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RT @NWSTopeka: Fog this morning, a few showers this afternoon. Chance of storms Tuesday with rain or snow Tuesday evening. Welcome to KS. #
Mon Feb 27 19:00:11 2017

RT @charlesarthur: Meanwhile, @timcast went journalising to Malmo and failed to get knifed, shot, or robbed. His @-stream is full of peop
Mon Feb 27 18:37:56 2017

RT @stevefaulkner: This belongs to Theresa May, @BorisJohnson, @AmberRudd_MP and the rest of the #Tories
Mon Feb 27 18:34:37 2017

RT @dewolfleloup: You could even keep all the Disney buildings and incorporate them into the new residential development for dystopian flav
Mon Feb 27 18:03:50 2017

RT @SCMP_News: Comment: Scrap loss-making Hong Kong Disneyland and put public housing on the site instead https://t
Mon Feb 27 18:03:43 2017

RT @HongKongFP: Uproar after school bans male students from donning dresses on 'dress casual day'
Mon Feb 27 15:57:14 2017

RT @28481k: LSD and Demosisto want to "connect" with Carrie Lam in her manifesto press conference.
Mon Feb 27 15:47:41 2017

RT @krislc: Really you just need to know one thing: Hong Kongs richest man Li Ka-shing said he knew result of last election 2 weeks before
Mon Feb 27 15:35:41 2017

RT @astroehlein: China's censorship slips for a moment, revealing public hatreds - and also why censorship doesn't promote harmony https://
Mon Feb 27 15:34:12 2017

@exUKexHK should be going to jail for years along with Security Secretary and Police Commish and 7 'brothers'
Mon Feb 27 15:28:58 2017

More 'CCP says' strories.
Mon Feb 27 12:49:00 2017

RT @KansasDems: "If you transform Kansas as I know you can, were going to transform this country." We can - and we will. #ksleg https://t
Mon Feb 27 12:44:08 2017

RT @barryeisler: Why are social programs entitlements and military spending isnt?
Mon Feb 27 12:42:05 2017

RT @andreaspaleit: Mystery deepens over Chinese forces in Afghanistan
Mon Feb 27 12:28:10 2017

RT @andrewperezdc: 10/10 inspired rn
Mon Feb 27 12:25:42 2017

RT @commietantric: Damn, that creeping Sharia, amirite?
Mon Feb 27 11:59:40 2017

RT @kevinluikf: "Dream Bear" Lew Mon-hung, former No. 1 fan of #CYLeung, is out of jail today. Chip Tsao's CR1 program tonight should be in
Mon Feb 27 11:54:31 2017

RT @duwenzhe: I convene a seminar on naturalized players in the #HK national team on March 10 at #HKBU. If around, feel free to join! https
Mon Feb 27 11:51:34 2017

RT @LeoAW: Wow, someone built clone of Bitcoin exchange ANX, complete with press releases, PR agency and investment fund. Beware of ANXINV
Mon Feb 27 11:49:48 2017

RT @krislc: Jackie Chan, the honorary #Oscars winner loved by the world but probably hated by many HK people
Mon Feb 27 11:39:05 2017

@whitebison66 @ChrisDerps @wilfredchan You watched it?
Mon Feb 27 11:24:22 2017

CCP can't give their money laundering shell corps tax breaks without average HKers bleeding cash for projects to tr
Mon Feb 27 11:21:01 2017

RT @TheAffinityMag: Betsy DeVos and Republicans Plan to Cut Free and Reduced Lunch Programs:
Sat Feb 25 21:06:32 2017

RT @binitamshah: Spear Phishing Techniques Used in Attacks Targeting the Mongolian Government :
Sat Feb 25 20:46:44 2017

RT @jimrice_: @exUKexHK it is now official. The police are adversaries of the people that they are sworn to serve and protect
Sat Feb 25 20:45:25 2017

RT @splcenter: Los Angeles Officials To ICE: Stop Identifying Yourselves As Police by @rhersher
Sat Feb 25 08:15:16 2017

RT @_IainMartin: Fake Sweden expert on Fox News has criminal convictions in US, no connection to Swedish security - DN.SE
Sat Feb 25 07:58:51 2017

RT @HBK112: LOL. Laura Ingraham bouncing checks.
Sat Feb 25 07:49:52 2017

RT @pjmooney: China muzzles feminist group after criticism of Trump 'misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist policies| HKFP https://t
Sat Feb 25 07:45:57 2017

This is one of the core strategies of CCP Stallin'ists. Stall you until they can change facts on ground and a fait
Sat Feb 25 07:43:46 2017

RT @7im: CBP spokesperson now says JFK jetbridge search was "consensual" and that "CBP did not compel" anyone to show ID
Sat Feb 25 07:40:56 2017

RT @Quad_Finn: HORRIBLE: China's First Killer Whale Breeding Base is now in Operation in Guandong Province #Blackfi
Sat Feb 25 07:34:43 2017

RT @SBengali: Heartache in Hyderabad after the senseless shooting in Kansas
Sat Feb 25 07:31:00 2017

RT @RuthHHopkins: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe statement denying they've been in close contact with the Trump administration #NoDAPL https://t
Sat Feb 25 07:27:27 2017

Thus the need for further reclamation and construction to push them into extinction, thus eliminating EIA sticking
Fri Feb 24 23:05:45 2017

21st century unequal treaties
Fri Feb 24 23:03:17 2017

RT @soit_goes: Freedom Of The Press: riot police chasing down journalist Eric Poemz during the eviction of #NoDAPL water protectors (photo
Fri Feb 24 21:49:21 2017

@freakingcat Had a black lab (uni staff's dog named Mocha) that attended my freshman solid state chemistry recitation every week.
Fri Feb 24 21:48:35 2017

RT @isabelhilton: Electric carmakers on battery alert after hedge funds stockpile cobalt via @FT
Fri Feb 24 21:39:42 2017

RT @SalomeGemme: Its creepy how fond American media is of picking random people just trying to survive in poverty as model examples of a "g
Fri Feb 24 21:24:23 2017

RT @CherylMorgan: Facebook apparently preventing trans people from blocking abusers. @doctorow @lilianedwards
Fri Feb 24 20:37:04 2017

New York, London, HongKong, Sydney. Talk about [CCP] hot money.
Fri Feb 24 20:35:37 2017

RT @jichanglulu: New piece: Norway, Mongolia and normalising Chinesesanctions
Fri Feb 24 20:20:42 2017

nah. Not a high point. Just a reminder that the CCP has no friends, just fellow travellers that they'll stab in the
Fri Feb 24 20:17:21 2017

RT @BMMRobertson: Logan &KWGbeat 13 other bidders includingHong Kong stalwarts Cheung Kong andSun Hung Kai @Frederikbalfour https://t.
Fri Feb 24 20:11:33 2017

RT @haasbenjamin: Killings last week in Xinjiang were sparked by anger at gov forbidding prayer in private homes
Fri Feb 24 20:11:06 2017

F the environment. Local & SoE property devs & property flippers have to make profit and an extinction is no BFD. (
Fri Feb 24 20:06:03 2017

@GreatFireChina @tomgrundy WhatsApp? Telegram? Expect it's infiltrator but could be hacked phone or SigInt wire sniffing if unencrypted
Fri Feb 24 19:38:39 2017

RT @HongKongFP: Pro-democracy activists fear 'police infiltrators' are eavesdropping on internal chats
Fri Feb 24 19:29:45 2017

@mountain_ghosts why I use sshdroid on phone and then rsync. Use other ssh app to get knownhosts file
Fri Feb 24 19:26:41 2017