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Not seen an arrest of taxi driver that killed a man. Team CY priorities to back taxi association CronYs
Tue May 23 13:57:29 2017

RT @primroseriordan: After reports that Chinese consulate in Melb urged action, embassy confirms consulate dealt w the issue"
Tue May 23 13:46:45 2017

DAB: Endowed with the love of CY
Tue May 23 13:28:24 2017

RT @rthk_enews: AsiaWorld-Expo to beef up security for #ArianaGrande concert on September 21 #Manchester
Tue May 23 12:25:41 2017

DAB: Endowed with the love of CY
Tue May 23 12:24:35 2017

RT @AP_Images: Harvey Milk was born #OTD in 1930 in Woodmere, N.Y. #HarveyMilkDay
Tue May 23 11:33:51 2017

RT @AP_Archive: #OTD 1859 Arthur Conan Doyle, the writer best known for his creation of the detective Sherlock Holmes, was born https://t.c
Tue May 23 11:33:16 2017

RT @CHRDnet: Police can't arbitrarily hold Shanghai writer at detention center any longer so send him to psychiatric hospital
Tue May 23 10:37:37 2017

RT @CBSNews: The Dakota Access pipeline system leaked more than 100 gallons of oil in N. Dakota in 2 separate incidents in March https://t.
Tue May 23 10:05:40 2017

RT @Aelkus: Auto-censoring based on bad words alone means that u can get away wi/ bad things just by saying them really politely https://t.
Tue May 23 09:54:09 2017

RT @ChrisDerps: .@CBS @axs @Yahoo This is the kind of writer you hire? #manchesterexplosion #ArianaGrandeConcert
Tue May 23 09:49:37 2017

RT @sanverde: "Let's lay sod here." "OK! But let's never water it." *3 months later* "No worries. We can cover it up with fake grass." http
Tue May 23 09:25:35 2017

HK's leadership like their CCP bosses must be infallible.
Tue May 23 09:23:26 2017

RT @nicole_soojung: "Its as clear a portrait of our nation as any youre likely to find." @brywashing judges Student Congress debates: htt
Mon May 22 22:00:26 2017

RT @Thom_astro: The perks of weightlessness? I can fulfill my dream and fly like Michael Jordan up here! (Thanks to my brother for the t-sh
Mon May 22 21:23:37 2017

RT @AwardsDarwin: Shooting a bear doesn't make you a badass. Feeding a polar bear while her cub humps your leg makes you a badass. https://
Mon May 22 21:04:03 2017

RT @marshall_allen: New day, New shortage! A Vital Drug Runs Low, Though Its Base Ingredient Is in Kitchens - http
Mon May 22 20:42:37 2017

While others w/ Nobels like Karl Ferdinand Braun (diodes, CRT, wireless) are unnamed while his influence has grown
Mon May 22 20:40:20 2017

RT @stephenwrightAP: Here's some of the damning evidence of pornography retrieved by police in their raid of a Jakarta gay sauna https://t.
Mon May 22 20:33:18 2017

RT @sunny_hundal: Conservatives only u-turned on this policy because it had specifics. The rest are uncosted, vague 'principles' https://t.
Mon May 22 20:12:54 2017

RT @tom_watson: Nothing strong and stable about Theresa May's manifesto. It's a total shambles after only four days.
Mon May 22 20:07:18 2017

RT @thelizchoi: Member of hate group kills a person hated by hate group but FBI unsure if it was a hate crime
Mon May 22 20:06:17 2017

RT @carltonkirby: Taking my rest day seriously in Varenna!
Mon May 22 19:58:20 2017

Ain't it funny how HK ICAC moves in hours on a media report affecting CronY White Elephant but never budges on voting despite media/public
Mon May 22 19:50:44 2017

Interesting to read reports of how CCP is closing down insurance investment in WMPs so they have money to fund 0ROI OBOR.
Mon May 22 19:48:36 2017

RT @SarinaKilham: Given that @Bechtel keeps paying for promoted tweets, I'll use this moment to rememeber their involvement in Bolivian wat
Mon May 22 18:49:24 2017

RT @abuaardvark: What matters in Saudi spectacle is Trump doubling down on repression and sectarian proxy wars of deeply repressive, unstab
Mon May 22 17:53:22 2017

RT @BaldingsWorld: Think about that, PBOC publication openly says they don't want to "detonate".
Mon May 22 14:16:38 2017

RT @USARugby: .@LURugby beat @Gael_Rugby to win its second #USA #Rugby #College7s National Championship!!
Mon May 22 13:48:31 2017

RT @JustinWolfers: Splendid @ALeighMP essay on the problem of insufficient competition in too many important markets:
Mon May 22 13:25:05 2017

RT @BaldingsWorld: Smoke em if you got em!
Mon May 22 13:22:56 2017

RT @business: Australian property risks push S&P to downgrade banks but biggest lenders are spared
Mon May 22 13:19:29 2017

RT @themainichi: Chinese authorities detain 6 Japanese men: Japan gov't source -
Mon May 22 13:18:57 2017

RT @LittleApplePost: One dead, one injured following Sundayshooting
Mon May 22 13:04:00 2017

RT @exUKexHK: If you believe Guo Wengui, the Communist Party plans to use #HK's over-reliance on property for economic growth as another me
Mon May 22 12:54:49 2017

Only 'pressure' Taiwan will find is the engorged greed of UNers eyeing Chairman Xi's helicopter cash dumps (how can
Mon May 22 12:52:54 2017

RT @RobQuistforMT: Look at this crowd in Bozeman! If we get crowds like this to vote on Thursday, we will win. #BigSkyBern
Mon May 22 12:34:52 2017

RT @JeromeTaylor: Just drove past the (Still Waiting For) Democracy Monument -- 3 years ago today the Thai military seized power, their 12t
Mon May 22 12:29:17 2017

Paul Tse's asking Kenneth Leung to resign from LegCo Special Comm shows CCP Liaison Office loves #HKisCorrupt as long as their guys get rich
Mon May 22 12:26:55 2017

CY said HK must give up asking ICAC to pursue political goals, yet keeps pushing legal action to pursue political g
Mon May 22 12:24:50 2017

@whitebison66 Missed it... and probably most of that era of SNL. *shrug*
Mon May 22 11:00:11 2017

RT @virgiltexas: just look at this disgusting glazed ham who shut down the Texas House to pass a bathroom bill targeting trans kids @RepSti
Mon May 22 10:27:38 2017

@whitebison66 It'll be like Coneheads with fewer teeth and bad toupes/combovers and their first demand is "Take us to Branson!"
Mon May 22 10:15:56 2017

@whitebison66 They've traveled light-years to reach Earth in an interstellar RV powered by controlled meth lab explosions
Mon May 22 10:06:04 2017

RT @USARugby: After almost winning a 15s title, @LUWomensRugby navigated through a tough #College7s field for its 1st Championship https://
Mon May 22 09:58:14 2017

RT @exUKexHK: #ICAC arrest the least significant link in the chain of corruption that allowed substandard concrete use in #HK-ZH-MC bridge.
Mon May 22 09:57:06 2017

RT @ShaunKing: URGENT: Alt-Right white supremacist walks up and stabs a young Black soldier, #RichardCollins, to death.
Mon May 22 09:36:16 2017

RT @htmlmencken: Neocons rejoice, he's turned into HRC after all.
Mon May 22 09:34:21 2017

#hkiscorrupt Team CY enables Team CronY to exploit workers and pocket their retirement cash.
Mon May 22 09:29:58 2017

RT @9DashLine: China deploys surface-to-air missiles on Hainan Island in bid to create #SouthChinaSea no-fly zone: report
Mon May 22 09:24:00 2017