local tycoons have been the most important political actors. Now they face an existential threat."
added: Sun Jun 4 07:34:24 2017

Far right raises £50,000 to target boats on refugee rescue missions in Med
added: Sun Jun 4 07:31:38 2017

Learn from us on democracy, Taiwan tells China on Tiananmen anniversary Tsai: "we all get there in the end"
added: Sun Jun 4 07:25:51 2017

@Andy_Watt @BBCWorld That was a proven lie.
added: Sun Jun 4 07:02:55 2017

Cambodian leader’s civil war threat put to the test by vote #ThisWeekinAsia
added: Sun Jun 4 07:00:15 2017
tags: thisweekinasia

Stories of Australian Embassy staff during Tiananmen upheaval, half hour doco I made amazing moments/footage: #China
added: Sun Jun 4 06:51:37 2017
tags: china

Israel: 50 Years of Occupation Abuses
added: Sun Jun 4 05:15:59 2017

Michael D'Andrea, aka the "Dark Prince" or "Ayatollah Mike", ran the CIA's Counterterrorism Center from 2006 to 2015
added: Sun Jun 4 03:00:10 2017

Ontario minimum wage hike results in pub owner's viral meltdown:
added: Sun Jun 4 03:00:00 2017

Why were Dalits Assigned Bad Names? Brahminical Scripture Manusmriti Has Answer
added: Sun Jun 4 02:40:04 2017

Sea turtles found to have toxic cocktail of hundreds of thousands of man-made industrial chemicals in their bodies:
added: Sun Jun 4 02:39:08 2017

A photojournalist spent months documenting the next big #pipeline fight in Louisiana. #NoBayouBridge via @vicenews
added: Sun Jun 4 02:39:00 2017
tags: nobayoubridge, pipeline

.@thehill reported the DC Trump Rally without mentioning that it consisted of only 70 people
added: Sun Jun 4 02:38:12 2017

NYPD ramps up security at bridges, tunnels, airports following London attacks.
added: Sun Jun 4 02:31:26 2017

Protecting whistle-blowers
added: Sun Jun 4 02:28:01 2017

As Cambodians go to the polls today, meet some of the women victims of land grabs who are standing as candidates
added: Sun Jun 4 01:55:59 2017

Phishing scam compromises data on 25,000 individuals at University of Alaska via…
added: Sun Jun 4 01:29:14 2017

Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is within days of completely cracking:
added: Sun Jun 4 01:24:03 2017

As the U.S. drops out of the Paris climate pact, India cancels coal-fired plants and invests in renewable energy
added: Sun Jun 4 01:19:21 2017

“Markets today are radically different than what we believe – we have the façade of competition”
added: Sun Jun 4 01:08:16 2017

Adviser to Brazil president arrested in corruption probe
added: Sun Jun 4 01:06:47 2017

NGO halts HIV testing for heterosexual males after Hong Kong gov't cuts funding
added: Sun Jun 4 01:04:11 2017

Scores flee Islamist gunmen in war-torn Marawi. 'We passed through corpses being eaten by maggots'. @miraclecello
added: Sun Jun 4 00:42:28 2017

Chinese Maker of Ivanka’s Shoes Looks for Cheaper Labor
added: Sun Jun 4 00:36:39 2017

‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display
added: Sun Jun 4 00:36:11 2017

Kabila says he never 'promised' to hold elections in DR Congo
added: Sun Jun 4 00:36:09 2017

Manchu, Once China’s Official Language, Could Lose Its Voice
added: Sun Jun 4 00:35:03 2017

Do you like puff in your pastries? Lawmaker Eunice Yung's trivia answers raise eyebrows
added: Sun Jun 4 00:34:24 2017

Controlled explosions currently taking place in #LondonBridge area
added: Sun Jun 4 00:32:37 2017
tags: londonbridge

@joeerl @davidgraeber banks create unreal money. Very concerning, though not surprising tha…
added: Sun Jun 4 00:11:51 2017

Citing death threats, @KimWeaverIA drops bid to unseat white nationalist Steve King in Iowa's CD4
added: Sat Jun 3 23:48:36 2017

China’s media watchdog, tightening control of content, promotes "core socialist values"
added: Sat Jun 3 22:45:01 2017

Third June 4 in row where English version of Wikipedia available, uncensored, in China.…
added: Sat Jun 3 15:08:08 2017

新一波抵制又要來了嗎? 【否認南京大屠殺】日APA酒店老闆企硬 「2020年東京奧運不撤書」
added: Sat Jun 3 13:50:03 2017

Scientists say that the Arctic is leaking nitrous oxide – a powerful greenhouse gas. via @EcoWatch
added: Sat Jun 3 13:50:01 2017

Truly amazing scenes in Marawi today. Exceptional courage and shocking tales of life at ground zero.
added: Sat Jun 3 13:16:52 2017

First installment of the Fairfax-ABC joint investigation into CCP influence in Australia @limlouisa
added: Sat Jun 3 12:40:54 2017

#China Central Bank's Chen Reaffirms Neutral Policy Amid Tightening Concerns @business @jeffkearns #economy #yuan
added: Sat Jun 3 11:36:02 2017
tags: china, yuan, economy

Australia Seeking to Boost ‘Quadrilateral’ Security Cooperation in Region
added: Sat Jun 3 10:37:31 2017

【小一派位部分跨境學生派往東涌】 小一統一派位今天放榜,67.6%學童獲派首三志願,屬三年新低。部分跨境學生被派往東涌,家長考慮放棄學位回內地入學,亦有北區本地家長,「捱貴租」遷往九龍塘,終得償所願獲派第一志願。...
added: Sat Jun 3 10:36:58 2017

Mattis praises China's efforts on North Korea, dials up pressure on South China Sea
added: Sat Jun 3 10:35:04 2017

Beer sales slide as global alcohol consumption falls
added: Sat Jun 3 10:19:22 2017

PECS Register monthly update: Source: HK Government | Source date: 31-May-2017 17:54
added: Sat Jun 3 10:17:06 2017

We took two readers on the campaign trail and to interview Theresa May. Here's their view of the election bubble.
added: Sat Jun 3 10:16:40 2017

the author sort of answers her own question: noone fears Clinton voters b/c there's simply no reason to do so
added: Sat Jun 3 10:13:08 2017

As North Korean oil tankers queue, OFAC designates their supplier
added: Sat Jun 3 10:00:42 2017

SeaGlass : Enabling City-Wide IMSI-Catcher Detection
added: Sat Jun 3 09:47:48 2017

Is China Becoming the World's Most Likeable Superpower?
added: Sat Jun 3 07:58:20 2017

Indonesia claims 17k islands but only 13,466 registered at UN. 1,700 more will be added at UN conference in August
added: Sat Jun 3 07:42:16 2017

Speculations on prospects for Hu Chunhua, Sun Zhengcai and Chen Miner to join PBSC as 6th generation of leaders
added: Sat Jun 3 07:03:11 2017

.@liaoyiwu1 interviews Yu Zhijian余志坚, 1 of “3 Hunan hooligans" who defaced Mao's portrait over Tiananmen in '89,Pt 2
added: Sat Jun 3 03:09:25 2017

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis urges China to follow words on North Korea with actions
added: Sat Jun 3 03:07:55 2017

Tonight 175 US Mayors -representing over 51 million Americans -joined @ClimateMayors & will protect Paris Agreement
added: Sat Jun 3 00:26:53 2017

REMINDER: Mobile didn't kill desktop; it just killed all our free time. (via
added: Fri Jun 2 18:43:33 2017

Trump Hands the Chinese a Gift: The Chance for Global Leadership
added: Fri Jun 2 14:13:18 2017

A growing number of youngsters in Hong Kong, who care little about "building a democratic China", have abandoned...
added: Fri Jun 2 14:09:45 2017

Gunfire in periodic, thunderous bursts as police try to clear protestors in #kabul. #afghanistan #cnn @MuhammadLila
added: Fri Jun 2 14:08:10 2017
tags: afghanistan, kabul, cnn

Turkey post-coup crackdown reaches NBA
added: Fri Jun 2 14:00:02 2017

My most popular 2017 post: "There Is No Such Thing as Decreasing Returns to Scale"
added: Fri Jun 2 13:28:50 2017

What do consumers need to know about the real price of jade? Here's Juman Kubba of @Global_Witness. #Myanmar @cnni
added: Fri Jun 2 12:57:16 2017
tags: myanmar

Economy adds 138,000 jobs in May, unemployment rate drops to 4.3 percent
added: Fri Jun 2 12:48:15 2017

Brexit looms large in tight vote on N. Ireland border
added: Fri Jun 2 12:27:07 2017

China to bolster oversight of overseas transactions on Chinese bank cards
added: Fri Jun 2 12:24:25 2017

Tory candidate charged with election fraud should not stand down, Theresa May says
added: Fri Jun 2 12:09:11 2017

On his way to pick up two-week old son from the hospital, Oscar Millán was detained to be deported by ICE:
added: Fri Jun 2 12:02:01 2017

Family says Chinese human rights activist formally arrested
added: Fri Jun 2 11:45:11 2017

Fmr. State Dept. officials: Trump admin was gearing to lift sanctions on Russia, but career diplomats blocked them.
added: Fri Jun 2 11:30:59 2017

Yazidi human rights activist bursts into tears on return to her village for the first time in three years
added: Fri Jun 2 11:21:08 2017

Who owns HNA, China’s most aggressive dealmaker?
added: Fri Jun 2 11:19:48 2017

El Reg: Healthcare dev fined $155 MEEELLION for lying about compliance: Boston based EHR eClinicalWorks vendor
added: Fri Jun 2 11:18:28 2017

Mattis arrives in Singapore as N. Korea tensions swirl
added: Fri Jun 2 11:17:55 2017

Tory in seat with a majority of just 733 accepts funding from 'gay cure' charity via…
added: Fri Jun 2 11:11:16 2017

Protests and general strike grip Morocco's north
added: Fri Jun 2 11:05:11 2017

"The rise of localism is very obvious. I think it speaks of nothing but Hong Kong’s disappointment in Beijing’s...
added: Fri Jun 2 11:03:05 2017

New evidence linking hacking group Lazarus to North Korea - and the $81m Bangladesh Bank hei... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Jun 2 11:01:56 2017

Potentially encouraging news re keeping largest & 1 of the most intelligent land animals from going #extinct
added: Fri Jun 2 10:09:11 2017
tags: extinct

"Fuck Facebook"
added: Fri Jun 2 09:58:13 2017

"Is it entirely paranoid to wonder if these subjects are under attack because they enable students to think?"
added: Fri Jun 2 09:34:57 2017

This. Is. Important.
added: Fri Jun 2 09:23:09 2017

US faces struggle to ease nervous Asian allies’ fears of a retreat
added: Fri Jun 2 09:18:24 2017

#QUARTZ The return of Psy to China’s charts is the surest sign yet of a thaw between Seoul and Beijing
added: Fri Jun 2 09:15:49 2017
tags: quartz

General election: Corbyn accuses May of 'subservience to Trump' and failing to show leadership– live
added: Fri Jun 2 08:53:25 2017

I wrote about this in 2013:
added: Fri Jun 2 08:37:16 2017

An explosive investigation by @theintercept reveals tactics used to surveil & infiltrate #NoDAPL water protectors:
added: Fri Jun 2 08:35:06 2017
tags: nodapl

The changing culture of web design
added: Fri Jun 2 08:30:11 2017

A burglar has hit seven homes on Lamma Island. Camouflaged police are hiding in bushes to catch him or her.
added: Fri Jun 2 08:27:11 2017

German foreign office gently informs Trump about what is really going on in Pittsburgh.
added: Fri Jun 2 08:25:39 2017

@emptydan @daaitoulaam @TheJohnSudworth @ChrisDerps @thezhanly @tokyo_0 More on the OBOR problems:
added: Fri Jun 2 08:19:01 2017

Theresa May’s immigration policy in 'chaos’ following confusion over timetable for target reductions
added: Fri Jun 2 08:01:33 2017

Hackers with ties to #Vietnam gov't acquire transcript of call between U.S. & Philippines Presidents
added: Fri Jun 2 08:00:23 2017
tags: vietnam

US climate leadership "crippled" by "selfish" Trump. But does it make sense to talk about Chinese leadership?
added: Fri Jun 2 07:59:33 2017

Max Woodward gives up @HongKongRugby Kong captaincy for Japan contract via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Jun 2 07:45:00 2017

India, Russia sign deal for two nuclear reactors at Kudankulam
added: Fri Jun 2 06:43:10 2017

Poor weather halts SpaceX resupply mission to space station
added: Fri Jun 2 06:40:00 2017

This is what revolution looks like -to Chinese workers today these pics would read like an alternative reality movie
added: Fri Jun 2 06:36:01 2017

Curiosity rover's crater 'offered multiple microbe-friendly environments'
added: Fri Jun 2 06:00:31 2017

#Chile: Students & workers against neoliberal reforms attacked by police. #CuentaPublica
added: Fri Jun 2 05:59:29 2017
tags: cuentapublica, chile

Chinese investments in #EU - indispensable yet worrisome
added: Fri Jun 2 05:55:00 2017
tags: eu

Missed this story: Midwest Nazis tried to have a WI meet-up & got their asses kicked by Southside Chicago antifas
added: Fri Jun 2 05:44:29 2017

Oil prices slide amid glut concerns, U.S. withdrawal from climate deal
added: Fri Jun 2 05:35:05 2017

This kind of acidification is only expected to worsen as long as #ClimateChange goes unaddressed. Via @physorg_com
added: Fri Jun 2 05:30:01 2017
tags: climatechange

Chief Exec. CY Leung defends lawmaker's appointment to equality watchdog
added: Fri Jun 2 05:26:47 2017

#EJI Hidden Agenda set to close amid mounting losses
added: Fri Jun 2 04:28:33 2017
tags: eji

The problem is vast: @petesweeneypro on fake collateral in China Our investigation is here:
added: Fri Jun 2 04:02:45 2017

“There is no such thing as a retroactive waiver. If you need a retroactive waiver, you have violated a rule.”
added: Fri Jun 2 04:01:02 2017

Mong Kok unrest: Defendants claim they were stripped, kicked, and threatened by police
added: Fri Jun 2 03:42:31 2017

Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, university officials say
added: Fri Jun 2 03:35:04 2017

Daughter of Canadian winery owners trapped in China warns about doing business there
added: Fri Jun 2 03:30:13 2017

Draft of new law 'calls on all Chinese people and organisations to collaborate and cooperate' w/ Chinese intel. work
added: Fri Jun 2 03:27:04 2017

China wants to replicate successful assimilation in Inner Mongolia in #Xinjiang and #Tibet. My story @TheEconomist
added: Fri Jun 2 03:18:34 2017
tags: xinjiang, tibet

language of the law is broad and ambiguous, and that vagueness creates problematic uncertainties
added: Fri Jun 2 03:16:36 2017

Controversy over DNA sequencing of 90 Egyptian mummies
added: Fri Jun 2 03:16:12 2017

China's Campaign to Shove Taiwan Off the World Stage
added: Fri Jun 2 03:12:13 2017

" this a Chinese university or an American university?” Mainland Chinese Students Object to #DalaiLama @Triton
added: Fri Jun 2 03:08:32 2017
tags: dalailama

My thoughts for @BV on what the Chinese bond market inversion means (trust me anyone can read this)
added: Fri Jun 2 02:36:46 2017

失去外判合約,竟然叫工友「自願離職」,唔肯支付遣散費同長期服務金……(其實好大部份咪又係對沖……) 相關【浸大保安被離職】報導: 〈外判保安員:學校話全人教育 但自己逃避責任〉...
added: Fri Jun 2 02:35:02 2017

India's supposedly mighty economic engine is spluttering.
added: Fri Jun 2 02:31:06 2017

“Discourse power equals real power.” What it means if Xi Jinping gets his name in Communist Party charter @ByChunHan
added: Fri Jun 2 02:21:07 2017

added: Fri Jun 2 02:13:18 2017

Indian exports to China rises sharply in first four months via @economictimes even amid dalai lama spat
added: Fri Jun 2 02:04:38 2017

Locals move up on mainland developers – The Standard Editorial
added: Fri Jun 2 01:59:28 2017

A true meeting of the minds: @yanisvaroufakis & Chomsky @LIVEfromtheNYPL (moderated by our friend @holdengraber)
added: Fri Jun 2 01:56:50 2017

Biggest riot trial yet-11 defendants;altogether 25 tried for police-protester Feb'16 MongKok violence,20 for rioting
added: Fri Jun 2 01:53:35 2017

The world’s biggest ivory market is winding down. Can #China save the elephant?
added: Fri Jun 2 01:53:04 2017
tags: china

California Single Payer Costs Look Very Doable
added: Fri Jun 2 01:52:07 2017

Brains encode faces piece by piece - “It’s a turning point in neuroscience — a major breakthrough”
added: Fri Jun 2 01:33:49 2017

Hong Kong is considered extremely cosmopolitan due to its extensive trade and the variety of people that travel...
added: Fri Jun 2 01:28:51 2017

Tesla Fires Female Engineer Who Alleged Sexual Harassment
added: Fri Jun 2 01:27:19 2017

Legco switch mulled to ease finance holdup – The Standard – Phoenix Un
added: Fri Jun 2 01:25:32 2017

#SLD17: Why Is China Downgrading Participation in the Shangri-La Dialogue?
added: Fri Jun 2 01:22:19 2017
tags: sld17

Goldman Sachs lights stay on. Hurricane Sandy 2012, NYC.
added: Fri Jun 2 01:20:12 2017

Sensitive DoD Data Discovered on Unprotected Server via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Jun 2 00:46:26 2017

Even before the train killings, Portland was embroiled in conflicts over hate and racism
added: Fri Jun 2 00:45:45 2017

China's Unprecedented Cyber Law Signals Its Intent To Protect a Precious Commodity: Data
added: Fri Jun 2 00:45:31 2017

With 13 Locations in Chicago, This Restaurant Refused to Hire Black Applicants Now They Have to Pay Up
added: Fri Jun 2 00:45:24 2017

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage a "Person of Interest" in Russia Probe
added: Fri Jun 2 00:30:15 2017

LIGO detects gravitational waves for third time
added: Fri Jun 2 00:30:01 2017

yahoo! news is getting down to business
added: Fri Jun 2 00:29:55 2017

Apartment block in Egypt tilts across street
added: Fri Jun 2 00:29:10 2017

. @USNavy has begun dual-carrier operations with USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson in the Sea of Japan
added: Fri Jun 2 00:28:00 2017

Huge ice age methane blowout is ill omen for glacier retreat
added: Fri Jun 2 00:27:31 2017

Flight data suggests Russian banker likely went directly from meeting with Kushner to join Putin in Japan.
added: Fri Jun 2 00:14:41 2017

China’s stealth invasion of the Philippines
added: Fri Jun 2 00:02:38 2017

Kushner is in an amount of political and legal trouble that no American political figure has been in this century
added: Thu Jun 1 23:13:57 2017

Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are? (Probably not)
added: Thu Jun 1 23:05:48 2017

Great piece by @MsShade in @jacobinmag on the Dickensian injustices of our own day.
added: Thu Jun 1 21:59:50 2017

MEANWHILE, melting ice means that the Arctic seafloor is farting itself open.
added: Thu Jun 1 21:10:41 2017

Scientists discover huge craters formed by methane exploding as ice sheet melts
added: Thu Jun 1 20:31:08 2017

It's been a few hours, and I'm still stunned by the sheer 19th century bloodlust and thirst for empire here
added: Thu Jun 1 18:00:56 2017

I wrote this for @jacobinmag on Pedro Sanchez' unlikely left turn to win back PSOE leadership
added: Thu Jun 1 17:27:14 2017

Pinboard has acquired Delicious. Sic transit gloria fundi 💸
added: Thu Jun 1 17:23:14 2017

School district won't let students look at @HuffPost, saying it's "in the adult category" 🤔 (by @MackenzieMays)
added: Thu Jun 1 16:41:36 2017

The Princeton African American Studies faculty wrote a letter in support of Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor. Add your name:
added: Thu Jun 1 16:31:07 2017

Noose found in African American Museum in DC
added: Thu Jun 1 15:15:12 2017

HKFP Person of the Month, May 2017: Hui Chung-wo, founder of Hidden Agenda livehouse
added: Thu Jun 1 15:14:05 2017

More on Nicaragua and #ParisAgreement
added: Thu Jun 1 15:00:21 2017
tags: parisagreement

Transgender man and his husband announce they are expecting first biological child
added: Thu Jun 1 14:46:21 2017

In a trade war 29 US counties would suffer job losses of 7% and 20 states would suffer job declines of more than 4%
added: Thu Jun 1 14:19:01 2017

Good take from Morell on Kushner's dealings with Russia, important not to forget that he helped foment hysteria
added: Thu Jun 1 14:14:56 2017

Putin admits “patriotically minded” private Russian hackers could have been involved in U.S. election interference
added: Thu Jun 1 14:06:58 2017

Microsoft's new Skype redesign is a radical change that looks like Snapchat
added: Thu Jun 1 14:03:59 2017

Why aren’t the Republican political and media establishments alerting voters to the far-right menace in their midst?
added: Thu Jun 1 13:52:55 2017

Good reminder from the @nytimes that the U.S. is the all-time leading climate pollution champion of the world
added: Thu Jun 1 13:37:12 2017

My take->Why is India Excluding Australia From Naval Drills? Closer look at Delhi’s stance on Malabar.@Diplomat_APAC
added: Thu Jun 1 13:33:29 2017

Victims of immigrant crime who campaigned for Trump now feel they exploited by him & org that arranged appearances.
added: Thu Jun 1 13:18:22 2017

Hidden Away for 28 Years, Tiananmen Protest Pictures See Light of Day.
added: Thu Jun 1 13:15:46 2017

Leaked Trump Regulation Says All Employers Will Be Able To Refuse Birth Control Coverage
added: Thu Jun 1 12:58:03 2017

#SCMP Ex-US diplomat recounts how deadly 1967 Hong Kong unrest became full-blown riot after pro-Beijing figures st…
added: Thu Jun 1 12:41:05 2017
tags: scmp

【更新版】 【蜆殼油站入油後汽車即死火 汽油或混有雜質】 深水埗大埔道蜆殼油站懷疑汽油混有其他物質,導致入油的汽車「死火」。蜆殼表示只屬個別事件,拒絕透露是否知道出了甚麼問題, 又指其他油站沒有發現類似問題。...
added: Thu Jun 1 12:34:25 2017

The wealthiest .01% evade about 30% of their taxes, compared to the average evasion rate of 3%. #economics #taxes
added: Thu Jun 1 12:34:00 2017
tags: economics, taxes

Bank of England employees are consider industrial action over ‘disgraceful snub of low paid staff’
added: Thu Jun 1 12:33:26 2017

Fraud at 8,848 metres: Are Everest ascents too easy to fake?
added: Thu Jun 1 12:32:42 2017

Man gets 180 days in jail for not handing over his iPhone PIN
added: Thu Jun 1 12:32:39 2017

BREAKING #trumpcare #2, #trump is killing #medicaid & kicking out people with pre-existing conditions..AGAIN!
added: Thu Jun 1 12:30:38 2017
tags: trump, trumpcare, medicaid

“We are all Zefzafi”—who is the Morocco protest leader causing problems for the king?
added: Thu Jun 1 12:30:08 2017

CK Property raises prices for third batch of units at Ocean Pride
added: Thu Jun 1 12:15:02 2017

Trump’s misguided trade feud with Merkel worries US South reliant on jobs & exports provided by BMW, Mercedes, VW...
added: Thu Jun 1 12:06:17 2017

World's most powerful X-ray laser accidentally creates a 'mini black hole' in the lab
added: Thu Jun 1 11:50:27 2017

El Gato is a socialist, Corbyn tells the Indy
added: Thu Jun 1 08:03:15 2017

The first results from the Juno mission are in – and they already challenge our understanding of Jupiter
added: Thu Jun 1 07:13:21 2017

After Massive Phishing Attack, @Google Improves Gmail Security
added: Thu Jun 1 06:12:41 2017

The Philippines may face a crisis of terror in Marawi but there are other motives at work.
added: Thu Jun 1 06:10:09 2017

President Trump is considering reversing major pieces of the Obama administration’s opening with Cuba
added: Thu Jun 1 06:10:08 2017

Seattle renters are mad as hell—and they’re not going to take it anymore.
added: Thu Jun 1 06:10:06 2017

After @EngenTham investigation, I argue China system built to wink at collateral fraud
added: Thu Jun 1 06:07:30 2017

Chloe Moretz "appalled and angry" over her Snow White animated film's ad campaign
added: Thu Jun 1 04:53:12 2017

How Jared Kushner built a luxury skyscraper using loans meant for job-starved areas - The Washington Post EB-5 scam
added: Thu Jun 1 04:15:07 2017

This is my neighborhood. And Bleecker street, poor Bleecker. Destroyed by landlord greed.
added: Thu Jun 1 03:40:04 2017

School apologises after exam asks about police rally and Hong Kong rule of law
added: Thu Jun 1 03:00:30 2017

7 in 10 smartphone apps share your data with third-party services (Nice work from @PrincetonCITP fellow Srikanth S.)
added: Wed May 31 21:00:43 2017

The pressure is apparently not high enough: Economists say the ultra-wealthy r dodging taxes far more than we think
added: Wed May 31 19:51:00 2017

Today, the terror threat from far right white supremacists is the terror threat that dare not speak its name.
added: Wed May 31 19:28:46 2017

BBC report on how OBOR left Sri Lanka with debt to China it can't repay, instead giving away port stakes and land:
added: Wed May 31 17:12:51 2017

piton (0.1.0): Run your Python algorithms in parallel and avoid the GIL
added: Wed May 31 12:33:32 2017

Scientists discover bizarre fish in deep sea
added: Wed May 31 12:33:16 2017

Principles of Distributed Computing (lecture collection) #lectures #distributedcomputing #exercises
added: Wed May 31 12:32:54 2017
tags: exercises, distributedcomputing, lectures

How an FBI drop-out went on to become one of the scariest figures of the late 20th century
added: Wed May 31 12:17:02 2017

#breaking : PBoC releases Bond Connect blueprint - from @GlobalRMB #China #hongkong #bonds #market
added: Wed May 31 12:16:54 2017
tags: breaking, hongkong, china, bonds, market

The Fed is rushing to raise interest rates as inflation spirals downward toward 1.0 percent
added: Wed May 31 12:14:59 2017

Foreigners Get Minor Concessions in Cybersecurity Law #CAC #media #cybersecurity
added: Wed May 31 11:56:43 2017
tags: cac, media, cybersecurity

People have stopped buying this garden plant because it's used to signal that homeowners are swingers
added: Wed May 31 11:31:23 2017

Legislative Council Question 12: Using smart phones/devices while driving
added: Wed May 31 11:31:07 2017

Legislative Council Question 7: Offshore renminbi business in Hong Kong
added: Wed May 31 11:31:06 2017

Legislative Council Question 4: Conservation and revitalisation of the Central Market Building
added: Wed May 31 11:31:06 2017

Christie’s said intense bidding in the room, by phone and online went on for 10-15 minutes.
added: Wed May 31 11:30:26 2017

Turkey acquits German men of murdering their sister in ‘honour killing’ because they didn't approve of her lifestyle
added: Wed May 31 11:30:13 2017

Nothing in central law that bans eating beef, observes Kerala High Court
added: Wed May 31 11:30:00 2017

Confirmed: Jeremy Corbyn WILL make surprise appearance in BBC TV debate tonight
added: Wed May 31 11:28:14 2017

China Media Capital's so-called "non-voting shares" in Young Lion, which owns a 26 per cent stake in TVB, were...
added: Wed May 31 11:27:38 2017

Microsoft says "Always Connected" Windows 10 ARM PCs are coming from Asus, HP, and Lenovo
added: Wed May 31 11:26:17 2017

Aamir Khan's #Dangal inches towards Rs 1000 crore milestone at Chinese Box Office
added: Wed May 31 11:25:57 2017
tags: dangal

FreeRADIUS Vulnerability; MSFT Malware Protection Updates; #podcast #security #daily
added: Wed May 31 11:25:09 2017
tags: daily, podcast, security

Bizarre light sighted circling above a hill at UFO hotspot baffles spectators
added: Wed May 31 11:25:07 2017

Germany "temporarily suspends" deportation of Afghan asylum seekers after Kabul bomb kills at least 80
added: Wed May 31 11:25:06 2017

Another source of oil is starting to get cheap.
added: Wed May 31 11:17:28 2017

BT unexpectedly cuts cost of wholesale broadband service
added: Wed May 31 10:48:54 2017

Alton Sterling protester, @deray settlement of $500 to $1,000 per person 'appears fair,' federal judge says.
added: Wed May 31 10:42:36 2017

A cavalcade of giant dinosaurs is unearthed
added: Wed May 31 10:26:07 2017

International reserves and foreign currency liquidity
added: Wed May 31 10:24:36 2017

Canada's largest province to raise minimum wage to C$15
added: Wed May 31 09:57:45 2017

The Republicans Broke American Politics, and Media Elites Are Blind to It
added: Wed May 31 09:53:12 2017

Exchange Fund Abridged Balance Sheet and Currency Board Account
added: Wed May 31 09:51:07 2017

Legislative Council Question 3: Measures to prevent student suicides
added: Wed May 31 09:51:07 2017

Tender awarded for site in Kai Tak
added: Wed May 31 09:51:06 2017

Contractors sued over collapse at former Central Police Station Compound last year
added: Wed May 31 09:50:25 2017

Here Are the Data Tools That Made the Blockbuster #PanamaPapers Exposes Possible
added: Wed May 31 09:50:07 2017
tags: panamapapers

Laughing gas is seeping out of the Arctic thanks to climate change
added: Wed May 31 09:50:00 2017

'Legitimized in their hatred': a weekend of violence in Trump's America
added: Wed May 31 09:48:17 2017

Everything about Kushner's real estate empire, including black vehicle that followed a reporter, sounds like China
added: Wed May 31 09:45:21 2017

China has detained an activist who worked undercover at a factory making Ivanka Trump shoes, @KeithBradsher writes
added: Wed May 31 09:30:00 2017

Australia must address its "spectacular housing bubble," Citi's chief economist says
added: Wed May 31 09:25:32 2017

【#畢業詞風波:問題出於「被洗腦的中國學生來到美國終於感受到自由」的論述?】 「但是 #楊舒平 選擇的表達方式是『我來了,我被你們拯救了』,彷彿是在迎合一種近似於殖民主義者的『你快來,快被我們拯救』的心態,讓我很不舒服。」
added: Wed May 31 09:23:44 2017
tags: 楊舒平, 畢業詞風波

城大屋頂結構倒塌事件發表最終調查報告 決定不提檢控
added: Wed May 31 09:22:28 2017

.@Emirates says telling cabin crew not to wear #Taiwan flag pins per #China’s request was an ‘error’
added: Wed May 31 09:19:56 2017
tags: china, taiwan

The woman suspected of planting a bomb-like object outside Harbour City is believed to be mentally unstable.
added: Wed May 31 09:10:49 2017

Fascinating and hide behind the sofa scary in equal measures @doctorow #CoryDoctorow #Walkaway
added: Wed May 31 08:52:34 2017
tags: corydoctorow, walkaway

#ICYMI This is a good - and sad - read. Slaughter of Africa's Donkeys for China Hurts Poorest Farmers @business
added: Wed May 31 08:01:28 2017
tags: icymi

Give it up #Uber, the #HongKong government’s not for U-turning
added: Wed May 31 07:48:06 2017
tags: hongkong, uber

Appeals court smacks down Wisconsin school’s anti-transgender discrimination
added: Wed May 31 07:28:02 2017

'Faceless fish' found 4000m down by Australians. China's gone even deeper this week
added: Wed May 31 07:26:56 2017

BMW opens new China factory that boosts its production capacity there by 50%
added: Wed May 31 07:23:32 2017

.@realDonaldTrump is right, #fakenews is the enemy, something China has known for years
added: Wed May 31 07:19:06 2017
tags: fakenews

Russia fires missiles at Islamic State targets from Mediterranean: Reports
added: Wed May 31 07:10:00 2017

Victims have lost a combined HK$143,000 to a string of burglaries on Lamma Island in the space of four days.
added: Wed May 31 07:08:57 2017

World Bank says Somali mobile money use ‘far higher than previously thought’ via @messengerafrica
added: Wed May 31 06:42:31 2017

Senior figures in India's BJP party charged over mosque destruction
added: Wed May 31 06:42:28 2017

Zambia is considering moving its capital from Lusaka to rural Ngabwe
added: Wed May 31 06:41:20 2017

A new project in Uganda has constructed energy-efficient stoves out of heat-retaining volcanic rocks
added: Wed May 31 06:34:38 2017

LGBT conference in China forced to cancel; organisers say they were detained for 8 hours
added: Wed May 31 06:34:19 2017

Philippines says Islamists keep up week-long fight with prisoners, looted guns
added: Wed May 31 06:33:54 2017

Theresa May "Liar liar" song tops UK charts
added: Wed May 31 06:33:04 2017

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has a new whistleblowing policy, but many feel accusations won't be taken seriously
added: Wed May 31 06:32:44 2017

India's fast growing economy has a big problem: Not enough women are working Via @Iyengarish
added: Wed May 31 06:32:00 2017

“There isn’t a single refugee home that hasn’t had its roof blown off” - #Rohingya refugee #Bangladesh #CycloneMora
added: Wed May 31 06:28:42 2017
tags: rohingya, cyclonemora, bangladesh

MIT Press Classics Available Soon at #rickypo
added: Wed May 31 06:27:55 2017
tags: rickypo

There's surely a case for allowing archaeologists to dig up every carpark in the country...
added: Wed May 31 06:17:12 2017

The US air force wants cheap, disposable killer drones:
added: Wed May 31 06:00:03 2017

The woman who could 'draw' music: Comments:
added: Wed May 31 06:00:01 2017

被告當晚共拍下18段片段,辯方在庭上播放部份片段,他指自己雖然只以旁觀者身份拍攝,但稱「警察任何時間都可以拘捕任何人,包括記者在內,所以我跑」。 #旺角騷亂 【被告指警察道:打到佢哋頭破血流,然後放咗佢哋】...
added: Wed May 31 05:58:03 2017
tags: 旺角騷亂

Pentagon successfully tests ICBM defence system for first time
added: Wed May 31 05:30:01 2017

Dr Theresa Cunanan calls for a more cohesive and coherent Chinese language curriculum for non-Chinese speaking...
added: Wed May 31 05:28:50 2017

In Hong Kong, it is against the beliefs of most residents to dispose of a statue of Buddha or a deity, even if it...
added: Wed May 31 05:28:08 2017

TVB paper trail maps out Chinese influence on Hong Kong companies
added: Wed May 31 05:27:00 2017

13 months after trial, Liu Shaoming #刘少明, a 1989 veteran and a labor activist, remains imprisoned without sentence
added: Wed May 31 05:26:41 2017
tags: 刘少明

The June 4th historian Wu Renhua wrote a fascinating book abt the 200K martial law troops deployed in Beijing in '89
added: Wed May 31 05:24:19 2017

Around 600 people were evacuated from Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui on Tuesday after a suspicious-looking device...
added: Wed May 31 05:21:06 2017

Taiwanese crew have also reportedly been told not to use info from their TW passports when they fly to the mainland
added: Wed May 31 05:07:10 2017

May could lose majority in parliament - YouGov study in The Times
added: Wed May 31 05:05:07 2017

REVEALED: Trump gave classified info to Dem House intel staff as aides looked on in horror
added: Wed May 31 04:40:04 2017

As it expands in China, Emirates drops Taiwan flags from uniform to prevent "hurting the feelings" of Chinese people
added: Wed May 31 04:39:06 2017

German police 'foil suicide bombing plot' by teenage asylum seeker in Berlin
added: Wed May 31 04:36:00 2017

China is rapidly closing the innovation gap, European firms say
added: Wed May 31 04:02:33 2017

#HongKong home prices hit record highs after rising for 13th straight month in April
added: Wed May 31 03:37:54 2017
tags: hongkong

Macau casino mogul Lawrence Ho criticises James Packer’s Crown via @FT
added: Wed May 31 03:01:04 2017

There are fears the new law could help Beijing steal trade secrets or intellectual property from foreign companies
added: Wed May 31 03:00:12 2017

Cassini beams back its pre-grand finale, saying goodbye to Saturn's main ring system! - See pic
added: Wed May 31 03:00:00 2017

McCain says it's very clear China's militarisation of islands is a violation of international law @SkyNewsAust
added: Wed May 31 02:58:48 2017

PayPal serves Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank but shuts Palestinians out
added: Wed May 31 02:51:57 2017

The police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired.
added: Wed May 31 02:15:05 2017

'Everyone safe' after armed man detained at Orlando International Airport
added: Wed May 31 02:11:14 2017

BREAKING: Docs show Cuomo got $344K from Trump's adviser & wife -- then appointed him to state task force
added: Wed May 31 02:03:50 2017

MI6 funneled al-Qaeda fighters from Britain to Libya to topple Gaddafi. The #Manchester terrorist was among them.
added: Wed May 31 01:12:44 2017
tags: manchester

The gap in stock ownership between the rich and everyone else has widened since the crisis
added: Wed May 31 00:51:12 2017

Google and Facebook lobbied hard to remove privacy protections nearly all their employees support. 🤔
added: Wed May 31 00:39:47 2017

#EJI Singapore fines Credit Suisse, UOB over 1MDB deals
added: Wed May 31 00:23:11 2017
tags: eji

Google Chrome Bug Lets Sites Record Audio and Video Without a Visual Indicator
added: Tue May 30 23:21:21 2017

@mattzarb There you go Matt, You probably didn't hear about it but Hammond got his sums wrong by £20bn
added: Tue May 30 23:13:45 2017

I'm usually more supportive of FISC than most libertarian hippie types. Not anymore. Not after recent 702 opinion.
added: Tue May 30 22:15:59 2017

Shock poll claims Tories could LOSE seats and fail to win an election majority
added: Tue May 30 21:56:46 2017

Pound Tumbles After New Poll Shows Tories Falling Short Of Majority By 16 Seats
added: Tue May 30 21:33:52 2017

Two North Koreans Found Dead in Moscow Hotel
added: Tue May 30 20:23:58 2017

"Xi Jinping has embraced a system of torture so horrific it demands an international response"
added: Tue May 30 12:25:59 2017

WaPo: Jared Kushner gets his own intelligence briefings
added: Tue May 30 12:13:39 2017

Humans are eating gorillas:
added: Tue May 30 10:03:05 2017

The with-us-or-against-us choice of China’s grand Silk Road vision
added: Tue May 30 10:01:32 2017

Mexico collective puts Oaxaca on ‘maximum alert’ over femicides
added: Tue May 30 10:00:02 2017

New law will place harsh restrictions on Egypt's 47,000 NGOs+1000 foreign-financed NGOs reports @declanwalsh
added: Tue May 30 09:56:33 2017

Hundreds of 'hidden' food banks reveal true scale of food poverty in UK
added: Tue May 30 09:37:00 2017

Russian Central Bank heist. 11 million RUB stolen. via Window
added: Tue May 30 09:34:38 2017

Conservative MP says people using food banks have a 'cashflow problem'
added: Tue May 30 09:33:43 2017

It's about how your software manages memory use, not how many GB you have, stupid! 民航處稱新空管採用先進64位元作業系統 電子紙條備16GB記憶體
added: Tue May 30 09:30:02 2017

BREAKING: Pipe Bomb Reportedly Found Near Bangkok Subway Station
added: Tue May 30 09:29:27 2017

US launches probe into imports of photovoltaic cells: WTO
added: Tue May 30 09:29:08 2017

added: Tue May 30 09:27:05 2017

Charities say they are being 'gagged' from speaking out against Theresa May
added: Tue May 30 09:26:18 2017

Former Labour voter condemns Jeremy Corbyn for 'ruthlessly' adding VAT to his children's private school fees
added: Tue May 30 09:25:01 2017

#China charges activist from #Taiwan with ‘subverting state power’ - The Boston Globe
added: Tue May 30 09:21:32 2017
tags: china, taiwan

This is what your brain looks like when you orgasm
added: Tue May 30 09:20:01 2017

Laos-China railway operational in 2021
added: Tue May 30 09:15:04 2017

David Dimbleby: 'I don't think anyone could say Jeremy Corbyn gets a fair deal from the press'
added: Tue May 30 09:15:00 2017

Muslims re-build Christian church destroyed by Daesh terrorists Quran 22:40-41 commands Muslims to protect churches
added: Tue May 30 09:07:05 2017

The hammer and sickle are making their way into some #HongKong public companies
added: Tue May 30 09:06:06 2017
tags: hongkong

PBOC Sheng Sees No Condition for Monetary Easing in 2017:Caijing. #China
added: Tue May 30 08:43:00 2017
tags: china

Intel unveils Core X series of high-end processors, with up to 18 cores and 36 threads
added: Tue May 30 08:40:56 2017

Airlines and airports estimate new screening checks will cause a delay of one to two hours per flight
added: Tue May 30 08:37:06 2017

Modified antibiotic brings fresh hope to battle against drug resistance - great - keep it for humans, not animals
added: Tue May 30 08:30:54 2017

India’s new cattle laws threaten a $5.6 billion industry that supplies to Armani and M&S
added: Tue May 30 08:26:24 2017

New findings on #chillingeffects due to #surveillance @theintercept @jilliancyork @PENamerican @NafeezAhmed
added: Tue May 30 08:25:36 2017
tags: chillingeffects, surveillance

7.2t #pangolin #scales shipped from Nigeria seized HongKong. Est. 2-12k animals. @CITES @John_CITES @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Tue May 30 07:32:25 2017
tags: pangolin, scales

Extraordinary. Judging the Aus. market overheated & too risky, Altair Asset Management hands back investor funds.
added: Tue May 30 06:25:38 2017

11 Things About Mohawks -
added: Tue May 30 06:03:33 2017

#Thailand: From 1 January 2018, mandatory fingerprinting for new SIM card registrations
added: Tue May 30 06:02:39 2017
tags: thailand

The Star now faces sedition probe
added: Tue May 30 05:57:43 2017

"The Licence That Matters: For Chinese Investment in Australian Agriculture & Agribusiness"
added: Tue May 30 05:27:13 2017

With Italy ("the soft underbelly of the European Union") No Longer in US Focus, Russia Swoops to Fill the Void / NYT
added: Tue May 30 05:25:53 2017

13 states passed "Blue Lives Matter" laws this year, targeting protesters with increased criminal penalties.
added: Tue May 30 05:19:19 2017

Our #trauma expert, Chloe: Victims of #torture & persecution not allowed to work in #HK, no distractions frm trauma
added: Tue May 30 05:11:21 2017
tags: hk, torture, trauma

Florida's Governor is considering signing a bill that would make its "stand your ground" law even *more* extreme.
added: Tue May 30 05:09:35 2017

Pakistan seeks yet another loan worth $1 billion from China to pay off old debts.
added: Tue May 30 05:00:28 2017

Vietnam coast guard ship that sank fishing boat with Indonesian official on board was designed by Dutch company
added: Tue May 30 04:59:39 2017

Trump administration nearing completion of Cuba policy review: sources
added: Tue May 30 04:49:10 2017

This is what it's like to die in America without insurance
added: Tue May 30 04:30:08 2017

After denouncing exploitative conditions, 80 indigenous farmworkers are disappeared in #Chihuahua, #Mexico
added: Tue May 30 03:13:01 2017
tags: mexico, chihuahua

Polities & nomads: emergence of Silk Road exchange in Tarim Basin in late prehistory (2000–400 BCE) - T L Høisæter
added: Tue May 30 02:52:09 2017

WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT OBSCURING THE ACTUAL URL? #^%! so angry about this I'm actually shaking
added: Tue May 30 02:50:24 2017

India’s Bad Debt Is Looking Better to Investors
added: Tue May 30 02:50:06 2017

John McCain’s China Sea call to US allies
added: Tue May 30 02:48:43 2017

If you ever wonder how a university president should respond to student activism, read this.
added: Tue May 30 02:48:23 2017

That this is an issue and a controversy is incredibly amusing to me
added: Tue May 30 02:44:40 2017

"It would modernize the state's voter registration system and increase participation in elections."
added: Tue May 30 02:43:10 2017

Iran judiciary chief slams Rouhani election pledges
added: Tue May 30 02:43:07 2017

Democrats could easily attack Baker for taking so much corporate cash...but they want the same money.
added: Tue May 30 02:42:21 2017

Investors play chicken under China’s falling sky They are sitting on a powder keg via @FT
added: Tue May 30 02:39:49 2017

Who needs Mandarin? Drive to succeed pushes #Vietnam to bolster English curriculum
added: Tue May 30 02:30:15 2017
tags: vietnam

#Japan's growing concern over China's naval might #SouthChinaSea
added: Tue May 30 02:17:10 2017
tags: japan, southchinasea

China's Belt and Road Initiative does not support globalization so much as subvert it:
added: Tue May 30 02:01:55 2017

Trump finally responds to deadly Portland anti-Muslim attack
added: Tue May 30 02:00:24 2017

North Korean iron exports to China remained high in April
added: Tue May 30 02:00:21 2017

Russia successfully test flies new passenger plane.
added: Tue May 30 02:00:02 2017

Make no mistake: this is a rollback on civil rights across the board.
added: Tue May 30 00:20:46 2017

This is MY newspaper, where I write about politics. I am threatened weekly, sometimes daily. I am not the enemy.
added: Mon May 29 22:31:27 2017

Diego’s story demonstrates what can go wrong when nations enact severe penalties for copyright infringement.
added: Mon May 29 22:31:00 2017

Impeccable reporting by @maxoregonian details eyewitness accounts of what went down on MAX train. @Oregonian
added: Mon May 29 21:21:53 2017

How the Liberals’ alleged support of Sikh separatists is fuelling Canada-India tensions
added: Mon May 29 19:39:03 2017

A lucky birder captured the only known photos of endangered Horned Guans mating in the wild.
added: Mon May 29 14:15:23 2017

【載人潛水器測試】 【九成部件國產 可下潛4千5公尺】 中國自主研製的載人潛水器,周日在江蘇無錫基地作測試,這個潛水器可以下潛 4,500 公尺,較蛟龍號淺 2,500 公尺。...
added: Mon May 29 13:45:04 2017

Microservices and Modularity
added: Mon May 29 13:38:58 2017

Looming Trump budget cuts deepen distress on Pine Ridge - CNN
added: Mon May 29 13:38:33 2017

USGS reports 8th earthquake in Kansas this month
added: Mon May 29 13:36:34 2017

India cancels big plans for coal plants--solar's 'free-falling' price is making fossil fuel an absurd choice
added: Mon May 29 13:14:35 2017

Revealed: the sneaky ways Chinese move money across the border #China #capital #flight #market #corruption
added: Mon May 29 13:14:14 2017
tags: market, capital, flight, corruption, china

Traditional capitalism needs "extra" people, but managerial capitalism has no use for them
added: Mon May 29 13:13:33 2017

@prchovanec It is also incorrect:
added: Mon May 29 12:43:44 2017

Trump: North Korea is showing "great disrespect" to China with missile test
added: Mon May 29 12:36:02 2017

Self-contained Systems (SCS) share a lot of characteristics with #microservices. Learn more.
added: Mon May 29 12:33:03 2017
tags: microservices

Decriminalisation is the only way to protect sex workers – New Zealand has proved it
added: Mon May 29 12:10:39 2017

added: Mon May 29 12:01:40 2017
tags: ge2017, brexit

Tons of interesting exif-metadata in those images (Factwire says it's safe to tweet). Have a look!
added: Mon May 29 11:50:10 2017

China to implement cyber security law from Thursday
added: Mon May 29 11:35:04 2017

The IFS says both the Labour and Tory manifestos are 'not honest'
added: Mon May 29 11:20:00 2017

Oxford Economics scores Lib Dem economic policy highest, Labour second and Tories a distant third!​ #victorialive
added: Mon May 29 11:19:05 2017
tags: victorialive

Legislative Council Members meet with members of Tuen Mun and Wong Tai Sin District Councils
added: Mon May 29 11:18:06 2017

Shadow lending rises in Hong Kong's property market
added: Mon May 29 10:10:56 2017

There are around a half-million Roma in Slovakia, most of whom live in impoverished slums
added: Mon May 29 08:15:07 2017
added: Mon May 29 08:03:54 2017

Minority shareholders of i-Cable Communications voted overwhelmingly on Monday to approve a HK$1 billion capital...
added: Mon May 29 06:29:05 2017

'Staggeringly high' numbers of teachers threatening to quit the classroom trapped by lack of money
added: Mon May 29 06:28:30 2017

The goal of creating a more accessible city sometimes bypasses the question of who it is accessible to, and...
added: Mon May 29 06:27:16 2017

China's cybersecurity law updated a week before deadline
added: Mon May 29 06:25:35 2017

Nasa has taken some of the most stunning images of Jupiter yet
added: Mon May 29 06:24:00 2017

China's Lianhua Supermarket says Alibaba takes 18 pct stake
added: Mon May 29 06:17:45 2017

Knife-wielding man kills 2, wounds 18 in China
added: Mon May 29 06:16:19 2017

S&P sees no need for an out-of-schedule China rating review: exec
added: Mon May 29 06:16:02 2017

Home prices in Hong Kong, where a nano-apartment of less than 200 square feet can cost as much as $500,000, have...
added: Mon May 29 06:08:18 2017

Shadow Brokers just emptied their Bitcoin wallet. This is the group that leaked the stolen NSA tools to the net.
added: Mon May 29 06:01:50 2017

ARM talks up fresh CPUs and a GPU, all tuned for AI
added: Mon May 29 05:03:48 2017

U.S. airlines are making more money selling miles than seats
added: Mon May 29 04:11:25 2017

Hong Kong's new aviation system needs regular reboots
added: Mon May 29 04:04:07 2017

Microsoft Master File Table bug exploited to BSOD Windows 7, 8.1
added: Mon May 29 04:02:22 2017

However well-meaning, this opinion piece misses the mark. Housing is a basic need and a social good; in...
added: Mon May 29 04:00:05 2017

.@CoryBooker is defending Jared Kushner So it's worth remembering this about Cory Booker:
added: Mon May 29 03:59:15 2017

China Tower invites banks to pitch for role in up to $10 billion HK IPO: IFR
added: Mon May 29 03:52:04 2017

Slaughterhouses and sawmills had better safety records than Tesla
added: Mon May 29 03:22:55 2017

Living on fumes: China's war on pollution means little to a chemical park’s neighbors
added: Mon May 29 02:52:35 2017

Great interview: #OccupyHK activist Ken Tsang on 7 cops who beat him, prison life,his political future &views on #HK
added: Mon May 29 02:48:19 2017
tags: hk, occupyhk

Philippines calls off peace talks with Communist rebels
added: Mon May 29 02:29:56 2017

What is May afraid of?
added: Mon May 29 02:26:58 2017

Tony Pua wonders whether gov't 'paid' Geely to acquire Proton
added: Mon May 29 02:18:43 2017

Americans pay more for health care & are among sickest people in developed world. Nothing a huge tax cut won't fix.
added: Mon May 29 02:01:23 2017

Americans pay too much for their health care and are among the sickest people in the developed world
added: Mon May 29 01:34:00 2017

China’s imperial overreach
added: Mon May 29 01:25:59 2017

ATM face scan plan to tackle financial crime in Hong Kong via @SCMP_News
added: Mon May 29 00:47:07 2017

"This seems to be the end of an era, one in which the United States led and Europe followed"
added: Mon May 29 00:43:02 2017

Died at age 33. Female pilots in military not recognized as military. Local cemetery had rules against non-whites.
added: Sun May 28 23:44:10 2017

Trump campaign likely did not save documents key to Russia investigation: report
added: Sun May 28 18:49:03 2017

WannaCry hackers ‘were likely from southern China’
added: Sun May 28 16:27:13 2017

Chinese political calendar heats up: A provincial shuffle shows the power of Xi Jinping +…
added: Sun May 28 15:00:03 2017

Don’t Do It, US President Trump Told On His New Plan For A More Aggressive Military Hand In Somalia @AfricaExplainer
added: Sun May 28 14:02:00 2017

【傳真社︰民航處未有公布兩次航機飛行間距不足事故】 傳真社報道,民航處3月安裝新程式後,仍不時發生「鬼機」等問題,期間更發生最少兩次航機飛行間距不足事故。...
added: Sun May 28 11:52:52 2017

#Scotland's iconic seals: Moray Firth fishermen call for seal culls to protect salmon…
added: Sun May 28 06:47:30 2017
tags: scotland

我的「同胞」將可能選個亞裔人做新總理,當Fine Gael的肯尼總理決定落台而印裔後代同志可能會選到黨魁的時候
added: Sun May 28 05:47:39 2017

As crime dries up, Japan’s police hunt for things to do
added: Sun May 28 05:25:53 2017

I just published “Monitorama PDX 2017”
added: Sun May 28 05:23:08 2017

Panic reported in Bangladesh factories as workers collapse during heatwave--heat index near 120F
added: Sun May 28 02:55:46 2017

Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist
added: Sat May 27 15:14:01 2017

Jeremy Corbyn insists 'I never met the IRA' in grilling by BBC's Andrew Neil
added: Sat May 27 10:09:52 2017

Wonder Woman, Naked Man... 5 icons of Venezuela unrest
added: Sat May 27 09:35:10 2017

China April industrial profits up 14 percent but slowing pace stokes economy worries
added: Sat May 27 08:35:05 2017

Harrowing account of yesterday's ambush on bus carrying Christians near Minya. Passengers separated, then executed.
added: Sat May 27 08:31:58 2017

2 years ago, China devalued currency so it could say market set its value. Now China reverses costly decision.
added: Sat May 27 08:11:57 2017

China censored Google's AlphaGo match against world's best Go player
added: Sat May 27 05:53:01 2017

China arrests Taiwanese activist 'for subverting state power'
added: Sat May 27 04:34:47 2017

The suspect slashed the throats of two men who tried to defend the women, witnesses said. A third man was injured.
added: Sat May 27 04:23:49 2017

"Get out of the country because you don't pay taxes here," the suspect said, according to a witness.
added: Sat May 27 04:19:49 2017

Two killed on Portland train today when they tried to intervene as a man yelled racial slurs at Muslim women.
added: Sat May 27 03:25:47 2017

Taiwanese gov't has compiled list of alleged Chinese human rights offenders and may bar them from visiting Taiwan
added: Sat May 27 02:07:45 2017

Taiwan immigration agency busts child-smuggling ring that brought Vietnamese children to TW to work on farms
added: Sat May 27 02:05:22 2017

Guyana celebrates 51 years of independence:
added: Sat May 27 01:31:21 2017

Meet Freddy Lim, Taiwan's heavy metal front man turned politician and voice of a new generation. My profile for NYT
added: Sat May 27 01:09:58 2017

It's the stuff of nightmares: Scientists have found a snake that hunts in packs
added: Sat May 27 00:46:01 2017

An alternative Top 10 landmarks for Taiwan
added: Fri May 26 17:55:47 2017

China Expands Globally Amid Concerns Over its Mercantilist Policies | With Ted Moran
added: Fri May 26 13:40:53 2017

Scientists are counting atoms to figure out when Mars last had volcanoes
added: Fri May 26 12:43:07 2017

Why #Beijing will be watching as #Taiwan’s new KMT leader gears up for local elections in 2018
added: Fri May 26 12:24:04 2017
tags: beijing, taiwan

Security minister accuses Jeremy Corbyn of 'justifying' terrorism
added: Fri May 26 12:23:32 2017

Krugman: Many white working-class Trump voters "were the victims of an epic scam."
added: Fri May 26 12:11:14 2017

Florida GOP consultant admits he worked with Guccifer 2.0, analyzing hacked data: Comments:
added: Fri May 26 12:10:04 2017

China central bank denies reports it told banks to deposit dollars
added: Fri May 26 12:07:39 2017

The Tools of an HTML Email Workflow. Good resource from @chriscoyier
added: Fri May 26 11:55:02 2017

Irritation with Moody's reflects China's sensitivity as it seeks foreign investors
added: Fri May 26 09:05:08 2017

A Vegas poodle master was murdered. It was pinned to an innocent man & he went to prison. Alford plea got him out:
added: Fri May 26 09:05:01 2017

New arrest in Manchester attack as US-UK resume intelligence sharing
added: Fri May 26 09:03:11 2017

UK-China relations – no change, no apology
added: Fri May 26 08:54:05 2017

Yam listed "seven sins" against Ho, which included controversial comments the legislator made about a feminist...
added: Fri May 26 08:48:45 2017

Very interesting article on extra-judicial repatriation of Chinese suspects from France
added: Fri May 26 08:25:43 2017

Environmental organizations still have a diversity problem
added: Fri May 26 05:07:04 2017

Gianforte apologizes to Guardian reporter during his acceptance speech
added: Fri May 26 05:04:53 2017 - mentioned in scope
added: Fri May 26 05:04:42 2017

Former Greek prime minister injured after booby-trapped package explodes in his car
added: Fri May 26 05:00:06 2017

"My reincarnation can’t be born in place with no freedom" - His Holiness the #DalaiLama of #Tibet
added: Fri May 26 04:33:04 2017
tags: dalailama, tibet

Not good
added: Fri May 26 04:31:06 2017

Mr Papademos was hit by a blast when he opened an envelope while in his car in central Athens on Thursday
added: Fri May 26 04:30:12 2017

China's reforms not enough to arrest rising debt, another downgrade possible: Moody's
added: Fri May 26 04:28:08 2017

Chinese navy conducts first drills with #Myanmar
added: Fri May 26 04:23:01 2017
tags: myanmar

U.S. Supreme Court lifts stay of execution for Alabama prisoner
added: Fri May 26 04:22:33 2017

Equality watchdog chief urges respect after member's anti-gay rights remarks #LGBT
added: Fri May 26 04:18:56 2017
tags: lgbt

China's central bank is planning to change the yuan fixing formula via @markets
added: Fri May 26 04:17:24 2017

Been hearing rumors that the homeless encampment fires in Oakland have been caused by arsonists. Here's video proof.
added: Fri May 26 04:09:37 2017

Foreigners among militants fighting Philippine army in Mindanao: solicitor-general
added: Fri May 26 03:56:30 2017

@CHRDnet We've translated the full draft and explanation.
added: Fri May 26 03:51:20 2017

New Orleans Principal Turns out to Be a NAZI: via @YouTube
added: Fri May 26 03:30:40 2017

Trump Reportedly Called Germans 'Very Bad,' Vowed To Stop German Car Sales In The U.S.
added: Fri May 26 03:28:58 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Vanguard to Triple #Shanghai Staff by Year-End as #China Opens via @business @Hazeology @TomMackenzieTV
added: Fri May 26 03:28:47 2017
tags: china, shanghai

Further thoughts by @kixes on longstanding effects of Operation Spectrum, 30 years on, on activism in #Singapore
added: Fri May 26 03:10:15 2017
tags: singapore

CNN: Sessions Hid Meetings with Russians When Applying for Security Clearances
added: Fri May 26 03:10:06 2017

#網絡自由是要捍衛和爭取的! U.K. Conservatives Want to Dramatically Increase Internet Regulation
added: Fri May 26 03:06:57 2017
tags: 網絡自由是要捍衛和爭取的

Bush speechwriter--The conservative mind has become diseased Better late than never, I suppose.
added: Fri May 26 03:06:51 2017

FBI won’t provide Comey memos to Congress yet
added: Fri May 26 02:50:05 2017

Son of cop-killer speaks: "We need to take the anti-govt militia movement & white supremacy threat more seriously."
added: Fri May 26 02:13:09 2017

China police arrest 44 in $140 million online scam
added: Fri May 26 02:11:18 2017

#NorthKorea leader's bro killed 'cos he worked with #US gov. Met #US #spy days before his death: Malaysian officials
added: Fri May 26 02:10:12 2017
tags: spy, us, northkorea

Ballooning Chinese dollar borrowing a dilemma for index trackers by @reutersSujataR @saikysays
added: Fri May 26 02:09:57 2017

CNN's Ryan Young, who is covering Greg Gianforte: Gianforte supporters say body-slam incident was "Montana justice"
added: Fri May 26 02:09:26 2017

Read about #FreeBSD Capsicum sandboxes in Capsicum: practical capabilities for UNIX
added: Fri May 26 01:52:20 2017
tags: freebsd

Israel treats prisoners worse than apartheid, says Robben Island veteran #DignityStrike
added: Fri May 26 01:48:19 2017
tags: dignitystrike

US Senator Introduces the First Bill To Give Gig Workers Benefits
added: Fri May 26 01:45:32 2017

erlinit is now 1.0! It had been stable for quite a while, but this makes it official.
added: Fri May 26 01:45:09 2017

Slovak authorities move to ban far-right party
added: Fri May 26 01:31:10 2017

選舉處失電腦 鄭松泰提特權法調查 //專業議政莫乃光則指,處方是次處理手法違反政府內保指引,而事發至今60日仍未有進展,做法離譜。//
added: Fri May 26 01:25:11 2017

Little understood: cap costs fell across board in Q1-17...'Crunch' may just be rates ret to late '16 levels. Scary.
added: Fri May 26 01:00:24 2017

added: Fri May 26 00:28:29 2017
tags: tbans

Bicyclist hit by car. Cop asks "Are you illegal?" instead of offering first aid.
added: Fri May 26 00:28:05 2017

According to the FBI, Jared Kushner finally went into the family business: committing felonies!
added: Fri May 26 00:28:00 2017

'Oops! I did it again!'
added: Fri May 26 00:27:33 2017

BREAKING: Electrocution Death of Latino Worker Highlights Nashville’s Construction Safety Crisis
added: Fri May 26 00:05:46 2017

This is the real war on journalism - not Orwellian censorship but goon tactics. Public must stand up for free press
added: Thu May 25 23:57:22 2017

Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties
added: Thu May 25 23:36:15 2017

Sinclair-owned Montana TV station won't air recording of GOP candidate's attack on journalist
added: Thu May 25 22:45:36 2017

Beijing's strange, self destructive campaign to brick up small shops and restaurants
added: Thu May 25 22:43:51 2017

Hong Kong Occupy leader denied trial by jury at High Court
added: Thu May 25 22:15:02 2017

Move over Great Red Spot. NASA's Juno spacecraft spots dozens of giant cyclones swirling over Jupiter's poles.
added: Thu May 25 20:50:16 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens Capitol Police who are investigating her staffer
added: Thu May 25 15:20:50 2017

It's understood some borrowers unable to settle their debts are being recruited to carry out such work as well
added: Thu May 25 14:02:08 2017

Emperor Akihito shocked by conservative experts' remarks that 'emperors should just pray' - The Mainichi
added: Thu May 25 14:01:26 2017

Isis militants kill 21 in rampage through Philippine city
added: Thu May 25 14:01:23 2017

USA Today’s embarrassing, deceptive reporting on Trumpcare
added: Thu May 25 14:01:13 2017

Extinction Likely for Majority of California’s Native Trout and Salmon:
added: Thu May 25 14:01:07 2017

"Mandatory minimum sentencing is a failed experiment that must end." #CJReform #mapoli
added: Thu May 25 14:00:59 2017
tags: cjreform, mapoli

NDAY-2017-0106: Elevation of Privilege in NVIDIA nvhost-vic driver
added: Thu May 25 13:58:56 2017

Hiding in plain sight: how the 'alt-right' is weaponizing irony to spread fascism
added: Thu May 25 13:57:17 2017

Good read: How China Wound up Outside the International Human Rights Debate via @pocket
added: Thu May 25 12:51:10 2017

Taiwan ruins Australia's dumbest argument against marriage equality, writes Andrew Street via @smh
added: Thu May 25 12:42:17 2017

Steffon Armitage and Alex Goode to line up against England on Sunday. Barbarians team news:
added: Thu May 25 12:30:24 2017

Salman Abedi's explosives same as bombs used in 7/7, Brussels and Paris terror attacks
added: Thu May 25 12:30:01 2017

Trump wants to cut an anti-poverty program built by conservatives
added: Thu May 25 12:30:00 2017

RT @ReutersUK LATEST: British investigators now think Manchester bomber built the bomb himself.
added: Thu May 25 12:27:51 2017

Sorry East Texas: Supreme Court Slams The Door On Patent Jurisdiction Shopping - CAFC is useles; UPC will be too
added: Thu May 25 12:27:03 2017

People on middle incomes are priced out, while the poor are forced to pay extortionate rents for shocking conditions
added: Thu May 25 12:26:19 2017

A 23 second clip of a younger Jeremy Corbyn has gone viral in the wake of the Manchester bombing [VIDEO]
added: Thu May 25 12:25:48 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong senior civil servants refuse to endorse pay rise plan
added: Thu May 25 12:22:48 2017
tags: scmp

Video appears to show San Antonio police officer punching girl, 14, in face
added: Thu May 25 12:02:50 2017

Experts Weigh In on Likely Impact of Moody’s China Downgrade #moodys #china #downgrade
added: Thu May 25 12:01:43 2017
tags: moodys, china, downgrade

Banks Scale Back ‘Fake Equity’ Deals as Curbs Bite #china #banking #equity #CITIC
added: Thu May 25 11:59:56 2017
tags: china, citic, equity, banking

China’s Largest Gene Startup Gets Green Light for Public Listing #biotech #BGIGenomics
added: Thu May 25 11:57:51 2017
tags: bgigenomics, biotech

US development aid was meant to help revitalize communities in Jordan--but the projects crashed and burned.
added: Thu May 25 11:20:00 2017

A Unified Styling Language - - long but quite interesting read on composing CSS in JS
added: Thu May 25 11:19:40 2017

律政司發言人表示,今日已就裁決提出上訴;由於案件仍在司法程序當中,律政司不適宜作進一步評論。 【同志入境主任替配偶申福利覆核勝訴 律政司提出上訴】 2017年4月29日報道:...
added: Thu May 25 11:19:23 2017

Cardinal Zen urges prayer for Christians in China -via @cnalive
added: Thu May 25 11:18:06 2017 Church of Scotland to make groundbreaking gay marriage decision
added: Thu May 25 08:20:09 2017

'Donald Trump's plan to avoid violating the Constitution is a sham'
added: Thu May 25 08:18:07 2017

Jakarta suicide bombing linked to Islamic State: police via @smh #Indonesia
added: Thu May 25 07:48:25 2017
tags: indonesia

#EJI Why concerns about ‘co-location’ for rail link are intensifying
added: Thu May 25 07:34:38 2017
tags: eji

If you love #Tibet, study Tibetan language. If you cherish Tibet, speak Tibetan language @GJosephRoche
added: Thu May 25 07:25:54 2017
tags: tibet

Jittery' Pakistan now posts 'FAKE' video of destroying Indian border posts in Nowshera
added: Thu May 25 06:10:00 2017

The sea is rising 3x faster than we thought
added: Thu May 25 06:00:20 2017

In ISIS’s claim of the Manchester bombing, it got key details wrong. The discrepancies were conspicuous—and clumsy.
added: Thu May 25 06:00:13 2017

Pakistan's lie exposed! Ex-ISI official admits Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested from Iran
added: Thu May 25 05:57:32 2017

Found at the Scene in Manchester: Shrapnel, a Backpack and a Battery
added: Thu May 25 05:54:07 2017

This is what it's like to die in America without insurance
added: Thu May 25 05:45:24 2017

HAPPENING NOW: Firefight continues in Marawi City | Watch via FB Live:
added: Thu May 25 05:43:47 2017

Rebel parts of Syria revive beloved Arabian horse races
added: Thu May 25 05:13:36 2017

Gay marriage fear hampers Legco ashes debate
added: Thu May 25 05:10:39 2017

Chinese carmaker Geely to acquire 49% of Malaysia's Proton
added: Thu May 25 05:09:03 2017

#BigBrotherIsWatching!Chinese Citizens Want the Government to Rank Them
added: Thu May 25 05:07:41 2017
tags: bigbrotheriswatching

Course Change: The US Air Force Now Wants to Keep the Famous U-2 Spy Plane and Two Other Cold War-era Aircraft:
added: Thu May 25 05:04:39 2017

#China sends a further olive branch to Donald Trump on trade
added: Thu May 25 05:00:00 2017
tags: china

FULL STORY: Greg Gianforte charged with election-eve assault of reporter - #mtal #bdcnews
added: Thu May 25 04:59:38 2017
tags: mtal, bdcnews

Here's differences in #Montana law between misd. assault ( vs. felony assault ( #mtal
added: Thu May 25 04:54:10 2017
tags: mtal, montana

Russian EW ops
added: Thu May 25 04:45:16 2017

PENGUIN SPECIALS: THE HONG KONG SERIES, featuring seven books. @asiancha @penguinrandom
added: Thu May 25 04:43:00 2017

@maedpaze @wabermes @WillMcAvoyACN @GregForMontana @helenaironline @missoulian
added: Thu May 25 04:37:47 2017

Lee Wai-man's suitcase, which contained 24 gold bars and 10 million yen, was taken.
added: Thu May 25 04:37:21 2017

Comcast is trying to silence net neutrality activists with bogus legal threats
added: Thu May 25 04:35:32 2017

Doomed Mars lander wasn't equipped for supersonic conditions
added: Thu May 25 04:15:02 2017

Carson Block Says He's Certain #China Will Face Day of Reckoning via @markets @business #economy
added: Thu May 25 04:14:59 2017
tags: economy, china

Keeping old faces in the new govt not necessarily a bad thing – Charles Mok
added: Thu May 25 04:14:34 2017

One-way permit scheme sees spike in arrivals in 10-19 age group
added: Thu May 25 04:09:36 2017

HKT wants "urgent and radical overhaul" of HK's spectrum policy
added: Thu May 25 04:07:16 2017

He was a neo-Nazi. Then he converted to Islam. When his roommates, who are Neo-Nazis, mocked him, he killed them.
added: Thu May 25 03:46:05 2017

Moody's downgrades Hong Kong's credit rating citing closer ties to China also mentions 1 belt 1 road @hongkongfp
added: Thu May 25 03:35:49 2017

唔好用負面角度去睇HA 唔好用負面角度去睇Uber 唔好用負面角度去睇港獨 唔好用負面角度去睇____ 【袁國強籲了解一地兩檢本質:唔好用負面角度去睇】
added: Thu May 25 03:34:53 2017

The Achievement of Chinua Achebe | by Kwame Anthony Appiah | The New York Review of Books
added: Thu May 25 03:26:11 2017

Fire has damaged a ground-floor cafe at The One in TST an hour or so ago. 🎥 #hk
added: Thu May 25 02:51:27 2017
tags: hk

Sessions' pathetic defense for not registering meetings with Kislyak: He had 2 hats, Senator vs campaign adviser:
added: Thu May 25 02:50:52 2017

New: Fox News team says "Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground."
added: Thu May 25 02:35:27 2017

Baltimore attorney arrested after allegedly telling rape victim she would be deported
added: Thu May 25 02:32:01 2017

Why the case for President Pence is so convincing to the Left
added: Thu May 25 02:30:10 2017

Many of Hong Kong's Uber drivers have stopped taking orders - they don't want to be arrested.
added: Thu May 25 02:29:11 2017

In which Rimsky Yuen demonstrates why nobody wants his job:
added: Thu May 25 02:09:35 2017

【嚴控外資網上發布新聞】 【資深傳媒人: 新條例進一步收緊互聯網資訊流通】 #河蟹橫行!
added: Thu May 25 01:35:32 2017
tags: 河蟹橫行

China says US freedom of navigation operations raise tensions. Our map tracking 25 years of them suggests otherwise.
added: Thu May 25 01:23:05 2017

.@NinaTurner: 'Games were played, continue to be played, but the people have decided they're not going stand for it'
added: Thu May 25 01:04:11 2017

Democrats urge public to put pressure on pro-Beijing camp to support CY Leung impeachment
added: Thu May 25 00:53:06 2017

For some reason this @Bencjacobs article from a few weeks ago seems very popular tonight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
added: Thu May 25 00:48:47 2017

Sonny Rollins Describes How 50 Years of Practicing Yoga Made Him a Better Musician
added: Thu May 25 00:36:00 2017

North Korea is developing nukes. South Korea is prosecuting gays in the military.
added: Thu May 25 00:35:57 2017

The Upside-Down Camaro is finally back at Lemons HQ. #24hoursoflemons #lemonsworld #camero…
added: Thu May 25 00:35:17 2017
tags: 24hoursoflemons, lemonsworld, camero

South Korea 'Rasputin' daughter abandons appeal for extradition
added: Thu May 25 00:35:11 2017

Gallatin County Sheriff's Office confirms they are investigating Gianforte but have no further comment.
added: Thu May 25 00:34:35 2017

As the "wildly abusive" #Philippines Prez #Duterte eyes nationwide martial law, "be afraid," warns @hrw James Ross
added: Thu May 25 00:30:40 2017
tags: duterte, philippines

Al-Shabab claims Mogadishu attack that killed eight people near a police checkpoint
added: Thu May 25 00:30:12 2017

#China's Rating Cut Exposes Companies Hooked on Dollar Borrowing via @markets @business
added: Thu May 25 00:06:18 2017
tags: china

Even hedge funds are being priced out of Hong Kong’s sky-high rent districts via @business
added: Wed May 24 23:51:33 2017

@antirez redis powers reddit's new content view counts feature!
added: Wed May 24 23:34:26 2017

We should allow our Army officers freedom to take decision: Jaitley
added: Wed May 24 23:16:53 2017

Yes! Diego Gomez has been acquitted of all charges! 🎉
added: Wed May 24 22:53:55 2017

"Secret" Russian Document Influenced Comey's Probe Into Hillary Clinton
added: Wed May 24 22:41:06 2017

Hero homeless man offered job, money and a home after helping Manchester attack victims
added: Wed May 24 22:00:03 2017

ICE agents eat breakfast at Ann Arbor's Sava's, then raid the kitchen
added: Wed May 24 21:16:00 2017

Don’t hype Taiwan ruling on same-sex unions. Don’t present Taiwan as a separate political entity from the mainland
added: Wed May 24 21:11:21 2017

#STND Buyers forfeit deposits
added: Wed May 24 20:10:34 2017
tags: stnd

Thanks to @danharmon and everyone at @Harmontown If you're curious, our documentary on fixers in Iraq is here
added: Wed May 24 18:34:59 2017

The Pentagon is shook after Trump told Duterte about nuclear subs off of North Korea "We never talk about subs!"
added: Wed May 24 17:25:53 2017

‘White genocide in space’: Racist fans seethe at diversity in new ‘Star Trek’ series
added: Wed May 24 16:35:08 2017

Read this, not only about how Beijing silenced VOA for a very important story, but for its incredible details.
added: Wed May 24 14:40:31 2017

I built a low interaction honeypot with a twist. Yielded a list of credentials giving access to the attacking bots:
added: Wed May 24 12:35:26 2017

Why Donald Trump, Brexit and populism have already had their moment – and what comes next
added: Wed May 24 11:20:01 2017

14 year old Manchester schoolgirl abused in street after attack: 'when are you going to stop bombing people?'
added: Wed May 24 11:19:26 2017

@akhbar France’s new interior minister said Abedi may have travelled from Libya onwards to Syria. @akhbar
added: Wed May 24 11:18:08 2017

5x more marijuana enforcement in Baton Rouge areas that are 90% black than areas 63% white, despite less drug usage.
added: Wed May 24 11:18:07 2017

So much joy in these photos after Taiwan's same-sex marriage verdict today:
added: Wed May 24 11:13:25 2017

added: Wed May 24 10:46:59 2017

China’s Rights Abuses Infect UN. @SophieHRW on @Dolkun_Isa's arbitrary removal from UN grounds in February
added: Wed May 24 10:43:33 2017

Denver: Undocumented Mother Wins Stay of Deportation After Seeking Refuge in Church
added: Wed May 24 10:20:09 2017

小朋友齊fb罵戰單機版 #追繼續追 #答咗張達明問題未 #63萬人睇住你飛題 #王永平話你交白卷你點睇 【梁繼昌自願申報有訴訟 梁特極速寫blog追擊】
added: Wed May 24 10:20:04 2017
tags: 答咗張達明問題未, 追繼續追, 63萬人睇住你飛題, 王永平話你交白卷你點睇

Fascist, Go Home! After Bombing, Manchester Residents Shut Down Anti-Muslim Demo
added: Wed May 24 10:16:07 2017

Update: 'It's nothing,' Prawit says in call without explaining absence
added: Wed May 24 10:15:51 2017

Joseph Needham at war, 1942-46, 1200 photos thx to Needham Research Institute
added: Wed May 24 10:09:58 2017

Excellent piece by @alexandrascaggs A “normalised” Fed balance sheet won’t be normal-sized |
added: Wed May 24 10:06:04 2017

China’s downgrade reaction jars with moves to open bond market
added: Wed May 24 10:03:24 2017

A shockingly low number of people tuned in for the Twin Peaks premiere
added: Wed May 24 09:53:00 2017

Magic mushrooms the safest recreational drug, says study
added: Wed May 24 09:30:15 2017

Legislative Council Question 21: Foreign domestic helpers being debt-ridden and overcharged by intermediaries for…
added: Wed May 24 09:29:05 2017

Timeline: Marawi clashes prompt martial law in all of Mindanao. Solidarity & prayers with those in the #Mindanao
added: Wed May 24 09:28:23 2017
tags: mindanao

CY shadow hangs over Carrie choices CY shadow hangs over Carrie choices. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is...
added: Wed May 24 09:27:07 2017

Using AI and drones to combat elephant and rhino poaching
added: Wed May 24 09:24:38 2017

How Facebook flouts Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued
added: Wed May 24 09:24:11 2017

Federal agents raid dozens of St. Louis area convenience stores
added: Wed May 24 08:35:04 2017

Want to impress your friends? Learn how trading algos work
added: Wed May 24 08:13:53 2017

Arrests over ‘fake’ lab tests at mega bridge project damages trust in gov’t, lawmakers warn…
added: Wed May 24 06:22:50 2017

Duterte declares martial law after Mindanao attack
added: Wed May 24 05:03:51 2017

Jailed Chinese lawyer force-fed medication, wife says
added: Wed May 24 05:03:33 2017

Hedge fund plummets 62% after betting against the Chinese economy via @business
added: Wed May 24 05:03:28 2017

Echoing Orwell, new #privacy bill in U.S. would weaken privacy,, &
added: Wed May 24 05:00:23 2017
tags: privacy

Single-Payer Healthcare Would Cost a Third of Current Healthcare Costs
added: Wed May 24 05:00:18 2017

#OpSiracusa launches with first arrest in the #PlemmirioMarineReserve: #SeaShepherd…
added: Wed May 24 05:00:01 2017
tags: opsiracusa, seashepherd, plemmiriomarinereserve

律敦治醫院灣仔道出口的石拱門有128年歷史,去年因工程被拆,古蹟辦可以做嘅,只係聯絡負責人,建議盡量保留... 如果您願意支持 #獨媒報導,請按此:
added: Wed May 24 04:58:16 2017
tags: 獨媒報導

Four Bodies Found Inside Tent At the Highest Camp on Everest
added: Wed May 24 04:57:40 2017

China's April copper imports fall 41 percent on tighter credit, regulation via @Reuters
added: Wed May 24 04:54:02 2017

Google wants to track your phone and credit card through meatspace
added: Wed May 24 04:52:18 2017

6-year-old boy with heart on his right side of chest survives complex cardiac surgery
added: Wed May 24 04:50:00 2017

These "rice birds", said to boost sexual vitality, are now endangered.
added: Wed May 24 03:33:23 2017

#Manchester terrorist reportedly "had ties to al Qaeda and had received terrorist training abroad."
added: Wed May 24 03:28:26 2017
tags: manchester

China sovereign debt rating suffers downgrade by Moody’s via @FT
added: Wed May 24 03:28:04 2017

WannaCry Attackers Have Links To North Korea's Lazarus Group
added: Wed May 24 03:27:13 2017

Margaret Chan, director of WHO, also behaves like the stereotype Chinese official, living in expensive hotel suits:
added: Wed May 24 03:02:01 2017

港鐵荔景站內落雨 乘客擔遮搭扶手梯
added: Wed May 24 02:59:40 2017

#China holds first joint exercise with #Myanmar Navy; PLAN vessels to visit Chittagong, #Bangladesh next
added: Wed May 24 02:59:16 2017
tags: myanmar, bangladesh, china

Another day, another allied intelligence service burned by preening Trump officials
added: Wed May 24 02:10:42 2017

Carrier plant that Trump "saved" will lay off hundreds right before Christmas: report
added: Wed May 24 01:31:06 2017

Chinese Merchants Thrive in Senegal, Where People ‘Needed Stuff’, via @nytimes
added: Wed May 24 01:25:51 2017

"Taiwanese officials say their Chinese counterparts no longer answer their calls, emails or faxes."
added: Wed May 24 01:25:02 2017

不滿國慶升旗禮中被逐申覆核 黎汶洛被指嘩眾取寵官判敗訴 「判詞指黎當日的嘩眾取寵行為(the antics of the applicant),唯一效果只是導致公眾耗費大量資源去進行今次訴訟,故駁回申請並下令黎須支付懲罰性訟費。」
added: Wed May 24 01:22:21 2017

added: Wed May 24 01:08:50 2017

#Singapore: #LGBTQ organizers persist despite government restrictions
added: Wed May 24 01:06:34 2017
tags: lgbtq, singapore

1Password adds Travel Mode feature that lets users easily wipe, restore passwords from app
added: Wed May 24 01:06:29 2017

Trump's cuts to debt forgiveness for public service leave 550,000 in limbo
added: Wed May 24 01:04:05 2017

#Taiwan travel agency hacked from abroad: police - The China Post
added: Wed May 24 01:01:39 2017
tags: taiwan

Thanks Mal, We made the New York Times! How Australia Bungled Its $36 Billion High-Speed Internet Rollout
added: Wed May 24 00:58:25 2017

After Shunning #Taiwan, World Health Organization Cozies Up to North Korea | The Weekly Standard @WHO
added: Wed May 24 00:55:24 2017
tags: taiwan

JUST IN: Moody's cuts #China debt rating, downgrades outlook from stable to negative via @business @Jeffrey_Black
added: Wed May 24 00:53:38 2017
tags: china

Every white person should watch ‘Against All Odds,’ writes @GregKaufmann
added: Wed May 24 00:53:00 2017

As a reminder, China's debt/GDP is 300% per IIF
added: Wed May 24 00:49:40 2017

"This Is Probably Just The Beginning" - Chinese Banks Are In Big Trouble
added: Tue May 23 23:45:12 2017

How a long-lost Thelonious Monk album was found and released 60 years later
added: Tue May 23 22:47:51 2017

Texas voter ID law struck down 5 times by courts, so Greg Abbott called legislative emergency to pass new one
added: Tue May 23 21:23:19 2017

An NK joint venture is doing dodgy stuff in Zambia, possibly for the UN. cc: @ska_kongshan @pearswick @LeoPByrne
added: Tue May 23 20:58:59 2017

If we sat back & let them, #Georgia would have blocked thousands from voting in upcoming #Congressional runoff race.
added: Tue May 23 20:13:49 2017
tags: congressional, georgia

Go 1.8.2 and Go 1.7.6 released with a security fix Go 1.8.3 to be released later today with non-sec fixes #golang
added: Tue May 23 19:28:34 2017
tags: golang

This story is just all around depressing. The original speech, the outrage in China, her apology, all of it.
added: Tue May 23 17:52:37 2017

Google captures 70% of all credit card transactions; will pair them with your web browsing & share with advertisers:
added: Tue May 23 16:17:47 2017

Brazil arrests Temer aide and other former politicians in World Cup fraud probe
added: Tue May 23 15:15:10 2017

India's Adani Group is suspending a $12 billion coal mine project in Australia over tax disputes via @CNNMoney
added: Tue May 23 14:28:35 2017

Weaker Chinese demand is offsetting OPEC's production cuts in setting oil prices via @BV
added: Tue May 23 14:25:10 2017

California’s Surprisingly Cheap Single-Payer Plan #ProgressiveArmy
added: Tue May 23 14:20:49 2017
tags: progressivearmy

Jared Kushner turns out to be a lawbreaking slumlord
added: Tue May 23 12:56:21 2017

Microsoft has created a mysterious version of Windows 10 for the Chinese government
added: Tue May 23 12:49:36 2017

Beijing's property wars: "Everyone knew Guo worked for state security and he could wiretap + arrest people at will."
added: Tue May 23 12:42:54 2017

'My worst nightmares are coming true': Europe's last primeval forest on 'brink of collapse' - shame on #poland...
added: Tue May 23 12:39:33 2017
tags: poland

good morning, the Democrats are trying to lose
added: Tue May 23 12:39:21 2017

clear pattern of Kushner suing tenants ovr virtully any unpaid rent/broken lease evn if facts appear on tnnts’ side.
added: Tue May 23 12:34:15 2017

#Gambia Justice Minister: former president Yahya Jammeh stole "at least" $50 million from state coffers before exile
added: Tue May 23 12:25:00 2017
tags: gambia

Ma Ba Tha ordered to cease all activities by State Sangha Committee:
added: Tue May 23 12:23:28 2017

Amazon Channels could be the future of subscription TV
added: Tue May 23 12:16:19 2017

Indian fighter jet missing in region claimed by China
added: Tue May 23 12:14:49 2017

North Korea-linked hackers 'highly likely' behind WannaCry: Symantec -…
added: Tue May 23 12:14:32 2017

Facebook disabled more than 14,000 accounts in one month for revenge porn and sexual extortion
added: Tue May 23 12:13:16 2017

Pan Shiyi to sue Chinese fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui over corruption claims | SCMP-hope he sues in us court
added: Tue May 23 12:01:18 2017

Under Modi, Baba Ramdev's company has rec'd $46 million in discounts for land in BJP states, reports @rahulabhatia
added: Tue May 23 12:00:11 2017

Trump supporters have compiled data on thousands who signed anti-fascist petition
added: Tue May 23 11:52:04 2017

@shashj glad to see we agree either way ;)
added: Tue May 23 10:53:10 2017

Former IBM Engineer Admits He Stole Source Code for China #IBM #China #software
added: Tue May 23 09:47:00 2017
tags: ibm, software, china

Manchester concert suicide attack prompts security rethinks worldwide Our live blog
added: Tue May 23 09:45:21 2017

Forbidden Fruit No Longer? Have Durian, Will Travel!
added: Tue May 23 09:42:59 2017

Statement from @Uber_HK on today's arrests
added: Tue May 23 09:42:42 2017

Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans: Comments:
added: Tue May 23 09:40:02 2017

Nokia settles patent dispute with Apple
added: Tue May 23 08:05:08 2017

Does Labour really tax us more than the Tories? See data from the Adam Smith Institute that suggests not:
added: Tue May 23 08:05:02 2017

Annie Li speaks to @SCMP_News on the need for #transparency in #asylum claims @anniejchk
added: Tue May 23 08:03:08 2017
tags: asylum, transparency

Parties suspend general election campaigning after Manchester suicide bomb attack
added: Tue May 23 07:45:28 2017

當現任主席鄧竟成話不宜表態嘅時候,前任主席表示…… 【前郊野公園委員會主席發聲 漁護署有責護郊野】 【曾拒出席689授勳禮 鄒桂昌批將住屋和郊野公園對立】...
added: Tue May 23 07:45:03 2017

“U.S. officials said initial reports indicated that some of the casualties might have been caused by a stampede”
added: Tue May 23 07:33:56 2017

Annie Li @justicecentrehk "We are not opposing govt measures, but ensure asylum seekers access the screening system"
added: Tue May 23 06:59:46 2017

#China's insurance industry regulator talks down solvency risks
added: Tue May 23 05:48:29 2017
tags: china

Kanter reveals death threats, to seek US passport
added: Tue May 23 05:47:08 2017

Paytm launches payments bank; offers 4% interest, cashbacks on deposits, zero fees on transactions
added: Tue May 23 05:46:14 2017

Private firms must reveal contracts inked with Penang gov't
added: Tue May 23 05:35:09 2017

#REUTERS Hong Kong police arrest 21 Uber drivers
added: Tue May 23 05:31:11 2017
tags: reuters

AsiaWorld-Expo to beef up security for #ArianaGrande concert on September 21 #Manchester
added: Tue May 23 04:24:45 2017
tags: manchester, arianagrande

"China's population may be smaller than believed"... long suspected this was true
added: Tue May 23 03:59:45 2017

Aug 10 fixed for Lingam's judicial challenge over disbarment
added: Tue May 23 03:20:53 2017

Philippines, China play down Duterte's talk of war in disputed sea
added: Tue May 23 03:20:31 2017

Minitrue: No Live Coverage of Ke Jie vs AlphaGo Games
added: Tue May 23 03:20:26 2017

Say hello to 'Dragon's Breath' – World's hottest chili pepper, so spicy it may even cause death!
added: Tue May 23 03:20:00 2017

“Teenager vs. Superpower”: Watch the new Netflix movie about the Hong Kong student who stood up to China via @qz
added: Tue May 23 03:18:57 2017

Possible leak being investigated at US nuclear site
added: Tue May 23 03:15:01 2017

Former FBI chief Comey postpones testimony before House committee
added: Tue May 23 03:13:23 2017

“We don't have enough evidence" that U of Maryland stabbing was a hate crime: Prince George’s County state attorney
added: Tue May 23 03:11:00 2017

"I'm not in the pocket of the mayor." -- people who definitely are
added: Tue May 23 02:47:17 2017

Sinkhole opens at Trump's Florida retreat
added: Tue May 23 02:46:31 2017

China April diesel exports ease from record high
added: Tue May 23 02:46:19 2017

@KongTsungGan she has endured so much, for so long. I wrote this back in 2002:
added: Tue May 23 02:43:49 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong government to boost prosecution presence in magistrates’ courts
added: Tue May 23 02:14:02 2017
tags: scmp

A director at short seller target Fullshare pitches an “anti-malicious short selling alliance" to fellow HK listcos
added: Tue May 23 02:11:15 2017

boopsuite - A Suite of Tools written in Python for wireless auditing and security testing.
added: Tue May 23 01:45:13 2017

MORE: Trump proposes selling off half of America's strategic oil reserve
added: Tue May 23 01:39:25 2017

#HongKong's #stock fortunes are tied to Tencent like never before @business @SofiaHC1…
added: Tue May 23 01:30:31 2017
tags: hongkong, stock

Next Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam gets rare warm reception from education sector for HK$5 billion aid talk
added: Tue May 23 01:29:00 2017

BREAKING: Emails show Obama Interior Sec Salazar doing political damage control for Anadarko after deadly blast
added: Tue May 23 01:20:52 2017

Aussie officials confirm that 1/2 the Great Barrier Reef--earth's largest living structure--has died in last 2 years
added: Tue May 23 01:20:50 2017

#NiYulan loses lawsuit against Beijing police over repeated evictions; #WangZang & #YeHaiyan similarly targeted
added: Tue May 23 01:15:04 2017
tags: niyulan, wangzang, yehaiyan

After pro#CCP group gets VicPark football pitches, CHRF awaits #HK govt response to revised app for #July1 march
added: Tue May 23 00:50:04 2017
tags: hk, july1

#sp17 Analysis of car emission defeat devices ["VW defeat device arguably the most complex…
added: Mon May 22 20:42:52 2017
tags: sp17

#STND News call halts TVB trade
added: Mon May 22 20:11:00 2017
tags: stnd

#STND Bank mortgage rate to rise after tightening
added: Mon May 22 20:10:59 2017
tags: stnd

Two more leaks found along Dakota Access pipeline
added: Mon May 22 20:08:00 2017

Patent trolls dealt a blow, Supreme Court curtails Texas' reign over case filings:
added: Mon May 22 15:01:42 2017

Chinese media praises reports of killed CIA sources
added: Mon May 22 14:55:22 2017

Until effective response mechanisms are established, Africa will remain vulnerable to transnational organized crime.
added: Mon May 22 14:01:29 2017

How Pink Floyd's Roger Waters refound his fire at 72
added: Mon May 22 12:47:38 2017

Japan Ramen Chain Takes On U.S. Foodie Scene for Overseas Growth | The Japan Times -
added: Mon May 22 12:46:47 2017

Cops now double as magical drug tests. They are arresting people for driving while stoned. Who aren't.
added: Mon May 22 12:46:18 2017

Leaked Facebook guidelines say posts about 'beating up fat kids' are OK
added: Mon May 22 12:46:12 2017

After reports that Chinese consulate in Melb urged action, embassy confirms consulate “dealt w the issue"
added: Mon May 22 12:41:56 2017

Innocent unarmed black man fatally tased and choked by cop
added: Mon May 22 12:40:15 2017

Adults battle over seats at high school graduation
added: Mon May 22 12:40:15 2017

European Clubs Search for the Goal in China’s Football Frontier
added: Mon May 22 12:40:11 2017

The Unknown Soldier, Brighton Fringe, powerful and intimate WWI drama
added: Mon May 22 11:55:00 2017

The Trump presidency isn't going like Israel thought it would. @glcarlstrom reports:
added: Mon May 22 10:55:30 2017

Theresa May just u-turned on her most controversial policy
added: Mon May 22 10:45:20 2017

HA welcomes Government's decision on fees revision
added: Mon May 22 09:47:03 2017

HKSAR Government releases "Progress Made by the Current-term Government on Mainland Co-operation" booklet
added: Mon May 22 09:47:03 2017

Dr Ambedkar's Speech at World Fellowship of Buddhists, Nepal
added: Mon May 22 09:45:13 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Sidelined Senior Trump NSC Official Speaks Out For First TIme, Blames Anti-Trump Bureaucrats
added: Mon May 22 09:45:09 2017

My book explains in detail how the Gulf monarchs Trump just embraced so passionately destroyed the Arab uprisings
added: Mon May 22 09:44:58 2017

Bitcoin Miners Agree in NY on SegWit Activation “Before September’: Sources #news #bitcoin #blockchain #segwit
added: Mon May 22 09:34:14 2017
tags: segwit, blockchain, bitcoin, news

Melbourne man tests positive to HIV while taking preventative drug via @theage
added: Mon May 22 08:56:50 2017

Trump's "principled realism" is neither principled nor realist
added: Mon May 22 08:23:44 2017

Bomb injures 20+ people at a hospital in Bangkok, Thai authorities say
added: Mon May 22 07:22:33 2017

Owner's shock at true worth of jewel bought at car boot sale
added: Mon May 22 07:16:06 2017

#EJI ‘Ugly potatoes’ dumped on NGO after supermarket rejects them
added: Mon May 22 07:11:24 2017
tags: eji

Disagreements surface over China-backed trade deal
added: Mon May 22 06:52:00 2017

Greek Authorities To Launch Mass Confiscation Of Safe Deposit Boxes, Securities, Homes In Tax-Evasion Crackdown
added: Mon May 22 06:45:11 2017

Govt looking at getting cheaper petrol on sale
added: Mon May 22 05:47:08 2017

Wang Quanzhang: The lawyer who 'simply vanished'
added: Mon May 22 05:41:51 2017

Nodejs Security : Broken Authentication :
added: Mon May 22 05:25:07 2017

Splendid @ALeighMP essay on the problem of insufficient competition in too many important markets: #auspol #ausecon
added: Mon May 22 05:24:29 2017
tags: ausecon, auspol

MI5 'kept file on Jeremy Corbyn over his IRA sympathies'
added: Mon May 22 05:18:00 2017

Chinese authorities detain 6 Japanese men: Japan gov't source -
added: Mon May 22 05:15:31 2017

Taiwan's same-sex marriage ruling could cement its place as Asia's liberal beacon
added: Mon May 22 05:15:24 2017

One dead, one injured following Sunday shooting
added: Mon May 22 05:02:55 2017

#ICYMI Punishing China to pressure North Korea: Could secondary sanctions work?
added: Mon May 22 05:00:25 2017
tags: icymi

Global Times claims "victory" today after the NYT spy story:
added: Mon May 22 04:50:26 2017

Australian property risks push S&P to downgrade banks but biggest lenders are spared
added: Mon May 22 04:49:40 2017

Microsoft wants to use DNA, the densest known storage medium in the universe, to replace tape drives.
added: Mon May 22 04:32:20 2017

的士奪命 不顧而去 全城緝兇 業界譴責冷血司機 「警方至今仍未找到涉事司機,不排除肇事的士為『影子車』,即偷用另一的士車牌的『假的士』,故令警方調查增加困難。」 原來還未拉到。
added: Mon May 22 04:30:14 2017

🚨🚨🚨🚨 EPISODE 110 - RED DEAD REDEMPTION feat. China Miéville 🚨🚨🚨🚨
added: Mon May 22 04:26:02 2017

60 Minutes: How Ai Weiwei Became an Enemy of the State: @60Minutes @aiww
added: Mon May 22 04:24:49 2017

Pittsburgh Welcomed Uber’s Driverless Car Experiment. Not Anymore., via @nytimes
added: Mon May 22 04:22:47 2017

Mount Everest's famous Hillary Step destroyed, mountaineers confirm // *Trump supporters celebrations intensify*
added: Mon May 22 04:22:44 2017

Feb 2010: China "employs one in every 33 local residents as an weed out 'non-harmonious elements'"
added: Mon May 22 04:22:21 2017

Jharkhand: Twin blasts rock Hazaribagh railway station, probe on - All details here
added: Mon May 22 04:22:15 2017

"Sue us all if you dare" pan-dem Dennis Kwok tells CY Leung
added: Mon May 22 04:13:42 2017

How Facebook conducted research, commissioned by an advertiser, on minors' emotional states
added: Mon May 22 03:11:03 2017

.@ATT breaks promise to preserve US jobs. I support @CWAUnion in upcoming strike against AT&T outsourcing & greed.
added: Mon May 22 03:05:35 2017

Rick Perry’s early days as Energy Secretary have been a bonanza for corporations and the Koch Brothers
added: Mon May 22 02:30:25 2017

If @TheDemocrats want to win, they need to pay close attention to what we have in store for activists at @pplsummit:
added: Mon May 22 02:22:52 2017

China's financial reform fraught with risks via @FinancialReview
added: Mon May 22 02:14:32 2017

"All this happened in front of policemen."
added: Mon May 22 02:14:07 2017

Macau casinos cash in again as China's luxury sector rebounds
added: Mon May 22 01:43:35 2017

Cathay Pacific flight to London forced to turn back after pilots notice problem with windscreen
added: Mon May 22 01:36:27 2017

Trump's new trade rep Lighthizer struggles to win over Asian partners
added: Mon May 22 01:35:06 2017

The same billionaire that funded Trump’s campaign bankrolled Milo’s college speaking tour b…
added: Mon May 22 01:33:01 2017

She: an immigrant maid. He: a multimillionaire celebrating Trump's inaugural. He grabbed her butt. He was convicted
added: Mon May 22 00:57:53 2017

#China warns #Taiwan of continued lockout from @WHO assembly | Star Tribune
added: Mon May 22 00:39:31 2017
tags: china, taiwan

'Very, very disappointed': Barred from @WHO #Taiwan urges global 'pressure' on #China | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
added: Mon May 22 00:38:43 2017
tags: china, taiwan

The ghost of the 1997 Asian financial crisis is stalking #HongKong's #economy @business @alfredliuhk @sreebloomberg
added: Mon May 22 00:35:35 2017
tags: hongkong, economy

Azerbaijan blocks independent media (and actually admits it)
added: Mon May 22 00:35:04 2017

Ex-IBM employee guilty of stealing secrets for China
added: Mon May 22 00:34:03 2017

ICYMI, China may delay full implementation of controversial new cyber security rules @michaelvmartina @catecadell
added: Mon May 22 00:29:30 2017

fun stuff
added: Mon May 22 00:17:18 2017

Antarctica’s ice sheet may have gone into the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration
added: Mon May 22 00:04:46 2017

Did China Hack The CIA In Massive Intelligence Breach From 2010 To 2012? OPM hack in 2015 also undermined US intel
added: Sun May 21 23:20:31 2017

Bill Introduced Allowing Cancellation Of Over $1 Trillion In Student Debt Through Bankruptcy
added: Sun May 21 22:32:18 2017

Wannakey2 released! Automatically find wannacry's PID, decrypt using malware's GUI and code refactored! Get it:
added: Sun May 21 22:06:39 2017

Leaving Single Market in Services could cost UK up to £36bn per year. Wondering why May's govt won't cost the loss?
added: Sun May 21 21:24:43 2017

Trump Supporters Have Built A Document With The Addresses And Phone Numbers Of Thousands Of Anti-Trump Activists
added: Sun May 21 20:52:30 2017

White Liberalism in HD: Bill Maher Exploits Police Killing Black Folks to Score Political Points for Hillary Clinton
added: Sun May 21 20:44:42 2017

xsscrapy - XSS spider #InfoSec #CyberSecurity
added: Sun May 21 16:26:09 2017
tags: cybersecurity, infosec

the ln -sf solution for publishing zone files to a directory for later sync by dns master: /cc @koobs
added: Sun May 21 14:08:28 2017

Hydropower dams, road construction and mining pose serious threat to fish species in Bhutan:
added: Sun May 21 11:45:20 2017

Taiwan hopes allies can resist China's coercion, threats: report
added: Sun May 21 11:00:03 2017

#SCMP Ex-chief secretary Akers-Jones urges Carrie Lam to get tough on land use
added: Sun May 21 10:27:11 2017
tags: scmp

Sister of French rape victim Theo: 'Police consider us rats, we don't have rights'
added: Sun May 21 10:01:05 2017

Isis are testing chemical weapons on live 'human guinea pigs'
added: Sun May 21 10:01:00 2017

Egypt's President said Trump is 'unique personality that can do the impossible'. Trump smiled, 'I agree'
added: Sun May 21 09:56:00 2017

BREAKING: North Korea fires unidentified projectile, says South Korea's military
added: Sun May 21 08:49:43 2017

Entertaining. Belt-Up For The Next Chinese Roller Coaster Ride
added: Sun May 21 08:40:43 2017
added: Sun May 21 08:12:34 2017

Global warming is making the Antarctic turn green
added: Sun May 21 08:11:53 2017

Money for new free schools to be taken from increasing university tuition fees
added: Sun May 21 08:11:25 2017

You probably didn't hear about it but Hammond got his sums wrong by £20bn
added: Sun May 21 08:09:40 2017

'To support One Belt, One Road': Chinese star apologises for wearing flag-dress at Cannes V…
added: Sun May 21 08:04:04 2017

Elsevier Wants $15 Million Piracy Damages From Sci-hub and Libgen - @elsevier the bully strikes again…
added: Sun May 21 08:03:29 2017

Federal LNP quietly cuts Adani's Abbot Point turtle controls. Tell the mines to go find their own land. via @smh
added: Sun May 21 07:15:50 2017

Don't look away, India. Please don't look away. via @htTweets
added: Sun May 21 07:10:34 2017

Company in focus: Hong Kong's MTR is praised abroad for efficiency, but criticized at home- Nikkei Asian Review
added: Sun May 21 07:01:16 2017

CIJ calls for charges against "Malaysiakini" bosses to be dropped -IFEX | @CIJ_Malaysia…
added: Sun May 21 07:00:25 2017

I haven't blogged in awhile. Here's my latest: "Five Things Tech Companies Can Do Better"
added: Sun May 21 06:05:45 2017

What was that again about Leung Chun-ying running a sunset government? It seems to be quite the opposite, writes...
added: Sun May 21 06:01:16 2017

TPP countries keep trade deal alive without Trump's U.S
added: Sun May 21 05:46:44 2017

How Basic Postgres Performance Analysis Saved Us Millions: Comments:
added: Sun May 21 05:40:02 2017

North Korea missile passes re-entry test in breakthrough for nuclear programme
added: Sun May 21 05:40:02 2017

Why It’s Time to Stop Punishing Our Soils with Fertilizers: Comments:
added: Sun May 21 05:40:01 2017

A think tank says building housing on brownfield sites will spur owners of farmland to convert their plots
added: Sun May 21 05:37:06 2017

Guo Wengui allegedly threatened to kill Australian man to rob business 郭文贵据称跨海威胁澳州商人谋财欲害命。…
added: Sun May 21 05:07:27 2017

With new sheriff in town, South Korea big businesses duck for cover
added: Sun May 21 05:05:06 2017

New SMB Worm Uses Seven NSA Hacking Tools, WannaCry Used Just Two : , EternalRocks worm :
added: Sun May 21 04:46:56 2017

OSHA to companies: Don’t send us your employee injury logs via @reveal
added: Sun May 21 04:39:21 2017

#China crippled #CIA by killing #US sources, says New York Times - BBC News
added: Sun May 21 04:37:32 2017
tags: cia, us, china

South Korea's Moon names top ministers and security adviser
added: Sun May 21 04:35:06 2017

After $69M theft, Bitfinex has dodged bankruptcy and repaid customers by issuing IOU tokens
added: Sun May 21 04:31:38 2017

Saudi Arabia and UAE pledge $100 million to Ivanka's Women Entrepreneurs Fund, per @carolelee:
added: Sun May 21 04:16:41 2017

#SCMP American professor speaks up for Cantonese and is preserving it as Hong Kong’s heritage
added: Sun May 21 04:12:25 2017
tags: scmp

The forgotten history of how ancient Zoroastrians helped create the old Silk Route via @qzindia
added: Sun May 21 04:12:14 2017

今日城市論壇: 特首議員 私改文件闖出禍; 彈劾譴責 辭職解散平風波? 出席嘉賓: 譚耀宗 林卓廷 毛孟靜 容海恩
added: Sun May 21 04:11:51 2017

Jeff Tamarkin: "Long Strange Trip, directed by Amir Bar-Lev, with Martin Scorsese among the executive producers,...
added: Sun May 21 04:11:32 2017

Imams now required to praise China and Xi Jinping during religious services inside Xinjiang mosques in China
added: Sun May 21 04:06:28 2017

// 學術機構重視排名,把大量資源投放到形象工程和互相競爭,卻遺忘了教育的本意。利字當頭,隨風擺柳,實在教人心痛。// 作者是香港大學民意研究計劃總監鍾庭耀
added: Sun May 21 04:05:08 2017

The slow death of minimum wage protection: Market failure meets political failure
added: Sun May 21 04:04:06 2017

@CoreyRobin You missed Dan Burton yelling at the nurses to shut the fuck up and go outside:
added: Sun May 21 03:55:51 2017

I’m astounded how many commenters on my Facebook are praising Turkish guards for beating “liberal” protesters in DC:
added: Sun May 21 03:27:26 2017

Census Dept. chief denies keeping blacklist of juniors who will never be promoted
added: Sun May 21 03:14:22 2017

How 1,000 years of Arabic scholarship advanced scientific debate – in pictures
added: Sat May 20 17:24:25 2017

The Trump sons promised not to make any foreign deals while dad is in office. So, about that...
added: Sat May 20 15:23:01 2017

"Your technique, flawless. Your energy, incredible. But you neither shucked nor jived, and that cannot stand."
added: Sat May 20 12:12:04 2017

Hong Kong’s shady casino ships to nowhere and the triads cashing in via @SCMP_News
added: Sat May 20 12:07:42 2017

America's trees are mysteriously moving west, reports @yayitsrob
added: Sat May 20 12:06:12 2017

Memo to Trump: US won’t escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians
added: Sat May 20 12:06:03 2017

#Taiwan ex #Defence Minister Michael Tsai 蔡明憲 leads delegation to #Geneva, seeking int'l support for TW's @WHO bid
added: Sat May 20 12:05:07 2017
tags: geneva, defence, taiwan

Windows 10 S Will Not Support the Linux Subsystem :
added: Sat May 20 12:02:05 2017

violent fascists on college campuses thugs in the streets determined disrupters at town hall meetings=Gingrich world
added: Sat May 20 11:45:02 2017

What rapid EV adoption looks like, via @UBS : 14% of all cars sold globally in 2025 will be battery driven. @FT
added: Sat May 20 11:37:09 2017

Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations:
added: Sat May 20 11:35:20 2017

民建聯蔣麗芸早前建議動員貓隻捉老鼠,咁如果有啲貓唔肯捉,係咪要「被人道毀滅」!? 〈玲玲馬戲團的罪與罰〉— 動物公民
added: Sat May 20 11:35:03 2017

BREAKING: General Electric announces $15 billion of business deals with #SaudiArabia
added: Sat May 20 11:35:00 2017
tags: saudiarabia

AMD is bringing its new Ryzen processors to laptops later this year
added: Sat May 20 10:12:02 2017

A tale of two SARs and Beijing's puzzle: Why can't Hong Kong be more like Macau?
added: Sat May 20 08:04:24 2017

Looks like Xi Jinping's respect for rule of law at international level roughly parallels his attitude domestically.
added: Sat May 20 06:12:34 2017

立法會工務小組今日續議319億啟德體育園,雖然園區涉及眾多爭議未解,不分黨派均對細節存在質疑,但主席盧偉國決定就提問「劃線」。 社民連梁國雄在會上提出中止待續及休會,均遭建制派否決,會議最終未及處理全部臨時動議及進行表決。...
added: Sat May 20 06:10:54 2017

Quantum physicists attack the Riemann hypothesis: Comments:
added: Sat May 20 06:10:02 2017

乜咁鼓噪啊?阿特首。黑人問號問號問號.jpg 【UGL醜聞】梁特歪理追擊 轟梁繼昌3位一體:報案人主控官陪審員
added: Sat May 20 06:06:37 2017

Kerala: Woman hacks off man's genitals after he tries to rape her Read @ANI_news story ->
added: Sat May 20 05:24:56 2017

Thriving border city Hunchun serves as a revealing hub for PRC-DPRK economic cooperation
added: Sat May 20 05:00:12 2017

Indian man dies in US custody, the eighth person this year
added: Sat May 20 05:00:01 2017

Ferry catches fire in W Indonesia, 3 dead, 160 missing
added: Sat May 20 04:26:11 2017
added: Sat May 20 04:01:35 2017

Hong Kong consumes 21% more water a year than global average and needs a new water strategy, says @CivicExchange
added: Sat May 20 02:40:29 2017

The National Review makes an important point to conservatives.
added: Sat May 20 01:45:48 2017

‘They stole my money’: Greek dreams of retirement turn sour via @AP_Images
added: Sat May 20 01:31:22 2017

No state does a better job discouraging voters from going to the polls than New York
added: Sat May 20 01:28:33 2017

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Is Getting Primaried by @hansalexrazo via @ProgressiveArmy
added: Sat May 20 01:18:33 2017

Impeach him !!!! : Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation
added: Sat May 20 01:12:51 2017

"the ability of the seed vault to provide failsafe protection against disasters is now threatened by climate change"
added: Sat May 20 01:10:43 2017

DoJ is using a law meant for ambulance chasers to crack down on the airport lawyers who fought the Muslim ban
added: Sat May 20 00:32:47 2017

My poem for Chris Cornell. Rest in peace friend.
added: Sat May 20 00:20:35 2017

Duterte: Xi told me China to go to war if PH drills oil in SCS
added: Fri May 19 23:30:02 2017

Why @TheEconomist is a terrible and dishonest magazine that should disappear:
added: Fri May 19 22:17:55 2017

And yes, that's an actual quote.
added: Fri May 19 21:56:50 2017

The Problem with OCSP Stapling and Must Staple and why Certificate Revocation is still broken
added: Fri May 19 21:26:43 2017

Young lawyer exposes her torture in prison - #china #news #humanrights #ruleoflaw
added: Fri May 19 21:25:38 2017
tags: china, ruleoflaw, humanrights, news

Trudeau to ask Pope to apologize over residential schools
added: Fri May 19 18:24:07 2017

New report from @WildAid reveals ongoing corruption and incompetence in #SouthAfrica to #rhino poaching kingpins
added: Fri May 19 15:41:03 2017
tags: rhino, southafrica

Letters obtained by @AP show Trump's attorneys didn't want him to sign his financial disclosure forms:
added: Fri May 19 14:45:44 2017

If you want to know what voter intimidation looks like, take a look at Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana.
added: Fri May 19 11:01:46 2017

US summons Turkey envoy for embassy brawl
added: Fri May 19 10:59:00 2017

The Met has released more than 375,000 images that you can use for free
added: Fri May 19 07:12:11 2017

Important piece: China been strengthening RMB above basket implication helping ease other pressures
added: Fri May 19 07:11:49 2017

4 Indonesian soldiers killed in South China Sea exercise Chinese anti-aircraft gun malfunction
added: Fri May 19 07:10:37 2017

'A Landlord Who Is Being Sued For Banning Asian Tenants Insists He Isn't Racist'
added: Fri May 19 07:09:15 2017

One of most common question I get is: what is biggest risk in China? Easy: real estate and protesting owner/buyer
added: Fri May 19 07:07:59 2017

North Korea urges South Korea to not seek confrontation, condemn missile tests
added: Fri May 19 07:06:05 2017

Arrests of two journalists by Canadian police spark call for public inquiry.
added: Fri May 19 07:05:34 2017

The women, some already married, were deceived, drugged and brought into China by force.
added: Fri May 19 07:01:12 2017

She also openly makes a clean break from feminism, claiming western enemy forces uses feminism to break into China
added: Fri May 19 06:41:47 2017

Government accused of gagging scientists during election campaign by misapplying 'purdah' rule
added: Fri May 19 06:41:00 2017

Ivanka Trump leads meeting at White House in father's absence If Trump is impeached does that make Ivanka king?
added: Fri May 19 06:40:26 2017

'Success at any cost': Retired Hong Kong cardinal Zen attacks proposed Vatican-China deal
added: Fri May 19 05:51:40 2017

With all the OBOR chat re-upping this seems appropriate: China Takes Its Debt-Driven Growth Model Overseas
added: Fri May 19 05:27:29 2017

"It is not yet too late for the US to reverse [Barack] Obama’s diplomatic misjudgment."
added: Fri May 19 05:00:38 2017

#EJI Bandar Malaysia project shows realities of One Belt, One Road
added: Fri May 19 04:57:34 2017
tags: eji

When Big Brother gets God’s Eye: China tries to catch up on AI & further expand surveillance via @SCMP_News
added: Fri May 19 04:51:10 2017

UGL調查委員會主席謝偉俊稱,原本收到數名委員針對周浩鼎的不信任動議,但隨着周已辭職,相信可省卻有關議程。 #UGL醜聞 【主席謝偉俊冀調查重回正軌 或准會議公開】
added: Fri May 19 04:49:39 2017
tags: ugl醜聞

Iowa defunded Planned Parenthood and now four clinics are closing.
added: Fri May 19 04:39:12 2017

Crop Top Wearing King Of Thailand Vs. Facebook: via @YouTube
added: Fri May 19 04:38:38 2017

Wow @dustette really started something here
added: Fri May 19 04:30:18 2017

Is India's Hindu nationalist BJP trying to push Muslims out of business?
added: Fri May 19 04:30:08 2017

Belt And Road Initiative Is China's New Coercion Strategy Against Taiwan
added: Fri May 19 04:26:05 2017

China's 'war on law': victims' wives tell US Congress of torture and trauma & call for sanctions
added: Fri May 19 04:25:46 2017

Funkspiel is making a comeback. This is kinda awesome!
added: Fri May 19 04:25:38 2017
tags: russia

Salvador Allende's first speech to the Chilean parliament after his election
added: Fri May 19 04:24:56 2017

Finally, 5 days after scandal erupted: #HoldenChow quits panel in wake of CYLeung’s intervention in probe @SCMP_News
added: Fri May 19 04:20:30 2017
tags: holdenchow

#Philippines: EU threatens trade sanctions over the government’s ‘war on drugs’
added: Fri May 19 04:16:41 2017
tags: philippines

"Today, it is safe to say that, in effect, China runs North Korea’s economy"
added: Fri May 19 04:06:30 2017

Police will not press charges in Lifelong College diploma mill scandal
added: Fri May 19 04:06:23 2017

California moving fast on this; hydrogen fuel cell cars could beat battery electric cars (like Tesla) in many ways.
added: Fri May 19 02:56:19 2017

FCC votes to begin overturning net neutrality rules
added: Fri May 19 02:54:42 2017

Flashback: In '09, Senate Dems were nearing 60 votes on Medicare buy-in for those aged 55+. Then Lieberman killed it
added: Fri May 19 02:54:38 2017

The Next Generation of @DemSocialists Has Started Winning Local Elections
added: Fri May 19 02:51:04 2017

"They charge $1,000 per ticket to attend their Progressive Party & eat canapes wondering why they are out of touch"
added: Fri May 19 02:25:17 2017

WSJ: The U.S. is taking a close look at how tight a grip Russia has on Citgo assets via @WSJ
added: Fri May 19 02:13:19 2017

Juror literally said he thought Officer Shelby was guilty, but that he was tired & hungry so he voted not-guilty.
added: Fri May 19 02:09:44 2017
tags: terencecrutcher

Thailand's generals said they'd give up power within 18 months; 3 years later they're taking a longer-term approach
added: Fri May 19 01:55:44 2017

How China Is Building the Post-Western World
added: Fri May 19 01:51:04 2017

China-Hong Kong bridge to unity, or tentacle of Beijing control? by @jamespomfret
added: Fri May 19 01:49:31 2017

When Chinese rights activists were jailed, their wives fought back
added: Fri May 19 01:44:34 2017

Daniel Salisbury: A Malaysian Shipyard with North Korean Connections?
added: Fri May 19 01:38:41 2017

This is by far Trump's cruelest pick yet.
added: Fri May 19 00:55:04 2017

LiaisonOffice in #HK orders '67 rioters to postpone commemorative events so as to avoid spoiling #July1 celebrations
added: Fri May 19 00:50:05 2017
tags: july1, hk

#Fiji closes #Taiwan office, holds talks with Beijing | Radio New Zealand News
added: Fri May 19 00:49:15 2017
tags: taiwan, fiji

#Cambodia: New voter registration procedure could disenfranchise 300,000 in June 4 commune election
added: Fri May 19 00:47:54 2017
tags: cambodia

#China extracts gas from 'flammable ice' mined from #SouthChinaSea
added: Fri May 19 00:43:22 2017
tags: southchinasea, china

Roger Ailes. Not possible to say anything fair and balanced.
added: Thu May 18 23:51:11 2017

CANT MAKE IT UP: GOP AG bankrolled by oil/gas moves to block court ruling that prioritizes health in oil/gas policy
added: Thu May 18 23:35:28 2017

That recent AT&T 911 outage? The FCC confirms it was AT&T's fault. The punishment? None -- not even a fine.
added: Thu May 18 23:09:00 2017

Jason Chaffetz quits Congress, leaving a legacy of destruction and lies
added: Thu May 18 21:59:33 2017

60 yrs ago #onthisday PekingU began antirightists campaign, resulted in the imprisonment n execution of students:
added: Thu May 18 18:14:28 2017
tags: onthisday

"We seem to expect Americans... to risk their lives to protect our home, while relieving our own of that very duty."
added: Thu May 18 17:23:34 2017

Online Campaign to Identify “Erdoğan’s Bodyguards” Following Assault via @bellingcat
added: Thu May 18 15:06:46 2017

Trump rescued jobs at Carrier. A mile away, at Rexnord, 300 jobs are going to Mexico anyway. Deep dive in @TIME ..
added: Thu May 18 11:47:33 2017

He consolidated Maxwell's 20 original equations using vector calculus into the form we are most familiar with today
added: Thu May 18 09:16:06 2017

Po Toi island, southern Hong Kong - mainly shot with drone [DJI Mavic Pro]
added: Thu May 18 08:49:46 2017

Theresa May halts free school lunches for pupils
added: Thu May 18 08:46:10 2017

消息指,決定赴美升學的陳岳鵬,為遷就當地開學時間,已向特首梁振英請辭,提早離開政府。 #林鄭組班 【陳岳鵬提早離職 下月赴美開學】
added: Thu May 18 08:45:20 2017
tags: 林鄭組班

#Longhair says the action violates #Legco president’s powers
added: Thu May 18 08:44:01 2017
tags: longhair, legco

Hundreds of newly-discovered plants may yield new crops or drugs
added: Thu May 18 08:43:05 2017

Donald Trump's speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia being written by man who started 'anti-Islam club'
added: Thu May 18 07:38:50 2017

17 Dead in Mass Escape from #PapuaNewGuinea Prison
added: Thu May 18 07:37:17 2017
tags: papuanewguinea

EU fines Facebook 110 million euros over misleading WhatsApp data
added: Thu May 18 07:35:06 2017

China Brands Dial Up More Than Half of India Smartphone Market #smartphones #India #Xiaomi
added: Thu May 18 07:08:45 2017
tags: india, smartphones, xiaomi

Seized computers contain more than 20,000 photos and 7,000 videos obtained through internet, say police
added: Thu May 18 07:05:57 2017

A murder, an heiress and and the Chinese military: how money made in China has flooded overseas real estate markets
added: Thu May 18 06:45:02 2017

South Korean President Moon Jae-in vows to reopen probe into 1980 Gwangju massacre
added: Thu May 18 06:26:08 2017
added: Thu May 18 05:48:13 2017

It's amazing how often Trump's aides admit that they can't get the president of the United States to read briefings.
added: Thu May 18 04:38:51 2017

Western banks eclipsed by China's along the new Silk Road by @shuzhang4 & Matthew Miller
added: Thu May 18 04:37:41 2017

#China says will raise rice import quota from #Cambodia from 200,000 to 300,000 tons in 2018 after #HunSen visit:
added: Thu May 18 04:37:31 2017
tags: china, hunsen, cambodia

Dick Gephardt once acknowledged Armenian genocide, then left Congress, Turkey paid his firm $8m & changed his mind
added: Thu May 18 04:37:18 2017

Many nations pin climate hopes on China, India as hopes for Trump fade
added: Thu May 18 04:36:49 2017

Brazil power regulator seeks Mandarin translators in China push
added: Thu May 18 04:36:03 2017

China insurer Foresea Life says operations normal, cashflow stable
added: Thu May 18 04:35:49 2017

Plasma jet engines that could take you from the ground to space
added: Thu May 18 04:31:53 2017

Rural bodies set to hoist 100,000 flags across New Territories in celebration of handover
added: Thu May 18 04:04:05 2017

Handover Hangover: Hong Kong’s Film Industry Faces an Uncertain Future
added: Thu May 18 04:00:37 2017

OMG from Ryan's home state media 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
added: Thu May 18 03:55:59 2017

please let us end this day with the joyful knowledge that Alex Jones was forced to apologize to the yogurt company
added: Thu May 18 03:50:06 2017

Why it’s impossible to convict a cop: via @thenation #TerenceCrutcher
added: Thu May 18 03:23:05 2017
tags: terencecrutcher

Some WH staffers, worried about getting fired, are looking for jobs. "People are looking for the exits"
added: Thu May 18 03:10:54 2017

"what would be the scientific purpose of killing the shark?" "revenge."
added: Thu May 18 02:51:10 2017

China approved $20.6 billion worth of fixed-asset investment projects in April
added: Thu May 18 02:41:49 2017

How Pentagon Contracting Is Killing the Military’s Technological Edge
added: Thu May 18 02:37:18 2017

@chrislhayes Rep. Cumming wrote Pence a letter re: Flynn/Turkery concerns mid Nov. AND @maddow from 3/10:
added: Thu May 18 02:32:04 2017

China April home prices rise 0.7 percent month-on-month, 10.7 percent year-on-year
added: Thu May 18 02:23:26 2017

#HongKong's Housing is the Worlds Most Unaffordable…and That’s Not Even the Worst Part
added: Thu May 18 02:15:29 2017
tags: hongkong

'It is pretty crazy': Henderson Land tycoon pays HK$23.28 billion for land plot in Central
added: Thu May 18 01:52:18 2017

NEW w/ @PostRoz @thamburger: Our profile of Robert Mueller, who has a history of standing up to the White House
added: Thu May 18 01:48:58 2017

Low Latency Trading Architecture at LMAX Exchange
added: Thu May 18 01:42:45 2017

A Tokyo café where customers can sit and browse through one of more than 5,000 photography books.
added: Thu May 18 01:41:22 2017

Days before Trump was sworn in, Flynn stopped a Pentagon plan Turkey opposed—after being paid $500,000 as its agent
added: Thu May 18 01:40:00 2017

New Hampshire Rep. Robert Fisher resigns after unmasking as prominent internet misogynist
added: Thu May 18 01:38:04 2017

Filipino woman, 30, falls to death in suspected window-cleaning accident in Mong Kok
added: Thu May 18 01:35:14 2017

US Navy admiral sentenced to 18 months in 'Fat Leonard' bribery scandal
added: Thu May 18 01:35:04 2017

NYT: Trump aides knew Michael Flynn was under investigation before he became NSA and gained access to state secrets
added: Thu May 18 01:17:20 2017

China installs anti-frogman rocket launchers on a Reef in the South China Sea
added: Thu May 18 01:11:10 2017

【共青團發功】借交流團洗腦 劉銳紹:內地常見統戰方式 「除此之外還會透過一些專業團體,拉攏已畢業的年青人回內地。這些洗腦工作做了多年,共青團還聲稱需加大力度,反映多年來……」 又例如拉攏一些在北京讀社科、讀建築的,恰巧都在理大的。
added: Thu May 18 01:07:49 2017

All else aside, here’s my professional advice as an infosec and crypto specialist: DON’T TAPE YOUR SECRET MEETINGS.
added: Wed May 17 22:50:37 2017

Australian oil well leaked into ocean for months – but incident kept secret
added: Wed May 17 22:33:49 2017

BREAKING: Ryan's office said "That never happened" -- until being told WaPo has a recording.
added: Wed May 17 22:09:36 2017

House majority leader told colleagues last year "I think Putin pays" Trump. Paul Ryan told them not to leak remarks.
added: Wed May 17 22:00:05 2017

U.S. sanctions Iranian defense officials and China-based network over missile program:
added: Wed May 17 21:06:14 2017

S&P 500 suffers its biggest one-day fall since September amid Trump worries:
added: Wed May 17 21:01:22 2017

This is how your government responds to unfavorable news coverage:
added: Wed May 17 21:00:01 2017

Americans' debt back at record high after nearly a decade
added: Wed May 17 20:35:04 2017

"Dutch king reveals double life as an airline pilot for KLM"
added: Wed May 17 20:30:47 2017

Facebook will reportedly face EU fine over WhatsApp deal
added: Wed May 17 20:27:13 2017

Underrated Clarke scandal: framing a woman for drunk-driving when one of his deputies broke her neck in a car crash
added: Wed May 17 19:35:53 2017

China Targets Xinjiang Region For Mass DNA Sampling of Local Population
added: Wed May 17 19:35:15 2017

#Taiwan Today reporting that 330,000-plus Chiang Kai-shek documents released online
added: Wed May 17 19:24:43 2017
tags: taiwan

wonder why it's so hard for women to get vc funding
added: Wed May 17 15:20:19 2017

Donald Trump will only read intelligence reports if he is mentioned in them, White House sources claim
added: Wed May 17 13:22:20 2017

Manley would shift from mildly Fabian notions of social intervention to more radical democratic socialist positions.
added: Wed May 17 13:22:01 2017

Why #Jordan and #Morocco are doubling down on royal rule. New @monkeycageblog by Sean Yom
added: Wed May 17 12:57:46 2017
tags: morocco, jordan

Investor Hermes critical of Deutsche Bank - why we need more of this sort of thing
added: Wed May 17 12:10:00 2017

Red Cross says finds 115 bodies in Central African Republic town
added: Wed May 17 12:09:07 2017

This speaks to the state's wider failure to provide homes for the homeless:
added: Wed May 17 11:20:04 2017

Researcher Finds Way to Steal Windows Login Credentials via Chrome and SCF Files via…
added: Wed May 17 11:12:21 2017

My @InfoQ summary of @pcalcado's @CraftConf talk -> "The Economics of Microservices"
added: Wed May 17 11:05:04 2017

Trump's appetite for chaos has left his staff rattled. He's turned against most of them, including Jared Kushner.
added: Wed May 17 10:50:03 2017

If you want to get a job, remove these skills from your CV
added: Wed May 17 10:50:00 2017

Chechnya accused of 'Nazi behaviour' in 'genocide' against gay people in complaint to International Criminal Court
added: Wed May 17 10:45:03 2017

Heard on the Street: Banks can go higher even without Trump’s help
added: Wed May 17 10:38:05 2017

Teenage girl found dead after car crash near Leicester 'died before the collision happened'
added: Wed May 17 10:32:00 2017

China has replaced Europe as the top worry for global money managers,
added: Wed May 17 10:31:14 2017

The EU wants to blacklist tax havens outside the EU. But the challenge of tackling tax avoidance is closer to home.
added: Wed May 17 09:31:00 2017

China cross-border capital flows kept good momentum in April: FX regulator
added: Wed May 17 09:22:31 2017

Philippines: China to step up buying agri products from former Mindanao conflict areas and…
added: Wed May 17 09:21:27 2017

Officers accused of false testimony in Mong Kok riot trial...
added: Wed May 17 09:03:00 2017

Thanks @MicroCPH for inviting me to the conference. Here are my slides and talk transcript #microCPH
added: Wed May 17 08:23:23 2017
tags: microcph

Dakota Access Pipeline Springs a Leak - #NoDAPL
added: Wed May 17 08:22:55 2017
tags: nodapl

Some truly stunning drone footage in the @global_witness jade doco. Watch online here:
added: Wed May 17 07:46:00 2017

Jeremy Corbyn gatecrashed Theresa May's Facebook Live Q&A
added: Wed May 17 07:35:00 2017

What could possibly go wrong ?
added: Wed May 17 07:33:32 2017

China installs rocket launchers on disputed South China Sea island - report
added: Wed May 17 07:23:04 2017

Malaysia Q1 growth seen faster on strong domestic demand, exports
added: Wed May 17 06:20:41 2017

What Periyar Said about Buddha?
added: Wed May 17 06:20:11 2017

#HK netizens have photographed these mainland "beggars"/"conmen" dressed in hiking gear. 📷…
added: Wed May 17 05:53:07 2017
tags: hk

【六七暴動】中國密檔揭沙頭角槍戰從未曝光細節 民兵放火被擊斃
added: Wed May 17 03:28:23 2017

We Can Slay the Dragons of Homophobia #Taiwan #IDAHOT #LGBTQ @may17IDAHOT
added: Wed May 17 03:27:59 2017
tags: taiwan, idahot, lgbtq

Never save passwords on your browsers!! Chrome Browser Hack Opens Door to Credential Theft...
added: Wed May 17 03:14:39 2017

Exposure to psychological abuse more damaging for kid's well-being: Study
added: Wed May 17 03:00:01 2017

De Lima warns vs Chinese loans for infra projects Read here: #FreeLeila #OneforLeila…
added: Wed May 17 02:51:18 2017
tags: oneforleila, freeleila

This wasn't just an election. This was a revolution. My column on the end of mass incarceration politics in Philly
added: Wed May 17 02:39:22 2017

China jails its citizens as it touts global benefits of ‘new Silk Road’ /via @globeandmail @nvanderklippe
added: Wed May 17 02:30:24 2017

Breathe easier, Hong Kong is on course to hit global air pollution target
added: Wed May 17 02:28:26 2017

Revealed: year-long campaign to make conditions harsher for Manus refugees
added: Wed May 17 02:25:58 2017

China And Japan Will Pay Billions To Improve Shoddy Philippine Infrastructure
added: Wed May 17 02:25:22 2017

#China gives markets a break as deleveraging fever begins to ease via @markets @business
added: Wed May 17 02:17:31 2017
tags: china

added: Tue May 16 21:13:32 2017
tags: stem

An Ohio police officer collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after he brushed fentanyl residue off his uniform
added: Tue May 16 17:48:01 2017

There's a Chinese alt-right that uses "whiteness" as an insult for weakness and moral hypocrisy
added: Tue May 16 17:47:29 2017

US Congress to hear cases of detained Chinese rights lawyers, Taiwanese NGO worker
added: Tue May 16 17:28:05 2017

The Slippery Slope of “Buy American” Campaigns
added: Tue May 16 15:47:07 2017

The Illicit Financial Flows out of Africa Database a knowledge hub on the subject of illicit financial flows
added: Tue May 16 15:47:03 2017

Ford cutting jobs to jump start stalled stock
added: Tue May 16 15:11:01 2017

Amid “Constitutional Crisis,” Bernie Sanders Urges Workers To Seize Means of Production
added: Tue May 16 15:10:01 2017

.@ppppolls finds The Rock leading Trump 42/37 in a prospective presidential election
added: Tue May 16 14:29:22 2017

China Increases U.S. Treasury Holdings by Most in Two Years - Bloomberg capital controls reducing flight
added: Tue May 16 13:50:41 2017

#Taiwan to invest NT$992.8B on #SolarEnergy by 2025 #renewables #greenenergy
added: Tue May 16 13:30:00 2017
tags: solarenergy, taiwan, greenenergy, renewables

Even Conservative SCOTUS can’t Stomach N Carolina Voter Suppression
added: Tue May 16 12:47:03 2017

Proxima b, Earth-sized exoplanet, could support alien life
added: Tue May 16 12:45:00 2017

Tuition-free college is spreading across the country. Here's where it's offered
added: Tue May 16 12:28:02 2017

Excellent @nytimes op ed on Trump's infantilism: When the World Is Led by a Child
added: Tue May 16 12:25:38 2017

By my AP colleague @YKLeeAP Experts see possible North Korea links to global cyberattack (from @AP)
added: Tue May 16 12:25:27 2017

Lawmakers call for release of Comey "tapes," as White House refuses to confirm Trump's claim
added: Tue May 16 12:23:56 2017

Legislative Council Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting visits Cyberport
added: Tue May 16 12:23:36 2017

【將軍澳天主教聖安德肋小學165人染急性腸胃炎】 將軍澳天主教聖安德肋小學爆發急性腸胃炎,受影響學童及教職員增至165人, 其中4人入院,全部人情況穩定。致病源頭暫時未確定,校方已全面清潔校舍及校巴。 #有線新聞 #將軍澳...
added: Tue May 16 12:22:47 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 將軍澳

CalPERS is looking like a serious bad guy here.
added: Tue May 16 12:20:33 2017

【最新版】【立法會查UGL事件】 【梁振英承認曾修改周浩鼎提交的文件】 【周浩鼎致歉 但否認有隱瞞】 行政長官梁振英,修改立法會議員周浩鼎提交調查UGL委員會的文件,事件中兩位主角先後承認跟對方聯絡,交流過修改的內容。...
added: Tue May 16 12:06:12 2017

A chatbot meant to discourage bullying behavior in online games with an abuse detection and intervention system.
added: Tue May 16 12:06:00 2017

link to the Press Release => stay away - this news only lead into on direction... #scam…
added: Tue May 16 12:05:19 2017
tags: scam

There seems to be a mounting corpus of evidence that the ad business has been taken over by tone-deaf idiots
added: Tue May 16 12:02:11 2017

Henderson buys world’s costliest land plot in Hong Kong
added: Tue May 16 11:45:42 2017

Greek economy sinks back into recession
added: Tue May 16 11:42:46 2017

Ivory Coast soldiers accept deal to end mutiny: spokesmen
added: Tue May 16 11:05:09 2017

“Our American friends offer us money, arms & advice. We take the money, we take the arms, & we decline the advice.”
added: Tue May 16 11:03:59 2017

Cybersecurity Bill Would Grant PM Absolute Online Power
added: Tue May 16 11:03:02 2017

House GOP now considering cuts to: -food stamps -welfare -help for the disabled -and maybe veterans benefits
added: Tue May 16 11:02:16 2017

China’s new Silk Road may signal more one-way traffic in trade for African countries via @qzafrica
added: Tue May 16 10:59:00 2017

A comparison of sedimentary DNA and pollen from lake sediments in recording vegetation composition at the Siberian..
added: Tue May 16 10:50:42 2017

Philadelphia sues Wells Fargo for allegedly discriminating against minority borrowers
added: Tue May 16 10:41:05 2017

American neo-Nazi possibly residing in Ukraine said to be behind the pre-election fake Macron document dump online.
added: Tue May 16 10:31:10 2017

Waymo v. Uber brawl sees 'suspicious' acts and 'pilfered files' - CNET via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue May 16 10:22:22 2017

You always wonder how many people had to sign off on an ad like this
added: Tue May 16 10:22:04 2017

What would you sacrifice for your career? 😱
added: Tue May 16 10:18:21 2017

#INDONESIA - forest rangers arrest 2 farmers whilst carrying sack of #tiger skins & bones:
added: Tue May 16 10:17:28 2017
tags: tiger, indonesia

Kansas lawmakers floating another big income tax increase
added: Tue May 16 10:16:17 2017

This Dinosaur Is the 'Most Impressive Fossil' We've Ever Seen
added: Tue May 16 10:15:14 2017

China quietly releases draft of tough new intelligence law
added: Tue May 16 10:15:14 2017

Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Tokyo immigration center. Time for Japan to rethink refugee policy.
added: Tue May 16 10:14:50 2017

Going to be fun watching these supply chains evolve Glencore Says Electric Car Boom Is Coming Faster Than Expected
added: Tue May 16 10:12:58 2017

Google collected NHS records of 1.6M patients on “inappropriate legal basis” by @kellyfiveash
added: Tue May 16 08:30:02 2017

40 million (and counting) reasons to be alarmed by #China surveillance: Police DNA Database Threatens Privacy .@hrw
added: Tue May 16 08:25:19 2017
tags: china

@wilfredchan It does provide nearly endless satirical possibilities, though...
added: Tue May 16 08:22:49 2017

Hollywood Helps #China Set Up National #Surveillance And #Censorship System To Tackle Copyright Infringement -
added: Tue May 16 08:19:21 2017
tags: china, censorship, surveillance

500 killed in DR Congo's Kasai in five months, police say
added: Tue May 16 08:18:53 2017

in case you're wondering why the rise of conservative islamism (and christianity, for that matter)
added: Tue May 16 07:51:58 2017

Xinhua news issues its first batch of banned/required terminology relevant to #Taiwan, #HongKong too
added: Tue May 16 07:41:18 2017
tags: hongkong, taiwan

BREAKING: South Korean media says new president will visit the White House next month amid worries over North Korea.
added: Tue May 16 06:43:42 2017

Massive cryptocurrency botnet used leaked NSA exploits weeks before WannaCry ransomware
added: Tue May 16 06:07:39 2017

No sign of capital controls easing as China’s overseas shopping spree continues, experts say
added: Tue May 16 06:07:19 2017

After playing the US for economic benefits while pretending to negotiate in good faith, Netanyahu is expanding.
added: Tue May 16 05:51:09 2017

Eastern Europe turns back on single market
added: Tue May 16 05:27:21 2017

New dinosaur fossil so well-preserved it looks like a statue
added: Tue May 16 05:18:00 2017

Egyptian archaeologists discover 2,300-year-old necropolis with at least 17 mummies
added: Tue May 16 05:12:00 2017

Well damn!!!
added: Tue May 16 05:11:08 2017

sniffROM - A tool for passive data capture and reconnaissance of serial flash chips :
added: Tue May 16 05:08:49 2017

Chile in 1973 reminds us how quickly people can succumb to demagoguery and brutality
added: Tue May 16 05:07:00 2017

China banking regulator tightens rules on WMPs, flags more curbs
added: Tue May 16 05:02:16 2017

Remote Pacific island found buried under tonnes of plastic waste
added: Tue May 16 04:10:19 2017

Indonesian Islamist leader says ethnic Chinese wealth is next target
added: Tue May 16 04:03:36 2017

Next time someone asks you about China business and politics, just have them read this via @WSJ
added: Tue May 16 04:03:35 2017

Julius Malema says that if a no-confidence vote in Zuma succeeds, the president will still try to remain in office.
added: Tue May 16 04:00:14 2017

Narcos are destroying the rainforest, thanks to America's opioid addiction
added: Tue May 16 04:00:02 2017

Developers' hunger for land are adding to signs of a comeback for #Singapore's housing market @business #property
added: Tue May 16 03:59:01 2017
tags: property, singapore

DocuSign forged – crooks crack email system and send nasties
added: Tue May 16 03:58:13 2017

Chinese lawyer record video as a precaution would he be tortured and forced to confess: @johnsudworth @TWSentinel
added: Tue May 16 03:53:44 2017

US says Syria using 'crematorium' to hide mass killing
added: Tue May 16 03:41:07 2017

Andaman Marine Parks Close For 5 Months, Starting Today
added: Tue May 16 03:39:45 2017

The most common way to start every China news headline since 1912
added: Tue May 16 03:35:36 2017

The CE calls for a Legco probe into whoever leaked the story, a lawmaker says CY could be guilty of misconduct
added: Tue May 16 03:33:08 2017

"An aide deflected an inquiry about the Post piece, saying: "I'm dealing with other dumpster fires.’” @HallieJackson
added: Tue May 16 03:22:12 2017

"Contradicting Beijing’s data, UN says China imported N. Korean coal in March" #foreignaffairs #feedly
added: Tue May 16 03:20:15 2017
tags: feedly, foreignaffairs

梁振英繼續指自己「完全有權利」向專責委員會表達擬議範圍及有關事實的權利。 #UGL醜聞 【梁特親認干預 辯稱為令調查更全面】 【梁特邊稱不介意披露 邊反咬議員違保密要求調查】...
added: Tue May 16 02:37:07 2017
tags: ugl醜聞

'Meaningful slowdown' for Chinese economy via @ABCNews
added: Tue May 16 01:54:08 2017

Former U.S. trade rep: China is going back on reforms and discriminating against U.S. companies. #WSJCEOCouncil
added: Tue May 16 01:46:39 2017
tags: wsjceocouncil

The terrible costs of Trump's disclosures to the Russians, from @EliotACohen
added: Tue May 16 01:41:04 2017

Here's the video of his action. Judge for yourself if it warrants conviction &punishment of up to 3 years in prison
added: Tue May 16 01:18:39 2017

Trump advisers aren't surprised he leaked classified info, prob to impress Russians, via @jdawsey1 @elianayjohnson
added: Tue May 16 00:21:11 2017

Aust holds out on signing up to China's OBOR 1st reported this hesitation back in March:
added: Tue May 16 00:17:10 2017

Millionaire to Millennials: "Stop buying avocado toast if you want to buy a home" 4,900 🥑…
added: Tue May 16 00:16:35 2017

UK: Whistleblower says London police hired Indian hackers to spy on journalists, politicians and activists
added: Tue May 16 00:04:01 2017

Scientists Study Atmospheric Waves Radiating out of Hurricanes via @UMiamiRSMAS @science360 @HRD_AOML_NOAA
added: Mon May 15 23:06:08 2017

Head just asploded when @chriscoyier showed @sarah_edo's animated flow chart: just a big fancy SVG. Amazing. #aeabos
added: Mon May 15 21:32:48 2017
tags: aeabos

A whistleblower provided me with 100+ pages of CIA docs on Guantanamo, exposing stomach-turning torture methods:
added: Mon May 15 20:34:20 2017

Check out how @HernandezJavier was treated at this Kushner event in Beijing. Appalling.
added: Mon May 15 13:30:51 2017

Why octopuses are probably conscious, and have been for around 290 million years
added: Mon May 15 13:25:33 2017

Cops renew interest in @bersih2's activities, haul up @mariachin over her involvement in a forum in Penang last year
added: Mon May 15 13:10:29 2017

Users of #Kraken and #Poloniex may have suffered losses as a result of manipulation and insider trading #Bitcoin
added: Mon May 15 13:00:42 2017
tags: kraken, bitcoin, poloniex

Doxing the hero who stopped WannaCry was irresponsible and dumb: Comments:
added: Mon May 15 12:40:02 2017

Focus On Infants During Childbirth Leaves U.S. Moms In Danger
added: Mon May 15 12:38:18 2017

#morningjoe @JoeNBC Shorter Charlie Sykes: the Left was right about the Right all along but I'll NEVER admit it
added: Mon May 15 12:37:55 2017
tags: morningjoe

This is hilarious. "Trump to Nominate Callista Gingrich as Vatican Ambassador"
added: Mon May 15 12:37:54 2017

@hmajd I guess English-language media are exempted. We reported on his message as well
added: Mon May 15 12:36:18 2017

Gonna nominate this by @rizmc for comment piece of the year
added: Mon May 15 12:34:12 2017

China's economy loses momentum as policymakers clamp down on debt risks
added: Mon May 15 12:33:51 2017

Pan-dems condemn lawmaker Holden Chow's role in secret UGL probe revisions
added: Mon May 15 12:32:06 2017

Why Toronto’s attempts to make renting more affordable could backfire
added: Mon May 15 12:31:02 2017

Wish this 1600-word article had mentioned even 1 policy idea that makes any of these candidates run "from the left"
added: Mon May 15 12:10:33 2017

"fake but accurate"
added: Mon May 15 12:04:34 2017

While Iranian media is banned in even mentioning Khatami’s name, one English-language state broadcaster does so.
added: Mon May 15 11:58:05 2017

Feel like youre being watched? That 'intuition' may b yr nonconscious visual system at work. Fascinatng @tomstafford
added: Mon May 15 11:52:34 2017

#Israeli navy shoots #Gaza #fisherman after ‘blockade breach’
added: Mon May 15 11:35:01 2017
tags: fisherman, israeli, gaza

The Tories have promised a revolution in workers’ rights, but @mrjamesob pulled apart the policy in two minutes
added: Mon May 15 11:30:58 2017

Young Black Democrats, Eager to Lead From the Left, Eye Runs in 2018, via @nytimes
added: Mon May 15 11:27:17 2017

Excellent reporting from @isaanrecord on the limits of Thailand's generally lauded universal healthcare
added: Mon May 15 10:02:25 2017

Laos prime minister concerned about toxic banana plantations after @Reuters report
added: Mon May 15 10:02:22 2017

Resistance Is Not Enough
added: Mon May 15 10:02:18 2017

Schoolgirl: 'I'm pro-independence.' Tory MP: 'Fuck off back to Scotland then.' Extraordinary
added: Mon May 15 10:02:08 2017

United Airlines cockpit access codes leaked online
added: Mon May 15 10:02:00 2017

The world must unite like a 'flock of geese', says China's Xi Jinping
added: Mon May 15 10:01:09 2017

Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds from 1979 published for the first time >
added: Mon May 15 10:00:51 2017

Health chief appeals for public support after hike in organ donor withdrawal requests
added: Mon May 15 10:00:27 2017

WATCH: veteran journalist Ching Cheong talks to our Annemarie Evans about his memories of the 1967 riots.
added: Mon May 15 09:56:27 2017

More UPNP woes: crashable library bites routers and software via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon May 15 09:54:29 2017

Racehorse trainers are killing endangered birds:
added: Mon May 15 09:21:25 2017

Hong Kong companies in the mainland produce 2/3rds of world's toys but they are facing a growing list of challenges
added: Mon May 15 09:06:50 2017

I cannot believe number of people lapping up the drivel about China promoting openness and inclusiveness
added: Mon May 15 08:59:45 2017

CY Leung says he has the right to suggest changes to a Legco probe into his HK$50 million deal with UGL.
added: Mon May 15 08:56:28 2017

Son of Hong Kong triad boss gives ex-convicts a new start by hiring them for his firm
added: Mon May 15 08:50:32 2017

"Peak China": Chinese Data Misses Across The Board As Housing Bubble Returns | Zero Hedge
added: Mon May 15 08:27:46 2017

Universities on the mainland are said to have been especially hard hit by the global ransomware attack
added: Mon May 15 08:24:14 2017

China soy growers to receive bigger subsidies than corn producers
added: Mon May 15 08:22:37 2017

A documentary traces one disenfranchised Florida voter. After its release, he regains rights; film scores awards
added: Mon May 15 08:20:10 2017

"Chinese lenders are increasingly pushing cut-rate coal on African governments" #deCOALonize #SaveLamu
added: Mon May 15 07:55:29 2017
tags: decoalonize, savelamu

Tories forced to admit they won’t spend any new money on social housing plan
added: Mon May 15 07:48:01 2017

About that: New Democracy signed a MoU w Microsoft in 2008 "promised it won't create depend…
added: Mon May 15 07:46:04 2017

立法會查梁振英UGL事件 周浩鼎文件被指經特首辦修改
added: Mon May 15 07:43:18 2017

Cyber attack aftershocks disrupt devices across Asia. Via @ReutersTV
added: Mon May 15 07:39:14 2017

China's economy loses momentum as policymakers clamp down on debt risks
added: Mon May 15 07:24:26 2017

China pays a steep price for reliance on pirated software, as 40,000 institutions harmed by hacking.
added: Mon May 15 07:20:05 2017

Cheng Chung-tai summoned over Legco flag-flipping
added: Mon May 15 07:02:12 2017

Fidget spinners have taken over China's factories in a matter of days
added: Mon May 15 07:00:01 2017

"China's Taylor Swift" #facepalm
added: Mon May 15 06:59:10 2017
tags: facepalm

MTR Corp plans joint bid for Kuala Lumpur-Singapore link
added: Mon May 15 06:40:08 2017

SDF aircraft disappears from radar #nhk_world_news
added: Mon May 15 06:38:02 2017
tags: nhk_world_news

Submission of documents by Legco councilman Holden Chow for the UGL scandal investigation found edited by CE Office
added: Mon May 15 05:57:50 2017

Beijing Is Weakening HK's Rule of Law. How Far Will It Go? @chinafile Good piece by @ayhcheung h/t @dorianelau
added: Mon May 15 05:48:01 2017

Merrick Garland and D.C. politics: His role in voting rights and Marion Barry’s imprisonment
added: Mon May 15 05:44:15 2017

【立會查UGL事件】周浩鼎提交文件 電腦留痕顯示修訂者為特首辦 爆「干涉」疑雲 (13:06)
added: Mon May 15 05:38:59 2017

Fed officials are testing a new argument for tightening: protect the poor
added: Mon May 15 05:38:36 2017

added: Mon May 15 05:37:41 2017

Govt says those quitting the Civil Service are mostly newcomers so it's not a big deal
added: Mon May 15 05:34:14 2017

又係咁啱...話說 FactWire News Agency 傳真社 再提到有智能電話程式秘密蒐集用戶通訊錄,仲俾其他用戶公開查詢。簡單嚟講,依家大家嘅個人資料被傳送到外地(包括各個強國)都不受《私隱條例》第 33 條規管!...
added: Mon May 15 05:33:14 2017

The Enigma Network: 50 stocks not to own: Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. Source:…
added: Mon May 15 05:32:06 2017

China April steel output up 4.9 percent, hits record: stats bureau
added: Mon May 15 05:02:13 2017

【將繼續實施穩健貨幣政策】 【李克強:中國經濟正處於轉型升級過程中】 總理李克強會見國際貨幣基金組織總裁拉加德時表示,中國將繼續實施穩健的貨幣政策。...
added: Mon May 15 05:00:06 2017

The country that invented paper money might be the first to go without it
added: Mon May 15 05:00:01 2017

What are we saying online that undercuts what we say publicly about race, sex and more?
added: Mon May 15 04:57:00 2017
added: Mon May 15 04:53:52 2017

After trading a month on #Poloniex I noticed that coins from my balance have been missing. Then I found this:
added: Mon May 15 04:51:14 2017
tags: poloniex

The FDA begins “Humans on Chips” trials to replace animal testing
added: Mon May 15 04:50:54 2017

.@UKenyatta tells @FT he wants China to rebalance its trade relationship with Africa @davidpilling @AdrienneKlasa
added: Mon May 15 04:49:33 2017

The families who hid Edward Snowden in their homes now face detention or deportation.
added: Mon May 15 04:33:42 2017

Belts, bargains & backtracking in US-China relations: Fine readout of regional/bilateral landscape by @graham_euan
added: Mon May 15 04:29:37 2017

The man made his eight-year-old son cross a road in Lam Tin on his knees
added: Mon May 15 04:27:49 2017

China property investment rises in April as controls eat into sales
added: Mon May 15 04:21:17 2017

The answer lies in the Hindu caste system.
added: Mon May 15 04:20:55 2017

Western firms bet big on China’s billion-dollar infrastructure project via @WSJ
added: Mon May 15 04:20:38 2017

Yemen declares state of emergency amid deadly cholera outbreak
added: Mon May 15 04:20:01 2017

Joshua Wong, the student who risked the wrath of Beijing: ‘It’s about turning the impossible into the possible’
added: Mon May 15 03:35:34 2017

It's like an invisibility cloak! "Guy Discovers He Can Go Anywhere While Wearing A Hi-Vis Vest"
added: Mon May 15 02:53:31 2017

If you're sick of missiles, be sure to read @leopbyrne on the registry that hired North Korea's arms smugglers
added: Mon May 15 02:42:40 2017

Report: Despite being outspent more than 5 to 3, No on 2 won big, showing truth more important than $. @massteacher
added: Mon May 15 02:37:34 2017

My Copyright Tit for Tat with Respro
added: Mon May 15 01:54:40 2017

#China Complains Over U.S. Lawmakers' #DalaiLama Visit: via @CDT (#Tibet, #FreeTibet)
added: Mon May 15 00:40:42 2017
tags: tibet, china, dalailama, freetibet

Ivory Coast launches military operation to quash mutinous soldiers
added: Sun May 14 20:48:32 2017

Finally here is my #WCry/#WanaCry Ransomware Technical Analysis @EndgameInc
added: Sun May 14 19:41:57 2017
tags: wcry, wanacry

Analysis: Republicans in N.C. Senate cut education funding — but only in Democratic districts
added: Sun May 14 15:46:08 2017

'They got played'...
added: Sun May 14 15:38:39 2017

China’s new banking czar walks a fine line in his crackdown on risk. By @GraceWSJ and me. via @WSJ
added: Sun May 14 14:04:16 2017

Foreign policy analysts said the shift in the US’ position reflected fears in Washington of being left out in the...
added: Sun May 14 14:01:27 2017

The pork industry's stance on antibiotics totally misses the point
added: Sun May 14 14:01:15 2017

Trump killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Now he will probably spend years trying to revive it.
added: Sun May 14 13:30:52 2017

China's Xi offers indebted Greece strong support
added: Sun May 14 13:06:01 2017

Carter and Sanders’s belief that inequality breeds authoritarianism is backed by evidence from France’s election.
added: Sun May 14 13:03:05 2017

Some Pacific Islanders Have DNA Not Linked To Any Known Human Ancestor via @
added: Sun May 14 12:57:59 2017

Former US Ambassador to Syria: America's infatuation with YPG militia will haunt it long after ISIS is defeated:
added: Sun May 14 12:55:10 2017

Law Society election war of words: Kevin Yam's op-ed against Junius Ho: ...& the rebuttal…
added: Sun May 14 12:39:22 2017

Before understandably desperate liberals go believing Louise Mensch, remember she said BLM was a Russian plot
added: Sun May 14 09:22:21 2017

The unexpected benefit of universal income for your mental health
added: Sun May 14 08:54:48 2017

One in nine NHS nursing posts unfilled, new figures reveal
added: Sun May 14 08:54:00 2017

A millionaire Brexit donor is spending hundreds of thousands to oust pro-Remain MPs
added: Sun May 14 08:37:00 2017

North Korea test-fires what could be new kind of longer-range missile
added: Sun May 14 05:48:31 2017

Indian-origin doctor warned of cyberattacks days before UK health service hack
added: Sun May 14 05:45:01 2017

【不要掉以輕心,WannaCrypt 第二波開始!】 Round Two: WannaCry Ransomware That Struck the Globe Is Back
added: Sun May 14 05:25:47 2017

"If we could turn on everyone in the world..." LSD apostle and revolutionary, Nicholas Sand, who tried.
added: Sun May 14 05:20:34 2017

Silk Road, what Silk Road? @ilariamariasala demolishes the myth of the ancient road linking China with Rome via @qz
added: Sun May 14 05:17:05 2017

Roche vs Indian Pharma: The battle for a cheaper cancer drug, a must read story via @economictimes
added: Sun May 14 05:15:51 2017

Corporal horror: Student loses eyesight after he was brutually thrashed by vice-principal
added: Sun May 14 05:15:01 2017

China's Xi Jinping pledges an extra $78 billion for his "project of the century"
added: Sun May 14 05:13:31 2017

Russian money-laundering details remain in the dark as US settles fraud case @CNN
added: Sun May 14 02:45:01 2017

Duterte to courts: Stop delaying government projects
added: Sun May 14 01:01:28 2017

Liberal economics think tank Unirule locked out of its office for ‘security reasons’ ahead of forum | SCMP
added: Sat May 13 15:43:50 2017

Duo guilty of HK$3.6m Harrow donations fraud and laundering crime proceeds: Source: ICAC | Source date: 11-May-2017…
added: Sat May 13 11:02:05 2017

.@CricketHK Anshuman Rath hopes @Middlesex_CCC experience will boost his batting via @SCMP_News
added: Sat May 13 10:57:21 2017

Here. Now stop this. 'Horseshoe theory' is nonsense – the far right and far left have little in common
added: Sat May 13 10:56:42 2017

Radical Priest and Catonsville 9 Member Thomas Melville Dies at 86
added: Sat May 13 10:35:10 2017

As Prime Minister Najib Razak hints at snap election, he risks his popularity by cheerleading for the new Silk...
added: Sat May 13 09:30:06 2017

Pakistanis in Hong Kong call on government to bar their own PM via @SCMP_News #panamapapers #hk
added: Sat May 13 09:29:23 2017
tags: panamapapers, hk

Congress Mulls Exempting Home-Care Workers From Wage Laws
added: Sat May 13 09:28:05 2017

A curious character; a brief write-up about the oddly named Míngzhì Building 朙志樓 in Taichung: #囧
added: Sat May 13 09:25:01 2017
tags: 囧

In China the main fallout from the ransomware virus so far seems college students whose final papers now encrypted:
added: Sat May 13 09:22:48 2017

China suspends new coal-fired power plants in 29 provinces: report via @Reuters
added: Sat May 13 09:21:33 2017

HeatStreet has an "exclusive" about Facebook censoring atheists and ex-Muslims, but I wrote about it in 2010 ffs.
added: Sat May 13 09:17:53 2017

Sinclair’s use of its TV stations to advance what critics call a right-leaning agenda worries journalists
added: Sat May 13 09:15:04 2017

Two lawyers released under heavy policy monitoring. Wang Quanzhang is still detained with status unknown. My story:
added: Sat May 13 09:06:03 2017

Dodging bullets on a Lantau trail via @wordpressdotcom
added: Sat May 13 09:05:42 2017

"The tragedy is that we are not ready to accept, even today, that the animal could vanish in next decade or so"
added: Sat May 13 09:05:03 2017

Students at Texas HBCU fight having a Republican senator at their graduation (and win)
added: Sat May 13 08:58:01 2017

"The Chinese will take over the running of the country in a few years time," Tonga PM tells press conference
added: Sat May 13 08:41:01 2017

- #WannaCry ransomware attacks networks in 74 nations - MS emits emergency patches for WinXP+ - Hero halts epidemic
added: Sat May 13 08:30:41 2017
tags: wannacry

NASA delays deep-space Orion test to 2019 due to costs
added: Sat May 13 08:25:10 2017

Why Amsterdam’s coffee shops are closing
added: Sat May 13 08:24:58 2017

This is great - @Mc_Heckin_Duff on how tax brackets mean that most high-rate taxpayers barely pay any high-rate tax
added: Sat May 13 06:58:35 2017

New York University accidentally exposed military code-breaking computer project codenamed WindsorGreen:
added: Sat May 13 06:44:20 2017

North Korea exploits weaknesses in sanctions, with the help of Chinese companies
added: Sat May 13 04:34:07 2017

@malwaretechblog finds kill switch stopping WannaCry #infosec #cybersecurity #marketing #CISO #ransomware #malware
added: Sat May 13 03:49:16 2017
tags: ransomware, infosec, malware, ciso, marketing, cybersecurity

Myanmar arrests Buddhists accused of targeting Muslims
added: Sat May 13 03:42:07 2017

Argentina: Massive Crowds Protest Shortening Sentences of Dictatorship-Era Torturers #PlazaDeMayo
added: Sat May 13 03:35:03 2017
tags: plazademayo

What an incredible turn of events.
added: Sat May 13 03:03:33 2017
added: Sat May 13 03:02:04 2017

Unsung Heroes: Who is behind Kim Jong Un’s economic reforms?
added: Sat May 13 03:00:13 2017

Bangladesh PM confirms that SecState Hillary pressured her to benefit Clinton Foundation donor
added: Sat May 13 02:58:51 2017

The actual number of untested rape kits in San Jose is over half what's officially reported
added: Sat May 13 02:53:00 2017

Prohibition on insulting the police? The new bill is a load of gibberish
added: Sat May 13 02:34:23 2017

Scooplet by @NYTmike: Comey wants to testify, but insists it be in public. Watch this space:
added: Sat May 13 02:33:51 2017

Polar bears shift from seals to bird eggs as Arctic ice melts
added: Sat May 13 02:31:11 2017

Los Angeles may target border wall profiteering with contractor disclosure requirement
added: Sat May 13 02:30:11 2017
added: Sat May 13 02:28:15 2017

Preet Bharara was reportedly investigating potential $ laundering from Russia into Trump biz before he was fired.
added: Sat May 13 02:11:41 2017

Ex-U.S. officials call on Trump to ensure coordination of N.K. strategy with S. Korea's new president
added: Sat May 13 01:52:59 2017

Group doubles reward for information leading to whoever shot rare white wolf found in Yellowstone National Park
added: Sat May 13 01:41:38 2017

Missouri's GOP legislature is reversing St Louis adopting $10 minimum wage:
added: Sat May 13 01:33:35 2017

Poor defendants often face a choice: languish in jail waiting for representation or tell a judge they’re guilty
added: Sat May 13 01:30:01 2017

No more Cuban rafters: Coast Guard says not one boat intercepted in April
added: Sat May 13 01:28:06 2017

Rosenstein's former friends and admirers have sadly discovered they didn't really know him. @benjaminwittes is one.
added: Sat May 13 01:23:47 2017

It's definitely his fault.
added: Sat May 13 01:20:17 2017

Paula White Selling Trump-Blessed ‘Prayer Flags’ – Seriously? Ah, Evangelicals...
added: Sat May 13 01:19:53 2017

RSF's "World Press Freedom" ranking questioned. Questions framed, scores assigned: subjectively?
added: Sat May 13 01:11:18 2017

BBC News - Chinese lawyer 'wore torture device for a month'
added: Sat May 13 01:07:41 2017

NEW from WSJ: Former Trump Adviser Manafort's Bank Records Sought in Russia Probe
added: Sat May 13 01:03:38 2017

Trump has a long history of secretly recording calls, according to former associates.
added: Sat May 13 00:56:41 2017

Bob Bauer: When Questions of Norms Become Questions of Law, Part II: On the President's Threatening Tweet
added: Fri May 12 21:11:54 2017

This could be one of the worst-ever recorded attacks of its kind, according to experts.
added: Fri May 12 20:31:44 2017

Important @TimothyS interview with new S Korea president Moon—who's been getting smeared by neocons at NYTimes, WaPo
added: Fri May 12 19:36:12 2017

Cyber attack reported in 74 countries with UK, US, China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Taiwan among those affected
added: Fri May 12 18:30:00 2017

Census analysis: Drops in black/Hispanic turnout, not wh working class spike, cost Clinton more at 2016 ballot box.
added: Fri May 12 14:15:39 2017

Hope Boston journos contrast story w/ Black at BLS protests last year. Big diff: charter run like private school
added: Fri May 12 13:29:47 2017

Fyre Festival founder to employees: you're not getting paid, but wanna work for free?
added: Fri May 12 12:52:19 2017

Cassava Republic, the Nigerian book publisher that debuted Teju Cole, is breaking into the US market via @qzafrica
added: Fri May 12 12:51:32 2017

Sino-Cambodian Factory Zone Sets Pace for Belt and Road
added: Fri May 12 12:50:01 2017

Sri Lanka rejects Chinese request for submarine visit: sources
added: Fri May 12 12:49:57 2017

Sessions’ office releases memo to all 94 US attorneys calling for reversal of Holder-era policy
added: Fri May 12 12:42:31 2017

Met Police officer who blew whistle over 'racist' black monkey toy 'told he faced sack'
added: Fri May 12 11:15:59 2017

Fighter-Trainers and Submarines: Taiwan's Defense Industry Turns Inward
added: Fri May 12 11:15:10 2017

Sessions moves to lengthen drug sentences
added: Fri May 12 11:15:09 2017

#HongKongeconomy smashes forecasts for first quarter of 2017 to grow by 4.3 per cent
added: Fri May 12 10:45:26 2017
tags: hongkongeconomy

文化政策,就是把用工廈人趕走,然後撤手不管。 //香港眾志羅冠聰表示,政府的「起動九龍東」計劃原意本應該是活化工廈,做到像林鄭月娥8年前任發展局局長時稱,讓「夾Band」的人不用再偷偷摸摸,現卻演變成是翻新為商廈⋯⋯//
added: Fri May 12 10:22:18 2017

Trump team ordered by judge to hand over 'Muslim ban' memo drafted by Rudy Giuliani
added: Fri May 12 10:20:57 2017

First-Ever LSD Microdosing Study Will Pit the Human Brain Against AI: Comments:
added: Fri May 12 10:20:01 2017

#Hongkong Celebrations Association doesn't seem to be from HK, or planning celebrations... via @hongkongfp .@hrw
added: Fri May 12 09:16:53 2017
tags: hongkong

"At height of his fame, Cary Grant turned to LSD therapy for help. He later claimed the drug saved him" @davidreiff
added: Fri May 12 09:13:45 2017

Labour and the Green Party agree alliance to defeat Home Secretary Amber Rudd
added: Fri May 12 08:55:27 2017

Atif Mian on The Major Shifts in Macroeconomics Since the Great Recession | #WITGT21 Interview Series | - | @WITGT21
added: Fri May 12 08:52:57 2017
tags: witgt21

Chinese rappers take on Thaad antimissile system: 'This time, kid, you going too far,'
added: Fri May 12 08:51:39 2017

China tells Facebook to ‘come learn from us’ on censoring content
added: Fri May 12 08:27:28 2017

Tropical forests may be hiding mass extinctions #science via @CosmosMagazine
added: Fri May 12 08:24:00 2017
tags: science

How Australia Bungled Its High-Speed Internet Rollout: Comments:
added: Fri May 12 08:20:01 2017

Pakistan seizes Indian diplomat's phone during Uzma case court hearing
added: Fri May 12 08:18:36 2017

"You wanna hatchet job on the #pan-dems? I'll chuck in @joshuawongcf? Oops not enough dirt - I'll pad it out w/dad"
added: Fri May 12 08:00:21 2017
tags: pan

#GOVHK 28 building plans approved
added: Fri May 12 07:52:08 2017
tags: govhk

China central bank shuffles market funding, injects medium term cash
added: Fri May 12 06:35:07 2017

We need to learn from the mistakes that led to Sri Lanka's bloody civil war
added: Fri May 12 06:33:13 2017

#China launches emergency probe on banks to check risky lending
added: Fri May 12 06:28:50 2017
tags: china

SoftBank says to invest $5 billion in China ride hailing firm Didi Chuxing
added: Fri May 12 06:28:32 2017

South Australia signs science and fibre optics agreements with Shandong
added: Fri May 12 06:28:17 2017

Sign petition Reject URA’s A/H3/435 Planning Application’s-ah3435-planning-application via @support_hk
added: Fri May 12 06:27:15 2017

China's New World Order. From Islamabad to U of Illinois, how China's growing clout is being felt around the world.
added: Fri May 12 06:26:31 2017

Stream 18 Hours of Free Guided Meditations
added: Fri May 12 06:26:28 2017

China succeeded in drawing Trump into exactly the kind of small-bore negotiation that bogged down previous admins
added: Fri May 12 05:28:35 2017

Joshua Wong and Hong Kong Occupy activists give up appealing unlawful assembly convictions
added: Fri May 12 04:21:00 2017

呢隻唔通就係傳說中嘅出奇蛋 /_\ 【買鹹蛋冇蛋黃!師奶冇得包糉 杯葛雜貨店抗議】
added: Fri May 12 03:34:47 2017

Noble Group shares down 24% in wake of profit warning
added: Fri May 12 03:33:23 2017

FBI agents search an Annapolis office with ties to President Trump's former campaign manager
added: Fri May 12 03:33:19 2017

Shipments of American LNG, beef and other products will help reduce the huge US trade deficit with China.
added: Fri May 12 03:30:14 2017

Municipal reforms seeking transparency and oversight of local police surveillance move forward in Oakland
added: Fri May 12 03:28:52 2017

Some follow up thoughts on China's attempt at deleveraging and Trump's China framework
added: Fri May 12 03:28:28 2017

Death Toll Now 5 in Worst Attack on UN in Central African Republic
added: Fri May 12 03:28:16 2017

25% of Asian-Americans in NYC living in poverty. #modelminoritymyth @nypost
added: Fri May 12 02:50:53 2017
tags: modelminoritymyth

HHS Secretary Tom Price Commends Arrest of Journalist for Asking Questions
added: Fri May 12 02:30:12 2017

Russia probe exposes secret foreign agent lobbying, and need for FARA reforms, says @ElizaRules
added: Fri May 12 02:30:08 2017

Police in Georgia are turning traffic Stops into the first step toward deportation
added: Fri May 12 02:30:01 2017

theguardian: 'Finally, a Labour manifesto to really get behind | Letters'
added: Fri May 12 02:28:10 2017

Kushner family drops out of China presentation
added: Fri May 12 02:13:02 2017

.@realDonaldTrump seems to think health insurance only costs $15 a month
added: Fri May 12 02:11:44 2017

Poor, put-upon hoteliers call out greedy, grasping charities for the unforgivable sin of making money
added: Fri May 12 02:11:01 2017

Keylogger Found in Audio Driver of HP Laptops
added: Fri May 12 02:00:26 2017

Fighting to save the last of Canada's giant trees
added: Fri May 12 02:00:09 2017

"Even Taiwan's tourism stocks climbed since Tsai Ing-wen took office" via @gadfly
added: Fri May 12 01:47:09 2017

China Stocks Are Tumbling Again. Unlike 2015, The World Doesn't Care via @markets @SofiaHC1 @frostyhk
added: Fri May 12 01:32:32 2017

A brutal critique of everything Chris Cillizza has ever written
added: Thu May 11 21:11:31 2017

Thinking the Unthinkable: Are American Organizations in #China Ready for a Serious Crisis?
added: Thu May 11 20:18:12 2017
tags: china

#STND Power falloff seen on CLPs meter
added: Thu May 11 20:09:48 2017
tags: stnd

NASA's mission to Mars includes a year-long stay on the moon
added: Thu May 11 13:20:28 2017

Belgian researchers successfully test a device that turns air pollution into energy
added: Thu May 11 13:19:41 2017

The bad news: three Swiss farms close a day. A silver lining? Organic is flourishing.
added: Thu May 11 13:18:02 2017

Conservatives push shareholder resolutions to stop companies from airing ads with media outlets that criticize Trump
added: Thu May 11 12:37:05 2017

The 12 most difficult parts of learning English, according to non-English speakers
added: Thu May 11 12:35:00 2017

Slowing productivity could sabotage China's rise.
added: Thu May 11 12:30:25 2017

Lebanon pushed to brink in election law stand-off via @Reuters
added: Thu May 11 12:27:16 2017

Finland's basic income experiment is already lowering stress levels
added: Thu May 11 10:39:15 2017

Djibouti Feasts on ‘Belt and Road’ Largesse From China #OBOR #BeltandRoad #Djibouti
added: Thu May 11 10:25:50 2017
tags: obor, beltandroad, djibouti

China's militarization of South China Sea is real
added: Thu May 11 10:25:16 2017

brilliant piece on the guardian's vicious hostility to corbyn
added: Thu May 11 10:21:11 2017

Court delivers landmark ruling strengthening hand of local planners
added: Thu May 11 10:19:05 2017

BBC News - Egypt 'uncovers burial chamber of pharaoh's daughter' #fb
added: Thu May 11 09:28:07 2017
tags: fb

Hong Kong's SFC deserves full marks for deep dive into TVB ownership structure
added: Thu May 11 09:22:18 2017

Why China is likely to militarize Scarborough Shoal
added: Thu May 11 09:20:00 2017

Bolivia's salt gatherers are on the brink of extinction after the discovery of lithium
added: Thu May 11 09:15:08 2017

Hong Kong authorities denied permission for a pro-democracy rally at a city park
added: Thu May 11 09:03:08 2017

Chipmaker SMIC Gets Mainland China Stamp with New CEO #SMIC #CEO
added: Thu May 11 09:02:34 2017
tags: ceo, smic

On why I post on my own Mastodon: My Twitter account is not mine, I’m merely a sharecropper on Twitter, Inc.’s land
added: Thu May 11 08:44:00 2017

Three separate waves of migration responsible for origin of Indian population
added: Thu May 11 08:40:01 2017

Police chief says the force will consider whether officer negligence played a role in the suicide of a rape suspect
added: Thu May 11 08:39:30 2017

Economists: This is profit-maximizing behavior; price discrimination across markets Trade lawyers: This is dumping
added: Thu May 11 08:34:49 2017

The group which was allotted the park plans an exhibition about creative technology, say rally organisers
added: Thu May 11 08:32:15 2017

Moon talks about THAAD, N.Korea, "comfort women" & potential summits in his first phone calls with Xi & Abe @AFP
added: Thu May 11 08:15:54 2017

Labour braced for internal battle over manifesto after leak
added: Thu May 11 08:14:05 2017

"China shows us the corrosive consequences of life under a capricious regime where men, not laws, rule." US, beware
added: Thu May 11 08:12:44 2017

Rwanda doubles its fee for gorilla trekking
added: Thu May 11 08:09:17 2017

Dugongs face extinction in Thailand:
added: Thu May 11 08:08:43 2017

EXCLUSIVE: #China’s government has made preparations to support #HongKong #stocks for handover day via @markets
added: Thu May 11 08:08:37 2017
tags: hongkong, stocks, china

#WEBB Freelance agent admits offering HK$4.5m kickbacks
added: Thu May 11 07:43:13 2017
tags: webb

added: Thu May 11 07:33:02 2017

Moon Jae-in, Xi Jinping agree to use “pressure and sanctions” against N. Korea
added: Thu May 11 07:32:51 2017

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over
added: Thu May 11 07:32:50 2017

Historical facts diplomacy: (URGENT) S. Korean president hints at scrapping deal with Japan over sexual slavery
added: Thu May 11 07:32:17 2017

Disney's 'Pirates' rolls out red carpet for rare China premiere
added: Thu May 11 07:31:34 2017

The Trump era: American Jews whose ancestors fled the Nazis are lining up to get German passports.
added: Thu May 11 07:30:01 2017

S.Korean journo who broke the 1st scoop about Park's "female Rasputin" is being tipped to become Moon's spoxman (KO)
added: Thu May 11 07:29:27 2017

The Knives Are Out for Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster
added: Thu May 11 07:28:59 2017

More Bad News for Organized Labor?
added: Thu May 11 07:28:01 2017

Is South Korea's new president #MoonJaein ready to handle the challenges that face him?@Robert_E_Kelly @ehtangen
added: Thu May 11 07:27:09 2017
tags: moonjaein

China Key Words: New Eurasian Land Bridge #BeltandRoad
added: Thu May 11 07:22:39 2017
tags: beltandroad

CHRF reapplies for use of Victoria Park central lawn as #HK #July1 annual pro-democracy march start point
added: Thu May 11 06:52:16 2017
tags: hk, july1

#SCMP Hong Kong youngsters hit the road for a first-hand taste of China’s trade initiative
added: Thu May 11 06:20:18 2017
tags: scmp

Chinese owner of #volvo + Danish forex trader #SaxoBank = odd-looking marriage #Geely #China #Mergers
added: Thu May 11 06:00:28 2017
tags: geely, volvo, mergers, china, saxobank

A #FIFA ban on young #footballers w/o a #HK passport has been lifted, allowing rising stars to return to the pitch:
added: Thu May 11 06:00:01 2017
tags: hk, footballers, fifa

Aetna to Completely Pull Out of ObamaCare Exchanges by 2018 via @FoxBusiness
added: Thu May 11 04:25:00 2017

added: Thu May 11 04:08:18 2017

The Ombudsman says authorities slow in dealing with changes made by tenants even when safety is theatened
added: Thu May 11 04:06:39 2017

Blog post: A plan for open source software maintainers: Feedback requested.
added: Thu May 11 04:04:40 2017

My story on tonight's intense, combative, FIVE HOUR MacArthur town hall:
added: Thu May 11 03:45:37 2017

#EJI Does HK export smog? No, we’re on the receiving end
added: Thu May 11 03:40:03 2017
tags: eji

added: Thu May 11 03:26:34 2017

Killer detail from @shaneharris: Comey began getting daily, not weekly, updates on Russia probe about 3 weeks ago
added: Thu May 11 03:01:36 2017

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Rally Displaced by Pro-Beijing Event, Organizers Say
added: Thu May 11 02:52:29 2017

associates say Comey never told Trump he wasn't under investigation as Trump claimed. "literally farcical,” one said
added: Thu May 11 02:17:17 2017

Interesting #analysis: Until #Taiwan significantly increases use of #renewables, it will face tough #energy choices.
added: Thu May 11 01:00:30 2017
tags: renewables, analysis, taiwan, energy

Vladimir Putin personally asked President Trump to host Russia's foreign minister in Oval Office, per Susan Glasser:
added: Wed May 10 23:17:33 2017

Israel took its first step towards approving a bill that says only Jews have the right to self-determination there
added: Wed May 10 22:20:04 2017

Even as China struggles to phase out coal-powered electricity at home, it is building more such plants in Africa.
added: Wed May 10 21:17:06 2017

Rajapaksa led "SriLanka into a nasty debt-trap with the Chinese for projects that have not yielded economic returns"
added: Wed May 10 20:34:47 2017

Hong Kong student gets 15 years for smuggling crystal meth worth a billion dollars into New Zealand via @SCMP_news
added: Wed May 10 13:08:11 2017

U.S. Commerce's Ross says 3 percent GDP growth not achievable this year
added: Wed May 10 12:41:05 2017

Donald Trump 'has been screaming at the television about Russia links investigation', says White House adviser
added: Wed May 10 12:40:48 2017

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Ends Re-election Campaign Amid Allegations of Sex Abuse
added: Wed May 10 12:40:27 2017

Corruption - Endemic to the Indian Politics But Why Selective Targeting?
added: Wed May 10 12:40:12 2017

@BaldingsWorld @mattphan1891 Yea Shenhua actually disclosed it spent 10% of its net assets on WMP
added: Wed May 10 12:36:12 2017

John McDonnell announces Labour would 'scrap tuition fees once and for all'
added: Wed May 10 12:16:32 2017

Why are these North Korean oil tankers heading towards Chinese terminals?
added: Wed May 10 12:00:02 2017

An Old Segregation Battle Meets the ‘Muslim Ban’
added: Wed May 10 11:58:04 2017

While you obsessed over the Trump scandal, a nuclear emergency unfolded yesterday near a major US population center
added: Wed May 10 11:57:08 2017

"Unprecedented profiteering" by family members in #Trump administration
added: Wed May 10 11:55:33 2017
tags: trump

EpiPen maker Mylan's profit surges
added: Wed May 10 11:54:29 2017

This sounds like the ravings of a Mad King.
added: Wed May 10 11:51:30 2017

How crazy are Chinese financial markets? Chinese coal companies moving billions into WMPs
added: Wed May 10 11:37:13 2017

Bahrain bars HRW staffer @OmarSShakir from FIFA event
added: Wed May 10 10:29:50 2017

Emmanuel Macron's team created dozens of false email accounts, complete with phony documents, to confuse hackers
added: Wed May 10 08:16:03 2017

Professor, Law Grad, Teacher Among 6 Charged with Lese Majeste
added: Wed May 10 06:37:37 2017

Amidst fears of neo-Nazi ring in army: 2nd German soldier booked for plot to kill politicians in fake terror attack.
added: Wed May 10 05:15:45 2017

A Reporter Was Just Arrested for Asking Secretary Tom Price a Question
added: Wed May 10 04:35:16 2017

Rafael Hui betrayed his duty, says prosecution
added: Wed May 10 04:35:07 2017

'Stop! Drop your microphones!': Memes and comics inspired by the Hidden Agenda raid
added: Wed May 10 04:08:06 2017

Scientists in South Africa Reveal More on Human-Like Species
added: Wed May 10 03:59:26 2017

SOEs Lead Infrastructure Push in 1,700 ‘Belt and Road’ Projects #OBOR #BeltandRoad #SOEs
added: Wed May 10 03:58:51 2017
tags: beltandroad, soes, obor

China’s missile tests in Bohai ‘aimed at THAAD in South Korea’
added: Wed May 10 03:18:40 2017

Court grants leave to challenge HKU's dismissal of campus election bribery complaints
added: Wed May 10 02:48:29 2017

Uyghurs Studying Abroad Ordered Back to Xinjiang Under Threat to Families
added: Wed May 10 02:20:37 2017

#Moon_jae_in win won't significantly alter US-#SouthKorea ties - official
added: Wed May 10 01:45:36 2017
tags: southkorea, moon_jae_in

#Taiwan: Over 260,000 files on Chiang Kai-shek released online - The China Post
added: Wed May 10 00:56:33 2017
tags: taiwan

This'll likely get buried today but the US Census director quit. The census is a hugely important part of democracy.
added: Tue May 9 23:34:37 2017

Robot that performs surgery inside your eye passes clinical trial
added: Tue May 9 22:43:01 2017

Top take on the wise bank tax ... Banks told: ‘Cry me a river’
added: Tue May 9 22:42:25 2017

Cisco patches 318 switch models for 0-day remote exploit from March's WikiLeaks CIA dump
added: Tue May 9 22:21:23 2017

This piece suddenly seems like slightly less of a reach. @eosnos
added: Tue May 9 22:21:11 2017

Muslim family subjected to racist, profanity-laden tirade by Trump supporter at Texas beach…
added: Tue May 9 21:44:03 2017

Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is developing a Fred Hampton movie.
added: Tue May 9 20:08:53 2017

谷歌推出新的手機作業系統 Fuchsia. Google’s “Fuchsia” smartphone OS dumps Linux, has a wild new UI | Ars Technica
added: Tue May 9 16:37:55 2017

See where your state stands on tracking and keeping records of #schoolsexassault.
added: Tue May 9 15:49:10 2017
tags: schoolsexassault

Tibetan Monk Detained on Suspicion of ‘Passing Information’ Outside Protest Area
added: Tue May 9 12:56:11 2017

The White House refuses to release its visitor logs, so Politico is compiling its own. Incomplete, but still - nice.
added: Tue May 9 12:32:49 2017

Matthew Cheung says poll shows "overwhelming support" for Palace Museum
added: Tue May 9 12:07:09 2017

Heroes are Democrats like @RepJayapal & @tedlieu. The DCCC wants more Charlie Crists. Make them hear us say no:
added: Tue May 9 12:05:06 2017

"An unusually assertive stand for the island."
added: Tue May 9 12:03:02 2017

Hong Kong’s school-uniform culture: a history of conformity
added: Tue May 9 11:57:11 2017

Australia tightens rules for foreign home buyers
added: Tue May 9 11:37:01 2017

.@PRRIpoll 11. More data, and full analysis, here from the redoubtable @robertpjones and his crew at @PRRIpoll:
added: Tue May 9 11:34:11 2017

Great piece by @nakashimae on challenges of offensive cyberops that affect networks/data in 3rd countries. Big issue
added: Tue May 9 11:15:06 2017

Uncle 'throws teenager off ninth-floor balcony to his death for being gay'
added: Tue May 9 10:39:25 2017

Big child webcam sex bust in Philippines
added: Tue May 9 10:38:33 2017

Hong Kong Exchange to Launch Yuan-Denominated Gold Futures #HKEx #goldfutures #yuan
added: Tue May 9 10:38:32 2017
tags: goldfutures, hkex, yuan

Gov't was unfair to ban pro-independence party leader from running for election, court told
added: Tue May 9 10:12:17 2017

The big four banks + Macquarie some of the biggest losers in #Budget2017: a big new tax & penalties for misbehaviour
added: Tue May 9 10:11:36 2017
tags: budget2017

Meet ‘Neo’, the most complete skeleton of Homo naledi ever found
added: Tue May 9 10:10:59 2017

"No one has ever been acquitted of the blasphemy law, not since 1968": @hrw's @andreasharsono after Ahok's trial
added: Tue May 9 10:10:22 2017

The hacks that dominated the news during the Trump-Clinton presidential fight in the U.S. were no aberration.
added: Tue May 9 10:07:01 2017

Another reason not to do tour groups in China: "China's Tourism Industry Ordered to Report on Visitors to Xinjiang"
added: Tue May 9 10:05:12 2017

China's $1 Trillion Debt Seen Toxic -- @hjesanderson & me on problems w China collateral way back in 2011
added: Tue May 9 10:03:28 2017

How Chinese tourists are helping Alipay, WeChat go global
added: Tue May 9 10:03:05 2017

Former aide to Malacca mayor charged with laundering RM19.3 million
added: Tue May 9 09:27:29 2017

On Gatsby’s North Shore, Chinese luxury home buyers pause as curbs bite
added: Tue May 9 09:21:39 2017

If 30 per cent more people under 25 vote, the Tories could lose the election
added: Tue May 9 09:20:01 2017

Trump's website is so shit you can do this with the URL
added: Tue May 9 09:11:20 2017

Chongqing's subway line to nowhere is pure art
added: Tue May 9 09:11:13 2017

Toshiba partners brace for possible bankruptcy filing
added: Tue May 9 09:07:38 2017

The absence of the medication may have caused Tang Kwai-sze's liver to fail, admits hospital
added: Tue May 9 08:49:32 2017

'When facts point to civilization in decline & mass species extinction, ignoring facts is a fact of life' @__nate__
added: Tue May 9 08:20:34 2017

#US high-level #delegation #reaches #Dharamshala to meet the #DalaiLama | #india-news | Hindustan Times
added: Tue May 9 08:04:45 2017
tags: us, india, reaches, delegation, dharamshala, dalailama

Vietnamese operators behind surge in illegal logging in #Cambodia.
added: Tue May 9 08:00:21 2017
tags: cambodia

British drug trafficker is arrested in Thailand after years on the run
added: Tue May 9 07:57:56 2017

(LEAD) 10 Korean kids killed by car fire in China: embassy
added: Tue May 9 07:45:13 2017

#China is scrutinizing active #stock traders as Xi prepares to host summit, sources say via @business
added: Tue May 9 07:40:53 2017
tags: stock, china

Cambodian UN Peacekeeper Killed in Central African Republic
added: Tue May 9 07:21:13 2017

CoBRA commandos to 'defang' Maoists in the jungles of Sukma
added: Tue May 9 07:20:00 2017

Two new #species of googly-eyed tarsiers discovered in Indonesia #wildlife
added: Tue May 9 07:15:07 2017
tags: wildlife, species

Ted Cruz tried to lecture Sally Yates about constitutional law. It didn't go well for him
added: Tue May 9 07:14:12 2017

Solemn, respectful and cherished: China to tighten rules on how its anthem is sung
added: Tue May 9 07:12:11 2017

Recipe for soft power win: Chinese propaganda as bedtime stories in low-production quality videos.
added: Tue May 9 07:11:26 2017

#India, #Russia to ink deal on 5th-generation fighter aircraft design
added: Tue May 9 06:32:01 2017
tags: russia, india

Bash the Fash: Confronting the Rise of the New Right
added: Tue May 9 06:28:01 2017

the xq-222 would be (checks math) 105 better than the next-highest u.s. combat aircraft, the retired f-117
added: Tue May 9 06:27:13 2017

Cannabis reverses ageing in the brain
added: Tue May 9 06:23:42 2017

Top Chinese scientist’s move to US sparks soul-searching in China
added: Tue May 9 05:49:35 2017

Housing shortage: Why land reclamation is a feasible option
added: Tue May 9 05:26:55 2017

#BREAKING Grey Nurse Crew Clash with Shark-Meshing Contractors: #SeaShepherd #OpApexHarmony @SeaShepherd_Aus
added: Tue May 9 04:49:26 2017
tags: seashepherd, breaking, opapexharmony

#solar car park to power WA shopping centre via @perthnow #renewableenergy
added: Tue May 9 04:29:01 2017
tags: renewableenergy, solar

#USUdecides Zhixian Wang banned following complaints she allegedly bribed students for votes. #USUsoapbox
added: Tue May 9 03:39:20 2017
tags: usudecides, ususoapbox

This enzyme tablet may help relief symptoms of gluten intolerance
added: Tue May 9 03:20:02 2017

Scott Pruitt just removed 5 scientists from the EPA's Board of Scientific Counselors
added: Tue May 9 03:15:07 2017

Comey butchered his testimony on Huma forwarding emails; FBI is trying to figure out what to do, per @ProPublica
added: Tue May 9 03:10:59 2017

Demonetisation helped choke Maoist funds: Union Home Secretary
added: Tue May 9 03:10:00 2017

China publishes more science research with fabricated peer-review than everyone else put together via @qz
added: Tue May 9 02:46:39 2017

How China Is Keeping Its Financial System From Collapsing, In One Chart
added: Tue May 9 02:21:33 2017

Some Chinese Banks Suspend "Interbank Business" As Regulator Demands That Collateral "Actually Exists"
added: Tue May 9 02:06:26 2017

#DeathPenalty is faulty and racist. Brave Arkansas judge stood up agnst it. Now he faces impeachment!
added: Tue May 9 01:54:00 2017
tags: deathpenalty

New Black politicians are making a name for themselves in mayoral primaries in Cincinnati, OH and Jackson,MS
added: Tue May 9 01:30:13 2017

CVE-2017-0290 is tweetable :) var e = new Error();{message : 7 });
added: Tue May 9 01:03:23 2017

Remotely Exploitable Type Confusion in Windows 8, 10, Windows Server and more found by @natashenka and me
added: Tue May 9 01:01:34 2017

republican congressman gets asked one follow up question, immediately walks out of interview
added: Tue May 9 00:43:57 2017

Kushner Project Touted in China in Trouble @ Home-Bbg-so trying 2 scam Chinese. Beijing should shut these deals down
added: Mon May 8 23:58:06 2017

NEW oped re Javanka's Chinese conflicts from me & @NoahBookbinder @CREWcrew @washingtonpost…
added: Mon May 8 23:47:07 2017

The Perak Times: a rare Japanese-occupation newspaper from Malaya
added: Mon May 8 22:50:23 2017

We helped kill 81 innocent civilians in a strike last week. How much did you hear about it?
added: Mon May 8 22:01:02 2017

And somewhere in their OTR implementation Apple screwed up and did another "goto fail".
added: Mon May 8 18:20:25 2017

Wealthy rhino poachers arrested using Mercedes Benz luxury models in South Africa @TRAFFIC_WLTrade @INTERPOL_EC
added: Mon May 8 17:46:09 2017

added: Mon May 8 12:41:51 2017

Chinese media praise UK aid and its evaluation system for multilateral organisations' effectiveness #softpower
added: Mon May 8 12:41:51 2017
tags: softpower

Bernie Sanders Talks Dems, Trump, Palestine, Syria (AJ+) -
added: Mon May 8 12:41:13 2017

added: Mon May 8 12:40:53 2017

David Axelrod fires back at Hillary: ‘Comey didn’t tell her not to campaign in Wisconsin’ #BERNIEorBUST #p2 #1u #PDA
added: Mon May 8 12:30:52 2017
tags: p2, pda, 1u, bernieorbust

#China has almost doubled its #solarpower output in three months
added: Mon May 8 12:16:51 2017
tags: china, solarpower

Jesmyn Ward is not down with your "alternative facts"
added: Mon May 8 12:15:09 2017

Mattis: US reviewing Syria safe zones but has many questions (from @AP)
added: Mon May 8 12:13:27 2017

#Taiwan: #Taipei poultry market confirmed to have H5 avian flu cases | Society | FocusTaiwan
added: Mon May 8 11:49:28 2017
tags: taiwan, taipei

French cheese blamed for poisoning 300 children in school canteen
added: Mon May 8 11:49:13 2017

22% of female office workers in #Taiwan don't want to have children: survey
added: Mon May 8 11:45:29 2017
tags: taiwan

EPA dismisses half of its scientific advisers on key board, citing "clean break" with Obama administration
added: Mon May 8 11:41:08 2017

Virgin Media scales back Project Lightning target in first quarter results
added: Mon May 8 10:58:32 2017

Woman, 22, raped and robbed under Kwun Tong footbridge, suspect still at large
added: Mon May 8 10:57:56 2017

Android apps are secretly tracking users by listening to inaudible sound hidden in ads
added: Mon May 8 10:52:08 2017

#India sets out to re-debate protectionism on local companies.
added: Mon May 8 10:15:08 2017
tags: india

Why did Trump win? More whites — and fewer blacks — actually voted.
added: Mon May 8 10:10:10 2017

Picking right stocks no easier with greater levels of information
added: Mon May 8 10:10:07 2017

#U.N. denounces #China crackdown on lawyers, seeks release via @Reuters
added: Mon May 8 09:52:35 2017
tags: china, u

S. Korea announces plan for developing N. Korean infrastructure, mining sector
added: Mon May 8 09:42:51 2017

Lists, Maps and Commas – Erlang Battleground – Medium
added: Mon May 8 09:33:17 2017

260 million litres of pollutants enter a single river in India each day:
added: Mon May 8 09:18:51 2017

Macau monitors ATM withdrawals, raids casinos as top official visits
added: Mon May 8 09:17:46 2017

Rare flowers destroyed in Australia after paperwork error
added: Mon May 8 09:17:31 2017

Duterte to meet Filipino supporters in Hong Kong this week
added: Mon May 8 09:16:46 2017

Woman seeking divorce from violent husband stabbed multiple times at Wan Chai Family Court
added: Mon May 8 09:16:29 2017

added: Mon May 8 09:15:07 2017

Le Pen was strongest in areas with high unemployment and low wages
added: Mon May 8 09:12:04 2017

Macron Wins: Now Can Europe Do What Investors Want? @richardbarley1 sees a big step forward> via @WSJ
added: Mon May 8 08:38:06 2017

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked
added: Mon May 8 08:24:51 2017

3 things Asia can learn from Sweden’s booming fintech scene
added: Mon May 8 08:24:12 2017

Spain's Podemos has little to celebrate after French elections, after stopping short of calling for votes for Macron
added: Mon May 8 08:21:55 2017

Sobering profile of the Myanmar Buddhist hardliners stirring up hatred of Muslims by @poppymcp
added: Mon May 8 08:21:21 2017

Rise of hard-line Islamist groups alarms moderate Indonesian Muslims by @JonathanEmont -great timing
added: Mon May 8 08:13:18 2017

The dark thoughts that show that OCD is more than 'just being clean'
added: Mon May 8 08:11:15 2017

Beginning of fresh feud in Samajwadi Party? Akhilesh expels five, including Shivpal loyalists, from party
added: Mon May 8 08:10:00 2017

The #Mekong middlemen running drugs across Asia
added: Mon May 8 08:09:50 2017
tags: mekong

NHS staff 'quitting to work in supermarkets because of poor pay'
added: Mon May 8 08:08:03 2017

China drafting first National Anthem Law to ensure respect
added: Mon May 8 08:05:10 2017

Alarming implications: Chinese govt prosecutors repeatedly point to Telegram messages as evidence in #Xieyang case
added: Mon May 8 08:02:39 2017
tags: xieyang

Indian Army responds to Pakistan `in the language it understands`, destroys Pak bunkers along LoC – Watch video
added: Mon May 8 07:47:34 2017

Macron aims to oversee a major realignment vanquishing the French left & deepening control of international finance
added: Mon May 8 07:46:12 2017

John F. Kennedy Explains Why Artists & Poets Are Indispensable to Democracy (Oct 26th, 1963)
added: Mon May 8 07:45:27 2017

88億主場館,5萬個座位,舉行一場觀眾不足千人的比賽!? Leung Kwok...
added: Mon May 8 07:45:03 2017

Chinese court reports start of #XieYang trial & his 'admission' he was 'brainwashed' in #HK, denial he was tortured
added: Mon May 8 07:44:43 2017
tags: hk, xieyang

#SCMP Belt and Road middleman role is a dead end for Hong Kong
added: Mon May 8 07:41:18 2017
tags: scmp

Brimming U.S. oil storage tanks to feel OPEC cuts last
added: Mon May 8 07:35:06 2017

Casino town Macau steps up war on illicit cash with facial recognition at ATMs via @SCMP_news
added: Mon May 8 07:34:53 2017

Top China official urges economic diversification for Macau gaming hub
added: Mon May 8 07:31:59 2017

Our rivers and lakes contain a scary number of pesticides and pharmaceuticals
added: Mon May 8 07:30:04 2017

Belgium just banned kosher and halal slaughter in its biggest territory
added: Mon May 8 07:27:14 2017

#Putin meets 'mini me', his former KGB boss from Dresden, ahead of Victory Day
added: Mon May 8 07:24:59 2017
tags: putin

Ryzen 5 review: AMD pinches Intel’s i5 sweet spot by @markalexwalton
added: Mon May 8 07:08:02 2017

Extraordinary, heart-pounding account of how the U.S. helped the family of Chinese lawyer Xie Yang flee this year
added: Mon May 8 07:00:14 2017

The West is wrong about China’s goals in the #SouthChinaSea
added: Mon May 8 06:32:06 2017
tags: southchinasea

This is a terrible idea, exotic pet cafes?! Hope this trend will not drive illegal wildlife trafficking
added: Mon May 8 06:31:14 2017

Tourists really do seem to help to preserve wild animals
added: Mon May 8 05:51:23 2017

// 若有人再說香港是文化沙漠,請不要再責難我城的年青人益發現實如喪屍。怨有頭債有主,扼殺城市靈魂的,始作俑者,非香港政府莫屬。可恥。// 〈為什麼管治者害怕「獨立」?〉— 朱米高雜講...
added: Mon May 8 05:51:08 2017

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge site office computer hacked, files locked, ransoms demanded
added: Mon May 8 05:50:41 2017

Chinese court says rights lawyer admitted to crimes, says he wasn't tortured. Critics slam "show trial," my report:
added: Mon May 8 05:48:17 2017

China puts leading human rights lawyer on trial for 'inciting subversion'
added: Mon May 8 05:37:01 2017

Tories seriously worried about Labour tax pledge. Enough to tweet #fakenews
added: Mon May 8 05:36:32 2017
tags: fakenews

How France voted (or didn't). Worst turnout since 1969 and nearly 9% cast blank ballots
added: Mon May 8 05:32:36 2017

Labor to support native title changes to protect mining deals This harpee no different to Turnbull Libs.
added: Mon May 8 05:26:49 2017

NPC chief says he wants to meet up with the 'happy' Macau people
added: Mon May 8 05:15:25 2017

Woman found guilty and faces year in jail for laughing at Jeff Sessions
added: Mon May 8 05:12:00 2017

“It's v clear that these proceedings are totally arbitrary & illegal" @tengbiao on trial of fellow lawyer Xie Yang
added: Mon May 8 05:10:46 2017

TTNG and Mylets haven't been arrested, according to @feckingbahamas' update:
added: Mon May 8 05:10:37 2017

TY Paul Daley for excellent piece on John Noble and our friend Matilda House's ancestor Jimmy Clements @GuardianAus
added: Mon May 8 05:04:37 2017

Burma: Two Islamic Schools Shuttered in Rangoon
added: Mon May 8 04:52:19 2017

Refused divorce for 17 years, Jewish woman begins hunger strike as Israel stalls on legislation: "I need a solution"
added: Mon May 8 04:50:01 2017

#謝陽 Xie Yang just denied torture in court. Read his statement on Jan 13, 2017. All the answers are there!
added: Mon May 8 04:25:54 2017
tags: 謝陽

Carrie Lam must focus on world stage, says chairman of listed trading company Li & Fung Victor Fung Kwok-king
added: Mon May 8 04:09:50 2017

Kushner's sister hung up when WSJ called her Shanghai hotel room during investor visa pitching tour
added: Mon May 8 04:09:36 2017

Walking around Central Hong Kong.
added: Mon May 8 03:44:27 2017

Pepe the Frog creator kills off internet meme co-opted by white supremacists
added: Mon May 8 03:41:09 2017

A good read. Chinese airlines had a good thing going until the C919 came along via @bfly
added: Mon May 8 03:39:15 2017

Watchdog Says Vietnamese Officials Bribed by Log Smugglers
added: Mon May 8 03:38:22 2017

#China 's brutal chengguan para-military police get body-cameras Not enough, warns @hrw…
added: Mon May 8 03:38:17 2017
tags: china

China official media: insurance regulator looking at "false capital", exactly what @caixin alleged against Anbang
added: Mon May 8 03:37:14 2017

South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat
added: Mon May 8 03:28:09 2017

America’s Biggest Corporations Are Quietly Boosting Trump’s Hate Agenda
added: Mon May 8 03:28:01 2017

It looks like the noose is closing
added: Mon May 8 03:26:30 2017

Brave Czech neo-Nazis call for lynching of 13 year-old Girl Scout who hurt their feelings. Snowy out here, no?
added: Mon May 8 03:20:19 2017

Interior Department Releases List of Monuments Under Review, Formal Comment Period for Antiquities Act Monuments
added: Mon May 8 02:55:58 2017

A Chinese-North Korean joint venture shows how much international sanctions can miss collusion via @WSJ
added: Mon May 8 02:55:13 2017

"Six assurances" under pressure: Taiwan arms deal in limbo as Trump courts China
added: Mon May 8 02:27:59 2017

This is remarkable.
added: Mon May 8 02:23:57 2017

Opportunities to #hurtthefeelings will be rife at Yao Ming's handover basketball circus by @JamesPorteous 🏀
added: Mon May 8 02:11:06 2017
tags: hurtthefeelings

China's censorship couldn't exist without pervasive self-censorship, as people "debase" themselves just to "get by."
added: Mon May 8 02:10:55 2017

#China's tycoons are planting money management flags on Wall Street via @business
added: Mon May 8 02:10:53 2017
tags: china
added: Mon May 8 02:07:04 2017

Xie Yang, the human rights lawyer whose torture claims Beijing rejected as 'fake news', reportedly being tried today
added: Mon May 8 02:05:35 2017

As soon as @Uber and @lyft left Austin, Texas, ride-sharing options that were more innovative popped up.
added: Mon May 8 02:04:28 2017

@Atrios VandenHei! He's practically there already
added: Mon May 8 02:03:50 2017

Origin stuns industry with record low price for 500MW wind farm via @renew_economy
added: Mon May 8 02:01:07 2017

Professor David Shambaugh will be speaking to #YoungChinaWatchers about China's future in #HongKong this Wednesday:
added: Mon May 8 01:39:33 2017
tags: hongkong, youngchinawatchers

"Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost for the Belt and Road initiative"
added: Mon May 8 01:39:07 2017

The DAB hires 10 social media staffers to produce video of 'lawmakers discussing policy'. Can't wait. by @ncyjoyce
added: Mon May 8 01:38:24 2017

Gov cracks down on #HK #IndyMusic live venue #HiddenAgenda while plan to move shows outside & under flyovers snubbed
added: Mon May 8 01:37:14 2017
tags: hk, hiddenagenda, indymusic

Six Artist Spaces to Visit in Taipei
added: Mon May 8 01:30:13 2017

Trump signed extension of visa program 1 day before Kushner family pitched it to Chinese investors
added: Mon May 8 01:28:50 2017

Ancient Skeleton Mosaic Uncovered in Turkey Reads “Be Cheerful and Live Your Life”
added: Mon May 8 01:25:01 2017

This police bust in Colorado fell apart because an officer staged his bodycam footage to frame the suspect
added: Mon May 8 01:19:01 2017

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ vision struggles to leave port
added: Mon May 8 01:18:35 2017

Australia: Face facts on foreign investment says Cheung Kong director
added: Mon May 8 01:17:44 2017

Where former spies go to become cybersecurity startup founders
added: Mon May 8 01:12:20 2017

A dozen Chinese investors already signed up to fund #Kushner project for EB-5 visas after 1st Beijing event #AFP
added: Mon May 8 01:07:00 2017
tags: kushner, afp

Taiwan's premier says immigration is needed to boost the economy
added: Mon May 8 01:06:30 2017

What the homes of #Singapore can teach #HongKong about urban planning
added: Mon May 8 00:59:58 2017
tags: hongkong, singapore

They went to Jared's family! How a green card scam for wealthy Chinese - amid ICE crackdown - is a new Trump-era low
added: Mon May 8 00:56:11 2017

THE DNC FRAUD LAWSUIT FULLY EXPLAINED with Attorney Jared Beck via @YouTube
added: Mon May 8 00:56:00 2017

Texas governor signs into law bill to punish 'sanctuary cities'
added: Mon May 8 00:55:16 2017

British performers among 7 arrested in fresh raid at indie music venue Hidden Agenda
added: Mon May 8 00:52:35 2017

Locked Up for Being Poor
added: Mon May 8 00:28:02 2017

The #netneutrality debate is more than a squabble over Internet pipes. It's a struggle over access to information.
added: Mon May 8 00:26:44 2017
tags: netneutrality

Congress allocates $100 million more to "counter" Russian propaganda
added: Sun May 7 21:05:55 2017

This not just another good Corbyn policy. It's a key reason the elite is plotting to destroy him.
added: Sun May 7 18:49:38 2017

BREAKING (and this is HUGE): Trump's Son Eric Inadvertently Confirms Trump Lied About His Financial Ties with Russia
added: Sun May 7 18:35:01 2017

"If hearing that raises your blood pressure, calm down. You can't afford the medication anymore" VIDEO
added: Sun May 7 14:45:15 2017

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian fishing boats, level lands in Gaza
added: Sun May 7 14:44:00 2017

Sandstorm originating in China observed across wide swath of Japan
added: Sun May 7 09:20:03 2017

Some good points here on ABC self-censorship and how Chinese state media employees are lining up to quit
added: Sun May 7 08:53:00 2017

Exclusive: China seeks up to 85 percent stake in strategic port in Myanmar by @YimouLee & Shwe Yee Saw Myint
added: Sun May 7 08:41:06 2017

Reminder, Jared Kushner's brother runs a healthcare company that mega Trump donor Peter Theil is invested in
added: Sun May 7 08:35:39 2017

New plant species discovered in India, but is in danger of extinction due to tourism:
added: Sun May 7 08:35:03 2017

Just 1% of UK ‘strongly opposed’ to renewables, finds government survey
added: Sun May 7 08:33:54 2017

【警方搗破假卡集團】 警方搗破一個偽造信用卡集團,檢獲30多張偽造信用卡。 兩名被捕男子涉嫌用假卡購買高價智能電話,再轉售圖利。 #有線新聞 #偽造信用卡
added: Sun May 7 08:25:59 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 偽造信用卡

【STEM】小學生即場示範無火煮肥牛麵 奪科學比賽冠軍赴日交流
added: Sun May 7 08:22:36 2017

All Blacks legend Tana Umaga blames SANZAAR's downsizing saga for plight of Australian rugby. #SuperRugby
added: Sun May 7 07:14:12 2017
tags: superrugby

You can now search for botnet C&C servers on Shodan #infosec
added: Sun May 7 07:13:26 2017
tags: infosec

‘18th century’ Asian sword discovered on Welsh riverbed by local boatman
added: Sun May 7 07:11:56 2017

Woman awarded record $110.5 million after alleging Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder caused cancer
added: Sun May 7 07:04:28 2017

These guys turned the Global Positioning System into an astrophysical observatory of truly planetary proportion.
added: Sun May 7 07:01:52 2017

Selfish Pan-Dems tries to fabricate harmony in HK
added: Sun May 7 07:01:40 2017

Saved: the endangered #species back from the brink of extinction via @guardian #wildlife
added: Sun May 7 06:59:14 2017
tags: species, wildlife

Lake Michigan Is So Clear Right Now Its Shipwrecks Are Visible From the Air via @SmithsonianMag
added: Sun May 7 06:58:54 2017
added: Sun May 7 06:23:15 2017

Democrats decades behind in understanding how to frame issues to reach swing voters, via @GeorgeLakoff
added: Sun May 7 06:03:10 2017

The TV empire that is challenging Fox on the right
added: Sun May 7 05:28:25 2017

Six people were arrested Saturday in western Mass. for protesting the extension of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline.
added: Sun May 7 04:44:07 2017

#HongKong women face dead end in battle against street harassment New @hongkongfp featu…
added: Sun May 7 04:07:33 2017
tags: hongkong

This will definitely backfire on China and ensure that Admiral Harris will remain as chief #PACOM as required.
added: Sun May 7 03:48:32 2017
tags: pacom

World Bank warns of China debt risk from backdoor local borrowing
added: Sun May 7 03:29:42 2017

Fifth column: Modernity or murder, Mr Modi? via @IndianExpress
added: Sun May 7 03:22:26 2017

Beijing's dilemma: What to do next with an ungrateful Special Administrative Region
added: Sun May 7 03:04:25 2017

Vietnamese expert (former chief of the Govt Border Committee) backs inclusion of arbitral ruling in code of conduct
added: Sun May 7 02:39:15 2017

Wow. CEO that laid off Carrier workers in IN faults them for not being willing to move to open jobs in Lansing, MI.
added: Sun May 7 01:05:11 2017

Mui Wo - where a mammoth development plan gets only a small-circle 'public consultation'
added: Sun May 7 01:04:14 2017

How to determine which #JavaScript framework is best for your site: via @chriscoyier
added: Sat May 6 12:17:01 2017
tags: javascript

Woman hit by a 7-seater who failed to stop at red light nr Silverstrand & "carried" by it for a distance afterwards.
added: Sat May 6 12:11:35 2017

Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber
added: Sat May 6 11:39:36 2017

In a Beijing ballroom, Kushner family flogs $500,000 ‘investor visa’ to wealthy Chinese. My dispatch from the Ritz.
added: Sat May 6 11:38:46 2017

Indian film Baahubali 2 has just made box office history
added: Sat May 6 11:38:19 2017

Real Estate Billionaire Exposes Beijing’s Dilemma
added: Sat May 6 11:35:04 2017

Iowa Republicans just made it harder to vote -- for no reason
added: Sat May 6 11:11:04 2017

China's 'One Belt, One Road' project causing 'anxiety' in Indian Ocean Region: US
added: Sat May 6 09:45:00 2017

FBI says email scammers stung businesses for $5bn over 4 years via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Sat May 6 09:39:30 2017

Where is the Indian government fighting Maoist rebels? Al Jazeera maps the conflict areas:
added: Sat May 6 09:15:11 2017

My piece on the new glossy 'good Muslim' trope. I Am Not Your Muslim
added: Sat May 6 08:36:31 2017

Government to look into oversight of charities. The latest report by the Audit Commission said some charities...
added: Sat May 6 08:07:11 2017

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors via @theregister
added: Sat May 6 07:24:31 2017

How Russia and South Korea could work together on North Korea
added: Sat May 6 07:00:26 2017

US Senator Nancy Pelosi to lead high-powered Congressional delegation to meet Dalai Lama in…
added: Sat May 6 06:58:19 2017

#Taiwan: Legislature secretary-general Lin Hsi-shan (林錫山, KMT) found guilty of corruption - Taipei Times
added: Sat May 6 06:32:28 2017
tags: taiwan

Tillerson ‘Emphatic’ About Need to Halt #SouthChinaSea Buildup
added: Sat May 6 06:32:01 2017
tags: southchinasea

#Taiwan: opposition KMT stalls #infrastructure bill - Taipei Times
added: Sat May 6 06:29:11 2017
tags: infrastructure, taiwan

.@Reuters is reporting on @DFRLab's analysis showing that Rebel Media's Jack Posobiec started #MacronLeaks hashtag
added: Sat May 6 06:29:08 2017
tags: macronleaks

How Jimmy Carter Changed Beer Forever
added: Sat May 6 06:28:02 2017

China should take military action against THAAD deployment: military expert (Renmin Ribao)
added: Sat May 6 06:21:46 2017

Seven Chinese vessels detained off West Africa for illegal fishing
added: Sat May 6 06:10:45 2017

Chokwe Antar Lumumba’s Election Marks a New Era for Jackson—And for the South
added: Sat May 6 04:58:01 2017

Centre for Health Protection notified of human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland
added: Sat May 6 04:38:05 2017

All of Hong Kong's frontline uniformed police officers to have body cameras by 2021
added: Sat May 6 04:06:12 2017

#China Daily: Lottery system to be introduced to stabilize Shanghai housing market
added: Sat May 6 04:04:49 2017
tags: china

Good read: America’s allies are figuring out Donald Trump via @pocket
added: Sat May 6 03:34:21 2017

Just as we talk about Macau ban, another Democratic Party councillor denied entry to Macau
added: Sat May 6 03:33:21 2017

Remember this vote? A civil rights group asked 3 pro-democracy lawmakers why they didn't show up: /1
added: Sat May 6 02:52:19 2017

The Forgotten French Colony of Chandernagore, an Hour From Kolkata: @DalrympleWill's ancestral home via @NGTIndia
added: Sat May 6 02:18:15 2017

Nice reporting from Guangxi by @YuanfenYang and Xinning Liu: Beihai embraces its new boom, forgetting its bust
added: Sat May 6 01:39:34 2017

Glenn Beck says Trumpcare will "make health care worse."
added: Sat May 6 01:38:24 2017

Someone should send this link to that asshole who went on TV & said good people don't get major illnesses.
added: Sat May 6 01:15:57 2017

Lawyers, politicians criticise proposed bill criminalising insults against law enforcement
added: Sat May 6 01:04:08 2017

Berta Cáceres, Presente!
added: Sat May 6 00:58:02 2017

Republicans took a step toward gutting financial regulations created in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.
added: Sat May 6 00:30:14 2017

Trump says federal funding for HBCUs is racist against whites.
added: Sat May 6 00:19:23 2017

Not-so-secret DOD “spy drone” footage, live on the Internet
added: Fri May 5 23:51:04 2017

The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates #Muslims h/t @pjmooney
added: Fri May 5 23:33:00 2017
tags: muslims

Holy cow: Trump team copied documents and removed them from SCIF
added: Fri May 5 23:29:11 2017

#Japan to offer patrol planes to #Malaysia
added: Fri May 5 22:26:02 2017
tags: malaysia, japan

Russia blocks WeChat - SupChina Isn't it ironic ... now Chinese in Russia need VPNs.
added: Fri May 5 21:56:38 2017

FCC launches investigation into Stephen Colbert's Trump insults:
added: Fri May 5 20:46:11 2017

How two Marines helped bring down revenge porn on Facebook
added: Fri May 5 19:43:04 2017

For every $1 repatriated during prior tax holidays, an estimated $0.93 was used for shareholder distributions
added: Fri May 5 17:17:53 2017

Did @SenFeinstein reveal classified $900,000 price for FBI's iPhone hacking tool? @etuckerAP
added: Fri May 5 17:00:37 2017

Simpson's Paradox Comes to Facebook
added: Fri May 5 16:31:25 2017

This JWT library has 2000 stars and nobody has checked to see if it does signature validation properly yet....
added: Fri May 5 16:25:43 2017

Project Quantum: we're trying to make the fastest browser in the world, and here's how:
added: Fri May 5 16:12:00 2017

All hell broke loose on Fox News when Juan Williams pointed out what the Republican health care bill actually does
added: Fri May 5 13:35:00 2017

Thanks Obama: National Archives Announces a New Model for the Preservation and Accessibility of Presidential Records
added: Fri May 5 13:35:00 2017

Grassroots group is working to put gerrymandering issue on Michigan's 2018 ballot
added: Fri May 5 13:21:03 2017

Voting for Obamacare cost him his job. Now it might be his ticket back.
added: Fri May 5 13:15:11 2017

Hong Kong’s ‘useful idiots’ prepare for Carrie – Stephen Vines
added: Fri May 5 12:47:32 2017

Screws tighten on risky Chinese insurance -- Heard on the Street via @anjani_trivedi Anbang gets it Friday night.
added: Fri May 5 10:55:06 2017

CSS Grid Cheat Sheet:
added: Fri May 5 10:53:01 2017

Beijing Car Parts Maker Charges Up With German Electric Car Investment #EVs #NEVs
added: Fri May 5 10:51:23 2017
tags: evs, nevs

Indian WhatsApp admin arrested for sharing 'offensive content'
added: Fri May 5 10:15:06 2017

The Morning After: Friday, May 5th 2017
added: Fri May 5 10:00:35 2017

Green Party makes council breakthroughs in general election target areas
added: Fri May 5 09:46:27 2017

Video: Hong Kong activists accuse gov't of using law to silence dissenting voices
added: Fri May 5 09:24:35 2017

#Rhino horn - would legalization cut demand? TRAFFIC expert Tom Miliken shares his insights: #WildlifeCrime
added: Fri May 5 09:19:12 2017
tags: wildlifecrime, rhino

EU chief Jean Claude Juncker says he will give speech in French because English is "losing importance"
added: Fri May 5 09:18:29 2017

Pure thuggery: #China's State Security Police Target Activists Who Showed Up to Xie Yang Trial
added: Fri May 5 09:17:33 2017
tags: china

Corporate China braces for credit crunch as onshore bond issuance shrinks by @Umesh_Desai
added: Fri May 5 09:12:05 2017

Sorry bad link, try this !
added: Fri May 5 09:11:35 2017

How to Be a #Journalist in #China: A Personal Reflection by Luwei Rose Luqiu
added: Fri May 5 09:03:15 2017
tags: journalist, china

#Pangolin #scales seized with elephant tusks in Vietnam, on flight from Angola @CITES @THTZim @TRAFFIC_WLTrade
added: Fri May 5 08:54:11 2017
tags: pangolin, scales

India tweaks rules to help resolve banks' $150 billion bad debt problem by @rajeshkumarsgh and @dtripathy
added: Fri May 5 08:43:23 2017

Whatever happens, it'll be a record vote for French far-right. @AnneNivat @NicholasVinocur found out why. #F24Debate
added: Fri May 5 08:36:14 2017
tags: f24debate

Bail extended for nine pro-democracy activists
added: Fri May 5 08:05:35 2017

India to make every single car electric by 2030 in bid to tackle air pollution that kills millions
added: Fri May 5 08:04:04 2017

The corpses of dead stars will be humanity's last refuge in a dying universe
added: Fri May 5 08:00:31 2017

Old tech, passwords galore hurt U.S. tracking of visa holders
added: Fri May 5 08:00:01 2017

Theresa May's Tories are using local ads to bypass election spending rules via @jimwaterson
added: Fri May 5 07:59:08 2017

Rental housing booms in China as home prices surge
added: Fri May 5 07:26:40 2017

Facebook Extends China Presence to Shanghai #Facebook #Shanghai
added: Fri May 5 06:19:52 2017
tags: facebook, shanghai

Civil servant faces new charges over discovery of 1,200 upskirt photos
added: Fri May 5 06:18:23 2017

Peru’s first autonomous Indigenous government wins major victory taking on oil companies
added: Fri May 5 06:17:30 2017

行政長官已下令,在公告張貼於有關土地起計三個月屆滿時,土地須予收回,並復歸政府所有。 【刊憲收橫洲地 梁特下令3個月後歸政府】
added: Fri May 5 06:15:09 2017

【「牛肉乾」罰款擬增5成 運輸業界質疑治標不治本】 政府建議提高交通違例定額罰款五成,運輸業界批評在車位不足下,增加罰款治標不治本。 運輸及房屋局表示,稍後會公布措施紓緩車位不足情況。 #有線新聞 #牛肉乾 #定額罰款...
added: Fri May 5 06:13:48 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 牛肉乾, 定額罰款

Lawmaker hopes 'ice-breaker' lunch will set an example for incoming leader Carrie Lam
added: Fri May 5 06:10:22 2017

How Trump has given Southeast Asia's despots the green light to repress their people, from @ConnellyAL
added: Fri May 5 06:08:11 2017

Her eyes looked SO relieved when people came to save her ❤
added: Fri May 5 06:06:00 2017

PH to complain to UN over rapporteur's unannounced visit
added: Fri May 5 05:47:03 2017

Hong Kong, Shanghai markets slip on oil price drop
added: Fri May 5 04:51:41 2017

Demand drives #fastest expansion in years for Hong Kong private business sector #hk #growth #PMI
added: Fri May 5 04:48:44 2017
tags: growth, hk, fastest, pmi

China’s war on debt causes stocks to drop, bond yields to shoot up and defaults to rise via @WSJ
added: Fri May 5 03:24:29 2017

Trump visa crackdown spurs tech moves to Mexico via @FT
added: Fri May 5 03:08:47 2017

Oculus Story Studio: Facebook Is Closing Its VR Storytelling Unit | Variety:
added: Fri May 5 02:24:01 2017

After years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts • The Register:
added: Fri May 5 02:24:00 2017

Iran hardliners committed to nuclear deal, says top conservative via @FT
added: Fri May 5 02:23:24 2017

Trump's religious freedom order may backfire
added: Fri May 5 02:23:11 2017

Uber is being investigated by the Justice Department over the use of Greyball tool to evade authorities
added: Fri May 5 02:21:06 2017

How a handful of pacifists and nuns exposed the vulnerability of America’s nuclear-weapons sites
added: Fri May 5 02:20:31 2017

How AIDS Activists ACT UP Seized Control of the FDA in 1988
added: Fri May 5 02:15:47 2017

Why the Communist Party has opened a bureau for Xinjiang via @SCMP_news Big development in the XUAR
added: Fri May 5 02:07:28 2017

Labour eyes proportional representation as party's elections minister backs voting shake-up
added: Fri May 5 01:40:08 2017

Asian stocks tread water on U.S., commodities concerns
added: Fri May 5 01:38:04 2017

Even the Law Society feels compelled to speak re BL 158:
added: Fri May 5 01:37:08 2017

Trump order frees tax-exempt churches to be more politically active
added: Fri May 5 01:35:04 2017

detailed look at the Tan Zhaohua case, the making of an unjust corruption case (earlier report below)
added: Fri May 5 01:31:44 2017

Warren Buffett says he sold a third of stake in IBM: CNBC
added: Fri May 5 01:18:03 2017

After North Korea criticism, China says wants to be good neighbor
added: Fri May 5 01:17:12 2017

UMass to student: Tibetan flag not allowed in commencement ceremony
added: Fri May 5 01:17:05 2017

Trump just praised Australia’s universal healthcare — Bernie Sanders erupted in laughter
added: Fri May 5 01:16:55 2017

Principle tries to fight Park Slope yuppie racism, gets accused by school officials of being a communist.
added: Fri May 5 01:09:44 2017

Rare #cars are at the heart of a #London lawsuit embroiling one of #China's wealthiest men via @business
added: Fri May 5 00:40:44 2017
tags: cars, china, london

Germany tests world's first hydrogen-powered train
added: Fri May 5 00:40:08 2017

Will the Senate pass the GOP's "Trumpcare" bill? Here's what to expect.
added: Fri May 5 00:38:02 2017

President Tsai @iingwen tweets #Taiwan’s #WHA credentials - Taiwan Today @WHO
added: Fri May 5 00:36:06 2017
tags: taiwan, wha

Fugitive Red Bull heir ditches jet, leaves Singapore
added: Fri May 5 00:03:22 2017

I inspected sewers before becoming a journo, this is real. Water infrastructure is literally crumbling. @truthout
added: Thu May 4 22:15:37 2017

Not to be overlooked today: House panel approves bill to undo much of Dodd-Frank law enacted after financial crisis
added: Thu May 4 21:40:01 2017

有觀察家指出,美國之音對郭文貴的採訪,如果不被強行中斷,應該是有機會獲得普利策獎的。BBGWatch 今天刊登的一篇文章稱,“美國之音台長阿曼達本來可以藉助中國人民給你的這個歷史性機遇,然而她毀掉了一個美國之音獲得普利策獎的機會”。
added: Thu May 4 21:23:57 2017

The State Department just promoted Ivanka's new book, which is definitely an ethics violation.
added: Thu May 4 20:59:24 2017

Australia wins landmark WTO tobacco packaging case - Bloomberg
added: Thu May 4 20:43:56 2017

Every Michigan House Republican voted to repeal Obamacare
added: Thu May 4 20:02:30 2017

MAJOR UPDATE: Senate won't take up #Obamacare repeal bill from House, writing its own: via @dcexaminer
added: Thu May 4 19:27:17 2017
tags: obamacare

Tibet: U.S. Bill Aims to Ease Beijing’s Restrictions — Thank you to @marcorubio @SenatorBaldwin for your leadership
added: Thu May 4 18:15:42 2017

FDA refuses to ban rocket fuel chemical in rice cereal for babies. Sadly, this is not a link to an Onion story.
added: Thu May 4 17:57:43 2017

Mark Trahant: Republican bill takes billions from Indian health care
added: Thu May 4 14:56:17 2017

Priscilla Leung & other pro-est lawmakers will unveil tomorrow a private members' bill to prohibit insulting police
added: Thu May 4 13:52:31 2017

Liberals are no strangers to confirmation bias after all
added: Thu May 4 12:25:25 2017

Testing the Line: A Personal Reflection on How to Be a Journalist in China
added: Thu May 4 12:25:09 2017

Vanke’s Main Stakeholder Commits Shares as Collateral #ChinaVanke #BaonengGroup
added: Thu May 4 12:24:02 2017
tags: baonenggroup, chinavanke

Indonesia and U.S. miner Freeport start contract negotiations #WestPapua #mining #FCX
added: Thu May 4 12:23:52 2017
tags: mining, fcx, westpapua

A Kentucky judge said that “as a matter of conscience” he will no longer hear gay and lesbian adoption cases
added: Thu May 4 12:21:06 2017

How CY Leung continues to undermine our interests – SC Yeung
added: Thu May 4 10:57:24 2017

Page Weight, from @imgix, is a great little tool for analysing your image assets: —via @RyanTownsend
added: Thu May 4 09:44:55 2017

Hospital waiting lists 'to rise above five million in two years'
added: Thu May 4 08:43:06 2017

Shell reports sharp rise in first quarter profits, beating forecasts:
added: Thu May 4 08:41:07 2017

Rival camp lawmakers meet to exchange views
added: Thu May 4 08:38:18 2017

China A-share entry into benchmark index to reshape investing
added: Thu May 4 07:46:13 2017

Cultural Revolution fuelled 1967 riots, rather than socio-economic conditions, says veteran journalist Gary Cheung
added: Thu May 4 07:43:48 2017

Domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide:
added: Thu May 4 07:38:21 2017

.@TheIGFA Ego-driven, cruel slaughter of threatened shark species for weight-based records must stop
added: Thu May 4 07:36:29 2017

'SATURN-RINGS' @ 2017-05-03 06:29 w/ ISSWA using CL1 & VIO. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI
added: Thu May 4 07:30:32 2017

It's like he got out of jail. This is @JamilAnderlini on his move from China to Hong Kong:
added: Thu May 4 07:18:23 2017

It was a breezy, sunny weekend across Germany, and renewable energy was supplying 85% of the power
added: Thu May 4 07:18:16 2017

Chris Patten, Joshua Wong call on U.S. to safeguard Hong Kong's autonomy in Congress hearing
added: Thu May 4 07:17:13 2017

Asean’s response to Chinese militarisation in the South China Sea? Keep quiet and carry on
added: Thu May 4 07:13:55 2017

US$1m Chinese cauldron smashed after it was sent by courier via @SCMP_News
added: Thu May 4 07:13:08 2017

U.S. Investigates Work at Saipan Casino Project With Trump Tie
added: Thu May 4 07:08:00 2017

Gamers red hot with fury over Intel Core i7-7700 temperature spikes
added: Thu May 4 07:04:14 2017

Over 50 Beijing flights cancelled or delayed as sandstorms hit northern China
added: Thu May 4 06:56:50 2017

Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy protection: governor
added: Thu May 4 06:45:06 2017

Thanks, @DavidJoy_Author. I am with you.
added: Thu May 4 06:42:40 2017

Donald J. Trump, who likes to do business by phone, is acquiring a reputation for pestering Xi Jinping
added: Thu May 4 06:41:25 2017

Man beaten to death in Germany by gang 'hunting refugees'
added: Thu May 4 06:41:01 2017

UBS breaks ranks with push for mid-tier Asian millionaires
added: Thu May 4 06:35:07 2017

Why Canada is selling advanced nuclear reactors to China: the thorium dream
added: Thu May 4 06:30:30 2017

Texas State Rep. Admits GEO Group Wrote Immigrant Detention Bill in State Legislature
added: Thu May 4 06:30:17 2017

Tibetan Protesters' Home Villages Harassed by Chinese Security Troops
added: Thu May 4 06:29:29 2017

“Why I shut down and left Mastodon.” by @intothemild
added: Thu May 4 06:05:34 2017

Trump gains traction on healthcare bill, vote set for Thursday
added: Thu May 4 06:05:14 2017

Windows 10 S forces Bing, Edge on your kids. If you don't like it, get Win10 Pro – Microsoft
added: Thu May 4 06:05:12 2017

As private jet rentals start to replace ownership for China's wealthy, VistaJet is offering booking through WeChat:
added: Thu May 4 06:05:07 2017

.@JamilAnderlini on Hong Kong vs Beijing: "I have joined the ranks of those I once derided—and could not be happier"
added: Thu May 4 06:02:54 2017

亞洲足協宣布,由於廣州恒大球迷在作客東方龍獅的亞冠盃賽事中,涉及政治旗幟事件,恒大被罰閉門作賽兩場,緩期兩年執行。 #ACL2017
added: Thu May 4 05:40:40 2017
tags: acl2017

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Short, Strange & Brutal Stint as an Elementary School Teacher
added: Thu May 4 05:40:00 2017

A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America
added: Thu May 4 05:38:47 2017

U.S. coaxes Mexico into Trump plan to overhaul Central America
added: Thu May 4 05:37:34 2017

U.S. needs to balance foreign alliances: Tillerson
added: Thu May 4 05:35:06 2017

China service sector slows, suggesting economy losing steam
added: Thu May 4 05:33:16 2017

A bridge in a Jiangxi scenic area fell apart on the May 1 holiday under the weight of too many tourists
added: Thu May 4 05:32:50 2017

China issues urgent call to America and North Korea: Stop irritating each other
added: Thu May 4 05:02:00 2017

When Varoufakis took on the troika
added: Thu May 4 04:58:37 2017

#GUA Xi Jinping must calm 'hearts and minds' of Hong Kong, says Patten
added: Thu May 4 04:22:17 2017
tags: gua

China chart triptych: liquidity tightens growth slows commods drop…
added: Thu May 4 03:38:56 2017

Debunking the False Claims of Environmental Review Opponents
added: Thu May 4 02:28:02 2017

Article doesn't take into account the fact that services like Netflix in SG are nerfed & have smaller libraries.
added: Thu May 4 02:26:56 2017

“We told people Obama was a dangerous socialist…when really we knew he was a moderate. But they believed us.”
added: Thu May 4 02:26:02 2017

read my post about net neutrality, promoted tweets and Verizon Jeremy
added: Thu May 4 01:25:33 2017

Troubling but not surprising: @SenSanders foreign policy adviser is @mattduss who testified in Congress against BDS
added: Wed May 3 23:10:41 2017

China tightens rules to require all online news publishers to obtain a licence…
added: Wed May 3 21:44:07 2017

Unit 42 researchers uncover Kazuar, a backdoor Trojan used in an espionage campaign. Learn more:
added: Wed May 3 21:14:10 2017

Tillerson says US no more will condition foreign relationships on countries adopting US values such as human rights:
added: Wed May 3 18:26:48 2017

Fox Ousts Co-President Bill Shine Amid Sexual Harassment Fallout
added: Wed May 3 06:35:05 2017

#Trump’s volatility in Asia distresses a longtime U.S. ally: #Australia
added: Wed May 3 06:32:03 2017
tags: australia, trump

Renaming TSA as BCA not the answer
added: Wed May 3 06:30:20 2017

This Verizon "interview" about net neutrality is so full of shit
added: Wed May 3 06:30:00 2017

Kelvin MacKenzie jokes about wanting to see Jeremy Corbyn stabbed to death by asylum seeker
added: Wed May 3 06:29:20 2017

China updates internet regulations to tighten control over online news
added: Wed May 3 06:22:00 2017

“The Dirtbag Left at Harvard: An Interview with Chapo Trap House” by Matthew J. Watson
added: Wed May 3 05:48:35 2017

Jared the Sun King forgot to declare a lot of stuff on his government financial disclosure forms.
added: Wed May 3 05:46:20 2017

Subsidising new drugs depends on effectiveness not cost, says Hong Kong Hospital Authority. Single mother Chi...
added: Wed May 3 05:46:16 2017

From an interview with @AndrewSErickson. @graham_euan
added: Wed May 3 05:44:43 2017

U.S., China talk firmer U.N. response to North Korea's missiles: diplomats
added: Wed May 3 05:32:57 2017

Awful. 100 killed as US bombs house in Mosul. AP says they were civilians.
added: Wed May 3 05:31:51 2017

It's a bizarrely quiet spot
added: Wed May 3 05:30:01 2017

Nice work by @FrontierMM, carefully piecing together how nationalists got Muslim schools closed in Yangon on Friday
added: Wed May 3 05:29:18 2017

Singapore Airlines launches biofuel-powered flights
added: Wed May 3 05:28:31 2017

Villagers in Wang Chau are getting barricades ready to try to keep the authorities out
added: Wed May 3 05:22:41 2017

Your public lands are under attack: Comments:
added: Wed May 3 05:20:02 2017

Power, Water, Music: Mosul comes back to Life
added: Wed May 3 04:47:08 2017

Thailand: Rights Lawyer Feared ‘Disappeared’ | Human Rights Watch
added: Wed May 3 04:44:49 2017

China Craves Foreign Goods. Students in Australia Supply Them by @xu_xiuzhong
added: Wed May 3 04:43:44 2017

Two wildlife rangers killed by poachers in DRC
added: Wed May 3 04:04:19 2017

"None of the plants have done anything to improve anything" - India set for big fail on coal emissions
added: Wed May 3 04:01:44 2017

Wall St pushing for Senate vote THIS WEEK on Trump-backed bill to kill low-fee savings plans for millions of workers
added: Wed May 3 03:58:05 2017

China's Silk Road push in Thailand may founder on Mekong River row via @Reuters
added: Wed May 3 03:55:13 2017

23 environmental rules rolled back in President Trump's first 100 days
added: Wed May 3 03:31:32 2017

What We Can Learn from Our ‘Radical’ Past | The Nation a tribute to Eric Foner
added: Wed May 3 03:30:13 2017

#China's Rust-Belt Rebound Is Under Threat From Slowing Inflation @business @jeffkearns @MalcolmScott8 #economy
added: Wed May 3 02:53:38 2017
tags: china, economy

Walrus, caribou face extinction risk in Canadian Arctic
added: Wed May 3 02:53:12 2017

Is China the world's new colonial power? (on its holdings in poor, resource-rich African countries)
added: Wed May 3 02:52:26 2017

worth noting, perhaps, that there's difference between trying to contain china and not confronting them at all
added: Wed May 3 02:51:40 2017

In 2000, #China was largest trading partner of 5 countries, now over 100. Great @brooklarmer piece on China-Africa
added: Wed May 3 02:35:19 2017
tags: china

HKFP Lens: Alexander Vertikoff's rare colour shots of 1980's China
added: Wed May 3 02:34:30 2017

Retiring Michigan DEQ official: Flint residents hurt more by "hype" than their #FlintWaterCrisis poisoned water
added: Wed May 3 02:09:53 2017
tags: flintwatercrisis

Increasingly hard to avoid conclusion that Trump is appeasing China in #SouthChinaSea for cooperation on #NorthKorea
added: Wed May 3 02:09:47 2017
tags: southchinasea, northkorea

林榮基赴美聽證會 冀華府關注2被失蹤者
added: Wed May 3 02:08:09 2017

The swamp is very expensive
added: Wed May 3 02:06:04 2017

36 critics of Putin are dead in past 3 years,including 2 with ties to Steele dossier relating to Trump-Russia.
added: Wed May 3 01:38:10 2017

.@The_KerryG has done a hell of a job over the last few years. Looking forward to seeing what he does next.
added: Wed May 3 01:28:17 2017

Hawaii Dems failed to pass a vote-by-mail bill after different versions passed both chambers for 3rd straight year
added: Tue May 2 16:55:58 2017

House GOPer: Move to another state if you have a pre-existing condition
added: Tue May 2 16:19:01 2017

That "organic milk" you bought? Maybe it isn't. Is there anything we can trust at this point?
added: Tue May 2 14:55:09 2017

My op-ed on Ni Yulan. Her story testifies to the remarkable stubborn resilience of rights-conscious people in China.
added: Tue May 2 14:54:32 2017

The Teen Working to Stop Climate Change After Losing Her Family Farm to Floods via @broadly
added: Tue May 2 14:53:28 2017

Stocks linked to Chinese insurer Anbang fall after report on company's murky structure
added: Tue May 2 14:52:03 2017

How two cutting edge U.S. nuclear projects bankrupted Westinghouse:
added: Tue May 2 14:49:29 2017

The Trump administration is seeking political “credit” for a technical trade policy decision, by @chadbown via @PIIE
added: Tue May 2 14:47:37 2017

Mika: "he's nowhere. he doesn't stand by anything. and i'm quoting him right now." @DrDenaGrayson @DMRDynamics
added: Tue May 2 14:47:26 2017

Minnesota GOPers sorry for post calling Keith Ellison "Muslim goat humper"
added: Tue May 2 14:47:24 2017

Former Texas DA probably sent innocent man to his death. Now he’s on trial for misconduct. by @chronic_jordan
added: Tue May 2 14:05:05 2017

Tesla linked to investment in a supply chain firm that focuses on recycling discovered by @cbinsights
added: Tue May 2 14:03:47 2017

Good read: In France’s Poor Suburbs, Angry Voters May Skip Big Election via @pocket
added: Tue May 2 14:03:24 2017

Some Budging on the Budget--But Austerity Still Reigns
added: Tue May 2 14:02:28 2017

Market Sees Three Rate-Hike Fed as 50/50 in 2017 {Analysis on Terminal: }
added: Tue May 2 14:02:16 2017

April Nerve Gas Attack in Syria Appears to Be One in a Series by @ABarnardNYT
added: Tue May 2 13:56:52 2017

The ICAC investigation I was referring to earlier: #cmb #icac #hk
added: Tue May 2 13:56:47 2017
tags: icac, cmb, hk

Trump has it Backwards: It is Dirty Coal that’s Killing Green Jobs
added: Tue May 2 13:56:12 2017

Feel this CBC segment on "loiterers" on Bank says a lot about poverty and class without mentioning poverty or class.
added: Tue May 2 13:48:41 2017

Facebook builds new network to split cross-data center traffic from regular user traffic
added: Tue May 2 13:46:11 2017

Corker: ‘We’re not going to do a Russia sanctions bill’ by @abwrig
added: Tue May 2 13:45:48 2017

How cutting progressive taxes affects PRE-tax income inequality
added: Tue May 2 13:44:01 2017
tags: 1u, p2

#SCMP Extra jail time for burglar who damaged Hong Kong Gold Bauhinia Star medal of businessman Jim Thompson
added: Tue May 2 13:12:50 2017
tags: scmp

Thousands of Japanese temples left without priests as rural depopulation advances @NAR
added: Tue May 2 13:10:30 2017

ALL MNCs should pay fair share of taxes - we need #CBCR data from ALL countries to #EndSecrecy @1PavelSvoboda
added: Tue May 2 12:51:41 2017
tags: cbcr, endsecrecy

India's controversial national ID scheme leaks fraud-friendly data for 130,000,000 people
added: Tue May 2 12:26:03 2017

Philippines says Trump recognized 'great job' Duterte is doing
added: Tue May 2 12:23:44 2017

Trump and Duterte, brothers from another mother by @Milbank
added: Tue May 2 12:23:07 2017

The GOP’s Attacks on the Poor Are About to Get Stealthier
added: Tue May 2 12:22:50 2017

Government to boost export target for Japanese broadcast content to ¥50 billion by 2020 | The Japan Times -
added: Tue May 2 12:22:44 2017

#Taiwan: opposition KMT lawmakers protest against draft infrastructure bill
added: Tue May 2 12:22:07 2017
tags: taiwan

These twelve "Theresa May's Photo Casebooks" are brilliantly funny
added: Tue May 2 12:21:24 2017

Blogged: Overconfident people don’t just misperceive their own abilities. They also misperceive the world.
added: Tue May 2 12:19:56 2017

Elizabeth Warren says Barack Obama does not understand "lived experience of most Americans"
added: Tue May 2 12:17:54 2017

'Chaos': Standoff of residents, property mgmt, police at Tin Ma Court. @HongKongFP summary of today at midnight.
added: Tue May 2 12:15:21 2017

It doesn't matter if you think #voterID is necessary — you have to implement it well. Texas didn't:
added: Tue May 2 12:08:46 2017
tags: voterid

Reporters locked in a room, not allowed to film T May, not allowed to look at T May, not allowed to ask T May why
added: Tue May 2 11:22:49 2017

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department raids unlicensed food factory in Yuen Long
added: Tue May 2 11:08:38 2017

Hundreds in Kansas still without power from spring storm
added: Tue May 2 11:02:08 2017

#Tanzania - 2 suspected #elephant poachers arrested for possession of 2 pieces of #ivory tusks #WildlifeJustice
added: Tue May 2 11:00:17 2017
tags: ivory, wildlifejustice, elephant, tanzania

#ICYMI In #Liberia we shut down illegal #Fishing by Captain Peter Hammarstedt: #SeaShepherd…
added: Tue May 2 11:00:04 2017
tags: fishing, liberia, seashepherd, icymi

DNC Lawyers Argue DNC Has Right to Pick Candidates in Back Rooms, No Obligation To Be Impartial -
added: Tue May 2 10:58:15 2017

Chinese Government and Hollywood Launch Snoop-and-Censor Copyright Filter - EU copyright directive will do same
added: Tue May 2 10:49:42 2017

w/ @wang_maya & my take China is creating its own Wikipedia, but it's not open to the public for editing @mashable
added: Tue May 2 10:48:48 2017

CHN seizes each chance to demean and diminish TW, most recently down under. Disrespectful of AUS+Kimberley Process
added: Tue May 2 10:39:07 2017

国家网信办发布互联网新闻信息服务管理规定-cyberspace admin releases internet news and information services management regulations
added: Tue May 2 10:35:39 2017

What Happened to 84,000 Stupas/Viharas Built By Samrat Ashoka?
added: Tue May 2 10:16:14 2017

#China is intent on squeezing the life out of an independent #HongKong
added: Tue May 2 10:15:08 2017
tags: hongkong, china

Journalists criticising military should be executed: NRC member
added: Tue May 2 10:11:41 2017

Infosys plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers after Trump targets outsourcing firms
added: Tue May 2 10:11:07 2017

Vulnerability hits Intel enterprise PCs going back 10 years via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue May 2 10:10:19 2017

'Science' paper is retracted and few will ever hear this: The sensationalist media coverage…
added: Tue May 2 09:16:47 2017

Fascinating @BBCBusiness report from #NorthKorea-China border; & @edbutler interviews me on #DPRK-PRC economic ties:
added: Tue May 2 09:05:05 2017
tags: dprk, northkorea

#ASEAN2017 Leaders join Cambodia in softening tone toward China #SouthChinaSea
added: Tue May 2 08:41:01 2017
tags: southchinasea, asean2017

Home Secretary Amber Rudd admits leaked account of EU's 'disastrous dinner' with Theresa May could be accurate
added: Tue May 2 08:38:17 2017

China’s history problem: how it’s censoring the past via @SCMP_News
added: Tue May 2 08:37:29 2017

BUSINESS DAILY - Greece breaks bailout standoff with more austerity
added: Tue May 2 08:35:47 2017

Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank is seeking approval for a $1 billion #HongKong IPO, sources say @crystalttc
added: Tue May 2 08:33:08 2017
tags: hongkong

Hannah Arendt on how Science Illuminates the Human Condition ...
added: Tue May 2 08:30:26 2017

Thai king granted control of five palace agencies, latest move by monarch to consolidate power - @AFP
added: Tue May 2 08:00:53 2017

LegCo's Finance Committee has voted 30-24 in favor of granting 54.5 billion HKD in funding towards the expansion...
added: Tue May 2 08:00:21 2017

DA Used Fake Subpoenas for Decades to Trick People into Talking to Prosecutors: Comments:
added: Tue May 2 08:00:02 2017

Mineral-rich area of Papua New Guinea lifts decades-old ban on new mining #Bougainville #PNG #mining
added: Tue May 2 07:59:18 2017
tags: mining, png, bougainville

China is getting its own state-sponsored Wikipedia next year
added: Tue May 2 07:57:34 2017

Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank said to seek approval for $1b #HongKong #IPO this week: by @crystalttc
added: Tue May 2 07:56:12 2017
tags: hongkong, ipo

Why we support Macron in the second round, and our 'promise' to him – Le Monde (English original) and Mediapart
added: Tue May 2 07:36:52 2017

'Oldest human' dies in Indonesia aged 146
added: Tue May 2 07:36:42 2017

Anbang-linked stocks take a. beating today after company threatens to sue a magazine for slander #China @cnbci
added: Tue May 2 07:21:44 2017
tags: china

#Syria/n refugees rescue neo-Nazi politician from car crash -promoter of "refugees not welcome" #xenophobia #Germany
added: Tue May 2 06:16:19 2017
tags: germany, syria, xenophobia

Hong Kong stocks extend April's gains as Belle surges on offer
added: Tue May 2 06:13:22 2017

China's capital controls to hamper yuan internationalization: Fitch
added: Tue May 2 06:09:45 2017

Indonesian President meets migrant workers in Hong Kong - Reuters...
added: Tue May 2 05:31:04 2017

Infosys plans to hire 10,000 American workers, open four U.S. tech centers: Comments:
added: Tue May 2 05:30:02 2017

In rare disclosure, China's Communist Party admits its officials funding Dalai Lama
added: Tue May 2 05:30:01 2017

Beijing still miffed, mystified at lack of love via @hkbiglychee
added: Tue May 2 05:29:58 2017

CIMIC wins $436m Hong Kong contract -
added: Tue May 2 05:29:27 2017

What’s behind Marco Rubio’s ‘sudden’ concern about Hong Kong? -Simon Shen
added: Tue May 2 05:28:36 2017

Global brands took the lion's share and left Chinese workers with only poverty, labour disputes and repression
added: Tue May 2 04:56:46 2017

Unbridled greed on both sides at root of high profile legal spate between a top China banker and DBS via @business
added: Tue May 2 04:27:01 2017

China is hiring 20,000 people to write a "Chinese Wikipedia." Expect the real one to get blocked once they're done.
added: Tue May 2 03:30:15 2017

Many feel Democrats are out of touch. Barack Obama's high speaking fee reinforces that.
added: Tue May 2 02:54:27 2017

India bans all trade with #NorthKorea (India exported $115M in 15'-'16 and imported $88M)
added: Tue May 2 02:12:54 2017
tags: northkorea

Bookseller Lam Wing-kee now included on the list of those attending the hearing
added: Tue May 2 00:00:00 2017

Owner of GEM TV, which aired dubbed Western programs into Iran, gunned down in Istanbul.
added: Mon May 1 20:46:37 2017

Beijing official ‘has no authority’ to make remarks on political reform, Hong Kong veteran…
added: Mon May 1 16:56:46 2017

Asian nations pulled into China's orbit as Trump puts America first
added: Mon May 1 12:35:02 2017

U.S.-backed militias oust IS from Syria's Tabqa old city
added: Mon May 1 10:34:41 2017

Strange mantle plume under Iceland helps keep Scotland afloat
added: Mon May 1 10:33:21 2017

Pescara’s Sulley Muntari walks off after being booked for reporting racist abuse
added: Mon May 1 09:49:02 2017

"our experience has not been less than horrendous"
added: Mon May 1 08:46:25 2017

added: Mon May 1 07:55:49 2017

Theresa May's answer on foodbanks shows why she is a national embarrassment
added: Mon May 1 07:52:52 2017

Cantonese profanity:
added: Mon May 1 07:46:07 2017

Hear the One Night Sun Ra & John Cage Played Together in Concert (1986)
added: Mon May 1 07:44:45 2017

Nepal local polls in doubt amid political turmoil
added: Mon May 1 07:35:06 2017

#Hanoi: 2 frozen #tigers, 36 kg of #rhino horn, 4 #lion pelts & many #ivory products have been seized - 3 arrested
added: Mon May 1 07:27:49 2017
tags: rhino, lion, ivory, tigers, hanoi

Stade Francais win battle of Paris to keep play-off hopes alive
added: Mon May 1 07:26:38 2017

Sebastian Gorka to leave White House amid accusations of links to far-right
added: Mon May 1 07:11:05 2017

Labour vows to 'call time on bad landlords' with housing pledge
added: Mon May 1 05:42:56 2017

10,000 Hongkongers expected in three Labour Day protests as new minimum wage of HK$34.5 (US$4.4) takes effect
added: Mon May 1 05:40:24 2017

MPs slam ‘freeriding’ gig economy companies via @FT
added: Mon May 1 05:33:21 2017

Peter Guy is spot on when he warns China's threats to Hong Kong are backfiring & promoting stronger HK identity
added: Mon May 1 04:47:30 2017

Chinese court sentences human rights lawyer Li Heping in secret trial
added: Mon May 1 04:42:06 2017

Food groups warned about overuse of antibiotics in supply chain
added: Mon May 1 04:05:39 2017

How Hong Kong government’s poor maths sank Kai Tak Cruise Terminal
added: Mon May 1 03:34:31 2017

Trump has not only failed to pass a program to create jobs, he has failed to offer one, says @jeffersonmorley
added: Mon May 1 03:30:00 2017

Land Registry releases new Street Index and New Territories Lot/Address Cross Reference Table
added: Mon May 1 03:20:09 2017

'Hygiene freak': Gov't criticised for removing free community bookcase in Sai Ying Pun
added: Mon May 1 03:04:35 2017

Why Do So Many Americans Think Democrats Are Out of Touch?
added: Mon May 1 03:00:06 2017

I just removed the (disabled) SSHv1 support from OpenSSH >6k LoC deleted
added: Mon May 1 02:31:45 2017

China’s Hony Capital and ENN Holdings reveal combined 12.6pc stake in Santos by @mattchambers1 #ausbiz #Hony $STO
added: Mon May 1 01:26:13 2017
tags: ausbiz, hony

International media increasingly drawn to covering local #HongKong politics: via @hongkongfp (#China)
added: Mon May 1 00:34:43 2017
tags: hongkong, china

Head-palm! Trump’s ‘Very Friendly’ Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike
added: Sun Apr 30 23:01:00 2017

Libya's coastguard seizes 2 foreign-flagged tankers & detains their crews for allegedly smuggling oil
added: Sun Apr 30 23:00:22 2017

After seeing The Meters last night I was propelled into this sick group of spirits ~ Ivan Neville, Stanton Moore,...
added: Sun Apr 30 22:59:37 2017

Philadelphia City Council member Helen Gym says more Americans should think of the "power of municipal politics."
added: Sun Apr 30 21:15:16 2017

South Koreans say McMaster told them Trump was wrong, U.S. will still pay for THAAD
added: Sun Apr 30 18:10:09 2017

China’s Appetite for Seafood Pushes Global Fisheries to the Brink
added: Sun Apr 30 15:02:33 2017

Beijing is facing a new phenomenon – the effective outrage of the courageous wives of tortured human rights lawyers
added: Sun Apr 30 14:46:09 2017

Yahoo Bug Bounty worth 7K $ : Chaining 3 Minor Issues To Takeover Flickr Accounts :
added: Sun Apr 30 13:17:27 2017

The game farms behind all those stunning viral nature photos we love to share @selina_cheng reports:
added: Sun Apr 30 13:11:11 2017

. @yorksranter with essential reading on the economics of cloud computing
added: Sun Apr 30 13:10:45 2017

Dela Rosa's defense of secret jail cell shows 'ignorance' of law via @rapplerdotcom
added: Sun Apr 30 11:25:38 2017

MIT fires a rocket motor made using 3D-printed plastic
added: Sun Apr 30 10:06:16 2017

Puerto Rico Bondholders Reject Island's Restructuring Offer | #ICYMI|
added: Sun Apr 30 10:06:00 2017
tags: icymi

3/6 What Indonesia can do to be in China’s Belt and Road loop via @SCMP_news
added: Sun Apr 30 10:01:54 2017

NEW: I've joined @Flickr You can now see all the best photos of me in one handy album - something for #SundayMorning
added: Sun Apr 30 09:35:55 2017
tags: sundaymorning

Rogue #surgeons - much more regulation in the private medical sector desperately needed to protect patients #UK
added: Sun Apr 30 09:35:52 2017
tags: surgeons, uk

South Koreans used to admire China. Now they hold it in lower esteem even than Japan
added: Sun Apr 30 09:34:21 2017

It is with regret that I must inform you that the economists are at it again
added: Sun Apr 30 09:23:10 2017

History shows hardware is not enough if the military is corrupt, writes Cary Huang.
added: Sun Apr 30 09:00:37 2017

French election: Left disunity boosts Le Pen's chances
added: Sun Apr 30 09:00:32 2017

What Has The DCCC Learned From A Decade Of Abject Failure? Absolutely Nothing
added: Sun Apr 30 09:00:26 2017

"The numbers of kea are spiralling downward and there is a real fear the species is flying towards oblivion."
added: Sun Apr 30 08:56:08 2017

China’s Environmental Woes, in Films That Go Viral, Then Vanish
added: Sun Apr 30 08:54:44 2017

Hard Brexit could trigger financial crisis worse than 2008 crash, says Vince Cable
added: Sun Apr 30 08:30:41 2017

South Koreans wary of North Korea threat
added: Sun Apr 30 08:30:23 2017

salary question becomes a no-no in job interviews
added: Sun Apr 30 08:30:16 2017

Opinion | How the Left Learned to Hate Like the Right
added: Sun Apr 30 07:51:31 2017

I'm a Muslim American who was just detained for hours without reason at JFK Airport
added: Sun Apr 30 07:43:01 2017

An offer they couldn't refuse: The Godfather cast reunite, 45 years on
added: Sun Apr 30 07:28:08 2017

#QUARTZ Chinese migrants have changed the face of South Africa. Now they’re leaving.
added: Sun Apr 30 05:06:23 2017
tags: quartz

Trump invites Philippines' Duterte to Washington, White House says
added: Sun Apr 30 03:35:45 2017

BBC News - Have #HongKong's #youth lost hope in the future? #China #HK #HKG #HK2047
added: Sun Apr 30 03:31:57 2017
tags: china, hk2047, hkg, hk, youth, hongkong

The Haymarket frame-up and the origins of May Day #MayDay #Chicago
added: Sun Apr 30 03:30:38 2017
tags: mayday, chicago

Pakistan army 'rejects' PM's actions on security leak
added: Sun Apr 30 03:30:17 2017

Beijing will focus on young people and small businesses after earlier reunification efforts failed to bear fruit.
added: Sun Apr 30 03:30:05 2017

Beijing planning new approach to Taiwan affairs
added: Sun Apr 30 03:20:43 2017

'Pact on Nepal-China rail project in final stage'
added: Sun Apr 30 02:22:24 2017

In Pictures: Cooking up equality at Hong Kong's 116-year-old Sikh temple
added: Sun Apr 30 02:20:22 2017

Anbang is to sue Caixin over report.
added: Sun Apr 30 02:14:37 2017

China’s venture-capital industry has a problem: Too much money and too few solid prospects to bet on 131 unicorns
added: Sun Apr 30 01:21:37 2017

Impressed with the #Vietnam police for busting major #wildlifecrime ring, now prosecute and serve strong punishment!
added: Sun Apr 30 00:01:26 2017
tags: wildlifecrime, vietnam

#Ferrari builds world’s first racetrack on a cruise ship for China
added: Sat Apr 29 18:00:51 2017
tags: ferrari

Despite populist rhetoric, Trump is poised to preside over a crackdown on unions
added: Fri Apr 28 14:15:08 2017

#PopeFrancis visits #Egypt to forge #Muslim #Christian brotherhood+meet persecuted Coptic Christian minority @CNN
added: Fri Apr 28 13:26:43 2017
tags: popefrancis, egypt, christian, muslim

All women should wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims, says Austria's President
added: Fri Apr 28 13:26:30 2017

The DCCC in many ways seems irredeemable.
added: Fri Apr 28 13:25:44 2017

Widodo wants Chinese to keep coming – as investors, not workers
added: Fri Apr 28 13:25:32 2017

Very clear @RichardRubinDC look at how much Trump proposal hammers taxpayers in blue NY, CA, MA, CT, NJ, MD and IL.
added: Fri Apr 28 13:24:45 2017

#NorthKorea's war philosophy: "We're more willing to cut off a leg than you are a pinkie." #Trump suspects a bluff
added: Fri Apr 28 12:46:45 2017
tags: northkorea, trump

Rural rights activist Zhao Fengsheng released from prison 7mos earlier. More about his case:
added: Fri Apr 28 12:46:39 2017

Escaping poverty requires almost 20 years with nearly nothing going wrong (and does that ever happen?)
added: Fri Apr 28 12:36:53 2017

Confederate uniforms were manufactured in Peter Tait's factory in Limerick. He became Mayor of the city in 1866.
added: Fri Apr 28 12:11:17 2017

The 'evil' pest with no known predator: Science fiction turned fact as fall army worm marches on #Africa via @FT
added: Fri Apr 28 12:08:52 2017
tags: africa

The Green Party and Lib Dems alliance could help stop Theresa May
added: Fri Apr 28 12:07:39 2017

|@WXYZDetroit: Students write letters to @Pistons; Team responds w new BB court- "It makes me feel ecstatic!" #MichEd
added: Fri Apr 28 12:05:25 2017
tags: miched

Trump looks to boost offshore drilling in protected waters with new executive order
added: Fri Apr 28 12:05:01 2017

Good Morning BEST Black radical socialist speech ever! - Paul Robeson via @youtube
added: Fri Apr 28 11:53:23 2017

"Most of New Zealand's native freshwater species are at risk of extinction"
added: Fri Apr 28 11:32:02 2017

How Kannur Worked to Become India’s First Plastic-Free District in Just 5 Months! via @thebetterindia
added: Fri Apr 28 11:23:46 2017

wrote a feature about one of the #fyrefestival organizers' other companies and I am not surprised this happened
added: Fri Apr 28 11:20:48 2017
tags: fyrefestival

Malaysia wants to hold WhatsApp group admins responsible for fake news spread over chat
added: Fri Apr 28 11:07:50 2017

Yu’e Bao Becomes World’s Largest Money Market Fund #AntFinancial #marketfund #YueBao
added: Fri Apr 28 10:51:46 2017
tags: yuebao, marketfund, antfinancial

A beautiful infographic which shows how vaccines have beat back infectious diseases in the US:
added: Fri Apr 28 10:26:27 2017

Rugby league player knocks out referee with 'disgraceful' punch, now faces life-time ban
added: Fri Apr 28 10:25:53 2017

Millions of Canadian lakes could hold clues about ancient life
added: Fri Apr 28 10:25:39 2017

High Court rules denial of spousal benefits to a gay civil servant is discrimination 📻
added: Fri Apr 28 10:21:29 2017

China jails former Baoshan Iron & Steel official for 17 years for graft
added: Fri Apr 28 09:45:52 2017

Wow. Good news can still exist. Who knew! "Landmark win for gay civil servant over husband’s benefits"
added: Fri Apr 28 09:45:51 2017

Dolphins came out in force today for their BBC appearance. As the mascot for the 1997 handover, they have had a...
added: Fri Apr 28 09:12:23 2017

The Butler family in Georgia held the "largest slave auction ever on American soil" in 1859 (h/t @sassycrass)
added: Fri Apr 28 09:10:28 2017

Jihan Wu Confirms Backdoor Claims in Bitcoin Miner Bitmain
added: Fri Apr 28 09:10:20 2017

China : Shadow banking risks escalating despite improved real economy by @Aligarciaherrer on @LinkedIn
added: Fri Apr 28 09:09:49 2017

China stocks fall as regulators tighten screws, Hong Kong also down
added: Fri Apr 28 08:02:21 2017

Comrade Stephen Chan proves he doesn't just hate trees, pulls some wicked wrestling moves on Democrat Ted Hui
added: Fri Apr 28 07:39:50 2017

China says willing to work with U.S. for lasting resolution on North Korea
added: Fri Apr 28 07:37:17 2017

Open vs. Closed Shadow DOM: (The difference between using the open and closed modes of Shadow DOM.)
added: Fri Apr 28 07:36:00 2017

Trade in fledgling hornbills highlights endangered species threat:
added: Fri Apr 28 07:32:41 2017

Video: Villagers clash with police, throw rocks in Guangxi village over forced demolitions…
added: Fri Apr 28 07:30:17 2017

.@AJEnglish reports from Monrovia on the recent arrests of 5 IUU #Fishing vessels on #OpSolaStella: #SeaShepherd
added: Fri Apr 28 07:00:01 2017
tags: opsolastella, fishing, seashepherd

How #China's leverage crackdown could worsen FX risks via @markets @business @nkim132 #finance #yuan
added: Fri Apr 28 06:49:21 2017
tags: yuan, china, finance

1MDB prosecutors said to eye money flows through accounts linked to ex-Goldman banker via @business @andreatanjourno
added: Fri Apr 28 06:10:10 2017

@mcgregorrichard writes about Xi Jinping’s Dilemma
added: Fri Apr 28 06:08:19 2017

THAAD was already under heavy attack from S. Korea's opposition leaders. Not sure Trump really advanced the cause.
added: Fri Apr 28 06:01:00 2017

The AFP illegally obtained a journalist's phone records under the government's new metadata retention regime
added: Fri Apr 28 05:52:48 2017

Some detainees claimed cops have been demanding money – P30,000 to P100,000 – in exchange for release.
added: Fri Apr 28 05:37:00 2017

A Saudi man has been sentenced to death after his tweets offend
added: Fri Apr 28 05:11:46 2017

[MUKTAMAR] PAS Ulama wants liberal Muslim 'wiped out'
added: Fri Apr 28 04:32:20 2017

Did you notice that China finally passed revisions to its lawyers professional code of conduct?
added: Fri Apr 28 04:31:24 2017

Analysts say it will do very little to affect Hong Kong's ongoing crisis of housing affordability
added: Fri Apr 28 04:30:19 2017

We didn’t know what the government projections were, says head of Kai Tak operator
added: Fri Apr 28 04:29:10 2017

Elon Musk made a stealth visit to China this week
added: Fri Apr 28 04:24:55 2017

'Screen fatigue' sees UK ebook sales plunge 17% as READERS RETURN TO PRINT
added: Fri Apr 28 04:13:15 2017

Software woes keep NASA's new crewed missions grounded
added: Fri Apr 28 04:12:47 2017

EU leaders on Sat may be preparing to recognise a united #Ireland; if unified, N Ireland automatically be part of EU
added: Fri Apr 28 04:11:52 2017
tags: ireland

SCOOP: Tillerson Said to Seek 9% Cut to U.S. State Department Workforce @nwadhams @bpolitics @StateDept
added: Fri Apr 28 03:46:52 2017

Pro-Beijing Ta Kung Pao reporters accused of harassing 1967 riot documentary makers
added: Fri Apr 28 03:46:21 2017

Trump: ‘We may terminate’ U.S.-South Korea trade agreement
added: Fri Apr 28 03:45:14 2017

By the way, on May 8th Jimmy Carter and Bernie will be speaking about human rights in Atlanta.
added: Fri Apr 28 03:36:51 2017

American Airlines announces pay raises for pilots and flight attendants, and investors balk
added: Fri Apr 28 03:05:04 2017

@SwiftOnSecurity, please put on a facemask prior to reading to prevent severe facial damage due to atomic facepalm.
added: Thu Apr 27 23:41:32 2017

Good @matthewstoller take on what the Obama speech reveals: not 12th dimensional chess but straightforward ideology
added: Thu Apr 27 23:28:12 2017

House passes monuments bill; white lawmaker says his ancestors were "Irish slaves." #alpolitics
added: Thu Apr 27 22:42:51 2017
tags: alpolitics

Theresa May accuses every EU country of ganging up on Britain over Brexit
added: Thu Apr 27 17:27:51 2017

Can Democrats torpedo Trump presidency in 2018 elections?
added: Thu Apr 27 11:25:58 2017

Exclusive: Taiwan president says phone call with Trump can take place again: @Reuters
added: Thu Apr 27 09:08:51 2017

Homebrew crypto SNAFU on electrical grid sees GE rush patches via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Apr 27 09:08:36 2017

Amnesty Int'l urges Hong Kong to halt prosecutions aimed at 'punishing dissenting voices' via @hongkongfp @amnestyHK
added: Thu Apr 27 09:08:32 2017

Macron booed and jeered after Le Pen upstaging – video
added: Thu Apr 27 09:05:06 2017

At PMQs yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn shows he has the character and spirit to fight a general election
added: Thu Apr 27 09:04:04 2017

The Republican plan to kill net neutrality could change the internet forever
added: Thu Apr 27 09:03:02 2017

@simonjhix @anandMenon1 It's been seriously spun in some paces. Good account here:
added: Thu Apr 27 08:32:42 2017

'SATURN' @ 2017-04-26 08:05 w/ ISSWA using CL1 & CL2. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI
added: Thu Apr 27 08:31:00 2017

Chinese restaurant staff jailed for cooking with ‘gutter oil’
added: Thu Apr 27 07:45:01 2017

Admiral Harris: "“We want to bring Kim Jong-un to his senses, not to his knees.” @MarkLandler
added: Thu Apr 27 07:29:54 2017

In its annual report on #HK, EU calls for electoral reform, as #CCP signals there won't be any for 5 to 10 years
added: Thu Apr 27 05:54:43 2017
tags: ccp, hk

Big explosion heard near Damascus airport
added: Thu Apr 27 05:52:52 2017

Chinese banks, brokers eye robo advice for edge on competition via @Reuters #fintech #chinatech
added: Thu Apr 27 05:50:40 2017
tags: fintech, chinatech

Interesting for those of you using #kubernetes #container #security
added: Thu Apr 27 05:49:42 2017
tags: kubernetes, security, container

Debt Crisis Shakes Chinese Town, Pointing to Wider Problems - The New York Times
added: Thu Apr 27 05:48:47 2017

mil-civ collab in 1219: "Merchants were a pivotal aspect of Mongol strategic intelligence imperatives"
added: Thu Apr 27 05:48:36 2017

EXCLUSIVE: #China Coal Miner Said to Vie for #Singapore Mobile Carrier M1 @business @jonny_browning
added: Thu Apr 27 05:47:44 2017
tags: singapore, china

added: Thu Apr 27 05:45:13 2017

Former rights lawyer, evictee & torture victim #NiYulan again forcibly evicted, living at police station last 10dys
added: Thu Apr 27 05:44:45 2017
tags: niyulan

今個星期六,手作店La Belle Époque 又再與幾位愛貓手作人,去到上環太平山街6B Inbetween Shop 舉行小小貓市集!很多手作都與貓有關的,有貓帶嘅!有人帶嘅!...
added: Thu Apr 27 05:43:05 2017

Taxi Driver Accused of Raping Brazilian Woman Had 2 Previous Convictions
added: Thu Apr 27 05:41:44 2017

From "eat your food, there are starving people in China" to "increase gov't $$ for xx, or China will eat your lunch"
added: Thu Apr 27 05:23:46 2017

New arrests in Hong Kong as police hold nine democracy activists
added: Thu Apr 27 05:23:16 2017

Banks, wary of sectors they deem too risky, are chilling the bitcoin market
added: Thu Apr 27 05:18:22 2017

NPP says KMT histrionics enabled DPP to push infrastructure bill through committee without thorough review
added: Thu Apr 27 04:33:53 2017

#HKFP Police watchdog upholds complaints against off-duty officers misusing credentials
added: Thu Apr 27 04:10:28 2017
tags: hkfp

#HKFP Police welfare fund recieves HK$111m in donations over 3 years
added: Thu Apr 27 04:10:28 2017
tags: hkfp

Qiao Mu: "I Quit Because I Don't Want a Work Unit" - China Digital Times (CDT) .@CDT
added: Wed Apr 26 16:25:28 2017

Brilliant post by @privacyint on social media intelligence & profiling in the insurance industry: #EUdataP #privacy
added: Wed Apr 26 12:01:00 2017
tags: eudatap, privacy

Legislative Council Question 13: Treatment and support for patients with mental illness
added: Wed Apr 26 10:27:05 2017

Legislative Council Question 10: Promoting positive and healthy sex attitudes among youngsters
added: Wed Apr 26 10:27:05 2017

China’s HNA Group: “Everyone is passionate, full of hormones, dying to achieve things” via @WSJ
added: Wed Apr 26 10:21:53 2017

警方拘捕兩名雙程證男子 涉嫌破壞馬紹祥座駕及盜竊
added: Wed Apr 26 10:18:55 2017

Press release: #Humanrights advocates from across #Asia urge the #Taiwanese Government to swiftly pass #Refugee Act
added: Wed Apr 26 10:08:06 2017
tags: taiwanese, humanrights, asia, refugee

'World's biggest rabbit ' dies mysteriously on United flight
added: Wed Apr 26 10:07:30 2017

Reg reader offered £999,998 train ticket from Cambridge to Horley
added: Wed Apr 26 09:34:45 2017

Turkey just announced it is detaining 3,000 people
added: Wed Apr 26 09:34:35 2017

#Brexit: EU leaders to demand May respect citizens' residency rights - "UK ministers living in a parallel universe"
added: Wed Apr 26 09:31:09 2017
tags: brexit

FalseGuide botnet malware, hidden in over 40 fake game companion guides, may have infected ~2M Android devices
added: Wed Apr 26 09:31:02 2017

【稱受惠內地打貪近尾聲】 【永利澳門首季業績勝預期】 永利澳門 (1128) 首季業績勝市場預期,淨收益有 5.9 億美元,按季升 18% ,而期內貴賓廳收入按季增長逾兩成。...
added: Wed Apr 26 09:30:17 2017

Learn about Ada Lovelace's background in my latest brain dropping > “Design nature and developer nurture”
added: Wed Apr 26 09:29:32 2017

Hungry stomach hormone promotes growth of new brain cells
added: Wed Apr 26 09:22:40 2017

Hong Kong disqualified activists charged with illegal assembly
added: Wed Apr 26 09:18:32 2017

Was Chiang Ching-kuo the great initiator of democratic change in Taiwan that politicians and academics say he was?
added: Wed Apr 26 09:14:50 2017

Mystery human hobbit ancestor may have been first out of Africa
added: Wed Apr 26 09:08:41 2017

Trump tax plan will sharply slash corporate tax rates:
added: Wed Apr 26 09:01:11 2017

Jeremy Corbyn would win the election if only young people voted
added: Wed Apr 26 09:01:00 2017

Brazil police have attacked indigenous activists who are protesting congress
added: Wed Apr 26 09:00:01 2017

Several men from UK professional football held in tax fraud probe. West Ham understood to be among premises raided
added: Wed Apr 26 08:59:38 2017

This Is How Aadhaar Card For Cows Will Look Like
added: Wed Apr 26 08:59:25 2017

Opposition lawmakers slams arrest of Youngspiration duo, pro-govt lawmakers welcome it
added: Wed Apr 26 08:58:05 2017

Dutch Court Rules That Freely Given Fan-Subtitles Are #Copyright Infringement - copyright stops unpaid creativity
added: Wed Apr 26 08:50:21 2017
tags: copyright

This is what would happen if Donald Trump went to war with North Korea
added: Wed Apr 26 08:45:55 2017

added: Wed Apr 26 08:41:04 2017

休班警無禮倒車截停郵政車 監警會指行為不恰當不必要
added: Wed Apr 26 08:39:26 2017

French intelligence report says Assad forces behind April 4 sarin attack
added: Wed Apr 26 08:34:37 2017

Man arrested after knocking over a 300-pound security robot
added: Wed Apr 26 08:22:57 2017

Xi’s ally to head security organ ahead of power reshuffle: sources via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Apr 26 08:21:24 2017

Hong Kong gov is trying to liquidate opposition camp & democratic forces w Yau & Leung detentions @nathanlawkc says
added: Wed Apr 26 05:20:04 2017

One of Hong Kong’s last public ‘King of Kowloon’ graffiti works destroyed
added: Wed Apr 26 03:54:07 2017

In Philly's new pot war, revenge is a munchie best served cold by @Will_Bunch who I hope is baked right now
added: Wed Apr 26 03:42:11 2017

EXPOSED: Big cash from corporations opposing Cali single-payer bill flows to lawmakers considering the bill tomorrow
added: Wed Apr 26 02:50:02 2017

Sen. Mike Enzi personally called the LGBTQ group Wyoming Equality and apologized for his remarks
added: Wed Apr 26 02:45:50 2017

added: Wed Apr 26 02:45:45 2017

Political suppression of the independent camp continues
added: Wed Apr 26 02:44:57 2017

The new Republican bill says that states can waive out of Obamacare requirements. Congress, however, is exempt.
added: Wed Apr 26 02:41:17 2017

An analyst from a PLA think tank outlines the roles of the navy in China's "maritime power strategy." (PLA Daily)
added: Wed Apr 26 00:52:19 2017

Workers often worked 60-hour weeks for $1 an hour at Chinese factory used by Ivanka Trump’s clothing-maker.
added: Wed Apr 26 00:20:01 2017

Heard of Zouping? It could be ground zero for China's debt crisis @KeithBradsher
added: Tue Apr 25 23:57:06 2017

Maybe we would have less fake news if more victims like Chobani sought to hold perpetrators accountable.
added: Tue Apr 25 19:31:40 2017

‘We are not Chinese’: Arunachal Pradesh students protest China’s move to rename parts of the state in India
added: Tue Apr 25 14:38:41 2017

能源諮詢委員會主席蘇偉文和部分立法會議員,認為即使准許回報率下調 但兩電將來要投資更換機組,長遠對電費會有壓力。 #有線新聞 #中電 #港燈 #利潤管制協議 #電費
added: Tue Apr 25 14:33:52 2017
tags: 有線新聞, 電費, 中電, 港燈, 利潤管制協議

Why China's New Aircraft Carrier Should Worry India
added: Tue Apr 25 14:33:36 2017

Morning Shift: Trump prepares to name a bona fide union-buster to the NLRB. This appears to be unprecedented.
added: Tue Apr 25 14:26:16 2017

What’s Behind The New China-Malaysia Defense Committee?
added: Tue Apr 25 13:47:00 2017

Sonny Perdue, who loves the confederacy & wants to pray drought away has been confirmed as USDA head
added: Tue Apr 25 13:45:03 2017

US Home Prices Rise At The Fastest Pace Since July 2014
added: Tue Apr 25 13:20:33 2017

#SCMP ATV likely to avoid liquidation as Chinese company takes majority stake, pays HK$2.2 billion debts
added: Tue Apr 25 13:14:10 2017
tags: scmp

This is not routine provocation: the DPRK leadership senses the danger it increasingly faces
added: Tue Apr 25 13:01:35 2017

Car hacking's dynamic duo offers to save others $1m in research via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 25 12:38:19 2017

Knowing Impact to our community is crucial. Thanks @LoDownNY .
added: Tue Apr 25 12:37:35 2017

New voice-cloning AI is more dangerous than you could imagine:
added: Tue Apr 25 12:31:35 2017

Government to halve domestic travel & tourism subsidies given annually to national government employees
added: Tue Apr 25 12:22:20 2017

Up next #SCOTUS reviews jurisdiction & precedent re Fed Employers’ Liability Act; @ahoweblogger previews BNSF case
added: Tue Apr 25 12:21:52 2017
tags: scotus

Today #SCOTUS considers court's jurisdiction over out-of-state litigants; Ronald Mann previews Bristol-Myers case
added: Tue Apr 25 12:21:14 2017
tags: scotus

The US Air Force is sending its newest fighter jets to Russia's doorstep
added: Tue Apr 25 12:15:02 2017

Kremlin-backed DNC hackers going after French presidential hopeful Macron
added: Tue Apr 25 12:07:56 2017

2 days left to end financial secrecy in the UK's Overseas Territories: will the UK parliament step up to the mark?
added: Tue Apr 25 12:07:39 2017

Thai junta defends buying 'cheap' US$393 million Chinese sub
added: Tue Apr 25 11:24:46 2017

Hajime, the mysterious evolving botnet via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 25 11:23:35 2017

Moroccan man arrested in Turin, Italy, for extensive online IS propaganda activities
added: Tue Apr 25 11:23:26 2017

Japan warns citizens they might have only 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean missile
added: Tue Apr 25 10:28:31 2017

Anti-terror unit on alert during Widodo's #HongKong visit
added: Tue Apr 25 10:28:08 2017
tags: hongkong

Russian hackers target French presidential candidate - CNET via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 25 10:23:12 2017

'Millions' stolen in 'robbery of the century' in Paraguay
added: Tue Apr 25 10:12:14 2017

South Koreans bristle over Trump brinkmanship
added: Tue Apr 25 09:54:52 2017

China to boost non-fossil fuel use to 20 percent by 2030: state planner
added: Tue Apr 25 09:14:54 2017

China March coal imports from Russia jump after North Korea ban: customs
added: Tue Apr 25 09:14:33 2017

The Ministry of Defence’s privatisation catastrophe, by @holly_watt
added: Tue Apr 25 09:12:51 2017

North Korea conducts military drills Tuesday that were some of the largest North has ever conducted.
added: Tue Apr 25 09:06:13 2017

Plastic-munching caterpillars may show us how to dissolve waste
added: Tue Apr 25 09:04:25 2017

A poster celebrating the 68th anniversary of the Chinese navy features US amphibious assault ships, land-based...
added: Tue Apr 25 09:00:35 2017

GOP judge in North Carolina resigns to prevent ‘court unpacking’ by legislature
added: Tue Apr 25 09:00:28 2017

Over 100 South Korean-owned cars no longer visible at Kaesong Industrial Complex
added: Tue Apr 25 09:00:25 2017

Rajasthan MLA protests in Assembly, draws Speaker's ire
added: Tue Apr 25 09:00:02 2017

Netflix has just found a backdoor into China
added: Tue Apr 25 08:53:49 2017

Upfront piece about the literal costs of doing journalism in N.Korea. Now, we know why NK invites foreign journos $
added: Tue Apr 25 08:43:51 2017

Ever wonder what goes on in the South Stand @OfficialHK7s? We sent a fan to the @WorldRugby7s to find out #fancam
added: Tue Apr 25 08:27:11 2017
tags: fancam

#TIME This Hong Kong Villa Could Be the World’s Most Expensive Home Right Now, in Dollar-Per-Square-Foot Terms
added: Tue Apr 25 08:25:11 2017
tags: time

Thankfully, Asia’s vast middle class is becoming interested in conservation
added: Tue Apr 25 08:20:48 2017

Forbes editor gets drunk, posts dreadful China article
added: Tue Apr 25 06:32:59 2017

Chobani sues InfoWars for spreading xenophobic conspiracy theories
added: Tue Apr 25 06:30:14 2017

Suspected Maoist rebels kill 24 troops in India's Chhattisgarh
added: Tue Apr 25 06:30:12 2017

#Thailand: Another activist arbitrarily detained for attempting to deliver petition over the 1932 Revolution plaque
added: Tue Apr 25 06:29:53 2017
tags: thailand

The People’s Liberation Army has barred hikers and other unauthorized people from entering Por Lo Shan, a hiking...
added: Tue Apr 25 06:21:30 2017

Hong Kong senior officials call for more cooperation with China's Pearl River Delta cities
added: Tue Apr 25 06:04:14 2017

Uber sued by ex-Lyft driver tormented by app maker's 'Hell' spyware
added: Tue Apr 25 06:03:47 2017

The Civil War & Reconstruction: A Free Course from Yale University
added: Tue Apr 25 06:03:44 2017

"You just don’t see the United Nations, like, solving conflicts. I think that’s going to start happening." — @POTUS
added: Tue Apr 25 06:00:00 2017

Australia approves Chow Tai Fook’s Alinta Energy buyout
added: Tue Apr 25 05:51:56 2017

Trump considers banning laptops on planes from UK airports along with others in Europe; indefinite ban on ME flights
added: Tue Apr 25 05:51:54 2017

Behind the Story: Chased By the Law in Southern Mongolia via @narratively
added: Tue Apr 25 05:47:18 2017

Yes, Swarajya, criminals murdering humans over cows are doing so because there is no fucking paper trail for cows.
added: Tue Apr 25 05:40:00 2017

Xiaomi still isn't ready to sell phones in America
added: Tue Apr 25 05:15:02 2017

Not an inside job: How two analysts became SEC whistleblowers
added: Tue Apr 25 05:12:17 2017

【車位不足】三政府公眾停車場陸續拆卸 車位不足難以改善 本港去年私家車增長放緩,但升幅仍然快過私家車泊位,三個政府公眾停車場更因為發展需要陸續拆卸...
added: Tue Apr 25 05:12:06 2017

A new nuclear test would propel events past the “point of no return”, warns the paper
added: Tue Apr 25 05:08:23 2017

This report says in Pyongyang, militia organizations have been mobilized, factory workers forced into army drills
added: Tue Apr 25 05:04:42 2017

"Like a buried mine, you don't know when the risks will explode" Hair-raising read on China's cross-guaranteed loans
added: Tue Apr 25 03:57:37 2017

Puffing across the ‘One Belt, One Road’ rail route to nowhere
added: Tue Apr 25 03:56:20 2017

Interpol Is Helping Enforce China’s Political Purges Important article by @BethanyAllenEbr, comments by @bequelin
added: Tue Apr 25 03:39:39 2017

Are There Chinese Hitmen in the Kingdom of Tonga?
added: Tue Apr 25 03:28:28 2017

Tense in #Indonesia: #Widodo: We must "avoid divisive issues such as race, religion & ethnicity to win elections."
added: Tue Apr 25 03:27:47 2017
tags: indonesia, widodo

"to use abortion, or @HeathMello, or the working people of Omaha(...)as pawns in some Democratic Party power game."
added: Tue Apr 25 03:25:33 2017

China bans religious names for Muslim babies in Xinjiang
added: Tue Apr 25 03:24:40 2017

Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87 - The New York Times
added: Tue Apr 25 03:20:37 2017

Mentally ill man who died of thirst in Sheriff David Clarke's jail had water cut for a week by @ryanjreilly
added: Tue Apr 25 03:14:57 2017

Trump's new State Department spokeswoman used to spread anti-Muslim hatred at @FoxNews.
added: Tue Apr 25 02:47:06 2017

Latest column. Police shooting victim prevailed, but even with credible witnesses, police accountability is elusive.
added: Tue Apr 25 02:46:47 2017

Hypothesis: it’s tougher to slam your opponents for grifting when your party’s icon is monetizing a post-presidency
added: Tue Apr 25 02:43:57 2017

Short seller Glaucus now targets Fullshare. My piece last Sep on how bubblish the stock is
added: Tue Apr 25 02:43:11 2017

Mylan pharma company isn't just a price-gouger. It twists legal system to keep gouging.
added: Tue Apr 25 02:43:09 2017

Up to 1,000 Democratic candidates are about to make the 2018 congressional primaries completely insane – VICE News
added: Tue Apr 25 02:40:26 2017

Webroot antivirus goes bananas, starts trashing Windows system files via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 25 02:38:25 2017

Ordered out in 1492. Back now. A synagogue opens in Sicily's capital
added: Tue Apr 25 02:36:13 2017

Govt decided against it after a security assessment in light of what CY called “local and overseas attacks”.
added: Tue Apr 25 02:32:52 2017

Why Your Mail is Not Arriving in #Taiwan (and What to Do About It) by @jojjeols
added: Tue Apr 25 01:48:03 2017
tags: taiwan

Now we finally know how bad voter fraud is in North Carolina. Hint: not bad. #ncpol
added: Tue Apr 25 00:20:55 2017
tags: ncpol

Charges filed after University of Washington shooting outside Milo Yiannopoulos event
added: Mon Apr 24 19:15:18 2017

Bay Area is so expensive that a family making $105,000 is now considered low income & qualifies for rental subsidies
added: Mon Apr 24 18:11:29 2017

@pizzaUNOFFICIAL @MikeIsaac @icassassin and here it is:
added: Mon Apr 24 15:47:03 2017

My latest @InfoQ post looks at new @digitalocean Monitoring service and changing expectations in this space ...
added: Mon Apr 24 15:18:58 2017

“The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis” by Richard Kenneth Eng
added: Mon Apr 24 15:06:58 2017

Yet another call w/Xi Jinping where China's readout is more detailed than WH's.
added: Mon Apr 24 12:33:10 2017

Chinese leader tries to calm tensions with North Korea after threats to sink a US ship
added: Mon Apr 24 12:33:03 2017

#MondayBlues Listen to “Sittin’ on Top of the World” on the recent release of Piedmont Blues!
added: Mon Apr 24 12:33:01 2017
tags: mondayblues

More discussion of Van Bavel's excellent "The invisible hand?"
added: Mon Apr 24 12:33:01 2017

Liberal Democrats will offer second Brexit referendum
added: Mon Apr 24 12:32:02 2017

In 1965, Enrico and Luzia Hartsuyker launched Biopolis: a model for a new urban culture.
added: Mon Apr 24 12:30:22 2017

Cow-protection vigilantes held in Jammu and Kashmir
added: Mon Apr 24 12:30:06 2017

US Defense Secretary Mattis visits strategic Djibouti
added: Mon Apr 24 12:29:17 2017

Twelve CRPF jawans killed by Naxals in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district
added: Mon Apr 24 12:28:53 2017

A Hundred Days of Trump via @newyorker
added: Mon Apr 24 12:27:40 2017

My @AP story today: Emiratis, Malaysians reach $1.2B deal over troubled fund
added: Mon Apr 24 12:25:20 2017

Will China – Iran ties remain strong in post-sanctions era?
added: Mon Apr 24 12:18:35 2017

Paul Wolfowitz has become an optimist on Trump’s foreign policy. “I think there is a fantastic opportunity here."
added: Mon Apr 24 12:03:00 2017

US court hits Russian PoS hacker with record 27 year jail sentence via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Apr 24 12:02:30 2017

"Some of the UK’s rarest plants are at risk of extinction unless action is taken"
added: Mon Apr 24 12:01:54 2017

Seems "ethnic Chinese" in @mak_robyn @laowiseass added by @ReutersBiz Taiwan = ethnic Taiwanese PLS STOP DIS BS
added: Mon Apr 24 12:01:44 2017

Author Kuki Gallmann shot by raiders on her ranch in Kenya
added: Mon Apr 24 11:45:21 2017

Donald Trump Isn't Firing Sean Spicer: 'That Guy Gets Great Ratings. Everyone Tunes In’
added: Mon Apr 24 11:22:30 2017

Learn how to organize distributed work within an enterprise
added: Mon Apr 24 10:28:02 2017

New Sikh Awareness Campaign Targets Stereotypes
added: Mon Apr 24 10:27:04 2017

To understand Chinese inequality, read this On how the property boom minted urban fortunes, & kept others locked out
added: Mon Apr 24 10:25:17 2017

ES6 modules support lands in browsers: is it time to rethink bundling?
added: Mon Apr 24 10:07:17 2017

If you've been infected with the Xpan ransomware 1) close RDP 2) contact Kaspersky, they say they can decrypt it
added: Mon Apr 24 10:06:00 2017

Cambodians bound for Hong Kong to fill domestic worker shortage
added: Mon Apr 24 10:05:10 2017

Using insights from behavioral economics to push its drivers to pick up more fares has generated criticism of Uber
added: Mon Apr 24 09:31:00 2017

#Taiwan Industrial Output Growth Eases More Than Forecast
added: Mon Apr 24 09:30:28 2017
tags: taiwan

Almost half of property owners in Hong Kong hope housing prices will go down, survey finds.
added: Mon Apr 24 09:30:26 2017

Naming the #ArmenianGenocide for what it is
added: Mon Apr 24 09:20:58 2017
tags: armeniangenocide

BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Will Start His Own Cryptocurrency
added: Mon Apr 24 08:49:05 2017

Wtf? RT @sherlockmichael: Chechnya president vows to eliminate all gay men by the end of May #Monster
added: Mon Apr 24 08:43:56 2017
tags: monster

China’s Critical Year
added: Mon Apr 24 08:01:12 2017

North Korea’s ATMs aren’t dispensing cash as Chinese sanctions kick in.
added: Mon Apr 24 08:00:22 2017

Chinese stocks sink the most in three months amid leverage crackdown via @markets @SofiaHC1 @frostyhk
added: Mon Apr 24 07:57:51 2017

Family-owned start-up opens restaurant in Hong Kong
added: Mon Apr 24 07:31:09 2017

For years, U.S. sanctions on North Korea have been weaker than many think.
added: Mon Apr 24 07:30:30 2017

#Duterte drug war kills dad of Miss World #Philippines -"suicide" in cops custody Hmmm…
added: Mon Apr 24 07:30:00 2017
tags: philippines, duterte

DAB holds an hour-long meeting with the Chief Executive-elect Carrie Lam
added: Mon Apr 24 07:26:27 2017

Prudish Communist party campaign to rectify live streaming platforms continues apace
added: Mon Apr 24 07:21:20 2017

China policymakers bullish on economy, cite strong first-quarter GDP, stable yuan
added: Mon Apr 24 07:20:50 2017

China stocks head for worst day of 2017 as regulators tighten grip
added: Mon Apr 24 07:20:26 2017

#China police have "disappeared" a #Taiwan human rights activist - here is the agony it has inflicted on his family
added: Mon Apr 24 07:15:00 2017
tags: china, taiwan

U.S. carrier group heads for Korean waters, China calls for restraint
added: Mon Apr 24 07:14:54 2017

A “sand mafia” in India intimidates locals in order to extract the material
added: Mon Apr 24 07:13:15 2017

#Uzbekistan: Chinese investment high on agenda in President Mirziyaev's trip to Beijing next month, Tashkent says
added: Mon Apr 24 07:03:30 2017
tags: uzbekistan

#UPDATE: 9 people who used pesticide-laced corn to kill birds will be prosecuted for illegal killing of rare animals
added: Mon Apr 24 06:40:07 2017
tags: update

3️⃣ Corbyn hits back at Blair after he advised voters to go Tory or Lib Dem if they have the right #Brexit attitude
added: Mon Apr 24 06:27:57 2017
tags: brexit

Man caught on video attacking pedestrians in Wan Chai -
added: Mon Apr 24 06:08:07 2017

Libya's warring sides reach diplomatic breakthrough in Rome
added: Mon Apr 24 06:02:51 2017

Made-in-China carrier is readied for launch via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Apr 24 05:59:29 2017

Do unfettered monoliths inflict damage on our privacy and democracy? And is it time to break up Google? via @nytimes
added: Mon Apr 24 05:31:09 2017

【華北地區揭工業廢水傾倒威脅水源】 【環保組織:難以監測私下挖坑】 在華北地區多個地方被揭發有工業廢水傾倒,長期也沒有被清理,引起外界質疑政府為何監管不到。...
added: Mon Apr 24 05:30:07 2017

Watch the world’s biggest animal lunge for its dinner: #BlueWhale @NatGeo
added: Mon Apr 24 05:20:44 2017
tags: bluewhale

"imprisonment of Dr Nyanzi may open floodgates for criminalisation of creativity in Uganda." #FreeStellaNyanzi
added: Mon Apr 24 05:18:18 2017
tags: freestellanyanzi

The Democratic Party survey finds even property owners fear home prices are spiralling out of control
added: Mon Apr 24 05:06:56 2017

Green Party pulls out of crucial general election seat to help Labour beat the Tories via @DailyMirror #GE2017
added: Mon Apr 24 05:00:00 2017
tags: ge2017

Fascinating story of US gun smugglers shipping guns & esp homemade SILENCERS to a Hong Kong fast food operator
added: Mon Apr 24 04:59:31 2017

Trump resorting to unilateralism with steel probe: China Daily
added: Mon Apr 24 04:39:23 2017

人哋呢就剪頭剪尾,你呢就剪剩個頭同尾。 【742項預算案撥款修正案 梁君彥大刀剪剩185項】
added: Mon Apr 24 04:36:04 2017

China may build 6 carriers, 10 overseas bases
added: Mon Apr 24 04:23:01 2017

China says Interpol seeks arrest of tycoon Guo Wengui - a set up. Xi is trying to use others to do his dirty work.
added: Mon Apr 24 04:16:05 2017

Beijing Real-Estate Slump Deepens #Beijing #property #restrictions #developers
added: Mon Apr 24 03:56:16 2017
tags: beijing, developers, property, restrictions

Living conditions worse for Hong Kong’s poorest district via @SCMP_News
added: Mon Apr 24 02:39:23 2017

Court judgment set aside because its 'convoluted language' made it unintelligible:
added: Mon Apr 24 02:37:54 2017

China’s fight with Visa and MasterCard goes global #china
added: Mon Apr 24 02:27:53 2017
tags: china

Outspoken Maldives Blogger Who Challenged Radical Islamists Is Killed
added: Mon Apr 24 02:26:50 2017

China hacked South Korea over missile defence, US firm says Beijing denies retaliating over #THAAD missile system
added: Mon Apr 24 02:17:00 2017
tags: thaad

My thoughts for @BV on how the lack of internal controls at Chinese banks creating systemic risks
added: Mon Apr 24 01:43:16 2017

Manufacturers in China ‘ill-prepared for Industry 4.0’ says @McKinsey report
added: Mon Apr 24 01:20:14 2017

'Ridiculous': Peter Dutton contradicted for third time over Manus Island brawl explanation via @smh #auspol
added: Mon Apr 24 00:20:12 2017
tags: auspol

Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking rise of civilisations via @TelegraphSci
added: Sun Apr 23 23:26:58 2017

Story link, courtesy some guy named @MikeIsaac:
added: Sun Apr 23 15:11:28 2017

Creating Facts on the Sea: China’s Plan to Establish Sansha City by @shinji0818
added: Sun Apr 23 13:47:00 2017

US citizen detained in North Korea.
added: Sun Apr 23 11:38:03 2017

Great to come across dear colleague @WarrenDockter in this Observer piece: How Churchill helped shape Middle East
added: Sun Apr 23 10:51:03 2017

A broken bumper foils a 12-year-old's epic quest to drive coast-to-coast through #Australian #outback 🇦🇺🐨🐊🚓
added: Sun Apr 23 09:09:14 2017
tags: outback, australian

Very good @gdnlongread which gets to heart of 'anti-elite' nationalism
added: Sun Apr 23 08:35:00 2017

Obituary of major translator of Japanese & Chinese literature Burton Watson My generation owes him a great deal.
added: Sun Apr 23 08:25:11 2017

Germany not worried by U.S. corporate tax reform plans: Schaeuble
added: Sun Apr 23 08:22:05 2017

On how there's both apathy and fear of Le Pen in the Paris bannlieue of Sevran, one of the poorest in France
added: Sun Apr 23 08:17:55 2017

Paul Chan touts Guangdong as HK tourist spot
added: Sun Apr 23 06:28:17 2017

Senior #Chinese judges book recommendations include: @eji_org's Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy
added: Sun Apr 23 06:04:35 2017
tags: chinese

A college course about the life of Dolly Parton is actually a deep dive into modern Appalachian history
added: Sun Apr 23 05:24:25 2017

A researcher said he had found a "smoking gun" in the Armenian genocide that started in 1915
added: Sun Apr 23 05:07:43 2017

Hong Kong's first bike sharing app has bumpy start with damaged rides and security fears
added: Sun Apr 23 01:14:17 2017

Visualizing The Collapse Of The Middle Class In 20 Major U.S. Cities
added: Sun Apr 23 01:06:19 2017

Just the tip of the iceberg of Chinese investment in US tech start ups
added: Sun Apr 23 00:34:27 2017

Former Trump Kentucky campaign chair charged with human sex trafficking of a minor
added: Sat Apr 22 18:03:20 2017

Federal judge steps down and denounces mandatory minimum sentences
added: Sat Apr 22 16:17:31 2017

China rights lawyer Xie Yang denied own defence for trial @joannachiu @patrickpoon
added: Sat Apr 22 15:12:21 2017

MUST READ: GOP provision in Dodd-Frank repeal bill would block shareholders from voting on corporate policies
added: Sat Apr 22 14:59:36 2017

Me: On my first day on the job, I had orientation. You? Gorsuch: I got to totally murder a dude.
added: Sat Apr 22 14:24:59 2017

German intelligence spied on Interpol In addition, the German spy agency also monitored the Europol
added: Sat Apr 22 14:23:53 2017

"Everything Under the Heavens" review. How past humiliation acts as a motivator in China
added: Sat Apr 22 14:19:31 2017

Kleptocracy Weekly: KI's round-up of leading news on #corruption #democracy #natsec
added: Sat Apr 22 14:15:17 2017
tags: natsec, democracy, corruption

Snow Leopards in Qinghai
added: Sat Apr 22 13:26:32 2017

Dems want the most popular politician, and they want that politician to conform to their platform. Can't have both.
added: Sat Apr 22 13:24:04 2017

Brain Scans of One-Handed People Are Completely Changing Our Understanding of the Brain
added: Sat Apr 22 13:10:11 2017

Sign of the times: Heritage’s Daily Signal adopting an anti-NATO, anti-EU, pro-Putin side in Macedonian politics
added: Sat Apr 22 13:07:37 2017

Toyota just unveiled a massive, hydrogen-powered truck — here's what we know about it
added: Sat Apr 22 12:35:20 2017

"It seems our democracies are nearly immobilized by the weight of private money"
added: Sat Apr 22 10:00:00 2017

Facebook, which is courting China, briefly suspends account of its most-wanted man. Says it was an error.
added: Sat Apr 22 09:15:26 2017

#GauRakshakTerror continues unabated..does Hinduism condone these acts of violence?? Blot on our Sanskriti.
added: Sat Apr 22 06:43:25 2017
tags: gaurakshakterror

#TheResistance How could Trump meet w/ 2 ex-presidents of Colombia @Mar-a-Lao & have no one know? $$ to get in? WOW
added: Sat Apr 22 05:46:35 2017
tags: theresistance

So proud to share most exciting research discovery of my life: A New Parchment Declaration of Independence Surfaces.
added: Fri Apr 21 15:56:27 2017

Ledell Lee's case was marked by misconduct by lawyers, judges, and questions about DNA. He was executed last night.
added: Fri Apr 21 14:33:01 2017

College GOPs now threatening to sue @UCBerkeley if @AnnCoulter not allowed to speak on original 4/27 date
added: Fri Apr 21 14:32:54 2017

Millions of Game Accounts Exposed in Data Breach, Responsibility Thrown to the Wind via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Fri Apr 21 14:32:27 2017

A definitive account of how Erdogan turned himself into a dictator, by Eric Edelman, former US amb to Ankara.
added: Fri Apr 21 14:25:05 2017

Capsicum - a lightweight OS capability and sandbox framework
added: Fri Apr 21 09:51:19 2017

gen_cycle (1.0.2): Erlang behaviour for recurring events
added: Fri Apr 21 08:48:49 2017

Tesla is recalling more than 50,000 electric cars
added: Fri Apr 21 08:47:46 2017

Turning reefs into runways. Here's @greg_asner on how #SouthChinaSea outpost building is destroying marine life.
added: Fri Apr 21 08:45:47 2017
tags: southchinasea

Global investor sentiment will turn ultimately on China
added: Fri Apr 21 08:44:26 2017

This $400 juicer that does nothing but squeeze juice packs is peak Silicon Valley
added: Fri Apr 21 07:14:02 2017

US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska coast
added: Fri Apr 21 07:09:05 2017

Ocean drift analysis shows MH370 most likely in new search area
added: Fri Apr 21 07:08:13 2017

Hankyoreh, unsurprisingly, not thrilled about Carl Vinson. "This is not how the U.S. should be treating its allies."
added: Fri Apr 21 07:01:00 2017

Are competitors in Hong Kong’s Spartan Race on level playing field? via @SCMP_News
added: Fri Apr 21 06:56:04 2017

China will help drive 33% increase in global copper prices by 2020: Citi
added: Fri Apr 21 06:54:49 2017

Script kiddies pwn 1000s of Windows boxes using leaked NSA hack tools
added: Fri Apr 21 06:40:07 2017

Wanted Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui blames ‘spy’ in US broadcaster Voice of America for pulling plug on interview
added: Fri Apr 21 06:38:03 2017

Dortmund bus attack: suspect arrested as police allege share dealing plot
added: Fri Apr 21 06:10:17 2017

A US official says China is putting its bombers "on high alert"
added: Fri Apr 21 06:00:01 2017

Life in high-rise Hong Kong's bustling skyline captured in French snapper's stunning series of pictures - The Sun
added: Fri Apr 21 05:23:49 2017

Signs point to a Russian mole inside the NSA, America's biggest intelligence agency.
added: Thu Apr 20 15:18:12 2017

Serena Williams pregnancy likely to boost sponsorship: industry experts
added: Thu Apr 20 14:04:06 2017

Inmates in most states have to spend a substantial portion of their monthly income to afford one medical copay.
added: Thu Apr 20 14:04:01 2017

Very disturbed to hear no response from @Bose on secretly recording data of what you or your kids listed to
added: Thu Apr 20 13:21:09 2017

Chinese firms commit $3.1 billion investment in Duqm free zone (Oman)
added: Thu Apr 20 12:23:53 2017

Sean Spicer is unable to name a single legislative success from Donald Trump's first 100 days
added: Thu Apr 20 12:23:52 2017

Dow Chemical pushes Trump to ignore evidence its pesticides damage 1,800 critically endangered animal species
added: Thu Apr 20 12:22:55 2017

Another death row inmate's life spared in Arkansas
added: Thu Apr 20 12:22:40 2017

We knew Japan's sex problem was bad, but didn't realise it was this bad
added: Thu Apr 20 12:21:21 2017

@WLYeung NYT: China Seeks Arrest of Billionaire Who Accused Officials’ Relatives of Graft
added: Thu Apr 20 12:20:35 2017

Rumbling of Reform in China’s Fiscal Foundations
added: Thu Apr 20 12:20:13 2017

The CIA Reads French Theory: On the Intellectual Labor of Dismantling the Cultural Left - The Philosophical Salon
added: Thu Apr 20 12:19:53 2017

Trump administration says Iran is complying with nuclear deal but remains critical of Iran.
added: Thu Apr 20 12:06:02 2017

Atlanta + @KillerMike + @george_clinton = You can't go wrong
added: Thu Apr 20 11:52:31 2017

Supreme Court Weighs State Aid to Church Programs
added: Thu Apr 20 11:22:41 2017

China's hand reaching everywhere/ Richard Gere's Studio Exile: Why His Hollywood Career Took an Indie Turn via @thr
added: Thu Apr 20 11:20:37 2017

China shakes up regulators in scramble for stability
added: Thu Apr 20 11:19:48 2017

The evolutionary history of bears is characterized by gene flow across species.
added: Thu Apr 20 10:20:09 2017

Singaporeans are outraged over the way their city state has been portrayed in a US TV series and Hollywood really...
added: Thu Apr 20 08:00:37 2017

Ann Coulter wanted any Berkeley student who heckled her to be expelled. Because free speech.
added: Wed Apr 19 20:31:30 2017

So this was what #Tillerson and #Putin talked about for two hours?
added: Wed Apr 19 19:20:52 2017
tags: putin, tillerson

China orders "rectification" of live streaming platforms
added: Wed Apr 19 14:38:46 2017

Interesting detail here from the @BostonGlobe -- Hernandez's suicide protects his estate against civil litigation.
added: Wed Apr 19 14:33:11 2017

Florida tough drug laws were supposed to target big traffickers. Mostly first-time offenders got long prison time:
added: Wed Apr 19 14:25:10 2017

North Korea broadcasts video of nuclear war being waged on the US
added: Wed Apr 19 14:14:08 2017

Trump's decision not to label PRC a currency manipulator “followed extensive advice” from Steve Schwarzman
added: Wed Apr 19 14:13:13 2017

China to cut firms' tax burden to support economic growth
added: Wed Apr 19 14:13:05 2017

it's interesting how @sarahjeong is so smart and yet is perpetually owned
added: Wed Apr 19 14:10:51 2017

"Our DA's office has been looking for convictions rather than justice." by @Will_Bunch
added: Wed Apr 19 13:32:54 2017

Psychedelic drugs push the brain to a state never seen before
added: Wed Apr 19 10:55:39 2017

Trump’s missing ‘armada’ finally heading to Korea — and may stay a while
added: Wed Apr 19 10:55:27 2017

Xiaomi’s impressive bezel-less phone is already getting ripped off by competitors
added: Wed Apr 19 10:24:21 2017

Alarming surge in young mental cases – The Standard Carain Yeung
added: Wed Apr 19 10:22:21 2017

Meet PINLogger, the drive-by exploit that steals smartphone PINs in phones running both iOS and Android
added: Wed Apr 19 10:22:17 2017

High-tech stamp of approval for projects – The Standard
added: Wed Apr 19 10:20:07 2017

California professor who tweeted Trump "must hang" deletes his Twitter account and goes on leave for the semester.
added: Wed Apr 19 10:19:35 2017

Giant iceberg arrives off the coast of Canadian town
added: Wed Apr 19 10:19:03 2017

"Media ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few billionaires"
added: Wed Apr 19 10:12:18 2017

North Korea threatens 'all out war' with America
added: Wed Apr 19 10:11:36 2017

North Korean bank blacklisted by OFAC now providing trust fund services: leaflet
added: Wed Apr 19 10:11:05 2017

IMF Raises China Growth Forecast, But Warns of Debt-Related Risks #IMF #chinaeconomy #GDP
added: Wed Apr 19 10:10:58 2017
tags: chinaeconomy, imf, gdp

Geez @Nectar_Gan @SCMP_News - pls get your facts straight. NYT article presented reporting that backed Guo's claim
added: Wed Apr 19 10:10:31 2017

Is Li Keqiang starting a personality cult?
added: Wed Apr 19 10:05:25 2017

Trump aides abruptly postpone meeting on whether to stay in Paris climate deal
added: Wed Apr 19 09:59:55 2017

Russian salaries competitive with China for the first time in 100yrs, but China a top source of migrants to Russia
added: Wed Apr 19 09:27:06 2017

Philip Hammond says people should 'live in the real world' and accept we will lose money on taxpayer owned banks
added: Wed Apr 19 09:26:35 2017

Interesting interview with Sebastian Heilmann, one of the most prolific students of China's polity via @SusanShirk1
added: Wed Apr 19 09:25:39 2017

#PERU - Forest Inspection Chief dismissed despite significant contribution to combatting illegal #timber smuggling:
added: Wed Apr 19 08:32:18 2017
tags: timber, peru

Up to 2.5million votes manipulated in Turkey's referendum
added: Wed Apr 19 08:30:06 2017

Excerpts From a Chinese Historian’s Speech on North Korea - The New York Times
added: Wed Apr 19 08:29:51 2017

btw, you can find that essay ("The New Left: A Case Study in Professional-Managerial Class Radicalism") here
added: Wed Apr 19 08:26:12 2017

"Deforestation, poaching and civil war have had a devastating impact on Sri Lanka’s elephant population"
added: Wed Apr 19 08:25:17 2017

Five ways North Korea gets money to build nuclear weapons
added: Wed Apr 19 06:57:37 2017

One of the world’s largest armies is allegedly using dating apps to out gay soldiers
added: Wed Apr 19 05:34:52 2017

Individual efforts to achieve a better “work-life balance” miss the wider issue we face as waged employees
added: Wed Apr 19 05:27:06 2017

Prospective Tory MP praises North Korea for its 'handle on obesity'
added: Wed Apr 19 05:16:00 2017

.@DemSocialists member khalid kamau has a "comfortable 57 percent lead" in South Fulton, GA city council race.
added: Wed Apr 19 04:58:25 2017

China's largest private bank Minsheng investigated for fake wealth management products, sold to cover up $436m fraud
added: Wed Apr 19 03:32:43 2017

#BREAKING #EXCLUSIVE Interpol issues red notice for Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui at Beijing’s request, sources say
added: Wed Apr 19 03:32:37 2017
tags: exclusive, breaking

Physicists Detect Whiff of New Particle At the Large Hadron Collider
added: Wed Apr 19 03:30:38 2017

From its cinematographer to its cast, Black Panther doesn’t look like any of the other Marvel movies
added: Wed Apr 19 02:52:20 2017

Sheer frequency of North Korean missile mishaps suggests U.S. cyber-sabotage lies behind some of the failures
added: Wed Apr 19 02:46:03 2017

#TaiwanHeadlineNews: Barricades erected at legislature over pension reform
added: Wed Apr 19 02:38:49 2017
tags: taiwanheadlinenews

Trump's Indonesian allies in bed with ISIS-backed militia seeking to oust elected president
added: Wed Apr 19 02:27:33 2017

Hong Kong’s tricky balancing act | #ICYMI|
added: Wed Apr 19 02:24:00 2017
tags: icymi

Vigilante botnet infects IoT devices before blackhats can hijack them
added: Wed Apr 19 02:19:07 2017

Hardline Hindu youth call the shots on streets of Uttar Pradesh @rupamjn via @ReutersIndia
added: Wed Apr 19 02:18:56 2017

JUST IN: Death of judge found in Hudson River suspicious, NYPD says
added: Wed Apr 19 02:18:01 2017

Harvard 'Shock' Study: Each $1 Minimum Wage Hike Causes 4-10% Increase In Restaurant Failures
added: Wed Apr 19 02:15:21 2017

added: Wed Apr 19 02:02:36 2017

The wacky world of missing Chinese billionaires. Surreal...
added: Wed Apr 19 01:51:36 2017

added: Wed Apr 19 01:32:06 2017

China bank overseer launches ‘regulatory windstorm’
added: Wed Apr 19 01:02:36 2017

A W Va inmate was supposed to be released—but the order, faxed, didn't go through. Next day, jailers found him dead.
added: Wed Apr 19 00:55:42 2017

China Corruption 101: 84% of corrupt officials are promoted while engaged in corruption.
added: Tue Apr 18 23:46:30 2017

Mélenchon: "I am not Alexis Tsipras, I don't negotiate for 17 hours with people who offend me."
added: Tue Apr 18 23:33:06 2017

The woman punched in the face by white supremacist Nathan Damigo says she’s been getting death threats by alt-right.
added: Tue Apr 18 21:46:16 2017

IMF believes resilient China to help power global economic growth in 2017
added: Tue Apr 18 20:18:31 2017

Asian Americans are diverse in every way, including economically. We must organize around redistributive policies.
added: Tue Apr 18 19:20:09 2017

State-funded train will pass thru but not stop in hometown of congressman who blocked federal funding for Caltrain
added: Tue Apr 18 19:02:01 2017

Excerpts From a Chinese Historian’s Speech on North Korea
added: Tue Apr 18 19:01:53 2017

As Trump Drifts Away From Populism, His Supporters Grow Watchful, via @nytimes
added: Tue Apr 18 11:17:49 2017

These 3 People Show Why Anti-Trump Tide Runs Against The GOP In Georgia's Special Election
added: Tue Apr 18 10:56:24 2017

'Like begging for mercy': Lawmaker Nathan Law slams suggested Occupy pardons 來自 @hongkongfp
added: Tue Apr 18 10:17:06 2017

Anti-communism in the US long prevented the Opening of UN files on Holocaust that will 'rewrite chapters of history'
added: Tue Apr 18 10:15:30 2017

Sean Spicer argued that more public disclosure is unnecessary, even harmful
added: Tue Apr 18 10:10:02 2017

Resister’s Digest: Bernie Sanders Launches “Fight Back” Tour Against Trumpism
added: Tue Apr 18 09:30:06 2017

Triple Talaq: UP minister says AIMPLB is 'All India Maulavi Personal Law Board`, should be banned
added: Tue Apr 18 09:30:01 2017

Sweden trialed a six-hour work day. This is what they found out
added: Tue Apr 18 09:24:44 2017

3 US carriers - USS Carl Vinson, USS Ronald Reagan & USS Nimitz to enter Sea of ​​Japan next week #NorthKorea
added: Tue Apr 18 09:24:10 2017
tags: northkorea

An all-male panel decided to recommend mandatory sex-determination for all pregnant women via @scroll_in App
added: Tue Apr 18 09:21:24 2017

Exiled cleric points to Iran's widening influence in Bahrain
added: Tue Apr 18 09:19:46 2017

U.S. business group urges Washington to 'use every arrow' against China
added: Tue Apr 18 09:16:17 2017

Chinese PLA run firm designed a new laser weapon to shoot down aerial drone swarms.
added: Tue Apr 18 08:50:51 2017

I just expanded the Lasp documentation to add a section on the functional operations of Lasp.
added: Tue Apr 18 08:46:18 2017

SCMP: Angry flag-wavers heckle Hong Kong legislator before first court appearance for ‘defiling’ flags
added: Tue Apr 18 08:45:34 2017

China's Q1 GDP beat expectations but private sector tells awkward truth on China growth…
added: Tue Apr 18 08:37:01 2017

VW aims to meet tough China green car quotas, no plan to buy credits:
added: Tue Apr 18 08:36:57 2017

Australia conducts naval drills with US strike carrier group en route to Korean Peninsula
added: Tue Apr 18 08:29:24 2017

Hong Kong’s second-hand flat hunters have no time to think
added: Tue Apr 18 08:15:07 2017

Carson Block Says China Is Massive Asset, Credit Bubble via @business
added: Tue Apr 18 07:57:05 2017

#Map shows where #USA #Mexico border crosses native lands.
added: Tue Apr 18 07:55:07 2017
tags: map, usa, mexico

China firms accused of impeding, detaining pollution inspectors
added: Tue Apr 18 07:54:06 2017

呢個價大家又點睇? //消息指,政府今日將會向立法會提交文件,建議將公立醫院急症室收費由現時的100元,上調80%至180元;換言之,收費上升幅度較醫管局於去年底建議的220元為低。//...
added: Tue Apr 18 07:50:20 2017

Pence reassures Japan of U.S. resolve against North Korea:
added: Tue Apr 18 07:50:04 2017

China-made truck used in North Korea parade to show submarine-launched missile via @Reuters
added: Tue Apr 18 07:05:54 2017

China's man on North Korea crisis cools heels in Beijing:
added: Tue Apr 18 07:02:04 2017

US prefers diplomatic deal on North Korea, says Wang Yi
added: Tue Apr 18 07:01:52 2017

This is a huge and wonderful contribution. Thanks, @Steven_Ballmer
added: Tue Apr 18 07:01:34 2017

MTR Airport Express to increase fares for the first time in its history in June
added: Tue Apr 18 06:58:24 2017

Exciting to see Microsoft Orleans being ported to Erlang (Did we mention it uses Lasp underneath? :) @msftorleans
added: Tue Apr 18 06:49:55 2017

#DrainTheSwamp perhaps referred to #transparency and #accountability as "swamps" secrecy= #maga ?!
added: Tue Apr 18 06:34:09 2017
tags: maga, draintheswamp, accountability, transparency

Artist and activist @aiww runs into banking difficulties in Hong Kong
added: Tue Apr 18 06:30:54 2017

.@ft US to renegotiate South Korea trade pact #korus @juditrius @jamie_love @TrineeshB @USTradeRep @MohgaKamalYanni
added: Tue Apr 18 06:27:57 2017
tags: korus

// 去他的大和解!所謂修補社會撕裂,本來就是最不坦誠的說法,小圈子政權漠視民意,欽點新一屆特首,這不是社會意見分歧而已,林鄭是剝奪巿民政治權利誕生的特首,借用鷄蛋與高牆的比喻,筆者看不到鷄蛋與高牆何以和解。...
added: Tue Apr 18 06:15:04 2017

Did Jesus Christ marry Mary Magdalene and have children with her? It is based on manuscript dating back 1,450 years:
added: Tue Apr 18 06:14:29 2017

US Supreme Court does not allow Arkansas execution (from @AP)
added: Tue Apr 18 06:09:14 2017

China iron ore drops to lowest level in five months
added: Tue Apr 18 06:01:23 2017

1mo after being voted world's best destination for street food, Bangkok is banning...street food vendors 😓 #thailand
added: Tue Apr 18 05:59:16 2017
tags: thailand

@Caixin reporting 3bn yuan bill fraud at #China Minsheng Bank (600016) Beijing branch
added: Tue Apr 18 05:40:13 2017
tags: china

Voting machines reported stolen just ahead of Georgia special election: report
added: Tue Apr 18 04:11:07 2017

BREAKING: House Dems raking in lobbyist cash as corporations now seek Dem votes for Trump-backed bills
added: Tue Apr 18 03:56:43 2017

Boeing to lay off hundreds more engineers: source
added: Tue Apr 18 03:35:04 2017

Outgoing HK leader spars with lawmaker over govt’s tech policy
added: Tue Apr 18 03:34:06 2017

see also "What Standing Rock Teaches Us..." HT @ChuckModi1
added: Tue Apr 18 03:30:35 2017

DeVos pick to head civil rights office once said she faced discrimination for being white
added: Tue Apr 18 03:30:11 2017

Using #Erlang at @demonware for @CallofDuty games via @erlangfactory
added: Tue Apr 18 03:00:00 2017
tags: erlang

Africa’s protected areas missing 75 percent of their savanna elephants ☹️ via @NatGeo
added: Tue Apr 18 02:28:34 2017

Federal judge orders Kobach to share documents from his meeting with Trump
added: Tue Apr 18 02:27:05 2017

"Her loss in the Michigan primary highlighted problems for the general election, but resulted in few adjustments."
added: Tue Apr 18 02:23:37 2017

.@Anderson_IPS: Trump is pushing for reforms that make it easier for big banks to rig tax rules
added: Tue Apr 18 02:21:00 2017

2,100 women in Ironworkers union just won a benefit prized by working American women: 6 months paid maternity leave.
added: Tue Apr 18 02:16:30 2017

Scott Pruitt, EPA head, sued for failure to ban pesticides with links to brain damage in children.
added: Tue Apr 18 02:16:00 2017

Beijing is leaving "no space for a Sino-Tongan community separate from Beijing to develop."
added: Tue Apr 18 01:48:01 2017

Is The DCCC Missing The Great Sleeper Issue Of 2018? Take Wisconsin Reactionary James Sensenbrenner
added: Tue Apr 18 01:41:30 2017

Hope no one in South Korea reads this interview with Trump: “And Korea actually used to be a part of China.”
added: Tue Apr 18 01:28:29 2017

White nationalist claims Trump directed rally violence
added: Tue Apr 18 01:24:07 2017

No wonder Trump called to congratulate Tukey's strongman. POTUS 45 is already Erdogan-izing America. My column:
added: Tue Apr 18 00:32:12 2017

I'm inside the Cummins Unit in Arkansas, close to death chamber, as Gov scrambles to execute 2 prisoners tonight
added: Mon Apr 17 23:25:02 2017

Amazing – data on when cherry trees in Kyoto have flowered has been gathered regularly since 800 AD: ht @tegabrain
added: Mon Apr 17 22:55:24 2017

US carrier still thousands of miles from Korea
added: Mon Apr 17 21:14:09 2017

Potential Fed regulatory chief pick Randal Quarles may shake things up more on the monetary policy front
added: Mon Apr 17 17:59:52 2017

China in the unusual position of having bad relations with both North and South. Its peninsula policy in tatters
added: Mon Apr 17 16:25:06 2017

Hackers claim NSA infiltrated Mideast banking - Bangkok Post via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Mon Apr 17 09:35:58 2017

Greens urging govt to reduce Lantau reclamation
added: Mon Apr 17 09:35:03 2017

More Memories Monday: We finally get to the good part...
added: Mon Apr 17 08:53:15 2017

Secret remains of five Archbishops found by builders underneath London church
added: Mon Apr 17 08:20:59 2017

For mainland #Chinese students, #Taiwan's universities are 'like paradise.' But there's a catch -LA Times #educacion
added: Mon Apr 17 08:16:12 2017
tags: educacion, chinese, taiwan

Violence spikes in Kashmir after videos inflame tension by @Fayazbukhari and @ReutersTommy
added: Mon Apr 17 08:09:18 2017

UK denies residency to London-born children of Dutch-Spanish couple #Brexit horror. Thanks to @theresa_may gvt
added: Mon Apr 17 08:02:07 2017
tags: brexit

Pence to N. Korea: You do not want to mess with a man who just ordered what he ordered on Syria and Afghanistan.
added: Mon Apr 17 08:01:01 2017

#PODCAST: One China, Two Taiwans, deconstructing cross-Strait tourism with @iirowen #China, #Taiwan, #Asia, #tourism
added: Mon Apr 17 07:41:37 2017
tags: china, asia, podcast, tourism, taiwan

Oil falls after failed North Korean missile test, U.S. rig count gains
added: Mon Apr 17 07:35:05 2017

"I am not sure he honored Buddhism any more by his admiration than he did Christianity by his enmity" #WilliamEmpson
added: Mon Apr 17 07:34:16 2017
tags: williamempson

US and South Korea agree 'early' deployment of THAAD missile defence system
added: Mon Apr 17 07:26:28 2017

Comment: After months of calm, fear creeping back into global financial markets
added: Mon Apr 17 07:00:09 2017

nasa seems to have escaped trump's budget axe because of its... moneymaking potential
added: Mon Apr 17 05:32:50 2017

After merging Erlang and UI repos we got 250 stars on GitHub :)
added: Mon Apr 17 05:30:03 2017

Undaunted by oil bust, financiers pour billions into U.S. shale
added: Mon Apr 17 05:26:05 2017

#China’s financial sector told to expect new wave of graft scrutiny
added: Mon Apr 17 04:49:28 2017
tags: china

China's smog levels as a bellwether for iron ore prices. via @angusgrigg via @FinancialReview
added: Mon Apr 17 04:48:11 2017

#China’s #infrastructure spending is a boon to consumer businesses, says Yum China CEO
added: Mon Apr 17 04:47:43 2017
tags: china, infrastructure

BGP,HJ,hijacked prefix AS20940, Akamai International B.V.,-,By AS58552 PT Multidata Rancana Prima,
added: Mon Apr 17 04:35:46 2017

BGP,HJ,hijacked prefix AS20940, Akamai International B.V.,-,By AS58552 PT Multidata Rancana Prima,
added: Mon Apr 17 04:35:43 2017

China’s economic rise, as explained by Andy Warhol and Mao Zedong
added: Mon Apr 17 04:30:11 2017

At least 11 people have suffered burns from a suspected "noxious substance" at a bar in east London, police say
added: Mon Apr 17 04:17:07 2017

Former Trump aide advises Chinese tycoon on building contracts
added: Mon Apr 17 04:14:32 2017

How "red" will China's new special economic zone, Xiongan be? Government and SOEs lead the way.
added: Mon Apr 17 04:11:40 2017

Island Ruled By Cats Set to Be Crowdfunded in Japan
added: Mon Apr 17 04:04:14 2017

How #Kissinger and #Rumsfeld snuffed a #CIA domestic spying scandal you've never heard of b…
added: Mon Apr 17 04:04:02 2017
tags: kissinger, rumsfeld, cia

Nevada Democrats block open primary bill
added: Mon Apr 17 03:47:18 2017

China car dilemma: Beijing wants electric, buyers want SUVs.
added: Mon Apr 17 03:40:05 2017

United Air removes engaged couple traveling to wedding from plane
added: Mon Apr 17 03:35:04 2017

great piece by @matthewstoller. deregulation = re-regulation
added: Mon Apr 17 03:27:47 2017

IMF warnings of US protectionism ‘rubbish’, says Ross via @FT
added: Mon Apr 17 03:27:29 2017

'Shogun' fraud: Police play down Hong Kong angle | Bangkok Post ... - Bangkok Post
added: Mon Apr 17 03:15:04 2017

Want to understand @SteveKingIA? Read about his home: Kiron, Iowa, pop. 229, a dying town slowly fading away.
added: Mon Apr 17 02:59:25 2017

"The number of noncriminals deported is higher this year, while the number of criminals who were deported fell."
added: Mon Apr 17 01:57:09 2017

#China central bank adviser sees potential cuts to RRR: Yicai
added: Mon Apr 17 01:54:19 2017
tags: china

Alex Jones' lawyer says he just pretends to be nuts. His ex-wife says he's really nuts. You decide.
added: Mon Apr 17 01:26:56 2017

The raw details of the new FreshPorts server. You first saw something of it in December, but I've redone that.
added: Mon Apr 17 01:19:13 2017

Congrats to the Finnish Greens (@vihreat) on beating right-wing populism! Greens worldwide are fighting back.
added: Mon Apr 17 01:11:58 2017

My thoughts on the fallacy RMB not becoming major global currency due to falling RMB or declining trade levels
added: Mon Apr 17 01:08:56 2017

Public housing demolished in South London has been replaced by a new development sold entirely to foreign investors
added: Mon Apr 17 01:08:05 2017

‘End US ties, pivot to China’
added: Mon Apr 17 01:08:02 2017

government can't stop 9 million illegal foreclosures but it can arrange a 6-agent sting on an elderly Apollo widow
added: Mon Apr 17 01:05:32 2017

China's racial pay gap: Han Chinese offered triple salary of Uighurs in Xinjiang police recruitment drive
added: Mon Apr 17 01:04:26 2017

World's Biggest Aluminum Producer Faces Default, Warns Of "Dramatic Social Unrest" Without A Beijing Bailout
added: Mon Apr 17 00:26:53 2017

.@MortonCountySD consulting cops in Nebraska, S. Dakota on how to best repress future #NoKXL demonstrations #NoDAPL
added: Sun Apr 16 23:58:35 2017
tags: nokxl, nodapl

Not a surprise: Anbang's Fidelity & Guaranty acquisition set to fall through
added: Sun Apr 16 23:37:41 2017

"Lisbon is becoming an outstanding example of what might be called Monocle urbanism”
added: Sun Apr 16 22:47:28 2017

55 yo US Army Vet whose lived in the US 50 years is slated to be deported to Iraq tomorrow. He's in ICE custody now:
added: Sun Apr 16 16:52:26 2017

I've written a guide for C# devs that want to know more about F#: @fsharporg @msdev #fsharp
added: Sun Apr 16 16:31:53 2017
tags: fsharp

GOP lawmaker defends rollback of internet privacy: You don't have to use the internet
added: Sun Apr 16 15:33:04 2017

Embarrassing Ex-Employee Complaint Against Snapchat Unsealed
added: Sun Apr 16 11:51:18 2017

Petronas to expand LNG business in China
added: Sun Apr 16 11:42:13 2017

BBC News - The election where no-one came to vote
added: Sun Apr 16 11:42:08 2017

On Easter, Pope denounces "oppressive regimes" but urges restraint
added: Sun Apr 16 11:31:49 2017

With Trump pick aboard, top U.S. court tackles religious rights
added: Sun Apr 16 11:27:07 2017

<aside> element usage in the wild
added: Sun Apr 16 11:15:43 2017

Blockers will win the ad-blocking arms race
added: Sun Apr 16 11:15:22 2017

Trump administration is secretly granting waivers to former lobbyists so they can ignore White House ethics rules
added: Sun Apr 16 10:29:26 2017

Severe flooding from Tropical Depression Crising continues to bring problems across the central Philippines,...
added: Sun Apr 16 10:13:47 2017

an aspect of mystification in it; substitution:
added: Sun Apr 16 09:30:30 2017

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare
added: Sun Apr 16 09:27:41 2017

Death toll from rubbish dump collapse in Sri Lanka rises to at least 23
added: Sun Apr 16 09:16:20 2017

Cadre of Francophone jihadis among early core of #IS in #Syria were trusted w/ security jobs then directing attacks.
added: Sun Apr 16 09:07:09 2017
tags: syria, is

皇帝唔驚太監驚?:0) 【昨考察東江水由內地返港 梁繼昌今被指威脅澳門治安被拒入境】
added: Sun Apr 16 07:28:14 2017

Better utilisation of slopes to build more public housing flats
added: Sun Apr 16 07:24:06 2017

Meanwhile, bison are returning to Canada! "Having them here is having them come back home."
added: Sun Apr 16 07:20:44 2017

#Tibet bill introduced in U.S. House and Senate
added: Sun Apr 16 07:16:21 2017
tags: tibet

added: Sun Apr 16 07:07:37 2017
tags: barbarie

Railways to start dog breeding centre to raise own force
added: Sun Apr 16 07:00:02 2017

#Guinea has seized a haul of shark fins and carcasses from Chinese ships - the owners were fined.
added: Sun Apr 16 06:53:53 2017
tags: guinea

In Pictures: The slow death of Home Ownership estate Tin Ma Court 來自 @hongkongfp
added: Sun Apr 16 06:51:13 2017

Xi’s dream city may be China’s biggest ever public works project via @SCMP_News
added: Sun Apr 16 06:51:05 2017

North Korea's failed missile launch likely not ICBM: U.S. official
added: Sun Apr 16 06:35:06 2017

Sudan's forgotten Nubian pyramids
added: Sun Apr 16 06:30:17 2017

Carrie Lam should ‘move fast and break things’
added: Sun Apr 16 04:56:29 2017

With an estimated £13trn worldwide hidden in tax havens, it's about time we closed the loopholes enabling looting 👍
added: Sat Apr 15 21:12:20 2017

Right Wing Hindu Extremists Torch #Rohingya Refugee Camps in India’s #Jammu Again @OpRohingya @drzarni @Reaproy
added: Sat Apr 15 16:15:45 2017
tags: jammu, rohingya

My thoughts on the discussion around extremism in the French public sphere; otherwise known as the Roy-Kepel dispute
added: Sat Apr 15 15:24:18 2017

Microsoft: Shadow Brokers' Windows exploits were patched on all supported Windows versions
added: Sat Apr 15 13:51:39 2017

Beijing pouring investment into Melaka Gateway project to secure OBOR trade routes
added: Sat Apr 15 13:36:40 2017

Not cool: new NYT columnist @BretStephensNYT once wrote about the "disease of the Arab mind". (h/t @hahellyer)
added: Sat Apr 15 13:11:25 2017

NATO troops will soon begin "Operation Reassurance" in Latvia. But Latvia's Russians aren't reassured. My report
added: Sat Apr 15 13:07:42 2017

As maritime agreement with #Australia dissolves, Timor-Leste left exposed
added: Sat Apr 15 13:07:06 2017
tags: australia

how to lie with data
added: Sat Apr 15 13:05:36 2017

Good read: While Trump Was Dominating In Deep-Red Oklahoma, This Democrat Won A Landslide
added: Sat Apr 15 13:00:03 2017

Priyanka Chopra unsure about 'Baywatch' team’s visit to India
added: Sat Apr 15 12:50:00 2017

Former Communications Authority chairman Ambrose Ho says the government has failed to explain why Hong Kong...
added: Sat Apr 15 12:46:17 2017

Which Type of Debt Drives the Business Cycle?
added: Sat Apr 15 12:45:19 2017

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree:
added: Sat Apr 15 12:38:37 2017

Violent Germanism remains a grave danger: anonymous email to newspaper claims Dortmund bomb in name of Hitler.
added: Sat Apr 15 12:36:36 2017

President Xi gave Donald Trump a 'history lesson'. This is what he told him
added: Sat Apr 15 12:35:01 2017

Is U.S. Manufacturing Really Declining?
added: Sat Apr 15 12:31:53 2017

LeBron James is opening a STEM-based school for at-risk students in Akron
added: Sat Apr 15 12:30:27 2017

Thousands stuck as Syria evacuation deal stalls
added: Sat Apr 15 12:30:11 2017

China seeks Russia's help to 'cool' North Korea situation
added: Sat Apr 15 12:30:02 2017

Donald Trump borrowed money from Russia during 2008 financial crisis, says former MI6 chief
added: Sat Apr 15 12:04:01 2017

NASA approves instruments for ESA's mission to Jupiter and its moon
added: Sat Apr 15 11:20:00 2017

Everton bans The Sun from attending the club's matches and their training ground
added: Sat Apr 15 11:15:27 2017

The #PremierLeague, the richest football competition in the world, is set to announce a record annual loss
added: Sat Apr 15 10:09:41 2017
tags: premierleague

Oh yea that little thing...
added: Sat Apr 15 10:06:26 2017

Mississippi rejects nearly all of its welfare applicants but won't explain why
added: Sat Apr 15 10:00:47 2017

G.SKILL Hits 4500MHz With All-New Trident Z DDR4-4333MHz 16GB Memory Kit
added: Sat Apr 15 10:00:38 2017

#Chinese dissident Zhang Xiangzhong 張向忠 disappears in #Taiwan | Taiwan News #China
added: Sat Apr 15 09:59:17 2017
tags: taiwan, chinese, china

Obama's White House photographer had the best response to Donald Trump's visitor log secrecy
added: Sat Apr 15 09:53:23 2017

The government first insisted it was a gas leak
added: Sat Apr 15 09:52:22 2017

Pyongyang displays military hardware, including possible new ICBM described as a ‘frankenmissile’
added: Sat Apr 15 06:40:35 2017

US Border Patrol is losing agents faster than it can hire them
added: Sat Apr 15 00:38:04 2017

The Mother Of All Exploits escaped from an NSA laboratory and is wrecking the internet.
added: Fri Apr 14 22:54:44 2017

Uber registers $2.8bn loss in 2016 expansion drive
added: Fri Apr 14 21:48:17 2017

The software could give anyone with enough tech knowledge the ability to wreak havoc on millions of Microsoft users.
added: Fri Apr 14 21:32:07 2017

REPORT: Experts say the terrorist acts in Saint Petersburg were likely organized by the Russian special services.
added: Fri Apr 14 19:55:41 2017

Scoop! Premier League forced to record £312m paper loss due to accounting changes & exchange rate shifts in @FT
added: Fri Apr 14 12:17:44 2017

Larung Gar Expulsions Now Complete: Local Source
added: Fri Apr 14 10:30:24 2017

China warns of North Korea conflict 'at any moment'
added: Fri Apr 14 10:30:06 2017

ARU cannot legally 'cut' Rebels from Super Rugby #SuperRugby
added: Fri Apr 14 10:29:37 2017
tags: superrugby

US says chemical weapons attack in Syria was 'war crime'
added: Fri Apr 14 10:27:11 2017

ACROSS AFRICA - Migrants targeted in Libya slave trade, UN reports
added: Fri Apr 14 10:27:07 2017

Foreigners Barred From Yachen Gar Buddhist Encampment in Sichuan
added: Fri Apr 14 10:27:06 2017

URGENT ALERT:Refugees interned by #Australia'n govt in #Manus (#PNG) being attacked & shots fired at #detention camp
added: Fri Apr 14 10:26:26 2017
tags: manus, australia, detention, png

Two police officers fired after being filmed punching and kicking a handcuffed black man
added: Fri Apr 14 09:47:15 2017

Democrats in Illinois just unseated a whole bunch of Republicans
added: Fri Apr 14 09:35:23 2017

Nepal, China to conduct first ever joint military drill from April 16
added: Fri Apr 14 09:26:19 2017

This is not a war on terror but the brutal misuse of our country as testing ground - Karzai
added: Fri Apr 14 09:24:28 2017

Beijing Festival Says Lack of Korean Films "Not a Political Decision"
added: Fri Apr 14 09:21:44 2017

This map shows the extent of Chinese defense capabilites in the South China Sea.
added: Fri Apr 14 09:21:00 2017

Student lynched by classmates after being accused of "blasphemy" dreadful world
added: Fri Apr 14 09:20:49 2017

#Smoking to kill 200 million in China this century, at a cost of $50 billion dollars a year: WHO @yananw reports.
added: Fri Apr 14 09:15:17 2017
tags: smoking

How I wish to do the Chadar trek, before it's too late!! #ladakh
added: Fri Apr 14 08:38:26 2017
tags: ladakh

#China trying to restrain #Trump on #Korea
added: Fri Apr 14 08:36:45 2017
tags: china, trump, korea

Doctor on United Airlines flight says being dragged off plane was 'more horrifying than Vietnam War'
added: Fri Apr 14 08:36:04 2017

Harnessing Intel Processor Trace on Windows for Vulnerability Discovery : (Slides) #HITB2017AMS cc @richinseattle
added: Fri Apr 14 08:30:42 2017
tags: hitb2017ams

Caixin: Senior Official at #China’s Banking Watchdog Relieved of Duties. Financial crackdown intensifying ?
added: Fri Apr 14 07:44:11 2017
tags: china

I will not perform any rituals to be performed by Brahmins. #Babasaheb #AmbedkarJayanti
added: Fri Apr 14 07:38:34 2017
tags: babasaheb, ambedkarjayanti

China says 'conflict could break out at any moment' as tensions escalate between North Korea and US. #9News
added: Fri Apr 14 07:38:10 2017
tags: 9news

Block Formatting Contexts and Lists with 'display: flow-root' -
added: Fri Apr 14 07:36:03 2017

Police Commissioner met public security officials in mainland but media not notified
added: Fri Apr 14 07:20:12 2017

@stegersaurus A woman’s brutal murder has ignited a gender war in #SouthKorea. Could #misogyny be to blame?
added: Fri Apr 14 06:39:25 2017
tags: southkorea, misogyny

US deploys #THAAD missile defence, special operatives that took out Osama bin Laden to Korea
added: Fri Apr 14 06:32:03 2017
tags: thaad

Patroni: A Template for PostgreSQL HA with ZooKeeper, Etcd, or Consul: Comments:
added: Fri Apr 14 06:30:01 2017

Support ban on cow slaughter, not of other cattle: Ramdas Athawale
added: Fri Apr 14 06:29:01 2017

Japan discusses how to evacuate citizens from South Korea if crisis hits
added: Fri Apr 14 05:52:52 2017

China’s Property Tax Struggles to Get Off the Ground #chinaproperty #housingtax #realestate
added: Fri Apr 14 05:46:16 2017
tags: chinaproperty, realestate, housingtax

#Taiwan President @iingwen talks up Taiwan-#UK free trade deal | Politics | FocusTaiwan #freetrade
added: Fri Apr 14 05:46:08 2017
tags: freetrade, uk, taiwan

The data is out: Americans voted for Trump for this reason.
added: Fri Apr 14 05:45:04 2017

China’s crusade to prop up the yuan imperils other pressing needs via @WSJ
added: Fri Apr 14 05:44:06 2017

China warns against force as North Korea prepares celebration
added: Fri Apr 14 05:40:00 2017

Russia vetoes UN draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe
added: Fri Apr 14 05:29:00 2017

There may be alien life on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus, says NASA scientists
added: Fri Apr 14 05:10:01 2017

Why half of Australia's internet went down yesterday, @michael_dulhill reports. #ausbiz #tech
added: Fri Apr 14 04:30:00 2017
tags: ausbiz, tech

Why are Hong Kong students committing suicide? – Deutsche Welle
added: Fri Apr 14 04:20:09 2017

‘Don’t You Dare Insult Russia Again!” Moscow's UN Rep Screams in New York:
added: Fri Apr 14 04:01:43 2017

Piao Jinyu and Piao Shanai from Shanghai, identified by CCTV footage, suspected to have vandalised several shrines.
added: Fri Apr 14 03:36:49 2017

Hong Kong section of mega-bridge set to open
added: Fri Apr 14 03:23:47 2017

In China, farmers and unemployed, not corrupt officials, are most susceptible to be sentenced to death, and executed
added: Fri Apr 14 02:52:40 2017

Satirical News Show ‘China Uncensored’ Censored by Apple in Hong Kong and Taiwan via @globalvoices
added: Fri Apr 14 02:03:00 2017

China’s Communist Party to evaluate lawyers based on ‘political performance’
added: Fri Apr 14 01:10:11 2017

China Says Its Trade With North Korea Has Increased, via @nytimes
added: Thu Apr 13 22:23:09 2017

MI6 first alerted the FBI/CIA of Trump RU ingtelligence contacts, but it was Estonia thattriggered FISA order
added: Thu Apr 13 21:25:33 2017

Air Force drops non-nuclear 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan
added: Thu Apr 13 17:36:38 2017

Together, these unheard songs take on new life—deep wave transmissions from across the Milky Way
added: Thu Apr 13 16:42:06 2017

Sun Ra Arkestra's Marshall Allen & Danny Thompson Lecture (Montréal 2016) via @RBMA
added: Thu Apr 13 15:55:47 2017

"Maybe it’s time to see British rule in India as the horror it really was." @tylercowen argues:
added: Thu Apr 13 14:09:28 2017

#WeChat's content filtering includes not just keywords, but also certain images, says new @citizenlab report #China
added: Thu Apr 13 12:57:06 2017
tags: china, wechat

#Taiwanese investors in #China to seek talent from home | Economics | FocusTaiwan
added: Thu Apr 13 11:13:14 2017
tags: taiwanese, china

China’s central bank restarts use of an instrument that adds cash to the financial system
added: Thu Apr 13 11:11:44 2017

#HONGKONG 11 arrested after #bird nest & #shark fin smuggling ring busted via @SCMP_News
added: Thu Apr 13 10:53:07 2017
tags: shark, bird, hongkong

China avoids U.S. manipulator tag, but not off the hook on trade by @jruwitch
added: Thu Apr 13 10:24:02 2017

Pretty well nails it
added: Thu Apr 13 10:21:02 2017

Japan scrambles jet fighters at record pace as Chinese military activity rises
added: Thu Apr 13 10:20:01 2017

The internet knows what should come next after Alabama lawmakers allow a mega-church to form its own police force
added: Thu Apr 13 10:20:00 2017

It is protectionism, not technology, that benefits top musicians at the expense of everyone else
added: Thu Apr 13 10:18:41 2017

Singapore First: Quietly shutting the door on Indian techies and other foreign workers
added: Thu Apr 13 10:10:01 2017

New trade ruling could spell end for rhinos:
added: Thu Apr 13 09:36:27 2017

Mars’s atmosphere hosts metal layers that shouldn’t exist
added: Thu Apr 13 09:35:55 2017

Cisco Draws Attention To The Rise of Pirate IPTV
added: Thu Apr 13 09:33:05 2017

Solaris admins! Look out – working remote root exploit leaked in Shadow Brokers dump via @theregister
added: Thu Apr 13 09:32:29 2017

OSHA delays another worker safety standard
added: Thu Apr 13 09:30:05 2017

New video shows what happened before the United Airlines incident
added: Thu Apr 13 09:29:45 2017

SWIFT on security: Fresh anti-bank-fraud defenses now live via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Thu Apr 13 09:28:26 2017

LandsD releases figures on registered lease modifications, land exchanges and private treaty grants in first…
added: Thu Apr 13 09:22:36 2017

Several Belarusian journalists have already been convicted for covering last month's 'parasite tax' protests
added: Thu Apr 13 09:17:17 2017

It’s not just text …#WeChat’s censoring your photos too Great report by @Nectar_Gan on the latest @citizenlab report
added: Thu Apr 13 09:01:17 2017
tags: wechat

Hong Kong Customs seizes suspected smuggled silver bars and electronic goods
added: Thu Apr 13 08:48:07 2017

(LEAD) No. of Chinese travelers at Incheon airport drops by 37 pct
added: Thu Apr 13 08:28:50 2017

HK dollar to hit weakest level as US Fed shrinks balance sheet
added: Thu Apr 13 08:18:09 2017

A Canadian lab's freezer malfunctioned and millennia-old ice cores were lost forever, devastating scientists
added: Thu Apr 13 08:11:05 2017

Watch 1915 Video of Monet, Renoir & Rodin Creating Art, and Edgar Degas Taking a Stroll
added: Thu Apr 13 08:01:00 2017

Journalists at Gothamist and DNAinfo Agree to Join Labor Union
added: Thu Apr 13 08:00:10 2017

The Economist | Rural education in China: Separate and unequal via @TheEconomist
added: Thu Apr 13 07:57:24 2017

Government urged to relax terms for food trucks
added: Thu Apr 13 07:55:33 2017

Unprotected sex may disrupt the microbiome in vagina
added: Thu Apr 13 07:53:17 2017

Unicom’ mixed ownership sets China’s reforms backward sharp insights by Shirley Yam
added: Thu Apr 13 07:52:38 2017

China Jails Social Media User For Two Years For Satire About President, Chairman Mao
added: Thu Apr 13 07:21:55 2017

Soco requests more funds for poor students
added: Thu Apr 13 07:15:16 2017

Unions blame fuel hedging by the management for the #Cathaypacific's slump
added: Thu Apr 13 07:15:03 2017
tags: cathaypacific

Political tensions, dirty air make expats look away – The Standard Jane Lam
added: Thu Apr 13 07:13:17 2017

Pro-Beijing lawmakers express concern over United passenger fiasco to US congressmen
added: Thu Apr 13 06:40:46 2017

.@techreview's unhappy experiences with comments are common to most publishers. Here's what we're doing about it.
added: Thu Apr 13 06:23:17 2017

Army Exploring ‘Devastating’ New Weapon For Use In War with Russia
added: Thu Apr 13 06:21:43 2017

PLAY OF THE WEEK: Don't see many of these - push over try by @BrumbiesRugby pack against @redsrugby in Canberra
added: Thu Apr 13 05:43:14 2017

Who is really desecrating the flag?
added: Thu Apr 13 05:41:59 2017

China's economic picture brightens as trade data tops forecasts, Trump softens tone
added: Thu Apr 13 05:34:11 2017

State paper says #China would protect a denuclearized #NorthKorea via @Reuters
added: Thu Apr 13 05:13:47 2017
tags: china, northkorea

Subsidised home ownership scheme yet to see tenants leaving public housing, says Housing Authority member;
added: Thu Apr 13 05:09:50 2017

Just Published: [Elm 040.2] Introducing elm-fuse
added: Thu Apr 13 04:56:20 2017

Uber program "Hell" created fake Lyft rider accounts to track driver locations and identify them using vulnerability
added: Thu Apr 13 04:54:10 2017

First female Muslim judge of US found dead in New York’s Hudson River via @htTweets
added: Thu Apr 13 03:39:32 2017

Homo naledi rises from a South African cave.
added: Thu Apr 13 03:36:43 2017

Trump may halt insurer payments to force Democrats to table on healthcare
added: Thu Apr 13 03:35:05 2017

8 states have taken the lead to close the carried interest loophole at the state level. #TaxMarch
added: Thu Apr 13 03:28:17 2017
tags: taxmarch

Discussion on moderate Islamic thinkers Cak Nur, Gus Dur & Syafii Maarif banned from Paramadina campus
added: Thu Apr 13 03:12:55 2017

US intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts @CNN
added: Thu Apr 13 02:38:12 2017

Careful planning is essential to making sure your bird-photography trip is a success.
added: Thu Apr 13 02:10:11 2017

Philippines' Duterte cancels visit to disputed South China Sea island
added: Thu Apr 13 02:07:54 2017

Gareth Evans: China now ‘rule-maker’, Australia should say no to US more
added: Wed Apr 12 23:33:27 2017

Detained journalist on Manus Island secretly shoots feature film entirely on mobile phone | SBS Your Language
added: Wed Apr 12 23:01:18 2017

Trump concedes China's leverage over North Korea is limited; 'it’s not what you would think.'
added: Wed Apr 12 23:00:33 2017

As the wrongful conviction cases accumulate, the pattern of Chicago police abuses becomes clearer.
added: Wed Apr 12 22:00:02 2017

Trump overriding *his own* executive order after 80 days because it was a disaster. The incompetence is staggering.
added: Wed Apr 12 18:58:14 2017

This week on @Intercepted, former Rep. @Dennis_Kucinich questions the official story on the chemical weapons attack.
added: Wed Apr 12 17:16:12 2017

Plese RT: Middel Englisshe Textes onlyne wyth great notes and glosses for readinge or teachinge, all free:
added: Wed Apr 12 15:34:13 2017

Govt Bans ‘Any Online Communication’ With Three Monarchy Critics #Thailand
added: Wed Apr 12 13:51:36 2017
tags: thailand

Floods of Wordpress attacks traced to easily hackable, ISP-supplied routers
added: Wed Apr 12 13:51:26 2017

How technology has failed to improve your airline experience
added: Wed Apr 12 12:33:05 2017

#China warns against intrusions over detained #Taiwan activist | Daily Mail Online
added: Wed Apr 12 10:03:34 2017
tags: china, taiwan

Wife of detained #Taiwan rights worker 李明哲: the fixer told me that #China intelligence agency "got the wrong guy"
added: Wed Apr 12 10:01:13 2017
tags: china, taiwan

‘Sword of protectionism’ hangs over global recovery, says IMF
added: Wed Apr 12 09:09:40 2017

Gujarat court asked to expedite recording evidence in Asaram case
added: Wed Apr 12 08:50:00 2017

The 'oldest gay in the village' finally got an apology from the government
added: Wed Apr 12 08:50:00 2017

#HongKong Plugs #Property Tax Loophole @business @sreebloomberg
added: Wed Apr 12 08:23:20 2017
tags: property, hongkong

China's central bank quietly increases its power in battle to curb risks
added: Wed Apr 12 08:23:12 2017

#China's Central Bank Faces a $600 Billion Test @business @markets @frostyhk @MalcolmScott8
added: Wed Apr 12 08:21:08 2017
tags: china

#Canada - RSF concerned to learn of yet another #journalist under police surveillance
added: Wed Apr 12 08:20:03 2017
tags: journalist, canada

CY Leung tackles first-time buyer multiple flat loophole: #hongkong
added: Wed Apr 12 07:45:12 2017
tags: hongkong

Oil prices rise on potential extension of output cuts
added: Wed Apr 12 07:43:09 2017

6 WEEKS UNDERCOVER: What it's really like to work in a Chinese iPhone factory via @sai > Fascinating
added: Wed Apr 12 07:32:37 2017

good to hear | Taiwan bans eating dogs and cats
added: Wed Apr 12 07:31:54 2017

Trump administration hits S. Korea with steel import duties for hurtfully low prices that harm Americans. @JMSchles
added: Wed Apr 12 07:01:00 2017

Whoops. Taiwan environmental protection minister caught eating shark fin soup, thanks to dining companion's FB pics.
added: Wed Apr 12 06:41:44 2017

Worth watching>> China’s insurance regulator steps up warnings about industry risks via @WSJ
added: Wed Apr 12 06:40:51 2017

UK supermarket giant Tesco reports fall in full-year profit to £145m after being hit by a huge fine
added: Wed Apr 12 06:36:49 2017

Beijing orders property websites to stop touting investment gains, feng shui advice
added: Wed Apr 12 06:35:07 2017

Mitt Romney's 'binders full of women' were real and have been leaked
added: Wed Apr 12 06:34:58 2017

Bill O’Reilly driven from air by Advertiser Boycott over Sexual Harassment?
added: Wed Apr 12 06:34:09 2017

Henan officials nab eagle owl that was stealing chickens.
added: Wed Apr 12 06:33:58 2017

#China to allow in more Hollywood movies to appease Trump on trade deficit
added: Wed Apr 12 06:30:24 2017
tags: china

Rafizi to expose 'ex-PAS leader who got 1MDB funds' tomorrow
added: Wed Apr 12 06:01:18 2017

Republicans like the missile strikes because it’s a Republican president launching them
added: Wed Apr 12 06:00:27 2017

OMG Apple Daily did a piece on how shitty the e-legislation system is
added: Wed Apr 12 05:57:06 2017

Legislative Council Question 1: Elderly Health Care Vouchers Scheme
added: Wed Apr 12 05:05:08 2017

Unanswered questions over the air traffic control system debacle | South China Morning Post
added: Wed Apr 12 05:04:59 2017

Theresa May deliberately humiliated Boris Johnson this week – her disdain for him is reaching dangerous levels
added: Wed Apr 12 05:04:01 2017

AMD's mid-range Ryzen 5 processors start rolling out
added: Wed Apr 12 05:00:01 2017

Xi warns Trump that China wants a “peaceful solution” to North Korea issue in second call
added: Wed Apr 12 04:40:01 2017

This insane MSNBC clip sums up how horribly out of touch our mainstream media is -
added: Wed Apr 12 04:14:00 2017

BREAKING: Alabama Senate passes bill to allow churches to form their own police... by #MsOCHubbard via @c0nvey
added: Wed Apr 12 03:30:58 2017
tags: msochubbard

US Dismantles Forensic Science Commission
added: Wed Apr 12 03:30:35 2017

2017 Unofficial Kansas Election Results You know there will be a recount!
added: Wed Apr 12 03:26:45 2017

One more arrested for alleged rioting during Mong Kok unrest
added: Wed Apr 12 03:24:26 2017

Coutts fined for breaching anti-money laundering rules in Hong Kong
added: Wed Apr 12 03:24:17 2017

Looks like a Russian math teacher has been arrested over a web forum post made from the IP of his Tor exit node:
added: Wed Apr 12 03:01:30 2017

Hong Kong lawmaker arrested and charged after flipping flags at legislative meeting
added: Wed Apr 12 01:50:46 2017

Rep. Nunes now shown to have used alternative facts to support fake Obama spying allegation.
added: Wed Apr 12 01:47:29 2017

DNC Chair Tom Perez declined to invest in #KS04 race, Dem state party spent $3k after initially declining support
added: Wed Apr 12 01:45:32 2017
tags: ks04

Really smart story on how price-fixing appears to be okay when Uber does it, but not when Uber drivers do it
added: Tue Apr 11 19:40:17 2017

“How can banks be expected to know their customer when the customer is entitled to anonymity?” @Aarondklein
added: Tue Apr 11 19:25:09 2017

《中国异见人士就一千七百万美元人权基金对雅虎提出诉讼》 Yahoo Is Sued Over $17 Million Fund for Chinese Dissidents
added: Tue Apr 11 19:17:34 2017

happi / theBeamBook: A description of the Erlang Runtime System ERTS and the virtual Machine BEAM. ★1169 #Erlang
added: Tue Apr 11 18:57:24 2017
tags: erlang

Pushing code to machines is not innovative. NASA gets an exemption.
added: Tue Apr 11 15:35:34 2017

added: Tue Apr 11 12:28:04 2017

As a result of the Brexit vote Americans now seriously asking "Will London fall?
added: Tue Apr 11 12:27:12 2017

Alabama Luv Guv’s impeachment probe reveals political motivation behind DMV closures
added: Tue Apr 11 12:26:58 2017

The Beyond Burger Launches In HK: We Take A Closer Look At The Vegan Patty That Wants To…
added: Tue Apr 11 12:26:57 2017

S. Korea tried to have nuclear bombs in 1980s: declassified papers
added: Tue Apr 11 12:26:44 2017

Getting Value From Online Graphic Design Courses
added: Tue Apr 11 12:25:07 2017

Sadiq's ULEZ emission zone will target nitrous oxides and particulates - unless they come out of a black cab
added: Tue Apr 11 12:23:18 2017

Cambodia issues a long, angry rebuttal of human rights criticicisms that starts with a @RonPaul quote
added: Tue Apr 11 10:38:49 2017

Front runner for South Korean presidency would pursue direct talks with Kim Jong-un
added: Tue Apr 11 10:30:07 2017

China is no longer perceived as the world’s economic superpower
added: Tue Apr 11 10:30:05 2017

One man's campaign to 'Make Trump Furious' could overturn a seat held by Republicans for 43 years
added: Tue Apr 11 10:05:01 2017

Chief Executive in Council approves Star Ferry's application for fare increase
added: Tue Apr 11 09:46:06 2017

Undercover investigation confirms spyware companies are super shady
added: Tue Apr 11 09:18:26 2017

Solaris admins! Look out – working remote root exploit leaked in S... via @InfoSecHotSpot
added: Tue Apr 11 09:14:22 2017

British Sikh shopkeeper defends Polish teen from gang attack in UK, becomes a hero in Poland
added: Tue Apr 11 09:11:36 2017

Mixed history of David Dao, identified as United doctor: indictment for fake prescriptions, sex with former patient
added: Tue Apr 11 09:10:57 2017

Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council finally speaks. Press conference on Li Ming-Che live right now:
added: Tue Apr 11 09:08:54 2017

Toshiba files earnings without auditor endorsement:
added: Tue Apr 11 08:50:05 2017

At 10th, CX just made it onto TripAdvisor's top airlines in APAC this year, rightly trounced by EVA, JAL et al
added: Tue Apr 11 08:49:48 2017

Four tigers killed by trains in the same location so far this year:
added: Tue Apr 11 08:46:23 2017

China regulator vows to rein in banks’ speculative activity via @WSJ
added: Tue Apr 11 08:44:01 2017

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, InvestHK and HKCEA host "Belt and Road Opportunities" seminar
added: Tue Apr 11 08:39:08 2017

Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley Plays Unsuspecting Trash Talker in Washington Square Park
added: Tue Apr 11 08:36:00 2017

An inflamed brain may be a hidden cause of depression
added: Tue Apr 11 08:35:49 2017

Minecraft adds micropayments – hide your wallets, parents
added: Tue Apr 11 08:35:44 2017

China first-quarter auto sales strongest since 2014 despite tax cut rollback
added: Tue Apr 11 08:35:05 2017

Troubled electronics giant Toshiba files delayed financial results without auditor approval, in unprecedented move
added: Tue Apr 11 08:34:22 2017

Did this video of a passenger being violently dragged off a flight go viral in China? Cause outrage? Wonder why?
added: Tue Apr 11 08:05:59 2017

Tiny, family-run newspaper wins #Pulitzer Prize for taking on big business via @poynter
added: Tue Apr 11 07:40:35 2017
tags: pulitzer

'Faux fur' found in high street shops is actually from animals
added: Tue Apr 11 07:16:18 2017

Interesting story about the EP-3 incident based on Snowden leak. (Too bad author got Chinese pilot's surname wrong.)
added: Tue Apr 11 07:14:25 2017

Alabama 'Luv Guv' Robert Bentley quits over relationship with aide -
added: Tue Apr 11 07:12:52 2017

United incident might be manipulated by bots This reddit post got 42.6k upvotes group only has 4k members
added: Tue Apr 11 07:10:08 2017

#HopeSprings LIVE: Come on Wendles you can do it. Leave the cruelty behind. LIVE:
added: Tue Apr 11 07:02:02 2017
tags: hopesprings

Saffiyah Khan meets woman she defended at EDL demo
added: Tue Apr 11 07:01:19 2017

Indonesia: gay men facing 100 lashes for having sex
added: Tue Apr 11 06:24:06 2017

Disc brake rotor covers being assessed for possible future use in pro peloton |
added: Tue Apr 11 06:21:19 2017

#China opens delayed #Myanmar oil pipeline to get Mideast crude faster @business…
added: Tue Apr 11 06:20:27 2017
tags: china, myanmar

'Beg-packers': White tourists who beg in southeast Asia
added: Tue Apr 11 06:16:37 2017

Prison guards clash with police outside notorious penitentiary
added: Tue Apr 11 06:09:38 2017

So Carrie Lam's "instrument of appointment" is actually a real thing. She gets a certificate from Li Keqiang
added: Tue Apr 11 06:08:32 2017

Pope opens launderette for the homeless
added: Tue Apr 11 06:08:06 2017

Full Text: India-Australia joint statement signed by Narendra Modi and Malcolm Turnbull.
added: Tue Apr 11 06:00:52 2017

China MoFA confirms @Reuters report that it is allowing PH fishing "in relevant part of waters near" ScarShoal.
added: Tue Apr 11 06:00:09 2017

Pune RTI activist, who spoke against civic lapses, murdered brutally with concrete blocks
added: Tue Apr 11 05:45:10 2017

Under 'Connect' scheme, Chinese stock speculation spreads to Hong Kong by Samuel Shen & @jruwitch
added: Tue Apr 11 05:30:21 2017

【台灣富士康出價270億美元】 【疑計劃收購東芝電腦晶片業務】 傳台灣的富士康出價 270 億美元,計劃收購東芝電腦晶片業務。 分析師估計,東芝晶片業務的公允值介乎 1.5 萬億至 2 萬億。 但消息人士表示,在 3...
added: Tue Apr 11 05:30:08 2017

China draft cyber law mandates security assessment for outbound data
added: Tue Apr 11 05:26:03 2017

Wow. Gov of Malaysia reacts to Reuters' reporting: Malaysian minister urges probe of fund transfers to North Korea
added: Tue Apr 11 05:14:19 2017

It appears that 'immodest & un-Islamic clothing' is responsible for Vogue model Raudha Athif's death
added: Tue Apr 11 05:11:43 2017

North Korean ships head home after China orders coal returned via @Reuters
added: Tue Apr 11 04:58:32 2017

Film awards nothing to cheer about
added: Tue Apr 11 04:54:20 2017

FBI just published Boston bomber Tamerlan interview notes from April 22, 2011 HT…
added: Tue Apr 11 04:54:07 2017

North Korea vows response to US Navy move
added: Tue Apr 11 04:53:33 2017

"It’s clear that they think they this blitzkrieg strategy will overwhelm us. But they may be surprised"
added: Tue Apr 11 04:53:02 2017

Vans Must Remove Extra Seats, Starting Today
added: Tue Apr 11 04:49:52 2017

Cambodian Police Seek Shoe-Throwing Critic of Ruling Party
added: Tue Apr 11 04:41:52 2017

Pauline Hanson has urged her supporters to buy "non-halal" Easter eggs #7News
added: Tue Apr 11 04:30:59 2017
tags: 7news

For @asiatimesonline: Singapore's public housing system is to be envied - but who gets left out?
added: Tue Apr 11 03:47:31 2017

South Korea warns of North Korea 'provocations', U.S. navy group approaches
added: Tue Apr 11 03:23:45 2017

Someone stole a piece of the Space Shuttle's thermal tile
added: Tue Apr 11 03:21:28 2017

China Finance Investment Holdings takes sharp 83% dive
added: Tue Apr 11 03:20:46 2017

Renminbi globalisation gauge slumps to three-year low
added: Tue Apr 11 03:20:46 2017

China says navy rescues ship from pirates, omits Indian role _ by @cbodeen
added: Tue Apr 11 03:19:00 2017

Cuts will not affect Cathay Pacific’s #aviation safety and services, say its chief executive #Cx #costCutting
added: Tue Apr 11 02:25:59 2017
tags: costcutting, aviation, cx

US takes down huge botnet as Spain arrests notorious Russian hacker
added: Tue Apr 11 02:25:09 2017

US military struggling to respond to allegations of spike in civilian casualty incidents
added: Tue Apr 11 02:17:31 2017

Huishan Dairy share plunge highlights risks of undisclosed loans
added: Tue Apr 11 02:05:27 2017

My heart is broken
added: Tue Apr 11 01:33:41 2017

Uyghur cadre demoted for not smoking in front of religious group which “conforms with extreme religious thought”
added: Tue Apr 11 01:23:17 2017

Officer placed on leave after dragging United Airlines passenger off overbooked plane:
added: Mon Apr 10 22:01:10 2017

Confirmed: Licensed Naturopathic Doctor Gave Lethal 'Turmeric' Injection
added: Mon Apr 10 20:53:26 2017

This is a must read from @JenWilliamsMEN
added: Mon Apr 10 09:10:46 2017

.@chengchungtai Longer footage, via Ann Chiang
added: Mon Apr 10 08:33:47 2017

惟根據《國旗法》,最細的國旗面積是96乘64厘米,當日的「國旗」似乎未能符合此定義。 【警起訴鄭松泰辱國旗區旗 倒插展示品都犯法?】
added: Mon Apr 10 08:32:05 2017

China offers rewards to root out foreign spies
added: Mon Apr 10 08:30:07 2017

China nuclear envoy Wu Dawei in Seoul for talks on North Korea threat
added: Mon Apr 10 07:34:13 2017

punter - Hunt domain names using DNSDumpster, WHOIS, Reverse WHOIS, (TODO: Shodan)
added: Mon Apr 10 06:19:05 2017

Hong Kong's de facto central bank is concerned about some property developer mortgage risks via @markets
added: Mon Apr 10 06:18:36 2017

Philippine court upholds guilty verdict on U.S. Marine in transgender woman's killing
added: Mon Apr 10 06:17:30 2017

Le Pen denies French responsibility in WWII round up of Paris Jews
added: Mon Apr 10 06:12:06 2017

Guess what? Keystone pipeline sprung a leak. It's detection system failed. Not gonna say we told you so
added: Mon Apr 10 06:11:52 2017

Syria: "From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines"
added: Mon Apr 10 06:10:43 2017

Le Pen denies French responsibility in WWII round up of Paris Jews
added: Mon Apr 10 06:09:07 2017

Big Day For Wall Street Yesterday, Thanks To 102 House Democrats
added: Mon Apr 10 05:30:03 2017

China’s nuclear envoy in S. Korea amid talk of Trump action against N. Korea
added: Mon Apr 10 05:29:46 2017
added: Mon Apr 10 05:29:03 2017

With lethal injection drugs expiring, Arkansas plans an unprecedented seven executions in 11 days
added: Mon Apr 10 05:29:00 2017

#HongKong lacks a free soul and has no democracy, says Taipei mayor @demosisto activist…
added: Mon Apr 10 05:23:49 2017
tags: hongkong

Short Doc of the Day: Vancouver's Japantown before it was wiped out by WWII internment
added: Mon Apr 10 05:20:17 2017

Duterte softens tone toward U.S. before talks with Beijing over South China Sea issue
added: Mon Apr 10 04:16:21 2017

My AP Story and My AP Photos today: Startups in Japan seeing ample cash but lack of innovators
added: Mon Apr 10 04:06:00 2017

Unfettered online hate speech fuels Islamophobia in China
added: Mon Apr 10 04:04:08 2017

Here's why Hong Kong housing is so expensive
added: Mon Apr 10 04:02:44 2017

How stress are public finances under? CSRC urging firms to pay out dividends and largest shareholder typically is...
added: Mon Apr 10 03:44:41 2017

#China’s Assault on Race and Religion: Misunderstood and Underreported by @jojjeols #Xinjiang #Tibet #Christians
added: Mon Apr 10 03:42:39 2017
tags: china, tibet, xinjiang, christians

While national party stays away, Democratic voters pour cash into Kansas special election via @HuffPostPol
added: Mon Apr 10 03:17:21 2017

Trade ministry wants 'Japan coalition' bid in Toshiba chip sale:The Asahi Shimbun
added: Mon Apr 10 03:15:24 2017

Vietnam arrests man linked to #Formosa protest for inciting social unrest
added: Mon Apr 10 03:13:55 2017
tags: formosa

This had been simmering for a long time but now the establishment Dem knives are really out for Tulsi Gabbard
added: Mon Apr 10 03:13:11 2017

Migrant Farmworkers’ Cemetery In Arizona Vandalized With Racial Slurs
added: Mon Apr 10 03:12:00 2017

CNA: China has canceled Lee Ming-Che's wife's visa. She had planned to board a 1pm flight to Beijing.
added: Mon Apr 10 02:55:23 2017

Iron ore wipes out “Trump trade” gains in China after report forecasts price fall
added: Mon Apr 10 01:59:39 2017

free PDFs of legendary Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm's 'Age of' series
added: Mon Apr 10 01:25:14 2017

Lunch shaming? WTF? "In Alabama, a child short on funds was stamped on the arm with 'I Need Lunch Money.'"
added: Sun Apr 9 23:39:44 2017

Two more North Korean ships arrive at Chinese coal, iron terminal
added: Sun Apr 9 23:00:28 2017

Karl Rove: White House staff has been "leaking on each other for weeks"
added: Sun Apr 9 21:33:05 2017

Tillerson: China agrees on 'action' on #NorthKorea as navy strike group sails
added: Sun Apr 9 21:07:00 2017
tags: northkorea

#STND Driven to despair, cabbies slam rent rise
added: Sun Apr 9 20:01:22 2017
tags: stnd

Lee Ming-Che's wife: a fixer told me to cancel my Beijing trip or they'll broadcast his confession. Statement in CH:
added: Sun Apr 9 17:46:35 2017

At last, scientific proof that daydreaming doesn’t mean you’re a flake
added: Sun Apr 9 12:35:19 2017

An interesting article that discusses how individual incentives trump collective incentives:
added: Sun Apr 9 10:34:07 2017

US 'playing the terrorism game' in Syria warns Lavrov
added: Sun Apr 9 09:15:05 2017

New Hong Kong leader's affordable homes plan up against wall of Chinese capital
added: Sun Apr 9 06:05:10 2017

12 eerie photos of enormous Chinese cities completely empty of people: $FXI $ASHR
added: Sat Apr 8 18:54:59 2017

A girl was found living among monkeys in an Indian forest. How she got there is a mystery.
added: Sat Apr 8 14:04:25 2017

Hong Kong developers raise home prices as undeterred buyers pile in
added: Sat Apr 8 06:00:07 2017

🥔 HOT POTATO 🥔 Constituents chip away at Reps not holding town halls.
added: Sat Apr 8 01:05:22 2017

With all that's going on, how did Jared Kushner forget to tell the FBI about his meetings with the Russians?
added: Fri Apr 7 14:37:07 2017

Pennsylvania legislators introduce the #CleanSlateAct to make it easier to seal criminal records. via @TheAtlantic
added: Fri Apr 7 14:37:00 2017
tags: cleanslateact

Secret footage obtained of the wild elephants sold into captivity in Chinese zoos:
added: Fri Apr 7 14:35:00 2017

Why the U.S. worries that China might try to buy Westinghouse
added: Fri Apr 7 14:28:04 2017

Documents Show NYPD Officials Infiltrated BLM Activist Groups, Gained Access to Private Texts
added: Fri Apr 7 11:13:54 2017

Writers' Strike: Are US TV shows about to fall off air?
added: Fri Apr 7 09:35:51 2017

Chinese Navy Commissions Sub Killer Stealth Warship for Service in #SouthChinaSea
added: Fri Apr 7 08:41:00 2017
tags: southchinasea

Dalai Lama’s Journey Provokes China, and Hints at His Heir
added: Fri Apr 7 08:40:03 2017

Labour poll latest: Support hits two-year low
added: Fri Apr 7 08:39:00 2017

Israeli planes spray herbicides inside Gaza for fourth time this year
added: Fri Apr 7 08:38:26 2017

Sock puppet accounts unmasked by the way they write and post
added: Fri Apr 7 08:35:52 2017

.@ajplus Putin: Syria strike illegal, damages US-Russia ties
added: Fri Apr 7 08:17:15 2017

This was the 'election' Assad won observers called it a 'farce' and a 'sham'
added: Fri Apr 7 08:15:17 2017

Ant Financial Commits to U.S. Jobs, Privacy in MoneyGram Chase #antfinancial #Moneygram
added: Fri Apr 7 07:28:27 2017
tags: moneygram, antfinancial

#HKFP Hong Kong man admits bestiality, claiming dog did not resist at the time
added: Fri Apr 7 07:27:05 2017
tags: hkfp

Koreans sue Chinese government over smog blowing to Seoul
added: Fri Apr 7 06:14:24 2017

Hillary Clinton calls for U.S. to bomb Syrian air fields
added: Fri Apr 7 05:35:07 2017

This is appalling
added: Fri Apr 7 05:25:00 2017

On Eve of Trump-Xi Summit, Chinese Hackers Are Linked to a Cyber-Espionage Campaign Against the US
added: Fri Apr 7 05:02:44 2017

China's Banks Are Still in Trouble via @BV
added: Fri Apr 7 05:00:44 2017

U.S. FCC chairman plans fast-track repeal of net neutrality: sources: Comments:
added: Fri Apr 7 05:00:01 2017

From @NatGeo, Killing of #Orcas in front of tourists could spell end of #Whaling for island nation: #SeaShepherd
added: Fri Apr 7 05:00:00 2017
tags: seashepherd, whaling, orcas

Squid and octopus can edit and direct their own brain genes
added: Fri Apr 7 04:46:36 2017

New species! Tubular, tentacled & terrifying; mucus shooting snail invades Florida shipwreck
added: Fri Apr 7 04:41:46 2017

Twitter unveils a new API platform, roadmap and vision for its developer community by…
added: Fri Apr 7 04:29:11 2017

Exclusive: Yum's KFC to curb antibiotic use in the chickens it buys
added: Fri Apr 7 04:18:22 2017

"Ensuring Prez Xi does not lose face is a top priority for China," one Chinese official told Reuters news agency."
added: Fri Apr 7 04:17:40 2017

CIA had evidence of Russian effort to help Trump earlier than believed
added: Fri Apr 7 04:16:03 2017

ABC News: Eyewitness says Syrian officials evacuated personnel and moved equipment ahead of the strike.
added: Fri Apr 7 04:12:01 2017

FBI nails father-daughter team of EB-5 investor visa fraudsters in California
added: Fri Apr 7 03:55:05 2017

Basque separatists ETA confirm plans to disarm
added: Fri Apr 7 03:47:10 2017

Discovery! Atmosphere Spotted on Nearly Earth-Size Exoplanet in First
added: Fri Apr 7 03:38:04 2017

Review #HongKong's problems to mark handover, says Lam Cheuk-ting
added: Fri Apr 7 03:33:34 2017
tags: hongkong

#EJI The curious case of missing election computers
added: Fri Apr 7 03:32:04 2017
tags: eji

Venture Cash Puts Jolt Into Portable Phone-Charging Business #venturecapital #smartphones
added: Fri Apr 7 03:30:21 2017
tags: smartphones, venturecapital

Reporters Without Borders choose Taiwan over Hong Kong for its new bureau, due to China's growing influence in HK:
added: Fri Apr 7 03:17:57 2017

HRC earlier: we "should take out his airfields, and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people"
added: Fri Apr 7 02:54:54 2017

Syria gas attack and Donald Trump’s military response don’t add up – unless Putin orchestrated it
added: Fri Apr 7 02:14:19 2017

Key statistics on service demand of A&E Departments and occupancy rates of medical wards in public hospitals
added: Fri Apr 7 02:06:04 2017

Fear of Diversity Made People More Likely to Vote Trump
added: Fri Apr 7 02:05:48 2017

Dozens of icebergs drift into shipping lanes, causing Atlantic standstill @Quad_Finn @jeffrey_ventre @FsuGoody
added: Fri Apr 7 01:52:36 2017

via @npr: Twitter Sues Homeland Security To Protect Anonymity Of 'Alt Immigration' Account
added: Fri Apr 7 01:39:53 2017

Voter suspects phone quiz due to lost data – Phoenix Un
added: Fri Apr 7 01:20:04 2017

CIA knew Russia “had gained computer access to multiple state and local election boards in the United States.“
added: Fri Apr 7 01:04:08 2017

Scientists say a new technique can make it more profitable to harvest metals
added: Thu Apr 6 23:50:06 2017

Fed's asset shift to pose new test of economy's recovery, resilience
added: Thu Apr 6 22:09:37 2017

A Star going Supernova in Slow Motion Discovered:
added: Thu Apr 6 21:55:01 2017

Hate to break it to you, but Fed's balance sheet has been shrinking for some time already.
added: Thu Apr 6 17:40:57 2017

Synchronizing Game Components by @rvirding #LuaLang
added: Thu Apr 6 16:54:19 2017
tags: lualang

And people wonder why the #EB5 program in its current iteration is shady AF. No job creation occurred here.
added: Thu Apr 6 14:23:41 2017
tags: eb5

Explore #CSSGrid and how different properties affect the overall grid layout with this intro from @purplecones:
added: Thu Apr 6 12:17:04 2017
tags: cssgrid

added: Thu Apr 6 12:15:42 2017

From the latest issue of @DissentMag: @jwassers on the illiberal turn China has taken under Xi
added: Thu Apr 6 12:15:04 2017

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Yesterday’s Chemical Attack in Syria via @TVsLeaking
added: Thu Apr 6 11:59:43 2017

Some of Japan's earliest animated films have been put online to mark 100 years of anime.
added: Thu Apr 6 10:57:12 2017

Champion cyclist from Kansas struck by semi, dies
added: Thu Apr 6 10:22:05 2017

Trump's authoritarian instincts ruin US credibility on human rights, activists say With @MargaretLHuang @bequelin
added: Thu Apr 6 10:14:09 2017

Thai king signs constitution, paving way for election
added: Thu Apr 6 10:13:19 2017

Election Committee and family received anon. phone calls asking about voting preferences after voter info theft
added: Thu Apr 6 08:42:04 2017

Govt still working on RTHK building plan: Greg So
added: Thu Apr 6 08:41:43 2017

No evidence zoos and aquariums foster education or conservation, committee told (report by @SeaWordyCA)
added: Thu Apr 6 08:41:05 2017

Some parts of HK$76m handover celebrations 'irrelevant', says finance sector lawmaker
added: Thu Apr 6 08:40:21 2017

Man killed by mob for moving cows 'had himself to blame'
added: Thu Apr 6 08:38:39 2017

Labour wants to charge VAT on private school fees to fund free school meals
added: Thu Apr 6 08:37:48 2017

#China is expected to resume cash injections to financial system as bank tax payments loom via @markets @business
added: Thu Apr 6 07:46:38 2017
tags: china

Jared Kushner Helped Push Steve Bannon Out Of The NSC | The Huffington Post
added: Thu Apr 6 07:46:01 2017

(2nd LD) S. Korea not accept top Japan envoy's request for meeting
added: Thu Apr 6 07:36:46 2017

China may scrap divisive dam in Myanmar to advance other interests: sources by @YimouLee & Shwe Yee Saw Myint
added: Thu Apr 6 07:35:44 2017

Australia and New Zealand companies whiplashed by China import regulations
added: Thu Apr 6 07:34:45 2017

Product Development in Distributed Teams
added: Thu Apr 6 07:33:46 2017

HK needs an archives law urgently: Claudia Mo
added: Thu Apr 6 07:07:23 2017

Iceland becomes first country to introduce equal pay for women 💪
added: Thu Apr 6 07:00:01 2017

Hyderabad: Man divorces wife through newspaper ad; complaint registered
added: Thu Apr 6 07:00:01 2017

Journalist survives 6 weeks hiding memory card in anus to bring you this film
added: Thu Apr 6 06:59:00 2017

Hong Kong business conditions stagnate in Q1 - Financial Times
added: Thu Apr 6 06:58:19 2017

Hong Kong 'dream machine' explores a culture's tension, uncertain future - Vancouver Sun
added: Thu Apr 6 06:56:27 2017

My latest piece: How billionaires & Beijing shaped the #Tencent #Tesla tie-up for China's biggest listed firm @NAR
added: Thu Apr 6 06:54:26 2017
tags: tesla, tencent

15 international schools exceed EDB limit for local admissions
added: Thu Apr 6 06:53:33 2017

【血癌病人被延誤覆診死因研訊續審】 【死者太太哭訴丈夫抽血延誤】 一名血癌病人,因為瑪嘉烈醫院漏派覆診紙,延誤覆診,幾日後死亡。 內科醫生在死因研訊作供指,一般抽血指示後,護士一兩小時內會執行。...
added: Thu Apr 6 06:38:19 2017

One Of Last Three Remaining Sumatran Rhinos In Sabah 'Critically Ill' @malaysiandigest…
added: Thu Apr 6 06:37:27 2017

China blocks visit by Australian MPs because of rights criticism: sources
added: Thu Apr 6 06:36:24 2017

China court orders Samsung units to pay $11.6 million to Huawei over patent case
added: Thu Apr 6 05:55:14 2017

‘Penalty for China buyers who seeks cancellation on Forest City buy’
added: Thu Apr 6 05:53:12 2017

Dalai Lama’s Arunachal Pradesh visit: `China could interfere in Kashmir`
added: Thu Apr 6 05:50:00 2017

More good news... Flu pandemic likelihood increasing as new strains emerge, researchers warn via @theage
added: Thu Apr 6 05:39:54 2017

Scientists sniff out way to lure reef-killing crown-of-thorns starfish to their death | Environment | The Guardian
added: Thu Apr 6 05:16:10 2017

Phoenix supervision tree captured by @kickinespresso #myelixirstatus
added: Thu Apr 6 04:54:35 2017
tags: myelixirstatus

S.Africa's top court opens up domestic trade in rhino horn
added: Thu Apr 6 04:51:51 2017

The Initium,the best damn Chinese language feature news report site is reducing its staff from 90 to 20 @initiumnews
added: Thu Apr 6 04:49:10 2017

Yogi Adityanath effect? Now, raids to be conducted in Bengaluru to shut illegal meat shops
added: Thu Apr 6 04:45:00 2017

He was gardening that morning. His neighbor dropped by with an AK-47, told him to 'get out of my country' @splcenter
added: Thu Apr 6 04:01:01 2017

China housing ministry calls on cities to adjust residential land supply
added: Thu Apr 6 02:49:03 2017

The transcript of @maggieNYT and @GlennThrush's interview with @realDonaldTrump is the stuff of nightmares.
added: Thu Apr 6 02:47:31 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong government under pressure to close property tax loophole for flat grabs in first-time buys
added: Thu Apr 6 02:33:12 2017
tags: scmp

The algorithm could start cracking real-world challenges such as code breaking.
added: Thu Apr 6 01:40:47 2017

A Chicago cop is accused of framing 51 people for murder. Now, the struggle for justice. via @melissadsegura
added: Thu Apr 6 01:36:12 2017

#China Binges on African #Oil Like Never Before After #OPEC Cuts via @markets @business
added: Thu Apr 6 00:26:24 2017
tags: opec, oil, china

Headlines I'm couldn't invent: "Former Breitbart News reporter joins Russian propaganda news agency Sputnik" (
added: Wed Apr 5 22:05:42 2017

Activists fight North Carolina law barring cities from raising minimum wage || #ALEC EVIL spreading across US
added: Wed Apr 5 21:27:28 2017
tags: alec

Ohio-class subs could be unfit underwater in a decade, STRATCOM warns
added: Wed Apr 5 16:10:35 2017

Germany to fine Facebook up to €50m for 'fake news' stories
added: Wed Apr 5 16:10:20 2017

What happens to a Chinese backwater when it becomes the centre of Xi Jinping’s futuristic dream city?
added: Wed Apr 5 13:34:11 2017

【斜坡老化 X 極端天氣】 【今年山泥傾瀉潛在風險可能增加】 土木工程拓展署表示,受極端天氣影響,特大暴雨愈來愈密,今年山泥傾瀉的潛在風險可能會增加。...
added: Wed Apr 5 13:27:27 2017

At Mar-a-Lago, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump meet as two imposing men with ambitious agendas
added: Wed Apr 5 13:00:02 2017

`Donald Trump should tell Pakistan to 'knock off' its Jihad-centric habits`
added: Wed Apr 5 13:00:02 2017

Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Risk
added: Wed Apr 5 11:53:23 2017

.@pblest lol wrong link, here is his actual thing. Great work Paul:
added: Wed Apr 5 11:51:53 2017

Mexico to put endangered vaquita porpoises in refuge
added: Wed Apr 5 11:49:05 2017

Donald Trump's son says nepotism a 'factor of life'
added: Wed Apr 5 11:48:53 2017

Ohio Republicans: Spending public funds to make humans in the state permanently unemployed!
added: Wed Apr 5 11:42:45 2017

六旬中國婦前年到旺角一藥坊購買兩支共值60元的法國雙飛人藥水,卻遭店員用信用卡過數5萬元。 【 售兩支雙飛人藥水收5萬元 藥房店員待索智力評估報告】
added: Wed Apr 5 11:35:11 2017

US Muslim CEO reveals his strategy for swerving intensive searches going home: using 'burner' devices
added: Wed Apr 5 11:34:24 2017

Police Unions Hail Trump’s Easing of Scrutiny. Local Officials Worry.
added: Wed Apr 5 11:34:19 2017

#Burma: Prominent human rights lawyer Robert Sann Aung threatened, followed #Myanmar
added: Wed Apr 5 11:33:51 2017
tags: burma, myanmar

Googling 'Martin Luther King' returns neo-Nazi propaganda. Why won't Google fix it?
added: Wed Apr 5 11:31:33 2017

Dr Ambedkar’s Role in the Formation of Reserve Bank of India
added: Wed Apr 5 11:05:05 2017

This may not be a mild legal battle
added: Wed Apr 5 11:04:40 2017

A New Bond King Gets Crowned as the ETF Conquers Fixed Income via @markets #bonds #markets
added: Wed Apr 5 10:58:28 2017
tags: markets, bonds

Russia launches most powerful nuclear attack submarine yet
added: Wed Apr 5 09:53:45 2017

'Why the alt-right loves single-payer health care' - @voxdotcom
added: Wed Apr 5 09:50:04 2017

Thai exiles deny junta claims of a plot to assassinate Prayut and overthrow government
added: Wed Apr 5 09:47:56 2017

Oddly enough, many former colonies do not remember British imperialism quite as fondly as Tory Brexiteers
added: Wed Apr 5 09:47:43 2017

Indonesia’s ‘selfie monkey’ threatened by hunger for its meat:
added: Wed Apr 5 09:47:01 2017

A competent and comprehensive look at Korean peninsula & regional tensions by @CharlieCamp6ell @JohnDelury @Sino_NK
added: Wed Apr 5 09:45:27 2017

Malaysian MP: "nothing wrong" with a rape victim marrying her rapist as she would then not face a "bleak future"
added: Wed Apr 5 09:42:39 2017

Ooh CNN dishes the #mojo realpolitik for youth chasing publishers: if it's instasnap or fa…
added: Wed Apr 5 09:30:37 2017
tags: mojo

#REUTERS Ahead of Trump-Xi meet, FBI cites illegal Chinese workers at casino site on U.S.-controlled island
added: Wed Apr 5 09:28:11 2017
tags: reuters

Carrie Lam pledges ‘new style’ in media policy
added: Wed Apr 5 08:40:15 2017

【瑪嘉烈漏通知急性白血病病人覆診】 【死因庭今展開研訊】 一名血癌病人化療後,在瑪嘉烈醫院覆診,但院方漏派覆診紙給他,延誤覆診,病人幾日後死亡。為死者覆診的醫生表示,有輸入病人覆診日子,但沒有排期,同意漏了的覆診是關鍵時間。...
added: Wed Apr 5 08:33:43 2017

Timothy Peirson-Smith: An early look into Carrie Lam’s administration
added: Wed Apr 5 08:33:07 2017

ChemChina-Syngenta could be last of the big M&A love-ins via @bfly @nishagopalanhk
added: Wed Apr 5 08:15:58 2017

Liam Fox says Britian has 'shared values' with a country whose president has boasted about killing people
added: Wed Apr 5 08:15:16 2017

Why President Trump Could Never Go It Alone on North Korea
added: Wed Apr 5 08:13:16 2017

Trump is wrong on many things, but he isn't wrong on how tightly controlled the Chinese market is
added: Wed Apr 5 08:12:04 2017

Xinjiang Police Search Uyghur Homes For ‘Illegal Items’
added: Wed Apr 5 08:03:50 2017

Murdering the Constitution – Amendments in the Right to Information Act
added: Wed Apr 5 07:43:33 2017

One of the biggest movie stars in the world is an incredibly nice guy.
added: Wed Apr 5 07:37:12 2017

Global trade causes more than 20 percent of air-pollution deaths
added: Wed Apr 5 07:07:04 2017

warning: VERY graphic. the organophosphate sarin, a close but less deadly cousin of vx, seems likely to be agent
added: Wed Apr 5 07:03:55 2017

US approves China's biggest foreign acquisition
added: Wed Apr 5 06:47:08 2017

#EJI How much does bedspace cost in Sai Ying Pun?
added: Wed Apr 5 06:44:21 2017
tags: eji

China has fished itself out of its own waters, so now they are sticking their rods in other nations’ seas via @qz
added: Wed Apr 5 06:23:09 2017

When we dug through Scott Pruitt’s emails (7000+ pages!), we found some shocking ties to the fossil fuel industry.
added: Wed Apr 5 06:00:01 2017

Hong Kong finance chief and wife win court ruling in defamation claim via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Apr 5 05:59:09 2017

Only Nicholas Lardy under Xi could say 25% growth in public FAI v. 3% for private not indicative of state resurgence
added: Wed Apr 5 05:58:43 2017

#Thailand: Article 44 of interim charter strikes again, military junta removes 6 provincial governors from office
added: Wed Apr 5 05:51:56 2017
tags: thailand

On the bright side, it's not going to be terribly difficult to avoid @pepsi products.
added: Wed Apr 5 05:45:33 2017

"22.5% of Jews in Israel believe that the left is dangerous."
added: Wed Apr 5 05:45:07 2017

How a Chinese dairy tycoon may have lost his fortune in less than 90 minutes
added: Wed Apr 5 05:40:27 2017

Trump’s election has had no effect on the real economy of jobs and wages. But it’s been a great boon for Wall St.
added: Wed Apr 5 05:38:11 2017

Must-read by @craigss on @NYTimes and its attempts/saga the last few years to break into China's market:
added: Wed Apr 5 04:52:33 2017

Tiananmen memorial museum to run at Shek Kip Mei arts centre from April to June
added: Wed Apr 5 04:44:30 2017

Nothing beats putting a plagiarist into a stolen seat on the Supreme Court.
added: Wed Apr 5 04:39:30 2017

KS is one of few places protecting student-pub freedom by state law. In which kids bust lying principal, who resigns
added: Wed Apr 5 04:38:17 2017

#HK fake CE election & prosecution of #UmbrellaMovement9 amongst anti-democratic moments around world in past week
added: Wed Apr 5 04:29:50 2017
tags: umbrellamovement9, hk

Uyghur Businessman Dies Under Police Questioning in Xinjiang
added: Wed Apr 5 03:37:18 2017

Gov't admits it lost 2 laptops containing details of 46 people during 2016 census
added: Wed Apr 5 03:24:22 2017

Death Star-like lasers become a practical reality
added: Wed Apr 5 03:24:01 2017

Eritrea slams US sanctions after North Korea military deal
added: Wed Apr 5 03:21:08 2017

Why laissez-faire, low-tax #Singapore is anything but what Brexiteers think it to be
added: Wed Apr 5 03:00:05 2017
tags: singapore

When Martin Luther King Came Out Against Vietnam / A speech that is no less relevant today in its broad themes
added: Wed Apr 5 02:36:38 2017

Awesome, detailed prohibition era cartoon map of Harlem nightlife
added: Wed Apr 5 02:35:27 2017

Syrian aviation airstrike in Idlib targeted chemical arms lab — Russian Defense Ministry
added: Wed Apr 5 02:26:38 2017

RAT-catchers spot new malware attacking South Korean word processor
added: Wed Apr 5 01:56:50 2017

Country Garden rises on pledge to refund Chinese buyers of Malaysia project
added: Wed Apr 5 01:49:56 2017

WTF? obscene in the extreme: Hong Kong jeweller pays over HALF A BILLION HK$ for a shiny pink stone via @SCMP_News
added: Wed Apr 5 01:49:36 2017

Australia: Hong Kong bidders ‘should face security probe’ over $7.4bn energy buyout
added: Wed Apr 5 01:46:11 2017

JUST IN: Trump DoJ blocks release of any emails from Trump's lobbyist nominee to head DoJ's antitrust unit
added: Wed Apr 5 01:44:50 2017

@twpolk @attackerman AN/TPY-2 range estimates aren't public; there's a *very* broad range. I go over that here:
added: Wed Apr 5 01:33:06 2017

Cambodia Daily publishes story about how they were offered a bribe to not run a timber-smuggling story
added: Wed Apr 5 01:04:51 2017

Beijing's 'shock' measures seize property market, other cities follow suit
added: Wed Apr 5 01:03:43 2017

How leading Dems could hold Trump accountable and offer better alternatives every week:
added: Wed Apr 5 01:00:19 2017

New York's Solitary Confinement Overhaul Gets Pushback From Union
added: Wed Apr 5 01:00:02 2017

Mastodon could be Twitter's first real threat. (Oh, and it's Nazi-free.)
added: Wed Apr 5 00:42:43 2017

#elmlang considering whether to adopt build-time CSS (like CSS Modules) or CSS-in-JS (like Styled Components):
added: Wed Apr 5 00:40:59 2017
tags: elmlang

Protecting the Critically Endangered Sumatran #Elephant @natgeo @TheWCS @pauljhilton
added: Wed Apr 5 00:35:00 2017
tags: elephant

House Democrats expect to see intelligence documents soon
added: Wed Apr 5 00:10:22 2017

KMT Nat Womens League has $1.26 billion US in assets?
added: Wed Apr 5 00:08:23 2017

A Veteran and China Hand Advises Trump for Xi’s Visit - The New York Times
added: Wed Apr 5 00:07:40 2017

Former Snapchat Employee Presses To Unseal Allegedly Doctored Usage Statistics
added: Wed Apr 5 00:06:18 2017

These dudes need a lesson in how apologies work.
added: Wed Apr 5 00:05:05 2017

DoubleLine's Gundlach says no risk of U.S. junk bond 'meltdown'
added: Wed Apr 5 00:05:05 2017

US border cops must get warrants to search citizens' gadgets – draft bipartisan law emerges
added: Wed Apr 5 00:04:51 2017

Trump's pick to lead FDA received almost $45k in speaking fees from firms that make & distribute opioids:
added: Wed Apr 5 00:00:04 2017

When Cyclists, Not Drivers, Led the Charge for Better Roads /cc @daviottenheimer
added: Tue Apr 4 23:57:56 2017

China’s Information Warriors Are Growing More Disciplined, Effective: US Cyber Leaders my latest for @defenseone
added: Tue Apr 4 23:57:03 2017

Joe Arpaio's successor will shut down his Phoenix tent city jail after 23 years
added: Tue Apr 4 23:47:45 2017

As Trump Meets Xi at Mar-a-Lago, There’s a ‘Wild Card’ - NYTimes @PekingMike on guo wengui 郭文贵 @KwokMiles
added: Tue Apr 4 20:35:38 2017

Phony VPN services are cashing in on America's war on internet privacy
added: Tue Apr 4 20:04:09 2017

#Taiwan "'preparing for every scenario'" when it comes to the #MaraLago meeting between #Trump and #Xi
added: Tue Apr 4 20:02:55 2017
tags: trump, taiwan, maralago, xi

.@RogerJStoneJr tells Alex Jones that Kushner is pushing anti-Bannon stories with MSNBC
added: Tue Apr 4 19:21:55 2017

It's estimated 20,000 students a year are buying their coursework & the problem is growing... 8pm tonight @BBCRadio4
added: Tue Apr 4 18:52:31 2017

#Taiwan's president @iingwen guest raps in this music video that'll make you want to visit the island #tourism
added: Tue Apr 4 17:21:28 2017
tags: tourism, taiwan

Was ist die chinesische Neue Linke? - Interessanter Beitrag von @brianhioe im @newbloommag #China
added: Tue Apr 4 16:02:58 2017
tags: china

#Taiwan's third largest party, NPP, seeks return of once public lands from Lien family | Taiwan News
added: Tue Apr 4 15:44:04 2017
tags: taiwan

The CNN philosophy in a nutshell, as distilled by Jeff Zucker.
added: Tue Apr 4 14:43:04 2017

Unix and BSD Courses Organized by Marshall Kirk McKusick
added: Tue Apr 4 12:13:21 2017

Behind every graphic was so much research and time. Congrats @SCMP_News for Pulitzer of news design prizes
added: Tue Apr 4 12:10:47 2017

Young adults seeking first home and soaring property prices have pushed up demand for tiny flats in Hong Kong.
added: Tue Apr 4 12:10:18 2017

#SCMP Hong Kong government faces renewed calls to revamp voter registration rules in wake of anti-graft arrests
added: Tue Apr 4 12:03:03 2017
tags: scmp

Lee Ching-yu 李淨瑜, Wife of detained #Taiwan rights activist, books flight to #China | Taiwan News #HumanRights
added: Tue Apr 4 11:51:19 2017
tags: humanrights, china, taiwan

Airstrikes hit hospital hours after suspected chemical attack in same Syrian town, opposition activists say.
added: Tue Apr 4 11:49:42 2017

White House is given a reminder by the National Archives to save all of Trump's tweets:
added: Tue Apr 4 10:54:48 2017

V dissapointed by this article recycling some old stories and misunderstandings eroticizing once again the Mosuo.
added: Tue Apr 4 09:55:24 2017

This is the next Democratic stronghold to crack like the Rust Belt | New York Post
added: Tue Apr 4 09:46:48 2017

Far-right Le Pen set to be crushed in French elections, poll shows
added: Tue Apr 4 09:44:53 2017

Kansas’ Idea to Keep Businesses (and Small Towns) Alive When Owners Retire
added: Tue Ap