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RT @JohnHemmings2: Andrew Robb offered AU$800K job at PRC company while STILL Trade Minister, after negotiating Port Darwin lease to same c
Sat Jun 23 13:31:35 2018

RT @JackSmithIV: A teenager jogging on the beach in Canada crossed the U.S. border accidentally. ICE and CPB drove her over 100 miles south
Sat Jun 23 13:22:48 2018

RT @josephfcox: New: remember that company providing phone location tracking to low level law enforcement? Ended up in severe abuse? It was
Fri Jun 22 21:53:10 2018

@stoutyhk would love it more if it led to direct red for cheaters faking fouls in the box to match direct red for hand balls in the box.
Fri Jun 22 21:48:14 2018

@stevebenen am I awful to suggest if Cuomo cared about liberal New Yorkers to stop blocking them in favor of his ca
Fri Jun 22 21:43:56 2018

Which is the basis of 1C2S while destroying the actual administration of such laws to produce a Potemkin govt heade
Fri Jun 22 21:40:23 2018

#FIFA needs a direct red card for simulating a foul in the box to match direct red card for hand ball in the box. #stoptheflopping
Fri Jun 22 21:38:22 2018

RT @mrbcyber: British television host censored in China after he criticised Xi Jinping and human rights abuses by his government https://t
Thu Jun 21 23:51:34 2018

I'm sure the Chairman and CEO of the MTR are thankful they're part of #HongKong's ethnic Chinese elite and not Jay Walder.
Thu Jun 21 22:04:11 2018

So when does the 1 day bump happen and unlock all the cash in the margin accounts and let the HIBOR drop?
Thu Jun 21 22:01:21 2018

RT @froomkin: Another false-equivalence monstrosity from the @nytimes (@peterbakernyt & @katierogers) likening the occasional cuss word fro
Thu Jun 21 21:48:36 2018

Always blame the dog for jumping as high as asked. Never blame the owner that asked the dog to jump that high. Espe
Thu Jun 21 17:41:26 2018

RT @chinalabour: In bizarre and worrying development, three doctors in Guizhou have been detained for allegedly misdiagnosing occupational
Thu Jun 21 17:37:15 2018

RT @poppymcp: The fantastic SEA-based reporter @instupor had a story killed because she had retweeted criticism of the publication who comm
Thu Jun 21 17:27:24 2018

#HongKong's #1C1S judiciary will bill him into bankruptcy and give the victory to the #CCP, while being rewarded ha
Thu Jun 21 17:23:50 2018

pro-#CCP #HongKong legislators reaffirm their love of pro-CCP rubber stamp ability to waste HK tax dollars on CronY
Thu Jun 21 17:22:07 2018

RT @xinwenxiaojie: TaKungPao editorial: HK'ers shd be celebrating on #July1st. Annual #protest is unlawful and unconstitutional, how come i
Thu Jun 21 17:16:38 2018

RT @juliacarriew: My mom keeps these in the attic. Her uncle took them down when they were posted around his house, then saved them as a re
Thu Jun 21 17:16:08 2018

RT @GraemeKSmith: @jo_m_chandler @limlouisa @DailypostVu @Post_Courier @jemimagar Oh dear... Reporting the Pacific just got a bit more diff
Thu Jun 21 17:12:20 2018

RT @mbrookerhk: Unbelievable. This man is under a mafia death sentence
Thu Jun 21 17:09:16 2018

RT @GenMhayden: So exactly when do we send up the warning flare. After a torchlight parade chanting blood and soil. After the WH Press Of
Thu Jun 21 17:00:32 2018

Loaning you a million dollars, so you can pay your loan shark for the supplies, labour, and everything else to buil
Thu Jun 21 16:59:31 2018

But as with drug war, the idea that demand suppression will end the flow of endangered animal parts in #HongKong is
Thu Jun 21 16:56:19 2018

As I said, if you're in #HongKong and eat shark fin soup even though you wouldn't order it, you're the problem. Whe
Thu Jun 21 16:48:40 2018

Innovative chefs? Consumption of endangered species in #HongKong is driven by mass market. Mass market banquet chef
Thu Jun 21 16:36:23 2018

RT @Okwonga: My God. Salvini, Italian Minister of the interior: we need a mass purification. Street by street, quarter by quarter. https:
Thu Jun 21 16:29:17 2018

@28481k @redand51ue and that sends the message to 40-plus and the restaurants that it's okay. Say NOOOOOOOOOOO and
Thu Jun 21 15:48:33 2018

@28481k @redand51ue Honestly I don't buy this. I'd love to believe it as banquet dinners would no longer provide a
Thu Jun 21 15:45:47 2018

The key here is the badge of snobbery. Whether it's shark fin or hornbill red ivory or elephant ivory or pangolin s
Thu Jun 21 15:42:13 2018

RT @JohnCleese: Which is why the BBC, who have full terrestrial rights to broadcast it, hasn't done so for...17 years ? Odd, isn't it ?
Thu Jun 21 15:28:03 2018

RT @Iron_Spike: When a fan comic does more to humanize a character than literal decades of daily newspaper strips.
Thu Jun 21 15:26:37 2018

RT @mgerrydoyle: one weird thing about this to me is that they (apparently) didnt need to go looking for these remains. it just had them s
Thu Jun 21 14:56:46 2018

Unsustainability? Way beyond that to #PRC #China poaching from West Africa back to west coast of South America. and
Thu Jun 21 14:52:07 2018

Leave it to the Times to do he-said/she-said jourmanalism and clutch their pearls at vigorous opposition to the vil
Thu Jun 21 14:40:41 2018

RT @RichScotford: Civil disobedience should route 101. Anything else is simply appeasing the authorities.
Thu Jun 21 13:58:30 2018

#HongKong Police are not neutral. #HKisCorrupt. It's a #BananaRepublic
Thu Jun 21 13:57:45 2018

I'm sure when he gets out in 34 years for drug trafficking, he can go to Maxim's to eat some shark fin soup to cele
Thu Jun 21 13:54:09 2018

You will listen, Cao {head of media affairs at Chinas embassy in Canberra} reportedly shouted into the phone. T
Thu Jun 21 13:47:21 2018

Smash and grab morality trickles down from the very top of #HongKong and #China govts. "As the rulers act, expect t
Thu Jun 21 13:42:07 2018

34 years? Should have trafficked illegal endangered animal parts into #HongKong as more money and judges only slap
Thu Jun 21 13:39:05 2018

#HongKong is a #BananaRepublic as Airport Authority changed rules on baggage inspection for CY's daughter after the
Thu Jun 21 13:33:15 2018

@Luftstalag14 I'm sorry, I already mentioned intl rules concerning continental shelf and reclaimed tidal rocks. If
Thu Jun 21 13:21:39 2018

RT @ConnorSouthard: So much immigration hysteria implies that everyone in a poorer country wants to move here. Homie... they do not
Wed Jun 20 20:41:36 2018

RT @ConnorSouthard: The belief that everyone wants to live in your country is a kind of perverse patriotism: "Oh it's just so much better h
Wed Jun 20 20:41:20 2018

RT @Conqy: Boston area peeps here's 3 upcoming actions protesting ICE. Next one is TOMORROW at the statehouse at 12:30! After that THURSDAY
Wed Jun 20 20:41:06 2018

RT @edroso: If the womp-womp, Downs-baby school of wingnut humor isnt to your taste, there are still comedians doing the old-fashioned if-
Wed Jun 20 20:36:45 2018

RT @o_ema: Some supporters said they wouldn't care of Melania worked illegally because they're fine w/ "Europeans coming here"
Wed Jun 20 20:35:07 2018

RT @DeanBaker13: All yours -- it would be a great day if the folks who reported on economic policy knew at least a little bit about the eco
Wed Jun 20 20:33:37 2018

RT @digitalhen: @jackycwong
Wed Jun 20 20:29:14 2018

RT @lhasa_bhu1985: Chinese authorities are threatening fines of up to 500 yuan for refusing to sing. A source says the threats of punishmen
Wed Jun 20 16:38:26 2018