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RT @damon_pang: 1st #HK Justice Secretary Elsie Leung: suspected abduction of #CausewayBay #bookseller a sign of transparency, "No 1 would
Fri Jun 23 10:39:10 2017

RT @BraddJaffy: Trump White House is trying to get House GOP to water down the new Russia sanctions bill that passed the Senate 98-2 https:
Thu Jun 22 16:57:56 2017

@Steve_Dunthorne @elson_tong Thought they were demonstrating how much road wasn't blocked by illegal parking & unloading
Thu Jun 22 16:55:48 2017

RT @HongKongFP: National education scheme was never suspended in Hong Kong schools, says incoming education chief @
Thu Jun 22 16:48:27 2017

RT @Clintonswalk: About that, yep :)
Thu Jun 22 16:46:34 2017

@Brakkabadoom Never say never. When critiquing HK or PEC govt or 1 Party State is criminalised and net harmonised, they might allow it
Thu Jun 22 15:16:08 2017

RT @Steve_Dunthorne: This is worrying news ... as I've got HNA Group in the 'next shoe to drop after Anbang' sweepstake
Thu Jun 22 14:28:38 2017

RT @conradhackett: Richest 10% of Americans take a larger slice of the economic pie than they did in 1913, at peak of the Gilded Age https:
Thu Jun 22 13:25:40 2017

RT @theophontes: @jdawsey1 @daaitoulaam "Dear Leader instructed me to tell you to take notes..."
Thu Jun 22 13:23:49 2017

RT @hkchrislau: As China tramples on Hong Kong's freedom, a feeble Britain avoids its glance | Angela Gui
Thu Jun 22 13:21:25 2017

RT @USATODAY: The experts we talked to came back to the same analogy again and again: sharecropping.
Thu Jun 22 13:17:08 2017

RT @AriBerman: 53 years ago today KKK murdered civil rights activists Andrew Goodman, James Chaney & Mickey Schwerner during Mississippi Fr
Thu Jun 22 13:16:30 2017

RT @RonaldKlain: You know what's better than fact-checking Trump? Embedding facts in the Trump coverage. Kudos, @maggieNYT
Thu Jun 22 13:11:24 2017

The ban is unacceptable to lovers of a free press. The CCP isn't. It's a lover of a completely owned loyalist press
Thu Jun 22 13:09:38 2017

Of course she wasn't going to sort it out. CCP sees online media as less easily bought/manipulated, so disloyal and
Thu Jun 22 13:00:02 2017

@ChrisDerps @midnight General Mills' Shock and Awe & General Mills' Perpetual War #MillenialFood
Thu Jun 22 12:10:28 2017

RT @nlbmprez: Power Hitters: @DaveWinfieldHOF @MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, @MayorSlyJames & @MLB_PLAYERS Exec. Dir, Tony Clark at the NL
Thu Jun 22 12:06:20 2017

RT @jdawsey1: No camera or recording allowed tomorrow at White House briefing with spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, per advisory.
Thu Jun 22 12:02:50 2017

But clearly the testing contractor forged these tests solely on their own initiative. No one ever asked them to for
Thu Jun 22 12:02:13 2017

RT @b3108: They won't always do this in front of a wall with slogans imitating how they "genuinely" blahblahblah. Now,repeat this at a "pu
Thu Jun 22 11:40:03 2017

RT @Steve_Dunthorne: Scottish website finds stock pic to illustrate story about cost of living in Aberdeen ... just one little problem http
Thu Jun 22 11:37:48 2017

RT @exUKexHK: #HK is not just a hugely unequal society, it's unjust on so many levels.
Thu Jun 22 11:27:18 2017

RT @MzCSmith: @MLB, @MLBPA to provide $1 mill to Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to preserve history, inspire future minority players. Congra
Thu Jun 22 11:21:05 2017

RT @BaldingsWorld: This data is as bogus as GDP
Thu Jun 22 11:19:51 2017

RT @TomPepinsky: The greatest trick China has pulled is normalizing racial identitarianism and convincing Westerners that it's OK because C
Thu Jun 22 11:19:19 2017

RT @DelSchilling: I wish I knew who made this. This is VERY TRUE. THIS is why I Talk about Appropriation often. THIS is Why it's Not a J
Thu Jun 22 11:18:37 2017

RT @muzrobertson: My, they really are worried it will all fall down.
Wed Jun 21 20:38:03 2017

RT @BCAppelbaum: President Trump congratulated himself when Ford scuttled a Mexican car plant. Turns out it's going to China instead. https
Wed Jun 21 20:18:11 2017

RT @aaronMCN: Spending for #HKSAR20 (HK$640 million) is 71 times higher than for the handover celebrations in 1998. Staggering. https://t.c
Wed Jun 21 20:13:21 2017

RT @ReutersChina: Hong Kong youths turn their backs on Chinese identity: survey
Wed Jun 21 20:10:19 2017

Would love to see how anti-biking HK DoT could match this.
Wed Jun 21 20:00:54 2017

RT @CaucusofWE: Yup. The @PaLegis is the group we really can't afford. Commentary from @SigneWilk #PhlEd @PFTLocal3
Wed Jun 21 19:53:13 2017

Corporatist purists want to purge Dem left. Hillbots/DNC/DCCC agree.
Wed Jun 21 19:51:45 2017

More importantly she demonstrates her skill in parroting CCP cant, especially the words 1C1S Judiciary will use to
Wed Jun 21 19:40:39 2017

RT @absurdistwords: I still find it weird that societies love to pay small groups of rich white people to be rich and white forever. http
Wed Jun 21 19:39:11 2017

I love that R's proxies had to spend lots of $$$s to keep seats in MT & KS while DNC/DCCC kept their powder dry wit
Wed Jun 21 19:34:48 2017

RT @ggreenwald: This is the debate Democrats most need to have. Unfortunately, the Party is controlled (and funded) by those determined not
Wed Jun 21 19:31:28 2017

Acceptance that HK officials can now lie with impunity as long as implementing CCP Party line
Wed Jun 21 19:29:40 2017

RT @Stonekettle: Prediction: After expressing concern, McCain will fold like a cheap suit and vote to approve the nomination.
Wed Jun 21 19:25:18 2017

RT @HighlandPaddyHK: Oh great the person I voted against in the last election (and she lost by a landslide) has just been appointed to run
Wed Jun 21 19:23:10 2017

RT @TheJazzCafe: TONIGHT Sun Ra Arkestra 3-night residency k/o this evening! UK Jazz's finest @shabakah guests Final tix: https://t
Wed Jun 21 19:21:36 2017

RT @williamnee: China Invites @IvankaTrump & Jared Kushner to Visit Beijing I hope freeing detained labor activists
Wed Jun 21 19:19:40 2017

So has 'purity' become the ironic touchstone for those that feel others aren't pure enough cuz they didn't vote for their candidate?
Wed Jun 21 19:14:52 2017

RT @exUKexHK: Law Chi-kwong who supported #HK govt fake political reform (he has a crush on Carrie?) & tried to divide democrats w his "thi
Wed Jun 21 18:41:57 2017

RT @BaldingsWorld: Congratulations passive American investors, you just bought excessively indebted Communist Party firms!!
Wed Jun 21 18:40:18 2017

RT @pete_sinclair: So far, the rage in the #DayOfRage seems to be coming entirely from right-wingers frothing at the mouth about things tha
Wed Jun 21 18:39:03 2017

Crocodile tears when FTU is CCP and #carriepuppet cabinet is pure CCP puppet.
Wed Jun 21 18:29:10 2017

RT @aaronMCN: HKPTU reacts with alarm after Sing Tao reported the Undersecretary for Education will be Christine Choi Yuk-lin
Wed Jun 21 18:19:22 2017

Supreme Cucks of the US rulings point to their power base: 4chan /pol/
Wed Jun 21 18:18:26 2017

RT @DougMeigs: Photos and story of Russian mammoth tusk hunters:
Wed Jun 21 18:10:28 2017