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RT @EricLiptonNYT: DowChem Objects to Planned Ban of Its Pesticide in January. EPA Admin Scott Pruitt today rejects ban, which EPA staff sc
Thu Mar 30 21:01:00 2017

Same day as 1MDB reports it's debt free? Coinkydink.
Thu Mar 30 20:57:13 2017

RT @robdelaney: DeVos: My brother's private army was kicked out of Iraq for murdering civilians & my husband runs a billion $ pyramid schem
Thu Mar 30 20:32:13 2017

"In a perfectly normal world it should not be a problem." But #xitler's HK isn't a normal world. Enough appointments in 20 years for 1C1S.
Thu Mar 30 20:19:31 2017

RT @MelGohCNA: The embalmed body of #KimJongNam is believed to have been taken to maskargo for consignment to Beijing this evening : Local
Thu Mar 30 16:56:31 2017

Loyalist press playing their sycophant chits early and often
Thu Mar 30 16:13:37 2017

@Aelkus Carly Fiorina would like to debrief you on cornering the ink refill market
Thu Mar 30 15:10:58 2017

RT @fion_li: This Chinese #stock soared 4,500% on #Nasdaq and no one knows why via @markets @business #US #China
Thu Mar 30 14:16:32 2017

RT @mrbcyber: China is using CCTV cameras in churches to spy on Christians
Thu Mar 30 13:44:38 2017

RT @QldFES: Think it's safe to go back in the water? Think again! A bull shark washed up in Ayr. Stay out of floodwater. #TCDebbie #ifitsfl
Thu Mar 30 13:42:14 2017

RT @kimgamel: This is some big industry news - BBC drops AP; picks up AFP
Thu Mar 30 13:41:25 2017

RT @stuart_zechman: Regardless of what one deletes, ISPs have all browsing history, because they're how your browser connects to websites.
Thu Mar 30 13:33:59 2017

RT @blakehounshell: So the Energy Departments climate office has banned the use of the phrase climate change
Thu Mar 30 13:25:21 2017

One way to avoid #blunderwoman video is have any and all video of visits held by CCP-loyalist Phoenix TV.
Thu Mar 30 12:57:01 2017

RT @shadowproofcom: Ohio Prisoner On Hunger Strike Against Punishment For Netflix Documentary Enters Infirmary http
Thu Mar 30 12:31:01 2017

RT @whitebison66: Why do Hong Kong police point so much? I'm asking sincerely, since I've never seen it before.
Thu Mar 30 12:29:43 2017

CCP Chinese: Good, so we can we eat tiger penis without regret.. CCP=death
Wed Mar 29 20:11:39 2017

@jimrice_ @heguisen won't see that in the Times... any Times.
Wed Mar 29 20:07:59 2017

RT @heguisen: China says detained Taiwanese community college worker is a threat to its national security. It has yet to say why. https://t
Wed Mar 29 20:07:29 2017

RT @YaxueCao: To test U. S. response before Xi's visit.
Wed Mar 29 20:06:11 2017

RT @caixin: Cash-strapped firms purchase of largest television manufacturer in the U.S. on hold as China tightens currency controls https:
Wed Mar 29 20:01:55 2017

RT @HBK112: Mysterious Buyer of Trumps Childhood Home Said to Be From China.(Of fucking course.)
Wed Mar 29 20:00:55 2017

It's also a big push for Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, especially if Facebook actually cuts him off.
Wed Mar 29 19:47:56 2017

It was to receive updated programming as the CCP's official bot.
Wed Mar 29 19:41:40 2017

RT @exUKexHK: @daaitoulaam small fine for abetting elephant kills. 2 yrs in jail for burning a plastic bin. #RuleofLaw in #HK is a travesty
Wed Mar 29 19:39:20 2017

No jail time. HK$6000 and HK$8000 fine. Will pay it off with a less than 1 more dead elephants.
Wed Mar 29 19:32:13 2017

RT @julianku: Shows Chinese ships have been interested in Benham for a while. Did Duterte grant permission when PH agencies would not? http
Wed Mar 29 19:24:03 2017

RT @whitebison66: When will the rest of the world stop tolerating this unacceptable thuggery?
Wed Mar 29 19:18:19 2017

RT @Will_Bunch: Tom Lowenstein wanted to write a death-penalty book. Instead, he found Philly had sent an innocent man to death row https:/
Wed Mar 29 19:09:12 2017

RT @AP: BREAKING: Anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of Planned Parenthood talks charged with 15 felonies in California.
Wed Mar 29 19:08:22 2017

RT @erickwok_13: First target after the vague foreign NGO law, and he is from #Taiwan! Write now to help Lee Ming-cheh.
Wed Mar 29 19:07:08 2017

RT @jimrice_: @daaitoulaam still waiting foe CY to furnish evidence of the hostile foreign forces behind Umbrella Movement
Tue Mar 28 19:58:42 2017

RT @Anon_Snufkin: Best way to test this is to get all the political rappers together and perform free concert on the streets on July 1st. M
Tue Mar 28 18:49:20 2017

And due to a lack of govt document retention or Freedom Of Information, there's no chance to dsprove the obvious l
Tue Mar 28 18:48:43 2017

RT @GreatFireChina: "Last year, China excluded thousands of U.S. websites from China yet hardly a word of protest out of DC"
Tue Mar 28 18:43:45 2017

@b3108 @exUKexHK @stegersaurus Does Pearls understand sectional fares exist?
Tue Mar 28 18:40:27 2017

RT @CHRDnet: Court sentences Christian #LiHongmin to 10mos on charges of "illegal business activity" for printing religious books https://t
Tue Mar 28 17:48:43 2017

@stegersaurus Was there anyone else on that minibus but her and her guards?
Tue Mar 28 17:16:08 2017

Problem with vampires in Bejing is they can't see themselves in the mirror.
Tue Mar 28 16:55:02 2017

RT @ZeeNews: Scientists develop new rapid blood test to accelerate TB diagnosis!
Tue Mar 28 16:54:10 2017

RT @JeromeTaylor: Undercover reporter films people being paid to come out in support of Carrie Lam before her selection as HK leader https:
Tue Mar 28 16:52:45 2017

RT @KhaosodEnglish: Update: Tickets can be used for Nelly show or refunded
Tue Mar 28 16:39:07 2017

RT @vshih2: China likely grabbed a 81 year old dissident from HK
Tue Mar 28 14:50:24 2017

I'm old enough to remember when HK's Electoral Affairs Commish said their security was foolproof.
Tue Mar 28 07:07:55 2017

RT @WildAidHK: LegCo public hearing ended. Lawmakers that aligned themselves with poachers and smugglers were; Junius Ho, Frankie Yick and
Mon Mar 27 22:30:54 2017

HK government (aka Team CY aka CCP puppets) =death and extinction
Mon Mar 27 19:46:52 2017

RT @VOAChinese: 201493279
Mon Mar 27 19:42:03 2017

RT @haasbenjamin: Banners of pro-democracy political parties and organizations rally around activists facing jail time for protesting over
Mon Mar 27 19:36:37 2017

@exUKexHK Wonder how much folks got paid to take selfies with Carrie Lam
Mon Mar 27 18:40:59 2017

RT @AviationSafety: Forty years ago today a PanAm and KLM Boeing 747 collided at Tenerife, killing 583 in the world's worst air accident ht
Mon Mar 27 18:35:00 2017