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RT @CLIC_Sargent: Look at this AMAZING line up! @robinince @billybragg @charlottechurch There's still time to get your tickets! https://t
Mon Oct 23 22:59:55 2017

Well, duh! The IOC only gives an F about money poured into games to glorify the IOC and not about sport or competit
Mon Oct 23 22:56:22 2017

RT @Boston_DSA: "This is the wealthiest nation in the world. It's all going to the top." @BernieSanders
Mon Oct 23 22:53:56 2017

RT @ryanlcooper: over a quarter of women behind bars have not been convicted of a crime. why? not enough money to pay bail, mostly https://
Mon Oct 23 22:48:31 2017

RT @W7VOA: Nothing confirmed on a possible @POTUS-Putin meeting on sidelines @APEC summit in Danang, Vietnam.
Mon Oct 23 22:21:30 2017

Hmmm... don't want to try and upstage his boss Chairman Xi when he's anointing himself leader for life in Beijing.
Mon Oct 23 22:15:58 2017

RT @RLisDead: A lot of self-described leftism is technocratic, an evasion of struggle masquerading as a solution. Body cams for cops are on
Mon Oct 23 22:13:38 2017

RT @franklinleonard: If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine peopl
Mon Oct 23 20:53:07 2017

RT @TWkLGBTQ: This is the kind of inspirational message that I need
Mon Oct 23 20:47:32 2017

RT @AustinFrerick: You know things are bad when even pet food is getting concentrated. 1 company sells 47% of all pet food. https://t.c
Mon Oct 23 20:13:23 2017

RT @icablenews: ... https://t
Mon Oct 23 19:29:31 2017

RT @williamnee: Latest restrictions from #Xinjiang: no more than 15 ppl allowed at funerals; no readings of the #Quran are allowed https://
Mon Oct 23 17:58:11 2017

RT @TostevinM: Hun Sen says it's "a fact" Cambodia's main opposition party will be dissolved reports @prakchanthul
Mon Oct 23 17:46:59 2017

Global free trade leader with CCP characteristics
Mon Oct 23 17:16:58 2017

RT @JuliaCHaywood: . @UoExeterCEC students learning the true #GlobalChallenge of illegal and legal #wildlifetrade. #ivory #sharkfin #birdma
Mon Oct 23 15:48:01 2017

RT @SensoryEcology: Sobering visit to the various #wildlife markets for #FieldHongKong - and still ivory and shark fin to come. @UoExeterCE
Mon Oct 23 15:47:32 2017

RT @frgalbraith: Yeah, you've got a puncture mate. ping @SwiftOnSecurity
Mon Oct 23 15:19:48 2017

RT @CricketHK: Weather looking perfect for @hksixes! Book your weekend in the sun @KCCCricket for some high-octane int'l cricket. https://t
Mon Oct 23 15:16:54 2017

RT @MrRFH: Here's the deal with the Telegraph and China (from @PrivateEyeNews)
Mon Oct 23 15:16:24 2017

RT @kittykhan: #GuiMinhai
Mon Oct 23 14:47:13 2017

RT @Clintonswalk: Please donate tohelp me and elders get to Canberra for the nations day of lore meeting. Please share as well. https://t
Mon Oct 23 14:15:55 2017

RT @SamCoatesTimes: On the left: p1 of Thursdays China Daily, owned by the Communist party of China On the right: p24 of Fridays Daily Te
Mon Oct 23 14:08:36 2017

RT @ChinaLawTransl8: China the bellwether, giving honorifics to Mugabe before it was cool.
Mon Oct 23 13:51:21 2017

RT @rob_schmitz: My @npr story on melting glaciers in Xinjiang goes against @facebook's community standards. Just tried to post it & got sa
Mon Oct 23 13:38:04 2017

When the boss' life depends on being brainwashed. #betterredthanexpert is Chairman Xi's bottom line.
Mon Oct 23 13:17:59 2017

RT @KongTsungGan: Outrageous: US State Dept prevented FBI from arresting Chinese security officials illegally in US over Guo Wengui https:/
Mon Oct 23 12:36:06 2017

When you admit to the world that no one likes or respects you, so you'll jail 'em out of vindictive spite to make '
Mon Oct 23 12:35:30 2017

RT @mrbcyber: China has a massive amount of influence over Hollywood yet revenue from the country is a drop in the bucket
Mon Oct 23 12:32:32 2017

RT @DAFOH_org: China denial it, victims dont survive, corpses are cremated: Doctors commit murder for #transplant surgeries
Mon Oct 23 12:31:22 2017

HK Police once again proving they aren't #asiasfinest but goons making work for themselves by harassing street perf
Mon Oct 23 12:29:58 2017

RT @BaldingsWorld: SEC: China will you help us prosecute cases of insider trading or accounting fraud by Chinese national on US markets? Ch
Mon Oct 23 12:27:43 2017

RT @edroso: Big-time propagandists no longer finesse small differences to win advantage; they use brute force and high volume. The Big Lie,
Sun Oct 22 19:53:42 2017

A reminder that pro-CCP legislators hate #ruleoflaw, #commonlaw, and democracy and favour #1C1S small-minded author
Sun Oct 22 19:44:09 2017

RT @realscientists: Last I checked, the CEO of Wiley (publisher of @ESA_org journals) makes > 4 million, CEO of Elsevier makes ~10 million.
Sun Oct 22 19:37:02 2017

RT @AnnPettifor: ..that was about appropriation of rents by Big Pharma. Big Pharma dont create US jobs, dont pay taxes, move patents to l
Sun Oct 22 19:34:51 2017

RT @Frances_Coppola: The costs of "free trade" - Pia Malaney #inet2017
Sun Oct 22 19:27:54 2017

RT @Frances_Coppola: China trade shock to US manufacturing, charted. From new paper by Autor, Dorn, Hanson and Majlesi. Majlesi presenting
Sun Oct 22 19:26:49 2017

RT @J_amesp: This is huge. GCHQ: The State-sanctioned Big Data Giveaway Me via @Byline_Media
Sun Oct 22 19:19:21 2017

RT @sebastianveghk: Possible Standing Committee member Wang Huning embraced neo-authoritarianism as academic in 80s @judeblanchette http
Sun Oct 22 19:16:53 2017

@Anon_Snufkin Given what I've read from Cato, I think it's Club For Growth/Koch types being happy to be CCP subserv
Sat Oct 21 20:24:49 2017

RT @nvanderklippe: Its getting harder to find actual advertising in Beijing, with so many billboards occupied by propaganda.
Sat Oct 21 18:51:57 2017

RT @benwood: Little respect for intellectual property at this market stall in Hong Kong. At first glance looks like Lego but look closely..
Sat Oct 21 18:51:22 2017

RT @sebastianveghk: SASAC chair Xiao Yaqing: CCP on board of listed SOEs protects shareholder interests, represents "whole people" https:/
Sat Oct 21 18:45:59 2017

RT @sebastianveghk: Would nice if same standards were applied to CY Leung.
Sat Oct 21 18:33:19 2017

RT @xinwenxiaojie: #AllMale jury in #HK fails to reach verdict after one & half day in case of 15 yr-old allegedly raped by her uncle https
Sat Oct 21 18:30:56 2017

RT @GratefulDead: Happy Birthday Brent! #BrentMydland
Sat Oct 21 15:32:32 2017

Chairman Xi insists you have another wafer thin piece of debt for that piece of infrastructure that never faced any
Fri Oct 20 22:22:05 2017

RT @britishmuseum: Ask Curator @julia_farley your questions about Iron Age Europe in a special #FacebookLive at 15.00 BST:
Fri Oct 20 22:13:46 2017

RT @peter_tl: Reminder: More people died in the Las Vegas shooting than in UK terror attacks this decade.
Fri Oct 20 22:06:44 2017

RT @billmckibben: On record-setting day early this month, Scotland provided 206% of its electricity from wind. That's just showing off http
Fri Oct 20 21:50:50 2017