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RT @MMFlint:
Fri Jan 19 13:25:02 2018

RT @VinceSchilling: Greetings Twitter Family - Can You Help? According to new YouTube Guidelines - I need 1,000 subscribers by Feb 20 to r
Fri Jan 19 13:19:38 2018

RT @Jimparedes: Royal battle. Go for the jugular. Both of you! hahahaha
Fri Jan 19 13:18:03 2018

RT @charlesmok: China Level 2: Exercise increased caution Exercise increased caution in China due to the arbitrary enforcement of local l
Fri Jan 19 13:10:39 2018

RT @doyle_kevin: Cambodia opposition-in-exile call for peaceful protests, and Cambodia PM responds with warning of artillery shells and gr
Fri Jan 19 13:09:53 2018

RT @mrbcyber: Chinese state-owned media companies are expanding aggressively in the US, while US media blocked in China
Fri Jan 19 13:08:26 2018

RT @ScottHech: Today in court: 2 young black men. Charged w murder. Locked up on Rikers for last 3 yrs. Midway through hearing about identi
Fri Jan 19 13:08:14 2018

RT @elyratner: Gallup numbers also brutal for China. Extraordinary given U.S. own goals and PRC spending billions on global propaganda that
Fri Jan 19 12:37:38 2018

RT @SophieHRW: Beijings keenness to control speech is manifest, while influential figures and institutions in democracies proclaim lofty
Fri Jan 19 12:36:41 2018

RT @JigmeUgen: INSECURITY: Shawn Zhang, a Chinese student in Canada posted a Tibetan flag on Twitter. Chinese security personnels pressured
Fri Jan 19 12:35:40 2018

RT @Sarah_G_Cook: Apparently today is #WinnieThePoohDay. Adding some (censored) Chinese netizen humor to the mix. Happy #WinnieThePoohDay e
Fri Jan 19 12:33:57 2018

RT @TRAFFIC_WLTrade: BREAKING: 300 #songbirds thrown overboard by smugglers in Malaysia during pursuit by authorities. Only 3 survived http
Thu Jan 18 20:34:59 2018

@ptsportsfans wow. goal scorers?
Thu Jan 18 20:30:25 2018

RT @RareBirdAlertUK: are a superb company who do loads of good work donating a lot if money +books to conservation
Thu Jan 18 20:20:17 2018

RT @NSFVoyager2: Sister ship @NASAVoyager is 19 hrs 36 mins 51 secs of light-travel time from Earth (2018:018:120000:1L)
Thu Jan 18 20:13:53 2018

RT @BaldingsWorld: This is amazing. China Daily actually said Marriott needs "rectification". I still remember being laughed at when I said
Thu Jan 18 20:11:32 2018

RT @peterkrupa: quit kicking at these footballs. they didn't actually care about the deficit, they didn't actually care about waste/fraud/a
Thu Jan 18 20:08:06 2018

RT @Reuters: 'Pyongyang Olympics?' Backlash reveals changing attitudes in South Korea
Thu Jan 18 19:28:07 2018

RT @Independent: Rabbis are hiding African asylum seekers facing deportation in Israel
Thu Jan 18 19:15:07 2018

RT @BaldingsWorld: Me reading unnamed international IB report that says China has broken investors belief in the implicit guarantee-->> htt
Thu Jan 18 18:52:58 2018

RT @iingwen: Democracy & freedom cannot be taken for granted, as latest @FreedomHouseDC #FreedomReport shows. #Taiwan is proud to be one of
Thu Jan 18 18:52:21 2018

Intentionally missing the point as redefined bid rigging to exclude corporations with linked but unrelated director
Thu Jan 18 18:13:42 2018

RT @InfoSecHotSpot: New botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address via @InfoSecHotSpot
Thu Jan 18 17:23:12 2018

RT @benedictrogers: In today's Hong Kong, a legislator can be disqualified for quoting Mahatma Gandhi, and then jailed, & a British person
Thu Jan 18 17:22:55 2018

RT @ChinaLawTransl8: The Law protecting the people's heroes and martyrs from insult and defamation is still up for public comment through J
Thu Jan 18 17:16:46 2018

RT @rhokilpatrick: China now wants India to turn over a Taiwanese-managed war cemetery for ROC soldiers who fell in the WWII Burma Campaign
Thu Jan 18 16:46:18 2018

RT @Steve_Dunthorne: How HK treats its elderly people: 'Li is a divorcee and was working four part-time cleaning jobs three of which were
Thu Jan 18 16:45:42 2018

RT @rolfschipper: BREAKING European Parliament votes to end the use of #palmoil for #biofuels: that's a 46% reduction of European palmoil c
Thu Jan 18 15:16:02 2018

RT @Reuters: From @Breakingviews China remains highly inefficient, even while overseas money pours into stocks and bonds, says @petesween
Thu Jan 18 15:15:46 2018

It's not just the HKSARG that has failed to provide an economic development model beyond asset inflation. Property
Thu Jan 18 14:54:12 2018

RT @tmitchpk: China civil servants lend cash to their own heavily indebted local government employer for guaranteed returns. What could p
Thu Jan 18 14:52:00 2018

RT @OZRKIndivisible: #TraitorTommy @TomCottonAR scared of his constituents calling so hes sending out cease and desist letters. Youre too
Thu Jan 18 14:38:49 2018

And a reminder that #HongKong is run by and being run into the ground for the Alphard crowd. Blocking public transp
Thu Jan 18 14:24:35 2018

RT @nvanderklippe: Chinas state-owned Aecon buyer to install Communist Party unit
Thu Jan 18 14:22:06 2018

Bangladesh has blacklisted state-backed China Harbour Engineering Company for trying to bribe a senior government o
Thu Jan 18 14:19:33 2018

Whatever you do, don't call them locusts.
Thu Jan 18 14:16:19 2018

If the HKSARG keeps draining local cash from the HK economy with massive surplusses it makes the economy more depen
Thu Jan 18 14:13:58 2018

And if it does push up home prices higher, the HKSARG will celebrate their property bubble pushing their property l
Thu Jan 18 14:11:44 2018

Just remember #HongKong has but 1 law now. Be loyal to CCP and all else will be forgiven.
Thu Jan 18 14:08:35 2018

RT @nvanderklippe: My report on a Chinese pressure campaign against a former Chinese judge living in Toronto
Thu Jan 18 14:07:49 2018

RT @KongTsungGan: China is singled out for its pernicious influence.
Wed Jan 17 21:33:15 2018

RT @halvarflake: Periodic reminder: There are passwords you choose that are meant to protect *your* data, and there are password you choose
Wed Jan 17 21:31:03 2018

RT @ani_digital: Ex-US diplomat calls for designating Pakistan as 'state sponsor of terrorism' Read @ANI Story | h
Wed Jan 17 21:22:50 2018

RT @Independent: Nestle is selling its US chocolate business to Ferrero
Wed Jan 17 21:22:38 2018

RT @ArmsControlWonk: Just going to leave this here as a reminder to be careful when reporters quote sources leaking the real crime for wh
Wed Jan 17 21:19:36 2018

RT @evadou: Liu Xia's apartment still guarded today by two men with cots in the entryway. Her friends say they haven't heard any confirmati
Wed Jan 17 21:18:30 2018

@schneierblog a soft power article that claims the CCP will cede some level of 'cyber sovereignty' while cutting embassy VPNs,
Wed Jan 17 21:18:02 2018

RT @JonathanCohn: As intended
Wed Jan 17 21:09:04 2018

RT @jamesdoleman: Theresa May's chief of staff doesn't realise what Google ads you see are based on your own browsing history. #Oops https
Wed Jan 17 20:49:15 2018

RT @Anne_MarieBrady: #China is constructing its fifth base in #Antarctica; even though it has not submitted its final Comprehensive Environ
Wed Jan 17 19:53:46 2018