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RT @KSUCVM: It's National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day! Cats are good at hiding illness & need checkups. #KState Veterinary Health Center
Tue Aug 22 22:50:29 2017

@W7VOA @ArashArabasadi @realDonaldTrump godspeed and safe travels.
Tue Aug 22 22:49:53 2017

RT @nktpnd: NEW: US Treasury hits "Chinese and Russian Entities and Individuals Supporting the North Korean Regime" w/ sanctions https://t.
Tue Aug 22 22:48:55 2017

RT @France24_en: #OnThisDay in 1791, Africans enslaved in the French Caribbean colony of Saint-Domingue revolt, marking the start of the #h
Tue Aug 22 22:36:23 2017

RT @Reuters: India grants Pfizer patent on pneumonia vaccine in blow to aid group
Tue Aug 22 22:21:49 2017

RT @nukestrat: USAF intelligence quietly removes Russian INF-violating missile from corrected report
Tue Aug 22 22:20:31 2017

RT @markimbriaco: Great public outage review. Apologized: Demonstrated understanding of event: Described remediation: Audience appro
Tue Aug 22 22:18:23 2017

RT @anthrocharya: WI politics. No gas tax increase, but raise fee for hybrids
Tue Aug 22 22:14:11 2017

RT @AFP: Map showing the longest-serving African leaders after Angola's Dos Santos agrees to step down after 39 years
Tue Aug 22 22:13:01 2017

RT @matthewstoller: Our accounting systems don't measure data so privacy violations seem costless.
Tue Aug 22 22:11:42 2017

RT @CarlBeijer: Great news, everyone
Tue Aug 22 22:10:20 2017

RT @ray_slowbeat: Sort of a homecoming for #HongKong's diaspora. Please support Jason's project to celebrate riveting stories from his mom
Tue Aug 22 22:09:37 2017

It only failed if the goal was limiting drugs. If the goal was limiting minority voting via incarceration, Sessions
Tue Aug 22 22:05:20 2017

So tropical storm enters the 256km radar to the SE and heading W or NW. Small pots and balcony slippers secured, so
Tue Aug 22 21:59:57 2017

RT @KerrAvon666: I've voted every election for over 30 years. However, if the 2020 election is between Trump and Zuck, no way in Hell will
Tue Aug 22 20:55:22 2017

RT @W7VOA: No indications of #cyberattack or cyber interference causing #USSJohnSMcCain collision, says @USPacificFleet Commander Adm. Scot
Tue Aug 22 19:44:54 2017

RT @avgatbest: Jewish Anarchist Emma Goldman was jailed 134 years ago today for addressing a crowd in Union Square vilifying the American c
Tue Aug 22 19:37:21 2017

RT @SarahBurris: Oh come on.. Republican lawmaker says it is completely plausible Obama staged racist Charlottesville rally
Tue Aug 22 19:35:49 2017

RT @MattBruenig: If your reason for doing corporate tax cuts is that you think corporate taxes mostly fall on labor, why not just do labor
Tue Aug 22 19:19:11 2017

RT @davidmillhouse3: #Chinas two biggest bitcoin exchanges helped themselves to $150 million in idle client funds
Tue Aug 22 19:13:41 2017

RT @tomgrundy: Spotted by @HKBigLychee - Ex-colonial governor Patten vs. current Justice Chief Rimsky https://t.c
Tue Aug 22 19:12:25 2017

RT @HongKongHermit: I mean sure, the govt keeps sending old cases back to the courts for a 2nd punishment on top of the original sentence,
Tue Aug 22 18:48:03 2017

RT @keqiangCN: China's Ponzi scheme still working - Metals Frenzy Sparks China Investor Rush to Smokestack Debt
Tue Aug 22 18:47:12 2017

RT @karenklcheung: Joshua says inmates are grateful towards long hair re: his prison haircut judicial review lol
Tue Aug 22 18:45:35 2017

RT @ReutersChina: China warns U.S. ahead of Taiwan defense minister's brief visit
Tue Aug 22 18:09:03 2017

RT @JeromeTaylor: How the US has well and truly lost Cambodia to China
Tue Aug 22 17:44:38 2017

RT @b3108: 22/8 1700 HKT #T1 #TropicalCyclone #HATO (TY) 120 km/h max sustained 450 km ESE of #HK HKO WNW 25 km/h
Tue Aug 22 17:36:42 2017

RT @OleRyborg: Danish police send street musician home to practice. Police report reads: "Just because you can play Wonderwall doesn't mean
Tue Aug 22 17:35:35 2017

RT @RHaccart: Last week ended on Lam's #1 political agenda item (smash the opposition). Moving on this week to item #2: "cultivate sense of
Tue Aug 22 17:07:49 2017

RT @damon_pang: #BREAKING #HongKong Observatory considers issuing no.8 signal around midnight as typhoon Hato causes a significant threat t
Tue Aug 22 17:07:26 2017

RT @mrbcyber: He has been repeatedly kidnapped and tortured by the Chinese government
Tue Aug 22 16:38:34 2017

@justinaknope You can go into settings and change which notifications you get
Tue Aug 22 15:57:48 2017

RT @tomgrundy: Yeah, don't worry... everyone read it just fine. @catherinehslai #occupyhk @karenklcheung @hongko
Tue Aug 22 15:37:09 2017

RT @S_Rabinovitch: Wanda promotes "core socialist values" in screen over its plaza, weeks after China's government forced it to sell its co
Tue Aug 22 15:36:08 2017

RT @cdcshepherd: Charges revolve around the extent of his contact overseas and his agitation, via protest and online activism, for liberal
Tue Aug 22 14:02:04 2017

RT @ChungYingSt: Day 1 back in Hong Kong: can't even make out outline of Lamma Island from across the channel
Tue Aug 22 14:00:02 2017

RT @CHRDnet: JiangTianyong's father taken away by police on 8/18 and then appears at Jiang's "open" trial surrounded by burly men https://t
Tue Aug 22 13:54:09 2017

RT @missy_lao: "Gau wu protesters, legacy from #UmbrellaMovement, congregated in Mong Kok tonight to commemorate 1000-day anniversary via
Tue Aug 22 13:51:56 2017

RT @RHaccart: Wow Carrie Lam. Very legal. Much rule of law. So not political.
Tue Aug 22 13:50:56 2017

Chairman Xi's neo-Cultural Revolution
Tue Aug 22 11:54:11 2017

This hope coming from the skimmers (banks & lawyers) taking fees off deals.
Tue Aug 22 11:52:20 2017

RT @raulmarcosl: You can't make this up: Enigma's Slack and web were hacked because the CEO used the same password he had in the affairs si
Tue Aug 22 11:33:26 2017

@mgerrydoyle @28481k Basically like the human rights lawyers on the mainland destroying rule of law on mainland by
Tue Aug 22 11:32:34 2017

RT @mgerrydoyle: I've found it, the worst take: hk's judiciary wouldn't have to crack down if those kids would just quit asking for their r
Tue Aug 22 11:31:08 2017

RT @TheoKeith: .@IronStache says he applied to get into tonight's CNN @SpeakerRyan town hall, and CNN turned him down.
Tue Aug 22 11:29:10 2017

RT @Clintonswalk: Thank you everyone from sydney and thank you everyone from Redfern the block. #ClintonsWalk #Sydney #Redfern #IndigneousX
Tue Aug 22 11:15:21 2017

RT @jimrice_: China has weaponized both narcotics and information with the aim of destabilizing the Philippines and creating a new vassal s
Tue Aug 22 10:18:46 2017

RT @sanverde: "Chinas banks as embedded in ancient concepts of how government & society work, and as actors within a market socialist poli
Tue Aug 22 09:11:03 2017

anti-immigrant sentiment in US and EU and elsewhere (PRC) picks up lowest information commenters.
Mon Aug 21 22:49:04 2017

The Party-State is infallible. All evidence of policy missteps are merely the result of misunderstandings of frontl
Mon Aug 21 22:35:37 2017